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[i]Can't say for sure what happened when he went up on that stage. When he came down though, his eyes were all glassed over looking. Glossy, but without focus. Said he was alright-and I should trust him all things considered-but even now I have my doubts.

Previously, on MAQ:

Puff and his crew finished exploring the underground temple/tomb, exploring the final room and finding a trio of strange artifacts: A bracer, a necklace, and some form of jewelry meant for one's tail.

Puff-The ever curious and daring soul-put on all three artifacts. Curiously enough he found that once they were put on, he could not remove the artifacts. Additionally, he could see a green mist coming forth from the gate upon the stage, and a light beyond the gate that the others could not see.

Stepping forward onto the dias, the young detective came face to face with….something. An image in the mist, in the form of a large dragon, spoke to him with words of great import.

And with those words, bore upon the young stallion a power unknown.

A horrific vision took hold of our detective; Artifacts worn burning his coat and flesh, melding with his body as the world seemed to stand still.

An eternity of terrible pain and burning. And for what?

Waking in his own home, the detective found himself filled with questions and a desperate thirst. Seeking to quench at least one of these, he went to his kitchen to procure a drink.
Only to discover during the recovery of a dropped glass that he bore some new strength.

One that would no doubt be useful in the days to come.

For even as he worked feverishly with his cohorts to unravel the mystery surrounding the Green Stallion, The Harbinger, and the involvement of his party, other forces were now in motion.

Even today, well after the fact, their motives remain shrouded in mystery….


Reminder that tonight's session is going to be short. I have to work tomorrow at regular hours, so I can't be up very long unfortunately.

I'll warn when we're close to my time limit. When we hit time limit I have to stop for the night, no matter where we're at.

Also a general reminder that you can use the /qt/ thread to ask questions to specific characters in your party. If we leave off in a really odd spot, I'll just open that up to all characters.


Sounds good

>Chapter 3

Aw yee



Time for spooky shit to happen!




>I fucked up the italics.

Well this is a great start already. Wooooo!


Time to die


everything's fine
we're fine
it'll be fine


File: 1415487197828.png (1.23 MB, 1200x800, Hantrooper.png)

How about you?


You open your eyes slowly, groaning and turning over in your bed to keep the dreaded light away from your eyes. The few birds dealing with the fall weather of Ponyville seem to be right outside your window, so loud is the chirping that makes its way to your room.

A beleaguered sigh escaping you, you rub your eyes and toss the sheets from yourself as you swing your hind legs out of bed and onto the hardwood floor of your room.

Minutes later you're downstairs, rummaging through the pantry for something to eat. Behind you snores Leafy; Still fast asleep in the pillow fort that takes up a hefty portion of space adjacent to the kitchen table.

She's loud for one so petite.

The snoring comes to an end once some oats are boiling away on the stove. The smaller mare pokes her head out of the pillow fort, mane a right mess. But the smile on her face makes it seem just fine.

"Morning, Puff," she says with a yawn, "Here, let me set the table for you."

You smile back at the mare as she crawls out of the blanket fort, stretching her back like a cat and letting out a sweet moan of relief in the process.

She hums happily as she grabs a pair of bowls and spoons, setting them on the table. Next come the glasses, which she promptly fills with apple juice from the fridge.

She's finished about the time the oats are. Carefully, the hot meal is served, and the two of you sit at the only open spots of the table as you wait for the oats to cool.

"So," Leafy chimes brightly, "Did you sleep well?"

>Player choice of dialogue begins


"About as well as one could expect"



Yeah…Strange question I know, but what happened yesterday?


"Great, despite not having a real bed," she says with a grin, "I understand the 'not sleeping in the same bed as each other' kind of rule, though, so I don't mind."

Leafy cocks an eyebrow at your question, but answers regardless.

"We spent all day and some of the night yesterday in that temple…thing. In the Everfree. Didn't get back until the moon was high in the sky. You kind of shuffled off to bed without saying much. Not that I blame you; Getting everyone to work together all the way there and back was probably exhausting."

