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You finally get reeled up to the surface and the door pops open. The stallion with you lingers. "That was pretty uh… well, something! I'll be around if you want anymore help with anything on the voyage. My name is Silver Streak."

Selena, Rhanna, and Maeda
Lilly has returned, popping out of a bathysphere.

They say that war never changes – but you think that ponies do. It's funny how easy it is to settle into a routine even under very strange circumstances. You are on the 4th floor of the Tower of Mania. Some ponies call it the Tower of Inspiration because they want to wash away memories of its previous owner, but its strange architecture, material makeup, and even colors are flamboyant and unruly. These are your bedchambers – and it's the only room on this floor. In fact, this room is the only part of this floor that has a floor. It's complicated. The tower consists of a walled spiral staircase which gives way to rooms which jut off the side of the staircase like leaves off of a sunflower plant. It's an unusual design and probably shouldn't be very stable – but such thoughts are easily dismissed when the middle of your room is a frozen pillar of flame. This phenomenon is much harder to explain. It still radiates light and heat – you can cook things on it, which is why you were given the room – but it doesn't move even slightly. Frozen in time, not in temperature.

In any case, now that you're up, it's probably time to check on the war effort. Your window is nearby so that won't be too difficult.


Well, that's just life down here, I guess. Let's head over to the window and take a look.


How herethically fun.


"Thanks for that. Barring the weirdness, it was nice! I'm Lilly Belle."


''Hey.'' SHe called waving at her
''Where were you? I was starting to get worried!''


"Just… enjoying myself?"


Let's see. You've got Madness Square firmly under control – that's where this tower is. That's something of a relief, but you don't expect it to come under threat, it has turned into something of a market and civilian district. There's Insanity's Breach – it looks alright, which is good, because it means you can still go out. Most of the military-inclined sorts gather there. Callosum Tunnel would take you to Depression Square, but it's collapsed. Some of the ponies here affably refer to it as Nightmareburg. Funny how easy it is to trivialize something so close by if there are some rocks in the way. You can't see it form here, but you assume that Medulla is still functioning. If your brother is awake, that's where he is for sure.

A Hero wouldn't use a power like The Voice to murder her high king and usurp her throne – so it's a good thing you haven't!

What shall you get up to?

He gives a smile. "Pleasure's all mine!"


I know what to use my next skill point for now.

There's really nothing I feel like faffing about on this boat though, mostly because to me it's just a way to get where I have to!


''Alright…Selena told me I need a catalyst to do alchemy by the way,that explained why I couldn't help her last time…Not that it matters.
Anyway,enjoying yourself how?This trip it's kinda boring…''


Lilly just got back from an exciting Bathysphere trip. Maybe you should make sure she's not flirting.


It's good for her to have a free mind, off her impeding doom.
I've no right to kill her fun, especially since it's gonna be short lived.


"Just went to go see the coral reef, it was really pretty. Not much else to do aside from that really…"


Well, he's not exactly the lazy sort, so if there's light out, he's probably there. Right, well, I guess I'll make something for breakfast, then make my rounds in the square and the breach. Should probably also make Coriander something, since he never packs a lunch.


''Aw…Well I think I am going to walk a little…I really can't sleep right now…''
WIth that she walked away looking at all the fascinating things she could find…in a ship
>since Sion isnt here I guess I'll just look around see what I can find


When your ice chest was first described to you, you thought you'd be able to check on its contents at a glance without opening it. Unfortunately, it turns out that just because something is made of ice, that doesn't mean it's very easy to see through. This chest has little bubbles and swirls caught in it as ice so often does. You still wouldn't want to stick your tongue on it. Another strange courtesy of the room – you open it up. Just fish inside. Not even anything very interesting - mostly tuna. You'll have to go out if you want to make a nicer meal.

Perception check


Perception check



Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


Just out of curiosity, how much of a chance have I had to read Red's book? How much of it could I have read by now?


Well, hardly anyone ever complains if it's fish, but… I suppose I'll hit the market first to pick up some greenery. Probably got that craving from Dad, since no other seaponies I've met really look at kelp and seaweed as food options.
I'll sigh a little and shut the ice box.
"I wonder how dad's doing… it's been a long time since we left."
Gathering my things, I'll head out. Time to go shopping for breakfast.


Oblivious puppy, look, there's a butterfly! You wonder how it got so far out to sea.

Roll for work ethic

The boat just… shook. It was almost imperceptible but… your gut gives you a bad feeling. You have learned to trust your gut.

You don't even remember him, other than the stories mom told you. You were, what, two at the time? One?

The trip down the stairs is about what you expect. It's such a strange tower, but the spiral stairs are just spiral stairs. Unlike your tower, Madness Square has been flooded to afford ease of movement, but not entirely – just a foot or so for shallow coasting. The folks down here in the market are a mixed bag of both of your heritages, but it's mostly leaning toward your mother's side. There are fishers in with various catches. Yellowtail and turtle meat seem to be today's catches – oh, and the clam scavengers caught lobsters.

If you want plants, though, you'll have to go down to Medulla where your brother is. It's his little hobby project. It's probably worth mentioning now that you're slightly runty. You always thought that twins were supposed to be more similar, but your brother is distinctly taller than you – which is not at all fair because you were born a couple minutes earlier. You're just a couple inches shy of average pony height, but anytime a dispute comes up you'd think those inches were the difference of ten years to Coriander. Well, he's not all bad.

Prices by the Pound:
Yellowtail: 12 SD
Turtle: 12 SD
Clam: 6 SD
Lobster: 36 SD


[''hehe,pretty…I guess I'll Keep going,maybe somepony in this ship used to be a pirate or something?''] She thought to herself as she hummed and walked along


The ponies around here look like rough mercenary types, though it's hard to be intimidating while enjoying a buffet. There's a card game going on at a table nearby, and there is music being performed.


Look around in worry…
Take a quick sniff off some dreamwine fumes.

Roll #1 9 = 9


At first you think nothing has happened. You glance around… look up, and the sails have been completely shredded! You're stranded! You blink in surprise, and the scene resumes – the sails are intact once more. Ominous.

You feel another little shake… It seemed a bit stronger this time…



Roll #1 6 = 6


Hmm. Lobsters are fancy things… might make good dinner. Luckily, the ice box keeps things cold so I can plan ahead a bit.
I'll pick up three lobsters, just in case mom and Coriander actually manage to be at the same table on the same day, a dozen clams, two turtles, and five yellowtail.
Should come to 364 SD, if my math is right. While picking things out, I'll make some smalltalk with the fishers.
"So, how's the fishing on the reef? Good, it looks like."


264 SD, not 364. Brain's not working.


Mirror Elixir!

Roll #1 9 = 9


[''Oh oh I better go ask Selena,she can teach me how to play!
But for now I guess I'll go see the music,admire the performers'']


Eh… you worked your way through the foreword and the first few chapters. It's mostly history and government theory. Kinda boring. You wish she'd just get to the point.

"Well, now that we're in open water, there's less competition from the mainland. Fishers said they saw a ship as they were coming in at dawn, though. If we get far enough out we might find some more interesting stuff. You know it's something of a hobby of mine to find curiosities. Have you ever had electric eel?"

You just draw looks of confusion from the other adventurers on deck.

Your coat turns a silvery sheen of chrome.

Maeda is suddenly yelling at the top of her lungs.


I'll shake my head, then give a wry grin.
"I'd imagine it's got a shocking flavor to it."


She rushed back

''What's wrong Maeda?''


"Don't stand there like idiots! Get ready!"
Draw my halberd!


Hover above the deck.
"Huh?! Where?"


Look in worry at the waves, while standing in the middle of the ship.


"You'd think. It tasted more like normal eel than I was hoping. In fact, sometimes I think it was just my mind playing tricks on me when I thought it felt more… energetic? Charged? I dunno. You know the brain works in mysterious ways."

He glances at the surrounding square.

"You know, no pun intended. All this brain coral gives me a headache."

The other adventurers look around uncertainly. A couple of the sailors are approaching you.

"Calm down, just set down the wea–"

There's an earth-shatter SMASH as the ship shifts. The planks groan and a couple of rigging lines snap.

There's complete silence on the ship as everyone stands motionless, unsure of what to do. You see a couple of adventurers unstrap their weapons and shields. A nearby musketeer backs up against the wall of the aftcastle and warily scans the horizon down his barrel.


Rhanna Stood besides him
''But get ready for what? Are we being attacked by pirates?''


"Oh no… is the reef coming to life like some kind of sinister-"

Uh oh…
Hide somewhere on the mast! Get my gun ready!
"I don't want any corals or sea sponges messing with me!"


Find something to hold onto!


I'll nod.
"Yeah, but that's probably because of who used to live here. At least the stuff isn't made of actual brains."
After paying, I'll speak again.
"By the way, what sort of ship was it? I don't think I've heard of the fishers spotting ships for a while."


Rhanna froze at that

She became lucid again as she shouted,covering her head As she looked around for a safe place to hide into
''Okay okay Stop shouting''
'1d10' do I need to roll for that? I dunno,but rolling just in case I do

Roll #1 3 = 3


The two of you grab onto the mast. The air around you seems to thrum with energy… Roll Knowledge (Arcana).

The deck jostles below you. The only nearby place to hide with any immediacy is below the stairs up to the command deck.

"A weird one. They said it was trailing huge, ball-shaped anchors. We're talking bigger than a couple ponies put together. And they were out WHILE they sailed. Not touching the sea floor."


"Go away! I'm not having it!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


That's like, the one thing I know!
Nah, who am I kidding.
I'm an overachieving egghead, I know it all!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's so weird. What would even be the point?"


''Wait a minute what am I doing?''
She ran back to Maeda and Lilly

''Really I think I would be much safer with you two rather than alone in the dark deck downstairs!'' She complained as she looked around,trying to find anything suspicious


"That's ridicolous! You will get both of us killed!"


"I'm not sure. The fisherponies said they didn't get close. By the way, your mother the High Priestess came by the square earlier looking for volunteers. I think something big might be going on down at the Breach. Usually the Captain comes to see about volunteers, not the High Priestess. My son went with them – make sure he's safe if you go that way, will you? He's all I've got."

It's a mass teleportation… they're trying to knock everyone off the main deck – get below!

Some sort of magical field…


"I don't think you're any safer up here! There's some kind of a demonic field surrounding the ship!"


I'll nod.
"I'll make double sure. What's his name?"



With a loud groan she Headed back
''Fine but if I die it's your faul-wait what?Demonic? Ooookay I'm getting out'' She said shuffling back downstairs




Grab her and run.
"No, it's a mass teleport. They want us alive!"


"Mass teleport!? Wizards too now!?"
Follow her down.


"Trench. And don't forget to store your load of fish, don't want them to spoil."

Only some of the adventurers take your advice – others taking your statement for cowardice. You glance over your shoulder just to see a near-blinding wave of light – and they all disappear. Rising from the depths you see some sort of extremely strange monster floating off the edges of the ship.

Nearby, you hear a seadog curse. "Avast! We have Mind Flyers!"


''Mind What?!'' She shouted,clearly terrifyed
''W-what happened to those ponies?Where are they?''


I'll nod again.
"Alrighty, I'll ask about him when I get there."
And then it's back up the tower to store my fish, and whip up two batches of turtle soup. So convenient they've got their own bowls.


Good fucking lord, Mind Fla-
Wait, Mind Flyers?
Mount a stand by the door!


Right you are. Where to next?


"Well they can mind their own business! If they get close I'm shooting them!"


Well, the breach is on the way to the Medulla, right? Going to have to go through there if it is. Besides, have to ask about Trench.


These… "Mind Flyers" as they have been called – they look like brains (if you've seen brains before), or a crumpled sheet of paper (if you haven't seen them). Their coloration is dark blue with yellow speckles – like a lichen or something growing on a dark rock. They seem to be closing in…

Mind Flyer 1
Mind Flyer 2
Mind Flyer 3

Maeda Tree [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Lilly Belle [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]

Right. Medulla isn't directly connected to Madness Square – it's freely accessible from the ocean, though. That means you need to exit through Insanity's Breach.

You head down – this place is fortified and the very streets look like an armory. Surprisingly though, there are much fewer guards than usual. It's only a token guard. In fact, they're mostly new ponies, or ponies that aren't associated with the guard. Ponies like Trench. Maybe he has some answers.


Well, let's ask around then. See if any of these recruits know Trench, and where he might be.


Rhanna took a moment to examine just what in the hay were those things
'1d10' appraise
She also looked around for something that she could use to defend herself. if those things were magical,they would probally shoot some sort of amgical beam at her
'1d10' gadget

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4


They are flyers, so let's wait and fight them in close quarters!
Time to get high on Dream Wine, too.
Sniff off the battle patch on my left hoof.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'm not having it! I don't like flying wizard things! Shoot the second one with a Silence trick shot!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shoot at Mind Flyer 1 '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


He's here, you know him! Hard not to in a 'city' with a population of about a couple hundred.

…On your side, anyway.

Mind Flyer: ???

You try to tinker something together, but you can't find any good supplies…

It doesn't take, maybe because you still have some of the wine from before in your system.

Mind Flyers 1 and 3, perhaps sensing, an opening, both fire off blasts at you. One bounces off your mirror, shattering it and restoring your coat to normal. The second penetrates! It burns in your brain!

It doesn't seem to like that at all – it closes in and smashes its full body into you – ouch, it's like stone!

Mind Flyer 1
Mind Flyer 2 SLC
Mind Flyer 3

Maeda Tree [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]
Lilly Belle [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]


'1d10' look HARDER!

She looked around for maybe a box,or a barrel lid,anything to give to the others,she may not fight but maybe she could help them fight right?
'1d10' gadjet

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1



Well, yeah.
"Hey Trench! Your dad was asking about you. What's up?"


Time to go all out.
Fervor, and bring my halberd down on the Flyer whose attack just hit me!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yeah! Not nice isn't it!?"
Start smashing into the one I just silenced with the butt of my gun. Whirlwind Brew. Hit it three times!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Time for making a magic bolt potion


Please always specify which you want to use your abilities on! In this case, Appraise. I'll assume you mean #1.

Type: Aberration/Discordian
Health: [▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Ability: Quickened Magic Bolt (Recharge 0)
Description: Appears to be made of stone, shaped like a brain. They house a grim intelligence.

While looking for goodies, you slip on the deck, knocking yourself Helpless.

That would be number three – you smash it, but it bounces off glancingly.

You still have a Magic Bolt stored which you can target a foe with (as a non-action). Speaking of which, Mind Flyer 3 fires off a bolt at you – it REALLY stings – on the inside!

You vigorously pound the Mind Flyer until it's nothing but rubble. It felt good to crush it under your hooves!

Mind Flyer 1 fires off a bolt your way! It just glances you, but it hurts in your brain!

Brewed up, ready to go!

Mind Flyer 1
Mind Flyer 3

Maeda Tree [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░]
Lilly Belle [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] HLP
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]

"What, oh this? I thought you'd know. It was your moth– er, the High Priestess who was asking for volunteers."


Grit my teeth.
"Go away!"
Shoot the third one. Silence trick shot.

Roll #1 3 = 3


''Ow…owowowow…'' Rhanna grasped her tummy as she tried getting on her feet

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll shake my head.
"Taking volunteers is news to me. I didn't think things were that bad that we needed them…"
I'll stomp a hoof lightly.
"You think she would have mentioned it, at least. I'm gonna have to have a talk with her about this. Do you know where she is?"


That's a good start.
Now Distill Life '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I never knew of that magic bolt!
Bolt towards Flyer 3, and full attack towards Flyer 2!
'1d10' bolt
'1d10' attack

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You clip it with your shot – the silence didn't take!

Flyer 3 fires a shot back to you. Even though your outside flesh is fine, your brain feels like it's melting inside your skull.

You roll back to your feet. You're alright!

Made four potions! Pass em to who?

Ouch! Maybe yourself! Brain 1 fired at you! It pierces your brain, but the flesh remains untouched…

The bolt goes wide. You glancingly strike Flyer 3 (2 is dead). Damn, is it made of rock?

Mind Flyer 1
Mind Flyer 3

Maeda Tree [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░]
Lilly Belle [▓░░░░░░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

"Oh, I think she might be involved in the attack. Er, that is to say, I didn't hear the planning directly, but it sounded like they're taking all the experienced warriors to seize Depression Square. Apparently a big force of Discordians left to attack a ship, and they're seizing the opportunity. If we took Depression Square, we'd have most of the frontal lobes. I mean… front part of the city. Sorry."


"It's fine… I just hope she's alright."
I'll grimace a bit.
"Well, that answers that, at least. Hope the ship doesn't get taken out, since that would mean we don't get attacked from above. Anyway, you stay safe and make sure you get home to your dad, right? He worries."


