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When we last left our "heroes", they were shopping. Some pirates they are.


This might be why ye olde pirates didn't want women on board, wf.
Anyway, I was going to find some socks.


Shut up, I'm only doing this so I can get a free gun


I am finding Ms. Topaz last time I remember.


You should consult with Itztli and Aloe to actually get your skills updated.

I believe you went into Coals.

Yes, when we last left off Emrille was being a girly girl, going shopping with her mommy.

I don't remember what she was doing so let's say she's on the ship.




We're on a holiday here, work and free time should be separated!

And who can argue against a lovely hat like this?



I cough.
"I mean a dress…with socks."


Lets go and meet her, see if she has free time today.
*knock* *knock


Not shopping here at least.
I was… I don-t even remember what I were doing.


"How unique. For what sort of occasion would you wear such a thing?"




I smirk slyly.
"Oh my."


Well, you've finished with that now. No doubt making jabs and giving input on which maternity bras you think would be most comfortable for when she feeds you. She surely countered with insisting you'll grow out of the lesbian phase soon enough and have a bun in the oven of your own. Exaggerated vomit miming ensues. In any case, you finish with that part of the shopping.

"Did you want to go somewhere after this?"

She's tallying numbers in the hold.


You had placed candles for fighting at night.


Now I just need to know how many of the the crew are interested.


"Greetings, I was thinking… thinking that since we are docked and me with little to nothing to do, Perhaps you can teach me on how to mint gold and silver.


The easiest time to round them up will be when they return from the city at night, so you have a little time until then.


"Yeah, come on, I want to show you something!"
Drag her along to the Little Shop of Horrors!


"I don't mind, but unlike you, I have my hooves full. Right now I'm tallying our hold space to determine how much cargo we can carry. Talk to Vasilisa, she'll put your paws to work."


Let's use this time to find a regular inn, and listen in to rumors.


"Ah I remember her. Thanks Miss Topaz." I nod and head off, lets go and meet Vasilisa


There are a few different taverns on Weißstraße. Picking one at random, you head in, but it's quite loud in here as there's a large fight going on. It looks like something of a free for all.

Vasilisa is on deck comparing two pieces of colored glass in the light of the sun.


"Smells like sulfur and oil!"


Let's skim the edges and find somepony who's not engaged.
"Matters of honour?"


Well, I suppose I can leave Selena behind now. She'll find her way, I'm sure.

I should get Grey and go to a play with her, but if they're in German she won't understand a thing… Where are those theaters at?


Take a big whiff.
"Smells like guns!"
Go to… Archimedes was the name of the gun, right?


Go and meet her.
"What are you doingt?" I look at te colored glasses


Only the bartender.

"Nope. It's the afternoon brawl."

You haven't seen any yet, but by reputation you know they are in the city.


As usual, a few ponies are gathered around to see the gun – or rather, hear it.

"Do you think of anything else?"

She gives you a toothy grin, her golden fur ruffling in the breeze. "Picking a color. What are you doing, darling?"


I shrug and smile.
"That is the problem, I have nothing to do. I've taken interest in minting Gold and Silver though that is why I approached Ms. Topaz so she can teach me, but then she is quite a busy mare that is why I am now here. It appears Ms. Topaz seems to trust your talent Ms. Vasiliza, that is good."


"Oh, right, we also need to go to a bookstore. Face told me there are some that might interest me."

Turn to the gun.
"Guess what! I'm here to buy you!"


They must be in a certain area. Let's ask a local.


"Vasilisa", she corrects. "It's Old Novdogodian. But sure, I'm not too busy."

A smile creeps back out.

"Books? Like what kind?"

Archimedes replies dryly: "I've heard that one before."

You are at Coals on the second floor of the Einkaufszentrum. Emrille left, and Selena is shopping. There are a couple of mares browsing, and a mare working the counter.


"The kind actually worth reading."
To the gun.
"I mean it! Well, I'm not the one who is going to pay, but you're going to be mine!"


Try not to turn too red '1d10'
"Shall we go then?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cloudy tuts at you. "You're like a little filly expecting candy for behaving well on a shopping trip."


"I don't think I ever got paid for killing the dragon that started the mutiny!"


"My mistake Vasilisa, I do miss that city." I chuckle.


She points out: "There wasn't a bounty on his head either."

"Topaz told me you were with a Shiban. You know, I am half Shiban on my father's side, though I am not sure if she is large enough to mother any pups for you…"


I guess I'm blushing like a tomato


During your blush, Light Heart abandoned you


"He started a fucking mutiny that killed both you and Abilio. And the Commodore and basically every fucking one. I think I deserve this little treat for it!"


Let's ask the mare at the counter.
"Excuse me miss, I am not from around here so I was wondering where the opera houses and theaters are located in the city."


I'll…go look around for a dress shop then…


"You should check the opposite side of town, across the Nea."

You're in one! Coals.

You're attracting stares.

Cloudy scrunches. "Stop making a scene."



"You should check the opposite side of town, across the Nea."


I scratch my head and look down in embarrasment
"She prefers to be called Empress, she is a good shiban and I like her. Even though I do see that the possibility of fathering a child is a bit of problem, trust me that I still have no plans for that… yet." I chuckle.


I'll go to the shopkeeper.
"Uh…do you have any dresses I could try?
And some uh…socks?"


"Buy me the gun and I will~"


"Thank you."
I can fly there to save time, hah!


"Tradition around here?"


She prods your shoulder teasingly with a claw. "I see who wears the pants!"

"Ja, das Kleid und die Socken? Kommen Sie! Ich werde dich nehmen."

She leads you into the maternity section. "Gut? Ja?"

Scrunching intensifies. "I thought you just wanted to come to spend time with me."

There's quite the view over the city during the day. You can see great performing halls on the other side of the river.

"In this bar specifically."


Grin a bit.
"Is this just…
A free for all?"


"Uh…yes…Do you have any red?"


"Ja. They come to fight."




"I did! I had a really shitty tea yesterday though, so we'll have to find a better place."
Pout and flap my ears down sadly.
"I'm not asking for all that much, am I?"


Das it mane.

Now to see if the performances are Germane only.


I look at her comically irritated.
"Its more balanced relationship than what you might think. she is fun and cute in her own ways and I do what I can to make her feel good."


She holds out a stretchy red turtleneck for you. "Rot, hmm?"

"I don't know the meaning of the word!" He says amusedly.

"Maybe! I don't know how much a talking gun costs."

There are six major theaters here. The Theater an der Nea, Akademietheater, Burgtheater, International Theatre Anneiv, Anneiv State Opera, und Anneiv's Equestrian Theater. The most obviously Equestrian is the latter.


"As you say then. When did you want to practice with the mints?"


Turn to Archimedes.
"How much do you cost?"


Hmm, let's give it a try.
Does it fit?


"Well then…"
Grin and jump in, let's start it off… Lightly!
Tap a guy on the shoulder and punch him as he turns around!
'2d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 2, 8 = 10


"If you are free right now that is, but it seems you are quite busy catching up with private matter related upon me." I chuckle.


Yeah. Let's go see what they're playing today!


He mimics you: "How much do you cost?"

It's one-size-fits all, designed for pregnant mares. You'd have to be mind bogglingly fat for it to be too tight.

You give him some bruises, but he clocks you with an uppercut! You fall over from the force!

Brawler (Beer Bottle) [▓░░░]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] HLP

Brawlers Defeated: 0
Longest Streak: 0
Most Defeated At Once: 0
Respect: 0 (Stranger)

"Well, I can spare the time. Shall we?"

The Burgtheater und Akademietheater are owned by the same company and both closed today. The State Opera is currently in the second opera of the classic The Ring of the Nibelung. The International Theatre Anneiv is performing selections from Grimm Tales. The Equestrian Theater is performing Falstaff.


"I guess a harem of pretty mares. Now with that out of the way, tell me."


I'm not that.
I look at the mirror and try it out.
"What do you think, miss?"


I nod.
"Lead the way."
"Say where do you work… or practice on minting?"


"A good oiling from time to time. And I will not be used to pleasure you. But other than that, you might ask the shopkeeper."

"Sehr gut, meine Dame. Und die Socken?"

"In the mints, of course! I spend a lot of time down there with Miss Topaz."


I wish somepony was with me…even Buttermilk.
"Uh…yes, please."
Hold out a hoof.


>brandishing weapons in a polite brawl
Shamefurr dispray.
Roll away and stand up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Is the international theatre performing in Equestria?

If not, check out the cast for Falstaff.


"You can't stop me, can you~"
Stick my tongue out at the gun.


"Ah, stupid me. Lets go then."


No-one here will coup de grace. You can stand up Automatic.

She slides on a blue and red striped sock.

Falstaff is from the Pastureami lands, but they are one most the most Equestrianized regions, being among the oldest in the 'core' of the continent. The opera is in Equestrian.

Grimm Tales is in Germane, but there are programs with the Equestrian translations.

"Yeah, I'll make sure to jam next time you have an important shot."

The shopkeep glances over, just finishing a transaction. "Oh, you're back."

She leads you downstairs. She's a bit smaller than you, but she walks with great grace, and her golden fur is very beautiful and rare. She has a long, bouncy tail that is pretty floofy, too.


"If I die, you're going down with me."
Turn to the shopkeep with a smirk.
"I told you I would be."


Let's repay this guy's favor.
Consecutive Normal Punches!
'4d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 9, 10, 3, 8 = 30


When are those translated programs?


I believe I was using some flowers for perfume to cover up the scent of saltwater and bilge?


Using your Autonomous Weapon?
Rapier (Dual)


"Hmmm.. so how did you meet Ms. Topaz?"
Follow her from behind as I lightly play with her floofy tail.
"So let me guess about how you met Ms. Topaz, just when you signed up for the fleet to be the smith, you met Ms. Topaz and took you under her wing just like that, or is there more to it?"


Not really. Count only the first two die rolls. I'm only hitting with my hooves.


"One owner is as good as the next. Sometimes better."

Shopkeep: "I put some thought into it. Instead of money, I want something that will bring in at least as many customers. This thing is mostly just to spark interest in the shop anyway."

"Kein Kommentar."

"Anyway, if you can find something equally interesting to balk at, I'll trade you."

You finish him off real easy! A new enemy approaches!

Brawler (Fists) [▓▓▓▓]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

Brawlers Defeated: 1
Longest Streak: 1
Most Defeated At Once: 1
Respect: 4 (Stranger)

A program in this sense refers to a leaflet with all of the lines in Equestrian.

Yes. You got perfume. Where to now?

"When I received my commission for the fleet I was assigned to work with her. So, maybe a month before we arrived in Neighpon?"

She grins at you. "So yeah, you're pretty close."


You know what I mean. When?


Description of my surroundings, to see if I can pull off some slick move?

Meanwhile… Pow pow pow!
'2d10'+1 each!

Roll #1 6, 10 = 16


Once I'm perfumed up, I'm off to see Ciddir. He just got back, and I want to show him those spiders that weave webs of pure silver.


"Huh… you want an interesting gun for the interesting gun?


"Well, it doesn't have to be a gun, as long as it would bring in customers to a gun store."

They are doing different stories all day, each starting on an even hour.

You are near two toppled tables. One table is still standing, by virtue of having four supports versus the single support of the other two. On top of it is a checkers board, with bottlecaps being used for pieces. There are also two beer bottles there.

You smash down the next brawler with a quick side-swipe and uppercut before he can attack.

A tougher opponent approaches!

Brawler (Tough) [▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

Brawlers Defeated: 2
Longest Streak: 2
Most Defeated At Once: 1
Respect: 8 (Stranger)

He's in his room studying the golden apple again. He glances up. "You smell like flowers."


"What about a cannon?"


If I throw the bottlecaps and checkers board in the guy's face, will that count as a blind?


"Do you like it?" Go up and give him a kiss on the cheek. "So, how'd it go? Think you're on the path to promotion?"


Wow, that's convenient!

Oh this should be good. I'll fly back to the ships.


"What's so special about a cannon? We have a whole shipyard of them."

If you can pass the check.

"It smells pleasant. Yes, though it's hard to say… But I imagine I already was…"

To the ships it is.


Throw the board!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"What about… hmm, do you know what a revolver is?"


To find Grey. That little shit better be around.


"What do you mean? Oh, I found something I think you'll like. There's some spiders here that apparently weave webs of pure silver! Want to go see if we can find one?"


He groans as you blind him, but he takes blind swipes at you and clocks you in the ribs. Time to finish this game while he's reeling!

Brawler (Tough) [▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]

There's a candelabra hanging above you, and a roaring fireplace nearby. You also spot a jar of painkilling herbs on the counter nearby.

"Bought and sold a few myself. I've seen the design circulating since about last year. Of course, if you ask me, a revolver will never compete with a dragoon's dragon."

She's in the room. Wark and Rosemary are supervising from the bed, laying next to each other on the end, observing the girls playing below.

"It's hard to know the thoughts of others. But that sounds like a fine idea. Should we go now?"


"A dragoon's dragon? What's that?"


"Prench gun. It was stupid to name a gun after an actual animal. Like, imagine if they called a rifle a 'wolf'. How would you know if someone was talking about a gun or a beast?"


"Yeah, but what makes it so special?"


I've got a chance to punch him straight into the fireplace!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Well? Do we feel like visiting some of the city theaters?"


