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From your airborne vantage, you can see Aira headed up to the roof. It's large and flat - it could perhaps accommodate a rooftop garden. Based on the wooden remains, it looks as though it once housed a pigeon aviary.

There are a lot of young ponies playing out on the playground, it's hard to pick out any one individual from here.

Booking passage south is no difficult matter, but the waters are a different story. The storms that have plagued the Equestrian coast for months continue to rage on, eerily reminding you of Caballeria, though not nearly as intense.

That changed once you got out onto open waters, though. With a terrible squall bearing down on your ship, threatening to prevent access to the coast of the New World and its fast current, the only option was to cut through the great sea… skirting the edge of the Manesian Triangle. It is no surprise that no storm lurks there, for they are infamous doldrums, and many a ship had been lost to ocean madness in the clutches of the Triangle.

By the fourth day of your journey, it has become clear that the wind is quickly fleeing your sails. You know the captain of the trade vessel you're on is planning a meeting with his mates today. Maybe you should try to Persuade him to tell you his plans, or just outright spy on the meeting. You could even send Horosha.

The arc-lamps on the rocket-ship cut out, allowing your eyes to adjust somewhat to the dark. It feels almost like being in space – this whole giant cavern is dark, but filled with star-like pinpricks of light – coming from domiciles and shops. As far as you know, you're in some kind of residential district.

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"O-oh… right."

Soon, you're in a Prench design parlor, and getting outfitted with a custom dress. It would pretty much empty out the rest of your cash reserves, so Cumin offers to pay for it. Whether you let him is up to you.



I feel like I almost, almost didn't manage to resist the sudden urge to jump and bite when he suddenly touched me. I just hope Blackpaw didn't notice

I had enough of this. They can't be right. I'm not like them… Like that Bitch.


I'll suggest splitting the bill, but if he insists, I'll let him pay.
I just hope this Stella is discrete about her clients.


As you are in uptown near the palace, you can see the university clock tower from here. The piping office isn't immediately obvious though. Search?

In any case, it doesn't take her long to recognize Cumin in the robe. "The prodigal prince returns! Do you need some more dresses 'for the palace maids'?"

Cumin turns red. "N-no! P-lease, don't! Don't tease me. I, uh… brought you a new customer. I didn't think you would s-spread rumors…"

"Of course not darling. Is he ready for his measurements?"

"S-stop! S-she's my, uh… s-special somepony."

"Oh? This should be fun, then. Come on back."


"Maybe… it's a little disconcerting though… I'm not in the business of hurting anypony, I used to be a nurse."

She gathers herself on the couch and straightens a picture frame housing a bullet on the wall, which had been knocked askew during the shouting.

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You wake up early one evening after a long day's sleep. Your room resembles that of any well-to-do mare's except for the lack of windows and mirror, and a coffin instead of a bed. The walls, floor, and ceiling are cut from the bedrock as is the rest of the complex the Twins had constructed when they first took control of the Nature temple. Thanks to you their relationship with the members of the temple is more friendly and less parasitic than it was in the past. Countless rituals allowed you to redeem not only yourself, but the Twins too, in the eyes of Nature. Thanks to this the three of you can enter the temple itself now without risking annihilation and you've even regained your status as a priestess of Nature.
You did not exert yourself much last night so your blood pool is still mostly full, although a unicorn Nature priest is waiting by your coffin in case you want a bite.
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She mostly ignores your gaze and starts wolfing down the soup and bread. The mare goes through two more bowls and half a loaf of bread before she finally stops eating. You can tell that she's still scared, but that seems to be her baseline emotional state, rather than fear of you or something specific.
The twins and your followers have stuck around. You can tell by the expressions on the faces of the few paladins and more senior clergy recognize the few Tirekian symbols that have been carved into her body and scared over at points in the past.


"No matter what they told you, you're not a slave or prisoner here." I gesture to the others. "If you need anything please ask someone, if you'd like to leave we can help you do that too, but you're safe here, as long as you'd like." Lean down so I'm facing her more directly.
"…What would you like everyone to call you?"


She trembles when you lean down to face her.
"They always just called me 'Hey, you!'"


…what color is she, any cutie mark?


She has a magenta coat with a neon blue mane and tail. Whatever cutiemark she had as been scared and burned until no hair was left and Tirekian marks were left in their places. She's skinny enough that her ribs stand out, she's dirty, and she stinks.

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Post sheets
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Winston calls up the front desk and orders some more bacon


9 months ago
The fucking feels


Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you


i wonder if anyone else ever reads this. or stuff like that. or if it's just me.



