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File: 1449600681987.png (999.79 KB, 1024x768, city_in_the_desert_by_rhyn….png)


The Desert
Infinite specs of sand forming a golden sea that spreads for miles into the horizon. Coupled with a characteristic heat, places like this are only traversed by either the hidden dwellers that lurk under the dunes or caravans transporting goods, food or travelers.
In the vast fields of sand, a long gathering of Carts stained the sight of the desert. Pulled by two camels, it slowly crosses the Sands at a steady pace, enough to not disturb the passengers inside…

Many miles away from there, to the south, another story is being told. Inside a massive city hidden in the Sands…
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Nerium nods along to the old mare's tale. Although her attention is still on the cloaked group.


You meet up with Gold and Baio on the other side, You see the crowded inside of the city at what seems to be near the rush hour. Lots of shopping and trading going on. It feels a it overwhelming but also exciting!
''Hey, don't worry about it, these guys were just doing their job, sure some of the peeps here might be a bit racist, but just because you talk with spirits that doesn't automatically classifies you as a 'evil' right?'' she pats you in the back as you two Follow Baio to a book stand
the newspapers here are really expensive…you could buy a meal for yourself back at home for the same amount!
At least the papers were in your hands, and you notice at the first page a rather interesting article about an amazing discovery of how sandworm blood does wonders to the fur. complete with a picture of a pretty camel posing.
there are probally more useful articles inside…
they don't whisper much…They are aware of your nearby and you feel you might not get anything more from them…
>You got candy




Open it up. Anything can help right now.


"Oooh… This one looks good too." She says, moving over to a new selection of candy. "I just don't know what would act as a really good birthday candy… My friend has always been a picky eater." She jokes to the old mare.

File: 1445106053770.png (373.16 KB, 787x833, delivery pony is sick of y….png)


You came from the far away land of Neighpon, to start your life anew.

It has been slower than you were hoping for. Still, at least you have an honorable job as a delivery pony for the Pony Express.

The only problem is that they don't pay extra for hazard fees.
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You find nothing of the sort, not even on the table.


Then I will look in the food.


It's too dark to see inside the black goop!


I touch the food. But also watch the statues closely!


A nearby statue slaps your hoof, but then returns to a graceful position.
Another statue turns his head slowly towards you….

"No touching the food unless you have a chair reserved, ma'am."

File: 1445535969963.jpg (173.18 KB, 960x645, H9sayHb.jpg)


Its a bright day, the sun is shining off the crystalline decorations, the wind is the coldest it gets, and the snow is nearly blindly bright. It would seem like a peaceful winter day, but you knew better than to trust that feeling. You were interviewed earlier this week by a representative for house Sectorium, the Germane representatives in the empire, and must escort Gunther Sectorium safely to a meeting on the east side of the empire, in Castle Rosefall. However, the only available path this time of year is quite risky. The Gorges of the Neverthaw Mountain Range.
You are waiting here at the meeting point, just on the outskirts of Rockfell a fine city in the mid south of the Empire, with two of the servants, sturdy earth pony stallions they are, and volunteered to pull the cart for their Lord despite the well known dangers. Gunther himself is taking a moment extra to arrive, which gives you a moment to size up your partners in this venture.
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"Cease hostilities or perish. I do not ask twice."


"As the gryphon said. I couldn't care less for your reasons of territory, if you don't stop and go away, you will all die together. So I will ask this last time"
Let Floe fly besides me as I draw my staff


"You first Wild Ones." The dog growls at the ponies.
"We were already going to come back to your pathetic camp later tonight. Slaying you now would only be a bonus."
"No. You and your bear will die here. Are you two with us, or do we have to fight you off as well?"

Both sides are actually pretty wounded.

Bear: 8/2
Wild Pony scout leader: 4/4
Wild Pony scout: 5/2
Saber cat: 6/1

Diamond dog 1: 6/3
Diamond dog 2: 5/2
Pegasus : 4/3


"So I see."
Crit on 7 Surgical Strike

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


The Bear, I wanted to mention

File: 1444503846077.png (193.74 KB, 613x432, Totg logo boring edition.png)

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You cannot recall what was your last action before awakening here, yet here you are. Bathed in warm sunlight beneath strange skies, standing at the steps of a towering marble and gold palace that stretches into the heavens.
The air around you bristles with energy, and you are not alone. At your side stand a few others.
From inside, you can hear music and soft singing.

Before you, stands a unicorn. Old and faded, yet with sharp eyes. He seems tired, as if he had just performed a feat of great strength, yet happy, as if the outcome was exactly as he had desired it.
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"So be it."


"It shall be done."


You leave behind the changing scenery of nature and wander forth into the unknown.
Soon, the rolling meadows and forests of rapidly shifting seasons begin to give way to more… unexpected terrain. Mountain ranges and volcanic flows burst from the glaciers as storms gather above.
You must be nearing the border of chaos.


