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Times are tough
You could remember the taste of the warm bread and fresh milk on the table for breakfast…
Now all that you had for breakfast was the remains of moldy fruits and dirty water…
It has been 14 years. 14 years since the first of these wretched machines started roaming the country. Destroying everything in their sight and killing everyone. Regardless of race and gender.
The soldiers were no match for them, their metal hides were barely scrapped by sword and spear… And quickly, the great city of Arghalest was destroyed, it's inhabitants, mostly killed. A few survivors ran away, searching for new homes. But everywhere they went, the same story was repeated. Iron machines appeared suddenly and in less than a day. All that remained was rubble and corpses.
Today, very few villages remain, for all cities have been lost.
There are rumors of a resistance, brave ponies who claim to have a plan. A plan to find out about these machines and the one who created them.
The sun is setting… Will the village of leatherwing be safe for another day?


Your mother is dead, your father has disappeared. You were left alone in the village of Leatherwing, without a house, you had to spend a few days in the streets, homeless. For you couldn't leave the village because of the Golems. But another teenage dragon took care of you and gave you a home. In a way, he adopted you. His name was Alwheen,and he was the only one who seemed to care for you for some reason, even if you insisted you did not need to be taken care like a child, he insisted even more to make sure you were well…
You are currently at your house, having a poor breakfast of salt cookies and water. Alwheen always tried to give you the best, and even crafted you a few items. Most kept on his workshop. Over the weeks he told you about how he used to be a woodcrafter, before his wife left him and he lost all inspiration.
He was in his old rocking chair, staring at the the window, he seemed really worried about something…

You used to travel, but your adventuring and exploring ended in the village of Leatherwing. You were not allowed to leave by the mayor, an old stallion by the name of Golden Shackles. He was the one that gave orders to the ponies in this place. He never gave you a reason, but just told you that you were to stay in the village and not ever leave
At least he gave you a bed to sleep in on his Manor. He was one of the few ponies that had decent food. It was time for breakfast, the Butler, Rusty Coat, was rather nice to you and made sure you were well treated. But everyone else was mistrustful of you and your kind. You were eating buttered toast while the mayor slept and Rusty cleaned. He talks to you while he cleans
"Master Xhibeni, it seems it will rain today… "


You stand far away from of the gates to the village. You can see two armed ponies , armed with Spears Guarding it. The wind gently blows in your mane. It…feels…rather nice actually…


I make sure they can see my spear, holding it in my tan hoof, my blue eyes blinking at them curiously, and that energetic spider crawling through my green mane.
I approach the guard ponies holding my spear up straight next to my body as they are. "Hail fellow ponies. I would like to enter your great city."


"What is it, Alwheen?" asked Nu, looking over at the older, full blood dragon.

Nu has the body shape of a lithe, incredibly short teen dragon, only four feet tall. Her body is mostly covered with fur instead of scales, her underbelly covered with deep sapphire colored scales with emerald flecks, her eyebrows much the same. Her tail is that of a deer, as well is the shape of her head and ears. On her head are twisting antler-like horn-things sweeping back, hugging against her skull, looking almost like a tiara minus the front. Her teeth, hands, and feet are all that of a dragon. She has no wings.



Munching away at breakfast, i take a look out the window, scanning the horizon for clouds and watching what space is seen through the glass.

"Oh dear, i hope the villagers have somewhere dry, Mister coat! I would not want to be out there if the rain starts."

Gatsha, being too large to fit through the pony-sized entryway, stands just outside the mansion doors, idle.


They first reaction is to immediately raise their Spears at you. The one with the grey cost and blue eyes speaks.
"Who are you and where do you come from?" he practically shouts at you. His spear awfully close to your face. But the hoof from his partner lowered the spear
"Blue Star… It's just a pony, calm yourself friend. It does not matter who she is. Just her name and if she is not being followed by those mechanical demons." speaks a dark green stallion with bright golden eyes. He pulled off his helmet, smiling to you. "Now, what is your name my dear? And uh.. What is.. That?" he points to the mechanical arachnid in your mane

He turns his head to you. "It looks like it's going to rain… It hasn't rained in weeks… This is good for the crops but… I can feel something… A bad feeling in my gut…" he sighs and shakes his head
"Or maybe I am just growing old ehehe… " he smiles lazily to you, you could clearly see the scar across the right side of his muzzle as he turns to you

" Hmn… Indeed… We still have our homes to be safe… At least it will be a nice refreshment. It has not rained for a long time… Before you even got here actually…" he speaks before wheezing a bit. He had a chronic illness no pony knew about. But it seemed to just cause harmless coughing…
You hear hoofsteps above you. The mayor seemed to have waken up


I blink as if confused and lower my spear in the same manner as his is.
"I did not mean to offend you, it has been long since I have spoken with equines. I am Glitter, and this is my animal companion. I am a shaman and was living in the wilds until the mechanical demons chased us out."



"Oh! it seems the mayor is awake. I wonder what we will do today!"

finishing my breakfast, i wait over by the door, hopping in place with excitement.


She sighs, "Rain is almost always good, but if there's anything I've learned, it's to always trust your gut." She eats a couple of her cookies before, as usual, giving him the rest.


Blue star seemed freaked out. "I hate spiders…ugh… How can you have something like this crawling in your mane?" He asks with a disgusted expression. "Now now, no need to be intolerant NY friend." he pats Star in the head, in response He just grunts and looks away. "Fine, let her in. See if I care."
The other stallion simply smiles." He's a big grumpy Guy, don't worry about him. You are free to enter miss Glitter. Just be careful of muggers. In fact, would you like me to scout on in to speak with the mayor?"

Not a few seconds after, an old Gray stallion with a white mane comes out through the door. He almost jumps as he sees you. "Ugh… Hello Xhibeni… Excuse me but I have much to do today… I plan to deal with this problem with this supposed, resistance… Foolish ponies, they don't realize that this is the only place we are safe…" he grumbles, sitting on his table as he wants for his breakfast to be prepared. "And what have you planned for your day young zebra?"

