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The fleet sails onward toward Shiba.




Not if I can help it.
Off to Abilio, the Commodore.


"Listen, that shit won't go down again, ever. Not with Abilio as the commodore."


He, Cloudy, and the daimyo's representative are looking over a map of Shiba.


I frown.
"I do like him way more than Smitts, I can admit that. He saved my butt and I won't forget that."


"Commodore, Representative, First Mate."
Nod to each and every one of them.
"Might I have a word about some concerns which arose after our visit to Uraurafutsu?"


"At ease, speak freely."


"And we saved him back…"
Hug you close with a wing.
"C'mon, you're tougher than this, Tela. You can't give up on this. On us."


I sigh.
"I just don't want you to die either because of my stupidity."


Floating aroung somewhere I'm sure


I sigh.
"I just don't want you to die either because of my stupidity."


"As I'm sure you are aware, we met almost no resistance in town.
And this worries me greatly."
Trot over to the map.
"We know Ichi is the most fortified of the three cities.
We know the rebels are not large in numbers, but have still won every battle.
Sir, I suspect they want to force us into a stealmate, or worse, crush us entirely by turtling out all their forces in Ichi."


"Hey, if I die, I'll just wait patiently, since I know you'll bring me back."


"If it's in my power… I'd do anything."


"It would not be surprising if the only thing they cared about were supplies and trade to focus on only keeping the best guarded port city under control, but I've spoken with the representative at length about this. Even if that is the case, I have some tricks for breaking Ichi, but if we can take Shiba without resistance, that would be a victory for us. Shiba is where the bulk of Takikaga's deepest mines are, and they are attended by, as you may or may not know, the Shiba breed of Diamond Dog. Bringing this land under our control would not only cut off precious metal production in Ichi, but also help Awa's war effort, as they are running short on minerals."

Felix amusingly slept in the room next to yours, being babysat by a maid pone.


A maid pony? '1d10' appraise the maid

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The question is, seeing how quickly our fleet moves, will the shortage of minerals be a factor at all in our battle against Ichi, not counting the fear factor into it?
I remain troubled, Commodore.
Two winnable battles are better than one excruciating siege."


She's a blue earth pony in a classic Prench maid outfit. She is currently dusting the mansion.

She seems docile enough.

"Over a year ago before you joined us, we broke two cities that were thought to be unbreakable. I remain confident in our abilities. Moreover, seeing how the enemy responds to us in Shiba will give us more information about their strategy overall. You can't have a correlation until you have two data points – and no reliable slope without three."


"Hmmf." Move on then. "How did you sleep Felix?"


"On a three-points systems, knowing two is already too late.
Some times, the art of war requires for leaps of intuition.
But if you say we can break Ichi, I confide in you."


"Mmmm? Oh… I slept good, big sis! We played all night."

"We'll have more information when we sail past Ichi, anyway."


Give her a long stare "which one is it? Did you play or sleep?"


She looks uncomfortable.

"Uhhhh uhhhhh… I slept?"


" really little sister? "


"Very well."
Bow my head.
"Commodore, First Mate, Representative."
Off I go.


"Uhhh uhhh, well… maybe we played for part and slept for part?"

Where to?


I don't have time to do anything, really.


Nuzzle your neck.
"Then nothing bad can happen…. y'know, you're…. uh, you're the only pony I ever really trusted."




Pat her on the head. "That sounds like a more honest answer. You shouldn't try to lie to me.. other ponies are okay to lie to but not me. Okay Felix chan?"



She sighs. "Allllright."


I would like to see to Ciddir if we aren't reaching Shiba yet.


Look concerned " its so I can protect you little sis. If you lie. I can't protect you.. we have to trust each other right? "


He's in his chambers.

"I was just worried that you might get angry!"


Knock knock.
"Mister Ciddir?"


His door is open. He turns in your direction.


"How could I be angry with you after all we've been through? " smile at her.


"Do you have a moment to chat?"


She hugs you close. "Thanks big sis."

He blinks at you. "I've not learned how to take possession of them yet."



I chuckle.
"I doubt you have, that would be quite something. I wanted to thank you for your work on the Sirocco so far."


"Well we've known each other for a looong time now, so that's not a surprise."


"Yeah, we have, haven't we…"


"Just… promise me that if something were to happen to me… you won't let it eat you up, okay?"


"Hey, I told you, nothing will happen to you. Not for long, anyway."


"I know. But if something does happen, promise me you'll move on and not lose your damn mind."


"I won't lose you! Fuck, I won't even think about it!"


I frown.
"I'm not going to live forever, Emrille. I'll die of age some day."


"Yeah, I think we have all the time in the fucking world until that."


"Judgement day will come one day. It's unavoidable."


"We'll deal with it when we get there."


"No good to keep postponing it…"


"I'm not going to stress over it!"


I just sigh and pull her in for a hug.
"You can't run away forever, you know…"


Hug you back with both my wings and hooves.
"I don't want to think about it…"


"I know… it sucks don't it? I hate it too. Makes me feel weak and helpless…"


"Well then fucking stop it!"


"Can't. It's been on my mind a lot."


"I'll just have to take your mind off of it then!"


"Hmmm… how?"


Fondle her butt with my wing.
"I have some ideas~"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I smirk.
"I can guess… I bet they're pretty lewd~"


Keep fondling.
"I hope that's not a problem~"


"Naaaah, I can totally live with that, don't worry."


Kissu back.


Grab her head and get on top, kissing aggressively.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh gosh.
Gasp into the kiss, and let her get above me and take the lead.


I eventually break the kiss and pant a little with a grin.
"Like that, don'tcha?"


I catch my breath and look up at you almost absent mindedly.
"Ah, fuck yes, keep going~"


I won't object to that~
Keep having those sloppy makeouts.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Make it really sloppy.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Mmmm~ I feel like fucking you silly right about now."


Lean up and lick your mouth cheekily.
"What's stopping you?~"


"Nothing, I'm just warning you so you can brace yourself. Hope you weren't planning on sleeping anytime soon."


Fake a yawn.
"Are you going to actually do it, or just mouth off, huh?"


"Oh I'll mouth off alright…"
I grin and dive in to get to work on [5d10+10]

Roll #1 9, 4, 1, 1, 5 + 10 = 30


Work back!

Roll #1 3, 7, 2, 3, 10 + 10 = 35


Try to calm down after that finisher, shivering a bit.
"Fucking hell, Tela…"


Hug her softly, caressing her mane with a hoof.


Nuzzle into you, snickering softly.
"You know me like nopony else~"


"I could find my way around you even if I had a blindfold on."
I snicker.
"Maybe something we could try when we're feeling really frisky."


"Hmmm… what if I'm feeling frisky right now?"


"Now? After that? Aren't you completely exhausted?"


"Well, I am, but you told me not to expect to sleep, didn't you?"


Take flight and soar through the air, banking into the Hourglass when I spot Chip and landing next to him.
"Mister Chip. Do you have a moment to chat?"


Look at her direction and close my arms.
"A rare visit to the Hourglass LH, what the matter eh?"


"Rare? Oh no, I make a habit out of it to keep track of all the ships in the fleet. How are you faring today?"


"Faring well so far so good, my mind is at the sea and the sea minds me as well as those who are sailing upon her blue bosoms." I bow slightly.
"How about you and the Sirocco? Is it ready for combat once we reach Shiba?"


"The Sirocco is ready to do her duty. She did very well during our attack on the blockade and I hope to keep that track record going. Shiba may be a hard nut to crack, but we will find a way through it."


"If the intel of our sponsor is correct then Shiba might take a while, but nothing like an old fight to ignite the fire inside eh?"
I then stop and think.
"Say you didnt come here in the Hourglass just to greet me, are you?" I smile amused.


I raise a brow.
"Did I not? Because I am quite certain I did. It is good to talk to fellow crew and see what is on their minds."


"Pretty much." I smile.
"Say can we talk? Just you and I, its about a matter of something I am just thinking about for awhile now."


"That is what I wished to do yes, just… chat. What is on your mind?"


"….. You do know that one day Abilio will resign from being a commodore right?"


I nod.
"Of course. I think we all hope to retire some day, no? It is preferable to death by execution at the very least."


"Not that, what I mean is he might retire sooner than most think. Its fine by me but… I am thinking of the succession."


"I doubt he will do so in the next few years if all goes well. But what of the succession? The guidelines are quite clear actually."


The fleet has arrived at the Great Pine Sandbar of Shiba. For now the fleet remains veiled from the city proper by the great pine woods on the sandbar, but it also means that artillery support from the fleet will be a non option in the city.

If you have any remaining faff to do, do it now.



So, when I last left off, I was begging Spook to teach me, was I not?


Yes, and he agreed to.

"Okay, I am not busy right now."


So, what now? How do these lessons work?


"No, of course not, but you seem to have adapted well so far. Do you like serving here?"


You could ask!



Then I will!
"So, these lessons… How do they work? What do you need me to do?"


"And are you blending in well as an officer?"


He shrugs casually.

"You were the one who asked me. What do you want to learn?"

"I can't tell because we don't have a mirror anymore."


"… I am sorry, I do not think I quite understand that saying."


"How can I determine how camouflaged I am if I do not see myself?"


"How to be honest! How to stop lying without having to give up the skills of deception that I've acquired! How to only lie through lies of omission! Can you teach me that?"


I chuckle.
"I am afraid you misunderstood. What I wanted to ask was whether you feel at home among the other officers now. You came to me months ago and were worried about not being able to 'fit' as it were."


He chuckles. "Well, first, you need to stop asking yourself how to get away with lying, and instead start asking yourself how you can be more honest. To loosen up, why don't you tell me a lie you've told recently?"

"Mmm, yes, I think so. Like camouflage it is hard to tell from the inside."


"Good. Very good. I trusted you would make it. Did you speak to mister Chip then?"


"Well… I think I lied to you about having visited the island of Roads…"


"So why do you think I would care if you had been there or not?"

"On even more than one occasion over the last year I spoke with him."


"You- I guess I was trying to impress you, by pretending to be better-traveled than I really am."


"I do not doubt it. He is friendly enough."
I smile and glance around his cabin. What kind of decoration does he have?


"It made no real difference to me, though. See? These little lies turn lying into a habit – they make every other lie easier to take – and they don't really get you anything in return. First focus on getting rid of the little lies, and then it will be that much easier to stop the big lies. Some ponies will tell you that little lies are sometimes okay – and sure, for average ponies, one little lie every once in a while won't kill you – but little lies at every passing moment will pile up and drown your sense of right."

His room is barren except for a chest in the corner and a number of potted plants. And his standard bed, of course.




Huh, quite the minimalist.

"I will leave you to your day then. With the coming battles, we will need you at your best."


"Okay. Farewell."


"Okay. That makes sense. So, if I stop myself every time I catch myself telling a white lie, I'll get better at being honest consistently?"


Someone owes me a bottle of whiskey.


I don't have any pressing faff at the moment, but I probably should see to my daughters.


You open your door and find that stallion waiting outside your room.

"Sounded like a busy night~"

"Yes, that's the idea. But if you need advice, I'm here for you."

They've been returned to your room for the day from the mansion. Wark is playing with Grey and Red while Adel and Lilly take a nap.


There's a party in my pants and breezies aren't invited.
But no, seriously, I need a hoof.
From Face of all ponies.


Sit by the tiny ones taking a nap.
Who do they take after anyway?


"Hey I-"
Flap my ears down and poke him with a hoof, snarling angrily.
"What the fuck, have you been fucking eavesdropping?!"


Adel is very clearly a jenny, so she doesn't share many defining features with you besides her bright blue eyes. She also seems a little more laid back in demeanor.

Lilly is a pleasant yellow pegasus with blue eyes – her muzzle structure most closely resembles Rosemary.

Face again, hm? Well, he's free.


"Master Face?
I might have a problem.
Are you familiar with… Fae?"


"Okay. Thank you. This… isn't going to be easy, but… at least I have something to work towards now. Thank you."


