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After a thrilling first day of exploring, registering, and talking amongst other students, it comes the time to start studying in earnest. It's the first day of classes, and the dawn breaks over the school, rousing the campus. Time to wake up.


"Yes, it begins today. I can't wait for class to start!"

Get up and get dressed.


I'm not late, am I!
Quickly get up and get dressed!


Get up, stand up.
Get dressed and stuff, try to unfuck my bedmane to the best of my abilities.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Stretch on bed and see if I feel like getting up or rather remain comfy in bed.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Get up and dressed.
"Do you need any help with that?"


Time to get up and dressed up I suppose. lets go around and find something to snack on.


You do so.
It's not even breakfast yet.
Your mane behaves wonderfully, and looks quite nice besides.
The bed is really comfy, but your excitement for beginning your lessons pulls you from your sheets and out of your bed.


"I'm doing fine!"


But what if something goes wrong with breakfast and I AM late!
Quickly dress up to my uniform from my pajamas under the sheets so the others don't see I'm a blank flank


Lets do that and this,

I passed by the two of them.
"Morning, going to go and find some snacks. Want me to brough you two some?"


Check my schedule and map, where is the class taking place? Plot a course to get something for breakfast on the way there.


You do so, though the big lump that you are is pretty obvious to the others.
Well, you do both recall the fact each dorm has a kitchen, and they do usually serve breakfast…


"I think we should all go to the great hall for breakfast!"
"I didn't say you weren't!"


"Aren't we just all going to eat breakfast?"

"Hey, are you coming too, Lira?"


Make sure the others are awake and getting ready. Can't have them fall behind already.


I got this!
Come out from under the sheets fully dressed.
"I am!

… Where are we going?"




"Well we all can go to the great hall and eat there but we have a kitchen… sort of. Let me see whats in it."

Rummage in the kitchen, what food do we have?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, right!
But let's have breakfast fast because I don't want to be late!"


And so you all make your way to the kitchens, where the other students are starting to queue up for breakfast.
You're shooed out of the kitchen by the staff, and they tell you to wait in line if you're hungry.


Check in with the staff, when do they want me to come and help out?


"But if you rush breakfast you'll get bellyaches!"

Wait in line as well!


Wait in line with my roommates!

"Are you saying I should skip breakfast?"


I am a line.


I just grumble and wait in line next to Justicia.

"That will be bad altogether, you wont have the energy to cast spells."


"No, because you need the food to gain strength! Spellcasting eats away energy!"


"What if I ate half of my breakfast, and packed up the rest?"


Lunch seems to be the popular answer.
And so you do. The smell of eggs, toast, pancakes, and all manner of delicious breakfast foods waft over to you.



Load up on eggs. Gotta make sure to keep my strength up.


I'll eat toast.


"That's so silly!"

Oh my. I'll have some delicious Prench toast.


Eat toast!
That's the surest way not to have a tummy ache!
But only half of it my breakfast!

"I think it makes sense."


Watch the cholesterol, though. Would be awful to have heart trouble.
Just toast?
You're lucky you've got a good nose, because your magi-location doesn't read printed words too well.
Pretty sparse, but it's up to you.
Temporary pause while I run an errand, faff amongst yourselves while eating breakfast.


"Oh, you guys must be the ones from the room next door. I thought your voices sounded familiar. Liking the breakfast today?"


Whatever I can get my hooves on is fine!

"But it'll be cold and stuff."


"But it won't give me trouble!"

"Well, I'm just eating some toast, but it's good I think."


Alright lets do that and get some of those pancakes and eggs! Lets eat!

"Isnt that a bit… embarrasing." I scrucnhed and sat next to them as I chow.


"Thanks. I work in the kitchen as part of my tuition, so I'm glad someone appreciates it."


My ear twitches slightly as I hear another voice.
"Uh… yes. Who are you? I remember your voice…"

"But it's not as tasty!"


"The Jenny from 1312. They've had me runnig about the last few days, so I guess this is where I make my first real introduction, no?"


"Hello there, are you also a new student?"


"Oh! A donkey! I've never met a donkey!"


"Yep. First one of the family to get in, or even apply, really."

"We'll be living pretty close to one another, so we'll probably be getting to know each other real good."


"You do?"

I gasp a bit, and put down my toast.
"Oh no… it is?
I'm not embarassing myself, am I?"


"We're not exactly that wealthy, but along with my grades and results, I was able to get in thanks to this job."


I happily clop my hooves together.



"If thats the case then let me introduce myself, I'm Snow Fields." I smile.

I snicker a bit.
"Well as long as you dont put pasta in your pocket, I think you will be fine Ms. Lira."


"Oh, I see."

Blush and shake my head.
"No! I just wanted to pack some toast to bring with me!
I guess it was silly…"


"It's silly because we should eat now to gain strength for the day ahead of us!"


"This I agree."

"Go on, there's still plenty."
I then eat and had my fill.


Lower my head and silently eat my breakfast.


"Are you sad now? Don't be sad, Lira! I do silly things all the time!"


Shake my head and keep nibbling my toast.


"Oh, I dont mean to offend, but packing a toast in class is highly inadvisable. Ask me, I know."


I frown, but keep on eating as well until I finish my breakfast.


Look up a bit, and ask quietly.


I blush and look away a bit embarrased.
"Lets just say that training as a soldier requires more dedication than one can expect. Specially up in the mountains that is."


I then try to finish my meal and get cleaned up and make a mental note of what I need to do today.

What are my scheds of today btw?

Roll #1 1 = 1




"Come on! Cheer up!"
Pat her on the back and smile


That's a good question. Where is your schedule?


Right up myself in my seat when she pats me.
"It's okay, I'm okay!"


"Alright then! We should probably get going now though, class might start soon."


"We're not going to the same classes though, are we?"


"Uh… which class are you taking again?"

Do I have it? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Its fine, dont worry."

"Oh, I'll just go check my bunk for my list."
Clean myself up and search for it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You sure do! And it looks like you picked up Snow's, which she had dropped in the hallway.
Justicia stops you before you get too far.


"Oh, this is yours!"
Float it over to her, then check my own schedule.


"oh! Thanks!"

Read it


"Uuh, the one in the…necromancy tower…"


My ears twitch as I can't quite hear that.
"Huh? What was that?"


"You know the…necromancy tower…"


"You're going to have to speak up!"


"Where's your class?"


"The Arcane tower thingy!"


"You too? I am heading there to study arcane archery and the sort."


"Oh, well it seems we won't be in the same tower then…"


"But… which tower are you in, Lira!? Divine? Necromancer? Nature?"


"Me too!"


Draw circles with my hooves.
"The… second…"


"Oh! Which class exactly?"


"The one with the energy transfer."


"The what?"


"Got to go don't want to be late bye!"

Leg it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Uh… bye?"
I scrunch slightly as she tumbles and tries to get away quickly.
"Do I smell bad or something?"


Stare at her as she goes.

"A very strange mare indeed."


"No you do not."
Smell her.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your magic bolt course is is scheduled for just after lunch, with the first part of the day being Catalysts: Theory and Practice, as well as magical history taking up the morning.
That is completely inappropriate, sidling up next to her and taking a deep breath of her mane.
It smells lightly of lilacs and Justice.


"Uh… Snow? …What are you doing?"



Oh dear shake myself out of it.

I bury my snout on her mane.
"Smells… smells like Lilac… and Justice."

