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Your voyage up the river Nea continues today. The fleet expects to have a brief stop in the smaller port town of Neds before arriving in Anneiv.


Great. Is there a particular task that I've been assigned, or did they just leave us to our own devices?



A small stop will be pleasant.


As a raider, you have the luxury of not really having to do anything when not fighting. That's why you get paid on commission instead of salary.

You're well traveled, so you can roll geography to try to recall details about Neds.


>you can roll geography*
*One time



Roll #1 2 = 2


Is it a good time for Memoirs today


Great! I'll climb on up to the Crow's nest and try to get a look at this Neds place. I've never been before, so I'm a bit curious. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Uhhh uhhhh It's Germane!


From here you see the mountains in which it is situated. It's a pleasant change of scenery from the rolling plains you've grown accustomed to seeing so far on this river. There are great towers in the distance.


Is this running or is it faff?


A little of both. You're docking today in Neds.


Great! I love the mountains! Go find Winston; I bet he loves mountains too!


I yawn and wake up. Maybe today I'll finally get the chance to work with real bodies.
When will we stop her rapid growth?


He's on deck, looking restless and glancing toward the mountains.


Eh, I'll check out the town soon then.


Well… that's something I guess.


I thought you wanted more time as a kid.

You head up on deck where others, such as Winston and Hircus, are gathering in anticipation.


What's he look like?
"Hello Hircus."


"Hey there Winston! Look, mountains! I haven't seen mountains in what feels like months! Wanna go mountain climbing together later?"


"Oh, hi, Selena! How are you feeling today?"


I meant the final, involuntary growth spurt. I also never know when this is really running, just faff, or not running at all.


"Okay, I guess."


He gives you a bemused smile.

"You don't know, eh?"

A shaggy and muscular goat with a huge backpack!

Maybe after reaching Anneiv things will speed up causing rapid growth spurts, necessitating a solution.

If you want I will start Steam messaging you when I run. As a general rule, you can do your own stuff during 'faff'. Pursuing your own plot is a thing.


You guess


The Steam messages are a good idea.
I take Crux and head up to the deck.


But, if we're heading into town, I should bring my daughters. Or well, two of my daughters. The ones old enough to appreciate the change of scenery.


Selena, Hircus, and Winston have gathered here in anticipation of the landing. Selena is now large with foals and quite round.

Hircus is a female goat.

Winston is a muscular male goat.

Crux: "Cuuuuurse."

Who knows where they've scampered off to?


I can find them, I hope.

Roll #1 8 = 8


They're up on deck observing the approaching town.


I walk over to Selena and lay my head against her belly.
"Whoa! Are your foals gonna be cursed like me?"


There was a three month timeskip.

Winston is one of the new hires. He's an explorer.


Approach them from behind.
"Pretty, is it not?"


Nod to Winston.
"Who's your friend?"

Pat your head.
"You're not cursed, Fly."


Red: "S'too small to see yet!"

Grey: "It's getting closer!"

Winston remarks: "Miss Hircus is a friendly fellow. I believe she's part of the raiding corps."


Give him a questioning look.
"Don't know what?"
"You don't sound so sure…"
"Oh, this is Winston, an explorer who's with the fleet right now to see the world!"
Snort and try not to burst out laughing. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Do you want to explore it? We will have some time to."


"Pleasure to meet you, Winston."


"Neds is one of the few goat settlements in the world. Even those driven wild with wanderlust have felt themselves drawn here and even to settle down."


"I'll be the decider of that."

"I think it sounds fun!"

"I'll be the decider, I said!"

"Fine. Let's not."

"No, we're going. That's right final!"


Stare at him.
"You're kidding. You're kidding, right? Goats don't have settlements."


"I will look after you then. Neither of you speak the language."


Oh, but still. Is Winston an NPC?

I nod happily.
"Yes I am! Are we going to be killing people next time we stop? I need bodies. Lots of bodies. Does your foal have a name yet?"

I look over at the noises you start making?
"Are you dying? Can I have your body?"


"An explorer never kids. In any case, there are two old towers worth seeing there, but most of the rest of the place is rather makeshift, if you ask me. If Ciddir won't get jealous, maybe we can spend the day together: I'll show you the sights."

"Language? They right better speak ours!"



"I am certain a lot of them speak Equestrian, but still."


"I reckon they'd better!"


"Why do you need bodies?"

I guess you burst out in laughter.
"What's so funny?"

"Are you new to the fleet?"


Give her an amused smile.
"And if they do not? Then what?"


"He's not the jealous type. Besides, he spends most of the time on these ships anyway."
Rub up against his side playfully.
"I think I'd like a guided tour."
Double over and shake my hoof at them.
"J-just… Oh, man… the things kids say…"


"For practice, silly!"
I laugh.



"You mean practicing your powers right? You don't need to kill ponies for that."



"Well, I've been around a couple months. I'm can see how one might get lost in the sea of faces."

"We'll learn em!"

He gives you a playful elbow.

"Well. We'll see where the day takes us then."

You coast into port. You are now docked…


This is a great mountain pass, where the river cuts through the valley. Here, situated amongst the cliffs, from the highest peaks to the docks around the river, are various huts, shacks, cabins, and tents. It's looks like the entire town could be moved in hours, though there's a sense of permanence that pervades the air. The peaks on either side of the river feature the most prominent and non-transient structures: two enormous stone towers.


Why are both your responses to me?
"Sorry, it just… it was funny, okay?"
"Well, mister tour guide, where to first?"


"Come, let us go stretch our legs then. Anneiv will be far busier than this."
Let's get off of the ship and into town.


"Okay, if you find curses funny."

"You mean practicing your powers right? You don't need to kill ponies for that."

"Why did you join the fleet? Do you have any particular expertise?"


"Well, Belfry Capra is on this side of the river. It seems the natural first place to visit, unless you had other ideas of where you wanted to go."

You are in Lower Neds.

The well-traveled dirt roads here are heavily beaten by overuse from the local goats. There is not a scrap of grass to be seen anywhere. Indeed: even some of these shanties have teeth marks.

He gives you a look.

"Do I have an expertise? I'm injured. Yes. Of course I do."

He departs with Hircus.


Goats you say… Always thought they were strange creatures. Mostly harmless, not counting Smitts.
Is there a market?


Wow, he's hurt easily.
Guess he and Hircus fit together well.


"The Belfry Capra sounds perfect."
As we walk, I'll talk to him.
"So, what's the story behind this Belfry Capra? I doubt it's just some random tower."


I frown and think hard, then my eyes light up.
"I don't! That's right, oh this is going to be so great! I can't wait to show you what I do!"

I whistle as I look at everything.
"Dad would have loved it here. I should take him flying."


I believe i was talking to that diamond dog tailor?


There is a marketplace, but you can't make heads or tails of it. There are signs all over the place showing which way you should go, but they're all in Thieves' Romani Hobo Code Kant.

"I'm not an expert on ancient history, but I'd always assumed they were built in recognition of the fact that goats are drawn here. They've become something of a place of self-expression. In fact… we should probably get some chalk before we head up."

Crux grumbles something about the curse of being stuck on the ground.


Yes, indeed. She's awfully stylish.

"So was there something you wanted, little Fae?"


"Poor guy."

"What do you want to do today?"


"Okay. And you may not be a scholar, but I'll bet you know more than me.
What is the chalk for?"
Look for a place selling chalk! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Deer god.
Can I at least find a stall with sweets or something tasty for the kids??

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Wait, wait, I didn't mean that you should use that seal. I meant there are already some ponies who died naturally…"


"I want to see the town. Do you want to join me?"


"I would like to know, if you could make a dress i own fancier, enough for a proper date." I reply hopefully.


Fortunately, you remember a little of your Goatspeak, which is mostly the language of thieves, beggars, and wanderers.

You see signs pointing in different directions.

Left: Tourist Supplies
Straight: Food Court
Right: Entertainment

It'll be up to you to navigate these signs without any knowledge of what they mean…

(Yours are not the same as Hircus's)

Left: ??????????
Straight: ???????
Right: ????????

"Of course, darling! That's my specialty. I am a gilder, you see. I gild.


"I don't have any money to buy bodies with though."

I nod.
"Too bad you don't have wings."


Head left and look for someplace selling chalk!


Roll comprehension to read more signs!


Maybe I can just ask one of the goats. Stop one of them and speak in Germane.
"Excuse me, where would the food stands be located?"


show her the dress. "Well, what do you think?"


"Hmmm, we'll see how that goes. I'll help you."
I grin.
I'm a pegasus


It'll be so embarrassing if I have to rely on Winston for everything… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"It is, as they say, a blank slate. Ready for beautification. If you bring me gold, I can embroider it."

Oh dear. These are some obscure words.

He points down a narrow alleyway between several ramshackle stall/apartments.


man how much do i even have now?

"How much do you want?"


I could have sworn she was a unciorn.
"Oh! There they are! I didn't see them around all that foal you have inside you. Do they still work?"


Flap them.
"Of course. But don't Fly too fast."


"For a dress this small, I can make it with just a little gold. About a tenth of a doubloon."

Manako: 7.085 GD


"Okay! I need to go get dad before we leave then."
I run back to my lair and get my dad's skull, tuck it into my bag, return to the deck, and give my bag to Crux.


Oh lord.
No thanks.
"Red, Grey, how about we go see those two towers from up close?"


I'll follow you into town


He hovers on after you.


"I reckon that sounds alright."



dig into my bag and give her the gold for it.
"I'm sure it will be lovely!"


The obvious routes from here are into the residential districts, into the sprawling marketplace, or up the mountainsides where there are mines and the towers on either peak.


"Okay, I'll need some time to work, darling."


To the market.


Give them a smile. Let's go see these towers then.


"I'll check back on you in a few days, or you can send a message to the workshop, I'm usually there."


"Where do you wanna go? I wanna go flying around the mountains."

"Is there any way I can carry you with me? How heavy are you?"


"I would liek to see the market first. We can go to the mountains right after."


This place is quite large, and the 'stalls' are so ramshackle it's nigh impossible to tell one from the next.

Fortunately, there are signs everywhere.

Unfortunately, they're all in Goatspeak.

It's something of a hike up the side of the mountain. You continue for a time until Grey gets tired and requests a break.

"That's fine, darling, I think I will finish it tonight."

"A terrible burden! The curse of weight!"


"Um… Winston? Do you know where we can get some chalk?"


Too bad my goats went away.
>goats everywhere.
Make a dopple '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


He points to a large stall nearby.

"It's alright, dear. Stick close to me, This place is full of thieves. I'll pay for the chalk, too."

He puts a hoof around you and ushers you over to the stall, where he buys two big sticks of chalk.


It's too crowded for that!



"Aww. In that case I'll take my bag after we finish in the market and you can go to the boat."


Alright, we can take a break.
"Should I carry you? I could simply fly you both up there."


Give him a grin.
"Funny you should mention that… you're holding on to one."
Do I notice any other thieves nearby?
'1d10+2' +2 for Master Thief

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



"So many goats and ponies here, this is too busy for me. You want to go to the mountain, let's do that, this is too crowded for me."


After we get out of the crowd I take my bag from Crux and send him back to the ship.

Remind me how Commune works here?


"I can't wait to see it!" giggle excitedly and leave her with the dress.
Now.. uh.. find Selena.



You can commune with dead creatures to talk to them. Only works on things that could already speak (e.g.: pones)

She and Fly are on the town.

Fly is a 12-year-old Griffin who arrived on the fleet at age 8 around the time you did three months ago.

Nope! As far as you're concerned this is just a wonderful cultural mecca for goats!

"I just want to make sure you stay safe. Let's head up the mountain."

Carrying both would be something of a load. You'd need to roll for it, particularly with your heart.

"Sounds good to me!"

"I reckon I could go for that."


Oh boy, a town!


This is a great mountain pass, where the river cuts through the valley. Here, situated amongst the cliffs, from the highest peaks to the docks around the river, are various huts, shacks, cabins, and tents. It's looks like the entire town could be moved in hours, though there's a sense of permanence that pervades the air. The peaks on either side of the river feature the most prominent and non-transient structures: two enormous stone towers.

The well-traveled dirt roads here are heavily beaten by overuse from the local goats. There is not a scrap of grass to be seen anywhere. Indeed: even some of these shanties have teeth marks.

The obvious routes from here are into the residential districts, into the sprawling marketplace, or up the mountainsides where there are mines and the towers on either peak.



These two fatties!
"But then again… it may be dangerous with my heart."
Give them an apologetic smile.


The residential district.
I want to meet the locals.


I remember her, I saw her undergo a growth spurt before.
"Hey, I'm glad I caught up to you!" I say. "What are you looking for out here?"




My plan was to Commune with Seekkill's skull while flying around to sort of show off the valley, but still be able to talk with Selena.

I put a larger gryphon skull onto my head like a helmet and tie it into place with string. It doesn't fit as well as it would if I were smaller.
"Going flying."


"Hey Manako, I was thinking about looking for ingredients, but this is a little too crowded for me. Me and Fly were about to go fly to the mountain."


Red shrugs, Grey gives you puppy dog eyes.

This place seems ephemeral in construction, but you know better. Goats are notorious for their wanderlust, so it is unusual to find so many in one place.

In any case, there are a large number of one-room shantyhouses here. The fanciest of the lot are real cabins with actual solid log walls, though these are chewed up a bit from passersby. Indeed: there is no foliage in lower Neds.

The marketplace is too sprawling to simply find your way around through these gray blobs of buildings made out of refuse. The best way is to use the signs, but they're all in Goat!

Left: ????
Straight: ????
Right: ????

That's fine. It's like Telepathy.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Well fuck.
Go straight.
And fly above them, obviously.


"Well… Perhaps I can carry you while walking…"


"Oh. Have fun then.."
I look a little concerned.
"You don't like crowds Selena-chan?"


Check my moneybags, just to be safe.
"All right then, lead the way."


This place looks like it's on a big food shortage…
Which makes sense seeing how goats are not usually farmers, and don't stop around a place for long. Why would this be an exception…
Keep moving, towards the stone towers.


"Wanna come with us? Dad would think you are interesting."
I giggle.

"Oh! Do you like hunting? Misses Light Heart and Uncle Chip and I were going to try hunting eventually."


"Not right here…I don't trust it."


"Hunting…hunting what?"


I shrug.


Communing with a spirit you are very familiar with is trivial, no roll required.

Do you want me to do Seekkill, or…?

You fly above the marketplace. It is really impossible to figure out what each building and stall is selling from up here.

That seems to have cheered them up.


"I'm up front!"

You don't think you've lost anything.

He guides you through the maze of buildings and then up the sharp slope of the mountain toward Belfry Capra.

This great stone tower is covered in messages in all sorts of languages (though mostly Goat) written in chalk on the sides.

"Don't worry, it's a tradition. Everyone writes here."

The nearest tower is the one at the peak on this side of the river, Belfry Capra. Winston and Hircus are here. The base of this great stone tower is covered in messages written from visitors. Indeed: even now some write wishes for good fortune on the side.


