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Being summoned to another world as a white phantom…


This reminds me of the time I…
…wait, which time is this again?


Stanjez waves at you and throws a carving on the ground. As it breaks, there's a loud voice that bellows: "HELLO!"

He's surrounded by an incandescent light. To miss it, you'd have to be blind. You're on a boat, of some sort. It's a traditional crystal longboat. Where were you? What happened to get you here?

In any case, he seems to be well stocked on alcohol. About half of the ship is filled with kegs. You spy on the side of the containers the words: Water of Life. Oh dear. Your weakness. And it looks like there's enough there to keep you out of the present for a considerable amount of time.


No day like the present.
And that's a good thing. The present is usually awful. Mostly because time gilds memories. Praise be to whoever invented this stuff. That gold needs to be cleaned off.

Look around. Are we alone?

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1400874721568.jpg (116.78 KB, 647x880, longboat-web.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Cast Iron is at the other end of the longboat, looking lost in thought. Neither of the two seems to be particularly interested in managing the sail, which is currently at full.


It's been a while since I was this lucid. Check myself. Last I remember there was something about a bar, and a whole lot of fire.
Salamander was also notably absent when he was needed.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You are a bit burned up, but in remarkably good shape for someone who was in "a whole lot of fire".

Punished Salamander is notably absent at the current moment. He's not on the vessel.


"Do I still have my voice?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Immaculate. It seems your chords were untouched by the flames.

Stanjez searches his bag for another carving and tosses it down. "Very good!"


"Where are we headed?"


"While I have lost my sea charts, I have not given up on my goal of searching this land for my very own sun. We are traveling west, to where the sun sets, to see if a sun can be found there."


"Well, I can't remember a time I found a sun, so I guess this is a first time for once.
Turn to cast
"You seem quiet."


"Just introspective… Most performers spend their lives traveling the world. In fact, that's part of the reason I was willing to go with you. I just didn't expect it to be like this. My home – I'd lived in Roads my entire life – it's gone. It will never be rebuilt."


"Did I ever tell you about the time I was tortured for a year in a cave and then watched the land I suffered for get razed by mercenaries?"


"Um… I don't think so."


"Should I?
Or shall we keep it at 'believe me, you'll get over losing one home'?"


He gives a surprisingly wizened smile, "It's not just about losing home. Did you know? Castrato performers were a Trotantine tradition. I might be the last one in the world. When I die, this type of music may be lost forever. Completely extinct."


"Depending on the fates of five or so others, I may be the last son of the north, the final remnant of their old gift to Trotantium.
…we have a lot in common in these things, don't we?"


"Maybe… You know, I heard there's still one crystal city, up north. But Stanjez didn't want to go there. He said the sun only comes out for four hours a day up there."


"A crystal city… what's it called?"


File: 1400876405210.png (87.03 KB, 1686x620, 1378043532537.png, IO Google TinEye)


The ancient city of Crystalport existed back before the Crystal Event, though it had a different name back then. The original name has since been lost to the ages, but it was once a great port city in the east of the Northern Lands.


Time is convoluted in eQuestria… back in the day the east coast was entirely impassable.
"Crystalport… not named by a bard, that much is certain.
But if there is a whole crystal city, I suppose I'm far from the last remnant?"


"Ostensibly, although I've never been…"


"Been what?"


"Been there. I've never visited. But yes, if you wanted to meet crystal ponies, that would be the place to go."


"That would probably be the last group of sentient beings I haven't fought in the ranks of.
But as you said, there is one sunny obstacle to such plans."


File: 1400877440854.png (99.19 KB, 1551x1387, North.png, IO Google TinEye)

"Well, it is his boat."

Cast frowns. "Or… at least, he offered to let me ride in it and no one else was in it."


"I did not mean him. I meant the fact that such a journey would upset him.
And we don't want to upset anyone, do we?"


"I guess not. I'm kind of floating right now. Things seem surreal. I don't really know my direction."


"Do you have dreams?
Goals in life?
Surely you do. We all do."


"I did. But destruction on this scale changes everything."


"No. It enables everything."


He smiles grimly. "That sounds like one of your aphorisms."


"It's a fact life has taught me. Nothing last forever. Few things last for very long.
And as all things get blown to hell, it's high time to pack up and find new things to enjoy while they still last."


"The premise is faulty." He criticizes. "If it enabled everything, how am I enabled to go back to my home?"


You make a new home, and go there.
Home is where the heart is. And the heart is behind the ribs."


"You're too poetic for your own good sometimes, Vox… So… what's your plan?"


"I have a few loose ends in life.
For one, I have had a colorful past. But a lot of it has been forgotten in the sands of time. So I wish to remember it once more.
For another, my years on the road of the world did not leave me alone. I have three sons. And I suppose at least one of them would be happy that one of us died facing the other.
Provided I survive that, I suppose I'd like to find one last cause worth giving my everything for. Retirement just made me dusty and dull."


"Well, we have Water of Life… that stuff can't be healthy to drink in the amounts you do. But finding your sons… I'm not sure we have the resources. Maybe if we joined a trade company, or privateers, or something."


"My memory is a little hazy, but I think our last exchange ended with him promising to hunt me 'to the ends of the world'. Plural. That takes dedication."
Tap one of the kegs
"As for my health, well, lets be honest here. Can it really get much worse?"


"You're going to miss that liver."


"I won't be the first one."
Run a hoof over the myriad scars I probably still have despite all the healing I've gone through over the decades
"But what of your dreams?"


"I don't know… I wanted to find fame, I guess. See the world. Nothing so dramatic as all your philosophy and grandstanding."


"Fame is understandable.
I guess I had some at one point, too. Not much, mind you.
…though I guess you'd rather be famous for something a little nicer than what I was known for."


"I guess if you're going to be unconscious for a few months we can tour as we please… Maybe I'll find a job as a singer somewhere in Equestria. So, you know… if I'm gone when you come out of your haze, goodbye. Thanks for, you know…. Stuff."


"Don't take that tone with me. I didn't blow up Roads. Mercenaries did."


"I don't blame you."


"I bet you'd like a stab at those you do blame, though."


"I don't really know who to blame. But it doesn't matter. I've always been good at letting go of that kind of feeling."


"Vengeance is one hell of an appetizer. Leaves you hungry for a whole lot more.
Still, you did not sound too happy about the situation, or our outlook, or about me.
Yet there aren't too many places to go on this boat, so might as well open up a little, no?"


"Well, you're really my only friend right now, except Stanjez, I guess. And he's a little odd. And I put up with your drinking before… I still will, but if you just go into a drinking coma and never come out, I'd have no reason to stay here. So… you have to visit from dreamland if you want me to stay."


"I'd take you there with me if I could.
Eloquent as I am, words can only describe so much about what I've been through."


"So… will you do it? Or will you just dwell in your memories and forget about this time?"


"You seem to think I seek escapism in my memories. That is not the case.
What I seek is direction. Something that would awaken more than a few old war stories in me. A loose end worth tying up.
Believe me, there are better odds of me finding a worthy cause in there than out here."


"If you say so. Just remember that we're out here waiting for you."


"Would you rather I stay here and comfort you a little longer?"


"It would be nice."


"Do you need a hug too?"


"I get the feeling that you give cold hugs."


"Do I?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


That's up to you. A character trait.


The 8 implies nice hugs.
Maybe being a heartless backstabbing piece of horse-shaped rock leaves some room for nice things too.


"Better than I expected."



"Sometimes a small act of kindness can feel the warmest."


Today is a special day. Whether it is or not to you doesn't matter: it is to the audience. And no one can perform like you can. The Equestrian officers are all in town, and they want a song. Well, you're the best.

♫♪ "Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, Miss Princess,
Happy Birthday to you.
Thanks, Miss Princess,
For all the things you've done
The battles that you've won
The way you deal with Equestrian steel
And our problems by the ton
We thank you so much
Happy birthday!"

The crowd goes wild! They're hooting and hollering. But your act is over, and the curtain falls. They cry out for an encore. But a jenny like you never rests. You have business to take care of.

Anneiv is the cultural capital of the world – and where you made your name. But in the underworld of this great metropolis lays a terrible evil. As he mist of the evening falls over the town, beautiful girls like yourself have been disappearing. It's about time you move along… but first you're going to have to collect your backpay from your terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad contractor, the owner of the War Games club. You also want to go get your things from your flat, and say goodbye to a few friends. After that… to find a ship out of this place. Ideally, all before sunset.

-Collect money from no good contractor
-Collect things from apartment
-Start spreading the news: I'm leaving today
-Find a ship out of this place


Well, a gal's gotta have her things in order. Pack up my things, so I don't have to look back.


You're packing up your instrument and a couple of spare dresses – the only things you keep around here anyway – when a shadowy figure approaches from deep in the recesses of backstage…

The only way to go from here is toward the figure, hide in your dressing room, back toward the stage, down the stage exit into the audience, or the back door into the alley.


Now lets go and check on Abilio.


Anyone else around? The audience can't have cleared out yet. I'll stay where I am, in good running distance to the stage and crowd, and confront the figure.
"Whatcha want? I don't do autographs."


He has the helm of the Darklantern. He's barking orders to menials and directing them to stations: the fleet is preparing to enter the great river Nea, and therefore the interior of Equestria.


"Sir." I salute.
"May I have your time? Me and Ms. Topaz wants to talk to you about something that may benefit the ships."


Indeed, the audience can be heard moving around back beyond the curtain.

Never could shake that homey Scotish accent, could you? Perhaps for a sweet little thing like you – pure in spite of your popularity – it's a thing of embarrassment. But it's no coincidence that a little lady like yourself has risen to fame, regardless of your own bafflement at your popularity. It's only a part of your charm, one imagines.

The figure breaks into the light. It's a smiling Equestrian officer – one you recognize, in fact. A lieutenant who has frequented this club over the years and has more than once sent you flowers. "Not even for a close admirer? I heard through the grapevine that this is your last show. Your beauty I can scarcely profess, so I don't have the hubris to think I can capture it for myself. But I think I could settle for being happy with your signature to look back on with fondness."

"I'll stop by this afternoon after we're beyond the first few miles. I want to make sure everything goes smoothly."


I believe Ciddir was carrying me off to his room?
"…M-maybe I was wrong." Breathe deeply of his scent, feeling unimaginably vulnerable in the best possible way.
"Maybe… b-being supported like this… nurtured like this… being submissive for you… it feels good in ways I can't describe."


"Ah yes commodore, understood." I nod to him and go scooting. Lets go around and see who's got some steaming ass around around here.


I'll crack a grin at that.
"You didn't need to ghost in like a spook, ya know. What with the missin' folks just piling up, you're like as much to give this gal a scare."
I'll take a moment to grab a playbill and a quill. There should be one floating around here somewhere. A quick signature, and he's got his autograph.
"Didn't think I'd passed around word I was leavin' yet, though. You've got pretty sharp ears."


He sets you down on the bed and kisses you on the nose.

"It feels natural."

You even think you might detect the slightest hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth.

There are only two asses here: Wark and September.

I know what you mean, though! That airhead Cloud Clearer is around dusting the deck with the wrong end of a broom.

He gives you a wink and gratefully accepts the autograph. "I heard it from your terrible, awful, no-good, very bad manager. Yet another complaint for you to lodge against the guy."

The sounds of the audience departing with the end of the show echo vaguely backstage.

He gives a little hopeless smile. "I'd offer to take you out for a coffee, if I didn't already know the answer. So, uh… good luck out there. It's a big world." With that, he blushes, and it brings color to your face as well. These moments of awkward attractedness never were your strong suit, were they?

"Right… I should go. Thanks again for the exception autograph."


"If I can't make an exception for such a good friend, then I'm not much of one, am I?"
I'll give a half-chuckle as well.
"I'm going to have to have words with that scuzzball before I go, though. If nothing else than to get my last pay."
I'll finish packing my things.
"Though, maybe one day I might take you up on that offer for coffee."
I'll flash him a quick grin, and then head out the audience-side exit.
Next up, I'll be putting out word that I'm heading out. Maybe a friend could tell me about a boat going out of this town.


Pfff.. Cloud clearer will be cloud Clearer, well I'm going to deal with that ho later.
Anyway lets go and meet my man Wark and talk to that player.

"Good morning sir Wark, how are you feeling today." I nod to him as I approach.


"Y-yes… natural…" Blush and smile up at him.
"I-I can't promise you full submissiveness right away; I'm too… giving away that power over me is… scary. I'm… I'm shaking right now, scared out of my mind at how weak you make me, even though I know in my head that… that I want this…"
Sigh and give him a peck on the lips.
"And I do want this… I want it so badly… but it'll take time before I can… go as far as your culture asks."


File: 1400902342894.jpg (485.2 KB, 1220x805, Vienna2.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

A few ponies are still lingering in the club, but most of them left after the show. That's how it goes in showbusiness. In a town like this, they're probably on to the next club with the next performer… that's why this city is so great in a way. Inspiration everywhere you turn. That's how you improved your repertoire so much. You head out the door into the city, and a magnificent sight it is. The city which is never quiet: even here on the streets, you hear the thrum of the music from concert halls, and the upstarts on the street playing for change.

You have a few ponies you want to tell you're leaving.
-Your best friend, Nelly. She's a jenny like yourself, the only other one in town. It's no secret that she's not quite the bombshell you are, but somehow she has a sort of roguish confidence you've always envied. She's at her flat over near yours in residential.
-Black Box, your first manager. You haven't worked with him in a long time, but without this stallion, you might have never been discovered. He's probably at the Carnal Hall looking for new talent. You know the way to get to Carnal Hall: practice, practice, practice.
-Quick Stick, a drummer you did a duo run with. She's a really talented unicorn, and you wouldn't feel right without at least letting her know you're moving on. She's almost certainly performing at a nearby club, The Lousy Excuse.

He give you an affable nod. "Ach, a bit outta sorts. Felt a wee bit sick earlier, but I think I ken shake it. And yerself?"

He nuzzles you close. You feel his warm breath up against your breast.

"We have all the time in the world."


Well, let's go from closest to furthest. First up, Quick Stick.


Today Quick Stick isn't doing any speed songs - in fact, it's a slow-paced bongo piece. Slam poetry. Every type of music has its time and place, doesn't it?

In any case, the lights are turned down low in here. Not much to do but wait 'til she gets on break.


"Yes… all the time in the world…"
Embrace him with trembling hooves, holding him close against me, feeling far more vulnerable than I ever have before.
"F-for now… tonight… I will do whatever you please. I-if that's all right…"


Well, I'll order a drink and wait. Who knows, listening to her beats for one last time might give me something to work with in song. It's a complex mix of feelings, ya know?


He nibbles at your ears. "I know what you want."

#He says with no inflection or hint of emotion. His catalyst tattoos glow faintly. You wonder what he's up to for a moment when you realize that vines have crept up from the corners of the bed and secured themselves around your legs: locking you in place. He climbs up, mounting you, but doesn't begin to grind just yet. Instead he surveys you for a response.

Ba batabatatata bum ba tish tish tish bum batata bam bum tish tish bum.

"Don't push me. I am close to the edge. /

I'm trying not to lose my head."

Ba batabatatata bum ba tish tish tish bum batata bam bum tish tish bum.

The performance goes on for some time. The cool beats are relaxing and easy. They really help the tenseness melt away.

Soon, it's over. And with a few claps, Quick Stick heads backstage.


>Accidentally used tag instead of spoiler.

At least there wasn't anything too lewd!


"Quite good, just meeting the new folks makes me feel kind of fond to them very quick, also…" I smile. "I am very glad that Ms. Topaz is able to join us again."

I then cough playfully.
"I thought a strong donkey like you dont get sick."


"Ach. I thought so meself. Apparently I was wrong."

He gives a good natured smile.


I'll head around back as well. Give a knock at the backstage entrance, since I can't exactly go through the stage.
"Oi, Sticky, it's Catty."


Real chill and smooth, the door swings open.

"Come on back. I'm just freshening up for the next act."

Her voice is so cool and relaxed. Easygoing. Almost disinterested, but you know her better than that. Even when she's playing hardcore speed drums, she has this perfect, untouchable cool. She's unflappable.


I nod and just feel a bit astonished seeing the rare smile's coming out of him.
"Say met anyone of the new crew? I imagine you and LH are already getting busy knowing all of these new blood coming aboard."


Being unflappable is part of being a showmare, after all. Never know when you get a bad crowd.
"So, how's things going? Still keeping a steady gig, by the looks of it."


"A bit. I cannae say it interests me much. I'm not a socializer."

"Things are cool. I'm really landing the beat."


