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He turns down your offer. "Having a look is one thing, taking their product is another. As for what you might do… You certainly are a nanny who knows what she wants."


There are lights on inside, but all the equipment has sheets over it. There's also only one person inside, currently walking into the back office.


At the lab you arrive.


Weißstraße is how you left it: the street is full of bars and inns, and at the end are the gates to the city.


I was about to go shopping with Cloudy!
Make sure I'm dressed up fancy and have my gun polished!


I'll follow LH!
She knows what to do



Okay, let's just approach a local.
"Excuse me, could you tell me where the shopping district is located?"


"Well then…" Push him onto his back and stand over him.
"I hope you don't mind… But I believe I'm going to take what I want."


"Das Einkaufszentrum ist auf Kronestraße."

Cloudy is hardly comparably dressed. Not having any maternity clothes, she has scant options for coverage (not that it matters). She's noticeably pregnant.

He teases: "I asked you not to worsen our reputation for taking without asking."




I believe I was on deck with the donks and Tree.


"Maybe we should get you some preggo clothes, huh?"
Head into town!
And, yeah, go slowly, to make sure she can follow without problem.


Kronestrasse it is.

"I had to ask the way to the shopping district, my apologies."


"Oh…Okay, Germane is weird.
It sounds so vulgar and harsh."
Authors note: Selenas opinions do not reflect those of the author


"Sprechen Sie Germane?"

Too true. The captain donk and the warrior donk seem to have an unspoken dialog with very subtle expressions and gestures, but the other jenny seems as lost as you are.

It's bad enough that you can't fly so she can follow your hooves, now you have to not fly and SLOWLY. To be able to pick out your sounds in the crowd is somewhat impressive though.

"I would like to find some clothes."

Unless you've ever been to Anneiv, what you see is a totally alien sight: it's like a big building ate all the other stores. They're all in one structure instead of being independent on the street, and the structure is multi-floored. Einkaufszentrum has no Equestrian translation, as this is the only one.

Emrille and a pregnant Cloudy are nearby. She is nearly as large as Selena alrleady.


I'll sidle up next to her.
"Well, this is likely the biggest group of donkeys I've seen in some time."


"Neeighn, Ack not spreak Germane!"

oooooh, shout at Cloudy!
"Hey Cloudy!"


Well, with how slow we are going she has a lot of time for it.
"I know a place that will have some for sure. Want me to hold you with a wing so you won't get lost?"
Head to that place that had the lots of shops!


I chuckle.
"I hear that often from ponies who do not speak it themselves. I myself think it is a pretty language."

"Oh my goodness… what a structure."


She nods uncertainly. "Yes, I've only seen two at a time before. Three is a lot. I guess that's the same everywhere."

She turns in your direction. "Yes?"

You are on Kronestraße, and Selena and Light Heart are here.


"Do you not count yourself, lass?"


Run over and grab her hoof!
"Wow, I didn't think I was going to meet you here!
Are you shopping for dresses too?"

"Hey, Emrille."


So, where the shops are, right?

"Hey there~
Cloudy and I were just going to look for a shop that sells clothes for pregnant mares. You might want to tag along."


Wave at… Emrille I guess. Cloudy can't see it.
"Miss Emrille, miss Cloudy. Good day to you both."

"Well, we certainly were going shopping for clothes."


Smirk proudly.
"Not like I could get clothes better than this."
Pat my fancy silk attire.


Over the course of my stay with the fleet, I've learned to rely on others, to defer to those with experience, to submit to my partner…
That Hircus isn't here right now. ThisHircus grew up on the streets, taking what she wanted… And right now she wants Winston senseless.
"In that case… Mind getting ridden until you can't feel your legs?~"
and then rough, femdom sex in the booze plants happened. '5d10'

Roll #1 9, 7, 7, 9, 6 = 38


I cough.
"Yes… I suppose you couldn't."


"Huh? Oh! Yeah, I guess not. Well, I don't really count."

She nods, though a little vacantly. Crowds must be a hassle to maneuver blind.

Yes, the big building with shops in it, the Einkaufszentrum.


By the time you're done, you're sticky and wet.

And not just because you accidentally rolled into several pitcher plants and got drenched in fresh booze.


I'll raise an eyebrow at her.
"What d'ya mean? You're a donk, ain't ya?"


Walk beside her to help her.

"Isn't this exciting? I can't remember last time I went shopping for clothes."


