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When we last left our heroes, they were on the first floor of the Upper Hoof, a three-floor tavern at the center of New Earth.

There was some interest in visiting St. Szwall to the south, and Lilly has four days to find that altar, off the coast to the north. Maeda would like to send her report via mail or internal church channels. You have not read a newspaper recently, given you've been away from civilization. Electronic essence was observed at the "Barbar Shop". Prices seem reasonable. It is not stormy along this coast. Emrille is here. Marina's crew is still waiting on the north coast for her to return and lead the vessel back to the Aquamarine City. No one has asked Marina to stick around long-term.


So. Mailing my order. Wake the clerk up. By force if necessary.


Well, seems everyone has some business here.
I'll go see Marina while Aira sleeps and everyone else is busy


I'm going to follow along.
"You know… we're actually pretty lucky to have gone on that underwater adventure. Without that we'd have a hard time finding my parents' ship."


"So… you're not staying long, are you, with Light Heart Junior about to die in a few days, right?"


"Eh? Huh? Oh, good mornin' – er, evening, I guess. Yes?"

Marina is here with you on level one of the bar, near Emrille. She has cleared two plates of seaweed, one plate of fish, and is working on a second plate of fish.


"Yes, I had no clue how we'd be able to find it…guess somepony up there likes you."

"I'm afraid not."


"I have a very important missive for Canterlot. Inquisitorial seal. How soon can I expect it to be delivered?"


"Such a shame. Would have loved to have you around some more."
Wink wink.
"Guess you can't meet Tela then either."
"Or that freaky fucking gryphon."


"It'll go out with the next batch. They need to get pretty big before we make the trip across the middle sea… unless of course someone greases the wheels."


Say that extremely slowly and stare at him in slight annoyance.
"Is there a church around here?"


"What griffon?"


"Well, there would be St. Szwall. Not sure it's so much of a church as a fortress, but they are good Celestials. About half an hour south down the coast to their docks, but the monastery itself is further set into the land a good ways, up in the mountains. You might be able to find a Sherpa around the docks, though."


"Fly. Daughter of… uh… Seekkill, I think his father was, before I killed him after he tried to eat Cloudy. Heard she became somewhat of a viscious cunt herself, and she lives right here in New Earth too. Guess I can't fault her, since she got here first."


"That sounds rather insulated from civilization. Do they come here often, the Celestials?"
Start making a copy of my mail. Adding, at the bottom of the copy and the original, that two copies will be sent, for safety reasons.
Again, the letter should go over:
-My current mission
-The moon heretics
-The seaponies and discordians
-The debt to be paid at the ship's captain
-Red and her hideout
-Possible further implications of a revolution
Then seal both letters with the appropriate wax seal.
"This… Greasing of the wheel, would this suffice?"
Push a bag with 10 gold bits towards her.


"All of you are here?
What, is this some old pony home for pirates?"


"They don't rely on the MSL for supplies as we do, but sometimes missionaries come in to yell about all the hedonism. Haven't seen one of those missions in a while, though. As for grease, convincing a reliable flyer to make the trip is tricky. I'll need 30, and that's cutting me own throat."


"Only Tela and I are really old, I suppose."
"And hey, drinks, sex, sleep and good weather all day. I'd say that was worth dying for a few times and killing even more."


You know Fly was cured by Abilio. She disappeared with the countess vampire batpony not long after. You kept her magic cape with you, but you didn't pick it back in Lubuck.


Drop the 30 without even beating an eye.
"There will be a good deal more if said flier makes it in less than two days' time.
I've written so on the letter.
Were you saying, about the hedonism?"


"She sounds… nice…"


"I didn't mean to offend, ma'am, but they don't appreciate the brothels or adventure. They call adventuring "profiteering on death" , but we call adventurers our primary export."


"No offense taken. Tell me about the adventurers instead, why are there so many?"


"Wasn't as savage as her father, I guess. That asshole really needed to be put down, even before the mutiny happened."


"New Earth was founded as a frontier enterprise by the MSL. They offer a lot of work to freelancers, but most importantly a program where adventurers with a year contract can get free shipping over and lodging. Not a bad deal."


I could have brought it to her.

"Seems you turned out alright after all."

well can't talk to Marina right now. I hope I won't lose precious daytime while I can't talk to her.


"I see. And how's the MSL been treating this town? Who's their representative, here?"


"It took Tela to save me though. Got just a bit brainwashed to be an even better killer in Anniev. She was the one who snapped me out of it."


You could still talk to Fly

"DLC is the primary franchise holder. You can't go two feet without seeing DLC tacked into something. Delano himself lives in his palace ship in the bay."


"You will have to back down and explain what DLC stands for. Never heard of them. Guess it's… Delano Looting Corporation?"


I'll focus on Emmy I think


"Brainwashed? What happened out there?"


"Delano Landry Charles. He made his fortune in the microtransaction business, he does more of the administrative side than any direct, uh, 'looting'."


"Turns out that I had a talent for killing, a knack, if you will. Some mad fucker was collecting kids for himself to do it. Problem is, I was… got thrown into some loop, got lost, wandered away from him. That's how I got into the merc business in the first place… and why I got this fucking accent. Did you know I'm Germane? I didn't until then. When I got back to Anniev, he found me and… well, saw I couldn't really be improved anymore. So I got lulled into thinking I live with Tela and have the perfect live, going from one job to the next, but in reality she was out there, looking for me. It wasn't until he killed him that I started to see things for what they are."
"That's why I decided I had enough killing. That I just wanted to fuck off to some calm place and live the rest of what I have of my life in peace with her."


Why is everyone my parents associated themselves with so messed up…


"I'm not even gonna ask what microtransactions are."
Furrow my brows and close my eyes in a grimace of tiredness. It's been long since I last slept…
"Thank you for your time. Do see to get that mail delivered, if you can."

Now, let's go to the barber.


Filthy party pirates


His sign still glows open. Inside, Selena and Aira have left. The barbarian is working on a hair cut.



Lazily gaze around, without leaving the doorframe.
"No need to. Where did they take the wounded pegasus?"




"I'm not following.
You worked for this guy, but you didn't remember that?"


Reply in a dry tone.
"Thank you."
Before heading for the bar. Which time of the day is it?"


Motion a hoof at my head.
"He was fucking with my mind when I was a filly. When I was grown up, I didn't even meet him, I just found the notes with a name and an address, and that was it."


"That's horrible…"


"I don't get it, where were your parents in all this?"


"It was… I was…"
"I'm just glad I get the comfort of probably dying on my bed of some stupid shit like a stupid old fucking fart instead of bleeding out in a ditch, like most mercs end up doing."

Let out a shrill laugh.
"Oh, fuck, you know, pirate fleet Emrille would have shot you for that remark. I remember shooting that dumb fucking unicorn for it…"
Shake my head.
"I was really upset about it, but I never found out what really happened to them. What I believed might have been just a fake memory planted to my filly brain, so I guess I don't give a shit. They just weren't there, tough luck."


Early evening, sunset


And what about the bar?
I have no idea where the others are.


"What? Shot me? Why?"


"That's more than what most of us get…"


They are indeed on the first floor of The Upper Hoof. This three floor tavern is packed with reveling adventurers. Most are eating seaweed platters. The higher floors open above so you can see up to the great overlooking bannisters, and the upper levels are surely more elaborately decorated.


"I was very trigger happy."

"You don't seem so bad off yourself.
You're alive, for one."


Approach the group.
"Missed anything?"


"I bet you were fun at parties…

I can't imagine shooting somepony because they asked about my parents. I'm not that sour over their deaths, it happened just such a long time ago."

"More old friends of my mother, that's all…"


"How's Aira doing?"


"Still drugged. I don't know what kind of messed up stuff they used but it should work itself out as the effects fade."



"I was fun at parties! Well, most of them anyway. Plus I guess I was always looking for a reason to plant a bullet in someone."


"Yes, barely.
That infamous bad luck of ours always seems to pop up when we go on an adventure."


Give her a polite nod.
"Maeda Tree, with the inquisition. Travelling companion of Miss Belle."


"Well thanks for not killing my mother then I guess. I can't say I understand why anypony would risk being near somepony who's trigger happy though."


Pity you're unlucky. Fly always seemed supernaturally lucky, though in a different way than Face.


"Why the fuck do you think I settled down? A mare can only push her luck for so long. I'm amazed they could even scrap me back together after I tried to take that air ballonship down on my own."
"I shot so many of the fuckers by myself though, almost had it."

"Great. Emrille, ex-ruthless killer, current old fart."

"Nah, I wouldn't have shot a sexy ass like your mother. Plus she was one of the most amusing pirates to be around, with her sass and all that."


"Can I get you something honey? Seaweed and salmon are the daily specials."


What was the vision I had last session about?
"A pleasure."
Look at the empty table.
"Will we be having dinner? Our last real meal has been days ag-"
"Yes thank you."
Smile brightly back.
Share a gaze with the table.
"Have my companions set up an accommodation yet?"


"When I'm done here, I think I'll just go back to my shop…or maybe go visit some of the old crew."


"Speaking of old crew…"
Exchange a glance between me and Emrille.
"I'm assuming you, too…?"


"Mix platter it is. Small or double order? Five and nine respectively. And we don't do rooms here, but I can refer you to a complex with openings if you'd like."


"If and when you make it out of this alive… you could drop by me and Tela sometime, before I bite the bullet."
"I know we haven't been sweethearts, but you're not one to hold grudges, are you?"

"I totally wanted to fuck her when she was younger and hotter, yes."


"Hmmm, that doesn't sound too bad, actually. This seems a nice place.
I've heard Face is in Saddle-Arabia. I've lost track of most of the others."


"Small will do just well, and please do.
Bring some ale as well."
"I was referring to your past affiliation with Belle's parents… And mine.
Have you ever heard of a stallion called Flowing Tree?
Over the last weeks I've gained an interest in finding his current whereabouts."


"I think I'll look for my other sisters once I'm save from the whole soul flaying thing…"


"Could share a coctail and all that."
Raise a brow.
"Why are you looking for him, of all ponies?"

"Oh, right, the neighpon guy. He had this tiny insect pony totally crushing on him. She was really fucking adorable about it too, and helped with my scopes and guns."
"Shame I got lost back in Anniev, so I've no idea what came of that."


"First three are free. Three separate ponies have already called for rounds! We'll get that fish cook in."


"I wonder what happened to them…"

"I'm not looking for him. You know why I keep track of him."


"Shame indeed."
Go back to myself.
"What do you plan on doing now that your daughters have been found?"


She looks through a ledger. "There is room at the Winking Mare for party, or the Vignette Apple for nonparty.


"Me too, that's why I want to find them back…"


"Where will I find the Apple?"


Pat my belly with a wing.
"I can guess."

"Looks like Selena got a bunch of you young piratelings together on a quest to look for old people… heh."


"They haven't been found. Aria is still missing.
I'll ask Aira if she knows where Aria is when she wakes up. But we can't wait much longer to help Lilly find that altar. We should do that first, unless Aria is in immediate danger. I'm sorry but then I'll have to leave."

Roll my eyes.


"Third on the right when exiting. The whole town is centered on this tavern."


"That is perfectly understandable.
I only wish I could assist you as well."


"Are you leaving?"


"Well, best of luck with that. And getting your fillies under control too. And the nightmare shredder shit. You've actually got quite the troubles on your plate, huh?"


"Of course not. But if it comes to following Belle or following you, I have a duty to uphold."


"We don't have to split up now! We're close to the altar now, we just have to find and retrieve it with Marina's help…

I'm not sure if that'll be enough for Nightmare Moon, but I have to try!"


"Speaking of. I might need a moment to meditate, it might bring us one step closer to the altar."


"Of course."

"Like old times."


So I need to crash irl, but before that '1d10' dream wine.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Your dream before was about a poetry book. You don't get anything out of this swig.




The obvious paths lay before you:

Fly is apparently lurking around in town somewhere. She might help you out with information, for old time's sake, but there's no guarantee she knows more than Emrille.

Some of the group wanted to visit Celestial monastery, St. Szwall, possibly to identify the magic affecting Marina. Maeda seems to want to go there for other reasons she hasn't mentioned.

Aira is still sleeping, but she will probably be better by morning. You could just turn in early and find out if she has any insight before going further.

There is also the matter of the sunken ship off the Cape of New Seas, in hopes of finding that altar.

You also haven't checked a newspaper recently.


Is that where I'm headed? I guess so. Hopefully they don't ask too many questions.


I want to visit Fly.
We should set sail soon to the Cape, so perhaps we could split up so those who want can go to St Szwall


I just want to unscrew myself asap.

I guess looking for a newspaper might not be a bad idea though, post offices are my territory after all. There's one in this town right?


Does the news even reach the New World?
Also, describe what we know about the magic affecting Marina please, I have no idea what that's about.


For the moment it just appears to be terrible luck and extreme hunger.


I would like to stick around with Emrille, she was a big grumpy but she used funny words, and she seemed to know a lot about pirates!


Hopefully. You can't go two feet in this bar without knocking over someone's salt. And you're sure not even you could be this clumsy!

Fly it is. Maybe the barkeep knows more?

Right you are. You head out of the tavern / adventuring center and you can see it straight down one of the very plainly laid-out streets. It looks like a duplex, combined with the port authority near the docks. Someone's at the desk, too, or you could just go in back, since you have a mail key.

If news reaches anywhere in the New World, it'd be here – plenty of ships arriving with fresh adventurers. They're the main export, after all.


Roger. She seems peachy with hanging in the bar.


Oh, you are turning into a vampire. We can fix that. Permanently.
"We should search the sunken ship asap."


Wave at him.
"Excuse me, do you know someone named Fly in town?"


That's a ridiculous amount of salt-per-patron. For the moment, I'll just stand still.


Ehehe, and without Marina around she could try that drink!
"Hey miss Emmy, Can I call you Emmy?"


You know me, always going through the back door.

Going to the post office.
"Yeah, we just need some better info on where the ship is exactly so Marina can help pinpoint it."


"Not a fucking chance."


"Depending on how far the ship is, we might want to rid Marina of the curse first.
Bad luck under the sea translates to horrible things only."


"There is a high roller, up on level three, that goes by Fly."

She chuckles. "They say she's a vampire, but I say she's just a terrible dresser. That being said, you might have to ask the bouncer to try to fetch her if you don't have tickets to go up."

Righto! You get the anxious feeling that even now there are black cats circling.

This place is cozy – actually larger than the office you're familiar with. The mail bin is kinda full – looks like they don't care to make trips to the mainland very often. That being said, there's an express priority order hanging on the wall, probably going to go out soon.

There's also a stack of newspapers, and the usual accommodations: coffee pot plus beans, cups, stove and pan, plus a box that you presume is full of Unseasonably Warm Pockets – the cheap, complimentary food that the central office provides you with.


"Alright alright, Captain Emrille? Miss or mistress Emmy? Oh oh how about The gunslingeeeerrr. Sounds cool, right?"


"Oh bloody fucking hell, you are worse than that piece of shit Summer after I gave her the potion."


Let them circle. I'm not a fish. Not entirely. I'm not going to move one step out of this bar until I have someone to go with.
So until I've got ponies to help cover my terrible sense of balance, I'll just eavesdrop on conversations.


"As long as it doesn't take too long to do. I'm not an expert on curses, you see!"

Coffee? Fancy! I'll brew some and get some food as well! That'll shut my brain right up!


Oh and check the newspaper of course.


She sits straighter "Err… Sorry… It's just that… Well I think pirates are so cool you know? Sailing the seas, looting ports, singing songs and swordfighting! Man it sounds so awesome…" She smiles, leaning on the counter


"Swords, pscht. Shooting them is much more fun. And then taking their gold and fucking their bitches."


"It's all about timing."


"Pirates aren't cool. They're violent and more often than not greedy."
I'll snort a bit.
"Besides, you do remember she cheated you out of some of your money, right?"


"Are you dumb? The violence and greed are the fun parts."


"that's true Yeah… Does that means you're like, stinking rich?"
"oh… Well pirates are supposed to be like that right? Uncaring and rude thieves, lonely warriors of the sea with no honor or mercy!"


"For a thug, maybe. Look what it got you, though. Being all old and wrinkly on some backwater island full of cultists, and tricking children out of their money."
I'll sheepishly nod to the bartender.
"No offense intended to you or your town, sir."
"Exactly. So why on earth would you want to be like that?"


Did Maeda go with you? You brew up some coffee in the back.

The headline story:

Canterlot, 3:20 PM. Top economists are still trying to explain a sudden shift in prices experienced by the whole of Equestria that has left the country reeling over the past two months. The cost of an apple alone has risen from 4 bits to 6 bits in the last month alone, which would not be as troubling if they didn't start the year at 2 bits. Our interviews with merchants in Crystalport, Teat, Anneiv, Lubuck, Manehattan, and Stonebriar City lead to the same answers: they suggest they are merely keeping up with demand. Many merchants and merchant guilds place blame squarely on the shoulders of the now mega-entity the Middle Seas League, which has gained control of many of the guilds and has considerable influence over (and membership including) city leaders, such as mayors and prince mayors across Equestria and other sea-faring nations from the Confederation to Eggster. This reporter spoke recently to trade prince Bogsborough, a Novdogodian dog who spoke on behalf of the MSL position. Bogsborough insists that price fluctuation are a natural part of capital enterprise, and that there has been no market manipulation. "This is a natural rise in demand that always accompanies an increase in population." But if the population is truly increasing rapidly - the question would be what is the cause? Why is the population increasing now as opposed to in the past? Some remain skeptical. We spoke to concerned economist Tax Avoidance who spoke at length about the shift in the economy. His assessment summed up? "The Middle Seas League has too much power."


Yes I did.


"I don't"
"I just like them, especially ships. They gave me the idea of making ships to sail beyond the sky!"