Fly further in and land.


"Eh…I think miss Heart and Mister Chip would be better teachers for hunting."


You see more signs.



I'm going to regret this, aren't I?
Alright, we've had a moment to take a breather.
Let them embark on me so we can continue.


"Hircus, Wilson.
Drawn to the unusuality of this place?"




There are a few different shops here.

Shop 1

Shop 2

Shop 3

Onward and upward!

Flowing is interrogating Hircus and Winston here.



Shop 2 I guess.


Nah. I'm guessing Fly is well-practiced at giving a running, mental description of what she is seeing if he can't actually see through her eyes.
I look around at everything.

I shrug.
"Yeah, probably. When are we going to fly? Dad wants to get into the air."

I look at you.
"What did you say you were, again? You're confusing dad."


"… Want me to go with you to watch your back? Get a feel for the ponies you wanna trade too?"
"I'm not really a hunter. If that's what you're gonna do."


"This whole town. Did you miss the signs?
The lack of food, the number of goats…
I've never seen such a place before."


"I'm a breezy pony."


"I'll go to the mountains first. Do you want to come too, Manako? I can fit you in my hat."


It's a sock shop!

All kinds of socks. You suppose they work just as well on a pony.

"When you're an explorer, you tend to see the similarities more than the differences. Every place has its quirks, but Neds does have a special importance for goats."


Nod at them and continue walking. I'm in no hurry, but still.


Mislink again

"I'll go to the mountains first. Do you want to come too, Manako? I can fit you in my hat."


"How so?"


"Really? That's pretty neat. What do they write?"
Read what I can off the wall. '1d10'
"It's an interesting place."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Okay. But I can fly, I could probably keep up with a child."


Wave at her passing.


Huh… are there any lewd ones?


"Nope! I was just going to look for places for later."
I scowl under/behind my skull and lift it up so it isn't covering my eyes.
"But seriously. You were a windy pony, right? Were are you from?"

"Right! Breezy."

"Come onnnnnnnn."
I give my wings a few flaps.


"Let's go."
I fly up.


"Quantity has a quality all its own, they say."

There are all sorts of messages, but more than anything you see names. Goats just recording they were simply there.

Lewd socks? You mean like a condom or something? No.


Socks that look risque.


Describe that to me please, I can't really picture it. Are long socks more risque? They have those.

Ankle socks, too.


"Are you privy to the history of this town?"



Up we go.


You are at Belfry Capra, a great stone tower where things are written in chalk on the base.

"No, but I've passed through a few times."


"And what of these towers?"


From the air, you can observe the marketplace: not that it does you much good, because everything looks the same from above.

Near here is Belfry Capra, a great stone tower where most of the others are.


Things I can't read, I imagine. What a strange little town…

How high are these things?


Fly along after you.
"Is it really so confusing? And who are you talking too dear?"


"…I think I understand."
Take my chalk and write my name on a clear spot on the wall.
Hircus- street rat, student of Honesty, and Privateer


"Not beyond their attraction as a curiosity. Popular for tourists to come write on the walls."

You're on a small mountain peak. The towers are not extraordinarily tall, just thirty feet.

Your legacy will be forever remembered until next time it rains.


"Ah, that sounds interesting."
Smile and inspect the walls.


The vast majority of the writings are recognizable simply as names. Of those that remain, about forty percent are in Goat, and the remaining sixty percent are either Equestrian or Germane.


Selena's pregnant, so I think the polite thing to do is let her lead. I think. Neither dad or mister Sanfortue really talked about that much.
"Where did you want to go?"

"I never heard of a breezy before I saw you. Where did you say you were from? Are there more of you? Do you know anything about Spirits?"
I look at you, confused under my skull.
"I'm talking to you and miss Selena. I'm also communing with dad if that's what you meant."


What does Winston write?
"So, where to next? Back into town, or over to the other towers?"


"Anywhere is fine for me. As long as it's a bit peaceful."


Do they have an entrance?


"Okay. Off to the towers!"

Let's circle around those towers.


Winston was here VII

"There's just one other tower – Belfry Aifa. There's not much else to see in Neds than the marketplace, but it's full of grifters and that sort. Really, it's a small town. Just a brief stop."


"Spirits? No, I'm a mechanic and a nurse fly.
Breezies come from Breezy valley, in neighpon."


The tower is hollow other than a spiral staircase. There are more writings inside. Daylight streams in through windows, and there is no ceiling.

A large, hollow tower with a lot of chalk graffiti.


Huh. Let's climb these stairs then.
"It almost looks like a place of worship…"


"Well, let's just go shopping before we head to the Belfry. Pick up a souvenir or two. This is the first time I've been to a goat town; I'd like something to remember it by."


"Oooooohhhh. Is everything tiny there?"

"Oh! There's miss Light Heart. I'm going to go talk to her really quick."

I swoop down and land in front of you, wearing a larger gryphon skull.
"Hi! Did you still want to go hunting later?"


Swoop down as well."


"This place is kinda boring."

"Yeah, nothin to see here."

"It occurs to me that there were probably bells here once, based on the names. I wonder how long they've been gone."

He leads you back to the market.



Raise a brow at the skull but don't comment on it.
"I would love to. Anneiv proper will be extremely bus for me, however. As I am planning to host a feast, there are many preparations to be made."


"I admit I had hoped for something more… exciting."


"No! Everything is huge here!" I say enthusiastically.


"Maybe they aren't. I'll bet one of these goats has a massive bell just taking up their entire living room, wondering what the hell his ancestors were thinking."
Comprende! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Not every place can be exciting, I guess!"

"That's dumb. All places will be exciting when I'm king."


"Oh. We could go hunting for the food, maybe?"

I laugh.


#Food Court




"A feast? What kind of food will you have?"


Well then. I will write a name here.


And then begone. To the next tower.


Obviously write that in Neighponese.


You don't have chalk, so you sort of smear some dirt on the wall. That'll do.


Shopping court. Anything particularly goat-y or good accessories to wear.


I could get chalk.
But I was actually thinking about inscribing it onto the tower.
Are there guards here?


"Well, at least we can say we had our daily portion of exercise."
Poke Grey.
"Which you may need more of, if I might add."

"That would be quite something. We already planned for snacks however, the cooks will help prepare them."

I smile.
"'Pizza pockets'. Apparently a favorite among the crew."


"Uh.. does tree-sempai like those?"


"Oh, okay. Dad's upset you never told him you might want to hunt. Can I come to the feast?"


More signs. Comprehend!

No, but there are a lot of goats around writing. You don't get the feeling that there is much of a government here: goats are notorious for being thieves, conartists, mercenaries, and wanderers. Their idea of justice probably involves more corpse eating than yours.

She frowns. "No fair. I get more exercise than you do, you just have longer legs."


"He is no longer with us on the Sirocco, I'm afraid."

"Well, I do love using my gun."
I chuckle.
"So far I am only planning to host it for the crew of the Sirocco. Are you settled there?"

"Is that so? I seem to remember you becoming quite chubby a while ago. A good thing I stepped in in time to prevent it from escalating."
I smirk.



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh, so you're not inviting them then?"





"You're doing quite well."

"You're the chubby one! You stay in bed all day!"


"There are several hundreds of crewmembers on board the fleet. Miss Topaz helped me calculate a feast of that size would cost over 50 great doubloons. Far above my budget, I'm afraid."

"I'm only teasing you, dear."


"I see. Who are you getting to cater your feast?"


I shrug.
"Maybe? Which one has the mansion?"


"You better! Uh… be teasing!"


Blush and smile at him. "Thanks. It's getting easier over time… plus, you know, it just sorta… makes a weird kind of sense."
…I feel a strange urge to go clothes shopping. I haven't added to my wardrobe since… ever.


There are a few different shops here. Comprehend to identify what they're selling.


So many signs… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I asked Mister Slugs to help with the cooking. I hope to ask miss Empress to help out as well. The ingredients and drinks I hope to get from Anneiv proper with the help of mister Wheatwall. The entertainment will consist of theater plays, magic acts and musicians."

"That would be the Darklantern."

Ruffle her mane.
"You are a very fit filly, don't you worry."


My lower beak starts to tremble and my eyes get a little watery.


Bleh. Well, they're all clothes stores. He won't notice if you just duck into the first you see.



"Ah, I see. Do you think.. they would be okay with making a little extra, that I could have for a private gathering?"


"Well… I suppose if you pay the entrance fee there would be no harm in joining."

I raise a brow.
"I suppose so. May I ask why?"


I cheer right up.
"How much is it and where do I get money?"


"Well, I would really like to treat flowing tree to a nice meal. He's saved my life several times over by now you see."


Please be something memorable… something I can wear for both him and Ciddir…
Socks plz


"Did you not get payed for our work in Neighpon? You must have a few hundred bits at least. The entrance fee will be… hmm, I have not determined it yet. Likely between two and five bits. No problem for a raider."

"Ah… why not do so in Anneiv? They have many lovely restaurants and coffee houses there. Even theaters where they serve foods during plays."


"Who is supposed to pay m-Is it Blue Topaz?"


"Ah, you're quite right.. That's a better idea."


Someone oughta be writing on the tower, right?
Ask them for some chalk. Just for a moment.


"Yes, since her return she is in charge of fleet funds once again. … How did you know?"

"Treat yourself to a nice dinner while we are there. We will not be seeing much land for a good while after we leave."


"Dad told me. He says hi."



… Give him my regards when you speak with him."


Nod and get kind of quiet.


I stay quiet for a few seconds, then grin.
"Regards aren't a thing you can give, right? Like, they aren't actual things?"


"Is there something bothering you?"

"You are right, of course, but it is a commonly used expression. Simply… tell your father I said hi back."


"I already did. He says he never knew you had foals."


"The little one is talking to spirits with the skull on her head. I feel rather awkward about it"


"You… did? Are you speaking to him now? I'm surprised he never saw them, they have been with me since Reptil."

"Are you? I suppose I have grown accustomed to necromancy after spending so much time among them on the fleet."


"Uh-huh! Really? He never noticed."


"I'm used to druids, but they talk to.. living things at least.. this is.." I shutter. "different."


"We never interacted very much. Not that he was not interesting, on the contrary even. We simply never drifted together. A shame he joined the mutineering side."

"Do you not think it is fascinating? To be able to communicate to the departed? The ones you knew and loved? It's certainly a bit macabre, but communing with the dead is not the most unsettling thing magic can do. Not by far."
Smile slightly and stop whispering.
"Did you know the fleet used to 'own' an undead whale? It followed us around, always submerged. I never even realized it existed until it destroyed the Seaworthy during the mutiny."


"How awkward.. to have so many secrets on one ships."


"The world is filled with secrets, miss Manako. If we all realized this, they would not be secrets at all."


"I suppose so.. Secrets are part of life after all.. I learned that well enough in the valley when i had to keep Felix a secret. "


"Hm? The valley?"


"Yea, Breezy Valley, its a sanctuary where only breezy leave, and they can talk to flowers and bugs all day.."


I nod.


"Wait what? An undead whale?"


"And this is in Neighpon? That sounds wondrous. I suppose it is not accessible to outsiders, which is why you had to keep little Felix a secret?"

I nod.
"An undead whale. I never got a close look, but from what I hear it was quite big."


"Whoa! I want one!"


Nod. "Big ponies aren't allowed. They don't even fit through the door really!"


I chuckle.
"I imagine whoever owned it must be deceased now, because the creature itself is gone."

"Of course… for the safety of the community. It must have been very peaceful there. Safely hidden away from the dangerous outside world… then how did Felix end up under your care?"


"Is there any way to get it back?"


"I'm afraid necromancy is not my field of expertise. I doubt we can unless we have someone with us who can still do it. The commodore… well he specializes in demons, not raising the dead from what I understand."


"She was hurt just outside the portal.. I couldn't heal her in time to be back they closed it so I hid her in my house."


"That is very kind of you. She seems like a very sweet girl. She is Equestrian though, is she not? What was she doing there?"




"A family trip I believe. I will have to ask her parents when i see them."


"You could ask around, of course. Perhaps miss Felfire knows more."

"How odd. Do you know where exactly she hails from in Equestria?"


"I will, thanks!"
I give you a hug.


"Not really."


"No need, child. I am glad to help."

"Does she not remember?"




"She wasn't very specific, and talking about it seemed to make her more anxious."
really Wf never said


"Of course. Why, I hardly had to do a thing."

"Oh. Well, I am certain you will work it out. If you ever need help dealing with it, do feel free to ask me for help."


"Wait, had to do?"



"Ah, naturally Lady Heart. However I think it will have to wait until we actually go to equestria."


"You said had to instead of have to. Did we already get the whale back?"


"This is Equestria, miss Manako. Technically, at least. Germaney was annexed by the princesses some time ago."

"I meant as in giving advice."



"Hmm I see.."


"Well, it was a pleasure speaking with you both, but I should get the children back to the ships. Good day."


Back into the air I go.


"And dad says bye too!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


No socks. Indeed: it's a hat store!


Leave that store and look for another


Either pick directions or roll 3d3


This town is a bust. I'm going back to the ships.


To the ships it is! From here you can survey the goats from relative safety. Being in the presence of these filthy grifters has only reinforced negative stereotypes about this race of thieving cheats.



Roll #1 2, 1, 1 = 4


Well, let's have a quick look around then. Anything that would be good for not calling attention to myself? [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm not racist but…

Anyway, I should go speak to Rusty about that shrine.


It seems the path looped back around into the clothing area. You wander into a shop where Hircus is examining hats.

Hey… a hat shop! Your kind of shop! They have every kind of hat you could imagine here! The counter is being run by a guy with a valve in the back of his head. Now THERE'S a guy who could use a hat!

They have everything from pith helmets to balaclavas. Then again… the ostentatious tends to be more obvious. Maybe a simple opera mask?

Looking at the masks, there seems to be a special on masquerade masks. You wonder what the occasion is.

He's wandering about the deck doing minor repairs.


Any good top hats or the like?


Opera masks… that could definitely come in handy. Pick one that's fairly simple, but still elegant.
"There some festival going on I don't know about?"


Land in front of him.
"Mister Wrench. Do you have a moment? I would like to know when you would be able to help renovate one of the mansion rooms and turn it into a shrine. And the price too, of course."


They have all sorts of hats, top hats included. Of course, your taste in hats is awful so solving for 'good' can be difficult.


What's wrong with my sense in top hats?!


Float float I'm a goat.


#"Up the river in Anniev, the masquerade is in a few days."

"Well, what? Picked design? Objects inside? Interior decoration?"


Hircus is chatting with the goat at the counter.

You might not be for so much longer! You're quite nearly about to be run out of town. It seems you've pranked the wrong goats.

Let's rewind a moment. This is the city of Neds, one of the only goat settlements anywhere! It's a great tourist spot if tourists like getting robbed by the traveling muggers, rogues, and carnies that are goats. In any case, apparently the aforementioned muggers and rogues can't take a joke. Which is why you need to get out of town fast.

