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You have arrived. After a journey from the Mountainhomes into the forbidding wilderness beyond, your harsh trek has finally ended. Your party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of your civilization.
There are almost no supplies left save the ones you thought to stock up on, but with stout labor comes sustenance. Whether by bolt, plow, or hook, provide for yourselves. You are expecting a supply caravan just before Winter arrives, but it is Spring now. Enough time to delve secure lodgings, ere the hagfish get hungry. A new chapter of diamond dog history begins at this place.

Strike the earth!


Year: 201
Season: Spring, GM

Biome: Beach, Tropical
Wildlife: Savage
Environment: Good
Distance: Distant
History: Normal

Nearby Civilizations: ???
Enemies: Goblins, ???


The wagon has come to a stop in the sand under a group of palm trees. Ahead of you all lies to clear blue ocean, which sparkles in the sunlight. Colorful corals can be seen under the water around which schools of fish and the occasional merperson swim.
Waves lap at the golden beach, which slopes slightly upwards as it travels back from the water. Near the surf line crabs, some of which come up to a diamond dog's waist, can be seen crawling around.
Located only two Z-levels (about two stories) above the water is the slight greenbelt which marks the edge of your territory. It is made of beachgrasses and palm trees which hold the sandy loam in place.

Please state the Task you wish to undertake. Your primary goals should be securing lodgings, food supply, and security.


Begin rummaging through the wagon for my papers.

"Not to step on the paws of our expedition leader, but I've been in more than a few frontier fortresses. I have some suggestions for a rough floorplan to dig out of this sand, if you're willing."


I suppose I had better get started on digging some kind of foundation.


File: 1440094267861.png (11.03 KB, 1084x564, Biome simple.png)

Here is a basic drawing to show of the relative size of the ocean, breach, and greenbelt in the playing environment. You are all parked atop the green area.


File: 1440094393362.png (59.74 KB, 1453x988, Untitled.png)

Finish my digging in the cart and hold up a blueprint for him.

"In previous fortresses, we had a layout something like this, if it helps."


"Mm, yeah. It's a good start. No living quarters?"


Fikthal dons the copper armor stored within the caravan and begins to hunt nearby game (most likely the larger crabs) with the bow he carries on his back.



Roll #1 5, 1, 6, 5, 6 - 1 = 22


"Usually the next floor down, with the hospital, training room, kitchen, tannery, food stocks, fishery, butchery, et cetera. On floor at a time, though, in my book. And I have several."

Laugh in a jolly fashion.


"Am listening dude, buuuut I think maybe I could fetch us some fish to eat? No one is wanna work on empty stomach, right?… Wait, we'll need a place to put the fishes in… Hmn" I rub my chin
"Say dude, if I go fishing now, think we'll have a fishery ready for the catch I bring?"


"I suppose it depends on how quickly our good mining fellow can work."


If you guys could state the Task you are trying to accomplish each season that would be helpful to me.

Task: Establish space for a dormitory, storage, and workshops.
Difficulty: Standard.

How's this look?

Task: Hunt game, build a Butcher's Workshop.
Difficulty: Standard.

How's this look?

Pepper Cavehills, the bitch responsible for trading at your fortress, looks at your plans.
"Isn't the water table supposed to be really high on beaches?"


"A good philosophy to follow. That is a bit of a tall order to start on immediately."

That works.
Should I roll?


"Right you are. We should plan a method past the aquifer right away if we can. First we need an exploratory stair to find the aquifer before we plug it, though."


"I'll bring the seafood, you can if you so desire as well. Perhaps plant the crops on the limited fertile ground? The sooner planted, the sooner they can be harvested."

Fikthal says, notching an arrow.

my roll from before was hunting game, hopefully the 4 sucesses still apply. Would Hunter's Workshop be a carpenter skill, or would I be constructing that as well?


"Leave my workshop near the surface. I do not plan to die from the miasma."

Fikthal says, gruffly.

Roll #1 2, 4, 4, 4, 4 - 1 = 17


didn't mean to roll again


"Ah well, I better get to doing something before everyone starves, eh? I'll be right back then"
I take my leave and go get some good seafood for us
>Catch fish


"I'll be doing that soon as I get back dude!"


I'm going to Guard the area, at least until I can get an office delved.


Earnest is right. The first thing you need to do is find out how deep the aquifer is here. Th best way to do that is to build staircases down around the beach and green area until you hit water.
Go ahead and roll for that.

You mean a butcher's workshop? You need the Building skill to build buildings.
>2 successes
You are able to take down a single crab today. Its thick armor means you have to spend quite a while shooting at it, but once you manage to hurt it the other crabs run off in a frenzy while the crab you were targeting dies.
Without a Butcher's Workshop this kill will go to waste.

Task: Get the Builder to build you a Fishery. Go fishing.
Difficulty: Simple

Task: Keep an eye on the wildlife.
Difficulty: Simple


File: 1440095604060.png (68.14 KB, 1452x1452, South.png)

'5d6' -2

"Hmmm… I have some designs that place the kitchens on the top level. That way you won't be any further down than you need to be. We can put up an artificial roof later, too, to drive out miasma."

Roll #1 4, 2, 2, 5, 1 = 14


All right, let's get things started.

Roll #1 5, 1, 4, 5, 2 = 17


Fikthal removes the arrows from the chitin and surrounding area, looking around the area.

"Where is the damned builder anyways. I need a workshop, even if temporary."

He grabs and tosses the corpse near the stockpile.

"Whatever, I'll get to harvesting some wood before nightfall."

Task: Chop nearby palm trees.


goddamnit i'm not used to mlpg

Roll #1 2, 2, 3, 4, 1 = 12


>0 success
You spend your days wandering around the beach and green area while keeping an eye out for predators and other dangers. There's plenty of life in the ocean, but none of it seems very dangerous so long as you keep your paws dry. The giant crabs seem to be scavengers which prey on fish caught in tidal pools and detritus washed up on the beach.
However, during your searching you leave the stockpiled goods unguarded and vermin are able to make off with some of the Hospital supplies.

>Easy (+1 success)
>2 Successes
It only takes you a few days to dig several test holes into the beach and into the area under the trees thanks to having to only dig through packed sand. Unfortunately, almost as soon as you start to dig on the beach water seeps into all of your holes.You encounter an aquifer of salty water one Z-level under the beach. You have no idea how deep this goes. You are able to get one Z-level down under the palm trees, but the floor is always soggy. Trying to go any deeper hits the same salty aquifer.
Complication: Aquifer
Tradition states that the best way to breach an aquifer is to build a plug of soil or stone, 3x3 at the smallest, as tall as can be made. If one of these plugs can be built atop the greenbelt, the area under it hollowed out all the way to the aquifer, and finally the ground the plug is standing on collapsed, the aquifer can be breached.

-2 successes
You spend a few days chopping down palm trees. You store the wood too far down the beach, though, and wake up one day to find that the tides have carried some of the wood away.


Shouldn't be all that surprising, this is a beach after all. I'll get to work on that plug, using soil in the absence of stone.

