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The town of Golden Leaf has been the talk of excitement lately. The Rescue team hub has been standing for nearly 10 years, and in celebration they got funding to renovate and add on space for more teams to join. They even contracted a local pokemon building team for the job and it was supposed to be finished today. Of course this news is sure to attract more businesses, maybe even a real dojo of its own! Everyone is eager to see what will happen, and the small cross roads town is surely crowded by now. The weather is fair as you approach..
And then there is a sudden fog and you hear the confused cries of a pichu on the road ahead.



Whoa wait, a Pichu? Go check it out!


"Hmm…? What was that…?"


…Time for mischief!


Now that there's fog everywhere… nobody can see me turn into a Riolu!
I snicker quietly to myself as I look around, seeing if there's anybody nearby to prank.


The trees and bushes of the path rustle, the scent of water and grilled berries fills the air and the Pichu actually comes rushing towards you out of the fog. It appears to be crying and have a bit of dirt on its large triangular ears, it stops in front of you.
"You aren't with those mean scraggy are you?!" It asks in a distressed tone.


There is a slowpoke, a pichu and an oddish on the road together that you can see, further up you hear snickering.


"Hey, are you lost? Uh.. Scraggy? Haven't seen any!"


Sneak up on the small group I can see.


"It's a Pichu, huh. They do live nearby, so it's not that big of a surprise."

A snickering reaches the ears. However, the echoing makes it hard to pinpoint the source.

"What was that? [beat] Never mind. You okay there?"


Okay, you duck into the bushes and sneakily watch the group of pokemon conversing.

"Oh.. the scraggy are.. they are right up there, they stole my backpack.. and.."
The pichu frowns rubbing its ears "I'm okay, but would you walk with me into town.. If I can do that.. I can file a quest with the rescue team HQ.."


"Hang on… how many Scraggy we talking about?"


Quietly stalk behind the oddish… closer… closer… and-


zorua plz roll stealth, oddish roll perception



Roll #1 3, 4, 2, 5 + 1 = 15


>wants to roll
>zorua gets 15
you win, you sneaky fox.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8


"Just two, but uh.. they made fog show up.. that's gotta mean something!"
Suddenly a Riolu pops out of the bushes and shouts in the ears of the oddish, startling him and the pichu!
The fog is starting to clear up.


"Fog? Ehh… uh… maybe not."

"Hello, Riolu. Want to beat up a few Scraggy?"


"Wait, how can Scraggy make a f- Gwah!"

He looks around himself, only to spot a Riolu along the trees.

"…oh. Haha, very funny." He said the last sentence in a a somewhat dry voice.


I snicker as the oddish jumps in surprise.
"So, whatcha guys up to? Something about some scraggy around here?"


"Yeah, a Scraggy. See, this Oddish and me kinda want to set up a rescue team and this would be a good chance to make a name. Want to help?

Turn to the Pichu.
"Course, you ARE alright with us helping you, right?"


"Eh, sure, why not? There's not really much else for me to do."


The snickering up the road gets a bit more intense, you see the eyes of the Pichu light up in sparks of excitement and jumps up slightly.
"You're going to be a rescue team? And you're taking on my mission! This is great."


"Yes, and what's even better is when you get back to town and tell everyone what a great rescue team we are! We'll get your bags in a bit… Where did those Scraggy go, again?"


Clement takes a deep breath. He utters something under his breath.

"…am I really going to end up with someone like this guy on the same team?"
inb4 another roll.

He turns around towards the Slowpoke.

"We don't know what exactly we're up against. Though helping this little guy… or girl, would probably be a good idea, either way."


"Course it will. Couple of Scraggys shouldn't be too hard!"

Waddle closer and whisper.

"Actually since they're dark type you're going to need to pull more weight in this fight. I'll be counting on you for that!"


"I bet that snickering up the road has something to do with those scraggy," Zena points out, ignoring the muttering Clement. He's probably just sore about getting scared so easy.


The pichu points up the road. "They ought to be still there."
"Whaat? You can't tell? I'm clearly a boy!" I tries to show off its tiny tail, but its so small its a little hard to see must be a young pokemon. "See, no girly heart tail here!"

Map incoming


"Okay then. Let's go!"

Slowly waddle up the road.


File: 1433701187654.png (56.88 KB, 864x744, Map-1.png)


"I've seen some Pichu around, but I've never spotted a difference… Anyway, if that's where they went, then alright!"

Soon they arrive within the vicinity of the Scraggy.


Can I see the Scraggy from here?


"So, what's the plan here?"


"Ask them nicely to give us the backpack… and beat them up if they don't! You're a Riolu, it's easy! Well, for you."


>picture posts
>text doesn't

You see two snickering scraggy leaning on the road just a bit in front of you and the fog is totally gone now. The pichu looks very mad and scrunches pointing at them. "THERE THEY ARE GO GET THEM! ..please.."

You all move first because the scraggy are distracted.


"Eh, I don't feel like waiting for them to turn you down. Let's take them down!"
I use Leer on the Scraggy! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's 1d20 for accuracy, and a further roll for damage if applicable.

"Hello there! See, we'd like that backpack you took from the Pichu. We might have to, uh…. do very bad things to you if you don't hand it to us, you udnerstand?"



Roll #1 16 = 16


"I don't think they're one of these people who will just hand over the bag. Unfortunately, that leaves only one option."

Clement goes towards (2 squares?) the Scraggy and spits a purple liquid from its mouth.

'1d20' - accuracy
'2d6+8' - damage
'1d20' - stat drop

not sure if it's close enough. if it's 5ft or 1.5m, then they might be just out of reach…

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 1, 2 + 8 = 11 / Roll #3 6 = 6


File: 1433703180020.png (55.51 KB, 794x566, Map-2.png)

You glare hard at the scraggy and they seem intimidated by you.
"A riolu?! This is bad brah"
"Ya brah, Riolu are always playin' hero."
They shake their heads at you and reply kicking the bag behind their shaking backs as they try to lie.
"No way."
"Never seen a backpack."
"Didn't do it."
just for this time you're close enough
Your purple acid covers the scraggy, he holds his breath and he shakes it off after a minute. "Whoa that's smelly."

He tries to attack Clement in return with a punching move and lands a mere '2d6' damage.
His 'bro' moves forward a bit.

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


"Sure about that? Look at me carefully… sure is nice day for a nap, right?"

Yawn at the closer Scraggy.

No roll required, apparently.


Move in and Scratch the closest Scraggy.
"Hah! Not so confident picking on mons that can stand up for themselves, are ya?"
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 6 + 6 = 12


I'll rush towards the group after hearing the commotion.

"Hey, what are you all fighting for!?"


The grass around the has withered away and revealed the ground. Around it is a thin ring of dull green grass that has been partially affected.

Clementreleases a beam of red energy that saps Scraggy's energy. [Absorb]


Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 4 + 6 = 10


File: 1433704788273.png (61.68 KB, 788x544, Map-3.png)

The scraggy yawns. "Yea, well, just move over.."

You deal a significant blow to the scraggy (2) and he staggers back trying to attack you. But he hits at your illusionary limbs instead of your body and does nothing!
"AAaah Brah, this is getting serious."
The pichu replies in a squeaky voice of excitement. "These rescuers are gonna get my bag back!"
You drain off 5 of the damage as health for yourself.
"ow ow ow ow!" He panics in his flailing attempts to attack you and misses.


A charmader has run up from the road to join the battle.


"Which ones stole your bag!?"


"What's the matter, tough guy? Having trouble hitting me?"
Scratch him again! '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 + 6 = 10


"Oh, hello. These Scraggy have stolen the Pichu's bag. We're getting it back."