You are at Belfry Capra, an ancient goat monument, and about the only thing in town that looks like it was built to last: it's made of stone instead of whatever happened to be laying around at the time.


Just inspect some of the fancier hats in the meanwhile!


They have all sorts of hats in various states of repair. You'd probably prefer a nice fedora or trilby.


What luck! I'll get one for myself and- ooh, see if I can find a nature-themed one for Ciddir! [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The room itself should look similar to the others in the mansion, with the exception of different furniture. I want a stone altar similar to the Lunar altar in terms of size. The rest we will take care of ourselves."


Anything interesting happen lately?
I came here hoping for people looking for my more unique cures, operations.

Or maybe I should seek to improve my Hexing.


Ehh, those are boring!


Who doesn't appreciate fine art taped to all their windows?

Time to practice the one things goats do best: hopping up tall things.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


No luck. They're all sort of baroque style.

"Lunar altar?"

Maybe you should up your advertising!

In any case… you're in a town that probably has a surplus of dead bodies if you want to practice your art.

Nearly any hat you can imagine is here. Shakos included. They're stout, of course.

You hop on top of a nearby roof, but it only serves to make you more visible to your pursuers. Uh oh.


Oh? Those sorta-look like the top hat… Interetsing! Are there fancy ones?


"Yes, it is in storage in miss Topaz's vault. We retrieved it from a temple."
How big is that thing, by guesstimate?


I'll get a single mask for myself, then move on to the next clothes shop. Hopefully tgey have something nice…


I need to go to the town to look for a nice date place! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Off the roof, into that canal!


Oh, that's good to hear!

I'm going to put on my nice suit and head out of the ship to town, then. Maybe take a wheelbarrow with me if I can have access to one


They have top hats too, you don't have to pretend you're not sure what you want.

4' x 2' x 2'

You pay him 13.5 bits.

This next store is a sock store!

This is not the sort of town that anyone would ever want to have a date in.

Literally everywhere in the entire town looks worse in every way than staying on the ships.

"Canal" is being generous. "River" is more accurate.


Most of your followers seem satisfied with having run you off, but two jump in after you!

It's not on your sheet, but perhaps Manako could make you one? She's nearby.

Indeed: this roguestown looks like a carnival, a shantytown, and a shady back alley had an orgy and no one wants to claim the baby.


Wow. Light Heart gives terrible advice.
'1d10' maybe I can buy some decent food here for a date on the ship.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Into the maze of a marketplace you go.

You may choose directions three times, or for more fun, roll 3d3.




Of course, it's supposed to be sad, so let's pretend I'm morosely looking for the goods.

Can I see Manako?


You can follow her in.


Oh my. Any particularly… Risque variants? Perhaps nature-themed? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It is about four by two by two feet big. We can decorate it ourselves, not to worry."


I will go, left, straight, left.


I already have a top hat! The point would be I could choose according to my mood and what I'll want to do that they!


day*, woah, not sure what happened there.



swim away

Roll #1 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 10



Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"Wait! Helloooo!"


"Why Hello Mr. Shu."


"Yes! You there, miss smith! Walking about town alone?"

Run and catch up, then make sure my clothes look nice.


There's a boat here you could hide behind! Four boats. Ships, even. This is a huge river, after all.

"Ask later. Anneiv quarries. Cheaper stone."

There are some bamboo-colored socks. Thankfully they are not made out of bamboo.

There's a nice baker boy you might look fetching in.

You end up at some sort of.. well, it's hard to tell based on the signs. You think it's supposed to be a tanning salon. They have a giant magnifying glass to make the rays of the sun beat on you!


"Good. … Marble would be quite expensive nonetheless, wouldn't it?"


I'm only a little pony, its not that hard to catch up!
"I'm doing some shopping.. or trying too."
"But I think this isn't right.." '1d10' appraise the signs.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Marble, yeah. You want?"

This language is almost intentionally indecipherable!


I meant the shakos, not other hats!


Quickly step out of the way of the glass focus point. They trying to cause sunburn?

"Well, see, me too! Shopping for what, though?"


Well… try them on and see how they look!
"Well, Winston? What do you think?"


"As long as it is not too outrageously expensive, yes."


They are in various states of repair. One of them appears to be made out of metal: very uncomfortable. There's one with a plume in it. Another made out of bear fur.

That appears to be the point.

"Quite convincing. Do be careful around panda bears."

"Okay then."


Excellent. An all-goat town isn't quite as much fun as I thought it would be. But a boat is like a big, floaty town. On we go.


"For food, something special. Any clue how to get around here?"
try going back.. right right straight.


The one with the plume! How banged up is it?
Can it be repaired?


Stick my tongue out at him, but smile anyway.
Seriously, how do they look on me? Isn't there a mirror in here?


This ship is alive with workers going to and fro, managing the many lines. You have boarded the Darklantern, the most imposing and largest of the fleet. Even by the standards of a Ship of the Line, it is a monster. It has armored plating and way too many guns.

Nearby, a pegasus is speaking with a buffalo.

It's after your second right when you head down a shady alleyway and goats drop down on all sides of you. They make demands in their strange, foreign language and brandish knives! They seem to want your money, which Felix is hoisting around for you.

Goat Mugger 1
Goat Mugger 2

Anything can be repaired. Better talk to Chip or Manako about it. Or maybe Betsy?

It's a bit banged up but serviceable.

There's a mirror nearby but it's smashed and unreflective. Almost as if the developers didn't want to program reflections.


"Nope, not at all. Food, huh? What do you like to eat? Actually, I haven't learned all that much about Breezies…"


Nod at him and take my leave.
Well… I don't actually have any pressing matters left until we reach Anneiv. That's fairly unique.

I guess I haven't checked out the shooting range out yet though.


How much for it?


"We can discuss spicy rice based dishes later, right now we're being mugged!"
'1d10' smack them both with the hammer! cleave

Roll #1 8 = 8


Damn you and your video game references, copping out of adressing the point!
Fine, but I' m not sure I want to buy these. Master Thief of any use in thi saw situation?


…Let's keep a low profile for now. Sneaky sneaky?

Roll #1 9 = 9



He seems to want a doubloon for it. It's a bit hard to tell with his strange goat language.

A bell rings as the fleet prepares to disembark, to signal crew to return to the fleet.

The area has been fortified. You observe a banner up ahead: Frankfurterfort.

You sort of meander about pretending to work for the crew. This will work in the short run, but eventually someone will probably ask what you do on the ship.

In any case, it looks like the fleet is getting ready to move out. A bell rings as the fleet prepares to disembark, to signal crew to return to the fleet.

I'm not sure I can imagine how it would be useful.

They look cute.

A bell rings as the fleet prepares to disembark, to signal crew to return to the fleet.


They look dazed from the attack, and only hit you glancingly!

A bell rings as the fleet prepares to disembark, to signal crew to return to the fleet.

Goat 1
Goat 2

Manako [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]


I fly back to the boats.


Oh right, how could I possibly forget? Can I just enter or are the borders closed?


"I don't have time for this"
'1d10' heal myself and run away?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yes, let's leave."
Take BreeZ with me and escape back.


They'll probably want to see your passport!

Nah, the guards recognize you and let you buy. It's a little town in here, with houses and a forge set up!

Back on the fleet you go!

>6 to run away

They take parting attacks…

Got away with moderate damage. You arrive, beaten up and bruised, back at the fleet.

Manako [▓░░░░░░░░░]

Felix is fussing all over you, holding you up in her hooves. "Big sis! Big sis! Are you alright? Say something!"


Eh, I'll go ahead and buy them.
"Ah, darn. Sorry, Winston,looks like we'll have to save the sightseeing for another time. Is there something I can do to make it up to you?"


Just because I don't have time to waste.
Pay the doubloon, get the shako, and fly back to the fleet.


"Goat town is terrible. Tell me you're from somewhere nicer.."


Good going!

Back to the fleet you go.

He chuckles and gives you a playful shrug.

"Make it up to me? It was pleasant enough to just spend time together."

"Yeah, we don't have goats from where I am from…"


How lovely. Strom really put a lot of effort into this.

A lot of the Hamburgers that were dead were brought back, right?


"Oh, that seems good. One second, let me try to fix this.." I sigh and try a triage on myself '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Find Betsy!


"Well… maybe we could spend some more time together?"


Yes, most were recovered. There are also new ones, too.

You fix yourself lickety split!

Felix hugs you tight. Not physically large to resist, you have to go with it. "I was so worried! Maybe I should hide you in the money box while we shop…"

Light Heart is here.

You are consciously choosing to avoid PCs!

"That sounds fun."

You arrive back at the fleet.

"Have something in mind?"


Yes… I've spoken to Betsy and saw that colt.

Anyone practicing on the shooting range?


"Aw little sis.. I bet you would like to come be a taste tester! I need to buy some nice food for a diner soon."


Well, I guess Betsy does have work already…
Find the little insectpone then.


"Well… Maybe a little private meal together at your place?"


"…oh, you healed yourself."

Look quite disappointed since I had my wand out and all.


"Um. Sorry. I'm just used to caring for myself, since I am a capable healer after all."


Always. They've set up boxes to reduce the noise.

"That sounds fun!"

She's back up on deck with Felix and Shu.

He chuckles. "My place is in the bunkhouse, but sure, I don't mind at all. Maybe I can whip up some stone soup – a traditional goat dish."


Let's practice some. Set up an an unoccupied lane and shoot a few targets. I hope I don't embarrass myself here.

Roll #1 10, 2, 5, 8 = 25


Flutter over.
"Hey there."


A respectable level of accuracy.


"Oh, I remember that! That would be perfect! Want me to help?"


"Yea! It should be!"
"Greetings Emrille-chan! Did you find anything interesting ashore?"


Reload .
I should come here with Grey to practice in the future… Maybe Rosemary too.
Another target.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Just the edge.

"If you like. Anything you have to stick in?"


"Fuck yeah I did!"
Show you the banged-up shako.
"Think you can patch this up?"


"Hmm" Float around it and inspect.
'1d10' appraise the Shako.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Bah. I did far better last time I practiced with Emrille!

But, it seems my gun is working fine still. Is that colt around?


"I thought that was your job," I remark playfully, flicking my tail as I bump hips with him. "I'm not sure if I have any food on hoof myself, though…"


It's just a little beaten up. A wash and a new frame would do it wonders.

No… he must be in one of the houses.

"You wanted to help!" He returns your bump.




"Keeping the cook entertained counts as helping!"
Giggle adlnd rub up beside him.


"Easy, it just needs a new frame."


"Great!… Can you do that?"


"There is probably enough metal in the shop for it."


"I'd owe you one. Wouldn't it look great on me?"


Eh. I guess the girls will have to find him out themselves.

I already spoke to Strom and Betsy recently, but what about Burnside? Is he around?


"Hmm I guess so, but its not a dress."


"My attire is in the works already by the Hamburgerburgian Betsy."


"Really? Are you going somewhere special?" I ask excitedly.
"Like a date? Or a formal event? IS it purple? I Bet you would look great in purple, or blue."


"Blue sounds good… And nah. I just want to look great all day! If we got the money for it, why not show it off?"


"Hmm I see. That's something Lady Heart would say too." I snicker.


"Something she'd think, but not say. She is too fancy to actually say it."
Snicker back.


"I wonder what kind of fancy dresses she has in her closet.."


"Probably ones that have easy acces holes at the back."


I blush at that. "Um Oh. I see. M-mr wark must like that.."


"I only wore ones that showed off my flank at the cutie mark… Tela likes that design, too. What about you? Got any tiny dresses?"


"I'm having one worked on right now actually." I say happily.


"Do you?"
"Are you making it out of a napkin or a tissue?"


Laugh a bit.
"Its a normal dress, just tiny! I'm having that diamond dog Va-something work on it."


"So, who are you going to woo with it?"


"N-nopony! I just.. I might need it.. For a nice diner!" I blush bright red.


"A nice dinner alone?
Tsk, I don't think so. Come on, don't you trust me?~"


Whisper to you. "Its Tree-sempai"
"But I haven't even asked him yet! I don't have food exactly ready."


Let out a whistle.
"Well now! You've got ambition, don't you?"


"y-you think he won't be interested?" I say anxiously.


Shake my head.
"It's not that, I'm just not sure how you plan to…"
Snicker, and poke your tiny rear with the feathered tip of my wing.


Blush bright red. "Um you think he'll want do that.. right away? W-well I do have a plan.. A potion to make him like me."


Let out a laugh.
"Hah, so you did think of that too!"


"s-sort of! I mean." I blush even more and try to cover my cheeks with my hooves.


Keep smirking and sit down.
"I'm listening~"


"It was happy puzzle's idea at first.. she knew about Selena's potion making and wanted to prank Tree.."


"Well, maybe he'll think you've been a bad breezie for pranking him and spank you."


And then the red spread completely over my body.
"Um.. I.. gotta go!"
And then I flew off somewhere else!


Laugh again.
"Catch you later, Manako!"


"You're acting quite frisky, aren't you? Excited to see Neds?'

Yes. He's caring for his giant eagle nearby.


Abilio time?


Selena told me about that thing. It's pretty big, isn't it?
"A fine bird you have there."


He's had it three months. He tamed it back in Neighpon.

"Yes, it reminds me of home."


Warrior without a cause reporting in for an hour tops.


You should rest. It's more important than a little river faff.


"I hear they are a bit of a national symbol for the Hamburgerburgers. Does it not… litter?"


Can I see Rusty?



"Nah, birds don't leave trash behind. Or… are you asking if it's female? He's male."

Sure. He's about.

You got drunk and passed out. You wake up back in your room at normal size. You vaguely wonder if you said or did anything weird while you were trashed on very small amounts of booze.


What is he doing?


"Yes…. but the current company certainly helps~"


That's why I should visit him now that we left that goat city!
To ask!


"Hm, what did you call him? I hear miss Springleaf took him for a ride a few weeks back."



"Well, no time to waste, then, hm?"

"A giant eagle."


"His name, I mean. Did you give him a name?"



Fly up to him then.
"Hello, mister Rusty, do you have a few minutes?"


"What? He's an eagle. He doesn't need a name. I call him him!"


"I guess. What's it?"


"Oh. How do you call him to come to you then? Not at all?"


"Nope! Just tell me what you need me to do!"
I'll smile at him as I try to figure out what's going through his head.


"Me and Aloe were talking about the lab earlier and we believe that a glass roof for the lab would be a great benefit for us. It would be most useful to cultivate plants. Would that be possible?"


"Come to me? I don't need to do that. Listen… I think you might have some misconceptions about how animal training works."

"Hm, well, I have the two most important components. The stone, and the pot. I'll just need to pump up some water and get it heated, once we have some ingredients."

"Could be. Need glass."


Let's do something anyway, I can't sleep right now.


"How much glass would you need? What sizes? Perhaps Anneiv has glassmakers who could supply us."


"I… was under the impression falconry consisted of such things. Then, I am by no means familiar with the trade."


Well, Kara's around. Or you could go hunting for other waifus. Or talk to one of those other folks.

