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I'll keep checking that horizon.

As far as you know, Lilly is headed for the ships. They'll depart soon.

Lilly, Selena, Rhanna
Your ship will be boarding soon, you should head to the harbor.


Right, we really should. Let's get to our dock.


What did the Inquisitor have to say about this?


She went north into the woods. The last you heard, she told you to use your best judgment to continue the investigation with your lead.


I can't exactly run away without telling her a thing.
But I can leave a letter about it in the house we are staying at.
Does she have a way to reach me through mail even if she doesn't know my heading?


There's the mail system, though that seems a little counter-intuitive while tracking a courier. There's also internal communique if you can find Inquisitorial monasteries. Large cities with temples may also be able to help in this regards.

Lord Inquisitor Wind may contact you with ravens.


She's more experienced than I am, after all…
Leave the letter, detailing whet I believe to be a dangerously large plot with Nightmare Moon's return as its main point.
Tell her visions are clouded by the Moon's oppressive light, and that a victim of her curses has been found.
Go further along explaining Lilly's dreams and remeber to say I'm trying to help her.
Make no mention of the healer of this town being a pirate.
Tell her, however, that the clinic is snobbed for all but the most unimportant of illnesses, which seems suspicious.

Off to the docks.


Rhanna still waited for Selena to show up

"Miss Selena…Is taking a while…I wonder what she is doing…"


This is a flyboat, used primarily for the transport of cargo between cities, but it is unsuitable for travel into deep water far from the shore.

Lilly has already boarded and headed belowdecks. You're stopped at the gangplank. "Parlez-vous Prench?"




He calls over another crewmate. "Yes?"


"I'm looking for a certain Lilly Belle. She should be taking your ship, is that correct?"
Look at him as if I already knew the answer was yes.


"I know we have taken on some passengers. I don't know the names of everypony that comes aboard."


"I will have to check myself then, and if need be book a ride on this ship."


"This vessel is for passengers only. Due to the size of the ship, we do not have much room after the cargo. You'll have to talk to the Captain about that."


"As I said, first I need to assert this is the sheep I'm interested in.
Where is it headed?"


"This vessel is bound for Autumnsreach."

He eyes your Inquisitorial decoration. "I assume you are familiar?"


Take me to the captain, if you may."


He indicates a pony at the helm less than fifteen feet away. This is a rather small vessel.


Trot over, steadily and calmly, making eye contact to be sure he's seen me.


He is occupied with preparing the ship to pull out, but he notices you when you get close.



"Inquisitor Maeda Tree. I need to see the passengers' list."


"We have no passenger manifest, only a supply manifest. This is not a passenger vessel, though it is known to occasionally take aboard passengers for coin."


"Then I assume you know the names of said passengers, at the very least, as captain of this vessel."


He shrugs. "If they have coin and aren't stealing the product, their name inn' any of my business. We get a lot of folk, maybe farmers or smalltime traders, couriers, honest folks ain't doin' nothin' wrong, just get on board and ride the waves down the coast. The league wants all this paperwork, sure. No one needs that though. People have been taking ferries without signing paperwork for centuries."


Look at him unimpressed.
"I'm not here to arrest any of your passengers, captain. I'm here to potentially but one more ticket.
Now are you interested in helping me or not?"


"I'm telling you the truth. I don't keep a manifest. If you want to poke around the hold, I won't get in your way."


"Someone has to take care of collecting the money from passengers at the very least.
Did you meet a mare [give him Lilly's description, make it short]?"


"Yes, just one white pegasus courier has come aboard. I believe she went belowdecks. Looked half-starved to me."


"The Inquisition will pay for both our tickets then.
I will write you a letter of commendment you can collect once we reach Autumnsreach."


"How will they know it isn't forged? Do you have a stamp or something?"


Raise a brow to him, giving my best 'you serious nigga?' glare.
"They will know. Do not doubt."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"The best faith is the kind you can spend. Why not just get yourself reimbursed? I'll even charge you a half rate since the voyage is half done. Ten bits."


"Because I have better things to do than run all over Autumnsreach once I'm there.
Are you honestly doubting the word of an inquisitor who has literally nothing to lose by signing a paper for you?"
Lean against the railing of the ship, at this point simply curious to see where this conversation will lead.


"You have nothing to lose, but if the paper is questioned, I lose. Maybe they even throw me in jail for forgery or some such. Ten bits isn't much. With all respect due, why should the Inquisition get preferential payment plans?"


"As I said, time is of the essence for me."
Rummage through my pockets and find the ten bits, in a Convently Sized Little Bag™, throwing them to the cap.
"Hundreds of inquisitors pay with letters of debt all around Equestria, it'd be stupid if there was no way to make sure the fake ones can be told apart from the real ones."


"Very good then. Enjoy the ride."


Go downstairs to find Lilly… And with this I think I caught up. Thanks for running.


You're sorta caught up.

Roll perception.



Roll #1 2 = 2


You wake up late, and when you do, the pony you were trailing isn't in the hold. You're not due to arrive in Autumnsreach for hours…


hours… even days, perhaps


I was going to introduce me back to her and tell her I would help as soon as I saw her!


She was asleep already when you got to the hold. It would be impolite to wake her!


And yet something I'd do!


Time Paradox!


Oh well. So I can't find her right now, she's probably taking a piss somewhere. Let's have a look around.

Roll #1 10 = 10


On a hunch, you offhandedly ask the nearest laborer if they've seen a courier.

"Yeah, that crazy fool flew off, into Lubuck. Look, you can still see the city from here, we aren't too far past it."


And none of this would have happened if we talked!
"For the heave-"
Look around for the nearest boat. Guess I will have to do some rowing.


There are two rowboats on side of the boat, one for bow and one for stern.


Draw my weapon.
"Sailor, tell your captain I will mail for the cost to be repaid once you reach Autumnsreach."
Because I did get the name of the boat and the captain, of course.

Rush for the rowboat on the one side of the ship which faces the town of Lubuck.
Glance quickly to make sure both paddles are here, and then land on it before cutting off the ropes tying it to the ship proper, falling with it into the water below.


Your vessel splashes loudly as it slams into the water. With the current, you feel yourself being tugged along behind the boat. It's how they can get to Autumnsreach so quickly: fast ocean currents here.

You'll have to get to shore.


I will have to dope up.
Fervor, my friend, Fervor is what's needed!
'1d10' for ROWING!

Roll #1 7 = 7


With one strong stroke, you break free of the current. You're now in the shallows, near the shore.


Take 6 for the rest of the trip, and eventually reach the shore before collapsing for a breather.
I need to find ponies around here.


You collapse against a tree… that really took it out of you.

You're far on the outskirts of Lubuck, in a forest. You don't hear any ponies moving around.


It's dangerous inside forests at night… Let's try and reach a road as soon as possible.

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's not so much night as early morning. Birds are chirping and you expect the sun to cut through the trees at any moment.

Unfortunately you don't see any roads about… You do have a general idea of the direction of Lubuck, though.


How large is the whole island?


The Continent of Equestria is enormous.


So this is a town inland? Doesn't it have a port I can row to?


It does have such a port, though you'd be rowing against the current.


Nope then. Let's keep walking alongside the shore though. If such a port exists that's a safe way not to get lost.


You round another outcropping of land. You see the port up ahead – it's a large one, what a marvelous trade city this is. You count the masts in the port. Almost thirty ships here.


Finding that mare will be hell on earth.
If only my polite bug hadn't bitten at the worst possible time.
Take a moment, while still out of town, to sit down and relax, drinking a vial of Dream Wine while focusing on that courier.
She's probably by a post office though, mostly because she might get free accomodations there…

Roll #1 3 = 3


All you can seem to envision is her face. You try to zoom out, expand the view, and see where she is, but no avail.


I will have to find her the old fashioned way.
Let's go into town and head for the post office.


The post office is extremely busy. There are couriers running left and right trying to deliver the new issue of the newspaper.


Ring someone up, and as I wait write a letter to the inquisitorial officer of Autumnsreach, requesting the payment of transportation for two (2) at smuggling rate and one (1) rowboat to the captain.
Affix my seal and the secret code upon it, then shut it and be ready to mail it through the proper channels.


You can either mail it here, or see if Lubuck's church has internal communique available.

No one immediately springs to serve you. You can see the Postmaster is being actively barraged by petitions. It takes some time but finally, with enough ringing, someone approaches. "Yes?"


"Looking for a specific courier, name's Lilly Belle, she just reached town today."


"A mercenary?"


"A courier I said! One of yours!"


"No, that's – nevermind, it's slang. I meant is she a freelancer or does she work for the city?"


"Freelancer I'm gonna assume. She's not from this city at least."


"That makes things trickier."

She skims a book on the counter. "I don't see any Lilly who signed in here. Maybe she didn't stop in this city. In any case, I don't remember seeing a mercenary."


"Thanks anyway. Nearby cities, then?"

How near am I to the temple of Luna Curry mentioned?


File: 1416264683893.png (30.43 KB, 1327x639, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

It would be in Autumnsreach.

"Stonebriar is the closest city."


"Why fly off here then… This makes no sense at all!
What's so special about this town that she had to fly away like that…"
A light goes off inside my mind.
"Has there been any notable pirate incursion in Lubuck during the last 20 years?"


She gives you a look of confusion. "Pirates are just an old mare's tale. A few ships can't take on an entire city, especially with the royal navy AND the middle seas league to protect us."

She does look rather young. Maybe seventeen or eighteen.


"Is there a library in town?"


"Yes, at the university, Saint Valorous."


"Thank you. And the church?"
Get the info and trail off. If the church is on the way visit it first to mail the letter.


"There's one on the campus, or another one in the old town near the big houses."


Get directions for the university. If the campus church is a burst I can at least get the directions and info related to the other one.


Saint Valorous - its walls are thirty feet tall, and there is a jungle-gym esque metal dome over the top. You wonder if they're trying to keep the rabble out or the students in. Saint Valorous was called a Hero - a paladin of the mind. Before Valorous, the use of potions was considered mysticism or even witchery, but he legitimized them and brought the light of science to their employ. He traveled the land, protecting the weak and downtrodden, using his marvelous chemistry and blade. This university is dedicated to him, and among the topics studied here, is the science of alchemy, called by some "chemistry".


I did a thesis on this guy!
Like half the college did back then. I should head for the library and ring up a librarian with the same question about pirates.


The most striking difference between the university grounds and the rest of the city is the clockwork monstrosity in the center of it. A huge sort of belltower, with a clock face on the front. It rings every hour, one ring for each hour of the day. The ponies here have embraced a new concept of lifestyle: time discipline. Unlike farmers, who work until sundown or builders, who work until the job is done, these students are citizens of a new era that exists on a schedule. They are ruled by a clock, rather than natural phenomenon or their own goals.

It is also striking that those inside the campus are all white well-to-do. This is not the humble monastery where most paladins and clerics where most paladins are educated. No modest robes or acolyte's habits to be seen: instead, the latest fashions, and every one of these rich whelps-of-gentry is dressed. It reminds you of readings on the ancient past when it was considered immodest to go nude – though you can clearly tell by the cuts of some of those outfits that the priority is to be a symbol of affluence, not modesty.

The library proper stands imposingly as the largest structure on the grounds - as well it should. It must have an astounding archival and reference section.


You ring for the librarian, and a stallion in thick glasses appears. He looks suspicious. "I'll have you know that we have only approved texts here, and you can't search our archives for 'heresy' without proper cause. I will speak to the Bishop about this - don't think I won't."


Roll my eyes.
"Relax ma'am, I'm on a ghostchase only figuratively. I'm looking for informations on pirate raids on this town in the past twenty years.
Not here raise troubles."


He frowns at your taunt.

"Well, don't damage any of the books. But your search might be boring, I can't think of any piracy committed here in memory."


"Look, the faster I leave, the better for all of us, right?
Help me with the search and I will be gone by evening."


"I do not believe the university has any studies on piracy, so your only avenue would be the newspaper archives. Dreary work. And you say you'll be reading through twenty years of newspapers?"


"I'm saying I've got the time and intention to stay here until I've got results.
Now, if there was some way to make the inquisitor's work any faster…"


"You might not find any results at all. If I were you, I'd do original research."


"How does that even work?"


"There are ponies who have been in town twenty years – poor beggars and rich nobles alike. A simple question like 'was there a pirate raid' can be answered much faster. Maybe they remember a day, or even a year. That cuts your research time by 95%."


"So I take you are not from town?"


"Not for twenty years. I moved here to take this job eight years ago, and before you ask – no, no pirates."


"Much appreciated."
Time to go to the campus' church!


There is a small celestial church on campus. It doesn't appear to have dedicated staff. There is a mailbox here, though.


Well then. No need to mail it straight away, the lack of dedicated staff makes me fearful for the hooves it might fall into.
Anyone at all here?


It's still early morning. In a staffed church, you'd imagine there would be a dawn service – even though it's not Sunday. No one's here right now.


Very well, off to the other church, stopping any time I see some older looking pony on the streets.




I guess that's enough time out.
Time to go back


Look worried.
"Are you okay, miss Selena?"


"It was nothing, honey. I just needed some water, that's all."


"Alright… I mean if you want to talk about it, I'm here for you."


"You remind me of Light when you say that."


"Really? You were good friends then, right?"


"Yes, quite. Light Heart helped me out when I was down on my luck. I was always grateful to her for that. And we had some lovely tea parties."


"What about my other… my other mother? Did you know her well too?"


Oh…she knows.
"Rosemary, I knew her, but she was always very hard to talk to."


"Oh… that's a shame. Bad blood between the two of you?"


"No..at least I hope not, I mean she didn't take too many ponies in confidence. I know she and Wark got along well. And of course Light and Rosemary were inseperable. But she didn't talk much with other ponies. She seemed nice enough however. I think she was just a bit shy."


"Wark… Wark… I know that name…"


"He was a donkey who travelled together with Light. I'm afraid I don't know what became of him."


"Right, Unkillable Wark! I remember now. I think he left a few years before my parents… passed away."


Frown. "I'm sorry. It came as a big shock to me as well."


I look down.
"I've had time to make peace with what happened… but I still miss them. I know they did bad things and that they only had themselves to blame for what happened to them but… I wish they were still around to help me."


Give you a hug.


"… Thanks miss Selena. I'm glad I ran into you. I know my mother believed in destiny, so maybe she was right and this has something to do with it. I just need to… fix what they did. Everything will be okay if I just fix it…"


"And I'll be here to help you."


"You have your own issues that you need to tend to. Don't worry about me. I don't want to be a burden."


"Not at all, we're both going the same way. And now that Light isn't here, somepony has to look after you."


"I'm an adult now, I'm supposed to take care of myself. Also… I think Rhanna is going to keep you pretty occupied already. Find your children, they must really miss their mother right now."


"Thank you, but I can't leave you either. I'll stick with you until we absolutely have to split up again."


"Okay. I just that either way, this nightmare will be over soon…"


"It will be. What do you do? If you need a place to stay, you'll be more than welcome with me in Lubuck."


