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You cannot recall what was your last action before awakening here, yet here you are. Bathed in warm sunlight beneath strange skies, standing at the steps of a towering marble and gold palace that stretches into the heavens.
The air around you bristles with energy, and you are not alone. At your side stand a few others.
From inside, you can hear music and soft singing.

Before you, stands a unicorn. Old and faded, yet with sharp eyes. He seems tired, as if he had just performed a feat of great strength, yet happy, as if the outcome was exactly as he had desired it.


Prepare to draw my sword.

"Who are you? Why am I here?"


Look around, taking a few steps of distance from the others.
Do I recognize anything of my surroundings?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Break out in laughter.
"HAha! This can mean only one thing! I HAVE become greater than the Gods!"

"I am Sidus!"


He seems cheerful.

"Hello, Sidus. Are you… are you from around here? I'm not."


I cock an eyebrow.
"What manner of trickery is this? What have you done?"


The tired unicorn takes a breath and sighs
"Good, you still have fight left in you.
I am Eternal Vigil, a scholar of the High Heavens. And I welcome you all."
None. This is all alien to you. You might not even be in Equestria any more.
"Not quite. But you have come to their realm.
This is the Ethereal Plane, home of the High Heavens and their capital, the Celestial Palace."


"I am not, but it seems I am!"

"They want to bless me personally, I assume!"
Is my beautiful wife around?


Try not to panic.

"Am I dead? why am I here?"


I look around me.
"Why are we here, unicorn?"


"You're taking this well. Might not be a bad idea."

Try to get a feel for him. How's he armed and armored?


My mouth will hang loose for a second, half moon glasses sliding down my muzzle in surprise.
Catch my open mouth with a hoof to tamper my disbelief.
"But if this is true it means…"

Bow down before the palace, almost disappearing in my robes.


A very weird looking sword and light barding.
"Why would I not? There is no challenge I cannot overcome!"


She is
Though a bit dazed
"No. They wish to appoint you as their champion."
"You are here because we brought you here.
And we brought you here, because you, and only you, can save the mortal realm"
"You are not. Or perhaps you are. It's been a long time since I had to understand the concepts of life and death, so assessment is hard.
No, we did not kill you to bring you here, but yes, you are dead in all points of time other than your lifetime."
"You are not here to be judged, you are here, because we need your help."


Poke her in the side with magic.
"We did it!"

Turn to that… whoever.
"Hah! How obvious!"


Look at the others then.
"It is an honor to meet every last one of you."
Bow slightly.
"My name is Seabreeze, herald of the Sisters."


Wonder how he uses it.

"That sounds amazing. I think you have a deed you would love to tell em about."

"Save the… mortal realm…"

Grip my sword.

"Hah. Alright, you've had your laugh. Now please, stop this illusion, or I'll be forced to take drastic action."


"Greetings! What is your mastery?"

"One? I have dozens!"


I glance at my compatriots?
"Together? I usually operate alone."


Give a coy smile through the glasses, adding nothing more.
Actually, does this feel divine at least?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"The pleasure is mine. I am Day Runner. I… I… I am a warrior who wanted to make things better for the lands I visited."

Be absolutely amicable.

"Why don't you choose the one you like most?"


"On one of your hooves?"

"I have slain many demons, saved many towns, but my biggest achievement was finding the loveliest mare in all of the world and making her mine, and giving myself to her!"


She shakes her head and nods
"Well, so it damn well seems."
The unicorn points behind himself
"They await you at the top."
"My illusions are less grandiose than this.
Now please, we waste time. Follow me to meet the Twin Empress"
"Among the reasons you were selected, I believe."
"Ah yes. The sisters.
You may meet their patrons soon."
The air is strange and full of odd energies. The skies do not conform to anything you have seen in the world.
Glancing at the horizon, you see the landscape itself shift slowly before your eyes, as if the seasons were passing in minutes.


"What's keeping us then? Let's go!"


"That's very sweet of you. Your tongue must match your sword in your mastery."

I'm just going to keep ready to draw as I follow.


