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This is the thread for the game called AltG2, which might migrate between /mlp/ and MLPG.


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File: 1438894637539.jpg (352.12 KB, 1306x744, Mount Doom interior.jpg)

After the battle between the party and the Frost Lich, Megadeath, they walk up the mountain path towards the stadium-shaped structure at the peak of the mountain. Walking through an arch, they continue through a short hall decorated with a fresco depicting a fiery landscape, with a red-skinned creature striding through it. As they come to the end of the hall, they emerge into what would be the grounds of a coliseum where the gladiators would fight, with a tall wall separating the lower row of the structure, showing it to be more in the shape of an amphitheater from the inside.

In front of the party is about forty feet of rocky feet, ending with a cliff and a chasm that plummeted down into a river of lava. On the opposite end of the chasm is another cliffside. Affixed to the face of the cliffside is a gigantic creature- a bipedal colossus hundreds of feet tall with scales on its shoulders and the top of its arms, with red, leathery skin covering the rest of the body, except for the black fur surrounding its hips and thighs. Its face is covered with the long, black, greasy hair growing from atop its head, with a long snout and mouth protruding from its face, also covered with scales. The palms are affixed to the cliff with giant black nails, arms bound by chains screwed into the rock, with the legs bound in a similar fashion. Strangely, something like a gate is built around its chest in the fashion of a breastplate.

Straight in front of the party, built onto the cliffside, is a bridge broken halfway. Atop the opposite cliff, they can see the remnants of the top of a stone staircase. Guarding the bridge are two purple-skinned demons, with smooth skin, leathery wings, lizard-like legs, long tails, and black mohawks, wearing leather chestplates, loincloths, and armed with spears. Both of them are asleep, however, so it would be easy to ambush them.


>Bang and Rushin' got this when they received Marrow from the gatekeeper, as a retcon


Since leaving the monastery, Bang has been feeling an aching in his head, continuing to grow as the party walked down the hall to the arch at the end, finally culminating in a sharp burst of pain that feels as if his head's being cut in half down the middle.

A purple halo of swirling black and purple energy appear around his head, as his whole body starts to quiver, its very form appearing wavy and uneven, as if he was a television station that was partially tuned.
>Bang roll 1d10 for pain resistance, failure results in a cry of pain
>upon failure, the rest of the party may roll to cover his mouth


Bang grips his head tight, closing his eyes tight and trying as hard as he can to look heroic by not screaming out in pain. He has no idea what could be causing this.


Roll #1 8 = 8



Flicker, on the way up to the stadium, had put a part of the robe on top of Rushin's head, seeing as he was walking against her on the way there. She doesn't notice Bang's plight.


Violet looks up at the giant monster, cowing back a bit from it, before taking notice of Bang.
"B..bang your head!" she yelps, covering her mouth.


Minty rushes into the volcanic room, looking pretty happy.
"Ahh, much better. Too cold out there."

Minty look out of the cliffside, looking at the odd, bound figure.
"Woah, who is this ugl-wait…I think I know that mug."
Minty takes out one of the coins she won from the ogre in the village, comparing the image of the lizard on the coin to the lizard-face in front of her now.

Wanting to get a better look of the lizard guy on the coin, Minty plants her front hooves onto the ground and pulls herself back, stretching her legs until she lets go to slingshot herself to the other side.

>Slingshot jump to the other side/across the broken bridge

>Supreme Survivor: autocrits jump/traversing rolls

Roll #1 8 = 8


Rushin' smiles and moans at the soft sensation of this ultra-quality robe covering him, and given its self regulation it doesn't even feel uncomfortable given the extreme heat. "Niiiice. I should just stay under this thing all the time. We can use it as our secret base, and thanks to you it's even mobile Flicker."

Rushin' looks out towards the river of lava and massive titan affixed to the apposing cliff. He groans as he feels the heat coming on.

"Ugh. Now it's TOO hot. Can't this mountain make up its mind of whether it wants to be hot or cold? I can't make myself colder!"

He looks at the guards guarding the bridge, rubbing his horn, "Huh. Wonder why they're guarding a bridge that's broke halfway through? Should we wake 'em up and ask?"

Rushin likewise takes attention to the plight of his buddy as the halo appears,

"WOAH! Bang, are you seeing that dude?! Is it Skullheart doin' something again? Cause seriously that guy is starting to tick me off if he doesn't make something creepy happen to me too…." he looks at the ground disappointed he hasn't been touched by curses. "Does it hurt?"


As she's pretty used to Bang doing heroic poses, she notices the halo as the outstanding element. Violet's yelping helped.

"Uhh… you ok there, Bang?"

"Definitely better than earlier. Hope it doesn't get too hot instead.."

As she notices the nearby lava, she's quick to assume that won't take long.

"Maybe it's that the liches balanced each other out so far…?


She has some uneasy feelings about all of this. She asks all of her companions:

"Should we, umm, deal with those two? I could try to see if the bridge could be fixed, along with miss Flicker, preferably.."


You're able to keep yourself together, and resist the hurt for a while, though it stays as a dull throbbing sensation.
Bang's kept warm from the cool winds that blow atop the mountain, as the snowclouds quickly disperse from the sky. You're able to see down into the village, now.
You can see what looks like a face inside the the cloudy aura around his head, eyes that flicker and dazzle before disappearing.
You land on the opposite side of the chasm, atop the cliff where the giant is crucified. Now that you're closer, you can hear him slowly breathing, though his chest doesn't move.
So far Minty's the only one to sproing to action, though she's chosen to avoid conflict altogether and go for the prize. "We could probably rush 'em," Rad suggests, as Gyorgi comes in from the rear, with all the spears and axes from the monastery's treasury tied to his back.


He lets go of his head, looking at his hooves before trying to look at the rest of his body, failing to look at the top of his own head without a mirror. "G-Guys? What's wrong? What's wrong with my head?" He asks, looking around at the rest of the group.



Flicker puts her coat away and flies across the cliff. She goes up the staircase.


"There's a face, there's a face in the magical thing around your head!"

>"That can't be healthy."

The small catrabbit telepaths to all nearby in response to Bang.



"Minty, wait! It's dangerous to go alone!" - Bonnie says, flying over to her side. She tags along, to ensure the gooling does not make anything stupid alone..



Roll #1 6 = 6


Rolling to not wake up the demons.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Minty looks down over the cliff, feeling adventurous in her after the successful jump.
"I bet I made Daring Doo look like a chump with that one."
She says to herself, looking over the cliffside and, positioning herself just right, hops down to land on top of the giant's head.


"I don't know, if I were a fire lich I probably wouldn't wanna be anywhere NEAR an ice lich. Ice is a pretty lame element anyhow."

As Flicker leaves to go over the cliff and leaving the colt coatless, he shouts at her as she flies away, "Hey! I was sharing that!"

He gazes at the mysterious head in Bang's darkness, but notices that Minty and Bonnie and Flicker are already across.

He pulls on Bang's hoof, "Man, Bang, it's actually kinda cool… there's like a shadow dude hanging out above your head. HEY!"

He turns to look at Alaster, "Am I the only one who doesn't get some kind of new telepathic minion on this whole deal?"
>Marrow scratches at his leg, clapping his mouth
"Yeah Marrow you don't count. Anywho, the others are already getting across, do you think you can make it Bang?"


"A face? Is this just Skullheart trying to mess with me?" He asks, trying to look around at the face.

"I… think I can? I guess I'll try." He then looks across the way, trying to follow the others.




Roll #1 10 = 10


You land on top of the giant's head, stepping in his oily black hair. At this angle, you can see a narrow path zigzagging on the cliffside opposite where the rest of the party is, leading to an inlet carved into the cliff wall just above the lava pit, with an altar built on it, to boot.
Flicker is able to fly over the chasm quietly enough to not be heard. Landing on the remains of the staircase on the opposite side, she can see it leads up to yet another path to a third peak of the mountain. Bonnie is unable to be as stealthy as the older pegasus, however, her wings' flapping stirring one of the purple-skinned demon guards, who shouts out in an unintelligible tongue to his companion, who wakes up in turn. At this point, they can only see Bang, Rushin', Violet, Rad, and Gyorgi.
The two demons charge at you with their spears!

Demon 1[1d10] @ Bonnie
Demon 2[1d10] @ Rushin'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Flicker goes up the path.


"Only if you're sure man, we can take a break. It's just…"

Rushin' finds himself interrupted as the demons charge in on them, "Oh crap, dudes! Why the heck are you charging us for, we didn't mean to wake you guys!"

Rushin' sparks up his horn red as he tries to procure a few Homing Attacks of Haste, Marrow stepping up to attack the Demon charging him

[1d10] Rushin' Homing Attack
[1d10] Marrow's attack

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Bang instead takes notice of the demon rushing at Bonnie, rushing over to pull out his hammer and block the strike aiming at her. "Bonnie, behind me!"

>Using crit here instead.


File: 1438915841345.gif (893.15 KB, 245x152, Fingering.gif)

Minty lifts up a hoof, waving in the air slightly as she feels the giant's oily hair. It doesn't last long, and pretty much a wasted effort, since it goes back down.
"Hey!" Minty yells, and proceeds to bounce up and down on the giant's head, trying to wake him up.
"Are you that Maltgromme guy on the coins?! Cause if you are, then wake up and make stuff feel nice and warm again!"



At the realization of having woken up the guard, the little Pegasus does as it's asked of her, in a way. She takes a different flight course, turning and spiraling as to elude the target into going against the donkey instead.


During the turning, she takes notice of the unicorn, struggling to bend the magic to his wishes.

"Come on, Rushin, do your trick! You've shown you're able to handle your magic already!"

>Koan on Rushin, instant:


Completing the spiral, she comes down flying from the other side at the demon who was about to attack her in a flanking-kick maneuvre. For that purpose, she uses one of her hindlegs, the ones bare and unarmed, as opposed to her forelegs - since she finds Leon's Hands too unwieldy to strike with them mid-air for now. Gonna have to get accustomed to those first..

>Normal, unarmed attack on Demon 1

>Poisoned, direct wound damage


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


Correction, Demon 1 charges at Violet.
>Rushin', Bang, and Violet at the entrance to the room, currently being attacked
>Flicker, Bonnie, and Minty at the opposite side of the cliff
>Bang blocking the attack meant to be for Violet


>Changing dialogue to fit situation, instead saying. "Violet, get behind me!"


Rushin' puffs his cheeks as his red sparks dazzle about his horn, taking a moment to grin smugly, "Heck yeah I have! Watch this, I've pretty much CONQUERED magic. Unicorn Supreme, right here!"


>"Maybe you're just unlucky."
Violet just looks freaked out by it.
As the demons charge to attack her, Violet runs screaming for a hiding place, instead of the other two paragraphs that I had typed.

[1d10] Hiding.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Going up the wide path to the third peak, you come to a crescent-shaped cliff, with a hole leading down into the mountain itself, with a lake of lava at the far bottom.
As you try to summon the orb, the demon swipes it away from the end of your horn with its hand, then stabs you in the neck with its spear. Marrow bites it on the leg, but then is flung off harmlessly.
>Rushin' takes 2 hits
As the guard's spear almost gets Violet in the shoulder, you strike it away by the blade, making it clang against the wall.
The giant wakes up, as one of its eyes looks up at you. It struggles in its bondage, then speaks out in a loud, low voice, "Is that another poisonous slime for me to swallow? Must it taunt me first before it spreads its toxins through me?"
Your words are unheard as you swoop down, but the hoof connects, toxic fluid sinking in through the demon's bare skin, giving him a jolt and making him cry out in pain.
It's hard to find a hiding place in the hall, with you only managing to press up against the wall for the time being.

The demons continue to engage in battle, as one jumps up in the air, talons extended as it flies at Bang.
Demon 1[1d10] Grapple @ Bang
The other demon attacks Rushin', stabbing at him with the spear.
Demon 2 [1d10] @ Rushin'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7



She looks to see if there's anything important in the hole. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Bang attempts to slam his hammer right into the demon's chest in attempts to knock him off balance from his grapple, or at least hurt him before Bang gets grabbed.

>Hammer time


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Poisonous? Me? Nah, pretty sure Bonnie is poisonous, though; I always feel like I'm gonna get sick when she tries to act nice around me," Minty replies, "and I would much rather be not-swallowed. This whole field trip of no waterparks and eye-hand-things has been a huge bust."

Minty looks at the giant's bondages.
"So…you want me to yank those suckers out? 'Cause they look like they hurt."


"Tell me about it. I'll never get a cool super power or morphing thingy at this rate…"

"GACK!" Rushin' chokces as he's sent back by the strong strike at his throat, reeling back to try and get a better angle as he puts his hooves to work running around. He focuses again on his magic as he does so

"BANG! Cover Violet! Me an Bonnie will take the other one!"
[1d10+1] Magic Bolt (Haste) on Rushin'

[1d10] Marrow jumps and bites at the spear-hand of the demon

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 6 = 6



Seeig the attack connect, Bonnie follows up with a turn in place, as to deliver yet another one.

>Normal, unarmed attack on Demon 1

>Poisoned, direct wound damage


She kicks off after this one though, spitting on her wing on the go and smearing Bang's hammer with the acidic fluid as she passes him flying, brushing the wingtip against his weapon.

>Poisoning Bang's weapon, lasts roll-6 turns

>instant, according to GM


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7


As the guard just barely misses her with its spear, Violet hugs to the wall of the hall, staying back, reaching into her pocket for the morpher, breathing heavy.



Alaster interrupts as she grabs it.


>"Save it for the Lich! If you run out the battery again here we'll be helpless when we get there."

"Bu-, then what do I do?"

>"I don't know, summon something!"

"Uh, uh." Violet looks at the two guards nervously, materializing a wooden baseball bat and swinging it at both their shins, eyes closed.


[1d10] Cleave 2
>Crits 9+ Critfails 2-

Roll #1 10 = 10


Nothing important, just a hole going way down into the mountain, and possibly the Earth itself.
"These nails and chains are held in by the Fire Lich's magic," Maltgromme says, "He has been keeping me weak, intending to use me as a vessel- he forcefed me a slime creature known as Smooze, and it has been festering inside me- furthermore, an injury I had sustained ages ago has been opened up, and he is waiting for me to bleed out before he transforms me." He motions with his head towards the alcove at the bottom of the river, "Down there is the ruby that was being used to keep my wound closed- they pulled it out, and have surrounded it with the possessed and evil weapons and armor that are sent here to be destroyed. If you go down there and retrieve it, I will be one step closer to being at full strength- but do not touch anything, lest your mind be taken over."
The demon claws at the orb like its companion did to dispel the orb of haste, stabbing you as the other one did, as well, as Marrow drags his claws over its naked flesh.

Violet's wide swing hits both of the demons with two powerful cracks, as the first one picks up Bang, flying towards the chasm with the lava river at the bottom. As Bonnie strikes it, the demon loses altitude, now dragging Bang over the ground. With the last blow of his hammer on its leg, it loses its grip on him, falling over the edge of the cliff and into the lava river at the bottom, with Bang just on the edge.

Incidentally, Bang can see a narrow path zig-zagging down the cliff, now that he's so close to the edge.

With half its face bleeding from the swing of Violet's bat, it goes after her, now, dropping the spear and swinging its knife-like claws at her.
Demon 2 [1d10] @ Violet

Roll #1 6 = 6


Violet doesn't see the claws, eyes still closed as she swings the bat haphazardly, screaming.

>Crits 9+ Critfails 2-

Roll #1 9 = 9


Bang takes note of the zig-zagging path, although his main focus is on the demon. He quickly gets up to rush at the demon Violet just struck, raising his hammer up to bring down on the remaining demon. "Leave my friends alone!"


Roll #1 7 = 7


>Presuming an extra hit taken on this

Rushin' grunts as his magic is taken out again and his precious throat is assaulted again.

He backs off rubbing his neck from the scratch marks as he glares at the demon going after Violet, "Would you cut it out?! I can't even concentrate here with you two constantly doing that!"

He looks at Bang as he's picked up by the demon, shouting out, "Oh F-" before he sees him being dropped, sighing in relief.

Rushin' then turns his focus back to demon 2 as it attacks Violet, doing surprisingly well for herself with that bat in her wails but Rushin' doesn't quite see the situation handled.

"Don't worry Violet! I'mma comin' to whup his butt!" [1d10] He shouts as he summons magical orbs of haste magic

[1d10] Marrow attacking the demon as well

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 = 1



Flicker goes back to look for liches, or places to get to liches.



Seeing one threat taken care of and Violet seemingly in distress, the Pegausus filly lets her wings carry her down on the remaining target.

>Normal, unarmed attack on Demon 1

>Poisoned - direct wound damage


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12



[…]lets her wings carry her down on the remaining target in a charging, twin-kick-to-the-face assault.*


"So get the shiny gem, don't touch the other junk. Sounds simple enough."
With a shrug, Minty looks to the aclove.
"Alright, sit tight, big guy."

With that, Minty turns into a filly-sized wheel, takes advantage of the giant's greasy hair to do a burnout, then charges forward full speed ahead, looking to land on the zig-zag and travel down from there.

>Sup Surv


Roll #1 10 = 10


With the power of teamwork you collectively beat a demon to death. It lies on its back, broken and bruised, eyes rolled up into its head and its sickeningly long tongue hanging out and touching the rocky ground.
As you come back to the cliffside, you hear the giant speaking to Minty. He continues on speaking, "While you retrieve the ruby, someone must venture into my stomach and destroy the Smooze that is poisoning me. You must hurry, though, surely he is alerted by the demons' death, he may come back from the underworld by portal at any moment!"
You fling oil up into the air as you do a jump over Maltgromme Gorge, journeying down the zig-zagging path to the alcove at the bottom. There, you see several items gathered together- a long-handled hammer with a head shaped like a fist, a long and thin rapier with a saw-toothed edge, a shield with eye and teeth decorations around the rim, and a suit of armor standing up and leaning against the wall. In the middle of them, sitting on a large pile of gold, is a ruby the size of four full-grown ponies, shaped into a rectangular octagon.
You're able to summon one orb, at last. Unfortunately, Marrow is thrown against the wall by the demon, his last act while alive. The skeleton dog falls down, legs separating from its ribcage, before they come back together and it springs up with a yap.
>Marrow at 6/5

>everyone sees Minty go down, and hears what Maltgromme said



Flicker looks for a place from which she can shoot the Smooze in Maltgromme's stomach.


Bang lifts his hammer in the air. "We did it! We have slain the evil demons! Now then, where do you think that big bad lich is going to pop up? We should jump him the moment he pops out." He says with a big smile on his face, regardless of the dull pain in his head.


Violet continues swinging, eyes closed, swinging right near Rushin's head while spinning on a heel in a circle.


Rushin gasps as Marrow is torn apart, tears in his eyes. "Marrow! Boy, speak to me, are you alright!?"
>As Marrow pulls himself together, he does a jolly wag of his tail and claps his mouth at Rushin', the colt sighing with relief as a result.

"Hey, Violet! Chill, chill! You won! You kicked BUTT, open your eyes-"

[1d10] avoiding getting bonked

He turns towards the Titan that Minty was speaking to, having just barely heard most of the conversation as he approaches the cliff. Seeing Flicker flying around for the Smooze, Rushin' points out the path Bang looked at before at shouts at Minty, "HEY! I heard him too, he wants us to take out all that slick treasure down there? I didn't get any last time, I'm coming down!"

>Running haphazardly down the narrow path

Roll #1 6 = 6



Having seen Rushin get hurt during the course of the battle, Bonnie flies up to him, placing one of her relic weapons delicately upon him, with his consent. He was the one to witness the power that lay in them so far.

"I'll try to do the same thing as before, ok?" - she asks before attempting to rejuvenate the unicorn.

>Heal on Rushin


"Pretty sure we should go down this path. Swiftly. I wouldn't wish to have to face both Lich and that Smooze thing simultaneously, would you?" - she asks retorically, before going down the zig-zagging path.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Violet opens her eyes, looking at the dead demon and dropping her bat, screaming again.

She sees Rushin running off.

"H..hey, wait for me!"

she says following.


"Okay! Now to-woah, look at all this stuff," Minty says, walking past all the loot Gyorgi would no doubt be wanting. Minty then lays eyes on the ruby, blinking a few times.
"How the crude am I going to lift this up for the big guy?"

Giving a hum of thought, Minty gets hit with an idea. She has her saw shield unspool itself to its limit. She wraps the gem up as best she can with the shield's wire, and proceeds to pull the gem behind her.
"Pulling should be easier than lifting…right?"

Minty's ears perk in Rushin's direction.
"No, you blockhead! He said DON'T touch the treasure except this giant rock! Now help me carry this thing; it weighs about as much as the rocks in your head where your brain is suppose to be!"


His stomach's still there- you could probably try and open the doors on the structure built around his chest, or maybe even get into his mouth. You're not going to get it from above and behind him, at least.
Rad hoof claps for you in amazement, eyes shining.
As you keep swinging the bat, you nearly bonk Rushin' in the head. Rad comes up from behind and looks at the bat. "Hmm, looks normal," he says, before lifting up his toolbox. "Lemme supercharge it, it'll probably blow something to the moon.
Violet's bat swings just over your head, brushing your mane to the side like a blunt comb.
You arrive at the bottom of the alcove with Marrow on Minty's heels, seeing all the neat stuff, along with the giant-ass ruby. Speaking of asses, Gyorgi's followed you down, as well.
The ruby's rather heavy- among the problems posed, it's too wide to even push up the path. "Hmm, something heavy to drag?" Gyorgi asks, eyes squinting as a grin grows on his face, "I could help out with that…"



She tries to open the gates. If they're locked, she shoots the lock open.

[1d10+2] EA: Wind

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Bang follows the rest of the team down to where the jewel is. "Whoa… look at all this neat stuff! Though it can't top my trusty hammer. Hey, maybe if all of us push it at the same time and one of us pulls we could get it back to the top!" He walks around the jewel, looking and inspecting it.


"Sweeeeet. I love it when my neck doesn't have holes in it. Makes it easier to breath and junk.

HE holds his ears down as she screams, moving on to the cliff, "Sheesh, why are you yelling? Didn't you see?! You kicked its ass without evening turning super or anything! You're prime material for Team Rushin' Justice, you're on as our first girl."

He scurries down the cliff, he growls, "Ah, dang it! So I can't touch ANY of this stuff?! This is such a jip, this stuff looks awesome!" HE groans in annoyance, his head leaning down as he rushes over to help with the gem. "Oh yeah, well if I have rocks in my head, could I doooo THIS?!" His horn glows red a small magical field goes over the rock, lifting it into the air

[1d10] Telekinesis

Roll #1 10 = 10


Violet shakes her head to his praises and requests she join his team.



"Who and why would leave all that treasure out here?" - Bonnie wonders aloud, havingh reached the place - "I mean, the path is cut off and not visible, the guards were there… but wouldn't it be more safe to place treasure inside the fotress?"

As opposed to Gyorgi, she attempts to help Minty without any ado, pushing the rock with the little strength she possessed.


"Yea-no. I'm pretty sure you're still sore about before in that place Miss Flick was setting on fire; and this giant rock is for the big guy on the cliff over there," Minty says, motioning to Maltgromme.

"So if you're gonna help, I'm not paying you unless you want stuff that'll mess with your head. At least, according to the big guy over there."
With that, Minty begins to take leaping jumps up the path, dragging the giant gem with her.

>Jump while carrying

>Sup Surv

"I know. A lot of the stuff looked rad as heck."

Minty watches him do his magic.
"Yes. You are clearly one with this rock because of that fact. Now put your rock magic to use and help me with this."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Rushin' smirks and nods his head rapidly in retaliation.

"Yeah huh, you so are. I've already changed the name to Team Rushin' Morphin' Justice. Pending Bang's approval and all."

"Well alright, if we break the curse, I call the sword aaaaaand… the armor. I'd look sweet in that armor."

"And I'm helpin' I'm helpin'. Jeez, you girls are all the same. You act like totally in control and yell at us, but the moment you need something moved, you call a colt cause we're stronger."



"Maybe we could ask Skullheart if he could do anything about the curse next time he appears to do that soul absorbing thing?"


She shakes her head.



"Then I call dibs on the smashing board thing. It'll go well with the one I already have."

"Hey, you're the one who came up and started helping on your own. And I can move stuff just fine without some colt and his cooties helping me."

"Will you not remind me of…whatever it is you're talking about. I mean, if you're gonna lie, at least give him a name."



"If you want me to… but, uh… that is his name, Minty" - Bonnie responds, unaware of the strange magic surrounding Overlord's name.


"I don't know, Flicker kind of had a point. I mean this guy can't even deal with the liches on his own, how much can he do to lift the curse on those awesome toys?"

He nods his head more.

"Yes! Tell 'er bunnycat." He pokes at Alaster.

"Why do you need two shields?"

"What?! You got that backwards Mint for Brains. Colts don't have cooties, fillies do. That's like, a fact. Ask Flicker she'd back me up on this."


The gate is two simple stone doors- while heavy, they open up slowly, enough for you to see the gaping wound in the Titan's chest, with what looks like a throne being built into it- hot blood slowly sleeps from the edges of the wound. At the bottom is a dark pit, leading down into his stomach, and the poisonous Smooze within. "Oh, just one of you?" The giant says, his breathing causing a wind do blow over you from his partially-punctured lungs, "Would you consider that wise? You are too young to be doing such dangerous things alone, I'd say."
The fist-shaped longhammer falls down right next to you, slowly rocking back and forth before coming to a stop.
With much exertion, you're able to lift the ruby up, surrounded by your telekinetic aura. "Hrmm, magic," Gyorgi grumbles, "Making donkeys and Earth Ponies look bad again…"
Rad lets out a disappointed, "Aww…"
You end up pushing against it unaware of Rushin' using his telekinesis.
"Whaaat, I'm not gonna STEAL it," Gyorgi says, "The logistics are simply mind-boggling. Grandpa always says, 'don't buy a piano when you live on the top floor.'"
You're unable to get a grip on the diamond, and end up bouncing like a reverse slinky up the cliffside path, landing on top feeling dazed and dizzy.



"Can't hurt to ask. He may've been depleted earlier cause all of that magic the other liches stole from him… but remember how much Megadeath was able to do? Think what Skullheart could be able to do with the magic of two liches…



She shoots the Smooze from the vantage point.

[1d10+2] EA: Stun

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Alaster leaps on Violet's back as Violet shakes her head again.

"I'm not a superhero."

>"Sorry Rushin, but if she doesn't want to join your club I really can't make her. What is it anyway, some kind of Justice Friends?"



Gyorgi's words alert Bonnie as to what is going on. Seeing Rushin take care of the ruby, she announces:

"If that's taken care of, i'm gonna see how Flicker's doing. I'm worried about her. Even if dependable, she's still one pony.."

That being said, she flies away towards where she saw earlier Flicker fly off to, no more demons to stop her in her tracks this time.


"Eh, I like to think of us as a Protectors of the Universe sort of thing. Don't need to strictly be lawful you know? But come on, Violet, didn't you SEE the demon you beat down with your bat? With your EYES closed?"

"Eh, guess it's worth asking. But I want the hand to come out of MY eyes this time. That looked kind of radical you know dude?" He looks a little too happy at the prospect.


Bang looks at it for a bit before picking it up to look at it. "Hey do you guys ever wonder who owned these things before? Or what their names were?"


File: 1438922936438.jpg (52.08 KB, 448x458, Gee Bill.jpg)

"A stupid name for a stupid lie, then. C'mon, Bonnie; you know I've been lying all through school and junk. You should know I can see through obvious lies like that one."

"Well why do I NOT need two shields? Huh?"

"Nuh-uh! Colts have cooties, not fillies. Cause if we did, then you wouldn't have been so close to Flicker a little while ago."

After her bout of dizziness, Minty shakes her head and has her shield retract, seeing that Rushin' has it handled.
"Yeah yeah, whatever Gyorg. Save me the life story."

Minty looks to Maltgromme, and yells to him.


Violet doesn't answer.

>"Whose in it?"


"Damn straight, Gyorgi. Best pony, comin' through!" He grins happily, snickering at Minty's slippy misfortune as he moves the rock upwards towards Montgramme, "Hey big guy! Didn't touch anything just like you asked, and we got the cork! Do I just… shove it back up inside the wound Like the worst band-aid ever?"

"…good point."

"And Flicker is a MARE, Minty, not a filly. Mares lose their cooties but you're still ripe with 'em. And if I had cooties I'd think I'd know."

"So far? We have three: Me Marrow and Bang. But we're looking to expand. And we NEED a girl otherwise it'll look weird."



"You might not really like it… but if you wish t, i'm not going to stop you"


"Not really. Not like we have any evidence to go by… but i guess we could ask Princess Emerald on our way back? I bet she'd know something…


Bonnie tilts her head to the side, seemingly confused.

"… Lies? I'm not lying. What point would it be for me trying to lie to you, anyway?"


"Yeah right. I bet you do have 'em, but you're too busy sitting in a tree with Bang. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"The same reason I pick on everyone; for my own amusement. Now stop trying to use me for your fun and do something useful like…I dunno, help the big guy with his Booze problem or whatever he's got going on."


File: 1438923723471.jpg (351.5 KB, 1024x768, 14035-Masked_rider_KIVA_DO….jpg)

Your shot misses, instead hitting Maltgromme's insides. He groans heavily, then says, "I appreciate the help, miss, but maybe you could refrain from firearms. Have you any bait and rope?"
You find Flicker standing on the steps of the structure built around the Titan's chest, trying to shoot into his belly for some reason.
You feel a shiver as you pick up the hammer- it's almost twice as tall as you are, but in your hooves it feels just right in terms of weight and balance. The striking side of it is in the shape of a curled up fist, with the handle going into what would be the wrist, with a bracelet-looking thing acting as the counter balance. Rings decorate the fingers, jewels embedded in them.
>similar to pic related
It's pretty hot next to the river of lava, next to all the creepy-looking gear- you feel two different forces baring down on you, one heat, the other the weight of evil spirits.
"I can tell you life story, later! Grandpa talks to me about it all the time!" He says, cautiously eyeing the gem in Rushin's telekinetic grasp.
"Ye cannot replace it, yet," Maltgromme says, "The Smooze is still at the bottom of my stomach, like oil at the bottom of a water jug- to close it now would be to trap it inside me and seal my death for certain."
With careful hoofwork, you make it up to the top of the cliff, with enough sweat running from your skin from the convection to make it look like someone overturned a bucket onto you. You hear the Titan's words to Minty about the Smooze in his gut.



At the prospect of Rushin kissing with Rushin, Bonnie sticks out her tongue.

"Ewww. Why would you even say that?"



With no way of telling the giant to shut up and hold still, she tries shooting it again. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Bang smiles a bit, looking at the others. "Hey, you don't think the big guy would mind us taking at least a liiiittle souvenir, right?" He holds onto the hammer with one hoof, letting it rest over his shoulder as he carries it.


>"So, two kids and a skeleton dog? Thats your Team?"

Violet stands by listening.


"What? WHy would I be killing Bang, he's my bro!"

"Minty's pretty goo-brained, that's why."

"IT sure is! Not too bad so far, huh? Just put it together yesterday to fight the liches so we can go home. What'd ya think, Violet'd be perfect right?"

"Bang! Watch out man, that stuff is possessed! I couldn't touch 'em earlier cause I was told I'd freak out!"

"OOOOOOH. Alright, sounds fair dude." HE puts the ruby aside, making for the bridge so he can make a strong leap to the other side and racing up towards Flicker as she fires in side. "Alright! Do we just blast it out of there? I can blast!"

>Using Homing Attack from before on Flicker to double her actions next turn

>[1d10+1] Magic Bolt to fire a stream of red magic right down inside, "Called shot!"

>Meanwhile, Marrow doesn't follow Rushin' over to the chest of Maltgromme, instead looking around the demons' remains and chewing up a piece of them in his mouth

>Little Graves on one of the demons

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Violet shakes her head.

"I don't want to join."


"What are you talking about? It's just a big hammer." He looks at the hammer again, shaking it slightly and swinging it a bit in the air. "See? Nothing's wrong with me OR the hammer."



Seeing the teenage mare shoot the giant's insides from about the same angle, she decides to poke her gun just slightly at a crucial moment:

>Koan on Flicker's attack:


Afterwars she heads inside to see what can be done from there. She asks Montgromme:

"What kind of bait do you have in mind? You think we should lure it outside?"

She wonders to what degree is that thing sentient…

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I said save it! I don't wanna hear it!"

"Oh well dang. That's sounds brutal," Minty says back.

"I spelled 'kissing,' Rock For Brains. For Celestia's sake, you better not be in the spelling bee group whenever we get home."

"Because they totally would. Total romance; or 'bromance' as Rush would say."

Seeing the Smooze slimes, Minty begins thinking again.
"Hmm, I have an idea again!"
Minty trots up and into the Smooze-infested stomach.
"Alright. You guys are goo, but I'm even better goo! So let's make this easy, and save some time, and get in my belly peacefully!"
At that, Minty begins to go around and absorb the Smooze into her body.

>Goo pony absorbing Smooze goo


Roll #1 7 = 7



Flicker turns and gives her a sharp glare, to demonstrate her disapproval of her touching live firearms mid-shot.



"I know, i know. I'm sorry" - agrees Bonnie, sighing - "but you were pointing it at a bad angle. You'd only hurt the big guy more. Besides, didn't he ask you not to do it, Miss Flicker?"


As the shot travels into the stomach, you hear a heavy sploshing noise, followed by an inquisitive, "Eurgh?"
"It is not mine to give away," Maltgromme says, "But be warned- if it was brought here, it was brought here to be destroyed."
You can hear the sounds of voices chanting, but it's probably just a song you heard someplace, nothing to worry about.
You're left to chat with Rushin' and the others at your leisure.
As you fire a bolt down the esophagus, you hear an annoyed grunt from inside the stomach, followed by some sloshing noises.
The 'vantage point' strategy may be safe and without much risk, but over on the cliff top, a black crack appears in the air, surrounded by lightning, slowly opening up. It might be time to try something else.
Minty goes ahead and tries something else, hopping into the stomach and falling into the Smooze- a purple, tar-like slime creature. "Ooh, mint jelly," it says, as it tries to absorb you, too, "Time for dessert!"
[1d10] Absorb
>Minty vs. Smooze, first one with the three highest rolls wins

Roll #1 3 = 3



She bumps Bonnie off to the side, and gives her another glare. She points at her gun, then points at Bonnie, then shakes her head vigorously. ["Do you understand?"] she mouths slowly.


She shoots it again. [1d10+2] EA: Stun

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Nice try, but you can't eat me! Mint will beat dumb, old grape jelly any day!"



Roll #1 2 = 2



[1d10] extra action, another shot

Roll #1 5 = 5


Rushin' just sort of looks at Violet like she just grew a second set of eyes.

"But… why?"

"What the… Minty! I thought you said all that sweet loot was cursed?!"

"Well excuse me if I don't like reading those dumb pictureless books. Jeez, you'd think a few extra illustrations wouldn't be too much to ask for. What a R-E-E-B-O-V-V of a school right?"

As he fires off the round at the Smooze, Rushin' chuckles, "Hey Minty look! It's you in 30 years. Hehehe… wait, Minty?!" He goes in after her, not paying any mind as to what the lightning entails as it is he's not gonna be the one to be shown up. "What are ya doing?"

[1d10] Summoning Homing Attack

>Effect on Marrow?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well… who was trying to destroy it? I mean if it was the lich then obviously this is a weapon of good? But if somebody good brought it here because it's evil… then maybe I should find a way to destroy it." He continues to talk with Maltgromme.


"What's it look like I'm doing?" Minty replies as she's engaged in a fierce goo absorption battle.
"I'm gonna show this grape jelly jerk that I'M the top goo around here!"


