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'The Nether Roads (or The Under Roads) are a network of former mineshafts connected to one another running all under the empire's surface. In ancient times these belonged to the diamond dogs, but were cleared by crystal ponykind during the last war between the two species. Nowadays it works as a alternative route to the Amber road on the surface. While protected from the natural elements, the netherroads tend to be dangerous for different reasons.'

Silk Touch >>525734


The rest of you:
Angelite has joined you in the pocket dimension, having found a noble ally in the city and receiving news about looming changeling invasions coming from the island of Sunstone.

Leadlight returns from her chat with Shimmermist, who took her leave with some of the other thieves after blowing a kiss to Angelite.
"Are you ready to set things in motion? Remember, neither he or we will have any chance of escaping once we enter. There will be no way out until the portals are opened again."


"We are still going to try to capture him?"


Pack up my new book on sign language and give my neck a good crack.
Let's do this.


Clear my throat.
"Excuse me… I do not want to seem cowardly, yet I feel I must mention that I am not much of a fighter. I am afraid I would be more of a hindrance than an asset."


"Yes, though I am unsure whether he will allow us to do so. He can be… quite rash at times."
She walks over to the northern wall and starts making the same motions you saw before, back in the restrooms of the bar. Moments later a magical portal in the wall sputters to life.

She looks back at you.
"Neither are my ponies, but they will also be at risk all the same."


"Let us worry about the 'allow' part." Draw my sword and wait.


"You don't sound too excited…"



Shake my head.
"You do not understand… I do not even own a weapon, nor do I have training with any. I am simply not qualified to be in a fight. I apologize for that."


"Very well, just be careful of his rogueish trickery."

Herald chuckles at this.
"Don't worry, he's had practice on dealing with that kind of stuff thanks to me."

"It's nice here and all, I mean there's a lot of stuff to do and learn but… I really don't want to spend years of my life in just these towers. I'd like to go-"
She's interrupted by the sound of a loud gong reverberating through the towers.
"Oh, sounds like someone is at the door again."
She walks over to one of the windows to the outside and peers through it.
"Who is crazy enough to walk through that weather!?"

"If you want to stay behind, be my guest."


Go trot over and look as well.


Put a hoof on her shoulder and smile comfortingly, motioning with my head toward the portal.


"Once again, I apologize. However, I could bring no benefit, neither do I want to be in the way, or even worse, endanger my fellow companions."

Shake my head sadly.
"I do not want to become a target for them to distract those who can fight from the actual battle. I am sorry."


Smile at Herald. "I'm sure you have some tricks I haven't seen yet.."


You can't see shit, the darkness and the snow really muck up the view from up here.
"Well… I'm sure somepony else will open up for whoever it is."

She clearly disapproves, but doesn't say anything further.

"Hey I always aim to surprise, so you'd be right to think so."


"Do there come visitors often here?"


"Occasionally, but not that often."


Rollan '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Very well.
We are ready."


Frown a bit, but do not say anything more.


Give him a knowing smirk. Looking to spread some wild oats, are we?


You get the feeling she's a bit nervous about this.
But… maybe you are nervous too?

"Then let us put an end to this."
She walks through the portal, disappearing from this plane of existence.


I'm nervous as fuck.
But they won't find me here right…
"So…did we finish all the furniture?"


"Good luck, my friends. I have absolute faith in your skills and your success."


roll my eyes a bit as I follow into the portal.


Off into the portal we go!


She nods.
"Yeah… thanks for the helping hoof. I think… I think I'll go have a snooze now, it's getting late."

One by one, each of you enters the newly opened portal, stepping into a world of momentary darkness which is soon replaced by a new scene. You have arrived in a dark, seemingly unused room. There is little light here, the only source being a faint glow coming from under the door up ahead which also seems to be the only exit out of here. The portal behind you vanishes.

Leadlight whispers.
"The portals have been taken down. Shadow Play will head to the main room to investigate what's going on, so that's where we'll catch him. He is the biggest threat, as the others are not as well versed in combat. They will attempt to run, but there is nowhere for them to go."

This leaves you… all alone in the thieves' layer.
Or maybe not, those two foals are still here too. Better watch out they don't try something uncouth that violates your precious noble senses!


Nod firmly.


"Oh…okay..where do you sleep?"


Draw my sword and nod as I investigate the area we came out in. Any ambushers hidden in the shadows? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Take a seat and watch what the children are doing then!
I will supervise them in the absence of the others.


"So be it. But if he surrenders, do not kill him.
The lover knows mercy."


"You may take point, I will guard the rear and make sure the shadows are ours."

Nobody in this room, it seems to be unused and untouched.
You hear the sound of running hooves coming from behind the door, quickly running past and continuing until they fade.

"We have our own rooms in the main tower, they're really nice!"

She's disappeared into the shadows.
For that matter, so has Gallant's rogue friend.


Open the door and investigate.


"Miss Flux said I'd get a room for tonight. I should take a look as well. Would you show me the way?"


"I think it's time we make our presence known, don't you agree?"


Talking to the party.


Go into the main room?
Unless that's here, then just stand closer to the doors.


"We should have their attention by now yes."


"It's no use hiding our presence. Might the Lover have mercy of their souls. Let's head out."


You open to door and peer outside into a lit hallway. You don't see anyone here.
"The main room is to right."

They both look back at you to see what you are doing.

"Uh… I'd rather just… go alone."

It's not, this is a unused room. Out of the door is a hallway leading to the main room.


Smile and wave at them.


Down the hall then. Watch out for any tricks along the way '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nod and head to the right.


Move down the hall, head held up high and weapons drawn, marching with a wide gait.


"Uh…okay…see you around then."
Give her a smile.


The colt whispers something to the filly, making her giggle. They both approach you.
"Hey! Why didn't you go with the other adults?"

You move down the hallway, following the lit torches lighting the way. You are nearly hit by a door swinging open as a pony wearing the recognizable magpie outfit tumbles through it.
She seems bewildered for a second by your presence.
"… Oh shit!"
She turns tail and tries to run away!
A small dart flies past you towards the running mare [1d10]

She smiles back awkwardly and slinks off without any further explanation. You are alone again.

Roll #1 3 = 3


… But narrowly misses its target.


"Stand down by order of Her glory!"
Word of power!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Tackle her. (sentry)


There's something weird going on here.
I can feel it in my left hoof.
Time to go on an investigation.
Find the main tower!


Shake my head at her as my friends handle it.
"Sorry, we can't let you run ahead to warn your friends."


Keep my head high.
"I am not a fighter, I am a diplomat. Not to mention that I can watch over the two of you in their absence."


Your commanding words make her hesitate and stumble over her own hooves…

… Allowing Ardent to get the jump on her and tackle her to the ground.
"Fuck fuck fuck! Get off me!"

You start ascending again and arrive back at the first mage arena you saw, the covered bridge leading to the main tower can be found here. You hear voices coming from the other side, but they are too faint to hear what they are saying.

They look at each other for a moment, then back at you.
"We can watch over ourselves! They never leave supervision for us!"


Sneaky sneaky ears perking listening '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Walk up to her.
"You will stand down or be struck down, by order of Her divine might.
These are your choices, don't make me repeat myself."


Put my blade against her neck and pull tight enough that she can't move.


Step past her. We don't need three people on one pony. Anyone ahead of us? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Turns out you're better at speaking than hearing, just like one would expect from a mare.
Someone is approaching.
Two someones, rather. You see… a gryphon and a pegasus walking over the bridge.

"Fine fine, just don't kill me!"

None that you can see, but in a den full of rogues that doesn't mean much.


Fly up to higher place to observe them sneakily. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pull out my manacles and shackle her.
"Now, how many guards are there on this foor?"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"That's not very responsible of them is it?"


Keep my blade against her neck to discourage her from trying anything.


Sigh, and keep watching.'1d10'
"She's not very patient, I wouldn't mess around if I were you." I comment with disinterest.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Can't really do that seeing how there's a ceiling and a wall in the way. The bridge is covered, remember? And this place isn't suited for pegasus flight, as lord Flux explained to you when you arrived.
They've reached the other side and are now standing before you. They both seem rather weary and tired, their feathers are… wet. They must have just arrived here.
The pegasus speaks up.
"Good day miss, is everything alright? You seem a bit pale."

"Just like… 6 of us, something happened to the portals so the rest of us are outside. Stop pressing that blade against me like that, you're freaking me out!"

"At least we don't have to sleep on the streets on our own!"


Leave her there.
Go to the door.
"It's only five of them now."


Cover my mouth.
"Oh my… you are not orhpans, are you?"


Nod at that and keep moving.
"Maybe they will just give up, and we won't have to worry about fighting them."


"Ponies like these never change."


…I'd be so easy to kill her right now. Just a quick pull, a slight tug of resistance, and… I can feel the blood racing through her veins, hear the stutter in every breath as she tries not to breathe too hard…
My grip tightens even more. All it would take is one quick pull… Is that what I want?


"Hello…I'm sorry, I think I might have caught a cold…"


The room the mare came from seems to be a dormitory with several beds set up. There's no one here.