I gasp as the vines wrap themselves around me, not realizing what they're doing until it's too late to escape. My breathing begins to accelerate as I feel him climb up and mount me, looking up with wide eyes to see him looming over me…
He's completely in control, I realize. Nothing I do could possibly stop him… if I could even do anything. He owns me, owns my body to do with as he pleases…
I tilt my head back slightly and give one of the loudest, neediest moans I've ever heard myself make. The realization makes my cheeks flush even as I wait eagerly for his next move.


I'll nod.
"So I heard."
I'll fiddle my hooves for a second.
"So, I'm thinking of taking the old show on the road, Sticky. I know you're settled in here, but I wanted you to know. Wouldn't feel right if I left without tellin' ya."


I nod to him.
"A man got to be what he's got to be. Besides some are just here for a ride to Anniev before dropping off. Like that Winston guy."


She doesn't move. Her eyes are still half-open. She has that cool composure on lock. "Cool. Listen… I've got a last beat for you."

Your need only increases as he gently grinds your entrance without penetrating. You feel his long, coarse tongue work its way up your neck.

"You are already producing saltwater." He whispers, unerotically, "Soon I will insert my penis into you regardless of your will. This is because, as your mate, I know what is best for you. I will proceed to make you feel pleasure without concern as to your feelings about this, because you belong to me. You will thank me now."

Even as he rubs against your region, the vines have continued to shift: keeping you securely wrapped as they stimulate your teats.

"Haven't met him yet. Jus' as well, if he's leavin', aye?"


"I'm all ears."
I'd better listen well. I'm probably not going to get to hear her beats again for a long time.


I nod.
"That is true, just got my interest because of that large bag that he is carrying."
"By the way anything needed to ask to me? I got to go and meet the other crew and see how they are doing."


It catches you off guard right away as she starts. The beats are so slow, with great lengthy rhythmic beats in between the lyrics.

"Into you.

Into you.

Into you."

Suddenly the beat picks up and she breaks into the next verses.

"Crazy into you. Crazy into you.

Crazy into you. Crazy into you.
Into you. Fo' sho'. Crazy into you.
Into you. Fo' sho'. Crazy into you.
All about you. All about you. All about you.
Fo' sho'. Fo' sho. Fo' sho.
All about you~!
Fo' sho. Fo' sho. Fo' sho'.
Cra-zee In-to YOU!!


There's a long, slow, and softening rhythmic section, and finally she ends:

"Into you."

Wow. No one has ever flirted with you in poetry form. You can't help yourself: the blush is overtaking you. …How do you feel about this advance? She's always played it so cool up to now… you had no idea.


"Not really. Dun lemme keep ye."


Gasp and whine as he grinds against me, my mouth hanging open as he runs his tongue up my neck. Oh fuck, if he learned how to give oral, I might not survive the experience…
I whimper as he speaks, fighting against my pride as it screams that this is humiliating, that I should make him pay for speaking to me like that…
"T-thank…" I manage to stutter out. "T-thank… you, Ciddir… T-thank you for owning meeEEEEH!"
My voice shoots up another octave as his vines find my teats, sending another surge of electric sensation up my spine, making me strain against the vines in an attempt to hump into him before I manage to force myself to relax again.


"Good mate."

With that, he jarringly inserts, sending a new wave into you. With the anticipation and the buildup, it only takes you a few thrusts before you both 'culminate'. That would hardly be the end of the experience, of course. It would continue for a time of surprising stamina. Eventually, you pass out, perhaps from exhaustion or sensory overload. FTB.


"Alright then sir, I'll go and meet Ms. September and see what she is up too." I smile and lets go to her.

"Hello there." I smile as I approach her


She has the helm of her vessel.

"Good day, Chip."


Oh dearie me.
"I… I never knew ya felt that way, Sticky."
You wouldn't think a donkey could turn red, but it's happening.
I'll gulp slightly.
"I'm flattered, really, but I can't… gosh, you really have the timing to spring this on a gal, don' you."
I'll bury my face in my hooves.
"I can't return that feeling, Sticky. I like ya, I do, but… as good a team as we made, as much as we fit together, I just… can't. I'm sorry."



Her face is totally unaffected. She has an amazing composure. She literally looks like she just asked you the time of day and you replied that you didn't know. Total indifference. Perfectly cool.

"Later. I'll be here if you want to jam before you go."


I come to my senses the next morning. At least, I think I do… where am I?


In Ciddir's cabin.

…This is the first time you've spent the whole night here, isn't it? Everything smells like him. And he's wrapped around you like a big strong protector…

Today is the day you reach the mainland of Equestria.


I blush a bit as I stick close to her.
"You and I havent gone to go and do that drink of ours after Nieghpon. Its quite a busy month with everything's happening so fast."


"That's right. Well, we'll have some time as we snake up the river."


I'll nod.
"I've got a few more stops to make, but I'll be sure to come back before I hit the docks."
That blush is probably going to stick with me for half the trip…
"See ya later, Sticky."
And then once I bumble my way out of there, it's… who was closer, BB or Nelly?


Carnal Hall is here in uptown. Nelly's down in downtown.

Only one way to get to Carnal Hall: practice, practice, practice.


Ha ha. Of course. But I'm not going there to perform, I'm goin' there to visit. Don't need to practice for that. So It's off to Carnal Hall.


A-and the vines?
He… he feels so good… he was always stronger than me, but this is the first time he's really flaunted it…
I'd move, but I'm far to comfortable here. Besides… after last night, I'm not sure I can move.


"Well mind if I help you at the helm or can you handle it yourself?"


They're gone… or at least, not in plain sight anywhere.

You can hear his heartbeat… and he's warm. He smells like… mint.

The hall is truly an impressive sight: the crown jewel of the town, in fact. You've performed here a few times: that's a testament to your skill and popularity, though you'd never admit to such things, would you?

In any case, he has an office inside, as any great talent scout does. Of course, when you met him, he wasn't such a big shot, but you're sure he'll still have the time of day for you.

She raises a brow in amusement. "It sounds like I can't get rid of you one way or another, so you're free to stick around."


He'd better, or he's not going to get a proper goodbye from me.
I'll check in at the front desk, if nothing else. See if he's got the time, or if he's with a talent.


"Awww… whats wrong with me being here?" I smile.


The stallion working the counter looks through a book.

"He's open, but you know scouts don't just take guests without an appointment. I won't stop you from trying, though."



She cocks a brow at you. You're not sure if she's teasing you or what…

"You have a reputation as being a bit pawsy."


I'll shoot him a grin.
"I'd like to see ya try, honest. But Black Box knows me. He can spare the five minutes."


@Light Heart:

"Well~ If that's how you want to do it, then I'll wait here until you get back~"


Dinner was good. You slept and finally caught up to the day of making landfall. If you have anything you want to do before lunch and your afternoon of being tiny pone, do it now.


She doesn't seem too offended by your 'reputation.'


You awaken on the day of arrival to the great river of Nea. To your surprise, you feel extra warm and fuzzy. Maybe Aloe found a blanket for you in the night.


Landfall? Already?
Well, it's time to visit Topaz first then.


Hardly. You'll need a few days of travel up the Nea to get to Anneiv. It's a fair ways inland.

In any case, Topaz is in her workshop. Her pace seems to have slowed somewhat since last visit.


"I will make great haste."
Let's go get changed. Both clothing wise and gender wise.


Walk up to her.
"Hey there~"


You haven't visited it at its new location. The curious artifact is stowed in the vaults, a special hold for high value items below the normal hold. The only way to access it is to go through Topaz's chambers. Emrille has arrived here, and Topaz is at work at the mint proper.


She glances up from her work. "Back again already with more money scamming schemes?"

She has that old wily granny smile that tells you that while she's amused, she's also serious.

Light Heart arrives behind you.


Not ashamed or anything. Walk past them toward the vaults, giving them both a polite smile.
"Miss Emrille, miss Topaz."



Finally you arrive at the cage which contains the altar. You have a key for this one.


Open it up. Place a hoof on top of it.

It's been a long time…



"Maybe, maybe not!"
Show her the gold ore.


The kick never quite goes away. With a slam, you bash up against the metal bars of the cage. This elicits a glance your way from Topaz. "Alright?"

Sure enough, glancing down at your region, you now have a wang.

"Looks like 18% gold to me."

She said it without even more than a glance. She didn't even get out any tools. She turns back to her work immediately.


"Can you get that gold out of it for me? Make something from it?"


Rub my head.
"Yes, thank you… you do get used to to the shock after a while."


"Simple as melting it down. Pretty much all I do lately."

"I see."

Bleh. You might want to install a mattress or something in here on the wall.


Snicker at you.
"Planning something?"

"Yeah, but I don't want this to be a doubloon."


"Well, this mint can make just about any currency with the persistence. I'm not turning it into songs, though. Waste of time. Too many pieces."


"Perhaps so."
Wink and walk out. Back to Rosemary.



"What about a unique coin?"


"It can be done."

She's sprawled out invitingly on the makeshift bed. She gives you an eager wink.


"Look at you. So eager for action."
I smirk and approach her slowly.


Put the ore on her desk.
"I want a coin with my cutie mark on one side and Tela's on the other. A good luck coin."


"I'm always eager to please you! That's why we love each other… You know that in this form, Wark wouldn't care for you. But I will always be there for you. To be whatever you want me to be."

"I don't even know what her cutie mark looks like."


I smile and relax.
"Say when will you have time today? I might have all day after my meeting with Sir Abilio and Ms. Topaz."


"Get a good look then."


"Stop by after that. Abilio won't be free until the same time I am, about noon."

"Is she invisible, or are you going to make an old lady hike up six flights of stairs?"


"The latter."
Roll my eyes with a smirk.
"The workout will do some good for you. I can watch over the rest of the gold for you in the meantime."


Stroke her mane.
"Anything? That is quite a lot, darling."


"I don't think so. I'd already be doing you a favor to mint you something special. Besides, I actually have real work to do for the fleet. Send her down later. And you owe me one. A good accountant doesn't forget."


She nuzzles you.


I smirk and pinch her flank.
"Alright that will do, a little bit of celebration is in order then." I smile
"Say wine or ale?"


"I'll send her down then, fine, but don't tell her why!"


"Well… I will certainly need to make use of that dedication then. If not today, maybe some other day. I know I can always count on you to follow my lead."


She gives you a look.

"I'm not going to drink at all if you get pawsy with me. If you can manage to enjoy a drink as friends instead of getting all amorous, then bring down your favorite. I don't care either way."

"Fine, fine. Is that all?"


With that, she spins around in place and positions herself on the bed for you, and raises her tail.

"Whenever we make love like this… it reminds me of when we made Lilly."


I smile at the sight.
"Yes… I remember that. How nervous you were~"


"For now. Unless you want to give me a few doubloons for some reason."


"Well… now I can rest easy knowing everything will be alright. And any time you want to put more children inside of me, I'll be happy to indulge you~"

"Not a chance. Good day, then."


I blush as I lower my head.
"Ahaha… alright fine, my behavior is inexcusable.." I smile at her.
"I'll then bring wine instead Ms. September." I'll be back."

With that I go and see if Abilio is free.


"Damn, so much for that.
Go to Tela's room.


Lean forward and enter.
"I do think there are plenty of foals walking around by now, no?"


Yep, he just got off.

"Well, let's head to this appointment quickly, Mr. Chip. I have another appointment after lunch."

It's the only quarters on the Hourglass. You can't get in without her because of the door enchantment.

She already moans with pleasure. How she wants it!

"I'll defer to your judgment~"


I nod and lead him to Ms.Topaz room.
"Ms. Topaz, Sir Abilio." give him a seat as I look at Abilio.


"Alright then, let's hear it."


"No colts though… only fillies. Belle blood does seem to favor mares… Not that that is bad. Lilly does remind me of you… she has your features."


"She's.. ah… oh… young enough… she wouldn't remember… ahhhh… if she became our son… if that's what you want~"


Fucking hell..
I should get around that.
Knock, and if there's no reply then try and find a piece of paper or something.


"No… She can remain herself… not our decision to make… she will grow up to be a beautiful mare like you…"


To the hold it is, to get paper!

You acquire a paper and pen.

"Mmmm~ yes… yes~!"


I look at Abilio.
"Sir do you remember the magic catalyst system being used to prevent our flying boys and our cannons from bombarding the last castle that we sieged in Neighpon. Me and Ms. Topaz have discussed the possibility of using that technology to give the ships a bit of upgrade. Our magic users can use the magic catalyst system to amplify their magic and instead of casting it locally like to a single person or to themselves, they can apply their magic to the whole crew and the whole ship that has been equipped with the magic catalyst sytem."

I then gulp.
"I need your expertise about magic sir for I do not know if it is a practical system. I am afraid that one miscast or if one wrong spell is applied it will bring a ship down immedietely. plus the dangers of an enemy boarding the ship then using the system against us is also a possibilty unless a fail-safe is attached to it like some sort of key or I dont know. As for the pro's though, I mean if we have a spellcaster able to cast invisibility or a magical barrier, then they can use their magic on a whole ship instead of just themselves…."
"So sir what is your opinion about this?"


"I'm certain her other features will be as pretty a yours as well."
Give her flank a soft smack.
"Her suitors will be lining up… all of them desperate to be together with her…"


And something to fasten that shit to the door too.
Like a pin.
Write a message.

Go and visit Topaz real quick when you have the time!



"You have a better understanding of the risks than I'd expect. But you seem to get the gist. Of course, the problem with putting up a magical shield is that it would prevent us from boarding or firing cannonballs. Of course we could shield just the deck and still shoot cannonballs but not board, although the enemy is aiming for the body of the ship, not the deck. They usually want to sink us. It's not an awful idea, if we have the money to do it. How much of the material was recovered?"

"They only brought back one of the conductors. The castle must have had many to have a shield that big."

"What's it made out of?"

"The most magically conductive metal in the world: Kobold Iron. If it were up to me, I'd melt it down and sell it for scrap."

"Hm… well, we'll hold onto it for now. Maybe after this next job we'll have the money to invest in the plan, but let's table it until then. It's good initiative though, Chip. You're smarter than I took you for. Not a bad idea."

She grinds up against you.

"Mmm… I'm just glad I have a… suitor of my own to pound me~!"

Note left.


"Oh I am certain this makes you very happy."
Grab her tighter and increase the pace slightly, then

Roll #1 6, 8, 3, 4, 9 + 10 = 40


Now, a quick detour to the Hamburgerburg fort.


Hamburger for it is!

FTB it is.

You keep going all morning until she walks funny. She's getting good at that, though.

Finally, when you're breathlessly panting, fully relaxed on the bed, she lets out a big sigh.

"I… needed that. I think I can apologize to Wark now. No gimmicks… I feel a lot more relaxed."


I scratch my head.
"Alright sir, I understand. perhaps we will be able to gather more idea's to overcome the weaknesses and the challenges of the system. In the meanwhile, thanks for listening to my proposal to improve the ships."
I then look at Topaz.
"As for scrapping the kobold iron, why is that? Is Kobold Iron a rare thing?"


Is Presidente Strom around?


Nuzzle her cheek.
"That's my mare. Perhaps next time, we can change things up further~"


"Yes, it's very expensive. Listen, magic can be conducted through almost anything. Even wood, and yes, keratin. Only certain materials conduct magic at a higher efficiency, though. Kobold Iron is one of those materials. Conversely, some materials are magic insulators. Highly corrupt Pig Silver, for example. Also synthetics, though those are just as rare."

Yep. He's about, surveying the fort.

"Whatever you want~"


Flutter over, pretend I'm surveying it with him.


He raises a brow. "Are you mocking me?"


"Not to worry, I have many ideas."
Rest besides her for a while longer, embracing her with my wings and enjoying the afterglow.


Afterglow it is.

You lay about for a time and just rest, listening to the rise and fall of breath.


"Am I?"


"Why do you always insist on answering questions with questions, anyway?"


When we've cooled down enough, I'll get up again.
"Hmm, I suppose I should get back to business."



Where to?


I have business to settle with Face. Go find him.


He has the helm now that September has departed from it.


You mean Marsh, I assume.
"Good day, mister Face."


"Does it bother you?"



"Good afternoon. Listen, you've got the helm this evening, so be sure you're rested."

"See? There you go again!"


I nod and think for awhile.
"So what is the most suitable material we can use as a magic conductor?"


"Of course. Anneiv is approaching close and closer, Its has been a while since I last felt this anxious."


"Kobold Iron is the most ideal, but we don't have enough right now."

Abilio nods. "Well, I'm going to head up to my next appointment. I need to grab some lunch on the way. Good luck."

"Don't like traveling inland?"


Snicker again.
"Whoops! You didn't answer though!"


"It can be annoying to not get an answer. I wouldn't ask the question if there wasn't a reason."


