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After trying the last place, the two of you wander into the Beleaguered Seagull, the third roughest, toughest bar in all of the Island of Roads.

Even the spittoon boy looks like he could kill a bear with his bear hooves, and this place is PACKED.


"Now we're talking."
Eye up some possible candidates.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Watch your mouth around here, Emmy."


There's so many buff ponies in here that they all look viable, you're not sure where to start. Some are boisterous and laughing, others are shady and draped in layers of cloaks. More than a few are hooting at a nearby dancer – clad in nothing more than leather belts which secure tambourines. The booze keeps flowing.


"Sure thing, cupcake."


Okay, before we proceed I have to evaluate the dancer mare.


And by that I mean check that ass out.


She's a MIN(10,'1d10+3')/10 in terms of looks. She looks pretty talented at her dancing, to keep it in rhythm to the live music.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Smack her on the head.
"Don't whore it up."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Snarl a bit, but keep glancing at the mare.
"We should hire her. Y'know, for entertainment so the mercs don't go wild on the ship."
Then look around.
"We should start with those who are laughing and shit. I don't want to hire some depressed whinebag like that crystal pony. I like a good attitude at work."


"Sure thing, princess."


Roll perception to pick out the brains in the crowd.

No point in talking to some low-level thug.


Let's see.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hm… well, it's a busy room. Maybe you can pick more targets later. The most obvious options seem to be a diamond dog in the corner bossing around a little pack of his, and a young pony who looks like an officer of sorts, perhaps in his early twenties and a nice uniform, being jostled about while he's doing serious paperwork by a clearly less-than-serious comrade.


Ponies are easier to deal with than dogs.
Let's flutter over to the officer looking one.
"Hey there."


"Good to see you don't just think with your cunt."


"I'm still totally going to hire that dancer too."


"Are you now? That should be interesting. We'll get to see how good of a captain you really are soon then."


This clean-cut young officer is in a straight, well-kept uniform: a feat in a bar this raucous. He shoves his drunken subordinate off of him again and straightens his glasses before returning to writing a missive, but he gives you a square glance. You note his excellent posture and formality.

"Yes, miss?"


"Hey, if I say one of the benefits is that they can watch a sexy dancer I bet they'll want to join."


"Yeah, and we'll see if you can prevent them from hurting her as well."


Well then, fix the collar of my own attire.
"If you don't mind sharing, what are you up to? My name is Emrille and I'm looking for able bodied and intellectual individuals for a fleet."

"They hurt her they get a bullet to the head, simple as that."


I snort and shake my head.
"That's not the point at all Emmy. Let's just focus on this right now though."


"The pleasure is mine, Miss. I am Nikodemas Thelophanes, Emissary-General of the Grail Mercenaries. Pardon a moment."

He shoves his drunken subordinate off once again, now dethroning him from his chair.

"Stay down there. As I was saying, I am in charge of contracting for the Grail Mercenaries. You've likely heard of our organization so I'll skip the formalities. I can only assume you've sought us out directly for contract. Unfortunately I'm actually quite in the middle of something, amazingly, so why don't I instead give you my contact information?"


Have I heard about them?

Roll #1 4 = 4



"I'll just call you Niko, how about that? And no, I'd rather get down to business as soon as possible."
Grail mercs? Does that ring a bell?

Roll #1 3 = 3


You're not familiar with companies this far East.

"Nikodemas will be fine. How urgent is your contract?"


"Somewhat urgent, Niko. Our fleet can't stay in the city forever."


"How long are we staying here again? Three days?"


"Something like that, fucked if I remember."


Somewhere, in the corner's of Vox's mind…

Your cart arrives at the underground waystation. There's faint lighting from the lanterns here: it's packed with gunpowder barrels like the ones you've been transporting.

"Come on, baby. We want to make it in time for the speech."

He indicates an enormous ladder. This is literally the largest ladder you've ever seen. It might literally take a solid two minutes to climb this thing, even at top speed.


"What a thrill…"
Let us climb



Silently you make your way up the ladder, staring at Zebra ass the entire way. You slowly work your way up, thinking about the events of the past day… thinking about this mysterious leader who Decoy Zebra, Psycho Dog, and Thrall so easily dedicate themselves to. He has such a strange magnetic, charismatic personality, doesn't he? Do you find yourself sympathetic to him because of this charisma, or for genuinely good reasons? The world seems so convoluted now. Things you once thought were so simple, black and white… duty, honor, even love… Things have changed. Was this really the only way to show you? Are you being groomed to take his place? Why did he have so many dead snakes in his kitchen – was he some kind of Snake Eater?

All these questions and more swirl in your mind. So much so that you barely notice when you make it to the top and pull yourself up onto the landing. "Through here and we'll be in the warzone, baby. You got yourself all collected up nice?"


"I just have one question left - though I understand little, I feel much. I…"
Look into his eyes. Feel the weight of his time fighting for what he believed in. And try to understand that I will not be able to run from that weight. Not forever.
"…tell me - your heart was, once, new. Yet is it not old and shattered by now? Has hate run wild in it? What I mean to ask is… how…
…how can we fight, and protect others, with our tiny souls?"


He chuckles and lights a cigarette, pushing open the door to the command post – a hastily thrown together checkpoint with mages for reconnaissance and communications – maps sprawled across tables, and elite Fusilier Zebras swarming each and every way.

"When we give everything… we will find a way. Now come on, I know what face you're longing to see."

He leads you through the door and taps a grave-faced Zebra decorated with more than a few metals in a softcap and fancy dress uniform. "Have we taken the city?"

"Quiet, quiet… Their last push captured him – look, we've got it up on the Scrying Mirror – they've taken him to the governor's square, where the remainder of their forces are holed up, to execute him publicly. They think it will weaken our resolve, I think. We're planning to make a counterpush before they can do it."

Decoy shakes his head. "He couldn't be captured. It must be in his plan somehow…"

"If he has a plan, it better happen quick."


Glance at the mirror.
"Not all plans go as planned. This is when the great improvise, and the weak fall."


You see a figure being shoved through the crowd by soldiers, still in his military jacket and regalia… Finally he's pushed up to the great balcony of the Governor's Square, and you can get a good look at his face. It's certainly him.

The military governor makes a big show of walking over with gravitas, pistol drawn. "You've led your last coup, today, haven't you? But now we're going to put you down and restore the peace. Soon the only thing you'll have in common with your little revolutionaries is that you'll all be dead."

He shoves him down against the edge of the balcony, suppressing his head with the barrel of the gun. "Any last words?"

"It seems… I'll have that in common with you."

He shifts his head and in one fluid motion, bites his shoulder. The mirror shatters, but you don't need it to know what just happened.

In an earth-shattering quake, your entire world leaps three feet, leaving the less quick on their feet in shambles on the ground. The impromptu tables, mirrors, and maps are everywhere. Guns and shot and rolling about the ground. You pick yourself up in time to see a huge black cloud coming from the direction of the Governor's Square.

"What happened? I want some eyes on that square!"

"I think we both know what happened, Commander. That was their last position. It's where they were still holed up. The entire governor's mansion and parliamentary building must have been destroyed by that blast. Could he have been wearing an enchanted hi-explosive vest?"

"I don't understand… who WAS he?"

"He was our Leader. He was my father. He was my brother. He was you… and he was me… and this pony. And your brothers. And every rebel who stood up today… he was all of us."


And so dies the nation I was to fight for. To die for. To think I held in my hooves many chances to see it saved. And to think I let them all pass by, thinking it would all make sense to me if I just held back and waited a moment longer.
Watch the smoke. Watch the fire. The lives lost, the dreams forever broken. Breathe. Close my eyes and breathe. Savor that smell, for it is one most will never in their lives get a chance to experience. Let the cinders in the air burn their way into my memory. Is this… the smell of victory?
This is the smell of one who turned his back on land and duty.
History is filled with unsung heroes. Perhaps there is room in there for an unsung villain as well…

Breathe out.
"…now what."


"With Parliament and the Military Governor destroyed, the enemy force has more or less been routed. Pending intelligence reports, I expect we'll have the capital secured entirely within the hour. With it, the rest of the state will topple in days. Like dominos… they fall one after another."

"You're free to go, baby. Looks like it's time for me to lay low a while."


"And who will be left in charge of seeing this nation heal? To see the people prosper without need for fear of brother killing brother in such pointless bloodshed of civil war?
Who among you is qualified for that?"


"I am Commander Mbatu. I will oversee a provisional government with my chiefs of staff. I will ensure that this land is once again a land for Zebras, instead of an Equestrian protectorate."

Decoy seems to have disappeared already.


"And when war inevitably returns to haunt you, Commander, will you stand between the people of this land, or hide behind them?
And when I speak of the people, I mean all of them. Zebra. Pony. Stallion, mare and foal. Supporter and dissident. Rich and poor. Honest and deceitful. All of them."


He looks offended. "I am leading from war from the front. No one can doubt my dedication to the cause. Who are you to question me? You're not in fatigues."


"If the clothing of a pony dictates the value of their opinion to you, I believe I am everyone to question the validity of your words. A nation is not an army, and cannot be lead like one. You have spent a great many lives this night. If all you wish to buy with them is a short-lived junta, I will be ashamed I was here to witness it.
I can only hope you merely had a poor choice of words, rather than a poor choice of intentions."


"The difference between you and me, son, is that I believe in action, not words. And now I have an army to lead, excuse me."

With that, he heads off with his Fusiliers.


"No. You have no army to lead. You have a nation to serve.
A nation you will serve as its laws demand of you, without altering them to suit your own whims like the tyrant you fought to depose. A nation you will serve by humbly listening to its people, not by barking out orders and punishing those who refuse to accept them without question.
Too many have given their lives, their dreams, their tears, blood and faith this day to have it all amount to nothing more than a petty dictator riding a wave of bodies onto the throne, only for this same thing to play out again a few scant years later.
Heed these words, servant of the people, and heed them well. Because if you fail to do so, it will be your seat of power that next goes up in smoke, along with those who you chose to hide behind."

Keep my voice up. Let those around him hear me. Let them hear me and know they have a duty to uphold. To their people, and to their honor. Let my voice reach their hearts and remind them what was truly bought here with the lives of good ponies.
Let them hear the Voice of a pony born anew. Without fear. Without doubt. Without a country, a mission or a master. But not without a heart. And not without purpose.

If after all that there is anything left in these beaten lungs… sing them the song of their people. The anthem of this nation taking its first steps. Even if it hurts… at least try.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You wisely do not burn any bridges by attacking anyone in their camp. You do, however, begin to sing. It's slow at first… and so quiet perhaps only those meters from you can hear it.

Do you hear the Zebras sing?
Singing the song of angry men.
It is the music of a people who
Will not be slaves again.

As the wore-worn veterans recognize the tune, they turn to listen. As your charisma flows through their ranks, a few of them start to join you.

When the beating of your heart,
Echoes the beating of the drums,
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

All of the camp stands at attention, and flagbearers even draw out the republican flags from the nearby command tents.

Will you give all you can give
So that our panel may advance?
Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and earn your scar?
The blood of the martyrs
Will water the meadows of Zebradar!

The belted melody now fills the entire camp as all of the Fusiliers have laid down their weapons to join you in song. Even Commander Mbatu gives you a nod and stands at attention with a salute.

Do you hear the Zebras sing?
Singing the song of angry men.
It is the music of of a people who
Will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echos the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

You're so dazed from lack of oxygen that you don't know quite when the song finishes, but when you do, there's a fanfare and twenty-one gun salute. The soldiers carry you off cheering. That was the day you realized that The Boss had changed something in you… had his charisma rubbed off on you? Was it inside you the whole time, waiting to be brought to the surface? Whatever the cause… on that day you learned you could lead anyone with the right combination of words.

In the coming weeks, the new Republic would flourish. Perhaps surprisingly to your cynicism, Commander Mbatu served as a fair Provisional Governor, and was offered the office of President, but turned it down, choosing to remain out of politics. Zebradar remained as a fledging Republic for nearly two years, until it was sacked by mercenaries hired by an unknown foreign power.

You did not see Decoy Zebra or Psycho Dog again in the intervening months, but you were certain you'd see them again. You knew from Decoy Zebra's words that neither of them could ever be far from the battlefield.

You remember that last boat, as you looked back at the ruins of the capital city. The second time you saw smoke waft from it. And you wondered what kind of man accepts payment to do nothing but destroy with no other goal. And you very much intend to find out which mercenary company did this… and who hired them.

It's too much to take. The memories, the confusion, the sorrow, the good times… all the emotions overwhelm you as you throw the now-empty bottle at the wall of the bar. Welp, that was the last of that bottle. Right – you nearly forgot for a moment: you're on the Island of Roads, present day.


"Well then, that's plenty of time to contact me again. Listen… 'Miss', why don't I give you some advice, from an upstanding stallion."

He takes this opportunity to shove off his comrade again.

"Unless you're absolutely desperate, you probably want to make comparisons between pricing and troop effectiveness anyway. So I'm going to do this for you."

He pulls out a bar napkin and scribbles some notes on it.

"This is my offer. You can counter, but I'm a hard bargain. Now why don't you shop around? And never say Nikodemas did nothing for you."

With that, he returns to his brief.

Your journal was updated.


"Sure, sure."
Let's see that journal.
Mutter under my breath.