The colt frowns.
"Yeah we are, w-what about it?"

The pegasus looks at your wings and narrows his eyes.
"Hey… you're Equestrian?"
The gryphon grunts.
"She doesn't look like a mage to me."

You leave her and Ardent behind on the floor and move on, there's a door up ahead the hallway, a large one. That must lead to the main hall.

Only you know the answer to that! She's got manacles on right now anyway, so she can't run.


"Ready your weapons."
Step through the door to the main hall.


"Oh you poor souls…"
"My condolences. If there is anything I can do for you, please, do tell."


I nod.
"Yes, I was traveling to visit the Capital, but I got lost in the storm. These kind ponies let me stay for the night."


Flip her over and glare at her as I nick the side of her neck. I want to see the look in her eyes.


Call back to Ardent "You coming?"
Sword status: ready
Follow after you.


Are you sure you want to go in without Ardent?

The filly steps up.
"We can take care of ourselves! Leadlight and the others are helping us learn how to become thieves just like them!"

They look at each other and nod.
"I'm Snap Roll, this catbird right here is Grizz. We're here on business but got caught in that blizzard while flying over."

She's wearing a mask to cover her features.


I'm waiting for him.


Suck in a deep breath, then sigh and rejoin my comrades. She gets off lucky. This time.


"I mean no offense, but stealing is a crime. I cannot say that I approve you becoming criminals. I am sure both of you have so much potential in yourselves!"


"Yes, it's simply awful. I couldn't see a hoof in front of my eyes. Good thing you made it here."


You reassemble and push open the door into the main hall. This room is similar to the main hall in the dimension you started in, being circular as well. However, the place does seem a lot cleaner and better maintained than the one before. You see target dummies, a few tables with food on it, barrels of booze, weapon racks and a variety of other items set up in this room. The five ponies in here - all wearing the same outfit as the mare you encountered before - perk up in surprise as they spot you.
"How did they get in!? How do we get out!?"
They all seem to be caught with their pants down, except for one crystal stallion who just glares at you. He opens his mouth to speak but instead swirls around as you see Leadlight leap at him from the shadows with her daggers drawn. He deftly parries her strike and counters it with a swift backstab, sending her sprawling over the floor.
He smirks at her apparent defeat.
"Hello to you too, Leadlight. I figured you had finally turned on us when the portals are down, but bringing paladins in here? Have you fallen so low already?"
He looks at all of you.
"And you, have your kind become so flexible to work with a lowly assassin nowadays?"
The other thieves wisely keep their mouths shut.

"Pfff, you sound like that knight lady!"
"Yeah, easy for you to say that, miss richy rich!"

"How long have you been here, miss? Long enough to have familiarized yourself with the towers somewhat?"


"I've seen a little, but there's so much, I haven't seen it all…"


"With some proper education, I am quite sure that both of you could become something far greater than simple thieves. You could get such education in the crystal capital."


"Stand down now and She will have mercy."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Get ready to lunge at the group as soon as combat starts.


Stare back at him. "A fair question. I'll think about answering it once you're safely behind bars."


The pegasus nods and motions the gryphon to keep going, then pulls you aside and whispers lowly as Grizz inspects the rest of the room.
"Have you seen any… suspicious activity around here? Ponies behaving strangely maybe?"

The filly snorts in defiance, clearly not buying it.
"And who is going to pay for that? You? Yeah, I thought not!"

The other thieves seem to be too busy shitting themselves and looking for a way out, but the stallion is unimpressed.
"Preach all you want paladin, your god can't hear you here. You've made a big mistake coming here and meddling with our business."
Leadlight stumbles back to her hooves, the dagger still stuck in her back.

He chuckles.
"A crystal follower of Celestia? Shouldn't you be hurrying your way to the crystal capital to be on time for her upcoming royal visit so you can lick her hooves like the rest of your kind? You're a traitor, that's what you are."

"Another crystal working for the Equestrians? We already took care of the other knight poking around where she shouldn't have, so rest assured you'll be joining her soon."


"…excuse me? Wait just what kind of business ponies…pony and griffon are you?"


That was his one warning.
Empower Weapons, go for the face.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Took… care…
Leap forward and Cleave the bastard and all five of his cronies. Fuck capture or trial, they all die today.


Shake my head slowly.
"You might think your little hole is safe from the light. But I am here to show you the folly of your thinking. The light has come to you, for I carried it with me."
'1d10' blast him.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Puff my chest out.
"Indeed. Me."


He takes off his hat.
"My lady, we are ponies of the law on the lookout for a outlaw with a large bounty on her head. We believe she is hiding in this tower disguised as a mage… seeing your recent arrival and your non-magical aptitude, you are clearly not the pony we are looking for."

You charge in and batter his form with great zeal and gusto. He collapses under the heavy punishment within moments, but to your horror you notice that you were hitting a doll! It was a substitute!

The room goes dark in an instant, it is an unnatural kind of dark caused by magic.

You slice at the five other thieves, wounding them all. They run and scatter away in panic.

The colt blurts out a surprised "R-Really?"
The filly still doesn't seem convinced. "Why would you even do that for us? Is this some kind of trick!? They warned us for tricks like these!"


I think….
"I'm not sure…As I said, I haven't been here for long. I did see a mare working on some food earlier, and one in the eastern tower fighting. Maybe they know more?"


'1d10' spell breaker on the darkness!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Dark magic got nothing on muh light magic!
Shoot a Heal spell in the air, the positive energy will disperde the darkness!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yes, really."
Turn to the filly.
"Do I look like a liar to you?"
Place a hoof on my heart.
"I swear to the Lover I am telling you the truth."


Go after the nearest one. I'm out for blood. '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


"Yes, perhaps they do."
He puts his hat back on.
"Still, if you do see anything suspicious, be sure to warn us. This mare has been accused of practicing illegal magic and is branded a dangerous witch by the paladins. Try not to spread this information around, it could incite a panic."

A valiant try, but without something to concentrate your holy magics on the darkness easily overwhelms it.

You swipe the legs of a stallion from under him, causing him to crash helplessly into the ground.
"I yield, I yield!"

"So… what do you want for it then?"


"A single promise."


I nod.
"Of course. I'll be sure to tell you, if I see her. Good luck."


"Everypony! We need to block the exits!"
Rush for one, and taunt the darkness.
"Too coward to come out already?
Not stallion enough?
Even I have bigger balls than yours!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Come out you coward. There is nowhere for you to run."
'1d10' Try to hear where he might be and tackle him.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Turn on the next one. Come on, you bastards, I'll make you BLEED! '2d10'

Roll #1 7, 3 = 10


They're both looking at you expectantly.

He gives you one last look, then walks over to rejoin the gryphon. They both take the stairs upwards towards a unknown destination to you.

All you hear is the sound of a pair of shurikens flying towards your face. Before they can hit however, a pair of magical bolts shoot them out of the sky. You think you can guess who was responsible for saving your hide right there.

Your taunting seems to have the right effect, as the stallion rogue materializes in front of you.
"Want to dance with me, paladin? Watch your step, it's dark out."

You hit another running thief, but she manages to speed away before a second strike fells her.


"Faith guides my path."
Punch his snout right in!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"You have to promise me that if I do this, you will live a fullfilling life devoid of crime. That you will be honest, generous, kind and loyal to your friends and that you will strive to make the Crystal Empire a better place."


Time to go to bed.
Go to the main tower to the rooms.
Before I go looking for that mare…look around to make sure I'm not followed '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Turn to see >>526868 There's the bastard. Let's see you smirk with a sword through your chest! '2d10'

Roll #1 8, 4 = 12


I don't need saving yet.
'1d10' try to spell break this darkness.

Roll #1 2 = 2


He deftly dodges your punch and slices at you with his daggers, that really hurts!
"Your faith only blinds you."

They glance at each other, then quickly nod their heads.
"We promise!"
"We wont ever steal again!"

You cross the bridge and arrive in the main tower, back in the library. The stallion that was reading here before is gone now. You're not being followed.

Go up?

You strike at him from behind while he's distracted, managing to hit him solidly. However, he retaliates by swirling around and stabbing you back with one of his daggers.

Once again you can't quite muster the power to break this darkness, it simply overwhelms your spell!

Sonnet 3/5
Ardent 3/5


Yeah to the rooms, find that mare.


"Adding counts of heresy to your crimes!"
Hit him back!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Fine, just go after that stallion while the others have him exposed.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


You think that hurts? I'LL SHOW YOU PAIN! '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


Smile at them both.
"I trust you both. If you come with me to the Crystal Capital, I can provide you with education, accomodations and such. I cannot, however, promise to give you a family, or be there for you at all times… but I will visit you every time I am nearby and I could even keep in touch with you by mail if you wish."


You go up, passing through another library, then what looks to be some kind of study for ponies to read their books in silence. One mare with a messy looking mane is busily writing away at one of the desks. She's surrounded by a magic bubble, no doubt to block out all sound. You ascend further, reaching the dormitories. There are many doors here leading to private rooms. They have nameplates on them.