He munches on them, although he does not look any more content… "Indeed Nu… Remember when I found you and invited you to live with me? It was my gut saying that… Heh… To this day it has not failed me…" he pats his stomach before getting up from his chair, a few of his old bones popping as he grunts.
"Well. I'm going to go see the mayor. He called me for an audience today and I had no idea what it was about… Will you be fine on your own Nu?… Or… I suppose you could come along as well…" he scratches his chin



"Hmm" i reply, tapping my chin with a hoof. "Well, Gatsha can be bored if he stays in one place. Perhaps we could see the town today?"

Meanwhile the Golem in question maintains his station outside the mansion's doors, wooden joints creaking softly as the wind blows by.


"As much as I like my alone time… I think I'll tag along," says the hybrid as she stretches her limbs.


"..The mayor, yes. That seems like a good plan. "
I nod with a smile.
"And do not worry Blue pony, my animal companion shall not harm anyone who does not harm me."


"I… I am not sure Xhibeni… You know how mist ponies are towards you… They don't really like zebras.. And Gatsha… Well I honestly don't trust you alone, even with him… If you're going out, it would be better if you had company.
"I could go with him master Shackle" Spoke up Rusty.
"huh… Fine enough, as long as you finish cleaning… " Spoke Shackle.
" Certainly sir." he smiles before turning to you. "Now master Xhibeni, go get your things and get yourself prepared while I finish. We shall leave shortly for a nice walk…"

" Alright, go get your stuff before we leave. Also take one of the kitchen knives to protect yourself if we find any muggers outside… Don't want anyone hurting you and you having nothing to protect yourself with except for me. And I am honestly not a fighter" he chuckles heartily

"Excellent." he smiles before looking turning back to the gate and shouting. "OPEN THE GAAAAAAATES".
And shortly after, the sound of mechanical whirring is heard. And the gates slowly open… Revealing an open Avenue with almost no ponies walking around… Everything looked dull and gray and rather depressing. Until the Stallion comes in your sight, he had a cheerful smile on his face as he motions for you to come. "By the way, my name is Golden Spirit, it is a pleasure to be acquaintanced with you."


Trot along side the stallion. "Thank you for the assistance Golden Spirit. Your city is most marvelous how do you make everything so grey?"


File: 1428121021116.png (128.24 KB, 800x600, Xhibeni.png)


"Okay, mister Coat! I'll let Gatsha know, see you soon."

pushing my way through the dining hall doors, i rush down the stairs and through the entryway, nearly colliding with Gatsha, before hopping onto his back.

"Gatsha, we're ready to go! wait for mister coat, then we'll go for a walk."

As if on cue, the construct rumbles to life, turning it's broad trunk of a body to face the entrance, as if waiting.


AR your words he starts laughing rather loudly. "Hahah! Wonderful? That is one word I would not use to describe it… You really are something else miss Glitter." he chuckles on the way to the mayor. You pass by a few shady ponies on the way, but occasionally coming across a filly or a stallion who seemed to be begging for help. Golden Spirit shook his head negatively at each of them, Apologizing and moving on, leaving disappointed ponies behind. "Indeed, this place is everything but wonderful… No wonder ponies are making a resistance to fight back against those Golems…" he speaks

It was a few minutes before he could show up. But in the distance, you could see A guard and a mare approaching the city Hall. They seemed to be talking about something…


She gets a gigles at his mention of grabbing a kitchen knife. "I have Eldarnada, remember?" Nu says, showing off one of the only two things still has from her parents other than herself.

Eldarnada is a cross-guardless emerald green katana with sapphire markings, pulsing in tune with her heart.

She grabs her mother's throwing knife and puts it in its place on her free hip.

"Ready when you are, Alwheen."


I smile and giggle softly before tilting my head in curiosity. "Really.. I hadn't heard about anypony trying to resist. Is that something the mayor started?"



waiting patiently for mister coat, i shift myself towards the approaching ponies, waving a hoof.

"It looks like more ponies are here, Gatsha. isn't this exciting?"

Gatsha continues to look towards the door, oblivious.


"Oh right… That sword thing… Brrr, honestly it gives me the creeps… But as long as it keeps you safe. Now come on." he says leading you out. The walk to the city Hall was mostly uneventful, but Nu could still feel the tension in the air… Something was coming… Something bad…

"Actually he is against it. Says that ponies are safer here… In this hellhole… He lives in the comfort of his house, and doesn't know the difficulty the other ponies are going through to survive. Not to mention the structural weakness in the walls of the city that he NEVER BOTHERS TO FIX" he suddenly speaks in a louder tone. "ugh. If I didn't had to work to that old stubborn mule to help my family… I would slap some good sense into him…" he says as you arrive at the front of the hall, there was a zebra at the door, he was waving at you two. and there was also… Some sort of odd, wooden machine? It looked like a golem, but made of vines and wood completely, it's a wonder how it is working.

Mister Rusty sure was taking a while cleaning…
As the stallion approaches, you can hear what he is saying. "…slap some good sense into him!"


She silently walks with him, keeping alert with a hand on Eldarnada at all times.


'1d10' I'd like to look it over as we pass by. appraise

"Oh.. if the mayor is against it, then how is such an effort organized?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hello! are you waiting for mister coat too?" i ask, perched on Gatsha's back. "He is cleaning the mayor's house, but he should be out soon."


You could see a gryphon coming out of a corner of a house, a dagger in his hand, he seemed just about to assault you, but a glance at Eldarnada made him flinch and look away, awkwardly walking in another direction pretending this never happened. Alternatively didn't seem to be amused St all..