"Sort of. I don't care about gold like I used to, but when I did…"

Take out my pistol from my holster and spin the cylinder around.
"I shot more ponies than you probably know, I was feared and awed, I was the phantom of Anniev, and I was, and still continue to be…"
Point the gun at you and whisper a 'Bang!'.
"-One hell of a good shot."
Holster it.
"You're lucky being the friend of Selena and Light Heart Junior compensates for your insults. Oh, and I also have my sexy marefriend, do you have one? No? Fucking thought so."


You see your mail hanging on an express peg in the back. Looks like it hasn't gone out yet, but at least he wasn't just flat-out lying about expediting it.


That's terrifying! Ponies are going to stop eating apples at this rate. And they're such a vital part of your five a day! Maybe I shouldn't even go back to Equestria when this is all over.

"So what do we do to fix her?"


"We can only hope the monastery actually knows of a way."


"Go round her up so we can get going, I'll be right there!"

Anything else that catches my eye?


"Oh, do you want to hear my idea then? I had like, an amazing mind blowing idea. You know how ships sail through the sea? What if…
A ship
That sails
In space?"


"Well, that's okay, I guess. As long as you don't start acting like some salty seadog."
I'll just roll my eyes.
"You assume I want one. And that's a whole lot of past tense you're throwing around."
I'll look around, make sure I'm not in anyone's way where I'm sitting at, and then look back at Emrille.
"Still, don't you think a mare your age should be a little more conscientious of what she drinks? I don't know how many you've had today, but you should be sure to drink some water from time to time."


"We should meet on the way out of town, to make things quicker."
Leave and go look for Marina where we last saw each other.


"ehehehe, I would be the greatest pirate if I tried, but I'm a dog of science!" smile proudly


"…what? Like in the air? I've seen ships like that."

"That's a lot of nerve for a little shit like you to throw around. Oh, and Fuck you, I'm like… younger than Selena. I think. It's been a while…"
Shake my head.
"Fucking age magic biting me in the ass, I'd shoot Abilio in the dick for this if I knew where he was right now, if he's still even alive."


"An equally dangerous, but I'm sure more profitable, career."
"Well, my nerve's probably the reason I'm up here instead of still at home."
I'll shrug.
"Why were you even playing around with something like age magic anyway? And who's Abilio?"


Unrest Continues
Reptil Porttown, 11:10 PM. We continue reporting on unrest wracking the free city of Reptil, which has long resisted benevolent Equestrian rule. We spoke with Captain Salt Shaker on the bulwarks above the main defensive garrison which protects Porttown from the rest of the island – known to house terrifying deer and monstrous gang rule, truly a lawless land. Currently there is no legitimate authority recognized by foreign authorities which holds power in Reptil, but there are two main controlling gangs: the populist Cloud Street Families and the radicalized Red Army Faction. Smuggled imports of weapons that utilize electrical essence have exacerbated already high tensions, and following a shootout yesterday, some are saying that the enigmatic leader of the Red Army Faction, known only as the Peoples' Dictator, may be wounded and could already be dead. Our reporters were stonewalled when trying to speak to RAF sources, but high spirits can be said to characterize CSF camps, which have rallied in the main plaza of Reptil yesterday. Following the disturbance, which caused two major fires, a number of unauthorized seafaring vessels took flight from the island on its northwest coast – likely civilians fleeing the conflict. Royal guard captain Silver Shield, who graduated top of his class at the paladin academy only six years ago, reasserted his earlier expansionist opinion that it is the duty of Equestria to take over the island for the good of its people.

There are more articles if you want.

She remains in the bar, you find her with Emrille at the Upper Hoof.


"No no… Beyond that… Way beyond." point up to the sky
"imagine that, landing on the moon!"
"as dangerous as it's awesome! I promise you right here Marina, someday you'll be hearing my name everywhere, ponies will be in the streets, shouting 'Rhanna, Rhanna, Rhanna' while they see me sailing in the stars… "


"Marina? We want to try and understand what the course upon you is.
Would you mind coming along swiftly?"


"I knew a pony back in the day who always kept running his fucking mouth, and bloody hell if it wasn't for Spring I'd have shot him in his dumb fucking face."
Sip from my drink.
"It was some weird as fuck experiment of his. He was a… uh, something, but became a Commodore after the whole calamity with the dragon. He shrunk me to filly size once, we got attacked, I shot and killed a guy, and earnt a cutie mark over my old cutie mark. He wanted to test shit about that, and in return taught me even more magic to kill ponies with."

Look at you like you are insane.
"Why in the teaty-fucking hell would you ever want to fucking go there?"



Red… dead? I don't believe it! This is propaganda! I have to go back to Reptil once this is over. Keep reading.


"That's a good dream. I hope you can make it happen."
Roll my eyes again.
"Well, that obviously worked out for you, then."
I'll nod.
"Yep, lemme just… see if I can't make it to the door without tripping, bumping into someone, or starting a fire."
And to the door I go.


"Why, what do you have in life, huh? I've got my blood money, my fuckbuddy, my calm and peaceful resort to relax until the end of my fucking days… what more could you ask for? And don't you fucking say adventures because I've been there and done that."


"Well, there's all sorts of stuff here right? Like seas, plants, and all kinds of things. Do you know what there's on the moon? Of course you don't, no one does! That's what I want to find out!"
"it will be a lot of hard work…but I believe in myself and all that flibber flabber"


"It looks like a barren shiny fucking rock in the sky worshipped by assholes to me. Not sure why you are so interested in it."


"Friends are a good start. A home with a family waiting for your return."
I'll think a minute.
"And the common sense not to buy an old salt a drink she doesn't need."
I'll finish that by sticking my tongue out at you.
"Yup. But don't forget to get the facts down, otherwise everything else will go all… uh, down? Up in smoke."


"I'm sure my friend are around, somewhere, the ones that didn't die."
"Okay, I'm going to let that slide, because… pfft, holy fuck, do you take me for a family mare? I fucking despise kids. Not that big a fan of stallions either."


Poke poke.


Order Receives Rites
Autumnsreach, 1:50PM. The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Autumnsreach received its holy orders today, which is held from a religious perspective to be more important than its legal recognition which was signed off on by the Princess last Tuesday. Official sources suggest that this new order has been created, now under direct order of the Grand Crusader in Autumnsreach until an official monastic grandmaster is created to hold the office, in order to combat a rise in heresies along the south coast. We spoke to Sunlight Spear, one of the founding members of the society earlier this morning, who said that the creation of the order was tied to typical church expansionist efforts in order to encourage missionary work in the New World and beyond – not specifically tied to any one event. He also explicitly denied rumors that the order's creation could be linked to the earlier catastrophe at the Autumnseach catacombs last month - a major embarrassment to the ecclesiastical city. Spear said that the creation of the order was officially decided upon last year, and that it would be unreasonable to associate it with recent events. Secular sources remain skeptical of the events last month, and the inquisition remains tight-lipped about conclusions of their investigations, but a number of potentially dangerous ancient Nightmare demons, long contained deep within the catacombs, are rumored to be turned loose. As with earlier allegations, however, Spear maintained that these rumors are false.


"Bah, these guys are dumb and can't see the scientific side of things! Besides, I don't plan on stopping at the moon ya know? There's much more around space, but I'll need help to get this plan in work. You can't get a ship working with just 10 bits"
"that's why I'm studying all about ships and space since back in the ship!"


"Well, suit yourself."
"I'm coming, I'm coming. It's kind of rude to walk away in the middle of talking, though."
But now I will. Out the door.


Off we go, to meet with slu- I mean, Lilly.


"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you'd love to go home to your screeching and screaming little brats so you could lock yourself in your bedroom and suck the cock of whoever you decided to breed with. Lovely idea, ain't it?"

"I don't think you can make it work anyhow, kid. I mean, fuck, even I dreamt big when I was a filly, but what you are saying is just fucking stupid."


Lilly is still in the post office back room, reading intently.


Cough a bit to catch her attention.
"Something on your mind?"



Well this explains why that dog mutant showed up now.

Show her the article I just read.


I see."


I will be very intent on not touching anything in here.
"What is it?"


I will just pass the note along to her.


I put the newspaper into my bags with a frown.
"They're liars."


I'll read over it.
"Hmm. Well, that would explain why the thing is chasing Lilly instead of immediately going after her mother all those years ago."
"You said this started last month, right?"


You're getting pretty good at staying away from touching things!

The newspaper!


" Bye Maeda, bye Marina!"
"Ah, it's not stupid, it's revolutionary and never have been thought before! They said the same things about many creations of the past, I'm sure."




"Yeah, but, you're like, a dog.
Dogs are fucking stupid to begin with, aren't they? So that and even dumber ideas… I don't see it working."


"Then who else knows what's going on. Your mother couldn't have been the only one who looted things from Moon temples in recent memory. So why is it only going after you?"
I'll ponder a minute.
"I suppose the other ones that broke out are fulfilling similar roles, and these particular inquisitors were mobilized to deal with that."
I'll hoof the paper back.
"So, once we find what was stolen, do you know where it needs to go?"


"Hey, hey hey hey. I'm a genius. A Geeeenius! I'll show you miss Emrille, you gotta believe in me, aight?"


"We should be going.
If anything, to make sure you are back to your kin as soon as possible."


Where did you specifically head to plan first - north, to the wreck, or south, to St. Szwall?


"I'd rather fucking not. I'm sure you can fetch bones just great or whatever."


"I don't know, guess I'll worry about that when we actually find the thing."

"My kin?"


South, to St. Szwall. It'd be trouble if Marina had an accident while exploring the wreck.
"Your sister."




"Easier said than done! I have NO idea where she could be. It could take years to find her."


"I'll show you… I'll be the first dog to ever land in the moon without magic or tricks, just science, and a lot of hard work. Look!" pull out a bunch of papers with drawings of boats, notes, materials and lists
"I just need money to get the stuff I need, I can start a project and then build it. I'll call it… Uh… The moonship!"


"Cotidie sufficit sua pena.
Or, in a more contemporary speech, one worry at a time."


Heading out on your own, or will you be grabbing Selena, Rhanna, and Flagon?


"You're not getting shit from my. Why don't you ask Light Heart Junior? Is she not pumped with cash like her mother was?"


Well, I still need to work on this curse I'm under, since my luck would cause the boat to spring a leak, no doubt.
"Say, where was that temple here? If we're getting ready to head out, I should probably find out what spell those cultists threw at me before we go underwater."


"I have no idea really… Well… If you don't want to help, I will find a way to make my own money. But you're making a big mistake not trusting me with this. This idea is going to be revolutionary to the whole world"


"It's exactly what we are going to try and find out.
South of here, our current destination."


We're going now, they can follow in our tracks if they want.


"Guess what, it will still be fucking stupid."


Right. Name a party leader for your march along the coast, and they can roll 1d10 for events.




Definitely Lilly.


"You say that because you're too broad minded to see how great it will be for the society. Conquering a whole new world, can you imagine the good this will bring to everyone? Or are you such an old hag to the point where your mind is too burnt out to understand?"


Does this count as Survival? I doubt it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"No, I just actually don't give a shit, and I'm pretty sure you're just going to die if you try."


Nah, this is just a random encounter roll.

Not long after you leave town, you see approaching figures emerging from the forest – breaking out of the underbrush. Pretty big by the looks of the flora they're disturbing. As you are following the coast south, the plants are to your left. In the distance, over the treeline, the volcano is still visible. You are about ten minutes away from town, behind you. In the distance, you can see a little pier on a peninsula beach – it's about 20 minutes away.


Draw my sword. Now what!?
"What… Hey who goes there!?"


I'll look towards the trees, and take up a stance flanking Lilly.


"Thank you!"
Time to see this bouncer guy.


There appear to be three of them. The first thing that strikes you is that they are really tall – some kind of foreign, and very fluffy. Their backs are sloped kinda strangely. They don't appear to be armed, and are wearing loose-fitting orange robes. They're also squinting against the sun setting behind you.


They look like lama llamas, monks from the distant land of Shangri-Lamb. Though, from here, they are only across a sea…


A very burly pegasus mare is blocking the way to the second floor. She gives you a polite nod as you approach.



"Uh… hello?"




"Sorry, I don't have but could you call miss Fly please? Tell her Selena wants to see her…"


"I'm not sure we are gonna get much out of them."


"The town is that way."
I'll point them towards town.
"Maybe they're just lost?"


"What? Erm… no comprende?"


"They look more like scouts."


"Yeah, okay. I'll call up to the upper bars."

There's a tube near her – you assumed it was to take water up to the other floors or a drainage pipe or something, but she opens it and speaks into it!

"I'll have 'em send her down if they can find her."

One of them points to the town and says something in their foreign tongue, but the leader shrugs. They bow to you, and start heading in that direction. Odd.


2 more encounters to go at most. Roll again.



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Thank you, I'll wait."
Tap my hoof while I wait


These guys must be real smart if they think a completely different race would understand them on the fly.


"I'm sure they're just lost."
I helped.


Your trip out to the pier is mostly uneventful after that, but Maeda perks up on the way and stops for a moment.

On the way to the pier, you step on something buried in the sand. It feels soft, but it's covered by a layer of sand, so you can't figure out what it is from sight or feel alone.

Lilly did do the same, in a way.


"What the…"
Stop, and pull it out.


It looks like a really raggedy doll – the kind that might be put together on the fly to calm a child while traveling. It gives you a bad feeling, but you can't pinpoint why exactly. Maybe it's just pity for whatever child left this behind.


Don't judge me.

"Wow, Maeda. Valuable find!"
I snicker.


After what feels like way too long, a dark figure swoops down in front of you from above. There, decked out with a black cape, is Fly.

She's huge – as big as Seekkill was, maybe bigger. And her maw is a crooked, gnarled beak, like his. It's rather ghastly, actually. You're not sure if she's grinning, or if she always looks like that.

"Well, well. Now here's a pony I didn't expect to see again."


Frown deeply.
This might be horribly cursed.
Put it away.
"Let's not waste any more time."


Give her a hug!
"My, you've grown!"


"Maybe someone lost it? I'm sure they'll be glad to have it back."


"What? It's just a doll, why are you assuming that?"


"Feeling brought me far, in my line of work."


"Oh my gods…"
Step away from the doll, looking ghastly.


"What? What is it? It's just a doll, right?"


"I don't even know anymore!"


"Well, if it isn't, I mean, we're already going to a church, right? So they can do whatever with it."


Keeping it with you? Noted.

You continue onto the pier. Unfortunately, there is no sherpa as suggested by the townsponies. Still, that doesn't mean too much: there's a pretty well-worn path up further into the forest, it looks clearly demarcated.

She moves back slightly in surprise, but doesn't resist the hug.

"It has been a while since someone has done that. I'm surprised at how how emotive you remain – and how unscrupulous."


"Well, I guess there's no way to but up, huh?"


"Aw, don't be so formal.
I took care of you when you barely got to my chin. I still see that little Fly."
Let her go.


"Hah." She tosses her cape over one shoulder. "Even as a child I had a reputation for being a little bit creepy. I just make a business of it now. And incidentally, I was up to your chin when I was something like a year old, if you recall. I really couldn't move on with my life until the good Commodore sorted that out."

So it would seem. At least the path is well defined… surely over one of those hill crests, St. Szwall awaits.


"I'm glad he could help you after all. How are you these days?"


Let's not waste any time and move on. I'll take point.


Well, I'll leave it to Maeda and Lilly to lead the way. I'd probably just fall off the side.


"If you fall, scream really loud so I can catch you quick!"


"Fortunate. Fortune-having. Possessing a fortune."

Gimme a new event roll Lilly


"Ha. Even cursed I'm pretty sure that I'm not that clumsy!"
I'll look over the sides of the path.
"But yeah, I probably will if that happens. In the off-chance that happens."



Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm happy you're doing well."


You head deeper into the jungle. There's a wooden sign you pass as you begin the hike that reads: Leechwood. Ew.

After little time has passed, you arrive at a small settlement, but it looks like it has been abandoned for some time. The houses even look looted. There are five of them from the looks of it, though more might be spread out into the brush, with how unkept it is around here. Something sounds like it's moving around here – maybe wild animals, looters, or just the wind. In any case, there's no real need to stick around here.

"It is a lot of work, being fortunate, I am sure you know. I am filled with wonder though. Wonders like your reason for being here."


"It's a long story.
Short version I've come here looking for my daughters, Aira and Aria. You remember them right?"


Dream Wine.
I have like the feeling the owner of this doll came from here.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yeah, I'm definitely not sticking around places like these. Learned that during my time as a courier I'm sure.

Pick up the pace so we're out quick.


You see ghostly figures moving around. A distant scream. There's an older pony – maybe 30, male. Looks strong. Long beard. He has a young girl with him, trying to save her… probably not the father, she seems distrustful. Panicked. He drags her away. There are twins here. One of them takes an arrow in the throat. Their voices merge and become one. A black crow eclipses the sun. The moon rises and sets in the course of fifteen seconds. A clock ticks, but the minute-hand doesn't move. Four minutes until midnight. The screaming becomes a dull moan and a shriek erupts from the east. The volcano boils over. The poetry book again. Annals of Yore, page 203. You can barely read the first line… "Far away…"

"Daughters? I didn't realize. Remember, I split pretty quickly after I was fixed. Wait, now that I think about it, I seem to remember you getting pregnant. Right, right… yeah, that's kinda sick the way ponies carry eggs inside them, don't you think? Eh, whatever."

Right. You head out, while Maeda stays behind to drink wine and meditate.


Wait, go back for Maeda!


I'll look between Lilly and Maeda, not sure whether I should shake Maeda or not.
And I'll remain silent when I see you coming back.


"Oh sorry, you're right. My memory of those days is a little fuzzy.
We found Aira in the volcano nearby. Did you know there was some creepy cult there?"


"We should keep going.
Sorry for that interruption.
Evil things are ahoof."


"What? Oh, yes, but you know, that's transient. Doesn't even really matter. The volcano itself is more interesting, too bad it's dead. I wish I could raise it, but the world doesn't work that way. Anyway, my point is those ponies will come and go, but the mountain will stay. It's just an extrapolation. I'm getting distracted, though. Did you just call me to catch up is all?"

Right, you keep going. You still hear sounds of movement, but it's hard to tell if you're making them.