I cover my mouth with a hoof and snicker.
"Oh Emmy~"


Shove her with a wing.
"You shut the fuck up."


Clop my forehooves together in mock excitement.
"Isn't this exciting? It's like we're shopping!"


"I'll get a new mare then, since the old one has a terrible ass."


"At least it's not scrawny like yours."


"You wish you had a rear like this, fatty."


File: 1387570443936.png (1.76 MB, 1200x846, Notes.png, IO Google TinEye)


That's not doubloons, is it?


"There's really not much to look at."


"Whatever, try to be useful instead, why don't you?"


The fleet has significantly more money than you do. You have a budget of 1000 doubloons to contract mercenaries in this port. And you know from the way that that ancient jew pony, Blue Topaz, scrutinized you, embezzling probably would get caught.


Hold up my hooves in surrender.
"Hey, you're the captain here. You alone are in charge of this shit. I suppose I can 'advise' you though…"


"What's your advice then, bub?"

Yeah, yeah, I fucking remember…
That whore.
Let's see, what else is on the menu?
Aside from the dogs and these guys?


Roll perception.


Good times… A young heart grew much in that place. Grew from pain, fear, anger, joy and sorrow.
Take a longing look at my sword. Every notch and dent along its length. That bend on the guard when I used it to cave in that mercenary captain's helmet. Those tooth marks on the grip I bit in pain when getting but back together after that one fateful battle. And the chip missing from the tip I left in the brain of that bastard the next time we met.
…has this same damn slab of steel been with me since all those years ago in Camelbodia? Hard to imagine.
Even harder to imagine I'd ever forget. The monotonous life here on Roads must have done a number on me. No wonder I joined that ill-conceived revolution.
…thinking back to what I used to be, it feels… silly now. And to think that after all the revolutions, uprisings, invasions, purges and revenge riots that got way out of hand… that was the one that actually got me in prison? Hm. I can't even remember why I did it in the first place any more.
But there will be time for thinking about that later.
For now, I'm still here, still wanted, and still need a way out. And right now my best bet is that fleet. But first, I think I still need an official pass on board.



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Learn to write better."


This place is too crowded for you to spot any other obvious groups for hire besides the doges.


What about my 'trained' eye?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Right. Well, you know where the fleet is. You could head down to the lower city on the first tier and inquire there, if that's your plan.

Essan is fussing about his maps in the drawing room. The Colonel is probably still upstairs.


You're just the trophy mare.


"My writing is good as it fucking is."

Bah, let's head over there.
"Hey, G'day."


No I'm not!

I snort.
"Yeah, sure."


Give Essan a friendly nod and smile as I pass him, and go get one final check with the colonel, face to face.
"Sir. I need to be sure about a few more things before I go."


The eyes of the pack follow you as you arrive over at the tables the dogs are occupying.

"Knew you come over – second you stepped in. It is good day for you, da? To be in speaking with me. You are fancy dress pony come to make with payings. Is good. I wait."


"If it's a question about whether or not things have died down, the answer is no. You should probably keep those clothes on until you're safely outside of the city."


I hope they could fight better than speak…
"That depends on what you can bring to the table. I don't want to bring shit back to the boat, if you know what I mean."


"It's not about that.
It's about… earlier. The emperor's assassination. The events surrounding it.
It was less than two weeks ago, yet I can remember… nothing about it. All I know is I was living a boring retired life here on Roads, and then… I remember being in prison for killing the emperor. That makes little sense to me. I don't think I'd just snap like that and not recall it. Indeed I fear someone… probably one of the numerous ponies from my past with reasons to hate me… had something to do with a lot of it.
So I need to know what happened. Was there a civil war? A revolution? What got an old killer like me out of retirement and bashed my head in so hard I forgot all about it?"


"Perceptive. Mind telling us about your ensemble?"


File: 1387572149555.png (1.78 MB, 1200x846, Notes.png, IO Google TinEye)

"Da. Is good. Deadly warriors. Such killing. Wow! Cavet emptor: more… how you say… uh, want makings dead than money. Will uh… work cheap, but need blood for Aleksif. Important. Do not forget! Is pleasure to meeting you. I am Cherchov."

"I already told you, Vox, I think you're innocent. I wouldn't be helping you, otherwise: Our Guard is sworn to protect the Emperors. I suppose those with the most to gain are the new Lord Regent or the new child Emperor. They might be the place to start."


Give Tela an 'Is this guy serious' look.
"I like cheap stuff as much as anypony else, but whoa there, slow down. What the fuck is this blood thing again?"


"What kind of blood sacrifices? Because, you know, there's that one time every month where Emmy…"
I trail off.


"But what happened?
Who fought, and for what? As long as I remember, I have fought not for money or honor, but for the good of the common pony."


Slap the back of her head with a wing.


Try to contain my laughter.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Da, is good. Living ponies to sacrifice to glorious Mother Aleksif for making of battle favor. Is making understand?"

"Politics aren't in my portfolio, Vox. You know how Nobles can be: they don't need a good reason to murder. What I can say is that you genuinely seemed to like our last Emperor. He was only eight… poor kid."


"Living ponies? Fuck that."


"Oh yeah, definitely."
Snicker a little more.
"Come on Emmy, let's move on."


He waves you off. "Come back when change mind."


"There were no atrocities enacted upon the people? No oppression, no inequality, no sudden changes of regime for the good of the few at the cost of the many?"


Walk away.
"Those were out of their fucking minds."
Then glare at her.
"Pull some shit like that again and my rifle might misfire right into your ass."


"I already said, the loss of the Child Emperor has resulted in a new Emperor and a new Regent - the Roadesian Controller."


"Yup. Pretty much Tirekians. Fuck that noise."
Throw a kiss at her.
"I guess it really is that time of the month~"


Well, the bar is still packed, or you can always find another.

Of course, you can still have a look around, too.


Roll my eyes.

Come on, there must be at least one other group!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sure, there should be more mercs than that around.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"This isn't like me at all. I fought to free dozens of lands from oppressive rulers. To give power to the people to…
…there is far more to this than I am able to piece together at present. But there is a key out there, and I intend to find it. I didn't live all these years to be remembered for the one ruler I didn't kill.
Though operating out of the city will be dangerous. So I'll find a safe haven outside it.
All I ask is that you give me any names, any possible leads I can follow. Or the name of a memory specialist, because I don't like the idea of going senile at this young age."


The only other person around here who looks like he is worth dealing with is a pony at the bar who is wearing some kind of… well, they look like glasses, but made of some kind of smoky quartz on his face. You can't see his eyes at all behind them: you wonder if he can see out, or if he's blind. Still, he looks like he knows what he's doing, and he's sucking down Mai Tais enough to be confident in his tab.


"Of course, Vox. It's my main priority right now. I don't give up my loyalty to one emperor just over his death."


"Who was the one who put a bounty on my head? His enemies would make a good place to start."


Flutter over.
"Hey there. You seem competent unlike everypony else here."


Walk after her.


"It was a criminal offense, so that would be Lord-Captain Nero Christopoulos, master of the City Guard. He answers to General Makroakis, commander of the military."

He takes a lengthy draw on his Mai Tai. "Kind of you. I can only predict you're here for mercenary services. Plenty of folks willing to fight… for the right price."


"The right price can be set for the right quality."


"Won't be the first military I see dismantled. Just point me in a direction."


"Actually, I just wanted to order a cocktail like yours, but I guess finding mercs work too."


"It's all about making connections. I have plenty of contracts for all paygrades, but they're short-term contracts. I like to stay mobile. Increase my network. If you only need long-term services, I can't help you."

Contracts like the Grail Mercenaries will add those NPCs permanently to the fleet, whereas mercenaries contracted through Reicher will only join for a mission, unless further contracted. As such, they're much much cheaper. Of course, once you leave Roads, you won't have access to him anymore unless he joins the fleet.

"Fair enough. Bartender, get the mare a Mai Tai, on my tab."

"You got it."

A drink slides out to you.

"The office of the Captain-General is here, on tier three. General Makroakis is royal, so he'd be in his mansion up on the fourth level."


"Hey thanks. Tell us more about who's on offer."


"Well, I doubt marching in and giving him a lecture on my past will change many minds.
This just leaves one final question before I go: how have the people taken all this? Are they at least happy?"


"Assassinations are not rare in Roads. There is still a mourning period for the Child Emperor, but the question of who rules them… suffice to say, we Trotantines have grown apathetic as to who rules. Nothing ever changes between rulers but names. It's all one incestuous bloodline."


"I have deals with all kinds. Thieves. Thugs. Hedge mages. You name it, I've probably got it."


"A wise pony once told me that if I one is to fail, one should at least fail gracefully. And know when to do so.
If this bloodline can no longer carry its own weight… is it fit to rule?"


"That's pretty nifty. Keeps it flexible for each different job. You mentioned you like staying mobile, right?"


"Vox, we're sworn to protect the royal family, not to get caught up in political games. If you make a move against the Dynasty, our relationship is over, permanently. I'm disgusted you'd even consider it."



"You like ships?"


"Not as much as bars."


"Well, this is an island right? You want to stay on the move… you're gonna need a boat. We've got a few boats at our disposal. Crewed and stocked."


"That's unfortunate. I'm sure you could have made a nice profit with helping me getting the best of the best."


"I won't tell you to listen to my reasons, or to consider my thoughts. I simply voice my concerns, as I always have. I don't have many years left in me on the fields of battle, and I intend to end the song of my history with a great note that will echo into the generations to come. One my three boys can be proud of.
But you know I wouldn't let you down. Not after everything we've had.
Thank you. From the bottom of my transparent heart."


File: 1387575073290.png (1.78 MB, 1200x846, Notes.png, IO Google TinEye)

"Sorry, I don't go anywhere without my drink of choice."

He gives you a little salute. "Make sure you get off this island in one piece."


"Well now, I can't fault you for that."

"You think the commodore would allow us to have a partyboat?"


"Either I get off the island in one piece, or the island isn't getting rid of me in one piece."
Return the salute. Go see how Essan is feeling.


He's working on his maps in the drawing room.


"Of course he would.
For the good of the fleet of course."


"Made any progress?"


"Heck yeah!"


"Eh… it's kinda bad, you don't wanna see it."


"I'm sure it's nicer than what I could have done.
But does drawing maps keep you happy?"


"I'll speak to him about this. You keep talking with him, I'll get a deal set up with those other guys.
Try not to suck his dick while I do that."
Turn to the stallion.
"She is addicted, I swear."


Punch her in the gut before she can finish that.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Flutter out of harm's way!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It's alright, I guess…"


"You're lucky. I'll get back to you on that later, whore."


"Do you never feel like you should get out there and do more?
Live a bit. Truly leave your name on something. Become somepony."


Blow her a kiss then fly back to the Grails.


He shrugs. "My name is all that keeps me here. We're the last three Varangians. Ever. Me, you, the Colonel. A thousand years – maybe more – of soldiers sworn to protect the Empresses."


Nikodemas has finally recruited another of his soldiers to subdue his companion, and is writing unmolested at the bar.

"You return."


"Fucking cunt…"
Turn back to the guy and sip from my drink.
"So, you've got contacts all over the world I guess?"


"The last three, content to rot in this house-sized coffin?
Is that how you think the old emperor of the North wanted our line to die?"


"So I do, Niko."
Touch down beside him.
"Most of the mercs here are complete shit and I have an eye for quality. Your bunch could be quite useful for us."


"Those places I don't, I can make them. They say an expert contractor has a contract in every port. A master never needs to keep an open contract anywhere."

"There's still Cystalport." He remarks weakly.

"How fortunate. Should I draw up the paperwork, then? Where should I have it sent?"


"You could move to the fleet with your bunch right after you make the paperwork after we agreed on the price."


"That's a lot of 'afters'. Do you have a counteroffer?"


"How about 400? That comes with all the benefits the ships can provide."


"And there are still frozen bones up in the northern wastes.
This is not how heroes should leave the world. How legends should end. How entire chapters of history should be closed. Sitting around a quaint fireplace waiting for old age to kill us.
For you it may be far away, but for me it could be closer than I want to admit.
I have seen the battlefields of Camelbodia, of Zebrabar, Mareocco, Novodogrod and more. And I am not willing to admit the crescendo of my song went by years ago without me so much as noticing.
So tell me, what was your high point? Your grand achievement you are confident leaving as your eternal legacy?"


"Done. You drive a soft bargain."'

"I have no achievements. My whole life has been awful."


"Then isn't it time you had one?
Or do you want to be the last one left? The great final note in the glorious history of the North and of Trotantium?
Here lies the last of the Varangians. He did nothing."


"Well, I guess you're the kind of guy who used to make my contracts then."


"I can't keep the money for myself anyway. So, where's that paperwork and shit? Because I hate doing that."


"History will remember us like that way or not at all. There's all those haters out there, you know."

He chuckles.


"I can make it out if you tell me where this ephemeral 'fleet' of yours is. You may not have noticed but there are a lot of ships in this port."


"Yeah, yeah, you can't miss it."
Describe the fleet and where it is.
"Look for Blue Topaz once you are there, she's in charge of the big money and shit."


"History is written by winners. We must just ensure we die on the winning side.
Why not come with me and be there when that history is written?"


"I think we'll get along well then. What do you think of…"
Nod towards Emrille
"… Her?"


