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You're lost forever on a road called destruction.

"Elaborateness counts. Which ship?"

It doesn't respond, only quivers.

"Mm hmmmm."


Appraise the doge.'1d10'
" hey.. calm down.."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh boy, that sure was a good fuck.
But let's think about important stuff.
Like… Meditating over the sea! That always brings help.


"Would that change the price?"


I walk around the blob a few times.
"Can you talk?"


Maybe it's just tired or something. No idea, really.

You go meditate for a while.

"Material count. Material type. That stuff."

"Mmm hmmm."


Any insights in meditation?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wake up snuggled up with Ciddir, his head beneath my chin.
Of course I know to avoid his horns; goats have them too, you know!


"I need help fixing my friend. I don't know how."
I point at Crux.


"I would need to ask around first… but you would be willing to build it, yes?"


Start stirring from bed.
"Ugggh…. what happened?"


An old insight: it's tough to meditate on a moving boat. Especially with that seabreeze.

You lay there.

An appendage extends vaguely out of the muck, then collapses.

"Could be."

You had the day off, probably. The raiders just got back from the raid.


Pull him in even closer, smiling as I remember last night?
Did he seem to enjoy it too?


That's just part of meditation!
I will sit by and watch the ship at work.
Guess I really don't have much to do in the downtime for now…
'1d10' to keep my eyes open.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Very well. I will come back to you when I have definite answers."
I look around.
"That said, I do not think I ever properly thanked you for what you did back in Roads."


" you want some water? Food? "


I carry the bones over to the muck.
"What are you?"


You're not really good at reading him because of his poker face.

You don't fall asleep.

"You sure?"

No answer!


"Mmmm mmmph mmmmmm mmmmph mph. Mmmmmmmmm mmmph mpph mmmm mmmph mmmmm mmmmph mmmm mmmmph mph mppphhhhhh. Mmphhhh."


I giggle.
"You talk funny."


" do you know equestrian?"


"Well, you did likely save my life back there and words only go so far as a way to thank somebody."


Meet them up.
"Hey how has it gone?" I grin.


Abilio pls.
You get too much IC for this stuff.
It was obviously a roll to notice anything unusual going on!


Well darn. Guess there's only one way to find out.
"Ciddir," I gently murmur in his ear. "Time to wake up."
Start giving his back legs a massage; they probably need it after last night.


"Mmm. MMmmm mmmhmmm."

No response… you're not sure it's breathing.

"Welcome then. Stay alive."

Who are you meeting? It was everyone but you.

You are at sea, all is well. No plot right now.

"I am awake."


"Good… How are you feeling this morning?"


I nod.
"I guess?"
What's he doing with the bones? Can I see the bodies of the Ocean's 11 here?


Where's that dog menial from before?


Check its pluse '1d10' appraise again
" can you hear me even? "

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I will do my best. If you ever need help with something that could use my particular skills, do not hesitate to ask."
Off I go then. To Marsh.


Perhaps go and check one of the Menials and ask them…
"Hey how has it gone? Any trouble that we need hearing?"



Sure, we can say they were dropped off here.

He hasn't started work on repairing Crux. His… arm? Is waving aimlessly around as he mumbles.

This is an undead servant. It is awaiting its master. Perhaps it could be freed of its thralldom by the removal of the Cursed Seal on its neck.

Stretched out on the deck, chewing on a piece of hay.

Marsh is in his chambers.


"Everyone is spooked by that griffon, the little one."


Knock knock.


"Uhh, let me go get Selena."
I scamper back to Selena's lab.

"Have you seen Selena?"
I laugh at the repeating sounds after I speak.


"Light Heart?"


"Oh? Talk to me about it? Why do you feel troubled?"


Whistle to him.
"Hey you.
Come over."


"Indeed. May I come in?"


"Hey why is that? She didnt look like that harmful."


"Oh? What for?"

"It is complicated. I should seek outside counsel."

"Come on in then. I imagine you're feeling worn out after what you went through."

"But her servant did."


"Nothing bad."


"…Are you… uncomfortable with me? Am I the reason you're feeling troubled?"


"I will sleep well tonight, that much is certain."
What does his cabin look like?


"Servant?" I raise an eyebrow and sit next to the menial.
"Explain it to me."


Look disturbed and reach for the seal but stop when I see the gryphon come in.
"She is technically right here but soon us offline . Do you know this pup?" I ask gesturing to the doge


sion not soon clearly


I nod.
"She's mine. Oh, can you speak blob? It sounds like this:"
I stick my claw into my mouth and mumble around it.


"Well, to come over there would require standing up, and as you may have noticed from our repeated meetings, I am shockingly lazy."

"I don't know. I need advice."

Unlike most still-barren cabins, he's already filled his with junk and baubles. Papers. Trinkets. Spare armor and clothes. Books.

"She had a huge skeleton with her, didn't you see?"


"You wish to speak with scarab? I can, but he doesn't like to be disturbed. Where did you get this dog?"


"You just lost a hundread songs boy."
Trot away.


He laughs as you go.


I start jumping up and down.
"You can? Hooray! Come on, we've got to fix Crux!"
I look at the curled up Shiba.
"The park?"


Very cozy, I approve!
"I like what you have done with the place."


Serves him as lesson.
I wanted to thank him for last time, but he was a dick!
Now… Where's Manako, for one?


"All right. If there's anything you need from me, anything at all, don't be afraid to ask."


"Hmmm… I've not seen it much but I will see what can be done. I'll talk to Fly about it dont worry." I nod.


"I suppose I never quite outgrew my days as a quartermaster. I feel more at home among a well-stocked room."

Last you heard of her she was headed with those bodies to the resurrectionist. Or you could ask around.


"Good. It's creepy."


I nod to the menial and head off.
Now where is Flora?


Right, she was still with Scarab when I left her.
Go see if she's there.


"I can certainly relate, though for different reasons."
I shake my head.
"But I digress. I wanted to talk to you about something rather sensitive. Are you a religious pony, mister Marsh?"


"And, ah… a word of advice? Try to take it easy today; you're… probably going to be sore for a while.
…It didn't hurt too bad last night, did it?"


"Okay I will- "
".. wait you just made a random dog an undead?"


She has departed since then.

Eventually you locate her back in your cabin. She was curled up on your old clothes that you wore before the dress uniform. Specifically your vest.

"Not particularly, I'm afraid. It's a topic that has come up much of late. I suppose death will do that to ponies."

"It was not comfortable."


Let's ask around if anyone's seen the breezie.


I nod.
"Yeah! On my first real try too!"
I jump up and down.
"Sanfortue is going to be so happy with me!"


Apparently she was last with Selena, dragged away urgently.


"Yeah, the first time's always the hardest.
…Did you still have fun, though?"


"You have seen the afterlife. What do you think of it?"


Time to indagate where they were headed.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I don't think so."

With that, he suddenly stands up, causing you to slide off, and he walks off.

"Maybe. You were a Solar, right? Or your family is? That's an interesting faith. Maybe the only one that interests me. Much more than Celestial."

Manako, Fly, and Selena are here in Selena's lab.


"Sanforte? Uh.. I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to take captives here. These dogs are the fleet's allies now. Please let him go. "


I just smiled and grin. Man that is qt.
Now lets tie her hair into twintails while she is asleep.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I tilt my head.
"But they're pirates?"


You are not so good at tying hair as ropes, are you?


"Pirates with rules. Privateers. "


Enter and answer that, in a clear and calm tone.
"The Commodore doesn't want us to take captives or sack cities, for the moment."


I puff up as big as I can.
"I don't wanna let her go!"


Oh shit. I guess I screwed that up, huh? Well, I better go make sure that golden apple gets plenty of sunlight.


"Many ponies in Dixie are. And while you could consider me one of them, the truth is that I hardly ever pray or practice it. Recently I have found myself drawn more to Elementalism."


What? Nononono!
Wait okay stop this right now before she get mad at me again.
Just climb on bed and cuddle her lightly in order to wake her up.


Turn to her, as if to ask what's happening.


"She's not a captive!"

"You like it here, right?"
I look at my dogball.


"She w-"
And I will just now notice the doge.
Look at it with an even stare, keeping my distance.


You pull it out of your bag. Where to?

"Are you familiar with the central dogma of Solar worship? Or too many Sundays spent day dreaming?"

She slowly stirs.

"Hmmm? Oh… good morning, idiot."

She is still curled up in a ball.

It's questionable how much liberty undead thralls have to say 'no', even if intelligent. And you're not totally sure this thrall is very smart, either. Maybe you can make better ones with more practice…


"If she is not a captive then remove the seal." I say demandingly.
" the dog has been made an undead with a paper seal. Effectively kidnapped "


Am I? Rolling to recollect.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Maybe. Anyways, I mentally command her to bounce a few times.



I stamp one of my little claws.


Up on deck, where there's plenty of sunlight.


"Maybe we can pass this off as a normal undead, but why would the dog be dead in the first place…"
"Hey, listen up a moment.
What are you gonna do if the commodore sees that dog and asks you where it comes from?"


"Good morning. I hope you find my clothes as blankets to your liking."


I scrunch up my face as I think.


"I'm waiting.
He probably knows what the seal is all about, he's a powerful necromancer after all."


"You're going to get thrown overboard if you break rules.."
" I don't think any necromancer will be fooled."


I clench my eyes shut and grab my head between my claws, tearing up some.


Solars believe that Celestia was merely a profit of the sun's divine might, but she was led astray and became a false divine, like the other domains. They believe that after your consciousness fades from the void, you can finally move on to the next life. Preserving your soul through lingering in one of the afterlife domains is merely a distraction to keep you from moving on.

She bounces a bit.

Just going to leave a golden apple out here? Better keep an eye on it.

"Idiot, I was only using them because there were no better options!"



Pat your head "hey.. maybe we can find an orphan for you to have instead? I mean is she special to you?"


I let go of my head and shake it.
"No,but…if I let her go…"
I slowly grin.
"She'll tell everyone what I did."


I see. I am not certain how much I believe of that. Probably not much.
"I am indeed. But to be entirely honest, I am not sure what to think of it. It never quite appealed to me personally, hence why I have begun to ponder about other pantheons."


"Perhaps I just like it because it's different."


"Hey hey hey!"
Rush over there and stop her, petting her head.
"Calm. Down.
It's not the end of the world.
We can find a solution."


I smirk.
"Dont worry about using them. perhaps I'll get a blanket from the spare Sailcloth we have here in the ships. We can use those." I cuddle her a bit tighter.
"Say, want to meet the commodore later? I am planning to introduce you as a shiban doge who knows her way around Neighpon."


"My head hurts."


Tell me exactly what it is you did then."


"Maybe. Alright."


"Breathe slowly."


"Oh. Is that so? Then she was a captive all along." I look disappointed


"To each their own, of course. My parents and other relatives all practiced it as well. I was merely curious what you thought of the subject."


"I jumped on her and put the seal on her neck, just like I'm supposed to!"
I swell my chest up proudly.

I take a few big, deep breathes.

I shake my head.
"Nuh uh, she's a minion."


Of course I'm keeping an eye on it!
Wait, is there somewhere else I can leave it where it'll get sunlight?


"She is both things, Fly.
She is your minion, and she is your captive.
And the commodore doesn't like captives. But we have left port already…"
"I will go have a talk with him. You keep your minion safe for now, okay?
And keep the paper on her head!
But never do this again without warning!"


"What, of Elementalism? Well, it's certainly popular here, isn't it? In Equestria too, though they had to fight for that."


Maybe in Ciddir's room next to the window.


I will go find Abilio.


I grin.
"Have you met miss Happy Puzzle?"


Right. Leave it there, then.
…Dang it, I can't stop worrying about this. Maybe I should try to sneak after Ciddir and listen in? I want to know what's troubling him.


I sigh.


"You said you wanted to scarab to fix something? While tree talks to the commodore we can ask him."


"Good girl."


I lift her up.
"Nice, thats what I like to hear."
"Now I need those clothes." Get clothed and meet Abilio.


I nod.
"Can we go now?"

I roll my eyes.


He's in his cabin.

"Your doctor, isn't she? Or one of them. She used to work with those nobles."

You'd have to find him before you can stalk him.

She rides on your back, but Flowing has beat you to the room.


Knock and-
"Here to see the Commodore mister Chip?"


Alright, sneak through the shadows and try to find where Ciddir went off to.


"Sure. " float down to scarab.


Of we go back to scarab.


I nod at you.
"Yes, but you go meet him first, I'll catch on later."

I then find a place to seat and look at Flora.
"Say, besides exploring Neighpon, what do you do on your spare time Empress?"


"Alright, thank you mister Chip."
Into the cabin I go.
Do you have time?"


I should probably roll for that? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I come find you.
"Mister Tree, have you found why there's a dog in my lab?"


"Yes, and you are not gonna like the answer."


"A spy?"


Shake my head.
"The gryphon who grows too fast, Fly?
She enthralled her."




"An hex. She turned her into a living undead, for how much sense that makes.
Kidnapped the dog and enslaved her to her will."


"What? Where is she now?!?"


"With Manako.
I've had her promise to keep the dog safe and not remove the seal that binds her."




"And I'm informing the commodore, since his orders were not to take prisoners of any kind or to attack the civils.
We cannot return the dog to her home right now, though."


"I meant what about Fly? You punished her, did you? What if she goes out and does it again in the next town?"


"No, I did not."


I stomp off without another word to find Fly.


"I would suggest not doing anything of that sort until this matter is resolved."


"That is right, yes. She is Neighponese and the pony who introduced me to Elementalism in the first place. I cannot say I regret listening to her."


I stop and huff.
"Fine, but she needs to understand this is not acceptable!"


"Of course.
I'm as worried as you are, really.
Even moreso since what happeared to be a six years old was allowed to fight at our side in the past battle.
But it's not with harsh talks that you will get through to that hen, believe me."


"She'll understand when I tell her to go to bed without supper!"


"Have you seen her lately?
She's at least a teenager.
Not a few years younger than you."


"Exactly, if she doesn't learn now, in a few months she'll be too old to teach her!"


"In a few days she might be too old, Selena.
The hard lessons are not learnt in a matter of days, take it from someone with a bit more experience than you.
This will only grow resentment in her mind."


I stomp my hoof.
"You say hard talks won't help, punishing won't help, so you just want her to bring anypony she feels like turning into undead to the fleet?"


"Are those really the only two ways to seduce a girl you see?
Making her change her mind, for good, is a matter of subtelty.
And what we can say to her depends, in no small part, to what the commodore will have to say on the task.
Of course I don't want her to go around kidnapping civilians and cursing them, who do you think you are talking to?"


"She's a child. She won't listen to subtlety!"


I will give you my best costanza impression.
"All I ask, is the chance to finish this talk with the Commodore.
After all, disciplining her is not our place."




I'm an old man, no time for staredowns with young hotheads.
Shake my head and sigh.
"You would make quite the mother, Selena."


Look down.
"Well, I don't like it, but if you say you have a better way, we'll do it your way."


"I'm saying that rushing in, led by our anger, is not the best choice.
Teenagers ill mix with orders."


"Okay, I won't be angry at her. I'll wait for what you and the Commodore decide. But…"
Point a hoof.
"If she does this again, I'll come right to you!"


"If she does this again, you can be sure, Selena, that she has been allowed to do so by the Commodore himself."


"Mmm, well I don't like it, but if you think that's best I'll step aside."