"Pretty close, she's the one who taught me how to smith before you came along. She helped me make this sword of mine not to mention she is a wise lady if you get pass her blank demenour" I grin as I play with her floof tail

"So what is this comission?"


"It packs a big punch. Maybe you've heard it called: Blunderbuss."

Brawler (Tough) [▓▓▓░░░]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]

Howls with pain and pulls himself out, while wiping the shards out of his eyes.

Rosemary shrugs. Wark remarks: "Someun'll haveta watch tha lit'l uns."

Red and Grey seem interested, though.

"The same as you have. A contract to work for the fleet."


Not gonna let him do that.
'2d10'+3 each to send him in his place.

Roll #1 9, 2 = 11


"Oh, that one."
Wave a hoof.


You finish him off. You're attracting attention.

Brawler (Fists) [▓▓▓▓]
Brawler (Bottle) [▓▓▓▓]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]

Brawlers Defeated: 3
Longest Streak: 3
Most Defeated At Once: 1
Respect: 14 (Newcomer)

"You won't find a finer gun at close range fighting."


"Thank you for the interest, you two."
Smile at Red and Grey.
"The Grimm tales play in Equestrian… they are very good."


Grey points out: "They sound spooky."

Red adds: "Don't be a baby. If you get scared you can come back and sleep in the crib."

Grey frowns but doesn't reply.


Make a rush for the painkillers.
Do I have to roll?


"What about one that can fire a lot without reloading?"


Roll to apply them, like Heal.

"A blunderbuss fires a lot in one shot! That's the beauty of it. Have you seen one fired before?"

Blunderbuss was the prototype for the modern shotgun.


I chuckle.
"It may be a bit spooky, but I believe you will enjoy it, Grey."


Down they go!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yeah, but fuck that, I want my shots to be accurate! Why fire a load of shit when you can seal the deal with one bullet to the head?"


I scratch my head as I follow her and see where she is leading me.
"Ah, yes I caught that. So what do you think of her?"


It helps you endure some pain, but having two opponents really takes it out of you. (Full restored)

Brawler (Fists) [▓▓▓▓]
Brawler (Bottle) [▓▓▓▓]
Flowing Tree [▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]

"Alright… When is it?"

"At close range you don't need accuracy. Fact: essentially every home invasion that escalates to violence takes place at less than thirty feet. That's kill-range for a blunderbuss. Why spend time aiming when you can have a sure thing?"

She took you to the mints, in Topaz's cabin.

"She's a bit old, but she's nice enough. I think she's too practical and doesn't give enough attention to form."


"Soon. Will you come?"
Grab her hoof.


Time to curb the herd.
Bottle guy must fall first.
'2d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10


"Learn to shoot a fucking gun, that's why!"


"Certainly, handsome~ It's a place called the Heap. You'll see what I mean when we get there."
Here we go!



She doesn't resist.


You take out the first guy, but the second guy gives you two low punches to the gut.

Brawler (Fists) [▓▓▓▓]
Flowing Tree [▓░░░░░░░░░]

Brawlers Defeated: 4
Longest Streak: 4
Most Defeated At Once: 1
Respect: 18 (Newcomer)

"The gun only replaced the crossbow because you can use it with less training. The crossbow replaced the longbow because it takes less training. Not learning is the future. In a century they'll all be firing off magic guns or something that aim for you."

"Heap? Okay."

He follows after you. You are on Hauptstrasse near Weisstrasse.


"And they will still die to someone who can actually fire at them from a range."


"Not letting yourself confined by concrete designs aye? You like designing things your own way if I may ask." I grin as I look and see if Topaz is home.
"The hard part though is making it both pretty while also useful."


Ouch ouch ouch!
Quick, finish him off!
I need something to get a breather… Is there a way to pull back? Any remaining painkillers?
'2d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 1, 5 = 6


"What, you mean in a war? Blunderbuss-users are mounted units. That distance will be closed and long-range units will collapse! But for private use, you're always fighting close up. Hunting. Defending your property. You don't need to shoot someone three hundred feet away to protect your house."

She's out presently.

"That's true, but I think it comes naturally to me."

You get bloodied and need to take a break. You slump off to a stool at the bar.

Respect: 18 (Newcomer)

"Not bad for your first melee."


Then I'll pick her up and haul her onto my back. Red too.
"Perfect! Come on then, this will be a lot of fun."


"Well, what if I am not the one who needs the protection, huh?"


"What do you mean?"


They're a bit of a load together. You can't take off like this Automatically.


"Hope those guys won't bear a grudge.
Give me something smooth."
Wipe some blood off my muzzle.


I was just going to walk actually. Unless that's too taxing as well, in which case I'll only let them ride me for a short bit.


"I mean using my gun is my job, and I have to be nowhere near my target to do my job."


I then inch next to her and close my arm with a smug yet confident look.
"Is that so? Then show me what you can do, see if Ms. Topaz teachings does rubs in with ya."


"Prench Red. 12%. Tastes like peach."

He pours you a glass.

You can walk there.

"Military pony?"

"Careful, it gets hot."

She unlocks a safe that's filled with various coinage and scoops out a cup-full.

"The first thing you have to do is melt it. But it's not as simple as pouring it into a cast. We need to separate the layers of metal so we only have pure gold."


"You could say that."


"Who cleans up the floor once the day ends?
How did this whole…"
Sip and roll the wine on my tongue, mixing it with the blood.
"…tradition, begin?"


"Hm.. you know, it's so far back, I can't remember. I guess it's just one of those things that happened. You know, it sneaks up on you, over time. Like falling asleep, or a headache."

"Well, no point in arguing with somepony already set in her ways."


Alright, heading to the theaters then.
"You know, the Grimm tales are in essence a collection of folklore tales which were tweaked to theater form. It's very interesting."


I observe her works.
"Hmmm… come to think of it, this sea doge really has no idea how minters make a 'pure' metal, except for iron that is. So how do you make pure gold?"


"There are a few rules, from what I've seen… Nopony came to beat on me while I was down, for one."


"I'm just saying.
You won't get anything done with a blunderbuss from far away."


"What means 'folklore' anyway?"

"Once you boil it, the metals of different densities separate into levels. It takes a keen eye to separate them properly. You have to poor very carefully."

The coins are starting to melt.

"Yeah, mostly unspoken stuff. I wouldn't pull a blade or a gun on anyone, but grabbing stuff on tables is fair game."

"I'm just saying that's like remarking you won't hammer many nails with a pair of scissors."


"The legends and popular beliefs ponies tell to one another here in Germaney. It's part of their traditions, darling."


"I saw. Such a fondness for bottles, at the table."
"Are the patrons here habituals?"


"Uhmm… should I be the one to do it, or would you show it to me?" I look at the coins melting.


"You were saying that there's no way a gun can be better than that."


"It's a mix. There are a lot of tourists as well."

"Eh, traditions? I reckon I oughta make some of those up about me for my kingdom on the boats."

"I'll do it. We don't want to waste any gold."

She prepares two cups and slides on heavy gloves.

"I said a dragon is more useful than a revolver. Who are you shooting from so far with a revolver, anyway? You know revolvers don't keep accuracy at long range with a short barrel like that."


"I bet.
Anyone of these guys work at the cloud factories?"


"Maybe. It's not a meet-and-greet."


"Ships. They're rather large to be called boats, don't you think?"


Alright lets observe, learn and see how the experts do it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Boats. Ships. They got the same meaning. I got half a mind to call em rafts."

She carefully pours out differently colored layers of metal. You can see the grays of tins and irons, the orange of coppers… and she pours out separately the gold of aurum.


"I have my tricks. And my repeater rifle too."


"Either way, these folkloric tales are often quite nice. A bit gruesome at some points, but nothing too horrid."


"Well. Good luck on your search."

Grey inquires: "Gruesome?"?


"Ah…. all I know is hammering the impurities and has not tried doing this way. So are those pure already or does it need more working?"


"Erm… ghastly. … Macabre? Grisly?"


"And who's the most renowed fighter around here?"


"No, I know what the word means. I meant… what's gruesome about it?"

"Old Pate, a Bridon. Although, I don't see him at present."


"That's a shame. Where might he be?"


"Who knows? Maybe on patrol. He's with the city watch."


"Well, the events during the stories are not always very nice. Spooky things like witches and hungry wolves often arise as the story's antagonist."


"When do they dismount?"


Grey frowns. "Witch? Like Emrille?"

"No, dummy, she was called a bitch."

"Presumably before coming indoors."



"Smart fella, are you?"


"The gold can be separated a few more times. It's a process that needs to be repeated, like the folding of steel. Have you done that before?"


I laugh.
"Make sure to never call her that to the face. She would react poorly."


"My wit is sharper than my knives, but that's mostly because they can't saw through butter."



I put a paw on my chin.
"So the same method applies, except this time its a different way of doing it."
"Also, yes I am aware of folding steel."


After repeating the process several times, she pours the purified gold into a cast.

"You need to leave it just long enough that it can retain its form, but not so long that it fuses to the cast."


I believe I had just bought a dress, so there's nothing left for me to do except set up the table, get the food and get ready for the dinner.


"It's been fun."
Clean myself up a bit more and stand.
"Maybe I will pop back in later."

What time is it?


Well, I'll need to find something fancy for that trade.
Turn to Cloudy.
"Want me to see you back to the ships?"


I observe and close my arms.
"Well, how would one know when to remove it from the cast… and in case I made a mistake will it be easy to just remove it from the cast?"


You still haven't talked to Itztli.

Also did you actually invite Face? I can't remember.

Late afternoon.

"I can find my way back if you're in a hurry."

"You'd need to melt it again. As for how would you know… well, it's just a matter of practice I guess. How does a blacksmith know when to draw a sword out of the fire?"


Well, I suppose I've lollygagged enough. No one's around to get me on the crew, so I suppose I'll just kill time until Tree and Wark are available to vouch for me.
Setting up near the mid-mast of the ship the Commodore was on, I'll start plinking out a tune on my lute, tuning it. Then, once in-tune, I'll start playing a nice, refreshing song. Give the dockworkers and the crew something nice to listen to while they work.


Heading out for the Heap with Ciddir!
"I tried finding information about the golden apple, but apparently the locals are… not very welcoming to goats. It's been hard to find much of anything."


I left a note under his door.
I guess I should visit Itztli.
Where is he?



"I think Abilio would be pretty pissed if I got you killed, and there is a serial mare killer on the loose."


Time to head back "home".


The crew go about their business, but begin to work to the beat of your music. It's infectious. You vaguely wonder if music could be incorporated into a command role somehow, as you watch the sun make the last stretch for the wall of the city, soon to set. To the south, the Nea gleams golden in its light.

The sun is creeping toward the horizon. You head outside the city gates and around the perimeter to the heap.

"That is unfortunate. It is no matter though, we leave soon anyway."

Up ahead, the barren glory of the Heap awaits. Stacks of craggy, heaped up metal slag. Hoodoos of unwanted wastemetal.

Bouncing about the deck. Cation is also nearby.

Gray: " 'Kay."
Red: "I reckon she'll put up with it if she don't want me to cut 'er red."

"Only after dark, but I'd just as soon have you stick about."

Back to the fleet it is. Cation is here, strumming. Selena exits the belowdecks.


"You are not a waste of my time, Cloudy. We can have some tea then head back to the fleet, how about that?"


Probably, but I've no head for that. I'm just a Jenny with her music. Keeping time, I'll continue to play.


"That sounds pleasant. Do you know a place?"

A city jenny like you hasn't much of the old culture, from the Highlands, hm? You wonder what your clan's kilt patterns are. Maybe you'll have one to bear proudly if you marry into a clan some day, or discover your own origins.


Perhaps. But for today, I'll be content to just play my songs and have them enjoyed.


You change key from C to D.

It's just a minor thing, but minor key always sounds a little sad. Maybe fitting, as the sun approaches the horizon.


Approach her.


"Not really, we'll have to look for one.
The one I visited yesterday had watered down shit."



Ah, but there's a life in the night, just as there is in the day. Some folk only truly feel right after the sun goes down and they can relax.
"Hm? Ach, no. Just thought the crew might like a little song to work to, since I doubt they've had the chance to head into town yet."
I'll keep strumming my lute.
"One of the city's main attractions are the songs, y'see. An' I figure that if they can't get in there to hear 'em, I can at least bring some out to them, little though it may be."


"It gave you diarrhea?"

see >>592618


"I suppose so. Strange place, isn't it? It looks so desolate, and yet, life still finds a way to thrive."
Start looking for spiders.




"Hmmmm… the redness is what tells it, but one must know how it looks like so it really comes with experience." I nod to her.
"How about I try it?"


"Hello, mister Itztli."


"No, I mean the tea was overpriced and tasted like water! Ugh, c'mon, I wanted to grab a snack too, don't ruin my appetite!"


"That's some good work."


I will wait for the raiders to return.


"Maybe good enough to get hired on, at any rate. Still haven't run 'cross the musician your commodore picked up before I got here."


"Emrille is rather dangerous and she dislikes children. Not to mention the fact that 'reason' is a foreign concept to her."


"Fine, give it a try."

She brushes you, accidentally, as she slips out of your way. She's very soft and fuzzy.


"Alright, I'll follow you."

She takes your wing in hoof and follows after you.


"I'll give 'er a spankin' she won' like ferget!"