"Honestly, I shouldn't be telling you this. But it's actually a few ponies, a dozen or so actually… I am with them but technically I am not. I need to keep my duties as a guard, but I keep my mouth shut if I see them" he gives you a wink

>Mechanical Minion

>5 hits, 5 wounds


"Hello Zebra, I am Glitter, Golden Spirit is taking me to meet the mayor."
I make a straight face and fumble with my spear as if trying to figure out if I should draw it or not.

I wink back. "I understand, you are just a guard after all."


She lifts an eyebrow at the gryphon before turned away, tje look on her face saying, "Are you sure you want to do that?" as she grips Eldarnada's handle.


"Yes, hello."

balancing on the golem's back, i tap my chest before tapping Gatsha's back.

"I am Xhibeni, and this is my friend, Gatsha… Say hello, Gatsha, don't be rude!"

In response, Gatsha shifts himself to face you, before waving his trunk of an arm in a wave-like arc.


I mimic its waving action.
"Fantastic to meet you Xhibeni and Gasha. What is your purpose in the city?"


"Yeah. But if I could… I would love to get out of here… Honestly, if the Golems don't get to us, eventually starvation will…Uh… Would you like to chat with your new friend while I call the mayor?" he says pointing to the door

He nervously fumbles away "uh, morning.." he mutters as he walks away from you…
The rest of the walk was uneventful, and soon enough, you can see the city Hall. There was a mare, a zebra, a guard and a big wooden mech thing near the door. How fancy!

Rusty comes through the door. "Oh, good morning Golden Spirit." he said to the guard that came along with the mare. He nods in response
"Oh and who is this? A friend of yours master Xhibeni?"


"Hello, how are you doing?" she says to the group.


"Well, we were passing through the village, but the mayor, Mister Shackles, was worried about us. So here we are, staying in this big mansion!"

"Oh yes, mister coat! I was just saying hello. It looks like they want to talk to mister shackles."


"oh do they now? Fantastic. I shall call him inside."

"Miss Nu, Alwheen… I Shall call in the mayor, I will be gone shortly."


"If that would be acceptable."
I nod at him and stand still.

"Really. have you seen anything particularly interesting at the mansion?"


"Hello Deer, I am waiting here to meet the Mayor."



"Hmm… well, Mister coat is very nice to us, but Mister shackles is too busy to play. He is worried about 'resistance'"


She nods respectfully.

With a bit of a smirk on her face, "Last I checked deer don't walk on two clawed feet, but I guess I could be wrong." She gets a bit of a laugh.



From Gatsha's back, i notice the strange, pulsing blade

"Oh! is that a sword? can i see it? can i?" i ask, excited.


I look a bit confused
"Are you a foal Xhibeni? Why are you worried about the resistance?"

I frown. "You closely resemble a deer. If not a deer then what are you?"



"I am not worried at all, Gatsha is here with me. If those meanies attack, he'll keep us all safe!" i reply assuredly, tapping Gatsha's back with a hoof.


She gives him a questioning look, "You can look at it." She pulls out Eldarnada, holding the blade in her hands for him to see.

Smiling at her, "Half deer."


"The resistance attacks zebras?"

"And half crocodile?" I guess.



Hopping down from Gatsha's back, i trot over and examine the blade closely.

[1d10+2] Engineering, Examine

"It does not look like normal metal, is it magical?"

"I do not think so, but they certainly do not like me… Mister shackles lets me stay with him, no one else would."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You can't make any more details other than the fact those emeralds are not just regular emeralds… They were a bit brighter…


"You have been with the resistance then? Is mister shackles part of it?"


"Dragon." She corrects her with a laugh.

"It's actually made from a piece of my shell from when I hatched."


"Very magical"



"mister shackles tells me about them, but i have not seen any of them. He says they are bad ponies, who do not understand that he is trying to keep them safe."


"Why is the metal moving? is it keeping count of something?"

shifting angles as i talk, i continue to examine the sword's edge carefully, as to not bump into the point.

[1d10+2] Engineering

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


The metal is not actually moving… It's pulsing! Almost like a heart. Certainly freaky


I frown and look the dragon-deer over carefully '1d10'
"…Oh, how is Mister Shackles going about keeping your safe small zebra?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


It is a dragon deer. You have never saw anything like before!


"Why, the walls of course! He said that the Golems are dangerous, and that the village is safe inside the walls."

"Of course, he did not mean to keep Gatsha out. Gatsha isn't like the other Golems, Wooden, not metal."


"It's not metal. Elarnada is linked to my soul, that's the same beating as my heart."

Eldarnada's edge is in pristine condition, looking sharp enough to use to shave with.



"Oh! very strange. But also cool!"

"Thank you for showing me, Miss…?"


"Very smart. A marvelous plan indeed." I nod in approval.
The spider eyes up your wooden friend as if he was hungry.
"Hahaha don't joke about my dear companion, it would be rude to climb on that."
"I see, the egg-shell blade is a part of your species. Are there many half-dragon-half-deer?"


"No Miss, just call me Nu. What's your name?"


After a few nice minutes of chatting, the mayor and the Butler cone through the door. "Good morning." he said running his eyes. "Ah Alwheen, I was waiting for you. Come in, come in… And who is this mare, Soldier?" he asks Golden Spirit. "A mare that came to the city alone sir. Not much else to say about her except that she is a Shaman." Golden bows
"Huh… You come on in as well…"
Rusty turns to Xhibeni. "Master Xhibeni, I am afraid our walk will have to wait until this meeting is over. I apologize." he bows


"From what I know? Just me."


"And… no. Eldarnada is linked to me because it's a product of my connection with Gaia."


"A fellow Shaman?"


"Oh. I apologize if I offended you.. Nu."
I keep looking over at her.

Until I see golden bow to the mayor and immediately copy him.
"Correct. I am a shaman. I was previously living in the wild. I have not seen many ponies sir."



"My Name is Xhibeni, Nu. And this" i say, pointing to my Golem "Is Gatsha. He is my friend, and is very nice."