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's a bit of a stumble, and you almost tumble tail over teakettle, but you manage to make it outside before checking your schedule.
Who knew manes could be this soft?


I shriek and jump away!
"Don't do that!"


And my schedule says?


"I… oh I mean, what am I doing." I look at her dumbfounded before shaking my head again.
"So.. sorry Im sorry."


"If you want to use my shampoo, just ask!"


Your lifesteam class starts after dinner. For the rest of the day you'll be in an assortment of metamagical courses such as those concerning catalysts and their proper care, history, and a sanctioned "study time" that seems to take up most of the afternoon.


And where will that take place?


The lifestream class? In the Necro tower.


"W.. well I'd really like too, I mean your mane smells great. Perhaps I can borrow it and take a shower since my class starts at after lunch and I have a huge amount of time of nothing to do in the morning."


No, the rest!


Ah, of course. The Catalyst and History courses are taking place in the great hall's auditoriums, and they will be clearly marked. You still got about an hour until they start, though. There is a large allowance for late breakfasts.


Check my schedule to see when my class starts as well!

"Alright! Just… don't do that anymore, okay?"


I don't even know what to do with all that time!
Go to the auditiorium already!


Silly blind pony, you can't read text. Luckily you got a special braille schedule. You've got a little less than an hour until the first one starts.
Socialize, perhaps. The auditorium is practically empty.


I nod.
"Sorry again, I'll mind my manners next time."
Now lets get that shampoo and take a bath, time to smell like lilac a.. and justice!!

Roll #1 9 = 9


At least that means there are a lot of seats, right?


I figured it was braille though! They said it would be!
Uh… what should I do with my free time though…
I guess it would be smart to go early and avoid the masses!


Oh yes. From front to back, it's a sea of empty seats.
Sounds like a plan, since without those crowds to disorient you, you'll actually be able to see the empty seats!
You could only smell more of lilacs if you had a bouquet on you, and the smell of justice provides a counterpoint of steel to the softness of the flower scent. It's actually quite pleasant.


That's right! Great foresight on my part!
Off to the tower I go again.


Pick… Third row!
That's still close enough, but not too close to get me called out on answering something I might not know!


Now lets go around and do some damage, explore the school grounds. Taking note of the time of course before my class run after lunch.

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's actually in the great hall's auditorium, but you knew that. Luckily it's still really early, so the mass of students are still inside eating breakfast.
And so you do.
In the hour before you've got class, you case the joint. The courtyard is a large, pentagonal affair that has the towers at each point, and the dorms and great hall forming the sides. Very nice place, good atmosphere, and clean air.
After about half an hour you notice that the dorms are starting to loose students.


Wait and stare at the podium.


Prance over to one of the seats near the front and settle down.
And now!
… We play the waiting game.


Alright lets go and attend class.


It's not going anywhere.
The first fifteen minutes pass by quietly. Then another student wanders in, and by the time the half-hour mark is hit nearly a third of the chairs are filled.
The class is starting to fill up, now that the students are awake. The auditorium is about half full.


Okay lets wait for it to start.
Who's beside my btw?


Going to try and find someone particular, or just pick any seat?


Great! Anypony sitting next to me?


Sit next to her.


There you go. You follow your nose to find the source of lilacs and justice, and are once again reunited with Justicia.


Keep looking.


You do so, until the hour begins to chime from somewhere deep in the building.

Next time on Mages:
Falling asleep in class!


As the last chime fades from hearing, the auditorium is at last full, and the day's lesson can begin. From a side entrance, two ponies enter. One is the librarian, Persimmon, and the other is the dreadlocked zebra, Zeb.
It seems they're the teachers for this lesson.


Listen to the entire lecture in one sitting without interrupting.


There a place to sit? I'll want to sit near the front!


Let's find some empty space where I don't bother anypony with my presence then perk my ears to listen.


Sit at the auditorium and speak to another pony next to me.
"Who is that? The leader of the school?"


Well, they haven't started yet.
The place is packed. There were a lot more first-years than you expected. Luckily you found a seat near one of your roommates, the earth pony Macaron.
There aren't many, or any for that matter, empty chairs. You seem to be clustered together with your roommates and the ponies from the next room over. Snow Fields is to your left.
A bespectacled pegasus mare whispers from behind you.
"It's the head librarian and… I dunno who that zebra is. I think he's one of the dark arts professors."


Wait what lesson is this?

Quickly find a table and start listening.


It's Magical History, as well as Catalyst competency. There are no tables, but plenty of full chairs. You managed to grab a seat near the back, though.


Then wait for it to finish!


"Ah I see." I nodded at this and listen to the talk.


None near the front? Can't I get one there?


Unfortunately, it looks like the first three rows are packed solid. It looks like there might be a chair near the aisle, but you'd have to hurry, since the lecture is starting.
After a short time, Zeb knocks thrice on the floor of the auditorium, calling the class to order.
"Now before I let the old dustbag here talk about the past, there's a lesson I need to sneak in there fast. Any mage worth their salt has to know and list what is and what makes a catalyst."
The zebra will look around the room, and then zero in on Forging Light.
"You there, the one out of your seat. Why's a mage need a catalyst to be complete?"


Oh dear…
Shrink a bit, but listen.


"Uh.. well, otherwise you wouldn't be able to focus magic in order to cast a coherent spell? I might, magic is ubiquitous in nature, but you need a catalyst if you're going to be shaping it into a proper spell, right?"



Look at who the zebra is talking to!


I sit next to Lira.


Haha, I have a catalyst on my head already!


What's that girl look like?


"Oh! So we can cast spells?" I mention.


The zebra will wave a hoof.
"That's part of it. But there's more to a catalyst than the mechanical fit."
Which girl?
Zeb turns his head to look at you.
"You get points for trying, that's a fact. But you wait until you're asked a question, according to tact."
He'll scratch his chin.
"Now since you're so eager to yell out an answer, why don't you tell the class what else a catalyst is fer?"


Keep listening.
They didn't say there would be questions!


Sigh a bit of relief and look expectantly at the new target.


"I… errr… " I scratch my head.
"So far a catalyst is used for spells but beyond that…" I grin.

Do I know anything more of what a catalyst is for?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Doesn't seem like it.


The one who is talking, duh!


I grin at Zeb and shy away my head in embarrasement.


I poke Lira.
I hold my head up with my hooves. Auditoriums make me sleepy. Especially when the subject is something I've had on my forehead since birth.


After this I Raise my hoof

"Uhm, so what does a Catalyst do besides channeling magic?"


I yelp a bit from surprise, then whisper.


I whisper too.
"Pinch me if I fall asleep. This is so boring!"
I doodle flowers in my notebook.
"Wonder how far until it's the lunch time…"




Flap my ears down and look down to the ground.


"Oh shush yourself, Justie!"
And with that I nod off Sauna time


Both the instructors are male. If you're talking about the pegasus who's getting grilled, it's Lira, who's your neighbor.
Zeb will nod to himself for a second.
"A Catalyst is more than just a focus. If they weren't, then any critter on the road could just pick something up and start slinging their own hocus pocus."
He'll hold up a small, silver-gold coin.
"A good catalyst needs to have meaning to the one who uses it to cast, otherwise you're just waving around some useless crap real fast."
He'll put his coin away.
Zeb will point at you.
"What's the main problem with using a catalyst?"


I know that it's Lira. I want you to describe her!


