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*While technically a continuation, this is also something of a reboot. If you wish to play a different character than you did the first time around, feel free to do so.


You are all in an old school held by raiders because (reasons). You found the children being held in the cell down below. You are now at the top floor. There are three raiders that you can see.
You have not yet been detected.







All right you three.

You are all currently at the top of the stairs. In the hallway outside, you can see fallen debris from the floor above, and you can see through a hole where a wall has collapsed to see two raiders in the next room. As you watch, a third raider with a baseball bat over his shoulder walks past the hallway door, whistling to himself as he passes by.

the Baseball bat guy is at Close range. the other two are Medium range.

feel free to begin.


"Alright you two" I whisper
"I'm gonna try to get a shot on the head to rid us of trouble, as soon as I hit him, you two run to take cover so we deal with the other two, got it?"
I take aim and try to shoot the raider in the head to save ammo and Time
>unholstering. 32 Revolver
>No penalties at close distance
'1d10' boom!

Roll #1 9 = 9



Taking Cover '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I can take a hit, little guy." She says, charging in past the guy at the other two.


''I-I don't doubt it big girl but…Ah geez…Be careful!''


You duck behind the rubble of one of the collapsed walls. rolls to hit you now have -1 to hit.
Roll if you wish to remain hidden. You can also take a standard action if you wish.


Staying hidden for now. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Unaware of your presence, the shot snaps his head back and makes him stumble into the wall. Luckily for him, his old firefighter's helmet keeps the bullet from reaching his brain, but he's still up. The rest of the raiders immediately notice you and draw their weapons.

"Fresh meat boys!"

one drawing a pistol and opening fire with impressive accuracy, the round tearing past your leather armor and burying itself into your shoulder.
You: 12/20 HP

As you charge past, you recieve a rude reminder that the baseball bat raider isn't dead as he swings right into the joints of your armor around your gut. Most of the blow is absorbed by the power armor, but it still hurts.
"Fuck, this one's big!"
27/30 HP

Your comrades do an excellent job of drawing their fire, keeping you from being noticed as you set up.


Whoop. adjusted the wrong way for DR.
14/20 HP


She swipes at Baseball bat guy with her gauntlet, hoping to end him right there as she barks loudly.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Take aim at the Raiders shooting at Eddie, preferably the one who hit him with the pistol. Go for the head and pull the trigger.

>Sniper Rifle '1d10+1'

>Gun Skill +1

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


My eyes shoot open as I feel the pain of the hot metal piercing through my fur and flesh.
holding my shoulder with a hoof I grit my teeth and curse ''Holy-Gah…''
I Gaze up at the targets from the holes in the cloth covering my face, with a plan already in mind as I run to take cover while shooting the Raider with the firefighter helmet to end him before he starts becoming an issue as well
'1d10-1' Shoot
'1d10' take cover (instant)
>-1 from taking cover while shooting

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


The razor-sharp claws show exactly why their owners are so feared as they slice clean through the raider's neck, making a loud clank as his helmeted head falls to the ground, followed a moment later by his body.

"You fucking bitch! You're gonna pay for that!"
The third raider, bearing some heavy-looking spiked armor, brings a shotgun to bear and blasts you in the chest. It doesn't get through the armor, but it feels like getting kicked full-force in the ribs, making you stagger back.
26/30 HP

The hulking figure of your power-armored friend makes it difficult to line up a clean shot, but you take your time and wait for the right moment, free of distractions thanks to being unnoticed.
You can't be precise enough to aim for the head, but a high-powered round through the torso still staggers the mare.
As you line up your shot, you find yourself staring right down the barrel of her own pistol.
Both of you fire simultaneously.
While your shot finishes what Zeno started, her dying act is to put a round right through your neck.


I choke and hold my neck, scrambling away as the adrenaline rushes to my head and the blood spurts out, hurrying to use my face cloth to improvise a patch up on the wound

Roll #1 8 = 8


She barks loudly at the shotgun toting raider, lunging at him, her gauntlet toting treetrunk of an arm going for the kill.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Eddie, don't die on us just yet! We still have a job to do!"

Give him one of my Stimpacks!
Take Cover with him '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I turn to you, squinting as the pain hits me hard
Now that I took off the cloak in my head, you are met with deep blue eyes staring back at your own, gleaming with tears running down my surprisingly well kept, pretty face, which shows the beauty of my youth. The blood that rushes up to my head from the trauma causes my cheeks to even blush, adding to the beauty factor
I can only let out a complain that comes out as a faint groan, nodding and struggling to breathe right


I try to be careful with the needle, but we are in a firefight.

"Don't move too much."


