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There is a low rumble of thunder in the distance, and you uneasily emerge into the conscious, waking world. Another night slept on the couch in the study. Candles burn low.

The soft pattering of rain falls softly outside. You see it bead on the nearby window. It's cold, here. The boiler hasn't been stoked, no doubt. Right… the maid, fired again. Incompetent.

Your desk is covered in papers… you've been meaning to look them over, but then, getting some heat in the house may be a priority, it does take some time to warm. Or… maybe you should check on your irons in the fire. That is to say, the laboratory and conservatory, respectively.


Rub my eyes. Not again!
I rub my shoulders from the cold and get off my chair. If I move I'll get warm again, I should check on the laboratory.


Down three flights of stairs. Your place is cozy and ornate, but cramped. Everything is stacked up. Three floors, none larger than 400 square feet.

There is another floor though - a basement, which you now plod down into. It's dark, but not dusty down here. There's much sign of movement, and there should be - you spend a lot of time down here. There are beakers and alembics left out from the previous night's work. You see your alchemic satchel over near the wall. You survey your work. You have a lot of experiments here, but they're all left dormant. You could transport 13 points worth, if you needed to leave the house for some reason.

The only light currently spilling out down here is from a pot burning low in the corner – ooh, that was probably dangerous to leave on all night – and the two stairways up. One into the house proper, and the rays of light streaming through the cellar doors, a shortcut to the conservatory out back.


"Stupid mare" I think as I calmly trot to the pot and get it off the fire. Stupid mistake but at least this fire warms me up.
Rub my eyes again, I should get some coffee….after I checked the conservatory.
After staying a few more moments to warm my hooves, I go see to the conservatory. Open the cellar door and get ready for sunlight


There's not much sun to be seen. It seems the darkness of the cellar exaggerated the light of the room above. Today is overcast, and there is a perpetual fall of rain. There must be a sun behind it, though, because the clouds are still light.

The conservatory is overgrown, to say the least. This tiny greenhouse gives you direct access to the alleys behind the house. The alleys have always made you uncomfortable - reminding you of the Locus Inter back in Anneiv. These, though, lead back to the main streets.

The greenhouse proper is filled with a few different herbs. Anyone can grow Dragon's Tongue with the seeds, and Lampweed is more of a pest than a benefit. Your real treasures are in the back, in the shade of the overhanging rooftops. A little crystal garden where metallic minerals form. Halide salts and their ilk. Nearby, a pack of miniature pseudopod sloth lichen languish in what little sunlight is provided by the rainy day.


Is there supposed to be anyone else in the house or am I all alone here?

I stop at the little pack of miniature pseudopod and smile a little.
It seems everything is okay here.
I go and check if the door to the alleys is still locked.
If so, I'll collect a few herbs to spice my tea and go back to the home.


Well, there was the Help, until recently. And of course… two ponies who used to fill it.

The door is still locked. Back into the house, then. This is the storefront, here on the first floor. It's characterized by a large front desk and a lockbox below the counter. From here, you can see the front door. You see a sign that says "Open" – because it's reversed. If you turn it around, "Open" will face outward, through the window.


The Help couldn't even mop the floor properly, or fold clothes correctly.

I should get ready to open up, again. Make some coffee. As the coffee drips down, I'm accurately aware of how silent it is in the house. I should get one of those music players.
I wonder how Aira and Aria are doing…probably having adventures, like I used to have.
Take a sip of my coffee. But that was a long time ago.
Has the mailpony been yet? Maybe Aira and Aria sent a letter…


There is a stack of mail at the door, fallen through the slot.


Go through em as I finish my coffee.
Bills, bills, advertisements, bills…anything interesting among it?


There's a handbill with the seal of the chief of police. Some sort of warning.

A blue envelope. The texture feels… wrong. It's sealed with wax, but there is no seal pressed into the wax. No signature, either. No address - it must've been hand delivered. But then… it's mixed in with the stack. How could that be? Was the mailpony involved?

You can identify one envelope from the east easily. It practically smells like spice, though you know it's your imagination. Nothing would keep its scent so long. Still, you think you know who it's from.

There are bills, as usual. Shipment orders, too. People want alchemic deliveries.

Among the ads you find a traveling carnival. Reminds you of the old days - traveling making potions. There are also heroic services, stuff for youngsters. There's a new play premiering, and there's a technology demonstration in the city center later today.

At the bottom - oh, this must've been delivered before the rest of the mail. Maybe late last evening or early in the morning. It's from the office of the port authority.


I bet the chief of police has it in her heard I'm doing dangerous stuff again, yaddayadda.

Hmmm, the blue one is intriguing, but I'd like to read the one from the east first. Open it with a little smile.


>I bet the chief of police has it in her head


You wouldn't think he'd be the type to be sentimental. It's… odd. Maybe he still cares in his own way, even if he's not here now.

He writes to tell of the goings on in the distant Saddle Arabian lands and the Ottomane Empire. It's exotic, and foreign. It sounds exciting… and exhausting. You don't know where he gets the energy for it all.

Even after all these years, there are still so many mixed feelings…


He never settles down, does he?
Get lost in memories for a minute.
Then shake it off, stupid mare.
The days I was hoping he'd one day walk into the shop are long over.
Still I put the letter aside carefully, I'll put it in my collection later.
Now, this blue letter…what's going on here?


It's sealed with wax. Break the seal?


No address…
Even if it's the wrong address it's not going anywhere now.
Still…blue envelope…
Smell the paper, maybe there's something suspicious about it '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


At first, you smell nothing, which is disappointing. Then you realize: you smell nothing.

No smell.

You don't smell ink or wax on the letter. It has no smell at all.


I see wax, but it doesn't smell like wax.
What could this be? Some substance unknown to me…or maybe magic? Perhaps this is something magical disguised as a letter. In that case opening the seal just like that might be dangerous.
Have I ever encountered something like this? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nothing like this per se, but you have a good intuitive feeling that you're right - it must be inherently magical. Of course, you have a little magic training on your own, and the city has magicians of sorts who could examine it too, if you're not feeling safe.


Better to be safe than sorry, I must have gained some enemies during my….youthful mistakes.
But, I should get the shop open. I can close a bit earlier tonight if there's not too many customers and go see a mage I know (I'm just guessing I must know at least one)
Gather all the papers and put them safely in the back.
Then get myself ready and open the shop.
I guess if nothing special happens we can timeskip to the evening.
Gotta go now. Thanks for running.


You set them on a random counter. You really should put them in the study when you have time. Messy habits!

You open the shop.




It's raining.

Even in your fur, you're cold. The weather is sure to make the water choppy and uneven… not that it matters yet. Two days ago you passed Candlelight, a little village making the southern edge of the mountains. You've never been so far from home… Whatever that means anymore.

You're not far now from the city called Lubuck – it's a pony city, of a sorts. You don't know much about it, other than the fact that it exists and that ships come there. Well, good enough for you - anywhere but the old den.

You find yourself in a woods. You wouldn't quite call it a forest… there are many trees, but they are sparse. You can find cover nowhere from the rain due to how they're spread.

…It's cold. And you have a long way to go. Nothing to do but one paw in front of the other… and go south.


She was still sniffiling a bit. Embracing herself and rubbing her arms to have at least a small amount of warmth,which was mostly fruitless
She rubbed the blur out of her glasses as she moved on,until her nose itched a bit and she sneezed lightly.
''Ow…'' She muttered,rubbing her sore nose. She was pretty sure she was going to get sick from this rain…


Glancing about, the sun is fully obscured by the clouds. It's hard to tell which way is south… do you remember?


she closed her eyes and tried to remember which way to south.
SHe looked around for some leaves and used them to make a small cup and filled it with water
using a stone and a small stick she made a makeshift compass
'1d10' gadjet

Roll #1 5 = 5


You're not certain how reliable it will be, but it will have to work for now. As you are currently on the continent, you will need to procure some sort of sailing services if you ever wish to reach Novdogod. You're not so naive as to think, however, that you might get a free ride. Making money might be in order.

In any case, you head off south, tromping through the mud. It's a largely uneventful trip until you reach a road. That makes things a bit easier, and you follow it for several miles until, up ahead, you see a covered wagon headed in the opposite direction. In a few minutes, you will no doubt meet here on the road.


She was a bit relieved at that,almost popping a smile she followed the wagon closely
But not too close so whoever was driving wouldn't think she was up to something bad…


So you're turning around and heading north? They're headed the opposite direction as you - you are going to meet up ahead.


>Oops sorry ignore that,misread
SHe slapped herself in the forehead. with a sharp breath,calling herself stupid in her mind as she headed back to the other way
Muttering ''stupid'' a few times


So you cross paths with the wagon. Some ponies are pulling it. The cover is pulled back so you can't see who is inside. They keep a distance from you.


She disregarded them,ponies would always stare at her. She was smart enough to know that.
She sighed as she thought of how many times she would have denied opportunities because of her race.
Oh and being an abandoned homeless dirty mut on the streets of course
that would be bad for business too


Your trip south is largely uneventful until you come to a little town – far too small to be Lubuck. It must be a farming community on the outskirts. You might wait out the storm here, or press on.


This Rain was really bad…
And besides she didn't had to come home for a nap time anymore!
Hey this was cool
She could be her own boss now.
At least something is good from all of this
Making up her mind,Rhanna headed for the nearest house there,and knocked on the door,putting her best ''I'm a poor child help me'' puppy smile as she waited for the response


Hm… no answer. Could they be not at home?


She knocked harder and called out
''helooooo…Anypony there?!''


No answer. How mysterious!

It's a one-floor flat. Nearby, there's a barn. Out back, a big field. I guess they might be out, working.

It doesn't look too large. Maybe a three room house. There are more around here, or you could break in.


She considered breaking in
But she wouldn't want to have a case of minor arrest here. So she opted for the next house
and did the same puppy eyes


Finally after what seems like a solid ten minutes of pounding, a pony answers the door. She's an elderly sort, but gaunt. She eyes you warily.



''Um…Good day Ma'am…'' Rhanna said with a wave of her hand.
''I…uh…I don't wanna bother ya or anything…BUt it's awfully cold tonight,and…it's raining'' she said pointing up
''Could you let me in for a bit to dry up until the rain passes?I promise I won't bother ya''


Roll persuasion!


>oh,thought it wouldn't be necessary but ok
'1d10' cute dawg

Roll #1 7 = 7


She groans.

"Fine. But don't get that mud all over the place."

She scrutinizes your paws.


''You Got it Ma'am'' She says remembering to wipe her paws before going in. She didn't mind much about what she said,she didn't expect much less than ponies thinking of her higher than a dirty street mutt.
Once inside she spoke up. ''My name is Rhanna by the way…''


She gives an aged frown. "Don't get too comfortable, you urchin. This is just until the storm is over."

Then she softens. "But… My name is Garden. Garden Tender."


That hurt her a bit.
Te cute smile on her face dropped and in her place was a hurt frown,
''Y-yeah,sorry.'' She muttered feeling scolded as she sat down on the couch idly,looking down;
''Thanks for letting me in Miss Tender''



She heads off into the other room - it sounds like a kitchen, or something. You hear the sounds of pots clanging.

Regardless of the hospitality, it's warm in here… comfortable. Safe from the storm that is thundering outside. It was probably wise to take shelter… you can hear it intensifying.

As a diamond dog, normally you're never above ground when there's a storm. It's deafeningly loud… you're not used to thunder so surface-level.


She scratched one of her floppy ears as she remembered that
She loved lightning.
But fucking despised thunder…
Wait she swore…
Is it ok if she swear in her mind?
Mom told to never swear,but she never said about thinking of swearing right?
Would she ever care?
Wait why was she even caring?She ran away
She could swear as much as she wanted now.
She giggled a bit on her seat. laughing at her own childish humor.
She looked around,being a curious little dog as she was she could not simply stay quiet for too long.
She remained in her seat though,conntent to examine the place from the couch with a idle smile


Garden leans in from the other room and gives you an odd look.

In any case… this place is warm enough to curl up and wait out the storm. Wait it out?


She gave a small yawn.
Yeah,she could take a nap.
She removed her glasses and placed them on the side as she curled and leaned her head against the arm of the couch and closed her eyes.
at least the rain was soothing enough…
She sighed as she relaxed a bit,not quite falling asleep but taking a sort of half-nap as she thought and planned what will she do with her life now…


When you stir, the rain has not fully stopped, but the thunder has. The rain has slowed to a quiet trickle… it would probably be safe to move on now.


She slowly got up from her seat and yawned again
it was cute.

She walked to where Garden was calmly and called for her.
''Hey…Miss Tender…I think I'm good to go now…'' She said carefully hiding a bit behind the wall as she peeked in the kitchen


Garden is stirring something in a pot. She glances up absently.

"Oh, right. Well, go ahead then. Good luck with the, uh, travel, or what have you."


She couldn't help but sniff the air ah bit
Oooh was she cooking something tasty?
Rhanna tried remembering when was the last time she ate?
Been an awful while,yeah…
Would she be pushing it if she asked for food?

Yeah that would be pushing a bit…
She nodded and slowly headed for the exit.
''thanks again. I'll remember you'' she said a bit happily





Shall we timeskip to when the shop closes?



It was a slow day today. Probably the rain and uneasy seas. Even now, the pattering of rain continues. Relentless…

The front of your shop is a little wet from ponies not wiping their hooves. And you need to make a note that you're running low on Frost Salts. There's also the matter of that special order for fireworks… When you'll find the time, who's to say?


Sounds like I'll have a long night again. Even if I have a double it will still take time.
But the blue letter makes me curious. I quickly wipe the front of the shop and then I'll put on my coat, my horseshoes against the wet ground and my old hat.
Time to go see a mage.


Out into the miserable drizzle it is. A faint boom of thunder echoes in the distance. You are on Abracadabra Street. Perhaps humorously, this street was intended for magicians and spellcasters. But much to the ire of city planners, ponies tend to never be interested in living where you tell them to live. You do know someone who might be able to examine the letter for you, a couple of streets over on Bridewell Avenue. As the name implies, it's something of an educational district. Home to a boarding school, yes, but many multi-room flats intended for apprenticeships and shops for journeymen. Again, rarely used for its purpose - as far as you know, Gala Gristlefeather has never taken an apprentice in her life, but regardless of her strange proclivities, the griffon is probably the best at handling dangerous magics.


Would I know her on a first name basis?


She's a permanent fixture of the town – has been here since you moved in years ago, so of course you know her first name. Whether or not you use it, that's a matter of your own friendliness. More of a business acquaintance than a friend, and quite the odd egg, but she doesn't seem the sort to take offense.


I sure hope she won't mind a late visitor.
Let's go to Bridewell Av. and knock on the door.


You hear a voice – almost a hiss – from within.

"Shop's closed!"


Oh boyo.
"Excuse me, miss Gristlefeather, it's Selena, Selena Springleaf?
I'm sorry to disturb you so late, but it's urgent."


Without a word, the door SLAMS open – no warning given. You think for a second it has been splintered and blown entirely off its hinges – it swung right past you and into the cobble wall. But no… it's still in one piece.

Inside, it is mostly dark, except for strange, pinkish orbs glowing, assorted on various shelves at various heights. It almost seems to have a different atmosphere, and there is no counter inside. At first, you think the room is empty, until your gaze traces the wall up – to see Gristlefeather hanging from the ceiling, eying you.

"Well? Give it here."


Smile a bit uneasy and quickly show her the letter.


Her tongue extends, like a probiscus, and tastes it.

"Mmm… so it is."


"Yes, it is magical, isn't it?"


Her voice is almost a croak.



Neat, I was right!
"Do you know what it is?"


"Yes… but the answer will require a terrible price to be paid…"


Show my bag of bits and give it a little shake.


She flicks a wing, dousing you in a wave of wind. The bag feels lighter…

She runs a talon along the seal and begins to draw it away, 'fingers' pinching… something. It looks like a thread of some sort. Finally, she pulls it free with a snap, and flicks the letter back to you.

"Open it."


That WAS a terrible price!
I step to the letter and…open it…


When you break the seal, a font of smoke pours upward, and in flame, a word is scourged upon the ceiling, not far from where Gristlefeather is perched.



"Reptil….wait, that's it…where's the rest?"


Gristlefeather shrugs.

"I assumed it meant something to you. That seems to be all."


I'm more confused than ever.
I know what Reptil is, but why anypony would send me anything like that is beyond me. Those days of partying in Reptil are long behind me.
"Thanks, Gala, I should get going. Have a good night."
Droop off back to home slightly disappointed


You get soaked on the way back. The storm is not giving up.

Crackle crackle boom.


Stupid storm.
I'm gonna get the sniffles if this keeps up.
When I get home I'll make some tea. And go through the rest of the mail, I remember one from the port authority.


That's right. It's one of the sealed letters, unlike the ads or the handbill from the CoP.


Break the seal?


If they held back another one of my chemical shipments I'm seriously gonna consider sneaking some laxing herb in their tea.
Break the seal and read it.


As required by MSL Ordinance Title VIII, Section 4.27.

Springleaf, Selena It is my painful duty to inform you that a report has been received from the Office of Communications notifying the loss of

1563 Vess. FIS Audacity

Carrying Springleaf, Aria Springleaf, Aira

which occurred Manesian Sea

on the 16th of Storms, 701 AN

The report is to the effect that the passenger in question is missing

By Her Majesty's command I am to forward this message of sympathy from Her Majesty the Princess of Equestria. I am at the same time to express the regret of the Middle Seas League at the death of this passenger aboard a vessel owned by the League.

I am to add that any information may that may be received as to the passenger's burial, if applicable, will be communicated to you in due course. A separate leaflet dealing with this subject more fully is enclosed.


Elderman Guilder
Elderman Guilder, Free Prince of the Old Quarter

The signature looks like a stamp…

There's a leaflet in here about how to recover compensatory damages if applicable, and how to apply for body recovery or relocation, but that has been struck out with ink…


My cup of tea smashes on the ground, but I don't care.
My eyes water as I read the letter again and again…
I lose my balance and catch myself on a chair and sit in it weakly.
Aira and Aria…gone?


The text of the letter does not change. Such is the indifferent nature of a letter.


I put my front hooves and head on the desk and start crying…
Why…how could this happen?
What happened?
I look at the paper, it doesn't mention what happened to the ship.


That's right. The text of the letter is technically to notify you about the loss of a ship. It almost seems incidental that it carried passengers relevant to you.

According to the text it was… lost. Maybe disappeared, maybe sunk.


Grit my teeth in anger.
Grab my hat and my coat, don't give a shit about my make-up that ran out or my ruffled mane.
I'm going to the port RIGHT NOW


It's fully dark now. Even with the streetlights, in this storm, you'll want a lantern.


Go back in, grab a lantern, get back to the port authority!


It's a long, drenching walk. Your whole body is soaked through to the bone, even with the coat, by the time you get to the port authority. It's chained up for the night.


Knock on the door.
There must be one guy.


Though you pound for several minutes, there in the harrowing rain, there is no answer at the door.


I pound again, and again.
Until my hoof hurts and then I pound some more.
Until I'm finally exhausted and rest my head against the door.
Tears well up in my eyes again.
This can't be happening, this must all be some kind of dream…


You stand there, in the rain, the fury broiling around you.

The world refused to change.


Go back home.
Throw my hat and coat somewhere and lock the door.
I look at the letter again and grab a bottle of wine.
Do I know that Elderman guy?


