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Light Heart:

There are nods of agreement.

Earthen Paradise:

"Well, there you have it. Welcome aboard Miss Paradise."


It's already dusking. Dark clouds have gathered in the city.


That's too dark to leave now.
I shall go to the mansion.
The upper floors to be more precise.


Patient pegasus


Hmmm… how far away is the nearest inn?


You head up to the second floor. A few of these rooms are set aside. Do you want to try to find your way up to the third floor?

Probably all the way on Weissstrasse. Even the ships would be closer…





"And so it is done. My swords and skills are yours, commodore Abilio. Say the name of the ship I will serve on and I shall take my leave."


How long of a walk?

Let's see… there's four of us here. Might not be enough to scare away a potential killer…


Is this the second day now?


Still with LH, right?
"Fog's pretty thick out. Might mask our movements."


File: 1402346293855.png (17.02 KB, 756x591, 1402264928936.png, IO Google TinEye)

Hm… there's an old stairway that was boarded up, but it looks like the boards were torn out. Unlike the rest of the mansion which is cleaned up, this place is a mess: peeling paint, dust everywhere, and there is debris like nails and broken glass about. Big patches of carpet and stone are missing.

"The Seaworthy would be most fitting your talents, I think. Dismissed."


Evening of the first day. We can move on when everyone's ready.

Sure are.


Any rooms that are still useable?
Make a dopple btw '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh good.
"I certainly hope so. Let us make haste, I would like to rest for a while. Tonight is not the night we hunt this killer."

Very well, let's get out there and head to the ships.


Wait till she leaves


So what's happening now?


I want to go see that diamond dog about my dress then.


"Agreed. I'm an old hand at navigating streets like this at night. Take my hoof and stay close; I really wouldn't want to lose track of you."
Cautiously lead LH into the fog.


Leave them both to their business.
I guess I'll be staying on that ship for the night. I should speak to its captain first.


The rooms up here are in decay and disrepair. You'd be better off taking a room down on level two.

Out pops a mirror image.

"Right, where was I? Oh, right, repression. You might be repressing some memories. Maybe you should see a specialist. Or at least try to get to the bottom of this mystery."

Evening. Study while everyone catches up!

She's in the bunkhouse.

Roll perception

It's getting rather late. Still, she might be awake in her cabin.


I'm done for the day.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Perhaps I should seek out the bunkhouse then and settle down for the day



Roll #1 3 = 3


You could wander the apartment building or try to head back at night I suppose.


Get a bit agitated.
"And who's a specialist, huh?"


knock knock, with the knockers that I made before!


Let's do the first.
I should talk with the landlord here.


Mmmm, go back down again. Is there any room here not taken?


You walk through the foggy mist-shrouded town: it's hard to even find the direction of the fleet. Somewhere, in the undulating darkness, you think you hear a haunting cackle.

Nearby, you hear the loud rumble of metal on metal as something crashes to the ground nearby. Roll perception.

A public place. There are hedonists here partaking of the flesh, and you suspect none of them are married.

"I mean like a psychologist or something. Someone who could help you remember if you have been repressing something."

It's a public space with no door, the bunkhouse. Vasilisa is here, though, and she props herself up as you approach.

"Ah, there you are, dear. Here you go, one little tiny dress."

It is very fancy and striped with strips of gold, and sparkles with carefully carved flecks.

The old Germane mare is minding the desk.

Yes, there are two. They have no furnishing, but they're clean.


"Sounds stupid… does the fleet even have one?"



Roll #1 2 = 2


Is there a table and chairs in one of them?


"Shit… stay low. This could be trouble…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


My eyes light up. "Oooh Its gorgeous! I love it!" I take it and gently hug it. "I'm going to be so pretty!"


"Good evening to you, milady.
Thanks for the accomodation."


Something is moving toward you from the left, still shrouded by the clouds… you hear the sound of metal dragging along the ground…

None of those rooms are furnished.

"No, but we are in the city. Or… there is an alternative that Cloudy thought of. That is to say, there is one in SOME capacity."

She smiles and nods at you.

Perception check

"Glad you like it darling. I haven't worked on such a small scale for a dress before, but I was able to draw on some of my jewelry knowledge."


Out in the open. They do not even have the decency of hiding their sinful behavior.
It's a good thing I don't follow the same faith as the rest of my kin and prefer mother nature. I only hope I will be left alone and that I can rest in peace.


Trot by a sit.
"Can I?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nod. "He won't be able to take his eyes off me!"
Now off to Felix. I gotta show her.


"What kind of alternative?"


Cock my gun but keep moving. Pick up the pace.

HP Lovepone sets up a Substitute '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Fuck. Be ready to run if I say so."
The fog works both ways. Stealth out of sight as we keep moving. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


But I can surely get some stuff soon.
Perhaps I can burrow some stuff from the others.
Is there anypony else around here?


You don't think she has a strong grasp on Equestrian. Indeed, to this day there are still many holdouts in deepest Germany, Prance, and Great Bridle where ponies simply don't learn the common language.

She gives you another smile and nods.

You are not approached, and that leaves you free to select a bunk.

She seems really impressed.

"I was worried about where you went! You should've said you were just getting a dress! It looks great, sis!"

"Felfire supposedly communed with a psychologist of a sort, from what she told me before we arrived in Roads. It's possible one of the necromancers on this vessel might be able to try to locate that spirit if we recovered the Focus. That might be a little more private and in-house than a professional from the city."

You stay low and hidden in the fog…

Something metal impacts your leg from behind.

Downstairs in the pub. Notably Emrille and HP, the usual residents of this floor, are out.


A pub?!?
Walk in with my dopple.
Do they have chairs and tables?


Swing around and Cheap Shot whoever just hit me.


"I don't really know shit about necromancy."


Ah, but how to fix this…
Sit down.

"Those who… Attacked us-"
Mimic a stabbing motion.
"Who are they?"
And then the universal tell of a questioning face.


Pick one out, in the quieter corners of this place preferably.
Guess I'm sleeping for now.


Good. Be ready to…
"What is it?"


"I know its so pretty! Wanna help me try me on?"
"..Hey sis.. sorry if I worried you.. I just want everything to go perfect.. I've ask Tree-sempai to have lunch with me tomorrow."


Yes, hadn't you noticed in the last three months? The old sitting room, dining room, and kitchen were converted into a fleet pub. Lacy Doily is working the counter.

There's also a theater, and the shooting range was renovated.

You put a bullet in the trash can that was rolling behind you.

The metallic echo resonates throughout the street.

"I'm more of a demonologist, but I could give it the old college try. Or you could ask Fly for help, who seems quite proficient at communing."

She waves her arms. "Geist!"


Ready to move on.

The ships come into view as you approach the harbor.

"Well, that wasn't so bad." comments Wheatwall.

"That's really good sis! Here… I'll help dress you."

She holds out your dress.


"I'm really excited!"
Slip into the dress!


I had heard rumors about it, but I hadn't visited yet.
"Hello miss Doily, how are you?"


Raise a brow, but I guess that's fine enough of an answer.
"How… Many of them?"

Draw me, and the jenny, and then 7 Xs around us.


"Hmmm… Nothing. I suppose there were too many of us for this alleged murderer to take out."
Let's board the ships again then.
"Thank you all for joining me today."


"I still think this is a fucking stupid idea… don't you have like some magic test or someshit?"


Fucking shit. He just had to say it…
"All of you shut up and keep your fucking heads down! We're not out of the woods until we're belowdecks!"
Quickly lead them aboard the ships and belowdecks.


Dazzling! Just be careful, it's real gold.

"Wow, you look really pretty!"

"Alright, I suppose. I'm kinda just holding down the fort for Wheatwall, though."

She scratches her head in confusion.

There are nods of assent and the group retires.

"Not that I'm familiar with."


Looks like you're safe 'n' sound


"…I'll consider it. But it's still dumb…"
Cross my forehooves.


Sigh and roll the paper up, putting it away.
"Nevermind milady.
Is there anything to drink, here?"
Make a drinking motion.


I raise a brow.
"No need to be so paranoid and rude. There are ponies on watch on deck at all times."

Good. Retire to my cabin. Wark and Rosemary here?


"I feel like a tiny princess!"


"When are you going to visit the city?"
Look around, what do these tables look like?
In terms of cleanliness and size


"Right on the home stretch is the most dangerous part of the journey. If a group was waiting to ambush us, they could take advantage of our dropped guard, hit us before we knew what was happening, then grab our stuff and dump the bodies in the pier. Quick, quiet, and efficient."
Thank goodness. Guess I'm headed belowdecks then.


"Of course."


"Well, assuming you want to get to the bottom of this, it may be your only option if you get stuck."

She leads you into a back room and indicates a sink.

Yep! Rosemary is asleep. Wark is laying in bed next to her cradling Adel and Lilly, who are also asleep. He gives you a silent nod as you enter.

"Yeah… that reminds me…"

Felix looks a little uncertain. Something has clearly been bothering her.

"Iunno. Tomorrow, maybe?"

It's upscale. The tables are clean and they're large pub tables with tiling. The place is mostly deserted though.

Below it is!

There are rumors of another female goat on this vessel. A possible stowaway.


carefully float closer.
"What's wrong? Did you want a dress too?"


"Mmmm, this pub belongs to Wheatwall, right? Any idea when he'll be back?"


"Thank you."
Glug glug.
After that, I think I will take a look around.
Unless the others are ready and we can just wake up tomorrow.


"Only to find out what the fuck is behind this Germane talk and 'original returning' shit."


Smile and nod back at him.
What about Red and Grey?


Oh really? Let's search the hold then, see if I can find her.


"Not that, uh… Big sis… do you want me to be like you? I mean, you got that potion made for Mr. Tree, but if you wanted me to be a Breezie too, I would do it for you, sis…"

"Well, it's fleet property, but I– Oh, there he is."

An older pony with a white mane and mustache, wearing a pith helmet, trots behind the counter.

"Speak of Tirek and he shall appear?"

This is just a small back room used for storage and break time.

"Good luck then. I'm going to get some sleep."

They're out like lights.


"Hello mister Wheatwall, pleasure to meet you. I'm Selena." Offer a hoof.


I meant around this place.
I doubt she remained here to watch me drink from a sink.


"I wanted to ask something else real quick, actually."


Look taken back "Felix.. do you want to be a breezy?"


"Pleasure's all mine. We are closing for the night I'm afraid. Although I suppose you weren't here for last call."

I'm confused as to what you're looking around. "This place" is a small back room used for storage and break time.


The whole residence.


Crawl into bed as well then and wrap my hooves around jenny? Rosemary.


"Actually no, I was planning a little romantic dinner tomorrow evening in one of the upstairs rooms and I was wondering if I could borrow one of these tables and two chairs for one night?"


"Make it quick, it's time to sleep."

"I don't know… you want that stallion you like to be a Breezie… and you didn't ask me…"

It's probably a little unfair to ask a filly her age what race she wants to be. She doesn't really have the live experience to make a reasonable judgment.

This is an apartment building. You head out of the back room past the front desk where the mare is sitting. There are flights of stairs, and five floors in all.

Jenny. She reflexively snuggles a little closer. Since Wark is on the opposite side of her, he wraps his hooves around her to gently rub your wings. It feels nice after a long day, but it's not very energetic. He's clearly tired and about to go to sleep himself.

"I suppose that'd be fine. But don't go up to the third floor, it's dangerous up there. It hasn't been restored."


"Yes I saw. I went up there and it looked nasty."


As will I. Out like a light.


"I thought it was boarded up."



Walk reaaaaaaaaaaaal close to him and talk sweet as honey.
"I saw this really nice talking gun in a shop…. and I thought maybe you could get it for me as a gift, daddy."


I will instead opt for a brief talk with my newfound friend.
Which means, see you when we get to tomorrow.


"…no, somepony had removed some of the boards when I came there…"


He chuckles and gives you a kiss on the forehead. "Your 'mommy' is more of a sucker than I am. Go to bed."


"Well, all the more reason to avoid it."


Shake my head. "No that's not.. Felix.. I like you the way you are, you're my little sister, no matter what race you are.."
Then I look a little guilty.
"Maybe tricking Tree is wrong but.. I don't know what else to do! He's a stallion and he needs someone his own size and.. I just want him to see me.. for one night.. is that wrong?"




"I'll see you two in the morning then to negotiate the deal~"

Snicker and leave.
Time to Zzzz


She looks confused. "I don't know… it's all really confusing. You're supposed to be the one who tells me what's right and wrong big sis."



I chuckle.
"Well if anything happens I have my dopple to protect me." Nod with a grin at my dopple.

Is Lacy still here?
If so, ask "Say miss Doily, are there any tablecloths around here I could use?"
Dinner doesn't happen here, just drinking?


Hah! I heard that!
"Hello? Who's there?"


"You're right.. I'm sorry. But you don't need to be a breezy to be my sister. I love you no matter what." I hug her. Carefully so the dress doesn't get messed up!


Zzzz indeed

It's a pub. They have some really pitiful pub food.

"We don't use tablecloths. Those are tiled tables."

She gives you a careful hug too.

"Okay… But maybe it would be fun to try some day."


You heard nothing, for I am as quiet as death.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sure! I would teach you how to fly and fight off spiders!" I giggle a bit. "I bet you'd be really good at flying."


"Ah I see, thanks anyway. I'll pick up the table tomorrow."
Now to see Salty if he's around.


Death often involves a lot of screaming and falling over, as you so aptly just demonstrated.
"…Well, you certainly know how to make an entrance, at least."
What does Happyhorn look like?


"What makes you think that, sis?"

She thinks. "And I'm gonna stomp all the spiders before I do that!"

He's probably asleep. The pub closes.


"Because you have such a strong heart." I grin widely "And smart too, crush all the spiders while you're big!"


She tickles you with the edge of her hoof. "Oh? Heart power is used for breezie flying?"


Giggle slightly at her touch. "Well that's part of it anyway! You'll just have to see for yourself one day."


A goat with a bag of stuff and a banner in between the horns.
"And I didn't even mean it this time!"


She smiles lightly. "Alright! That sounds fun."



Hircus is a nanny goat who has a bit of a rougher look to her, though the time she's spent on the fleet had done wonders for her health.
"Well, I'm Hircus. It's nice to meet you, miss…"


"I'm a goat! I've been called a lot of things, though some of them weren't all that nice."
And then I go and pull out a marker and scrawl a face on those horns.
"This is what I usually go by though."


"Smiley-horn? In case you haven't noticed, I'm a goat too, so I've been called a lot of things too.
I'm guessing you came aboard back at Neds, right? Where you headed?"


