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You sit patiently in your seat. The cool air of the room chills past your coat. The bright light pouring out of the large windows forcing you to keep your eyes focused low, the neutral browns and greys of the solid wood table and stone floor refrshing. In the corner of the room you see the zebra continue to stand there silently, staring off to the side in an obvious attempt to avoid eye contact. Small puffs of steam emit from his nostrils with every exhale before dissipating back into the silent cold.

The akward silence hangs in the room, neither you, the striped equine standing in the corner nor the others sitting at the table with you break it. It's been like this long before you entered, the only noise that breaks the serenity is the opening and closing of the thick ornate door and the scraping of chairs. You think back to the strange letter calling you to this place that made it way to you, albeit in somewhat unorthodox means. Every natural instinct tugged at you to ignore such bizarre dealings and yet, for some reason that you can't quite recall right now, you find yourself sitting here. You glance up briefly looking around the table at those sitting with you feeling a little easier that you aren't alone. Though once more your mind slips back to the content of the letter…

(Dear Talented Individual,
Through Our observations We feel you are an excellent choice for a task We would like completed. We would like to have the pleasure of discussing the matters further along with payment and services that are in Our power to provide.
-Ouroborus Fourteen)

Well I'm outta practice but practice makes perfect so here goes. Wish me luck anyone who scrolled over this spoiler!


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File: 1428371046730.gif (1.85 MB, 399x222, a wild ganado appears.gif)


File: 1428371541773.jpg (100.56 KB, 640x360, Prepare Your Anus.jpg)


File: 1428371763510.png (110.93 KB, 550x400, Lich-Garik.png)


File: 1428372622395.jpg (3.49 MB, 4608x3072, dsc_0076.jpg)

>griffon lich, goo ninja and minotaur fuckin wrestler

fuck yes

Just then the door opens up a final time and a well dressed unicorn walks into the room. A relieved look washes over the zebra as he quickly stands next to the unicorn as he pulls out his chair and sits.

He folds his hooves and begins to speak, unphased by the unordinary group assembled before him.

"Excuse me for being a tad late, I was in a discussion with the other members of Our guild. We are still undetermined whether or not the appropriate cohesion We anticipate…" he tries his best not to look at Shifty sitting across from him.

"But well… 'You won't know until you try right?'" he says with a VERY happy smile.

"Before We discuss do you have any questions? I trust that you've had ample time to meet each other?"

The zebra coughs and looks down with a guilty look, shaking a bit. Whether from the cold or from intimidation it isn't clear. The unicorn glances at him disapprovingly for a brief instant before looking back up at the group.


File: 1428373026391.jpg (312.99 KB, 1920x2560, maali ganado.jpg)

The masked minotaur tuts his tongue and waves a finger at the zebra, "My fine striped amigo, you underestimate the teamwork that one is capable of under the pressure of adventure and combat! We'll be more than prepared to cohese at a moments notice. For I am," he strikes his arms out in an angle to the ground, "EL GANADO."

He coughs once and raises his hand. "Ah, but, yes, a question por favor: for what task is the needing completion as per your letter, yes?"


fixed health


Shifty doesn't notice the advoidance od stares. Instead, she's too busy rocking back and forth noisily in her chair.
"Oh right, intros," She says, stopping her rocking but suddenly speaking with a deep, robotic sounding voice, "what iz up? Boys 'nd what? My name is Wutavin Naaaadnuh." A smile tugs at her face until she's looking away and trying to hold her laughter in to no avail.


The minotaur spins about in a pirouette to bow his head before the goopy green mare with the sensual monotone accent as he smiles,

"Ah, señorita, it is such an astute pleasure to be making your acquaintance. It is rare for one to find a specimen as lovely and drippy as your visage, my dear Wutavin Naaaaaaaaadnuh." He grabs her hoof to shake…


Oblivious to the cold, if not contributing to it, i shoot the Unicorn an annoyed glance.

"Why yes, we've had plenty of time to get to know each other, your tardiness has seen to that."

"Now that we may begin, tell me: what task have you brought forth to me, that it may test my power?"


She continues to laugh, mostly from him using that as her name.
"My name ish actually Shifty, cutie pie," she says, a normal voice but now a silly/dumb quirk.
"And yesh, I can be quite drippy Mister," she stands on her chair and strikes the same pose as he did, "EL GANADO!"

"Hey, that was fun. No wonder you do it."

"Aww, loosen up. No need to be hating if he's got a bit of the tard."


File: 1428373911988.jpg (8.14 KB, 250x202, Ginyu-Pose.jpg)

"Hahaha!" Ganado boasts, "That is is! Oh, and Shifty is so much prettier in deed, as is your splendid tones of your angelic yet gooey vocal chords sweet Shifty. But yes, I could show you any variety of poses."