He's some MSL bureaucrat. Maybe if you could weasel your way into one of those mayoral balls, you'd see him, but your circles are humbler by far.


Take a large gulp from the bottle.
And drop the letter.
I look at it for a second and then in a fit of rage push over the desk, tumbling all the other letters over the floor.
The one handbill from the chief of police rolls there as well.
I pick it up. Not even sure why. Maybe it's to tell me this is all a huge misunderstanding.
Break open the seal.


There's no seal on a handbill. It's left open for anyone to read. Indeed, it's not very personal.

The message is about a string of break-ins, and a warning to keep shops well guarded. It advises no long breaks without someone to watch the premises. There's a final recommendation to those who intend to leave for months at a time to simply sell the estate to 'avoid the burdens of vigilance'.

It also includes some police sketches of the suspected villains and requests any possible leads, but that doesn't interest you in your distressed state.

-Shipment orders

-Make a note to stock Frost Salts
-Prepare fireworks
-Put letter from Face upstairs in the study
-Organize papers on desk in study
-Tend garden
-(Optional) Interview applicants for housekeeping


Fuck all that.
I'll cry myself to sleep and go find out if anypony knows what happens first thing tomorrow.

Rolling for being able to sleep '1d10-1'

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7


Another night to sleep without returning to your bed…


Get up and put on my hat and cloak.
I'll go again to the port authority.
Shop's closed.


Right, back to the docks. The port authority's doors, large and imposing as ever, are now unlocked.


Step in.
Where's the person to talk to?


This place is cavernous and ornate – it's not unlike a bank. A large number of ponies are standing around, waiting in lines. There are several booths open, but all of them are occupied.


Wait in line…


Your number is 61.


This is gonna last forever and what are they even gonna say.
Look around, any way I can sneak inside? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You could maybe fly over the booths into the back. Or maybe find a way in from the roof or the alley out back. But you also might want to go get your adventuring gear from your house if you want to break the law.


Just for information here, the letter did come from here right? This Elderman Guilder works here?


The letter definitely came from this building. The Elderman himself is a very rich and powerful individual, though, so he probably doesn't do a lot of personal work at the office. That's not to say he doesn't do any work here. Think mayor.


Many guards I can see from here?


The front room with the desks has no guards, just the bureaucrats working the counters.


But there wasn't anypony at night.
I'll come back at night, with my adventuring gear.


It's still early morning. Anything else you want to do today?


Guess I'll wait in line, maybe they'll tell me something and all this breaking the law won't be necessary.


You wait and wait and wait. In all, it takes fifty minutes before you get to the counter. That's not terrible speed. It means they processed twenty four people at about two minutes each.

"Papers, please."


"I would like some information.
I received this letter."
Hoof over the letter.


"If you're here to claim compensatory damages, you'll need to fill out a claim liability waiver and sign the absolution clause. You'll also need to bring proper identification as the claimant as next of kin and your maritime insurance contract. Is that all?"


"No, the letter doesn't mention what happened to the boat."


The clerk gives you something of an annoyed look. When it becomes clear that you are not going to say 'nevermind', she groans and starts digging through a filing cabinet.

"What was the serial on the vessel?"


"1563, FIS Audacity."


She digs for a long while and retrieves a file, which she then cracks open.

"Uhh… swamped. Off the coast of the New Continent. Some… thirty leagues northwest of Dust, near the Cape of New Seas."


"Did any ships go there? Did they find out why it swamped?"


"It ran aground, probably. A reef perhaps. It says here on the manifest that the vessel was taking adventurers out to explore the dark side of the New Continent. That's what I have here. Look, I've got a long line to work through. Is that all?"


Keep going.
"Were there any survivors?"


"I don't see anyone listed here. Some remains were found but not enough for the whole crew. They probably left the crash site."


Then that's where I'm going.
Take back the letter and go.
If I don't have a map of the new continent, I'll go buy one and take a look.


You think you were sent one with a letter from Aria. She always was the one to think ahead. It might be with your other paperwork in the study.


Get back to my study and look through the papers.


You have old letters here. It's probably in this stack.

There's also your dossier here. Just a little old hobby.

Ah, your finance stack. Your bills belong here, but you should probably balance your accounting first…

Fulfilled work orders – that one's safe to pack away.

Newspapers, could be interesting to sift through. Right, right.

Oh, and buried under it all was the key to the treasure chest in your bedroom. You always forget where you leave that one. Good thing you found it before some thief or adventurer.


Newspapers….maybe it says something about the ship being sunk? Or something else interesting.


Here's the oldest one you kept – right, this one is about the launch of a fleet of adventuring ships. It's dated about a month ago. This is when Aira and Aria left.



It's dated 25 Nets, 701 AN.

1 Storms, 701 AN. The headline reads: "Blockade of Triangle Cove lifted." The article reads that accounting has determined it is cheaper to ignore the last petty few pirates than to conduct a siege.

5 Storms, 701 AN. "Cowish Marauders Disrupt Trade." Revolutionaries fighting in Lost Muscowy, or Lost Musdoggy depending on your politics. Perhaps Lost Lands is a more neutral term?

9 Storms, 701 AN. "The First Encyclical." Her Majesty the Queen, acting as Head of the Faith, has issued a new encyclical, which condemns the practice of usury. The newspaper, which is local, appears to condemn the act as dangerous, but does not go so far as to question the judgment of Her Majesty the Princess of Equestria. This is the first encyclical of the new century.

17 Storms, 701 AN. "New Century, New World" A new colony has been founded on the far side of the Cape of New Seas. It is called New Earth, to honor the ancient Republic of Earth.

You don't have the paper from today, the 20th.


There's still a drizzle on, but it's not quite dark. You see on the very edge of the horizon a bump. It might be the city.


Yawning as a bit of sleep lingered in her,Rhanna went on. a bit hopefull that she was going to find a new life


A new colony was founded near the crash site a day after.
If Aira and Aria survived, that's where they might go.

As an aside, look on the map, is Reptil close to the Cape of New Seas?


File: 1415552431613.png (89.17 KB, 1686x620, temp.png) ImgOps Google

Your trip is uneventful, but by the time you arrive at the city gates, it is dark, and there's a downpour.

There are guards at the gates.

You unfurl the map from the letter and circle some locations.


-Shipment orders
-Departure Letter from Aria
-Dossier Folder

-Make a note to stock Frost Salts
-Prepare fireworks
-Put letter from Face upstairs in the study
-Organize papers on desk in study
-Tend garden
-Check your treasure chest
-Acquire transportation
-Resolve real estate


Mmmmh, dig through my papers.
Do I have old letters from Aria/Aira here? Maybe they mention why they went there?





Aria wrote on the day of departure, after you saw them off. This is where you got the map from, and it shows their intended route.


This is it! The big adventure. I'll save the sappy stuff since we already talked yesterday and I don't want you ruining my letter crying all over it. This is the route we're taking. We expect to be out for a few months at the least. It will be good to see you again, but by the time we're back, we'll have a fortune of our own!

Love, Aria


Aira looks hastily added onto the end


-Shipment orders
-Dossier Folder

-Make a note to stock Frost Salts
-Prepare fireworks
-Put letter from Face upstairs in the study
-Organize papers on desk in study
-Tend garden
-Check your treasure chest
-Acquire transportation
-Resolve real estate


Then it is decided, I should get there as fast as possible.
Open up my finances book. And my treasure chest. I better finish up my affairs here as quick as I can.
I guess I won't need Frost Salts anymore.
I hope the fireworks won't take too long to make.
I should pay my outstanding bills and then cancel any pending orders.


MSL …. Filtered Water …. -26
Storefront …. Services …… +70
Storefront …. Services …… +25
Storefront …. Services …… +50
Storefront …. Services …… +110
Storefront …. Services …… +25
Storefront …. Services …… +240
Storefront …. Services …… +5
Storefront …. Services …… +60
MSL …. Rice ……………… -400
MSL …. WO1127 ………… +130
MSL …. Assorted Textiles -900
MSL …. Furniture ………… -2800
Storefront …. Services …… +12
Storefront …. Services …… +25
Storefront …. Services …… +80
Storefront …. Services …… +18
Storefront …. Services …… +105
Storefront …. Services …… +40
MSL …. WO1128 ………… +50
MSL …. WO1129 ………… +75
MSL …. Seeds, Exotic …. -1100
Storefront …. Services …… +30
Storefront …. Services …… +5
Storefront …. Services …… +25
Storefront …. Services …… +145
Storefront …. Services …… +50
Storefront …. Services …… +15
Storefront …. Services …… +5
Storefront …. Services …… +30
Storefront …. Services …… +25
Gristlefeather .. Services .. -500

#Outstanding Work Compensations
Milk, Mild …. Housekeeping, Nets ….. -210
Milk, Mild …. Housekeeping, Storms (Partial) ….. -84

#House Payment
Nets…. -200
Nets…. -200
Nets…. -200
Nets…. -200
Storms.. -200
Storms.. -200
Storms.. -200

Your treasure chest isn't in this room, it's in your bedroom, one floor below.

Tasks discarded.

-Dossier Folder

-Prepare fireworks
-Put letter from Face upstairs in the study
-Tend garden
-Check your treasure chest
-Acquire transportation
-Resolve real estate


Sigh, I'll have to sell the house…I loved this house…but for Aria and Aira no sacrifice is too much.
What's my dossier?


A little hobby of yours. Keeping tabs on old members of the crew, their locations and movements, when you see signs of them. Newspaper clippings. That sort of thing. You mentally reassure yourself that you have no bias that Face's is the biggest.

Flowing Tree
Abilio and Cloudy
Forever September
Light Heart
Lavinia Ambercharge
Port Merlot


O-of course I don't have a bias, he just has the most clippings somehow.

I wonder if some would help me out…
What's the last clipping I have on LH?


20 Harvest, 688AN - "Notorious Pirate Queen Slain!"

There's an illustration of some Colonel, too. Apparently she's proclaimed the 'sacker of Stonebriar City' in the article.


Poor Light Heart, she always seemed indestructible despite her heart.

I doubt I'll have help from earlier friends.
I should find my own crew.
Any crew advertising themselves in my advertisements?


There are miscellaneous adventurers for hire. You should try the tavern listed – the Drunken Pegasus – it seems to be a sort of congregation center for adventurers. Then again, the port authority may know more about hiring adventurers too, the same way that your daughters were working for them. And of course, there are always regular sailors. You're not so sure how good adventurers are at actually sailing a ship – should you choose to go the route of purchasing your own instead of just hiring a vessel.


Hiring a ship might be better.
But I'd need some adventurers to explore the mainland as well.
I open my chest, have I got enough money?


You head into your bedroom and open the chest with your key. You have today's money plus a little spending cash here. You also see your documentation for the bank.

You gained 430 bits.
You gained Bank Documents.

You also see some of your artifacts in here. You can only attune to one at a time, so you may as well leave the rest in the bank…

#Fly's Cape
After Abilio lifted the age curse from Fly, he created this cape for her that would allow her to manipulate her age to blend in. Later, after being gifted it upon your departure, you enchanted it with other illusory spells. It allows you to disguise yourself and manipulate your age.

#Mother's Mirror
When you first started creating doppelgangers, mother gave you this to help work on the details. You're a little rusty on how to cast them – this artifact will allow you to produce them once more.

#One Last Momento
Face gave you this Fez when he departed the last time you saw him. It has that old show magic - Hat Magic - built in. You vaguely wonder what kind of shenanigans he got into with this.

#Hand-Me-Down Alchemy Kit
This belonged to the Fleet Alchemist before you – Freisian Cross. You never knew him, but his notes are helpful. Confers 2 additional Alchemist skill points (can be spent on Alchemist multiclasses).

#Light Heart's Lantern
This is a lantern that has a lot of character. Light Heart gave it to you when you departed. You wonder if it meant anything to her. This will gives you a +2 bonus to commanding hirelings.


Rubbing her arm nervously Rhanna gulped and approached the gates casually. maybe if she doesn't look nervous they won't have a reason to stop her right?
Well at least she hoped so…


Roll for courageous look


brave doggy go!

Roll #1 9 = 9


The guards glance at you, and then don't even spare a second look. You're in.


Hmmmm, I'll need to think about that one.
I should finish up that fireworks, go to sleep and look for a crew and a ship tomorrow morning.


It's about 11AM.

You head downstairs to your laboratory. You have a lot of work here. You can pack away your alchemy gear when you're ready here. I have your tentative selections but you finalize it here.

This is where you can create fireworks.


She congratulates herself mentally,smiling a bit as she got past them and took a good look at her surroundings and wondered
What will the big city offer for her?


You are on Welcome Street in the Mercantile Quarter. There are shops nearby. At the far end of the street you see a T intersection with another street running perpendicular.


She looked at the shops and made a check to see how much money she had,Or if she even remembered to bring money at all…

Still SHe headed for the perpendicular street as she checked


You have no money! Such is life for a runaway from a clan.

This is Tabernacle Street. It runs far down to the water. There are a large number of inns and taverns here.


''Ah,right…No money'' She muttered to herself
Well,she could try to pull the same trick on one of those inns…Maybe the doggy eyes would prove to be her best weapon again?

She headed for the cheapest looking inn she could see.


Even the cheapest place still looks pretty nice. It's a little place called the White Tower Inn. Hm, this is a pretty wealthy town.

You head inside, and they have rugs, and they're well lit. It's even pleasantly warm and dry – you probably shouldn't track mud in here. They don't have a front counter, but as you close the door, a host enters from another room and eyes you suspiciously.



She looks back at him for a bit
''Um…Hi. My name Is Whanna-Er…Rhanna…And uh…I need a room to sleep in tonight…''
she said trying to sound as polite as she could


He gives you a suspicious look. "Do you have money?"


Hmm…I'll get to it.
I'll finish this up tonight.

Spellbound Alchemizing
Cast Mold
Alchemist Fire
Distill Life
Acid Spray
Sudden Death Poison
Love Poison


She kicked the ground a bit and put her arms behind her back.


His expression stays stern.

"Yes… I think I have a room for you, this way."

He walks off into the corridor. Follow?

You pack up some of your alchemical experiments into your adventuring bag. You can always stuff in more later if you take Freisian's notes.


I'm interested in that or LH's lantern.
If I have to chose now I'll need a moment to think about it.


Any time before you leave the city.


She carefully followed behind. ''Oh…But hey look uh…
I can like,work for the room,I know how to clean and stuff'' She said looking a bit ahead to see where was he taking her


"We're not hiring, but I know people who can help you find work."

He points into a tiny room. It looks like a broom closet. "In there."


She eyed it a bit,raising an eyebrown.
''Uh…The broom closet?'' She asked suspuiciously


"What do you expect, as a vagrant?"


Do I have to roll to finish up the fireworks?


You should practice your alchemy. Ingredient, prepare it, repeat – until done. You can consult your notes like you used to consult Aloe.


She screatched her ear a bit and then headed in…


It has been a while since I made fireworks, time to check my notes.
What do I need again?


First, you'll need something that burns slowly - flax twine, wax, or wood chips will do.

Second, you'll need an explosive component. Pistol shrimp, brimstone, or electrolyzed soda.

Third, you'll need something to color the explosion and give it shape. Essence of magic will do fine.

"Stay in your room."

He leaves.


She stood there,and then crouched down,resting her head on her crossed arms
''Well…Better than nothing…'' She muttered as she exhaled. She was a bit tired from all this walking
She wondered how her family was doing as she waited


I should have some wood chips or wax lying around here somewhere


After a time, someone opens the door. A stern looking police pony.

Wood chips are easy to come by. Will you prepare them in some way?


Check my notes, how did I prepare them again?


You didn't write down how you prepared them.

You might consider
Soaking them
Cutting them up
Grinding them
Juicing them
Or putting them in plain


Soaking them seems the most reasonable option.


What will you soak the material in?

You have water, oil, and milk readily available, but you can go get other liquids as well.


Oh boy that brings back memories.
But we need this to burn slowly. In water and then let it dry a bit.


Right. Next, the explosive component.


Put some brimstone in this motherfucker!


You empty a vial in. Will you prepare it?


I should powderize it.
Make it as small as possible.


And the third component? You have a jar of magic in the closet, but you'll need to draw it out with your wand.


Get out my jar of magic carefully.
My wand should be right next to it, I don't use it often these days.
Take a little sliver and put it in the mixture.
Stir a bit.


The mixture bubbles reactively. You should carve a casing from wood or fold one from paper, and pour it in.


I'll fold one from paper.
Pour in the mixture and tie everything together.
Take another sip of my tea.


That's it, it should be ready.

-Put letter from Face upstairs in the study
-Tend garden
-Check your treasure chest
-Acquire transportation
-Resolve real estate


Scrap tending the garden off my schedule.
I did check my chest so that can be checked off too.
And tomorrow early I'll check for a ship and a salty crew!
Time to bed.
Don't worry Aira and Aria, mommy's coming!


Also I'll put faces letter in the place.
I'll put it in the bank before I leave.


-Pick an artifact from the chest
-Acquire transportation
-Withdraw from bank
-Resolve real estate




see >>604497


She looks up at him. Cursing mentally.
"Evening…Officer" she says with a nervous smile


"Ah, good, you speak Equestrian. Do you have your papers?"


She shakes her head negatively
"No. I dont h have any papers…Is that bad?…"


"Where are you employed?"


"I don't have a job…I'm a kid…"


"Ah, foreigners. You have entered the city of Lubuck. As a member of the Middle Seas League, vagrancy is a criminal offense. Do you understand? If you wish to stay in this city you have to have a job. I will take you to the Bureau of Labor which will assign you to a paid work position until such a time as you can find work of your own. Yes?"


She cringed a bit.
"Y-yes mister…uh…Sorry for breaking the law and stuff…I didn't knew"
She said following him out and giving an angry stare to the pony that sold her out


He returns the stare, remorseless!

The police pony leads you through the rain, which by now has picked back up. It is quite dark out, and you can only follow him by the light of his lantern. Finally, you come to a large marble building and he leads you inside. It's the local police station.

"You will have to stay here in the lobby until morning. Do not try to run away or we'll put you in a cell instead. In the morning when the Bureau is open, we will go there and find a job. Are you hungry?"


She nodded a few times as he explained things to her and then nodded vigorously as he asked if she was hungry.
"And uh…I think I could use a shower with soap…if you guys have showers here…I mean the smell of wet dog is terrible man. Not even I can stand it sometimes…"


"There is a shower in the very back, but it is mostly used for hosing down drunkards so it is not very well equipped. Go get a shower and I will leave a bowl of cabbage soup and a skin of bread here for you."


She nodded.
"Heh…you know I thought I was gonna get in a Lotta trouble…glad to see I won't get treated like a criminal " she said as she headed for the showers


"I'm not one of those rich philosophers or lawmakers who decide what kind of crimes get what punishment, but I see no reason to treat a crime of ignorance the same as a crime of intent. You will feel better in the morning when all is set right."

The showers are surprisingly warm. The pools of water you bathed in back in your den were always cold, because there was nothing to heat them. Also, they have a real shower mechanism – it's not like your baths at all! Just looking at the piping makes you want to take it apart and figure out how it works.


She actually DID wanted to figure out how that thing worked and find the wonders behind every gear and button.
But she held back the urge. ..Maybe she could ask some pony tomorrow…
She finished showering after she made sure that she was smelling nice and her fur was clean from any trace of mud.
She then shook herself off of the water. And then remembered that ponies use towels…
She looked around f for one to dry herself


There are some towels crumpled up in the corner. Looks like laundry hasn't been a priority.