You make tracks up to a bridge ahead. It looks a little worn, but it has probably been around for ages. Far below, you see a busy river at the base of a crevice. There are bird nests dotting the cliffs.


Birds how large?


"I suggest going over one by one. I can fly under the bridge in case… well, you know."


This won't end poorly, I'm certain.


They look like pelicans. Roll Perception.


"Right. Then, would you mind going first? In case it broke."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Think about it, a bridge this old, you'd have to be profoundly unlucky to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Or pony's back.


Harmless fish-eaters, like Marina.


Exactly. So Maeda should go first.




I nod.

I'm going to fly up and under the bridge and lead these two across in case it snaps.


"No, I was wondering. I heard that Light Hearts ship went down near the Cape. Do you know anything about that?"


"You shouldn't worry too much. If the bridge breaks as you pass, you could always dive into the river below."



"Not… per se. That is, I know that a lot of ships crash there because of the reef. Stupid ponies. You'd think they would learn by now. Anyway, it's a good fishing ground, and a popular treasure diving place. All out of dice, though… Like that dead volcano. What a waste."

When you take to the air, the pelicans below start to screech uncomfortably below.


It makes you uneasy, and they're starting to stir.


"If the volcano was alive, everypony here would be in danger!"


"Yeah, but what if there are rocks? And you know, things that eat seaponies? It's also really, really far down. Hitting water from this high would probably hurt."
I'll shoo Maeda towards the bridge.
"You'd better hurry up, those birds don't seem to like Lilly in their air space."


"So be it."
Traverse the bridge posthaste.


Easy there…
"Guys? Hurry up please…"


"Yeah, but it would be vibrant. A source of adventure. That's how you make your fortune in the world."

The bridge holds no problem. It doesn't even make the cliche squeal as you cross it, and you're pretty much running across in chain mail.

The pelicans have been disturbed. Some are flying right for you!

Now that they approach, it becomes clear that it was a trick of perspective that they appeared to be the size of usual pelicans down below on the cliffs. These things are huge – big enough to fit a pony in their large scoop-like beaks!


Once Maeda is safely across, I'll book it over the bridge. If I'm going fast, maybe my luck won't catch me!


"I don't know.
Having a nice tropical place to retreat is also very nice."


Screaming in terror, I draw my blade.


Unsheathe and prepare to fight!


The bridge shakes, and as you charge across you accidentally knock a pebble off the side of the bridge. It falls down twenty feet where it hits a branch, which catapults a seed across the ravine into a particularly large bromeliad nearby. The water that was collected in it was a kind of pristine still, like a mirror, until you broke it. Aww, bad luck.

Only one of them actually bothers to chase all the way to the top of the bridge, but it's huge. It gives a bone-rattling screech before closing with you.

"No, this time I mean the other kind of fortune, uh, good luck. That's how you fashion it."


I don't care about tiny puddles at the moment, there are ponies whose lives are in danger on the other side of this bridge.


Start slashing at it. Knockout trick shot!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Fly, there's nothing lucky about a giant volcano spouting lava at a small town!"


Fervor, vault with my polearm right onto the pelican's eyes!
Be this the decisive attack.

Roll #1 3 = 3


And once I'm over there, I'll realize my character sheet is on my laptop instead of my PC, so I'll have to fix that in a minute. I'm pretty sure I had Slam as a temporary skill, though the pelican.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You graze its beak as it swallows you. You're sure it looked VERY heroic, but you're now about one wrong move from slipping down a giant throat! At least there aren't teeth.

"Places where the world is alive and free are where you can find luck – normal every day luck gets taken up by towns. Spread too thin to notice. You can get more if you go out and find a place where no luck is in use, like a dangerous volcano. Understand?"

You only glancingly strike the skull with your polearm as it jerks its head to the side to swallow Lilly! Hey, that's YOUR charge!

You only glancingly slam into the beastie, but it looks pretty exhausted from your concentrated attacks.

Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] SWL
Maeda [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]
Marina [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]

The pelican strikes at Maeda with its giant beak, but she rolls to safety and avoids the brunt of the blow.

The pelican looks pretty roughed up.


"LILLY! Hold on!"
Bring the halberd down to bear on the peli's skull!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Oh no!
"Lilly! Lilly try not to get swallowed whole!"
Stab the pelican with my spear. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Scratch my head.
"I don't think that's how luck works, Fly.
You're saying that if the whole earth was populated, there'd be no luck anymore somehow."


Cut its beak right open! Whirlwind brew to attack it three times this round!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Even with your amazingly powerful attack, you barely put a few cracks in the incredible armor of the beak's chitinous structure.

Between your polearm strikes, the Pelican collapses, spitting out the white pony.

"There would still be luck, it would just be so spread out as to be incomprehensible."


Kick the fucker away!


Roll #1 7 = 7


Pluck a big feather and follow Lilly as we scamper away.


Put my hooves in the air.
"I don't know about all that.
Say, do you know anything about drugs? That cult I was speaking earlier about drugged Aira and she still hasn't woken up."


She clucks at you. "I know more about luck than you know. Dice are my birthright. I gained their power when I devoured the flesh of my father, who in turn ate otherworldly dice to gain their power. You should listen to me."

She pauses. "That being said, I don't work with poison so much. Beyond, of course, those beyond. The pale, the grave."


Looks like none of the other pelicans followed. Those could really be nasty in a group. Even just three would be nearly impossible to deal with due to that swallowing thing.


Which is why we're not staying.


"The world is not just a bunch of dice you throw. When you work hard and train, you can stack the odds in your favor" pfffhahahaha
"I hope she wakes up soon. She was terribly hurt. We had to bring her to this barber in town."


Help Lilly to her hooves, quickly.
"We need to go. Now."


"Yes, let's."
I'll assist in lifting Lilly and we'll skedaddle.


I'm up already, silly!

Gallop away.



"That's a complete misprecognition. The world is just a bunch of dice you throw. That's why you have to get more of them."

She withdraws a cup from her cape. It's stacked high with dice of all different sizes, shapes, colors, and face-numbers. Many don't even have numbers on their faces – symbols, instead.

Right. It's getting pretty late now. The sun has long set, but in the distance, you can see light through the trees. It must be St. Szwall ahead.


This was way bigger of a detour than I thought it'd be.
On we go.


Look at them.
"How would having more dice bring you more luck? Is it helping you with the gambling here?"


Praise be. Let the moon light our path to safety.


Wish they didn't build this place so far away!


"Every time something might work or might not – it's a throw of dice. With more dice, you get more chances. Bigger dice can be more helpful, but smaller dice have a higher chance of big payoff. Yes?"

All in all, you're glad when you clear the trees and see St. Szwall (pictured in OP) sitting on a clear hill – no trees surrounding it. They've likely been culled back to give a strategic advantage and clear sights for the sentries.

From this distance, it seems quiet and peaceful, but at its size, it's probably like a small town.


I just hope they can help with my problem.


"Okay, let's just this is true.
Are you really suggesting that if I take one of these dice, throw it for…say me doing a backflip and if I throw it high enough it works?"


Let's step forth, lighting my lantern, and making way for the main door.
Guards here, or will we have to knock?


This better be worth the trip… because I'm going to need more coffee soon.

Let's get to the main entrance. Is there a bell?


"No, the dice just store the luck. They break after being used. I am not sure how the universe decides when to use them, but it seems to happen at excruciating moments, when you would have otherwise failed. Sometimes you still do. Father's ghost tells me it has to do with the strange ponies from the astral place, but I still do not understand fully. I did not see it with my own eyes. He says there are strings that control us, or maybe guide us. His language was not very good at times, unfortunately. The strings seem to decide when dice are used. However, this is good for us, and make them a valuable commodity. Make your strings are listening even now."

She pauses. "This is recognized by thinkers. They call it string theory."

It's a bit of a hike up the main road, and when you finally reach the great doors, there are no guards. They're huge, and bolted from the inside, though.

Knowing monasteries, at this hour, they're likely gathered in the mess hall. It's technically against procedure to not leave guards, but if the area is particularly peaceful around here, it wouldn't be too surprising. Many Equestrian monasteries in cities stop leaving guards entirely because their only job became to direct tourists.


Knock knock knock.


No answer. Gate guard probably isn't asleep at this hour. Though Maeda would be the expert.


Right. How long does dinner time last usually?
I guess we could try opening ourselves.


"Should I just… fly over?"
Flap my wings.


Maybe an hour. There are all those prayers, after all.

Looks like there are some windows higher up that Lilly could fly through.


I'll look between Maeda and the doors.


"They are most likely having dinner, and then prayer. It'd be best if you reached out to them, yes."


No answer. Bleh.


Sit next to the door and grump a little.


"They are far away from this door, Marina."


"That's silly.
I don't have strings moving me!"


"I'll fly, just hang tight!"
Fly up towards the windows.


Fly raises a floofy brow. "So you've never felt like you failed when your training should have made you successful? Never found a puzzle where the expert is outsmarted by the idiot by random chance? Where the muscular pony loses an arm wrestle to the wimp by sheer providence?"

Hm. Some kind of loft up here. There's ladder down, and also a big bell. You can see the inside of the gate below you. Should be easy to unbolt.


That would be rude. Try to ring that bell instead.


Continue to grump while waiting for Lilly to either get the doorpony or open the door itself.


It's big and heavy, but you ring it. No one seems to be coming to answer it, though…

You hear the gatehouse bell ringing.



Try to open the door then!


"They will not be happy to see us…"


"I doubt they would be, since we're interrupting dinner. No one likes unexpected callers at dinner time."
I'll scrunch a bit.
"Funny story about that, you wouldn't expect a door-to-door salespony on an underwater giant crab, but that's how the Discordians got their hoof in the door for an oddly bloodless takeover of one of the crab sections."


"And not a soul found it strange?"


"Well, you know how things are. Discord cultists have a habit of making the strange seem normal, and the normal strange."


"Hmmm, yes that happens sometimes, but if that's true, what's the point of any training or education. Why should I bother learning alchemy, or teaching my daughters alchemy if it's a throw of the dice in any case? That doesn't seem like a fair world to me."


Chuckle amused, and sit with her as I wait.
"I had a few run ins with them. This one time we had to wade through a sea of ice cream to save ourselves from a death trap…"


"Iced… cream?"


"And it was flavored, too!
Tasted like fruits or other things I could not place.
A shame it was the product of discordians, because it was so sweet."


Lilly opens the bolt, and the doors come open. You head deeper into the monastery. It's surprisingly quiet, but the main halls are just ahead.

Fly looks taken aback. "Who told you that the world was fair?"


"Well, it's not like they can make things that can't be remade. How hard can it be to freeze cream and put some diced fruit in it for flavor?"
Sink into serious thought…
Which is abruptly derailed.


"It'd be heretic."
"I don't like this. Be on your toes."
Head further in.


"… It's not too late to turn back, guys."
I let out a nervous chuckle.


"Princess Celestia says that the good always triumphs over evil, no matter how bleak things look!"


"If something happened here…"
Don't finish the sentence.


"Pshaw. Not if it's made from all-natural ingredients and tastes like sunshine."
"Aw, c'mon, Lilly. It's not so bad. It could be worse! You could be a cursed moon-follower whose luck is so abysmal it would take several years to sort out the full effects."


"Has that been your experience? Why travel with outlaws for so long if you believed that?"

The great hall stands before you. It looks pretty old, for a new world monastery, but many of the structures here look newer– built up over time.

Head inside?


Let out a steady breath and press on. Mother would do the same.


Yes. But be ready to draw.


Also, Mirror Elixit.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"We weren't that evil. Just free spirits."


Your flesh goes chrome…

Even the mess hall is abandoned inside. This really bodes ill. Still, there aren't corpses around, and no signs of a struggle here…

"How can that world view be complete if it doesn't account for all of the neutral ponies? And wouldn't you say you meet a lot of ethically neutral ponies?"

You are reminded of Red, the Reptil crowds, the MSL, the adventurers here in New Earth.




So the next worse thing has happened.
They are all somewhere practicing heretical rituals.


"Oh, hey, before we go too far in, here."
I'll hoof Lilly a vial of Liquid Luck.
"Drink this, and if either of us gets into a pinch, we can swap places."
"Or it's a surprise party! Those happen in Sun churches, right?"


My voice is low and quick, focused on the moment.


My face will gradually fall into a frown, and then a worried expression.
And I'll ready my spear.
"I kinda miss when all I had to worry about was flying brain coral…"


I sigh.

"Not sure if that's a great idea but… okay."


"How can anypony be neutral? It all depends on why they do the things they do. Somepony who's neutral isn't really neutral, they're just not very pious or very evil.
I haven't always done the most pious thing but I like to think I always did it with a good heart."


"It'll help if you get tossed into some water! Or you need someone to weigh down a switch or something."


"Well, for old time's sake I'll give you one of my dice. If you don't think it helped, big deal. But I'll be around when you change your mind."

Got a pirate die! It's four-sided, black, and numbered 1-3. The last side has a skull and crossbones. The numbers are etched out and painted in white.

Fly seems to have many more of these, and know how you could get more on your own if you needed to. Not that you necessarily trust any of this mumbo jumbo.


"You'll be around? I'll be leaving soon."
Put the die in my hat.


You are in the grand hall. This is where monks would take their meals in a monastery life. There is a thin layer of dust - like no one has been here in a few days, perhaps a week. The tables are long and made of wood – they are still set for the next meal, with simple wooden bowls and utensils.

Near the large door to the left, there are suits of armor flanking each side. You see a staircase alcove in the back with routes up and down. There is a spatter of blood here, at the bottom of the stairway up. There is a large hearth – unlit.

From here, you can return to the courtyard, head downstairs, head upstairs, or head through a large door to the left.


"Yes, business is good here, if you know how to make use of it. Come back and see me if you want to buy or barter dice. I purchase them as well, if you think it's just superstition and would rather be rid of them."

Pirate Dice Explained
After seeing a die result, you can roll your Pirate Die to increase that roll. If the Pirate Die is a maximum (e.g.: 4 on a d4), your roll is a crit. Otherwise, add the result to your original roll (but this can't make it an unnatural crit). Large dice are better for ensuring victory, whereas small dice give you a smaller bonus but have a higher chance of crit.

d8 = Potential +8 to roll, average +4.5, 12.5% chance of crit
d2 = Potential +2 to roll, average +.5, 50% chance of crit

Once you use a die, it's spent. Find more – they could save your life.


"Say, can you cure curses of bad luck?"


"There's no such thing as bad luck – only the absence of luck. You can't be cursed with bad luck. I know those cultists dabble in some magic of those kinds of specialities, but the most they can do is paranoia, not real bad luck."


"So it's a curse of paranoia, can you cure one of those?"


"Do I look like a witch doctor?"

She pauses. "Don't answer that. Just tell her to snap out of it. It's all in the head."


"Good, I thought so.
Fly, it was good to see you again."


She shrugs. "Be careful. You look doughy from your time in the urban world. Don't tear off more than you can beak."

With that, she flits back to the third floor.


She's always been a weird one.
Well, I don't think I can talk to Marina right now…


You don't see any of your group around but Flagon and Rhanna. Rhanna is at the bar with Emrille.

Flagon is playing some Doggish card game over on the other side of the bar.

You wonder where half of your group went.


Probably to that monastery they were talking about.
I'll check on Aira first.


That large door looks important, let's push through.


You left her passed out on a bench near the door. She's still out of it. She groans in her sleep but makes no intelligible sound.

This room appears to be a bunkhouse – it's lined with beds and stretches on along a curve, which bends to the left. The beds are made. No signs of a struggle here. At the foot of each bed are chests – the meager possessions of monks.

As far as your vision can see before the curve, you count fifteen beds – you can see one more on the right than the left.


Where that stupid dog at?


Silently move through this room.


I can't go too far away from her.
While I have a free moment, I can try to…
Get Sunny out of my hat '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



''I'm sure I won't die, this isn't so dangerous as pirate life, that is one of the reasons why I opted for it ya know?''


Is there still stuff in the beds? Is there any dust on the sheets?


>in the beds
In the chests rather.


Shake my head.
"Nah. I think you should try that instead.
Gold and killing and fucking and all that. Much better."


With you at the bar

You prowl through the room around the curve. You can't see Lilly from here. The room continues on for another five beds. At the end, there's another door, which you presume exits to the courtyard.

The beds are neatly made, but also have the same thin layer of dust.

You check the first chest on the left. You find a mirror, a prayerbook, an extra set of four shoes, and beads.

At first, your hoof seems to stick. You grunt and pull harder, and finally the pseudopod lichen pops out of the head. Sunny mills about on the floor and, after some rotation, attaches itself to the wall near a lit lantern.

You glance outside. Sunset really slipped past you. The barbar's sign glows in the darkness.


she rubs her arms
''I really don't know…it sounded cool but then I saw miss Selena die in a hole and I couldn't do nothing about it…then I realized how being a pirate is dangerous, we both almost died to some bums, imagine if we were against actual pirates?with guns and swords? I think I decided I want to help ponies have a better life than that, really. even if I can't go to space, i'll at least try to make life a little sweeter for me, you, everypony!''


I'll check every chest like that.
"Hmmm… dust…"


Pet him…her…it…
We're almost a family again now!

Mmmh, I hope the others come back soon.
I'll order some salad.


Back to Lilly.

"A door leads further into the monastery."


"So you're a fucking whimp, basically."


''I'm not a wimp! I'm a genius I told you that already!''


"What do you think is going on? Don't you have like… inquisitor senses for this?"


There are similar contents in each chest. Not a single cherry bomb or earnings clipboard.

Sunny is warm, as always. Not because of natural body heat, but because it was likely busily decomposing something. Sunny needs to be pruned, too. It gets tumorous growths that aren't dangerous but are valuable to sell.


"Yes, and all of them tell me that in the library we will find the answer.
Or at least the next step."


"Genius my fucking ass."


My favorite thing.
I'll do that once I'm back in the sub though.

Hmmm, this place is close to the cape.
As I order some salad, within sight of Aira, I'll ask the barkeep if he heard anything about that terrible fight with the Pirate Queen.