He does pic related, "Like… THIS!"

He looks over from this position, "Hola, my feathery friend. Care to partake in a team-building bravado-strengthening posing session before our mission?"



"Time is valuable, Shifty" I reply. "Were it not for this letter, I would have completed my study of Dimensional Travel, perhaps uncovering new spells to master."



"Were i younger, perhaps. Puts stress on the Joints, you see, and as you can see mine are frozen stiff." i reply, shaking my talon to break the ice slowly forming.


File: 1428374478919.jpg (40.35 KB, 720x480, Recoome Pose.jpg)

"Can you do this one?" She asks, balancing on his back and doing pic related, a few drips of goo dripping on the ground around them.
"Okay, this is kind of tough without the whole bones things sometimes," she admits with a bit of a laugh, wobbling slightly.

"Dimensional Travel? Psssh, right, and there are mechanical ponies that fly too," she says with a playfully dismissive wave of her hoof.


The puny zebra non-luchador flinches as you address him, nearly jumping back. His compatriot addresses your question.

"Oh no worries Miss. We know who you are." He says returning your smile amiably

"A simple assignment but one we feel that We feel might be a might dangerous for the average odd adventurer" The pony infront of you takes a more neutral demeanor as he speaks

"On the border a ways north of here an acquaintance of Ours owns a crystal mine. Ancient old thing, created during the era of the old Crystal King. Only recently has anypony decided to restaff and collect the wealth within but yet… it seems that an unfortunate complication has halted current operations… Our usual attempts to assist with the issue have been… well… less than successful. We feel it appropriate to up the ante and hire you three for this."

He pauses before continuing again "Now, the few survivors that found their way out of the mine INSIST that it's an attack from diamond dogs and this behavior does coincide with their habits, however, seeing as how none of Our other teams have returned… We are essentially sending you in dark."

His face lights up "But We feel extremely confident that you have more than than enough talent to manage this."

He looks over to the zebra and glares at him a bit angry "You DID fabricate the appropriate solutions correct?"

The zebra nods before pulling out a box of assorted potions. 9 in total. 3 with a beaked skull labeled on it. 3 with a Bull-head on it. 3 with a misshapen blob on it.

The unicorn looks relieved. "It isn't easy to craft potions to cater to your… unique… biologies so We apologize for the small supply. However We hope that this will provide some assistance in your task."

>2 Health potions added!
(Instant Automatic) +1 Wound In Combat
>1 Stamina potion added!
(Instant Automatic) -2 Cooldown for skill

>2 Health potions added!
(Instant Automatic) +1 Wound In Combat
>1 Stamina potion added!
(Instant Automatic) -2 Cooldown for skill

>2 Health potions added!
(Instant Automatic) +1 Wound In Combat
>1 Concentration potion added!
(Instant Automatic) -2 Cooldown for spell


"AH, age is merely a state of mind my frosted over compatriot. Let the fires of your passion melt the joints free."

"Indeed my astutely flexible flubbery friend. For behold!" He's about to flip on to his horns to stand erect on them when he takes notice to their hirees, forcing him to stop.

He looks at the potions in gratitude, tucking them in his tights for safe keeping as he takes a long bow in thanks.

"Señors, you have my word of honor as a minotaur of lucha libre we shall not return until these hounds have been put back in the kennels, as they say! The day is fleeting, and the sun waits for no minotaur. We are to be going now, yes?" He charges the door, ready to head out horns bearing on the invested crystal cave.



"Ah! perhaps these creatures may prove a challenge worthy of my skill."

Slipping the potions into my cloak, careful not to freeze the liquid, i nod in approval.

"Very well. Perhaps you may have some map or means to lead us to this mine?"


"Oh sweet! This is much better than purple stuff from the back of the fridge!" She says happily, leaping off of Ganado's back and landing with a wet splat, her lower half smushed into the ground. She's quick to reform and take the potions…only for them to 'sink' into her and float around inside her, just adding to the collection of stuff in her form.
"So we go to the spoopy mines, hit some diamond dogs with a newspaper, and that's it? Perfect! Show us the way and we'll be back lickity split."


File: 1428375963538.jpg (13.12 KB, 400x300, emptylikemytummy.jpg)


"Of course of course! So then it's set? You all agree?" He looks ECSTATIC

"I have a good feeling about this!" He says leaning over to his zebra colleague who just returns an akward smile.

"We have a chariot waiting for you three to take you there at once! Follow Us please!" He heads up in stride with the striped equine sticking close behind him, looking over his shoulder quickly as he heads out.