Violet sees Rushin leap in after Minty.

"Rushin what are you doing?!"

Alaster looks to the cracks in spacetime.

>"We've got company!"

Violet looks back and forth between Rushin and the portal nervously, not knowing what to do.


"It's like, a million times bigger than you!"

"Saving Minty, what's it look like?"


"Pssh, you're not a goo like me. You wouldn't understand that its how good the goo is, not how much of it there is."



"I get it.. but hear that? Totally hit it" - Bonnie adds, flying away, before the older Pegasus strikes her down with lightning from her eyes - "though i really think you should try something different"

As she sees Minty struggling with the goo below, she flies down to help her.

"You like goo?" - she asks, spitting on her hooves, curious as to what effect will have her acid, thought to be Smooze by the Frost Lich, on the real Smooze - "How do you like this?"

As she says that, she proceeds to kick some protruding part of the Smooze's body, flying not too close, as to not have herself covered in that substance.

>Normal, unarmed attack on Smooze

>Poisoned - direct wound damage


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12



"Goddamnit, that's not the fucking point, you perfect, know-it-all-little…!" Flicker suddenly screams. Aloud. With a voice. She puts her hoof over her mouth in surprise.


"Oh… well, what if I'm a better goo than both of you?"

Rushin' turns back at the entrance at the loud, unfamiliar, scream, scared into a fighting stance

"What the?! Who said that! Do we have more incoming?!"


>>637439 >>637441
Your shot goes down to the belly, into the Smooze's body mass. The second one is less successful, puncturing the mucus-lined lining of the stomach.
"The lich is coming!" Maltgromme says, "Prepare yourself! He comes from the underworld, with demons as his allies!"
You see one of Flicker's shots go through the Smooze- it seizes up, allowing you to get an edge on it.
>Minty wins this round by default
>1 round left
>you got healed by Bonnie a few rounds ago, kept forgetting about it
>Rushin' at full H/W
It's hard to concentrate enough to summon any orbs- the crack in the air seems to be disrupting the magic. Marrow comes back over to you, as bony wings erupt from his back, and little puffs of fire come out from his mouth with every step.
>Marrow has gained Flight and Fire Breath
>Fire Breath- a breath weapon that spreads fire out in a cone- select 2 targets and roll 1d10
"No doubt it will have some effect on you in some fashion," he says, "At the very least, it will speak to you."
As you dive in, your hoof pierces through the space between the Smooze's big eyes. "Ohh noooo…" it moans sadly, as your spit seems to shake it up.
-2 to next roll
The crack grows taller, as several sharp nails wedge out through it, and two giant hands pull the crack open into the shape of a round portal. Skeletons fall out from the bottom, screaming and wailing as they form a staircase. Emerging from the red swirling portal is a humanoid figure, dressed in the long robe of an evil 'holy' man, with many gold necklaces and garments around his neck. His head is a skull, with fire pouring out of every crevice- the top is decorated with a crown of finger bones, out of which fire shoots upwards. His staff is composed of arm bones, upon which is a glass orb with- you guessed it- fire swirling around inside.

Flanking him are two demons, about ten feet tall and five feet wide, their red flesh rippling and bulging with muscles and veins, with great big leathery bat wings sprouting from their backs, wearing loincloths made of black cloth.
>everyone but Minty and Bonnie see this



She shoots the lich. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Haha! Suck it, nerd!" Minty yells at the Smooze.
"You should've just left while you had the chance; because I haven't had a decent lunch since…yesterday I think."

Not wanting to think much longer on how long ago she ate that fruit, she shrugs and gets back to proving mint to be the superior flavor over grape.

>mint jelly>grape jelly


Roll #1 8 = 8


Marrow comes flying up having devoured the flesh of the demon, 'barking' and flying through the entrance with the lightest of flames puffing from his mouth as he lands near Rushin, nudging him as he speaks with Maltgromme and the Lich descends.

"WOAH! Marrow, where'd you get those?!"

As he hears the cracks in the air disturbing him from concentrating on his magic, he roars in frustration as he tries and focuses again, "Quick, Marrow, go take care of whatever's out there, I'll keep helping out Minty here."

Marrow 'barks' and leaps out of the entrance to the stomach in a leap to fly, going for the two demons flanking the lich as he breaths fire upon them
[1d10] On the demons

[1d10+1] Rushin' uses Magic Bolt (haste) on himself

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2



As Bonnie turns her head mid-flight to locate the source of the voice, unhead so far, she's finding herself dumbfounded.

So much that it looks like the younger mare lost her voice to the older one now.


Nonetheless, there are things of more concern of her right now. Specifically, the Smooze, which she was engaged in a dirty fight with. She flaps her wings as to dig out her hoof, then proceeds to kick it in oe of its eyes.

>Normal, unarmed attack on Smooze

>Poisoned - direct wound damage


Roll #1 7 = 7


Bang shrugs and keeps fiddling with the hammer, swinging it a bit as he waits for his friends or the lich to arrive.


File: 1438927253360.jpg (520.32 KB, 1240x1754, 1438552205700.jpg)

Violet looks to the lich and his two allies, breathing deep almost hyperventiliating.

>"Violet! Now!"

She looks at the imposing figures, not moving till Flicker walks over with her gun.


"R-right! CLASS-Access! Tracker! Log-In!"

A wireframe sphere briefly spins around Violet, before leaving her in her magical girl uniform holding an semi-automatic. Using the 'gate' to Malgromme as cover, she opens fire on them.

[1d10+2] Cleave 3
>Crits 9+, Critfails 3-

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Your crystal shot passes through his robe, as he looks down at the hole. "Oh, we're getting right into it, then?" he asks, before snapping at his demons. "Kill her, first," he says, before lifting his staff up, firing a bolt of magic at Flicker.
Varidox, Fire Lich [1d10+1] Fire Magic Bolt @ Flicker
The two large demons fly up and and Flicker, punching at her in succession.
Big Demon 1[1d10] @ Flicker
Big Demon 2[1d10] @ Flicker
Spreading your body out, you almost have the Smooze engulfed. It would be very hard for him to come back from this one…
Marrow opens his mouth up, trying to blow out a breath of fire, but only managing a plume. As you try to magic up some orbs, the air from the demons' wings blows the magic out.
You're able to help Minty a little more when she probably doesn't need it, barring extraordinary circumstances at this point.
The lich has already arrived, with two demons at his side, though now they've flown over to punch Flicker.
The sweep of bullets impacts the lich and both demons, but they pass by in favor of beating up Flicker. "Children!" the lich shouts out, "No sense of occasion or timing! Why bother with anything?!"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 1 = 1 / Roll #4 10 - 2 = 8



[1d10+2] EA: Wind on the Lich

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Stop squirming, gosh darn it! How am I suppose to absorb you if you keep moving around like that?"

>absorb him like this is a game of agar.io


Roll #1 9 = 9


Bang, now no longer distracted, decides to put new use to his weapon. He charges at the lich, readying to smack him right in his big stupid face with the fist hammer.


Roll #1 2 = 2


Violet continues her spray while Alaster chats in her ear telepathically.

[1d10+2] Cleave 3
>Crit 9+ Critfail 3-
>Turn 2/5 Avatar State

>"Look I know you're probably busy, but I'm going to need you to listen carefully. See that blue meter in the upper left hand corner of your vision? Thats your morpher's energy. Right now its at about 78%. When it drops to zero, we're back in to hiding. The one in the right is your vitals. They reach zero and…lets not let those reach zero."

Violet continues playing child soldier shooting at monsters, as he explains the thrilling and enchanting life of a magical girl.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Rolling hearing, instant


Roll #1 4 = 4


Marrow, flapping about the two demons as they soar towards Flicker, comes up from behind and tries to reignite its inferno on them with a powerful puff
[1d10] On the demons

Rushin' meanwhile, looks back to see that Minty seems to have the smooze surprisingly under control, growling at how effective she is without his awesomeness to help. "Ah, alright! But after it eats you don't expect me to save you without a big thank you!" He says in jest (mostly) as he runs towards the sounds at the entrance, readying his magical spells in the forms of spheres

[1d10] "Come on, horn, come on…"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2



"Yeah, you show it, Mint! This world's goo got nothig on ours!" - Bonnie yells, seeing how well her companion is faring

As she says that, she goes down on hr target one more time. Perhaps needlessly. Nonetheless, she ain't aware of what's happening over them right now..

>Normal, unarmed attack on Smooze

>Poisoned - direct wound damage


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


The lich's Magic Bolt seems to have backfired somehow- possibly out of his anger out of being shot upon emerging from the portal. It instead causes his robes to be covered in fire. The Wind shot blows him against the wall, robes ruined now that the wind blew them out.
The Smooze roars out as best it can, sounding like a semi-excited "Uuuuugh!"
As you charge at the lich, he sees you and hits you with the butt of his staff. "Don't you be playing hero with me!" He shouts angrily, "I'm not dealing with this, nope, not again."
>>637463 >>637465
You think you hear some noises up top, but with the fight down in the belly it's hard to tell. You zap the Smooze with another fistful of poison slobber, though, helping Minty as best you can.
The closest demon to you backhands you as you try to do the spread-shot once again, smacking you into the stone door of the structure.
>take 6 hits
Marrow lets out a wide cone of fire breath like a Red Wyrmling, dousing the back of both demons' backs in flame. Big Demon 2 shouts in pain and anger, kicking you with a clawed leg as you're trying to conjure magic again.
>counterattack damage, take 4 hits

"I'm not dealing with this," the Fire Lich says, "I didn't come here to be shot at by children and to look like an idiot. I don't even care about this anymore, I can think of something else and have it ready in a week." He throws his hands up, walking towards the portal. "I'm going to the damn beach to relax and think about this, maybe summon a meteor to scorch the Earth or something." And with that, he walks back into the underworld gate, which closes behind him, the skeleton steps collapsing onto the ground.

The giant nails and chains suspending Maltgromme suddenly start coming loose from the wall, as the Titan starts to wrench himself forward, pushing off from the wall and grabbing onto the cliffside, keeping the structure on his chest above the edge. "I am free!" He shouts out happily, his voice a hearty laugh that would surely shatter windows.

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


The Smooze is unable to keep up with Minty and Bonnie, as it is enveloped by Minty's body, dissolving into goop, as Minty is able to absorb what's left of it into her body.
>Minty gets +1 Wound



With the threat ostensibly taken care of now, and no reason to stick around, Flicker turns and heads out.



Flicker shoots demon 1.


Roll #1 2 = 2


Rushin' sighs as his horn once again fails to spark due to his lack of concentration, but then looks up as the Fire lich flees. He shakes a hoof, "Yeah! I wouldn't wanna fight me either now that I'm not handling your poo-pile you put in this giant's gut. Send me a post-card from Loser-Pier will you?" He rubs Marrow's head as the flaming flying skeleton dog touches down, grinning at his performance as Maltgromme lurches forward.

He gasps, jumping back towards the bridge as he shouts at Maltgromme, "Woah, hold up! There's still a couple of ponies inside you, dude!"

Seeing the demons still about, Marrow launches at both of them once again
[1d10] with flame breath

As Rushin' takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and thinks of time accelerating as clear as he can
[1d10+1] magic Bolt, self, Haste

He turns to mouth out to Flicker, "Hey! I heard someone else shouting up here but it sounded like a lady. Is there someone else here?"

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


As Minty absorbs the leftover goo, she feels a slight rumbling in her stomach until she lets out an audible burp. As she burps, she gets a little bit taller; though she doesn't notice the height increase over the great feeling of relief and satisfaction that belch gave her.
"Mmm, ya know, that thing didn't taste half bad."

"Alright, now that we know who the better goo is, and me feeling nice and full, how about we get out of here," Minty says to Bonnie, making her way out of Maltgromme's stomach.


File: 1438929756942.jpg (871.6 KB, 1700x1201, Kirisame.Marisa.full.11355….jpg)

"Ah!" Violet hits the wall with a thud, blinking her eyes. She looks up as the Lich steps through the portal.

>"Thats…anticlimatic. But it leaves us with just the leftovers. Time for the big finish. Repeat after me."

Schematics fill Violet's eyes before vanishing, as she stands up, a very large wireframe appearing her hooves, which quickly gives way to a cartoonishly large gatling gun.


>Single DC 5
>Barrage: Ranged, Recharge 5; Hits all enemies within range, even if they are behind cover or not directly in your view. Benefits from Trick Ammo.
>Turn 3/5 Avatar State

Violet opens fire on the two demons with the ridiculous unwieldly [to her, for now] weapon.

[1d10+1] Stand Firm
>Stand Firm: Instant, Once per combat after success; Plant your hooves deep and be as still as a mountain. As an instant action roll to lock your hits remaining at their current spot. At the start of next turn, you begin with that number of hits. This does not protect you from wound damage that exceeds your locked hits.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3



"Phew… wasn't as bad i guess. If that's all this Smooze can amount to it, i wonder what that Ice Lich was so afraid of" - Bonnie confesses to Minty - "Want me to help you back up?" - she asks, before flying there. With or without her, depending on Minty's stance on that matter.

As she sees the rest of the class engaged in a fight with the demons, she charges without hestitation at one of them, attack pattern not all that different, yet using the fact that she emerged suddenly to get advantage over the foes.

>Normal, unarmed attack on Demon 1

>Poisoned - direct wound damage


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Did… did that really just happen? Aren't the bad guys supposed to be… I don't know… fighting us? Not run away?" Bang stands there for a moment, genuinely confused as to what just happened. He then just shrugs and turns to the nearest demon to test his new Fist of Justice on.

>Attack on nearest demon


Roll #1 4 = 4



"Hang in there! We're coming!"

No more poking. Just an accidental breeze from flying this time…

Koan on Flicker's shot, instant


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Sure, whatever. At least you're asking me instead of shoving me this time," Minty says, mostly in reference to the whole lift ride thing.



"I'm sorry abot that one, Minty. Call me overprotective, but i was really scared about you… didn't mean to offend you by denying you that challenge…"


"Yeah, sure, whatever 'mom,'" Minty replies with a roll of her eyes.


Rushin' turns to look at them as they come out of the gullet, "Oh hey! You guys are alright! What happened to the ooze?"

He smugly rubs his chest at Alaster and Bang, "I think he saw that I came out of the giant's stomach and thought 'woah, this dude? No way man I'm out'. You know?"

"Oooooooooh." Rushin' drools over the site of the heavily artillery. "Now if only I had THAT for a horn instead of this useless lump."


You miss pretty badly. "Do you want me to take a look at that?" Rad offers as you come to the exit, "Fix the sights, straighten the barrel, add a grenade launcher to the bottom, extended magazine, maybe a flashlight and a drink holder?"
Big Demon 1 kicks Marrow out of the way, causing him to fall on the cliff ground and fall down.
>Marrow takes 6 Hits, helpless
You're finally able to summon some orbs properly, as four pop out from your horn and float above and behind you.
Firing out, you fill them both with shots- Big Demon 1 is almost dead, and 2 is almost as bad-looking.
You fly out through the stomach and give Demon 1 a sick kick to the face, making him bowl over on the ground, dead.
Flicker's shot somehow ricochets through the volcano, entering the demon through its back and emerging out its chest, just enough to kill it, too, falling upon its comrade.
You end up late to the fight, with both demons dead on the ground before you.

The Titan carefully pulls everypony off of him and out of him, pulling himself up to the cliffside opposite and ripping the stone frame off his chest, exposing his gaping chest wound. He reaches down to pick up the ruby himself, planting it inside. It glows a bright red, and he sighs. "Oh, I feel better than I have in months," he says, satisfied, "What can I do for you brave children?"


Violet turns back, all her weapons vanishing and Alaster reappearing next to her just before Minty comes up. She falls over onto her back, panting for breathe.


Bang looks over at the titan. "Can you bring back the lich so we can beat the schnoz out of him?" Bang asks with a big smile. He also holds up the weapon and says. "Also, if this thing is evil can you cleanse the bad stuff out of it?"



Flicker waves goodbye to the lich and keeps going, now sure her work is done.


Marrow lands down hard on the cliff, Rushin' gasping and then growling at the demons as they're torn apart. "Yeah! That's what you get! Now I'm gonna… gonna…"

He looks at his floating orbs, the somewhat dumbstruck as he realizes the battle is done. He plants his rear down as Marrow tries to recover up

"Awwwwww. Stupid magic, coming in at the last possible second…" He grunts, shaking his head as he stands back up, then turns to look up at Maltgromme as he plants the ruby back in his wound.
>Saving 4 haste orbs for later

"Heya, no problem dude. Two things off the top of my head. One, you know where that lich went? And two, can I get some of those cool items down there like Bang did? I was told they were cursed but he doesn't look cursed at all."

As Flicker is about to fly off, Rushin' waves her down, "Wait! Flicker, did you hear my … oh, duh. Well did you see my mouth move when I asked? I thought there was someone else up here."

As Flicker dematerializes, Rushin' grins, "Can you put one of those big things on my horn next time? I'm pretty sure I can lift it."


"I came, I saw, I kicked its gooey butt!" Minty says triumphantly, patting her stomach in the process and looking slightly taller than before.
"He was actually kinda tasty."

"Ahh, don't mention it. Though if you could get rid of…whatever that bad stuff is on that sweet loot that was with the ruby, that'd be swell. As much as I'd love to see everypony else complain about voices, its only funny if it happens to them, not me."

"Oh, and if you could warm that village of ogres back up…and really the outside in general, that's be swell."

Looking over at Violet, Minty blinks a few times.
"What's her deal? Its not THAT hot in here."


>meant to quote Violet
>as *VIOLET* dematerializes



She shrugs and shakes her head.



After the whole ordeal, the Pegasus filly comes up a bit shyly towards the bigger one.

"Umm… i wanted to say sorry once more, Miss Flicker. I only wanted good… and… " - here she begins saying things more quietly - even though you said those things, i wanted to say… you have a really nice voice, you know…"

She stares for a moment at her, but turns her gaze as well as her body away and goes off.

"I'll… try not to get in your way…"


"Could you make the climate as it was before your imprisonment, mister Maltgromme? The ogres living at the base of the volcano have suffered greatly due to that change.."


"WOAH. You ate him?" He looks chocked, poking at her side, "Huh. Why aren't you fatter? He was way bigger than tha…" he notices the height gain. "Aaaaaaaaw! You're even TALLER now?"

"What? Nah she's tired because she transformed and shot at all the demons and liches and stuff dude, not cause it's hot. You should have seen it, everyone out here was like 'ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee'" He vibrates his horn about, making pretend it's a machine gun.

"Huh… weird. Swore I heard somethin'… aw well. Wanna go see if we can take some of the cursed treasure before we go?"


Violet continues laying flat out on the ground, staring upwards, not answering Rushin's request as her chest heaves in fear, excitement, and weariness.


"I am?"
Minty gets closer to Rushin', comparing the sizes.
"Yes! I'm hitting my growth spurt! Awesome!"
Minty rubs Rushin's head rather roughly.
"How do ya like that, little boy?"

"This again? Seriously, I don't know who is the worse liar; you, or Bonnie. I mean you expect me to believe that that bookworm over there actually did something other than hide?" Minty says, pointing at the pitiful form of Violet catching her breathe for emphasis.


No one feels like bothering you, leaving you to catch your breath and gather your thoughts.
"His magic was that of the underworld, dark and powerful. He has domain over fire, but i could tell that it was only decoration on that gate. Dark magic is not within my power, or heart, so I am unable to retrieve, him, alas."
As you ask about the cursed items, Gyorgi has just come up from the cliffside path dragging a bag behind him, the sawblade rapier sticking out the side. "This stuff's cursed?" He asks, "Dang, uh, maybe I should hold onto it so nothing bad happens to you guys…"
"If those items were left down there, it was because they were to be destroyed," Maltgromme says, "There are monks to the North in the town of Stone Cold Fortress who may be able to cleanse them of the evil spirits or curses that hold them within their grasps, but it would not be convenient for you children, unless you plan to go to the North Pole as long as you're up there."
"Indeed, I can," Maltgromme says with a smile, "The ground will be as if they were walking on the sands of the desert, now that I am free, and the Frost Lich is dead."
Rad follows you out, walking ahead and to your right so he can be sure you can see his mouth. "You're sure in a hurry!" He says, "Gonna go back to the bus and have a good sleep? Or maybe get a nice meal while you're in town?" The path down to the monastery is short, but the choice must be made- mountain path or lift?



"You don't touch a gun while it's going off, and you don't try to point it at anything that it's not pointed at, you understand?" she writes and underlines. "If something goes wrong while you do that, then one of your guy's heads is coming off, got it?"



She puts on the coat and waits for the others to get done talking before she leaves.



"You took all of that?" - Bonnie asks Gyorgi, peeking into the bag, to see what he has indeed stacked in there.

"Thank you, mister" - she responds to the Titan - "in their name… i think we won't be staying on summer vacation though."


Bonnie sighs.

"I… ehh… nevermind. I understand."

Then she just leaves her, discontent.


"Well a lich might be up there… Hey, do you think you could give us a ride? We might be able to get there faster if we have a giant carry us there!"


Rushin' chuckles, "Aw, come on princess, it couldn't have been that bad…. come one, how many horns do you see?" He waves his head in front of her to gauge her vision."

"Grrrrrrr… c'mon, Minty, I was already short enough, I don't need a friendly reminder. You know I'm due for a growth spurt too you know."

He stands up on his toes, trying to fake a little height to match her.

"What?! No, dude, you're not pulling this on me again. She transformed! I saw it, we all saw it! She has a magical cat bunny living in her morpher that tells her how to do it! Alaster, help me out man!"

"Gyorgi! You freaking deaf or something!? Are you already possessed? What's my last name?!" He asks knowing he has none.

As he mentions the fortress, Rushin' tries to remember if there was a Lich there on the map…
>checking memory of map since I think DB has it

"Wait, the north pole is there? That sounds pretty rad actually! How far away? Thanks for fixing up the weather while you're at it dude, it's really cold down there. You're alright, you know that?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


>"I can neither confirm nor deny Rushin's claims."

Alaster telepaths to Minty and Rushin, standing near Minty, looking up at her.

Violet gets up, adjusting her glasses.

"I…I'm okay."


Rushin' glares at Alaster, growling, "Okay, dude? You back me up or I'll show you how a flying dog is so much harder to get away from than a not-flying dog."

He looks down on Violet as she huffs out, offering a hoof, "You sure? If you're that beat I get it, we'll take a break or snacks or something."


Minty simply matches Rushin's height gain by stretching her legs effortlessly.
"Yeah, but I got mine first. Which means I'm still gonna be taller when we're all grown up."

"Give it up, Tiny, I'm not buying it."
Minty looks around frantically that Alastar's telepath.
"Hey. What was that? I didn't touch any of those cursed things."
Minty looks down, and finally notices Alastar. She blinks at few times, just staring at it.
"Was this bunny…cat…thing always here?"

"Oh, well whatever. If I can tune out Miss DB giving a lecture, then I'm sure I can tune out a bunch of imaginary voices or whatever you say these things do."

"Oh, thank you so much for getting OUR stuff," Minty says, the now taller goo looking at Gyorgi as she gets a little too close for comfort considering her bully status, "but don't be afraid to make noise while we're not paying attention. Not like there's a reason for you to be sneaking around."
She then growls out a drawn out 'Right?' and gives him a glare.
>how scary is the bully?
>by my luck so far, I bet not scary at all

"Anyways, thanks for warming the place back up, Malt. You have some way I could talk with ya? You seem like a cool enough guy to throw rocks at a trashcan with."
Regardless of answer, Minty leaves.>>637498

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I…I'd like snacks."

Alaster gives a scared expression and looks to Minty, staring at her with a blank expression.
>"Minty, this is your subconscious. Rushin is telling the truth. Violet really did transform and fight demons. Also you want to give the familiar your food when we get back to the bus. All your food. Don't hold out on me. I mean him. You."

The creature telepaths to Minty, Violet, and Rushin.


"What do you want to do next?" Rad says, "I'm sure everyone down there's celebrating already! There's gonna be a big party for you guys, I bet!"
You can see the shape of the shield, sword, and armor, as well as the jingling of coins.
"I'm sorry, but I must stay here- believe it or not, the cold will kill me. If I'm not hot at all times, I won't be able to live. Right now I'm being warmed by the convection of the lava river down here, and I walk through a lake of lava under the mountain regularly."
"I can't hear you, ia ia ctulhu ftaghn, Smithjones," Gyorgi says flatly, "Donkeys don't get possessed, we're too stubborn for it."
You remember that there wasn't a lich at the North Pole, but that there was a one slightly to the north in a town called Dockside.
Maltgromme doesn't have anything to say to you, so he doesn't.
>Unbreakable Will
"Huh?" he asks, cocking an ear, "What're you talking about? You guys got in a fight, and I was thinking hey, I've got a sack, I can drag heavy loads, you guys are busy up here and you can't touch this junk so hey, why don't I do it? And since you guys still can't touch it, I'll hold onto it until you can."


"Yeah well, but if my growth spurt's bigger? I could be a giant. I suck at school but I'm good at sports, and all athletes are giants."

"See!? I told you! That thing totally lives in her morpher and she transforms into an awesome magical girl with gun powers and that's the trut… TINY?! Come on, I'm not that short!"

"I think you took my last bag of chips yesterday but I got bits to buy more once we get down. Maybe you have a chef class."

Rushin' chuckles violently, snickering to himself as he tries to fool Minty and deciding to leave Marrow as he is.


"Oh! Hey! Gyorgi, we should find those monks and ask them to cleanse the weapons! That way all of us can use at least one of them!" He suddenly gets really excited at the idea of everybody getting their own weapon.



Bonnie thinks for a while, then asks:

"Mister Maltgromme - are the coins cursed as well?"


Minty raises a brow.
"Okay, who's messing with me? Everypony knows I don't have a lunchbox with me, and I'm not about to spit up that Smooze guy for…whoever is doing that voice."

"Aha! You're doing the voice! I should've known. But you gave it away by adding more outrageous stuff to your already dumb lie."
Minty nods, as if solving a big mystery.
"Yup, you're just a sad, lying, little colt."

Minty gives a long, throaty 'hmm' as she thinks, but is unable to find any flaw in that line of thinking.
"Oh fine, whatever then."



She counts the number of hairs in her tail. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Alright. I have bits too though…"
>"Okay I'm done."

Alaster says walking in a circle around Minty.

>"I'm doing the voice. Down here. With the ears."

It telepaths moving its big ears.


>Forgot to link DM


"Orrr maybe we could sell them," he points out, "Might not want to always hold onto these, in case we get robbed, or we need the money." He pouts a little, eyes widening to try and get his point across.
"They wouldn't be here otherwise, possibly mined from reserves cursed by ghosts or a similar hex."
"Yeah, I know what I'm talking about," Gyorgi says with a grin.
You lose count a couple times, and it's hard to do so when the wind keeps blowing them away. There's at least 100, you figure out.
With not much left to say, Maltgromme stands up. "Well, I've got to get to work," he says, "Can't stop for too long, or else it gets chilly. Good luck with your journey, children- if you can, stop by the Emerald Forest, one of my peers resides there, and there's a magical blacksmith who might be able to help you with those weapons." With that said, he turns and walks up to the peak, climbing down into the volcano to resume stirring the underbelly of the Earth.



Minty stares at Alastar, watching him circle around Minty. She was now very sure this wasn't just some fancy toy anymore.
Minty squats down, rubbing Alastar on the head.
"Well, the whole voice thing is creepy as heck. But at least you're cute and not a talking mouth or something coming out of somepony's head."


"OH…. huh. That would explain Bang too wouldn't it?" He rubs his chin, "Hmmmm… well that stinks. Wish I was part donkey now and I never once thought I'd say that. No offense."

"Well, the north pole WAS pretty close to the next spot. You sure you're okay with staying up here just soaking in lava dude? There is gotta be a big shindig like Rad said."


"W-what?! My lips weren't even moving! How can I be doing the voice, it sounds nothing like me at all! You just don't want to admit that I'm right you gigantic goo brain!"

"Ah, my treat, least I can do. You did most of the heavy lifting right? Heck, that's what the boss does for his team-mates!"


Alaster shakes his head as she gets little bits of goo on him.

>"You're one to talk. So, I'm Alaster, I'm a magical familiar, I live in Violet's morpher, its nice to meet you. Your name's Minty right?"

"Still not joining. But thanks."

She says meekly.


"You could be one of those voice-actor ponies and simply not told anypony," Minty replies with a shrug, "at least then you'd be good at something other than carrying stuff."

"Alright, drop the act. Who are you really, because I'm pretty sure Rush set you up to say that to me," Minty says, tone and facial expression indicating she is not amused.


"Awwwww!" RUshin' groans. "Okay, I see where this is going. You need a salary."

Rushin eyes her carefully. "I get 10 bits a week. You are welcome to 3 of them."

"Dude, seriously?! I WISH I could voice act like that, why would I be in this crummy school if I was that good? I'd be making millions."


>"Oh. Sorry. I'm that other thing thats believable in this situation."

He says telepathing a laugh.
Violet smirks at his groan.


"…okay, I see how it is." He puts a hoof forward. "FOUR bits."


"I'unno. What do I look like? You're stalker or something."
Minty shivers.
"Not sure who in the right mind would wanna stalk you, though."

"You're lucky you're cute, or I'd be throwing you in Rushin's face right about now."
Minty begins petting him again.
"But for realsies now; who and what are you?"


>"My name is Alaster. I'm Violet's magical familiar. She's a magical girl. She found my morpher back in the creepy fountain of creepiness."
"I really don't want to…"


Rushin takes in a deep breath. "Okay, okay, stop twisting my hoof…"

He closes his eyes. "FIVE bits. FIVE. That's HALF of my allowance. Pleeeeease?"

"Uh, people who know how freaking baller I am? I'd stalk me."

"And that doesn't answer the stupid question, so I guess I CAN'T be voicing him. I mean doesn't he sound totally different?!"


Minty gives an unamused sigh.
"Alright then, Alaster. But if Violet is so magical, then how come she's always hiding or always out of breathe when I see her? That doesn't seem magical to me."

"Eh, I guess. I sort of stopped caring at this point since, clearly, everypony is in on this act to get Minty to believe everyone's dumb stories and junk."


"I don't want to join your club Rushin. We're not superheroes. I'm not a superhero…"
>"Would you believe her superpowers have a worse battery life than the Sega Gamegear?"


Rushin' just stares blankly at you for several moments, a eyebrow raised curiously as he gives you 'this filly serious' tone of look.

He reaches forward, and holds up your hoof with the morpher on it. "Dude. You turn into a magical girl with a catch phrase and a mascot sidekick. You are the definition of superhero."

"It's not an act! What'll it take to get you to believe me!?"


"I never owned one, so…kind of lost me on that one. Though she is a weakling so if that means its really bad then nnnyeah, I might believe it enough to play along with whatever you're trying to pull here."

"How about me actually seeing it. If Violet is able to turn into some magical version of Flicker or whatever, then have her do it right here, right now."


>Morpher not in hoof, not a watch.

She just looks away akwardly when he grabs her hoof.
Violet answers this time.

"I…I could show you when we get back to town. I guess."


"Oh, so you can speak after all."

"Alright, yeah; you show how you can't do it, and that Rushin' is a short liar with nothing better to do than make up stuff with Bonnie."


With the Lava Titan freed from his bondage and demonic torment, and with their initial goal only halfway completed, the party travels down the mountain via the recently repaired lift. At the bottom, the ogres of Hotbase have gathered to cheer them in congratulations and thanks. The monk ogre whom Rushin', Flicker, and Violet encountered on the way up was there as well in a full body cast with IVs feeding into him- after getting blown off by Flicker's shot, he had fallen down gently on an updraft of cold air, before falling through the grass and straw ceiling of the Pillow and Blanket seller. The thankful townsfolk had gathered a show of appreciation for the group, giving them sacks of gold with 125 pieces each.

With an admittedly meager feast to feed them, and putting the party up in what remained of the only hotel, the party was given room and board for the night. And with night, comes sleep, and dreams…

Bang finds himself sitting in a chair in a round room, with a carpet of red velvet and walls of dark wood, lit by candles between the seats. There are thirteen other chairs, but they are empty. Sitting in the middle is a middle-aged human dressed in long, red robes, smoking a corncob pipe and reading a magazine, not noticing Bang. His head is wrinkly, the top bare, though the side had long, straight white hair. Under his stout nose was a long white mustache with beads tied into it.

Violet awakens in the middle of a great hall, with walls made of obsidian, twinkling with the lights of far-off stars. Sitting at the head of the hall in a piece of furniture that looks like a cross between a sofa and a throne, was a ladylike unicorn, with a white coat, a mane of various sparkling diamond blues, a gold tiara on her head, with long, slender legs folded up under her. "Hello, Violet," she says, "My name is Queen Majesty II. I see you've started becoming acquainted with the Magivice I left in the fountain. Are you ready to hear the story of its origin?"

Rushin', Bonnie, and Minty are being pursued across a snow-covered meadow by a pack of Timberwolves, in pursuit of the Fire Gems the town of Glaebol are in need of in order to keep warm for the rest of the winter. Having been tasked with their retrieval, they journeyed to the palace of Evil Queen Diamagol, but after getting them back, the Queen sent the Timberwolves after them as she prepared for a more personal effort. The five wolves draw ever closer upon them, mouths dripping acidic sap.


Bang looks around the room and kicks his hooves a bit as he sits on the chair. "Whoa… what is this place?" He asks, now turning his head to the human.


>225 gold GET

In his dream, Rushin' thrashes about under his blanket as the Timberwolves gain on them in the snow. Rushin' looks back, sticking a tongue out at the Timberwolves,

"Hey you giant bundles of sticks! You want this? You want some of this? You're gonna have to run faster than that to get 'em, losers!"

He chuckles, charging up his red horn. "Bonnie, Minty, hold on, gonna get wild in a sec…"

[1d10] Homing Attack (Haste)

Roll #1 2 = 2


Violet approaches the throne timidly, wearing violet colored pajama pants and a button-up pajama shirt of the same color, keeping her distance.

"I-if I could have you wait to explain that. Whats going on in general? Why did we get dragged into this world? Who freed Demiursa? And why does that Overlich want us to fight for him to get home? We're just a couple of kids, doesn't he know that?"


Having curled up into a literal ball in the real world, Minty was quite busy bouncing and rolling as fast as she could away from the wolves.
"I just wanna go home!" Minty yells/whines, continuing to bounce away from the wolves, bouncing and rolling along the ground as fast as she can.

>Run! Run away!

>Supreme Survivor: Autocrit traversing

Roll #1 3 = 3



"Just not like last time, please!" - asks Bonnie over the sound of her swooping down on the nearest Timberwolf. Landing on it with crushing momentum. Or at least trying… then back in the air, nopeing out. That acid sure looked nasty.

>Standard unarmed attack

>Poisoned, direct wound damage


No rest here. Those evil queens rise in numbers every day. Pretty popular profession, apparently.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


File: 1440125552574.png (162.98 KB, 480x360, Kikuhime.png)

Hey you! Quit stealing my post! No wonder I failed that roll!


The man jumps in his seat, dropping the magazine. "Oh, there you are," he says, sounding irritated, "We were calling for you earlier, and you didn't come, so we went ahead without you." He stands up, jumping on his heels, taking short, quick breaths. "Okay, okay, lemme just get into the mindset, hoo- WELCOME, TO THE 845TH BATTLE ROYALLLLE!" He pauses, then points up at the ceiling. "There were confetti balls up on the ceiling, and we had fog machines and strobe lights, too, it was really neat." He walks over to your seat, looking you up and down. "You know, I'm not sure if you were the right one… You're Bang, right? King Bang?"
"What's going on in general right now is that I'm informing you of your situation. You got dragged into this world by an area-of-effect universal jump spell. Demiursa was freed by a young donkey named Bang. The Overlich wants you to fight the other liches because they operate on a shared power source, and if he leaves his country to go fight the others, it'll be under attack by surrounding nations. Yes, he does know your children." She flutters her eyelashes and gives you a smile. "Are you ready, now?"