Try not to sweat it too much.
"Uh… that they can break? Or you can lose them?"


"Are you saying sir that a catalyst that we must use must have meaning to us?"


"Oooh, good answer."


That's going to be fairly difficult, because none of you schmucks gave me colors/descriptions aside from DM!
"Those are two problems, yes. But not the main one that leaves many mages in a mess."
He'll nod.
"There are mass-produced catalysts that you can use, but it's ones you cherish that do more than just amuse. A good catalyst is something that means a lot to you, and it bonds with your spirit in a way that few things do."
Zeb will focus on you for a moment.
"Second verse is same as the first. What is the main problem a mage faces when using their catalyst? Quickly now, just the gist."


Well my horn sure means a lot to me, it's part of me!


Raise my hoof again!


Look really embarrassed and shy.

"I-I don't know.. It identifies them? Makes them a target for pickpockets or bandits?"


"I.. I see." I nod at this.


I wake up.
"Why didn't anyone prod me?!"



"Oh, yes! So that's not much of a problem for Unicorns, is it? Does that mean I can save catalyst money?"


"You're dancing around the major one, but your turn at answering is done."
"Answer if you-"
At your sudden outburst, Zeb will grin slightly as he focuses on you.
"So, old Zeb's too boring for a young mare like you? Then I guess you'll be able to answer his question without further ado."
"Only if you don't want spares, as horns don't really suit repairs."


"Uh… does a catalyst wear away as you use it? Do unicorn mages eventually end up with no horns?"


Zeb will just shake his head, while waiting for Midia's response.


Close my mouth and wait for whoever to answer first.


Scrunch…uh oh.


"That's silly though! Of course not!"


"Uh…What question?"


I raise a hoof
"Does it have any present effect for a caster if she uses something special to her as a catalyst? Does spell come out more powerful?"


Pet my horn a little. Thank the gods.

Description: small pone from malnutrition, light blue body purple hair colour. Shining wrench as cutie mark

"Well, it was a thought!"


"Well, if you had been paying attention instead of working on your dream retention, then you'd know that the question I asked was what the main problem with catalysts was."
He'll snort slightly.
"The problem with 'em is that they have to be visible to use, otherwise they're useless mass."
"A bonded catalyst links a caster with the magic of the world. Without familiarity, it's like swimming in an ocean in which you were hurled."


Oh… that.
I guess that is true.


"Oh. I would have said that they can be broken. Besides, I've seen plenty of ponies use their horns with something on them."


"I see… So when do we start?" I smile in excitement



Roll #1 5 = 5


I blush slightly


"Yes, this. Theory is interesting but I'd really like to get working."


"But that's the downside to a unicorn's horn. It's always visible, and from their head can be torn."
"Today is the basics and fundamentals. If we gave you catalysts willy-nilly, we'd soon be overrun with crazed elementals."
Persimmon will pipe up.
"That was a fun class, wasn't it? I never expected them to get a water elemental out of the condensation on the window."
Zeb will roll his eyes.
"Yes, it's just too bad that it turned five students to gore. It's also why you aren't allowed to hand out catalysts anymore."
Persimmon will speak.
"You'll all begin working with catalysts tomorrow in sanctioned, hexproof areas. Today, you learn what makes a catalyst, and that will be used to help you forge your own catalyst by the end of the year."
He chuckles slightly.
"Of course, I mean forge in the most metaphorical sense, since a catalyst can almost literally be anything."


Raise a shaky hoof.
"P-Ponies died during class?"


I rest my head on my hooves again.
"Oh please, ponies don't die during classes."


Zeb cackles slightly.
"Oh but they do, you see. It's why you signed that waiver previously."


Look around uncomfortably
"Soo… we will be learning spellproofing at some point, right?"


I gulp upon hearing this.


I roll my eyes and whisper:
"it's true what they say about Zebras and social skills…"


Persimmon will nod.
"To a degree, and if you decide to put in the study time."

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Looks like you lucked out on that one.


Try not to shiver.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Uh… really?"


"Oh yes."
Zeb continues to chuckle.
"The assorted injuries and such give the Divine students plenty of practice material. And if they're too far gone, well, that just means they're turned over to the dark arts departmental."


Go a bit pale.
He'll say he's just joking, right?


I whisper:
"He's just scaring you, Lira. Calm down. If you let him bully you, you'll never hear the end of it."


"Wow, looks like you've got a lot here. But if there's a middle ground, do you hand them over to the.. engineering department?"


"And he is supposed to be one of my teachers!"
…I think.


"Is that legal?"


Persimmon thinks for a moment.
"Well, we don't really have an engineering department. We usually order them in bulk from the local smithies."
Zeb gives a toothy smile.
"Perfectly legal, and tight. You did read the waivers that you signed, right?


"But we're minors!"


"…eh? You don't have any courses in magic smithing?"


He just smiles, not that you can really see it.
Persimmon shrugs.
"We've got several books in the library, but the academy hasn't had a live-in smith ever since the salamander managed to get out of the forge and burnt the smithy to the ground."


I raise my hoof.


"I'll need to read that again…"


"…Oh. But… is the smithy reopened, then?"

Look quite anxious.


"As long as we're minors, we can't decide what happens to our remains in the event of death! That's up to the family!"


Zeb nods at you.
"Speak up, Sleepy."
Persimmon shakes his head.
"There hasn't been enough interest expressed by the students to get it back up and running, plus there's the matter of hunting down another salamander or similar fire spirit to power the forge. Regular fire just doesn't seem to have the same effect."
Persimmon fields this one as well.
"Not to worry too much about that. Any pony that happens to pass unexpectedly is turned over to the third-year Resurrectionist class for practice and revival. So far they've had a 90% success rate at bringing ponies back!"


"W-well, what if I helped to do it? I really want to study magic smithing! No, I need to! There has to be a way!"



"How in Celestia's mane do you manage to lure more students in this academy when the teachers are more interested in annoying the students than teaching them, and are also possibly mass-murderers?"


"I hope I won't die then…"


Persimmon will smile at that.
"Well, it's always good to have enthusiasm. The library is as open to you as every other student, and I'm sure you'll find something useful. And I'm fairly certain getting the smithy rebuilt should be brought before the faculty council, so make sure you've got your plans ready."
"We are the best."
Zeb states simply.
"Though the Inquisition keeps things from getting too messed."
Persimmon will clarify.
"The Canterlot mage academy is a collection of the brightest, though sometimes not the most stable, wizards, witches, and sorcerers in all of Equestria. We basically run on royal stipend, and more of our graduates have gone on to serve in the Equestrian military, became private mages to nobles, or became heads of their respective fields than any other magical academy."


I lean back on my chair and whisper to Lira
"That Zebra is so full of himself. I think I'm gonna take a nap after all…"


Shake my head.
"What if they ask more questions?"


"Thank you very much, sir! I'll do what I can to help!"

And if no one else is taking such a class, I can turn it into my own workshop. No, laboratory, even!

Hide my glee '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I doubt it."


Raise a hoof.


Glee contained.

After a few moments, Zeb will nod to Persimmon, and then depart.
"Alright, Now it's time for your first Magical History lesson."
Persimmon will rub his hooves together.


"Well, the history lesson is starting now!"
Get my notebook out, and pencil in mouth!
I'm ready!


Maybe the way he rubs his hooves is for something. Try to observe.


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Does this mean you guys are better than the paladin academy?"


