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How long can you choke out these ragged breaths?


I was going to talk to Wark about what happened after dealing with Rosemary.


I was talking to Strom but I didn't really have anything to talk about.
Is Cloudy available?


Or even better question.
Are the Memoirs available yet?


You don't find him on the Sirocco. Instead you have to track him all the way to the deepest reaches of the Darklantern, below even the floor that Scarab stays on – under the hold into the old Quartermaster's room, near the vault where the altar is stored in a cage is where Topaz kept her old forge. He's there, honing his axe on a grindstone. He's peddling it furiously.


Asking Nopo


Look if both me and Strom are able to finish the gun we are repairing

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"You've fallen low, Wark…"
I smile and shake my head.


Yes, he has finished the catalyst.

He looks up, surprised.



I chuckle.
"Nevermind. I had thought you were going to rest for the battle?"


"Well thats done it." I nod at him.
"Say besides repairing guns, what do you do in your free time?


"Naught in tha mood fer it anymore. Is it startin'?"

"Design 'em. Or work on the firing range. Grab a bite to eat here and there."

Nopo failed you again.


Let's go with Cloudy then.
I take some of my black tea leaves and a bit of camille with me.


Saunter over to him.
"You seem rather upset."


I can't remember, have you talked to her before on her own?


He grumbles. "What're ye here fer? Ye don't come without a reason."


I did once during Nagobana in the market.
I promised to have tea with her sometime then.
Now might be a good time.


"Hmmm… " I nod as I stand up and get ready to leave.
"Will you come with us hunting those assassins or will you stay out of it"


You knock on her door.


"Eh, s'not my line of work. I wasn't hired on to raid. I do maintenance and the like."


"I may or may not have overheard some things."


"Alright then mate. Could use the experience but no pushing on my part. Good to have your acquuantance."


I smile.
"Hello miss Cloudy. How are you today?"


"Mmm. Well?"

The door isn't open.

"Same as yesterday I suppose. I hear the raid went well this morning."

"Yep. Save to you."


"I suppose I should have seen a clash like this coming."


"Yes, it was quite amazing but we did it.
Uh miss Cloudy, I still owe you some tea. Are you available right now?"


Now lets head out and see who are the one's I have'nt yet talked too.


Wark sighs and puts down the axe. "I made this complicated. Ye were right ta turn me down at first… now I've complicated things more wit' Adel… Do ya just want tha two of us out of yer life?"

"I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but you don't owe me anything."

Is there someone in particular? Or looking for new faces?"


New faces would be nice


"Oh, I hope it's not anything too serious?"


"Adel is my blood. I want to ensure she grows up well and happy. And you… you are more than just a friend. You have been good to us. Too good perhaps."
I shake my head.
"I could not possibly push you two away. Rosemary may not agree with it, but I cannot abide to every wish she has."


Most of the new characters I've generated can't be hired until you complete Ichi.

Go find menials?

Mellow Marsh


"It was unprofessional ta get involved… she was right, ye just pitied me, and I abused that…"


I know face and Marsh but Anything I know about Spook, Felfire or Burnside?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Felfire was a necromancer you met in Pirates 1. For a long time she was badly scarred and had wings coated in copper, but she later had those healed.

You've only heard of Spook, never seen him.

Burnside is a Hamburgerburgian who hangs around Strom a lot.


"Now you are just talking silly. You have done so much for me, so the least I could do was repay one of those many favors."


Felfire… I think I heard that name going around the fleet… let's see if I can find her.


"Ach… it was an unfair favor ta ask."

She has a room on the Darklantern, unusual for a non-officer, especially one who doesn't serve with a specific role on the fleet like a doctor.


"Stop worrying about it. Adel is as much of my daughter as Lilly is, just remember that. I don't care what Rosemary says, she will tolerate her. I will not have her insulting my kin."


"I've been alive a long time, Liberty. I've never had a family, but I've wanted ta. One o' tha things I've learned in tha time is tha ya can't make someone love a pony they don't love. Or a donkey. I shouldn't have expected Rosemary ta treat her like I do…"


"We will see. The very least she can do is be polite and keep her insults to herself."


"Jus' as well. I'll stay."


"Good to hear. I hope you can find it in your heart to eventually forgive Rosemary's shortcomings."



Since you're the only one left, let's pause.


Alright, knock and see if anyones home.


What will it be? Diplomacy? Trap? Frontal assault?


Ready willing and fully able to get them assassin meanies.
Made some healing potions.
And here's a dopple '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Is there a sneaky way to do this?


I know Tree had a plan. I'd like to try it diplomatically at first.

I hope my minions are ready for action though.


I'm a fan of assaults, but I rather not die stupidly again. Whatever the big ones think is best.


Which will it be?

There's a sneaky way to do anything. Even eat chips.



Well, I have my guns.


I think we had a decent plan about teleporting one or separating them? Something like that?


So, we're going after an assassin, right? What building is he in?


"What's the plan?"


Going to mix it up for once. Wark, HP and Who.


The local calligraphy school. Both of them are.

Who comments in Neighponese when you ask him to come along. It has been a long time.



If diplomacy doesn't work, Tree suggested we use Tela's Teleport and Abilio's portals to separate them. Is that viable?


There's only one way to know for sure.


I nod at him.
"There are big ponies that may need hunting."

So Abilio can come along to provide portals?


He replies in Neighponese.

If you ask him.