"What do I do?"
I pat my courier's hat.
"I'm a freelance courier. I used to pretty much work entirely in the eastern seaboard but… well, you know what happened. I don't have a place of my own, because being part of the postal service allows me to just sleep in the offices."


"You'll be more than welcome with us, any time you want."


"Thanks Selena. I don't know if I deserve all this kindness but I really appreciate it."


"How is life as a courier? Do they treat you well?"


"I can't really complain, but I sometimes wish I could do something else. I don't earn a lot of money, so if I get injured for a while I can get in deep trouble. But it's not all bad, I get free food and shelter often."


"Maybe you could learn a trade. You're still young, there's a lot you can still do."


"Learning costs money and time. I'd need a mentor who would actually pay me for the work I do."


"Hmmm, what are you interested in? If alchemy I could teach you together with Rhanna, or I could find somepony else that might take you as an apprentice…"


"I've always found alchemy fascinating… but honestly, I just want to get through this first before I start worrying about other things. I'm a real worrywart already."


"Let's go to the ship then and we'll discuss it later."


I nod and smile.


Stop here?


Rhanna, Lilly, Selena

It's time to board your vessel…

The question is who to question.

You wander down the long dirt road from the university which is only generously considered inside the city's borders. Entering the city proper, you find yourself on Abracadabra Street, which seems to be full of cottage industry: shops with house lofts.


Shops might serve me well.
Go from window to window, looking at the owner's age, for ponies that look at least 40 or older.


Right! We at the right dock? Is it a big ship?


Time to grab these two and go to the Purple Harbor


Rhanna pulled on Selena's tail a little bit
''Miss Selena why is this place called Abwacadabwa?'' She asked,accidentally changing the ''R' for ''W'
Her tongue poked out of her mouth for a moment
''ugh,sorry. I mean Abracadabra,why is this place called Abracadabra?''


"That was back in Lubuck. This is Stonebriar, sweetie."


Most of these shops are shuttered against the storm, so you can't see inside, only read the signs. Here are some nearby shops:

Mystic Emporium
Palatable Power
Axe to Grind
Fennel Family Textiles

The rain is falling on you once again now that you're back on the streets. How annoying.

The ship certainly dwarfs the little fly boat you came on. This ship is a proper galleon, and massive. They're checking a ledger for passenger names at the dock.


"This is more like it!"


Let's hope the Family in that sign doesn't refer to the fact it's textiles for whole families, and walk in.


''Still why was it called like that?''

Rhanna's eyes were a bit squinted, ''Ugh…Is Sailing dangerous by the way?I've never been on a boat before''


"Rhanna…you were on a boat yesterday. That's how we came here remember?"
Feel your head.
"Do you feel ill?"


This shop looks more like a den than a shop. There's no counter, and several chairs and looms. In the back, there is a roaring hearth, and there are several foals bundled up in heavy blankets sitting near it. They were probably watching the flames dance before you got their attention. In a nearby chair, a grandmotherly sort is knitting. In the back, there's a middle aged stallion beating clothing dry. He turns to address you.

"To fight a storm like that, you must really need some cloth!"


"Thanks, but I'm taking on a different fight right now, for which I need informations."
Pat the water off my armor's shoulders and share a look with the stallion by the counter, pointing at the other ponies in the shop.
"May we talk?"


''eeh…A little bit,too much rain I think…''


"Hmm, if you feel bad, tell me okay?"

Walk to the guy.
"Selena Springleaf, Rhanna and Lilly Belle."


She scratches her muzzle


"Right you are, here on the manifest. Prepare yourselves, it's a long voyage for a young dog. There will be a brief stop in Reptil, but from there it's straight to the New World."

"What about, stranger?"


"Thank you."
Get on board and look for a place to sit.


"I'm doing a research on stuff of the past."


Let's board the ship! Finally a bigger ship!


Rhanna quietly followed Selena like her shadow,silently admiting the place. Her curious eyes scanning every single detail.


Get to a spot and start brushing my hair.
"Now, soon we'll be in Reptil, when we're there I want both of you to look out for each other. Reptil is a dangerous place."


''Rhanna eyed the brush as it went back and forth on Selena's hair
''Why is it so dangerous?''


The FIS Merriment is a merchant galleon. Built of some warm, orange-colored wood, it seems festive and inviting. Although it is only morning, there are large Neighponese decorative paper balls with lanterns inside, further lending color to the vessel. Intended as a proper passenger vessel, there is a large quadruple-wide entrance near the aft of the ship that leads down a grand staircase into proper apartments. There is a plaque above the stairway that reads: A Hero's Welcome, in the same way that you might see Home Sweet Home at somepony's domicile.

Indeed, there do seem to be an odd bunch of random assorted mercenaries and crewmembers idling about, though most of the former are headed belowdecks to get set up in rooms before the launch.

"Sounds awfully vague. No need to dance about the subject. I am getting up there, though Ma might know more, depending on what you can get out of her."


Oh well.
"Pirate attacks on this town in the last twenty years."


Get up quickly to find a room

"It was once a haven for pirates. I heard it calmed down nowadays, but you'll still have to look out of pickpockets"


An odd bunch? Creepy? Scary?

"Pirates? Oh gee…"


Rhanna smiled
''hehe,but what are they gonna steal from me?the pee rock?'' She asked patting the pocket in her jacket
''Oh,but pirates must be really cool!I heard that they go around in the boats getting money and crew and living awesome adventures,fighting mosters…And being awesom in general!'' She said as she seemed to be swordfighting with an invisible enemy,with an invisible sword.


"Pirate attacks? Well… there wouldn't have been one of those since… maybe '84 or '83? Seems like something out of another lifetime, really. But even with the proximity to places like Reptil, Lubuck has always been a mostly secure city. Perhaps that's why the League is quartered here."

They range in all kinds, from knights-in-shining-armor to old sea dogs that look intimidating without even trying. One pegasus is missing a wing entirely.

Most of the rooms on the topmost floor are already full. You look around and find one on the next deck down. Better get Lilly and Rhanna settled in before someone else picks it.


"And they get caught and hanged or spend the rest of their lives in jail. Is that what you want?" I say quickly


Which year is this?
"The league?"


Throw some stuff on 2 extra beds.


She stopped in place
''Uh…No…I rather be an alchemist like you…But how do you know so much about pirates miss Selena?''

She puts her ears on her hands ''ouch…you don't need to yell I'm right here…''


"I've heard a lot about them in my day. Back then there were a lot of pirates and everypony talked about them."



Trot over to where she is.
"This ship is pretty great!"


701AN by the Celestial Calendar

"Oh, an out-of-towner, eh? You know, the Middle Seas League, the trade organization. If you count merchant vessels, their fleet is probably bigger than the Equestrian navies. A collection of Free Imperial Cities and trade guilds. Quite influential. Of course, as authorized merchants, we're part of the Textiles Guild – I have my paperwork proving I am a master craftsman around here somewhere – and in tern the Textiles Guild has membership in the League. So I suppose you could say that I work for them, eh?"


"At least we have a place to sleep for ourselves."
I start brushing my mane again


"Seems like almost everypony does, really…
Back to the attacks. Do you remember anything about the fleets which committed them?"



RHanna plopped on one of the beds.
''Where are we going tomorrow miss Selena?''


"The other passengers are a little… uh… weird though."


"Mmm, I'm not sure but I think we should be in Reptil tomorrow. We're gonna take a little stroll there. I think there's an old friend of mine there."

"Mmmmm?" I give them a look.
"They seem your average group of seafaring ponies."


"Ah, well, I didn't get a good look, we're a bit insulated from the harbor here in the merchant quarter. I imagine that's intentional somewhere down the line – wait, no, we didn't follow the zoning at all, we're on a street set aside for magic shops. Hm. Well, anyway, if I recall the stories right – and this is second hand, mind, maybe four vessels? Heavy artillery, bombarded the harbor. That was back before the league had its own armed vessels, so you know the town had to mount a manual defense. Maybe a senior member of the town guard could still remember it? As for a name, I don't know if pirate fleets have a name, or if they do, I didn't hear about it."


''Well i'm not really tired…Can I brush your mane?''


"Thank you very much for the info.
Where is the city guard?"


"Well, those dogs looks scary. I bet they're dangerous."


"Uh…don't you want me to brush your head?"

"Those? Please, they look scary but they're very sweet inside."


her tail wags a bit at the idea
''oh oh yeah yeah that would be nice!'' She said sitting down besides Selena expectantly

''Well I am a dog,do I look scary for you?''


Start brushing your hair.


Rhanna giggled and leaned into the brush
''aw yeeeaaah….This is the best…''
Her tail continued to wag,lightly brushing into Selena


"I'm glad you're at least optimistic about this!"

"Uh, no. That's not what I said."


"Well, there is the police office in the square near the docks, though you might have better luck with the Old Nature Fort. Back before Lubuck was a pony city it was a sort of, uh, what's the word… Let's just say village. Deer village. They would trade with ponies, and then a trade post got built, and so on. But eventually the urbanization drove off the Deer. In any case, the ponies which worshiped Mother Nature built a fort centuries ago. It was abandoned when the Deer and their disciples left, so the guard took up office there. The guard is not a police force – not accountable to the Crown. Nor is it beholden to the League, like their own cartel enforcers. The guard are a sort of standing militia – volunteer soldiers. These days they're mostly outdated due to the modernization of the police and growth of the league, but there may still be hangers on out there. They would've been the ones primary to the defense back in those days. It seems like a different lifetime, now."


"Listen, if one of them makes you feel uncomfortable, just slap em. Or come to me."


"It literally was."
Smile a bit and scoot off with my young butt to the Old Nature Fort.



''yeah,or let me talk to them as well,maybe they're not that bad!''


"I think I'll just avoid them, to be honest!"


Look over your hair.
"Do you brush your hair often?"

"Of course, but if they come to you, you know what to do."


Alright, when is this ship moving?


He seems to not understand but waves as you go.

The Fort itself is situated on the hill opposite the university outside of town. You wonder if there's any symbolism in that, but eventually decide on the fact that hills make natural fortifications and they are simply the two hills closest to the town. Near the entrance there are a couple of teens chatting absently, but they draw themselves to attention as best they can - still a little slouchy by your measure - when you approach.

When you're ready, we'll take off for Reptil, but first, roll Wheel of Fortune.


I'm a lucky pone '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Relax boys, I'm looking for the vets tonight. Can you point me their way?"


Hours later, while at sea, after the sun has gone down, you are trying to sleep. You hear a rolling sound every time the ship shifts. It's grating.

"Kernal Parish has command of this fort, sir."

"We've standing orders to hold the gate. Be ye friend or foe?"

It's a big exaggerated. You doubt either of the boys have ever seen anything more horrifying than an early morning skirmish in the yard.


"I'm Equestrian Inquisition."
They want dramatic, give them uncaring.
Walk up to the gate and act as if they weren't there, just waiting for it to open.


Shouldn't be this hard to sleep, I slept dozens of times on a ship.
Sigh and get up, perhaps some fresh air will do me well. Put on my hat and guns and walk to the deck


One of them stutters out: "This ground is sovereign land of the Mother. The Inquisition has no jurisdiction here."

The waves are quiet, if uneven. The deck seems mostly abandoned other than a few night laborers. It's a nasty habit you get into on a pirate ship, referring to these humble folk as menials.



Roll #1 4 = 4


"And I am exerting none.
Just a friendly talk with some vets."


Menials, laborers, I doubt there's much difference. They still get treated like shit.


The other one eyes you suspiciously. "Do ye come alone?"

You wake up in the night, and Selena is missing.


You think you see uneven movement in the waves below. It was probably just the wind.


"See anyone else?
Of course I do."


Was it? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Rhanna wakes up,rubbing her eyes with a yawn
''Good morning…Miss Sele…huh?…'' She looked around
''Miss Selena?''


Huh… I hope she's not feeling too bad about her daughters…

Get up. Did she go for a walk?


Yes, just your overactive imagination. Maybe now, mind set at ease, you can finally get some sleep.

"Very well. But we'll keep an eye on ye."

He bangs his spear on the nearby portcullis, but it seems to have been mostly for show because then the two of them manually lift it up so you can pass below.

She's not here.


Rhanna yawned again
''Lilly…Did you see Miss Selena?she's not here…''


Roll my eyes, giving the kid a disappointed look before going in.
Off to the main lodge, try stopping someone for questions.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I shrug.
"I think she went for a walk or something. You should sleep."
Jump back in bed for more sleep.


Mmmmm, old habits die hard. For a moment I thought a seapony would jump up.
I'll go back to bed.


Lodge is probably an accurate description. The forest does not appear to have ended with the fort walls - there are still a number of obstructing trees inside that you suspect would be very problematic if the need for an actual defense arose. In any case, there is a large structure that looks like a hunting lodge in the back. Upon closer inspection, the wood is oddly fused – as though it naturally grew in the shape of a hunting lodge. Weird stuff. Inside there are some old ponies in uniform playing cards around a table, though a young pony, again, probably a teenager, is guarding the door.

Selena returns.

Finally, some rest. Move on to Reptil?


"I just went for a walk, to bed you two, we got a long day ahead of us."

Let's go!


She did go for a walk then. She seems pretty restless. Oh well, I will sleep.


''Ah…alright..'' she said turning back to bed and going to sleep


Just what I needed.
Move in, passing past the guard as if he wasn't there and heading for the old guards playing cards.


The teen moves to stop you, but one of the ponies with a bushy mustache and beard calls out, "At ease."

"You certainly look official. Well then, let's hear it, soldier."


"Maeda Tree with the Equestrian Inquisition.
I'm chasing after somepony, and might need your help, if you'd be ever so gracious as to listen."
Offer the old pony a small bow.


The voyage is long. Two days long. Though not as boring as it could've been. During that time, there is dancing, feasting, and there are games of chance up on the main deck. It's almost sad when you make port in Reptil, a realization that it won't last forever. The voyage up to the Cape will be through a passage of currents known as the Middle Sea – a portion of the Manesian that has no strong currents and are notorious for doldrums. The choice of route, however, is intended to avoid storms. Indeed, for the first time in many days, you are not rained on as you look out over the town of Reptil."

"Well, we'll see what we can do. Who is it then? Or… what?"


"The story of the last pirate attacks to this town.
Before the League took over."


That makes me feel great!
Put on my hat and cloak and get ready to disembark.
Is anypony saying how long we have before we leave again?


Finally the rain has ceased to be! Smile as we make our approach towards the town.
"I wonder if my mother ever visited this town… I guess she must have!"


"Ah, the old glory days. That would've been in the Spring of '84, if memory serves. A… four vessel fleet, I believe? Under the command of the notorious pirate Forever September. Needless to say the attack was repelled, though it did take a toll on the town, not that you could tell today."


"Did the fleet have a name?
Do you know of other officers of that fleet?"


Rhanna let out a long groan
''aaaaw…But I wanted to staaaay a bit more…'' She said rubbing her cheek
''Where we going off to now Miss Selena?''


"Uhmm…to visit an old friend but I"m not sure where he lives…"

But how am I supposed to find whoever sent that letter. Will he find me? I'll take out that letter again.