As you both lunge forward to strike, he does a backflip to get out of the way. Instead of striking him, you strike each other with your attacks very painfully.
Both of you are helpless.

You time your attack better, going in for the attack as he lands and not giving him time to get away. You get in a solid stab, causing him to flinch in pain.

They both nod eagerly.
"T-Thank you miss! Thank you so much!"
"I'll go get my stuff together!"
They both run off again.

Sonnet helpless/4
Ardent helpless/3


Forgot her name.
Green Fields?


Smile at them go and keep waiting.


"I will personally carry out the sentence!"
Stand up.

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


'1d10+2' slice at him again to keep him occupied.
"Come on, get back up guys."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Fucking zealot with donkey ancestry… pull myself back up. '1d10-2'

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5


Spring Green.
You find her door on this floor, it's closed.

They both soon return with shoddy little knapsacks on their backs.
"Uh… we should tell Leadlight that we're leaving when she comes back."
"Is she going to be mad at us?"
"… I don't know."

You get back up with renewed vigor, righteous fire burning in your heart.

He tries to dodge your next blow as well but your runic sword is faster, dealing another blow to him.

It's only a -1, don't worry.
You get up too!


Now, heal Ardent. He's bad off.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"She might be. However, I am not forcing you to come with me… on the same note, neither can she force you to stay. You must make that decision yourselves. Do you want to grow up to be thieves or upstanding citizens?"


Alright, payback time! '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 6 = 7


Knock on the door.
"Green? I want to talk to you.
Don't worry, I'm alone."


Try blasting him, he's not an elementalist but it should still hurt. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Once again your holy spell is swallowed by the darkness to no effect.

The filly frowns.
"They might be thieves but they did help us out a bunch as well, miss!"

"I don't want to be a thief anymore…"

A nice effort, but one that is rewarded with only a dagger to the gut. You fall down helplessly again. +1 to your attempt to get up, which is negated by the -1 from CE.

No answer.
Either she's not in or she's not willing to answer.

And hurt it does, he stumbles backwards after your third consecutive attack, then disappears in the darkness again.


By the codici of the saints!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pain is weakness leaving the body! Get up again! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I do not doubt that they did. That is why I am saying, that I am not forcing you. I am merely presenting you with a chance."


'1d10' your roll.
If I can still do other things.
'1d10' spell break that darkness
Activate Heroic Fortitude.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


"Stand your attack, your miserable pile of maggots!"
Word of Power.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You could get up but… you need a moment to collect yourself and pull yourself together.

"I want the chance!"

He pounces you from the shadows, delivering a lightning fast flurry of dagger strikes which quickly overwhelm you, then disappears from sight again.

Paladin of love and paladin of the sun, standing side by side and cooperating to take down their common foe of darkness. Gallant's spellbreaker finally breaks the night, bringing forth glorious light and eradicating the shadows where the profligates lurk.
Sonnet's booming voice and the sudden return of the light startles Shadow Play into immobility. The time to strike is now.

Sonnet 1/4
Ardent helpless/2


The time to strike is now you say?
Empower weapon is still up.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Alright, I'm collected. Back on my hooves! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


'1d10+2' Attack him with my sword.
"I told you that you had nowhere to hide. No darkness left to cover you."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Smile at the foal.
"I am glad you feel that way… may I ask your name?"


Is this a killing blow or are you trying to incapacitate him?


Killing blow.


Is it locked?
Open it if not.


I still want him alive


Well if one of you tries to kill him, he's dead.


Let me specify.
I'm going fr killing blow because I seriously doubt that, in the heat of the moment, Sonnet would spare a second thought about killing a criminal that's about to kill one of her travel companions.
I just don't think it makes sense to not go for the kill when she's armed and the situation is incredibly dangerous to boot.


I am not trying to kill him, just didn't want him to get up and attack us.


You both charge forth in perfect unison again, bringing down the full divine might of your respective orders onto the master thief. Without substitutes or darkness to cover him, he stands no chance against this combined holy fury and collapses to the ground, mortally wounded.

The filly happily exclaims "I'm Nova!"
The colt chirps "Night Spark. I'm Night Spark."

You get back up in time to see Shadow Play get clobbered by the two other paladins.

It's locked. If you had a certain sound wave spell… or lockpicks…


Do I have lockpicks?
I could try it with one of my hair pins.

Roll #1 3 = 3


looks like they've got him taken care of… now where are the rest of them? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Drop my gauntlets and pant slightly.
"This is over for you, thief. Murderer. Heretic. Criminal.
Any last words?"


Breath, calm down, step back a moment.
"Shadow Play. Can you hear me?"


You don't, and your hairpin doesn't seem to do the trick.

They've scurried off out of the main hall.
Leadlight dragged herself out of combat and is nursing her wounds.

He just gurgles something intelligibly, blood coming out of his mouth. His lungs probably collapsed from the blows.


Not yet.
Put shakles on his hooves and Heal him.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


B-but that stallion was so creepy…
Fuck, go find him '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Go after them. See if I can find any of them. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Up or down?

He spasms a little as the spell goes awry once again, doing nothing but intensify the pain before he finally succumbs. Shadow Play is well and truly dead now.

You leave the main hall and enter the hallway again. The mare you subdued earlier is gone and you find her and two others in the dormitory, seemingly trying to open a portal to no avail. There's no way out.


Aaargh….up pls?


"We must find the others.
Anypony hurt?"
Trot over to Ardent.


Drag the flat of my sword along the ground as I slowly bear down on them. Nowhere to run, you bastards.


Nod slowly.
Look for Leadlight '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Good choice~
You head up, coming across another floor of dormitories. You hear music coming from one of the rooms, the door is open. Sounds like a flute.

Leadlight is tending to her own wound on her back, and seems to be coping with it.
Ardent left the main hall.

They hear that pretty clearly and panic.
"We surrender! We surrender! We're not even armed!"

You slip over a pool of blood and fall face first onto the floor. Ow.


What was his name again?


Well, try calling out "Leadlight? Where are you?"

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


"That fool is injured."
Go look for him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Never trust murders. Even so… Can I see any concealed weapons? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You don't know his name.
You peek inside and see him sitting on his window frame, looking outside while playing the flute. He stops as he hears you and smiles.
"Hey filly, what's up?"

You hear a muffled response and see her leaning against a wall while applying bandages to herself. They seem to be soaked in some kind of sustenance.

You leave the main hall as well and enter the hallway. Then mare you shackled earlier is gone.

Doesn't seem like it. You did catch them with their pants down after all.




"Hope she hasn't destroyed the manacles…"
Keep looking.

Roll #1 10 = 10


make my way over to her.
"Hey. are you okay? I saw you get stabbed.."


Then getting payback for my sister-in-arms will be easy. '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 5 = 7


"Hey! Say, could you help me with a tiny little problem? I was talking to a mare earlier and she didn't feel well. I was going to go to her room to see if she needed anything, and her room is locked and she doesn't respond! I'm really worried…"
Con Artist '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You find the manacles lying discarded on the floor. You also find the mare and two others inside the dormitory you checked earlier. Ardent is here as well.

She spits out the rest of the bandage and nods.
"I was foolish to be so rash and paid the price."
She looks at the dead ex-leader of the thieves.
"But it appears you managed on your own, that is good."

Herald is inspecting the food on the tables and stuffing one of his bags with some of it.

They don't seem to like that plan. They quickly dodge out of the way of your strikes.

"Sure thing."
He hops off the frame and puts his flute down on his bed.
"Lead the way."


Empower Weapon, Strike down one of the mares!

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


Look back at the body and shake my head "Not everyone will be captured.."
Focus again.
"What about your friends? Are they okay? I got rid of the darkness as fast as possible but I am not sure if anyone else was hurt."


"Thank you~. This way."
Lead him to the room.


Give >>526972 a nod and go after one of the other ones. '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 9 = 10


You punch the mare you manacled earlier with your iron hoof, surely breaking her jaw with the sheer force behind it. She falls down unconscious. Kill her?

"We were the only ones who entered this place. The others were in charge of taking down the portals which they seemed to have done perfectly, so I assume they are well."

You completely miss one strike but manage to get a hit in with the other, knocking a stallion out as well. Kill him?

He follows you downstairs to the door.
"Oh Spring, I've seen her around. She's pretty nice."
His catalyst lights up and you hear the sound of tumblers twisting and turning, then hear the door unlocking itself.
"There we go, easy peasy."


Turn to Ardent.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Thanks dear. Would you wait outside a minute? I'll check on her."
Trot in.


Sigh softly.
"Ah, right, that's a relief anyway. You have a way to signal them to open back up the portals for us?"


You heal his wounds back to full. He's feeling better now.

"Eh, I'll just go back to playing my flute babe. Have fun."
He winks at you and turns around to leave.
You head inside. She doesn't appear to be here. Her room is pretty simple, a bed, a chest, some parchment on a simple desk and a small vanity mirror lying on her bed.


She nods.
"I do. Should I do that now?"


Yes. Retribution for my fallen sister and whoever else these ponies laid low.