I'll follow Light Heart; she seems to be the leader of this group.
"I'll wait for your orders, ma'am."


"Have you forgotten the Equestrian tongue already?"
I chuckle.

I believe Tree asked him already, but let's ask him again.
"Commodore? Would you be opposed to joining us to provide the portals mister Tree desires?"

"We move out soon."


"Let's just shoot them in the head and get over with it."



"Then seperate them and then shoot them in the head."



"I'm concerned about the risk to our command structure if things go poorly. The same reason it took us so long to recover from the Battle of Roads was as a direct result of lacking centralized leadership. Certainly I did my share of raiding back in the day under Captain Thatch, but my present responsibilities to the fleet are as a leader, not a combatant."


I'm sure I spent lots of time with Felix before this trip.


Baka, maybe if you were around more often!

Well, there will be some downtime for faff after this city.


I nod.
"Of course, if a group is missing its leader than it falls apart. We can't risk that."


"Maybe. I would like to utilize diplomacy first."

"I understand that, but without these portals the plan mister Tree proposed will not be possible. All you will need to do is open and close the necessary portal if the diplomatic approach fails. We will take care of the fighting ourselves."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Very well. But we will have to deal with the other assassin eventually. Not just to obtain the weapon, but because as E. Watcher attests to in his work The Maw of Tartarus, there are naturally occurring exits out of Tartarus – typically these are guarded by a cerberus, but I am not convinced that one would be able to stop the assassins if they live up to expectations."


"Not like we'll be gone for long."


"Hmmm… that is problematic to hear. I was hoping to only deal with the other once the first one is neutralized. We shall be on a tight schedule then."

"We move out now. Remember, we will try diplomacy first. If that fails, Tela will use her Teleportation spell to teleport the assassin to a portal and lock him or her up in Tartarus until his or her partner is dealt with."


"Without surveying, there is no certain way to know how close the nearest naturally occurring vent is. For all I know there could be on in all of Neighpon, or perhaps the nearest is underwater. The primary concern is not so much that we will be interrupted in two minutes as that Tartarus is not an effective prison."


"Understood." Float in line behind them and
appraise their butts '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Uh… you know it's not just that simple right? Teleportation can be really tricky."


I nod.


They are narrow and taut as a result of battlefront combat and rations that are less than filling.


"I see. Well, diplomacy is my preferred method here as well, but if that does not work, we need a plan B. And if this plan B is not sufficient… then a frontal assault while they are together is imminent, which will likely lead to our deaths."


"Lady Heart, you could pose as my assistand and find a way to trick one of them into the portal as we deliver the scroll. That'd require no magic of any kind."


"That would be quite the bluff. I can certainly try."


"I will offer you all the support you need. Just give me a few pointers."


"And do remember what we talked about.
If we could somehow learn what Spear's true motive is, why he's reluctant to going after the Daimyo of Awa, we could possibly stop them without even a fight, and instead persuade them to give up their weapons."


"I would need to look like a Neighpony. If he sees me as a foreigner, he will immediately know something is not right."

"That is my preferred plan, yes."


"Perhaps we could pretty you up."


"I would also need to be able to speak Neighponese…"


"I could pretend to be a doll, and help you translate like i was doing for felix?"


"I do not mean to offend, but that would be a fairly obvious thing for an assassin."
I shake my head.
"No, this is simply too complicated to pull of. We should utilize diplomacy first. If that fails… we will have no choice but to fight our way out."


"Then how would you suggest becoming bi-lingual in time to pretend to be a neighpone for this mission?"


"Then should we be upfront about this?"


"Go ahead then, do your thing, I'll shoot when I see blood."


"Out of curiosity, why are you so determined to try to save their lives?"


'1d10' I'm going to guess making lightheart a translator device on the spot is not possible. but I'll give it a try.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Pull out some cochlear mushrooms from my hat '1d10+2'
If I start brewing, can I make a translation potions quick, wf?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I'm not. I really don't want to fight them together."


"We do not, hence why I say it is too complicated. Even if we do pull this off, Tartarus will not contain the sufficiently."

"Given the characters in our group, I am fairly certain he will see through us without any issue like Ocean did in Shiba."


"I might be able to make a translation potion…if I get some Western Pinecone"


"So be it. Then, we need a contingency plan.
I do hope Lady Tela feels up to the task, if all else fails."


"Even if I do manage to pull of a perfect Neighponese look and the assassin does not see through it, the commodore already explained it may not take long for them to escape Tartarus."


You can pull out one mushroom, enough for one potion.

'Quick' is relative, but you're not on a timetable.

Speakers and screens are not possible ever. You quickly scribe together a Neighponese-Equestrian dictionary.


Okay, according to me recipe I still need Western Pinecone. Pull that out of my hat. '1d10+2'
My inventory says I already have Honeysuckle

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"…Maybe if we offered them an alternative?"


"Do tell."


"I am all ears."


Present the dictionary to Light Heart. "Well, maybe this will help you with understanding Mister Who at least?"


Nothing comes out. Universe must be catching on.


I smile.
"Thank you. Perhaps I will even learn the language."


Stupid universe.
I'll leave the Cochlear mushrooms with Ciddir for later cultivation.


"It probably won't work, and I actually feel kinda stupid for thinking of it, but… what if we offered them a position on the fleet? I mean sure, they probably have other obligations, but from their point of view, it might be preferable to getting sent to Tartarus.
…I know it probably won't work, but… I thought I should at least bring it up."