File: 1387577198658.png (1.79 MB, 1200x846, Notes.png, IO Google TinEye)

"Very well. It seems we'll be seeing a lot of each other, Miss."

With that, he returns to his paperwork.

He groans. "I dunno."

Roll command.

"Seems a little green. Looks more used to following orders than giving them. But she's eager."

He takes another sip.


"Emrille. Name's Emrille.
Now, I've got me some more mercs to recruit. See you on the boats."

Back to Tela and the other guy.


"Oh she's eager alright."

"Hey there, hotshot."
Try to stealthily make her trip as she approaches.

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1387577374265.png (175.05 KB, 1135x325, using Command.png, IO Google TinEye)


Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 1 = 1


She goes into a spin out, trying to right herself with her wings, and crashes into the dancer, knocking her off the stage. The bar patrons scream, furious.

"Hey! Get offa me!"

"Alright, I guess so…"


"Is it too much to ask that you put some heart into it?
C'mon. Humor me this once. Let me see your war face."


I'll try not to giggle uncontrollably.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Flutter up and help her up as well.
"You were dancing too good. How about a job opportunity? I'm sure it'd pay more than this place and you'd get to ride ships and shit. What's your name, honey?"


'1d10' /10 Warface

"It's pretty bad…"

You burst out laughing.

She eyes you suspiciously: "I have a no touching policy when I dance!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Walk over to them.
"Don't worry, she was just being a clumsy little pony. It wont ever happen again."


"I'm sure we could get to touching things if you wanted to, but I'd hire you as a dancer."


She raises a brow at you.

"I dunno… Suspicious mares knock me over, then want to give me the job?" She has a weird accent. Maybe Lethuanian.

The patrons seem bugged by your interruption.



"I've seen real soldier with worse ones. And worse soldiers with more confidence.
Come. Lets go make history"
I have a fleet to catch.


I snort.
"Don't worry sweetheart, if Emmy so much as touches you in the wrong way, I'm cutting off her cheating hooves."


"That job would be completely legit, I guarantee!"

"Yeah, she wants to make sure she is the only mare who does not satisfy me."


"If it's all so terrible with me, feel free to fuck off."


Shrug innocently.
"I certainly had better…."


"Like I said, feel free to break up and bugger off."


"Who would be my meatshield then?"


"Don't know, don't care."


Push her off the stage/table so we're not in front of everyone.
Then kiss that fool.'1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Look who's talking."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8



Right. Back in the Chapter House you are. You'll need to find some more Water of Life if you want to start remembering things again. You consider you might be nursing an addiction to the stuff.

After what feels like months, you wander out the other side of the maze, greeted by a waiting party. Spook, Buttercup, the princess, Smile, and of course, Puzzle.

"That was a little more time consuming than I expected."


I chuckle.
"I say. Though it appears we have everypony gathered again."


I suppose there are worse things one can be addicted to than memories. On the downside I still don't have any money on me.
Unless, of course, I happen to be in miraculous luck and the chapter house just happens to have some on hand '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


The Princess gives a nod. "I'd rather have a waste of time than something dangerous. Better a maze than an arrow trap."

Spook blows his breath. "I would've preferred the arrow trap. Let's get moving, we have no idea how much time we have left."

There are a lot of fancy paintings and vases around here that you could probably pawn, though the Colonel might not appreciate an addict pawning the house valuables for his next fix.


"Indeed. Let us advance together into the darkness."
Where to now? Which paths are available to us?

This certainly is a interesting experience so far, yet another riveting tale to add to my autobiography.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Losing what few allies I have is not really a good plan, and neither is raising unnecessary suspicion through criminal activities.
Contact Meh. Maybe she has some tips on how to progress.
#Meh Ling?
How do I make some money in this town without drawing attention?


#Vox, there's a Canponese saying that a poor man's wealth is in the bank. It means a truly smart man doesn't have to keep money with him: he can get what he needs with his intelligence wherever he goes. So maybe you should be asking yourself the question: do I need money, or am I just getting that money to get something else? Sometimes it's easier to just get the something else.

"That looks like the logical path."

Buttercup indicates a large spiral staircase leading down. The group heads down. As you progress deeper and deeper, the steps grow less and less wide, until you're forced to walk single file into the depths…

You're sandwiched next to last between Puzzle and Spook, who seems a little on edge, and keeps watching behind as you progress deeper. Your party is of course led by the princess.


#Deep as well as always.
I need access to more Water of Life


I bet I have a nice view of Happy Puzzle from here~
"I do hope none of you are claustrophobic. It appears things will continue to get more and more cramped."


#It's a popular drink around here. You might be able to perform at a bar, or maybe you could call in a favor with someone you helped recently.

Spook taps your flank and makes a hushing sound with a hoof. He is growing more and more nervous as you descend, it seems.

Suddenly the whole conga line comes to a stop. Dexterity save to not run face-first into Puzzle.



Roll #1 6 = 6


You carefully stop yourself before getting a face-full of tail.

The princess whispers, "I found a door. From here on out, whisper."


#Appreciate it. Vox out.
Well, not much left to do here at the chapterhouse. Join up with Cast again, go for a little walk.
"What do you know about Water of Life?"


Not that I would have minded that, but I have to keep up appearances.
Just nod in response.


"It's a mind-affecting drug. I don't drink myself. It's actually very low-proof alcohol, though."

The princess fumbles around in the dark for what feels like an eternity but finally there's a click and the wall seems to part before the group, and you're able to spill out into a mezzanine. There's a balcony up ahead, and you can hear someone speaking below.


"Sounds like making it wouldn't be too much of a hassle then?"


Aha! Try to listen in!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I don't know anything about it to be honest. I'm a performer, not a brewer."

You stick your head out over the ledge, but Spook pulls you back and gives you a cross look.

There's an ancient sounding woman speaking. "Good… good… it's almost ready. Almost… Do you have the sacrifice?"

"We uh… The sacrifice was lost, my lady."

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" She shrieks, sending a shot of pain through your sensitive ears.


"W-we had hoped to find the sacrifice before the ritual was fully prepared. Surely we can just use one of the priso–"



Hmmm… interesting. They can't even start yet then. And if all of her servants are out looking… she'll be all alone here.


"Do you know where one might find a brewer?"


Everyone else seems to have had the same idea. They're all getting ready as the sounds of footsteps fade.

"Well, there are a lot of brewers in town, but if you wanted to find one willing to share secrets… there's only one place in town I'd know to go. The Ogre Skull Inn."


"Sounds like a start, but I'm not exactly familiar with it. The name makes it sound like they appreciate violence more than art."


The princess is in charge, so I'll wait to make a move until she says so.
Stroke one of my pistols with a hoof and look at her.


The princess points behind you to where Spook is lowering a rope to the floor below. He and Buttercup hold it tight as Smile and Princess slide down as quietly as they can.

"Maybe. Ogres are fairy-tale monsters, though. So you never know."


#Salamander, what can you tell me about a place called the Ogre Skull Inn?


I don't really need a rope because I'm a pegasus, but I'll use it anyway. The flapping of my wings might make too much noise.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The group slowly creeps across the dais to where the ancient mare hunched over in black is brooding over a great pool.

Seemingly insistent on drama, the Princess takes this time to yell. "CULT OF OBLIVION! YOUR TIME IS AT AN END!"

Spook cringes, as the figure turns. Normally, you are able to contain your facade with amazing decorum. Not now. Your face twists into an amalgam of shock, disgust, and horror.

The thing under that cloak is unlike anything you've ever seen. It's like a monster out of a fairy tale book. It is reared up on its hind legs, and it has no hooves – instead: long, searching tendrils that branch off and twist about.


#A wretched hive of scum and villainy in the lower city. Full of rogue engineers and craftsmen who work with the black market.


#Delightful. Are they fans of song?


#Could be. The most I ever need out of engineers is explosives.


#I'm willing to risk it. If you have nothing urgent, be on standby in case things go teats up in there. I'm trying to score a way to create Water of Life on my own.


#Nurturing an addiction is no way to be. You'll get so drunk you won't remember what is a memory and what is the real world.


#There are only so many memories to relive. This should help me put a lot of old ghosts to rest.


#You're looking for a source that doesn't end. I can put two and two together.


#It's a more stable solution than trying to establish reliable income while on the run.


#I'm not going to keep ragging on you. I told you once to stop living in the past. It's up to you to take that advice.


Cheap shot one of those horrific tentacles!


#The past lives in me I'm afraid. It certainly seems to be offering more than the present.
Lets head for that inn…



You and Norman are chillin' around lower city when he climbs up on your shoulder and whispers in your ear.

Hey. I think we're being followed.

Lower City. Those few guards that bother with the place are either paid off or too jaded to care about anything short of an assault on the city. The nobility doesn't care about anyone down here in the wharf district, and it shows. Over the entrance of the inn, a huge monstrous skull hangs.

You try to blast off one of her fingers, but the bullet ricochets away at the last second. She laughs and waves as a bubble shield slowly fades into visibility.

"Quick! Use your elements!"

"Elements? What sorcery is this?"


Yes… the elements. I sincerely hope Happy Puzzle was right about this.


"by how many?"


"Lets try to make some friends, Cast. We could use a few more."
Open the door. What's the mood like inside? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I only noticed last block. One… maybe two? If you duck in somewhere we can probably funnel them for a better count.

The amulet hangs around your neck. Everyone else's is glowing. They're beginning to float off the floor.

Puzzle opens an eye to look at you. "What's wrong?"

Grim, really. There are a lot of hushed whispers. Plans spread out on tables. This is more a place of business than a watering hole.


Uh right, activate it.

Roll #1 10 = 10


How do you go about that?


Well, that should work out fine for me then. After all, I'm here for business.
Look around. Do any of these people look like a reputable engineer/brewer in need of services? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Didn't I do it before? How exactly did I get this thing again?


"Aye, but they might corner us if we do that.." look for a shop that has a front window that we can go in. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1389551547705.jpg (75.87 KB, 800x600, bouncer.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

You're distracted by the fact that you walk into the bar and this guy gropes your mare friend stallion minion. How do you respond?

It just appeared in a flash! Everyone is floating several feet off the ground, glowing. It's a little awkward.


The witch cackles and draws back for a lightning bolt.

The nearest place with a way out is a bar. The Ogre's Skull Inn.


A bar! Well, its not to early to drink. Lets go inside, and keep and eye out for those ponies following '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Your way is blocked by a crystal pony and his qt marefriend, who is being groped by a rough-looking diamond dog.


I did decide to put my trust into Happy Puzzle and these other blokes, I'd say I'm willing to believe in friendship!
"Oh but I do…"


"Touching the merchandise constitutes a purchase. That'll be twenty bits please."


Cast gives you a bit of a hurt look.

The Dog growls something at you in Novdogodian. Yours is a little rusty since your days in that country, but you think you said something about a fist in your face. It's a good thing most of the words you learned in Novdogodian are related to violence.


Your amulet glows a little. "BELIEVE HARDER!"

Also it seems another dog has come up from behind…



Also it seems another dog has come up from behind…

Second part wasn't for you




Give cast a friendly wink. Hopefully he gets that this is merely an act.
Lets see if my limited novdogodian still holds… "Pay up or get hurt." '1d10-1'

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


Sit down at one of the highest stools at the bar. "Can ye spot them still Norman?"


You can't get to the bar because you're being blocked!

I think they're closing in.

You do a pretty good job.

He gives you a threatening shove and growls broken Ponyspeak at you. "No weaks Ogre's Skull. Out."

There's a flash of light, and at first you think it's working, but then you realize you're on a white plane with nothing around you.

Liberty Belle


Can't get to the bar. Ridiculous. How do you order drinks if you can't get to the bar?
"Damn, no time for shots then." Time to leave. Go out the back. '1d10' push people out of my way if need be.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I blink and look around.
"… Yes?"


Headbutt him as hard as I can where ever I can deal the most damage '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Behind you there is a stallion. Surprisingly tall and muscled: he's a fine specimen. Or would be if you didn't have better things on your mind like where you are. His face is marred by a significant number of scars, but he has a crooked grin. He's wearing a uniform of some sort, but you don't recognize it from your extensive travels.

"You don't believe in the Elements, do you?"

He gestures for you to have a seat on a nearby bench that seems very out of place in what is otherwise oblivion. He takes a seat on one side.

Some ponies outside physically stop you.

"Hey there little guy. How about you let us see that monkey?"

Norman hisses.

Don't let them touch me.


He doubles over in pain and backs off as you butt him in the groin. He growls and throws a handful of gold coins in your face before limping off.


An opening has appeared to the bar as the big guy blocking your way was headbutted in the groin.


Step back a little and look grossed out. "I don't bed no ponies!"



… Go and sit down.
"I find the concept strange, but not unbelievable. Magic is a fickle thing after all. Excuse me though, who are you exactly? And where did I end up?"


"Thank you for your business!"
Smile at Cast
"Good work, buddy. We're off to a fine start."


You take a step back into the bar area.

"Just the monkey. No time for games. We'll pay you for him."

Dogmonster I swear you better not listen to them

He gives a uncomfortable look.

"I'm not bothered by the fact that he thought I was a mare. That's my job. I'm bothered by the fact that he groped me. I'm a high class performer – I served the royal court! Let's get back to those ships you promised soon."