"It is alright, Mister coat. We can walk some other time, it looks like there is a big meeting going on."

Patting Gatsha on the leg, i motion towards the door. "You stay here, Gatsha. I'll be right back, do not worry!"

With that, i head inside with Rusty, while Gatsha returns to standing near the door.


I nod in affirmation realizing it would be silly to repeat myself.


"Oh, not at all, and, hey, maybe we could share a bit of our knowledge." Smiling at you brightly.

"It's a pleasure to meet the both of you," she says, still holding her toothy smile.


"Living in the wild? With those things roaming around every corner of the world? I find it hard to believe… You don't look like you're telling the truth…hmn…" he gives you the stink eye, silently staring at you before Golden speaks up. "Oh come on mayor, the mare was alone and probably hid herself with her nature magic or something, right?" said Golden.
"I suppose so… Still, I am keeping an eye on you… Now come on. Everypony come inside… "

The air outside was chilly, and a slight thunder could be heard in the distance.

You all grad inside, as well as Nu and Alwheen. The mayor take you to the living room, where you al sit in some comfortable chairs.
" Now… Let us start with you, Alwheen… Do you know why I called you here?" the stallion asks the large dragon. "I honestly don't know sir… Why have you called me here?" he sits down as he speaks
"Well… I am certain you know of ponies trying to make a resistance against the Golems… Now a little green bird told me that you are the one that is leading this resistance, Alwheen."


"That sounds like a wonderful plan Nu."
I smile back
I also go in and focus on bowing to the mayor as I do.


Nu goes in with Alwheen.


"Yes, as Golden says, My animals companions helped me survive, but the mechanical demons killed them so I had to leave." I frown and stare down at the carpet still bowing to him as I watch the scene unfold.
'1d10' look over the Alwheen that is being referred to.

Roll #1 9 = 9



I sit quietly in my seat, looking towards Alwheen in worry.


She stands up, quite a bit peeved that he's considering such a thing negative. "If there is anything I learned from my mother, it's that it's better to fight back while you still can than it is to hide in a hole as the walls crumble around you."

She turns to Alwheen, about to say somehting, but deciding to wait until after the meeting is over.


He was a tall muscular dragon. His scales had a cool blue color and his eyes were a lively yellow. He was covering his body with cloth pants and a leather coat, but you could see what looked like the outline of a weapon under the cloth…

"I don't know what you are talking about Mayor. All I do with my days is craft and take care of Nu while I wait for death's cold embrace…"

"Oh really? So that is how you take care of her huh? She obviously is part of this dammed resistance as well! Do you want to fight back dragoness? Well too bad, I am the mayor and my order is final. No soul is to leave this place. We WILL remain together in here. Are you all so blind to see or simply too ignorant to realize? This is the only place we can remain safe! Get that through your thick skulls!"


appraise the mayor '1d10'
I stay quiet for now.

Roll #1 10 = 10


She clenches a hand tightly on Eldarnada, her eyes starting to turn black. "I have never heard of it until today! And you must be the blind one! My mother, a the strongest mage I've ever known, was murdered by these monsters. If you think those walls will hold forever, you're a fool," she says, her voice filled with venom.



"Um… mister Alwheen?" i pipe up from my chair. "Mister Shackles says those Golems are very scary. Are you sure it is wise to fight them? You might get hurt!"
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 10 = 10


[1d10] persuading the mayor before she bursts.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He was a dark gray stallion around his 50s. The bags under his eyes show he was clearly having terrible nights of sleep, or maybe no sleep at all. His expression seems hardy… But you can see a small drop of sweat running from the side of his face… He was nervous… Scared even…

"Fold your tongue! Your mother was a whore who took a dirty forest dweller cervine for a mate because she couldn't have any luck with one of her kind. An aberration like you has no right in this conversation so you better remain quiet unless you want me to call the guards." he venomously spits on the ground in front of you. But Alwheen puts a hand on your shoulder. "Nu… Please calm down… Don't listen to him and let me solve this…" he reassures you

"Hah, see Alwheen? Even a child can see your intents. Admit it, end this foolishness, and I will consider not sending you to jail. " speaks the mayor
Alwheen however, simply turns to Xhibeni. Putting a hand on his head. "little zebra,I have said it before, I am merely a woodcrafter… Would you like to do us a favor and fetch us some tea so we can… Calmly, discuss this?" the Butler, Rusty, nods at this. "Indeed I could use a hoof while the adults solve this, master Xhibeni…"

The mayor sits back in his chair. " Honestly, I would love some tea right now… You two are giving me the worst headache… Ugh…" he rubs his forehead with a hoof, seemingly a bit more calm after his outburst towards Nu.

>Nu,Glitter roll notice


'1d10' notice

Roll #1 2 = 2



Nodding, i hop out of the seat and follow Rusty into the kitchen.

"Do not worry, Mister coat! i will help with the tea." i say, looking back at the proceedings while i leave


Her eyes are now solid black as she stares at the stallion, seething in cold rage.

[1d10] notice

Roll #1 7 = 7


Thank you master Xhibeni. Come now.. I am afraid things might get rather tense in today… " he says taking you to the kitchen, away from the living room

You couldn't see right with Alwheen standing right in front of you, his behind blocked the view of the window.

The stallion stared back at Nu for a brief second before turning away his gaze. However out of the corner of her eye, she could see in the window. A pegasus pony with a crossbow… Aiming straight at the mayor!
"What yer looking at, bastards child?"


She grins a dark, angry smile at this. "A dead man," her voice like ice.


This is all certainly strange.
I'll keep quiet yet still.
appraise the dragon Alwheen '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



"Oh yes, i am worried it may get worse." i reply, nodding.

"Mister shackles is not looking well. will he be alright?"