Look extremely baffled.
"Day Runner, I do believe all of us are quite skilled in one art or the other.
Let us just try and see where this goes, illusion or not.
I, for one, feel the winds flowing around us too strong to ignore."
"On earth."


"Let me speak with the divines and hear their demands. Whatever foul thing threatens this realm will be dealt with swiftly."


"And I am the best at swordplay!"

"We are on earth no longer!"


Keep being calm and friendly, even if I'm terrified.
"You're very kind. I feel better knowing that I'm in good company."


"It would indeed seem so.
And what is your name, might I ask?"
Smile candidly.


Get a feel for her, too. How's she armed and robed?


"Very good."
He walks at the doors of the palace and they open as he approaches.
The entrance hall reaches up into the heavens, by the looks of it. You can barely make out the vaulted ceiling, every inch of the walls covered in reliefs, statues and paintings depicting the history of ponykind and other races.
"Forgive me. It it merely bemusing to hear the avatars mentioned after so long."
"You will, soon."

"The walk will take a while. Feel free to enjoy the sights, or if you wish, I can fill you in on the nature of this realm. I'm sure it would clear up any possible… misconceptions."


"I am Sidus!"

Nice place… keep walking


Still on edge, but calm and friendly.

"Please do, good illusionist. I'm sure you put a lot of effort into this prank. I can appreciate hard work."


Dressed in bright robes which cover all my body, very ceremonial in design, the inside made of white and deep blue fabrics, the outside green with golden finishing touches.
The weapon is an ornate, large scythe of gold and silver, looking unwieldy and out of place.
"Yes. The nature of this realm. What of it? What is so strange about the avatars?"


"I've never seen a servant of the Sisters with a scythe. I don't think you use it much as a weapon… ceremonial tool?"


"And a memento. Gift, from a powerful spirit."


"I hope you have some actual weapons aside from that fancy peasant stick."


"Is that a tale you want to share?"

Lastly, this pleasant mare. What do I see when i look at her?


"You are at the southern pole of the Ethereal Plane, standing within the Celestial Palace.
It is here that the power that rule over the Mortal Realm are seated, reflecting the world of mortals as it shifts and evolves.
Though Unity, our great progenitor, has not ruled for a long time, it is upon him that the foundations of all is built.
Until relatively recently, the Sisters, Sun and Moon, rules here.
Now they have given way to the Council of Harmony and the Twin Empress of Friendship. They await you at the summit.
Here at the Palace are gathered the most devout and worthy exemplars of all mortalkind, granted tasks at which they excelled in life, for the benefit of all in what you might think of as the afterlife.
Outside our walls is the Garden of Nature, a reflection of the natural world much as we are a reflection of mortal culture. The Garden is home to the Elementals, and the Tri-Aspect of Nature itself, who safeguard the natural course of things."


"In the hooves of a skillful warrior, anything can become the deadliest of weapons."

"Let us meet them already!"


"You've put a lot of work into this story. Ever considered writing a book? I know a publisher, you'd make a lot of money to fund more of these crazy projects… but let's see how you depict the Empresses. I'm sure you won't disappoint."


"You're not very confident, are you?"


"I don't. But this weapon will suffice, I'm sure. Now allow me to be so bold, but you look familiar…"
"Mares do like to keep a secret, every now and then."
Smile coy at him.
"But tell me, what is your legend?"
"If true, what he is saying would rewrite most of the theology we know today…"


A pegasus wearing worn barding, strapped by a few dozen leather belts. There's probably some Celestial and Lunar symbolisms vaguely visible, clearly faded away by age. Ice cold eyes and a permanent frown on her face.


"One does not ascend the heavens in a hurry."
"Hm. Theology.
It is strange how you would see it wrong, when indeed we shape the palace to match the changing whims of mortals."

The unicorn keeps scaling the heights of the palace interior. On occasion you pass rooms full of others, also faded in color and many softly glowing, working on art, writing down things, or simply discussing ideas and concepts.
"If you have questions, please ask."


"Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I stick to utility."

Pause as he mentions the council of harmony and the twin empresses.

"I doubt it."


"THE One, however, could!"

"Master of all, you mean."