"Three inches. At least."

"This is an eagle, not a falcon."


I chuckle.
"A falconer does not exclusively use falcons."


>wasting time on waifus
C'mon I'm a man on a mission here. It's already been 9 months and a whole military campaign IC for me, I'm itching for some recognition.
There has to be a way.
Mostly concerning captain September and how I should be chatting up with her more often.


"Falconer probably doesn't ride falcons either."

Well, she's available. She's at the helm of the Seaworthy.


Oh dear that would be quite an investment.
"I'll see what I can do. I'll get back to you mister Wrench."


Wait, better yet.
Let's go meet him.


"Later then."

He returns to his work.

Yes, deep within the Frankfurterfort.

Light Heart is here.

Strom is leading his pones.


"Not conventionally, I suppose. Does he always stick around you then?"


"That's right."


Watch him work for a while.
"Master Strom."


I'll go visit Abilio.


Smile wickedly and glance around.
"If only we had some menials willing to contribute…"



He's with Cloudy in his chambers.

"Well, I've had some luck before. Not always the case that everyone has something and is willing to contribute, but where there's a will there's a way. It's hard to get the griffons and dogs to cooperate, though. They like stews instead of soups. You know – meaty stuff."


Knock on the door.
"Hello, Abilio?"


"Selena? Come in."


"Do you share a bed too then?"
I chuckle again.


"Thanks to Burnside over there I finally did manage to use guns."


Trot in with a smile.
"Hello, Abilio, hello Cloudy. How are you both?"


"What? No. Come on. I don't ask if you sleep with all of your assistants that follow you around."

"That's good. A man's gun is his freedom."

"Good. Great, in fact. Cloudy is…"

"I'm pregnant!"

"Right. By the time we leave Anneiv she'll be as round as you are."


"Yes, I can imagine…
So, what do you want to do after dinner?"


"I'm amazed by the potential.
Thanks for letting me try."


I grin.
"Wow! That's great news. Congratulations."
Give her a hug!


He cocks an eyebrow knowingly. "I'm open to suggestions. Let's see where the night takes us."

"It would be wrong to stop it. Everypony has an inalienable right to bear arms."


She hugs you back, a bit weakly.

"Yes, we're very excited."


"Did the doctor already figure out if it's a colt or a filly?"


Right. Interesting. Maybe I should just bed.


Smirk back at him.
So, how we gonna do dis dinner thing?


"I meant no disrespect, my apologies."
Turn to the bird and look it over.
"No, such a bird deserves respect. It radiates an aura of greatness."


Abilio: "Strictly speaking, the child isn't at that stage of development yet."

Cloudy: "Even with magic, I'd assume that normally takes more than two days…"

Maybe. Good night, sweet dreams. Get rested.

He goes around to collect ingredients… '1d15'

"Yes, I thought the same thing when I saw him."

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's a bit of a light soup in terms of ingredients, but few contributors means you get a lot. You end up bloated with warm, tasty simple soup.


"A fitting symbol for Hamburgerburg. Have you ever visited Dixie?"


"Yes, remember, we went together?"


I brush my hair back.
"Ah…I was just curious, but these things take time." I chuckle.


"It'll be a few more days before that, at least."


"Oh yes… Excuse me, it appears my mind is not willing to cooperate with me today."


I grin.
"Good luck, Cloudy, if I can help in any way, don't hesitate to ask whenever you need."


"Well, they say questions are just the pursuit of knowledge, and that means bad questions are really just taking a break or something. The metaphor kinda breaks down at this point."

"I'll hold you to it!"


"Abilio, there was something I wanted to discuss with you. It has to do with the lab."


Mmmm… Just like old times…
Turn to Winston and smile. "That was wonderful…"


"What about?"

He chuckles. "I would've liked it to be a little thicker. Maybe next time I can find something yeasty. But… sharing it made it better."


"Hmh. Perhaps I should simply rest for a while to ease my mind. Things have been busy lately. Thank you for the chat, mister Burnside."


So, I'm guessing Abilio and Cloudy are unavailable?
How unfortunate.


"Have a good one."

Where to? Or just want to rest?


"Me and Aloe were discussing about adding a glass roof to the lab. We want to turn part of the lab into a conservatory in time. So we can more easily grow and store ingredients rather than the not so reliable magical way I get most of them now. Mister Wrench says he would need glass to do it. Having access to a large number of plants in the lab would really speed up all potions I make for the fleet so I was wondering if the fleet could help out?"


Think you missed this one.
Let me help.


"Listen, Selena, I appreciate what you've done, and I'd love to help, but it's not in the finances right now. Maybe it might be possible after we finish this next job."


I'm ready for Anneiv. Focus on the others, like Emrille.


"Oh really?"
Pull him into a deep kiss, sticking my tongue in his mouth and probing around before pulling back and licking my lips.
"Well, well… It does taste better when shared."


He hesitates. "You're with Ciddir…"


You missed it again.
Let me help, again.


Frown a bit.
"I'm willing to pitch in myself. Perhaps we could split the costs?"


"So this isn't going to be a thing where we get married and have kids. Then again, you don't seem the type to settle down, ever."
Give him a reassuring smile.
"I've talked with Ciddir about this; as long as I'm honest with him, he doesn't mind me pursuing other mates."


"The problem with building things is that it's never a one time cost. I'll have to factor in the cost of the upkeep on the glass for when we get into battle even if I could find the funding."

He gives you a little kiss on the nose. "Well… in that case… lights out isn't for another eight or ten minutes, but I suppose there's no reason to not start early.~"


Kiss him on the nose as well.
"No reason at all~"
Slide a hoof between his thighs to see what I'm working with.


You are a really clumsy GM today.


He's got a lot of girth. Plenty to look forward to.




"I see…well, thanks anyway Abilio.
Again, congratulations on becoming a father."


"Congratulations to yourself as well."


I guess this is it then.
No more Abilio or Cloudy.


Well, that was fun.


Seemingly so!

Morningtime is here, and the city of Anneiv is coming into view on the deck.


Can I see any particularly noteworthy buildings? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1401741627680.jpg (485.2 KB, 1220x805, Vienna2.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

The first sight which welcomes your entrance to the city is the famous "Gateway to the Nea", a great archway which spans the enormous river. You'll be sailing directly under it and into the city proper.


Cool! How long until we dock? What's Ciddir planning to do?


Perhaps you should go ask!

You'll be docking very soon. Your ship is already slowing and the officers are gathering on the deck.


Quickly head down to Ciddir's room.
"Hey there, we're arriving soon! You looking forward to seeing Anniev?"


"Yes, it should be pleasant."


"Any specific plans, or are you just going to wander around?"


"Captain Marsh has requested my presence along with the others for the trading operation. I believe I am being groomed for upper level command."


"That's great news, Ciddir!"
Give him a congratulatory nuzzle.
"I'm glad to see you get some recognition for all your hard work!"


"I will tell you how things go. Do you have plans?"


Shrug casually.
"None specifically. A couple things I can investigate, but nothing concrete. Anything you want me to do for you while you're away?"


"Perhaps they have heard of the golden apple's sort. You should find out, if you have time."



Legend says she's still looking for Cloudy.


You seek the first mate. She's in her quarters, although Abilio is with a few officers preparing to head into town.


Will do!
Now, to head out on the town!


Here I am


File: 1401912833538.jpg (159.8 KB, 614x461, Torhalle_Kloster_Lorsch.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

There is no greater city of culture in the world than Anneiv. Indeed: you can see the age in the very buildings. There are old remnants of styles from eras long past right alongside modern experimental styles.

Perhaps there is no better place in the world for one who plays an instrument or who can use their voice than the city of Anneiv. A city which beloves its culture and has much of it. But this city has turned dark as of late: in the misty evenings when the cloud factories begin to work, there is a killer on the loose. A dangerous, maniacal murderer who has been kidnapping beautiful mares. Perhaps now is time to move on, when you can't feel safe even in your own home.

Speaking of your home, it is quite a fine loft. Built in an old Germane style it sits on the second floor, veranda overlooking Koenigsstrasse, a street famous (or in some ways, infamous) for its struggling independent artists. A place of virulent and vibrant small, experimental culture that seems to attempt to find a place to take root. A good environment for one like you, who has a fondness for roots.

You glance about your apartment. It is populated by stranglevine and quiet moss. Both are mostly active at night, so they are at rest now that morning has come. In one of the many holes in the wall, you think you spy movement. Somewhere down there is a silver seamstress, a sort of giant spider that is native, as far as you know, only to Anneiv. It catches the sulfur and lead written moths that fly through the industrial district and breaks down these materials into native silver, which it sews into its webs for tensile strength.

Nearby is your instrument case. Your instrument is inside it, and the case proper sits on your bed.


Um… wow. First off, I need to find somepony to give me directions around town!


Soon I'll do that too.
Enter without knocking.


You're finding it hard to approach ponies here. It seems goats have something of a… reputation. It must be because of the proximity to Neds. In any case, you get furtive glances and wherever you go, ponies clutch their belongings a little tighter.

"Well, well. I thought you might never wake up at this rate, sunshine."


…Fuck. Maybe just wander around, trying to find someplace interesting that catches my eye?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"At what rate? I didn't even have a headache!"


Everything seems to catch the eye, doesn't it?

You're on Lebenstrasse. There's a bakery on the corner, and it looks like a few more cafes and restaurants down the way.

The next street down is Zauberstrasse.

"You must have slept through it. You did sleep in rather late… it's noon already."


Hmn… Not looking for food! Head down Zauberstrasse.


"Can't I be allowed to sleep in every now and then?"


The place looks a little rundown. You can tell right away that it's one of the poorer neighborhoods, simply by the clothes ponies wear. It's by no means a slum, though: brick and mortar for everyone, at the least.

"I was hardly criticizing."

She muses with a grin. "You probably needed it after last night."


goddamn autoupdate
When a predator lurks in your territory, it is sometimes better to move. If I'm going to move away from here, I will need to sell this place or at least seal it off until I one day return. And… A way to get out of this city safely.
Equip my sabers if I haven't already, hide them sheathed under my clothes.

Maybe this spider knows more. Plenty of spiders in this city that may know more. Approach the hole I suspect the spider is in and speak up
"Mighty seamstress come out and play, the coast is clear now for the time is day."
Animal mastery [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I wasn't really drunk!"


Any shops or places of interest to be noticed?


She gives you a look. "Are you sure? Because you were acting pretty drunk by the time you finished that bottle."

This place seems more residential, but maybe there is more to see if you head down the street. The next street is Kamingasse.

Long, slender, and silvery legs reach out of the hole in the wall. Eight eyes peer at you from the darkness.


I'll check the next street then. I can always come back later, right?


What a cutie. He probably doesn't know anything about this, but it won't hurt to ask.
Stare right back at it.
"A predator is on the loose in this city, one who targets pony mares. Does the eight-legged seamstress have knowledge of such a thing?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Uh, yup. Pretty sure. I was totally sober."


More intelligent creatures have more complex thoughts. Unfortunately, insects and most invertebrates are not capable of much abstraction. Plants can be even worse, because their sensory perception is mostly limited to feeling things, though if you're lucky, some are inhabited by spirits. In order to more efficiently communicate, you should fine tune your questions to fit the sort of thing you're talking to.

In any case, you do get a response. It is not something you would refer to as speech: it's quite different. Sometimes a foreign language has a single word for an entire concept. A good example is schadenfreude: English has no single word which refers to this concept. In the same way, you feel an entire concept expressed to you through your link with this spider, not through a sentence or even through a word. There's an impulse. An idea. You feel the thought, rather than the explicit wording or semantics. You sense the place, and the emotion there: it's up to your brain and a little bit of magic to decode it.

Streets, below: urgency. Night.

"Do you even remember the game of peek-a-boo?"

Kamingasse is very industrialized. You see many chimneys sticking up out of the brickwork. For now, though, the street is quiet. No one is at work there currently.

The next street is Farbigesglaskreis.


Ugh… when am I going to find someplace nature-themed? Next street!


Probably not in a highly urbanized environment. This street is quite fancy and ornamentally decorated with glass. All of the windows are very large here, and there is stained glass too. You think you see a couple of shrines for various faiths.

The next street is Konigsstrasse.


Even the spiders agree then. Nighttime Anneiv is dangerous.
"Thank you, seamstress."
Are there many parks here in Anneiv? Bushes seem like a good place for a predator to hide in at night while on the hunt. The spider mentioned streets, but still.


"Uh… that never happened… did it?"


I'll check out the shrines. Couldn't hurt…


There is only one park in the entire town, which is quite built up. At the center of town, there is the People's Plaza, a sort of small park with a number of water features.

"Or the ponyback rides? Can't forget those. You looked black-out drunk to me."

There is a stately cathedral to the Celestial faith here. Nearby you see a few shrines to the elements. There are no other shrines, though – not even to the Spirit of the Law or Mother Nature.


"Pscht. As if I'd ever play shit like that."


She stops grinning and gives you a serious look. "You also started speaking in Germane."


Fuuuck. Next street over then. How am I supposed to find anything here?


I guess the real wildlife is outside of the city. Not that unusual.
A way out of this city then. Traveling in numbers would be preferable. Herds are safer for ponies. Is there a commercial district here? Joining a caravan or taking a boatride wouldn't be a bad idea


Point at her victoriously.
"Hah, see, I know you were bullshitting me! I don't know a word in Germane!"


This street is quite fancy. It looks like mostly apartment living but upscale. There is sweet music coming from his street, even now. Strains echo about. It looks almost entirely residential, though.

The next street is Farbigesglaskreis.

Yes, that would be down near the river Nea. You can access it by heading out of your apartment and down Konigsstrasse to Hauptstrasse.

Her expression remains serious. "You really don't remember any of it? I should have written it down… Abilio knows a little Germane, so he translated some of it…"



Stop and blink.
"Wait, you're just still messing with me, right?"


Put on my turban, my baggy pants and my face veil. Time to venture outside. I will take my instrument case along as well.


"I wasn't messing with you!"

>Wearing a turban as a mare

Out onto Konigsstrasse you go. It is noontime and the street is filled with the sweet strains of music. Ponies are headed to and fro, into apartments.


Tilt my head.
"… are you sure it was me?"


"Now that you mention it it's probably your identical twin that is eight years old and secretly lives on this fleet. We never left the room except to take you back to yours."


Shut up, infidel. My burqa is being washed.
Let's stroll along then toward the river, no need to be hasty. Is this a very multicultural city?


"Yeah, so when did I have the time to learn to speak some shit language? Fuck, I don't even know anypony who's Germane!"




It's mostly Equestrian. You have no doubt there are all sorts of cultures here but Equestrian ponies all look alike to you. There is a goat here, though.

You are on Hauptstrasse. Next is Farbigesglaskreis.

"That's what I wanted to ask you."

You've arrived in Anneiv.


What are our orders?


You have shoreleave. A cadre of officers have gone out into the city to negotiate the terms of the deal.


"If I know anypony?"