I try to stand still as best I can, shivering a bit still as I purse my lips and bite my tongue


"Keep your head down, Sally is trying to keep the Raider at bay. If you can stand, SHOOT!"


Eddie manages to crawl over to Zeno, whose stimpack patches up the hole in his neck before he loses too much blood. Eddie's prone position means he'll be harder to hit.
For a big guy, he's still nimbler than you, dodging back in time for you to only score a glancing blow that normally would have bounced off his armor. Thanks to your gauntlet, though, you at least manage to scratch him.
"Eat this, tin can!"
The shotgun blast to your head would have been fatal if not for your helmet. As it is, you're seeing stars as another blast throws your shoulder back. the third shot goes wild and blasts off a chunk of the ceiling.
24/30 HP


The double doors on the other side of the room where the raiders were slam open, revealing a pissed-off mare sporting a hot-pink mane styled into a spiked mohawk.

As she notices the dead raiders and the party, her scowl morphs into a manic grin, the front spike of her mohawk glowing red as she levitates an SMG out of her saddlebags.

"More chewtoys to play with? Oh boys, you shouldn't have!"

She turns and whistles into the hallway behind her.

"Poochie!~ Time to play!~"

Poochie's identity turns out to be a large, mutated wolf, who immediately charges the party.



"Just means we'll get paid more for bringing them in. Don't falter!"

Casting Arcane Shield
Mage Trait let's me roll twice, keep highest '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 5 = 14


She throws her fist into the raiders gut, trying to punch him /at/ Poochie.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


I nod and breathe a sigh of relief
''Thanks Zee, I owe you one man'' I smile and look up from my cover, only to my smirk to face away as my eyes set into poochie
''Oooh we're boned…''
I take aim, focused for a shot before I let out a laugh ''HAH, boned!'' I shake my head and decide to throw a grenade At the area where poochie and Bellamy are
''FIRE IN THE HOLE! SALLY, WATCH OUT!'' I throw the grenade over my head
>Grenade, Thrown

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your shield settles around you in a strong, solid glow. It'll take a lot of damage to get through it.

The wolf squawks in surprise as the massive pony slams into his side. Both of them manage to get to their feet quickly, with the raider spraying you down with shotgun fire. The first shot rattles you again, but the recoil makes his other shots go wild.

"HEY! Paws off my Poochie!"
Bellblossom opens fire at you with her SMG, and-
FUCK! That HURTS! She's not just aiming for the weak spots with surprising accuracy, but there's something about these bullets- they hurt more than they should be! And they Burn!
9/30 HP ON FIRE!!!
You toss the grenade high in order to reach the group… only for it to hit the one part of the wall still standing, bounce up against the ceiling, and land back in your lap.


''OH SHI-'' Throw that motherfucker away back to Bellblossom!


'1d10' Oh right I gotta roll for that

Roll #1 10 = 10


Line up the sights and take a shot at the Mare. Sally can handle the pooch.

>Sniper Rifle '1d10+1'

>Gun Skill +1

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


She yips from the flames, using one of two stimpacks from the floor below before taking another swipe at the shotgun guy.
>+20 HP from stempacks!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7



Stomping his way up the stairs, Bulldozer makes his way to the sounds of fighting.
"Holy shit! This place is fucking huge! How anyone never got lost is a mystery of life that will never be solved!" The minotaur yells.

"What the hell?! I'm late to a fight?! There is nothing less badass than being late! Even fashionably!"
He cracks his fists together.
"Guess I'll just have to make up for lost time then!"

Bulldozer charges up to close the distance between him and the mare.
>Movement roll [1d10]

If he gets close enough, he clotheslines the mare.
>Unarmed attack
>+2 from Unarmed skill, +1 from Aparel
>Iron Hooves; no Unarmed damage penalty

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


>Forgot the -2 from moving and attacking same turn, so 6


Your panic lends you the aim you need to land the grenade right in-between Bellamy and Poochie, the explosive going off before it even reaches the ground.
"FUCK! I'll teach you, ya little runt!"
She turns and unloads at you and Zeno, but at this range the rounds she's putting downrange just can't seem to hit.
The fact she's shooting back makes it hard to focus, but you manage to wing her, punching through her armor and making her stagger back.
The stimpacks are just what you need, though they don't change the fact you're ON FIRE!
Still, the pain gives you the motivation to cut the raider's chest open, finally finishing him off.
Poochie growls and lunges at you, biting down on your arm and hanging on for dear life.
…it'd be a lot more frightening if you could actually feel it, but since you can't, it just looks ridiculous.
26/30 HP ON FIRE
Not close enough to any of them just yet, but you will be next turn.