Shame, I was hoping for something that stood out! Guess we'll take that door Maeda just mentioned.

"Lead, I'll follow!"


She glares at you ''I'll prove it to you and you'll swallow your words, miss Emmy! you'll be like 'Oh gosh Rhanna you were right, you were an amazing genius and I was a big dummy to say you weren't' and then I'll forgive you and then we'll go out for cake or something, what's your favorite flavor?''


File: 1435357814054.png (10.39 KB, 631x563, map.png) ImgOps Google


"We haven't heard of pirates in a long time. The MSL chased them all out of the Manesian. Sure, there are still corsairs in the ocean, but we're too close to the Cape for them to bother us."


"But I had read there was a terrible fight around here a few years ago. Against the Pirate Queen, Light Heart?"


Lead the way to the end of the series of beds. Here, open the door.


You find yourselves back in the courtyard, across from the third discrete building.

"I think I remember something about that, but honestly it would've been a decade ago now. Maybe more.

The article was dated 688AN. The year is 701AN.


"We need to check back. There was a split in the road which led us here, right?


"Yeah, a staircase going up and down."


"Ah, is there anypony in town who might be able to tell me about it?"


"Back to it we go."

Back to it we go.


"Honey. And I'm going to be like 'Holy shit she is so fucking stupid she doesn't even know she was supposed to die from that."


"One of the adventurers who has been around a long time, maybe. Mama Anne might remember. She kind of points the greener adventurers in the right direction. She has a cabana on the northern beach, and does lessons during the morning and early afternoon here in town."

This is an old stone staircase. There's a blood smear between the cases up and down. The walls are wooden and sporting a stained glass window headed up, but stone going down. Which way?


"Mama Anne? She sounds nice."


B-B-Blood? Is it an old stain?


I concur, how old is it?
Then, go the way we didn't go last time.


We didn't use the stairs before.


Oh right.
Then we wait for an answer on the blood thingy.


It has congealed. It's hard to make an approximation better than that.

"She's one of those northerners. Uh, Whinyappleus."

You haven't gone either way.


''Okay, I'll owe you a honey cake then, Mine's carrot cake. and what you mean I was supposed to die from that? die from what?''


"With the funny accent?"


"This is so creepy…"


"Being as retarded as you are."


"Yeah, that's right."


"Don't give in to fear.
Let's head up."


''hmph, you're pretty stubborn saying I'm dumb, you know what, I'll study a lot and then I'll be way more intelligent than you, then we'll see who you'll call retarded.''
''Sooo…changed your mind about the gun? can I take a look at it now? pretty please with honey on top?'' Her tail wags behind her on the seat


This appears to be the rectory - the administrative heart of the monastery. The halls are comparatively well furnished, with carpets and a number of similar looking doors that are unlabeled. The doors themselves have been finely carved into scenes from Celestia's life. The Conflict. The Ascendance. The Guidance. The Passion. The Conquest.

At the end of the hall there is a door whose frame is in marble.


"Hmmm, I hope to meet her tomorrow then."


"You're still going to be a fucking dog, though, and I'll probably be dead, thankfully."
Give you a look.
"Yes. It's still a no."


"Alright. You need a room? I could point you toward a boardhouse."


Step lightly towards the door.
Any sound coming from it?


''what's being a dog has to do with anything?''
Her already droopy ears droop a little but more


It is silent…



Prepare myself.
Take six on some dream wine to heighten my battle focus.
Open the door.


Indeed. It's a masterwork in silver.

You're not in combat, though! You wouldn't know what to form predictions about.


"Yes please."
Aira will be safer there anyway.


Can I look through it?


Oh well. Wait for Lilly to look through the lock.


The door is locked.

"Party or nonparty?"

Yes, your view is narrow, but you see a chestnut desk. There's something gold on top of it, but it's turned around. Egg shaped. There appear to be a stack of papers on the desk.



"You know. Being stupid, smelly, and generally being fucking awful to be around."


Hmmmm, all of us would need a bed.
Count on my hooves. Me, Aira, Marina and Rhanna.
"For 4 ponies!"


''now, you're wrong there miss Emmy, I'm really intelligent, as intelligent as you are, I didn't have the chance to take a bath so I smell as bad as miss Selena, Lilly and the others, and…well…Do you really thinik I'm awful to be around?…''


"See? You can't even understand that stupidly obvious fucking thing I just said. All dogs are."


She shakes her head
"That's a bad lie miss Emmy"


"Well, you're a fucker. So there's that."


"What's.. What's a Fucker?"


Smack my face on the bar.
"Bloody fucking shit, do you really not know anything? Do you even know what fucking is?"


"Papa used to say those words a lot… But I never understood what it was… "


Lift my head from the table.
"You are away that stallions have dicks and mares have cunts, right?"


"And those are…?"


"Really? Fucking really?"


"Hey, there's SOME things I don't know about alright?…"


"Ever seen some floppy disgusting thing hanging between the leg of stallions? Or did you ever see what's under the tail of a mare?"


"Yeah sometimes, it's the peepee right? "


"It's the dick. Cock. Whatever."


"oh, so there another name for it then… And what about the mares?"


"Cunt, pussy, twat, snatch, muff, vag, you can call it anyname you like!"


"Woah, that's a lot of names for it! Well… What about it anyways?"


"For the most part, stallions want to put their cocks into… well, anything really. The cunt of a mare, the ass of a mare, the mouth of a mare, the hooves of a mare, the wings of a mare, wherever. Never tried that, thank fucking god. Anyway, that's fucking, most would say, but fucking can be two mares licking each other out, or rubbing their vags together, all sorts of beautiful stuff."


"That sounds kinda dirty…"


"It feels fucking great though."


"It does?"


"Yeah. Fucking is like the best thing in the world, aside from money and shooting someone."


"Really the best thing? Like, even better than eating a whole cake?" her eyes have a glint in them as her tail keeps wagging from left to right


"Getting off is better than all the fucking cakes in the world."


"oh man, I wanna try it sometime!"


"Lift the tail of Selena or Light Heart Junior and ask them if they want to fuck then."


"aw, but they're not here right now…"


"Ask 'em when you see them."


"But I don't know how to do it!"


"Lap at their cunts like the stupid dog you are or someshit and they might do something back."


She nods "Okay I'll try miss Emmy! Thanks"


"Yeah, have a fucking blast with it."


"Well, you can work that out when you get there. The Vignette Apple is nonparty, and you can find it third on your right when exiting the bar. The Winking Mare is party, and it'll be on the opposite side of the bar. It's the first one on the left side of its street. Look for the big sign."

It's getting pretty late. You're tired from the busy day.


No pls.

No sleep. I drank many coffees!


"Oh. Oooooooooh! I get it!"


The bartender just raises a brow but says nothing, and goes back to serving drinks.

You yawn. Where to?


"Sorry, I was just being silly!"
Time to grab Aira. Also where's Marina?


But we can't exactly rest.
Also, I'm sure the adrenaline flowing through our bodies right now prevents us from sleeping anyway.
What a wonderful machine we are.


"Doesn't look like anypony is inside…"


Looks like she disappeared at some point. You haven't seen her in a while, who knows where she went?

She wasn't really a formal member of your group, after all, just there to make sure the sub was returned… You never asked her about hanging around long term. Maybe she went back to her ship.

It's still locked.


She seemed so nice, I'm sure she' say goodbye if she left permanently.


In any case, the only members of your entourage here are Flagon and Rhanna.


Wait. Are there books here?


Is it possible to force it open?


Not in the hall.

It's just a door. You've seen tougher. It's on hinges.


Break the look with the back of my halberd.


I'm a super strong poni. Well, my legs are at least. Try a buck to get it open.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Rhanna is still talking to Emrille.

I'll tell Rhanna and Flagon that I'm going to look for a place to sleep in the Vignette Apple.

I'll do that if Maali or Lemon show up.

Pick up Aira and go look for this Apple.


You're going to have to hit it a little harder than that.

The Upper Hoof opens directly to a street, and as promised, there is a boarding house third on the right with a silhouette image of an apple.


Maybe if I help… '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Buck again! Hard!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pray a little harder.
'1d10' of course this is to hit.

Roll #1 4 = 4


''Oh wait I'll go with you!'' She hops out of her seat and tags along
''I'm getting sleepy to, so I'll just say bye to miss Emmy''
She turns back to the green mare
''Bye miss Emrille! I know you didn't really meant those things, deep inside I know you're a nice mare. I hope I can see you again alright?'' And with that, she walks away with selena


Open the door and get in, unless I have to knock, then knock first.


This time there's an audience creak in the wood, and you can see you've made dents in the lock. It'll give way soon.

Not at all. However, instead of a desk manager to greet you, there's some sort of weird metal thing at the desk. It's box shaped and has all these intricate mechanical parts.

You'd dismiss it as modern art, but it there's a sign near a slot at the top that says: "Insert 15 bits for room. Exact change only."


One more good knock ought to do it.
Heave ho '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Inspect it and take out some bits.
Grumble "I liked the old way of having a manager better, was always fun to ask some questions."



Her eyes light up
''Ooh…I never saw one of these at home''
'1d10' appraise because yes
''Hey miss Selena, what were you up to while I was talking with miss Emmy? I was sitting there with her for a while and when I realized everyone was a goner, I feel kinda bad for leaving her alone there too''

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Don't worry about Emmy, she's used to that.
I got this die!"
She Rhanna my Pirate Die


With a crash and a boom, the door pops loose from its frame and slams into the floor.

This room is empty, but it's surprisingly nice. Wood paneling. The ceiling is mosaic, and depicting The Battle, perhaps the most well known of the scenes from Celestia's life.

The chestnut desk inside has a stack of papers and something golden and egg-shaped. There's a letter opener on the desk that appears to be wooden, too.

This room has a window view into the lower courtyard. There are a couple of bookcases, but they're empty, which seems a little odd.

It appears to be a mechanical device full of metal parts. There's a scale inside which weighs the bits, and, based on that, determines if you have paid the right amount. If the scale is tipped by at least fifteen bits, it slides up, releasing a key from where it is snagged between a chute and the other side of the scale.

You realize you could cheat the system if you had stuff shaped similar to bits and could slide enough inside to tip the scale.

You have 229 in your purse. Pay for a room?


Well, that was loud.
I'll poke around, maybe sit at the desk so I'm out of the way.


"Curious and curiouser, said Alice…"
Slide down slowly, towards the strange egg.


''Oh…that's…neat? But what does it do?''
''hmn…Hey I think I could uh'' She starts whispering
''I think I could cheat this thing so we didn't have to pay the bits'' She smiles up at Selena


"What's this?"
Poke the egg thing.


"It brings luck, well that's what Fly says anyway."

Perk my ears.
"You think so?"

Let's see if Rhanna can cheat it first.


The chair is uncomfortable. It feels like it's made of stone.

On closer inspection, only the cushions are. Ugh.

It seems to have intricately carved lines covering its surface area. It also looks somewhat off, but it's hard to inspect it closely in the lack of light.

It's too dark in here to properly inspect, as the dusk through the window provides no light at all.

It doesn't feel like real gold though. Too rigid.


Pull out the lantern and set it on the desk.


''I can try it! I just need…hmn I just need something that the machine would accept as bits, but I wonder what could we use…'' She ponders
''But I don't have anything like that with me, do you?''


The luster of the gold makes you suspect that it is not real. It catches the light wrong.


"I don't understand the point of this thing."
Is it hollow? Knock on it.


I'll knock on the "cushion"
"Who in their right mind would make cushions out of rocks? Is this some weird austerity thing?"


It rings much more loudly than you would expect. You feel a chill run down your spine as the noise seems to reverberate distantly into the night.

You feel a chill run down your spine as Lilly 'rings' the egg thing.

You feel a chill run down your spine as Lilly 'rings' the egg thing.


"That's creepy."


"Miss Lilly, as rule of hoof, don't tap on possibly cursed artifacts kept in a suddenly mysteriously abandoned monastery."


"Bits are pretty heavy, if we'd carve some coins out of wood, it wouldn't be heavy enough.
Is there anything I could get out of my hat that would help?"


"Eugh, what is that? Doesn't sound like anything I've ever felt before."
"Is there a way to tell if something's cursed or not without touching it?"



"Nothing happened right? It's probably some kind of a sinister party prop!"


Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Chills went down my spine. Could you feel it?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yeah, I could. Probably just a trick though!"


You detect movement out the window, in the courtyard. It's too dark to see properly, but more than one thing is moving down there.


"That makes two of us. What about you, >>633085


Oh shit. Draw my sword.
"… Movement on the courtyard!"


"The chills? Yeah, but that happens when you hear a noise you don't like sometimes. Like a horn scraping on the ground or something."
I'll get my spear ready.
"I thought the place was deserted!"


''hmn…You know I have a plan but… Could you get some small rocks of your hat? they should be as heavy as bits are, probally, If I sharpen and shape them up enough, they would be thing enough to go through and the machine would not be able to tell the difference, what you think?''
Wf can I actually pull that off with Sharpen?


Go full on operator by the window and peek outside!


You could try!

It's very dark out there. You hear movement, and you can see a shifting in the shadows, but you can't seen what's actually moving below. They don't seem… pony shaped.

It occurs to you that the only light in the monastery right now is shining out of the window you're flattened next to.


Let's get a tool to help with that sharpening first!
'1d10' gadget

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It's worth a try!"
Pull out some rocks from my hat '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


It occurred to me the very instant I read the line "you hear movement" from that post.
Quickly snuff the lantern out.


You take apart your old scope and scrape together a press to smooth the sides.

You pull out a handful of rocks.

You smash the top of the candle with a hoof, quelling it without protest. Good thing you're wearing shoes.


I mean

You know what I mean

Wherever the oil comes out, because this is an oil lantern


''Alright, thanks miss Selena, now just hoping this will work''
'1d10+1' sharpen

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


They look pretty good to you! I mean, not all bits are PERFECT right? Well, nothing to do but see 'em in action.

You start jamming rock coins into the slot. You have to force some of them because it's too big. Eventually, the scale does tip, but the key doesn't release. It looks like you jammed it. Oops.


Oil lanterns usually have a dial to pull in the oil-soaked length of the rope in the middle, as to snuff it quickly without having to operate the panel every time.

"Be ready for a fight."


I'll grimace a bit, and readjust my grip on my spear.




''Err…I…I can fix that, hold on''
She tries figuring out what could have possibly gone wrong, but she knew she could fix it!
'1d10' tinker
''I got it I got it!'' She says, sweating nervou- no wait dogs don't sweat

Roll #1 5 = 5


Take a deep breath and stay calm.


You reach inside with your lithe paws and jerk a few of the rock coins loose, but it still doesn't release.

You better put a banging donk on it.

You can hear something. It sounds like it's moving across the face of the monastery, like a spider along a wall. It's drawing closer.

You can hear grisly breath alongside it…


In ushered voice, try to steel my companion's resolve.
"Whatever lurks this place, it senses light. It hunts light. Don't expect any equine form to emerge from the shadows. Do not give in to fear."
Is it time to pop some dream wine about the battle yet?
My flesh should still be all shiny and chrome!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"but it sounds gross"


''Come on…stupid…thing'' She jerks it a bit harder

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I might scream though!"


"Channel it into battle focus!"


All your rattling around attracts a mare, descending the nearby stairs.

"Hm? Having trouble with the machine? Don't reach inside, you could get hurt by the moving parts."

Well, I'll give Maeda her wish and let combat start.

Something dark swings in the window at a rapid pace. There's a hiss from the darkness. It's hard to tell here in the dark, but it seems roughly shaped like an octopus. It lashes at at each of you with shadowy limbs!

Maeda [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] FCS
Marina [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]
Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]

Maeda is focused from her Dream Wine!


Stab it! Stab iiiiiit!

Roll #1 10 = 10


''O-oh, uh…yeah sorry it's just that miss Selena put her bits in here and the machine wasn't working for some reason! It's probally broken off, really. so I tried reaching in with a finger, sorry…we're both sorta new to these technological advances you know?''


Do my trademark pole-jump with the halberd to vault over the limb attacking me and reach fall down onto another one!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Swing my sword at it as it tries to lash out.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Smile. Well, at least I won't have to go to the Winking Mare after all.
"Oh I'm sorry. This thing is acting a bit difficult. Are you the manager?"


The two of you slash at it before it can slither away, cutting at its inky appendages, but

Its limbs slither away from you before you can slash it. It's so mobile! If only there was a way to pin it…

Roll deception for liar dog

"I'm the night guard, so kinda. The whole block of boarding houses are owned by DLC, and he has one inspector/manager for all of them."


'1d10' I'm not lying!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Stab it some more! It's not getting away that easy. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Alright, let's see how you like this!"
Knockout trick ammo on one of the limbs, that oughta have some effect!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Okay I have absolutely no skills that'd let me slow or incapacitate that thing even in if I went on and did double backwards logic hoops to justify it.
Instead, defend myself and look for things in the environment.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yes you are, Selena didn't put any bits in there yet!

The night guard raises a brow. "Are you sure you're telling the whole truth, puppy?"

I forgot you were using great weapons. That was enough to finish it off.

It seems to dissipate like a shadowy mist.


You catch yourself before swinging again. It looks like it's done for, it was just writhing in its deathknell.


"Can we pay directly to you? Or will we have to take our business elsewhere?"


"What was that thing? Some kind of horrible shadow squid?"


"Yes, it's fifteen bits a night here, but if you want to arrange something more longterm I'd need to get the manager and we can draw up a boarding contract."


She looks down
''no…Actuall the truth is that…
I was trying to get the bits we put in there back to try again…''


"And by 'bits' you mean 'roughly carved rocks that jammed the machine'?" She says, examining the mechanism with a critical eye.


"Shadows are the favorite tool of one ancient beast…"
Point upwards, to the fresco of the Battle, without adding another word.


"I've never seen anything like it."

"B-But my time! It's not over yet! I should still have like two days!"


