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This is the thread for the game called AltG2, which might migrate between /mlp/ and MLPG.
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"This heart is the only thing keeping me alive," he says, pointing to his skeleton chest, where a heart covered by red fire beats slowly, "It hadn't become active until I had died. These lich hearts are like parasites, they crawl into a host body, and once it dies, it gives them the powers of the lich that it came from. Something similar happens with the skull of a lich, allowing one to control the lich's realm of mastery using it as a medium. I had accepted my death when Starshine Shimmer retrieved this heart for me, and now I've accepted it again. There's nothing to fear. I've been told before that life is a cage for the soul, but I think it's been more enriching than that."
"To be fair, I died on my bed due to organ failure. You can do that when you're good enough to not get killed in battle."

The two of you (assumedly)enjoy a moment together.

As the two of you talk, a pelican lands on the observation deck, squawking at Alaster.




"Wait…that is how all this happened? Bang let her out? I was busy being yelled at by Miss DB at the time, so I wasn't really paying attention to what was happening at the time. But still; Bang's the one who landed us in this dump?"
If Minty had teeth, she'd be grating them slightly right now.
"Remind me to beat up on him all next week."

Minty wags a hoof at her morpher.
"So don't do what Bang did with that thing, aight? Because, clearly, being a hero just causes more stuff to go wrong."


"I won't."

Violet says, taking the morpher off her belt and looking at it.

"I'll use it to protect us. And nothing else."


"Glad to hear," Minty says with a sigh of relief.
"Hey…was there something in town you wanted to do? Like forget this dumb bounty stuff and all; just…I dunno, try and enjoy this mess Bang got us into?"

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The town of Golden Leaf has been the talk of excitement lately. The Rescue team hub has been standing for nearly 10 years, and in celebration they got funding to renovate and add on space for more teams to join. They even contracted a local pokemon building team for the job and it was supposed to be finished today. Of course this news is sure to attract more businesses, maybe even a real dojo of its own! Everyone is eager to see what will happen, and the small cross roads town is surely crowded by now. The weather is fair as you approach..
And then there is a sudden fog and you hear the confused cries of a pichu on the road ahead.
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Wooper tilts its head and kicks at the ground in distress.
"Yea.. The new rock.. it crashed down here the other day, blocks off the entire hall leading to my mudhole.. I had just gotten it prefect too.. it was the right thickness, the texture, no rocks..
I've been trying to dig under it, but its no use!"
You see a light in the pachirsu's eyes like its getting an idea.


"How about we take care of it for you? Show us where it is, please."


"Okay time to go see a rock okay let's go okay time to go let's do this!"


"As long as we can avoid thick mud, please."


"Okay.. as long as you don't mess up my mudhole..
I guess I can show you."
"Yea, I don't want you baking it with your tail firebutt!" Wooper replies and then scurries to the west.
"Heh, that little ones is a bit off, Oh, you know sometimes furret has weird stuff like tail protection, we could see about s- uh. spending a bit of the reward on that, or maybe Sparks has one in that old chest of his." The squirrel poke says cheerfully.

File: 1442694628069.jpg (443.46 KB, 850x1205, 1362773033021.jpg)


Mist. It covers you like a wet sheet of the softest silks, seeping inside your ragged breaths sapping the air away from your throat.
You are left here, dizzy and stunned, water reaching up to your ankles, in what seems to be the crossing between two very large roads.
And on every side, old buildings like you have never seen before, covered in the green and blue colors of nature's unchecked growth, fighting high against the fog.
As the initial stupor fades away and the softer, clearer strokes of the world which now surrounds you fall into place, details begin to crop up.
The crumbled walls and open doors suggest this place has been long since abandoned, and the water-flooded streets are scattered with strange, unusual sights.
Long stilts of metal jutting out of the water, overgrown skeletrons of large rusted boxes, tiny fishes swimming without a care between your legs as you catch a glimpse of your own reflection in the murky green water…
And them. Other ponies, looking all different, all as out of place as you, in this silent piece of old civilization.