"…sure, let's go with that. Close enough. Aaaaannyway…I'm not really going anywhere. Don't tell anyone, but I'm not supposed to be here!"
This is accompanied by the most manic grin imaginable.


Roll my eyes at that.
"Well, I figured that out myself. I don't mind, but the captain probably wouldn't be too happy with a stowaway. How about we go to him and have you join the crew? We could say that you just came aboard here in town. That way, you won't get in trouble!"


"That sounds suspiciously like work…"


"Eh, you only have to help when we need to fight someone. Other than that, you get to do whatever you want! Plus we've got resurrectors in case something happens."


"Psh, I do that on my own, I don't need someone paying me for it. Happens more often than you might think."


"Oh. Well, are you sure? It'll be fun…
And I wouldn't want to see a nanny as cute as you get in trouble with the captain."


Aaaaand I just burst out laughing.


"…What's so funny?"


"Oh…nothing! Now where's that captain? Is he a goat?


"Nah, he's an earth pony. I'm not sure where he is, but it's kinda late anyways. Let's wait till tomorrow to go see him.
Besides, I wanna learn more about you! And with Ciddir gone on that business thing, I don't have anyone to spend the night with."


"Nnnnnnah, I think I can take care of myself for one night."


"Well, if you're sure… I'll come back later, okay Happyhorn?"


"Oh yeah…I've been through far worse than sleeping in the odd barrel in the guts of a ship for a night. I'll be fine. Though how'd you guess part 2 of my name?"


"I figured Smilehorn doesn't really roll of the tongue, so I went with the closest equivalent. Actually, like I said, Ciddir's away right now. Wanna come spend the night with me instead? There's a bed that's much more comfortable than a barrel would be…"
Give you a winning smile.


And I answer with a flat look.
"Man I slept with spiders more comfortable than you look right now."


Pause and look myself over, then smile sheepishly.
"Oh… yeah, I… guess I am due for a good combing, huh? It's just… I'm not used to having stuff like combs and baths available, you know?"
Rub the back of my head and blush.
"Would you mind, uh… helping me with that? There's a lot of places I just can't reach… not to sound weird or anything…"
It's probably pretty well understood that there are places that are hard to reach on the equine body. I'd imagine dirt in those places would be notoriously irritating.


"You're not nearly high up enough on my checklist-of-cozy-buds for me to agree to anything like that, you randy nanny. Now, I should go find a good-looking potato sack to scope out."


"All right then. See you around."


"Well, it is a boat. Not many places to go."
And off I go to those places.


And so it was that night in the Apartments.
Back in my room so graciously offered by the matron.


Knock knock.


"Huh? Oh, yeah, uh, come in."


"Didn't want to drop in on a bad moment."
Smile and close the door.
"How are you holding up?"


"Well, lessee. I just about near got killed, if it weren't for you, I'm scared outta my wits, and I can't even calm down enough to open this… this stupid bottle!"
I'll drop the small bottle of alcohol that I had gotten as a farewell gift, cursing lightly as it rolls away.


Chuckle and step towards the bottle slowly, stopping it and picking it up in one hoof.
"Well, they had told us this town was dangerous at night."


I'll just frown and pace.
"I know! I know, but… but I didn't think I'd be the unlucky one to run into those nutjobbers."
I'll shiver a little.
"Faith, and you cut through 'em like cordwood."


"Now, don't diminish yourself so, you did well just by not panicking.
And if I did count right, you did take out one of our enemies after all."

Gently open the bottle.



"Huh? Oh, right, right… where did I…"
I'll aimlessly look through a cupboard or two.
"Don't know how much of that's worth splittin', it was meant for one…"
After a few moments, I'll dig out a pair of tumblers and set them on the table.
"And as for not panicking, don't count that out just yet. You could probably bowl me over with a leaf…"


Chuckle as I pour most of the wine in one cup, and just a bit of it in the other.

"If you do fall over I will be careful to lift you back onto the bed.
But for now…"

Offer her the full cup.

"Try to take what happened out of your mind."


"Bloody good luck of that happening. I don't think I'll be able to forget those weird mask-things. They were masks, right? No one in their right head would rearrange themselves like that permanent?"


"No pony in their right minds would hunt with meathooks as well, but here we are, drinking to our victory against such freaks."


I'll be silent for a moment, and then down my entire glass.
"I'd rather have never run into them, honest. Better to drink to fond farewells than bloodyin' up some whacked-out shtoners."


Slowly taste my small gulp of wine.

"See it like this.
You made the world a slightly better place.
The roads, a little bit safer."


I'll just shake my head.
"For all of, what, an evening? There are more of them out there."
I'll rest my head on the table.
"Faith, I jus' wanna be outta this damn town…"


"That, I can offer…"


"The boat you were on, right? You a captain?"


"No, but I know a few."
"I might be able to get a musician by trade onto the ship, just playing your music for a living.
How does that sound?"


"Sounds like it's too good to be true."
I'll squint at him from my position on the table.
"Was this also about the song I owe you for the walk back?"


"No, that's just because I wanted to see if you were any fun to party with."
Smile candidly.


I'll roll my eyes.
"Well, I'm a real riot, as you can see. A jenny with a wild side a mile wide."
I'll close my eyes a moment. I shouldn't have shotgunned that booze…
"Suppose you'll be takin' the bed, then. Least I can do for the fella that saved my neck."


"What if I do you one more favor, and refuse this offer, instead proposing we share the bed?
Least I can do for the girl who owes me a dance."


"Oh no, I know how it works. You ply a lady with wine, adventure, and suddenly it's the next morning, the jenny's left in the bed with a dull ache, and the fella's nowhere to be seen."
Lying out the ass, but hey. I've heard enough songs that go that way.
"Asides, those jobbers took more outta you than they did me. I'll probably not be sleeping for hours yet."


"I've had one too many adventures like those, yes, but you know where I live, don't you? A ship that won't leave before the next few days."


"And all your friends are there too. A poor wee jenny like myself would have no chance against the likes of a bunch of burly sailor-types."
I'll bat my eyelashes a bit, then blow a raspberry.
"Thbbbbt. Anyway, I ain't keen to be anyone's port-mate, if you catch my drift. 'Sides, the couch is comfy enough."


"I've heard hell hat no fury like a betrayed mare, it wouldn't be a stretch to think it applies to jennies as well."
"But exactly because the couch seems so comfortable, I will go ahead and seize it in the name of all refused sailors of the many seas."
Smile at her.


"Works fer me, bucko. Lemme just toss ya blanket and I'll leave you to it."
I'll get to my hooves with a small wobble, and grab the blanket from the bedding. Once I return, I'll speak, albeit a bit muffled.
"Right, here you go."


"Much oblidged."
Catch the blanket and start doing the couch as if it was a bed.
"Why do you want to leave this town so much?"


"Well, it ain't exactly safe for a lady to walk by herself at night anymore, as you saw."
I'll shake my head.
"But as it is, I just want to travel. I learned a lot about music here, but Anniev's only a city. There's a whole rest of the world to look over."


"Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't act like a lady. Especially if your worry was the dangers of the night.
You wouldn't have wanted to run into the fog like that just for some bits, surely."


"It's a lot of bits…"
I'll frown a little.
"'Sides, I'm a musician. I can't exactly afford to just throw away money."


"Fair enough.
But had it been another stallion, you would both be dead right now.
Don't be so careless."


"Aye, aye. Enjoy your couch."
I'll make my way to the bed, and collapse on it.
"Sleep take me, I'm bloody-well knackered. And that fella better stay on his couch."


Sigh and lay on the couch, closing my eyes.


Shortly after I leave Abilio's office, I run into the newcomer mare.
Smirk and wave with a hoof.
"You're everywhere I go, aren't you?"


"I could say the same to you, stranger."


"Pretty sure I told you my name is Emrille already."


"My apologies then, my mind was with the commodore. You know who I am."


"I know your name, not who you are.
So, who are you, Paradise?"


"A pony who hails from the east. A child of nature like we all are. My talents lie in speaking and listening to all aspects of nature. Fauna and Flora alike."
Eye her up.
"You are not one with nature, I can see. You do not care for what the animals have to say nor for speaking to the plants."


Give you a look with a raised eyebrow.
"I bet they both have really interesting things to say."


Glare at her.
"They do not answer by speech. The process is more complicated and vaguer than that."


"I know that if you pat a dog on the head it wags its tail, and it whines when you punish it.
I had a very special little doggie, y'know. By the end I wanted to put him down, but he got away."


"Why not let nature take its course instead?"


"He was a very, very bad dog. He never listened, and always caused trouble."


"The problem usually lies with the dog's caretaker in those type of cases."


"He was just a shit breed."


"What breed?"


"Mongrel. A real defective one, too."


"I see."


"So, what do your plants tell you?
Let me guess, you smoke some of them to better communicate?"


"You would have to be a fool to think that smoking them or eating them brings you closer to nature. Plants answer my questions, I do not chat with them as if they were my friends."


"Your questions like?"


"Questions I need answered for one reason or another. Plants cannot see like we do, but they can feel things we cannot. They are closer to nature than any of us."


"…and is the fleet going to get you closer to Nature?"


"Perhaps. Perhaps not. It will do better than Anneiv at least."


"What's wrong with it?"


"Look around. Do you see a close connection to nature in this city?"


"…not really. I wasn't really there a lot though."


"You would be right to think so. There is nothing. Only a small park with a few trees."


"Huh… so how come you were here in the first place?"


"Anneiv is a city of music. Despite its lack of natural connection, it still has a soothing side to it. I honed my own musical skills while here."


Pat my rifle with a wing.
"This is my instrument, but it makes a different kind of music."


"She's a beauty."


"Isn't she just? She has a little sister too."
Pat my pistol.


"Did you craft these yourself? They look… unique."


Nod with a smirk.
"You bet your ass they are unique! I got some plans from the Hamburgerburgians. There are a few more repeaters on the fleet, but these ones also have magical properties. With a little magic trick, I can use them to shoot fire or ice, or whatever I want, really."


"I didn't catch that. The who?"


"Hamburgerburgians. Ponies from a place called Hamburgerburg! That large building with all the shops in it even had a food place with them!
They have a little fort here on one of the ships, y'know. Pretty great guys."



"What a strange name. What other groups are there on this fleet?"


Motion around with my wings.
"Oh, there are all kinds of different people here. What groups aren't on this fleet would be easier to tell."


"Leave out the ones that do not interest me."


"Well, there are a nature loving deer on board. I bet you'd be best buddies with him."


"We do not see many deers where I come from. What is his name? I may seek him out."


"Ciddir. If you see a really slutty goat, that's Hircus, she'll know where he is."


Ignore her rude comments.
"I have met a goat named Hircus while in the city."


"That's her. If you can find that goat, you can find the deer."


The party returned safely. With the coming of dawn, the clouds vanish, and the nightmare of the night before seems to dissipate like a bad dream. There are no screams or blood spatters to mar the morning air: ponies go about their business and the sweet strains of beautiful music begin to echo throughout the city of Anneiv.


Let's rethread the road I took coming here.
I want to find the bodies of those things we killed.


As I said, not even blood spatters remain. Although… with the thickness of the clouds in the streets, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where you were standing as it is.


Who would ever go through the bother of cleaning that up…
Escort the donkey back to the fleet anyway.


That is a very interesting question indeed. On one hand, it almost makes it seem more like a nightmare. Were there really those strange Bridons? If so… who would cover it up? Did they actually spill blood when cut, or were they monsters through and through as Cation suggested? And who moved them? Or could they have stood up and left after dying? The mind boggles. One thing you know for sure: it's surely significant.

You take Cation back to the fleet. Already the streets are alive with culture and life. Pleasant morning smells fill your nose and melodies dance along your eardrums. The warm sun reassures you as it soaks into your coat: by day, this is a place of safety. The sun is your ally.


Yawn as I look from the deck and scout using my spyglass how Anniev looks like from here.


See the OP pic.

The city is old, and ornate, and though it is early morning, it is already bustling with ponies. The main attraction, however, is not the sight, but the sound.


Well, I suppose I should try to find info on the apple again. Maybe Winston knows his way around town?


Perhaps! With the clouds parted, he prepares to head out into the city once again.


"Hey, Winston! Headed out on the town again?"


Perhaps lets go around and bring some money with me and set to the sight of ann…
Wait… I'd really like to bring LH in the city since she likes it but perhaps someone in the ship is knowledgeable about the sights and sound of Anniev the same way as LH is….. hmmm..
Now where is that batpony.


Is it morning? Gosh I'm excited. I need to get someone to go to town with me.


It's a busy ship. There are no doubt plenty of folks who'd go out there with you.

Talia is flitting about the Crow's Nest.

"That's right. I'm headed out of town, actually. Planning on visiting the heap and the Beer Gardens."


"The heap? What's that?
Oh, and do you know where I could find some information here? The locals are… Abrasive."


Okay. I grab an earth pony menial that doesn't look busy.
"Hey. Take me into town for a little bit. I'm pretty sure that the locals won't serve a breezy. And I need to look around."


Want to explore with Baka yagi?


That will do.


I call out on her.
"Talia." I then start to climb the crows nest.


"It's true, folks around here have been wronged by our kin. It's a shameful thing, but there's something to remember: retaliating will only confirm what they believe. Instead, rise above expectations. As for the heap… it's the result of all the new industry. Hard to explain, but you're free to come along if you have a mind to."

"But it's my day off!"

She glances, brow raised, over the nest to watch you climb. "Yes?"


So. We're back at the boats then?


"Fine. I guess I'll just take the goat with me. She'll be easier to feed at least."
And then I took Hiracus with me!


"Well, now you've got me curious."
"Hey Manako! Want to explore with Winston and me?"


"Yes. I was just looking for someone to explore with."


I look up as I climb
"Ever been to Anniev before? I maybe assuming too much but if you'd like maybe you can accompany around the city and explore it a bit. LightHeart told me about the teathers and such and I came to think that perhaps you are knowledgeable about it…. if my assumptions are correct that is." I scratch my head.


That's right, refer to the above post: it's like it was a bad dream.


"Tethers? I'm afraid you'll have to elaborate."


Okay, lets go into town, back where those cafe's were.


One can only hope it stays that way. Now, I need to see whomever's in charge about getting a job on the boats. Head on up the gangplank.


"Winston says there's a place here called the Heap. Want to check it out?"


"What's Heap? And who is Winston?"


"The goat with the giant backpack? World explorer? Standing right next to me?"


You'll head out once you're done speaking.

Right you are! Where to first? The ship bustles with activity.


Well… let's go holler at one of the bustling sailor-types on-deck.
"Oi! Which one of you lot is in charge of this here tub?"


"Well, hello there! Who's asking?"