There is not much you can make out of him still… Only that he was calmly smiling…

He Leers at you. And in a second, the sound of a faint click was heard. You can see the pupils on the mayor widen for a moment as time seemed to have stopped, and a bolt cut the air, flying straight to his head.

"…" he silently looks at you.
"… He will be fine, master Xhibeni…" he smiles,

Roll #1 7 = 7


In his panic, or reflexes, somehow the mayor dodges out of the way, the bolt hover, pierces a hole through his ear as he grasps it, screaming in pain before a pegasus flies in. And another one. Both holding crossbows aimed at the mayor.
Alwheen gets up, and pulls a dagger from his robe




I open the door as if to leave or give the mayor an escape route.


From his position, he didn't even dare to move, he was paralyzed, scared, really scared
''W-what is the reason for this…T-this treason?!'' He shouts to the pegasi with crossbows


"Yes. Why are you trying to kill the Mayor?" I ask the room. "Are not ponies supposed to herd together?"


She walks up to the mayor, her entire form as well as her sword engulfed in inky blackness. She presses the tip of her sword against the stallion's nose, it feeling icy cold. She speaks, her voice whispy and just as frozen as her blade, "You are a worm."


''You stay out of this'' One of the pegasi speak up.
''No no it is perfectly fine… she deservers to know'' Said Alwheen, who seemed awfully calm at this.
''Indeed, ponies are supposed to work together, especially at times of crisis such as this one. but there are a few… bad seeds.'' He shoots the Mayor a dirty glance ''…Who, for their own selfish or coward reasons, only seek to protect themselves, and do not mind the well fare of others…Ponies like these need to be eliminated… Ponies like you mayor…Now, I am a kind rebellious leader, you can hold on to your pitiful life and tell your guards to surrender and give us access to the weaponry… Or… You can enjoy the feeling of having a crossbolt piercing your brain… your choice…
The Mayor is sweating and his face shows pride, with a hint of doubt

He draws back his head, looking down at the sword and then back to Nu with a gaze filled with despise. He seemed about to say something but thought better and kept his mouth shut.

''Well?'' Chimes Alwheen. ''We do not have all day to wait for your response, Golden Shackles…''



Oblivious to the brawl outside the door, i cheerily search through the cabinets for tea leaves.

[1d10] Search

"Mister coat, do you know where the kettle is stored? some tea could help mister shackles relax."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Once again I gesture to the door and step aside.
"Mr. Mayor, is it not better to live as a lone wolf, than die to a new leader?"


"You cower in fear behind walls you foolishly believe will hold forever, hiding in your mansion of excess while the rest of us starve. This is not treason. This is justice. Either help this cause I knew not about until today, or die by the the blade of our hearts, Eldarnada." She says, pressing the blade against his nose.


You find the storage of all the imported tea the mayor possesess. in leaves and little sachets.
''Well Master Xhibeni… I remember his favorite tea being Jasmine tea, he will be glad to drink some of it I am certain'' His moustache curls into a smile

He glances towards you. then back to the crossbows, the tension in the air could almost be touched
Combined with Nu's speech, The will of the mayor is broken, and he raises his arms. ''I…humbly surrender…''
Alwheen puts a hand on Nu's shoulder, smiling at her. ''Very good, very good… Now gentlemen, tie him and take him outside. he will have a crowd to respond, and make his final speech as a mayor…''

At his command, the pegasi tie him up, he doesn't take his gaze from Alween. ''I knew it… i always knew it!'' he spits as his limbs are immobilized by thick rope



"Oh! here they are."

pulling a sachet out of the cupboard, i set the kettle out to boil and prepare the glasses for drinking.

"It has been a while since i have made tea. i hope he enjoys it!"

[1d10] Tea Making

Roll #1 5 = 5


Before they take him away, she leaves him a cut on his face to remember her by. She walks to the edge of the room silently and begins meditating, the level of her hips never changing as she croses her legs.


Follow the pegasi outside.


''I am sure he will master…'' says Rusty, still smiling as he helps
The tea comes out nice enough, although you might have put in a liiiiiiittle too much sugar…

He grunts and spits on the ground in front of you. ''Bastard child! You sh-'' He is however interrupted by Alween, who gives him a swift kick in the face, silencing him.
''Do not dare, talk about her this way, unless you want to get your tongue cut off, understand?''
He puts his hand in Nu's head. ''Come on Nu, now it is not the time for that, let us go outside, you will not want to miss this…''

Once outside, There was a small crowd of ponies gathered in front of the town's hall. some of them had makeshit weapons like kitchen knives or pieces of wood, and others, possibly stolen weapons like rusty swords and crossbows of which the wood looked clearly rotten. they exchange a few whispers until Alween speaks up again.
''Tell them, the weapons, where are they? and tell your guards to surrender…'' he mutters
''W-wait, think about this again! If you leave, the golems will kill you all! you know what they did with soldiers who were not only much more experienced than most of you, but also had far larger numbers and still were killed in battle. what makes you think a petty army of villagers can stand a chance higher than those soldiers against these golems?!''


I move among the crowd and ask a random villager.
"Do you approve of the dragon leader?"


She follows silently levitating, the mayor able to feel her icy stare despite her not even looking at the bastard.


Humming a tuneless song, i set the tray on my back and head into the living room, to serve some drinks.

"Mister shackles! i made some tea with mister coat's help!"


A orange mare with a weird purple and green mane looks at you. ''Well uh…I uh… we uh… uh…'' She seems to be a stuttering mess. but a Cobalt Stallion speaks up for her calmly. ''Yes, yes we do. there is no food, and the crops won't grow. and the markets are gone completely. no pony can live this way. we will take back what was once ours…''

''I must say Nu, you impressed me just there… I expected you to not aprove of this… and of the fact that I have been hiding this from you for so long…''

Once you arrive at the living room. you see no one… it was completely silent but… there were shards of glass on the ground, and a crossbolt was piercing through Shackles favorite chair…


I sit by and watch what happens next.