"Lady Selena, I'd like to remind you, this is but a temporary engagement.
Soon, Ichi will fall, and this war will be over. And then, we won't be bound by our letter of marque anymore.
Now, I do hope it doesn't happen, but if we can't find another engagement, well, then this will make us pirates.
And if you think taking a single dog prisoner is bad, you might not have listened to those pirate stories as well as you said."


I bite my lip.
"…I understand…but she's not a pirate, she's a little griffon."


"That little griffon fought at our side against Ocean."


"I told her to stay out! Did she get in? I didn't see her."


"She did.
Fortunately, our opponents ignored her for most of the fight, instead focusing on her undead companion."


"I did see him. ooooooooh"
I huff and stomp my hoof.
"I even gave her some candy for staying back."


"…She might understand subtelty after all."


I chuckle a bit.
"She's a smart griffon. A bit too smart for her own good."


Smile back.
"Now, let's talk to the commodore together about this, shall we?"


I nod.


On the way to Ichi and after resting for a while to clear my head… I seek out Selena.
"Miss Springleaf."


Let's meet on deck somewhere, I'm resting here.
I get up as you approach.
"Hello Light, how are you?"


"I feel better now that I have rested, thank you. Are you well?"


"It's been quite a day. Did you hear about that dog?"


"The dog?"


"When I came to my lab there was a dog from shiba there! Apparently Fly had turned it undead somehow and it's now her pet!"
I scrunch


"… Oh dear. When did she manage to find a dead dog to raise?"


"It wasn't a dead dog, she turned a live dog undead somehow, I don't understand it either, but mister Tree said so!"


"Oh… well I am not versed in necromancy enough to understand how such a thing would work. I suppose I should not be surprised, given that she was raised by Seekkill."


"…who's Seekkill?"


"A former member of the crew, he was one of the mutineers. She was but a hatchling back then however, so I cannot blame her for what her father did."


I look down.
"So that's why she's here."


"Yes. It seems age magic has affected her in strange ways. She came to seek help from the commodore."


"Yes, I hope Abilio can help her."


"I am certain he will be able to, given his magical expertise. Which reminds me, how fare your studies under him?"


I look up.
"Uh….good, yes good. I'm currently studying a book from the old north."
I puff my chest.
"I hope to soon master pure illusion magic, like that equestrian mage we met on the road to Awa."


"The old north you say…"
I smile.
"Strange language, is it not? Umlock spoke it. As does Captain September."


"I know. I'll be having sessions with the captain to translate it. I also found a book by Lady Radiant, I'll use it to study that time."


"I see. The captain can be a bit aloof at times, but gestures like these do show how charitable she can be. And lady Radiant you say? That name sounds somewhat familiar…"


"Yes, I was surprised. She seems very sweet actually, Captain September.
Lady Radiant was a great paladin during the time of the northern wars. We heard about her in school."


"I see. The ponies of Dixie do not follow Celestia, so subjects like these are usually not covered extensively in our education"


I perk my brow.
"What do Dixians follow then? The Elements?"


"They practice Solar worship and believe that Celestia was merely a prophet of the sun's divine might, but that she was led astray and became a 'false' divine, like the other domains. They also believe that after your consciousness fades from the void, you can finally move on to the next life. Preserving your soul through lingering in one of the 'false' afterlife domains is merely a distraction to keep you from moving on."


I scratch my head.
"Huh….that's interesting. You shouldn't have told that to the ponies in Dawnwood."


I chuckle.
"In truth, I feel very little for Solar worship at all. To be sure, my family followed it and I do fully respect that, but I myself am drawn to other pantheons."


I nod.
"Me too. I respect Celestia, but my mother always worshipped the Elements, so I do as well. It always made us a little weird in Dawnwood."


I cock my head.
"I had not taken you for an Elementalist as well, Selena."


"Why not?"


"Elementalism is not as widely accepted in Equestria, as you said. It is very popular in Neighpon however, so you can see why I was so eager to visit the shrines here. Miss Puzzle is a follower as well and it is thanks to her I was introduced to the Elements."


"Well my mom was very much an Elementalist, and so am I! I even left a wish at the shrine of Loyalty."


"I see…
You know, I was thinking about setting up a shrine to the Elements on this fleet."


"Oh….that sounds delightful!"


I smile wide.
"It is good to hear you approve."


"To all the Elements I hope?"


"I would like that, yes."


"That sounds great, Light! When is it going to happen? How big? Oh I'll visit it every day!"


"No specifics yet, I must consult with some ponies first. And with the current lack of funds… well, it will have to wait until our contract with Awa is completed and we are paid."


"Oh…yes of course I'm getting ahead of myself. Can I help in any way?"


"Not at the moment, no. But if I do think of something, I will be certain to let you know."


I pause for a second.
"Uh, Light, I'm sorry the plan with the poison didn't work…."


Give her a reassuring smile and a pat on the shoulder.
"It was hardly your fault, there is no need to apologize for that. Besides, we did kill him in the end, did we not?"
I chuckle.
"No Selena, you need not worry about it."


I smile a bit more confident.
"I'll try to prepare some more poison, hopefully something stronger while we're on sea."


I nod.
"Your efforts are appreciated. Thank you."


"Do you know anything about our last target. Ibi or something?"


"Ichi… Ichi is a military port with weapon industry centered around it. As you can imagine, this will make it by far the most defended of the three cities."


I frown.
"They won't give it up easily I take it. Will we sneak in again?"


"The commodore will lay out the plan to us before we arrive. He will find a way, no worries."


I grin.
"Well Abilio is certain to find a way. He's smarter than those chinaponies."


I raise a brow.
"Not fond of the Neighponies, miss Springleaf?"


I frown
"I'm sure some of them are good, but those we're fighting are really nasty."


"Some of them… like Happy Puzzle?"


"Of course like Happy! She's the sweetest pony I've ever met!"


I chuckle.
"You cannot find ponies happier than her, that is certain."


"Can I ask you something?"
Lean closer.
"What's up with that lion suit?"


I just chuckle and shrug innocently.


"No really, what's up with it?"


"You ought to ask miss Puzzle herself, I believe. I would rather not incur her wrath for talking behind her back."
I chuckle.


"I will! If I can get a hold of her, she always jumps all over the place."


I smile.
"Yes… she is quite active alright."


"I like her. She's really sweet and she's got a great sense of humor and she's so smart too."


"She is a bit of a puzzle, no pun intended, but yes, she is very intelligent. You should not underestimate her under any circumstances."


"I should tell you something, but you have to keep it a secret, promise?"


"Oh? Of course I will. Do share."


I lean closer.
"Manako and Happy are going to pull a prank on mister Tree."


"Hmmm? Is that so?"
I chuckle.
"Well, miss Puzzle does appreciate Laughter, so that is not very surprising."


I giggle.
"They want me to make a Breezie potion."


"A transformative potion like the one I used then? I see."
I smile.
"Seems fairly harmless to me as long as they have a way to reverse it."


"Of course, I'll also make an antidote. But don't tell anypony, you know how news spreads and I don't want to ruin the prank."


"I am very good at keeping secrets."
Wink at her.


I smile.
"I know I can trust you. Also I was thinking I could make some more…for Emrille."


I chuckle.
"Well now… that would be a tad bit riskier. I would recommend involving the commodore in that case."


"…You think so? I just want to get back at her for shooting right above me."


"You may have noticed that miss Emrille is quite emotional. She may react badly to such a prank if it was pulled by you. But with the commodore… she is used to being shrunk down by him."


"Hmmm yes. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks."


"Is Emrille always this…agressive?"


"Of course."

"For as long as I have known her, yes. She is rather troubled and…"
Look around to make sure no one is listening in.
"… not all that popular with some of the officers."


"I see…I wonder why…"


"It is a mystery. Nothing against her, of course. She is an excellent fighter and marksmare, her combat abilities are remarkable."


"Yes, I can see that. She also has an amazing taste in fashion."


I chuckle.
"Yes… her fashion tastes are quite remarkable as well."


"It is certainly bold. And interesting palette of colors."


"That is certainly a very polite way of putting it. She is certainly proud of her attire, especially her… stylish hat. I am not entirely certain where she drew her fashion inspiration from but I would love to find out."


"Be sure to tell me! If I may ask, how did she and Tela end up together?"


"They seem to have known each other for a long time. Miss Tela admitted to have a crush on her a few months before the mutiny happened. Somepony may or may not have had a hoof in her confession."
I smirk.


"That's the spirit of Harmony!" I smile.


"Sometimes these things merely need a push in the right direction."


"A little Kindness goes a long way." I say wisely, as if that's profound.
"You know, Light, did you know there's a…"
Look around.
"Discordian bunny on board?"


"Tch. Indeed I am. Itzlzi was his name, correct? He has been with us for some time, though I have not spoken much with him. Incidentally, he and miss Puzzle have some sort of rivalry going on."


"They do? Well it doesn't surprise me! He told me Celestia was an evil pony!"
I scrunch.


"Still quite fond of the princess then, are you?"


"I don't worship her as the Celestials do, and there were some Celestials who treated us bad back in Dawnwood because we weren't Celestials. But that doesn't mean Princess Celestia is bad. Without her Equestria would have fallen into Chaos and Eternal Night long ago. And she raises the Sun every day, the whole world benefits from that, not just Equestria."


I chuckle.
"Of course."


I cock my head.
"…what do you mean?"


Shake my head.
"Nevermind. Merely a biased view from a mare who grew up around ponies who are not fond of Celestia. I have had both good and bad experiences with her followers. One of my former doctors was a Celestial even. Another was a Lunite. And… a prisoner too, unfortunately."


"Ah…a Lunite? I didn't know there were some of them left. You don't mean Nightmare Moon, do you?"


"Oh no, an actual follower of princess Luna. There were four of them to be exact. One of them a mere child with incredible magic powers… another a seapony who could transform into a normal pony and speak Equestrian.

… It is a shame they are gone. They were an interesting group of peculiar individuals."


"I didn't know there were any left…must be hard for them. I'm sure Luna was a very good pony before…..whatever happened that made her evil."


"Well, they are no longer with us now. I do hope the Celestials do not hunt them down for 'heresy' or whatever other ridiculous reasons they can cook up to persecute ponies who disagree with their views."


"…..what do you mean? The Inquisition only goes after bad ponies. Tirekians and others."


"Oh no, those Lunites had been harassed by inquisitors countless of times from what I hear. On some occasions they even caused damage to the doctor's clinic during a 'property search'."


I pause for a second to register this.
"That must be some kind of mistake…."


"This is what she told me. Would she lie about such a thing? I do not know. Her child seemed to confirm the stories however."


My ears droop.
"Maybe they were some evil ponies pretending to be the Inquisition! If Celestia knew, she'd never have let it happen!"


"As powerful as Celestia may be, it is very doubtful that she is able to see everything that happens in Equestria. Were these inquisitors the rule or the exception? I do not know. From my personal experience, priests of Celestia tend to be far kinder than her inquisitors."


I scrunch.
"Light…..you said that ponies in the New World think Celestia is a false prophet. I thought you just meant that she wasn't a godess.
But….do ponies there think Celestia is……"
Long pause.


"There are those who see her as that, yes, but most see her as merely… misguided. I myself do not think she is 'evil' per se either. Good and evil are such subjective matters in any case. I do think she is likely not as kind and almighty as the Celestials wish us to believe."
I cock my head.
"But you… do you think I am evil?"


I shake my head.
"Of course not! Why would I think that?"


"Let us be honest. We may be privateers now, but we all used to be pirates. And you know what it is that pirates do, do you not?"
Give her a look.
"I will not deny the fact that innocent ponies have died because of us. Did I want them to die? Of course not, I certainly do not enjoy to see suffering of any kind. But they are dead nonetheless."


"Well you're a pirate, but I thin, from everything I've seen of you that you're not a bloodthirsty pirate like the tales. I think that you're like me, you became a pirate not to pillage and hurt ponies but to get out of a bad situation and you're making the best of it as you can."
I shift my weight.
"Think about Awa, there would have been other pirates who would have taken that writ, maybe they'd have plundered that first town and killed all the ponies there. At least we left them alive, we even went out of our way to keep them alive! That is sort of good right?"


"… I would not say it is 'good' or 'bad', we are essentially mercenaries now. And I fully approve that we are trying to become more legitimate. I do hope to continue along this course."
Poor thing is lucky Smitts isn't in charge anymore.


"Me too!"


I look around again to make sure nobody is listening in and lower my voice.
"You said you were going to have readings with captain September, correct?"


I nod.


"Can I trust you to keep this confident?"


Lean closer.
"Of course."


"Could you… inquire about her feelings of this current course we are following? She is the most senior officer around aside from the commodore, so knowing her stance on this privateering business we are delving into could be useful. I would ask her myself but… I do not wish to arouse any suspicion. In truth, I am curious to understand how she would hoofle the fleet if she were to succeed Fullmaster Abilio when he retires, which he has made obvious that he eventually will."


I pause and then nod.
"Of course, I'll try to find out what I can."


I nod.
"Thank you. It will be useful to hear the results of such an inquiry done by a non-officer."


"You can count on me."
I huff my chest and salute.


I chuckle.
"You will make a fine officer one day, Selena."


"Right, do you want a cup of tea before we both return to our duties, Light?"


"Of course. Shall we then?"
Walk past her, subtly brushing my tail against hers.


Trot with LH to the tea.
That's it for tonight


Gather my military uniform as I go straight to Selena's laboratory.



The invitations have been passed on. A celebratory game of dice.

Be there or be square.


Let's meet as we walk to LH's cabin.
"Hello, mister Chip. Going to Light cabin as well?"


I won't be square cause I'm around

Enter the cabin.
"Hey there."


"I was actually going to return this to you before going to Ms. Hearts cabin." I grin as I show you the uniform.
"It quite serve a good purpose and because of it I recruited a shiban doge that may know the entirety of Neighpon."


"Oh, you can keep it. I do not have need of it. And maybe Empress will want to see you in it another time." Wink.


I've probably set up a few chairs around a table with some candles and incense burning in the room.
"Ah. Look what the sea wind blew into our sails today. Good evening, miss Emrille. Would you care for some tea?"


I gasp as she mentioned her name.
"Have you met her already?"
"Its not like that I swear." I gulp.


Nice. Smirk.
"Damn right I would."
Take a seat.
"What's with the candles? I didn't know we'd have a romantic dinner too."


"Word gets around, silly. But I haven't met her yet. And of course it's not like that, you're just good friends." I smirk.


I nod as I smile at you.
"Yes, we are good friends."

I began to wear the jacket.
Thanks for the dress, lets head to LightHearts cabin then. I hope she got drinks in there."


"Oh you know me, always the romantic soul."
Pour her some tea. There's probably biscuits too!
"Black Neighponese tea, courtesy of mister Tree. I do hope you will enjoy it."


"I'm sure she will."

Knock knock.


"Hello! LH?" I call out.


Grab some six-sided dice and a cup out of a bag and put them on the table.


"Do you have some honey to go with it?"


I trot in with Chip.
"Hello, miss Heart."

"Hello miss Emrille."


"Honey? Hmmm… we probably have some in the hold."
Look at Selena and Chip enter.
"But perhaps miss Selena could conjure some out of her hat?"

"Miss Selena, mister Chip, so glad you could make it."


I make some wavy movements over my hat and poof pot of honey.