She shrugged and used the cleaner smelling ones to dry herself.
after that she headed back . stomach growling with the thoughts of food. ..


There's a little bowl left on the desk. The soup is lukewarm, but not cold. Sooner you eat it the better. There's a skin of bread here, you can soak it in the soap if you like.

Unfortunately, there is no meat.


She didn't expect meat at this point. So she just sat down and ate quietly.
She had much to think about…
And she knew things were going to be hard for her.
after she finished, she sighed content and sat there…waiting…


At some point you pass out for the night.

The morning will be very important for you…




As an artifact I'll take Face's fez with me.
Now time to hire a ship.
There must be some ponies in the harbor for hire.


You are carrying 430 bits, a completed work order worth 100 bits, bank documents which will let you withdraw the rest of your money.

You enter the great harbor. There are many ships here - this is a great town at the center of trade. No doubt that you'll be able to buy passage on one, or for much more money, buy one of your own.

To the north is the port authority, where every vessel is documented. Hiring a MSL vessel would be easier there - and you'll need to come there eventually if you want to finalize a sales transaction to transfer and notarize the bill of sale and title. Nearby there is a famous sailor's bar, the Salty Saloon, where you might find independent captains. There's also a shipwrighty nearby, the Cossack's Knot, a Doggish company which can create vessels to specifications very quickly, though that process is even more expensive.

You count many, many vessels in the harbor. At least twenty… maybe thirty? It's hard to tell as the sails overlap. They range in size from great ships of the line to little fly boats.

-Acquire transportation
-Withdraw from bank
-Resolve real estate


On a scale of 1 to 10 just how much bureaucracy will I go through if I try to hire a boat from MSL?


Or better, do I expect to go through


No more than you're used to. Well - than you should be used to. Paperwork is a way of life for you now, but you're still really bad about actually filling it out, as your finances and desk attest to.

If the news is anything to judge by, though, the MSL has ships going that way.


Do MSL vessels make a stop near Reptil?



It's storming. Not lightly either – it's heavy. The newspaper said there would be uncontrolled rains all along the coast this week. You're no weatherpony, but it seems like they should be doing their job a little better.

You've been in nicer post offices. This one is cramped and smallish. You're the only one here, but you know your way around these kinds of places. You found the keys and opened up the back room no problem. There was a mattress and some salad. Warm soup would be better. A hot cinnamon bun better still.

There's another crackle of thunder outside, and an involuntary shiver runs down your spine. It's moments like these when you're alone, taking shelter from a storm… you're forced to re-examine yourself. Who are you

Some might. You'd have to check with their captains or the manifests filed at the Port Authority.

Even the unruly Reptil has been mostly tamed these days. The pirate age is ending, and rather than be burned down for a final time, Reptil has started to straighten up.

The ships in the harbor shift and creak uneasily as the storm disturbs the waters they lay in.

Even in the morning, the rain is still coming down. It seems ceaseless. What drives such a storm unending?

You awaken to a gentle shake from the police pony. "I stopped by the Bureau of Labor, I'll be taking you by a shop this morning."


Then MSL it is! I'm a law abiding citizen these days.
Time to..go stand in line again.


You're number 211.


Oh boy, such fun.
Wait in line with growing impatience.


This time, you get sent to different booth.



Who am I? I'm just a lone pony living my life from day to day. Not the best or most exciting life, but… at least I'm healthy I guess?

Munch on my salad and look outside one of the windows to the storm outside. I doubt I'll be seeing anyone come in here tonight. It's raining cats and dogs for Celestia's sake. I'd love to go out for some excitement as much as anypony else, but not through this kind of weather.


she rubbed her eyes and yawned. showing her growing fangs…
"awh…already? okay…What I'm gonna do there?"


"Good day, I've heard the MSL is sending ships to the Cape of New Seas. I wish to join up."


"Now that, I do not know. Come along, then."

"Past the cape, to the settlement of New Earth, that's right. There will be some paperwork to sign, but the fee is relatively cheap, just fifty bits. There are many vessels headed out. The League also offers an insurance package if you're interested. It's just 200 bits and it covers compensation for your next of kin if you die on the voyage. I'll also need to see identification for your signing."

You get a tap on the shoulder from behind.


You look through the door of the back room to the windows in the front room. This room is the room most fortified against the storm, having no windows.

You hear a racket out back. Like slamming onto metal. Maybe shutters or something, or a trash bin blown into a wall.


Look behind me.
Who's tapping me?


I frown and get up to go check out the damage. Stupid storm is really messing up my day.

If I'm going to have to pick trash off of the floor I'm going to cry. Can I see anything through the windows if I get close?


she grunted as she got up from her seat.
"alright…" "
she quietly followed him


File: 1415739341887.png (14.75 KB, 1600x551, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

The mail pony! You can tell by the uniform.

"Letter from the Bureau of Labor."

Whatever the sound was, it was out back, so it's not visible from inside the office.


He leads you down a long businessy street called Abracadabra. What a weird pony word.

Finally you come to a shop. It appears locked but he produces a key. "It appears the master of the house is out. You'll need to wait inside. No trouble, understand?"


"Wow, what a service! Thanks."
Open it and quickly glance over it.


I should go check for property damage, I guess…

Go outside, I'm a pegasus, the weather is in our blood. Carefully peek around the corner though, just in case…


she sighed
she sat down and waited annoyed


#Springleaf, Selena
In accordance with your obligations as a shopkeeper in Lubuck, you have been assigned an apprentice until such time as your new charge can find work of their own or you are no longer a registered shop holder in Lubuck. You will receive monetary relief which may be claimed weekly with presentation of this letter at the bureau of labor. Your case number is 1182.

Your charge is named Rhanna

For more details on the Bureau of Labor, Anti-Vagrancy Laws, and your obligations as a job provider, please consult your local Bureau of Labor office. Your charge will be delivered on the morning of the 20th of Storms

Hm. This could have been useful to fill your housekeeping problem if you weren't about to leave anyway. You'll need to get this sorted out before you go. That's today!

This place looks weird, but it smells even weirder. It smells like plants and smoke. Weird…

The building is a very pony style. It goes up floors instead of into the ground. You think you feel a basement, though.

It is the trashcan!

But there's something huge and looming ripping it apart… it has its back turned to you…

It's bipedal, and looks furry.


Oh… shit.



Oh dear.
Well, time to get this paperwork done first.


Just when you slam the bar down on the door, the window next to you shatters. The remains of a trashcan lay broken on the counter.

There's a roar of thunder and a flash of lightning - a silhouette is cast down past you. It looks four, maybe five times your size.

Your gun is in the back room with your saddlebags…

"So will you be riding on an MSL vessel? I believe the next ship out is today, the FIS Unbalking. It's a large galleon and will be making a direct trip with no stops."


Fly jump over the counter and roll into the back room to pick up my gun and point it at whatever this thing is!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh dear, that would bring me fastest to Aria and Aira…but if the letter came from Abilio…
"I would need some time to finish up my affairs here. What other ships are there?"


rhanna knocked on the walls a bit to feel them up
was it wood or brick?
the smell barely bother her. it was weird and funny but sure. she could get used to it…
she sat on the stairway and waited like a good girl…Humming a silly song for herself


All it takes is single pump of your well-trained wings to propel you into the back and roll into position.

The beast… looks like a diamond dog, but wrong. It's hunched over, and much larger than any diamond dog you've ever seen before. Its lower jaw is jutting – it sticks out several inches beyond the rest of its snout and is host to huge tusk-like fangs.

The fur stands erect, every hair, in spite of the rain now pouring down it through the window. They look like needles. As if it's some kind of monster bred for war.

It points a single claw at you, and the bottom of your hoof begins to smoke. Its mouth doesn't move, but you seem to hear… something… speak gutturally in your mind.

Liberty Belle, come for thee.

"Let's see, the FIS Dowager will be leaving tomorrow in the early morning, and laying over in Apricot, which is a part of the Confederation and an MSL member city. Or… later this week? There's the FIS Prowess, which is leaving three days from now, and it's also a direct route. There are also ships leaving from other MSL member cities. For instance, you could take a flyboat like the FIS Skipper to Stonebriar City and then take the FIS Merriment to New Earth, though I believe it is making a very brief stop in Reptil."

The walls seem to be made of some sort of wood substitute. The store is clearly stone though. Marble, even, in some places.


Rhanna blew a bit of air into the dust. her nose itched a bit…
"now what? !" she shouted impatiently


The house doesn't answer. It doesn't even echo, like a proper cave should. It seems to eat the noise. Stupid pony house.


From this room you see a counter. There's a chair behind it if you want to sit down. There are stairs up and down, and a door to the back. There's also a big shelf that's filled with papers of sorts.


I blink a few times, then frown and tense up, keeping my gun pointed at this monster. I need to mare up.
"I'm not Liberty Belle. Piss off! Shoo! I'm armed and not afraid to use this thing."


I take a deep breath. I hope I'm making the right choice here. If I don't I hope Aria and Aira can forgive me…
"I have some family in Stonebriar. I'd like to leave with the FIS Merriment."


Return the slab, or suffer the curse.

With that, the beast lunges at you. You fire the gun right into its chest but it doesn't even seem to slow it down. He rears back and brings down his clawed fist to slash open your throat –

And you awaken, on the mattress in the back of the office. Weird dream… Unsettling. And that spot where your hoof started to smoke in the dream feels weird…

"Right, well, the FIS Skipper doesn't leave until this evening. Just sign right here and pay the fee."


She closed her eyes and tried to think
Some mind exercise would do good for her.
''Uumn…2+2 is 4
4+4 is 8
8+8 id 16
16+16 is 32
32+32 is…
64+64 is…uh…

128! yiss.

She kept doing that for a bit,training her mind speed


Wipe my forehead and let out a sigh of relief.
"Just… Just a dream…"

Return the slab or suffer the curse… what a strange thing to say.


Is it storming outside?


Such is the boring of life.

Will you stay here or explore the house?

You wipe your forehead with the weird feeling hoof, and immediately something feels wrong. It's not smooth.

Quite heavily.


"I also want the insurance."


"Who should I list as your Next of Kin?"


… Not smooth? Check out the hoof!


"Aria and Aira Springleaf."


There's some kind of circle symbol here… but it's more than that. Not just a circle… it looks uneven and pock-marked. Roll perceptive pone.


"City of residence?"


Screw it. She was going to look around
After all she isn't doing anything wrong…
Not like she could steal something and run away right?
Besides she was feeling too lazy to run away.
So she smelled around and looked around and feeled around too,wanting to get as much as she could of the house
>Apraising the place


That doesn't include the Survival check does it?

Roll #1 4 = 4


You didn't roll.

This is more of a wisdom than a search.

You don't really recognize the symbol. It definitely wasn't there before, though. Creepy.


I think for a second.
"They're currently away with an MSL ship as well. If they need it you'll find them in New Earth."


'1d10' sorry

Roll #1 10 = 10




What kind of sinister magic is this!? Doctor! Is there a doctor anywhere nearby? Oh no it's still night isn't it?


"Very well then. Good voyage. Is that all?"

The floors here are granite and marble. The walls are made of some sort of lime and sand mixture over common oak.

The lock on the door doesn't look very complex. With something thin you could probably pick it open.

The shop itself does seem to have some ambient magical characteristics, but you don't know enough about magic to identify them.

Night and very stormy.

The window in the front room isn't broken, though.



Ooooh I don't like this at all.

Am I still tired? I mean I can't do much right now unless I'm in a big town. And even then everything is probably closed down.


You clearly slept at some point. It's late at night, though. Up to you if you're tired.


Sign the papers.
Now, time to go back home.


What are my current instructions?


She considered picking the lock
but it was too risky.
she's not a criminal…
So instead she sat down and waited
such is life huh?


You head home. There's a diamond dog pup loitering in your front room touching things.

You had a delivery to this town, but upon arriving, you found no new deliveries at this office. Typically in this case you would just fly to another office and see if there are any deliveries to make. You're a little more mercenary than those big city couriers who stay in one city and have to know where everyone lives. You do inter-city package delivery.

A blue pony approaches the door…


Okay… I'm going to try and sleep a while longer. With my gun close by.

Hopefully this storm will clear and I can get this hoof checked out in the morrow…



She turned to her with a blank,confused and curious stare stare



When you awake in the morning, the storm is still going. What a miserable drizzle.

At least there's some light out…


Look you over.
"Hello, I take it you're the one from the Bureau of Labor…my apprentice?"


I don't want to wait it out any longer. I'm a pegasus dammit, I'll brave this storm and check out the nearby town for a doctor or a healer or a cleric or whoever is available to help me deal with this sinister symbol on my hoof.

Pack up and leave.


''The wha-Oooohh right…Uh…Yeah I am miss…''
She lifted a large hand to greet her. ''My name is Rhanna'' She said before she took a moment to give a long tired yawn,
''And You?''


Give you a hoof.
"Selena Springleaf. Mis Rhanna, I'm sorry but I cannot take an apprentice right now."


''Wait what?
Come on why not miss Selena?'' She asked looking up at her. Rhanna was a rather small Diamond dog. She looked like a kid,but had a serious look on her face. A big pair of transparent glasses were in fron to her amber eyes…She also had a rather noticeable scar just above her left eye,where there was no fur growing…like a bald patch


You're in Hooverville, a little east-coast nothing of a town between the big cities. There's bound to be some kind of healer, though.

There's a little town square where you see a medicine cart, and down the way you see a church. Which will you try?


This seems like it's more up a cleric's alley. Go to the church. Maybe I need to get exorcized because there's a demon living in my hoof or something.


I walk past you to my desk.
"I'm afraid I have to leave Lubuck, tonight as a matter of fact. On a matter that cannot wait."


You fly down. It's actually more of just a small shrine now that you get here. Celestial. There's an elderly pony shining the decorative suns inside.


She walked along with her.
''Well…Then let me go wih you!'' She said excitedly


Look back, surprised.
"Excuse me?"


"Sir! -I mean father! -I mean… I need help!"
Trot over to him and wave my hoof in front of him.
"Something happened. Strange dream, big monster dog tried to slay me, then this sinister symbol shows up!"


''Let me go with you…please…I can help with whatever you're doing miss!''


He puts a hoof on your shoulder.

"Calm down, calm down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Now you say you had a bad dream?"


Look a bit awkward.
"Uh, listen miss Rhanna, if this is about your apprenticeship, I'm sure there are other mages in town capable of teaching you. I'll be gone for a long time, maybe forever. I'm sure you don't want to leave your friends and family in town."


''Phhss,I got no friends here miss Selena,much less Family…And honestly,many things sound much better than staying in the town working for a mage as an apprentice…i mean I don't even really like magic…''


"You…don't like magic. So, why does this letter say you're here to learn alchemy?"


"Yes I-… last night. I heard something outside and went to check it out because I thought the storm had damaged something. This strange… mutant dog thing was wrecking my trashcan and then came after me. I went back inside and grabbed my gun, but it chased me and started talking about slabs and curses… then it attacked me and I woke up! It was a dream… except this weird symbol somehow appeared on my hoof. So it wasn't a dream? I don't know."


"Calm down. Sometimes bad dreams are the result of stress. Have you been struggling with guilt lately, my child?"

He gently turns over your hoof and inspects the marking.


"Guilt? No… I'm just a courier. I've done nothing bad."

"Come to think of it… it did refer to me by my mother's name. But she's… dead. I think."


''Eh,I didn't say anything…I am really just a runaway ya know?'' She said shrugging.
''Ran away from home and such…now I'm trying to find a better life…maybe some adventure…I dunno''


He squints at your hoof.

"How strange…"


"Do you… recognize it?"


"Well, don't you think it looks like the moon? There are even craters here. I couldn't say for sure, but I'd expect that if you held it up at night it would look identical. Well - except for this part right here."

He indicates one of the sides.


Look at it. Inspect it as well.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Look over the letter again.
"So you don't know anything about alchemy?"


It does look a bit like the moon.

"See? there's a line here, so it's not a perfect circle. It's almost like a waning gibbous - the slightest sliver of a moon that is blocked out by darkness."

He stops to consider. "Isn't that the current moon phase? We had a full moon last night, and it's fourteen days now until the new moon. When the moon vanishes entirely."


"… It's counting down?"


''Well…I know a bit about mechanics and stuff…But hey,I'm a quick learner! If you need me to know alchemy then I can learn it no problem!''


He frowns. "You could think of it that way, but the moon also counts up, too. Or did you mean this symbol? It doesn't appear to be moving to me, at least not at present. Maybe you should come back tomorrow and we'll see if it changes. I doubt it - it's probably just another coincidental indentation. You know I get a few people saying they see Celestia in their morning oatmeal."

He gives you a reassuring smile. "Besides, the Dark Deceiver hasn't invaded dreams to turn them into nightmares in seven hundred years, since her banishment. I see no reason she'd start now."


"Listen, Rhanna.
I'm going on a very dangerous quest. And I can't carry you with me. You might get hurt or worse. I think it's better you don't come with me."


"The dark who?"


"You know, the Mare in the Moon – Nightmare Moon."


She stared back at her eyes.
''I want to…come on pleaaaase!I promise I won't get hurt!Hey maybe I will be the one helping you when YOu get hurt! Come on miss Selena!It will be just you and me,two brave girls wandering the world on the dangerous quest!'' She made a few signs with her hands,her eyes were full of wonder and hope


"Oh… OH!

Wait… what if she did do this to me?"


"Have you ever fought before? Can you handle a weapon?
Do you know the difference between port bow and starboard bow?"


He chuckles and pats you gently.

"My child, I did not mean to frighten you. Nightmare Moon has been gone since long, long before you were born. Even if she had the capability to get free - which she doesn't – why would she take issue with you, an innocent who hasn't even heard her name, and indeed was born many centuries after she last set foot in Equestria? If she was haunting anyone's nightmares, it would surely be her sister's. Take a few days off from work and relax, and put this Nightmare out of your mind. It's merely a coincidence, I'm sure."


"But… what about the symbol? Where did it come from? I didn't… I sure didn't put it on there!"


"You probably just chipped your hoof. You look to be a courier by the looks of it. Why don't you get a new shoe?"


''Uh…um…Errrr…no no aaaand…nope…Sorry…But hey this is not Aaaaall that important right?''
She said scrating one of her floppy ears.
''but I could learn…I mean I could pick up a stick a stick and poke sompony's eye off with it! eh?eh?'' she bumped Selena's side with her shoulder with a childish grin


Give him a flat look.
"Well… say what you want, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Is there a library or any place where I can read up on Nightmare Moon and what she was about?"


He scratches his chin.

"Well, there are all kinds of writing about Nightmare Moon. The most accurate information would be on the other side of the continent, in Autumnsreach. Maybe I can answer some of your questions and save you the travel, though. I do know a little about her, if you insist on this."


"That monster was talking about a slab and a curse, what kind of curses did Nightmare Moon deal in? Is it possible that she placed curses on… slabs?"


Rub my temples.