"Right, Itztli then.
The others told me you can…transform ponies to have new abilities or something…"



Roll #1 7 = 7


Start walking slowly.
"I bet that you just pretend to be blind so you can grope the wings of pretty mares like me."

Let's see… where can I find an actually good place for this?
Look around.
Leave the mall, too, obviously.

Roll #1 7 = 7



Your back leg is suddenly grabbed by Ciddir.

Cloudy has a thoughtful expression.

"You are attracted to wings? That seems odd…"

You are on Kronestrasse, not far from Hauptstrasse. This area is mostly comprised of the Einkaufzentrum, though there is a food court within.


"You will not. Now, let us see to that theater…"
We close?


"I was wondering if you could help me learn more about alchemy?"


I wonder how soft she is when being cuddled, maybe more softer than Empress.
I then wear heavy gloves and began to start melting.


Yep, back on the other side.


"Empress" Flora is more of a round fuzzball. Vasilisa is lithe and silky.

Roll for removal time


"Uh…so what do you do then exactly?"


"Well, don't tell me you never had a feather or two playing down there."
Uhh… I'm still lost with all these street names.
Just look for a nice looking place!


Whelp, lets keep our attention at melting this gold and not waste it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Neither have I, actually."



You don't see any here.

"That doesn't seem to be very useful. In any case, it must not matter to you much if you're with Tela. Or maybe I could help you find a nice pegasus stallion…"

You manage to keep it mostly refined.

"That's good, you didn't lose any gold, but see there are still many other layers of metal mixed in. You'd need to do that kind of separation many more times than a perfect separation."


Let's buy some tickets then! Where's the reception?


"Wait, losing knowledge? What would I forget?"


"Izzat so? Then I guess they'll be a surprise to both of us."
Hmm. Let's take it to another key. Modulate, and then one, two, three… A few ad libs here and there… This might sound like a more jazzy affair.


"Not useful?
Shit, so you haven't tried!"
Snort again.
"Yeah sure. Tell that to Tela."

Go to the district I was at yesterday!


I lay down the molten metal slowly and fix my attention on the molten metal that is poured on the cast and wait and just try to see when to pull it out.

"Is it worth the time to seperate the other metals too?"

Roll #1 10 = 10



At the box office!

It's 7 bits adult, 5 bits child.

It's not jazz without impromptu, after all.

Left or right once you reach Hauptstrasse?


Uh, right?


Oh for gods sake Itztli.
Bite my lip.
"But would it make me better at alchemy?"


"None of them need the same purity, so don't bother. That was a good casting. I'm going to have to melt it down because it's not pure enough, but you seem to have an intuition for the right time to remove it.

This street has big theaters and performance halls on it. The sweet sounds of music fill the streets. The sign reads Musikstrasse, and Light Heart is here.



"That doesn't make sense, why wouldn't I have the potential to get better at alchemy right now?"


I look at the cast golden coin that I made and smile at the work that I've done.
"Aint bad for a beginner aye?" I grin.


Well, there MUST be a fancy tea place in a fancy district like this!
"This music… it's pretty nice."



She teases you by mocking your accent: "Aye."

You don't see any…

"It does sound nice. I smell popcorn."


I have the sharpest eyes on the fleet, I can spot one if there is one!
"Want to have some?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Not on this street!

"Popcorn? If you like."


"Well you smelled it, not me! I still want some tea, but I don't see a place… it would be fucking great to have some tea to this music though."


That's very cheap. Buy one adult and two child tickets, give one to the children each.

If there's refreshments we can buy, do so. Then go track down our seats.


I frown comically and kneel down to her height with a smug grin.
"How brave of you, are you really mocking the first mate of the seaworthy hmmmm?" I pat her head with one hand while the other toys with the new coin.


"Tea and music?"

It is a fairytale show, so it's not high drama.

They have popcorn and alcohol here.

The new coin is still searingly hot. You burn your fingers.



"Yeah. What's not to like in that?"


"I don't know, it's like carrots and sailing. Each are fine on their own, so I don't think they'd be any less good together, it's just I don't expect it would stand out as even better by being combined."


No alcohol, what kind of pony do you think I am!?

Popcorn works though.


"You can just relax and close your eyes while listening to the music and sip your delicious honeyed tea! How is that not better than just either one?"


"Well good for y… Ow, ow… stupid damn me, ow." I place down the still hot coin and just let my hands cool down before looking at her.

"So after the coin cools down is that finished? So minting gold coins basically means to make sure the coins I am making are free of impurities and stuff."


Popcorn it is. You find your seats and watch the Grimm Tale.

It's Hansel and Gretel.

"You could enjoy yourself twice as long if you did one after the other."

"Yes, that's right."


"But it's twice as intense if you do it at the same time!"
Start wandering aroun this street.


"Whew, I didnt know it was a bit simple. The thing one has to worry about though is that it will cost a lot if one make a single mistake in the process aye? Not to mention all this heat makes me thirsty.""


Great performing halls line it.



Glance back at him as I freeze in place.
"What is it?"


You've returned to the ships with Cloudy. Night has fallen and fog has descended over Anneiv.


Well, they do say there's a killer out there… then again, I'm a killer, and I could collect a bounty!


It is marked how different Anneiv is by night from daytime. There is no sound, and even your footsteps loudly reverberate across the water as you clop through the wharf district along Hauptstraße. It's too thick to see much here, and the proximity to the water isn't helping. Perception check.


Flutter just above the road to be a bit more quiet.
Perceptive sniper '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Your wings stir the clouds unevenly. You detect a line of small candles set out here on the road.


What's up with that?
Flutter closer to check it out!


There are small candles here standing upright on the road. It's unclear who placed them here – they are not lit. They appear to be normal store-bought candles.


Do they go anywhere?
Or it's just a short line of them?
Follow them if they go anywhere!


They are perpendicular to the road. They lead from the edge of the road to the water. Curious.


Flutter over to the water and peek down… are there candles in the water too or something?


Nope, just to the water.


Weird… float back above the ground, I feel safer there than above water.
Is there anything I can use to light a candle aside from shooting at it?


I don't see anything on your list that would imply that. Fire Shot works though.


Fire shot a candle with my pistol then to light it.
Take six since it's not rocket science.


The fog around the candle is lit up by the candle.


Keep fluttering along the road with the candle then.


It's nearly blinding to carry along with you, because now all you can see is a wall of bright white.

Somewhere behind you, you hear something metal falling over.


Well, I'm not planning to carry it forever!
In fact…
Spin around and throw the lit candle to where I heard the noise from!


You cast off the candle. It's not very useful for seeing things clearly, but you have a very good idea of where it landed because the fog nearest it is lit up like – well, a candle.


Have my weapon ready.
Do I see what the metal sound was?


It's obscured by the fog. No more sounds from that direction, either…


Very gently touch down on the pavement and perk my ears, with glancing to the side…
Any sign of movement from anywhere?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nothing. Dead silence.


Mutter to myself.
"Come out and play if you dare, bitch…"
Turn around and keep fluttering down the road.


You hear something tapping up ahead.


Flutter closer.


As you approach, the sound stops.

The fog to your right begins to clear. There's a staircase. It appears to be made of sound, and is purple. Near the bottom step is a hatrack which appears to be made of solid gold.


Whoa, what?
Solid fucking gold!
Fly over there!


The hatrack bows deeply.


"What the fuck?"
Poke it… cautiously.


It flexes its pongs invitingly at your hat.


Glance up.
"Fuck no, you're not getting that!
What you get is a trip to my ship, how's that?"


The hatrack rights itself and begins to walk up the stairs. The stairs seem to stretch far beyond the top of the stairs.


…I'm not sure if this is a good idea.
Probably not.
Follow it.


On top of the clouds, there is a ship moored. It is a fine barque with royal blue sails. Their rich, living color is a stark contrast to the dread gray of the fog below. The hull is flecked with gold leaf, and the hatrack begins to walk vertically up the hull toward the deck.


I could see myself as the captain of a ship like this!
Fly to the golden leaf and touch it!


The ship does not smell of wood. It smells of mint. Indeed - the wood is a warm orange rather than the waterlogged taupe you're accustomed to.

The gold leaf is thin but surprisingly hard. It does not easily bend like gold typically does. The hatrack has disappeared up onto the deck.


As much as I'd love to take in all these details, I can't let that thing disappear.
Fly up to the deck.


The deck is entirely crewed by mares, who moan soundlessly as they labor. They are wearing a foreign sort of clothing – it appears to be glass, but it is so flexible that it conforms to every movement. The helm, perched upon the aftcastle, boasts a huge velvet couch. A figure lays there disinterestedly facing the wheel proper. The hatrack has come to a rest near the couch.


EHheheheheh… FOCUS, Emrille!
I'll oogle marebutts later!
Fly closer and land in front of the couch.


There is a completely albino stallion in a suit here, languishing on the couch. His eyes are red, and he has a black dali mustache.

He gives a very passive and disinterested glance at you before turning his head to the right and inclining it, apparently staring at something off the starboard side.


"Who the fuck are you? And what's this place?"
Look at what he's looking


There is a head as large as the entire ship looking down at you. A stallion's head. It looks cheerful, but stern, and it is possessed of an enormous white beard. It seems jovial, and the neck extends down, out of view. Its mouth opens, but instead of a booming wave of sound, you hear a pleasant voice inside your head. It has a thick Germane accent.

Welcome home.


Take a step back. I'm getting really fucking weirded out.
"Home? What do you mean? Am I dreaming?"


No, you've been dreaming all of your life until now.


"As if. That felt real. This doesn't."


The world grows pleasantly warm.

One who has only experience sleeping is no judge of what is real.


"Yeah, well you're not real so you're no judge either."


I know you better than anyone else. I am an excellent judge. I know you define your reality by suffering – that being yours or others. And so you cannot comprehend reality without suffering. You will understand differently in time.


"If you think I'm staying in this la-la land, you're wrong! And what the fuck would you know!"


I know much. But that is not the question you really mean to ask. Ask it.


"…what the fuck is this place? How did I get here? How do I get out?"


Home. You came by a sea vessel, and you could leave by it, though I doubt you would willingly choose to once you have fully awoken and shaken off your grogginess.


"I didn't mean Anniev, I meant…"
Tap my hooves down.
"This fucking place."


You arrived by waking up. This place was always here, but only those awake can see it. You may return to the city, but you may see it differently now that you are awakened again. Indeed, I shall need you to return to the city, for there is work to be done.


"I'm… really fucking confused. How did I 'wake up'?"


You were awake before. Seeing the sights of the city have stirred your old memories. Those from before you forgot who you were and lapsed into dream.


"See, you're bullshitting me, I don't remember being in this city, ever."


You have not fully wakened from your sleep. If you wish to draw out your memories, it will take time.


Wave a hoof.
"Who gives a shit about the past? I have my eyes on the future."


Wise, although you ask many questions about returning for one uninterested in the past.


"Returning for what now?"


"one uninterested in the past" means "Emrille" in this context



"Well, I did just follow a fucking walking golden hatrack to a ship crashed on clouds that has glass-suited mares working on it and all that shit. Wouldn't you?"


Is this setting uncomfortable?


"It's pretty fucking weird."


Are you so fond of the mundane?


"I love the ship, really, I'd totally have it as mine, but this everything seems… discordian. Like that fucking rabbit."


Discord holds no sway here. Indeed, he is one of my greatest foes.


"You sure love copying his style."


To the contrary. His works have no purpose and no design. Everything you see here is carefully governed by science.


Point at the asshole on the couch.
"What is he doing here then?"


Said asshole doesn't even look up.

The answer to that is more complex than you would think. The short answer is that he is steering – or rather, he's on helm's duty. If this place unnerves you, perhaps you should come belowdecks to continue our discussion.


Roll my eyes.
The moaning mares were a bit distracting anyway.


Remember, they make no sound.

You hear the door to the belowdecks click open.


Flutted down there.


You head inside, and it's a very posh bar. Velvet walls and everything.

There's a pony at the counter, polishing a glass. He's wearing a fine suit - and it's the same bearded face you saw outside. He holds up a glass, as if inspecting it for smudge marks, then holds it out like a telescope and examines you through the bottom of it.

"What's this? Come a little closer."


Flutter closer and tilt my head.
"You look like a fucking jackass, I hope you are aware."


Whoopsie daisy


"That's interesting that you say that, and while I cannot possibly expect you to understand what I mean by this – your interpretation of my appearance reflects more upon you than upon me. I do wonder what it is you think you are seeing right now. Still, I suppose I am not blameless. You are malfunctioning. I couldn't see it from so far before, but now that you're here, I can repair the damage."

He begins pouring a few drinks into different mugs. "Tell me about your lust and love."


Roll my eyes.
"Yeah, I get it, you can talk a lot of bullshit for sure."
Raise my brow.
"What does that have to do with anything?"


"It is the source of your malfunction. You have a great deal of sexual frustration. It wasn't an issue in the original design. Typical short sighted thinking, I suppose. Tell me, do you feel warm?"

He pulls out a ruler and begins measuring the bar.


"Will you start making sense? Or do you just get off to talking about how and who I fuck? And if you're saying being a dyke is a malfunction I got something else coming up for you too."


"You misunderstand. Indeed, you were never designed to understand. It wasn't in your framework. The better question is whether or not you even want me to explain. It would be simpler if I just put you to sleep and perform the repairs. You've been away so long, I scarcely recognized you from the day I sent you away. You've gotten big, haven't you? Full maturation. As a proof of concept you certainly are admirable, bugs aside."