Turn to the last thief.
"Stand down.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Still creepy.
Check the parchment.


Smile slightly. "I'll bring the others here first. They can't have wandered off far."

Collect Herald via tapping him on the shoulder and start moving toward the hall.
"Thanks for the save back there."


You jam your sword through the downed stallion, killing him. The one last thief left alive screams in panic and terror and tries to flee.

She pushes you aside and runs out of the room in fright.

They're notes on magical stuff. You can roll to try and understand what exactly they're about.
You didn't really ask her what her specialty was after all.

He says something ineligible as he speaks with a full mouth and follows you, continuing to bite down on a juicy apple.


Throw one of my gauntlets after her.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Like I need to know.
I'm a genius with one quick roll '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Chuckle slightly and try to find the others. It can't be that hard '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hamstringing her should keep her from running. '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 6 = 16


Bullseye. Your gauntlet hits her right on the head, knocking her out of this world for the time being.

These are pretty complicated… They seem to be techniques to break down things like illusions and magical barriers. Or at least see past them somehow by bending dimensions.

Whatever that may mean.

They're down the hallway, having just taken down one of the thieves who now lies unconscious on the floor.

She's already out for the count. Sonnet's gauntlet knocked her unconscious.


"These thieves have seen the last of their days under Her sun."
Start tying them up.
Find the one who already escaped.
Coup-de-grace her.


Turn to the mare Sonnet took down, the one that had been manacled earlier. She'd gotten lucky last time. This time, her luck's run out.
Finish the job.


Magical barriers…like this barrier…and bending dimensions like that backdoor.
Click Clack. I'm not a dummy. Daddy should have made me the boss…why daddy why ;_; no can't think of that now, gotta focus.
Check that chest '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Approach slowly, taking a look at the situation.
"Do you need some help here?"


There's two unconscious mares, one in the room and one in the hallway. The stallion is dead. The one in the room is the same one who was in those manacles earlier. Which one do you tie up?

You finish her off. That sword is going to need cleaning later!

It's locked! Oh no!


No pls. Easy lock, go open ;_;

Roll #1 9 = 9


I tie the one outside and kill the one inside the room.
She renounced the right to live.

But he did it alreay.
Nod to him in approval.
"It's all cleaned up."


Let the blood stay for now; it'll send a message to the rest of them. That leaves two still unaccounted for. Let's go find them. '1d10+2'
Grimly nod back, then
motion towards the hallway. We need to find the last two.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Follow him.
"Running ahead on your own will get you killed."


"I'll just carry that one for you?"
wait until sonnet is finished and place the tied up mare on my back before following.


"Leave her by the exit. We still need to hunt down the last two."


"There is not an exit. We need to go back to Leadlight when we want to leave. She is fine by the way."


"I saw her patching herself up. If she needs any further medical attention, I could try helping her. Maybe it'd be best for you to offer her some additional protection in her conditions."


With some effort, you eventually unlock the chest using a hairpin. Maybe getting some actual lockpicks would be a good idea.
Opening it up, you see a variety of items. Saddlebags, a red crystal pulsing with magical power, a… horseshoe?, a compass, a rock which is warm to the touch, a small wooden lock box which is locked and a long steel dagger in a fancy sheath.

You continue down the hallway, passing by the room you started in and confirming it is empty before continuing on. You pass by another empty dormitory, the kitchen, a food larder, all empty. Then you come across a door which leads to, yes, a prison. There are two cells in here, both of them empty. Ardent spots the familiar form of a hospitallion's armor lying over a rack. It looks like it would fit a female.


This all seems very interesting.
Can I take all of them, do so.
Inspect the red crystal. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Turn around, shouting on the top of my lungs.
"Surrender now, and She will show you mercy.
Don't, and we will bring Her judgement upon you!
By the cells. In two minutes!
Word of Power.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Slowly approach the armor, reverently running my hooves over it in a search for any sign of damage. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Looks like any prisoners have already escaped."
Cart off the prisoner back to leadlight then.
"Alright. I'll be waiting there then.. Stay safe."


"Stay safe, Gallant."


"My name is Angelite."
Smile at them.


You have absolutely no idea what purpose it serves, but yes you can take it all and shove it in your bags. You're pretty loaded now.

Moments later, two stallions and a mare shuffle towards you. Both stallions are wearing the common thief garb while the mare is naked and gagged. She looks very unamused by this whole situation.
"We've got a prisoner! Let us go free and we'll let her go free."
The mare rolls her eyes.

It's a little dirty, but otherwise in good condition.

You leave the two behind and return to the main hall where Leadlight is sitting down for a rest.
She seems to be better, but lost some blood and is slightly weakened. She looks at the mare on your back.
"Quick Sand. It does not appear to be her best day today."

The colt seems to want to ask something but isn't sure if he should.


"Is something on your mind, Night Spark?"


Squint my eyes.
"Did you mishear us?
You. Will. Stand down."

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


This will come in handy.
But I still haven't found out where she is.
Look around for blues clues '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Wait. Their prisoner: Is that who I think it is?


Shake my head and put her down.
"Two others were killed, a stallion and a mare. I assume they resisted too much. Still two more missing."


He hesitates for a moment longer.
"… does this mean you're our mommy now?"

The stallions look at each other and gulp, then meekly stand down and back off from the gagged mare.

Seems like she wasn't actually going to her room when she said she was. You could look around or ask, she must be somewhere around this tower right?

The pearly white coat doesn't leave a doubt, that's Snowberry, the knight you met when you first arrived in the city. She looks… nice without the bulky armor on.

She doesn't seem fazed by the news. Or if she is, she doesn't show it.
"I see."


Well I could bring her her stuff.
Close the door and go back up.


"Now drop your weapons."
Trot up to the mare and pull off her gag.


Blush a bit.
"Excuse me?"


Sigh and sit with her. Don't say anything just watch over the area.


SNOWBERRY! She's alive!
I immediately run up and give her a bone-crushing hug.


Sidestep this…

Roll #1 3 = 3


Too slow, you're within the area of effect!


You head up a floor, arriving in the dormitory where you found the musical stallion's room.

They meekly drop their daggers to the floor. You pull off the mare's gag. She flexes her jaw, probably strained because of the gag.

He seems a bit flustered as well.
"I-I mean… uh… if you're adopting us…"

She's staring intently at the dead body of Shadow Play, having taken it off.

In your enthusiasm you sweep Sonnet along for a group hug of three.
Snowberry seems surprised by the gesture.
"Easy there brother."


Further up!


I'm baffled.
Pull out of the hug!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Try not to cry. I thought you were dead, Sister!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"…" stare at her "Are you glad that he's dead?"


Clear my throat.
"…in a manner of speaking, yes, then technically I would be your legal guardian once we get the proper paperwork done… which in different terms, would mean what you suppose, yes."


You head up further and find… a chapel! This is a place of worship, so you better mind your tongue!
There's a stallion and a mare here, both wearing hooded robes. It looks different to the ones in Equestria, more… upbeat perhaps. It makes you feel at ease.

"Brother in arms… I am a knight of the hospitallion order, paladin. And you are… one of the Lover if my eyes don't deceive me."

She says this without hesitation.
"He was not a good pony, even by our standards. I doubt there will be many who will mourn his passing."

He smiles.
"Okay… mom."


"That is correct.
Applying Her Law throughout the Land."
Bow slightly.
"Now, duty calls me.
Nice to see you aren't a goner."
Off to the surrendered stallions, shackle them and lead them back to Gallant.


"May I ask you not to call me that unless we are in private? I do not feel embarassed about it, however, as a diplomat it would be terrible for my creditibility to have rumors spread around me. I hope you understand."


Gently untie her, checking her over for any injuries.


I bow before entering.
And whisper to the hooded stallion and mare, "excuse me?"


"I think we did the right thing here." speaking of that.. stare at her some more and whisper.
"you should leave once we are out of here. Don't let Sonnet catch you."


"And thank you for your swift rescue, sister paladin."
You lead the shackled stallions back to the main room. Gallant and Leadlight are sitting next to each other talking softly.

"Oh… okay. I understand…"

She looks unharmed.
"Don't worry about me, I'm fine. They got the drop on me using some kind of poison. By the time I was awake again, I was chained to a wall in a prison."

They both turn to you, smiling.
"Yes? Would you like the blessing of the Lover?"

"I doubt I will be able to do much until I have recovered from this. A bit of rest will do wonders."


"The Lover? Uh, no thank you I'm not looking for a relationship."


"I apologize…"
Spread my forehooves invitingly for a hug.
For both of them.


Give her a gentle pat on the back, try to give her a sympathetic look.
"Yeah, you were hurt pretty bad back there."


"If that wound pains you, I can fix it."


Grab her armor before she can put it on, give her that cheeky grin all siblings recognize, and run back to the main room where everyone is.


She shakes her head.
"The Lover is our goddess, dear. Her domain is that of love, compassion and mercy."

The stallion nods at this.
"The majority of us crystal ponies worship Her Grace."

