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File: 1452749077423.jpg (22.11 KB, 512x288, 1424224547433.jpg)


"Alright you two, I don't know what possessed you to take this job, but you did. You've got the basic gist of what's going on, so I'll focus on the other stuff of how to get it done."

"First off, N.M.M. is desperate. Just so you know, if they hired anyone to do a job like this for them. Second, they've graciously provided you with transportation and they aren't even going to charge us. They'll drop you off a ways away from the facility, which is deep in the Forest, so even our drones are going to lose sight of you. Be careful just getting into the place."

"Once you do, the building is pretty big. Three stories and wide open. I've updated your Com-Links with a frequency tracker set to the target. Get to him and get him out of there. Don't forget their two files. Those are probably going to be worth a pretty penny to them."

"Alright, I've got your ride approaching your dropoff. Ready to go?"
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"Well, the question is who. And these weapons never had markings on it."


"Patrol Zero 1, check in."


Set up a voice recording loop to take apart the conversation they were having and set it up to go off the next time they're supposed to check in.
>"Hey, we just joined, what else could we have expected?"
>"Hey, – just ——, what —- —– we —- expected"
>"We just have"
And that should buy us some time.
And just in time, too!


"So either on-site or built off the grid. Either way, dangerous ponies. This stuff could fetch a good price from the right buyer…"
To be clear, play back the first sound bite.
>"Hey, just what we expected."


"Exactly. Someone powerful is behind this."

File: 1452045579003.jpg (8.46 KB, 308x164, images (6).jpg)


In the northern Isles of Friesland are the clans of Sleipnir. Sieg, Silva, Talion, and Doga. All squabbling amongst themselves, trying to claim dominion over the others. Will you remain with the clan you were born into, or defect to another clan in the search for power and riches. Only through your decisions will the fatemof the Nhorse be determined.


Gathered in the Augustine Hall of Earl Eirikos Sieg and his household, friends, and most trusted confidants celebrate a victory and the successful claiming of the coastal lands of Ravine.

"My friends! Let us celebrate. For this day is one of joy merriment". The Earl announces as the clanking of flagons and cups resound throughout the hall. Dancing and song ring out as well to the plucking and beating of instruments along with the clip cool of hoof, Foot, and paw follow along.

>What are you doing during this celebration?

-Visiting with the Earl?

File: 1451796187920.jpg (11.75 KB, 253x144, download (4).jpg)


The year is 4267, Equestria has become a highly advanced society,thanks to Earth-Equus Alliance. However monsters have plagued earth and Equus. With the beings known as Chaos threatening the peace of everyone's lives, we have been caught up in a struggle for the fate of Equus & Earth.

This story begins at Marshallese Orbital Colony. A few individuals were preparing to board the tram to head over to the Marshal Academy to take the entry exam.
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With another burst of magic Bolt's, the scout slumps to the ground life.
Eryk & Mare finish the last one off with their arm Blades as the monster is cut in four.

Will the immediate threat out of the way, the three of you continue towards the Academy. The awkward silence starting to get to you.
>Talk with Eryk/Mare.
¡Keep silent.


I don't really have much to talk about with them…so just keep going


Finally coming upon the Academy grounds you find everyone else that have been holed up here. Eryk & Mare depart as they head to find the commander.
You however are left with time to wander about before some other crazy thing happens.

>What will do Akasia?


Let's look for somewhere where I can get some food, i'm starving!


After finding the cafeteria, you eat some greens, nuts, and berries all nicely put together in a leafy, cruchy, and tasty salad.
After a little while you leave the cafeteria.

The Academy is about to make it's assault on the Chaos Seed. Which operation will you participate in?

Operation A- Act as a decoy so that others can destroy the C-Seed.

Operation B- Use the Erde Mech to launch an assault on the C-Seed to destroy it.

