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File: 1430594268221.jpg (71.06 KB, 997x610, battle.jpg)


Tall Tale, Equestria

The room you’re in is rather messy. Scrolls, maps and random bits of paper lay scattered around in a disorderly fashion while the desk in the middle of the room remains clear of all but the bare necessities to write. The sunrays casting themselves into the room through the windows reveal the air to be filled with particles of dust, a clear sign of a poor cleaning record.

You were led into this office a few minutes ago, having come here after having received a job offer of dubious nature.

Most notably, preference was given to orphans.

Whether or not this criteria applies to you matters not, as you were among those who were accepted. Now all that remains is to hear exactly what this job entails and sign a contract of agreement. You’re not alone here, of course. There are two others who have joined you here.
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Plenty ready.


New scene.

The Leviathan sails for three days and three nights with a southern heading, on an intercepting course with your targets. Then, at the end of the third day, sails are spotted on the horizon.
"Sails ahoy! Two sets!"


This is what we're here for. Go to the railing and stare down the ships in the distance.


"Okay, no time for games. I want two ponies at each cannon, but only on one side. Be ready to switch as we maneuver!
How's the wind? Can you tell which side the enemy will engage from?"


File: 1429311204655.jpg (211.06 KB, 1277x718, bconWWWNext75.jpg)


Garrisons is a game about the Commanders of an outpost working together to defend it from the Mantoid threat, as well as going out on missions and building the outpost up.

http://cytu.be/r/pretendhorse_playhouse# OOC chat here.
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Thank you Captain Diana, We will return with the bes-''
''M-m-mister G-grov-vakussin!'' He lightly pushes him ''N-now it is not the time for that!''


Diana, before leaving the room. Turns to grab her giant mace that was strapped to her back. She then swings it at you in attempts to either give you a warning or actually harm you.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Apparently it was both. Her mace smashes into your stomach hard enough to make your breakfast spill out onto the floor and all over your crotch. "You may be my commander, but I will not take vulgarity such as that." Diana then huffs before walking out of the room, mace flung over her shoulder.

>not replying anymore


Maali puts a hoof to his mouth
''Oh goodness m-mister Grovaa k-kikussin are you alright?''


"Haha! Worth it."

File: 1428716298644.jpg (613.67 KB, 1600x1000, war-of-the-worlds-by-rober….jpg)

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The world was shaken to the core at the arrival of invasion forces from beyond the stars, the Ponies of Equestria completely unprepared for what they will soon face.

We return to the Party standing at the edge of the newly formed crater, the remains of the strange Disc seeming to disappear into thin air.
Post Sheets!
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"T-Terra.. Where are they taking me.." Blade asks, now starting to slip into unconsciousness.


Mikahil shakes his head as Asimov's foot goes through the floor.
"Maybe you should be a bit more gentle, Asimov."
>"Maybe you should allow me greater control over my own servos," the comm screen flashes.
Asimov tries to get unstuck…

…while Mikhail opens up the cockpit, and points his stick at Caliver.
"You my friend, might very much enjoy this little pick-me-up I've saved…in fact, all inhabitants of this room might need one, too…"
>Bolster; Automatic

Roll #1 2 = 2



"What the…!?"

The hippogriff couldn' t prevent the surprised yell from espcaping his mouth. It' s not every day that You descend down the floor without the use of stairs or an elevator.

It looked as though the newcomer, however friendly, tore a hole in the team' s tactic, allowing the enemy an escape possibility.

However, the griffin in the cockpit seemed to have been as swift in his thinking as he was in his actions.

Not knowing the reason for being chosen as the first one to receive the positive wave of energy, he knew that there was no time nor point in questioning that now.

Within his arms and hooves has been put trust. A single action, yet one of importance.

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She follows her sister, "You do have a robotics expert, right?"

"They're gonna help you."


Kicking open the lab door, you find a curious piece of machinery.

A silver sphere floats over the multiple tables in the chamber, scanning the contents with a variety of probes and bizarre instruments. The lights in this room flicker on occasion, the Sphere seeming to be drawing power from the Generator near the back of the lab.

rushing in, you get the drop on the sphere, smashing into it with Gorau's Yo-yo, denting the silvery surface!

Asimov struggles to untangle his body from the ruined staircase, the soldiers getting in the way of a more vigorous attempt.

rushing out of the building, you see the commander hobbling into cover, a device previously concealed pulsing with a blue glow.