Psch, chaos-smaos! No terrain can be too hard to overcome!


Next time: giving a shit

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File: 1422847945633.png (329.21 KB, 1280x720, one of these days someones….png)

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This is the second thread for Vermin Destruction, a game about killing creepy mutant bugs.

This is the proposal document that will maybe get updated in the future: http://pastebin.com/Lwe6uHn6

This is OOC chat: http://cytu.be/r/pretendhorse_playhouse#
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File: 1444545094774.jpg (162.52 KB, 1132x1108, Cavern Map 4.jpg)

The Bughorse takes the swing at the face well, though it misses the attack. That doesn't stop it, though, as it relentlessly claws at you.
[1d10]@Cold Brew
You arrive in the room at the same time as the Buglord- the tall, bipedal creature has green bugjuice all down its front. Its six eyes narrow, glaring at you as its horn glows red.

"Lemme ask him… HOW'S IT WORK?" You feel a ringing in your ear, even though you're talking on a trottie-chattie, "He says to press the black gem in the middle."

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


"There you are you son of a bitch. Let's see how hard that armor of yours is!" He then rushes in to go for a Pile Bunker attack, hopefully to shatter any tough chitin that acts as armor.

>Pile Bunker: Shatter armor (if no armor, normal attack)


Roll #1 2 = 2



tch.. "rright.. I'll give it a try, thanks."

slipping the chattie back into my jacket, i take a look at the belt for a moment before finding the black gem and pressing it with a talon.

"Oh this is going to end well.."


"Just die already!" he roars, roundhouse punching the bug with his free hoof.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Whatever he wanted to do didn't work, it seems. You miss at him with the Pile Bunker- he responds with a punch to the Prototype's head.
Like the other bugs, this one is just as tough. It continues the back and forth with you, opening its mouth wide, pouncing on you and intent on biting your ear off.
As you press into the black gem, your body is engulfed in a flowing gold energy. You feel something tightly enveloping your whole body, as well as heavy weights being put on your torso, wrists, and calfs, before they appear to be light as air. Your head is encased in a beak-shaped helmet, your talons covered in gold gauntlets.

Looking at yourself, you see that you've been covered in what seems like a smooth, black material, leaving not an inch of fur, feather, or skin bared. Your head has been covered by a helmet with a W-shaped angular crest on the forehead, your beak now covered in gold beak armor. The weights on your body are red armor plates trimmed with gold, with armor on the top of your wings, as well. Best of all, you feel a power coursing through your body, and you feel refreshed and awake.

>Gaétan @ 5/5

>Wrangler @2/6, Prototype @ 26
>Cold Brew @ 2/4
>Rhanna @ 0/4


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File: 1440696073344.png (2.17 MB, 1280x714, Storybook_illustration_of_….png)

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Previous Thread: http://mlpg.co/arc/q/raw/groves/trotantium_fanasycraft/629461.html

Last time…

The party arrived in Thema Saddlonica and were granted asylum after a curt audience with the Doux of the province: lord Pontus. The Doux had warned them that the dromon they were using was reported to have been captured during a pirate raid urged to apply some 'modifications' to the vessel.

As Nolin set out to request Pomme de Mare's advice, Marcus and Flavia reunited with their mother and sister. Furthermore, Marcus shared some sensitive information with the Peneian Doux Hypatia and her brother Andronicus regarding the Agrian Crisis.
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She throws her hooves in the air.
"I'm not a politician. I know who our vassal houses are, but I don't know what their allegiances have turned into. Saddlonica is supposedly an Agrian ally, though I don't think that's factual anymore."


"I'll try to probe if there's any good will on that end. Is there anything else I can provide for you here?"


"I have my own ponies to provide for me. The sooner I can get home and back to my work, the better."


"I shall take my leave then."


"We shall speak more this evening, when I've had time to ponder on the situation."

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File: 1438888269137.jpg (448.01 KB, 800x512, Optimus Prime on a picnic ….jpg)

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This is the thread for the game called AltG2, which might migrate between /mlp/ and MLPG.
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File: 1443163829037.jpg (197.6 KB, 800x578, 1443040309455.jpg)

"This heart is the only thing keeping me alive," he says, pointing to his skeleton chest, where a heart covered by red fire beats slowly, "It hadn't become active until I had died. These lich hearts are like parasites, they crawl into a host body, and once it dies, it gives them the powers of the lich that it came from. Something similar happens with the skull of a lich, allowing one to control the lich's realm of mastery using it as a medium. I had accepted my death when Starshine Shimmer retrieved this heart for me, and now I've accepted it again. There's nothing to fear. I've been told before that life is a cage for the soul, but I think it's been more enriching than that."
"To be fair, I died on my bed due to organ failure. You can do that when you're good enough to not get killed in battle."

The two of you (assumedly)enjoy a moment together.

As the two of you talk, a pelican lands on the observation deck, squawking at Alaster.