He gives a smug look. "It's not eavesdropping when everyone on the ship can hear it. And second, you said I could bask!"

"Not… really. Why?"

"Sure. Become the change you want to see."


"We are not that loud! And not outside of my fucking room!"


"How else was I supposed to give you your morning whiskey? We didn't have an appointment! I stayed here all night."


How adorable…

I wonder how they'll develop as years go by…
Where's Rosemary?


Give him a nod and leave. Now, where do I go next? Should I check on Ciddir? Investigate the ghost? Visit the bunny?


"There's this assistant of mine.
She seems incredibly stressed, I tried helping her with a massage but…"
Bring my hooves close to represent Manako's size.
"She is this tiny.
Fault of the Fae, I guess.
And it did more bad than good."


"Fucking hell, you've gotta be shitting me…"


Probably out looking for you, knowing her.

Up to you.

He stifles a laugh.

"What? About what?"


Hmmm… that girl can be a hoofful.
Let's see if I can find her. We should talk.


Let him laugh, and sigh.
"I'd find it funny aswell, of course."


"Eavesdropping on this… ugh, I really should fucking shoot one of your ears off…"
Hold a hoof out.


I'll… need to build my confidence a little before talking to Ciddir. Do I recognize anyone on deck?


"It's not that, it's that you don't see it. Listen, massages are great – especially when you aren't paying for them. That means there are only two reasons someone ever doesn't at least pretend they had a good time."

As you leave, Wark gets up and gives you a tender little kiss.

"Be brilliant taday."

He hoofs you the bottle. "It's okay, you sounded really good!"

You want to look for people you know or don't know?


People I know.


"One of them being when your spine is crushed."


I smile.
"When am I not? I can take over 'watch duty' from you as soon as I retrieve Rosemary."


Take it, and take a good, long swing… then lick my lips afterwards.
"Next time I catch you eavesdropping, you're going to get shot."


He rolls over on his bed and invites you to massage his back.

"I doubt you're that bad. Here, give me your best shot."

Hm, there's Ciddir's subordinate, Driftwood, overseeing some work.

He gives you another nuzzle as you go. "Arright then."

"What, so now I can't even stay outside your room? That's no fair."


Now, let's find that silly unicorn mare and retrieve her.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You are not as small as my hoof, either!"
Groan and do that.
Massaged plenty of dudes, back in the merc company.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"No you fucking can't because I know you are here to pop a stiffy to me fucking my marefriend!"


I'll go talk to him.
"Hey there. You talked to Ciddir recently?"


You wander around for a long time until she boops you from behind.

"Found you!"

He closes his eyes. After a few minutes he nods in approval. "I don't know, I think you're doing fine… using the tips of your hooves is good for a small pony… I think my other theory is right."

"Oh believe me… I'm not thinking about her at all!"

"Every single day. Mostly about how porous certain kinds of woods are."


"Shoot, then."
Take my hooves off him.


"Rosemary… why did you come looking for me? I returned to the cabin a while back."


Narrow my eyes at him.


"What about today? Did you talk to him today?"


Where is happy puzzle. I need to talk with her


"I couldn't wait that long! I missed you! Besides, Wark is a good father, he's more than capable of taking care of four kids. We could make him take care of more, if you want~"

"Well, either she didn't like it because she's deflecting from REALLY disliking you – maybe she's afraid of being crushed, thinks you're a creep, et cetera. Or she's deflecting because she's not getting what she REALLY wants from you. Maybe there's something she'd rather be doing with you. Ask her about her hobbies – maybe there's something she'd rather do to relieve stress that is easier than massage."

"What? I thought that's what you wanted to hear! It even has the benefit of not being a lie!"

"Hm… I think so… wait, yep, this morning we talked about how one of the pumps in the bilge is coming loose and we need to buy some more caulk and pack it into that hole. Have you ever tried caulk packing? It can be tricky the first time because everything gets wet and slippery – but that's not to say it isn't fun."

You buzz about the mansion – there she is! Up on the second floor with a coloring book!


"I don't want to hear that stallions want to fuck me! Hearing that mares want to do it with me, I'm okay with that, but come the fuck on!"


"I see. Thanks for talking to me. Do you know where I could find Ciddir?"


"If you are suggesting what I think you are suggesting, I see a few mechanical and moral obstacles to it."
"I need a capable crewmember, not another emotional girl.
Not like that idiot goat, at least.
I trust you heard what happened?"


Tilt my head. "You are cooking?"


I shake my head and start leading her back to my cabin.
"Rosemary, you really need to learn to be more independent."


"Wait… you're saying… you wouldn't even consider being with a stallion?"

He looks hurt and lays his ears back in disappointment.

"In his room, probably. He retires there frequently when off shift."

He tuts at you. "Not all girls relieve stress by fucking, you know. I think I know that better than anyone else. I can't tell you how many times I was sent in to bed some mare and I ended up just talking about feelings the whole night. What's the gossip about the goat?"

"Not a cook book, silly! A coloring book! I'm getting good – look how I stayed inside the lines!"

She nuzzles you closely. "Why?"


Roll my eyes.
"Tried to kill himself after being rejected by Ciddir.
I will have to chat with him and see if he's all in one piece.
With his mind."


'1d10' appraise the page.
"I see… is that fun?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


I bet she smells lovely too…
"Well, we do have children to look after for one. And I duties to perform."


"Ech. Those two? What an odd couple they'd make… is Ciddir even gay? He seems so disconnected… like, asexual even."


"Alright, thanks. I'm going to go talk to him now; there's a few… things we need to discuss."
Though I should probably encounter Flowing Tree along the way.


She is indeed mostly coloring inside the lines.

"Yep! Wanna try?"

"I'll help with your duties!"


"Of course fucking not? What did you thing? How did you not get it? I'm a dyke!"


"See you later, then."

He looks really sad.

"Not even a little bi-curious?"


"I'd not put it past him.
I swear, some elements of this crew seem more like kids than raiders."


"Well, it's probably not our business…"


"Your offer is appreciated… but I do not want you at the front lines all the time. Happy Puzzle is a capable healer as well and…"
Look around to make sure nobody is listening in first.
"… Seeing you get hurt tugs at my heartstrings like nothing else."


"Awwww~ I feel the same way about you! That's why I want to be there for you!"


"It is if it gets the rest of the crew killed, don't you think?"


"Uh.. not really
I want to talk about the prank "


Well my sexual tastes won't change because of a sad look.
"Not even interested in fake dicks. No."


Alright, where's Flowing Tree? I think Manako wanted me to talk to him?


"I understand, but I think it would be wiser for you to stay behind on the ships for the more dangerous missions. Not that that is a possibility yet, but once we have more people at our disposal I would like it to be."


"Hehe, that was pretty fun, huh?"

"Eh? You really think that one goat will make that much of a difference? Kudos to Abilio for hiring the savior of our crew…"


He slinks away without another word, hears and tail drooping.

Collecting testimony from menials leads you to Face's room. Are the two of them gay…?

"I see… well, whatever you think is best."


"And please, do not overburden Wark too much with looking after the kids. They're our responsibility too. Come, let us return to the cabin."
Back we go!


"Y-yea.. but the potion.. m-maybe we should not sneak it on him.."


"Keeping troop in check is not only a matter of shouting loudly.
These things tend to snowball out of control, I've experienced.
One time, during the break of a siege, one of the soldiers decided to take his revenge on some other member of the platoon, who had raped him the week before…
But the goddamn idiot who did the act was our ram-leader, and you can imagine the mess."
Grunt in disgust.


Looks like in your absence, Wark has expertly talked Red and Grey into having a nap, too. They're all sweetly tucked in.

Some a very simple crib has appeared in the corner, which you assume contains Adel and Lilly. It doesn't have bars so you can't see.

"Why not? It'll be funny!"


Roll my eyes.
And take another swing of the bottle, then put it away.
Bah, visit Abilio.


"Well, try to give them their space nonetheless."

He's in his cabin working on a map.


Walk up to him.
"Sup'. What's are you up to?"


"I've been discrete so far.
Thanks for the moment, Master Face.
I owe you one."


How nice of him.
Motion that he's free to leave if he wants.


I'm not going to barge in on them. I'll wait in the shadows for him to come out.


"W-well.. he seems to notice me without it.. and.. he says he trusts me.. m-maybe he will take it without a trick?"


I'm leaving right about now.


"Working on our plan for Shiba."

"Certainly. Farwell."

He approaches and nuzzles you before giving you another quick kiss. Rosemary kisses you too. The two of them nearly kiss each other by reflex before blushing and looking the other way. Wark doesn't leave, though, he takes up his old sleeping spot in the corner and relaxes there. The bed is huge, but he doesn't want to risk waking Red and Grey.

Sounds like the door is opening…

"Take what? Notice you? This is about pranks and laughter! What did you think this was about?"


"What's the plan so far?"


Well, I'm out.


"I'm thinking sneak attack. What did you need?"


"You wished to speak to me?"


Turn around, mildly surprised.
"News travel fast, on this ship."


"Uhh.. I don't know.. but what if he doesn't want to be a breezy and what if he hates me afterwards.. and.." get dizzy and fall down.


"Eh, do I have to need something to come here? I sort of wanted to get the tactical shit sorted before we get there."


"That, and Manako said she'd try to have you speak to me. So, I assume this is about last night?"


She gently picks you up and sets you on her coloring book.

"It'll be a funny prank! But if it worries you that much I'll call it off…"

"Oh, you usually have a reason, just guessing based on past experience."


Whisper to Rosemary.
"We'll head into Shiba soon… it is probably going to get very dirty."


"Did she now?"
"Let's find somewhere private, shall we?"


"Well, do you have any gold to spare?~"


"If I did, it would go into getting this fleet back in one piece."

"Dirty, hmmm?~"


"As you wish." We find a dark corner in which to converse.


"Tell me the plan then, so we can get that gold."


"No, come with me."
Lead him on deck instead, out in the fresh air.


I smirk slightly.
"When we are done there and perform well, I am going to fuck you silly until you can't walk anymore because of exhaustion."


Shrug and follow him.


"Y yea.. ask Selena if she can set the potion aside for me… and I will find a good time to ask him.."


"I heard of what happened last night."


"Shiba is filled with underground tunnels. If we seize those tunnels, we have the city. That either means placing explosives there and blasting out the diamond dogs, or somehow getting them to turn on their Takikaga overlords."

"It's not a prank if you just ask him!"

"Oh~? Gosh, that means I'll be stuck in bed all day, thinking of you~"


I chuckle and pat her head.
"Are you ever not thinking about me?"


"Fuck tunnels though."


Turn red in frustration. "I know that. All fae know how to prank of course!"



"Well, tunnels look like our best option here."

"So you have… ULTERIOR MOTIVES!"


"Tell me what you heard, and I'll see if I can clear up inconsistencies."


"Yeah, I know, that doesn't mean I can't hate them, does it?"


Look away at the sea.
"You were rejected, took it personally, and hurt yourself because of it."


"That seems a bit questionable…"


"I suppose not."

"How should I prove it to you~?"


"That is all accurate."


Pout at that
"Maybe it would be nice. If he spent a day my size.. "


"What are the chances of them turning against the other dogs?"


"It's your personal business where you try and stick it, but as someone slightly more experienced let me tell you something."
Turn to look at him.
"Plenty of fishes in the sea.
Don't throw your life away for one."


"Yeah! You should work on a pretty dress for him!"


"I wasn't being that dramatic. Injuring myself, yes, but not killing myself. Besides, I've already found something worth working for."


"Who? I think you're misunderstanding. Shiba is a diamond dog city, but it's ruled over by Takikaga's governor."


"I must ask.


"That is not what I meant. I am worried your fondness of me is growing into an obsession."


"Oh, right. I'm not good with this moonspeak."


"Is there something wrong with that?"

"The diamond dogs here are a bit different, too."


