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Garrisons is a game about the Commanders of an outpost working together to defend it from the Mantoid threat, as well as going out on missions and building the outpost up.

http://cytu.be/r/pretendhorse_playhouse# OOC chat here.


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File: 1429311588180.png (75.71 KB, 432x446, qua.png)


These name fields are too short for me.



File: 1429312020345.png (649.48 KB, 2200x2500, Maaaaaaaa.png)



Quartzite 5/5 Crystal Pony Warlord
Grovakussindamun 5/5 Devil dog Warlord
Obsidia 5/5 Dracotaur Warmaster
Maali 5/6 gayDeer Shaman



When we last left our Commanders, they had just met Silver Socket, an Earth Pony Architect assigned to lead the workers and all building projects, while also met Diana Gorehowl, Captain of the Guard, assigned to lead the guards of the outpost.

After the party had arrived to their outpost, the first thing they had to do was decide which buildings must be built. After arguing for what seemed like quite some time, they settled on two. A farm and a clinic was to be built, they had to feed and take care of their soldiers somehow.

After spending a few days of resting and planning out with Silver Socket where the buildings should sit, the party of commanders were called into Diana's office within the town hall by a messenger pony.

>Players absent: Prancey and that one mechanical minion bat pony I forgot whose name it was. They shall be silently following the party.



''It fascinates me to this day how amazing are the things you ponies create'' Maali said walking towards the office with the party
''I have not seem much of pony civilization of course, but I was amazed when I saw that you ponies invented a type of bow that can shoot automatically…Crossbow was the name yes? There was also the other bigger, heavier kind…Alliste, bulista…Ballista! that was the name'' He says with a contagious excitement in his voice


"Ballista? You mean they make crossbows in my size?" she says with heavy amounts of sarcastic humor.


File: 1429313201025.jpg (198.63 KB, 640x320, Astral Projection.jpg)

http://pastebin.com/LSgiDm1q Silent no more! Chawhawhawhaw!

Prancer was up and walking, though seemed half asleep, as she walked almost mechanically to the town hall.


"Ponies do alright, for a race without hands," Grovakussindamun says, tapping the tobacco out of his pipe and replacing it with another batch and lighting it up, a dark green smoke oozing upwards into the air, sometimes sucked in by his hungry lungs.
Grovakussindamun steps into the office quietly, taking a seat and spreading his legs, sighing audibly and looking around.

Today he was wearing a blue and white striped robe with three gold badges over the right side of his chest, and white bandages tied around his paws and wrists, along with a pair of black turtle shell sunglasses over his eye and eyepatch.

"Is sherruh hant day this day, Captain Iana, yes it's not? Outpost going well, we see no bugs yet, seeming we take day off for other business!"


''W-well…I would imagine those were…not actually supposed to be held…I saw the ponies puttingthem on the ground like a turret…so wielding them would not be the proper method of handling it correct?'' He says, obvilous to the sarcasm

''Miss Pracer? you seem unwell…have you had trouble resting?…''

''indeed th-'' He is mutet once his eyes set gaze on the fancy pipe.
''Hey…what is that?'' He muses, voice full of curiousity


Obsidia pokes her little friend. "Hey, wake up, sleepy head."


Prancer just sort of nods.
"Okay…I'll take care of the garbage…later…."

The somewhat familiar, though still sort of foreign voice of Maali snaps her more to attention, but she still seems a touch tired.
"No no…uhmm, the opposite, actually." She sheepishly laugh a bit.


"This? Is pipe, I put weed in, put in fire, suck through the long end, breathe in smoke, makes me feel smart and relaxed."


She laughs and rolls her eyes, "It's called sarcasm."

"Need me to carry you?"


"I'm fine Dia, honestly." She smiles up at her.
"Just give me a moment to wake up more, okay?"


He smiles "Oh I see, the best medicine for that is lots of exercise! He pranced a bit around her, hoping his energetic attitude could pass up to his comrade

His right ear twitches
" Oh… Oh! Xumba! It's just like the Xumba back at my home. It is almost the same, but ours were longer and shaped like a curved horn" he keeps his gaze on the pipe
"Could I… Could I try it?"




Quartzite heads over to the town hall as well.



When you arrive inside town hall, you can see Diana already has the meeting room set up with a large array of breakfast platters on the table. Ranging from eggs, salad, waffles, pancakes, two pitchers that hold what looks like freshly squeeze orange juice and apple juice. There was even meat platters set up with ham and bacon!