"Sweet, thanks a lot!"
Let's put that honey in the tea.


I nod and grin.
"Hope you got drinks in here, I'm thirsty."


"How are you, miss Emrille?"


I nod and gesture towards the cups and teapot.
"Black Neighponese tea. A recent favorite of mine, I am sure you will appreciate it."


"aww…" I groan.
Nevertheless, try it out.
"I was wondering if you got something stronger but this will do."


Sip from my tea.
"Mhmm… Pretty good, how about you?"


I chuckle.
"You know I do not drink alcohol myself. Feel free to drink wine or rum if that is what you wish however."


"Once the Awa job is over, we'll have plenty of money for that, mister Chip."

"Very good! Just had a lovely nap."


Knock knock knock, on wood.
Of LH's cabin's door.


"A nap? How cute."



"Did you see the Seaworthy's glorious return to the fleet earlier today, miss Springleaf?"
I chuckle.


"I sure hope so, taking three cities must be worth its land if you know what I mean." I grin.

"Ah! Alright then."
Go and pour myself a glass of rum for myself.

"So a gathering like this meant that all of us are going to do something together, is that right?" I grin.


"Don't you take naps?"

"Yes, it's quite a large ship. Who will man it?"


"Lady Heart.
I saw your letter."
Wait, did we raise the Seaworthy?


I look at both of them and raise my rum glass to toast.
"The Seaworthy is indeed a thing to be celebrated! Here."


And the altar, but that's still a secret I think

Raise my tea.
"To the Seaworthy!"


"Sometimes. But imagining you in your PJs, snoring away during the afternoon is cute."
"Unless you sleep naked?"

"Now we just need the fucking money to upkeep it!"

Raise my teacup.


"Of course."
Tap the dice on the table with a hoof.
"Fancy a game of dice, everypony?"

"That remains to be seen."

"Ah, mister Tree, so glad you could make it. Do enter. Take a seat, I will pour you some tea. Help yourself to some biscuits if you please."


Who's here right now?
Smile and come in, making myself comfortable.
"Some special occasion?"


"For the Seaworthy"

"A game of dice? Well count me in." I grin.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I blush.
"I wear a night cap and an eye mask…..and some ear plugs when the menials are too noisy."

"I'm in."

"Hello, mister Tree."


Sip my tea!

"What dice game? I'm not betting money."


"Ah, greetings Mr. Tree." I nod


"You should move in to the mansion, there's a lot less noise there. Usually."


Nod to them.
"Enjoying yourselves?"


The PC's who are present. Rosemary or Wark might be around too. The kids likely aren't.
"Our recent victory in Shiba and the return of the Seaworthy seem like events worth celebrating. Killing that assassin will yield us a fine bounty indeed."

"A mere pool of six sided dice for us to roll. I was going to propose a little game of truth or dare."
I smirk.


"I went there earlier. It seems to be mostly a mess still moreso than the bunkhouse."

"The fun hasn't started yet."


"Well that could work, let me grab that."
I grab the dice and rolled.

"Wait, does the one who has the highest roll win?' I raise an eyebrow.

Roll #1 5, 3, 4 = 12


Lick my lip.
"Well now, that sounds interesting."

"Duh, that's why we need to clean and clear it up!"


Roll as well '3d6'
"The highest roller gets to challenge the lowest roller with a truth or dare. Does that sound fine?"

Roll #1 6, 3, 6 = 15


"Well, I promised to help. When do you want to do this?"

I roll '3d6'
"Sounds good."

Roll #1 3, 1, 5 = 9


"I've heard stories about the seaworthy.
A boarding ship, I've been told."
"A bit simplistic, but sure, sounds fine.
Total sum of the three dice?"

Roll #1 2, 5, 2 = 9


"Ah, that sounds fine, I was thinking of the winner to pick whom he or she wants to perfomr the deed or truth."


"Fine for me."

"When do you have time?"

Roll #1 5, 1, 3 = 9


"I'll have some time the next days, until we're at the next time. Who else will help us?"


"That works too."

"Former ship of the mutineering captain Umlock, yes. Fast speed, light cannons, great durability… and a customized bow for ramming actions."

"My my…"
I smirk.
"So many choices… Miss Emrille? How about you entertain us with the story of your first romantic conquest?"


"I can convince Tela for sure. If Chip helped, that'd be a boon, too, since he knows carpenter shit I think."

"Isn't that right?"


"I can't wait to see it in action.
For how much I like the Sirocco and your admirable leadership, I might request a transfer to that ship."


"Well there we go." I grin.


"Perhaps miss Lacy too?"

I perk my ears and look at Emmy.


Sip of my tea.
"Well, it doesn't have a happy ending, so I'll keep it short. When I was just a filly on the streets, I was with this another filly called Palm Tree. Y'know, we did all kinds of shit kids do to get their minds off of the shit that we lived in. I was totally crushing on her, but I didn't really realize that at the time. Then one night we were really bored, and we somehow got the idea to… well, try things we saw the adult ponies did."
"And that's when I had my first kiss. It seems weird, thinking back. We didn't even use tongue!"


I then go and take a shot of rum.
"Well that doesnt sound sexy at all, but it will do." I burp.


"That is entirely up to you, the commodore is the pony you should likely speak to about such matters however."

"So young and already so like you, miss Emrille."
I chuckle.


"Well, the question was about the first, not the best."

"We are who we are, ain't we?"
Let's roll.

Roll #1 4, 3, 1 = 8


I roll '3d6'

Roll #1 5, 6, 4 = 15


"Hmmm.. come to think of it, mine is too fast." I grin before rolling.

Roll #1 1, 2, 3 = 6


"I suppose that much is true."
Roll roll roll '3d6'

Roll #1 3, 4, 2 = 9



Roll #1 6, 4, 6 = 16


"Aaaaw." I pout


"Sorry to steal your thunder."
"Master Chip!
Tell us about…
Your first fight."


I drink.

"My first fight? Well it was with my mother who else?" I laughed.
"Though is it with mother or is it with Klava? Hmmm.. maybe both of them at the same time." I grin.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ooohh.. that hit harder, I shake my head. before refilling my glass.


"But I meant your first swordfight."


"… Klava?"


"I don't think that's what he meant."


"I know right." I grin.

"Ooohh.. you got to be clearer sir Tree, but anyway."
"If by technicalities, if you mean by a real fight it was with this griffon who wanted to shank me in the gut. Almost got me too if I did not shanked her wing bone and crippled her wings in the process."
"Hmmm… now that I try to recall it, it was like… a blur. I acted through instinct and before I knew it she was shuddering on the floor and looking at me intensely before the watcher told us its time to scram."

"Not really brimming in action and suspense I tell you but for me, the first time fighting is really a tense one. You really dont know who will be the one standing in the end, you know what I mean sir Tree?" I stroke my chin.

"Aahhh… that is another story LH." I grin.


"I will be sure to keep this as the next question."
Pick up the dice, and throw them again.

Roll #1 3, 1, 2 = 6


"Hmmm, I suppose it is."
I smile.
Grab the dice and roll '3d6'

Roll #1 1, 4, 6 = 11


"Heh, that's the rush of a good fight."

Roll #1 4, 3, 6 = 13



Roll #1 6, 2, 4 = 12


I grin at Chip as he mentions Klava


"Alright then." I nod.

"Indeed it is, it felt real and… very strong you know what I mean?"

Looks at her and just smile warmly.

Roll #1 2, 2, 1 = 5


"Well, it seems it's my turn now… hmm, what to ask, what to ask… How about… what's the most embarassing thing you ever did?"


I blush as I drink again a shot.

"Ugghh…. being turned into a female with that goddamn altar of changing. Those who worship that Luna pony sure are a bit creepy."

Roll #1 7 = 7


I let out a laugh.
"Oh, boy, that was something, wasn't it. I didn't feel that embarassed when it turned me into a stallion for those few minutes."


I perk my ears.


"What are you talking about?"


I snicker.
"That certainly was amusing."


"…The what now?"


"An altar. When you touch it, it changes up your party parts."
Keep snickering.


Drink some more tea.
"I didn't even know that was possible."


"Why an altar of all things?"


I fumed
"Uggghh…. it was that one time in a lunar temple, we are delving through treasures and one of the treasures is an altar that can change someone's gender. Talk about these Lunarians being… weird." I gulp.

"But since it is a treasure, we did acquire it. Who knows when it will be useful."


"It's on the ship?"


"We encountered it in a temple dedicated to Princess Luna. Only mares can speak to her through prayer, hence the altar."




"That's….very very weird."


"We did not know of its powers at the time. You can imagine our surprise."
I chuckle.


"So what happened to the altar?"


"I… Can, yes."


"It was pretty big. The surprise I mean."

"More like 'dangly and in the way.'"


I just smirk.


"Well… it is on the ship back then. But I dont know if it is lost or not." I frown.

I then turn to LH.
"We kind of lost it right?"


"That's because you were turned on."


"Hmmm, well….you've certainly seen the weirdest things…"


I nod.
"Indeed it was. But… as it so happens the Seaworthy was not the only thing that was recovered from the bottom of the sea."


"I don't think I was… I think I'd have noticed that."


"You're shitting me!"


"I just dont like being turned to a female that is all." I fumed as I drink again.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I raise an eyebrow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"That's what dangling means."
Raise a brow.
"Why would you ever want to keep something like that."


I nod at Tree's remark


"I'm fairly certain it wasn't a hardon!"
"Light Heart likes to keep all sort of freaky stuff. Like a collector."


"As we speak, it is locked away securely in the hold. I do suggest not spreading the word on this matter, however."

"I quite like magical curiosities and artifacts."


I nod.


"Given its abilities and the fact that it is most likely the last of its kind in existence, it is quite valuable."


"Good thing you told me, I'd have assumed something like that dangerous ever, and probably destroyed it."


"How else would you ever fulfill your dream of becoming a mare though?"


"Oh, is that so? As long as I am not near it then I am perfectly fine."
I then stop to think.
………. "But I may have to use it for someone I owe too. "

I then grab the dice.
"So now that I said my part, lets roll should we?"


"Okay" '3d6'

Roll #1 1, 2, 1 = 4


"No Emrille, I would not sleep with you even if I were a mare."



Roll #1 2, 1, 3 = 6


"Dangerous? It is quite harmless actually. Besides, as long as this stays between us, it will remain locked away unless needed."

I nod.
"I am aware of that fact, yes. I was going to inform you later."

Roll #1 6, 1, 1 = 8



"I think I caught you looking at my rear the other day."

Roll #1 6, 6, 1 = 13



Roll #1 1, 1, 3 = 5


I frown.


I look at Emrille.


"I have enough sex not to let my eyes wander over… Uninterested parties."
Smirk back.
"Imagine if the menials knew about it.
It'd be a riot."


"But they do not. I do not fear the menials."


"Do you?"

"Well well well, I have just the question for you, Selena~"


"I'm listening."


"Did you ever use your hat to conjure a toy for yourself for a night?"


I will need more alcohol.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I cough and try not to blush '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I drop my shot glass and grab my tea.
Then sip.



"Miss Emrille please."


Extend my tongue and bite it cheekily.

"What's that? I can't hear you~"


I snort and slowly nod my head.


Time to roll so we can move on '3d6'

Roll #1 5, 3, 6 = 14


I just gulp with a hint of a smile.
"Well that is informative."

"Yes lets." I smile as I grab the dice.

Roll #1 3, 3, 2 = 8


"How naughty~"


Roll #1 1, 3, 5 = 9


"Seems to be back in my youth, with these questions."

Roll #1 3, 6, 4 = 13


I quickly roll '3d6'

"As if you never did…"

Roll #1 5, 2, 1 = 8


"I have no magic hat for it!"


I look at LightHeart.


I clap.
"Good, let us see now… Mister Tree? What was the proudest moment in your life?"


"I mean…ah forget it."


Click with my tongue.
"When I defended the keep of Lowburg. Definitely."
"It's just another old war story though, I'm not sure you want to listen to that."


"Could you give us the short version?"


Give you a wink. With the eye.

"We have all the time in the world."


I nod.
"Well a summary could work, unless you are uncomfortable relating it to us."


Stick out my tongue.


"A few thousands against a few hundreads.
I was amongst the few hundreads, leading the defense of this little Keep in central equestria.
Enclosed in the side of a mountain, only one way in and one way out.
We all knew our end a mile away. Death by starvation and diseases as our evemy waited at the gates.
But it was not the way we were meant to go.
So I organized our militia in a spearhead formation which took our enemies by surprise, and we were able to get a messanger through, telling our allies to come in haste.
This is where things get ugly.
We had unsealed the massive iron door keeping us from them, the thousands from the hundreads.
That was the day, we had to hold the line.
Once the messanger moved, we knew it'd take him one day to reach his destination.
One more day for our allied vanguard to reach us, two more for the rest of the army to find us.
And so for three days, four hundread mares and stallions fought four thousands, and I screamed until my throat fell off.
To this day, there is no conquest I'd not give up, no siege I'd not renounce, to relieve those two days in hell."


"Wow, I didnt know you are that great. I havent been able to defend a keep or castle before." I smile with enthusiasm.


"Oh my. How many of the defenders were still standing near the end?"


Let out a whistle.
"Holy shit, that's pretty tough. How many of you survived?"


Grin widely.
Some of the finest fighters I ever saw."
"Almost thirty years of travels make for some interesting stories."


"Thirty years? Damn, you look younger than you look. Well all ponies look younger than their actual age that is."




"Yeah, I can imagine. We should totally find and recruit them."


"Hmmm, yes, I agree. Travelling a lot does tend to give you a story or two to share."


"Hey that is a good idea." I grin.


"If they didn't get themselves killed."
Smile at her.
"You have stories aswell, I bet."
"Training keeps your body strong."


"There must be at least a few them still around somewhere."


"I sure hope so!
Would love to drink and fight alongside them again."


"Well training is important but so is experience, without applying what you trained in real life fights then it is all for nothing you know what I mean?"

I then grab the dice.
"So….. " I grin.


"Of course I do. I believe most of us do."
Grab the dice and roll roll roll.

Roll #1 6, 3, 6 = 15



Roll #1 4, 3, 2 = 9



Roll #1 3, 1, 1 = 5


"That's… Not what I meant, but sure."

Roll #1 6, 2, 2 = 10


"Looks like it is you again." I grin.
Sion is away I think.



Roll #1 6, 1, 1 = 8


Clap again.
"Miss Selena, what is the strangest and most outlandish thing you have ever seen?"


Perk my ears.


Isn't it Chip lowest?


The highest roller just gets to choose who to ask.


I scratch my hat.
"Do all of you know how hat magic works?"


"Of course."


"You reach in and pull stuff out?"



"Well, as you know, the hat can basically produce anything, with one major flaw.
Sometimes the universe itself can play tricks on you, if you attempt to pull out the same thing too much or just by accident.
So sometimes something else can come out…"


I lean in slightly, curious to hear.


"So, what did you fish out?"


Raise a brow.


"Dont tell me you pull out someone else?" I laugh.


"Well, one day I was dying for some cake. I fished out a cake, but I was really, really hungry so I fished out another one. That was no cake that came out."
Dramatic pause.
"I put my hoof in there and I pulled out…well first came out a tentacle, then another, then another, then a slimy head with 6 eyes and then 4 mouths. It was glowing in all kinds of weird colors. I screamed and dropped it, it fell back down in there and was gone again."
I shudder.
"I still wonder sometime where the hell that thing came from, since my hat can only pull out things that exist somewhere in the world…"


I just look at her with mouth agape.