"I have… deep-rooted issues of abandonment. I thought, for a long time, that the only way to be safe was to not get close to anyone…
Then I came here, started making friends, starting forming relationships I didn't know I'd been craving…
The rejection felt like a reminder, that I couldn't trust anyone and nobody would trust me.
I've since found reason to believe I was wrong, but at the time..
It hurt so much, I needed something to dull the pain in my chest. So I stabbed myself in the leg.
Foolish, ill-concieved, yes. But it did help dull the ache."


"Obsessions tend to be unhealthy."


Good lord kid, you are a linkingpark case.
Just ask a menial for a blowjob!

Put a hoof on your shoulder.
"It's okay.
We are a troop now. A family.
Not gonna leave anyone behind, no matter what loves leaves you down."


"I'm a doctor. I think I know what's healthy!"


"Different how?"


"Ooh good idea. I need materials.. and some pony with who knows about sewing and.. I should see light heart about this!"


"Their breed has been separated from the rest of their kind for thousands of years. While diamond dogs tower over ponies in height, these Shiba dogs are shorter than ponies."

"Good luck!"


"Then do the smart thing and do not forget about the others you have responsibilities for."
Glance at the sleeping kids.




Wark has moved from his spot in the corner to gently brush the manes of Red and Grey as they sleep.

"I'm responsible for you! I'm your doctor!"

"They grow no larger than that. They tend to be a bit smarter than most of the diamond dogs we're familiar with, though."


Anyway, after my chat with Hircus, go check on…
The other ships.
I've never met the captain of the hourglass yet.


"See, that's the thing. I found this guy, Spook's his name. Everything I thought I knew… He disproves all of it. I'm going to study under him, have him teach me, help me learn to be part of this troop.
Ciddir rejected me because I lied to him. If I can learn to be more honest… maybe he'll give me a chance."


Raise a brow.


Giggle happily and float toward light heart's room. Maybe she is home


"Yes, you are. And I appreciate your concern and loyalty, but I am… worried you are forgetting about the others sometimes. When was the last time you chatted with someone that does not live here in this cabin?"


"I haven't really met many who could outsmart flaming bullets."


Your tiny size might let you squeeze through the keyhole if you contort yourself well…

Or you could try knocking loud enough to be heard.

"Iunno, but I work for you, not for them! … Maybe during that time we busted the barricade at Uraurafutsu?"


"They just might. Be careful."


"Yes… you do."
Caress her cheek with a wing.
"Please do not lose sight of the things around you that are not me, that is all I am asking."



"I guess if they are smart they will just admit that we are the winning side."


'1d10' squeeze through.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'll try…"

You've probably seen her around. She's a jenny. And now at the aftcastle, but not the helm.

"I hope your diplomacy studies are coming along better than that."


"Captain September, I take?"
Bow slightly.


"What? We are the winning side!"


I smile and give her a kiss.
"Thank you. I love you so very much."



Just a little scratched up, too!

The infants are in a crib, the two fillies are napping on the bed. Wark is stroking their manes. Light Heart is whispering with Rosemary, her personal doctor.

"No need for formality."

"They don't know that."


She gives you a tight nuzzle.



"Very well.
I thought I'd introduce myself.
Flowing Tree, with the raiding troop.
Haven't had the occasion to visit your ship yet."


"We do."


"I've seen you around, I'm sure you've run across the ship from time to time in the past few months."


Wave at her. And head into the workshop area.
I shouldn't interrupt


"Only passingly.
And I haven't had a chance to familiarize myself with your crew either."


Motion Rosemary to follow and go after her.


It's not so much a workshop as "that corner that was cleared out and still has marks from where his workbench was screwed in. Still, you're always seemingly able to find a few more parts when you come back on a new day… maybe the shifting of the ship knocks them loose.

"Just as well, you're a raider, you don't need to know anything about this vessel."



"I like to know the ship and crew that's keeping my sorry ass fed and comfortable."


She gives you a sly look, "Just not enough to visit for a few months."


"I had to get settled in, didn't I?
But had I known such a beauty was in charge, I'd have come running."
Reciprocate the look with a grin.


"So I see."



I'd like to quickly visit Ciddir.


Let's make a new table. Then it will be a workshop. One with draws. And a clamp on one end. '1d10' make the plans!
"Hello lady heart. I did not mean to interrupt you."
Pause while working. "…do you think you could help me… with a fashion issue?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Keep my voice soft to not rouse the little ones.
"Certainly. What is the issue?"


"Yes. You know, one of the rogues on board?"


"I want to look nicer. Is there someone who can make me a new dress? "


"Not had the pleasure to meet him yet.
You could introduce us."


"I suppose I could, sometime later. However, right now I need to talk to Ciddir, make sure I didn't… make him think something he shouldn't be thinking."


"One piece of advice.
Don't push him around too much.
It's best to come in once in a while, saying 'I was thinking about you' than actually bothering those you are interested in all the time."


"Okay. I'll keep that in mind. Right now, though, I think this is something I really out to talk to him about. He has enough trouble understanding equestrian society as it is."


"Go then, what are you waiting for?
Him being near death in our next battle?"


"Oh… for you? Hmmm…"
I smile.
"I believe I may have an idea, yes. If you are patient, I could see to attempting to get you some stylish clothing that would fit."


"Right, going!"
Off to see Ciddir- ah shit, pause. Guess I have to wait till… whenever I next get the chance.


Grin and float excitedly "yea. Don't worry. I can wait. Thank you lady heart."


"Anything for a call for fashion."
I chuckle.


Trot trot, over the deck.
Trot trot.


"Good evening, Selena. How are you today?"


Smile. "I never really worried about it before… I never had a reason to care about my looks.. back at the valley."


I smile.
"I feel okay. How are you?"


"Do breezies care little for clothing?"


"Eh…" Examined my bandaged hoof. "Stabbed myself last night, had my worldview shattered this morning… pretty good, actually."



Quickly look at the hoof.
"You did this?"


Shrug. "I cared little for my fellow breezy. And a lot of stuff was natural. Like flower petals as skirts or mushrooms as hats. That sort of stuff."


"Yeah. Pretty stupid of me, huh? I wasn't exactly at my best last night. I'm never letting that breezie talk me into going drinking ever again."


I frown.
"Come with me."
I trot to my lab.


Shrug and follow her to the lab.
"Before you ask, no, I wasn't suicidal then, and I'm certainly not now. I was being stupid, and somehow though it would help dull a different kind of pain."


Sit you down on a chair.
"Now…why don't you tell me what happened?"


"Well… This is kinda embarrassing to talk about… I had… a bit of a crush on Ciddir."


Contain shock '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I pause for a second.

"Okay…go on."


"Oh… well, I suppose that can have its charms too, though I understand why it was never much of a worry for you."


"You're taking it better than I expected. It's not exactly something I planned out…
Anyway, I went to him to have him look at something I'd found that I thought he might like, and maybe ask him to enter a relationship with me…"


Look concerned "did I say something odd? "


Oh boy.
I nod.


"Hm? No, of course not."


"I worry sometimes… I did learn equestrian from a child after all." Laugh a bit


"Well, he didn't immediately understand what I was trying to say and… I panicked and lied to him."


"What did you tell to him?"


I smile.
"Your Equestrian is quite good. It seems Felix did a fine job teaching you. The two of you must be quite close."


"It… might not immediately make sense, but… I chickened out and said I was just trying to confirm that we were friends. That just made him upset that I thought we weren't already friends, and…
I admitted to him that I'd lied, that I was attracted to him, that I wanted a relationship with him…
He looked so disappointed as he told me… he couldn't love someone who was willing to lie to him to his face."


Give a small bow "thank you lady heart. And of course, Felix is my little sister now."


"….oh Hircus."
Give him a hug. '1d10'
"I'm sorry"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Thanks, I… think I needed that." Return the hug.
"Afterwards, I just felt so horrible, because… I've been trained most of my life to lie, that deception was the only way to survive. And after meeting you… meeting Ciddir… I wanted so badly to be able to love somepony. But who could ever love a thief?
The knife was a gift from Ciddir, his thanks for me saving his life. My chest, it hurt so much… I needed to feel something, anything else. So I took the knife and… Stabbed my leg."


Keep the hug.
"Hircus…why did you do that?"


"She is quite nice. A bit shy at first perhaps but she does seem to like to play with Red and Grey."


Nod "and a maid pony. She has many friends now."


"Because I despaired of ever being able to have a relationship with someone.
You know the people who trained me, who saved my life and made me who I am? They betrayed me and left me for dead ten years ago.
Ever since I've just pushed everyone away, tried to survive on my own, because I wasn't fit for anyone.
Here, I've found something that feels… good, like I can feel safe here. I trust you, Selena. I thought I couldn't trust anybody, but I trust you.
When he rejected me… It felt like my life was crumbling all over again."


"She is being looked after, rest assured. I would hate to see a child be lonely while we are off on a shoreside task."


"I understand, Hircus…I understand."
Sit in front of you at eye level and grab both of your hooves.
"Listen, Hircus…you've had a hard life…but you're a strong goat. You survived the worst life could throw on you, and you're still here. Still holding on. Your life can only crumble if you let it crumble…"


" I am grateful to have another set of eyes on her. lady heart. It is mmost hospitable of you and the crew. "


Look back into your eyes and smile.
"The story's not done…
Manako found me, panicked when she thought I was going to bleed out, patched me up and talked me into going drinking. When I woke up, there was a rogue next to me, somepony by the name of Spook.
He's given me hope, Selena. Everything I was taught says that he shouldn't exist… yet he does. My training, my beliefs that acted a wall to being a part of something bigger… the fact he exists proves they were all a lie.
I can be honest without giving up being a rogue. I don't have to be a liar. I can… I can go to him, ask for a second chance, and deliver on it…
Because I was wrong. It's going to take time to learn how, but I can learn, I am learning. I… I have a goal in life; its' the most wonderful feeling in the world."


"You have served us so well so far, it is the least I can do to alleviate your worries."


Give him a smile and tap his hooves.
"That's great, Hircus. Hold on to that feeling, let it help you when things seem dark."


"…Selena? I… have a bit of a confession to make."


"What is it, Hircus?"


"I do love Ciddir, I do, but…
Is it possible for one pony to have two loves at the same time? Because he's not the only one who's captured my heart."


Think for a second.
"Hircus, we can't decide what our heart wants, but we can decide how to act on it. If you feel something for two, you should think and find for yourself which one of the two means the most to you, which one would make you most happy."


"But, what if you could have both? After all, Light Heart has two special someponies, and they get along great! Wouldn't that be something worth trying for?"


That's new to me.
"…well, I don't know how Light Heart and Rosemary think about it, but if it's fine for them, then that is good. But not everypony thinks that.
If I had a very special somepony, I wouldn't like the idea of having to share his attention with somepony else.
How would Ciddir think about that? How would this other pony think about that? Those are things you need to consider first."


"Of course, make sure they're both okay with it.
So… if they are okay with it, then… you can have more than one somepony? That's…
Really beautiful, actually. Love defies all boundaries and rules."


"You've gotta go with what feels right, but you got to remember to make sure those you love also feel right with that.."


"Right. It's a two-way street, they've got to want the same thing or it doesn't work out…"
Look away for a moment.
"Would you be able to do that? If you loved two ponies, and they both loved you, would you be willing to let them both be your partner?"


Look down.
"..I never really thought about it, but I've always thought I'd just get married one day the old fashioned way. One stallion, flowers, little home, that sort of thing…"


"Heh. The old-fashioned way was never really an option for me…
Then again, I'd always imagined I'd die alone and unloved, with a knife in my back and nopony to miss me when I was gone.
Life rarely turns out the way you think it will."


Smirk "ah, but you have two private doctors. You have little need of a third."


I smile.
"That wouldn't happen, Hircus.
You're far too nice for that."


"No, not any more." Return the smile.
"And maybe having two lovers wouldn't be such a bad thing. For somepony as beautiful as you, it probably wouldn't be all that hard.
You could even start up your own personal harem, if you wanted to!"