Surprised but knowing better than to break their plates, i set the tea on the table before panicking, running circles in worry.

"Oh no! what has happened? where is everypony? is mister shackles alright?"

Rushing over to Rusty, i lean on him in concern.

"Mister coat, what should we do?"


"I'd rather die taking a stand than living like we were, Alwheen," Nu says, still just floating behind him, calming herself down with meditation.


you sit, doing nothing

''Hmn… Mister Xhibeni…Do you remember when I told you I would give you a birthday gift in your next aniversary? well… I suppose it is time to give it early… come… everything will be explained…'' he walks towards his bedroom, motioning for Xhibeni to Follow

''And I am certain your mother would be proud to see you like this…You will be a powerfull Ally Nu…''

''People of LeatherWing! look at this, we have captured the mayor, yet he still insists in trying to keep us trapped here! Trying to control our freedom! Our will to fight! Will we stand for this?''
''NOOO'' cheers the crowd upon Alween's speech
''THAT IS WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR! NOW LET US RAID THE SOLDIERS OUTPOST, GRAB AS MANY WEAPONS AS WE CAN AND CLAIM. BACK. OUR KINGDOM!'' He shouts at the top of his lungs and the small crowd cheers widly. a few ponies who were hiding home even decided to join in this, while some others closed their windows upon seeing this scene.
Upon Alween's command, dozens of ponies start marching towards the west. to The Soldiers outpost.


"And yet I fear my father would be horrified."


I look around the crowd for anyone who seems uncertain or left behind.



"Oh? a present?"

mood picking up slightly at the mention of presents, i carefully pick my way over the glass shards and follow close behind.

"It does not look like anyone was injured, but mister shackles favorite chair is broken. When he gets back, he won't like that at all." i finish, nodding sagely.


"But… you never really knew either of them, did you?" she sighs. "Mom would have treated my action with impressment, but Dad… he would have looked at me in horror," Practically spitting out the last word in her whispy, icy voice.


*my actions


''I have never seen him, but I would love to hear more once this is over and we can rest this night…''

Indeed there were a few mares and stallions that dragged away the young towards their houses… they seemed to be scared and went to hide, shushing the cries of the young fillies…
''Miss…Miss?'' A voice calls to you from behind, you feel a slight tug in your tail…
''he will not need to worry about that anymore Xhibeni. in fact…it is hightly likely he is dead now…'' He says somberly as he opens to door to his room and turns on a lamp. he levitates it and opens up a cabinet, before pulling out a necklace that looked like a silver coin…
''put…put this on, please…''

''Your father was the deer right? I'm sure he would still support you no matter what… they raised you to be quite the decent lady…''


The thumping is getting really loud, I better find a house and get inside.


"Yes, and in his language, my name means peace…"

[1d10] peception check on where that thumping is coming from.

Roll #1 2 = 2



"D-dead?" i ask, shaking. "W-who would want nice mister shackles dead?"

upset by this realization, i hardly notice slipping the necklace on, still wrapped in thought.


I look down at whatever is tugging on me.


The sounds of the crowd all around you make it hard to make out the sounds… and where they are coming from

It was a little filly, she had a small bow with a strawberry on her hair and a pink mane with a reddish coat.
''I… I can't find my mommy…I lost my Mommy miss…'' her eyes start pooling with water as you approach one house that had the doorway open

''The resistance master Xhibeni… Shackles has done bad things… for most of the ponies that live here, and they are not content about it… they want freedom… and now they rebel against him… Ah… it fits perfectly… you look great in it…''


"You should get inside filly." I say and essential drag her into this building with me.



"Will you be okay, Mister Coat?" i ask, tilting my head. "If you are scared, you could come with me. Gatsha will keep us all safe, you would not have to worry at all!"


She floats away from the crowd, trying to figure out just where it might be coming from…
[1d10] C'mooooon, dice! Gimme a good set of ears!

Roll #1 6 = 6


''B-but My mommy… She told me to stay safe… and that she would call the guards… and she hasn't come back…'' She says on the verge of tears
''I'm scared miss…''
Once inside, you can see that no pony was here, the house was in absolute silence aside from the filly's sobs. you stood at the living room, a few wooden chairs were around, and a burnt out fireplace gave out a faint light in the dark. to your right was the way to a kitchen, and to your left, a window with a curtain

He looks at you for a few moments, smiling. ''yes… Yes I would love that Master Xhibeni… come, let us leave… it was about time we left… pack all of your things, and please do hurry''
>Acquired the Silver Medal.
>Effect. Boosts Luck

The sound was actually… coming from right where you were heading!
Something has collapsed… Ponies start screaming…
''W-what?'' says Alween,surprised


"Inside is safer than outside." I comment and have my spider go re-light the fire.


Nodding, i quickly gallop off to my room, retrieving my ironwood wrench from under my bed before making my way downstairs and over to the entrance.


She runs/floats as fast as she can to Alwheen. "They broke through!"


the room is much more illuminated now thanks to your spidey friend. but outside, you hear commotion…
Something is happening…
''Miss? why are there so many loud noises outside?…''

''Is that all you will be taking Mister Xhibeni? I made sure to pack your clothing and all the food we could carry as well. if you are ready, let us-'' He is interrupted as both of you start hearing a commotion outside…

''I can't Believe it!'' Alween grits his teeth
''GOLEM!'' Screams a ramdom passing Mare as she runs by
''THEY HAVE COME FOR US!'' And A stallion…
''Resistance my rear! I am out of here!'' Says another stallion, running away like a coward.
''Nu… Prepare your sword…'' Alween says

In the distance, among the running ponies, you can see a tall figure standing on two legs, with large arms and a shiny head, it breaks through the wall of the city, seemingly with a punch. it had a glowing core on it's chest, protetched by a metal cage as it starts picking a new target. a pony mare cowering in fear under it as it seemed about to go in for the kill


"Maybe your mother is coming. Sit by the fire and I'll look."
Look out the window.