''oooh what does that friend do?''


"he's a mage."


what kind of mage?''


"Name? It was a pirate fleet. I'm afraid I can't help you in that retards. There were other dangerous pirates aboard, sure, but I don't have a roster. Supposedly the dangerous Ji was there –"

"I fought him!"

"Yes, yes, we've all heard of your 'sniper duel'. And let's see… I believe the notorious Vicky Vain was there, too."

"And the vampire. The Baroness was certainly there."

"And maybe the Baroness. You can decide for yourself if they're legends or real."

You have just the day – until sundown.

The town's port is well organized, and you notice a surprisingly large number of guard patrols here. There's even a great gate where people are being searched coming in and out. From your vantage on the ship, you can see the area outside of the gated dock area looks like a slum.

Most of the city near the docks looks boring. Usual port stuff. The city outside looks more full of life and character. Smoke stacks! Crowds! Stages! Interesting stuff is brewing!

The envelope itself is empty. You can only seen the seal. The seal itself is a drop of wax - nothing pressed into it. Now examining it, it seems warmer than before.


"He knew all kinds of thing. He was the smartest and wisest pony I know."




I walk into the main street, does it keep getting warmer?


"The baroness you say?"
>calling me a retard


"Main street" is being generous. There is one sort of paved road here around the ships being carefully patrolled. Out in the town proper, behind the customs gate, you see a more central road.

"Yes, an old Musdogite vampire. Pony, believe it or not. According to legen–"



"She DID."



So really only a part of the city is safe…

"Where do you need to be, Selena? How long are we staying here?"


Have I been here before? I merely heard from it?


Raise a brow.
So it was not the fleet of the pirate Abilio."


"I'm not sure. I'm searching for a friend. Do you want to see the town?"


"Uh… sure!"


Rhanna's tail was wagging as usual,she looked around with the wonder a child usually has.
''Oooh…wait was he the dad of your daughters?''


"The Warlock, as some have taken to calling him. No – and I would think not. Most of those known pirates used to serve him, and usually when a band of pirates splits off, it's because their old liege died. I imagine he's with the fish now."

Up to you. If so, it looks very different than it did about ten years ago.


''oh oh can we buy alchemy stuff on the way?I could have trained a lot in the train but I forgot to ask you to teach me the stuff…''


"Wait. So you say those were part of his crew?
This is something then.
I might have a lead.
Do you know where the ship went, once you repelled them?"


"Well…if you want you can take a look and we can meet again here by tonight. But you do have to watch yourself."

"No, no he was not. If I see something interesting we might buy it, what do you want Rhanna, do you want to help me search for my friend or see the town with Lilly?"


"I'd like to help you though!"


Rhanna looked back and forth from Lilly to Selena.
''Well…I rather go with you'' She said wrapping and arm around her leg
''not that I have anything against you Lilly,I just rather stay with Selena''
She said tightening the leg hug
''Besides I wanna meet the guy,I never saw magic before''


"Well, in those days, I'd guess they might have gone to Triangle Cove or Reptil to lick their wounds, though they may have feared pursuit, and if that is the case, they would follow the Great Manesian Current all the way up the coast for maximum distance. But again, I assure you, the commanding officer of the fleet was the pirate known as Forever September. I fought her in single combat, though it was broken up by a stray cannon ball that forced us to break locked swords."


"Okay, but I'll have to warn you this might take a while."


"Okay, let's go then."
If Abilio is here anywhere, he'll be in the town proper. I'll go to the customs gate.


"Hmmm… I want to stick close just in case."


"I see. The pony I'm looking for seems to be most elusive indeed…"


''But you promise that later you will teach me all about the alchemies?'' she said looking up at her with those big puppy eyes


"Of course, once you're ready."


"Heading into the city? We'll need to look you over for contraband. Be aware that the port authority has no responsibility over anything that happens inside Reptil. If you're pickpocketed, we can't do anything about it."


her look changed to a more confused stare
''ready?…ready how?''


Submit to a search.

"Once I feel you are responsible enough to handle dangerous materials."


''ah…well…Couldn't I start with the…less dangerous materials then?''


They search you, and make some notes about what you're carrying.

"Go ahead."



"I'm afraid you never gave that name."


"Okay, you can search me then!"


"Abilio by proxy.
And something he must have passed on when his pirate career ended."

I might need a vision here.


You get searched as well, and they let you through the gates.

As previously mentioned, the city of Reptil proper is something of a hole. It's the kind of party you'd expect during certain drinking holidays – after 2AM. Drunkards are stumbling about on the streets and there are shifty-eyed ponies in rags all over in the crowd. There are an assortment of little shops here where you could probably buy anything in the world, from slaves to candy, but none of it has any organization. One shop you see sells diamond dog toes and Dixie Apples right next to each other – they don't even pretend to have a method. They're all just random bazaars selling whatever they have.

On the far end of the street there is a large stage set up and a crowd gathered. You hear a loud voice that isn't yelling – like when someone magically enhances their voice to speak louder. You're too far (and the marketplace too loud) to make it out.

There are side streets here as well. One twists upward to a big hill where there are mansions among shacks – mostly built out of ship refuse — and the other twists down deep into the gutter of the side streets – at one point the light becomes completely blocked out. On the far side of the big crowd up ahead, you anticipate there is another road that leads out of the city onto the island proper, into some of the natural wooded area. The city is not walled – only the docks, which are carefully secured.


Hold that magical letter again.
Did it get warmer or change in any way?


Flatten my ears.
"Wow… this place sure is charming. Not sure what I expected."


"Watch your belongings."


Rhanna's usually droppy ears seemed to droop even lower as she visually cringed with the lou noises, shady individuals and bad smell…
"I don't like it in here miss Selena…" She said holding into Selena's legs as they walked


Roll Wisdom to perceive a difference in temperature

Roll Intelligence to understand your perceptions


"Hey, I've had to go to seedy places before, I know the deal!"


What are my modifiers?

"Don't worry, Rhanna, just stick close with me."



"Miss Selena…Are those…Dog feet they are selling?" She asked with her voice sounding much quieter than it usually is as she lightly pulled Selena's mane and pointed to the stand


Wisdom '1d10'
Intelligence '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Look over.
"Hmmm, uh…of course not, those are fake.
Stick close with me."


It doesn't feel particularly warmer. Then again, considering the fact that to warm up slightly you had to cross a whole body of water, stepping through a gate isn't a big difference.


She hugged her legs with a bit more force
"Why would they make fake dog paws and sell them? That doesn't make sense…"


Well shit.
Now how am I supposed to find Abilio…
Hmmm, is there some kind of mage shop nearby?

"Why not? They also sell pony plushies and dolls."


None of these shops seem to have a theme…


"That's dumb…Fillies don't like dog paws and I'm sure colts don't like them either…
This place is bad miss Selena I wanna go home…N-no I wanna go back to the ship…"
She sniffed
'1d10' maybe she could pick up the smell of something interesting?

Roll #1 7 = 7


This place is full of all kinds of odd smells – from rotting flesh to fake gold to sweet honey. But something smells… different. A very strange smell. Roll intelligence to identify.


I feel stupid.
….maybe I can open the letter again?


"What are you trying to do, Selena?"


No reaction. It's empty, too.

Hm… What a puzzle.


Rhanna stopped in place for a moment.
"Waitaminnut" she said quickly
'1d10' whas day smell?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm looking for a friend, but I don't know where he is. I thought this letter would help…"

Now I feel really stupid coming all this way.
But while I'm here I might as well take a stroll. Maybe I'll find something '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hmmm… what's his name?"

Is there a post office here?

Roll #1 7 = 7


It smells like lightning… It's coming form that stage up ahead.

Approach stage, go down side street?

Probably. Just have to find it.


Let's go see this stage first.
Is it a magician?


Rhanna ear perked up at that as she pulled Selena's leg
"Miss Selena there's something up there." She said pointing to the stage
"Its…Lightning. .."


"Selena? What's his name? Maybe I can find something out at the post office…"
I look around.
"If they have one here."

Roll #1 6 = 6


There's a pony on the stage with a large, black beard. His eyes look kind of crazy. Unfocused, maybe. His snout looks broken, or at least dislocated.

He is standing next to two large metal pylons of some sort and talking to the crowd.


To punctuate it, he steps on a panel on the stage. You get flashbacks to battles with mages as without warning, a BOLT OF LIGHTNING blasts between the two large metal pylons. Amazingly, it seems to have gone from one to the other without killing anyone.

If you had to guess, that area up on the hill looks the most civilized. Not saying much.


"Uhm…you know what? Ask for Cloudy Stripes instead."

"That's just magic, Rhanna."

Now that is weird!
"What is that?" I shout


Everyone else is shouting too! It has created quite a stir.



Rhanna barked in fear and hid behind Rhanna,tightly clutching her back leg,pinching Selena with her claw
She started crying a bit…


Open my mouth to answer but jump up in a start as the electricity starts blasting.



I suppose the pony will speak up and explain.
It would be quite silly if he just left like that.

"Sssh, it's okay Rhanna. It won't hurt you."


She could barely hear her.
But at least she stopped trembling
she had her head down,exposing her scar and placed her hands in the ears. This place was too loud for her
way too loud


He finally manages to rein in the audience.

"I myself have worked with the doctor personally, and I can tell you that this electrical essence, as it is called, will soon define the entire world. At this very moment in Teat, there are talks of using this electrical essence as a source of energy to fuel magic that anypony – even earth ponies and pegasi will be able to use. Imagine, if you will, a candle that needs no wax, and can be lit or extinguished on a whim!"


"This stuff looks way too deadly!"


Rhanna ran away from there.
she wanted to get away from the crowd, the voice and especially the magic.
'1d10' run away

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I don't want lightning instead of a candle!
It's too loud!"

"Rhanna wait!" Grab her! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You can push through the crowd no problem. Will you head back toward the gates, toward the island, or down one of the two main boulevards – up or down?

[Rabble intensifies]

"I understand some of you have your doubts – but taking a look at the industralization as it is now referred to in Salad, Anneiv, and Starry Slough – a new race of technological proportions is slowly gripping our world. As we speak, a carriage the size of several Ursa Minors lined up in a row and made of refined iron ore hurtles – propelled ONLY by boiling water – to deliver these same pylons to Dixie City. And what do you suppose THEY'LL do when they get THEIR hooves on it? You think those Dixies will just let this pass them by? I say–"

[The rabble begins to grow so loud you can't hear at this point]


She started beating herself against Selena's grasp
"I don't wanname sTay here lemme go!" She barked to Selena


What are the people near me shouting?


This is mighty interesting.

I sigh.
I really shouldn't have taken a small dog like this with me.
"Okay, we'll go somewhere quiet."

"Lilly, I'll go take Rhanna somewhere, she's scared here."


There are mixed opinions. One of the most prevalent (or maybe the people are just the loudest) is that Reptil is "We are not Equestria". You're sure that would make more sense with some local political context.

The easiest to pick out are the cheers and the boos, but it sounds like a lot of people are just yelling to talk to the person next to them.

Even backing up in the main plaza reduces the sound significantly, but to get some genuine quiet you need to get off the streets. Which direction?


She slowly came to a stop
sobbing she just nodded in response
the the tears streaming down her furry face


"Okay, okay… I'll go find the post office with her. Come on Rhanna."


Give her a hug.
Pick her up and go…

"No I'll go with her. You take a look around, you'll be quicker that way."


Stop saying 'go' without saying where!


I'm still debating where!
Talking to Rhanna and Lilly!


"Okay, I'll try to find it on my own. Where do we meet?"


The crying died down, asidea from the occasional sniffle.
"I'm sorry…" She mumbled. Her voice cracking and shaky


"Back here in an hour?"

"It's okay, Rhanna."
Hoof you a hoofkerchief



Time to find the post office then! Take flight and see if I can spot it from the sky!

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15


I'll go down the left street with Rhanna.


She picked it up and blew her nose on it.
"T-thanks…" She said holding the snotty thing in he paw.
"Magic is scary…"she said looking down sadly


"It's not. You just have to get used to it, Rhanna…"


You catch sight of somepony in a courier's outfit like you alight on the hill and go into a building made out of cement. It's roughly an uneven rectangular hunk of the mix. No windows. There's not even a door on the front. The top has a 'skylight' of a sort – by which I mean a gaping hole you can fly into.

You head down this long road that slowly tilts up and leads to a collection of larger buildings. They seem more permanent but look generally awful in terms of design. Cobbled together from ship refuse and stone blocks.


Perfect! Here's hoping my luck holds up. Descend into the dark… sinister… pit.



Are these shops or is it a residential area? Or maybe political?


"I guess…"she saidwith a small sniffle.
"Where…a-are we going?


"Taking a look around. Do you like the town, Rhanna?"


It's not dark nor sinister. Afternoon light streams in through the ceiling.

This place looks like a hurricane hit it six years ago and no one cared enough to pick up. There are still ancient, moldy packages crumpled up in the corner, and the 'carpet' appears to be just a three inch layer of undelivered letters.

It's hard to judge based on the architectural style, or lack thereof. You'd guess based on the ponies around here that it is either some sort of political district, or possibly a fighting arena.

It's really hard to tell which.


Are there any kind of signs?



Where's that other courier?


She slowly shook her head negatively
"It smells weird and everypony here is too loud…my ears hurt a little too…" she said scratching her right ear.
"Was that the guy you were looking for? "


By signs do you mean graffiti?

No trace. Maybe s/he went into the back room, the portal to which appears to be an uneven arch, not unlike the entrance to a cement cave.


"No, I don't think he was. Do you smell anything here?"

What do they say?


Go check it! I need to talk to somepony here!


Rhanna lowered her head
then lightly lifted it up and sniffed the air

Roll #1 3 = 3



Another is a square symbol with an arrow exiting the top side.

There is one piece of graffiti that simply reads in stylized text: SPIDER

Still another reads: "TRAYVON DIN DO NUFFIN"

Perhaps the most politically informative reads "DOGE 4 DOGE"


The courier looks up at you and sighs in relief. "Oh, good, there's someone here. Usually your office is abandoned. This place is a total mess – I hope you at least TRIED to deliver these letters all over your floor. Can you go ahead and sign for a package? And I'm going to want to stay the night. Where do you keep the food? I'm beat."


Anypony on the street?
I'll ask if they know a wizard around here '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Sorry, I only just got here myself. I operate on the eastern Equestrian seaboard usually. What on earth happened to this place? It looks like a disaster zone."


She shook her head again
"No…Sorry" she breathe fiercely with her nose. Making a pig-like sound as she drew the mucus stuck on her nose back
"My nose is full of mucus…I can't even breathe right…
I dont think I'm sick though…"


"What? This is a catastrophe. I knew this would happen. I'm never doing this route again. Absolutely terrible. The worst."

The streets are pretty crowded but you're too beta to just grab someone at random.


They all look so mean.
I think I'll go back to the main street and try to look somewhere else. Go in the opposite direction.

"It's okay Rhanna."


I scrunch up at his response.
"So I guess this post office is just not being used anymore?"


"That would be my guess."