I chuckle.
"Gluttony is a deadly sin, miss Springleaf."


"Eww, that sounds fucking disgusting. I bet it was all squishy and dripping some strange goo too."




"My hoof reeked for 3 days after that."

"I didn't pull out many cakes after that for a long time I can tell you that.
I've pulled some other strange things out of my hat, but none as strange as that."


"I bet."


"I think I would have kept it as a pet."


"Well, if I ever pull it out again, I'll throw it my hat at you, tentacle beast and all."
I smirk.


I then look at the hat.
"Hmmm…. if you can pull out anything. Can you pull out gold?" I look at her curiously.


I nod.
"Yes, but I only do it in the biggest emergencies. Mom always said pulling out money is inviting bad luck."


"Ah, I see."
"Then dont do it then. Beter be safe than sorry." I smile.


"I will gladly capture it and put it in a cage of sorts."


"Well, if we're ever in a tight spot I will without hesitation. But, not for everyday expenses."

I raise my hooves.
"Do with it as you please, as long as I don't have to deal with it."


"Well, let us continue then."

Roll #1 5, 1, 5 = 11



Roll #1 5, 4, 1 = 10



Roll #1 3, 2, 4 = 9


I nod.
"If you want to ask or borrow anything, you can approach me.:" I smile.

Time for some luck calling.
"Goddess of the sea's, give me the number i ask for thee, Number 5"

Roll #1 4, 5, 6 = 15


"I appreciate it mister Chip.
But consider the following, my hat can pull out anything the size of my hat, so the only reason I'd need to pull out money would be for things bigger, like a ship or a carriage. And we don't need those for the moment." I smile.


I nod.
"Alright I understand."


"Your turn, mister Chip."


Nopo's gone right?
"Alright! Looks like calling luck really works."
I then ponder and look around.

"We didnt have a dare yet so let me start." I smile slyly.
I then gather a shot of rum for both of us and show it to her.
"Alright LightHeart. Either you'll drink or you'll… hmmm…. let me preen one of your wings."



I raise a brow and smirk.
"I think I shall pass on the drinking, so… go ahead and preen one of my wings then. Do be gentle."


I grin.


"Haha yes!" I laugh before drinking the shot of rum I offered.
Take my position next to her before spreading her feathers… and stop…
"You do know I am drunk and I will regret this in the morning right?"
"Or maybe not."

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Well… that's fairly gentle. Can't complain about that.
Once he's done, flap my wing a few times and nod.
"Thank you, that was fairly good."


"Quite surprising for a diamond dog, isn't that right, mister Tree?"


Take another shot just to clean my teeth,
"Oh my… I never knew I could do that. Looks like this could skill could help in the future." I smile at her knowingly.

"Oh the dice." I grab it again.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh dear god that is a strong one.

*hic* If itsh not for your help, I wont be good at it." I rest on a chair for awhile to rest holding my temples.


I chuckle and take the dice for a spin.

Roll #1 4, 5, 1 = 10


Roll '3d6'

Roll #1 1, 6, 2 = 9



Roll #1 3, 2, 5 = 10


"Hmmm, a tie? Reroll a dice then."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ish that so?" I smile and began chanting.
"Wise men's graces unfold!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I hold my head.
"Alright alright, letsh me think what I will do."

I then turn to LightHeart and smile.
"What is the most scariest event in your life? I mean the kind where you really felt it."


I think for a moment, deciding on what to say.
"One thing that truly struck me back in the day and which I still remember as if it were yesterday was when my heart gave out for the first time. I was quite young back then and had no idea what was going on, which was of course very scary. To feel death's tendrils pull at you at that age… it was not a good experience at all. Luckily, I was treated in time and recovered in a few days. Still, the news hit quite hard."


I scrunch sadly.


I blinked my eyes.
"Oh…. that is some experience I tell you."
"My bad for asking you about it."

I then pour a shot of rum on my glass and offer a toast.
"Here's to Light heart good health.


"Oh it was so long ago. I still remember it well, but I have gotten over it by now. There is no sense in being sad over it, it will change past nor future."


Keep going or wait for Nopo/Sylt?
I nod.
"Shall we roll again?"


Sure, let's wait a bit.
"Yes, let us."

Roll #1 5, 1, 5 = 11


I smile
"Yes that ish true."
Drink my toast.

I can wait.
"Alright alright" I grab the dice.
"Lady luck, listen to my plea and that number is a six."

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1, 3, 5 = 9


The Seaworthy has rejoined the fleet. It carries a certain mysterious cargo in a locked room in the hold. The rumors among the menials say that it is some cursed artifact.


After what LH said, I think I know what it is, but I don't need to visit it… Instead….

I should find my fan.


Oh it's 'cursed' alright. Best to keep it well locked away for now until the rumor train slows down a bit.

I was talking to Marsh.



You locate him on deck. You're surprised to see him dragging a cannon into position all on his own, which is tough for a pegasus to do alone. He looks like he's bulked up considerably since you last saw him. Also odd is that he saw you coming and didn't react at all, positive or negative.

"Well, Elementalism is certainly quite popular here in the provinces of Neighpon. I think in a way it is fitting that this disparate land should find its faith in a disparate religion."

"Hmph. That's a little bit personal isn't it? And even if it wasn't, you don't think you could have figured it out just from being around me on your own? I guess I shouldn't expect much about of you when it comes to brains, though! I am a great chef, not that you'll ever get to eat my bento, that is!"



Flutter closer.
"Hey. What'cha up to?"



"Religion tends to shape lands, culture and people. I am very happy to have witnessed Neighpon, it was my first time here and despite its issues, it did not disappoint."


He's gone to Light Heart's room. He knocks on the door and someone lets him in.

"Putting in a few extra hours. The other workers are taking a break because there's technically no work to do right now, but I figure one can always find extra work to do. After this I'm going to be working on my aim for the next six or eight hours, then it's back to the grindstone. Think I'm gonna ask the commodore for some more hours. I get a little antsy without something to work on."

"They say the Forbidden City is quite spectacular in itself, but that's somewhere I don't think any of us will ever see. Foreigners, after all. Still… it was interesting to visit this place. It was certainly something different. With the way that Equestria incorporates the cultures of the mainland, it is refreshing to see something new."


All right. Sneak closer and see if I can listen in.


Raise a brow.
"Whoa, you sure that's a good idea? Won't you die of exhaustion or someshit with all that work and no rest?"


Please reply.


"Let us hope Equestria's tendrils do not take hold of this place either then. If you see what happened to other nations, it becomes harder for one to blame the Neighponies for being so isolationist."
I shake my head.


Hm… odd, you don't hear anything, and frankly this wood isn't THAT thick. Roll perception.

"Nah. I feel great since I ditched those other two loser thirds of me. The gains have been great. And let me tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for all the nutrients that the gruel served here has."

I already replied to you! see >>560121

"I think Equestria strives to expand their borders every day. I would not be surprised to learn they annex Neighpon and Poneland-Lehuania, though perhaps not in our lifetimes."


"Bah. It is a pity. The world becomes a smaller place every day."


"Two loser thirds?"

"And yeah, I can see you've changed a lot."


I knew it couldn't be that easy… '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Whelp my bad.

I blink my eyes twice in utter confusement.
"You're a chef?"
"So you are a travelling chef of sort right?"
"Also whats a 'beinto'?"


"Yes, I suppose

He laughs and starts talking in Neighponese, then Prench, then Germane (which sounds weirdly familiar), then Oddomane, then Ponish, then Dog.

"Turns out we have native speakers from nearly everywhere in the menial corps. I think after I finish the rest of the reading material I've got I'm going to start on dead languages. Northern, Tartarian, that kinda stuff. It's good. Brain muscle."

You examine the door closely. Some sort of enchantment has been placed on it by the corps of engineers. Interesting. That said, it may not be impossible to pick with the right tools, or just to smash it in if you're in a big hurry.

"Idiot! It's a very important type of packed food! And I can make seafood too. These ponies better have not turned you into a vegetarian!"


"Yes, I suppose that is the case. There are two sides to every coin, but a unified government makes it harder for nongovernment actors like ourselves to move."


…I don't have the right tools, do I?


"Holy fucking shit… wait, are you sure you're the guy that I think you are?"


You'll need to do research and collection! How exciting! Not something that can be done quickly, but it might be worth the investment, assuming you ever want to blatantly break fleet rules and break into officers' quarters at some point.

"Oh yeah. I feel better than ever."

He flexes. "A couple more days of this regimen and I bet I can take you in a shooting contest. And that's not to insult your skills, either, it's just that good."


"We will find some way to thrive, one way or the other. Perhaps one day Equestria will break up and crumble and we will go back to the old pony tribe system."
I chuckle.


"What regimen? What the fuck kind of training can even do this?… and bullshit, you won't be able to."


"I learned that exhaustion is a state of mind. By expelling the weaker emotions from my mind and body I've been able to maximize my gains and keep myself sharp. What's the point of having feelings if you aren't going to be successful? Then you only feel miserable. So I kicked out my sense of anger and my sense of longing."

He thinks a moment. "I bet you ran into one of those idiots, and that's why you got confused. I'll go ahead and apologize for their weakness."

"You know, I don't know. The Earth Ponies had a republic, and the Pegasi a military junta. No real heirs to either of those government types. And the Unicorns have apparently lost their last heir. I think it's more likely that the whole thing undergoes some sort of democratic revolution, but at this point Celestia just controls the minds of her countrymen too well."


"Packed food?" I tilt my head, still hearing the concept for the first time.
"Like chicken jerky or something? Though seafood sounds nice."


"Yeah, but what about, y'know, enjoying yourself?"


"Maybe shrimp or fish… Or kalimari and crab!"


Definitely worth the investment. I guess that right now…
…Now might be a good time to investigate that ghost on the ship. Or that locked room on the Seaworthy.


"No time for enjoying. All about workin' out."


"And to be quite fair, I do not think a military junta would be quite fitting for me."
What race is Marsh?


"It's pretty pointless then."


My mouth waters.
"Holy shit, that sounds nice, or perhaps oysters wrapped with turkey bacon! Or even just crab is enough!" I yelp.



"She keeps a tight hold on the reins of the military as it is. Movp was a good griffon, if you knew him as well as I did."


He chuckles. "Yeah, someone with emotions might think that. They're clouding your mind. But hey, if that's what you wanna do, that's what you wanna do. I don't begrudge you for that. In fact, I'm physically incapable of caring what you think."

She laughs. "You idiot! No one wraps oysters in turkey bacon!"


I nod.
"I had my share of talks with him. And mister Cross as well. The general told me quite a few interesting war stories, they were quite educational to me."


Let's try the room on the Seaworthy first. Locks are sort of my thing, after all.


Roll to search.

"A pity, I liked him. You know he managed to distract Landgrave's pack of sycophants for us while September and I retreated downstairs? I would've liked to take them out right then and there, but she had been badly injured by a stray cannonball and we had to meet up with Puzzle first."


"What good does everything you managed to achieve do then? You migh as well be some undead freak, if you have no emotions, you just work and work."



Roll #1 10 = 10


I scratch my head.
"I… I got carried away, I really like myself a nicely done seafood meal. Being with these 'vegetarians' is sickening you see. Them eating hay in front of me makes my stomach knot inside me, its nauseating, barbarous even."


"Captain September mentioned as much to me, yes. Landgrave… that idiot."


"What good is there in being strong, skilled, intelligent, multilingual, and moving up the career ladder? Dunno, I'll get back to you when I have an answer for that."

By interrogating menials, you're able to determine the source of the rumors. Apparently it's just a temporary storage room, but there's a big padlock on it. Clearly there are plans to move whatever is inside to a different location where it will be more secure later on.

"Yes, Shiba is famous for its great meat buffets. It's not a pony city at all."

"Always rubbed me the wrong way. If it were up to me, I'd have Topaz for Commodore. Now there's a straight shooter. Her senses about Landgrave and Umlock were right from the start."


He adds, "Truly she was our greatest ally."


"Ha that is great to hear, another chef in the fleet wont hurt." I smile
"So should we meet the Commodore Flora?"


"I suppose I should."


I would like to see that ship.


Heheheh… picking that padlock shouldn't be too hard. As long as there isn't anypony around right now.


I smile.
"I liked miss Topaz. She had a certain midas touch, did she not? Her mint was quite spectacular."


Lets assume Tree is done with Abilio
Knock on Abilio's door.


Roll my eyes.


Oh right, and I had that chat with Abilio.
Can I have it in the past then?
About Fly's little prisoner.


It's a stocky, lightly armored ship with crossbeams reinforcing it and providing light cover against cannonballs. There are a number of gangplanks and hanging ropes, clearly to facilitate easier crossing. There's even a large old orb in the middle of it, for teleport-boarding, you imagine. It has large, angular sails, but they don't appear to be particularly special. The prow is highly angular as well, jutting out with a heavy, metal filed point which is intended for use in ramming. The ship doesn't weigh itself down with a large hold or any cannons besides a couple chase guns at the bow. If you'd like to investigate belowdecks, you can.

It takes several minutes to articulate it open, but eventually it clicks. Not too bad.

"Yes, she was training a successor, but apparently he died as well in the battle."

"Yes? Come in."

He shrugs and goes back to his work.



"Hmm? Who was that?"


Let's go visit Abilio.


Of course! I want to take a complete tour of this beuty!
It's almost arousing!
"Commodore, there's a matter concerning one of the newest…
Crew additions we have made.
Fly, the magically unstable gryphon."


Enter and nod as a sign of respect.
"Sir Abilio, I would like to recommend a member of the fleet."
I then show him Flora.
"Her name is Flora, a Shiban who insist to be aboard our ship. Besides being a great chef, she is well explored thus making her knowledgeable of Neighpons geography and places of interest."


Alright then, let's see what they're hiding in here…



"Hello sir scarab. Sorry to distrub you again so soon. This little one needs your aid."


"Some Diamond Dog, I never spoke to him at length, I don't even remember his name."

"Come in."

There isn't a hold, but there is a quartermaster's chambers that run the length of the third level down, which is odd. It's set behind a heavy iron door with extra locks and reinforcements. Behind that there's a small dining nook and a large brig plus a ladder access to the lowest levels of the ships. There are a lot of chains and other apparatuses. It would be a suitable brig or slave pens. Heading down the ladder, it appears to access a secret floor between the brig and the lowest bunkhouse level that is actually very squat and uncomfortable to stand – there are benches with place to attach chains and oars. The ship can gain extra speed by using slaves (or menials, though conditions down here are terrible) to row. This also means that the Seaworth is immune to doldrums which normally completely neutralize a vessel.

"Yes, I've met her. What's the issue?"

She puffs out her chest. "I am pretty great."

Abilio glances between her and you, then shrugs. "Well, if you vouch for her, then I trust your judgment. Frankly she looks more useful than the last recruit you brought me."

Flora gives you a questioning look.

Eh..? It's just an ancient-looking large, stone block. The block itself is a trapezoidal prism shape. It seems to thrum with magical energy.

Crux is already "glowing" – or whatever the opposite of glowing is, because his dark aura is back. The muck-covered pony has already pieced together his top half and he is already crawling about, mumbling about curses as he attaches leg bones.