As quick as she can, she charges at the titan, going straight for the metal cage.
[1d10] single, 2x damage

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Oh dear… Mister coat, do you hear that?"

holding the door open for him, i quickly make my way outside after, meeting up with Gatsha standing nearby.


Out there, you can see a few ponies running in fear. oh, and a few thin, tall creatures with some sort of bloodied scythes for their right hoof, or hand… it was quite an oddity indeed. one of them jumped into a stallion who tripped, dooming him as the Golem cut his head off clean and quickly, his screams cut short as his body went limp without a head… The golem takes a few seconds to look at the body, and then goes back to jumping around, in search of it's next victim…

She not only stops the punch with her sword, she slices his hand apart, and in a feat of extremely quick reflexes, She picks up the hand and smashes is against the gage,, crushing some of the core, as well. and for the finisher move, she pulls Eldarnada back and slices off the Core in half, The golem, barely having time to react, simply grasps where it's core was prevviously, falling to it's knees before there's a sound of it's mechanism exploding…
The mares runs off before even stopping to thank Nu in any way

''Yes Indeed I have not gone deaf quite yet Master Xhibeni… Come, I will keep you safe… or Gatsha could do that as well… I.. have never engaged in a fight before in my life… so…'' He seemed to be blushing a bit.
A few ponies were either jumping around or flying over Gatsha as they ran, panicking…
Xhibeni sees a huge robot golem, a scythe for one of it's arm, and a brain core for a brain…quite a sight indeed…




This must be what the ponies were worried about.. can I see anypony who resembles the filly here? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



Seeing the golem looming ahead, i quickly duck behind Gatsha's back, holding on tightly.

"Gatsha, we must help the villagers, stop that golem!"

On command, Gatsha accelerates towards the metal Golem, picking up momentum before crashing into it's frame.
[1d10] Slam

Roll #1 4 = 4


Leaving the machine dead, she looks around to see if she can't find the machine "leading" the charge.


Roll #1 4 = 4



Our Antagonists all had met up inside of the City Hall after having a brief time for conversation and greetings. Being called inside, a seemingly casual conversation drifted into a heated argument. Then, into an attempt against the Mayor's life, which almost resulted in his demise.
After seeing himself surrounded and outnumbered, he surrendered and agreed to be escorted outside and to surrender his leadership to the Resistance.
But the peace that lasted for 7 in the town of Leathewing was finally broken when their residents suddenly found themselves facing an unexpected, and perhaps their most vulnerable moment.
Taking the lead of a brave frontline warrior, Nu used her abnormal deer reflexes and Dragon strength to make quick work of a single Golem. Quite a feat would be worthy of a row of applause if all the ponies, weren't running and hiding like mice.

In the meanwhile, Xhibeni, the zebra with the wooden companion, saw the chaos as soon as he opened the door, ponies running, an intimidated Rusty, and a menacing golem with a blade for its right arm making it's way towards the small Zebra

While this occurred, Glitter was hidden inside house along with a very scared filly, who was lost and alone, and claimed to be looking for her mother.

The filly had a curly blue mane and what seemed to be an open seashell with a pearl as a cutie mark. You see a mare frantically running off, her head looking everywhere as if she has lost something… In her flank, was depicted some sort of swimming golden dolphin.


And machines there were a plenty! 10, 20, no… 27 Golems, all exactly like the one she just destroyed…
They were all around her, and most were not paying much attention to her, even after one of them was destroyed seconds ago.
Nu's vision fades for a moment and she hears a whispering voice in her head, but she couldn't make out what it was saying… But she felt a sudden insurge of fear, a lot of fear…

At the very last moment, the Golems Dodged out of the way, and almost got to retaliate the attack, but thankfully, the wooden construct was intact.
"My dear boy, please be careful! That thing can slice you in a moment!" warned the old Butler


"I'll return in a moment little one." I say as I go outside and chase after that dolphin mark-pony.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Don't worr-woah!" I reply as Gatsha swings around rapidly to face the Golem.

"Worry! Gatsha is very strong, i will be safe with him here!"

Shambling forward, Gatsha rushes forward to smash into the Golem and knock him over.
[1d10] Tackle

Roll #1 4 = 4


She shakes the feeling of fear and takes action, striking at the golem attacking the most people.

[1d10] single, 2x damage

Roll #1 4 = 4


>there was no need to roll.
You quickly catch up with the mare, thankfully she was searching more than she was running.
Once you called her attention, she turns to you "My daughter, have you seen my daughter?!" She screams at your face, it was quite unpleasant…

It was no use, the Golem was heavier than Gatsha but unnaturally fast!
It finally decided to fight back, spinning it's body to slice at Gatsha

You approach an unsuspecting Golem, but right before slicing it with Eldarnada, your vision goes completely black.
There is that whisper again… One that you can't quite understand.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 = 4


The sword arm of the Golem slices off a good chunk out of Gatsha! Her movement was briefly hindered but she can still move…
> Gatsha at 3/5

Nu could see her vision return just in time to briefly Dodge a load of metal fist to the face, the Golem has seen her and it takes a defensive stance with it's fists after she dodges


"I have seen a filly, she looks a bit like you. Please follow me." Guide her into the house.


Seeing splinters fly from the impact, i duck further down avoiding the shards.
"Gatsha be careful, that sword is very sharp!"

Looking towards the Monster, i start throwing commands out, keeping my head down.

"Gatsha, Knock it down!"

moving forward, Gatsha sweeps the ground under the monster with His trunk of an arm.
[1d10+1] Grapple, Legsweep

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Void elemental ends, it looking as if color grows from her body, the last parts to return to color her eyes and sword. Despite this and that whisper… she strikes the golem.