Character list: http://pastebin.com/TgwJKKP1
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Let him run away, but follow him! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


He dashes for the room you came in through, but tumbles back out a moment later, maybe realizing the stairs are gone, only to sprint out of the main door.
He's now running down the slippery stairs at full speed.
Yes, just that.
As you reach for it, you see a tiny cold, head shaved and painted white against the green of his coat, run down the stairs at full speed.
Palicore is giving chase.


'1d10' try to keep up with him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I suppose I should chase too!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Everything happens pretty fast.
The colt runs out, sees the two ponies making their way back, panics, hits the wrong step of the stairs and starts slipping down, tumbling and crashing headfirst into the wall.
The water around him paints a deep shade of pink, and you are sure something's not right with that kid…


File: 1441140645058.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1200, This is a reference.jpg)

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200 years after the world burns.

Located in Las Pegasus, where floating cloud cities and extravagant buildings have collapsed under lawlessness and desperation. The party is found in front of an abandoned radio station, just arriving after word got out that someone is hiring for mercenaries to gather parts. Easy mission from the sound of things.
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You find the weapons they used, kitchen utensils and blades sharpened from various metal. You also find (3) caps and some wrapped meat.

"What are you, gonna eat 'em?"

"I can take those bodies off ya hooves for ya!"

"My son needs to eat, I'll do anything for a cut of them!"


"Well pay up you pieces of filth!"


''Just three caps?…gosh that's too little…But I guess we could let them have the meat, not like any of us eat meat anyways…''


"Nah, they stayed out of the fight. Let em have the corpses, we're here for the scrap"


Silaha takes the caps and begins to search for what they came for '1d10' Survival roll

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's just it! We ask'em for that special scrap we need!"

File: 1440902968646.png (1.03 MB, 1176x524, dice bag.png)

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Dice Pool Test Game, feel free to just put your chosen format in your post if you don't want to edit your sheet.
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Jackpot quickly plucks the unconscious plant lizard from the water before it gets pulled too far away by the rapids. The last creature is now captured.


He crashes into the river and flies back up, having failed to grab the Jadinko, raising his front hooves in celebration.
"Last creature! Let's turn em' in and get our reward!"


He grins as he floats the creature along.

"Yup, looks like we're done here," he says. "Let's get a move on, I don't fancy hanging about this place after dark."


"Yeah man, this place gives me the heebie-jeebies."
He follows, floating behind Jackpot.


The two of you carry the Jadinko and Qurupeco back to their cages, putting them back where they belong. Aside from some extra beating on the Brachydios, you're given a job well done. As reward, you're given a few bits and a season pass to the zoo once it opens.
>Game Finished

File: 1438980748918.png (1.32 MB, 1280x918, TIME TO SPREAD PEACE AND F….png)


*While technically a continuation, this is also something of a reboot. If you wish to play a different character than you did the first time around, feel free to do so.


You are all in an old school held by raiders because (reasons). You found the children being held in the cell down below. You are now at the top floor. There are three raiders that you can see.
You have not yet been detected.

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"No?! No what?! No words?! Who needs 'em when you're PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE! If I hijacked a radio station, I'd broadcast that face ALL across the radio! PONIES WOULD BE JEALOUS OF YOUR FACE OVER THE RADIO!"

"Hey now! This maybe a shit hole wasteland we're in, but you should still treat the ladies with respect. NOTHING IS MORE BADASS THAN TREATING A LADY WITH RESPECT!"

"Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to being a bonafide BADASS! So you've already completed step 1! GRATS MOTHERFUCKER!"


''Heck yeah!'' I give a little jump in place


"J-just no… umm… th-thanks for the complement but… uuhh… nooo…." She says, slowly backing down the stairs from him. "I… uh… have some kids to set free…"


"I mean AFTER we rescue the kids! But if you don't want a night with the Dozer, then that's fine too! I'll just find ANOTHER hot piece of tail when we're done here! But if you ever change your mind, I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT!"