The five of you walk together down the empty halls. Every door is closed. Not a sign of life besides the bright candles that illuminate the place. You make yourself to a spiral stairways heading up and up and up until you reach the roof. A carriage headed by two winged figures coated in armor so thick you can't quite tell if they are pegasi or griffons. The silent pullers look onward, stone still as you approach.

"You should go with them." The unicorn speaks to the zebra. He nearly yelps in terror, breaking his silent streak at the prospect before shaking his head viciously.

The unicorn rolls his eyes "Fine. Be that way. Make preparations to have ONE OF US locally to observe. This is unprecedented."

The zebra just darts off back down the steps

The unicorn looks at you all before smiling once more "Well! I wish you the best of luck. I'll see you again soon when all this business is done."


Ganado closes his eyes and shakes his hand, "Gracias but luck will not be required, my horned hombre. The skill and will of our hearts of steel is all that is needed to see us triumphant!" He flips into the chariot, grabbing the reigns and cracking them at the pegasi. "Hiya! We are off, to glorious victory and justice!"

[1d10] Cracking the reigns ultra hard to get the point across

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Bah! with my power, these feeble creatures will prove no match."

Carefully, i haul myself up into the Carriage, adjusting my cloak once seated.

"All the same, we will return momentarily."


Rather than getting in the chariot right away, she goes up to the pullers and looks them over.
"Hmm…." Seeing them stone still, she keeps staring at them until she gives a seductive gaze and says, "fill me with your throbbing blood tube."

[1d10] Seeing if they'll react to that

Giggling at the (or lack of) response, the gets into the chariot to get things underway.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh my." Ganado exclaims with a perturbed look at Shifty, "That was pretty imaginative to the mind, no?"


"That's what a penis is, though. A throbbing blood tuhuhube," she says, her laughter more quiet, but her hoof wetly smacks the chariot.


You crackle them so hard


One of the armored figures buckles forward he comes crashing down.

It doesn't SEEM to be working… that is until Ganado inadvertently smashes one down. Fortunately, you see a response. Unfortunately that response is falling down and crashing on the ground into you.

His partner slowly moves to pick him up, weighed by the heavy armor. They say nothing, not even a grunt.

More of your time is wasted by the display of strength by the minotaur. The unicorn just blushes and looks away sheepishly at the display. He rubs the back of his head not knowing what to say


one sec, waiting for Passy


Ganado winces, holding up a hand while nervously chuckling. "Aye… uh, sorry about that amigos! Just, got ahead of myself it seems! Let's shake it off, no, it is time for adventure."

"Well, yes sweet Shifty but hardly seems appropriate to distract these good stallions with the thought no?"



"Must you really injure the only things that will keep you two afloat?" i ask, peering out of the carriage window. "At this rate you'll have to walk to the mines!"


Ganado grins and blushes slightly through the mask as he rubs his neck. "Aye, my apologies! I was really just trying to inspire them is all, you know, with a powerful crack of the reins yes? It was not THAT hard."



"Strange that these Carriage pullers have not voiced their discontent…"

Peering further out the window, i eye the armored creatures ahead of me.

"Perhaps they are merely enchanted suits of armor?"

[1d10] Examine

Roll #1 4 = 4



From the direction which the nervous zebra decided to make its hasty retreat in, a steady hoofbeat resounded.

From the dwelling yet another participant of this nightly stride appeared. One of a sleek figure, draped in casual travelling gear, hair cut deceivingly short for a female horse.

"My sincerest apologies" - the newcomer huffs in a polite, yet calm voice - "Not too late am i, i hope?"



"Worry not, our hulking friend here crippled the pullers. best settle in, we may be here for a while yet."


She gives a bit of a laugh from the chariot.
"Well, I can tell we're gonna have a swell time." She didn't sound as sarcastic as that should have sounded.

"But I was just making sure these guys, or possibly girls, honestly, I have trouble telling sometimes, are professional stoic chariot pullers. And from their lack of reaction, they most certainly are," she says, getting comfy in the chariot.
"Besides, what healthy stallion doesn't think about sex every 15 minutes?"
She tries to put on a guy's voice.
"You know, the weather is nice, maybe I should get out of the house and," the male voice goes a bit shrill and louder (think psychicpebbles' screaming), "SEX! SEX SEX SEX! SEX SEX!"

"Nope, you're just in time to help bust up this sausage fest," she says, waving the new arrival.
"Now we've got enough clams to balance out the sausage."


"Aye, I do not know, they would not express discomfort at all if they were I would not imagine."

Ganado rolls his eyes, "Aye, yah, very humorous my icy compadre. They are fine, look! They hardly even felt it!"

He turns his attention to the long sleek saddle arabian that just strolled in with upthrust eyebrows.

