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The party now returns to Kaco Island, having accomplished many things during their time on the small satellite island:

First, they learned more about aura and developed their potential even further, culminating in the creation of new abilities for some and improvements on current abilities for others. Second, they recovered a large cache of red herbs, called Helltongues, which would enable them to cure people from infection by Queen Toko's white parasites. Third, they resued an alien from outer space whose spaceship had crashed at sea during his research for his dissertation.

Now, Cutlass and Thessaly are heading back to meet with the leaders of the Three mafia Families who rule over Aristar and who have rapidly become the last stable leaders on Kaco Island following the Queens' thorough destruction of Potnia and other towns on the southern half of the island. Meanwhile, the rest of the party has plenty of time to kill before Alder and Cerulean are due for their circus performance in Aristar at 6. Thus they're heading back to check out some of the destroyed towns and pick over what might remain.

Post sheets.
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>Posting with Timber's permission due to internet troubles

"Alright then," Cutlass says after taking a moment to think. "We'll have to divide our forces. If we take the control room, the battle is ours. And, while they are distracted, we'll search for Colobok in the prison. If all goes well, we'll get this thing moving before anyone on shore knows what's going on."
"Shnitzel and Make Believe take 25 of our fighters and take the control room. You're in charge, Shnitzel."
"Everyone else come with me to the prison."

Schnitzel and Make Believe gulp a little; fear is written plainly across Schnitzel's face, and Make Believe, though also nervous, has an expression of pure excitement over his. By your order, captain!

"Agreed," Ossie says.
Sparkler is already heading for the door, impatient and worried. "Stay quiet, everyone. Don't engage unless we have to. I don't need anyone else getting themselves hurt or worse before this night's over. That goes triple for you, captain!"



If it isn't clear, Cutlass' post ends after "come with me to the prison," and my response begins with "Scnitzel and Make Believe…"



Cloud eyes the squirming under Toko's clothes, assuming it must be some parasites she has prepared with how she glares down Pattern Juggler.

Cloud takes his spot back at the side of the bleachers, toughing this out and not taking the quick reprieve. A feeling he starts to regret as he stands there with his minor burns, making his skin crawl and his legs wanting to just rest.


"N-Not to worry! I will ensure that everyone is safe!"


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It's happening!
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"So, Copper Feel, eh? Good to know."

"So, now that we're all acquainted, i've gotta know: what's next? Once this is all over we just gonna go our separate ways?"




The android hides the proof of kill once more and readies himself to leave. On the way out he turns his head back, asking:

"And how much for guitar, outta curiosity? Not saying I'll buy it, but I will consider it."

After that he heads out for said district/hotel.


As you sit in the Crossroads bar together, it starts to dawn on you that you don't really have anywhere to go from here. Although you're back in civilization, you're almost as stranded right now as you were on the tropical planet. There's sure to be someone hiring for work here on Capriast.

"Hm? That old thing?" He checks his datapad. "Eh. It's old. I'll leave it at 75, and that's a lowball."

It doesn't take you long to orient yourself and arrive at the Triton Hotel, a luxurious looking building in an upmarket part of town. The exterior is a metallic peachy sort of hue, while the same color is present in the interior, with fancy black wooden panelling and furniture littered about the lobby. Holographic screens line the walls, keeping a log of which rooms are available as well as broadcasting local news. Behind a fancy looking desk is a mare wearing a high tech transparent visor and matching glove, which she is seemingly using to sort through some files projected in a VR scenario. She is swiping her hoof to and fro as if rummaging through a cabinet. She doesn't seem to have noticed you yet.


File: 1540694316601.gif (319.1 KB, 1800x1800, 3W0t.gif)


"Well, depends on where the party is next, I suppose. Backstage tour around the galaxy would be fuckin' sick, but don't know if the 'ling's looking for roadies."
Copper says, looking over to Glitter,

"Do I need to have prior knowledge of your discography? I'm no superfan but you saw how those hyper nerds acted before. Maybe it's for the best"

She laughs.


"Oh, they act that way to almost any idol they really like," she replies with a slight laugh.
"Though having some risque songs to help sales can also have something to do with it. But yeah, nah, you don't need to know all my songs."

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Post sheets
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Both of the goo clones take the orbs, and show no fear when doing so.
>"If it comes to pass, so be it."
>>"As long as we took some bastards down with us," Trapper says with a smirk.
>"We won't be defeated. We trust Flow to give it his all."


Flaming looks out below as she sees Amy and LJ both volunteer their services, feeling herself blush a little bit when she sees LJ rush up the stairs to catch her. She takes a deep breath, grabbing on tight to the rope as she eyes the two targets. "Alright… get ready, here I come!" She steels her nerves, and makes a running leap towards the 60m drop with her heart pounding as she grabs hold of the rope, preparing to swing like a jungle-pony

[1d10+1] to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwHWbsvgQUE

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


The visions fade as you accept the orbs, and they dissolve into mist, mingling with your souls. You are brought back to the room where the king is inspecting the stone artifacts.