I look at Ms. Topaz.
"Ah sorry and excuse me Ms. Topaz. I need to talk with Abilio for a sec."

Follow the commodore upstairs.
"Sir… may I have a few words… and a favor."


"Oh no, that is not why I feel this way. It is a good kind of anxiety. The type you feel when something important is about to happen. I have been looking forward to reaching Anneiv for some time."


"Well, I'll ask one more question too.
Did you really think I was the daughter of Abilio, or were you mocking me?"



"Oh. Well, I'm sure you'd hardly be able to sleep in anticipation anyway. Something on your mind?"

"Oh, I was definitely mocking you."


"Many things. All the time."
I chuckle.
"I understand you are quite the fashion expert."


Whisper to him.
"You remember that magic of yours? That restore's youth and make's the one's affected by it younger as long as the magic is cast?"
I then chuckle.
"Would you be able to do it on me? Perhaps so I can get recover a bit more of my years, if you know what I mean." I grin.


"I guess I was mocking you too then."


"I know a thing or two. I wouldn't call myself an expert."

"Yes, that seems a popular request lately. Stand still."

With that, he shaves a few years off.

"I only did it because I predicted your mocking and proactively mocked."


"I didn't know you were a prohpet too now, Mr. President."


"Hm. Would you be interested in going shopping when we arrive in Anneiv? I have yet to buy new clothes since we received our payment and am in dire need of expanding my wardrobe."


"Oh…. oh!"
"That… is fast." I try to jump up and down, how do I feel?


Cloudy can wait a day.
Try and visit Tela in the afternoon again.
Knock knock.


Open up.
"… 'Sup?"


Point at the note I pinned on your door hours ago.
"Just woke up?"


Look at it.
"Uh… yeah. Pretty long night and all that."


Roll my eyes.
"Wanna' let me in, sleepyhead?"


"Sure, come inside, babe."
Move out of the way


Enter the room and take off my hat.
"We really need to get Rusty to modify the door enchantments. Wouldn't you love if I could barge in any time I want?"


Shake my head and yawn.
"Not at all."


Take off my gun-saddle too and nuzzle your neck.
"Aww, but you'll still do it, right? I could have woken you up much more pleasantly, y'know~"


I smile and sigh.
"Yeah… I bet you could. But I still like to have some privacy."


"You're not keeping a lover, are you? You had it when we shared a room. And it's not like I'd be here all the time!"


"I've got a lover, yeah. Scrawny as fuck pegasus. Green and purple. Kind of a cunt, but she has a pretty face to make up for it."


"Tsk, and you didn't invite me? How could you?"


"Eh, you wouldn't like her."


"What makes you say that?"


"She's too young for your tastes"
I smirk


Let out a laugh.
"I'm not that picky."


"You're not? You don't say…"


"Yeah. I wouldn't even mind if a mare was glistening and shining and everything."


"You prefer 'em older though. I bet you were crushing hard on Topaz before I got here."


"She's a bit too old… Spring though… it's a shame I didn't get to fuck her."


"She didn't look like a dyke to me."


"Yeah, she was a stupid whore."


Roll my eyes.


"Anyway, speaking of Topaz, you'll have to visit her."


"What for?"


"So she can have a good look at your butt."


"Uh… no?"


"C'mon, it's for something great!"


"Why the fuck does that old fart need to check my ass?"


Brush up against you and caress your flank with a wing.
"To check your cutie mark!"


"Why? Is this about that cutie mark research from Abilio again?"


"No, it's something for me. Just fucking do it!"


I frown.
"Alright, alright."


"Thanks, I knew I could count on you~"


"This better not be a prank or something though."


"I'll show you once it's done, it's not a prank."


"Alright… fine. I trust you."


"It's going to be fucking great!"
Flutter with excitement.


"I'm told I'm at least a visionary."

A little more energetic. Perhaps even more horny if Chip could ever be so.


"We'll see how things work out. I'm usually working when we're in a city and not raiding. Ask me after I have more details."


Ah by the sea's I missed this youthful feeling, I stretch myself and chuckle.
"Ohohoho… ah Abilio, I didnt know what to say except thanks commodore." I grin with enthusiasm.


"Well, not like it costs me anything. Good day then."


"Ah. You do seem to have a gift when it comes to 'befriending' powerful individuals."
I chuckle.
"What of food? I hear Anneiv has quite a few unique dishes. I was thinking about finding some suitable catering there to provide food for the upcoming feast. Are you a food lover?"


I salute.
"Good day sir and my thanks."

Now lets go grab that wine and meet Ms. September.


Now that the Lichen is properly secured, it is time for me to go see Wark.


"Change the world, will you?"


"I wouldn't say I have a talent for it, to be honest. Maybe you should ask the cooks. Actually, Salty Slugs has an amazing sense of taste, it's astonishing that we found him in Neighpon. I should really ask how he ended up there. He's a bit of an oddball, though. Actually, he might like you more, as you currently are."

She's in her room.

"Well, there you are."

ctrl f @Selena

"Already have. Look at Frankfurterfort. It's twice, perhaps even three times the fort the old one was."


Mmmm, warm and fuzzy, how nice. Maybe I should turn over.
Pull the sheets closer.


"I wonder who got you on these ships in the first place."


"Oh? I will certainly speak to him then. Thank you for the advice. What is your personal favorite dish, if you do not mind me asking?"


"Here I am." I give her a warm smile.
Go grab a chair and seat down as I pour wine for both of us.
"So… I imagine that leading a ship full of crew and rowdy menials, not to mention someone as pawsy as me can get a bit too handful.eh?"


The sheets pull close. Then they shift about to get comfortable and settle into place.

"If I recall correctly, it was an eight year old pegasus."

"Ugh, a bit embarrassing. I eat a lot of high class food, but I like simple peanut butter sandwiches. And yourself?"

"At times. This vessel is a bit more manageable, of course, than the Eagle's Roost. That ship was quite the experience."


Ah so nice….wait….the sheets shift?
Open one eye drowsily.


"Ah that lumbering giant, I can imagine how it will drive anyone insane maintaining that thing. It makes me wonder if it is even worth it." I then drink.


"A pegasus who looked eight, but yeah, thank me later."


"Mesclun salad. A Prench dish I discovered during my stay in Equestria. Nothing too complicated, but very delicious nonetheless."


You're snuggling up with the Creeping Pseudopod Lichen, which has settled on top of youwhere it is sunning itself under the few rays of light coming in through the window.

"It was impressive to look at. I think Smitts thought intimidation was very important. Remember that we didn't actually do much fighting under Smitts, but people were always afraid of us? His game was to scare them into submission and pillage without a fight."

"Sometimes I wonder which one is your real form!"

"Hm. I guess I expected something Dixie."


"This one, obviously! The pretty, sexy mare~"


Ah….the Lichen…mmmh how nice and fuzzy.
Close my eyes again.
Jump out of the bed and scream.


I look at her then ponder.
"Now that you put it like that then that kind of makes sense. I mean the first guys who retreat from battle or who surrender are the one's who always loses…. I didnt know he is playing that kind of card up his sleeves."


"Jelly pudding and sweet tea may taste nice, but they are rather… unhealthy. So I do try to abstain from eating too much of them."


"Lines like that only make me wonder more!"

The lichen lands legs up on the floor near you. It bends its legs in the opposite direction and stands back up, inverted. It ignores you and moves back into the sunlight, oh so slowly: it creeps along like a sloth.

Aloe is now up. "Where's the fire, honey?"

"Yes, I don't think many paid close attention to his game."

"You abstain from so many pleasures in life."


"You don't find eight year old fillies sexy, do you? Because that is just sick."


"No, but it sounds like the kind of thing an eight year old would say!"


"And building forts is what colts do!"


Jump on a table and point at it.
Oh yuck it was on me.
Check if I have mold all over me.


I pour another glass of wine and drink.
"What is your relationship with him btw? Is there anything you can tell me about him that I do not know? I've been with the man but I rarely see what he is behind closed doors or how he is truly is."


Nope. It must be a non-shedding… breed.

"You sure it's alive? It ain't movin'."

"I recall someone begging to come into this fortress not long ago."

"I don't know if I could help you there. You saw him in command longer than I did. Back before our captain split off he was just a mate on the Pillager's Fancy. Not even a particularly high ranking mate. Things changed."


"I agree, but the greatest pleasure in life is living. Unfortunately, my condition is one which threatens that very thing if I am not careful. Alcohol, sugar, tobacco… these are things I must be careful with. Too much and I could irreversibly damage my own body. I did not survive this long without a reason, because most ponies thought I would never live to be thirty."


"You look like you belong in school, so I suppose you've fought off aging well."


I suppose it has one positive quality.
"I know it's alive! It's just…sunbathing I guess."
Carefully put a hoof on the floor again, ready to run if it moves.


It stays put in the sunbeam.

"Well… it sure likes the light I guess. Maybe you upset it puttin' it in that dark crate."


"Begging? You must be remembering wrong."


I laugh.
"With a bit of magical help, yes. The extra stamina is a nice bonus to this as well. I am very lucky to be on this fleet. It may have killed me several times already, but it has always brought me back as well."


"How did it get loose anyway?" Check the crate.


"Yep. She was badly injured and hoping to regroup in the one safe place on the fleet."

"Well. See you in town I suppose."

"Maybe it flipped the crate?"

Indeed the crate is on its side.


"So far, him being commodore make's the fleet a bit more lax and open to any method of raking in the bits. Be it legal or illegal. As far as I know he allows anything as long as he knows what it is. That is why I like him being a commodore, the only thing I do… not know much about him is that he is quite secretive, even though I consider him my friend he does not tell me about his past or what he is up to… those are the only things that I kind of saddens me, but him being at my back from the first day I joined this fleet makes up for all of it. I mean I might still be in prison if this collection of crew and ships didnt get me out of it in the first place."


"Oh, right, riiiiight, that time I fucking saved your asses afterwards? When I shot the ponies who sieged this place?"


I scrunch.
"Now what are we going to do with it?"
Check if it didn't eat my two plants in storage.


"Do try not to be a stranger."
I smile and walk away.
"Good day."


"Just as true, Al-Jinn was the one who insisted on breaking you out of that prison, and yet he was the one who killed Smitts and was also lost in battle. Remember?"

"We were already winning that siege. You benefited more from not bleeding to death. You used up most of our medical supplies."

Nope, they're fine. Looks like it's more interested in light than plants for food right now.


Where to?


That chef Face just mentioned. Salty Slugs!


"Oh, a'ight, and remind me, which one of you shot Abilio's portal stone to the shore?
And which one of this sorry bunch fucking killed the huge dragon?"


I rub my temples.
"So…we're safe for now…until the sun goes down and then it will start eating everything.


I lower my head remembering it as I drink wine.
"Its… a shame really. I was looking forward one day for Al-jinn to teach me about is secrets, he was an honorable guy but like Smitts you dont know what is running through their mind. If I just approached the old guy and make him ease up it wouldnt end like this, its just a shame…. "

"Its quite tragic considering the two personalities who breaks you out and gave you a second chance in life are the one's who feuds in the end and both die's in the end….." I just lower my gaze as I pour more wine.


Salty Slugs flexes as you approach, then puts a hoof on your shoulder.

"I see you've joined the fairer sex. Good for you, Mister Heart. How's it feel? Invigorating? Good. Let's have some real talk. Man-to-man. You earned it."

"Yeah, whose spear was that? And whose spear gun? And whose stone? None were yours, that's for sure."

"Well, unless you get it something else to eat, right? Plants don't care what they eat, they just go where they have to for food. We're already near land in this river… we could just have a pegasus go get a bunch of grass, honey."

"Maybe you know how I have mixed feelings about Umlock."


I've something like 30 minutes, anything I can do?


"It certainly is interesting. What do you wish to converse about?"


"Mmmh, that's not a bad idea at all. I'm going to talk to mr. Wark, on the way there, I'll get a menial to collect some grass."


"The accuracy and skill were both mine."


Topaz needs to look at my ass?


What do you want to do? Talk to a pone? That's short.

Sir J.C. Lawrence, for instance?

"You don't need to talk. Maybe just pump some iron. Having a point is for temptresses. I know you're new so you get a pass."

"Good luck then, sugar bun."

"I'm just saying – I believe in teamwork. Community. That's why I built this place with my own hooves. And teamwork saved us in Roads, not one pony."

So Emrille's note says.


I'm gonna mess this up horribly all over again, but let's try.
"Sir Lawrence, I would like to apologize."


"I'll be back in a bit!"
Go find a menial with wings. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"'Pumping some iron'? You do know who you are speaking to, do you?"
I chuckle.
"Physical exercise was never my strong suit."


"I saved all your sorry fucking lives, admit it."


And she came by afterwards to tell me in person.
Alright, let's go see that old horse
Knock on her door


He's in the pub, having tea.

"Jolly good then. Would you like a cup?"

There are menials about. Griffons and pegasi.

"You never said thank you for when we saved your life. And in fact, you didn't save a lot of the lives here – many are new, and all of the ones who were old except myself and Burnside were ones you failed to save. And that's besides the fact that killing the dragon didn't actually save anyone. That was just revenge for you."

She's down working on the mint.

"Come on in."


"I would love some tea, yes."
Take a seat.


Pick one of them that doesn't look busy.
"Hey you, I have a job for you."


Walk in
"Emmy told me you wanted to see my butt."


"Nitpick some fucking more, will you?"


He motions to Wheatwall, who brings over a cup for you. Then he pours some tea.

"Well, then?"

"I'm on break."

"She does have a fondness for laconics, doesn't she? Turn around."

"I get the feeling you like conflict, anyway. That's how you pick your girlfriends, that's for sure."



"And twisting words around like the lecherous twat she is."
Turn around.


Take a quick sip.
"I must confess, I'm a passionate stallion.
If there's one thing that gets my blood boiling, is battle. And in thinking of past glories, I lost sight of how others might react.
It was extremely rude of me to talk that way about your country, Sir Lawrence.
It deserves better than war and foreign hooves on its soil."


Roll my eyes.
I don't have time for this bullshit.
I'll just fly over to the banks and do it myself, it's been a while I had solid ground under my hooves anyway.


"Oh really? I think Tela and I get along pretty fucking well."


"Yeah, well, you could pump some smaller barbells. I mean, it's putting in the effort that counts. I mean, carrying around a gun is practically like carrying around a tiny weight. What else would you carry a gun around for?"

You feel something weird and suctiony touch your flank. A moment later it plops off. "Okay, you can go."

"Hm, well, thank you for the courtesy. I will tell you, though, that my knighthood is not an Equestrian style. I was granted this honor by the queen, many years ago when Great Bridle was an independent state. I think you will find most Bridons take great pride in the memory of the nation and its flowing hills."

You're technically back on Equestrian soil. No real civilization out here. You pick some grass.

"You did split up for a few months. And constantly batter and belittle one another. I'm not saying it's not a legitimate alternative to affection, but you clearly have a thing for conflict."


"That's quite the honor.
How does one become -How did, rather- knight of the Queen herself?"


"Out of habit, mostly. Carrying at all times was something I was taught at a young age. But fair enough, I suppose as long as I keep it simple, some exercise will not kill me."


Huh…it's good to be home I guess.
Collect some grass and fly back to the ships to put it in the lab


"We split up by accident. And we weren't a couple back then. Shitload of luck that we met up on the fleet though."
"And you'd be glad to have that, wouldn't you. It's not like you have a marefriend. I get more pussy than you do, y'know, Mr. President."


Rub my flank with a hoof.
"Welcome back, by the way. Don't reckon I've said that yet."


"I had quite the record out in Saddle Arabia. I had befriended a number of the tribes there, and really, it was just a remarkable place. Remarkable horses over there, you know."

"It was just a suggestion, not mandatory. In any case, I see manly purpose in the way you carry yourself. What do you need, brother?"

Noted. After that, it's off to Wark. He's caring for Lilly and Adel in Light Heart's room. Rosemary is laying on the bed.

"It's not as though I have not had plenty of offers. But some of us are responsible adults. I don't have time for a relationship right now."

"It's all I've been getting over the last couple of months. Well, thanks anyway."


"Hello, mister Wark, hello miss Rosemary!"
Take a look at the babbies!


"Nothing in particular, to be fair. I was merely hoping to strike up a chat, I do not believe we have spoken to one another much."


"Do tell me. I've never travelled that far, not for long anyway."


"Doesn't it make you feel warm inside, knowing that you're loved by all?"


"Sure you did…"
"If I wasn't with Tela already, I'd fuck Betsy too."


They're so cute! You can't register any other features because mom-o-vision is overriding it all to just say ADORBS.

Rosemary gives a tired nod.