Scarab mumbles his usual mumbles to Manako, but they're unintelligible.

"Quite spirited she is in more ways than one, hm?"


"Very much so. She is terribly innocent for her size. And mysteriously grows bigger. "


"Ah. What a shame. I do have to wonder what will happen to the mint now that she is gone. Will we find a replacement coinsmith?"


I jump up and down.
"Thank you thank you thank you!"

"How do you understand him?"


"Hey. Got some time?"


That's… strange. Examine it for any clue as to why they apparently find this thing so valuable. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yes. He says you are energetic."


We should convert this place. Why a secret floor when we could raise the ceiling, eating slightly into the useless slave pens above to make it a decent, if not comfortable, workplace?

"She took part in raiding actions.
Admirable job, sure, she didn't even die.
But she brought back a prisoner. Shiban dog hexed under her control."


I look at Flora also confused before looking back at Abilio.
I scratch my head.
"My last recruit?"


I keep jumping.
"I am!"


"The dark scarcely does not conceal mystery I find."

"We may just have to end up dealing in real currencies instead of our own until we find a new one. The benefit of doubloons was naturally the control over currency and no risk of magical tracking."

"For a time, what is it?"

It betrays few secrets merely from observing it, other than it's obviously magical. You could search it for hidden compartments, but you know touching magic artifacts can be dangerous. Do it anyway?

The slave pens do not border the hidden floor. The ladder cuts through a couple floors from the quartermaster level straight to the hidden level above the bilge. You'd be cutting into sleeping quarters.

He groans. "She couldn't just raid a graveyard or something? Does the representative from Awa know?"

"The doctor. Though she has been doing better since locking herself in that room…"


Giggle and float in front of your face.
"Yes. You are."


"Do you know the guy working a million fucking shifts?"


Gingerly reach out and touch it, ready to yank my hoof back if needed.


We should discuss these slave pens at length with Abilio. Remodel them into sleeping quarters.

"No. But the rumor is spreading especially since Selena was the first to learn about it.
I've sent Manako to watch over the girl, told her not to release the dog for the moment.
She's rather… Attached to her."


I laugh.
"I'm glad I didn't eat you."

I help Crux pick up his bones.


I nod.
"Something to look out for then. Thank you for the chat, captain. It was lovely."


"Oh… Nurse Heart." I stop to think for a moment.
"She is of great help back then dont you agree? She will be of greater help even now."


"Then you know what is wrong with her?"


Look a little anxious "yea.. me too.. "


"Your wings are pretty. Do they grow back? Can I have them?"


Yelp in shock and turn red with anger "No! You can not have my wings!"


"Yes, that's hm…"

He looks through some papers. "Magic Bullet. Joined us recently, very distinguished career since then. He's the prime choice for new duty officer."

You slam against the wall of the room, painfully and loudly.

It must be some kind of repulsion artifact. You have an aching head…. and, well, everything. You did just slam into a wall after all. How bad are you hurt? Roll perception.

"I'm going to set aside any ethical quarrels I have at the moment because frankly they're not relevant compared to keeping the Daimyo of Awa happy. Tell Fly that if the Daimyo or his representative learns of this, I'm going to have her quartered and thrown into the sea. Ugh… well, maybe don't say all of that, she is just a child. Yet… Frankly I'd do it. We can't afford to lose this commission and I don't know what might upset the daimyo. Don't let the representative see it. In fact, maybe throw it overboard before she gets more attached to it or something. Why didn't you graverob? That's so much easier to get away with…"

Eventually he's all pieced back together.

"Who dares help me put my legs back together? I curse you with laughter!"

He tickles below your wings.

"Good day."

"Maybe. She did seem a bit… out of it for a long time. At first I thought she was an imbecile, but she seems clearheaded now. Perhaps she was merely a drunk."

Flora looks at you curiously.

"That would hardly be a mystery, would it?"


Shit… hope nothing's broken… '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I try not to cry from being yelled at.

But that cheers me right back up. I start laughing and rolling around on the floor.


"I'd rather promote Tela, to be honest. That guy is a bit sketchy."


I'm going back to my cabin then.


Chuckle "I guess not. But it seems uncomfortable for her. Maybe some pony else will know."


"She learned a lot from the late Doc Peg, with his help she has become a better medical practitioner."
"So what do you think of Flora Commodore?" I then look at Flora and smile


Sigh I can't stay mad at her "uh, make sure to bring your puppy with you. We should go back to where you were staying now."


I jump back up and follow you out.

"Bye mister Scarab. Come on, Crux, back to the lab!"
I wave goodbye to Scarab.


Nah… just a bruise or two you can explain away. But you have learned one thing for certain: this thing is definitely a repulsion altar, and if you keep messing with it you will probably be overheard.

Maybe it's a secret weapon or something.


"Duty officers and quartermasters are traditionally drawn from the menial corps, much like the positions of fleet windmaster and chief engineer. I would hate to go against tradition."

Your girls are here, and Rosemary is playing with Lilly while Adel goes unattended in her crib and Red and Grey play together.

Wark is chatting with Ciddir, who is laying on the bed.

"Has she consulted with the one who calls himself the Fullmaster?"

"I gave you my assessment already. We'll see how it pans out."

She gives a sour look.


He trails after you.


"Yeah, but, you do know that guy has like no emotions, right? It's sort of creepy.
Anyway, if not that, don't you think Tela deserves a promotion anyway?"


"The full master? Who is that?"
"Hmm I need one more moment. But if you go straight there you can go alone. "


Approach them.
"Master Wark. Mister Ciddir. What news?"


"Happarently, she did this on her own.
Even snuck it on the fleet without us.
I was dead at the time, couldn't keep an eye on her.
It's entirely my fault, I should have endured more of their blows.
Bow in respect.
"I will find Fly."

Off to find fly!

And in the future, go see Abilio again!

Where arth thou?


Off I go.

Heading off to take a test.


If it's a weapon, then maybe there's a firing switch somewhere. Walk around it to see if I can find it. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10




glad I could make it in time


"Thank you commodore." I bow to him.


"The officers' corps will probably undergo some changes with the addition of a new ship. We will see."

"A certain self-epithet of questionable definition."

Ciddir seems a little uneasy, but Wark just chuckles. "News? We were just havin' a jaw. Arright then?"

Ciddir nods and wanders off.


Abilio then.

You carefully search the whole thing and determine there are no buttons, levers, switches, or hidden compartments.

Where to?


I then lead Flora out of the commodore's place before turning to her.
"Are you alright?" I look at her worried.


Smile and walk closer to him.
"Oh, yeah… A new ship…. It needs a captain, right?~"


Which part was that for?
The going in and out?
Back when I chatted with Abilio the Seaworthy hadn't been raised yet!
"Commodore! I took the time to inspect the latest addition to the fleet!
She's a marvel!"


Huh. Alright, I'll figure this out later. Do a couple stretches to make sure the bruises don't have me limping too badly before I leave.


"Oh. I see. My apologies for interrupting."
I smile slightly.
"You must be pleased to see the Seaworthy back with us."


"What is a self-epithet? "


"I don't know. I don't think he appreciates me! Maybe after I show off my skill."

"Yes, though we already have one I'm afraid. The Hourglass is not large enough to necessitate a full captain, so Miss September will take the helm of the Seaworthy. In fact, I'm transplanting the entire command structure. Really, there's only any need for a Commander of the Hourglass."

"Yes, the Seaworthy has long served the fleet as its principle boarding vessel. Traditionally the home of great warriors of skill and prowess. I am sure our cook, Salty Slugs, will be happy to have her back."

You feel a bit more limber, but you're still sore. Walk it off, you suppose.

"Aye, I suppose I asked fer Adel baselessly."

Then he gives you a little kiss on the nose. "Not that I regret it."

"Titulature which is self-assessed."


"The Hourglass is pretty small though."


All right then, I'll walk it off by exploring the ship.


"Well, I would agree that family is more important than a mere ship."


"Yes, which is why it was unnecessary to have mates and a captain for it. They were granted those titles as part of a need for a certain number of ranking officers for fleet traditions like moots."

It's a stocky, lightly armored ship with crossbeams reinforcing it and providing light cover against cannonballs. There are a number of gangplanks and hanging ropes, clearly to facilitate easier crossing. There's even a large old orb in the middle of it, for teleport-boarding, you imagine. It has large, angular sails, but they don't appear to be particularly special. The prow is highly angular as well, jutting out with a heavy, metal filed point which is intended for use in ramming. The ship doesn't weigh itself down with a large hold or any cannons besides a couple chase guns at the bow. If you'd like to investigate belowdecks, you can.


"So, who'll be the commander of the Hourglass then?"


Sure thing, I'll head down belowdecks and keep exploring.
I did remember to lock that room back up behind me, didn't I?


Sigh giving up. "Equestrian is hard.. where can I find the fullmaster?"


"I was thinking about requesting a transfer there.
Who will be appointed its captain?"


"Speaking of, message came fer ya. 'Pparently something was dredged fer ya and is in lockup aboard."

"I am not certain yet."

You didn't say you did that, so you didn't do that.

"He is the stallion in charge."

"I am moving over the command structure from the Hourglass, so it will be Miss September."


Shit! Head back and lock the door back up!


You snap the padlock back on the door.


Bite my lip a bit, then smile.


Okay… that could have been bad. Okay, now I explore belowdecks.


"In charge of the dark lantern?"


"I see.
Then, I should go make myself acquainted with her.
On other matters, I saw the hidden floor and large slave pens.
Do you think those will still be needed?"


"Is that so?"


I grin in enthusiasm and pat her head.
"Oh dont worry, you'll have plenty of time to show off your skills to them. Lets brainstorm it what do you say?"


"Would you really prefer to be on that tiny ship than the largest, most respectable vessel in the fleet?"

There isn't a hold, but there is a quartermaster's chambers that run the length of the third level down, which is odd. It's set behind a heavy iron door with extra locks and reinforcements. Behind that there's a small dining nook and a large brig plus a ladder access to the lowest levels of the ships. There are a lot of chains and other apparatuses. It would be a suitable brig or slave pens. Heading down the ladder, it appears to access a secret floor between the brig and the lowest bunkhouse level that is actually very squat and uncomfortable to stand – there are benches with place to attach chains and oars. The ship can gain extra speed by using slaves (or menials, though conditions down here are terrible) to row. This also means that the Seaworth is immune to doldrums which normally completely neutralize a vessel.

"The entirety of the fleet in addition."

"I personally find slavery rather distasteful, but an extra brig is always useful."

"Aye. I fig'red if it's a package yer probl'y gonna want me ta carry it given yer heart."

She laughs at you. "You just want to fantasize about food again!"


"Nah. How would I even fit the mansion there? I can wait until you get me a bigger, better and of course cooler looking ship~"


"Oh I'd like that." I grin.
"Say why not give the commodore a sample dish? Perhaps most likely a vegetarian dish? Like seaweed to curry his favor?" I smiled smugly.


"Ooh. I see. I will have to ask him if he knows."
Pause. "Do you want anything scarab?"


"Yes… come with me then. Let us go see."
Off we go!


"It's more for a matter of strategy, you see.
The hidden floor allows for an alternative propulsion method, but it's too cramped for menials to work decently. Resizing it would mean cutting into the living quarters, but resizing both the holding cells and the living quarters, we could make it… Habitable.
But I suppose this is something I should bring up with captain September?"


Hmn… where is the room with that rock in relation to all of this?


"Strictly speaking, the mansion doesn't fit on the Darklantern either. It's an extradimensional gateway."

"That was a terrible pun! But I'll check the food stores to see what you have…"

"No, I think I have had more than enough pleasantness for one day, thank you."

He tromps off alongside you. Apparently it's being kept in just a side room on the first gundeck. There's a padlock here, but Wark produces a key and unlocks it. Perception check.

"Yes, I think so. I generally allow captains to rule their ships as petty fiefdoms."

It's being stored in a small arms storage on the primary gundeck, which is just below the maindeck. The quartermaster's floor is below that, then bunkhouses below that. Below the bunkhouses are the hidden floor and bilge.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Roll my eyes.
"You know what I meant."


Is it time for my Northspeak sessions yet?


I haven't encountered anypony else around… can I find anypony on this ship?


"Very well.
Then I will formally request transfer later, after asking permission to both captain Marsh and September."
Off to the Hourglass.
Find cap. September.


I grin.
"I am no good at puns, just make it simple. Abilio is simple in his taste so dont strain yourself alright?" I pat her head.


Eh, it's nothing. Wark unlocks it and you head inside. This room is barren except for the altar.

"Unless what you meant was just to formulate an excuse to stay here with Cloudy and myself, then I haven't the foggiest."

He grins at you.


Sure you have, you've been passing menials left and right.

She's not at the helm. Perhaps her quarters.


"Alright, I'll see what I can do."


Pretend to be upset.
"As if you ever visit…"


"All this fuss over a rock, hm?"


Oh. Darn it, I want to figure this out!
Head back to the room with the altar; maybe I can find some clue I missed the first time around?


Oh…but there's one thing I should definitely do first. Go see Ciddir, since he's finally not talking to Hircus.


Bow and leave.
To the commodore then.


Well, let's try.


"Alright, I'll leave you now. You are welcome to my room and can stay there whenever you want alright? I have to meet someone today. Stay safe." I then leave her and head on deck.

Hmmm… lets meet and talk to LightHeart.


I click my tongue.
"Aha. It has returned at last, has it."
Look at Wark.
"I doubt you will be able to carry such a load on your own, however."
I chuckle.


"I can only imagine the reaction if I walked in on something."

Light Heart and Mocking Wark are here.

He's not in his room.

How to alert him to your attention, you wonder? He's in his room with the door closed.

You stand at the door.

Apparently she's headed to the Seaworthy.

"Mmm, prob'ly not. Bit big and cumbersome. Where do ya want this thing?"






Maybe I can listen in without being seen… '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Meet her.
"Hey." I smile.


"I know how Cloudy would react. That mare, eeesh… The things she says sometimes!"


Well fly around the ship, he's probably looking at barnacles or maybe he found some mold again '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Captain September?
I'd like to have a word with you."


Knock on the door. Nice and loud '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I believe I will ask the commodore to have it transported to the Darklantern and be safely stored there, as not to weigh the Seaworthy and the Sirocco down. We should try not to spread around the word too much."

"Good day."


Approach them both.
"So… you and Wark seems to be busy about that 'thing', am I correct?"


Chip draws attention to Hircus when he approaches from behind and speaks.



"Indeed. I wish to have it transported to a secure location first of all."

"Mister Hircus. Something you require?"


"A secure spot, that would be good."
I then look at her.
"Though I'd like to…. "

I look at him


"Mmm, you're one to talk. Apparently the other day when you were alone, she told me you horrified her with graphic descriptions of your lovemaking. Please apply your decency lessons from Mister Rogers!"

Hm, no sign of him! Eventually you glance through a window and see he has returned to his quarters.

"Well, go ahead then. No need to beat around the bush."

He can't hear you! Damn Breezie hooves!


Perception check.



Roll #1 2 = 2


It must've been nothing.


"Oh. Um… hi. I was just… curious about that… rock thing."



Roll #1 6 = 6


Weird, I'll never understand that little buck.
Straighten up and remind myself to speak clearly, knock and go in.
"Hello, Ciddir, how are you feeling today?"


