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''What even is the point Korona? Akael's power grows while our numbers decrease. every week more and more nativs are captured and turned into more wolfen! What are our hopes? Why do we even bother to resist?''

''…You ask many questions, young Koga…Many of which…I do not possess the aswer myself…''

''B-but you're the E-elder… Y-you should know what to d-do! You always taught us to get out of trouble when you needed, you are the wisest nativ a-among us!''

''And even still…I do not hold the aswer to our salvation Kaoo…All we can do now…Is pray to our ancestors for a miracle…''


''Don't look at me like that now…While I do not know how we will manage with most of the tribe gone, I know that we will not last much longer without any food…That is why I must ask you-''

''You want us to go outside the village!? There are Wolfen EVERYWHERE! We'll get caught for sure!''

''So you rather stay and starve the whole tribe or run a risk to help us all survive longer?''


''That is what I thought…Now go. The Flying Forest is blooming with life this time of the year, so make sure to take a basket or two eh? hehehe…''


File: 1438221686771.gif (4.54 MB, 480x270, I Just Wanna Play.gif)




Oh the places your travels have gotten you… A few weeks ago you remember when you have heard rumors about an ancient tomb full of trasures and secrets worth fortunes…But all you could find that seemed to be even slightly interesting were just black runestones…They looked just like small trinkets sold on shops for 1.99…But you decided to keep them anyways, after all you were not going to get out empty-hoofed of that place.
A day later you heard from a barkeep at a cheap inn, A gourgeous unicorn mare, most certainly in the counter to attract patrons. She said that he saw symbols similar to the ones in the two runes you had. In a city called Alo Cavera on a trip she had.
She wrote down the location of it on your map and blew you a kiss on your way out the morning after…

Weeks passed, and on the present day, you find yourself at yet another inn, staring at you is a unicorn mare who has been talking to you for a bit, and what a surprise, she was the sister of the mare that told you of this place!
''- So my sister sent you here because of two runes ya found? I bet they reminded her of the Old Witch Circlet that we have on display at Cavera's museum.'' She lets out a sweet, practised giggle. She had a deep voice with an odd accent. Her mane was of a soft shade of pink and her coat was a bubbly blue. She reminded you of strong drinks, which were exactly what she was serving to the patrons of this place…
''How rude of her however, to not even properly introduce…Her name was Cherry Fizz, and I'm Bubble Fizz, darlin.'' She gives you a playful wink
''But a handsome stag like you can call me just Bubbles, ehehehe'' She giggles again

Aaaaand bam, that was easy.
Being a ghost isn't nearly as bad as ponies make it sound sometimes, even less a portal ghost like you!
You are Mourning Glory, and right now, you have just spooked the crap out of a lovely dating couple! The poor ponies were changing sweet lovey-dovey words in a second and in the other they were running away like a filly and a colt!
Now while you might feel a little bad for ruining a cute date between the two, they'll most likely forget about it, it was just a little scarr, right?
You found yourself in a little…errm…Park of sorts…Now usually parks are surrounded by trees, grass and maybe even a lake! But this place only had sand, cactuses and a feel seats…Definetly doesn't look like a park but the sign you saw before definetly didn't lie. This place was the 'Cactus Park' of the Alo Cavera city, a place you found while hitching a ride in a fancy royal carriage
…That driver really didn't appreciate the scare you gave him…Even more after the carriage was somehow flipped upside down and crashed into the bakery!
…Actually you can still see the broken bakery wall from here at the entry of the park…Oh! Oh! Here comes another carriage, though this one looks a little less fancy…Oh well, that just means more friends to make…or ponies to spook!


The trip was uneventful and Soothing…
You still remember the words of your grandfather in your mind… How he weakly begged you to deliver the family's trasure: Two runestone pendants that belonged to him and your grandmother, you remember how he always told you that they wore them on their marriage and it always brought them good luck and was a shield against bad Omens…
And now here you are, arriving at Alo Cavera, tasked with taking them to your grandfather's life long friend, Fading portait. Apparently he is the curator of a museum here…
The carriage stops, this is where you leave. The driver glances back at you without a word. He was another friend of your grandfather and knew of the situation, so he gladly offered to take you here free of charge…He gives you a sympathetic look before sighing
''Well…Here we are Proud…I'll be waiting for you at the inn, we'll spend the night here before we go back home, alright?''