Laugh at that.
"I highly doubt they have any interest in that.
Or that anything we can offer them would be good enough."


"You're welcome Lady Heart."
"What are you looking for?"


I nod.
"I considered this as well. Or at least convince them to give up their weapons and leave the Daimyo of Awa alone."


"Nothing…seems like we're going with a different plan anyway."
I grin.


"Oh, alright then!"


Sigh and nod.
"I sorta figured that out, but thanks for at least listening.
So, maybe I can sneak close enough to them to eavesdrop? You said something about wanting to learn why they were reluctant…"


"Well… are you certain you can outskill an assassin in the art of shadow walking?"


"I bet they'll see you using their ninja bullshit senses or something."


"I'd need a chance to get into the building and slip away, and it'll definitely be a challenge…
But I've lived in the shadows my entire life. Even if they prove better at it than me, I should be able to get at least something out of the attempt."


"Very well, you have my blessing. Go forth and eavesdrop."


"All right, but the courtyard is filled with students. I won't be able to sneak past them.
However, if we enter as a group, I'll be able to slip away as soon as we enter the building and find the assassins so I can eavesdrop."


I nod.
"Very well. Everypony, we are moving out. Let us take care of this once and for all."
To the school!


Trot trot.


I want to shoot things…


"Yes, let's get this over with."


The Calligraphy School is as you left it, if a little more bustling as ponies are calming down from the assault.


"Do you want me to do the honors?"


Make a polite gesture to the door.

"Do remember, avoid civilian casualties at all cost, even if it costs us this task."


Let's move inside. The old pony should be here, no?
"I'm here to take the scroll."


"Yeah, right."


Follow the group, attempting to draw as little attention to myself as possible while I wait for an opening.
Let me know as soon as the group reaches the main building.
"Any directions you can give me? You came here earlier, didn't you?"


I kinda explained about this at length already.


"I mean it. This is merely optional. We cannot risk the main objective by murdering civilians and risk losing the main prize. I will not allow this, so if you disagree this mission is off."


"I'll just ask the stray bullets nicely to not murder anyone."




"If I cannot trust you to follow simple orders then kindly leave and return to the fleet."


"I will have it brought out. It's five thousand songs."

You're there.


"Just fucking get on with it, will you?"


"I would like to pay my respects to master Reaching Spear personally, if possible."


Attempt to slip away from the group and Stealth to where the assassins are! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1




You crash through a paper wall.

"Your friend will need to pay for that wall."


"We will."


Fuck. Carefully sneak off, stepping lightly this time. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You really obviously try to get away.

"And tell him that we've got our eye on him in case he tries to break anything else. Look at him trying to sneak away from the damages!"


"Hircus stop that."
"We would never."


Face hoof. "idiot goat"


"A simple yes or no will suffice."
Shake my head in disapproval and go in after Tree.


Slink off to the back of the group…
Then try to sneak off in a different direction. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, it's five thousand songs for the scroll and one thousand for the door. After you pay we can pick up the scroll from the room and if you insist we will see if Master Spear is not busy."


Wait near the door, I'll hear if I'm needed.


You break another wall.

"Make that two thousand."


A group of three students begins following you to track your destruction. It will be extremely difficult to get rid of trails that are explicitly following you.


"One moment."
"They want seven thousand songs.
Five for the scroll, two for the broken walls. And they are not willing to let us see Reaching Spear until we pay because of the damage."


How many songs do I have that I could contribute? I think I had a few hundred or so.


"I told you to stop after the first one."


3350 songs


"Very well."
Hoof Tree 7000 of my 16th century greatest hits songs.


Stop her at five thousands.
"I will pay you back as soon as I am able, be assured."
"If you have the two thousands, those should come off your part."


"Sorry. I thought you were just saying that for him."
Hand over the 2000 songs to pay for the broken walls.


"I wouldn't say that in equestrian, would I?
Take the money and go to the elder.


He nods and leads you to the storage room where a student has already retrieved your scroll. It is hanging here.


And what of master Spear?


"I can't believe there's an entire school dedicated to writing here."


"The students tell me he is presently unengaged. However his room is relatively small. It would be uncomfortable for your army to fit."


at this comment I fly under your hat.


"…It's funny, how ponies who already have something tend to take it for granted."


"Indeed. But we won't need to. We are bearing no ill will for the Master."

Turn to Light Heart.
"The Elder says the room is too small.
The two of us are probably all what Reaching Spear is going to receive.
If worse comes to worse, I should be able to buy you enough time to regroup with the others."


I nod.
"Very well. I am ready."


"Take us to him."


The Master is here in his room, drawing in the sand in the drawing box.

"You've returned."


I perk a brow.


"I have. Marvelous work with the scroll. Do you speak equestrian?
My associate would like a word.


"Some. What is it?"


Step forward.
"Good day. My name is Light Heart. I do not believe there is need to inform you of who I am and what I am doing here in Ichi."


"There are not many foreigners in Neighpon. I am told you arrived in a group with many. The city was just captured by foreigners."


I nod.
"You understand we work for the Daimyo of Awa. You must also understand that said daimyo has informed us of the existence of a certain duo of assassins. Now, I am not a unreasonable mare. Battle is sometimes inevitable to solve conflicts, but my preferred method is diplomacy. In Ichi's case, this was unfortunately impossible."


Stand as close to the wall as I can without risking breaking it. Can I overhear any of their conversation?


