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Who called in the fleet?

You get up early in the morning. Two more days of travel to get where you're going. Light Heart or Chip should roll 1d16 when ready to go.


Brushie my hair and I'm ready to go.


Up and ready to go.


I messaged Lemon on steam, but no response.
Did HP Lovepone ever share why the town was so familiar to her?

Roll #1 15 = 15


Time to get back into the breach.
Hopefully today will be slightly less crazy than yesterday.


You could ask. She just mentioned she remembered.

Getting down the other side of the mountain is considerably easier: there is a mountain pass and a road down the great slope. It must be a popular trade route because it's not long before you reach a unique phenomenon you've never encountered before.

Up ahead there is a large circle of wagons – trade caravans that have stopped for a spell to trade amongst themselves, entertain guests and generally rest before moving on. The place is nothing special: thick forested trees, but there is a nearby waterfall and ponies are drinking from the freshwater.

The goods here look more authentic than that tourist garbage back on Nagobana.


I want to talk to Lovepone about this place aswell.
Oh. Maybe here I can get some rare tea leaves.
Have a look around.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Did you ever figure out why you felt that village was familiar to you, Puzzle?"

Definitely want to go check out some of their wares for something extraordinary and exotic too.


I'd love to go for a swim… but they'd probably get angry at me for swimming in their drinking water.
I think instead I'll see what kind of blades these ponies have to offer, if any at all


Ooh, lots of shops means lots of coin.
First let's take a look at their goods; anything we need? I could use some rope, for starters.


I look through the market with the others.



There are five caravans parked here currently. They are as follows:

1) An agrarian caravan that is traveling north from the great rice fields. Though it is carrying mostly rice, they also have barley, tea leaves, flax, and burdock fruit. A trophy venomous greenjaw is hanging from their caravan.

2) A mercenary caravan. Various characters mill about here. They are mostly ronin, but other odd adventurers are present. One shady figure, likely ninja, and a few robed ponies which you suspect by lack of weapons must be healers or monks.

3) A traveling caravan simply providing transportation. They're headed directly west to the sea, disembarking in Akajiso.

4) An ore caravan. They sell some refined metal and weapons, but the bulk of their stock is crude ore being brought down from the village in the side of the mountain.

5) An entertainment caravan. Courtesans, jugglers, fools, musicians, and fortune tellers attempt to draw in the interest from the other caravans.


Ponies are washing off in the pond proper. The waterfall remains clean, though.

There isn't much to look over: the weapons certainly have a different style than you're accustomed to, though. A few blades, no guns.

You haven't had anything to eat since you left Nagobana, though it has only been one day.


What's a greenjaw?
I've never seen it before.


Oh. I've really got to stop forgetting to eat.
I'll go check out that agrarian caravan, see if anything looks tasty.


"If you are willing to, perhaps you could tell me about it some time."

An entertainment caravan you say?
Do take a closer look at these artists. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


It appears to be a plant with jaw-like protrusions. You might ask about it if you're interested.

If you like rice, there's a lot of it. Burdock fruit and root is edible, too.


Oh. Well in that case, I'll go for a quick dip.
And after that, take a look at the design of these blades.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Right, and me without any money…
Any of that rice sitting around someplace easy to grab?


Do they speak equestrian?
"Excuse me, sir?"


To the agrarian caravan.


There are Kabuki actors, Gagaku performers, and even a bard telling a Jōruri. The bard is using a Biwa, but the Gagaku performers have a Yu, Shinobue, and Koto.

The Kabuki actors are in full makeup and in the middle of a performance in Neighponese. Some foals are watching.


Splish splash! You feel refreshed.

You're no expert on blades, but the curvature is different. You're not sure why but the metal looks different, too.

It is packed into large, tied off bags on the caravan. Not to say that you couldn't try for it.

The wagon itself provides some cover, as do the large sacks of goods. There are three merchants on this caravan. One sits at the front, reclining. Another is at the front, peddling wares. The third is washing his face in the pool of water.

He exchanges a look with his partner and they both go back and forth in Neighponese.

Finally he points at a third merchant who is washing his face. "That!"

Selena and Hircus are here. Selena is trying to get them to speak Equestrian.


Go and ask them for directions if the route we are taking to Awa is the right way.
"Say, anything we need to be worried about along the road? Say bandits or toll fee's and stuff you know mate?" I talk to one of the merchants


"Need any help?"
Turn to the merchant.
"May I see your selection of tea?"


"Yes, mister Tree, I want to know what that thing is."
Point to the greenjaw


"Of course."
Turn to the merchant.
"And what is the strange flower?"


My knowledge of Neighponese culture is a little lacking…
Observe the actors and whisper to HP Lovepone.
"What is the play about?"


Eh, that rice doesn't look like anything special. Still, I'll watch Flowing Tree to see how they do business here.


I'm pretty knowledgeable on blades!
The curvature kind of reminds me of scimitars.
If I can try and wield one of the blades to see how balanced they are.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It takes a bit of time to find one who speaks your language.

"That is… yes, sometimes roads are unsafe, but mostly okay if you are on roads. Stay on trail, and good."

"Yes, of course sir. We have a lot of tea flower. Good for white, yellow, green, oolong, pu-erh, and black."

"Dangerous carnivorous plant we found down in the ricelands. It springs itself on wildlife and paralyzes it. The plant can't digest parts of the skin and coat, so the inside becomes furry and thick as raw leather accumulates, making it look like a bloody mouth. We uprooted this large one while picking up a rice shipment."

"It's hard to pick up partway through… I think it's about the Emperor and the Shogun."

The weight is totally different than what you're used to! You fumble with it, but manage to not drop it.


My favorite flavor is…
"What are you gonna do with the plant?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


I smile at this merchant.
"So you are one of those neighpon who gets around here aye?"

I then lower my voice.
"Say anything you can tell me about Awa? What kind of place is it? Any hot spring or those kind of things there?"


"… I see. Political intrigue then? These are the times I wish I could speak your language."
I bet that music being played must be quite pretty as well…


Is there a merchant nearby?
"Hey, mind telling me more about this thing? Feels kind of weird…"


"Preserve it and keep it as a trophy maybe sell it when we reach Akitagami."

"I do not… ah… word for a thing you think sure…. ah, but there is war there."

Yes, the strings blend mesmerizingly with the woodwind.

"More or less!"

Who tugs at HP's hair and they talk in Neighponese.

None of these merchants seem to speak Equestrian. He makes motions with his legs, extending them the whole way and then bending them in. Then he taps the sword.


I looked at him a bit alarmed.
"War? What is happening in Awa right now sir?"

Btw what is this merchant carrying? Is he one of the rice merchants?


"I see. Now, about the tea. Do you keep seeds with you? Just a few will do."
Turn to Selena.
"It seems to be a predatory plant, which feeds upon insects and small animals paralyzing them with its dangerous venom."


"Discussing the finer things in life, are we?"


"Uh… folding?"
Not like he understands anyway. How much would this thing even cost? Take out some of my gold.


No, this is one of the transportation merchants. He's not carrying anything presently.


He thinks for a bit.

"We could dredge the bag and see if any fell out."

"Sorry! Who says that the Shogun is a… what's the Equestrian word? Jingoist? A military commander without legitimacy? I was explaining that while the emperor has symbolic and spiritual power, the shogun has practical control."

He separates one doubloon from the others on the table.


Nod umbled.
"That would be a most kind act."


"Hmmm….. is the town of Awa currenly under siege? Is it being attacked from what you heard last time?"



I don't suppose any of these merchants look particularly wealthy, do they?


He shuffles through the bag for a while and eventually gathers a small pile of seeds.

"They're free if you buy tea."

"Yes. Dangerous place."


"Oh… I believe I have heard of this before, but I never quite understood how it worked. The shogun has the true power then, correct?"


I turn to the others.
"Hey looks like the town of Awa is currently under siege or something, said by this merchant over here."


That depends on what you mean by particularly wealthy. Of course, the real rich merchants aren't the ones who have to do the legwork, they're the ones that own the company that does the traveling.

"That's… more or less right."


Eh, sure.
Might as well take a souvenir.
Take the blade and… bow? That's what these ponies do right?
Strap the blade to myself.


"Most humbled. Tea for two, thanks."
"Could you elaborate on the matter in Awa?"


I turn to the merchant.
"Thank you for telling us, that is very helpful." I nod.


"How quaint. Are these shoguns chosen by birthright?"

"That is… unfortunate. If the town is under siege, getting in may prove to be an issue."


I thought that was obvious. I meant any who appeared to be carrying a noteworthy chunk of coin that is easily accessible.


"Perhaps we need to scout it first and see if ti is safe to enter. If the place is a burning wreck then by Gods this privateering business will go to a stand still." I grit my teeth.


"Let us hope not. Such a setback would only delay our recovery."


"Well yeah, shit like that happens in wars."


"To the strongest!"

He nods and goes back to his business.

Strapped like a gat.

You finish off your songs.

"They are at war with their neighboring clan which find their home in Takikaga. Everyone wise is staying away from those kuni. Though likely only the kori along the border have raised levies."

Roll to assess targets.


"Well just our luck."
"But the thing is we still dont know so we got to check it out still. I just hope it is not burned down cause…. arg."

I think for a moment.
"Say just to be on the safeside, what if the place is indeed under siege and we cant access it, should we call for Abilio and use the flare?"


Roger that, scanning. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Give me the meaning of kuni and kori.
"Is the city itself safe to reach?"


Lean in closer and whisper.
"Those unarmed ponies there… are they healers?"

"We will do everything we can to access it."


Kori are local fiefdoms, like counties. Kuni are larger fiefdoms that encompass those.

"I cannot say since I have not been near since the war started. War always stirs up opportunistic bandits, of course."

None of the merchants look particularly rich, but that suggests their wealth is in lockboxes on the caravans.


"Could be! Hard to say for sure without asking!"


"Could you ask for me, please?"


"Can't do anything to change that right now. Just hope that they can hold out and repel the siege."


Which are currently unattended, right? Stealth over to one of the caravan wagons.


Look at it again.
"I see. Thank you, mister Tree."


"Indeed, all this walking will be for nothing if the place is nothing but rubble."

I then browse a bit, what are the wares avaialable.


"Of course. Thanks for your time, and your fair trade."
Bow and leave.
"There are no news of the current state of the city of Arwa. But bandits are a likely thing.@


She discusses with them for a time.

"They are travelers from the Temple of the Burning Hoof adventuring for inspiration to bring into their styles. Each of them is an aspiring monk developing his or her talents. They will surely diverge in skills, but none are a healer right now."

Varying levels of attended. Which caravan do you want to go to?

see >>543596


How's attendance levels at the Entertainment Caravan?


"Bandits great, we just got to stick together and keep a sharp eye if things gets hairy."


"Ah… very well. Thank you, miss Puzzle. I believe that is all I need from this caravan then."

"Let us hope they can hold out."


Mostly foals and parents from the traveling caravan. Not near what they'd draw in a city.



When everyone is ready to move on, roll 1d16 for next encounter.


So, let's see if I can sneak around and find their lockbox.


Lets check the fortune teller


Spend the rest of my time idly listening to the music then until people are ready to go.


They have a covered wagon and a small stage setup in front of it for performing. You can slip around back. There's nothing on this side, it's probably inside the wagon.

Chip climbs inside.

You climb into the back of the entertainment wagon. A robed pony sits before a crystal ball. "I've been expecting you."



I look at her/him glumly

I then approach and sit down.
"So how does this work eh? This is the first time I've ever been in one this booth I tell ye."


Alright, I'll slip in after Chip, using his body as a vision shield.


I'm ready to move.


"I could do a tarot card reading for you, or just look into my crystal ball…"

The wagon is small and cramped, and the table in the middle isn't making it any bigger.


Any sign of the lockbox? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I nod.
"Cards works for me. I guess both of us will play or something? That is how it works right?"


You think you spot a chest behind the fortune teller, it's hard to tell from your peeking position. Getting over there is going to be the hard part. The room is dark, but she's clearly looking in your direction – at your 'vision shield'.

"No, all you have to do is…"

She flushes a hand.

"Pick three cards."


I scratch my head.
"That is all?"

"…. alright."
Pick three cards.
should I roll?


Yes, roll 3d22


Wait for her to be distracted, then.



Roll #1 22, 2, 21 = 45


"The fool in the first position… you are not the wisest dog, but you're aware of it. You surround yourself with advisers and intelligent ponies to help guide you. The High Priestess in the second position… your journey will bring you in conflict with an intelligent foe who uses cunning as a weapon. The fate card… The World. How interesting. The land itself lay in the balance. Perhaps you feel you are more enlightened now?"

It's now or never.


Quick and quiet. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You sneakily roll under the table and past the fortune teller to the chest. There's a big padlock on it.


Let's pick that lock quietly, then. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You work the lock open, but there's a loud click when it finally slides open. What do you do?


Uh… hide behind the fortune-teller's back! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You rush up to the chair with too much force, causing it to topple over! There's a moment of confusion as the fortune teller attempts to figure out what's going on.


Shit, abort! Get out before she sees me! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You leap out the back and run for it!

She starts yelling in Neighponese! Looks like you're getting run out of camp!



I think I was listening to some music with my followers.


Before you get run out of camp, anyone you want to chat with?


So, I have tea.
We are stopping.
Let's find somepony to share it with.
Find her.


Wark sits on your left with his shield leg protectively wrapped around you, ever vigilant for threats.

HP is bobbing up and down to your right while Who grips her curls to stay aboard.


She's over watching the kabuki with Light Heart and Wark. The Breezie is in her hair.


Oh Wark.
"So… would you like to share your past ventures with us, Puzzle?"


"Oh, you mean that village? I couldn't recognize it completely from the bottom of the mountain, but that's where I grew up before I found out I was a ninja!"


Eh, guess I won't bother LH's followers.
Let's go meet the other ronin.


"Oh, it looked very quaint. It must have been very… peaceful up there."


"It was boring! There was no talking, no smiling! Only rocks!"


No ronins either?


"That seems rather extreme. What of your family?"


Missed that.

There are a collective of various ronin here lounging around the mercenary caravan. They all have various symbols of clans.

"I didn't find out I was a ninja until later, I told you!"


Walk slowly over to them, and share a look.
"Good day to you, brothers."


"… I'm sorry, but I am confused. What does that have to do with this?"