Charging forward, you leap towards the commander, attempting a tackle! the commander, being of a semi-equine design, throws what he has into a single buck, throwing you off and onto the street, the impact knocking the breath out of you.
> 6 hits
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1428370521389.jpg (36.02 KB, 640x480, IMG_16122.jpg)


You sit patiently in your seat. The cool air of the room chills past your coat. The bright light pouring out of the large windows forcing you to keep your eyes focused low, the neutral browns and greys of the solid wood table and stone floor refrshing. In the corner of the room you see the zebra continue to stand there silently, staring off to the side in an obvious attempt to avoid eye contact. Small puffs of steam emit from his nostrils with every exhale before dissipating back into the silent cold.

The akward silence hangs in the room, neither you, the striped equine standing in the corner nor the others sitting at the table with you break it. It's been like this long before you entered, the only noise that breaks the serenity is the opening and closing of the thick ornate door and the scraping of chairs. You think back to the strange letter calling you to this place that made it way to you, albeit in somewhat unorthodox means. Every natural instinct tugged at you to ignore such bizarre dealings and yet, for some reason that you can't quite recall right now, you find yourself sitting here. You glance up briefly looking around the table at those sitting with you feeling a little easier that you aren't alone. Though once more your mind slips back to the content of the letter…

(Dear Talented Individual,
Through Our observations We feel you are an excellent choice for a task We would like completed. We would like to have the pleasure of discussing the matters further along with payment and services that are in Our power to provide.
-Ouroborus Fourteen)

Well I'm outta practice but practice makes perfect so here goes. Wish me luck anyone who scrolled over this spoiler!
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"Well, hardly much of a challenge either way! We destroyed it so quickly I didn't have time to break a sweat!"

"Aye, real diamond would be a great deal more durable for certain. Eh, their mistake no? More like Brittle Dogs."

"Well, I saw the arc go over and bring it to life from those stones. Might there be more? What was that gem after all?"



"Perhaps this gem controls them?"


Pulling out the Red Gem, i walk a bit further down the corridor and aim the gem once again along the path.

channeling magic through the facets, i attempt to focus another blast.

"Gem-beasts, awaken!"
[1d10] Charge gem

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Maybe, though does seem a bit boring."

"Oh, some brittle sounds pretty good right about now," she says, rubbing her tummy, which only serves to make the contents in her body shift around.


You absorb a nice red gem… a ruby! It isn't magical but it'll get you some nice bits.

You find a shiny sapphire. It matches your fur.

You focus your energy as you channel life force to the corpse. It writhes and moves but doesn't piece back together. You understand how it works a bit better.

>DC 8 to raise

>+1 next roll

You find a sharp long piece of the dog. It can make a valueble, sharp, magic absorbing sword with enough time and effort!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Thanks for playing guys! I had a good time! Continuing this next week!

File: 1424831546524.jpeg (675.21 KB, 1280x765, Steel Ranger.jpeg)

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FalloutQuestria rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1whdQhzD0h-yluJ-yk8VRiQCIYTFlrX-V1xWn4JhQcNU/edit?usp=sharing

Ponies in the local settlement report that several ponies have gone missing, including several children, and have recruited you to help find them. At long last, you found the trail that led you here. To a building that, according to the bright red sign in front of it, used to be an elementary school. The western side is collapsed, and the skeletons of the pre-War houses of this town stand opposite of it on the other side of a crumbling roadway, the pavement cracked and disintegrating.
However, grafitti on the walls of the school imply that it's inhabited.
There is a set of large double doors in front of you. Enter through here, or look for another way inside?
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Line up a shot on the rope.



>Sniper Rifle

>Gun Bonus

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5



Scamper grabs a needle and injects it into himself, shivering as he sneaks forward

>Consuming Dash

>Agility, Tunnel Runner: Close Range
>Also attacks against him at -1 due to Speedy

and then firing at the nearest raider

>Pistol, Scattergun, Mutilating, fire twice per round


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Running at them, pulling out a can of beer and tearing a small strip of cloth from his armor
[1d10+3] making a bomb to be lit with his lighter

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


The all outright laugh at your tough act.
"Boss ain't even here yet, kid!"
THe shot severs the rope and sends BB to the floor with a thud.
The first shot blasts one raider off his hooves, splitting his chest open. The next slams into the wall, alerting them all to your location.
"Let's get 'em, boys!"
Perfect bomb-making. You even manage to make a second one!


Will the party prevail and rescue their friend?


Sorry, but it's time for dinner. I'll try and pick up where we left off tomorrow.