Wark gives you another, but his is a little more mocking, as a reflection.

"No offense intended, but I try to stay away from temptresses as much as possible. But now that you're a stallion I know that you're completely trustworthy."

"I'm afraid I'd blather on all afternoon. It really is a culture one must experience for one's self, I'm afraid."

"Yarrgh. We're on a pirate vessel. I get enough granny treatment to confuse it for a cruise liner."

"The things that interest you are so transient."


"This fleet never stops roaming. Just give me a few advices not to make a fool of myself, if we ever make it there."


"Oh? You see me as a temptress? Now where did you hear those wild tales?"


Let's not kick the bees nest while there's other things to focus on.
"They're so adorable, mister Wark. C-can I hold one?"


I laugh.
"Alright, alright, I guess inviting you to play bingo is going too far then. See ya."


"No doubt. Though I suppose the 'Manesian Fleet' will remain in the Manesian Sea."

"All mares are, you know. You'll need to be on guard for that, now that you're a stallion. There's a feminist conspiracy. Have you ever noticed that something like seventy or eighty percent of the population is female? And the central and local leadership of most countries is female? It's only here in a good, free fleet of pirates you can find a good, patriarchal system. Pretty much the only place for me to go when that collapsed was Neighpon. Male Emperor."

"Alright, careful now."

Little Adel is very collected. She gives a tiny little sigh and snuggles back into the blanket she's wrapped in, as Wark hands her to you.

"Came here just ta admire tha girls, then?"

"See ya."

Kind of a weird colloquialism for an elderly pony.


"Ah, I see now. Still, there are many mares on this fleet too, no? Many of whom hold an officer's position!"


"And you've got a problem with that?"


"I've heard of changes. A stop might not be out of the realm of possibilities.
But anyway. If you ever want to train or keep your skills in shape, come find me.
I'm dramatically low on sparring partners."


Hold the tiny pony very carefully. I smile wide as I look at her. "I should have come sooner for that. Mister Wark, I wanted to talk about the trotantine potion you bought once. The one to turn a pony into a donkey? Do you remember the ingredients in that?"
Keep looking at the tiny pony.


"But our last three commodores? Men."

"Again, only an observation. You take everything as some kind of slight. Why do you even come here if you're just going to get angry at everything I say? I thought we'd been through some shit together and every time you stop by all you do is bitch or ask for something. How about you just come by to play poker or get a drink or something? Or fuck, help put up a house."

"Well, I could give you the old one-two. Although I am more of a rifleman. I suppose it must be difficult to find sparring partners who still operate primarily with blades. It seems the clock marches onward."

Tiny donk.

"I actually still have a little bit left, if you could analyze it or something. I only know one ingredient, though. We came to you for the rest, remember?"


"And… when commodore Abilio retires, miss September could potentially succeed him."


"To think I might even have to upgrade myself!
And lose the beautiful feeling of blade on blade…"
Let out a sigh.
"Maybe one day I will actually learn to shoot."


"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I don't like to plan too far ahead. That's a womanly thing. Anyway, you just wanted to talk?"

"Well, it certainly helped me. There may be dunes in Arabia, but it is quite flat in some parts, don't you know."


Does she look a bit like Wark?

"You have a bit left? That would help a lot!"


"I'm not angry! And you didn't invite me to cards or a drink, but I could do both! Making houses is not really something I'm good at though. Fuck, you're the one who is overreacting!"


"I did, yes. I hear you are a accomplished chef?"


"I see. Truth be told, the neighponese favored the bow as well, before the reforms of the last few shogunates brought rifles into the country.
Guess everyone loves to keep its enemy as far as possible."


Practically twins!

…Maybe you haven't seen enough donkeys to know what their distinguishing traits are…

"Well, you swing by uninvited all the time and I'm fine with that. I didn't think you would need an invitation."

"Yep. Reinstated in my old job, too. Cooking on the Seaworthy."

"Well, you know the old saying. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."


"How the fuck else would I know when you play cards then?"


"She looks just like her father."


Nod slowly.
"But I'm not sure it applies to the battlefield."
Finish my tea.
"Now, I should really leave. If you will excuse me."


"How lovely. Say… I was wondering. I am planning on hosting a feast here on the fleet. Do you think you could help with the catering and provide some minor digestifs to go with the inevitable drinking? You would be payed for it, of course."


"Because you hang around this place like it's your second home."

"Aye, I'm muchly proud."


"Sure, sure. Not sure what a digestif is. But yeah, I could cook something."


"Appetizers. Snacks, I mean."


"It must be a lot of work, taking care of both of them…"


"Sometimes it feels like it!"


"Oh. Yeah, then."

"Well… I don' mind. I enjoy it."

"Well… anyway, what did you come here for?"


"To chat?"


"Wonderful! Thank you very much, mister Slugs. I will be sure to let you know the details soon."


"Oh. Well. I guess we accomplished that much."

"Right, right."


"Good day then!"
Let's go speak to Topaz about this, actually.


"And hey, if this is like my second home, I can just come here whenever I feel like it, can't I?"


"Is this some kind of semantic argument? I mean, we already let you come and go."

She's working at her mint.

"Mmm. Busy day."


Sway babby a bit back and forth calmly.


"Ach, yer a natural. Ye'll make a fine mother."


"Anneiv will soon be upon us, ponies are beginning to wake up."
I chuckle.
"I will try to keep this brief to save us both time. I am planning on hosting a feast on the fleet, but I will need some aid when it comes to financial matters. I understand the fleet itself does not have the spare money to spend on these things, but I may have. I am merely curious how much such an event would cost. Drinks, food, entertainment… for the entire crew? I also understand the fleet has its own supply of rum and other beverages already."


"Well, what do you want for food? What do you want for alcohol? How much of it do you want? I can get you prices, but you need to figure out some types and quantities."


"How many crewmembers does the fleet currently have, miss Topaz?"


I blush. "She does it herself, she's a very calm foal."
Slowly put babby back in the cradle.


"I'd estimate about 580, just off the top of my head."

She snuggles back against the guardrail.

"Listen, I'll tell ye what I know, but if ye want tha rest of tha potion ta analyze, I need a favor."


Turn to Wark.
"Of course, what's the matter?"


"I know. It feels good that you trust me like that. Almost like I'm one of you!"


"And how much alcohol and food does one crewmember consume when they are let loose?"


He starts walking, so you trail after him into the hall. He leads you down to the bunkhouse, where he unlocks a chest and pulls out a mostly-empty bottle.

"I want ya ta make more of it."

"Yep. I suppose next time we make port in the New World we might depart. You know, carry all the houses out and set up the fort in the real world instead of a mansion. Wanna come?"

"Aren't you the party expert?"


"Why would you want to leave the fleet?"


"Sure. I can do that. May I ask why?"


"It is always good to check multiple sources before making a final calculation."



"Getting restless, I guess. We've really hung around a long time, haven't we? But I have a chance to really make something here. Something lasting."

"I would say one hogshead of 6% beer is enough for about 120 ponies. Meanwhile one stone of pizza pockets can feed about four ponies."

These are really oddly specific measurements. Also who measures hunger in number of pizza pockets?


"You're making a traveling fortress! Plus, how else will you spread the word around the world about how awesome Hamburgerburgians are?"


"How much do you need?"


I lower my head….
"So if given the chance… would you like him back?"



She must know her stuff.
"Pizza pockets, you say?"


"I always thought the world would respect actual clay more than just words."

"Just one bottle fer now. Keep tha recipe, though."

"Umlock? It's outside of the realm of possibility. There would be a revolt at the suggestion. I do pity his soul, though."

"Pizza pockets."


"Who could say no to these flags?"


"Why pizza pockets specifically?"


"Very well, we have a deal. Anything more you can tell me about the potion?"


I smile at her warmly.
"Yoo have a heart of Gold Ms. September, never have I seen a more forgiving character like you. Even right now it makes me think of those crewmates of ours in the past who are just lost when they have to choose sides…."
I then put paw on her shoulder.
"Do not let anyone take it from you."


She gives you a look like you're crazy. "I thought you said it was a party. Did you mean a tea party? Because the finesse of skirts might be lost on pirates."

"Ponies with guns."

"Tha only ingredient I know is tha tha guy wanted a hair from me. I dunno if it's significant because I'm a donkey or for… otha reasons. I dunno. Ya're tha alchemist. Ya would probably know more abou it than me. Does tha sound significant ta ya?"


"I'll try mightily to resist, but they say everyone becomes the villain eventually."


I sip my wine.
Before scratching my head in confusion.
"Wait.. how is that?"


"No, no, an actual party. But surely there are other appetizers that could be served aside from pizza pockets. It just seemed oddly specific."


"It's just a saying."

"Look, I don't make the rules of the universe. Pirates want pizza pockets at a party. You ask any cook on this fleet."


"Very well then. As you say. What of the costs then?"


"We draw faster and got better aim."


"Well as far as I can say is that a person is a wolf to himself. I mean if you are saying that everyone can be a villain then yes everyone can be a villain on one's point of view. I mean surely I view myself as the awesome pirate who go and free the cities of Neighpon from the tyrannical rule of their despot masters but… those we sieged will surely view us as the villains of the story… if that is what you mean."

"Wow… didnt thought that liquor could make me think like those philosopher ponies I always hear my friends yapping about."


"One stone of pizza pockets usually costs 48 bits, but it's much cheaper to buy the materials. The cost of a cheap hogshead is about 2380 bits."

"It's time to make something lasting. Anyway… we'll talk about this later."

"Maybe you always were, and the booze just unveils it."


…. I smile widely.
"Wohoo five score for alcohol!"
I then pour wine to her glass and mine.
"Alright just one more glass for me, I dont want stumbling on deck already while there is still daylight." I chuckle.


"Catch you later then.
Oh, and hey, do you have a messenger I could borrow quick?"


"Well, that's cheap spirits, anyway. You could go with booze for about 1008 bits a hogshead."


"So for 580 ponies… we would need 5 hogsheads of beer and… 145 stones of pizza pockets. 11900 bits and… 6960 bits, though the pizza pockets could be cheaper if they were made by the cooks. Still, an estimate of about 18000 bits."


"Yes, who knows what these landlubbers may think of us if they see our ships swaying."

"Messenger? Not really. Aren't you an officer? Just order one of your subordinates."


"Right. You could dramatically lower costs by using booze and cooking here on the fleet."


"Could you give me an estimate of how much cheaper? Half the price? Less?"


"You're my subordinates too, technically."


"Significant enough. might I have a hair as well then?"


"Well they may think of us as mercenaries considering the approach that we are doing now and not as those pirates that they dread of the sea's… but perhaps this has some of its perks, I mean less attention from the army is one for sure."


"It depends on material costs. You'd need about… hmm…well, bread is a must. And you can't have pizza pockets without cheese. That's… per stone… Without any fillers, just cheese, you could get it down to 11 bits per stone. Which means the cheapest you could throw this party is at 1595 plus 5040… 6635 bits."

"We're on different vessels."

"Jus' as well."

He plucks one. "There ya are."

"Yes, it may be nice to not be feared for a change."


"I'm still an officer of the fleet, ranking above you."


"Thank you, mister Wark. I'll bring you a potion once it's ready."


"My crew respects me more than yours you. And my people here believe in me. You aren't the president of anyone. Most of these are free ponies, not even a part of the fleet."

"Thank ya."


"Take good care of the little ones." I wave and I'm off.


Back to the lab.


Back to the lab?


"Hmmm… very well. Thank you, miss Topaz. I will run these numbers by miss Puzzle."


Aloe is here. "Figure stuff out?"


"I could ask really nicely."
Pout and flutter my eyelashes.


I look at her and chuckle.
"Well I sure have expected coming from ya, well not much from the others that is. Perhaps one thing that Commodore Smitts has ingrained in me is that we… well I am a pirate no matter how much flashy title's they may put on me or this and that."


Show the potion.
"This is the donkey transformation potion. If we can figure out the final ingredient, we should be good."
Walk around the sunbathing Lichen to my station.


"Go ahead then. This isn't a challenge. That's a good idea. If you need a message delivered, try asking someone nicely. Not me though."

"Smitts was oldschool. Hardcore. I'm not sure what he saw in you. That's not an insult so much as… I don't know. He was hard to read. It's hard to say what he saw in common between the two of you."

"So you just holdin' that hair cuz it's goin' in yer hopechest?"

It has moved with the slant of the sun. It seems pleased enough and is splayed out.

"Ya know, your little monster has been pretty well behaved. I guess he just wanted some light. Mhmmmm."


"Ah yes, mister Wark wanted us to create another donkey potion while we were at it."
Look at the Lichen.
"Hmmmp, he's not as bad as he looks. Either way, he doesn't belong in a lab."


"Why not?"


"That is why I like him, he has no illusion that we are this or that we are that. I mean if we are pirates then we are pirates." I smile.


Well, forget about that then.

I should go speak to Bolt.


"I wonder why he ended up here. So what's the hair about?"

"I'm busy. I have houses to raise."

"I suppose there is a simplicity in that."


Bolt is in the postermastery.


As per usual.
Knock knock.
"Miss Bolt?"


"Ah well… thanks though."
Find a Burger milling around.
A mare, preferably.


"Come on in. You don't have to knock, it's the message center. You have mail, by the way."


The nearest is at the shooting range.


"Ciddir said the plants attracted him and that he probably had been on board for some time. As for the hair, mister Wark said he had to add it to the potion. I think this means the base works as a transformative potion and we merely have to add a hair of the correct species to choose a transformation."


"What's in the base, sweetie? And incidentally, wouldn't that hair be the last ingredient?"


I chuckle as I finish the last wine.
"I like it simple, too much thinking takes away the good stuff in life, like relaxing and sleeping, not to mention it adds something that can really destroy one's day and that is the term 'worry'. I dont like worrying about things that much you know, too much thinking… thats why I like it simple."

I then relax.
"Well talk about a lazy lifestyle but it does have it perks you know." I chuckle.


Flutter over.
"Hey there."



"You like some action, though, right? Otherwise you'd be a menial."


"Yes, as for the base, I know it requires Rainbows Dollop and Heart's Desire, I suppose the hair was the last thing I couldn't detect."


"Could you do a little favor for me?"
Smile at her!


Check my mail?


"Maybe you need a refresher course on subjective ingredients, sister. Sometimes ingredients behave differently in the presence of an emotion. Heart's Desire is one of those. It could just as easily be that Wark's hair was needed because he was the one who wanted the change. It was HIS desire. See? We need to do some testing."

"Um, okay…? Well, tell me what it is, first."

You have a letter from your nephew.


Oh, how wonderful!
"Excuse me."
Open it up and read it.


"A simple errand. Just drop by the Commodore's office, and tell him that I can only visit tomorrow."


"That is true, I mean I love fighting."
"Wait why ask something so obvious." I look at her amused.


It's another update letter. You've been receiving these once every couple weeks over the last couple of months. Apparently you got through to your niece on your last visit. Usually she writes, but sometimes Chivalry does too. It's a pleasant reminder of home, but it's mostly nothing more than a summary of their goings on.

"Well… alright."

She departs.

"I don't know. The booze."


Holy shit, that actually worked!
Well… let's check out that new pub.


I tap my chin.
"Right…subjective ingredients. This will be a little more complicated then. Let's make the base first and see if we can't find good test subject."
I still have me Rainbow Dollop. Now I hat magic some hearts desire '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Still lovely. I smile and pocket the letter. I'll store it safely with the others in my cabin.
"In any case, we will make landfall to Anneiv before soon. Have you been there before, by any chance??"


"Well the 'booze' has its effects on anyone, no one is immune to it. But if you are going to ask me which I like better, booze or fighting, then booze it is…. with the added bonus of beatifull female's, food and good music." I smile.
"All the while bathing in a hot tub surrounded by gold and such and everyone that is present is there for me for the taking.. uhhmmm.. mmmm… " I pant just imagining it.


It's something of a slow hour. Flowing Tree and a Great Bridle pone are here. Lacy is helping an older pony in a pith helmet run the place.


"You have quite a talent, honey."

Roll perception.

"No, though I've heard much of it. Many of the settlers of Dixie are Germane. Are you familiar with the Locus Inter?"

"That's not surprising to me. Although… I wonder, are you an only child?"


I'm a perceptive pony '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Am I? Knowledge check '1d10'
"So they say. At the very least, I speak the language fluently."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Me? Nuh uh, I got my sister Klava and a brother."


Great Bridle pone?
That I gotta' see!
Flutter over.
"Hey there!"


Nothin! It's all good.


"Well, in any case, it's an interesting city."

"Miss them?"



"I don't think we've met before. I'm Emrille."
Offer a hoof.