Your orbs fail to appear, instead just becoming a line of light as you keep running.
The snow causes your jelly consistency to become stiff, making it hard for great leaps for now.
The poison doesn't work as well on the wolf as it would on a more meaty target, only damaging it as much as a normal punch would.

The three of you get closer to the tree-line. Ahead is a large log, one that you would be able to jump into for temporary cover and protection.
>roll to slide in


>>638687 "What are you talkin' about? Last time I was amazing."

>>638686 "Hey, what's the matter Minty? You're not scared of a few dumb woodpiles, are ya?" He teases the bully as he runs just as fast.


"AH, WHAT?!" Rushin' growns, turning his head to look at them gaining. "Oh, crud…"

Spotting the log ahead, Rushin' shouts, "Ah thank the princess! Everyone, follow me!" He shouts, bravely running towards the log to crawl inside it

[1d10] sliding in

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well I am Bang. But if you mean King as in the King of justice then I'm definitely the King Bang you're lookin' for!" He states, trying to jump out of his chair and reach for his new hammer to strike a pose.


"Bang did it?" Violet thinks, confused and angry that he got them sent to another world.

"Well, how do we get back? Is the Overlich telling the truth? And why did you give me this thing?"

Violet says, pulling out the [dream version] of the morpher out of nowhere.


"I am when there's five of them! That's four more than me, which means they're not all weak and easy-to-beat-up-on like you and Bonnie. And when they aren't that, that's when I get my rear in gear and get out of here!"

Seeing the log, Minty jumps up.
"Every pony for themselves!" She yells, thinning out as best she can mid air as to land and 'slighter' in a hole on the log.
>Jump into log!
>Sup Surv: Autocrit jumps

Roll #1 10 = 10



"After the fact, yes, as you've said yourself. No offense, just quoting you."

Having spotted the potential cover and seeing no practical use in hiding there instead of flying, she decides to give a chance to mysterious somethings that tended to rule the dreams. They probably knew what they were doing.

Though it was a nightmare, which kinda discredited them… maybe a way out then?

Well, too late! She's already flying there!





Messed up the parenthesis.


Roll #1 2 = 2


"What?!" He shouts, "I'm not easy to beat up on! You have your sticky hooves FULL with me, and that's assuming you win." He boasts.

Rushin' looks dumbfounded, "Oh, yeah, I did…. uh, don't listen to what I said before, I'm USUALLY awesome. Let's go, log ahoy!"


The mage hums, and tugs on the beads in his mustache. "Well… we were expecting a man, about eight feet tall, tan skin, hair the length of a staircase, you probably don't know who I'm talking about, hm?" He looks over you a bit more. "Well, this'd be a bit more fair for the other players, won't it?" With that said, he puts his hand out over your left eye. Your vision turns purple for a moment, and you feel a sudden jolt of pain over your eye and the left side of your face. "There we go, now everyone will know who you are," the man says. "Whether you like it or not, you're a participant in the Battle Royale- an almost-yearly competition between powerful warriors who is the best among the selected pool. While the others have the choice to compete against each other, you're actually required to as the role of the Joker player- it's your duty to fight everyone, and to make sure they're fighting. If they're not, you must exterminate them. Understand?"
"Yes, it was Bang. Trans-universal travel is very difficult, the knowledge is rare and shared among the few who already know it- the few who do are either somewhere else in the vast multiverse, or using their other powers to do as they please. He's probably telling the truth, in that he'll send you back once the other liches are destroyed, since he's probably not even powerful enough to do so right now. And I didn't give it to you, you found it and I told you to pick it up."

Minty slides into the log, fitting inside perfectly.
The two of you loose your footing on the cold, slippery ground, tumbling and hitting a tree, with Rushin' sandwiched between the trunk and Bonnie.


Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 10 = 10 / Roll #4 6 = 6 / Roll #5 5 = 5


The Timberwolves jump into the treeline, three of them coming upon Bonnie and Rushin', while the other two are able to stop, trapping Minty between the two open ends of the log.

>Rushin' takes 4 hits


Bang yelps a bit and rubs his eye after he was shocked. When the mage begins to explain the rules bang gets a wide grin. "Oh! Oh! So it's like a big duel where everyone fights and tries to knock each other out?! I can totally do that!" He then looks around quickly "Where do I start?"


"Y-you didn't? Well, what do I do with it now? You mentioned fighting Demiursa earlier…"


From inside the log, Minty yells over the wolves.
"You so are! You haven't beat me that much…except maybe that game of buckball, but I'm still better than you in every other way!"

Looking between both ends, Minty begins yelling.
Clenching her eyes, her goo begins to ripple….
>Expansive: Goo becomes Great weapon

…until she has goo burst out at the wolves like a stretching punch, to the point the rest of her began to thin out from the amount of goo she put behind the attack.
>Cleave the two wolves trapping Minty, crit range 2-

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"OW!" Rushin' shouts in pain as he misses his mark and runs into the tree, then doubly so with an 'oof' as he's sandwiched by Bonnie.

He wiggles about, trying to get his hooves back, "Bonnie, come on, get off me and into the log, before they get us!"

[1d10] Grabbing Bonnie and going for the log

"Nuh uh! I go easy on you the times I lose!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Nuh uh! You're just that bad at stuff compared to me!"


"But that's not possible, I'm great at EVERYTHING."


"Which makes me super ultra mega great then!"



"Say that when we're awake, i dare you, Minty!"


Bonnie wriggles under Rushin's grasp.

"Nooo, let me down you bonehead. I changed my mind. The Timberwolves are nicer than Minty… and the log smells of her!

She swings her legs around furiously while being held by the unicorn. Were one of the Timberwolves to feel that?

>Pretty non-standard, yet still normal, unarmed attack…

>Poisoned, not that it matters


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"One of the combatants is in the nearby- to your location- town of Dockside. Now, the most notable feature of the battle is that all of the contestants are equipped with the power to assume an additional form, should their normal body not be enough. So when you defeat them, you gain their form, and will be able to take on the additional powers. Un-der-stand?"
"I was allowing you to finish your questions, first, before I moved on to what I meant to talk about, my dear," Majesty says.
"After I banished Demiursa from this land with the help of a powerful rod, crafted from various one-of-a-kind materials, I knew she would come back eventually, so I created the Magivice- that which you used to transform. Within it I programmed various 'classes' to allow the one possessing it to transform into them, for whatever different situation they might need. With that done, I sealed it in the form of a belt, and put it in the magic fountain dedicated in my honor. With that done, I used the remaining magic left in the rod for a wish spell- that when Demiursa was freed and came back to this realm, that chance and fortune would align, and that someone would find the belt and book, and use it to combat her and her evil forces."

Things happen exactly as you mean them to, the two punches firing out the open ends and punching the wolves in their respective faces.
You pull Bonnie into the log with you, now that the openings have been cleared by Minty.
This time, you're able to kick the nearest Timberwolf senseless with the sheer force of your kick, blasting it to bits of wood.


"What do you mean 'when we're awake?!' I mean, I could whoop you and Rush in my sleep easy-peasy…when you're both alone from each other, but pretty sure we're not asleep right now."


"Sooo I knock him out and I get to copy his powers? Hey does this game have any rules or something?" Bang taps his chin a bit, wondering why he hasn't been given strict rules like most games.


"Not much to the rules- the game has to be finished within a year, anyone who leaves this plane of existence is disqualified, and the one who isn't dead at the end of it is the winner. It's your job to fight everyone who isn't fighting, and if they don't want to fight, you kill them. Simple as that."


Violet listens to the story, nodding along.

"Well, that is an interesting story, but like I keep saying. I'm just a kid. I'm not even a stupid kid like Rushin or Bang, I can't fight liches or Demiursa…"

Violet says putting the dream-copy of the morpher on the floor and sliding it over to her.

"Maybe you can find somepony else to be a hero and fight Demiursa."

Violet says shrinking back a bit.

"But not me."


"Well I'm super ultra mega duper infinity greater!"

"Woah! Bonnie, calm down, I'm just trying to save you like a hero would…"

He watches Bonnie as she kicks the Timberwolf square in the jaw, then ducks down in the log with her while letting Bonnie go. "Woah… glad you weren't aiming at me. Well, we're safer here in the log anyhow, even if Minty breath is in it."

As they hide out in the logs, he turns towards the Timberwolves and charges his horn, "Should give me time to get this right too…"

[1d10] Homing Attack (HastE)

Roll #1 1 = 1


Bang freezes up when he's told to kill them before stomping his hoof. "H-Hey! I don't kill anybody without a good reason! I'm not going to play this game if I have to kill somebody!" Bang yells at the mage.



"We're asleep, i'm sure of it… It wouldn't be a nightmare if i weren't stuck with…"


She doesn't finish though, as her eyes go wide in the wake of seeing a certain unicorn's horn begin to glow intensely.

"… Oh Celestia… he's gonna explode!" - she yells, desperately trying to wriggle out of the hiding. Which, with the three of them in the same place, wasn't exactly easy. - "Get me those Timberwolves, i don't wanna die a death by unicorn!"

Is her rapid flailing and current creating via wings flapping gonna make the log roll cartoon-style?

>Rolling for… making it roll!


Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1440129381230.jpg (27.69 KB, 500x667, Gundam Wood Type.jpg)

"I'm all that times infinity, so hah!" Minty says smugly as she reforms from her attack.

"…what? No way…."

"Nightmare, huh…," Minty mumbles. She then hums in slight thought before clenching her eyes and making a slight groan as she concentrates REALLY hard to alter this nightmare into a nice dream for her.

She tries to imagine the log they're in instead as a giant, wooden robot; ready to beat up timberwolves in the most tomboyish of fashions imaginable.

>taking advantage of 'you can shape your own dreams' to have the log become pic related


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well I'm ALL THAT, times infinity, times infinity AGAIN. So hah times hah."

"Explode? What are you talking about, I got this, watch:" His horn glows brighter as he strains and focuses.


"Oh? Are you sure you don't want to fight?" Majesty says, picking up the magivice and bringing it over to her, rubbing her cheek against it, "You'll be able to beat up bad guys, impress others, and you'll always have someone to talk to~ And if you say no the first time, I'll ask three more times so you can be sure."
Your left eye starts burning painfully, and you can smell a burning scent. "Well, it's not necessary, yet," the mage says, "Only if they don't fight. I saw the contestants for this round, and I have to tell you, there's quite a number of them who look like they'll happily fight anyone for the prize."

The other Timber Wolf reaches in, clawing against your face as you try to summon the orb.
>take 5 hits, helpless

With your flailing, the log starts rolling down an incline, everyone inside getting knocked around harmlessly, before falling into a river and floating down.

Suddenly, Minty disappears!

As you realize you're in a dream, you wake up in the bed you've been required to share with Rushin' and Bonnie, with you partially hanging off the middle.


"AH!" Rushin' screams, scared out of his wits as the wolves claws at his face, leaving a few cuts right along his muzzle, "Ow, ow, ow, ow! That hurt!" He tries rubbing the sting and blood of his face

[1d10] to recover, bumping around in the log before it crashes into a river. "OOF!" What the hell happened, Bonnie?! Minty?!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm sure" Violet says backing up some more.


Bang yells a bit as his left eye burns, but he only grits his teeth and glares at the mage. "I still refuse to kill anybody. I'll fight them and beat them up, but I won't kill them unless they're evil!" He then stomps his hoof.


File: 1440129992657.jpg (32.07 KB, 555x387, Markered.jpg)

Minty gets off the bed, getting far away from Rushin and Bonnie. Bad enough they're telling (literally) unbelievable stories of liches and having hands grow out of their eyes; now they're giving Minty nightmares just being around her.
"I was looking forward to having my robot dream, to…." Minty says pouting.

Seeing Rushing and Bonnie still asleep, Minty stares for a moment, then grins.
"I'll show them what happens when they give me nightmares."

Slinking off to find paint or a marker, Minty gets to work scribbling all over their face while they slept.



As the log reaches the river, the Pegasus filly flails her way out of the it, swinging her wings and hooves, trying to get atop of the water. Spitting it out after reching the surface.

"Ughh… my head… better than the Timbrwolves though.. Minty? Rushin? You there?"


"Am i glad to see you… you seen Mint? The goo floats like fat on top of the water, right?"

She dives underwater to check though and tries to take off afterwards to look around.

>Trying to take off, despite soaked wings.


Roll #1 1 = 1


Rushin' splashes around in the water as it fills up the log, spitting it out of his mouth, "Yeah, yeah I'm here! Why are we suddenly all wet?!"


"Are you sure?"
"I should expect a donkey to be this stubborn," the mage says, "But that's how it is. If you'd like to keep your left eye, that's how it'll have to be. If not, then it'll be gone, AND you'll be the new target. See, you'd know this already if you'd shown up earlier. The important thing is that you make sure they're fighting, or are going to fight. If not… fight."

You recover once the log hits the water. Outside, the Timberwolves are running down the hill, slipping on the semi-melted snow.
As you try to lift yourself up, you hit your noggin on the shell of a large rock-crab in the river.
>take 5 hits

Finding a complimentary pen on the table, you're able to get to work on drawing a masterpiece.


"I'd rather give up my eye than take the life of somebody who didn't deserve it." Bang sticks his tongue out at the mage.


Rushin' rubs his noggin as he climbs out of the log, scrambling to sit on top safely as he makes faces at the Timberwolves from the safety of the water. "HAHA! Try and get us now, we're mobile jerks!"

He snickers, but then notices Bonnie hitting her head hard on the rock crab. He winces, "Oooh, ouch. Bonnie I don't see Minty anywhere!" Noticing the Timberwolves still on the hunt, he tries and summons a few more horns. "Hold on, I know my magic can work, I just know it can…"

[1d10] He closes his eyes and thinks hard as he sits on the log down the river.

Roll #1 1 = 1


>summons a few more SPHERES


"I-I'm sure." Violet says backing up more.


With the faces of Rushin' and Bonnie properly defaced, Minty nods in triumphant victory.
"There, now they'll know better than to give me nightmares."

Remembering some of the insults, Minty goes to find two cups, jugs, bowls, or any sort of containers and fill it with warm water. She then places Rushin and Bonnie's hooves in said warm water.
"Dumb jerks. I'll show them."

Minty, laving Rushin' and Bonnie to likely wet their beds, leaves the room and heads into town to explore…and also to get away from the aftermath.



"Ouch!" - Bonnie yelps, immediately going down. She proceeds to massage her head. She lets herself rest against the log and then proceeds to swim towards the shore, pushing it. Someone had to do it, since there was a ground-bound aboard.

"Uhh… help me push instead, please?" - she asks Rushin weakly, seeing his horn light up again - "It's useful… and doesn't require magic at the same time?"

Their position established, she looks around to take in the surrounings.

What does she see?


"Well, I'll just have to call the judges up and see what they have to say about that," the mage says, before flicking you in the forehead.
You wake up in your bed, sharing it with Rad and Gyorgi- or at least you were, Gyorgi's not in the bed right now. The cursed hammer you picked up earlier is still leaning against the wall in a corner.
"Are you sure? I'm going to ask one more time, but really, if you don't take it, I'll give it to someone else."

As you close your eyes, you don't notice the dangerously low tree branch coming up and knocking you off, rendering your concentration useless.
As you swim towards the shore with the log, Rushin' falls off the top, but gets stuck on a large rock. You're in the middle of the forest, but you remember from earlier that the town is further down the river, down a cliff, as well.

The two of you feel a warm, pleasant sensation.

Walking outside, it's much warmer than it was earlier. After going through the streets, you come to a small fire pit where several ogres are sitting around and sleeping, with a man playing a guitar sitting upright, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat and a green cloak.



Bang looks around a bit, rubbing his left eye and pondering if it was just a weird dream. He then gets up to grab his hammer and step off the bed, deciding get some fresh air.


Rushin' looks at Bonnie as she tries to push the log from the water, "Huh?" He nods, "Oh, sure thing, on it, I'll…"

The low hanging branch whacks right into his face, knocking him off and down into the water. He swims about, emerging moments later spraying water from his mouth at Bonnie as he holds his horn in pain, "Aaaah. Who put that stupid branch there?" He swims up to Bonnie as she gets the log stuck on the rock, stepping onto the shore soaking wet as he starts shivering in the cold. "Brrr." He takes out one of the Fire Gems, hoping they could use it to warm up a little just by holding it. "C-cold and w-wet don't mix. Can't we just ride the river all the way down, i-it might be fun."

[1d10] Using Fire gem?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Violet stops backing away, looking at the ground, deep in thought, tearing up.

"If I don't take it…I'll die won't I?"


Minty gives a happy sigh, enjoying the new warmth around here. Much better than becoming a goocicle.

Hearing the music, Minty looks over at the guitar playing man. With nothing much else to do, Minty trots over to the firepit and sits down. Her head bobs slightly to the tune of the guitar, and her tail idly moves side to side.

She doesn't say anything, staying silent until the man finishes playing his song. She didn't quite understand the deeper meaning of the lyrics; she was simply enjoying that this was something not of liches nor magic nor nightmares.



Bonnie climbs on top of the log, having decided to give her wings a while to rest and dry down. She shakes them a bit to accelerate the process though.

She decides to stay on the log for a while, since it's going with the current in the right direction.


"Sure thing, we should reach the village easily that way… but there's a cliff ahead, as far as i remember. I can slow our descent, but i don't guarantee we'll actually fly together" - she admits - "What's that?" - she asks, eyeing the Fire Gem.


"Right, BUT, what if you combine your wings with my horn, right? Then we should get it down safely. Maybe Minty flowed down all the way already… I can't see here anywhere."

He looks at the fire gem. "Uh… duh? The reason we're out here in the first place, remember, getting warmth for the city…? We stole them from an evil queen and she sicced the Timberwolves on us?"


The warm air is a pleasure to walk through, and the streets at night leave no one to bother or talk to you- it'd probably be something Violet would enjoy. You eventually come upon a fire pit with several sleeping ogres, where Minty just so happens to be, as well. A man playing guitar is sitting at the fire pit singing a country song, but you here another voice whispering in your ear…
"Along the shore the cloud waves break, the twin suns sink beneath the lake, the shadows lengthen in Carcosaaa…"
"Oh, dearie, where did you get an awful idea like that?" Majesty asks, leaving her throne and coming over to you, sitting down next to you and stroking your mane in a motherly fashion, "I'm only being so insistent because it's very important that someone find it, and use it to help defeat her. I'm unable to do it myself, due to my being laid to rest. If you're really sure you don't want it, well, you don't have to, I'll send it out, and someone else will find it. Maybe they'll be more suited to the task…"

The fire inside the clear gem dances around, warming you up quickly- a bit too quickly, as you drop it out of reflex from not wanting to get burned from the intense heat radiating from it.
You dry slowly, but don't feel as cold as you were.

The guitar playing man finishes the song, petting your mane gently, before starting up another one, pulling out a harmonica to accompany it.



After hearing the whisper, Bang looks around for the source.


He grins at the heat, but then as it starts to burn he fumbles, "Ooh aaah oooh!" He drops it down to the ground, blowing at his burnt hooves to cool them down. "Ouch. okay, TOO warm." He puts it back in the bag he was carrying them in.

He turns to Bonnie as he jumps across to get back on the log with her. "So, be we off matey?"


Violet slaps her hoof away, swiping the morpher and backing up.

"No…you're wrong. If I don't take this…we'll die out here. I know we will. We've nearly been killed three times since we got here. I'm not a superhero, and I can't fight Demiursa but…"

Violet's back hits wall, breathing heavily in worried fear as her face is stained with tears.

"I'm taking this. I…I don't want it…but I need it. I need it."

She says holding it tightly, glaring at Majesty with a 'don't come closer' expression.



Bonnie brushes her hooves against her eyes and taps her head.

"Must've been water… yeah, we should. Also, that sounds just like what Minty would do. Knowing danger's gone and the delivery is on the way, she'd go off to have a break, not caring about anyone, but herself" - she sighs - "Though i guess that's just the way she is"


Seeing the Fire Gem falling, she stretches one of her wings and taps it to ensure it stays on the log instead of falling in the water. Securing it before Rushing decides to hide it.

"Now that i think about it, there's a good reason for us to go by log for now. If the Timberwolves are anything like their fleshy cousins, it should make them lose our scent.. i guess? All the better if the townspeople are to hide the fact that they have Diamagol's gems. Think they'll manage to hide them from her once we deliver them?" - she asks worriedly.

And the log swims down the river..


Minty get a tinge of color to her face and looks a bit grumpy; perhaps embarrassed about being petted, or perhaps not used to it. However, she was filled with calm again as she listened to the song, looking up at the man with a smile.

She waits for him to finish the song before speaking this time.
"Who are you? You're really good."


"What did I tell ya? Just cares about her gooey lil' butt and no one else's."

He huffs, pushing off the rock after she grabs the gem and gets on the log with him. "Huh? Oh, yeah, that makes sense. That would stink if they got in trouble too. Didn't know that's how you can make wolves stop chasing you, just by getting wet."

[1d10] He occasionally paddles down the river with his hooves to speed it up a bit. "I kind of feel like singing a raftin' song but I don't think I know any."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Based on the direction of the whisper, it could have only come from the hammer. The whispering continues, into a sort of sing-song fashion.
"Strange is the night where black stars riiiise, and strange moons circle through the skiessss… but straaaaanger stillllll is Looooost Carcosaaaaaa…"

Majesty stands up from Violet, walking around her as she backs against the wall. "Very well," she says, raising an eyebrow at Violet, "But you must get that courage up, dearie."

With that said, you wake up with everything the same as when you went to sleep on the sofa in the hotel room you'd been assigned with Miss Deathblossom and Gold Ring, with Stryper the Diamond Dog butler standing stock-straight in the corner like he was in a coffin.

Paddling down the river is a wet and chilly affair, but the proximity to the gems makes it feel as if you're swimming in a pool at room temperature. You're able to hear the splashing of the waterfall, as the water starts to speed up.

"Oh, I'm just a traveling singer and player of old music," the man says, tugging his cloak open. He looks fairly young, his face handsome by human standards, smooth and free from facial hair. He's straw-blonde, with brown eyes. "My name's Rogest, I've been going up and down these parts for a long time. If you like the music, you can stay as long as you like."



Bang moves the hammer so he's looking at it, inspecting a bit before getting a wide grin. "Oh cool! I have a singing hammer."


Minty sits, her tail now idly sliding along the ground. While the music he was playing was nice, she couldn't help but stare at the odd creature playing it now that she has a better look.
"What are you? Some kind of hairless monkey," she curiously asks after another song down.


Rushin' winces at the frigid touch of the water, instead opting for a light bit of telekinesis to push them along instead.

"Hmmm hmmm hmmm… drink up me hearties yo ho…"

He hears the sound of the rushin' (heh) waterfall ahead, grinning to Bonnie as he prepares his magic. "Alright, Bonnie, try and keep up: YO HO YO HO a pirate's life for me!" He sings as he uses his magic to steady the log, keeping it level along the speeding river and, ultimately, slowing its descent once it reaches the falls.

[1d10] Dice I swear don't you bone me on this one.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Violet awakes with a start, looking around the room, panting for breath. She looks around, putting her face into her hooves as she realizes the others are still asleep. She reaches over to a nearby table, feeling around for her glasses, patting the Magivice [which Alaster is using a pillow], Alaster's head, then finally her glasses, putting them on, blinking.

As she pats Alaster's head, he opens a single eye.

>"Are you waking up?"

Violet nods.


Alaster gets up, stretching like a cat. Violet picks up the morpher and walks outside her room, still in her pajamas.



>Obligatory pretty mare presence motivational roll

>Koan, instant


"Well, crossing water, for sure. Covering yourself… maybe. Would work with mud and stuff, for sure, but i dunno about water."

As they near the waterfall she says:

"We can ask the townspeople, but let's save that for later. Ready?" - she asks the unicorn, as she makes her steady on the boat, grabbing him and trying her best to coordinate her effort with the unicorn:


"Take wind! Alley~oop.."

She glides down the waterfall with Rushin, trying to locate the log to see if it landed safely and whether they can continur the effortless travelling that way by landing on it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Feed me the blood of the guilty. I hunger for the crimson fluid that flows through their tainted vessels," it says, as you acknowledge it, "Arges demands it."

"I'm a human," he says, putting his hand under your chin to give it a scratch, "We're a rarity in these parts, but we exist. What're you, little pony?"

The log keeps steady, and as it goes over the edge of the waterfall it seems to fall slowly as if it were on a conveyor belt, though it clips a rock at the bottom, causing it to start rotating slowly.
Everything goes swimmingly.

As the village starts to come into view, a shadow passes over you. Landing with its legs straddling the river is a white wyvern, with green webbing on its wings. "Ssso, Children think they can steal from me?" It hisses, revealing its identity to be the evil queen.

You shuffle out into the hotel hallway, feet plodding on the carpeted floor. It's a small building, the walls made of dried mud and stone, but it's clean and relatively cozy.



Violet looks around the small building, Alaster following along. Noticing nothing of interest, she proceeds outside to the warm night air.


"Oh, awesome! I could go for rolling around in mud if this doesn't work… we something and something and something drink up me hearties yo ho…" he fakes the lyrics continuously as the waterfall lets off… "Here we gooooo!"

Rushin' cries out in fun as his horn glows bright, his confidence swelling as the log falls gently down the falls as he sings his badly pitched sea shanty down the river, jumping for joy as it touches the bottom safely.

"Hey! There's the vil…" He looks up as the shadow passes over, gasping as the queen rides in on her dragon. "Oh crap…"

He focuses on the log, shooting into it a surge of Haste magic to make it rush down the stream right underneath the dragon. "Go go go!"

[1d10+1] Magic Bolt, Haste, firing at the log to boost past

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"That's uhh… A little dark way to say it… You're supposed to say 'Bring me the guilty so that I may bring them to justice! I wish to punish them for their crimes that they have committed. Justice demands it.'" Bang tries to recreate what the hammer said while teaching it new lines.


"A human?" She asks outloud. The tinge of color returns to her face again as she is scratched under her chin.
"Wh-what are you scratching my chin for?"
Despite her words, she actually leans forward a bit into the chin scratching; it felt really nice. A bit alien since fingers and all, but still nice.

"Well…I'm a goo pony. M-my name is Minty. Minty Fresh."



Le scared Gasp*

Bonnie freezes for a moment to see the vivern descent before them, turning out to be the one creature they did not wish to see.

Soon though, she's recovering from being taken aback, as her feelings, as warm as the Fire Gems they carried, take over:

"We wouldn't have stolen from you if you weren't evil! You probably stole them in the first place!" - the filly yells - "and if you really want your want your booty that much, then take it!" - having remembered the burning touch of the Fire Gems, she decides to grab one of them and throw them right into the expososed throat of the hissing vivern-queen.

>Fire Gem Toss


Roll #1 6 = 6


Venturing outside, you come to a firepit with several ogres sleeping around it, where Minty sits next to a human man playing a guitar, with Bang standing nearby with his newly-found hammer.
"I thirst for the lifeblood of the damned- punishment must be terrible, their lives must end suddenly, violently, with the crunch of my iron fist."
"Well, aren't you a little sweetie," he says playfully, pulling out a round strawberry candy and holding it in front of her mouth.

The log suddenly surges forward in the water, as if it were a speedboat. The wyvern form hisses in annoyance as you speed between her legs.
The gem hits the gem at the dragon, bouncing off and falling into the water below, boiling the water around it immediately.


"…Maaaaybe I should go back to using good ol' justice hammer if you're going to act like that Fist of Justice." Maybe the hopes of telling the weapon he won't use it will convince it to better itself.


Violet steps a little closer, standing a bit off from the scene, observing.
>Visible to Bang, Minty, or Rogest if they look her direction though.


Rushin' whoops as the log speeds off, grinning as they slip right past the queen and her wyvern. "YEaaaah! Can't catch us now, can… ya…" He turns back and looks as the gem Bonnie throws hits the water, boiling it. "Hey… that gives me an idea!"

He takes the fire gems they have remaining, and keeping them in a safe telekinetic grip, lowers them into the water so they can ALL let off their heat. "We'll make a smokescreen!"

[1d10] Using telekinesis on the fire gems to lower them (butnot losing them) into the water as the log speeds away, letting them boil up a mist for cover.

Roll #1 10 = 10



As the boat rushes forward due to a certain unicorn, Bonnie decides to tak advantage of that and kick one of the vivern's legs as they pass them, hoping to throw it off balance:

"What wWatch your weight, Diamagol!"

"Normal unarmed attack
>Poisoned, direct wound damage


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Minty gets caught off-guard by the compliment from being so used to insults. The tinge becomes a full on blush.
"I-I am not. I'm the ro-roughest, toughest filly in sch-school!" She tries to speak defiantly, but hard to do when you're stutter and stammering.
"I'm not supposed to be sweet."

She looks down at the offered candy, then back up at Rogest, then back at the candy before finally taking it.
"Mmmmm, so good," she says happily, having a closed-eye smile as she enjoys the little candy.



"What weighs a ton, comes down crushing hard. Watch your weight, Diamagol!"*


After a pause, the hammer replies. "The Fist of Arges shall stay its wrath for now."
While you may be visible, the others don't acknowledge you, yet."
Rogest pats you on the head, chuckling. "There's a good girl."

As the man continues playing, the three of you fall asleep… waking up in the lobby of the hotel in separate chairs and sofas.

Wyvern Diamagol opens her mouth to roar at you, but instead what comes out is a sheep's bleat, becoming a harmony with two others, as three giant sheep faces come down from the sky towards you…

As the two of you wake up, you see that Fuzzlin, Curly, and Silk Strings have been chosen to wake you up. "Hey, you guys have mustaches and stuff on your faces," Fuzzlin informs them.

After everyone's gotten cleaned up and fed, the ogres come together to wave them goodbye, as Miss Deathblossom shepherds everyone onto the bus, calling Rushin', Bang, and Bonnie to the front. "Alright, where're we going, next?" She asks, holding the map up for them to see.

The most important thing now is to choose the next area of venture-

To the North-West from Hotbase, the town of Dockside is on the map, with a lich's skull over it. It is on the side of a lake, and appears to have a sprawling, if spread-out, structure to it, with nearby hills.

Further North from Dockside is the Stone Cold Fortress which Maltgromme had mentioned, where Clerics with the power to dispel curses lived.

To the West, and slightly South from Hotbase, was the Emerald Forest, where a lich's skull had appeared sometime within the past day.

To the East, over a mountain range, and in the middle of the Glass Desert, were three lich's skulls, moving around slowly on the map.

On the East Coast, on the edge of the Desert, in a place called Cappa de Costa, was a single lich's skull.

To the South was Ponyville, still looking normal.


"Well I think we should head for the town of Dockside. I had a really weird dream telling me to go there and… well That's where the water lich must be." Bang points at the skull over dockside.


"Wait… what… dragons go 'baaaaah'?" Rushin' shakes his head on the log, "That's not…"

"poss.. ib….ugggh" Rushin' raises up his head as the sheep siblings stand around their bed. "Woooh… what a weird dream. Had, like, fire gems and… stuff."

He looks at a mirror as they mention the mustaches, his face contorting in rage as he does so, "Oh, Minty, you ARE DEAD!" He immediately takes off downstairs.

"Where is she?! I'm gonna make her into a milkshake!" to DeathBlossom as he reaches the front with his very comedic drawings still on him.



Having cleaned up properly - suspecting who to thank for that - and done other, rudimentary and obligatory stuff, Bonnie takes her time to think thoroughly about the important decision:

"I'd vote for going to the West" - she announces - "that lich's sign wasn't here before. If it's a newly created one, we might be able to ambush it before it gets to leaarn how to control it's power… that ot it's the Fire Lich who's escaped from us. If he spreds the word about us, life might become a lot harder for us during further confrontation with the other Liches."


>noticing we just skipped past breakfast/cleanup/goodbyes and on the bus, my b

Looking at the map Deathblossom presents, Rushin' rubs his chin. "Well, Dockside is the closest one taht has another skull. We can catch up to that fire one later. Plus, I could go for a swim for some reason. Something warm but not lava, you know?"


Minty looks up at the petting again, this time not reacting as much as she seemed to be getting used to this nice, non-harmful close contact.

Minty yawns, rubbing her eyes as she gets up once more. She doesn't even remember falling asleep, and slightly wonders how she ended up back at the hotel. She smacks her lips, giving a slight 'mmm' as the taste of sweet strawberry is still in her mouth a bit. She then remembers all the petting and scratching, blushing and hiding her face as she wonders why she let that Rogest guy treat her like some pet dog or cat or whatever.

Hearing Rushin' yell, it grounds Minty back to reality and the blush fades away. She can't help but laugh as she looks over at him.
"That's what you and Bonnie get for giving me nightmares as horrible as your stupid lich story."


Violet walks up last, wearing a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt with all 151 pokepone on it, not saying anything as the others decide their locale.



"By the looks of it, the one to the West is closer" - states Bonnie - "from my perspective, at least. Maltgromme mentioned it's a long way away too. Also, Emerald Forest sounds like a better place to swim at than a frozen North, don't you think? To be honest, i've had enough cold for a while…"


She listens calmfully to Minty, then turns to Rushin with a smile:

"We should totally make her have some Lich nightmares, am i right?"


"Water lich, huh?" Miss DB remarks, "Sounds tough, but there's only one."
"Hm? One of them escaped?" Miss DB asks, "Hope he doesn't show up after we've left, that'd be bad."
"Well, with majority ruling," Miss DB says, looking over to Bonnie, "I suppose we'll be heading to Dockside."

"Minty, apologize for drawing on their faces," Miss DB reprimands her, "How'd you like it if someone squeezed food coloring into you and turned you pink?"
As you find your seat, Tiger Eye gets up and starts pointing out the Poképone on your t-shirt. "I got that one an' that one an' that one an' that one an' that one an' that one…"



With her attention no longer taken by sweet words, sweet candy, nor sweet pettings; Minty looks at Violet.
"Hey Vi, you gonna transform for us? Maybe into a chicken so we can't make fun of you for hiding?"

Minty just shrugs.
"But how do you turn green into pink Miss DB," Minty says with a smartass tone.


Rushin' growls, "It was a cheap shot, Minty! And I'm sorry you're too big a baby that some stupid skeleton monkeys give you nightmares." He sticks his tongue out.

"Huh… you know, that skull IS new I think… maybe that's where the fire lich ran to then? I guess it is a bit warmer than even more north, that makes sense."

>Lich nightmares

He snickers, "Totally."

"Wait, before I switch off though Bonnie," He looks to Bang, "You had a dream about it? That's a pretty good reason to go there if a dream told you to."

He looks at the t-shirt, smiling, "Hey, neat, is that really all of them?"


"Hey, you two made the first cheap shot. Trying to ruin my beauty sleep and all. Its bad enough I gotta listen to you two talked about skeleton monkeys when I'm awake; but I don't wanna be anywhere near you two if you're gonna make me dream about them two."
Minty gives a humph.
"Weird freaks."


File: 1440138181609.jpg (29 KB, 395x612, D-Tector2.jpg)

Violet nods.

"Thats all of them. I think."
"Oh. Right. I said I'd show you last night."

She looks to the ground, pulling out the Magivice and holding it up.