I giggle.
"I'll keep that in mind."


"It was… good, talking to you, Selena.
This stuff's been on my mind a while, and… it feels good to be able to let it out.
So, want to meet up later? I have an idea for a grenade that knocks a whole group off their feet. I call it the Terror grenade!"


I nod.
But grab your hooves again.
"Hircus, you have to promise me, that if you feel the need to hurt yourself again, you come to me first, promise?"


Take a moment, looking very nervous and uncertain, before finally steeling myself and looking you in the eye.
"Okay, Selena. I… I promise, if I ever feel like that again… I come straight to you… no matter how scary it may be."


Give you a little kiss on the forehead.
"Good, no matter day or night, you may grab me out of bed if you want."


Blush and stammer for a few minutes.
"B-but what if you're… indecent?"


I giggle
"Uh….in that case, just knock on the door, very loudly!"


"But how am I supposed to know the difference? If I walked in on you doing…
…Something, I… I don't know what I'd do!"


I giggle and shake my head.
"You're really thinking this through…well, just knock on the door when in doubt!"


"Okay. Well, thanks for talking with me!"


"Anytime, Hircus. I'll see you later?"


Give her a happy, almost dopey smile.
Oh, and watch out for ghosts. I hear the ship is haunted."
And with that, I'm gone!


"Oh and Hircus?"




Give you a hoofs up.
"You're awesome!"


Hoofs up to you too.
"Right back at you!"


Walking through the hallway after talking to Selena and Tree. Trot, trot.


I will emerge from light heart's room looking around at the floor and corners. As if looking for something lost. And then I look pleasantly surprised to see you. "Oh. What are you doing here baka yagi?"


Give you a somewhat irritated glare.
"You talked me into drinking last night. I woke up in the dining area with a hangover."
Then shake my head and smile.
"Still, I suppose you meant well.
I just got done talking to Flowing Tree and Selena. Mind talking for a while?"


Pout at the first part "but sake is how stallions handle their issues. …still I guess its not really what you needed.. tree-sempai told me it is not a good fix.."
Hoover close to you. "What is on your mind?"


"I think you saw me with someone in that corner I crawled into to get out of the light? His name is Spook, and well…
Talking to him sorta… put things in perspective for me."


"I did see the earth pony andnuou together. You were bowing to him. Is he an officer?"


"…Can I trust you to keep a secret? Like a huge, under no circumstances can you tell anyone kind of secret?"


Look skeptical. "You want to trust me. A fae ."


"I want to trust the girl who saw me at what could have been one of the lowest points in my life, and immediately rushed to my aid."


"Then you already do trust me." Float smugly in the air and lean my head ony hoof. "So go ahead, baka yagi, tell me you secret."


"It's not my secret, it's Spook's."
Look around to make sure the coast is clear, then lean in and whisper.
"Spook is the Element of Honesty."


'1d10' knowledge check

Roll #1 5 = 5


Scratch my head in confusion " element of honesty? Is this an important equestrian title? "


Elementalism is the predominant belief in Neighpon, but since you spend most of your time on the other side of the Breezie portal, that doesn't necessarily imply you would have frequently run into it.


Blink, then shake my head.
"I suppose you wouldn't know, since you're not familiar with Equestria. Let's just say it's an… extremely exclusive title.
The point is that if what I'd been taught, what I believed, about what it meant to be a rogue… All of it says that a rogue earning… that, should be completely impossible. Yet there it is.
It's ironic; the things I was told that made me believe I always needed to lie were lies themselves.
Basically, honest rogues exist. I thought that was impossible. Now that I know it isn't, I'm going to train under him to try to be more honest."


Blink in realization. "Oh, its an element of harmony ? Here? And honesty? I.. how do you know he was not lying about being the element of honesty?"


"He showed it to me. It's real."


" I see… so you will be a honest rogue from now on? "


"I'm going to try to be. It'll take time to break old habits and relearn things, but I'm willing to make the effort. After all, it was lying that ruined my chances with Ciddir."
Give you a worried look.
"Do you think he hates me now? For lying to him, then freaking out that badly when he turned me down?"


Shake my head and tsp your nose. "No baka yagi. That's what I wanted to talk to you about when you were with Spook. Ciddir will give you a chance. If you are honest with him ftom now on. "


Blush and look around to make sure nobody else saw that outburst.
"Really? He said he'd give me a chance?"


Raise my hoof in the air and give you an eye locked firm nod
"Aye." Then tilt my head and smile "So, be sure to do your best."


Nod vigorously.
"Of course! This is probably my last chance, so I have no intention of screwing it up.
And, ah… You know I wasn't really suicidal, right? I was just… being stupid."


Narrow my eyes and smirk. "Its fine to start slow baka yagi. I won't tell on you. "


"Right, um… how do I do that? Start slow, I mean.
Knowing I have time to… take my time is something I'm not used to."


"Learning something new takes practice. When I was learning equestrian I had to study everyday or I would forget what I learned! So. Everyday I would tell myself. manako do your best! And I would say as much equestrian as I could. "


"How does… Oh. You think I'm lying about being suicidal."
Sigh and lean back against the wall.
"I'm not lying; the thought of ending my own life had never even crossed my mind. I just… I was in so much pain emotionally, I felt like… like I needed to reflect it physically.
It was self-destructive, yes. I was trying to cause myself pain. You don't feel pain when you're dead."


Give you an irritated stare and slap you on the back of your head '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Ow! What was that for?"


" Baka YAGI!! That was a fatal injury!! " I shout in your ear. Literally stand in it.


"Ow! Wait… no it wasn't."
Give her a confused look.
"I think I would know if I gave myself a fatal injury."


Glare back at you and turn away.
"So now the doctor is a liar? "


"Manako…" Reach out to you.
"You were worried about me. That means more to me than I can possibly put into words. Maybe I'm wrong and it was a life-threatening injury. Why don't we check, just to make sure?
If I'm wrong, I owe you my life. Let's just check real quick, then we'll know for sure."


Give you a confused look and put my front hooves on your extended hoof. "How can you check the past? I healed your injury already and wrapped it tight to be sure it would not reopen. "


"And we can't just… unwrap it real quick to check?"


Give you a harsh glare.
"You don't plan on re opening it do you? "


"No, just… I honestly didn't think it was a life-threatening injury. If it was, then… then I would have died.
That's a… really scary thought. I just want to know, because if it was life-threatening…
Then you literally gave me a second chance at life."


Nod slowly. " okay. Take a look then."


"Y-you're the doctor. Could you… help me out? Make sure I don't hurt myself further?"


"Okay!" Unwrap it painlessly as possible. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


A little painful, but not that bad.
"Okay, it's unwrapped. It doesn't look all that life-threatening to me…"


The wound is deep, if nothing else, but it's also on an extremity. Roll Appraise to determine stuff about it.


I don't have Appraise. Should I still roll?



Roll #1 9 = 9


You have no medical training at all!


On second thought, it probably wasn't mortal. But if you're feeling trickstery and want an excuse, it is running parallel to a major artery that runs through the whole of the leg muscle system. It's a large enough system that unchecked bleeding from that particular artery could have caused dangerous blood loss and muscular degeneration. You could just tell him he nicked that… it's close enough to be believable and he doesn't have the medical training to disprove you…


"Ehem. " make a professional pose. "See that vein there? That is a major artery. It runs through your whole body. If you had just let it keep bleeding you would have died. "


"What?" Examine it with wide eyes.
"You mean that… If you hadn't come along, I'd have…"
I keep staring as I start to hyperventilate.


"So. Maybe next time don't carelessly cut yourself." Tap your nose " Baka yagi."


"I… I didn't… I would have… oh sisters and stars…"
I start shaking and curl up into a ball.
"I-I didn't mean it! I don't want to die already! I don't want to die!"


Sigh and rub your ear. '1d10' "take care of yourself from now on.."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"…T-thanks, Manako. I didn't know, I swear! You have to believe me! I didn't know!
Oh stars, how was I so stupid? If you hadn't come along, I'd be dead, and I wouldn't have even realized it until it happened!
I… I owe you my life, Manako. How am I ever going to repay you for that?"


"I was just doing my job as a healer, I saw something broken and fixed it. But if you really want to help me.. "
"I am always looking for things to build with. My real passion is for making things… so any thing you find like gears or bolts or metal parts that aren't in use I would love to look at. " smile a bit and hesitate as if I am tempted toask something.


"That doesn't seem like too much to ask. Are you sure there isn't anything more I can do for you?"


"Hmm I don't…" look at you and back at me "did happy puzzle come talk to you?"


"I think so. Something about a prank?
I'm more than willing to help you with that."


"Um.. I don't want to do it as a prank anymore.. I want to see if tree-sempai will just drink the potion.. to spend time with me asy size and um.. c-could you maybe find out what he likes? I am afraid of I try to ask too many questions he will get turned away and I.. don't want to mess up.." blush really hard while explaining the issue


Give Manako the spongebob smirk.
"You like "Tree-sempai. Don't you, Manako?"


Cover my head with my hooves in an attempt to mask my embarrassment. "Y-yea.. i-is it that obvious? "


"You're asking some of the same questions about him that I asked about Ciddir."
Gingerly pat your back.
"Don't worry, Manako. You helped get me a second chance with Ciddir. The least I can do is help you win Flowing Tree's heart."


Smile up at you and put my hooves back down. " really? If lady light heart is as well commected as I am lead to believe I will have a dress for the occasion as well. O-of course I didn't tell her why I wanted it. I could build him something but I am not sure what he needs.. he said he wanted to plant tea so… a plant waterer.. on a timer.. but what kind of food does he eat! I don't even know that much!"


"Well, I'm pretty good at finding out what ponies like by going through their stuff."
Give her a mischievous smirk.
"I'm sure I can find those answers for you with just a little bit of digging.


Nod and float excitedly. "This will be great I will be able to plan the prefect date."
Then stop and loom concerned "you are 'going forward' I think the expression is? That honest rogue thing?"


Nod vigorously.
"Lying seems to bring me nothing but grief. For better or worse, I'm going to try to be as honest as I can."


"T-then I can't ask you to help. Since you would have to be dishonest. "


"But I'll still be a rogue. Just because I'm not going to lie doesn't mean I'm going to talk about everything I get up to. In fact, if I do my job right, he'll never know I was in his room to begin with."


Blush slightly "he doesn't have a room yet. He just leaves his stuff in the bed he sleeps in. On the sirocco. One of the cots."


Arc an eyebrow at her.
"Why do I get the feeling you've already gone through his stuff?"


"N-no! " oh no.my body is turning red again. Look away and control it '1d10' add in a quite barely auiable whisper "h-he keeps most things on him anyway.."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Are you all right? You just turned red…
Anyways, I'll try talking to him, asking a few questions, and rifle through his pockets when he isn't looking. I'll find those answers for you, don't you worry."


"T-thanks.. " look at you with a cheerful grin " you're still a Baka yagi thou."


Give you a soft smile.
"Baka Yagi… I don't know what it means, but I like the sound of it."


Snicker. "If you really find out what I need to do to impress tree sempai I'll tell you."


"Sounds fair to me.
…You're a good friend, Manako. I hope I can be a good friend to you, too."


"Then you can say manako-chan. If we are going to be good friends." Smile


"Okay, Manako-chan. Thank you for saving my life."


"Aye!" Give you a pat on the head. " don't throw it away baka yagi." And fly off to scout for more parts.


Apparently, sitting all day on the deck and inspecting the horizon can get a bit boring, lets visit Selena in her laboratory.


I'm in my lab tinkering with herbs.
I look up as you come in.
"Hello Chip, how are you today?"


Sit on one of the chairs.
"Apparently bored and tired of the same food and the same sights. I didnt expect Shiba to be that far." I moan while observing the room.


Lots of pots and herbs and things.
"Miss Heart said we'd be there soon." I say as I mix a last potion together.