"Commodore Abilio has the deck. Presently near the helm."


"Oh!" Look a little flustered. "Sorry. I'm just kind of single minded right now."
"What is the Heap?"


I'll eye the goat for a moment.
"Hang on a sec."
"Thanks kindly."
Now, I'll turn back to the goat.
"I'm asking. Name's Cation, and I'm…"
I'll stare at the tiny breezie pony that's sorta hovering in the air.
"Fook me, is that some wee fae critter you've got there?"


"As I was telling Hircus, it's something more easily expressed through showing than telling."


I turn red with anger. "I AM NOT WEIRD YOU STUPID WHORE"


I cough a bit.
"Excuse me, I mean theaters, musicals and such. I was presuming most ponies knows such things. I as a dog of the sea and that of simple pleasures has little knowledge about those things… as for Flora, she is a shiban who was perhaps cooped up in her small nation of neighpon so I think she has little idea of arts that lay outside of her nation…. I want LH to be the one to show me whats the fuzz of Anniev but she is busy… so I was thinking perhaps you might know a bit Anniev and its theaters… " I smile


"Her name is Manako. Show a little subtlety."

"Uh, I think she said 'wee.' It means small."


I'll blink and take a step back. Whatever she said, it can't have been good.
"I didn't call ya weird. I said 'wee'. It means small."


"Oh.. Sorry.." I take a deep breath and calm down.
"What are you doing here Cation?"


She yawns, showing her fangs. "I find plays such a bore. I'd rather get to the meat."


"That was… Unexpected. Are you… feeling okay, Manako-chan?"


"Lookin' for work, Tiny. I'm a musician, and I needed a ride outta this town."


"A musician? I see.. Sorry for the outburst. It was most rude. Do you not have a home here?"
"I-I.. something just came over me.. I'm sorry."


"Ah thats a surprise, what do you mean by getting to the 'meat'?"


"what do you you mean?"
Perception check on Manako. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I had one, but it was more of a rental than a home. And if it weren't for that Tree fella, I wouldn't have survived the walk back to it from the docks last night. Which is all the more reason for me to pull up stakes and get a move on."


"Hm? How to say? The content. The heart."


"Yes. Tree is amazing. He really deserves the best."
I look a bit tense, as if I was afraid or angry.


"The heart of the play…?" I scratch my head.


"Which means I'll have to put my heart in it when I play that song for him and his friend to dance to. I owe him that much for saving my life."


"Yoi seem kind of tense…"
"Wait, you were with Tree last night? Getting angry at you, tensing up while you're around… Manako-kun, are you jealous?"


"…His friend? Which friend is that?"


"J-jealous of what!" I say with a pout.


"He didn't mention, but I'd assume it's a ladyfriend, since he probably doesn't dance with guys."
I'll rub my chin a bit.
"Not that there'd be anythin' wrong with it if'n he did, since I knew a lot of good fellas who were poofters, but he don't seem the type."


"…" I start to pace around anxiously.
"He wants to dance with somepony.. when?"


I'll follow the mid-air pacing of the little bugpony.
"He ne'er mentioned the when. I would have gotten the details outta him later, after I got my job on the boat here."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Why so curious, you wee thing? You sweet on him?"


A devious grin spreads across my face.
"Oooooh, Slobber-bug is jelling like a bowl of molasses~ Worried she's going to woo away your big strong Flowing?"
"That explains it! Manako-kun here is crushing hard on Flowing Tree."


"Baka yagi… Saying it outloud to every-jenny you meet.."


"She kinda deserves to know why you called her a… Whatever you called her."


"That so, then? Well, she's not to worry about from me, then. The fella's a fine catch, but he ain't to my tastes."
"Ah, don't worry your wee head, I've no plans on him."


"I already apologized for that!"


Nod approvingly. "Well that's good. I wouldn't want to have to crush you with my superior seducing ability."


I… can I even keep a straight face? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nope, I crack a grin and a small laugh.
"But ain't he a bit big for such a wee thing like yourself? I know they say love conquers all, but… goodness, yer not even the size of his nose."


"Yeah… I just wanted to see if I could make you blush hard enough to burst into flames."
Grin deviously as i lean in.
"though maybe it would be more effective to describe how he'd hold you gently in his big, strong hooves…"


Blush deep red and pout in frustration.
"I'll have you know that he agreed to go on a date with me. today. So there."


"Oho~! So maybe the dance I'm to play for is yours."
I'll grin at her.
"Would you prefer a nice, slow song, to set the mood, or perhaps a lively jig, to keep him on his hooves?"


"Well then, congratulations! Now, Tree doesn't seem the type to shy away, instead of just taking what he wants. So when he gets your 'present,' don't be surprised if he's rather… Aggressive~"


"Um.. I-I would like to slow dance with tree-sempai…"


"A nice, romantic slow dance it is, then."
My grin will widen a little.
"That is, of course, if I can manage to get my way onto this boat and have some form of employment. Favors only go so far for stowaways."


"Oh, and a word of warning… Those stories about earth pony stamina are all true, so… Be ready for it to be a long night~"


Perhaps join in from… wait where are we?


I'm actually blushing way too much to talk.


"Hey there, Chip! You're an officer, right? We've got a cute jenny seeking enployment."


"Yes… Just a little more… Don't worry, I know exactly how to put you out when it happens."
Wag my tongue playfully at her.


"huh? A new recruit? Where is he?" I smile at you and approach the group.


I'll chuckle.
"Oh, but you're a cute wee thing"
I'll reach over and gently pat your head.
"I'd cuddle you m'self, but I suppose you'll be wantin' to save that fer your fella."
I'll flick an ear at that, and look in the direction she's talking.


"The he's a she, bucko."




Oh gosh, and now chip is here too!
I can't let him see how embarrassed I am!
'1d10' hide in that goat's fur.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I look at your direction.
"Well well, my mistake Ma'm. I take it you are the one who seeks employment upon our merry band of sea-farers."


"Aw, you know I love ya, Manako-chan."
Nuzzle her affectionately.
"I really am happy for you. If he's got any brains in his head, he'll go head over hooves for you."


"Aye. I plan to be taken on as a musician, if you're in need of one, and a swabbie if y'ain't."




"You really think so?" I say hopefully. "I need to get the food for our date… or at least pick a nice place.. and I don't have long! We're meeting up for lunch!"


"Er…" my smile becomes strained.
"I'd suggest bringing the food back here. The locals are rather… Abrasive."


"Well I dont know if we need musicians aboard our fleet but a swabbie is not a bad position. There are several amongst the officers who has good taste so maybe they will find more use for you than you to me." I nod.

"…. well unless there is something else you can offer." I grin.


I'll give you a flat look.
"I've no intention of whoring my way 'cross the sea, laddie. If I can't get a job, then I can see if your commodore takes passengers that can pay."
I'll poke you in the chest.
"And don't you ever even think of asking fer that again, got it? It ain't anyone's to ask fer."


"Will you help me find something hiracus-chan? "


"Of course I will! What kind of friend would I be if I didn't?"


"Eh, don't get too offended. He hits on anything that's female."


I look at you with an offended face and closed my arms.
"I aint said any whoring missie, I am asking if you had more practical skills like maintenance, or cooking and the such. A stage magician by the name of Selena is both an entertainer and a potion brewer so she was the one who made potions instead of being a mere menial… which is likely you will fall too if you aint good with anything else besides music."


I make an approving hum at this.
Hug on your goat-ear. "Thanks so much!"


I blushed.
"H… hey, I'm being serious here." I scrunched.


I'll just snort a little.
"I'm a musician, first and foremost. It's what I do, and what I live for. If easing the burdens of a day's work with song isn't enough, then I'll just have to chip in on the physical labor."
I'll scuff a hoof.
"An' sorry for jumping to conclusions. You've got the air about you of a horndog."


"That's because he is."
Giggle into my hoof.
"Oh, you know it's true~"
"Heh. You're too adorable when you're happy for me to say no."


I laugh.
"Well…… you concluded correctly but an officer has certain duties to do first before anything."
I then close my arms and think for a moment.
"Ship labor is hard I warn ye, carrying cargo up and down is the first step, making sure the deck is clean, the mast is in working condition, watching out for your fellow crewmates condition… there are lots of works needed to be done, but these works are necessary because if no one does it then a ship wont budge an inch…. but I take it you are up to the task." I nod.

"….. or perhaps there are far more artistic inclined officer on-board who may find use to your talents, most likely you might like to seek the mare named Lightheart… or perhaps the commodore himself Abilio, both has a taste for the finer things in life so that talent of yours might not go to waste… perhaps you can even pinch a pretty penny out of them too if you perform well.".


"Well, I was on my way to this commodore of yours before I got accosted by these two gals. So we'll see what he's got to say."
I'll raise an eyebrow at him.
"And you're an officer? You must be a right tough ol' cuss."


I scrunch.
"Well that is true… I just do admire any female since their beauty needs to be admired. " I give an uncertain smile.

"Dont worry, he's good mate. If you'd like I would gladly accompany you towards him." I nod.

I then chuckle.
"Why thank you, I rather take the more direct approach of gaining rank than the more subtle form of favors and the dark arts… dark arts.?"


"I don't ken to any dark arts. Blood gives me the willies."


"Well that is something both of us share, though I am thankful of their magic reviving me from time to time, it still give me a certain dread just looking at them weird practioners. I mean if you meet this Scarab fellow aboard the ship, he will just go 'muuhhr…. muhhhrrr' and say nothing, really creepy fellow and clearly lacking social skills. But dont understimate the fellow since he brought me back a few times already and I am thankful of his service." I smile.


I'll take a half-step back slightly.
"Well, I really should be introducing myself to this commodore of yours. Who knows if he'll even still be where he is now if I tarry too long. See you all later, then, at least if'n I get the job."


"Aye, do you know your way around the ship? I can accompany you along the way."


"Well, there's only one helm, right? It's the bit with the wheel, if I know my boats."


"Alright then. on your way then… and good luck."


"Thanks! And nice meeting you three."
And I'm off to the helm.


So.. I got on the sparkling golden dress, and went to where tree-sempai usually is..


I will raise a brow at that outfit, but hide my surprise. And the following realization.

"Manako-chan. You look sparkling."


I blush a bit. "T-thanks tree-sempai. Um.. you look good too!"


Almost ignore the comment, and answer in a slow fashion.
"So, off to our lunch?"


I nod and float right next to your cheek.
"It should be fun!"


Smile and turn around, starting to leave the ship, and off to the pier.
"Did you check around already?"


"I didn't really get a chance.. hey.. I heard that you got into a fight last night.. Are you feeling okay?"


"Oh, that…
It was just some cutthroats who'd never seen a real opponent in their lives.
Takes more than that to finish me off.
And the jenny didn't panic, which was useful at least."


"..Yea.. what do you think of her?"


"Hiding something.
Most ponies here are, so she will fit right in."


Grin really big, and then try to smile softly.
"She seemed nice enough. The way she told it you were a real hero. Bards I suppose."


"Bards indeed."
"I always wished I had one handy during some of my battles.
Wouldn't have to retell them myself."

Let's ask around for a restaurant where we can sample local cousine.


You are near the docks on Hauptstraße, zwischen Weißstraße und Lebenstraße.

The streets are bustling with pones, most of which are native Germane, but there are no doubts about the cosmopolitan nature of this metropolis. Only a cursory glance reveals multiple Equestrian cultures even to the untrained eye.


I'm an americanEquestrian tourist, no way I'm learning another language for these folks.
So instead I will ask a doc worker.


Giggle a bit. "Maybe we can get her to write you a ballad."
'1d10' Are there pictures on these signs?

Roll #1 10 = 10


There are a number of burly dock workers here, though most appear to belong to one ship or another. It's hard to say which are vessels which belong to the government, although the port authority is nearby which is where the registry of ships in port is held. The Seaworthy is at pier eight. The Sirocco, nine, and the Darklantern ten.

The only signs nearby are for the port authority, which are in multiple languages. The building is easily identifiable as a government office.


Port autorithy will have to double as tourist information center then.
Crap did I have all these troubles finding an inn last time?
Off to the p.a.


Look completely puzzled.
"and I thought neighpone was hard to get around in.."


You simply wandered onto Weißstraße, which was to your fortune the street with the most inns.

This government building is squat, and much longer than it is deep or wide. The length building runs parallel to the water and perpendicular to the piers proper, and ponies wander in and out. The interior is sparsely decorated, almost exclusively with framed certifications and other such perfunctory trifles you'd expect of a government office.

The bored-looking clerk at the desk seems slothful at best and intentionally dilatory at worst, carelessly meandering as he works his way through the books.


You know what?
"I've an idea."

Out of here.
Let's go to the inn I went to yesterday.
The barman is my nigga now.
Weave at him as I step in and sit at the counter.
"Hey. Pour me one like yesterday. And point us to a good restaurant around here."


I bet I stand out like a floating sparkling thing.
"Okay!" I keep up with tree-sempai!


"No need to float everywhere, you know."


"..yes.. but walking would be even slower.."


Roll my eyes and tap the hat.
"That's not what I meant."


I grin in delight and take a delicate perch on your hat.
"Thank you Tree-sempai!!"


Whereas on the crowded streets of the city, a breezie is easily overlooked with all the glamor of popular fashion and tired workers headed home from the nightshift ended, inside a bar is a different story. The bartender gives an uncertain look of befuddlement when seeing Manako, but he turns to Flowing to answer with a tone of uncertainty, eyes still on the tiny mare.

"Sure thing. As for eating, I think you'll find the best restaurants on the next street over, on Lebenstraße – the street of life, if you're unfamiliar with the local tongue."


Obviously he's just staring at my lovely outfit. I fluff my mane a little.


But this is a tavern of adventurers, I'm sure he and them have seen stranger stuff.
Smile, gulp my beer down, and nod in thanks as I pay.
"You want anything to drink?"


Certainly strange things that pass through, but fae are 'fairy tales' outside of Neighpon, pardoning the pun.

He accepts your coin vacantly. Perhaps he's drinking in the view to recount for the next person who fishes for rumors or interesting sights of late, much like you did when you came in not long ago.

He blinks in surprise, but very rapidly, as though his eyes are thirsty to see.


"Oh sure! That's a normal thing to do at a bar." I giggle a bit. "But I have no clue what to order! Pick something for me?"
Flutter the wings just a little.


Roll my eyes.
"One more, but make it… Tiny sized."


He scratches his head with a hoof and searches around the back of the bar at length until he retrieves from the kitchen at length a serving spoon, which he carefully fills to the brim with alcohol. He also turns down payment for the drink – which can hardly be described as a drink at all.


