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Life in Equestria can be a volatile thing.
From ancient beings of chaos to mighty demons, hungry monsters and dishonest if still huggable ponies, adventure and danger have been known to lurk around every corner.
But in the past several decades, this has not been the case as much as before. Life has been mundane. Quiet. Boring even. Princess Celestia watches over all from Canterlot, and the few who still remember the time when two princesses ruled rarely bother talking of those days. Or of the dreaded Nightmare Night. Simply looking at the moon in the night sky is reminder enough.
But there are those who have not embraced this new era - those who still regard the late Princess Luna as the only true ruler of the night and refuse to accept Celestia as the sole ruler. These Lunatics come from many walks of life. Nobles who had close ties to her or grudges against Celestia, night guards who refused to serve the one who sent their princess to the moon, those following in the hoofsteps of the original Nightmare Cult, and many more. Whatever their reasons, their goals are the same - to rescue Nightmare Moon from the Moon, and restore her as the ruler of Equestria's night.

"This is where you come in.
I, by request of, Chancellor Fairmane, have been tasked with gathering a suitable group of adventurers and mercenaries for a little off thr record work.
I trust you understand why secrecy of your mission is an important priority. Which also means I cannot, officially, outfit of finance you. But if you return victorious, you will be well rewarded.
Your first mission is to head to the village of Duskheim, where you will meet with one of Canterlot's forward scouts, Sky Eye. He will tell you more about the place you'll be going soon enough. Dismissed."
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You signal Sky Eye and he swoops down
"Are you crazy? The patrol is just around the corner! If you wan tot go over now, there will be no time for us to make plans!"

Go over the wall Y/N?


"Well then we'll just kill them."
vote to wait


I will wait then



Sky Eye lands to fight at your side.


File: 1409334932103.png (1.61 MB, 1200x652, Ponyville.png)

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To the west of Baltimare city, a settlement was raised by ponies in post-apocalyptic times, centuries after the war. The 'town' of Hayburg is in reality an old carriage parking lot filled with shacks used as homes, with a ruined hayburger joint in the center of it all. You've come to this particular settlement with reason. While it is not as big as other communities, it is still the biggest town in the Baltimare area. The Brotherhood of Steel deemed it important enough to send one of its scribes here and use it as a place to contract individuals willing to do jobs and perform tasks the Brotherhood itself has no time for.

Usually this is because they are too trivial or time-consuming to waste rangers on.

Sometimes this is because they are too dangerous to waste rangers on.

As unique as it is for the Brotherhood to ask help from outsiders, the particular chapter behind these tasks is understandably busy up north in Fillydelphia. Perhaps this is the reason the ponies in this area are somewhat more sympathetic towards them than elsewhere, where they are most commonly referred to as 'power armored assholes'.

Whatever the case may be, the town is not much further now. You can see the large neon sign perched on top of the hayburger joint already. Only the letters HAYBURG are lit up on said sign. How clever.
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It's cool to the touch. Dead silent, completely offline.

If it's not damaged, you could pop it open and reactivate it.


"So we can have more trash?"


"Or we can teach it to trash ponies!"

So… Pop the lid open!
Tinker with it!

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


+2 more from talent.


Your turn it over so the back of the main compartment faces you and open it up. After a little bit of searching, you find the reset switch and activate it.

The machine springs to life, closing the lid on its own and righting itself on its wheels. The screen flickers and showcases a line running from one end of the screen to the other…


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