I'll just head over to the other Scraggy, then suddenly tackle him!

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 6 + 13 = 19


"The mean scraggy." the little guy replies point at them.


"Well, I was coming to join a team too!"

I'll move to the left of the Scraggy this turn and use Scratch.

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 6 = 11


"Yeah, we're recruiting. How good are you?"


"You're already a team? Just watch, I'll show you how good I can be!"


"Another Pokemon? Hmm… I could use the distraction to our advantage!"

He then sprays a pink powder with a pleasant smell around the area. [Sweet Scent]


Roll #1 7 = 7


You miss the scraggy and he starts to taunt you "HAHAHA you can't even hit me either-" and then he slumps over falling asleep.

The still awake scraggy is pummeled by your assault and breathing heavily, he can't take much more of this assault.
But manages to struggle a hit your nose a bit. '1d8' damage

You attack the scraggy that just fell asleep and easily hit him with a swipe of the claw.

The dizzy scraggy inhales the sweet aroma.
"Hey, that smells like.. peacha berry.. I want one.."

Roll #1 3 = 3



"See? Now we gotta hurt you. Oh, well."

Tackle him again.

Roll #1 8 + 13 = 21


File: 1433705955063.png (59.09 KB, 666x564, Map-4.png)


And tohit '1d20'

Roll #1 16 = 16


"HA! I was just the distraction!"
dealing the damage with Scratch. '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 + 6 = 9


Keep on the Scratch attack.

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 6 + 6 = 12


Another Absorb on the nearby Scraggy.


Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 4 + 6 = 10


Its a solid hit. The scraggy falls down into the dirt path KO'd

Its very hard to miss a sleeping pokemon, so you deal a good chunk of damage with a repetitive scratching.

Your scratch is extremely powerful this, showing your true dragonesce nature with fierce blows.

And your absorb finishes off the sleepy scraggy's health, dizzy circles appear on his face as the bully of a pokemon is KO'd.

– battle completed.


Tackle the–oh

"Alright, Pichu, got your bag?"


"Whoo! that was fun!" I jump up in the air and glow as I drop the Riolu illusion.
"By the way, we haven't done introductions yet, have we? My name's Zena!"


"Uh… just call me Slowpoke for now."


"This wasn't what I expected when I walked over here."

"By the way, I'm Mek!"


"Nice to meetcha. So, what you guys want to do next?"


"Cool. See, Clement the Oddish and me were gonna for am rescue team, and you guys look like good candidates…"

"Wait…. weren't you a Riolu earlier? Oh, right. Pretty convincing."


The pichu looks around behind the fallen scraggy and smiles cheerfully holding up the small pack.
"Here it is! Oh, oh! I have to reward you right? That's how it works.. so.."
He digs through the bag and holds up a sack of berries. "I have lots of berries, berries for each of you okay?"
He sets an Oran Berry down in front you.
The pichu sets and Oran Berry down for you three as well.


"Wait, I thought you were already a team!?"

"Thank you!"


"Clement. From around these parts. I've been sent to the town, for the whole rescue team thing. Though that's not m-"

Suddenly canine becomes a other canine.

"…that kind of trick, huh."

[to Pichu]

"Oh. Thank you, I guess."


"Well, uh… we'll be registered soon enough!"

"Don't suppose I can give up my berry for a better reward? Follow us to town and make sure you tell everyone that we helped you!"


"It's nice to meet ya'!"


"Sure intimidated those Scraggy, didn't it? They panicked when they thought they had to deal with a Riolu!"
"We are a team, we just haven't done the paperwork or signed up or anything. Makes it easier for you to join, right?"
I pick up the berry and examine it.
"Thanks! So, how'd they get the bag from you in the first place?"


"They're tougher than me, and used that weird fog to sneak on me.." The pichu says with a frown.

"I was gonna tell them all about your team anyway! You need to get the rescue ribbons and become a real team." He says with a smile.


"Well, that's true when you put it that way."


"Now that's important. Thanks! Follow us into town?"

"By the way, heard of that fog before?"


Well, let's head to town then!
"Of course it is!" I huff, cleaning one of my paws.
"So, any ideas on what to name our team?"


And I have to pause here.
Thanks for playing


I'm tured too
thanks a lot


"Hmm, I haven't seen that fog before, but I have heard that it happens sometimes, right before bad things happen to pokemon!" The pichu replies as you walk on the cobble road together.
Warm sunlight hits your backs through the trees, as they thin out and the sound of chatting reaches your ears. A paras and a bulbasaur walk by carrying a box. A hitmonlee is showing off some punching moves to a beautifly, two plusle and two minun are standing around chatting. There are a few stone building, a Furret behind an a stand with the sign 'items for pokemon adventures', the stone path going down to what looks like a large field with a tent in it, up to toward the waterfall where you can see a shrine in the distance, right past a poke-puff shaped building with a very clean sign that reads 'The Normal Volz', and further down the path you see the towering building that is the Rescue Team Golden Leaf Hub.


For Golett

You see a group of pokemon wander into town, a slowpoke, a pichu, a zorua, a charmander, and an oddish. They look very pleased with themselves.


"Signal fog. Wonder if it's made as a warning or leftovers by some bad guy. Huh."

Alright, so we should probably head right to the rescue team hub.


"Maybe they just wait until the fog to do bad things? It makes it easy yo hide and run away."


Time for adventure!


I'mma plod over to them and wave.


"Also plausible."

"Can we help you?"


"Fog is fog," I huff. "Bad things happening to pokemon is just because that's the best time to play pranks or be mean, not because they're causing it or something. That'd be silly."


Wave back.


"I don't know.. no pokemon would do it on purpose right?" The pichu sighs as you make your way and then looks up at the golett with an eager grin.
The pichu right away starts talking to you. "Oh! Hey! These pokemon are my personal poke-heroes today! They saved my stuff from some mean scraggy just now, really showed them who was boss. They're gonna be a real rescue team too! Isn't it amazing?!"


"And we should hurry! Who knows how long a line there might be!"


I nod and give a thumbs-up.
Then wave and point in the direction of wherever registration might be.


"Joining us? Wonderful, we've got ourselves quite the party."

I'm still walking to registration…


"That's right! We gave those droopy-drawers a good belting!"
"Fine," I sigh, faking annoyance.
"…Last one there is a rotten togepi!"
Athletics GOTTA GO FAST '2d6'

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6


"Not gonna be me!"

Athletics '2d6+2'

Roll #1 5, 4 + 2 = 11



Roll #1 1, 5 = 6



File: 1434216138640.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.76 KB, 900x900, REEEEEEE.jpg)

>the update doesn't show new posts
>mfw this happens


Roll #1 1, 1 = 2


The charmander can really move fast and races ahead of everyone else, quickly followed by the zorua. Slowpoke steadily moves along the path and winds up there at about the same time as zorua.
But the race is for not, as there is already a small crowd outside of the place which you must push through. The towering building has at least 4 stories that you can see. The sounds of excited pokemon are all around you as you squeeze into the door labeled 'New Applicants'. The carpet is plush on your paws the scent of lemon carries on the air you see a Lilligant behind the counter helping a pikachu and a pichu finish their forms, and no one else is behind them, how lucky!
"Alright, team Sparky. These will be your badges." She hands them each a ribbon with an orb on it. "You can show that off to prove you're a team, and it lets Spoony, our Kadabra help you teleport away from dangerous places. Of course he has to do that for the whole area so it might take a moment.. any questions?"
They both shake their heads and walk off the Lilligant is looking at your group now. "Are you next lovelies?"