One of them is shouldering a ridiculously heavy blade. "Brother to who? You? I have no brothers. My only family is coin."

There's a dwarf pony here who is looking highly disinterested in the conversation with a short sword.

A large, more jovial ronin approaches you. "Do not let him dampen your spirits! You seek to travel with the caravan? You are ronin? It is good! I am Bear. I help new ronin find their way in the world, yes?"

"You asked where my family were. Well obviously I didn't meet them until after I found out I was a ninja. Otherwise I'd know, right?"


Shake my head.
"I have company in my travels already, Bear.
But time with a group of fellow souls is too grand an occasion to pass up on.


"This is very confusing and I feel as if there is a gap of cultural understanding between us."


"Oh? How so? Not much grandeur to have in standing around."

The dwarf grunts in approval.

She gives you a look of confusion.

"What don't you get?"

Who says something in Neighponese.

"Oh… do you think? Maybe… Being a Ninja is something you're born into Light Heart! You knew that, right?"


"… No? I am sorry, but I never heard of such a thing before."


"It's the spirit you and I were born with that matters.
And what you do with that.
Surely you must have stories to share.


"That's why I got upset that you made assumptions that I know about stealth just because I happen to be a ninja! After I broke out of ninja academy I went on to pursue my real dream of being a candy striper! Then I accidentally became a board-certified physician!"

"Dohoho. A tale or two perhaps."

"Don't let him start. I'm warning you now."

"Nonsense! What about the tale of the two-headed dragon?"

"Not that one again."

"He hasn't heard it!"


"That's right, I haven't heard it!"
Answer back with an excited smile.
"Should we sit?"


"I've heard in Poneland they squat while telling stories. But that makes your legs weak! Stand and build endurance!"

The heavy-blade ronin groans.


"… Ah. Ninja Academy? Candy striper? Accidental physician?"


"Ah yes, sulavusi. They really like doing that."
Let's stand then.


"Oh, you must be confused. Striper – not stripper. A candy striper is a volunteer who cheers up patients!"

"Anyway, the story begins when I was aiding a group of new ronin. We were to travel to the Yakamaru District of the Shimizu Province which was under the authority of the local prefect. However to get to this location we would have to travel through the Mountains Which Are Tall And Covered In Snow In Winter Mountains. One of my traveling companions, however, promised a shortcut pass through the mountains which would save us the trouble of having to climb it, if we would only go through the Caverns of Forbidding Darkness Cave. I cannot say where it is now for I have lost track of it, but sure as the sun shines today, we were lead there in great haste by our traveling companion. There is where our story truly begins!"

"Get on with it you enormous meat product."


I did say striper!
"Ah… but how exactly did you end up accidentally becoming a physician?"


"…Do tell the rest."


"I went to get some candy and after I filled out what I thought was the paperwork, it turned out it was the examination to become a diagnostician!"

"We traveled with both catlike tread and haste as we were obliged to arrive at the Shimizu Province to receive our commission in three days and we were uncertain of the reliability of the cavern, though we were assured with each passing footstep by our traveling companion that we were headed the right way. Although I was skeptical at the time I was somewhat reassured by the presence of sconces which were mysteriously lit in the darkness which implied to me the presence of other ponies, though I would later learn that this was owed to a mystical force which had pervaded the caverns without my knowing."

"Just get to the part with the dragon already, he doesn't need to know any of this."


"And… you did not notice this at the time?"


"I was in the hurry!"


"What of the mystical force?"


"I am inclined to believe that magic filled those mountains as if it knew that things were building to a climax!"

"Or more likely they were put there by explorers or even the dragon itself to lure in victims and steal their gold. You have no real evidence of some magical force placing and lighting torches in caverns."

"Stop trying to ruin my story, it isn't working."


I chuckle.
"Of course you were. That is quite the unique way to become a physician."


"So you followed the torches.
And then?


"Yeah… I guess I got distracted and never continued my past dream of being a candy striper though! But that's alright, most ponies don't live their dream at all so just for a few days is still good too!"

"We came upon an enormous room in the cavern – huge beyond belief! You would think that we had come out topside at night but we knew were were still inside. And there it was!!"


"So… being a ninja… what does that entail exactly?"


"The exit?"


She gives you a weird look. "What does being Dixie entail so I know what to compare it to?"


"NO! The two headed dragon, of course! It was bearing down upon us with both heads lit up like Tanabata!"


Raise my head slightly, silent, but hinting to go on.


"It was at this time that by sheer coincidence and luck that I had been experimenting with a naginata. So it was when the dragon seized upon us to gobble us up in one terrible gulp, I drove my pole weapon between its jaws, blade against the soft tissues of the roof of its mouth. I had hoped that when the jaw snapped shut it would drive the blade into the brain, but unfortunately the dragon was smart enough to not close its mouth. This bought us time however. Soon the second head had turned and was preparing to bellow fire down upon us, and so I reached for my flask and threw a whole tea pot full of sake at the monster! As fire came out, the head burst into flames, which is not normally a concern for a dragon, but to get fire in the eyes is a terrible thing even with flame-resistant scales! The now blinded dragon reflexively bit down and killed its other head. Bleeding profusely, blinded, and without one of its brains, it stumbled away in agony! One of the new ronin wanted to chase it down but I warned that to kill a fleeing animal is bad luck. He chased after and was never seen again and we continued on to the province to meet the prefect."

"That story is all made up clearly."

"I swear to you that it is not."


"But of course it isn't."
Take a step back.
"Then, perhaps, you will care for a friendly skirmish.
Just to have a taste of your unparagonable ability with the naginata.


Meant to link.


"Dixie is a fresh breeze from the new world, a place of sacred hospitality, plantations and gentry. It is a land of honest, down-to-earth and religious folks and… slavery too. The unicorn is subject to the earth pony, a stark contrast to the Equestrian Canterlot. Being Dixian? To be polite and hospitable. To care for one's family. To carry yourself with dignity and grace. To respect your elders and be educated."


He chuckles.

"I made not claim to undefeatability. I was simply experimenting with the weapon at the time."

She thinks about it. "I guess that makes sense. In Neighpon, ninja are part of a separate caste. Those who are born into the clans of ninja must be educated in the art of stealth and assassination and are expected to be singularly loyal to the clan. Usually a ninja does not know their family because if they did it would create blood-feuds within the clan due to rivalries. Raised as a community. But I didn't want that kind of life! I wanted to help ponies, not devote my life to killing them!"


Let's stop here and continue tomorrow.


"I've had too much time at sea, Bear, and wouldn't want my skills to rust."
Sure. Thanks for running.


"I see… I believe I understand now. I for one am very happy you chose this path instead. It is good to have you with us, Puzzle."


Let's go take a look at how Emrille is faring.


I'm probably chilling somewhere, looking down the mountainside.


"Enjoying the view, miss Emrille?"


"It ain't bad. Feels good to look down on others, y'know."


"How kindhearted of you to think so. I take it your are enjoying Neighpon thus far then?"


"Eh. It was pretty shit so far, to be honest."


"Why so? It has been quite educative as far as I am concerned."


"It's boring as shit. We only went through some creepy places and that's it. I didn't even get to shoot something."


"Is shooting all you truly care for? Why not appreciate the natural beauty? Or the unique cultural sights, the breezies, the local music or the monks?"


"I'm not saying it's not nice, it's just boring! I wanna' do something!"


"We will get to the action soon enough, I can assure you that. From what we hear, Awa is currently having issues with bandits. An extra bonus target for us of course."


"Good, fucking finally. Don't you like it more when we have shit to do?"


"I am quite content with diplomatic missions such as these to be entirely fair. Too much action is also too… risky. Some balance is required between action and rest."
Take my repeater rifle off of my back.
"Which does remind me… mister Strom was so kind as to gift me one of these contraptions. Not quite as magical as yours, of course, but a fine rifle nonetheless."


"Heh, not bad. Can you handle it though? They aren't cheap toys like those single shots."


"I admit that while I do have a lot of experience with firearms thanks to my father, this is my first time utilizing a rifle such as this. I feel as though it may have more recoil when fired, but have yet to truly put it to the test."


"It has a bigger kick, yeah. I learnt it pretty quick though."
"If you need tutoring, y'know who to turn to."


"Hm… Why not put ourselves to the test?"


"Right now?"


"We are resting here, so we have a little bit of time."
Look around where were sitting and pick up a smaller rock.
"You may line up your rifle, I will throw this rock in a wide arc and you must try to hit it."
I'll use a d6 to throw for easy mode. You shoot by beating the roll.


Stand up and cock my rifle.
"Bring it on!"


"Let us see if you are able to shake the rust off of your wings. One, two…"
Take a step back, then fling the rock in a wide arc into the air.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm always good, baby!"
Chuckle and shoot from the hip!
I don't even need magic for this!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"A warm up, of course. Foalsplay."
Line up my own rifle this time.
"Now… let us see what this thing can do. Please give me a target, miss Emrille."


Pick up a rock with my wing and throw it just above it a few times.
"You ready?"
Flick it in the air just like she did.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Give it to me."
Tighten my grip, breathe out and fire when I see the rock fly.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let out a whistle.
"My, my, Light Heart, the way you handled that was downright sexy."


"That was very fortuitous!"
I chuckle.


"Was it? It seemed to me like you did it on purpose!


"Oh I am sure it was quite the stroke of luck… mixed with a little bit of skill."
Pick up another rock.


Pull the lever on my repeater to get ready.
"Throw it~"


"At your command."
Take a step back again, then throw the rock once again.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Lick my lips and close my left eye, then fire.
Let's give the bullet a little air boost this time.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


I grimace.
"What kind of shit throw was that?"


"A very elegant one, I assure you."


"Like shit it was!"


"You were quite close to hitting it, but alas… it was a rock who dared to dream."


"Yeah well you'd miss too if I threw it like that!"


"Perhaps. No need to despair however, I am certain that your rock shooting skills are still optimal."
Ready my rifle.
"Now, if you would please give me a target."


"Yeah, you bet your ass I will."
Fling a rock in the air.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You're not angry with me, are you?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Not at all."
Motion at the ground.
"Five. Pick up five rocks."


"… Five? Oh my."
Very well, do as told.
"My curiosity has been piqued. Show me what you can do."
Throw all six of them.

Roll #1 4, 1, 2, 3, 6 = 16


Air Barrage with the rifle to hit five of them.
Then quickly draw my pistol and shoot the last one.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Clap my hooves.
"Bravo, miss Emrille. You hit every single one of them."


Kiss the top of the barrel of my pistol, then put it back in the holster on my chest.
"Yeah, see? That's the real power of these babies."
Caress my rifle with my wing.
"Can your heart handle it?~"


"Your concern for my wellbeing is most kind, but I believe that while I do not possess the same shooting skills as you do, I can still handle it quite well."


"That's the spirit."
Flutter closer, and caress your rifle, slightly brushing my wing to you as well.
"Y'know, these guns are like those kids you take care of. Make sure to take good care of them if you don't want them to fail you at the worst moment."


I smile.
"To be quite fair, that counts for all guns. Not to worry, I have enough experience with cleaning them to know what I am doing. Thank you for the advice, however."


"Do you?"
Run the tip of my wing along the barrel.
"You have more than one cartridge in there, meaning that it can jam without you knowing when you load one if you rush it. You can also knock them together if you load too fast, and you wouldn't want a bullet go off when you don't expect it to, do you?"


"Having served alongside you for so long does have its perks in terms of this type of knowledge."


"You haven't been checking me out, have you, you naughty little mare~"


"It is rather hard not to notice you, given your… unique style of carrying yourself."


"You've got something against the way I move, huh?"


"Of course not, I am an extremely tolerant pony."


"Sooooo…. what you meant by that was that…"
Flick your nose with my tail as I make a circle around you.
"I distract you?~"


"Now that would be quite unprofessional."


"I won't tell anypony if you admit it!"


Give her an innocent look.
"Admit what?"


Give a sly look in return.
"Say it."


"It is no secret that you have good looks, miss Emrille."


"I know that. That's not what I want you to say~"


"Is it wrong of me to admire the looks of another mare?"


"Nah, I do that all the time too."
Grin again.


"Eyecandy is to be admired."


"That's what I tell Tela all the time too, I swore loyalty, not blindness."


"Well, that is none of my business of course."


"Hey, you were the one eyeing me up like you were about to jump me!"


"The rulings of your relationship are none of my business, I mean."


"Why, you keep your little nurse on a short enough leash that she doesn't care about what you do?"


"I will have you know that Rosemary is a doctor."


"Since when?"


"She was appointed about a year ago."


"Where's her degree?"


She holds it, not me.


"I'll just call her a nurse then."


"Ah, but that would be an incorrect title. It would be unfortunate to think that perhaps one day you will find yourself in the need of a doctor and only have Rosemary around, who you presume to be a nurse."


"Much of a muchness. They both exist to patch me up."


"There are some wounds that nurses are not allowed to touch. Be a smart pony and ensure that you call her by her proper title."


"Right, then you should start calling me Princess too."


"Of course not, I do not possess such a title."


"No, but I do. Yeah, you've heard me."


"How wonderful. Unfortunately, I still outrank you as first officer on the fleet, rendering such a foreign title to be about as significant as the title of bilgerat."


If you have anything you want to do around camp the NPCs are available.


Imitate the snooty way you speak.
"Such vulgar language, such nerve! I shall condemn you to ten spanks on the ass by the wings of a pretty pegasus princess!"


How about that pony with her tarot cards?

"Utilizing the correct terminology is hardly vulgar language."


Presumably before Hircus goes crazy.


"It's that last word that irked me."


Let's go see her.
I'm curious!

"'Bilgerat' is a nautical term, I assure you. No less wrong than 'captain' or 'quartermaster'."


"Yeah, I know that. It's still not a very nice thing for you to say, now is it?"


"Calling a second mate a bilgerat is no less nice than calling a doctor a nurse."


"Welcome. I've been expecting a pegasus… Would you like me to perform a tarot reading, or just look into my crystal ball?"


"Indeed? I quite like cards, so let us go with those."


"Hey, I didn't mean it as an insult. Nurses have those cute little outfits. Better than a boring coat or someshit."


"It matters not. She is a doctor and should be addressed as such when brought up."


Roll my eyes.
"Fine, I'll call her Doc then. Happy now?"


"Very pleased."


"I am!" Happy interjects.

She shuffles.

"Draw three."




Roll #1 22, 6, 16 = 44


Take a step back.
"Whoa there!"


