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The crew has expanded so much lately… Growing pains are inevitable.



I hear we have a treasure hunter now! Where is this individual?


So. The new crewmembers.
Who haven't I met yet?
Or was I busy with that redhead?


Just casually walks among the ships, carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses, walking and walking until I reach the door of Blue Topaz.


A treasure hauler. An expert in salvage. He's on deck standing on top of a crate, giving directions to a couple of diamond dog menials.

He's an odd sort. He's a dwarf – by some freak of nature, stunted in growth to be no bigger than a colt, though you can tell by his features he's certainly not that age. He's also adorned by all manner of luck charms, trinkets, and belts. Really, so many belts: most of them propping up other belts or holding maps, keys, bottles, or the aforementioned charms and trinkets.

"Come on in."

The elderly pony is hard at work at the forge. There's a very interestingly colored diamond dog female here, though she seems a little short.

You were busy.

"I'm sure you did. What a convenient place to land."

(You claimed to trip)


"You don't seem to mind, I don't seem to mind. It's indeed a convenient place."
Smirk at her.


Gracefully glide over and land next to him.
"Port Merlot, I presume?"


Enter the room and smile at her warmly.
"Ms. Topaz, it is very nice to see you." I nod as I approach and put down the two glasses and bottle in a safe place.
"I've been expecting that the two of us would be alone but now that we are here might I know who this little fellow is?"


I was talking to a qt burger


"Hoy there, me heartie. Batten down the hatch and a bottle of rum. Yarr. You lot certainly don't talk much like pirates, do you?"

She teasingly runs a hoof through your mane.

"No, I'd imagine you don't. You never really said why you keep coming back, you know?"

There's a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Ah, Chip. I'm glad to see you, too. To be honest, this whole death thing has wreaked havoc on the finances. I'm training a successor to run the books and mint if I die again. Meet Vasilisa."

The short diamond dog gives you a smile. "Enchanted, darling."

"She's half-Shiban. We picked her up in Neighpon."

She had confirmed that yes, she does enjoy sewing.


"All the more reasons to keep you guessing, uh?"


"I might grow bored."


I chuckle.
"My, that is quite the observation. You are right, we do not. But where are my manners? My name is Light Heart, first officer on the Sirocco under captain Marsh."


"You might, if you keep running away like that."
Reach with a hoof for her face.


"Glad to make acquaintance with the chosen successor of Ms. Topaz, whoever she trusted I also trust. " I then bow and grin.
"Name's Chip, first mate of the seaworthy. I am glad to meet you Vasilisa."

I then turn to Topaz.
"I cant say much about finance's or minting since I am no skilled hand at that. What I can say is that I am glad that you are here Ms. Topaz. Welcome back dear friend." I wrap an arm around her(if able).


"Really… I could use a new attire, to be honest…"


"Avast! I knew that ye scurvy dog. Ye think I haven't learned the leadership in the last few months? Also I'm out of pirate-y phrases. How can I be of service to ye, Light Heart first officer on the Sirocco under Captain Marsh?"

He really plays up the emphasis on the 'ye'.

She lets you touch it. Her face is surprisingly soft… no makeup, which is interesting. She's relatively plain looking, but it's all natural: no major blemishes, fair facial structure. She could look pretty beautiful if she made the effort. There's something comfortably casual about the way she carries herself… like she's not doing anything special for you and doesn't expect you to treat her special in return. Like a warm blanket. Easy to just relax.

"My, my. The menials will talk, won't they?"

She accepts your embrace and gives you a half-hug with one hoof in return. "Good. Well, Vasilisa, we're done for today, you're free to go."

"So I see! Well, have fun." She leaves.

"Well then. Wine? You certainly missed me."

"You know, I've heard about you. From the way ponies talk, I'm surprised you care about what you wear. Still, I could whip something up."


"Menials? It's just you and me here right now."

Gently rub her cheek with a smile as I stare into her eyes, keeping control of the conversation.


"I hear you are a treasure hunter and collector… as it so happens, I myself am quite fond of collecting. Though from the looks of it, you are ahead of me on that department."
Point at the stuff he's carrying.


"Did you now?
What did you hear about me?"


"Oh you have no idea Mada'm, I sometimes wander in these forge's and stay here just to reminisce about the past. You are a good teacher and companion and though we rarely talk with each other because of our work demands concentration, without you I wont be more skillfull in dealing and identifying metals and ore's from each other." I chuckle.
"Hey you know, your teaching does work, pigsilver does work in negating metals that can conduct magical powers. I kind of stopped the flow of magical energies from a castle recently." I grin enthusiastically as I pour wine for both of us and offer her some.


"Oh believe me, I know when ponies are watching. I doubt you care, though."

"What? This? Garbage, all of it. Still, what are you going to do? You wear anything of real value and it's bound to get stolen. These are all decoys."

"I've heard 'reckless', 'lascivious', and 'insatiable' tossed around."

She gives you an amused smile.

"Well done. You can do that with any highly corrupt metal. Those outside of the craft so often think that corrupt metal isn't useful, but anything can be useful with the proper leverage."


"Very clever. I approve of your ruse."


Smirk back.
"Do I look the part?"


"I think I expected somepony a little taller. But close enough."

"Aye, aye. So the question that comes to mind is, why approach me now? Have something you want hauled?"


"It is quite magical… pff forgive me for that lazy pun." I nod shyly as I drank some wine and then look at her enthusiastically again as I wipe my mouth with my hand as began making gestures..
"You know, in that neighpon castle? Those neighpons are able to cover a whole castle, I mean a whole castle with a magical forcefield! Able to repel flyers and even cannons if I am correct! They use this big metal statue's as conductor of magic and are able to resist our ships from firing at it because of that!" I then drink wine again then wipe my mouth again.
"So I was thinking if we are able to use this kind of magic to our ships, we would be invisible!"


"And I've troubles understanding why you would, either."


"No reason in particular. I wanted to meet you in person after hearing so much about you. The commodore seems to value your work."


She draws on her own glass.

"You mean invincible?"

"Oh, a girl like myself doesn't care to draw too much undo attention."

She starts playing with your mane.

"Well then, mission accomplished. But if you ask me, a good mission is one that ends with, as you pirates say, fine booty."


"A girl like yourself must know all places where no attention can be found.
Even I know a few."


"Oh rest assured that I have plenty of 'booty' already."
I chuckle.


I chuckle as I scratched my head.
"Ah yes invincible…. though invisible do sound mighty nice too considering this magic conducting metals can conduct spells. I am quite amazed by the power of it, if the ships are installed with that kind of device's then we can have mage's just power it and bam, the fleet can charge closer to ships or even board them with the ships taking little to no damge if such magics are utilized here!" I said excitedly as I drank wine again,.
"So what do you think?" I grin as I wag my tail.


She prods your chest coyly with a hoof.

"Just what are you implying, Mister Tree?"

"Well, yarr then, I suppose."

"We'd a lot of the material. Fast boarding, though – the Seaworthy has an orb for that."


"In any case, I would love to see some of the treasures you have recovered or at least hear some of the stories about them. What I enjoy most about collecting these rarities is that each piece has its own little story."


"That you are a very experienced mare, miss Peachy."


So, the marksman neighponese?


I should talk to Felix. And have her go check out the workshop with me.
So who is this girl goat


"Hey there Manako! Guess who I just talked to!"


"Did you just call me short? I'm perfectly normal for a pegasus!"


Tilt my head "um do i.. know you?…you're not related to hircus are you?"


"I am Hircus! What, don't you- oh. Right, I forgot."
Blush and giggle a bit.
"I'm… sorta a girl now. It's not permanent or anything, but… yeah."


I blush a bit and look frustrated "yea. I totally knew the whole time baka yagi. Only you would do something so dumb as to pretend to be a girl.." then my eyes light up and I buzz around your head "but then that means! You finally did your spy thing?! Did you find out about tree-sempai?!"


"Yep! Wanna talk about it?"


"Do I ever!"
I giggle and lay down on your nose front hooves crossed, wings folded and tail swishing as I stare attentively at your eyes. "Please go on. "


"Well, first off, he's open to the idea of dating outside his own species, so you're good there."
Find a place where I can lay down comfortably while we talk, and settle down.
"Also, he likes honesty; being up-front with him about stuff is good."


"Okay that fits with what I know about him so far." I nod.


"Also… You need to be really, really careful about this. Somepony broke his heart a long time ago, and he still hasn't healed from it. He's distrustful of anyone trying to start a romantic relationship with him."


Look visibly struck. And float down to your hooves a bit depressed. "He did? When did that happen?"


"I don't know. He dropped it as soon as he mentioned it. Remembering probably still hurts."
Sigh and look around, biting my lip before hanging my head.
"I don't want to tell you this, but: You might want to leave this alone. I can't change what the heart wants, so I can't tell you what would be best for you…
But I can't help but feel that going after Flowing Tree is setting yourself up for heartbreak.
If you want to keep trying, then… I'll do everything I can to help. Just… be careful, okay? You're my friend, Manako. I don't want to see you get hurt."


Shake my head and trot over next to your eye, "baka yagi.." then float around your body circling back to your other side. Blushing and looking a bit flustered by the time I do. "Tell me something. Why are you a girl now? That's not just make up making you shaped different. "


"Well… remember when Ciddir got turned into a girl for a while? The same thing kinda happened to me."
Giggle and blush a little.
"Can't say I've got much to complain about, though. It's actually not that different."


Tilt my head again "no I actually didn't know. So you changed into a girl to be with ciddir?"


"…More because, since he was a girl for a while, I figured I out to do the same for him…"
My blush brightens.
"…Plus I was… kinda curious."


"Ehem.. so are you both girls now?"


"N-no, he… changed back into a buck…"
Blush darkens even further.
"So, uh… yeah."


"Oh. I see." Blush a bit as well. "Um well anyway. You changed this much of yourself to make your love work. To make him happy right?"


"Well… kinda… he said he'd be happy even if I decided not to, but… I felt like it was… something I had to do, or else I'd feel like I'd taken advantage of him.
But… I think I see where you're going with this. You're saying you're… willing to change yourself to make him happy, right?"


"I really like seeing him happy. If I can make that happen.. I have to give it a try. You understand that right?"


Smile and nuzzle her.
"Of course. In fact, I'm probably worrying over nothing; I tend to see the worst in a situation instead of the best.
Just… remember that I'm here to help you if you need me, okay? You're one of the best friends I've ever had."


Giggle a bit as your hairs tickle me "hmm well I did promise you some thing when you successfully got some info. Do you still want to know what baka yagi means?"


Smirk knowingly.
"'Idiot goat," right?"


Nod. "You figured it out on your own? Maybe you're not such a baka yagi after all!" Chuckle a bit.


"It was Empress who told me, actually. Though it was more on accident than anything.
I still like it, though. It sounds nice, and… it can actually be pretty accurate at times."


Ponder thoughtfully. "Well that's good because I don't know of I should call you chan or kun now."


"What's the difference?"


"I don't know if you're going to be a girl or a boy!"


"Well, like I said, this probably isn't permanent. I guess girl until it wears off, then boy?"


"So.. hircus-chan for now? How long does this last?"


"I dunno. Probably won't be long though; odds are I'll be male by the end of the month."


Look kind of disturbed. "And then ciddir will change into a girl?"


"No, he's a buck permanently now. I probably won't change after that either. It'll be back to our same old normal selves."


"Right hmmm well we should.. get you a dress! I need one too. We can go dress shopping hircus-chan!" I float excitedly.


Blush brightly.
"W-well, Selena said the same th-"
Stop and wince, then glower angrily before snorting and shaking my head.
"That… yeah, I guess… that would be a good idea… sure…"


"What's wrong? You said you liked being a girl.."


"It's not that, it's…"
Sigh heavily, my ears drooping.
"…Me and Selena got in a fight. A really bad one."


"What?! Oh no. Tell me what happened."


"She came in and told me that… well, she told me that she was pregnant.
At first it was all okay; I offered to have Ciddir make a crib for her, said that if the father skipped out, I'd be willing to help…
Then when she started getting dodgy whenever I tried to figure out what would be a bad time to send Ciddir to get started, I…
I asked if she was considering abortion, and… she said she hadn't made any decisions yet."


"It sounds like she needs a friend. More than ever. We should take her shopping with us."


"Manako… Everyone has parents. Even if your parents die, you get appointed a caretaker who's responsible for you until you came of age.
I grew up on the street, Manako. Every time I saw a happy family walk by, I was reminded that… that I was so unwanted, that whoever was supposed to take care of me… that I wasn't even worth the trouble of… of being put in an orphanage…"
Clench my eyes shut as I try not to cry at the memories. '1d10'
"B-but even then… even being that unwanted… they at least had the decency to not slit my throat before throwing me out. If a child is so unwanted, it gets aborted… that could have been me, Manako. The idea that someone could have kept me from having even the crappy chance at life that I had, before I could be old enoug to do anything about it…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Pat your head softly. "Hircus chan.. look at where we are.. this is arguably worse than the streets. A bunch of mercenaries on a ship..
Its no surprise she is considering not having the kid "


Whirl on her with tear-stained eyes.
"Don't you get it? I was on the streets, not because my family was in horrible conditions, but because THEY DIDN'T WANT ME! Do you have any idea what that feels like?! To grow up with nobody to take care of you, nobody to go to when you have to cry, nobody to teach you how to live a good life…
But damnit, it was still a life! I made the most of what I had, and now I actually have more than I've ever had before! If I deserved a chance, so does that kid!"


"Maybe I can't understand that. But did you know for sure what your parents reasons were? Maybe they just couldn't care for you but still wanted you to live free?"


Don't break down, don't break down… '1d10-2'

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


Tumble to the ground at your sudden outburst.
"Hircus chan.. please don't cry.."


"I-I'm sorry… I'm sorry…"
Try to get myself under control. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh God. Here come the tears. Full downpour going on right here.


Oh shit. Huge tears. Falling on me. '1d10' dodge.

Roll #1 8 = 8


T-try to control myself. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


S-still crying? I-I've got to get myself under control! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Keep dodging. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I… I-I'm okay now… S-s-sorry, I… didn't think the memories would… hurt that bad…
Fuck… I really am screwed up, aren't I?"


"Its okay hircus chan. You're probably not used to being a girl too.." pat your mane a bit.


"G-guess not…
S-so… you can imagine how I… probably said things I shouldn't have… she said I was… trying to take her kids away from her… and she was just getting nastier and nastier…
I screwed up. I screwed up… and now she hates me…"


Nod furiously "I see now. But she was probably emotional too. You just need to talk to her. Calmly. And work this out. Getting pregnant is a huge thing for a girl. Selena chan needs us."


Yes, Ji.

"Please, I'm probably half your age."

"No doubt. Perhaps later, though. I need to finish whipping these lugs into shape."


She giggles. "Well, you are the commodore's daughter, right? He's SO tall."


Drop my jaw.


"Did I hear wrong?"


"Who the fuck said that?"


"Certainly. Good day then."
Off I go.

I hear there's a bat pony too?


So. Sometime after the goat and I talk.
Where is that cute little filly Felix?


"Do you know anything about a Golden Apple?"
"…I don't think she's going to want to talk to me…"


Shake my head "baka yagi.. she told you a secret. She trusts you. She needed to rely on you for support in a tough time."


"…and I fucked it up. I… I started fighting with her… and then I told you… oh fuck… I'm a horrible friend…"


"And now you have to go make it better. She needs a friend." Wipe away some of those tears for you.


"The President."

She's fluttering about a shortish blond-hair diamond dog.

She's playing hop scotch on deck.



"An apple that looks like a normal apple, only gold and it never goes bad. Have you heard of it?"


Since 0memoirs, how is the alchemy lab coming along?


"T-thanks…" Sniffle and wipe some tears away.
"C-could you come with me. I don't think I can do it alone…"


"The President?"


We've sure picked up a diverse and colorful crew.

Approach them.
"A good day to you both."


"I will." I nod and settle in on your head.
"Hey there little sis. Having fun?"


Head to Selena's lab and knock quietly.


"Who's there?"


"…Selena? Can… can we talk?"


Am I there?