>two 1s

Clement tries to run as fast as he can… but he instead trips on a nearby rock.


"Yes, we'd like to be registered as a rescue team."


"That's right! So what do we need to make this official?"
"Aw man, you're fast! I even had a head start and everything…"
"…Where'd the turnip run off to?"


"I've really wanted to join a rescue team for a long time, sobI've been training."

"Yeah, we're here to sign up!"


"…this is a bad sign. [sigh] Let's hope I am not late."

After getting up, he simply walks on his own pace.

He probably will arrive there soon.


And you managed to come in dead last.
"Oh! That's wonderful. To sign up, one or more of you have to be the formal leaders of your team, and your team has to have at least one member. Have you done any rescues already?"
The pichu you saved hops up and down. "Yea, They totally did, they saved me from some big trouble! they're awesome!"
"Oh, that's great. So, which of you are the leader? Do you have a place to stay or will you be applying to bunk here for a while? Do you have a name picked out?"


"Yes, we'll need to bunk with you for a while. A leadership position is just for admin stuff, right? I can take care of that. As for name, uh…"


"I totally forgot about that. I had a bunch of ideas, but now I'm coming up blank."


"Hell if I know. Team Mon? Team Alpha? Team RBG? Team SPECTRE?"


I poke him, then point to myself.


"Wait, what do those initials even mean?"

"I think he wants your attention."


"Well, I have to mark down something. But you can change it later if you come up with something more fitting. hovever, it will take a little time for every pokemon to know that you changed names."


"RGB probably stands for red, green and blue. Spectre? I am as clueless as you are."


"Team Golett? Team Golem? Or you like Team Spectre? Or… Team Bullet?"

"Red, Blue, Green. It's a trinity of some sort a lot of places love."


""Actually, let's brainstorm. Our team should have many different members to have as many strengths and as few weaknesses as possible. We want to be formless, protean, kaleidoscopic, like a… Spectre?"


I shake my head to the first two, then cock it as if pondering the second.

I blink at that. Sounds a little forced…


"I really hope you can speak…"

Find a pencil and paper or something


"…Works for me, I guess."
Sit down and idly scratch my ear.
"Maybe team Fuzzbrain would be more accurate…"


""Oh, wait. Why don't we wait till we do something really big first, and that use that for our name? And for now we're team… Placeholder."


"I only understood a couple of those words, sorry."


I shrug.
"When I feel like it."


"I, uhm, is that allowed?"


"Wait, isn't Team Golem already taken by someone else…?"

He seems to have heard of a team called that. Or is it his imagination?


"..I'll mark it down if you're sure. Just need the leaders to sign here.. and the members to sign here." She points out the sections for each on the form. "And then you show this to the Whimiscott over there, and he'll get you set up with a place for all of you to stay, then you can take jobs officially."


"It should work! I mean, none of us have anything good or anything we'd agree on. So we're Team Placeholder."

"Just making sure. Thanks."


"All right, sure, let's get this paperwork out of the way so we can have some fun!"
Go ahead and sign the papers.


I give a thumbs-up. Am I the only member with those?


"Okay, Team Placeholder it is!"

I return the thumbs up gesture.



I'll have those eventually.


"I don't even have any kind of hands. I have to use my mouth to pickup anything. [beat] That name's not the best, but should be enough for right now."


"Its not. But you can be Team Placeholder for now. If that's what you're decided on.."
Charmander has claws.
Officially signed.

"Okay, these are your team badges.." the leafy pokemon hands you each a ribbon with an orb on it. "These make it possibly to find you and teleport you out if you're distressed, as well as making you an official team. They start out white, but you can get other colors when you get some rank and renowned as a team. Do you have any questions for me?"


"Yes. How would we eventually acquire our own base?"


I transform into a Riolu and give a thumbs-up too.
I'll go ahead and equip the ribbon around my neck like a necklace.




"Oh, You should go to the Normal Volz, or the shop shaped like a machamp and speak with the 'Brick Layer' pokemon.. Those would be.. Ah, Machamp, Tyrogue, Timburr, they wear hard hats all the time so they are easy to spot."


I nod and apply the ribbon, then look around for said shop.


"I have a question. Is there any kind of map that would be useful for the exploration?"


"Excellent. Thanks a lot."
Ribbon on!
Then try to not walk slowly to bricklayers.


I pick him up when it happens anyway. Golett stronk like rock.


The white ribbon feels nice and silky, but you can tell its dirt resistant too, so you don't have to worry about it too much.
Liligant tilts her head at you with a smile.
You both start heading off to the bricklayer shop. Slowpoke being a little slow, but golett carrying him fixes the issue.
"Oh yes, you can have a lovely map of the local area. Its no problem." The liligant gives you one from her desk.
It will show up in picture form tomorrow






With Golett carrying the Slowpoke on his shoulders, the pair of you trot right over to the building shaped a bit like a large brick, made of bricks, and see a Timburr wearing an orange hardhat reclining next to the door over a sandwhich.

The two of you decide to get settled into the housing, the Fluffy whimsicottt leading the way down a hall of numbered oaken doors. Yours is Number 18, you notice this is mostly one large room, with six beds in the back stacked bunk style, a table for eating or planning things on, and a small separated area with a closet, and a bathroom, its honestly a little cramped, particularly for the number of pokemon you have. "You're lucky you're applying after the renovations, otherwise you'd have even less space!" whimsicott comments with a chuckle.


"Hey there. Are you the bricklayers? Just wanted to ask about what we'd need to get a rescue team base built."


"Well, at least it's better than sleeping out under the trees… The roof doesn't leak, does it?"


I wouldn't mind the water… too much.


"…Dibs on the dry bed."
Find the best, most comfortable bed and promptly curl up in it to claim it as mine.


…well, so you're my new roommate, then.

I am not sure if I did ask your name, did I?


The greyish builder pokemon jumps to attention.
"Oh! That's us alright! What you need. Uh. To build a base, you need a space for us to build, and of course of the money, and if you have materials then boss will give you a bit of a discount.. Wait, THE BOSS! Come In quick and talk to him!" And in a flash the door of the giant brick building is held open for you.
"Once you're settled in you can take a look at the notice board just outside of town, or wander around. If you need more help just track down one of us senior members and we'll show you how to get started."
Whimsicott seems to be leaving you on your own now.
You jump onto each bed in turn and decide the bed in the top back is the most comfortable, settling in on it like a cat with a new pillow.
Technically you're all roomates for the moment, unless you stay somewhere else. Its gonna be so crowded with golett and slowpoke and charmander too..


Roll around on the bed for a bit to get my scent all over it and mark it as mine, plus to work it in and make it more comfy.
"I'm Zena. Didn't pick up your name yet, did I?"



Around from these parts? Or a foreigner?"

I totally forgot quotation marks on the previous two.


"Mmm… A bit of both, I suppose. So, what you wanna do first, check out the notice board?"


Tap Golett to be carried in. Who's this boss?


Let's assume we're headed back into town for now, then we can decide what we're doing from there.


You get a bit of your black and red fur all over the covers too.
Your friend carries you inside and you see everything here is quite square or rectangular, the chars have patterns that remind you of a cobble road, the tables and counters are like they were carved out of a single large brick or slap of bright orange-red rock. A scent like metal and sweat lingers here, but a sweet fruit scent is being used to try and make it smell better, you can see the source is an actual bowl of fruits on the largest counter. Here you see a Machamp with an orange hardhat talking to a tyrogue also in an orange hardhat, the timburr rushes over to them nearly shouting.
"Boss, Boss! We have a rescue team who wants a base built!"
"Whoa now, is that a fact?" The Machamp says with a gleeful expression and comes over to you guiding you to a seat. "I suppose that makes you the leaders?"


