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File: 1423243279341.jpg (690.45 KB, 1296x1080, s10 reskin illustrations.jpg)


“Once upon a time adventurers and adventures both were in abundance. Titans in their own right; these quest seekers could reshape entire nations through combat, diplomacy, magic, and boundless ingenuity. Yet this was once upon a time…
Recent years have not been kind to these living wonders. Wars, dungeons, mazes, and imminent threats having been whittled to myth – there was nothing to save remnants of an ending era. Some accepted their new, safer world; others found solace feasting within a great pantheon of dead gods. This was the sunset age, giving way to an age of night.
The Age of Night, modern times, has new need of adventurers once more. Nations crumble under scarce resources; wars, and rumors of wars loom over all horizon; thoughts and actions begin to spill into dangerous radical areas. Indeed the entire world anxiously waits for heroes to rise up and combat villains.
And waits…
And waits…
Failure after heroic failure has taught the powers-that-be everywhere one thing: more must be given to the new champions if they are to have their fighting chance…
One dreary morning in a dreary city, a corner café is bright and bustling with colorful individuals. Gathered underneath a glimmering golden banner are nurses, patriots, vampires, and colorful tribals line the tables and walkways. Nearly every available inch taken up by excited chatter, sweeping motions, and grand introductions. Heroes, villains, and every flavor of character in-between gathered in this small café. Cosplayers the lot of ‘em! Their strength and right of life given through adorning costumes!
The stories of all bright eyed thrill seekers cannot be told at once, so for now the story of a single myrmid lucky to be seated at a table will suffice…“
(I don't know what you're dressed as!)


File: 1423243768729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.22 KB, 500x795, 500px-Dis3-FemaleSamurai.jpg)

"Thanks for the help, I was still having an issue with some of the clothes staying on. I hope they start soon."

I've included a picture of what she would look like.


The other heroes-to-be return your thanks! The cafe continues to bustle, and everyone is slowly moving in a grand circle about the inside. This goes on for a few minutes until an aeon stands on a chair above everyone else and tries to quiet down the chatter.


I'll sit down towards the back, otherwise any Capra or Humans won't be able to see!


As you sit down again, the Aeon's voice amplifies to almost a roar! The cafe quickly quiets down to listen to the very loud glowing character. He introduces himself as Aleo Venetricus who, like you and everyone else in the cafe, now has super powers when wearing these awesome costumes! He then goes on to say that it's now your duty to help the world fight against new monsters and cunning villains! Things might get rough out there, but your actions won't be for nothing, since you're the new heroes of this age!

He shouts a few more things you and everyone give a great big cheer from the cafe until the workers tell you to quiet down.


"He's really getting into it. I wonder what they have planned?" I think to myself why I listen in.


The aeon talks about some quick quests inside, and outside of the city before jumping down into the lake of heroes-to-be. You see that everyone came here for the quests, as only a few cosplayers leave the cafe after that hearty speech! By the aeon's words, the cafe splits into three large groups, with some smaller quest groups sitting at tables.

The big groups will be questing inside the city
The small groups will be questing outside the city


1. "I could use some fresh air, and the small groups could use my help. It's my duty."

2. "I only told my family I'd be at the convention. It would be irresponsible to just take off like that. Besides, big groups must mean big trouble."


Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll head to a big group. The more people there are, the more fun it must be!

"I knew there would be some cool events, but I never expected something like this."


You join a group headed for the city slums, news reported of gangsters who've been getting out of hand. The local police is doing all they can to keep from being overrun!

The group consists of soldiery and a few pirates.


"This sounds like they really went all out. Is this the first time you've seen them run something like this?"


One of the several group leaders affirms, this is the first ever conventions where everyone's gone to do this! The group is in high spirits as you leave the cafe and start down the street. The event you're going to is fifteen blocks away, but a bus will take you halfway there before turning around.


"I'm going to take some pictures of the route, otherwise they won't believe me. I hope I have enough memory on my camera."


You snap pictures of the group, yourself, and the bus route! The trip is 15 minutes and stops abruptly to flashing lights and a police officer in the middle of the street. He has the bus turn around, but you all manage to get out before it takes off down the way it came. A police line made of riot shields, yellow tape, police cars, and wooden horses bars any commute. Across the line you can see another group of very large thugs all wearing thick leather jackets. Some of the group leaders get into a shouting match with the police officers before being angrily turned away.


