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Time to get our groove on and get this party rollin'! Post your sheets!
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"Then you're not of my concern."


''I hope that is a good thing, or a 'relative' thing, like you said''


"Any aid you can provide is most appreciated," he replies to Rosa.

He thinks for a moment before answering her question. "We are doing so as part of a great task we have been given by the different tribal leaders of this land. By felling the colossi, we gain their trust and can claim their sacred tokens. By uniting them, the Emon believes the deep fog plaguing this place can be lifted, and this land freed of its terrible curse. A great onus, to be sure, but it is something that must be done."

He yelps involuntarily and his fur bristles as he quickly spits the fruit out, immediately regretting his decision. He painfully digs around his mouth, pulling the spines out one by one before washing the taste of blood out of his mouth with his canteen.

"It's… It's nothing," he assures Maali, spitting out a few spines. "This one has not suffered any serious harm." He tries to smile, but he winces as his mouth still smarts.


The deer frowns ''I will make a nice cool juice to calm the pain in your mouth after our battle then. Do not worry, when I was little, I made the same mistake'' He chuckles


As you all walk and talk to distract yourselves from the heat, you feel a sense of rising dread as you let the thoughts of the previous fight sit at the back of your heads.

Widowmaker however has yet to see the power of these beasts or even the close calls some of you have had. Even the shocking realization of Astra's once so called "all mighty ancient." falling to their power. Perhaps… He too will see soon enough.

Time passes, paws and hooves begin to grow sore. In the distance you all now see a large crystal jutting out of the ground… however there are no shadow beasts to defend it much like before.

To Succinite, this looks like a pretty cool yet strange landmark out in the middle of nowhere.

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Trouble is always on the rise, and it is in the hooves of those who can to seek and stem it.
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It might work on the weak underlings, but definitely not on this 'boss' imp, as your notes would say.
If they hide during the day though, that might mean they have a hideout for it and only come out at night, which might be your best bet.


Then I have to leave. I'll stay outside the house a little before going back to my room to rest and prepare. And making sure nothing follows me, of course.


You quickly clear away.
You are somewhat sure nothing followed, at least.

Going to sleep is a bit of a trouble after what you've just seen, but you can manage.
You wake to the roosting of crows in the morning.


Go over my notes on imps. How to root out their nest and weaken the boss enough to destroy, or better yet, capture. Then I'll pay Pea another visit.


You're not very well versed on them, but your notes seem to suggest that they can only be tethered to the realm of Equestria either by a summoner or some sort of demon-gate.
Capturing one is next to impossible unless you are well versed in demonic magic.

There is no response to your knocks.

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"What you mean no?
That's your fockin' job!"

The warm light of tallow candles bathes over the scene.
Three Earthies, townsfolks, now circling around one much taller gray maned unicorn in what you and everypony here can at a glance tell to be very expensive armor.
They are having a shouting match before the counter of this shallow-roofed inn, cramped walls pressing them close against each other. None of them seems happy in the least.

"I said no. The coin is not right. You can find someone else for the job. Now get out of my way."

With naught but his walk, the unicorn shoves one of the peasants aside, making him fall on his ass, as he leaves the door. Mean gazes from the crowd follow him cut the corner onto the broken down, muddy road cutting through this two-houses village like a snake, as a chill evening wind hisses through the door.

But even peasants are not fools, and sacking the insult, the three sit back at their table. Just like that, silence comes back to the inn.

You on the other hand, are stuck. Almost out of money, with a letter burning inside your pocket. A letter which just has to make it to the capital.
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I may be down, but my spirits aren't!
Attack from the ground!
The passive of possessed, remember?

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' I will simply try again, a more soothing song about swimming. inspire

Roll #1 10 = 10


The baroness' ghost holds sway over them… They are withering in pain, unable to attack their own. And through the deal, that pain is yours to bear.
Understanding its pain, making yours the wails of the dead, you are able to sing the song of Hope which denies the fear in everyone's heart.
Dyrah is now up and you both get +2 to your next action.