"I kind of just made myself a blanket fort like Sweetie made you. Took a few tries to get it right, since I couldn't quite remember how to set up the chairs properly, but I think I figured it out in the end."


Fine by me. So…go to Twilight and try to transate the books?


"Twilight?" Leafy repeats, eyes staring blankly at you, "..OH! Wait! I think I remember. The pony that the purple dragon-uh….Spike-was talking about before?"

You nod, briefly telling Leafy that Twilight is a Princess who spends a lot of time studying or researching varying things. If anyone has a lead on how to translate something it's Twilight.

"So you really don't want to go see Brynn or Harley?" she asks, idly stirring her oats with a spoon, "Not that I'm one way or another on it, but I thought Cobalt said Brynn could help. Probably."


It's just that I like having another unbiased source that didn't start the entire calamity because he translated something wrong using the translate he came up with.
I mean all the world is about to be fucked up by him, including me, Sweetie and everyone else I know, love and care about all because of him.


"Sorry," she mumbles, "I didn't realize….I mean, I think there's more to it than just what he's done, but I didn't mean to upset you."

Leafy falls silent, quietly eating her oats.


Breakfast passes by, the dishes stored in the sink for the time being, as you prepare for the day.

>What do/Where go?


Maybe we should tell her what we saw in that portal thing first


So let's go to Twilight I guess, unless someone has a different idea




Roll #1 2 = 2


…We could have done both. I mean tell her that and then go to Twilight


Oh, yeah. Sorry I just got back from the can, saw two options and that they were different, and coin flipped on reflex. Whoops.

Rolling them together now.


As you and Leafy get ready-a paltry task consisting of a bathroom break and grabbing your hat-you recall the terrible experience you had on the stage in the temple. The scene flashes white hot in your mind, making you flinch involuntarily.

"Leafy," you say slowly, "When I went up on the stage; What happened?"

She blinks at you a few times before replying.

"Nothing, really. You walked up onto the stage, we stood around for about half a minute. Lost track of you for a moment when a small rock fell out of the wall and nearly hit Vernant in the head. When you walked back down, you looked a bit shaken, but okay. Though all the stuff you were wearing before was gone."

She pats her face with a hoof in contemplation, "Speaking of; What happened to that stuff? Did you stash it at the gate?"

You swallow hard; So it hadn't been a dream, or a vision, or whatever.

Reflexively you touch your chest; Could it be that the necklace was really inside you now?

No, you tell yourself, shaking your head, that's not possible.

Leafy senses something is amiss, and stands by your side reassuringly until you spill the beans about what happened. You tell her what you can remember; A shape in the mist telling you about some kind of great hall, the mentioning of power being granted to you, and the searing pain you felt as the artifacts burned themselves into you.
The last part is especially hard to convey, since you aren't entirely certain it happened.

"And last night, when I went to get some water, I nearly dropped a glass from the shelf," you say quickly, "Or rather, I did drop it. But then when I reached out for it, everything kind of stopped. The glass hovered in the air, everything was quiet. I'm still not sure what happened there."

Leafy nods, though concern is quite evident on her face.

"Well, like I said: When you walked off the stage, you seemed fine for the most part. I just thought you were tired. If you don't remember the trip back, then……well I'm not sure what that could mean. Maybe we should ask one of the others?"

"Maybe," you reply slowly, "But for now let's focus on meeting up with Twilight. See if she can't help us."

Leafy nods before bumping her side gently into yours.

"Just remember that I'm always open to listen if something's bugging you, okay? I'm not Sweetie, but…well, y'know. I still care about you."

If there's more to that sentence, she keeps it to herself.

You thank her for her concern, giving her a rare smile before the two of you head out into town. Toward the Library.


Roll #1 4 = 4


It could be worse but I don't like this start



Spike answers the door at the Library, a relieved smile on his large face.

"Puff! Leafy! Good to see the two of you safe and sound. Please, come in."