'1d10' Maybe there's a weakness in these things?

'1d10' my kingdom for a gadjet!(especifically one that helps blocking and shit)

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Give two to Lilly and two to Maeda.
Then shoot at flyer 1 '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Shoot the first guy! Whirlwind Brew x2.

"Thanks Selena."
Consume the potion.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nah, I'm just out of my elements.
Never fought over water!
One attack more!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Type: Aberration/Discordian
Health: [▓▓▓▓▓░░░]
Ability: Quickened Magic Bolt (Recharge 0)
Description: Appears to be made of stone, shaped like a brain. They house a grim intelligence.
Weakness: Magic Bolt autocrits

You strapped together a little buckler! It'll give you +1 to Dodge actions.

Flyer 3 sees you standing still and thinks you're an easy target, firing off a blast.

YELP! The pain!

The ship jostles and you slip, tripping over yourself, going helpless.

You can only hold one potion at a time! You pass them out to everyone.

You blast it twice, and it collapses, ded.

You feel tired from your Fervor, and become Helpless.

You try to stand up (1), but don't have the energy.

Mind Flyer 3

Maeda Tree [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░] HLP
Lilly Belle [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]
Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] HLP


"Oh, right. I don't think I'm going to see any real action. Are you going over to join the battle?"


"Let's hope you don't, for your father's sake. As for me, I'm headed to the Medulla. I can just bet Coriander forgot lunch, so I'm taking my little brother some turtle soup."


Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


He gives you a smile and pats your head. "I bet you are short stuff. Alright, have fun."


Seeying as Selena failed miserably,Rhanna helped her up,and passed her the buckler
''Hold this,it…it will help I hope''

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll scrunch at being teased, and head off towards the Medulla.


"Is this what you want!?"
Silence trick shot the remaining one.

Do I have another potion? If so consume it.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Miss Selena is so heavy! You have to make sure you keep her away from the cupcakes at the buffet…

Just the one. You blast the last Mind Flyer, and it dies.

You frown, noticing that all the other Flyers are dead or departed. You were sure there were a lot more.

…What was their goal?

You arrive at the Breach proper – past the fortifications. There's a great pool of water here, not that you weren't traveling in waist-high water already. Dive in, and enter the ocean?


Yep. Hope Cori doesn't mind chilled turtle soup.


Like I care! Go help up Maeda.
"Are you okay?"


Rhanna went to help up Selena
''Are you okay miss Selena?''


Up again?

Roll #1 10 = 10


You dive out of the frontal part of the reef. From here, you can see all the lights and sights of the reef. It is a truly beautiful place, lit up by bio-luminescent plants and corals. Medulla is way at the bottom, so it'll be a dive from here. You can also see the cloudy ink fog that follows the Aquamarine City everywhere. If the reef camouflage growing on top wasn't enough to keep prying eyes away, the dense field of ink surely is. The only downside is that it means you can't see up – up to where that ship might be, many many leagues above.

Down here, below the outer 'shell' of reef, you can see the long stoney supports of the city, which connect to huge crab legs which walk the city along the depths. You can see a bulbous outcropping here – Medulla. That's where Coriander is.


"Ooof. Yes, thanks."
I get up again


Sure thing! Perceptive Inquisitor pone notices that the sails are missing. Not just shredded – completely gone. They have been neatly removed from the rigging, like they were never there.


Swim along, little seapony. Time to check on your baby brother.


"Are you okay?"


''um…keep the shield,who knows when those things might be back!'' She said as she went to make another one for herself
'1d10' gadget

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey, I don't need a shield, don't worry."


You pop out of the water in a great pool, and the first thing you see is waves of cane.

Sugar cane, that is. The entry pool is surrounded with it. You push past, and you can see the inner workings of outer Medulla. This area is a sort of hydroponic farm, growing all sorts of farm vegetables. Coriander's hobby. He's probably currently occupied with his real task right now, though, which is managing the steam essence inside inner Medulla. He does this, strangely enough, with plants. No one seems to understand the mechanics of it but him, but the rest of this place doesn't make sense anyway, so who cares?

Besides the sugar cane, there's some rice and carrots here. In the corner, he's been working on an apple tree, but it isn't bearing fruit yet and it doesn't look like it's doing well in the limited light environment.

You smash the old shield and use the parts to make a new shield.

>Gadget: Makes a nifty device to aid with a specific task. Once successfully built, the gadget provides +1 to a specific action for the owner. A gadget can be given to allies. The gadget breaks if the owner rolls a failure when using that skill, or a new gadget is built.


"Somewhat. Ships are not my elemen-"
Gasp and point at the sails!
"This was all a distraction!"


''Yes you do!You died today and almost died again because of these things,we s all need them! SO Keep it,please…''

>Oh whoops
''See miss Selena?I even made you a new one!It's even prettier and cooler than the last!'' She said pushing the shield back into her hooves


"No, keep it! You need it more than me"


Well well well. Every time I come down here I'm impressed completely anew. Let's pop out of the water and start looking. Snap off a piece of sugarcane on my way up, one of the top bits, and chew on it as I look around.


Look up at the sails in exasperation.
"Those… thieves! Now we're stuck! Where are all the other ponies!"


She does a doggy scrunchy face
''Fine…'' She said taking the shield and testing it
''Maybe I can smash those things with it next time they come around…Well…Maybe…It's kinda small to be a shield,really…''


There are weird furrows here in the dirt he has collected. It looks like brain coral, but you've been assured that this is what a surface farm looks like. You have no idea why surface farmers go to such pains to make their dirt look like coral – seems like a waste of time to you.

Many of the other ponies have finished fighting Mind Flyers of their own – in victory or defeat. You see a couple of adventurer ponies laying on the deck looking totally catatonic. Possibly braindead.

There are a few sailor ponies just looking up dumbfounded at the missing sails.


Maybe they just like the design?
"Hey, baby brother! Where are you at?"


Trot over to one of the adventure ponies that looks out of it.
"Hello? Are you okay?"


A voice calls from deeper inside: "Ah, just stay there little sis, I'll be out in a sec."

One of the other adventurers nearby gives a sad shake of the head. "Those brain things got him."

He's drooling, and his eyes are unfocused. He lay motionless on the deck. If not for the slow motion of breathing, you'd think he was dead.


''What's gotten into him?'' Rhanna asked crouching near the pony
''He's dead?He doesn't look dead…''


"Those brain things."


I'll harrumph loudly.
"Nuh-uh, I came out a whole two minutes earlier than you, so I'm the big sibling. And make it quick, your lunch is getting cold… er."


"That's… awful, I'm sorry."
I'm not sure how to fix this… And without sails we're dead in the water!

Clasp my head in my hooves.
"I'm dooooomed…"


''Wait what happened to the-''
she looked up
''oooh…That's bad…''
Rhanna immediately looked around for some sort of cloth,maybe they could,you know,replace the sails?with blankets or something like that


He finally comes out, looking hot and sweaty. "Just the way I like it!"

Coriander is not a particularly beefy or large pony – in fact, he's quite average. Not even lanky or fat. In spite of this, he is distinctly taller than you even on a good day. On a day like today, he seems to tower nearly a head taller than you. It's infuriating!

He picks you up in a hug that lasts just a couple of seconds. "You can be a real cutie, you know that? Thanks for the food, I thought I was just going to have to snack on sugar cane, lil sis. I see your sweet tooth is already active."

Silver Streak runs over. "Did you see that? They got away with our sails! I saw the whole thing!"


"Of course I saw it! They would have fried my brain if I hadn't shot them to bits! What were those things even!?"


I'll grumble at him.
"You big dork, I don't have a sweet tooth. I am sweet."
I'll pull out one of the turtleshell bowls, conveniently plugged with water-tight plugs, and hoof it over.
Then I'll pull out the other one for myself.
"So how's the steam thing going?"


"No, I mean did you see where they TOOK the sails!"


''Some sort of flying brain thing,they're completely made of stone too!
I saw that they shoot magic lasers and such but they are actually pretty weak to them,would be good if we could like,grab one and make it shoots it's friends you know?''


"Well? Where!? I need those sails! I don't have time to stay stationary at sea!"


"Well they're gone now!"


"Well, it might be over your little baby head, but it seems to be working fine. It would be going better if we had the controls, but they're somewhere up above in the middle lobe. Honestly not much changes in there, it's routine. I'm more interested in my side projects."

He scarfs down his bowl. "Want a tour? I can give you a pony-back ride."

"Well, the reason I was coming to you was because I hoped you saw too, because you were with me before and you'd be able to confirm it… I definitely saw them dive underwater with it, but it looked to me… well, it seemed like they were headed right for that moving reef, but it's so hard to tell because of the dark zone."


''yeah but'' She tapped her own head with a finger
''keep that in mind,if we reflect the beams at them,I'm pretty sure they would be dead''

''What if we MADE new sails then?''


"It could be done, but it would take a while to sew good sails that will hold up in a storm. I'd say that's probably going to be the captain's plan. That, and rowing until we can get the sails up. But… if we could get them back…"


"Okay, you all need to calm down now.
First of all, the sails are gone. They won't come back.
As such, we have to get moving in some other way.
Get to paddling! I will be asking the heavens for a sign on where the sails are!"


''hey hey! I could maybe sew new ones!'' She said excited ''Sewing can't be hard right?Is there any place where I can find blankets,bedsheets or anything?''


"Don't patronize me."
I'll give him a half-hearted smack.
"Anyway, it seems that a bunch of the enemy forces went up to attack a ship that floated by earlier, so mom decided to lead the charge to take Depression Square before they regroup. You might be able to look at those controls sooner than you think."


"Where are those suits you were talking about? I'm not having this!"


"In the rooms. I'm sure we'd be happy to have your help, but the sails are very large. It will take days to complete them, but any aid will surely be appreciated."

"The captain will probably order some of the sailing team down to row soon."

"There may be suits in the hold… I can ask the captain. I just wanted to make sure I was right."

"Hm… even if they take Depression Square and open up the tunnel, we'll still only have the frontal lobes. What we really want is in the Midbrain, but that's where they're dug in the most. I hope Mom is okay… Why attack now?"


"Rowing? How much will that delay us!"


She headed to the rooms,looking at anything interesting she could find that would help
they need to get out of here,that was the thought that she had in mind when searching
'1d10' search
'1d10' also appraise,maybe there is still something on the ship itself

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Weren't you listening? I said a bunch of them left to attack a ship that was passing by overhead. Hopefully the ponies on it are strong enough to wipe those guys out, so Mom doesn't have to worry about them regrouping."


"Very well then."
Sit down on the deck, in a meditative pose.
Dream Wine.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sorry, I got a bit distracted. Right… someone should check on them… Maybe I should go."

He glances, true to his words, distractedly at the door to Inner Medulla.

"A lot!"

Just sheets. You start grabbing any you come across. Nothing is left of the sails on the ship except the rigging ropes.

You see a pebble drifting down into the sea. It continues to fall past an inky barrier, but your mind cannot follow it there.


Rhanna used her teeth to tear off a few chunks around the corners of the sheets to make big holes
and then picked up the ropes and started using that mind of her to get to work on making a decent sail

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What are you so caught up with back there?"
I'll give a mock gasp.
"Did you bring a maaaaaare? Is my baby brother finally becoming an adult?"


I don't have a choice then.
"Go get those suits then, I need those sails!"


He rolls his eyes in annoyance. "There's nopony here to take as mate. We know everyone! And by the way, I don't see you with any pony, little sis."

"Right. We'll go down together! Though… I'm not much of a fighter, and there are only four suits."

He heads off to retrieve them.

That's one sheet, one-ply. You think you'll need about twenty sheets, quadruple plied to make one sail. And you need three. So that'll be… two hundred and thirty nine more of those. Then you have to sew them all together, of course.


"The bell! We need that right now! The sails have been dropped to the bottom of the sea!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


SS has already departed to retrieve suits.


"Damnit! We are too late!"


"W-well, that's just because my standards are way too high. And, well, I'm only 18, so it's not like I'm in any rush."
Changing subjects.
"So, what do you have back there that's got you so bothered?"


She quickly made the calculations in her head
then recaulculated just to be sure

this will take forever.
She sighed and abandoned her little ''project''
''Stupid brain things…Next time I'll whack them with…uh…my paws…'' She looked up at her own paws,frustated that she didn't had a weapon of her own
''ugh…I guess I'll just…Go help the others…'' She went back,looking around for anywhere where she could help
''You need help?''
'' Need any help mister?''
''Can I help you?''


"Uh, the plants. I dunno, they're not taking to this sea like they did the last one. I'm managing them but it's a full time job when they usually just sort of handled themselves."

They offer you work in two distinct opportunities: helping sew a sail, or helping row down below.

Something else catches your eye, though. A pony that was with Lilly is struggling to carry four pony-shaped… things up on a transport block. They're very strange – they're like pony statues without any features and they're made of metal and pipes and stuff. You bet you could reconfigure one with your smithing skills to be shaped like a dog. The statues have little windows so you can see in the face, but they're empty right now.

SS returns with a big transport block full of pony-shaped suits. There are four of them. "This is all we have."


She stops herself and runs closer to them
''hey hey hey mister what are those things?they are for diving right?CAn I see one of those for a moment please?''


"Too much salt, maybe? At any rate, you should really get some help down here. I'm pretty sure not all of the seaponies think your project is weird."
I'll give a smile.
"I mean, when you grow these delicious sugar canes, who could say no to that?"


"I need a weapon suited for underwater… do you have any swords lying around?"


"Sorry pup, we're using these. But you're right, they're so you can breathe underwater."

"For whatever reason, the other ponies don't seem to have much of a taste for my plants."

"Yeah, I can get one. But I think we might have a harpoon gun."


"This is so gonna get messy…"


her ears drooped a bit
''There's…NOthing I could do to help?I-I can swim really well!''


SS gives you an uncertain look. "You want to take the pup? I don't think she can even fit in a pony-shaped suit…"


"I can use a sword, I've had the chance to practice. I think you shouldn't come though, it'll be dangerous! I don't like danger, but I can't seem to avoid it so you should steer clear of me."


Got Sword



I'll roll my eyes.
"Tell me about it. At least you don't have to cook for some of them."


Nice. Get into one of the suits!


Are we there yet?


You have the suits, if that's what you mean! Lilly slips into one.

It fits you like a gauntlet, by which I mean metal, stiff, and awkward.


I look it over and quickly put it on.


I'll wait for the others.
"This doesn't make me very agile…"


Wear the suit as well, worried.
"What if the suits are cut?"
Also, setup my potions and patches in a way I can reach them from here.



"Sooooooooo…can I come along? Or do I have to wait in the ship?…"



It's not easy being drunk. But the absolute worst is when the universe doesn't seem to make sense. You've had days with pretty bad hangovers, sure – and you've had days where you've drunk enough to see pretty strange sights. But when both happen at once, it's just unfair. You feel the distinct sensation of withdrawal - a hangover headache, yet you appear to be under conditions that can only be explained by a drunken stupor. Surely this can't be reality.

You find yourself stripped – no weapons armor or gear – in what appears to be, upon closer inspection, a ray of light that has been shaped into a bubble. There are other adventurous sorts here in a similar predicament, but the difference between you and them is that your paws are weapons all on their own. You've never met a ray of light that could stop you, and now doesn't seem like a good time to start. Still… it might be worth asking the others around here if they're seeing what you're seeing, just to be sure it's reality.

"Unless there's some kind of craftspony around here who could reconfigure this suit for you to use it…"

Roll Smithiness.

"I would strongly advise covering the hole with all of your strength. Fortunately, the better part of the suit is metal – that's why it's so clanky. Hard to smash."

"No – swift movement in these suits is your enemy. I'd say, get down there, smash the brains, and get out. Don't linger around too much sightseeing at that reef. We're not going anywhere fast, but I'll send you down with a line. As long as it's intact, you can jerk three times rapidly and we'll reel you in. Otherwise you'll have to swim back up, or create a break in the suit so that the escaping air will propel you up – that's a last resort, of course."


"Are you sure this suit is safe?"


"Huh…..! Where am I?" I ask the ray of lights as I gag for air and try to approach the 'others' as I recoil at my arms

"No.. my arms! I cant mix without my arms! Is this it! Have I faced self-actualization?!"


"Good to know."


Rhanna tilted her neck to the side,popping a few bones and smacked her paws together.
"Leave it to me"


Okay that's bullshit.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Totally probably."

"Oh look, the drunk's awake."

"Well, I don't think things are getting much better either way. Say, dog, you wouldn't happen to be one of them psychics, would you?"

