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File: 1473192243277.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

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In the garden of the royal palace at Istanbull…

"I thought you said you came because you got mail saying our ship sank?" Aria asks, surprised. You said you came because of that weird letter that said Reptil.

Kotone and Marina
The ship's bell rings from above, freeing poor Cumin from answering any further questions – though Marina no doubt has some serious questions for her father. With such a tiny boat, he has nowhere to hide.

Still, that bell signals docking… Kotone will soon have to make a choice about whether to leave the party for good, but the chance to leave and pick up her room means that she doesn't have to answer any hard questions about whether she was eavesdropping on that VERY private conversation.

You've just learned some serious theological lore surrounding the creation of the world – the well known Mother Nature, and the scarcely mentioned Spirit of Law… this corruption wasn't what you were expecting, but it's certainly raising some questions. On the other hoof, you've had the most exhausting day you've had in a long time.

While you've started to get unpacked to make your cave nook a little more comfy, Sitar went ahead to try to find an elder to get that lead you suggested.
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You examine the tree more closely. It's not fruiting right now, which isn't surprising since you're headed into winter – not that you can tell by the heat out. The tree is large, with thick branches and a wide canopy of flat, wide leaves. Strange pitcher-shaped leaves are growing around the case of the tree. The wood itself is red-orange.


Smell the leaves


The smell reminds you of sap. Thick and oily.


I wonder if this has any alchemical value? Do I see anypony around picking these leaves?


The palm leaves seem much more popular. You've seen them being woven into baskets, tents, and even clothing.

File: 1472779582540.jpg (174.3 KB, 800x596, [REDACTED].jpg)

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This is a thread for ███████████, commonly known as ARC, hosted by the GM Timber.

Addendum (1); Femto Roleplaying System: http://pastebin.com/Pu749mrT
Addendum (2) [DATA EXPUNGED]
Addendum (3); ARC Info Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W0vz-DIzE7oXBylKUewIqqao70xlMbY7LUymLl6RnK4/edit
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She pours Love in.

"Done!" she says pouring the beaker into several test-tubes and sealing them with corks. She skims the notes on the table.

"…vaccine effect, just what I thought…." she keeps reading for a moment., surely making Xavier's blood boil with impatience.


She rushes up the stairs, pockets jingling with glorious medical science. She holds up two of the test-tubes.

"Catch!" she says tossing them to Blue and Jack respectively.


The shadow retreats to the… shadows and hides above the doorway.
"Not even the courtesy to hand it to me."


Roll for stealth [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


The Scientist, breathing heavy, holds one out to him.

"Shut up."



The final result is a completely clear substance. It's not unlike water, but it doesn't even refract light. If you didn't know better, you'd think the vials were empty.


Elaine rushes upstairs while the monster is still down. She hands them out to everyone. Xavier helps feed it to Blue Screen and Jack since they are having troubles.

The moment Blue Screen and Jack drink them, the Sin stuck to them evaporates into thin air.

Once everyone drinks Salvation, there is almost immediately a loud bass-like sound outside. It sounds like an air blaster being shot directly into your ear. A second later, the party can see through the broken door what looks like a meteor crashing through the sky. The massive objects lands in the ground. The size of the object combined with the distance makes it difficult to say how far or how large it is.

Before the rubble of the impact can even land back down to the ground, something huge and fast flies out of the dust and begins moving toward the house. Despite it's size, it moves so fast it's just a massive blur getting larger and larger.
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File: 1472769117493.jpg (489.22 KB, 1167x750, Xpony.jpg)


20 years ago, the Changeling Army took over the world. No military or mage could go up against them and come back alive. So the Princesses of the world surrender.

Now, the world is under the control of the CHRYSALID Organization, responsible for maintaining their power performing their heinous projects.

But you are not one to let yourself get used that way. You have made contact with the Resistance, and now your efforts are needed if any Equestrian wants to see a world free of the Changelings control.
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File: 1472781888667.png (12.08 KB, 628x648, map 21.png)

>Liberty Boost is not ready for Extraction
The car turns on without a hitch. You just set it to Drive and you'll be gone!

There's too many bullets! You can barely crawl into the street.

The Car is right there! Just a bit more!

Liberty 3/4
Auld Helpless/1


help Auld get up and into the car '1d10'
and get gone '1d10' !

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Time to get gone!
'1d10' '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Liberty manages to drag up Auld and help him to the car as the two Soldiers continue to fire on them, adding to their injuries. Auld is bleeding out, even in the car, so get him to some medical help ASAP.

You drive off, and get to watch as the power facility explodes behind you.

Mission Complete
Enemies Killed 4/6

Resistance Wounded 2
Resistance Killed 0

Rating: Good


Got away alive!

