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Light Heart:

You were talking through the maze wall with Butterscotch. She mentioned having been separated from one of the other ponies.

Everyone Else:

You have successfully reclaimed the Eye of the staff! Clearly no puzzle is too devilish for you. Where to, now? The depths of the temple, or will you help Chip finish his little misadventure before heading over? Chip informs you that it would involve winning a drinking game and could be dangerously fun.


So where am I?


As much fun drinking sounds, I have work to do too!
I should go and look for mercs… where to begin..
Is Tela around?


Presumably enjoying the booze in the lower city.

Good question.


I wait for the others to reply



I must be. Lots of whisky and rum around here.
But…were there things I had to do or am I free to do as I please?


Slap her butt with a wing.
"Want to go hunt down some mercs that don't suck dick and are good for recruitment?"


There were some loose plans but most everything fleet related has been postponed in light of tensions following the motion to revoke the privilege of non appeal!

In the mean time, a bunch of the raiders you're familiar with – Chip, Emrille, Tela, Friesian, Sateo, Seekkill – they all went to go pillage a mansion that was abandoned.

Light Heart is off doing something on her own somewhere. Felfire, too.


Shove her.
"Keep those wingers off of my ass. And sure. You're an expert on sucking dick anyway."


Pffft. There must be a reason why I didn't go there. Was there money around here somewhere?
Walk around town looking for something suitable to scam '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You do say you taught me a lot."
"And I know you love my wings~
Any ideas where we should start? A pub?"


Your best bet, as far as you can figure, is to set up some sort of scam stand down in the market lane. There are a bunch of shifty merchants there anyway. You may need to be careful of the guards, though.


I really don't want to go into that temple without at least one dog who has a head for architecture, so I'll accompany Chip to his drinking game. He'll need someone to carry him out, after all.


"Sure, they usually make for a decent recruitment ground."


And I got cards too.
Set up a tent.
"Come, come one and all..
Come and be amazed by the Great Dogeini.


"What are we waiting of then?"


"You're the fucking cockoterri aren't you? Lead!"


"Yeah, but I want to look at your butt."


Looks like the two of you head back down to the pirate gang. These notorious Mad Hatters are mostly benign, but to get information out of them, you'll need to beat them at insult beer pong, their favorite game.


Roll my eyes and find the nearest pub that doesn't look like a rapecave of sorts.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You scrabble together enough random driftwood to set up a stall.

Though the market is busy, you do attract a couple of ponies who stare at you blankly.



You drop by The Squealing Maiden's Wet Euphemism, the greasiest bar in town.

I assume you're saying you're with them? see >>496793


"So… insult beer pong?"


"Some bar you found"


Head inside and scan the interior for troublemakers.

Roll #1 9 = 9


That's where I was before.


You're outside the ships. I assume you're addressing Chip…?

You glance around. This place is pretty small but it's caked in a few layers of grease. They sell everything fried.


Yes., I am.


Small? We can't do small, we need big. Big fat taverns. Leave immediately and find someplace else.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"No wonder your ass is so fat."


"Yes. Thats how lit is"


"But what is it? Never heard of it."


"Aye, it be a great game!"


"Are you just going to fucking complain the whole time or what? With all the shit you've been pulling you can be glad I don't just let you do this stuff alone and get yourself raped in a dark alley or something."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'll do the meat of the things, once we get to it."


Good. Are there mares amongst them?

"Listeners, you're wise to interrupt your busy day here for a few minutes. For here, you shall witness learn something invaluable.
For I, Dogeini, have travelled and sailed the Seven Seas for years, and have seen many things.
I point to one of the ponies.
"You. Do you know what you're about to learn?"


You head over to the most popular bar in the shadiest part of the district, the Rapist's Dark Alley Or Something.

This spacious bar has an odd shape that allows it to have tons of dark corners for suspicious cloaked characters to brood in. This would be a good place to hang out if you were a ranger or goth.

You get a blank look. "Uh… no?"


Now, that's better.
Try to spot some combat ready blokes.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Talk a bit softer, but still make sure the crowd hears me.
"Wouldn't it be truly handy to know what I'm about to tell you? To know the future before it happened?"


"Them Madhatters are insane. Made you drink then go for the insults. I reckon you two to be careful."
Head to the madhatter ship.


Anyone in here who looks down on their luck or something?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well, with a name like 'mad hatter' it's likely to be expected."
I'll follow.


I follow with a bit of a smile.


You immediately faceplant into the the bar, eliciting some chuckles.

There's a sagely old longbeard nursing a strong liquor near the end of the bar.

You reconvene at the White Rabbit, a stately vessel occupied by less than savory blokes. These wikkits ain't in it fer much but two pence to a laugh, yeah? In any case, they rightly look about bloody well ready to receive you if'n yer crumpet's where yer gob'sat.



I snort, then snicker at Emrille.
"You alright there, Emmy~?"


You don't have much of a crowd at this point. You may need to work at it a bit before you can easily draw large ones. You've got three ponies.

The one you pointed at before shrugs. "Uh… yeah?"


I've heard a fair number of languages in Autumnsreach, but moon help me I can't make heads or tails of that. I think two pence might be two bits? Who knows.


Get up and dust myself off.
"I did that on purpose!
Anypony want to laugh, flash a smile at the barrel of my gun and see what happens."


"Well when you're done being a cutie, there's a guy sitting there that caught my eye."


"Watch out for yourselves, these lillylivered pansies took me down a couple of times before."


Gotta start somewhere.
"Well you're in luck, my friend. I have travelled far, to that part of the map that can only be called "here there be monsters". And there I learned the secret art to foretell the future with…"
Take out my pack of cards.
"Cards. Business, family, health, love, all of these bring us worry. Let the cards show you the way.
Consultations today for an extra low price."


I'll nod.
"Well, let's get this over with."


I then called out to the madhatters.
"I've come here with reinforcement! Are you up for another challenges or will you bilgerats sulk in the ships underbellies and drink from your mothers teats like the children you are!"


No one seems to care enough to take your challenge and shoot you.

"Just as well. Get in here ya overblown wallowmarmot."

You head down belowdecks to where they have the table up. "Which one've you's is up next?"

Roll for convince.



Roll #1 3 = 3


"I've heard of this garbage before. Come on, Greeny, let's go."


After a few secs, shrug.
"Yeah, the rest are pussies, let's check that guy out."
Walk over there and sit down opposite of him


I look at Curry
"You like to take your luck?"


I'll shrug.
"I've no idea how the game is played, but why not. Got to learn on my hooves anyway."


Grab his hoof with my paw to stop him for a second.
"I urge you to reconsider sir, you're missing a bargain.""
Pickpocket his purse with my other paw
Sleight of Hand '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I watch curiously.


They motion for Curry to step up to the table. There are cups arranged in a triangular formation, filled with some unknown alcohol. Apparently you're supposed to land the little ball in one of those cups, but you can deflect it with paddles from your own cups. Coming up with good retorts seems to be an important part of this game. You can roll diplomacy to help you identify a good comeback to each insult.

He serves. "In all my years I've not seen a more loathsome worm than yerself!"

He jerks away and departs, but you fished six bits out of his coinpurse.

You can't sit across from him, he's at the end of the bar. You approach him and sit next to him. He doesn't seem to mind and continues with his alcohol.

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