"The odds of what he's saying happening are slim to none. I don't think I'm much of a hero. I'm just complimenting his hard work. You into this joke of his, too?"

Laugh a little.
"Oh, ponies say a lot of things about me. Truth is, I just tried my best to do the right thing."

Try to be reassuring.
"It's not so bad. We'll be fine."

"Hmm… what 'danger' is facing the mortal realm? Why were we chosen, and not a whole army raised?"


"If it is the whims of mortals that make this place, then what are its inhabitants?
What are you?
Just projection of a collective desire?"
"Maybe in some church…"


"Does skill look like a joke to you?"


"You look like a fine warrior. Are we really in this 'realm of the gods'? More likely this unicorn is a bored illusionist who wants to show off his creation."


I just scoff.

"Are you trying to reassure yourself? You need to face reality and look where we are, the plane of divines. There are no guarantees here, not for us."

"It can't have been recent in any case. Not that it matters much. I am no longer part of the church."


"Your reaction is unexpected."
"One cannot ascend faster, only make the ascent shorter."
"The danger that looms is one that has always pervaded the mortal world - evil.
Yet it grows. Swells.
It will not hold back much longer.
For this, we have brought in the mortals we can rely upon. Champions we have complete confidence in. An army would merely escalate things harder."
"We are those chosen to be here so we can serve the benefit of those who still walk the mortal plane. Much like you, only I believe most of us were chosen after death."


"I would have broken this if it was a mere spell."

"Same thing, really!"




Laugh a little.
"I;m sure you're more than prepared."

"That's very interesting. I have another question. What is 'evil'?"


"That's very non-descriptive, if anything.
I think we should hurry, if all your answers on our purpose here will be so vague."


"I was not informed of this being your view of things.
But then, I am merely the welcoming party."
"Much like saying you've climbed a mountain after stepping over a pebble.
But then, impatience was to be expected of you."
"Evil is born from the hearts of mortals, but also fed into them. Some mortals are more attuned to it than others. They see greater spectrums of it. Feel more kinds of it. Desire or loathe it all the more.
Evil is that which harms the collective for the gain of the few or for no gain at all. It is damaging the balance of the world, fracturing the delicate status quo that keeps us all safe and happy.
And here, evil is embodied in the powers of corruption, madness and destruction, and in those who seek to spread them among mortalkind."


"I like your answer. You should definitely write that book."

Now let's hurry on.


This actually makes me wonder.
If he is, as he says, someone chosen after his death, maybe he did write a book that I might have read.
Try to recall.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Was it? What else?"


"Does it matter? I have much experience in dealing with foul demons and all sorts of evil. If they want to use that experience to purge this vile threat, I will oblige. Inquisitors were never meant to do anything else."


Eternal Vigil wrote some books on the nature of good and how to seek it, a few centuries before you were born.
"Great skill with weapons and a good understanding of tactics… when you bother with them.
Overconfidence born from supremacy in battle and a single-track mind only she can easily steer."
"I did write that book. As I recall it had quite some reach even after my death."
"And that is why you were chosen."

You do, eventually, reach the top.
Past great doors marked with a sun and moon, you reach one more, with five symbols on it, and two above them.
"We have arrived."


I recognise the Sun and Moon, and the five. But why two over the five and nit just one?

Head on in as the doors open.


"Indeed. On the nature of good.
I'm ashamed it took me this long to remember."

Look with marvel at the sun and moon doors.
"And what are the other seven about?"


"The new divines."


"…good enough!"

"Maybe it is for us!"


"Do you know of them already?
They are not from my time."


"No. They are not of mine either. But we were summoned by them, so they must be."


"That much was obvious. An explanation on their nature before meeting them would have been helpful though."


They must be the symbols of Friendship.
"I see there is still some confusion.
Those you are about to meet are the Council of Harmony and the Twin Empress, who now reign over mortals.
Loyalty, Strengthener of Bonds
Kindness, Saviour of the Weak
Generosity, Enabler of Equality
Laughter, Granter of Joy
Honesty, Champion of Truth
And Magic and Friendship, Bringers of Unity."