You head into the shady dark alleyway…



"Miss Selena…why don't we just ask pony?"
"And uh…can I have another hanker chief?"


I frown.
"That's just awful. I need to find somepony and all I have is a name."


"Reptil doesn't have much in the way of organized authority, outside of the Port Authority. It's under MSL control – did you get a look at those guards? They look like they're besieging the gates of Tartarus itself. You might find some information dealers in the Lower City, too. I think I'm just going to dump my package and move on."

This is the oddest street you've ever seen. It's clearly a slope, but it's like the rest of the city isn't sloping with it. There are no doors down here, or windows – even basement windows. Suddenly you realize there's a roof above you – when did that start? Glancing back, it appears you're under a building. The street continues – paving and all, completely undisturbed by this development – to a… river up ahead. It's dark, too. No lights.


Rhanna proceeded withoutmuch bother. She was used to being inside dark places.
"Miss Selena…whee are we?


Look around. "I'm not sure…"
Walk further to the river.


"Hmmm… okay, thanks. I wonder why people even bother using this service anymore considering this mess…"


It appears to be a sewage "river". You can see there are chutes from the buildings nearby that are probably used for trash and biological waste, though many of them are collapsed or crushed.

It extends deep into darkness in both directions. The air here is rotten, but not stagnant, and seems to naturally rise out the street you entered. It wasn't immediately apparent that this is a sewage line because the whole city smells bad.

"Reptil has always been a rowdy down since the Baron left. This council is a travesty. Just gives you more faith in the monarchy."


"Oof. This is repugnant."
What's on the other side of the river


The smell made Rhanna's stomach to growl a bit. The place was just awfully smelly for her sensitive doggy nose
"I'm disliking this place more and more by the minute…" she comments


A wall and a chute for the building above you.


"There's not much else to see here in Reptil. We'll go to the ship later."

This is all such a mess.
What did I even hope to find here?
Is there anypony walking around here?


You don't see any ponies around, though there is a "sidewalk" by the river that you could follow in either direction.


"Alright well, have a safe trip. Thanks for the info."


Oh well, we're here. Go….to the left!


She nodded
She quietly followed Selena around.


"Yeah, you too."

And so the responsible adult drags the crying child through the sewer.

Eventually, you come to a dead end. There's a bridge, however, and a perpendicular path continues on the opposite side of the river. The sewage river is filtered through a grate below, and you can see that larger items get diverted in this way – though by the number of things stuck in it, someone probably comes to fish it out once in a while. Maybe homeless ponies.

The passage ahead is rough hewn and there are structural reinforcements such as rods sticking out at odd angles. In the far distance, you see a light, which indicates to you that you are in front of a long tunnel.


And I still don't see anypony?
Look around '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Rhanna looked at the structures. Carefully analyzing them
She also looked around for any rods that she could take


I should return to Selena. Back to the spot where that magician was set up. She probably wandered off, but she should be back eventually…


Roll it

In the darkness of the tunnel, covered in rags, garbage, and old newspapers, homeless ponies lay very still and quiet.

She's not here…


Yeah, I thought so.

Well, how about I ask someone on the street about the Lower District?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Walk to one.
"Excuse me."



She slowly hid behind Selena
"Who are those ponies?" She whispered

Roll #1 3 = 3


These people look too rough to ask questions…

The rock looks tightly packed and unevenly constructed. As though it has been crushed and rebuilt several times.

One of them yelps: "GET HER!"


Bum 1
Bum 2
Bum 3
Bum 4

Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]


I shudder.

W-What about somepony at a market stall?

Roll #1 4 = 4


There are several market stalls near the entrances. None of them have a theme. Will you approach one? Ask a question?


Yeah, I'll approach one with the keeper that looks the least scary.
"Excuse me? Do you have a moment?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well I'm gonna slap their shit!
"Watch out Rhanna!"

Alchemist fire against Bum1 '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Rhanna picked up a rock laying around and threw it at one of them

Roll #1 6 = 6





"What's your poison?"

He seems to be selling mostly liquor, dead rats, a parrot, and foreign coins.


It explodes on the wall next to him as the shot goes wide, but he still yelps in surprise as some of the fire burns him.

While he's occupied with trying to put out the fire, the other two bums close on you with homemade shivs. They take swings at you. '2d10'

The little paw-sized rock smacks into his head and falls to the ground with a crack. He looks really angry and turns on you jumping on top of you! Roll to resist grapple!

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


Bum 1
Bum 2
Bum 3
Bum 4

Selena [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]

Getting slashed up even with weak weapons like these is no fun at all.


"I was just wondering if you knew anything about the Lower district. I'm told there's information brokers there."


She shakes her body furiously. Raking the pony with the claws of her paws
oh and she bit him,hard. On the arm

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Maybe. What's it worth to you?


which one?

Selena tries to jump out of reach and fire her gun at bum 1 '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4




The distracted bum collapses, done for. The remaining two don't hesitate to jump in for another assault.


He yells in pain and throws you down. This time, he's not messing around and just throws a broken bottle at you. '1d10'

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"What is it worth to you?"

One swings wide and slams into the wall. The other finds his mark, though.

Rhanna is getting cut up, too!

Bum 2 HLP
Bum 3
Bum 4

Selena [▓▓▓▓░░░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓]



Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]


Look at him incredulous.
"I mean, it's just a simple question of asking for directions. I'm broke, so I really can't offer you much, sorry."


Make a quick potion of heal


The one holding her down of course!

She yelps at the cut. Rushing back to Selena and jumped at the bum giving her trouble. Biting and growling

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You got nice hair. Gimme a couple hooffulls and I can sell it as a wig or extension."

You grab a few leaves from your bag and stuff them into flask and magically charge it. Meanwhile the bums take action. The first one tries to get up…


He gets up, and his buddy attacks you!

2 or 3?


I scrunch.
"Am I supposed to just rip my mane out with my bare hooves?"


>The other finds his mark, though.
That one


He grins. "I had hoped you might ask for help."

He pulls out a broken beer bottle and uses it to cut off your hair. He's so close as he works that you can feel his breath on your spine. Creepy.

"Good. Of the two main streets, take a left, follow it down, and take a left again. Cross the bridge. Be wary of bums - they like to ambush ponies that look like tourists. Maybe it's best the bums stop you, though, eh? Real bad figures lurk down there. Good luck pretty mare."

Bum four slips on some loose newspapers while trying to cut Rhanna, but Bum 3 gets in a hit. Bum 2 stands up.

Bum 2
Bum 3
Bum 4 HLP

Selena [▓▓▓░░░░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]


Tip: You can Appraise in combat to learn stats


Grab my special bottle of acid.
Acid Spray '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh dear, how much did he cut off…


>Ohshit I'm stupid
'1d10' Appraise Bum 2
Rhanna Also started to dig a hole. Not only to protect herself from the bums…but also selena's magic if it backfired
'1d10' I shiggy diggy

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9 = 9


You need a reflective surface for that. It feels like a lot to your hooves.


[Glancing] [Early, damage -1]

They all scream in agony! Bum 4 struggles to stand up, so Bum 3 gives him a hoof. Bum 2 goes in for another attack and slashes up Selena while Rhanna digs a hole.

Rhanna tries to learn about the bums, but it's so dark!

#Bum 2
Health: ??
Abilities: ??


Selena [▓░░░░░░░░░]
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]

Selena is terribly wounded and on the brink of death.

Rhanna is slightly roughed up.


Time for a drink of heal '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


O-Oh… well, it'll grow back.

I don't want to follow his directions on my own though. I'll go back to the meeting point to wait on Selena.


She's still not here..


Well… I could try some aerial scouting. Fly up in the sky and try to spot Selena with that wizard hat of hers or maybe even Rhanna.

Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7


This is a big city with a lot of ponies moving about! You think you see a wizard hat on one of the narrow streets.


Rhanna dug around until she was below the bum that was CLOSEST to Selena and then jumped out of the ground to clash with him
'1D10'hack slash bite everything
'1d10' and a Appraise roll on the same Bum as before

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' sorry

Roll #1 3 = 3


I-I hope they're okay. Just go wait at the meeting point then, not much else I can do for now that doesn't involve me getting gangraped by bums.


[Glancing Heal]

Bum 2 strangles you while Bum 3 comes in for a heavily handed hoof slap. You black out from the nonlethal attack. The last thing you see before you pass out is a blur as Rhanna tackles Bum 2 and he goes down in a wave of red.

Bum 4 tries to grab Rhanna with magic, but it backfires and he gets magic feedback.

Bum 3
Bum 4 HLP

Selena [░░░░░░░░░░] UNC
Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]

Bum 3 turns to Rhanna and points a hoof. "What are you waiting for? Grab the kid!"

Bum 2 [Glancing Appraise]
Health: [░░░░]

The crowd has mostly dispersed by now. It seems the man on the stage has packed up and left. The city center is still bustling, however, with partying drunkards and thieves.




"No! MISS SELENA! " She shouted punching wildly at a ramdom bum with tears in her eyes
'1d10' despair attack
'1d10' despair appraise

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


I sigh and just watch my surroundings closely. Don't want to get mugged. I wonder how my parents could ever deal with places like these…


You randomly attack Bum 4! Surprisingly you manage to take the already-wounded Bum down with a coup de grace.

The other bum comes up behind to to slash you up, but smashes his paw into the wall by accident as you flail around.

Rhanna [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░]

It occurs to you that you should have picked a meeting time.


We did! One hour.

I'm not that incompetent!


Rhanna saw this as a good opportunity. She grabbed Selena and tried to drag her away. She was bigger,but Rhanna is a dog and dogs are strong right?
'1d10' Getmeouttahere

Roll #1 9 = 9


There… out in the darkness. A fugitive running. Fallen from Celestia. Fallen from Grace. Sun be your witness. You never shall yield. 'Til you come face to face. 'Til you come face to face. She knows her way in the dark. Yours is the way of the LORD. And those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward! And if they fall as Nightmare Moon fell – the Flames! The Sword!

You follow a vision and the stars to Reptil. You've arrived at the Port Authority, a heavily garrisoned MSL-controlled walled region within the township of Reptil (which is otherwise unwalled). This area looks clean and orderly, but extremely well protected. The gates to Reptil proper have been described as "besieging the gates of Tartarus itself".

They're still missing. Suspicious.

You stuff Selena into the hole, and the third bum slashes at you but trips. Lucky you. He's no doubt going to try to follow you as soon as he get sup.



Finding a single mare in a town like Reptil will be a nightmare.
But I guess I can start at the post office.


Take Selena out of here with me. Squeezethrough and dig out.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Aw… they ran into trouble, didn't they? I need to go find them, but how? Everypony here looks scary!

Is there even one person I can see that doesn't look like he or she wants to stab me to death?

Roll #1 9 = 9


You hit more bricks before you get much deeper. The bum is still struggling to get up.

You're halted at the gate into the city. There's a portcullis here, so it's not like you could keep going without their intervention anyway.

"Before entrance into the city, you need to be searched for contraband. Additionally, you'll need to sign this waiver saying that the MSL is not responsible for anything that might befall you outside of the MSL-controlled zone, such as thievery or wounding."

Here are some of the characters you see:
A conclave of bums
A shady dealer looking type
Some gangsters
A fortune teller stall of extremely questionable veracity
A heavily armored litter surrounded by guards that look like they wouldn't hesitate to shoot anyone
A few ponies who appear to be professional pickpockets
A flight of orphans cruising at low altitude
A sort of nerdy looking pony in a vest


Does the MSL fall under the equestrian authority?


She stopped a moment to shake Selena,shouting "WAKE UP WAKE UP!" before digging more and more with tears in her eyes.
They had to get out of here

Roll #1 9 = 9


I mean… the nerdy looking pony seems like the least threatening option here. Unless he's some kind of a sinister warlock in disguise.

Damn it. Approach him.
"Excuse me, did you happen to see a pegasus mare wearing a wizard hat and a small diamond dog around here somewhere?"


The MSL is a sort of corporate alliance between Free Imperial Cities, Imperial Cities, Guilds, Free Cities, and others - including cities not in Equestria. It's a trade league that operates internationally, if such a thing as nations can be said to exist.

The bum pulls himself back to his feet as you pull loose the bricks to get to another layer of dirt.

He looks up, surprised – as though interrupted in his train of thought.

"Oh, yeah, I saw them about twenty minutes ago."


"Where? Did you see where they were going?"


Show my bags and sign the weaver.


Dig!damn you. DIG!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Out of nowhere, three female Zebras pop up and provide backup singing. Zebras noted with Z, Nerdy pone noted with N.


N: I was walking in the Cloud District at the time. And I passed by this place – where this old Neighponese


N: He sometimes sells me exotic swords.


N: Cause he knows – he knows that they're my hobby.


N: He didn't have anything new that day.


N: So I was going to just walk on by.

Z: (Bass) Good for you!
Z: (Backup) Shadooo dop a bwop!

N: When suddenly – and without warning – there was this –


N: It was a mailpony who had flown up above me! There was this strange whining sound – like something from another world. And when the light came back this weird Diamond Dog pup was just being pulled along there on the road by the wizardress!


N: I coulda sworn it wasn't there before – but they went into the Lower District anyway – without any protection.


The Zebras walk off.

"I hope that helped."

They give you a courteous nod and let you through the gate. "Be safe Inquisitor. Some of the less scrupulous folks in town may take a lone professional as a target for bragging rights. Get your work done quickly and get out."

You give the bricks a hard kick and force a cave-in above you, sealing you and Selena into a dirt tomb, but also protecting you from the bum above. You should be safe here.


Off to the post office. If this place even has one.


Panting hard she let Selena go. Then she trtried to remain as calm and quiet as she could.
she then tried to see Selena's situation…is she dead?will she be alright?"
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Uh… thanks? Yes, thank you. I'll just go away now."
Start backing away from him, then turn around and trot away once I've taken a few steps.

Alone in the Lower District… Oh shoot! I should go help them even if it's dangerous. Take to the skies! I need to find the entrance to that part of the city.


The first area you cross through is something of a marketplace, but none of the stalls appear to have any theme at all. They all just sell whatever they have – you see wigs, shivs, pendants, hooves, apples, and bags of bricks laying around next to each other. Another shop sells makeup, livers, hats, live frogs, and god leashes – which are a sort of leash with supports in it to make it look like there's an invisible pet floating above you wearing the collar. Popular among infidels.

Up ahead there's a split in the path – one road goes up to some larger (but still incredibly ramshackle) buildings). One road goes deep down, and appears to not follow the contours of the earth – the street proceeding without concern below the ground.

Perception check.

She is terribly wounded and unconscious. She needs medical attention.

You see the split – it's not very far form here. One of the advantages to the chaos of this city is that the streets are surprisingly simply laid out. Maybe drunkards can't handle complex winding passageways. Perception check.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Are there enemies aloft?! Someone's staring at you from above. Someone familiar.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Upon seeing what happened to her. Rhanna almost started crying again. But she stopped herself…it was no time to be a baby anymore…
Maybe Selena carries some medicine or stuff with medical properties with her…maybe
Rhanna started to search in Selena's clothes and bags. Everything! Looking for anything useful


At the junction below, there is an armored pony.