"Oh yes, most interesting indeed. I have been wanting to visit it for some time now. I admit I am not familiar with the Locus Inter, however."


I'm sure it is!
Me and Aloe can start making the base by mixing the Hearts Desire and Rainbow Dollop together.


"To be honest, yes. I kind of thinking of writing to them some day. Perhaps once we reach Anniev, I do wonder what those guys are doing right now. I mean they dont even know I got imprisoned… "


He gives you a firm hoofshake.

"Sir J.C. Lawrence. I believe I've seen you about."

"No matter."

How will you prepare each ingredient?

"Sounds rough."


Give me a description of each ingredient.


"No? Why ask then?"


Give it back!
What race is he?
"Have you?"


"It's something of a site, but it's a tourist trap in the worst sense of the word. I wouldn't go there if I were you."

Rainbow Dollop is a foily, long leafed plant.

You've seen Heart's Desire in the show.

Earth Pone.

"On the Darklantern?"


"Well, that's my ship allright. I'm the second mate of it."


"My ship as well. I am the fleet flagmaster. Signalling and what have you."


"Pfff…. I mean I dont know what kind of face I could show them. I mean I am still not that stable. Perhaps if one day I got the money, my own ship and my own villa and chestsfull of bits that I might have the courage to show my face to them with pride."


"Oh. I see. Well in any case, would you be open to join me for some exploration if we have the time? Perhaps buy some new clothing… attend a play or two…"


"Sounds like tons of fun. You coordinate how the rest of the fleet moves?"


I think I'll drop in the Heart's desire unprepared.

As for the Rainbow Dollop "Aloe, I think I should dessicate the leaves of the Dollop first, what do you think?"


"You've got that girl, right? Is it proper to call her a bitch? I never know."

"I'll need to follow you regardless, but I suppose there's no reason I can't observe you from outside of the shadows."

"Something like that. It's not quite the coordination I did back in the day, but it is exciting in its own way. These ships are quite titanic when you really appreciate them for their scope, are they not?"

"They seem pretty dessicated already, so it can't hurt."

Currently you have a bowl with a flower in it.


"That is very sweet of you."


How many ponies are in the pub right now?
How much would it cost to treat all of them to a drink?
"You should have seen the fucking Eagle's Roost then."


Lemme guess, I'll need milk.
While I let the leaves dry, I'll trot up to Aloe.
"I think we'll need some more milk, Aloe." grin sheepishly.


"Empress… Flora is her name, a shiban that I find… cute and amusing" I smile. "Also… I really dont know if it is proper. It is technically correct but like you said, it kind of sounds bad." I grin.


"Also… " I whisper to September.
"Dont tell her that I find her cute and amusing… she will kill me if she hears that."


"Well, then. I'll meet you at the docks when you're ready to hit the town."

It's presently near-empty. It's you, Flowing, J.C., the two working the counter, and a couple of menials. For really cheap beer, about five bits.

"I hear it was mighty indeed."

She blinks in surprise. "You didn't say that was an ingredient. Go ahead, honey."

She places a bucket below herself and stands still.

"Well, I think she looks cute."


"We need something to mix it together. I think milk will do fine."


And not cheap ale?
"A dragon was too much for it to handle though."


"Excellent. I do look forward to spending some time with a fellow Dixie mare. Good day, miss Bolt."
Go find HP Lovepoen.


"That is true, though she may act cold sometimes she has a good heart… that is why I am a bit afraid of dragging her in all of this. I mean I dont know if its the right thing to carry someone like her in a pirate ship… you know how sometimes this fleet can get into messy deals.. not to mention how deadly it can be." I look at the ground with worry.


"Well, it was about time you milked me anyway. By tomorrow I'd probably be sore, and if I go too long without being milked, I'll stop making it. I guess that won't be an issue soon, though, right, honey?"


She's bouncing about and painting in her room.

"Eh, whatever makes you happy. You didn't force her, right? So you're fine."


"Miss Puzzle, do you have a moment?"


Start milking.
"I'm not sure if the others would be comfortable with drinking my milk."


Ten bits?
I can do that.
Raise a wing and make a circling motion.
"Hey, barkeep! Get everypony some ale, it's on me!"


"I spose!"

"Oh, so it's okay if it's cow milk, but pony milk is too lofty and special for the lips of test subjects?"


The two menials cheer.

"Kind of you." J.C. comments.


"That is true…. I hope she too is happy, if I get enough of this, perhaps settling down might not be bad for her sake that is." I smile as I began to pack up and set aside the empty wine bottles.


"About the party. The costs are… rather staggering. A fleet wide party is impossible, as I feared. We simply lack the funds for it."


"Well, I can see you're restless. I won't keep you. It was a pleasure, Chip."


"Well duh! Told ya!"


Keep milking
"I'm not saying that. But I would imagine that you yourself as an adult would be more comfortable drinking pony milk than the milk from another cow."


"Figured I should try that out someday."


I blink.
"… In any case, it may be possible to host a party on the Sirocco alone instead."


"I'd say it wouldn't matter!"

She sure has a lot of milk. You know that you won't produce as much as her, but it really gets you thinking about where your body will be going soon. And if you're like Light Heart, you're going to be 'milked' the natural way.

"You picked an easy day to do it."

"Sounds fun!"


"Too much of everything is bad for you."


"Indeed. Do you think you could help me?"


"I think in this case it's 'too much generosity is bad for you wallet'. So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Sure! How can I help?"


Stop here and take the milk to my station.
"For me it does. I don't want to be a…" end abruptly.


I smile and hug her.
"I too enjoy our talk…. so dont worry Ms. September."


"What's the matter?"


"When the time comes… you could help me by spreading the word around the Sirocco. To help ease the costs of this party, there will be a small admission price."



Where to?


"Aww! That's not as fun! But I understand. Alright."


"Just nice to meet another pony who is from Great Bridle."


"It is not… but unless I can find a favorable deal on alcohol, it is a necessity. Perhaps Wheatwall could brew it himself if given the ingredients… But I digress, if you could help me find food ingredients while in Anneiv, that would be much appreciated as well."


Now that Ms. September kind of reminds me of home, perhaps this is the right time to write to my brother(we need to decide who he is in the future), and specially to Klava…. its been some time….

With my salty doge ears, I did hear we have a postmaster on board.


"Yes, it's amazing how one retains one's accent. Perhaps in the same way all Bridons care for their homeland so dearly."

"Alright! I'll try to help!"

Yes, indeed. She's a Dixie pone. Blue coat, orange mane.


"Nevermind, we'll cross that bridge when we get there."
Oof, dodged a bullet.
Start mixing the prepared ingredients together in the milk.


Where is she? Lets find and approach her.


"Thank you. While we are in Anneiv, I would also like to find some musicians for the fleet. They will make for excellent entertainment. When we arrive, please do make sure to report in with me. That will be all for now."


"If only I'd remember more of it."



Hm… it slowly turns pinkish.

She's in the post office. "Mail?"


"You don't look that old. You must have been at least speaking age to have the accent…"


Wave a hoof.
"I had a few issues. Not an easy life and all that, y'know. So most of my memories are gone."


Okay, time to go hit the pub again.


Blink. Look at the original potion, it's not pink right?


"You are new here."
I rest my arm on the table with a nice grin.
"So tell me hon, what is your name?"



It's pretty cleared out. Just Wheatwall, Lacy, a couple menials, Emrille, Flowing, and J.C. Lawrence.

No, it's tan.

"Blazing Bolt."


Sit down at the bar.
"Mister Wheatwall. Do you serve sweet tea?"


"Sort of, yeah. Only got the details of what happened when I was on the streets and shit, and those are not much to recall."


Hmmm, still…Warks hair isn't in there. I should have brought a few more.
Cut the hair in two and drop one piece in the mixture.


"So tell me…" I show her a bottle of wine.
"If I pay and tell you to deliver this to my place… so you and I can catch up with what is latest to both of our lives and career, I trust that you will deliver it right." I grin.


"We do."

"How far back to you remember, I wonder?"

It slowly turns a deep tan.

"Listen, I'm not interested in a relationship with anyone. Understand? Not even ponies. It's nothing personal."


That looks promising.
Time to find a menial.
I'll see if I can't find this Candle menial


"One sweet tea then, please."
Wait for him to serve it before continuing.
"Now I was wondering… you said you are a brewer, yes?"


"I dabble in Oenology."

He's in the bunkhouse, sleeping. He must work nights.


"Uh… it's nothing to really talk about, trust me."


"Awww… " I lower the bottle and stands straight.
"Actually I am here to ask on how far a postmaster like your-self could delver a letter, not to mention how long it could take to deliver such letter and if it will ever arrive to the one I intend to deliver it… considering I have no idea where they live now since its been a long time since I've seen my relatives. My only consolation is I know their name and what they looked like."

"And yes, I want a mail to be delivered. But I do still have to write about it."


"Well, pity then."


"Uh hello, mister Candle?"


"Hmmm… wine. No knowledge on beer at all then?"
Wine is probably going to be too expensive…


"Tell me about yourself, instead."


"Well, it can be done. The birds are very good."

"Oh, I know a little about brewing as well. Just dabbling, though."

"One life is as uninteresting as the other. I only have a few things worth mentioning. The Queen of Great Bridle knighted me before the annexation. I've lived most of my life among the Saddle Arabian horses. I've traveled most of the world and commanded more than one detachment of troops. Let's see… I did a little fighting in the wars with the Oddomanes. That's about all."


"Oh, I know a little about brewing as well. Just dabbling, though."



"Hello mister Cande, maybe you remember me, I once asked if you were interested in helping me out in the lab, are you still interested?"


"What's the Queen like? In person?"


"Really? That is good to hear then, I will write my letters then and give it to you when it is ready." I then offer my hand.
"Name's Chip."


"Hm… well, I would like to provide enough beverages to a crew of 50 ponies. A very expensive ordeal, so I am looking for ways to decrease the price. From what I understand, beer is quite popular in Germaney, so perhaps I could import from Anneiv itself."


"Just more magic wand stuff?"

"Quite regal. There is a certain polite dignity to her character."

"Hello Chip."

She shakes it.

"It's worth a try."


"Is she still kickin' it?"


Drink my tea.
"White wine is quite popular in Germany as well, is it not?"


"She was never captured by the Equestrians, if that's what you're asking. But she was old, and the war was many years ago."


"I haven't the foggiest. I'm from the capital region."


"No, you drink a potion, we see if it does the desired results, if not we can quickly reverse it and try again. When we find the correct potion, your job is done and you'll get paid a full doubloon."


"Ah, well from what I remember, it is. Unfortunately I cannot act as a judge when it comes to the quality of alcoholic beverages myself. I have never touched a drop of it in my life."


"Was it fun?"


"Well… Alright, that's a lot of money. Let's try to be quick, though, I gotta be awake tonight to work."

"Ah, you'd like me to come along and judge for you?"



"The war!"


"Well… I certainly would not be opposed to it if you had the time for it."


"Of course."
Bring him back to the lab.


"Oh. I don't imagine so. In any case, I don't think wars are particularly enjoyable. Getting one's hooves dirty may be a necessity but there is no need to relish in it."

"Well, speak your mind. Do you intend to ask me to help you or not?"

He follows you back.


Give him the tan potion.


"What's this supposed to do exactly?"


"Turn you into a donkey. Temporarily."


"I just did speak my mind. If you have the time for it, then yes, I would like you to tag along for the sake of tasting and judging quality."


"Ohhhhkay. Alright. As long as you can fix it, I guess."

He swallows it.

After a moment, a brown coat slowly sprouts and he turns out a donkey!

"That's an answer. Before you said you 'wouldn't mind'. Well it's certainly not for my sake is it? I'm a little old to be arm candy."

Indeed, he has a bushy gray mustache and hairs out his ears.


Clap my hooves.
"Yay, it worked!"


I chuckle.
"I am older than I look myself."


"What about Saddle Arabia?"


He gives you a look. "That's a little worrisome if you get that happy about success… That all? When does it wear off?"

"Not this old I hope."

"Oh, yes, lovely country. I spent many years there. A bit sandy, but less than you'd expect. It has some very vibrant places."


"Alright, I'll give it to you when its ready."
Now lets go and meet… let me decide on that later.


"Like what?"


"The cities, of course. Oasises. I'd use names but they'd be meaningless to a foreigner, wouldn't you imagine?"

Good night


"No… not quite your age. But I digress, what do you say? Are you willing to join me?"


"And the mares there?"


"They know how to make the most of their clothing."

"I suppose it will do me some good to get out of here, away from the fumes."


"Do they?"


"Well, you still have some time to decide. If are interested, I will collect you when I go out."


"Of course, of course."
Give him my final dispel potion.
"Drink this and you'll be yourself again."


No nights for me… perhaps lets meet Salty slug and see how he is doing.


"Something like that. It's much hotter there. Frankly, I wore a robe the entire time myself."

"Very good, then."

He drinks, and finally shakes himself free of all that discolored hair.

"Whew… that kinda burned a bit. Well?"

He's down in the kitchen of the Seaworthy.

"How's it goin' Chip?"


"Did you fuck any though?"


He looks normal again?


Finish my tea.
"Thank you."
Lacy is here, right? Can I motion her to come over?


I grin.
"So whats cooking eh?"


"A gentlestallion would certainly never say. Shame!"

Yep! Looks like it worked.


"Nothing at the moment. I just like to stay here sometimes to, y'know, relax. It's kinda my room."


"How are you feeling?"


Okay, I feared his hair had fallen out there.
"You're looking fine, Candle, thanks for your help."
Give him a doubloon.


"We did deserve it. Its been some time since we are able to relax, that fight in Neighpon is tough if you tell me."


"Shame you aren't one so you can tell?"


"Fine I suppose. Why?"

Are you asking about that time she was sick three months ago?


With that, he's gone.

Aloe comments: "Well, that's half done. I guess you have enough milk to make more dispelling potion."

"Yeah, and we're about to get back into business."

"Please. I thought we were having a polite conversation."


"Yes, we'll need lots more. I'll have to ask miss Topaz for more lead though."
I note down carefully the results of this test.
What's Lichy doing?


Nope, I spoke to her since then.
"Only making certain nothing is bothering you. Have you considered my offer?"


"Well, would it be so terrible if you indulged me with at least a few details?"


I then philfer around his place for a bit.
"Do you got any drinks here I can hoard? I may need it to get in tune with the new ladies on board you know what I mean?" I chuckle.
"Besides have you met or talked to any of them? Perhap there is someone you might fancy?"


Now that sunlight is no longer coming into the room, it is laying on top of that pile of leaves you left behind. It's sort of following you with its 'eye' thing. A bit vaguely, though.

"It was kind of a vague offer, right? I dunno…"


"They're all tempresses! Seductresses! Besides… you know about the feminist conspiracy, right?"


"Just a tad bit?"


"Quite vague, yes. But you were rather vague yourself."


Finish my notes.
"I'll get some lead so we can finish some more dispel potions before the day is at an end."
Turn to Lichy and point with my hoof.
"And you stay on that pile of leaves or you're going back in the crate!"


"What part of describing sexual encounters is polite in your mind? Why not just describe their clothes?"

"You were vague first! But… Iunno."


"Come now, you must have some wishes and desires of your own?"


I swing my head and look at him.
"Oh they are temptress alright, I mean with the way their hips sway and the their cute face's man I can nuzzle with them all day and…. wait what do you mean by a conspiracy?"


"Well, were their clothes sexy?"


Where am I?
I know I'm not dead
But that doesn't really narrow down the options


"I'll keep an eye on it."

"I'm pretty content."

"Haven't you ever noticed how there are way more female ponies than male ponies? Maybe it's not that way with dogs…"

"They were very ornate. They used all sorts of designs. But they left much to the imagination."

Well, somewhere off the starboard bow is a major landmass.

"Well, you awaken at last. You may be long-winded, but you're better conversation than Mr. Stoic."

Stanjez stands iconically at the bow, appreciating the sun.


"What about the Ottomanes?"


I grin. "Be back soon."
Go to Topaz.
"Hello, miss Topaz. How are you?"


"Whose mother are we sailing by?"


I chuckle.
"And… the more females the better right? You do know part of the reason why diamond dogs kidnap female ponies besides additional work-force right?"


"Hmmm. Very well, I suppose. Do make sure to inform me if there ever is somepony bothering you."


"Mother? That's Equestria. Stanjez thought it might be a good idea to stop to pick up actual food. We can barter with some of this booze. And maybe you'll find a job? We're not far from the Nea river, which leads up to Anneiv. Everypony knows how famous it is for music."

"Fair enough."

"What about them? They're ponies like you and me."

"No! Too many mares is bad! They hold all the power on land! That's why I'm part of this fleet!"