Diana was standing at what looked like a blackboard, two lines to make three boxes drawn down with different things written in each box. "Oh, Commanders. Good morning, please sit down and enjoy some breakfast. I'll catch you up on some possible missions I could send you all out on."


Grovakussindamun takes the pipe out, holding it in front of Maali's mouth. "Cha, try ahead, if you have it before you know what you can do."


''Hey Mister Qua-Quo…Quart-Quaaaar-tiii-zite!'' He says, having trouble to pronounce his name ''Your name sure is odd, hehe'' He giggles

He adjusts himself in his seat, although still not used to sitting in it
''Good Morning Captain Gloria, are you joining us for breakfast?''

''He puts his lips on the tip, and gently sucked in, and the blew out gently with his nose, smoke coming out of his nostrils… ''Hmn…The blend is nice…but a bit weak though…what kind of weeds have you put there?'' He said looking curiously over it


"You sure?"

"You know what sarcasm is, right?"


''I…Never heard of that word before…no…I apologize I…There are a few expressions in the commmon pony language that I am not familiarized with…'' he looks down at the table.


She smiles softly and giggles at his enthusiasm.
"Thanks Maali. I'll be fine, don't *yawn* worry."

"Okay. Thank you Miss Diana." Prancy says, taking a seat and levitating some waffles over. She gets as far as cutting and swallowing a piece, before face planting right into the fluffy, yellow discs of pure carbohydrates.


Maali poked her side ''Uh…Is this how you are supposed to eat those?'' he asks as he pulls a bit of pancake for himself, takes a bite, and then hesitantly faceplants on them as well.


"Forgot the name, but is not my normal weed, this one for when I'm talking to business and want not to fall on face."
Grovakussindamun moves up to the table, stabbing eggs and pulling them onto his plate, tossing hot sauce and mayonnaise onto them, then takes another plate and fills it with sausage. He sits down at the table, then devours the eggs and sausage with a fork in each paw.
"Sarcasm ees statement of iron E, when you try to be funny, sometimes when try to be mean."


Quartz helps himself to a large plate of fruits as his sits down,

"Alright, sounds like a plan"


"It isn't that hard deer, my name is the name of a gemstone, quartz. My entire family line is either named after metals and gems, the men being gems, and women being metals. I should have Cobalt visit sometime, my mother is a wonderful lady."


''hmnn…yes I noticed…well I do know how to grow the most absolutely positevely relaxing kind of herbs if you would like. a few minutes and you will be sure to have a peaceful slumber and feel very well rested when you are awaken'' He smiles

''Ah, Quartz! that sounds much easier…do you mind if I simply call you mister Quartz from now on mister Quartz?''
His smile falters for a second ''My..mother was also a wonderful lady, so I can relate…''


"I know of ponies with names like that, ah, Jadeite, real pussy, get sucked into Dark Realm! Very scary. Second one, Nephrite, died from thorns in his side, then blew up, very sad that time. There also Zoisite, girly but colt, too pretty for own good, and Kuntzite, unfortunate name, but he strong. Do not know what happen to them, though."
"Maalidamun, say my name, I like to hear you stumble talk!"


She goes straight for the pork, eggs, waffles, and some apple juice.
"Thanks, Cpt., whadoya got for us?"


''M-Maalidamun? Oh wait…Uh…I forgot your name mister…I know it start with…Groov?''


"Gro-vak-us-sin-da-mun. Damun at end, means boy!"


''Gro…V-vae…Ushi…Seen…S-seeeenn…uh…Seen..Daa moon?'' He looks up at Grov, hoping he got it right



"Was… I assume she is no longer among the living? My father was killed in traitorous combat. He is missed as well."

Quartzite paused his eating, then looked up again,

"And you may call me Sir Quartz, yes."


''Indeed…She and all my family…'' His smile was completely gone by now, but he looked back at Quartz and forced a smile
''B-but Ye-es! That sounds nice, Mister Sir Quartz''




''Graau…Veaa…kumsee..In the moon?''


"I get it," she says, chuckling.

She shakes Prancy a little bit to wake her up.


"Let's do shorter, Grow-vah-kuu-sin."



"I am sorry, I will not pry further. I am at least fortunate to have the rest of my family. Loss is an unfortunate absolute in life."


There was a bit of a blush in his face…

''No no it is fine…I must move on and all that, The forest kept me company, and kept me safe…''


Grovakussindamun grabs Maali's antlers, shaking his head with them. "Noooo. Is not funny anymore." He resumes to his two-fisted breakfast consumption.