"Hello Selena chan!!" I wave at you


I smile at you.
"Hello Manako…"

The smile fades as you enter.
I take a stoic expression.
"…that depends on what you have to say."

You can come by if you want.
what age are you again?


12. Am I already in the lab, hanging out?


"The President of Frankfurterfort, Strom."


Construction has been completed. You have a new assistant there.

"We can continue later, my dear."

"Very well, darling."

Bat Pone takes off. The diamond dog turns to acknowledge you. "Yes?"

"Oh! Hey sis, look – you made so much money! I put it in a box."

She holds up a box overflowing with coins.

"They're gonna have to melt it down into doubloon soon, though."


"Just hear him out huh? He's.. she's just a stupid goat sometimes." I say


"Whoa! Look at all that! Those coins are huge!" I hoover over it impressed.


If you want.


"…I'm sorry. I got emotional and… said some things I shouldn't have. You have every right to hate me, but…"


Time to meet her.
What does she look like?


Oh whatever.
"I am sorry, I do not believe we have met."


"…Oh. Well, thank you for your time."
Gah! can I think of anyone who might know something? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4



I nod but my eyes are cold as I look at Hircus.


I stop rolling around on the ground and look up.


Songs are smaller than bits and thin like flakes. Of course, it's all bigger than Breezie currency.

"They're pretty small compared to what we had in Equestria, actually. You could probably swim in this!"

How now brown cow.

Seriously, though, she's a brown cow. She flits her ears in surprise as you enter.


"I'm Vasilisa, enchanted."



"Yes dear.. the goat has become a girl. "


"Ooh. You think so? I'll give it a try then"
'1d10' swim in the box

Roll #1 3 = 3


Surely they're joking, I've never heard of a cow skilled in alchemy.

"….you must be my new assistant yes?"

"She's a girl, for now."


I gasp.
"They can do that!?"

I rush over to her and start running around her.
"What are you? You're really big!"


I bet light heart knows about kids


"Yes Fly, but it's not something…common."


Shrug "its all news to me really. Some kind of magic."


"You are Selena? I wasn't really expecting a pony… Well, that's alright."

It's harder than you imagined. I mean, they are still substantially large.

"I am the lab keeper."


"Oh but the pleasure is all mine. My name is Light Heart, first officer under captain Marsh. What brought you to our humble fleet, miss Vasilisa?"


"I am working in the mint, under Blue Topaz. Giving it a touch of form to match its function."


Eh. I'll settle for just rolling around in it. I giggle "if only you could try this sis. You'd love it."


"Oooooooooh. Can gryphons do that?"
I hold my breath and concentrate as hard as I can.

"I've never heard of a creature called a Lab Keeper before. Were you made in a lab?"
I flutter up onto her back and stand there.


Perk a brow.
"I'm glad that's alright to you. May I ask what were you expecting?"


"I think I'm a little too big, sis."

"What? No, lab keeper is my title."

"A buffalo, to be honest. I'm sure your training in alchemy is satisfactory."


"Uuh I don't think its because he's a goat. I think he used a spell"


"Ah, I see. She is quite industrious, miss Topaz, but she has always valued function over form to my knowledge. It is good to meet someone else who can appreciate 'form'."


Lay on top of the pile. "Sis, what do you want? A new dress? A toy? We could buy one now."


I laugh.
"I asked what you were not what you do, you big silly."
I turn around and start batting at her tail.

"But I am magical!"
I gasp loudly then go back to holding my breath and concentrating.


"Doubtless. Say, I understand we're headed north and to a place of culture. I'm starting a trend."

She flits her scarf about. "Scarves. It will be in all over the fleet soon. If you want to stay in fashion I suggest you pick one up!"

"Iunno… for the longest time all I wanted was to show you what home looks like… oh! We should buy some new dolls and you can model the dresses!"

She doesn't acknowledge such battery!

"A bovine."


"I'm quite certain it is, how about yours?
Where did you learn alchemy?"

I giggle and pat your head.


"Back in the motherland."


"Ooooooh. Cool!"

I concentrate so hard my eyes cross.


"I will be sure to keep that in mind. Any particular colors for the season?"


"We're going into fall, so oranges and yellows are of course preferred."


Sigh at you. "Its not a normal kind of spell. She didn't tell me the details but its not something you do just by guessing "
"Well that's great. I've been wanting a new dress anyway. For the first time I.. want to dress up. We can vist a doll shop or something and play dress up. "


"……..motherland? As in an actual country?"

"Relax Fly, you'll end up with a headache."


"In Muscowy!"

"Yeah! Sounds fun! Also… one of my new friends said he knows a dressmaker."


"Oh that does sound lovely. Where are you from, miss?"


"I've heard Selena chan can make a dress. Is that who you mean?"


I let out my breath.

I shake my head.
"Too late."


"Shiba. I'm a half and half darling."

"No, I mean a real seamstress. She's from Hamburgerburg."


"What did you do in Shiba exactly, if you do not mind me asking?"


"I've never heard of Muscowy before, where is this field?"

I chuckle.
"I don't think it would work anyway, Fly. Changing gender requires powerful magic."


"An orb? What is this orb you are talking about?" I look at her excited as my tail wags as I pour her another glass of wine.


"Really? What's her name?"


I huff and puff up my feathers.
"But I am a powerful magician!"


"Goldsmithing, darling, isn't it obvious? Specifically gilding of accessories."

"Uuuuh, you did not just call Muscowy a field."

"Iunno! I wasn't askin' specifics!"


"A farm?"

"Yes, you are. But even powerful magicians would have trouble with that."



I shrug.
"Are you mad at that goat? Is it because he knows gender magic and you don't?"


"I see. Of course. No doubt you are excellent at the trade. Who knows, perhaps you could even convince miss Emrille to stop wearing that outrageous outfit of hers."
I chuckle.


Shake my head "this isn't the kind of magic that's normal. Even really strong magicians can't change a boy to a girl"
"Well. Let's go ask him!"



"Fly.. that's not what the problem is.. maybe you should leave them alone about it."


"You'd best check it before I wreck it, pony! If you gonna be some racist motherfucker you can just get oughta my grill now."

"A means of conveyance. Teleportation. Used to be used for boarding, back in the day."

"I'm not really sure where he goes during the day… I only ever see him in the evenings."


"That tattered rag? Shouldn't be hard."

It was destroyed by gunfire.


I lean closer.
"Is she stealing his desert? She's been getting a little fat. I don't say anything because I'm polite."


"Fly, me and Hircus need to talk about some grown up stuff. Go play outside."

I'm taken aback.
"Excuse me? Last time I checked I was in charge of this lab and you are an assistant."


"I do not think you understand. She intends to replace it. Can you imagine the horror?"


"…but I don't want that. I… I don't want our friendship to end with such harsh words…
But… it's not about what I want. I'm the one who screwed up… so you can decide to forgive me or not."
Hang my head, awaiting her verdict.


I leave and take Crux with me.


"Wait tell me more about this friend."


"I'm about three times your size, honey, and I'm MORE than willing to throw you off the boat if you pull that slaver crap here. I ain't your property, pony."

"Well! In my line of work I've had to see many horrors."


" you're on the right track. But she should explain it proper when she is ready"


"He's some colt… He's not from Equestria like I am."


"Purple and green, miss Vasilisa. That is her idea of a pleasant color combination."


"Ah? Wait didnt we used it back then? Why are we not able to operate it these days? Can we use it as a catalyst for spells then?"


I start jumping up and down on the cow's back.
"Fight fight fight fight!"



At the sudden outburst I look taken back.


"Well, I hadn't had my dose yet today!"

"As far as I know it just needs a little refurbishing."


"No, not there either."


"Hm? Excuse me?"


"Dose of horror, darling."


Scratch my head "well okay. I'll just have to wait to meet him later.. want to go check out the workshop area with me?"


…Head to Abilio. Maybe the captain of the fleet knows something.


"Sure! Let's go!"

She picks up your money box and carries you over.

The commodore you mean.

He's in his room.


"Oh. I see. There certainly is no shortage of that around."


'1d10' spot check on the workshop

Roll #1 1 = 1


"…and what are you sorry about?"

Watch as Fly leaves.

Trot up to her and puff my chest.
"And I've taken down bigger than you."
Look her over.
"If you're as capable as you say you are, I'm in the wrong and I'll be the first to apologize. But I am in charge of this lab, that has to be clear."


"Hello? Sir? I was wondering if I could ask you about something?"
"…I spoke hastily, and… made you think I was trying to take your kids when that was the last thing I wanted to do. And then, when you left… I didn't mean what I said then either. I just… I was trying to help, and I screwed it up. Again."


"Ah I can do that, I can bring it here and both you and I, perhaps even Strom can help in repairing it. Just like old times." I grin at her


"Yes, I will simply have to lay down. My regards, Miss Heart."

You fly up and knock loose a hammer that almost smashes you!

"Sis! Are you okay? There's a smaller part of the workshop over here for a breezie-sized smither!"

"Fine, honey, as long as you realize you don't own me. I seen your type before. You probably Equestrian. Every Equestrian thinks bovines are slaves. But we will rise."

He's working on some accounting books. "Yes?"

"I don't think it's broken. It needs a sort of enchanter to look at it."


I tilt my head clueless.
"An enchanter?"


"You said I would dump my kids into the gutter!"

"I take it that in Moscowy Equestrians aren't thought of highly?"


"A magical sort. To refurbish the old magic spell."


"Why would anyone think highly of their oppressor?"


"In time you will grow more and more used to it. Good day then."

Interesting… Now where did that bat go to?


She fluttered off somewhere. She does seem to be quite active.

You feel a tap on the shoulder.


I turn around.


Then instead, I will find Ambercharge.


You get a fanged grin from a yellow batpony.

"Let's chat outside."

She and Spook are sharing tea from the same pot at the pub in the mansion.


"Have you ever heard of a Golden Apple before?
I know it sounds strange, but… I've had one in my possession for a while now, and… I'm trying to figure out what it is."

"…I let my fear… my emotions regarding my own past… I let them cloud the fact that you would never do such a thing. You wouldn't be capable of it."
Put my wrists on the table.
"Show me."


Good. I wanted to speak to both of them actually. Maybe Puzzle too if I can collect her somewhere.


"I'm fine! And did you say… breezy size?! Take me over there!" I say excitedly.


"Most co-…bovines I saw in Equestria didn't seem that unhappy about the farmers."


My eyes go wide.
"Ooooh. Are you sure that's safe?"


Blink in confusion.
"Uh…show you what?"


She's probably upstairs in her room.

She moves your box and sets you down over by a smaller set of tools and comfortable benches made to breezie specifications.

"That's propaganda. You've been brainwashed by the system. If they were happy – why would they need chains?"

She grins wider. "Not even a little."

With that she amusedly drags you along by the talon.


"You said… you said next time I cut my wrists, you wanted me to do it properly. Show me how."
Pull out my knife and put it between my wrists, staring at her expectantly.


Squeal in delight and check over everything! "Oh gosh. This is everything I hoped for."


Go grab her and drag her Neighponese butt down here.


They have all kinds of tools like pliers, scissors, hammers… the most interesting is a large bin of parts, though. Tubes, sprockets, gears, washers, bolts… It'll be easier to build bigger contraptions and more of them each day.

"Hi Light Heart! What's up?!"


I pull my talon free and follow her.
"Uh, if you say so."
I watch her closely as we step out into the sunlight.


"I wish to discuss something together with the others. Come."


I then drink wine and smile happily.
"Oh! I think Abilio can handle that right? He is good with those tartarus spells or something. Perhaps me and him can restore it to good condition."



Look a bit uncomfortable.
"I don't think that's necessary."

I ponder that.
"I suppose I have to give you that one, miss….?"


She tosses her mane in the afternoon glow.

"Protection from sunlight is one of the first things a young vampire should find, don't you think? Whether as primitive as a cave or as elegant as a spell, it's something you need to survive. You haven't embraced the gift, yet, though."

"Why so serious gloomy Gabby!"

"Perhaps. I suppose we'll see eventually one way or the other."

"A golden apple? Sounds like a curiosity for the mantle."


"Aloe. And you are Selena Springleaf."


"Oh wow! I'll be able to male so many things. Felix! Is there anything you want? Something fun?"


I shake my head.
"My dad says I shouldn't, and I don't really want to. Meat is better than blood, anyways."


I chuckle.
"Happy please, remember who you are talking to."


"I don't know… you're the creative one! What can you make, sis?"

"Pity. Sanfortue asked me to look in on you, my dear."

"Gloomy Gabby! Gloomy Gabby!"


"I believe you will find my name is 'Light Heart'."
Smile smugly.
"Which does not imply gloominess in any way."


"Well today you're a Heavy Heart!"


I shrug.
"Thanks for the offer, though. Oh, he did?"
I grin and give her a hug.
"That was really nice of him! I'm not fixed yet, but mister Abilo says he can help me if I let him make me a little older. I'm going to let him do that soon, I think. Oh! I'm also learning how to put corpses together!"


"Selena… if I hurt you that bad, even if I didn't mean to… I… I don't know what to do. I don't want you to hate me, but… I don't know how to fix this. I can say "I'm sorry" all I want, but I can't take back saying those things, no matter how much I want to."
Clunk my head on the table and just lay there.
"…If you still hate me and want me gone, I understand. I'm just a stupid goat you'd probably be better off without."
"Thing is, Ciddir says it's still alive."


"I am nothing of the sort. That would be most unhealthy."


"How elaborate. Is Crux still in one piece?"

"Hm. Well, I know nothing about that."

She throws some glitter and confetti in your hair. "How long has it been since you've hat your last party?"


"Do you know anyone who might? It's just… a really perplexing mystery how it's still alive after all this time."


"Hm. I'd normally refer you to Ciddir, but it sounds like you've already asked him."


I then pour wine and shake my head.
"Ah enough with business talk, I am sorry for that Miss Topaz, I just got a bit excited about the prospect of improving the fleet. So I take it you are planning to stay with the fleet right?"


I nod.
"Wanna go see him? I've been making a place in some weird old mansion."
I look both ways and lean up to her ear.
"Do they know you're a vampire?"


"Miss Aloe. And you can call me Selena. You oversaw the construction of the lab too, I take it?"

I sigh.
"Hircus, I'm willing to let the past rest in the past. But you need to understand, I make my own decisions, you're more than welcome to give your opinion on them, but in the end I have the final say on my affairs. If you honor that, I will let this whole thing rest."


"Hmmm… the answer to that question depends on the nature of the party. Rosemary and I partied yesterday, for one."


"Of course. You think an old pony like me has any other home?"

She giggles. "Probably. I make little effort to hide it. But the easiest place for an outcast to hide is among outcasts is it not?"

"That's correct. From the alembics to the zero contamination."

"Two ponies isn't much of a party!"


"I never took you for that kind of pony, Puzzle."
I chuckle and shake my head.
"In any case, I suppose you are right. Parties are very fun and they require more than a few people."


I nod.
"Let me know if you ever need a snack. I think I'm old enough now for it to be okay."
Off we go to whatever room I took over in that ruined mansion.


Look through the lab. Is something already going?


"I couldn't stop you from making your own decisions if I tried; I wouldn't think I could control what you do for any reason.
But I will never, ever, agree with abortion. It's wrong, and it's… it's personally terrifying for me, since it could have easily happened to me.
…and that's my opinion. It won't change whatever you finally decide, but… now you know where I stand on the issue, at least."
Extend a hoof cautiously.
"So… forgive me for being a baka yagi?"
"Alright… well, if you find anything, could you let me know? I'd really appreciate it."


Take your hoof and give you a hug '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hugs? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Thanks for being honest to me. Just, do it like this in the future and you'll be fine."


"Okay. Just… promise me you won't… say those things again? Some of them… You're really good at finding where people are vulnerable…"


"Good! Let's have a party!"

"That's okay, I've already secured a few taps, my dear."

She trails off after you.

The mansion isn't ruined in the places that are not boarded up. Your room is on the second floor. Crux is there, stacking rocks.


Nothing has been started yet. There are some ingredients: a pump directly to water-level, and a furnace next to it that is rigged up to pump heat to various beakers for desalination and other things. There are large mortars and pestles of every size – the tubes twist all about all around the room.

There is a very small flowerbox in the window with a few common ingredients.