"In the first position, the reverse fool. You're good at keeping your cool, it seems. In the second position, The Lovers. Interesting. Are you vexed by love triangles? The complications motivated by positive emotions are often harder to untangle than those motivated by simple greed. Finally… oh, dear. Perhaps it's best not to say. The Tower in the final position. It symbolizes ruin in your future. It can be averted, naturally, if you change your course in time."

She gives you a friendly smile.


"Fuck, what if you sneak up on me like that and I get startled and accidentally shoot you?"


"My… ruin?"


"Well, not specifically yours. But it's not 'ruin' if it happens to your enemies. Perhaps one you care about, perhaps your home town – I see that one a lot. Or, yes, the most likely option, you."

"You'd miss!"


"Me? Miss? Not by a long shot."


She gives you a cheerful giggle.


"Oh goodness. Would the crystal ball be able to elaborate?"


"You like that, huh?"


"Possibly. The ball is three times as fickle as the cards, and prone to specifics where the cards give generalizations."

"You're funny."


"I see… then, could we try?"


"Hm… very well… but if you want this second reading, you must pay a TERRIBLE PRICE!"


I cock my head.
"A… terrible price? What does that entail?"


Look proud.
"Yeah, I'm real good at a lot of stuff, aren't I?"


She points to her tip jar.

Instead of answering, she boops you on the nose.


"… Oh."
Well, tip the lady.


"Alright… now, touch the ball, and I will see if I can channel your energies…"


"Uh, thanks?"


Roll 1d100


Do as told, move my hooves onto the crystal ball.


"I've been to Great Bridle. Are you from Loindon?"



Roll #1 79 = 79


"Uh, maybe, why?"


"Bridle Ponies are usually very proud of their heritage, so I expected from your disposition you'd talk about it a lot, but you've never talked about your home at all!"

"Hm… I see… four figures… armed and traveling together… they spot you… and they begin to sprint toward you. I can almost make them out… they are all different races. One of each pony race, and one not a pony…. and the mists are obscuring them again… I can't see anymore."


"That is rather… vague."


I let out an annoyed snort.
"Yeah well there's nothing to say about it."


"I told you, it is fickle."



"Could you… perhaps try again?"


"It was shit. There you go."


"Very well. Just once! This isn't a charity. Try again."

She taps her chin. "I don't know any Bridle Ponies who didn't love their homeland. Even the destitute ones!"


"Thank you."

Roll #1 34 = 34


Shoot her a look.
"Well now you do, be fucking amazed."


"Hm… I see… a great culture center. Ponies have foreign instruments. I see… a stupid purple hat with lenses on it… I see… a great fire… I see… a romantic meeting on the beach…"


She just giggles. "It's almost like you aren't from Great Bridle at all!"

With that, she leaves.


"Yeah well it's almost like go fuck yourself."

Let's take a walk towards that entertainer caravan to chill out.


"'a stupid purple hat with lenses on it'? That sounds quite familiar."


But you were already there! Near the kabuki theater.

"Know the future by its marks!"


Sorta' creepy.
What more fun is here?


"Thank you. I am not entirely certain how much I have learned from this, but some of the things you said did catch my attention."


There's a troupe of jugglers, a fool, a bard telling a Jōruri. There are courtesan dancers and a fortune teller, too.


"Good luck."


Watch the dancers for a bit.
Any hot mares?


Take my leave.
I do not like that card one bit.

Where is Who?


It depends on how much you like imagination. The dancers here, in contrast to Roads, are completely veiled and make a show of how they gracefully wave their long-trailing sleeves.

Still riding in HP's hair. HP is harassing the ninja at the merc caravan.


What about that fortune teller?
I can't wait to be told that I'll make a fortune!


Light Heart is exiting the fortune teller's lair in the back of the covered caravan.


Let's go see what's what with them.


Give her a wave with my wings, then enter.


The Ninja is not replying to HP's cheerful pestering. Who is bouncing about.

"Ah. Two pegasi in a row. No wonder I was having such a strong feeling of pegasus in the future."


How does the future teller look.
"Such a treat, right?"


In Neighponese, of course.
What does the ninja look like?


She is wearing loose-fitting robes. You can't see her face in the darkness, but you can see she has black hooves.

Body-tight robes with only a slit for eyes. He has a pouch on his left flank and a sheath on his back. He reclines on the caravan.

I say he for the purposes of ease. You can't make out a gender.


"Business is always a treat."





How mysterious.
Sit down.
"So, is this the part when you say how good my life will be?"


"Very well, just a friendly fight! Allow me to collect my arms, then!"

He ushers a great Northern Crystal Tortoise out of the caravan and fishes out a shortbow, naginata, as well as his pair of wakizashi and katana. Sheathing his bow, and swords, he sits atop the tortoise and wields his naginata/shield combination.

"Are you prepared?"

Who: "What?"

HP: "He's a ninja! Oh, you meant him!"

"Only if that's the case… I can do readings by cards or look with my crystal ball. Which do you prefer?"


"Can't I have both?"


"Do you have a moment to talk?"


"Only for those that tip do I perform both readings."

He glides out of HP's hair and begins to circle your head.



"This better be good then."
Fine. Money is for spending anyway.


"Which first, the tarot cards or the crystal ball? Draw three, or touch the ball."

3d22 or 1d100


"Let's go with the ball."

Roll #1 19 = 19


"Would you terribly mind telling me a bit more about yourself?"


Look for a moment in slight disbelief at the assortment of weapons, but nod.
Bow, and draw my twin rapiers.
"I am."


"Come at me, then!"

He finally lands in your hair and hangs upside down from your bangs.

"A little."

"Hm… I see… I see a great Neighponese city with high walls. You are being received there… I see a great samurai lord, perhaps a daimyo… he is angry that you… did not remove your hat in his presence… and he is yelling and ordering you be removed… Yes. I foresee this future!"


"So be it!"
Launch myself at him, he's no doubt a master of defense, using the famous seating position that allows cover from all sides.
But he only has so many limbs.
'4d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 4, 2, 7, 8 = 21


"That's not much of future telling. That's like making a guess, because you know the traditions and shit here."
I'll keep that in mind though…


I smile.
"Let us keep it simple then… have you ever left Neighpon?"


"No! It's true, I see it all here. Sometimes the crystal ball sees into the distant future, sometimes the next day. It is most fickle. Now draw three."

The tortoise catapults itself forward with amazing speed, and he slams his shield directly into your blades, absorbing the strikes, as he swings around his naginata in a wide arc to attack you.

"How swift your blade is! But I have perfected the Offensive Shield Technique! Perhaps I will share some of my secrets with you in time!"

Flowing [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]

"No. Do you go to bed with mares?"


"If you say so…"

Roll #1 15, 4, 6 = 25


"An answer for an answer? I suppose I will entertain you for the time being. The answer is yes. How did you learn how to fight?"


Jump back.
Time to think.
"A technique which cannot be defeated by attack alone, is it?"
Okay, but if it's the 'offensive shield', and if he had to taunt me into attacking, he must be relying on my strikes to attack me.
Which means, as long as I don't strike, I'm safe.
I do have one similar technique though…
Get ready to Retaliate!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Aha! The Devil in the first position. You are a reckless one, aren't you? Propelling yourself into danger without a second thought! Oh… The Emperor in the second position. You will come into conflict with authority. Perhaps no surprises there, either? Hm? And the final card… The Lovers in the upright position. In the third position the Lovers represent The Ordeal and in the reverse position represent the Two Roads. Will your conflict with authority decide the fate of your lovelife? The cards seem to think so."

"I was a trapper. As time went on I learned how to make larger and larger traps. The first were for ants, the last were for ponies. Do you go to bed with her specifically?"

He indicates HP.

He strikes again.

"Trying something tricky, hm? I guarantee you won't defeat me in a single attack!"

Flowing [▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]


"It's the many beestings that fell the Bear."
Okay, he's not bound by that limitation, scrap that.
Slice and dice.
Try and hit him in a weakspot.
'4d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 6, 3, 2, 3 = 14


He brings his naginata down on your back, bashing you.

You swiftly gallop around his side and slash at his armor. It breaks free harmlessly – but he's a lot less armored now.

"That tickles! But you're nearly finished!"

Flowing [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]


"No, she is simply a close friend. Nothing more or less. Traps for ponies? What did you do with them once trapped?"


Think about all of this for a few seconds.
"I get all that… but hey, it doesn't say if I'll win or not, does it?"


He bears his teeth sarcastically. "Devour them alive! What does she like to eat?"

"Even if it did, fate can be changed. You are not fated to be thrown out of the audience with the daimyo. Now that you know, you may change your course."


"I think I will, wouldn't want money to swim away 'cause of that… also, what exactly do you mean with that lover card thing?"


She displays the card to you up close for your inspection. It has the silhouette of two ponies sharing a tender kiss in front of the moon.

"The Lovers. What did you want to know about it?"


Clear my throat.
"Like, y'know, what if I do have a lover. Getting this card means that all is well, right?"


"I believe the point of this exercise is to answer questions truthfully."


"There is only one way I go down, Bear. With a bang."
[4d10]+1 once again.
I only have to hold on this last few moments.

Roll #1 3, 3, 9, 1 = 16


"No, no. The card in the third position refers to what is at stake."

"Fine. But it wasn't a fair question! There is no one solution. Sometimes rob them or just let them go. Sometimes ransom. Sometimes play a trick to make sure they won't come back. Now answer!"


"Fuck, that's not good at all!"


So whats happening? Are we walking towards Awa?


"There is not one solution to your question either. Happy Puzzle likes to eat several types of things to my knowledge. She seemed especially fond of local dishes here in Neighpon when we came here for the first time and wished me to taste them as well."


You trade barrages of blows but he knocks you helpless with one last sweep of his naginata. Helplessness unleashes your magic spell, which blasts him back, off his tortoise.

Flowing [▓░░░░░░░░░] HLP

He calls up from his laying position.

"Ha ha… you win! Was good fight!"

"Interesting that you are more concerned with what is at stake than what imperils it… would a conflict with authority be acceptable if I had drawn The World or The Empress in the third position? How interesting."

Still resting at the camp. Others have received card readings.

"Hmmm. Okay."


Stand up, pating, amd sheathe my swords.
Trot over and help him stand.
"Your technique is strong, Bear. I was honored to face off against you."


"What authority? I'm not afraid of any."


Perhaps approach Puzzle.
"So hows does it feel coming back? Not much of a home coming with the war going on and all."


"Could be anything. Friend or foe. Or neither. One with a position of great power."

"To you as well. Good luck on your travels."

"Well, we're not to the war yet!"


"Well not yet but maybe one day it will." I sit down.
"Say dont you have a family here or something?"


"It's a complicated answer! I don't really want to talk about it."


I raise both hand.
"Hey, just want to talk to pass the time. My mistake."


"One can die easily from getting shot then."


"Okay!" She replies, upbeat.


Nod, and be off.
I should get a quick checkup before we hit the road again.
Find HP Lovepone.


"I cannot say, but beware the vagueness of the tarots. They say your conflict with authority may lead your relationship to ruin. Could it be that shooting an important politician ruins your love life? Could your lover be the one in authority in the future, and new power structure strains your relationship? Could you be the one in a position of power, and your abuses scare away your lover? You must think very carefully about your future if you wish to avert it."

Chip is here hitting on her.




Clear my throat.
"Miss Happy, might I require your attentions?"


"Are you?"

"Sure! Oh, you look hurt!"


I smile.
"For the time being."


"Hello there Sir tree."
I stand up.
"Well if you may excuse me Ms. Puzzle I need to attend to someone."


"Arright then."


"Omly the result of a friendly barter, nothing to be concerned about. But I'd feel much better after your care."


"Why can't you tell the future properly then? If it's that vague it can be understood a million fucking ways!"


"Okay, bye!"

"I'll see what I can do!"

She tops you off with her healing magics with less rubbing hooves on your body than you'd like.

"Mmm, tell me something first. Suppose you are firing your weapon at the shooting range on a windy day. Does the bullet from your gun follow a perfectly straight path?"


"If I use my magic to control the wind, it goes where I want it to go."


"Say, miss Happy, is that magic of yours strong enough to regrow limbs?"


"Ah! There's the rub. You can make it end up where you want it to end up, but you don't know everything the path the bullet takes."

"I don't do missing limbs! Oh no, did you get something cut off?"


Shake my head.
"Just plain old curiosity.
Does someone on the fleet do that?"


"Maybe Diamond Luck? I'm not sure!"


"But once it hits I can't take it back… or can I?"


"Nothing to be done about taking it back, but always remember, there's another target beyond the first, and so on. And there always will be, until the bullet hits the ground."


Lets check the ore caravan and see what kind of ore's and materials they are carrying.


Mostly lignite and copper.


"Right… well, thanks for the heads up. Was that everything you could read?"


Any weapons or ore material that caught my fancy?


"Thanks for your care, miss Happy."
Shake a hoof, as if testing it.
"Say, you mentioned having a memory of the village we moved through, earlier."


I chuckle.
"I look forward to travelling with you."

Let's rejoin Wark and Happy Puzzle then.
"I believe we will leave soon. I do hope you had sufficient time to rest."


"Ah, Lady Heart."
Nod in salute.
"Did you enjoy the chance to see one of the little authentic pieces of Neighpon?"


"As it so happens, we did. Despite it being in a language I could not understand."


"I'm sure miss Happy did her best to help you out with it.
Neighponese is not really a difficult tongue, after all.
The difficult part is the writing."


"Perhaps not, but learning how to fully understand a language takes quite some practice."


"For all the time I've spent amongst mercenaries from all around the world, I still can't talk anything but Equestrian.
Makes me a horrible conversation partner in prench clubs."


"A shame, it is such a pretty language."


"Perhaps, in time, I will have the occasion to properly settle down and learn it."


"I recommend going to Prench theater plays then."


"Do you have any favourites, in the genre?"


"Tragedy is especially prominent there… and while I do enjoy them, I prefer a mixture of tragedy and comedy."


"Hm… I sense you want something more substantial. Very well, for a little extra I will perform a hoof reading."


Roll 1d16 when ready to leave.



These are mostly raw materials. Nothing really stands out.


Already left, just waiting for the rest of the group.


I'll wait for the others to be ready.


Well alright if everybody is ready.

Go for the roll.


We don't really have that many people here but… okay.