355 bits, completed work order, bank documents, Face’s Fez


I lost my sheet.
Rush under a porch, into a corner, to keep the street under control!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh, it was just Lilly.

Maeda Tree
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Hero
Skills: Mirror Elixir, Revolving Drum, Fervor, Dream Wine
Talent: Mirror Elixir
Hits/Wounds: 6/6
Weapon: Great
Inventory: Inquisitorial Documents, 600 bits

The armored pony runs off.


No no that won't do.
she needed alchemy things! Like the ones she used on those guys…she could maybe replicate the healing potion…maybe…what If she couldn't…No…no time to doubt yourself Rhanna! Keep looking! Take off her clothes,bags hat EVERYTHING!


Her alchemical flasks are here, but you aren't trained in their use and it could be extremely dangerous to simply mix things up with no training. There would be a pretty high chance of making poison.


Uh… okay. I hope that doesn't mean I'm being tracked or something.


"You! Courier!"
Yell after her!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Perk my ears and look down.

Oh god, I'm in trouble aren't I?


She didn't know what to do anymore…they were trapped here…
she scanned her surroundings. Maybe if there is somewhere she could dig to get out…
'1d10' appraise the hole.
She also picked each of the materials and neatly set them up. She needed to know everything she had access to.
she sniffed and felt them. At least she always knew she could trust her nose
'1d10' hole
'1d10' materials

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 6 = 6


You are not in what can be described as a hole anymore. This is a pocket of dirt below some collapsed bricks far below the concrete of paved streets.

You can identify these as various materials used for healing, acid, poison, and other functions. The only thing you can identify by name is the solid block of iron she has in her bag. There's a wand here too.


Catch up to her.
"Forgot about me already?"


I'm high in the sky, kind of hard to recognize you from here.
"Uh… oh! Now I see. You're the inquisitor I met!"


"You were rather hard to track down, miss Belle.
But I'm here to help!"


She relaxed.
she couldn't dig through concrete…she was not that strong…
she thought and pondered about her options…
she went to look at Selena…gave her one last nudge,hoping she would wake up…
"Why didn't you taught me this earlier…I know I'm ready…" she said sadly before picking the materials using for healing.
she did her best with them to make something to make Selena better…
'1d10' gadjet

Roll #1 1 = 1


It explodes in your face violently.

After all of the sparks you're still alone in the dark.


"Sorry, I don't really have time to talk because I'm tracking someone down who's probably in trouble! She's wearing a wizard hat and she's accompanied by a young diamond dog, did you see them anywhere around here?"


Shake my head.
"Give me a few moments. I will try something."

Time for LSD Dream Wine!



Roll #1 6 = 6


Rhanna falls in the floor.
She got up. Sobbing as the tears rolled down her eyes
"Again…" she said swallowing her sadness and doing it again.
"P-p-prat-tice makes…p-perf-f-fffect"
she tried using a little less of certain materials. Maybe it will work…
'1d10' gadjet

Roll #1 7 = 7


In your vision, you see a rat crawl down a storm drain and drift through a coalescing yet evanescent flow of sewage. It drifts for a time and dissolves into a noxious mist which curls about into a mole hill, which your consciousness drops through, to find a graveyard. In the pauper's grave section, a hoof bursts from the soil, and the gravestone reads: Here lay two outsiders
Found in the sewers
Fodder for the downtrodden

"Floor" is a very generous term to refer to this roughly scrabbled out section of dirt you're lurking in. You were already on the ground after all – there is not much room to move here.

You make a filter, gives you +1 to experimenting with dangerous chemicals you know nothing about. Of course, +1 still leaves a huge margin for error…


"…We might not have much time. Whoever it is you are looking for is in the sewers right now, about to die.
She went against the ponies who run this place."

Roll #1 9 = 9


She swallowed
and tried checking again for the materials
double checkingis always important and she needs to be sure. ..
'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 1 = 1


What could go wrong?

Yes, you're pretty sure these are healing herbs…


Slap my forehead!
"We need to get into the sewers then! This is a very dangerous city!"
Do I spot any entrances to the seswer we can access?

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10


"Right after you.
Who is we are after?"


"Selena and Rhanna! I met them in Lubuck and we're helping each other out. I'm helping Selena find her missing kids and she's helping me with… well, you know."


"You could have waited for me instead of running off like that, I'd promised to help!"


"The ship was leaving and you were gone, I couldn't risk losing my money by missing the ship!"


That lower city street smells suspiciously of sewer access.


She had to try…
'1d10+1' mix it up

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"I was on that ship!
Bah, nevermind now!"


It smells very bitter and base. Caustic crystals form in the flask.


"Here! This way!"
Marehole anywhere?


She took a very. Very small and careful sip of it…


Bleh. It's like nothing you've ever tasted. It's thick like day old milk and has an after taste like sour grapes. The initial taste is so foreign you have nothing to compare it to, but it's awful.

No Marehole – just a street. It slopes down, with no concern for the fact that the landscape and buildings remain flat. It heads under the bottom of a building where it is dark.


Okay this is certainly not a good thing…maybe…then again medicine is really bitter…
Rhanna let a few drops of it fall in the ground besides her.
Then she let the mixture she brewed on the other side
she had no time to waste. So she tried tasting,feeling,smelling and so forth on every other material she had available.
"Come on…this time for sure…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Let's not waste time then."
Off into darkness!


This sure is nice…

Off into the darkness.


It doesn't react to the soil.

The other materials look mostly like leaves and salt. There are some leeches here too – dead of course. You're not sure what it's there fore. Also, water, a heater, and milk.

You come to a sewage river – no bridge over, and a wall on the other side. You can follow the path along the river upstream (left) or downstream (right).

At first you wonder why it doesn't smell so bad, then you realize the whole city smells so awful, sewage is only mildly inconvenient by comparison.


Rhanna picked up the water and the leaves. Along with the heater
she crushed and ripped the leaves until they were just tiny pieces and left them boil in the water.
wait a minute…
the pee stone! Did she still had it?

Roll #1 5 = 5




>oh yeah and that+1 from the gadget.



"I'd try downstream.
Foul things tend to be swept along with the water."


Riiiight! Look at it from the positive side I guess!

Dice saaays… the first option. Upstream.


You head downstream. Things start to get even more rough hewn until you realize that you're not in a sewer anymore – more of a cave. It's so hard to see down here, though…

You head upriver until you come to a bridge. The path ends here, but it continues in a perpendicular direction on the other side. The river below is filtered by a grate here.

On the other side of the bridge you see a wretched figure surrounded by corpses and blood, scrabbling at the ground.

"What was that? … Probably rats, into everything."


But why the fuck does that horse not listen to a thing I say?
Trace my way back and never split the party.


Oh dear god. Hide!

… Who's corpses are those? Can I see?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You have to sprint to catch up with her, but finally you run into her – physically, run into her because she stopped suddenly – near a bridge.

Your sneaking is interrupted when Maeda runs into you! It's way too dark down here to identify corpses – you're lucky you can see them at all – that figure has some sort of light source, but it's faint. A candle, perhaps.

"Who's there?"

He turns his hooded lantern up on you and Maeda, and without a word he runs off. It looks like he was digging at a really odd spot. Something of a hole collapse, like a shallow grave…


"Stop right there!"
Fervor, rush up to him!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Stuff a hoof in my mouth to stop me from screaming in surprise.


You close with him as he rounds the next corner, apparently knowing where he's headed. You only narrowly manage to follow his tracks as he heads over very rough terrain – grates, jutting rocks, and outstretched pipes that could incapacitate anyone in a chase.

"Get out of here, Equestria! This is no place fer yer likes!"

Based on the random swinging of the lantern, you think this is some sort of steam tunnel, maybe below or near a boiler.


Maeda abandons you. With the lantern now gone, you are in total darkness surrounded by dead bodies and a shallow grave. The only sound remaining is the gentle flow of the sewage river nearby.


She hoped to whatever God ponies believed in that it would work.
because she had no idea what she was doing
she picked up the boiling hot water and placed it on a small cup. She carefully picked up the pieces of the leaves and mashed them with her knuckles along with the leeches then mixed the milk with the water that contained some of the essence of the leaves.
she had no idea how to work with the stone so she left it in the warm water and milk mix (assuming it cooled a bit because of the milk that was cooler )
She then analyzed the paste of the leaves and leeches and the liquid
'1d10' 1
'1d10' 2

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Oh gee. Really slippery fuck, this one.
Tell you what. Down a mirror elixir and head back, slowly, tracing my way back by carefully checking with a hoof the way.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You execute the actual tasks perfectly, but it's hard to tell if this mixture will actually be useful.


I-I need light! Find a torch! Survival!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You fumble with your bottle and it drops on the ground, smashing. You grumble. It's not like it's difficult to make more, it's just another little headache to top off your day.

You walk face-first into a wall. It's not very painful, but the wall is covered in mold. EUGHGHH!


Let's pray that it does!
Rhanna picked the paste and rubbed her hands together. And gently massaged Selena's injuries
this had to work for sure!


Maybe it'll get better…

You're regaining consciousness. Something's really burning you badly. Suddenly you realize that someone has applied some sort of anti-coagulant to your wounds and is encouraging you to bleed out! To make matters worse, you seem to be in some sort of underground hole that is less than one cubic meter. It's CRAMPED. Rhanna is here playing with your medical supplies, and the bloodloss is making it hard to focus.


Let out a pained groan and desperately brush my face to get rid of the icky mold.
"Who goes there!?"


"What happened?"


Rhanna hugged Selena
"You're awake! It worked!
Those ponies hit you really hard and you fainted…I. ..I thought you died and I took you in the hole and then I blocked it off…And you were pretty bad so I…I tried using your things to brew something to wake you up…"


Selena expires from bloodloss. She groans as she departs: "Et tu, Rhanna?"


You hear some yelling coming from the grave below you.


Bah. Let's go back, slowly and carefully.


It's very dark here, but you slowly feel your way back. Your exhaustion catches up with you and you collapse next to Lilly and the shallow grave. [Fervor]


Right. Lift myself up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"No no! Miss Selena come on you have to stay awake!PLEASE MISS SELENA STAY WITH ME I'M SORRY! " she shouted out as she shook her a bit
Selena was right
She was not ready.
Rhanna ripped off her own cloak and gave them a good licking.
and then started licking Selena's wounds. She remembered that licking always helped with her hurtsies
'1d10' if I need to roll for it

Roll #1 4 = 4


And actually, take 6 because nothing's happening.
"It's just-"
"Me. The digger ran."


There is a lot of yelling coming from that shallow grave.

I hope you like the taste of pony blood, because you're getting a lot of it.


Oh gods! Zombies!

"The undead are coming for us!"


"What the…"
Okay, pull out a torch. I should have one. Right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


You don't have one on your sheet, but you have plenty of money to buy one up at the market above. You're sure you saw countless kinds of lighting, from torches to lanterns to glowing mushrooms to bottles full of fireflies!

The most you can make out by hoof is that the brick floor breaks up in favor of dirt for a brief patch here. The bricks look hastily cast aside, and recently.


She spat some of the blooday
and thinking that was enough she started wrapping Her wounds with what was once her cloak


The body is starting to lose its warmth.


Maybe someone dropped a torch during the battle! Survival again!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Okay, this is ridicolous and I cannot help.


None of the ponies here had torches, but you fish a plank of wood out of the sewage – it has a hunk of cement on one end, so you smash it against the bricks until the cement is gone – providing you with a dry end! Now to light it somehow…


She needed to think of something
the warm liquid she brewed.
she quickly picked it up and examined it and sipped a bit of it too

Roll #1 10 = 10


You're not Helpless


>It's appraise btw


It tastes like blood and salt. You feel strange. You imagine this potion would cause pain, wake someone up, and increase bleeding.


I could look for something like flint I suppose…

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Go back out, buy a lantern and come back.


Spits it out
Rhanna had no more options.
she laid there and hugged Selena tight. Sharing her heat while crying and sobbing
"Someone help me!…please…Miss Selena…" she said loudly but her voice cracked a lot from the crying


You search the sewage for flint and find none. You imagine flint would sink to the bottom. You locate some sticks and string in the river that you might be able to perform a bow drill with.

You hear more screaming from the grave.

Back up to the market. A grinning pony at a stall has a lantern. "Lantern, eh? You sure have a smell about you, eh heh! That'll be 20 bits."

The world refused to change.


"Sure. Light it for me as well."


"Don't worry, I'll get you out!"
But I need to see… come on, make some fire baby!

Roll #1 5 = 5


He indicates a knob on the mechanism. "Twist this quickly" he demonstrates, lighting the lantern "And it will strike the lighting strip inside. It may get worn out after many uses, though."


"Perfect. Does it have fuel?"


She slowly lifted her head.
she can't
she will not let this happen.
She let go of Selena.
And looked up and started digging. Brows furrowed and eyes squinting
she was going to get out of there
and Selena was going to remain Alive
even If her hands bleed and break
she won't stop digging

'1d10' dig dog dig dog dig

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well, the oil in it will last for a few hours of continuous use. After that, I suppose you'd have to get more. If you're planning on cave exploring, I'd bring extra bottles. If it's just for around a campsite or to keep around the house, it could last years."

You dig out of your burrow.

Clawed paws rip through the soil nearby as you light your first flame.


"Good. Seeya."
Run off as fast as I can back to where I left Lilly!
Using the lantern this time!


My eyes widen in fear and I point my gun at the claws.
"What… What?"


"If you thugs are still around I swear I'm going to eat you ears!" She barked out menacingly to whoever was outside

She continued
"If you want to remain Alive you better take her to the hospital RIGHT NOW! "


"… Rhanna?"


Lilly has created a tiny little campfire here. She's aiming at claws ripping out of the grave.


Draw my sword!
"What the-
Is this unholy magic!?"


"Who is there? How do you know my name? " the childish voice asked


"Rhanna, it's me, Lilly! Get out of there! What's going on? Where is Selena?"


There's a diamond dog pup here. It has a blue mare corpse with it. Its paws are covered in blood.

There are also bum corpses nearby, in rags.


"Lilly help Selena is dying!
Take her tothe hospital please! Now!"


I'm not trained for this!
"Put her on my back!"


Rhanna is holding a blue pony corpse. It has a complex fracture of the front right hoof. It has severe lacerations on the chest and back, which are covered in a thick, pink paste – blood seeps out from under it. Its hooves are covered in blood. Its face is badly mutilated and hard to recognize. It has no pulse and its soul has departed.


She did as told and mustering all of her strength she placed Selena on his back
"Come on go go!" She shouted in tears
"Don't let her die please! I don't want to let her die! "


Oh dear god no…
"W-What… what on earth happened!?"




Stop her.
"She's already dead…"


"I don't think… I… I think she's gone, Rhanna…"
Fall back onto my haunches, dejected.


She said getting her out of him
"She's not!…she's can't. ..I did everything right…wrong…" she babbled as she continued crying
'1d10'carry her away

Roll #1 3 = 3


You don't have to roll for that, you're not under any pressure.