>Choose one Aspect from the Sphere of Dark, and then choose 1 level 1 skill and 1 level 2 skill from that Aspect.

As you leap, you feel yourself coming up a bit short toward the railing, and just before the panic of falling can set in, LJ leans out and grabs you, princess style, and you see him straining with his back legs to hold onto the railing as they're pressed up against it. He strains and pulls himself back, slipping you out of the rope and back onto solid ground.

You both see that the Anomaly now lies dormant, but is still there, floating in the air. However, it's not doing anything. The bird in the nearby nest looks up as the coast is clear, then looks down at the nest, where you hear a very faint peeping.




Amy tosses a potion at Flaming as she falls. [1d10+3]

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Flaming catches it as LJ catches her, and the potion is so good that it can last and be used later as a free action.

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You've returned safely and unscathed from the nightmarish well. A good meal and sound sleep later, you feel yourself ready for more adventure.

Twinklebreeze mentioned he had another potential location for an artefact. Such an artefact would be enough to get you at least 500 bits after Twinklebreeze's finder's commission. Combined with your reward for the Moondial, that's enough to fund the airship construction!

It's a grey and dreary morning. The ground is still damp and wet from last night's terrible stormy weather.
As you fly outside the inn towards Ribbon's bed in the barn, you notice a Breezie once again wearing a Tinker uniform. This Breezie wears a peculiar hat with lights going on in and off in different patterns. He has short white hair and white short beard. His coat is blue.
Ribbon seems to have noticed the breezie already and is eying him suspiciously.
The Breezie turns and flies to you both as you go outside.
"Observation." He announces quite dramatically. "You are…" he gets out two little cards "Pattern Pitch and….Fairweather."
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"This is a [curse sealing vessel]. We can have it examined when we go back to see the witch breezies, or maybe we can puzzle over it to pass the time on the road. Either way, let's deal with it later."


Say your goodbyes and go back on the road?


Sounds good! We'll sell off the amulet, get our airship parts, and put it together for a few days before we meet back up with Oomar. That's the plan, anyway.


"Are you sure we shouldn't look around for a key? Or maybe we can look when we come back?"


As you leave the tree again and start the long journey back home, you notice the deer you met a few days ago at the edge of the devastation. It nods its head in thanks before disappearing again.
Armed with the artifacts you finally will have to acquire the parts for the airship.
Not only that, you have made new allies and enemies who will join your journey.
And many questions remain…what is in the black box, what was the witch breezie planning, will the zebra fit into the Hollow

Only time will tell…

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Post sheets
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She nods. For the first time in years if not decades she's faced with something she doesn't understand. Her mind reels a little as she gazes at the golden orb, curiously pulling it in two then putting it back together. "This… This is a wondrous thing. Thank you, visitor. I shall not let it go to waste."

"Don't ask. Please."



For a moment, Cutlass considers just washing her hooves of the whole alien thing. This has to be some sort of hoax. But, she can't help herself.

"J-just a piece of advice," she says, trying to gain some composure. "Ponies aren't really used to hearing that there's life on other planets. Nothing on this world, really. I don't know if you're some pony joking around or not, but you should probably not claim to be from space."


"Oh… Oh! Fascinating! Your home must be truly spectacular! Is it far from here?"


"Even still, this is pretty cool to me! I mean, this giant metal thing flies? I still sit and wonder how the metals ones stay floating in water, nevermind flying!" She has a look of wonder and amazement in her eyes.


He ignores you.

He nods and has a dizzy, involuntary kind of swoon. "Ah, one last favor? Can ya fetch me some water and some greens? I been on that rock a mighty long time."

"Ya nah, don't worry, I'll cause no stir, least of all on ya ship."

But the effect seems to have taken place, and both pirate crews are surely creeped out by him.

"Far enough that it took a pretty penny to get here. But, I cannot tell ya more. It's illegal, ya know," he says.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post sheets
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>"That was crazy, we're not even at the pyramid yet! Is there anyway we could speed this up a little?"
KP asks, keeping a cautious eye out for any other threats.
>Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That depends, are you afraid of heights? And can you swim?" She says, pointing down the edge of the slope leading down from the top of the waterfall, towards the LOOOOONG drop leading down to where it leads back into a river at the bottom going to the temple.


Shei-Sher is at a loss of words for a moment and he thinks his next response very carefully. Shei-Sher kneels before King Linias "Then allow me to serve this kingdom one last time. I am not a sheep, I am a goat and though our genealogy is stretched there is kinship between us, as I had learned when I once traveled with Prince Novelus. The Tablet is yours, but when you do open the Vault, let me appraise the items for you."

Shei-Sher puts his hoof forward, in it is Pupil. "This eye was from the omni-fuel that generated from Y'dryth's ember in the seat of Vadahara. It has a divine connection with Y'dryth's memory as far as I can tell. Please hold it in your hoof and look at me. Tell me what you see."


"There still remains a few days before this expedition starts, we have time to see what lies below there. Not to impose, but what if the records do not detail what lies in there because any information was kept inside the vault as well to not be temptations for invaders? Zha has remained calm and protected even in this demon-world until the invasion the other day. I ask that the vault could be examined at least, before a decision is made."