Roll #1 12 = 12


Ready to leave.


File: 1395859612309.jpg (210.03 KB, 1032x774, structure.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Travel up the northwestern road takes hours on end, so it is a welcome sight when you finally spot something other than rolling hills and endless plains. The treeline to your right gives way to the ocean. It seems that after a day and a half of travel you've reached the northern end of Neighpon.

Stretched out on the other end of a bridge is a massive, ornate building.


"Well now."
What is it?

Roll #1 5 = 5


The sign says Hot Springs Bath House in Neighponese.


"… Oh my. What is this?"


"Hot Springs. A traditional neighponese bath."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah. That sounds quite lovely indeed. The building on its own is most impressive. But… do we have time for another distraction? I truly think not."


"Well, I suppose I could use a bath at that."


"Indeed. We should move on."


A hot spring.

"A hot spring." I smile


"A shame… But perhaps there will be time for it later."


If you're moving on, roll 1d16


"But its a hot spring."


"Yes but… as we understand the city of Awa is under siege. I am not sure how many more distractions we can afford."


"Well alright." I nod.

Calling shotgun!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Alright then, moving on.


You continue traveling west along the coast for several hours until, on the horizon, you see a group of soldiers traveling in the opposite direction, toward you.


… A group of soldiers? How many? What are they wearing?
"We may have trouble coming ahead. Do stay calm."


"I advise caution."


I nod.
"Perhaps Puzzle or Sir Tree can greet them."


Battle armor.


"Let's get off the road."
Anywhere to hide?


Any insignias?
Again, how many of them?

"Yes… that may be wise. But be ready for battle nonetheless."


I nod and follow Tree.


To your right is the cliffside. To the left a great plains. A skilled rogue might make something of it.

As they approach you can make them out more quickly. They signal for your group to stop.

They bear a Neighponese symbol you do not recognize.

There look to be thirteen soldiers.


"Perhaps. But they might want to know why we are heading towards Awa."
Too late to hide.
Stop but stand at the head of our group.


Stop then.

"With some luck, they may speak our language."


Alright, this might get dicey. That cliffside might be a good escape route.


"As long as we dont do any sudden moves I think it will be fine."


The samurai at the head of the train consults a scroll. He speaks in heavy-accented Equestrian.

"You are these ponies?"

He shows you his scroll. It has depictions of the faces of Light Heart, Flowing Tree, Chip, and Emrille.


Exchange a look with LH.


This is fucked already.
"May we first know who we have the pleasure of speaking with, sir?"


Alright, they don't recognize me. Good. Let's see how this plays out. If things go south, though, I should be able to get away without too many issues.


"Employment of the foreigners to settle internal Neighponese disputes is dishonorable. His Honorable Lordship the Daimyo of Takigaga graciously offers you this opportunity to leave Neighpon and not get involved with this war. Otherwise, we will be forced to do battle."


"Are you leading these ponies to their death over an ideology, lord Daimyo?"


You have enough basic knowledge of Neighpon to know that a daimyo would not deliver this message personally. Care to rephrase?


"The Daimyo is very kind to extend such an offer, but I am afraid we cannot accept it. We were allowed to travel through Neighpon."


Yes. Stare into the messanger's eyes.
"Do your ponies know what they are going to die for?"


He signals to his troops and they draw their weapons.

"Then it shall be decided in honorable battle."

With that battle starts and they attack.



Cheap Shot one of them. Let's put this rifle to the test.

Puzzle can use one of her Substitutes '1d10'
Wark can attack them too. '1d10'
And Who can put his skills to the test by supporting Warks attack '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 9 = 9 / Roll #3 7 + 1 = 8


Can I still have that hoofreading?

Well now!
Fiery Barrage!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Snarl at him.
"Honor my balls."
Ready to withstand their fury, Retaliate!
And aim two quick jabs of my rapiers at the samurai.
'2d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4, 6 = 10


"Suit yourself."
I'm going to start this battle by using the big booms.
Orbital Strike into the air [1d10]
Follow up roll if successful [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8


I'll try to stealth while they're distracted. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Wark shatters the guard of one of the Gokenin, and Who follows it up with lash from his whip-like branch. HP sets up Substitute.

One soldier slashes at HP, but she disappears!

Wark absorbs hits for you and himself, but he can't protect Who in time due to injuries!

Who gets smashed between the shields of two soldiers and looks dazed.

You're having a hard time focusing with all these soldiers bearing down on you. Nonetheless you open up the leader for attack.

Two soldiers come to take you out, but you gracefully dodge back and knock one over, only taking a glancing blow from one.

The leader, perhaps the daimyo's hatamoto based on his jitte, approaches through the chaos of the battlefield. "I will handle this myself!"

In a single motion, he draws his blade from the sheathe knocks you to the ground as he lashes you across the stomach with his katana.

You douse them all in fire! Many guards are broken.

Two corner you and slam you with their blades, crushing you down into the dirt.

It's up in the air!

Two soldiers come at you – slashing at you from both sides!

You easily leap down to a ledge on the cliffs, concealed from view.

Light Heart [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]
>Happy Puzzle [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] STH
>Mocking Wark [▓▓░░░░░░░░░░]
>Who [▓░░░░░] DZD
Emrille [▓░░░░░░░░░] HLP
Flowing [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░] HLP
Tela [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░] ORB-3
Hircus [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] STH


Fly up above then and Earth shot one of them!
Aim to the heart!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"The sword of a coward!"
Stand back up.
Please do explain how helplessness works in this system, and combat in general.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take another shot at the same guard '1d10'
HP Lovepone can immediately start healing Wark '1d10'
Who and Wark should… probably not attack, but they'll get attacked themselves no matter what because of this system, so I guess they should attack after all. '1d10' '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 4 = 4 / Roll #4 5 + 1 = 6


"Two on one huh!? See how that works out!"
Slam into one of them! [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


Pop up stealthily and Sleight of Hand a bomb onto one of the guards belt before disappearing back over the cliff. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


6, 6

The two of you manage to pull yourselves to your feet.

Flowing is particularly impressive: The samurai begins to coup de grace him but he rolls out of the way just in time.

Your round finishes off one of the Gokenin.

HP bursts from the shadows with streamers and gives Wark a wave of healing!

Who and Wark tear into another soldier. Who looks like he's recovered from his Daze.

Wark blocks hits for himself and Who, but can't yours. Two soldiers rip into you from both sides.

HP gets slashed up by a fourth assailant.

You slam into the soldier, and he crumples in a single hit!

Another soldier takes the opportunity to drive a blade through the back of your armor, though, and you fall down bloodily.

You sneakily leap up and give him the grenade, which blows up in a big display of fire. You've certainly got their attention now. One less soldier to deal with.

Three soldiers close in on you, ready to avenge their buddy. You zip around the legs of one of them, causing him to fall off the cliff to his doom. The other two are a little faster on the uptake, though, and take turns slashing at you.

Light Heart [▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]
>Happy Puzzle [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]
>Mocking Wark [▓▓░░░░░░░░░░]
>Who [▓░░░░░]
Emrille [▓░░░░░░░░░]
Flowing [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░]
Tela [▓░░░░░░░░░░░] ORB-2 HLP
Hircus [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]


"Never grow contempt!"
Pierce him like a pincushion.
'4d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 5, 4, 9, 2 = 20


Then Cheap shot one of the soldiers attacking me! '1d10'

HP needs to keep Healing Wark here '1d10'

Wark and Who need to deal with the other soldier attacking me '1d10' '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 9 = 9 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 7 + 1 = 8


I'll need a moment to recover from that…

Roll #1 5 = 5


Metal Marksman shot!
Give cover to Tela, kill anyone who tries to get close to her!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Zip under their blades and crack one right between the eyes with my blackjack. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


With incredible speed you tear into the hatamoto. You slash through his armor with crushing blows and slay him!


A soldier behind you takes the opportunity to strike at you now.

You fire off another shot and execute one of the soldiers with a single blast!

Bonk! He starts bleeding where you impacted him with your club. He tries to reply but he falls over, disabled.

You're not ready for the soldier who snuck up behind you, though. He kicks you to the cliff, and you scramble to barely hold on! You have to pull yourself up!

HP helps Wark continue recovering.

He and Who manage to dispatch that soldier in a tag team strike!

Wark takes another hit but he's too weak to continue blocking blows. HP and you both get ripped into by soldiers.

You're breathless… just gotta rest a moment more…

Light Heart [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]
>Happy Puzzle [▓▓▓░░░░░]
>Mocking Wark [▓▓░░░░░░░░░░]
>Who [▓░░░░░]
Emrille [▓░░░░░░░░░]
Flowing [▓▓░░░░░░░░░░]
Tela [▓░░░░░░░░░░░] ORB-1 HLP
Hircus [▓▓▓░░░░░░░] HLP

Gokenin 1
Gokenin 2
Gokenin 3
Gokenin 4
Gokenin 5
Gokenin 6


Okay, Elemental Earth Shot on another soldier could be good now.
Keep providing covering fire for Tela.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Roar and turn around, bringing my rapiers down through the holes of his leather armor.
'2d10'+1 each.
Shout at the top of my lungs.
And then tear onto another gokenin.

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13 / Roll #2 9, 10 = 19


These fuckers are going to get it next turn…
Enough resting, get up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Kick off the cliff face to propel myself back over and into the fight! '1d10' +1 if goat racial applies.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Not good at all.

No need for reload, keep firing and providing cover for my team '1d10'

HP really needs to make sure our Wall is up to speed with Heal '1d10'

Wark and Who can keep holding them off. '1d10' '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 2 + 1 = 3


You're back on your hooves!

You swing wide over onto the ledge and then leap back up into battle!

Blam! You blast one back away from Tela.

You bloody the first soldier, but stab the other in the throat, twice, killing him bloodily.

One soldier flees at top speed. (natural 10)

You pick off a soldier near Tela and Wark finishes off one behind Flowing Tree. Who slashes up another.

Wark blocks blows for two of them.

Light Heart [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]
>Happy Puzzle [▓▓▓░░░░░]
>Mocking Wark [▓░░░░░░░░░░░]
>Who [▓░░░░░]
Emrille [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]
Flowing [▓▓░░░░░░░░░░]
Tela [▓░░░░░░░░░░░] ORB-0
Hircus [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]

Gokenin 1
Gokenin 2


Air Marksman shot, get the fucker that tried to get away!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Just a constant battle to keep Wark alive… HP keeps healing him '1d10'

Shoot one of the remaining soldiers in the legs, Cheap shot '1d10'

Wark… you know the drill. '1d10'
Can Who go full colossus hunter mode and use Portable cage with some professional jumps and leaps if one of them goes helpless? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 9 = 9


Two of them left.
"You are defeated.
Stand down.
Point my swords at them, but do not attack.
"Go out the honorable way.
We will allow you seppuku.

Shout to my comrades.
"Do not attack them, if they surrender!"


I don't think I'm needed anymore.
I will instead watch the fireworks and Slam if someone attacks me.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Also, '4d10' if they actually do try to attack.
Just as a readied action.

Roll #1 9, 1, 6, 1 = 17


Sleight of Hand to undo one soldier's belt so fighting becomes awkward for him. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You clip him.

You both pass out from blood loss.

Tela's Orbital Strike slams the first Gokenin, frying him.

Light Heart executes the second Gokenin with a single bullet.

The other Gokenin reaches the treeline in the distance.


How horrible.
Try not to make this a drawn out thing, though. Regain consciousness.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Emrille, with me. We will exercise some sharpshooting."
Take to the air and try to catch up with him so I can snipe him from afar.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Pick the bodies over for anything of value. Master Thief.


Oh and HP lovepone should heal some of our comrades, like Tree and Tela. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You also pass out from blood loss.


"I'll just… nap… five minutes…"
The ground must be really comfy right now


"Pursue and destroy, got it!"
Fly towards the forest where the guy fled!


Most of these guys are poor-ass grunts, but you manage to pick out 2300 songs between them.

The hatamoto has the nice stuff. He's wearing two really nice swords but it would be totally illegal for you to wear those openly here.

He also has a golden apple which is probably valuable.

You are going to have to roll.

HP finally gets around to looking each of you over over the new few minutes to revive you.


Catch up.
Stay in the air.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You pass out from bloodloss.


"Thank you, miss Puzzle. Are all of you okay now?"


"Thank you, miss Happy."
Smile to her and catch my breath.
Then go over to the slain hatamoto and look his stuff over.


Pocket the golden apple to get appraised later. The rest of the group is probably going to want a cut of the money, so I'll have that out and ready to get divided.


The corpses have already been looted.


Stand up and snort.
"Thanks girl. Felt a little dizzy for a while there."


"As long as you're feeling better!"


Are my followers looking fine?


Even.. The sword?

"Whoever took the sword, should probably give it back.
It's illegal to carry without the papers."


Pass him the swords. "You'll probably get better use out of these than me."


HP, MW, and Who have all healed themselves up over the time.


"Oh yeah, feeling miles better now. I'll buy you a mug of rum next time we're in town."


Am I scraped together yet?


"They are horrible for anything that's not cutting paesants down, don't worry.
It's more of a symbol of power than anything else. But you are not neighponese."
Would I be allowed to carry the second sword with my current papers?


"It's not like I was hiding it. Compiling all the goods in one place makes it easier to distribute them properly."


Can I take a look at that poster they had?
"It seems word spreads quite fast."


"You have no idea how much problems this ended up causing when I was in the mercs, the first months of our activity."


Yes, you wake up getting CPR from HP.

She giggles. "You didn't actually need CPR. I just thought a kiss on the lips would wake you up like Sleeping Beauty!"

Sure, it would just be really weird and cumbersome.

Surprisingly good hoof-drawn images of you. It's on a scroll, though.


Lick my lips and chuckle.
"Heh, thanks~"
TIme to stand up.

"Bad news, fucker got away."


"Sounds fun!"


"No, I don't actually. I usually work alone, and whenever I worked with others there were clearly defined rules about the division of loot. Ponies in my profession tend to be sensitive about this sort of thing."


I'll keep it as a memento.

"Well… the last soldier got away but it cannot be helped. We should move on."


I'm sure of that. Carrying four swords around might be strange.
What of HP? She'd need papers for that I imagine.
"He will probably come back with an army. We should finish our mission before he has the chance to."
"We had to put many aswell.
Most of the kids didn't think past the basic kill and pillage routine."