Crazy Germanes and their weird names for things. And they say Arabian is a strange language.
Keep strolling along. I still need to decide what to do with my apartment. Is it rental?


How cool. Let's find somewhere to have fun. An inn.


Did we arrive?


"More about when you learned Germane."

You've already taken care of that in anticipation of your departure.

From the docks you head right to Weissstrasse. This lengthy road out of town is peppered with inns.



"I never did, I told you! I only speak Equestrian!"


Back to the beginning; I'm going to need some help navigating these streets.


Alright, that's a worry off my back. Now to find a way out of here. There's a goat here? They're not that common, are they?


Pick an… homely one, and head in.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Apparently that isn't the case."

You start heading back, but a pone is eying you.

There's a whole town of them of them south of here. Not so many in Anneiv, though.

Homely, eh?

You head into a little bed and breakfast. It's a tiny little hole in the wall, but it's a cozy little mom n pop shop.


Does the commodore need me for something or am I free for now? If so, I'll wait for my dates to show up. HP Lovepone and Wheatwall.


And Bolt, don't forget. They're waiting on the docks.

You're free to do your own stuff.


"Excuse me; can I help you?"


I meant homely for a wanderer, an adventurer!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What did I say then? Maybe I was just, y'know, talking gibberish? That sounds close enough to germane."


Oh, must be from there then.

"No. Or yes? Your accent sounds unlike the others. Are you from around here, capra?"


"Nope. I'm from a long ways away. Traveled all over. Why, need some help finding something? Because I'm thinking we might be able to help each other."


"Help you how?"


"I'm not from around here, and I'm trying to find some information. Of course, that means where I need to be is a bit vague. Mind helping me find my way around the city?"


You locate an inn called The Shadowy Corner. It's a poorly lit, but there's a roaring hearth. There's a jazz band playing in the corner, and the style of the day seems to be traveling cloaks.

"I don't know Germane, but Abilio said you were definitely speaking it."


"You may notice that I am not from around here either. But I have lived here for a while. Perhaps I could aid you. But first I must know whether or not you travel alone."


"Guess I should ask him then, huh?"


"Good day to all of you. I hope you are well rested and ready to explore this city. I would like to find a brewery first."


"Nope, I'm just part of a sailing crew. We docked here, so I figured I might as well see if I can find anything helpful.
So, do you know where I could find information on old myths and legends relating to a golden apple?


"Right. Or maybe we could find a psycologist or something in town? If not… Hm… Well, I'll see what I can find out."

Wheatwall brushes his bristly mustache. "Quite right, I do think."



"Yeah, sure, I don't need a shrink. I get shrunk enough by Abilio as it is."


"Well… you better get going then."


"What kind of ship? And that is a very strange question. You should look for answers in a place of knowledge, like a library."


Not bad, let's head inside and beeline for the innkeepeer, sparing a moment to check the patrons.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Right, right, I'll get going mum."


"Well, where would those be?
What kind of ship? I dunno, the kind that sails across the oceans? We're more of a… group for hire, so we go where the work takes us."


With the cloaks and darkness it isn't easy to identify any patrons.

The innkeeper just gives you a nod.

She gives you a kiss on the forehead. "Good luck out there."


"I can take you there, capra. Tell me more about your ship on the way."

This city has a library right?


Roll my eyes.
"Don't get too immersed."
Wave with a wing and flutter off.
Time to find Abilio!


Quick, grab felix.
"Hey, Little sis! Are you ready to go food sampling?"


"Excellent. Do try to stick together so nopony gets lost."
Time to head into the city!

Let's find a tavern or someplace where they serve alcohol. I can ask them about their suppliers.


"Well, it's one of three that we use. It's the biggest one, but they're all seaworthy. That's actually the name of one, the Seaworthy. Why, interested in joining up?"


At the palace.

He's out in the city somewhere.

"Yeah! Let's go!"




Are my clothes ready yet?


"Interested in leaving this city. There is a dangerous predator lurking in the night. When predators threaten your territory, it is wise to run."

A public one? I'm leading this goat there.


To the shore! Lets find a map, or sign to navigate.


"Huh. What kind of predator? I've got some friends who are good with animals."


Weissstrasse it is. This street is littered with inns and their ilk: the road leads to the gates of the city.

He raises a brow. "We don't stock milk."


Left to Lebenstrasse. Right to Weissstrasse. There are no maps or signs. Light Heart heads right.



Left to Lebenstrasse. Right to Weissstrasse. There are no maps or signs. Light Heart heads right.

Public libraries weren't very popular in the 17th century.


Get dressed up pretty, fix my mane, don the hat, polish the rifle and off I go, into the city!


That's a lot of stuff to do! You spend time on that and by the time you finish it has been maybe an hour since the others headed out into the city.


"I am too, but this is no animal. Not in the traditional sense. He or she targets mares specifically."

If we ask really nicely, will they let us in? Otherwise this goat may need to sneak in.


Well I got to look presentable!
It's not like city is going anywhere!
Head out!


"Ahh.. equestria sure is inconvenient… Lets try The left."
Left we go.


"…I see. Well, we're rather adept at taking care of that kind of predator too."


Lovely! Find a tavern that looks decent but not too posh.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It wouldn't be unheard of.

Left to Lebenstrasse. Right to Weissstrasse.

You're on Lebenstrasse. There's a bakery on the corner, and it looks like a few more cafes and restaurants down the way.

The next street down is Zauberstrasse.

"Inconvenient is having to live in your basement for months!"



We'll see. For now we'll just talk while walking there.


That's pretty vague. You wander into the first place you see. The Typical Tavern


Uh… Lebenstrasse?


"Yep. Well, Privateers, but yeah, we're fighters for hire."


"I understand. But what business do privateers have this far inland?"


"Well It was the best I could do! And I tried to build you whatever you needed!"
I reply impishly and fold my arms. Before giggling and looking at all the wonderful smelling places.
"Okay, how about this. I'll let you choose our first stop. What food do you want to taste?"


Stroll inside and look around the place for a moment, sizing it up. Approach the bar itself and wait for the barkeep to come over.


"Well, I'm not really at liberty to say. Besides, Anniev is a place worth visiting. Or so I hear…"


You're on Lebenstrasse. There's a bakery on the corner, and it looks like a few more cafes and restaurants down the way.

The next street down is Zauberstrasse.

"Mmmm… have you had cinnamon buns?"

In the corner there is a bar fight putting off cartoonish amounts of smoke. In the corner there is a shady, shaky character with white eyes. To the right of the bar there's a trapdoor down.

The Bartender approacheth.

"What can I get you three?"


Look thoughtful.
"Oh, are those good? Bun is a word for bread right? That means the bakery?"


…keep walking there, then.
It's a nice place though.


"I would like some Cider, if you have it. No alcohol please. And a mug of beer too."
Look at the others.
"It's on me, what do you wish?"


"It is a good city. But it is time for me to leave it."

We there yet?


"Then something I wouldn't find in any other port."


The place looks a little rundown. You can tell right away that it's one of the poorer neighborhoods, simply by the clothes ponies wear. It's by no means a slum, though: brick and mortar for everyone, at the least.

The next street is Kamingasse.

"Yeah, that's right! Somewhere they make bread."

"Muscat, if they have it."

"I'll abstain."

"Make it a surprise!"

This palace was once the home of the emperor. Now, just the archduke. It's large and imposing: opulent and showy. The riches claimed by this family have fueled the arts in Anneiv for generations.

"That I can do. Fresh grown booze."


To the bakery!


Make sure to fly so I don't step into any of that shit.
Go to that Coming gas street or whatever it is!


"Here we are. The palace. There is a library built in here, but it is not usually open for public. You will need to ask permission to enter. Or… sneak inside."


"Muscat? My knowledge of wine is not quite up to par."


The sweet smell of food pervades the air.

Felix whispers: "Maybe you should pretend to be a doll again… Most Equestrian ponies have never seen a Breezie before. It's not like Neighpon."

Kamingasse is very industrialized. You see many chimneys sticking up out of the brickwork. For now, though, the street is quiet. No one is at work there currently.

The next street is Farbigesglaskreis.

"Oh no doubt. But the Vitis vinifera species boasts over two hundred grape varieties used in wine."


"Hm. Perhaps one day I will taste these sweet waters. I certainly hope to."
Wait to be served, then offer the beer to Wheatwall.
"Do try it out please. Happy? Do you know anything about beer?"


"Okay.. just hold me so I can see the food!" I stay still and let her tote me around like a doll.


That's got to be vandalized! It can't be! Go there!


He sips it. "This beer is viscous and light. Not to mention, there's hardly any froth."

The bartender gives you a dirty look.

Happy replies cheerfully: "Yeah! Wait, uh, no."

Go where?

She holds you up in the air and sort of dips you up and down like you're 'flying' – she even makes wooshing noises, like she's playing with a doll.

The stallion at the counter says, "Sorry kid, no free food. Go play outside."

"That's okay mister! I have money!"

You're eye-level with the case of food. They have all sorts of cakes and bread loafs and pies!


Smile back at the bartender.
"Is there a problem?"


"Ooh, ask about the cakes! A cake would be prefect! And a cinnamon bun for you too!" I whisper excitedly.




He barks at you in Germane: "If you're going to insult the drinks, you might as well get out of here."

"You do? Well… what do you want?"

"How much for a cake? And a cinnamon bun!"

"That'll be 12 bits."

Felix fishes out money.

This street is quite fancy and ornamentally decorated with glass. All of the windows are very large here, and there is stained glass too. You think you see a couple of shrines for various faiths.

The next street is Konigsstrasse.


Keep storing all this info for a map in my mind as I roam… to Konig!


"Please, there is no need to be rude."
Turn to Wheatwall.
"I do wonder… what kind of beer does the bar on board serve? And what do you think of it?"


This street is quite fancy. It looks like mostly apartment living but upscale. There is sweet music coming from his street, even now. Strains echo about. It looks almost entirely residential, though.

The next street is Farbigesglaskreis.

"Cherry grog and cream stout. They're compromise drinks, I'd say. Cheap, keep well, and popular enough with the crew."


Oh yes. This was a good first stop.


Turn to the barkeep.
"Excuse me, but could you tell me where exactly do you get these spirits supplied from?"


Take a few minutes to enjoy the music…

Wait, didn't I just come from Farbigesglaskreis?


Well I brought the goat to where he wants to be. I'm going to check out these ships he mentioned.


The stallion at the counter seems surprised that Felix had the money to pay for it, but soon you're at a table and she's shoveling cake up to your mouth with a fork.

"Eat up, sis!"

"Trade secret."

Yes you did. That's what puts the kreis in frabigesglaskreis.

Back to hauptstrasse. The docks are nearby though there are several ships in the harbor. It is a popular port after all.


Time to taste the cake! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


These fucking street names.
Anyway, enough lollygagging, find Abilio.

Roll #1 8 = 8


This cake takes the cake! It'd be better if you didn't have to pretend to be a doll though. You're getting about half of every fork-full all over your face, and your dress is in danger!

Next time you let Felix feed you, maybe you should raid the dress off a baby doll so you at least have a bib.

She's chomping away cheerfully on her cinnamon roll.

This is a big city and you have no idea where to start looking. You glance around. He's not anywhere twenty feet around you.


Acceptable. Just how much cake is there here? That was just a slice right?


I can just fly and look for his tricone!


The capra said one of them was called the Seaworthy. Can I spot it easily or am I going to have to ask around to ponies?

Roll #1 1 = 1


It's a little personal cake. It's about as big as you are.

You fly up so high you can see the whole city. Ponies are too small to identify at this distance.

It's not like they have their names carved in on the sides.


Fucking hell…
Fly lover! So I can make out the shapes of other ponies!




No, that would be so silly.
Maybe I can ask a wandering sailor.
"I am looking for a vessel called the Seaworthy. It arrived here recently."


You can't see all of the city at this height. You don't make out any tricornes, though at this point it's like playing an even harder where's waldo – even weird manestyles are throwing you off.

"Ask the port authority.'


"Who and where is this authority?"


..Fuck this, it can wait.
Go back to Lebenstrasse and visit a cafe.


"The building is there, near the docks. Everyone who makes port here registers with the city.

Sure. Anything in particular? Manako and Felix are at a bakery nearby.



"Well how is your roll sis?"
Little cakes like this are probably great for a date.


"We are assistants to an an Equestrian envoy which will arrive here in Anneiv in a few days. The lord likes his share of beer and tasked us with finding a suitable supplier. So please, tell me who supplies you."
Con Artist.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Let the kids play.
Do they have tea here?


"You have my gratitude."
Let's go check this place out.


"Sounds good. Hit me up."


@Cation: You got your things and said your goodbyes. All that remains to do is to get your backpay from your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad old boss.

The port authority is a government building which is responsible for documenting all ships which make port in the harbor. This one is no different.

It's a small, wooden building, about 300 square feet. Inside, there's a desk where a board pony is looking over some books.




You sneaky shit


There are a few cafes here.

Groj's Cafe
Anneiv Cafe
Cafe Museum
Cafe Schwarz
Anneiv Wine Bar
Anneiv Bistro


Anneiv Cafe sounds nice


Even to my good friend Nelly? It might be nice having someone to walk with in that neighborhood.


It's a spacious cafe with a lot of ponies in it. Looks like something of a tourist trap.

You can head back and talk to Nel if you want.


Glance around the room before approaching the pony at the desk.
"You must be the harbor master. I require information regarding a ship that arrived not too long ago: the Seaworthy."


Good enough for me.
Do they have pretty waitresses?


…I should probably get my pay and then say my last good byes to Nelly. It should be enough for a drink, at the least.


"Sorry. I can't just give out personal information."

There are some girls working the bar, but they don't serve you, given that there is no food. You just get your order made right away before sitting.

Back to the old watering hole, then. It's on Musikstrasse, at the corner with Viertestrasse. So that's one over and three down from here.


Let's just get this over with…
Head on down, and let's go get my money.


Bleh. How will I hit on them and check their butts.
Flutter to the counter.
"Hey. Do you have some nice tea?"


"Not even where it is docked?"


"You might be able to jog my memory."

"Ice tea? Yes of course. Three bits."

Into the corner pub you go. He's probably back in his office somewhere…


Well, let's head back there, after saying hello to the barkeep.


"No, regular tea!"
What the fuck, is that a pint of tea to cost so much?


Narrow my eyes and glare at him.


"Okay, sure!"

She trots back to a big keg and pours out a cup of tea.

"Alright, three bits."

"I can tell you're not getting by on your brains, yeah? I'm asking for you to bribe me."

He gives you a nod. Heading back into your manager's office, which is super crowded with filing cabinets, he waves at you from his desk and sort of groan-yell-beseeches you: "Caaaaation. Wow. Well, so sorry to see you go. We've had a good run, huh? Well, I guess it's time for you to split, so I won't keep you any longer."


Pay it and take a seat. This better be good.


It's okay. It's kinda watered down.


"I'll leave once I've got my pay for this last job."


Fucking scam place…
Drink it fast then.