"Uhh… we will get out-run by other privateers to Shiba at this pace. Not to mention it is boring day."
Just lay there on the table.
"Say want to play a game?"


"Sure, I love games! What do you want to play?"


"Hmmm… what kind of games does a lady like you prefer…. " I ponder for a moment before smiling an procuring three d6 dices.

"Dice games with a twist, one with the highest number get to ask the truth from someone or force someone to do their one bidding."
I play with the dice for a bit.
"What do you say?"


I grin.
"That sounds fun. You roll first."


"Hmmm… Alright then." I smile as I throw the worn out dices on the table.

Roll #1 3, 1, 1 = 5



Roll #1 5, 6, 2 = 13


"Paahh… your turn." I grin.


"Ah, damnit." I scratch my head.


I clap my hooves. "Yay I win."
I think for a second.
Then ask "what's the worst thing you've ever eaten?"


I tilt my head and look sideways…
"hmmm uhhmmm.. Tell the truth, I really had a lot of nasty things in my life but the worst thing I've eaten are overgrown bugs, specially cockroaches. It is a time of famine in one of my older crews. Wow, its been some time." I grin. remembering it all.


I then show a disgusted face.
"I really hate it when it is still alive and it tries to wriggle out of your mouth. I rather eat hay than doing that again."


"Your older crews? This wasn't the first fleet you worked for?"




I nod.
"Yes, I've worked first on a pirate fleet than this one. Its been some time but my old captain is really an aggressive one who pillage one town after another, no wonder we got captured and those bastard left me to rot in a prison." I give off a nostalgic air remembering it all.
"If not for the current fleet I am in now, I maybe still stuck in that Equestrian castle."

I laugh while I retrieve the dice.
"Haha… I tell you, eating a book would be a better idea than downing a cricket."
I grin and shake my hands.
"Now shall we continue?"


I nod.
"Okay, you go first."


"Alright." I shake my closed hands with the dices in it, in hopes that lady luck is on my side.
"Gods of the sea's, bless this old sea dog and show him his faith."

Roll #1 3, 4, 2 = 9


"Roll roll roll"

Roll #1 3, 2, 6 = 11


"Kack!" I grin.


Jump up.
Hmmm, I think and suddenly a little grin appears on my face.
"You have to…do a little dance!"


"Aha!" Lets see about that."
Stand up and strut my stu…
Hmmm .. wait no, just do a normal dance.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well that backflip didnt work out pretty well and I am on the floor, nursing my head.
"Ow… " I grin.



I giggle and help you up
"Well done, mr Chip."


"That is what we do back then, but I think I am just out of practice you see." I dust myself off and grab the dice.
"Luck is on your side Ms. Selena, but every dog has his day."


"Okay, let's see."


I shake the dice while staring at you.
"Come on ladies of luck, hear me now. Furies of the sea Gods will give me a 6."

Roll #1 4, 5, 1 = 10


'3d6' "pleasepleaseplease"

Roll #1 1, 1, 2 = 4


"Seems like you won this time, mr Chip."


"Hah!" I smile.
"Hmmm….. I was thinking, besides being a herbalist, where are you good at also? Got any talent on singing, or maybe fencing."


"Hmmm, well I always wanted to be a stage magician, so I believe I know a bit about that. I never learned fencing, but I did sing once in a while…"
Look away
"But I don't think you'd like it…"


I close my arm.
"Aww… dont say that. What makes you think I wont like it?"
"Well unless it involves cutting me into pieces, then that is something I wont like. I've saw a magic like that on-stage before." I gulp.


"No…well okay, I'll sing a little song."
Sing Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Before paying a visit to Abilio, I make a detour to check on the deck, since I'm an officer and everything. If Selena is chilling up there too, I flutter over.


I turn around.
"Oh, hello miss Emrille. Had a good nights sleep?"


And since I'm trotting about, given how this is the Sirocco and all, I'll join in with a smile.
"Good to see you both ladies."


"It was more of not sleeping than sleeping, to be honest."

"It always is, I know."


"See? It takes a little courage and boom! You earned yourself a fan." I grin before putting my arms on the table and stare.
"I like your voice, its both cute and appealing, it makes me wonder why you have little faith on it." I nod.
"Or are you jjust shy?"


"Ah, somepony's glowing today."


Keep smirking.
"Had a real nice night."



"Hello mister Tree, how are you today?"

I cock my head.
"It's hard to sing in front of a lot of ponies sometimes. Here among friends it's easy."


"Just as radiant as always, Lady Selena.
The tea is working wonders."
"I'm sure of it.
Is Lady Tela feeling any better, after our talk last time?"


"Oh, she felt very good the last time I saw her, don't worry. It's my type of therapy."

"Not as naughty as Wimp eavesdropping on the whole thing."


Nod lightly.
"I'm pleased to h-"


"I didnt know you are a shy one Selena. It takes some guts to join in a ship full of scoundrels so I thought you are a bit more assertive." I grab the dice and play with it a bit.


I smile.

My ears flop.
"Wimp? What are you talking about?"

"Miss Heart helped." Wait for the rolls.


"Miss Heart helped? Whats the catch?" I smile as I toss the dice.

Roll #1 2, 4, 6 = 12


"So… yesterday, I was walking on the Darklantern, minding my own business, when my honed mercenary senses told me that there is somepony following me. I rounded the corncer and found this stallion, some guy who apparently heard about me and how awesome I am."
Smirk proudly.
"He joined the fleet just so he could be near me. Anyway, he told me to name him when I asked who he is and then I told him to get me a bottle of whiskey by the morning. He did, but apparently spent all night in front of my door."


"No catch. She just asked me if I wanted to join and showed me around."

Roll #1 5, 5, 1 = 11


"Seems like the dice favor you again, mr Chip."

"…all night?"


Look at her a bit incredolous.
"…Poor son of a bitch."


"All night…"
Slink closer to her.
"He said I sounded like I was really good~"

Raise a brow.


Ear flop
"….that's….and you're okay with that?"


"It's clear he wants to stick it in you.
And that he's never been taught how to talk to mares.
That's more than a bit foolish, if you ask me."


"Well that is rarity, Lady Heart always has a catch when she makes a deal, If it is not right now but perhaps later along the road."

"Haha." I smile before I ponder for a bit.
"Alright, just something simple. Tell me a secret."


"Well, he brought me whiskey, but I did tell him I'd shoot him if he was listening to me all night long again."

"No shit, Sherclop. I told him I'm a dyke, though."
"That sort of crushed his spirit."


"What's even more incredible is how he didn't know about your…
Preferences, already."


"I know right? I was surprised too! I mean he was hoping that I was, y'know, curious."


"He should just look for somepony else.
Or maybe find one of those changeling brothels.
Marvelous thing."


I pout.
"Maybe he's just a bit shy."

I cock my head.
"So…where is he now?"

"Huh…I didn't know this, miss Heart has been very nice to me.
A secret…mmm….well, I knew this stallion once when I was 14, he was really nice and I had a little crush on him. He convinced me to…sneak out some psychedelic herbs from my mothers supplies." I pout. "Seems like that was all he was after…"


"Fucked if I know, he sort of moped away. He'll come back soon enough."

"If you want to stick it in a bug, go ahead, but that sounds fucking disgusting."


"Not as bad as it sounds!"
"But surely, pursuing Emrille of all mares is a lost cause.
She's quite adamant in her love for…"
Cough a bit.
"Lady Tela."


"Oh dont take it the wrong way, Ms Heart is nice and all but one has to double check a contract if you are making a deal to her."
"So he was a crackhead?" I tilt my head.


I look down.
"I"m sure he was just a bit….weird. You didn't have to crush him completely."

"Oh I'm sure. But we don't chose who we love…"

"Yeah, something like that. I guess I was just young and stupid."


"Not… Entirely, no."


"The past is the past, at least you wont make that same mistake again right?" I grin as I ready the dice.


"Of course not. Go ahead."


I shake my hand.
"Graces of the sea! Unfold!"

Roll #1 4, 6, 1 = 11


"Well…anyway, it was still a creepy thing to do off him…"


Roll #1 3, 4, 1 = 8


"I'm sure Emrille can take some creepy, she's an officer and a great fighter at that.
What' I'm worried about is the kid's life going to waste."


"Wow, looks like I am in a streak here." I grin before pondering.
I then look at you with mild interest.
"Can you preen your wings in front of me?"


"What do you think, mister Tree, as a stallion, do you think he'll seek some other mare now that Emrille made it clear he's not wanted?"

"My wings?" Unfold them and look at you.
"You want me to preen them?"


Answer with a severe, worried look.


I stare at your wings with complete interest.
"You see, I havent seen a pegasus preen her wings before. I am just curious at how you do it."
I sit down and observe.


"…but why?"

"….well okay. But just a little bit, doing them whole takes time."
Preen my wing '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"See, Lady Selena, there are two kinds of stallions, and then there's a wildcard.
There are stallions who have learnt how life goes, and don't worry about rejection, simply moving on, and there are kids who believe being turned down by a mare is something they can fix.
I trust there's no need to explain how dangerous they can be."


I just sat there, tranfixed.
"Oh, so thats how you do it. Dont you have to wash your mouth after that?"


"Well, yeah, there are some mares who can get pretty crazy about that as well. So you think he's one of those who would try to fix this?"


I nod.
"Sometimes. But I don't preen them when they're muddy or something. I take a bath first, preening later."


"Yeah, what if they laid eggs in you or something"?

"Hey, I can't help it. If I don't like cocks I don't like cocks, that won't change, not even if he gives me sad puppy eyes."


"I hope for him he is not."
"That'd be a horrible business practice, don't you think?"


"I know, but you could have told him in a kind way, maybe?"


"You wouldn't know until it's too late for you!"

"Hey, I let him get off the hook with the whole stalker thing."


"Perhaps you should go talk to him, mister Tree. Stallion to stallion, so nothing….serious happens."

"But mister Tree says he might come back."


"You are incredibly untrusting, is that so?"
"Lately it feels like I'm becoming the conseuler of this whole fleet."


"Well that will just be messy would it not." I then think for a bit.
"Say, do you think I can try preening?" I smile as I gather the dice.


Stop preening and fold my wing again.
"Don't you dogs have like very sharp teeth?"

"That's a sign that many ponies here trust you."


"I'd like to think so."
"It's been quite a while since we had tea, hasn't it?"


"Indeed, we should do that again soon."


"So? He'll come back and keep trying. He's a stallion, he doesn't have enough blood to keep both his brain and dick working."

"Yeah, because trusting to fuck a bug that feeds off of you life is a great idea!"


"But…what if he does something…crazy?"


"I wish I could invite you over, but sadly, my accomodations are still in the crew's quarters.
Maybe we could meet each other by the mansion?
The air is lovely, and not as salty as the ship's."
"Now Emrille, that sounds quite generic."


Caress my pistol holster with a hoof.
"What if?"

Flick my tail at your nose.
"It's totally true though."


"Of course. And I still sleep in the crews quarters too, but it's not a nice place for drinking some tea."

"I know you can shoot like the best, but, well do you really want to keep on your guard on the ship all the time because he might do something?"


I nod with enthusiasm
"We do, I just find that wing preening to be an interesting activity. Not to mention that it is cute to one who is foreign to the idea of it. Perhaps one day I might try it."


Be unfazed.
"Presenting and then denying yourself is downright cruel, Emrille."
Smirk a bit.
"Not with all the menials going at it, no."


"I don't have to be on my guard. I could be woken up in the middle of the night and shoot somepony in the head from a hundred yards. Plus, c'mon, he didn't seem like the agressive type. More like a pushover."

"See, you just proved me right, nopony told you to look."


"Yes, but wings have to be treated very, very carefully, we ponies have flat teeth, I'm not sure if preening with sharp teeth would work, it might be painful."

"I got earplugs."


"Are you trying to steer this conversation into an unwinnable scenario through logical fallacies, Emrille?
Because it's not working.
We both know what you did and how much you enjoy doing it."
Keep the smirk up.
"Very astute."