File: 1451624055901.jpg (646.68 KB, 1500x770, htmledit_20120613643502.jpg)


"You sure you're up to this?" The Guard asks you. "Still gives me the creeps knowing something like this was underneath us. Wouldn't blame you for walking away." He says as he tries to peer deeper into the cavernous door, just a few steps away from the city's market district.

"Of course, with all the stuff that might be down there, I could see why you would. Though, what exactly are you hoping to find for yourself down there? Give me something so I can write it on your death papers."
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With your efforts and those of Neder, the Orb in your hoof is finally shattered. The Mechanical parts fall to the ground, the magic that was holding the knight in place leaking all over the place.

There's lots of scrap everywhere, and the altar is yours to approach.


"Alright, Neder. Let's see what this Crystal is all about".


While the air is cold and tense after the battle, you can feel the pressure slowly creeping back up on you. Just as it starts getting real hard on you, you remove the Crystal from its alter.

Then there is a screaming and crashing noise behind you.


Turn around with Sword & Shield at the ready.


She's still there, crumpled on the ground, but still there. What is there now that shouldn't is a lot of scared people. The stalls that were above you have suddenly appeared right there, the owners collapsed on the floor.

And that's when the air gets knocked out of both of you.


File: 1451703790793.jpg (137.43 KB, 2000x1000, hLDS2fi.jpg)

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Smoke steams from the open ponyholes in the narrow streets, covering just barely the smell of fried fish smothering your nose from the nearby pan-oriental restaurant, its kitchen openly facing the street.
You are sitting across it, past a narrow street of black stone flooded with equines of all races and ages dressed in an offensive variety of colors and styles, sitting at the table of a neo-prench café which is actually just a front for your contact, Japieré, griffon middleman for some grey-area organization off the blue moons of Jupiter.

You are penniless, with not enough fuel in your tank to even think about escaping Callisto's shallow gravity well, and just a small slew of options still open to you.
At least Madamé Lucia, the white coated unicorn owning the bar, does credit.
The large, boxy CRT TV is tuned on a bounty hunting show.
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"Last minute checks."

"Anyone inform the base that we're taking off?"


What haven't we checked yet?


"You mean you aren't going to do that mid-flight anymore? Did we get a ticket last time or something?"


Nothing. You are good to go.

For future flights, this is the checklist.
But as a rule of thumb, you can assume things are the same unless you have been in a battle/sabotaged/changed them.




File: 1451596891055.jpg (5.42 KB, 297x170, download (3).jpg)


Beyond the Crystal Empire lay the Frozen North. Many have tried to pierce the Frozen tundra. At the edge of the world lies the Frostmourn Keep. Here a brave, curious, or just Foolish few have come here to discover what secrets reside in the North.

"Alright lads, roll call! Regis Fenwyck, Sapphire Melody, Duncan Northpaw". The Stallion continued listing names until…
" Last on the list is"?

[State Your name, race, and gender]
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Daye attempts to incite a charge from the troops but luckily the Warcry from Gingerbread gave them the courage to charge the attacker's.
You carve through them in a wave of flesh and steel!
Tsvetskov was able to regain control of their Gate! He cut off their avenue of escape!

You've gained the advantage!
>Take out the last of the attackers!


No mercy
End the last remaining Barbarians!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You finally finish off the last attackers, although a few of them escaped back over the wall.
The Battle is Won!

>You can explore around the Keep in your free time.


I'll ask if we can pause here for the night


File: 1450944422235.jpg (5.94 KB, 318x159, download.jpg)


The wagon will soon be coming to a halt.

Your old life is now gone and all that's left is a blank slate.

Only you choose whether to adapt and thrive or fail and perish.


Are you running a quest from Cytube or /mlp/?

Regardless, you should introduce yourself in http://mlpg.co/qt/res/670985.html and we'll see what we can do for you.