"Yes, it does. Good to meet you. Our team has just formed, so I doubt we'll be able to pay for a base very soon. We're just here to ask for now."


>tfw it's revealed his HP is Cheese-type
"Well, I don't think we're going to get any personal request right at the beginning, so that's the only way to get any."


You go over to the notice board that's just outside of the town and look over the posted quests.. this one looks too hard.. this one looks too boring.. gosh the pickings are pretty slim for a newbie team when suddenly a Furret bumps into you, its wearing an apron and a hat. The pokemon looks somewhat distressed, and fumbles with a paper. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I just wanted to put this up right away.. "
"Of course, all in good time. We can even shape it like a slowpoke if you want. You can call me Machy the Boss. Any idea how big a place you're wanting?"


"Really? You got a job for a rescue team?"
Take the paper and look it over to see the details of the job.


"Machy. Enough for… six Pokemon, at least? That would be a start, hopefully we'll have enough land to expand as time goes on."

Shaping it like myself will have to wait.


"Hmm? What's the matter?"


"Yes, that's right. Its a matter of life and death!" He replies dramatically.
You snatch the paper and it reads:
1 star quest
'I lost a package in the field for the Normal Volz and it has to be delivered TODAY. If its not then I'll be ruined, and have to give a refund! The Horror! Please Hurry
-Humble Shopkeeper Frisk the Furret'
"Its a disaster! I lost something very important and can't go look for it."

"Six pokemon, that's not too bad a place like that would cost a bout 6000 pokeyen to build, do you already have a place?"


"Afraid not. I guess there's nothing I can do now but get some land? Actually, how would I do that?"


My eyebrow begins a slow journey upwards at his theatrics.
"Uh-HUH… Yeah, I think we could help you out with this. You were planning on paying us for this, right? Services rendered, and all that."


"What did you exactly lose? Do you know where you could lose it?"


"Of course, did I forget to label it in my rush? 350 pokeyen should be enough."
"There are a lot of ways to get more land, you can even go through the meowth of the local bank, but.. well, you can try talking Raichu, He's finally moving into the city and leaving a sizable old plot of land near the fields behind, last I heard he hadn't found a new owner for it yet."


"A Raichu, eh? Thanks a lot for the help? Anything else I should know?"


"Eh, decent pay for the work. Alright, what does this package look like? Whereabouts did you lose it in the Volz?"


"Heh', you'll just have to meet up with him and see what he thinks of you. Raichu's a bit picky sometimes, wants to work with good pokemon."
The furret scribbles out a picture of a box with lots of labels on it, and a big green ribbon.
"Its somewhere to the east of town, and needs to get to the Volz, its a special order item, and I promised Elsa it would be there today and.." The furret seems very distressed again.




After going to the 'Brick Layers' place and discovering a tip about a local Raichu selling his land, the slowpoke and golett set off to look around. Their first stop was the local inn and diner. The Normal Volz. The warmth of the room hits you first, then the scent of fresh baked goods and fruity juice. The tables are all round, painted with motifs of the more common pokemon evolution stones: fire, water, ice, shiny, sun and moon. The walls have floral paintings, and there is a soft song that sounds almost like a grass whistle playing. There are pokemon everywhere chatting, enjoying colorful pokepuffs, or just resting their feet after a long walk. A pink Minccino wearing an apron and frilyl hat greets you two as you take in the room. "Hello, I'm Strawberry! Can I seat you rescuers? Do you have more meeting you here? Looking for someone particular?"


"Know a Raichu who wants to sell land? Also, a nice cold fresh water. Golett, did you want anything, or..?"


I shake my head. I'm just fine waiting.


"Oh, old Sparks, Everyone knows about him." She looks over her shoulder and her tail swishes as she grins. "He's actually here. I can tell him you were wanting to speak with him if you like." Having said this she starts leading you to a small table, this one is painted with moon stones on it.


I plod off after her.


"You have a very well decorated place, by the way. Do you own this diner?"

Say that while Golett carries me over.


Strawberry giggles at you and pulls out the seats for you, while two waters appeared on your table when you weren't looking.
"Me? No, this place belongs to our mom, Elsa the Cinccino. She made this place to help rescuers like you relax back when she my age. Isn't that amazing? Of course, she's only the real mom to some of us, but we call her that."


"That's nice. Is there a psychic Pokemon here, too? It's like the drinks teleported to our table."


I set Slowpoke in a seat and sit across from him, then pick up the glass and peer into it.


Yesterday you were finally ready to leave, you saved up a little bit of money for supplies, and took off for the nearest 'good' town you've heard about, Golden Leaf, they have a whole rescue team HQ that just got revamped even!
You knew better than to walk into fog, so you waited until it passed and wound up arriving at nighttime, the shops mostly closed and the pokemon that were around were friendly and told you about this place. A very clean and comfortable inn, the minccino were very kind to you too. Unfortunately, what little you saved will barely cover two more nights here, you ponder this and other thoughts as you eat your brunch of a oranberry muffin with peacha jam spread.

"Actually yes, we have a natu working part time for us. Poor little guy got left behind in the zatu migration a few weeks ago."
The glass is full of ordinary water, the ice clinks when you tilt it.


I set it down and listen to the conversation. I can't exactly drink it, can I?


First thing I should do is find somepoke that works for the Rescue Team! Maybe even somepoke important like a Rescue Team Leader, I could totally impress them with my story, and then I'd have a job!
But how am I gonna do that, I'm too shy to ask around…


"Thought so. Very convenient, I like the enterprising spirit."

"Well… you can eat and drink, right?"


I point to my face. I don't exactly have a mouth, do I?


As a ghost, you don't really need to, so you mostly adsorb them it to get the healing benefits of berries and potions and such.
Still, its a nice gesture.
Well, you can always just go up to the HQ yourself.. or maybe there will be some rescue team members just walking in.. Oh, you see two walk in just now actually, a slowpoke and a golett. Their scarves are white and new looking, which you've heard means they are a newly formed team.
"He's a quiet sort, but very good at teleporting. Actually talks a lot more than a zatu come to think of it, even mentioned wanting to live in goldenleaf permadently once."


My ears raise instinctively, following them with little discretion, eyes open wide, glued to the two of them.


Well I'll stick a finger in there and start sucking it up then.


To say you were being a bit rude might be accurate, but these were real rescuers, Vandile Hills doesn't have these just hanging around. The golett is.. drinking the water with his finger? How cool!
This water is very pure, probably from the top of the nearby waterfall, or a spring.
Strawberry wanders off, probably to fetch raichu or serve other customers, and you see a very curious eevee staring at you. Slowpoke is staring off into space again and doesn't notice.


Turn my whole head around and stare!
Then, turn back to my plate, squeeing loudly, red in face!


I peer back over at the Eevee as I continue to sample the water.


He's totally looking at you now. Its hard to focus on your food like this, no matter how smooth and warm and flavorful it is.
There are so many pokemon here too, the minccino are very busily tending to everything and refill your glass of juice.
The fox pokemon's fur is getting very red as it eats it meal. What an excitable creature.


Okay, I can't hold it any longer!
Jump off my chair and bounce up and down towards the Team's table!
"E-excuse me?"


Yes. It sure seems jumpy.
I turn back to look at it and cock my head.


"Y-you are a Re-re-rescue team, right?"


I nod back at the Eevee.


Shout in a hurry, "WOW THAT'S SO COOL!"
without even realizing it!
"I bet you have all kinds of cool stories, too!"