Look innocent.
"Am I? I guess I would stop enjoying it if it stopped working."


"You know that day when the sea fight was over, and all the menials went sexcrazy? I just locked myself in the lab and slept on a table." I grin.


"Like a game of cards, there are always fools ready to fall to their knees for queens.
Your admirer demonstrated it amply."
Innocence and you are two worlds apart.
"I could have used the place myself.
Didn't really click in with their whole..
Celebrative mood.
I guess because, unlike them, I knew what we were sailing into."


"Painful? Will it be? Does pegasuses feel anything through their wings?" I frown yet curious.
I pout with puppy dog eyes staring at you.
"I'd really like to see if it can be done. But well if that is what you say."


I pause.
"Well…." nod at the dice.
"You can give it a try, if you can roll the dice. But just this once."

"You've been in wars before, it's true."

"Maybe he'll snap one day."


"Stop fucking worrying over nothing! I'll be fine and he'll get over it!"

"It's always good to have more than one pawn in play for you if you're a queen."


"Oh yes, it is most likely he will snap, actually.
These ponies tend to."
Shake my head, with a smile.
"You enjoy teasing ponies too much, Emrille.
If I didn't know better, I'd think you are in need of attention."


I smile with glee.
"Really?" I smile before shaking the dice.
"Ladies of luck, grant me your blessing watch as your designs unfold!"

Roll #1 2, 3, 4 = 9


"See, even mister Tree says it!"


Roll #1 2, 4, 4 = 10


"Most pretty mares are!"

Roll my eyes.
"You are stressing over nothing."


"Aww…." I just frown at the results.


"I'd tell you to keep a sidearm by your bedside, but I'm sure you already do."


"Seems like I win! Now, mister Chip, tell me about your first special someone!"

I throw my front hooves in the air.
"Well fine, but why not let mister Tree talk to him now, then you won't have to deal with it that way?"


Not like I carry a rifle and a pistol at all times, on plain display!
"What tipped you off?"

"If he can find him, he is free to. But he better be still be willing to get me free stuff after their chat."


"That sounds very selfish."


"He agreed to it, and in exchange he can 'bask in my glory'."


"I am at a loss of words over the spinelessness of this individual."


I smile and close my arms.
"Haa…. I remember it has to be young Ms. Flakes. She is a feisty little dog but is part of a gang that occasionally disrupt the wharf and piers of Nodvogod. My sister Klava really dont like her and always tell me to keep my distance else she will spank me. Well it is too hard to resist her charms, that is until she went off to another town, have not heard of her ever since."


"Yeah, why, you a saint?"


"….well if he promised that."

I listen intently.
"How did you…meet? Did you sneak out of the home so your sister wouldn't see it?"


"I never thought such a dickless stallion could exist, to be fair."


Take the bottle of whiskey out of my saddlebag with a wing.
"And he did what he was told!"

"Pretty sure he must have one, that's the thing that is making him do all this."


"And he would be better off putting it into someoone willing."
Or someone without a gun.


"Wow…that's fancy!"

Hit him on the shoulder with my wing.
"He's just shy."


"Actually.. we met at rumble once because the stevesdore's in the pier noticed that I was not a member of the union. After the stevedore's are done with me, Flakes come over and wrap my bleeding head with bandages before bringing me back home. My sister didnt like her one bit, she is like she can tell she is trouble.. and come to think of it my sister is right about that."


"He's hitting on an engaged mare.
On the most outspoken lesbian of the fleet.
That's not shyness, where I come from."


"She wasn't bad to you, was she?"

"Well….love makes you do crazy things!"


"…Yeah, love."
"Let's talk about something else, shall we?
How are your experiments turning out, Lady Selena?"


"Well, he won't be putting it anywhere near me, we've been over this."

Take swing of it, lick my lips, then offer the bottle to you.
"Want some?"


"I haven't had much time to experiment actually. I've been preparing some health potions and greek fire, for our next fight."

"Well, you did say I had to try it out."
I take a little swing '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I take a sip and make a really awkward face as I swallow it down.
I cough "That's…..strong."


What's going on in here?


"Nope she is not, she's the opposite actually. She is quite friendly and I acted as her muscle when it comes to raiding the warehouses back then."


"How are we gonna deliver the payload of Greek Fire?
I'm guessing cannons are not suited, and slings can only go that far."


"Don't tell me you like that shitty rum better too."

Flutter over to you as you approach.
"Hey there, sorry for not waiting for you to wake up~"


"Talking shit about rum again, are you? I guess shitty taste buds really are incurable."


Grab the bottle from Selena and offer it to you.
"Try this."


I cough some more.

"Abilio hasn't asked me to make large amounts of it. I made a tiny bit for myself."
I grab a bauble from my belt.
"Looks very innocent, doesn't it? If I take of this little lid and throw it on the deck, the whole ship would be on fire."

"Do you miss her sometimes?"


"Quite the responsability you are holding there."
What material is the bauble made of?


Drop it on the ground.


"Whiskey huh? Alright."
Down the hatch it goes.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Look at it roll.
"What if someone landed a hit on it, during a fight? Even by mistake."


"……. I miss my homeland mostly, Flakes is part of it so I guess I can say I miss her too."


"Pretty good, ain't it?"

Keep snickering.
"I'm not a heavy drinker, but fuck do you need to catch up or what."


I grab it up again.
"Don't worry, mister Tree. Just like all the potions I use in battle, it's enchanted shut."
Show the bauble.
"If I don't send a little pulse of energy through it, it won't break. So I can drop these as much as I want, nothing will happen unless I want it to."
Put it back.
"That did backfire once during our fight against the privateers, I dispelled it but the glass broke in my hooves….was the first time it happened, must have been the nerves."

I nod.
"Another roll?"

"I'm sure there will be enough time for that when we've got money."
Look at Emrille, Tela and the bottle.


Wipe my mouth.
"S'okay. A little weak."


"…I see.
Just in case, wouldn't it be smart to build a counter to it? Something anyone can deploy on the ship in case of emergncy."


I shake my head.
"Ah yes! A roll!" I shake my hand.
"Savor my time, now give me a five."

Roll #1 4, 2, 3 = 9


"You mean if it really did explode?"


Roll #1 4, 2, 6 = 12



Take it back, then put it away.
"It's from my admirer. Oh, right, he sort of also heard everything from last night since he was in front of our door."


"Ooohhh.. "


I huff.
"Mister Tree, I've been hoofling these things for years. Those enchantments have never failed on their own. Never."

I think.
"If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be."



"But you just said…"


"What are you guys on abou-"

Snap my attention back to her.
"Say what?"


"Lady Tela."
Bow my head.


"It bursted, after I had dispelled it, it wasn't the enchantment, I must have hoofed it wrong."



"That is a hard one."
"Hmmmm… for me, it is that I would wish that mutiny didnt happen." I look down.


Bite my lip mischieveously.
"There's this guy who apparently looks at me as if I was a queen or someshit, and I told him to bring me this whiskey by the morning. Apparently he spent the night in front of our door, waiting for me so he could hoof it over. I considered shooting him, but hey, he got the whiskey!"


My ears droop.
"I'm sorry."


I frown.
"You are such a goddamn whore. That's really all I have to say about that."

"What? I've been standing here for like 5 minutes now."


"I see.
Silly of me to worry about it, then."
"You seemed rather preoccupied.
Sorry if you took my lack of prontness as a sign of disrespect."


"What, it's not like I was happy to hear that he did that!"


I blush.
"Well, it wasn't my brightest moment, but I can assure you, accidents can always happen, but I'm doing everything I can to prevent it.
And perhaps you're right, I should discuss with Abilio the possibility of an accident."


"Or what you know, our enemies might use the same concotion."


"…I hadn't even considered that yet."


Wave a hoof disregardingly.
"Yeah yeah, enough of the goddamn pompousness. You didn't hurt my feelings, don't worry."

"Some officer you are."


"As if you would say no to free shit and favors if you had a fan."


"You are smart, very, very smart Selena.
But you are also young, and lack experience.
There's no shame in admitting it."
Stick my tongue to her.


"I wouldn't be a little doormat that allows people to eavesdrop on me alright."


"Well, I'll definitely bring it up with the Commodore."


"I told him I'd shoot him again if he did it one more time."


"Yeah of course, shoot him. That's your answer to everything. I'm sure the other crew will love that."


Roll my eyes.
"Threatening him to shoot him will make him not do it again since the crew knows I'd totally do it. See? It's psychlowhateverthatis."


Now, do you think we should…"
Lower my voice and wave a hoof around Emrille and Tela.
"Leave the two of them alone?"


"Perhaps we should…"


"I repeat myself: Some officer you are."


Smile a little.
"Your place or my place?"


"Come to the lab. I can put on some tea."


"How to refuse?"
Off to the lab!


"I get great support."


Put on some tea.
"Oh boy, Tela surely has a hoofful with Emrille."


"I'm sure you do."


"I'm impressed by her tenacity."


I nod.
"She's a strong mare. And she really wants the best for Emrille. I'm in awe of her."


"Would you ever do the same for your loved one, Selena?"


Snort dissaprovingly.
"I guess you don't want your gift then, I've been meaning to give it to you for a while."


"What does that have to do with this?"


Look up.
"….if I really loved somepony, I'd help him however I can"


"Guess you already know what love is all about then."
"But it takes courage."


Knock knock knock on Selena's labdoor.


"Come in."

"I'm sure love gives ponies the courage they need."


"I don't know, does it have to be related?"


"You made it sound that way, numbnut."


"Maybe it does."
Turn to the door.


"Selena, do you have time to-"

"Oh, good day mister Tree."


Nod in greetings.
"Good day Lady Heart.
We were about to have tea."


"It isn't related, just something I've been meaning to give you!"


"What is it then? This better not be some kind of joke."


"Give me a kiss and I'll give you your gift~"


I make note of that.

"Hello Light Heart, we were about to have some tea."


You better, because I was about to go in full old man mode and tell a story!


"I see. Would you terribly mind if I joined? I have some questions I was hoping to ask."


"Not at all. Excuse the mess."
Make some space for you.


"If it is alright by my host, I'd be delighted."
Smile and step aside.


"Thank you, that is most kind of you."
Sit down.


After she does, sit aswell.


"Like you're not getting enough already, you needy slut."
Force her into a sloppy kiss.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Put some tea on the makeshift table.
"Have you heard about Emrilles admirer yet, Light?"


I'll just enjoy that one for a while.
"Okay, you've earned it!"
Present you with a sword that looks like a lighting rod.


I raise a brow.
"Excuse me? Miss Emrille has an admirer? Did I hear that right?"


"… What's this? A metal rod?"


"Yes. He says he joined the fleet because he heard she was a sharpshooter, and he's been showering her with gifts.
And that's not all."
I snicker.


"He'll get a spray of lead in thanks.
I will see to have a talk with him sooner rather than later."


"Hey, this is something I inherited from Old Ben, one of the Hamburgerburgians who died at Roads. This is a weapon that serves as a cataclyst! Y'know, I'm not much into swords and everything, so I thought I'd give it to you."


"A stallion? That is… very unexpected. What do you mean? There is more?"

"What is his name?"


"We do not know.
Emrille said he asked her to be named, so she chose Whimp.
I guess he will go by it."
Grimace in disgust.


It really just looks like a rod?
"Uh… are you sure this thing is a sword?"


"Apparently Emrille and Tela had a…wonderful time last night and it turns out he was listening at their door the whole time!"
I giggle.


It's supposed to be pointy, I guess!
Wf didn't elaborate when I asked him again.
"What else! Plus you can do magic with it! Do you think the Hamburgerburgians of all ponies would have things that aren't practical in killing things?"


"How… very odd. Miss Emrille is quite unfamiliar with the concept of… respect. And kindness. And gracefulness.

… And politeness."


Try to keep my composure and not burst into a laughing fit at the mental image. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


A sensible chuckle.