"I'll let you know, but I doubt I'll run into anything."


I laugh.
I wave at Crux.
"Mister crux, mister Sanfortue sent a friend!"


"… Well, why not? Very well. Let us do so indeed. But before we go about planning that, there is something else to discuss regarding the elements. Come."
Bed time. Thanks for faff.


"Alright, thanks for your time!"
Head back to Ciddir's room.
"Nothing! Nopony knows anything about these golden apples! How did some takikaga captain get ahold of something nopony has ever heard of?"


"Curses! Your freedom has been taken away! The curse of guardian oversight!"

"Uh, alright, fine!"


"The world is a big place. Perhaps they robbed a pony, or had it custom-made."


I smile warmly.
"Ah apologies, you are really inseparable with the fleet Ms. Topaz. I admire that." I chuckle as I pour wine and ponder.
"By the way, who is that new doge that you are apprenticing?'


Bite my lip.
"I can be quite a cunt if I get mad…I'm sorry about it…"

"…..Good job." I say to Aloe.


"I'm sure she won't be that bad."


"I suppose.
…Is the Mother connected to it?"
"…It's alright. I'll know better than to argue with you next time…"


"I'll try to keep my temper….."


"Vasilisa, a gilder."

"Thank you."

She teases and tugs on a your wing.

"Maybe I'll make a thrall out of you! Who knows?"

"Curses! CURSE!"

"The Mother is connected to all living things. It is why we work with the living and not with the dead. But she is also in the dead. She did place the dirt and the ores."


Close my eyes and concentrate on the apple. Can I sense… a presence? A being? Anything? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6




I laugh and give her a push.
"Not if I eat you first!"


"Oh? I'm very stringy. I don't think you'd like the taste."


Touch the apple gently and sigh, then walk back to the bed.
"Ciddir… am I a good mate? Do I… make you happy?"
…Guess being female changed me more than I thought.


I give her leg a pinch.
"Yeah, I guess so."
I relax on a mattress.
"I've never seen you before. Are you new, or just a friend of mister Sanfortue?"


"Yes. Yes."

"Just a friend. We go back a long ways. Perhaps I could be persuaded to hang around."


I stretch and roll over onto my back then call over Pillow.
"It's nice having you around. It reminds me of home."


The ball rolls over near you.

"Oh, I don't know. I'd need something to do. I'm a bit of a busybody."


"Vasilisa… oh." I look at Topaz before stopping and looking at her again.

"What does a 'gilder' do?" I gulp.


I rest my head on Pillow.
"Like what? Hunting? Dad says that was fun, but I'm waiting until mister Chip and misses Light Heart are free to hunt with me."


"…I'm glad. Do you… enjoy having sex with me while I'm female?"


"It's a sort of goldsmith. One who works on making things look pretty with gold. In any case, she has a competence for gold purification, which is what I needed."

"No, no. I think I'm too old for such games. Besides, I'd lose my girlish figure if I gained muscle weight."

His poker face never wavers. "Yes."


"Well what then? I don't know what you like to do."


"Oh, I don't know. I do so miss the intrigue of the court at home."


"Well… I'm glad. I certainly enjoy it~"
Casually fold my front hooves on the bed, resting my chin on them as I raise my rump and lift my tail up, watching him out of the corner of my eye.


"Ah, a goldsmith, well that is quite a relief." I wipe the sweat forming from my head.
"Come to think about it, we do have lots of booties here but no one to furnish it so its quality is sub-par. I can already imagine how much our stuff will be worth now that you two are here." I grin.


I shrug.
"Miss Selena and misterses Hircus were fighting about something. Does that count as intrigue?"


"Would you like to have intercourse?"

"She is the form to my function."

"Maybe. I think I'll do a little digging about."


"Have fun. Oh!"
I stand back up.
"Be careful not to make any thralls. Mister Abilo got really mad when I caught Pillow."


"Hm… well, I work with a little more finesse."


"Yes," I coo as I wriggle my hips a little and spread my legs. "But if you're busy, I can wait…"


I huff a little.
"I was very finessy. Pillow didn't even know what hit her I dropped down out of a tree like BAM and stuck the seal on her."


"I meant in means of control. That is such a primitive control method. It's so obvious!"

"I will make time for you."

He climbs up and mounts you, easing his now-unsheathing member into you. He now performs it with casual and practiced ease: it seems so natural that no one would have imagined only three months ago you had always been male. He gently nips at your ear and rubs your teats.


Gasp and go completely limp as he nips my ear. "Aaah!~ D-do that again…"
He seems so much better at this then when we first started. I'm already moist enough that he can just slide right in.
"Nnngh~ How'd you get so good at this?~"


I shrug.
"Us regular necromancers aren't as good at messing with minds as you guys are. Dad says the most he could ever transfix anyone for was a few seconds, and that's how he hunted half the time."


Without a hint of tone in his voice he replies: "I studied your methods and responses."

With that, he begins thrusting, gently rocking your entire body.


"Well! All's more the pity, then."


"Maybe you could teach me? I'm not sure how good I can get without being a vampire, but controlling people with my eyes sounds fun."


"Perhaps! We will simply have to see if I stick around, now won't we?"


I nod.
"I really hope you do. If you drain anyone too much can I have them? I need real bodies to work with if I'm going to get any good at making things like mister Crux."


Place my hooves over his as he plays with my teats, moaning softly as he starts out gentle. I am such a lucky nanny~
"Aaah~ You… you're so strong… I-I love how you are so gentle… when I know you could… do anything with me… Mmm~"


"Ha. We'll see."

He picks up speed slightly, now fully extended inside you. You feel totally filled by him.

"Does it give you sexual gratification to think about how I could take advantage of you?"


I yawn.
"I need a nap. You ca crash here whenever you want, just don't mess up my stuff."


"Y-yes… Oh, yes… It really does…"
Moan and start contracting around him. Lean back and link horns with him, bringing his lips to my ears.
"C-Ciddir… oh… Oh, yes~"


I tilt my head and smile.
"I still think you have many years ahead of you ms. Topaz."


"Have a nice nap. I'm going to go mingle."

"Perhaps. We'll see how long these old bones can hold together."

He nibbles again, and finally with a last thrust, you both finish.



Knock on Chips door.


Knock on the door of Selena's lab and enter without waiting for a response.
"Hey there."


Scuffle from my bed as I try to get up.
"Look! If its about the steering wheel again not working then I will have your heads on a plate!"

Open the door.
"…… Oh! Its you?" I look at you surprised.


Look up from the alembics.
"Hello." I say with a tinge of annoyance.

I smile.
"I hope I didn't wake you."


I shake my head as I fully open the door way.
"… No… no you dont Ms. Selena. I mean come in." I then stand aside to let you enter before closing the door while chuckling.

"…. Well this is a surprise, no one visits me in my room unless I'd invite them to come. So what brings you here?" I smile.


"I wanted to see how you were doing. I haven't seen you in a while. You must be so busy."


Walk over with a sly smirk.
"Hey there~"


"How can I help you miss Emrille?"


I scratch my head as I smile.
"Ahh… I am doing fine and all, Abilio has lots of work to be done, not to mention there are lots of new face's around you see."
"As for busy? Well not that busy that I dont have time to spare for a friend." I pat your head lightly.


"That feather soapy thing. I ran out of it."


I grin.
"Yes, I've noticed so many new ponies, I haven't yet had the time to meet half of them."

"Ah, when I brew a new batch, I'll make sure to give you some. Did you like it?"


"I loved it! I think Tela did too."
Spread my wings.
"And aren't my wings a lot prettier this way?"


I then sit down.
"The same story here, only one I've meet is a goldsmith named Vasilisa, a good recruit mind you since we can improve the price of any booty we won with her around… but yeah so far I had yet to talk with her about business." I scratch my chin.

I look around and grab some left over wine.
"Want a drink?"


"They look a lot better indeed."
"I'll probably brew another batch next week. I'll be sure to get you another bottle then. I'm simply too swamped in work to do it any sooner."

"Ah, I'm sorry, no wine for me. Do you have a bit of water?"


Smirk back as I fold my wings.
"Too busy making baby puree recipes?"


"Seems like news travels fast…"


"I'm pretty sure that slut Tela could have told me sooner than she did."
"Such a shame, I was hoping the three of us could get together for a night, but now…"


"Well clean water is hard to come by in the sea's so I store some just in case."
Go grab a secure and sealed jug in a closet before pouring it in and give it to you.
"Here ya go lass, fresh as spring rain." I nod before storing it away again and sit.
"So have you talked to Light Heart about us going to go get some sharp suits and dresses?"


Frown as you call Tela a slut.
"If it's any consolation, it would never have happened anyway.
And I think Tela wouldn't be happy if she knew you called her a slut behind her back."

"Ah, not yet. I'm sorry, completely slipped my mind. I've had so much on my mind lately."


"How can you know? Us dykes have our tricks."
Snicker again.
"Don't worry, I call her a slut in her face too sometimes."


I give a confident grin and then sit in a relax posture on a chair.
"Well thinking too much can be a stressful ordeal that is true. Why not relax for a sec here, considering you dont have a proper bed to sleep as of late. You can rest here if you like." I offer my bed.


"By now you should know that things said in the bedroom have a very different meaning when you say them outside it.

"That's okay. But mister Chip, I need to tell you something."


Roll my eyes.
"Yeah, I'm sure that I'll hurt her delicate crystal feelings with that. It's not like you tell her not to slap me around when she gets annoyed either."


"Well you can you tell me whats on your mind, If you had a problem then perhaps this sea-dog can help."


"Maybe you deserve that sometimes."

"I….want to tell you…"
Take a deep breath.
"I'm pregnant."


"Does whoever-the-fuck knocked you up beat you too? What if you deserved it?"


"….. how?… "


"No. And there's a big difference between a slap and being beaten up."

"….uh….it wasn't an immaculate conception if that's what you mean."


"So you're saying that you are okay with being slapped around?"


"If I was over the line, and it was just a slap, not some beatdown to the floor or slapped aroun, perhaps. I slap ponies as well when they're over the line.
I didn't think you were such a crybaby."


I shake my head as I try to clear my head as I look at you with irritation clearly readable in my face.
"Its not that…. I mean you got pregnant? By whom and why?"


I take a step back.
"Uh…I'd rather keep to myself who the father is, for now. It's complicated."


"If anypony else did it like she does, they'd get shot. But fuck, isn't that the least you could expect from somepony you're in a relationship with?"


"If you're upset about it you should tell her and work things out."


"She says I deserve it when she does it. I mean, she gets upset over such minor things, like if I do this!"
Unfurl a wing and smack your rear with it lightly.
"I do it playfully and she goes off the deep end!"


I stand up and pace a bit around the room as I try to calm down and look at you.
"Wait a minute, is this by accident?"


Look annoyed.
"You do have a habit of doing that in the most annoying way possible. But have you considered that Tela might not be mad about that, but something else?"

Look down.
"…yes, I did not plan on this."


"It's an affectionate appreciation of one's flanks~"
Bite my lip cheekily after I say that.
"Yeah, like what?"


"I don't pretend to know what goes on in Tela's mind. But she's a very dutiful pony who shines when she gets responsibility, like she does now at the helm of the Hourglass.
Perhaps she wants you to be more responsible as well."


"She also shines when we fuck. Does that mean she wants to fuck more?"


Roll my eyes.


"Really? You're going to teach me about responsibility?"


"You're complaining about Tela slapping you. I'm giving my opinion on why, that's all, do with it what you want."


Trace a wing over your belly.
"Okay, Miss Responsibility.
But I'll have you know that I've been working on my reputation with the crew."


"Good. It seems you have everything under control then."


"I just need my own ship now…"
Chuckle to myself.
"A mare can dream, right?"


I pace again quickly before stopping to look at you, anger is clear on my face.
"If this is one of the menials who forced you…. " I grit my teeth for a moment before I stop and just slump on the chair holding my head.

"…. is there anything I can do to help you….. " I said in a weak voice.


"It's not anything like that, I assure you." I say quickly. "I just need some time to figure things out…..are you angry at me?"


"With hard work and dedication, it might become a reality."


"Yeah… but being on good terms with da-"
Cut off quickly.
"Uh, Abilio. That helps too."


I stop and chuckle upon hearing that as I look at you in bewilderment.
"M… me? Angry at you? Why should I?"


Look puzzled.
"…what were you going to say?"

"You seem angry…"




Look you right in the eyes.
"….right….I didn't know Abilio was so fond of you."


I sat there staring at you before looking down, embarrassed.
"Well… if I am being honest with what I am feeling right now then yes I am a bit angry, maybe angry at you but mostly angry at myself too…. "


"B-but why are you angry at me?"


"He taught me a lot about magic. Plus, y'know, the whole filly and second cutie mark experiment."


"What was it like being a filly again anyway?"


"Because you didn't wait for me! I have plans back then to ask you for dinner and go buy you stuff and…!!"
I scratch my head looking down as I stop and sit down.
"……. is it not obvious that I kind of like you Selena?" I looked away.


"Frustrating and annoying?"



I was taking HP to Ambercharge and Spook.


Haven't actually done much since the timeskip. Since the Hourglass hasn't sunk yet, I'm gonna guess it's doing decently well, but is it in need of upgrading? I got money to spend


Yes indeed. They're still down at the pub. Lacy is helping an older pony in a pith helmet run the place.

It has a lot of room for improvement. No crow's nest, no cannons, no bunkhouse. Without these (plus the bilge and hold which you already have), it is impossible to range out from the fleet and you must serve strictly as a support vessel. Specifically, without a bunkhouse, you can never have a permanent staff.


Well, that was… surprising.
Not that I'm complaining in the slightest, of course.


That pony never stops working…

Approach our two turtledoves with a smile.
"Hello you two. I do hope we are not interrupting."


Alright. I should probably go see Abilio then. Building improvements means less cargo space for supplies.


Where to?

Spook raises a brow.

Lavinia: "Is something amiss?"


He's in his office.



Well… I've heard something about someone named Face? Who is that exactly?


"No, nothing at all. I was hoping we could discuss the Elemental shrine."


"How's the fleet doing in terms of cargo space?"


The fleet's diplomat. He's a mate on the Sirocco.

"Oh? Planning on breaking ground?"

"Or planks!"

"The Sirocco and Seaworthy have very small holds to facilitate their high speed. The Darklantern has a sizeable hold, but the Hourglass is almost entirely a hold. It serves as a support vessel to the rest of the fleet."


Oh. That means he's the guy in charge of saving my tail if I end up on somebody's bad side. Meeting him would probably be a good idea.


"Right. Guess we need it to stay that way then. I won't touch the holding space."


"I mentioned this before, but I wish to build a shrine here somewhere on the fleet. Perhaps in the mansion. I wanted to hear if any of you had any input first."


You knock on his door. "Good afternoon, Hircus. Funny, I was just talking about you a couple hours ago"

"Right, right. Every vessel has its place in the fleet."

"That sounds like a good place."

"What kind of input are you looking for?"


"Oh really? What could possibly bring up a conversation topic as boring as a goat like me?"


"Not much point in adding a crow's nest or reinforcing the hull either then, since it won't be going into battle anyway."


"Its design. How big should it be? What should it look like?"


"Winston was asking if there were other goats on the fleet."

"I don't think so, although it does have to remain with the other ships during battle. You never know."

"The Great Temple of the Elements in Roads was around twice the size of the Darklantern."

"In Neighpon we saw all kinds of shrines, ranging from a single stone to great complexes. The one at my home was a single room shrine."

"I don't know anything about shrines besides what Lavinia said."


"Winston? Who's that?"
Cock my head.
"Don't tell me tax collectors are coming after me again."


I was doing something I think.


"I'm afraid a great temple is impossible."
Look at HP Lovepone.
"But a single room shrine could certainly work. If you could relay the details to mister Wrench…"


"A reinforced hull could cost a lot of money but could also keep the supplies safer… who should I ask for the price? One of the engineers, like Rusty Wrench I guess."


"An explorer, of sorts. He stopped by with the intention of getting to know the leadership."

Chatting with Peachy Smile.

"What will you put inside it?"

"That's right. Of course, materials will also affect the cost."


But I have no idea where that led us.