The doors slowly open, revealing a throne room built into a slightly inclined circle, the five of harmony seater around the sides, the Twin Empress above them, facing the door.
"We welcome you, champions
We trust you have been briefed on the situation


I feel it.
This probably isn't an illusion after all.

"We have. We need more details. What must we do, and why?"


Bow to the assembly.
"Only vaguely, oh Divines."




Have you been told of the enemy?
Or of the lands you must cross to face them?


"Of neither."


"Actually, we were told nothing."

Place my sword on the ground, a small sign of respect.


"Not yet, but they can't be that bad!"


"No. But that is my greatest interest here."


Eternal Vigil slowly backs out of the room as the Twin Empress sighs.
Though their forms are shrouded in light and energy, they resemble ponies. Ponies of considerable stature, but familiar nonetheless.
Very well then. The foes you have been called here to vanquish are not many, but they are mighty. Your primary goal is to eliminate Destruction, Ender of All Things. It dwells in Midnight Castle, a cruel mockery of our palace situated on the opposing pole of planar energy.
To reach it, you must first cross the Gardens of Nature. From there, seek the Border of Chaos, home of the plane-shifting Draconequi. There, no rules exist and nothing makes sense. Change is aimless and happens on a whim. Once past it, you will need to find Tambelon, The Lost City of the Dead. It sits atop a planar fault line, acting as a shard of mortal space in the ethereal plane. Here the native powers of the denizens of the High Heavens mean nothing, for mortal rules apply. Navigate through it, and you will find your way to the Realm of Destruction, where your goal awaits.





"Sounds like a long and hard journey. We are still mortals, and will need your help, as our sponsors. What can you offer us ?"


"To walk through Tambelon-"


"A dangerous road to victory. It will not be enough to stop me from cleansing it."


For you, as we should hope.
Being mortals, you are not bound by the borders of our realms here. You can pass through without harm from one area to another, and make the journey, where no others can.

Safe passage through our realm
And guidance on your journey. Nothing from the Celestial Palace can leave the Celestial Palace. This is how we have maintained peace, so far.

Worry not. Your concept of what it is, and the reality of its nature, probably differ greatly.
Owing to its nature and location, Tambelon shifts between the mortal realm and the ethereal plane. It is a stable link to mortal space, and through this, somehow, a beacon for dead mortals. We know not its exact nature, however. All we know is that it is the only direct link between realms, and that its master, Grogar, may also be of mortal origin.

This much we are sure of.
Which is why you were selected.


"Fine. When should we set off? And… there's nothing we can take here to prepare?"


"You should know! Do we need anything but our wits, skills and weapons?


"But how are mortals supposed to defeat that which is but a concept, to take on a fundamental law of their being?
How will we even harm Destruction?"


"Do you have any other intel to offer us about our foes?"


Take what you wish
But know it will all vanish the moment you leave the palace

For now, nothing
However, if you can manage to aid us in expanding out borders, we can send out assistance as far as our realm reaches. But we cannot invade other areas in the ethereal plane.

That is the beauty of it.
You are bound by the rules of the mortal realm, as are those who face you. Where we would normally exist on a level above you, here, you bring us all down to your level. You can see us. You can hear us. You can touch us. And we can do so in return. Simply by existing near us, you, in a sense, make us mortal as well.

Some, though accuracy may vary
Ask, and we shall tell.


"Expanding borders?"


Were you to depose the rulers of a realm here, it would be possible for us to expand our own one to engulf it.
It is how things were in ancient times, long before the truces upon truces that currently bind this plane were put in place. It is how great Unity conquered many realms and forged the foundations of the Celestial Palane.


"Then tell us, what pushed you to act?
Surely Destruction has always existed.
Why the imbalance now, why the need for change in the immortal scheme of gods?"


"What is the name of the ruling Draconequus? Who rules Tambleon?"


"I see. No problem. You will rule everything in no time!"


Destruction has become a misnomer. It now enacts creation, and sends its misbegotten spawn to plague the mortal plane.
You must understand, time is irrelevant here. But in what can be considered a single act spanning mortal millennia, Destruction has brought to bare races and individuals intent not on the good of all, nor the acceptably aimless meander of nature's course, but direct, calculated conflict and misery. Not since the era of Unity has it been so arrogant in its toying.