"Oh my… and who have we here!" He bows down, "I am so glad we could have kept the chariot awaiting for you oh lovely personage of the sands! I am El Ganado, master of lucha, and by what beautiful name are you known señorita?"


"I can astutely tell you that is a fairly accurate diagnosis my perfectly accurate diagnosing daffodil. It will be good for them no?"


File: 1428378176621.jpg (10 KB, 526x319, meanwhile in AltG1.jpg)

No response

You peer in to look before the unicorn glances at what your doing, his expression changes before he coughs obnoxiously. Before any explanation is given you notice the new tall lithe pony step in.

"oh!! No no no Miss! Well yes… you are but it isn't a problem! At all! We were thinking you weren't going to show!"

"W;ll im sorry but it seems my colleague-"

The zebra pops back up to the roof and hands you three bottles. Smiling courteously before heading back down.

"well then that's that!"


The armored ponies finish organizing themselves and stand in the same still position

"Looks like the drivers are ready! Are we all ready to CALMLY board?" He says looking at Ganado expectantly


Ganado coughs, hoping back on board and standing up. Calmly of course.

"Aye, yes, it is time to CALMLY go forth and liberate the cave of crystals for honor and justness! Onwards." He coughs. "Ah, if you please."



"Indeed." I reply, sinking into my seat. "We appear to be as ready as we can manage."


"Exactly! Can't feel relaxed if you don't have some kind of frustration to work out."

"You know, I think you're the first guy I've met who admits that as true rather than stammering like a ninny and try to deny it. Props, G."

Her form bounces impatiently from within the chariot.
"Let's go alreadyyyy!"



"My, am i glad to hear that" - responses with a hint of a smile round the lips' corners - "allow me" - she said, stepping inside the carriage gracefully, making herself comfrtable inside.


Tilting her head a mere few degrees, not upon the greeting, but at the colloquialisms used, she had her accordingly though:

"Glad to hear that. On the hefty trip, shall we? Anyone got a bottle of champagne to break, as to go with the sausage?"


"What courtesy among these realms. Ahh, looks can be so deceiving, o~ horned of lucha.. Cleavard of the Ragemore family.. Pleasure' s mine.


"Fairness greets this stroll, to hear such words… for all the beauty of the meeting' s location, i must admit its complexity perplexed my unaccustomed self… oh my, that being for? Why, thank you, kind sir. I shall put them to good use."

Potions going down the bag..


Ganado shrugs, "I could try but I have never been a very good liar. Its simple fact muchachos all deep down in their hearts of hearts dream most of the gentle sight and sound of beautiful cows and mares such as yourself. It is simple fact of life, yes?"

He bows his head lower, "Ah, Cleavard of the Ragemore! What a glorious and captivating name you wield over me, señorita. Indeed, it is a pleasure for me as well to greet you as a mare of your standing do deserve even in times of danger as that which we disembark. Fear not, for my ways of masked wrestling shall see you and the lovely goo mare to safety all the while."



You all fill up the chariot. The pullers begin to flap and rise, tugging the carriage along. After TREMENDOUS effort from the armored figures, you are all airborne and well on your way to the destination.

/sp one sec brb


"Nah, I tossed a bottle of that out last week. Just got this sweet, not-purple-stuff those guys gave," she says, motioning a hoof to the unicorn and zebra.

She rests a hoof against her head and crosses one of her hind legs over the other as she looks at Ganado.
"El Ganado, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"
As she holds that pose, the hoof begins to 'melt' into her head and her hind legs become one, big leg as they meld together.



With the carriage trip underway, i settle back into my seat and focus on my spells, memorizing their designs and focusing my mind for the task ahead.

[1d10] Arcane Meditation

Roll #1 6 = 6


Ganado grins and waves his hand about as he watches the shifting legs, "I like to think there is a difference between wooing señoritas and complimenting them for their astounding appearance."


A brow raises and her eyes look in the direction of the raised brow, looking like she's REALLY thinking hard on this.
"But…those sounds like the same things."


You do goo. Good for you.

Despite the conversation and motion you slip into deep concentration, channeling your knowledge.

The carriage continues to make its way north, the wind blows through your face. For a chariot, its flying both lower and slower than what you're used to. Despite that it seems to be making quite a bit of turns, following a set route instead of just heading in one direction… Oddly enough the drivers seem to be avoiding settlements. The time flies by fast and before you know it, you're there. The entrance has no marking or signs of development even, nestled in between the lightly snowed hilly landscape of the area. You notice it is VERY hard to reach by walking. The carriage touches down right next to the entrance and the armored figures stand still once more remaining vigilant as they wait for the passengers within to unboard.


"Eh, there is a different." He puts a finger to his bottom lip, thinking, "I struggle to think exactly what at this moment but I think there must be one."