There are two nude stallions in another bubble floating near you. Based on their grizzled faces, you assume they're adventurers of a sort as well. Perhaps it's now worth noting the area outside of your light-prisons: it's a sort of strange marble room that's shaped like a marble cake with several layers missing. Weird rippling walls that don't seem to make sense. Like a tangled string. You don't know a lot about architecture, but this seems like an unstable and impractical style.

It's not too difficult to reshape, considering that most of it is like a suit of armor already. The only tough part is re-cementing the cracks, but you get it working suitably soon.

"Good luck. And remember, retreat is the better half of wisdom… or is it courage? I can't remember the saying, but you get the idea."


"You got the meaning across."


"We'll try to be quick about it, I don't have much time after all!"


"Good enough!"


"Ech!" Realizing the sphere of light where I am imprissoned might burst if my weapon hands brush it slighly and cause me to fall on the marble cake room and cover me in its delicious frosting for everyone to enjoy, I tucked in my weapon hands and try to stay as still as I possibly can!

"Psychics! Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychics Psychicsh Psychicsss….."
"Whats a Psychich?" I gag at the nude stallion as I wince at the sight of them being all naked being all stalliony at my face. Yeechh.



"Well, I suppose when you're ready you can just… jump. Remember, first you'll go through the Light Zone – that's the area lit by the sun. There will be a brief pass through what is called the Dark Zone – where it is too deep fro the light to reach. If it is as it was before, you may pass through that strange ink barrier – but then, you should see the reef. It's lit up by plants, Lilly can direct you."

"You know, one of them fellers that does magic with his mind. Are you one of them? See, it's my reckoning that these brain lots are talking to each other, but in their heads. Like a sort of mental communication."


She got in the suit
"See?I told you I could do it.I'm a genius!"
She also tried adjusting anything that could help her swim around faster.
'1d10' gadjet

Roll #1 2 = 2


"As they say, ladies first."
Stand on the edge of the ship, look at my companions…
And then jump!


Jump in.


Hm.. you can't seem to get it to work just right.

The Light Zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only, so you unload. You see great schools of fish here, and no trace of a reef below, only darkness. In the distance, you think you see the leviathan form of a whale, apparently unperturbed by the recently skirmish with the brains.


Oh and she jumped in as well


Jump in after them.


After the Light Zone, you sink further still into the Dark Zone. If there are fish here, you can't see them, but you sense shifting in the water, perhaps indicative of large beasts that are better left unseen…

The water grows uncomfortably thick for a moment and you sense that your helmet has been covered in something, you can't see anything to make out what… you fall for a long time after that, and finally touch down on something solid. Feels like sand.


I think for a moment and grit my teeth as I try to overcome my prejudice of naked stallions and stare at him as I try to communicate with him using my mind!

Can you hear me?


Rhanna looked at the fishes admired.
but also a bit scared. It was a weird feeling.
still she swam along with the others, staying close

she almost opened her mouth to yelp in the scare.
but as they reached the supposed sand. She took a moment to analyze it
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 5 = 5



"Are you just going to sit there staring at me slack jawed, or are you going to answer me? Speak up!"


You can't see anything! It's total blackness!


"… Why.. are they capturing psychics?" I avert my gaze immedietely as I try to shake my head again and look at my arms in fear and see if I am aware that my hands are weapons


Oh sorry
She tried swimming foward. Putting her hands in front of her to not crash into anything


So… How are we even gonna talk to each other?


Try wiping my visor.


Of course! You are a bit of a monk, aren't you? Your paws are always weapons.

"No, I was hoping if we had a psychic we could sort of reason with them and maybe get ourselves let go, right? None of us are psychic though, and none of them seem to respond to yelling. I've tried."

You can't see anything! Weren't there supposed to be glowing plants down here or something?


Glowing plants, glowing plants where are you?!


O.. oh! Right!
"Then… who are you!?" seeing the prison where I am I slowly touch the bubble… and see if my curiosity pays off and just hope I dont fall on the marble cake ground below.


It's too dark here!

Ah, that's better. With the ink gone, you can clearly see the beautiful reef ahead. Your compatriots are stumbling around blind, but communicating at this depth may be difficult. It's probably faster just to fix them yourself.


It seems hard and firm, like a sort of reinforced glass. Maybe with a strong enough punch you could smash it.

"We're other adventurers, like you! How drunk did you get? You were on a ship, like us, headed out to adventure in the New World. But we got teleported down here by some weird brain monsters. They seem to have access to very powerful magics."


Fix it for those silly ponies!




Hhrrgh this is getting annoying!
Rhanna pondered. What could possibly be wrong?


Each in time, Lilly wipes off your visors and you can see, with the ink gone. You notice that if you press your helmets together, it helps carry the vibrations in your voices, making communication possible, just difficult.


Before you is something strange. It appears to be an enormous grab. Gigantic. No, no, bigger than that. We're talking the size of a city. Train-length legs, in fact, several trains thick. It appears to have a shell like bottom half, but up above you see the radiant light of a reef coming off the top. The whole reef appears to be riding on a crab, if the legs are anything to judge by.

It was big.


Oh gee.
"Let us not waste time"

Where to?

Roll #1 2 = 2


The bright lights of the top of the crab seem like a good place to start, but maybe you should approach from below? Your call.


Oh ok that's nice
she presses her head with lilly's
"Thanks Lilly!"
Rhanna looked around trying to find where to go

Roll #1 7 = 7


That's no crab, it's some sort of mobile reef! By the faint figures in the distance, you think it's so large that other things can go inside of it… and not just fish…


Rhanna went to communicate with her
"Wait that's not a crab! And there are more things than just fish in there! I think the brains are hiding in there or something worse even! Be careful."


>with her


Oh gods! This is messed up! I knew it was moving!

We nbeed to get inside it I guess, as bad as it sounds. Motion the others.


"Brain monsters? What?!"

Now I take a deep breath as I try to gather my chi and look at the others.
"You horse's want to escape right?"



"Yeah, of course. But none of us can break these light orbs. As for brain monsters… they keep coming in to drag away captives… those who they take never come back."


"We cannot fight them, not here. Once we find the sails we run."


"Oh?! That is not good news Holy shit!!" I kicked the fucking orb!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You got it" she said. Her voice not sounding nearly as cool as hers.


It cracks.

"Woah, you can break these things? Hey… if you crack us out, we can all find our gear."

Search for an entrance on top or bottom?


Yes, find some way to get inside this… thing.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Whoa there man! Wont that result in me falling in the chocolate marble floor!" I shiver as I look at them.

"I.. I dont want to taste all sweet you know. That sucks."


>Top or bottom?

"This whole place is made out of strange things, but I bet it will be just as hard as the light that encases us."


Go for top!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Not really a clear question, top.


You search the top. Cleverly nestled into the intricate and very real reefs are two entrances. One to the left and one to the right.


"oh…. really?"

"HIYAA!!" Kick the bubble!

Roll #1 3 = 3


She decided to stick together with the others as she looked for what else she could find about this thing

Roll #1 1 = 1


The crack widens…

You can't even see the entrances!


she wiped her visor again. Maybe Lilly missed a spot or something.


It's just natural camouflage.


She squintedand tried again.
'1d10' appraise. (Or to at least see the entrance )

Roll #1 3 = 3


One more time!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Motion at the left one.


There's a left entrance and a right entrance (relative to you)

Smash! You tumble to the ground. As they said, the marble cake is as hard as marble! Better work quick before the brains notice…

"Bust us out so we can get our gear!"


You enter a twisting tunnel of strange furrows and ridges. You see a great bronze plaque which reads: INSANITY'S BREACH. It's in Equestrian, which is convenient.

Up ahead you see… the surface to water? It appears there is a dry interior inside. You may be able to remove the suits…


Take a look to the left one as Lilly indicates.
Curses. I should have made me potions.
Can I do advanced underwater alchemy?


Follow through the entrance Lilly motions to.
I had to refrain from saying "the left entrance", because something in the back of my mind kept telling me that, had I done it, you'd have said that was the right entrance relatively to Lilly.


Alright! Let's go in!


Just following, chilling.


If I just wanted to be difficult, I could say that based on your relative position, it looks like she's motioning to the other entrance!

There's a place to surface just in front of you! Lilly's headed up in there.

You burst free of the water. This area requires a little explaining. You appear to be in a rough hewn cave made entirely of the precious mineral Aquamarine. There are buildings carved out of it nearby, but others are made out of different materials. You are at what appears to be a security checkpoint. It has all the standard trappings: portcullis, standing guards armed with polearms – ponies. Flags of a sort, though there isn't any wind down here to blow them.

The odd thing is, that though you have surfaced, the area is still flooded up to the top of your legs, and you swear if you squint at the guards' rear legs (also submerged), they simply aren't there.

They left their spears. "Halt, and identify yourselves!"

The stallion who speaks seems a little uncertain of his profession. Perhaps something of a conscript or a volunteer, he's obviously not regular guard material. He seems young, perhaps in his teens. You'd judge sixteen, so about four years younger than yourself.


Then I'd just say I'm following right after her.


"Oh! Who would've thought, real Marble!" I smile as I look at the stallions and ready my fist.
"Now stand back! This will be a good one!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You smash it in one go.

"Listen, our gear is in the next room, but if one of those brains comes back and sees us gone, it'll raise the alarm. Do you think you can stay here and keep this room locked down while we go recover our stuff? We'll bring your equipment too."


Rhanna just looked at him
"Hi mister! Where are your legs?"
'1d10' appraise him!appraise him good!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Remove helmet.
"We are ponies from the surface. Who are you?"


Take off my helmet.
"Uh… hi? We're not from around here."


I look at them as I try to shake off the hangover.
"Hey now, be sure not to go through my stuff, I got shit in there that needs no hooves on them understand."
I then extend a hand
"Flagon, and you two?"


Follow Lilly to surface


Seapony Recruit
Weapon: Single
Personality Type: B

"The surface?"

He frowns, confused. "There's no land anywhere near here. Or… the ship?"

One of them gives a quick shake. "Rising Wind. Listen, we'll have time for introductions later, we gotta be quick. Hold down the fort."

They take off in a hurry.


"Yes, the ship whose sails were stolen by creatures from the dephts."
"We are here to reclaim them."


"So some got away from you? Did you happen to see who won the battle for the other lobe while you were out there?"


Lets just go and hide in a dark corner of the place and make sure them brain guys wont see me. Better to ambush the suckers than me being ambushed instead.


"What? What are you talking about? Who are you ponies? What is this massive sinister crab?"


"I have no idea what you are talking about."


A few minutes later, your suspicions are confirmed. Two brains float into the room. They're strange… made up of what appears to be stone. They're dark blue and have some lichen-like yellow speckles.

"It's not a crab, it's a brain. I mean, not a brain, it's more of a city that's shaped a bit like a brain. Wait a minute, I'm asking the questions here. Listen, the High Priestess took out an army to attack the Mind Flyers while they were distracted by your ship. They're fighting in the other frontal lobe – I mean, square. But we don't know who won, yet. So tell me, who won on the other side?"


"Who's the high priestess? "


"Our leader. Big, flowing white robes?"


Yeeech! Euggh disgusting, what the hell is that!
Stay in my position, where are they going? Just ready myself if they do anything suspicious or harming.


"Look, we just want our sails back okay! We don't know about any priestesses."


"Never heard of it. How are you even sursurviving down here anyways? "


Stay silent for a moment.
"We didn't see anything, where we landed."


The brain things rotate in air, as if silently looking around. After a moment, they seem to notice you, and close in to attack!

Think wisely about your abilities. This could be an extremely dangerous fight if you don't use your skills very carefully.

Mind Flyer 1
Mind Flyer 2

Flagon [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]

"The city has strange properties that makes it behave unlike other cities. The air down here is safe to breathe, it's made locally, in Medulla."

"If your sails were taken, they were taken by the Mind Flyers. They're a sort of aberration created by Discordians to serve their evil purposes. If your sail is here, it's in one of the lobes – I mean districts! controlled by the Discordians. Maybe they took it back to the other frontal lobe, where the Priestess is. It's called Depression Square."


"….this place is Medulla?"


"You guys make air?how? Are we welcome in your city? Can we see the high priestess?…Uh…sorry that is a lot of questions."


"No, no, this is Insanity's Breach. But it leads to Madness Square. It has vents to Medulla, though."

"I… don't know. I'm not the usual guard. Maybe I should… detain you?"

He kind of sizes you up uncertainly


"Those are very colorful names…"


What is medulla?
Knowledge check!
"Then, we have to hurry."
Seal my helmet again.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Just who are you people even?"


She patted his side
"No buddy. We're not here to fight. Besides your leader would be upset that you're letting us guests out.
You don't want to lose your job right after getting it right?


"Well, yeah, I suppose they take some getting used to. They're a bit Discordian, aren't they? But with the war effort they've been too busy to rename them all."

You know it refers to a part of the brain.

"Hurry? What's the rush?"

"What do you mean? Clearly I'm a resident. This is the middle of the ocean! What under the moon are you doing out here?"

He frowns at you. "I think I know how to exercise authority a little better than you."


"Uhm…war effort?"


"Hey, I have a basket of goodies for you. Will you take it back up to the Square?"

Got Brother's Basket! (Your Great Banquet will now give you personally double effect.)


"You know, to take the rest of the city from the Discordians."


Holy shit! Can I make one of them my bro's? Use my Chi and make one of them think I am friendly or make it not hostile!


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Don't moon me! We're just here for our sails those brain things took from us. Why did they do that?"


"But those Discordians are not in Medulla?"


"Really? Then why are you letting us in with all of this information? To be honest you're doing a terrible job being a guard. Just let us through and we won't tell anything and we won't break anything. Hey maybe no one will even notice us and you can keep your job. Come on mister we just want our sails so we can get out."


"Sure, sure, I'm just the delivery mare."
I'll roll my eyes.
"Where's it going to?"


You wisely Annoint one of the brains. It wanders off, contemplating the following: "Without warriors, there can be no war."

Mind Flyer 2 attacks you with a magic bolt! It ripples out and pierces you!

Mind Flyer 2

Flagon [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]

"No, no, we only control this Square and Medulla, they have all the rest."

He gently smacks you with his polearm. "Shut this kid up, will you?"

"Trying to take prisoners, probably. That's their usual gig."

"Back up to Madness."


"That's incredibly helpful. I'm sure I'll just wave the basket around and whomever it's going to is going to leap out into the street."
I'll sigh a bit, then start making my way back to the exit.
"But I'm taking my courier's fee out of this sugarcane."
I'll snap off another end from a different cane plant, and, with it between my teeth, I'll dive into the water. Back to the square.


"We have our reason to be in a hurry. Every lost moment is a large delay for us."
"We should really be going. Remember the clock above your head, miss Belle."




She swatted it away
"Hey don't do that okay?I'm trying to have a reasonable argument and you do this. One: my name is Rhanna. And I'm not some kid. Two: We are peacefully trying to get in,get our things that were taken by the brains that you are also fighting against. Seriously we are practically trying to help you and what is your response? Hit me in the head."


Arg! That hurts! Shit fucker! I dont want no trabel for fucks sake!

Damnit, avoid the floating minds attack and create healing potions on the fly using what my master has thought me in using magic tricks and Chi!
Distill life

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Your return to madness is halted when you surface at insanity only to find a party of outsiders !

Could they be from the ship ?



"We might get some useful information from this… legless guy."


"We know where the sails are, but it is your time we are running on.
Just know that I can't protect you from yourself."


Outsiders? Here? We're hundreds of lengths below the water! How did they even get here?
I'll glance at them curiously as I stay in the water.



"Is this about the Nightmare Moon thing?how much time ddid you have Lilly?"


"Well there's no use in anything if we just get fried by those brain things!"

We have suits.

"Seven days!"


Well, that just makes you even more odd! Do they have air tubes going up, or are they self-contained?


Though my ears will perk up at that.
"What are you on about with Nightmare Moon?"


Self-contained, I think. We do have lines connecting us to the ship.

"She wants to flay my soul, so as you can guess I'm a little keen on making sure that doesn't happen. But I can't do anything as long as we're stuck without sails. We need those sails!"


Rhanna removed her helmet as well. Letting her droopy ears fall on her shoulders and exposing the huge scar on her head.
"That's terrible! Well miss Selena has that love poison thing she used with a pony once! Maybe if she used it with this guy he would stop being a bother"


"What she said. Sails. We need them!"


"What do you know of nightmare moon, inhabitant of the depths?"


"Well, geez, that sounds awful. If my mom were here, she'd probably have a better idea of what to do for you in the meanwhile. I mean, she's the head priestess of the Lunite sect here…"
I'll frown a little and float closer to them.
"But she went off to try and get a hold on some of the enemy territory while they were distracted… was that your ship?"
"I know that she and Princess Luna are, well, to put it bluntly, as different as night and day. Princess Luna wouldn't curse anyone to have their souls flayed."