He gives a long heaving sigh. "Well I sure didn't, I'll tell you that much. Got roped into it by a friend. That's how things go, sometimes, you know? And it's so odd… how sometimes you can start out thinking you're just doing something for your own ends, and then it turns out by the end you realize that all along you really cared for them. Sorry, miss, I sure didn't answer your question, but a name wouldn't have much meaning, would it? You can't recognize it. I am the chosen Element of Loyalty. Not the first. Not your direct predecessor. Beyond that, I don't know my number in line. Does that help?"


"Not really. What is this place? Why are we here and how do I leave?"


"Don't worry buddy, we'll get you out of here."
"NO I DON'T WANT YE GIANT SACKS OF GOLD! AND I DON'T CARE HOW WEAK YE ARE!" Shout at him and try to run away '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Give him a little hug
"And he paid for it in more ways than one. The first rule of improvisation is to never say 'no', but rather to say 'yes, and'. I'll brush your butt later if that makes you feel better about things.
Just try to last a little longer, ok?"


"Why ask if the answer won't help? Oh, don't worry, you're not missing out on anything in real time, anyway. Anyway, you think you were picked by mistake, right?"

You daringly leap over the bar, spooking the bartender and high-tail it to the other end of the room where you slide back over the bar toward the exit door.

He gives you a girlish blush. "Let's just try to make it quick."

A dust-up has started. Another diamond dog is jumping all over the place and is now running right for you.


Almost home free, just gotta get that door open and make it to the ships.. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hunker down and brace for impact. The last one went down easy, and so will this one if it so much as raises its fist at us '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"… Yes. Or at least, I am somewhat confused and very surprised. I have no issues believing they are a real thing, only that I am involved in them as well."


You trip over a pony and his marefriend!

He tackles you to the ground!

He shrugs. "Elements don't make mistakes, kiddo. Maybe you're not the perfect, most loyal pony that ever lived. I sure wasn't. Elements use what they can at the time. It's not important that you're a paragon of loyalty, only that you can feel loyalty. Real loyalty can come from anywhere. Maybe you've got family that you can conjure your feelings from. But whatever the case, you have got to drop your hangups about being chosen wrongfully. You're the right one for the moment. So don't mess this up."


"Hm. I suppose that is true. Family still has meaning to me."


Cursed dogs! I fight one damn war among them and they still carry a grudge?
Kick him. That should soften him up enough to throw him off. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh no. Carefully get off of him, and hope those guys aren't on top of us. spot check '1d10' "You okay Norman?"
"Sorry 'bout that Mister. Didn't see ye thar."

Roll #1 10 = 10


You misjudge from your floorbound vantage and give Cast Iron a kick in the lack-of-nads.

He's on a nearby mare pulling the necklace off of her. Oh, yeah, I jumped off. We should probably split though.

The stallion you decked tries to kick you but kicks his girlfriend by accident instead.


"Hrm. You look a little runty for a thug. What's with all the commotion?"


"Good. Let me see your game face."


"Sorry 'bout that Cast. Poor aim."


"I beg your pardon?"


He forces your face into a smile with his hooves. "Just kidding. That one was for me, not for Loyalty."

With a flash, you're back, as if a second hadn't passed.


He gives you a scrunch.


"I be plenty tough! And I ain't got time to explain, those ponies are gonna catch up any time now."
"That won't keep him busy long, that mare only has so much jewelry!" Is there a clear path to the door.


The path has cleared up.

The ponies are working their way over to your heap.

"Hold up, pup, we just want to talk."


Well that was certainly something…
No matter, there's something more pressing at hoof. Let's ice this bitch in the name of the House of Belle!


Give him an apologetic smile and leave it at that
"You a troublemaker or something, pup? Bashin' into ponies and gettin' chased around like that?"
"You lot! Hold up, this is getting crazy. What's this all about anyway? "


A DIAMOND DOG BE NOT A SLAVE!" Shout at him and make for the door.
"They be followin' me making threats on me life and the life o' me mates!" I declare as I run off.


Welp, not much to add to that.
Watch him run off.


You feel yourself slowly lift off the ground and the [glowing intensifies].

The five of you begin spinning around the princess like a Ferris wheel, and a rainbow blast hits the witch, who crumples and falls backwards into the great boiling pit of water she had been stirring.


And with that, she plops into the water.

"Well, that was certainly dramatic."

"He's a thief who stole our pet monkey!"

Speaking of monkeys, Norman (the monkey) jumps onto Sateo as he runs out the door.


Do I even notice a monkey '1d10'?

Roll #1 4 = 4


go to the docks and find a crowd to blend into!'1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"… Interesting."


Oh yeah, it jumps over you to get onto him.

You have no trouble blending in, but Norman makes you stand out a lot more.

I counted a lot of them. Five or six. Maybe more.

"Interesting? Rough is more like it. Let's book it before her servants come out."

"Is she… is she gone for good?"


"What did you steal from them Norman?"


I don't know those guys. Here's your cut of the loot from the bar, though. I didn't have a lot of time to get stuff in there..

Got 24 bits.

I only owe you what, 100 more bits now?


Seems awfully fond of him to be stolen."


Walk over to the pit and look into it.
"It was rather pleasant compared to some of my previous adventures."
Anything of interest I can nab?

Roll #1 1 = 1


They've already split after him. Things are starting to calm back down.

You only nab another heart attack as you buckle over and nearly dunk your face in the roiling water.

Happy Puzzle pulls your head back right before you dunk and stuffs a nitro pill in your mouth.


Nod sadly "Aye.. seems we are almost settled.. But those ponies sure seem to know you, we need to hide you. Lets go to the ship." And then go to the ships.


Well that was amusing.
Check how much money that butthound threw at me


"… Oh dear. Thank you."


Some of it is in foreign currency and totally useless. You count 14 bits. Looks like he's gone, too.

Well, 14 bits is enough for a cheap bottle of alcohol or a bunch of shots.

Ships it is.

The weird thing is that I don't even know who they are…

She gives you a smile. "Sure thing! Let's get out of here."



"Indeed. Let us."


Take a breather once we're safely on board calmly walk below deck.
"Ye can be honest wit me Norman. I stole from plenty of folks before. Even had to run for my life cuz of it once or twice.. Ye be safe here."


Oh I'll find him and have him pay up… later.
For now, head inside and look for someone who can help me with my water problem. But first, give Cast a final apologetic look. "We're almost out of here."


Move where? There is an exit on the opposite side of the chamber into the rest of the temple, or you can backtrack up the rope through that monthslong maze.

He nods. "Okay."

In spite of the two dust-ups, most of these patrons seem unbothered by a little fighting. They range from mountains of muscles to near-skeletons. All sorts of engineers and artisans you suppose.

No, I'm serious. I already gave you my life story. I woke up in the jungle and got caged not long later. They might be related to how I got to this island, though… I guess I was unconscious or something because I don't remember it.


Do any of them look like the sort of guy I'm after at a glance? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Look worried.
"So those be different ponies than the ones that caged ye?"


Yes, the ones who caught me didn't have uh… well, a horn sticking out of their heads.

Well, there's someone refilling the big casks behind the bar. He's a lead if nothing else.


Life is often more cliche than theater I suppose.
Head on up to him
"I'm in search of a specific sort of engineer - a brewer to be exact."


"The ones with the horns be known as Unicorns. The plain ones be known as Earth Ponies." I explain.
"Unicorns naturally do magic, maybe they used magic to turn you into a monkey?"


"Tried Bazzle's Emporium off the main boulevard? Might be more appropriate for a lawman."


He shrugs. We don't have magic where I'm from.


"This is for a personal collection. I'm looking to do a little home brewing."


"Interesting. Let me see if I know anybody. Give me a sec."

He heads back into the back room behind the bar.

Perception check.


I've danced this dance before. You take the first step with the left. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You lean to the left and see him whispering and pointing to the door with another pony in the back room. You can't make out what they're saying.

He's on his way back.


Nod slowly.
"Magic be capable of many things. It can lift up somethin without touching it. It can move things from place to place, Create fire, or ice out of nothing, heal the wounds of a dozen creatures all at once, and even change the shape of something."


Keep the ol' sword close.
This place is going down in a lot of fireworks very soon…
Pleasant face, Vox. Pleasant face. Let him speak his mind before jumping to conclusions.
…but better safe than safely stored away
#Salamander - Things may get messy. Unknown in back room.
And masterfully mask that with a cough on the end, clear my throat, look the good barman in the eye aaaaaand
Smile '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The princess isn't leading anymore? I was under the impression they were waiting on us… Anyway; the obvious route is the exit on the opposite side of the room.


Maybe, then. I just want to get home. And get back to normal, of course.


Not much of a smile.

"I think I can help you. One twenty bits for a brewer willing to work with you, and fifty more for not turning you in for the reward to the guard."

That's the way they headed. This is a long corridor that leads to a grand staircase. There is a great door to the right, which voices echo from.

"The prisoners they mentioned may be in there… But I'm sure they've left guards."


"Quite a reward for someone who just want to save time and effort on his drinks. How long's that been a crime?"


"Ye seem very confused still Norman. Maybe I can answer any questions about this world, before ye go off searching alone?"


Rejoin my new frens then.


"Not at all. There just aren't many crystal ponies in Roads. We ID'd you off the posters, guvner."

Well, I'll probably hang around here a while. Just as well to search here than there.

"We don't have time. We need to get out of here."

"Are you crazy? We don't know there will be guards."

"We have a responsibility to the citizens."


"Excuse me, but arguing wont get us anywhere either. I believe the princess should decided what to do here."


Nod again. "Maybe I can go find out what those ponies know about you and come back?"


"There's a whole house of them up the hill, Jill. What makes me so special?"


"Thank you. Let's go inside."

The doors are pushed open, to reveal a chain gang of prisoners hanging, groaning, against a large stone pillar. The pillar itself is covered in runes. Ponies are strapped hanging every which way at every altitude from hooves-on-the-ground to upside-down-ten-meters-in-the-air. These prisoners range in everything from nobles to beggars, but you recognize only one of them.

It seems that there WERE left behind a couple of prisoner guards, who perk up as you enter the room and begin combat by Cheap Shotting Spook and the princess. One rushes to engage your party, and the other jams his hoof into some kind of magical mechanism, which causes the pillar to begin groaning as the runes light up.

Alright. Don't die on me, dogmonster. I've grown a little fond of you. You remind me of a pet I had once.

"You don't understand. We identified you from the wanted posters."


"Then I take it you'd know who you're talking to.
That seems like fairly vital information to put on a poster."


"Which is why I'm only asking for a little money to keep quiet instead of the twelve hundred bit reward for turning you in."


"Happy Puzzle, please Heal the princess. We may need her magical abilities." '1d10'

Engage the one jamming his hoof into the mechanism. Shoot him in the knees '2d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 8 = 12


"Admirable, if it is indeed bravery and not misplaced faith in whatever enforcers you keep in the back. For most who actually known who I am the very last thing they would have thought was a good idea was to try and push your luck over a meager piece of coin. I've been torn apart in the scalding heat of the forsaken dungeons of Camelbodia, faced the charge of the mercenary armies of Zebrabar, watched beasts far tougher than you reduced to weeping piles of meat in the wastes of Novdogod. I've marched through the battlefields of more nations than you can name off the top of your head, seen empires rise and fall, and not once have I ended up siding with the losers.
So here's a good chance to ensure I'm on your side. Are you willing to listen, or do you insist on making this difficult?" '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Light Heart? Is that you?" The one you recognize asks.

You trade shots with the second guard while Puzzle begins treatment.

The first guard engages Buttercup and they lock blades.

"With all due respect mister weeping prisoner of Zebradog, I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on making this difficult."


Who is it though? Who did I recognize?
"I am a bit busy at the moment, I'm afraid!"

Cheap Shot the same guard. I need to stop what he's doing.

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's Felfire. She's been significantly bloodied since you last saw her on the royal tier. The runes grow brighter as you miss, and she has time to croak out one last, "Tell Terrebonne I'm s–"


The pillar detonates in a terrible explosion of magic and flame, sending shredded pieces of corpses everywhere. Everyone, ally and hostile, is rendered helpless as you roll across the room to the far wall. Save against burns.


Take a quick look around the place. Pinpoint anything and everything flammable. '1d10'
Idly take out the coins the dog threw at me and start counting the worthless foreign ones.
"Lessee here… twenty… fourty… fourty four…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


What on earth was the point of that?
Get up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Going to need it in bits."

You save against burns. Now you can roll to get up.


Then get up!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh, and Happy Puzzle : '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9


Also, it's a bar. There's a lot of wood and booze.

You stay down! But one of the guards is up, as is Smiles.

Puzzle is burned but she gets up.


Bah. Just get up.

"Miss Puzzle… please tend to whoever needs it the most." '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5 = 5


"Ever heard of a money exchange?
Hell I was saving this one to sell to a collector. It's got an interesting misprint."
Look closely at one of the coins


The guard who is up kicks Puzzle in the gut.

He leans in to get a closer look.


Repeat that. '1d10' for me. '1d10' for Puzzle.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 = 3


1/3 Puzzle

Butterscotch is up.
You're up.

Smile is back down.


"Heal yourself then, Puzzle" '1d10'

I'll Shoot one of the guards causing trouble '2d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3, 9 = 12


"See? Near the top corner. Subtle, but impossible to miss for a trained. Granted it will probably take you a day or two to get hold of a good buyer."
Flash the coin at him quickly, then go back to looking at it myself
"Terrible shame to lose it like this but I suppose I ain't got a lot of options do I?
Let me walk out of here and toss in a little info on where I might get me a brewin' machine for making Water of Life and…."
drawn out sigh of defeat
"…you can keep it."