Chuckle a bit and wait for manako to finish that.


Okay! Time drink this!
'1d10' rolling fortitude I suppose.

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's a full size drink for a Breezie!

But I always leave alcohol tolerance up to the players.


Once we are done with that bid farewell to the bartender, tip, and go to "the street of life."


Well, one drink is probably fine. I'm guessing it wasn't so bad tasting for a first timer then.


"That was the famous ale of this city. Very different from anything else you might find around."


The beer has a strangely natural flavor. It reminds you, perhaps uncomfortably, of all those hippy drinks you had back when you lived among the Fae. There are hints of lilac, honey, and mint within, and it leaves a cool aftertaste in your mouth.

Lebenstraße is one street over. On the corner, there is a bakery, which unbeknownst to you, Manako visited yesterday. There are a number of other shops down the way, including a few restaurants. This seems a popular street for street performers, which make music as you walk along.


That sounds pretty comfy.

"Free music as well."

Chuckle and head for one of the restaurants.


"Then this might seem strange, but it reminded me of home."
"I wonder if this city is as nice as Lady Heart said it would be."


"There's truth in wine.
Vino veritas, they call it.
Maybe your home was just as wild as that ale.


Nod, and reply in a thoughtful tone "It was a very wild place. Untamed at times. What was your home like?"


Stay silent for a moment.
"It was a place where great bonds could spring from the silliest things.
It was a place where life and death were the gift of the moment, and where my family changed with the seasons.


My eyes go sparkly and I make an 'ooh' sound.
"Tree sempai. You don't need a bard. You can tell a story just fine!"


There are a number of restaurants here, though delis, butcher's shops, and bakeries seem the order of the day. There is no secret that, of the pony states, Germaney was the best known for its taste for meat. The multicultural nature of the city, however, makes it easy to find alternative foods – the most obvious of which are the stands for fried onions that stand about, and a few remaining spargel stands, as spargel season has ended in earnest. Had you arrived a month or two earlier, you might have found entire restaurant menus covered with the stuff. Specialty restaurants are no stranger in Anneiv, though: there are entire restaurants – not bakeries, but true restaurants – that serve nothing but varieties of bread, from sandwiches, to spice bread, to honeyloaf.


"It's just an old memory, sweetened by time, nothing more."
Focus back on the task at hoof.
"What is it you want to try first, Manako?"


"Hmm It looks like all they have is bread? What kind of bread do you like? "


"As long as it isn't rice bread, I like it.
But trying new things isn't only about what you like.
It's about the experience in its whole!


"Right! Lets try the most unique thing we can find then! "
I kind of stare at all the huge food around.
"A spargel? A sandwhich?"


Walk over to one of the stands.
"A bagel, please."


"Sorry, just spargel here."

There are only asparagus stands and fried onion stands.


Let's try both. Buy one of each and then cut them up for me and Manako to share as we sit somewhere.


Gosh. I bet tree-sempai makes really cute expressions when he eats! This is so exciting!
I grin really big and eat with him!


Time to try my bite.
'1d10' Asparagus
'1d10' Onion
"Were you bothered, by how the barkeeper stared at you?"

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You buy the tourist food. It's about what you'd expect. The asparagus is quite out of season, though, and it's disappointing.


Aww, well maybe I can spot a restaurant that looks like a pleasant place for a date and not a tourist trap '1d10'

"W-well. I think it was because of my dress. It stand out quite a lot!" I gently swish the skirt of the dress to emphasis this.

Roll #1 5 = 5


There are a number of restaurants here, though delis, butcher's shops, and bakeries seem the order of the day. There is no secret that, of the pony states, Germaney was the best known for its taste for meat. The multicultural nature of the city, however, makes it easy to find alternative foods – the most obvious of which are the stands for fried onions that stand about, and a few remaining spargel stands, as spargel season has ended in earnest. Had you arrived a month or two earlier, you might have found entire restaurant menus covered with the stuff. Specialty restaurants are no stranger in Anneiv, though: there are entire restaurants – not bakeries, but true restaurants – that serve nothing but varieties of bread, from sandwiches, to spice bread, to honeyloaf.


Ah, okay. Go to a restaurant that serves soups and sandwiches?


Bleah. Discard the asparagus.

"You truly do.
Is it your hoofywork or did you enroll a friend?"


"There is a very talented diamond dog on the fleet, I got her to make it. She'd never worked with something so tiny before!"


"Makes you realize just how rare it is to find a girl such as you, doesn't it?"


I blush profusely. "I-I'm just happy I found someplace I fit in."


So, discarding bad tourist food, We decided to buy a proper lunch of sandwiches and drinks to go with it, and head ed back to the ship to find some alone space.
We laid everything down on a table. and the very tiny pony politely asked "Tree sempai, could you check the door one more time to be sure we're alone?"


An echoing -why- runs through my mind.
Ushed up by a knowing voice in the back of my head.


Off to lock the door.


quick put the potion into tree's drink while he's not looking!


Trot back.
"Door's closed. We won't have anyone trying to interrupt our lunchtime."


"Great! I wouldn't want anyone to mess up this perfect moment." I giggle a bit and stare at you as I take a bite of sandwich.


Try a sandwich as well.
"Do you like local food that much?"


I tilt my head "Its nice.. It seems made for sharing."


"You sound longing."
Take another bite.


I blush at that. "W-what do you mean?"


"Might be a wrong impression I have."
Put down my food and go for a drink.


"T-tree sempai.." I sip my own drink in an attempt to cover up my blush and excitement, and wait..


Guess it happens. Somehow. In some strange display of light and colors as my body whiters and changes until it's not my own anymore.
I've fallen onto the lunch table, trying to get a hold of myself.

Roll #1 2 = 2


But new limbs and the sudden change are too much for me, and I barely stand, still unable to open my eyes.


Growl angrily in confusion as I clench my head.


Its a lucky thing you can't see my expression when that happens.
In an moment I am at your side trying to help you '1d10'
"Are you okay?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I take your…
Strangerly bigger hoof?
And finally open my eyes.
An expression of shock and rage finds its way on my face for a moment, but I suppress it a mere second later.
My stare is now even and calm.


I look incredibly nervous, and probably incredibly beautiful, now that you can see all my features in full detail, the way the sparkling dress sets on my yellow fur, the perfect curl in my purple mane, the fluttering of my eyes while I am staring at you.
"T-tree sempai?"


Take a step forward, staring you down in cold judgement.
"I see how it is now."


There isn't a lot of space between us! you're now nearly on top of me as I don't back away.
"…Y-you weren't wrong.. about my feelings.. I just.. "
'1d10' I try kiss you!

Roll #1 7 = 7



Kiss her back. And tackle her to the table.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Oh geez, I'm blushing red hot as I let you push me down, my heart beating so fast you can hear it.


Bite into the dress, almost as if to tear it away…
But stop. Instead, simply undo its straps.
"You know I am not a good kind of stallion, Manako."


I shake my head and just.. let the dress kind of slide off "No, you're the best kind of stallion."


Stare her down…
"Your words. Not mine."
And slide the dress entirely off her, throwing it away to a side of the table.
And then much black


And then I flap away, out of this room, aiming for Selena's lab.


What time is it?


Probably early evening.


I open the door.
"Oh…who are you?"


Flap up to her face with a very annoyed stare.


"Oh…Tree. What happened?"
Try me bessst to act surprised '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


That only serves to further deepen my flat stare of disapproval.


I smile sheepishly.
"You look cute."


"I look unamused."


I chuckle.
"Aw, you grumpy pony."


"You went really all out to help Manako-chan."


"I know. It's a fun potion isn't it. Why if I wasn't pregnant, I'd try it myself."


Start buzzing around her head.
"What about turning me back to normal now?"


"Say the magic word~"




"Ah, I'm just joking, I'll make something."
I get to my tools.
"You're not mad at me, are you?"


Flap over there, casually strolling around the gargantuelic-sized lab.
"I don't understand the reason."


"Manako thought it would be a fun prank."


"Good thing she wasn't there to see it."


"….she wasn't?"


Shake my tiny tiny head.
"She was away. Good think too, so now I can turn back without her seeing me like this."


My ears flop and I stop working.
"How did you become a breezie then?"


"Something in my wine. Guess Manako slipped it before leaving."


Look at you.
Work further on the potion.
"Where is she now?"


"I left her a note."


"I'm surprised she'd leave you like that.
Doesn't sound like her at all."


"That's my fault. I mentioned going for some water, and she ran ahead.
Maybe to mix more potion in it.
Give Selena another glare.
"So, about my antidote?"


Finish it up, but put a cork on the bottle.
"You never said if you were mad at me or not."


"For this?
It's just a joke.
I've been in a mercenary band, if I were so easily angered I'd be dead!


Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


Top no.
But I open it up for you and take out a drop.


Get off the table and onto the ground, waiting.


"Here you go."
Drop in your mouth.


Back to normal?



Flex and stretch my newfound muscles.
"I'm not fit for being tiny.
What kind of joke was it supposed to be anyway?"


"You being tiny? It was a little prank."


"Didn't exactly make many ponies laugh.
Indeed, you were the only one!"


Look in disbelief.
"You're really angry about this aren't you?"


Look really calm and unfazed.
"Not at all.
It just flopped incredibly as a joke!"


I chuckle.
"I don't think so."


"Nobody but you saw me like that, so I count myself lucky!"


"Too bad, you looked really cute."


Roll my eyes.
"Now I can surely pursue a career in the doll market."


Continue later?



The following morning, I seek out Selena Springleaf.


"Not anymore, sadly."

I'll be in my lab.
"Hello Light, how are you?"


"Don't look too disappointed.
With more of that potion I could come around for your kids from time to time."


"You'd do that? Oh that's great. It's a deal."


"Good morning, Selena. I am well, thank you. Ready to explore Anneiv once Rosemary is done washing herself. I could have 'aided' her, but that tends to make it take even longer."


Shake her hoof.
"Throw in the antidote, too. Wouldn't want to be stuck like that for too long, despite how useful it might be."


"I see. I should get to Anneiv today myself. I still need to get food, a musician…some other stuff."

"I can manage that."

Time to visit that Breezie workshop


"A word of advice, make sure you are back here on the ships before the factories start up in the evening."


"Of course you can.
You are Selena Springleaf, after all.
Finest alchimist on this side of the manesian sea!"
Chuckle and trot around, looking at her workshop.


"I should be, but why is that?"

"Probably on the other side too, with some practice."
I smirk.


I'm here, tinkering away at the tiny work bench. I don't seem to notice you right away.


"There are some nasty rumors going around town. About a murderer preying on mares once the cloud factories start up and fog fills the streets. Did you notice the thick fog yesterday evening?"


"Always assume there's somepony better than you.
It's a good reason to keep practicing.
Anyway, what was the prank for?
Any specific reason?"


Fluttering over with a smug smirk on my face, over to the workshop!


Yep, you see me easily too.


"Yes, I didn't dare go out."

"You'd have to ask Manako, it was her idea."

"Hello, Manako."


"Really now?"
"How did things end up with Wark and… What's the nurse's name?


Try to sneak up on both of you.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"They both got better. Easy peasy lemon squeezie."

"Hello, Emrille."


"A wise choice. These may be mere rumors, but I feel there is truth behind them. Mister Hircus seemed keen on hunting this murderer down, so I believe I may join him for that."


I'm not a very sneaky pony.
"Damnit… Hey."


"As I said. A formidable alchemist."
With a smile, trot back around.
"So, did you have that talk with Face yet?"


"The murderer hides in the mist?"

"How are you?"

"No, I invited him to dinner tomorrow."


"I'm fine as ever!"
Run a hoof through my attire.
"Have you seen my new clothes yet?"


Best of luck then.
A suggestion, avoid the asparagus they sell. It's out of season."


"No. They look good."


"They feel good, too!"


"Huh.. Oh, Hello Big sis, Hello Selena-chan."
I put down my tools and pay attention to you both.


"So I hear. It certainly makes for good cover, you cannot see a hoof in front of your eyes in there."


Smirk at you.
"Hello, sis~"


"…Big sis?"
Look to Emrille.

"How spooky. I hope they catch that killer soon."

"I'll make sure everything is completely perfect."


"Is something wrong?"


"You know, there is some help I could give you.
Turns out somepony owes me a little debt.
A dance.
And she's a great musician, too.
I could have her there, playing something for the both of you."


Smile warmly at Emmy.
"Yea. Umm did you two need something fixed?"


"I think you know why I'm here!"


"I hope so too."
Look at your belly. How many months in?
"How are they doing?"


I sigh a bit.
"Y-yea, I do. I'm guessing Selena is here for that too."


3 I guess.
"The Doctor says they're doing okay…I sure hope so."

"I wanted to ask how your prank went."

"Ah, that would be wonderful.
What do you want in return?"

"…Big Sis?"


Perk my ears.
"For what?"


"Let's just say you owe me one, okay?
I'm not a really needy stallion.
Life and nature are enough for me."


'1d10' lie convincingly
"Uhh right. Well It failed.. he was pretty mad at me for shrinking him. And the food was bad.. And I should just work."

Roll #1 7 = 7


I figured it'd be more than that!
"How are you handling it?"


"Sure, that's okay. What does she play?"

"I see. What a shame."
Too bad Tree told me another story, but since Emmy is here I won't keep asking for now

"I'm okay, I'm okay. These two are the least of my worries right now."


"Yeah, Manako is my little sister now!"

"Aww… so he didn't even fuck you?"


"How did that happen?"


"Is something bothering you?"


"Eh, a bit nervous about tonight, but I'll manage. How are Wark and Rosemary?"


Roll my eyes.
"We found out I'm actually a really tall breezie, what do you think?"


'1d10' keep that poker face
"At least I have a nice dress to use for dances."

Roll #1 1 = 1


That face definitely tells me I should ask more later.
Or maybe I won't have to, since Emmy is doing a good job.

"I think you'd look cute as a breezie."


"Far better. They seem to have made peace with one another. Thank you once again for your aid with that matter, by the way."


"It was nothing. So Rosemary made the potion herself?"


"You think? I like my feathers more!"

That look is more than enough~
Flutter a bit closer.
"He totally diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid, didn't he?~"


"Lute. Suave with it, really.
Saved my life with her music alone."


'1d10' blush control this an emergency
"Nuhuh he was totally normal again when I saw him."

Roll #1 3 = 3


I chuckle.
"She did. She is a a bit silly like that sometimes."


"Aaaaw, with a few antenna on your head and wings you'd be so cute."

"Lute…lute…I was hoping for a cello, but lute will do."

"Did she say where she got the ingredients?"