One of my ears will perk up.


Glance over at Forging

What do you look like?


He'll chuckle.
"That's actually a fair bit of contention between them and us. The rivalry between our two academies actually started with our respective founders, and many have taken it to heart. While it would be biased of me to say that we're the superior academy, they do offer courses that we don't. However, they are also much more dismissive about the good that magic can do. Especially those who pursue the path of an Inquisitor."
Perssimmon will shrug.
"I would be able to teach what they know, if they weren't so blasted secretive about everything. But that's a matter for another time. Let's get started with this lesson."
For the next three hours, he'll speak of ancient primal magic which may be the root source for natural magic, the aether and the formation of Equestria and the world, and the original division of the three tribes into their respective, magically-influenced, castes.
Roll 3d10 to stay awake the whole time.



Description: small pone from malnutrition, light blue body purple hair colour. Glowing wrench as cutie mark



Roll #1 2, 1, 9 = 12


I totally can and take notes too!

Roll #1 3, 7, 8 = 18


Wandering eyes

Roll #1 8, 1, 6 - 2 = 13


Keep my ears on high alert!

Roll #1 1, 4, 3 = 8


Not imposing at all. The obsession with machines is neat. I make a mental note to find out more later.


I-I totally got this! Come on, I came here to learn!

Roll #1 2, 10, 6 = 18



I have to be good at this!

Roll #1 5, 10, 2 = 17


You fall asleep almost immediately in the first hour, and during the second you're pelted with a small piece of chalk after a particularly loud snore interrupts the lecture. You listen during the rest of it, nursing the small welt on your chin.
You drift in and out of attention during the first hour, but snap back during the second and third. You even manage to get decent notes on the subject.
The discussion of "primal" magic sets your mind wandering to places it shouldn't, and you end up focusing on that shy little pegasus mare from next door. The thoughts that pass through your mind can only be described as something that, to you, is the purest form of love. You're so enamored with your imagination that you don't pay any attention to the rest of the lecture.
Something about Persimmon's voice just puts you right to sleep. You don't wake up until you're jostled by ponies getting up from their chairs.
You zone out during the first hour, but the second one really catches your interest, and you manage to get excellent notes on it. The third hour is less interesting, but you still manage to stay awake.
You don't get much out of that first hour, but the second hour keeps you riveted. Ideas and plans spring to mind about using this aetherius force that exists outside and beside magic. Unfortunately, you're so focused on those ideas that you completely miss the third hour.


All I have to do is capture and refine this force! Maybe. Ah, curses, I zoned out.

If you're beside me
"Do you have notes on the last part? I missed a few bits."


Clop my hooves together!
I just need some good notes for the first part… maybe the library!


Shy away a bit. "Uh… after class…"


"Okay! I'm pretty sure I can copy them fast enough."


I yawn.
"What was the lesson about?"


Oh no!

"Uh… did you manage to get that all down?"


Hug my notes.

"Most of it! I didn't get the first part…"


"Alright, good! Good job paying attention!"


"OH, uh oh."
Hide any notes I might've made during this lecture. Look around and quietly whisper
"(Does anyone have notes about the lecture?)"


So uh… is it over?


Persimmon will tap the floor a few times to get your attention.
"And that will do it for the first lesson. You're all dismissed for an hour, and then it'll be lunch. Since it's the first day, the afternoon will be taken up by a study period, and then dinner. Tomorrow is when your classes really kick off, so make sure you've selected them."



Do I hear that?

I already selected mine, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Yes, you're taking Lifestream.


I chose my classes yes?


Go outside the lecture hall and wait by the door kinda shyly.


Lunch? Food. FOOOOOOD

Oh wait, did I select a class? Go over the list again.


"I think I actually dozed off for a while there…"


We already chose our classes right?
"Hm, what should we do now?


"Hey! Uh, maybe later, I'm kind of hungry. We should go and eat. Eating is the best thing ever when you have food."



I guess I heard that.
"Um… you need notes?"

"Me too, at the first part… sorry…"

"Go to the library and make notes on the parts we missed?"


"It's just the first class though, I'm sure it's no big deal! We'll just try better next time."


You picked Homing Magic for your first-year class.
First year courses are: (Dark Arts) Commune, Raise Dead, Lifestream, Night, Control; (Divine) Heal, Mend, Bolster, Inure, Compassion; (Nature) Natural Remedy, Child of Gaia, Earthen Strike, Return to Earth, Climate Control, Pet Mastery elective; (Arcane) Elementalist Ice/Fire/Lightning, Magic Bolt, Astral Projection, Spell Resonance, and Homing Magic.
You have, at least. You took Homing Magic.


"…Yes! I neglected mine notes and only listened."
Smile awkwardly at her


"It was a bit dull at first!"

"Um… well, do you want to copy mine?"


Look around the room
"That would be wonderful! I hope I am not taking your time with this?"


Right.. I guess I should learn to handle lightning? Might be a good element to start shaping metals with other than ordinary fire.


Shake my head and meekly offer my notes with a hoof.
"Just be careful not to lose them, okay?"


"Oh, right… Well, uh, later then…"


"What, you don't want to eat? We're eating food! We should eat together. Having food is really nice. Really, really nice."

Stop mouth from watering


Roll #1 2 = 2


Noted. Don't forget to turn in your course application to the library or headmistress's office.
You can't stop. All that food. All that food.


"Do not worry friend I will be careful with them! I am hungry so we should get food first right?"


A little grossed out by the drool.

"I… think I should go find my roommate."


"Um… yeah, I think my friends are hungry too!"
Midia! I need her!


"Sure? Okay then!"

Head over to the cookhouse or whatever now NOW NOW


"Sounds like an idea. Which way is the food place?"


What a weirdo. Pity he seemed kinda cool before he flipped out.

I need to find… Arisia, Poitou, or Morning…

Are they around here in the crowd?


Roll #1 4 = 4


No, no, and… yes!


"Es is this way to the cafeteria! We all go now?"


Follow after Morning Blossom!


Use my magic to follow her.


Follow her.
"Wait for me!"


And you're all off, to the great mess hall in the main building. The scent of lunch drifts to your noses, and you can see that several tables have already been taken by second- and third-year students. Still plenty of room, though.


"I will grab a table so you can get your foods."
There's an empty enough table for the lot of us right?


Right, I'll go get my stuff while she saves spots.


Sure is, though none of them are as close to the food as the tables that are full.


So.. do I get a tray then?



Get the biggest plate I can and start taking stuff!


You'll have to go up to the serving area, but that's basically how it works.


That is fine, an empty table for us is what matters right now.

I sit at one and start copying notes.


Let's try to get some food then.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Luckily, it isn't hard with the amount of stuff they've got here. It's mostly brain food, though, so there's lots of salads, fish cakes (tiny cakes shaped fish. They smile!), various seafood items, and fruit. By the princesses there's a lotta fruit.


Let's get some of that!


Seafood? That must smell strong! Take that and try it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You load up on fruits. There's even a tomato.
Well, it tastes… weird. It's got this really gritty shell on it and it crunches a bit… the legs don't taste good either.


Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad!
Put that one back then sit down to the table!


My food

Where is my food

'1d10' for amount

Roll #1 6 = 6


Okay, nevermind.

"What did you take? Is it good?"


Stop before taking my first bite.
"Fruit? And I hope?"