"Hmmm… what was inside the shrine at your home?"


"I'll talk to him then. Thanks. Oh and by the way, where are we heading for next again?"


"Huh. Pretty much the same reason I stopped by. Thanks for telling me; it would be nice to meet another goat again.
So, Face; I hear you're the fleet's diplomat?"


You're free to do something else.

"I meant YOU specifically. My shrine was a Laughter shrine."

"There will be a moot tonight to determine that."

"That's right. It's not the most glamorous job but it pays the bills."


I mean, I don't remember the last reply.


>ctrl f flowing

How hard was that?


What does Face look like, by the way? I'm not sure what to picture when I'm talking to him.
"Well, I'm sure the job has some perks…"


"Honestly? I do not know. How does one represent Loyalty with mere objects?"


"I didn't say more experienced."


"Oh, alright then. Guess I'll see you then. Your uh… marefriend wants to go to Anneiv, she told me. You too?"


He's a dashing, roguish earth pone with flowing locks.

"You're the element of Loyalty. That's why I'm asking you!"

"You were asking my advice, though!"

"There is some legitimate work there. I'm certainly open to it."


"Are the rumors about you having to sleep with ten geishas that were sent for Captain Abilio true? I don't think any male could have that kind of stamina."


"And my response is that I do not know. Aside from… reminders of those I am loyal to, I cannot think of anything."
Look at Spook.
"How does one represent Honesty?"


"I think it's more because Emmy is supposedly from there in her case."


"Nah. I'm fully okay with just taking you to my place, pretty thing."
Lift myself up and close to her…
Before standing up and turning away.
"That is, if you are interested."


"No, no. All those stories get blown out of proportion. It was only seven."

"You had to pick me first? You know I'm less spiritual than those two… Hm… maybe a confessional? Or a place people can leave prayer notes?"

"Well, I wouldn't let such personal matters affect my judgment."

She gives you a roguish smile. "Perhaps another time."

With that, she vanishes.


"Hm. That sounds fair enough."
Look at Ambercharge.


Smirk and leave.
Now, I heard of newcomers.


"Uh, right. Anyway, see you later commodore."
Go find Rusty Wrench


"…Still, very impressive."
Get up and get ready to head out.
"Well, thanks for the tip. I'm going to go see if I can find this Winston buck. See you around?"


"Magic is the most elusive element. It usually doesn't have a shrine. However… I might come up with some ideas."

Quite a few!

He's rappelled off the side of the ship fixing a hole.

"Yes, I'd think so."


What's he look like again?


Alright, leave with a flick of my tail and go find this Winston fellow!


"Of course. And… Laughter?"
Smirk at HP.


Yes, which ones do I know?


A huge, dark brown buffalo. His horns are long ad stretch out forward without much deviation.

He's jawing with a short dwarf pony on deck, chewing something. He has a white coat and is wearing a big, stuffed backpack.

"A party! Or… at least some balloons and games."

Just Ji I believe.


Then let's pick another one randomally and go meet him/her!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well hello there! You must be Winston."


"Hm. Very well. I will see the commodore and ask him which room we could use for this. Mister Wrench can provide materials and perhaps build an altar of sorts."


That sounds pretty menacing. But where did that hole come from anyway?
Wave at him.


There are new crows in the nest.

He glances over. "Sure am. You're… Hircus? Well, I was just saying to Mister Merlot–"

"Please, call me Port. Porty if you prefer."

"Uh, okay. Porty?"


"Sounds fun!"

"It just reminds me of the two still missing…"

"Hoy you."


But I can hardly make it up there…
Do I see their owner?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yep, I'm Hircus! Nice to meet you, Winston and Merlot. You were saying?"


"Yes… well, unfortunately none of us know where they are or if they still live. It pains me to say it, but unless the elements themselves managed to protect them, the chances of them having survived the onslaught seem slim."


"Someone blew a hole in the hull?"


Ponies don't have owners.

Merlot: "You did kinda interrupt!"

Winston shakes his head. "It's fine. Another time then."

"Alright. Later, then."

The dwarf pony departs.

"So, where's the fire?"

"All of our chances were slim. It must have been the Elements that preserved us."

"Routine maintenance. Old wood. Replace it. New wood."


Some do.
How many ponies are up there exactly?


"What, something wrong with wanting to meet another goat for the first time in… I can't remember how long?"


One in the Darklantern's nest. One in the Sirocco's.

"Well, we are a wandering few. I've met plenty of goats in my time abroad. You just have to ask around."


"Hmmm… then it begs the question where they would have gone to after escaping the island."


"Oh… y'know, speaking of hulls, I was kind of thinking about ways to sweeten up the Hourglass. Maybe by reinforcing the hull or something. Safety purposes and all."


Doesn't the Seaworthy have a nest?
Approach the crow on the sirocco. It's the ship I'm most bound to after all.
"Hey you. You are a new face. What's your name?"


"I know, but I've been with this fleet for quite a while, and we've been in Neighpon for the past few months. Not many goats to be found there.
So, you're a traveler, I take it?"


"If I had an idea of that, it wouldn't be a question."

It does, but it lacks a trained crow. You can't just leave a menial up in the crow's nest for hours on end. They'll doze off or worse, actually stay awake but be so unperceptive they don't get you any early warning at all. A real crow knows how to keep his eyes on the entire horizon at once.

"What kind?"

"The whole world, land and sea. Looking forward to pushing back those borders."


I see.
Say that thing I posted before. Shot it at the crowd.



"I only have so much money to spend. How much would it cost to reinforce it with the cheapest materials?"


"My, that's a pretty tall order. How do you intend to do that?"


"Of course. Which means we cannot do anything but hope fate will make us meet again."


You slowly hoist yourself up. It's an annoying climb. At the top there is an abominable Hippogriff. He has a white head with flecks of brown, one large spot around his left eye. His plumage and lower coat are a tawny brown.

"Uh… yep, sure am, I guess. It's Spot."

"Air's free. Work's done."

He gives you a toothy grin.

"I have it on good authority that this vessel will be exploring new seas soon."

"Yes. That is a truism."


"I'm serious!"


"Well then, looks like we might be spending a good bit of time together in the near future.
Face tells me you were asking after me earlier?"


Raise a brow at the show.
"Spot. It's Flowing Tree. Raider corp. I'm just going around meeting all the newcomers."
Offer a hoof.
"What's your story?"


Someone woke up with sand in her cunt, it seems.
"I will leave you two be then. Good day."


"Conifer maybe. Soft wood. Need measurements."

"It's just as I said before. If you want to find the goats, all you have to do is ask."

He tentatively shakes it with his talon.

"Not much of a story to tell. Lived in Novdogod for a long time… now I'm here."


"Take care."

"Where're we going now?"


"Well… when you've got some time, could you check?"


"Any reason you wanted to find me other than the fact that I'm a goat too?"


"Anything you want to do together, Puzzle?"


"Novdogod… Never been there. How is it?"


"Given time."

"I thought we were planning a party!"

"Not really. Company is usually interesting enough. You sure came in a hurry, though. Miss having goat companionship?"

He continues chewing on whatever he's chewing on.

"They like their navy. Trade princes… and they mostly view other races as inferior. But… every race is equally inferior. It's not like there are tiers. So it was a good place for me."


"Straight away? Well then. Let us go see the commodore then."


"Eh, somewhat. More interested to see what would bring another goat out here. I joined because the pay was good and they didn't mind hiring criminals."


"Thanks. See ya then."
Who's at the helm of the Hourglass?


"A party for the whole fleet?"

"Well, now you know."

Someone you don't know.


"Alright then. Well, it was nice meeting you, Winston."


"That may be extremely costly. Too costly. I was thinking more on the scale of the Sirocco."


Alright. Let's see who we've got this time then. Maybe one of the newer additions.


I put my butt on the ground.
"I…Chip, this is all so sudden…I had no idea…"

"Shall we get to work then? There are some healing potions to be made. And I need to experiment with a few fertility potions, for somepony in the fleet."


"No idea? Is it not obvious with all the flirting that I am doing in front of you pony? I'm basically already hinting on….."

Realising what I just said, I then cover my face with my paw and sit there calming down.
"….. Gaahh, I didnt expect that it will get to this. My mistake Selena, a dog like me should'nt have reacted like that… Aaahh… you're just too pretty and good-hearted to ignore and now…. aaargghh…"


"I….I….don't know what to say…."
Cover my mouth with my hooves.



I sat there in silence before looking back at you with a downcast glare.
"Well…. this pretty much turns out into something I didnt expect, its the first time someone visited my room and I reacted with teeth's gnashing. I'm sorry Ms. Selena for all of this, I think you've come here for comfort or advice and such and look at how I treated a guest like you." I bite my lips.

"Why did you come to me to tell me that you are pregnant? Is it to find comfort or ask for help or is there something more." I smiled weakly.


I look at my hooves
"I wanted to tell you because you are my friends…because I thought you'd be happy for me…"


I cover my mouth upon hearing this and bite my lips.
"……. I'm sorry."


Look at my belly.
"….I'm sorry I hurt you…."


I shake my head as I look at you rubbing your belly.
"Naaah… nahh… dont let this old sea-dog drag you down in despair. Expecting a friend to be happy with your pregnancy is a sign that you've somewhat already accepted your predicament. Sorry if this friend of yours reacted like that, it is no one's fault but meself."

I look downcast staring at your belly before looking at you smiling.
"Well, at least I know you will keep the child."


"Children…they're twins."


"Twins?.. Well that is something." I then sit down near you.
"Any name's yet? How about the other's? Do they know about this?"


"I'm still thinking about names. I've told a few ponies like Light and Tela, but not everypony yet. It's not a secret I'm pregnant, but I haven't gotten around to it yet."


"Well I hope both of them has taken well of the news, specially Tela. That mare has some spirit I tell you that makes her quite unpredictable, but that spirit served her well and look at where she is now." I chuckle before turning silent.

"How about the father?"


Bite my lip.
"Uh…I'd rather keep that to myself…for now. There's a few things I'd still like to…it's complicated. I hope you understand."


"I understand." I weakly smile as I grab the wine earlier and drink some.
"Are you having any trouble's? If you do then be honest with me, as a friend I will do my best to help you. I think lightHeart had done the same which I think she has done already once you approached her."


"Eh, it would be quite hard to explain. But I can assure you that if I do need help, I'll come to you."
I smile "Thanks mister Chip."


I nod.
"Well that is fine little pony. I'm sorry that I am not that much of help today specially at how I got angry."
I then lower my head.
"I hope this does not hinder you from visiting me. I will try to be a better host next time."


"No I'll visit again sometime.
I have to leave now."


"Yes… "
I stand up and open the door.
"I hope both of them are healthy once they settled their hooves in this world."


"Thank you…goodbye mister Chip."
Trot out.


Close the door, put aside the bits that I arranged for the shopping and just drink.
Thanks for the faff.


"It must have been nice…"


"There's nothing nice about it."


"Why not? Who doesn't want to be a kid again for a day?"


"Who would? Why? What's the point?"


"No responsibilities. No worries."


"For you, maybe.
Plus, y'know, no sex."


"Oh come on, you didn't like it at all?"


Lean against a table or wall or whatever, and speak with an annoyed voice.
"Oh, yeah, sure, I fucking adored it. I'd go back to scavanging and begging for food and sleeping in the open any day. It was like a fucking camping trip."


"…I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up."


"Well, now you know fucking better."


"No need to be rude about it."


"Light Heart pissed me off with similar bullshit recently, that's why I'm rude about it."


"And I'm not Light."


"No shit, -"
Mock her LH's voice.


I chuckle.
"See, you can be classy when you want, Emrille."


Keep doing a posh accent.
"Of course, how could I not be, cupcake? I am the fanciest fucking mare on this ship, didn't you see my regal attire before it got torn by ruffians?"


Bow my head exaggeratedly.
"How dreadful, Lady Emrille. The world would be so much better without that rabble."


"That is why we must work on ere-..eredic… uh, fucking killing them all!"


"Oh but they are so good at bringing our tea!"


Smack my head with a wing.
"Bollocks, is it tea time already?"


"It is always tea time. Why, we don't do anything else besides drinking tea and laughing at the peasants."


"Don't forget putting so much perfume on that makes a lower pony retch, because we cannot always find the time to bathe, can we?"


"I'm far too busy drinking tea to bathe!"


"I do hope that you did not forget the biscuits!"


"If the servant forgets, I'll have him flogged in the square!"


"Good show, dear, simply terrific!"


I giggle.
"Oh dear this is too silly."


Snicker as well.
"Is it?"


"Just a tiny bit. You do the posh accent quite well."


"Well obviously. I'm from Great Bridle."


"You are? I'd never have guessed."


"It's been a while… what about you?"


"Northern Equestria, Dawnwood, a little town near Vanhoover."


"Anything interesting there?"


"Nah, it's a quiet town. Lots of trees, I suppose. Nothing compared to Vanhoover."


"Never been there either."


"I would've been surprised if you had. We never got many travelers."


"My pleasure. You can chat with me any time."

"Okay! Any party is fun."

It's not. It's a menial with navigational duties.

The pony has a random appearance and a random name.


"So you got bored?"

"I think he's wrong."


Let's go find captain Marsh then.


"I stayed there with my mom helping her out. When she passed away, I took over the business but it wasn't exciting…when Light came and offered me a job I took it with both hooves."



He's in his cabin.

"Come in."

"Very well. I'll run the water."

She heads over to the pump and starts heaving it.


I smile as I keep the last of the wine.
"It will hold together as long as the fleet lives." I then held a toast.
"I am glad that both of us can talk to each other like this. Welcome back


"I'll remember that."
Now, there was a time I intended to meet this Felfire necromancer. Let's make that a reality this time.


"You like taking ponies with both hooves, huh?"



"Captain Marsh. You have met miss Puzzle, no doubt."


"As much as you like touching them with your tongue."


"I don't know about that. I expect the fleet to outlive me."

You knock on her door.


"Yes, what about her?"

"We're having a party!"



"Miss Felfire? Mind if I come in for a moment?"


I assume I know one or two ideas for fertility potions?


"What she is trying to say is that we wish to host a feast here on the Sirocco. Of course, since you are our captain, we wanted to run the idea by you first."


"Well the fleet will not forget your contribution and your help, specially I." I nod as I drink my wine.


"Only pretty mares then?"



"What do you want?"

You had a framework. Now you need to experiment!

You might need test subjects… and to consider an antidote in case you cause horrible problems. Perhaps Aloe can make suggestions. Whenever you're confused on the lab, don't hesitate to rely on her.

"Fine by me. It would certainly help morale."

"Hmmm, well, I think that much has been proven already with the fleet bringing me back."

She giggles. "You THINK he's wrong?"


"Actually, I'm pretty fucking sure he is wrong."


"I have a problem that I believe you can help me with."
Try the door; is it locked?


"That is very much true." I nod at her as I put down my glass and look at the forge's.
"So is the recruit doing well? I noticed she excused herself quite fast when I came here."


"Indeed. And given our success in Neighpon, I think it is a deserved reward. Perhaps a fleet-wide party would be feasible, if financially straining. I could run the idea by the commodore, of course. To see how he feels about this."


Test subjects.
I suppose I could get some menials for this.
This framework? I feel like I'm missing something here.

"You're not coming on to me again, are you?"


[Giggling intensifies]

"So you don't know who your parents are? Because I think I could answer with certainty who my father was!"


"Can you tell me with the door closed?"

"Well, I dismissed her. She's been down here most of the day. She seems like a fine girl, but she has mostly a background in fashion, not minting."

"It's not much of a party without entertainment, but we could bust out the swill."



Give him a coy smile.
"What kind of entertainment would you prefer then, captain? Am I not entertaining enough?"


"You plan on entertaining the entire fleet? How is that?"


"Eh, a stallion called dibs first already."

"I don't know who they were, but if I did, it would't go well for them."


"Oh, so if it turns out the Commodore really is your father, you'd kill him?"

She seems quite amused by this conversation.


My eyes widen.
"Fashion? Now that is something new? Looks like the other's of the fleet who are into those dress and crap might take fancy of her with that talent. Special mentions to LightHeart and Selena since both like fine dresses as far as I heard." I smile


No, this framework, are you telling me to randomly experiment with ingredients, or roll for making a potion or is there some kind of method here?