The creature runs away in a fit. The nail beast can see and smell that there are other monsters like it lurking among the shadows, as can Flaming and KP. But the monsters do not pursue you, and instead slink away into the shadows.
"Right, let's put in some distance before they attack again!" Blessings shouts, whipping the Rumblers into extra quickness. The lizards pull the cart forward, swiftly putting a geat distance between you and those monsters.

After a little while, the winding path through the hill comes to an end and gradually flattens out, delivering you again into the thick and overgrown forest and away from the clutches of beasts for now. The temple of Slipper looms a short distance beyond, with the air pleasantly cool and damp, with the thundrous rhythm of the mighty river in your ears. You forage onward in the cart unto the massive temple, making out the outline and intricate design of an ancient set of doors in the outer walls.

"Enough," the King says, refusing Pupil. "I have heard all too much about this device from my son's account of his travels. I will not allow either of you into the Vault; we have had to bend our traditions copiously out of necessity in these past months, but the sacredness of that ancient earth, you will not enter. Give me the other tablet, and I shall have the royal geomancers make a new magatama from them and inspect what lies below. In the meantime, stay here with Prince Novelus."
In a rare moment of levity, the King cracks a stern smile. "After all, the lamb doesn't shut up about either of you."


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Some people live in their old ways, set in how keeping to tradition is why things kept for so long.

Some people are quick to embrace the new and unknown, convinced that evolution is all that matters.

Some people have abandoned reason as they watched their world ripped asunder and smash into realities thought to be only in the imagination.

Exceptional people of these beliefs have dealt with their realm bleeding into others by fast becoming saviors, diplomats, leaders, caretakers, salvagers, scavengers, conquering heroes or scheming villains. Throughout the world, every expanding inch of it, opportunities are popping up for these exceptional people to prove themselves; for profit or charity…

Somewhere in a great underground dungeon made of steel and glass are some of these people who are quickly meeting back-to-back as they face tribals carrying spears and blugeons from all directions!
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You heal yourself enough that the pain becomes a slight stinging. The humanoid is gone from this place. 4/5 Hits

You hear the thing quickly going on all fours towards the West hallway, it will be there next turn!


"My mistake dear."


"Wait, hey, who are you?"


I get a little annoyed at the thing fleeing, and decide to check this room for valuable things instead. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll quickly move back to the western door. Torch-first.
"Questions can wait until after this thing is dead."

File: 1525489925690.jpg (22.96 KB, 356x141, image.jpg)


The landis rife with conflict as the goddess Concord and the god Discord are forever at odds with one another in a constant struggle, thus true harmony can only be claimed by those who take it.

Name: Your identity.
Gender: Boy or girl?
Race: Each race has unique racial skills.
Class: Determines which skills you can take. Take a second class to become Multiclass.
Skills: You get 5 points to spend on skills. (3 if you are Multiclass)
Special Talent: Typically a +2 bonus to one skill.
Hits/Wounds: Nonlethal/lethal damage you can take.
Weapon and/or Catalyst: How you attack or cast spells.
Character Traits: Details that make your character unique, like looks, gear, and personality.



Gender: Girl
Class: Bard
Skills: Improvise, Heroism, Mimic sound.

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A timid fall sun shines above the Great Forest. Far down below near the ground, beneath a golden brown canopy, a caravan, too tiny for even Big Pony eyes makes its way through the bushes.

At the head, riding on a white kitty named Ribbon, is a courageous breezie named Fairweather. Foollowing behind, in a blue tunic with a gear emblem and wearing goggles is the genius tinker breezie Petilia.

They're very close now to their destination, the Big Pony village on the edge of the forest. Their missions is to obtain a Big Pony item of great value. Their contact in the city is an ex-Tinker, a toymaker by the name of Twinklebreeze.

Do you want to talk a bit and get back in the routine before making our way to town?
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"That place was mysterious… even now I'm tempted to go back and investigate that chamber. But it's probably best to put that chapter behind us."


Ribbon shakes himself off. But he looks slightly disturbed now. His battle standard got wet and dirty as well, making him look way less intimidating.


"Poor Ribbon. We should all take a well deserved rest. Well, first, let's rid ourselves of this moon dial and collect our payment. But then back to the inn."


As you walk away from the well, you hear one last mournful wind howl escape from the well.
While the Moondial is safely in your possession, whatever other secrets it might have held will be buried forever!



"I'm really curious about the light triggering the water, but its just not a good idea to investigate if we can't tell what's real in there."

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File: 1467153420614.jpg (50.93 KB, 811x456, image.jpg)


A cloaked figure trudges along the snow laden path as he eyes the walled settlement upon the hill…

Another day I walk this land, the wood buildings built upon stone foundations, Greater cities existed before this very spot and an even greater one will be built after this one is burned to ash and scattered to the wind. I hope that there is a warm place to lay my head…


I know we're using S10, but is there anything apart from standard creation rules we should be aware of?


No, You can just create your character.


I'm here guys.

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