File: 1471871776590.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

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Slowly, gently, a tremor running through your body – you lean in. It feels so surreal. The air seems to be made of cotton - your whole body is numb, like a dream. You feel like you've been in the motion of leaning forward for several minutes when suddenly your sense of balance goes and you plant your face on the bed. Opening your eyes, you see you were a little too far to the side, and missed. At least your mouth didn't end up anywhere embarrassing. Strictures kisses your forehead as you lay there, red-faced.

Just when it seems the furnace is hot enough to make a decent bath, your door suddenly swings open, interrupting your moment. One of the Inquisitors you met earlier barges in out of the rain, shutting the storm out with a slam of the door.

"We've found the source."

Stricture, not missing a beat, replies: "That was fast."

"It's closer than we thought. Somewhere on the southern half of Dandelion Island."

You went into the military wing and into a basement store room - with nothing but some crates, a lit sconce, and a little bell. You rang the bell.

At first, nothing. Then, bricks in front of you rippling like water, a blue pony with a green mane sticks his head out through the apparently-not-solid wall. He has tired eyes.
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''From… The Heart? What?''
Suddenly the voice of Steve rings in my mind again, him talking about brain, heart and dick…


"No, they uh… made me a soprano. That was a long time ago, though, my voice is definitely deeper now."

It isn't.


Truly they are the three things that motivate great creations!

"Yeah, you feel it! It's not just chemistry!"


''I don't believe you'' Cross my arms
''You know what, let me try, I'll make a gelatin just as good as yours

…Though now that I think of it, cooking IS just chemistry, you combine ingredients in portions and prepare them, put them in different temperatures until you get a satisfying result. Cooking IS just a kind of science!


"Well, if you'd like, I could help you practice your voice so it doesn't sound gravelly? I mean, as it is they might think you have a cold, so…"
I'll avert my eyes for a moment.
"So it wouldn't hurt to practice a more 'naturally you' voice. I mean, if you want to."
Cough a little.
"It would, uh, give us a reason to have some time to ourselves during the trip."

File: 1466563339343.jpg (143.33 KB, 800x566, steampunk_pony_parchment_b….jpg)

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The first thread, in which the GM is nervous

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"I know, I just helped kill a guy with one." He says, agitated because he still has the bullet hole.



"You found it? Nice, lemme just saaunter on out."

All In says, taking a cup of filled with bits and emptying them into his satchel. Walking away from a slot machine he was playing,

"Hope it wasn't too much trouble."

>Timeskip intensifies

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"It was 200 bits."



"That sounds right to me," Aphelion nods.


In nods,

"200 each sounds about right, was gonna have the knights split it, but I've been lucky at the slots, so here ya are."

He hands a sack of coins to Aphelion,

"Split it amongst yourselves. I've got to find someone who details boats."

rip my motivation

File: 1435539519846.jpg (137.57 KB, 894x894, witchcraft_2_by_kreativlin….jpg)

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You spent weeks studying
Learning about the way of the mystic
Perfecting your magical abilities at the Canterlot Academy of the arcane arts for the magically endowed
All you had to worry about was the bell, your homework, and grades
But an accident made your life take a turn you were not prepared for
You were transported back in time to a simpler age, and to return, you will have to use everything you learned, and more…
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You see her beak curling into a grin ''Just admit it, I'm a natural, much more than you even'' She picks her bone wand and waves it around ''You know sometimes I even thought that I could make a great witch when I was a kid. Doing whatever I wanted with my powers… HAH!'' She lunges foward with her wand…

And nothing happens


I face hoof.
"Don't you listen? They said not to use magic here, probably because they are already using a lot of magic to keep this forest so green."


She straightens up, neck and face feathers poofed in embarassment ''R-right, I knew that! I was only pretending to cast, goodness, you think I am stupid?''
She puts away her wand and clears her throat, reverting back to serious Garzha again

Doesn't take long until you see a clearing ahead, it must be the village no doubt


No where to go but forward.
"But, you are pretty good." I giggle at her.


She smiles with confidence ''O-of course I am, and soon I will be even greater, heh…''

As you pass by some more trees, you see it. A big gathering of simple wooden houses and shacks among the trees, either on the ground or built on the branches, connected by bridges and stairs. It is quite the sight, but something is lacking… There are no deer anywhere running around or prancing or little kid deers playing. It is deserted, making the cheerful place just a bit omnious
Before you take another step however…
''There you are'' You hear a raspy, mature voice and see a tall buck approach you. He is a male, and is quite tall, even more than Garzha and wears some kind of tunic ''Come, the Elder waits'' he says, looking down at both you and Garzha

File: 1467575143830.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

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Chapter XIII: A Terrible Storm Gathers

Princessland has, if nothing else, plenty of buildings. Perhaps some description is in order. The larder is hosted out of the great dining hall, which could easily host 1,000 guests at once. The diningware is polished stone, and modest drapes add some color to the grey tones of the stone walls in this chamber. Long wooden tables in the light tones of banana palm seem more ornamental than sturdy, but the long, stalwart yew benches at their feet are terraced with steel rings on which to hook chains.