''Sorry girl, but I'm more of a cats guy ya know?'' I give her a smirk over my cover and aim for Poochie to get him out of the way
'1d10' bang bang
>.32 revolver

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Perhaps you can teach us to play dead by giving a demonstration."

Another shot, aimed through the scope.

>Sniper Rifle '1d10+1'

>Gun Skill +1

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


She goes for the dog's neck as she tries to take it out, putting the fact that she's still on fire on the backburner of her brain atm.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Bulldozer continues to charge forward.

And does the action I said I'd do before.
"Let's see you try and chew on my BARE HANDS!"
>Take two for Unarmed clothesline
>+3 between skill and aparel, -2 from movement

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Hanging from Sally's arm makes the wolf an easy target, making him yip and let go of her as she tosses him to the side.
Unfortunately, going after Poochie after throwing him off doesn't work out as the armor on your arm locks up, jammed by the damage taken earlier combined with the expansion caused by the heat.
And then, the inertia from your failed swing puts you in Zeno's firing line right as he pulls the trigger. Luckily it was a glancing shot, but still…
Sally 20/30 HP
The flames finally burn out.
You finish what Eddie started and grab Poochie, only giving him time for a startled whimper as you snap his neck.
Bellamy screams and unloads the last of her clip into you, giving a feral growl as she reloads.
Oh, and you're skin is now on fire.


She barks, going for a killing blow to Bellblossom with her gauntlet if she's close enough.


Last round, let me put it through her broken heart.

>Sniper Rifle '1d10+1'

>Gun Skill +1

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


''Sorry missy, don't worry though, all dogs go to heaven!'' I say before I go to refil my ammo ''Sorry for that''


[1d10+1] Oops, forgot to roll.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Looking at the fire on what fur he has, he reaches into his bag and pulls out both of his containers of dirty water.
"Fires is for cooking, meat, Sweet Pink! Get a real gun!"
He begins dumping all the water over his body to put out as much of the fires as he can.
"Or even better; get some EXPLOSIVES! They won't match the explosive power of my fists, BUT THEY'LL STILL BE AWESOME!"

>dumping both dirty waters over body


She staggers back as your round tears through her, but somehow manages to stay standing.
"FUCK! Get over here, you fucking stripe-faced coward Zig!"
Her eyes widen as you close in.
"Fuck, fuck, SHIT! Stay the fuck back, you overgro-"
The gash through her neck cuts off whatever else she was going to say, her words dying into wet gurgles as she falls. After a moment, the last spasms end, and her body goes still.



She loots her for anything useful, probably snagging that gun.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Check the bodies for anything useful. We still have more to deal with."


''Egh…She was a pretty crazy gal…But hey, we did it everyone, and no one died! Woooo!'' I try to cheer the mood before going around the bodies of the raiders to get whatever cool stuff they had
'1d10' loot!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What's your name?"

"Already on it, Zeno."


"Holy shit; that was BRUTAL!"
He begins inspecting the bodies for anything useful.

"If she wasn't trying to kill us with fire and bullets and boring ass dog, I would've asked if she wanted to get DOZED!"

"The name's Bulldozer, babe! If you aren't made of explosives, metal, or gater jerky, then GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE!"

"But clearly you're made of metal, which is BADASS! So you can stay in the DOZER ZONE! YEAHOW!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Do you need a Stimpack?"


"If you're offering, I will GLADLY take one!"


I rub my ears a little ''H-holy cow man, you're a loud dude ain't ya? I'm Eddie, I ain't made of any of those things, but hey, nice to met ya still!'' I beam at you


"Try to be careful with it."

Hoof it off to him.


It's a normal SMG, albeit in Good Condition. That burning and extra-painful rounds probably had more to do with her horn she had hidden in her spiked mohawk.
327 caps
Raider Armor [2 DR, 2 Weight]
10mm SMG (Good)
School Detention Key
3 Jet
1 Stampede
27 caps
10mm Pistol (Decent)
Strange Meat
Radroach meat

Looks like the underlings weren't getting much of the cut.
Combat Shotgun (decent)
87 caps
2 Jet
1 Med-x
Radroach Meat


"Think you could stop yelling, 'Dozer? Some of us would like to keep our ears." She asks, a little annoyed as she takes her helmet to rub her ears, revealing that fuzzy face.

She puts the stampede and jet in her bag, gladly taking those caps. "Anyone want some armor? And… hey, I got the key to free the kids!" She yells, bolting down the stairs and leaving the armor behind, keeping hold of that gun.


''Neat!'' I pick up his combat shotgun ''You can keep that buddy'' I say as I leave my .32 on his corpse and loot all the rest


"Pass me the armor. I only have my shirt right now. But let's get to the m so we can be on our way."

"That dumb dog, always running off…"

"Make sure to grab what else you could need."