The plane-shifters have no leader. They are not organized, nor are they sane. They exist on whims, rarely thinking beyond their immediate desire for chaos.
Tambelon is ruled by the sorcerer Grogar. Sometimes mistakenly attributed as a Death God or at least some avatar or aspect of Death, he is, from what we know, merely a mortal sorcerer trapped in the ethereal plane, ruling over the city of the dead.

We can provide many forms of aid so long as you are inside our borders, from healing to fire support, repairs and other things.


"We'll be fine!"


"There must be a strongest one, like Discord once was."


"For the good of all that is, I am honored by your call.
My whole self will be given to this cause, be it the end of my body, my mind and my soul, I will not stop until balance is restored."


"I don't suppose we will ever need it, but at least you tried!"


Just remember that we can help
All you need to do is retreat enough to return to our sphere of influence.

If there is, we know not which one it is.
Their constant changing, warping, leaving and returning leaves us blind to details pertaining their realm and ways.

Go then, and return victorious
The mortal realm depends on it


"Just sit back and relax while we take care of it!"


"Does Discord still roam around their domain?"


They simply nod
It is possible
We can hardly tell then apart anyway


"We will see then. He would be smart to have left his den of degeneracy. That is all for now."


And here I thought they were friends with discord!
Man I should have rolled omniseer on this one!
"Much like with your divine beings, will navigating these planes be affected by our existence within them?"


Do not mistake the divine concepts for their mortal avatars
Your presence will be felt by all, for you change our reality around you.
You are grounded in mortal laws, and thus enforce them here by merely existing. To you, all will seem normal. To us and other native divines, things will feel deeply amiss.


"Then, we are ready for our journey."


If you so desire, the palace is free for you to roam.
Take all the time you need, but depart with utmost haste.


"Let's get this over with! We'll be done by dinner!"


Ah, what a riot the purple one.
Time doesn't matter anyway.
"I will take a moment before leaving then."

And once we are excused, I will go visit the avatar of the Moon.


I have no need to prepare. The gardens of nature are our first goal, which is where my element lies.


"I will need a moment, if you can so call it."


"Don't tell me it's to pray!"


"Not exactly."


They lie right outside the palace walls. You are free to head there.
You enter the door marked with a moon, and find yourself in a space bathed in cool, dim light. You can feel it nearby. The moon.


So I will.

… this seems familiar.


Time is irrelevant. Try not to think too hard about it.
As soon as you depart the palace grounds, you feel the crackling radiance in the air vanish. Instead, you encounter a serene calmness. An absolute tranquillity that covers all around you. You stand in a softly lit forest, a river is heard somewhere nearby. Animals skitter in the trees and undergrowth.


Well… just walk around a bit, see if I can see anything that's not as boring as literal gods!


You could probably appreciate the endless works of art depicting heroes throughout time.
Or just spend quality time with Burning


I'm drawn to water. I'll check the river.


Or both!
"Hey, where do you think our picture should go? Above all these?"


So it is like I feared.


Speak, lost child
Several animals are having a drink there. Small flakes of snow float downriver.
While most of the animals are small critters, two deer are also there.
"I would imagine they go in chronological order. We might already be somewhere here."


"Ooh! Interesting! Want to look for ourselves?"


"Thank you.
For everything you did throughout my life on the path. And before that, for the things you inspired in me.
And thank you for being light in my Father's life."


Snow? How cold is it here? Where is it coming from?


"Lead on, champ"
The moon is there for all who need it. Watchful and eternal even when the world no longer holds it in high regard.
If you desire rest, come, dream with me.

It's not cold at all here, though in the distance you can see it's already winter upriver.


Good. This place is way too cheesy for me, I will go to winterland.


"You like that, huh?"
Look for ourselves!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"If my fate allows, I will return to dream with you.
But now duty calls me. Please, lend me your strength for the journey ahead."