''What? you put rocks in your machine?'' She gasps
''Oh gosh, someone put rocks in there?! that would ruin the whole thing!''


I'll scrunch.
"But how would it show up here, in a Celestial outpost? I can tell you for a fact that Lunites haven't been making them!"


She gives you an unimpressed look.


Perk my ears.
"Rhanna is a bit of an impulsive puppy. How about I pay you 30bits for the room and your trouble?"


''I-I'm…'' She looks away


"Oh, very well then. I'll have someone come by and look at the machine in the morning."

She heads upstairs briefly, and then returns with a room key. Lost 30 bits, got room key: 207.


Pat you on the head.
"You gave it an honest try."

Now let's go see this room.


By the sounds of it, that wasn't the last of them.


Ready myself for round two.
"Well, now we know what happened to the ponies who were here, I guess…"


She does a little of a scrunchy face
''I'm just tired of screwing up everything…''


"It's obviously here since before we reached the monastery. They are not after you."
"You seem on edge. Very on edge about things nopony even began to question you about.
Let's get out of this alive first and think it through later. If you still feel the need to."
"Okay girls, no lollygagging. Let's keep on moving."
Push further in. And take the egg.


The room is modest, but at least it's clean. Two beds, and a little stove setup complete with fresh cut wood. It's pretty dark, so you don't even need to draw the drapes to block out the light.


Further in? You're in the room at the end of the hall on the second floor. There is no third floor.

You haven't visited the basement or the other building not connected to these two.


"Well excuse me for not enjoying the fact a beast from some bygone era decided to just pop back into being and try to eat me! Not to mention I still have no idea what those cultist ponies cursed me with. So you'll just have to forgive me for being a bit edgy."
I'll harrumph.


Goddess why.

"Is the basement worth checking? I feel like this egg might be the only important thing left with some answers!"


"You need to learn when to try new things. Come, you can take the second bed."

Give Aira a bed of her own. Is there a chair?


Yep, you stumble right over it in the dark.


''I think it's better yout took it, I can sleep on the couch just fine. I'm smaller and all…besides I should try to make up for making you spend more than you should because of a mistake I did…Again…Sorry Miss Selena…''


I'll set it up next to Aira's bed and sit with her here.
Thinking about boat, but that's for tomorrow.

I yawn.
"No, I want to be awake when Aira wakes up."


''Alright…I'll try to make up for it in some other way tomorrow''
She yawns as well
''Good night miss Selena''


"Anything which could hold more explanations is worth checking!"
Slap her.
"Pull it together girl! I will pull you out of this!"



You creep down the stairs. You just need to shift around the corner and take the next flight down, but you can hear something moving around in the mess hall, shoving aside the wooden benches and sending pewter plates clattering to the ground. Sneak by?


"Sleep well."

Selena will try to stay up all night if she needs to, do I need to roll for that?


Hold still.
Very still.


Not just until morning. It will get progressively harder to stay awake as you approach and pass the 30 hour mark, though.


I'll stop for a moment, and then rub where you slapped me.
"I'm not being hysterical…"


Doesn't matter!


Keep quiet…


The creature continues overturning tables and ambling through the hall. It has reached the far end of the tables, but the stairway is right in the middle, opposite the great door that lead to the bunkhouse.


"So… what now? Think we can take it?"


You stay awake. It's increasingly difficult to keep your mind focused and avoid slumber, so you recount your last few days mentally…

After what feels like an eternity, the sun is peeking through the drapes, and Aira is stirring.


Now or never.
Signal everyone to sneak forth!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sneaking like a cat.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sneaky fishpon.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Perk my ears and take her hoof.


You narrowly dart down the second flight of stairs to the basement without being detected. It's pitch black down here, no windows.

"Mmmhm? Is it time for breakfast..? My head… is throbbing."

She shuts her eyes tight and draws her hooves up to her temples, as she scrunches.


Aira will be Aira.
"Ssshh, don't exert too much.
You've been trough a lot."


Well, I don't have a light.


We can't turn the light on. Not until we have a good distance and at least two doors between us and that thing.
"Use your sense of touch to direct yourselves."
Keep going down the stairs, keeping a hoof on the wall at all times.


No talking… Could be something in here.



"Wait… where am I? Am I dreaming?"

She opens an eye and boops herself on the nose.

The words and sharp 'ssh' echo down the stone corridor. Since Maeda is leading, she's the first to notice when the surface of the wall turns. Feels like the room is bigger, or possibly an opening to another room.


Well, guess I'll just have to keep a hoof on the wall while walking.


Smile. And speak slowly.
"You're in New Earth. It's a little town near the Cape. Do you remember New Earth?"


Let's just follow Maeda. She knows what she's doing.


She shakes her head, then nods.

"I know New Earth, but you're not here… I have to find Aria…"


Slowly pause.
Take a moment to see if there's any noise.
Then turn the torch on.


"I'm really here.
I came to find you, and Aria."


Blink in the sudden light.


The lantern cuts through the darkness.

It looks like this is a large crafts chamber – looms, forges, workbenches. The monks probably had to make everything they used, so as to avoid contact with the outside world. This place, at least, seems abandoned, if big.

The only place you haven't checked is the large separate building accessible through the courtyard. By elimination, you assume it's the library.

She blinks and gently touches your face with a hoof.

"What? But… why? Or, I mean, I'm glad to see you."


Smile, give her a kiss on the cheek and hug her.
"I'm so glad you're allright." I say in her ear. "How do you feel?"


"We have two options. Try and look for a possible other exit which might not exist or brave the hallway again."


"Are there no windows?"
I'll peer into the corners of the room.
"Besides, I don't think being outside is that good of an idea while there are shadow beasts prowling around. We should probably get a more defensible position…"


"Let's be optimistic today."


"My head hurts. And my body. Really, everything pretty much."

No windows, you're underground.


"You've been through a lot.
Try to rest a little bit. Do you want something to eat?"


"Yeah, I'm starved." She rubs her head drowsily.


Let's give a quick look around for other doors.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wandering through the large room, swinging your lantern to-and-fro, there are no obvious exits besides the stairs, to you anyway.


"Stay right here, I'll be right back!"

Go to the inn again and get some breakfast, like a big one to take away.



"Shall we go back up?"


I'll do the same…

Roll #1 9 = 9


I guess I'll help look as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



+3 search (survival)

You slide along the wall with your hoof, until it depresses a flagstone. There's a loud, grinding sound, and a narrow crawlspace has been opened at your hooves.

The grinding echoes throughout the hall, like dog nails on a chalkboard.

Lilly made some kind of very loud noise.

The morning meal on level 1 at the Upper Hoof is rice. You get a double order, and return.

"So… what made you come out all this way?"


"Lilly, what'd you do?"


Give her most of it, I'll take the leftovers.

"I got a letter a few weeks ago…that said both you and Aria were missing. Lost at sea.
But I knew something was wrong, so I came to find you both."


"Oh… that seems like a lifetime ago now, I had forgotten. Yeah, it was really dicey, but we got out of it okay. I guess I didn't realize they'd send out letters."


"Crawlspace! Get in quick!"
Jump through the hole.


"Think about it later. Now hurry in there before the things hear it!"


Well, in I go then.


"What happened to you both? Did you make it to land?"


This narrow tunnel gives you barely any space to move around, so you scoot along on the dirt. At least it's not stone: that would annihilate your legs, as they shift around on the surface below.

Yes, there was a storm and we ran up against a reef, but most of the ponies made it out of that okay. We had to take lifeboats, but the storm was too intense. Most of the groups were split up, but we see other ponies we know were on the ship occasionally, so we're not the sole survivors."


Keep scooting. Scoot scoot.


Scoot scoot scoot


"Oh, that's great…"
Why the hell did they send a letter then?
Still it was good they did.
"What happened next? We found you, but we haven't found Aria…"




You bump your nose into something wooden, and stop. You must've reached the end.


You bump your nose into Lilly's butt. She must have stopped.

You bump your nose into Maeda's butt. She stopped.

"We started taking up work here, like the plan, but when we went to Enkilj, we got captured by those cultists. We thought it would be an easy job, we were just supposed to recover some artifacts."


Bite my lip.
"…but things went wrong."


Scooch back a little.
"Why'd you stop?"


"It's… the end."
Where can we go from here? Do I just need to repeat the same trick I used to get in?


"Yeah, there were way more of them than we expected from the contract. It seemed like they were massing for something…"

The thing in front of you isn't a false wall like on the other side, it's just some sort of wooden face. You test it with a hoof – it doesn't seem to be attached to anything.


"They were doing some evil ritual…"


"I really don't know anything about that, but I think they still have Aria."


"The literal or figurative end?
I need to know if I have to pull out my rosary."


"When we chased them out…we didn't see Aria amongst the prisoners…"


Can I just… push it away?




"Chased them out? You went to Enkilj?"

Hm… it's kinda heavy. Like maybe it's a crate. You give it a good shove and make just enough space to squeeze out.


"Need a hoof?"
Push her butt!


"We went to the volcano, that's where we found you."


"Volcano? The big dead one? Why'd they go there?"


Start pushing!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You shove it some more and buy yourself a little more space.


"That's not Enkilj?
I don't know why they went there, but it's where we found you. They tried to sacrifice you or something."


Try to squeeze through now.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Time to add my own weight to the pushing pile. Push those ponies! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Sacrifice? Wow, I don't remember any of that. But Enkilj, you can't miss it. Big city of temples? Stone steps everywhere? Lot of archways and kinda labyrinthine?

Lilly pops out, no problem. It's pitch black in this room, but the stale air and the sound of your voice seems to imply it's a rather small one.


Use my hooves to feel my way around!


Push out after Lilly.


It's better she doesn't.
"I've never been there. We'll go there to find her as soon as we can."


Continue to shove until we're all out of the crawl space. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Roll 1d100

You had to turn off your lamp to get into that crawlspace. Also to avoid burning yourself. Also the fumes – but you're out.

Safe and sound in the dark alien room.

"I'm worried, though… what were they trying to do with a sacrifice?"


Windows around here?



Roll #1 47 = 47


Hurray, more darkness.
I should have packed an anglerfish.


None. The room's air is stale, like it hasn't been access in a long time – in fact, you begin to breathe uneasily, but it's probably not too dangerous.

It has been sealed for a while, at least years.

You hear a smack as something bodily hits the floor.

You hear a smack as something bodily hits the floor.

Lights and colors invade your senses. It's beautiful – complex designs of many colors – it's like a masterwork of impressionist art that changes each moment.


"Lilly? Maeda?"
Feel around on the floor.
"Was that one of you?"



This is amazing!


You feel a mare down below.

We'll assume that you know it's a mare by deduction and not by how you feel the body.

You hear sweet strains of harp around you.


Take a quick sniff of the air to notice any immediate strange smell, then turn on and off the lamp just enough to take sight of the room without wasting too much air.


"Oh it's so pretty… Guys, can't you hear this sweet music?"


…Does she have wings or no?
Grope around.
"Okay, so it's Lilly who fell down. I don't-"
Slap my hooves to my face when she flicks the lamp.
"Augh! I can't see!"


Looks like Lilly passed out. Maybe the air down here was no good for her. She's tightly gripping a harp made from a strange black material.

No one else answers, but for some reason that feels okay. They'll be alright. You needed a rest anyway. You can catch up in a minute, and then show them this light show.


Knock the harp out of her hooves. Tickle her if I have to, since that usually makes ponies let go of things. Strange black harps that play music only the holder can hear generally can't be good for you.


"Don't touch a thing!"
What does the room look like and are there any exits?
Use the halberd's staff to pry the harp off Lilly's hooves.


Oh that'd be great… I wish they were here to see this, it looks wonderful!


It doesn't appear to be playing music.

It clatters to the ground.

You appear to be in what may be some sort of treasure hoard. The walls are draped with decorative papers that are covered in praye– oh it's a cursed item vault.

The egg was probably being examined by the abbot or some other official and wasn't placed in here. The walls here are stone, but there is a wooden trapdoor at the top.

The room is filled with strange pieces – glassware ranging from alembics to drinking glasses, instruments, a big, gilded chest, a large slab of flattened rock in the corner, fine silks rolled up onto bolts, strange mechanical devices that seem to have thin strands of metal laced about inside, and a large picture hanging on the wall with a sheet covering it, concealing whether it contains a painting or not.

You snap back to reality, on the ground in the room.


"Lilly, are you okay? You fell down really fast!"


"Every single item in this room is cursed. Do not touch anything."

The trapdoor. Use the halberd to open it.


Look around, confused.
"W-What happened to the pretty colors? And the music!?"


It's at the very zenith of your reach, but you jiggle the trap door as best you can. Seems to be bolted from the other side.


Well, it's wooden. Use the crate Lilly moved to reach further up, and start breaking the lock.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm pretty sure they weren't real, Lilly. We didn't hear or see anything. Now, come on, I think Maeda found a way out."
I'll help Lilly to her hooves.


That 'crate' was the gilded chest. Stand on top of it?



"I need a boost."



Get up.

"Just a moment."
Do as she asks!


"Just a second…"
Once I'm sure Lilly can stand on her own, I'll head over to help Maeda.


One pony stacked on a fish pony trying to smack a trapdoor high above and keep her balance, you should be an act.

Roll balance, both of you




Can I help with that?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm a stable pony.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You don't get to be a hero if you can't stand on someone's shoulders.
'1d10' balance and then smash that shit.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Flagon / Selena / Rhanna
Rhanna: Aira is awake in the room.

Flagon: You got left out again – waking up at the bar. Why do they keep forgetting about you? You better go find out where Selena stayed for the night.


Marina and Maeda swing unevenly, so when Maeda makes her swing wildly and falls off, at least Marina doesn't touch anything.

Maeda falls onto a magic carpet and gets turned into a stuffed ponoe. Your best chance is probably just to get out of here and get any outstanding curses cured outside instead of playing around in here.


"I don't know. But we'll stop them and save Aria."


That's what I wanted!

Pick up Maeda.
"Time to go!"
Nearest exit?


Rhanna yawns as she gets up from the bed with all the talking
''Hmn…Miss Selena…who are you talking to?…'' The sleepy pup asks as she rubs her eyes



"Rhanna! Aira woke up. Aira, this is Rhanna, she has helped me find you."


Trapdoor up, or back through the crawlspace to where the loud noise has probably attracted evil demons.

"Sorry, I'm still feeling a little out of it. We have to look for Aria, though… Wait, why did you bring a puppy?"


"Snrrk… huh oh damnit where are they?"
Go out and ask one of the crew members where are the rest of the ponies.


No no no NO!

Trapdoor up!


"She was placedd under my care, and she wanted to come, and learn alchemy."


''Oh! she finally did? Amazing!''
She jumped from the bed and walked up to Aria, stumbling a bit in the rush ''Hi Aria! I'm Rhanna, I…woah…I helped miss Selena find you, yep. and I'll help finding your sister too!'' She picks up one of Aria's hoof and shakes it


"See? She's very clever!"


Well, I'll grab Maeda's funny-looking spear, and… uh.
"So how are we going to poke the trapdoor open without touching anything?"


There aren't any crewmembers you're in a bar!

The bartender directs you to the Vignette Apple, where you hear they're in room 207.

Roll to bust through.

"Well, she's… enthusiastic?"




Roll #1 7 = 7


"She's a good friend. You'll see.
And there's a bunch of other ponies that helped me!"


She huffs proudly
''Yeah, I'm super smart too, hey, I'm even going to make my own ships when I grow up too!''
''Also there's others like- Yeah like what Miss Selena said, a buncha other ponies are helping us find your sister ya know?''


"Ah thanks for the tip man." I then nod before leaving towards the Vignette Apple and find this room 207.


I'll look at her a little funny.
And then it'll click.
"OH! You're going to fly up and hit it."
I'll just wait, then.


Someone knocks, interrupting Aira's response.

You knock on the door.

Lilly busts through the cursed item vault's trap door, and is immediately blinded. Ahhh, something has you in a net!

Marina: Anything you want to inspect down here while you're not doing anything anyway?


''oh…uh…Who is it?''


Not really. Don't have a light, and Lilly needs to toss me down something to climb up.
And Maeda got turned into a stuffed toy, so I'd rather not end up a goldfish or something.


"Its me Flagon, can I come in?"


''Oh sure you can!'' She rushes to the door and quickly opened it to him, smiling up at the bigger dog
''WHere were you Flagon? I completely forgot about you for a while''


Blindly slash my sword at whatever is covering me.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You have Maeda's lantern, I assumed you grabbed all her gear.

The room is filled with strange pieces – glassware ranging from alembics to drinking glasses, instruments, a big, gilded chest, a large slab of flattened rock in the corner, fine silks rolled up onto bolts, strange mechanical devices that seem to have thin strands of metal laced about inside, and a large picture hanging on the wall with a sheet covering it, concealing whether it contains a painting or not.

You slash straight through the rug that was covering the trap door!

It looks like you came out in an empty basement.


"And this is…?"

Aira is awake on the bed.


"He's Flagon, he's a friend too."


… Oh.

Alright, go heave up Marina.


"Hello, Flagon."


I really, really shouldn't.
…But are there any moon-emblazoned items? Maybe there's an old Lunar item here that drew those shadow beasts to this place. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Scratches my head as I look down at Rhanna.
"Well that happens a lot when one gets too drunk from time to time." I then enter the small room and find a place to take a seat.

"Say what are you guys up too?"

I then slumped over, looking sad at hearing those words with an overdramatic tone.
"I.. it hurts, how can I be easily forgotten."


I scrunch. "I'm trying to talk to my daughter."


Sure. The old slab of stone in the corner, but that's it. Lilly starts dragging you away before you can examine it further.

You lift bad luck horse out.

"Well… I've only just met you, so I'll try to remember." She smiles at you.


''One of the peeps that are helping us''
''It's okay, Papa used to do bad things when he got drunk as well
''Also I think Aria doesn't know you…''
Noting the scrunch, she pulls on Flagon's arm
''Oh by the way mister Flagon, you want to see the town with me? we might be leaving soon and I didn't see all of it ya know?'' She says trying to pull him out of the room to let Selena have some private time with her daughter


Flap my ears.
"She's never seen you before Flagon!"
Are all dogs this dim?