Well, no one's going to stop you from going to your dorm to fetch your things. It's a pleasant enough day, and the other first-years are lounging about the yard, enjoying the sun. Pretty lazy, for mage candidates.


I meant food!


"This sea stuff isn't."


Well, you find much the same as everyone else. Fruit, foods that are good for your brain, a little bottle of fish oil to go on salads (good for a shiny coat and mane), and other snacky-things.


"Why did you take it then?"


You've got a plate of food about as big as you are, stacked just so it doesn't fall over. Engineering is more than just putting stuff together.


Just as well – I like fruit and salad! I'll load up and go find Blossom.


She's still at the table, copying the notes for the lecture she missed.


Right then! Find a seat and get eating. Just me and my food… I think I can stop eating grass, even!


The nutritional value of this stuff outdoes months of grass, at least.
You set into it with gusto. Roll not to make yourself sick for eating too much, too quickly.


Right, I'll eat quietly next to her.


"I didn't know! It had a strong scent, so I went for it!"



Uh ho

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Didn't it smell bad?"


After the fifth, or is it sixth? apple, you start feeling queasy. You get the feeling that if you eat another bite, or even move too much, you might just lose what you ate.


"It smelled familiar."


"Back so soon? Haha, could you watch over these notes? I want to get food as well."


Yeah let's stop here.

Right, before I go over to submit my class I need to go copy those note. Find that mare.


"Oh, uh, right, sure."


"If you ate it before and it was bad why did you eat it again?"


Smile at her
"Thank you!"

Get up and grab myself some food, Salads and Fruits mostly


"I didn't eat it before! It just smelled familiar because of the sea!"


She's right over at the next table. What luck!


"Oh, hey there! Right, I think I'm fine now.. could I see those notes?"

Try not to swagger too much from delicious full satisfaction

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, I see."
Let's start eating.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Scrunch. This weirdo again. "Uh… alright, just don't get them dirty…"


You can't even walk in a straight line. That food sitting in your gut isn't making things easy, either. You should probably consider stopping every few steps before you upset your stomach.
You must have been starving, because that has to be the least dainty way anyone has ever eaten a fruit salad.


"Thank you very much!"

Let's copy them down onto… a notepad. Do I have one?


I'll say yes, since you had lessons.


Wipe my mouth after that quick.
Is the pony with my notes still in sight? I hope he didn't just leave with them…


Go get some fruit instead as well and dig in.


Great! I would have had to memorize them if I didn't.

Look around at the mares near me.

"Enjoying the food? It's good. Really, really good."


"Um… yeah, I mean… it's okay. Not as good as the stuff back home… You'd think with so many shamans…"


Then head back and eat while taking the rest of my notes.


Next time on Mage Academy:
Study hall and making friends!


"Ah well, it's.. perspective, really. This is all heavenly to me when I got not much else to compare."

Finish up copying annnnd

"See you all! Hope we can help each other out."

Go hand in my form


Peek over.
Are my notes okay?


It's been several weeks since you've begun your studies. After settling into classes, you've all gotten the basics of your new skills down to the point you can actually use them (Skills-in-training can now be used at a DC7), and it's just about time for your first practical exam. There are a few choices presented to you, but two of them stand out amongst the rest: one is accompanying an Inquisitor on a mission to investigate reports of a rogue wizard, and the other is to fulfill a request of Forging Light, who hopes to catch a salamander to re-light the school's Magic Forge.
You must choose carefully, since you can only take one. Which will you choose?


I've seen inquisitors before, when my parents taught me the cleric's trade. I think I'll go see what that's about.
So I sign up for wizard-hunting
In case that wasn't clear


Oooh, a field trip!
A mission sounds exciting!


I'm going with the inquisitor for sure!


That's three signed up for the mission with the Inquisitor.
The rest of the group will be going with instructor Bate N. Switch, who is the school's creature catcher.
You three notice that the name of the inquisitor who will be in charge of you is Seventh Seal, an inquisitor of some small renown. You've got the rest of the day to prepare for the trip, and he expects you all at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning.


Got to make sure everything is packed and I get enough rest!


I don't need much. Just make sure I'm rested.


"What are you girls gonna take with you on the mission? How long do you think it'll take?"


What are you bringing? It never hurts to be prepared.
Rest comes easy for you, since this is what you originally wanted to do, before the paladin academy denied your admission.


Exactly! I still want to be an inquisitor one day.


Oh gosh… my bag, fresh clotes, a brush… did they tell us how long it will be! Pack everything I might need!
Don't panick!

"I don't know, but I don't want to accidentally not bring something!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


They do say that Justice is blind…
You're running around like a headless pegasus. Roll not to misplace things into the wrong bag.



Roll #1 4 = 4


It seems you've grabbed the bag of that mare who's never around. What was her name? Arees… Alicia? Arisia! That was it.


"I think I'm going to need some sort of a ward against spells and some holy water…"
I pick up my vials and sun pendant and place them in a saddle bag.
"I wonder if they have a font for water here… I'd definitely bring a change of clothes too, you'll never know how mangled you might get."
Rolling to notice

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nope, you don't notice a thing. Too focuses on making certain your own affairs are in order. And staying out of that nutty pegasus's way. It's like she's never been on an adventure before.


I shout over my shoulder while I pack my things, then.
"Lira, you should calm down or you'll misplace something!"


Trot in place and keep packing.
"But what if I don't bring along something I should have!"


"Then hope either me or Justicia brings that item along! I plan on getting at least three vials of holy water…do you think they'll take care of food and such?"


Don't be rude.
I need my beauty sleep and can't be concerned about my condition interfering with that line of work.


"I don't know… maybe we should pack some small snacks?"


So you do. The night passes uneventfully, for you at least.
When you two are ready, give a shout.


I'm ready.



You two eventually settle down and get some sleep.
In time, the dawn comes, and you've got a date with an inquisitor.


Get up and gear up! That's all there's to do before going down to meet our senpai.


Get my bags, get dressed and get there!


Get up and fasten my saddlebacks, check that my skirt isn't dragging the ground and grab my staff.
"Do you think we'll have time for breakfast?"


Seventh Seal is waiting by the dining hall, polishing off an apple.
"Took you three long enough."
He'll size each of you up.
"I hope you don't think this will just be a walk in the daisies and a tea party after, fillies."


Shrink slightly.
"N-No, it will be a field trip?"


Make a smug face
"Well, I didn't pack my tea mix with me, but if you would like me to get it…"


"No sir, the inquisition does not mess around! … I might drink some tea later when we get back though, if that's okay with you."


He gives you both a flat look.
"We're going after one of this schools failed students, a rogue summoner who decided that rules and proper use of magic just wasn't for him."
He'll tap a hoof impatiently.
"There will be blood. It will not be pleasant. And if he's lucky, he'll keep his head at the end of it to stand trial."
"Don't get cute with me."


"Oh, I didn't pack any bandages. Darn, well, magic will have to do then."




"Why would he do that?"


He'll grumble slightly.
"Sarcasm is not a trait cherished by Inquisitors. You'd do well to remember that."
"Why would any mage stray from the path that would keep his head on his shoulders? Because he thought he knew better, that's why. And it's our job to punish him for that arrogance."
He'll start moving towards the main door.
"Grab some fruit, and get moving. Don't fall behind."


I grab three apples and put two of them in my pack.
"Does being angry all the time come with the job too?"
I smile coyly.


Grab some fruit.
"M-Maybe you could try to not spook mages that much? Or punish them less? Have you tried being nice to them?"