Proud nodded his head in silence, getting out of the carriage. As he walks to the front doors of the museum he takes in the sights around him, sighing just as he walks in. Afterwards he begins his search for Fading Portrait.


"Yes indeed," Yydran says, with the runes safely in his bag, nodding and smiling at her as she talked, "You know, she was very lovely, I'd say it'd be hard to choose which one of you was the more gorgeous overall." The well-groomed nomad smiled at her, making himself comfortable in his seat. "Well, Miss Bubbles, what do you know about these old runes? This circlet sounds… interesting. I suppose I could stop by the museum after we finish up our conversation."

The desert stag was dressed in a comfortable traveling cloak, one made to keep him cool while it was warm out, and warm while it was cold, with his equipment and belongings in a bag, and his bow hanging off his back. "We could keep talking about the runes, or we could talk about you if you so fancy."


Mourning smiles gleefully.
"Aww, that was one of my more cuter scares.
"Hmm, I wonder who else is-ahh! Here's one now."

Mourning sees her next target; another carriage. Mourning floats over to the carriage, fading into the carriage itself before appearing next to the driver with only her front-torse sticking out of the carriage.
"I'm a gho-o-o-o-o-st. Hmmhmhm."


The city was built in a desert, so the feeling of the sand is rather nice on your paws and talons.
The driver did you the favor of stopping right in front of the museum as well, so you didn't had to bother looking around
Two majestically tall stone doors stood before you, this museum was huge, and seemed even bigger on the inside.
Many displays were being shown. from curious, unique plants, to meteorite shards and even a full meteorite hanging from the ceiling, to stone tablets, to ancient statues, and even skelletons of what seemed to be primitive ponies…
There were a few ponies of this time, living of course, walking around and seeing the pieces…A light brown stallion with a stuble and a grey mane was explaining to a little colt why he shouldn't touch any of the pieces on display
She smiles coily and generously refils your drink
''Ooh Mister, you are such a lovely patron…Now While I would love to hear you talk about me some more, I have to warn ya, the museum is closing in half an hour…And it doesn't open tomorrooooow'' She says in a sing-song tone as she leans against the counter
''If you wanna go, don't worry, I'll make sure to keep your place and see if I can find you a nice room for the night…Or if we are booked, you can come to mine~'' She smiles sweetly, giving you the bedroom eyes
The carriage itself was pretty dirty, it must have come from a really far away place!
in the driver seat, you can see a lone gryphon glancing at the buildings, thinking about life..That is until you showed yourself
''W-wha the-UAAAAAH!'' He shrieks and tries to scramble away from you in his seat, causing him to fall off the carriage on his head, causing his body to tense up, then flop over to his side, thankfully he landed on sand…But his head was stuck now…Whoopsie


"Heheh, well, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share an evening with such a lovely mare, but, ah, I have to rush and see what I can find out, first!" He leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek, reaching back to give her rump a good feel. "Mm, still pretty hard to say which one of you is better- we'll figure that out later," he says playfully, licking his lips before he heads out of the inn and trotting over to the museum as quickly as he could without perspiring.


He admired a few of the pieces on display as he made his way through the museum, stopping when he saw the stallion.

Proud walked over to him and said "Excuse me, do you work here at the museum? I'm searching for somebody by the name of Fading Portrait." He spoke calmly yet still remained polite.


"Hmmhmhm. Another good one for the memory book." Mourning says, phasing through the rest of the carriage and making herself comfy by laying completely on the driver's seat.

She looks down at the spooked griffon. She uses her poltergeist powers (telekinesis) to help free him from the sand and set him upright on the ground.
"Teeheehee. You silly bun, you're not an ostrich, you silly," she says smiling widely, even giving the griffon's beak an invisible boop with her poltergeist power.
"Don't be scared, I only wanna play," her eyes close and her head tilts as she gives a giggle to him.