Well, enter if she allows me.
"I'm interested in moving to the Seaworthy, because of its reputation and my abilities.
Will you have me, Captain September?"


Maybe I can squeeze in the door '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"That's not how I remember it going down. She was panting and sweating, her tail raising on it's own… I bet she could barely hold herself back to just jump at me and have hot mare makeouts."


"Indeed? A mere memento of mine, that is all."


It seems Hircus must have beaten you to the altar. He doesn't even seem to realize that he is currently a she!

"Well, the cool breeze stimulates nerve endings which increases vividness of sensation."

"Sure. Why not?"

Okay, Breeziness DOES have its perks!


"Try applying those lessons right now, too."


"Hircus? I… Is that you?" I look at him confused.


Oh yea. Now what is the big guy up too?


"Thank you, Captain.
Have you already decided on the rest of the mates?
I would like to get acquainted with them as soon as possible.
I'm trusting master Chip will come over?"


"Really? What does it do?"
Give him a puzzled look.
"Um, yes… Why do you ask? Is there something wrong?"


"Does it sting that your mare got hot for another mare?"


I look at him and closed my arms.
"You touched the altar did you?"


"That's….great. I'm feeling fine as well. I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me research a potion."


I smile slightly.
"Nothing you should be concerned about. It has some divine powers-"

I perk up and cock my head at Hircus.
"Did he now?"


He's working on a map of Ichi, it would seem. You do not like the number of cannons on that map.

"Yes, I believe the officers for the ship will remain intact."

"You're dismissed, Emrille."




"Very well.
Have you had the chance to take a tour of the Seaworthy yet?"


Fold my ears back and stare.
"Uh… what makes you say that?"


"C'mon, though, I wanted to ask something serious before you started talking about sex again."


Mind your words Selena
"Excellent. Do you know anything about a potion that would transform the drinker into a breezie?"


I approach Hircus and began showing LightHeart what I mean with much enthusiasm.

"Look at him? Or her? Cant you tell LightHeart?"
"That birth giving hips, that rounder features, that lips, those eyelashes, its all there." I grin.


"Oh, I've been on it many times. I was well acquainted with the previous captain, who oft invited me to his parties."

"Make it quick. My patience is nearly gone."

"No. Do you?"


"W-what?! I'm not a girl!"


I shake my head and close the door.
"I would have thought you were smarter than to break into places on the fleet and touching random magical objects, but it seems I was mistaken."
Look at Wark.
"Master Wark, please push him onto-"

I sigh and rub my temples.
"I would have appreciated you not spilling that information, mister Chip."


"Then, you will know of the large briggs it holds, and of its peculiar method of propulsion."


My ears droop.
"Uh..no I had hoped you'd know something about it. Do you maybe know where we could learn more about such a potion?"


Well… let's try some Light Heart type total-bullshit-what-they-want-to-hear approach.
Step a bit closer, flap my ears down and pout.
"Awww, come on, I'm sorry daddy!"


'1d10' float closer, about shoulder height to him and look over the map.
"God day sir commodore."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I look at LightHeart.
"Oh… Oh! My bad." I bow.

Then turn to Hircus.
"Hircus, you are a normal male goat." I look at him with intense seriousness.


Oh to hell with this.
Push him back onto the altar.

Roll #1 3 = 3


…Check my parts to see if anything's missing.


Help LightHeart in her effort before the deed is done!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I am well learned in ingredients, but less so in making things out of them that aren't swords or armor. If you need advice on how to find something, make more, or plant care, I may be able to help. Mixing and recipes are not my strong skill."

"I assume you're not referring to the reinforced four-point sails."

He gives a bemused smile. "Laying it on a bit thick now, aren't we? At least you're trying, and that's what counts. What is it?"

He looks up, surprised.

"Oh, hello, … Breezie. I'm sorry, did I ever get your name, officially?"

You are completely female.


He is shoved onto the altar, and as with every time, upon touching it he is catapulted into the wall as he is blasted away from it. His maleness has been restored!

…That had to hurt. Maybe the new room could use some cushions.


"No, I am not.
There's a hidden floor leading from the slave pens to a…
Original device, which uses horsepower to make the ship move forwards.
Sadly, this hidden layer is so small, I'd never put a menial to work there.
And slaves bring many, many complications."


Snicker and go back to my regular pose.
Or better, lean against some furniture.
"I was thinking about getting myself a bit more popular with the crew and shit. You've got any ideas how to do that?"


Okay, so… you've got a gender-changing altar?"


Bite my lips.
"Well I definitely will." Well shit, Felfire can help brewing and Ciddir can help with ingredients but no recipe.
I straighten up again.
"I've heard your relationship with Hircus goes very well."


I look at him with all seriousness.
"Wait, a minute how did you end up here in the first place Hircus?"


"Yes indeed. And seeing how you so rudely broke into this room, you are now an unfortunate witness of it. I will ask you not to share this information with anypony, nor to ever approach it without permission ever again."


I look at LH.
"What shall we do with him?"


"How do you think?"
"I understand not telling anypony, but… are you saying you'd be willing to give me permission if I asked?"


"Yes, I'm well aware of the slave compartments. Frankly I don't mind slaves, but slaves are expensive. Did you know, according to some authors, Celestia ended slavery in her lands not because of any ethical reasons, but because she could save money by employing ponies for less than the cost of provide slaves with food and shelter? But you didn't come here to talk about history. I agree, it's a place unfit for menials."

"Popular? I'd talk to Face. Usually, though, it's simple enough. Buy some rounds with your money. Spread the wealth around. Be nicer in general. Umlock was beloved by his crew because he had parties nearly every night with even the lowliest menials invited. It's easier to see why his crewmen followed him in the mutiny now, isn't it?"

"It's… complicated lately. Maybe you can give me advice."


"By sneaking in without permission?" I grin.


"I am Manako. Sir." I bow politely to him. "I have been aiding in healing your fighters."


"Let him go about his business, I suppose."

"If you have a good enough reason to convince me, I can always consider it."


"Of course."
I sit down


"Pretty much."
"…Have you used it yourself?"


"My concern is very close to yours.
Since we will not, in the near future, be employing slaves again, it'd be wise to resize the slave pens, and expand the engine room.
This way, we could actually send menials there without cutting into their living space.
And such a large hold is not exactly required, seeing the inclinations of the current Commodore."


"I fail to see how that is relevant, but yes I have."


"Right, I'd heard you spoken of but I don't think we were formally introduced. Well, good then. What's the matter?"

"Is it wrong to not want to do something you feel uncomfortable about, even if it makes someone else very happy?"


"Hmmm… that is pretty light. Dont you think?" I raise an eyebrow.

"And why are you sneaking in here hmmm ?" I look at him with suspicion.
"You do know I am having a hard time trusting others."


"It'll be expensive, but possibly worth looking into."


"I am most concerned about the gryphon chick, Fly. Have you spoken to Flowing Tree about her?"


"…Does it always throw you around like that? Because that could get old fast."
"It's a mysterious locked room, and I have an insatiable sense of curiosity. Besides, I sneak everywhere."


"He has been given a warning. The next time, I will be far less pleasant. Feel free to punish him yourself however."


"Oh, yes, about the mind control thing. It's a disaster from a relations perspective. If she gets found out I'm just going to have to cut her wings off and throw her overboard or something so that we aren't implicated as approving of it."


Nod, with a smile.
"Thanks for taking me in, Captain.
I will go part ways with my old crew, before moving to the Seaworthy."


"Spend my money?…. Can I throw parties from fleet funds?"


"Yes, and of course not! As if the fleet has any coffers to throw parties right now anyway!"

"Good day, and good luck finding a good bunk before the best ones are taken."


"Indeed it does. Quite painful, but that is the way it goes. Now if you would excuse me, I have business to attend to. Please remove yourself from this room and speak nothing of what happened to your fellow crew."

"Master Wark? Shall we go speak to the commodore?"


I look at LightHeart then to Hircus.
"Hircus, you do know how I react to anyone not telling me about their intentions or if they keep secrets to me. You did remember that last time?"
I then lean next to him and pat his head.
"I hate traitors."


"No, I do not think it is, I think it is very natural.
Is Hircus making you do things you feel uncomfortable about?"


"I'm sure I could squeeze some supplies for it… somehow."


"Yes. Then I can tell you my second concern.. about her growth rate. She grew years in a couple minutes. Some kind of age magic. "


Actually, let's go to the bunkhouse and check it for beds left.
One near the exit, from which I have sight over the whole thing.
And comfortable too.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I turn to LightHeart and whisper.
"Maybe both you and me can speak in private later?"


"Certainly. Now please, let me lock this back up again."


"So what, you want me to tell you absolutely everything I do before I do it?"


"I want you to not break into places that are locked on board the fleet. If you value keeping your hooves attached to your body, I strongly suggest keep them to yourself."


I nod to her.
"Keep that keys to yourself at all times."

I pat his head.
"You heard LightHeart, we dont know what your intentions are really. Maybe you wanted to steal something or even play with fire. We are in the dark here you see."
"And your reason of 'insatiable curiousity' does not cut as an excuse for your actions sir Hircus."


"Eh, I can go do it, if ya want ta head back."

"He wants to take turns being the doe in the relationship. Maybe that is okay for him, but I am proud of my buckhood and troubled deeply by attempts to do otherwise. I would like to make him happy and it seems important to him."

"We can't even afford decent rations right now. You'll have plenty of spare money after we deal with Ichi."

"Oh, yes, I'm working on fixing that currently, actually. That's why she's staying with us."

Hm, there's actually a pretty nice bed, it must have been looted from a rich pony's house (as the bunkhouse is a collection of random beds, bunkbeds, hammocks, mattresses, and sleeping bags that are haphazardly arranged with no pattern). Retaining it reliably might be tricky, but it's a good one.


Here's how you retain it reliably.
Over it, and on the wood which makes the bed itself, I will carve

#Flowing Tree


Lock the door behind us.
"You are such a dear. Thank you."
Give him a friendly nuzzle and… I should speak to Lacy.


"I guess I can live with that until then… but surely, you could give me some pocket money after we've dealt with that place, since I've been a very good girl lately!"



Although you should probably get a grindstone if you plan on using a sword for carving in wood!

He returns your nuzzle and heads off.

Lacy is cleaning the mansion.


"I see. Nothing escapes you." Smile. "If I can be of assistance with her recovery please let me know."


It's a rapier!
Very pointy end!
But of course I will sharpen it later.
Now, off to the Sirocco.
Find captain Marsh.


"Miss Doily. At work again?"


I glow red.
I think a bit.
"Well, first of all, you have to think about yourself. Is this something you absolutely hate and can't accept, or would you say you could be comfortable with it if it happened only once a week, or once a month?"


"All of the raiders will be earning a bit more than pocket money. Eighty percent of the wealth will go back into the fleet, but the remaining twenty percent will go towards a reward for you lot."

He gives you a smile. "And yes, you have been a good girl lately."

"If you see her undergoing a spurt, bring her to me immediately without any delay. Observing it would help immensely."

He's in his cabin.

"Always, Miss Heart."

"It feels totally unnatural to me. I feel diametrically opposed to this."


"Yeah, yeah. Look, you say you don't like being kept in the dark? Well, neither do I. So when there's something I don't know, it's like an itch at the back of my head, worrying about whether it's going to bite me or not. So, I go find answers."


I would like permission to transfer aboard the Seaworthy."


"Which means more money for me, right?"


I shake my head.
"You should relax every so often. What do you do aside from cleaning? For fun?"


"But they happen instantly. And I can not teleport."


"Good, you belong there."

He gives a nod. "It's the warrior's ship. Always has been. Borders, raiders, sword-fighters. A long and rich history. You'll fit right in."

He chuckles and ruffles your mane. "Sure."

"Oh, sometimes I sing while I clean. But honestly, I don't really mind. I like to be alone with my thoughts."

"Well, do your best then. Perhaps you could try to identify what brings them on, and we could stimulate one of our own?"


"That sounds more do able." I nod.


"You must have something you are striving for. Is it merely the money?"


Nod with a prideful smile.
"I was hoping for your blessing, Captain.
It's been a honor serving under you."

Time to gather my things and leave.
I will come say goodbye to Lady Heart and Face later.


I smile smugly at him.
"Dont turn the tables around boy, it does not matter if you are in the dark or not for you are a recruit here and the officers and captains have private things that wants to be kept private, you understand?"
"Unless you do not understand the concept of privacy then we shall just rummage through your pack like its nothing, I think that will offend you as much as you have offended not only LightHeart but also the officers in rummaging through our pack. Curiosity is fine and all until it began to disregards someone's privacy." I frown.

I then boop your nose.
"And if we keep something out of harms way, we keep it for a reason so you better keep your hooves out of it. Am I making myself clear Sir Hircus?"


Let out a victorious laugh.
"Haha, fuck yeah!"


"Good! Hm… maybe I should talk to Rusty about some sort of… knocking amplifier for you…"

"I have no real direction. Maybe I was guided by money once, but that was to help support my family, and now they are all dead."

You have your meager belongings gathered. Minus your spare set of undergarments but who knows where those went?


"Well, will that be all?"


I nod.
"Well…in that case….a relationship can only work if 2 ponies, or a goat and a deer in this case can come to an agreement you both feel comfortable and happy with.
You should talk to Hircus and tell him this and see if he would feel comfortable only being…the doe…and if not this relationship…might not work after all."
I scratch my head.


"I guess. Oh… where's Cloudy? Just curious~"


I frown.
"I am very sorry to hear that. I understand how you must feel without a family. But as you work for me now, I would like to help you."


"A knocking amplifier? I could build one but.. to be simple.. Why not a bell on a string? And who is rusty? "


"Alright, alright. It won't happen again."


"Okay. Thank you."

"I believe she is in the library."


"Rusty Wrench is our crew's chief engineer. A short-spoken buffalo, but good at his job. As for bells on string… well, I thought we'd put them on every door in the fleet."


"When did we get a library again?"


"When I took up residence here, I converted the First Mate's room into a library."


"I do not know the answer to that question if you yourself do not know it either. But the happiness of my associates is important to me. I want to ensure that."


I pat your head and smile.
"Good, I am glad both you and I are in the clear, just do not tell anything about this to everyone okay and both me and Lightheart will think as if nothing happened."

"But you are one cute female goat if you dont me saying that." I gulp.


"Good thing I selfishly claimed a mansion for the First Mate to stay at, right?"


She shrugs. "I'm content more or less. I don't know what I want."


"The First Mate sleeps in my bed."


"Hmm that would be a lot of bells, or amplifiers. And all for Who and Myself? " I look both excited and confused.


Grin and bump hips with him.
"Not at all. Though I like to think I'm a pretty good-looking buck too~"


"Please think about it. Even the simplest things might bring you some joy."


"Well, so long as you're here, it seems only right."


"But listen, Ciddir, do you want me to talk to him first about it? Hircus is a very sensitive goat….It might help if I talk to him a bit first."


"…Oh, right. Got confused with the ranks for a second. Y'know, with you two being inseparable, it's easy to forget these things."
"And hey, you did invite me to sleep with you two."


"Maybe so…"

She seems to have become lost in thought.



He gives you an amused smile. "Any time you'd like."