"Caaaaaaaaaaation, I don't know what you're talking about! We're all settled."

You can roll Diplomacy for speech options to help you. Higher rolls usually unlock new options or get rid of bad choices entirely from the list. Cation has +3 to this roll because of Compassion.

Down it goes!


I should find some shops instead.


"There are various forms of bribery. Your arrogance is misplaced. What do you want?"


I'll give him a flat stare.
"You know I'm not stupid. Where is my money?"
Let's put some pressure on this weasel. Diplomancing. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Alright, where to? This street is mostly cafes and restaurants.

Remember, you're on Lebenstrasse.


Alright, where to? This street is mostly cafes and restaurants.

Remember, you're on Lebenstrasse.

"Well your attitude isn't much of a turn on, so I'll take my bribe in money."


"You still fail to provide specifics. My patience is running low."


Uh… did I see a lot of shops in any of the streets?


Profile: Omega, total worm. This sleezebag always tries to snake his way out of responsibility.

>[Threaten] I don't have anything to lose in terms of reputation since I'm leaving. But you have a lot to lose. Give me my pay or I'll ruin your business.

>[Cold] I'm not asking twice.
>[Sycophancy] Come on, a little pay like this is nothing for a guy who has as much as you.
>[Bluff] I've seen your records. I know you owe me money.

What kind of shops?

"This is the most dysfunctional corruption I've ever seen. Just give me some money. Are you a pauper? You want to know how much I'm taking so that you can go compare to the other port authority so you can see if you'll get a better deal?"


Clothes, horseshoes, guns, gadgets!


You haven't seen anything of that sort.


Gettin' chilly in here.
"I'm not asking twice, ya git. You do this every damn gig, and I'm gettin' tired o' this song and dance."


Slam down some bits onto the desk. I'm not sure how many I have on me.
"Just tell me where the ship is so I am no longer obliged to listen to your mewling."


Hmm… I'll try to ask a local.
Try to stop somepony.
"Hey. Do you speak Equestrian?"




File: 1402264087387.png (17.03 KB, 756x591, Anneiv.png, IO Google TinEye)

"A little."

"Dock eight. Get outta here."

It was a critical hit! It was a one-hit wonder!

He shrivels up. "Oh, comonnnnn Caaaaaation. Don't be that way. I have your money right here…"

Got 250 bits!


Good. Leave and see where this dock is. I'd like to have a word with the captain of that mercenary ship.


"Where can I find the shops?"


'Bout damn time.
"You're a weasel in pony's clothing, but I hope you do alright for yourself and your talent after I go. And if I get word you're short-changing any of your future singers, I'm gonna come back here and make certain you pay 'em what you owe. Got it?"


"Geh right… ah, sechster strasse. Look you for Kronestrasse. Big Einkaufszentrum."

A fine vessel it is. And full of menial workers, but no one has the helm, as it is currently anchored and tied off.

"Comooooon Catiooooon. You know it's just businesssssss."


His s trails off like a hiss.


So, uh, library?


Big what?
Nevermind, to Kronestrasse!


"And good business means you don't make enemies of your talent."
I'll pick up my dosh, and head out. Gotta hit the homestead and say goodbye to Nelly.


Hm. Is there no officer on duty? If not, approach one of the menials.
"Who is in charge here right now and where can I find him?"




I was trying to goad a bartender into telling me who supplies his booze.


Which way do you go? Left to Weisstrasse or right to Zauberstrasse?

You're totally lost in the city now that your guide has abandoned you. You don't even know where you are other than the big palace nearby.

"The first mate, Chip, has the vessel, presently. Yarr."

More like adventurers!

He frowns. "Why would I want to help you cut out the middleman? Just buy from me."

Three more streets over, to Konigsstrasse. This is where all the good talent have their apartments, and it is alive with sound.



Okay, so, palace. Can I see anything noteworthy about the palace?


Yes. Or at least, you'd think so. All sorts of folks in heavy cloaks. You'd imagine they're expecting rain!

The bartender said they don't serve milk.

Besides the fact that it's a literal palace? I mean, this place is huge. It takes up the entire street leading to it and the cul de sac besides. You've seen smaller villages.




And I asked for their specialty.
"What's this lot got to fear, some heavy rain?"


"Because we are buying en masse. The lord is a very… thirsty stallion. Not only that, but we also want to buy our products straight from the source to prevent tampering by third parties."


I'm gonna miss it… But no time for sentiments now. That's for later, over some hard drink with Nelly.


where are we?


Well, she led me here for a reason. Let's see if I can find an entrance. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Look around.
"Where is this officer 'Chip'?"


This street is full of cafes and bars, and it leads out on a lengthy boulevard to one of the city's exits.

Right, he got you some fresh grown booze from the local beer garden. Maybe Selena would be interested in hearing more about that, but lucky for you, you aren't her.

"Oh, it's the latest trend, heavy coats. I can't blame you for not being in."

"Now you're saying I tamper with my product?!"

Nel's apartment is the fourth, and she's up on the fourth floor. Fifth is the tallest, and only the best talent get fifth floor apartments. You're a fourth-floor too, so it's nothing to scoff at. This isn't, of course, mandatory, but the price of being up there is prohibitively expensive on your pay.

You have the deck of the Seaworthy. You are docked in Anneiv. A nearby unicorn is asking about you. Someone directs her in your direction.

"Right over there."

He indicates a diamond dog.

Finding the entrance is trivial: it's at the very end of the street. Well, there are more than that, but this is clearly the main entrance.

There are servants at the door who halt you. "Yes?"


"Sounds… Hot, under those coats. How am I gonna find a beauty if she hides her face so?"


Well, some of the lower ones have walls that are way too thin.
Head on up to floor four. I've got some packing to do, and goodbyes to make.


Perhaps just sit there and look at the direction of the unicorn who is mentioning my name.


Go back the other way..


"Not exactly. What I am implying enemies of the lord may do so. You do seem… awfully prone to feeling accused."


"Thank you."

A diamond dog, is it? Very exotic. Close in on him.
"I understand that you are the officer on duty."


"This isn't a place for beauties! This is a place for adventurers. The tough and rough sort."

You already packed! Knocking on Nel's door, she opens it.

"Oh, hey Catey. What's up?"

You follow the road further than you've ever followed it, all the way to the street she mentioned.

This road has a few smaller shops, but the main attraction is a huge building with many stores inside of it. You've never seen such a mysterious thing!

It's like a big building ate up all the little stores it could find.

"Now you're insulting me too? Out! Out I say!"


Huh! Strange! But intruiging!


"I am." I nod.
"I am Chip, first mate of the Seaworthy and may I ask for you to quench my curiosity but may I ask your name and your business with the fleet."


It's crowded in here, but it's like a little multi-leveled city of shopping. All sorts of shops are located here, and there's even a food court. Notably, a McHamburgerburg catches your eye.

They have shops for just about everything in this place.


"Well then, the sort that likes a good fight once in a while?"


"Well, I'm finally busting out of here, is what. Thought I'd knock back one or two farewells before I left, though."
I'll grin at Nelly.


"Hello, um… is there a library somewhere around here?"


Dear god this guy is a moron.
"I feel there may be something being lost in translation here, but very well."
Leave then. I'll just find another tavern.


"I suppose you might say that. But I'd say more of my patronage are soldiers of fortune. They fight for coin. If you're looking for mean drunks who will punch anything, I think a few of my competitors are good at being unruly…"

"Ach, gosh, ye tol' me afore 'n it slipped me. Come in, then, ye lass. Why? Taken too soon ye were!"

"The Royal Library is located on these premises."

He has a heavy accent.

The next tavern over is The Shadowy Corner.


Down the wine.
"I just hope they have nectar as sweet as this!"


Sit down on my haunches.
"My name is Pardis bint Baharak al-Donya, but you may call me Earthern Paradise. I understand this ship is part of a mercenary group."


This is pretty great!


Sounds very cozy. Enter.


"Well, our slogan is 'drink here, make trouble elsewhere'."

You find a gun shop named Little Shop of Horrors.

Flowing Tree is here. Inside, wearing heavy cloaks seems to be the style of the day.


"I'm just feelin' that Anniev's gotten a bit too rough for a delicate flower like me'self as of late."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Besides, a bird only learns a few songs by staying in a cage, even if they are pretty ones."


"Smart slogan.
So, does the fact this place is filled with soldiers of fortune mean you get to hear all crazy rumors?"


Look around!


Let's just approach the bartender and try a different approach.
"Good day, sir."


I then relax my head to my arms.
"Well it currently is because of popular vote, we accept any recruit as long as they've proven their worth and is willing to do the business that we ask… nay, command them to do. You do what the officers commands you to do and you get paid, the same as a stevedore or a guard."
"If you are looking for action and not in it for the money then you are in the right place."


"Would you be able to direct me to it? I am seeking knowledge of a unique artifact."


Look out over the city.
"This city has become too unsafe. I wish to leave it as swiftly as possible. If what you say is true, this fleet would be a good means to do so."


"Ach, ye really think so? There're loads a sounds here!"

You attract a few glances with your outburst, but they go back to looking around.

This place has all sorts of guns, but they're mostly one or two simple designs with different stocks.

The shop's gimmick appears to be a talking gun near the register that is drawing customers by making spooky sounds and the like.

"Ja? Womit kann ich Ihnen weiterhelfen?"

"Do you have an invitation?"


"On occasion! I don't suppose most would be of interest to a traveler, though."


"No. Do I need one to get in?"


"Aye, that there are… But there's a whole wide world out there, and Anniev's only just a little piece of it. Who even knows what I could hear out there?"


Flutter over!
Check it out!
What's it say?"


"A shame.
No informations on a smith that's hosting a sale on guns, is there?"
Chuckle a bit.


"I see, if you wanted to leave then too bad this ship is docked for three days. If you are in haste you can pick the other ships who are leaving….. though I take you have reasons to 'hide' within this fleet I take it." I grin.


"The last pony I spoke to was unwilling to tell me, but perhaps you could share with me where the breweries of Anneiv are located."


"This palace is the royal residence of the archduke of Germaney. I suppose you do not need permission to enter one's house in Neds? Hm?"

"Twon't be tha same witout ya…"


It sounds kinda bored. It's enough to get the kids cheering, though.

"I wouldn't know about sales, but for guns, I would visit the Einkaufszentrum down a few streets over."

"I would visit Kamingasse, but as a tourist, I think you're in truth looking for the Beer Gardens, not the breweries. Those would be outside of the city."


"So long as the sun shines, there is nothing to fear. It is when the sun sets and the stars come out that I must beware."


"Hey, gun. Do you speak Equestrian?"


"I am looking to buy en masse, so I would prefer to do so with a brewery to prevent price inflation."


I chuckle.
"Alright about staying in these ships are you going to pay or are you going to work?"


"And I'll miss that caterwauling you call singin', too."
I'll give her a sad smile.
"But don't let that stop you from making your own way, you hear? When I get back, I want you on the fifth floor."


Scowl angrily at him.
"I'm sorry, I couldn't understand you through that thick accent. Could you speak clearer, or do I need to fetch you something to write on?"


"Much oblidged."
Pay the drink and tip him 10%.
Off to the Einkaufusazenturumu!


"That would depend on the type of work available."


"So what are you good at? Then we will see if we have a vacant slot for ya, got to ask the commodore himself too and see if we need anymore of your kind in this fleet." I rest my chin.


"I am pretty sure 'Boo' is the same in both languages."

"I don't think you understand. The Beer Gardens are where the famous Anneivian beer comes from. It is home grown."

Flowing departs.

She blows her hair out of the way with a sputter of surprise. "PFffff. Stahp. Yer gettin' yer cheesiness on me…"

"I said, 'I think you are familiar with housebreaking, yes?'"

It quickly becomes clear why he didn't translate this word: you wander down a few streets until you locate the building he was referring to: it's a massive building that has smaller shops inside of it. It's like nothing you've ever seen before in all your travels.


"And likely very expensive. Or am I wrong to assume so?"


I smell clearly hamburgerburgian engineering behind this.
I think it needs a shorter name, for my own convenience.
Let's call it a mall.

Ask around for the gunsmith.


"Great, you do! Do you have a name?"


"I only say it 'cause I think it can happen, Nelly."
I'll give her a playful punch on the shoulder.
"Asides, who else am I gonna mooch off of when I swing back into town with a cartload o' new songs?"


Sarcastically: "Do you want to know in Germane or Equestrian?"

Upstairs there is a gunshop called Little Shop of Horrors. Emrille is here examining a gun.

"Maybe. It's worth a visit, at least."

"I reckon yer gonna git yerself invited ta play a command performance fer tha Archduke."


"Good afternoon Emrille.
Is this place pleasing you?"


"I am trained in melee combat, so I can be of aid if the ships were faced with a combat situation. Yet I am a shaman at heart, a devoted servant of nature."


"Hmn. Very well then, I know when I'm not wanted."
I'm going to leave; no point beating my head against a wall. Fucking speciests.


I'll roll my eyes.
"C'mon now, girl, now who's dreamin'? That old taffer don't listen to anything from anyone still breathing."


"In a way. Hey. Check this out, it's a talking gun!"

"Equestrian. Fuck Germane."


"I suppose it is."
If I actually drank alcohol!
"Thank you for your aid."

The Kamingasse, can I find any signs pointing that way?


"A talking gun?
Oh my. How does it work?"


"Fucked if I know, I just got here! Ask it!"


Try touching the gun.
"How do you work?"


You follow the street back. This street is full of shrines.

"Maybe ya'll be a lich and have skeleton backup singers!"

"Trottel. Names are the same! Ich heise Archimedes."

"Oi, dummkopf, hooves off, yes? You see no tricks here. No smoke and mirrors."

No signs, but it must be north because there are no roads south.

Three streets down you locate it.


Go noooooorth! Go nooooooorth!


Look at it and lick my lips.
"How much do you cost, Trottel?"


"What do you do better than a normal gun? Why did you need to talk?"


"I'd be chased outta town afore I even get in the gate."
I'll giggle a little.
"And I don't imagine skellies would make good singers. Maybe percussionists."


"I am called Archimedes."

"I should ask the same of you!"


Kamingasse is very industrialized. You see many chimneys sticking up out of the brickwork. For now, though, the street is quiet. No one is at work there currently.

"I haven' an idea how it works anyway. A drink, then?"


"Oh, sorry. I guess you should stop mixing in Germane. So, how much do you cost, Archimedes?"


Huh. A holiday maybe?

See if I can located a beer brewery at least.


"It allows me to communicate with my peers. You seem to, indeed, have no peers."


What's up?


I'll nod.
"One for the road. I've still got to see about getting a ship."


Ugh. I'm sick of these locals. See if I can find someone else from the crew.


Changed your name?

Bells toll in the distance. It's one hour until sundown. Ponies everywhere wrap up what they're doing and start to head back, some faster than others. Those making the most haste are mares.

"'Ave onea mine, then."

She offers you a bottle.