"Ah, at last!" Ganado hops out of the chariot and begins striding towards the cave, muscles tensed as he strikes another charismatic and inspiring pose. "Beware, dogs, your 'pound' has arrived!" He steps into the entrance, taking a look around to see what is immediately available. "I shall go first!"

[1d10] Perceptioning

Roll #1 8 = 8


She jumps off the chariot, once again landing with a splat and reforming her legs.


"Race you all!" She yells, running through the entrance without a care in the world. However, her body shifts color and she becomes completely unseeable as she blends in with everything around her.

>Vanish: automatic instant, recharge 2; Treat as Stealth while out of combat. You become hidden as though you used Stealth and move behind a target. When you use a second action, treat it as though using it while hidden.



"Ah, we have arrived!"

with a clear mind, i climb out of the carriage and make my way towards the cave.

"I believe a test of my focus is needed! perhaps i may summon one of these missing soldiers?"
[1d10] Raise Dead
Tapping my staff on the ground, i focus my energy on finding a body to wield, chilling the air as i cast.

Roll #1 4 = 4



When lips do the talking, sparkling eyes do the laughing.

"So be it, fear i shall not, if one such as yourself kindly offers that comfort. I put trust in your skill, sir Ganado. We shall soon be in need of it, i' m afraid.

Face turned to the carriage' s window, pupils still set upon the face decorating the muscle-built figure.

"Although, let me have this point. For all the social standing, upon this weary night, aren' t we headed into the same pit? Were You a peasant of the same, cherished intentions, i' d welcome you with same tone in mind."


"Sharing a busy schedule, are You? I can appreciate a life of a swift soul on the tracks… we may meet a similar comfort though."

Taking a short glance at the sky above, she shifts her attention to the mentioned present, inspecting them. It did not look quite like the Arabian Alchemy..


And yet, there seemed one in need of soltitude right now… this one she politely left to himself.


She decides to put the time in the journey to good use, taking out and preparing her blade for the incoming events in-between the dialogue.


Automatic outside combat

Upon reaching the target, free once more, she unboards the carriage with relief. Steady soil is much more suited for precise work, that for sure.

"Ahh, here we are"


"Seems like we all needed a touch of fresh air after that journey…"

That being said, she follows steadily in her companions' tracks.


You notice that this is a fairly isolated place. Thinking back to what the unicorn said about survivors it crosses your mind that they must've had a hard trek back to get to safety
You successfully vanish and approaches the entrance, not really caring much about much, focusing on the task at hand.


You tap your staff on the ground, nothing rises from the frosty depths of the earth. If there were any corpses during this attack, they aren't nearby here. Anything ancient must not be able to break through the permafrost… those poor trapped helpless skeletons…


You follow behind the others, keeping cautious and prepared

You enter the gave and are greeted by a long straightforward path. No torches light the way, only the dull glow of the magical crystals that line the wall. No support beams hold the cavern up. THe only thing besides the assorted gems lining the walls, floors and ceiling is an abandoned cart, big-wheeled and raised up high to navigate the rough terrain.

>Roll perception please


"Wait, sweet Shifty! It could be dangerous, no?"

"Ah, and your faith is well place, darling Cleavard of the Ragemore. I shan't disappoint you in the prowess of my lucha. But, regardless of where we go, I must say I remain a peasant in the face of such beauty, señorita, and am glad to be in such. But for now, you are right. It is time we go forth."

Ganado delves deeper inside the cave, constantly on guard as he checks every angle for sign of danger to his party. "Stay alert. This place is beautiful, but I feel this rose has its thorns somewhere deep within, no? Cuidado."

[1d10] Looking around the tunnels

Roll #1 3 = 3


Shifty looks around the place, lots of pretty rocks around. She keeps quiet, knowing making a racket tends to not work well with her hiding colors.

[1d10] Purrsepshun
[1d10] Chance to unknowingly get some small rocks/small gems 'absorbed' into her body

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


[1d10] Perception

"Hmm… unusually large crystals for a cavern like this."

continuing down the path, i grab one of the smaller crystals scattered on the floor, tucking the sample away into my cloak.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Is it that unusual, amigo? I would figure a cave made for mining crystals would have them in a great many sizes. Even bigger than this, no?"



"you'd be more apt to find smaller gems within a largely stone cavern. This high of a gem concentration would suggest a potent source of magic."



Perhaps not a curiosity-picking scenery, one sure to raise tesion, knowing the mission undeaway… The mare propelled her eyes round the place.

>Using Child of Gaia bonus from now on.