Puzzle tops herself off.

You trade shots with the second guard, rendering him helpless. Butterscotch gives a coup de grace.

"H-hey! You didn't have to KILL him!"
"We do not have time for this discussion."

Spook is back up.

LH 3/5
Puzzle 3/3

"The prisoners are dead – she's right, let's get out of here."

Smile, Spook and the Princess trailblaze the way out. Buttercup remains with the two of you to deal with the last guard.


Finish him. '2d10'
Puzzle can put her Snakeoil + Heal combo to use! '1d10'

Roll #1 6, 10 = 16 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You don't even have Bluff!

Make an untrained Bluff roll.

He gets a shot off on Puzzle before Butterscotch and you finish him off.

"C'mon, let's get out of here."


The skill is called Con Artist '1d10-1'

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


"… Yes. Let us."
Is there anything left of Felfire? Any items or belongings?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm not a fence. Your bad money isn't good for me."

It's quite possible there are, if you spend time to pick through all the other corpses to figure out which pieces are hers… The floor is literally littered with fragments of hooves, faces, and spines.


"Shame. Ask me again in a couple of days then once I cash it in. All I have in bits on me is a bit of change."


Ah… I'm sorry Felfire.
Get out of here.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Fine. I'll let you walk away now, but you better be careful around the guards. I'd hate to miss out on my bits because you get caught."

You flee up many, many flights of stairs through countless abandoned levels, mind racing over what has just occurred, focusing on the horrific face of the witch and the last desperate plea of the mare who is now no more. Soon you find yourself heaving breaths of fresh air as you exit the temple. "Let's get back… no doubt her minions will be returning soon. Thank you, friends. You're all welcome to join me at my family palace."


"And I'd hate to turn this into a hearty brawl backed with a suitably dramatic inferno. Now…"
Pull up a chair
"…Water of Life was what I'm after."


I take a deep breath.
"I'm afraid I have business to attend to first. I will attempt to join you later, princess."


"If that's all you need, you can just buy these things."

"Good day, then. Stay safe… those cultists are still out there."


"As I am aware."
I need to inform a certain ewe about this. Back to the fleet first.


"I was looking to make my own. It's more convenient as a long-term solution."


I forgot to mention. You never picked up your reward for remembering things.

For completing your memory of Camelbodia, you remembered a time you stashed some useful stuff on this level of the city under a loose stone in a nearby alley.


Huff, puff, puff. You hike all the way back to the city. One tier down is the harbor district.

"If you don't even have any bits I can use, why do you keep asking me? You want something for nothing out of me."


I can fly, silly! Or do these earth ponies not like that?


You aerially hike! You huff and puff anyway.


Just get back there.


You glide down to the harbor district and onto the Pillager's Fancy.


"I was hoping for a pleasant talk and a little endorsement of the fine craftsmen of this establishment. In retrospect it would have been easier to just ask them myself one by one, especially because you insist on being so difficult."
Pull out the bits
"So lets talk in terms you prefer. One water of life please."


"If I die, have somepony bring my body back." Smile and let Norman hide on the ship. I'm gonna need to pick up Monty and go off to the city again.


Hopefully she's here. Go find Terrebonne's cabin.


"Pleasure to oblige. Twelve bits."

Monty acquired from the terrarium. You're in the harbor district on the first tier.

She's in her cabin, writing.


"Tenner and a few interesting stories?"


Okay, Now to look around for signs of those ponies that were chasing me '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Knock on her doorframe to announce my presence.
"Miss Terrebonne, I have grave news. I have just returned from the catacombs running below Roads. There was a cult there that required my attention…"


"Anything modern? I deal in information, but it isn't useful if it's years old or everyone knows it."

"Da local cult, da Royal Necromancy Society. Ah am familiar."

You think you recognize the unicorn who spoke to you of the following group before. He's combing the crowd looking for you.


Alright, easy. I'll just follow him. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Their leader was some sort of mutated being set on summoning an entity known as the Smooze. I believe we have succeeded in puting a stop to that. Unfortunately it appears they managed to capture miss Felfire at some point and imprisoned her down there. She… did not make it, I'm afraid."


"Son, there is knowledge that doesn't age. It just gets rarer and more valuable.
Or maybe I could just regale you with tales of a sewer monster from not too long ago."


She blinks. "Da RNS did this? Den da city must burn. Ah will not stand fer dis insult. Ah will make da arrangements with Smitts. Nadda mare stallion or foal will be spared. Thank ya fer tellin me dis."

"I'll be the judge of what kind of information is valuable."

You'd lose track of him if he weren't staying in this area making the same general coverage route. He's not leaving the area it seems.


Uh, well, maybe I can just walk up to him. "Are you looking for someone mate?"


Roll luck.


'1d10' lucky!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Wait a minute, I remember you! Where'd you take that money?!"




Push ten bits over to him.
As soon as he leaves, contact Salamander
#I need you to check a loose rock in an alley near the Ogre's Skull. There should be something useful there.


"We would not have managed to deal with them properly if it weren't for the city's aid. So I'm afraid I must disagree. I suggest directing your revenge towards the ponies responsible."


"What Monkey? I tame snake not monkey." Grin a bit.


#I'm occupied right now. I'll get to it once I'm done.

You can only command one minion at once.

A bottle is placed in front of you.

"Go on then."

"The RNS is da city. Da entire nobility and top tier is full of dem. Dey all will die, end of da matter."

"Come on, you think I'm an idiot? You just ran out of that bar! Now tell me before I have to get violent."


Back away slowly. "I just wanted to talk. How do you know that monkey Sir?"




"We received aid from one of the princesses… I find it hard to believe the entire nobility is tainted. Furthermore, I firmly believe miss Felfire would not wish for the death of children because of her own demise."


Fuck. Now he's shouting at me again, grab something and put it between me and the unicorn.
"Wait! calm down! If he's yours Where did you get him?"


"Thank you."
Nod to Cast
"You're free to go if you wished to be elsewhere. We can meet up again later, unless you like keeping me company."
Give him a little smile and turn back to the barkeep/extortionist/future burn victim
"Saw a big snake down in the sewers earlier. Damn big. You know of it right?"



Roll #1 7 = 7


Well this entire conversation was useless, good thing you were so quick to correct my mistake.


"Da Royal Necromancy Society is FUNDED by the royals. Dat's where da name comes from!"

You pull a nearby watermelon off a cart to hold between you!

"Out in the jungle! Tell me where he is. THIS IS THE LAST WARNING."

"Uh… I'll hang around I guess."

"There are two large snakes in the sewers. The Twin Snakes."


"Not any more. The place is cleared out now, but that's not exactly public info. Anyone with a spark of deviousness could see the value of knowing this before others."


"Ah, we must be thinking of different cults then. As I said before this cult was attempting to summon the Smooze to destroy the city."


"Just wait a moment! Why can't you get a different monkey? Why is he special?" Hunker down behind the cart while shouting this at him.


"He's for our master!"

Roll evasion.

"Ah dun know of any udda cults. Were ya able to racover her bahdy? And da name of dis cult?"

He shrugs. "Maybe. I'll call it even because I like you. There's about a seventy percent chance you're just making it up, but I'm a generous guy. Just drink your booze."


"You seem like a nice lad when you aren't being disrespectful. Here's to pleasant conversation."
Drink it up '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I was unable to recover her body, there were reinforcements on the way so I quickly came her to inform you. If we are swift, we may be able to strike back while they are in disarray and see to miss Felfire's remains. This cult was referred to as the Cult of Oblivion."


'1d10' dodge!
"Your master? Who is that? Anypony I've heard of?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


I believe I was about to enter into a drinking contest?


The rushing of the booze through your mustache… it reminds you of the sound from so many years ago…

The waves crash against your boat as you sail in against the waves at high speed. Over the roar of the seas, a uniformed diamond dog shouts information at you.


He proceeds to talk for seven minutes about the background of this succession crisis and the war going on, but you don't really care enough to listen closely.

You expertly evade and Monty spits venom in his eyes.

"AAA! My fucking eyes!"

Not just any drinking contest: it's Insult Beer Pong. A key part of the game is selecting the proper comeback for each insult.

"Arrrrr you ready?"

"Ah see. Yes, Ah'll talk ta Smitts about sending a team, den. Tank you."


"Aye. Let's get this over with…"


"Good work little buddy."
Maybe we should just run off again. Maybe one of those pirates I know is in the city. '1d10' Run away!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Before miss Felfire died… she asked me to tell you she was sorry. That is all."
Silently take my leave.


You trip. But he's already blinded so you still get away. Luuuuuckkkyyyyy.

The pirate serves.

"In all my years I've not seen a more loathsome worm than yerself!"

Roll Intelligence and Charisma for a comeback.

Out you go!


Well, a dog can't have bad luck all the time. Lets just look around the city for any one friendly. Go to the next level '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


/roll 2d10
"You must never have looked in a mirror."



Roll #1 7, 2 = 9


Smitts doesn't even need to be briefed, he'll have heard already and Terrebonne will take care of it.
This does leave me with time to pursue my own goals… if I could still remember them.
Let's go for a relaxed walk, and be on the lookout for any of the other captains or Face. Or Mellow.

Roll #1 5 = 5


They all claim they have just causes. You can't believe a word said in public. The only times anyone in this world is honest is behind closed doors or when tied down and faced with a hot iron. But that's for later.
Camelbodia taught me many things. Now it's time to show myself I retained those lessons. That my blade is sharp and my voice is loud, in this freezing wind as in the jungles and beaches. My name is Voxam, and one day the world will join me in song. One way or another.
…I should probably at least listen to the part about where I'm headed once we hit land.


I think I was talking to a sexy dancer.
Well, after smooching Tela.
Or was that before?


You return the serve and the pirate misses. He takes an angry gulp.

"Beginner's luck! Across all lands and seven seas, I've not heard a word of a single deed of yours, you nameless braggart!"

Roll just CHA.

Mellow Marsh is about overseeing some fine wood being brought aboard the ships.


If you want to save that bit for Tela we can skip to later.


Onward it is! You're up on level two, mostly residential.


Residental and services, that is. Not shops – people who do work here that isn't sold in windows.


up and up then. Keep an eye out for any friendly faces. I could use some help. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Mister Marsh, how are things? Require any help from your third mate?"



Roll #1 8 = 8


He better mean I'm taking a dinghy and not swimming, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hey, when will I get another opportunity to flirt with a dancer mare without Tela around?


You're so lonely!

In the crowds you spot fellow crewmate Sunnyskies enjoying some fine booze.

"This marks the last of my transactions, actually. I think we're all shipshape to leave this port soon, which makes me think it's time to hit it for all its worth and book it."

You mentally narrow it down to just three comebacks.

>And I've heard all about yours, you motherloving seadog!

>How appropriate, you fight like a cow!
>Maybe you should get your ears checked!

Unfortunately he means swimming as he gives you a push out the boat and turns it around.


"Job is good? Where at?"


"One a nice little ship, sailing all around the world!"


Rolling for COLD '1d10-2'

Roll #1 4 - 2 = 2


"And I've heard all about yours, you motherloving seadog!"


"I was under the impression Roads was too dangerous to hit. I advice caution."


#Go ahead. I'll try to remember it when someone melts the ice cube I'm found in a thousand years from now
SWIM '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Walk over to them casually. "Hello mate, havin' a good day?"


The pirate steps back, visibly shaken and drops his chalk and copy of Pirate Rape Weekly. He quaffs his penalty drink in anger.


Roll CHA

"That sounds pretty difficult to escape if this is some kind of rape cult…"

He shrugs. "We've raided Stonebriar, so I'm pretty disillusioned to danger. That wasn't exactly a warm-up raid."

#This is Paramedic. Her frequency is 99.3. She's your operational advisement for anything related to health. We also have your old master here for moral support and advice.

"As well as it gets, soldier. Which outfit are you with?"



Roll #1 8 = 8


Sauce? Is that… really you?


#Tags etc


"We have a different commodore now. I believe mister Smitts will agree with me that we should seek a different target."


"Hey, you have my word you'll be safe.
If you get some wrong touches, just tell me and I'll blow their brains out."


"The Eagle's Nest, what about you?"


#Vox, listen, you need to discover what it means to be a soldier. Today's friends may be tomorrow's enemies. Once you make landfall, you can't trust anyone.

"Maybe. Anyway not like I'd make a move without the goahead."

"Wait, what? You're part of our fleet? Uh… sorry, private. Guess I didn't recognize you. I'm from the Seaworthy."

"How… reassuring. Mind if I have a look at the place?"


You narrow it down to three again.


>Maybe you should eat some alphabet soup and learn to talk properly!
>The only thing you'll eat is your words!


#Can I at least trust the fire I make to stop my dick from freezing off?


"Of course. I assume our captain is still on the ship? Do you have any word on where mister Face is residing?"


"Sure. I think I got the valuable mercs from this place anyway. The rest are fucking useless, except maybe that one contractor guy, but I'll have to convince him to think long term."
Wave a hoof around.
"Anyway, follow me."
Lead her back to the fleet!