File: 1449600681987.png (999.79 KB, 1024x768, city_in_the_desert_by_rhyn….png)


The Desert
Infinite specs of sand forming a golden sea that spreads for miles into the horizon. Coupled with a characteristic heat, places like this are only traversed by either the hidden dwellers that lurk under the dunes or caravans transporting goods, food or travelers.
In the vast fields of sand, a long gathering of Carts stained the sight of the desert. Pulled by two camels, it slowly crosses the Sands at a steady pace, enough to not disturb the passengers inside…

Many miles away from there, to the south, another story is being told. Inside a massive city hidden in the Sands…
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Nerium nods along to the old mare's tale. Although her attention is still on the cloaked group.


You meet up with Gold and Baio on the other side, You see the crowded inside of the city at what seems to be near the rush hour. Lots of shopping and trading going on. It feels a it overwhelming but also exciting!
''Hey, don't worry about it, these guys were just doing their job, sure some of the peeps here might be a bit racist, but just because you talk with spirits that doesn't automatically classifies you as a 'evil' right?'' she pats you in the back as you two Follow Baio to a book stand
the newspapers here are really expensive…you could buy a meal for yourself back at home for the same amount!
At least the papers were in your hands, and you notice at the first page a rather interesting article about an amazing discovery of how sandworm blood does wonders to the fur. complete with a picture of a pretty camel posing.
there are probally more useful articles inside…
they don't whisper much…They are aware of your nearby and you feel you might not get anything more from them…
>You got candy




Open it up. Anything can help right now.


"Oooh… This one looks good too." She says, moving over to a new selection of candy. "I just don't know what would act as a really good birthday candy… My friend has always been a picky eater." She jokes to the old mare.

File: 1445106053770.png (373.16 KB, 787x833, delivery pony is sick of y….png)


You came from the far away land of Neighpon, to start your life anew.

It has been slower than you were hoping for. Still, at least you have an honorable job as a delivery pony for the Pony Express.

The only problem is that they don't pay extra for hazard fees.
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You find nothing of the sort, not even on the table.


Then I will look in the food.


It's too dark to see inside the black goop!


I touch the food. But also watch the statues closely!


A nearby statue slaps your hoof, but then returns to a graceful position.
Another statue turns his head slowly towards you….

"No touching the food unless you have a chair reserved, ma'am."

File: 1445535969963.jpg (173.18 KB, 960x645, H9sayHb.jpg)


Its a bright day, the sun is shining off the crystalline decorations, the wind is the coldest it gets, and the snow is nearly blindly bright. It would seem like a peaceful winter day, but you knew better than to trust that feeling. You were interviewed earlier this week by a representative for house Sectorium, the Germane representatives in the empire, and must escort Gunther Sectorium safely to a meeting on the east side of the empire, in Castle Rosefall. However, the only available path this time of year is quite risky. The Gorges of the Neverthaw Mountain Range.
You are waiting here at the meeting point, just on the outskirts of Rockfell a fine city in the mid south of the Empire, with two of the servants, sturdy earth pony stallions they are, and volunteered to pull the cart for their Lord despite the well known dangers. Gunther himself is taking a moment extra to arrive, which gives you a moment to size up your partners in this venture.
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"Cease hostilities or perish. I do not ask twice."


"As the gryphon said. I couldn't care less for your reasons of territory, if you don't stop and go away, you will all die together. So I will ask this last time"
Let Floe fly besides me as I draw my staff


"You first Wild Ones." The dog growls at the ponies.
"We were already going to come back to your pathetic camp later tonight. Slaying you now would only be a bonus."
"No. You and your bear will die here. Are you two with us, or do we have to fight you off as well?"

Both sides are actually pretty wounded.

Bear: 8/2
Wild Pony scout leader: 4/4
Wild Pony scout: 5/2
Saber cat: 6/1

Diamond dog 1: 6/3
Diamond dog 2: 5/2
Pegasus : 4/3


"So I see."
Crit on 7 Surgical Strike

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


The Bear, I wanted to mention

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