They're just paper walls.

The students are eying you, expecting you to slip up again.



"In fairness, I would like to avoid more bloodshed as there has been plenty already today. Of course, such a gesture would need to come from both sides for it to work out. Can we come to an arrangement that will end this whole assassin matter once and for all?"


Fuck, Light Heart, did you just drop the "A" word? If that doesn't provoke them into attacking, I'll be surprised.


"You speak of something that has cost many lives as a trifle, like spilled tea."

Roll diplomacy for options if you want em


I hope Light Heart is up to the task… Wait. She's only talking to one pony right now, but the assassins come in a pair…
Scan the room for any suspicious-looking ponies. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Eh, I'll take them.
"War has claimed many lives during the course of history. We could truly end this one right here and now and avoid more deaths then there have to be. Our course of action in Shiba should show that we are willing to avoid as much bloodshed as possible."

Roll #1 8 = 8


You glance in furtively without tipping anyone off to the fact that you're spying.

No one else is in the room currently. You're pretty confident of it.


But there were students eyeing me dissapprovingly earlier!
…But they're not here now. That means they left.
Oh fuck.
Listen closely for any sounds of movement nearby. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You're not in the room you were scanning. They are still next to you. You hear Light Heart and Reaching Spear talking.


"You don't understand what you're asking."

>REBUKE: "To the contrary. Many had to die that I could be here as well. Ichi fell."

>ACKNOWLEDGE: "You're right. As a foreigner, I don't know. Why the Daimyo of Awa? What happened?"
>REDIRECT: "Do you really want to continue serving Takikaga? You didn't seem interested in protecting the city."
>CHASTISE: "If you're so concerned about death, you have an opportunity to stop it now."
>PROSTRATE: "Your power is unmatchable. We've come to beg your compliance."
>THREATEN: "We have a powerful fleet and and army of talented warriors. It's best that you go peacefully and not endanger the school."
>OBLIGATE: "You're powerful. The responsibility of peace falls on the shoulders of the most capable."
>BRIBE: "I want to buy your weapon."


"Do you truly want to continue serving Takikaga? You did not seem particularly interested in protecting the city. We could offer you a way out"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"My fight has less than nothing to do with the Daimyo of Takikaga. I serve him no more than you serve Equestria."

>REFOCUS: "Takikaga aside, this is a question about Awa and how we can come to peace."

>CHARGE: "Regardless of your motivations, this affects more than just the Daimyo of Awa. Including Takikaga."
>DEMAND: "You have no reason to fight, then! Surrender your weapon."
>APOLOGIZE: "I'm sorry I misunderstood. What is it, then?"
>CHASTISE: "If you've chosen to become murderous independently, you can choose to become peaceful independently."
>BRIBE: "I want to buy your weapon."


"Something personal between you and the daimyo of Awa then?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"No. We met only once, ten years ago."

>DEMAND: "You have no reason to try to kill him, then! Surrender your weapon."

>INQUIRE: "You must have a motivation. What is it?"
>CHASTISE: "You work toward a cause even you do not believe in?"
>BRIBE: "I want to buy your weapon."


"You must have a motivation. Would you be willing to share it? Surely it is worth a shot at peace."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I am a stallion of Takikaga. Is that not enough reason? It is the reason soldiers enlist."

>REFOCUS: "Your motivations in the past don't matter. What matters today is finding peace."

>INSIST: "I can tell there's something more."
>CHASTISE: "Reckless patriotism and jingoism only bring conflict."
>REDIRECT: "What about Serene Waterfall? Why do you suppose she fights?"
>THREATEN: "We killed Ocean. We can kill you too."
>BRIBE: "I want to buy your weapon."


"It seems to me that some of the soldiers around here are not very content with their lords. Others have turncoated as well today. I understand you wish to preserve your honor, but is that truly such a high price to pay for peace? Would it not be better for everypony in this building to choose that option?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"If that's so, why let this town fall. You are not making sense."


"Why don't you defect to Takikaga in the name of peace?"

>REFOCUS: "We're straying too far from the topic at hand."

>ASSERT: "Awa is in the right."
>ARGUE: "We've already made too much progress to turn back now."
>DEMAND: "These word games are tiring. Surrender immediately."
>THREATEN: "Because we can kill you if you don't stop."
>BRIBE: "I want to buy your weapon."

"Soldiers enlist because they think it is the best thing they can do for their home."


"Why would I defect to the losing side when I can help end this war more quickly instead?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That was not my question."


"As I understand… you foreigners are in control of all three ports. If you defect, Takikaga will be winning the war. But even if you don't, there are supplies sufficient to keeping the war going for months if not years. That won't end the war at all."

>REFOCUS: "The war effort doesn't matter, this is about you."

>REDIRECT: "Why do you work with Serene Waterfall and not with Ocean?"
>ARGUE: "Maybe if you defect the war would end sooner."
>IDENTIFY: "You don't seem interested in helping Takikaga win the war."
>THREATEN: "You won't live to see the end of it if you don't surrender."
>BRIBE: "I want to buy your weapon."


"Takikaga was in control of those ports before us, they weren't any closer to winning."


"The ports are not a quickly deciding factor. The strategy of attrition doesn't save lives or bloodshed."