Perception roll



Words have been said. Let the male have last of it or it shall prolong needlessly. Following that course of action, the mare just bowed her head with a fitting expression.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Ah. Yes, that does make a bit of sense. Though, I assume the dogs are here for the gems more than that magic source. I'll bet my last bit they're around here somewhere, close. Perhaps even already picked up our scent and are preparing a trap. Keen sense of smell, them."


You keep your eyes and ears pealed for danger, you don't notice any yet…

You notice a small box in the cart. With every step it seems that small glowing particles of gems seep through your semipermeable membrane. Attracted to your living goo form. It distributes itself evenly throughout your body. It only catches your intention when you start giving off light, the same kind of light as the cave. You panic for a quick second before you realize you can control it, turning it on and off at will.


You pick up a sample and feeling it resonate with small bits of magical energy. The light it gives off reminiscent of a spell, albeit in a much smaller concentration. As you sample it you feel it tug towards the box, you can feel something much stronger in there…

You take a look around the cave, despite the tugging in your gut, the naturalness of the cave makes you feel a bit more at home. You look around like everyone else before noticing something in the corner of your eye. You find an odd looking gem on the ground, red in color in contrast to the dull glowing blue of the rest. On closer inspection you notice its been cut, looking marvelous and ready to be placed into a piece of jewelry. You pick it up and feel a strong tingling sensation in your hoof. It then occurs to you that this gem is enchanted, although to do what you aren't quite sure.




"Just as i had thought. There is strong magic in these caverns, we must proceed with caution."

Eying the box nearby, i approach the container, searching it's outside with curiosity before opening the lid.


He follows behind Garik, checking out the container for a moment as he moves a bit past it deeper in. "Think these diamond dogs could be using the magic? I don't mean to judge so harshly but their typical raiders do not seem the learned sort for that sort of thing."

[1d10] Peering around the cave some more

He chuckles at the collection of gems inside Shifty. "I am LOVING the new aesthetics, sweet Shifty. Very elegante diamante, yes?"

Roll #1 6 = 6



Having discovered the one-in-a-kind gemstone among the mundane rest, upon hearing the words of the griffin, she agrees:

"Sounds about right. I' m not sure whether somebody didn' t realize that earlier, by any chance. You may wish to see that" - upon saying that, the mare shows her companions the newly-found magical piece of jewelry - "Any chance those gems' structure tend to possess a natural-woven enchantment over time?"


"Holy nipples! Check me out!" She yells to the rest of the group, showing off her new glowy powers. She turns them off, then on, and repeats this over and over like a strobe light.
"Boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants…." Her body does a little bounce/bend at the knees to the tempo of her chant.

"Dunno what a diamante is, but it does look pretty radical!"



"You are correct, my masked companion." i reply "You'd be hard pressed to find a Diamond dog who could properly comprehend the powers of the arcane."

"They wield spells with the grace of a club, never to comprehend the delicate nature of what power they abuse." i finish, sneering.

Eying the gem, i try and gauge it's hidden power.

[1d10] Examination

"Magical charge would depend on the gem's clarity, naturally. With gems as large as these to focus energy, i have no doubt there may be a lingering enchantment or two…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hehehe. It is a jewel, diamond to be precise."

"Ah, so I can see. Magic jewels surely are abound in this place. That would certainly explain the Dogs' attraction to it. Unversed in the magic yes, but a keen sense of value of magical jewels, ah, now that is one skill they possess."


You open the box and look inside.

You are met with an uncomfortable blast of heat, looking inside you see an orange gem glow brightly, emitting a LOT of radiant energy producing both light AND heat. You guess that the miners mustve been using this to stave the cold inside. What a waste. You can probably turn it off, but touching it without getting burnt will be a problem.

You head further down the cave. You don't notice anything peculiar, but something IS peculiar in what you fail to notice. That is, any signs of camp or living conditions.

You blink your newfound powers on and off as the light pulsates. It seethes down the path illuminating the distance for brief instances. You still dont see any signs of anything.

You hand the gem over to Garik to examine further, hoping his knowledge in the field can assist

You take it in your claw and feel the radiant energy. It is very entropic in nature, as you play around with it you see swirls of color swish around. It seems to respond to emotion. You think you can activate it with feelings of anger, but to do what, you aren't sure… The magic is too natural and chaotic to make sense of.


"So is that why they're all glowy and junk? Cause if this doesn't work out, I have a promising career in the cave tour guide industry."

"Ooooooh, okay. Though I always figured myself more of an emerald mare," she gives a shrug that caused a bit of her green goo to drip off slightly, "not sure why."


"Alright! Back to exploring junk!" She says energetically, letting the shine stay on as she canters down the path. She continues to look around with the hopes of finding something neat like these pretty, shiny gems.

[1d10] Purrsepshun!