"Well, her most common sort of curse was the haunting of nightmares. She also had legions of dark servants - monsters of the night. Perhaps those might be called a curse. It is said that the eclipse is a sign of her curse as well. That's all I could say with certainty. As for slabs, I wouldn't know, other than the fact that most of the few remaining Nightmare texts are on slabs because paper doesn't survive a thousand years so easily. Oh… and now that you mention it… I have heard a rumor, but again, I really must insist you remember that this is a rumor and NOT something worth spending your time on – there is supposedly a Nightmare Cult hiding out in a little southern town called Bridgeport. I heard the Inquisition was investigating, but I never heard of what came of it. Maybe they could tell you more, if you found them? At the least you might see some Nightmare ruins."


Have I been there before? Do I know where it is roughly? It might just be my best choice here…


She swallowed dry.
''I…Look I am just desperate okay?'' She said rubbing her arm
''I ran away from home,walked a buncha miles,slept on the streets and in the house of strangers just to get away from home…
I just…Want to go away…As far away as I can from home…I don't have a place to stay nor a person to rely on. and then you showed up…I just…I just…'' She chicked on her words,not able to say any further.
Ther was tears forming on her eyes


File: 1415747004940.png (91.95 KB, 1686x620, 1378043532537.png) ImgOps Google

Based on the location, he probably means Bridgewater Port. It's not very far from Autumnsreach, but out of your normal courier territory. Not that you couldn't go there if you wanted to.


Honestly, as much as I need the money, not being cursed by some kind of demonic entity is far more important to me.
"Thank you, father. I hope for my sake you're right and this is just a harmless anomaly…"


"I'm sure you just need a good night's sleep. Good luck my child."


I'm not going to let my life be decided by a nap! I'm leaving. Back to the post office. I need to lock things down there before I leave.


Back room locked, key on the hook. You're good to go.


Look at you.
I really shouldn't.
Pat you on the head.
"You can come, but you have to do as I say, understood?"


She rubbed her eyes and nodded.
''T-thanks…really…Thanks miss Selena…'' She said as she hugged her tenderly


Okay then. Time to set off then.

How long would it take me to get there? If I can do portions of the trip by flight I mean.


Wf, how much is that weekly money I get for taking care of Rhanna?


You use your COURIER SKILLS to estimate travel time based on the map in the office. A direct flight would take about forty six days by air, at your usual rate.

You only get it if you stay in the city, but it's 21 bits a week. Basically enough for food and nothing more.


I don't have that much damn time if I'm right about this symbol…

What about… using a ship to get there? Would that be quicker?


"But I need to do a lot of things still. Here's what you'll do.
Go to the Bureau of Labor and tell them you found a job with me and give them this letter and ask them for the weekly money they owe me. Then go to the Port Authority and book a place in the FIS Merriment."
Take out 50 bits.
"Here that should cover the costs of your booking. Alright, come right back when you're done."


Ships have that wonderful characteristic of being restless. Also, little do you know that the ocean current of the Manesian literally flows directly with the course you want to take. I say little because you probably kinda have a vague idea of that.

It would be much much quicker.


I need to get to a tradeport then. Somewhere where a lot of ships leave. What would be the closest one from here?


She took the money in her large hands and looked up at her.
She couldn't believe she was being trusted with all that money.
Better not disapoint then!
''Y-you got it Miss Selena,I'll be back in a minute!'' She said going to do what she was told.
Istead of walking normally she hopped as she walked,like the little girl she is as she hummed a song for herself.

She headed for the Bureau of lab-wait a minute…

''Uh…Where's the Bureau of Labor miss Selena?'' She asked turning back to her


This down is near the sea, but it only has a little dock. You might be able to buy passage on a flyboat and take it to Prance. Teat would have the most ships, perhaps a fast Clipper would be sailing out to the other coast.


"It's the place you came from."


Scrap that.
I'll just give you directions.


Hmmm, that could work. I'll do that.

Go check on the docks and ask around for any ships leaving as soon as possible to Prance.


She nodded as she explained to her.
''Got it,now I'm going for real!'' She said as she hopped to the Bureau of labor merrily
''Man,I can't believe she gave me all this dosh!''


There are only two ships docked here. One is tied up and no one's in it. Crew must be out at the local tavern. The other is taking on crates rapidly.


right, now I should see what I can do with this house


Fly over to the one taking on crates!
"Captain please!"


The Bureau of Labor is on the main street near the other administrative buildings of the town. You can see the port authority, town hall, and bureau of labor from here.

One of the laborers looks up. "Hon, hon? Parlez-vous Prench?"


What CAN you do with it? It's full of plants, furniture, important documents – and your rare creeping pseudopod lichen.


She headed for the Bureau of course and went to the reception/main counter to tell them about Selena


You arrive inside. Fortunately it appears that while there are two counters, only one of them is occupied, you can walk right up.


"Uh… non. I don't speak Prench. Equestrian?"


I'm taking my pseudopods with me.

The house itself is a bigger problem. I can get most of my important documents and valuable items to the bank, but not the furniture. And the police said that the risk of burglary and coming back with everything stolen is high.
I might as well sell it, but how in the hell would I sell it by tonight for a reasonable price.


and walk up she did
She stood a bit lower than the counter so she climbed a bit on it grunting.
''Ugh…Excuse me miss…I'm here to give this letter…and get the weekly money for Selena Sprwingleaf!'' she said putting the card in front of the pony at the counter


He shrugs. "Le capitaine."

He points to a nearby warehouse. "Vous devez lui parler."

You might seek out a contractor or a warehouse. One of your most common sales partners in your business was the MSL. They have enormous warehouses where they buy things at all season so they can sell them when they are at their best price. You might have some contacts in your financial documents.

Real estate might be trickier, since the MSL doesn't deal in that. Of course, you might just sell everything inside and leave the house, hoping no one squats in it and damages the inside.

The pony reads the card. "Right, I don't have you having drawn anything for this week, here you go, 21 bits."

Your stack of money increases by 42%! You now have 71 bits.


could I unleash some ultra stinky bomb in here so no one wants to squat the moment they step inside?
And I know a way to undo said stinky bomb?


Le capitaine? The captain!
"Merci monsieur."
Trot off to the warehouse to find le captain pony.


Even a terrible stink bomb would not last forever.

But you might get rid of it with your pegasus winds, or hiring a wind magician like a shaman.

There is a nicely uniformed pony whose vest bears the Prench and Equestrian flags here, talking to a diamond dog who looks to work in the warehouse. They are shaking hands.

"Pleasure, as always. I think we should be loaded. Take care with the wife."

"Yes, you as well."


Rhanna is as happy as she ever could be
Holding all that dosh felt amazingly good.
she only remembers holding like,3 old rusty coins she fouon holes around
but this
oohohoh this was much different.
She licked her lips as she left for the Port Authority with a huge smile on her face
''money money money I sure do love haveing money~'' she sang in her mind and chuckled out loud as she realized how greedy she was getting
maybe it's her Diamond dog instincts kicking in or something


What about a gas that would make anyone in here hallucinate? After a while people would think it's haunted.


I clear my throat.
"Pardon me, are you the captain of the ship that is lying in port?"


You could try. Same dispersal issues of course.

You arrive at the port authority and take a number. You are number 270.

"Absolutely not. My ship, she always tells the truth."


She waited…
she also looked to see what number was being called right now.
her excitement started fading a bit…


"… What?"
Shake my head.
"You misunderstand. But nevermind, you are headed to Prance, right?"


"I do not misunderstand, it was, as you say, a joke, yes? And yes, we do return soon."

About half an hour later your number is called and you can go up to the counter.



I'll prepare such a mixture. Two doses, one for the conservatory and one for the house.
Dispersal is an issue I'll deal with if I get back.

But first things first, look through my documents for such a contact to sell my furniture.


"I need to get to Prance as soon as possible. Could I join you on your journey? I can pay for it."


her excitement was COMPLETELY gone by now.
''I wanna book a place in the FIS Merriment…'' She said in a really bored tone and with Selena's exact words


Right, you might contact Mark Mildwinter, a griffon foreman who runs the warehouses downtown, or Thrifty Quill, a pony who you remember handled a lot of workorders for the company.

The furniture, alchemy equipment (besides the 13 points you packed away), garden herbs, food – that'll all have to go.

"Ah, a romantic rendezvous perhaps? Some sweet lover awaits on a balcony on the Ile-de-Prance? Say no more! It will be merely ten bits."

"Very good then. Sign this contract and it will be fifty bits."


"… Thank you."
10 bits I can afford. I'll pay upfront.


She scoofed.
''Just the exact amouth of money…'' She said in her mind as she picked up the pen and made a few scribbles on the paper,her handwriting was pretty decent actually,and she allowed herself to be a bit proud,all those nights drawing with charcoal on the cave walls was great practise…
She alsoe emptyed the pocket on her little rugged Diamond Dog jacket


Mark Mildwinter it is.
I'll leave a note telling Rhanna I'll be back soon and that there's some food in the kitchen for her if she's hungry.


And with that, you took to the ship.

It chops uneasily in the water even as you climb in, and it looks to be a lonely voyage in this small vessel with only one other Equestrian speaker.

The rain still falls - and there's not much cover to speak of. At least it's not a rowboat.

Sail 'til Dusk?

She returns the 21 bits you have remaining.

"Very good then, keep your documents with you when you get on the vessel. You depart this evening. NEXT!"

You take off to downtown. There are huge warehouses here – you wonder what exactly they all hold before realizing it's probably everything.

Mark has his office inside Warehouse 1.


And with that, you took to the ship.

It chops uneasily in the water even as you climb in, and it looks to be a lonely voyage in this small vessel with only one other Equestrian speaker.

The rain still falls - and there's not much cover to speak of. At least it's not a rowboat.

Sail 'til Dusk?



I hope the night won't bring any more surprises.


She took them all and headed back to Selena
She took a deep breath
''Man…I can't believe all of this in just two days…It's like FATE'' she said out loud on the streets


Probably all kinds of magical artifacts that could burn a ponies face off.
Knock on his door.


You pull into Teat as the sun is setting - the storm still pressing on. You've been to Prance before, of course, it's on the east coast. The only question is whether you'll spend the night here or continue.

You get a mouthful of water as the rain continues to pour. As if a damper on your spirits, you spend the rest of the walk cold and soaked. The rain just never seems to end.


The door opens and the hard-hatted griffon gives you a look of confusion and non-recognition. "Yes?"


I would like to find a ship that I know will leave for Bridgewater first… then I can see about getting some place to sleep, unless the ship leaves this night.

I suppose the harbor master may be a good person to ask about this.


That would be in the Port Authority. The huge, stately streets of Teat boast a large one.


The rain was totally not helping Rhanna at all.
''Goddamit!CAn I catch a break!?'' She shouted in her head.
well…at least it was warm back at Selena's place.
But that smell though…ugh…she was getting sick just by thinking of it…


Alright. Thank the captain for the trip and set off to the port authority building. Here's hoping I get lucky…


There's a note here, indicating there is food in the kitchen.

Based on the smell of it, the kitchen also appears to be a laboratory.

Roll luck


"Mister Mildwinter, I presume?
My name is Selena Springleaf."


I'm favored by lady luck!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That's right. You need somethin'?"


Lucky number 7. You go in and there's no line at the counter. The seas are a little uneasy tonight, though. You notice a nearby captain talking to some bureaucrat and filling out paperwork. Perhaps he's getting repairs.

Other than the pony at the counter, yourself, and those two, this place is abandoned. It's a bit elephantine and the marble walls make the room feel cold, especially since you're drenched.



Canter over to the counter. Maybe I can hear what they're talking about?


You can only catch part of it without being obvious. Something about uneven seas. Long storm.



She didn't ate all day so hey,why not?
Rhanna went for the fridge to get food but she stoped as she saw it loked like a lab
She looked over everything with a lot of curiosity,examining all the items and projects on the tables and shelves


I clear my throat. They speak Equestrian, thank the gods.
"Good day… could you please tell me if there are any ships headed for Bridgewater that are leaving this port today or tomorrow?"


"Yes, I would like to sell my furniture, plants, basically the contents of my house."


There is no refrigeration, that is future tech.

There are many beakers and alembics here. Mortar and pestle setups. Burners – which consist of very small places to set a pot over a very small fire.

This room actually has three fireplaces for separate pots, to cook many things at once!

"Hm, Bridgewater? It's a bit of a small port. Maybe I can find a ship headed to Autumnsreach that will stop in Bridgewater for supplies…"

She begins shuffling through the files. "Sorry, this may take a while, it's harder to search in this way."

"That's… quite a lot. What are you asking? Do you have a notarized list?"


"Thank you… Should I return later?"


Crap, I don't have such a list do I?
"I'm afraid I don't have such a list, but you're welcome to come with me to see these items for yourself."


"Uh, if you like. The storm is getting nasty, I'd wait in the lobby, unless you're busy."


Rhanna was drooling.
This shit is like a dream coming true!
She picked up a bit a test-tube and looked around for Sulfur,Mercuty and Isopropyl Alcohol
Oh and an empty bottle too!


"I'll wait in the lobby then."
Is there any place I can sit down comfortably and rest?


Isopropyl Alcohol won't be invented for more than 200 years. It seems someone has left out a bag of Brimstone, but you don't see any Quicksilver. There are beakers everywhere.

Just chairs. They're wooden, but cushioned.


You haven't made one yet.

He glances about. "Well, I could send someone down. Do you have an offer so I know if it's worth my time?"


Have a sit then. Let's hope I get lucky here.


That was good enough
She picked up things and started playing with it like a kid plays with toys
she experimented formulas and mizing a few things that she could find
hopefully something would explode!


Gotta go a bit high first.
"10000 bits.
That includes brand new furniture, an variety of extremely exotic plants, ones you can't find just anywhere, and an assortment of state-of-the-art alchemical equipment. You'll find you made a bargain."


It takes considerable time, but finally she waves you over.

"I found two different ships. One leaves tonight and is on a smaller vessel that would arrive in three days. There's another that leaves tomorrow afternoon, but it's larger and would only take two days. If it matters, the first is continuing up the coast to Autumnsreach, and the second is shifting route to Reptil after that."

He laughs. "10,000 bits? You're out of your gourd. I'll send someone to look, but I imagine that's about four times what I'm going to find there."


There's oil here, you could just pour that in the fire if you want to burn things.


"I know the value of my items.
I'm sure we'll come to a good arrangement. When will your man be over?"


Now she didn't want to burn things,just have a bit of fun
she dreamed about this kind of stuff before,she always wanted to try it.
…But her mind cleared up and she remembered those things were not hers…As sad as she was for that,she placed everything back in it's place…Except for a brimstone,which she kept in her hand as she sat down and caressed it's surface,feeling it with her hands


Look outside.
"This storm… I think I'd feel safer on a bigger ship."
Though Autumnsreach… that cleric mentioned it. Maybe it has answers for me.

"Is there… a standard traveling fare or could the prices vary from ship to ship?"


"I'll send him later this afternoon, around three. Two hours from now."

It's yellow and smells like urine! Bleh.

Otherwise, it feels like a soft rock.

"There is no standard rate, but I'd expect twenty to forty, based on the distance. Look for the ships moored at docks 8 and 14. You'll be able to tell the small apart from the big."


"I'll see you later today then."
Time to go back home. And pack the stuff I'll take to my vault.


"Thank you, miss."
Go to dock 8 first.


She didn't mind the smell
hey,her whole damn house smelled like urine anyways
this isn't much worse.
She smiled as she put it against the light,in her mind she wondered about the many combinations of elements that there could be contained in that small rock.
''Oh right!''
She got up and looked afor a book,certainly there would be a book of chemistry around here right?


You head back home, getting sopping wet in the rain. Based on the wet tracks, you can tell Rhanna is downstairs in your lab/kitchen.

This is the smaller of the two vessels. It rocks uneasily in the waves. Its lateen sails will see it sure against the wind, though.

You hear someone enter the house.

Selena is a bit messy, she has notes laying around everywhere. She appears to have a master tome laying on a shelf nearby though.


"Rhanna?" I shout while I put my coat away.



Let's see if I can spot the captain or an officer anywhere.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Err, +5 if that applies.


Sure. There does not appear to be an officer on the main deck. Indeed, no one is. They're likely taking shelter belowdecks until they need to move out.


Buh… See if I can knock on a door or ring the ship's bell or something.


''Hey miss Selena I'm down here on the lab!'' She shouts back,her voice bit distant


There is a bell but it seems to be swinging wildly in the wind anyway.

You knock on a door but the wind snatches it. This storm is nasty.


"Did you find the food?" I say as I walk downstairs.


'Didn't even eat…Just looking around…Your place is really nice!'' She said excitedly as she picked up the master book.
''What is this book about miss Selena?''


This goddamned storm! Surely there's a way to get into this ship's bowels somehow?


You could go through the door. You try the knob experimentally but it's really jammed stuck. You're not sure if it's locked or if the wind is just keeping it closed.

Muster might roll?


What's this book?


I am mighty!

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's your alchemy note tome.

You fling open the door and the wind tears inside. You hear yells to close the door and you slam it back closed.


"It's my notes on alchemy, Rhanna."


I let out a loud sigh and look for people that may be able to help me.


''Man,that's really cool!'' She saids opening the book
''You're an expert alchemist miss Selena?'' She looked up at her with those cute big doggy eyes sparkling with wonder


"I like to think so yes.
I thought you said you didn't like magic."


''well Magic and Alchemy are different things,really'' She said closing the book and placing it back on place.
''Anyways what we do now?'' She asked and Selena could see her small tail wagging behind her


The belowdecks is packed. Mostly crates, and in between them, crouching ponies trying to keep warm and dry.


Oh this looks very cozy.
"… Good day. Could anypony tell me where to find the captain of this ship?"


"They are related. But I need help now packing."


''Alright.'' She hoped off the seat and followed her.
''I don't have anything with me besides my jacket…
Oh and here is the money by the way'' She said handing Selena all the 21 bits


You get a bunch of hooves pointed to the back, where a pony wearing a white MSL uniform is playing very cramped chess on top of a box with another sailor.


"Keep it." Give back the 21 bits.
"Now help me pack all this in."
Start packing all important documents and stuff I'll leave in the bank.


You have 101 bits.



Walk over.
"Pardon me, I'm told this ship is set to stop in Bridgewater, is that true?"


That actually got her by surpise.
''R-really?…Oh man thanks a lot Miss Selena…I…I don't even know what to buy with this…'' She said putting them on her pocket

She helps her pack things up,asking where to put what and the such


"You have to learn how to manage money.
Keep it for food for now."


''Y-yeah…alright…Uh…say miss Selena…Where are we going?''


"To Stonebriar, from there we'll go to the colony of New Earth with a small stop at Reptil."


''I don't know anything from those places though…uh…Are we gonna…like…have to kill somepony?''


"What makes you say that?"


''Well…I heard that when some adventurers travel,they come across monsters,spirits,bandits and all sorts of dangerous things…I just thought if we were going to fight them or avoid them…Thought I think it is the first one,since you asked me if I knew how to fight and all…''


"Oh, I'm not gonna lie to you.
It might be dangerous, but if we can avoid danger we will."


She was silent for a bit more before asking
''Have you ever killed somepony miss Selena?''


Put down my pack.
"…why do you ask all these questions about killing?"


She was holding a piece of the papers of Selena in her hands,looking at it with a concentrated look.
Just curious…'' She said with a monotone voice.
For a moment her amber eyes glanced up at Selena's,they…Her pupils were a bit smaller.
''I'm hungry…'' She said putting down the paper


"There's some food in the lab."