Bells toll in the distance. It's one hour until sundown. Ponies everywhere wrap up what they're doing and start to head back, some faster than others. Those making the most haste are mares.

"Peerless is good."

Bells toll in the distance. It's one hour until sundown. Ponies everywhere wrap up what they're doing and start to head back, some faster than others. Those making the most haste are mares.

"Good question, being that I'm irreplaceable. And as your friend suggests: peerless."

Bells toll in the distance. It's one hour until sundown. Ponies everywhere wrap up what they're doing and start to head back, some faster than others. Those making the most haste are mares.

Yes, there is a business here. It's closed. Interestingly, it has hours posted outside, and work doesn't start for another hour.

Bells toll in the distance. It's one hour until sundown. Ponies everywhere wrap up what they're doing and start to head back, some faster than others. Those making the most haste are mares.

One street over you locate Light Heart wandering.

Bells toll in the distance. It's one hour until sundown. Ponies everywhere wrap up what they're doing and start to head back, some faster than others. Those making the most haste are mares.


I swoop over the crowd.
"Afraid of the dark?"


"I'm pretty sure there's one way or another to get you."
Flick my ears.
"What's with these bells?"


"Yes, I wanted to imply that."
"Tell me, what's happening."
Look around confused.


A stallion answers you: "Work begins soon. All industry runs at night, Reisende."


"Sounds like I should put a hoof to it, if I aim to go out with the tide, Nelly."
I'll give her a quick hug.
"Keep on playin' the music."


"There might be some kind of curfew."


That late already? Didn't we arrive in the morning?
"Hm. These ponies only work at night? How strange."
Look at the mares making haste.
"How strange indeed…"


"Hey there. Hope you've had better luck here than I have."


"A curfew? Why?"


I fly around and look for the others.


"One hour until sundown. In Anneiv, all work is done at night so that the clouds do not fill the streets at daytime. However, there's also a rumor of a killer loose in town. Mares should be careful, zu verstehen?"

"Ya could stay over, if ya care ta…"
She hugs you fight.

You arrived in early afternoon.

Hircus and Light Heart are nearby on the street Kamingasse.


"Well, I am waiting for this brewery to open up. Aside from that, I have not accomplished much sadly."


"Hey, sis, get two vanilla cakes to go please."


"Alright then," I stand up.
"Follow me."

Lets go find Abilio


"Well, that answers you.
Anyway, I'm looking for a decent gun for close and mid range. Care yo show me something before night time?"


"A killer, huh?… Does he have a bounty on his head?"


Follow him.


"I appreciate the offer, but I can't."
I'll tear up a little, but wipe that away.
"And you stay safe, got it?"


I fly over to them.
"Hey, why doesn't the fleet to things at night like normal people?"


Look at her approach?
"Excuse me?"


I hear there's a mare-killer around town. Kinda want to see if we can catch him."
"Hey there, kid. Feeling up for a hunt tonight?"


"Okay! And the bun is gooood! You should have a bite!"

"Two vanilla cakes – to go!"

"Right. Little lady, you oughtta head home soon. You know the bells mean night is coming."

You cannot leave the ships because you are the ranking fleet officer. You currently have command of all the vessels in the fleet as all other higher ranking officers are out on a trade mission.

"Between you and me, they're all roughly the same, with different stock designs. Regardless of what the shopkeepers will tell you."

"No doubt he would, if they could prove or wanted to acknowledge that there is a killer. Or even that it's a he."

She gives you a little nuzzle. "Ya'll better too. There ain't enough jennies left in tha world, and certainly not enough good ones."


"But if said killer was killed and brought to authorities, it would net some money, wouldn't it?"


"I would think, but I'm hardly a police gun, yeah?"


"You know, sleep during the day and work at night? It's hot during the day."

"Maybe? I'll see if uncle Chip wants to come along. What's good to hunt here?"


"Ain't that for true."
I'll sniffle a bit.
"Anyway, I'll be seein' ya, Nelly."
And then it's off to pick up my things. I've got a quick walk to the docks if I want to grab a boat.


"Uh. How interesting. Which one do you like best then?"


"I've got sweet guns to handle that, don't worry… still, don't get sold until tomorrow, okay? You're going to be mine~"


"Somepony's been killing mares at night, according to word on the street. Chip would probably be a big help, too."


"Oh? A mare killer? That does explain why these mares were so hasty. Perhaps we could, there could be a reward in it for us."

"Well, we do work on shifts on the fleet. I have worked night shifts on occasions myself. I merely prefer the day because it is far easier to navigate while it is light out."


"Okay! Feed me while we walk around." Let he feed me the cinnamon.


"Oooooooh, that sounds fun."

I shrug.
"True. Was your feast tonight or later?"


Things are getting dark out. You hustle down the stairs, two apartments over, and back up for floors.

Better make quick work!

"Yew. But I'm biased."

"Yeah, we'll see about that Trottel."

She's hustling back to the ships and stops when she runs into Light Heart Hircus and Fly.

She unconsciously stuffs a huge chunk of cinnamon bun in your face! Roll to evade or devour it in a hulking bite!

Felix arrives, with two cakes and a doll.


"Later, once we have departed from Anneiv."


'1d10' eat it!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It's fine, I will take what you say with some salt."


Smile at her.
"Hello there, child. Enjoying yourself?"


"Heh. Whoever this killer is, they won't know what hit them."
"Well, hello there Felix! What are you doing out this late?"


I try to take a cake from-why is that doll moving?

"Want to catch a murder?"


"What's a Trottel?"


"Of course. But I do have business to settle in this brewery first when it opens up."




It's too big! You get your head stuck inside of it!

"Hi… 'splorin'." she says shyly.

"Not too much. You know what that does to metal."

"Why don't you ask around with your charming persona?"


Lessee, got my money, got my bags, got my booze, got my instrument… That should be everything. I'll head down to turn in the key to the place, and then hoof it to the docks.


"Lovely little thing you are. If I were a better markspony, I'd buy you myself."


"Why don't you fucking tell me?"


ah geez, and now I can't fix it or I'll be noticed.


"I know, right? I totally want it!"


"Be careful around here, would you? It is not safe at night, from what I hear."


"Say, wouldn't you mind helping me pick a normal gun?"


"All right then. We should probably stick together, though. Unless your business is better taken care of on your own?"
"Well, you should probably get back to the ships soon. It's almost dark out!"


"You are a sweet talker, aren't you, hm?"

"Because you need to hit the road."

"Maybe I'd oughtta stick with you…"

The ponies who have been flooding past you to their jobs in the buildings must have set to work: the cloud factories are beginning to churn out clouds. This brewery is open, too.

"Do you want to go back to the ships? Or stay with them?"

Glancing out the window, the clouds are already starting to gather… Kamingasse is not far from here, after all.


"Not really, but if you wish to do something else I will not blame you. I do not know how long this will take. Bear in mind we will be staying here for three days."


"I want to make sure you're safe first."


"Must be something in you that makes me want to be this sweet."



You reach Lebenstrasse. Nearly back to the docks.

"Uh, I'm gonna head back!"

She runs off for the fleet.


Great. But as long as I keep moving, I should be fine.


"Your choice."
Enter the brewery!


"I could. Then again, why don't you ask the Hamburgerburgians?"

"Fine, but will you tell me if I come back and ask tomorrow?"


"See ya!"
"I'll go ahead and wait outside."


Good, we're getting there safely!


"It's more about the company."


I follow you in.


"…You know what, I changed my mind."
Into the brewery!


"This is getting too abstract for a short conversation. Get home before the clouds set in. Believe me, you'll know what I mean."

The tall buildings of Anneiv mean that when things get dark, things get dark fast. Clouds are already swirling on the streets… it's hard to find your way around.

You've got a bad feeling about this…

You drop off your little sis on the ships. By which I mean she lets go of you and helps you out of your dress.

It's getting dark and cloudy in the streets.

"We'll see, ja?"

What a busy place! Huge fermenting tanks are making the most of their product. A foreman oversees the process far above.


Is there anyone around even? What stops me from just grabbing the gun and bringing it with me?


The shopkeeper and the "mall" security.

The gun doesn't own the store.


I know where the docks are. Long as I stick to the street, I should be good.
Besides, bad feelings or no, I'm not going to let some madpony make me afraid of the dark.


"Ah, Alright. Put those sweets someplace safe, I need them for later."
Lets see if I can spot flowing from here '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well I thought they had gone home!
Okay, time to make it back to the docks.


"Let's go back to the fleet and have a chat with them too, okay? If you don't like their clearly superiour desings, I plan to come back here tomorrow anyway."

"I guess. Ta-ta!"
Quickly fly over to the counter/seller/merchant.
"Hey, how much for the talking gun?"


"I will be back shortly."
Let's fly my way over to him.
"Good day. Are you the pony in charge here?"


"I've no big preference. It's just a matter of cost for me. Not like I will use the gun that much."


"President Strom will surely have something to fit your tastes."
Say that president part sarcastically.


So… the dog wanted to lead me to the commodore of this operation?


"I've had the chance to see their designs. But not being in the know, I wanted to… Branch out."


I'll just stick by the door and wait for LH to finish her business.


"If they know shit about one thing, it's guns."


"Are yours a design of theirs as well?"


There's a dark figure following you in the clouds from behind…

Just a few more streets and you'll be back to the docks. It's becoming clear why everyone tries to make it back before this: the fog is so thick you can barely see.

The cloud cover is too thick.

Felix runs off to stow the cakes in the workshop, which has become your de facto room lately.

"Listen, I had no plans on selling it, but if you're really coming back tomorrow, maybe we can work something out."

Looks like the officers are returning right now anyway.

The commodore is a tall unicorn with a tricorne.


"Ja. Sprichen Sie Germane?"


Well, keep walking. And keep my eyes a bit more open than before.

"I've a bad feeling, Emrille."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Caress my rifle with a wing and pat my pistol holster with a hoof.
"Yup. They are a lot more advanced than regular firearms and you need to reload less, but you'd need a lot of practice to handle the recoil like I do if you just empty all of the bullets at once."
"Plus these ones are special, even to their standards."

"Fucking great! See you tomorrow then!"
Time to head back to the fleet.


Watch out the door. Do I see anyone? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I do. Are you also the pony handling sales or is that somepony else I should be speaking to? I wish to purchase a large amount of beer."


I do love that room!
'1d10' Look for someone who might know where flowing is.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You need to relax. You're not afraid of some killer, are you?"


"I'm known to be a rather fast learner."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well, a trot won't seem too suspicious. If whoever's back there picks up the pace, then I might be in trouble.


"Not with you by my side, at least."


Fuck fuck fuck, it's already dark out.
Close in on him.
"You are the commodore I must speak to."


You take it slow and steady, careful not to fall into the drink.

You think you see his figure in the fog not far from the ships…

A jenny breaks out of the fog, wandering the streets.

"That would be the owner."

You lose them, and arrive at the docks. It's so dark and cloudy, you can't even pick out all of the boats…


"Where can I find him?"


Let's not stop though.


A jenny? Never mind. Lets fly fast to tree-sempai! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Even Light can't handle it, and she's from Dixie."
Smirk back.
"That's right! He should be scared of us."

Walk walk.



"The office, in the back."

You arrive at the fleet.

Manako is waiting for you.

Tree and Emrille arrive out of the fog…


Well, so long as I can at least pick out one that looks promising. Let's head up to the nearest gangplank.


"Most of the civilized world should."
Wave at Manako-chan.


"Oh hey, Manako~
You left in such a rush the other day."


"Thank you."
Motion the others to follow as I glide down and seek out this office. Knock on the door.


"Tree-sempai! Are you enjoying the city?"
I blush a bit. "Um. Hello Miss Emrille, did you still want help with your hat?"


"Since when do you speak their language?"


You just realize. You haven't returned your key. There's a significant – significant – deposit you'll lose if you don't return it.

"Yes? What is it?"


"It's a strange city if nothing else."


"Yeah. You should drop by sometime to pick it up."


"Strange? Uh. Did you try any of the food here?"
Nod. "Or bring by the workshop!"


What? But I thought I dropped off my key before I left!
I mentioned that specifically!
"Gods' damned taffin' frazzin'…"
Head back to the inn. Double-time.


Bow my head in respect slightly.
"My name is Pardis bint Baharak al-Donya. I am looking for a way out of this city and heard about a fleet of privateers having arrived recently. I wish to join you when you leave again, either as a passenger or crew."


"Haven't had the occasion to.
But their beer is top notch."


"…" '1d10' keep calm.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Their tea is watered down shit though."

"I will."


"I only drink my own tea anyway."


"Good day. I am interested in buying a shipment of your beer."


Okay, hover close to Tree's face, Ignore emmy, don't blush..
"Would you like to? I mean its got to be more interesting than the ship's food. We could get some to go so that you have your tea too!"


Move my head back slightly at this sudden movement.
"Yes. It sounds like something I should do before leaving town. Why?"


Stay silent and look at the two of them with an amused smile.


Grin widely and scoot closer again. "Okay! Its decided then! Do you wanna go now? Or are you busy?"


"Decided… What exactly, Manako-chan?"
This time play with that movement, and shift right around her, closing in, incredibly so.


"That we'll go get something to eat together.. While we're here.." '1d10' d-don't hyperventilate

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Sure. But this fog is not the best thing to move in.
We might have to wait tomorrow."


My wings suddenly freeze up, I turn bright red, and fall at you hooves.


Try not to snicker too loud.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Catch her before she gets hurt, pooling my hooves up in a cup.


You hear my quick short breathes and my body is incredibly warm. I twitch and blink a bit and look up at you with a smile.
"T-tree sempai"


I put you down on Felix's back.
"You don't seem too well, Manako."


I shake and my color slowly returns to normal.
"I'm Okay! Tomorrow night right? We'll have a great time."
I stand up and just can't stop smiling, My wings flutter excitedly.


"Well, pick one of the two. Stop by my office when you're in the mood for paperwork. In the mean time… it's getting foggy out, so you're welcome to stay in the bunkhouse."

So easy to overlook stuff when you're in a hurry! Are you sure you don't want to travel in a group with some of these nice ponies?

"How much do you need?"


Is Abilio back yet?


Yep. A unicorn is talking to him.


Flutter over, but do not interrupt.
Just eavesdrop


"Tomorrow night."
Nod slowly.


"Forgive me, but I would like to know more about this operation first. And the type of work I would be expected to do."


What, the stallion, the foal, and the bug he's talking to? Do they even speak normal?
Besides, I can't just ask complete strangers to walk me back to my inn.


"Wait a minute! We can't eat at night in here. See the fog?"
Point her at the city.
"At night, the city is like this."


"Do you sew? Carpent? Sail? Rig? Bilge? Do heavy lifting? Fight?"

You were just about to ask them for a ride ont heir ship, weren't you?



Gasp! I flutter around worriedly. "What If I.. madeA Fog Light Or fog remover Or An Automatic Fog Protection Sphere "


I don't even know if they have a ship! They're just on the docks! They literally just walked out of the fog, brain voice! Besides, I've been staring at them talking to that bug for the last five minutes, if they were in the mood to offer assistance, they would have done so.


