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200 years after the world burns.

Located in Las Pegasus, where floating cloud cities and extravagant buildings have collapsed under lawlessness and desperation. The party is found in front of an abandoned radio station, just arriving after word got out that someone is hiring for mercenaries to gather parts. Easy mission from the sound of things.


Maybe we can get some explosives!


Make sure to properly groom my mane with a hoof, take a sniff of myself and chekc my breath, don't want to look sloppy!
''Silaha real quick, how do I look? I wanna make sure I'm presentable and all…''



Silaha pops her neck with a hoof, turning to the other zebra,


"Psh… you look as you always look, amazing. This is a job, not a date, why are you getting all fancied up?"


She stands snout in the air, sniffing, hammer flung over the back of her worn armor, over the many pouches and pockets of her travel-proofed outfit.
"Doesn't smell like a trap."
"Watch not to chip a hoof stepping on some rocks! Ah!"
She grins at the zebras, amused by their strange worries.


Snicker at that.
"Watch out with that hammer, you might stub your hoof!"


''Well, I don't want to look like a bum, for starters'' I pick my laser gun and breathe on it, then start cleaning it up with the back of my hoof until it's nice and shiny
''Besides, you always says I'm looking good, even when I wake up looking like an undead, soooo I'll ask…''
''Hey you earth pony dude, how am I looking? presentable enough to look good but dangerous enough to look like a pro?''
''Yeah yeah whatever, let's just go and get the job''


"Zui's the one worried about her looks. I just want my caps."

She lights a cigarette with her flaming sword.


"Well, you're not quite a ghoul, so that's all you need."


Above the radio station, a lone figure bounces between tower transmission poles. The figure appears to be an earth pony wearing some long dead police pone's baggy uniform. Hanging between two poles, the earthie stands upright and stares down at your lot.
"Bit less than I expected.. (and zebras no less)"



"Oi fuck oooff, you want a job done or not?"


''See, you'd get a boyfriend if you took more care of yourself, I bet would have to remind you of brushing your teeth in the morning if we had any toothbrushes'' I smirk
''Good enough I guess''
''Hey! You're the dude with the caps right?! What's the job for us?!''


Turn my head and yell back up!


"The only one who's gotta watch out is a certain somepony with too happy a trigger hoof!"
She glares daggers, playful daggers, at him.
"Seriously, he'd jump at anything with a pulse."
A roll of her eyes follows-
-only to be drawn up, at the newcomer.
"Well yeah it's just scraps, did ya want the enclave too?!"


"Well, no pulse even, if it's fresh."


"Did I ask for a boyfriend?"

She smiles slyly.


''And by 'jump' you don't meaaaan?…'' I glance at both of you
I stick out my tongue ''Ya sure could use one''


"Whatever you think it means."


The figure smiles, then chuckles.

"Awwwlkay! So see this radio tower's not workin' right? No raiders or druggies out here stinking it all up?"

The figure swings onto one of the tower poles.

"That means anyone can claim it! And it's MINE!! Haha, but it's not working, which is where all you love gents and gentilinas come in!"

The earthie stops swinging to lean against the pole.

"This radio station needs parts to work with! If you can get me parts I can get it working again!"


"Sweeties! Tarts! I'm talkin here!"



"Sure, we've got some techies to fix it up. You got a place in mind to look for these parts"


"How do they look and who do we kill for them?"


She rolls her eyes, sparing a glance to offer the guy the universal sign for 'fucking' before going back to focus on the paying guy.
She fumes, stomping her armored hooves into the ground.
"And oh'we suppose to find the pieces?"


''Silaha please don't let that dude get near me''
''Fix a radio station? sure, can do…But where are the parts we gotta find? And what parts are they?''
''Oh fucking gross…Why do you hang out with a dude like that?''


"ACROSS THE LAS PEGASAAAAAS!! Lots and lots of electronic scrap, some books on how to make a radio tower, transmission disks to send my Messaage across Equestria~"
"Genit.. Uhh- haha of courrrse nooot~!"