She pretty much just goes down the stairs, both flattered and insulted at the same time.

File: 1438221557251.png (409.02 KB, 512x349, jfggggf.PNG)


''What even is the point Korona? Akael's power grows while our numbers decrease. every week more and more nativs are captured and turned into more wolfen! What are our hopes? Why do we even bother to resist?''

''…You ask many questions, young Koga…Many of which…I do not possess the aswer myself…''

''B-but you're the E-elder… Y-you should know what to d-do! You always taught us to get out of trouble when you needed, you are the wisest nativ a-among us!''

''And even still…I do not hold the aswer to our salvation Kaoo…All we can do now…Is pray to our ancestors for a miracle…''


''Don't look at me like that now…While I do not know how we will manage with most of the tribe gone, I know that we will not last much longer without any food…That is why I must ask you-''

''You want us to go outside the village!? There are Wolfen EVERYWHERE! We'll get caught for sure!''

''So you rather stay and starve the whole tribe or run a risk to help us all survive longer?''
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"Yeah, Bubble Fizz, the innkeeper, said they look like some witch's circlet you had here- hence my hurrious haste in heading to this museum."


"I… I am honestly as amazed ad you are! It must be the work of destiny, an incredible coincidence, a miracle!"
It seemed to be… Tea… Ooh and it was still warm too! It smelled fresh and with a hint of peppermint in it too
"Erm… May I ask… Is that peppermint I smell coming from the bottle?"
He sweats a little
"I-I love peppermint…"
"Well, you see I used to think there were only these two runes… By golly I was wrong… Who knows if these 6 complete each other or if there are more! I will certainly need to research this…"
"Ah yes… The Witch Circlet has markings similar to the ones found in these mysterious runes… Well now, what are we waiting for anyways?! Chop chop, all of you come with me, even you, miss Ghost!" he rushed upstairs, taking you to his office.
As he opened the door, he immediately rushed in to the immense bookshelves on the left side of the room, going up a little in the stairs to reach the higher books "Please make yourself home, I just need to find… Where is it…" he scrambles through the organized lines of books set up in the shelves


Proud stood there in silence, waiting to see what the old geezer was up to next.


"Sure! It's always nice to share things with friends!" She says, happily handing the curator the tea before he made his way upstairs.

Rather than go up the stairs, Mourning phases through a wall, then levitates up and phases through the ceiling, appearing to rise up through the floor of the office.
"Home? Well okay!"
She attempts to cough up a pewter candelabrum.

>Hat Magic


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah, I apologize young Standing, I need a moment here for… Hmm… Actually I should get the… Yes, I know what I should get first, one moment Please, you are going to love this."
The office was a rather spacey room with a glass table in the middle, in this table there was a black circlet with many holes in it. And markings identical to the ones in the runes
"Oh yes, the circlet is right there, please don't fumble around with it…"
Well… You managed to pull out the candelabras set you found when you were at the haunted mansion with that super cool ghost of a princess. She was a total bro with ya!
Oh and conveniently they were still lit too, Giving the dimly lit room a bit more light to it
Fading smiles
"What a fascinating ghost you are…" he muses

File: 1427996757222.jpg (208.26 KB, 1400x653, andrew-porter-phandy-desse….jpg)

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Chapter 1: Storytelling be Damned

At the Dawn of our Celestial Reign, King Aeternos of the Silver Path to the East sat amidst his council. Raiders had taken over a small caravan city during daylight, with the patrol wiped out. All trade along the path is stopped as the city sits, guarded by its new marauding lord.

As the King deliberates and listens to talk of levies or daring charges, his personal wizard (a most insane pony) has drawn, etched, and burned an insignia over a closet door. Whomever walks through it shall be taken up to deal with His Majesty's problem.
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"Just some information on jewelry vendors. I'd say we stay careful around him, since he's our only lead for now."


"And in the meantime?"


"Keep looking for anything suspicious. I doubt we're operating with a small group of raiders."