"Wow, they really made this place look like a riot is about to happen."

Snap some pictures while we're here.

"I'm going to make sure I post this on web page!"

I'll ask the leaders about when the scenario is supposed to start.


You find yourself in an alleyway along with everyone in the group! Several of the leaders say they're going to cut around and have a go at the gangsters! The atmosphere is anxious, everyone's raring to prove themselves. A few minutes pass and you reach the end of the alley and look into a street filled with more large gangsters, some of them look like they've been horkified!


"That's some good make up and effects."

Snap a picture.

"We need to find out who did the work for them."

I'll let the leaders take first go. They probably want to explain any rules.


The leaders walk out into the street, talk to the goons before getting swung at. At that point other group members rush out to defend the leaders, some cosplayers leap into the air, and a fight breaks out! One of the gangsters is toppled from the sky by a drakin dive bombing into him! A soldierly cosplayer gets hit so hard he flies back into the alleyway!


"Isn't this a little too much?"

I'll rush over to the poor guy and put my hands on him.

"Hey, are you alright? Is this part of the game? Since I'm a Priestess, am I supposed to do something?"


The knight groans and points to the dent in his armor, then asks how bad he got hit. Beyond him the group you set out with is getting beat pretty badly, one of the group leaders is splayed about the road with a couple cosplayers you talked with. You feel a small urge to make this guy better, to make the rest of the group better, to heal the hurt and restore the wounded!


"This, this is my duty! I'm here to help!"

Heal! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your hands glow, then turn hot and sparkly! The knight is zapped and brought to a standing roar! He braces himself against the wall and shakes loose. Before you can say anything, a capra flies through the air and lands into you! You both go rolling into the alleyway!
(You used Bolster instead of Heal)


"Hey, don't you think you're biting more than you can chew?"

Pin him down! '1d10' Unarmed

Roll #1 7 = 7


You hold down the capra long enough for the armored soldier to use some of his gear to tie the gangster's arms behind his back! The capra is nearly as tall as the knight! The street is still filled with chaos as more of the cosplayers you joined are getting beat up!


"Just what have they been feeding you?"

Turn towards the Knight.

"They're surrounded, so let's regroup with them first! We'll be stronger if we're all together!"

Rush over there and start healing who ever seems the most hurt… Wait, what am I thinking? Healing people? This is weird, but it seems to work.

Heal '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


The knight rushes out and helps against the encroaching gangsters! You get to one of the downed leaders and, with magic flowing through your body, quickly empower him with strength to get up and rejoin the fight! One of the gangsters, a towering myrmid, raises his armored hands into the air where they turn into crystal white balls and aims to bring them down on one of the piratey cosplayers!


"Didn't they teach you better?"

Try to tackle him while he's wide open! '1d10' Unarmed

Roll #1 5 = 5


You rush him, tripping the horkesque myrmid into falling on the road! The crystal spheres explode when they hit the ground, covering the myrmid in freezing ice and hitting your legs through some of the explosion! Your left leg feels cold and numb!


"A little cold won't stop those who fight for Justice!"

Inure Ice, I can take it! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


At some inherent command you get showered in thousands of tiny crystals! The freezing pain goes away, and you find confidence when standing in the myrmid gangster's icy atmosphere! You take stock as the tide slowly turns for your group, the other cosplayers are bruised and dirtied, but they have a firm grasp on how to fight. Out of the corner of your eye you see a towering jacketed figure looming over the heads of everyone!


"Focus, Lotus!"

Stop my fellow Myrmid from doing anymore harm before I move away! '1d10' Unarmed

Roll #1 7 = 7


You smack the myrmid as hard as you can and knock him out! Knowing he won't cause any more trouble, you turn to see the towering figure is a hork! The biggest and largest of the gangsters, he wears a sleeve-torn jacket and his rock hair done into an impressive pompadour! At his shout, all the gangsters step down and out of the street. He tells your group that if you want to live, you better leave, cuz he ain't pulling any punches for no freaks in his city!


"Shut it. Just because you're big you think you can do what you want?! No way, we're here to stop you and your friends!"

Compassion on my allies, I need to keep them motivated against this great evil! If we don't stop them, who will? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


The titanic hork pulls out a pair of sunglasses and puts them on, then looks down on the lot of you. No one flinches, no one moves. The entire group is behind you 100% of the way! The hork extends an arm, with two fist-sized fingers he beckons the lot of you to bring it!