She left for a momnet and came back with a small plate of dry crackers.
''Miss Selena…Where's your family?''


"My daughters..are missing.
That's why I'm going. To find them."


''She toyed with a cracker in her hand,poking small holes on it with her tiny claw.
''What happened to them?Kidnapped?''


"Their ship crashed near the coast near the Cape of New Seas. They're probably making their way to New Earth right now."


''crashed?Wait then how do you know they are both alive?''


Be silent for a few moments.
"I know."


She was silent as well.
''A mother always knows…Right?'' She asked her almost as she was quoting what somepony once said


He has a thick Germane accent.

"That is right. If the storm permits."


"When would you set off? I'd like to come along if possible. I can pay!"


"We had planned to leave tonight, but the storm… we are already delayed an hour."


"… When did the storm hit this place?"


"Have you been reading the news? Terrible storms are all up and down the coast. Laut Gerücht, the storm bends all around Equestria like a terrible leviathan."


"That's horrid… I will check back later if you're prepared to leave then!"


"Be quick about it. I have a scout observing the clouds from above. If he judges the storm shipworthy, we will depart."


Set off and run to dock 14! I think the bigger ship will be safer in a storm maybe? We'll see.


The larger ship does indeed sit lower in the water, and it rocks less. There are a couple of ponies patrolling the deck, but they're so bundled in rain gear that you can't even see their faces.

Dex save



Roll #1 7 = 7


Your courtier's cap takes flight! You narrowly manage to pull it out of mid-air!


Thank goodness. Hold it close and approach one of the patrols. Try to shout over the noisy wind and rain.
"Excuse me, is this ship passing by Bridgewater!?"


Roll perception



Roll #1 3 = 3


The pony yells into your ear and you manage to pick out a few words. You can't discern tone so you're not sure if it's male or female.

"*** ** PLAN ** ***** **MORROW."


"Can I go speak to the captain!?"

Roll #1 7 = 7




"The captain!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


He points to toward the aft.



I nod and take off to the aftcastle. This storm is driving me nuts!


There are huge, yew doors here. While not battened, they look tightly sealed. There's a heavy metal knocker, but you're not sure if it would be noticed.


Try it! Batter that door!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You slip in the water and crash into the deck, biting your tongue. Even through your weather-rated courier's coat, you're freezing and soaked.



Oh to hell with this, this is too much for me. I'm returning to that other ship, I can at least be inside there and they're leaving sooner.


There's another chorus of yells when you pry open the door to the hold – and it gets slammed shut again. You shutter involuntarily, which sort of turns into a pseudo dog-shake, spraying water all around. Even though the room isn't heated, the large number of ponies provides some warmth, and it's a huge difference from that icy downpour outside.


Yeah. I'm staying here.

Walk back over to the captain.
"Captain, how many bits for a ride to Bridgewater?"


You cough.

"It's cramped in here. How about thirty bits?"


"That's a lot of bits… It's not that far! I can help do stuff if you want."


"It's on the other side of Equestria. What skills do you have?"


"I… happen to have a really solid eyesight! I'm a courier, you know."


He balks. "You want to ride in the crow's nest?"


"It's probably really windy up there so I may freeze to death without proper clothing!"


"I don't see you packing"

I'll go to the conservatory and pack my little pseudopods.


There are two pseudopods which budded off Sunny years ago here. They don't put up a fight when you stuff them into a box.

Sunny usually lurks somewhere on the roof of the building instead. You recall that these lichen live for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, in the right conditions. The storm is still going on outside, but at least the wind isn't so bad here.

"That's why I was surprised!"


"… I don't have any special anti-rain clothing so unless you have some lying around, I'll have to pay up the thirty bits."


I'd like to take Sunny with me. He always loved the sea. But I'd have to be mad to go up there in the storm. Go outside, can I see him? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


The conservatory is a greenhouse, so you can look up. But he must be on the roof because you can't see him from this angle. There's a roof access in your study, which is on the third floor.

The ladder is behind a bookcase. I suppose you'd have to move it anyway…


The things I do for love…
Put the box with the tiny pseudopods inside the house and walk upstairs to my study.
With some pushing and pulling, I bet I can move it far enough to gain access to the ladder.
Climb it and stick my head out. Where is that little lazy butt?


Sunny is sprawled out on the north side of the roof, apparently not troubled by the storm, and is attached to one of your three chimneys.



Run a hoof over the roof, how slippery is it?


"Thirty bits it is. Sending anyone out in this storm would be a death sentence, I think."

You're interrupted as a pony approaches from behind and there's not enough room to get close. He leans over your behind and stretches his neck to talk to the captain.

"If you can believe it, the storm's going to get worse, but it appears to lighten toward the west. We should move out as soon as possible."

The captain nods.

It's a gravel roof, so not very slippery, just soaked. There's almost an inch of water even though your roof (which has small stone walls as 'railing') has proper drainage.


Get up and keep a hoof on my hat to make sure it won't fly away. Go to Sunny and pet him.
"Come on, Sunny, we're going on a trip."
Pick him up.


Pay up.
"Thank you captain."


It's 'furry', like moss. Bleh, you're getting drenched, and your hooves slosh around. Better close that roof access before all that water ruins the wood in your study.

He accepts the bits.

"Thank me in two days, if we make it in one piece."

With that he starts bellowing orders and the hold partially clears out.

Stormward bound?


Right. Let's hope they manage.


Let's go inside again, close the hatch and put Sunny in the box with his kids.
Put the rest of my documents in another box and the relics I'm not taking with me. Those go to the bank later.
Now I guess I'll have to wait for the guy Mildwinter was gonna send.


You sit in your cold and lonely (except for weirdo Rhanna) house for a couple hours and wait for the guy to show up. Finally you hear someone pounding on your door.

As has already become ritual, when you wake up, the first thing you do is stare at your hoof. It's shrinking, the symbol… drawing closer to the New Moon with each passing night…

You know you won't get back to sleep. You feel, by instinct, that dawn is approaching, and you were expected to arrive around dawn. It has been two days… That means, what, twelve days left?


R-Right. Once I get there all I need to do is find some answers and figure out how to remove this curse… how hard can it be?


Open up.



"This is the place? Kind of tiny for a 10,000 bit home."

You hear rain outside, but it is as the scout predicted. The wind doesn't howl like it did back in Prance, though there is certainly a steady downpour.


This weather is freaky. The pegasi should be on top of this kind of stuff!

Let's head topside.


You can see a little town on the water. Frankly, you're surprised of the need to stop to resupply here at all due to its diminutive nature.. Any port in a storm, though.


Yeah, this ship is tiny! I want to get back on land!


"Yes, this is the place. I'll show you around."
Show him around.


As you approach the land, you notice that the local temple has an unusual flag flying at its entrance. Usually temples don't have flags at all. It's the mark of the Inquisition. Why such an organization would even bother with such a tiny town is beyond you. Maybe the Nightmare Cultists were infesting it pretty severely.

You also see a few shacks. There's a "market", but none of the stalls are open this early.

There's a little series of shacks near the water, too, where fisherponies are at work.

Back, near the edge of the forest, there is a sort of small clinic.


He takes notes as he walks, and checks out the lab, conservatory, shopfront, bedroom, and study.

"This is it?"


As far as I know, the inquisition aren't the most cheerful of ponies…

But… maybe they'll know more. They're supposed to know all about stuff like this!


"Uh, yes, what do you think?"


To the temple?

"Well, it's not much. I could do maybe 300 for the alchemy equipment. 200 for the rugs. The bed, shelves, bookcases, that's a solid 1750. 15 for the books. Herbs, can't really do anything with those, they'll just wither in the warehouse. I could maybe find a buyer but it would have to go so cheap I'd know it would sell before it goes bad, maybe 50 for all of it. You've got a lot of rice in there, that'll keep, I'll give you 275 for it. Your house thrall doesn't look very impressive, plus feeding it… eh, maybe 15? Are the clothes going?"


Yes, let's go check it out.


"300 for the alchemy equipment? That's outrageous. It would cost four times that to order it."



"The alembic, ambix, cucurbit, retort, and dry still are all worth money. The beakers are practically worthless. And who doesn't have tons of pots? I can get those from hags on Mud Row. The oven is obviously part of the house, so you're not selling that - pity because it's very nice. What do you want from me? 300 is what it's worth. It's not the most complete set I've ever seen either. You have no vacuum flask, whirling apparatus, hot-water extractor, and your sole piston syringe looks literally medieval."

The temple is not very large. You don't see any parsons today. Indeed, even poking your head through the door, there's no one here but a heavily armored pony with two body-guards speaking to another pony in cloth.


Knock knock on the open door.
'Uhm… hello.'


A deep voice emanates from the heavily-armored pony.

"It seems you have mail."

"Right… we'll continue this another time, Lord Inquisitor. If you need anything at all, please do send for me."


The pony and his guards stride past you.


Wow, they're pretty scary. Turn to the pony in cloth.
"Sorry for the interruption, but I've come here for some answers…"


"What about the furniture, I just bought that!
And the house thrall is not for sale."


"Hey, I'm giving you a generous price on the furniture considering the wear and water damage on some of it. Besides, I'm guessing based on what Mark said that you plan on splitting without paying for someone to deliver this to the warehouse, so that's on us too. Now if you overpaid on the furniture, that's your business."

She raises her front hooves to the sky.

"All answers may be found in Her light."


"That's good, because I think I'm cursed! I hope the light has an answer to Nightmare Moon being mad at me for some reason!"


"Nightmare Moon? My child, Nightmare Moon has been gone for many years. I know with the… disturbances locally, there have been some panics, but I assure you, just because there are cultists does not mean they actually wield the power of Nightmare Moon."


Rhanna,who has been silent all this time,lightly pulled on Selena's leg
''Uh…Miss Selena…Why are you selling all that cool stuff?'' she asked with a clear hint of sadness in her voice


Show her my hoof.
"Look, I did not come all the way over here just to be told that I'm wrong. I've got this sinister symbol on my hoof and it's counting down after each night. It appeared right after I had a nightmare where I was told to return a slab, which I don't even know where it is or what it is exactly! I'm desperate to get some answers here. I want to know what I'm looking for."


"Excuse me for a second."
Go to the closet and put on some Love Poison perfume and come back.
Love Poison on the guy '1d10'
"Now, it seems you are right, it's not worth 10000 bits, but surely it's worth a little more that what you're offering. For me?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Rhanna whiffs the air
her doggy nose definetly picked up the scent
''What the?…''
She sniffed Selena a bit,the smell was so weird!
But she couldn't stop sniffing!


You twitch involuntarily as your heart skips a beat from the excitement.

"Listen, I sympathize that you have traveled a long way, but it sounds like you're panicking. Here's what I'll do."

She draws some water from a pool which is being bathed in sunlight from the window.

"Two drops of holy water to protect you. Recite your dawning prayers when you wake up to ward against lingering dreams. And…"

She scribbles something on a piece of paper and hands it to you. "Go to the clinic and get an herbal tea to calm you down."

This looks suspiciously like a recommendation for a very mild sedative on the paper…

"Well… maybe Mark wouldn't notice if I rounded up to 3000…"


"Rhanna, go check if all the packs upstairs are okay." I mutter to her under my teeth.

"You're a true gentlepony." Put a hoof on his shoulder. "Now which of these dreary papers do we have to sign?"


Rhanna looked to the guy for a moment
Wait what? He just said he'll give her 3000?
What the heck is going on right now?
why does he has that dumb smile on his face?
and why suddenly Selena smells so nice?


"Uh, you can fill out paperwork at the office. I can take the recommendation back now, or… you can come with me~"


"Oh, I'd love to."


Obviously for


I give her a pleading look.
"That's not enough… I can't… I need to fix something my mother did, I think. She did something… stole something and now that she's gone, Nightmare Moon is coming after me instead."


She looked at her.
''Alright…But you have to tell me whats up later!'' She said heading upstairs.

But stopped halfway to the stairway,hiding herself as she watched both of them,
Why did he wanted her to come along?
weird guy…

there was something wrong there
Rhanna was gonna find out what.
I mean the packs are OBVIOUSLY okay,really,she didn't need to chekc them
so she waited…


"Alright! Will you be warm enough? Do you want to borrow my coat?"

"My child, many have looted the temples of Nightmare Moon – Celestia wrote an encyclical many years ago declaring it unsinful to sack the temples of these dangerous cultists. Why isn't she coming after any of them? I want to believe you, but I think you need to just calm down and think rationally. Go get some tea and we'll have a sit down if you're still feeling panicked. Just… lay off the 'nightmare' talk around the clinic. Those poor souls are already under investigation for being Nightmare sympathizers. While the Inquisition may disagree with me, I am a firm believer that anyone can be forgiven, but we must not tempt the already wayward, you understand."


I sigh. Maybe I'm just insane.
"Fine… I just… don't have much time."


Well…He did seemed to be polite…
But that could be even more suspicious!
She kept a close eye at him…


She pats you gently. "Go have some tea and you'll feel better."

She returns to straightening some chairs.


At least the tea might warm me up a bit. Let's do what she told me to.


The clinic isn't very large, but it does have a separate lobby slash waiting room. No one is at the counter, though. Hm…


"I'll be fine."
Put on my cape and hat.
"Lead the way."


Is there a bell or something? Or can I just knock?


Rhanna eyed Selena
''Come on don't go…He's probally going to rob you or sumthing…don't trust him…'' She muttered quietly to herself


There is a bell, too! But you may knock if you think that's more polite.

You hear humming in the back…

"Alright, let's go. Sorry about the rain, I guess it's not very roman– er, you know, not comfortable."

He skips off into the rain.


I'll ring the bell.


Rhanna waited until they both left throught the door and went to sneakily follow after them,keeping a good distance but still close enough to not lose sight of them
she didn't care about the rain,lifes might be at risk there!


Let's get to the warehouse and sign them papers.


You hear a female voice. Maybe a little older than you?

"Yeah? Oh, okay, one sec!"

You hear some boxes fall over. "I'm coming!"

A friendly blue face appears at the counter. "Oh, the mail! Thanks."

When you get over there, the two confer and they argue back and forth a bit.

Mark finally relents. "Well, sounds like a little more than I expected, but I'll sign off on it. We'll pick it up tomorrow morning, leave the key here before you go, or drop it off at our safe deposit box which is 116."


"Pleasure doing business."
Seems like no hallucination bombs.
Oh well, can't have em all.
I'll drop the key in the deposit box before I board the ship later.
Blow a kiss to the good man before I leave.


"Uh… no mail today."
Take off my hat.
"The priestess at the church sent me here and told me to ask for tea because I'm going crazy."
Show her the note.


Rhanna waited on the outside of the warehouse,putting her ear on the door,but she couldn't quite hear


"Oh, you know who's really good at making that? One sec – uh, Curry, come here!"

He waves dazedly at you.

You get soaked on the way back.


"You should have waited here, Rhanna."


"Yes? What the matter?"


''well I couldn't let you go alone!What if he hurt you or something?''

''So…what you two did there?did he threaten you or something?''


Summer points to the customer on the other side of the counter.

"She wants some of that stress tea you strain out of the plants."


"Rhanna, what did I say you had to do if you were going to come travel with me?"


"Ah. The tea. Yes. Just a moment."
I'll head into the storage area.
"Now, I know I had some drying out back here… Ah, here we are. How much am I getting?"


She opened her mind to retort
but she didnt say anything
instead looked down and crossed her arms behind her
I was just worried…he was giving you some funny looks…same looks my dad used to give my mom…''


"She didn't say!"


"I mean just some tea would be nice… I'm cold after all that rain."


"That's very thoughtful of you. But tell me what did I say, do you remember?"


Your ears are playing tricks on you. It sounded like Light Heart came to visit.


''You can come, but you have to do as I say, understood?'' She quoted her
''Yes…I remember


"Good. Now what I was doing, I was making a deal with that pony to sell my furniture and everything while I was away."


"Bah. I'll just get a little tin of it, and then… there we are."
I'll come back floating the tin of tea leaves.
I'll blink, then clonk my forehead with a hoof.
"Of course. Hold just a moment, I'll get the kettle going."
As I head off towards that, I'll turn to Summer.
"Could you get a towel for our guest? She's probably chilled to the bone."


''But why were you doing that though?
YOu don't like your stuff?''
She gasped
''Don't tell me you don't wanna be an alchemist anymore?!''


"We're going away for a long time, Rhanna, I can't leave all this stuff here. Somepony might steal it. Better to get rid of it now."


"Oh, right… um, I didn't do the laundry. I think our towels are bloody, but… maybe there's something in the lost and found?"

She digs through it. "Um, maybe a wadded up cloak?"


She looked down
''alrigt…just feels like a pity to sell all that…we could at least had taken a few things…''
She checked her pocket
did dshe stll had that pee-rock with her?


I'll just chuckle a bit as I heat the water.
"It will have to do. Though less wadded and more folded, perhaps."


"You smelled something weird probably?"


''oh yeah that too…Suddenly tou had that really really cool smell in you!''
She sniffed her chest abit
''What is it?''



It's been busy. But busy means work. People think of you as a Hero, no matter what you think of yourself. It's fulfilling. And besides, it pays incredibly. The Inquisition has deep pockets.

To be honest, this village doesn't really seem worth the time. It's tiny. Even if there was a monstrous cult here, they're clearly not butchering ponies in the streets. Something has Lord Inquisitor Wind – the pony you guard, a mare with a notoriously deep voice – troubled by this place. Having just visited the local temple, you're headed back to the parson's house, which has been lended to your trio. Leading the way is your counterpart, another Inquisitorial bodyguard who goes by Stricture. It sounds more imposing, you imagine, than Soft Sunrise. He has some confidence complex, sure, but he's fundamentally a good guy, and a decent fighter. He hasn't beaten you once, though.

The Lord speakth: "Maeda."

The brimstone? Yep.

She flumphs it up onto the counter.

"There we go!"

That patient really does look like her… It's the head structure, you think.


I'll shake my head a bit.
She'd be sailing the world still. Liberty Belle wasn't the type to settle down in one place for too long. Besides, with piracy on the wane, she'd make an excellent merchant.


"Thanks. I've been more wet than dry lately…"
Take the towel and dry myself off a little.


"It's called Love Poison. It helps to make ponies more…friendly."
I smile.
"Now you won't have to bump into me again next time you smell it."


She also looks way too young. This mare is, what, 20? 21?

You're distracted, and Summer is scrunching at you. Did she say something?

"The storms!"

"The storms won't let up. Why haven't you fixed it yet, Curry? – The storms!"


''holee crap that's so cool!'' She said wagging her tail.
''Can I use some of it?can I?can I?''


Keep walking along, strictly following her.


"I'm afraid that those are still a bit beyond me. Besides, a little rain's good for everyone. Gives them a reason to stay inside and be with family."
Once the water's heated, I'll set about making three cups of tea.


"No. Not right now. If you study hard your alchemy I'll teach it to you one day. Now, let's get those boxes to the bank."


"Yeah, except this storm is everywhere! All around the coast of Equestria. I don't know why it hasn't been taken care of yet, because it was really bad back in Prance."


"Something isn't adding up. In my experience, there are two kinds of villages. Those that are being overrun - they want help – and those that aren't – they're defensive. They don't want help. So why are these locals being so helpful? Everyone is being open, and yet by all accounts we should have run into a chanting ring of madmen at this point. You've always had a strong intuition. Do you think the parson was hiding something?"