I look back at the Slowpoke, before turning back and shaking my head.


"W-what? O-ho I get it, I'm b-boring you, I should go…"


I shake my head again and pull up another chair.


Oooh, he can't talk!
Well, sit on the chair he pulls up.
"R-really? This is suchanhonorImeanInever-"
Take a deep breath.
"So. Cool."


I stick my hand back in the water and nod a bit. I point at…her? with the other hand and cock my head inquiringly.


"M-me?! You wanna know about me?"
Shake my head in disbelief, looking to the side. "I'm leaving Vandile Hills behind!"


When you sit on the chair, you juice and the last of your muffin appear in front of you with a soft chime.


I look around, then back at Eevee and cock my head again.


"It's a place a-away!
Filled with vil-villains! But n-no, I want to be different!"
Stand up proud.
"I w-want to be in a Rescue Team!"


I glance between her and Slowpoke for a second then gesture at the two of us.


"Y-yes, that's why I'm so imp-impressed with you!"


I shrug sheepishly. We're not that impressive yet.


"S-so, hum…"
Lower my head, looking at the fluffy reflection on my juice.
"C-can you sh-show me the HQ?
I bet that if I was with s-somepoke from a team, t-they'd not scoff at me…"


I nod and get up, picking up Slowpoke as I do so.


Go full on 'ohmygosh' and step along with them!


I plod off to wherever the headquarters is.


You trail up the winding path to towering buildings of the HQ. The light of the afternoon shining gently on you. You pass a zorua and an oddish, wearing similar white ribbons to the slowpoke and golett, in a hurry to get somewhere. Those two eager pokemon probably got a job already. There is a ponyta struggling to open the double doors when you arrive, it keeps using its hooves as if unwilling to use its mouth to touch a door handle.


"Oh, hello. Sorry for dozing off. Who are you?"


It appears to be a male eevee, with starry eyes.


Gulp down heavily!
"Mimiko! I want to become a Rescue pokemon!"



"Congratulations, we're recruiting. I'm sure you already knew that, though. We're a young team so don;t get your hopes up just yet."


Gasp and jump up, ears to the sky!


The Ponyta huffs at the door in the background and liligant opens the doors for it. "You know we had a bell installed right?"
"A bell? That sounds like something that plebian pokemon use."


"Yeah. We're looking for talented Pokemon."

"Are you afraid of bells?"


"I'm t-totally talented!"
Turn to the ponyta, too, which I have never seen before in my life.
"Isn't it true?! Tell him!"


Its flaming mane flares up and it glares down at you.
"Afraid? Ridiculous. I'm not a coward. I'm on a rank 6 team kid. See this?" It prances around in the doorway to show off a purple ribbon with gold stripes around his rescue team gem.
It looks down on your excited fluffy form and nods. "Hmm yea, she's got some use in those paw. Real potential. for a pleb"


Open my mouth to correct the ponyta, but blush furiously, shaking my head in embarassment as I do.
"I'm a boy…"


"What's your team's name? I need to know what sort of joke I'm competing against."


"Oh. My mistake.. or maybe.. you aren't the eevee that I went to the cliffs with once?"
The fire pony's look softens a bit.
"Team Torpedo. We're going to rocket ourselves to the moon someday." He says smugly, as if this were a fact. "So, you see, we're simply above other teams, and once I turn this in we'll have 300 missions complete."


Shake my head.
"I'm new! Just got here, t-too!"


"Asking someone to open a door for you doesn't count as a rescue mission, does it?"


Lilligant is sighing into her spare leafy hand, still holding the door open as you talk.
The ponyta's mane flares up again nearly touching the frame. "You won't be saying that when I have to pull your team out of a fire." And then he trots inside with his nose in the air.

Lilligant keeps the door open for you as well. "Everything alright with you three?"


"Perfectly fine."
Walk through the door.

and be sure to thank the Liligant.
"Thank you very much."


Chase after the slowpoke!
"W-wait, I'm a l-l-little lost…
What was that!?"


"Another rescue team member, I think. Actually I hadn't run into any other than us. We'll need to work very hard so they don't talk down to us."

Do we need to register this Eevee?


You do.
"You're welcome. Did you find the Brick Layers? Were they able to help you with arranging a base of your own like you wanted?"
Chasing the slowpoke isn't too hard, he doesn't get away too quickly from you.
The building you enter has plush carpets, soft lights, a large desk that is not being tended at the moment, a hallway, an elevator, and some stairs.
The flowery grass type answers your questions as best she can. "This is the Rescue Team HQ. I'm Lilligant, I've worked here for a long time assisting rescue teams, and before that I used to be one on. That was Rockstar, he's a member of a rescue team that has gotten very big in a short time, so he's very proud."


"This is so sudden!
I d-d-don't even know your name!"


"We need to secure land first. Need to find that Raichu of ours… then money. That's rescue work."

"I'm… uh, just call me Slowpoke. Nice to have you with us."


Bowl profusely.
"My name is Mimiko! I will do my best!"


"I'm sure you will. Let me show you were our very temporary base is."

Bring her to the bunkroom.


It's a him!
And follow along.


"A raichu? ..You don't mean Sparks do you?" She folds her leaves in thoughtfulness.
And then puts them on her face making an excited expression. "OH! You are join Team Placeholder! I'll get you a badge, I'll actually. Bring it to your room. Afternoons are always slow since most missions take all day to complete."

The golett trailing behind you, you make your way to the room. Its a large room, there is a table here for planning missions, a closet for hanging up clothes and gear, little hall where the bathroom is, and two rows of bunks that take up about half the room.


"Yes, Sparks. Know the guy?"


"Oh, yea! I'll tell him where you are even." she calls after you when you are still in the hall from her desk as she fishes through the ribbons.


Scurry all over the room, a fluffy ball jumping from corner to corner.
"Whoooa! So this is the room of a real rescue team!
And what are missions like?"


The beds are nice and soft against your paws, making them the easiest to bounce against.
The room is good and all, but it seems a little 'standard', not a lot of customization, almost reminds you of a big inn room.


Well they are a new rescue team! Things will change!


I'll hang around to see if Sparky comes.


And you can help too. Surely.
Lilligant comes twirling into your room and leans down to your level. "Hello dear. I have your badge here, so you can go on missions with everyone. It will let a psychic pokemon lock onto you and teleport you out of bad situations, as well as prove you're a real rescuer. So don't lose it!" Its a pure white ribbon with a bluish crystal orb in the middle.
You're going to stay in the room?
Lilligant has twirled inside and is giving eevee a badge.
"Oh, I sent a note over to him to come here, he should be up soon. I'm not sure what he will ask you for in exchange for his plot of land, but knowing him, I bet it will be something more interesting than money." She giggles a bit.


My eyes go wide and star-filled as I contemplate the medal's form.
I'm captivated, completely rapt by it. Finally, I find the strength to put it on, clipping it onto the fur of my mane.


You seem to have yourself confused with a ponyta there Mimiko, but you tie it so its on your head where everyone can see it. Lilligant seems proud of you and pats your head once.
"Congratulations on joining Team Placeholder."
You hear a knock on the door of your new 'home'.
Just as it seems that Lilligant is finishing up with Mimiko. You hear a knock on the door.


"Looks good on you. Now all we need is a proper name for the team."

"Come on in, please!"


(pause for too many dropping off)


File: 1437852257322.jpg (210.66 KB, 1024x768, tall_grass_wallpaper_vpn04.jpg)

In the morning light there are pokemon still half asleep moving about. No one really minds the dark colored fox and the awkwardly running plant trying to keep up with her. The two of your arrive at the lush green fields, the music of wind flowing through the plants, the shuffling of pokemon feet and feathers, and the soft hills create a soothing effect. The grass is really tall her, and makes the path dark in some places. The box of that shopkeeper should be around somewhere.