The dynamic duo fought bad guys, found map information, found the number and location of the raided city, and are now on their way over. The fourth day, Zamorano and Lira Quinuty stand before a large and colorful encampment carried by five towering elephants. There are a few empty campsites around the merchant palace, but the noise of laughter and clacking of metal on metal can be heard from where you're standing.

Not far off is a group of saddle arabian horses, armed and armored as they guard the entrance to the palace.


"Are you ready for this? Looks like they've got half the desert's population here."

File: 1435872883542.jpg (40.07 KB, 620x248, FrozenState-620x248.jpg)


I don't know what led you to the city of Snowfall, but whatever did is probably interested in your death. The city has been blanketed by strong snow and winds, damaging numerous buildings, such as the small inn you were staying at. Now you face the problem of finding food and shelter during a whiteout.

How do you feel?
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Your weapon is acting up! Get it under control before the creature regains control of itself!


'2d10' I tap the sides and try just once more, otherwise its back to using my hooves.. against that creature.

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13


It thought it could get close, but your last attack cut deep. Unable to support itself, it simply dissolves into snow. The food is now yours to claim.

But I'd be quick. The loud hoofsteps from earlier is coming back.


I get as much food as I can reasonably grab and still be able to fly after.


Having a spare set of limbs will make it easy to move around. Just watch yourself in those tunnels.


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Times are tough
You could remember the taste of the warm bread and fresh milk on the table for breakfast…
Now all that you had for breakfast was the remains of moldy fruits and dirty water…
It has been 14 years. 14 years since the first of these wretched machines started roaming the country. Destroying everything in their sight and killing everyone. Regardless of race and gender.
The soldiers were no match for them, their metal hides were barely scrapped by sword and spear… And quickly, the great city of Arghalest was destroyed, it's inhabitants, mostly killed. A few survivors ran away, searching for new homes. But everywhere they went, the same story was repeated. Iron machines appeared suddenly and in less than a day. All that remained was rubble and corpses.
Today, very few villages remain, for all cities have been lost.
There are rumors of a resistance, brave ponies who claim to have a plan. A plan to find out about these machines and the one who created them.
The sun is setting… Will the village of leatherwing be safe for another day?
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Accept the first aid kit and nod. "I will return once I recover your lost herd member."
I head outside and start looking for white mane blue ponies. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9




Not far from Glitter's location, Xhibeni and Gatsha were fighting against a stray golem. thankfully they both got the upper hand on it, allowing Xhibeni to quickly study it's machinations as Gatsha kept it in place. that until the Golem slashed Gatsha in one of the legs, pushing it back, however, he was stuck in a distance safe enough for Xhibeni to continue his actions…But it was hard to tell how long…

Meanwhile Nu, our half deer, half dragon hero was busy taking down the numbers of the invading machines, and she was doing well by herself until that point.
As she fell another one of them, she felt another tug at her head and voices invading her mind, whispering things she could not quite understand, but their meanings were still hazy for her…


File: 1435106359781.jpg (193.95 KB, 1024x728, village.jpg)

As for Glitter…
After a brief introduction to a lost filly and her aunt, Glitter heeded to their despair. The little filly lost her mother, and the mare, her sister, who coincidentally and conveniently, were the same mare.
Before departing from the abandoned house where she left the filly and her aunt, she was given a first aid kit. A quick look showed her a few painkillers, bandages, vials labeled as 'antidotes' and a medical knife. Simple enough.
>First aid kit added to the inventory
Once she heads outside, Glitter could see the chaos has diminished somewhat. Seems like the Golems moved the battle to somewhere else, or at least most of them, because she could see a reaper wandering around, looking around… I seemed like it was looking for something, but luckily it has not found Glitter yet.
However, what the Golem couldn't see, Was a mare hiding under a carriage of cabbages just in front of her , but the Golem was closing in…


That mare could be the same one I'm looking for, I'll just slide over to the cart and try to get to her in time..
'1d10' navigation roll.

Roll #1 2 = 2

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