She playfully gasps as you cop a feel of her ass, blushing and waving as you leave ''Don't make me wait too long!''
You find the museum quickly. It was a huge stone building with massive doors, inside you find a Gryphon talking to a stallion near the doorway, besides them is a statue of what seemed to be a war hero of ancient times…
''Hmn?…Oh yes Indeed I do, young lad, and Fading Portait is me'' He says proudly ''The happy curator of this museum, why it fills my heart with joy to see Young gryphons like you taking interest in these memories of the past'' He says, beaming
He blinks and rubs his eyes, taken back as you boop him
''A-are you…Oh sweet lord The rumors about the ghost of the witch of Alo Cavera were true! P-please D-don't gauge off my eyes and use them as beads around your neck, oh vengeful spirit, I am not from these lands, I am just a poor carriage driver! Please have mercy!''
The two stallions that were pulling the carriage look back at you, dazzled and scared, before deciding to run away. They first run into eachother before dashing away in different directions, leaving you alone with the poor gryphon fellow


As Portrait announces that he is the curator, Yydran opens his mouth in an "Ah," before closing it and realizing he was still talking to the younger gryphon, keeping his mouth shut and smiling politely as he looked between the two.


"I'm here on behalf of my grandfather, Stone Proud. He's become deathly ill and asked me to return something to you." He says, reaching into his pocket to produce one of the two runes his grandfather asked him to bring. "I don't know why he would want me to bring these to you, but I couldn't deny the old man's dying wish."


"Hm, ah," Yydran grunts, as he pulls out similar runes, "As long as you're handing your runes in, I'll do the same. I found these in a tomb, recently, and was led to this museum by some absolutely gorgeous sisters. Ore wa Yydran, pleasure to meet you."


Mourning looks at the griffon perplexed.
"A witch? Me?"
The confusion then went away as child-like amusement returned.
"Oh! I get it now! We're roleplaying! So then you're the braaave witch hunter sent to find me, right?"
She levitates from her perch, and clear her throat, before putting on her best witch voice.
"Foolish mortal, I have seen through your ruse of acting like a coward! You will never slay me! Not in a million billion years! I will spare you and return to my lair of unspeakable horrors! Mwahahaha!"
Despite this being an evil speech, she was way too cheery while doing it.

"Hmmhmhm, this is so much fun already!"
She says, breaking character as she flies into her 'evil lair' (the meuseum), giggling all the while as she thinks the griffon is playing along with her, and phases through the doors.


"I don't remember the specifics on how my grandfather got these, but he said he had them since he married my grandmother." He pauses for a moment after Yydran tells Proud his name. "Watashi Wa Standing Proud."


The gray, bearded stallion nods at Bowie
''Good evening, sir'' He says politely
You can see the gryphon pulling out two runes that were almost identical to the ones you had, save for the different letters written in them
He raises his head at your words
''Stone…He's deathly ill?…'' He turns a little pale as he sees the runes you showed
''Oh dear…if he is giving these back then that means he…'' He glances at you and then shakes his head
''I…You have my condolences…To think that Stone…After all these years…'' He blinks a few times
''Old bastard didn't even sent me a letter..hmnph, how typical of him…Ah please forgive me…I am just…very deeply struck by these news, sir…I assume you are his grandson, who he never stopped talking about, hmn?…'' He takes the runes ''You see I found these runes a long time ago with him, I insisted that they served some purpose but he didn't believe me…Eventually I gave up on trying to find aswers, as I couldn't find anything related to these odd things except that they seemed to be operating on ancient magic of sorts…Older than what I can measure as well'' He holds them in the air as they dangle and shine a bit in the light
''Well, I will have to take them to the private room, if you please could come with me, I could use some company for tea. After these shocking news, I'll need some time to take it in…''
''Oh…Tombs? Well now that is sparking my interest sir. What is your name? Where precisely have you found those? And-…'' He pauses
''Erm, excuse me, I believe you should join us as well, I believe we have quite a few things to talk about eh?'' He forces a smile
As you fly away, you can hear him running around in the distance, screaming about being attacked by the spirit of the witch
The museum was a huuuuuuuuuge building with huuuuuuuuge stuff in it. mostly just boring statues, some weird stones, skelletons…And a few ponies wandering around…but what catches your attention was the sight of 3 fellows. A young gryphon, A buck dressed for adventures, and an old stallion who were dressed on clothes that seemed to imply that he works in this place…Ooooh they were holding pretty stones that looked just like the two you found the other day, man that was aaaaages ago but you can still remember them!
…Actually…You'r starting to feel something tugging at your stomach…it's making you a tad bit uncomfortable…