"You're talking about me like I was a fucking gizmo toy made by the breezie or someshit."
Tap my chest.
"I am fucking flesh and blood, you idiot!"


He chuckles. "Believe me, I share your condescension for these mechanical nicknacks. In fact, you probably got your condescension from me. Flesh and blood – so much more potential than a machine, wouldn't you agree? Your gun – even after the catalyst modification, it was still only the filigree of your design. And it looks like my design was improved upon. Hm… a cannon, how quaint. They didn't do much with it, did they? Oh, what this? Interesting… multiple rounds? How do they prevent it from jamming? Very cleverly made. And the pistol. Hm, I would've thought that it would be overloaded by the heat from the catalyst. Apparently there's some sort of compensation. Well, aren't these nicknacks unto themselves? I'll need to remember to properly thank these interlopers for their contributions."


"I got the plans from others, but made these babies myself… but get back to the fucking topic. I asked about myself, not my guns, I know all about those."


"I have already told you. And now it is time to make the repairs, yes? Relax yourself, and when you wake up you will be good as new. If you are going to be operating in this city, you will want your old language back. That's right, ease up. Feeling relaxed now? The tension in your muscles must go. Perhaps a soporific?"

He slides a frosty mug across the bar toward you.


Stare at him for a while…
Then knock the mug off to the ground with a hoof.
"Fuck you, why should I trust you? You're not doing anything to me."


He raises a brow. "Who can one trust if not their creator? In any case, the offer was for your benefit. I can disable you, but do not worry, once you are properly repaired you'll be back up and free to go about your business. Though you may not remember this conversation when that happens."


"My creator?"
Start shaking a bit, and bite my lip as I reach a wing for my gun.
"You don't mean to say you're my father, do you?"


He laughs an extremely hollow an unnerving laugh. "I can see how you might misinterpret it that way. No, what I have done is far greater and more directed than anything he ever did for you. You will remember once repairs are completed."


"What if I don't want to be repaired? What I'm I'm good like this?"


"That's an absurdity. A tea pot has no wish to be cracked. Moreover, I am hardly going to send a malfunctioning design out for field work."


Smack my hooves against the ground and flare my wings.
"You still haven't told me shit about what this creation and malfunction thing is! You're starting to really piss me off!"


"It seems counterintuitive to explain rather than to simply perform the repairs. You certainly have grown inquisitive. When I sent you away last you were quite the introvert. You do not need to know the details because you do not need to perform repairs. The general issue is that your body is being pumped full of hormones as a result of experiencing love and lust, which is not something you were designed for. Your original design was created when you were prepubescent. I believe the original identity I gave you was Prench, but this Bridon persona does seem to have the vigor of a good killer - and not even insane! Your personality is much more stable than any of my other adult subjects. I suspect it may have to do with your natural growth. In any case, it is a simple matter of chemical imbalance. I shall require a blood sample."


Take a step back.
"Let's say I let you do this… fucking whatever.
What will happen? I have it pretty good in life now, and I'm not letting you take that away."


"Your current life is only a disguise. Your assignment has been completed. The reason you find yourself frustrated in daily life is due to the fact that you were not built for it. Does it confound you that you must be polite to ponies, and that they demand you exhibit empathy? You were made with neither in mind! You were made to shoot with extreme precision and to have a natural talent for magic on a level of intuition, without even need for thought. This is your purpose. You will never be happy unless you embrace it. This… Tela? Things cannot work out with her unless your imbalance is repaired. Haven't you noticed that you have certain irreconcilable differences? You can be happy with her, but only if you are repaired."


Furrow my brows when he mentions her.
"Your repairs… would they benefit you or me? Do you want to repair me to have your perfect killing machine? A slave for you with no thoughts? Because I can be pissed at people, but you're wrong. I'm perfectly happy being a perfect killer who can think for herself."


He frowns. "You do still fundamentally misunderstand. You will always have thoughts. This is what makes you different from a machine, which cannot think. But you do not really have a choice in any case, I am perfectly capable of rendering you inert with your conditioned neutralization phrase. Let me put things this way – how do you know that Tela ever existed? You are still under the belief that you made your gun by yourself, which is the memory I programmed into you. Yet tomorrow you might think you've been in love with a mare named Dahlia or Beatrice. It makes no difference. I don't think you can understand – not that it's important. Well – wait, I'll try one last method of explanation, purely as a show of good will. I am quite excited to see you back after all. What is it you're seeing right now? Some sort of bar, I gather from your mind. Focus on your surroundings. Describe it in great detail – for example, what is the floor made of? If it's tile or wood, how many units of plank or pile between you and I? Are there chairs? How many?"


Look around for a while before sitting down on my flanks, defeated.
Look up at him with teary eyes.
"Allright… do whatever you're going to do… but please do not take her from me. She's the only thing I ever had. The only thing I had that matters."


The world goes dark.

Bookmark I - Measured Response

You shake your head vigorously. You're on some kind of mattress, but your head is pounding. The pain is quickly receding but you feel nauseous. Instinctively, you lean over the adjacent trash bin. It recedes soon too.

Tela is here. It's a relief that you made up with her. She looks so peaceful as she sleeps. Probably best not to wake her. In the dim light of your apartment, you can see a note on your pantry door. Probably another job.


Scratch my mane with a hoof…
Fuck, did I get shitfaced again last night or did we just have some hardcore fucking?

Stumble out of my bed.


It's in Germane, so you read it easily.

"Dock worker. Missing one eye. Eyepatch. Prefer dead. Method is free. Recommend rooftop. Cache on corner building roof, public stables. Dead drop at usual place 24 hours after job completed."


Stretch my wings and body with a yawn, then put on some tea while I get dressed.
Sounds easy enough.


After pulling on your vest and abundance of belts, you gingerly slide on your left glove, which stows the spring blade mechanism. Your hatrack has a large number of choices. Probably the best option for stealth would be the black tricorne, given the hour, though you would have to go to the trouble of moving your lenses over to it from your tophat, which you were using yesterday.

The tea kettle begins to whistle and Tela shifts in her sleep.


Shit, she'll get grumpy and won't have sex if I wake her. Take the kettle off and pour myself a cup, with some honey of course.
I'll go with the tricone, and transport the lenses from the top hat while I sip my tea.


It clicks on without much complaint. From your window you can see the local university, and more importantly, its clock tower. 4 AM. Mysteriously, you always seem to wake up on time for your jobs, no matter how early it is. Probably not worth reading into.

The nightsfog is still thick over the city, but your apartment is on a fourth floor - practically unheard of height, which affords you a somewhat better view over the clouds that tend to sink into the streets.


Call it a killer instict, I suppose.

Get my trusty rifle on her saddle and my pistol in the holster before opening the window.
Fuck taking the stairs.


Your pistol's compensator hums softly as you holster it. You mount the base of the rifle and pack the scope and barrel into your bags so they won't obstruct your flight or create an obvious silhouette.

It's a relief Tela doesn't want kids either. You can only imagine how complicated things would be if you disagreed about something like that - especially because you might have to deal with tiptoeing around your job.

Supposedly the mist are filled with strange gangsters, but for whatever reason they've never bothered you. Maybe it's your reputation that keeps them at bay. Or maybe that gang is where your job notes and reward deaddrops keep coming from. Who can say, really? The notes always seem to appear while you're asleep.

It's only a couple minutes flight to alight over at the stables. The docks aren't far. Still, now that you're only one level up from the ground, the fog engulfs everything. You'll definitely need to unpack your special scope for this.


Thank fuck for that. Not like we could have lesbian butt babies in any case.

Find the rooftop that will give me the best place to spot and put my gun and scopes together. I want to get done with this before the rest of my tea goes cold.


Your scope begins to heat up. The runic symbols for light and heat begin to glow, and your right eye twitches in anticipation. A conditioned response. Even before it touches the now hot metal of the scope, the blood vessels in the eye have begun to pronounce themselves. By the time you open your eye to look through the scope, they bulge so much that any examination of the eye would suggest that it has turned entirely white to red.

Now, through the fog, you see the illumination of body heat. But how to pick out the target…


Start scanning my little targets.
Let's see if there's any one of them who has a cold spot where an eye should be. The eye patch probably blocks some of the heat too, so it shouldn't be too hard.


Cleverly done, if you do say so yourself. You congratulate yourself when you do see one that looks slightly darker.

+1 Hawkeye


Couldn't be easier.
I shouldn't miss unless I start to think about sex already… hehehe

Air Shot.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


Your sound suppressor absorbs most of the sound. You see the figure collapse into the canal.

Time to go.


Start whistling a happy tune as I pack up my scopes and guns before heading back home.

I deserve that cup of tea.


Nice stealth! Good thing it's 4AM.

You pack up and fly home. Today should be a good day, and you can pick up that dead drop later, too.

Tela will probably be in the mood when she gets up, but it might be easier to just go back to sleep until then. Or maybe you could enjoy your tea and stay up until she gets up.


Yeah, fuck sleeping, I'm too pumped up for that now.

Let's get a bite to eat and drink my tea and watch her sleep for a while.


It's not creepy when you watch her sleep.

You sip your tea. Looks like she's breathing right now. You could go smell that breath right now.


It is a bit creepy, but I can't fuck with unfinished tea.

Forget waiting until she wakes up though, wake her up with a sloppy smooch and a winghug.


She gives you a half-hearted kick. "What'dyou want you amorous cunt? M'tryin' ta sleep here."



I guess I'll have to smooch her somewhere else to wake her up. Places where things fade to black.


Afterwards, you doze off.

Bookmark II - Gentle Repose

You have an uneasy feeling when you gain consciousness. You hesitate before opening your eyes, lingering in the world of sleep. You don't want to face it, but you have to. You open your eyes.

It's just a pantry.

It has been almost a month now since your last note appeared. You live rather decadently and that money is important. Sure you've got a nestegg but you're in your thirties. It's too late to come up with some other job. And like where are you supposed to find hitman contracts? You had a sweet setup. Why did they stop sending jobs?

The city has been acting strange too. Riots. There was a lot of property damage a couple weeks ago in the night, and talk of zombies, but since then things have quieted down. Even the gangs have moved out of town. There has been a lot of pressure from that new organization… the Middle Seas League – apparently some big shots – to drive out crime. This place is turning into more of a hole every day. But where is there to go?

…Why aren't they sending new contracts? Ponies still want each other dead! And if that weren't enough… you feel sluggish lately too. You want to blame it on the odd conditions but Tela says… well, maybe you're just moving past your prime.


Like she knows shit… I'm not an old sac of farts just yet. And I have a hunch why those assholes stopped.
They are afraid. Afraid that hiring a killer would get the eyes of the MSL on them.

Well a certain hitmare has a few words about that.
Get dressed, not too warlike just yet.

I need an informant. I need some knowledge about the leaders of that Shitleague.


The question is where to begin. You live a relatively isolated life. There is one certainty, though: if you're going to find illegitimate information, you will need to enter the Locus Inter, the ancient city-between-the-walls used by the thieves of Anneiv. There's an entrance nearby, on the Kamingasse. Your apartment is on Konigsstraße.


Get ready for that.

Put my top hat on. That should be warning enough for most ponies not to look for a fight when I'm down there.

Fly there.


It's good that it's afternoon. During the night, Kamingasse is nearly impossible to approach. As the principle home to cloud factories, this is where the fog is thickest at night.


Just get a move on then, before that happens.


You come down an isolated alley between two factories. You know the entrance is here somewhere. The alley itself is clogged with empty crates. On the surface of one, two ponies are gambling. There's another pack of three ponies posturing further back - they look like gangsters.


Walk up to the gangsters.
I'm in no mood and have no time to fuck around.
"I'm looking for the Locus Inter. I know you know where it is."


"This is our town, scrub."
"Yeah, beat it!"


Lay a wing on my rifle.
"Don't make me ask again."


"Listen, I'm doing you a favor lady. If you don't know how to get into the Locus Inter, you don't wanna be there."


"No, I don't, but I need to go there. So start fucking cooperating or say goodbye to your dick because I won't hesitate to shoot it off."


"Ayy Johnny, I think she don't like you."

"That's okay. I likes a girl with a little meats on her. 'Sides she looks like used goods."

'Johnny' turns to you. "Okay little lady, go give it a try then. The dead end wall at the end of the alley. It's a brick on the right."


Give him a glare.
"You're lucky I'm too busy to kill you right now, but I don't forget easily, Johnny."

I'll kill him once I got this leauge thing handled.

Go to the dead end wall and tap the brick on the right.


It's a wall, there are tons of bricks on the right! Like, twenty or thirty. And that's just all the way to the right.


Drag my hoof over them, one of them must be the way to open this shit!


Eventually you find one about chest high that pushes in. Like a handle, all of the rightmost bricks shift slightly back, leaving a very narrow crack for you to squeeze inside. There is no light in there…


I should apply a scope to see shit then.


A scope? You pull your rifle scope out of your bag and walk in holding it out like a telescope. The near uniform coldness doesn't make it very useful and you probably look kinda dumb. You end up following a straight passage for a surprisingly long time. Walking is awful for a pegasus. Eventually, you exit into what you can only describe as a… hobo city. There's something resembling a market place here, and it's thrumming with activity. There are lights - all from lanterns and candles - no natural light. In the dark, you can even see buildings here, but mostly shacks and lean-tos.