"Oh! And a power generator!"

The earthie claps her hooves.

"Ohhh it'll all look so PERFECT when it's finished!"


"Can't leave my bro alone, he'd kill himself trying to eat a rock whole!"
"And what 'o our caps?"


Let out a laugh.
"She likes to watch!"
Nudge the other pony in the side.

"And when the fuck do we get paid?"


"If you insist."


"A'ight then, asshat"

She turns to the group.


"No reason to stick around, we should get moving. If in the end he doesn't pay up we kill him, simple enough."


"So, you know where to look?"


"We can do that now without having to go through the whole of Las Pegasas looking for crap, you realize that?"
With a kick of her rear legs, she pushes the hammer down onto her forehooves, jousting it with expertise between the two kegs and her mouth.


''Sounds easy enough I guess''
''…Soooo…He's mentally retarded?''
''The hell…?''
''Yeah, see? this zeeb here got it, if he pays, good for us, if not, pew pew, dead. Now let's get outta here and find those parts''



"No, do you have a better idea? I say we start looking for trouble and see where it takes us?"


"Eh, I'm not one to get a bad rep just 'cause a guy's racist. Let's just try to finish the job."


"Hey now, I might like a drink, but I'm not that dumb."

"If we see lights or sparks, we go there and fuck shit up! Or if we see robots!"


"Aaaahhh I don't have anything to pay with yet, BUT, I can get you a few pick-me-ups when you come back!"

"Easy peasy Squishy squeezy!"


"Oh fiiiiine!"
Rolling back the hammer she gets ready to trot off.


''Whatever you say, corpse humper…''
''Your 'pick-me-ups' being?…''



"Alright let's fuck off before he gets any weirder.


Silaha nods and starts trotting ahead of the group, Shishkabob floating in front of her with telepathy.


"Works for me!"

"Try not to become one then!
And we'll worry about that when we get him his shit."


''Sounds good, alright team, roll out''
And with that, she's off too


"Ohhh drugs, booze, food, bullets, supplements, dillies, millies, tillies, that sorta thing. It's legit truuust me."

"Ta ta~"


Your party is in the hills, northeast of Las Pegasus. Along the muddied shoreline you can see collapsed, bent, and once-proud buildings making up their own mountain range. The city stretches from the water to well into Equestrian mainland, disappearing under clouds of dust and smoke to the south. It is high afternoon and your first task is…?


Find the place that is most likely raidable for spare parts!


Looking for trouble and/or lootable places.



Getting those damn parts
Start looking for a searchable place where we can find some


You spot several places from this height:

First there is the city dump at the base of the hills. Mostly scavengers and body-eaters feasting on each other. It'll take some time but you can be guaranteed there's some electronic scrap there.

Second you can look around the streets in Las Pegasus. Locals might give trouble but most buildings aren't inhabited the same as Tall Tale is.

Third you can head into the inhabited areas of Las Pegasus. It's guaranteed fast to gather, but everyone's using and everyone wants more for what they offer..


"Let's head to the junkyard, i prefer the wastes rather than cities."


As the others look for looting places Button will keep an eye out for shelters, or the unsuspected supply!



"Let's fuck that dump up, yeah!"




''So…I say we look around the dumps, might be dangerous and all but there's most likely a few good scraps, so it's our best bet…just keep your guns unholstered and all that…''



"Really, only half of us are using guns, less than half even."


''I know, sheesh, you get what I meant… Just stay on guard, thread carefully, lookout for trouble and all that stuff, kay?''


You head straight to the dumps. There are sounds of something clicking, buzzing, and whirring around as you make your way.

Arriving on the back end of the dump has its advantages, mostly that no one has spotted you yet. From the tops of piles to the makeshift walkways, ponies and emaciated diamond dogs search and fight to find something fit for their stomachs.