"Yes it was, now we're dead in the water until we can get back what they stole. This place is so weird! What are you even?"


"Oh hey so your mother is the high priestess? awesome! "
She crouched down and offered a paw to shake.
"I'm Rhanna by the way. What's your name?"


"I'm more surprised you even know about the princesses in the first place!"
Good lord fidget, you are so damn meta and defensive it's ridicolous at times.


"Me? Well, I'm what happens when a seapony and a land pony fall in love and do stuff."
I'll shrug.
"As for the weirdness, well, we are trying to clear out the mass of Discordian leftovers. We're making pretty good headway, though it's rough going with the few of us that there are."
I'll look at the paw for a second, and then put a hoof on it.
"I'm called Marina. Nice to meet you."
Ain't meta, Groves mentioned the curse, and what it's going to do. And c'mon, you think a priestess's daughter wouldn't know about the princesses?
"My dad was a landpony, and my mom's a priestess. You kinda get that stuff hammered into you as you grow up."


"I thought sea ponies were just myths? And are you saying those brain things are serving Discord? Why are all the gods out to get me!?"


What did luna even have to do with that?
"I had no idea your folks followed the princesses too…
Truly, they have no bounds.
But this is no time for idle chatter, we are in a race against time and need to recover those stolen sails!"


"You never saw a diamond dog before Marina?"


"I dunno about out to get you, but yeah, the Mind Flyers serve Discord. They attack anybody, though. And they're not myths. Otherwise I wouldn't be here."
I'll splash a little half-heartedly at you.
"Relax, we're safe enough here. They're not going to swoop in on us anytime soon."
When NMM is brought up, so is Luna.
"Well, you're likely not going to get very far, unless you can breathe underwater. Mom might be able to help, but I don't know when she'll be back from the front lines…"
I'll sigh a bit and sink, chewing idly on my sugarcane.
"Oh, hey, maybe you can answer something for me. What were those weird round anchors trailing from your ship? They don't look like they're any use at holding it still."


"A what?"


"So you're all… fishy? That sounds useful. Are there more dry spots like this?"


"They are for exploring the depths. But back to what you just said!
What of breathing underwater?"


"Well that aswers it…" She said placing her hands on her hips
"Well diamond dogs are a race of evolved canines that are capable of standing on two feet and burrow tunnels with ease. My race has an affinity for gems and so we live to find them. That's why we live underground. See? " she said pulling the bright red ruby she had on the collar on her neck.
"This ruby is invaluable to me. It's the first gem I found."


"That's one way of putting it. And we only half-flooded the place so ponies like yourselves and ponies like me can both be comfortable. In Madness Square you'll find a market, and the military types all live here in the breach, though they're mostly all at Depression Square with mom."
"Well, I've got gills as well as lungs, so it's just a matter of picking one over the other when it comes to swimming. I don't know what you all will do, since I doubt those things sticking to your helmets stretch far enough to even leave the breach here…"
"It's very pretty! You must have had to dig really deep to find that."


Does it smell like fish in here?
"Wait, there's normal… earth ponies here other than us?"


Well, that's probably from the market.
"Well, yeah. Blood would get pretty thin if we didn't bring in volunteers from time to time. Plus there were the original inhabitants who got tired of being around brain coral all the time."
I'll shrug.
"Of course, we had to bring them in in a boat we managed to find after taking this area of the city. Weirdest thing, it goes underwater and you don't drown."


"How come I never heard about any of this? That sounds amazing!"


"Well, it's been underwater for a long time… and this city hasn't been near land for a while. I may move slowly, but it does move."
I'll think for a minute.
"You know, I think mom might even let you guys borrow it, if you ask nicely. Since it's a matter of life and death and all. That way, you wouldn't need to wait around or fight brains to get your sails back."
I'll scrunch a bit.
"I think. I dunno how it works, really. It might still need sails. Only thing I really know how it works is my ice chest, and that's for keeping my food cold until I cook it."


"Ice… chest? Just a chest of ice?"


"Well, ice and magic. There's also the fire I've got up in my room that I use to cook, but that's kinda weird and I don't think I could move it if I wanted to…"
I'll chew my sugarcane a bit more.
"Still, that chest can keep fish and stuff good for days. Maybe even weeks, if I push it."


"I think 'weird' is quickly becoming the norm here!"


I'll shrug again.
"Well, it was a Discord city before we got here and tried to make sense out of it. We don't even know what's further in past Depression Square."


"Whatever it is it probably is something really sinister and I'm not sticking around for it."


"Or it could be really neat, like the underwater boat or the ice chest. That's the thing, you can never tell."
I'll snort to the side.
"It's really a bother, but if some good can come out of it, it might be worth it to hang onto some things that get dug up."
I'll blink.
"Oh, geez, listen to me prattling on. I've got a delivery to make! If you need somewhere to wait until my mom gets back, then follow me and try to keep up. I'll show you where I live."


"I think we should try to get our sails back anyway… do you think we could get help?"


"Well, sure, but if those sails of yours ended up on the other side of Depression Square, I don't think anypony here has the materials to make new ones. And you don't have the time to wait, right?"
I'll start swimming towards Madness Square.
"Come on, the merchants are this way, but it's mostly fishers and small goods."


I'll stop here and see what the other says.


I was thinking of doing much the same.


You create a potion for yourself and set aside a couple of potions for your allies if they show back up.

The Mind Flyer blasts you!

Mind Flyer

Flagon [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]

"Well… if Marina will be with you, I guess it's okay."

He opens the portcullis.


"We'll follow you, Marina. Lead on, the faster we have those sails, the faster we can get out of here."


"Right, let's go already! Pick up your hooves a bit and step on it."
I'll drift towards the market.


Follow the fish pony!


Run as fast as my hooves can carry me.
Or swim.


Moving through the waist-high water is a little frustrating for those of you without fins.

Madness Square is a relatively small place. From here you can see the Tower of Mania, the Fish Market, and the residences of all civilians.

There are a number of closed shops here. A smith, an alchemy store, a general store, and a textiles mill.


"Shops! Seaponies have shops!"


Well, let's see if I can't find anyone to help these landlubbers. I really hope I'm not the one in charge in case mom's out and about…
Have we got anything resembling a mayor?


You're more of a theocracy.

(You can ask that kind of thing over Steam)


"Of course we have shops. The civilized ones do, anyway. Mom never really talks too much about other seaponies for some reason."
(fair enough.)


This is getting irritating!
Drink potion!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Drinking a potion is Instant Automatic, take your main action.

Flagon [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]


Make two potions of magic bolt and one potion of Magic Word.

I look around.
"Where to next?"


"Well they're closed anyway so not much good even if they sold sails! Where to now?"


Then lets gather my chi and go for a solid one to three punch on its…. head, brain! Thingy!

Roll #1 6 = 6



"Oh hey. What do you guys sell in those shops?"


It looks pretty roughed up! The brain blasts you back, but it looks like your allies are here! They toss you your weapons! (Be sure to say which one you equip).

"Let's break out of here!"

Mind Flyer

Flagon [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]
Adventurer [▓▓▓▓] HP
Adventurer [▓▓▓▓] HP

Adventurer 1 hits glancingly.
Adventurer 2 crits!

Mind Flyer died!

"That was close…"


Magic Word?


Aw sorry, misread. I thought that was a spell.
Retaliate instead. That is a spell


"Well… mom's out on the attack, so she can't help, shops are closed… We could start clearing the short way to Depression Square and save us some time in following after mom if you guys want to…"
I'll close my eyes and think heavily.
"We could go out in open water to get there too, but you're not seaponies and I don't know how long your air tubes are."
I'll huff a little.
"Or we could just get something to eat and wait for them to come back, though you did say you're in a hurry."
"Well, the smithy sells all sorts of stuff, like horseshoes and maybe some weapons, but he's mostly doing upkeep of hinges and nails. Never went in the alchemy store aside for a few lichens I use for garnishes. The general store generally has useful things in it, like sea salt, and the textiles mill makes cloth and stuff."


"Uh… I think going after your mother might not be a bad idea if she can help us."


Rhanna's tail was wagging behind her. She seemed very excited.
"Oh man oh man! Mis Selena can I go see the blacksmith? Please it will be real quick and you won't even notice that i was gone!"


I drink one of the potions and give adventurer 1 one of it.
"Very close, I had to confuse one of them so it thinks I am its friend you know. Besides now that I am sobered up a bit, its time to get out of this place."

I then look around, how does the place look like, any obvious escape points.

"Looks like we are deep in this brain thingies territory, we need to get out of here silently got it?"



"They're closed, Rhanna. We need to find our sails."

"No. No waiting, we'll take the short way."


"Okay, but I'm blaming you if she yells at me. Are we going through Callosum or are you swimming?"
"Closed for now, but I'm sure they'd like to see a new face."
"Well, the only problem with that is that Callosum Tunnel, which is the short way, was blocked off so that we couldn't be attacked by the Discord forces. So it'll take a bit of work to clear it, though we might be able to get some volunteers to help dig…"
I'll look back at Rhanna.
"You said Diamond Dogs are really good at digging, right? Think if I can rustle up some ponies, you can tell them where to dig?"


You can't gain more than one potion from a Distill Life (e.g.: to prevent you from just making a bunch before going into battle), but I let the other two have the potions. You can brew a new batch if you want one.

There are two main exits.

"The other way we went was a dead end, some kind of armory, but it was up on an elevated platform. There's some kind of battle going on out in the rest of this… city. I think we can sneak out in the chaos."


Rhanna seemed a little down at the notice of the Smith being closed
but he enthusiasm quicker back in at Marina's words
"See? Marina said that they would lIke a new face!" She said squeezing her cheeks cutely.
"Come on miss Selena! Maybe if I get a weapon…or some tips anything from them I could be useful…and you could count on me to help…Maybe they can even teach me to craft a Catalyst…I can even go alone and we meet up later right here…pleaaaaaaaase!"


"We don't have time! The digging plan sounds way better!"


Well, that's that I guess.
"I'll go see if I can't round up some volunteers, you guys head on over to the Tunnel."
I'll point over at it.
"It's over there, and if you see a door full of rubble, you're going the right direction."


I think for a moment.
"I've been thinking, if we are underground then perhaps if the armory is a dead end and if it has soft ground on it, I perhaps be able to dig ourselves outside of this mess. I rather avoid whatever those floating brians are, they remind me of bad hangovers. What do you think Rising Wind?"


Grab you and go to eye height.
"Rhanna, listen, you need to go to that tunnel right now. I'll buy you a catalyst once we're in New Earth."


"I don't think that's wise. As best as I can tell, this is some sort of underwater cavern. I think if we dig out it'll spring a leak. By the way, my companion is James Charles Victory."

The goat with the pegasus gives a polite nod.


She avoided Selena's gaze with a sad defeated look
"Mkay…" she muttered as she followed everyone into the tunnel


There's a large aquamarine arch – and big fallen stones fill this place. They're not fancy – common stone. The whole city must be gilded.


Right, with them at the arch, I'm going to the breach to see if I can get a few volunteers.


Insanity's Breach boasts a great portcullis at the front gate, the great cathedral – which is in a state of construction as the Lunites work fervently to convert it. It wasn't always a cathedral of course – Discordian cathedrals don't convert well, or easily. No, this was a furnace that was inexplicably huge and built out of stained glass.

There's also the barracks of the city guard, which was converted from a pub (and still boasts one in the front office).


Rhanna climbed into a stonew and sat on the edge of it. Swinging her legs back and foward as she hummed a song


I nod.
"Glad we could have you James."

I then ready my shortsword.
"Then we better keep this quiet and make sure no brain assholes see us."
I then crouch low as we make our way to the other corridor stealthily


Well, most of the construction-type ponies are probably busy in the cathedral, but there might be some off-duty ones at the pub. To the pub!


"Do you see anywhere you can dig?"


"We need to start clearing this rock!"
Can I find a tool that could be used to dig here? Survival.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Without a word she looked for the best digging places

Roll #1 10 = 10


You cross on a large bridge above what appears to be a barricade or fortification below. The brains are digging in to ambush whoever comes through the great doors next. From your position on the bridge, you could jump down and attack the brains, or ignore them and sneak past.

Not many seaponoes here. Today's special is a Pineappletini.

The bartender greets you. "Hello, Marina. Looking for some liquid courage?"

You see some key pressure points that would let you easily collapse the rocks enough for everyone to pass through. The tunnel wouldn't be clear, but everyone could easily fit through the new opening.

There's a hammer over at that smithy.


she nodded
"I got it"
She jumped out of the rock and immediately started to put those paws to work
'1d10' dig ¥

Roll #1 2 = 2


How many are the brains, also why are they entrenched in their position? Who are they waiting for?
I look at my friends and whisper very quietly.
"who are they waiting for?"


"Nah, and you know mom would have my scales if she caught me drinking without her permission."
I'll smile.
"Hey, turns out we got some new blood in town. And they've got a mind to go through Callosum tunnel to have a word with my mom because the brains stole their sails. Got anybody willing to lend a back?"


"I saw a battle from up in the armory. They're waiting to ambush the ponies attacking them, I think."

The rocks shake unevenly. One more good shot should do it.

Bart shrugs.

A couple of ponies get up. "Alright, Marina, if you think it's a good idea."

"But don't you think we should make sure the battle is over first?"


Well this clearly works better!


Rhanna shakes her right paw
"Stupid…Thing!" She said going back to digging slightly annoyed
'1d10'digg a dig

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, I can check that out easy, but I figure it would be nice if you met the ponies wanting to go through first. Besides, I doubt they're going to wait…"
I'll shrug.
"But, I'll be back in two shakes of a pony tail and bring word about mom and the others."
And out I go, swimming just below the surface for extra speed as I head out to the breach, and then open water towards Depression Square.


Oops, you missed.


She cracked her neck
this place was asking for it
'1d10' DIG you stupid mutt!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I grit my teeth as I look at them.
"How many are the one's fighting? If We are able to meet up with them and help them… then perhaps we can destroy this whole place and stop whatever vile works our captors are doing to us…"


Help her in any way I can '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You swim down, across, and up, and pop out on the other side. The gatehouse at Dementia's Breach is unmanned – or, unbrained – because the Mind Flyers there have been destroyed. Madness Square may be haphazard, but it seems positively cozy by comparison. It has bright and sparkly Aquamarine. This city is the opposite: it's dark. Amethyst walls. All the buildings are made out of metal bars, like cages.

You even smashed Mind Flyers and seaponies littering this area.

By the sound of it, the battle is still going on further inside. From here you can see some residential cages, a large whaling facility cage, and some hydroponics cages. You also see a great armory cage up above, and a cathedral cage here, too.

You can see Callosum Tunnel here. Someone smashes it open from the other side!

Finally, it's open!

"I didn't get a good look, sorry. We were in a hurry, remember?"


Ah geez.
"Wow, you guys really were in a hurry! Sounds like the fight's still going, though, so sit tight while I head back and tell the volunteers not to worry about it, and patch the hole until we come back through it."
Then it's back in the water to the other breach and the bar.
I'll try not to think about the seapony corpses too hard.


"Good work guys!"


I gulp and nod at them, I then make a gesture of good luck on those fighting their way out of this place and continue on. Lets try to get past sneakily outside of here.


She wiped the sweat out of her forehead…
…Or at least did the gesture of wiping her forehead.
"Phew…I am really starting to get rusty with this…"


Grab Rhanna and give her a kiss on the cheek!

"Let's go in!"
Go in first.


She closed her eyes,giggled and blushed a bit as she followed after Selena.
Did she still have that buckler or?


Bar it is.

"What's the status?"

You exit the building, which appears to be some kind of refinery made out of a dark purple material, through a window on the upper level. Down below you can see a group of ponies about to assault the doors below.


You see Marina through the other side at first, but then she leaves the other way.

Madness Square may be haphazard, but it seems positively cozy by comparison. It has bright and sparkly Aquamarine. This side of the city is the opposite: it's dark. Amethyst walls. All the buildings are made out of metal bars, like cages.

You even smashed Mind Flyers and seaponies littering this area.

By the sound of it, the battle is still going on further inside. From here you can see some residential cages, a large whaling facility cage, and some hydroponics cages. You also see a great armory cage up above, and a cathedral cage here, too.

There is a building in the back made of a dark purple material, where a group of living sea ponies have gathered. They appear to be prepared for an assault.


Fly over to the sea ponies, but don't get too close.
"Hello!" I wave


"Well, the fight's still going, but away from the tunnel. But it looks like that group of ponies broke through the tunnel while I was swimming over there. Until we get back, do you think you could plug it up? I don't want any escapees using that as a way out while I try to track down mom."