Roll #1 6 = 6


He taps his hooves around the floor of the cave, taking note of the lacking living conditions. "Aye! Something seems off here, amigos… was this place not occupied not too long ago with miners? I do not see so much as a tent or campfire. The dogs would have no interest in such things, they would not have taken them."

Rubbing his chin, he head on deeper in letting Shifty shine the light as he keeps his vigilant eye out for danger.


"Your birthstone, perhaps? What month?"

He turns his head back to the large amount of heat and light coming from the container. "Señor Garik! Is that safe, it feels very warm from here amigo!"

Roll #1 4 = 4



Shielding her eyes from the lighthouse-like Goo Pony' s body

"Miss, while i do find Your fashion upgrade quite amiable and i' m sure that trick could come in handy, i' m quite positive we do not need to preemptively warn whomever might be dwelling in those caverns about our arrival. Would You kindly…?"


"Not fancying their style, are we? And to think they' re one of the so-called dextrous ones.."


"One of the few, sir Ganado" - "giving credit where it' s due, if any are nearby, they might well be enjoying our little conversation right now.


Turning her attention towards the attraction stored away in the non-raising suspicion cart, she welcomed the sight with words:

"By stars, certainly quite a rarity… wonder why whoever got it here, abandoned it.."



"A mere Heating gem, but one i may yet find a use for."

holding onto the box for now, i take a second look at the strangely enchanted gem.

"A catalyst, perhaps?"

Holding the gem facing further down the tunnel, i attempt to channel energy through the gem's facets.

"Release your power, stone!"
[1d10] Gem charge

Roll #1 7 = 7



"Paws to better grip their clubs." i reply bluntly "A gift of dexterity nearly wasted on simple tools."


"August…I think," she taps her chin for a bit, "yeah, August."

"Would I kindly…what? I don't have a putter or anything, just in case you were wondering."



Upon hearing the magician' s words, the mare trots away. Not being one to meddle with the arcane arts, she simply did what instinct told her. That thing… kind of didn' t look stable with all that heat and light it gave off.

"Wait for me, please"

Instead, she trotted away after her other companions, using her set of senses to back up the party:

Heading down into the cave. Perception roll:



"Had the rapid blinking in mind. Glad You stopped that already"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"Hm… I do not know which one that is but I do think Emerald is in the early half. Ah, a mystery then, señorita."

"Hahahah." Ganado flexes his fingers, "A wonderful trait for those who know how to use them, however."

"Part of me would wish they'd come out of hiding, at least. The waiting is the hardest part before a match, I'm ready to go now, I would say."


"Your welcome, even though I didn't do much of anything."

"Oooo, I love mysteries. They're so…mysterious. And ripe to figuring out!"


File: 1428385624839.jpg (68.51 KB, 730x1095, DIAMONDDOG.jpg)

You continue down the path, luckily you are fully saturated and won't unexpectedly absorb anymore particles.

You head down and notice nothing closeby, you squint your eyes to look over in the distance though… You'll have to get closer

Ever so vigilant, you notice nothing threatening to you or your friends quite yet. But you get a creepy feeling up ahead…

Garik holds the gem in his claw and manipulates his emotion to unleash it. Small arcs of energy crackle between it and the gems embedded on the cave walls. It glows brightly in your claw, being dull not long ago and the ambient light in the path up ahead dims…

You are too distracted by the show of energy. You look directly at the arcs and hurt your eyes a bit.


As a bolt of energy heads down further and arcs to what seems like a lump of gems. A strange metallic whine is emitted as the form shifts and it rises up and charges!



Seeing the strange dog charge down the cavern, i raise my staff, freezing the air around the central gem.

"Feeble gem-beast! do you really think yourself capable of facing the glory of MY spells?"

focusing the ice into a central spike, i send the shard rocketing towards the creature!
[1d10] Magic bolt, Ice

Roll #1 6 = 6


Ganado's eyes light up as the hulking pile of gems starts making a beeline for them as the energy arcs give it life.

"…AH. That is no diamond dog I have ever seen." He grins, tightening his mask as he scratches the ground, "Well, a dog is a dog! Let's go, LUCHARAN!" He races forwards, looking to grab the front of the beast by its 'snout' and hoist it up by sheer strength to keep it from moving about

>Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.

>Unorthodox, can perform it unarmed and benefit from Grapple + Talent


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9



Having averted her gaze from the shining Goo Pony, the mare had seemed to have been late with reacting to the other source of the bristiling light.

Unpleasant sensation, followed by semi-transparent black spots were, unfortunately, carried over.

Upon noticing the threat, Cleavard drew her blade. None more words to be said, it was time to face the imminent danger.