Holding the door open, he ushers the two of you inside the library. It still smells of musty papers and tea, though you notice a couple bags of luggage near the stairs to the upper floor. They're a royal purple, with a telltale mark in the center.

"I see Twilight is back," you say happily.

The happiness is short lived as Spike frowns a bit, scratching his chin.

"Ah, well; I'm sorry to say she's not. Not quite. She stopped by yesterday to drop off her luggage and check in, but said she had some important work to do before she could settle back into the library. So….actually, I'm not certain where she's at exactly at this moment. She didn't tell me where she was going before leaving. It's not like her to do that, so it must have been something exceedingly important."

He bows his head slightly.

"I'll let her know you were looking for her once she gets back. In the mean time; How can I be of assistance? Would you like some tea, at least?"


Ahh shitfeathers
Maybe we should just go see Brynn then


I'm sure that will go smoothly…
Look we can't really trust Brynn, at least not till Twilight is back. If he hears what the Green Stallion said it won't be good at all and refuse to believe everything else.

Maybe we could get a translation guide for him or something. Or at worst we can get him to come with us to the caves and translate the inscriptions on the wall. But we can't give him the books.


Also accept the tea invitation till we figure what to do next


Well we don't have to tell him everything, we just need the books deciphered right?


The books would contain too much information and honestly I don't know if he'd tell us exactly what's written in them.
I'm really afraid of his bias and how strong he believes in his translation and what he thinks he knows about the Green Stallion and the Harbringer.
One of those books was the journal of one of them. If he figures out what they are exactly he might take them and with Harley on his side he could easily escape from us with them.

I say we leave the books with Spike for the moment and go with Brynn at the caves. If in the meantime Twilight comes back she can immediately start working on the books.


Alright I'm okay with that as long as twilight isn't going to be away for too much longer
We can ask spike about that


He said he doesn't know when she'll come back but if it takes too long, more than a day at most we'll have no choice but to work with Brynn.

Maybe we can convince him to explain how he translated the writing while we're in the caves.


"Speaking of feathers," Spike interjects, "I can't help but notice yours are different now that they've regrown. A side effect of whatever they injected you with to make the feathers grow faster, yes?"

Splaying open a wing, you turn and look at it.

Sure enough, it's kind of how it was before in the temple; Most your feathers are the same color as your body, but one in every six on the bottom row are tinged with black partway through. Almost like a gradient on those particular feathers, about 3/4 the way up the individual feather. It gives your wings a strange look when open, but the oddity is effectively doubled while the wings are closed. Almost makes the ends of your wings look streaked in tar or something.

You sigh, mildly irritated at how the wings look. Then again, it helps you stand out, right? Maybe it'll grow on you.

"I wouldn't mind some tea," Leafy replies, shifting the subject once again.

"Same with me," you decide, "I need some time to think about what to do next. Gotta find someone who can decipher these books."

"Ah, I see," Spike replies with a low rumble from across the room, clawed hands delicately placing saucers and tea cups onto a silver tray, "So that's why you need Twilight."

Oh. Right. Forgot to explain that bit.

You explain the situation with the books you collected from the temple, and how they are in languages you don't understand.

"At the very least I think there's a book with known languages and examples of them in the library somewhere," Spike says as he sets the tray of steaming tea cups down between you and Leafy, who now sit in the comfortable chairs you occupied in your last meeting here, "Allow me to seek it out while you think things over. If it's not too much to ask, I wouldn't mind looking at them myself if you're alright with that."

"But I'll see if I can't find that book first."

You and Leafy thank Spike as he begins to pour over each shelf, low rumbled mumbling escaping him as he thinks aloud about where the book could be.


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11





"Hah! Found it!" Spike exclaims from the other side of the room. He quickly walks his way over to you and Leafy with long strides, chuckling to himself.

"Half buried among the assortment of cookbooks we have in the library," he says with a grin, "No doubt a result of Pinkie's most recent visit. Now then; Would you care for me to do the comparisons while you enjoy your tea, or would you rather do it yourself?"