Bang nods. "Well I mean it was a really weird dream… but it wasn't about the lich. Some guy told me I'm now a part of some sort of battle royale against a bunch of other fighters… He said I had to kill them or my eye would burn out or something and that the closest guy was in dockside"


"Hey, they're creepy, yeah, but you don't see the rest of us crying about it." He snickers. "I'm sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep though, you really could use it."

"Wait, woah, back up? You're in like some kind of tournament? The heck did this happen, who's the guy?"

"Didn't think they'd all fit on a T-shirt. That's kind of cool." He looks through them all, picking out those he recognizes. "You catch them all?"


Minty looks at the device unimpressed.
"Oooo wow. A toy from the 1 Bit Store. I'm so impressed. Are you gonna transform, or can I finally rub in somepony's face how awesome I am for calling out their totally fake bluff?"

"Hey you short chump, don't go apologizing if you don't mean it!"


Bang simply shrugs. "Dunno who the guy was, just some old wizard. I fell asleep and popped up… he asked if I was King Bang and he zapped my eye. Now I'm fighting a bunch of dudes."


"I'm not short!" He stretches up on his legs to try and shout at her more effectively. "And you're the one who should be apologizin' for using my face as a drawing book."

"Geeze, that's not a lot of details…" he stares at Bang's eye, "You're a king? The fudge?"



"Did he tell any clues as to who look for?"


Bonnie has to agree with Miss BD. This town didn't seem disaster-struck like village they left recently. Definitely a nice change. She leaves the bus and flies up to see if she can find any interesting, outstanding structures.


"Hadn't you been there yourself when Violet transformed during the battle with the Frost Lich, Minty?"


Looking at Bang's eye, you can see what looks like the letter J on his skin, under his fur, the top going above his eyebrow, the bottom curve near his mouth.


Violet shakes her head.

"No. I had about 130 of them but I decided to delete my save."
"I'll show you when we get off the bus."

Violet says [Alaster nowhere to be seen].


Bang nods his head and smiles. "I'll hang with Rushin'."

He just shrugs and smiles. "Apparently yeah. I guess I'm a King."

"Well… He said something about tracking them but I have no clue how to. All he said was 'first one is in dockside' and that was it. He also said I was late so… I guess it's because I needed to sleep to get to where the mage was?"


"Huh… Bang you always have this weird thing under your coat on your face? I just noticed it when you mentioned your eye but I figured I'd have seen it before buddy."

"WHAT? Why would you delete your save when you have that many?!" Rushin' asks, flabbergasted

"DANG. Well that's pretty great, Violet's a super magical girl, you're a king, what do I get?"

"Can you at least knight me or something?"


"No way. You know how hard it was trying to draw a mustache on that messed up face of yours?"

"Hmmm…nope. Pretty sure I was busy trying to bake a cake. Then got a mouthful of those yummy hot peppers."
Minty looks at Bonnie oddly.
"Wait, when did we fight a lich? Was it that weird guy I ran up to asking for milk?"

"You're only delaying the ineventible Vi," Minty says with a smug smirk.


"Wuh? I don't have any birth marks so… I have no clue what you're talking about. Maybe the wizard did it?"

"Oh! You could be my Duke! That's what you call a King's sidekick right? Or is it a general… Oh! I'll go for general, that sounds more awesome. General Rushin'."



"Hmm.. did he say whether anyone could interfere in that - or what would happen if?"


"Aren't you already a mage, Rushin? Think a mageknight, perhaps?"


"Honestly… i have no clue. I was kinda busy fightning for my life…"


Acknowledging that she's recently been in a group with Minty, Rushin and Bang already, Bonnie asked:

"Violet? Mind me being your partner this time around?"


The bus sets off from Hotbase relatively early in the morning. Looking at the map carefully, Miss DB navigates through the hill country, farmlands, some craggy cliffs dug through for the sake of keeping the road straight and even, stopping for lunch, breaks at a few waystations, and eventually coming to the town almost nine hours later.

The outside of the town is a cozy spread out residential area, with lots of brick and log houses, with brick fences, neat and straight designs with enough imperfections and uneven lines to not look uncomfortable in the similarities, along with plenty of puffing chimneys. The bus goes further into town, reaching a hotel. "Well, doesn't this place look nice and cozy," Miss DB says, upon parking. "Alright, everyone, split up into groups, I'll get some maps and things while you sort that out."

Now in the center of town, various businesses look nice and busy, plenty of bakeries, hoofmade furniture, utility services, it's as if the group were in Ponyville, but for the occasional gust of cool air, and the grey clouds in the sky.


"He… never really specified the rules aside from me having to beat up the contestants really. So I guess that means you guys can help."

Bang starts looking around where he is, seeing if he might find the contestant he was meant to fight just from here.



Roll #1 3 = 3


"So I'd have something to do on the bus. I've done that alot of times."

She says.
Violet just takes her seat, looking at the morpher for the duration of the ride.


"Well, you're no help at all then. But if I saw Vi transform into something other than a scardy cat, I think I would remember it."

Minty takes in the view of the town, this being a nice change from the little mountain town. And best of all; it wasn't freezingly cold! With getting back at Rushin and Bonnie, listening to nice music, getting free candy and pettings; today just continues to be a great day for Minty.

And now it was time to put the icing on the metaphorical 'good day cake.'
"We're here. Ready to prove that I'm right and I'm in a class with a bunch of liars?"


Violet steps off the bus, looking around.
"I don't really care." Violet answers without much feeling.
Violet steps out to Minty, pulling her morpher out of her pocket.

"Okay. I'm ready."


"Must be hard, cause yours SUCKED by the way. I could draw a better mustache on you if it wouldn't absorb into your goo."

"Yeah, it's like a big 'J' right there on your eye. Maybe you're a Jack, not a King?"

"Wait… GENERAL Rushin' kind of has a nice ring to it…" Rushin' looks away, day-dreaming about him leading a huge army…"

"Hold on your majesty, can you make me a Captain instead? Captain Rushin' sounds a lot cooler for some reason. But Captain is still HIGHER than a general though."

"That's… woah. I mean, I guess it makes sense, but I never got close to beating my version. I quit after the Elite Four beat me for the millionth time. If someone erased THAT, I'd freak."

As the bus makes the long and boring journey over to Dockside, Rushin' takes the trip chatting with his friends before the arrival.

Heading off the bus, Rushin' whistles as he looks at all the brick and log houses. "Woah. Ol' school. I can dig it. Fillydelphia doesn't even have logs."

He looks around for Bang, and then shouts, "Alright! Me and Bang will form the lich killin' expedition. Who wants in? Violet, Bonnie, Minty come on, you know you want in on Team Rushin' Justice."


"Is it? Oh! Then you'll be Captain Rushin'." Bang says, feeling the space around his eye to see if he can feel it.

"Did you train the water type you get after beating your rival in the psychic gym's town?"


There's a lighthouse near the edge of the lake, where a number of docks have boats at them, while the majority are spread out over the lake, presumably fishing the local fish crop.
You converse with each other, as the rest of the class gets together into groups.

You can't feel or discern anything- either you don't know how to do it, or you don't have to do it, yet.
"Oh boys!" Gold Ring comes towards you with a smile on her face, followed by her dogservant, "I'll be happy to come with!"


"You should be happy. With how short you are, I bet you won't even be able to grow a 'stache when you're older. I was doing you a favor."

Walking with Violet, Minty sits and crosses her hooves.
"Get on with it," she says with a smug smile, sure as heck this was just a huge bluff.



"Why were you making a cake in such a place anyway? Sure you didn't pour in a part of yorself remembering Violet's fight as an ingredient?"


"If you say so…"


"Jack? As in Jackass?" - snickers the pegasus at her own joke - "Also, sorry, accompanying Violet this time. Gotta give the others a chance too."


"That lighthouse looks like a nice place to start. Since it's the water Lich and stuff. Mages like towers, right?" Violet? Minty? We going there?"


"Hehehe… Cap'n Rushin'. It's perfect."

"And, what? Eh, I got a poli-whatever when it just sort of takes up space in my team. My starter's over level 80 and I just used him to breeze through everything in the whole game but he can't make it through the final stretch."

"I so TOO will grow a stache. And the biggest, coolest beard you've ever seen."

"Wha?" He takes a look at the prettied up unicorn, "Uhhh, sure, if you want, but we're not gonna go get our hooves painted or anything like that. This is gonna get ROUGH." He stomps a hoof for emphasis. "Think you can handle it Goldy?"

"Jack as…. pfffffffhahahahaha!" Rushin' cracks up, "Okay, woah, maybe, that's perfect."


"No wonder it took you so long, I watched one of the kids at the orphanage play it and they were able to beat them easy by just training their whole team. What kind of team do you have set up in your game?" Bang asks with his usual wide smile.


Miss Deathblossom comes out of the hotel with a number of maps, splitting them up and handing them out between the groups. The list of locations the town has chosen to advertise are as follows-

>Fishfood Bakery

>The Old Town Cidery
>Old King's Castle
>Town Hall
>Fine's Equipment and Armor
>Cannes Cannery



>If Minty and Violet agree to Bonnie's reasoning, she''s goig to head off with them to the lighthouse.


"I was hungry and wanted something sweet to eat. But it ended up coming out all wrong."

"Like I said, if Violet, of all ponies, was in a fight, I would remember it if I saw it."

"Hey woah, what's all this about a water lich?"
Minty gives a crooked smile and a shake of her head.
"Yea-no. How about we forget about your dumb, made-up lich stuff and enjoy some nice, sweet cider? All for a cider run?"
Minty holds her hoof up, then has a few extra hooves grow/branch out until there are five hooves in the air.
"Oh, five against one? Cider it is!"


File: 1440141294281.jpg (50.87 KB, 500x384, tumblr_lh9pc4RjOh1qczxu6o1….jpg)

"All my pokepone were level a hundred when I fought them the last time, so it was easy."
Violet takes a step back, breathing in.



Violet holds her morpher in front of her, causing a hologram selection wheel to appear in front of it, which selects the only available option, vanishing, as she pulls the morpher behind her head.

"CLASS-Access! Tracker! Log-In!"

A blue wireframe circle appears on the ground, rising up into a sphere which spins for a few seconds around Violet before vanishing, leaving Violet wearing a blue blouse with a black corset, with a blue and black skirt and thigh high stockings and boots, along with a beret.

She flips her wrist as a fireframe appears in her hoof, before giving way to a shotgun.


"Okay, no way you did that fair. I call hax. I used one pokemon the whole game and he still only got to 80 after all that!"

"Uh… hmm," he taps his hoof, "Well, I used the Perfect Ball on one of the three birds, and got the other two the normal way, so it's my starter and the three legendary birds… then I can't remember the last two, I think a Fancy-fetch'd and a Psymuff? Guess I had a lot of birds. But the whole team? Nah, I just worked my starter man, he was doing so darn well the whole time."

As they look at the list of options, he whistles for Marrow to come out of the bus. "Well, this worked once… Marrow! Find us a lich boy."

[1d10] Sniffing

Roll #1 1 = 1



"Aaaand there you have it, Minty." - says Bonnie with a little hint of bewonderment at what Violet presents with herself - "Tracker, you say? Does that mean this transformation would help with tracking the lich down, Violet?"

Bonnie asks the earth ponies as they head to the agreed upon place, the lighthouse.




"Ooooh… Let's go to the bakery! I've got a biiig craving for doughnuts."

"Do you just really like birds?"


File: 1440141770884.jpg (24.1 KB, 480x360, Aw Shit.jpg)

Minty was looking smug at first, thinking Violet was just gonna put her through more dumb stuff to delay things.

But then the hologram…and the wire-frames…and the weird get-up and guns. Minty frowns, and blinks several times, obviously not believing this.

Slowly, she gets up.
"Ahh…hah…hahah…very funny Vi. Bet you got Rushin' working his magic for that one," she says, disbelief all over her face and tone. She shimmies away, looking like a bit of fear as well.
"Oh hey, is that a thing over there? Yeah, it is! I'll go check it out, you two…do whatever."

With equal parts disbelief and fear of being shot, Minty high-tails it to the cidery to get away from her two group mates. Clearly, nothing good would result from hanging around with them….


"Man, I guess. Don't know why, maybe it's Fillydelphia. Lots of pigeons."

"And, yeah, I could go for some donuts. But hey, Bang, when you said 'the orphanage', I think I missed a few details: are you, like, an orphan man?"


"Oh no you don't Minty! I had nothing to do with that! You have it RIGHT freaking in front of you, she's a magical girl! She MORPHED!"


Violet doesn't answer, too fixated on her transformation.
The transformed Violet looks to Bonnie.

"I…don't think so?"

Bonnie hears Alaster's voice telepathically.

>"It not. The Tracker Class just indicates power over ranged weaponry, such as archers and bowmen. Or in Violet's case, firearms."

Violet looks to Minty, confused.

"Where are you going?" she says cradling her shotgun [not aiming it at anypony].


"Yyyeeaaaahhh? I mean… are there orphanages that have families living in them?"


True to her word, Violet turns into a mystical-looking fille with a gun in front of your eyes.
Down on the ground, the peasants are still discussing whether Violet can transform.

"I stayed with everyone else yesssterday, I wanna go out and have some fun today!" She comes up real close to you, her drill-curls jiggling, "And if you call me Goldy again I'll have you dragged behind the bus by your legs." She backs up and puts a smile back on. "So let's go!"

Marrow sits down on his rump as you ask him to find a scent, clearly confused about something.

"Going to the bakery, first? You think there's gonna be a big spooky skelly getting some doughnuts?" She asks, nudging you in the ribs.

Running into town, presumably with the map in front of you, you reach a part of town that looks much older than the rest, with a rougher, more mature crowd of ponies, with a handful ogres, as well, along with a couple griffons, minotaurs, and what appear to be bipedal sharks in peacoats.

The inside of the cidery looks like an upbeat downbeat bar. The bartender is a yellow-coated earth pony with an orange mane, as well as the most fantastic handlebar mustache, one that looks like you could lift weights with it. "Here for some cider?" He asks, as he sees you come in. Despite being advertised on the map, business seems slow. "It's not as fresh as it could be, but… it is what it is."
You follow Minty through the town and into the cidery. With your gun still in hoof, the bartender pulls out a long-barreled shotgun of his own, with a tactical laser and flashlight on the bottom. "Hey, lil' lady, we don't allow those kinds of things in here."



Upon being left out by the pair who's decided to set out for cider, Bonnie's left to reconsider her situation. She clearly wasn't interested in going to a place offering such beverages right now, but she certainly wasn't going to stop or convince otherwise Minty or Violet. Especially since the former has proved to be able to acquire quality information from places of such dubious nature.

Still, she had a hunch that this seemingly innocent-looking lighthouse, looming over the port, might just be the right thing to visit. Hence, she approached one of her other classmates. The one she did not quite have a chance to strike a conversation with on this unusal school trip yet:

"Ummm… Tiger Eye? Do you have a pair or any specific plans? If not… mind tagging along with me? I've been meaning to check out that lighthouse. Intersted?"


Minty runs off through town, as no one else seemingly notices your fabulous transformation or firearm.


"Huh. Yeah, good point. But I just wanted to make sure, that means you don't have parents right?"

Rushin' looks at Gold Ring as she comes up close, smirking, "Hehehe… alright, sorry Gold. But sure, let's go!"

He looks to Marrow, perplexed as he just sits on his rump. "Aww, Marrow, come on boy don't do this to me." He groans, "C'mon, let's go get those donuts with Bang first, then you give it another try."

"I… I guess her fragile gooey mind just can't handle it." He smiles, "Hey, we're going to the bakery to get some snacks, but if you want me to pick something up for you, you should TOTALLY chase her around with your guns. It'll be funny."


"Maaaaaaybe. We might have to fight a dreaded doughnut ghost by dipping it in hot coco. A hero's work is never over!"

"Pretty much… Dunno what happened to them though. Nobody told me."


He grins widely, "Dude… small freakin' world. My mom and dad are dead too! Or, I don't know, I guess they could be alive but if they are we have no idea where. But I didn't know there was another guy like me in the class, that's AWESOME." He says a little too enthusiastic at the prospect.


Violet shakes her head.

"No thanks. But I am going to go after her. We really shouldn't be traveling alone here."

Violet says, dissipating her shotgun and heading to cider.


"Really? Why haven't I seen you at the orphanage though? I know everybody at the orphanage where I'm from." This gets Bang to smile once more.


While the ogres and sharks were somewhat off-putting, Minty felt a little relieved as she took note of the ponies, griffons, and minotaurs about. Even more at home at how rough this part of town looked; sort of reminded her of her room a bit back home. She gave a curious glance to the sharks as she walked by, but paid them no further mind beyond that.

Entering the bar, Minty just feels even more relaxed. She walks up to the bartender, doing a little hop and getting up onto the bar stool.
"I don't care. Just pass some my way; and none of that kiddie stuff neither," she says, sounding a bit upset about something.

"So…what's the good word around this town," she asks, attempting to start some idle conversation with the bartender as she waits for her drink.


Rushin' chuckles, "Well, I guess I got lucky: I live with my grandpa and grandma in Fillydelphia. They're pretty alright. I mean I can't really get them to play ANY of my video games, but they're cool. Wish they'd let me keep going to school in Filly instead of sending me to this academy though, no offense. What about you, no grandparents?"


Bang shakes his head. "They said I just kinda showed up on their doorstep. No note no basket. Just me and some cloth." He pats his red scarf he has on. "It's what I keep worn around my neck."


"Me?" Tiger Eye asks, eyes brightening up. She was walking towards the sheep, but she comes towards you with a smile on her face. "Yes, that'd be great!"

Unable to fly, Tiger Eye walks with you, pulling her shawls close and shivering. "Ooh, I don't like this weather, I'd have rather stayed in the ogre town while it was warm," she says.

The lighthouse seems to be most notable for its architecture, looking zig-zagged and uneven, though the inner structure seemed to somehow be sturdy and secure. There's a docent nearby, as well as a Crystal Pony in light armor, with a star on his shoulder.

"Thaaat's better," she says. Marrow sits back up and barks.
"Bang, that's too silly," she says, "But alright, we haven't eaten since lunch and I haven't had any sweets since before we left."

The bakery was fairly close, down a main street. It was fairly busy, with a line organized by velvet ropes connected to poles planted in the ground. The menu was up over the serving line, and it was required to order as soon as you got up, but boy, considering how many different things there were to order, it'd be hard. All kinds of breads, sweets, pastries, desserts, and savory baked goods were available to order. "I'll be paying," Gold Ring said, "But DON'T get the most expensive thing, okay?" She seemed satisfied with a sugared jelly-stuffed doughnut and a caramel latte.

You arrive shortly after Minty, coming into an older part of town with a lot of rough-looking customers, coming to the barely-busy cidery. There seems to be a used look to it, making it look emptier than it normally would.

"None of the kiddie stuff, huh?" The bartender says, pouring you a cold glass of cider, serving it up with a side of braeburn, jonathan, and golden delicious slices. "Hmm, things are peaceful," he says, "Mostly personal troubles, if any. There's some pirates on the lake, seems like. They've been getting my apple shipments that were supposed to come over the lake, so I've had to wait longer for them to come by carriage. "The lake monster hasn't been reported on lately, so it must be in hibernation. I don't normally keep track of it."


"Oh woah… that's awesome. I thought it was just a fashion statement. So you never met yours either? Mine disappeared off the face of Equestria when I was a foal too, but they were decent enough to wait until my grandparents were watching me."

He grabs at the watch necklace around his neck, "This is the last thing they gave me, but I think your scarf looks way cooler."

"Hey, I'm not a colt of expensive tastes."

He leans up to the counter, wagging his tail enthusiastically. "A dozen donuts please, any style!"

He turns to look at Marrow, "Make that TWO dozen. Oh, and shop-keep…" he looks in both directions from the counter to see that it's clear, then leans in to whisper, "We're lookin' for a lichy lookin' character around here. Any ideas…?"


Violet walks through town, looking nervously at the scary ponies and other things.

>"Relax Violet. As long as you don't strain yourself, you should be able to keep up this form for quite a while. We're still at 96%"

Violet gulps, walking into the cidery, looking to Minty.

"Minty?" she asks as she sees the green goo at the bar.


Bang orders himself one of the more cheap glazed doughnuts and then a grape jelly filled glazed doughnut.

"Nope. No last name, no known family, never met anybody from my family tree. I-I mean I gave myself my own name. 'Bang Lionheart'!… But the grown ups called me Humphrey…"


"Eeeeeeeeegh." Rushin' shakes his head, "I'm gonna keep calling you Bang, dude. Who the heck decided to call you 'Humphrey'?"


Minty takes a sip of cider as the bartender begins to speak. There was some alcohol bite to it, not exactly the most pleasant thing she's ever experienced. Yet, even while munching on an apple slice, she still finds herself taking progressively bigger and longer sips. However, there was a word that caught Minty's attention.
"Pirates? You mean…like sail across the seas, search for treasure, make 'em walk the plank kind of pirates?"
She begins to munch on another apple slice.
"Would seem cooler if they weren't stealing apples, though. Unless there's something super secret awesome about them; why are they stealing apples…and sailing on a lake instead of an ocean as well. You sure they're pirates?"
Minty begins to take a long sip of cider.

Hearing Violet's voice suddenly, Minty slightly chokes on cider and sets the glass down a bit harder than she would have liked.
"Yeah…wh-what do ya want," she says, looking ahead and trying not to make eye contact, "I don't have you scheduled for anything, s-so no need to bribe me to not do anything to you."


"The Matron… She named all the abandoned kids. But I've been able to get everybody else to call me Bang."


"Well, if she ever tried to name ME something lame like Humphrey I'd get them to call me by Bang too. You showed her, dude. This Matron lady nice at least?"


Violet walks a little closer.

"You ran off really quickly, I wanted to see why."

She says without much emotion.



"Glad to hear that. Let's have a wonderful time, shall we?" - Bonnie says cheerfully. Hearing her commenting the weather, she responds in kind - "Oh my, i couldn't agree with you more. Voted for moving into some warmer climate myself… well, after we're done with this place, i think we'll heading gradually towards the other end of the thermometre only. Hopefully."

While walking alongside the Saddle Arabian mare, she stretches her wings.

"Aaah, all this sitting in the bus is doing me in. Say, don't you ever get uncomfortable, being of such proud posture?"

She eyes what looks like a sheriff to her, then approaches them.

"Excuse me? Is the lighthouse open to the public?"


"Oh, you know. Places to do, things to see," she says, messing up the saying in her, what can be assumed to be, nervousness.
"And, ya know…I…wanted to try the cider! Really bad! Totally not scared of you or anything. Nope, not with the guns and the bargain bin toy and all, haha, not at all."
Her goo tail was curled tight around her, looking more like a slight bump against her due to it beginning to meld into her body.


"Oh she's very sweet! She's been like a real mother for all of us. She even uses my own made last name even if she uses the first name she gave me."


"I'm not going to shoot you Minty. If thats what you're afraid of."


"So… Humphrey Lionheart is what she'd put on papers? Eh, you saved yourself with the last name but Humphrey… man, who names their poor foal Humphrey?" He shakes his head

"Glad she's nice at least. I was afraid it was gonna be like one of those evil orphan ladies, you know? With the ruler?"


File: 1440144957051.jpg (242.08 KB, 1301x1223, violet right now and don't….jpg)

"Two dozen doughnuts, suicide," the baker says, pulling out all kinds from the rack on display. "I'm sorry, sir, I'm not sure what you're talking about," he says with confusion, before the line moves on.
After making your order, Gold Ring pays for it all and finds a seat for the four of you. Sitting down, you see Stryper ordered a chocolate glazed doughnut with a cup of black coffee. Gold Ring giggles behind her paw as you and Rushin' discuss the name Humphrey.

After sitting down, though, Marrow sits up and barks, running out the door and into the street after someone who just left.

"Afternoon, lil' miss," the bartender says, his mighty mustache twitching conversationally.
"No, I mean thieves in motorboats jumping on good, well-intentioned cargo ships and stealing everything they can- besides apples, they've taken lumber, metal deposits, all sorts of junk and my lovely cider apples."

"The sitting? No, it's not a problem to me, and I usually just lie on my side so I can get some sleep. When I travel with the family, I always take a nap in the carriage so it seems like we get there faster, but they get on my back because it seems lazy."

The nearby guard eyes and looks down at you. "Ah, entrance? Sure, that's why the door's open," he says, chuckling. "You girls from out of town? Here with your families?"


"Hey! I think Marrow just picked up a scent!" Bang then shoves the doughnuts into his mouth so he can chase after Marrow.


"Riiiiiiiight." Rushin' stays a bit before moving on, "Well, uh, you ever start being 'sure', you gimme a call. Tch." He winks, then moves to join Gold and enjoy his various donut goodies…

Before Marrow goes running out the door.

"Holy crap the hunt is on!" HE slams a few donuts in his craw as well, carrying the rest with telekinesis as he runs after Marrow, "Gold Ring, butler dude, c'mon, after 'em!"


"Motorboats? What is this; I'm pretty sure I didn't ask for my foalhood to be ruined right in front of me. Somepony needs to set those wanna-bes straight. So where is this lake where these pirates are?"

"Also, this cider. I like it," she says, taking a long chug to finish it off and slamming the glass down on the counter, but not enough to break it, "another!"

"What? C'mon, would I really think that," Minty says, but still not looking at the gun spawning magical Violet.
"I mean, not like you'd go all Miss Flicker on me because of me picking on-" she suddenly turns around, hops back onto the stool behind her, and looks somewhat fearfully at Violet, "oh Celestia don't shoot me! You know I never meant all that bad stuff, right? Th-that was all just fun! An-an-and to toughen you up and all; I've always been looking out for you," she tries to smile, but it comes out looking all wrong and not like a usual smile. Despite the fear of Violet seeking revenge, she still reaches over to slide her apple slices over to her new stool.


Violet nods to acknowledge the barkeep.
Violet just looks at her as she gives her cowardly spiel.

"Its not safe to be alone in a place like this Minty." she says, seeming to not care or register her pleas, having no intention of harming her.


"Ohhh, don't you worry about me. I'm in my zone, here," she says, motioning a hoof around at the rough-looking bar and rough-looking patrons, "this is my element and stuff, ya know? My hunting grounds when I'm not at school," she says, sounding like she's regaining a little bit of confidence.
"So really, I don't need you help…nor revenge…or really anything to do with you and the rest of the class. Since, ya know, I'm fine and all and I'll just hang out here and there until we go home. Where everything is normal and I'm King of the Schoolyard and all again."
She was smiling, but was quivering and obviously as fake of a smile as those on over-worked ponies at fastfood places.


Violet looks at her for a moment, thinking.

"The others were telling the truth earlier. About the Liches. And about getting home."

"We're stuck here unless we kill all the Liches on the map."



It was good to know the Saddle Arabian didn't suffer discomfort. Bonnie meant whether her size didn't bother her in general when going around in a bus fitted for ponies. Well, they were all young and relatively small, true…

"Carriage? That sounds nice. Do you tend to travel often? Also, while i do think some sights are not worth sleeping through during the jounrney, i hardly think that resting like that is something to get upset about. Unless… you really have something worth doing in the meantime?" - she finished the sentence in a questioning manner - "Aside from sleeping, which i must share my enthusiasm about" - she giggled about about - "What do you tend to do during longer journeys? I think i might need an idea for a pick-me-up soon enough. This voyage seems to extend immeasurably into the future… - that she stops at, a bit lost in thought.

After hearing the response from the guard, she admits truthfully - "School trip, mister guard, and indeed, from another town. We're having a bit of free time to roam in the nearest neighbourhood. I was asking, cause… you don't usually see guards in a place like that. Is there any reason for your presence here? Also, is that star of yours a sheriff's sign?"


As you leave the bakery, Gold follows behind you with a mouth full of doughnut, Stryper holding both their coffees straight as a gyroscope. Pushing through the crowd and looking around, you come upon an alley where Marrow's cornered a mare in a black cloak with a hood over her face. As you come upon her, the mare's hood falls back. She's a mature mare with a purple mane, her coat a dark blue that looks as if it were a star field in deep space. Her right eye is covered by a fancy-looking eyepatch, primarily black with white lace, and a stitching of pink lady-like eye. In a saddlebag is a few baguettes, which Marrow is snapping at. "Is this your dog?" She asks with distress, picking a lid off a garbage can and using it to fend Marrow off.

"Well, honey, there's quite a few things we got disappointed with when we grew up," the bartender says with a roll of his eyes, "The local knights and guards have been working to capture them, but it seems they're split between that, some gang activity involving poisonous health potions, crimes, and activity with unruly dragons nearby. Sometimes there's too much to get things done, you know."

As you ask about the lake, he opens his mouth to answer, then goes over to the window, where the lake is clearly visible down the end of the street. "Gee, that's a good question," he asks, "I know it was around here somewhere… it's not like it'd get up and walk arrroouuund, oh, there it is, straight down the street." He comes back to the bar, picking up a glass and polishing it.
He tweaks his mustache in returned acknowledgement.

"We're nomads, so we go traveling and wandering most of the time. If I'm not walking, I'll be sleeping. No point in wasting time being awake, haha."

"Hm, just standing around to make sure there isn't any trouble here. Not good enough for investigation or task forces, but they let me have armor, a sword, and a shiny body, so I appreciate what I can get."



Minty is motionless, looking like not even breathing, until she spoke.
"Hah…hahah, didn't know you had jokes too, Violet. Whew, that was…that was a good one."

"But seriously, if you know, when are we going home? I don't even care about a giftshop anymore; I just…wanna go home."


Violet blinks, responding with silence.


File: 1440146918179.png (259.45 KB, 640x480, Gone.png)

Minty blinks at Violet.
"Uhh…hello. Equestria to Vi," Minty says, waving a hoof in front of her face.
"C'mon do you not know or…you still saying about the…the liches," as she spoke, the smile Minty had was slowly fading.
"No seriously…when are we going home Vi?"


Violet remains silent, just staring at Minty to give her her answer.


"Vi? C'mon, answer me…c'moooon," Minty seems to shiver a bit before grabbing Violet by the blouse and shake her a bit, "are you defective or something?! Answer me!"
If there was ever a time Violet has seen desperation in a pony's eyes, it would be hear and now.
"Answer me! …please?!"


Violet pulls herself free, looking at Minty with surprise, staring at her with a blank slightly fearful expression.

>"None of you are going home until you kill all the Liches on the map, if I understood things right. At some point you're also likely to get pulled into fighting Demiursa, but thats not my prerogative."

Minty hears in her mind in Alaster's voice.


Minty look at Violet with a face contorted between rage and exertion; exertion from keeping herself from crying right in front of everypony at this very moment. Just as Minty was going to punch an answer out of Violet, Alaster's voice came in.
"No…no no! That can't be true, it just can't! There…there has to be another way. Yeah, like how everyone at school has all those ways of getting away from me beating up on them!" Even if it was a false hope, Minty was gonna run as far as she could with it.

"Plus…why would I fight? You have Vi with…that," she motions a hoof at Violet, "and you've got Rushin and Bonnie and Bang, so I'm clearly too normal to be of any use to you…or be able to put you guys down…or…or…*sniff*"


Violet looks in shock at Minty's reaction.

"Are…are you crying?"


"N-no. Why would I? Nopony e-else here is crying. Clearly I just have something in my eye," she says defensively, turning away from Violet and wiping her eyes.


"I'm scared too…"

Violet says looking to the ground.


"Oh that's a huge load," Minty says, turning back around with an annoyed look, though her eyes somewhat watery.
"You've got that…gun stuff going on and all. Me? …I've got nothing. No magic, no talking bunnies, no giant stuff growing out of my eye."


"Then why is everypony afraid of you? You're the one who always leaps headfirst into danger. All I do is hide…"


"I'm not sure if they are afraid of me anymore. I think they're just acting it now, like this whole stupid other world thing has made them…unbullyable."
Minty looks at Violet oddly at the mention of jumping into danger.
"Yeah, but only because everypony else was around. If it was just you and me, and you hid on me, I'd be running for the hills from all this."


Violet looks at her in confusion.

"I'm still afraid of you."


Minty's stare seemed to soften, but then she grimaces and turns to her apple slices.
"Can it. I don't need your pity," she says before eating on, now not tasting as good as when she first arrived.
"And if you tell anypony about what I said here, I don't care if you have your fancy guns and stuff; I WILL make you regret it. Got it?!"


Violet nods, walking over to the bar, looking at the seat near Minty's.

"Can I sit here?"


Minty huffs.
"Sure, why not. Not like I can stop you anyway."


Violet takes a seat next to her, just sitting there.


Minty sits in silence for awhile, growing impatient as if expecting Violet to say something.
"Well? You or Alaster gonna say something? Try and give me some dumb as heck pep talk and trick me into doing something like on soap operas or something?"


Violet shakes her head.

"I don't have anything to say. We're trapped and scared and there's nothing we can do about it. So there's nothing we can say about it either."


"If this is what being scared is like…." Minty sighs, head resting on the counter.
"I hate it, Vi. You and the others are better than me if you went though all this time in school scared. You all don't need me," she stares at the plate of apple slices, "not like anypony wants me around anyway."


"If we split up we'll die."

Violet says, kicking her legs while looking down at the counter, her boots clicking against the bar.


"Well wouldn't you want me split up from you? You just said I still scare you. Even if it is just out of pity, I'm still holding you against those words. I know Rushin would, that loud jerk."


"I think if you leave, you'll die. And we might die because you weren't there." Violet says still not looking at Minty.

"I don't want to die."


File: 1441332684207.jpg (176.9 KB, 715x953, 1401387709789.jpg)

AltG2 Session 9: Fog Rolls In

>Bang and Rushin'

The two young heroes, accompanied by Gold and her dogservant Stryper, are in an alley where Marrow has cornered an older mare dressed in a black cloak, wearing a fancy eyepatch. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she asks, "Call it off!" She swings the garbage bin lid she had picked up like a shield, her saddlebag of baguettes swinging around in tandem. Gold watches on in fascination. "Are you a witch or a lich?" She asks, "These guys are looking for liches, whatever those are, but I think the dog might have misheard them."

>Minty and Violet

After answering Minty's question about the lake with a heaping help of sarcasm, the bartender comes back and continues polishing glasses and adjusting bottles on display behind him. "You girls be needing anything else? That's some pretty heavy talk you're having."


There's not much going on at the lighthouse right now. It's situated near the sandy shore of the lake, sitting on a concrete foundation at the edge of town. Clouds have come in over the sky, blocking the sun and making everything gray, as small raindrops begin to fall sparsely. Boats are coming in and going out from nearby marinas, as the townsfolk stroll around, not bothered by the change in weather.


You wake up on your seat in the school bus, having slept through the whole trip and the arrival to the new town of Dockside. You can see that it's been parked on the side of a hotel. As you get up, a small folding map with a note on it falls from your back and onto the floor.
The note reads thusly: "Flicker- got everyone rooms in the hotel. Feel free to walk around town, but be back before midnight. DB~"
On the map, several locations are advertised-
>Fishfood Bakery
>The Old Town Cidery
>Old King's Castle
>Town Hall
>Fine's Equipment and Armor


Minty finishes up the rest of her cider and has a few more apple slices, passing the rest over to Violet.
"Nah. That should be just enough to deal with those wanna-be pirates you've got."

She looks back to Violet.
"Eat what you want, but make it snappy. We've got a tight, nonexistent deadline to maintain."



Flicker yawns, body still in that nebulous post-sleeping state in which every body part feels like a mass of jell-o. She halfheartedly tries to smooth down her puffed-up mane as she wobbles off the bus. Deciding she's not hungry, she heads down to the lighthouse.


"Yeah! Are you a lich? Ooooh or are you one of those fighters the wizard told me about?" He asks, a wide smile on his face.


"Deadline? Where are we going?"

Violet says, not taking the apple slices.