Smile at sunnyskies "Its alright. Can't know everypony. I was wondering if you had heard about some ponies looking for a missing monkey."


"The only thing you'll eat is your words!"


"If I had to guess, he's probably out on the town bedding the locals."

#This isn't a time for jokes, Voxam. The rebels may have gained possession of a dangerous magical weapon.

She tracks after you.

"Eh? No, I haven't been looking for anything like that."

The pirate misses again and drinks another penalty shot. Soon things just become a landslide as you get more and more ahead, and you win the insult beer pong.

"F-fine, I concede. You are the better player. The artifact you're looking for is in a hidden art gallery called Panama. It's on the third tier, but you can only see it with one of these… a Snakehead pendant. You can have mine."

He rolls it across the table to you.


I'll wake up and head up onto the deck of my little ship and inspect how it's holding up.


#Well I won't be in any condition to stop it if I die of hypothermia.
What info can you give me on this weapon?


"Of course."
I chuckle.
"Miss September?"


Start showing her around the… uh, the one where Umlock is the captain, where I have the room.
I forgot the ship names.
"I'd show you my room but my marefriend would probably think something fishy was going on."
Smirk at her.


"Thank you."
I'll take the pendant.
"Perhaps one day we can play again."


Nod a bit "Yea, just a rumor I heard." and whisper. "I think I might be in over my head, there were armed ponies looking for me and that monkey.. can you keep an ear out for me Sunnyskies? I'd like to know what me be up against."


"I believe she and Umlock went off to a bar in the upper city."

#Only the code name: The SHADOW-HOG.

All parts accounted for. Light Heart is on a neighboring vessel. Emrille is below on the shore.

He groans. "Rather not. Get outta here."


She gives you a look. "I'm not a whore! Just because I show off my body doesn't mean I sell it."

"Sure thing, private. Keep an ear to the ground."


I'll check in with Miss Light Heart. She always seems to be on top of the comings and goings of the fleet.

"Good day to you Miss Heart. Hope I'm not interrupting you this fine day."


"Interesting. Thank you."

Only Happy Puzzle is with me, right?
"Miss Puzzle, do you wish to scout the city on your own?"


What is it capable of?
Get out of this water. Find shelter. Any shelter. This can't be healthy at all '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Whoa, I didn't say I'd pay you for sex, did I?"


"Mister Friesian, of course not. How may I be of assistance?"


"Thanks." Sigh a bit in relief and I guess I'll follow his advice and look for more clues. Keep walking around, did any of those guys follow me again? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


She sticks her tongue out at you playfully. "I don't see you getting mares any OTHER way."

Your WETSUIT lets the water slide right off.

You make shelter under an overhang of permafrost.

#We are not totally sure of all its capabilities, but we have learned enough to know that it needs to be dealt with.


"I don't really have anything to do right now but visit the princess."


They've shaken them entirely with your forgettable face. Of course, there are plenty more allies to be found fleetside.


"Nothing much. I was planning a few things for myself and the ship, but I was wondering if you could use my assistance in anything before I decide what to do next. Since you seem to have befriended most of the ship, I thought to ask you."


And away I go.
Since Chip isn't really here, I'm a fair bit stuck. Unless we just want to say that Chip was "with me the whole time" when I go up there.


Well, its not like I can stand up to 6 armed ponies on my own! Lets go find another ally then '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yes… I would very much like to do so myself first."

I shake my head.
"I am quite finished with my work for the time being, thank you. If I may make a suggestion though, I would check in with the other captains of the fleet."


You could do that, or go get drunk, or go help Friesian or Sateo.

Chip might want some time to rest after that thrilling misadventure.


Curry is here on his way back from somewhere. Sateo and Light Heart are up on deck. Emrille is probably about.


"Thank you for your time."

Is it possible to check if the person I hired to check out the boat and offer suggestions is here?


Yeah, the engineers have finished surveying your vessel and left contact details in your cabin.


I owe like half those people money. How many bits do I have now?
Wave at you.


I will go check on my cabin first to see who is around.


"Is that a challenge?"


Getting drunk nearly got me killed last time, thanks to Emrille's twitchy trigger winger.
I'll wave back.
"And what are you up to, Sateo? You seem to be in a hurry."


I'll retrieve that then. I should start working on that little ship and put away the thought that I missed something.


She shrugs innocently.

100 on you.

You borrowed something like 100 from Light Heart.

All your minions are here relaxing.


"Good day everyone."


Eye her up again, more top to bottom this time.
Especially bottom.


"I'm not doing much of anything." Walk closer. "Remember that monkey I bought earlier? Norman? Some unicorn and his friends were trying to take im' from me something fierce."


"Why's that? You bought him fair and square, didn't you?"


"GOOD MORNING CHARLIE LIGHT HEART" come a chorus of answers.

Her dress of choice is pretty riskee. Tambourines are strapped to her legs, making every step jingle. The ass was fat She has a large flank, and her tail has another tambourine braided into it. Her coat is white, and her eyes blue-purple. Her mane is a iridescent blue, braided with purple and orange beads. She wears a playful expression. Her does not seem to have much muscle mass.


"They are saying he was stolen from their boss. An' worse, Norman said he never set eyes on these ponies before.
I lost them for now, but they are still looking."


"Well, I'm sure they'll listen to reason, eventually. Do you remember the merchant you bought the monkey from?"


"Am I needed here? Any issues that need solving?"


Oh wow, an ass fatter than Tela's!
This must be a record!
"So, you're sticking around, aren't you?"


"Aye! But I think there might be something else going on here.. I just don't know how to find out what.. or why they want Norman so bad.."


"We've been in the city for days. I think everyone is ready to move on."

It occurs to you that Wark is the only one missing.

"Except Mr. Wark, that is. Haven't seen him in a while."

"Maybe. If the pay is good."


"Well, possession is nine-tenths of the law, Sateo, so if you round up a few others, we can discuss this like adults with the ponies chasing you."


I nod.
"Of course, Rosemary, care to join us for a trip to the local nobility?"


"How much?"


Shake my head "They don't wanna talk."


Let's look at that list about ship recommendations then.


"They might with the proper persuasion. That's why I suggested rounding up a few others. We should head back to the ships and see who's available."


We still in the bar?


Look a little skeptical but nod. "At least they won't be able to gang up on me then.."


Nope, we on the Seaworthy.


"Right. That's what friends and crewmates are for, after all."


You whoring behind my back again, cunt?


"Nobility? Sure… like the palace?"

"I was making about three fifty a week back at the bar. Bits that is. But I might be talked into a long-term contract. 50 doubloons?"

You "have" 600 doubloons left after hiring the Grail Mercenaries for 400.

Emmy split with some dancer! She's back on the fleet.


There's room for some stuff. They recommend an armory, a cantina, or they can install the components for a magic refinery. They could also put in a crew quarters for a long-term crew, or spice up your captain's quarters.

You're limited on space, of course.


Smile when he says that word, friends, "Miss light heart maybe?"


Just a bit!

"Fifty? That better be a life-fucking-long contract then!"


"One of the palaces, yes."
Wink at her and turn to leave.


"She might. We'll see who's around."


"You'd be surprised how much I was making back at that bar! With tips, it was 7 doubloons a WEEK! That means I could be charging you 300 doubloons, but I am expecting to make up my losses in the form of tips here."

She bounces after you. "Hey! Wait, don't leave me!"


What would be the benefits of each?


"What's going on here? Are you being a little bitch again Emmy?"


"Let's make it fourty and everypony will be fucking glad."

"Shut the fuck up, I'm doing business!"


"We are in no rush. I am a bit tired after all the excitement today."


File: 1389653571421.png (7.88 KB, 782x363, Ship.png, IO Google TinEye)

Construction of a FORECASTLE will allow you to place cannons on the deck, saving space below.

Construction of a CROW'S NEST will allow you to post a lookout, giving you more AWARENESS.

Construction of an AFTCASTLE would give you another square for building. This is a popular location for CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS.

Unused squares can be freely built without replacing something else.

HOLDS allow you to store additional supplies (ranging out from the fleet or holding your own loot).

GUNDECKS allow you to defend yourself in a firefight.

BRIGS allow you to contain prisoners safely.

BUNKHOUSES allow you to keep long-term staff.

The BILGE is necessary for keeping your ship afloat.

ARMORIES allow you to defend yourself in more personal boarding attacks and allow you to employ smiths to care for your weapons.

CANTINAS improve morale, decreasing chances of mutiny. They come with a larder, performers, and booze.

MAGIC REFINERIES allow you to employ mystical crewmates, such as mages, alchemists, et cetera. Without such refineries they wouldn't have their equipment or replacement catalysts.

You cannot range out on your own until you have at least one hold, bilge, gundeck, and bunkhouse. Until then you are a support ship and nothing more.

"Fine. But I expect tips from you too."

"Oh, do you want to rest first?"


"No, not yet. But let us continue at a relaxed pace."


We were heading to the boats, by the by.


To the boats you arrive.

She trots alongside you. "Was your day exciting?"


Now, let's look for some companions to help with Sateo's trouble.
Light Heart was mentioned.


Light Heart is here with a couple companions, on her home ship of the Sirocco.


Half-open a wing.
"You can get a tip allright~"
Snicker, then get that little notebook out and write a quick contract and whatnot.


I'll start working on the basics then. I can't expand until I have the proper minimums to start from.

Where do I go to get these projects started.


"Light Heart, do you have a moment?"


I smile.
"Yes it was. Quite interesting too. Unfortunately-"

"Ah… mister Curry. I do."


Wave as well to indicate I'm here.


"My apologies for interrupting. I was wondering if you could assist myself and Sateo with dealing with a small gang of toughs who seem to be convinced that they have some claim to his monkey. As there are at least six, to my knowledge, I had thought it prudent to see if anyone was free to help out and try to dissuade them."


File: 1389654122656.png (1.8 MB, 1200x846, Notes.png, IO Google TinEye)

You can return to the carpentry shop once you have the proper funding.



I rub my forehead with a troubled look.
"I was hoping to enjoy some relaxation after today's events, but… very well. I do have some bad news however… miss Felfire has passed away."


Look shocked. "What?! ..Can't we bring her back?"


Who do I go to request funds for Ship Maintenance like this? I just need to get it up and running right now.


Punch her shoulder.

"Hey, if anyone on the fleet gives you trouble, tell us alright? You're under our contract now, which means I wont tolerate anyone trying something cute."


"Oh, right, what's your name? I'll need tha-"

"Ow, hey, the fuck?"


I'll blink a bit.
"She what?"


It is a mystery you must seek out an answer for!

"You certainly seem to have more scruples than your counterpart."

She gives you a little smile.


Since Movp was the one who helped me get this position, I'll go ask him first. Head towards his direction.


"She was captured by a cult attempting to summon an entity called the Smooze. We managed to stop them from doing so but… I'm afraid we were too late to save her. I do not think there is any way to bring her back."


The General is in his quarters.



"She's still learning her place."


"That includes you, you little snitch."

"She's young and stupid, that's all."


Stand at attention.

"General Movp, I came to ask you for some help regarding the vessel I was assigned to. I had a contractor look it over and they offered some suggestions. Where would I go to request funds to carry out some maintenance for it?"




"It's not rape if she wants it, is it?"


Kick at the ground for a while.
"The cult used bad magic on her then?"


"In a underground temple. I have informed miss Terrebonne already, she will take the necessary steps. I advice you not to go down there on your own, there are likely more cultists around."

"Yes they… chained her up along with some other prisoners, then blew them up with some type of magic runes. It was an unpleasant sight."


"If she knows what's good for her, she'll know not to want you."


I'll grimace a little.
"That was the temple the Commodore tasked me with clearing out as a show of good will towards the city. If I had just gone in when I had, instead of retreating to find Chip…"
I'll stomp a hoof.
"Damnation. I'll have to speak with Terrebonne about this later. First is Sateo's problem, then vengeance for a lost friend."


Nod slowly and look a bit angry "..Can we kill them? These cultists?"


"Come on, don't be so selfish, you can share me with other mares~"
Smirk and pull Tela closer with a wing.
"I wouldn't mind."


"I believe miss Terrebonne will want them dealt with in any case."


"That'd be the fleet Grand Quartermaster, Blue Topaz, the captain of the Darklantern. She draws the pursestrings tight, though: requisitioning funding may be quite difficult. There's an old rumor that she's the last surviving member of the long-dead race of Jew Ponies."


"You'd love that, wouldn't you?"




"I'd make you love it too, I bet."


"As tight as the purse strings may be, it is my duty to loosen them now. Thank you for your time, sir."

Head towards the Darklantern and its captain now.


Turn to Happy Puzzle.
"Miss Puzzle… If you wish you may go to the palace on your own. I must tend to other matters here, I'm afraid."


Nod firmly. And then dig out the hundred bits I owe you.
"Maybe I can just stay on the ship for now, those unicorns won't come up here right?"


"Keep fantasizing, you shallow whore."


"No, it's alright, miss Heart. Enjoy your relaxation."
"They'd best not, if they know what's good for them."


"Ah, splendid. Thank you mister Sateo."

"Are you certain?"


"Er, so you're going back to deal with the cultists? But won't they all split when they find out their leader is dead? I thought that was the point of not storming them from the front in the first place."

Deep in the hold of the ebon ship you find the captain's quarters.


"You already dealt with quite enough already, though I wonder what you were doing in there without any back up."
I'll shake my head.
"I'll need to speak with miss Terrebonne regardless."