Roll #1 1, 3, 2, 6, 3 = 15


After several times of inactivity Pepper approaches the two of you.
"I got your workshops finished. I couldn't build them underground so I put wood walls and wood roofs over them."

>The fortress now has: 1 Fishery, 1 Butcher's workshop


*several days


"Ay, thank ya kindly, now I can get to work!" I stretch a little and head out for fishing

Roll #1 2, 3, 2, 6, 5 = 18


Fikthal scowls, but looks to Pepper,
"My thanks. Fresh meat is back on the menu. I'll be needing a Craft'sdog workshop next."
Fikthal heads over to the fishing dog, taking the old corpse of the crab.

"Here, bait. It's not worthy of eating any more."

He then takes out his hatchet and bow and begins to hunt the wildlife nearby

Task: Hunt game

Roll #1 2, 1, 2, 5, 2 = 12


"Oh hey, that'll help a lot, mon'! Thanks!"


We do have some stone. We brought loads of blocks for this very purpose.


>Hard (-1)
>-4 successes
Luckily all of you planned ahead and brought not only blocks of stone, but raw stone as well. Unfortunately these do not want to hold together very well at all. Spring comes to a close for you before you can assemble a sturdy enough plug in a clearing among the palm trees. During the coming seasons you must hollow out the ground under it, channel away the soil over the aquifer, and finally channel away the ground around the plug itself.
You may now enter the player half of the Spring season if you want to.

>Cakewalk (+2)
>1 success
The oceans team with fish and you catch plenty for you and your six companions to live off of, although weeks spent eating almost nothing but fish gets tiring after a while. You do not catch enough large bony fish or shellfish to generate bones or shells for crafting with.

>-3 successes
You are unable to down a single crab before it can escape or its comrades can drag it into the water. Trying to fight them off with a hatchet nearly costs you an ear, but luckily the crabs are more willing to run than to fight.
Spring comes to a close for you.
You may now enter the player half of the Spring season if you want to.


Spring comes to a close for you.
You may now enter the player half of the Spring season if you want to.


I'll guard for the rest of the season to catch up

'5d6' -2

Roll #1 4, 5, 4, 4, 4 = 21


>3 successes
This time you focus your attention on the stockpiles in the wagon and keep away the small crabs and birds which try to steal your precious things. Once you can get all of these underground it should reduce the vermin's effects enough to not be disastrous.
Spring comes to a close for you.
You may now enter the player half of the Spring season if you want to.


I'll spend my time Fertilizing and request our builder to make us a farmer workshop


Yeah, let's do it.


That's something to do during the GM half of the season, sorry. You can chat with her or RP with the others or build sandcastles or something though.

What do you want to do?


Oh that's fine!
"Hey there mon, wanted to thank you again for the bait, I got us some nice catch with it!"


It is now the Summer of 201. The sun blazes down overhead, but luckily you all settled close to a source of water that can cool you if not quench your thirst. The air is full of small birds darting down to the sand and surf to catch small crabs, while the large crabs go about their business on the beach and the merpeople jump and play far from the shore.

One of you make a startling discovery. The booze is starting to run out! You all have just enough left to get through the summer.

Kragger still has a Task going, but everyone else must chose one.


Time to look around for a nice place to make a farm plot to start growing some crops around



Roll #1 3, 3, 1, 1, 2 = 10


"Wasn't anything, it was going to waste anyways."

Fikthal grows irate from the diminishing booze and bad luck hunting. He takes his anger out on the small game along the beach, firing arrows from a ways away.

>Task: Hunt crabs/birds with bow


Roll #1 3, 6, 4, 6, 6 = 25


Task: Create and fertilize a farm plot.
Rating: Simple

>5 failures
You spend weeks carefully searching the beech and treeline for soil that can sustain your crops. You finally find some, but there's hardly any room here. You'll only be able to plant one sort of crop here, and not much of it.

Task: Hunt crabs/birds with bow
Rating: Simple
>2 successes
There is no small game here. There are plenty of small birds and tiny crabs, but you would run out of arrows very quickly trying to feed everyone with them. You do, however, locate a few isolated Giant crabs a ways down the beach.


Can I keep working?

Roll #1 5, 6, 1, 2, 2 = 16


You sure can.
>2 successes
It takes a you a few more days but you are finally able to cement the plug together well enough to (hopefully) survive being dropped into the aquifer.
The steps your training says you must take next are: Dig out a small cave under the plug, channel down into the aquifer while being careful not to fall in or get yourself stuck, then destroy the ceiling of the cave from above until the plug drops down.


Fikthal scowls, trying to get to a high point to shoot one Giant crab.

>Preparing/combatting giant enemy crab from a vantage point.


Roll #1 4, 1, 4, 4, 2 = 15


''Ah dang…What am I gonna do with just this little room now?…Ah well, might as well make the most of what I got''
I shrug, then opt to start plating
>Plant fruits and berries

Roll #1 2, 4, 5, 6, 5 = 22


I had better get to digging then.

Roll #1 3, 4, 2, 5, 2 = 16


>0 successes
There are no high points on the beech, but past experience shows that they're much more likely to run rather than fight so you probably won't need one.

>3 successes
You plant just a few of your fruit and berry seeds in a sunny patch under the palms. Maybe with Kragger's help you can eventually find more surface soil to plant the rest of your aboveground crops, but he seems busy right now.
The last thing you should take care of this season is setting up a system that will keep falling palm leaves from covering up your patch of soil.

>1 Failure
It takes you a few weeks, but you manage to get a 5x5 room hollowed out under the 3x3 plug directly over it. The sandy dirt under your feet is soggy, but will need to be completely removed from the surface of the aquifer before you do anything else.


Yeah, let's do it. Do I have anyone to help out with this?

Roll #1 5, 1, 4, 3, 5 = 18


Fikthal begins his assault on the giant enemy crab.

>Task: Attack its weakpoint for massive damage


Roll #1 2, 3, 2, 5, 3 = 15


Slap myself in the forehead, how could I have forgotten about the falling leaves?!
Let's go ask the builder dog if I can get some help, ask her if she could make me a little cage to cover the plants from the leaves but still let the sunlight reach them
Let's also get a barrel smashed so we'll have wood to make one of those


>1 success
You're the only diamond dog around who's trained enough for this sort of thing. Anyone else trying to help would probably kill both of you.
You start channeling away the floor on the far side of the room and very slowly work your way back over the next week, always taking things slow to try and keep the floor from collapsing under you. The water you can see from from the light coming down the stairs is dark and bottomless.

>-2 successes
Every time you go hunting you have a very hard time bringing down any crabs at all before they can escape, only managing to kill one every week or so.
Let's see how you generally do while preparing your kills.


"What, you want a little wooden thing for your crops? Don't they teach you farmers how to make that sorta thing on their own? I'm busy with my own problems."
You get a barrel smashed and now have enough wood to build that plant cage.


How's the fortress doing for food?


''Well geez mon, no need to be rude about it, Sorry To have bothered ya about it…''
Well that wasn't so fun. but at least I can make the cage myself

Roll #1 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 = 25


You'd think scooping dirt would be unskilled labor. Still, that pit looks ominous. Have I cleared enough out to drop the plug in yet?