Sedeli 5/5
Dyrah 6/4
Burning Mare ??/??



I change the tempo to a faster pace, trying to wear the ghost down by tricking it into moving too fast, like a pony used to a jig.
'1d10+4' terrify.

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Time to pacify the ghost with my staff!
Hitting it hard!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

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>"and what if it's just some crminals and heretics?"
"A rifle like this one would help you engage at a range without endangering yourself, although you may want a sidearm for close engagements."

"But how can anypony carry such a spear gun, aren't those really big and heavy?"

"They come in more than one size. Miniaturization is always a popular sport."

Emrille & Lilly
Emrille: "On her way I guess?"
Lilly: "Let's hope she didn't get lost. I'd like to see her before I take off to Hamburgerburg."

George grows distant from the conversation and begins to clean his primary firearm, although he carries three.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"When Inquisitors pick up the search after the storm, knowing for sure we're headed south will give them a lot of help."


"The sea's a big place. And, like you said, this storm likely put a dent in a lot of their boats."


"Oh.. You look like a very busy pony and important pony. I wouldn't want to trouble you."
Back away from the captain.


"Oh, don't worry about him. He looks gruff and kinda salty, but he's a decent pony at heart."
Somewhere in there, I think.
"And besides, busy as anyone is, it's not like we can really leave until the storm blows over. So why not make the best of it?"


"Well.. Where did you guys say you were from again?"

File: 1466129486625.jpg (114.54 KB, 1280x669, sacred_forest_by_aeon_lux-….jpg)


Old thread: >>658506
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"Blessings upon you, kind priest. I am Gloria." She introduces herself with a polite bow. "Thank you for your offer, but we're just passing by. Although, you wouldn't happen to sell any milk, would you?" She asks with a smile.


Abenad nods at the priest. "We are on a quest," he says, "But as you may be aware, food has been rather scarce- in fact we were with quite a figure yesterday, but his offerings were unfortunately meager."

"Would you perhaps be willing to trade a noontime meal for some work, or allowing me to eat while you tell me of your religion? I haven't thought of it much as of late, but I'd like to have something to hold onto in these trying times."



Timber stares at the stallion with confusion. "Are you aware of how close you are settling to a stronghold currently held by the Shells of Light?" he asks, genuinely not sure if they do know.


''Ooh thats a good idea!''
He waves his hoof ''Thank you, um…Blessings of Gaia to you as well, mister!''


File: 1466143880674.jpg (3.51 MB, 3456x2592, 1448267325175.jpg)

"Well, we're rebuilding the world, is what we're doing. One step at a time, of course. Just because we're undead, doesn't mean it has to be doom and gloom all the time. Someone has to keep the torch lit. We can't die, so why moan about it?"
His eyes linger on your dyed uniform for a moment, acknowledging the All-In-One emblazoned on your tabard. "Are ye a holy man, sir?"

"Sell? Har! What good is gold nowadays? We do have some milk. At least I think we do. Yer welcome to take some with ye on yer quest, wherever it is yer going." He nods and smiles. "You can call me Brother Fateful. Charmed, I'm sure."

"Well of course we'd share our food! We were just about to have a meal break. Ye and yer friends are welcome to stay for lunch," Fateful replies. "As for work, it would be appreciated. We have many workers here, but we could always do with more. Especially a big feller like ye." He chuckles.

He looks surprised to see you. "Now that's an unusually small deer. Where does one find such an unusually small deer?" he chuckles. "Only ever seen one other like ye, long ago. Yer from Midwood, I take it?"

"Shells?" he responds in confusion. "They don't bother us these days. Not since those Resistance types moved in to Lucan's Bridge. It's a good thing too. We don't have any steel, save for our brother over there. Stubborn one, he is." He nods in the direction of the wood chopper you noticed earlier. "Violence is a disease. Ye don't cure a disease by spreading it."
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Haha, new thread

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"What? Nah, there's a whole bunch of them right here."