Summer sticks her tongue out. "Mom says you have to stop taking free drinks, remember? Unless you want to go dig up more roots in this storm."


she went to help her with the boxes,she was small,but was almost as strong as Selena.


"Now that is odd."
"Taking? This is hardly taking, I'm… sharing. Yes. And you're getting one too, so you can't tattle on me this time."
I'll pass out the cups of tea.


As I put in my dossier, look at those of Emmy, what was going on with her?


"Thank you kindly!"
Sip from the tea.


"You're welcome, miss…?


"Belle! Lilly Belle!"


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Belle? Surely no relation to Liberty Belle?"


In a slow, steady motion, draw a vial of a crystal clear liquid from the belt along my chest to my mouth.
Drink the dream wine.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Uh… yeah, that's my mother. Wait…"
I freeze.
"You're familiar with her?"


Summer shrugs and gulps her drink.

This folder looks like a conspiracy net. It's full of clippings and pinned yarn strings making 'connections'. You suspect that Emrille is – or is at least some way tied to the mysterious Specter of Anneiv that has plagued the city for the last twenty years. That's when she disappeared from the fleet. Even today, official sources deny such a phantom exists, and yet the reports are uncanny…

Sightings have gone down in the last few years though. If it was her, she may have moved on.

You feel relaxed already.

You can't get a clear vision… just a moon. Weird stuff. You shake it out of your head. Almost like some kind of interference.


"There is something big on the horizon no matter what happens in this town, it seems."


That was a good day when she left.
I partied all night with Face.
Let's bring all of this to the bank.
"Come on, Rhanna, let's go to the bank."


Rhanna leans a bit close,carrying a light box
''whacha reading miss Selena?''


''oh…alright…hey can I open up an account and save the money you gave me?''


"We traveled together some time ago, and in fact it's thanks to her that I found my estranged sister, and joined up with Summer and her mother."
I'll chuckle and shake my head.
"I never thought, with her heart condition, that she would risk having a child. But goodness me, just look at you. She must have had you shortly after I parted from her company."


"Mmm… it seems a metaphorical storm is brewing."

She indicates the sky, which has been raining relentlessly for the last week. "Like the literal one. Let's get inside."

She heads inside and pulls off the overcoat over her plate armor, which is enormous on its own and covers her entirely. More of a show of might than anything else, but it's too big to be removed without help, and Stricture tends to her in this regards.

The bank! Now he's an interesting building. You can really tell there's wealth here – golden filigrees on everything. It's insane how much detail has gone into this building. The structure itself is probably worth a million bits.

Fortunately, lines inside are short due to the storm.


As a side note, how does the bank system here work? If I put money here in my bank, can I withdraw it in any city?
I assume my vault is bound here.



Rhanna eyes were glistening with wonder
''woooooow…wow wowzies wow WOW!'' She said super excited as she examined all of the gold and and shiny things,it all allured her quite a lot…
''This place is SO COOL Miss Selena!''


"You… traveled together… with my mother?"
I stay quiet for a moment.
"You know she was a pirate, right?"


Calmly follow in after her, looking at the sky with wondering eyes.
Bad moon rising, they say.
"If they are so nice, is just because they want us gone sooner."


That's right, the material goods remain but the liquid assets can be withdrawn at any branch assuming you don't travel huge distances in one day. For instance, teleporting immediately after making a deposit to another bank. One business day is usually enough.

"I agree with you. It's almost like they've had dealing with us before, but I consulted the archives, or rather."

Scripture nods. "I did. And I wouldn't have made a mistake. The town has had complaints before, but we haven't investigated here personally."


I'll nod.
"That I do. I was avoiding the topic because I wasn't sure you knew yet. But since you do, then I can speak fully."
I'll take a sip of my tea.
"Your mother, miss Belle, was one of the few friends I had on that fleet. And it was she who could protect miss Summer and her mother while I was in no position to do so. I had always expected her to come to town one of these days for tea, and I almost thought you were her. You sound almost exactly alike."


"What were the complaints about to begin with?"


"Nightmare Cultists. There are varying accounts, but by the volume of them this town should be full of them. The only non-orthodox we've found so far are those Nature worshipers over at the clinic. I've half a mind to investigate again, but there's no real justification for it other than intuition."


"… Really? I mean… I was always told that I look like my other mother, but I didn't figure I'd sound the same as…"
Shake my head.
"Forget I said that. I haven't spoken to her in years. She died when I was just a filly. Both of them did."


The Lord Inquisitor nods. "Yes, I wouldn't want to barge in without at least some pretense."


"It's a shame to lose both father and mother. Hopefully it was a peaceful passage."


"…If you remove the impossible, what remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
If this town should, by all reasons, be filled with cultists…"
Sit down, and set my heavy halberd in front of me, as I begin undoing the straps holding the many vial and plants tied to my body.
Slowly, begin coating a patch on my forehoof's guard with the Dream Wine, letting it soak the cloth fully.


"I don't know. She had me sent away before anything happened to keep me safe… I think she must have died in battle against some pirate hunters."


When it's my turn, I'll ask to see my vault.


I'll sigh a little sadly.
"I had hoped she would have become a merchant as opposed to continuing piracy…"
Take another sip of my tea.
"So, you likely didn't travel all this way for some tea. What brings you out in this weather?"


I shake my head.
"The priestess said I shouldn't be bothering you with it. But… thank you for the tea."


Stricture: "You think they're invisible? Or… they're all pretending?"

They lead you to a bank deposit room in the back. You have a large tray of sorts that is pulled open. It's three feet tall, three feet wide, and twelve feet deep, so it pulls out quite a way.



"I'll let you in on something: every time that priestess sends someone this way for tea, it means that there's a problem they want me to look at. She picked up that habit from my sister, you see."


Begin brewing my Mirror Elixir, taking out a tiny kettle and boiling water quickly with some compressed fire bars, shifting through my herb supplies and cutting away leaves with care.
"The latter."


"Yes." Put in the stack of documents and the relics and Face's letters


Rhanna gasped a bit
''Oh yeah I wanna make a deposit too!''


Scripture: "Celestia's own sun, you think every last one of them is in on it?"

"Very good then, is that all we can help you with today?"

"The boxes are priced on size. What do you need to store?"


I scrunch.
"Look… maybe I'm just insane, but I had a really vivid nightmare a few days ago. When I woke up, I found this."
Wave my hoof with the symbol on it in front of me.
"I think it's counting down! It's like a moon phase counter or something. In that nightmare I was told that I'm supposed to return a stolen slab, but I don't know where and what this slab is. It must have something to do with Nightmare Moon, I think. She wants me to return something that was stolen and I think my mother was the one responsible for it."


Bottle the brew up and let it ferment inside the many ball-shaped vials.
"Suspicion is natural."
Take six on drinking some of the brew.


My face will take on a more serious tone.
"Summer, could you excuse us for a moment?"


Look over to Rhanna.
"What do you want to store, Rhanna?"


''well I wanna deposit some money,can I?''
She asked showing the 21 bits

''the money of course!''


Your skin turns chrome, and you look more like some sort of golem than a pony.

Wind: "You anticipate a fight? Even if they are cultists, they might surrender."

"You don't need a box for that. That's handled with a deposit slip. I won't explain the nuances of how banks work with investment."

But Rhanna gave 21 bits back to Selena I thought?

She frowns at you. "Are you kidding? I'm 28, Curry. Why do you always treat me like I'm still a filly?"


nah Selena let her keep it
and now she's handing it to the bank


"Because sometimes I forget you grew up. Also habit."


Look at both of them quizzically.


"Prevention is the best defense.
Intimidating them by showing we mean business.
If they grow wary and uneasy, we might have unmasked them.
If they don't, we have definitely unmasked them.
Don't you think we should pay at least a visit to the nature worshippers by the clinic?"


The bank clerk hands her some forms. "You'll need to fill these out and keep them with you. They identify you as the account holder."

Wind shakes her head and points to the window. Her raven is there. She opens the window and confers with it.

"A tip came in. I'm taking Stricture with me to the forest in the north, but I'd still like you to follow up on that lead with the clinic. Investigate and use your judgment, I have faith in you as I have faith in Her Eminence. Stricture, my armor."

"Right away."


"You see, before you were born, your mother and her crew happened upon me in the city of Autumnsreach, where I oversaw one of the last unspoiled temples of Luna. By myself, since Lunar worship went out of style several centuries ago due to the Nightmare."
I'll finish my tea, casting half a glance at the now exposed tea leaves.
"The commodore of the fleet of the time stripped the temple of everything that I had not requested set aside for miss Summer and her mother, as they were the ones who actually managed to open the doors to the temple proper. Thinking back, Commodore Smitts was incredibly gracious in this. He could have just killed me and left me to die in the surf."
I'll shake my head.
"Regardless, I don't know why your mother would be indicted in any way by Luna or her darker side, as to my knowledge she didn't take anything."


Put away my tools, carefully folding them back into my armor, into the many pockets and bags, and stand up.
"Very well, my Lady."
Bow my head slightly, and head for the door.
"Don't let her be harmed, Stricture. She's in your hooves now."
Smile slightly and leave. For the clinic.


"That's good Rhanna, saving is important."
Turn to the clerk.
"May I ask, I'm traveling to New Earth soon. I know it's a bit soon, is there a branch of the bank there?"


She happily signed the papers and gave him the money.
"make sure to not let anyone get it k?''

Rhanna gave her a cute smile at the approval. showing a bit of her growing fangs


"I still don't know much more about what I'm looking for…"


"I can't speculate, but where the MSL goes, so do the banks, so I wouldn't be surprised. New Earth is a new MSL city, right?"

He sighs. "It doesn't work that way. I assure you that your money is safe."

When you arrive in the clinic, you can see through the windows that there are ponies inside… Right, the staffer, the daughter of the owner – and some mailpony. Oh right, the mailpony you saw at the temple.

#Pause, feel free to faff


"Hmm. Can you tell me anything that might have happened on the fleet before you left?"


I sigh.
"It was so long ago, details are really sketchy. I remember both of my mothers pretty well, but I don't know if they did anything that would upset Nightmare Moon…"


The door opens and I walk in, head held up high as if to give my crome-shining coat an expression of stillness, the dark mane pulled back and behind my head, allowing the slight asian features of my face to be easily pinpointed.
The mixture of plate and leather of my armour bears the marks of the inquisition, glittering as I stroll down the clinic.

"What a dreadful topic of conversation."


I'll make a quiet shushing gesture to Lilly as I hear the door open.
"Oh? I wasn't aware the weather was such a dreadful topic. Though, with how it's been lately, I could certainly see why you would say it is so, lady Inquisitor."
I'll raise an eyebrow when I notice she's by herself.
"Paying a social call, perhaps? You seem to have given your superior the slip."


Turn to the new voice.
"Hey, you're involved in religious affairs, right?"


"Your clinic is an interesting place, in a town so often painted in such a bad light, a tiny gem. Mister?"
"That would be a way to put it."


"Curry. And the town isn't so bad, lady Inquisitor. Though it did take them some time to warm up to us."
I'll chuckle a little.
"My sister, Skylight, probably helped with that more than anything, though. A sun priestess puts many at ease, and she was especially kind."


"Well have you tracked those nightmare cultists down yet?"


"Nightmare cultists?"


"Mister Curry. So you are an outsiderto these parts?
And yes, I too saw how familiar the townsfolks act. How very familiar indeed."
"Nightmare cultists. That sounds like news."


"I was perhaps a little more than 20 years ago. I would hope that I'm less so after all that time."


"Your words paint yourself as an outsider still."


"Don't play dumb! Every priest I've asked so far has told me about the inquisition being here to investigate nightmare cultists."


"And indeed we found none so far."


"Well, I do still miss Autumnsreach a bit, so I haven't settled down completely. That's likely it."
"That's news to me, actually."


"Autumnsreach. Very large city. What made you decide you wanted to move?"


"So it was a false lead."


"To be honest? I didn't like very many ponies there. The false piety many of them espoused rubbed me the wrong way. Out here, where you can really sink your hooves into the dirt, then you can see ponies as they are. It's a refreshing return to nature."


"You seem very interested in this."
"And have you really grown close to any of them?"


"The townsfolk? I'd hope so. Mostly with a cup of tea and pleasant conversation."


"Nightmare Moon is a threat!"


"Have they always been so… Helpful?"
Raise a brow, breaking my stoic expression to shift into mild surprise.
"Nightmare Moon is sealed away inside the Moon, and so has been for centuries."


I facehoof.
"Nevermind then. Turns out I'm just crazy I guess."


"Well, as I said earlier, they took a while to warm up to us, so they didn't start out that way. Not all of them, at any rate."
I'll chuckle a bit.
"When we set up the clinic, most ponies still preferred going to the church for treatments instead, since they didn't trust us. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but over time they came to us for small things. A cold here, the sniffles there, one rather nasty case of measles… Nowadays they come to us for things that they don't feel they should bother the gods for. Simple remedies."
"Not so, but possibly just stressed. A courier's job is one fraught with peril, or so I've heard."
I'll gather the cups, and then refill Lilly's.
"Another cup of tea should help calm your nerves, if nothing else."


I nod and drink.


"Visions might at times be the effect of corrupting influences.
Even though Nightmare Moon is not among us anymore, her cultists, those depraved ponies who have forsaken the Light, are still ahoof.
If something is troubling your mind, I am trained to navigate the troubles of a pony's soul."
"And all of them do, and all of them have simple afflictions which are passing on the body and absent in the mind?"
"Say, which mixture is that one?"


Show her the hoof.
"I don't suppose this is anything to worry about?"


"So far, at any rate."
I'll whack my forehead.
"Ah, where are my manners. I never offered you a cup of tea. This is a blend of leaves that soothes nerves and helps calm you down."
Well shit. There goes that.


I don't know what's on it.


It's a circle with a bite taken out of it.

DC6 Perception to identify it as the moon in the current phase, complete with craters.


Grasp her hoof at the helbow with one of my armored legs, running the other smoothly over the mark, as if wondering if it was real.
Then, stare into her eyes with a grave look.
"How long have you had this mark for now?"


"A few days. And it's counting down. I've got 12 days left before some kind of demon spawn lunges out of the bowels of the earth and slays me because Nightmare Moon is mad at me."


"Who told you that?"


Still don't let go, staring into her eyes with a sense of urgency.
"How do you know as much, how did you anger the Mare in the Moon?"


"I dreamed it. Well, maybe nightmared is a better term."


"Dreamed? Could you explain a little further? What, exactly, happened in the dream?"


"Would you see the coincidence, for the first time your patients are not only in need of some mild cure for their aching tummy."


I'll just give you an irritated look and turn back to Lilly.


Bet you can see how dumb that look is in the mirror that is my coat!


"I'll explain. I was sitting in the post office while this storm was going on. I hear noise coming from outside all of the sudden, like something hitting the building. I figured it was just the storm causing it, but went outside to check for damage anyway. When I get out there, I see this massive hulking beast messing around with a trash can. It spots me and chases me back inside as I go grab my gun, then starts preaching about how I need to 'Return the slab or suffer the curse'. It attacks me, I shoot it, it kills me anyway, I wake up and realize it was a nightmare, then spot this symbol on my hoof. Burning.

Ponies all seem to think I'm crazy. Maybe I am crazy, I don't know! But I'd rather not risk dying horribly if this is actually going to happen!"


Finally let go of her hoof.
"Cover that symbol up. You will have to meet the Lady Inquisitor as soon as possible."


"Well, you aren't crazy."
I'll puzzle a moment.
"What did the creature look like?"


I'll snort derisively.
"Yes, that would solve the lack of cultists quite nicely, wouldn't it. Quite the convenient scapegoat."


Only dignify him with a killer glare.
"Stay out of this for your own sake.
Her life is on the line here."


"Is she going to help me or what? I don't have much time as you might imagine!"

"Like… a diamond dog, but mutated and more scary looking with spikes and stuff. I almost had a heart attack screaming my lungs out! It was terrifying!"


"Look, if anything, this whole ordeal confirms the surpicions we had. Saving your life and eradicating the cult we are after is obviously one and the same thing."


"And her soul might be as well, if you hadn't noticed."
I'll think a long moment.
"That certainly sounds like some tainted thing. But what slab could it possibly be talking about?"


"And you can be sure the inquisition of Her Light will take care of her immortal soul.
Anything else you want to say?
Weight your words carefully."


"This had nothing to do with a cult! It was a nightmare. Put into my head by Nightmare Moon herself! … If I'm not crazy, that is."

"I don't know! I didn't take any slabs or anything. I thought maybe I lost a package at some point or something, but that's not the case! That beast thing called me by my mother's name, so I guess she's the one who did something that made Nightmare Moon upset."


"Say mare, what is your name and your profession?"


I'll glare at the inquisitor.
"Unless the inquisition has magically changed its practices in the last twenty years, you are all still the same child-killing fiends as that black-winged monster from Autumnsreach. And so long as this mare is my guest, then no one shall remove her by force. No one, not even Celestia herself."
"I still don't understand what your mother might have done to warrant this."
I'll think briefly.
"Perhaps it was your father? Who was he?"


"Lilly Belle. I'm a freelance courier working in the Eastern Seaboard area."


Squint and glare into his eyes, my head inching closer.
"An history with the inquisition, I see.
Might be worth digging into it?"
"Then miss Belle, believe me.
I will do anything in my power, and by extension, in the Inquisition's own power, to save you from this course, because I will stand no evil."


I scrunch.
"It's… kind of complicated. When I say my mother, I really mean my father. I had two mothers, but both were involved in making… me. I don't know how exactly, but there was magic involved to make me related to both."

"I sure hope so, because I'm in a heap of trouble right now and I didn't even do anything!"


I'll just dismiss your questioning.
I'll blink.
Then blink again.
"Wait. I'm pretty sure the only thing that could do that… but Abilio never researched that, did he? And she couldn't have… it was part of the floor, for Her sake…"


"Your history itself seems prone to curses…
What is this with your mother being your father?"



"I don't remember much of it, they died when I was just a filly. All I know is that I had two biological mothers for some magic reason I can't fathom."


I'll let this conversation go on.


I'll shake my head.
"Well, I don't think it could possibly be, but there was a magical device which, when touched, altered the genders of whomever touched it. It was a, well, let's say a curiosity. But it was built into the stone floor, so I don't know how she would have even begun to get it out, especially since the place flooded shortly before…"
I'll pace back and forth a moment, then glance at the inquisitor.
"While in Autumnsreach, some twenty-odd years ago, I encountered her mother and her companions while taking care of some of my own business. They agreed to help me, and we ended up doing a little dungeon delving off the coast. Inside we found a strange carved rock that, due to magic, could alter genders. I don't know why it was made, nor how it got there. If Lilly's mother did indeed find a way to take that along, for whatever reason, then it may have been a relic that was never supposed to leave, and the dungeon we delved into might have been an old lunar temple, from before the fall."
I'll scratch my chin.
"If that were the case, then the item she's looking for needs to be returned to that spot, to lift whatever curse has befallen her. Of course, the moon's phasing on her leg might just be a countdown until she gets a reminder to do so, be it monster or nightmare. I'm not sure, but on the nights of a new moon, she should be protected from either while she's traveling."


"Are… Are you serious right now?"


"Why would I lie about something like this? There's more things in this world than anyone can ever really get a grasp on, miss Belle. I was as surprised as you when we found it, and half the group ended up as the opposite sex."
I'll shudder a bit.
"It was… disconcerting, to say the least."