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Time has passed since you both got off the terrible, cursed island where Buck and his raiders spread their terror, but the shadow of their lives and deaths still loom over you.
The loss of many new friends both there and the haunted Ironclad has taken its toll on both of you, mentally and physically, but you are finally safe in the city state of Pontugal, where you get to enjoy the aid and hospitality of the ponies here.
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You have to go slower until you get used to it, but he waits up for you.
You see him leading you to an old, but big building! It seems like the roof is still intact, so there is no snow inside there!


Catch up to him with a ragged panting.
"Wait! Nopony inside?"


He nods.
"Don't worry, it was always empty before!"


Stand, tiptoeing in uncertainty, behind him. "This secret? The place to hide?"


"Then that settles matters, I believe."

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File: 1477856210430.png (320.28 KB, 1280x905, Hospital.png)


All those years of studying finally paying off.
While it was tough to stay in with all that competition, especially with your social background, you managed to pull it off.
Now you reap the benefits, after your graduation and your degree, you immediately got a job at Los Pegasus Central Hopsital, known to most as Hope Beacon Hospital.
You even got leased an apartment nearby, in a much friendlier neighbourhood and close to work - obviously so you can be called in at any time if there is some sort of emergency.

As you approach on your first day, you see the hustle and bustle around, pegasi pulled wagons landing on top of the large building while earth pony pulled carts carry ponies at the front.
You are supposed to find a conference room so the director of the hospital can greet you before you get to do the intern work - quite dull from the rumors you've heard, with tons of hoofholding to make sure you don't treat anypony on your own without the proper experience.
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Let's have a look at our options! Scan for materials, or if there are none out, start picking through the cabinets for what I need.


You see the gauze, the plaster bandage, and some gloves to wear for it, now you only need a bowl of water.


Let's try the cabinet nearest the sink for a bowl.


It has one indeed, and a small, foldable stand for it, so you can place it next to the medical bed


Right. Unfold the stand, fill the bowl with water, and soak some bandages.

"I need you to stick out your leg for me and hold it as straight as you can. This shouldn't hurt, but your leg might get tired while I'm wrapping the cast, so try to get in a comfortable position."

File: 1471744740766.jpg (138.7 KB, 650x505, Stone Bird.jpg)

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Time for our fourth thread to open up! Post them sheets!
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Breathing heavily from his mounting wounds, he takes a knee and stabs his sword into the ground, glaring up at the changelings with a look of utter disgust.


Alder follows suit, kneeling over and letting his damaged wing flop over


File: 1477800914749.jpg (34.87 KB, 400x604, I sacrifice.jpg)

"There is no need, Allegro. They have bent the knee and given themselves to us. Capturing the foe is a far greater victory than slaughter. There shall be no further losses today."


The World Warp begins to fade away, Arabesque and Allegro finally coming into view. You realize they've been hovering just over your heads the whole time.

Arabesque is giving you a smug grin, lying down on her cloud as she looks down upon you. "Good boy." She demeans.

You see the changeling sisters above you, Allegro waving at you lightly with an alluring smile, yet you still feel intimidated by it.

Winds begin to form around Mercer and Alder, slowly suffocating them. "Sleep now… You're much easier to move when you're unable to resist." Arabesque says while Allegro casts her spell.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The party awakens in the Temple of Light, a note left with them saying "If we see you outside of this temple, we will kill you without hesitation. Signed, Arabesque and Allegro."

And then the group lived happily ever after in the temple, the end.

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File: 1472690804233.jpg (137.75 KB, 736x1296, 2392b5666e576e53c8e82aa8a5….jpg)

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Previously on Travel: http://mlpg.co/arc/q/raw/knight/travelquest/648989.html

Our brave little Deer is pulled to safety as strange multi-limbed beings he tried to save nearly pulled him under the water. Maali and Rhodan manage to rwo back to the safety of the ship, the crew aiming weapons at you in fear.

"What in the Princess' world was that?!" Captain Corsican demands of you, asking as the tower behind you burns. "Just what did you run into!?"
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I try to wiggle away off of it!
What should I roll for that?



It stays on top of you, you can smell it's body and bad breath!



Roll #1 18 - 2 = 16


You shove it off!

It roars at you, but then it and it's mate takes off into the forest.

You're safe, for now.

Or you would be if the doors weren't opening and a bunch of soldiers were coming out at you…



I hold up my hands defensively, glancing at Rhodan

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File: 1475199464050.jpg (1.19 MB, 1300x827, bridge_house_grayscale_by_….jpg)

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Galehaut follows Lapis, but waits near the cellar door,

"Move along, I'm going to get Timber Hoof out of the scenario he's in."

after the party are safely away, he shouts down the hallway,




Timber looks toward the cave then toward the caves, visibly weighing his options. He hopes that the options that the griffons thinks he's weighing are not the options he's actually weighing.

"Shit." With a single word, he gets up and quickly runs toward Galehaut's voice.