"You're not jealous are you?"



"I'm not so much interested in that talent as her history with goldworking."


"…no, I think I'd knew if he was."

"Of getting knocked up."
Make a gagging motion.
"Fuck no."


"As charming as I may be, no, I do not plan on doing that."
I smile.
"But out here on the high seas, finding entertainment is not an easy task. That is not to say our industrious menials are finding it hard to find any, judging by the sounds coming from the bunks at night."


Try to peek through the keyhole. '1d10'
"Maybe. It involves a possible haunting on board. I need somepony experienced with the undead."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You're not a foal person."


"Yes I can see that, perhaps in the future I might talk to her…. hmmm I might talk to her right now considering about it." I look outside.
"Hmm where has she gone too?"


This door has no keyhole. It apparently lacks a mechanical lock.

"Why don't you ask Abilio? Or those other necromancers?"

"But if he was? By some twist of fate?"

"Well, then you agree that a good party needs entertainment?"

You have basic ingredients and in your recipe book you have a few potions with similar effects. You can experiment to try to get closer. Of course, just creating a potion won't tell you its effects: it needs testing. And as I said before, you might want to think about some means of dispelling it.

"Topside, probably. Maybe back to the bunkhouse."


"No shit?"

"Then I'd kill him without hesitation."


"Because I don't want their help, I want yours."
Is it possible to lockpick my way inside the door?


"Oooohh.. well you dont mind I talk with the lady hmmm?" I dust myself and stand up straight as I chuckle to Topaz.


Okay, thank you. I didn't know this.
"Uh…boy this might require some experimentation. Aloe, do you have any ideas on quickly dispelling unwanted side-effects?"


"I have more than one way to entertain myself, I assure you. But I understand others may not be as easily entertained. Still, I do not see where we are to acquire this entertainment from when we are out on the high seas, so I suppose we will have to make do with what we have."


"Because foals are clumsy and annoying?"


"And generally a fucking nuisance."


I shake my head.
"You're lucky you're a dyke then."


"You certainly are a cold sort!"

We went o'er this before, remember? Magical ship doors devised by the crew engineers. You still haven't done any work toward discovering how they work or finding the tools to open it. Certainly no lock is impossible to unlock, you'll just need to find a way to unravel the riddle.

"I prefer to stay alone. I don't do well with others. Please find help elsewhere."

"Go ahead. She's off duty."

"The best way to deal with magic potions is with highly corrupt minerals and insulative plastics. I would oxidize lead into litharge and crush that. Extract the casein from milk and treat with lye. Mix the two, and you should have a reasonably powerful dispelling potion. Any laboratory that is undergoing alchemic experiments should have some sort of dispelling potion on hand, honey."

"If the theater was finished with its first work, they could perform. Other than that… perhaps the fleet could look into hiring dancers or musical entertainers to help boost morale. A magic-user like an illusionist could do a magic show. Or something more mundane, like a card or swordfighting contest."


"Only with ponies who get on my wrong side. I can be very sweet with those who are on my good side~"


"Aye aye!" I then zip out of the room.

…… I then poke my head back in.
"Also I am glad you are back Ms. Topaz, wait I did said that already didnt I?"

Now lets go find the Gilder.


"…Listen. I stayed alone for five years. I don't just mean "I didn't get out much," I mean alone. No friends, no family, not anything beyond a passing aquaintance. And you know what I found? I found that being alone sucks.
I understand not doing well with others. That doesn't mean you have to cut all contact with the outside world."


"Mmmm… yes. I have spoken to mister Harun about the possibilities regarding plays. And I know miss Springleaf fancies herself a bit of a showpony as well. I was planning on asking her too."
I smirk slightly.
"You know I am an actress, do you not?"


Cock my head.
"Hey, we're just starting up. It's no wonder need some essentials."
Overlook the ingredients list.
There isn't lead, lye or milk on my most recent one. Did some lead and lye come with the lab or should I go get some next time we go ashore?


"Even if I wasn't, I'd scrap anything that'd try and grow inside."


"Why do you hate foals anyway? And I'm not talking about you being a foal, I mean foals in general."


"Are you flirting with me, Miss Emrille?"

"Yes, I think so."

Vasilisa is her name, Gilder is her title.

She has returned to the bunkhouse where she is fussing over some fabric.

"I already have friends. They're dead. I don't like living ponies. Please just leave me alone."

"Well, you've never put on a show."

Lye can be obtained by leeching ashes, which can be obtained from the fleet's forge. It will never be in shortage. Lead can also be obtained from the forge, with permission from Blue Topaz. Milk is a bit more complicated. You are not yet producing milk. Aloe may be able to help. Light Heart and Rosemary are both producing milk.


"Have I?"


"I'm not a pony. Technically, I'm not alive either."


"I don't believe so. Not since boarding. You'd be able to answer better than me."

"What? You're undead?"


"They are loud, obnoxious, say stupid shit, cry a lot, you can't hit them to shut them up and if you talk about sex around them people get pissy. They just make things complicated."

"Am I?"


"You would know better than I would!"


"Do I sound like I do?"


"Well, I've died twice, so, yeah, I guess I count as undead. Don't have the whole rotting flesh thing going on yet, but I made friends with a ghost that nobody else could see, so make of that what you will."


"If you say so, captain. Though it must be said that one does not require a stage to play a role."


Hmmm, that will not be awkward at all.
I think I'll start by going by the forge.
"I'll be right back Aloe, I'll go get some lead and lye." Put on my hat.

I chuckle.
"I'm not gonna argue that they have their bad sides. But they can have their good sides too."


"Haven't seen them."


I then stand there and watch as she does her thing.
"Hello there, Ms. Topaz talks a bit about you when we are drinking, she somehow spurn something inside me that somehow made me took notice of you Ms. Vasilisa." I nod as I offer my hand.
"Chips my name."


"I'm afraid you're talking in circles. I guess I thought you'd be more straightforward."

"That doesn't count as undead. The living are dangerous… please leave me alone. I'm going to stop answering you now."

Hm. She's a bit if a weirdo.

"Well in this case I was talking about the entertaining type of actor, not the 'lie to get into a club' actor'."

"Alright, honey. I'll get the heat goin'."

She raises a brow and tentatively accepts your paw in hers.

"Enchanted. What was spurned?"


"I'm afraid that if I admitted that I was flirting with you my marefriend would get jealous. Y'know how fast rumors can spread on a ship like this."


Time to visit the forge.
I think there's somepony new in charge.
One miss Tapaz or something.

Wave my hoof.
"Eh, maybe you'll change your mind one day, you never know."


"Why, I have entertained so many ponies during my time on the fleet without ever needing a stage. Does that not count?"


Hmn… damn. She's going to be a tough nut to crack… and I have no idea where to start looking for a way to crack these locks. Asking around would end in disaster.

For now, I'll just go say hi to Selena's new assistant.


"Yeah, the day Tela knocks me up, right?"


I look at her as I began to realize what I've just said and scratch my head.
"Gaahh.. my bad, a dog like me should practice my common language more if I need to make myself more presentable. The word I meant is "'spark' something inside me" Miss. Many apologies Ms. Vasilisa." I bow.


"You don't have to be pregnant to like kids."


"Sure. But you shouldn't be flirting if you have a marefriend at all!"

Yes, an aging blue pony with a large snout. She looks to be the oldest member on the fleet. This room is deep in the darkest recesses of the Darklantern, below even the floor that Scarab stays on. Below the hold is this area: the Vault lay behind the Quartermaster's quarters, and here is the forge.

"Hoy there. What brings you down here?"

"I meant in the sense of performing a show as opposed to the sense of getting tea for a guest."

You stop by the lab. There's a brown cow here working on heating up some burners.

"Ah! Yes, that would be quite a different thing. Hehe. You're quite amusing, Mister Chip."


"I'm not getting them anyhow."

"Shouldn't I? It just means I still appreciate pretty mares!"


"Hello there. Isn't this miss Selena's lab?"


"In that sense, no, I have not. You are quite right. But I do expect you to sit on the front rows when it eventually comes down to that or I shall be very disappointed."


"Ah thanks for that."
I then relax one of my arm to a post.
"Ms. Topaz told me you are a Gilder who is also a dressmaker of sort. Mind if you quench my curiosity and tell me what made you join this humble fleet of ours."


I smile.
"Hello miss, I don't think we've met before. I'm Selena Springleaf, alchemist."

"Never wanted to pass your knowledge on?"


"Well! I appreciate the compliment. Perhaps if you ever become free, but I wouldn't want to step in on a two-pony dance. Now, was there something you needed?"

"This is the fleet's lab, honey."

"No doubt I will. It sounds like quite the event."

"Well, not so much a dressmaker as one who makes dull dresses more interesting. A tailor or even fashionista would make dresses themselves, you see. I put on the finishing touches. That said, I joined the fleet to see the world – but mostly Novdogod. My mother was from Novdogod and I have longed to see it, though I have lived in Shiba my entire life."


"Blue Topaz, fleet mint master and quartermaster of the Darklantern. That didn't answer my question, though."


"Good. Otherwise I would be most upset with you. Now excuse me, I will go speak to the commodore."


"Later, then."


"I'll keep sure to make you posted."
"I need the fanciest attire you can make. Not frilly fancy, but, y'know, like something an admiral mare would wear. An attire that says I'm rich and demand respect and everything."


"Good day."
To the commodore we go.
"Puzzle, do you have any entertainment acts you could perform perhaps?"
Thanks for running.


My eyes widen.
"Oh, I didnt know shibans and novdogians have that many contacts. I'm from Novdogod too you see?"


"I can juggle and do surgery! Also I can usually color inside the lines."

"Hm. Well, here's the thing: there are a lot of components to a good dress. Fabrics. Dyes. Not to mention metal finish. If you can supply the parts, I can sew it."

"Yes, I'm half-and-half. Quite a rarity!"


"Ah. Well, it's usually Selena working here. May I ask who you are?"


"Aloe, the lab keeper."


I chuckle.
"Yes, quite right. I wanted to acquire some lead and lye for the alchemy lab. And possibly arrange for some to be delivered regularly. We'll need it often."


"Aloe? Are you new to the fleet? I've not seen you around before."


"Lye? We have lead, though not an infinite supply."


"Yes, just in the last few months. I oversaw t he construction of this facility."


"Just tell me what are the best materials and you'll get them."


"Oh really? Well, I know what Selena does here, but what do you make? Lotions and creams, I'd imagine?"


"What constitutes best? Hmmm? I would like canvas for a flag, sail, or backpack. It would resist weathering and sword fights the best. Silk is of course comfortable. Flax I would choose for the desert: it breathes. Fleece keeps the heat in for a colder climate."

"Uuuh, just what're you implying, honey? You think a cow can't make potions just as good as any pony?"


"Yes, lye can be made from ashes so I was requesting some ashes actually.
As for the lead a small amount would do for now."



"Well, you're welcome to all the ashes you can carry. Can't get rid of the stuff fast enough. Not like we have anything to fertilize here."


I scratch my head in surprise,
"I didnt know that can happen. That is a surprise indeed if you ask me, I mean these last months I've gone to Shiba and meet their kind and now I am looking at a rarity like you."
I then sit down and put my paws on my jaw.
"I dont know but I kind of imagine your life must be hard without your mother…. "


"…Lotions and creams don't count as potions?"
I scratch my head in confusion. "Then why was Selena so excited about learning how to make that hoof-moisturizing lotion? I thought she'd done a good job of explaining it to me…"


"Nah. Why would I want to teach some little shit how to do the awesome things I can do? They might make money off of it that I could get if they don't know."

"Can you layer it? Y'know, so it has properties of more than one?"


"She died a couple years back in the war. I didn't want to live in that environment anymore."

"Alright, so what do you want, honey?"

"Well, you sure can't layer fleece and flax."


"I meant, like, silk inside to be comfortable, but something tough on the outside to make sure it won't just get torn to shit the first time I get in a fight."


"Oh, well… I don't know, actually. I'm still new to this whole 'make-up' thing…"


"And the lead?"

I chuckle and shake my head.
"You keep surprising me, Emrille."


I lower my head.
"Apologies Miss Vasilisa, I should have not asked."

I then look at her.
"True, Neighpon is indeed a hotspot because of how the feudal lords always fights with each other, no wonder there is always an opportunity for the noble's to wage war. I think you made a right decision to get out of the country but it is bugging me why you picked to saddle with this fleet? We are really not the peaceful sort of types you know."


"Do I?"


"You can have a few bars for now, but it's not limitless."

"I thought appearances were the point, though? Canvas doesn't look as nice as silk."

"Oh, you poor little goat girl. You just need advice on how to do yourself up pretty?"

"It seemed the right time to get out, with this fleet freeing the Shibans."


"Fuck, you're the expert! Can't it be comfortable, good looking and tough?"


I smile warmly.
"Ah that is something true. didnt know our name carried that distinction. 'The fleet that freed the Shibans.' That has a nice tone to it."


Blush and shuffle my hooves.


She grins. "See, that's the thing I was trying to direct you towards. You don't want the best. You want a compromise. Something that's good in a few areas but not the best at any."

"Yes… I only hope it isn't squandered."


"I understand. You can trust it will not go to waste."

"You do. Not always a positive way, but you do."


She tuts at you.

"Do you have powder? Eye shadow? Lip stick? Liner? I don't even see ear rings."

"Good, then. You'll need to fill out some paperwork, though."

She produces a requisition form.


I nod at her as I began to look at her items.
"Ms. Topaz really like's your handiworks it seems. She is good teacher you know and a hell of a minter. What has she thought you so far?"


"Surely, if there was some sort of magic involved, it could be done?"

"I thought it was obvious I don't like kids."
Snort and mutter.
"That little shit Summer.."


Name, initials, hoofprint… that should do it.
"I see you're running a tight ship."

"Summer? Wasn't she one of the Lunites?"


Blink and tilt my head.
"Lipsticks something you put on your lips, right?"


"It's just been an evaluation so far, darling. But really, I'd rather not talk about it. I just spent my whole day at work, I think I'd rather not spend my time off at work too."

She waves her hooves in a 'spooky' fashion.

"Woohoooo! Magic! Here to solve all the problems!"

"It's my job. Back when I ran the mint before, not a single coin slipped out unnoticed."

"Oh lawdy it's worse than I thought. Honey, I don't have the tools it'll take you set you straight. Tell ya what. You come up with some jewelry, and some lipstick, I can get you concealer, shadow, liner, and powder."


I laugh hearing this and lean next to her.
"Say we grab a drink or too and I can tell you about what Nodvogod looks like eh?"


"She was an annoying little shit and I should have shot her in the head and then fucked her mother."
Snort again.
"Don't tell that to Tela though."

"I once had an enchanted uniform! I'm sure it can be done!"


"…Okay. Jewelry I think I know where to find…"
Bite my lip and look away.
"Do I really look that bad?"


"Yes, I heard you worked here before the mutiny. Glad to be back on board?"

"Uh…I won't."


"Sure… that sounds pleasant."

"Magic can do a lot of things. But what do you want it to do? Make it rigid like plate? Besides, I don't know anything about enchanting clothes."

"Well, you on a pirate ship honey. I think 'bad' is the standard."

"It's the only home I've known for a long time. I think so."


"Good… I should have aimed for his face too…
You ever get regrets like this?"

"You don't, but I might know someone who knows stuff about transformation magic. Maybe it could, y'know, change according to the situation. In combat it gets tough, otherwise it will fancy and comfy!"


My heart flutters! Yiiss
Then lets grab another bottle of wine and glasses as I pour in some and offer her one.
"So I take it you know that Nodvogod is a cold place, what do yer want to know about."


"It sounds like you should be talking to them, not me."

She doesn't partake.

"Tell me about… the cities."


"How long have you worked here?"

"About not killing ponies? No, I hope I never will."


"Well you still need to make the base of it."


"Well, I hope I'll be clever enough to shoot sooner and not get regrets like this too."


Chuckle and shake my head.
"Well, thanks for that at least… I guess I owe you. Um… anything a goat good at sneaking around could help you with?"