Oooh yeah, I feel a fight coming up!


''Ooh…Savagery…Soo, you guys wanna try to sneak past these dudes? We might get some nice stuff out of their pockets though…''


With a look of adrenaline-induced glee, she unsheathes her hammer, holding it at the ready.
"You better not hit anywhere near me, My hears just healed from last time!"


She downs an entire bottle of whiskey before heading in.


"I say like this."

Silaha casts Arcane Aegis on herself
>Arcane Aegis: Upgrade of Arcane Shield; Shield now absorbs 1d10+10 HP damage before breaking, and upon breaking deals 1d10 damage to enemies in Melee range.
'2d10' +10 the best of the two


Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


"Fuck that! We kill them all!"

"Your fault for standing too close to the grenades!"


''okay got it…Uh…Where's the-There it is!'' Pull out my laser gun and take aim



From your shouting, roughly thirteen scavengers look straight at you. Some back off as others begin to slowly push forward.

"I gutted me a diahmon dog this mornin!"
"You look like you got-"

One of the scavengers rushes towards you [Mid] with a knife

Roll #1 7 = 7


Find some cover to wait for that asshole!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Button intercepts that scavenger guy while rushing and dodging, going for a hit on the noggings!
Damage +4

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


''Yep, killing time…''
'1d10+1' Shooting that guy's ass
>Laser pistol. -1 min crit

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Silaha runs towards the rushing scavenger [close]


After the first heroic charge by a lone jerkoff packing his rusted knife, eight others join him [Mid]

The charger makes it closer as you..

Find cover behind a broken down Cruiser, it's engine and interior torn away.

You dodge underneath the scavenger's disgusting knife, then swing back to graze the back of his head. The scavenger tumbles and rolls to look back at you, anger and hunger in his eyes!

The scavenger's angry look at Button is the last he'll ever give, as a loud crack from your laser pistol turns the pony into a bright red statue that explodes into ashen dust.

You get covered in pony dust, just in time to see eight others coming at you!


What's that, eight assholes all together?

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Silaha runs towards the rushing scavenger [close]

"Shoot the guys in the back, or else I have no-one to kill!"


I did not put spoilers there, whatever. ignore the spoilers.


Gotta keep moving!
Rush on towards the others.
'1d10+2' to reach where they are.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


How are you going to light your molotov without matches or a lighter!?

You get straight into the thick of fighting! You charge one of the attacking ponies and get knocked to the ground, the pony who charged you keeps running as another skids to a halt to turn their blade on you!

You charge two ponies at once, knocking one into another of their group and tripping the other. You are in [Melee] with 5 Scavengers!

Three ponies pass through the initial charge, closing distance with those of you who didn't rush forward!


''Oops, my bad!'' She takes aim, still hanging in the back and goes for one of the guys further away

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Can I cleave with my super sledge?
If I can, DO IT!
'1d10+3', crit -1, dmg +4

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Time to go in with the good ol' Hooves then, when they get to my cover.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


That's more like it, Silaha swings at the ugliest of them all, not counting party members

>+3 skill, +1 whiskey, -1 crit range. Sharp, Incendiary.

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


>If still alive, length of burning (1 damage per turn)

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1441146284826.jpg (512.61 KB, 1680x1050, steamworkshop_webupload_pr….jpg)



>The also get -1 to all their rolls now, due to crit


You pop one of the scavengers in melee, burning through their clothes and crisping their back. The scavenger recoils from the pain and backs away from attacking as something thin and menacing comes into your rightmost sight!


The pony attacks, sticking the sharp ends of their sharpened spoon into your leather armor and getting it stuck!

You hit all three of the scavengers around you, killing one and maiming the others. They fly back from your hit and land on the soft trashy ground.

A springy scavenger jumps at your cover, getting their teeth knocked out as you hit them with a right hook.