They smile and happily jump in for a hug.
Now how will you explain this to your father…

She winces as you pat her back, as that is where she got stabbed. Luckily it was a gentle pat.
"As I said, I was too rash."

"Paladin, you have returned. If you could work your magic, I would be grateful. My natural remedies only go so far."

She scrunches and chases after you!


Quick, hide behind Gallant!


"Your aid was foundamental in siezing the victory today."
Heal her.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hug them tight.
My father is an understanding stallion with a good heart. Surely he will understand that I could not leave two foals in uncertainty about their lives… plus I will not settle down because of this. I am sure that anypony with kindness in their soul will understand.


"Oh…oh I'm sorry. Why yes, I could use her blessing."


"Some would call the same action bold or brave."
give you a strange look.


You're not a very stealthy pony in that armor.
She looks around the room, staring at the corpse of Shadow Play for a moment with a frown, then walks over to where you are hiding.
"Brother, I would like my armor back. I feel too naked without it."
She seems like she takes her duties rather seriously.

"Shadow Play is dead, our base has been compromised and several of our members are gone. This leaves me in charge of a broken operation, as expected."
Your spell heals her wound further and revitalizes her. She gets up.
"I feel better now, you have my thanks."

Still a big responsibility, filly~
But yes, you did make two little ponies very happy today. That is something to be proud of.

The mares sits down in front of you and moves her hooves above your head.
Our Grace,
watch over this one,
welcome her to your loving and kind embrace,
light her path in life and beyond,
so that she may show love, compassion and mercy to others,
as is your creed, your law."

There's a naked mare standing in front of you, what do you do?


Push Gallant on top of her. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Now, the portal back to our world, if you please.
And informations to catch Obsidian Flow and the mayor."


Close my eyes and hold my hooves together.


what kind of mare? Race? Color?
Avert my eyes and cough a bit.
"I believe you have something of this Mare's Ardent. Don't be rude, and give it back to her."


Hopefully not just today, but for their entire life too!
That's something I will gladly take a responsibility for!


Stand firm! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Turn to them a little angry.
"Would you stop acting like kids?"


Stick my tongue out at her.


Give you and innocent look.


Looks like he stays standing.

She nods and walks over to one of the walls, beginning the same ritual as before.

You feel a feeling of warmth swell up deep inside you. It reminds you… it reminds you of the feeling you get when you hug your mother, or kiss a special somepony and… more. Your heart flutters a little.

A crystal mare with a shiny white coat and a light brown mane. She's quite strong looking and obviously very fit. Her eyes are a deep emerald blue.

That's very kind of you, a true showcasing of love and compassion.
… You're still hugging them by the way.


Fine. Hand her back the armor, then try to push Gallant closer to her. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' try to pluck the armor away from Ardent and hoof it to the Crystal mare.
"I don't know what's gotten into him."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I forget about Spring for a second.
"That was amazing."


Wait for the portal to re-open, and stare at the prisoners.


"How will we make sure they won't escape?"


…do they have a problem with it?




She nods and removes her hooves from your head.
"The Lover watches over us all, child. Carry her blessing with respect."


"Thank you, I'd love to know more of her…but did you happen to see a mare pass by? Her name is Spring."


The mare looks at the stallion, who nods.
"She went to the observatory on the top floor with some haste."


Run up.
I knew going up was the right thing to do, my mare instincts were right again.


You must be getting pretty high up now…
You leave the chapel and head upstairs to the next level. There are many beds set up here, separated by white curtains. You also see an entire arsenal of medical equipment, potions and other types of medicine stored in crystal cases. This looks like some kind of hospital, a clinic.


They've got everything here, this is crazy.
Go up further.


You head up further and are stunned by the next sight you come across. This room is completely painted in a very dark blue and has no windows to speak of. The floor, the walls, the ceiling… all of it is painted in the same dark color. The ceiling is also shaped as a dome and the floor and walls seem to curve slightly. It doesn't take you long to figure out that it represents the night sky. You see what must be thousands of white dots covering it, stars, constellations, nebulas, other planets… some of them slowly moving through what you assume to be magical means. In the middle of the room floats a giant glowing sphere… a planet, our planet, with all the continents, mountain ranges and oceans visible. You even see small clouds floating above its surface! You notice a smaller orb circling around the planet, the moon!


Wait where's the Sun?


Not here for whatever reason.


"Spring, are you here?"


No answer. There's another stairs leading up to another level.


Go up there too.
"Spring, hello? I need to speak to you. I'm here as a friend!"


You go up again… the final level. You arrive what is no doubt the observatory.You see an enormous telescope here, piercing its way through the crystal roof to see the outside. Spring Green is busily peering through it as you enter, though how she could possibly see anything with that blizzard outside is beyond you, and startles as she hears you call her out.
"O-oh it's you. You startled me!"


"Sorry. Uh Green. There are certain ponies downstairs. They say they're looking for a pony with a bounty on her head…you don't know anything about that, do you?"


I mean Spring


She looks behind you to see if anyone is following you and nervously asks.
"Why… why do you ask?"


"Look, I'm not dumb and you know why I ask. But I didn't tell them anything. I just want to know why they're after you. They say you're a…witch?"


She quickly runs over to close the door behind you, leaning against it.
"… Yes, they're looking for me. I think they're bounty hunters. I… the paladins are looking for me, they branded me a witch because… because…"
She trails off.


I grab her hoof.
"Look, I'm not your enemy. I like you and I want to help you, but I can't help if you don't tell me what's going on."


She gulps.
"I uh… I get these visions sometimes… they're not- I mean I can't control them or anything. Sometimes they're really… intense."


"Just because of that? That's all?"


I think I can let go of the hug now.


"… No. At first these visions only appeared at dreams… but eventually I started seeing them during my waking hours. One day a pair of paladins showed up at my door. They wanted to take me to the paladin academy to investigate rumors about my abilities… I kind of panicked and… hurt them. But just a little!"

You release the pair of foals again.
"Does this mean we'll get allowance money from you as well sometimes?"


"Right, that's okay. I understand, and some of those paladins can be so zealous. But there's still something you'll have to explain to me."
I pull out the red crystal.


Smile a bit.
"Let us not run ahead of ourselves here, shall we?
You will, yes, provided that your performance with your studies will not falter. I do plan to reward knowledge, however, with more than just money."


"It's just… when you're a mage and you open up your door to see two fully armored paladins standing there… Oh dear."
She shakes her head weakly.
"I grabbed what I could and ran off… like that crystal. It's enchanted and very valuable, but I can't use it for anything myself."

"… Like what?"


I put my hoof on her shoulder.
"It's okay. We'll get through this. Now, I don't want those creepy bounty hunters to get you. We should hide you here somewhere, until they're gone."


"Such as a trip to an amusement park, was what I had in mind."


"I changed my name and appearance… they shouldn't be able to find me but… I'm still nervous about the possibility…"
She pauses for a second, the gears in her head turning.
"… hey how did you get to my crystal anyway!?"

"Wow, really? I've never been to an amusement park!"
"They don't even have one here…"


"I went into your room to look for you. And I grabbed it, you know, for safekeeping. If those bounty hunters found it in your room, they might have figured out who you were!"


"As I have said, let us not get ahead of ourself. I would like to take you to the capital, let you get comfortable in your new homes and teach you some proper etiquette. Afterwards, you can begin learning… and I apologize in advance that I won't be able to be present for you at all times."


She scrunches.
"Did I really forget to lock my chest again… Agh!"

They look at each other and smile.
"We'll do our best! We won't disappoint you!"


"Hey, I hid the evidence! And they know I can't be you, so if I hold onto it until they're gone, they won't find out who you are. It's gonna be fine."


She nods but still seems nervous about this.
"I just have to make sure not to act suspicious… that's all… e-easy right?"


Smile back.
"That is what I like to hear.
Now… could you two tell me a bit more about yourselves? I would like to get to know you more."


Give her a hug.
"It's going to be fine. I won't let them get you.
Now, you should get out of the observatory."


"Sure thing mom! … What do you want to know?"

The filly frowns.
"What our special talents are, duh!"
She points at her buttmark, which looks like a fiery ball of energy.
"I got mine when I tried to do magic! I did kind of set the curtains on fire by casting a spell but it worked!"

She looks around.
"Really? W-Where should I go then?"


"Well if you're here, looking through a telescope you shouldn't be able to see through because of the blizzard. Isn't that a bit suspicious? We could go a level down and look at the stars there!"


"Anything you would like to tell me."
Look at the filly.
"That is really nice, however, I must advise you to be careful. Magic can be a very volitale matter, however, I think you will find Magical Studies not only interesting, but beneficial to your understanding and control of your own magic."


"We've got special magic lenses that allow us to filter out the clouds…"

"They were going to help me control it better here as well, so I could use it when I grow up!"


"Maybe you could be a scientist? Did that thought ever cross your mind?"


"Right, well, we better stay together then."


"Science? But I don't know anything about science!"
She pouts slightly and crosses her arms.

She swallows.
"So… do we stay here? I'm really not sure what I should do to not attract attention…"


"What would you normally do around this time?"