Perk a brow


its a good thing there is this tiny table to stand on, because that's a lot of red


"You should probably ask her. I do know she learned the recipe from an alchemist in one of the towns we visited, but that is about it."


Looks like your radio signal is jammed, you're still quite red.
Pick you up with a hoof.
"Bullshit. How was it? Was it your first time?"

"But I couldn't hold my rifle!"


"I will. I need to make sure it wasn't from the lab, you know."


"A tiny rifle?"


"I-I.. Um."
Aah, saving against hyperventilation '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I will go ask her."
"Now, if you will excuse me, I've a dinner to go back to."


"I would hope not. If she did, I would need to punish her."


At least you don't suffocate.
Bring you closer to my face and stare at you.
"Tell me!"




"I'll be sure to tell you if she did."


"She is a terrible liar in any case. It will not be hard for you to figure it out."


"But.. I.. we.. tree-sempai said.. and I.."


"Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!"


And off I am.
Now, though, I should visit LH.


"I-I can't!" I say tearfully.


Boop your tiny nose with my nose.
"You can!"


Look helplessly at you. "..sis.."


"You promised! Hey, I won't tell anypony, okay?"


"I see. Well then. This shouldn't take too long then."


Make a 'bring me closer' gesture at you.


In the morning? Let's say I'm busy combing my mane to prepare for the day.

"How fares that… mold creature of yours?"


Morning of the second day. Sounds great. Just as I come back from my night time stay at the hostel.
"May I?"


Hold you up to my ear.


"Sunny? He's doing good. I was going to take him to some expert today."


"w-we totally did fuck, he was still pretty mad at me, but he was.. gentle."


I nod, continuing my combing.
"I can spare a few minutes. Is there something you wish to discuss?"

"Sunny? Why Sunny?"


"Yes. Are you aware of the town's condition, at night?"
Step inside, and smile.
"Pretty mane."


"He likes the sun."


"I knew you could do it~"


"Or she, I don't know if it even has a gender…that's what I want to find out."


I blush a lot and now I can't stop talking . "Y-yea. He was so nice.. It was my first time and.. he just knew exactly what to do.. it felt amazing! But he wants to keep it a secret for now. "


"Of course. I hear there is a murderer on the loose. Absolutely dreadful, that. I do hope he or she meets a swift end."

"… I see. Somewhat unexpected. He struck me more as a creature which would prefer moist and dark places. Who do you plan on asking for aid?"


"Somepony that knows about these things? I guess there must be some kind of academy or something in Anneiv."


"Not one.
I personally fell six last night. Our newest crewmember one more.
And more were still hiding in the fog."


Nod with a grin.
"Don't worry, I won't tell… so, when are you doing it again with him?"


"Soon I hope! I can't believe he really liked me back! I'm soo happy sis! " I hug your ear in excitement and you can feel the red-hot fae there


Smile, and just keep that ear perked since I can't really hug you back with it.
"Told you… but you'll still have to tell me the details sometime~"


"Y-yea, maybe over a bottle of wine?"


"Sounds good to me! You can ask me stories too in return. Good sisters share good stories, after all, right?"


"Of course!" I giggle happily.


"I should be going then. I'm happy everything seems to have gone fine judging by your grin."


Look at Selena.
"Sorry, she's a very secretive little fae. I could whisper things that will make you blush if you want me to~"


"Y-yea, thanks for the help Selena-Chan."


"No, that won't be necessary."


"You know where to find me if you change your mind!"


I smirk.
"I'm sure. Goodbye."


Wave with a wing.


"Six? Are you certain? Perhaps… there is illusionary magic involved. Miss Springleaf is capable of conjuring mirror images too after all."


"I don't mean to offend you, but I'm a hexbreaker.
If they weren't real, I'd notice it.
On top of that, they persisted after being fell.
Mirror images don't do that.
I think we might be facing a gang."


"How dreadful. What could they possibly be after? Mere sadistic fun? Or something even more sinister?"


"Whatever it is, they are intentioned in leaving no traces.
Comes morning, they were gone. All of them. Even the blood.
Their grotesque shapes and their barbarian weapons make me think that, after all, they might be part of a cult. Drugged out of their minds.
Or we could play into the myth of the assassin and say it's monsters conjured from the fog itself.
Have you been to town yet?"


"I have. We had to traverse the fog as well but were not attacked. Although… I could have sworn I heard some distant cackling. A cult seems like a possible explanation. Perhaps one which features blood sacrifices, which would point towards Tirekians."


"Heard the same cackling as we were attacked. Did you have the chance to learn anything about the fog?"


"Well, it originates from the cloud factories in the city. Since they only operate at night, the fog is only present at night as well."


"How long are we remaining in here?
The matter has piqued my curiosity.
I'd lavish the occasion to visit those factories, but I might not have what's needed."

Smirk and nod at my wingless back.


"Approximately three days. As for the factories, I heard they are present both in the sky and on the ground. The reasoning is a bit unclear to me, but this is what I was told."


"Would you be against a visit, perhaps tomorrow?
I'm interested in their dealings. Sure, this could have nothing to do with the cult or whatever they are, but it is still a lead."


"I will be quite busy the next few days, but I will try to make time for it."


"Fleet's dealings keeping you busy?"


"I believe the commodore will be taking care of those dealings himself. I myself will be occupied purchasing materials for my various upcoming projects."


Well, I can enroll the help of someone from the crew, it's not so important it'd require your attention, don't worry about it."
"What is it you are planning? Works on the ship?"


"Well, I am planning to host a feast here on the Sirocco to lift the morale of the crew. After our success in Neighpon and the rebuilding of the fleet, I believe some celebration is in order. I also plan on building an elemental shrine on the fleet, for which I require some building materials."


Elementalism really did sweep her away eventually…
"A feast, for the Sirocco alone?
I will have a talk with captain September, see if we can kick off something similar on the Seaworthy, raider crew needs to be kept…
Calmer than most."


"It is an expensive project, I suggest asking miss Topaz for aid when it comes to finances. She certainly aided me quite a bit with my own."


Manage the other crew member, rechecking any part of the ships for damage and order them to repair any of it before sitting down on the deck to rest.


"Expensive… How?
I might just ask for help from the mates of the Seaworthy.
After all I'm not even an officer at this point, despite the way I care for the crew."


"Well, the Sirocco has a crew of 50, compared to the 120 on the Seaworthy. I have calculated that a feast for the Sirocco alone will cost me roughly 7 Great Doubloons. It may be more or less depending on the prices of the food."


"Tsk. Way out of my league right now.
I will probably buy those boys a few kegs of beer and call it a day, if the others won't help me.
But then again, that'd be a sad feast indeed.
I might just wait until our next great victory."


"For the moment, I still want to focus on this fog matter.
See you soon, Lady Heart."


Off to the Seaworthy again.
And he's the dog I was looking for.
"Master Chip, got a minute?"


I nod and put the comb away.
"One more thing, mister Tree."


Look at him.
"Heh, not master, just call me Chip."
I then stand up and greet you.
"So how are you finding Anniev?"


"Sure, do tell."
"Truly a killer attraction.
Have you seen the fog at night?"


"I understand you are eager to prove your worth and become part of the officer corps, but the best way to do so is to wait for a new vessel to be added to the roster."


"Yes, I figured as much."
"But those poor raiders are all left to themselves. If I don't take care of their morale, nopony will.
And just wasting away my days fucking around is not something I've ever been able to do."


"The fog at night? Aye, I've seen them alright here in the docks all fine. A bit thick now that I noticed, considering I havent set foot on the city because of all the damn works needed to maintain the ships yet I can see it all clear here when Night sets in."
I then lean on a pole.
"Captain Mellow Marsh told me that Anniev are one of the few cities of Equestria who made quality clouds full of rain and wind, very useful for weather control… factories chugging out cratefull of clouds are produced in the dead of night to increase productivity, hence the reason for the fog at every night. Quite interesting that ponies have these kind of marvels.


"Not the most interesting thing about this town.
Did you hear the rumors of a killer in the fog?
I met him last night."


I look at you in surprise.
"…. killer?"


"There are rumors of a pony using the fog as his cover, to prey upon those who dare to brave the night.
But the truth is well different.
It's not one pony, but many. I personally fell six only last night, and there's more of them.
Would you be interested in a sort of…
Hunting match?"


"Just as well then. In time, I'm certain you will be given your due. For now, bide your time."


Start trotting slowly around the room, nonchalantly.
"Well, if I knew my interests were being taken care of already, maybe I could put my mind to rest…"


I stop and think as I scratch my head with a face of uncertainty.
"Eh… I dont know really, tell me a reason why we should hunt those scoundrels? I dont see any benefit for me nor the fleet if we try to find these bastards."


"I'm just in it for the opportunity to gut open a few cutthroats.
If I have to be honest, I love the feeling of my blades tearing through meat."


"I will speak to the commodore about it again once we leave port and he has time."


Nod slowly and offer her a smile.
"You have been to my side since I first came on board.
I won't forget a friend."


I look at you with a blank expression… before smiling.
"Feeling the warm fire of blood lust eh? Aye, I know that all too well, glad to know someone on the ship find.. pleasure in it."


"I wouldn't be in this line of work otherwise, would I?
So, what do you say?"


Nod back.
"That will be all then. Do enjoy your day out in Anneiv."


"Will do. Thanks."

Off I go.


I stretch and sit down to contemplate.
"I am… tempted I tell you that sir Tree, I used to do these hunts back then myself with one of the past crew-member of this fleet, yes those are the days." I grin.
"But.. I find it hard to just go out in Anniev at the dead of night to hunt degenerates and plant my blade in them just for the thrill. Give me one more reason to go out and hunt with you and I will join, see how my blade fare against these mainlanders."


"Let's say we make a friendly wager of who's the best fighter on the ship?"


"By killing land-lovers?" I grin.


"Exactly. Whoever kills most, wins."


I stand up.
"I was expecting you and I would visit the whorehouse of Anniev after the hunt with you paying."
I then stretch
"This wager and the danger that it entails, not to mention that it goes without pay nor whore's is a bit tough to swallow Sir Tree… I do want to go with ya and cut some bastards throat and have some fun, but I find little to benefit or to gain in this."


"Suit yourself then.
I will probably be investigating the matter for a few days, anyway. You know where to find me."


I nod.
"Aye, dont worry about it. They will go down if those bastards show their face to me." I grin as I offer my paw.
"You be careful out there, dont want any of the crew missing once the fleet haul anchor."


"Perhaps finding a library to perform some research on the subject may not be a bad place to start. You plan on keeping it then?"


"Aloe thinks it might be useful for alchemy…if so I might keep it. He's not harmful. He looks a bit messy I'll admit, but maybe I can pin some flowers on him. And Ciddir says he's smart so maybe I can teach him some tricks.
Like catch the ball."


I chuckle.
"Now that I would love to see. I never quite had a lot of luck with pets myself. The only one I ever owned hated me. Dogs bore me… and I do not trust cats."


"I had a pet rabbit once, mister Snuggles."



"While on the road?"


"Yes, I got him when I was little and he lived in my hat while we were traveling."


Sit down and smile.
"That sounds adorable. How long did you end up taking care of him?"


Count on my hooves.
"2…3…4 years…he died of a disease on the road.
Poor mister Snuggles. One day he was happy and the next he was gone."


"We all die in the end. Take heart in that he at least died happily. The world is filled with enough horrible things already."


"He was a good bunny.
I remember the good times.
What about your pet?"


"I told you about my dragon before, did I not?"


"I do not believe you did…"


"It is not a nice tale. I owned a baby dragon for some time, but the creature hated me for some reason. He always was very defiant and distant."


"Aaaaaaw." I frown.


"Dragons are difficult creatures, big or small. Have you ever seen one before? They're a proud race. Not always fond of ponies."


"I've never seen one…I've seen pictures. They look….majestic…and terrifying."


"Yes… but yet for all their pride and majesty, they are still mortals like you and I. Umlock was proud. Umlock was strong. And… Umlock died all the same."


"What happened to your baby dragon?"


"I do not know. We were separated during a battle which almost cost me my life. He may have died… or simply fled. Either way, that battle was enough reason for me to leave that life behind and start a new one, which eventually led me to this fleet."


"Ah, let's hope he found a life somewhere. Perhaps with some girl dragon."


"Despite all the trouble he caused me, I hope so too. I do hope never to run into him again however."


"I'm sure of it" Grin.


"As for your date you planned tonight…"


"I didn't get anything done yet!"


"I'm certain you will manage. Finding food and musicians in Anneiv will not be hard. Still, are you nervous?"


"Of course I'm not, it's only the most important dinner of my life' I say sarcastically.


I chuckle.
"Do try to keep your temper in check. Nervous or not, it is very unbefitting for a lady."


I scrunch.
"Okay I'm a little nervous"


"Well, I cannot offer you anything but my reassurances, which I doubt will change anything. The outcome of tonight depends on you and him alone, I'm afraid."
I grin.
"Do make sure to tell me all about it tomorrow."


Chuckle and hug you.
"Of course! That's what friends are for!"


Hug back.
"Very good. I look forward to it. Now, I should probably let you get to work. The fog seems to have cleared outside."


"What are you going to do?"


"Do some shopping and take care of some business, most likely."
Move a hoof through my mane.
"I may buy a new hat if I can find one that is fitting to my tastes."


"Oooh, maybe one with a few feathers."


"Yes… nothing quite as ridiculous as miss Emrille's new hat though."


"She has a new attire, did you see it?"


"I did. It certainly looks like something you would expect her to wear, does it not?"


I chuckle.
"I think it looks better than the old one…not that that's saying much."


"I suppose it is rather rude of me to speak of her in such a manner. At least she keeps her clothing mostly clean and washed, unlike others."


"She probably gets that stallion…her adoring fan to do it."


"Ah yes, the adoring fan. I thought it was some type of mythical creature at first."


"I'm amazed he's still clinging on to her. I thought he'd have left by now."


"Pony minds can be very strange at times. They are a mystery even to me."


"Even to you?"


I smile.
"I have a lot of experience with ponies and the way they act, but I do not and will not ever fully understand the way our minds work. Amusingly enough, miss Puzzle no doubt knows far more about the biological aspect of the mind. Did you know she is a skilled brain surgeon?"


Perk a brow.


"She accidentally scored a perfect score on a surgeon exam. From what she told me, she was working in a hospital when she wanted to fill in a patient's form, but accidentally took the wrong papers and filled in a exam sheet."


I shake my head.
"I'll never understand that mare."


I chuckle.
"Like I said, the mind is a mystery even to me. I have given up trying to make sense of her. She simply… is."


"This whole..being a pirate must be a fling to her as well, I guess."