"If I defect, it will change nothing as I am not in charge of the fleet we are from. I would need to attempt to convince everypony on our fleet to do so first, which would be quite inefficient given how we can instead convince two ponies on the other side instead. Not to mention that regaining those ports will merely bring back Takikaga to its original standing, meaning the battle today will have been for naught. Will your defecting change the course of the war? I cannot say for certain, but I do believe it will save many lives nonetheless and at the very least make the war end sooner."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"But what you said about Takikaga winning is inherently wrong."


"Your uncertainty is uncompelling."

>INSIST: "I'm sure the war will end immediately."

>REDIRECT: "What is your relationship with Serene Waterfall?"
>ULTIMATUM: "Enough. Surrender or draw."


"Then take this from me, this war will end soon. We cracked Ichi. Take fate in your own hooves and surrender your weapon so no more blood is shed here today. We will be on our way again once we do. We would even be willing to let the two of you join us. The choice lies with you and your partner. What shall it be? Blood or peace?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"There will only be blood if you choose to start a fight. I will not surrender to foreign brigands. Enjoy your stay in Ichi. If you believe in peace, leave without more bloodshed."

With that, he leaves.


"….that went well."


"You know the Daimyo of Awa will not rest until he knows you are no longer a threat."
Fine, I'm leaving. We need to discuss this outside.


Okay, you leave the building


"The diplomatic route has failed. Given how severely limited our other options are, I would like to know what you all think our next course of action should be."


Leave with her.
"So…plan B?"


"Stealing their weapons. Approaching Serene Waterfall. Killing them in a fair fight."


Who are you talking to?


"What a big surprise.
I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so.
Blow their brains and get over with it."


"I say we approach Serene Waterfall. Let me try to eavesdrop somewhere where walls don't crumple at the gentlest touch, and we might have an easier time talking to them."


The party. My minions too.

"Stealing their weapons would require a lot of skill… from mister Hircus. I doubt we will have much luck approaching Serene Waterfall. Killing them in a fair fight will be quite the challenge."

"If you do not have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, I would prefer if you would just remain silent."


"Perhaps we should just go for it….they're on their guard now, stealing their weapons will be nearly impossible."


"Because your intellingent approach really paid off this time, huh, cupcake? We could have ambushed and killed them, and know they know to watch their asses even more."


"Fighting them together… my goodness, I will be honest when I say that our chances of survival are extremely slim at best. I will need everypony to be on board with this plan."

"They knew we were here already. Perhaps if you had paid attention to the conversation you would have heard this. You may have noticed we are not exactly very subtle given how we are some of the few foreigners here in Neighpon."



Manako, I need thee!
"Manako-chan, can you tell me anything about Spear's fighting style from this scroll?"


"And now they know that one way or another we'll have our way."


"Can't say suicide missions are a favorite of mine."




"I'm not a marshal artist tree-sempai, but I will do my best." I say as I pop out and do an energetic gesture before hoovering over it to look.
'1d10' appraise scroll

Roll #1 2 = 2


"They already did, they are clearly not stupid."

"We could simply leave, I suppose."


"Scarab was pretty exhausted already. I'd rather not push our luck by getting ourselves killed again. Sure we won't get the bounty, but I think we've done our share today already. No need to get greedy."


…See if I can stealthily follow the assassin. I have questions that need answering… '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"And miss out on the big money."


"Anypony else have any input?"


Hm… you're not sure how a scroll can contain a fighting style.

Maybe if you had something to compare it to.

You follow him, but you still have three followers determined to document stuff you break.


"We tried diplomacy. We can't do stealth. You don't want to fight. What else is there? Blowing up the entire building?"


"I'm okay with that. Bombard it to shit. See how they like that."


"Is there another like this? It would help to compare them."
I scratch my head and look for something else around here that is similar '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I would be willing to fight them. I just wish to make it clear that our chances are slim at best."


It's a calligraphy school. There are scrolls everywhere.


"Then we should retreat."


Try to catch up to him.
"Excuse me, sir. May I have a word?"


"Selena had the idea. Why can't we just bomb them? They wouldn't get out alive. And hey, after all, we tried diplomacy."


You saw me fight."
Draw the same symbol for her.


Abilio speaks up: "They seem to be able to strike cannon balls out of the air, as I mentioned in briefing Mister Tree."


"Because bombing an allied school would be foolish and risk everything we have worked for. The bounty is large, but the contract is far larger."




"I know you're not stupid, so you've already guessed the group I'm with. You've also probably guessed that I was eavesdropping on your conversation with my friends. I'm not here to try to convince you like they were… I just have some questions I need answered.
Well, one question really. Why?"


"Can they strike a building collapsing on top of them? Can they strike a hundred cannonballs?"


"Seriously? Hot damn…"


'1d10' Can I get anything out of this symbol plus the scroll?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"If you were eavesdropping, you already heard my answer."

A revelation. This scroll doesn't contain any information about his fighting style, it contains his highest ideal!

In the first position, the warrior becomes one with the sword. He is deadly even with a blade of grass.

In the second position, the sword resides within the warrior's heart. Even without a weapon, he can slay any foe from a hundred paces.

In the third position, however, the sword disappears entirely. The warrior embraces the world around him. The desire to kill no longer exists.


Start grumbling.
"Or you could just summon some demons or someshit, Abilio… Y'know, put your magic to use once for a change."


"This isn't about fighting Tree-Sempai, Its about peace."


"It's not my job."


"So you can't help? Fuck, it's not like it has big money in it for the fleet, right?"


"…Are you sure?"