Raise my brow.
"You've got anything against the hoofwork of Betsy?"

"In we go!"

"I can hardly wait!.. until we finish it and we can go shopping for guns! Yesterday I saw one that could talk!"


I think its about time we get my age sorted out.


Well, no time like the present. Let's go find some clothing shops inside.

"It is. I have never seen a building like this before either. Interesting concept…"

"Do I? What makes you say such a thing? She is a skilled pony."


"You coughed like you had something to say aboutit."


"Why of course not. Nothing but praise for her patchwork. I would not say the colors are the kind I would have chosen, but all the same."


"We're not all the same color, are we?"


Panting heavily, I smirk down at Winston.
"Gotta say… That was really satisfying. Hope you didn't get bruised or anything."


"Well, it's… complicated. Not really? Well, I'll explain later."

Wark gives you a steadfast nod. "Ach, ye look ta be in good spirits fer wha' happened las' night."

September departs.

This is a complex multi-level structure that is full of different shops. On the ground floor there's even a McHamburgerburg. There are all sorts of shops here, ranging from candles, like Wicks and Sticks, to guns, like Little Shop of Horrors. Nearly the entire second floor, however, is clothing. Also notable are a few music shops, Rhythm Heaven among them. In the food court, various independent musicians play for coin.

He teases: "I've been hit by boulders. You're not nearly that big."


Head up for the clothes.
We'll be back.


Are any PCs available?


Shake my head.
"Thank heavens we aren't. Imagine how grating that would be."

To the clothes!


"Okaaaay then?"
I'll turn to the jack.
"Well, you've gotta be able to bounce back from most anything in this city. It helped that Flowin' Tree there cut through about seven of them."


"Like donkeys or zebras, huh…



The largest pack of them is headed for the Einkaufszentrum. You can follow them or talk to Cation (Fidget).

There are so many shops here, they seem to run together. Specialty and general alike, they take up most of the floor.

"Still, I hear ye held yer own. Tha's good ta hear. Are ye signin up?"


I'm looking for hats. Many hats.


Spot something for preggo clothes.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hmn.. Much as I enjoyed that, we should probably get going. Anything in particular you wanted to show me here?"


"Well, I tried, but it looks like I got beat here by another performer. So now your commodore wants a bit more than a 'can you kindly.'"
I'll shrug.
"So I came here to get Tree for a recommendation, but looks to be I'm going to be bait again this evening."


I follow LH

"Do you see any dresses?"


You head into a shop called TFW Jessy Hats Us.

A cheery-looking white mare at the counter is painting with her tail, but she greets you amicably as you enter. "How can I hat you today?"

Mall navigation isn't your thing. Not like you've had any practice… or have you?

… Surely not.

"Just the beauty of the gardens themselves. You know these beer pitcher plants are grown only here. Perhaps the mild climate is required."

He chuckles loudly. "Ach, well, why not show me yer stuff, and I'll see how ye can hold yer own?"


Let's talk to Caty.


I giggle.
"HA. Clever!"


How could I?
This is my first mall.
"Uh… hold on…"
Keep looking and leading Cloudy around.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What, like in a fight?"
I'll blow him a raspberry.
"I'm a singer and showjenny, boyo. My songs can spur lads on to greater feats, but I'm not much to speak of."


"I am looking for a hat first, as it so happens…"

I smile.
"Could you show me your selection of cavalier hats?"


This is a new face: A new donkey, some sort of bard, is talking to Wark.

"I heard ye finished one off yerself."

A young griffon perches near you.

She muses. "Are you lost?"

Lost in the mall! A memory starts… it makes you think of a time…

But no, it must not be your memory. You're not from Anneiv after all…


"They certainly are beautiful."
Get up off him and start moving.
"Fun as this has been, we should probably head back to the fleet, to wash up if nothing else."


"No, I'm not fucking lost, give me a second!"
Keep walking…
It must have been a dream or something…
There must be a shop nearby!


I land on Wark's back and look at the newcomer.


"Was more luck than anything. I've no stomach for causing violence, and I'm just happy my lute didn't take too much more than a scuff and a stain."
I'll cock an eyebrow at the youngster.



"We don't have much in stock, let me see what Gabe has."

She heads to the back and opens a door. It must be like a sauna in there because big waves of Steam roll out. A very fat pony is inside counting to two.

"Do you have any cavalier hats?"