>I'll do it.

>Why don't you; you're a smart dragon, right?
>On second thought, let's not.


Let him do it and enjoy the tea.


Let's enjoy some bomb-ass tea


I'm slightly worried about these wings


I don't think anything bad will come of it
I trust the doctor pony


You hand over the three books you collected from the temple to Spike, who takes them in an almost reverent fashion. He moves himself to your left, placing himself out of the way of you and Leafy as he puts the stack of books to his right, and the dictionary of languages on his left. Lying on his stomach as he gets to work.

"Just wait until Twilight sees these," he mumbles, flipping open the top cover of the smallest of the three books; the journal looking one picked up from the room with the dragon skeleton. "She's going to have so many questions…."

He narrows his eyes slightly, before reaching over to one of the shelves nearby and grabbing a pair of glasses.

"Almost forgot. A tad hard to read these small things now without these."


Roll #1 5 = 5


…is this good or bad


So much for the dices being in our favor.


It's …okay


Spike flips through the book slowly, taking the time to compare multiple characters against alphabets and examples in the dictionary. His progress is steady, if a bit slow.

One cup of tea turns into three, then four, before he shuts the first journal and announces his findings.

"The first one is an older pony language that only surfaces in a few documents discovered around dense jungles or forests. It takes time and a little guesswork to accurately translate even a single page featuring this language. I'm not certain of any linguists proficient in it either, though I could do some looking for you. It is entirely possible to translate this entire book with this dictionary alongside it, but the amount of time required would be pretty intense. And I imagine you don't have all that much time."

"Translating the first page would likely take me a pair of days."

With that, he moves onto the second book. The other book found in the room with the dragon skeleton. About twice the overall size of the first book, the handwriting inside also made you think it was a journal, compared to the big, history book you found on the table in the auditorium.

He flips open the cover and the first page as he begins, though his eyebrows raise sharply in surprise as he looks over it.

"Well. To think you'd bring me something in Draconic."

"Draconic?" you repeat.

"Yes. Draconic: The language of dragon-kind. I recognize it from studies I've done about my own kind, though I couldn't readily translate it for you. Such is the consequence of growing up among ponies."

"Well I think you turned out just fine," Leafy says with a grin, "You sound quite intelligent and well mannered, after all."

Spike blushes, looking away with a sheepish grin.

"Oh if only you knew how untrue that was not so long ago……"

He coughs, clearing his throat, before continuing.

"Since I recognize that one, I'll move onto the third. Give me a moment."


Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7



"Well, that's peculiar," he murmurs. "It's in a completely different language than the other two. You said you found these all in the same place?"

You and Leafy nod in unison.

"Hmmm….it suggests different authors, perhaps from different times. I'd have to get the journals tested for age confirmation, of course, but I don't think you have time for those results either, do you?"

"Regardless, the language of this larger book is well known. I could get a professional to look at it and likely get a translation in a matter of days. Doing it myself would take considerably more time, of course. With your permission, I wouldn't mind looking at the book in Draconic."

"But, that is all entirely up to you. These are your findings, after all."

>Translate something from the first book (Pony journal)

>Translate something from the second book (Dragon journal)
>Translate something form the third book (History book?)
>Let me think it over

Also I'll have to cut the session in about an hour. Just a heads up. It's gonna be a cliffhanger pretty much no matter what goes down, so feel free to spend the rest of the time just mulling things over if you want to.


While I have a feeling the pony journal might be rather important, I think it wouldn't hurt to look at the dragon one first; could we get the history book done elsewhere in the meantime?

What do you guys think?


we know too little about the dragon imo


so does the history book mean that someone else was in there recently


"I wouldn't mind having you translate some of the Dragon journal. If you don't mind, Spike."

Spike smiles a wide, toothy grin, his tail wagging left to right slowly as his excitement grows.

"I would love to! Not only to help you, but to learn more about my kind-and hopefully myself-in the process. I must ask how much you'd like me to translate. Depending on what you want, I may have something for you today or a few days from now."