"Right. I'm okay with moving on."
"At least we got some action finally."


"Is there anything useful on those scrolls, Lady Heart?"


Only trained samurai are allowed to wield a katana or wakizashi. HP is a ninja.


"I doubt he'll bring back an army.
The reason the guy in charge only sent thirteen to stop us was to avoid drawing the emperor's ire.
Right now, he has plausible deniability. If he sends an army…"


You need to make camp for the night soon.


"They were fools and died like fools."
But she is neighponese, and would be the only one who could benefit from a katana and the status it grants.
"He has an excuse to hunt us now."


"Only our drawn images for identification purposes."

Oh joy…

Very well then. Time to set up camp. We'll need to post extra guards tonight.


"Looks like you neighpons bleed just like the rest, huh?"


"I feel like a dangerous privateer already."
Let's say I pack away the second katana and the drawing with my face on it.


"If somepony told you otherwise, he was a lying cunt."


Light Heart took that scroll.

Camp it is.


"You look like you'll be able to hold your drink, so I'm inclined to agree."

"No shit, sherlock."


"I wanted to be sure."

Flutter over.
"You allright?"


"I'd cheat by eating a lot of rice! That absorbs the alcohol!"


I thought there was one for each of us! How sad, no wanted poster to put on the wall…
Also, bring out the second katana in front of her and HP.
"This might come handy.
If we find a way to make a faux sword permit for miss Puzzle."


By the way, what's the currency conversion rate for Songs?


HP frowns. "I don't want to lie about being a samurai. Plus people would know if I do something stupid with it! I don't fight directly like samurai do!"


It's about 23 bits.


"Perhaps I could help with that."

"Are you certain? You do not have to use the sword."


"What's the worst that could happen?"


"I always think: why lie when you don't get anything out of it? Lies just complicate things!"


"Very well, it was merely an offer."


"She's right actually.
A samurai is expected to face her opponent face on and with no misdirection. It's a battle of honor, not strength.
"The secret police would want all of our heads."
"Very well."
Put the sword away.




"Yeah, just a flesh wound… the doc patched me right back up. You?"

"What's the fun in cheating like that?"


"Seeing the other contestant incredibly drunk."


"Don't you know, silly? The fun part about drinking is not getting drunk yourself, it's seeing other ponies act silly when they get drunk. That's why ponies always pressure other ponies into drinking with them!"



"I'm all better now that she treated me, hehe… I got a bit roughed up, but tried to cover your fat ass."


That… doesn't seem like much when you split it… what, seven ways? Six if we count the swords as Flowing's share.
That's about 4000 songs each, if I divide it evenly.



Look at them like they're crazy.
"But… the buzz of alcohol… drunken brawling… horrible vomiting episodes… are you saying you don't enjoy that? What kind of weirdos are you Neighponies?"


It's a non-significant number, just take it all for yourself you greedy sneakthief.



"Yeah, you're a slob, we get it."


Yup yup.


Shake my head.
"It's more a question of what kind of pony you yourself are, Lady Tela.
Being Neighponese has little to do with it."
Exchange a plain look with HP.
"Even if I know this might seem suspect!"


Roll 1d16 for adventures


"The kind that need to keep their wits about them?"
Fine, since nopony else seems interested.



Roll #1 2 = 2


You get up early the next morning. No one disrupted you during the night. You travel for a few miles and reach the treeline that the soldier fled into. Onwards into the woods?


"Fucking… you people are the worst. Are you telling me you never drink a bottle after a really long and shitty day to forget your worries?"


"I tend to smoke, actually.
Very relaxing."


Are there any alternative routes?

No road? Just us? No? If not fine, go innawoods.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Not when those worries are waiting for the chance to slit your throat in the middle of the night."
Through the trees we go.



Keep an eye open, those fuckers might have a trap set up.


You're no longer following the road, this is the clearest route as it is near the cliff face, but you are free to go in a non-linear direction as long as it is more south than directly west. North is off the cliff.


"I smoke too… but not often at all. Just tobacco as well. Not much of a buzz compared to alcohol."

"Talk about paranoid. Bet you're going to die alone."


Let's divert South slightly, but not too much. I want to go in at an angle.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Stick close to the team.
"Oppium pipe.
You should try it sometimes.
It's nothing like tobacco, I assure you."


"I hope you know where we are going."


I'll just follow the group.
"Aside from the one putting a blade or bullet through my chest? Yes, I probably will."


You divert off the clear route. Before long, stomping through the woods you come to a briar patch.


"If we get lost, it will be up to brave fliers like you to save the day."


"Fuck that. Don't try to sell that shit to her."


"I know what that is. Fuck that stuff."


"I didn't know you were against oppium.
How peculiar."


Go around it please.


Left or right?


"Yeah, well a guy forced me to snort magic dust once, and I almost drowned because of it. Bullshit. Do you know what happened to him?"




"It has medicinal use calming the injured, but it can also be dangerous in untrained hooves. Their caution is understandable."


"I've seen a lot of ponies succumb to it in my time."


"If he snorted magic dust, I assume he didn't live long."
"It hasn't killed me yet."


Perception check.


We are with her.
Check aswell?
"Must have been rich ponies.
Affording enough to lose myself into would be quite the strain."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Be perceptive!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You'd be wrong about that."


"The most sinister poisons take time to go into effect."

Roll #1 7 = 7


But you're following her.

I'll save that roll for your reflex save, though! You fall, too.

You fall into the covered chasm.

Reflex saves!


"I think it was my bullet that set him on fire."

Oh shit!

Roll #1 9 = 9


With your agile goat hooves, you manage to stop yourself in time!

For you, avoiding a fall is as easy as opening your wings. No sweat.


>the dice has no memory
I remember that like it was yesterday.
Rolling reflex.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ah fuck

Roll #1 2 = 2



That probably hurt.


Stay in the air.
What the fuck happened?


Hircus, Wark, and Emmy are up top.

Tela, Light Heart, Flowing, and HP fall down below.

It seems you are not the only ones lurking down at the bottom of this chasm, though. You're surrounded by black-clad ninja with drawn swords. Based on the impromptu structures and the covered fire, it seems you have fallen directly into their campsite.


Aim at the ninjas.
"Hold it right there!"


Oh boy. Immediately stealth before they realize there are ponies up top!


"Placing your camp in the middle of a path was not the smartest idea.
We only need to leave the forest.


"… Oh dear. Good day, gentleponies. My apologies for the rude entrance."


"This is explicitly off of the path, behind a large briar patch, and covered by stealth netting. You must be working for Tokusatsu."


"We would have attacked you already if that was the case, wouldn't we? Why waste the surprise.
Just allow us to leave and find another campsite, we will never know about it.


"My apologies, but I do not understand Neighponese."


"You might still tell him that we're coming if we don't kill you."

HP: "He says we must be hunting their ninja clan because we went so far off the beaten path and found them behind the briar patch!"


"We are foreigners, we have no interest or purpose in hunting their clan."


Yeah, I'm staying out of this ching chong talk.


Lean forward, showing my sword.
"On the honor this steel commends, we will do nothing of the sort.
In fact, our matters are so far removed from yours we do not care or know for Tokusatsu in the least.
Ninjas might not abide to the same code samurai do, but you must surely know what it stands for, to us.
Turn around.
"And besides, these are foreigners. We have nothing to do with feudal quarrels."


A great buzz fills the village, today. It is the first day of spring, and in the outside world, the cherry blossoms have begun to bloom. The magic of nature has opened the portal between your world and that of the giant ponies. But for one Breezie, today was not so much a day of celebration as a day to make a plan.

Deep under the roots of the Great Sycamore Tree, in the secret workshop of Manako, there is a rumbling under the floorboards…

It has been almost a year since the last time the great portal opened and you returned home, and you have a guest you need to check up on in the other room…


I had a hoofreading to get in the past


Well I can't keep them waiting. Go into the other room.


This isn't exactly a prime faffing spot…


You're greeted by a giant face.

"Is it tiiiiime yet?"

Oh right. The whole reason you've been stressing about the portal opening again. About half a year ago when the portal closed you found an injured, foreigner filly out in the woods. With no time to heal the poor kid before the portal closed, you just shoved her through the portal and have been keeping her secretly in your workshop for months on end. Like a pet. A pet that is ten times your size at least. Sneaking her out is going to be a challenge, but your charity has had its perks. At last you had someone to talk to who wasn't a hippy obsessed with nature. Here was a pony who could appreciate your work! Your sketches and designs! Even if she was just a kid. And besides, she taught you Equestrian. That has to count for something.

"Well? I felt something weird this morning! It's time to go, right?"

"Alright… let me see your hoof…"


Offer her my right hoof.
"I guess you can't do wingreadings, huh?"


Nod. "That's right little sister, today is the day."
What is her name. Do I have something big enough to cover her?


"The hoof has more character. This reading is about the past, I need to see where you've been – I get nothing from air resistance. Ready?"

She has a silly Equestrian name. Felix Dimples. Covering her is going to be the real issue. You managed to sneak her in with the confusion last time, but this time everyone will be headed out, not in. Your best bet is to wait until the crowd thins a bit – but perhaps you could employ a genius contraption! Roll for number of genius contraptions you already have fabricated in your workshop. 1d7-1


'1d7-1' I have something that isn't broken!

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


"Well I fly a lot instead of walking…"


You have tons of kooky inventions for stuff like this! Maybe you should use your Beguilement-Concealer. Or your Camouflage-Shroud Shrouder. Or your Enthralling Hypnotizer. Or your Glowing Hypnotic Enchanter! Or just go all out and use the Light Beam! Or maybe just the Solar Hypnotism-Captivator.

Which will it be?

She squirms to look through the doorway with one of her big eyes. "Hey, what have you got in there?"

"Hmm… in your most recent past, I see a struggle to change and evolve… before that a time of great trauma… oh, interesting, another great shift, from one love to another. How interesting… you seem to be more pliable and able to adapt than even you give yourself credit for… how interesting… a fateful meeting in a bar changed your life… Ah, here's where I'm getting into the meat. Years as a sellsword… They sharpened your skills but not your manners… A great sense of honor and duty to a contract, a good trait in a sellsword, but so uncharacteristic for you otherwise… Ah, I'm seeing it now. There was a great shift, here in your childhood. This is the major fault-line in your hoof, see? This big crack across the center, you've probably always wondered of it if you've looked at your hoof at all. A loss of identity… perhaps from abandonment? No… You were taken in… but there is a great confusion… I see! It is all clear to me now! To resolve your troubles, you must undo this snarl that formed at the beginning. That which creates all the other knots in your hoof. You must return to the place of your childhood and confront your past. You must return to Anneiv, in Germaney!"


"Oh lots of neat things. Hypnotic beams, a few automatic acorn openers.. oh here is a good one to try. " bring the camouflage-shroud shrouder.


Gulp and shake my head.
"I don't get it… I'm not a Germane! What was I doing there was a kid? Why would I be there?"


"The hoof reading answers only 'what', not 'why'. That is up for you to determine. But I certainly see the traits of a Germane hoof here."

She squints at you. "This isn't going to be like the time you tried to make a self-lighting fireplace, right?""

Got it! It has all the technological considerations that a camouflage-shroud shrouder SHOULD have, with none of the cut out extras! You should shroud so many camouflage-shrouds with this thing! You grab an extra camouflage-shroud for use with it just in case the first one falls off.

This thing is huge for you. Bazooka-sized. You built it out of paperclips, gum wrapper foil, and dreams.


Answer hesitantly.
"Well… I've had this weird dream about germanes and music… but, yeah, thanks. For everything, and all. It was better than I've expected."


"No no. Don't worry little sister dimples! This is the sturdiest invention yet! And look how much it shrouds! Its perfect. " drape it over her and clip it in place.


"Good travels to you, then!"

Anything else you wanted to do?

She fidgets around in her camouflage-shroud cloak.

"Alright… if you say so I'll trust you… You're always right big sis… well, except when you're wrong I mean!"


That's all in the past.


Ruffle her bangs "let's get you out the door."
Grab [intentory] on the way out.


Nabbed it. She'll have to come out the other way, since your door is way too small for her.

You head up a series of winding tunnels and come out behind the bookcase in your humble little breezy room on ground level. Whenever you give the signal she will surface.

Right now you can see the portal is open and breezies are still streaming out of it into the great wood.


Wait until the crowd dies down a bit.


Things have mostly thinned out now, but there are still some Breezies near the portal.


We gotta go while the portal is still up! Give Felix the signal



Like a giant zombie, she bursts from the ground near the tree!

Quick, shroud her camouflage-shroud with your camouflage-shroud shrouder! 1d10


'1d10' flip the switch

Roll #1 10 = 10


With a flash, where previously a giant pony stood, now there is nothing but air! You'd think she was gone entirely if you couldn't hear her giggling under the cloak.


Grin with glee at my invention. I knew it would work!!
"Follow me little sister. Quiet like a ninja." Guide her toward the portal.


She whispers (which for her is still kinda loud): "Got it big sis!"

She follows you up to the portal. Okay… it's kinda hard to judge if it's big enough for her to fit yet with the cloak on… but you've gotta move before someone bumps her!


"go go go!" urge her through while we still can.


Roll luck!



Roll #1 2 = 2


Pomf! You bounce off her giant filly butt. She's stuck trying to go through the portal, and more Breezies are coming! Quick, push her through!!


'1d10' push "move it sis. "

Roll #1 7 = 7


You push her through just in time! But they keep coming! Felix shrieks in surprise and grabs you and jams you into her pocket alongside lint and spare paperclips. "Sorry sis, we have to go!"

With that she sprints off at blazing speeds – she gallops so fast! Must be nice being a big pony! The yells of surprise from your old Breezie neighbors grows quiet so quickly!

You better think on your feet… you know from chatting with little sis – the same little sister who is now carrying you in her pocket – that Breezies aren't totally accepted in pony society… but you're sure you'll figure something out.

To be continued…


Roll diplomacy.

"A samurai who travels with foreigners? You must be ronin. Why should we trust the honor of a masterless samurai?"


I'm here.
Where's here?


The better part of your party has fallen into a covered chasm that you found behind a briar patch when traveling off the beaten path in the woods.

It seems they've fallen into a camp of ninja.


Can't speak moonspeak, so let's hope our own chinks can talk us out of trouble.


I'm watching this exchange from above while stealthed.


Keep my gun aimed at them.


I guess I'll watch from above then, with that goat.