"You cannot risk everything for the sake of wealth, miss Emrille."


"Your answer to her, but she wasn't asking the right questions. You say you aren't fighting for the Daimyo, or out of revenge, so… who are you fighting for?
I… for the past five years, I was alone, betrayed by the only family I'd ever known. If I had faced you then, and you had struck me down, I honestly wouldn't have cared.
But in the past month, ever since I was hired by these mercenaries… I've found ponies and nonponies that I've come to care about. For the first time, I've found someone worth fighting for.
You can't be fighting for Serene Waterfall, because it would be safer for her if you didn't do this. You don't have any friends in positions of importance that I know of, and it sounds like Takikaga could burn for all you care about it as a nation.
Who are you fighting for? Why does killing the Daimyo of Awa benefit whoever it is you care about?"


Point to each position in order.
"First the warrior is one with the sword, deadly even with a blade of grass, then the sword is in his heart, even without a weapon he can kill, and here, he has no sword, he is embracing the world around him and no longer desires to kill."


"It's two fucking ponies. We've got an entire fucking fleet, and all of you are pissing in your knickers."


Call everyone's attention on this.
"He doesn't want to kill. Period. So there has to be more.
Good job manako."


"Anything for a bit of coin…"

I cock my head.
"That explains why he did not initiate battle with us."


"When I was young I wandered the countryside. I was a stallion with no land. It was Serene Waterfall who brought me back to Takikaga and gave me a purpose in life. Her father was a great general of Takikaga, but he was killed by troops from Awa. From that day… we trained together to kill the Daimyo of Awa. She promised me that some day when her father had been avenged, we could go away to another place… where there would be no daimyos or wars or soldiers, just two ponies. You're wrong. I fight to protect her, because she will never cease trying to avenge her father."


"We've killed tougher enemies."


"So because her father was killed, the ruler of the nation he was fighting must die?"
I shake my head disbelievingly.
"I spent my whole life struggling to survive, abandoning honor, dignity, integrity, honesty, even my self-respect for handfuls of food, enough money to buy the means to keep starvation at bay for just a week longer…
But during that time, I came to understand that life is a precious thing, something that must be fought for and cherished, and above all respected. To think that your entire existence is devoted to the ending of life…
I can't believe that. I can't believe that you do this for the sole purpose of killing somepony you've never met. There has to be more."


Float proudly next to you.


"The convenient thing about owing allegiance to no one is that you must explain yourself to no one."

He leaves.


"So…how does this help us…will he give us his weapon?"


"Perhaps… though I must wonder he did not do so when we asked him then."


I shake my head.
"I don't get this. I understand nothing about the Neighponese."


Tilt my head. "It means he is a peaceful pony. He wants to stop fighting."


"It certainly is different."
I chuckle.


Keep following him.
"I don't speak neighponese, but I know when I'm getting brushed off.
I've got someone special too, and there is no way in Tartarus I'd risk the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with them someplace quiet without a damn good reason.
Is she really so blind that she'd risk your life and hers for something as petty as revenge?"


"…Maybe we can take the weapon and tell the emissary he's dead, then he can live a peaceful life, do you think he'd be okay with that Manako?"


"I offered him this, but he declined."


"Leave. You are not a guest here anymore."


"See, that's why I don't understand these Neighponese, they do all these weird things because of honor or something. And their honor is very different from equestrian honor."


So whats happening?


"Good thing we don't give a shit about that. Why don't we poision them? Kill them in their sleep? I bet they can't catch a bullet in their sleep."


"Not without answers. The lessons I've learned from finding Honesty turned my life around; I can't leave without knowing the truth.
Take me to Serene Waterfall. I have to talk to her, to see if somepony can really be so blind to what they already have."


"There is a good chance he'd have agreed to this, but I doubt that he will want to talk about it again now that Lady Heart has fail. My apologizes. "


"Light, I think we should fight. I don't like it, but we came all the way here, it would be stupid to leave right now."


Ponies are talking.

"She is in her drawing room. Pester me no more or I will remove you."


I look at you and cross my arms.
"So what are the two's decision? Arr they joining us or what eh?"



"…Very well. Thank you for your time."
Leave to find Serene Waterfall.


Shake my head. "I don't think so."


"As I said, I did offer this but he merely declined the offer. There must be more to it."

"All the way here? We are still in Ichi. Though it is true I did try my hoof at diplomacy, I personally think fighting them while they are together will be problematic."


"Well thats a shame is it not." I frown.


I shrug.
"I guess we can just stand here then."


"Problematic? Well Abilio and Tree did warn us about it if you ask me." I then lean in and whisper.
"Why not just bombard those bastards with the ships cannons eh?


"They can deflect that, mister Chip."


She's drawing in her room.

"What is it foreigner?"


I raise an eyebrow and frown.
"What, how?"
"Pesky magic always ruining everything, both for me and my enemies." I grit my teeth.


"We are waiting on mister Hircus to return."

"Because not only will they reflect the cannonballs, but bombarding a school is hardly something that would improve our image."


"We are waiting on mister Hircus to return."


Sit down across from her with a serious expression.
"I believe you already know the group I am with. If so, you know the likely reason we are here."
I take out my blood dagger… and set it on the ground between us, with the blade pointed at me.
"That is not the reason why I am here. I come to you for my own purposes."


"Baahh… respectable pirates do not care about schools or their image's…. what kind of excuse is that."
I just grumbled and close my arms.