Roll #1 3, 2, 1, 6, 6 = 18


With a cleaver and other tools, Fikthal goes to work removing the chitin and organs from the crabs.


Roll #1 2, 5, 4, 5, 2 = 18


Very close to starving. You might consider butchering one of the oxen this season.

>5 successes
You use the wood and metal from the barrel to build a nice cage over your planting, with plenty of places for the climbing plants to attached and grow as well. It's also sturdy enough to keep out hungry birds.
Your Summer comes to an end. You may wait for the others to finish then advance to fall, or advance now if the task you want doesn't involve anything they are doing. Or, you may go to the play half of Summer for personal pursuits.

>2 successes
Lots of dogs think that before turning into fuzzy red pancakes. There's a 5x5 pool of water under the plug now. Very carefully, you stay on solid ground near the plug and start punching away the roof over the cave. When the roof finally collapses the sand spilling down the hole nearly pulls down in, but you throw yourself backwards and stay safe. There's a tremendous splash which soaks you and everything nearby when the mass of stone hits the water.
All that's left to do is look down into the pit and see if it worked.

>0 successes
You manage to get enough meet from each crab you kill to keep the fortress from starving, but at the cost of destroying their shells beyond the use of any crafter. Thanks to your efforts everyone loses a bit of weight, but stays alive.
Your Summer comes to an end. You may wait for the others to finish then advance to fall, or advance now if the task you want doesn't involve anything they are doing. Or, you may go to the play half of Summer for personal pursuits.


I'll wait for the others




Can I attempt to do foraging first?

Roll #1 1, 1, 2, 1, 1 = 6


Well, let's take a look-see.


-5 successes
After several days of fruitless searching you find a palm tree with a single coconut on it, only to concuss yourself with it and leave you bedridden for a few weeks.

You look over the edge and see…the top of the plug! Once a tree gets cut down you should have enough wood for someone to make a plank, then you can dig down and really get this fortress going.
Your Summer comes to an end. You may wait for the others to finish then advance to fall, or advance now if the task you want doesn't involve anything they are doing. Or, you may go to the play half of Summer for personal pursuits.




here for another hour, dunno if we're continuing or not.


Can I still do something before the end of Summer? Since foraging was a bust, I guess I'll have to butcher one of the oxes.


I think we'll stop at the end of the Summer for everyone, then. Feel free to RP with people though.

Of course. Your PC is still going through Summer right now. Thanks to Fikthal you don't need to butcher an oxen, but you can if you want to.


Let's try some hunting then instead. Maybe that'll be more fruitful this season.

Roll #1 1, 1, 2, 2, 2 = 8


>6 failures
You get as close as you can to the crabs before shooting at them. While this improves your aim, it also leads to the generally cowardly crustaceans surrounding you. Any one of those claws could amputate a limb, so you had better get out of there fast.


Well aren't I lucky? I'd like to keep my limbs please, so I'm getting out of here.

Roll #1 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 5


>6 failures
Too late! The crabs close in.

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


>Task failed due to Complication
You manage to get away, but not before one of the smaller claws locks around your left wrist and nearly severs it. The bone is crushed and the tendons snap, leaving your left hand useless.
You are in need of a doctor.



My own medicine skills are subpar and the pain is probably too much to bear, so I'm most definitely going to find a doctor.


Mali's checking the Healing section right now, hold on.


Fortunally for you, I'm around
''Mon, how did you manage to…uh, nevermind, I gotta get you fixed up before things get too bad…''
'5d6' let's see what's up with his arm

Roll #1 5, 5, 2, 2, 2 = 16


-2 successes
You examine Insee near the cart you all arrived in. It looks like the bones in his wrist were crushed and the tendons were snapped. He's also bleeding heavily from his wrist.


Let's first deal with those tendons and clean up those wounds
''Now I can't garantee you'll recover, mon…But I'll do my best with this…''

Roll #1 4, 1, 2, 6, 3 = 16


>2 failures
>DC Simple
You run and get a bucket of water from the aquifer and some soap, then wash off his cut. The salty, soapy water stings Insee, but the wound is clean now.


Maximum dissatisfaction.


Alright good
Now let's suture these tendons back in place
''Sorry mon, water is a little…yeah…''

Roll #1 5, 6, 4, 4, 6 = 25


>4 successes
>DC: Hard
Sewing slick tendons back together while pinning an arm down against a wagon under the hot, bright sun is not an easy task, but you more or less manage it. More or less.
You still need to stop the bleeding before you can set his wrist in a cast.


Alright, let's stop that bleeding to the best of my abilities then!

Roll #1 6, 3, 5, 4, 2 = 20


>0 successes
>DC: Simple
You keep pressure on the wound, much to Insee's distress, until the bleeding finally stops enough for you to apply a more permanent bandage. Now you've got to find a way of completely immobilizing the wrist while leaving access to the bandage so that it can be changed as needed.


Let's use the splints we have to deal with the wrist
''We're doing good, how are ya holding up there?''

Roll #1 2, 5, 2, 2, 6 = 17


>2 failures
>DC: Common
You end up dropping the splint on accident, trying to catch it with your foot, and kicking it hard enough against a tree that the split breaks. You've still got a few more.


Let's try that again…

Roll #1 1, 4, 3, 3, 3 = 14


>0 successes
>DC: Simple
You overtighten the split so hard that Insee faints against the side of the cart.


oh wait, dogs don't sweat…
Starting panting in panic a little, I can still save this!

Roll #1 4, 4, 4, 5, 2 = 19


>2 successes
>DC: Common
You loosen it a little but notice that the bandage has a bit more red on it than when you started. Still, he'll keep the hand. He might even get full use of it again, who knows?


The split can come off in the Winter of this year.


Sigh and relax a little
''Alright, I saved your hand mon, now how about some music to lighten the mood eh?''
''…I'll take your silence as a yes''
Play a nice tune with my sitar to lighten the mood

Roll #1 2, 4, 3, 6, 3 = 18


>1 failure
Diamond dogs have excellent hearing, but not very refined ears. You play well enough for your present company, although other species might not like it.


Time to put on my overalls and see what I can do to get this fortress going. What types of building are we in need of?


A carpenter's workshop would be nice, but there's no building material thanks to Kragger using it all to breech the aquifer.


And I'll need even the basics to start my own duties. Anything I can salvage to make it work for that, or will I have to take my chances with the few trees that remain?


You can try, but without any training you might hurt yourself pretty bad trying to cut down a tree. The best thing for you to do might be to keep vermin away from the supplies this season.


Didn't sign up for guard dog duty, but my time to shine will have to wait. Can I also build some mouse traps to catch the vermin?


Not without a carpenter's workshop. If you can find a woodcutter around here who isn't busy you might be able to get some wood. Of course, it's going to be hurricane season up here soon. Anything that is up here might not be around long.


Better play it safe for now and try to hunker down with what we have. No point in trying to cut anything down if it's just going to get swallowed by the sea.

So let's guard the supplies, we need to hold out for now.