"Mister Tree offered to have a talk with him and hopefully straighten this out before something bad happens."


Join the chuckle.
"Truth be told, it might be easier to just dump the kid off somewhere before he becomes…


"Probably not… I should probably examine it when I've got the time to. Thanks."
Put it away.


"Well, I was sort of expecting you to be happier for the magic sword I just got for you."


"Seriously, I don't even understand the thing yet."


"Maybe you can channel your magic through it!"


"Hmmm, that may be prudent. Which ship does he serve on? It must be the Darklantern."


"I've got a catalyst already, but I guess it can't hurt to have another. Maybe there's even more to it than that. I'll need to scrutinize it when I've got the time to. Give it some stresstests and make sure this thing isn't unstable and won't blow up in my face."


"We don't even know his name."


"We could practice magic sometime, together!"


"It'd make sense."


"Yes, that was apparent given miss Emrille's unique given nickname of him."


I smile.
"… I'd like that."


I frown.
"Poor guy."


"I've been keeping an eye on your teleportation trick, y'know, it's pretty handy!"


"One wonders why he came here though.
Why this fleet, why Emrille, why in Neighpon of all places.
Especially if he's Equestrian."
Sip my tea.
"I fear he might not be all we think he is…"


"I am surprised she has shown enough restraint not to shoot him already, given her temper. He is lucky in that regard."

"What are you implying?"


"Probably because of the gifts."
I snort.


"Oh really now? It's not an easy spell."


"I can teleport the platinum bullet!"


"Remember when I came to your room, after I had joined the fleet, and told you about why I had to lie about a few things?
That day you told me, we often are watched."
Take another sip.
"Not to be disrespectful to Emrille, but she's not the most…
Cautious of officers.
Getting close to her is a gamble, but one that might pay off well indeed for any possible spy."


"That seems like a likely theory."

I chuckle and shake my head.
"That seems rather silly. I would think the Lordblades would be more subtle than that. I would not be surprised if there was some form of spy among our midst already, but I very much doubt it would be this individual."


"That's child's play."


"I reserve my judgement till I have more informations.
And if he's not a spy, then he's a clocking timebomb.
It's only a matter of time until he snaps."


"You think there are spies here?"


"Yeah, but I do it reliably all the time at least!"


"I'm faily sure there are already.
We had spies in our old regiment aswell.
Inoffensive folks most of the time."


"Me too, teleportation of items is easy shit."


"That seems like a rather extreme statement to make by someone who wishes to reserve his judgement."

"I cannot say for certain, but I would certainly not be surprised."



"Yeah? Is it? Show me."


"There is a set number of paths in life as in battle.
He's either one, or the other.
And I'd like to learn what he is made of sooner rather than later.
Do we have mind readers on the fleet?"


Teleport something from across the room into my hoof.


"Well… setting shit on fire is easy too, but you can't do it!"


"Perhaps we are being paranoid, but there is nothing wrong with having a healthy portion of that in this world."

I smile.
"Would you not like to know the answer to that question."


I nod.
"I'll keep my eyes open."


"I can, but I won't because it comes with a pretty big explosion."


"Freezing things then?"


Smile back.
"Where I a spy?
Then I would walk up to him and spill his entrails into the dark sea we sail."
Finish my drink.
"But alas, fate has landed me on this other side of life, and I am only trying to make the best out of the current situation.
Frankly, the lack of troop is staggering.
We don't even have the fighters needed to protect our crew.
Or our captain."


"Yup, got that down. Again, comes with a pretty big explosion."


"Since when?"


"How do you…recognize a spy?"


"I am afraid that if I were to know somepony capable of mindreading on this fleet, I would not be allowed to share that information with just anypony."


"A few months ago. Self-taught."


"Fine, but can you heal yourself?"


"Intuition would be my first reply.
But intuition is nothing other than the collective knowledge of a lifetime in a given field.
So I guess you will get to recognise them aswell, given you stick with this fleet long enough."
"Of course.
But if you do know, just tell me and I will bring our phantomatic Whimp for a stroll. Wherever you want him to be."


"Nah, I leave that stuff to the professionals."


"No need to worry, I will ensure that the right people are informed."


I nod.

"But we don't know if he's a spy yet!"


"Of course.
This is what officers are for, after all."
"Speaking of which.
I had a chat with the Commodore about my worries, concerning Shibe.
Seems like he's willing to take the risk."


Smirk proudly.
"Well I totally caaaaan~"


"Oh really, wow, this is the first time you ever told me about this. Yeah, never heard you talk about it before."


"You know I get excited about this shit whenever it comes up!"


I smile kindly at you.
"And I do not believe he is either. Is he a threat? I believe many ponies on this fleet could be a potential threat. I will keep an eye on this story as it develops."

"I thought as much. The commodore does not move without a plan."


I'm silent.


I snicker.
"And it's adorable. But seriously, I know your magic. It's just way different from mine."




"But…if you tell the right ponies, they won't like…torture him?"


"I highly doubt it."


I cock my head.
"Goodness me, why would they do that? I will simply speak to miss Emrille about our thoughts and perhaps inform the commodore as well. However, we have far more urgent business at hoof than chasing shadows at the moment."


I smile sheepishly.
"Yeah, I'm sorry, I just…well I think I'm still thinking about all those stories you hear on shore about pirates. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have believed those."


"Most are explicitedly made up to demolish the inner fighting will of their opponents and curb possible opposition before it's born.
It's propaganda, really."


"Wait, what are you saying?"


"The more horrible the atrocities someone commits, the less likely the average pony is to stand in his way."


"We do not abuse our crew for no reason."


"Yes, yes of course, Light, I'm sorry that I assumed…."I trail off.

"So you're saying the rumors are made up? But why would sailors do that?"


"Not entirely.
But they sure are exxagerated."


I smile.
"No need to apologize, we do not blame you for anything."


I'm off to see Ciddir and see if I can salvage this relationship.


He's probably in his room.



I scrunch.
"I'm an idiot for believing them."


Wave a hoof away.
"You are amongst a pirate crew living a pirate's life.
Those rumors didn't exactly have the wanted effect on you."


Oh boy, Ciddir and Hircus are talking, better not disturb them.
Hircus talked to me about this Spook, somewhere.
I'll go see if I can't find him '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


To his room then. Knock on the door.
"…Ciddir? Is it… is it all right if we talk for a bit?"


You search for a long time but never find him. Well, his name IS Spook.


He looks up in your direction from his bed.



"What makes you say that? You were merely uninformed. You are not expected to see through lies all the time."

Are the really tiny ones awake yet?


Adel and Lilly? Or do you mean Who and Manako?


Adel and Lilly.


I scrunch.
How unfortunate.
Hircus did say he was a very sneaky pone.
Well let's see if I can find Itztli.

Scrunching intensifies.
"It's just…I thought I was smart enough to see through such things. But know I'm here and it seems I'm not as smart as I thought I was."

I giggle.
"Well, that's true. I did give it a shot."


"Okay, so… First off, I'm sorry for lying yesterday. I was… I panicked, and did something stupid, and that's my fault. Even so, that was wrong of me.
Do you… hate me now? Since I lied to you?"


'1d10' I was tinkering. Let's make plans for a sprinkler and timer.

Roll #1 5 = 5


We were talking?
"Oh please.
I promise, if we ever have a trivia night on the Sirocco, I will still mob to have you on my team."


"Oh miss Springleaf… you are far too hard on yourself."



I chuckle.
"Do we have one of those?"


"If we don't, we should."


"Not at this time, no. Such activities are reserved for… better times."


"Well if we do have one, I'll definitely join!"


"That is good to know. How does your work on categorizing those old ingredients from former commodore Smitts fare?"


"It's done. Me and Ciddir worked through all of it. I've made a list of all herbs in there and hoofed it to Captain Marsh.
There were a number of extremely rare ingredients in there. Frankly I'm almost scared to use them unless in absolute necessity. Ciddir currently keeps the case. I'm hoping he might be able to use it to cultivate more."


"Hm… good work then. I am pleased to hear you and mister Ciddir performed your tasks so well."
Drink some tea.
"Say miss Springleaf… I was wondering where you see yourself in a year from now."


Cough a bit.
"Maybe this talk is becoming personal, I should leave you two alone."


"Uh…I haven't really thought about it. Today I'm mostly busy researching illusion magic and in my spare time trying to learn more advanced potions."
Make myself a new cup of tea.
"Mmmm, I think I'd love it if in a year I'd have some brewed some very good potions, learned how to make illusions like that one pony we met on our way to Awa.
And be more engaged in the fleet, know how things work, try my hoof at some responsability."


Perk my ears.
"Goodbye, mister Tree. We should continue our talk sometime soon! I'll grab you sometime for some more tea."


Stand and give a little nod to both.
"Always a pleasure.
Selena, Light Heart."
Lets leave.


"Oh… well there is no real need to, but goodbye then."

"Are you aiming for officership in the future then?"


"Well, just between you and me…."
Grin and lean a bit closer conspiratorially.
"I really want my own place to sleep."
Lean upright again.
"But that doesn't mean I don't get how important being an officer is. I mean whatever you decide will have impact on the future of the fleet. And..and I think I can help the fleet beyond just making potions."
I take off my hat.


I wave a hand dismissingly.
"No, thats fine… "



I scratch my head.
"Maybe I am just being worried too much about this succession thing."

"Say, do you think Ms. September will make for a good commodore?"


I nod resolutely.
"Absolutely. She may be somewhat aloof and cynical, but she is certainly very experienced when it comes to this line of work. If the day does come that she becomes commodore, I would stand behind her."


I look down and rubbing my fingers
"Abilio told me that he will would have picked Emrille if the circumstances allows it, but he saw that Emrille is still not ready that is why he has picked Ms. September, which is not a bad choice mind you… its just… "
"I dont know, why am I acting out like this." I fumed in irritation of myself.


"Miss Emrille? That is… an interesting choice. Miss September is far more experienced with leading ponies. Of course, commodore Abilio may not retire until many years from now, so there is plenty of time for her to evolve."


"I dont know, Abilio are one of the few who wants to retire back then since he fears for Ms. Lucky and if the gods allows it, their foal. I'd like him to stay a bit longer because he is a really useful and powerful pony but really I have no idea how his mind works."

"As for Emrille, yes given time she may learn a thing or two from all of us. But if she is going to learn or 'evolve', that is up to her." I close my arm.


"Matters have changed now that he is our commodore. I do not see him retiring in the next few years barring any unforeseen events. As for miss Emrille… yes, whether she evolves or not is up to her. Perhaps… I should increase my aid in guiding her further along that path."


"Well, it will be a waste to just give up now that he controls 3 ships. Yes, I think Abilio would stay." I nod re-assuring myself.


"For the time being, he will. One day he may retire, but that day is not today."


"I agree." I smile.

"So how about you? Anything new to share?"


"….another roll?"

More faff?


"I am quite content and eager to finish this contract of ours so that we may rebuild the fleet further."


I nod.
"Ah, my bad for spoiling the mood, alright lets do this."
I shake my hands and roll the dice!

I just look at you.
"Thats all?"

Roll #1 5, 3, 5 = 13


"I shouldn't have asked."

Roll #1 4, 2, 3 = 9


I smile and look at you.
"Alright, can you teach me how to preen a pegasus wing?"


If you have time? Otherwise you should focus on school.

I chuckle.
"Your own place to sleep… I suppose that is something to strive for in life. A place to call home even? Perhaps. But yes, officership does bring other responsibilities. Knowing how to steer a ship, knowing your crew, knowing fleet protocols and traditions, knowing your way around nautical terms…"

"The mutiny and the events surrounding it were horrific, but I try not to dwell on the past. I learned from it and am quite happy to move on with my life."


"Okay, a deal is a deal. Watch carefully."
Show him carefully how it's done.
"Now you try it, be very careful with the teeth."

"I'm learning! I'm getting to know the crew and our protocols. And Tela is showing me how to use nautical instruments."