"One of these days, we'll fuck a mare threeways.
Just wait."

To the little dancy dancy mare.
"Well, get settled in and shit, I have some things to take care of."


"No, mister Sateo requires my aid for something else. Although it seems they decided to forgo my aid after all."

I chuckle.
"I had plenty of back-up. It was… quite the learning experience."


Knock before I enter.

"This is Commander Friesian Cross, requesting entry to discuss maintenance on my ship."


I sigh and walk away.
"No… no we wont."

Where is that paladin?


Nod. "If you hear about those unicorns please let me know.. I just feel there be something off about them, that they were so determined.. "


"What was their issue?"


I'll raise an eyebrow at that.
"I'd wager."
"Are you alright, then? If I'm available, I'll be at your disposal to dissuade those thugs."


"Very well, then…"

"Alright then. I will. Keep safe and… tight."

"Come in then."

You find him up on the decks enjoying the sun.


"A group of six unicorns been chasing me down insisting that I turn over my pet monkey."


"A little worried. But this cult has an air of importance to it."


"Do be careful out there."

"Then we shall go together after all, after you miss Puzzle."

"… How very strange. Smugglers perhaps? I will keep an eye out."


"As you like, then. If they show up before we leave, just get word out to me and I'll be there to help out."
I'll nod.
And then it's off to Terrebonne's cabin.


"What the heck are you doing?"


"Aye." Look a little unsure about what to do now, just stare at the sea.


"Miss Topaz, while we were here in Roads, I hired a Contractor to look over the ship I've been assigned to. They've offered several suggestions to imrpove its abilities, but I'd like to emphasize the Hold, Bilge, Gundeck, Bunkhouse, and Forecastle. In my opinion, these are the most pressing, and would enable the ship to add valuable service to the Fleet in the fastest time.


Wink at her.
Let's go see Umlock.


nod and watch you leave.


"I am gazing upon the sun. If only I could be so grossly incandescent." Stanjez replies.

"For what purpose?"

He's in his cabin enjoying a nice keg of ale.

Sunnyskies isn't here.


Terrebonne's cabin door is the only one that is usually open – and it's always open. It is now closed, however.




As the others disengage, Puzzle leads you off.

No reply.


"Miss Terrebonne?"


And Rosemary too right?
"What will you do now, miss Puzzle? I imagine today's events must be… quite exciting for you as well."


Fuck, that's a problem.
Let's look for that whore.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well I'm already shining myself, I guess I'm on my way to being as incandescent as the sun already."


Rosemary is following you.

"Oh, yeah! Not every day you get to serve the Elements. However… I get the uneasy feeling that it's not over yet. Didn't that seem like a bit of an anticlimax?"

No reply.


"Refraction isn't quite the same, I'm afraid. Have you come to begin your training?"

You search the fleet and do not find him there.


"A variety of them. With the smallest ship capable of standing on its own, we'll be able to use it for long-range reconnaissance, retrieval, and even combat, should it come to it. It's size makes it perfect for any shallow areas as well as for going through any constrained areas. Further improvements will make it possible for a larger crew to stay on board and handle larger tasks without risking our larger, more valuable, vessels."


Time to visit the Commodore, then. He might be aware of miss Terrebonne's location.


Can someone else even speak the fucking language?


"Yeah, I have. I need something to distract me."


You approach his cabin. "Don't bother coming in. I know what you want. Don't bother her. She's in there."

There was that Jenny… captain of the Eagle's Roost – Forever September.

"The purpose of the Hourglass is as a support vessel, not an adventure vessel or a party barge."

"Good. Let's begin then. Do you have a sword?"


"Sometimes matters simply end in that way, miss Puzzle."


"So I'm not even allowed to offer condolences for a friend, and offers of vengeance?"
I'll frown slightly, and shake my head a little.
"Is there a recovery planned?"


Well, fly over to the Eagle's Roost then!


"Yup, I never part with it."


"The Shrine of Laughter always taught me to expect a full story arc, but if you say so, I'll trust you."

"Whether or not there is isn't really your concern. You should be concerned with the fact that I have arranged for the safe exit of Summer Seas and her mother in this city. The real question you should be asking yourself is if you will remain with her or stay with the fleet."

You do so. On the deck, Tela is practicing with Stanjez, the paladin.

"Good. Let's see some basic attacks."

He pulls out a HUGE shield seemingly from nowhere.

"Go ahead. Give it a whack. I want to measure your strength."


I'll blink.
"Is that possible? Wouldn't that be a breach of the contract I signed?"


I chuckle.
"I am by no means an all-seeing being, I could definitely be wrong of course."


Slap her on the butt as I flutter by and head to the captain's quarter.


"I am the contract holder."

She shrugs. "Who knows! First time for everything."

Roll for accuracy.


I smirk and pull my sword.
"I'll whack it up alright."

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


I nod silently and just enjoy the calmness for now.
How's my heart feeling?


"I… will have to give this some thought. My sister would also be coming with me, so I'd have to speak with her and Light Heart if I did decide to take this offer."
I'll rub my chin a little.
"I'll be back. I need… to think on this."
And then I'll take my leave. Hunt down Mera and Skylight.


Young and strong. Only one heart attack since your age adjustment!

Skylight is in LH's quarters on the Sirocco. Mera isn't there.

"Not bad. Let's see some more."


Perhaps she's swimming around…
"Skylight, can I speak with you?"


"Always. What is it, big bro?"

She adds the epithet playfully at the end, as if an afterthought on a whim.



"Brace yourself then!"

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Excellent. Everything is excellent. Except Felfire's death, because now I'll need to look for a replacement necromancer. Better to have multiple…


Also that Wark is playing truant again.

"That one didn't have as much force behind it. What do you strive for?"


That was to be expected. If he doesn't show up I'll have to go look for him, otherwise I'm sure he can handle himself.



Roll #1 9 = 9


#Alright. Can I get any kind of rundown on what i should expect as I make my approach? Is there anything friendly and/or less hostile between me and there?



Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"It seems that the commodore has arranged for miss Seas and her mother to part with the crew at this port. He has also given me the choice of discarding my contract, as he is the holder, so that I can leave with them. I wanted your input on the matter."


Emrille slaps you.

"Perhaps you do not have the will in you to be a paladin. Pity. Maybe you should give up and return to being a fighter."

"Sounds good to me. I'd just as soon get out of here. Why stay?"

You can only imagine the lecture you're going to get from the HR pirate.

To the cabin. September is here drawing up some blueprints.


#You're already in enemy territory. Magical interference could be spying on our communications. From here on out, you're not to use your real name. I'll be referring to you by codename. Your codename will be "Naked Cake", or "Cake" for short. You'll call me "Drag". You must leave no trace of your time here: weapons and equipment must be found on-site. Food, too.


"Hey there. You can speak the freaky language Umlock is yapping in, right?"


Glare at Emrille as she walks away. I'll get her back for that.
"And why not? Explain to me why wanting to become more powerful is a bad thing? That's what training is for. An athlete doesn't practice for fun, nor does a paladin."


"I… don't know. Honestly, leaving would be the smartest idea I've had in years."
I'll shake my head a little.
"Want to help me find Mera? She might be swimming around the ships, or in her tub. I don't think she'd wander into town alone…"


Now, how about that palace?


#Yes your majesty.
I take it my race puts me at a disadvantage here - most of the locals won't believe I'm just a lost traveler…?


"Bara tillräckligt för att förolämpa dig för ditt gapande fitta."

"An athlete does not get faster for the sake of being faster. An athlete gets faster to win the race. Perhaps to make mother country proud."

"I need to get my stuff together if we're leaving soon."

You stroll up through the busy streets, staying aware for pickpockets. The guards let you into the royal tier.

#Indeed. You can't afford to be spotted at all by the local dogs. You need to be a ghost.


#Are you saying 'no witnesses' or 'no survivors'?


"Right… You do that, I'll go look for Mera. And I need to speak with Fullmaster Abilio, as well."


Cock my head in annoyance.
"Is that a fucking yes then?"


#They have a communications network. Engagement is a tightrope that is risky to walk.

"Good luck."

"Yes, of course."


"Which is why I was comparing it to the paladin. Are you saying a paladin doesn't need to know how to perform in combat using physical, divine or magical powers? There's nothing wrong with looking for power or having the wish to improve yourself!"


#Well, I'll just have to deal with that as it comes.
Aside from the mage, are there any high priority targets I should know about?


"Good. His usual little translator is nowhere to be fucking found. I need to ask him something important."


I can still remember where her palace was right? There's so many princesses and princes…


"A paladin does not search for power for power's sake."

#Your sole objective is the extraction of the scientist, who we're referring to by codename as "Joshua".

"Maybe you should learn the language if you plan to stay on his ship."

Yes, it's prime real-estate right near the entrance to the district.


#Well, this should be easy enough…
I just head north until I find the fort, right?


Good. The guards should know to let us through.


"I never said I did either. I just said I strive for power, but not the reason why I strive for it! I need some sort of purpose here. I died and was brought back to life just a few days ago."


"Maybe he should learn the most common fucking language in the world. I'm sure i's nothing for a captain like him."


#Yes… you'll find a map and compass in your backpack.


You head into the palace. Just the princess and Butterscotch are about.

"Then what reason?"

"What do you need that is so dire in urgency, anyway?"


"Greetings again, you two."


Surely I must have a backpack here somewhere… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"To fight for a bigger purpose and an ideal."


"A bar on the Seaworthy. To boost morale and shit. Plus it would hook us with another sweet merc contract."


Right, so it's off to Abilio's cabin. Can I stumble across Mera along the way, or is she conspicuously absent?



"Greetings, to both of you."

Puzzle adds: "Hihi!"

You spot it in the waves. It must've washed free of you wetsuit when you paddled in…

"What purpose? What ideal?"

She gives you a are you serious, oh wait I forgot a second who I was dealing with, of course you are look.

You glimpse her in the shallows while you hike to the cabin.


Can I see anything here I could use to try and fish it to shore? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ah. Good. I'll go see her once I've talked with the Fullmaster. Knock on his door.


"My ideals are my own… as for the purpose, I'm not sure yet. I hoped training with you would clear that up."


"Are the others absent?"
I look around.
… Is there more of that water of life around here?


Give a don't give me that fucking look look back.
"It wouldn't be the most ludicrous thing that's on this fucking fleet."


The barren, unforgiving coast of Novdogod offers little in the way of tree cover.

Plus it's pretty far out there.

"Yes? Who is it?"

"Everyone's ideals are their own. You don't know what you're fighting for… That is not the way to be. Perhaps you should go on a vision quest to learn your purpose."

"Smiles already went home, and Spook never showed up."

There's a bottle on the mantle above the fireplace.

"I'll mention your request to him tonight. I'm going to finish real work for now."


"It's Curry, Fullmaster Abilio. Do you have a moment to speak?"


#Bad news. The pack is gone.


"What a shame. We will likely take our leave from this port soon as well."
Walk over to it and inspect it. Does it belong to some kind of commercial brand? Who makes these?


"A what?"


Tap a hoof on her desk.
"I'm doing real fucking work too, sweetheart. If I get that bar up and running it will get the fleet a contractor who knows mercs all around the fucking world.
You wouldn't want to throw that away, would you?"


#You'll have to find it. Can't afford to leave evidence of your trip here.

"Come in, but be quick about it."

The bottle is only labeled, Το νερό της ζωής
Λίμνη πλευρά Αμπελώνες

"A vision quest. To learn more of your inner self."

"Isn't that supposed to be your job in the first place?"


"Princess… what does this text on the bottle mean? I was wondering how this drink is made."


"Okay, how do I start on doing that?"


"Thank you."
I'll enter.
"First, I'd like to ask if there is a recovery mission planned for Felfire, and if I can help in any way. Second, I may be leaving the fleet within the next few days, and I was wondering if you'd like to have the copies of the books I've made so far to add to your library."


#It's out at sea. I'll probably drown if I go for it.


"It makes my job easier if I know where to look."


Stir and shake my head.
Where am I?


"It's old Trotantine. It means, Water of Life - Lakeside Vineyards."

"You'll need some herbs. Fortunately, I have learned in my time on this island where they can be found. You'll need Sunbloom, Dreamroot, and Mistblossom. The first can be found on mountain peaks – high altitude locations. It's bright yellow and glows faintly at night. Dreamroot can be found in caves. Recognize it from its distinctive purple stripes. Mistblossom is the easiest or the hardest. It grows here in the harbor, but the bud is brown and dead looking, and hard to differentiate from other plants, except in the morning when the fog rolls in and causes the buds to open, revealing a pleasant blue bloom."

"Ah, yes, of course. Never too humble to add to the house of knowledge."

#Just eat a snake or something to recover stamina, Cake.

"Isn't it your job to know where to look?"

You returned to the fleet after Curry won the Snakehead charm for you. You'll need it to find the Panama museum on the third level of the city.


"Thank you. And about Felfire?"


"How does it function? Is it enchanted?"


#Stamina, huh…
Look around
Do I see any snakes? Or crabs? Or something else to snack on? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


What time is it now?
"Night and morning huh? Looks like I'll have a long day today."


"Is your job being a smartass?"


"It has some magical properties, but I can't say I know much about it."

"There is not yet a consensus. I'll let you know."