Sorry that this session isn't very eventful for you. Will you be around tomorrow?
Alright. Go ahead and roll.


Nope, usually busy all Sunday. I'll have a 3 hour gap at around 11am PST.

Attempting to guard '5d6' Is there any modifier?

Roll #1 4, 3, 6, 6, 6 = 25


How about Labor Day?
>2 Successes because of Easy task
You spend the hot summer staying close to the stockpile and chasing away birds and small crabs. No supplies are lost.
Your Summer comes to an end. You may wait for the others to finish then advance to fall, or advance now if the task you want doesn't involve anything they are doing. Or, you may go to the play half of Summer for personal pursuits.


Only in the morning.

I'll focus on getting my tools ready. Once we get the lay of the land and sea, I know I'll have to put them to use.


You get all of your things ready to move underground.


"Time to keep busy!"
There should be plenty of maintenance that the few rooms around here need. Especially with the weather and terrain, we don't want them collapsing on us. I'll focus on that stuff when I have time while waiting for the season to change.


You check in on the butcher's workshop and the fishery every few days to make sure that the walls are still at the correct angles and they aren't too dirty.


It is now Autumn! Colder winds begin to blow in off the sea, and carry with them larger waves. That's nothing to worry about though, right? The cold weather chases off most all of the small sea birds, and the crabs leave the water less frequently. The crops planted in the small farm are still growing, but anything not brought in by the end of the season will be lost.

There is good news, though! The aquifer has been breached and the miner now has plenty of room to dig in! Just be careful to not dig up, or this fortress may need to be abandoned.

No one has a task ongoing at this time. To request a task please post what you want to do; such as hunting, digging out specific rooms, building specific workshops, hunting, farming, etc. I will either accept your task and give you the first action of it, or help you change it to make it work.


Roll #1 7, 8 = 15



Roll #1 2 = 2


I assume the foundation is finished now. Can we start digging out rooms?


At this point in time there are no dire emergencies other than a need for shelter. Your food will last you until winter, but by then you should be able to get an underground farm set up, or at least slaughter your oxen. Drink will also last until Winter, but that is easily fixable too.


Let's take a look at those crops first, we got anything off of them yet?
Also is there any way I might be able to find a good place to plant other crops in the underground?


You can, yes. Let me know what you want to do and I'll let you know how long it will take.


Assuming we have nothing more than a big pit in the ground at the moment, I'll start digging according to our floor plans.


The harvest is coming in now and will keep coming in during this season. You may split harvesting those crops with creating and sowing more farming plots underground, although you will be able to make and sow more plots if you ignore the aboveground crops.


Decisions, decisions…
Let's go for harvesting the crops that we already have, instead of making new ones for now, after I'm done here, I can start worrying about underground crops


Here's an idea of what you've got. Right now there's a single set of stairways running down two z-levels past the aquifer. Two z-levels below the aquifer is the minimum safe depth for digging here. Go up even once and you'll start an unending flood.
Task: Dig out this floor plan >>638528. This will be a Standard Task, taking at least two seasons to complete. If this is acceptable please prioritize the rooms you want dug first.

Pepper Cavehills meets with you on the first morning of Fall.
"Hey, Kragger, do you have any flood plans?"

Task: Bring in the aboveground crops then move onto creating underground farms.


File: 1443379489322.png (14.05 KB, 1091x564, tunnel closeup.png)

The green is the dirt, the yellow is the sand, the grey is stone, the brown is dirt, the blue is water, and the black is unknown space.


yep, let's start working on that with a nice hawaiwan-like song montage


I'll get to work on the general stockroom first, then the dorms.

"Not yet. I'm more concerned with getting a place to live first."


Roll 5d6 to get to work. The DC is Cakewalk so you get +2 successes.

Roll 5d6 to get started. The DC is Easy so you get +1 success



Roll #1 3, 1, 2, 6, 4 + 1 = 17


'5d6' by the power of Luau

Roll #1 5, 6, 6, 6, 4 = 27


I just realized something and after this post am changing how to difficultly of the task affects the roll. Things should be easier to do now.

>0 successes
The roof leaks a little but, but after a few weeks of digging you've got far more than enough room to hold all of the fortress's goods.

>6 successes
You manage to get everything harvested while Kragger is still digging out the storeroom. This gives you plenty of time to laze around and watch the wave, which you realize are getting bigger and coming further up the shore each day.

It has started raining aboveground! The cold wet water makes doing anything up here harder!


Pepper Cavehills has disassembled the wagon and is using the lumber from it to try and build a wall in front of the green area in front of the fortress entrance and overlooking the beach. It's not much of a wall.


''huh…That ain't good…''
I better go ahead and warn everyone about the coming waves, this is certainly a bad sign
but now that I got everything harvested nicely, I suppose it's time I start preparing those underground crops then?


Well…I guess that will do for now. Let's get started on those dorms so we don't have to spend our nights out in the cold.

Roll #1 3, 6, 1, 5, 6 + 1 = 22


There's no place to do that unless you want to claim a section of the general stockpile.

Easy Difficulty tasks now only need two failures or less to pass and do not give a bonus.
>1 success
You dig yourself a single tile wide pathway to the dorms and start to hollow out the small room.
You are paused until the others catch up.


I don't suppose it would be too bad, right? Maybe I should ask the other dogs


Pepper Cavehills tells you she's very worried. She's sheltering under a strip of leather and the rains coming down much harder. The sun should be up by now, but the thick clouds keep things dark.


these are no doubt signs of a storm a brewing…Tell her that we should start getting everyone ready to go deep underground for shelter when the worst comes, and make sure we'll have enough supplies to survive down there until the storm subsides


"If you're sure…"
The two of you start moving supplies down in the storm.
Roll to see how you do considering the terrible weather.

Roll #1 3, 3, 6, 1, 1 = 14


'5d6' I'm sure the signs are obvious

Roll #1 1, 4, 1, 4, 6 = 16


>-4 successes
>DC: Hard
As the rain starts to come down in sheets Pepper becomes separated from Amakai.

>1 success
>DC: Hard
The driving winds and heavy rain make it impossible for you to move down whatever stocks were left up above ground. Looking towards the beach you see a mountain instead of the ocean.
The mountain's getting bigger.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Paused, until at least 5/6 of the players can catch up.


Let's see if we have enough to build the rooms before the storm hits.


There are no building materials at all right now, except for a bit of lumber which Pepper Cavehills is wanting to use to build a flood wall in front of the entrance to the tunnels. You can try to correct any mistakes she makes or try to talk her into using the wood for something else. If you want to wait and hope Xen shows up you can try to get more wood from him.
'Building' underground rooms just means having a miner hollow them out. Creating workshops in those rooms requires and Builder.


I should wait, since most of my skills are for when we pass the first steps here.


Alright. Sorry for another short session.


The tidal wave surges over the beach and up the small, grassy rise into which you have all dug. The water stops advancing feet away from the hole down into the infant fortress and retreats back into the sea.


Unless you three want to RP we can start the Winter and bring in some migrants to make things faster and easier.