"Nothing special about them?"


"I would like to ask for some more ashes and lead for the laboratory."


"Anniev… hrm. Sounds like somepony just spelled a word backwards or something.
Can't say it really brings up any memories though. Either my last visit was unremarkable, or I've never been there.
So… a city of music?"


I just grin at him and scratch my head.
"Alright you lost me here, You do understand that there are other place's besides Equestria right? And besides what is wrong with a female holding power if they worked for it? If they are qualified with the job why not? Just look at Ms. September."


"I suppose they have a culture of their own, but I mostly fought against them."

"Well, you can have all the ashes you like. That's a standing offer."

"Yes! Females are in power in a lot of places! But he female conspiracy is for Equestria to take over the world!"

"A whole city of culture and music. It's quite nice from what I've heard. Every musician who has ever hit it big spent time in Anneiv."


"Good. That will be all."
Set down my mug and take my leave.
Hmmm… I wonder if Ambercharge is available.


I then ponder.
"Well Eqeustria taking over the world is a bad thing. First and foremost I dont believe in central authority without another country keeping that country in check. Second…. why are you saying that all female's want to take over?"


She is.



"And the lead?"


Let's approach her. Clear my throat.


"4 bits per bar."

"What is it, Light Heart?"


"And the reason why you've joined the fleet is because the commodore's are male's…?" I look at him.


"Didn't have time for pleasantries then, I guess."


"Are you free?"


How many potions can I make per bar?


Five. A doubloon will get you 25. So 125 potions.

"For the moment. What is it?"

"I'm afraid not. You see, while I don't relish war, I am quite good at it. Jolly good, what will you."

"Yes! A last free bastion."


Put a doubloon on the table.
"Here, that should cover 25 bars. I won't take them all with me at once. I only need one for the moment. The other 24 I'll come for when I need them, agreed?"


"We will soon reach Anneiv. Do you have any… plans on what to do there? We will have some free time to spend as we please. I imagine you and Spook will be spending some time together."


I grin as I stop philfering, maybe he got no wine in here.
"Well that is interesting… I didnt know this aspect of you Salty Slug. Say what made you think like that?"


"Fine by me."

"Yes, I think so. But no, no plans in particular."


"How come you chose to wave the flags then?"


"Any paperwork I need to sign?"


"Is it safe to say that the two of you growing fond of one another then?"


Yeah, nothing but cooking sherry.

"One day, my eyes were opened. Good luck out there bro."

"Sometimes you win wars by waving flags."

"No. I'll remember."


"I would think so! Are you going somewhere with this?"


"Isn't that how you surrender?"


"I think I'll want it in writing, just so there are no misunderstandings. Could you make up a receipt?"


"How do you not know anything about flag signalling if you're a second mate?"



She writes out a note and makes 24 boxes on it.


"Can a friend not inquire about these things?"
Give her a sweet smile.


"Thank you."
Wait for my lead bar and go back to the lab.


"I usually do the 'kill the enemy' part of the deal, and honestly, I'm jolly good at that."


"I suppose so. Was that all?"

There's a stack of them in the corner.

"Well, it takes all kinds."


So, I should try out the workshop.
'1d10' tinker up a door knocker.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Then I'll take one.
"Goodbye, miss Topaz."
Take my leave for the lab again.


It's easy enough with your materials. Just a couple hinges and some metal. You hollow out the big part for a better echo.


Okay, back in the lab.


"You want me to leave?"


"Well good luck with that too. I hope you give them girls a second chance, you dont know what you are missing." I grin as I head out.


Time to make 5 Dispel Potions.
"Are you looking forward to Anneiv, Aloe?" I ask while brewing.


Perhaps lets visit this Workshop that Manako is telling me… is it separate from the workshop where Ms. Topaz is working? Also is anyone in there?


"No, but you're usually in a rush. Let's have some tea then."


"Be careful out there!"

"I'm no fan of Equestria."

Manako is here, working on door knockers. Yes, it's separate.


"Oh right, but you're still going to visit the city?"


Well lets not disturb Manako for a moment, lets see and observe what this workshop has to offer for me.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Well now I have one of those done.. I should do another one for who, and then test them out together..

Roll #1 2 = 2


I nod at you.


"Not a chance, honey."

The workshop is full of equipment, tools, and parts that will help you build simple contraptions, or repair more complex ones. It doesn't have bars of exotic metal, just things like bolts, screws, washers, frames, etc. There is a small forge and anvil here, though, with bars of simple iron stocked.

Chip is here, appraising the room.


"I'm the best at it though!"


I need to get some clarification, just to put my mind at ease. Address some worries this raised…
"Ciddir? Can we… talk for a while?"


"I was hardly knocking it."



"…should I bring something from Anneiv?"



"Okay. Say, do you feel like making a breezie potion right now, or should we call it for today?"
Finish up the Dispel potions.


Snicker and tip my hat with a wing.
"Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you, but I think it's about time I woke up my marefriend."


"Whatever you want to work on."

"Well, good day then."


"Well… what we did last night was…incredible… but I can't help but worry…
When you became a doe, it was like… like you as a person, as Ciddir, just stopped existing, leaving everything up to me to decide. Is… is that what you expect from me?"


I look up with a wave.
"Oh, Sensei chip! I had some time so I was working on a little project the commodore suggested."


"Okay, now according to our theory the donkey potion worked because Wark wanted somepony to turn into a donkey. That means we'll make the same base and then have a test subject here that wants to turn somepony into a breezie."
Start making the base again.


"I expect you to be you."

"You know anypony like that?"

Base is ready.


"Yes I do. I'll go get her."
Find HP Lovepony


Approach her and sit down.
"So this is where you are staying I see. Not bad if you ask me but needs a bit more work, perhaps time will tell but perhaps one day it can be upgraded to be a better workshop."

I then look at your work.
"So what is this little project the commodore has been asking?"


HP waves at you as you approach. She's on the balcony of the second floor of the mansion


Wave at her.
"Hey, HP, I need your help!"


"Tiny hooves are bad at knocking, too quiet. Plus it gives me something to do on my downtime!"


Sigh in relief and sag into his embrace, nuzzling submissively under his chin.
"I can do that. I… you know how I told you goats have multiple partners? Well… sometimes, very rarely, we find someone… one partner who we always go back to, no matter what. One partner we'd do anything for, because as far as we're concerned, they are our better half.
You are my better half, Ciddir. No matter who else I take as a partner… you will always come first in my heart."


I scratch my head.
"A personal knocker?"


"How can I help?!"

"I feel the same about you. I would not have said I love you otherwise."


Nod. "Yea, that's about the idea. "


"You've got to come with me to the lab!"


I sit down next to you.
"Perhaps I can help." I grin.


"I know. I just… I wanted you to know that I feel this way. I am yours, no matter what."




He hugs you closer and whispers: "I already knew."


"It's for the prank, you know!"


"Oh. What do you need me for? I don't know anything about potions!"


"I need a hair from you, and a little help. Can you come with me?"


"Okay… why do you need hair?:


"Why don't you come down here and I'll explain. Otherwise everypony will know what the prank is about."


Shiver and melt into his embrace.
"…You smell like mint."
Look up at him and blink submissively.
"I… there's something I want to try… if you're willing. Sexually, I mean. It can wait if you want…"


"Okay… tell me!" She follows you.

"What is it?"


"Have you… ever been given oral?"


"We've made a potion that can change a pony into something else. We're pretty sure uses a hair of somepony who wants another pony to transform. So I figured one hair of yours should do the trick to transform somepony into a breezie."


"You mean a speech? Yes, I have seen many at campfires."

"Hm… but… what if I knew there was someone else who wanted it more? Wouldn't that make a better potion?"


"If you want to!" I show you what I've done so far.
"Its pretty simple. Just a wood piece hollowed out."


"Uh…yes, do you know somepony like that?"


"No, I mean, um… maybe I'll just show you…"
Slide down his body and see what I have to work with.


"I see."
I observe what she is doing and learn from her instruction and try to help out.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"The REAL brains behind my prank is Manako. She'd make a way better potion than me!"


I really don't have the energy to write witty sex scenes right now


You ruin your own project, but at least her own is intact.


"Pfffhahaa.. well that is quite fast." I laugh at my own work.


"Ah, okay, let's go get her, but I want you to follow me to the lab anyway. Certainly you want to try being a breezie for a few minutes?"
Let's go find Manako.


Gotcha. I'll just timeskip a few hours and go chat with Manako.


"Okay! If it'll help you!"

She's in the workshop.

Manako and Chip are in the workshop.


Also Selena and HP Lovepone arrive


'1d10' make another one of the knock amplifiers.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, it certainly is busy in here. I take it you've been working on something?"


Lots of ponies here.
"Hello miss Manako, hello mister Chip, hello mister Hircus."
Gotta keep this prank a secret.
"Manako, I see you're busy, and I'm in a hurry too, I came to ask for two of your hairs for an experiment. I'll explain later." Wink.


Observe what she is doing and retry working on mine.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Oh, hey. what brings you to the workshop?"


Recreating the same device isn't too difficult.


"Hello there Hircus." I nod

I look at you blankly at first before smiling warmly.
"Hello there."


You're running low on metal.


"My hairs? I guess I can take a break and let you brush a few out." I float over to you after finishing the same thing.
"See. its more like this!" I show chip the knocker.


"Well, you do. It's been a while since we talked, and I felt like saying hello. What you working on there?"
I'm in on the prank too.
Nod and smirk. "Hello there Chip."


I don't know that.

Brush out a few hairs quickly.
"Thanks Manako. Come by the lab later."


"A… ah! I see, this is quite an embarassment really." I smile
Gah… make the remaining few metal count and do as Manako has instructed me.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Okay. I'll see you after I finish up here!"


Got some hairs.
Let's go back to the lab with volunteer test subject HP and mix them together.


This is not a good day for you. There will be more metal to work with tomorrow as it is restocked.


The potion turns a light blue color.


Give it to HP.
"Here, this should do it."


Talk about a double downer… I then turn to Manako.
"My bad… it looks like this sea-dog is having a hard time concentrating with all the visitors today." I scratch my head.


"Okay… here goes!"

She drinks it. She suddenly shrinks, and left in her place on the floor is a tiny little Breezie pony!

Her squeaky voice: "Wow! Everything's so big!"


Nod. "Its okay.. as far as I know there are only two breezy on board anyway. Want to help me bring these over to show Who?"


"I can help too!"


:"Two breezies?"
"Also… who?"


"Wow that's amazing."
I grin triumphantly.
Once HP had her fun as a Breezie, I'll give her a drop of Dispel potion.
I'll make full notes on the experiment.
And, as a final roll and then I'll pause, I try to hat magic a breezie-sized dress from my hat.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Something to help use tiny breezy knock on doors." I show you the bell shaped wooden thing.


"Who-Hunts-Monsters-In-The-Woods, he's one of Light Heart's employees. More of a prankster like the fae back home.."


"Oh, cool!"
"I remember him. He seems pretty confident in his abilities back then."


Back to her normal size, she determines: "That was neat, but being an earth pony is more fun."

You manage to pull out a very simple dress. HP giggles. "Is that for Flowing?"


"Is he now? Alright let us meet the scoundrel."


"Yea.. I haven't seen him too much lately."


"For Manako, but I hoped it would be a bit more fancy."



Feel free to faff with one another. If Selena gives Flowing the potion, it works as expected, no Shyamalan twist.


"What is this Who guy? What type of character is he?" I then sit down.


"He's not bad, just a more typical fae, he loves to play tricks."


I scratch my head.
"Well you are a fae right so does that make Who.. act and look like you? I am ignorant about this…. what is a 'typical' fae?"


Groan a bit. "They are notorious for playing pranks, trapping ponies, breaking stuff. Its why they have a bad reputation in neighpone for being bad luck. I'm kind of weird that I like to fix things instead.
Also there is the sweet nature loving fae, but most of those are more than happy to live forever in breezy valley."


"Ah… now that reminds me of our encounter in that shrine back then… if I am correct a breezie did that… wait.. Who did that!" I stamp my paw on the floor.
"I didnt know we recruited that scoundrel." I chuckle.


"…Nature loving? Could you tell me more about that?"


"Yea. They connect with the trees and animals and stuff to survive better. Makes them all sappy thou, so many acorns.."
I look dizzy at the memory.
Laugh a bit. "You recruited him after he pranked you? Sounds about right anyway."


"Oh. Is it like a religion or something, or just a thing they do to survive?"


I shake my head in disapproval
"Ugghh…. why is he here? For what cause?"

I then lift my head.
"Well I will give him a chance but can you tell me what he is good at besides pranks?"


Slowly inch closer


"There are a couple who are religious about it, but mostly its just to survive and maintain the valley. Plus illusion magic, to hide the portal."


"I see. Ciddir has talked about an entity known as Nature; do you know anything about that?"
Don't react other than to flick my eyes your way, smirking a little at your obviousness.


"I dunno. I always spent more time trying to make useful things. Things I could control. Nature always seemed.. too wild.. unpredictable. I didn't really like it, but it was nice to have the squirrels as informants.. even if they did eat half my inventions." I say bitterly.


"Well I have lived in the cities of Nodvogod with much of my early life… then its all in the sea's as much as I can remember.. The sea's is kind of wild too, it can destroy anything if one didnt give it the appropriate respect, but it can also give its riches to those who knows how it behaves and to those who can read its waves… I mean it is part of nature after all." I smile.

Inch close until I am next to you.


"Squirrels as informants…" I mutter thoughtfully, rubbing my chin.
"Thoughts for another time. How's the prank coming along?"
"That's actually pretty smart, Chip." Grin up at you, remaining in place and letting you get next to me.


"He is good a tracking things I think. And fighting anything bigger than him! At least that's what he said. But I can't say I've seen it."
"Well I think Selena has her part ready! I'm so excited. We just need the right time now."


"Great! Let me know when you're going to pull it; I want to be there to see it."


"Prank?" I look at you and Manako… as I smile and put an arm next to you.

"Well tracking is good….. though I am doubtfull of fighting someone bigger than anyone." I gulp.


Nod at that. "I'm thinking I'll do it over a diner."
"But you're so big! You never have to worry about it!" I make my arms wide and snicker

and then I went to lunch had fun guys


"Nothing serious… and I'm sworn to confidentiality."
shiver slightly at your touch and grin.
"Sounds great. I'll be there."


"That is true." I nod.

"Well suit yourselves." I just chuckle.


I blush even harder. "I meant like a date!!"


Light Heart was talking to Ambercharge


I know what I should do. I've those incense sticks, right?
Let's meditate about nature while watching the sea roll by before we reach town.


How far are we from Anneiv?


Well time to solve the problem… is there a way I could improve this workshop?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Nature it is. You're actually headed up the River Nea, the largest river in Equestria. Even now you can see the rolling landscapes as you head up the great river.



That's beautiful!
Breathtaking even!
Face is at the helm, right?


I think it's about I change back.


Presently, yes.

Back you go, then. One slam against the wall and you're back to normal. Your neck hurts.


Of the Sirocco though. I'm on the Seaworthy.
Who's at the helm?


Two or three days, depending on the wind.


Currently it is Strom


No kidding.

I'm going to go see Harun and see what he has for me.


Just the guy I wanted to talk with.
"Master Strom. How long till port?"


Alright lets go topside and perhaps go talk to Mellow Marsh.


The horse is actually sitting in one of the chairs, watching a couple of menials attempt lines.

"Two or three days, depending on the wind, I'd guess."

Face has the helm of the Sirocco. He's probably belowdecks. You remember that you have the helm of the Seaworthy in a few hours, so you should get any business you have for the day done before then.


"In the meanwhile, I had a peculiar thought.
We have a new firing range on the fleet, don't we?"


Oh this should be good.

Sit down next to him and observe.


"That's correct. The area around it has actually built up considerably."

It's… not very pretty. He sighs and puts his face in his hoof.

"This is the creative process, of course. This may be representative of the average worker, but there are a few diamonds in the rough."


"You have found some then?"


"And if I remember well, you are a premium marksman."
Smirk a little.
"I was interested in trying out guns."


I'll use some of the base and Warks hair to make another donk potion. I'll mark it with Wark1, I'll also take a dispel potion and mark it with antidote.

Then take the rest of the base, add the second of Manako's hairs and make a Breezie potion.
Mark it with "Manako."

Clean up the lab with Aloe. "That was a busy day."


Eh.. alright lets go and meet him for a brief chat.


"Yes, here and there. Making real progress. I think by the time we reach Anneiv, I will have a production ready."

"Finally coming into the new age, eh? Well, it's a good choice. Guns represent freedom, you know. Independence. In any case, the range can be found inside the Mansion."