There's a mudcrab over there that you saw the other minute. Horrible creatures.

It's early afternoon. "It will be good exercise, nonetheless."

"It is, in fact."

September is a donk.


#I've encountered some kind of cave demon. I'll try to take it out.
Engage in CRAB BATTLE '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Lets examine again the things that I collected and check the note that is given to me. What is written in it again?


"So those caves. Anything horrible inside them? Maybe a hydra? Or a manticore?"


"A shame. Is it very expensive? I would like to buy some to try out in the future."


I'll grimace a little, but nod.
"She may not have thought so, but I'd like to imagine we were friends, or at least getting to that point. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know."


"Is it?"



Cake, try to remember the basics of CQC.

Are you feeling alright Cake? It's a mudcrab.

It grabbed your knife and broke it in half!

You already got the gem… you'll need to get the staff and the headpiece. The staff is in that hidden museum.

"Not that I know of. It should be a safe journey."

"A cheap bottle is usually about fifteen bits. Is that expensive?"

"Yes, I am a very smart ass. Now leave me to my work."

"Very well then. Good luck with your departure."



Roll #1 7 = 7


"A cheap bottle? What makes them different from expensive ones? As for whether it is pricey or not… that depends how much said bottle provides."


I'll nod.
"Thank you, Fullmaster."
And then I'll take my leave, and head to the shallows to meet up with Mera.


"So I should be able to go in alone, right? I'll have an excuse to get away from Emmy for a while."


"Yeah, sure."
More like an asshole, bitch.
Let's leave.
To the deck I guess.


Hmmm…. alright lets put those back in my bag and lets go out into the city again and ask the city-folks if they have heard of rumors of an old museum or something.

Also how is the ships condition btw?

Roll #1 3 = 3


You punch it into the ground a couple of times.


"The quality of the ingredients, I guess? I'm not a brewer. It's just a curiosity I think."

You stand at the edge of the ship. Barring any other way to get down you jump straight into the water and bellyflop in the shallows.

"Yes, I think you should be fine."

Tela is here, speaking with Stanjez.

Ships are in ship shape. Everything is ready to leave.

No one you speak to has heard of Panama. You guess that makes sense, since it's a hidden museum.


"Very well… any suggestions as to where I should purchase it from?"


"Sweet. I'll get those ingredients as soon as possible then. I'll go look for a cave right away!"
Leave the ships and the docks. Where would I find a cave? Outside of the city of course.


"Are you buying in bulk? You can have that bottle if you really want it."


"You what, you whore?"


You head up to the second tier of the city. The exits to the city are on this level. The open out into the great valley at the center of the island.


Continue CRAB BATTLE '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I was tempted to buy a few. Not too many, just four or five perhaps."


Oof. Ah well, I'll get better. Work my way to shore, and then go hunt down Mera. She was around here somewhere.


Someone's interfering with the signal!


Get off!

You stomp one of its claws. It looks nearly done.


Too late, you didn't hear that!

A great valley huh? I guess it's time for a walk. Maybe ask one of the locals.
"Hey, I'm looking for a cave. Any cave. Or well, a cave that isn't inhabited by dangerous shit."


"Listen here, Cave Demon. I will spare your life if you go get my backpack for me!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


She pops up in front of you and boops you on the nose. "Hey!"

"Down on the first level there are markets where they sell that kind of thing. Usually the staff just buy for me."

"There are a lot of caves up on the side of the peaks, near the plateau of heroes."

You finish it off with a final crushing strike. It dissolves into mist and a pack of freshly-cooked MRE rations appears in its place. You do not question this.


"Hello, Mera. It seems we might be able to leave the fleet after all. Miss Seas and her mother are to be left at this port, and the Commodore has extended the option for me to dismiss my contract and go with them. So I wanted your opinion."


"Of course. I will certainly look into it later then, thank you."


#The crab refused to cooperate, I'm afraid.
Eat delicious crab ration
Look around for a crab that speaks my language '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Let's see…
I guess I can visit Abilio.


"Where's the plateau of heroes exactly?."
The peaks… that's also where the Sunbloom should grow.


"Why not?"

You spot another mudcrab, but you don't think any of them will speak your language. Horrible creatures.

You feel a bit more enstamined.

"Of course. Feel free to stay here while you're in town."

You head to his room and knock.


"The long stone road east out of town, take the north road when it splits."


"And your mare?"


Draw a picture of a backpack in the sand and show it to the crab.
Then point at the backpack out at sea, then at myself, and finally show a little treat I could give it as a reward.
Surely this transcends the language barrier '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Your generosity is humbling."
Turn to HP Lovepone and Rosemary.

"We have been graciously accepted as guests here. What should we spend our time on?"


Let's find this road and start climbing.


"Well, mostly I was just wondering if I should take the time to write farewells to those I'd miss, or just leave without a word."


Dang it. Anyway lets see if this place has a library of some sort.


"I don't know where she is."


"How long are we staying in town?"

The road is a long one. The road is flanked by pleasant trees of all different kinds, even extremely foreign cherry blossoms. They must have been planted explicitly.

"I can't say what's right for you when it comes to that."

She gives you a suspicious look. "Can your friends even read? Other than Light Heart I mean."

You get lost looking for a library and can only find the museum you're looking for. Fucking gyp.


Hmmm, how long have we been here and how much longer will we stay here?


Throw it into the sea '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


A week, maybe week and a half. You have no idea how long you'll stay.


"Oh for fuck's sake…"
Let's try to find her.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Your front leg gets all sliced up!

She's out in the harbor district at the marketplace.


I stand there dumbfounded.
"Wait what? This is the Museum?"
What does it look like from the outside? Is it in the city or is it outside of it?
Any traps I can spot from my position?

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"I'm sure Tela can read perfectly well, and Mister Chip can. Sateo might need a bit of help, but I'm sure he can puzzle it out. Master Wark, Light Heart's associate, is a fairly smart individual as well."


"I am not sure, to be quite frank. It is possible we will leave as soon as tomorrow."



Roll #1 7 = 7


This road is making me hungry.
Keep walking though, got to stay focused.


Fly over there and land beside her.
She still has my fancy bullet, right?


It's just a building on the third tier of the city. It's easily overlooked.

"Oh, I meant ponies like Emrille."

"So what do you want to do?"

You use both hooves to smash it over the shell. It rears back for another strike!

After walking a long way you come across a traveler headed to the city from the exterior region, opposite of you on the road.


Didn't you get that back already?


"Relax, hopefully."
I chuckle.
"And visit the markets. I hope mister Wark will show up soon as well."


I did?
Can I do the fancy trick with it?


Keep an eye on him, as he approaches but don't speak up or make any sudden moves.


Extend a hoof to it in respect
"Your skills impress me, Crab. Join my noble cause."
Command '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Emrille… is not someone I will regret leaving behind."
I'll rub my chin.
"Anyway, I've a few small chores to do before I can sever ties with the fleet anyway. It'll give you enough time to pack anything you want to keep, or help Skylight pack as well. I have the feeling it will take me some time to get Miss Seas's funds freed from miss Topaz, if that's even an option."


Oh…. alright then.
I scratch my head and grunt before looking for the entrance and try to get inside. Any guards/watcher/sign post that I need to watch out for?


"Oh? How do ponies relax around here?"

Yes, the basic one, where you have effectively infinite ammo by firing the same silver bullet over and over.

You pass each other.

You continue down the road.

The crab moves in for the kill and slashes you up again!

You're very low on health!

"Alright. See you then."

This place is abandoned. You try the front door. It's locked.


"Have fun."
And then it's off to Topaz's.


"Many ways, I imagine."
Nod towards the water of life.
"Though one in particular is rather interesting."


Equip Rations
Finish this CRAB BATTLE '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Anyway, let's talk with her anyway.
"Hey, what'cha looking for?"



You ate your Reticulated Mudcrab already!

You smash in the crab and kill it.

You get tired out on the trip and relax by sitting down on a box.

"What does it make you remember?"

"Maps, inks, that sort of thing."

Down the road indeed. You come to a fork. Left or right?


Lets explore the back and see if there is any entrance of sort beyond the front.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That sounds boring. Any magical treasure maps or someshit at least?"


Eat this one too.
#These crabs are surprisingly tough…
Check my wounds '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



You can't find any visible way to get behind the building. It ends directly where the next building begins with no alleyway.

"That's not how maps work."


"I know how they work."


Like hell I do. I'm in the prime of my life, age 20-something years, thanks to growing back up a little after getting that mark. Even traded out that Kid's Cloak for a more appropriately-sized one. The Darklantern isn't that big.


"It allows one relive their past. I remembered my time at school. Those were interesting years indeed."


Examine the lock, does it look old?


You perform a perfect tally of your wounds. One eye wound, several arm wounds. After eating the rations you feel a little better.

Current Stamina: [▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]

You head up the long cobblestone road. In the distance, you see great granite statues.

She scrutinizes you. "Are you sure?"

It's huge! And you also just finished jumping off a boat, swimming, and hiking between several boats. A breather will do you good.

You reminisce about all the good times you've had here on the fleet. Posing as somepony's foal wearing a sailor suit. Saving Mera. All that time you spent with Summer and Spring. Finally beating that Hydra. Talking to the Hero of the Hopeless in that vault. Meeting your sister. Those two times you had penetrative sex, once by accident with Spring and once with Light Heart while drunk. It all seems so long ago. When in truth it has been a few months.

"You went to a school? Like medical school?"

Pretty old, yep.


"Yes, I am fucking sure."


Lets look around first and see if anyone is around before I break this lock, or is lockpicking it an option?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Give her a 'Are you for real nigga' look.
"Of course. My parents sent me to school to learn how to become a proper adult."


#I can't go into salt water in this condition. I need to heal up.


That must be the plateau of heroes!


The time with Spring did not count, as neither she nor I knew how it happened nor did we actually get past the tip.
And there was a bit of a followup when I wasn't drunk with Light Heart, though I nearly put her out of commission with that…
But yes, quite a lot has indeed happened. And there's to be a bit more before I'm through. It hasn't been all bad, getting out of that shrine.


"If you say so. I'm going to head back soon anyway. I can't wait to get out of this town. Too crowded for me."

No one's looking. You smash the lock and head in.


"Not many ponies go to schools, and Dixie City is pretty small. I figured at most you spent time at the abbey."

#There may be an alternative. East of here there is a salt mine. Sometimes there are raw deposits of sodium. It's too risky to mine it out yourself, but you might be able to find an oil tank storing some. If you throw a hunk of sodium into the water, it'll explode, possibly propelling the pack toward you. Beware… letting snow fall on the sodium will cause a violent explosion.

Indeed! As you make your way up, you find a number of great earth ponies enshrined here. Some died for honor, others for the state, other for their beliefs, but none died in vain.

You get up after resting and make your way to the quartermaster's quarters – now captain's quarters.


"Come on, it's finally a lively place! It's not terrible. They have some great massages somewhere too."


Knock knock knockin' on Topaz's door.


#You'd think a fishing rod would be easier than this. And isn't exploding the sea a little counterintuitive to sneaking?


These are all foreigners though.
Strangers to me.
It's a nice thought though, to be immortalized in stone like this. Maybe when I finally settle down I'll put a statue of myself in my living room.


I smile slightly.
"It was a special school."


What do I see?


#We wouldn't have dropped you off in that area if there were dogs around.

"Yes? What is it? Oh just – come in already."

"Mm. Not for me."

According to ancient lore, Trotantium claims to be the descendent of the old Earth empire, founded by the earth ponies who abandoned the Triple Alliance between Unicornia and Pegisapolis. You vaguely wonder what your own heritage is as you observe the mighty statues.

Now Puzzle is interested too. "Oh? What kind? What kind?"

This place is pretty dark. You see a TAN GNAT and a flock of STAB BATS. Over in the corner, there's an EVIL OLIVE staring at you.

You also observe a bed and a bunker nearby. What odd displays.


"One for ponies with disabilities. Blind ponies, mute ponies, ponies who lost limbs… and ponies with weak hearts too."
I chuckle.


Enough time has been wasted. It's a miracle the pack is still afloat.
Try to find my way to a vantage point so I can get a rough bearing. Maybe I don't need that map at all?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I haven't seen my family in years and I'm not about to look them up just to ask them.
It's no good to ponder about the past too much anyway. I'd rather focus on making my own legend.


Once inside, I'll state my case to Topaz.
"Miss Topaz, it seems the Commodore has extended to me the option of leaving the fleet along with miss Seas and her mother. Would it be possible to take their affects with us once we depart? The things from the temple, such as the paintings, bits, and books? Or would I need to fill out the proper paperwork for these items?"


"Whatever suits you. You're missing out on some fucking great massages.
Anyway, I have work to do. Toodles."
Let's fly back to the place with the mercs. I need to talk with that guy who knew the contracts.


You think you can figure out north, but if the enemy finds that pack…

"What do they teach there? Medicine?"

You're the one pondering.

"Already done. Seas and her effects have been removed."

You flitter into that bar. He's still at the counter enjoying a mai tai.



"Ah. Thank you, miss Topaz. Once again I'm a fair few steps behind."


"All sorts of things. We were given a broad amount of subjects to learn."



Let's just keep walking. Got to find those caves…

Roll #1 8 = 8


Oh how long can it possibly float?
Besides, with all the cave demons around, all the dogs who venture here will doubtlessly die.

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