The deer follow you upriver, where leaves fall and soon snow covers the land.
A third deer lay in the snow, dying.
Further up river, the snow begins to give way to spring once more.
Only the water remains constant. Forever in motion, aimless, dauntless.
"The answer to that hasn't changed in the last fifteen years you've asked."
You indeed do find some relevant events, from the unleashing of Arabus the Devourer to the plague of sin unleashed by Ra The Gatherer. Among these events, you find yourselves among the heroes depicted.
The painting of you standing atop the defeated in the City of Wrath is closer to how you tell the tale rather than the more bloody and inglorious reality of that particular event, but… eh.
You need but dream, and I will be there to comfort you, as I comfort all who require it.


Wish I could hug her!
Luna was much more huggable.
Time to bid my goodbies and join the others.


No need for such attention to detail!
"Hey, look, this frame really brings out my eyes and mane, right?"
Smile at her.
"And maybe I just like to hear you answer it all the time."


Remember what the Twin Empress said.
You make the divines mortal and physical. You need but reach out. And hug.
"They forgot the missing teeth, I see. Shame. You were so cute trying to look cool with those huge gaps in your grin."


"In my defense, headbutting seemed like the best possible option at the time I made that decision. I regret nothing…. they didn't show your singed off coat on your back either!"


"That did take ages to grow back… Reminds me of the time you ended up dyed lime green for a week after that whole slime incident."


"Being green wasn't as bad as smelling like jelly for so long. I wanted to stuff my nose with anything to make it go away."


"Well that explains a lot"


As it should be. This almost feels like home, so familiar…


"Can you blame me?"


Does it seek something?
Or is it merely here to wander
"Back then… probably.
But you know how it is. Time makes memories golden and all."


Maybe later. Those are distant memories of youth, nothing I need to act upon out of instinct.
Out I go.
Wonder if I will meet him in Tamberlon. That'd be quite the doozy.


"Even the one where I broke your nose just to prove that the glaive can block one of your attacks?"


Only time will tell
"You did say I look prettier this way"


Is that a voice? Or a voice in my head?
"I don't know. Maybe I am looking for something. Who speaks?"


"I carved off at least 5 years from your looks!"


Can conceptual divine beings even have voices other than ones in your head?
Though it seems to be the deer talking.
"Nature speaks"
"You are not from this realm. So why are you here?"
"Oh yes I keep forgetting how you like nothing better than teenage mares."


"What makes you think I have eyes for anypony but you?"
Try to look for some more escapades among the paintings!


"I was called on to root out corruption tainting this plane of existence."


There are a couple more recent ones as well. Burning finds great amusement in a small piece depicting the great foodfight of the far east, where you quelled an uprising of poor students bombarding officials with cheap noodles, nearly causing an international incident.
"There is no corruption here in the garden"
"There is merely the eternal cycle and the gradual change of all things"


Snicker a bit.
"Good memories, huh?"


"Amusing ones, if nothing else"


"Which ones are the good ones then?"


She gently places her head against you
"Any that involve you~"



"I have eyes, I can see. My quest is leading me down this road and I happen to have felt a desire to see this place with my own eyes, nothing else."


Nuzze nuzzle.
"I will never forget your wide eyed stare the first time we met~"


"Then linger, mortal, as long as you please"
"But do not disturb the balance of nature, nor the elements."
"Lest we add you to the eternal cycle"
"How could you? You commissioned ten paintings of it."


"Yet none of them ever got even close…"


"You make it sound sinister. Foul. Aren't we all destined to die?"


Guess since everyone else's faffing I might as well, dream.


"That's because you insist they imagine me, but twenty years younger and with no battle damage. It ain't easy."
"You are."
"Worry not."
"We will see to it.
"It is the natural course of things to be born"
"To change and grow"
"And to die."
Hello again, child


"And what of Grogar? My presence here makes him mortal too."


"What of the lord of the lost?"
"Him and his realm are outside nature. He concerns us little."
"Death is our realm, the dead are not."
"What sparks our ire is the border of chaos"
"Rampant change for no reason, no purpose other than to amuse the whims of the mighty"
"It is an abomination to us"


Sit down here, wherever here is.
"I think I will make good of that offer from earlier."