A picture starts to form, in my mind.
A dreadful and horrible picture.
"There is no such temple in Autumnsreach, it'd not exist with the knowledge of the Church!"


"W-Well where is it? If this is true, that might be what I got to return to its place! What did it look like?!"


"Such knowledge can be lost after several hundred years. And found again in the most unusual ways."
I'll wave a hoof dismissively.
"But you've no need to worry about it. It's well and truly below the waves now."
"It was shaped as an altar, with moon carvings and the like. As for where it is… I never even knew your mother took it from there. My advice would be to look from the last place your mother was, and then go backwards until you find it."


"If what you say is true, 'beneath the waves' is not acceptable anymore.
If the altar is to be returned, we must know where the temple is."


"And I will tell whom it concerns, inquisitor. Who she tells afterwards is a matter for her to decide."


I slap my forehead.
"I need… I need to figure out where she died. I need a library…"


"And whom it concerns is the inquisition, or do I have to bring you in chains before our courts to ply that information out of your tongue?
I gladly would, pirate."




I'll roll my eyes at her.
"I was no pirate. I was born in Autumnsreach, and thought I would spend the entirety of my life there until my outlook on the world changed. I was, for lack of a better term, an ascetic. It was by chance I encountered miss Belle's mother, and left."
I'll pat your shoulder.
"But, take heart! This is not the first time an inquisitor has jumped to conclusions and done or said something that was wrong."


"You see, miss Belle, he made a name.
A name somepony in my profession hardly misses.
Abilio the warlock. Commodore of a fleet which rode the manesyan sea little over twenty years ago."


"Who was kind enough to dismiss a contract made under duress. I left that flotilla after the dragon attacked the Isle of Roads and the former Commodore, Smitts, was dead."


"Oh… now it makes sense."
I frown.


My stern expression will remain through one sentence more.

"The location of the temple."

Slowly changing into a look of empathy and understanding.

"And I will not let anypony know of this.
But from now on, you will have to trust the inquisition with saving this girl's life."


I'll look at her with an almost pitying expression.
"You honestly expect me to believe you would withhold information from your superiors? You must think I'm an idiot."
I'll sigh.
"But, I get the feeling you'll be nipping at miss Belle's heels throughout her adventure, so I might as well spoil the finish line."
"The location of the Lunar temple of Autumnsreach is a small off-shore location that is exposed only at the lowest of low tides, and only for a few minutes, every day. That is how it remained hidden and unspoiled by both the Nightmare, and the Inquisition."


"I hope you're right about this… but it's not like I have any better leads."


"I'm disappointed in you, Curry of Autumnsreach.
Hatred and mistrust cloud your judgment."


"If you need aid in your quest, I still believe the two of us share a common goal."


"You might have more luck if you track down ponies who remained in the crew longer than I did. Your mother was a very sociable mare, and made it her business to be well connected."
"Unfortunately, it's experience in this case. My sister, however, has been helping me to forgive."


"One piece of advice. Don't pack your bags just yet.
I'd hate for this town to lose its healer."


"I'll take the help I can get. I have a being of pure evil trying to kill me!"

"I'll have to figure this out…"


"Then come find us by the Parson's house when you are ready to leave."

I gotta go for now.


I'll nod slightly.
"Now, I'm afraid the water's gone cold for the tea, so if you're willing to wait for me to heat it again, I can get you a cup of tea. I can't be so ungracious a host as to send you out in this weather without at least a little something to warm you first."


"It is. Thank you, sir."


"Will that be all?"


Shye gendly nodded
''yeah I think were good



We already went to the church, didn't we?


That's right, you most recently spoke with the underpriestess in service to the local parson of this unincorporated parsonage. This is to say that this is a temple of immediacy, having no direct ecclesiastical oversight and therefore clerically sovereign.


I think that covers everything?


-Withdraw from bank
-Resolve real estate


Time to go back there.
I need to ask a few more questions.


''yeah…Miss Selena I'm kinda hungry…When we eatin?''


Withdraw from bank.
It's hard for me (Sion) to really judge how much money I'll need. Got 100 bits, is that much?


1 bit is enough for a single, meager peasant meal. An unskilled laborer, such as a maid, might expect to earn 7 bits in a day.

A master craftspony such as yourself lives in relative luxury, having potentially thousands of bits to your name (though you don't currently). In the bank you have 300 bits saved up. You weren't much of a saver. You also have those 3000 coming in for your worldly possessions being sold off, so you expect that to show up some time after your key is left. If you want to drop off your key at the warehouse's bank box, you can do that now if you recall the number.


The storm is still brewing, and it's dark now. You get drenched on the short trip over. The temple's main chamber is empty when you enter, though you recall there is a basement and a belfry.


There's a storm brewing, I'd stay away from the belfry. Let's go check the basement.


Guess I'll withdraw those 300 bits, to be sure.
"Wait, I forgot, I would like to withdraw 300 bits."

"Once we're ready for the journey."


The underpriestess to the parson is anointing candlewear in oils here, to prevent rusting. This suggests that the candles are actually gilded, and not actually solid gold. Unsurprising for such a small establishment.

She greets you as you enter down the stairs. "Oh, inquisitor, you return."

"Just fill out a withdraw slip and sign it."

He indicates a stack on the table.


Fill it, sign it.


You you have 401 bits. Your balance is 0 bits.


Horrible feel.
Time to go, get my box of pseudopods, say goodbye to my house, and drop the keys off at box 116


Rhanna walked besides Selena,occasionally hopping in her steps
''Miss Selena,how are your daughters like?''
She asked,looking down at her feet


-Eat (you haven't had food in two days, you are literally starving)
-Get on ship


I haven't had time to think about it.
Go to some local place that's kid friendly.

"They're very sweet, I think you'll like them. Now let's go have some food."


Sluts don't know about places like that!

There's a bakery nearby.


Her stomach growled at tha
''Aw yeah…I am really hungry…'' She said rubbing her furry stomach
''How old are them?Adults?or are they my age?''


[>implying intensifies]

Walk in and look for something sweet. I deserve a treat after all this stress.


"A talk with the healer over by the clinic made me realise it'd be best to visit you again, priestess."


Looks mostly Prench-influenced.

Carac - 3
Profiterole - 5
Croquembouche - 8
Éclair - 3
Cruller - 2
Beignets - 3 for 5
Honor cake - 3
Gougère - 2 for 1

"Yes? Is something the matter?"


"He sustains most of the ponies still came to your church for healing, is that correct?"
Start circling around.


Buy 10 of those beignets!


"It is known that some issues are solved through medicine and others through prayer. There is a clear divide between the secular and the ecclesiastical in this matter. I refer to him only those cases which are not best treated by the light of our common Lady Ecclesiastical, Her Holiness the Ecclesiarch of Equestria.

They come in bundles of 3. Buy 9 or 12?


9 then.
Gotta have some restraint.
Pay up 15 bits.


You have 386 bits.


Rhanna looks up at the sweets with eyes a bit wide
''y-you gonna eat all that?'' she asked nervously


And 9 beignets!
Take one and give one to Rhanna.

"Here. It's called a beignet."


"Which also means, the most disturbing illness of both body and mind came through these walls of stone.
Have you ever seen anything… Out of the ordinary?"


She carefully took it in her hands and took a bite out of it
''HOoohooo man it's good!'' She says happily as she chompled down the remaining of it in a flash


"Don't eat them too fast. You'll get a belly ache."
Give another one and eat one myself.


"By definition, all illness is unnatural. It is through healing that we return to a state of nature in alignment with Celestia's light. Health is a mirror of divinity. But you mean something diverting from the constant flow of running noses and regretful chronic masturbaters, I presume?"


She gulped what remained in her mouth'
''Oops,sorry hehe…'' She said as she picked the other one,licking her lips in a doggy way as she slowly munched on it
''Sho,you still didn't aswer my question miss Selena''


Nod simply.


"Far older than you, they're both 20 now….all grown up." Take another bite of my beignet.


''Yeah I imagined,since you're so old looking yourself,they would totally be older too!'' She said,already halfway trough her snack


"We have, of course, heard the rumors of cultists, but as you might imagine, none have come before me and admitted to any cult-like behavior. But then, why would they? In my thinking, cultists wouldn't ascribe any ecclesiastical power to clerics of Her Holiness. There are many stories connected to the woods, but why shouldn't there be? There are wolves, and sometimes tales of wayward manticores. Woods are dangerous."


I slowly take a bite of my beignet and swallow silently.
"Yes…they are in the prime of their life now. It's hard to deal with that."


"But have you ever treated anypony with ailments of a darker nature?"


"You mean like necrotizing flesh? I'm afraid not."


"Any sleep ailments of sort?"


"Sleep ailments? Nothing more than sleep walking. No coma."


''But you know exactly why they were kidnapped?''


"What I'm most concerned about are nightmares."


"Oh, certainly, nightmares are a very common source of stress. Usually I recommend calming tea, it has a mild sedative effect. Oftentimes, discussing a nightmare can help dispel the fears at its root."


"I don't know. I just know they went missing near the cape of new seas. That's all I know."
Quickly eat another beignet and give you one more.


She took it in her hands
and played with it a bit before biting it
''How do you know they're alive?or if one of them isn't dead?
Or if even both are dead?''


"Anything interesting you learnt, from those therapy sessions?"


"More often than not, ponies have very similar hopes, dreams, and fears. And most of it is personal."


"Any one big recurring theme, in their nightmares?"


Suddenly I'm not hungry anymore.
Roll up the bag.
"Let's not talk about this any more.
Tell me about why you like alchemy while we go to the ship."


"Falling seems to be a popular one."



She looked at her curious for a moment,wondering what gotten into her
how could you not be hungry with those delicious things?!
''Well…I always wanted to be an invetor…and help others and amaze them with the stuff I'd create…So I always dreamed of learning all I can about all sort of science
But my parents never really liked that idea…''


"That's odd, what did they do for a living?"


''What did WE did for a living you mean…
My parents and my brother always worked on the mines,getting gems,but his work has been getting hard because he couldn't find gems anymore. Gee I wonder why?Maybe because he kept digging in the same place?!'' She asked sounding annoyed out of the sudden.
''Well…I offered to use a device I invented to make gem hunting easier…It detected high concentrations of zircon based on…well it doesn't matter…
What matters is that when I showed that to my parents and I told them I wanted to be an inventor…You could think they would want to talk about it…

But instead they gave me this…'' She said pointing to the huge scar on her head,it went from above her right eye and until the back of her head. Rhanna didn't had any hair on the scar's extension,making a long bald spot


"I'm so sorry…what happened to the device?"


''They used it on me,right on the head…'''


Look down.
"I'm sorry…that was very bad of them."


''yeah…I ran away from home a week after that…''


"Don't think about it. I'm here now and you can be an inventor."


That brought a smile to her face.
She hugged her neck and chest as she walked awkwardly
''thanks Miss Selena''
She snuzzled against her for a bit


Pat you on the head.
"Where did you learn about Zircon anyway?"


''I studied it,you won't believe how many books get thrown away in the dumps on my neighboorhood…''
''I also memorize and know the names of over 27 different gems!'' She said proudly
''pretty cool right?''


"My, aren't you clever."


''really clever,and really smart'' She said adjusting her glasses. ''no one in my house could multiplyas quick as I could!''


"I bet. But you'll need to practice a lot if you want to learn alchemy."


''well ya said you were going to teach me right?I never had a teacher before''


"Yes, I will. I taught Aria and Aira before."


''oooh are they any good?''


Aria never really picked it up as good as I hoped if I'm honest.
"Yes, they're true talents."


She nodded.
''That's awesome…Say uh…miss Selena…where's your boyfriend?the father I mean''


"Oh…um…he's travelling right now, I don't know when he'll be back."


''aah,is he pretty?all tall ad muscular and romantic?'' She asked with that gleam in her eyes again
''I always wanted to have a boyfriend~…'' SHe said closing her eyes,sighing dreamingly


"Yes, he was. More than anypony I've ever met and have met since."


''Say…miss Selena I…uh…Could I ask you something?…It just…might be weird…''


Perk a brow and prepare myself mentally.
"Go ahead."


''can i mount you?I-I mean Ride…No wait that sounds trrible too…Uh…Can I just sit on you?Augh…I can't ask this without sounding weird…''


"Rhanna, aren't you a little too old to be carried?"


''I'm just 11! It's not THAT old right?Besides…I never have been carried by a pony''


"Okay, just this once."


She punched the air a bit with a smile
''Sweet!'' She said as she slowly climbed on top of Selena,setting on her back and placing her hands on top of her head,shuffling her mane a bit


"Hey, not the mane."
Let's see how well I can hold you.

Roll #1 8 = 8


She pulled her hand back ''oops,sorry''
Rhanna was a little bit heavy,but thankfully still a kid,she pressed her thighs against Selena's sides to not fall of as she walked
there was a huge smile on her face as she giggled


Walk around a bit.


Rhanna leaned a bit into Selena as they went
''This is really nice miss Selena'' She muttered as somehow she was getting a bit sleepy. go figure
She even yawned a bit before sniffing on Selena's hair


End here?


sure thing


Where to?


I have some leads now… I think I know what I'm looking for, but where it is right now is a question. Seems likely that it was on board the ship my mother sailed, but I have no idea where that ship sank.

Do I have any idea where some of the people my mother used to be close to are nowadays?


It's been twelve years, and most of the folks she was with went down with the ship. The only close friend you can think of is Unkillable Wark, and you have no idea where he might be other than maybe in Abeardeen, the ancient city of Donkeys. It's generally closed to outsiders, but rumor has it they hold their great moots inside the skull of an Ursa Major – hence the name.


Hmmm… how far away is this place?


Off the opposite coast, near where you started.


Well, that's not an option I'm afraid.

She was a pirate, they must keep records somewhere about sunk ships. Do I have any knowledge of such a place?


The post office is a good place to start to find old newspapers, though it's kind of a crap shoot as to which papers there are extras of.

The MSL also keeps very good records of its own ships, so if they got into a battle with the vessel, they would certainly have documentation.


Is there a post office here?

Also, where is the MSL headquartered?


There is a post office here.

The Free City of Lubuck is the de facto capital of the Middle Seas League, and is the de jure capital of the Old Quarter of Middle Seas League territory.



Has that ship left again yet? Where is Lubuck?


It hasn't left yet.

see >>604662


We're going to follow the coast up to Autumnsreach… and we should pass by Lubuck on the way. I could just fly the rest of the way.

Unless… how far is Lubuck by flight?


3 days

The ship will take 2 days to arrive at Autumnsreach


Hmmmm… Do I still have time top check that post office before leaving?


The bell hasn't rung yet, but you shouldn't dally… Maybe five minutes if you want to be safe. Ten is risky. 15 dangerous.


Too risky, I'm sure Lubuck has a bigger post office anyway. And maybe a library!

I'm getting on that ship again, to the captain!


You don't need to check in with the captain. Though you can speak to him anyway if you want.

He's belowdecks.


I don't? Okay then. I should probably just go belowdecks and get someplace dry anyway.

Twelve more days… We'll probably get to Lubuck tomorrow…


Your dreams are filled with nightmares. Gnashing teeth. Bloody claws. Howling. Your sleep is restless.

Even on the scant Post Office diet, you're starving by noon the next day. You haven't eaten in three days, and the only thing you've had to drink was that tea. You feel week.

In the distance, you can see Lubuck. The vessel will not be stopping here, but you see it approaching on the shore.


What? Why have I not eaten at all!? Damn!

I need to fly to shore. Get to Lubuck. Fuck these nightmares!


It's a long flight on an empty stomach…


Goddamn you. Why did I not eat at all? I have food in my inventory! And I'm a pegasus dammit! I can do this!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh, okay. You eat your rations and drain your water skin and feel a little bit revived. (removed rations, skin is now empty).

You fly to shore, but you're still feeling tired…

This is a large trade city. There are many ponies here in the great streets. It's raining here, quite heavily - something that you noticed on the flight over.


This storm is unnatural and it's scaring me. I hope it's not related to the nightmares…

Before I go to those headquarters, I'd like to visit the post office.


In a city this large, it's busy. Full of regulars who do the town work. Most of them are loading up off a stack of today's papers. The local Postmaster seems to be directing traffic. He looks very busy.


Of course he is. Does it look like I can spend the night here though, if needed?

And if there are any old newspapers…

Roll #1 3 = 3


You can always crash in a post office. Your papers allow you to.

You dunno where they keep the archives in a place this big. Maybe you can ask one of the ponies around here. Roll to find someone not busy.

You see many new papers coming out. The headline is: Prices Continue to Rise


Inflation huh?

Let's see if I can find a ponoe!

Roll #1 1 = 1


All these pones look busy! You don't to interrupt them…

Maybe you should come back later when they're less busy. Maybe you can spend some time on the town. After all, now that you're clearly not on a boat schedule anymore, you have some time to kill.


I-I guess…

But I want to go to the MSL HQ!


The headquarters is here, near the docks, though you're not sure if someone like you could get past the front desk. The Port Authority is more commonly consulted for day-to-day shipping questions and of course the MSL is highly tied into it.


I guess I can go ask port authority then.


There are several lines here. Your number is 250. In a nearby line you see an annoying diamond dog pup acting way too cheerful, clearly entrusted with some gold.

Time to wait…


Celestia please help me. I wonder if She even knows Nightmare Moon is still causing trouble… or maybe She'd just see me as another crazy loon.

I hope I don't have to wait too long!


Eventually you finally get called to the counter.



"Uh… good day. I have a question for you that may sound a bit weird. I'm looking for the location of a ship wreckage from about 13 years ago. The ship that belonged to the 'Pirate Queen' Light Heart and was sunk by the MSL?"


"Hm… that could be a little hard to look up. Do you know the name of the vessel that sunk her ship? That would definitely speed things up."


I shake my head.
"No, sorry…"


"Well, should I look through all the files of ships that were in service 'about 13 years ago', and comb through all of their records for a battle with a vessel whose name we also don't know? It would take weeks, maybe months. I'm sorry - sincerely - but without more information, how much can you expect of me? Listen, if you have absolutely no leads, try a seer to get basic information. A name of a vessel - a certain date - either of those would make major strides. You might ask around the merchant districts for a mage knowledgeable in Omnisight, or search for a skilled alchemist who can brew Dream Wine."


"… Dream wine?"


"It is said to invoke visions, though it is unpredictable. I've heard of it being used by alchemists to aid investigations, occasionally. But you know the sort of alchemists – oddballs, often cooped up in their experiments all day."


I've always been interested in alchemy…
"Okay, thank you. I'll try that."




Dream wine… Let's hope it's not nightmare wine for me. I should find somepony who can make this stuff!

But for now I will slp. Thanks for running.


Selena and Rhanna
You're still in the bakery. The storm is starting to pick up outside… you hope it doesn't cancel the voyage.

Lilly Belle
The only alchemist shop in the city looks closed… Why would you go out on a day like this? Maybe locals know more about their hours.

You tracked the one with the strange hoof onto a vessel. But she jumped ship as soon as Lubuck came into sight. It's a good thing you followed her! But getting to land may be tricky. The storm is picking up, too…


Baaaah, just my luck. Alright, I'll see about asking around some of the locals.
"Excuse me, can you tell me when the alchemist opens up shop today?"