She nods. "Your little monster hasn't moved off that pile. I was thinking… we're close to the top deck. If you could sweet talk an engineer, maybe we could get some kind of glass roof put in. That'd be the first step toward a real conservatory, baby. Not to mention, it'd make that blob thing happy."

"Pleasure to see you, Mister Chip. What brings you here?"


"Makes sense."
"Are there any 'shared' firearms in the range? I'm afraid I don't own one myself."


"The folks down there are pretty affable. They might let you borrow one of theirs to test if you ask nicely. I thought you had a little engineer friend, though."


"Splendid. I had a thought, in the meantime. I do not know whether or not you have a shortage of either female or male actors, but I happen to be in possession of a magical artifact that could help tremendously with an imbalance like that."


"I'd thought guns were… Complex, to create? Expensive?"


I grin.
"That's a wonderful idea!"
Look to Lichy.
"He has been pretty calm today. He's not as bad as I thought."


"I'm afraid I don't understand. A makeup box or something?"

"Well, good ones are. But that's how everything goes, doesn't it?"

"I was thinkin' you should figure out in Anneiv if it's any good for potions before you auction it off."


"Perhaps a little chat with the officers is something that I fancy today, if you are busy then pardon my intrusion, you just had to say a word and I am on my way." I smile


I chuckle.
"That too. But no, an enchanted altar which is capable of changing the gender of any who touch it."


"And not only."
Show the sheated katana.
"One of these swords in neighpon is so rare, you can't even have one made if you are not of noble birth.
And yet, it's a horrible sword, only used as a sidearm, made of brittle steel extracted from sand and unable to cut through iron.
All it's good for, is show."
"And sentimental value.
Thanks, Master Strom. I will head for the range."


Look at it.
"Yes, I'll see if I can find somepony who knows more about these things. I was planning to get some alchemy supplies anyway. Anything you think we definitely need for the lab?"


"Well, I suppose I'm free. I do need to do some budge estimations eventually, but I guess I have a couple of days to work on them."

"You have an artifact like that, on the ships? It sounds quite powerful. This must be the artifact you alluded to before. Well… I'll see if it has an application. It's not unusual to crossdress in theater, but changing gender might be too shocking for some of these fainthearted commoners."

"Good talk, then."

"If we definitely needed it, I already had it put in. We're stocked. You oughta take it easy for the baby, baby."


Off to the range.


"Perhaps so, but it certainly is something to consider."
Look at the stage.
"The presence of this theater has been bringing back many memories for me lately… It feels good."


"How can I take it easy like this? Work is the only thing that I can focus on right now."
Clean the alembics.
"I've got a little plan when I'm in Anniev. I trust you, I suppose I can tell you that mister Face is the father."


I then sit next to him.
"Perhaps we can exchange stories of how our day has been going by." I grin.
"You remember that magical barrier on that last fortress we got to siege in Neighpon? So both me, Abilio and Ms. Topaz talked about upgrading the fleet's ship and adding a magical conductor so we could do all kinds of fancy magical stuff on our ships… but it turns out that doing that kind of thing is a bit harder and expensive than what I imagined."


It's inside the Frankfurterfort, a place bustling with Hamburgerburgians. There are a number here, though you only recognize Strom. There's a mare here that everyone seems sweet on: as she sews out in the 'square', all the stallions hang about her like flies.

"For me as well. When I lived in Saddle Arabia, I did shows for the emir. They also were of ponies. The emir, like myself, was quite fond of dressing up you little creatures in dresses. You are so small and cute, it only seems right to have matching costumes. I bet you would look quite adorable in bows, for instance."

"Mmmm. So why the delay, honey? Is your man not steppin' up?"

"That's how finances go. Though if you don't mind me saying so, I am going to be working on finances all day. You mind if we talk about something else?"


Wouldn't want to miss this show.
Let's see what it's all about.


I chuckle.
"My bad….. " I then look at him.
"So what do you think Anniev would be? Any plans to spend some time off to relax? LightHeart told me that the teathers of that Equestrian city are the best." I smile warmly.


I raise a brow in mild surprise.
"I suppose we are not quite the same size, but I had no idea Saddle-Arabian ponies were so fond of Equestrian ponies for that very reason."


There's no show in particular. She's just sewing while rocking in a rocking chair. She is quite the belle, though.

"I am something of an odd fellow I suppose. If it were that popular, I would be there and not here, hm? But it is okay. I go to work where the little ponies are."


"It's more me, if I'm completely honest.
Mister Face is the diplomat of the fleet."
"He sees a lot of mares and stallions in that position, if you get my drift. Up till now, I wasn't really sure if that was a good…role model for the twins. And you know, when I went to tell him about it, he first thought I was there to quit the relationship and he just said it's all good, no hard feelings,…I don't think he really cares about me. Or at least that's what I need to figure out before we can decide how we raise the twins."


I smirk.
"And what of the breezy ponies? Have you seen them?"


"And to think I only expected to find guns down here.
Instead, there's such a pretty."
Smile at her and lean onto the chair.
"Flowing Tree.
What's your name?"
If she stops the sewing to look at me, take her hoof up and kiss it.


"Never personally, although I hear there are two buzzing about."

"Well, girl, I say quit the zero and find a hero! Don't you fall into that trap of winding up in a loveless life. Having girls ain't the end of your game. Mhmmm."

She gives you a warm smile, but she seems quite accustomed to suitors. "Oh? Well, pleasure to meet you, Mister Tree. I'm Betsy, the new head patcher."


Didn't expect anything less.
Just showing the bare minimum of respect here.
"I'm sure a quick girl like you already got this place all figured out.
Care to humor me?"


"Indeed there are. Manako and Who Opposes the Monsters in the Woods. Both of whom are Neighponese. I suppose they are quite adorable even to us Equestrian ponies."




I chuckle.
"I've been feeling for a while like my life was going to be over. But you're right, it shouldn't be. Light told me I was carving a future. Still…"
Put the alembics down.
"Face is the natural father…and he is quite the gentlepony. I was planning to organize a romantic dinner when we're in Anniev. Maybe he'll change his mind about me when he sees I'm willing to make it work?"


"No promises, sugar."

"I'll have to be extra careful around them, then."

The pony on stage coughs loudly. "Oops. I need to get back to star searching. Come back some time, I'd love to see you try out."

"I dunno. I need to get a lot of work done while we're there. It's a major trade port, which is the reason we're stopping in the first place. Commodore Abilio and myself may be busy the entire time."


"Just make sure you don't get hurt, darlin."


"Who around here is known as a great teacher?"


"Of course. I do look forward to it."
Get up.
"Good day, mister Harun."

Now, would Who have calmed down yet?


Bite my lip.
"I still have my friends. I know Light and Tree and Tela and Manako..and Chip and Hircus will help me when I'm down."


I grin.
"Now that you put it that way, you did remind me we did go to Anniev for work and not pleasure. But a little experience on what Anniev has to offer wont hurt as far as I can tell, besides I think you deserve the break even if it is for a day."


"The president is supposedly the best shot around here. Besides him… Burnside has been around a long time. Or maybe Miss Emrille? She's supposedly amazing."

It's only been a couple days but he has been around your room lately. You probably don't have to talk to him since he came back.

"Me too, sister."

"Kind of you, but we can't ever lose sight of our mission. I'll take a break only after the work is done."


"The president?
Is that Strom?"


I grin and give her a hug.
"Yes you too. You know, I'm sorry about…when I just met you that I might have been a bit rude."


But I do. I need to make sure he won't leave.



"That's right."

"It's okay baby. I know you got the baby juice goin' through you."


He raises a brow dismissively.

He's on the windowsill observing the land outside.


"And Burniside would be…"
Start looking over the crowd.


I smile.
"You know, I want to hear about Moscowy sometime. It must be a nice place."


Walk over and sit down near the window.
Stay quiet for a while, observing the landscape as well.
"Beautiful, is it not?"


She points at a bushy-eyebrowed pony with large sideburns. He's petting a giant eagle which is perched next to him.

"Yeah… Maybe some other time, though. Bein' back in Equestria's kinda spoiled my mood. I think Imma go get me somethin to munch on."


Roll comprehension


"Most thankful, Betsy."
Okay, let's roll out. Off to the eagle-lover.


It's good practice if anything.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Okay, I need to so some other stuff. Oh Aloe, there's one thing you should know about that Breezie potion. It's part of a little prank, so probably one of these days mister Tree, you know him right, will fly in here as a Breezie and ask for an antidote, when that happens we'll pretend like it's very hard and it might take a while, okay?"


You have made amazing progress in Neighponese. That's two crits in a row.

"It's what I came to see. Looks unremarkable so far."

This is a Neighponese giant eagle. It gives you a screech as you approach.

"Easy boy."

"Alright, if you insist, honey."


I sit down and think again.
"Our mission is to get that contract to escort that merchant ship if I am correct?"


"That's a pretty bird you've got there."
Extend a hoof to the pony.
"Flowing Tree.
I've heard you are the best around here."
Technically true. Neither Strom nor Emrille are down here.


Maybe I can try pronouncing some words myself then.
"Not so fond of nature? Anneiv will be beautiful."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Get the donk potion and a dispel potion. Put that together with the Breezie potion in my saddlebags.
"Okay, see you later Aloe."
First off, I'll go see Wark.


And that little simple dress, also in my bags.


"Not quite. There's a major trade contract here. The only ones we'll be escorting are ourselves."

He shakes it. "That's right. I'm Burnside of Hmburgerburg, and you're here because you want the best. Well, you got it. I know what you're thinking: isn't 'best' a subjective phenomenon? Wrong. I've had the boys run the numbers countless times and the answer always comes up the same: best can be quantitatively measured, and we have the most of it."

"That is a 'plains'. You need to work on your accent."

Wark is sharpening his axe with a grindstone on deck.

"Ach, back so soon?"


I look at him in surprise.
"Come again? Perhaps I might have mis-interpreted the mission at hand… but why is that? What is the major contract here btw and how will we benefit from it?"


I smile.
"Speaking foreign languages myself always was the hardest part of the learning process. Thank you."


"I like the way you think, Burnside."
Smirk and vigorously shake back.
"And I want to learn how to use a gun. From the best."


I grin.
"Yes, and with a little present."
Show the donk potion.
"A shiny new transformation potion."


"We're just delivering a load of cargo. It'll really make us some money and help our reputation if it goes off without a hitch."

"Anyway, I'm fine now. But I may come and go more."

"The first thing you need to know about gunning is to keep your eye off the target. This may sound unintuitive, but I'm not just banging rocks together here. Here in Frankfurterfort, we now how to feel a parabolic arc. I want you to feel it too."

"Ach, that's a good lass. Comer, get ye a hug."

He gives you a cheerful one-legged hug while retrieving the potion with the other.

"Thankee kindly."


I need the help of my little sister for this!
"Hey, Felix. Want to go look for some nice food?"


"You mean, like with bows?"


Grin as he takes it.
Wark is surprisingly happy with it.
"My pleasure. And don't forget this one."
Take out the dispel potion marked antidote.
"You'll need this one to neutralize the effects."


"Sure thing! Let's go big sis. I'll carry you."

"I know what you're thinking: isn't a bow just a gun with less fancy science gizmos on it? No. Not even a little bit. In fact, the boys down at the forge tell me that they're not even a little bit alike. But that shouldn't stop you from thinking that way."

"Thankee kindly."

Where to now?


I then relax on the chair.
"I see… but what is this cargo? If it is a bunch of wheat and barley to be sent to one place to another then I believe it will go fine but I reckon it is something far more important than that. Any idea what it is?"


"Knowing this place it's probably chemical. There are large cloud factories here in Anneiv."


"Take care, mister Wark and if you need more help with potions, you know where to find me."

I should see Manako before I start with the romantic dinner plans.

I'll go find her.


Frown slightly, trying to come on top of his convolluted speech.
"So to recap.
Bows and guns are nothing alike, but I should still think about the parabolic arc like I would with a bow?"


She's in the workshop with Manako

"Exactly. Except for the word think. Don't think at all. Feel."


Smile up at her. "Great, the fleet must have something really nice somewhere!"
'1d10' explore roll

Roll #1 8 = 8


You're stopped at the door when Selena shows up


"Of course. Still, you seem rather… bored."


"I t-
I feel like this might be worth a try."


"Oh, hello Selena-chan!" I greet you. "Done already? Or maybe I lost track of time?!"


"Hello Manako, hello Felix."
I grin.
"It's Selena, what does the chan mean?"


"It means you are a girl, and a friend."


I gulp.
"I hope it is not explosive…"


"Oh, well should I say Manako-chan then?"


Wark comes into the room and retrieves Rosemary. They leave.

"Alright. Here, I've got a cheaper gun you can practice with. Give it a shot."

He instructs you on loading methods.

"Don't be afraid to miss the first few times. You need to miss so you can adjust for that."

"Who can say? But clouds aren't."


"Very well."
Hold the gun high and far from my face, use the iron sight like I've seen do many times before, and aim just a bit above the center of my target.

Pull the trigger.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I raise a brow.
"Now what are they-… A moment please."
Shake my head and go after them.


"You can if you feel like it!"
"Hm, I was just going to take Felix here to look for some good food. Now that the fleet has money there is probably more appealing stuff than before!"



"Not bad. Not bad. Now adjust."

You trail after them as they go into the mansion, and then upstairs toward that room they were in before!


"Mind if I follow you around? I wanted to discuss our big plan with you."


I chuckle.
"I doubt they will let us deliver clouds from one place to another… though it will be neat if they did manage to package the clouds inside containers to be shipped from one place to another…. though cloud trading? That is kind of a neat trade." I smile with astonishment.


Was the shot too low, or too high?


"Sure, I don't mind."
"that's part of why I need nice food!"


Those two are going to cause me a heart attack one day. Wait to see if they actually are going in there though.


"I'm happy to say that the potion is completed."


Up and to the left.

"Who knows? We'll find out when we arrive."

They head up the stairs to the third floor. Follow them up?


I better.


"Oh gosh! I can't believe this is happening. Hmm how much do I owe you for materials? You never mentioned a price!"


Adjust then.
There is no wind in here, is there?
Then I should probably lower my aim just a tiny bit, half of the distance missed, and move the hoof to the right.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Half a doubloon will suffice."
Show her the potion.


No wind.


"That's a solid shot. Feeling it?"

They didn't bother head to that room. But when you arrive upstairs, you are not met with the sight of a donkey and a mare. Instead, two donkeys!

They glance over at you in surprise.

Wark observes: "Ya followed us."

Rosemary seems a little dazed from the transformation and thus isn't commenting.

"It's not like it was gonna be a secret. I jus' didn' wanna interrupt yer conversation or spook any crewmembers. Rosemary asked how she could make up fer her cruel words, so I told her, she could see what life is like from my perspective."


give over that much and accept the potion.
"Uh, so how does it work? I just get him to drink it somehow?"


"I… Think I am?"
Am I?
One more shot.

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Fine shot. You're a natural. Or maybe I'm just an amazing teacher. Maybe some of both."


"Yes. Did you have any idea how to give it to him?"

Manako gave a half doubloon.


"Well we will."
I then look around his room.
"So… how does it feel… I mean commanding your own ship?" I grin a bit embarrased with the question.


Smirk a bit.
"I'm liking this. Let's try something… Different."
Two very quick shots in rapid succession.

'2d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 7, 4 = 11


"Hmm wouldn't putting it in his tea work?"


Look at Rosemary.
"I am not entirely certain whether or not jennies and mares are very different. I personally only felt a minor difference."


Would the breezie potion still work in tea?


She shakes herself. "Yeah… I mean, I didn't expect anything to change so much…"

"Ach. Yer underminin me ironic punishment."

Potions are sometimes interfered with by acidity. If only there was some way to determine acidity. Maybe Aloe knows a way.


"Looks like you've got a handle on it."

"Mostly work. Things haven't changed much. I suppose I could delegate, but it wouldn't feel right."


"Hmmm, could be, I'd have to do a little test just to be sure Manakochan."


"Sounds simple enough.
Maybe I will start carrying around a pair of guns. Just in case.
What would you suggest?
All I'm looking for at the moment is just a…
How do you call them.


Is Donkemary cute?
"One thing… can you feel it, Rosemary? The increase of willpower?"


"Why is that? Is delegating someone in your stead a bad thing?" I look at him interested.

And also keep track of my time, is the time near before I take the helm on the Seaworthy?


"Okay. But first we will want to.. get the stuff for a nice diner! do you know where would be good? and have you seen the tailor in the big mansion? "


"I'd always suggest using a gun."

If you like jennies, she is.

"That seems like an unfair question. I mean, feeling willpower isn't like touching a blanket. How could I possibly measure that, especially right away?"