''Aaaah Sorry! Sorry!'' He rubs his head
''C-could I simply call you mister Grov? O-or Grovak?''


"No no, is rude to be that short! Grovakussin, shaaa?"


''G-groo v-vaaa…K-kusin?'' He closes his eyes and braces for the complaint he was certain he would get


"Cha, now together, not slow like baby."


He gulps
''Grova…K-kussin.'' he looked a bit more calm


Diana frowns at what you just said. "My name is Diana. And no, I already ate."

"Alright, settle down everyone. We have three possible missions for this week. First one is a possible recruit mission. We sent somebody a few days back in attempts to retrieve a metal dragon to join our guard, while we already have a dragon for a commander… this one can feed on metal. If we run into enemies made of metal, he can shred through them. The only problem is that Dragon Mountains is having a small infestation problem of their own, something non-Mantid. If you go to Dragon Mountains then we could get ourselves a new unique troop in our division."

Diana then points to the second box. "Or, we could instead go for more building resources… A town known as Nerlond is willing to part ways with a few building supplies if we can help them retrieve an artifact that was stolen. We believe the Mantid possibly stole this artifact, or a very idiotic group of bandits. Either way, we need these resources to build our outpost further."

Diana then points to the third. "While the farm will give us a daily source of food. More food would never be a bad option to go for. Elandar is in need of assistance, from what we were told it might be Mantid. The town was attacked three days ago, while the attackers have yet to show up… Anybody going too close to the town or even trying to leave are attacked. Who these attackers are is unknown, what we do know is that if we help these poor farmers, we would get some food out of it."

She then turns to the party. "Well, Commanders? What mission would you like to go on?"


"Nono, still a beat in between! All together, now!"


File: 1429316884545.png (18.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

''O-oh right I apologize… Erm…Miss Diana'' He smiles awkwardly, blushing a bit in shame
''Um…If no one else minds…'' He twidles his hooves together

''G-grobaku-k-kusin..Aw I can't!''



Quartzite finishes an apple, looking up

"I am preferential of the first two, building supplies are good, but a powerful ally also is good. My vote is one of those two."


Grovakussindamun moves his plate to the side, standing up on the table. "I WILL SAVE THE FARMERS!" He says.


"A metal dragon? I think this might be someone I know, and if I'm right, should be pretty easy gettin' his ass on our side."


>''If no one else minds, I would rather go for the second option''


Obsidia quickly moves the meat out of the crazy dog's way.


Prancer lifts her head up, half listening in her half-asleep stupor. A waffle is impale on her horn, making her look a touch goofy without her knowing.
"One of the first two…sounds nice." She finally realizes the waffle on her horn, levitating it off and blushes in embaressment, hoping no one saw right away.


"Hey, if we can get his ass on our side, he could help us out with the other two when we get to them."

Obsidia chuckles a bit, "Need me ta dump some water on ya?"


"N-no…I'm good." She quickly says, looking more awake all of a sudden.



Diana pulls out a gold coin, showing both sides of it to show that it had different patterns on either side. "Alright, I'll flip a coin. If it's heads, you'll go after our possible new ally. If it's tails, you'll be heading out to get us some new supplies." Diana then flips the coin into the air and into her paw before looking at it. "It's Heads."

"Enjoy your breakfast as much as possible, Commanders. Our guards will see you off when you finally decide to leave. Do you have anymore questions for me? Or may I take my own leave back to my office?" Diana asks, looking around the room at the feasting commanders.


"I am not leaving the well-being of peasants up to a coin toss!" Grovakussindamun says, looking down at Diana, folding his arms, "I will go save them, the rest of you can meet this dragon. I only ask for two guards to accompany me, so that I am not overwhelmed, and will have company on the trip."


"N-no…I'm good on questions, Captain Diana. Thank you very much for the lovely breakfast spread."

"However, I will be staying here, so to speak. Just have somepony watch over me here is all I request."



"None. Thank you madam, at ease."

Quartzite quickly finishes his plate,

"Leaving early means we get back earlier, more sunlight too. We should leave soon."


''O-oh uh, I have one!'' He raises his hoof
''Do we all have to go? i mean, if someone were to invade our outpost, it could be risky…I mean I-I am not doubting you but…Shoudn't our priority be to defend ourselves first of all?''

''Y-yes this is a great idea miss Prancer, your medical skills will be of great use in here…
''Meanwhile I could go with mister Gro-Groovaakusiiiin to ensure his well being as well''


"Oh, you misunderstand, Maali. I will be here, yet not completely here. Ultimately, I will still be assisting you all one this journey," She smiles warmly at him, "you…just won't really see me is all."