"Uuh duh. To the pirates! If they're terrorizing lakes instead of oceans, then they're doing it all wrong. We gotta set those guys straight and have them do it right."

"And I guess it'd also help with the whole 'them stealing shipment' stuff and all, but that's secondary to the big picture here."


"You're going to look for pirates? Why?" Violet asks worried.



Being given permission by the guard, Bonnie proceeds to enter and go up the lighthouse.

"So, you travel a lot, Tiger Eye… does this mean your family has taken some sort of a break for when you're going to school then?"


"Violet, can you honestly say you can sleep comfortably at night knowing there are dummies out there doing the pirate thing all wrong? I sure can't, so we're going to set them straight and forget all that stupid lich junk."

"C'mon already," she says, hopping down from the barstool and heading towards the door.


Rushin' stares at the older mare, still a bit suspicious as he whistles for Marrow to call it down, petting him as he does so to calm his nerves. "You did good boy, thanks!"

He turns to Gold, gasping, "Uh oh… you think Marrow really misheard me? Cause, jeeze, she DOESN'T look like a lich but Marrow hasn't been wrong before…"

He points an accusatory hoof at the poor older mare, "Alright! If you AREN'T a lich, you'd tell us where we could find him so we can beat him up, right? Do you know where we can find 'em? 'Lady'?"


Violet leaps down, following her.

"Wait up!"

"Are you going to just go pick a fight with pirates?"


File: 1441333973069.jpg (22.78 KB, 500x366, 1367689387671.jpg)

Going down the inclined street, you can see a large lake stretching out into the horizon before you, as gentle pitter-patters of rain start to fall on you. The lighthouse stands up above the town, a crooked, zig-zagging structure, the light turned on and spinning. As you get closer to the shore and the lighthouse, you can see that Bonnie and Tiger Eye are already there, entering the lighthouse.
The stairway on the inside is straight and sturdy, betraying the look of the exterior. It leads up to an observation deck, with the lightroom itself restricted to authorized personnel. It's just started spinning, and the hum of the machinery fills the whole building.
The observation deck is circular, with about ten feet of space from the gold railing and wall, with a wooden floor.
"No, they don't live in town. Father is a merchant and travels regularly, and mother works with him as his secretary, so she goes with."

"Wha- well, I'm neither of those things!" she shouts, shrinking back against the wall as she keeps the lid up to defend herself from the barking Marrow.
She sets the lid down as you call back Marrow, straightening her cloak out. "Hmmph, well, if you want to know- WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU!?"

With the two of you finished, the bartender picks up the plate and glass, rinsing them out and setting them in a dishwasher under the bar. It's started to rain outside.


"Who said anything about fighting them?" Minty says, walking out the bar and heading towards the lake.
"We're obviously gonna try and talk them in their native language."
Minty grunts and clears her throat.
"We just need ta be big, mean an' intimidatin' to those scallywags!" She says, lowering the tone of her voice and making it sound gravelly. She then gives a mighty 'Arrrr,' leaning in close to Violet's face and giving her the best stinkeye the gooling could give.


"What is it?!" Bang yells, turning to face the possibly fake danger.



Seeing someone she finally recognizes, she flies on over to Bonnie to catch up, patting her wing in order to get her attention.


Violet adjusts her beret, the rain slightly uncomfortable.
Violet backs up at the pirate impression.

"But why? Why go see pirates at all?"


Not minding the rain against her rather watery exterior, Minty looks at Violet deadpan.
"Look; would you rather be the third wheel with Lich Hunters Rushin' and Bang? Or would you rather go help the pirate community with me?"


Rushin' turns his head around immediately, his horn flaring up red as he barks, "WHAT!?! Is the lich behind me? Come at me, dude, I'm ready!" He haphazardly fires a wave of magical energy in that direction, poised to get the first strike at whatever this fine lady is pointing at like a good colt

[1d10+1] Magic Bolt

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3



>"So you intend to go and find actual lake pirates and make them act like pirates in movies? Any particular reason why?"

Minty hears in her head.


"Because it sure as heck beats dealing with liches," Minty replies back, "and I sure as heck am not gonna sit on the bus and do nothing this entire field trip. That's boooorrrring."



"Huh? Does that mean you stay at the town with some other family members, Tiger Eye?"

The Pegasus looks around the observation deck, having eyed the "no entry" sign over the most interesting part of the building.

"Well, in a way, it's a disappointment. That does look pretty much like a regular lighthouse, few to no liches around… to be honest, i'm not sure whether i'm not happy about it though. It's good to have a break from all that."

She goes over to the edge, giving the town and the surrounding area, a long, inquisitive glance. Perhaps a broader perspective would help in the investigation?

She turns to the teen Pegasus, having felt the pat.

"Oh! Morning, miss Flicker. Fancy meeting you here… um, we don't have to go yet, do we?"


>"This is a good plan. I'm excited to be a part of it."

"A-alaster, aren't pirates dangerous?"

>"Last I checked."

Violet continues following Minty, looking kinda nervous.



She shakes her head, then yawns and stretches to demonstrate her having spent the last ambiguous period of time asleep.

["Just wanted to come by and see the sights."] she writes. ["What's over here? Everyone else having a good time?"]


"Hey, alright! That's the spirit…Alastar, right?"
Once corrected, Minty continues onward.

"Yeah, but liches are dangerous too, Vi. I think way more dangerous. Not to mention we can make all the 'pirate booty' and 'poopdeck' jokes we want, and it not seem out-of-place! There is no way this is a bad idea!"
With newfound excitement, Minty has a slight spring to her step as she leads on.


File: 1441335250935.jpg (64.32 KB, 620x438, 1376535745555.jpg)

The walk down the road towards the lake is a fair walk, leaving you plenty of time to chat along the way. You reach a strip of walkway that leads all down the shoreside, with the lighthouse to the south, and the marina to the far south. As the wind blows in your fur and pellets of rain hit you gently, you may realize you don't know where the pirates are, to begin with.

Bonnie's entered the tower by the time you see her, allowing you to make a graceful upwards swoop to the observation deck where she and the shivery Saddle Arabian stand.
"H-hi, Flicker!" Tiger Eye says, waving at Flicker as she lands. "I guess it's nice to have fun and walk around instead of getting in fights, not that I ever get into fights."

Nothing happens at first, but after a few seconds, a meteor the size of a car becomes a meteorite only a few feet behind Stryper, blowing the Diamond Dog forward and onto his front, spilling the coffee. Rushin's horn lets out an excited spark that soon turns into a fizzle. After crouching down to help up Stryper, Gold looks up and points at the rooftops. "She's running away!" True to Gold's word, the mare has somehow gotten atop the buildings, then jumped across the whole street, heading North.

>For reference, the lakeshore and lighthouse are on the Eastern side of Dockside, the Bakery is in the south-east area, Old Town and the Equipment Shop are in the north-east area, Town Hall is in the center, and the Old King's Castle is in the far north.


>"Thats my name."
Violet continues following Minty, not looking too sure about this.



>Correction, as far as the first part of NPC interaction goes, due to being reminded by GM boarding schools don't work like that:

"Do you miss travelling with them during the school year? I imagine it's quite a change to be staying in one place after having journeyed for so long.."


The slender moves of the older Pegasus have made Bonnie all giddy for some flying, all of a sudden. Must've been being reminded of the bus ride. She decided not to, though.

"Oh, just what'd you expect. Quite a pretty sight, yet nothing out of ordinary. I'm surprised not to see Miss DB here, though. I'd imagine her, lying on a sunbed with ice cream and watching over us from here…" - she decides to share her imagination, as far as the teacher in question went.



Flicker nods, patting her chest to pantomime relief and agreement.

As they reach the top, she gazes out at the water to soak in the scenery.


["I'm sure she's doing something incompetent somewhere else."] Flicker writes with an eye-roll. ["But she's not here right now so I don't care."]

She looks around at the town's shops. She pats her stomach and mouth. ["You hungry, thirsty, too hot? Some places we could pick up hats around here."]


Minty looks along the shore, staring forward and totally trying her best to conceal the fact she had no idea where to begin.
"Hmm…let's start…that way!" Minty says, pointing at the marina and heading towards it.

As she walks, she detaches her head and shot puts it as high as she can towards the marina. Her mane reshapes to form a parachute, letting her descend slowly as she looks around for possible signs of wanna-be pirates.

>Searching for pirates/clues of their location

>Supreme Survivor; automatic spot checks


Bang yells out to her "Hey! You're not getting away that easily!" He then attempts to climb up the nearest gutter pipe or other climbable objects

>Climbing to roof


Roll #1 10 = 10



Rushin' covers his eyes as Stryper is hit by a meteorite and the coffee is spilled, looking behind as Gold points out their accused is getting away from them. "HEY! That's cheating, you cheater! You can't tell us to look when nothing's there, it isn't fair! Get BACK here!"

He runs along the streets, unable to climb up that high to the roofs as he trails north behind her, summoning up a few haste spheres for him and Bang to even the odds

[1d10] Homing Attack (Haste), running North alongside the buildings following her

"You take top, I'll take the street! Let's get 'er, Bang!"

Roll #1 8 = 8



>ado, since that post was supposed to come before the DM responded.

"It does feel nice, i'll admit" - Bonnie says in relation to Tiger Eye's words - "More like an actual school trip… though with more comfort to it. That being said, i'm hazarding a guess that you're content with being away from struggle, Tiger Eye?"


The pegasus filly stopped there, as far the talk about Miss DB went. It looked as though what she said innocently had been taken in a harsh way. Flicker seemed to have had something against her…

"This place's nice, though not one to spend the whole day at" - Bonnie says, taking the few last glances round the horizon, still silently wishig to get something out of that - "I guess i could for something to eat. Wondering what the local cuisine is here, actually" - she takes a glance at the shivering Saddle Arabian - "And i'm sure something warming could go just great with it. What do you have in mind, Miss Flicker? Have yous spotted some kinda nice spot already, or do we venture into the streets?"


As Minty scans the shore, a seagull lands nearby and squawks at you aggressively.
Using some rudimentary knowledge, you can rule out the northern edge of the lake, as it is fairly smooth and flat, with the shore leading right into grasslands, with some hills and mountains to the north. Unless the pirates drag their boats out over land, they wouldn't be staying there. The southern shore, on the other hoof, is almost entirely rocky coves at the bases of mountains to the south.

After climbing onto the roof with amazing skill and starting to pursue the mare, her cloak billows out from her spreading a pair of wings. She jumps up and glides over to the opposite side of the street, still heading north.
Three spheres of magic pop out from your horn, following behind you as you run.

You appreciate the scenery, taking in such sights as a boat hauling in a net full of fish, several aquatic creatures thrashing around near the surface in combat, and a ferry crossing the lake near the northern shore.
"I'm a fortune teller, not a fighter," she says, pulling out her crystal ball. "Woooo~"


File: 1441336552256.gif (529.03 KB, 480x360, angry moth.gif)

I'm actually doing these to help find my posts for reference later, not just for fun. They are fun, but the fun is secondary.



She writes "Fishfood Bakery" onto the page, only to immediately cross it out with an exaggerated retch. Beneath that, she draws a cup labeled "cider?" in suggestion.


Bang continues to persue her, using his hammer to help him make larger jumps.

>Rolling if needed.


Roll #1 10 = 10


>forgot to describe the marina
Walking along the edge of the shore, you eventually come to the marina, where the various boats are stored. A cannery is nearby, where the fisherfolk are offloading their hauls and getting paid for it. Everything here seems quite legitimate, with all the boats sporting a flag on their hulls designating their affiliation with Dockside. They're all motorboats of various sizes, with not a sail in sight.


As the orbs of speed appear above Rushin's head, he looks up at Bang on the rooftops. "Hey, BANG! Let's run 'er down, hero style!" he fires up the red sphere at his friend, pushing the one more on himself (saving the 3rd for later)
>Instant automatic: giving one sphere to me and one to Bang, giving us each an extra action

[1d10] With his running enhanced by time, Rushin' races to cut her off based on where he sees her going

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


File: 1441337296300.jpg (252.94 KB, 736x552, To Sail A Boat One Must Be….jpg)

With better coordination this time, Minty's body walks along and her head lands right on top almost perfectly. 'Almost' because her head is on backwards.
"Yeah, I didn't see anything on that one."

Minty looks around at al the fishing boats, pretty sure all these guys would be tight lipped about pirates for obvious reasons.
"Alright Vi. We're on our own for this one. I say we get sailing ourselves.

Minty heads to the end of the marina where the water is. She concentrates really hard to shape herself into a boat shape for Violet and Alaster to sit in.
>Adaptability; Looking to turn it into Earthly Affinity (Water)

Roll #1 9 = 9


>Alaster is currently fused with Violet, since they're transformed.

Violet looks at this transformation with disgust and curiosity. Minty hears a laugh in her head.

>"There is no part of this scenario that I do not like."



She giggles at that act:

"Well, that might be a sea port, but the majority is still hooved ones, right? Even with the farms away, i'm sure they'd import some more pony-friendly stuff" - at the notion of cider, she responds - "I was thinking more of something along the lines of hot cocoa. Not that i'd mind some juice though" - she finishes, giving clear evidence that she does not associate the mare's proposition with the alcoholic beverage.


After a pause, as to give her classmate time to throw in her own preferences, as far as nourishment went, she flicks her ears with visible interest, seeing the Saddle Arabian flick the crystal ball before her eyes.

"~ooooh" - almost as if on cue, she finishes the fortune teller's 'woooo~' - "Thrilling! Where did you learn that?"


Violet backs away from the angry seagull when this happens.
>Forgot to link DM post.



She smiles in affirmation. ["I'll buy for us."]

Looking at her bag, she takes out both her regular coat and the robe. ["Are you cold at all? Pretty chilly up here, huh?"]


"See? Positive attitudes like that is what will make this work," she says, finishing her transformation and bouncing herself into the water. Despite going after pirates, she gives herself a viking look; even wearing a gooey horned viking helmet.


File: 1441338023233.jpg (174.18 KB, 964x678, article-2167700-13E3B38700….jpg)

"I've never had cider," Tiger Eye says, "What's it like?" After you pull out the robe, she says, "Oh my goodness gracious yes please," she says, rushing towards the cloak, getting under it backwards with her flank being where the head should be.
"It's my special talent! I always knew how to do it."

Your hammer gives you great leverage in launching yourself over to her, with nary an exhausted breath coming from your mouth. The pegasus jumps off the edge of a roof, then swoops upward into the air, flying properly. She's the only one in the air right now, though, so it shouldn't be too hard to follow her.
Unfortunately, you're blocked by a twelve-fruit-stand-pileup. Fruits and vegetables of twelve kinds litter the street- apples, pears, avocados, cabbage, green beans, mangos, cherries, grapes, kiwis, pomegranate, watermelon, and strawberries as far as the eye can see. You'll have to go around to prevent yourself from getting juicy, or wade through the sea of produce.

You become a boat, and become quite capable of acting in the water.
Minty's appearance is reminiscent of a floaty ring with a dinosaur head on the front, yet bizarre with her growing multiple legs to act as oars, reshaping her head to take on the appearance of an ox-horned helmet.


Bang attempts to leap up as she launches up in order to give her a hard smack out of the air with his new fist hammer.


Roll #1 7 = 7



"Or you could just invite yourself in, I suppose. You're welcome." she thinks to herself, completely out of spur-of-the-moment annoyance and not any real malice in any way shape or form.

["It's juice with carbonation. It sparkles."] she writes as she starts to lead the way downstairs.


File: 1441338548171.png (171.4 KB, 505x487, Minty.png)

Violet nervously steps into the Mintyboat, it 'giving' a little as she adjusts on the water vessel.

She continues to look nervous, occasionally glancing back at the town as she second-guesses this.



Rushin' gasps and skids to a halt as he's met with the vast sea of fruits and vegetables, gasping for breath as he's cut short and Bang races on ahead, losing sight of her in the process.

"Ah, WHAT?! Give me a break, here of all places are all this fruit? I don't have time for this!"

He charges on ahead, his second sphere of haste hitting him to provide a second action (instant), racing through the produce stands despite the juiciness as he blasts a whole through them

[1d10+1] Blasting my way through the produce (Magic Bolt)
[1d10] And running to keep up with Bang and the fleeing mare

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7


>Minty used Surf

With Violet on board, Minty's little oars begin to move, moving them along the water at steadily increasing speed.
"You know…this feels kinda different when there's somepony riding on you," Minty comments, not sounding upset or anything by this.
"Just keep your hooves inside the me-boat; don't need Miss Flicker and DB yelling at me if a fish bites your hoof off or something."

As Minty heads towards the center of the lake, she keeps a watchful eye out for the pirates.
>Sup Surv


>Forgot haste.

Bang then attempts to go for a double swipe with his hammer.


Roll #1 9 = 9



"Oh, that's kind of you. Thank you, Miss Flicker" - she looks as if she's considering her offer for a moment - "A little, i admit. Not nearly as bad as round that volcano though, so i could go without it. A little rain's refreshing every now and then, especially after being stuffed in that bus for so long. So, rather no, thank you. On another note, seeing how bid differences in climate are here within such small disances, i'm getting the feeling that if we were to wear clothing for each of those places we're visiting the way fashion suggest, we'd need a second bus just to carry all of it… oh, but i've meaning to ask, Miss Flicker. Is that robe you found special in any way, besides being pretty?"


She smiles at her friend's eagerness.

"Oh, let me get that for you" - she flies over the Saddle Arabian, helping her get under the cloak properly - "a lady shouldn't walk like that~"

Her interest in the fortune telling remains intact:

"That's one talent you don't see often, for sure… did you feel like looking into your own future, as far as this trip here goes, since we arrived here?"


Bonnie follows Flicker, towards the destination proposed by the older mare, with a little jump to her way of walking.



["I don't think so, but I don't really have a big eye for magic things. It's surprisingly insulated, though. Which is odd, because it just looks like a flimsy robe."]


File: 1441339517711.jpg (23.93 KB, 500x333, Baby-Spider-1321909416.jpg)

"Super thaaanks, Flicker," Tiger Eye says, wrapping her legs around Flicker's midsection in a gentle hug.
"That sounds like a nice drink."
"Nnnot really, it's not like that- I don't see the future, more like I can feel it, or I can just look and see something that helps find lost things, or what your chances are at doing something.

You miss her by a hair before falling back down to the rooftop. Had you been just a bit closer on the jump, you would have hit her, for sure. She keeps heading north, accelerating downwards between the buildings.
You blast through the produce, splashing juice all over the street. You catch up to Bang, but the mare's swooped out of your field of vision.

As you row through the lake, the water becomes choppy and uneven, often pushing you back towards the south shore. At one point, a large wave surges up, threatening to crash the two of you right into the base of a mountain- instead, you go right through it, into a dark cave tunnel lit by torches. It seems to have been hidden by an enchantment of some kind.
>Quick reply- go in? Y/N


Bang chases after her after falling on the ground.


Roll #1 5 = 5


Violet sits in the Minty boat, keeping her hooves in it, screaming as the large wave threatens to crush them, before they slide straight into the mountain.

Violet looks around.

"What-what is this place?"

>"If I had to guess, probably the pirates Minty was talking about. I'm going to need you to get ready in case I'm right."

Violet nervously nods, a wireframe appearing in her hooves which quickly gives way to a machine gun.


File: 1441339903824.jpg (35.28 KB, 460x520, Cute Moth 1.jpg)

Venturing further in, Minty and Violet come to a small cove, where multiple caves are carved into the walls, with pathways leading down to a dock where a majestic sailboat was anchored- in spite of what the bartender had told you previously. The place is lit entirely by torchlight, and you can hear the sounds of an accordion being played.


"OH CRUUUU-ooooh wait…what?" Minty says, looking around at the new surroundings.
"Oh sweet! I bet this is their super secret pirate cove."

Minty proceeds along the dark cave tunnel, being careful of navigating the slightly darker waters.
>Just in case: Earthly Affinity and Supreme Survivor for automatic autocrit traversing check



She tousles Tiger's mane and bumps flanks to demonstrate again her lack of malice.


Rushin' gasps for breath as he catches up with Bang, huffing and puffing, "Geeez…. Bang, you had the right idea with the rooftops, my horn's aching already. C'mon, we almost got her though! For justice!"

He chases after Bang, figuring he might know where she went if he lost sight of her, running as fast as their hooves will allow

[1d10] "Come out! If you're not a lich you got nothing to hide! If you are a lich… well I guess you should probably keep running."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Minty goes up to the dock, letting Violet get off her first before reforming back into her normal pony shape.
"Shh. Just follow my lead," Minty says to Violet, reshaping her gooey oxhorn helmet into a gooey tricorne and walks to where the accordion being played was.
"Ahoy, ye fellow seadogs!" Minty calls out, boldly walking up to them.



"Well… i'm sure it will become evident at one point. There must have been a reason the lich treasured it, right?"

She gives herself a scratch behind one of her ears. That was some magic, which one would not expect when putting those artifacts on.

"I mean, those things do real wonders. I feel like i could become a nurse any day with them on… i wonder who made them - and what for, for that matter."


"Hmm… Rushin and Bang have lost it a long time ago, i don't suppose you could help them, perhpas?" - she winks at the Saddle Arabian - "Do you often get ponies to ask you about the future, Tiger Eye?"


Violet follows on hoof, looking around nervously, holding her machine gun ready, her eyes looking around the room, waiting for something to trigger her targeting.



["It's probably not that important."] Flicker concludes. Her expression turns worried and guilty.

["Elephant in the room time. I'm sorry for snapping at you for the you-know-what."] she writes, adding a frowny face to the end.


File: 1441340951293.png (54.48 KB, 500x250, hug moth.png)

Back on the ground, it's harder to find her with all the buildings in the way. As Rushin' calls out to her, you can hear her reply.
"That's none of your business!" She calls back out, "You've got no right to come after him, he hasn't done anything to you!"
The two of you have come further north in the town, where the buildings have started to look nicer and older. To the far north, at the end of the street, you can see the remains of a castle.

Tiger smiles back up at you with a wide grin. "Let's get going!"
"Oh, not like that," she says, "But I'm always here to help that way, if you need it!"
Exiting the tower and going through town, you come to an older part close to the shore, where the buildings look a little worn down, but still standing strong. The inside of the Old Town Cidery is almost empty, with just the bartender and a couple barflies. "Hmm, some more young ladies," the Earth Pony bartender takes note, "I guess we're starting to find a new demographic."

As you follow behind Minty, your targeting lights up with about twenty pirates, wearing a matching uniform of a black and white striped sleeveless shirt, white pants, and blue bandannas, their eyes looking empty as they listen to the accordion playing. You then see who's playing the accordion…
You come up to the accordion player- a fishman of some sort in a captain's garb, a long blue sea coat, a wide cap with a skull and crossbones on it, his chest strapped with crystal-firing pistols, white pants, and a red sash on his waist. His skin is blue and scaley, his lips a bright green, and he must be pretty good at playing the accordion, shooting his guns, and sword fighting, considering the six-inch long claws growing from his fingers. He frowns at you as you speak out. "Who talks like that?" he barks, "We're not lords and ladies, we're pirates!"


Rushin' grunts, struggling to keep up with the mare as he tries to make more orbs of speed to give them the edge, horn glowing red-hot as he stresses it
[1d10] Homing Attack

"He's a lich! He's evil and probably oppressing ponies like the other one did those ogres! It's not just we can't go home until we beat them all, we're helping make the world better anyhow! Why do you care if we go after 'im?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Not missing a beat, Minty frowns.
"Yeah. Pirates that be plunderin' a little foal pool instead of sailin' the great big, open ocean!" Minty says, looking up at the accordian playing fishman captain right in the eyes.
"What be with the small fish fry of apples instead of cursed dubloons?!" She says gruffly, using her shield to strike a Captain Morgan pose after her question.



She leads them to some empty stools, waiting for a menu or something like that.


"He's a lich! He must be evil! Plus if we defeat them then we can go home!" He yells, still chasing after the mare.


Roll #1 2 = 2


>It doesn't work like that, it only 'targets' people Violet is likely to shoot, not just anypony within range.
Violet stands near Minty, looking around at the pirates with fear, holding her gun ready [not pointing it at anypony] letting her do the talking.



"Aaaah, that…" - Bonnie, despite being the one being apologized to, drps her ears a bit and looks away at first - "… i should be the one sorry. Not only was that your property, you were probably the only one who knew how to handle it correctly. I shouldn't have stepped in. Not to mention it was dangerous in more than one way" - she starts to fidget, as she grows more comfortable by the minute during the ennumerating of the reasons she'd done wrong. She seemed to be realizing only now fully how much she's screwed up back then. The filly gathers up finally the courage to look up at her safekeeper, her lower lip slightly bit initially - "I'm sorry. I didn't think it throughly back then. I promise i'm not going to do that again."


"Well, looks like we won't be staying in a queue…. mister bartender, when is the guest season around here?" - she asks quite freely, given how the earth pony behind the business doesn't look too busy.

She cares to respond to the Saddle Arabian too:

"You mentioned feeling it. May i ask what it feels like? A hunch, glimpses like those from a semi-forgotten dream?"



["Guns aren't a joke."] she writes gravely. ["Anything that the barrel points at can and will be destroyed. Any gun you see should be considered loaded unless you've personally checked it. When somebody's hoof is on the trigger, it means that whatever it's pointed at is about to be hit."]

She puts her wing on Bonnie's and taps her head with her chin.

["But I can see you understand that and won't forget it. Don't let it weigh too heavily on you. Mistakes are made, but I'm thankful it didn't hurt you or anyone else."]


"Well, what do you think I'm here, for?" The fishman captain says, leaning down at Minty and moving his head side to side to punctuate his words, "Demiursa wakes me up after however long and she tells me, she says, 'Captain Sahagin! I see there're pirates in some lake in the middle continent, go show 'em how to be the real thing!' So I get here, I whip 'em up in a day, and now we're gonna go bomb the town! Whaddya think of that, ya overturned jar of jelly?"

As the two of you continue chasing her, a cloud of sparkling smoke comes out from behind her, getting in your eyes and lungs, making you cough and cry. By the time it clears out, she's nowhere to be seen.

The bartender grunts, coming out from behind the bar and going to the table. "What'll you all be having?" he asks, pulling out his pen, "We've got ginger beer, cider, cola, cider, root beer floats, cider, and cider. It's all the same cider, but the boss wants me to work on my humor so there ya go."
"Tourist season? Usually spring, weather's nicer then."
In response to the question, Tiger Eye says, "Well, a hunch, I suppose? It's hard to really explain, I'd say things like 'say somepony is throwing a ball at a basket' or 'say a wheel with different colors on it is being spun, and an arrow is going to point at a color,' but it's not right enoooough."


File: 1441342257512.jpg (34.77 KB, 640x400, Jumping_Spider_Pictures3.jpg)

reference pic


After bang finishes coughing he turns to look at Rushin'. "Come on! He must be in that castle! All the liches live in spooky castles right?" He says, running towards the castle.



["RBF and for me, keep the cashews and almonds coming."] she writes, counting out however many coins it will cost to fill the three of their orders.


"Now that's more like it, ya snaggled-toothed guppy!" Minty exclaims with a smile. Minty then raises a brow, and her face changes into one thinking about something.
A hoof taps against the shield as she thinks really hard.

After thinking, she looks back up at Captain Sahagin.
"Wait just a landlubbin' second…what do you mean 'wake me up after however long'? Were you in a coma after a fierce battle with ocean pirates or something?"



Rushin' coughs and hacks and rubs at his eyes as they water profusely, "*HACK*, *COUGH*, Can't seee…. ow, my throat is on fire! And so are my eyes! And my nose! WHY IS SHE CHEATING SO BAD?!"

When the dust clears, Rushin' finishes coughing, rubbing his eyes profusely, "It's all up in my eyes… gah, that stuff *HACK* SUCKS." As Bang points out the flawless logic, Rushin' looks up ahead at the northern castle

"Yeah, that makes sense to me… grr… gimme a moment, just have something in my eye, right behind you." He trails closely behind Bang, prepared to get major payback for this


Violet pans her eyes across the pirates, taking a step backwards, pointing her gun at the pirates, a targeting reticle [in her eye] coming to rest on Captain Sahagin.
"Minty, we should get out of here, these ponies are going to bomb the town, and they work for Demiursa!"


"Demiursa? Why does that sound familiar? Wasn't she that one pony I got that cigarette from and Bang kept hitting on with his hammer?"


"She's the witch Bang let out that sent us here in the first place." Violet says afraid.


"Wait, you mean Bang sent us to this dumb, lich-filled world?!" She blurt out angrily.
"Ooooooh, when we get back to shore, I'm gonna drag him back here and feed him to the sharks I will! Or whatever this place has for pony-eating fish since…ya know…it's a stupid lake!"



The filly focuses her attention on the instructions being written by the older pegasus, trying her best to carve an image of those writing right into her memory. She nods, signalling sincere understanding, at the end. She's taken by surprise when Flicker moves in and assumes physical contact. Her wings shivered ever so slightly under the teen's touch.

She takes a moment to take in the words she's had in store for Rill. She adds in quietly under her chin:

"… if i happen to think that something like this can improved… say, seeing from a different perspective that the angle's not right or seeing obstacles coming… should i warn you ot keep it to myself? I realize it might be distracting… not to mention i might be wrong… what would you wish from me, Miss Flicker?" - she breathes out those words in her mentor's neck, seeking her guidance.


"Do you get many tourists here?" - Bonnie asked the bartender yet another question - "And, well, i guess i'd go for some cider. Specialization of your business means you're all the better at it, right?"

She turns to Tiger Eye:

"Hmm, that's a vague thing, indeed… maybe saying how you make it work will help me understand it? Do you will that into working? Do you concentrate on a question, an aspect of the matter and it just happens? How do you do that, really?



She scoots back over to her own chair to better see what Bonnie's saying. ["Nothing that involves direct contact with the rifle. My peripheral vision's good enough that a wave or a point can work just fine for that."]

She pats Bonnie's head again. ["Don't think of it as distracting, more like assisting, you understand? Nobody is totally self-sufficient, and everybody benefits from help every now and again, okay?"]


File: 1441344036849.gif (496.32 KB, 360x360, listen well young squire.gif)

The captain pulls one of his pistols from the straps across his chest and points it at your head. "Now why do you think we're so friendly with each other? Why should I tell you that?" He asks.
"Ooh, so you think we'll just let you go?" The Captain asks, "Well, congratulations, you got caught. Was that part of your plan?"

"Rooot beer floooat…" the bartender repeats. "I'd like to try the cider," Tiger Eye says with a warm excitement.
"Not many tourists, no, it's a fishing town. Not a very attractive spot, but the castle and town hall are good enough. Warn you that the cider's not as fresh as usual, got some trouble with pirates on the lake and haven't been making the cider daily, as we usually do."
"Well, I look at the crystal ball, think about the question, and then the ball looks kind of smokey, and I get a feeling from it."

The bartender brings back the drinks, along with a plate of apple slices, and a bowl of almonds and cashews. The root beer float has plenty of ice cream in it, creamy and sweet, bubbling on top of the soft drink. The cider is tangy, but there's something off about it. You can tell it's not as good as it should be. The check's left under the float glass, everything costing a total of 6 gold.

You come to the remains of the castle on the outskirts, with a full moat, a well-kept lawn, and a drawbridge lowered down. The castle is a bit of a wreck, but in a tasteful fashion- it's very open-air, almost like a sculpture garden, with grass growing up through cracks in the stone floor, a cool breeze blowing through the various halls, plenty of open areas that would be suitable for a picnic. Overall, the place seems like it had been gutted out some time ago, just leaving the outer walls and some hallways left, giving off the impression of a stone facade.

In what remains of the throne room, there are some young folks engaging in friendly sparring with facsimile weapons. Based on their clothes, which appear to be a combination of school uniform and light armor, they're part of the same organization, with a crest of a griffon with fire wings. The assorted teenagers are a griffon fighting with a fake rifle and foam bayonet against a sort of sheep-minotaur with a large foam axe. Watching them are a buffalo with a tremendously fuzzy and curly coat of fur, a young Earth Pony with a bright yellow coat and an orange mane, and what appears to be a blue-coated hybrid between a pony and a goat.


Bang quickly runs up to the rest of the young folk. "Hey! Have you guys seen a lich anywhere? Or a cloaked mare that throws sand in your eyes?" He asks, looking among the crowd of foam sparrers.



She proceeds to pig out on the cashews and almonds, losing herself in the crunch as she rotates left and right on her barstool.


Rushin' stares at the teenagers gathered here, impressed by their uniform, armor, and training circle with real weapons. He trots up close to the duelists, but not interrupting their fight just yet.

"Woah… this looks AWESOME! Who are you guys, some kind of cool knight squad?!"

"Huh? Oh, right! Also that, have you guys seen a older looking mare with an eyepatch?"


Violet looks to the many pirates, terrified, holding her machine gun honed on the Captain still.

>"Listen to me, Violet, I'm going to need you to remain ca-"

Violet screams and opens fire on the pirates, then turns and runs down the hall back towards the water.

[1d10+2] Cleave 4
>Critfails 4-
>Turn 1/5 Avatar State

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Because I'm so cute and adorable?" Minty half-heartedly tries on the captain, knowing it wouldn't get her anywhere. She goes cross-eyed as she stares at the pistol against her head.
"Caught? Caught doi-"

Minty jumps out of the way as Violet yells as to not get shot up by Violet.
"Aww forget it!"
Minty alters the shape of her mane to make it a flat surface. She then whips her mane up and around, looking to slap the Captain in the face.
>Expansive: Single
>Mane slap (Normal Attack)

After the distracttion, Minty turns around and runs after Violet.
>following Violet to the water

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



The little pegasus drew some joy from having her head patted. It almost felt like having a bis sister there, for a moment. Showing a degree of gratitude, yet nothing out of ordinary, she responded:

"Understood, miss Flicker. I will… Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. When it's a whole new world to take flight in, it's good to have someone to keep ponies on the ground - the little pegasus gets comfortable in her chair, as much as it's simplicity allowed it. Something wasn't giving her rest though. She tilted her head a little to the side, as she eyed her temporary guardian, furrowing her brows as she pondered aloud - "Care to tell what made you take a rifle on a simple school trip in the first place?"


Inquiring about the mystical arcana continues:

"So the crystal ball is such an important part of it? Out of curiosity, where did you get it from, if i may ask?

She takes a few sips of her cider, scrunching her muzzle a little at some point:

"What the bartender said sure was true. Please, don't lose your hopes for that drink the first time, Tiger Eye"

As for the earth pony in question himself…:

"What kind of trouble with the pirates may it be that interferes with cider brewing?" - Bonnie couldn't figure that out - "Do they visit this place and interfere with the process? I mean… the cider is done here, right?"



["I was going to the practice range after the trip was supposed to end, but clearly, there was a change of plans, wasn't there?"] she silently laughs. ["At least I thought to bring extra rounds, huh?"]


Rather than turn into a boat, Minty turns into the next fastest thing she can think of that can go through the water quickly: a big rocket!
"Violet, quick! Hop on!"

Once Violet gets on Minty, extra goo comes up to help keep her in place before Minty blasts off on top of the water.
>Getting out od Dodge with Violet
>Earthly Affinity: Automatic traversing
>Supreme Survivor makes this autocrit


File: 1441345749594.jpg (15.21 KB, 300x187, ACME.jpg)

>forgot pic


Violet hops onto the Mintyrocket, aiming her gun behind her as pirates presumably come after them.



It was strangly hypnotising to watch the silent laughter. Just like what one would expect from an old times' magical animation… Bonnie's father had a couple, hence she remember such. She tried politely not to focus her gaze on Flicker all that much though. She responded with a jolly expression of her own, though a quiet one.