"All right, bulb, got any ideas on how to speed this up? This grass is great for hiding stuff, not so good when you've got to find something."


"You have claws. Use them like a pair of cutters. I mean, you can do that, right?"

He himself can't do too much right now. The sadness of not having any cutting moves like Cut or Razor Leaf.


Zena responds with a flat stare.
"…Do I look like a lawnmower? This field is HUGE."


"Well then, Ms. Cunning Fox. Tell me YOUR plan of getting this done."


"You're the plant here, shouldn't you know how to get your buddies here to tell us where it is?"


While you are deciding on that, the ground shifts below you and you hear a soft sing-song like "dig let dig"


"…It doesn't work like that. Plus I am not tall grass."

Minor quake thing.

"Wait… what was that?"


I hop off to the side with a yip, my hackles raised as I growl at the ground.
"Hey! Watch where you're digging!"
"Yeah, they've all got at least a foot's height on you. Didn't know that came with it's own language."


"If you want awesome action like that, give Virizion a call. Assumming he's still around here."

Virizion, part of the Swords of Justice, a famous group of heroes consisting of 4 quadruped swordfighters. But does Zorua know about them?
"An underground friend?"


File: 1437854945423.png (555.18 KB, 714x800, chousen_diglett_by_raizy-d….png)

You may know stories about them, but seeing them or someone who has seen them would be very unlikely.
A diglett pops up from the ground beside you.
"Oh. My apologies. I was just looking for something I lost earlier. You haven't seen anyone else around have you?"


"What do you mean, 'he?' I heard Virizion's a girl."
Sigh and rub my head.
"Nah, it's fine. Just don't like being startled…"
I perk up as he mentions he's looking for something.
"Say, we're trying to find something in here too! Maybe we could help each other out?"


"Nobody really knows, other than the quarter themselves, I guess."
"This early? No. It's quite empty around here, right now."


"Hmm something went missing for you too? Oh dear. This reminds me.. Have you heard the story of the ghost that haunts this place? The Chipper they call it. Because of the clicking scratching sound it makes."


"A ghost, you say?"
I find a grin creeping across my muzzle.
"Tell me more… I think we might want to pay this spook a visit."


"Its said that it can appear at anytime, but really loves early morning and late night."
The diglett 'sits' back in the path, still mostly submerged.
"You'll be waling around in the path, near the third slope where the grass gets thickest and then you'll stumble on a rock, and before you can get up, you hear it click, clack, scritch, scratch. You feel the wind rustle around you, not a normal wind, but a cold wind, even in summer, that makes you freeze in place. You can't get up or move, and your skin tingles as if you've been paralyzed. "


"Ooh… interesting… So, what happens then?"
If this guy's been stealing stuff for a while, he's probably got lots of goodies stashed away.


"Has anyone ever seen in it other than that?"


"No one has seen the Chipper, but the haunter insists its not him. So we have no idea."
"The lucky ones come back without a scratch and all their stuff. But, even if you lose something, usually the stuff turns up later on the road. Unless its food. But then some scraggy probably ate it."


I blink in surprise at that.
"Huh? Why would he give stuff back?
Nevermind, not important. Think you could show us the place? The thing we're looking for might be there."


"No one knows the logic of The Chipper. " Digett says in its best dramatic voice and pops underground leaving a trail and then back up a few feet away. "This way! If we hurry we might even catch a glimpse." and then back underground leaving a trail of upturned dirt all over the road.


A Haunter, huh? Well, that'll be good to remember when he and Zena get around to the place…


Follow him! Or at least the trail of upturned dirt he's leaving…
"Come on, Bulb, you're gonna be a rotten togepi again!"


Clemont rolls around his eyes.

"She's that kind of person, huh? Eh, it's not like it's a race or something."

He goes at his own pace.


You keep following the diglett, despite zigzaging around he got quite far ahead of you. You feel the wind chilling your back and the sounds of something scratching from the right of the path grow stronger.
roll a d20 each please!


I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Take it easy. Ghost types are nothing new to you."

Can he take it easy for real, though?


Roll #1 11 = 11


Your fur is standing up on edge.
Maybe the spooky story got to you a little.

Its a little wind, its a bit cold, but a scary story isn't going to make someone as calm as you panicked.

Together you see the end of the trail the diglett left you, its indeed by a sloping, a small hill even, thou the Vandile Hills would put this gentle peaceful slope to shame, its really one of the taller parts of this area.


N-no it isn't, I'm just… Excited! yeah! I'm looking forward to finding this package… that's all…
All the same, I throw a quick glance at the right side of the path, just to be safe.


"No mistake, it is cold… So what it was that you are looking for?"


You turn to the source of the sound and see a tuft of fur for just a moment, and then the scratching sounds get even louder.
The diglett's voice echos from below the ground. "Its down here somewhere I'm sure. Probably lost in a tunnel."
You hear loud scritching and scratching sounds from the right.


I fight down the growl building in my throat as I try and find the source of this scratching.

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6


"Lost in a tunnel? I suppose I can try searching th-"

A blurry image of fur flies by his eyes.

"What was that? Is that the thing you were talking about…?"


Roll #1 4, 1 = 5


You crawl over and scan the grassy area. You see a fluffy blue and white squirrel scratching on a rock.. its a Pachirsu, and its snickering.
The diglett doesn't answer, as if he's gone away.
You know grass pretty well, and that grass isn't quite moving naturally.. behind it you see a blue and white fluffy rodent.. its a Pachirisu, and its snickering to itself while scratching a rock.


"Do we tackle this peacefully? Or the hard way…? "

He knows it depends on what kind of person the Pachirisu is.


…Why, that little-
I can't help but snicker to myself as well. This cheeky little squirrel's got the whole meadow believing it's a ghost. That's a master prank right there.
Still, I can't help but want to turn the tables…
'4d6+1' to sneak up behind the squirrel

Roll #1 4, 6, 3, 5 + 1 = 19


Oh, what the… The little fox is already going.

Clement tries to focus and get ready for whatever comes next…


Roll #1 5, 3 = 8



Judging from Zorua's actions, she wants to try to sneak attack on the little pokemon. Following her lead you pretend to be grass. Which works well in a field of grass.

You're so sneaky, that if Clemont didn't know you were there, he might have lost you. The squirrel is rubbing its cheeks and looking at the road where you just were with confusion. It whispers to itself with a last scratch. "run away already? Aw Drat. They looked brave too."


Grin and swish my tail in anticipation…
Then lunge to grab their shoulder and whisper in their ear.
"Ooga booga booga."


You feel your fur tingle with static electricity and the squirrel pokemon screams in terror before turning to you and bursting out laughing rolling in the grass.
"Oh! You are not just Brave, but Clever!"



test bump


File: 1442937733805.png (123.78 KB, 500x544, Raichu.png)

Your group was getting settled into its temporary home at the Rescue Team HQ, the Liligant helped you get settled in, and even called the Raichu you were looking for to meet you here.
Just as you were getting anxious, a knock met your door, and a Raichu with slightly grey fur on his neck and cheeks waited behind it. He speaks warmly to you, but slowly as well, as if taking this moment to look you over and judge your potential.
"Hello, I heard you kids were looking for a raichu called Sparks?"


I can't help but burst into giggles too.
"You sure you aren't an Emolga? You got some serious airtime from that jump!"


"Yes, we were. You had a job for us, right?"


"Yup, we heard you were the Pokémon to talk about jobs here."