Put that scope away.

Now where to find an informant…


There are signs here, but they're in some kind of code.


What kind of code?


Hobo code.


Find one of them hobos then.
"Hey, you. Tell me where to find an informant."
That should do i


There are plenty of hobos to choose from, but it's questionable which will help you. Which one should you grab?

>The addled one

>The drunken one
>The crazy one
>The plagued one
>The catatonic one


The catatonic I suppose


You prod and yell at the catatonic one, but elicit no response.


Ehh, fuck that.
Drunk one it is.


"Sho was dis an 'formant? He hehh hehhhh yer pretty."


Give the guy a back-hooved slap.
"Tell me where an informant is before I fucking splatter your brains everywhere."


"Hehh feisty mmm? Form… ant…. formant… in… form… ant…. what're we talkin' 'bout again?"



This guy doesn't seem like he's going to be very helpful. Why are the homeless always so useless!

You are beginning to have SERIOUS doubts about those classic legends of thieves' guilds that use the homeless to spy.


Fucking hell.
All these fucking hobos are useless pieces of shit.
Find a non-hobo pony. I bet they speak hobocode anyway.


There are some other ponies here you might question.

>Whores at the entrance to a whore house – which is one of the few places lit up, in its case in red light. You wonder briefly how they're coloring the light. Probably some sort of fancy stained glass lantern or magic.

>Some petty gangsters. They look armed.
>More homeless
>A cowled figure down an alleyway
>A nearby merchant's stall. He appears to be selling Magic Dust, Special T, and Goofballs. In case it wasn't obvious: these are street names for drugs.
>There are signs in Germane (which you can read) which point deeper in and read: Guild of Silver-Weavers


I'm not afraid of petty gangsters.
And I'm armed too.
Approach them.
"Hey, you."


They're all Germane natives, like you, and they speak in the local tongue.

"What have you come here to hunt? You look not like a whore."

"Maybe she is an ugly whore."



Chuckly with them mockingly.
"Funny guys. Maybe I won't slaughter you all if you tell me where to find an informant."


The 'leader' of the two other goons gives you a toothy smile. His grin is mostly golden, though based on the locale, it's probably just gilded.

"How about a game of chance?"

He reveals three cards: an Ace of Diamonds, a two of Clubs, and a two of Spades.

"Five bit buy in. We can keep going until you win."

You have 700 bits.


"I was never much for gambling, especially not when I know the game is rigged. You seem like somepony who does like gambling though."

Show him my revolver, load a single bullet in the cylinder, and spin it around.
"Do you feel lucky?"


They draw their weapons too.

"Who are you supposed to be, some kind of cop? Just get out of here before you scare off the marks. Every time you come to a sign in the Hobo Market, take a left. But if you get your throat slit you ain't heard nothin' from us."


"Far from it."
Holster the revolver. Not like I don't have the rifle always at the ready.
"For your sakes I sure hope you told the truth."

Let's try to follow their method of tracking, then.


The symbols on the signs seem totally arcane as you enter the market, and it's so sprawling that it's a relief you have a simple path to follow. The paths here are lit by dim lanterns and it's quite dark.

Finally you come to an enclosure of a sort built into a wall. It has glyphs over the entrance in hobo code.


Can't really read 'em.
So just enter.


It's pitch black in here.

You hear a hissing voice from somewhere in the blackness. It's in Equestrian.



Perk my ears.
I trust my senses are good enough to at least get a very good idea where the voice is coming from.
"I need information. The sensitive type."


Straight ahead.. somewhere in the dark.



"I got a few bullets reserved to the assholes at the top of the Middle Seas League, I just need their names to write on them before they get them."


"And payment?"


"What do you want? Bits? Somepony silenced forever?"


At first you think you hear a hacking cough, but then you realize it's a sort of laughter.

A piece of paper flits out, landing on the ground in front of you, as if propelled by the thin air of this rancid place.

"What is there. Bring it here."


Pick the paper up and read it.


Zweiundzwanzig Zauberstaße

(22 Magic Street)


I guess I'll find out what is there.
Time to leave this place for now.
And go home to get some mission gear that conceals my identity and gives some more protection.


You depart the Hobo Market and follow the path back out of the Locus Inter.


Nothing stops me from leaving, right?


Nope, you're back on the streets.


Well, do what I said above then.


You return to your apartment. Tela is sleeping in.

You have a balaclava, which you grab. Nothing really here for 'protection'.


Do I not have a single piece of clothing that offers at least some amount of safety?


You're more of a mobility fighter, right? You could go into the market and buy plate armor if you'd feel more comfortable.


Doesn't mean I can't have something light.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to shoot first.
Get to the location.


You're on Konigsstraße. You need to get to Zauberstaße.


Fly there. Not at street level, obviously.


The address is on street level. It appears to be a warehouse. All the windows are boarded up.


Any possible entry points from the roof?


Maybe if you could peel back the boards.


Would Frost shotting them and shattering them afterwards work?


Frost shot would make them easier to break, sure.


Try that then.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


It freezes over.


Can I take 6 on breaking it?


You empty your revolver into it and finally it gives way.


Reload it before flying inside.


The inside is… surprisingly empty.

Down below you see a large crate in the corner, and nothing else.


Cautiously fly over… any obvious traps around?


Looks empty to you.


Try and open it then


There's a roller bed inside!


Huh… how heavy is it?


18 kilos


Can I get it back to the guy at the hobo market?


It'd be tricky to lift. It would be easier to roll it. You'd also have to get it out of this crate…


Try to topple the crate over.

Roll #1 8 = 8



Wait, the crate was covering a ladder down to another floor…


Well, descend down.


There is no light down here – it's very dark. You get the sense based on the flow of air that this room is small.


I should have brought some sort of light with me… go back up, and light a wooden board on fire with Fire Shot (take six, since a stationary board of wood can't be that hard to hit) and use it as a torch down there.


This appears to be some sort of operating room. There is a lot of blood here, on a large table, and a lot of surgical equipment. There are also big keg-like containers. There's a trail of blood leading to a closed door.


I don't like the looks of this… try to open that door.


It's locked. It appears to be a conventional door lock.


I know how to pick those!

Shoot it off.


BANG. Ouch, you should use ear protection when discharging a firearm in a very small room with nothing to absorb sound.

The mechanism looks pretty broken.


That's for pussies!

…but I should get some ear covers, yeah.
Should be able to just nudge the door open now, right?


Well, the lock is pretty broken, but a good jostle oughta shake it open. Not like you care about stealth, right?


I sure care about stealth right after blowing off the lock with a gun.

No, not really.


You jostle it loose. It's dark in here too… there are large tanks here, with glass panels so you can see inside. Things are floating in them.


Well fuck
Anything that really stands out?


The blood trail leads around the tanks to the other side of the room.


Slowly and carefully get around there, rifle at the ready.


There is a very unusual corpse here. It appears to be an old, bearded pony, crumpled. The corpse is in an advanced state of decay. It is highly unusual because it seems to have mechanical extra limbs – four of them, for a total of eight. Additionally, there appear to be other strange mechanical replacements - internal organs notably. He appears to have been very, very old. The vision stirs uncertain memories in your mind… If interested, you must make medicine checks to identify information about it. For example, cause and date of death.


Well, I can probably tell what killed him, if it's obvious, right?

Roll #1 7 = 7


The decay makes it difficult to tell, but you eventually determine there was a bullet wound. Based on the positioning of the body, it looks like he was attempting to cauterize the wound, but bled out in the process. He looks like a fucking hundred years old, so it's a shocker he didn't fall over dead the instant someone pulled out a gun in the first place.


This is some fucked up shit… but how am I even going to get this creepy ass corpse down there to the Hobo market?


Your perceptions warp uneasily with the memories that sear the back of your mind.


Clutch my head… what's going on… this is no place to have a breakdown, think!


Your head feels hot. Like, really hot. Fever hot. BAD fever hot. You were fine seconds ago.

Your vision seems to split in a way that Emrille can't comprehend, having never experienced stereoscopic 3D. Colors and lines don't just blur – they separate entirely into a layered image.

Rallying what will you have, you begin to notice there are differences in the layers. The image is fundamentally the same, but details are changed between the red and blue. Looking at it makes your eyes ache, like trying to turn your eyes too far in the sockets.


Is this some sort of magic? A trap? Back up, try to walk back, make sense of my surroundsings!


You back out of the room, which to be fair is kinda fume-y, and take a deep breath. Slowly, you calm down and cool off. Your vision doesn't "split" when you're not looking directly at the body.


Shit… how am I going to do this without looking at it? Can I cover it somehow?


You glance around the impromptu operating room. This looks like the kind of place that might have a tarp in it, if you look around.


Search for one

Roll #1 5 = 5


None in here, though you do realize that the tank on the end is covered by a tarp. You could simply remove it.


Do that, then cover the body.


The tank as a foal in it, floating like the others. Its face is pointed down, so you'd need a light to examine it more closely. This area is very dim, supplied light only by the trapdoor from the other room.

You toss the tarp over the body without looking at it.


Sneer, I don't really give a shit about dead fillies.

Now, to figure out how to move that thing…
I assume I have to take that back to them.


The biggest issue seems to be dragging it up the trapdoor. It looks heavy, especially with all that metal shit hanging off. There is the stretcher up above once it's up, of course.


How did they get it down here, is the question.
Walk around the sides of the room, no other way, just up there?


>How did they get it down here
For clarity, the stretcher is up in the warehouse, remember? It's in the crate.

The body probably got down here by coming on its own. Yes, it's a hidden room, this is the only way out of it.


No need to be a dick about it.

No tools or anything to move the body up?


The first chamber is full of surgical tools. The second chamber is full of fumes and tanks with objects floating in them. Neither room is large, in fact it's a very cramped space in general.


Though you haven't carefully searched the second (fumey room with body) yet.


Eeeh… try and search there.
Hold my breath and all.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nothing really useful for toting bodies in here. Just a clipboard and papers. There are notes laying around too.




Read one or two, just out of curiosity.


The papers are full of medical jibberish.

The notes… Holy shit. That color. That hoofwriting. The ink. The text itself. This is one of your hit notes. Or rather… it's one that was never delivered to you. Did this guy steal or intercept it? Did he author it?


Hold my head… what? What the fuck?
Read them again, more throughoutly.


This is definitely in the style of notes you have received before, but you don't recall receiving this.

"Woodsman. Flannel clothing, cottage north northeast of city. Sign on front door says 'Cloud'. Recommend long distance across lake. Dead drop at usual place 24 hours after job completed."


Fuck… flip through the papers, how many of these notes are there?


Only two hit notes. The rest are just medical papers.


What's on the other two?


You already read one, meaning there's only one other.

The other is for some cloud factory worker. Same layout.


Any idea when they were sent?


They don't have dates. You might investigate the marks or see if the ink could be dated magically somehow.


I'll just pocket them for now…

Any idea on the identity of whoever is doing all this among the papers?


Roll Intelligence



Roll #1 2 = 2


You skim the documents for names and don't find any. If only you were clever enough to think of something else to look at.


Well, any of the stuff around? Like the equipment?


The surgical equipment is in the other room, the tanks are in this room.


Check the equipment!


Which equipment? What are you searching for? It hasn't changed since you last examined it in either case.


Anything that could have writing on it!


The tanks are labeled with numbers. None of the surgical equipment has writing on it.


Guess it's back to trying to figure out how to get the cargo out.


Okay, what will you do?


There must be some machinery or something to lift the tank up!


There doesn't appear to be. Also the most advanced 'machinery' you'd be likely to see is a block and tackle.


Well how the fuck do I drag that shit up then?
… am I even sure that's what I have to get?


No. Let's recap what's happened so far.

-You stopped receiving hit notes recently
-You assumed that this was because of the MSL, and decided to find an information dealer to learn who's in charge around here
-The information dealer agreed to tell you, in exchange for bringing "what's [at this address] here"
-Once you reached the address you found a hidden room with a strange body. The body makes your head hurt when you look at it.
-You also found all kinds of weird medical stuff and tanks (one of which contains a foal), plus medical notes
-Among the medical notes are notes that look identical to hit notes that you have received in the past


Well, do the medical and the rest of the notes look alike?


Yes, they were written by the same person. Whoever was performing these strange medical misdeeds down in this secret chamber was the same person who authored the hit notes you've been receiving.


So it wasn't intercepted, it was just never sent…
Fuck, I'll have to try and look at the body, won't I?


Well, you could give up and find a new job. I hear fishing is honest work.


Fuck you.
Look at the body and quickly try to spot something improtant before my headache gets bad.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Your vision splits when you look upon it. One image is in red and one image is in blue, overlaid on one another. Even without whatever effect is hurting your head, it makes you go cross-eyed trying to discern the differences between the two. If you tough it out you might be able to figure out what the difference is. You will take ongoing Psychic damage until you stop.


Fuck, stop it then…

Wait, any glasses or lenses that are not my scopes among the equipment?


Disconcertingly, you find lenses under the table that are the same as the lenses you attach to your hat.


..the fuck?
How did those got there?
Anything else that looks like part of my killing-equipment?


There are gun parts here that look consistent with your equipment.


Pick up a few of them and examine them.


They look like YOUR gear.