Rhanna was a tad bothered for not having a weapon…So she picked a stone on the ground. Maybe she could throw this at any bad guy?
After getting her weapon she followed Selena. And waved to the ponies
Instinctively she analyzed them
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Rhanna, can you close the entrance behind us?"


"Holy shit, they will walk into that trap."
I called out their attention and made a warning sign of the impending ambush.


"Oh…okay…" right after taking a good llook at them she ran back to close the hole
'1d10' UN-DIG

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Just to be safe!"


"We'll take a look at it."

When you return to the tunnel it is sealed.

You push a big rock in the way.

Both of you call out to the sea ponies at the same time from different directions. They fan out and turn their spears, tridents, harpoon guns, nets, scimitars, etc. on each of you. "Discordians? You will know the Moon's wrath!"


Fly out of their reach.
"We're not filthy Discordian dogs, we're here to help."


I'll scrunch and stomp a hoof with a splash.
"Well, make my getting help useless, why don't you!"
Looks like I'm going the long way back. Hope the help I got isn't too miffed.


"Whoa wait! We're not them! We're against those brains!"



"I um…I'm a dog but I'm not discowdian…err…Discordian. I swear! "


Ah damnit! I raise my hand.
"I came here to warn you, there is an ambush on the other side of the door you will attack."


I'm on the other side of the wall.


"Who are you? How did you get down here?"

From behind the rabble, a gray sea pony with a flowing, sandy mane parts the crowd. She wears a long white dress, and wears a tiara embedded with pearls.

"I have foreseen this meeting."


Finally you loop back around and see your Mother at the front of a crowd of warrior ponies who are speaking with Selena's party.


I'll wave to her.
"Hi mom. Looks like we've got guests from topside!"


A lot of new faces.
"Uh… hello."



I'm bored and Red is taking forever to get to the point in her book… I'll go chat with Selena instead!


I'll be on deck.
"Hey, Lilly. How are you today?"


"I'm getting anxious, I wish this boat could go faster. Instead we're going slower because of this bad wind!"


"I know what you mean. I've been praying for a good wind for hours now."


"Praying to who? The princess?"




"Do you think she listens?"


"Honestly? I don't think so.
But you never know."


"It would be nice, because we could use a little bit of divine intervention with Nightmare Moon on my heels. I just… never really got into praying. I don't think my parents did either. Or my sisters for that matter…"


I smile.
"Who were your parents? And your sisters?"


"What do you mean? Who they worshiped? I don't know really."


"I mean…who raised you? Where did you grow up?"


"Oh, I remember being taken away from the ship by one of the crew, I believe he was a friend of my mother like you? … He brought me to a acquaintance of his on the Equestrian east coast who owned a shop there. I lived with the shopkeep for years and helped her out in return. It wasn't too bad, she was nice to me… but I felt a little lonely because I missed my family and didn't know where they were."


"I'm sorry. It must have been hard to not know about Light Heart, or Rosemary, or Adel."


Open my mouth to respond, then look confused for a moment.
"Adel? Who?"


My ears flop.
"Adel…your sister."


"Uh… Don't you mean Grey? She's my other sister aside from Red."


Oh dear.
Put a hoof on your shoulder.
"Lilly…you have another sister, her name is Adel…"


I frown.
"Are you trying to mess with me?"


"No, I'm serious…I..I thought you knew…"


I look more than just a little baffled now.
"When… how? Where is she then? I don't remember another sister with us on the ship. And Face definitely only took me with him…"


"I…I don't know..I'm sorry."


"So what is she like… older than me? Did she leave the ship like Red did and I just… don't remember?"


"She was about your age. Perhaps Wark took her with him. He always cared a lot for Adel."


"Wark? I… remember him vaguely… But why would he take my sister? Why did our parents want him to take her away?"


Oh boy, after this conversation I'll just never open my mouth again.
"Uhm…Wark was the father of Adel. It's complicated."


My mouth falls open.
"Whaaaat? But… if we're the same age and… Wark is a donkey and…"
I need to sit down for a moment.


Sit next to you.
"It's complicated, Lilly.
Try to understand.
Wark wanted to have a child and Light Heart generously offered to be the mother for him…"


Rub my temples.
"The more I learn about my mother the more I start to think she was… insane or something. I never knew I had an actual halfsister… I'm an adult and I never learned about this. This is just beyond messed up."


Hug you.
"She wasn't insane.
She just cared about everypony.
And she went out of her way to make sure everypony was happy."


I let out a sigh as the hug goes on.
"Well she sure put me in a big mess…"


"She never would have wanted this.
If she knew….she'd have done everything to make sure you and all your sisters were happy."


I sniffle and nod.
"I hope Adel is doing okay then… And Grey too."


"I hope so too. Tell you what. When this whole mess is over. I'll help you find them. Promise"


"Thanks Selena… You're… you're just the biggest help."


Hugging intensifies.


Stay quiet for a while before letting go.
"Best to stay positive about this. We're not alone even if Celestia doesn't help us out."


"You remind me a lot of Light, you know.
She'd be proud of you."


"Well… a pony's gotta do what a pony's gotta do right?"


"That's right."


"Well, thanks for the chat Selena. I think I'll go read some more, we're not close yet anyway."


"Come by anytime."
Watch you go with a smile


Take my leave.


"A battleground is no place for a meeting. Depression Square is all but captured. Only the guardhouse remains."


"That's nice and all but we'd just like out sails back…"


I'll nod.
"Okay! Is there anything I can do to help?"


"We'll help if it gets our sails back."


"You are free to pick about the ruins, but they will not be there. I know what you seek, and I have knowledge of great import to your journey, but now is not the time for words – it is the time for action."

"Some of our fallen comrades are not dead. Search among them, and save who you can. And now, we attack!"

The formation begins to reform into a battle structure.


Rhanna looked up at the gray pony

She listened to the orders paying close attention
She tried to stay away from the battle, she decided to dig a tunnel to search for the injuried allies

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I have no idea what you just said, but if we need to help fight then we will!"


Time to go amongst the wounded. I can't heal anyone, but I can at least make sure the ones who are still alive get attention.
Let's get looking. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Distill Life to get some healing potions '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


She doesn't reply, and is instead issuing commands. Her warband prepares to breach the nearby door.

Old Tom Tassel… didn't make it.

Smokey Salmon… didn't make it.

Ebert the Red… didn't make it.

The twins, Yellow Spark and Blue Spark… didn't make it.

3 Potions distilled


Anyone who did make it?
Pass those potions, one to Marina, one to Lilly


Rolling for looking who made it '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Alright, let's join them at the door.

Can I scavenge for some medical supplies like bandages?

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Oh… oh geez.
Someone still has to be alive over there. They can't all be dead. We can't afford to have ponies die.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The street here is solid aquamarine. You can't dig through it.

You do find a badly bloodied survivor wheezing on the wayside.


Oh crap
Help him up and get him to safety immediately
''Hey hey mister are you okay?''
She took a good look at him to see what was wrong
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 8 = 8


There's a ruined flag nearby, you shred it for impromptu bandages.

A couple of dead sea ponies… and a few dead brains.

You find one big brain rock that continues to shake unevenly. It looks slightly elevated.


He has holes in him causing blood to come out. A doctor could probably make that more eloquent.

He doesn't appear conscious.


Those you the impromptu bandages.



Hurry up and bring him to Selena and Lilly

''I found this guy!''
She quickly took the bandages and started wrapping them around the holes on his body
''mister…hey mister are you okay?'' She shook him up a bit after he was all patched up.
she also tried to hear his heartbeat


It is not advisable to drag a body in this condition.


Maybe there's someone trapped under it!
Move around it, see if I can't get a view on the trapped pony.
"Hello? Are you injured?"


She tried to carry him in her arms

Roll #1 4 = 4


Run over!
Give the wounded one of my potions!


Give: as in make him drink it


You are too small to support a pony's body.

Yes, there was a trapped pony under it! It's Wing Weaver, and she's badly hurt. Weakly: "…Yes…"

Some of the color returns to his cheeks, but he's still losing blood.


Didn't I just wrapped bandages around thiss fool so the blood stayed IN???
''Man…I really need to learn that…''


"Who has bandages?!?"


Bandages are good for small wounds. These are deep gashes.


Aw, you mean knitting?
"Does anypony have a needle and a thread?"


I'll yell out to the others.
"I found someone!"
Then back to her.
"Don't worry, we'll have you out from there in no time at all. And there's a healer, so you'll be feeling great in no time at all!"
I'll timidly flit about for a second.
"I don't know if I can lift this by myself…"
Can I see where it's got her trapped?


''Miss Selena I think he doesn't need bandages…let's take him to the doctor right now…''

I'm coming just one minute! I think if I dig around there I can help get that boulder off!''

Rhanna scavenged around for any makeshift Needle and thread
'1d10' gadget. if success hand it to Selena

Roll #1 7 = 7


Fly over and see if I can help lift. How big is this thing?


She's under the Mind Flyer, which you know is a type of Discordian Construct made out of dead brain coral.

It is very heavy and durable, and about half the size of a carriage.


>I mean mind flyer


I might need a recap.


Oh… I'm gonna need a lot of help for this. At least three other ponies…
Four, if someone can drag her out.
"There's no way I can lift this thing alone, do you know if anyone can help? I can see your healer is already busy, but…"



I must have knitted a few things in my time.
Oh boy.
Knit that wound shut. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


After departing the clutches of Reptil, which is in flux between the two major gangs (The Red Army Faction and the Cloud Street Families), you have finally moved out of the ominous clouds and storms plaguing the Equestrian coast – you wonder what is causing them to be so irritable for so long. There are two new strange changes in the world that you learned about while there: People's Dictator warned you that the prices which are currently on the rise in the world foreshadow more than just simple inflation. She suggests that a democratic system is inevitable, even in Equestria. Moreover, a mad scientist in Reptil made the wild assertion that technology is about to undergo a revolution involving steam essence and electrical essence – ushering in a world totally unlike its progenitor.

While at sea, you found yourselves assaulted by Mind Flyers, mysterious rock-like constructs that use psychic power to kill a pony by frying its brain (without ever injuring the flesh). They struck with dark cunning and stole your sails, leaving you stranded. In order to retrieve them, you donned dive suits to enter a reef below, which turned out to be the sunken Aquamarine City, populated by Lunite Seaponies, who seek to drive out the Mind Flyers. After a fateful meeting with the High Priestess Mera, she cryptically mentioned she knows important details about your adventure through clairvoyance, and has asked that you try to save those injured ponies that aren't yet dead.


Your old lady senses are failing you! Knit like you mean it!


Saving ponies, even merponies, that I can do!
Where exactly am I in this very instant and who's with me?


"Maeda! We need help lifting this thing up here!"


Glub glub glub!
Swim over there and give it my best shot.
Fervor! Lift the thing!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You are in Depression Square, one of the two main frontal regions of the brain-shaped Aquamarine City. All of the buildings here look like cages. This was the site of a great battle, there are dead or injured ponies and mind flyers all over the place.

Your party is here, and nearby the seapony warparty has engaged the last holdout of the mind flyers in the guardhouse.


One up, one down
Stitching intensifies '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Let's lift. We do it for her. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


''Miss Selena you take it from here I'll be right back to help the others!'' She said rusing to Lilly
She clapped her hands together and looked around the thing for the best way it could be removed,or even better,where they could break parts of it off so it is easier to move the rest
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 2 = 2


Heave ho!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sometimes, you just need a hero. By your might alone, place your hooves at the base and apply all of your strength and will. You strain… your face turns blue, and your veins pop out… but it begins to shift.

Can this be true? I don't believe what I see! A mare your age, to be as strong as you are… a memory stirs. You make me think of a mare, from years ago…

With that, you pry the pony free!


You two quickly pull out the crushed pony while Maeda props it up. She looks like she's in shock.

The bleeding as slowed, but he'll need professional attention.

It looks like they've got it.


This is the best I can do.
I'll have to look for a doctor.
"Hang in there."


Uh. U h. What do we do for ponies in shock. I never studied medicine. Oh geez.
"Stay with us, we got you out from under the rock. The healer's sewing up someone, but she'll be with you soon, okay?"


The sounds of battle fill the air as the seaponies drive back the mind flyers.


And throw away the rock before the drawbacks from my drugs kick in.
"How many are left?"


Álways feels great to be useless again!

Rhanna sat next to the pony
''Hey you're gonna be fine…calm down miss…''
''Hey where are they going?''


I should help them! Join the charge!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I guess there's no doctor here.
Is he stabilized enough that he'll live for a while?


"I don't know! But mom said they only had the guardhouse left, so there can't be that many."
I'm not a fighter, so I'll stay here with the wounded and try to be comforting, I guess.


It rolls away. The 'rock' was a dead mind flyer.


You stab a Mind Flyer! In reply, it blasts you with a bolt of psychic force!


He should be transported back to Madness Square, but he's stable for now.


"Leave this to us."
Onward, to the guardhouse!

Roll #1 7 = 7


The mare groans unevenly and twitches.


Sit around and wait for an opportunity to help I guess.



Hit him three times this time! Whirlwind Brew!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll chew my bottom lip for a second.
"Hey, you managed to dig through the gate between here and Madness Square, right? Do you think you can open it up again so we can get the wounded back to safety?"


You take a knee to rest.

There are only two Mind Flyers left. The rest retreated, leaving these two to cover.

It's too much! You get blasted back against a wall by the recoil and the burst of whirlwind that powered your shots releases unevenly around the room.


I'm gonna help my friends first.
"Hang on, you're stable. I'll come back with help!"
Prepare 2 potions of Magic Bolt and 1 of Lifestream


She headed straight for it and started doing her diggy thing

Roll #1 7 = 7


You can't hold more than three potions at once!

You have:
Potion of Magic Bolt
Potion of Magic Bolt
Potion of Retaliate


Charge again, into the retreating enemies!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Only you can prevent cave-ins.

And you do! You dig a narrow hole. Hopefully it's enough.

You pull yourself to your feet. Now is the time!


I used my own potion to stabilize the seapony!
And the other 2 were given to Lilly and Marina


Agh… drink my healing potion if I can. That's automatic right?


Instant Automatic, yes.


Oh, but you're down. Roll to get up.



Roll #1 9 = 9


''Hey I got it!''


Back up. The warparty has destroyed the rest of the Mind Flyers.


Charge it is!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh, nevermind then.
Let's regroup.


"That's great!"
I'll turn to the half-squashed pony.
"Don't worry, we'll get you some help real soon. I'll be right back."
And then I'm off through the hole to Madness Square.


You help the sea ponies finish off the last of the mind flyers.

You are in Madness Square. Some of the ponies you asked to fill the whole before are here and gawking at it. You're now covered in rock dust.


Wipe my head.
"These things are so tough…"


If they're dead, I'll run to Madness Square


"Maces and hammers, for our next fight against them.
Those should help."


"Hi, sorry, I didn't think the one they had dig the tunnel would fill it back in. But! You're just in time to help me carry the wounded! We're gonna need a few stretchers…"



"The Mind Flyers are the preferred troops of the Discordians here. They will not give up the city so easily – this is where they make the accursed things."

More like "crawl through the tiny tunnel created by a diamond dog through a rock collapse". It's very rough, uncomfortable, and makes you feel like it's going to collapse and kill you instantly the entire time.

"Although they appear to be stone, they are actually hardened, dead coral."

"Will a stretcher fit? We should expand it."


Uh… follow!

"Well we don't have those right now!"


It's just the right size for you.


More like "crawl through the tiny tunnel created by a diamond dog through a rock collapse". It's very rough, uncomfortable, and makes you feel like it's going to collapse and kill you instantly the entire time.


"So how do you fight them?"


I'll nod.
"We've got two who are already in pretty bad shape, so let's make it fast. I'll see if the digger can help from the other end, too."
"Hey, do you think you can help them make the tunnel bigger? We need to be able to get the wounded out of Depression Square fast."



''I…uh I guess I can try''
'1d10' please don't collapse!

Roll #1 9 = 9


But everything to help ponies!
I run up
"Is there a doctor here? I've got a wounded!"


"Tridents and maces. They seem to have a vulnerability to their own sort of psionic magic, as well, though we have no psions of our own."

The tunnel expands.

"We're construction workers."

"Yeah, I do roofing."

"I mostly work on utilities and water pressure systems. It's actually really complicated work."


"Never have I seen a psion in all my travels."


"They have a knack for being aligned with Discord. But come, the High Priestess is about to speak."



"Yes, yes, and we're all very impressed. But stretchers! Wounded ponies!"
I should know of doctors around town, right? Let's go find them.