You gut the encroaching scavenger, spilling their burned innards over your legs as they scream in terror and take off towards the hills. The pony lights into flames, gets their guts caught amongst trash piles and dies in agony before they roll into an irradiated stream.


Rear up and stomp the life out of the body of that asshole!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Deadpan at him
''Are you fucking kidding me right now?''
Shoot his face off

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Bull rush one of those still in range and place a killing blow!
'1d10+3' crit -2 (I didn't factor it was a super sledge!), damage +4.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"Now serving the next customer!"

Silaha attacks the next ugliest one.

>+3 skill, +1 whiskey, -1 crit range. Sharp, Incendiary.

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


and for burn length '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You stomp the creature until their chest caves in, killing them as they fought for air.

You fire a shot into the scavenger's face, turning them into red hot ash before they can do anything about their bladed spoon. Another of the scavengers who pushed through comes at you from the right! They swipe at your body, seemingly missing until you feel something sharp against the inside of your skin as you move away from them!

You cut into the scavenger that Zui shot at, slicing their neck open and cauterizing the wound with lit fuel. The pony backs away trying to put out the small flame on them!



Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


'1d10' get away from there!

Roll #1 10 = 10




Silaha swipes at the one who hit Zui

>+3 skill, +1 whiskey, -1 crit range. Sharp, Incendiary.

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


What about this post? >>640749


File: 1441147492300.jpg (60.45 KB, 736x414, big_thumb_f27851bdc4af3dc7….jpg)

>another super crit
what the mother fucking fuck
'1d10' burn baby burn

Roll #1 10 = 10




There WAS one left!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


You run at the last, tripping them up as..

You zoom out of the way of the scavenger's swipe, making distance from you and them!

You chop the scavenger open, burning everything around them as they too scream in abject horror from the realization of their predicament.

>You hit all three of the scavengers around you, killing one and maiming the others. They fly back from your hit and land on the soft trashy ground.


9 of the 9 are dead, good job. The cautious and curious watch as you cool down from your warmup.


Beat my chest with a hoof.
"Come and get some, fuckers!"


I let out a sigh of relief
''Holy shit we are just destroying everything today…''


"Alright, that's that."

she looks to the watchers

"Thanks for not getting involved, would have been kinda painful for you guys, Now if you don't mind, we're just going to be searching around here."

First looting the corpses
'1d10' Survival roll, looting corpses

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh I know one was still alive when I posted that, it was just some banter, as in, he will be dead now with this roll!
Which he was!
Button prances around happily, hammer on her back.
"We are the bestest of the best!"


"Did you see me fucking break that ribcage wiht my hooves?!"


"Good work you two, you're not at all incompetent."


"Nah, too busy killing four out of nine ponies!"
Stick my tongue out at him.


''Oh yeah, looting, almost forgot, let me help ya with that, sister''
'1d10' loot
''yeah you two are alright…Sure, Silaha destroyed most of their asses there but you helped a lot too''

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Not as stylish!"

"If only I had my fucking lighter for my molotov, I'd have burned them first!"


"Were we fighting the same battle?
Killed three of them in little over ten seconds!"


survival is 3
-1 to that roll


>forgot the -1
''Hey, next time you gime a shout, and I'll light it up for ya'' Show him my laser gun
''You did? huh I think I missed that, one of those bastarts tried hitting me with a spoon. can you believe that? A fucking spoon?''


You find the weapons they used, kitchen utensils and blades sharpened from various metal. You also find (3) caps and some wrapped meat.

"What are you, gonna eat 'em?"

"I can take those bodies off ya hooves for ya!"

"My son needs to eat, I'll do anything for a cut of them!"


"Well pay up you pieces of filth!"


''Just three caps?…gosh that's too little…But I guess we could let them have the meat, not like any of us eat meat anyways…''


"Nah, they stayed out of the fight. Let em have the corpses, we're here for the scrap"


Silaha takes the caps and begins to search for what they came for '1d10' Survival roll

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's just it! We ask'em for that special scrap we need!"

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