The squirrel pokemon sticks its tongue out at you.
"No way, I've got more moves than you can imagine!"
"Jobs huh.. Well, I do have a special one that came up recently." He states vaguely and goes into your room circling it and looking at the walls. "This place.. its a little cramped for your group isn't it? How are you sleeping?"


Oh I guess I'm here too.


Yep, you would be. In the Rescue Team HQ building, in your room with the bunks and very few amenities.


"Poorly, if that's what you're asking. But we manage. Every job is a step closer to improvement."


Bunk? Golett needs no bunk. But let's go find everyone else and see what's happening.


"We'll make do for now, since we just started. I'm sure we'll get a bigger place with effort!"


"Oh really? I've got a big imagination, you know. Got to admit though, keeping the whole meadow convinced there's a ghost living here? That's a pretty neat trick.
I don't meet many other pranksters these days. Want to hang out?"


Raichu is in your room talking to everyone about some kind of job, and their opinion of these living conditions.
The raichu ponders "Hmm a good work ethic.. already friends.. you kids have it made.."
He laughs. "Ah, you know I used to be on a rescue team as colorful as this, even had a sandshrew partner, he was an amazing digger, you know digging used to be the way to get out of dungeons.. I even learned how to do it myself, had to get a helmet from PoryInc to be able to see. Yes, that was before those nice ribbons could let a friendly physic lock onto you and teleport you.."
"Ah, anyway, you didn't ask me here to listen to old stories. I've got a special job, if you think you're up to the challenge."
She snickers and curls her tail in delight picking up a pack from just under the ground and carrying it on her back.
"Well, you know my hide out now, and got your stuff back.. So, we've just got to plan a great trick together. Its like fate!"


"Great! Come on, our base is this way; You and I are going to have a lot of fun together!"
Let's head back to the base now.


"Oh, I'd love to hear those stories later. But of course, we're up to your challenge. Please, fire away."


"Uh huh, we're eager to start our first job."


I just nod.


You hurry directly into the HQ and race to your room like a pair of excited little kids. You manage to get ahead by a tricky illusion that makes you look just a little bigger, and are so exited about victory that you almost run into the Raichu standing in the middle of the room surrounded by your teammates.
Pachirsu recognizes him and her cheeks spark in fear. "Ohgosh its Old Sparks!"
"Oh, you're part of this group too?" He nods at you and your ribbon. "Good timing kid, you'll need more of that. Don't let this one get your into trouble thou."
"And your first job too? Well, that makes this even more special. What I need is simple enough, but it has to be secret.. you'll get a lot of those kind of jobs in this line of work kids, pokemon ashamed or embarrassed about their problem will want to come to your personally.." He closes the door behind Zena and her new blue and white squirrel pokemon friend.
"Ehem, the job is a retrieval, a meteorite landed in a dungeon, I'd like you to go there and bring back part of it. You can use my old pick to break off a bit if its too big to carry back."


"A meteorite…? Very interesting. Please, let's hear the details."

My normally vacant face becomes a little more focused.


"Us, get into trouble? Noooo… we would never do anything like that…"
Zorua: Master of Poker Face '2d6'

"Actually, this would technically be our second job. Me and the turnip just finished a package pickup!"

Roll #1 1, 3 = 4


"Wow, I wasn't expecting something like that…"



"Slow down there. Did you just get us a new recruit?"


"You snooze, you lose!"
I snicker and wink at him.
"Yup! Met her out in the fields, gave her a good scare, and she was more than happy to come with me!"


"Yes. The dungeon is in the swamps, so I have no chance of going there alone.. but if I posted something like this, every clefairy and their jigglypuff cousin would go after it and I'd never even get close to seeing it."
"Ha, you're a pawful I can tell already, you seem to have a good heart, time will tell.." Raichu smiles at you.
"Yea Sparks, you don't have to worry about me. You know I'm good."
"I know you're good at tricks. Don't think I've forgotten the coffee swap you pulled after the apple fest-"
"Come on Sparks. I was just a hatchling, I thought it would be funny." The pachirsu pouts and is met with a soft chuckle from Raichu.
"HaiheyHello. I'm here to have fun- I mean, be a totally serious hard worker." The pachirisu energetically hops around you and then sits straight up with her paw to her chest. "Squirrel's honor!"


I give a disappointed look.

"Yeah, that would be a whole load of rocks if you did it like that. But we can do it! I'm sure of it."


"Good to meet you. I'm sure your talents will add to our team."

And to Raichu.
"I am listening. Keep going…"


Swamp, huh? I wonder how it ended up down there.
Keep listening, regardless.


"So, we're grabbing a piece of meteorite before the prospectors come and grab it all? Sounds like something we could do!"
"Heheh, well, we technically haven't turned it in yet, so it's not our first job completed… besides, all we did was go get a package the guy was too scared to get himself. Nothing too serious."


And I say hello to our newest recruit.


Raichu looks pleased.
"You seem confident alright. Yes, a meteorite is pretty rare, and not many pokemon saw this one, just a few woooper who live nearby.. with a little luck you'll get a piece of it first, I don't need all of it either, so you could even break off a little souvenir for yourselves.. As for how.. well, its mysterious, maybe it was even drawn to the dungeon. This particular one is known for muddy spots that you can sink into, so bring some rope just in case you need to climb up or pull someone out of someplace."
"I am sure you can handle a dungeon like this one, but keep in mind that a dungeon is a dangerous place, spend too much time in one and you'll get aggressive to everything."
"Hmm what else do you need to know? The reward is hehe, well I wrote down the base as 3000p, but maybe you'll be more like me, and more interested in things besides money.. I have so many trinkets to get rid of from my old adventures, can't take them all when I move after all."

The blue and white squirrel pokemon grins at you. "Hey there! Are you excited? Does your tail glow more when you're excited?"


"Money is important to us, but I can think of better things. I am ready to go."

"Shall we head off now?"


I take his advice and go find some rope. Maybe a wagon might be a good idea too-I have a feeling I'm going to have to be the one carrying it.


"Ahh! Is it glowing, it can burn things if I don't control it!"


"Ready to go! Let's grab some rope and get going!"


I nod as I chase my tail


Try blowing on his tail as he runs past, see if I can make the flame flare up. '2d6'

Roll #1 3, 2 = 5


"Wait, no, stop!"


Its glowing, but in a normal way. The pachirsu starts giggling at you.
"Great. I'll be waiting in the lobby for you to return." Raichu gives you the slip of paper with the job on it and his old pick to use.

[ A Prospective Arrangement]
[Location: Swamps]
[Requester: Sparks the Raichu]
[Description: Retrieve a chunk of the meteor that fell into a nearby dungeon.]
[Reward: 3000p and/or ??? ]

You pick up a sturdy rope and a cheap wagon rental from furret, but it eats up most of the reward money from delivering his package. Which you sensibly do before heading off.
Leaving your group funds at 100p


"Okay, all ready? Might want to bring some berries, in case."


I nod.


Take a moment to breathe in calm.

"Woah, I wasn't expecting to spend so much to do the jobs in the first place."


I start snickering at his panicked antics.
"You're silly, you know that?"
Here we go.
"Well, that money got burned up fast. Let's go! Treasure-I mean adventure awaits!"


"It's serious to a Charmander!"

"I'm ready."


"Ah.. you need berries? I actually have a sale right now.."
The furret of the item stand smiles and swishes his tail at the sign while adjusting his apron.
[ day old berry sale! Get them before the flies do!
oran berries: 6 for 40p or 1 for 10p
cherri berries: 4 for 40p or 1 for 20p
Persim berries: 4 for 40p: or 1 for 20p
Pecha berries: 4 for 40p or 1 for 20p ]


"Our primary concern is our health, so we should take an oran pack. We're likely to encounter poisoning in a swamp, so pechas will be useful as well. Oran and Pecha pack. Sound good?"