You give in to your will and look at the corpse directly. The blue partition appears to be what you saw before – the corpse, dead. Decaying. Rotting. The red partition is an idealized version – a healthy stallion with a cheery, full white beard. It stirs memories deep inside you, and an entire lifetime of personality, purpose, and identity floods in at a moment's revelation. You were… other ponies. A Bridon pirate. A Prench spy. And this - a Germane assassin. This was… your abductor? Your creator? Your handler? Some kind of mad scientist… and now he's dead. What purpose is left for you? How long have you been in this daze, with no regard for time? What year is it? Where are your friends from other lifetimes? Were they even real? Your head begins to throb and you pass out.

Bookmark III - Last Job

You awaken in your bed. Tela isn't here. Was she ever here? You're sure she was. There's a dead hooker next to you. You feel tired. You ache. You need a mirror, so you consult one on the wall.

You look awful. You're wrinkled, and your mane has turned gray. Aged. But something hasn't changed. Your eyes are still firey and angry. There's an information dealer in the Locus Inter that owes you some answers, and you are going to get a resolution – one way or another.



Disc 2 - Loose Ends

Chapter I - It's a Secret to Everypony

Your name is Wilson, and you are 14 years old. You have a brown coat, and your best friend is the Captain's daughter. It's a good thing, too: you're very shy, and so most ponies just ignore you or walk all over you. It's easier if you stick with Grey, she's more assertive.

She's the same age as you, and more excitingly, she told you that you're her special somepony – but you can't tell anypony! It's a secret to everypony.

There is something a little less exciting, though. For the last two weeks, you've been tightly pursued by a fleet of law vessels, and the captain can't shake them, even with the speed of the Sirocco.

You open your eyes and stretch. It looks like you got away with sleeping in Grey's room last night – at her insistence, of course. Though, to be sure the captain wouldn't throw you overboard, you slept below the covers. Way below. Below the entire bed, actually. Grey is presumably on the mattress up above, unless she has already woken up. It's hard to tell from this vantage.


Crawl from under the bed carefully and peek over the top to see if she's there.



She's not here! You better go find her fast, lest you be forced to talk to somepony that isn't her.


Uh… Uh… She's probably outside somewhere… Hopefully alone. Let's go find her quick!


You head out onto the stately decks of the Sirocco. They haven't changed much at all in the last four years. Indeed, while they take up considerable airspace, it's easy to see under them. Only a cursory search reveals Grey is staring off the stern – at pursuant ships on the horizon.


Carefully approach her from behind.
"… Grey?"


She turns and gives a cheerful smile. It's uncanny how you never seem to be able to catch her by surprise - you wonder if she's that perceptive, or just a good actor.

"Wilson! I'm glad you're here. Look out there… they're still following, after all this time."


"Yeah… They just won't give up. They must be really mad or something."


Grey gives you a quick, furtive hug before anyone can see. "I'm not worried. We've always found a way out before. It's just…"

She gives an absent look. She's surely thinking of the treasure chests.


The treasure chests?


"You know, it's the weight, and the maps…"

Part of the plan to outrun the law fleet was to start dumping chests of gold into the water, since gold was weighing you down most of all and it wouldn't do you any good in a fight (worse still, if you lost, it would reward the enemy). The idea was with perfect cartography, the gold could be retrieved later. Port Merlot, a complete weirdo by Grey's account (not far from the truth), is an expert in treasure hauling and devised the plan. Merlot is an eccentric dwarf, meaning that at fourteen, you tower over him in height – he's no bigger than a colt, really.


"Well, if we don't have another choice… I don't know what else we could do."


"Maybe I'm just acting crazy, but it kills me to throw away money! You know, before I was adopted, I lived with nothing. I was starving!"




"But what if we go with that plan where we retrieve it later? We'd just be… storing it for later, right?"


"Yeah, I know that's the plan. It just rubs be the wrong way. Hey, what do you want to do today? Everyone's really strung up right now…"


Sneer at the mirror. At my stupid old face, at being made a fool for so long, at living in an illusion…

Get all the gear I'm going to need. My clothes, my saddle, my holsters, my pistol and my rifle.

And of course, the hat.


Got gear:

Platinum Bullet

You have a selection of hats:
>Emrille Classic
>Emrille Pirate Tricorn
>Emrille Prench Spy
>Emrille Top Hat
>Emrille Fedora (Real Tipping Action)


Let's go with the classic.
The original purple top hat.
Might as well end it with the one I started with.

After I gathered everything, spill some lantern oil all over the floor and hover above it.


Your flat is ready for arson.


Fly out the window, then take 10 on a Fire shot back inside.

I don't plan on coming back here.


You mean Take 6! But yeah, it goes up in smoke. Maybe it'll distract the guards, too.


Look back over at the pursuing ships.
"I don't know… as long as we can stay together I'm fine with anything. It's not like we can do much though."


Oh right, that is what I meant.

Hopefully, I'd hate to waste time wasting guards when I have shit to do. Hopefully it will leave nothing but ashes of the place either.

Now, to the Locus Inter.


You flutter past the young gangsters hanging around the alley. They eye you, but don't make any move to stop you. Confidence does that.

You don't need light inside the Locus Inter. You know it by feel. You have three lifetimes of memories of the place. Even Hobo Code yields up its secrets to you, though you know where you're going…


No other stops, no delays, no nothing.
Go straight to the place of that witch.


"Well, there are cards downstairs, or… I dunno, we could find something to do."

Not for love, not for honor, not for any nation. You sure as hell aren't crawling through any microwave tunnels.

You shove your way through the bead curtain into the lair of the information dealer. It's totally dark, as before, but you can feel her here. You may be aged, but for whatever reason, your senses feel sharper than ever.


Stop as I enter, wing on my rifle.
"Start talking."


There is a dry husky coughing sound. Then, the hissing voice.

"You have paid the toll. The cost was truth. If it is still what you desire, I will give you those names. But choose wisely, you get only one question. Perhaps you'd like a moment to re-evaluate – gather your thoughts before you ask."


"Uh… I'm fine with cards. Whatever you want to do, Grey."


She giggles. "You can be a pushover sometimes. I don't know… have you seen Lilly this morning? Usually she's tripping over me, or visa versa."


O-Oh no…
"I haven't, maybe she's still sleeping? We could go check."


"Yeah, okay. It wouldn't hurt, we're not busy, anyway."


Where would she be, logically speaking?


Nod at her.

Their names… the ones who are responsible for all of this… I could slaughter every last one. Get information about the next before finishing off each. More bloodshed, more carnage, more killing….

I know what that one question must be. What it can only be.

"Do you know where Tela is?"


She's only six, so she still sleeps in the captain's cabins… most nights. Sometimes the captain needs her space. You and Grey are old enough to understand.


File: 1422913448218.png (16.45 KB, 388x546, Information Dealer.png) ImgOps Google

"This is your question? You are sure?"


"Yes. I have to know. Alive or dead, but I have to know."


Well… guess we should go there then. Maybe no one else will be around because they're busy!


File: 1422913546473.png (25.32 KB, 388x546, Information Dealer 2.png) ImgOps Google

"Then it will be…"


File: 1422913559227.png (27.19 KB, 388x546, Information Dealer 3.png) ImgOps Google




You head to the cabin. The door is closed. Put your ear to the door?




Roll #1 6 = 6


Hmm… all's quiet. Coast is probably clear! Of course, the Sirocco has magically locked doors, but since Grey is the captain's daughter, she's attuned to them. She pops it open.


Peek inside…


Hm. No one's in here. This room is just full of toys.

Not sexual toys. Well, I mean, they're probably in a drawer or something, but the tables and stuff have mostly neat artifacts that Grey's mom found over the years. They're usually packed up… Why take them out now? Does she plan to dump them or…

"Oh… she plans to use them… She thinks we have to fight."


"But no Lilly…"
Carefully edge into the room.
"To fight? What do they do?"


"Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, she doesn't want me touching the magic stuff. And from that time that Red got turned into a Diamond Dog, well, you know that fur never comes out completely. I stayed away."


"Diamond dogs? …Better not touch them then. I don't want anything to do with freaky magic stuff like that."


She gives you a playful punch. "You're tough! But yeah, we oughta just go find Lilly… Where could they be? A captain can't hide on her own ship. Maybe Rosemary knows where she is?"

It strikes you as kinda inappropriate that she's calling Rosemary by her first name, and it must have shown on your face, because Grey looks embarrassed. "Well how would you know who I meant if I said 'mom'? And it's not like she's my real mom. I mean, mom isn't either, but she was there more. AAAA just drop it!"

You didn't even say anything!

"Let's go, come on!"


"I'm not really judging!"
Let's find Rosemary then, she must be somewhere near either the captain or Lilly at least…


Rosemary isn't at the helm. Whirlpool Slim has the command deck. That's not a surprise, he's been on overtime for much of the chase.


Hmmmm, find her! Work up the courage to ask somepony where she is if need be! The Sirocco isn't a huge ship!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Ugh. The menials just ignore you, as is usual, but Grey looks like she turned up results.

"Hey, someone said she's on the launch deck. Maybe they're running a distraction sortie?"

The launch deck is one of the renovations the captain made over the years – it took some very cunning engineering to add it without compromising aerodynamics, but it acts as a floor between floors for the quick launch of ships.


"Only one way to find out!"
Let's go to the launch deck!


It's dark and damp down here. When you arrive, the captain is already on her way out, with Rosemary, and the Third Mate, Jack Charles Hennessy, who is also from Dixie, though an Earth Pony.

The captain looks a little testy, but Rosemary interjects. "How did you know we were down here?"


"Uh… Uh…"
Look between her and Grey.
"Grey… she asked around and found out that way."


Grey reaffirms this, but with more confidence. "Yeah, Wilson's telling the truth. We just asked around! You're not that sneaky!"

Rosemary rolls her eyes. "What have I told you about spending time with Wilson?"

The captain looks exasperated. "Wilson is just about the furthest thing from our troubles right now. Rosemary, I love you, but we need to set some priorities. Come on, you and Jack need to make for the helm. I'll talk to Grey about what is to come."

You don't like her tone of voice, and by the looks of it, neither did Grey. The captain beckons you along, and returns deeper into the launch deck.


Oh… this is not good. At all. Follow her and Grey.


"Listen, Grey. I've already sent Lilly away – with the luckiest person around, too. She's too young to hear this, but you're not. A battle is coming. Today. And I don't think we can win. That's why I want to send you away, too."

"What? No! Where would I go? Besides, if you're going to fight, I want to stay and fight too! I am pretty good with a gun, you can't argue."

"Your marksponyship is not the question at hand – it's my peace of mind."

Grey looks to you for help.


Oh crumbs.
"If there's going to be battle, don't you need all able hooves at your side, captain?"


"Yeah, what about that? You need all the help you can get."

The captain kneads her brow. "Somehow… I knew this would be your answer. Otherwise I would have sent you with Lilly. Very well then… But I have a different job than shooting in mind, for you. Wilson can help."


Let's hear the mare out!


"I've pulled out all of my magic items in my cabin. During the battle, I'm going to need you to retrieve them for me when it's time for each. You can head back and start memorizing which does what now, and their names – so that you can bring them when I call for them. I don't trust anyone else enough to give them access to my room, other than Rosemary of course, but she'll be healing ponies."


"That sounds doable, you can count on us cap'n!"


She looks to Grey. Grey looks back to you, then finally sighs.

"Alright. Anything we can do to help."



"This is clearly important, Grey!"


She grumbles and you head back to the cabin in the aftcastle. Before you get started, you check the status of the ship.

Crew\41 (2 civilians)
Officer Titular\Light Heart
Officer Regnant\Light Heart
Helmsman\"Whirlpool Slim"





Occupants\19 [4 Gunners] ***First Mate Doctor Rosemary, M.D.*** (Morale Officer Sam "the Man" Sonar) (Cook Verdant "Smiley" Dawn) (Chief Engineer Wander "Wandering Eye" Wayward)

Occupants\6 ****Captain Light Heart**** **Second Mate/Navigator "Whirlpool Slim"**



Occupants\14 [12 Gunners] *Third Mate/Quartermaster Jack Charles Hennessy* (Treasure Specialist Port Merlot)


Everything's fine and dandy!

We should familiarize ourselves with these artifacts.

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's very, very important to remember the specific locations of each item.

"Wilson, I need you to help me remember where things are, and I'll ferry them to the crew as needed. First, we have to figure out where everything is, and what each thing does. Go ahead and look through whatever you want."

>A Stack of Clothing on the Bed

>A Case of Foreign Alcohol
>A Steel-Bound Treasure Chest
>The Leaky Box Under the Bed
>That Cargo Net Over in the Corner
>The Closet


I should definitely examine each of them while I still can. Go down the list.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You want to start with the Stack of Clothing?

On top you find a Red Cloak of Courage. There's a bunch of items under it.


Those being?

Roll #1 10 = 10


You don't need to roll for any of this. Remembering the order is very important, though.

The first item below that topples to the ground, so you see the Fabulous Pants of Incredible Speed first – but the item on top of them was the Chilling Brooch of Flame Protection. The two starting two below it are the Great Cloak of Detect Barnacles and Cunning Seaweed Vest of Underwater Breath. You pick the bottom two up to check them and put them back in this order, stacking them: Rare Blouse of Protection from Cannonballs, Incomprehensible Cufflinks of Brow Parching.