"Perhaps. She is remarkably intelligent, obviously, but often seems so detached from reality."


"Do you think she's like….chosen or something?"


"What do you mean by that?"


I chuckle.
"Uh…I know it sounds stupid, but all those things she does, like passing a surgeon exam without studying, she can't have done that alone, nopony can!"


"I do not know. When I first met her, I briefly wondered whether she was actually a Discordian or not. Given her rivalry with Itzli however, that theory was quickly debunked. Now I know she is a follower of Laughter, so perhaps you are right and destiny has played a role in all this."


"Ha! I knew it, I had a feeling about it!"



"That more was going on!"


"It is only a theory."


Continue rambling.
"Yes, and maybe she's one of the elements of harmony! And ooh, maybe the other elements of harmony are here too. Maybe I'm the element of magic!"
Not OOC since Selena is just rambling here, she really has no clue at all.


"That would be quite something. Though in truth, from what I understand the bearers of the elements are irrelevant until the need for harmony arises somewhere. Like couriers delivering the magic necessary to take care of a threat."


Cover my face with my hat.
"Sorry, I guess I was letting my imagination get the best of me…"


I chuckle and take away your hat, putting it on your head again.
"That is quite alright. You are adorable when you get excited."


The look outside.
"My goodness, look at the time, I suppose I should get going."


"As should I."
Get up and walk for the door.
"Make sure to not forget to have fun tonight, Selena. That is what it is all about."


"I'll keep it in mind."


Sit on the deck, watching that horrid mist clear up.


Trot over, I've never seen you before.
"…Hello. Are you new?"


Turn my head to look at you
"None of us are strangers in the eyes of nature, but yes, I am new among the crew of this fleet."


"Ah, I thought so, I've never seen you before.
You don't look like a Annievian though….are you from Saddle-Arabia?"


Glare at you intensely from behind my wall of cloth
"I come from the Apple Emirates. Anneiv is a city of music and I've enjoyed my stay here, but the time has come for me to leave it behind. I crave to be surrounded by nature again."


"Ah, I'm sorry. I've never met a pony from the Apple Emirates before. I'm Selena, what's your name?"



"My name is Pardis bint Baharak al-Donya. I don't expect Equestrians to remember it, so you may call me Earthern Paradise. A rough translation."


"Pleasure to meet you.
Should I show you around?"


"Perhaps. What function do you serve here, Selena?"


"I'm an alchemist."


Hidden grin.
"A respected trade. Are you alone in your function?"


"Aloe helps me a bit, but I'm the main alchemist."


Wait… how pregnant are you again?
"Perhaps we will work together some day then. Healing techniques are my specialty"


Visibly pregnant.
I grin.
"Really? I make some healing potions myself. How do you make yours?"


"With nature's blessing. Though I do not use potions."


"Do you know a lot about plants? You'll like Ciddir then, he loves plants!"


I nod.
"I speak to and understand plants and animals alike. These ships don't have much in the way of either, but it matters not."


"That might change, I've been petitioning to install a herbal garden on board of one of the ships actually."


"That sounds like a large investment. I do not know how long I will linger on the ships. As for this 'Ciddir', I have been told about him already. Deer are a rare sight."


"Aaaw, I hope you stay a while."
Hug you


Just extend a hoof as you come closer and keep you from coming too close.
"You seem amiable. Friendlier than the other pegasus I met."


"Was it a green pegasus?"


"With a pink mane. You must know her too then. She seems arrogant."


"She can be…it takes a while to get used to her. Don't let her get under your skin."


"She seems very masculine for a mare."


I chuckle.
"Yes, she kinda is."


"Many stallions do not appreciate that behavior. She's very lewd."


"She's not…interested in stallions."


"Truly? She would be shunned where I come from. That sort of practice is considered unnatural and sinful."


"I don't think Emmy has ever been in the Apple Emirates so she's lucky in that regard."
I giggle.


"She is lucky. Or perhaps wise enough to avoid it."


"Wise….you really don't know her…"


"It doesn't sadden me, that I don't know her."
Look at your belly.
"Life always finds a way. A miracle of nature."


I chuckle and rub my belly for a second.
"Ponies said many things to me, but they haven't called it a miracle yet."


"The circle of life is a fascinating aspect of nature. Death is mourned, life is celebrated."
Extend a hoof towards your belly.
"May I?"


Look a bit uneasy, but nod.
Keep a close eye on what you do


Just place a hoof on it and keep it there for a moment, then retract it again.
"They are healthy. You must be happy."


"You can just feel that like that?!?"
Look amazed.


"The movement inside is a good indicator. My people are experienced with this sort of thing. Our families are… big. Very big."


"Is it true stallions have more than one mare there?"


"Yes. I have seen stallions with six legal wives before."


"Six? Wow…don't the mares feel bad about that?"


What a wonderful day to go see the town.


Yes indeed.
First thing on my list, I'll go see if I can't find some restaurant.


I believe the last thing I mentioned was seeing the commodore at the helm of the ship. If he's still there.


Shake my head.
"It is our way of life. We respect our traditions. That is to say, most of us do and are content. I have no husband, but I am still young and devoted to nature instead."


"And those clothes? Do Emirate mares have to wear them too? I can hardly see your face…"


So it is. I believe we were headed for the Heap?


This was quite the happening.
Let's get up and… Go to the cap.


Music fills the streets as you walk along them. You are on Hauptstrasse. To your left is Lebenstrasse. To your right is Weissstrasse.


Winston directs you down Weissstrasse past the collective of lodging accommodations and booths fishing for tourists, to the gates of the city.

"It's outside of the city, but not far."

Captain of the Seaworthy, that would be Captain September.

Yes, indeed. He's only near it, however, discussing. No one is manning the helm, as you are docked.


Discussing with whom? I can stand off to the side if he's deep in conversation.


"They do. Does it bother you? I'm not hiding anything. It's customary and I enjoy the cover it provides."


Yep. Just her.
"May I, cap?"


I think I fell asleep sandwiched between Rosemary and Wark last time.


"Speak? Freely, I would hope. Not much point in being non-military if we're going to stand on principle."


Where to?

You don't know him, probably. One Mellow Marsh, a pegasus.


Beautiful music.
I should ask somepony.
Ask around for a good restaurant.

"It's fine. I just…wonder what you look like."


Well, I can wait until they're done, at least. No sense interrupting fleet business since I'm not technically hired on yet. Want to make a good impression.


"I don't mind. Those streets can be a bit convoluted."
Smirk at him.
"Not even a hint what this Heap is?"


Make sure my beer has arrived.

If so, I'm going shopping.


Smile and enter.
"It's actually a visit regarding… Fun.
I was attacked by the mysterious assassin in the fog two nights ago.
Turns out it's a group of ponies. And they die quite easily, at that."


There are a number of ponies around going about their business. An elderly pony working a stall, the port authority is nearby, the streets themselves crowded with multicultural ponies just as likely to be misguided tourists as you, and a member of the guard on the corner, keeping an eye on Winston and Hircus as they head down Weissstrasse.

Sprichen Sie Germane?

The wait is not a long one. Near by, you hear the distinctive tune of a pianoforte playing.


He raises a brow. "Do you have any guesses from the name?"

You exit the city without incident, and he guides you off the road along the outer wall of the city.

It has. Where to?

She's presently on deck, not in her room. Sorry, that should've been made clear.



I grin from behind my covers.
"I'm sorry to keep you in the dark, Selena. I'm flattered you care so much though."


B-but Germane is so close to Equestria, s-surely they know Equestrian here?


Huh. Wonder who's playing today?
I'll clear my throat.
"Pardon me, Commodore?"


Clothing store first. I want to buy a hat. Bolt is probably trailing me again, isn't she? Wark and Rosemary can come too. Maybe Who as well if he feels like it!


"A murderer, more precisely.
Hunts mares in the night.
Didn't you hear the story from the crew?
It's becoming increasingly popular."


Think for a moment.
"…A pile of discarded parts and machine pieces?"


Perhaps go and meet Topaz.today.


Germaney is part of Equestria, though in many cultural centers it is hard to let go.

"Yes? Is it about the delivery? They're on their way."

Unless you went to get her, she's not with you. Not in sight, anyway.

The other three come with you.

"I've been busy with fleet affairs lately. Popular murderers? Some country this is."

This is pre-interchangeable parts era.

"Not really. It's an acid waste. A slag heap, mostly chemical runoff from the alchemy laboratories here. A sight worth seeing, I think."

You come around the circumference of the wall such that the waste comes into view. Great cairns of cracked rock and rusted metal lay here. In places, the ground glows faintly, and there is no grass. There are pools that emit acrid odors and faint trails of smoke.

"Less pretty than the rainbow factories, hm?"


Her room is locked and the light is off. She must be elsewhere, but where?


…I did not count on that.
Ask around for somepony who speaks equestrian '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"No sir, I was looking for work. You wouldn't happen to need a musician on-board?"


I'll get her. No sense in her skulking around in the shadows like some creepy stalker.


Perhaps lets go and ask Cloudy or is it Cloudheads her name?


I already told you who you see!

There are a number of ponies around going about their business. An elderly pony working a stall, the port authority is nearby, the streets themselves crowded with multicultural ponies just as likely to be misguided tourists as you, and a member of the guard on the corner, keeping an eye on Winston and Hircus as they head down Weissstrasse.


"Infamous, to better say.
They are the reason nopony roams at night, braving the fog of the local cloud factories.
I was thinking, this seems like a wonderful idea for…
Letting some of the more unstable elements of the crew loose. There are a few amongst the raiders who are itching for a fight.
And from what I've seen, there's no harm done in killing these things, even their bodies are gone by dawn, which, truth be told, intrigues me."


"Of course they hide the nastier bits someplace most won't see."
Wrinkle my nose a bit at the smell.
" Still, it has a sort of ominous beauty to it."


"Do you still want that tour?"

Surely a guard knows.
I walk up to the guard.
"Excuse me, sir."


"Yes if you please."
but not today. goodnight


"Hm… I just signed a musician. Do you sail? Carpent? Treat wounds? Man cannons? Fight? Have you a reference?"

She's not in the post office. Who knows where she is. Possibly following you, but if that's the case, she doesn't show it.

Cloudy Stripes, or Cloud Clearer?

"Why look for a fight where there is none?"

"This sort of environment – it's not natural. There are very few places in the world like this. Some animals can only survive in this environment – they've adapted to it. There are moths and spiders that can only live in Anneiv and around it. Fascinating. I think a lot of travelers only appreciate natural beauty, or the beauty of architecture, but… there's a barren glory here."



"Do you know where I can find some restaurants around here?"


"Not all ponies can live a life still, even for a few days.
I could round up the likes of them and take them on a little hunting trip."


That goddamn horse!

Fine. Time to hit the shops then. I'm hunting for a widely brimmed hat with a big fancy plume attached to it.


Bones of the sea! What horrid luck.
"All I've got to me is my songs, though they're practically magical in effect. Flowing Tree can vouch for that. If I can't join as crew, perhaps you might be open to taking passengers?"


Ah Cloud clearer go and ask her if she has seen Ms. Topaz.
Also how is the state of the fleet? Good I hope.


"Stuff lives here?"
Stare at it with a new appreciation.
"Nature truly is amazing…"


He looks lost at first, until you say the word 'restaurant'.

"Mein Equestrian ist nicht gut, aber suchen Sie auf dem Lebenstrasse."

He gestures to the right.

"What you do on shore leave is your business, but don't attract the city guard. It doesn't sound like they're very active at night anyway."

Where to? Selena is nearby, plump with child. She's asking directions from a guard.

"Well, our course is mostly set, so unless you're headed out our way it won't be of much help. Why not bring Mr. Tree by?"

Yes, fine shape.

Cloud Clearer is in the hold, sweeping with the wrong end of the broom. She tries give you a muffled greeting.

"Yes, the moths that live in this city are thickly coated with lead from the cloud factories. There are spiders here that eat them and spin webs of real silver. No other place in the world has this phenomenon, because moths and spiders do not live in the clouds."


"Thank you."
Lousy Germanes. They're part of Equestria, the least they could do is learn the language!
Go into the Lebenstrasse.


"You see, I came here to ask if I would be allowed to take volunteers to shore. At night, during the fog, of course."


"Anywhere that's away from here is fine by me, commodore."
I'll nod.
"I'll see if I can find him, though I've no idea where he's gone."


"Miss Springleaf. Looking for something?"


"Silk woven of real silver? That sounds like something that would be pretty popular. Has anyone capitalized on it?"


"Oh heya Light. I was looking for a restaurant. Hopefully one where I can pick up a meal for tonight."


There is a fine bakery here on the corner. Indeed, most of the street is filled with carts and stands of fresh food, and restaurants besides.

"If you've a mind to, I don't think anyone will stop you. You'll find most of our menials are cravens, though."


"Ah… do you need aid with the translations?"


"Yes! Yes, please!"


"That's what the Seaworthy is for."
Smirk, and bow my head slightly.
"I will see you around, captain."

So. Most of the Seaworthy's crew is made of raiders, right?


I huffed.
"You're using the wrong end of the broom." I righted the broom from her hoof.


"Well, lead the way then."


"We should tart by finding a good salad to buy. And lots of it."
Point to the bakery. "And there we can find dessert."


"Of course. And the peanut butter…?"

Turn to my followers.
"If you wish to go about your own business, go ahead."


"I'll ask the baker if he can't make a desert with peanut butter! Do you think they'll have peanut butter there?"


"Well… perhaps so? Only way to know is by asking."


"He's usually flitting about Forever September, captain of the Seaworthy. He might be sweet on her, or maybe just thirsty for a promotion."

"Spiders are difficult to domesticate, I'd guess. But… I don't imagine it would be impossible. They do have silk gardens in Neighpon, so why not here? You'd have to ask an expert on the local customs, I imagine. The beer gardens had my attention the most, last time I came."

The Seaworthy boasts a relatively small crew compared to the massive Darklantern, but it is larger than that of the Sirocco. At a crew size of 80, most of the crew is comprised of support staff. It hosts the majority of the reserve raiding corps, whereas the Darklantern hosts the majority of what most fleets would consider their fighting men, gunners.

"Oh… wait, I thought the scraping sound was a good noise?"

Rosemary shrugs. Wark offers: "I'm off ta look fer Flowing. Care ta come."

Rosemary finally decides to return with him to the ships. She's seeming more independent lately.

Who lingers with you, and ultimately settles into Selena's mane.


"And the Seaworthy is… which ship?"


"Right. The corvette, one over. The one that's stockier than that cutter beyond it. I think I can see September from here at the helm, and yes, that may be Flowing with her."