That may be the most challenging answer you've ever had from her.

The hour is indeed approaching.

"I just like to make sure things are done right."


I chuckle.
"No I haven't but actually I'm looking for somepony who can make good food as well.
Light told me Empress or Salty Slugs might be good cooks or I'll have to see if I can't find somepony in Anniev. As for the tailor, I've got something else for you."
Show you the simple dress.


"A gun. Just like this one, are they?"
Unload the gun he gave me.




"I've heard there are many kinds.
I'm not exactly well versed in firearms."


"Oh. Well, I'd recommend just a simple flintlock if you only need a sidearm."


"Oooh A dress! I'm gonna try it on right away!" Take the dress out of your hoof and duck behind something to try it on!


Let's skip to tomorrow, and go visit Abilio


"You have a smith here in the fort, right?"


Wait a little.


Come back wearing the dress twirling the skirt of it with a grin. "Well? How does it look?"


"A few."

Abilio's cabin it is! He's just finishing up lunch.

Manako goes behind Felix, who holds up the dress so that Manako can fly into it.


"Hey. You got my message yesterday?"


I nod.
"That is understood, I mean I dont like my machination be destroyed by someone inexperienced on the delicate matters of commandering a ship."
I then stand up.
"You dont mind if I skulk out of here, I dont want Ms. September to scold me by not being on the helm." I grin.


"I will ask them for some help with this then.
Again, thanks for showing me, Burnside.
You are an admirable teacher."
Smile and go, rending him his gun.


I smile.
"You look great Manako, like a breezie princess!"


"Thanks Little Sis!" I giggle at the feeling of the dress. "What do you think?"


"Yes. Why didn't you just come in person?"

"Later, then."

"Of course!"

Where to?

"It's a little bit plain… but we can make it pretty, right?"


"Its a pleasure having some time talking with you sir." I nod before leaving.
Now lets go to the helm.


One of the smiths.


"I'm sure we can. What do you think it needs? Ribbons?"


"You know perfectly well. You'd have just shrunk me and left me no other choice but to stay."


Giggle. "Aw, you really think so Selena-chan?"


I nod.
"But Felix is right, it would be even more fabulous with a bit of work."


"So.. Just doll it up a little more? Maybe look for that tailor and she what she thinks?"


"Yes, I'll come with you." be right back, proceed


Strom has the helm. He nods at you. "Thanks for the relief."


"Hm… I've seen a lot of doll dresses that are lacy."

"Have a little faith. If you had a good excuse I'd let you go. I bet you didn't, though."


"Do you have any guns?"


I nod at Strom and takes the helm.
brb in 30 mins got to eat.


"Lacey? Hey, lets look for that tailor again. I bet she has lace."
to the white door!


"I had uh… important matters to attend to with Tela?"


"Oh do I!"

Good eating

The mansion! Have you been here before?

Good thing I described it to you once as Sateo. The only difference now is that the kitchen, dining room, and sitting area have been turned into a pub. Apparently there's a shooting range and a theater here, too.

"So you skipped out on Clou– on us because you were horny? I'm just disappointed. We have news, too."


Smirk and relax a bit.
"Show me."


"Hey, it would have been hard to pretend I'm a filly like that! You should be thankful I had the foresight! And what news?"


He has big guns, little guns, red guns, blue guns, one guns, two guns.

You probably oughta settle for something simple, since you need both those tags for ranged and dual.

"Why don't you ask her?"

Cloudy gives you a wave over from the bed.

"Oh, right, nearly forgot."

He blasts you with magic, and then carries you over in filly form, depositing you in front of her.


I think I went once before. "Now.. where would a tailor pony be..?"
'1d10' look upstairs.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Just rooms up here, and an old, abandoned looking staircase up to the third level that was boarded up, but the boards were pulled down. Probably not up here.

"It's at the shooting range!"


Both those tags?
You mean guns here come with a second tag?
Dual I've got from Master of Arms, don't I?


"at the shooting range..? Huh.. okay then.."
to the shooting range.


Flutter up to his ear first and whisper.
"I'm going to pretend, because I know you want her to be happy, but fucking nopony can know. And you owe me some how-to-be-commodore lessons."

Land in front of her.
"Hey. So, news?"


I'm saying you could use a more complex two-tag gun but you probably want ranged and dual, since dual is your CM, and who ever heard of a non-ranged gun?

Up ahead you see the defensive fortifications of a great fort. There's a banner that reads: Frankfurterfort.

"That's where my friend is from!"

"If I wasn't going to be discreet, I would've dragged you here yesterday in front of the crew."

She's pretty giddy. "I'm pregnant!"

Abilio adds: "With magic, she'll be as big as Selena by the end of the week."


It'd really not be a gun.
"Just the basic."
Flintlocks. Two.


"Wow, congratulations I guess. It was about time, wasn't it?"
Glance at him.
"You sure that magic thingy is safe?"


"I felt it myself. I felt my mind was different, as a jenny."


Let's see…. Last time I went to find Spook, he was occupied. Let's see if he's available right now.


"That'll be one doubloon."

"We are feeling pretty confident about it."

Cloudy hugs you close. "Partially because of you, you know. Thanks for putting up with all those experiments."

"I don't know. Maybe!"

Wark comments. "Ye sure seem less in need of her validation."

"Yeah… maybe I do feel a little more self-confident."

You spend enough time lurking in the shadows and eventually he comes to you.

"Looking for me?"


"Oh, lead the way then!" Into the fort.


"Interesting. Good call on changing her, Wark. This ought to be fun."


"Just for a gun?
Don't you normally furnish the crew of weapons for free?"


"Yeah. Last time we tried to talk, you were busy. Who was that, anyway?"


Hug her back.
"Well, it did get me a new cutie mark in the end, didn't it?"


This place is surprisingly big and packed! It's like a tiny little town.

Flowing Tree is here bartering for a weapon.

"Two guns. And we're not part of the crew. We're an independent exclave. Well, some of the ponies here are."

Maybe Manako could help you. She has arrived.

Wark seems pleased enough.

Rosemary shrugs. She does add, though: "Listen, Wark… I know I already apologized, but I want to say it again for the record. It was really dumb of me to feel threatened by you. Obviously we have a complicated relationship, but what I said was unfair. I don't know why I felt so paranoid, I think I was just too wrapped up in my own ego."

She thinks a moment and then add sharply: "And I'm NOT saying this because my mind was changed or something by becoming a donkey. This is me talking, not a magic potion."

"Princess Lavinia Ambercharge. She's the heir to the Empire of Trotantium, and the current Element of Magic. She's sweet on me."

She giggles and sets you on the bed so she can blow raspberries on your stomach.

Stupid kid's games! Roll to resist burst into laughter.


I-I totally can resist laughing from that!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Manako down here?
"I will think about it."
What's she doing?


She looks like she's exploring, alongside Felix.

You keep it together. Whew.

Abilio apparently was amused enough to join in. It's a double assault! Although he's using magic because it would be too crowded for two faces.


Oh dear.

Roll #1 6 = 6


oooh shit, hide in felix's pocket and change out of this dress! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Smile widely at the news.
"Well, congratulations! Um… That is a good thing, right? You deserve to get some."


This is none of my business. Just nod in approval at Rosemary.


Looks like she doesn't want to be seen.
Trot up to Felix and pat her head.
"Hey kid. Don't get lost in here."

Outta the fort.



You give a childish laugh. Cloudy seems cheery, though.

Abilio: "There is something good about you waiting for today, though. Lunch. Unfortunately, it's clam, and I know you're not a meat eater."

Cloudy perks up. "I could make a grilled cheese!"

Whew. He's gone.


Back to the mansion you go!

"We haven't gone there yet. I feel kinda bad to take advantage of her. She has all these… storybook outlooks. I dunno. She is nice, though."

"Well, glad ta hear it genuine, anyway. Let's go back."


Strom where?


Okay, let it out of my system. The laughs that is.
Then snicker some more.
"Y'know, I do like clams, just not like this. Grilled cheese sounds good."


Oh, that was close, I hope he doesn't think anything strange like I hate him! Gosh. I just need to breath a minute.
"Sis. do you see your friend yet?"


"Why do you say you'd be taking advantage of her? I'd figure you'd tell her straight if you didn't want it to last."


"Do lead the way."
While we're walking, I'll take a moment to check Rosemary out in detail.


There was a changing of shifts at the helm. Chip now has the helm. Wonder where he went?


Abilio sets out the clams for them, while Cloudy starts to fix grilled cheese and peeling an apple. Her tail wags cheerily like her swaying backside. If you still don't think of her as a mother, it's probably a turnon for one with your proclivities!

She babbles as she works. "I'm so excited for the baby. You'll have to go easy on me once I'm all fat and pregnant. I hear the hormones are awful!"

Abilio floats over a coloring book for you while they go to work. You're not sure if he's serious.

"Iunno. Like I said, she kinda sounds like she thinks it's fated, and I don't believe in fate or love at first sight or anything like that. We'll see where it goes."

"Yeah, he's over there practicing. And that mare over there is the tailor."

She still has her cute butt, no worries. The most notable differences are her new brown coat and her long ears. Right now they're kind of twitching cutely as her tail sways about.


I'm guessing the fort. With a probability of 9/10.
But ask Chip if he knows, just in case.


So she's brown, not grey. That's nice.
"The children are going to ask questions again."
I chuckle.
"Perhaps Wark should change into a stallion for once."


Well, it's a semi-turnon. Maybe. But just for the motion reminding me of other butts.
"I already feel sorry for Abilio."
Give him a look.
"You're kidding me, right?"


"Uuh can you introduce me?"


"Eh, that's the way it usually goes. Invite me to the wedding, and I'll invite you to mine, okay?
Though, I suppose I should get to the point. What can you teach me about lockpicking?"



"I wouldn' wanna impose on Selena. An' quite satisfied as a jack, thanks."

He gives an innocent shrug.

Cloudy: "Oh, he's not getting off… I think the pregnancy is already making me friskier~"

Abilio gives you an amused look. "Cloudy wants to know if you were serious about nursing."

"I've heard it's good for bonding! Although I'm not milking yet…"

"To which one? I haven't met the tailor."

"I thought you already knew about lockpicking."


Could you pretend to be chip and answer me?
Or just ask a menial.


"He will be getting off if you get frisky, won't he?"
Then snicker.
"I don't know, won't Abilio be jealous? Or Tela?"


I smirk.
"Maybe so, but would it not be fun to experiment?"


"I do… But I can't figure out how to crack the locks on this fleet."


"Hmm.. Okay. I'll just try talking to her." Go over to the tailor pony." Excuse me. Are you a tailor?"


Apparently he's gone down to the kitchn to receive his lunch.

"Oh please. I'm not concerned about you nursing. I just assumed you were kidding."

"I dunnae think so. I know ya like all sorts of odd sorts. Next yer gonna start askin' me ta fiddle with yer altar."

"Eh… Magic locks. I dunno. It feels like hot water to get into. I mean, I have some ideas, but it seems like it'll only lead to trouble. You would not have a happy commodore if you got caught."


I snicker.
"Well now that you mention it…"


Shrug with a smirk.
"We'll see I guess. Gotta' inspect those teats first, too, so I can form an opinion if it's worth it."


"I know, but… Having a lock I don't know how to pick is like an itch in my head."


All the pones around here seem to be sweet on her.

"Sure am, honey! I am a patcher for the fleet."

"Ach, see!"

Cloudy passes you your plate and smiles. "Inspect this."

Roll to sneak look at teats?


"Listen, if someone asks me about this, I'm going to have to be honest about it, you know? I'll have to tell them I know you were learning how. That said, you're sure you want to go ahead?"


"One step at a time of course. I am very curious what you would look like as a pony stallion. What would your cutie mark be? Would you even have one?"


Hell yeah!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Eh, a man has right to his dinner.
Let's not go bother him.
Instead, I should go check up on-
No idea.


Well, she is the only mare here at a shooting range. "I have a special request if you would. Could you make work on a dress for me? I'd like it to be a little fancier." I show her the plain dress.


Damn, the view is obscured! Well.. you know you could just answer 'yes' if you want to get to stare at them all you want.


They're already digging into their clams.

"I'd be as ruggedly handsome as e'er and have a family cutie mark."

Rosemary giggles.

About about your good friend Tela? She seems like a good fighter pone to spar with.

There are a bunch of mares about! There are around 20 Hamburgerburgians, and around half are female.

"Hm… I could, but I also have a friend who might be able to do it better. Have you met Vasilisa?"


I chuckle as well.
"A shame we will never get to witness this sight."


"N-no I haven't. I'm Manako. I haven't seen this fort before either."


"Yes. I'll take any flak. Besides, can't get in too much trouble just for knowing how."


I didn't even congratulate to her about the commanding position!


"Well, I'll have time for checking her out later I guess.
Dig in!



Rosemary remarks amusedly: "You should incentivize him."

"That's okay, little tiny pony. Look for one of the diamond dogs with a blonde coat. Vasilisa will help you."

"Alright… I think the magic mechanism works with some sort of magnetism or something. Just disrupting it won't help, but a magic magnet might."

It's good! Yeah yeah yeah. It's not bad, no no no.

They're digging into their fancy food while you munch on your grilled cheese. It's much bigger at this size… I guess that's a perk. You also feel fuller faster.



"Hmmm… now how could I do such a thing?~"


That's a way to save money I guess.
"Got anything to drink?"


He isn't around though.
Instead, I should ask Emrille about gun stuff! She knows her shooty holes, I'm sure.


"Alright, thank you." bow to her and then go to look for a blonde furred diamond dog '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, I'm not making milk yet, and we found out last time that alcohol is bad at that size… What about apple juice?"

"The three of us haven't had fun together since the argument~"

Wark chimes in: "If you want me ta be a stallion, ya should have ta be a jenny again. Ya can keep Rosemary company."

Crew information leads you to hearing that she has an appointment with the commodore and his wife, and he doesn't want to be disturbed. Must be officer stuff.

She's a little short for a diamond dog, but much taller than a Shiban. In any case, she's back on deck outside the mansion.


"Not even a bit of booze?"


"You may remember that I was a jenny for over a month, you two have catching up to do first."


Must be.
I will go back to meditation about nature then. Manako seemed to busy to worry about my guns now.


"Excuse me, Miss Vasilisa?"


Cloudy looks to Abilio. He shrugs and pours some booze into a bottle for you.

"Drink it slowly. That's all you're getting."

Meanwhile Cloudy pulls out hoofy pajamas for you. "Look what I had made! They're supposed to be for the baby, but I had them sized up so I could see how they'd look on you."

Wark seems bemused. "No skin off ma back. Maybe Rosemary will model those traditional dresses."

She laughs amusedly. You return to your room: Who is gone.

"Oh, my. Aren't you a small one? Come here you tiny little Breezie. I've only seen your kind a few times in the woods."


Meditation it is. You get the feeling that you may very soon have an opportunity to prove your devotion… but for all you know it could be just a feeling.


A warrior lives on feelings.


"Wow… uh, they look, nice, I guess?"
Lie convincibly.
And drink up!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm glad you think so!"

Roll alcohol tolerance as Cloudy dresses you in kid clothes.


Well, he didn't seem very interested in talking to me.
What about the kids?



Roll #1 7 = 7


In their crib, napping.

Rosemary hops on the bed.

Roll that every time you take a swig.

In any case, you take a small enough swallow that you're alright. Cloudy gives you a little kiss on the forehead. "You look adorable."


"Thanks… but I wouldn't wear it outside."


Observe them both for a moment, then turn to Wark.
"Things will be very busy during our stay in Anneiv…"


"Abilio's working on clothes that transforms for you. Maybe he should add this in as an option, so that you can have clothes any time you visit us like this!"

Abilio chuckles and ruffles your mane.

"Ach, worried about tha kids, then? Lacy's proven good."


'1d10' come closer cautiously. appraise.
"I'm Manako, a healer and a repair pony. If its a bad fall or a busted canon I can fix it! But I'm not good at much of anything else."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"And risk it appearing when I'm in front of other ponies! No thanks!"
Chuckle a bit though.
And drink a bit more.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hm. Yes, she has. Thank goodness we have her."


You start to loosen up with the laughs and even the children's games, until everything goes fuzzy and you black out… Strong stuff…

"She's a kindly one."

"Yeah. Really great."

Half Diamond Dog, half Shiban Dog, you'd guess.

"I am the gilder Vasilisa, I work with gold and make fine clothes. Positively enchanted."



"A magic magnet… Interesting. Say that worked; it worked and disrupted the magic; would that make it like a normal lock again?"


"Not very… assertive though. Perhaps we ought to change her into a jenny as well."

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