"You know the name of this dragon?"


'Excellent, we face them as Warlord with two soldiers, and tiny deer hides nearby, and no one thinks of him because he's tiny deer. Tiny deer jumps out, waaah, we ambush. Simple tactics. Maybe we dig hole for him, too."

Grovakussindamun turns towards Diana, squatting down on the table. "Alright, now I just need twooo soldiers, cha?"


"Commander Grov, our forces are already small as it is. We need all of our guards to remain here in case of an attack, I would highly suggest sticking with the other Commanders."

"That's true. But you can trust me and the guards to defend the outpost while you're gone. You and the other Commanders are some of the finest fighters picked out by the king himself, You're expected to venture out beyond the walls of the outpost to ensure it's growth."

Diana shakes her head. "No, although from what I was told, he's an extremely rare breed of dragon if that helps."

"Thank you, Commanders." Diana says, saluting you and the others.

Diana stays in the room for a bit longer, just in case more questions might rise up.


File: 1429319580795.png (10.58 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

He tilts his head to the side

''Uh…Y-yes! The perfect fail proof plan!''

He rubs his head a bit
''Well…I trust your decision then Captain Diana, I will go with G-grovaku…sin… Is that fine with you? he seemed to have a plan''


"Will someone else be attending to farmers, then? Or will they be made to suffer? Because I'm sure we all know how hard it can be for farmers when they are under attack from bandits, or an oppressive army. Don't you, Captain Iana?"


Quartzite waits in silence for the others to finish.


"Do what you wish, Commander Maali. I do not give you orders."

Diana ignores the name you just gave her. "We must pick and choose, Commander Grov. War brings troubled times and difficult choices. I will not stop you if you wish to save these farmers." She simply says.


"Already knew that part, good friends with a metal dragon, just wanted to see if you might know."


"Alright, then, I'll go save the farmers. Now, I want two guards to come with me. Two out of twenty. If you can't spare that, then you must not be able to pick up the slack."
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 10 = 10


He walks up to her does a simple bow with his head ''Thank you, I assure you we will not disapoing miss Gloria…''


Prancer can only giggle at the cute display of confusion/curiosity.
"Don't worry. You'll understand soon enough, Maali."

Prancer gives a smiling nod, before going to a spot in the room and goes through a series of light stretches. After a moment, she assumes a full lotus meditation pose, closes her eyes, and gives a long exhale as her breathing slows and her body relaxes.
>Astral Projection: automatic due to talent

Already, Prancy can she herself hovering just above her own body.


Maali looks at her, mouth open wide ''Woaah..woah woooooaaaaaahh…Miss Prancer T_that…that is SOOO AMAZING!''


"She's just doing what she does best, getting high on magic."


>Miss Diana
>Not Gloria


Obsidia resumes eating more food.


>Astral Projection: spell; you project your spirit, leaving your physical body behind as you send yourself to a distant location. While projecting, your body is unconscious and immobile, and you are unaware of anything that happens to it unless you are in its vicinity. Your spirit is intangible and invisible, but can still be detected by magic or other spirits, and it cannot manipulate or pass through physical objects. Wherever your spirit travels, you can hear and see everything around you in the physical world. Returning to your physical body is automatic.

>Prancer will leave with everyone else


Diana lets out a sigh. "Fine, two guards shall accompany you. I shall leave them in your full responsibility. Anything else?"

"I hope for your safe return, Commander Maali."

"Now, if you all excuse me. I shall go retrieve the guards that will attend Commanders Grov and Maali. Afterwards I'll be inside my office."

Diana then heads out of the room, leaving the other commanders behind to do whatever they must before an adventure.



"A blowjob would be nice~"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Thank you Captain Diana, We will return with the bes-''
''M-m-mister G-grov-vakussin!'' He lightly pushes him ''N-now it is not the time for that!''


Diana, before leaving the room. Turns to grab her giant mace that was strapped to her back. She then swings it at you in attempts to either give you a warning or actually harm you.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Apparently it was both. Her mace smashes into your stomach hard enough to make your breakfast spill out onto the floor and all over your crotch. "You may be my commander, but I will not take vulgarity such as that." Diana then huffs before walking out of the room, mace flung over her shoulder.

>not replying anymore


Maali puts a hoof to his mouth
''Oh goodness m-mister Grovaa k-kikussin are you alright?''


"Haha! Worth it."

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