"Longer than I care to say. It would be very revealing of my age."

"Well, tell me when you pick a material."

"You could go down to the bottom of the Darklantern and find out what's taking Selena so long."


"…let's go with silk for now."


"Most of the cities are that of industry and technology, The cities of Nodvogod has a mind of metal and steel, creating fine works of such as steel that can bent steel and forge's working 24 hours a day to craft golems of exquisite nature and power, many are sent to foreign lands for protection and you know how they sent them to foreign lands mind you."
I then pat the wooden floor.
"The nodvogodian ports are master ship-crafter. Iron wood and the finest metals with the best sails imported from Saddle Arabia to power such behemoths that will put the ports of the Crystal Empire to shame." I smile.


"All right. I'll do that. Thanks again!"
Down to the bottom of the Darklantern! Where's Selena?


"You must have seen quite a lot."

"…I suppose that's one way of looking at it."


"Alright. Bring me silk, and I can sew something."

She smiles. "Well, that doesn't take much, right? There's only one port left in the Crystal Empire anymore."

She's talking to an old blue pony.

"That's one way of looking at it."


"I'll do so, don't worry. As much as I hate leaving you, I got somewhere else to be. Ta-ta~"


"See you around."



I smile.
"Thats why the Nodvogod ports always laugh at the crystal empire's pitiful navy. If not for Equestira's help their sea trade would be completely dominated by our ships."


"Hmmm, well, we shall see."
Let's just get to the commodore.


Visit Abilio!


"Yes, no one can compete in trade with Novdogod, can they?"

You arrive at his door simultaneously.


Well, maybe I can learn something about these locks from a fellow rogue. Let's check up on Spook.


Knock knock.
"Commodore? A word if you please."


"Here, let me."
Simply enter.


I smirk.
"Caravaneers that comes from Saddle Arabia and from the lands east would rather go and deal with Nodvogod. The government is a republic you see and even if it is one, it has a strong grasp and control of the land and the sea's surrounding it, merchants, sailors and petty travalers and adventurer feels much more safe dealing with Nodvogod than deal and risk their asses on the southern borders where small kingdoms and warlords of various diamond dogs forts rule the land. At least you are not at risk of ever getting enslaved in Nodvogod eh?" I drink my wine.


Roll my eyes behind her back.


He's having tea in the fleet's pub and speaking animatedly with a fancy pone. He usually doesn't seem so enthusiastic. They both laugh. They must really be enjoying their conversation.

Emrille opens the door.

"Yes, I have heard of Lost Musdoggy, the land of the southern Diamond Dogs, too."



"Commodore, miss Puzzle and I wish to host a feast on the fleet, to celebrate our recent victory and increase morale among the crew. I would like your blessing and cooperation for this event."


I look at her then scratch my head.
"Well I got to be honest, I heard of the stories and gossips of the lands south of Nodvogod but I have not yet read any books regarding about it nor even have sailed towards it. What have you heard about it?"


Lean against some piece of furniture.
"That sounds like fun, actually."


…Just try to listen in before jumping into the middle of the conversation. No need to interrupt him.


"Well, certainly I have no objection if you're funding it."

"Part of it was conquered by Novdogod. Part of it was conquered by Poneland. Many diamond dogs left it and traveled to other places like Equestria."

Where are you listening from? Are you sitting down at another table? You can't hear them over the noise of the pub at the entrance to the mansion.

This pub has replaced the old sitting room, kitchen, and dining room in the mysterious extradimensional mansion.


"I would, but I would like to get an idea of how much this whole thing would cost as well. The fleet has grown quite larger recently."


Take a seat as close as I can without intruding as I listen in. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Is there anything I could work on?
Did we get the chance to recruit fighters?


"Don't we have y'know, public funds or something?"


Time to experiment!
I say my goodbyes to Topaz and go back to Aloe.




Visiting you in your new lab~


"Poneland?" I tilt my head now listening curiously to her.


"Rather than paying per crew member, the easiest way would to be buy barrels of alcohol and self-serve. Swill, grog, or fine rum, depending on the level of celebration from least to greatest."

The noise of the pub is making it impossible to listen in without being very obvious about it.

Yes. There has also been a shooting range installed.

"We do. And I have prudently invested that on having good food and drink available every day instead of having a party fund."

Aloe gives you a nod. "I have the furnace ready for rapid oxidation, I set up beakers for leaching. And the mortar and pestle stand ready to crush the oxidized lead."

"You know. They were a Ponish kingdom that fell under a personal union with Lethuania."


"That is what I was hoping to do, yes. I understand the fleet has its own supply of alcohol, so I assume I would need to discuss the pricing with miss Topaz?"

Nod at the cow… lady.
"Good day to you too."


If I knew shit about shooting I could help.
So let's go talk to the cap.


Forever September is in her cabin.

I am just not doing two timelines of responses for you. I already have enough people to reply to.

"Yes, that'd be fine."


"I bet you have some regrets too."
Glance at your belly.

"But you did create a party fund, right?"


Wait. First, I should at least have a look at the fighters.


I'm not asking you to, I'm only being polite.

"Mister Harun who runs the theater is planning on directing a play, which would probably do well as one of the forms of entertainment during the feast. The pub will do well to set up these barrels of drinks."


Well, fuck. I'll just get a drink and sit down next to him.
"I hope I'm not interupting anything. I can come back later if I am."
"Hey, Bessie was wondering what was taking you so long."


"Let's start by oxidizing the lead."
Put the lead in the furnace and let it heat up to 600°C. '1d10'


I snort.
"I didn't plan for it. But I don't regret it either."

"Hello, Light, how are you?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


I look at her puzzled before shaking my head with a grin.
"Looks like I really need to grab a book or two am I right? I have not heard any of those countries, well land-locked countries that is."



"Well enough. Your setup is very impressive, Selena. Very impressive indeed."
Look around and nod in approval.


"Thank you, but you should really congratulate miss Aloe, she oversaw the construction."


"I mean Aloe. Bessie was a… an acquaintance of mine back in the day. Sorry."


"Right, I'm done here, I'll get back to her."


Knock by your 'office'.


"Don't you?"


"…Do I really look that horrible without makeup?"


"How far away were you planning this party?"

He smiles. "Honestly? You are a bit."

The regal pony he's with gives you a little smile too.

You don't need to roll for that.

Aloe fusses about preparing the ashes for leaching. You can let the furnace oxidize while you do the rest.

"Maybe I can show you on a map sometime."


"Ah. Forgive me. I'll come back later."
Time to go… Well, let's see if I recognize anyone else hanging out in the pub.


"Ah. Well, I will certainly speak to her when she is less occupied then. Now, I wanted to ask you a favor. You said before that you enjoy the showbusiness, correct?"

"It depends on our next destination. Either before our arrival or after our departure. If we do not require additional stockpiling first, that is."




Do you know Kara Coldlight, Lacy Doily, Wheatwall, Spry Jack, Peachy Smile, Crusted Citrine, "Tough Guy" Salkty Slugs, Burnside of Hamburgerburg, Strom of Hamburgerburg, Betsy of Hamburgerburg, or Diamond Luck?

"We ought to hold the moot. We already have to officers here…"

"Of course not. Why don't you round up the mates. We'll hold the moot for destination immediately."

The axillary raiders don't assemble anywhere in particular. Like you and the main raiding force, they're free to do nothing at all while not raiding. This would of course be different if you got the Training Fields or Barracks upgrades.


Glance at you while studying the lead.
"You look okay."

My new lab.
"Hello mister Tree, long time no see."

"No I don't."

Right, she's making the lye, the lead is going, now we still need some….
"Uh..Aloe, do we have any milk?"

"Yes, you could say that."


"I'm milking, honey. Looks like you will be, too, soon. Just remember, if you want me to keep giving milk, you gotta keep coming to get it. And if you want me to repay the favor, I'll help milk you when the time comes."


"Ah that would be welcome. A dog of the sea must know every place that he will visit before he ever sets his feet on its sandy shore." I grin.


Let's say hello to the hamburgerians?
"Good evening. Have we met before?"
"…Aloe offered to help me with that if I can get some jewelry and 'lipstick…' Could you help too? You seem to know more than me about this, and I… I guess I trust you."


It's not really up to me, is it?
Go find one or two of them, I wanna sit down and hear their story.
"Lady Selena. Lovely place you set up here."


"I am ready, if you wish to call for it now commodore."

"Well, Happy Puzzle proposed I host a feast on board the fleet. And… a feast is not quite complete without a fair share of entertainment. I have already applied to participate in mister Harun's upcoming play that will be performed in the theater, but I would like more than just that alone. Could you perform some sort of magic and illusionist show?"


"Like, right now?"

"A bit?"


Hircus's only real fault is that she looks quite plain. Advantageous to a rogue, but not to a pretty grill.

"Well. It's a date, then."

They're sharing drinks and stories. "I don't think so."

"Goat? Any of you met a goat?"

"Hm… No. Nope, sure haven't."

Apparently the new flag signaler on the Darklantern is a great warrior who lived in exotic lands for a long time.

Sir J. C. Lawrence.

"Yes, I think that would be wise."

"Seize the day!"


"Shouldn't there be messengers or something for that? I didn't get demoted to courier, did I?"


Ensure I've got the lead and wipe my head.
"I've already got a lot on my mind, Hircus. I know Aloe, and if she wants to help you I'm sure she can do it just as good as me."

"Uh….right…thanks. Uh…this is the first time I'm doing this…I'll be careful…"
Get some milk carefully '1d10'

"Thank you, I'm glad you like it."

My mouth drops open.
"Do I?!?"


Roll #1 3 = 3


"Very well commodore. I will spread the word."
"Miss Puzzle, we will come back to this party matter later."
Aaaaand time to round up the officer corps of the fleet.

I raise a brow and smile.


I look at her surprised, hearing that I then sit and smile at her.
"Yes it is."


"…Oh. Okay." I'll go ahead and go about my business.
"Well, my name's Hircus. Who might you all be?"


Approach him, slowly, calmly.
Where is he exactly?
"Not the only thing I like.
Your form… Improved."


"When was the last time someone asked you to do anything? If you delegate, that's up to you. Get it done."

You don't have to roll to perform alchemic actions. You are a trained alchemist.

You squeeze out a few cups of milk. She acts very professional about it, even as you probably accidentally squeezed too hard.


You head out and gather the officers who in turn return.

"So… I think I'm going to turn in now… so…"

"And I'm Betsy."


Looking out over the stern. He looks of Great Bridle origin.


"That's weird."

"Okay, okay, geez, fine."
Let's find some menials.


"Nice to meet you all. Mind if I share a drink with you all?"


Everyone? Every mate, captain and officer? Must have taken me a while, but nothing my wings can't handle.


"Magnificent at times, isn't it? The sea."


"Oh…! Oh alright." I then stand up and get my wine and stuff.
"Thanks for the time Miss. Visilana. Its a pleasure." I nod.


I figured milking a cow wasn't really part of alchemy.
Good, extract the caseine and treat it with lye, then mix it once the lead is ready.
That should be a good dispelling potion.

"That's a very….polite way of putting it."

"Just a shame I won't get to wear fancy performer costumes like this."

"Oh like wanting to shoot ponies in the face is not weird."


By the time you have menials rounded up, you see Light Heart ushering in all the mates.

"Go ahead. The stuff here isn't as good as the stuff back home, but we make do."

Only captains and mates. Not members of the officer corps who aren't mate or higher.

"It reminds me of something else."

Light Heart shows up and asks that you come to the officer's meeting.

"Sure. It was enchanting."


"It's completely normal if they piss you off!"


"You should not be ashamed of it. It's beautiful in its own right.
And it's all the more beautiful to see you are going through with it despite the…"
Motion around a bit.


I nod at her as I go out and go to the meeting. Who's there by the way?


"I believe the theater itself has quite the wardrobe at its disposal."
I wink.

Ah. Okay, let's get back to the commodore as well then.


"We all have tales of different places…
Flowing Tree of the Gun-Do clan. Ronin and sellsword in my previous life."
Offer him a hoof.


"Where are you from, anyway? I don't really have any one place I call home."


You mix up a big batch.

"That'll be useful. Now you can get to experimentin'. Might want some test subjects, though."


Every mate or captain.

Everyone has convened, but there are still continued murmurs as the Commodore hasn't called attention yet.

He absently shakes your hoof. "J.C . Lawrence."

"We're all from Hamburgerburg, in the New World."


Eh, fuck it, let's go back then.
Sort of did it.


"Never heard of it. What's it like there?"


I then ask one of the officer what is this meeting about, perhaps Ms. September if she is there.


Sit down next to Strom and wink at him.


"You just don't understand, Emrille."

I blush.
"Thanks mister Tree, I'm happy that at least one pony supports my decision."

"Too bad I don't think they'll fit me."
Rub my belly.

"Let's make a potion first. After that we can immediately get to finding a volunteer and testing."
Look up the similar potion in my recipe book.
"Uh…how will we test that the potion was successful? Do you know any kind of spell to test fertility?"


"You seem away."
"Oh? Was I the only one? You'd think such an event would make everyone rejoice!"


"I guess I really don't."


File: 1400361968920.png (87.03 KB, 1686x620, 1378043532537.png, IO Google TinEye)

Light Heart stops by and summons Strom.

"Duty calls. Sorry."

He departs.

The Commodore calls attention. "First on the agenda for today is an officers' moot concerning our next target. Our intelligence reports a few different main opportunities. Legitimate opportunities include an exploration contract in Teat to help explore and conquer the outer reaches in Caballeria and the New World, possibly even the southern world. There is also the opportunity to engage in a major trade deal in Anneiv, upriver. We have some more illegitimate options in the form of a bank robbery in Starry Slough, or a major target of opportunity in a huge merchant galleon making port in Crystalport. And of course, I'm open to alternative suggestions."

Crystalport is in the Frozen North of Equestria.
Teat is in Equestria.
Anneiv is in Equestria.
Starry Slough is in Novdogod.


"Yes, the waves remind me of the rolling sands of Saddle Arabia. I suppose when you spend so much time there, it never truly leaves you."

Aloe shrugs. "We could use… cultures? There are pidgeons in the mail officer if you want animal test subjects."


"Tee-hee, teat."
Then shrug.
"I dunno, if we go legit then at least we won't have to worry about shitheads like Rhett or any other pirate hunters."


Abilio groans at you.

"Teat means 'Bridge' in the original Prench."


"Hmmm… Have you not considered speeding the process up? A mere few weeks and you would not have to worry about a thing anymore. Well, except for your newborns of course."
I smirk.

"Anneiv sounds absolutely dazzling, I must say. Could you elaborate on this deal?"


"And it means marenipple in Equestrian, your point?"


Snicker with Emrille.
"pfff.. anyway, anything to make the crystalports fall out of favor with the shipping and trading market will make me more happy." I grin.


"You sound like a stallion who misses home."


"They weren't going to simply change the name because Prance was annexed."

"The Manesian Sea Trading Company, one of our longtime enemies, is offering a major shipping deal through to Dust, in the north of the New World, on the edges of the Confederation of Dixie. If we were to complete this job without a hitch, it would solidify our position as a legitimate operation and open up more opportunities with valid merchants and governments."

"It wasn't my home… not truly. All the time I was there, I was an alien. But… one can have friends and love a land that is not truly his."

"It's certainly on the table."


Darn. The other two still here?


"Still amusing.
…That trading company sounds like a good deal too. Is the pay good?"


Smile a bit malenchonically.
"That's the closest thing to home a stallion can ever find.
I love the inner plateau of equestria and their thousand hills to this day."


"Eh, there were more, but the few last I told…well it wasn't a nice experience. Do you want some tea?" I add quickly.

"Ugh…this is going to be a long day."
What's the starting recipe, the one I'm going to base myself on to experiment?

"I think I should get back to work, Emrille."

"To be honest…I don't think I'd be able to deal with it in a few weeks, I'd rather just…have them stay in there for a little while longer.""


"I see. I would certainly be open to such a opportunity."

"Of course. It is your choice to make. I admire you that you are willing to endure the whole experience, it can be quite taxing at times."


"I'll drop by for the feather juice tomorrow then, 'kay?"


"I love your tea.
So, who's the father?"