I'm okay with skipping to winter


Yeah, may as well move on to Winter


I'm fine with skipping


Winter rolls around. With it comes a mild drop in temperature, a caravan from your home fortress, and a wave of migrants eager for a new life.

Pepper Cavehills meets the caravan to handle negotiations.

Everyone please pick your task.
-Food is currently low.
-Alcohol is currently low.
-The underground fortress need expanding.
-A source of stone needs to be dug to.
-A carpenter's workshop is needed.


Since I can't help with any of those things, I'll work on training the dogs for war, since I currently am the entire military.


I'll aim for that Workshop. I'll need it to really start doing my thing.


Good thing I brought in those supplies before
right now I should deal wth making those underground crops sice the ones above are completely destroyed
as far as I remember, I needed to use some space from the stockpile rooms for that since there's not enough room yet right?


Diamond dogs or regular dogs?

You can pick a few more workshops to build this season if you want. Go ahead and pick one more if you want them underground, since that area is still being expanded, or three if you want them above ground. Useful things would be a carpenter's workshop, a craftdog's workshop, a farmer's workshop, a craftsdog's workshop, and a stonecutter's workshop.

You can do that or try to get a miner to dig out an area for you. Either way the task will take one season, from planting to reaping.


Regular dogs


I think a Carpenter and Farmer's workshop would be best underground. A stonecutter's on the surface might work.


We don't really have a lot to store anyways, so let's get to planting in the stockpile


There are five migrants.

One migrant plans to fish, two plan to expand the fortress, and and two plan to dig for stone.

Simple Task: Build a kennel and train the two dogs as war dogs. This will take building material, space, food, and time.

Simple Task: Build a Carpenter's and Farmer's workshop underground when space becomes available. Build a stonecutter's on the surface. This will take building material, space, and time.

Simple Task: Create a farm plot, plant some plump helmets (the only crop that will grow in winter), and harvest them when they are ready.


Make sure to kindly ask one of the migrants if they would dig up an underground room for me to plant more stuff

now on to the planting…

Roll #1 6, 6, 2, 2, 3 = 19



Roll #1 4, 2, 4, 3, 6 = 19


Getting to work. '5d6'

Roll #1 3, 3, 4, 5, 2 = 17


He says he'll put it on his to-do list, but it won't be any time soon.

DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-1 (roll) + 2 (Great working condition) = 1 success

You turn an unneeded and out-of-the-way section of the stock room into a farm plot. The planting is easy enough that you go ahead and plant plenty of plump helmets. The only thing left for you to do is harvest them at the end of the season. You can either do that or assist the NPC fisher with building a fisher's workshop.

DC: Normal (1 success needed)
1 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = 1 Success
There's currently no room underground to build the kennel so you have to build it under the gaze of the sun. Your professionalism carries your through, though, and you get an area fenced in and set up with all the training equipment you will need.

DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-1 (roll) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = 0 Success
While the diamond dogs make more room underground you start bringing fresh stone up to the surface. The light up here is bothersome, though, and makes it hard to focus on building the workshop.
Keep trying, or wait for space to open underground?


Keep trying, I can't just stop working because it is difficult.


Roll again.


Dog 1 '5d6'
Dog 2 '5d6'

Roll #1 6, 5, 3, 1, 5 = 20 / Roll #2 5, 3, 3, 1, 2 = 14


Can't give up.


Roll #1 6, 2, 6, 3, 6 = 23


I'll need that workshop as well when I get back to fishing, so let's help out!

Roll #1 1, 4, 1, 5, 5 = 16


Dog 1
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
1 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = 1
Training animals always takes a long time, but eventually you manage to train the first dog as a war animal. A war dog can assist, but certainly not replace, a soldier.

Dog 2
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-4 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = -4
Critical failure
During the part of the dog's training that involves teaching it to attack living targets, there's a little accident. The dog manages to pull off your right boot and latch on hard to your ankle. You get it off quickly, but the damage is done. You can no longer feel or move your right foot.

(The total last time should have been -2. The starting point for a critical failure is 4 below your minimum target of successes.)
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
1 (roll) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = 0 Success
Once again you are unable to focus on building the workshop, ending up with something that once again collapses into a pile of rubble.
You've spent enough time trying to build this that there should be room open underground now.

The NPC has more experience than you, so he takes charge of the building.
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
1 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) -1 (Apprentice subordinate) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = 0
The two of you try to work together to build the fishing workshop out in the open, but you mostly get in the way.
Try again?


let's try one more time…

Roll #1 1, 6, 3, 2, 2 = 14


Let's carry that stuff back down then. Hopefully this'll count as just having moved the stuff out of the way.


Roll #1 4, 1, 4, 6, 1 = 16


Dog 2
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-3 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = -3
The second dog is very slow to learn. You might get it if you try again, but because of how long that takes you will only get one more roll for it this season.


DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-3 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) -1 (Apprentice subordinate) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = -4
Critical failure
While the two of you are stacking rocks to make part of the workshop the rough stones come loose and collapse on…
You, him, both of you.

You don't need to roll for that. I can apply the roll to your next attempt to build underground if you want to keep it.

Roll #1 3 = 3




Roll #1 1, 7 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 1, 9 = 10 / Roll #5 3 = 3 / Roll #6 6 = 6


I'll keep it for the next build attempt then.


May as well give it a try.


Roll #1 2, 3, 4, 4, 3 = 16


1d15 = 1

1d15 = 9

Roll #1 4, 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 1 = 5


The stones fall on Amakai's head left upper arm. He is bleeding heavily from his neck and left upper arm, and cannot move or feel his left arm.
The stones fall on the NPC's head and left hand. He's screaming in pain as one of the tendons in his neck has snapped and rolled up. His hand is also badly damaged.

Dog 2
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-1 (roll) + 1 (Professional skill level) - 1 (Bad working conditions) = -1
Once again the dog fails to accept the training. Winter ends and becomes Spring.
You can choose to RP now, or move onto Spring (next week, unless people want to keep going.)

DC: Normal (1 success needed)
1 (roll)
You build a carpenter's workshop underground using roughly cut stone. It's functional but not pretty.


As long as it works. We've got a lot more ahead of us, we can make it look pretty then.


Let's try to quickly bandage ourselves. Sure Ill have to deal with a limp arm and some bleeding but at leat I gotta try

Roll #1 2, 3, 5, 6, 1 = 17


Of all those migrants, and the dogs already here, I'm still the only one with soldiering experience. Perhaps I'll go spend some time in the Great Hall and tell stories of past conquests.


You going to go for that last workshop?

Trying to work with one arm makes everything harder, but diagnosing isn't affected.
Healing DC: Basic (-2 successes needed)
-1 (roll)
Before doing anything to yourself you diagnose your injuries. You have a Laceration on your neck and left upper arm as well as nerve damage affecting your whole left arm. See the Healing section of the doc for details.

There is no great hall yet, although there is a storage area where dogs mill about when they are off duty. Right now one of the dogs digging for rocks is taking a break.


Yup, try to get everything sorted ASAP.


Roll for it, then.