"I wasn't being sarcastic…"


He'll just snort.
"This school was us being 'nice' to them. Didn't you read the forms when you signed up? You break the rules, you get turned over to the Inquisition. Then it's no more Mister Nice Pony."
He'll just keep walking with a harrumph.


"Yeah, but did the Inquisition tried to be a nice pony yet?"


I nudge Lira
"psst, it's not the inquisition's job to be nice, it's no use trying to debate that with mr. Grumpypants here."


He'll stop for a moment, and glare at you.
"I'm beginning to think you didn't quite realize what you signed up for."
"And as for you, this 'grumpy pants' here is going to be the one thing keeping your head on your shoulders during this raid. So don't give me reasons to 'overlook' a spell he might throw."


Play with my hooves nervously.
"A-A field trip?"


"A mission to take down or kill a rogue mage. That's your field trip. And your practical exam for whatever course you were taking."


Gosh he sure is mean…


I just whistle while trotting along.


"…I won't have to hurt anypony, though, right? Because my course can be sort of dangerous…"


"You really didn't know what you were signing up for. This is supposed to end with that stupid mage either dead or imprisoned. Period."

As you march on, so too does the day. By mid-afternoon, you find yourselves outside of a run-down ruin of a shack.
"This is the place."


"He really should take better care of his home!"


"Oh, I thought he'd try to hide in a town or something."


"He's a squatter, much like any other mage on the run. They just go for whatever's convenient."
"He did. That's why he had to run and hide out here, since we found him once already."


"Well… are we going to try and talk to him now?"


"You didn't do a very good job at it, then, did you?"


He pulls out his spear.
"Time for talk has long since passed."
He won't even dignify that with a response.

"Once I break in the door, expect some resistance. He may or may not have summoned assistance, and the spells he's going to be using are illegal in your school. If you don't want to fight, then just stay out of my way and try not to die."


Maybe I can try to help with my spells..


"Yes sir."
Homing Magic works right?

Roll #1 8 = 8


I ready my weapon.


It sure does, as you've recalled enough of the basics to get out two motes of light that circle you. They're rather lovely, even in your magi-location vision.
And with that, Seventh Seal kicks in the door and heads in. There's a bit of frenzied shouting, calls for blood, and a flash of dark magic, and the battle is joined.

Rogue Mage - 5/5
Summoned Imp - ?/?


Umm…Umm… Enfeeble the mage?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I forgot which spell I was learning
I whack at the mage. Everyone knows the summons disappear if you get the caster.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Should be three, no?
Spellbreak the imp! '1d10'
Send the orbs after the mage '3d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 3, 9, 4 = 16


The mage gives a small yelp of surprise as he feels his strength leave him.
You were learning Homing Magic.
You manage to clobber him pretty good, but he's still up.
Ah, but you've only started learning Homing magic this semester. Success DC is 7, so you get 2 for exceeding the Minimum Success by 1.
Your Spellbreaking has no effect on the imp, as it is not a magical construct, but a summoned being. You'd need to spellbreak its binding component, or have the Shaman skill Return to Earth. Your motes of light, however, go streaking after the mage to have a single impact.

The Rogue Mage will attempt to cast a spell. '1d10'
Seventh Seal will stab the imp. '1d10'
The imp will call the inquisitor a Dickwhistler and try to claw out his eyes. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 2 = 2


The Mage's spell fails.
The Inquisitor's spear misses, but he avoids the imp's counterattack.
Rogue Mage - 2/5 ENFEEBLED
Imp - ?/?


Keep clobbering him!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Set up Retaliate.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Try to lifestream him?
Oh gosh I'm not sure this is a very nice thing to do

Roll #1 5 = 5


He begins to cry a little as you beat him over the head.
That imp is running amok around the place, and swings off your horn like a flagpole. You're blind, and need to take a moment to get your bearings again.
Your spell fizzles a little, but otherwise has no effect.

The Mage starts trying to cast another spell. '1d10'
The Inquisitor tries to gore to the mage with his spear. '1d10'
The imp will target '1d4' and pull on their mane. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 4 = 4 / Roll #4 3 = 3


I try to cast homing magic '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


The mage successfully casts Lifestream on the Inquisitor. He regains some health.
The Inquisitor's spear misses its mark, thanks to the spell.
The imp ineffectually tugs on Lira's mane.
Rogue Mage - 3/5 ENFEEBLED
Imp -?/?


Agh… Try to refocus!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Push the imp away from me with a hoof!
"Do you mind? I'm a little busy!"
I don't think casting Night here would be very wise.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Two motes of magical energy swirl from your horn, and begin to orbit your head.
The world once again coalesces around you.
You shove the imp right off you and onto the floor. He scuttles away.

The Rogue Mage is going to attempt another spell. '1d10'
The inquisitor has had enough of his shit and will Brand the Rogue Mage. '1d10+2'
The imp will nibble at the ankles of '1d4' '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 6 = 6


The Mage shrieks as his magic is roughly barred from him, and he collapses.
The imp nibbles at Justicia's fetlocks.

Rogue Mage - 0/4
Imp - 3/?

Justicia - 4/5


I shoot ALL the magic at the mage
And then clobber him into submission.

Roll #1 10, 2 = 12 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Enfeeble the imp?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shake my head.

Aaaaa! Kick it away!

Roll #1 3 = 3


One of your bolts slams into the side of his head, while the other splatters onto the ground. Your bludgeon further wounds him.
The imps falls over in mid-stride, unable to rise and swearing.
Luckily, it didn't put up much of a fight, since it had no energy left.

The Rogue Mage weeps into the floor.
The Inquisitor clubs the Mage with the butt of his spear. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Did I say club? I meant stab. As in that's one dead mage.
The imp vanishes.


Hold a hoof to my mouth.
"I thought we were supposed to take him alive?"


"Why did you kill him? He was already defeated!"


"And WE did most of the work, I might add!"




The inquisitor nonchalantly cleans off his spear.
"This was an 'either-or' sentence. Dead or Alive, and all that."
"Yes, good for you. Now you get to help me catalog the heretical materials he had in his keeping. That imp didn't just summon itself."
He begins shuffling about the ruined hut.
"Anything you find, bring to me. You keep anything, and you'll be introduced to the other inquisitors who are assigned to your school."


"He surrendered! No wonder nopony likes the inquisition!"


"We're not here to be liked, we're here to keep you mages from killing everyone else by meddling with things you don't understand."


I whisper to Lira
"Makes sense they'd start us out with a half-wit instructor, doesn't it?"
I look around the hut for anything interesting.
"What if I just find a gold coin with a pentagram on it or something? I'm pretty sure it would still be good in a marketplace..:"


"Could be a focus. Didn't you learn anything from your teachers? Anything could be used as a conduit for magic, even a coin. Therefore, everything needs to be cataloged."
He'll keep shuffling around.


"You don't understand the concept of surrender it seems!"

"I guess he doesn't need it anymore…"
I look around too!




Roll #1 7 = 7


You find the remains of what looked to be a bed, once. It's got an odd lump under where the pillows would be…


I forgot

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shuffle closer and check out what it is?


You've uncovered an assortment of knick-knacks, paddywhacks, and more than a few bones.
Looks like he was trying to tell the future, judging by the "Divination for Dummies" book that was nearby.
It's a small, thin, black book. There's no title, but there is a picture of a crude, frowning face on it.