"A new community model. I just need to think of a name for it."

"That's not necessary."

"Tell the customer that it won't be craftable."

"That doesn't even make sense."

"Yes, I'm a bit too sticky for my taste."

He hops up the wal.

They're all clothes shops! How do you know if it's pregnant clothes without going in? Stupid shops!

He shrugs, unbothered, and doesn't interrupt his speaking.


He grins. "Then what yer really lookin' fer is fer someone ta lie fer ya and SAY yer a good fighter."


Wave myself some cool air.
Gabe looks inexplicably attractive.


"Or just push the merits o' what I can do."
I'll unsling my lute.
"Care for a tune, jack?"


Well… are there any shopsfronts that have pictures of grinning annoying foals or something?
Or pregnant mares?
Or something? Anything!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I cock my head slightly.
"Is there an issue?"


"You're pretty, who're you?"


Hop up the wall after him. To the fleet! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Well, thank you, little catbird. The name's Cation. What's yours?"


"Ach, well, couldn' hurt."

Just shop names…

Finally you blunder around to a shop that looks like it has foal supplies, so you imagine that they might have maternity clothes too.

"Gabe insists that some hats can be crafted into new hats. Nonsense. How does this look?"

It's a handsome black leather cavalier hat with a red feather.

To the fleet! You head back without delay.

Fly is chatting with Cation nearby.


"Fly! I kill things, what do you do?"


Oh I like that.
"May I try it on?"
Extend a hoof.


"Fuck it, this will do."
Enter and try to find a shop assistant.


"Ooooh, very classy."


"Alright then."
"I make songs, Fly."
And let's… play a nice tune. Something smooth, perhaps choral, and let's include Fly into the song as well.
You had it so that these sorts of things succeed automatically when there's no pressure, right?


I close my eyes and sway back and forth on Wark's back in time to the music.


Gabe insists on putting it in a gift package before hoofing it to you.

There is a pony working the counter who looks in her teens and thoroughly dis-acquainted with maternity.


Head to the baths or wherever we go to wash up. Want to get this booze out of my fur.


You have a generous understanding of 'pirate ship'.

The closest thing you have to a bath is a bilge.



Unwrap it then. What a strange pony. Put it on.

"You approve, Selena?"


Flutter over.
"Hey, do you speak Equestrian?"


"Hmmm, it looks classy, it suits you."


"Ja, little."

It looks nice. In blue, written on the underside of the brim, it says: Crafted by Gabe


Is that the place we go to wash up? Whatever, I go scrub the sticky stuff out of my fur. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I approve too. Very well, I'll take it. How much?"


Point at Cloudy.
"We want clothes for her."


Most pirates don't wash. The bilge is a location on the ship filled with seawater (where it is pumped out). You trade your sticky fur for sea fur.

You can't really mess this up.

"Three refined, or two craft hats and eighteen weapons."

The teen replies sarcastically: "I'm not sure we stock diapers that big."

Cloudy frowns. "Did you lead me into the wrong store?"


"Does money work too?"


I raise a brow and look at the white mare.
"I'm afraid I do not follow."


Shit. Can I at least shake myself dry? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm working on it, okay?"
Glare at her.
"Fucking… No, she is pregnant."
Point at her belly.
"Belly too big for other clothes. We need clothes big enough."


Sure. You smell of salt and seaweed.

You know how bad that smells, right?

Not that it matters on a pirate ship where everyone smells like that.

"Sure, that'll be thirty bits."

"You need to go to the maternity section of a clothes shop. Try the shop called Coals."


I'm not sure if you're waiting on me for something?

You can take six for it, sure.


"Coals, got it.
Lead Cloudy out and look for this shop.
"If you could see you'd know hard this is."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Yes, that was the clarification I was waiting for.


Pay up.
"Thank you very much. Have a nice day!"
Leave the shop, hat on my head.


I was waiting for Caty.


"Maybe you were trying to tell me something, leading me into a baby supply store!"

Hat on your head? That's good!
Hat anywhere else: that's way bad.


"Yeah, breaking news, Cloudy, you're pregnant."


Now to find a shop for clothes. Pretty dresses and whatnot.


"Okay, we got it! You'll surely turn heads with a hat like that!"


She teases: "Did you want me to buy you a new pacifier?"

There's a whole floor for it.


Oh! That assistant, Bessie! She has some of that stuff that makes you smell good! Lets go see her!
…and since when did I become so concerned about appearances?