"Certainly?" I look at Abilio. "Well a bit of patriotism on my side but both Nodvogods port cities and the crystal empire's port are at each other's throat for decades. Nodvogod has better ports and safer sea's compared to the crystal ports…. so if we get this ship and get the plunder, not only will we destroy the crystal ports reputation but also get booty. Win win." I grin.


I think I was talking about upgrades for the Hourglass


"I'll make a large batch in a few days. You'll have to wait till then."

I consider this for a few seconds.
"Can you promise to keep it a secret for now…I still need to figure some things out with him."


"Anything for such a dear friend."


"So you drop by my place?"


"Fine I'll drop by your place. But if you're fucking I'll just leave it by your door."

"It's mister Face."


"Ah! I'd not have doubted that for a second!"


Sure are.

"So… Going to get yourself a drink?"

"They have a reputation, but we'd have to contact them to find out."

"Yes, the Round Mountains near Canterlot are quite a sight. They seem almost impossible. Have you visited Great Bridle?"

Legumes, soybeans preferably. The plant should be sunlight-engorged. Fish oil. Sugar. A piece of magic, and an egg, any species.

This was originally a performance enhancer, but that's a fairly similar base.

"We'll put it to a vote. None of these opportunities has a time limit."

You were summoned to the Officer's moot. You're about to vote.


"…Eh, why not. They got any stouts here?"


"Yes, I've been there with my company on a few occasions.
Nasty kind of ponies. The kind I like to fight against."


"I'm not a prude~"

"And for that we have to sail all the way up there the river?"


"Oh I suspect the gains from such a contract will be quite large indeed."
Well, my vote goes to Anneiv. Seems fun enough.


Smirk, as if to accentuate the playfulness in the statement.
"Or alongside."


Cloudy's here too right?
"Anneiv sounds good."
Smirk at Emrille


"Anything to make the crystal ports fall down into ruin so that is my vote." I grin.


"Just swill, grog, and rum I'm afraid."

"I'm more of a bourbon kind of girl."

"I am from Great Bridle." he remarks pointedly.

"To go to Anneiv, we would have to go upriver."



I got the magic, I assume I'll be able to find some sugar, egg and fish oil on board.. soybeans might be a little tricky.
Pull some out of my hat '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Can all ships do that?"

"What are you smiling about?"


"And piss off Scarab? Fuck that, I like living"


"Oh I know."


"If other mares can get through it, why not me?"


"Eh, I'll try some rum. Can't hurt, can it?"
All right, how drunk does this get me? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I look at Tela.
"Wait what?"
Or is that a mislink?


"So I heard."
"He's quite the charmer."


You pull out a small soybean plant, bearing beans.

Aloe sticks it in the windowbox for now and pours some water over it.

"Yes, the river is one of incredible size."

"I suppose it could."


"That's convenient."


"I think you will find that most Bridish take great pride in their home."


"You do find yourself in a peculiar environment. Most mares stay ashore while pregnant."

So… vote?


"It's one of the few rivers in the world large enough to support this scale of sailing: it's the reason Anneiv became a center of culture. All the advantages of being coastal and inland at the same time."

Sounds like you already have.


"Scarab. You know, the resurrectionist? Can't imagine him being too pleased wrecking what's left of his home."


"So, tell me about this Hamburger place."


"So do most neighponies. But do you?"


"The question is, do they pay well? Because it'd be a waste of time otherwise."


They both seem offended.

"It's Hamburgerburg, not Hamburger place."

"Maybe we should just go."

"Yes, it is getting late."

They leave. Hm, they must have great pride in their home.

"I do. It remains my home in spite of the time I have spent elsewhere. For Queen and Country."

"You literally just asked this question and received an answer."


"It seems likely that they do, but we will need to contact them for the specifics first."


"That will grow nicely. We should bring some beans to Ciddir later so he can grow more."
Now, let's find some sugar, fish oil and an egg on board and mix them together.

"They'll both stay on the ship for a while. Hopefully the babies will be used to the rocking of the ship by the time they're born."

"He definitely is."


"I know, but I think this question is important enough to ask multiple times."

"Think we should go for it?"


"Alright, honey."

Where to?


You know what? Fuck it. Head down to the deepest, darkest part of the Darklantern.


"Hm. I cannot wait to see them. Twins are adorable."

"Certainly. Though Teat is also an option."


"You have quite the home to be proud of. Fighting through the forests of your land is amongst my favorite memories."
"So, these things you had still to care about. Anything I can help with?"


Let's go to the mess first.

"I doubt you can carry them for me." I grin.

"Luck says they're girls."


"Teats are always an option with me."


"I'd never deprive you of that honor."


The Hold, or the Underhold?

Scarab stays in the hold. The Underhold houses the forge, vault, and bilge.

"This is not a productive area of discussion."

He leaves.

The messhall? There is none on any ship. The Eagle's Roost had one.


"My my… all these girls. The fleet will be overrun with little fillies."

"Your sense of humor truly is the pinnacle of the fleet, miss Emrille."


I look at smiling.
"Really now? So we will stop all of our efforts just for this? I mean no offense but the crystal ports are easy picking unlike the other port cities. If not for equestria's navy their trading companies might have already shut down a long time ago you know. If that ship makes to port then all the riches inside it will be gone and no more, an easy score gone just because us pirates are too compasionate and playing it safe to just let the opportunity slip by."
I then look at you.
"You do have to remember that we are pirates after all."

I then look at the other officers with a bit of disdain in my eyes.
"So am I the only one considering taking over those galleons making sail toward the crystalports or are we going safe and 'legitimate ' again as what appears to be where we are trending now."


Oh gee.
He hates to see his homeland touched at all I see.
I'm really not in the mood for this.


Do we get fed in the bunkhouse then?
Where is the food coming from?

"You can have it." I smirk. "But looks like that's not gonna happen."

"So weird, you wouldn't expect that on a pirate ship. On land there's always more mares, but on a pirate ship I expect more stallions."


"I know, right?"

"At least until we make sure we don't just die to the first royal navy fleet who try to hunt us down for Piracy."


"What worries you about it?"


If you're tired, no one is making you play. It's just faff.

If you're complaining about the fact that he got angry when you started talking about war in his homeland, then you should maybe play a quest with less realistic characters who are just cardboard cutouts that serve as sword holsters and have no motivations of their own.

From the quartermasters, so specifically the hold. Most pones eat on deck. The exception is the Seaworthy which has a real kitchen, if a small one.


"How do you know whether or not that port is well defended with a ship like that being present? Do you even know anything at all about its defenses?"


No, I was talking about the first thing.
I'm perfectly okay with how he reacted.


I'll go visit the kitchen at the seaworthy first. Who's in charge here?


Give her a suggestive look.


Tough Guy Salty Slugs. Though no one is here presently: it's not a serving hour. The grub isn't even kept here when things aren't cooking.


The underhold. Wherever it is that nopony else goes.


Blue Topaz is here, working on finances. The bilge is populated by menials pumping. Perhaps the deepest level of the hold would be better: you'd only have to deal with Scarab.


"The North is terribly cold and I quite like the sound of another contract to bring in more money."


Well, fine. I'll just go talk to Blue Topaz then.


She closes her book.



"I don't know. Everything?"

"Stallions are nothing but trouble."

Mmmm, let's try to find this Salty Slugs. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I look at you, as I close my arms a bit surprised.
"You too? I didnt know that Emrille the ace marksmare of our fleet would be worried about the royal navy by the least."

I scratch my head as I look at you.
"That is why we attack the galleons before they make port or if they are outside of it. Of course their ports will be defended but they do not have enough ships to protect their sea borders against pirate fleets."

I just scrunch.
"Well I can make you hot soup and coffee once we are there."


"Oh? You are beginning to sound a bit like Emrille now, Selena. Better to watch yourself."
I chuckle.

"Tempting, but no cigar."
I chuckle.


Raise a brow.
"I can't exatly snipe fuckhuge ships, can I? Are you worried that your paws will fall of if you do something legal?"


"I've heard having kids comes… Natural."


"By camping outside of port and inviting over the Equestrian royal fucking navy to fuck us up? No thanks, I'd rather not get the Hourglass blown up."


He's in the pub, enjoying a nice drink.


Are the votes being counted or is the meeting over?


"If I'd really start sounding like Emrille, I'd have to start talking about shooting everypony."

"Having kids, yes. Dealing with that? Not exactly."

I'll go up to him.
"Hello mister Slugs."


"Um… hello. I don't believe we've met before?"


"In any case, stallions are not all bad, I quite enjoy some of them. I suppose variety is the key. I enjoy the company of a mare just as much. Being flexible when it comes to gender or race does tend to give you options."


"Yes, of course, I didn't become a lesbian. I was joking a bit." I giggle.


"It's something you should dare for, I think.
But the final decision, that should not be influenced by a stupid old man."


"Hoy. Whaddyawant?"


"I don't think so either. What brings you here?"


"You did a dragon once remember? What has happened to the Emrille I know, fearless dragon slayer and marksman of the fleet " I grin.



I look at you.
"You mare's really dont have confidence with the strength of our fleet do you? Fine? Let us slink off and go Dilly dallows on the sidelines. I didnt thought that mutiny has made the lot of soft or sumthin."

"And no, my paws will not fall off but I am stating the fact this is a big thing and this is my vote for the fleet. Whether or not its supported or out-voted is up to the others but I am telling you guys to reconsider going back to our roots…. before all of us ends up growing shit in a farm or something.


Looks like it's going to be Anneiv


"Hey, remember who was the last guy who said that we have to wreack havoc and kill and burn all the time? Umlock. Remember what happened to him?

Have some fucking patience!"


"Good. You cannot allow these things to ruin your perception of the world. Cynicism is not a bad thing per se, but it can take away some of the pleasures in this world."


"I would like to borrow some ingredients for use in the lab. Some sugar, some eggs and fish oil, if you can spare some."

"Please, mister Tree, you're not old at all."


"My point still stands.
But I'd love to see the kind of mother you'd shape up to be."


"I am afraid you have yet to make a convincing argument why I should prefer that over this contract in Anneiv."


"Hm… don't have any fish oil or eggs. Have fish and sugar. But then, I'm not falling for it."


"Miss Heart, you said you were going to show my your foals one day…"

I chuckle.
"You did once say I'd make a good mother. You still think so?"

Cock my head.
"Uh…falling for what?"


"Money's money. I don't want to assault a port, for the sake of the Hourglass. This trading deal sounds way better. Got plenty of space in the hold anyway"


"I did indeed. Perhaps if you are free now?"




I then just look at you with clear annoyance as I sit down, Trying to relax as I fume with impatience on how long this meeting would last.


"You are acting rather calm about all this so…
Yes, I do."


I chuckle.
"I can't keep flipping out. I'm still worried however…and anxious."


"Very well then."

Selena wants to go see the kiddies.


Meeting over?


>Wf ded,


"Feminine wiles. I'm a stallion's stallion."



While we're walking, make sure to speak quietly.
"Selena, can I trust you to keep a secret? An extremely sensitive secret?"


"Of course, Light, what's the matter?"


Smirk wryly.
"I am in a bit of a difficult situation, I'm afraid. Have I told you about the demise of my parents?"


"What? Oh Light, I'm so sorry…"


"It was a while ago, so I have mostly tried to leave it behind me. Though they may have passed away, I still have other family left. One of them will soon be officially an adult and… become eligible to inherit what my parents used to own. I was never planning on inheriting any money myself and have decided to let my other kin have it… but unfortunately this brought up another issue. It appears somepony is attempting to revoke my citizenship in Dixie altogether. This will destroy my name."


"You think it's your family?"


"No, they are still in the dark on this whole matter. They are not even aware of my current… occupation. But somepony in Dixie is. And that somepony clearly wants me gone. I have been accused of piracy and painted to be an absolute monster by whoever is behind this. If he or she can convince the court, I will no longer be a Dixie pony."


"That's awful. We must find this pony."


"Unfortunately, said pony has chosen to remain anonymous. But… I do have one lead. For now I cannot tell you much more than this, but once I have investigated further I may or may not need your help."


"I'll help you if I can."


Give her a grateful smile and nod.
"Thank you. I knew I could count on you."


Hug '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I guess that was a bit awkward.


I chuckle.
"It was hardly unpleasant."


"I just felt like hugging you."


"That is very kind of you. I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing. And for my flank too, apparently."


I blush.


"No need to worry, I will not tell anypony. Not even Emrille."
I wink at you.


"Yes, that would be nice…" I say quickly.


"Is she giving you trouble? I know she can be quite… tenacious at times."


"No…not really at least. Nothing I can't handle."


"Good. If she ever does go too far however, be sure to tell me. But I digress, let us get to the kids."


"Let's do."


"I don't mean that in a gay way, though. I just mean I'm tough. Too tough for trickery. I'll outsmart it with my muscles."


"I'm not trying to seduce you or anything mister Slugs."


"Not yet! First you say what you want, THEN you try the seducing to get it. I've seen this before, on lesser stallions."


"Yes…so about the sugar and the fish?"


"What? Oh. Nope. You can't seduce me. Sorry. Salty Slugs trusts only his bros. That is, men. Stallions. Males."


"Why would I need to seduce when I'm certain you're willing to lend me a little fish and sugar?"


Ignore that one, I'll respond to yours.


"Aha! This is where it begins! The sweet talking."


I frown.
"Are you not going to give me what I need because I'm a mare?"


"No, it's just that I refuse to fall for your ploys to get unauthorized food because you're a mare."


"Look, mister Slugs, you know I am an alchemist, it is my job in service of this fleet to make potions. And to do my job I need some sugar and fish. I'm not trying to mooch some food from you."


"Sugar and fish sounds an awful lot like a snack to me!"


Roll my eyes.
"If it's a concern, you are happy to accompany me to the lab where you'll see that we're using the fish and the sugar only to make potions."


"Hmmmm… I am awfully busy nursing this bottle. Fine, I'll get you out some fish and sugar, but just this once."

He leads you down to the hold of the Seaworthy where he unlocks the back room and retrieves some cold fish and a sack of sugar.

"Alright, begone ye siren. Tempress. Succubus. Feminine seduction monster trope."


Wave at him.
"Thanks handsome~"
And quickly saunter off.
What a creep.
Anyway, I need some eggs to finish it off.
I could go egg hunting across the ship… or speed it up with some chicken eggs from my hat '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Hm, no luck. Where could you find eggs on a ship like this you wonder?


Perhaps Burnside knows, he has giant eagles, perhaps those have giant eggs!
I'll go find him.


He was actually not far away. The old shooting range in the mansion has been renovated and heavily fortified. There is a larger banner that reads: Frankfurterfort.

A great conclave of Hamburgerburgians have settled here. It's like a little town: They've built houses and a town square, and there are quite a few of them. Twenty, perhaps.


Wait, they've built a town in the mansion?
That's awesome, there are so many new ponies here. Ask around if one of them has eggs '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


No eggs about. Quite a few guns, though.

Burnside is speaking to a mare nearby.


This certainly is a place for miss Emrille.
Wave at him to get his attention.
"Hello, mister Burnside, how are you?"


"Just speaking with Betsy about the flag. What's the matter?"


"I was wondering if you had any eggs I could use?"


"Sorry, my eagle is a male. Why don't you ask the Postmaster?"


Slap my head.
"Of course, that I didn't think of that! Thanks, Burnside you're the best!"
Hurry to the postmaster.


The postmaster is a blue mare with and orange mane. She's caring for a large assortment of pigeons in a large collection of coops.


What a qtie!
Walk in.
"Hello, miss Postmaster, I don't think we've met before."


F-Fine, but only because you begged for it.

How long until we reach Anneiv? I need to know when I'll have the time for this party.


"No, I don't think so either. Do you have a letter to send?"


A couple of days until you reach the mouth of the river. It'll be three days to make it upstream from there.


"Actually, I was wondering if you had a few eggs I could have. I need it for a potion."


"Oh. Well, you're free to take any you find."


"Miss Puzzle? When do you think we should host this party?"


"Thanks, what's your name? I'm Selena Springleaf. I'm the alchemist around here."
Start searching for a few eggs.


"I dunno! I'm always partying."


"Blazing Bolt. Pleasure."