I just chuckle sadly, how is she able to survive in this kind of world? Lady luck may has been watching out for this one.
"No it is not, also dont forget to dispose the waste on the sea, aye?" I pat her head.
"Say have you seen Ms. Topaz?"


Well, let's hit the bakery. Selena wants some sweets for her sweet.


Bah, gunners.
Anyone amongst the raiders interested in joining me on this little hunt?


"Mmm, let's go in first then. They'll probably have to make it."

"Hello mister Who, I say as he settles in."
Go into the bakery.


"Hmn… maybe we could catch one, and I could see if I can figure something out…"
Any silver webs nearby? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Thanks kindly. I'll return with him if he's not to busy to speak for a jenny."
And it's off to the Seaworthy.


Guess I notice you come my way!


>"Hello mister Who" I say as he settles in.


She laughs at you. "Silly, I would see one if it was here in all the dust. How could anyone miss a topaz?"

It's here on the corner, and staffed by a stocky and smartly dressed stallion.

That you will have to ask, though a great deal of them are likely on shore leave, as much like you they are free to do as they please when not in battle. It might be easier to organize once they've returned for the evening.

Wark and Rosemary arrive. September gives Wark a grim smile and raises a brow mockingly. Wark rolls his eyes and puffs out his cheeks before blowing his breath.

He gives you a friendly wink.

None that are obvious. "Well, maybe if you knew someone who is good with animals it would go easier."


The place suddenly became crowded.


Approach the counter.
"Good day sir, do you speak Equestrian? My friend is not versed in the Germaneic language."


Is that emphasis from you or him?
I don't understand why he'd be huffy if he never gave indication he was good with animals.


I'll wave a bit.
"Seems I've the ill luck of being the second musician to come looking for work today. I'll need you to speak for me if I expect any real consideration."


Wink back.
Wait for LH to speak.


"I do."

From me, not him. I think I always use bold for me, and never for NPCs.


"Oh. I'm sure the first has really nothing on you, Cation."
Smile at her.


He's speaking to a jenny, Forever September. Two more donkeys are here, Mocking Wark and Rosemary. What a crowded donk place.


I just chuckle as I huff tirely as I look at her with tired stare.
"You really remind me of someone close to me you know? Good thing he is fine and all but you…? " I scratch my head.

"Also, I mean Ms. Topaz, the goldsmith and not a literal Topaz Ms Cloud." I smile sadly.


"Aside from getting here faster."
I'll look at the assembled crowd.
"So, what are you all doing here?"
So many donks. I guess I don't have to worry about being an odd ass out.


"Ah sir I'd like to order a cake. Made with peanut butter."


I smile.
"Wonderful. My friend has a unique request."


Waaaaait a minute.
"Who is the newcomer?"
"Planning for the evening."


"Oh, I see. I'm not really sure who that is, sorry! He he. You're funny."

"Bit of an odd combination, but we can do that."

Wark raises an inquisitive brow. Forever September takes this opportunity to be the one to roll her eyes.

I told you they arrived before!



I didn't realize Rosemary was a donk!


"The evening?"
"Am I missing something?"


I smile as I scratch my head.
"Aye, thanks for that little one, I rarely get any praise from anyone." I then pat her head.
"Now be careful now. I'll be sad if you get hurt alright." I then head out and look around.


"I plan of stepping ashore as soon as the fog falls again."


"One scuffle with those loonies not do it for you?"


I suppose for faff purposes I'm back at the ship or something.


"Not nearly.
I want to secure a body this time."


"And who's going to be the bait? I daresay I don't relish the idea of drawing their attention again."


Smile, and bump her side with an elbow.
"I can just see the fighting spirit in your eyes instead!"


I'll just roll my eyes.
"Aye, of course you do. I'm not gettin' out o' this, am I?"


"That's the spirit!
And don't worry, it won't be just the two of us tonight. You might even get some of the glory!"


"Would they even attack such a big group? And wouldn't we lose each other in the fog?"


"That's what I'm gonna work on right now actually."


"Well, I'll just listen in, then."


"Would you like to take a tour of town with me, then?"


"Well, I've not else to do until you call me in for that dance, and that talk with the commodore."
I'll flick an ear.
"Speaking of, that wee friend of yours, the fae critter, nearly grilled me alive for details about that."


"About… What?"


"The dance, you great oaf. Wee thing was jealous enough of whoever you've got in mind for that dance to interrogate random strangers."
I'll chuckle a little.
"She's obvious as anything, that wee fae."


Anyway, it might only take place once we are at sea, so you can relax."




I'll start at the Sirocco.
"This is the Sirocco."


"Do you want to see my lab?"


Like Forever September, she doesn't have an accent.

Wark: "Eh? Oh, tha's Rosemary."

Rosemary waggles her long ears at you.


It was the morning, right?


"I'd like it done by tonight."



"It'll be ready in a couple of hours."


"Okay, thank you.
How much will that cost me?"




Visit Cloudy and Abilio!
Enter without knocking.


"That would be educative, yes."


Open up my lab.
It's full of erlenmeyers and pots and potions.
Some plants are near the window as well as a pseudopod


Only Cloudy is here. Abilio must be on deck.

She glances her blind eyes up from her star charts. You wonder in passing if her ears hear better when pointed directly at the speaker.

"Vierzig, er, forty bits."


Give that part of my bits.


I mean of my doubloon.


Try to mock the voice of Abilio.
"Cloudy, I am home now. Let's do it, and I will leave my tricorne on."

Roll #1 8 = 8


So, where to next?


Glance at the plants, then at the creature.
"That one is unusual."


Before currency was replaced with paper money, it was customary to simply cut gold into pieces, which was easy because of its soft nature. People also checked for the veracity of gold by biting it: harder minerals would not leave as noticeable impressions. To this day, we find gold loot mostly in pieces as it was chopped up on the fly for trade.

He accepts your gold and runs it over a scale. "Come pick it up in a couple hours."

"That's a bad impression. Also Abilio doesn't have wings, Emrille."

Ask Winston!

To save some time, you do. "Well, I had planned to visit the Beer Gardens again. Would you like to come?"


The creeping pseudopod lichen shifts.


Approach it. What is this thing exactly? Am I familiar with it?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well, where to next then?"


"Certainly! You always seem to take me to interesting places."
To the booze garden!


"Huh? That's Sunny. He's a pseudopod."

Walk over to Sunny and poke him.
"Come on Sunny, say hi to our new friend."

Good to know.
Time to leave and find somepony who can make some good salad.
I'll look at what the carts are selling.


"It was a good one! And yeah, he also has a dick shaped bone on his head, so I don't envy him."


"Let's see what they have on those carts."


File: 1403980817405.jpg (3.42 MB, 2128x3264, Lichen-covered_tree,_Tresc….jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

You're not familiar with it, this is a very exotic creature. It looks like some sort of plant or… something. Maybe an animal covered in plants?

It clearly has four legs and no obvious 'head'. It's very fuzzy (picture) and is warm. It's about as tall as an end-table and currently settled on a pile of leaves.

It's a short trip back to the road, and then he heads further down. "It's a little bit of a walk, the beer gardens are situated outside of the city."

2many timezones

"You certainly seem to have a fixation on phallic imagery."


Lets get felix, and go into town to look around.


I'll focus on my search for the perfect salad.


"A lot of things look like fannies too."


Eye it studiously.
"Curious… I am unfamiliar with this species. What can you tell me about it?"


"Uh….actually I still wanted to bring him to a specialist here in Anneiv to find out.
Uh…he likes to eat plants, and he likes the Sun, like a lot. That's why I call him Sunny."


"Hi, Sis. Did you have fun on your playdate?"

There are only asparagus stands and fried onion stands.

"I'm only making an observation."


This is the shopping district, right?


"I bet you observe my ass a lot too. I know you keep copping a feel all the time."


"Perhaps some of the restaurants are willing to prepare something?"


"A plant eating plant creature? Where did you find Sunny?"


"I suspect you stare more than I do."

Not really. This is Lebenstrasse.


"Of course they are; with those factories, i don't think much could grow in that city."
Sigh and rub against him.
"Thanks for letting me tag along. This is much more fun than aimlessly wandering the streets."


"Perhaps so. Shall we?"


"Well, not at yours. I mean, sometimes, but hey, it's uh… platonic, I guess?"


Giggle a bit and ruffle her mane. "You know felix. We should have an adventure. I'm dying to know about the fog, aren't you?"


He gives you a playful bump in return.

"Well, the clouds themselves are safe. It's the chemical runoff from the alchemic labs that caused the Heap."

She chuckles.

"What did you need, anyway?"


"He just showed up here one day. Ciddir says he must have been hiding somewhere in the ship. Gave us all quite a fright at first. But he's a very good boy."
Scratch Sunny's back.

I'll go inside one of the restaurants.


Walk up to her and nuzzle her neck.
"Aaaaaaaactually… Yesterday I was in the shopping district…"


"I see. Perhaps I should seek out this Ciddir I've heard so much about and ask him for more. Where can I find him?"


"Uh, okay. It was a little scary, but as long as we look around at daytime it should be okay…"

There are a selection of bread and cabbage restaurants. Sauerkraut and brot seem to be popular here. There are also a few meat restaurants, which is probably to be expected in any multicultural city.

She gives you a little hug.

"Shopping district? I haven't had the chance to stop there."


I'll give you directions to his cabin.


"Sauwerkrowt. Do you know what that is Light?"


"Great! You could come with me then!
I could show you the talking gun I'd really like that I saw."

Hint Hint


"Well.. if you're really scared we could try to find some more ponies to go along."


She prods you. "You can't show me anything."

"I think it'll be okay as long as we get back before dark."


"There is no Equestrian term, I'm afraid. It is a type of fermented cabbage. Hence the name 'sour cabbage'. I hear it is very popular around here."


"Hmmm. Is it tasty?"


I'll go find this Ciddir at last then. See what the fuss is about.


"Lets not waste anymore time then. Off to Adventure!" I say holding my gold plated bolt as a pointer ahead.


Roll my eyes.
"I rolled my eyes. Y'know what I meant."


"Well, tastes differ. I ate it once and found it to be quite tasty."


"I see. Still…"
Chuckle and jog on ahead.
"So, after this, do you know anyplace in town to find information? This golden apple I've found has been bugging me for a while, and nobody seems to know where it comes from."


"Hmmm. I wonder. Maybe I can ask the chef for a little taste. We should ask if we can order something for tonight."


"As you wish."


Ciddir's door perpetually hangs open. The buck is on his bed, but he glances up when you approach.

She picks you up and dresses you before heading off the ships.

"Okay, which way, sis?"

She gently strokes your hair from her position.

"Well, maybe I could go have a hear."

"Well, if you're looking for information, there's really no better place than the Zwischenplatz."

Up ahead, there are great, ornate gates to the Beer Gardens. They're made of winding, decorative metal that looks more fancy than secure. The walls proper are simple brick and no more than six feet.

"We could get a tour, although I think if you just want to take a look, it would be easier to jump the fence."


I'll talk to the maitre d'
"Hello, do you speak Equestrian?"


"Uh.. can you read any of these signs?"
Look at the sign. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"We never really went shopping together anyway, Mommy."


"I'm not one for asking permission anyway, especially with these locals."
Smirk at him, wiggling my rump before jumping over the fence. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I don't reckon I've ever seen a deer before. Look him over for a moment, then make eye contact.
"You must be the one they call Ciddir."


I missed your post.
So I think someone wanted to talk to me?


This is not Prance!

You find the host. "Yes?"

There aren't signs except for street directions. Felix sounds them out.

"Left, Lebenstrabe. Right, Weissstrabe. We're on Hauptstrabe."

She doesn't realize that ß is not B.

"I don't think I can carry you at your age."

"Try not to rise too much to their expectations."

You put too much effort into waggling your rump and fall onto it. He offers you a hoof. "You alright?"


He returns your gaze unflinching.

Wark arrived. Rosemary replied to you.


"It's okay… but you could pay for my stuff!"


It's a universal term.
"I was wondering if your restaurant could prepare a meal to take away?
I'm having a romantic dinner at home."


I can't see that reply though!


"Y-yeah…" accept his hoof and get up, blushing a bit.
"Heh… Oops."


I won't avert my own gaze.
"The goat Hircus told me about you. As did your pegasus friend Selena. You are familiar with Selena's plant creature?"


"Well, that's better than I did anyway."
"I think that Weisstrabe was the bar.. and Lebenstrabe was the delis.. so then lets try going further down Weisstrabe,"
To the right!


They all know Equestrian!
"If not, would you be so kind as to point us toward a traiteur that does?"


If you want to do something else, feel free.
After this I'm going shopping for a dressand socks


"You have your own money. And a lot of it, too!"

"A meal is not, as you say, romantic, so much if it is not fresh and the atmosphere right. It would be possible, if you insist."

Wark: "Well, half've my question's answered. I was here ta ask abou' tha fight las' night."

Up you go. "Come on now, I'll help pull you up the wall."

He hops up and offers you a hoof again.

"Only half."

You follow Weißstraße all the way to the end, past all the inns and bars. At the end you locate the gates to the city.


'1d10' appraise the gates for anything suspicous.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"B-But… I thought you loved me…"


"Well sure, what else would you want to know?"
I don't remember the description you gave me of our assailants.





"Can you share your knowledge with me? It's intriguing to me. Never before have I seen such a creature."


"I'd like to come pick it up at the last moment. Say, 20 minutes before the fog starts rolling in, to make sure it's as fresh as possible.
My friend here tells me Sauwerkrowt is really delicious. Would it make for a good romantic meal?"


She gives you a tight hug. "Shhh. It's okay. I'll do something better. I'll make dinner tonight."

These are large, wooden gates to the city. There is nothing suspicious about them. They are guarded by the city watch but ponies are walking through freely.

"Jus' concerned abou' tha security o' tha fleet."

"Where I lived, we occasionally saw its kind in the woods. It are rare. It is a type of lichen that walks."

"Any food is romantic having the proper atmosphere meine Frau."


Hug her back.
"But that talking weapon… I thought you could get it for me, since you all forgot my birthday!"


"Okay. Lets go talk to a guard. They look pretty bored anyway. Try to get their attention so we can ask about the fog." I smile a bit.


Wiggle a bit.
"But I've never tasted sowerkowt before, so I don't know if it would agree with me."


"Well it's fun, really.
These ponies came out of nowhere, with faces more akin to trash cans than anything else, and attacked me and Cation here with meat hooks, of all things.
They are extremely weak though.
I was carving through them like cake.
But they have strength in numbers."


Accept his hoof, looki,g down and muttering.
"I feel like I shouldn't need help just getting over a stpid wall… Guess I'm really out of shape…"


"Fungi are not usually capable of that. Is it both animal and fungi? Two kingdoms in one?"