Your post doesn't warrant a response.

No, those pones are standing on a ship.


Raise a brow surprised.
"What about just going out for lunch instead?"


That's why I said eavesdrop! To know what they talk about!


"I can fight well, with both sword and hoof. But I am a shaman at heart, a servant of nature and wielder of its powers. I am also a musician, like many ponies who spend time here in this city."


I'll pace back and forth for a minute. Then holler up at them.
"Hey, are you lot in the mood to take a quick hike back into the city? The night ain't safe for a jenny these days."


"Miss Emrille can you maybe move the fo-"
"Oh!" I laugh a bit. "You're so smart tree-sempai!"


Oh, you didn't understand that he's talking to Earthen Paradise.



No, I did not.

"Move the what?"

"Hey there~"


Lean off the ship.
"And who might you be, miss?"
"Don't stop though, I want to see this fog-fuging device now."


"Well… we amazingly do have an alchemy lab, but it's fully employed. We always have more room for guards, though. You might be expected to do some light pillaging, assuming that's within your moral spectrum."


"I was gonna ask if you could move the fog, but that's not really needed."
'1d10' be a doll
'1d10' appraise her.
A very blushing doll. "O-okay"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Right… you two can hide in the fog and do lewd things, huh?~"


"h-hey that's not! I wasn't!"
Gah, even more blushing!


"Just a musician who forgot to leave her key at the desk on the way out of town, and doesn't want to risk getting pulled into some alleyway by the madpony that's running amok these days."
I'll scuff my hoof on the dock.
"Name's Cation."


"That's quite the trip you are asking of us, Cation."


Look at her.

"I have no issues doing what needs to be done. I will join the ranks as a guard on this fleet."


"Sure it isn't! You looked like you were about to faint."

"You're new."


"S-shut up. I was fine!"


"Well, I fancy my neck, and rather want to keep it attached. If you want to let a poor, destitute jenny walk into the dark and die, well, that's on your cold heart, I guess."


"Your life's ill worth the money of a room, isn't it?"
Smile a bit.
"At least, I would think so."


"Were you? You changed color!"


"I have been part of this world many years."


"Afraid I tended to pay in song. Musicians can make a decent living in Anniev, but if I don't get this key back there, I'm going to lose the deposit."
I'll frown a little.
"Tell ya what. You and your pals walk me up there, and back, and I'll give you a cut of the deposit. Sound fair?"


"Now that sounds just horrible. I could never accept money from a mare.
Instead, a dance. Will you?"


"Haven't seen you on the fleet, though."


I'll let out a small laugh.
"I dance about as well as a brick, but if that's all it takes, you've got a deal."


Turn red again this time with a different emotion.
"Get me out of here! Back to your room, anywhere. We'll fix your hat or something."


"Good! Drop by my office when you have a moment and I'll draw up some papers."


"Ah but it seems you misunderstood me.
A dance you will be playing at, was my first idea."
Smile and start leaving the ship.


Take off my hat and sweep you into it.
"Give me a sec, will you? You're safe in there, just don't get it all messy."



"That is true. I have not been around this fleet before."
Extend my right hoof.
"My name is Pardis bint Baharak al-Donya, but you may call me Earthern Paradise."

"I shall do so."


Shake your hoof.
"I'm Emrille."
"Earthern Paradise, huh?"
Check out them flanks.




They're buried and hidden beneath a big pile of cloth!
"Earthern Paradise. Not a literal translation to Equestrian, but it suffices."


>Autoupdater in charge of working
"Five hogsheads in total."


"Fine but hurry!" I pout a bit and lean on your ear.


"So, where are you come from, with that sort of name?"

"I'll want to have a chat with you in private later."

"Or what, you'll rub yourself against my ear?"


"Seven and a half thousand?"


"Alright then… Well, I'm headed back to my cabin."


You can't see my blushing from in here!
"Maybe I'll pinch it!"


"Do it~"

"I have a small something to take care of first. I'll drop by, so try not to start fucking Cloudy, okay?"


"We'll see how things go."


"The united apple emirates. From the east. I only lived here in Anneiv for a year."


Roll my eyes.
"I'm going to walk in on you if you do, I'm warning you."


"I see… if you're from here, I'll have to ask a few things, but I'm a bit busy right now. I'll catch you later, Miss Exotic."


He's gone


So am I.
Back to my room with Manako under my hat



What a lecherous little mare.



Take my hat off once I'm inside.
"I better not have to clean your breezielady juices out of that hat. They are a bitch to get out of it. Don't ask why I know."


I rub my head.
"My apologies, I mistranslated that. I require 35 gallons of beer."


Fly down to a table or something with my arms crossed and a grumpy expression.
"No. I just can't believe he did that! Did you see! He was hitting on that jenny right in front of me" I sniffle and turn away from you. "Its like he can't even see me.."


"Ah, well that I can do much better."


"Let's get going then."


"This way, then."
And then it's back to the inn to drop off that blasted key.


Do be do be doo, watching out the door for any sign of trouble…


And I will keep my eyes open.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I, too, will keep an eye and ear out for trouble. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Roll my eyes.
"Drama queen, from what I remember you managed to score that date, didn't you?"


"Y-yea… That's true.. but what if he doesn't know its a date? What if doesn't think of me like that!"
I start crying.


Light Heart is still inside, but she encouraged you to come with her to the office.

"It is very unusual to purchase in such small amounts directly from a brewery."


Just the two of you?

Okay. You head off into the swirling clouds and mists of the darkness…


>inb4 doubleded
I doubt many other pirates would be willing to accompany a newly met jenny with such a feeble excuse.
Indeed, I'm basically sure this is a trap.


"Hey, hey…"
Pick you up gently with a wing and nuzzle you.
"You're in the fucking home stretch with him, don't you start crying now!"


"Is that an issue?"


Well, all right. Anything interesting in the office?


"So… you work on that ship, or were you just chatting up the kid on it?"


"One of those ships."


Sniffle a bit and calm down.
"Y-yea.. I just.. I'll just.. d-do my best.. And he'll see how much I care!"


"We don't have the equipment to measure less than a cask, which is a hogshead."

It's a spartan design. Mostly filing cabinets and papers. At least the pony here isn't staring at you expecting you to steal something. On his desk rests a Newton's Cradle.

Perception check (separate from the one before)


Perception tells me I'm almost dead.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"How much for a hogshead then?"


I wander around the brewery.


"They taking on passengers? I was hoping to catch a boat outta town."
Time for the inevitable critfail. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Want to get inspired?"


"I'm sure we can arrange something with the Commodore.
Say, you must have really been in a hurry to forget to turn in the key…"


"How's one and a half thou?"

You are surprised to hear sudden laughter. You can't pinpoint the direction… It sounded close.

They have huge drums of booze here… or what will ferment into it.


Blink away the last of my tears. "What do you mean Emrille-chan?"


Bleh, booze tastes terrible.


"I wanted to get to the docks before the-"
"Ah shite. Figgers it's just my luck."


Let's keep a steady going, but don't my steps any quicker.
Also, ready Retaliation '1d10' and drag the donk closer, forcing her down to my pace.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Yeah, I can't speak their language.
"Just out of curiosity, has he ever heard of a golden apple?"


Knock on Abilio's door then enter.

Blow at you slightly to dry them.
"You know how Tela is my marefriend and all?"


"Oi, what's the big idea?! This ain't the time to be gettin' fresh!"


"That is rather pricy. I was told by somepony else the price would lie around a thousand bits per hogshead."



Nod slowly. "I remember."


Keep your pace steady. No talking. We must not let him on we are worried."


"I can't speak their language. Could you ask him if he's ever heard of a Golden Apple before?"


"… Certainly."


"Easy fer you to say! You're not the one gettin' groped in a cloud while some madpony is off giggling like a taffin' loon."


"I totally thought I had no chance with her. Like, I didn't even know she was into mares. On top of it all, do you know what she did when I first kissed her?"


"Shut up already if you wanna get out of this alive. I'm more than capable of handling a single madpony."


Grumble a little.
But keep moving.


There are quite a few Germane ponies about here, working. They still have a lot of energy: they just started their shift.

Flowing trips, nearly taking down Cation at the same time.

In the mists, before you, you see a number of silhouettes. The really striking thing about them is their extremely odd headwear. It's nothing common at all between them: their figures in the clouds are totally distinctive and discrete by way of their extremely odd headpiece choices. Given that you can only make out shadows through the dark obscuring fog, it makes them look like they have abominable, twisted, demonic heads.

You hear a distinctly Bridon (as in, from Great Bridle) voice speak: "Now. Ba ha ha ha ha."

Suddenly, you're beset by attackers from all sides, yelling in limey accents with curious headwear. The meathooks are much less curious and more on the side of troubling.

The fog makes it hard to discern your targets. There are at least five, though! Escape seems as much a priority as straight victory.

Limey 1
Limey 2
Limey 3
Limey 4
Limey 5

He glances up from his desk. "I was just about to turn in. Good that you finally arrived."

"I can do around one point two."


"I've got two things to talk about. First… what's this whole thing Cloudy was talking about? Concerning me?"


"Not Today!"

Hold the Line.

And blow a hole in their lines, unleashing onto Limey 1 with all my might.
'4d10'+1 each, dc-1

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 10, 3, 2, 4 = 19


"Why do you all work at night?"


I sit up attentively. "What did she do?"


Bloody taffin' razza frazzin-
"You all best know you picked the wrong damn jenny to jump."
Despair on the group. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I may not be from around here, but I find that overpriced."


"She punched me in the face so hard I fell onto my ass. Then she disappeared for a few months. We ran into each other on the fleet again, thankfully."


Blink. "What?! Really? How did you get her to like you after all that?"


Flowing easily slices through the first, but the remainder take little damage.

Cation's ghastly melody leaves two of the enemies too shaken to attack at all! The remaining two rip into both of them with ferocity, however.

More Limeys emerge from the fog…

Limey 2
Limey 3
Limey 4
Limey 5
Limey 6
Limey 7

Flowing Tree [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Cation [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]


"Turns out she was just really fucking flustered. She was afraid to admit it to herself, y'know? But I thought I had no chance, and now… heh, well, y'know what's up now."


Alright, head out onto the streets. See if I can find anything.


"Taffers. Let's try and break through those two!"
And I'll try to run past the ones that are shaken. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Let's get out of here, now!"
Run through the way I opened.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"So, what you're saying is.." I smile and do a little hoof-pump into the air
"It can happen!"


It's too foggy to make out a thing – the dark isn't helping either. (Remember everyone else is on pause)

Cation trips, but Flowing helps her up.

The Limeys regroup and create a wall again… you'll need to break a hole again! At least you didn't get beset by their hooks or their mad hats.


Nod with a smile.
"It totally can."


Fiiine. Thought I'd see if I stumbled onto them, but whatever.


Yes, I totally see this happening.
'1d10' to setup retaliate.

'2d10'+1 each, dc-1 to slash at limey 2.

"Do that again and I'm leaving you here!"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 10, 6 = 16


"Here's hoping this works…"
I'll start humming a little, and Songweave [Inspire Inspire Inspire] on Flowing.



Roll #1 10 = 10


"YES!" I squeal with delight. "Oh, right. Your hat!"


You play a riff so amazing that it inspires a magnificent attack!

Flowing's next roll gets a bonus (Sylt, you don't need to add this, it's calculated in).

Two limeys glancingly hit you, as you narrowly duck below the hooks.

He goes down on the first strike – there was no need to use two on him.

They're closing in from all sides! If only this jenny was a healer!

Two of the limeys miss. But one gets a strong blow on you – digging a meat hook into your armor and flesh.

You could run away or stand and fight… You feel so inspired from Cation's song that your first die will get +5.

Limey 3
Limey 4
Limey 5
Limey 6
Limey 7



Flowing Tree [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]
Cation [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]


Hold up the tip of my wing for you for a high-wing.
"Go get him, get him good~"
"I'm dying to wear it, can you fix it up here or should we go back to the workshop?"


"Lets take to the workshop. Just in case we need some extra parts."


Put my top hat down on the desk and pick up the banged up shako.
"Let's go then!"


I giggle a bit as we arrive there and float around the hat.
And then apparently easily fix the hat with just a few taps of the hammer and a little metal.
"Well? Go on. Try it on!"


And now that that's cooling down…
Cheap shot Limey 3. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hold the Line
'1d10' apply the +5 to this one.

Then, Slice two of our enemies.
5 and 4.
'4d10'+1 each, dc-1.
First two are for 5, second 2 for 4.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3, 5, 2, 7 = 17


Put it on and look up at it.
"How do I look?"


A solid blow! You smash him over the head with your instrument and he goes down!

A limey misses you entirely!

You rip those two limeys to ribbons, but get a blow in kind from limey 7.

Limey 6
Limey 7

Flowing Tree [▓░░░░░░░░░]
Cation [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]

That age old question: run, or fight? Run, or fight?! It's hard to believe two ponies – or one pone and one donk – just slashed their way through SEVEN.


Look impressed and nod approvingly. "You wear it well Emmrille-chan. You should always wear a hat."


"You mean it?"


Alright, no time for dilly-dallying.
Songweave Choral+Smooth+Refresh. '1d10'
And if it is her talent, then it gets a +2.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nod again. "Of course. I should build you a hat rack so you can start collecting!"



And finally, kill Limey 6 and 7.
'4d10'+1 each, dc-1. Parted like above.
I wish this donkey wasn't an idiot.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5, 6, 10, 9 = 30


"I like the sound of that… but I'd only wear these two anyway! These are the best!"


By not investing your windpipes too heavily into the song, you're fresh to play again next turn – of course, that means sometimes your song isn't quite what it could be.

At least you can play again!

You rip apart the remaining two Limeys.

There's a haunting laugh from the shroud of the mist… sounds like that wasn't the last of them, but there are no more blocking your way. Make a break for it!


"Oh you're just saying that because they are the only ones you have!"
I nudge your cheek.
"Hey.. Emrille. Can I call you a nickname?"


I wish I had time to loot these meatbags.
Let's grab the jenny and make a break for it.


Booking it to the inn.


Raise a brow.
"Depends on what it is."


"I thought you would be want to choose. I mean.. you're the one who has to hear it.. and Emrille-chan is kinda long."


She's quite a qt. No wonder she's in showbiz.

In no time, you're bursting into the apartment to collect your deposit. It was indeed substantial: 250 bits. As much as your backpay.

It turns out you had left your key here on your way out before, though! Silly how your mind can play tricks on you.

Maybe now would be a good time to play a healing song for your escort.


Sit down somewhere and patch the bleeding.


"Who said you should call me a chan? And no, go ahead, make up something for me."


I will swear mightily in the back of my mind, then sigh.
"Well, I at least owe you something."
And I'll set about singing a nice loud double-choral piece. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's quite magical, to hear a song so beautiful it heals wounds. She has quite a voice! Your cuts stop bleeding and the pain fades as they seal themselves.

Full healed!