"Works for me. You're the one in charge of our funding."


I nod again. Seems sound to me.


"Sounds great."


"I.. uh, I am? I don't mind."
Two packs then, Oran and Pecha.


"Hey, you wanted to be in charge of the team, that means you're in charge of keeping us out of debt. Comes with the territory, you know?"


"Sounds reasonable to me too slowpoke. Have a safe adventure. Remember there isn't shame in calling your teleport home if you get caught in a pinch or need a break." Furret wraps up your order, this leaves you with a mere 20p, but you can head off with more confidence and probably won't use all of these, right?

The road north isn't too crowded, most pokemon are where they want to be by this time. Those that are on the road don't pause to questions you or your cart. The air gets heavier and smellier as you go on, the rocks covered in moss, the squawking of a bird pokemon somewhere in the drooping trees, the splashing of water types in the muddy murky water.
The dungeon entrance is a set of stairs beside a rock, its coverd with moss, but yet, seems well tended.


"Wonder who we'll run into. Let's go! Be careful, Mek, there might be angry water types."


"Thanks, I hope I won't be too much of a burden."


"Ugh, right… Swamp. It's going to take forever to wash the smell of this place out of my fur…"
I'll try to stick to the dry areas as much as possible.


"Some bugs might live here. You can deal with them."

"Ha. Having a thin coat and thick skin makes me easy to wash."


I cock my head at that. Maybe I should be careful too. At least I won't need to be cleaned, being a rock.


File: 1442945892470.png (1.29 KB, 104x142, tinyMap.png)

"Yea, even I know that water pokemon aren't the only thing around. Otherwise why would Sparks have trouble?"
The first room you come too is relatively dry, there are three doors here, you can see tracks of a wooper to the south, the west is full of puddles, but looks passable, and the north path seems to have been dusty or patted down smooth recently.


As a ghost, you could probably phase away any of the mess after this is done.


"You're a lot less vulnerable. You be careful too, though."

"Let's avoid the puddles. Maybe we can ask the Wooper something?"


"So, do we go after the Wooper or take the north path?"


Can I even do something like that?
I stand ready with the wagon.


"We should go for the Wooper. We can get a feel for the place."


"At least we won't be walking in circles."


File: 1442946596373.png (1.12 KB, 83x207, tinyMap2.png)

..Only way to know is to try?
Still you don't want to get stuck somewhere.
You trail down the southern path, its only muddy on the edges so you don't get too dirty.
You come to another fork in the road, the tracks of wooper go west into a larger room, you can already smell the swampy water from it. The other two paths both seem to lead south, but the east most one has been patted down by somepokemon before you.


"Carefully now."
Head into the west swampy room.


"So… we're not the first pokemon here… maybe there's another group trying to grab the meteorite?"
Follow into the Western room.


"Yes, then we'll just have to get them to tell us what they know. Simple, right?"


I try to cover up my flame tail as I walk along.

"There migh have been more who saw it come down, or got curious about its landing."


True. Still, I never really thought of myself as a "ghost"
I trundle along after him.


File: 1442947261682.png (3.99 KB, 228x203, tinyMap3.png)

With a careful consideration for carts and tails alike, you slip into the damp room, the floor squishing beneath your feet, and muddy spots clearly visible in the corners. There are three apparent doors to this room.
You see wooper asleep in in front of the north entrance to this place.
There is something strange about this room. Roll Acrobatics, Perception, Survival, or Althletics as pokemon appropriate.


Acrobatics? '3d6+1'

Roll #1 1, 5, 3 + 1 = 10


I'm fitter than I look.

Roll #1 1, 6 = 7


I'm going to go with Athletics here.

Roll #1 6, 3, 6, 5 + 2 = 22


I'm on edge in a water pokémpn place, so Athletocs '2d6'

Roll #1 2, 2 = 4


The quick fox, the careful slowpoke, the buff golett, and the speedy squirrel all dodge to the right as the ground in front of them turns soggy. Charmander has a bit of trouble, perhaps nerves, and the pair of orange claws sinks down into the mud.
To add to your worries, Wooper yawns and wakes up to see your group shouting at you. "Hey! What are you doing?! That's my mud puddle."


"Sorry about that, we won't hurt your mud puddle. We need to ask you some things. Did anything interesting appear around here lately? Like, a meteor?"


"Ah, no way… A little help?"


I drag him out.


"You can KEEP your stupid mud puddle! I don't want any of it!"


"Thanks. I was worried I was going to sink further."


The pink antennae on the side wooper's round face twitch and it uses its feral cry on you, you feel a little scared for a brief moment, and then it starts to talk to you again. "A meteor? Like a big rock? We have lots of rocks. Lots of rocks messing up naps and perfectly good puddles."
"Hey? Have you seen that drilbur poking its nose around lately, bet he's the one covering up all my puddles.. again. Or maybe one of those mincino."
You feel slightly afraid from the wooper's cry as well, but it passes quickly, as your silent friend helps you out of the mud.
A cry like that is a bad sign, that's what your mind tells you, but the feeling passes over you and you help Mek out of the mud before anything bad can happen.
"Stupid?! You think my mud is stupid? I work hard all night making sure this place doesn't get filled in with rocks or dirt, the perfect muddy swimming hole, and you call it stupid?!" Wooper is standing aggressively at you now.


"Whoa, don't worry, I'm sure he's just jealous he can't make puddles as good as you. Anyway, you haven't seen the meteor? Would Drillbur know?"

Poke him with my tail to signal not to make the Wooper angry.


"I'm not a fan of mud, either."


"It's mud! It's sticky and icky and gross, and it stinks really bad!"
Glare right back at him.


I look over at the Wooper. Weird. Something that small shouldn't sound like that.


"See, he's extra jealous. You should be proud of your mud holes."

"Psst. Just let him be so we can get what we want."


"HE!?! I'm a GIRL, you jerk!"


"Psst. Deception is an essential part of our operation."

Whisper without even flinching, just keep that vacant stare in my face.


Wooper frowns grumpily.
"I'm not so sure.. foxes can swim right? I can't really remember.. maybe If I show him the joy of swimming in mud..hey I'm not showing you that place. That's for wooper troopers only!"
"And besides, we can't even get there with that new rock in the way.."


"Oh, what's this about a new rock? Must be very troublesome. Why don't you tell us about it?"


"We might be able to help with that rock."


I visibly pale at the mention of swimming in mud.
"Um… what was that about a rock?"


Wooper tilts its head and kicks at the ground in distress.
"Yea.. The new rock.. it crashed down here the other day, blocks off the entire hall leading to my mudhole.. I had just gotten it prefect too.. it was the right thickness, the texture, no rocks..
I've been trying to dig under it, but its no use!"
You see a light in the pachirsu's eyes like its getting an idea.


"How about we take care of it for you? Show us where it is, please."


"Okay time to go see a rock okay let's go okay time to go let's do this!"


"As long as we can avoid thick mud, please."


"Okay.. as long as you don't mess up my mudhole..
I guess I can show you."
"Yea, I don't want you baking it with your tail firebutt!" Wooper replies and then scurries to the west.
"Heh, that little ones is a bit off, Oh, you know sometimes furret has weird stuff like tail protection, we could see about s- uh. spending a bit of the reward on that, or maybe Sparks has one in that old chest of his." The squirrel poke says cheerfully.

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