She leads the way out of the camp, stretching out onto her minion which becomes a blanket for the grass. "So, where we off to next?"


Tuz'tk follows, limping and whimpering quietly every once in a while.


"Oh. Well that's lucky. Just don't waste it next time, they're useful. Let's just go and catch up with Tuz'tk for now. We'll go and tell the people the imps are dealt with and that'll be the end of that I imagine." She gestures for her to follow as she limps along to find her companions.


With the imp encampment taken care of, Rosemary heals Tuz'tk, meets Bildhauerin, and leads the rest of the party back to the defiled shrine where the Furlongs were camping out. There was much rejoicing, and afterwards the Furlongs went with the group to help them clean out the small keep and re-fill the small moat, not daring to tangle with the creature in the moat for the time being. The keep still had much work to be done on it, but for the time being it was livable, and would be known as a waystation for venturing Equestrians looking to do good in the Chaotic Realms.


>100 EXP for completing the quest

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This is the thread for the Chaotic Realms game sessions and stories.

Post sheets, use character names.
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i return the favor with fortifying my Crossbow with my gadget. (+1)
then i fire my crossbow at the wolf

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


With Tuz'tk's stunning arrow, the wolf is brought down to allow the group to quickly slay it in a flurry of blows. Its skin bursts, and it starts shrinking, its shape changing as it becomes one of the small terror imps in its death throes.

>party gains 19 EXP



Post sheets




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File: 1458093554802.png (230.14 KB, 500x500, tascheter.png)

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Old thread: >>653219
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"First of all, I fail to see how stealing a ship would be easier than storming a poorly manned castle."

"If we take the Easthold, then that's more attention taken OFF Pine Pass. And, Easthold would provide a foothold for an operation to take Geldra."

"Hear me out. We take Pine Pass then move on to Easthold. Then, our party sails to the Shrine of Silence and enlist the Disciples of Order there to embark on a naval strike on Geldra. With the ships from both the Shrine of Order and Easthold and the fact that the Shells would be denied the ships from Easthold, the naval siege would work out in your favor."

"Any extended siege in this war will naturally work out in your favor. I realize that death is a condition to be avoided. But, this is war. You have to use your advantages, even if they come at a cost. And, you'll always naturally be able to outlast the Shells in a siege due to resurrection. Couple that advantage with the naval advantage, and you have yourself a victory even if the Shells numbers are larger in Geldra."

"It's a plan in progress, so if there's anything to add to it, I'm all ears. But, sneaking is certainly not the forte of our group. And, the more and sooner we deal with this Shell problem, the better."


File: 1464761264910.jpg (431.8 KB, 1920x1087, mohammad-qureshi-mohammad-….jpg)

"Wh… what?" He looks outraged. "That's ridiculous! You're ridiculous!"

"Most of the wounded from the Far Cairn are healed by now," he answers. "We only have a few that are healing. If you wish to tend to them, it would be appreciated."

"Maybe," he nods. "With any luck, they'll have been freed and serving under Doom by now."

"The Disciples are just that: disciples." He moves over to the eastern side of the war table, pointing out certain areas by using a walking stick. "They have no warships to speak of. And the fleet at Easthold is minimal, so a naval siege is out of the question when compared to the fleet at Geldra and at the blockade. Besides, it's not Easthold I'm worried about, it's the fact that we're potentially going to be taking 200 troops right past one of their largest bases of operations. They have easily five times that number in Geldra alone, if our scouting is accurate. Not to mention we'd be facing the troops from Lomar, Irontown and Torngrove, to name a few." He shakes his head. "Easthold is theirs. It is folly to seize it for our own."

>pausing for everyone except Timber



Timber stares at the map for a long time.

"How fortified is the Tower of Silence at this point? Where did these troops that are attacking Pine Pass come from? Would it be possible for us to infiltrate the tower and start a rebellion from inside without the assistance of your troops?"