The mare bursted forward, matching the beasts' s rush in an attempt to slash it while passing it, using the accumulated momentum to her advantage.

Normal Attack


>Child of Gaia

>Single weapon


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Puppy!" Shifty yells, making her glow fade off.
"Let's play! Let's play!" She yells, running up to the dog before suddenly disappearing from sight and sneaking behind it.
>Vanish; automatic instant

There is a slight glimmer as a piece of glass seems to appear out of thin air behind the beast.
She yells as the glass is thrusted upwards and into the wolf's ass like the most painful kancho in existence.

>Backstab: weapon. recharge 1; strikes the enemy from behind. No counterattack damage except on critfail if used from Stealth. Crits on a 9+. Kills helpless targets.

>Being used from Stealth due to vanish
>DC-1 due to Single Tag on Glass Shard Shiv
>+1 due to Talent

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You shoot a bolt of ice, it engulfs the beast as it charges.

And you backflip behind it and pick it up with your SHEER LUCHA!

>Dog is helpless and grappled

You make a direct incision with your sharpened blade, the iced dog more frigid and susceptible to your steel, you cut a clean cut damaging it.

>1 wound

And with your blade you insert it right into the slash, bypassing the crystal body of it and SPLITTING IT IN HALF.


The dog splits into two in Ganado's hand.


>roll for loot if you'd like


Her colors return to normal as she stands there holding the glass shard, looking on in awe.
"Woah! I mean just…holy Toledo! That was awesome!" She yells, running up to Ganado and looking at the two halves.
"Guess they don't make 'em like they used to, huh?"

[1d10] Unknowingly 'absorb' some sweet loot

Roll #1 9 = 9


As the dog splits in a hairline fracture down the center in Ganado's grips, he drops the pieces and sighs, "Aaaaw, I was JUST about to do the Ganado Suplex! Aye, next time." He looks among the pieces after he drops them to the ground, digging around, "So, more magic gems, eh?"


"Haha! That, they do not sweet Shifty. Now, let us add to your beauty and our wealth with a collection of its gemstones."

Poking around the body, he says, "Though, to reiterate: this was most certainly not the Diamond Dog we were expecting, no?"

Roll #1 7 = 7



"Excellent work, a masterful display!" I yell, further down the hall clapping my talons together.

Making my way over to the now destroyed creature, i eye the space around it carefully.

"Ah, perhaps this was what killed those soldiers!"

focusing my magic through my staff's gem, i attempt to revive whatever remains, if anything, of a scouting party member.
[1d10] Raise dead

"They had us played for fools, true enough. perhaps we should have clarified what we were hunting beforehand."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh I dunno. At this rate, I'll be too full that we'd have to skip the dinner," she says with a bit of a laugh.
"I wasn't expecting a pun. Though seems like it wasn't a very good one if it broke that easy."



"Well… that sure was quick. Great teamwork, everyone" - Cleaveard comments upon job done good.

She casually looks upon the crystal beast. In usual circumstances, she would expect little of value. However, having found a magical crystal beforehand, she remained to be proved otherwise.

Searching for loot:



The mare stiffles a giggle, hearing that crafty comment.

"Pray it remain so."


"Indeed… raises questions though."

Having said that, she takes notice of the downside of this event - the short encounter forcing her to once again take care of polishing her blade to perfection. She sure did not have a way with her hooves concerning that matter…


>Purebred penalty applied


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Well, hardly much of a challenge either way! We destroyed it so quickly I didn't have time to break a sweat!"

"Aye, real diamond would be a great deal more durable for certain. Eh, their mistake no? More like Brittle Dogs."

"Well, I saw the arc go over and bring it to life from those stones. Might there be more? What was that gem after all?"



"Perhaps this gem controls them?"


Pulling out the Red Gem, i walk a bit further down the corridor and aim the gem once again along the path.

channeling magic through the facets, i attempt to focus another blast.

"Gem-beasts, awaken!"
[1d10] Charge gem

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Maybe, though does seem a bit boring."

"Oh, some brittle sounds pretty good right about now," she says, rubbing her tummy, which only serves to make the contents in her body shift around.


You absorb a nice red gem… a ruby! It isn't magical but it'll get you some nice bits.

You find a shiny sapphire. It matches your fur.

You focus your energy as you channel life force to the corpse. It writhes and moves but doesn't piece back together. You understand how it works a bit better.

>DC 8 to raise

>+1 next roll

You find a sharp long piece of the dog. It can make a valueble, sharp, magic absorbing sword with enough time and effort!

You cast the spell right… but for whatever reason it seemed to suck out magical energy from you. You feel dazed and a bit weakened but overall together.

>1 wound from miscast



Thanks for playing guys! I had a good time! Continuing this next week!

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