"Ponies that are born in honor will not die in disgrace.
Are you questioning me, shadow?


Are you Taking 1?


On diplomacy? I didn't know I needed to roll to begin with.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Take a peak out of the pocket


The post you replied to said "roll diplomacy"! Read it!

"Most honorable ponies born in honor die in disgrace. I could float a junk on the river of samurai blood I have killed alone. But you are just a ronin, you clearly have no connection to Tokusatsu. Consider your band lucky, ronin."

Smokebombs go off all across the canyon sending the whole party into a coughing fit. With that, the ninja are gone: fire doused, tents missing, and no sign of any of them.

You've been riding for a while. Doesn't she EVER get tired? It looks like you're approaching a huge wall.


"What's that Felix? Are we close to something?"


"Well fuck, they know how to make an exit."


Oof, that ended well.


"… Very dramatic. A job well done."


…I suppose that means crisis averted?


"Indeed. Sorry for the interruption. It seems they believed we were sent to spy on them.
Feudal dispues are strong in neighpon."


"We're getting near a city… I'm not sure which one."


Roll 1d16 when ready to go


"Of course. We should make haste and move on further."


"A city! This is great!" Try to get a better look '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


So whats happening?


It's huge! It's the largest, most magnificent castle you've ever seen! Oh wait, no, that's a shack outside the city walls. Darn big pony architecture!



We're moving on further.

Roll #1 11 = 11


"Little sis.. what will you do once we get in the city?"



Eventually you pull yourselves out of the crevice and continue through the dense woods.

Everyone roll perception.

"I'm not sure… I don't really have a plan yet… what do you think big sis?"


Eyes of a sniper!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh boy…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Trot trot trot '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh boy, what do I see? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hmmm… nothing here I think."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I want to see all the things you equestrians built. Its got to be huge! I just know I could learn a lot."
Flutter my wings excitedly. "I bet there are all kinds of parts to use here too. I can't wait."


File: 1396037472680.jpg (70.57 KB, 483x721, imgl0017.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

You observe nearby a shallow pond full of cattails. In it, Red-Crowned Cranes bob for fish.

She frowns a little.

"Hm… I'm not sure how to do that! It's… across the water. We'd need to somehow get a ship that would let us come on… and we don't have paperwork… I lost my papers before you took me in."


"Some birds you have there."


How nice.
You don't see stuff like this in Equestria.


Interesting. They don't seem spooked, so we're probably alone for now.


"A ship? Where are we?" Pop out and look again. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's a good thing for these birds ponies don't eat meat.
They look very nice though.


You're at a town gate. It seems to stretch on high to the heavens. There are huge giant ponies in armor guarding the door. You imagine that you would have a lifetime supply of metal if you melted down one of those suits of armor.

Moving on?


"Dont disturb the water." I warn.


Nothing too interesting for me here. Moving on.


Nothing to see here.


It's a nice sight, but we should make haste.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Didn't plan to."

Keep calm and flutter on.


Appraise the gate! I bet its a lot different than anything we had at home. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3



You move out of the woods with an odd feeling of being left out of the loop. It's probably nothing!

Outside of the woods is a great plains. You travel alongside a river which ends in a waterfall back near the cliffside. On the other side of the river there is a rice-farming community, but there is no bridge over the river.


Some of us has wings, you know!


Hm… it's a big gate! It's made out of metal with spikes on the bottom. It has some kind of mechanism linked up so they can draw it up and down.


Probably nothing!


"Well, the flyers don't have a problem here, but how are the rest of us getting across?"


No bridge? Well… we do have wings.

"We could… carry the flightless ones."


"Well its tiime to test the rapids boys."
Lets see how deep the water is.

"Well except for you three I guess."

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's about four feet and moving very quickly toward the waterfall.


"This place is amazing." Grin.


"We need some rope so the flyers can support those who will pass and go to the waters." I shout at the others.


"I wouldn't suggest wading across."


Can I pull out some rope from my hat? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Not ideal."

"We could follow the river upstream and look for a suitable place to wade through."


"Your plan works, just let's make sure we don't do it right beside the waterfall."


"Well unless the flyers will help us lift across the water."

"Actually that is a better idea, though we will be a bit far to the vilalge but at least we wont fall to the water falls."


Anyway go upstream, away from the dangers of the waterfall and the fast current.


Follow the river back upstream and look for a suitable place to wade through.

Roll #1 4 = 4


She smiles, but then yelps and shoves you back into the pocket.

Then she whispers to you through the fabric. "Sorry big sis… remember how I had to hide before? Now you gotta hide for a while until I come up with something… I have an idea though! Don't worry!"

Someone outside with a deep voice and neighponese accent asks, "Are you talking to your clothes?"

"Ha ha! Just nervous! Can… I come inside? My parents are in there?"

"Get on then."

You find a place a little ways up the river that looks more calm.


Alright lets see and cross the water.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Fly over.


I suppose I'll put away that rope then.
And fly over.


It may look more calm, but it's still fast.

You get knocked off your feet and jerked toward the waterfall!

You're across.


Oh right. Breezies aren't welcome.
Listen '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Throw that rope to Snacks '1d10' and pull him back in.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Just fly over.


"Goddman it! Help!"
Try to swim towards the others side.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Is it fording time?
Jump in to help the big dog.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll try to cross as quickly as I can. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well fuck everything.
Fly downstream and… try to freeze the water.
Frost Shot at the river.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Oh dear.
Let's see if I can grab him and help him regain his footing.

Roll #1 9 = 9


There are a lot of neighponese voices all around you but then you detect that you're headed into a building.

"I hope they speak Equestrian, my Neighponese never got very good…"

She stumbles through a few sentences trying to buy something from the clerk, then grows frustrated and runs out.

Finally she pulls you out of her pocket in the alleyway behind a shop.

"I couldn't figure out what to say to buy something when I don't have any money, but I did get… this!"

She shows you a little ragdoll she clearly nabbed from the shop. She pulls the doll part out and throws it away, and hoofs you the doll outfit. "You can wear this and pretend to be my doll, and tell me what to say. I'll just repeat your Neighponese since you're so much better at it than me! Good plan, right?!"

She seems pretty proud of this.

You take a big gulp of water as you get washed downstream. Suddenly you're encased in a block of ice!

You pull him out on the other side, no prob.

You freeze a chunk of water. The group quickly crosses before water buildup dislodges it, but Flowing is still an icicle. Better fish him out.


At least he's not going anywhere. Can someone grab him?"


Through will unfaltering, through winter cold, dispel this madness which on me unfolds!
Emergency Spellbreak the ice.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I shake myself.
"Thats a close call there Light Heart. Thanks." I grin.

Turn and help Sir tree from the ice block.
"reach my hand."



Roll #1 2 = 2


There is nothing magical about this ice, but if there was you would have dispelled it beautifully.

It's going to wash away if you keep fumbling about like that!


"Arrgghh… This stubby fingers is not good at anything."

I look at Selena.
"Selena! Tie me up using that rope by the body and I will help Flowing Tree here."


These useless idiots.

Fine, I'll grab him if they all prefer gawking instead.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm proud of myself.
Let that proud, warm feeling melt the ice.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Do as he says '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"We need to break the ice. and I want to be in the safe side so both of us dont get carried away."


The two of you nearly fall in yourselves!

The ice starts to crack. One more good swing oughta do it! Unfortunately you're now dislodged and moving down toward the waterfall.


Fucking hell, just drag that chump out of the water already.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ooh. Not bad little sis." Slip on the doll clothes.


Well I'm not about to let crew drown on my watch. Get him out of there.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Go after him.
"Grab my hand!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Throw that rope like a lasso around flowing '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Now it's mocking me.
Through mockery, is born hate.
Through hate, rage.
Burst the ice block open with quick and precise contractions of my hooves.

Roll #1 7, 10, 7, 2 = 26


I'm just trying to stay out of the way while the rest of the group panics. They're better qualified to rescue him than me.


You get your hoof caught in the ice and start getting dragged along for the ride!

You pull Emrille free.

And the two of you drag Flowing to shore.

Before he busts out of his icy prison.

The doll outfit covers your wings, so you keep them furled up. She licks your antennae so they're slicked back into your mane.

"There! Now you'll pass as a doll no problem! Okay… so we have to find a boat, but now you can look around and help me talk. Where should we go first?"


Wisely done


"Grow some fucking wings already, people.
Fucking hell."


Roar and shake the few remaining bits of ice off me.
Moving on."


"Is everyone all right?"


"You're welcome."


"That was a bit of an ordeal, but it appears we made it through. Good job, now let us move on."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I try to dry off through shaking myself and snarl
"Why do these backward peasants havent thought of the bright idea of making something as simple as a bridge."


"The harbour master. The one in charge of where the boats can dock." '1d10' can I spot some one like that?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yes, we are alright so far, these neighpons really should make more bridges in the future though."

"Indeed lets move."


"Your help is most appreciated. Without, I'd have surely died."
"Because they don't want to deal with outsiders.
This means us."


"Oh… that kinda suck." I frown.


"Let's move forwards, and hope they don't try to murder us for being outsiders.
Keep an eye out."


Ready to move on.


As previously mentioned, there is a rice farming community here on the other side of the bridge.

You ride on her back as she wanders through town. Big ponies even tower over her! You come to a harbor, but curiously there are no ships here. From the harbor you can see nearly everything, though: market lane, the big castle, and the city walls.


on the other side of the lack of bridge**


Let's head in at the head of the group.


Perhaps they can provide info. Go in.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Look confused. " where are the boats?"


"Well, shall we say hello to the locals?"


Alright Head to the village.


I carefully avoided using "village" because it is highly decentralized. Large rice fields and a hut here or there. There doesn't appear to be a town center.

Felix shrugs uncertainly. "Should we try asking?"


Closest hut, then.

Please confirm we are here to find a place to rest.


"Go to the castle. Some pony must know there."


The nearest hut then!


File: 1396041294966.jpg (200.5 KB, 850x637, web_IMG_1067.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Rest? That's up to you.

"Alright, let's try there first…"

It's certainly impressive. Big walls are around the keep. There are guards at the gates.

She gulps. "Are you sure? You better tell me what to say in Neighponese."

Hutward bound! You knock on the door. No answer.

There are ponies out working the rice fields, though.


"Backwards fucking ching chongs…"


Flutter over to the fields then.
"Puzzle? I will need your translation aid."

What time is it?


It's late afternoon. You moved quickly today so you don't have to rest yet.



Let's keep an eye on her, while she does that.
And slowly trot over to another farmer.


Approach one of the farmers.
"Could you ask him where the town of Awa is?"


"What do you want? The Daimyo has already raised soldiers from this village."

Hm, okay!

They go back and forth for a time.

"He says it's just up the road!"


Puzzle is a qt.


"I'm ronin.
Not working for the Daimyo.


You might get a peck on the cheek if you tell her. She seems pretty loose with the affection.

"What do you want then? This is a poor farming community, there is nothing for you here."


"Well you tell me."

let the others do their thing.


"I will tell you." Assure her with a soft pat on the head.


"Could you ask him how things are around there? Have any soldiers recently passed by this community?"


"I'm headed to Awa.
Any news from the battle?


Anyway lets ask the locals if they know whats going on with Awa.


Eh one day. Maybe.
I suppose that would be weird to just say that.

Just wait for LH to do her business and drink some water.


…Foolishness. Why do I think of such foolishness?
"Perhaps we should get moving before the evening sets in."


"Should we? We dont know if there will be another village and frankly I dont want to sleep in the wilderness."


She nervously approaches and tries to initiate conversation.

"Good morning!"

It's afternoon.

"I am here for boats! What is boats now? I see no boats!"

The guard gives her an extremely confused look. His face is as big as you are.

"What exactly are you trying to ask little girl?"

"Psst! Help!"

"The battle hasn't reached it yet as far as I know."

"He says the daimyo send his men weeks ago to draft soldiers!"

Well, try.

Eeek! This water is full of leeches! Get it off!

…Don't those have alchemical applications?



Roll #1 5 = 5


"What of the soldiers that were taken from here?"


I'm not sure what you're trying to do. Talk to someone? Then talk!

"What of them?"


"I see. No news from the war has reached this community yet then?"


"How many and how long ago?"


"excuse me sir. Where are the boats?"


Greet one of the locals.
"Do you speak my language? Do you have news on whats happening in Awa?"


Oh my!
I still have a pot.
Catch a few! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What are you doing?"


"He says that they try to avoid thinking about the war here. A stallion from every family has been drafted! Awa is close, but… hm, I'm not sure how to translate this? It's an expression, but… well, literally it means that Nagobana is closer to the Forbidden City than Yotok, a little farming village outside of the city. So, the meaning is that big cities are more closely connected even though they have great separation, get it?"

"Why are you asking? Is this a test? The daimyo might say to share this information is treason."

They don't seem to understand. One knows a little, though. "Uh, Awa? Up road. Go on road. Very soon. Close."

You nab several leeches and pry off the one on your face.


"Catching leeches!"

Close the pot and take a look at them swimming about!


She takes a deep breath.

"[Gibberish] me sir. Where [gibberish] the boats?"

"Oh. The ships. They are being used by His Honorable Lordship in the war effort. Why are you looking for ships little one?"

"I didn't understand half of that! What's he saying?"

Oh, you meant the BOTTLE! They're squirming. Some are fat, others are sleek.


"I see. May I ask what the purpose of that is?"


"Ah thanks, how many days will it take to go there?" I nod.

"Well Awa is just up the road according to the locals so we wont be far off. If there is any advice I can give to you then that is to get tready since according to the last rumors, it is being attacked."


"Because I'm heading to Awa. If my company runs into them, I'd rather not kill the brothers and husbands of ponies that helped me."


Blame my english.

Make sure it's sealed tight and put it in my bag.

"I can use them for my alchemical research."


Very soon.

"They left weeks ago. With a force that small you will never take Awa. It is a fortress, you should turn back and not die."



"He says the ships are in a war. And asks why you need one. Say this next."
"I need a boat to get home. Where can I get a boat ride? Or a ferry? "


"Oh, you're an alchemist. Interesting.
…Forgive me, I'm not used to introducing myself to others. My name is Hircus."


"We have nothing to do with feudal skirmishes.
Our business in Awa is not of war.


I shake his hoof.
"Selena Springleaf. I hadn't seen you on the ship before."