"Wait…that is how all this happened? Bang let her out? I was busy being yelled at by Miss DB at the time, so I wasn't really paying attention to what was happening at the time. But still; Bang's the one who landed us in this dump?"
If Minty had teeth, she'd be grating them slightly right now.
"Remind me to beat up on him all next week."

Minty wags a hoof at her morpher.
"So don't do what Bang did with that thing, aight? Because, clearly, being a hero just causes more stuff to go wrong."


"I won't."

Violet says, taking the morpher off her belt and looking at it.

"I'll use it to protect us. And nothing else."


"Glad to hear," Minty says with a sigh of relief.
"Hey…was there something in town you wanted to do? Like forget this dumb bounty stuff and all; just…I dunno, try and enjoy this mess Bang got us into?"

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File: 1433695725731.jpg (1000.92 KB, 2000x1500, MysteryDungeon_9.jpg)

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The town of Golden Leaf has been the talk of excitement lately. The Rescue team hub has been standing for nearly 10 years, and in celebration they got funding to renovate and add on space for more teams to join. They even contracted a local pokemon building team for the job and it was supposed to be finished today. Of course this news is sure to attract more businesses, maybe even a real dojo of its own! Everyone is eager to see what will happen, and the small cross roads town is surely crowded by now. The weather is fair as you approach..
And then there is a sudden fog and you hear the confused cries of a pichu on the road ahead.
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Wooper tilts its head and kicks at the ground in distress.
"Yea.. The new rock.. it crashed down here the other day, blocks off the entire hall leading to my mudhole.. I had just gotten it prefect too.. it was the right thickness, the texture, no rocks..
I've been trying to dig under it, but its no use!"
You see a light in the pachirsu's eyes like its getting an idea.


"How about we take care of it for you? Show us where it is, please."


"Okay time to go see a rock okay let's go okay time to go let's do this!"


"As long as we can avoid thick mud, please."


"Okay.. as long as you don't mess up my mudhole..
I guess I can show you."
"Yea, I don't want you baking it with your tail firebutt!" Wooper replies and then scurries to the west.
"Heh, that little ones is a bit off, Oh, you know sometimes furret has weird stuff like tail protection, we could see about s- uh. spending a bit of the reward on that, or maybe Sparks has one in that old chest of his." The squirrel poke says cheerfully.

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File: 1442694628069.jpg (443.46 KB, 850x1205, 1362773033021.jpg)


Mist. It covers you like a wet sheet of the softest silks, seeping inside your ragged breaths sapping the air away from your throat.
You are left here, dizzy and stunned, water reaching up to your ankles, in what seems to be the crossing between two very large roads.
And on every side, old buildings like you have never seen before, covered in the green and blue colors of nature's unchecked growth, fighting high against the fog.
As the initial stupor fades away and the softer, clearer strokes of the world which now surrounds you fall into place, details begin to crop up.
The crumbled walls and open doors suggest this place has been long since abandoned, and the water-flooded streets are scattered with strange, unusual sights.
Long stilts of metal jutting out of the water, overgrown skeletrons of large rusted boxes, tiny fishes swimming without a care between your legs as you catch a glimpse of your own reflection in the murky green water…
And them. Other ponies, looking all different, all as out of place as you, in this silent piece of old civilization.

Character list: http://pastebin.com/TgwJKKP1
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Let him run away, but follow him! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


He dashes for the room you came in through, but tumbles back out a moment later, maybe realizing the stairs are gone, only to sprint out of the main door.
He's now running down the slippery stairs at full speed.
Yes, just that.
As you reach for it, you see a tiny cold, head shaved and painted white against the green of his coat, run down the stairs at full speed.
Palicore is giving chase.


'1d10' try to keep up with him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I suppose I should chase too!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Everything happens pretty fast.
The colt runs out, sees the two ponies making their way back, panics, hits the wrong step of the stairs and starts slipping down, tumbling and crashing headfirst into the wall.
The water around him paints a deep shade of pink, and you are sure something's not right with that kid…


File: 1441140645058.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1200, This is a reference.jpg)

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200 years after the world burns.

Located in Las Pegasus, where floating cloud cities and extravagant buildings have collapsed under lawlessness and desperation. The party is found in front of an abandoned radio station, just arriving after word got out that someone is hiring for mercenaries to gather parts. Easy mission from the sound of things.
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You find the weapons they used, kitchen utensils and blades sharpened from various metal. You also find (3) caps and some wrapped meat.

"What are you, gonna eat 'em?"

"I can take those bodies off ya hooves for ya!"

"My son needs to eat, I'll do anything for a cut of them!"


"Well pay up you pieces of filth!"


''Just three caps?…gosh that's too little…But I guess we could let them have the meat, not like any of us eat meat anyways…''


"Nah, they stayed out of the fight. Let em have the corpses, we're here for the scrap"


Silaha takes the caps and begins to search for what they came for '1d10' Survival roll

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's just it! We ask'em for that special scrap we need!"

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