"Certainly true… Do you think it'll be enough to last for the whole trip? As much as this realm might be armed, can't say i've seen any gun alike yours around here.


The griffon pauses combat to wave at Bang and Rushin'. He's notably older than they are, probably Flicker's age instead, as are the rest. He's smiling at first, but then the smile falters as he partially squints at Bang. "Why do you want to know?" He asks.
"Who, Missus Shimmer?" The sheep-minotaur asks, "She went out to the bakery to get some buh-gets."

Tiger Eye drinks her cider, looking at it curiously, considering the flavor and bubbliness of the drink. "Innnnnteresting…"
"I found it in the desert, and I heard you look in crystal balls for fortune telling, so I did and it worked. Pret-ty simple, huh?"
The bartender's returned to the bar by now, so he barks back, "They've been robbing the boat where my apple shipments come in from the town across the lake. There's an orchard a little ways out of town where the apples are grown, then they bring them in to town and freight 'em over. But the pirates take the apples when they rob the boats, so I haven't been getting any new ones, and my backups have been all used up."

The pirates duck before you start shooting, causing you to miss them all completely.
After you slap the captain with your mane, he reels for a bit, then fires the pistol as you run away.
[1d10] Shooting @ Minty
"Everyone after them! Get in the boat!" He says, instead of chasing them down to the water's edge. The pirates get on the boat, taking their positions, as Captain Sahagin gets aboard the fishwoman maidenhead. "Chaaarge!" The boat makes a roaring sound, as two holes appear in the front, with glowing yellow eyes behind them.
Minty shoots out like zoom, as the pirate boat starts to follow, propelled without wind. The two can hear some shouting, but they've passed out of the enchanted entrance and back onto the lake by now.

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1441345990697.png (78.5 KB, 500x318, moth drawing.png)

The captain's crystal bullet lands in Minty's flank, suspended in goo before turning pink and exploding inside her. It seems to be a special kind of crystal…
>Minty takes 3 hits



She reaches into her case and takes out the arming crystal which powers her gun. ["Don't worry. This thing fires magic rounds from these puppers. They recharge, so we should be good for a long while now. In the worst-case scenario, I'll have to either find more, or find some way of charging it manually."]


["How is it, Tiger?"] she writes, leaning over.


"I'm Bang!" Bang says, before pointing over at Rushin'. "And this is Rushin'. We're both a part of Team Rushin' Justice and we're here to rid this world of the evil liches!" Bang says, making a pose with his hammer.


Rushin' jumps, "That's her! That shimmer lady lied to us about something being behind us, then a meteor hit our classmate's bulter, then she ran away when we asked her about an evil lich! Where is she?!" He gets up close to the Ramotaur's legs, growling, "Do you all work for the lich or somethin'? I can't believe I thought you were cool!"


"Ow! That hurt like a mother!" Minty yells, doing her best to keep her shape at these high speeds.

Minty's eyes shift around to look behind her, looking at the roaring, glowing-eyed ship.
"Oh crud! These guys WERE legit all along!"

"Violet. Get to shooting or whatever! I'll focus on the water skimming!"
She tries to keep herself steady enough for Violet to get good shots out of if she decides to shoot at the pirates. But to mess with the crew, she stops the 'thrusters' and turns herself, looking like she's drifting on the water's surface. Then 'fires back up' to take a sharp, almost 90 degreee turn to avoid any potential gunfire.
>Traversing to dodge; auto autocrit


File: 1441346833662.jpg (59.88 KB, 690x300, torpedo.jpg)

Violet looks back as the pirates continue speeding after, pointing her gun at them.

>"Violet wait, I have a better idea!"

Violet stops for a moment listening, before a wireframe appears on Minty's side, attached to it, before taking the form of a long metal tube.

>"Fire torpedos!" Alaster says too enthusiastically given their situation, as the tube detaches from Minty and speeds towards the pirate ship just as Minty makes her 90' turn.

>Reflex Shot: Requires ranged weapon, recharge 1; this attack can be used while helpless. Otherwise, deals double damage as well as suffers double counterattack damage.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



Bonnie evidently has trouble grasping the simplicity of the answer presented by Tiger Eye:

"Found it? As in, just simply lying around? I mean, i know deserts tend to be huge and cover quite a lot of stuff, giving it back after centuries, but…" - she stops for a moment - "…or do you mean you've come across it in some other way? Heard the desert is not all that deserted, after all."

She listens with attention to the bartender's story:

"Why haven't the local police forces taken care of that? I've seen some practically idle this very day."


"Woooo…" - the filly lets out a prolonged sound with forehooves on her cheeks, looking at the crystal from over drink - "So that thing's a magical crystal… hey, maybe those Crystal Pony princesses could help out with that? That Dai-emerald one near the fountain looked pretty helpful" - she ceases talking for a moment there, recalling some fuzzy memories - "despite somepony saying they're all out to get us… miss Flicker, what was the deal with that?" - she asked, not being present at the Princesses' castle due to attending an audition at Skullheart's - "Did something happen when me, Bang and Rushin were away? Enough to make us flee?"



She continues to sip her root beer float while mixing in cashews and almonds, writing with one hoof. ["No idea. Really needlessly antagonistic and complainy. Not a big fan. Don't remember too well, left with Violet."]


File: 1441347527001.jpg (308.22 KB, 950x633, Moth Glorious.jpg)

"It's a little odd, but I like it," she says, "I thought it'd be sweeter, there's a kind of tang to it instead, like orange juice has, but not the same flavor."
"Yeah, we had stopped for the night and set up the tent, and I was walking around outside to be alone, and I found the ball."

"Well, miss, we've had a town meeting about it, and the town guard had shown us that right now, there's a fair amount of effort being put into finding them, but right now there are issues with thieves, illegal deathmatches, drugs, and a problem with the dragon colony living in the mountains to the south. They're not just the police, they're the militia. The one standing around was probably just a guard, either he's not cut out for the more intense duties, or he's someone's relative that they can't afford to get hurt in such endeavors. Don't you go knocking the town guard like that, madam, we all pay good money to support them, and they're very helpful in the community."

"Well, I'm Fortune," the griffon says, "This is Sugar, and that's Softy, Cuyahoga, and Cytail. We're the Firewings, it's our job to help defend the town and citizens when there's trouble." He points in order at the lady Sheepitaur, the fuzzy buffalo, the Earth Pony, and the goat. "Look, there aren't any evil liches here, I promise."
Sugar puts her hoof up between Rushin's forelegs and pushes him back. "Hey, Miss Shimmer doesn't do anything wrong. If anything, you're the ones who come off bad, saying you want to kill somebody and demanding us to tell you where they are." Cytail speaks up from the ground as he's reclining. "You know, I'd be fine with explaining things, so long as you explain first, just be calm and use clear words and language. Okay?"

The boat emerges from the enchanted entrance, moving oddly- it goes forward a bit at a good speed, then slows down, then forward faster, and slower again. It turns towards them, floating still in the water, then suddenly surges forward, closing the distance like folding a piece of paper in half. Minty's dodge keeps them from getting hit, but the massive wave from the boat causes her to rise up on it, crashing in on itself.
The torpedo gets blown off course by the sudden surge forward of the pirates' boat. As the wave crash, it gets hard to hold on to Minty.
>Violet and Minty, roll to hold on
>DC6, either success works, Supreme Survivor prevents helplessness
>post rolls first, then react accordingly


Minty's goo does its best to keep Violet held in place on the speeding goo rocket.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Kill?" Bang wonders a bit before looking at Rushin'. "Can a lich actually die? I thought they get banished back to Mister Skullheart's castle or something." He then turns back to the teens. "Hey we're trying to rid the world of evil! We were just asking if she knew a lich and she threw dirty tricks at us!"


Minty's able to hold onto Violet, recovering quickly and getting back to normal, though now they're both soaked to the bone- Violet moreso than Minty, on account of her having bones.



Curious, she smells the drink.


Seeing how fast the ship could move, Minty can't help but whistle.
"Dang. I was wrong about those guys; they're pretty set for causing trouble at a lake."

Seeing that these guys weren't messing around, Minty heads for the nearest spot of shoreline.
"Hang on, Violet! Time for some big time," Minty does a hard bank to make a wave, circles around, and uses her own wave to launch herself towards the main land and (hopefully) away from anymore ship rammings.

>All this happens in the water, so Automatic Autocrit on this


"Woah… the FIREWINGS." Rushin' repeats it. "That is pretty gnarly. And the uniforms, man, I bet Violet and Bonnie would join right up if we had uniforms…"

He shakes his head clear of delusions, "Wait, wait, WE'RE not the bad guys! We're trying to help ponies by defeating liches, and we KNOW there's one in this town, we have a magic map that says so! We need to wipe them all off the map so me and my class can go home. And if she didn't know anything about liches," he pats Marrow's head, "Why did my dog sniff her out when I asked him to look for one? And why would she try and trick us?" He grins smugly, "Checkmate."


Violet meanwhile fires on the boat as Minty holds her in place with goo seatbelts.

>Dual attack the boat with machine gun.
>Turn 3/5

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4



"Really? Huh… the green one seemed a little tense, but i wouldn't call her that… guess one acts different in the company of the close ones." - she manages to get that out in-between the rounds of experiencing sparkly juice fun on her tongue - "Do you have any idea as to why one of them was so intent of making us knowledgeable about their history?" - she asks, the memories of Dai-Emerald's lectures still young in her mind.


Being affirmed in what she didn't think was the case, Bonnie blinks a few times rapidly before proessing it with a mixture of slightly shocked and impressed expresion on her muzzle:

"I'd find it hard to believe, hadn't i head it from you personally That's so cool - like you literally found your talent!" - she takes her time, thinkng about the visions of future - "Yet there's such a lot told in books about dangers that come with it; prophecies, being wrongly interpreted. Did you ever had your fortune telling backfire, Tiger Eye?"

She listens to the bartender's story, concluding it with:

"Sorry, didn't mean to imply anything. I just asked about what i saw. Can't say we've been here long enough to see other instances… so, in fact, you have quite a lot of problems here, right? How much further does the towns' line spread further to the north? Is it, any way, a frontier city?"


File: 1441349098274.jpg (341.07 KB, 1278x938, Moth.jpg)

It smells alright, nothing wrong with it, but if you've had cider before, you can tell that it's not as good as it could be.
"Well, if I ever think something sounds funny, then I try it again, and if that feeling is more right, then that's probably the right one."
As the bartender opens his mouth, you can hear a roar outside.

As Minty charges towards the beach, Violet's shots hit the boat, but get shrugged off. The boat roars again, and suddenly jumps out of the water. As it soars through the air, Minty and Violet can both see that the boat's been mounted on some sort of giant amphibian, acting as something like a helmet. The creature lands on the beach, roaring at the two ponies, as the townsfolk start to scatter.

"He's not evil!" Sugar says, sounding offended, "Who're you to come in and say that about him when you haven't even met him?"
"Alright, one thing at a time," Cytail says, "That first part, he hasn't hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. Second, I don't have the full context of that, so I'll skip it. Third, they're married, so she smells like him? I guess? I don't ever smell him, I'm assuming he smells like burnt everything. And fourth, probably because she doesn't want anything to happen to him, because he's old and sleeps all the time. You should go to the town hall, they've got an exhibit on him."

"The lich you guys are after," Cuyahoga says, "His name's… well, we call him Old Grand. He's been living her for over a thousand years. Miss Shimmer married him while he was still alive, but when he was dying of old age, she went off to get something to make him better, and what she got was a lich's heart. She put it in him, and when he died, the new heart 'turned on' and transformed him into a lich. Since he had already been protecting the town, the townsfolk made him their lord protector and king, but after a few hundred years of being ruled by him, they changed into a democracy, and he went to sleep underground. He only comes out when there's something really really bad going on, like, giant monsters, dragons, an army of the dead, or tax collection season."



["I don't really recall that happening either."]


["Just get some water later."] she tells Tiger. ["And tell me right away if your stomach starts to hurt."]


"He doesn't hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it AND protects the town?" Bang says questioningly. "But… But that doesn't sound like a bad guy…" He then turns to look at Rushin'. "Hey… You don't think Skullheart would make us try to beat up a good guy, would he? I thought all the liches were bad guys." His once heroic and excited posture now replaced with something more nervous, mostly about the fact that the lich might not be a bad guy.


Rushin' pauses, his face contorting in a sort of guilty look of comprehension, but also confusion.

"Wait… you're telling me this lich, Old Grand… he's a GOOD guy?" He looks down, "Like, are you sure? Absolutely 100% 'Grape is the best candy flavor' sure?"

He sits down, "That can't be right. You guys sure you're not under some spell to make you THINK that? I… we have to destroy ALL the liches or we can't go home, but the last two we met were really bad, they have to all deserve to be beaten, right? I mean, if this lady married him when he was alive, that'd make her thousands of years old too, that doesn't make sense! It has to be some kind of trick!"


File: 1441349880222.jpg (106.65 KB, 780x439, 1437542448626.jpg)


Violet takes a few steps as the Mintyboat rides up into the sand, stepping through the sandy beach as the creature roars as them.

Violet looks on in horror, every bit of her telling her to run.

>"Violet! Violet I'm going to need you to keep it together, we're at 17% power! Go for the big finish!"

Violet takes a few steps backwards.


Violet holds her hoof into the air as a massive wireframe appears in her hoof, before giving way to the comically large gatling gun.

"B-bandolier Barrage!"
>Barrage: Ranged, Recharge 5; Hits all enemies within range, even if they are behind cover or not directly in your view. Benefits from Trick Ammo.
>This hits the pirates on the ship as well due to the cover-piercing effect.
>Turn 4/5

>Crits 9+ Critfails 2-

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"But Rushin' if we beat up the good guy then that'd make us bad guys. You know that's against the Team Rushin' Justice Code." He actually started to worry he might fail his quest already.


"That's why… that's why he can't be a good guy, right? There has to be something we're not seeing. We have to look deeper, Bang."



"Well, that's quite an interesting approach to fortune telling" - the pegasus filly responds, honestly quite surprised - Do you usually share the funny-sounding things with others as well?"

She cringes at the roar, asking the bar-keeper:

"You've mentioned problems with dragons…?"

She looks through the window… or trots up to the door and peers out to see the root of the problem… good thing that she's cleared most of the cider by now, but she'd rather enjoy the rest in peace, instead of gulping it down in wild abandon while thinking of her own safety.


Bonnie's been a bit surprised at Flicker's answer. Sure, the Princess may've been a tad boring with her speech, especially when comparing it with the other attractions this land has proved to be capable of providing. Nonetheless, to be as boring as to make one forget everything…. Dai-Emerald was worse than their history teacher, it seemed. That was saying somethig.

She dropped it though, as what seemed like a possible threat made its auditory appearance.

"Think we should check out, miss Flicker?"


Minty reforms into her pony shape, but looks more annoyed at the giant amphibian than scared.
"Oh c'mon! I did a sick flip and everything! You've gotta be kidding me with this…thing."

Taking a deep breath, Minty runs forward a bit before shifting into a spring shape. She bounces forward a few times before attempting a super jump onto the ship and land close by the captain.
>Sup Surv; autocrit if success
>if success, will have something to add

Roll #1 7 = 7


Landing on the ship, Minty looks up and, drawing upon what pirate knowledge she had, quickly yells.



["Is something going on?"] she asks, noting Bonnie's reaction. She tosses some money on the counter to cover their bill.



"Heard a roar just now. Sounded fierce." - the lil pegasus responded swiftly and worriedly.


File: 1441350776325.jpg (65.22 KB, 432x393, Mothman.jpg)

"Yeah, okay," she says, looking confuzzled, "I heard something outside, kind of like a monster…"
"I try again if the first one sounds funny," Tiger Eye says, "But if the better one still sounds 'bad,' I have to tell them."

"Well, lots of little ones, about teenaged, causing all kind of trouble any which way they go," the bartender says. As you go to the window, you see a large monster over the tops of the buildings. You can't make it out, but judging from the distance and its size… it's big.

Tragedy occurs as your shots miss, hitting nobody and doing no damage.
As you land on the top of the boat, the twenty pirates on board turn to look at you. Captain Sahagin pulls his guns out, ready to fire.

"You're helping someone named Overlich? Who's asking you to go around and kill other guys?" Cuyahoga asks, "These kinds of quests really depend on who asks you to do them, you know?"
"It's a curse, he can't help that it happened," Fortune says, "It's kind of Miss Shimmer's fault, to be honest, but you do crazy things for the ones you love. Also, she's from space, I think being really really old is one of the less strange things about her."

As you talk to each other and the Flamewings, Miss Shimmer, as she's called, comes down from the top of the hall. "Everyone, there's a giant amphibian on the beach. It hasn't moved into town, but the pirates who have been robbing the freight boats are on top. We need to get citizens away from the beach, and defend the town in case those pirates try to get into town!" The Flamewings all get up, saluting to Miss Shimmer.
"Yes, ma'am!" they say, going to a wall and pressing on a brick, causing it to open up and reveal weapons for each of them. "Come on and help us!" Fortune says, taking a crystal rifle with a bayonet on it, the craftsmanship superb, appearing to be ancient and perfect, as he leaves the castle with the rest. Miss Shimmer looks down at the two of you. "We can talk later," she says, before flying away.


>and paused


File: 1441939280889.jpg (568.28 KB, 2953x2953, 52398230_p0.jpg)

When we last left our party…….

Minty and Violet had just gotten back to the Dockside beach, pursued by pirates on top of a giant newt with a boat on its head. The pirates roll down long rope ladders, climbing down onto the beach and running into the town. Captain Sahagin follows, spreading his coat out and pulling two scrolls from his pockets. "Well, lil' miss, let's see how you do when you can't run away," he says. Unfastening a notch on the scrolls, he unfurls both of them. The paper shines and explodes, causing four mannequin-like creatures to emerge from nothing, clad in a pirate's uniform, each of them armed with cutlasses.
>List of enemies:
>Captain Sahagin
>Cruiser Newt
>Claybon(s) 1-4

Bang and Rushin' have just met with the Flamewings, a team of teenagers who live in the town and protect it from any threats, who are in liaison with the mysterious mare they encountered earlier, as well as the mysterious lich who lives in the town. The Flamewings have just run off into town upon hearing the roar of the monster.

Flicker sits in the cidery with Tiger Eye( and Bonnie, but her player isn't here right now). The bartender has begun to drop down iron bars behind his windows, then pulls out a crystal shotgun and loads it up. "If there's any trouble here, you girls should get cover behind some tables and chairs," he says, "Never know what's gonna happen when trouble starts."



Flicker picks up Bonnie and puts her in her pocket. Don't think too hard about it.

Motioning for Tiger to stay where she is, she goes to the window to see what's going on outside.


Rushin' stands there for a few moments more, wondering if the lich they spoke of could really be a good guy.

"That's… I don't know how that can be, why would Skullheart ask us to kill GOOD guys?"

He rushes out after the Flamewings when they suggest they need their help, rushing out with them in a scurry, "Wait, hold on, I'm coming too! Pirates are definitely the bad guys here, I can stop them and show you I'M the good guy!"

>Following the Flamewings out, preparing Homing Attack in the process

[1d10] Haste spheres

Roll #1 9 = 9


Bang follows Rushin' and the Flamewings. "H-He can't possibly expect us to kill good guys. I mean think about it, all they gotta do is use less power right? So maybe mister Skullheart will let this one slide."

Bang then speaks up when Rushin' says his second line. "Yeah! We're not just called Team Rushin' Justice for nothin'!"


File: 1441939860282.gif (596.65 KB, 440x248, Baddaybaddaybadday.gif)

Violet looks around herself, noticing the enemies closing in, backing away in feat, boots pressing into the sand.

>"Violet, we're at 4%, we should fall back."

Violet turns out and breaks into a sprint towards town, dropping her massive [depleted] gatling gun into the sand with a very heavy thud.

[1d10+1] Bad day bad day bad day!
>Avatar State 5/5, will fluff transforming back at beginning of next turn

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


backing away a few feet*


Rushin' smiles, looking to Bang, "That's it! Skullheart wouldn't want us killin' a good guy at all, he must just want us to ask this Old Grand guy to use up less power and Skullheart will be fine. We'll ask him after we save the town from pirates, he'll have to say yes after that right?"


File: 1441940454620.gif (772.79 KB, 259x214, WalkingAway.gif)

Minty looks as she's surrounded, certainly not liking these odds at all. Neither fear nor valor crosses over her face. Instead, she attempts to walk away from the circle of mannequins and captain at a brisk pace, heading to the nearest doorway/opening that leads below deck.

>attempting to walk away and avoid the attacks with sheer 'I don't give a fuck'-ness

>Supreme Survivor; autocrits

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1441940502205-0.jpg (513.92 KB, 2953x2953, 52281318_p0.jpg)

File: 1441940502205-1.jpg (144.79 KB, 400x240, mm3d-bottle-deku-princess.jpg)

Looking past the bars in the window, you can see what looks like a large, monstrous salamander wearing a boat like a helmet, as well as several pirates running up the street, armed with cutlasses and torches.

The Flamewings have started fanning out through the town, fighting pirates and leading the townspeople to fortified buildings. As Rushin' manifests several Haste spheres, the two encounter Fortune pinning several pirates to a wall with his rifle. "Do me a solid and go down to the beach, see if there's anything you can do down there!"
>going to the beach
As you come to the beach, you find the giant newt wearing a ship on its head, scanning around for targets. Several long rope ladders hang from the side of the boat like dreadlocks.
[1d10] Searching
>if this roll is a success, Rushin' and Bang can roll to hide.

You're able to find refuge in the opening to the sewer nearby, where no one will find you.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Alright Rushin'… Should we just charge in and take on the captain head on? Because I think that sounds a lot more heroic." He asks, looking to Rushin' before making a choice.


Your briskness seems to surprise the captain, as he has no response to you walking past him until after you've done it. "Hey, waitaminnit!" he says, "I SAID you can't run away! After her!" The captain sends his four mannequins after Minty, as she finds herself inside the belly of the boat. Cannons are bolted to the floor, with crates full of cannonballs next to them. Near the front, the floor is raised up, with steel panels nailed to the floor- possibly where the newt's head is.


As Fortune pins the grunts, Rushin' nods and salutes to the teenager, "Aye aye, capitano. We'll go beat up the big frog thing that's attacking the beach no sweat!"

He runs down to the beach, a bit in awe of the overwhelming size of the newt when he sees it up close and ducks behind some cover as it fails to find them.

"Okay dang, he's a bit beefier than I thought. But no problem." He looks at Bang, snickering, "You bet that sounds more heroic! Let's go beat the captain up and take that giant lizard for us! Follow me, quick and quiet!"

[1d10] Moving stealthily up towards the rope ladders, planning to climb up on board

Roll #1 7 = 7


Bang quickly rushes over to make a quick climb up the rope ladders before the newt can notice him.


Roll #1 2 = 2



Avoiding the conflict, she looks for the nearest party members.


Violet is surrounded by a rotating wireframe sphere, shielding her from view, before dissipating, leaving her in her clothes from earlier. She turns back to the pirate ship, the full force of the fear hitting her.

>"I'm going to need you to head into the sewer now. When you're not transformed you're far too vulnerable to fight."

"W-what about Minty? She's still in there."

>"I'll go get her. Don't go too far in unless you're pursued, I'll be right back."

Violet heads a short distance into the sewer as Alaster starts heading back towards Minty and the amphibian.
>Putting up Alaster's HP next to Violet's


Seeing the mannequins follow her, Minty moves quicker. She grabs one of the cannonballs, struggling a bit to swing it around with the use of her goo.
>Expansive; turning Goo from Unarmed to Great

With a mighty swing, she attempts to bust the steel panel enough to allow her to squeeze her gooey body into.

>Normal attack on steel panel to break it open just enough to allow only her to move through

>If success, she moves under the panel and leave the cannonball behind

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Rushin' notices Bang slugging behind a bit, whispering "C'mon man, gotta move!" tossing him one of his spheres

>Automatic haste, instant action granted


"Don't worry, I'll just use my awesome parkour skills from earlier!"

>Use instant action to try climbing again.


Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1441942192669.jpg (588.97 KB, 3541x3541, 52280913_p0.jpg)

You climb up the rope ladder, getting swung around as the newt continues to swing its head, looking for enemies.
After missing the bottom rung entirely, you're able to start up again, soon catching up to Rushin'.
The two of you roll onto the deck of the boat, where the only pirate remaining is a tall, blue-scaled fishman with green lips, wearing a long coat, wearing a feathered hat, with a criss-crossing series of holsters on his chest. Four mannequins have just rushed into a door, leaving him to be the only one left on the deck.

Flying towards the beach, you see Bang and Rushin' climbing up rope ladders and getting on the deck.

While Violet hides in the sewers, Alaster runs onto the beach, where the giant newt is still looking for enemies.

With a resounding clang, your limb bounces off the steel plating. The four mannequins see you, and have begun rushing towards you to attack!

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 9 = 9


File: 1441942394467.jpg (658.03 KB, 2953x2953, 52119907_p0.jpg)

Forgot to roll for newt
>if this roll is successful, Flicker and Alaster can roll to hide

Roll #1 8 = 8


Bang attempts to rush in for a sneak attack on the captain, whipping out his large fist mace and trying to slam it into him.

>Fist of Justice


Roll #1 2 = 2


With them both gathered up on the deck, Rushin' looks over at Bang with a snide grin on his face, "Only one? Dude, this'll be easy, let's get him."

As he charges in, he drops two more spheres (leaving him with only one) on himself and Bang, one action blasting the fishman with red magic point blank while the other kicks him in the shin.

>One sphere used on Bang, one on Rushin', instant

[1d10+1] Magic Bolt on Fishman
[1d10] Shin kick on fishman

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Oh c'mon!" Minty yells at the steel panel.

With the mannequins closing in, she tries to wait until the last minute before moving away, seeing if these things could do her work for her.

>Dodging so their attacks hit the steel instead


Roll #1 8 = 8


After Bang misses his first strike, he swings to try and catch the fishman off guard with a smack to his face if he tries turning around.


Roll #1 2 = 2




Unnerved by the newt's presence and not sure what is happening about any of this nonsense, Flicker sees Bang and Rushin attacking a fishman, hopefully for a good reason but choosing not to spend too much brainpower on it. Assuming they are correct, Flicker shoots the fishman to help them out.


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Violet remains hiding in the sewers, sitting down in a dry spot, looking at the entrance to wait for Alaster.

Alaster starts heading up to the ladder, and starts climbing.


Bang and Rushin hear a voice in their heads.

>"Rushin, Bang, where is Minty?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What the…? Bunny cat? I have no idea, we just heard pirates were attacking and wanted to kick some ass, is Minty here?"


File: 1441943706054.jpg (722.89 KB, 2953x2953, 51932610_p0.jpg)

>critfail on Great Weapon
The pirate captain hears your hoofsteps on the wooden deck, turning around and kicking you in the gut as you miss your strike.
>take 5 hits, helpless
Both your attacks land on the fishman. He hops up on one leg after you kick him in the shin. "GAH, CHILDREN! If there's one thing that doesn't belong on a boat, it's children! Especially when they're antagonizing me!" The Captain pulls two of his pistols out, firing both at Rushin'.
He is then shot through the shoulder by a crystal bullet. "Son of a BITCH!" he shouts, whirling around to see where it came from.
You're able to dodge one of them, as two others miss you completely. Their swords bounce off the steel, unable to move it without heavy tools or great strength. The fourth slashes at you, damaging the bonds between your goo cells, but not hurting you as much as it would have a more fleshy pony.
>take 3 hits
The pirates rush you again!
The giant newt spies you flying above it. As you fire at the fishman, it turns towards you, running and jumping to swipe you out of the air!
Alaster is only able to get up part of the way before the newt jumps up. If he's unable to climb up the rest of the rope ladder properly, he'll likely fall to the ground painfully.

The entire party(except Flicker) is lifted up into the air on the boat as the newt jumps up and lands, shaking everything. Fortunately (for the pirates) nothing breaks or falls off.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 8, 1, 6, 1 = 16 / Roll #4 10 + 2 = 12


Bang grunts loudly, the wind being knocked out of him from the kick. He then tries to get back up.


Roll #1 9 = 9


Rushin' gasps in shock, sending his remaining spheres towards himself and Bang to pick up the speed.

"Woah, guns?! C'mon, we don't have anything, go easy on us will you?" He complains as his hasted movements make him faster than two speeding bullets (hopefully)

And he goes in to kick the captain in the crotch with his hind legs

>Last spheres used up, Bang gets an instant action too

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2


File: 1441943991307.jpg (37.71 KB, 800x441, Awitch.jpg)

>"Last I saw she was on the de-WHOA"

Alaster telepaths as the Newt jumps.
[1d10] Finish climbing

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Thanks Rushin'!" He says.

Before swinging his mace at the fishman's arm in attempts to either break it or help make him miss a shot.


Roll #1 9 = 9



Oblivious to the newt's newting, Flicker shoots the fishman again, not wanting to look like the only one out of the loop.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"Dee-woah? What's a dee-woah, I don't know fancy dumb ship terms. Right side of the ship is right, dang it, not a star board. A star board sounds like something you go surfing in space with."


"AHH! BAD TOUCH!" Minty yells out, the cut area of her body coming back together with a sort of 'shlurp' noise.

During her yellings, she swings the cannonball in her goo once more at the mannequins.
>Cleave 4 targets

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


>pared down to save time after losing post
Alaster falls from the ladder.
>take 2 hits, helpless
Flicker shoots the captain and gets spiked.
>take 6 hits, helpless, put on H/W
You crit the captain in the gut after getting up.
You fail to dodge and get shot in the side with two pink crystals that explode inside you.
>take 8 hits, helpless
Annoyed by both Rushin' and Bang, the captain fires at the two of them with his guns.
[2d10]Dual Attack w/ Trick Ammo- Split @ Rushin'/Bang
You punch all the guys. They're still up because they're enchanted and made of wood, but you got two of them pretty well. They're still trying to kill you, though.

Roll #1 8, 2 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 7, 3, 1 = 16


"GAAH!" Rushin' cries out as he's shot, leaning over to grab his wound, "It hurts, it hurts, oooow! You jerk, who shoots a lil' kid?!"

[1d10] Rushin' tries to guilt the captain as he stands

Roll #1 6 = 6


Alaster falls with a crash.

>"Ow." he telepaths to all nearby, struggling to his paws in the sand.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Bang attempts to counter-attack his shot by swinging his mace at the captain again. "In the name of all that is good and right, I'll make sure you pay for terrorizing this town evil pirate!"


Roll #1 4 = 4



Flicker gets up. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What kind of pirate has immortal filly molesters?!" Minty yells out. Dropping the cannonball, she coughs up the modified kitchen knife Rad gave her.
"Fine then. You know, pretty sure my mom said not to play with knives, but she isn't exactly here, so..let's swashbuckle!"
>Expansive; changing the knife's tag from Single to Great

Minty yells, swinging her hoof around with the knife; said hoof stretching to the point of hitting the four mannequins.
>Cleave 4 targets
>Kitchen Knife has +1

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


File: 1441945924156.jpg (601.33 KB, 2953x2953, 51748254_p0.jpg)

"Me! I shoot kids! Because I'm a pirate!" He says, angry and annoyed, as if he were a construction worker and you got on his case for building a house. You're able to stand up, though, if only to be shot again by an embedded exploding crystal.
>take 4 hits
"In the name of Demiursa and the pirating guild I will start up eventually, shut up and get off my boat!" The crystal embeds itself in your body and explodes.
>take 4 hits
[1d10] @ Bang
You cut all the mannequins at once- destroying two of them, and leaving the other two nearly falling apart just by standing up.
They attack you again, because it's their job, Mint
Alaster is unable to get up, in clear view of Violet.
You're unable to recover. You can see Alaster, the being made of magic that hangs around with Violet, nearby in the sand. She's probably nearby.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4, 9 = 13


"Gah!" he cries as he's shot more by the crystal rounds, "Well you shouldn't even be a pirate if you're going to terrorize towns! Why don't you be a good pirate and just go exploring the high seas for adventure and booty to loot? That's way more fun than being a villain isn't it?"

[1d10] Homing Attack, summon Haste spheres

Roll #1 3 = 3



Flicker gets up. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


Bang yells out in pain before gritting his teeth, lifting his hammer up again and toughing it out through the pain. "You're the worst kind of person!" He yells, swinging his mace once more for an attack.


Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1441946417679.png (160.64 KB, 453x354, Roberto.png)

"Yaharr! Witness and tremble before the might o' Captain Minty's trusty blade!" Minty yells at them at the sight of two of the mannequins falling. Her head forms a tricorne hat once again.
"I'll have ye lilylivered wood heaps walking the plank when we be done here, yaarr!"

Minty engages with the mannequins once more, doing all the fancy footwork and stabs that she's seen in her pirate movies and more adult-humor cartoon shows that come on past her bedtime.
>Cleave 2 targets

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


>Misunderstanding on DM/player part, Violet can't actually see whats going on due to being in the sewer.

Alaster tries to get up again


Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1441946598590.jpg (673.37 KB, 2953x2953, 51524318_p0.jpg)

"Becaaause, little horse," the captain says, smacking the side of your face hard enough to make you lose your concentration, "I got sent here by Mizz Demiursa after she woke up to whip the pirates here into shape! Once we finish bombing this town, this newt's gonna walk over to the coast and slide on in so we can terrorize the coast."
>counterattack, Rushin' takes 3 hits, helpless
>critfail on 2
As you lift the hammer up, the Captain kicks you in the neck.
>take 5 hits, helpless
You cut through the last two mannequins, rendering them into splinters in cloth. The knife's lost its sharpened edge, now just as sharp as a normal kitchen knife.
>Knife loses modifier
You're able to get back up!
Alaster is still unable to recover, as his particle containment field begins to weaken.



Flicker takes a sudden interest in the thing which seemed to be ignoring her for some odd reason back in the ice lich's palace or something, she can't really remember. She picks it up and gives it a look-over.

[1d10] Picking up Alaster, but still holding him

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Not… if we… stop you… first!" Bang says, attempting to get up after being kicked in the neck.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"AAAH!" Rushin' shouts as he's smacked hard to the ground, horn flickering as he hits it hard, growling as he stares up at the captain.

"D-Demiurza?! So she's on to us! She knew we were here and you're here to stop us so we can't go home, aren't ya? Just what we'd expect from our arch-nemesis." He mutters as he tries to stand, "But there's one thing YOU didn't count on, bub!"

He grins, "My DOG! Sic 'em, Marrow!"

[1d10] Raising to stand

[1d10] Marrow's attack

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5 = 5


>particle containment field
>This is incorrect, Alaster does not work that way. While manifested he is basically flesh and blood.
Alaster struggles to 'get up' as she picks him up out the sand


>"I'm going to need you to put me down now. Rushin and Bang are still fighting these guys."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Minty puts a hoof up on the wood, striking a pose over the fallen mannequins.
"The seas be wicked, but I'm worse," she says with a gritty voice, looking deadly and serious…before squeeling slightly.
"Eeee, that was so cool! I thought I'd never get to say that and it make sense."

She rummages through the woodpile, grabbing a cutlass and 'swallowing' it along with the knife into her body. She also looks what other things might be hidden in the wood and cloth.
>Looting a cutlass, searching wood pile for (possibly) anything else

After looking, her attention turns back to the steel panel.
"I bet there be some sweet booty under here. Probably why they chased me, and why its all paneled up," she says with a grin. She takes a cannonball once more, swinging it up and down onto the steel to bust it open enough for her to slip through if she need a quick escape again.
>Busting panel enough for a goo to squeeze through
>Great with goo/cannonball combo

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



["Are you like some kinda dog or some shit? How long have you been there? Were you deliberately ignoring my existence at some point in time for incomprehensible and petty reasons?"] she writes.