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Nice to meet you Eddie. Since you're nice, you can STAY in the Dozer Zone! Also; you might wanna drop that happy shit! Nothing makes you look like a soft, not-a-badass than looking that happy!" Although loud, he was more saying in a tone like a life coach would say it in to help someone improve their life.

"You just earned yourself a Dozer Point! Grats motherfucker!"
He takes the stimpack.

He jabs himself right in one of the rips in his skin to inject the stimpack.
>I believe -1 due to low Survival score

He takes the Roach Meat and caps.
"If you guys want the jet, you can take it! DOING DRUGS AND BEING AN ADDICT IS NOT BADASS!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Sorry about that, hot stuff, but my voice is loud, even while whispering. Like I was just a moment ago! When you're a badass, you gotta announce yourself to the world so they know how AWESOME you are!"

"I got what I needed, but there's still some Jet and stupid ass Med-X there! You can have it…IF YOU'RE A PUSSY!"


"Uhm, thank you?"

"Better for us to take it than leave it for the next set of Raiders. Doc can still put it to use."


''Ah you know how doggies are man'' I shrug
''Thanks again for the help back there by the way, couldn't have survived without ya''
I keep beaming ''Ayyy come on now big dude, I don't act happy to look soft, I act happy because I AM happy! sure, we live in a desolate, dangerous apocaliptic dump of a world but hey, I make the best of life as I can. I look at all these corpses and am reminded of how good it is to have a life. sounds sappy? hell yeah, but it doesn't make it any less true, ya know what I'm sayin?'' He smirks


"'Hot Stuff'?" she asks, incredulously.


"I don't know how I keep hiring her. She does this every time."


She says, stopping mid-bound as she was going for the stairs when she heard him say that.


''Don't ask me, you spend your money your way, even if you regret it. Speaking of money, next drink is on me when we find a place to settle down, deal?''



"That's a good point! Nothing says 'Holy shit we fucked up' than having to fight a bunch of raiders, preferably female, hopped on the drugs you left behind!"


"If we weren't in the middle of a raider infested school where its easy to get LOST AS FUCK IN, I'd be getting you out of that armor with my BARE HANDS!"


"Umm…." She says, very confused as to what to say, blushing beneath that fur, not like anyone can see it.


''Hah…Thanks I guess?'' I keep up a smile, patting you in the leg ''I'm sure you'll be fun to be around Bull, can I call ya Bull? Or just Dozer?''


"Yes. I look forward to a short vacation from this line of work. You?"

"That was oddly specific but a potential problem."


''Well It's nice being out doing some field work, looting guys you kill and such, ya know? I just hope I can get enough to afford a delicious honey and passion fruit pie…oooh man I shiver just thinking about that beauty I saw in the bakery the other day…'' I drool a bit


"Take your time to find the words: I AM USED TO LEAVING THE HOT BABES SPEECHLESS! Comes with the turf of having a high SELF-CONFIDENCE!"

"You can call me Dozer! If we're doing formal shit, then Bulldozer! And if you were a babe I was plowing, you could call me Super D; BUT YOU'RE NOT A LADY SO YOU CAN'T CALL ME THAT!"

"It's happened before! You ever take down a gang of raiders hopped up on Rampage and Buck and Rage?! Because I sure haven't because that sounds SCARY AS FUCK!"


"Uuhhh…. Noooo…." She says, shaking her head slowly.


"Well, reload and check your weapons so we live to enjoy it."

"Strange, that sounds like a girl I know."


''Well geez dude, Dozer it is then…'' I chuckle at the thought '' And please no, I'm pretty happy being a dude, dude''
''Yeah, I got myself this sweet shotgun now, neat isn't it?''


"No?! No what?! No words?! Who needs 'em when you're PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE! If I hijacked a radio station, I'd broadcast that face ALL across the radio! PONIES WOULD BE JEALOUS OF YOUR FACE OVER THE RADIO!"

"Hey now! This maybe a shit hole wasteland we're in, but you should still treat the ladies with respect. NOTHING IS MORE BADASS THAN TREATING A LADY WITH RESPECT!"

"Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to being a bonafide BADASS! So you've already completed step 1! GRATS MOTHERFUCKER!"


''Heck yeah!'' I give a little jump in place


"J-just no… umm… th-thanks for the complement but… uuhh… nooo…." She says, slowly backing down the stairs from him. "I… uh… have some kids to set free…"


"I mean AFTER we rescue the kids! But if you don't want a night with the Dozer, then that's fine too! I'll just find ANOTHER hot piece of tail when we're done here! But if you ever change your mind, I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT!"


She pretty much just goes down the stairs, both flattered and insulted at the same time.

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