I raise a brow.
"Would you wish to risk ruining our contract with the daimyo of Awa by bombarding a school on allied soil then?"


"Your partner tells me that your reason for doing this is revenge against the Daimyo of Awa. I must know: why?"


"He is responsible for the death of my father. He must be avenged."


"…Do you even realize what you're doing? Why don't you go live a peaceful life with Spear? You've found Love, Serene; something a pony is lucky if they ever encounter, much less have. How can you be so willing to throw that away?"


I bite my lips and just look at the school, looking melancholic.
"This is not how pirate's fight, baaahh but I think everyone got it all planned anyway so why do I have to bother thinking about it, "


I look at the school house for some time before then looking at you.
"We really need that forcefield magic thing that they employ in those castle's you know, if we are able to somehow protect the fleet from incoming artillery before it hits the hull then it will save not only us repair men from repairing the ships but also lives of crew and menials."


"We are privateers, mister Chip. For the remainder of our contract we are privateers. Throwing away everything we worked for is not only stupid but also counter-productive."

"The castle has been leveled to the ground."


"You cannot tempt me with your foreigner Devil-tongue. Family comes first. Leave me."


"Privateers… but yes. You and Abilio are right, as always." I nod before looking at the castle's direction.

"Everything can be digged up with enough work that is what my father told me, give me and the crew some time and we can get that statue or whatever the hell it is and bring it aboard. It will be a total waste not to exploit such kind of magic powers." I grin.


"The problem is that those spells were maintained by mages. We would need ponies capable of casting the spell and large catalysts to use them with."


"Listen to me! I would have died on the streets if not for the Taskmaster; he took me in, gave me purpose, taught me how to survive. He was my father, his band of thieves my family… up until five years ago, when he stabbed me in the back and left me to die.
For five years I lived alone, bitter and angry and swearing veangance with every waking breath. I would not be satisfied until the father who betrayed me lay dead at my feet, no matter the cost!
…And then a few months ago, I found the love of my life. They made me happy in ways I didn't know I could feel, sacrificed so much for me without asking for anything but that I be theirs…
I hate the Taskmaster, I still want him lying dead at my feet… But I will not seek him out, because I know that if I did, it would put the one I love in danger. Because I realized that even if he died, the hurt he put on my heart would not die with him. I could lose everything, and there would be no satisfaction because it would not matter! Killing him would not heal my heart; only finding love did that. Why are you so blind to the priceless treasure you hold? Take Spear and go, settle down on a farm, have children together, grow old together, live together! Please… don't waste something as precious on this on a corrupt official who would simply be replaced. Nopony would care, nothing would change.
Please. Spear will kill for you, he will die for you… but I think he just wants to love you. Kill me if you must, but please listen to me."


I scratch my head looking confused and clueless.
"…. I thought those things are self-sustaining. I am confused, I am clueless about all this magic stuff you know."
"Well that's a bummer." I crossed my arms and sat down.


"Perhaps we will find ponies capable of this once we collect our reward. Ichi is ours, the contract is completed. Now we can return to Awa and finish our business in Neighpon at last."


"Yes… at last." I nod and close my arm.


"You're wrong.."


I'll find his partner then. Serene Waterfall.


Hircus is talking talking talking to her, but unlike her counterpart in Reaching Spear who was open to philosophy and rather talkative, she seems curt and detached. It'll be a harder job getting information out of her.


"Miss Waterfall, so pleased to make your acquaintance. I am so very sorry to have to converse in Equestrian, but I do not speak Neighponese just yet. My name is Light Heart, I spoke to your partner just now."


Just follow from behind and stand guard outside of the schoolhouse.


"Enough banter. What?"

Roll if you want options.


"Am I? You said family comes first, so why are you not listening to the closest family you can have? Is Spear not your family as well?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' appraise her?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Cutting to the chase then, very well. I want to ask you to relinquish your weaponry so that we may present it to the daimyo of Awa. There is a bounty on your heads and we are in need of funds. Doing so will mean confrontation between the two parties will not be necessary."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You're a foreigner and have known us for a few minutes at most. Your 'advice' is laughable."

>ARGUE: "My premise is universal. It applies in any situation."

>CONFRONT: "You're running from the discussion instead of engaging in it because you're afraid I'm right."
>INQUIRE: "Why exactly are you so consumed by hatred?"
>REDIRECT: "Your anger is misplaced."
>PROSTRATE: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. If you are willing to show me mercy, that is the first step toward establishing good faith between us."
>SLEIGHT (DC10): "Look, a three-headed monkey!"

#Serene Waterfall
Combat Specialty: Finisher
Passively kills helpless targets at end of every turn.

Psychological Profile: Extreme Alpha
Cold, curt, and without patience for flowery words or questions. Unlike her partner, asking too many questions will only try her patience. She is angry and bitter, and will not simply surrender. Attempting to change her mind will anger her. She seems consumed by hunger for revenge. Will respond better to redirection than direct confrontation.

"The prospect of prostrating myself to my greatest foe is laughable. I hope for your sake you are armed."

>THREATEN: "We killed Ocean. We can kill you too."

>ARGUE: "It's not prostration. It's a way out."
>INQUIRE: "Can you tell me more about why you're after the Daimyo of Awa?"
>PLACATE: "I'm don't want to fight."

I would strongly advise pooling all your information to maximize the number of diplomatic options you can use before selecting a reply. Select your response carefully and consider choosing only one speaker to lower your chance of picking a response resulting in combat.