Where to?


I go after her. Trying to hold back tears.
"Rhanna… what happened?"


The hospital
ask ponies around if Lilly and made a don't aswer

"The hospital. Where?!"


Share a look with Lilly.
"What now?"


If you head out of the Lower District, you're back on Market Road. Consulting random ponies, you learn that the closest thing to a 'hospital' they have is Goody Mallow…

"Though what you've got there is a corpse. Only a Necromancer can deal with those sorts."


"I-I don't know…"

Tear up.
"I… she was helping me. She knew my parents and… offered to help me."


She growled violently to the pony before heading to the place
once there she shouted pleads of help to any pony that showed up


Move closer and pat her back.
"I'm sorry we were late… At least the pup is still alive. She's clearly in shock. We should stop her from hurting herself…"
Go after the dog.


"It's my fault… I should have stuck with them… I didn't know they'd come here…"
Follow, not looking entirely in this world.


What place? You need to ask more questions.


Fine ask more questions
"The hospital! Where is the hospital! ?somepony help us!"

"Stop standing there!do something! Help me get her to the hospital! "


Trot over, and stop, pulling the scared pup in a hug, close to my chest.
It's not your fault."


"I told you, there is no hospital. There is a goodwife who does some healing, but that pony is dead."


She trashes against him
"GET OFF OF ME!" she barked out raking him

Roll #1 5 = 5


I snap out of my stupor.

"Then what are we supposed to do? She's not from around here, none of us are. We can't just leave her…"



Sigh and reach for the corpse, flinging it over my back.
"We should bury her."




"Well, outside the town's good for pauper's graves. Or the local necromancer. Supposedly some live down in the Lower District, but there's another in town that may do it. I seen it with me own eyes. No need to head below, neither."


"Do what?"


Is this fella talking necromancy to the local inquisitor?


"NO! We're heading for the necwomancer!"
She said taking her out of the pony reach


Sure. He doesn't even seem nervous about it.

"You know. Resurrections."

He gives you a toothy grin. He could use a toothbrush.


"You mean… bringing her back to life? Just like that?"


"Oh I don't know that it's easy. Probably some kind of service fee involved, too. But like I said, I seen it with my own eyes. Cross me eart. Er what's left of it after that last attack."


"Okay fine let's take her there
Miss Selena will never find her daughters!and it's my fault! I won't let her die! "


"So… where does this necromancer live?"


Which afterlife am I in, anyway?


"You two couldn't possibly be considering this."


"If it saves Selena…"


You didn't really make it clear to me who you're aligned with.


"How much is it worth to you?"


How much money do I have left?


"I. Am. Bringing her back."
She growled
"I will not let this be…She was the best friend I had,and I will not let her die.
If it wasn't by me. She wouldn't be dead"

"Anything! I just want her back…"


Don't think she had any particular god so far.
Except Celestia but that's more because she grew up in Equestria than any real devotion


Lilly: 8 bits
Corpse: 355 bits
Rhanna: 0 bits
Maeda: 570 bits


"I can only give you 8 bits, that's all I have left…"


"I have…20 bits I the bank…or 12…I don't remember."


To the Void then. Unlike some Dark Templars may tell you, the void isn't cold. It isn't anything. You have no sensation or sensory input of any kind. You sort of drift, but you don't move. There is no time or space. It is a simple thing for your consciousness to drift away and disappear forever, here. Why fight it?

"Ach, you two are a special kind of pauper, aren't you? How about those clothes on the body? I can sell that cape."


Throw a bag with 50 bits in it straight at his hooves.
"Tell us where this necromancer is, and then go buy some dignity with what's left."


W-wait, I can't die yet!
My daughters still need me!


"My, aren't you generous? The stallion you're looking for styles himself Sir Crawfish of Farlands. That's an island in Caballeria, far to the northwest of here, outside of the Manesian Sea. Crawfish is sort of Paladin-Necromancer, if I ever seen one. Moon worshiper – that much is sure. I saw him giving a sermon and doing alms to the poor in this district not one day ago. While there, he performed a miraculous resurrection. I think his flock has congregated outside the city gates. There will be signs – look for the crescent moon symbol."

You have plenty of time here, outside of time, to think about your goals, regrets, triumphs, and what you might have done.


I couldn't even help my daughters.
And what about Rhanna, the poor thing, I left her all alone!


I frown.
"Selling the clothes off of a dead mare's body…"

Look at her.
"Thank you, that's very generous of you. I don't know what we've done to deserve this kind of generosity but again, thank you. I'll repay you when I can."


"Everything leads back to the moon…"
Clint style.


Rhanna nodded
"Okay…let's let's go…" sh said still Sniffling


There is plenty of time to contemplate Rhanna too.

You were bad once – but you ain't like that now. Wait, no, that was some western hero, wasn't it?

You head out into the island proper, past the stage and into the forest. As the merchant promised, there are moon signs here. They weren't really necessary, you can see the congregation down by the water. Mostly disenfranchised paupers crowding around the heavily-armored knight known as Crawfish.


It was a good pony, you wouldn't understand!
Move along with the others, and as we travel remove the insignas and other official marks from my armor.


Time for contemplation '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Rhanna looked around. Still carrying Selena

She slowly approached them


I hope this works out…


You have plenty of time to contemplate the infinite, but without access to a brain, comprehension is more difficult.

He appears to be in the middle of a sermon. "And so she gave up her freedom for YOU! Martyred as a prisoner. But she WILL return! And on that day, all the downtrodden will be uplifted. One thousand years is no doubt a long time to wait for anypony – so that just means you'll have to be ready. When you meet her in the gardens of the afterlife, who among you will say that your whole life wasn't enough time to learn of Her glory?"

He gestures at your little group.

"You see, anywhere Her light shines, followers appear. Now, I know Celestia and her empire is not popular with you locals – so it shouldn't surprise you that she's tried to stamp out worship of Luna. And yet in spite of this, it continues to grow. Because you can't kill righteousness. It refuses to die. That's the beautiful truth of this world."


Rhanna didn't understandmuch of what he was talking about.
but she slowly approached him
"Mister…Please…We need your help…"


Uh… Follow behind her.


"Child, does the light of Luna the Redeemer truly fill the heart of this poor, fallen mare?"


"I…I don't know…but you have to save her…her daughters are lost and we were going to find them…but she died…and its my fault…please…please…get her to come back…Im begging you "


This is so heretic I could go full kamikaze here and celestia would still take me to her left side.


"Well let me tell you child, Luna is so righteous and merciful, she will take anypony under her wing so long as they are truly righteous like her. Can I get an amen?"


"Pray with me, child! Help me beg Luna for her mercy!"


I'm really not sure what to think of this. Don't they mean nightmare moon?


Rhanna approached them andp placed her hand in the pony shoulder after gently lettting Selena down "how do I do that?"


"Bow your head and raise your paws to the sky. Luna, giver of all that is good, if you judge it to be good, give us back this mare that she might know your love."

Press X to pray. Also roll.


She dI'd as told
"Miss Luna I don't know you,but if you can help miss Selena I promise I'll do anything for you"

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're sore all over.

Wait, sore? This isn't the void. You open your eyes.

You don't think your parents would approve of this.

But Selena miraculously coughs to life!


Open my eyes.


I gasp.

It worked!




Rhanna gasped
"MISS SELENA! " she wrapped her in a hug. Bawing in tears


Look around.
"What happened?"


"The Lady Luna has heard this tearful child's pleas and brought her back to this mortal realm!"


I wipe my eyes.
"I was…. dead?"


I step forward and nod sadly.
"I'm sorry… we were too late to help."


"Yeah but I brought you here!and you're alive!Miss Selena I'm so sorry it was my fault! I should have not cried and asked to get out of there I promise I will be good forever from now on!" She said crying and hugging her




"Perhaps in the days to come, when Equestrians bear down on Reptil to expand their empire by another island, you too will look to the Moon for protection from the wrath of the Sun. For she who can spare the dead can surely spare the living."


This seems a good time to refocus your attentions. You were… looking for the author of that letter! Who could tell you about such a strange seal? Perhaps some arcanist? Or the merchants on Market Row? Someone in the Lower District?


Rhanna runs up and momentarily let's go of Selena to give the leadera big hug "thank you mister "


"So… Selena? I know there's a lot been going on and it's tired me, but I think we should go to the Lower District and find somepony who brokers information."


I get up.
"I thank you…all of you…I thought I was lost."

Hmmm, maybe Lilly knows something.
Otherwise I'll ask the merchants in Market Row.

Rub my head.
"Lilly, did you find anything?"


He gives you a gentle pat but then points skyward, to a moon faintly visible in the afternoon sun.

"Thank not me, but Luna. I am merely a conduit for her love and mercy. It is She who is responsible for your friend's resurrection.


"Back there? Good, I'm ready for some payback."

"I shall remember her kindness."


"Thank you sooooooooo much Miss Luna!"


"Yeah… I asked a merchant and he warned me of the bums being dangerous. But apparently the lower district has people who could tell us about the ponies you mentioned. Maybe."


It becomes kinda apparent that they're in the middle of a sermon here, so you skitter off to the main road into town.

That gypsy fortune telling booth is still up, if you'd like to visit it. There are also some gangs around you might consult with. For instance, the CSF – whatever that street tag means – seems to be out in force. You also see a number of ponies seemingly representative of the RAF. Market row is on the other side of this big fairground.


Rhanna just followed Selena everywhere with a smile. Holding her leg and all that cute stuff


"Let's start with the CSF."
Walk up to one.
"Hey you. I want information."


Pull her away before she can do that.
"Selena… I think we should really go underground to get the info we want…"


The CSF wear green bandanas. They seem disorganized, but very numerous. You seem to have seen a lot of tagging in their colors around the Cloud District.

The RAF by comparison seem few in number, but highly regimented. They have uniforms – even if they are mostly faded and patchwork.


"Hmmm, oh right. I'll follow you then, Lilly."

Pet your head


That guy I sold my mane to earlier, he gave me directions. We should follow them.


Rhanna found it a bit funny. But she didn't show

she was too busy being happy for Selena.
"I used your alchemist things…I tried to make a potion to help but I just made it worse…"


You go back to the entrance down to the sewers but now find the way blocked by uniformed RAF gangsters who bar the way. There are six of them here. They halt you on approach.

"High command has decided to seal off this route, as tourists are apparently being killed. The office of the people's dictator has issued an edict ordering that tourists may only enter the Lower District if escorted – to ensure that our tourism industry is not damaged by untimely murders. The fee is 40 bits for a group of any size."


"Why are ponies being killed? " she asked simply.


"Common muggers. They know better than to mess with the Red Army Faction."


Point at Selena.
"She got killed. Could we get a free escort maybe so those bums don't attack us?"


"She got killed and what, she got better? Same toll for everyone, no fast ones. Our orders come straight from the Office of the People's Dictator."


"But that's what happened to miss Selena too! Are you making them regret what they did?" She asked a bit serious


"The degenerates will be reminded of their place, that is for certain."


Roll my eyes.
"Do you know about any mages in the Low District?"


"B-But she got brought back to life! By the guy in the harbor!"


"It is known that the People's Dictator keeps some spellcasters in her employ. Besides that, perhaps there might be some skulking hermit-spellcasters that keep to themselves in the lower burg."


"Good. Make them pay"she said raising her paw a bit
"Make. Them. Pay."


"You are very spirited. Have you ever considered serving the people by joining the Red Army Faction? You may be young, but our Glorious Leader started out in this line of work when she was no older than eight."


Rhanna wagged her tail lightly
"That would be cool. Your leader sounds cool too.
but I would have to ask miss Selena. "

"Can I missomeplace Selena? Can I?"


I frown.
"Alright alright, 40 bits?"

Look at you.


"No, you're not joining any crazy cults."

"Fine, we'll pay your fee."
Give him 40 bits.


"Aw…yes Miss Selena…"

"Sorry but if miss Selena says no. My aswer is also no. As much as I would like to make those bums regret every single walking second of their lives…oh well keep doing a good job mister!"


>was meant to this one


"The RAF is not a cult, it is a civil institution bent to the will of the people. Rooting out degeneracy and protecting the innocent. Taxes are just a necessity. This way, then."

They escort you down the left side of the river, over the bridge. Once you reach the Steam Tunnels, they pull out lanterns and you proceed more slowly, stopping at times so they can point out dangerous pipes you might trip over. Eventually you get through the twisting tunnel labyrinth and arrive at a large open space. It's kind of strange because it's rare to encounter an open area that is very wide and deep but not very tall – it's a six foot ceiling, not too bad for your size, but it's expansive – like a market square. Indeed, there are a number of huts and shacks here. Along the way, some hobos eye you but the RAF scare them off. Finally, they let you go free when you approach the center of the clearing – it's a fountain, complete with lights.

"This is a safe area. I advise you to hire escorts on the way back as well."

They depart. This area is dark except for the RAF Headquarters, which is well lit and heavily fortified. Any number of shacks could be here, full of hiding out ponies.


"What a horrible place."

Roll #1 8, 3 = 11


"Good, now, who shall we speak too?"


Well this is a nice place…
Before they leave.
"Who would be the best ponies to direct us to people we're looking for? Information brokers?"


Rhanna looked around.
she was hungry but she didn't want to bother Selena now.
She was sure they would eat later

"There is a bunch of ponies here I'm sure…Who are you looking for miss Selena? "


"The only ponies you can trust for sure are the ponies in red. You should ask around the RAF Headquarters."


"Well… if they run this place they might know."


"As long as they don't ask for more money." I grumble. "Let's go."


"I don't have much more of my mane to give up either…"


The RAF headquarters is flanked by two uniformed guards, but they let you pass without protest. There's a makeshift front desk here, and a pony salutes you as you enter.

"Here to apply to serve your people?"



"Uh. No. We're here for information."


"Well, what is it, then?


Throw the letter on the table.
"I'm looking for a sorcerer that might have made this."


Look at Selena.
"We're looking for ponies."


Rhanna remained quiet like a good puppy and let the adults talk


"Maybe one of the People's Magicians could help. If you follow the stairs up, I believe Comrade Karl is with the People's Dictator currently. Once they're finished, he may be able to help you."


"Thank you."
Time to walk up.


"Sure… thanks."


There's a nicely furnished waiting room here. It even smells okay!

There are red double doors where you can hear the faint sounds of voices in the next room.


My, this red army leader sure likes her red


All this red, it's really grating to the eyes! Sit down and wait.

"This place is so weird."


"There sure is a lot of red here.
it kinda hurts my eyes…" she said squinting


"She sure likes Red." I chuckle


"It's not just that, but the whole… cultlike atmosphere."


Finally, the door opens and a pony in a gray jacket with a red star opens the door.

"It looks like you have visitors, Leader."

"Send them in, then!"


"Don't say that too loud. We don't want to become enemies of the People."


Go in.


Follow next to Selena.


As always. Follow Selena and hides behind her
'1d10' hide in poni!

Roll #1 7 = 7


In we go.


Suddenly the Glorious Leader jerks up in her seat.