"Well, it looks like we're out of it for now. Of course, now we're lost inside a Celestial monastery without our guide."
I'll think a minute.
I don't suppose it's possible for me to set up a tiny moon shrine somewhere to at least pretend we're safe?


"We need to get out NOW!"
I'm supposed to be pretty good at navigating my way around places. What's in this room? Any windows?


You're in a small, undecorated basement room. There's a large stairway up. This is the kinda room you'd probably search for hidden doors if you didn't come out of one.

Sure, if you've got the stuff for it.

"So… what's our plan?"


"The plan is that you'll stay in bed and rest for today, while I go see where Enkilj is and what kind of place it is and think what we should do next."


"Alright, but once I feel better, I want to help."


Go check what's upstairs. If there's a door, I'll look through the keyhole first.


My eyes widen
"You have a daughter?"
I then nod my head.
"Apologies, I didnt know."

I then nod.
"Same here, but to be frank it is my mistake."

"Oh is that so. Then I would really like to introduce myself but I think the ponies here do know that my Name is Flagon."


I've got my necklace, and that questionable slab in the lockup. I doubt that's going to work, though. But there's no harm in trying… Not that I'd know what to do, in the first place, aside from pray.
I'll follow, for now.


It opens directly to the main library without a door.

This is the first place you've gone that had lights of its own besides the moonlight streaming in through windows.

A number of desks are lit up, with figures at them.

If Lilly lets you down there, you could definitely give it a try. You are the daughter of a high priestess. Maybe it comes naturally?

Can't hurt to try you suppose.


''yeah, everyone knows your name now also'' She motions for him to come closer before she whispers
''I think Miss Selena will want to have some time with just her daughter…Maybe we should let her…''


"Of course. But you've been through a lot, we've had to hire a doctor to tend to your wounds. So I want you to rest for now and I'll be back later once I know more."


I then turn to Rhanna
"Well nothing bad can come out of it."
I then let Rhanna pull me out of the room.
"So what plans do you have?"


I then nod silently as I follow Rhanna out.
"Looks like both are really fond of each other eh? Well that is to be expected of course."


My eyes widen and I slink back.

What the fuck are we dealing with this time… Can I see any faces?


''Well it looks like Miss Selena will be leaving soon so I dunno. I think we'll go after someone or something she found out before, so we could wait for her for a minute'' She climbs up on Flagon's back then sits on his neck, leaning on his head ''Yeah, I wish my mom was so caring about me too…''


The problem is that it could. If that slab has been tainted by the Nightmare, then it wouldn't listen to me, even if it worked…
"What's the matter? Are there more of those shadow creatures?"


This library is pretty huge, with desks spread out. It looks like the figures are hard at work, bent over their desks. Each is robed. You can't see faces because they're bent over their desks.


I guess once I've made sure Aira is taken care off, I'll leave her in the bed.
Check downstairs, do I have to pay extra to keep the room for the day?

Nod to you two that it's time to leave.


Motion my hoof to get her to quiet down and whisper.
"Robed figures… I don't know what they are but they're working at those desks."


Yes, unless you want to draw up a long term rent contract.


I'll frown a little.
"You don't think those are the Celestials, do you? I mean, they would have totally heard the bell earlier… Are they even moving?"


I gulp as the little dog climbs on top of my head.
"Well if these ponies have ways for us to get some bits then I am in. That and or adventure… that will rake us some bits." I grin.


"They're bent over the desks, working on something. They don't look like friends! They must be some sort of sinister cultists."


No, put another 15 bits in that machine so that room is hired for now.

"Flagon, have you ever heard about Enkilj?"


You get a new key and pocket it just to be safe. Where to? Also are you going to stay to talk to Flagon, or drag Flagon with you?


I'll wait a minute here to talk to Flagon.
Might have him and Rhanna do something.


I'll pace a few steps.
"I saw a slab down in the lockup there with a lunar symbol on it. If… If I pray to it, maybe I could get a bit of help from Luna? But I don't know if it'll work, of if it's been touched by the Nightmare."
I'll scrunch a little.
"I mean, we could just wait until morning, but… I'd like to at least try?"


''Hey, sorry to snoop in your business, but do you mind if I ask what you do with your bits, Flagon?'' She absentmindely plays with his ears as she rides him, using them like levers of a vehicle, that vehicle being Flagon
''Enkiji? that sounds like some Japonese stuff''


"It's Neighponese, Rhanna."


"Luna? Luna is dead! Do you really think she could help us? And I don't want to stay in this fucking haunted house all night!"


I tilt my head before shooking.
"Nope, Enkilj…. I really havent."
Am I really ignorant of that word?

"Hmmmm… well I do like to eat so that is one. I really like to sample all of the taste of the world you see."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Enkilj isn't Neighponese, you would've recognized it due to your homeland. It must be some local place.


I'll bristle a bit at that.
"Don't you ever say that."
Turn around and head towards the hole.
"Besides, it's either try this, or go talk to those creepy desk clerks, because I don't see any windows in here."
And then I'll hop down the hole.


''Oooh, sorry, I'll remember that!''
''Really? well what do you like to eat the most? Candy? Soup? Fish? I love salmon but I actually think Tuna is not that good compared to it ya know?''


"It doesnt sound Neighponese.. or any word of the Neighpon that is. It might be something local dont you think?"


"Yes, it is.
I'll need to find out more about this Enkilj. Meanwhile, do you know anything about boats, Flagon?"


Glance at the stairs behind me.
"Well… fine. But I need an escape plan…"
Peer down into the room below us.


''Oh oh I know a lot about boats miss Selena! I've been reading a lot about them on the ship!'' she raises her hand excitedly


Roll Land Carefully


I'm a very careful horse! A little angry, but careful! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


My smile goes from one ear to the other.
"Oh I really like a lot of kind of delicacies and food preperation, not to mention drinks. From nabe to Sukiyaki up to Kaiseki and Tsukomoni! Man anything with broth or grilled those are the foods that I like. Hell Beer is good but I really do miss Sake."

"Boats? Well I travel with boats but I do know a thing or two but that is not my forte you see. Well I do know a lot on brews and how to cook meals that is."


You managed to land very carefully for a pony with a pretty long tail.

The altar looks pretty nondescript other than the moon symbols. Looks positively ancient.


"Well, in that case, I'm looking for a boat, and a crew. Could the two of you go to the docks and see if there's anypony ready to sell? It needs to be a good boat."


Right. Clear my head. Head over to the altar, and pray to Luna.

Roll #1 4 = 4


''Wooaaah all that stuff sounds yummy! Also sound Jap-I mean Neighponese too…Are you neighponese mister Flagon?''
''Well, We could try, how big of a boat does it need to be?''


Fly down after her.
"There's an altar here already? I thought Maeda said this was a Celestial monastery?"


"They obviously confiscated it. Though why it's not destroyed is probably a good question."


Maybe you should try wiping the dust off and adorning it with your beads and stuff. And you still have that lunar symbol of office. Maybe some offering? You have TONS of Sand Dollars.


"Big enough for all of us! And some ponies to help us sail it of course."


Right… right.
Tidy it up a bit. Blow off the dust, and wipe off what doesn't get carried away.


I scratch my head.
"I really like to sate my curiosity but do you mind if I ask why we need a boat and a crew?'

I grin.
"Well I am, part of it that is. I do like to travel a lot though unlike the other shiban"


"I'm tired of hiring passage, if we have our own boat, we can go where we want."


You feel magically charged, but a little less in tune with Luna.

Marina seems a little… different.


"… I wonder why these Nightmare things came here. Maybe they're looking for something…"


That's weird.
"Maybe. It's not like-"
I'll stop.
Did I always have this deep a voice?


''hmn…Might need to be a sheep then…or at least a really big boat, but you can count on us to get one for ya Miss Selena!''
''Oh Shiban…So there are other dogs that look like you? I never saw someone with your features back at home''


I then scratch my head.
"Yeah that sounds good if you ask me, but we do have sufficient bits at hand right? Getting a good sized boat for all of us will not be cheap."
I then scratch my nose.
"If you want you can come with us for boat hunting, how about that?"


"You don't need to get one yet, just go and see what's out there!"

"I need to see myself how much money I can muster first. I'll see you in the bar in a few hours?"


As a reminder, Flagon is half-Shiban, which makes him much larger than most Shibans. Though, even at full height he's barely larger than Rhanna at her current age.


''You got it!'' she motions foward as she still rides on top of Flagon ''Onwards Flagon!'' she snickers


I gasp. Of course! Those nightmare creatures weren't here for me!
"Could that be…?"
Carefully approach the altar. Touch it with my sword.


"Could that be what? Is my voice different?"
I'll sit down.
"I'm confused."


Once they're gone, I'll go to the bar myself, to pick up Sunny, and to see this Mama


I nod agreeingly.
"Alright that is set then, me and Rhanna will scout for good boat candidates that would be easy I hope."

I then turn to Rhanna.
"Well there are a lot of us in Neighpon but outside there are just a few of us here and there. I am sure you are surprised that to see one like me."

"Say are you ready to find a boat Rhanna?"


"Welp, alright! Onward!"

Leave Selena and head towards the docks.


"Didn't I explain what the altar I'm looking for does to you!?"


''I really am, yeah! You're smaller than usual dogs, I mean in a few years I'll be bigger than you! And I was always told I was a bit big for my age too. oh and I couldn't be readier, let's go!''


I'll think for a second.


Lilly gets blasted back away from the altar, landing in a heap, and male.

Sunny is attached to the wood of the second floor's exterior at The Upper Hoof.

The docks are a pretty busy place – crowded with ponies and two very large merchant ships. There are a number of smaller sailing ships around, too.

The port authority is a duplex with the post office.


Hmmm, walk to the barkeep first and ask if he's seen Mama Anne around.


I'll rush over.
"Are you okay?!"


I then scratch my head.
"Now where to start…. say perhaps the port authority might give us some info, what do you think Rhanna?"


Shove a hoof in my mouth and muffle my scream.

Then I shakily get up.

"Touch the altar again. Don't you feel you have a whole new set of bodyparts now?"
I shiver.


Also, your character name is currently wrong.

"She offers morning lessons out on the eastern side of town, near the jungle."


''That should be a good place to start, but what if they ask what we'll want a boat for? what are we going to say?''


"Thank you!"
Pick up Sunny. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You fly up and pry the pseudopod lichen off the side of the building.


I then think for a moment.
"How many of us are there? I think we need a boat that can house you, me, all of the ponies, supplies of food that will last for 3 to four months and the stuff that are needed. Also rooms for sleeping area's and stuff."

"That is what I think." I scratched my head.


"Well, I sure felt different, and my sense of balance is kinda weird and my voice got deeper, but… Wow, this must mean we're both guys right now."
I'll look at the altar, then think a second.
"You know, we should be able to carry it pretty easily as colts, right? We just need to rig up a harness or something to drag it with. You didn't happen to see anything up there we could use, did you?"
Not anymore it isn't.


''That's really good planning ahead mister Flagon! also there is me, you, Miss Selena, Marina, Lilly, Maeda, Aria and Aira…so that makes 8! we'll need lots of food too! so we might have some extra expenses aside fro the boat…I wonder if we'll have enough money for that…Maybe miss Selena and I could find a little job to raise the money?''


Look at my flank weirdly.
"This feels all wrong… how did mom even deal with that… thing?

There's no way we can move it around, you saw what happened when I touched it… but… but maybe if we give it to those guys upstairs, they'll leave us alone?"


I nod. "Perhaps, but we are not here to worry about how to get the bits, we are here to find a good bargain ship… boat or something." I smile.
"Lets head inside then."


"Are you kidding? They're probably the ones that chucked it down here in the first place. And didn't you need to put it back wherever it came from to get rid of your curse thing?"
I'll head back over to the altar. Am I capable of moving it by myself? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm not going to get back to Autumnsreach in two days anyway…"


"You probably could on our boat."


she nods
''yes, let's''


Even if you could, it's too large for the crawlspace, and you can't fly.

While you're shoving it around you bang into it '1d10' times (odd number, female; even, remain male).

You also run into a magic artifact by accident '1d100'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 81 = 81


"Are you kidding? That's all the way back in Equestria!"


Oh dear.
"It's a really fast boat. How do you think we kept up with the crab?"


Both me and Rhanna head to the port authority building and look inside.


You bump a magic lamp.

Roll 1d10


Hold it good, while I fly to the jungle and look for Mama


Please be a good djinn. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



It's a small, if busy office. You take a number, and wait to get called. Eventually, you do get called and head up to the desk.


You can see her right away, a tan pony with light brown mane, directing some sword practice in the shade of the jungle's edge.

No Djinn at all. Instead, you grow very large. On the plus side, you're now definitely big enough to haul the altar and even climb out.

The downside is that now that you take up most of the room, you touch a bunch of other objects.


Marina got HUGE! You tumble back as she knocks over half of the room's artifacts growing.

Roll #1 58 = 58 / Roll #2 71 = 71 / Roll #3 95 = 95 / Roll #4 11 = 11




Oh fucking hell.

Clench my teeth.
"What did you do!?"


"I tripped!"


Fly down and trot to her.
"Hallo! Are you Mama Anne?"


''We're here to buy a boat Ma'am! one big enough for 8 ponies, do you have one of those? or we'll need an actual ship?''


I look at the desk clerk with a smile
"We are finding a boat… or a ship that can house 8 up to 12 people, perhaps something that is sturdy yet not fancy, also it has to be able to traverse the sea's and have a good or perhaps an adequate space for food and the crew in it. Is there any ship that met that criteria?"
I then look at Rhanna.
"Is that right Rhanna? I think that sounds sufficient for what Miss Selena is asking for."


''Should be perfect miss Flagon, yep''


I look at you a bit surprised.
"ehrmmm… Sir Flagon."


''Oh yeah Mister, or Sir S-sorry, my bad''


God help me. Celestia please. Deliver me.

I don't even know what the hell to do now.


Every item originally in the vault (e.g.: these cursed items) all begin to shake visibly

You feel like you've been slammed in front of the face and suddenly feel extremely tired.

Marina is coated in a thin layer of liquid chocolate.

Marina feels dizzy.

"Ya, well ain' that just a good mornin' mood? I guess yer so chipper because ya want in on tha class? Well no worries little lady, we got plenty of lessons to take ya from green ta mean quick as a bunny, dun cha know! Come on, first lesson's free!"

"Sounds like you want a small sailing vessel… a sloop or something? The cheapest I can get you one for is 600 bits."


"Oh! Well I could use a little practice!" I'll put Sunny somewhere in the sun.
"I've never fought with a sword before!"


I'll sit down with a squelch.
Am I still large-sized?
"Lilly, stop the room from spinning…"


Just… leap at the altar and try to hang onto it. I can't lose it in this pure chaos!


She scratches her head ''hmn…I don't remember how much money miss Selena had… anything we can do to get a cheaper price on that?''


"Well, there ya go. All dashing heroes need a sword, don cha know. Now, classic hero weaponry does include the longsword and scimitar, but we're working on rapiers today, my pretty little pupil. Ya feelin' up for some fencin, ya?"

It blasts you off once again. Roll avoid magic items.

Yes, you are. Everything is coming up shenanigans.


My eyes widen and I give off a comical grin.
"A sloop? That really sounds like a slurp if you ask me. Now I miss soba noodles, you have to slurp to acquire the best taste that the soba noodles can give. Its a really delicious yet really simple fast dish."

"Ah right about the sailing vessel, a sloop right? I think as long as it is economical and comfortable, I dont think we are really finding a fighting ship so perhaps a sloop do sound good."
"Say can we see how Sloops look like?"


"Yes that too? 600 bits do sound a bit steep."


"Well, usually when an adventurer needs a ship and can't pay for it, they go steal one from bandits or pirates. That's kind of a tradition."

"Sure, there are a few in port. Go outside in and look. They're the ones with the single mast."


"Yes!" Look around for any practice rapiers!
Any other students?


Well, I'm big, so grab the altar and shove it through the trapdoor up to the top. The shaking things can't be good. Lilly goes up next, assuming I don't throw up due to dizziness, and then it's my turn to try and squeeze up the hole.


Is the price really that steep? What do I think?"

"Ah alright we will ask the dock workers outside what is and what is not a sloop." I grin.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hey I didn't need to do that earlier!


''uh…that sounds…'' She doesn't continue as she see Flagon mentioning leaving
''Y-yeah we'll go check it out, thank you''


There's a whole pile.

And plenty of other students. They range in all ages from twelve to eighty – most of them already dueling. Apparently they're all novice adventurers.

A pony half your age approaches. "You're a little old to be adventuring, aren't you?"

She looks like she's ready to challenge you.

You climb out with all that stuff, because size is on your side. You turn female again while you're at it.

But now everything in shaking and moving about. Roll to see your last effect as you're being dragged out by giant, chocolatey Marina

Sailing ships are certainly expensive.

"Anything else?"



Roll #1 6 = 6


It was supposed to be 1d100 so I just used 66 instead.

Your courier outfit turns invisible. You can still feel it, you just LOOK naked.


"Ah alright we will head out to check first and check back to see what we think. Thank you very much." I then bow my head, perhaps surprising Rhanna too.

As we head outside I look at Rhanna as we head to the dock where the ships, vessels and boats are floating. "What do you think?"


As a reminder, two very large vessels, and around eleven smaller vessels. Of them, eight are sloops as described by the pony at the counter.


Yay. This is gonna feel gross in a little while, though.
"Right, so, now what? We've got the altar, now we just need to get out of here alive."
I'll yawn widely.
"Or at least have a safe point to wait until Maeda turns back into a pony again…"


I should have never left Selena's side. I don't suppose we're still hidden from those robed creeps?


She doesn't seem very impressed
''Hmn…I really don't know…I thought you would have a good idea of what we would need, since you travel around a lot and such…But those sound good…though I'm kinda worried…if we run into pirates and have no way on how to defend ourselves…''


The dizziness wears off.