There's Goodwife Mary, but she's a bit of an odd sort. Well, desperate times. She's back in the residential district, set deeper into the square. 68 Moaning Panda Drive.

Now that the tunnel has been expanded, the warparty is returning via the tunnel.

"Take care of our wounded. I invite the outsiders to come speak with me in our place of worship. Marina, come with me, as well."

Mera leads the procession toward the temple while a few soldiers come to pick up the wounded you saved.


Alright, she's gonna be busy today…
Though I won't be able to go with them, since Mom's calling.


Process, then.


Follow the mystic fish lady…


From the outside, it looks like a church. Large, stained glass, beautiful. Inside it's clearly under construction and big areas are warded off with hanging sheets and warning signs. She leads you to the back, into what appears to be some sort of preparation or storage room. There's a table here, and she offers a pot of tea.

Then, she addresses Lilly and Maeda gravely. "You are the ones from my dreams."


Well, this is news to me. I'll listen in.


"Uh…? You've been dreaming about me? I don't think we've met before."


"This would sound much better if I didn't have bad experiences with dreams myself."


Rhanna took the tea in her paws and started to blow on it lightly as she waited for the conversation to go on


"You seek the unravel a mystery that dates back 704 years. Does that year mean anything to you?"

This building is kind of strange. It's obviously not a church, but something being turned into one. Mysterious.


"… Not really. I just want those sails back because I'm on a tight schedule. One that involves soul flaying if I don't keep to it."


"That's when nightmare moon was banished, wasn't it?"


"Close. The Celestial Calendar begins 701 years ago. That would place the date I gave you three years before the Day of Ruin. You see, your enemy is not Nightmare Moon – it's one of the creations of Nightmare Moon, before she met her end. A creation made for war, with no purpose but to defend the remnant temples of the Moon here in Equestria. Long has it slumbered, but it has been awakened again. Now you understand more fully."


She felt that she would not have much benefit from this conversation. And she could always ask later iif there was something important that she missed.
Right now her curiosity was tingling and she asked to be excused.
A little trip around the place wouldn't hurt right?


I can't predict how your guardians will answer! Address them when you ask to be excused!


"Why now?"



She turned to Selena
"Miss Selena can I please take a look around? I'll be back in a minute I promise "


"I mean, it doesn't make much difference to me if I'll get killed by some sinister creature either way…"


"That much, I do not know. I have some theories, but much of the Nightmare remains a mystery to me."

"It always matters. But I see you require more actionable knowledge. Very well: I believe I know where your sails are, and I have an offer for yo."


This mermare's ghetto, yo!
"Wait, I'm interested in stopping this, no questions asked!"


"Tell me about your offer!"


"Like all abominable Nightmare creations, it is a malformed and twisted mirror of reality. The monstrosity is called the Cralund, and it hunts by tracking its quarry through dreams. As long as one remains awake, one is invisible to it in that realm, though once tracking is completed, outrunning it may be impossible. As far as I know, it prefers its claws to strike, which are enlarged an exaggerated versions of diamond dog claws. They are as long as knives."

"I believe that your sails have been taken back to the Discordian treasure hoard in a portion of the city called the Lair of the Homunculus, past Dreamer's Walk. Even with your sails restored, though, it would be a long journey to your destination. We utilize an underwater ship to help us wage war on the Discordians. If you help us drive them out of the four major remaining centers of the city, including those two areas, and two others – Agnosia and Lost Archipallium – I will lend you our ship, which is much faster than yours. Overall, you would save time, assuming a fast victory over the Discordians."


I'll just assume she's distracted.

Sneak off?


"What… And who is it going after? How did you learn about it?"


"Well… sure. You seem like a nice enough pony to help. I'd be more excited about all this if there wasn't so much at stake for me."


Feel a bit guilty but yes
be a sneaky dog and go explore!


"Prophetic dreams are the realm of the Lady of the Night. As for its target… I think that's established."

"The Aquamarine City is one of the most ancient strongholds of the Discordians. Losing it will be a crushing blow to the Lord of Chaos, and his followers will not give it up easily. Any time we have tried to press deeper in, they have launched counterattacks with their constructs which forced us to retreat and protect our civilians – I expect we'll be on the defensive the entire time you're gone. If you have questions about what you will face, perhaps you should ask them now."

Where to explore?
>Outside somewhere
>In the curtained off areas of the temple


Glance at you as you go, but don't say anything. Mom's laying down important things.


"Did your dream or your research show you a way to protect yourself from this monster as well?"


"Uh… I'm not much of a strategist. I noticed those eyes don't like antimagic though."


"Other than its natural blindspot in tracking, no. I would suggest, therefore, succeeding quickly."

"The brains, you mean? They are actually made of hardened brain coral – this is where Discord has them manufactured. I fear you'll face much stouter than that within. We know that there are Reapers, at least."




Upstairs is a nice place to start!
She Used the opportunity to take a mental note of everything interesting.
'1d10' appraise because why not

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Anything else your vision tells, or will we have to do all the work in finding him?"


I'll pat you on the back.
"Ah, don't worry. You and your friends are good fighters, right? You should be fine."


"It is not a 'he', it is an it. And I believe you will have no trouble finding it when the timer on her hoof runs out."

"Reapers were the earliest of Discord's creations, and still the most feverishly loyal. Not all Draconequus possess his power – he had to steal it to elevate himself to divinity. The Reapers accomplish this for him."

You head up the staircase. It's really long. You spend about twenty minutes walking up the spiral stone staircase and there's no sign of a landing. You're starting to get tired. Keep going?


"There is a more serious issue. They will need some direction around the depths of the City. But the task would be perilous for anyone involved. I asked you here to help me pick who to send with these outsiders to defeat the Discordians."


"Steal? How did he do that? And… is there any hope for the victims of the brains?"


Y-yeah…she knew she could be a bit stubborn. But the overly long climb just made her get more curious for what is on the top.
she kept going


"Brain death is no different than death of the normal sort, I am afraid. It is much harder to treat, in fact."

Again, you climb for a very long time, and you have to take a break to catch your breath on the stairs. This is tiresome! Keep going?


"I want to find it somewhere I can have an even battle at, not inside the dreams of a mare, helplessly watching from outside."


"Oh… That's… really sad."


I'll think hard for a bit.
"Well, we can't really spare anyone, to my knowing. Except me. But I don't know how to fight…"


"Believe me, the Cralund is very much real. It may track through dreams, but once it arrives, it will come for flesh in the waking world. After all, dream manipulation has one true weakness: it is at the mercy of the dreamer to awaken at any moment."


"Holy macaroni this is long…" she wheezed a bit.
but in a moment she had her child energy kick back in…at least partially since she haven't actually ate much.
but she pressed on and planned to remain like that until the end


"Yes. Now you know the stakes."

Mom frowns. "No, I wouldn't dream of sending you, you're too little. Maybe Coriander… He isn't normally here in the square to defend it anyway, and he does have an understanding of the whole city…"


It's another long hike up. Finally, you come to a flat landing. There is no decoration here – it's a squat and small stone room. There's a ladder on the other side that leads up to a hatch.


I'll scrunch.
"But Coriander's got his plants, and maintaining the steam things down there. I can't take his place. Besides, I'm not going to let my baby brother stick his neck into something this dangerous."


"Groovy." She said flatly, going up the stairs being reallyreally quiet too


"You may be older than him by a minute or so, but what are you going to do if you get cornered? Marina, I love you, and I don't want to see you get hurt. You just can't reach very far."

She frowns further, then brightens. "Well, they can't be taking that little pup into battle with them. Maybe you could watch the dog for us instead."


"Right… more stakes."


You open the hatch. You're… at sea level? All around, waves lap gently at the side of your hatch. Examining it more closely, it appears to open from thin air a single inch above the sea line. There's nothing below it visible, no long staircase or ladder. It's like a portal or something… or cloaking… or you don't know.


"Do you have any other questions? I think it would be best if you come back to rest and regroup after each portion of the city, though if you are in a true hurry, I would understand pressing on."


"I don't know, I think you probably told us the important bits already."


My cheeks will puff out a bit as I scrunch harder.
"Well, who else can we even spare? Everyone else has jobs they need to do. If I'm just a guide, I can at least show them around."


"Good, then."

"Well… I want you to go at least offer the job to your brother, first. If he says no, you can do it. But stay out of the fighting!"


"Do you know of a way to fight the Cralund?"


She immediately closed it. Holding her chest with one hand
"Okay…that's scary…" she said taking a steady breath. And then looking around for anything she might have missed
If there was nothing more interesting she might as well go back…


Where am I again?


I'll nod.


Arriving at the Lunar Temple, I rush ahead and see if there is any meeting at hand regarding the mysteries of the brain monster and this obscure place that ponies regard as a place of worship.


"I believe it may be injured only with silvered weapons."

Your ship is nearby. This might be a fast way back instead of trying to swim up. You can still see your breath lines that run all the way to the bottom of the sea coming off the side of the ship.

You regrouped in the temple in Madness Square for important information from the High Priestess.

"Where are you traveling in such a hurry? I naturally know where Maeda and Lilly seek to go."

"Good! Why don't you do that now, and meet back here?"

The temple looks under construction. Large sections are blocked off with curtains. The other ponies from the group (you recognize several from the ship above) are here meeting with the High Priestess.


And I'll be off towards Coriander's garden.
Though I'll glance askance at the other new pony that wasn't here before as I go.


"I gotta tell this to miss Selena! " she said before rushing back to the meeting


"To the New World to find my daughters."


That's a Neighponese half-Shiban diamond dog!

It's a long, long, long way down…

"The Mother's Continent is a large place, and mostly untamed. If that is all you have to go on, it could take a lifetime."


Run toward the High priestess and the group at large! They better have a good explanation with the shit that I've been through!
"HA! There you are! And you thought you could throw and leave me for dead with those brain people huh! Well shame on you for its not my fault those ponies in the quarterback Inn foamed themselves in the mouth those milkdrinkers! Cant even stomach a pint of my brew those Lilly livered scoundrels!"


She almost cried at that
but at least the way down its not as bad right?


"Their ship was sunk close to Dust, near the Cape of New Seas, but I know they're alive and I'll find them."


A what.
Anyway, garden.


At least. You finally get down. Marina is gone, but now some diamond dog is here! He looks weird – a little shorter than your parents, and he has a bow and arrow. He's also yelling about scoundrels.

Mera blinks in surprise at the sudden entrance. "I'm… sorry, what? You are… one of the outsiders?"


You swim down to Medulla. Here, Coriander is at work on his private projects. It's pretty warm in here due to all the steam.


"Hey! I'm not a scoundrel!"


"Hey, Coriander!"


Look in confusion at this scene.
"Excuse me, who are you?"


You meant to link to Shinjiro "Flagon".

"Hm? Oh, you're back. Did you see mom?"


A small panting kid dog approached him "hi…whew…I'm Rhanna…" she said looking a bit tired

"Miss Selena…you won't whew…you won't BELIEVE what I found up there! It's a portal to the surface! "


"An outsider?! Ha! They throw me outside but thats because they cant handle my swag!"

"Uhrrmm.. but yes, technically I am an outsider. Outsider now that is but a prisoner of those brain people! You ponies thought you could put me in jail forever but I've had my fair shares of breaking out of prisons heh!"


"Yeah, turns out they took Depression Square. Now there's a bunch of ponies and stuff who are trying to go deeper in the crab."
I'll think for a minute, but then decide to be honest.
"She wanted to know if you wanted to guide them, since you know your way around."


"Hmmm? To the surface? You mean to our boat? Are you sure?"


I bow low and raise my head.
"Why I am Flagon, the best brewer and slowly getting the better against the best! Thats who I am."

"Now where are we? Why did you ponies throw me in prison? I am sure this has something to do with my brews knocking out those ponies at several Inns but it is not my fault their stomachs are weak!"


"Prison? We are an enemy of the brains – they are called Mind Flyers."

"Well, not really, but if it's what mom wants, a stallion's gotta do what a stallion's gotta do. I guess I'll get my stuff together."


"I don't have anything to do with those sinister brains!"


"Well, that's the thing. You've got your farm to take care of, while I've got nothing to do. Besides, baby brother, I'm not letting you go get into dangerous situations."
I'll cross my forehooves.
"Let's be honest, here, Coriander. You do more good here than I would. I'm about the only other pony that's free to help them, so I figure I should be the one to go, since I don't have a job."


I turn to the pony called Mera and give her a sight full of indignation yet grinning
"Hwe? Really now?"
"Mind Flayers? So those things do have names. So you and your friends are prisoners who escaped also aye?"


"No, no, not Mind Flayers, Mind Flyers. And no, we're fighting a war on them."

"Well… fine. As long as you stay out of trouble, little sis."


She nodded frantically "yeah yeah! I saw our ship Reallyclose too! It was unreal! It opened up from nothing "

"Oh a brewer? Just like miss Selena! I wanna be a brewer too! Just like her!"

"Oh oh we fought those brains in the boat and there was something I forgot to tell! They are really weak against magical projectiles, just like the ones they shoot themselves!" She barked happily, hoping the information could be useful


"Do you remember where it was? It might be useful once we get our sails."


"No, they just attacked us so now we're going to kick their non-existent butts in retaliation."


"That's the general idea. Anyway, poke your head up there from time to time, little brother. Make sure you and mom remember each others' faces."
And with that, I'm off back to Madness Square.


"I'm sure you'll be fine, even those monsters wouldn't hurt a foal."

You arrive up top. Looks like they're still talking inside.


"Oh! Then that makes us friends then! Good to know that there are decent ponies out here to rid of scums like those floating brain thingies."

I turn my attention to the pony who called me.
"Hmmmm.. no but I do remember where the prison is. Me and several of…. of my pony captives are imprisoned and without our combined efforts we would not be able to escape. If you want more information I think those guys are around here since they followed me."
"Now talking about those ponies where are those guys?"

I turn my attention to you full of burning loathing visible through my eyes.
"Huh? Miss Selena?"
"A brewer… here?"


"…are you like a crazy pony?"


Rhanna is a young diamond dog puppy girl.


I'll blow him a raspberry when he says that.
Good gracious did it get loud in there after I left. I'll poke my head in to see who's raising the ruckus.


"Look, we're in a hurry so if you want to help us fight those brain things you'd be welcome to."

"Selena, I think we should hurry…"


"Yes, but…"

Turn back to Mera.
"Do you know anything about my daughter's ship?"


"Yep yep ! She brews a bunch of cool stuff just like you!"

"Hey miss Selena! This guy also brews things just like you! You should totally work together and brew twice as awesome! "



Continue faff


"I'm not a brewer, I'm a chemist. That's way more advanced!"


I turn my attention to you.
"Listen well sister, a brewers life is full of challenges and danger. But when two brewers meet in real life, their aura's and ego's will clash, the two will be unable to stand each others presence and in the end the presence of two master brewers in one place will end in strife, treachery… and war."

"That is what my master told me. Old man is a good brewer but is kinda touched in the head you know what I mean?"

Shiban/D.D dog
Crazy dog?!
Preposterous! What Malicious Slander! I turn my attention to you and stand straight.

"What? And who are you to accuse of me of insanity?!"

Then turn to you.
"Good! I can join you and your crew! I fear we have left more prisoners under the tender nursing of those mind flyers and leaving those poor souls to their fate is something I cannot stand."
I then hand my to you.
"Name is Flagon and you?"


"Lilly Belle."
Look at his paw, reach out my own hoof to shake it.


"I'm Selena Springleaf. I'm sorry if I offended you"


"Oh right right sorry…but wait a minute what is so difference then? I Mean why is a chemist more advanced?"

"Well goodthing I'm nota brewer yet, so we should get along just fine!" She said offering him a paw
"On the head huh? You tell me…" she said lowering her head and exposing a massive scar that started from above her right eye and went to the back of her head, giving the child a rather long bald spot…
"You can say my parents did the same…"


"Lilly, glad to know your name. Tell me what the plan is and I, Flagon will do my best to deliver."

I smarted my eyes on you.
"No offense taken…."
"Selena….. I see. So its you who they call the chemist brewer. Glad to know… "


I visibly shake as I see the scar
"How did you get that? That looks… ouch."


"We just need to clear this weird city of those Discordians."


"You brew beer?"


"My parents…bad stuff…they grabbed a…Aw nevermind…I just…don't wanna really talk about that…I ran away from home after they did this from me…I found miss Selena and she is gonna teach me how to be a CHEMIST!" She said giving Selena's leg a hug


[To All]

"While we've been speaking, I've had our team unsealing the passage to Dreamer's Walk, which connects to both squares. For defensive purposes, I've only had the passage via Depression Square opened, so we have more time to fall back if you're overrun or retreating. Marina can show you the way. Good luck – and remember to stay together."