"Wait, wait. You there. You!" She points at Lilly. "Come here, closer, to my desk!"


Do I recognize her?


Take a careful few steps towards the desk and furrow my brow.
"… Did we meet before?"


It has been 17 years since you saw her, and she was 11 at the time. Up to you.

"Lilly Belle? After all these years?"


I guess if she's looking like that at Lilly.


"You know me? Wait… Red? Weren't you…"
I trail off.


This room is hardly spartan. It's full of scarlet drapes and filing cabinets. There's an austere desk, on which sits a green lamp. Behind it sits a red mare wearing a uniform.

"Red was once my name – I gave it away. To the people. Now they bear it. I am merely the People's Dictator."

She gives an amiable nod to Lilly. "Please, do not hold my welcome overly ostentatious. These are merely the trappings of office – I am sincerely pleased to see you once again, regardless of the terms I parted upon with my adoptive mother."


Be silent. Don't want to interfere with the meeting.


Rhanna approached the mare
looking up at her silent
>captcha: sionqt


"Oh… I don't even remember why you left."
Give her a weak smile and walk around the desk to try and give her a hug.
"But it's nice to see a familiar face again…"


She gives you a sad, half-hug. "Were only I to have met you sooner. So much have I given up for the welfare of the People. I have loved them like I loved you, Lilly. Like a sister."




"Well I'm glad you're okay. I never thought I'd see you again. Least of all here in this place…"


"I wrote a book about population thresholds you should read if you get a chance. The Red Number. It's good – you should read it."

She grabs a copy from a nearby bookcase and slides it across. "This is my copy, but I can get a new one printed."


Cough a moment in the background.
"So, am I missing something?"


"This is my adoptive sister, Lilly. In spite of her household, it appears she grew to be an upright young mare. I'm proud of her. Civil service is thankless but crucial work."


"Oh… thank you, that's really kind. It'll give me something to do on the ship. I'm sorry, I wish we could be meeting under happier circumstances but I have an awful lot of stuff on my mind and-"

"Oh! Sorry, this is Red. She's my eldest sister I haven't seen in years."


"I see. Maeda Tree, I'm helping your sister with a small problem of hers."


"That book – it has a happy ending. I think you'll like it. It's mostly research, cultural theory, and statistics, but the conclusions I draw toward the end are optimistic."


You still haven't re-placed your insignias.

"I see. Well, perhaps you could elaborate?"


Point at Lilly.
"I'm sure she will. She's actually a few steps ahead of me so far, I don't have the full picture."
I'm fully aware.


"Well… I'm in trouble with Nightmare Moon. She's angry at me because of something my mother did, so I'm trying to correct that so my soul doesn't get flayed."


People's Dictator gives a lengthy sigh. "Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Our mother did more than a few sacrilegious things. I'm surprised she's coming after you, though. Do you have specifics?"


"Yes… I'm pretty sure I'm looking for an artifact that she took from an old Lunar temple in Autumnsreach… It was enchanted or something and capable of changing the gender of whoever touched it for whatever reason."
Tilt my head slightly.
"Did you know… mother died? I mean, both of them did. Years ago…"


"Yes, I read about it in the Equestrian papers. Their rendering of the story was part of what inspired me to realize that to make a real difference, our revolution would require its own presses."


"Huh? What… what did the Equestrian papers say?"


"They named her a Pirate Queen, but her operation was small-scale. They also attributed the razing of Stonebriar City to her hoof, but that doesn't match up with dates that I personally know. This would've all been before you were born, though. The year 781AN. Or, if you prefer the local calendar, 1781AD."


"Oh… okay. Do you know what happened to our other sister Grey? Were there any mentions?"


"She wasn't mentioned in the papers. I assumed she and yourself were lost to the conflicting ambitions of mother and the Equestrian state. My knowledge of what became of her is nil. In fact, part of the reason I came here was in hopes of finding my biological sister, but I have had no luck there in twelve years, even with all my resources."


"Oh… I'm sorry to hear that. What do you know of her? And… speaking of those resources… we're also looking for somepony."



Rhanna nodde
"We are yep."
the little dog finally spoke up
"I'm rhanna "


"The pleasure is mine, Rhanna."

"Do you know the subject's name?"


"Abilio, I think."


"That Stallion does not live here. He lives in Equestria."


Well shit, probably best to wait on Selena before continuing with that line of discussion.


"Who's Abilio?"


"Fullmasater Abilio was once a pirate commodore that Miss Springleaf and my mother served under."


I take out the letter.
"I got this letter telling me to go to Reptil. I had thought it was from Abilio, but then I must be mistaken…3


People's Dictator blinks in surprise. "Bring that closer. Let me see it."


I hoof it to her quickly with hopeful eyes.
"Do you recognize it?"



Rhanna gasped
''So you were a pirate before miss Selena!?''


People's Dictator eyes it closely, frowning. "I thought we had this under control… unless, it got through before…"

Distractedly, People's asks without looking up, "Where did you get this? How did you know it came from here?"


"The message said so."
Look at her suspiciously.
"Why? What's going on, Red?"


"Uhm..I was more of a chemical vendor in the employ of a privateer fleet"


Raise a brow at you but remain silent.


People's Dictator looks at you meaningfully. "I told you that I gave that name to the people. It's not mine anymore. I do have an explanation for this letter, but first I need the details. What did the message say exactly? Where did you get it from? Was the delivery delayed somehow?"


I scrunch. "Your old name was more sweet. I got it about a week ago at my store. It said Reptil and nothing more. I don't know if it was delayed."


Rhanna just hugged Selena's leg
''So…you were working for the pirates?''


"You do understand that the Red Army Faction claims sovereignty over Reptil? The Cloud Street Families still control the Cloud District, but if we rallied all our resources – we could push them out of there. Seize it as a new capital. We could never do away with the whole gang, but we could take those buildings. So why don't we? Certainly they would give us more legitimacy than skulking about here in the Lower District, don't you think?"


I blink.
"Uh…I suppose. But what about the letter?"


"Privateers, there's a difference!"


''Well…okay…I trust you Miss Selena'' She just squeezed her leg
'' I don't care if you were a pirate or not,I'm just happy you're okay''


"You're missing the big picture. Don't you understand? I'm saying there's a good reason we don't do that. There's something worth having down here. I had hoped I wouldn't need to spell it out for you."


What's in that letter anyway?


You only saw it briefly when it was being passed. It looked blank to you.


"Oooh…I see."


Pet head while speaking with Red.


"Uh… I'm not following."


Rhanna remained silent again,this was kinda boring…
Maybe Selena would teach her more alchemy once she talked to this red pony
Aw…She left the pee stone down there on the hole too…
She frowed a bit at her loss…


"To explain, I'll have to show it to you. But maybe the Inquisitor should stay behind and watch after the pup."


"But… they're both helping me out."


Roll my eyes.
"I should have guessed you had friends in the port authorities, too."


''I already told you.
My name is Rhanna''


"You can trust Rhanna."
I look to Maeda, I don't know her yet.


Just your friendly neighbourhood inquisitor who even kept quiet as the congress of heretics resurrected you.


"Begrudgingly, I assure you. In truth, I find the Middle Seas League potentially more dangerous than Equestria itself. I write about the organization considerably in my book."


"Not to doubt the sincerity of her aid, but is she not obligated to report back to Equestria? I would not hold it against her for doing her job, but there are some secrets a state is entitled to, aren't there?


"You got a copy of that book laying around?
It'd make the wait pass a little faster."
Sit down somewhere.


"I suppose she can wait here."


''B-but I want to come along miss Selena!''
She looked up at her with sad eyes
''I don't want to leave you ever again''


"I mean this could be off the record or something but okay…"


"I was talking about the Inquisitor. And you have to promise to keep this all a secret."


She nodded
''I pwomise…err Promise I won't tell anyone''


People's Dictator chuckles. "Well, I'm not so full of myself that I keep numerous copies just laying around in my office. Perhaps Lilly would be so kind as to share hers as you wait?"

"Very well, the child can come, but I weep for her future if this has a dangerous effect on her psyche."

With that, People's Dictator stands up and leads you out of the room. "Make yourself at home, Inquisitor. If you get thirsty, ask the Comrade at the desk to send you something up. My library is yours for your perusal, and I doubt you'll find anything interesting in my desk. I keep nothing from the People I serve."

PD leads you downstairs past the main desk into a long hallway made of reinforced metal, and finally to a large heavy door that looks like the door to a vault. It's flanked by two RAF members. They salute, and open the door without a word. The inside appears to be a cubic metal room with no features. They seal the door behind you.


"Uh, here you go."
Give her my copy.
"Sorry… but she is my big sister."


''Miss Selena died in a hole with me'' She replied cold,but not angry
''I don't think this will be as bad''


I'm not that kind of mare.
Nod her goodbye and go look at her library, maybe there's something interesting there.
"I understand. Just, don't leave me behind this time, okay?"


Follow her.


Follow her down.


These books are mostly about politics and culture. There are also books here on magical theory and fairy tales. Weird collection…

PD's book is called The Red Number, and appears to be a non-fiction philosophical/cultural critique with statistics.

Dictator flicks the letter on the floor. "This room may be featureless, but it is the end of the line. It's not the location that matters here – it's the material. I had this material scavenged from the bay years ago. I think mother had something to do with it, but I can't prove the link conclusively."


She remained quiet


Look at the material, do I recognize it?


"The material? This metal? What's so special about it?"


What fairy tales, specifically? How do they link with the politics and the magical theory books?
Open up PD's book, look at the index, run through it to make a rough sense of her point.


actually remained quiet AND took a good look at it
'1d10' Appraise

Roll #1 1 = 1


The fairy tales seem selected completely at random. Almost specifically at random. They're Prench, Germane, Bridon, Equestrian, Oddomane, even Dixie – the only thing that stands out is a distinct lack of books from Doggish or Griffon culture.

On Establishment………12
The Role of the State….38
Transition Point………182
The Red Number………..201

It doesn't look particularly special to you. Iron, maybe?

"It is imbued with a certain magic that I believe once had sway over all of this island. After much effort to make use of it, I have found it completely useless for sending – no mortal can truly get what they want even with an unlimited amount of preparation time. Receiving though – sometimes I get something through. That can be useful. That letter came through. I can tell by the magic trace on it."


Rhanna got on her knees and examined closer
That's DEFINETLY not iron
sniff a bit on it too,after all the lady in red said it's special


Only equine literature…
I can see what she's doing. Open her book at page 201 and read through the short chapter.


"Uh… so where did it came from? This is all a little bit strange."


"The letter I mean, how did it end up with Selena?"


'1d10' appraise

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Wait, wait. This letter came through…this iron?"


It doesn't seem unusual…

"I can't say with certainty where it came from before, other than not from here. And by that I don't mean Equestria – I mean this world. Maybe dimension, or time."

"I would say the phrase 'out of thin air' is appropriate here. There are some ways to control it. I believe with the proper provocation, you may be able to find out who sent this letter. I have a suspicion of my own."


"Uhm…provocation. But you said I couldn't send anything through, how would I provoke whatever it is?"


"Wow… so someone from the future or something sent this letter to our time? That's crazy!"


The Red Number
I explain this to give you the context necessary for understanding that this transition is not only something that can happen, but something that WILL happen. To avoid further buildup and adieu, the number is approximately one hundred eighty per square mile. At this point, transition is inevitable. So it must be concluded that in any urbanized world, transition must occur. There is no other way around it. One can either choose to live in the largely rural world of separation where each individual lives in small tribes, eventually ruled through feudal chains up to a single Monarch or two Diarches, but this cannot happen in any condensed society. Republicanism always emerges. The only difference is whether this is channeled through the lens of classism or the lens of the people. Island communities like Reptil tend to reach this number faster because size is a commodity which cannot be squandered. But this phenomenon is on the brink across the entire world. Even now electrical essence and steam essence are being captured and utilized. Populations grow. The inflation observed in recent years is unlike anything ever observed before. I predict in the next decade alone, prices of all goods will raise 400%, and the price of food will raise 800%. This is a price revolution which will - WILL - usher in the new age. It is a symptom of change that I have already observed.


"Time and space are not necessarily relevant. We are familiar with thinking in terms of time as a condition, but instead I believe this metal responds to a personal condition. The letter was to Miss Springleaf. I think the room may react if she steps forward."


"Okay then, I'm ready. Rhanna, step back."
Step forward and place my hoof on the metal.


She did as told
''be careful miss Selena…''


I should write about this book as well in my next report. Together with the moon sect.
I wonder what's the population density of Canterlot…



There's fuzzy light before you. It's… light blue, with a sort of red shell. It seems to sag. The light seems to jump slightly.

It was so fast. I didn't expect it to happen instantly.

The point of reference isn't relevant. The conditions were met on the other side. That is to say, we don't know how long it took.

Why can't I see clearly? Is it broken?

No, and I told you, you won't get what you want. It's only good for receiving. Look, it's already weakening.

The image seems to flicker and fade, but not before one last… message? Voice? It's hard to say, gets through:


It cuts off, and the room grows quiet. It occurs to you for the first time that there are no lamps or torches in this metal room, and for some reason you can see fine in here, as though it were an afternoon day outside.


Who knows? Your work is mostly in the field. Though you imagine the buffet tables are nice for ponies who get to arrest heretical nobles at parties, that probably doesn't require a very big team.


Perk my ears.
"Wait, what happened? Who's speaking?"


People's Dictator frowns. "It was shorter than last time. I think the material is growing old."


"What? It said I had to go to a volcano, what does that mean?"


Rhanna rubbed her ears
she had no idea what was going on right now


I look completely lost.


Good thing most of my time is in tiny towns. I like them.
So. What are the magic theory books about?


"Volcano doesn't have any significance to you?"

Most of them are practical. Things like conjuration of water and food. Shamanic magics. You can see how they would apply to army logistics. Two books stand out. They are highly theoretical, and written by ancient scholar Starswirl the Bearded.


I shrug.
"I know of a few. I don't know any that would stand out…"
I scratch my chin.
"What about the letter? How did it get to my home?"


''Volcano are just scary…'' she said looking up at her


What about?


"There's so many volcanoes, I don't know any in particular that would apply here…"


The first is A Brief History of Time. The second is Magic in Motion.

"If I had to speculate, I would assume it was sent out before I had this gate built somehow… maybe before the original one was broken. Or… later? It must have had someone to deliver it. Maybe an external envelope? In any case, I must have been involved. One of those voices was definitely mine."


Open them. Annotations? Anything?


Roll perception



Roll #1 8 = 8


"You were involved? And you don't know? So…that's from the future?"


A Brief History of Time looks completely untouched. The pages inside are pristine but the spine is dusty. It looks like it hasn't ever been cracked.

Magic in Motion appears to be missing pages – carefully removed.

"Moreover, it could be from a history completely irrelevant to ours. Something divergent may have happened."

Roll perception


Uh. Note down the numbers of the missing pages, I will have to double check them once I'm out of here.


"But that's madness! This just adds more questions!"


'1d10' me too?
"But…how can somethingfrom the future end up in the past?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Perceptive ponoe '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


The other speaker – the one asking questions – it sounded like you, but different somehow. Very strange. Almost foreign.