"Meris went and took the garrison at Torngrove, most likely. It's the closest Shell base to Pine Pass that we know of. As for the Tower, well, it's where they keep the majority of their prisoners, not to mention the seat of their leader Joyce. It's the most heavily guarded of the three main bases. You could sneak in by pretending to surrender to a caravan, but you'd be hard pressed to find a way out." He thinks for a moment. "Heavily guarded as it is, the guards there aren't a proper army. If a major attack were to happen, they'd be forced to call on the other outposts for help. We'd need much more than 200 to launch an attack of any real note, however. They could still drive us away with so few."



Timber sighs. "Well, I can't think of anything else to do that wouldn't be massively out of our way. And, I have no interest in helping for the sake of helping. Truth be told, I'm still trying to get the Shells to be on board with our Immortal Souls plan. So, attacking them isn't really ideal for us anyway."

"So, I've tried to work this out, but it just doesn't seem to. As such, I suppose we'll just be heading out now."

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Your quest to reclaim the sacred animal statues of Mother Nature is going… well. Could go better, but definitely could be worse! Two statues are already reclaimed, not to mention you have made many allies already. Yet some of those friendships come at the price of powerful enemies being on your tail. Still, nothing could make your willpower to falter, you will collect those statues for Her, one way or another!
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That's right.
Lets' go speak with the old man about visions and books


No one said he was old!
Head to the Vanhoover teleporter?


And I guess not, but he's probably older than Kelani.


That's not hard to pull off!

By the time you arrive it seems to be late afternoon and you find yourself in a remote shack covered in snow.
You could fly in town to ask for directions, or just head northeast and hope for the best.


I can probably spot the place.
Lets fly Northeast.

Roll #1 5 = 5

File: 1459111601899.jpg (171.66 KB, 939x1200, 1337711152233.jpg)

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On the long caravan north you have time to reflect on the past couple of days.
You are nearing the end of your cadethood at the Paladin Academy of Equestria. All that remains is the dreaded Field Trials. You remember the words of Master Radiant Hope well - "You go now to face your greatest challenge, out in the field. I cannot direct you by hoof any more, but I will be there if you need to ask for guidance. How you complete your trials is up to you. So is the decision of returning home when you are done. All I can say is I hope to see you again."
Thinking back to her voice is calming. She is among the youngest to ever reach the rank of Master in the Paladin Order, known well for her stubborn desire to see the best in everyone. Perhaps that is why you all ended up united under her service and guidance.

The Field Trials are what separates a Cadet from a Paladin - you must go out into the world and prove your devotion to the paladin path. Help others and become renowned as a paragon of the virtues of the Sisters. Then, choose to leave it all behind and return to the academy, where you earn your title of Paladin at last. Many choose to never return, content with the freedom they gain outside the order's fortresses and dormitories. Many others do not survive their trials at all.
Your fate remains to be seen.

You are headed to the northern Crystal Empire, like many others. Equestria seeks a more firm alliance with these strange ponies and their Crystal Queen, and for this purpose has chosen to allow her teachings equal standing among the Paladin Order. Love and compassion form the basis of the Crystal Path, much like how valor and justice form the Sun Path, and vigilance and knowledge the Moon Path. However, those are not concerns of Cadets. You can think of your path once you are full Paladins. For now, you have other things on your mind.

Perhaps talking to your trialmates will help ease some tension.
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"Is there smoke coming from the clearing? Someone could be waiting in ambush."


"We'll just have to approach carefully."

"Give me a second!"
Look harder, anything else immediately catching my eyes?

Roll #1 9 = 9


You can see a group of folks in the clearing. Gryphons and pegasi.
Also, several deer closing in on them.
There are also traces of magic in the air, and gazing further into the distance, you can see great bonfires to the north.


"Bonfires to the north, so there must be people there… but a group of Gryphons and pegasi seem like they are about to be ambushed by deer!"
Hop off the tree.
"We should get there and prevent a bloodshed if we can!"


"An ambush?"
"Lead the way."

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