"Can I cuddle up with Cloudy?~"


Smile. "You are most generous mr. Albilio. Shall I inquire Rusty Wrench about making knocking or ringing devices and offer my own assistance? I was a bit of an inventor back in breezy valley." I say bobbing up and down excitedly at the idea


I nod.
I get up.
"Thank you for your help Ciddir."
I trot out and once outside spend 5 minutes in the breeze just to get my head straight.
Can I pull out 2 bowls of ice cream from my hat '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Hmmmm…. I prefer you as a female." I bump back.
"Now lets just let all this shit be in the past and get out of here."


Leave her to her thoughts.
"We will speak more of this later. Do take your time."
I'm feeling nostalgic after that talk with Marsh… go find Strom.


Someone must have had a bad day, needed a pair more.
Doesn't mean I won't gut anypony I see wearing my underwear.
Drop my stuff off.
Now it's the moment to go tell Face.
Knock knock.
I have faff to do with each and every one of you.
Especially Manako.


Later. Wf will be gone for a few days anyway. So you'll have plenty of time.





On deck after this chat with abilio.


"Sure. By the way, you still haven't introduced me to that Shiban you're crushing on."


"They say daughters are often most attached to their mothers."

"He might appreciate your assistance. You may have to do most of the talking, though – he is very short spoken."

That's two separate things! You pull out one bowl of ice cream.

Not your chance encounter?




Oh right! Let's do that!


Well, I'll share that bowl with Hircus then, once I'm back.


"Oh her? You want to meet her?" I raise an eyebrow.

Lets find Empress.


"That should be fine. Thank you Sir." Bow and leave him for now.


Scoot over.
"Manako chan."
Smile mockingly.
"It is with heavy regret in my heart, I have to bid tee and this ship goodbye, master Face.
I'm moving onto…
Bloodier pastures, I'm afraid.
The raise of the Seaworthy means I, as an old warrior, have finally a place to call home."


File: 1397664290460.jpg (2.31 MB, 3284x2416, Prance.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

While the fleet sails on toward Ichi, the Hourglass has been sent on a detour to pick up a diplomatic gift for the daimyo of Awa from Teat, Prance. Lacking an official Commander with September away, you've been dispatched as the acting Commander.

Your vessel has just pulled into port at Teat, and what a wonderful city it is! You can really sense the culture here.


" hello tree sempai." smile at your approach.


She's searching the hold for food and not getting much in the way of results.

"Wait, you were on this ship the whole time? You mean all that was going on here? I thought you were deployed on the Darklantern. Heh. Just goes to show you."


What a wonderful city indeed. Prance is such a wondrous country. A shame we are in a hurry…

Once we're docked, I should get to picking up this gift.


"I sure do."
"Why hello there!"


Look at him flabergast.
"…I'm sorry?
Is this about the hen?"
"Did the hammer serve you well, in Shiba?"


I whine and gulp as I approach.
"I hope our store' does not disappoint…. that much."

I then look at Hircus then to Empress.
"By the way Empress, this is Hircus."


On the way to the vineyards, something catches your eye. The Trotantine embassy.

…Given that Roads was the last stronghold, why is there even a need for an embassy anymore?

She looks up from the barrels. "Baka! You didn't tell me we had no good food at all! I could have bought some in the city or at least started fishing! Now you come and bring some friend to embarrass me in front of because we have no food stores?"

"Well, yeah. I just assumed you were doing that on some nook of the Darklantern. Hm. The Sirocco is a lot smaller, you know."


"We used her nest, mostly. And the mansion once.
I will have to tell her about my transfer, aswell.
You think they let menials change ships?"


"Ah! No no no Empress that is not my intention!:" I raise my hand in defeat.
"Perhaps next time after this job we will buy all the food and ingredients that we need. I am sorry." I grin.


"I would imagine so."


"You better be!"


Well… I guess they just decided to keep it around anyway? An ambassador without a country? I don't know…
Are my minions with me? I guess I can go check on this embassy.


" it did! I was able to smack a few of those dogs around. " I say proudly.


"So far I got chicken jerky in my store's but it is not much." I gulp.


"Well, it's certainly clear who's got the horns in this relationship."
Grin and siddle up next to Empress.
"Glad we finally have someone to keep the big guy over there in line."


"Then, I shall work her twice as hard on the Seaworthy.
I look forward to visiting those blessed places you spoke about when the occasion will arise, master Face.
Till now, fare tee well."
Bow my head.
Smile proudly.
"Tell me how the battle went, after the black claimed me."


Sure. I assume you brought the usual three?

HP is lurking (which mostly means crouchwalking behind you very obviously), Rosemary is grinning and taking in the sights, and Wark is trotting, pleased, alongside you.

"Jerky has all the flavor drained out of it so that it can be stored for a long time. I'll get something fresh."

She turns red. "You idiot! It's not like that at all. We're not together!"


"Goodbye and good luck."


Off I go, to… The hen's nest.


Enter the embassy then.
"This brings back some memories…"


It's empty right now.


I stammer.
"Something fresh? B.. but how Empress?"


A guard halts you.

"This is sovereign clay of the holy empire of the Trotantines. Do you seek an audience with the Empress?"

"I just told you, I'll catch something, idiot! Not everyone here is as dainty as you are!"


Should have guessed.
To captain Marsh, actually.
"Captain? I have one last favor to ask, before departing."


"Speak freely."


"I'd like one of your menials to be transferred over to the Seaworthy."


"… Excuse me?"
Quick thinking, Light. There were hundreds of nobles back on Roads, some of them must have escaped.
"Indeed, I would like an audience with her majesty."


I point a finger at her in an attempt of defiance.
"I'm not dainty! I am a strong and independent man I tell you."
"Now lets go fishing! I.. I'll help you catch something I promise."


Pout at her.
"Aww, at least let him down easy! Don't you know he's practically head-over-heels for you? Ever since we left Shiba it's been "Empress this" and "Empress that;" he must be crushed knowing you don't like him!"
Yes, I'm playing with fire. And I'm having fun with it.


Rub the back of my head " I saw ocean as the last enemy standing and healed tela and just started beating on him with the hammer as hard as I could. When I was able to see clearly again the gryphon fly was growing as if years were happening in an instant and I checked your body to be sure it was dead."


Blink once, in surprise.
"You were the one who delivered the final blow on Ocean?"


"Why isn't that menial coming to me directly?"

"Who shall I announce is visiting her imperial majesty here in the heartlands of our great empire?"

"Well, good!"

"Baka! He's just talking about me because I'm very important to your mission. You'd be talking about me too if you had any brains in your head!"


"Because she doesn't know yet."


"Well, she's going to find out eventually."


Sarcasm much?
"… Liberty Belle. Of house Belle."


I lean to you and whisper.
"Dont instigate her fool. She will eat you alive!"

"Hahaha! Alright lets go fishing!"


"She will. From me. As soon as I find her."


"maybe? Battle is confusing to keep track of. Too big. And the assassins were too dodgy. Couldn't figure them out."


"This way, then."

He leads you back through the main room to the main office, which looks like it would normally serve as the ambassador's office, but the name plate has been removed.

"Announcing the lady of House Belle, Miss Liberty."

Wark whispers to you, "Dun ferget their custom of never acknowledging how much land they've lost."

He opens the door, and the little office has been cleared for a throne. The apparent empress of the Trotantines sits upon this throne in full makeup. A pity, you don't recognize her.

"You may kneel, honored guest."

You head up to go fishing.

"So do you have a rod?"

"What's her name?"


"That's why it's fun!"
"Baka yagi," I correct her. "That's the way I'd prefer you address me. And I can't talk about you if I've never had the pleasure of getting to know you, can I?"
Smile and kiss her paw.


Stay silent for a while, then nod.
"You did a good job, Manako-chan.
I have something for you. The other half of the gift.
"Kara. Gryphon hen, hard to miss."


I come find you.

Can I timewarp to September while I talk to Hircus?


I look sideways.
Wait do we have any fishing rod?

Also with engineering can I make one just in case?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Your grace. I am humbled by your presence."


I perk up as I see you.
"Hey Selena! Would you believe I was turned into a girl earlier?"


I look at him with intense fury!!!!


I perk my ears.
"Wha-….oh right, miss Hearts altar."


She jerks it back.

"Your name is idiot goat? Makes sense."

"Alright, but she should come personally once you find her."


Fortunately, you spot a rod and a net laying nearby.

"I'll take the net, I guess."

"No doubt. Are you seeking to immigrate? I have taken in many immigrants lately, no doubt seeking refuge in my enlightened rule. This portion of my land has grown so crowded that I have even begun plans for colonial efforts to expand outside of the embassy, but that does not mean I am not willing to approve your immigration."


You're too kind to me~
I knock at Captain Septembers door, holding the 2 books.


"Thank you, captain."
Off to find Kara.


Roll for good measure.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Best way to hide something is in plain sight."
Pause at that, then give her an appraising look.
"…You knew about that?"
"Wait, what? That's what it means? I thought it was just a nickname Manako gave me!"


Blush intensely
"oh right.. but I didn't have time to get upu something.."


"Yes, miss Heart had told me. However, I know she didn't want this to get out, so you shouldn't have told me, mister Hircus."


"Wait you know?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Are you sure Empress?" I look at her as I give her the net.


These ponies have got to be joking.
"Your wisdom is legendary, your grace. The reason for my visit is for different purposes however. I was unfortunately present during the battle of Roads and wish to pay my respects to those who did not survive."


Perk a brow.
"Mister Chip, you were there during our game of dice."


"As I've told you, Manako, there is really little I wish for.
My life has always been…
Simple. Being on the move doesn't allow for great luxuries.
Reach into a pocket and grab the backage of scraps from the smith.
"As I promised. For your inventions."


"Look at it this way; if you didn't know about the altar, I didn't tell you about the altar, and I said I'd changed genders, would you believe me?"
Watch with interest. This should be good…


"….. I was drunk right?"


"…good point. If I were a menial, I'd just think you were being a crazy goat."

I giggle.
"You very much were."


Squeal excitedly and dive into the bag.
'1d10' appraise parts.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You guys had a game of dice, and I wasn't invited?"


"We couldn't find you! You were being very sneaky."


"…Ciddir and I weren't exactly being quiet."


"Well….. " I grin.


"Well, we didn't think to look there.
Uh..Hircus, I would like to have a word in private."


"Oh? Okay, sure."
Follow you someplace private.
"So, what's this about?"


I get out my bowl of ice cream.
"Want a bite as well while we talk?"


I look as they both leave and then focus my attention to Empress.



Eye the bowl suspiciously.
"…Are you sure that stuff's edible?"


I nod.
"It's very tasty."


I guess it too dark in here. Pop my head back out with a huge grin. " thank you so much tree sempai!! "


"Okay…" I'll try a bite, just to see…
Rollan for intensity of reaction, with 10 being keeping my cool and 1 being me proceeding to stuff my face. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Pretty decent poker face.
"…This is the best thing I've ever tasted. It's… like a beautiful painting, only in my mouth instead of my eyes."


"Okay, eat as much as you want."
I cough.
"Now, I've seen Ciddir an hour ago."


She opens the door.

"You certainly don't disguise your intent. Well, come on in."

She's bilging right now. Not an enviable task.

"Yes, that is what that means, you baka yagi!"

"Yes, I have an idea!"

She strings the net to the fishing pole.

"There, now we can reel it in from up here."

"I see. Well, there is a memorial site in the third room down, just past the royal prison. My treacherous cousin had to be interred there, otherwise we could have saved that office for something else."


"Alright lets me help you." I smile as we go do fishing.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Your… treacherous cousin?"


"…So that's what this is about."
Sigh and eat some more ice cream.
"He was pretty upset this morning. I didn't screw up too badly, did I?"


I smile.
"Thank you so much for making the time to help me, Captain."


"Did he tell you why he was upset?"


Start working with the menials here anyway.
"You are moved to the Seaworthy.
Report to captain Marsh once you're done."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Now, I had promised, hadn't I?
After Ichi, I will buy you some proper parts.


The net-on-rod system works weirdly well, but then, the fish here just seem to jump out of the water.

You catch a lot of carp.

"Carp, carp… well, with some seasoning…"

A soldier speaks up.

"According to ancient tradition, it is beneath the empress to rule her fiefdom directly, instead relying on vassals who handle the day-to-day so that she may instead rule the empire. That in mind, Empress Lavinia Ironankle did bestow the title of Queen of Embassy upon Queen Lavinia Magicelement. However, given that Lavinia was next in line after Lavinia to the throne, Lavinia did wisely imprison her cousin so that she would have control of the fiefdom while still not technically being the ruler of it, and not risking civil war if Lavinia should choose to make war for the empire."

"Thank you for the summary."

"Just as well, which do you want to start with?"

"The new ship? Why?"


"He's… uncomfortable with being on the bottom, I think. He somehow believes that it makes him less of a buck to be… receiving instead of giving. I thought it was just nervousness about never having done it before, but… I guess it's more of a problem than that."


"Because I'm moving there."


"Well that looks like a good catch. Should we catch more?" I smile.


"… I see. 'Magicelement', you say?"


"Yes, we discussed it and he told me felt completely uncomfortable with it. I asked him whether he'd be okay with it once a week or even month, but it seems he is not stepping down on it. I don't think you can convince him otherwise."

"The book about illusionary magic." I hold it up.


"You have an awful lot of sway, don't you~?"

"No, more carp only makes it more carp. We need some other ingredient… sometimes clams get encrusted on the side of the ship. Go look for some!"

The guard and the empress share a look and laugh.

"Well, it's her new name. She's unfortunately lost her mind – another reason she had to be imprisoned. She insist she's the element of magic."

"Right, as good a place as any to start. Let's see, this is… The Noble Practices, written by the Royal Surgeon of the United Northlands. Just flipping through the contents now… let's see… there are a few different subjects here… Ah, here we go – I guess you want to just skip right to the part about the mind, right?"


I glance at HP Lovepone. How many other ponies are there even here, aside from these two clowns?


I pause.
"Wait dont you mean barnacles?"


"Yes, as a matter of fact I do. And I have the best bed on the Seaworthy, aswell."
Look at her calmly, just a tiny smile on my lips, as if this was all normal.


"Yes, please. Before we start, might I ask Captain, do you prefer wine or rum or something else?"


True to her word about overcrowding, there did seem to be a pretty decent pack of various ponies out in the lobby.

HP actually speaks up, "I bet it would be totally wiser to get rid of her!"

That earns some looks of surprise.

"Exile! That way she doesn't start to spread her madness around!"

The Empress gives her a condescending look. "I've already thought of that. But if I sent her off to another country, she might gather an army in that court and challenge my enlightened rule. I'd have to send her off somewhere outside the rule of law, like with a pack of bandits or something."

"Barnacles grab on by themselves, oysters get stuck in the mud along the bottom. Both are found there."

"Well, I'll be over after I'm done, then."

She seems to pump with a little more zest.

"Trying to get me drunk?"


" you're the best tree sempai! " give you a hug on your huge chest.


I grin
"Not exactly."
I tip my hat.
"I wanted to conjure a small gift from my hat to show I appreciate your help. What will it be?"


"…Okay. Thank you for talking to me about this. I think… this is something me and him need to talk about face to face.
…I'll bring up the possibility of changing sexes for him. I won't mention the altar specifically unless I have Light Heart's permission, but I promised to be honest with him. If it makes him happy…"


I then peer on the side of the ship.
"Alright, I agree on finding some clam on the side of the ship but do you really mean I should find some right now?"


"Don't wear yourself out too much."
Leave. Off to…
Meeting the Seaworthy's officer corp!
I know about September and Chip, but what about the others?