"Everyone, take him down to size!"

Attack '1d10' Unarmed

Roll #1 3 = 3


You get close as the hork stomps and sends a massive earthly shockwave that sends you and everyone in the first charge flying! The lot of you land behind the second charge, no worse for the fall. As the rest of the group gets up and rushes the huge titan again, you spot one of the group leaders holding his leg in pain!


"I'll try to heal it, but be careful! This is getting far too real!"

Heal '1d10' Since I can't Mend in combat

Roll #1 4 = 4


Your hands glow with a pure light, as your group members land heavily on the street around you. Your magic slowly wraps around the drudge's leg as the mountainous hork breaks bones and shatters armor not far away. You heal the leader as, like earlier, you are one of the few standing cosplayers against all odds.


"You will be stopped here!"

Bolster any available allies, we all need to work together to stop him, then go after him!


The magic flows through you as naturally as walking, you run through the ranks of your fallen cosplayers, picking up the most combat ready one. You meet the hork as he's about to bring his fists onto the street again!


"This isn't normal, but there has to be; WAIT, I have an idea!"

Inure, Earth Magic '1d10'

"I'm a Myrmid, it's my duty to take the hits and withstand them!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shining sparkles surround you and fall into the earth just as the hork hits the street! The street cracks and dust from the ground underneath escapes into the air! When the sand settles you are still standing in front of the hork, shaking a bit from the hit. The few cosplayers left jump the hork, dodging his thunderous blows and hitting him where he's open! The massive gangster, exhausted from his fight, is about to topple over!


Grab his arms and show him what it feels like to deal with such a falling mass.

Throw '1d10' Unarmed

Roll #1 2 = 2


You feel overstrained as you send the hork gangster falling into his subordinates! You struggle to stand as the weight of the lumbering guy was almost too much for you to bear! The other gangsters take off in different directions down the street, some of their jackets disappearing in a glittering haze as they run.


Heal myself while trying to stand. '1d10'

"Is this it, did we win the contest?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


You fall to the ground as you heal yourself. Behind you the drudge leader walks up and says you're a hero. Today everyone's a hero for the good they did. As the group slowly reassembles themselves and makes for the alleyway, you see the horks jacket glow with a strange light.


I'll go pick it up. It's wrong to litter.

"Is everyone alright?"


The hork shrinks from the size of a building when you lift his jacket from him. You wonder what would happen if you put it on, but the weary affirmation from your group pulls you back to reality. It seems everyone wants to go to the convention now.


"This seems a little over the top for a Convention, doesn't it?" I ask the remaining cosplayers.

Let's head back to where the bus was. Maybe it's still around instead of walking all the way. We'll carry the troublemaker back with us. Maybe I went overboard on show staff?


The cosplayers see you dragging the smaller hork gangster and tell you that he's not part of any event, he's really a gangster! As you all continue to the bus stop, others fill you in on the strangeness of the costumes. All across the continent, and possibly the world, cosplayers are turning into what the old fantasy heroes used to be. There have been monsters and dangerous emerging from who-knows-where going rampant without anyone being able to stop them. When you reach the bus stop, the group leaders are talking with the police as a squad of units slowly make their way down the now deserted street.


"EH! I knew it was a little too real, but I thought I was just taking it too seriously! At least I was able to put my lessons to use… So, what do we do from here? Because I'm still a little lost, if I do say so."


Most of the cosplayers are going to rest at the convention or their hotels before going back out to solve problems and adventure again! They thank you for your help and heroic words as another bus pulls up. It'll be a couple transfers before you arrive at the convention, in the mean time parts of your own costume start to glow. No one else seems to notice but you. There is a pair of white ribbons over your sandals, a strange medal around your waist, the crest of a helmet on your forehead, and a circlet around your neck. You want to touch one of these, but feel like once you do the choice will be permanent.


Touch Circlet

"Huh, when did I get this?"


The circlet materializes into a silver ring with round studs and sits comfortably about your neck. Some of the cosplayers marvel your new accessory. Before long you all arrive at the convention!

>Session end!

Questions? Comments? Anything you'd like to add?


I'm starting to get it. I'm really wondering what the Circlet will lead to.