[1d10] single

Roll #1 8 = 8


She rushes after you and when you approach the house, she ran past you and pushed the door open quickly. When you caught up, you see the mare staring at the filly and the filly, at the mare.
"Auntie Goldie?" She asks.
"This… This isn't my daughter, it's my Nephew…"

Once again, the wooden construct was simply too sl-
Oh, maybe not. Xhibeni hears a chime coming from somewhere, and just as the Golem was about to step back, red and orange sparks go off in its leg as it falls to it's knees. Something must have gone wrong with it, perhaps a fault from it's creator…

Nu advances forwards and performs a faint attack! Getting the Golem to raise it's arm and keeping it's guard wide open for Nu, who sliced of the plate upon it's chest.
However, it did little to nothing to stop it's attack

Roll #1 3 = 3


Thankfully, Nu's reflexes did not failed her again as she swiftly moves away before the blow can hit
However to her misfortune, there was another of the same Golem joining the fight, slamming it's fists together as if provoking Nu for a fight…



With a whoop, i point a hoof towards the fallen Golem
"Now Gatsha, while it's down!"

charging forward, Gatsha raises his trunk arms into the air, before bringing them down onto the golem!
[1d10] Slam

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You are still missing ponies?" I frown and look outside again.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Not waisting a second, she strikes again.

[1d10] single

Roll #1 8 = 8


The Golem could not move it's legs, but instead raised it arm sword, and blocked the attack, raising a bit of dust around from the force of the impact, but somehow the Golem seemed unaffected…

The filly nods.
So does the Mare
"My mommy is still outside…Auntie, what do we do?" the filly ran towards the window, watching as the panic and the chaos broke loose in the form of running ponies and killer machines.
"We'll stay in here… Uh.. Miss, you don't intend to go out there do you?"

An within just a second, she sliced off one of the arms of the Golem, it was stunned for a moment, but it's backup advanced towards Nu, and surprisingly, the other Golem attacks, even without an arm!

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 8 - 2 = 6


"Yes.. It is not good to miss pieces of your herd."
Walk toward the door.
"What do they look like?"


However, by defending from the blow, the Golem Xhibeni was facing got itself stuck and without a way to escape as it was still being pressed down by the larger wooden construct.

Meanwhile, with Nu, the first, unharmed Golem was too slow for Nu, but the second one got her in a vulnerable moment right after she dodges and punches her arm with it's only fist. It barely hurt, but she ought to be more careful…


hopping off of the Gatsha's back, i walk a quick circle around the downed Golem, keeping an eye out for extra movement.

"Gatsha, hold the Golem. I would like to take a closer look!"

Shifting his weight, Gatsha attempts to pin the Golem down further.
[1d10+1]Grapple, Pin

While Gatsha shifts position, i approach the metal creature, eyeing the design carefully.
[1d10+2] Engineering, Tinker

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10


Ignoring the blow, she strike the now one-armed machine again, hoping to further damage it if not finish it off.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"My mommy is a blue mare with white mane… Her c-cutie mark is a brush…" speaks up the filly
"My sister is exactly like That, yes. And my daughter has an orange coat with yellow mane, she does not have a cutie mark yet, so she will prove easy to find… If… If you are going out, please take this…" She says giving you a small box.
"It contains a first aid kit… Of you are unfortunate enough to have to face those things…"

Gatsha sinks it further into the ground, it's legs now stuck!
Xhibeni now could get a good look of the Golem, he could see it functioned with countless metal parts, but had no apparent source of energy. The only part that was not metallic, was the orange, meteorite-like smooth stone on it's head, similar to a brain of sorts…
The Reaper did not enjoy being examined like that and tried pushing The wooden construct off of it

With one strike, so swift it felt like time stopped for Nu to perform the perfect slash, shattering The Golem in front of her. Nu felt the energy from it fade as it crumbles down, And the headache struck her mind again, this time, slightly stronger and the voice, louder…
The Golem didn't care about that and just pushes through the scraps of the previous one, bashing Nu in the head with its massive elbow!

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3


The Golem slowly pushes Gatsha away and aims it's gaze to Xhibeni, confused as the zebra figured out it'd secrets!
>+1 to REALLY for Xhibeni!


Accept the first aid kit and nod. "I will return once I recover your lost herd member."
I head outside and start looking for white mane blue ponies. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9




Not far from Glitter's location, Xhibeni and Gatsha were fighting against a stray golem. thankfully they both got the upper hand on it, allowing Xhibeni to quickly study it's machinations as Gatsha kept it in place. that until the Golem slashed Gatsha in one of the legs, pushing it back, however, he was stuck in a distance safe enough for Xhibeni to continue his actions…But it was hard to tell how long…

Meanwhile Nu, our half deer, half dragon hero was busy taking down the numbers of the invading machines, and she was doing well by herself until that point.
As she fell another one of them, she felt another tug at her head and voices invading her mind, whispering things she could not quite understand, but their meanings were still hazy for her…


File: 1435106359781.jpg (193.95 KB, 1024x728, village.jpg)

As for Glitter…
After a brief introduction to a lost filly and her aunt, Glitter heeded to their despair. The little filly lost her mother, and the mare, her sister, who coincidentally and conveniently, were the same mare.
Before departing from the abandoned house where she left the filly and her aunt, she was given a first aid kit. A quick look showed her a few painkillers, bandages, vials labeled as 'antidotes' and a medical knife. Simple enough.
>First aid kit added to the inventory
Once she heads outside, Glitter could see the chaos has diminished somewhat. Seems like the Golems moved the battle to somewhere else, or at least most of them, because she could see a reaper wandering around, looking around… I seemed like it was looking for something, but luckily it has not found Glitter yet.
However, what the Golem couldn't see, Was a mare hiding under a carriage of cabbages just in front of her , but the Golem was closing in…


That mare could be the same one I'm looking for, I'll just slide over to the cart and try to get to her in time..
'1d10' navigation roll.

Roll #1 2 = 2

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