"Would you be opposed to letting the Fraulein sample some, sir?"


She raises a brow. "I remember that you told me that you can't remember your birthday."

She starts tapping a guard. It takes a few switches to find one who speaks clear Equestrian.


"What should I ask?"

"Hm, very good then. Table six."

"Fun? Ach."

He chuckles. "You know, in some cultures, they like their females plump and out of shape."

"Lichen is half fungus. Lichen is a symbiosis between fungus and plant."


I go sit down at table six.
"Wow isn't this exciting, Light?"
I wobble on my chair.


"Uh… I remembered?"


"Ask where the fog comes from, and why no one clears it away."


"If you don't mind a few injuries here and there.
I had half a mind to setup a hunting trip for the night."


I chuckle.
"Try to behave, Selena."


Scrunch at him.
"Are you calling me fat?"


She looks a little more cheerful. "Maybe your memory IS coming back… I had hoped that those things you said when you were drunk would stick with you and help you start to remember your past."

"Where's all that fog coming from? Shouldn't somepony get rid of it?"

"It comes from the cloud factories – they're big alchemy labs. They only run at night by city law to stop the streets from being filled by day."

"Mm. How'll ye navigate the fog?"

A waiter brings you a little bowl with some Sauerkraut inside. Selena has to sit a few inches back from the table due to her belly size.

He sticks his tongue out at you.

"Not at all. My statement was entirely unrelated."


Sniff it then take a little bite.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yeah, so aside from that gun you are going to buy me, you could get me booze!"


"What about the ponies who take advantage of it and do crimes?"


"I'm planning on mapping some areas of town right now that the day has just begun, and delimit a hunting perimeter."



"You didn't even say what day your birthday falls on!"

"Don't ponies commit crimes at night?"

The guardpony shakes his head. "No crimes at night. Too cloudy, everypony goes home. There is a patrol nonetheless."

"Day won' las' ferever. Ya might be quick abou' it."


"That's why it likes the sun… photosynthesis. I understand. I did not expect it to produce enough energy to move around."


Give him an angry shove. "Jerk."
At least I know my time on the streets left me skinny as a rail… Right? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"bah, useless. They are clueless. Ask if the cloud factory gives tours."


Wave a hoof.
"The point is, it passed and you didn't get me a present."


Nom nom nom.
"That's not bad.
What do you think Light?
Will Face like it?"


In theory, it's still early as fuck morning for me.
"Of course.
I will catch most of the raiders tonight as they come back from shore leave and offer them the chance.
Will you be joining us?"


"Hard to say… As I said, tastes differ. I would go for it."


"Uh….Can I eat the rest? I'm hungry."


"I expect you like jerks, being a pirate."

"Can we see inside a factory?"

"Maybe…. most are closed in the day, but you should have a look about Kamingasse."

"Wait, that wasn't an answer, still!"

I avoid time splits whenever possible. It's about noontime.

"Maybe. I'll see how tha dice land."


"Does it matter?"


"It has a complex vascular system based on water pressure."


"Well, yeah! How else would we know when to celebrate? Why are you being so evasive?"


"what's he talking about?"


"No reason… uh, we'll talk about the celebration next year?"


"Go ahead. The rest you can place an order for."


"What's that?"

"It's a street. Just follow Hauptstraße north until you see a sign for it."

"Are you trying to make me forget it twice?"


That's kinda horrible if I have to do something which takes lots of replies but is relatively quick IC, like talking.
"Very well."

And then I'm off to shore with pen and paper.


"…okay, fine, I didn't actually remember it."


"Oh, Okay. lets go check it out. Remember to thank him!"


Nom nom nom.
"It's not me, it's the babies."

Call to the germane maitre d'
"It's really delicious. I'd like to order enough for two ponies please."


"Hmnph." Hop on down to the gardens.
"I don't need to respond to that."


"That does sound complex. Why did it come on board these ships?"


But then you can do something relatively long very quickly, like mapping.

She ruffles your mane. "You really are a filly sometimes, hm? I suppose it's good practice."

She glances at her belly, where there is a noticeable bulge. "By the end of the week, when we leave Anneiv, I'll be as big as Selena."

"Bye! Thanks!"

She follows his directions to Kamingasse. This street is narrow and crowded with industrial buildings. Most are dark and empty.

"Very good then. Eighteen bits."

"Because it goes without saying?"

He gives you a playful smile.

"That I am unaware of."


"Now this looks more like a place for an adventure.." '1d10' look around for anything that stands out.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just the perfect trade I was thinking about.
Let's make a map one square km large. Then, let's go buy some cheap candles.
There is such a thing as cheap candles, right?


"I will try to speak to it myself then. Thanks for the information."



Hoof over a piece of doubloon worth 20 bits.
"I'll pick it up tonight."
Turn to LH.
"You wanna go find a dress?"


"Now that would be lovely."
I smirk.
"I would love to buy a hat as well, I feel as if I require one to protect me from the sun."


"I bet you will forget all about me and will never want to talk to me once your kid is born."


Grr… He's going to regret teasing me like this… Well, maybe not really, but he's going to get a surprise.
Look around; how private is this section of the garden?
"You like provoking me, don't you, Winston?"


"Okay, let's go."


The third from the end on the left doesn't look closed yet, though it's clearly not producing clouds. It might be a spot to start.

Only the market district can say for sure. There's a shop called Wicks and Sticks in the 'mall' that sells twelve packs for twelve bits.

"I do not believe it has a mouth."

"They do say having a foal changes everything… But I'm sure you'll visit often enough. You'd ought watch your tongue around the baby…"

You don't see anyone, but the plants are quite obscuring.

Speaking of plants, this is nothing like any beer garden you've ever seen. For one, there aren't revelers here drinking. They're growing large, pitcher-like flowers. Glancing inside of one you notice that it's full to the brim… with beer! This is literally a beer garden – they're growing alcohol with plants!


"I've been told most goats are provocative."


"Yeah, because a fucking baby can't speak but knows what swearing is."


Is there a window to peak inside of there?


Smile behind my wall of carpets
"Not many plants do, but they still speak to me."


Pretty good. Buy four packs.


Let's find the shopping district.

The shoppingstrasse.


"Babies learn the words that they hear the most. That's why so many foals learn 'mama'. Because it's repeated."

There are a few, but Felix is too short. She holds you up over her head but you're still not quite there.

"If you say."


You don't see any streets named Kaufenstraße or even Verkaufenstraße.

Head left to Weißstraße or right to Zauberstraße?



The Weissstrasse sounds fun.


"I do. Farewell."
Time to speak to the lichen itself, I'm going back to the lab.


Perfect… Take a sip and pass him some.
"Well, perhaps you should be more careful around me… After all, with how hidden we are here… Who knows what I might do to you."


'1d10' lets not be silly, i have wings. I'll just fly up to the window and look.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Would you be mad if your foal learned a first word from me?"


After the first night in Anniev, I go and visit that butch dyke.


If it's morning, you woke me up from sleep so I'm probably in a bad mood


I meant the night!


Then I'm on duty and keeping watch.
"This fucking fog…"


Land beside you.
"Yeah, make sure not to crash the ship while we are docked. Why don't you just take the night off?"


"I don't want any of these sauerkraut munching cunts trying to steal my ship or anything attached to it."


"I doubt they'd find it like this anyway."


"I'd rather not risk it. I got no crew, everything on this ship is my responsibility."


Brush up against your side.
"Just get a menial from another ship or something!"


"Those horndogs wouldn't pay enough attention. They'd be too busy rubbing one out for the night."


"Yeah, but if you're here, how are you going to rub me all night?"


"Guess I won't be. I'm sure you and your hooves can find something to do."


"Yeah, but doing you is so much better!"
"Can't you even take a little break?"


"When morning comes."


"So will I?"


I smirk.


Hop up in excitement with a flap of my wings.
"Oh, shit, by the way, guess what I saw!"


"Either a big pile of gold, a beautiful mare or a fancy gun judging by your excitement."


"I wish I saw the first two, but it was the latter!"
Smirk and hop again.
"A gun that can fucking talk! It has a name and everything!"


"Are you high, drunk or both?"


Shake my head.
"I'm telling you! It was called Archimedes or something and it could talk!"


Give her a deadpan look


Stomp a hoof.
"It's fucking there! There was this big building with floors upon floors of shop, and it was in a gun store called Little Shop of Horrors!"


"Alright alright, no need to act like a foal about it. A talking gun. I believe you."


"I'll get Abilio or Cloudy to buy it for me."


"They're just your cashcows then, huh?"


"Nah, they treated me to dinner the other day. You should join us sometimes too. And then I got drunk and uh…"
Frown a bit.
"Weird shit happened."


Cock a brow
"What kind of shit? Did you do something smart?"


"…they said I started talking in Germane."


I snort, then start laughing.
"Holy shit, you did do something smart while drunk. That's beautiful. But I didn't know you spoke Germane?"


Bite my lip.
"Neither did I, but Abilio said it wasn't gibberish. The things I said made sense."


"Well you must have learned it somewhere. You don't just accidentally learn a language and then forget about it."


"I definitely didn't learn it while I was with you, that's for sure."


Well? Don't you remember?


"I don't remember ever learning it! Where the fuck would I have even do that? Or when?"


"Maybe you forgot it after banging your head against something one too many times."


"It would have knocked my hat off, so I'd have noticed."


"As a kid then."


"I was preoccupied with trying not to die. Plus, you know I'm from Great Bridle."


"Guess it's a grand mystery then."


"Abilio said there might be something hidden in my brain, and we should get a shrink."


"Yeah, you better. Who knows what other fucked up shit is in that head of yours."


"Maybe it will turn out that deep down I'm a filthy dyke, huh."




Slap your ass with a wing.
"Would you be my marefriend then?"


"Someone's gotta take the hit, I guess."


"Aww, we're all very glad for your sacrifice."


"Well, is there anything else? I think it's past bedtime for you."


"I guess that's all… try not to wander out into the fog, okay? I hear there's a serial mare killer on the loose."
"Sounds like some nice bounty we can collect while we're here."


I snort.
"Like some faggot psychopath can even touch me."


Grab your head for a sloppy kiss.
"Yeah, only I can touch you~"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Alright alright, let's not get carried away. You had your goodnight kiss."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"You're one to talk!
I'll see you in the morning~"


I find you in my lab.
"Hey, how was talking to Ciddir?"


"Enlightening. He seemed more familiar with your pet than I am. I feel that in order to learn more about it, I will need to talk to it."


"You can talk to Sunny?!?"



I nod.
"It's still a plant hybrid. I can speak to and understand plants to a degree. I thought I told you about this."


"Oh wow, yes, but I didn't think about it.
That's great.
You know, Ciddir isn't the only one who venerates Nature in the fleet.
There's Face and there's Tree! I bet Tree would love to meet you."


"A tree?"


"No, Flowing Tree, he's a neighponese pony.
Come, I'll introduce him."
Open the door of the lab.


"Face and Flowing Tree. Your stallions have strange names."
Follow her when she heads outside


"What's weird about it?"
Look around for Tree


I was on the Seaworthy, just about to leave.
"Oh, Lady Selena.
And you must be…?"
Turn to the newcomer.


"Your language is weird. Your letters are strange, you read from left to right-"

Regard the newcomer with mild suspicion.
"My name is Pardis bint Baharak al-Donya. Call me Earthern Paradise."


"This is Earthern Paradise!"


"A shame, I loved the sound of your real name.
Flows on the tongue very well.
Are you a new crewmember?"


"It's a rough Equestrian translation of the most important part. And yes, yes I am. You must be Flowing Tree, the neighponese."


"Pleased to meet you.
Did Selena do my name?"


"Yes. She told me you are a venerator of nature as well."


Smile and shift closer, pleased.
"Yes, that's right.
Seems there's quite a few of us, on the fleet."


Keep a watchful eye on your movements.
"So I hear. It seems I chose the right company to travel with thanks to the goat I met."


"Hircus, was that him?"


I nod.
"I believe so."


"So, what brings you to see the world?
To travel?"


"Anneiv is a beautiful city, but it's become too dangerous to live in. Since there is not much in the way of a natural presence, I felt the time had come to explore other parts of the world."


"How did you find yourself in Anneiv, if you don't mind me asking?"


"I am a musician who was drawn to Anneiv by stories I heard of this 'city of music'. I improved my skills during my stay here."


"Another musician.
You must be the one Cation was talking about. Interesting.
And if you are even half as good as her, even more interesting!"


"Who is this Cation you speak of?"


"A girl I had the pleasure to fight alongside with last night, against the assassins in the fog."


"I don't think we've met. There are so many musicians in Anneiv, it's impossible to know them all."


"Would you humor me with some of your talent?"


"If you wish."
Put down my instrument case and open the lid, revealing my oud.
"Though free shows are usually not my style, a pony must make a living for herself too, I can play something short and simple. Have you ever heard an oud being played?"


"No, I haven't."


Pick up the instrument with my telekinesis.
"It's built similarly to a lute, but sounds different. The strings are different, which allows for a different sound to be produced."
Hit a few of the strings.


"Sounds… Interesting. Just a tiny demonstration, nothing big."


I'm playing a simple short tune. Nothing too complex so the DC isn't too high.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Must be an acquired taste, I'm sure."


Well shit. Strings broke, I guess.
"Neekni sahrawi!"
Glare at the instrument.


"Need an help with that?"


"No. A stroke of bad luck. I will repair it later."


"Town's not the friendliest place. I've got to stop by the shopping district anyway."


"I can do it myself. It will take some effort and time, but it can be done. The demonstration will have to wait."


"So be it.
Do tell me, though. What's your approach to Nature's mystery like?
I've found each devotee is different, in that."


"It would be arrogant of me to pretend to know nature's laws and workings. I can only hope to catch glimpses of it and to meditate on these when I can."


"So you don't think everything around us, even ponies, even abominations like this city, are Nature's work?"


"I didn't say that. We are all nature's children whether we like it or not. Nature created us when the world was still young. Yet nature's laws are a mystery to me, I cannot speak to nature directly like paladins can to their own 'deity'."


"None of us can, sadly."
Give her a little smile.
"But this freedom is what entices me the most about it.
Nature ill judges us."


"Perhaps. Who can tell for sure?"


"Always so insecure?"


"I don't follow."


"About your faith. You don't seem to regard it with many certainties."


"Nature works in mysterious ways. I feel it would be arrogant to make such claims."


"If nothing you have a straight philosophy."
"It's been a pleasure knowing you, Earthen Paradise."


"We will speak again, Flowing Tree."

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