File: 1423243279341.jpg (690.45 KB, 1296x1080, s10 reskin illustrations.jpg)


“Once upon a time adventurers and adventures both were in abundance. Titans in their own right; these quest seekers could reshape entire nations through combat, diplomacy, magic, and boundless ingenuity. Yet this was once upon a time…
Recent years have not been kind to these living wonders. Wars, dungeons, mazes, and imminent threats having been whittled to myth – there was nothing to save remnants of an ending era. Some accepted their new, safer world; others found solace feasting within a great pantheon of dead gods. This was the sunset age, giving way to an age of night.
The Age of Night, modern times, has new need of adventurers once more. Nations crumble under scarce resources; wars, and rumors of wars loom over all horizon; thoughts and actions begin to spill into dangerous radical areas. Indeed the entire world anxiously waits for heroes to rise up and combat villains.
And waits…
And waits…
Failure after heroic failure has taught the powers-that-be everywhere one thing: more must be given to the new champions if they are to have their fighting chance…
One dreary morning in a dreary city, a corner café is bright and bustling with colorful individuals. Gathered underneath a glimmering golden banner are nurses, patriots, vampires, and colorful tribals line the tables and walkways. Nearly every available inch taken up by excited chatter, sweeping motions, and grand introductions. Heroes, villains, and every flavor of character in-between gathered in this small café. Cosplayers the lot of ‘em! Their strength and right of life given through adorning costumes!
The stories of all bright eyed thrill seekers cannot be told at once, so for now the story of a single myrmid lucky to be seated at a table will suffice…“
(I don't know what you're dressed as!)
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You remove the costumes and cover both of the would-be-nude cosplayers in a blanket thanks to a blue magician and their unusually large hat. You now have a grenadier's uniform (sans the musket) and a black feathered dress! The commotion around you dies down and, after dealing with the two problems, you can enjoy the rest of the convention in peace! Hopefully!

>Session end!

(Sorry I have to end it here! I hope you enjoyed this? Do you have any questions, comments, or something to add?)


I'm understanding it for the most part. Thanks for running!


Before I forget! The two costumes you have!

The black dress is a mage dress with one less turn for cooldowns, but has 4 skill points.

The grenadier's uniform has 3 skill points but can take any ranged skill from all the classes.

I think I can run again next friday, if you're up for that again?


I should be available, my schedule still shows it clear. Have a good day/night


Great! Have to go now tho!

File: 1399257722754.jpg (558.16 KB, 600x852, Death-Blow.jpg)

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Welcome to the set, everyone. While the writers are busy writing how this movie is going to finally play out, I wanted you all to meet and to see if we could start practising the cinematography for the movie.

Now, let's get everyone in position and hand out the foam swords. No need to get injured now.
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"Watch your head!"

"Or she might repurpose it as an ash tray!"

She rushed up and kicks you in the chest, licking her lips as you fly off a bit into the air.

"Don't worry, you're jsut my tAYYY!"

Her rock hard abs don't even acknowledge the little needle.

Fire Haze 13 HP
Quicksilver 20HP
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Guthix jabs up higher, going for a uppercut motion to jab the dog under the chin.
>Jab [1d10]
>Small, -1 damage
>Upper Hand, +1 damage on 6+, -1 damage on 5-

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It's like Street Fighter down there!"

"Except those are real blows being landed."

"Keep it up! The Audience is eating this up!"

In the middle of all the blows, the Diamond Dog blurts out that she'd have loved to keep you, but this is business.

Fire Haze 13 HP
Quicksilver 20HP
Crispy Guthix 17 HP

Miss Pincer 12HP '2d10' '1d3' ON FIRE

Roll #1 9, 7 = 16 / Roll #2 2 = 2



"Really? Wow, I hope you party as hard as you kick, 'cause I can go all night, all day, and the next day, but not the next because that's Sweet Tea's birthday and she's so particular about the dishes that you gotta get them just right but man is it worth it because she lives up to her name in more ways than one and I just know she's going to love what I've got planned for her, but the next day I'll be able to get right back into it 'cause nothing is ever going to keep me from joining a PARTY!"
Now that a turn's passed Because I was busy let's send down some more Fireballs!
'2d10+1' '2d10+1'

Roll #1 8, 2 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 3, 7 + 1 = 11


"And she is down for the count!"

"And on fire too!"

"Hoho, this completes the first part of the show, where our loyal audience gets a chance to step out for refreshing Sardine brand Soda."

"So good, you won't ask for a refund!"