Alright, let's first deal with the neck and arm lacerations, start up by cleaning the blood and dirt

Roll #1 2, 1, 3, 5, 2 = 13


Time to put my paws into it. '5d6'

Roll #1 6, 4, 2, 3, 1 = 16


Healing DC: Simple (0 successes needed)
-3 (roll)
Your attempts to wipe up the blood and stop the bleeding end up making the bleeding from your neck worse and grind the dirt deeper into the wound.

Near the end of the season lots of the digging activity has died down, meaning that you don't have to bother with the hustle and bustle getting in your way.
DC: Normal (1 success needed)
-1 roll +1 (Good working conditions) = 0
Despite this, though, you have trouble getting the workshop built. With the two fisherdogs out of action everyone is at half rations, even with all the food bough from the caravan.
You can choose to RP now, or move onto Spring (next week, unless people want to keep going.)


"Say, where are you from, sport?"


I'm okay with pausing here.


dammit, let's try that again with a wet rag
the pain is almost unbearable

Roll #1 4, 1, 4, 2, 5 = 16


"Same place as you, aren't I? The mountains back home."

Healing DC: Simple (0 successes needed)
1 (roll)
You manage to slow down the bleeding from your neck enough to start stitching. Luckily you've got a small bit of reflective shell to sue as a mirror.


Thank goodness I had that, now let's get to carefully stitching it up. VERY carefully, don't want to get the bleeding to worse

Roll #1 3, 1, 3, 5, 4 = 16


Healing DC: Common (4 successes needed)
-2 (roll)
Your attempts to stitch closed the laceration on your neck with only one hand end up causing you to bleed worse. You're starting to feel faint.


I growl and whine. I might not be able to do this on my ow
Look for help?


As luck would have it one of the migrants is a Professional healer.
Suturing you.


Too bad that doesn't work.

Roll #1 3, 3, 5, 5, 2 = 18


DC: Easy (2 successes needed)
-1 (roll) +1 (skill level) = 0
He doesn't do the best job stitching you up, but he gets it done.


Roll #1 4, 5, 4, 1, 1 = 15


"Ho, a long time ago, maybe. I've been traveling from fortress to fortress for as long as I can remember. How are the mountainhomes, these days?"


''Thanks mon. can you help me with the arm now? kinda hard to work like that''


Healing DC: Simple (0 successes needed)
1 (roll) + 1 (skill level) = 2
He gets the suture clean.

Time for your arm.

Clean (Simple)
Suture (Easy)
Clean (simple)

Roll #1 5, 2, 4, 5, 5 = 21 / Roll #2 2, 6, 5, 4, 4 = 21



Roll #1 2, 2, 1, 4, 1 = 10


He shrugs.
"Same as ever, it's why I left. You wake up, you work, you eat, you sleep, day after day. Hardly anything exciting happens and the nobles are unbearable with their demands."

"If you've lost the feeling in your arm there's nothing I can do, sorry."

He does a good job cleaning the laceration on your upper left arm.


He does a good job suturing your left upper arm.


He ends up getting some sand into your suture when he tries to wipe it off, but can't get it out without opening the suture back up again and putting you at even greater risk.


Let him open it then, I can't have sand in there
though I show how nervous I am as I watch him work, hoping I can still use my arm


Are you very sure you want him to try three more rolls to reduce one chance of you getting an infection?


you know what
I can handle a little sand
it's pieces of minerals so it's good for the body!


Keep on telling yourself that and maybe it will become true.



It's Spring again, and all of you have spent one year here in the beach. The fortress is coming along nicely. Rooms for storage, farming, and workshops have been dug out underground and a communal sleeping area should be done by the end of the season. There is plenty of stone for building and crafting to go around and a mixture of fishing and farming is providing plenty of food.


"Alright, today is the day I start on that."

What do I need to start Smithing some weapons?


I can only look and sigh with a big grin at the fruits of the hard work we all did together… We diamond dogs truly are capable of amazing things when we work as a whole
aaah, I wish I could get drunk to celebrate, but now it's time to work…Let's see what I can do to help around…Maybe someone is in need of some medical help? everything is golden with our crops and fishing tools?


In order to start smithing weapons you'll need to organize some of the miners to start seeking out metal ore and coal. Currently they're only focusing on shallow rocks and gems. Chances are that they'll only be able to find copper and tin, although they might get lucky and find iron. Currently you have enough coal from the diamond dog caravan that you can spend one season making things out of metal.
Once you have your ore you'll need a Smelter where the ore can be refined into bars of metal and a Metalsmith's Forge where you can make things with the metal bars.
Thanks to how all the work in this is split this qualifies as Simple.

You aren't feeling all that well, actually. As a trained doctor you understand that at least one of your wounds must have become infected. Start the season off with a Basic Healing test to see if the medicine you find works.


Well, I might be fucked up, sure, but even still I can smile.
now, let's get to thes tests then, so I can keep smiling and helping


We'll start with making better equipment for the Dig dogs, then. I'll help them make their job easier.


That means roll, sorry.

Task: Coordinate miners to seek out ore, coordinate builders to build the two workshops you need or do it yourself, refine ore, and make weapons.


We'll need supplies first, so we need to dig for enough ores to justify the workshops. Let's coordinate with all the Diggers to start.


You find three of them lounging in the storage area while on break.
"Hey, Sierra, what can we do for you?


'5d6' nothing to apoogize for, mister

Roll #1 6, 1, 6, 1, 6 = 20


"Hey guys, I was wondering if I could ask for a favor? What if we dug for iron and other ores. I've got an idea for a few things I want to build, but I can't do 'em alone."


Paused as we prepare for a timeskip.


It is now the Summer of the fourth year of this fortress's existence. During the last three years this piece of beachfront property saw a large growth thanks to several impressive migrant waves, which was then counteracted by an even more impressive tidal wave. At this point in time the fortress's population is 25 diamond dogs.
In response to the flooding the population did two things. One was to build a system of pumps, chambers, and tunnels to unflood the fortress. The second was to build a tall stone ziggurat atop the old entrance so that not only can water no longer get it, but it looks super impressive too.
The fortress has small individual bedrooms for each diamond dog, workshops for the few industries that exist here, a hospital, a storage room, and an underground farm. It also has a dining area near the kitchen, but that is just scattered tables and chairs.
The miners continue digging deep and wide to find new wealth for the fortress.

See the meta for more info.


Same as always. Tell me what you want to do and I'll tell you how long it should take.


I'll probably be down with the miners.


It is time to expand the menagerie. I still order some Cage Traps built and scout the surrounding wilderness for species that might serve us well if tamed. Dogs, tigers, ocelots, elephants, rhinos, lions, bears, bats, hawks, gorillas. Hopefully these Joyous Wilds will be host to any number of mighty beasts to supplement our fortress.


I may be easygoing but I like to plan ahead
I will first check our food stocks, winter is two seasons away and I will work on our food sources if I see even a hint of scarcity of food


Anything in particular you want to do down there? Looking for specific metals, looking for gems, just digging deeper, etc?

Task: Explore away from the fortress for good animal species to catch.
Difficulty: Standard

Food's doing well but lacks variety. Anything else you want to do?