To find your way around Princessland, it is ironically probably not best to turn to the Office of Holy Information, which in this case is information in a more general sense, and rather consult the local priesthood. You might try the secretaries at the Office of the Abbot, or for a less formal session, consult the groundskeeper at his house apart.

Grey told you that chasing graves seems crazy. Now that breakfast is settled, you have nothing but the road ahead of you… do you want to ask anyone to come with you besides Sitar?

Maybe the other mercenaries, like George or Emrille, or even Lacy might come. On the other hand, they might have their own business.

Another day, another posh suite. If nothing else, the Belle family is well off. Lilly may want help - or perhaps you could follow up on that lead with Bran. Apparently Selena and her daughters got in last night. Or maybe George has interesting stuff going on. Plenty to investigate.
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"I'll just buy like… three of them."


Aira just blushes.

Aria remarks: "It's kind of hard to believe that this Jolly Roger was a friend of this Vizier."

You could take the ladder down, open it, and take the ladder up. But your method works too – you raise the water all the way to level with the second tier (base of the ship) and dive underwater to open the sea brace.

The water, which is now level with the sea, equalizes in pressure and the doors gently swing open.

"I only wish all my ransoms could be fit inside my satchel so easily."

Water… it's still fresh and delicious. You gulp it down quickly.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


My plan all along. Things get lighter underwater, after all.


"Is this what you do all the time? Taking ponies for ransom?" I question back at her.


"Your father always had a knack for getting on ponies' good side."

File: 1462300575971.png (1014.72 KB, 1280x720, Tales Of Breezie Hollow.png)

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JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow
Adventure 2: The Incredible Journey


Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch
Sion as Everyone Else

And introducing

Nopony as Co-GM

Rated B for Breezie
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"well, I can't promise that, but I can ask about it."
"What's your name little breezy?"


"There are animals to take care of everywhere in the forest - many settlements don't have the resources the Hollow does and have no one at all to care for their animals. So no matter what, you're choosing some animal lives over others. You just don't see those other ones you're functionally abandoning on a daily basis."


He grins.
"You really love to argue, don't you?"



"How bizarre. If I agree with you, am I not, ipso facto producing evidence of the opposite, and visa versa?


"When you talk like that, I find it hard to believe you're a bush breezie, you know. Is there some kind of Forest University?"


File: 1471141462974.jpg (73.95 KB, 640x427, Iron Docks.jpg)


You have been gathered together for one reason. The royal army has hired you for a black operations mission to rid a gang of Minotaurs. They have been capturing all sorts of rare species from across the seas, only now have they settled down to train and weaponize these beasts… possibly to sell it to a warmonger.

As long as you keep quiet about your mercenary work for the Royal Army and kill the captain leading these pirates. Other than these conditions, you may work how you proceed.

Which of you have been chosen for this job?
>Post them Sheets!
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"Fuck you, your mother was a cow and your dad's a steak."

Urchin says, cutting his losses and taking the hit.

>No action, unless there's something i could do to reduce the damage


roll to insult [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1



You see one of the four suddenly leaps from the startling sound you create, accidentally tripping and knocking over the guard in front, causing a domino effect on the rest. After getting up they begin to yell and argue amongst one another and even begin beating the shit out of each other with fists.

>Pirates will be distracted for 3 turns fighting one another.

Your wide arc misses, bringing you open for an attack as the maul swings down to knock you to the ground.

>Helpless, 0/4

With the distraction of the sucker punch, you're unable to catch the next bash to your face with his other fist. "SIT DOWN!" He shouts, causing you to fall over to the ground.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks for ruinning it!


running, my bad

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After working as a Weather Patrol pony for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, you got both good and bad news - while you got accepted to the Wonderbolts, your father, who relies on you taking up the director position of the Factory, fell sick.

Time is running out before you have to leave to the Wonderbolts boot camp.
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"At least we'd know that you are healthy."
He snickers.


"Oh wow, thanks. You're so considerate."


"Hey, while we are at that… I don't suppose you can get use some saucy rumors about all the up and coming wananbe wonderbolts?"


"You asking me to spy on my fellows, Milky?"
Eye him critically.


He clears his throat.
"Technically, saucy rumors are not considered espionage ever since the Pranking Act of Celestia is in effect since a few years back."

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