She paces around the room.
"Well it's getting late… sometimes I come up here, sometimes I go to the relaxation room or just read something in the study… but maybe going to bed wouldn't be a bad idea…"
She stops and looks at you.
"Do you have your own room?"


"Flux said she'd prepare a room for me."


"Oh… then it's probably marked with your name!"


"Let's go there! Have a sleepover."


"I don't think the rooms are big enough for that, there's only one bed."


"Ah…such a shame. I love sleepovers."


"I'll just sleep in my own room, hopefully it'll be fine."
Downstairs to the dormitories?


"Sounds good."


You descend a few levels and bump into the mare you saw writing in the study earlier.
"Whoa! I don't think I've seen you around before!"


"Hello, I'm Silk Orchid. I'm a guest here."


Her yellow mane is a mess, it looks like a twister blew right through it.
"Voltage. Professional mage."
She flicks Spring Green's nose with a hoof.
"What's up Greeny? Looking fresh as usual!"
"Y-You too."


"I like your style!"


"Thanks girl. I like that dress of yours, really retro!"


"I bet you like Lightning magic!"


"That's right, I'm the resident electromancer. The name's usually a giveaway."
You notice she's not actually wearing any clothing. Her cutiemark is depicts a bunch of blue sparkles.
She looks you over.
"What about you? Wait no, lemme guess! Uh… Illusionist? You look like a fancy type."


"Sorry, I'm not a mage, just a humble pegasus from Equestria."


"Oh. Well that's lame, why not?"


"I guess never had the talent for it.."


"Well I guess I can't blame you for that. We've all got our own little talents. I'm lucky enough to have mine in electromancy!"
She walks past you, heading for the stairs.
"Anyway, I'll get out of your manes. I've got work to do. See ya around!"


Get to our rooms and wish Springs goodnight.


"Good night Silk… thanks for helping me out."
She disappears off into her room. You find your own room just a few doors down the hallway. A small nameplate besides it signifies it's been claimed by you. The room itself isn't exactly as big as you were used to back home, but it's still comfortably large. There's a bed, some closets, a large mirror, two windows looking outside and a nice fluffy carpet on the floor. There's also a small bathroom with a bath in here.


"Wood, could you fill my ba-….."
How does this thing even work…
After some fiddling I'm starting to fill up a bath with hot water.
And look out of the window.
Still blizzarding?


Yes, the snowstorm is still going strong. You're surprised that you can't hear the howling of the wind in here, especially this high up!


Must be that shield thingy.
Go take a bath and reflect on todays happenings.


There is nothing shielding the buildings right now, nothing that you can see anyway.

You take some time to soak in your warm foamy bath and ponder on today's events. You met a lot of ponies and saw a lot of different things in this place, it'll be nice to catch some sleep and process this day at last.


I hope so.
Put on my sleeping cap and go to bed.


You finish your bath, get dried and head to bed. Your legs are tired from a long day of walking, finally giving them rest feels divine. You're happy to be inside in this warm room rather than still out there in that horrific storm. With that thought, you finally drift off to the world of dreams.



Roll #1 2 = 2


You wake up after an unknown amount of time. Your room is utterly dark. Your throat tightens and your heart is beating very fast as you feel a sense of panic wash over you. You don't know why you feel like this, but you do get the feeling of being watched from somewhere.

It's a feeling you've experienced before, it sometimes came up for no explicable reason in the past. But back then it was a product of your paranoia of being hunted down by your family. You knew it was there because of the stress that came with being on the run. This time however… it's far more intense. And it doesn't feel like just a baseless fear.


Try to move and control my breath
Get a grip of myself. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You find it hard to steady your breath, but at least you can move. You're trembling slightly.


Calm yourself, Silk, they're not coming to get you, chase away the bad thoughts…oh I have to make sure…
Try to look around and see if somepony is here. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7


You look around in the dark room and see nothing. Then you notice a passing blue light coming from behind your door. Something just passed by?


Try to carefully peek out. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You get out of bed and carefully walk over to the door, the fright never leaving your mind. You open the door and carefully peek out into the dark hallway to see… one of those flying orbs of energy slowly flying away. A wisp.


Check on Springs.
Is she still in her room?


You leave your room and walk down the hallway, after the wisp. Coming around to Springs room you try to open the door but find it to be locked tight!
The wisp seems to be… waiting on you at the end of the hallway.


This is creepy…
Follow it…but keep on guard '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You follow it as it starts descending down the stairs, into the dark room below. The study.
The wisp illuminates the area around it, allowing you to see where you walk, if only barely. The rest of the room is drenched in a intimidating darkness, almost unnatural like.

It keeps descending, reaching the libraries.


This shit is creepy.
Maybe Spring is a witch after all…


You see a faint glow coming from up ahead… it looks like… some kind of tear, a portal. The wisp slowly floats towards it. As you follow and get closer, you noticed it is indeed some sort of magic portal placed right in front of one of the bookshelves. You can't see what's inside, as it just looks like a wall of purple… stuff. Swirling around in a hypnotic motion and humming ever so softly. The wisp goes through and disappears.


W-wait a second.
Wasn't that like the backdoor they talked about and stuff?

Oh dear, I really shouldn't be here….
But I'm kinda curious too….
Does it look…safe?


You've never seen a portal like this before and you're certainly no mage, so you really have no idea. It does look rather scary.


Tip top on my toes a bit.
Ah I'm just too curious.
Stick my head in.


You lean forward and try to take a peek inside, but instead the portal immediately pulls you in! Everything goes dark for a moment.
Then, as your vision returns, you find yourself inside… your old room back home!?
You look around in disbelief and to your horror it does appear to be the very same room you used for all those years! Everything is still as you remember it.


Don't want to be here.
Where's that portal?


The room is dead silent.


Oh dear, I fucked up.
Carefully look outside the door. '1d10'
What did that Flux say again? Something about other dimensions…

Roll #1 2 = 2


It was all kinds of technical shit you don't remember!
You open up your door and look outside, but are startled to see your father standing right outside. He's looking at you with a furious gaze. The feeling of panic peaks inside you and your legs begin to wobble in sheer fright. You can't move a muscle.


I'm not moving a muscle.


He opens his mouth to speak, but all that comes out is a terrified screech.

You awake back in your room in the tower with that very same terrified scream. You look outside and see Celestia's sun is shining. The storm has cleared up and it's morning again!
It… was a nightmare? Just a terribly vivid nightmare? You're sweating and trembling really badly, your heart still pounding away in your chest.


Oh dear Luna….where were you?
Get in the bath and just lay in the water for a while.


You do so, still not entirely sure what to think. You have never experienced a nightmare as vivid as that one before. … Was it even a nightmare?

Your sweaty coat gets washed off by the water. It's nice and refreshing.


Shake myself off.
Of course it was just a nightmare.
Nothing creepy going on, nope.

Try to get my dress on and look fabulous as always '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You look a little bedraggled.


Maybe I need to get something to eat first…
Go downstairs and see what's going on in terms of food.


File: 1392060684881.png (22.35 KB, 626x780, Jade towers.png) ImgOps Google

You notice a floorplan of the buildings lying in one of your room's drawers and take it with you for convenience's sake.

You see that the dining room is in the western tower, so you head there. As you arrive there you see several other ponies are still eating breakfast as well. There's a large breakfast buffet set up where you can pick your own food from. You recognize Thaumia, the unnamed stallion who helped you open up that locked door yesterday, Voltage, the stallion who fought Thaumia in the mage arena and another stallion you don't recognize here. The two bounty hunters are eating as well.


"Good morning!"
I sit down and get me a good cup of coffee.


Who do you sit down with? They all mutter their own good mornings, some more enthusiastic than the others.


Is the Flux girl here?
If not I'mma sit with the stallion that helped me open the lock.


She's not. None of the the Flux's you've met are here.
"Hey filly, what's up? You look kinda battered."


"Oh had a bad night sleep. And I'm not a morning pony."
I snicker.


"I hear you babe, me neither."
He nods towards Voltage with a chuckle, who looks like she's about to drop dead.
"You're not as bad as her at least."
"Get fucked Pitch."


Better ask about it.
"Uh say…yesterday Flux mentioned something about a backdoor…"


"A backdoor?"
"Which Flux? There's like… several."
"Is she talking about the dimensional portals?"


"Yes, that last bit…I was just wondering…what does it look like?"


"Like… portals? They're interdimensional magic doors. I haven't really studied them though, but I know Golden Flux has. I think Spring Green has been delving into that stuff too."


"I…don't think I've ever seen portals before…are they like doors?"


"Well they kind of look like tears in the fabric of space. The give off a purple glow and the inside looks like purple liquid moving around."




That's a lot of coffee you've been drinking… try not to overdose!
"Why do you ask?"


Oh Celestia, that was weird asking like that, fuck, keep yourself together Sweet, you're being sloppy.

"Well, it sounded really interesting when Flux talked about it, but all those dimensions are way above my mane. I'm not as smart as all of you."


"Don't sweat it, filly. We don't blame you."