"Well… perhaps we could take her with us and sell her off in the free city of Reptil? No doubt you know of its reputation."


"Right, I do not think he'll change his mind about it, but maybe you can come to a solution that satisfies both. In any case, if you want to talk afterwards, my door is always open…"


Pat her on the back.
"I like to see you happy, Manako-chan."
Sigh and let go.
"How is your little sister doing?"


"Thanks. I… guess I better go talk to him. Thanks for everything."
Head to Ciddir's cabin.


"Keep the ice cream."


"…Thanks." I'm probably going to need it…


"How about some Merlot?"

"Hmm… maybe not. Well, can you think of some way to get seaweed?"

"She may be mad, but I will not sell my own cousin into slavery. We Trotantines are more civilized than that, preferring simple blinding or execution in extreme cases."

He's on his bed.


" she seems happy playing with the children of lady heart."


Pull out a bottle of Prance Merlot from my hat.
A good year.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Driftwood or Strom?


And give it to September, of course.


"Hmmm… well perhaps we could simply use her as crew on board our ship. We are privateers in need of crew."


644 AN


Who's highest ranking?
"And are you happy with it?"


Go up and nuzzle his cheek.
"Selena tells me there's some stuff you want to talk about."
Take a seat next to him.
"Well, I'm listening."


Show it to September.
"I hope you'll like it."


I shrug.
Perhaps we can make a scooper with some net and a long stick. What do you think? I can make one." I grin.


"A venerable vintage."

"But you just said you intend to sell her into slavery!"

HP offers, "Yes, don't trust her! Send her on MY privateer crew. We could use a third mate or so. And we respect the old Trotantine traditions!"

"But you're Neighponese!"

"Neighpon isn't part of the blessed, immortal empire of the Trotantines?"

"…Fair enough. Collect her and do away with her!"

HP gives you a wink.

Driftwood is the second mate.

"Did she tell you?"

"But it would still be attached to the seafloor."


Think for a moment " well last heart has been kind to me. And felix-chan does need friends. But a real workshop would be nice once we can afford one. I imagine the smiths would want to chip in. "


"Keep it for a special occasion."


"Eh, we could die in Ichi. Now's a special occasion as far as I'm concerned."

She pops the cork and pours a couple of glasses.


HP Lovepone should go collect her then.
"Your grace."
Bow and be off.


"We talked, yes… but I wish to hear it from you."


I grab my glass.
"Shall we toast to still being alive then?"


You wait outside the embassy. Soon, HP comes out with "Queen" Lavinia.

"Liberty! I should've known I could count on the Element of Loyalty."

"A thought occurs that I should not have confided in a talky pony about something private."

He taps his chin thoughtfully.

"To still being alive!"


And take a sip '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Bow my head slightly.
"Your highness. It has been too long."


"Perhaps, but I trust her to keep this between us."
Sigh, and take his hoof in mine.
"You're dodging the issue. I've been making you uncomfortable, and I want to rectify that."


She waves a hoof at you. "I've told you, that formality isn't necessary. This whole thing is ridiculous."

It hits you fast.

"But the 'rectifying' was making me uncomfortable."


Oh dear.
Smile a bit.
"It's very good."


I nod.
"As you say. I must say I am surprised to see you alive as well. Spook is with us too. That makes four so far."


Driftwood it is.
I don't remember a thing about him.
"You tried meeting with them yet?
Discussing ideas, plans, techniques?


Snort and try to hold back my giggles. '1d10'
"Not what I meant, you silly buck!
…but yes, I suppose that is the problem. I want to clarify: why exactly does it make you uncomfortable?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hmmmm…. " I think for a moment.
"I really cant think of how to get seaweed from aboard the ship. Goind in and diving is the best but being in the middle of the ocean presents a lot of problems you see." I grin at Flora.


"It's funny that good is constituted by amount of thought destroyed."

The engineer is at the helm. He certainly profited by the destruction at Roads.

"It feels wrong to me, completely. Physically wrong by the feel. Culturally wrong from my teachings. Possibly religiously wrong. It doesn't feel good to me. I am sorry."


The engineer is at the helm. He certainly profited by the destruction at Roads.

"Spook? Oh, that's good news."


"Maybe you're right… I'll just hold off until we reach Ichi."


"What happened to you? How did you make it out of that slaughter?"


"It's okay. If that's the way it makes you feel…
What about when it's me on the bottom? Does that feel wrong too?"


Seems so.
You wonder what might have happened to a tiny, shy, chaotic good pegasus mare if she was still alive.
"Good morning, master Driftwood.
I've just asked to be transferred here, and was starting by meeting the officer's corp."


"Aww… come on, dont pout. Its my fault for not gathering the right ingredients for the dishes at hand." I pat her head.


"What if… what if there was a way to turn you into a doe? Would that still feel wrong to you?
Or would you rather I change into a doe?"


I grin.
"Ponies under illusion magic often seem a bit tipsy to outsiders. Perhaps it will help me figure out this book faster."


" I was about to. The commodore has told me of a smith called Rusty Wrench and suggested we work on knocking amplifiers or small bells for the doors. "


"You had troubles being noticed?"


"I simply levitated myself to shore, taking breaks on whatever driftwood I could find, or swimming when necessary. I've always been strong at magic. Still, I consider myself to be saved by the Elements."

"Not in the same way… Or even when neither is below the other."

He looks confused. "I don't understand the expression."

"You've been around for months, haven't you? I'd've sworn I've seen you around."

She laughs. "I think you made that up right now just to justify this."



"Y-yeah, of course!"


I nod "very small hooves "


"How about we cook these fish? Having something fresh is better than jerkies." I grin.


"I mean… what if there was a way to physically change your sex? To replace a dick with a vagina and vice-versa?"


"Stationed on the Sirocco.
First as Hex breaker, now as part of the raider corps."
Bow my head slightly.
"Flowing Tree of the now defunct Gun'do clan.
Once samurai, then ronin, then sellsword, now privateer.
At your service."
"Barged in at the wrong moment?"


"I see. Well… I am currently here to pick something up for my employer. As acting commander of the Hourglass, you are hereby invited to join us on the ship. I would be very glad to have you with us, should you accept the invitation."


Off to look for the First Mate!
Gotta give him the big news.


" oh.. well I did see light heart and her doctor um.. " blush deeply.


"Huh… wha?" I look at Flowing Tree.


Take a second to notice the small, almost invisible blush on her tiny face.


"Master Chip, I've asked to be reassigned to the Seaworthy.
Looking forward to serving under you."


Stirring my head after waking up from that afternoon nap. I shake my head and look at you.
"Wait, I work at the Hourglass…. " I look at him both groggy and confused.


" y-yea.. ponies are really forward in equestria? Of course if Who-hunts-monsters-in-the-woods is very bold as well.."


The whole hourglass command crew has been moved to the Seaworthy, you should know this.


"I'm sure any stallion with half a brain would be. Sure, I'm not sure how much like a stallion breezies are…
How much like a mare are you, Manako?


"Wait really?" I look at you astonished.
"Wow…. I am late to the news as usual."

I then stand up and dust myself.
"Well then, now that you are serving under me and Captain September I am looking for your full support and loyalty Sir Tree. I expect no less, do you understand?"


"Of course.
And can I confide to find, in you, a sparring partner?
My morning on the Sirocco have been dull and lifeless so far."


Turn even more red at the question " I am fully functional as a females tree sempai.. "


I smile.
"Hmmm… that could work. You and I can learn a thing or two from each other eh? Perhaps both you and I can drill the menials of the Seaworthy in the basics of fighting dont you agree?"


Look at her with a raised brow for a second.
Then, trying very hard not to laugh, turn that smirk into a smile, and calmly answer.
"Manako-chan, I'd never ask such a personal question of you!
It was more about… Your way of thinking! Of acting!


"I've been a drill instructor for the last ten years, working with a mercenary company on land."



Roll #1 5 = 5


Lay down and turn away from you " i-i.. " then look angry at you " you should have been more clear.from the start! "


"Really? I myself have not trained anyone yet but considering that most of our crew are new recruits, not to mention the importance of having a crew ready for battle, drilling them with the basics is important."

"And as Commodore Abilio said, we are not pirates but 'privateers', so things like these I think are normal." I bite my lips.


Wipe that smile off my face and grow serious, frowning.
"Your mind is wandering, Manako-chan."
"I had lenghty talks with the Commodore about the possibilities.
Sadly, he doesn't want menials mixed into this."


I look astonished.
"Hmmm.. if the commodore said so." I nod.

"Say have you told this to Miss September? Letting her hear the good news would certainly make her smile."


"About moving to the Seaworthy, about the change in ship, or about the training?
Because she knows of the first two already."


Bite my lip a bit and then look away.
" its your fault for saying such a loose statement.. "
Then shake my head and look confused " what were you really getting at anyway? "


"Ah, if she already knew then I bet her smiles are reaching both ears eh?" I grin.


"I'm sorry, Manako-chan.
I should have known better. This is my fault.
It's all about… How you you act. How you live.
You have seen mares on this ship. How similar to them do you feel, Manako?
"She's happy about it, yes.
I managed to secure a… Decent bed in the bunkhouse, too.
This feels like a wonderful starting point."


"It is and I am glad you are earning your keep." I nod at you.


Breath a bit calming down.
" I get along well with Selena, Light Heart, and Happy Puzzle so far. But.. I can't say that I have much in common with them. I think more like an engineer than a lady."


"Then, master Chip, I will take my leave.
Looking forward to Ichi."
I'll let out a laugh and sit down, petting your tiny mane as you start calmin down, in time with your breaths.
"That's what I would call a special girl, Manako."


I grin.
"I am looking forward to your exploits sir Tree."


Sigh deeply relaxing even more at your touch
" isn't that just another way to say I'm weird? "


"No, that's when someone says you are unique."


Smile and touch your hoof with both of mine, stare at it contemplatively..'1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Stare for an awfully long time.
" hmm "


Wait for you to finish.


"… I was just trying to think of a way for you to hold your sword better. " I say quickly.


"That's no little feat, Manako. I proud myself of being quite skilled with my sword."


" you are really good! The best even! " grin at you.


Smirk back.
"Don't tell that around too much, or ponies will come for my hide."


" then I would just have to stay close to you so I can patch you up after you beat them." float up to your nose level with a smirk as well.


"Speaking of which…
I'm moving out of the


" why? Did something happen? "


"The Seaworthy was recovered, and it is a majestic ship.
Ship fit for a warrior.


" will you be an officer there? " then I pause confused
" wait. How did we get money for that?"


"I… Didn't ask myself that, no.
But I won't be an officer, not yet. It might take just a little while longer, it seems.
"I talked to some. And believe me. Not. Long."


" how can I help you become an officer? "


"You needn't worry about this, Manako-chan.
Think about pursuing your own happiness.


Rub my hooves together a bit. " what if making you happy would make me happy too? "


Chuckle, avoiding her gaze.
"I would say you are far too kind, Manako-chan."


Laugh as well " uh.. if you did have your own ship. And I was with you on it. As an officer or similar. I think we could have a great ship and crew. Your command skills, my plans and sharp eyes.. we could make enough money to be independent even! "


Smile warmly, looking out at the horizon.
"What would you do, with that, with a world at our disposal…"


Take a deep breath of sea air.
" anything we wanted "


"So, you wanna help, Manako-chan?"


Nod firmly " I do. "


"Goats can do this? Well, I am willing to try your culture to make you happy, at least once."



"Well, not goats, but… I have a friend who has an artifact that can do it."
Did Light Heart move the altar yet, or is it still there?


You came here straight away, right? If so then it hasn't been moved yet.




Alright then, I'll lead him there.
"So, do you want to try being a doe for real first? I promise, if this one time you don't enjoy it, you never have to do it again."
"It's… easier to just show you. I don't fully understand it myself."


"Okay. How does it work?"


"You just touch it. Careful though, it has quite a kick."
Open the door.


Roll to lock pick without leaving a trace


Darn. I had this in the bag earlier… '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


The only marks are on the inside. Totally undetectable.

"Touch… it? The rock?"


"Yes. I assume it's some product of nature that she found lying around somewhere. Brace yourself, it'll try to throw you back."


He shows no fear (or any emotion for that matter) as he slowly approaches. Tentatively, he lays a hoof on the altar and is blasts back against the wall, in a heap, providing you with quite the view.

She's ass-up, and a little plumper than she was before, presenting her newfound genitalia. She groans slightly as she rubs her head, blinking in surprise when there are no horns there anymore.

Dragging herself back to her hooves, you notice you've grown closer in height, as she shrank somewhat in height when she adopted this new form.

"My horns are gone."


"You're absolutely beautiful." Come up behind her and start rubbing her shoulders.
"We're closer to the same height now. Equal. Before you could overpower me with ease, but now… now we're alike."


She thinks a moment. "Are we mates, Hircus?"


"mates…" I think for a moment, continuing to press myself close.
"…you know what? I think we are. Is that… pleasing to you?"



Expressionless as always, she replies, "Then we aren't equal. According to my customs, you own my property and decide what is best for me. "

She glances at the altar. "Including if I can be a buck again."

"Okay, which of these ships has a kitchen?"


"Frankly, I dont remember. Perhaps the Hourglass if I am correct."


Take a moment to think about this, nibbling idly on her ear as my hooves start roaming lower.
"And this is important to you?" I ask quietly.


"Idiot! Well, we'll just have to tour each of them!"

Roll luck


"Ah, yes Empress!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


She doesn't react to your wandering hooves at all, and has no obvious means to judge her arousal by (short of dipping in).

"It is up to you if it is important to me, according to my culture."


You wander every ship in the fleet until you discover the only kitchen was on the Seaworthy. No wonder the fleet has been serving crap lately! You remember the Eagle's Roost had one, too.

"About time! Here, set me down so I can take a look!"


Slip down between her legs and start lapping at her to get her warmed up.
"Just remember to tell me how you feel; what you like, what you don't like… what you want me to do to you.
Spread your legs and relax; you should enjoy this."


Contrary to how she acted before, she loosens up immediately, and even her hole slackens before you even touch it.

"But it is up to you to decide what I like and dislike. I will enjoy this, because you told me to."


I put her down.
"Do you like it?"


"It's a little barren… but I can make it work. Ugh, they made this kitchen for giants! I need a stool!"


"Then in order to get a real reaction out of you, I'm just going to have to stay silent."
With that, climb up on her back and grind against her for a bit before thrusting in, gently fixing my teeth on the nape of her neck as I start with a slow, steady rythmn.


"I can make you stools. ladder and supports if you need me too Flora. I am good at those things." I grin.


"Well? Then what are you standing around for?! Do it!"

She's soaking wet already! A soft moan escapes her expressionless facade. She acts exactly as she described does to act before: motionless, she lays there, completely non-resistant as you have your way with her as you please.



"Doing it yes!"
Make stools and ladders for the Flora's kitchen.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


After thinking for awhile I go and find LH. Perhaps aboard the deck of the Sirocco.
"Haha! Remind me not to drink in a party where I am just the one drinking." I smile as I approach you.


I cock a brow and smile.
"Regretting our get-together already, mister Chip?"


"With this head-ache I think I am already." I clutch my head.
"But now that I think about it, no I do not regret partying with anyone. I kind of needed it actually."



"It is good to relax and wind down with friends every so often, is it not?"