File: 1441947247388.jpg (69.28 KB, 948x1185, Captain Morgan.jpg)


File: 1441947579110.jpg (785.41 KB, 1200x1200, 51367740_p0_master1200.jpg)

You fail to get up, as the boat rushes up, then falls down again as the newt it's mounted on starts to walk towards the town to assist the pirates.
You're unable to get up, but Marrow jumps onto the Captain's leg and starts gnawing on him.
"Yeah, wow, a zombie dog," the Captain says, lifting his leg up and shooting at Marrow in what would surely be stupid unless he was some kind of shooting pro.
[2d10] Dual Attack @ Marrow
Alaster wrestles out of your hold.
Alaster is able to find it in him to get up and hop out of Flicker's hold.

Meanwhile in the sewer, Violet's morpher starts to glow gold as the class selection screen on it goes to the 'Cleric' class, where the padlock icon on it disappears.
You acquire a cutlass
>Fluffed Sword, Single Weapon
And are able to smash through the steel panels. The whole boat starts to shift as its balance on the newt's head. You'll be able to escape through the hole and go down the newt's neck if you so wish.

Roll #1 3, 1 = 4


Rushin' growls, "That's not just any zombie dog, that's the best zombie dog EVER. Marrow's gonna chew off your leg by the time we get back up and at 'em…"

[1d10] Moving back up, shakily

Roll #1 10 = 10


Bang grunts again as he tries to lift himself back onto his hooves again. "Get him, Marrow!"


Roll #1 9 = 9


[1d10] Meanwhile, Marrow continues to maw on the guy's leg

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1441947995962.jpg (128.17 KB, 558x340, Lookin' For Booty.jpg)

Minty wobbles like a plate of jell-o as the ship shifts a bit.
"Woah now! Okay, no more messing with that. Time to plunder this fishjerk's booty!"

With a resounding 'yarr,' Minty explores through the rest of the ship, staying below deck to avoid an encounter with the captain again.
>Surrender the booty! (searching for the captain's treasure/shiny stuff/valuables he might have
>Supreme Survivor; automatic spot checks


>"Hi, I'm Alaster, I'm a magical Familiar. I tried talking to you back at the Lich's palace, I've been here awhile, and I thought you were deaf, not blind. Also, small detail, Rushin and Bang are still in danger!"

>"So I'm going to need you to shoot that thing."

He telepaths sarcastically in a hurried tone as the Newt moves in the background.
Violet gets up with a start as the screen starts to glow, looking up at the manhole cover out of the sewer contemplatively.



["I don't recall that. How much do you think a pelt could go for?"]

Flicker writes then stares down at Alaster menacingly. A few seconds later, she winks then writes ["Jokes!"] beneath that.


She shoots the captain. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Alaster leans backwards as she stares bullets through him, before writing "jokes" and shooting the captain.

>"Hehe. Hehe. Eeeh." he telepaths nervously.


File: 1441948766791.jpg (660.96 KB, 2953x2953, 51135209_p0.jpg)

One of the captain's shots misses Marrow entirely, while the other bounces off the dog's skull and embeds itself in his leg, exploding inside him. He closes his big mouth, scrunching his mouth closed. "I can deal with this," he says, calmly, breathing in and out slowly, before grunting loudly with his mouth closed.
You're able to lift yourself up dramatically! As Marrow continues to gnaw on the pirate's leg.
"Ah, if you pay attention, you'll see the dog has already got me," he says, as he pulls his own cutlass out and slashes at Marrow.
You miss the captain- surprising, considering you're on the ground and he's at least fifty feet above you in a boat, and you can't see him at all.
As you poke your head out through the *horsehole cover, you see the giant newt walking towards you and Flicker holding Alaster.
Searching through the boat, you find nothing but the bare essentials- the powder room, an extra room for armaments, a weapons room full of cutlasses, pistols, and rifles, and an empty brig.

A fiery form comes from the north side of town, coming up to the giant newt as it starts to step into town. From their perspectives, Flicker and Violet can see that it is an adult griffon, its entire body clad in flame- the right arm is made of metal from the shoulder to the claw. It pulls out a great, long sword, and by holding its rear legs in the newt's neck, it swipes its blade clean through the macro-amphibian's neck, chopping the head clean off.

The boat starts to lean towards the side, then 'slips' off, landing on its side. Minty hits the wall in the brig, while Bang, Rushin', and the Captain fall onto the beach.

The flaming griffon lands near the manhole cover where Violet is. Squatting down, it looks at her with its vacant eye sockets, before asking in a loud, echoing voice, "Are you alright?"

Roll #1 8 = 8



Between shots, Flicker pets Alaster behind the ears.

["Oh great, here comes the bird on fire to save the day and take all the glory."] she writes with annoyance.


Flicker shoots the captain for real now.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Bang looks to the boat for a moment before shrugging it off and charging at the pirate captain, it was his main focus to end his evil piratey reign before he can cause more trouble.

>Smacking him hard with the mallet


Roll #1 6 = 6


Rushin' grins as he watches Marrow go to town on the captain's leg, "I bet you can't! Now we're all back in action you're done, bud!"

Rushin' lights up his horn, attempting to summon spheres
[1d10] Haste Homing ATtack

While Marrow tries and makes this guy need a peg leg


Rushin' goes flying off, screaming before he hits the soft sand in a heap, landing head first in the beach and struggling to take his head out of the sand.

"Phhhhhhhpppp!" He spits up the sand that got in his mouth, retching as he looks at Flicker and Alaster. "Flicker? Oh hey, there you are bunny-cat. Did you guys see us?! We were totally saving the town from this guy, didja see, huh, didja see?"

He then turns to the decapitated newt head, eyes bulging towards the griffon. "Woah…. that was awesome! Who are you?"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 10 = 10


>Not being held, standing next to

Alaster leans into the scratch, before turning and noticing Violet.

>"What is she?"

Violet takes one look at the horrifying Fire Lich and takes off running, still holding her morpher.




["What is who?"]


She helps dust Rushin' off with her wings, before squeezing him once.

["What was that? Why are you fighting pirates? If you need Bonnie, she's in my pocket."]


Minty gives a surprised yell and she falls over and splats against the wall. She reforms, shaking her head as if she was dizzy or something.
"Woah, what the heck just happened?" Minty says to herself.
"Ah forget it. I'm just gonna clean this guy out for all he's got. That's what he gets for attacking me."

With petty vengence on her mind, Minty sets out to take as much stuff of the captain's as her goo body can manage. She stuffs mostly powder into herself, and two pistols to be on the safe side. Using the chord on her shield, she ties as many cutlasses as she can.
"Hmm…maybe Miss Flicker would like one of these," she mutters, looking at the rifle and taking one of those as well.
>Taking powder, two pistols, a rifle, and as many cutlasses as reasonably possible

"Oof…heavy, but one more stop."
With her loot secured, she heads off to the captain's cabin.
>Supreme Survivor; automatic


Rushin' blushes as he's dusted off by the feathers, "Oooh, hey, ah, it's fine I got it, Flicker.." but halts his complaint's when he's embraced, "Um, thanks a lot though."

He looks back at the pirates, "Well me and Bang found this lady who knew where the lich was, but when we chased her back to her castle it turns out the lich is a GOOD GUY, and me and Bang were like really confused about what that means cause Skullheart probably wouldn't want us going around killing good guys. So we thought we'd think it over by saving the town from pirates when we heard they were attacking!" He poses bravely with Bang and Marrow.

He looks at her cloak, "Uh, what? You can fit a whole pony in there? No I think we're alright about Bonnie but Violet's familiar says I need to go save Minty from the ship. You know cause I'm the hero and all?"

"Hey, by the way, what are you doing so far away from Violet dude?"


>"I told Violet to stay in the sewer, what is she doing up here?"
>"You know cause I'm the hero and all?"

>"Pff, yeah, thats the reason."


He turns and growls, "What's that supposed to me? Obviously Minty needs saving and since Team Rushin' Justice is nearby we're the ones who should save 'er. That's what heroes do when damsels are distressed."


File: 1441950106608.jpg (753.26 KB, 2953x2953, 51117683_p0.jpg)

You shoot the captain for kinda real, as the crystal hits him, then pings off his scaly skin.
The captain steels himself, making your mallet bounce off of him. "Aww, are you too tired to use the big one, now?" he teases, before shooting you.
[2d10] Trick Ammo-Knockout @ Bang
The captain shouts out as Marrow gnaws further into his leg, falling down onto one knee. "Ohh, maaan!" he cries out, as his blue blood seeps through his pants and into the sand, "I give, I give!"

The flaming griffon turns to Rushin, giving him a thumbs-up equivalent with the skeletal talons on his left arm. "My name's Old Graaaaaa…." He starts to talk, then falls down onto his side. The fire surrounding him turns into a gently flickering blue blaze, as he seems to have fallen asleep.
You run towards Flicker and Alaster, away from the big spooky flaming griffon.

After you loot the weapons and head towards the captain's room, the whole ship starts to shake…
>acquired 5 lbs of gunpowder, 2 Pistols, 1 Rifle, 10 Cutlasses
>Pistols: Dual/Ranged
>Rifle: Single/Ranged
>Cutlass: Single
>Gunpowder: Explosive, can be used to partially blind a target, not to come in contact with fire

The ship suddenly begins glowing, covered in a gold field- it then falls apart, not into wood planks, but into crappy plastic motorboats, falling off the newt head and onto the beach, along with twenty or so cannons and plenty of cannonballs, pirate-y weapons, and barrels full of gunpowder.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9



["Oh, she probably flipped out and panicked and ran away for some reason rather than outright disobey you. Also, I thought you were her pet, why isn't she in charge?"]


">Good Guys"
"Pick one, Rushin'. Guy's on the shit list."]


She shoots the captain again for realsies.

[1d10+2] EA: Stun

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Nope! Just making you lower your guard!" He says, before swinging the giant hammer at him.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Rushin' chuckles as Marrow takes the captain down following his punishment from the party, "Hehehe, that's what you get when you mess with Team Rushin' Justice! Marrow, make sure he doesn't go anywhere boy."
[1d10] Marrow keeping him locked in his jaw

He turns to look at Old Grand, "Wait, you're Old Grand?! Dude wait hold on!" He runs up, using his TK to try and shake him awake without touching his blue fiery body. "I need to talk to you, please?!"

[1d10] Shake awake

Rushin looks down at the ground, "I-I know that, that's what I thought at first too but everyone says that Old Grand guy is a REALLY good Lich! He helps protect the town and takes care of ponies and I don't wanna kill a good guy. I'm trying to look into if there's mind control involved but I didn't have time before the pirates attacked."

He looks at Violet running towards them, screaming out of her mind, "Hey, Violet! It's okay, calm down, the guy just killed the newt and he was checking if you were hurt, that makes him a good guy."

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Awww nuts," Minty says as the ship begins to fall apart. She gets into the nearest plastic boat she can and hunkers down.

Once it all stops falling, the loot-filled-and-strapped goo comes out from the wreckage.
"What the heck kind of boat wa-WHAT THE?!" She yells out, looking around and seeing the giant, flaming griffon.
"What the heck is going on here?!"


Alaster looks in Minty's direction as the ship falls apart.

>"She doesn't look very distressed."

>"Probably because she is ten. Also I didn't force her to hide, I just suggested it."
Violet approaches the three of them.

>"What are you doing up here?"

"The morpher did something."

>"It did something?"

Violet holds it up to him, showing the Cleric symbol on the screen.

>"The Cleric class? Why'd that unlock?"

"I don't know, I was just sitting there and the screen started glowing."

>"Huh. Thats weird."


Violet looks to Rushin and Bang.

"What are you two doing here?"
Violet looks over at Minty, just nodding at noticing she's alright.


"Trying to fight a pirate and help that good lich over there! I'm gonna knock him out and then hand him over to the police!" He says with a big bright smile.


Rushin' looks at Minty as she floats away from the ship, filled to the brim with treasure on the plastic boat, shocked

"Mi-Minty! Minty you're not saved yet! Get back in the ship so me and Bang can save you, you're the damsel!"

"We found the lich, but it turns out he's a GOOD GUY, and I have no idea what to do since we can't kill good guys. Then we heard pirates were attacking, and the teenagers we found at his castle said that we should go help, so we were going to save Minty from the ship like your familiar said."

"And what, you got a new power up already?! Darn it, where's my morpher?"



["I am also here in case anyone was unclear on that. I was out drinking with Bonnie and Tiger."]


["That's bs and everyone knows it. No, I don't care how cool he is or how many times he's gone to save the town with his amazing powers, no, I just don't care, he's gotta go."]


You miss as the fishman swings his head to the side. "Ah, missed me, lass!"
You have better luck than Flicker as you hit the Captain with the hammer. It suddenly jumps from your grasp, though- the fingers splay out, and the long handle retracts into it so it becomes like a giant walking hand. It crawls towards the leg, wrapping around it and squeezing hard. "I feast on fishman blood! The taste of the sea! Would I wish for tartar sauce!"
Marrow awkwardly holds onto the leg as Bang's hammer-hand tries to get a grip on it at the same time, the captain howling in pain.
Unfortunately, the griffo-lich stays asleep, seemingly tuckered out after that stunt.
As you all stand around, the town guard comes onto the beach, with a chain gang of pirates behind them- their pirate uniforms suddenly becoming mismatched rags and tatters, all of them looking scruffy and unclean. Someone who would assumedly be the chief puts cuffs around Captain Sahagin's wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles.

"Thanks a lot, kids," the chief says, "There's been a bounty on these boys for about a week, now- you all can come down to the station to collect your reward when you're ready to."

The Flamewings come on the scene, as well, looking a little roughed up but none worse for the wear. Fortune comes up to Rushin', arms folded. "Don't get any bad ideas," he says, "Miss Shimmer's gonna be here soon to pick him up."


Rushin' flattens his ears, sitting down on his flank, "But… what if they're all telling the truth and he really is good? I thought we were just gonna go around saving the world from evil guys, I didn't want to hurt anyone who didn't deserve it."

Rushin' growls as he refuses to wake up, resorted to shouting at the top of his lungs, "HEY WAKE UP! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT SOMETHING NOW!"

He turns around to look at the Flamewings, his ears popped back up, "Wait, reward? We get a reward?! Awesome! What are we getting, 20 bits? 50?!" He asks excitedly, then turns to Fortune as he scolds him, "Well before she does I need to ask him some stuff now, it's important! I need him to get my friends home."


After striking the pirate, Bang then turns to Flicker and frowns. "No, you're not going to hurt a good guy miss Flicker! If you're going to try killing a good guy then I'm gonna have to stop you like we stopped this pirate."

"H-Hey hey, Fist of Justice N-Not too much alright? We're just trying to make the guy pass out not kill him. Also remember the cool lines we thought up!" He then tries to grab the hand mace he once had to try and prevent it from bleeding the fishman out too much.

As Bang holds onto Justice Fist he turns to look at Fortune. "Is mister Old Grand gonna be alright?"


"Damsel?! Since when did I become Violet?!" She yells back at Rushin'.
"Besides, I'm perfectly fine on my own! Captain Minty doesn't need rescuing; she just needs booty to plunder!"
She strikes her captain morgan pose on the side of the plastic boat again, the tricorne-wearing goo raising her cutlass up and pointing the sky.

"Yarr! Lock these wanna-be sea-farers in yer landlubber brig!" Minty says to the guard.

She then makes her way to the rest of the party completely.
"So uhh…who's all the new dorks?" She asks, looking at the flamewings, Fortune, and the giant, flaming griffon.


Violet listens to all of this, thinking.

"But if the lich is good, we can't get home…"
>"Don't worry Violet, we'll figure something out."

Alaster reassures her.
>"This was a good plan. Completely stupid in motivation and execution, but a good plan nonetheless. What'd you get?"

Alaster says leaping near Minty and looking at her loot.



She waves dismissively at the fishman, putting him out of her mind.


["I don't know where you got that idea in your head. According to you, according to Skullheart, we're supposed to remove the liches in order to get sent home. Don't both of you start giving me this hero routine bullshit, I don't feel sorry for the griffon because he has to go. I'm left with no options besides 'remove' and my hooves are tied. And I swear to God you two are the last ponies on earth who should be going into the cliche moral lectures about 'good guys' and 'bad guys' because you're going around making a profit off violence just as everyone else does. Meanwhile I'm trying to get a goddamn bus of schoolkids and a teacher home, but somehow I'm the bad guy because everybody knows that 2-dimensional child morality is clearly the most reliable moral compass in this world and every force in the universe will conspire to make it so."]


Minty puffs her chest at the compliments, ignoring the negative stuff.
"Of course! All my plans are good plans!"
At the mention of loot, Minty grins.
"Hehe. Some nice booty from the dumb fishguy. Jerk deserves it after shooting me," she says, showing Alaster all the stuff she took, whether just letting him look or coughing them up momentarily before swallowing them again.
"Got a bunch of cutlasses, some neato gunpowder, these pistols, and-"
When she gets to the rifle, she perks a bit.
"Oh right! This one isn't for me. But Miss Flicker looks busy…so I'll give it to her later."


Rushin' shouts back, "Since you got caught on the pirate ship's hold and we were coming on board to beat them up, that's when. And girls can't be Captains! Name one girl pirate captain, just one."

Rushin starts getting red in the face again, "I don't think you're a bad guy at all Flicker! And, yeah, that is exactly what he said, I-I just think there has to be something else we can do other than taking their hero away, heroes aren't supposed to hurt other heroes…"

"Just hear me out: Skullheart said we had to kill the liches because they were siphoning off power he could use, what if we just asked this guy to GIVE up that power instead? Then Skullheart gets what he wants and we don't have to kill him?"


"Me," Minty says, walking up to Rushin' looking slightly down at him.
"And took four scallywags on at once; so no saying I don't count, because I clearly do."


>"I wouldn't jump the gun so quickly if I were you. There's almost always other ways to get what you want if you do a little searching around it. If this lich really is a good guy I see no reason we should kill him."
>"If thats how it works you could just kill every evil lich then see if he has enough power to send you home. I mean its not like we have a time limit."
>"Cool. What are you going to use the gunpowder for?"


Rushin' barks up at the taller filly, "Yeah? Well if you're a captain where's your ship?! You can't be a captain without a ship."



["Whatever works. He has to go, and none of us are going to feel even remotely bad about this, even if he or anyone else has some petty moral diatribe waiting in store for us. It's a non-choice."]


She reaches over and squeezes Minty, seeing as she's safe.


"Skullheart said they're sucking up power, so maybe if we ask this guy to just… I don't know… Go on temporary retirement? That might put less pressure on Skullheart's magic. B-Besides I don't kill good guys."

"Miss Flicker I believe in justice. I believe that if somebody wrongs another then they should get punished for it, they should be forced to say they're sorry and to start doing the right thing. Some heroes have to make sacrifices to do the right thing… Mister Old Grand has done nothing to us and has done his best to protect this place, hurting him would be hurting not only his loved ones but everyone he protects! If you're going to try to hurt all those people for selfish reasons then… THEN I'M GOING TO KICK YOU IN YOUR BUTT IF YOU DO!" He yells at her.


"Hm? I think the reward was about 4,200 gold or something," Fortune says off-handedly, "But the more important thing is that Old Grand doesn't get hurt by you guys doing anything you shouldn't."
The fist seems to pause for a moment, before saying, "Blood for… justice?"
"He'll be about as fine as he already is," Fortune says, "He's just really old and tired, is all, he can't do too much at a time, really takes a toll on his energy."
"We're the Flamewings," the griffon at the front, Fortune, says in a friendly tone of voice. He's wearing a matching brown leather, lightly-armored jacket as the rest of the group, with an eagles' skull and a burning wing as their insignia, "We protect and serve the town when there's big trouble going on, like right now. It's our primary duty to get the townsfolk to safety, as well as fight off any impending threats. Old Grand's our professional monster-slayer, and Miss Shimmer's the coordinator and den mother."
One of the five Flamewings, a sheep-minotaur named Sugar, reads off the pad. "Oh what makes you all so special?" She asks, looking phenomenally angry, "What kind of a solution to your problems is it to go on a murder quest? You come into OUR town and say we better let you kill the oldest citizen, who also used to be king, because it'll help you get home? Well this is our home, and it's our duty to protect it! I guess it's just 'child morality' to say 'hey, killing's wrong,' huh? Seems to me like you're just taking the easy way out!"
Fortune, the griffon and apparent leader, puts his head in his claws as Sugar speaks out.


"Uhh…something. Maybe there's a toilet lich we can fight, and this'll be an awesome cherry bomb to flush down it."

"Not that I want to fight these liches or anything; but cherry bombs and toilets are always a great mix."

"Pssh, who needs a ship when you can BE your own ship. Its called 'being original', little colt. Maybe ye should try it sometime."

Just as she was about to laugh over Rushin, she gets yoinked away by Flicker much to her surprise.
She looks up at Flicker.
"Uhmm…is everything okay?"

"Oh…that's cool I guess," she says to them in Flicker's embrace.


"That's… better… But you better turn into weapon mode again Justice Fist, I think Flicker is about to try attacking mister Old Grand."

He then tries to pry Justice Fist off to turn him back into a weapon as he make his way over to the Flamewings. "I'm on your side, guys."



She towers over Bang, looking passively down at him. ["Those are your beliefs, huh? And your narrow morality has conveniently allowed you to redefine me looking after these kids as selfish, so you can be the big hero."

"Then do it. I'm waiting."]


["That's nice. I'm getting really tired of explaining that we're being forced against our will by the king of the liches to do this because we were pulled into this world and could die but just want to go home. Yet, for some reason, morality is getting constantly redefined to suit the narrative that we're evil for wanting to undo a bad thing which has happened to us. We're evil because they want us to sound evil because that works for them. This isn't an 'easy way out', this is the way out because no alternative is available."]

With that she goes over to the flame griffon and wakes him up.


["Just happy to see you're not crying about morality and heroism to make me feel bad about wanting to go home and make sure a bunch of schoolchildren remain safe."]


>forgot to add

["And that you're safe."]


>"You are so wise."
Alaster and Violet just stand there listening as the others burst into ethics arguments.


"My memory might be off, but I'm pretty sure he said we had to get EVERY lich on the map… I think that's the only way. We'd have to see Old Grand sooner or later."

Rushin' picks up his ears, looking at her with hopeful eye, "Then you'll let me try?! Thank you Flicker you're the best!" He wraps his little legs around her foreleg.

"Fo-fo-fo-forty two hundred?!" Rushin' shouts, shocked out of his mind, "But that's like… that has to be all the money in the WORLD! C-can we really take it, you mean it?!"

Rushin' holds up his hooves, "Hey, just hold off alright?! Flicker just wants to help us get home too, she doesn't deserve any of that!"

He looks up at Fortune, "I know he's your hero, but we NEED him crossed of the list or we'll NEVER get home, Skullheart said so. Please, can't you ask him to just give up that power for a while? I-I mean, you guys are all pretty good fighters, you could take over for him right?"


"Pfff, whatever. I'm the most original colt there is. But a captain needs a ship, they can't be the ship, there's like rules against it somewhere. In a library I guess but I'd never willingly touch those."


"Don't do this Miss Flicker." He says, tears already forming in his eyes. "I-I don't wanna have to hurt one of my friends…"

"R-Rushin' you know I can't just stand here i-if she tries hurting Old Grand!"


Minty only grins from more compliments of her greatness.

Minty reads the board, then back up to Flicker.
"Oh…thanks, I guess," she says, sounding a bit uneasy, but still smiling.
"Oh, and I got you something!"
She rummages around a bit before taking the rifle from her loot pile on her, offering it to Flicker.
"Here. I know you like this kind of stuff, so…got you a present, compliments of that chumbucket."

"Amen to that; libraries are boring. Why can't everything be a pop-up book?"



["Uh-huh. People die, and the 9th-grade ethics teachers over there are a bunch of idiots if they think they can rely on it forever and ever and that we're wrong for wanting our own safety."]


["You don't even know what I'm going to do, 'hero'. Yet you're already gearing up to beat me because your convenient 'morals' would make you the hero for doing so. Do you want me to give up and have a big cry over the lich instead of returning these kids to their families? Do you want their friends and families to cry over their untimely loss because you get to be the big hero and define morality?"


Putting the rifle away, she gives Minty another squeeze and a rub of the mane.


"I-I'd be making another family cry if I hurt Old Grand… H-Heroes don't hurt the innocent, Miss Flicker… I know you're not going to hurt him… Because I know deep down you're a good guy too… You're always going to be a good guy."


The fist curls up again and turns back into a hammer.
Sugar tries to speak up again before Fortune puts his claw over her mouth. "Look, this is a difficult decision," he says, "But we're arguing about Old Grand, not asking what he thinks about it."
He then says to Flicker, "We're not calling you evil, we're just in disagreement. You don't have any context on the situation, because you just got here- you don't know him, you don't know anything about him, but we grew up here, we know why he's important to the town, and he's important to us. You're not giving the situation any gravitas, you're saying 'let us kill this guy, and if you don't want us to that means we're evil.'"
The griffon slowly stirs awake at Flicker's nudging, standing up and going over to the railing, looking around. "Why am I still out here?" he asks, then looks back at the teenagers and party, "Let's go home." With that said, he starts walking along the sidewalk, putting his sword back in its sheath.


Minty smiles at the affections given to her, grinning a bit.

"Lucky. I have to share a bus with those two smelly dorks as a home," she says, motioning to Rushin' and Bang.


"THANK YOU! Finally somepony else gets it. If everything were in a comic book instead that'd be a bit better, but movies would be the absolute best. Just, everything in books, just put it in movies."

As you pass Flicker the rifles, Rushin' looks giddy, "Oh, do I get something for saving you?"

He puts his hooves on Bang's shoulder, holding him steady, "Bang, it'll be okay man, we'll work this out somehow. No pony has to hurt any pony. That's what friends do Bang…"

Rushin' lets go of her leg, rubbing his own awkwardly, "I know, nothing lasts forever. I bet we can make them see that they can go on their own from here, I mean if Old Grand IS a good guy he'd probably want to help us, right?"

As Old Grand finally wakes up, Rushin' runs up on the side of him, "Wait, wait, please hold on!" He catches his breath, "Mr. Old Grand we need to ask you a favor we're stuck here in this world with the rest of our class and we all miss it and want to go back but Skullheart he can't send us back unless we kill all the liches on the map and you're on the map and you're a lich but you're also a good guy and we don't want to hurt you but we were wondering if you could help us get home anyways somehow?!" He says all in one take, inhaling only afterward.



["Apparently people weren't paying attention when I explicitly agreed to Rushin's plan to try to get him to give up his power to satisfy the lich king-guy-whatever. What am I going to do, just walk up and blow his head off in the middle of town? Do I look that stupid? Back off already."]

She touches Grand's claw to get his attention. ["Hello there. Your name is Old Grand, right? I'm Flicker, nice to meet you. Do you mind if we meet somewhere to talk? My friends and I have a bit of a problem which requires your… 'help'."]




Bang stares at Flicker for a moment before glancing at Rushin'.

"Y-Yeah…" He wipes away whatever tears had escaped a moment ago. "I-I just don't like Miss Flicker watching us anymore… I want Miss Deathblossom again…" He then follows closely to Rushin yet keeping a distance from Flicker.


Violet and Alaster walk alongside the others, Violet keeping her distance from Grand.


"Hmm…considering I saved myself, and I didn't see you help me fight off four goons…nope, you get nothing."
Before he can protest, she puts a gooey hoof around him.
"But…you did kind of take care of my not-quite nemesis for me, so…good job, kid."
The goo 'captain' proceeds to give Rushin' a few pats on the back; not the usual painful ones, but those 'good job' ones.


Rushin' flattens his ears, "She said she'd let us try, Bang. Flicker's not bad, she's just tough, she's trying her hardest to take care of us and get us home and always nearby when we're in trouble. And she doesn't even give us homework like Deathblossom."

He almost winces all the same when she pats him, a little flustered at being called a kid, "But we did take care of the captain though, we were trying to get to those mannequins but he was tougher than we thought!"

He sighs in relief, "That's good, that'd make this a lot easier."


"They don't smell so bad." Softy, one of the Flamewings, says to you. He's a teenage buffalo with a coat of fur as fuzzy and comfy-looking as any sheep's.
The lich-griffon looks down at you as he keeps walking. "I'd like to help," he says, "What is it that you need?" He doesn't seem to be 'all there,' really- it's hard to read him without any facial features.
"You want… to talk? Alright, let's just go home, first, we can have dinner and sit somewhere comfortable…"
As if on cue, you hear Miss Deathblossom's voice shouting at the party from town. She's lightly jogging down the street, but panting heavily and coughing loudly. "Oh… huhh, good, there you all are," she says, sitting down on the ground, "I've been looking around for you all since… there was an attack! Pirates and everything! I was looking for a place to try and get a quick job or something and then… these guys, they come in and say there was trouble… how are you all doing?" She then falls down, fainting from exhaustion.
Flying down from the sky comes Miss Shimmer, Old Grand's wife- a black-coated pegasus mare with purple hair, a starfield pattern on her coat, wearing a black cloak and eyepatch. She starts talking to Old Grand, interrupting Flicker and Rushin', sounding concerned and looking over him. She glares at the party, especially at Bang and Rushin'. A unicorn's horn suddenly grows from her head, and she picks Old Grand up in it and flies away without a word.

"Oh, jeez," Fortune says as Shimmer flies away, "That doesn't help at all… Can we meet again tomorrow, at our place? These two were pretty pushy earlier, too, and she's always been really protective of him. Here, how about you come over for breakfast tomorrow and we can sort this out politely and properly then, when everyone's had a shower, sleep, and something to eat?"


"Hey, be happy I'm even touching you without hurting you for once."
She stops and walks away from Rushin'.
"And besides, what 'hero' asks the supposed 'damsel,' which I have clearly shown that I'm not, for stuff after rescuing them? That's messed up."

"Ohh trust me; you just haven't been around them long enough," Minty says to the buffalo.

"Breakfast? Sounds good to me. And before anypony says anything; dibs on going to collect the reward!"


File: 1441954830640.png (163.29 KB, 767x424, 480p was the best I could ….png)



Flicker's hoofwriting quickly degenerates into unintelligible garbage and scribbling.


She rushes over and gives Deathblossom a hug, about to break down into tears of frustration.


Violet nods, then notices Miss Deathblossom has found them, giving out a yawn.

Alaster just listens as all this takes place.


"She may be tough on us but what makes her any different from Beacon of Hope after her transformation into The Dark Crusader… Issue #152. A-All that Morality talk when it's obvious what the right thing to do is…"

"M-Miss Deathblossom!" He shouts, before rushing over only to back away when Flicker hugs her. Making his way back over to Rushin'.



Sniffling, she pulls Alaster in for the hug, opening her wing for Violet to join, but not forcing her to. She looks back at Bang and just shakes her head dismissively.


>"Hey, what are you?"

Alaster frowns as he's hugged against his will, trying to squirm free.

Violet stays back, not one for physical contact.


Minty looks at Miss DB, fairly unphased, then back to Rushin'.
"There ye go, champ. One, helpless damsel for ye."
She motions her hooves to Miss DB like those pretty mares on gameshows showing off a shiny, new, red cart.


"Pfff, like I'd be happy you're touching me, Kooty Galore."
"And usually they ask at least for SOMETHING like a kiss or dumb stuff like that."

He is about to be more specific about what they require, grateful the old flaming lich seems to be pretty reasonable so far, when he feels his stomach grumbling at the very mention of dinner.

"Huh…. uh, yeah, actually that sounds good, we can talk about it over dinner, thanks man." He is about to say more when Miss Shimmer swoops down, picks him up from out of their reach, and flies away to the castle wordless, "HEY?! C'mon we just wanted to talk!"

As Fortune offers a suggestion, Rushin' turns up and smile's. "Uh, thanks yeah, I could use more food and sleep. I didn't get to eat my donuts earlier… and saving the town does take a bit out of you."

He sighs, going over to say hi to Deathblossom as they're left, rubbing her hoof, "Hey Miss DB, we're all okay I think. We're all pretty tired though, can we have a hotel an' dinner?"

"She's NOT the Dark Crusader Bang, that mare is messed up, and the Dark Crusader only became the Dark Crusader after her boyfriend died, Flicker doesn't even HAVE a boyfriend. And… sometimes the thing we need to do isn't always the RIGHT thing to do… I can't remember numbers like you can but Metal Mare said it when they had to sacrifice the Sight to stop the villain."

He notices him shying away from Deathblossom as she's being hugged by Flicker, rolling his eyes, "C'mon dude, you wanted Miss Deathblossom? She's back man," he walks over closer to her, joining in on the hug and offering a hoof.


"Breakfast tomorrow…" the buffalo sighs.
Sugar seems to get some pleasure from your anger and frustration, though the others in her group don't seem to approve and give her a collective stink eye.
Miss Deathblossom wakes up as you hug her. "Oh, honey, we're fine, everything's okay… don't squeeze too hard or you'll pop my eye out…"
"Hi, Violet, Eggster, I see you're doing alright."
"Hi, Bang, you wanna hug, too?"
"Sure, Rushin', hotel's at the hotel. Someone's going to have to drag me, though, I need my pills and they're on the bus…"

With that said, the party returns to the hotel. Gold Ring and Stryper helped fight some pirates, while Tiger Eye had holed in the cidery with the bartender before returning at the appropriate time for dinner, then bed.


Minty recoils from Bang and backs away from him, some form of realization on her face.
"Oh! Ohhhoho! Now I see why you wanted to save me!" Minty says all hysterical.
"Well forget it; there's no way I'd ever kiss you, you creep! Now I'm SO gonna ask for my own room so I know I'm well away from you!"


"B-But I always wanna do the right thing, Rushin'. I-I want people to know me as The Defender of Justice… Justice is protecting the weak and innocent, punishing those who wish to harm them… Punishing those who have wronged others for selfish greedy reasons… E-Even if Justice doesn't always follow the same laws, it has one true goal… the goal to stop all evil-doers. That's who I wanna be, Rushin'. Even if it means I gotta sacrifice my own way home…" He sits on the ground, holding onto his long scarf and staring at it.


New Game, calling for sheets- post when ready to start.



File: 1443147327165.gif (66.65 KB, 350x343, 1440649413693.gif)


File: 1443147451271.gif (189.38 KB, 500x281, Flubber.gif)



File: 1443147564458.png (12.54 KB, 197x229, Bang Bang Bang.png)


File: 1443147610852.jpg (325.25 KB, 1280x1161, >tfwshinjiikari.jpg)

[assorted vowel noises]
Get ready for opening post


File: 1443147826896.jpg (252.96 KB, 700x700, smugponeface.jpg)

AltG2 Session 11- Dead Wind Fire

It's been a pleasant night at the hotel, with all the students stacked up in three different rooms. Once the morning came, Miss Deathblossom had gathered the party around a table during continental breakfast, occasionally munching on a dry waffle. "So you all know who the local bad guy is, but according to his friends he's not bad," she says, "And you'll be going over to his place to talk about a non-violent solution to get him to give up his powers or something, so the big scary guy who wants you to kill him will be satisfied and you don't have to kill him, right?" She contemplates her waffle, not sure if it was genuinely made or just heated up in a toaster.

"So do you all have any plans or suggestions for him, or are you all just gonna wing it?"



Bonnnie just scrunches her muzzle.

"I'd say we better have some at the ready… but knowing how it usually goes, not sure if we should even bother…"


"Well… If he really is a good guy and knows his trainee heroes, at least I think they're heroes in training, can handle protecting the town for him…" Bang trails off a bit before getting a wide smile. "Oh! That's it! All we gotta do is show him that somebody else can protect the town for him!"