"So few of us here at the table. Is everypony still asleep?"


"Nah, some of them already ate, like the thaumaturges, others eat in their rooms or not at all. Or are still asleep."


"Mister Flux too? And Golden? can't remember daughter Flux name"


Golden Flux is the guy in charge. Spinel Flux and Olivine Flux are two cousins of his you've met so far.
"The Flux's in meeting actually."


"What about? Or is that secret?"


"Don't know babe, they organize them every so often. Family stuff, you know?"


yeah I know.
"Family, what you gonna do? Say yesterday I walked into the star map room and I noticed there was no sun rotating there."


"Oh yeah, it's out of service for a while. Needs to get fixed."


"It looked really beautiful."


"It's pretty radical, Early Daisy is the one who maintains the whole thing. She's really into astronomy and illusion magic."


"I really loved it, I should congratulate her."


"Well she spends a lot of time in the observatory. She's also kinda nocturnal, so it's not easy to get a hold of where she is. She's probably sleeping right now."


"And did anypony see Spring?"


"I haven't yet. Maybe she had her breakfast early. She's a weirdo like that."


She gets her armor back and despite Ardent's attempt, manages to not get her personal space invaded.
All in all, she doesn't seem particularly amused by these antics as she equips her armor again.
"You boys did a fine job here today. I know this isn't very kindhearted of me to say, but I'm glad Shadow Play is dead."

Leadlight looks back at you as she opens up the portal.
"The ones you captured? I imagine that is more your problem than mine, but normal bounds will not keep them in check for long. You need enchanted cuffs."

Angelite see >>527384


"She seems pretty nice to me."



Gee, Snowberry's no fun. Ah well, it's still nice to have another Hospitallion around. One last scan of the area for anything interesting. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Pat her mane.
"That gives some incentive to study it even more then, does it not?"


"This is no time to rest."


"Sure she's nice. Everybody's nice enough around here, y'know. We're all cool and laid back."

There's likely plenty of interesting stuff to be found if you explored the area further, but Leadlight is unlikely to approve of that. The portal out of here has been opened and is accessible.

She gives you a confused look.
"I am not resting. You can return to your friend now. Shadow Play is dead and the evidence is yours. Do not worry, we will keep his death a secret for the time being. You are now safe to walk around the city as you please, the Magpies will not be causing you any trouble no further."

"But… what if I'm no good at it? I mean I'm not dumb or anything but… y-you know… what if?"
A portal opens up at the other end of the room.

Everyone with the exception to Silk has earned a skillpoint as a reward. You can spend it or save it. More will follow in the future.
You also have three prisoners and a pile of evidence against Redwood and Obsidian Flow.


Smile at her.
"I believe in you, so should you."
Turn towards the portal.


"Action has still to be taken against the the seed of corruption.
We must arrest the mayor and Obsidian Flow."


How are the bounty hunters doing?


Is Snowberry ready to go?


They're sitting across from each other a few seats away from you, too far for you to hear what they're saying. Their postures seems relaxed, so they're probably not on high alert just yet. Unless they're faking it of course.
They are armed however.

"I will support your efforts on taking down Obsidian Flow. I do not know what he is planning, but as I explained before I fear it is something very bad."


"Back to our original hideout. Do not worry about this place, my ponies will take care of cleaning it up."
She walks through the portal and disappears.

Geared up and ready. She's probably holding back asking questions for the time being.

"I totally believe in me! I said I wasn't dumb!"

Leadlight walks out of the portal into the room. Judging from the blood on her back, she may have been wounded.


"Excuse me for a bit."
Walk over to Leadlight.
"Have you succeeded?"
What of the others? Are they here too?


Trot over to them.
"How goes the search gentlemen?"


Well, let's go. Motion towards the portal with my head for Snowberry, then go on through. Let's go ahead and take the prisoners with us.


"I need reinforcements for this.
From the capital.
Letters should be sent."



They both follow you. "Are you hurt!?"
"The others are behind me. Shadow Play is dead. I was wounded, but the kind paladin healed me. I am fine now."
Ardent and another crystal mare wearing similar armor to his push through the portal as well. They seem to have three prisoners with them, two stallions and an unconscious mare wearing the magpie armor.

They pause to look at you.
"Which search?"
They seem oblivious to what you're talking about. It probably wasn't smart to ask this in front of all the others.

She nods and shoves the prisoners through the portal, then goes through herself.

You follow her through the portal.
"Then send them, paladin. Just know this: A hive of changelings has invaded the island of Sunstone and are now threatening the entire west coast of Equestria and the Crystal empire. The crystal paladins have a lot to worry about at this time."


"How are you so well informed?"


"Were there any casualties on our side?"


Now, where are those bags of holding?


Shit, I talked to them yesterday!
"Eh…I thought you said yesterday you were searching for something…sorry I've had a bad night sleep, I must be mixing up things."
Smile sheepishly.


"We have our connections. Before soon this news will become known to everypony in Equestria and the Crystal empire. Let us hope it does not incite too much panic. You would no doubt know about this already if it wasn't for the fact that paladins have been avoiding this city like the plague."

Shimmermist and some other thieves arrive through another portal. Leadlight walks over to talk to them in private.

"Not on our side, no. The other side had a few deaths."

Shimmermist and some other thieves arrive through another portal. Leadlight walks over to talk to them in private.

Back in the vault. You might want to ask Leadlight for permission if you're planning on taking them for yourself. They're not part of the evidence you're supposed to take.

They look at each other again and shrug.
"Whatever you say, stranger."


…..this is weird.
I trot back to my place to finish my last piece of hay.


Alright, let's see if I can find some signs in the book to ask about the bags of holding. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Grit my teeth and look at the ground in anger.
"I should be there aswell.
But first justice must be dealt."


Let them talk.
Walk over to Sonnet.

"I have heard that you have were victorious."


"News sure do fly fast.
What happened here?"


"You alright filly? You look a little bamboozled."

You find the necessary signs easily. You could ask her but… she's talking to some of her associates in private and probably doesn't want to be disturbed until they're done.


"Not much to cause concern. I believe you have heard what I managed to accomplish before I arrived here?"


"No. I haven't."


"I don't know. I thought I talked to them yesterday, but it seems I was wrong. Normally I remember everything so well."
I shake my head.
"I must have had a worse night than I thought. All those nightmares…."


Just out of curiosity, let's see if I can listen in. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"I talked with a noble called Prim Rose. He is an advocate of our cause. Combined with the help of our… rogue friends, as soon as we take the evidence of Redwood's corruption to the capital, his swift downfall will be assured. Once that happens, Mister Prim volunteered to govern the city of Brilliance until order is restored and a proper vote can be held."


"I'm sure he found the burden of governing atrocious, but it's not up to him to decide.
The emperor will nominate a stand in for the current mayor as soon as the capture order is carried out."


"Nightmares huh? Y'know, there's a lot of magical energies pumping through these towers, it's really not uncommon for newcomers who are not used to it to have magically induced nightmares as a result."

"- is dead and gone. Some of you will be assigned for cleanup duty. The longer Redwood and Obsidian stay ignorant, the better for us."
"Amen to that. What are we going to do once they do find out?"
"We will discuss that later."
The group breaks up and Shimmermist and Leadlight return to the party.
Snowberry is keeping a close eye on the captured thieves for now.


"Have you guys had them too when you first came here?"


Let's go ahead and ask Leadlight about the Bags of Holding.


"He is a stallion that no doubt would do his work with honour. I am sure that he is a worthwhile pony to be chosen."


"I didn't. Some ponies are just more sensitive to magic than others. What kind of nightmare did you have, babe?"
He subtly leans into you.

"You noticed those, did you? They are valuable things. Not easy to make because they are a constant portal between one world and another."

Shimmermist is winking at you lewdly.


"Are you suggesting you have any right to judge who should rule and who not?
Remember your place, you are not the Emperor, not the High Court, nor talk for all ponies in this city."


Would you be willing to part with one.


"Miss Sonnet, you misunderstood me. I did not say I have the power to appoint anypony to the position. I merely said that when it comes to picking the right person, I will surely mention the name of Prim Rose, keeping in mind his efforts against the corruption."

Clear my throat.
"Is something wrong?"


"And I am saying I do not trust him in the least."


Also, glare at Shimmermist. Rolling for intimidation. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"My job is to know ponies, Miss Sonnet. You can trust me with this."


I look down.
"I woke up in my bed and I saw one of those energy balls. I followed it and it went into like a door. And behind that door was my…dad…"
I sniffle


"Actually, I still don't know what is your job."


She thinks for a moment, then shakes her head.
"Not for free."

"Aren't you glad to see I'm okay?"

She looks appalled!

"Whoa… wait, what's so bad about that?"


"I am a diplomat, as you might recall."

"Do not worry, I am indeed happy that all of you made it back safe."


I wouldn't call our cooperating 'free.'


"He wasn't himself, he was a monster!"


"I'm glad to see you're okay too~"

"I'm sorry, but our deal did not include this. I am willing to part with one, but not for free."

He blinks.
"What kind of monster?"