Wait 'til ya see me in action. For a rough 'n' tough soldiering dog such as myself, this shouldn't be too hard.


Roll #1 5, 1, 3, 5, 1 = 15


At the moment, I'll be looking for gemstones.


I don't blame the dogs for getting sick of fish and veggies every day
Let's check our booze, then see if there's anyone in need of medical attention I can help with


Since it has been four years everyone has four points to spend on their PCs.

I don't understand what you are rolling for.

Alright, that'll be a simple task. Want to do it with the four other miners this fortress has or work solo?

The booze is fine. A diamond dog has just come into the hospital with a broken arm.


Might as well take the opportunity to use that leadership skill.


Let's make ourselves useful and help him out
I think I'll faff me ranking up my skills in the second half of the season


The task that I said I wanted to do, look around the fortress for animals.

I'll take Master Taming and Apprentice Soldiering, if that changes the roll. Or if you want me to reroll, whatever


Go ahead and spend those points you got first.

You might want to spend your points first. Remember last time?

>2 (rolls) - 1 (working conditions) + 2 (skill level) = 3
>DC: 1
You gather supplies and journey away from the ocean and into the grasslands. During several days of surveying you come across signs of lions, giant cheetahs, honey badgers, and gazelles. You can gather more details about one population at a time and that will require a roll. Lions and Honeybadgers have a Hard DC, giant cheetahs have a Nightmare DC, and gazelles have a Normal DC.


Hmm… lions are fearsome and make very valuable pets, not only for their defensive capabilities but for the products if butchered. Plus, Earnest admires lions for their roar.

I will try to gather information about the lions. Since cage traps aren't very discriminate, it may be hard to get the species I want, much less a breeding pair, but perhaps by studying their habitat and habits I can find a good location to set up to increase my odds.


Roll #1 4, 4, 1, 5, 1 = 15


Upgrade Leadership to Competent and Carpentry to Professional. I guess I'll bank the last one.


I shiver as I rub my arm…That was really close
Let's upgrade healing and farming to proffesional then, since I've been doing that a lot


I screwed up counting your last roll. Oh well.
>1 (rolls) - 1 (working conditions) + 2 (skill level) = 2
>DC: 4
You spend a few days trying to find out more about where the lions live and what they do without success. You can try at night without the cursed sun beating down on you for an easier time, but prowling predators will also make your fails more dangerous.

Done. With Competent Leadership you can you can lead two of the miners for an extra d6 and no bonus. You are working with:
Boomer Rubygranite, a male diamond dog with a grey coat who spends more time engraving than digging.
Sparky Silverbridge, a male diamond dog with a grey coat who has been focusing on mining since there aren't enough trees for him to use his carpentry skills.

He has already been diagnosed so go ahead and get to healing. I think you know the drill.


Commence the digging.

Roll #1 4, 1, 3, 2, 5, 6 = 21


A broken arm sounds simple enough
let's start with setting the bone in place, and let's be gentle too

Roll #1 1, 6, 2, 5, 3 = 17


>0 (roll) + 0 (competent subordinates) = 0
>DC: -2
You avoid the upper reaches of the mines but don't exactly break into deeper depths either. You and you two followers start finding some gems, but they are common gems with low value. You can keep on digging here or go higher for better working conditions, or deeper for a chance at finding better gems.

>-1 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) = 1
>DC: 4
You have some trouble getting the bone set. The diamond dog is squirming too much.


Let's go deeper. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Roll #1 1, 6, 6, 6, 4, 3 = 26


''Hey mon, I need ya to be quiet for this, come on…Relax a bit will ya?''
'5d6' let's try again

Roll #1 1, 4, 5, 4, 1 = 15


>2 (roll) + 0 (competent subordinates) = 2
>DC: 1
Instead of staying in the developed mine shafts you head down to the exploratory tunnels. You and your team start finding moderately valuable gems here instead of the common ones dug up by most races. The gem cutters are happy when you show off your finds and ask that you bring them plenty more to keep up with demand. One more good roll should do the trick.

>1 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) = 4
>DC: 4
"But it hurts!"
He grits his teeth and puts up with the pain while you set the bone. All you need to do now is apply the splint.


A good dog's work is never done.

Roll #1 4, 5, 1, 3, 1, 2 = 16


''Well of course it hurts, but if you keep moving, it's gunna get worse, now come on, we're almost finished''
now let's get the cast done for this crybaby

Roll #1 4, 2, 5, 1, 1 = 13


>-2 (roll) + 0 (competent subordinates) = -2
>DC: 4
"Uh, boss, don't you think the rock's getting a bit wet to keep digging?"
You were going to fast to notice, but he's right. The sound of splitting stone echos down the tunnel as the water leaking from the wall in front of you becomes a trickle then a stream.
Boomer and Sparky book it for the stairs leading out of this tunnel.
Roll a d20.

>-1 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) = 4
>DC: 2
He tries to pull his arm away when you try to tighten the split, messing you up.

Roll #1 15, 9 = 24


''Mon, I'll have to ask someone to hold you down. Because you just don't sit still!''
''Can I get some help with this fellow here?''
'5d6' getting help or not, I WILL set this cast!

Roll #1 6, 6, 1, 1, 6 = 20


Aw, pig ears…



Roll #1 18 = 18


>1 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) = 4
>DC: 2
You manage to keep him still and set the splint well enough that he won't have any trouble using his hand. He flexes it a few times.
"Thanks, doc."
He leaves.

You and Sparky dash away as fast as you can. The wall splits open and a wall of water chases Boomer. He makes it to the stairs leading up right as it does and the two of you drag the soaking wet dog up to the nearest cutoff point. You pull the level yourself, dropping the floopgate and leaving you all up to your ankles in water.
"Well, that could have been worse."


''You're welcome mon…''
Next patient?


"Yeah, we got lucky. I guess we have another tunnel to mark off down here."


One of the crafters comes in a few days later with a heavily bleeding arm. He explains that he was carving stone when his chisel slipped.

They nod.
"We can dig more. There are plenty of other tunnels at this depth if you want to try again tomorrow."


I think that will fall into Laceration right?
let's start cleaning that blood

Roll #1 4, 1, 1, 5, 4 = 15


In this case yes, but it's normally safer to diagnose before getting to work just in case there are problems not immediately visible.
>1 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) = 4
>DC: -2
You clean off her arm and get the bleeding stopped. You do such a good job that your next roll has a +1 success.


"Yeah, this should be enough for those lazy gemcutters. We'll get back to it tomorrow."


Go ahead and give another roll, same as before unless you want to move up where it is safer.


true, I should have diagnosed first, but hey, I know what I'm doing, I'm a Proffesional


True, but you aren't done yet. You've still got to suture that laceration then clean it again.


Let's move back up for now.

Roll #1 4, 3, 6, 2, 1, 3 = 19


oh my bad

Roll #1 1, 3, 3, 3, 3 = 13


>-2 (roll) + 0 (competent subordinates) = -2
>DC: -2
Deciding to leave these dangers depths to the dogs with more experience, you lead your team back up. The three of you gather plenty of the common gems to supply the gem cutters this season. The gem cutters are upset you couldn't get them more of the better gems, but your subordinates feel that it's better to be alive and dry.