Good, then let's go into a shop that doesn't look like it's for slobs.


"Weee, dresses!"


After I finish my song, I'll wait for their reactions. The catbird liked it, at least.


"Ach, was a fine song, but wha' can a song do fer a jack in battle?"

The cow is in the lab, cleaning out the equipment.


Roll my eyes.
"I want the talking gun. That will calm me down for sure."


"That was great!'


There are a few different shops here. You pick one at random.

Prench Couture

"Pacify you?"


"Well, the one I just played would help knit your wounds together a bit. I can also get you to put out a bit more effort than you normally would."
I'll bow slightly.
"I live to play, little'un."


Clop my hooves, fancy!
"Hellloooo? Any dresses?"


"Yeah. Guns are my pacifiers."


I smirk.

Well, let's not be too difficult about this. I know what I want. A intricate and posh piece and a simpler more practical piece.


I sit back on Wark's back and clap.
"It was pretty!"
I hop off Wark and walk over to you.
"I'm bored."


"Oh? Well, what do you think would be interesting, then?"


I shrug.


"Hi there. Look, I know I haven't gotten any jewelery yet, but… I kinda could use something to help cover up the smell of seaweed right now. "


"Perhaps you'd like another song, then?"


I nod.


I'll chuckle a little.
"An enthusiastic audience is always welcome."
This time, I'll play something fast, refreshing, and bolstering. [+1 effect, instant, skill recharge -1]


I start dancing around you.


"Songs healin' wounds?"

The whole store is dresses!

This place has a few display pieces, but there are mostly pedestals and mirrors, must be a place for custom jobs.

"City of culture sure put you in the mood, honey."



"Aye, there's a bit of magic in music, you know. Just takes the right sort to draw it out."


Hmmm… we might not have the time for that, but still. Let's ask.

Approach one of the tailors.
"Do you speak Equestrian? We would like to inquire about your dresses."


"M-maybe… I can pay if you need me to, just… Ciddir's supposed to get back today, and right now I'm a complete messs."


"Well, we ought find sommun injured ta see it in action."

"Ja. You have questions?"

"Go down to the riverbank honey. There are wildflowers you can gather, those will make somethin' smellin' real nice."



I should be done with mapping and candle-buying, right?


Cloudy smiles bemusely but says nothing.

Yes. You are at the Einkaufszentrum.


"Thanks, you're a lifesaver!"
Head to the riverbank, aquire wildflowers! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Did we arrive at that shop the mare mentioned yet?


There are red and blue wildflowers among the rushes where the ships are moored, under the docks proper. There are also large sewers here… They look mostly clean, so you guess there must be some ordinance against chemical dumping into the River Nea.

Yes. You see Light Heart and Selena go into another shop on this floor.


Empty names which mean nothing to a traveler.
What's in here?


Well, I want the stuff get done for Cloudy first.
"In here."


Gather some yellow wildflowers and give them a sniff.


The first floor is chiefly food and souvenirs.

The second floor is mostly food and musical instruments.

The third floor has mostly odds and ends, like guns and candles.

This is a large clothing store, which is partitioned by departments.

The smell is faint, and you're not sure how to characterize the smell other than "flower".


They like their food.
Well, let's get going, back to the fleet.
I don't speak germane so it's useless to try and talk with anyone at the cloud factory anyway.
Let's try.
Let's just try to go there.


Let's find the preggo department.
"This fucking place…"


Gather plenty of them and the red ones and bring them back to Bessie.


You are on Kronestraße. Left to Frabigesglaskreis and right to Musikstraße along Hauptstraße.

"What is it?"

There is a whole department for maternity.

She won't like it if you vocalize that.

You return to her.


The factory is a prominent sight atop the city. I don't need to read names to know where to go.


This factory – a word here used roughly to refer to alchemic labs – is different from all other cloud factories. They are on ground level instead of up in the hair. You do see chimneys across the water, though.


"Well, I've got flowers.. Are these the right ones?"


Exactly those.
Where are said chimneys coming from?


Go there!
What kind of clothes are there?
"It's big and confusing."


Large industrial structures on the street directly across the water.

"You can make perfume with any flower."

Maternity clothes!

They're mostly stretchy clothes. The kind you'd never need unless you plan on getting fat or raped.




I plan on neither.
"So… what kind do you want?"


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