Thanks for running!


Can you play next friday? I'm going to sleep soon so I'll read your answer later


I should be able to. Thanks for your time.


You are at CosCon! The Bus pulls up and drops everyone off, the convention building has a giant yellow banner over it with the convention name and running date. The grounds outside are packed with costumed attendees and photographers! You marvel for a while until everyone hears a loud explosion not far off.


"EH! What's going on with today!?"

I'll rush over there, keeping the jacket with me, to help people.


You run across the street just in time to hear, and see, another explosion in the large group! A smoky drakin sails in an arc through the air and lands at your feet. A bunch of unlit bombs spill from the uniform he's wearing! As you kneel down to check on him, a female hork's voice calls out and says that he was trying to blow up people!


"Unforgivable! But they're all still hurt…"

I'll restrain him using my bigger size first. '1d10'

"Anyone who can, call an Ambulance!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


The drakin struggles and fights under you, then promptly disappears in an explosion of feathers! Not far off a human woman wearing black feathery clothing smirks at you, the drakin reappears behind her and raises a cell phone to her ear!


"Are you two working together!? Why are you doing this!?"


The woman replies that there's too many wannabe heroes now, and that someone needs to separate the grain from the chaff! The woman helps the drakin to his feet, then turns back to you and offers a chance to join the 'real heroes' of the convention!


"Hmph, a bit of luck and strength comes our way and you're using it to hurt people? And you still dare call yourself 'heroes'!? Terrible, such horrible logic! If you don't stop hurting people, then I'll make you do so!"


The woman then says she doesn't need you, just your outfit! She takes out a small orb from her sleeve but stops as she and the drakin are slowly surrounded by you, the hork, and plenty of other cosplayers. Either the woman's roleplaying got the best of her, or she's seeing that this isn't friendly territory. The hork demands they both hand over THEIR costumes before the drakin flies away with the woman in his arms!


"You won't escape!"


No choice but to try the Gang Leader's outfit and yell as I try to reach them before they fly away.

Word of Power '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


As soon as you put on the gang leader's jacket, your white and red uniform disappears under a sudden white shirt, torn leather pants, and spiked leather gloves! Your words become real and fly into the air, hitting the drakin with gusts of wind until he starts to fall! He drops the woman who disappears in a pile of falling black feathers and reappears when they touch the ground, the drakin catches himself in time to make a cool landing beside her! The woman challenges you to a fight!


"I accept! Direct your wrath and anger at me and I'll show you true strength!"

Retaliate Start '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


The drakin launches himself into the air and throws some lit bombs at you as the woman pulls the orb from her sleeve and from it she launches a fire ball at you!


"Let it out! Your frustration and rage, spill it all on me and no one else! Those are the terms!"

Retaliate Round Two '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You brace yourself with your arms as explosions rock your jacket and fire envelopes you! More explosions and fire hits you as you take several heroic steps closer to the pair!


"Scream at this maddening world! Let your passion fuel your attacks as you strike the only person before you!"

Retaliate Round Three and Release '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


The drakin drops the last bombs on him as the woman screams at and unleashes all the fire magic she can at you! Everything hits, and before either of them realizes what is happening the studs on your jacket light up and you unleash a massive orb of light! The woman and drakin are grabbed by the magic and slammed into the ground, as the light settles you see that they're both unconscious on the ground. The group around you cheers as smoke rises from your burned jacket.


"Repent for your actions and live your life properly."

Take a few breathes after all of this, then go help them after removing their costumes. Call an ambulance if they need it.


You remove the costumes and cover both of the would-be-nude cosplayers in a blanket thanks to a blue magician and their unusually large hat. You now have a grenadier's uniform (sans the musket) and a black feathered dress! The commotion around you dies down and, after dealing with the two problems, you can enjoy the rest of the convention in peace! Hopefully!

>Session end!

(Sorry I have to end it here! I hope you enjoyed this? Do you have any questions, comments, or something to add?)


I'm understanding it for the most part. Thanks for running!


Before I forget! The two costumes you have!

The black dress is a mage dress with one less turn for cooldowns, but has 4 skill points.

The grenadier's uniform has 3 skill points but can take any ranged skill from all the classes.

I think I can run again next friday, if you're up for that again?


I should be available, my schedule still shows it clear. Have a good day/night


Great! Have to go now tho!

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