Just two, unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be enough for a few experiments.


"Perhaps we should wait until after we have left Anneiv? We could even find some extra forms of entertainment while we are there, Anneiv is quite famous for its artists."


Let's hope so.
"Okay, thank you, see you soon, Blazing!"
Hurry back to the lab for experimenting.


Aloe has everything set up to run.

"I filled a pot with water. As you crush the fish with the pestle, the oil with rise to the top. I dropped off a few beans with Ciddir and also got the rest ready for use. The last thing you need is a wand, honey."

"Maybe! So what do you want to do now?"


"Meet and greet, I suppose. There are many new crewmembers I have not met yet. I hear we have quite a few new Hamburgerburgers for one."
Speaking of whom, where are they?


The vast majority of them are dwelling within the Frankfurterfort in the mansion. The fort surrounds the new shooting range.


How industrious.
"Thanks Aloe. I've got my wand right here." Get out my catalyst wand.
Now start by crushing the fish in the water and collecting the oil into a bottle.
Then make the base by mixing the soy, sugar, egg, fish oil and a piece of magic with my wand.


Oh my goodness. They rebuilt it?
I'm assuming Strom has been elected as their leader again, so let's find him first.


You need to extract the piece! Aloe directs your wand to your forehead, so that it touches the horn. "Now pull. Slow and firm, honey – dig deep and pull out a hunk of magic."

You mix all of the rest in a big bowl, though.

He's overseeing a new house being constructed. There are several here, and even a forge. There must be twenty Hamburgerburgians. You recognize a couple who were lost at Roads, too.


What do you mean house construction? We're in a mansion!
"Mister Strom. I see you have not wasted any time getting your people back to strength."


I'm a pegasus, my wand is my catalyst.
I should pull it out of my wand, or perhaps out of my wings since Tirek pulled magic out of there.


Yes! They're building houses inside the mansion. It's like a village.

"Yes, Frankfurterfort has grown considerably lately."

You know what I mean you, you, DOUBLE PEGASUS.

Better go find a unicorn or other natural source of magic to tap magic from.


I can't pull my own…
Surely there is one unicorn menial somewhere '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


They must be really small houses then.
"Quite impressively so. Your people must be pleased."


You need NATURAL magic!

And yes, you find a unicorn lazing about in the bunkhouse.

Single room.

"It is any president's duty to serve his people."


"You, I need some of your magic. Stay still for a second."


"I had expected your re-election. Congratulations."



"In any healthy democracy, the incumbent always wins."


Go stand next to him.
"I was walking around looking for a unicorn and you're the best one I've seen on this ship. Your horn is simply magnificent" Wink. "You won't mind to help a mare get a little tiny piece of magic from it, would you?"


Observe the construction site for a moment.
"I see you attracted both old and new blood as well. Meanwhile, I am one of the few Dixie ponies still on board the ship."


"Uh… does it hurt?"

"Yes, well, it was not without decisive and concentrated effort."


"I can imagine. Now, what are your feelings regarding Anneiv and our current objective?"


"Aw, not at all."
Touch his horn for a second.


You draw out a hunk of naturally occurring magic. None of that artificial stuff your wand makes.

"That wasn't so bad…"

"Iunno. Work's work, I suppose. I'm really focused on the fort presently."


"You did great. What's your name?"


"I can imagine you are very occupied then. I will leave you to your work. Good day, mister Strom."
Wink at him and leave. Let's take a look at the other burgers.


"Uh, Little Candle."

"See ya."

He raises his brows in surprise when you wink. You've no doubt left him wondering. Indeed, you've even left the narrator wondering.

There are a modest assortment of them, but most notably, Burnside is here. A tailor seems to always have the attention of others as she masterfully patches. There's a colt here, too, around Grey, Red, and Felix's age.


I've talked to Burnside briefly before. But this tailor and that colt are new to me.
Approach the colt first.
"Hello there."


"You did great, Candle. You know, I could use the help of somepony like you in the lab. If you'd like to help me out, drop by the lab later."


"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers."

"Uh, alright."

Bear in mind if you head off to collect test subjects, this base is for females.


"Then allow me to introduce myself. My name is Light Heart. First officer to captain Marsh on the Sirocco."



He heads off into one of the little houses.


How rude. Children are so rude.
Very well, how about that tailor then?


She's humming as she works on a flag. Several other Hamburgerburgians are watching.


I can already guess what kind of flag.
"Good day, darling. Such lovely stitching you have done there."


"Yes, I seem to be attracting all kinds of admirers today."


"I have noticed as much."
I chuckle.
"But where are my manners? I am Light Heart. Not quite a Hamburgerburgerian like your other admirers, but a new worlder nonetheless."


"Not all Hamburgerburgian admirers, either. I've been hired to head the patching division of the engineering corps. Or did you suppose those sails sew themselves back together after a cannon fight?"

She gives a serene smile.


"That certainly would be quite something if they did, miss…?"


"Betsy of Hamburgerburg."


"So pleased to meet you. You must be the pony miss Emrille spoke of then."


"Yes, she has been one of my admirers lately. What did she have to say?"


"She commented on how you would be aiding her in making a new outfit."
I smirk.
"Between the…"
Look around at the others.
"… several of us, her old uniform was always too garish in my humble opinion. I do hope she asked for something more sensible and pleasing to the eyes this time around?"


"I think I talked her into something more practical for a moment, but then she ran off rambling about how magic would solve everything."


"Our eyes would rest easier if you could yet convince her to pick colors that are not bright lime and purple. I have tried to reason with her myself, but as you may have noticed she is quite headstrong when it comes to her preferences."


"Well, those are her natural colors. Some ponies are just unlucky."


"Be as it may, she should consider wearing something that does not resemble her natural colors. I avoid doing so myself as well."


"Maybe that's why she hates her parents so much. For cursing her with terrible colors."


"That is rather harsh."


"So… did you want something?"


"Only to speak with you and learn who you are. But I see you are busy, so perhaps we can chat more at a later date."


"Perhaps so. Goodbye Light Heart."


"Goodbye, Betsy."
Let's head back to my cabin. Anyone around? Who maybe?


Lacy and Who are here. Lacy is looking after the kids.


Such a diligent mare.
"Miss Doily, mister Who, how are you both faring?"



Who says something in Neighponese.


"Have you considered my words yet?"

Look at Who.
"My apologies, I have been so busy lately that my Neighponese studies have fallen somewhat behind."


"I don't know where the time goes. It all seems to slip by so fast."

Who shrugs and leaves.


"Please do consider it further. Now excuse me…"
Go after Who.
"Is there something the matter?"


Roll comprehension



Roll #1 10 = 10


You get lucky, because he uses simple words.

"I am bored. I am not here to be your Sho**."

**TL Note: curiosity? or maybe treasure, but with a negative connotation


Smile apologetically.
"I am sorry that is the impression I have given you. Things have been awfully busy, which made me lose track of some matters."


"I have tired for in the room to be. You asked me to come for cultural exchange and ignore me."


Not everything I do happens 'onscreen'! We just had a timeskip of three months!
"I can only apologize for my awful behavior. I ask you for your forgiveness so that I can make it up to you."


Tree my last response to you was here


"Worry I can understand, but anxiety?"


"What if things go wrong…or what if I get in a fight here on board?"


"With some other crew member?
It'd be low even for privateers to take their revenge on a kid…"
Grow dark and sip my tea.
"And they would not last long."


"Right, yes, you're right…"
start trotting about nervously.
"Or other pirates or navy, like when we were in Neighpon…"


"You sound truly like a mother now."
Sigh and settle down the cup.
"Relatives of yours still alive, maybe?"


Stop trotting.
"….not that I know. My mother never told me about any other family….nor my father…I'm all alone."


"Then, you will only have to do your best to keep them safe."


Rub my head.
"…I should be sure. About my family, I mean. I need to know for sure if there's anypony left or not."


"A trip to your ancestral home, that's what you need."


I nod.
"I'll ask Abilio, he knew my mother, he might know if she had any sisters or brothers."


"Oh, the commodore did?"


I nod.
"They had the same mentor."


Take a sip.
"Then, he's surely the stallion who can help you."


"I'll ask him today."
Gotta go, continue later.


"Keep your mind easy until then."


I chuckle.
"It's how I got recruited here. The commodore wanted my mother to look over some alchemical potions. What he got instead was me."


"That's a story I'd never heard."


"I never knew either that my mother knew pirates. But I can guess why she wanted to keep that to herself."


Just think of what your kids will say instead. Living on a pirate fleet. They will have so many stories to tell."


"Good ones, I hope…"


"Fun ones, it's more likely. Tales of many a great battle, I'm sure."


I break a smile.
"Yeah….good stories…about friends and adventures…"


"Those are the best."
Smile warmly.
"Don't worry in vain."


"I know..I know…I can't help myself…"


"It's just normal to be emotional, in your conditions."


"I must seem so silly."


"You have the right to."


"Yesterday I ate 5 jars of pickles! Right on deck. Everypony must have been laughing at me…"


Smirk slightly.
"…Yes, it might not have been the best thing to do."


"I didn't even notice I ate so much until it was over…It's not my fault! It's them."


"The pickles?"


"No, the twins! They're gluttons."


Forces of nature, that's what they will be!"


"….you think so?"


"Mark my words. The bond between brothers is immense, the bond between twins?
It's eternal."


I smile.
"At least they'll have each other..always."


"Even today, my own brother's words still follow me.
The kids are lucky."


"They'll be a hooffull, that's for sure."


"Mister Face doesn't have much to do while we are at sea, I'm sure he's gonna be a great help."


"I still need to talk to him about that….I've been thinking about…how to do that…."
Scratch my head.


"Well, have you been sleeping around with anypony else?"



"Then he can't really deny his responsability, can he?"


"It's not that…you know what job he has. And…I wonder how he feels about me."


"I do know. And he told me, he only sees it as a job. Not as his lifestyle."
"He's a much bigger prude than me, for one. Just a more suave charmer, I've heard."


I bite my lip.
"Truthfully…I can live with it…if it is just a job to him, but I need to know that I'm not just a job to him."


Raise a brow.
"I doubt you have anything the fleet wants that it hasn't taken already, lady Selena.
You are hardly part of contractual obligations."


"I don't mean it like that….I mean…when I went to tell him I was pregnant, before I told him he thought I had come to end the relationship, and he ended it just like that…no hard feelings he said."
I sigh.
"I don't know, is it even possible to be a mom and dad if you're not in a relationship? If he doesn't love me, will he resent me for making him a dad?"


"You should really put your hoof down and explain to him what happened."


"I told him I was pregnant. He knows….he says he was willing to give it a shot…but I'm not sure if that's a good idea if he doesn't care about me…"


"That's indeed deserving of a long talk."


"Yes….I'll have to plan it carefully…"


"Say…Tree…you know Face well right?"


"I used to talk with him a lot, yes."


"Could you….talk to him and find out what he thinks about all this? About me and the twins?"


"Should I be upfront or discreet about this?"


"Discretely, if you can…"


"I will try to."


Give you a hug. '1d10'
"Thank Tree."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Pat your back gently.
"Anything for a friend."


That seems it, do you want to talk about more?


"I have seen enough of your room."

He floats off.


Right, I realized that in downtime.
"You know, on second thought, maybe today is not such a good day, but I'll definitely drop by again when I need you."
Time to mix this shit up.


Seems fine to me.



Back to the lab! Your base is prepared… Now you can experiment with random ingredients or roll alchemic knowledge to try to guess ingredients. (The target for this roll is not 10. Instead, you want to match my hidden roll as closely as possible.)


Trot after him.
"I must ask you to reconsider."


After crumbling up the fifth draft paper today I sigh and go find Felix.
"Hey little sister wanna go get some air? See the rest of the new crew? "


I seek out Chip, probably looking him up in his cabin.
Knock knock.

Go seek out Selena in her lab.
Knock knock.


"Come on in"


Are we alone?
"Good day, Selena."


Aloe is probably here.
"Hello, miss Heart"


"I must commend you on the dispelling potions you provided for the issue I was facing. It worked quite brilliantly. Aside from experiencing mild nausea, they seem healthy again."


"That's great. Sorry I couldn't come, I had a little issue of myself here."


"uhhmmh.. wha.. What? If this is about the rotting Sails then I already told you guys we will get new one's!"

Stand up and open the door.
"Oh…. hello there Light Heart."


"I must admit I was wondering about the reasoning behind your absence. Is everything quite alright?"

"Mister Chip, did I come at an inopportune time?"


"There was a pest in my lab, eating all the flowers. I had to catch it in a crate." Point at the crate.


"Oh dear. A rat, I presume?"


I shake my head.
"No… no you did not.. Uhmm come in." I offer the door way and go arrange my bed and stuff.
"Wine? Or something more lighter?"


"No…it was uh… Ciddir called it a Lichen pseudopod. It looks like…a big mold with legs and a big vine on its back."


"I appreciate the offer very much, but I'm afraid I do not drink alcohol, mister Chip."

I raise a brow.
"How… interesting. It sounds rather venomous. Is it dangerous?"


"It looks yuck."
Wince while poking out my tongue.
"I'd show it but I don't want it to escape."


I smile.
"Understood, just trying to see if you changed your mind after all."

I then pour some and offer a seat.
"So this is a rare occurance. I mean anyone visiting here in my room. Why have you come and check on this old-seadog?"


"Of course. Safety comes first."
Look at Aloe, then back at you.
"Could we… speak in private?"

"It is bad for the heart. My reasoning? Well, I cannot always expect my friends to come to my cabin. That would be rather unfair."


I'll ask Aloe if she could bring some of the remaining flowers to Ciddir for safekeeping.
"That should give us some time."


"Thank you. As it turns out, Rosemary was responsible for poisoning both herself and Wark."


"As you said, why would she do such a thing? And how?"


I chuckle
"Ah.. its been some time since we've talked with each other, not that I protest. Well, a fine lady like you is always welcome here." Inch closer.

"Say have you talked with any of the new crew? Abilio sure carted lots of them that I have trouble knowing each one of them, even Wark is having trouble's."


"She is a… strange mare sometimes. She acquired the recipe from an alchemist shop during one of our stops."

"I make it my ambition to get to know as many of the crew as possible. Not an easy task, but I am getting along quite nicely."


I snort.
"Whatever she wanted to achieve, love poison is never a good idea."


"So she has come to realize. Somewhat late, unfortunately."


"Surprising what a little dispel potion can do. I hope miss Topaz will get me some more lead to make it."


I then sip wine.
"I will try to see and talk to those who interest me, so far only a few has caught my fancy but perhaps in time. We will see."


"Are they expensive? I feel I ought to be repaying you this debt."

"Then, I feel I will soon be very distracted by other matters. Such as Anneiv."


"No, but I will need more lead soon. So far miss Topaz has been giving it me for free. I hope that doesn't change."


I nod.
"Miss Topaz is an interesting pony. I do not think I have ever met a pony who is quite so dedicated to accounting than she is."


I then put down my wine and refill it.
"Same here. The officers did agree with taking that contract so I doubt anyone would be able to relax that much once we reach Anniev."

"Though now that I think about it, Winston told me Anniev is a nice place. With mountains called Alps or something like that."


"She seems to run a tight ship. No nonsense."


"Oh yes, Anneiv is world famous. I have always wanted to visit it but I unfortunately never truly got around to it. It is widely considered to be the cultural capital of the world, filled with theaters and opera houses. I am most anxious to see it. I do hope to get the chance to explore it for a few days. Perhaps if it truly appeals to me, I will not even be able to bring myself to leave it behind."
I chuckle.

"She has been on the fleet longer than anyone. Everypony respects her and holds her in high regard. Her skills are a valuable asset to the fleet to be sure."


"Mister Chip seems to like her a lot."


I smile, caught by surprise by your enthusiasm
"Well well, looks like we got a very excited pony here, I think both you and Selena will enjoy that place considering that pony alchemist is also a bit of a theater act back in her days."


"He was her apprentice for some time, so I imagine he does. I am quite fond of her myself. I spoke with her at length during my early days on here when I was grounded on the Darklantern due to a large storm."

"I do believe you are correct about that, yes."


"I'll be sure to visit her more often then. She sounds interesting."