Aww, frowning is like the opposite of smiling!
Have a quick look inside it!


"This says he's gonna have a bad day…"
pick up the book.
"Oi, Inquisitor! He tried to do some future telling here, sure you don't wanna add tax fraud to his crimes?"


There's hasty scribbles and a few diagrams of circles, but you'd need the time to look over it properly to make any sense of it.
"Don't be a smartass."

Give me a holler when you're done looking around.


"I've never heard of a particularly smart donkey though…"
I'll try again '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I guess they'd just burn it anyway… what harm could it do to just pocket it?


You uncover a saddlebag full of three sets of identical robes. All of them black. In one side pocket, there is a small book.
That depends entirely on if you get caught doing so. The inquisitor did say everything had to be cataloged. Do you think you can sneak it out?


"This is probably a Dungeons and Ponies rulebook…"
Take a look at it.


Of course! Why would he look in my… um… not bags… my robes?


The book is titled "Making friends whether they like being friends or not: the beginner's guide to demonology."
Because he's a mean old grumpy-pants. Better hide it well.


Throw it at the inquisitor.
"Hey, catch that. It's evidence, innit?"


Well hidden!

Roll #1 9 = 9


He idly snags it out of the air.
"It is, and you would have done just as well to hoof it to me as to throw it."
Down the shirt and past the thigh, it's vanished to the naked eye. There's no obvious bulges where the book could be.

After another hour of combing the wreck, the Inquisitor bags the corpse in his own robes, and begins to haul him back to the academy. If you're not following him, he's leaving you behind.


"I levitated it over to you."
Well, I guess we're headed over to the academy.


Follow then..

"Um, what kind of book was that?"


"Demonology 101 or something like that. Stuff people like Inquisitors kill over. Apparently."


"Gateway book into studying one of the more forbidden realms of study. The summoning of demons and the ridiculous attempts at controlling them are why the inquisitors were founded in the first place. All it takes is one mage and a smudged circle and we'll have another Discord on our hooves, or something worse."


"I-I guess books like that are not easy to find then?"


"Easier than you'd think. But don't let that give you any ideas, filly, or soon enough you'll be the one on the run from us."
He'll shuffle the corpse on his back.
"And that's if you're lucky."


"Maybe he just wanted friends…"


"Shouldn't you take the body to the inquisition rather than to our academy?"


"Then he should have tried asking around the lunch tables at the academy or meeting ponies in the library like a normal student."
"There is a small bit of processing to be done that… requires the oversight of trained necromancers."
Seventh Seal practically spits that out.
"It's part of our agreement with the School and the Princesses.


I whistle a merry tune while we trot back to the academy.


Just keep my mouth shut for now.
They can't be that bad.


As night falls, the four of you arrive back at the academy, and the Inquisitor departs for the Necromancers' Tower. Your "field trip" has ended, and tomorrow is full of uncertainties.


The day dawns bright, as always, and you all make your way to breakfast before meeting your monster hunting guide.
Your supervisor for the hunting of a Salamander is none other than Bate N. Switch, a creature catcher of some small renown. This pegasus has been serving as the Mage Academy's go-to pony for all matters regarding wildlife and its safe capture, as well as stopping in to teach classes for the third-years.
Packed in a seemingly light fashion, he's already waiting for you when you finish your breakfasts and meet him in the front hall.
However, there are fewer of you than signed on for this trip.


"Eh, don't tell me we were the only ones who signed up?"


"Oh, well! that means more lesson efficiency for us!"


"Yeah, I'll look at the brightside of this. We'll catch the biggest Salamander ever, right?"


"Biggest might not be the most effective! First off, we got to make sure it's one we can use! That is, well, I dunno what we need from one."


"Hey where is everybody?"


Switch gives a small shrug.
"Well, it was remedial lessons for some, and the rest are just sleeping in, it looks like. Their loss."
He'll nod.
"It'll be easier to sneak up on, at least. Catching, on the other hand, might be more difficult."
He'll look at the three of you.
"Well, no time like the present. We're leaving now. You'd best be packed."


"A big one will have more we can use, right? If it's too small, maybe I can keep it as a pet?"

"Heh heh, you're looking at 'em."


"Oh don't worry, I have everything I own on me!"

Hey, if we got one about to lay eggs, that means more salamanders for us!"


"Oh well, I guess its me and us guys eh?"
"So what are we doing boss?"

"Nuh uh, well strength in numbers right?" I grin.


"I'm ready. I'm sure we'll be beack in a jiff."

"Wait, do we even have a place to keep them?"

"We're all that's needed!"


"The school should have something! I'm intending to use the forge a lot."


"That's not exactly reassuring."
Poitou is also a female. So it's an even split of boy/girl.
"Catching a salamander. But first we've got to track it down."
"If we're lucky. Or it'll take a few weeks."


"You're not going to hog them all, though. I want some too!"

"No way!"


"But I do! That is, I don't have anything. Now let's get going!"

"What do you plan to use them for though?"


"That's for me to figure out when we get them back."

"Actually, I just wanted to catch a Salamander because it sounded fun. But what can you do with one?"


"Right, we're moving on. We can discuss the finer points of salamanders along the way."
And with that, and not much else in the way of fanfare, you head out.
Roll to see how smooth the trip goes.


I wonder if I can find any nice breakfast herbs on the way

Roll #1 6 = 6


"A little cargo like this won't slow me down!" '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


It seems the trip goes… middlingly. There's a bit of rain, some wind, but no major impediments. Unfortunately, the surrounding area is now quite damp.
Switch will grumble a bit at this, but pick a spot near the edge of a nearby forest.
"Alright, while we set up camp, who can tell me what a salamander looks like?"


"Is it on fire?"


"It's like, a big lizard, right?"


"Sometimes, but usually it just smoulders unless it finds a nice amount of fuel to sleep in and eat. Anything else?"
"Technically, they're actually amphibians. And, though they may not enjoy it, Salamanders are quite adept swimmers."
He'll look over the three of you.
"Now, can anyone tell me why I chose this spot to set our trap?"


"Nope. If it can burn, isn't it dangerous to be near a forest?"


"Is it going to be looking for fuel?"


"Thanks to that rain earlier, the woods are perfectly safe. At worst, they'll simply smoke and smell terrible. However, after a storm, a lot of branches and such can fall down from trees that aren't normally maintained, and those make tasty snacks for your average Salamander."
Switch will nod.
"That it is."
Kicking a few loose sticks into a pile, Switch will turn to you all.
"Now, it's time we set up this trap. In order to narrow down the field of search, we'll gather up all the loose wood we can find, and pile it here. With luck, the salamander will be enticed by the large amount of food, and nestle right in. That's when we wear it out and capture it."


"Sure thing!"

Star looking for branches. I should know how to do this.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"That seems easy enough."

Start gathering Salamander food. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You manage to gather a decent pile of sticks and twigs.
Most of the sticks you find too rotten, too wet, or too small to be anything other than mulch. But, you manage to get a small bundle of sticks together.


Lay them out at the trap location1.


I can at least put them on the pile.

"Now that we have bait, what else?"


They're added to the pile.
"Now, we wait. Monster hunting is about 80% patience."


"What, is that for real? Isn't there anything else we can do?"


"But when we hunt monsters back home we chase and smash them into the ground with big swords!"

Sigh and wait.