"I can see it clear as day!"


"Too bad you can't paint for shit."
She gives you a friendly punch
Then tell me, what would you wish to dream of




"Show me the dreams of my world."


There is a place outside heaven
Where ponies become demons


And champions remain champs!


That sounds like a silly place. Let's not go there.


Not for long.


If you wish to still discuss the situation with someone in the Palace, now is your chance.
Otherwise, it is time to cross the Gardens of Nature and seek the Border of Chaos.


I think we should move.


Time to move out!


We move.


And so you set off into the woods.
You feel countless eyes upon you, as if the plants themselves were watching. Watching and judging.


Only Sidus can judge me, and he approves!


"Mother nature is wary of our presence here. That is suspicious."


"Why would she be? We are the good guys!"


"Gods are territorial beings."


"We are the righteous. Not the good."


"In that, the elemental is right"
"For this, and this alone, we offer you a chance to state your business. You come from the Palace, yet walk our lands unhindered."


"I am good, that much I know!"


"Oh hey. Just passing through!"


"We seek only to reach Destruction's domain.
Surely the might of Nature must have felt the disturbance."


"We have no quarrel with you, mother. Our foes are the chaotic, the destroyers, the undead."


"Yet how you walk this ground?"
"None from the Palace may leave, as none from destruction's castle may neither."


"Better safe than sorry, right?"


"The answer, Nature, lies within your own mystery.
We are alive."


"We are not from the palace. We were merely summoned there by the divines."


"The living… here…"
"…We never expected this. The laws were never made for this!


"Evil will never be vanquished if you fight by the rules!"


"And yet the laws of this reality warp around us.
They fall within place on their own, seeds of life streaking across the picture of eternity.
The balance will be restored as long as we leave, and like all that is alive, we too will leave. Forever.
So simply let us pass, Nature."


"I'm no mere mortal anymore, but yes, we are the living. And we can hurt the gods."


"Vanquish evil, say you?"
"And for this, you head to the realm of Destruction?"




"We'll be back with their heads before you know it!"


"Then, you seek to at last put an end to the work we began so long ago?"
"To finally stop these two from tearing the realms apart in their constant battle for dominance"


"These two? Tirek and Grogar?"


"Creation and Destruction…"


"The child of the moon is right"
"Yet we would not call them that."


"Oh… elaborate?"


"You would call Grogar the lord of death, yet Death is an aspect of us, of Nature. You would call destruction evil, yet without end, there should be no beginning."
"You attribute creation to the denizens of the Palace, when they are the ones who create nothing, merely reflect the status quo. We are Birth and Change, the duality that you could call Creation, or even Life"


"And aren't you afraid of Death and Destruction destroying eveything, even Life?"


"I care little about the beings in the palace."


"Death is but an extension of Life"
"Our only quarrel with what you call Destruction is that it infringes upon our realm, creating what your kind knows as… monsters. To create life and permit the best of it to flourish is our charge.
Yet all the more we despise the Draconequi, the chaotic invaders who create and change as they feel would amuse them.


"Ah yes. The draconequii.
They must find a particular pleasure in being most despised by Nature."


"So, we should get them first?"


"If you seen good standing with us… yes."
"Drive the Draconequi from this realm, and do the same to the Lost city of Tambelon."
Do this, and we will permit you your wishes. Even lift the borders that imprison the Palace and Castle.


"With pleasure."


"Great, that's what you should have started with! Time to hunt chaos-spawns!"


"We shall lift the border to their realm so you may pass safely."
"Granted, it was weakened already anyway. Seek out how they maintain the rifts between planes, and close them. Then, drive the stragglers out."


Time to get hunting?


"So be it."


"It shall be done."


You leave behind the changing scenery of nature and wander forth into the unknown.
Soon, the rolling meadows and forests of rapidly shifting seasons begin to give way to more… unexpected terrain. Mountain ranges and volcanic flows burst from the glaciers as storms gather above.
You must be nearing the border of chaos.


Psch, chaos-smaos! No terrain can be too hard to overcome!


Next time: giving a shit

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