You check upstairs. They're still at their desks.

Something is wrong: there's daylight coming in through the windows instead of moonlight like last time you checked. What?


Take a practice rapier and take of my hat.
"I've been adventuring since you were still wearing diapers, young lady."


Thank goodness. Still tired, though. And covered in chocolate.
…Does it even wash out?
Idly lick one of my forelegs to vainly try to clean it.


Fucked if I know anymore with all this religious bullshit! Red was right!

"We just need to run. Leave this place and maybe drop off the altar so they're distracted with that rather than killing us."


I pout.
"Hmmmmm….. for me I think we need small vessel that will meet our needs first, if it cannot meet our needs then pirates would not be the first thing that we would worry while at sea. I dont want to starve in the middle of the sea you know."
"Well we can capture fish but that is incredibly dangerous in the middle of a wild sea."

"as for defense then yeah we need Selena and the other to judge on that."

I then walk toward the smaller 8 vessels that looks like a sloop. How does these ships look? How good are they?


"But without the altar, you're gonna die! Or be eaten, and then die! I didn't come up with you and your friends just to fail at keeping you alive, you know."


"I'll believe you as long as you don't make me change yours, grandma!"

Chocolate was always hard to get in your old home because people would destroy it as a symbol of Discord. Still delicious, though.

You're still riding on Marina: The Big Gray Pony up with the altar.

Just as a reminder, you've got little Lilly on your back.


File: 1436141505266.jpg (125.13 KB, 500x608, sloop.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Sloops are small and minimalistic – but full sailing ships, not a mere boat.

No real deck other than the main deck, though, and no cannons.


"They want the damn altar, don't you understand? All these assholes who have been chasing me down only care about getting it back."


''hmn…It should be good…you know…Maybe I could read and try to find if there would be a way I could attach a light cannon or maybe a balista on the sides…what you think? that could provide us with at least SOME defense…''


Well, as long as it doesn't explode, it's fine, right? Right.
And currently I'm starting to be too tired to really care about those Celestials. I'm big, so that means I can cover a lot of ground, right? So maybe I can outrun them, if nothing else.
"Yeah, but if you don't give it back, then they still get to kill you. That's how demons work. Besides, we're already so close, so why risk it now?"
I'll start moving towards the door.
"I'm gonna try and run past them all, okay? So you hold on tight, and don't drop Maeda."
Twist my head around a bit and grab the alter in my mouth like a pretzel stick.
"Hrr ee go!"
And I'll open the door and run through.


I smile at the looks of the boat, the sleek design and the… minimalistic design of it… it really emphasizes the simplistic aesthetics that my shiban side really admire.
"Hmmmm…. that looks good for travelling around the world, what do you think Rhanna?"

I pout with a comical look, clearly irritated at what the full diamond dog kid is saying.
"You will be adding guns on it? How rude! Just look at the beauty of it, why ruin it by adding something that is not meant to be part of it? You need to just admire its endurance and simplicity Rhanna. A ship that is capable of carrying all of us around the world." I grin admiring at the ship.


"You seem grumpy. I'd ask if you didn't have enough sleep last night, but just looking at your mane tells me enough."


She looks down, rubbing her arm
''Yeah… I guess you're right…Sorry Flagon…It's just that I'm worried…If we get attacked by a sea monster or pirates…'' She eyes the boat
''I don't want anything bad to happen to us or miss Selena now that she can finally find her daughters…''


None of the robed figures at the desk even get up to try to stop you. You slam into the door, and which point you have to stop to open it, and bust through. No demons out here, but the sun is shining brightly. Based on its position, it's maybe 10AM?

Were you really down there so long? No, something is up…

Anyway, demons have definitely dispersed.

"Are we going to fight, or is this banter bootcamp?"

She comes at you with a slashing offensive!

"No, no, love, that's all wrong! Rapiers aren't fer wavin' around, use a STAB! All in one fluid motion, dun cha know? I swear, ponies today. It's not a paintbrush or a feather! Okay, let your partner have a go."


Grand. It's time we make our way back to town, then, even though we're tired.


get into a fencing stance whatever that is for ponoes and start fighting back defensively '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I raise my eyebrow and then snicker.
"Well if you are worried for pirates then we should not be looking a sloop in the first place, I really dont want to destroy the image of a sloop by adding guns on it silly, it destroys the enduring and simple aesthetic that a sloop gives off."
"If you want defense then we need to find a proper ship that can both carry us around and carry cannons with it."

Besides the sloop, are there other ships here that are also on the docks? Preferrably a shipping vessel that can carry guns.


"I am NEVER setting a hoof in any monastery or church again."


"That seems a silly thing to say. I mean, you're gonna get old and get married one of these days, aren't you? Kind of need a church for that, even if it is an outdoor service."


You exit the monastery and cross the bridge. By the time you get to the other side, though, you stop being huge and narrowly roll out of the way before the altar crushes you.

Marina shrinks out from under you, and you land next to the altar, after you clear the bridge. It's still a bit of a hike back to the dock.

"It's your turn honey. Take a swing."

Three cutters, which are larger and armed, plus two large shipping galleons.


''Well…If the sloop is cheaper, we can go for it instead of the larger ships…ugh sorry I'm really bad at deciding''


Fuck the altar.

"No more talking. We're leaving that altar behind!"


Try to stab the young mare! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Phew. I hope Maeda turns back, soon.
"Say, uh, do you have any rope or anything we can drag this with?"


"But you just found it! It's what you were looking for in the first place!"
Scrunch at her.


"Nope, nope, nope. Come on here darlin', ya gotta put yer whole body into it, dun cha know. Okay, give the other dear a try."

She at least gets close to you and touches you with the ball of per practice rapier.

"I guess neither of us is good enough to gloat yet."

You keep Maeda securely in your pack. You don't want to get chocolate on her fabric body.


"Yeah well how do you propose we even move it!?"


"I guess not."
This is a lot harder than I thought!
Keep practicing.
"What's your name?"


Yeah, I don't think she'd forgive me for that.
"With rope, or a cart, or something!"
I'll plunk myself down.
"I mean, if you want to fly back to town and send somepony back to pick me and the altar up, that'd be great! But we're not just leaving it here after all the trouble you've had tracking it down."


I then smile at the look of the Cutter.
"Now that is a ship meant for war! it has guns that can defend and fight off anyone that threatens us."
I then grin. "That is how one must get a ship a Rhanna, instead of converting a ship into a gunship that is not meant for fighting, one must get a ship that is designed to both carry us and fight if indeed a fight has come to us out there in the sea."

I then scratched my head. "But with guns added I can only imagine that the price will go higher because of it. Say we can tell to Selena that the cheapest price of a ship that can carry all of us is 600 bits and from there it will only get more expensive. What do you say?"



Flap my wings and speed off back to town.


''yeah, let's find miss Selena and ask her, it would be best…We could also look around the town as we look for her too, I might never come back to this place again''


"Fortune Star, and yourself?"

Marina (who is female again, as a reminder, Fidget) stays behind

Lilly, roll encounters



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hmmm… how about we ask how much the Cutter ship cost first bfore going back to Selena?"


I need to buy some rope.


She shrugs ''that too, yeah, let's do that''


On the way across the tops of the forest, you are spotted by some treestands of bandits!

They start firing arrows at you, and a couple of pegasi lift off to pursue you!


You think you hear some movement from further up the trail, where that sacked village was…


"Selena Springleaf!"
Continue practicing.
"So you want to be an adventurer?"


"Fuck off! Just leave me be!"
Speed right ahead. Let's see if they can keep up with me.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Head over to the port authority office with a smile at the clerk.
"I really like the looks of the sloop, really looks sleek and comfortable. Say I do notice the ship with guns, Cutters it is called right? It kind of looks dependable too, what is the price of it in the dock these days?"


It would be incredibly foolish to just wander off alone…
Still, have my spear out and be at the ready.


"That sounds Griffish. You grow up over there? And yeah, I mean, everyone out here does."

You immediately blast out of range of the towers, but the pursuers keep with you – firing blunted arrows at you in hopes of a nonlethal takedown.

Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]

Pursuer 1
Pursuer 2

"Ugh – you have to get a new number. But the cutters are 1300. Good? Now don't come back unless you get a new number!"

You hear voices in the distance at the town, but nothing approaches you.


"I grew up in Northern Equestria, pretty close to the Griffons.
And why? The town must be really boring."


Voices? If I can hear them from here they must be really loud…
Well, cover the altar with underbrush, and sneak towards the town. Maybe I can listen in on whomever is over there.


''Uh…sorry miss, we'll remember that… Come on mister Flagon, let's go find Miss Selena…Geez what bit that lady?'' Rhanna asks as she walks besides Flagon, holding his paw with her own


For fuck's sake, how fast are these guys? Rush on, I need to reach the town asap.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I scratched my head, that took some time but at least we got our numbers.
"Yeah lets head back and tell Selena."
Go find pony.


"What do you mean? Where I come from ponies think growing corn is exciting. Here they think a fight with less than ten ponies is boring!"

One voice is loud – as you can now pinpoint now that you're closer.

Cultists – not like the figures from the monastery, but cultists like the kind you saw at the volcano, are ransacking the village. One is barking orders from the middle of the group.

You ditch one, but one keeps with you.

Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░]

Pursuer 1

You inquire about where Selena is, and head out to the east side of town.

Mama Anne is instructing a group of newbies on how to rapier fight. Selena is practicing here.


''Oh there she is! Hey miss Selena! We did that thing you told us to'' she waves at Selena


Those butt heads…
Sneak sneak and try to listen in. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's too vague to hear much more than just the shouty pony. It sounds like they're searching for something.


"Hmmm, I prefer the one on one fights myself."

"Hey, I'm kinda busy! You can grab a sword too if you want."


Good luck keeping up with a courier, you fat skunk!

Roll #1 6 = 6


''oh it's alright, i'm fine with just watching!''


Sneak a little closer, and hide in a nearby bush. What are they looking for…? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I grin and wave back.
"Ah right, me and Rhanna has scouted for ships and they told us the prices."

I then look at Rhanna. "If you want you can got tell Selena the prices while both of you play with fences? I kind of need to rest for a bit."


Finally, you lose that pono. You probably could've lost them sooner weaving through trees or something, it occurs to you.

Roll one more encounter – you see the town in the distance.

You keep hearing the word 'artifacts' crop up. So much so that you don't think THEY know what they're looking for. Cultists keep bringing personal items to the shouty leader, who keeps shaking her head in disapproval. Then, they return to search for more.


"They're enough for me for now."


And then smash into a tree or encounter something else. Forget it.

Moving onwards.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Can I get a number of them? How many, plus the leader?


"You looking for some adventure? I'll be leaving for Enkilj soon…"


''Sure!, go right ahead mister Flagon, i'll tell her''
''Well we found a few ships, and our best options should be either a sloop, which is 600 bits, or a cutter, which is 800…problem is, a sloop is cheaper, but has no weapons if we run into trouble, but the cutter have weapons, but it's a little more expensive…''


You encounter strange clouds.

They're colorful and seem to move surprisingly quickly.

It's hard to tell as they keep splitting off to work in different areas. Maybe eight, plus the leader?

"Maybe, I was going to take that sailing course in two days."


I'll pretend that's after lesson.
"Hmmm, that sounds good, what about crew to run it? Are those easy ships?"

"A sailing course? Where?"


Are there any pebbles around? I want to throw one at her while her minions are elsewhere. Preferably without revealing myself.


"Mama Anne does different courses every day. Today is rapiers. Tomorrow is daring escapes. The next day is sailing."

Sure, you're in a jungle and the town is rubble, mostly.


Whatever! Can't afford to lose much time here! Move on!


Chuck the rock, and then hide back in my shrub. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


oh yeah, I forgot
I'll just wait till Selena is done


"How fun! But when will you go on a real adventure?"


"Pretty soon – I'll have to. Living here is expensive. 10 bits a day shelter, 15 bits for three square meals, 10 bits for lessons. 35 bits a day adds up – and that's not even expenses like gear."

One of the cultists moves over to it to investigate the sound.

You fly past them and ignore them. Ominous.

You arrive back in town. Lilly isn't at The Upper Hoof where you left her…


"If you don't find anything, you're welcome to come to Enkilj with us!"


"Maybe, what's the job pay? I have a mouth to feed. Did you get it off the job board?"


Okay, Marina, you can do this.
Try out my scariest voice, and holler at the cultist.


Approach the barkeep.
"Sorry, do you know where my friends went? It's an emergency!"


Roll deception

"Your friends…? I'm sorry, but I see literally hundreds of patrons a day, and… you aren't a regular."


"No, me and my…crew are going there to defeat those cultists…I'm sure the authorities will give us a reward for that."


"Small dog? Uh… a blue mare with a pointy hat?"


Aw dang. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, ponies have tried that before. It's a pretty high level quest though… Plus the Quest Rating council said they're re-evaluating missions regarding the Dead Empire this week based on recent developments, so who knows what would happen to the reward and challenge rating?"

"Oh, she came in asking about Mama Anne last night, if I remember right. Maybe she's still out with Anne on the east side of the town, near the jungle."

The cultist scratches his head with a hoof.

"Wait, which deity and or spirit are we angering here? It's getting hard to keep track."


"Uhm…high level? Challenge rating? I don't get you young whippersnappers. Quests should be about excitement and adventure, not ratings!"


"But if the rating is too high you might get hurt – and if the rating is too low the reward won't be worthwhile! Honestly I don't know how adventurers managed before bureaucracy set in."


"Golden! Thank you!"
Double time it over there. Selena will know what to do.


"We didn't care about ratings! We just took our chances and hoped the dice would fall in our favor!"



I'll rustle the bush ominously.


"Oh please, I don't believe in some dice rolls controlling my actions!"

She sounds like a young you. And by young I mean yesterday.

Everyone is here! Flagon, Rhanna, Selena. Not Aira.

Fuck, Selena has a fungus monster on the ground behind her! It's like half as big as she is! AND she's locked in rapier combat!


I gasp.
Draw my sword and charge!


"Maybe I should talk to the senior cult supervisor… Should I give her a name, or are you going with the enigmatic bit?"


"It's a figure of speech. What I'm saying is that you have to take a chance sometime and that's what life is all about!"


Perk my ears.


The fungus monster seems pretty indifferent to you.

Lilly is attacking Sunny!

"Hm… maybe."




''Huh? Lilly? M-moster?! Where?'' Rhanna looked around
''Wait! What are you doing?!''




"Yes, you'll see.
They can't put a rating on excitement!"


"S-Sunny!? What is that thing? It's latched onto you, can't you see it's trying to suck out your heart or something!?"


"No! That's Sunny, it's my pseudopod, it's my best friend and he only eats sunrays! He's the cutest little darling!"


''What?…Lilly what are you talking about?'' Rhanna turns to Miss Selena, scanning her attentively to see if there was really something wrong that she missed
'1d10' appraise
''Oh so that's what it is…''

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm new too. I took up culting because they offer free food and board. It's really not too intensive, just some chanting and maybe rummaging through some abandoned houses. You have to serve for like a year before they make you do anything REALLY nefarious. And it's either this or try to find some application for my art history degree. You don't happen to be a spirit of an impressionist painting or something, do you?"

"I'll think about it, but I still need that sailing course. You can't survive out here if you can't handle a ship."

Technically he also decomposes dead plantlife, but she doesn't need to know that.

Nah, but it's a lichen, not a fungus.


Gape at her for a moment, then blink and shake my head.
"Whatever! We found it Selena! The altar was in the monastery, but the Nightmare servants are onto us and overran the place! We need you guys to back us up now!"




''weird…'' She then turns to Lilly
''wait really? Holy crap we have to get there right now! Give me your weapon so I can help!''


Perk my ears.

"Sorry, Fortune Star, I'll have to go!"
Put the training rapier back in the pile. "Bye Mama Anne, I'll be back!"

Run to Lilly. "Where?!?"


"My weapon? I'll need that!"
… If I'm even in a state to fight anymore.

"I'll show you, come on and follow please…"
Trot back outside.


"Yeah, but do you know what the costs are like to get a ship back to Equestria? Wait, do you still want us to leave, or…? I feel like we're getting sidetracked."


"Sure thing, O'll see ya fer class bright 'n early tomorrow!"


You are outside, near the edge of the jungle, along with everyone else practicing with rapiers.


That reminds me – Lilly seems to have lost her clothes while in the monastery.


''well it's just for a moment! I'll try to help you hit them harder! I'm sure I got it this time!'' she follows along
'' Also what happened to your clothes?!''



Pick up Sunny and my hat.
And follow Lilly.
"Uhm Lilly, can you tell me what happened?"




"It's pretty bad guys, everypony in that monastery is dead! And there were cursed artifacts and Maeda got turned into a doll and… gah! No time to explain further!

We need to fly! Come on!"

Don't draw attention to it!


"I should ask my supervisor about this…"

The pony trots off to go talk to the shouty pony in charge.


Time to skedaddle, I think. Away I go, back to the altar.


''Okay fine let's go!''


As you leave, you see a bunch of cultists return to that bush. They start searching around there. Hm, looks like they want to find you. Good thing you got out of there.

It looks like one is wandering in your direction…

She's not wandering… she's following a trail of chocolate. Oh dear.

Hide? Defend the altar? Run?


My wings sag.
"I don't think I have the strength to carry you anymore but…"
Pick her up and fly away from here, back the way I came.


"Hold on, Lilly. Neither Rhanna or Flagon can fly!"


You're pretty exhausted from staying up all night (?), you don't think you can carry her.


"Then run for fuck's sake!"

Dammit. Just run then. Haven't been using my legs much anyway.


''It's fine Lilly, I'll try to run after you''


I'll confront her. Away from the other cultists, though.


! This is pretty urgent. Start running!


It's the shouty pony. The others are starting to follow after her.

"Hold on, don't bolt. Stay right there. I'm in charge here. We just want what you stole. Give it to us, and you can go. No need for a fight."

You sprint off down the south beach.