Rhanna simply remainded silent on top of Selena,having nothing relevant to say,so she just hummed a song for herself


Let's go to the boat with Rhanna on my back.


A pony sticks her head out of a nearby second-story window.

"I think Selena's selling her shop. Everyone saw her touring around a warehouse mook!"

Selena the alchemist…
It makes you think of a pone… from years ago…
She disappeared…

The vessel is starting to board, ponies loading onto a vessel bound for Autumnsreach. It's a little flyboat – so it looks mostly like workers. One of them directs you to stand aside as they load heavy crates first.


Oh come on!
"Where is she now then? Has she already sold it?"


Rhanna turned her head seeying the workers load up the ship
''What's in those boxes?'' She asked Selena


Meh, I'll get out of the way.
I'll wait here a bit on shore with Rhanna.
Look to the boxes, anything I can identify the contents with, like writing on the box? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It was around lunchtime. She probably hasn't left the city. Where she's gone, I can't say. But if she's gone for good, that means she's taking one of the ships out today. Did you ask around the docks?"

Looks like textiles and oil mostly. You bored reading labels and probably miss out on something interesting.


I sigh. I guess I can find an omniseer instead if she's left…

But that name sounds familiar. I should at least try to catch her before she leaves.
"I'll try that, thank you!"
Back to the docks!


There are so many ships here! You count almost thirty. Several are loading. You are nearest to the one at dock four, a little fly boat.



"Oil, textiles" I say absent mindedly.


Ugh, she could be anywhere! This dock is huge!

Spot check?

Roll #1 5 = 5


That annoying puppy from the port authority is here!

She's with a blue ponoe.


I don't like diamond dogs, the last one tried to kill me in my sleep! Maybe I can ask the port authority which ship this Selena is taking, they should know.


"Now boarding passengers! Please give your name - no walk-ons, booked passage only. We have limited space aboard."


Walk up. "Selena Springleaf and Rhanna."


"I see you here, go aboard."


''That's me!'' She said with a huge smile to the guard


"Be careful aboard the Skipper, pup. It's a small vessel, do not play near the guardrails."


Hold on…

Selena the alchemist! That's her! I know that name!
"Hey! Hey you!"


Could it be a specter come to haunt you?

Light Heart is here in person, and she hasn't aged a day in twenty years. Also she's in a courier disguise.


She nodded to the guard
''Okay mister''

Her ears perked up and she turned to the source of the voice
''huh?Me?'' She put a finger in her chest with a confused expression


"No, not you. Your friend. Selena the alchemist?"



She Poked Selena's ear
''hey miss Selena,I think this miss wants to talk to you…''


Roll for surprise '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I forget about the boarding for a second.
"Light?" No that's impossible.


"Huh? Look, why are you leaving? I need to buy some dream wine and it's super important! A matter of life and death!"


Do I recognize you? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



Rhanna llooked at both,looking confused
''Do you know this mare miss Selena?'' She asked pulling her hair just a bit.


Look again.
"Wait…are you..Lilly, is that you?"


"Yes, that's me! Do you know me? I thought your name sounded familiar as well, but I can't really remember you, sorry."


Seeying the seriousness of the situation,Rhanna gently dismounted Selena with a grunt
She quietly watched as both talked,eyes moving back and forth from each


"Lilly!" Grab your face.
"Oh look at you, you've grown so much! When I last saw you, you came no higher than my legs.
Oh you're the spitting image of Light."


Startle by the facegrabbing.
"Light? You mean my mother? … You knew my mother too? I don't remember you, where did you know her from?"


"We worked together a long time ago, you were very young. It's so great to see you, all grown up. I never thought I'd see you again…"


"Oh… Wait, you wouldn't happen to know where her ship sunk, would you?"
Give her a hopeful smile.
"I need to know. I need to right some wrong she did!"


Did the article mention where Light was killed?




Do I remember?


You haven't read the article in years. You should consult your dossier.


Oh great.
Lemme guess, bank's closed?


Banks are open 24 hours. You better hurry if you want to make it on that boat though…


Grab Lilly.
"Quick, follow me."
Shout to the boat pony "I'll BE RIGHT BACK"
"Rhanna, follow me."
Run for the bank.


Roll luck



Roll #1 1 = 1





Rhanna was a bit distracted as she saw the ponies running about but heard Selena and quickly ran after her
''where are we going?''


"Oh… kay?"


Stomp at the lines.
"I have an article about it…it must say where, but it's in my vault. Damn these lines…"


"Oh… you should go catch your boat, miss Selena. I don't want to hold you up and make you miss it."


Final try.
C-can I pull the article out of my hat? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You pull it out! Magic alarms start going NUTS – but you pulled it out.

You speed read as fast as you can… Colonel Rhett slays Pirate Queen in single combat… sinks her vessel as an example… off the coast of the Cape of New Seas, as she attempted to round it in escape!

You better split before the fuzz shows up and you have to EXPLAIN YOURSELF. I mean, it would be fine, but you don't have time for this.




I'll have to talk to them about how easy it is to this shit.


Grab you both. "Let's go."
Once outside and running for the boat
"It's near the Cape of New Seas. I'm going there. But I don't know if you can come with me…"


"Cape of the new seas? How far away is that?"


Roll for speed, you've got fuzz on your trail!


"You'll need a boat!"

Running like the wind! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6




You sprint and leap onto the boat and yell at the captain to pull out. He stares at you blankly.

Two police skiffs start pulling around to surround the boat on either side and six police ponies are galloping over, to get up the gangplank. You can see more police charging down the street, and gawkers are starting to form ranks on the shore.


Oh boy.
Captain's not leaving is he?


Nope. Hide? Knock down the gangplank? Surrender? Something else?

The two skiffs attach themselves to the ship. It's not going anywhere. Well - at least that will give other ponies plenty of time to book passage on it if they want.


''What we do miss Selena?!''


Silently I'm proud of myself.
If this had been the Darklantern we'd be sailing out job well done.
"Okay, okay, I'm surrendering! This is all a huge misunderstanding!"


"I figured, more money I'll need to spend…"

Oh gee!
"This is a little too much attention though!"


"Down on the ground! Hooves out!"


Hold my hooves out.
"I didn't steal anything! That article is from my own vault. You can't steal something that belongs to you!"


Six ponies surround you and force you down, then begin a thorough search, removing your gun and catalyst.


Roll #1 9, 5, 6, 7, 6, 4 = 37


What a bother
"Rhanna, be a dear and stand with Lilly." I say while they search me.


While they're doing that… The captain is here?


"Fresh magic traces on the newspaper. Possible insurance fraud. I want representatives from the bank and customs house on this. Is this document municipally or privately ensured – or neither?"

Yes, he looks pretty shocked. A police pony is getting a statement.


She nods
''O-okay…Are you…sure you're alright?''

She walked up to Lilly.
''Um…Hi,I'm Rhanna'' She says offering one of her large pawns to Lilly


Once he's done with that, I can buy a ride on this ship! And then pray that Curry was right and that this is the right lead to follow.

Extend a hoof and shake her paw tentatively.
"Lilly Belle."


Roll my eyes.
"Insurance fraud? No, it's not insured. I forgot that article in the vault. There's a huge line at the bank, and my boat here was about to leave. So I sped it up, I didn't know it was illegal to get something from your own vault these days."


They finish off and the officer trots off to trade notes with others.

The captain frowns. "You weren't on the manifest, were you? We still need to leave. Only those who have booked passage with the MSL at the port authority are permitted on this vessel."

A bank associate gets ushered up to the front and he examines the paper. "It does look like the one that belongs in her vault."

The police pony frowns. "We've had ponies try to put something valuable into a vault then magic it out – only to collect the insurance later. Watch yourself. I'll let you off with a warning – this time. Alright stallions, move it out."

They let you up and you can now retrieve your possessions.


"Uh… can't I just pay the fee and come along? I'm in a bit of a bind when it comes to time!"


Dust myself off.
"I told you this was a misunderstanding."
Grab my possessions.
Wow, that felt great!


Rhanna approaches her
''Are you ok miss Selena?Did those guys hurt you or sumthing?''


"I'm afraid you need to book passage."


"… Will you wait on me?"


"Not at all, Rhanna, they were just doing their job. Remember to always assist the law enforcement with their job."

Look over to the exchange.


"I can't make any promises. But I see your difficulty. We both want things to go faster. How much money do you have?"


How much do I have left now?


''alright…uh…well,what about Lilly over there?is she coming with us?''


83 bits


"I don't know…maybe?"


"… 83 bits."


"Let's make it 75 then, to hurry things along."

He points at various crewmembers. "Pull up those anchors! Sails out! Oars in!"


"75!? T-that's so much, but okay…"
Pay up… I really hope this is the right lead because there's no way I can afford another one of these trips.


And with that, you set sail.

#Party Statistics

Drenched Quotient: 98%
Hunger Sum: 2

Drenched Quotient: 75%
Hunger Sum: 0

Drenched Quotient: 75%
Hunger Sum: 5


Rhanna sat on one of the chairs,and for a bit after she couldn't stop shifting on it,sehe seemed really uncomfortable
''ugh…Those…Stupid,pony chairs…Why…''


Do I have any food left or am I going to have to improvise some delicious seaweed?


You have no rations.

The rain is making it really annoying to stand out here on the deck.

The seat is even more uncomfortable because it's covered in water. You might find a dry spot to curl up in the dark belowdecks.


"Welcome aboard. Do you want a beignet? They're a bit drenched I'm afraid."
Give you the bag, there should be three beignets left over.


Let's see if I can scavenge something to sate the hunger for no-

Give her a grateful smile.
"Thank you, that's really nice of you! I've been traveling for so long, it really drained my savings."


''ugh…miss Selena I swear you back was much more comfy than these stupid seats…Can I go down there find some place dry?''


Your hunger has dropped 2 levels


"Take them, you look hungry."
I give em and give you a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm so glad you're with us."

"Yes, I'll come along shortly."


She stared a bit at Selena after the kiss
''Alright…'' She then went out o find a dry place.

When was the last time mom kiss Rhanna?
She couldn't remember…


This is a fly boat, so the 'belowdecks' isn't very big. Just a little hold full of crates. You can nestle into a place between a pair though…


"I'm going belowdecks, too wet out here! I'll get sick, which would be really bad right now."
Shudder and get down.


I'll stay outside and stare at the sea a bit longer, thinking of muh babbies


Rhanna didn't even acknowledged Lilly at the moment.
her mind was focused trying to remember about a nice moment in her childhood…
She settled down in a space between the boxes,it was cold,and she realized that now…She was trembling a little bit as she curled up in a ball,trying to keep herself warm
'1d10' but can she get warm?

Roll #1 6 = 6


As close as you'll get on this vessel…

Prepared to continue to Stonebriar City?





I see no reason not to!


File: 1416174989666.png (25.48 KB, 1327x639, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

The bell awakes you when you arrive. It's maybe 3 or 4 in the morning, and your ship out, the FIS Merriment, leaves at 7AM. Layovers are the worst.

The docks here look heavily locked down. Stonebriar has a reputation these days as a warehouse city. The innovations of the new concept of 'factory' have not yet bled down to the locals here, but security is tight. Your flyship goes through TWO sea walls and a waterlock, before parking directly inside a building. There are separate exits here for cargo technicians and passengers.

"Don't forget to take the door on the left. You don't want to get lost in the warehouse quarter. Follow the road back to the main street and find the Purple Harbor. That's where the Merriment will be laying anchor.


Get up and quickly gather Rhanna and Lilly.
"Come on, girls, we don't want to be late."


Stonebriar huh? Sounds like a bit of a bore.

I yawn.
"We have some free hours before leaving, I guess."


Rhanna lets out a huge yawn,glad that she's finally dry
''mnright…''She said rubbing her eyes and blinking a bit. it was clear she had some problem sleeping right


It is a wee hour of the morning. The drizzle here is light, as though the walls of the city themselves fortify against a storm. You don't see any other pedestrians at this hour, but there are ponies smoking and working on the docks. You see one carriage traveling down the street.


Rub the sleep out of my eyes, then look at her.
"By the way… with all the chaos I haven't had a chance to explain myself yet. Maybe you know more about this, but I'm looking for an artifact that my mother owned. It's connected to… well… Nightmare Moon."


''Nightmare who?''


"Those hours will be gone before we know it. Hop hop."

Follow the road to the main street the pony said.

Uh…I don't remember LH telling me something bout that…


"It uh… had the power to change the gender of anypony who touched it. I'm really not sure why, but that's what I've been told."

"Moon! She's an ancient demon or something."


Rub my temples and sigh.
Not that thing again.



Cock my head as she sighs.


You are now in the Merchant District. You are near the Lower Class District and the Military District.


''Spooky'' She muttered uninterested.
these ponies and their silly stories about things living in space.
how could a pony go to space?
I mean,there's no air up there!
And it is could as heck
they would like,need some sort of special pod made of specific materials that would be able to handle the extreme cold and and oxygen storage or something of the sort and…
that could actually work now that Rhanna thought about it…
She remembers reading that the moon is a rock technically!
Oh…Maybe it would be possible to mine it!
and find all sorts of gems!
Gems that no pony or dog in Equestria has ever seen before!
Rhanna had a huge smile on her face for no apparent reason and barely heart what Lilly and Selena were going on about
in her mind she was only thinking about rare new space gems,of all colors,sizes and shapes…
oh and the so many names she could give to them if she were the one who discovered those gems!


"Yes, I know about it." I say finally

Look around, any signs pointing towards the Purple Harbor? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hmmm… I wonder what her deal is.
"Well… I need to find it back and return it to where it belongs. If I don't Nightmare Moon will tear me to shreds! I only have…"
Look at the symbols on my hoof.
"11 days left, I think."


The purple harbor and the silver harbor are accessible from here, both to the southwest.


"Nightmare Moon would tear you to shreds? Who told you that?"

Notice that smile.
"What are you smiling about?" I say friendly.

If we still have some time, I suppose we should get some food.


''Oh Miss Selena I jsut had a really cool idea!''
''What if…Now bear with me
What if…
Traveling to the moon.
Find moon gems! eh?eh?''


"Some kind of a sinister demon dog from Tartarus came to murder me in my dreams and told me I had to return it to where it belongs! When I woke up, I had these symbols on my hoof. It's counting down the phases of the moon! This is without a doubt Nightmare Moon's doing."
Wave my hoof with the symbols on it around.


There are a number of local food stalls. What are you in the mood for?


I always knew that thing brought bad luck.
Hold your hoof and look at it.
"And if we find it, where do we have to bring it?"

"Now that's an original idea."

Some fruits and vegetables


Rhanna admires the symbols
''That's really cool!My parents would never let me have a tatoo…''

She pulls on her mane a bit
''Hey miss Selena can i get a tatoo? can I? can I?'' She said hoping in place happily


"No." I say quickly. "No tattoos. It's uncouth. And that's not a tattoo on Lilly. She'd never get a tattoo either."


There are a lot of different choices here.

Bread (loaf) - 6
Figs (3) - 1
Apple - 1
Pineapple - 4
Leaks (2) - 1
Potato - 1
Orange - 1


"I met this stallion called Curry… he knew my mother as well and told me she got it from an old temple dedicated to Luna in Autumnsreach. I'm not sure if I actually have to return it there though. Maybe finding it will be enough…"
Smile nervously.
"This is all pretty crazy, huh?"

"It's not some tattoo, it's a demonic mark!"


''Oooh,that sounds much cooler!''



"Light told me about Curry. Don't worry about it, Lilly. Me and your mother went through a lot of crazy things. But…I'm not sure if I can accompany you to Autumnsreach…"

"No aws, young lady."

Buy a loaf of bread, the apple and the pineapple.


"I mean… I have to actually get that thing first. If it's at the bottom of the sea it's going to be a tricky job to get it back."
I sigh.
"And then I have to find a way to get to Autumnsreach with almost no money."


She lowered her head and her ears a little bit
''Yes ma'am…''


-11 bits, 355 remain


Hat magic a knife '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


How right of you to kill with a knife.


"Wow… that's just such a neat trick."


I know.
But that's for later.
Cut off some pieces of bread and pieces of pineapple and distribute them among the 3 of us.

"Your mom loved it."


Rhanna nodded
''yeah,you're so cool miss Selena!''


Grab a slice and eat it.
"Say… why are you two out here anyway? I heard you sold your house and everything!"


Your Hunger is now 0

Your hunger is now 1.


''Well…I was supposed to be miss Selena's Apprentice on Alchemy or something…But she said she had to leave…So I asked if she could let me come along with her and now here I am!''
She said before picking a slice of the pineapple,drooling just a bit as she bit it


I smile at that comment.

"I didn't but I sold everything in it."


The bread isn't as good soggy…


"Well… whatever it is you're doing out here, I hope you manage."

It's food!


''I wanna be an invetor!And be really rich and famous when I grow up''


Be silent for a moment.
"My daughters are missing. I'm going to find them."


"That's good, dreaming big is good!"

"… Oh."
Flatten my ears.
"Sorry for bringing it up."


''And I am going to help right miss Selena?'' She asked putting a hand on her shoulder


"Yes, you'll be a big help, Rhanna."

"Don't worry about it. I'm sorry I can't help you more once you found the altar…"


"And I'm sorry I can't help you get to your daughters. Do you know what could have happened to them?"


"They are somewhere near the cape. That's all I know."


"What were they doing there? Traveling?"


"Yes, they said they were gonna find a fortune. They're always adventuring."
"They're probably just on some wild goose chase and forgot to write."


"Or maybe their letters were lost in the mail."
I take off my courier's hat.
"I've seen it happen before. We do our best, but the world is a big place."

How long do we have left?


"In any case, I'll have to make sure they're safe."



''Or maybe they're dead'' She said muching her pinneaple
''Or are in a prison or sumthing''


Choke on my bread.


''Woah eat slowly miss Selena,remember to chew'' She said patting her back


Look at her in horror.
"Why would you say such a thing?"


I cough.
"I'm going to get some water. You both wait here."


''What you mean?Like,sure they might have not remember sending letters,but that's unlikely,I mean,who would not write to a mother as nice as miss Selena? Why wouldn't they write to their own mother?
The only logical reason is that they either both died or are in a dungeon being forced to eat breadcrumbs and drink their own pee!'' She said with wide eyes
''…At least that's how my parents say it is…I dunno…How does your pee tastes like?'' She asked without a hint of joke in her voice
that dog was literally sitting there
asking how does Lilly's pee tasted like



Walk off.
I need 5 minutes to myself.


Slap her.
"What is wrong with you! Stop jumping to conclusions."

Roll #1 4 = 4




She rubs her cheek,it didn't hurt but she wasn't expecting that
''Ow…W-why you do that?!'' She asked looking hurt


"Do you not have an ounce of empathy in your body?"


''Of course I do,but what does it has to do with anything you meanie?''


"Don't be so blunt next time. Use some of that tact and empathy or don't say anything at all."


She still rubbed her cheek.
Thinking about it…she really shoulnd't have said that…
gosh why must the grown ups always be right?
''Alright…Sorry Lilly…'' She said gloomly


"Now she's probably really worried. For all we know there's nothing to worry about!"


She rubbed her head
''Should i go apologise?''


"I think she wants some alone time! Just make sure you look after her, I can't imagine she's having a good time going through this."


''Yeah…I think parents get really hurt when they lose their child…'' she said looking up
''wonder how my parents are taking it…''


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