"Very good. The hardest part of it is to earn enough respect that your fellow officers and crew listen to you. I will repeat myself by saying this, but showing competence is one of the most important ways to do so."


I nod.
"Fair enough, it just really has a profound effect on me but I think I can cope up with that."

I take my position next to you and examine the wing.
"Hmm… lets see." Carefully preen the wings.
>rng pls

Roll #1 5 = 5


"If I got a chance to prove I can lead, I can show you!"

You preen my wing reasonably for a dog.
Maybe a bit too much spit.


I wipe my mouth and look at my work.
"Well that is not too bad for a dog's first time right? How did I do?"


"A profound effect, you say? Well, it was quite traumatic for many. I… did lose some people whom I considered friends. But we must move on and learn from these mistakes."

I smile.
"I look forward to it, Selena. I believe you will do well if guided correctly."


Flap my wing a bit.
"It was…."
Dramatic pause

"Will you help me, Light?"


I wipe the sweat from my brows.
"Whew, and I thought I screwed it up."
"Though I think my teeth picked up a flea or two." I said in a joking manner as I pick my teeth.

I nod.
"Say, thanks for talking to me. Its been some time since both you and I talk with each other."


"Are you saying I have fleas?!?"


I smirk.
"Naaahh, I'm just messing with you Selena, your wings are pretty clean dont worry."


"Hmmm okay. One last roll?"


I nod.
"One last roll and we call it a night, though I do look forward to playing with you again." I began to shake the dice.
"Wise men grace's unfold!"

Roll #1 1, 3, 4 = 8


"Yes, making time for everything and everypony is not always an easy task. We live in interesting and busy times."

I nod politely.
"I would love to. And speaking of help… I was hoping you might be able to aid me with a somewhat delicate matter."


Not getting anywhere on this tinkering.. I'll just go see what tree-sempai is doing.


"Wise men grace's….what does that mean?"

Roll #1 1, 5, 1 = 7


I'm always training!
Except now, probably smoking my pipe.


Float over and greet you with a smile. " Hello tree-sempai. "


Put the pipe away.
You seem happy, today.


I ponder.
"I am calling for the wise men's blessing. Its a bit of rarity to find pretty intelligent diamond dog scholars so their grace's are always welcome to a dog community or fort. Once one or two settles in, that fort usually prosper so most dogs consider these wise doges as 'bearing luck', though I think it is because of their help and input on the fort the reason why said fort bearing wise dogs prosper and not because they bear luck on their side. But such superstition sounds good and it stuck in." I smile

I then look at the dice.
"But come to look at it…. "


" i've been working with a new toy. A sword that produces electricity. I am excited to know how it works. But am having something of inventor's block as to what to do with it. " I say floating calmly.


"A sword sized for you, I hope?"


I stop and think.
"Hmmm… who is your last love interest." I smile with enthusiasm.


"What is it, Light?"

"Your turn, mister Chip."


Shake my head. " no. It sized for a big pony. But I will find a use for it. Just you wait. ". Say determinedly


"Can I count on you to keep this matter to yourself and anypony else involved? It is rather sensitive."


"Turn it into a cannon that shoots lightning. With gears that turn it as you wish and such!"


Make a motion around my mouth, sealing it shut.

"Well, there was a stallion I met in Vanhoover."


"Yes, and?"


Giggle in delight at the idea. " a lightning cannon that would make the enemies scatter in fear. I could call it the thunderstorm. "


"There you go!
Hope the Thunderstorm will brighten your day.


I nod.
"Very good, I am counting on you. Now… We'll discuss this on Steam when I get home in 30ish. "


" tree sempai. You have the best ideas. " grin widely. " ah, I still need to work on something for you! " declare as if it was something important that I just remembered


Look surprised, as if it was news to me.


" aye! When we first met you said you were having trouble finding time for tea plants. Can I see them? "


"There is a pot, just beside my bunk. Selena and Ciddir are take care of most of the rest."


"I was working at the shop stand and he trotted over. He asked where I came from and we talked…"
Brush my hair aside.
"We went to dinner, it was one of the first times I'd ever been to a fancy restaurant."


I look at her a bit worried.
"Are you fine talking about this?"


Give a curious stare as if in thought " I see. Is it getting plenty of light there? "


"What? It's just a restaurant! That's not indecent!"


"A bit?"
Smile sheepishly.


I scrunch funilly.
"No, not that silly. I was thinking maybe I am just resurfacing bad memories."

"Hmm.. there are lots of fine restaurants in Nodvogod though I have not been in one come to think of it."


" hmm maybe it needs a boost? Like a hanging basket? "


"Maybe I should hang it outside, true."


" what have you been doing otherwise? "


"Dealing with the thousand pains and heartaches the crew is heil to."
"Seems like there's always a new problem arising."


"It wasn't a really bad memory. We dated for some time, but I kept traveling with my mother, so I only saw him when we passed through Vanhoover. And that's not really a healthy thing for a relationship, so it didn't last long."


Rest on a railing nearby. " anything I can do to help? "


"Not unless you can read minds."


Shake head. " no. I can only get a feeling about some pony's capabilities. "


"Ah I see, that is too bad then. Keeping a relationship while also travelling is a hard thing and also stressful, just ask any sailor." I smile.

"Well… unless the one who you are in a relationship also travels with you." I close my arms.


Might actually be useful.
How could I forget!
Manako-chan, I need your help!


"Of course, at the time I had some arguments with my mother over it. I wanted to stay in Vanhoover, she didn't. She was right in the end. She always was."


Try to hide my excitement. '1d10'
" what is it you need tree-sempai?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"How come she is right about leaving? Is Vanhoover a bad place?"


Very calm breezie.
"There's a pony whose true capabilities I don't understand.
Depending on them, he might be a spy or a crazy idiot.


"She was right that one stallion you know at 16 is not worth changing everything for.
It wasn't meant to last, she said, and it didn't."


Groan. " another as dumb as the idiot goat? "


"Worse, he's after Emrille."


" how is that worse? "I frown in confusion.


"Because Ciddir is not engaged, not openly aversed to the courter's sexuality and doesn't shoot ponies for little to no reason."


" …! And has no one explained to him that she is taken.. wait.. she is a lesbian then? "


"Most outspoken about it."


"You're mother sounds pretty wise, staying just because of this one stallion does not sounds like a good idea specially you have your mother to care for, not to mention that sticking to one partner limits you too."


Face hoof " I knew she was violent but I didn't see.. that's why she was so nice to me…"


"Feel like sharing her bed just because she was nice already?"


Blush " nothing like that! I-i don't feel that way about mares anyway!"


Look at her blush and relax against a side of the railing.
"Are all breezies as emotional as you are, Manako-chan?"


" I.. I don't know maybe some are.. I don't think of myself as particularly emotional.. "


"The blushing on your cheeks calls your bluff."
Smile a bit.


" y-yea what about it! " give a frustrated pout and fold my front legs .


I giggle.
"Hircus said the same thing.
He said I should get my own personal harem."


I widen my eyes.
"Did he now?"
"And you? Building up a harem?" I grin.


"You remind me of someppony I knew.
An old friend.


I shake my head and blush.
"Nah that's not something I'd do. I don't mind if other pirates do, but I don't feel like having one.
Do you have a harem among the menials? It must be easy since you're an officer."


" really? Who were they?"


I stop.
"Uhmmm.. well not at the moment. I am not really good at recruiting anyone come to think of it."I scratch my head while looking at you.


"I traveled with a company before coming here.
For years and years, really.
They were some of my closest friends, and best rivals.
You are just like one of them. She, too, had always her head full of ideas.
And dreams.
Look with melancholy at the moving sea.


I giggle.
"Why, mr Chip, you're an officer. I'm sure if you went to one of the menials and said "I have a cabin." she'll wrap herself around you."


" did her dreams come true? "


I doge scrunched.
"Why yes I am an officer but it has little to do with me getting a harem. Now you're just teasing me,"
I then ponder for a moment and think.


Ignore her question.
"What are your dreams, Manako?"


"…. Alright, if what you say is true then…."

I look at you and muster my best look.
"I have a cabin."


" um.. to have a home where I can build things all day. Things no pony ever dreamed of! And to have some pony appreciate me for who I am. "


"Realize them.
One at a time, one tiny step after the other.
Then, and only then, I will tell you what became of that mare and her dreams.


I am stunned.


Look a little confused and nod " I will do my best. "


Now, I believe you are halfway there already?
How is Light Heart's cabin been treating you?


I close my arms with confidence and smirk.
"See? The same exact reaction I got from them." I nod.

"Its either stunned or they politely decline or if not they are busy and stuff." I smile.


"I see. Uh…maybe mister Face can help you?"


" pretty well. There are plenty of nuts and bolts to use. And Felix has friends to play with there. " smile " and I am hoping to earn enough to set up a proper workshop. Maybe other engineers will pitch in even!" I add excitedly.


"Just you wait until these two cities are dealt with.
Honestly, I hope we get the chance to take what we need from Shibe, the fleet is in a rough shape right now.


Look away at the idea. " right… that would be best wouldn't it..


"No. Not best, but necessary.
It's something you will see happen, sooner or later."


"Sir Face? Well I have not approached him about the matter, he is always busy doing missions and if not, is always in his bedroom with a new partner and stuff."


Nod. " I understand. We talked about it before.. I just don't like it.. it is worse than just tricking some pony. "


"Maybe he can give you some hints on seducing mares. He's very good."


"If you think about it, it's not worse than killing them."


" true enough.. "


"It's something no army is above, sadly."
Pick up my pipe again, and take a smoke.


"Yeah, one cannot easily miss that." I frown, closing my arms.


" hmm what is your dream tree sempai?"


Smile a bit.
"A tall ship, and a star to steer it by."


"….did I say something wrong?"


Smile as well looking at the sea. " where would you go if you had a ship like that? "


"I'd go.
Never stopping.


"Ah, its nothing. Though I will consider it." I shake my head as I gather the dice.
"Well its quite fun playing with you, I hope that both of us can play again in the future, what do you say?"


" would you bring someone with you? All that time? "


"I would, yes.
If someone would have me.
Chuckle dismissively.


" mmm a loyal crew all your own? "


Wouldn't that be great?


"Of course, maybe we can invite some other ponies as well!"


"Aye! " laugh a bit. " I can see it now. Captain Flowing Tree. Feared commander of the fiercest crew around. " move my arms animatedly


Chuckle at the silly motions.
"And would you follow me, Manako-chan?"


"Hmmm.. Thats a great idea, who do you think shall we invite?" I close my arms.


" of course I would tree-sempai. "


"Then it shall be a glorious crew indeed!"
"We will have to drink to it, if it ever happens."


"Light Heart and Tree….maybe Emrille and Tela too?"


" maybe we can make it happen? If we work together. We could do extra jobs from time to time to save up money.."


"A ship and a crew are no easy thing to buy."


"Ah, that could work. I think a little pirate bonding wont be that bad."


"Sounds like fun."


" it is a good goal then. " smile brightly andet the wind flow in my mane.


Extend a hoof, expecting her.


"Alright, I'll invite them over once we are done with doing the Shiba job alright?"


Float onto your hoof.


Put her on my shoulder.
"How is it?
The world, so large?


" its.. exciting! I want to see it all! " flutter my wings a bit.


"We will."
"We will see it all."
Go back to smoking my pipe, but stop.
"Damn. It died."


Sigh and relax on your shoulder leaning toward your neck a bit. " there will be more. "


"Of course."


Fish for a match and light the pipe again.
"There will always be more.
But it won't always be as good as it is today.


" each day is different. Unique. "
" new hope. New chances. " chuckle.
" I guess that doesn't help your pipe. May have to think on that one. "


"The fire just went out.
Nothing too bad.
"Do you smoke, Manako-chan?"


Shake head. " it made me light headed when I tried. I didn't like it.[/g["


Sigh and put the pipe out.
Then, silently, keep watching the sea.
We could stop here.


yep! They are frennz now [/s[

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