"My name's Yydran Bowie," he says, as he follows the curator and gryphon, "I'm on vacation, and found them while I was exploring."


"Urp. Oh dear, indigestion? What did I eat?" She asks herself, rubbing her stomach, but trying to ignore the feeling for now. Instead, she uses her poltergeist powers to grab a skeleton and bring it close to her.
"C'mon, handsome, let's go play with them!"

She phases through a wall and begins her master scheme.

As the three converse, Mourning has the skeleton noisy walk up to them with stiff motions, arms raised like it was going to grab them, and its jaw bone clattering like crazy.

"O-o-o-o-oh! So Spo-o-o-o-oky! hmmhmhm!" She says loudly, phasing her face through the wall enough and having it appear over one of the statue's faces.


"Oh, you have a ghost on display?" Yydran asks Fading Portrait, looking between him and Mourning, "Fascinating, I bet they work wonders as docents."


Proud nods, following the old stallion.

Although his attention turns to the skeleton when it walks up. "Strange. Is this some sort of puppeteer spell for an exhibit?"


"Mmhmhmhm. Me? A spirit guide? That's a good pun."
The child-like playfulness is replaced with sudden realization.
"Wait, you're not scared? Oh boo."

The skeleton swaggers up to Standing, doing motions to mimic one tipping a hat, despite the lack of hat on the skeleton.


''Aaah I see…Well it is quite convenient that you came with more of these runes, it is sincerely sparking my once lost interest in this matter…Come now, let's go an-''
However, as all of them were about to head upstairs, you show up and give them all one hell of a spook…Well at least the stallion seemed really spooked because he lets out a scream as his mane stands to an end ''IT'S THe GHOST OF THE WI-…Wait a minute…'' He adjusts his glasses and leans closer
''Oh…It is not the ghost of the witch, just a normal ghost…Wait a minut-GHOST!'' he jumps back and starts backing away from you ''W-what is a spirit doing here!? Have you come here to haunt the museum? Please tell me that you did not came here for that, we are desperately needing funding and I cannot afford losing more clients!''
''I-I honestly do not know!'' He stutters
''I never actually thought a ghost would show up, but as much as I am terrified, I do not have time to deal with stray spirits, now off with you! Shoo! go back to your tomb, or fade away to the afterlife or something, I dunno, but you are not staying in the museum! Do you have any idea how much of a huge news this could cause!? Ponies from everywhere would come here to…Wait…Waaait…This might actually work…'' He rubs his chin


Yydran waves a hoof through her head, before looking back at Portrait.
"Just a normal haunting?" he asks, raising his ears up in confusion, "Hmm, somewhat disappointing."


Proud simply gives the skeleton an annoyed glare. "You're annoying me."

"If this thing is harmless then we should move on to our current task. I'm only staying in this town for one night before I return home."


"Not the traveling type, kiddo?" Yydran asks, "Oh, right, dying grandfather, my mistake…"


The hoof feels a little bit chillier, but it otherwise distorts Mourning's face a bit before it went back to normal.
"Hehehe, hey, that kind of tickles."

The skeleton is forced to put a hand/hoof over its mouth as if it were gasping. Then slumps a bit, looking almost sad.
"Aww, you hurt Mr. Milk's feelings."

"Hooray! I at least got one of you three." Mourning says as the curator goes on with his rant. She rubs her stomach, looking a bit queasy.
"Yeah, could you hold that thought, I…uh oh."