[1d10] to be convincing if necessary

Roll #1 8 = 8


Abenad starts taking stock of the supplies to see if there's anything worth taking.


Gloria nods to Lapis, looking about the room in search.



Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1477205397000.png (323.89 KB, 1200x1600, lapis.png)

The duo jump at the sound of Galehaut's voice. "You're in for it now, you are," the first one says with a smirk. "At least we're doing our part. At least I am. I don't want him to kill me."

"…What do you think that'd be like? To be dead?" the second one asks out of nowhere.

"…Probably dull," the first one shrugs. "Dull and full of complaints." He puts on a whiny voice as Timber hurries onwards, joining Galehaut and the others in the cellar. "'The ground's too cold! My grave should be bigger! My bones hurt! Why does he get more worms than I do?' Etcetera."

There's plenty of food of all shapes and sizes to be found, especially dried fish and other meat. Compared to the Resistance or the Disciples, the Shells have a veritable banquet at their fingertips.

It doesn't take you long to find it. There is a cupboard in one corner containing dried samples of a fungus of some sort labeled as "Bleeding Jelly". It isn't hard to see why it's called that; Bleeding Jelly is a spongy white shapeless species with several dark red translucent growths on it, giving the impression that it bleeds. It looks repulsive. "That should be it," Lapis says as she looks over, handing you a bag. "Let's take as much as we can carry and get out of here." In the background, you see Kivoda help himself to the cellar's supplies, serving himself some of the wine in a pewter cup. He shudders at the taste of it.


>also yay, commissions

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File: 1477101001081.jpg (252.46 KB, 1100x1300, christophe-vacher-stormbre….jpg)

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The small tidal cave system known as Alcatel Grotto has been reported to be host to eldritch activity by the locals of the area. Whispers have circulated of shadowy, shapeless figures seen entering the grotto at sundown, and of unearthly wails and screams heard during the witching hours. A group of sellswords from all walks of life have been hired to investigate this grotto and discover the truth behind the rumors - and to put an end to their source, if possible. Who will answer to this call?
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"Well, uhm… we did. Maybe ya got some kinda… sleep magic?"


"Maybe…though I think I'd want to find out…not close to the grotto that had weird slimes and stuff in it."


Pyrite chuckles a little, and offers the mare a hoof "Well, we might wanna head on back t' town. I'm not much've a night pony, s-so I think I'm gonna wait till t'morrow to head out. Wanna come with?"


She smile slightly and takes his hoof.
"Sounds nice."


Pyrite helps the mare up and makes his way back to town, a little happier to not be going on his own, and to bhe making his way away from the grotto

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File: 1466216954988.jpg (320.39 KB, 2880x1620, Planetscape_sci_fi_planet_….jpg)

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First of many threads to come.
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Stone Heart salutes Bulwark. "All of you did well."

Then finishing him off with a strike from his maul.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Don't worry too much about. Just know I take any insurance you might have," she says, then tries to punch him in the face.
"And yeah. Gee gee."



Roll #1 7 = 7


Pyrite yelps a little louder as he's bonked upside the face, chuffing a little and trying to finish him off with a body check
[1d10+1] Bonk!
"G-Good fight! Sorry 'bout this!"

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


You finish off Bulwark, standing victorious for a moment. With surprisingly little fanfare, the world around you begins to vanish, eventually blinding you with a flash of white light as you return to reality. After taking a moment to readjust yourselves to your surroundings, you take off the harnesses and step out. Powder Keg is there to greet you, along with the enemy team. Most of them do not have their equipment with them. Some, like Nevermore and Balgus, look a bit salty at their defeat, but the rest seem to take it fairly well. "Congrats," Powder Keg says with a big grin. "That was a hell of a fight. I thought for sure the other team had it in the bag near the end there, but you really turned it around once Balgus got taken out." Balgus frowns disapprovingly. "And congrats to you two," he says as an aside to Veta and Brimstone. "You're slightly less poor. Or slightly richer. I don't know how much you make." He shrugs.

"Anyway, you're all official competitors now. If you want to go on to do the official tournaments, there is a fee, but you get a discount. If you're interested in doing another round, we can get you sorted into another game mode…" He starts rambling a bit about the logistics of the Arena, and you quickly lose interest. The party, sans Pyrite, are suddenly alerted to a message from Gunther, linking you to a news article about a house fire that broke out overnight on Rona, severely injuring the inhabitants. It was Think Tank's house.

>To be continued…


Pyrite hops out of the harness with an excited, dopey grin on his face as he goes over to vigorously congratulate each of the competitors on the fight. He doesn't seem to notice any of the saltiness from Nevermore and Balgus, from the look of it. After he finishes with the enemy team, he canters back over to the rest of the group and excitedly shouts "Awesome job, y'all! Thanks f'r lettin' me tag along with ya in th' arena!"

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