"I warned you that it may hurt your psyche. It is best to put it out of your mind."

It could take a long time to perfectly catalog them all… you immediately only notice the page you opened the book to is missing. 62/63.


"It's so strange…it sounded a bit like me…"
I shake my head.
"I don't understand. And I can't go looking for a volcano! My daughters need me while I'm wasting time here."


Very well, I will note those down first of all… Then give the book a quick flip through, looking for most of the missing pages. They should come up easily if I just let the book flip like this…

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Selena… can I read the letter again?"


"It just said Reptil. There wasn't a letter in it. It was some kind of magic words that sparked out of it."
But I give you the envelope.


"Could you make something like this?"


I shake my head.
Turn to Red.

"Why didn't a letter come out, instead of just voices?"


You have to carefully reach each page number to make sure there aren't any missing. You don't find any in the next six pages. You are on page 74 of 322.

The letter has changed. Its size and dimensions are exactly identical to what they were before, but it is no longer a blank piece of white paper. It's now a postcard with an illustration on the front half. It reads: Greetings from Scenic New Earth. There's a large mountain in the background. The back is still empty.

"It doesn't always work that way."


I look to the letter


Rhanna is too spooked to say anything


Oh gee. That's gonna take forever.
Let's ignore this.
Anything else in this room?


Point at the mountain.
"Is that…"


There's the desk, of course, and two large leather-bound chairs. There's also a fireplace here – it's not lit.



"Maybe…it's in New Earth. that's where we are going!"


Look up through the chimney.

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's barred. The bars look very dirty.

The chimney is dark.


"In any case, I think we're done here."

PD gestures to the door.


"Thanks, Re…I mean uh People."


How strange.
"Why have a chimney if you don't use it?"
Talk to the obvious spy in the room.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Wait… where is this?"


"This pony is weird…" she whispered to Selena as they went
"Miss Selena can I ride you again?"


You're led out. "I hope that's of use to you. You can stay here in the barracks if you like. When you want to go up, I'll have you escorted."

Oh right, didn't you have a ship to catch? It was just stopping for supplies. PD leads you upstairs.

Obvious Spy is interrupted as PD leads the group back in.

"I trust you will remain confidential about what you just saw. It could be extremely dangerous to expose to the world."


Turn and look with an unfazed expression at the tour group.


"New Earth is the colony where we're going."

"Thanks, but we need to go now, thanks and good luck with your revolution."


"Oh! Good!"

"Sorry, but we have a ship to catch!"
Give her another hug.
"Thanks for the help… If I can make it through this I'll visit you again. We shouldn't be apart for another 12 years…"


"No, you're right. Good luck sister."

"Good seas, then. Ask the Comrade at the desk for an escort up."


Time to go back to the ship.
Ask the comrade to go back and run back to the ship.

"We have to go catch a boat to New Earth."


Rhanna cheers
"Yay. Will we go on a boat just like the last one miss Selena?"


"Exactly! We're out of here."



Silently following


"So, got any clue as to where this stolen treasure of the moon mare is?"


The ship it is. Lucky, too, it looks like they're already drawing back the gangplank.


Grab Rhanna and fly in.
I hope Maeda can fly.


You land on deck, no problem.


"Yes. Well, maybe. I think my mother had it on board of her ship when it was sunk. Near the colony of New Earth!"


Oh no!
"Maeda, come on!"
Can I pick her up or is she too heavy?



Hero time!
Fervor, and jump up!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh gee, catch her!



Roll #1 9 = 9


You're somewhat suspicious that they just sped up.

…Nah. You can't speed up a ship that responsively.

Lilly uses the momentum of the downswing to unevenly propel you onto the deck.


Let out a sigh of relief.
"Nice… Catch."
And collapse on deck, recovering.


I get up.
"Ooof we made it."
Grin at Maeda and Lilly


"Now for another long boatride…"


"I think… Introductions might be…
In order."
Prop myself up on my back, smiling at Selena and Rheanna.
"Maeda Tree, with the Equestrian inquisition."


"The Inquisition?!?"
Bow my head.
"It's…a pleasure to meet you…what brings you here?" I ask quickly


"She helped us bring you back to life, Selena!"


Pause, but please continue faff


Perk my head back up
"Wait…did you say Tree?"


>was going to make a great post about Rhanna telling Selena to fly to the castle but bad internet

Rhanna waved to her
"Um…hi…I'm Rhanna…Sorry for hitting you before…"


"Me and Miss Belle met in Lubuck, and I've been trying to help her with her plight ever since.
Celestia knows if she needs protection when facing such an insidious foe."
"Did we meet?"
"That's okay sweetie."
Give her a big, warm smile.



She smiled as well
"I met Selena back in a city…I was going to be trained by her but she had to go after her daughters
so I came along with her!" She gave Selena's neck a big hug
"Miss Selena is going to teach me all about alchemy right miss Selena?"


"Did you know somepony named Flowing Tree?"

I nod. "Soon."


Raise a brow, my voice slightly uncertain.
"Who would that be?"


"A pony I once knew. A neighponese pony."


This happens a moment before my previous post.
"What a coincidence, I can distillate a few brews mys-"
And then >>610787 happens.
"…And?", I ask, still looking at you uncertain.
I'm clearly half neighpone myself.


"Uh…I thought maybe you were related somehow. But I know that's a long shot." I grin. "He was quite a gentlepony and a great warrior"


"You know a lot of ponies, Selena."


"But miss Selena…I really think we should try it Tonight. ..you…wouldn't have died…if I knew how to properly make a potion to help you…and if something bad happens to you I want to be able to help…please?…"


"And you say he was called Tree."


"Don't you know old ponies know everypony?"

"Flowing. Yes. I'm sorry, I knew it was a long shot."

"Hmmm, you're right, I'll teach you a healing potion."


"You're only like 40…"


Rhanna gave Selena another tight hug. "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh miss Selena I'm so happy!" She said giving a her cheek a few doggy licks


Look, could we talk about this in private?"


"Yes, yes. Just hugging is good." Rub my cheek.

"That's old to you youngsters."

"Uh sure."
Go with you


"Don't be so sour!"


Trot somewhere more reserved of this boat.
"Look, just…
How do you know that name?"


She let's go off her

"Miss Selena is a bit old…but she is still really nice!" She said sitting down on the floor,she scratched her scarred head and ears a bit with her back paws


I grin.
"So you do know him! He was one of my friends from way back…when I was among privateers."


"Actually, I don't know about him. I don't know a thing other than he took my mother, filled her head with lies and then never came back."


"O-oh…I'm sorry…."
Lower my head.


"But she, ever so stupid, actually gave me this name even when he didn't come back.
It came a moment she realized it, though…"
Groan some more and sit, looking angrily at the sea.
"What came of him?"


"I'm sorry. I don't know he left one day sailing and I never saw him again."
I sit down next to you.
"I…I was in love with somepony as well. His name was Face. We had two dauhters together…and he left as well."


Recompose myself.
"I've heard you are looking for your daughters now. Something happened to them?"


"Yes…they're missing. I got a letter saying their ship wrecked near the Cape."


"I'm sorry to hear that. How did you end up meeting with miss Belle?"


"It was complete coincidence, she was looking where Lights ship wrecked and I knew, so I bought her ticket to there."


"You are very nice, despite the troubles you are in yourself.
Taking care of that dog pup and Lilly like that."


>so I bought her ticket here
Scrap that.
I didn't, I forgot, sorry


"Lilly can handle her own. She's very independent just like her mother.
I hope Rhanna will be able to handle herself."
I sniffle.
"I'm so sorry for what happened to you and your mother…"


Wave a hoof away.
"Don't ever mention it.
Ever never.
I went past that. Made a life for myself."


"C-can I ask you one thing? And I'll never ask again…"



I sniffle and my eyes grow a bit watery.
"W-when Face left I always did my best to raise Aira and Aria as best as I could, that they wouldn't miss their father…D-do you think that's even possible? Or that they can forgive me?"


"…I'd rather not talk about this."


I nod.
"I understand."
I look at the sea.


"So. For the time being I'll try to help your lot.
Try and save miss Belle from eternal damnation and all that."


I nod without looking
"Thank you. She deserves it…" my voice breaks a bit.


Walk closer, sitting beside you and patting your back.
"Hey know. It's okay. You came back, nothing to worry about right now…"


"I can't stop worrying. My daughters are out there. I'm their mother, I should be worrying. Nopony else will."


Keep calmly patting your back.
"It's okay. I'm sure they are both fine."


"I hope so…I keep imagining what might be happening. Even when I sleep…"


Pull her in a motherly hug, petting her head slowly as I rock together with the boat, cradling you back and forth.
"Our brains conjure the most twisted visages in face of worry.
Let it not sway you from your path."


Wait a bit until my tears dry.
"Thanks…I'll try to be strong…"


Let her go and back out, smiling at her.
"I believe in you, Selena."


"Let's go back to the others."


And back we went.


Rhanna was sitting on the ground humming a song
she didn't seem to have noticed them yet.


Two days later
Location: High Seas
Time: 10:45AM

Land is not visible in any direction. You are truly far at sea. The wind is not quite steady, though – having left the trade winds and ocean current, you now must travel through the dead zone – a region between the directional currents and winds.


Things are looking grim. Even if you can get across the sea in time… you've got a week to find this 'slab', transport it somehow, cross back to Autumnsreach, find a sunken temple, and return it? And Selena won't be able to help unless she finds her kids right away…


It'll be fine… Everything is fine. I'll find a way, just like my mother always did…

Ask one of the sailors how much longer it is to reach the cape.


Every passing day in this dead zone is a later day for my report.
I need to warn the inquisition about the moon eretics and the possible seeding of anti-celestial sentiment by the Red Nation.


Sit around wondering when we'll get there


Granted, Reptil is a Free City, not part of Equestria.

"Well, it's hard to say at this rate. I know you adventuring types are probably eager to get to business, but we're passing through the doldrums and our wind management team can only do so much. If we had the wind behind us, we could have landfall tonight – but we're fighting for every breath of wind."


I nod.
"Okay… Can I help?"


On deck, it's still the same party boat. Games, festivities, and fishing. You suppose that sometimes the feeling in your gut makes it hard to enjoy those things.


"Afraid there's not much you can do miss. Just enjoy yourself. I hear that this reef is one of the most beautiful in the world, if you can get a turn with the bathysphere."

He leans in conspiratorially, with a grin: "Just watch out for sea ponies!"


"Uh… okay. Sea ponies?"


Ideas spread quickly.
Compile a whole report with everything I've learnt, ready to mail it as soon as I make landfall.


"Just an old fishwife's tale, of course."

He mimes fangs. "Sharp teeth, breathe water, very territorial?"

Bureaucratic ponoe.


I cringe.
"No thanks. They can stay in their fairy tales."


Thinking of the good of the realm.
What are the others up to?


I'm just looking at the sea


"Would you like someone on board to show you how to work it?"

He points over to the spheres.

Lilly is flirting, Selena is being dejected. The other adventurers are partying on the main deck.


"Sure… it's safe right?"


He winks, "Oh, sure, I've only drowned once!"

And with that he takes your hoof and leads you off.


Might as well enjoy what time I have left…

I'm sure it'll be pretty!


You clamber inside, the door shuts, and…


It's awfully dark and small in here. That stallion is so close you can feel the warmth radiating off his body… though he's more focused on working the gauges and valves.

"After the light filtering layer, we'll pass through the dark zone, then you'll see the reef, which is lit."

He didn't lie: soon, the light seems to fade away. There's no light in the sphere either, so for a moment you're in perfect dark with the sailor.


"You're saying it's lit up, why is that? Magic?"


"Uh, could be! I never really thought about why they glow. There are plants down there that give off light."


"Do they only grow here in this area?"


"I'm not sure, but I think they grow anywhere the water is deep enough. I don't think it gets deep enough anywhere inside the Manesian Sea, though."


Rhanna lightly pulled on Selena's Mane
"Miss Selena?"


"Well, I'm glad I'll take a look at them then."
Ride the rest of the way down in silence.




Looks like we are all on this merry old boat.


"Think we can…I mean…can you…teach me now?to make a healing potion? "


He touches your hoof with his. "Don't be startled. It's a jarring change."

Indeed, the dark outside grows milky… like some sort of thick ink obscures the window, and then you break through, like a ray of sun through the clouds.

Down below there is a sprawling reef, lights peeking out from the curvacious designs. It's not unlike flying above a city at night: it seems to spread out forever.


"Of course."
That can be off-screen. I don't even know how explaining that would work


My eyes widen in amazement.
"It's… so beautiful."


(Our DM can decide how that will go)


It occurs to you that Rhanna, in her current state, can never successfully distill life. Her earlier failure is becoming more obvious – she has no catalyst. That means no essence of magic.

"If you look closely, there are hundreds, no thousands, of fish living inside. Like little apartments."


Well, where should I get a catalyst?


That's… sort of funny to think of.
"Must be hard to sleep with all the light though…"


Just thinking to yourself won't solve a problem.

"Do fish sleep? I never thought about it. I guess those fishers on deck might know…"


I'm asking you where one would normally find such a thing. Selena should know that.


"Either way, this was definitely worth coming down here for. Not a sight you see every day."


At the Magister's Academy of Equestria, it is tradition to make one's own – the latest fad is to use pocket watches. That's also popular amongst the wild tribes, but they carve their catalysts from tree bark. In high society, catalysts are usually bought from haute or not shops. There are public catalysts in Dixie, and in Old Unicornia, everyone has a catalyst built in!

You have a magic wand. You inherited it from Thia Springleaf.


He seems distracted all of a sudden. Roll perception.


As in spotting? Because I'm really good at spotting.

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


"Hmmmm….first you need a catalyst. It's a way to channel magic. Without it you can't begin."


She was still looking up at Selena
"So…Wheeeeen…do we start?" She asked just barely excited


The reef appears to be… moving. It could just be a trick of the water or the fact that the ship is moving but.. no, you're sure it's moving. It's like it's walking away.

"Hm… Something doesn't look right. Oh well. I guess it's easy to get distracted when you're alone with such a pretty lady."


I frown.
"Aren't you a little concerned the reef is moving? I don't think it's supposed to do that."


"Moving? The reef grows right on the rock shelf below."



"It's definitely moving!"


"Well… what would that imply? I can take us down a bit lower, but I don't think we'll reach the reef itself without either an extension cable or some kind of external protection. Like a dive suit or some kind of magic."


"We don't have any of those!"
Look at the reef again, is it still moving? Any anomalies I can spot?

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


It still moves. You have no explanation for this, given you don't have a lot of exposure to reefs.


"Maybe… we should go back up."


She pouted
"And…where do I get a catalyst then?"


"I got one from my mother. Some ponies buy them. You can make one by yourself, though I do not know how."


She hugged her leg
''okay…What we do now miss Selena?…Do…Do you want to talk about your adventures when you worked with the pirates?


I don't really feel like faffing.
"I didn't do much, Rhanna. I was just an alchemist."




He takes you up.



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