["I'm planning to drown in accusations of being a cruel selfish evil bad person for momentarily suggesting one obvious solution, only to rescind it later. These situations typically involve that sort of thing so the accusers have someone whom with they can compare themselves and feel as though they have the higher moral ground, brushing aside the fact that they have come up with no alternative practical solution because of 'muh feelings'. I also plan to be retroactive;y proven to be a genocidal dictatorial maniac by the lich and have my reputation scarred forever and ever for a single isolated incident which someone did not like."]


Minty munches loudly on a buttered croissant, also having a plate of a few danishes, some berries, and a nice glass of OJ. She eats rather quickly, as if she had somewhere to be.
"Yea-no. I'm gonna sit this one out," she takes a few, big gulps of OJ, "or at least try to. Besides, who cares about dumb liches and junk when there's a reward to collect? Certainly not me."
She finishes that thought by tossing a strawberry up, trying to catch it in her mouth. Instead, it lands in her mane…which just absorbs the strawberry and redirects it to where her mouth is and proceeds to enjoy the fresh berry.



"Well… with all the baddies around, i guess we could look for some trouble… but question is, are they really good enough to face something bad? We don't wanna unnecessarily risk them, right?"


No comment here. The filly was lost before the end of the line so she dropped it soon afterwards and didn't comment upon it.


File: 1443148437439.jpg (52.27 KB, 516x486, YhSfPYC.jpg)

Violet sits at the table nibbling on a piece of toast, wearing a pair of jeans and a light green hoodie.
Looking around at the others as they give their take, not saying anything.

Alaster sits on the table eating a waffle.



Flicker brushes Bonnie's mane with her wing.


"But if they're heroes then they know that heroes must risk their lives to protect others. So it wouldn't be THAT hard to convince them."


File: 1443148671785.jpg (52.31 KB, 856x480, 1442634103274.jpg)

"Mhmm, better have some ready."
"It'll be a problem if they didn't think they were ready, though," DB says, "What if they're opposed to it?"
"You know, that's a good point, Flicker- everyone's ideas are equally valid, so you shouldn't be demonized for having your own opinions. Remind the others if that comes up."
"Oh, is that so?" Miss Deathblossom says, "Well, if you'd like to be useful, you could go around town and help raise money for the trip. Hotels aren't cheap, you know- soon we'll have to all be sleeping together in an inn's common room with who knows else, or on the bus if the worst comes to it. Rad's been telling me he can hook up a generator for a space heater or air conditioning, but he can't find one in the first place."
The toast is satisfactory. The waffle is suspicious in that it does not taste or feel like a waffle at all, and Alaster can feel something filmy on his tongue.


"Then we show them they can do it! Make them believe in themselves so that they're not constantly relying on just their big hero." Bang says, using a fork to make one of his usual poses before grabbing some pancakes with it.



["I'm afraid it's too late for me; I've been designated doubleplus ungood."] she writes to DB with an eye-roll.


Minty gives a small shiver/jiggle at the thought of everyone being all bunched up together like a can of sardines.
"Yeah, I think I'll go with that one. So long as it doesn't involve dead stuff, giant monsters, or really anything that has been all dangerous and junk so far."

Minty begins to eat some more of her food, then speaks with her mouth slightly full.
"Amd no, I am mot doinm anythinm *gulp* all 'performance artsy.' I don't care how much extra credit you'd give; its a dumb class full of nothing but dumb dancing and singing junk."


Alaster takes a closer look at the waffle in his paws.
Violet takes another bite of her toast, before looking over to Minty.

"Can I come with you?" Violet asks nervously.



"Mmm-…maybe?" - the lil pegaasus doesn't object too much, clearly enjoying what the older one had decided to do.


"You know… if that is indeed a bad guy, leaving it with seemingly little power might prove obly to be this town's downfall, as the plotter might strike after we're out… how about we check the history of his deeds with the local police to see what's he been really up to?"


"You have an idea as to how long they've been doing that so far?"


"No idea!" Bang says with a mouth full of pancakes.


Minty looks over at Violet, a second croissant being inhaled by the goo pony.
"Hmm…actually, yeah. I think you'd be perfect for this fund raising thing. Just rough you up a bit, find some raggy clothes…yeah, you'd look a lot more convincing of a poor beggar than I would."


The pancakes are spongy and inferior. "Well, be sure that lack of confidence isn't the case. Remember we just got here yesterday, it's entirely probable we don't have the big picture."
"You'll still have to read that book next year, even if you've already read it," Miss DB says, about to drink a cup of coffee before smelling it and setting it back down.
"It'll be fine, just roll around in some mud and have a hat out in front of you. I'll let you keep 10% of what you earn."
Within the waffle lies betrayal and deception.
"You don't want to go, either?" Miss DB asks, "I guess I'll let you two split it however you want, then."
"Yes, indeed, get some background information," Miss DB says, nodding, "Go with Minty while she's picking up the reward."

Once she's finished with her meal, DB gets up from the table and wipes her mouth off. "Well, I'm going to see if I can find a temp job," she says, "Everyone meet back here when you're finished." With that said, she puts a shawl over her shoulders and heads out.



She pulls Bonnie's chair a little closer, while keeping her wing on her.


"What? Why do we need to beg, aren't we getting that reward?"

Violet asks Minty.

Alaster puts the waffle down.


"Ten percent?! That's only like…," Minty begins to think on this complicated math problem, "that's only a small fraction!"
Truly a genius for her time. She grumbles as DB leaves. She hastily finishes her breakfast before getting ready and set out into the town with Violet whenever she is ready.

"Yeah, but no way I'm letting my cut of it be spent however Miss DB wants. She want it so bad; she should've helped fight those pirates."

"Besides, we gotta stick to our strengths on this one. And one of yours is looking so sad and pitiful that ponies can't help but feel sorry for you. Just give some sob story and we'll be loaded in no time. Piece o' cake."



"I'm with Violet on that. Is it not going to be enough? In any case, i'd rather try and find some actual work rather than begging. If those of our age manage pirates and other serious threats, we could go for something actually proper and profitable… lemonade stands worst case scenario?"

She actually lifts herself up a bit on the chair, getting more of her weigh on her hooves on the floor, as to make movement of chair easier for Flicker. She scooted a bit closer and leaned in her wind, enjoying the fluffy, feathery sensation..


Minty looks at the 'waffle' Alaster just set down.
"Hey, you gonna eat that?"


Bang shrugs and continues eating the rest of his pancakes as he thinks over a plan in his head.


File: 1443150573521.jpg (333.71 KB, 604x1600, 1442662325036.jpg)

Everyone's able to continue their breakfast without interruption or annoyances.


Alaster scoots it over to Minty.

>"Help yourself, it tastes weird anyway."

"I'd rather not. I mean its not like there's anything more important to spend that money on, so why not give it to Miss Deathblossom?"

Violet says getting up to follow Minty out, Alaster following behind her.



["Where are we going exactly? I'm really starting to give up on anything involving the lich knowing Bang is already on the case, so I'd rather hang with you."]


After finishing breakfast Bang heads out in search of the Flamewings.

>Rolling just in case.


Roll #1 9 = 9


Minty picks up the waffle and tosses it into her mouth. She only gives a few chews before swallowing it, barely tasting it.
"Seemed fine to me."

"Vi, you ever hear of 'save it for a rainy day?' You never know what might be out there to spend on, so its best to save everything you can."

"And like I said; its MY money. I earned it, and I'll do what I want with it."

With that, Minty heads out to town, heading to wherever she has to to collect the reward.


"I still don't want to beg." Violet says kinda mopey.



"I'm… not really sure" - the filly admits, a little torn between listening to Deathblossom's instructions concerning following Minty and staying inside the warm embrace of Flicker's wing. She nuzzles it a little absent-mindedly, as she ponders about the situation - "but the truth is, we could use some extra money. I mean… we're in an unknown land, travelling by what could be the only bus far and wide? As much as Rad might be willing to help out, there are parts which have to be replaced and fuel has got to be restocked too.. think we should try and look for some work, Miss Flicker…?"


File: 1443151385963.jpg (94.47 KB, 960x720, 1442786901671.jpg)

As you recall, the head of the town guard said it'd be available for pickup at the guards' station. After talking with the secretary and confirming you helped defeat the pirate captain, you're given the reward of 4200 gold pieces in a hefty sack.
The best place to find them, it seems, would be the Old Castle where you had met them before. Inside, you find Fortune the griffon waiting inside the chamber where they were all sparring, reading a book while squatting with a blanket over his shoulders. He looks up at you, then squints. "Just you?" He asks, curiously.
>retroactively applied in the likely event Rushin' comes with



["Apparently Minty is receiving 4,200 Bits for fighting the pirates, yet insists on not sharing it if I'm understanding correctly even though over half the party had a hoof in fighting them and that quantity of money would be wholly practical in solving most, if not all, our monetary concerns. But I could be wrong. I suppose it's best to simply not think about these things. Not that I particularly understand in the first place. But do you want to look for jobs for money of your own? I'll be glad to help."]


"Ugh, fine. Then I guess we'll actually work instead of trying to con some suckers, then."
Minty huffs.
"You better not make this whole thing as annoying as right now."

"Not my problem until it becomes my problem," she replies to Bonnie with a shrug.

After getting the gold, Minty is already grinning wide.
"Sweet! I'll hang onto it for now," she says, tying the bag up extra tight and 'carrying it' within her goo body, "nice and safe."

"Now…how do grown ups go and find a job?"


Bang nods. "Yup, but I'm sure more are on their way." He then watches some of the sparrers. "Soooo… Where's Old Grand? I wanted to talk to him about something."


Violet looks in awe at the large sum of gold, looking to Minty as she stores it.

"Minty thats a fortune, why would we need jobs? Can't you just give some of it to the teacher?"



Bonnie huffs a little.

"Well, that does sound like her… when will she learn that there are shared troubles too, i wonder? "

She sighs a little.

"But you're right. I would be for the better not to think of what we can't affect now."

She looks more enthusiastic about the job prospect, now that she's received approval from a pony above her she was respecting.

"Well… that's an option, for sure. Who knows when we'll need it? However… i was also thinking about trying to gain some of the other kind of wealth. One that might come in handy when we're travelling in this unknown realm. Would you go look for, let's say, a library with me, Miss Flicker?"


Minty gives a slightly annoyed sigh.
"Because, as much as I hate to, I also gotta split it with the two justice dorks, and I bet Bonnie would want her grubby hooves in on this."
She seems to soften a bit.
"Plus, there's also yours and Flicker's cut as well. So if they want to give theirs to Miss DB, then let them."

"And like I said; it never hurts to have more. Like what if you come across your favorite snack at a store, only to be short a bunch of bits and not be able to have it? Then you'd be wishing you were smart like me and saved your bits."


"I don't think snacks would be a problem…"



"I don't have much else to do with Bang already gone."] she writes as she walks with Bonnie. ["I do spend about as much time at the library as at the range."]


"Vi…c'mon. Everypony knows that a lack of snacks is a constant problem everywhere. Without snacks, there can be no world and junk. Cities would fall, ponies would go nuts, and all that we know would come crumbling down. Without snacks, everything would be so bad, even Discord would say its too crazy and junk."


The real answer is application over the internet where you can't talk to a real person and find out what working there is actually like and what they're really looking for, and they judge you based on an anti-social text-only basis.
Fortunately for you, there's a bounty board near the front door that would probably be helpful in acquiring currency.
>Falcon Torrus- Griffon, 1300 Gold
>Ugly Joe the Kidd- Ogre, 1200 Gold
>Rowdy Dang Boys- 200 Each
>clarification that there's no one sparring at the moment and it's just Fortune present
"He's down in the base," Fortune says, "He's woken up and drinking his coffee, so you'll be able to talk to him properly. Him and Starshine Shimmer had a fight last night about all this, so she's out sulking somewhere, I guess."
After leaving the inn and searching town, you come to the local library, where books sit on hand-carved oak shelves with dedicated flourishes, various fur-covered furniture is available to sit on, the wooden floor is quiet under your hoofs, and a cozy fire crackles behind a grate impenetrable by any volume.


"I meant we have enough money for snacks already…"


"Alrighty, thanks for the info." He says with a wave, heading off to look for a staircase that might lead to the base.


"But what if we want a REALLY big snack? We'd need a REALLY big pile of gold for it."

If Minty was able to delve into such 4th dimensional meta knowledge, she's probably make a remark how flawed and stupid that all was.

Fortunately, for everyone's sake, she doesn't and looks at the bounty board.
"Hmmm…hey, I could do this. Go out and beat other ponies up. It'd be just like back in school! And with your morphing thing-a-ma-jig, I bet we'll have all these guys in no time."

Minty looks at the highest paying one first, obviously, to see if there is any additional information about them.
"Hmm…think we should carry stuff to spray in their faces?"

>looking at bounty board to see if there's any additional information/where-abouts/etc.


Violet looks to the bounty board.

"You want to go looking for more trouble? Didn't we have enough yesterday with the pirates?"



Bonnie nods at having heard Flicker's regular visitor to the book gatherings. It seemed like it would suit her, with the need to stay quiet in the library nonetheless. Perhaps she felt more at ease there, with less ponies talking around? The pegasus filly decided she'd try writing instead of saying one day to positively surprise her, when an occasion pops up…

"I'm not surprised. You seem like a wise pony to me, Miss Flicker… even if you have a bit of a library supervisor's temper to you" - she dares say jokingly, as to lighten things up, hopefully, trotting a little bit ahead - "but i'm alright with that. That comes with beings decisive and you've showed you're somepony to rely on."

That was pretty honest of her… as she found herself needing togaather up courage in order to say all that. The teen mare's disposition was still very much uncharted waters to her, but she was willing to brave it. Hopefully, it wouldn't backfire…


Upon the arriving in the library, Bonnie looks around, trying to get a grasp of what the arrangement of the shelves is here like. Hoping they'd be sorted thematically, not alphabetically, she gave it the searching a go herself, attempting to find some interesting tomes on this world's workings, but attempted to localize the one keeping the builidng, as she was planning to ask for the experience of such in that matter. They had not unlimited amount of time here, so narrowing down the number of tomes to go through was a must..



["I'm glad at least one person appreciates it. You understand the gravity of our problems."] Flicker writes with a sad frown.


She starts looking for happier books.


"Uhh, duh. All I ever did at school was get in trouble."

"Besides, look," she points to the gold amounts on each bounty, "they're WAY lower than the pirates, which obviously means they're not as tough. Which means if we beat the pirates, then we'll steamroll these guys easy-peasy."
She gives a sigh.
"I do miss steamrolling you guys on the schoolyard, now that I think about it."


File: 1443154372507.png (366.29 KB, 636x478, 1443024960187.png)

"Hey now, it's right here," The griffon says with a sly smile, pushing a stone in that causes a wall to open, whereupon a roller-coaster like car comes out, with steam and air hissing.
>Falcon Torrus- Last known whereabouts- Cannery District, slippery runaway
>Ugly Joe the Kidd- Last known whereabouts- Derleth Woods, pistolier
>Rowdy Dang Boys- Last known whereabouts- Theatre District, ganging-up experts
The library is an old ogre lady who looks like a tree painted red. She asks if there's something you're looking for in the voice of a squeaky door.
The children's section has a number of happy books written to make kids feel good and teach them morals, with blankets, bean bags, and pillows provided.


"You never really 'steamrolled' me." Violet says pushing her glasses back up on her nose.


"Whoooa!" He yells out in amazement, he then hops into the car and looks at Fortune with a wide smile. "All strapped in and ready to go!"


"Yeah, but you were way too easy to pick on. Like…I like to think I have low standards, but you're even lower than that…or is it higher? Hmm…."

After look at all three, Minty looks to Violet.
"So which one should we do first? Or am I gonna have to earn all this gold by myself?"


"I'd rather not fight any of them."

Violet says looking down a bit.



Deciding she'd rather not read kids' books, she just kind of finds a bean bag chair and lays across it while she waits for Bonnie.


"Alright then. Then you stay here or go wherever and I take down these guys all by myself. Don't know where everypony is, so good luck finding them," Minty says as she begins to walk out of the building.


"H-hey, wait up!" Violet says trailing her.


Minty smirks, giving Vi a light pat on the back.
"That's the spirit. Now c'mon; I'm gonna show you how fun and awesome it is to beat up on ponies, and other stuff, weaker than you."

Minty and Violet then begin to head towards the Cannery Distract in search of Falcon Torrus.



It pains Rill to see Flicker sad. Hence, she comes up to her and briefly puts a hoof up on her and confesses:

"I'm sure others do too, Miss Flicker, just that they don't say it out loud. In here, we're absorbed by what's around us so much as to obscure bothering with ourselves at times… and i think some our keeping to the safe borders of the appearances of the old ways, from when we weren't as direct on daily basis, just in orded to assure themselves of things going right. It'll just take some time for ponies to learn to trust each other for more than just students and mentors…"

Then, after giving her a reassuring smile, she trots away.


"I'd like something about the urban geography of the nearby lands, with preferance for the bigger cities. Other than, something on Pegasi history… and some adventure thrillers you'd recommend to choose from too, please. Could you help me on that, Mrs librarian?"


A walk through town leads you to the Cannery *District, where two rival businesses duke it out when it comes to hauling in fish, buying them from independent fishers, chop them up, and put them into cans to be purchased by the locals and wherever else they ship them to. You're nearly run over by a truck at one point- this is a dangerous place to be loitering around in the streets.
The beanbag chair is comfy and clean. As your eyes wander, a book on firearms comes into view.
"Ahhh, yesss, let me help you out," the librarian says, getting up from her chair, making ratcheting noises with every step she makes that echoes through the library. She picks the following books out for you-
>Maps of the Northland
>Pegasopolis and Its History
>Danger Danger Danger Danger Danger
The cart leads you down a tracked slope at a fun speed, going past lights that make it seem like a neon rainbow, before slowing down and coming to a halt.

You've arrived in a long stone hallway, with the entrance to the right at the far end. To your left is a number of maps and tapestries that appear to be enchanted so as to show what was happening in the town and surrounding areas. Looking down the hallway, you can see a table. Sitting at the head is Old Grand, drinking from a large mug of coffee, with a breakfast spread out on the table- eggs, bagels, all kinds of fruits, baked beans, bacon, pancakes, tomatoes, sausage, biscuits, gravy, pots of tea and coffee, pitchers of orange and tomato juice, and a bowl of salad. He turns to look at you, then waves you over. "Come here, have yourself a breakfast," he says, "Are you all that's come?"


Bang couldn't resist seeing if these pancakes had a chance to be better than the hotel kind. He grabs himself a plate as he smiles to Old Grand. "Thanks mister Old Grand!" He says as he takes a bite. "Yeah I'm the only one… Though I think more are on their way! Just enjoying the view of town or eating breakfast. You feelin' any better?"


Minty gives the truck a light, gooey slap as it goes by.
"I'm walkig here! I'M WALKING HERE!"
Minty gives an agitated sigh and shake of here head. However, she also smacks herself in the head.
"Oh shoot, that would've been the perfect chance to get some of that insurance stuff!"

Sticking to a safer part of the street now, Minty stretches her neck so her head as a nice, high vantage pint. She then tries to look for any signs of Falcon.
>searching if we can see Falcon, or if we overhear anything about him
>Supreme Survivor; automatic spot checks



Flicker shakes her head defeatedly, then languidly flips through the book, not liking the tone of Bonnie's voice.


Violet stays out of the street after that, staying close to Minty as she looks around, looking a bit nervous.

>"Did anyone else just get really bad nostalgia for eight hundred thousand year old movies?"


"Ah sue me," Minty the goo giraffe says to Alaster.
"And what do you mean 'eight hundred thousand years old?' It was playing on the electronic's store TV maybe a few weeks ago."


>"It was? The multiverse is weird."



"Thank you kindly" - the filly responds, taking the said books in her forehooves and flopping quietly through the library's space towards where Flicker had taken her post.

Bonnie spreads the three before Flicker, with the titles visible, watching the older pegasus for reactions intently and asks:

"Which do you think we should start from? Also, do you think you could help me with one of those heavier ones? I'm not if i'll manage them alone…"


File: 1443157556791.png (396.31 KB, 594x1146, 1443051267154.png)

"I'm feeling about the same as I have been for the last twelve hundred years," he says, "Tired, ready to die, but with a lot of responsibilities that I keep fulfilling because I want to make everyone happy."
You neither see nor hear anything of him. It might be that you're not thinking like a griffon.
Minty looks around with little fruit to show of it.
The book features a history of the local firearms- similar to your own, but unique in their own way. The crystals they fire are made of calcified magic that accelerate out of the barrel based on a magical current built within the gun. There are multiple kinds of crystals that can be used, as well, ones that allow elemental manipulation, ones that go through solid matter, or cluster together and explode.
The librarian is carted back to the front desk on a dolly by one of the other patrons, happy to have helped you out.



I'm not sure* if i'll manage them alone…



Flicker closes the book then opens the map one that Bonnie got. "This is going to be the most practical one of them. The rest are just fiction or history."


brackets whatever



>Can I get in on breakfast with Bang and Old Grand, catching up on game


"Hey I was meaning to talk to you about that… why not find somebody new to take over your job and retire?" He asks.


Minty pulls her head back down, humming in thought.
"Hmm…if I were a griffon who stands no chance against two fillies who took down pirates, where would I hide?" She mumbles to herself. The gears really seemed to be turning in her head, until and idea came to mind.

She looks up at the sky, seeing if any griffons were up and flying, and if any matched the description of Falcon.
>looking up in the sky this time because maybe I had to specify where I was looking? (bleh)
>Sup Surv


Violet keeps waiting with Minty.


Looking at some of what it has to offer, you can see overviews of Dockside, Stone Cold Fortress to the North, an area called the Emerald Forest with a mostly unmapped interior, Ponyville, Hotbase, an east coast city called Coastown, and the capital city of the Glass Desert, Ashgahar.
"That's what I've been trying to do," he says, "Teaching the young manners of defending the town, hoping they can one day fill my shoes. But it eventually comes to the point where they start up their own families, or die defending, or they're just not good enough, and I end up keep doing everything myself because I don't want them to die, or they're afraid of losing me." He breathes in slowly, then exhales, sparks appearing on the table. "And often it's one thing after another- monsters, evil magic users, dragons, chaos beasts from Derleth Forest, it's hard to stop and let myself go on."
No griffons up in the air, since they were a rarity in the town in the first place. And if it were a criminal griffon, he definitely wouldn't be out in the open, but he'd want somewhere to get a good look out at the town.


>please don't reply yet


Stupid post-sweeping crashes. >_>


"Well, i took this one" - she points with her hoof at the one screaming "danger" repeatedly like a casino prize phrase - "if we're in need of something to relax in-between digging through the heavier ones. A little fun only maximizes the work's results, right?" - the little filly justifies her choice, trying to encourage Flicker to give it a chance later.

She proceeds to lie alongside her and begins gazing at it intently, prepared to soak up knowledge, as the teen Pegasus flips the cover as well the first pages..


File: 1443159063233.png (623.88 KB, 901x463, 1443112805125.png)

>same reply as >>643766
>posting allowed now


Rushin', cheeks stuffed of pancakes, looks up to Old Grand with a somber look, taking the time to swallow the breakfast in his cheeks and catching his breath before asking.

"I think I get it… but heroes aren't really supposed to last around forever, you know? Others eventually step up to take their spots, even if the old heroes never get to see them do it. Those guys were pretty awesome out on the town, I think they might be the ones. I mean, who knows, maybe the reason no one's stepped up is because they all know you're still gonna be here?"


Minty gives a pout.
"Well this blows. I thought they were suppose to come to us, not the other way around," Minty begins to grumble something about it being easier on TV.

"Hmm…hey, think we should try that lighthouse or whatever? I feel better about going there since there's no lich there anymore…right?"


"Hey, if I can stop whatever is going on at Derleth Forest, will you stop using so much power? This guy named Skullheart has a way of getting me and my friends home after we defeat all the evil liches… problem iiiiis you're one of the liches… So maybe if you stop using so much power Skullheart can send me and my friends home!"


"If you want to. I'm not really wanting to fight anypony today."



Flicker makes notes, then passes the book to Bonnie. ["Well, you can have the other ones. Was there anything else you wanted to come here for?"]


"Yeah…I'm kinda feeling that way too now seeing how hard this is. But dang I just want the gold at this point just so everyone will leave me alone about the whole 'give the Miss DB' junk."

Minty begins to make her way to the lighthouse, the only place in this town she knows off that would be a good lookout point.


Violet follows, Alaster leaping up on her back.



"Just let me check one thing, please"

Bonnie, if Flicker allows that, tries to check for text descriptions of the towns as she strives to discover what they have to offer.

She's particularly interested in Ponyville though and, as Flicker probably wants to go through the geography thoroughly, from that. 'Not the same as the one we know' - the words she heard from one of this world's denizens still resounding in her ears…

What was it so different about it?

After that… especially if she finds little on the subject, she turns her attention to the book telling about Pegasopolis history, as Bonnie believed that getting a good look at this realm's denizens' past might show how to project their image more accurately, in turn understanding them and getting along better.



and, as Flicker probably wants to go through the geography thoroughly, cuts down her time spent on that book to just that afterwards.


"Yes, I've been feeling like now is the time," he says, "Especially since last night. I feel like I've been in a trance, and needed something to jolt me out of it."
"Those things in the forest come out sporadically, it's magic and warp hole nonsense that leads to some kind of terror universe, it gets kacked up during the winter and scary stuff comes out. Really something that needs to be taken care of blindfolded from a distance." He sighs, "But right now its the dragons to the south that have been a problem for us. Would you be willing to help us with those?"
The two of you come to the lighthouse, which has purposely been built in a janky, crooked, zig-zag fashion on the outside, where the top is wider than the bottom, though the inside is sturdy enough to host a dance on. On the observation deck, you can look out on the lake, the sky mostly covered with clouds, with several rays of light shining through. Looking back at the town, you can look over and see plenty of what's going on, though there's some taller towers and belfries.
It doesn't take long for you to finish the notes, as the different maps have little more than a short summary for each place.
>Dockside- a large fishing town that has a disproportionate amount of attacks and invasions, but remains stable nonetheless.
>Stone Cold Fortress- a sprawling city-state with the military and government in the center, and large suburban and agricultural that spread out over dozens of miles
>Emerald Forest- a forest known for being breeding grounds for monsters, getting lost, wild magic, and trouble
>Ponyville- a pleasant city-state that's the center of the Pony breeds of horsefolk
>Hotbase- the Lava Ogre hometown, set at the foot of a volcano
>Coastown- a coastal city with important ties to worldwide commerce that offers entertainment of all kinds at all hours of the day and night
>Ashgahar- the capitol city of the Desert Stallyn Dynasty, covered by a glass dome and surrounded by unscalable walls
According to the book, Pegasopolis is a floating city which circumnavigates the globe regularly. Pegasi have a bloody history of coming into conflict with unicorns at any chance they get, with both Pegasopolis and the Unicorn race's birth city of Unicornia nearly being destroyed multiple times due to close proximity.
>would you like to know more



The Pegasus filly left Flicker to the geography book, opting to seize it some time after she's done with it.

She was definitely interested, if mildly disturbed, by the turbulent past that seemed to have been in effect in this realm… she read on, intent on getting to know the full picture about it.



Flicker returns the books then putzes around, looking expectantly at Bonnie for their next directions.


"Oooonly if you agree to temporarily retire. Pleeeeease mister Old Grand?" He asks with puppy dog eyes.

>Possibly persuasion roll?


Roll #1 9 = 9


"In a trance? Like, I noticed you fell asleep a lot yesterday. You know my grandpa is pretty old and sometimes he kind of zones out like that, but it's usually only when the TV's on and something boring is… eh, never mind."

As he mentions the dragons, he grabs a hoof full of the fruit and slams it into his mouth, talking with his mouth full, "Really?! You'd consider doing that if we took care of 'em?" He swallows, gasping with a little bit of the orange stuck around his lips. "We're really sorry to ask you, Old Grand, you seem like a really great hero… but it's our only way to get home."

Also puppy dog eying

Roll #1 10 = 10



Minty looks out at the town, exhaling audibly.
"Aww man, how did I miss those?"
Seriously, just how did Minty miss those taller towers and belfries? They're only smack-dab in the open and not invisible. Perhaps she, and the forces who guide her, weren't well informed or something.

"Ugh, take five Vi. That was too long of a walk and too many steps to go all the way over there now."


"Okay" Violet says taking a seat, really just being dragged along for the ride.


Minty looks down over the town, watching it with an expression like something was bothering her.
"Hey, sorry for dragging you out here. I thought it'd be way more fun and exciting and easier. Now I just wanna go back to sleep and say 'heck to it all.'"


"I wouldn't mind that." Violet says, head resting on her knees.

"How do you think Bang and Rushin are doing with the Lich?"


On top of the lighthouse, the lapping waves and blowing wind serve as a peaceful background sound to rest and catch your breath to.

The basis for the conflict had been lost to time, but at the time it was believed that the Pegasi's home city was originally sitting on a powerful well of magic that was being tapped by both the Pegasi and Unicorns- but when they had decided to mobilize the city, they took the magic well with them, leaving the unicorns to find another source. Since then, several crusades and counterattacks had been launched to retrieve the magic source, all failing. This had led to an arms race in the developing of enhanced armor, weaponry, combat magic, and as a side result, technology capable of operating within close proximity to magic, which had been impossible for the most part until then.
Bonnie seems absorbed in the book on Pegasi at the moment, happy where she is.

"I don't want temporary solutions," he says, "Those won't help you in the long run. I can feel him, the Overlich- he knows I'm alive, we can feel each other. I was his ally at one point, when he asked me to rebel the ones who were secretly ruling us from the moon, replacing them with the Crystal Ponies that now only rule over Ponyville and the surrounding areas. I had believed I would die, then, and almost did, but I was saved by the one who would eventually become my wife- Starshine Shimmer."

He gets up from his chair, walking along the wall, where a number of iron spikes had been hammered in, oddly enough. At the end of the hall, a sword in its scabbard was mounted on the wall. "This is my last remaining sword," he says, "All the rest have been broken in combat over the years. This blade's name is unspeakable- when it is said, it unleashes a wave of dark magic that hurts all who hear it. The last time I used it, I was in a coma for four months. I haven't used it since then, but I feel that its power has grown, and that it is bursting to get out."

"The leader of the dragons is the Black One known as Gothradon, who had mated with a bat goddess, and now rules over their children, the bat-dragons. They are many in number, but none are as strong as their father. For the past year they've been building up their forces, and probably plan to take Dockside for themselves. I don't think they'd be able to by themselves, though, they'll need Gothradon to do most of the work for them."

"What I want you to do is get into their caves while they sleep and stir up trouble, with the town militia waiting outside. The two forces will clash, and the militia will come out victorious. Meanwhile, I will be waiting for Gothradon to come out and attack, and I will kill him immediately with my blade's magic, and die in the process."


"Hopefully they're doing alright and not trying to pick a fight with it. As much as I hate to say it; I would kinda miss Rushin'. He at least fights back, which kinda makes it more fun to pick on him."
She smiles slightly, then grimaces a bit.
"Even if he was asking for a kiss from me. Creep."



Flicker starts to use Bonnie as a pillow.


As he listens to Old Grand's tale, Rushin' sits idly in his chair as he explains his past. "OH! I met that lady yesterday. She was kind of tricky, pointing out stuff that wasn't really there."

As he looks up at the sword, his eyes open up wide, looking towards it with glee as he explains its magical properties. "Wait, a dragon daddy and a bat mommy made a bunch of bat dragons? That is RAD as HECK! Too bad they're evil, that'd be an awesome pet."

He jumps off the chair, nodding to Old Grand as he explains the final steps of the plan. His brow lowers, "Die…? I mean… I guess that's what we were planning for, and the dragon sounds really bad news and all, but are you sure you have to? Could you not die in the fight, give up the lich power for us, and then live on again?"


"Why would anypony want to kiss you?"


"Don't worry mister Old Grand, I'll make sure to help you get rid of those dragons. Gee if only I could grow up to be just like you, a big hero… Except less of the whole… die in the process part." Bang states.


"I know, right?"
Minty says back, sounding surprised herself.
"But after the whole pirate thing, he tried to treat me like some…what dumb thing did he call it…a 'damsel in distress?' Yeah, that's it. So after trying to say he saved me and junk, he starts asking for stuff. So I said to him, I said, 'what kind of hero asks people for stuff?' And he says back to me 'well they ask for stuff kisses or something.'"
Minty gives a shiver that makes her entire body jiggle.
"He could said so many other things as an example, like bits or food or something; but no…no, he goes and asks for a kiss. A freaking kiss!"

"I say stay away from him, Violet; he's clearly gonna be some kind of creepo when he grows up."



Like suddenly pulled out from trance, Bonnie realizes the silence of Flicker becoming one of another kind. She looks up from her book, puzzled.

"You're done already? Wow, you sure read fast…"

She closes the one about Pegasi/Unicorn history, seemingly content to grasp the gist of it. She was just about to go ask for another one when…


… that happened. Bonnie was surprised, not sure what to do at first. Clearly, going now was out of the question. Not that she couldn't ask for Flicker to move or slip out from under her, but…

She didn't want to.

The little Pegasus seemed to have come across an idea. Twisting her body around just slightly, as to have her back leaning against the bean bag chair and her face towards Flicker.

Having caught her attention she said with a mysterious smile following short afterwards:

"What i'm about to do with you, thanks to you, is something that no one other i know of would be capable of nor would i be able to enjoy it with."

She reached for the adventure thriller and did a thing that truly wouldn't be possible with anyone except for Flicker in this place.

Ever heard of reading someone other a story in a library aloud? Well, with the teen Pegasus it was possible. 'Aloud' as in moving her lips like she was saying something, but without actually producing sound… Bonnie began reading the book for Flicker in their own, special way.


"Him and Bang are crazy. They think they're a couple of superheroes."

Violet says looking out at the water.

"You know if you think about it, them wanting to be heroes is what got us here in the first place. If Bang hadn't wanted to 'defeat Demiursa', she never would have gotten out, and we never would have ended up in this world."

Violet sighs.


File: 1443163829037.jpg (197.6 KB, 800x578, 1443040309455.jpg)

"This heart is the only thing keeping me alive," he says, pointing to his skeleton chest, where a heart covered by red fire beats slowly, "It hadn't become active until I had died. These lich hearts are like parasites, they crawl into a host body, and once it dies, it gives them the powers of the lich that it came from. Something similar happens with the skull of a lich, allowing one to control the lich's realm of mastery using it as a medium. I had accepted my death when Starshine Shimmer retrieved this heart for me, and now I've accepted it again. There's nothing to fear. I've been told before that life is a cage for the soul, but I think it's been more enriching than that."
"To be fair, I died on my bed due to organ failure. You can do that when you're good enough to not get killed in battle."

The two of you (assumedly)enjoy a moment together.

As the two of you talk, a pelican lands on the observation deck, squawking at Alaster.




"Wait…that is how all this happened? Bang let her out? I was busy being yelled at by Miss DB at the time, so I wasn't really paying attention to what was happening at the time. But still; Bang's the one who landed us in this dump?"
If Minty had teeth, she'd be grating them slightly right now.
"Remind me to beat up on him all next week."

Minty wags a hoof at her morpher.
"So don't do what Bang did with that thing, aight? Because, clearly, being a hero just causes more stuff to go wrong."


"I won't."

Violet says, taking the morpher off her belt and looking at it.

"I'll use it to protect us. And nothing else."


"Glad to hear," Minty says with a sigh of relief.
"Hey…was there something in town you wanted to do? Like forget this dumb bounty stuff and all; just…I dunno, try and enjoy this mess Bang got us into?"

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