Urgh, come the fuck ooooon…
Start playing with my pistol while I wait.


"Certainly. I believe that will be all then. Thank the stallion for the information."


"Are you talking to that doll?"

"Uh, uh… I need a boat!! Where [Gibberish] a boat ride? Ferry?"

"Hm? No boats in town right now. Listen, little girl, you need to go find your parents."

"It is very close. You could make it by the end of the day if you hurry, then."

What game do you want to play?


He gives a polite nod.



"That's because I'm new. Apparently the old scout your captain hired went crazy or something?"


"Indeed. Let us make haste."


Testing how quick I can draw it.
And spinning it as I put it away.


"Thank you."
Back to the group.
"We can reach Awa by nightfall."


I frown.
"He was carrying a lot of explosives. I told him to take them off while on the ship, he didn't want to, things led to things…"


Roll for quick draw.


"I am aware."

Let's get a move on!



Frown back.
"I carry a decent number of explosives myself, but I'm very careful about it. After all, one mistake is all it takes."


With proper trigger discipline of course!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"One thing you should be aware of.
Awa might be locked down.
The border skirmishes might be closer than we thought."


"I'm happy you seem to understand the importance of proper safety when hoofling explosives. I'm sure we'll get along well together."


"True at that, any advice on what we should do?"


You travel onward for a few miles. In the distance, you see the great city of Awa.

You've got a long way to go.

Let's get down to business
To defeat Takikaga!
Did they send me mares
When I asked for stallions?
You're the saddest mare I've ever met
But you can bet, before we're through
Emrille I'll make a gunslinger out of you!

Tranquil as that river you just crossed
But on Fire Shot within
Once you find your target
You are sure to win!

Okay this has gone on long enough.


I smile.
"Ah… wonderful. We have arrived at last."


Take sight of it for a moment.
Regiments nearby?
Signs of battle?
Are the city doors open?
"…Not right now, no."


Good thing my rifle is always drawn…heh, I'm a real fucking poet too.
I'll just have to practice more.
Keep on flying towards where we have to go.


"We're gonna have to bail soon. Try one more. And bow when you say it."
" sorry sir. I will go back to them right away. are there boats in the next town? "


Smile. "I'm sure we will.
So, how long have you been with this group? If you don't mind me asking."
"Well, there she is." I wonder how well-kept the thieve's highway is in Awa.


Trot trot trot. What's it look like?


Look from this distance.
What does the city look like? Is it in flames?

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1396043570266.jpg (162.37 KB, 500x374, 16161616d4faaebe-9.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

The city walls are huge here, but it is certainly not on fire. The protection of the walls guards a great keep in the distance.

The entrance is under heavy guard. These men scrutinize everyone who enters.

"Sorry [Gibberish]. I will go [Gibberish] to them right [Gibberish]. Are [Gibberish] boats next town?"

"Most boats have been temporarily seized. Your best bet is to wait for a merchant vessel. They come once in every few days."

Little Sis Felix offers a little curtsy and backs off.


Very well.
At least we can still enter the town.
Let's get going.


Do my best to fade into the group. Guards always make me uneasy.


Enter then.
Strolling in.


Alright lets approach the city.

"Ever been in this city?"


"How wonderful. It seems we came in time. We must get to the keep in order to speak to the Daimyo."


"Long ago."


Follow the others.


They halt you at the entrance.

"Foreigners. Your papers?"


I'm sure either me or LH have those.


We have papers right? The ones we used to get into the country? Show those.


"Hm. You're here to see His Honorable Lordship. Very well. I will assign you an escort. SHIN! Take them to the castle, and keep an eye on them."

A scrawny, but lanky earth pone in heavy armor hops to and rushes over.

"I will guide you!"


Keep a low profile.
"He's here to keep an eye on us."


Follow the earth pone.
Look around the town.


"Thank you. You are too kind. Please, lead the way."

I chuckle.
"Of course he is."


Just smirk.
"Go on."


Chuckle back.


File: 1396044035769.jpg (210.43 KB, 640x427, 6057381113_26943094ff_z.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

He leads you through a marketplace that is bustling with pones.

Eventually you come to a castle. A little Equestrian filly with a doll is pestering the guard.


"What's with the kid?"


What? What is she doing here?
Look at Puzzle.
"I must say I am surprised to see yet another Equestrian pony here."


"What's a non-neighpon doing here?"


Casually glance up at the rooftops (or the "thieves highway.") Can I tell what kind of condition it's in? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


What do the kid is doing?


"Ugh. No more ships for a while unless we are lucky to find a merchant ship." I say


Here around the castle it is highly maintained with bunkers and chest-high-walls for archers. There are even braziers for early-warning and lighting arrows on fire. Siege engineers are currently working on reinforcing it in case a siege comes upon the city.

Pestering the guard in what appears to be broken Neighponese.

A whole pack of Equestrians is here with three Neighponese guides. They even have an ENORMOUS dog monster that walks on two legs!

"Eep! Big sis what should I do??"

"Uhhh… uhhh…"


Turn to the guard.
"What's the matter with the kid?"


"Ask if they are merchants."


Look around.
"Are you here with your parents by any chance?"


Roll my eyes.
"You can talk, can't you?"


Approach the filly and look at her.
"Hey hey hey calm down. Whats the problem here?"


"I think she was abandoned or something. She says she needs a ship to get home."

"Um, are you merchants?"


"It's okay. We're friends!"


"Well…. not technically merchants but we do ride through some boats."

"Hey you're Equestrian? What the hell are you doing here?"


"Actually not boat but ships, but we do get around a lot." I chuckle and try to calm her down.
"Say whats your name?" I smile


"My big sis says you aren't sposed to say words like that!"



"Not… quite. But we are certainly travellers."


"What should I tell them big sis? They're sailors."


Let's try sarcasm.
"Yeah, I sell guns and gun accessories…"


"Are you hungry?"


"Uh… I'm Felix…"

"That's dangerous!"

"Really hungry! But I got stuff to do! I have to find a ship to get home!"


"Why would Equestrians even come this far, only to abandon a kid.
She must have either fled or just lost her way.
Stand on a side and wait for the others to be done with this.
"News from the war?"


"Ask if they can take you to equestria."


"Oooh my bad."
"And yes your sister is correct about bad words so yes dont make me a role model."

"Felix, alright, where is your sister?"


Shin takes over here.

"They're here to work for the daimyo."

"Ah. We can brief them in the war room after they have their audience."

"Um… Iunno! Can you take me to Equestria???"


Look these big equestrians over. appraise! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Give her some of the food supplies I have.
"Here…It's not much but you must be hungry."


"Well…. that is a tough sell."
I kneel down.

"But you can ride in my ship." I smile


Scratch my head.
"Well… I suppose you could if you are stranded here. We do have some other children on board our ships already."
Glance at Emrille.


…Nopony ever suspects children.
Can I see anything unusual about this filly? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Roll my eyes and sigh.
"No, kid, I don't actually sell them. They are my guns and I use them to kill people for money."


"Relax, it was nothing so formal. Just wondering what's the chatter."


In this order:

1) Big dog monster! Scary!

2) Weird serene pegasus lady! She has a donkey and a earth pony with her… The earth pony is a ninja from Neighpon!

3) A pegasus that won't stop playing with her guns. She seems like she has a bad temper!

4) A weirdo goat.

5) A pegasus lady with all kinds of baubles hanging off her outfit!

6) A sparkly pony made out of crystals! You've never imagined something so amazing!

7) A tough looking samurai with rapiers talking to the guards.

She nabs them without a second thought and gives you a big smile. "Thank you thank you!"

Nah, she's just some kid. More concerningly you seem to have stepped into a bucket of water.


"The war is good for us. His Honorable Lordship employs the mightiest samurai in Neighpon, save for those of his Imperial Grace, the Shogun, of course. On land we are unmatched, but we are losing at sea. The cowards must rely on their cannons and ships. To make matters worse, they refuse to honorably sail in a straight line and do all kinds of weaving and avoiding of our return fire."


"do you think you want to ride with them? I mean we don't have much choice.. but what to you think Felix?"


She looks nervous. "Really?"

"They said we can come! Should we go with them on their ship?"


Roll my eyes.
"I can't imagine why.
Did you try boarding their ships?


"Where do you need to go?"


Take my hoof out of the bucket and shake it off. Who the heck leave a bucket of water in the middle of the road?


"Where are you from exactly, child? Which city?"


"What, you don't like money?"


"Uh, wait, there's just one thing I have to make sure of first!"

"If I go with you, I have to be able to bring my doll, okay? You can't change your mind! We're a package deal!"

"I gotta get home to Equestria!"

"Of course, but they refuse to honorably dock with us and secure ships. They just keep sailing out of reach and firing!"


"Of course you can."
I then raise an eyebrow.
"Now tell me why do you want to go to Equestria?"


"Um… answer my question first!"

"They use weird money here! It's all tiny!"

"My home is there!"


I smile.
"Of course. I had a doll when I was younger I never parted with. May I see yours?"


"That will cost extra but yeah your doll can come with you."


"Of course. Trustworthy companions are a rare commodity, after all."


Scrunch " they are a little odd. But I don't think they will hurt you. Just stay away from the dog and the pegasus with guns. "


I then look at her with a bit of suspicion.
"How in earth did you landed here?"

"You had a doll?"


"Of course. When I was a filly."


I smile.
"Of course you can bring your doll. You said your name is Felix? Where are you from, Felix?"


She starts acting really cage-y. "Um…"

"Okay, but don't touch her, she's really fragile."

She holds out a little doll the size of a hoof.

"Quick! Act really still!"

She pulls you down and holds you out for examination.


"It's called Canterlot. It's a really big city in Equestria!"


"Whatever, if you want."

"Yeah, I know. It's annoying, really."


"I won't touch it, I promise."
What does it look like? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"thanks sis! "


Anything interesting about this doll? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah, I had one too. A shame I lost it."

"Canterlot? My my, you are a long way from home, child. You must be quite brave, being here all alone."


The clothes are kinda cheap and ratty. You could probably sew something better than that and you don't even consider yourself to be a seamstress.

Just that it looks worthless. You wouldn't even bother stealing this if you were paid to do it.


"Well we got three doll lovers now on board."


Act still '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I have my big sis, I mean, uh… in spirit, that is."


The poor kid has been here for so long, who knows what happened.
"It looks really cute. Take good care of it!"


"Of course."


"Did you have a Smartypants too?"


I cock my head.
"Of course. Unfortunately, our ships have not arrived quite yet. We have business to settle first in this town, you see."


"Say you still didnt say why you are here in Neighpon? How did you arrive here?"


"Mr Chip, I'm sure such questions can wait for later."


The stillest, tiniest, pony.

She puts you back on her back.

"Thank you! She puts it back on her back."

"Okay, I can wait. I've waited a long time anyway."

"Yeah, I have plenty of time to tell you on the ships!"

"When you are prepared we will take you in."


"A… Smartypants? I am sorry, but I do not know what that is. Some sort of garment, perhaps?"


"Should someone stay out here with her while we go in, or should we bring her in with us?"


Cough a bit to catch her attention.
"We should not keep her excellence waiting.
Best to have someone remain with the filly."


I shrug.
"Alright then, I just am curious as to why such a little thing like you ended up here. It is not safe you know."


"It's a doll here in Equestria. Not as popular as the princess dolls, but still I liked them."

"Of course, you just stay close with me."


"Good. Master Wark? Would you terribly mind looking after our newest passenger while we conduct business?"


"I'll stay."


"Great, we got another fucking kid for the boat, can we move on now?"


I whisper in your ear.
"Maybe something bad happened to her parents. Let's not dig that all up now."


"Arright then."

Those of you who head in, you're lead through a series of halls to a room with a golden statue of the daimyo in the sitting position.

A bald bureaucrat pony is here. "Ah, you are the privateers, yes?"


Whisper back.
"I am just being suspicious, better be safe than sorry."




psst. Be careful of the dog. He scares me. And the pegasus with the guns. Be careful. "


"Ah. No, I did not. My doll was custom made."

"Thank you."

To the bureaucrat.
"Indeed we are. I do hope we arrived within a reasonable period of time."


"Yeah we are."


"She's a little filly. What kind of threat can she possibly be?!?"

I tell the kid.
"Just wait here. I'll be right back."
Smile at her before I go in.


Hang in the middle of the group, keeping quiet and listening attentively.


"At the high seas and foreign lands you really dont know."

Sit down and just relax, let them do the talking.
By the way what is she doing? And what is Wark doing?


"We expected you in the morning, but this is good as well. I am His Honorable Lordship's representative. All I need from you is to sign off on the paperwork and you can signal your ships to dock."

His voice is a little higher pitched than most stallions, like a mare's. You are not being shown to the room of the daimyo himself it seems.

"Good thinking big sis! Anyway it sounds like their ships will arrive soon."


Wark is in a surprisingly good mood. He usually seems pretty grumpy but he's giving the little one a tender, fatherly look. What a nice donk.


>What is she doing?

She's talking to herself.


That's something for LH.


I smile.
"Splendid. I do like it when things go smoothly."


Light can do the red tape shit.


I then relax.
"Say Wark, what is best in life?"

Just look and observe her for a bit. Anything unusual?

Roll #1 10 = 10


A propos, what happened to the breezie LH recruited?


Can I spot anything unusual about this stallion? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cultural information: the courts of daimyos and high lords are attended by eunuchs, which this stallion obviously is. They live their entire lives inside the castle keep and have the ear of the daimyo. They can be trusted to have absolute loyalty because they have no life beyond the palace walls.

She is talking to her little doll.

"Hmph. Hard to say… maybe… finding someone to care about?"

He's probably hiding somewhere now that you're in civilization.

He withdraws some papers and sets them on the desk.

"I hope you'll forgive the absence of the daimyo. These are times of war, after all. None can be trusted, even his most loyal soldiers. Perhaps you've heard of the three assassins?"

You tactlessly shove your head between his legs and determine he is a court eunuch. He is very professional and ignores your outburst, though.


"good good. Then we can get to your home. At least you will understand ponies there."


I'll have to hug and kiss him later.

Facepalm at the goat.
Why am I even surprised for goats doing this?
Are all goats just crazy?


"You're so smart big sis… I'm so glad you rescued me."

She gives you a hug.


Alright creepy…. but noted.
Just observe, occasionally glancing to her direction for a bit more while talking to Wark.
"Hmmm… that is true, have you found anyone? How about LightHeart?" I look at him.