"Your anger is misplaced. Killing the Daimyo will do nothing other than make you and Spear enemies of the state of Awa."




Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 5 = 5


Catch your attention by tapping on your ears.
! she will not change her mind trying to will anger her to the point of attacking.. and if you go helpless against her you are dead. Better to redirect her anger "


Subtle nod.


I don't respond, but I file that information away.


"The Daimyo is the state of Awa. He is the city of Awa. He is the dynasty of Awa. This is something a foreigner cannot comprehend."

>ARGUE: "I understand enough!"

>CONFRONT: "The Daimyo didn't kill your father."
>ACKNOWLEDGE: "You're right. A foreigner can't possibly understand the same way a native does. Help me understand."
>DELAY: "So you hold him responsible for the actions of his troops?"
>MOLLIFY: "Fair enough. We do have some common ground, though, do we not?"
>REFOCUS: "This is between you and me, Awa isn't important."


"This isn't about Awa, though. This is between you and me."



Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm willing to listen if you want to talk."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Come on RNG, I am a diplomancer!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The subject is inextricable from Awa, but I will humor your premise. How so?"

INSIST: "We have the opportunity to end considerable bloodshed."
FLATTER: "One as wise as you is sure to be able to see the way the wind is blowing."
REDIRECT: "Because Reaching Spear hangs in the balance!"
CONFRONT: "Because if you don't surrender, I'll have to kill you."
TAUNT (Con Artist DC4): "Because I personally killed your father!"
DECEIVE (Con Artist DC6): "Because in our salvage of the castle we recovered these documents demonstrating that the Daimyo of Takikaga intentionally sent your father on a suicide mission to get rid of him as a political enemy. He is more to blame than the enemy troops."


"Because your partner Reaching Spear hangs in the balance as well."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"How so? You are talking in circles."

>REFOCUS: "You're right. Reaching Spear is unimportant."

>APPEAL: "Isn't Reaching Spear more important to you than revenge?"
>INQUIRE: "What is your relationship with Reaching Spear?"
>DELAY: "Isn't it clear?"
>DECEIVE (Con Artist DC8): "Reaching Spear had an affair with Ocean!"
>THREATEN: "Because I'll kill him if you don't surrender!"


"Are you willing to sacrifice Reaching Spear in your quest for revenge? Because you may have to make that choice."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You know less than nothing. Reaching Spear willingly joined me from the start knowing we would risk our lives and for the purpose of revenge. Revenge brought us together. You are trying my patience at every turn."

>ACKNOWLEDGE: "I see. You're right, I didn't understand that. But there is another good reason besides that…"

>ARGUE: "You're abusing his love!"
>INQUIRE: "Tell me more about your past."
>IDENTIFY: "Reaching Spear has no reason to exact revenge on the Daimyo."


"I see. You are right, I did not understand that. But there is another good reason besides that…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Which is…?"

>REFOCUS: "This is a discussion between the two of us. Outside influences don't matter."

>REDIRECT: "The Daimyo of Awa is not culpable."
>DECEIVE (Con Artist DC6): "Because in our salvage of the castle we recovered these documents demonstrating that the Daimyo of Takikaga intentionally sent your father on a suicide mission to get rid of him as a political enemy. He is more to blame than the enemy troops."


"I ought to cease beating around the bush. I am sorry to inform you that during in our salvage of the castle we recovered these documents demonstrating that the Daimyo of Takikaga intentionally sent your father on a suicide mission to get rid of him as a political enemy. He is more to blame than the enemy troops."
Con artist.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Her face contorts in anger.

"I'd always suspected, but I never had proof. Thank you… I will no longer fight with a Takikaga blade."

She flings her sword away, and it rips through the wall – it may have cut through the entire building out into the city…

By the time you look back, she's vanished.


"… Mister Hircus. If you would do the honors of retrieving the blade."
What about Reaching Spear?


Fly off to where the thing landed '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


He wasn't in the room, remember?

It's lodged in the stone wall surrounding the school. It tore through eight rooms….


I know, but is he gone too?


If he isn't in the room, how could you possible know without leaving the room?


That's exactly what I wanted to do. Leave the room and look for him.


His room is empty.


His weapon?

Perception check. See if I can find it anywhere.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's not here.


'1d10' can I rig up a pully system to get it free? Maybe apply oil?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You can pull it loose.

The elderly pony that sold you the scroll shows up and bows.

"Master Spear has instructed that just as he and Serene Waterfall will always be together, their weapons will never part."

He offers you the spear.

They're both way bigger than you.


"Need some help there, Manako?"
I'll take them.


"I hope they find happiness elsewhere."


Bow back and set it down in front of me. " I humbly accept his message. "


Grumble queitly.
"Hope they die in a ditch….

Are we done?"


"As do I. Now let us be gone from here; Our journey is not yet complete."


"No need to be so crude, but yes. Let us leave for the fleet."
Ready to head out.


Nod. "Fine.. you may carry them, I trust you not to drop them. Baka Yagi. " I say stuck up-ly but give you a kind smirk and a nudge


Those Duke boys got the heck out of Dodge!

The fleet got the heck out of Ichi.

…They would be at sea for a long time after their next stop in Awa to pick up their payment… New faces would shortly join the fleet. And new adventures await.

#End of Chapter 1


Is this a pause, or do we faff now?

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