Lilly is leading, so she rolls.



Roll #1 3 = 3


The ground below you on the sandy beach begins to tremble…

A sand worm bursts free! It looks hungry.


''oh you just have got to be kidding me!''
She prepares herself with her crossbow
'1d10' sharpen

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I stole nothing, interloper."
Narrow my eyes.
"If you know what is good for you, you'll give up this foolishness and stop trying to muck up my island with your rituals and artifact hunts. Get a real job. I'm certain you'd at least make a decent manager at a store."


"Gah! Come on Sunny, just like old times!" Grab my gun and shoot the thing right in this mouth '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Fuck this place! Seriously!
"We don't have time for this!"
Going all out here, Whirlwind brew 4 times.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yeah, yeah, you can cut the act. I can sense divine artifacts, and you have one in your bag. A doll, maybe?"

As it happens, you have TWO dolls in your bag.

The recoil blasts you back onto the sands.

You misfire and topple over!

It looks dangerously accurate.

The sandworm 'swims' through the sand and slams into you!

Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] HLP
Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] HLP

Sand Worm


Eurgh. Try to get up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Just like old times!
Get up quick! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Nah, that's just an inquisitor who got turned into a doll back at the monastery, thanks to a Nightmare Beast. They are out there, actually, and they wiped out the rest of the Celestials up there some time last night."
I'll frown.
"It's a really terrible way to go, and I don't think they deserved that, really."
I'll shrug.
"Are you sure what you're looking for wasn't destroyed?"


''Oof darn you, i'll get ya!'' She aims, waiting for the head to come up…
and shoots!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Only Selena pops up, but she has a burst of energy. +1 next roll.

The sandworm strikes Selena with a body slam!

The sands shift below your paws and make you fall over.

Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] HLP
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]
Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] HLP

Sand Worm

"I can tell you have something. A lock of hair? A mirror?"

They draw closer.

"Just let us look through your bag. We don't have to hurt you – but we will if we have to."


I'll look around at all of them. Then gesture with a hoof.
"Do you know what this is?"


''Aaah you big poopface!'' She swears as she gets up


and forgets to roll for it

Roll #1 6 = 6


Do the others still have those health potions I gave em last time?
"Now be still!" Blow my gun right in his stupid head! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Pls… just one last push. I can't die here.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"A negotiation? Stop stalling. This is your last chance. The next words out of your mouth better be, 'Okay, you can have a look.' I try to be fair – give our people a good reputation, but you adventurers ALWAYS make it go the hard way. I swear."

Nah, you gotta make em fresh daily.

Your gun has too much sand and misfires!

Lilly gets hit by a runby!

You feel hopeless. -1 to next get up attempt.

Rhanna pulls herself up.

Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] HLP
Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] HLP

Sand Worm


Get up. Again. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm not fucking hopeless at all!

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


"No, this."
I'll gesture with my front leg again, dripping some of the chocolate.
"It's chocolate. And do you know what chocolate can do in the hooves of a Discordian cultist? Hmm?"
I'll look amongst them for dramatic effect.
"It can explode! And I'm covered in the stuff. So how about we all just go our separate ways, and I don't turn this whole place into a crater."


''Sheesh I hate this place'' She helps Selena up

Roll #1 9 = 9


Back up and at em!

Everyone is back up, but Rhanna gets a runby.

Amazingly, the worm misses Rhanna's little form as she rolls out of the way.

Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]
Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

Sand Worm

Roll deception to see how many you scare away. Next turn is round one of combat.



Acid spray '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm scary! REAL SCARY! '1d10'
Because I've seen that shit happen.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Another Whirlwind brew, time to go berserk. Attack 4 times!

Roll #1 9 = 9


shoot this bastard down!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


It was fully charged!

A critical hit! It's coated in acid and writhes in pain!

As it's weakened, you blast at its maw four times!

You finish it off with a key shot at its left eye!

You spook off the art history guy. "REMBRANDT!"

Marina [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] (New day, no health bonuses or skills bonuses)

Cultist Minor
Cultist Minor
Cultist Minor
Cultist Minor
Cultist Minor
Cultist Minor
Cultist Minor
Cultist Major


''YEAH! Take that you stupid worm thing!'' She stopped for a little moment to insult it before running at full speed after Lilly


Hmm. This is going to suck hardcore.
Well, let's see… I've got no combat skills aside from lightning grease, so… Spear to the Major. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Distill Life '1d10'
Brew some health potions for everyone!

Then get going again

Roll #1 4 = 4


Breathe heavily as I lean on my sword for support.
"We… need… to get moving… Come on…"

Press on, trying to ignore my no doubt burning muscles.


"Wait, you need some healing."


"Just toss me a potion, no time for waiting dammit!"


''Dangit do I need to carry you Lilly?''


"Not until I suffer a heart attack!"


Full hit
Full hit

I've never seen so many 1s in a row. You're the luckiest ever. Unfortunately, it still adds up to 10.

They beat you into submission and tie you up. It occurs to you that if you had scared off just one more foe, you would've been okay.

They pick through your bags and find both dolls.

"Which one do you think it is?"

"Duh, the haunted one."

"We better take both just to be sure."

"No, no, we KNOW which one is the right one. I'm sending YOU to fly ahead with it, because you're the pegasus. Everyone else: loot whatever else you want out of her bag and we can take it back on foot."

You head further down the beach, and arrive at the docks. You're almost there, as Lilly knows but no one else does.

Roll to head through the jungle.


''Come on I'm strong enough to do it!''


'1d10' dududududu

Roll #1 4 = 4


What about those potions?



Roll #1 5 = 5


It's binary success, so no potions.

You head into the jungle, but it's eerily quiet. Nothing jumps out at you, anyway.

There's an old, ruined village ahead. Looks like it was looted VERY recently.


"You know, that's really not a good idea! What do you even need it for, anyway?"
struggle futilely.
"And don't touch my purse! My mom made that for me!"


''is this the place?''


"See, you could've kept the purse if you hadn't insisted on doing this the hard way. Have you learned a lesson? Next time you tangle with us I'm cutting your throat instead of tying you up. Please, please learn your lesson you idiot adventurer. And tell your friends, too. Tell them to STOP DOING IT THE HARD WAY."

They head off into the forest, southeast. Not on a course for the volcano OR monastery.


Keep following that Lilly.


"The monastery is close! Stay on guard! Marina should be around!"

Move on to where I left Marina!


Up ahead you find Marina hog-tied next to the altar. She looks thoroughly looted.

She gives a cherubic innocent smile.



Feel free to faff


I do no such thing. I'm scowling up a storm.


Untie her this instant!


''Marina!? What the hay happeed to you?!''


I told you, she's next to it


Aaaaah, thank god.
"What happened?"


"It's here, I hid it under this underbrush before those stupid cultists showed up again."
"Apparently the doll that Maeda picked up yesterday on our trip up to the monastery was some sort of divine artifact or something."
I'll put my face in my hooves.
"Ah jeez, they took Maeda too. She's still a stuffed doll at the moment."
Groan heavily.
"She's never gonna let this go…"


''S-she's a dool? what caused that?''


"Cursed rug in the monastery's contraband room."
Lie down dejectedly.
"Just my luck that one of those cultists actually knew what she was doing…"


''Ah dangit…'' She helps Marina up ''it's…it's alright, we'll fix this, alright Marina?''


I'm kind of covered in chocolate still.
"Yeah. I don't know where they're taking everything, though. They weren't headed for the volcano or the monastery."


''Well maybe we'll have to spread out to get them?''
''…Also…what happened to you? This is…'' she sniffs the air


"Another magical mishap in the contraband room."
I'll sigh.
"Apparently these cultists up here have never seen a pony explode twice because they walked into a puddle of chocolate milk, otherwise they would have run away."


''…Can I try it?…''


"I don't know why you wouldn't. But I'm also covered in leaves and dirt and stuff, so it would probably taste really bad."


''aw…Dang now I'm feeling kinda peckish…'' she rubs her tummy


"You and me both, but they stole my travel cooking kit…"



You tilted, fell back, and poof! With a dread flash, you knew that you had accidentally touched one of those cursed items.

Finally, you've come to. It feels like you're moving… There's cloth all around you, a collapsed wagon's top, maybe? You're also laying on a pile of what feels like junk, maybe equipment, so that matches the 'in a wagon' narrative. You can hear ponies talking nearby. Indeed, the movement of this wagon has the uneven pace of pony trot: likely whoever is pulling it.

You give yourself a pat down and don't feel any of your gear or bags. Ugh… maybe it's in the pile? You don't feel bound either, but it's too dark to see anything. In any case, not being bound up is a good sign.

What's the plan, hero?


She gasps ''Nooo not your wonderful cooking!'' She growls ''I'll get the for this!''


Roll over back to my hooves in silence and try to look for weapons.


Not a lot of room to roll in here, it's like trying to move in a tent that fell over in the night.

You dig through the pile by feel and find a big bean-bag chair filled with metal, a huge sword case containing several rapiers, and the biggest leather sheathe you've ever seen containing what you imagine would only be classed as an "ultra-greatsword".


That's crazy. Have I been captured by giants? To flee might be my only option. Try and spy upon my captors.


You struggle out of the 'top' of the container, and it appears that you have, indeed, been captured by giant ponies and are lost in a giant forest. There are just two of them here, and it looks like you're being transported in a satchel.


Okay, calm down and stay quiet. Scan the place for something like a dagger or any kind of small giant weapon!


You have one – in the form of that sheathed ultragreatsword.

It seems the rapiers were actually sewing needles, and the beanbag chair was a coinpurse.

You've got some kind of… weird fabric over your hooves… whole body really, now that you look at it in the light.


…I've been cursed. Goddamnit that room!
Guess I will have to use the needles, doubt I can actually wield the ultragreatsword in any useful manner.
Take two, stabbing them through my forehoof's cloth just to make sure I don't lose them, and then be ready to jump off!


On the plus side, being made of cloth seems to have given you pain immunity. That could come in handy. That would have been excruciating if you didn't have it handy.

You better make sure there's nothing else worth looting out of this satchel while you're here, because you doubt you're getting back up.

Scoping out the position from the bag, it looks like you're approaching a bridge ahead. There's only one major river you know of in the area, so either you're nowhere near the monastery and you've been out for ages, or you have a great idea of where you are.


With Marina untied, she needs a moment to catch a breather.

If you don't chase after those cultists soon, though, you may lose track of Maeda – she could be stuck as a doll forever! Not to mention all the money Marina had with her.

On the other hand, there's this big altar you probably want to move.


Right. Quick look back in. Anything I might be able to carry?


What's up with that altar? why do we want to move it?


I scrunch.
"What's going on here?!?"


"We need to go save Maeda if those cultists abducted her!"


The coinpurse would be as big as a burglar's sack on you. It looks like… hey! Your inquisitorial documents are in here. There is another coinpurse that looks more familiar than the first – it's yours! Unfortunately, even more heavy than the other one. Marina's necklace, some spice containers, the sewing kit that was mentioned before, and what appears to be an elaborately designed prayerbook. You can probably only carry one item and hope to be able to defend yourself at all, due to balance considerations.

Also, there's another thing in here. It's a three-sided die. It seems to pulse with power. You feel drawn to it. It would fit in one of the coinpurses, if you took one of those.

Good question. Maybe one of the ladies will tell you.

Marina filled you in, remember? Cultists robbed her and tied her up, but left behind the altar because they were only interested in the doll that Maeda found before.

Unfortunately, Marina relates Maeda is now a doll herself, and stolen alongside the other items!


Did she?
I must have fallen asleep.

"Quick, we must find those cultists then! We can get that altar later!"
Search for a trail! Or follow it if it's obvious.


''What what are we waiting for?! Also What's up with that funky altar over there? that looks important''


Marina, who is coated in leaves and liquid chocolate, points you in the direction of the jungle that they headed off in: southeast. She needs a minute to recover from being beaten up.


Do I even have the strength to go on though? Really don't want to collapse on the way.

"Just don't touch it."


Quickly prepare some health potions for Marina and Lilly.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Well isn't this just peachy.
I have no idea what half of those do! Take my own purse, and stuff the die in it. Jump off.


''Alrihght, no touchies''
''wait hold on, lemme see if I can…'' She starts making a neat something to help with Selena's brewing
'1d10' gadget

Roll #1 1 = 1


You're mostly just exhausted. A rest will be good for you.

You can continue, but it will make staying awake tonight more difficult.

Your first attempt to brew up potions is a failure. You're wasting precious moments as you don't follow that trail…

You feel a little bit lucky.

Pirate Dice
You can spend a pirate die any time after seeing the result of your roll. Add the pirate die's result to your normal result (this can't cause an unnatural crit). If the die lands on its maximum side, the roll becomes a critical no matter what.

Once you spend a die, it's gone.

Example 1: 2 + (1d4=3) = 5 (Glancing)
Example 2: 2 + (1d4=4) = Critical!
Example 3: 7 + (1d4=3) = 10 (Hit)

You hit the ground with a light and springy plop. You are pretty stealthy right now due to your light weight, doesn't look like you were even noticed.

It seems they're headed to a bridge over a big crevice. The route they came from was deep through the woods, so you'll have to do some cross-country if you want to head back the way they came.

Your scope falls apart, you can't seem to rebuild that old filter you had before.


Try again '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


And throw that stupid pirate die in frustration '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I mean '1d4'

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's my best bet though, if the others are looking for me they will be coming this way.


''Nooo…'' She held it in her paws
''I will rebuild you…better…stronger…'' She mutters as she wipes a single tear from her eye


But they'll need me… Let's see about following that trail. Survival?

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Your first challenge comes in the form of a particularly big root. It's kinda large and your fabric isn't gripping it well.

When it rolls to a halt, on the 4, it suddenly shatters. Uh, what?

When you glance back at your chemistry set, four beautifully finished potions are waiting for you… But… didn't you mess up the PH balance?

You track ahead, getting a good grip on which direction they went. You now can't lose the trail no matter how long you take.


Can't I walk around it?


Wow that's weird.

But I'm not gonna complain.
Give Marina, Lilly, Rhanna and myself a potion and follow Lilly


It's a big overgrowth, you're on the jungle floor. It goes from one tree to the next.


"Got the trail, come on!"
Trot on ahead and lead the way.


''Woah…miss Selena how did you do that?'' She asks taking the potion and using this opportunity to make sure her crossbow is as sharp as it was before as she goes
'1d10' sharpen
''Alright, I'm right after you!'' she rushes after Lilly

Roll #1 2 = 2


Urgh. IDEA!
Use the needles to help myself climb!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You head deeper into the brush, and spot the rear guard left behind by the cultists up ahead. They seem to be lost and consulting a map.

You spring over the root with relative ease. Ain't nothin' gonna keep you down. You even manage to avoid landing in the puddle on the other side and getting your fabric all muddy. THAT would be annoying.

You trot along through the big woods for what feels like a pretty long time until suddenly, you're beset by a swarm of moths! Now this is a job for a hero!

Maeda [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]

Moth 1
Moth 2
Moth 3


Time to jump him and push a pistol in his back! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just for clarity the rear guard is composed of 4 ponies.


But I don't have my potions around!
Jump up, flailing at the closest moth!

Roll #1 8, 1 = 9


Push a pistol in the back of the closest one, taking him hostage!


"Don't move, or your friend gets it!"


Oh Selena…

Draw my sword and fly over the others, blocking the other way.


You slash through one, and spook off the third, but the second one gets in a really bad nibble on your left arm, causing the needle to fall out and the stitching to start to give way!

Maeda [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]

Moth 2


''uh…Yeah! He'll get it!'' She points a crossbow to him as well


"Buzz off you useless thing!"

Roll #1 6, 5 = 11


The other three draw their weapons and move to form a standoff with you.

"You go for him, and you won't reload that pea-shooter before you've got three swords in your belly!"

The needle fell out of your left arm, so I'll just take the 6.

You badly damage the moth's wing, and it flits off in search of easier doll prey.

Ugh… you're hurt. But you might be able to make it out of this with some of your wild alchemy. You still remember your roots, right? Weren't just cribbing off old, well-known recipes all these years?

You open your eyes to your surroundings… eucalyptus tree, dripping oil… a big bromeliad filled with fresh water… on the trees, locks of wolfsbane and sournettle. You see a braid of wild onion nearby. You squint your buttons, revealing a warren of rabbits not but a couple of skips away. It looks like this earth is rich, too – saltpeter mixed in with the sands.

This jungle is a bountiful place. Maybe with a good Survival check you can throw some gear together.


I know what I can do.
Break the seams of the bag I'm carrying and use a few threads of it to stitch my cuts back together!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Not if I put a sword in your back first! There's enough edge on this sword to strike the three of you fucks!"


''Don't forget that I'm still here'' She turns the crossbow to them
''At this close I can still nail your hooves to the ground so back off!''
'1d10' puppy intimidation

Roll #1 3 = 3


That solves your health issues, but now your coinpurse is starting to unravel badly…


My health issue came first. Settle it down and hunt down for a strong enough weed I can use as thread.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Drop your weapons! Or he won't be the only one with a bullet in his belly!" Look intimidating! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Over near a patch of sugarcane, you find some dense dandylions. Their stems look very durable.



Cut off a few, in case I need further repairs, and fix the bag. Keep on moving through the jungle.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Not going to stock up on your other magical reagents so you can use your spells?

In any case, you keep moving. It sounds like there's a scuffle up ahead, the kind that it would be nice to be at full strength for if you wanted to get involved and not just cheer on one side – not that you can see who is fighting.


Rearguard 1 breaks free of the grapple!

Rearguard 2 slashes at Lilly's exposed belly with a roll! A critical hit!

Rearguard 3 strikes Rhanna right on the head – who knew bigheaded puppy would be weak there? Critical hit.

Rearguard 4 shoots Selena with a blunted arrow. It glances off her padded armor.

Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]
Lilly [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

Rearguard 1
Rearguard 2
Rearguard 3
Rearguard 4


For some reason I just assumed it'd not work on a puppet body.
But you know what?
Sure, let's try.

Roll #1 6 = 6