Where to look next? The case of alcohol?


Yes, that one next. Down the list.


You find a bunch of weird potions in here! Don't forget which has which effect. You see a smoking potion, a golden potion, an obscene potion, one potion labeled vinegar, one potion shaped like a mare, and one potion which shifts between red and orange. These are the names required to retrieve proper potions!

The lewdest of the bunch is a Daring Potable of Breathing Fire. The most pony-like is the Unholy Elixir of Limb Regeneration. That one that changes color is Ackerly's Cordial of Giant's Grip. The most valuable looking is the True Liquor of Bravery. The one that might ruin your clothes just by being near them is the Accursed Philter of Shark Command. The one that is clearly mislabeled is the Secret Ink of Betraying Fog.

Treasure chest next?



Also, to reassert:

Red Cloak of Courage
Chilling Brooch of Flame Protection
Fabulous Pants of Incredible Speed
Great Cloak of Detect Barnacles
Cunning Seaweed Vest of Underwater Breath
Incomprehensible Cufflinks of Brow Parching
Rare Blouse of Protection from Cannonballs

That's the order the items should be in unless the wording rused me.

smoking potion: Accursed Philter of Shark Command
a golden potion: True Liquor of Bravery
an obscene potion: Daring Potable of Breathing Fire
one potion labeled vinegar: Secret Ink of Betraying Fog
one potion shaped like a mare: Unholy Elixir of Limb Regeneration
and one potion which shifts between red and orange: Ackerly's Cordial of Giant's Grip


This stuff is all jumbled up. Don't forget how much you had to dig to find each thing.

On top you find rope, a fishing rod, a gold coin, and a kitty statue!

If you dig a bit, you find a trophy, a long-loved locket, and a rogue's toolkit

If you dig a lot, you find a big box that seems magic (but is empty), a magic staff, and an angel statue.

Grey helps you identify the Precious Memento of Spook-Talking, the Heroic Box of Obscuring Mists, the Brave Gold Coin of Emergency Leaping, the Lock-Picking Kit of Unbreakable Lockpicks, the Honest Staff of Lightning Bolt, the Appropriately-Sized Trophy of Small Boulder Throwing, the Devious Angel Statuette of Sail Patching, and Yawning Cat Statuette of War Fog. Then she remembers the rope is Endless Rope. She asks you if you want anything else identified before you move on to the Leaky Box.


Okay, now on to the leaky box. Which seems pretty disgusting.


Actually, does she know what the fishing rod is for?


There are a bunch of jars, a toolbox, and a very creepy mirror.

You check the jars. You find three hearts and three eyes in different jars. One heart is crusty. One heart is lean. One heart is normal. One eye glares at you. One eye is normal. One eye looks through you.

There's a sheet of paper listing the contents of this box: Eye of Hate, Emergency Heart Ration of Courage, Eye of True Sight, Replacement Heart, Replacement Eye, Exotic Voodoo Heart.

Grey adds that mean hearts are high in cholesterol, but healthy hearts are lithe and lean.

The toolbox contains a sealed bottle with tubing, some pills, and surgical tools. A document lists the contents as including chloral hydrate and anesthetic. Grey remarks that the anesthetic is administered in gaseous form.

The mirror makes you uncomfortable to look at it. You see scenes in it that make you want to shut your eyes. The first depicts a single peak fortress defending against an army. The second depicts a battle near a volcano. The third depicts a battle at sea near cliffs.

Grey informs you that these are the Memory of the Battle of Blood Mountain, the Memory of the Battle at Thrash-Wave Pass, and the Memory of the Battle of Barrier Tor.

It's the Lengthy Fishing Rod of Lordly Might!


You check that cargo net in the corner next. You could try to pull stuff through the net or just grab it off the top.

Through the bottom you see some long wood, a little net, and a dangerous sword!

On the top you see a plush, a valuable container, something that makes you doubtful of its origins, and something that can fix everything!

Grey asks whether you think you'll find a use for the Butterfly Net of Harmless Catching, Stuffed Gorilla of Hiding, Jewelry Box of Spyglass Storage, Useful Stilts of Climbing, or Suspicious Toolbox. Even without asking, she knows you'll find a use for the Emergency Ducttape.

She quickly moves on to the closet without dallying. Clearly she wanted to start there.


Okay, a bit weird… What's the deal with the net?


see >>615834
and then…

Your search of the closet is disappointing. You don't have enough courage to find out What's Buried Under Those Jackets?, and you don't have enough height to find out What's Up Top?

You look on top of the jackets instead. You find a family portrait, a board, some controversial equipment, an old Dixie flag, and a mundane revolver.

Grey remarks the only magic items here are the portrait, the Aerodynamic Surfboard of Windsurfing, and the Harmless Ear Trumpet of Spying.

Grey asks if she should go tell mom that it's time to engage the enemy.


I don't know what the sword is called now… Ask Grey!

Not yet, let me put on the Red Cloak of Courage.


You feel braver.

Well remembered. It's the Nifty Scimitar of Terrible Melees.


Check what's below the jackets.



Actually, this is a good time to practice. You don't feel braver yet.

In one post, give me the exact route you take to get to the Red Cloak?

>I go to the case and fish out the potion shaped like a mare
>I go to the cargo net and grab the plush off the top


I go to the bed and pick up the cloak from the top of the pile.


Right! You are now courageous enough to check under the jackets. You find a stone altar, a box of sex toys, some silk, a riding crop, and a bridle/saddle set. Grey points out that only the Unbreakable Silk Rope is magic, but acts brave about it like you.


Take the silk rope and put it on top of the jackets.

Return the cloak to the top of the pile of clothing.

Go to the cargo net and take out the wooden stilts from the bottom.


You feel like you can reach anything! You check up top. There's a dusty shield here, and a letter it hurts to read.

Grey doesn't want you to read the letter. The shield is the Mocking Shield of Arrow Denial. It bears the colors of Clan Tart.


Put both of these items in the closet.

Return the stilts to the cargo net's bottom.


Those items are already in the closet! I assume you mean on top of the jacket?


Uh right.


Grey asks: "Okay, are you ready? Remember, once we start things will be different. At first, we'll have plenty of time, but then we might be pressed for time - if that happens, you have to get what we need fast. Also, it's possible that I might come back with a problem instead of a name, and I'll need you to help me figure out which item will fix it. It's the worst when both happen at the same time."


"I think we're ready… I just hope we didn't miss anything."


Grey heads up onto the deck. Just waiting here in uncertainty makes your stomach plummet. Maybe it's your imagination, but you feel like the ship picked up speed…


Maybe we managed to get some favorable wind!


Grey returns. "Mom says we need cloud cover! Get the Heroic Box of Obscuring Mists!"


That one is in the steel bound chest! The big box that seemed magical, give it to her.


Where is it in the chest?


At the bottom, with the staff and statue.


You hand Grey the box. The locket and rogue's tools topple deeper into the box. The brave gold coin falls down one level.

Grey returns. "We need scouting! Bring me the surfboard!"


In the closet!


Where in the closet?

HINT: if you include the entire path in one post, it speeds things up. This could save your life on the timed items.


On top of the jackets. It's there.


Grey hurries back. "Okay, we don't have enough speed! Quickly bring me the Great Cloak of Detect Barnacles!"

3 minutes


On top of the bed, the stack of clothing. Fourth item down from the top.


You remember that the stack order has altered with the cloak now gone.

"Mom isn't sure how to fight them! We need to come up with a strategy for fighting one against many…"


Uhhhhh… the mirror! In the leaky box under the bed! The battle of blood peak!


"This isn't right… the armies were equally matched at Blood Mountain – but one side used the environment to their advantage."


Derp, I meant the battle of Barrier Tor.


Grey comes back. "We're sending in more light support! We're making a shark rider – I need the Accursed Philter of Shark Command, a Riding Crop, and a Saddle/Bridle combo set!"

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


The case of alcohol has the smoking potion in it which we need for shark command.

Do I need the courage cloak from the top of the pile of clothing again to check beneath the jackets in the closet? Because that's where the riding crop and saddle/Bridle combo are.


Right you are! You put the cloak back after you use it.

"Oh no, Who Fights The Monsters In the Woods was hit by a cannon-ball and he's floating in the air all dazed! We need the Butterfly Net of Harmless Catching, fast!"

3 minutes



Bottom of the Cargo Net has the little net we need.


"Mom thinks she can hear the enemy's commander – they're getting close. I need something to amplify sound!"

Saved Who!


The Ducttape fell down, and is now accessible through the bottom of the net instead.


That's in the closet, on top of the jackets. Some controversial looking equipment.


No one understands the importance of spying to security!

"We need to intensify the fog, but still see through it! Bring me the Secret Ink of Betraying Fog AND the Yawning Cat Statuette of War Fog!"


The secret ink is found in the case of alcohol, it's the potion labeled as vinegar.

The cat statue is near the top of the treasure chest, below the fishing rod.



"They used some sort of wind magic to clear the fog – mom lost her gun and spyglass. Can you get replacements for her?"

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


Give her the mundane revolve lying on top of the jackets in the closet.

And the spyglass storage that looks like a valuable container on the top of the cargo net.


"They smashed the main mast! Mister Wanderin' Eye thinks he can fix it, but we'd need some unbreakable nails and unbreakable rope. Do we have anything like that?? Something similar to each would do."

4 minutes


The rogues toolkit in the middle of the treasure chest can act as nails.

And using the silk rope in the closet on top of the jackets will work too.


The toolkit isn't here! Did it move?


Must have dropped down to the bottom then!


Just in time!

"We found a spy, but we need to subdue him! Can you think of something to do that, without killing him?"


The Trophy falls down a level. The Rope falls down a level.


The toolbox in the leaky box under bed has gaseous anesthetics in the bottle that can do the trick.


"I think those will take too long to knock out someone with adrenaline in their system. Can you think of something else?"


The endless rope in the middle of the treasure chest? Unless you mean he's not been taken down yet?


"I think anesthetic was the right idea, but we need something more POWERFUL than normal anesthetics. Preferably without having to mess with tubing!"


Chloral hydrate? Those are the pills in the toolbox…



"Two of the menials have had their morale broken! We need to restore their courage each, and remember, we don't get back anything we give out!"

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


Golden potion in the liquor case will do bravery.

Also, the lean heart in a jar in the leaky box under bed.


"Miss Puzzle's leg was blown off! I have to get there FAST! Bring me the Fabulous Pants of Incredible Speed and the potion that will fix that!"

2 minutes


The potion shaped like a mare in the liquor case.

The fabulous pants of incredible speed, third item in the stack of clothing.


The stack shifts as normal. Saved HP Lovepone!

"They're ripping up our sails! Did we have something for that? And mom's under fire – I want to protect her from all the cannonballs!"


Last piece of clothing in the stack of clothing will protect from cannonballs.

And the angel statue all the way on the bottom of the treasure chest should fix the sails.


Right! The coin falls one level.

"It's time for an all-out counterattack! I want the Daring Potable of Breathing Fire, the lightning staff, and help throwing cannonballs at them. Oh, and some way to curse their commander."

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


Case of alcohol has the obscene potion in it to breathe fire.

The magic staff can be found at the bottom of the treasure chest. I guess the trophy present there as well can also help with the cannonball throwing.

We could use the crusty heart in a jar in the leaky box under bed for cursing.


The fishing rod skips a level and falls all the way to the bottom.

"They're having trouble aiming at the ships with the magic items because aiming at things in water is hard. Is there some trick to aiming at sea-bound targets beyond what you learn from aiming a cannon? If only we knew! Oh, and at the same time, Mister Whirlpool Slim is having trouble keeping the sweat out of his eyes. Any ideas on that? We need both."

4 minutes

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


Bottom of the stack of clothing, those cufflinks can help mr. Slim.

The Battle at Thrash-Wave Pass in the mirror in the leaky box may help with our issues here too.


"They're returning fire! I need to take them protection from fire and arrows!"

2 minutes


Mocking shield of arrow denial in the closet.

Second item in the clothing stack.


In the closet on top of the jackets, of course


"Mom says they're latching on to board! We have to get ready… she says she wants to raise the flag of Dixie… and to bring her a weapon for close quarters combat."


Flag of Dixie in the closet on top of the jackets… That dangerous looking sword at the bottom of the cargo net.

"This doesn't sound encouraging, Grey!"


"I know, I know! I need to sneak through the battle. How can I get past stealthily? And Rosemary needs to do surgery – do we have surgical tools, and a spare eye?"

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


The plush on top of the cargo net should help with stealth.

There's a toolbox with surgical supplies in the leaky box.

There's also a replacement eye in the leaky box.


In the jars** in the leaky box.

"Mom needs to be creative… how can we win a battle where numbers are matched? Also, Rosemary needs an extra heart AND anesthetic now – and if that's not enough, they're trying to batter us aside – we need to enhance someone's strength to push away their ship, to stop the boarding."

3 minutes


Battle of Blood mountain, the one near the volcano, in the mirror inside the leaky box!

The heart replacement can be found in the leaky box. So can the anesthetics in the toolbox.

We've got the potion which shifts between red and orange for strength in the liquer box.


"Mom wants to sneak attack from below the ship with the tactics we got her. Use the sea against them. We need something to help a pony approach in that way – then something to get them up to the deck in a flash. And she wouldn't tell me straight away why we need it, but she said to bring the suspicious toolbox."