This is the end of the season for you. Feel free to stick around if you want to RP.

>3 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) + 1 = 7
>DC: 4
This bitch is tough and you get her arm sewed up nicely. Now all you've got to do is clean her arm up one more time and she's good to go.


she's much better than that other dog
'5d6' clean her up

Roll #1 2, 5, 1, 1, 3 = 12


>-3 (roll) + 1 (Hospital) + 1 (working conditions) + 1 (skill level) = 0
>DC: -2
You wipe her arm off and send her on her way.

This is the end of the season for you. Feel free to stick around if you want to RP.


I've been feeling pretty lonely lately…I should find a mate


It is now the Fall of the fourth year of your fortress's existence. Food and booze are in adequate supply and the crafters are creating enough trade goods to buy the fortress the bare minimum of things it needs from outside the fortress.

The current head of the fortress has called a meeting in the dining area. All diamond dogs are required to attend.


Off we go then.


"Oh, this is unexpected."

Head on over.


The rest of the fortress assembles there with the two of you. The current leader is standing up on one of the wooden tables wearing her vest and collar. She is flanked by two guards kitted out with bronze armor from head to paw. She's a scarred, tough-as-nails bitch who started off hunting the giant crabs on the beach and has risen to become the head of the fortress's meager militia. So far her reign has been rather light, more of an advisory roll, but now it's looking like she wants to change that.
"Alright, pups, listen up! This fortress is too small and after that last tidal wave drowned hall of us I don't think we're going to get to many more colonists, do you? That's right! How are we going to draw in more dogs, you ask?"
She puts her hands on her hips.
"By becoming a port city! We'll draw ships and good and people from up and down the coast! We'll get so stinking rich off trade that diamond dogs from all over the world will flock to our fortress!"


"Maybe we can draw in better materials and Smiths, so I can finally start working towards my dream." I think to myself.

"How will we start building the port. Supplies are still in short supply, and still guard against the waves?"


Ambitious, but I feel a little skeptical about this.

"We barely managed to avoid drowning just recently. How are we even going to build a harbor?"


"Well that's simple enough. We build a wall around the port that will block the waves. All you need to do is drop stone into the water until it makes a mound big enough to stand on then you start building."


"Just how much material is enough to build that wall?"


"Uh huh. And what's going to bring traders here after that? We need to get ourselves on the map first."


She shrugs.
"Aren't you one of our builders? Figuring that out is your job."
You know it will take tons and tons of stone. Of course, stone's one of the two things the fortress will always have enough of. That and sand.

"We're the only fortress on a beach on this side of the continent; that's what was drawing so many migrants before the wave. Traders talk to other traders. If the traders that visit us over land see we can start accepting ships they'll spread the words in foreign port towns and ships will come our way."


"Well, I guess that damn beach has to be good for something," I grumble.


"It's going to take a while. But to be honest, I wouldn't mind not having to worry about the waves."


"Great, so it's settled! Break off into groups based on your trades and start figuring this out."
She hops off the table and leaves with the guards.


"Hey, wait, that's it?" I say dumbfounded.

"Argh, it's not a bad idea. I was just hoping for a bit more."

Let's go find a group of Build Dogs and start hammering out some ideas.


…that's it? And she's our leader?

Whatever, let's go hash something out. I can't exactly start building docks yet.


Building's a common enough thing for diamond dogs to have knowledge of, especially if they are craftsdogs, so you get a large group. They all seem to share your sentiment but have different ideas about how to do things. There seems to be two major camps.
"Let's just dump excess stone into the surf until we have a jetty then work out from there."
"No way, we need to sink pillars into the sand and build across the surface of the water."

The miners are all huddled together. There doesn't seem to be too much argument about what they need to do: Dig up rocks.
The carpenters that aren't too good at building are all huddled together in another part of the room trying to figure out how they can get enough wood.


The breakwall is the biggest problem at the moment. We should probably focus on rock gathering. Wood might be an issue, however.


"If we're working for long term, the pillars would be the better option. They'll be more stable, and I'd rather not have the Leader keep us on sand pouring duty for the rest of our lives."


Wood is certainly going to be an issue. As a carpenter you know that a large majority of the fortress's wood has been imported and nearly all of that is used as fuel by the smiths. This project will probably mean the end of the fortress's metal production for quite some time if a lot of wood is used on it.

"Right, but how are we going to sink the pillars down?"


Which will probably even worse if we ever want to reinforce these docks. If things get really desperate, we might need to start using actual driftwood.


"We're gonna need the help of the wood dogs, but here's my idea."

"We make the pillars on land, then use some boats to float them where we want and sink em slowly. We can stack them how we need without having to build it out sand first."


One of the other carpenters gets your attention.
"Kragger, do you know anything about building boats?"

The other builders consider this.
"That sounds good, but what sort of pillars should we use? One-by-one things or thicker plugs like we'd use to get through an aquifer?"


"We'll have to use the good stuff. It'll take longer, but I don't want to have to worry about my grandpups getting washed out to sea. Plus, I'm sure none of you want to be out there in the sea more than necessary in case one hits."


"Hrm. Built a few in the past. We don't even have a place to moor them at the moment though."


They all nod. One of them speaks up.
"That's all well and good, but until we see the boats we are working with we won't know what pillars we can work with."

"Okay, so we tell the builders to start dumping rocks into the ocean until we have a place to keep our boats?"


"For now. It'll be good enough if we can keep the tide managed."


"I'll have a talk with them. I'm sure they'll see our point."


Both groups, on opposite sides of the room, answer the same.
"Great! Go tell them what we came up with."


I'll head towards Kragger, since he seems to be the one in charge.

"'Oy, Kragger. Me and the Build Dogs think we've come up with a doozy of a solution to the Leader's plan."


"I certainly hope so. This isn't going to be easy no matter what we do."


"Yeah. Us Build dogs think a strong and sturdy wall would be best. Takes a while to make, but it'll be better for us all in the long looks of it. We use some of your boats to float pillars, then we sink 'em, like in an aquifer. It'll last long that way."


"I suppose. Though I'm not sure I'm comfortable devoting that much wood so early in this."


"What was your idea?"


"We have no shortage of rocks, it would be simpler to just create a breakwall with them."


"Yeah, but I'm worried about the long term effects of it. It might not be strong enough."

"But, I can see your point. I can't put my plan into action without your boats first."


"Well, we want this to last. I'll see what I can come up with."


"What we can do is start one, then the other. What's we build the basic seawall, we'll have an idea of how much material we'll really need."


Your two groups join you.
"Well? How's it going?"


"True enough. I'm mostly just worried about getting enough wood for anything."
"Well enough. I can at least start drafting some boat designs. We shouldn't need much more than one or two though."


"About what I expected. A quick and simple seawall seems like our only realistic option. We'll have to get in more supplies first before the real wall takes over."


"Great. We were talking and think we should bring the fisherdogs in on the boat design."

"Alright, we'll spread the word to the other groups."

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