"Well, I've always bee fond of reading while I wait. That, and preparing my traps."
"I'm assuming that's hunting to kill, as opposed to hunting to trap. There's actually quite a lot of difference of methods, especially if you want it in any condition to power the school's forge."
Switch pulls out what can only be described as a voluminous tome from his sidebag.
"If you'd like to wait in the tent, feel free. I'm going to take a perch up in that tree there."
Roll for luck.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Search around for nice herbs in the meantime.



Roll #1 6 = 6


"I only brought some paper for notes. I guess I can put down a schedule for myself."

Luck '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You find some nice clover, but most of the area is either grass or trees.
As night begins to fall, you see dim glows moving around the edge of the forest. Seems the salamanders are out tonight. One of them seems to be meandering near your pile. After a few minutes of it circling the pile of sticks, the salamander digs its way into the kindling and, with a small puff of steam, starts to consume the wood.
From his tree perch, Switch is watching the salamander eat.
What will you two do?


"Should we surround it?" I whisper


"I'm sure we have a net or something."


"I guess we have to wait for it to fall asleep? It wouldn't be good if it burns through it."


Gliding down next to you, Switch speaks.
"We'll surround it, exhaust it, and then I'll catch it. To safely transport magical creatures, you need something more than just a net, after all."
He'll gesture to either side of the now-smouldering campfire.
"It's your hunt, so take the lead, Light."


"wha? Uh, alright…"

Sneak around to the far end of it.

If needed '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"That makes sense."

Get behind it, quietly. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Luckily, the crackling of the fire, and the fact you cleared away the sticks, keeps you from being noticed.
Like a ghost, you're there, but then you're not. Even Switch loses sight of you for a second.
Now, you're all in position.


I'll wait for my cue.




The fire crackles and pops as the salamander starts chewing on another branch.


"I'm gonna kick it's tail, okay?"


"We supposed to chase it around or something?"


"Well, do either of you know any ranged magic? Getting it in there was the easy part. Now you've got to get it out."


"Alright I'm ready…"
"Ready for what if I might ask? I heard that we are hunting Salambaders right?"


"Oh, I have something!"

Nick the area around a hoof and call out my BLoodborne duplicate. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


What were my skills?

"It's right in front of you!"

We've already baited a salamander and are surrounding it.


TK, Tinker, and Engineering, and the skill you were learning was Elementalist - Lightning
You bleed for a few moments longer than necessary, and then a translucent sanguine duplicate of yourself takes shape. Lucky for you, you're at an odd angle so Switch can't see it.
The salamander's taken the bait, now it's time to make like pokemon and weaken it for capture.


"Whelp where?" I lifted my sword using my telekeniss

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm going in!"

Send in the double, make it kick and bite! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You've got knives, not swords. Your skills are TK, Sentry, you're learning Magic Bolt, and you've two floating skill points.
Your double walks into the fire and… fizzles out. Either there wasn't enough blood, or salamander fire burns hotter than regular fire.


I should change that to fire

Toss a rock with TK!

Roll #1 5 = 5



I don't need magic to throw rocks. FInd some with a nice size and chuck them at its tail. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yaaah! DOnt come near me!" I use my tk on the salamander, lift it up and throw it somewhere!

Roll #1 5 = 5


It rattles into the fire, but isn't quite enough to dislodge the salamander. It hisses at you, like grease on a fire.
Your rocks also agitate the salamander, and a small puff of fire comes off the pile. It seems that, sufficiently fed, a salamander can repurpose the fire for combat.
It wiggles around in your magical grasp, somehow squirming out of your grip at the last second. That really ticked it off.

Switch will Mark the target. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


All attacks on the target autocrit for the next three turns if they are successful.


"Is part of the lesson learning what I might have issues with, Mr. Switch?"

Keep throwing rocks. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Whelp!" Try to use my tk on it again! Pin it down using magic!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Let's see, uh, toss more rocks!

Roll #1 6 = 6


The rock bounces off an odd stick, snapping it and irking the salamander.
You shove it down into the ash bed of the campfire. That doesn't seem to really bother it, but you've got it there real good.
Now that it isn't moving anymore, it's a cinch to hit. Your rock zings right through the pile of sticks and dinks it right in the forehead. It's real mad, now.

Switch will yell out that the goal is now to get it out of the fire so that you can capture it, and so that it can't breathe fire at you.


"Alright then!"

Now run towards Switch.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Finally something I can do."

'1d10' Get out of the Salamander's kitchen

Roll #1 5 = 5


Whelp! Follow the others!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Luckily you don't trip over anything, but that fire's getting awful close. You're a little singed.
You manage to avoid its spewing fire, and regroup with Switch and Light.
You practically dance around the now agitated amphibian's gouts of fire, and regroup with the others.

The Salamander has exited the campfire, and stands before you. It's roughly a third your size, and looks incredibly grumpy, especially with a rather large lump beginning to form on its forehead.
Switch is readying his trap.



I'll stick my tongue out at it to distract it from the trap. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Wave a stick at it! Maybe I can hypnotise it or something.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hahaha! Get angry you bastard!"
I throw a rock at it!

"Wait why are we agitating this monster?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well, you get its attention for a brief second, but then it zeroes in on Forging Light and his stick.
Your stick is now on fire. A lot of fire.
Oh gosh you're on fire, and barely on your feet.
Your rock solidly plunks into it.

Switch finishes his trap, and hurls what appears to be a small ball of twine at the salamander.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Stop, drop, roll!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Help put out Forging!

"Jump around or something!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Upon impacting, the ball expands, encircling the salamander and condensing back to its original dimensions. A few puffs of smoke come out, and then it is silent.
"That is why we were agitating it. To make it let its guard down and be able to be captured."
Between the two of you, you manage to put out the fire.



Secure my clover.

"Cool! So when can we start using it?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Be more careful. That's why we were told to keep it at a distance."

"You feeling okay?"


Switch goes and gathers up his portable cage.
"Oh, you could use it right now, if you wanted to. But it wouldn't really like you that much. After catching comes domestication. And for that, letting it out in the forge is the safer option."


"How long will it take to do that?"


"More or less. Thanks.."

"So how do we tame it? Do we have mind magic?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Depends, really. The hard part about training a salamander is just having the amount of fuel necessary on hoof to keep it fed. Plus, it'll probably grow, so we might even have to let it go once it gets too big for the forge."
"The shaman classes will probably be taking care of it. Though I'm pretty sure they'd look rather scandalized if you mentioned mind magic anywhere near them. They think it's unnatural, and I'm not too inclined to disagree."
Heading towards his lean-to, Switch nods to the rest of you.
"Get some sleep, we'll be walking back in the morning. And don't mind the fire, any other salamander that comes by will sleep in it until daybreak, and move on."


"We won't be catching more? Aww."

Get comfortable.
Rolling for comfy

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Don't we have room for more? If we don't have to keep catching them, isn't that better?"

Try to get some Z's. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"One's enough for now."
You're not too comfortable, since you'd gotten used to the beds at the academy. But it beats sleeping outside!
"That's not really the issue."
You're out before you even hit the ground.

The night passes, day breaks, and the camp is broken. You all travel back to the Mage Academy, Salamander in tow, and eagerly awaiting the revival of the School's Forge.


"O… oh! Now I get it!" I smiled.

Now that the fire creature is captured I try to look at it and see if it is injured or anything.
"Can I make it my pet?"


You hear a quiet, but firm, "no" from Switch's tent.

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