The mirror shatters and fades from existence.


Bottom item in the pile of clothing will help with water breathing.

The fishing rod to fish them back out again is on the top of the treasure chest.

The suspicious toolbox is on the top of the cargo net.


"No, no, we need to get up to the top of the ship really fast, no time for reeling. It has to be all in one motion, and it would be too obvious if there was something aiding from our vessel."


Ah, the gold coin from the bottom of the treasure chest!


"Mister Wanderin' Eye is too panicked and keeps smashing the repairs because he's too strong. Is there something that could make him temporarily weaker? Also, we need that tape. Actually, if you have something to make him stop panicking, too, bring that as well."

You feel the tension of a fast item building… the next item after this will have to be fast!


Tape at the bottom of the cargo net.

The red cloak of courage will help him stop panicking, last clothing item.

Temporarily weaker… uh… the family portrait.


"He works with his hooves all day – we need to make him like someone who never lifts a hoof!"


Hmmmm…. the memento of Spook?


"We need a magic item that will give him the strength of someone weak – not a sentimental object!"


There is an audible crashing outside.

"Bring me the Lengthy Fishing Rod of Lordly Might, quickly!"


Fishing rod is on top of the treasure chest.


It's not there, it fell!


Right, middle then.


It's not there!


The bottom?


You bring the rod to her visibly shaken. That took a while!

When a stack is fully taken apart, it ceases to be a stack. The Endless Rope falls to the bottom of the chest.

"She wouldn't explain, but mom says she needs to be able to see and talk to a ghost – and FAST. Oh, and the ladder to the poop deck is out – I need to climb up there with something!"

2 minutes

You feel an incredible tension. Your reflexes will have to be sharper than ever soon.


The spook memento at the bottom of the treasure chest?

The stilts at the bottom of the cargo net can help here.


"She needs to see it, too!"


Eye of true sight, leaky box.


The empty cargo net falls down.

Gray is pale and something is clearly wrong with her.

"Give me the Endless Rope, grab anything you think is important, and meet me at the launch deck."

1 minute


Endless rope, bottom of the treasure chest…



You abandoned the letter, portrait, hateful eye, and those things below the jacket. The aftcastle explodes with impact three seconds after you depart it.

The maindeck is a cacophony of noise and battle. Ponies are still fighting, but it's turning into a rout – and not a good one.

You flee to the launch deck. Grey is here, as are Rosemary, Who, HP, the Third Mate, and three ponies you don't know. They don't acknowledge you as they work on preparing vessels for launch, except for Grey, who gives you a quick hug. "They said we have to go… We're losing. They're not sure if we'll make it, but we have to try…"


>ponies you don't know
Well, you know them, but they're recent-hire menials. Not close.


"Oh… we weren't good enough…?"



The third mate interrupts: "Grey, onto the escape vessel. As captain of the Sirocco, I order you."

Rosemary interjects: "I'm captain."

"No, I'm relieving you of duty. The captain goes down with the ship. I order you to flee. Daniels, Carla, Blue Sky, and Puzzle – we're retaking the deck. The rest of you, get out of my sight."

With that, Jack Charles Hennessy draws his blade and charges up with the remaining three ponies you weren't close to. Rosemary gives Grey a helpless look.


"Well… I guess we need to leave while we still can no?"


Grey doesn't answer. You may or may not have noticed that of the five ponies heading up, HP hasn't left. She hesitates, and says, "Hey, you weren't ordered to stay behind, like me. Go with them, Nano."

A breezie friend of HP's floats out of her mane and lands on Rosemary. There are some weird looks between Who and Nano that you don't have time to interpret. Then, HP disappears in a puff of smoke.

Bookmark Unlocked: Nano

Rosemary ushers Grey into one boat and prepares it for launch. She doesn't even wait for you to get in! How inconsiderate.


Jump in! I'm not leaving Grey's side!


You approach the boat when a cannonball hits the ship directly next to Grey, blasting through the hull. You see a board slam her in the face and you vanish.

End of Bookmark I


Bookmark II - Along for the Ride

Your nickname is Nano. Your friend HP gave it to you so that foreigners wouldn't butcher your name. You've been sailing with her on this pirate ship for four years now. Her hair smells nice, like fresh fruit.

You're armed with a blowgun, and you have these skills:
Breezie Luck: passive; If you critfail, reroll once and take the new result, even if it's another critfail.
Breezie Aim: passive; +2 to hit with blowguns

There's a battle coming… soon a battle will break out. Your collective employer, the captain, is waiting for her daughter to finish cataloging the magic items in her room before they engage.


"Why can't we go faster? This ship should be breezing through the air."


A hoof bigger than your entire body gently reaches up and pats you on the head.

"I think there are barnacles attached to the hull. Maybe they can be removed. However, they are about to put down cloud cover."

In a series of leaps off of woodwork, HP lands up on the poopdeck. You tighten your grip to hold on.

"Captain! Big bad barnacles are slowing us down!"

"I know. But there are bigger issues… well, maybe we can get rid of them. But first, I want you to go on a scouting mission. I've already sent for my windsurfing board. Can you handle it?"

"Are you afraid to get wet?"


"No, I'll just hang on tight to your mane. I'll try not to pull it too hard."


"No problem!"

"Good, Grey is… ah, there."

Grey Belle arrives with a board for your ride, who accepts it. "Okay! See ya later!"

And with that, she throws down a smoke pellet and leaps down to the water. Splash!



"Let's ride the winds and waves!"


As far as you can tell, there are three lead ships in the fog, and one larger ship hanging back, waiting to engage later.

"We have to stall them. Take some shots at the crew while I sail by. If we can get their attention, they might pull away."

Get a bonus by timing your shots to HP's turns! She always turns exactly one minute apart.



Turn! 4 to go!

-15 seconds


Turn! 3 to go!


Turn! 2 to go!


Whoa there sugarcube.

Let's get shooting.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Turn! 1 to go!


Last turn!

"Good, precise shot, I think you nailed one."



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Perfect timing! (Crits)



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Okay, I think you got their attention. Let's see if we can trick them. Can you grab my floaties from my ninja bag?"


"Sure thing."
Dig around in there for those floaties.


She slides on her floaties, then narrows her eyes.

"Now set the explosives for seven seconds. And draw closed the bag."


The explosives here have elaborate fuses that have labels showing where to start the fuse to set it to burn for various times.

Are you a bad enough dudette to figure out how to explode on after seven seconds?


Seven seconds…

I can sure try.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The first fuse is one inch long, and burns for three seconds. The second fuse is twice as long and burns for four and a half seconds. The third fuse is three times the length of the first.

Using a mixed fraction of one inch (the length of the first fuse), where do you cut the third fuse before lighting it? If you can't calculate it, give a rough number. You won't be penalized as long as you're within one second of accuracy (easy).


Those numbers are wrong, I read the wrong numbers from my notes. That series never reaches 7, don't even try.

The first fuses is 3 seconds. The second fuse is 5 seconds. The third fuse is 6.33 seconds. Where do you cut the fourth?


… 4 inches?


HP leaps off up the windsurfing board and onto the left vessel as it slams into the right vessel. It detonates .22 seconds after impact.

"Good work. Do you think it's too late for stealth?"


"We can always try to blend in."


"Right, let's climb the back."



You climb up. Of the three lead vessels, one has is busy patching up the hole you bombed in it, one is boarding the Sirocco, and the final one is that which you've boarded.

"We're running out of time. Let's deal with the helmsman and get out."


"Let's hurry then! Should we cut the steering ropes?"


"Okay, you fly up and cut the ropes. I'll fight the crew. Cover me if they draw near."

Each turn, make a roll to slice rope (1d10) or snipe (1d10+2). Make sure your ride isn't compromised – but the longer you spend giving support fire, the longer it will take to get done here, and the main ships need you!

HP rushes forward and jams her sword through the helmspony's neck.



I'll start with a cheeky rope slicing.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You start to file through the first rope. You're about 33% done.

Two ponies approach HP from either side. She parries one attack but gets hit by the other.

HP [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░]


Snipe the one who hit her.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You take out one of the Ponies, and HP dispatches another.

More ponies are on the way, but none are here for now.


Cut cut cut.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's about half done.

Four more ponies arrive on deck. HP immediately slashes down two of them by first incapacitating the group with a smoke bomb, and evades the remaining two in the smoke.


Snipe one of them still standing!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You accidentally hit HP! Fortunately she dodges attacks from the other two pones.

HP [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]

Rope 1: 13/24
Rope 2: 0/24


Just keep cutting instead then.

Roll #1 10 = 10


HP blocks attacks from each one in a twirl. Two more pones show up.

The rope is holding on by a thread!



Sever it! Quickly!

Roll #1 2 = 2


The first rope snaps!

HP beheads two ponies, but gets deep wounds from the remaining two.

HP [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]



"First one down!"
Snipe one of her assailants.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You narrowly miss!

HP throws down another smoke bomb and applies some healing balm.

HP [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]



Try again. Snipe the alien!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You hit HP!

She parries both attacks.


HP [▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]



Just get back to cutting the rope.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Happy runs along the guardrail, to evade her pursuers.

HP [▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]



"I'm getting there!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


HP finishes one, but is wounded by another. Two more, plus an archer, engage.

HP [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]



Shoot the archer.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Your shot goes wide, and Happy is wounded by one of the melee combatants.

The archer's attention is turned to you!

HP [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]



Snipe the guy hurting HP!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Happy strikes down a melee combatant, but gets wounded again! You snipe one of your own.

A HUGE arrow whizzes right past you! Oh man, that would really ruin your day!

HP [▓▓░░░░░░░░]


Melee -> HP
Archer -> You


Oh gee! Snipe the archer! Snipe the archer!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


A return arrow flies directly between your upper and lower left wings, narrowly avoiding crippling you.

Happy strikes down the last melee combatant!


I need to dispatch that archer!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Another close arrow, but this time not so close.

HP applies more balm.

HP [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]


This guy is an asshole!

I need him gone!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


HP hops on the poopdeck railing, frontflips forward, and throws three shuriken at the archer, catching her in the throat and killing her.

"Ropes done? There are a lot more on this deck!"



Roll #1 8 = 8


HP dodges two attacks, parries one, and blocks another with railing, then ducks another, but gets hit by a stray arrow.

HP [▓▓░░░░░░░░]


Finish it!
"Just about…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


HP hides behind a wall to hide balm, but an arrow pierces it and stabs her.

"It's getting too hot!"

HP [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]


to apply*


"… Done! Go, go!"
Sever it and get the heck out of here.

Roll #1 3 = 3


HP grabs you and jumps off the side, taking two minor wounds as she goes. She dead-pony floats in the water.

"Things looked pretty bad on the Sirocco. I don't know if they can hold out much longer, but I don't think I can fight."


"I can. And I don't think these guys are interested in taking prisoners."


"We can't be everywhere. What do you think we should cover?"

>The Captain
>The loot
>The kids/magic items
>The sails
>The cannons
>The main deck [from gangplanks]


"We should protect the magic items… they could be the advantage that tips the scale."


"Okay… I can't scale the ship very quickly with these wounds. Check in my bag and apply medicine while I work my way up."

>Medical Book

>Vial of Ethyl-Oxylaxophine
>Vial of Nico-Mathazomine
>Vial of Amprolaximine
>Vial of Procetano proxitin
>Vial of Benzophetarin
>Vial of Ethyl-Ibuchlorozine
>Bone Saw
>Pallet and swabs


K-Knowledge check?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Dammit Jim, you're a sniper not a doctor!

Better check the medical book. You can check one item at a time. In addition to each of those items, there is also an entry on checking for broken bones by hoof.


Okay, okay, check the book then. See what I can find about the first item.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Ethyl-Oxlaxophine is used to treat blood loss, and contains iron. No more than 20 units should be prescribed. Do not overdose, check for a stringy heartbeat before administering.

Nico-Mathazomine is a form of anti-toxin. No overdose. Use pallet and swabs to determine if pallor is sickly.


Check her heartbeat.

Roll #1 8 = 8


With your ear?


Yes! Or with my hoof on her neck!


It's too soft. You need something to amplify the sound.


The stethoscope!


The heartbeat is stringy and fast.

"About a quarter of the way up, now…"


No good! Check the other medicine!


Roll to skim



Roll #1 1 = 1


Keep reading!



Roll #1 1 = 1


Keep reading!


"Why are these books so big!?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Amprolaximine is used to salve burns and is a topical application. No overdose, apply directly to the burns.

Procetano proxitin is for pain. Do not take more than 10 units. Oral administration.

Benzophetarin is a disinfectant, encourages healing of physical wounding from lacerations and bruising. Administer directly to the injury. No overdose.




Pop a procetano in her mouth!

And then apply the bezophetarin to her wounds.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You didn't read how many units are in each pill. Hope that wasn't too much.

"That feels better… almost there."

You can feel a hairline fracture in the forward right leg as you administer the benzophetarin.


You Americans are crazy.
"Happy Puzzle, you have a leg fracture…"

How do I deal with fractures?

Roll #1 8 = 8


First, scalpel to create an incision. Then, clamp on the "bleeders" whatever that means. Then, retreat the skin. Apply Ethyl-Ibuchlorozine directly to the bone.

Keep reading to know how to finish! Or, start surgery.

"We're getting close."


"Hold on…"
Keep reading so I don't mess up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


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