I'll poke my head in the door and wave a little.


"Okay… see you on the other side, priestess."


>"Their ship was sunk close to Dust, near the Cape of New Seas, but I know they're alive and I'll find them."


"We can discuss more when you return. Certainly the biggest landmark along the cape is the volcano."

This seems like a good time to eat.


"Alright see yah miss!" Rhanna waved before turning to Marina

"Hey Marina hey. What's up with that portal to the surface upstairs?"


"…volcano?" I say weakly as I walk away to help Marina.

"Let's move, we need those sails."


A memory of Reptil echos in your mind:



B-but…muh babbies


Eat? Eat what? Seaweed?


You haven't had food today. Do you want to starve?


Yes, yes it does.
"That's usually where we bring in stuff if we can't use the underwater boat."
I'll clap my hooves together.
"Alright, look, before we go anywhere, I have to ask: when is the last time you ponies ate? Your stomachs are growling loud enough to cause waves."


"A while ago, I guess… Do you guys have hay down here?"


Rub my belly.
"Quick then, do you have anything edible down here?"


"Have what?"
I'll cock my head a bit.
"Anyway, if you could all follow me, I'll whip you up something that'll taste great."
And then I'll swim off towards the tower.


"Oh yeah I'm pretty hungry…and tired… man next time I'm asking miss Selena to carry me up there…" she whispered to herself as she followed


Your very strange tower is here. Up above is your room with the curious fire cylinder.


"Say, you said you had a submarine?"


I frown.



I say as I follow


I'll hum to myself as I set about getting the food ready. The greens I got from my brother, as well as some of those clams… might be able to make a nice salad-type thing. Ooh! And two of the yellowtail.
"Well, it's a boat that sails underwater. It's pretty fast, but like mom said, we can't just loan it out while we've got this mess going on."


In the square proper there is a tower which is highly irregular. It is a five-floor tower, which has a staircase and five rooms, one for each floor. The curious thing is that each floor only consists of that one room, and each juts off from the building in a different direction. It makes it looks like seaweed or something. Like most things in this square, it is made of Aquamarine. It doesn't look stable.

Marina leads you to a room on the fourth floor. This appears to be a bedchamber. In the center of the room there is a strange fire. It is a frozen pillar of fire – it radiates light and heat, but does not move. Totally stopped in time.


You dig the yellowtail out of your chest made of ice, and toss it on the flame pillar where it begins to sizzle.


Hmm hmm hmm~
Cooking is a neat thing to do. I'll idly chew on a section of sugarcane that I had secreted in the ice chest while I prepare things.


"Cool…Hey what is that thing Marina?" She asked as she approached the frozen sissling flames. Examining them

Roll #1 5 = 5


"This place looks very unsafe! And your fire broke too!"


You finish your Great Banquet. It's a yellowtail marshmellow flambe with an fruit salad topped with caramel.

These flames do not appear natural. They're frozen in time.


"Don't touch it, it's hot."
"Of course it looks unsafe, we took it from Discord followers. And the fire works perfectly fine."
"Alright, everyone, lunch is served."
And I'll hoof out a serving for everyone.
And, thanks to Coriander's supplies, the effects are double, I believe you said.


"That's really weird…"
She sat down and waited for the permission to eat. Just like how her parents always ordered her to do


"What's all this?"


The effects are double for you, the cook


Ah, well, that's fine too.
"It's delicious, is what it is. Go ahead, try a bite."
I'll motion for everyone to eat.


Take a very careful bite…


I've eaten worse on board of the pirate ship


You feel yourself get tougher, cooler, and wiser.

+1 Skill Point, +1 Health



"Oh that's kinda really cool too." She said wwaiting for her serving and thanking Marina
She chomped down on her food, picking it up with her bare hands

"Thank you…it looks really good Marina…mnhn it ttastes nice too…"


If you ate the food, you should assign your temporary skill point.



Great Banquet gives you +1 Skill Point that lasts for the day you eat it. You can get it back tomorrow if you eat more of her cooking.

It's basically hardcore drugs. Enjoy your withdrawals.


Yup. Hero's Feast gives you temporary HP and a temporary skill point.



I'll take Marksman Shot.


Taking Cast Mold then


You haven't multiclassed into Alchemist yet!



Lightning Grease

"It's delicious!"


Well screw you too then!
I'll just be happy with Tinker I guess…


I'll smile widely.
"Isn't it just? None of the other seaponies appreciate what greens can do for a meal, even with my brother running his farm and providing a good source of stuff besides seaweed. I'll be sure to tell Coriander you gals really enjoyed the fruits of his labor."


"Yeah its really nice…Though I kinda miss meat…" she said looking at her plate


Your plate has fish, a type of meat


"Shouldn't we hurry a little bit more? Selena?"


"Right." Chomp up my food.
"Let's get those sails."


She means REAL MEAT!
Not this weak meat that smells like old pussy!


Once you're ready to head out…

Through the tunnel to Depression Square. Through the back of the square into a great tunnel lit by bright lights. You come to a huge door with a cheese wedge symbol.


"Fish is meat."
"Alright, let's get going, then!"
To adventure and sails.


Yay, more food.


"Now what? What's this door doing in our way?"


"Marina, what does this mean?"


"It's a door, silly. It divides sections."
"Who knows, really. Discord wasn't really going for obvious answers when he made this place. But, we've got to go through here to go deeper into the crab. So let's get going."
I'll start trying to open the door.


The door doesn't resist.

This… 'chamber' is… huge. There's a sort of sidewalk with guardrails that twists along a great path, splitting in places and rejoining in others. But outside the sidewalk, there's nothing but… space. A huge, great black void with distant stars. In all directions, seemingly infinitely.

There is faint music and light here. Nebulous sights of colored clouds float vacantly in the void.


She snickers a bit

"It's not as good as other meats thou-wait…do seaponies like you eat fish?!"

"Maybe he put it there to tell that this place sells food? Or is a Comercial place whereyou can sell and buy food?"


I blink.
"Uh…this is the right way?"


"…maybe not…"

She examined the Strange phenomenon.
"What's up with that…uh…space?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Okay, from what I've heard of ponies who've actually managed to make it here, it might get weird. So don't split up."
"Of course seaponies eat fish. A mare can't live on seaweed alone."
I'll shake my head.
"Nah, this is Dreamer's Walk. And it's really for the best not to try and make sense of it. Doing so would only give you head aches."
I'll nod.
"More or less. Keep an eye and ear out for anything violent, by the way. I don't know if anything fell back here while mom took Depression Square."


"Then what you mean is, more mindflyers?"


She nods "kinda spooky… What happens if I try to jump on it? The void I mean?"


"Or worse."
"I dunno. But I really, really don't recommend it."


"Weird? More sinister stuff?"


"I trust you know the way?"


"Maybe. Like I said, not a lot of ponies have made it here, and back, so we don't really know a lot about Dreamer's Walk."


Cold is the void.

If you proceed, roll perception.


"Well, the way is down, so we just follow the road."

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 9 = 9


"There should be a studio this…" she comments before looking around
'1d10' perception
'1d10' and appraise anything I percept

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3



Roll #1 1 = 1


You proceed cautiously, and generally walk the Dreamer's Walk without incident. Upon reaching the great door at the other side, you realize that most of your party is now missing.

Clouds have descended over the path. They're in there somewhere…

You notice that a cloud of smoke is descending from above. You try to outrun it, but get caught up in it.

Suddenly, it disappears. But now the void is no longer filled with clouds – you see things out there. Visions of the past. You see yourself and Coriander traveling with your mother. Further back, you see your mother waving off the back of a ship at a green-bearded stallion on the shore. Further still, you see a hunting pack of sea ponies, attacking a ship…

Glancing back at the path, it's grown more complex, too. You're not sure which way is the way to the door on the other side.

And no one else is here!


You don't see the cloud descending until it's already there. When it clears, you notice everyone is gone. The void… it's not a void anymore. You see depictions of your greatest failures. Being beaten by your parents. The sad walk through the rain. That time you let Selena down. The ground below you vibrates. In the distance, you see specks approaching… Mind Flyers? You better solve this maze quickly – there are so many pictures that you can't see the route straight through very easily.


Suddenly everything is colored! Oh no, it must be a cloud. You stumble about and…

You're floating, in the void… Images form and fade all around you. You see skeletons. Even though they have no features, you just KNOW they're your daughters. You see Face, dead in foreign lands… All your friends are gone, and now you see visions of mind flyers approaching…


Ah sea urchins.
"Guys?! Where are you?!"


I have a lantern. Please tell me we are not underwater.


Go away! Go away!
Throw an acid spray! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh god! Did the mist eat them!?"


This isn't Dreamer's Swim!

You get an excellent Fog Reflection effect.

No reply…

Your acid beaker hasn't built up any pressure, and it does practically nothing.

Mind Flyer 1 [Near]
Mind Flyer 2 [Far]

The Mind Flyers are charging up for a powerful attack…


"Ugh…what is…gah…Miss Selena I-I'm sorry! No…Wait… oh gosh it's those brains again!" She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts and ran to the left
In the while she tried to figure out what was happening.
'1d10' appraise what I can
she also took a look to see if she could dig in here…

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shine the light onto the ceiling.
"The mist is mist. It doesn't eat anypony. They are just lost.
Do you have a rope?"


I can't just stay in one spot…
Forward, then. Knowing Discord, going backwards would probably be the same as going forwards. Either that or going left is going forward- whatever. I'm sticking to this direction for now. I'll get my head out of the clouds one way or the other.


Uhm…evade! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You're on a great marble path floating above a void. If you can burrow through the ground here, you'll fall into the void. It seems easier to just jump the guard rail if you want to be in the void.

You see some Mind Flyers in the distance

Mind Flyer
Spells: Quickened Magic Bolt
Weakness: Magic Bolt



"It could be living mist! A mist monster!"
Try and find some rope…

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


There is no ceiling, there is only void.

There is no reply.

Straight it is.


You evade the shot!

There's nothing to be found on Dreamer's Walk except Dreams and Nightmares.


She ran following the path.
meanwhile she looked through her pockets for anything she could possibly use. She was sure that she kept a few of the fish bones to chew on later…
meanwhile she looked back to the brain. Are there more with it? How many? Do they look like regular ones or are they stronger?
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 10 = 10


Mind Flyer
Spells: Quickened Magic Bolt
Weakness: Magic Bolt

Following the path in WHICH DIRECTION? There is a huge pack of them – eight or ten. But they look like regular mind flyers. You should hurry so they don't catch up with you.


"No rope!"


Keep going straight. Either I'll get out of the cloud, or run into something.


I swear I put left in there
oh well


"We should wait for them, then."
sit down and exhamine the gate.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"You stupid things! What have you done with Aria?!?"
Use a potion of Magic Bolt against Mind flayer 1 '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"B–B-But they could be in deep trouble! Needing our help!"


"And how do you plan on not getting lost yourself inside the fog?"


"I… don't know."


"Do you think the others would like to know you in danger? Our only option for now is to wait."

That is, assuming we don't hear the fighting going on.



This is getting frustrating.

Left it is! The Flyers draw closer…

There are three symbols, a scroll, a bell, and a sword. Wait a minute, that card… It looks like the other gate – but instead of a cheese symbol, there is a weird rippling monster image.

You have:
Potion of Magic Bolt
Potion of Retaliate

You completely blast away the Mind Flyer in one hit!

The other Mind Flyer misses you!

That's right.


Well, I kinda guessed it wouldn't be easy. So let's see if I can't get on the right hoof. Let's go right.


Touch fluffy tail the image.


"Oh gosh…"


She kept runningas fast as she could
and does she have something she could use with her?to make a gadget or something



What, now the path goes up and down? You don't remember seeing the route going up and down at all!

It's a static image, not moving. You do feel that the door has give, for when you want to proceed, though.

The picture is hard to describe – It looks like a head with huge grooves in it. Many of them.

You burst out of the fog. Lilly and Maeda are here. No Mind Flyers in sight.


Well, the gate is down, so… down we go.


She looks around
"Are you guys okay? Did you saw the brains too?…oh no…where's miss Selena? And Marina?"


A pony head?


Another potion of magic bolt.
"And this is for Aira!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Against the other mind flayer that is


These routes are becoming… odd.

Up and to the Right
Barrel Roll

It's so widely deformed it could be any head. These are HUGE grooves.


Recharge 1

Mind Flyers cast it every turn because they have Quickened Magic Bolt


Push the door open.


Shoot that one then! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


…I don't even want to begin to try and understand what was going through the architect's head. Let's do a barrel roll. I hope I don't need a boost to get through, since no one else is here.


Wait, you're with us?
"Somewhere in the mist! We're just… waiting for them."


Yes I just came running through the mist
"Oh no…should we go in there and help them?" She asked pointing to the void


"Wait, the brains are back?!
We can't head into the mist like this, we'd just lose the way once more!"


Your mind burns as it blasts you.


You come to a landing. You can go straight, down a slide, or climb up a ladder. There's also a lever here.


"Aaaa! Stop it!"
NOW Magic bolt potion '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yes there were 11 brains flying after me, and who knows how many are after miss Selena! If I found a way once I'm sure I can find it again!"


The second mind flyer cracks and dies.

You feel a tap on your shoulder. You also realize you've been falling this entire time. How far must you be from the guard rail now? A mile? More?



Stare at the lever for a solid minute.
"Oh, geez, I can't."
Pull the lever.


Jump around, gun at the ready, who tapped me!


"Don't be a fool, it might have been luck! We should instead stand ready and prepare to fight any mindflyer who followed you!"
Drink a potion of spell mirror.
Take 6.



It's a rabbit.

Dex save

Your flesh turns chrome.


"That always looks so weird… when your coat goes all shiny."


Noooo '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


A huge pallet of raw metals and cloths falls from the sky. You try to get out of the way, but it smashes one of your legs. Ach.

[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Crpld


Blink and jump back, keeping my gun on him
"You! You! You're that crazy rabbit from the ship!"




Also you can't jump while falling, you're not Mario.


"Only one way to find out."


Then whirl around in surprise.


Ow! Ow ow ow…
Stupid, stupid, stupid! Of course pulling levers would be a trap! I guess I'm kinda stuck now, since I can't really limp but so far on three legs…
Where did all this stuff even come from, anyway?



He gives you a hard look.

There is no clear place that it may have come from. Maybe it was stored in the cloud. Cloud storage.


Scrunch but put the gun away.
"Fine. What are you doing here?"


Still, is there anything that could be useful here? At least as a crutch, if nothing else.


Look down at my own chest and rub it with a hoof.
"It feels… Safe."


"It does look really weird…" she said while looking for some rope or something similar



He offers you an umbrella, and then hops away. How he does this mid-air is a mystery.

If you wrapped your leg up in unprocessed cloth, that might make it bleed less and keep the bone stable.


Well, I guess this is punishment for being stupid…
Tie it off as best I can without cutting off blood to my leg, and let's see if I can't balance on three legs…


I'm too flabberghasted to comment.
Just open that stupid umbrella and hope it doesn't rain chocolate milk on me


You can make it work, but it'll be slower… which route?

You rapidly take off into the air and burst, horizontally, out of the cloud with the rest of your group near the exit door.


"What does it do though? How does it even work?"

There's no rope, I checked already.


Well, with my leg like this the ladder's right out. So let's take the slide.


You land on top of Lilly, out of the mist.

There's a sort of symmetry to this in the past, unknown to you. Fortunately there is no impromptu sex.


Close the umbrella. And put it in my saddlebag.

"I'm glad to see you managed to get here safely."


Run up to her and hug!
"I was worried!"


"Oh I'm so glad you're safe miss Selena! " she hugged her nneck. "You're okay right? Oh crap Marina what happened to your leg?!"


"Don't worry about me. It takes a lot more to take me down."
Blush at the hugs.


You can't run while you are prone.


"It's about changing the outer flow of your body's inner ch-"
Widen my eyes as she land, without losing composture.


"Hey, it's you!"
I'll look a bit sheepish.
"I uh, I pulled a lever and a pallet of metal scraps and cloth sorta fell out of the cloud.


Damn fishponies.

"Yeah! You're crushing me!"


I'll roll off of you as best I can.
"Sorry… I took a slide down and wasn't really expecting to land on anyone…"


"I didn't doubted it for a second you would be fine! You're the best after all!" She gave her another squeeze before moving to Marina

"Hey sorry about your leg…do you want me to help? I could hold your leg and help you walk."


Our heroes have pierced the veil of the enigmatic Dreamer's Walk. Tomorrow, will they best the Lair of the Homunculus?