"We understand. I cannot possibly blame his excellency."
Ignore what Hircus is doing.
"But no, we have not."

Take a look at these papers.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hug her back. " I am glad too. Little sis. "


She hugs her doll.

"Aye, she is a fine mare… but she has someone."

Nothing suspicious in the wording, it's a standard contract for a letter of marque.

"Assassins are everywhere of course, but Takikaga employs three particularly deadly assassins. Serene Waterfall, Reaching Spear, and Ocean. For the last ten years, since they last assaulted the palace, none have advanced within one hundred paces of the throne, safe for His Honorable Lordship's closest attendants. He has not even removed his armor in that time."

"I think the diamond dog is watching us…"

Oh. That's what that thing is called.




Well that explains it. Curiosity sated, I'll get back and act like nothing unusual happened.


"Did you have fun?"


"Oh goodness. Those three sound like quite the troublemakers."
Then I'll sign them.


"Hey, not everypony can go after the opposite sex. Bet he was just a tad curious."


Facehoof at Hircus.
"Speaking of which.
A word in private?"


"…In hindsight, that wasn't the most tactful way of satisfying my curiosity. Going without eating too long tends to do that to me."
"Why settle for just one?"


"Good. You are free to signal your fleet, then. I should mention of these three assassins, there is a rather enormous bounty on them, but you should stay out of their way. Two of them were able to brush away the palace guards like leaves on the breeze. Any one of them is enormously dangerous."

"If you so desire."


My eyes sparkle up at that.
"A bounty, huh?"
"Tell me more~"


"I will be brief Lady Heart, please forgive me."
Off somewhere with less cospicous eyes with the eunuch.


"okay. I will be quiet for now. "


Fillies being fillies, just got to ask Selena and LH if talking to dolls is weird or anything.

"Ah that she has, but there are lots of fine mare's on board as of now. Specially that Selena, damn the things I can do to her…. but I will not execute without her permission."


"Well, we shall certainly keep your words in mind. Thank you for the timely warning. If we do run into them however, we will attempt to take them down for your security. Now… I should go and signal our fleet. Excuse me."
Bow my head, then head outside to fire the flare.


"Oh..I see."


"Don't act like you've never done something stupid or awkward in public before. Everyone has."


I smile.
"Don't worry, I've seen worse. I travelled for some time with a goat. She was quite something."


"I would strongly advise against confrontation."

Off in the other rooms, then.


"If we're going to keep up this act I'm going to have to find you a prettier dress… oh, think you can make one?"

"Mmph. She's reclusive at times."

Outside on the balcony!


Make sure no pegasi are flying above me first, goodness me.
Then fire the flaregun.


Talk in Equestrian. Less chance to be overheard.
"We met ninjas on the way here. Be wary."


"Oh really? Care to share more?"


"Perhaps another time. On the ship."


"We have considerable protection against assassins because of the three. Thank you for the notification."

In the distance, you hear a reply horn. Little dots start to move toward the harbor. Oh, the fleet!


Think for a moment " I could try. If we get materials. "


"As long as it is never known where this info came from."
Leave, back to LH.


"Okay! I'll see what I can find!"


Excellent. Very swift.
Return inside to the party.
"The fleet has been warned and is making its approach."


She is out on the balcony, she just fired the flare.


"Sweet. Now what? Do we hunt down those motherfuckers?"


"All right then. Maybe I can tell you about… well…
Actually, I'm not sure I have any stories that are really worth telling."
I suppose we are all getting ready to rendezvous with the fleet?"


"Ooohh one can pry anyone's shyness if they try hard. As for Selena I will do my best to get as close as possible, and if I get rejected then I'll just jump to another ship. That simple." I grin.

I then stop and think.
"I just am wondering for a bit why stay with us Wark?"


I take this is gonna be the time for action, then.
I've gathered some basic infos about our opponents."


"I find that hard to believe for a goat."


"That is not our main goal, no. We should first rendezvous with the fleet."

"We should certainly discuss this with the other officers then."

Back outside, to Wark and Chip.


"I will reach you by the docs. For now, I will discuss with the Daimyon's representative in details."
Back to the Eunuch.


Any time you're ready.

"Eh… maybe I'm gettin' a little sweet on her. Duncha tell anyone er I'll kill ya."

Not a single filly was molested that day!


He's here with you.


"Yeah but didn't you hear? Enormous fucking bounty!"


Go to the filly.
"The fleet is coming soon. Are you ready to come with us?"


"We should discuss the tactical details of the war."


" maybe we can do something that lets my wings free. "


Give her a dirty look.
"That's speciest."
Shake my head and sigh.
"Though I suppose there might be a few worthwhile stories I can share. They might be boring if you don't enjoy sneaking around, though."
Ready when the group is.


"I suppose it was a bit. My apologies."


"The fleet is on approach and we have the letter of marque."

"With quite a bit of risk involved. We shall see how the cookie crumbles."


"We should totally convince Abilio that we should do this."


Raise my hand.
"Oh no no no, there are shit I know about people that I have no plan on telling to anyone."

"OH shit yes!"
I stand up.
"Should we signal Abillio then?"


"No offense taken. I've been called far worse things."


"Perhaps. We shall see."

"As I said, the fleet will arrive shortly."


"Ah then that is great, all we had to do is relax then."


"That would be good, but then they might learn you're a breezie!"

"Most of the war's information is not necessary to you. What is most important is that there are three ports that serve as the main supply-line to Takikaga. If you can cut those off, the siege will no doubt succeed. Any wealth or ships owned by Takikaga that you pillage or seize are yours for the taking, but the daimyo will pay a bounty on intact ships so you don't need to find a seller if you do not want to trouble with the market. He will also play a smaller bounty on sunk ships, which is why we will be sending a representative with you, bearing approval, to confirm kills."

Wark gives you a warm smile.


Look at Felix and smile.
"Hey the boat will arrive shortly so you better get yourself ready."


"Let us go to the docks and wait for their arrival, shall we?"


"May I see a nautical chart with these infos, and meet the representative?"


"This is all I've got!"

Wark nods and stands very close to you. "Ready when y'are."


Ready to go to the fleet!


"We expected you to arrive tomorrow morning. He is getting in this evening having with his own eyes observed the seas and prepared the coastal map."


They are now arriving in the harbor – the only ships there. Now THAT is a sight you haven't seen in… forever!


"Alright then, follow me and we will go to the docks."

"Alright lets go."



Let us head there… TOGETHER.


Stand with Felix.


"aww you're right… but I don't like them being bound back like this.. maybe I can disguise them. Build a new device to make them look like paper or invisible. Oh I hope there are parts to use on the ship."


"Most gratious of him. We will meet him when the time is right then.
Is there anything else we should know?


"Oh yeah! I'm sure you'll figure it out!"


Go there!
The Commodore must be waiting for us.


The ships have now docked. They are the only ships in the entire, large harbor!

Abilio is at the helm of the Darklantern.

"That is all for now. While you will almost certainly not encounter them at sea, if you make landfall, make sure to beware the three assassins."


"How will we know who they are?"


So these are the ships I'll be serving on. At least until I get bored, I suppose.


Go with Felix to the ships.
"These are our ships. They're called the Darklantern, the Sirocco and the Hourglass."
Point them out to her.


"He will be dispatched at dawn and bear the personal writ of the daimyo."


"Ah there you are!" I hug Abilio.
"We got the Marquee as you ordered."


The assassins?


Fly over to him.
"We did good, as always!"


Board then.


'1d10' look at the ship. Is it fast?
"wait did they say fleet? "

Roll #1 7 = 7


They are some fine ships indeed!

The Sirocco is a light, stately ship made of some light wood like birch. It is quite aquadynamic and has chase guns.

The Darklantern is a HUGE ship of the line with incredibly dark, ebon wood. It's also heavily plated with lead armor. A noble command vessel for any fleet!

The Hourglass is a little support dhow, so it is kinda outclassed.

"Oh, uh, cool. Thanks!"

He humors your hug.

"That's good to hear.

No, the representative.

"Good to see you're all safe."

The Darklantern looks pretty slow with all that armor weighing it down. The ship next to it, the Sirocco, looks… wow, those are some interesting designs… wait, would that really work? It's… interesting. If it works like it should… that ship must be REALLY fast.


I asked "How will we recognise the assassings?"


"So, what are your plans now?"


"The same goes to you. Our journey was quite interesting and… we picked up some new ponies along the way."
Look at Felix and Happy Puzzle.
Has Who come out again?


Go with her to LH and the Commodore.


Suppose I'll report in with the rest of the group.


"wow! This is so neat! "


He points to some fine calligraphed drawings on the wall.

"You will know because they will decimate anyone in their path. Serene Waterfall and Reaching Spear typically work together."

"Now? Now we rest for the night before our real journey begins."

Who has popped out from HP's neckline.

"Hm, so I see. Well, I'll trust your judgment."


"I can't wait to show you my home, but ships are fun too!"


Take a look at those.
"Can we take the drawings?"


Everyone is gathered here. Abilio almost seems like a father figure to these ponies, especially based on the way Emrille is fighting for his approval and attention.

"Just as well. You can find them on nearly every wall in the kuni."


"Well we are ready to head out and hunt some of those assholes that needed a new hole out of their asses." I grin.
"Your orders Commodore?"


"Thank you. We were warned of the presence of three assassins who are in service of the enemy. It seems the Daimyo is so wary of them that he has not taken off his armor in years. A bit of a… paranoid figure perhaps. We did not meet with him personally."


"Just 'cause I've heard wind of an enormous bounty for these three guys… Seemed like a real splinter in the eye of this boss guy here."


"Very well."
Take them and leave for the docks.


" I bet your home has some nice buildings too. Ask if you can see the Sirocco. I want a closer look."
Are all the big ponies still crowding us?


I look at them.
"Do you think they will be worth the bounty?"


Then I suppose I probably won't fit in. Just like always…
"The task was completed as ordered, sir."


"Enjoy yourselves tonight. Tomorrow we enter battle!"

"We will likely not need to worry about them at sea, only if we head inland."

Everyone is on the Darklantern.

They have turned their attentions to the Commodore.

"Uh uh… can you take me to the other ship? It's pretty."

"Good! Take this time to get to know your new crewmates."


"I'll try!"


"The Sirocco?"


Off to the Darklantern aswell, then.


"Yes, please take me there!"


"Alright then."

Lets head and meet Ms. September.


I nod.
"Indeed. But it is good to be aware of their activities nonetheless."

Turn to the filly.
"As for you… you are free to stay on the ships."


Abilio, quite the tall unicorn, towers a head above his crew who buzz about cheerfully.

"Ah, our samurai arrives."



"I mean, I'm sure the eternal gratitude of this guy is worth considering as a reward… right?"


And pull out the posters with their faces.
"These are the ponies you are talking about, I believe."


"…Very well, sir."
"So… Hello again."


I smile.
"You like the Sirocco, child? It is a beautiful ship."


"I'm honored of such consideration, Commodore.
The Daimyon has seen fit to send somepony else our way, it seems, to keep count of sunken ships and other things.
He will bring along nautical charts and tactical informations.
I've asked for a general inking, in the meanwhile."


"…Hi there."


"Ah, how fortunate. Though their faces will likely be covered, no?"

"Hm? Yes?"


"The trail of dead corpses will be enough to warn us, I've been told."


"Um… I am Hircus. I was hired as a scout and a guide. We were traveling together, but I'm not sure we were ever properly introduced."


"How generous of them, to leave us some breadcrumbs to follow."


"Interested in facing a challenge, miss Emrille?"


"Nothing stands between me and a large sum of money."


"Speaking of which.
We have been promised large bounties for captured ships."


Bite my lip.
"This war is a fucking gold mine."


"I agree.
Now, if only I were given a few dozen fighters to train, we would have a boarding party ready in less than a week."


"How very gruesome. However, it is unlikely we will run into them at sea."

"I believe not not, mister Hircus. My name is Light Heart, the first officer on the Sirocco. It is good to have you with us."


"Maybe the ninjas we ran into were part of their group.
To better be safe, I warned them of that."


"Likewise, miss Heart. Working with this crew has been… different than most other times I've worked with groups. I think I enjoy it."


"I see. That would be quite the coincidence."

"That is good to hear. You have joined us during interesting times."


"We don't need many. We are sort of seasoned privateers in case you didn't notice."


"Indeed." Let the silence stretch on for a bit, then shuffle and cough awkwardly.
"I… apologize. I do not often work with others, so I am not very skilled with… small talk, I believe is the phrase?"


"Of course you are!
But the rest of the crew is new."
"Better watch our back."


I chuckle.
"That is quite alright. Why, I myself must apologize for not introducing myself sooner. It is quite unlike me. Getting to know the ponies you work with is quite important if we are to do business."

"I always do, mister Tree."
I chuckle.


"There's a lot of free time at sea, Hircus. You will learn that art."


"We have resurrectionists."


"It's about victory, not about lives."


"Perhaps I will at that. I've never worked on a ship before; always went from city to city when I was looking for work."
"Indeed it is. It is the… getting to know them by approaching them that is still new to me."


"They get their lives back."


"What's the key to victory, Emrille?"




"No, that's the reward.
What's the way you take to it?
Being the best with a gun, I've come to understand, is that right?"


"Fucking right I'm the best with a gun."


"Indeed you are.
But what of others?
Why should our strategy with the rest of the crew to just throw them at the enemy to thin their numbers as the few experienced enough will slice their way though them, and bring them back again as nothing more than cannon fodder?
Instead, here's my proposal.
A small group, no more than forty, of finely trained swordfighters, manning a quick and small ship, set to accomplish dangerous boarding actions during battles."


"And just how much time do you think training them will take?"


"I've done this all my life, Emrille.
Take two hundread of them, run them through the training I have in mind and the fourty left will break a neighpone samurai in two."


"You didn't answer."


"Two weeks. It can be done while at sea."


"If we have that much time now."


"The point is moot, since the only fast ship in the fleet is the Sirocco, and it's not what I'd bring up close and personal with enemies. Not really designed for boarding."


"Then why did you waste my time explaining it?"


"Indeed, why did I."
Turn back to the Commodore.


"'Cause you think you're hot shit, that's why."




Old pirates gain 1d4 Recovery Points.

New Pirates gain 1 Skill Point.


Can I talk to Abilio in private?
Or should I lead Felix around the ships first?