File: 1378921259336.png (2.41 MB, 2230x3000, You're a wizard, pony.png)

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After a thrilling first day of exploring, registering, and talking amongst other students, it comes the time to start studying in earnest. It's the first day of classes, and the dawn breaks over the school, rousing the campus. Time to wake up.
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"We won't be catching more? Aww."

Get comfortable.
Rolling for comfy

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Don't we have room for more? If we don't have to keep catching them, isn't that better?"

Try to get some Z's. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"One's enough for now."
You're not too comfortable, since you'd gotten used to the beds at the academy. But it beats sleeping outside!
"That's not really the issue."
You're out before you even hit the ground.

The night passes, day breaks, and the camp is broken. You all travel back to the Mage Academy, Salamander in tow, and eagerly awaiting the revival of the School's Forge.


"O… oh! Now I get it!" I smiled.

Now that the fire creature is captured I try to look at it and see if it is injured or anything.
"Can I make it my pet?"


You hear a quiet, but firm, "no" from Switch's tent.

File: 1418291988942.png (487.09 KB, 900x600, g2___g4_crossover_what_cou….png)

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AltG1 is a game once run on /mlp/, now migrated to MLPG unless/until we have reason to move back. The story centers around a group of characters who were suddenly whisked away into a fantasy land of ponies from space, liches older than any living civilization, and frustration upon frustration. Finally, after meeting an old witch named Gally, they were told of a wizard named Chuck whose body parts were spread by the Overlich, King Skullheart, and that the wizard's arms were close by and being wielded by the Peacock Demon known as King Crimson. If they gather Chuck's various body parts and put them together, he will be able to send them home at last!

OOC chat takes place at cytu.be/r/Pretendhorse_Playhouse
The GM may be reached on Steam, username Dusty, icon normally featuring the Forever GM, currently featuring Santimus Prime until the end of December.

Houserule sheet here: http://pastebin.com/fyiid5We
As of this writing, the infosheet has not been updated. When it has been, it will be linked to in-thread and posted in the new thread's OP.

Players and regular onlookers are encouraged to bookmark this thread, as it will be going for quite some time.
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Achille nods. He says, preping his stance.


As she begins to wonder off, Ganado groans.

"Aye, yah… Elegance, we're not really trying to help the Overlich we just used him so we could chase Crimson, yes?"

"All the same, gracias."

He reels back at the wince, cringing

"Oooh. Sorry." Seeing the note, he blows a huff out his nose.

"Yes, well, the race is on then, no?" He says cracking his knuckles.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Achille follows, using his wings to hover slightly above the ground.


The cave being a singular, long tunnel, as well as the soot covering the walls, gives evidence that makes you certain that King Crimson is straight ahead.



File: 1420424449822.jpg (1.4 MB, 1654x1159, 47985241_p0.jpg)

 No.612509[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is going to be the thread for Vermin Destruction, a game about exterminators killing creepy mutant bugs.

Here's the first draft of the proposal sheet: http://pastebin.com/Lwe6uHn6
It will maybe get updated in the future.

I don't have a suitable OP. Happy New Year's!
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"Well, about that…" he says, looking up towards the hole in the ceiling.

"We were tryin' real hard to get ridda the lackeys, so we could focus on the biggun, but she went and grabbed Wrangler, and…she ate 'im and broke out…"


"I got held up back in the offices so I'm not 100%, but from what I gather everything here went cock-up lickety-split." He nurses his wounds, looking around the room.


"Just wait for the medical team.. don't wanna risk losing my life after already gettin' so close."



Seeing Dandybell from the hole, i try to wave at her



"What? EATEN?" She asks, sounding horrified.
Dandybell looks up to the ceiling, surprised as she sees Gaétan poking his head out of it.

Some more of the Moonsoon operatives come in, and the cleanup process begins.
Wrangler gets scraped off the ceiling, then is airlifted back to the Moonsoon property. After some anesthetic, an operation is performed to regraft skin onto him, cast healing magic, plant hair into the transplanted skin, and shoot him up with all kinds of fluids. He would spend two weeks in the hospital in a full-body cast and bandages, with several visits from Glossamer, who would regularly spoonfeed his meals.

Gaétan and Cold Brew would get some more hospital time, getting visits in with Wrangler.

Rustle got some healing magic cast on him, and he would be back in action in a couple days, having had the least amount of damage.

Rhanna would have her squeaky toys taken away, along with her check for the operation, for falling asleep on the toilet and missing the action.

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