Help her up.
"It's okay. I'm glad you got out."


"No, that's alright, thanks… I've got something wrapped around it and as long as I don't do anything crazy it shouldn't get any worse."
"So am I. This place is too weird."


"Alright…you guys do have paramedics here right?…I mean I'm not a doctor but if we don't get you fixed up soon it might get worse…"


"The only medically inclined pony amongst us is the Goodwife, and she's mostly on-hoof for dealing with things like foaling and small maladies. We don't have real doctors, which is why having miss Selena come by is what probably saved those ponies we found in Depression Square."
I'll pat your head.
"And it'll be fine, I'm sure. A little rest, maybe a once-over by miss Selena, and I'll be back to leading you guys to your sails."


The doors open without resistance.

The path ahead is the converse of the one you just walked – it is a narrow tunnel of rough-hewn petrified coral. A sharp slope down. There is a feeling of uneasiness in the air.


''Yeah…Miss Selena is great.''
She shrinks a bit as Marina touches around the scar on her head. ''A-alright, I can't wait to get back to the boat…This place is cool but it's kinda creepy…And cold…''

She sniffed the uneasy air, her droopy ears perking up a bit


Well follow the rest and try my best to see if there is any disturbances that might be a danger to me and the party.


The tunnel twists down in a rough, patternless and wavering spiral. Quickly, it becomes completely dark.


''Gah!'' Rhanna jumps at the brief scare and remained completely motionless. ''W-who's there?! Show up and we won't hurt you!''


Sorry, that wasn't very clear. What I meant was, as you progress deeper into the tunnel, it doesn't take long for visibility to fade, because there is no lighting down here.


>Oh okay
''Uh…Did someone brought a lantern,or a candle or anything lighty?''



There are runic carvings on the wall, in what you presume has meaning to Discordians, if they have a common language. Perhaps they're just chaotic scribblings.

Regardless, the tunnel twists deeper still.


Bleh, Discordians are so icky!
Stick out my tongue in disgust.


This is insanity. What am I even doing here? Damn my parents for doing this to me.
"Let's stick close guys… I don't want to get lost in some sinister mist again."


Though it is dark, up ahead, you detect an abrupt end to the hallway, in the form of a drop. There is no stair or ladder down, just a fall. Due to the darkness, you can't see the room it opens up to, but it is wider than the tunnel, at least, if the acoustics are any judge.


Grab a stone and throw it down.


I have flappy wings!
"Selena, do you want to pull a grenade out of your hate and drop it in there just to be sure?"


"A stone should do just as fine as a bomb. What if there are innocent ponies trapped down there?"


"It's a dark gaping hole of horribleness! There can only be trouble down there!"


It hits the ground less than one second later. The echo implies it is a medium-sized room.


"What if we break something?!?
We'll just scout it out like this."
Put Rhanna on my back and float down until I see the bottom.


It's a pretty short drop relative to flying, about four meters. The floor here is unusual: it appears spongy.


Flutter down after her. I'm keeping that sword I have ready though…


The floor here is unusual: it appears spongy.


"I'm not stepping a hoof on that floor…"
Where is that stone I threw?


It's on the floor, a few feet away.


Hmmmm, is there any furniture I can stand on in the room?


Absolutely disgusting. What does it smell like in here?


Without a light, you don't detect anything in the room.

The whole city has the oppressive scent of algae, fish, and most overwhelmingly, coral.


Light a torch, I think I have one.
And if not, I'll hat magic one '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"This is really messed up, which body part is this?"


"We'll know in a second…but I think it's a…tongue?"


"ew…" Rhanna mutters on top of Selena.
"can I help? "


With the light, you can see that the room is roughly oval shaped, and approximately 15 feet d1, 20 feet d2.

The walls are ribbed – twisting inward and outward in an undulating pattern. There is another exit above the ground in this room. This room does not appear to have any immediately obvious purpose.


"This better not be a penis…"


By other exit above the ground, do you mean there's another tunnel upward or like a door in one of the walls.

"….I don't think it's that, Lilly. I hope we won't see one here."


"what's a pee-nus Lilly?"


A "door" in one of the walls.

Before you can consider further, the walls of the room begin to groan… and shift. The exits… vanish. Well, you imagine they're still there, but the walls of the room have rotated, and no longer line up with the exit!


"Me too!"

"An organ."

"I… think we should probably get out of here quickly."


"buuh… What is wrong with this place…"
Can she see what is wrong there with the door?
'1d10' appraise, yuss

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I don't like this."
Float to where the "door" was.
Boop the wall.


The doors are still on the walls, they just no longer line up with the tunnels that leave the chamber.

The walls are hard, but it sounds hollow.

Another piece of wall 60 degrees right begins to vibrate intensely.


"oh cool, can I see yours? Do I have one too? Where is it? "


"It's something men have, sweetie."

Back off again from the wall and wait for it to change again.


"I'm not going to tell you, some things are meant to be discovered on your own!"

Can we just fly through and disregard the 'room' layout?


Wait no, of course not. We'll just have to wait.
"What if we tickle it…"

Sweep my tail cross the floor.



"Fine, I'll ask that other dog guy, what's his name, to show me then!" She huffs


The area that was vibrating before breaks off entirely from the wall and begins to walk into the room. Soon it becomes clear that it is something else entirely – a creature with a texture identical to the wall's.

The creature that you see before you is a monster in every sense of the word. To describe it in terms of things you have seen would be useless, because you have not encountered anything like it. It is covered in folds and ridges, like brain, but nothing is in the right place. It's almost like this creature was created by someone who had heard of body parts, but wasn't exactly sure about their functions or how to put them together or where to put them.

It "leans" out toward you with its protrusion, but you can't call it a face, or even a head. This is what it looks like: a mass, like a roiling foam. At the base of the mass is a pharynx, and you see the following above it, in this order starting from the bottom, (major protrusion) tongue, (major recess) teeth and gums, (protrusion) lips nose and eyes, (recess) thumb index middle ring little, (protrusion) hand – without fingers, remember, (recess) wrist forearm elbow, (final protrusion) arm shoulder neck trunk hip leg.

Lilly can see, from the other side, that hanging off of its back like a tail is its foot (no toes), toes (separate from the foot), and genitals (all on one protrusion).


"Holy hole that thing is so gross!" She takes a good look at it

Roll #1 6 = 6


Cover my mouth with a hoof and try not to scream in a mixture of disgust and terror.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Float a bit back at the sight…
Quickly prepare a potion of Return to Earth and 2 Magic Bolts.
"H-Hello!" I shout.


It lifts its many protrusions and vibrates its pharnyx with great intensity.

The air around it shakes, as though by shockwave or turbo bass, and when the air collides with the walls, it makes intelligible sounds.

You are so ugly. You are inside out. Disgusting. How horrifying to see. But no matter. I will put you right-side out. This will hurt only briefly.

It then begins to… roar… but it is a very different sensation compared to what you are accustomed to, given that it nearly knocks you off your feet.


Type: Aberrant / Psionic


"Inside out! Wait, that's all wrong!"
RtE '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"W-Who are you calling disgusting! Have you looked a yourself in a mirror? Selena, give him one!"


This is all wrong looking.
She kept taking a good view of it
'1d10' Where's the penis!? (appraise)

Roll #1 3 = 3


It roars in anger at you. It seems to project some sort of mental magic at you, but it doesn't make contact.

You can't spot something that you don't know what it is!

[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Selena
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Lilly
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Rhanna


"Girls! Time for negotiation is over!"
Grab my gun and shoot a poison bullet at it '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Okay maybe a weakness?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Okay well, I guess we're going at it then!

I'm going to use the whirlwind brew to hit that hideous thing four times!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Quickly use a mirror elixir on myself!
Was that my cm?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh dear. I'll make sure I'm out of the way so my leg doesn't drag the rest of them down.


The creature appears resistant to poison – lead, though, you don't out resist boolet!

The recess of fingers is vibrating strangely!

You blast a chunk of its flesh off, but it turns on you and grabs you with its its tongue!

4+2 = 6

A silvery sheen covers you!



[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Selena
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] Lilly GPL
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Rhanna
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Marina
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Maeda


And now Fervor myself!
Go for the eyes!

Roll #1 8 = 8



With my sword of course.

Roll #1 10 = 10


What's with all this vibrating, that's what I wonder…
Let's see if it's resistant to Alchemist Fire '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Well, I'll just stay over here and quietly cheer on the fighting ponies.


"oh oh! The hands, there's something up with them!"
'1d10' appraise
She also tried to make a gadget of sorts to help in Melee attacks
'1d10' gadget
>tfw forgot appraise was instant

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 9 = 9


It seems completely unfazed by the slashing at its eyes, as though they have no nerve endings! Still, you carve out some flesh.

In reply, it slams into your stomach. It was a crushing strike, knocking the wind out of you!

You hack and hack at it but there just seems to be more of it! You cut yourself free, but the tongue continues to loll out, if shorter.

(Glancing) You land it on the back, and the fire burns only briefly before it goes out.

No, it wasn't the hands, it was the fingers! That's wrong! And now the elbow begins to wobble strangely.

You make a +1 melee gadget.
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Selena
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] Lilly
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Rhanna
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Marina
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Maeda FVR


She jumped to scratch the elbow of it
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Get away! I'm warning you!"
Let's try to put that out of commission with a knockout trick shot!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Distill Life and give a bottle to Lilly, Rhanna and Maeda '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


We have to go deeper. Start carving out at its base, in a complete circle around the thing!

Roll #1 5 = 5


It screams in agony, and blasts you with a beam from its eye in reply. Yelp!

The teeth slide in and out of the gums!

The arrow bounces off harmlessly.

Work, work!

(Glancing) You slash at its pharynx, ripping out some meat.

You feel exhausted…

[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Selena
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] Lilly
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Rhanna
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Marina
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Maeda HLP


I'll go help Maeda up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I am a very diligent poni!
"Drink up!"
Now then, time for Acid Spray on the monster '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You limp over and drag Maeda to her feet. Maybe you say something motivational, too!


I don't use arrows, silly! But that is an issue…

How about I keep cutting off chunks of flesh? Whirlwind brew should be recharged, so I'll go with three swings.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Great job, but get yourself out of harm's way now!"
And with that, I will pop some more drugs. Dream Wine.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm trying to do that, but I'll help out if someone falls down again."
And I'm off to get out of this warzone. Once we're done here I'll have to get Selena to splint my leg, I can't keep hobbling around like this…


"AHA! WE have to attack the vibrating parts guys!" She said as she kept going for the teeth

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5


It groans in agony, and begins to intone again:


It beats you with its shoulder, and you feel compelled to do something, but resist it…

You can't pick out what's moving…

Every part of its body is burnt by the acid. Part of it seems unaffected, and other part seems to squirm in agony!

The monster beats you with its knee! You throw an Alchemist Fire at Marina!

This is a pretty Discordian place…

Your whirlwind brew blows up in your face, knocking you down.

Bad trip, it's not taking…

The Cortical Homunculus fires a blast of energy at you, but it reflects back!

Selena bombards you with fire!

[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] Selena
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Lilly HLP
[▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░] Rhanna
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░] Marina
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Maeda


"… Ow."
Get up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh Princesses, fire underwater?! Stop drop and roll, stop drop and roll!


"AAAAA, Marina, WATCH OUT!!!"
Stupid thing…but it reflects so much…
Shoot the wall '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nevermind then, just jump in and try to help Lilly!

Roll #1 8 = 8


That horse is already okay!


"Make me! You big ugly! "
She pounces at it

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Then slice and dice baby.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The bullet ricochets!

You get blasted with psychic energy by the monster!

Back up! It smacks you with its genitals, and you feel compelled to chug some Whirlwind Brew (x2)! You slash at Marina!

You tear at the eye but it seems to do nothing!

The pharynx is vibrating strangely!

Lilly slashes you with her sword! Oh nooo!

You slash its knee and it groans in particular agony!

It tries to beat you with its fingerless hand, and you resist a psychic compulsion it exerts on you!

It looks like it's terribly wounded – one more hit to a weak point should do it!

[▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░] Selena
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Lilly HLP
[▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░] Rhanna
[▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░] Marina
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░] Maeda



[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Lilly **

No longer HLP


[▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░] Lilly **

Forgot to apply damage


Distill some more life '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Give one to Lilly, Rhanna and one for myself


Lilly and Rhanna are already holding a potion!


Chug down a healing potion to forget my worries.


They haven't taken it yet?
Sorry, don't check other posts.
Then to Marina and Maeda!


Now on to serious business!
Fervor again, and cut the balls off this thing!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh hey a potion.


"It's good for you!" Wink


She was in a world of pain, but she struck the vibrating thing

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


Oh yeah and she drank her Potion


"Hopefully better than that bottle of fire someone threw earlier…"


What did you just say to me you little bitch?!?
"You're welcome."


Maeda is already holding a potion!


Non-instant action?

You can't, you already did an instant this turn! (Appraise)


O-oh, guess I'm too generous.
Can I drink one as part of my Instant and keep the other?


I'll chug it down.


Oh right it's instant.

I'll just go for another big ol' swing then of the sword! Cut off his dicks or whatever hit me!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You slash and slash, but it's not enough to finish it!

You slash at the throat – a wave of psychic blood pours out, and the colossus collapses to the ground.

As it dies, the walls of the room rotate again. Neither of the two previous tunnels is accessible, but the hole in the wall where the Cortical Homunculus entered now lines up with a tunnel that leads deeper. Perhaps more interestingly, there is a treasure cache waiting in the tunnel – perhaps loot off less fortunate victims of the trap.



It is done.

[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░] Selena (HP)
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Lilly
[▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░] Rhanna (HP)
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░] Marina
[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░] Maeda (HP)


"I-is it dead?"


"I sure hope so…"


Float towards the treasure cache.


Rhanna proudly stood on top of the fallen thing. "did you all see that? I did the last hit! I did it! We won yay!" She does a victory pose and a fanfare plays on the background to celebrate her victory
'1d10' epic fanfare

Roll #1 4 = 4


Clean off my sword and kick the bag of meat.
"Go to Tartarus!"


There's a pile of adventuring gear here, probably from less fortunate members of your sailing vessel. There's also a fair amount of bits, and your sails!


"Our sails! Quick, let's grab all this and get out of here!"
Start collecting the loot, we'll divide it once we're out of here.


See if there's anything useful.

Roll #1 9 = 9


She goes back and sees if there is anything she can reuse from the thibg

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Do you think maybe you could take a look at my leg before we go anywhere?"


I didn't even know cponoes have legs!
"I'm an alchemist, not a doctor…"
Take a look at your leg and put a bandage on it if I can '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"But Selena, what about the boat we were promised? It'll be faster!"


The what?

Weapons of each type (single, great, double, ranged), and a total of 122 bits.


"That will require us to go deeper. I don't think mom ever said we had to do it all at once."


Selena pulls a bandage out of her hat.

Without special medical training, it only stops the bleeding, though.


It's going to have to do. Mom's gonna be ticked, though…


The monster they just defeated, see if she can harvest something from it


"Right, right, the submarine was it? We still need to give the others the sails or they'll be stuck. Now come load up this loot!"


It's a pile of flesh and pony body parts.


"ah well…"
She heads back to Selena and the others


The tunnel that the treasure was in leads down, or you can try to get the walls to shift again.


Nothing special about them?


I'll probably grab a spear from the pile, if one's available. I can use it to help walk if nothing else.


They are suspiciously devoid of damages. Usually when you loot armor and weapons it's useless because it's from the losing side of the battle – torn up and shredded.

Take a tag of your choice for it.


Have we loaded up the loot?


I'll go for [Single], since I can't use both of my back hooves to stand on to use a [dual] or [great] weapon.


Is there any Ranged Weapons?


Sure, there's a Crossbow [Ranged]



I don't trust new tunnels in here.
"Girls, let's go back. Maybe we can get those walls to move again…"


How about some torches and some fire making supplies?


What's the heavy weapon here? I will take that.


"I'll take it!" She said putting her paws into the dangerous Weapon

"Look miss Selena! I found something to fight with!"


There's nothing made of wood, strangely. The crossbow Rhanna found is made of metal.

Maul [Great]


Oh well…

Maybe some chains?


If no one else has scooped them up, I'll probably put the bits in my purse. I can carry those, easy.


"Let me take a look at that"

If there's a second gun among that pile I'll take it.


Chains it is. You have to break it off from a nearby flail with a hammer, but you now have chains. Or, chain.

+122 bits. Well snatched.

There's a pistol, but it's missing the grip, strangly. The metal mechanism is here, but the wooden part of the gun has been removed cleanly. You can still operate it, maybe, but it might burn your hoof, or be easier to fumble…


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