>Player choice

"Well the book does seem in remarkably good condition, considering where you found it," Spike muses.

"It was also in a magic bubble," Leafy pipes up.

"A magic bubble?" Spike turns the book over in his clawed hands carefully as he inspects it further. "Ah, I see. The binding is done differently than in most contemporary books, indicating it is indeed older. I'd have to compare it to a more extensive library of older books to properly determine age based on binding style….."

He looks up from the novel, cheeks reddening again.

"Pardon, went off on a tangent. Suffice to say, if you found it in a magic bubble, and the other two weren't, then someone wanted this one to be found in excellent condition. Perhaps in an effort to pass on information."

"But the other two weren't protected at all," Leafy laments, "Whoever protected the one didn't care about the other ones."

"Or didn't know about them," you chime in.

"A possibility," Spike agrees, "I suppose you may have an answer when some of these are translated. Speaking of; I could ask Twilight to contact a linguist proficient in the language of the history book. I can't pull strings like she can, but I doubt she'll be able to contain her curiosity if I show it to her."

>Have spike ask Twilight for help translating the third book?


Does Leafy have any special interests?
I mean we can humor Spike otherwise


Leafy shrugs.

"I don't know much about any of this. I'm all for whatever you think helps the most. If I had to pick, I'd pick the dragon one. I want to know what life was like for her. If what…he said is true, then it wasn't too bad until…well……"

"He? Until what?" Spike asks, looking up from the journal and the dictionary, "Or is this something I shouldn't know about?"

>Tell spike the tale of the Green Stallion and The Harbinger

>Tell him later


If you can get some of it today, maybe we could get an idea of where to go from there.

(Not sure how deep we wanted to bring Twilight and Spike into this whole affair)


it always helps a private dick to have connections especially high up ones
we dont have to tell them absolutely everything but even getting their interest can help move some stuff

i say get twily in and tell spike the story


I think it would be the best to bring them deep. Twilight is a princess and this thing is pretty damn dangerous. And a dragon and the element of magic is a great aid


We're kind of out of our depth at this point


They are gonna find out, so might as well let them in on it


Also maybe twilight could fix our feathers. I mean we're lucky we didn't become more OC DONUT STEAL but I'd like to get our old feathers back


But I like our black feathers

They're dark and edgy like our soul


Fine, let's ask Twilight to make them compleatly black, and make the black ones red


Spike removes his glasses, setting them back on the shelf nearest him, as he focuses on you as you tell the story told to you by the Green Stallion. Despite the slight wag of his tail and the way he kicks his legs in the air gently, you can tell he's memorizing what you're telling him as you go through the tale. He pays avid attention, though you notice he begins to frown as you go through the part of the ponies betraying the Harbinger.

You finish the story, checking with Leafy to ensure you told it exactly as it was told to you. She nods.

A deep rumble of pensive thought comes from Spike as he mulls the story over.

Eventually he gets up to go fix more tea, staying silent until he comes back.

"I have a lot of questions about that tale, Puff," Spike says softly, "Though I'm not certain you can answer them since you're relaying the story from another source. Hmm…"

He sighs shortly after, a small grin signifying the end of his gloominess as he says, "As I said before: You should write a book about this. Or at least write it as a tale of fiction. It's very interesting to me and if I can't be there I'd like the next best thing."

"Even if it wasn't written as fiction, I doubt anyone would believe my story so far," you reply with a grin of your own.

A sudden slamming of a door makes you and Leafy jump, though Spike merely turns his head toward the door as his grin grows.

"Well, I suppose we can test that thought in a moment: It sounds as though Twilight has returned."

#End of session

I know, I know, shitty spot to end, but my time is up. Sorry.

Thanks for participating tonight. Really short and really slow, I know. Sorry.


yay, time for pretty purple princess

thanks asp


And don't worry man, it was fun, can't wait for the next session


No need to apologize, it was a fun session

Later dude


Thanks man, I love this quest.

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