Not long after, Mourning is spewing up ectoplasm, heading spinning around as she does, as she tries to get rid of whatever is upsetting her stomach.


"Perhaps… But it might be a good way to save the museum! Would you be so kind as to join me, sir? We'll have a lot to talk about this evening… Oooooh I am getting quite excited myself! Everything about this situation is rather trilling!"
"Ah, yes yes, of course of course, Standing. Come now, in my office we can talk, and I have many, Oh so many questions to ask"
"Oh by the counselor's beard not on the floor!" he face hooves as you release a magazine of last year top 50 hottest male models, an aluminum bottle filled with something you never bothered to figure out, a key with a skelleton, a shiny bit and the two pretty rocks that you remember finding a while ago.
"What the… Is this… No that cannot be…" Fading Memory looks absolutely astonished before turning to Mourning
"where… Just
where have you found this, spirit, and just who are you!? And why have you come here?" he asks as he hesitantly picks the runestones you just vomited on the clean floor
"ugh… I'll have to clean this again…"


"How auspicious," Yydran says, "That the three of us who never knew each other and have nothing in common met each other on the same day, each of us with runes. Hmmmm."


Mourning gives a sigh.
"I feel much better now. And don't worry, it'll fade away eventually. It just ectoplasm afterall. Hmmhmhm."

Mourning looks at the pretty stones.
"Those…hmm, honestly, I don't really remember. I have so much stuff, I can't remember them all."
She levitates up the magazine, blinking with a huge smile before quickly swallowing it.
"Hmm, don't remember that one," she says, looking away as she was clearly lying. She swallows the shiny bit and the key again.
"Oh me? My name is Mourning Glory. And I came here to hide from the brave, griffon witch hunter. We're roleplaying it seems," she explains happily as she examines what is inside the bottle.


"What exactly are these things anyways? I'm assuming they're part of a whole collection?" He asks, turning to Fading.


"Hmm, I think the pretty stones got lonely and finally wanted to be together again."


"Yeah, Bubble Fizz, the innkeeper, said they look like some witch's circlet you had here- hence my hurrious haste in heading to this museum."


"I… I am honestly as amazed ad you are! It must be the work of destiny, an incredible coincidence, a miracle!"
It seemed to be… Tea… Ooh and it was still warm too! It smelled fresh and with a hint of peppermint in it too
"Erm… May I ask… Is that peppermint I smell coming from the bottle?"
He sweats a little
"I-I love peppermint…"
"Well, you see I used to think there were only these two runes… By golly I was wrong… Who knows if these 6 complete each other or if there are more! I will certainly need to research this…"
"Ah yes… The Witch Circlet has markings similar to the ones found in these mysterious runes… Well now, what are we waiting for anyways?! Chop chop, all of you come with me, even you, miss Ghost!" he rushed upstairs, taking you to his office.
As he opened the door, he immediately rushed in to the immense bookshelves on the left side of the room, going up a little in the stairs to reach the higher books "Please make yourself home, I just need to find… Where is it…" he scrambles through the organized lines of books set up in the shelves


Proud stood there in silence, waiting to see what the old geezer was up to next.


"Sure! It's always nice to share things with friends!" She says, happily handing the curator the tea before he made his way upstairs.

Rather than go up the stairs, Mourning phases through a wall, then levitates up and phases through the ceiling, appearing to rise up through the floor of the office.
"Home? Well okay!"
She attempts to cough up a pewter candelabrum.

>Hat Magic


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah, I apologize young Standing, I need a moment here for… Hmm… Actually I should get the… Yes, I know what I should get first, one moment Please, you are going to love this."
The office was a rather spacey room with a glass table in the middle, in this table there was a black circlet with many holes in it. And markings identical to the ones in the runes
"Oh yes, the circlet is right there, please don't fumble around with it…"
Well… You managed to pull out the candelabras set you found when you were at the haunted mansion with that super cool ghost of a princess. She was a total bro with ya!
Oh and conveniently they were still lit too, Giving the dimly lit room a bit more light to it
Fading smiles
"What a fascinating ghost you are…" he muses

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