"He looked like my dad…but it wasn't him!"


"I did not partake in the fight, as you may have noticed."


The abduction of a fellow member of the Order was also not in our deal. Still, I'm listening.


Whats happening?


Turn to the mare barganing with Ardent.
"We require a vessel to safely store the proofs.
One of those bags will do us.
I believe that is part of the deal, covering the safe handling of the evidence."


"Did he yell at you or something? I mean my dad used to get pretty monstrous as well when I did something wrong."

"Oh. Still happy though~ If I knew you were hanging around here, I'd have come sooner to protect you."

"Money is all I ask."

The party has killed the leader of the Magpies and is together again. Leadlight is taking the entire operation over in the dead leader's place.


"In my dream he screamed unlike any pony. But my dad never did…"


"Protect me from what, exactly? I was lead to believe this was a safe haven."


Are we not in the same place?


Where is Cassie and the others? Are they alright?


I've got to go in the next few minutes, so…
how much?


"If you keep having issues sleeping, you could try fighting magic with magic. Spells that put you in a deep sleep."

She looks around.
"… Those kids? They can get pretty rowdy."

Yes you are, as stated previously.

She considers this for a moment, then shakes her head.
"It is not part of the deal at all. These bags are too valuable to hand out for free. I do not ask for much, just a hundred gold pieces."
People with wealth 4 can afford this. As of the recent sale of silver weaponry, the entire party is able to afford this, although it is still quite expensive.

They are likely back in the hotel on their own, they should be just fine.


"Oh, you would not believe how amicable we have become in your absence."


"Ah. well the evidence is ours. We can surely handle escorting it where it needs to go."
"…did I hear something about changelings earlier?"


"Then you won't mind being living assurance of the safety of this evidence, and follow us to the capital."


"Did you give them some money to be your friends? That's what you rich people do right?"

Leadlight nods.
"The island of Sunstone was overrun by a hive a few days ago. Some made it out in time, but plenty didn't. I know for a fact Stormcloud is currently in Crystalport. She is no doubt enraged by what happened."

She stares you down for a moment, then looks around her, at the other thieves and the state of the hideout.
"My ponies need me here. Things must be put back into order. I cannot leave."


Shake my head slightly.
"No, I promised to take them with me to the Crystal Capital so they can recieve proper education and accomodations."


"Then stop being so stubborn and give us what we need to carry out the mission!
Give us those bag to keep the evidence safe."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


My expression will get serious.
"This is all news to me."
"But I have faith in the others. They can handle this threat."
look at the evidence, how many trips would it take to carry it?


Her jaw drops.

You caught Leadlight's attention as well with that.
"You are taking Nova and Night Spark away from here?"

"Do not belittle me, paladin. The price I am asking you for one of the bags is extremely low. I am being very generous here and would prefer you not to insult me for it."

You'll probably need a cart to pull it. Cassie has one, but it's filled with her own stuff already.
"Let us hope the paladins can deal with the threat. If not, the ponies of the west coast will not be safe."


Find Angelite instead.


"Once a thief, forever a thief."
Step back.


"I am not taking them, they have agreed to come with me themselves."


shake my head at this.
"Well, either we buy her bag, or we need a cart to haul this stuff. "


"I don't know…I heard some ponies had trouble sleeping without spells after using them for a while."



You're with her and the party. She's talking to some of the thieves.

"I am sorry you feel that way."

They both run up to you and nod in unison.
"Yeah we did!"

Leadlight scrutinizes you for several seconds, no doubt analyzing your motifs. Ultimately, she just nods.
"Good. Please take good care of them."

Shimmermist shakes her head.
"Why the heck was there never a hot rich chick trying to pick me up when I was a kid?"

"The choice is yours."

He shrugs.
"Just offering you some options. The easiest one is to just… leave this place, y'know?"


you said it would take the whole party to afford that right?
Ignore Angelite and her foals for now.
"Well.. I'll get a cart then..
..where can I get a cart?"


I frown.
"Uh….I suppose I should leave soon anyway. I don't want to outstay my welcome. Could I get some supplies for the road? And I should say my goodbyes too."


Nod at Leadlight with a smile.
"I will grant them the best like I can provide."
Turn to Shimmer.
"It is never too late, is it?"


I whisper to Angelite
"Are we not going to let these thieves get arrested or something? Or are we allied to them now or something?"


"They have helped us tremendously. We will not arrest them. In fact, we will try to get them amnesty, so they can be free of fear about it. They have been a very important asset in the undertaking that is removing the corrupt Mayor Redwood."


I stop and think for a second.
"I think I am living under a crystal rock but can you tell me why we need to put this Redwood under duress?"
"Also phrasing boom!"


No, anyone in the party has enough money to afford it, but it's still quite the strain. Pooling your money together as a party would make it much lighter.
"There are stores around the city which sell them. I would advice a carpenter."

"I don't think you're outstaying your welcome, babe. But you might want to talk with Golden Flux about it."

Leadlight approaches the two kids and lowers her head to whisper something to them. The three of them share a brief hug.

Shimmer lets out a mocking snort.
"Very funny."


"I will. Once he's out of a meeting!"


Give her a look.
"We acquired evidence of his criminal activities. We shall take said evidence to the Capital, where we will assure justice will be dealt."

Give them a moment.
To Shimmer. Keep a straight tone.
"You imply that I am joking."


Look down at my coin purse and kind of shrug.
"Well, actually. It seems much easier just to give you the hundred gold pieces."
buy the bag.


"With a name like that I can already tell what his crime is. Alright I'll help whatever I can as long as it fights the corrupt."

I then look at the kids.
"And also what is this?"


Step in and pay for half of it aswell, matching Gallant's investment.
"It's a group need, we will deal with it as a group."


"I appreciate your help."
Clear my throat.
"I will be taking these children under my wings, so to say, so they can have a bright future with a good life."


"I think they'll be done by now, they don't tend to take very long."

She gawks at you.
"… Seriously. You want me to follow your little parade to the capital?"

"Then the bag is yours, paladins. You can find one in the vault near the evidence. Be careful with it."
She takes the money and puts it away.

Two crystal foals, a filly and a colt.


Turn around.
"You don't plan on having kids travel with us, do you?"


"Perhaps I should go over there then. Thanks for the help." Wink at him and trot to Flux chambers.


I raise an eyebrow.
"Is this legal?"


"They are orphans without a home. Indeed, I am planning to be their legal guardian once we get back."

"They are safer with us, a large group, than on their own, not to mention I would not leave them behind after making a promise."

"That decision lies with you and only lie."
Smile at her.


By Her name I hope the road to the capital is a quick one.


Give a nod to Sonnet. "Thank you. This will be helpful in the future as well I'm sure."


Purposely ignore all of that and march into the vault.


"We get back and once we are on the road?" I raise another eyebrow.
:Are you sure you can take care of them? The road is not for little fillies and foals to play about you know that."


"We have more than one capable pony to protect us, do we not?"


"Until the capital."


"Where they will stay to recieve the education and life I promised them."


"We shall pray for a safe travel.
And fight to make it so."


"We shall.
I must also thank you. I will feel safe travelling with a pony such as yourself."


"I fear that might duty call us, we'd have to venture in dangerous places. That's what we fear, in bringing children along."


whisper to you with a small smirk.
"We are already protecting Angelite. A few more children is not a problem."


"We will use words over might in that case."


You and the children will hide and let us deal with it.
Is that clear?
I don't want the blood of some highborn and a bunch of kids on my hooves."


"I may not be able to fight, however, that does not mean that I am helpless."


do my best to keep a straight face. "Of course not Lady Angelite."


"The kids are. And since you are so gallantly insisting-"
Turn to Gallant.
"No pun intended."
Back to Angelite.
"On bringing them to the capital, and on coming with us of all things, if troubles that need our attention arise, you will stay with them until us or Ardent or Gallant give you the all clear.
This is not negotiable. Not if you want to bring those kids along."


"Of course my top priority is to keep them safe. I would not dream of letting them get hurt."


"Glad we cleared that."
Trot back to the vault.


Give a firm nod.
"You can count on us."


"I really appreciate it. Thank you."


You're still in the thief hideout.
The party has purchased a bag of holding for a fair sum of money.
The promised evidence has been brought to you in bags from the vault. They mostly contain stolen items and written evidence such as bills of sale and correspondence from and to Mayor Redwood and Obsidian Flow.
The way out back into the city is clear, all that you need to do is step through the portal again.
Leadlight is working on organizing her underlings in her new role as leader.
Knight Snowberry seems a little displeased and looks like she wants to get out of here.
Shimmermist is flabbergasted.


Look at Shimmermist expectantly.
"I await your decision, Miss Shimmermist."



I understand Snowberry's agitation. I want to get out of here too… but Angelite's still conducting business.
Investigate the kids hanging out close to Angelite.



Okay, I probably.. Pull Herald aside. "Hey man, we have the evidence, do you know which guards are clean enough to pass it on to?"


Sorry, one final note I forgot to mention: Herald has disappeared. He's nowhere you can see. He might actually be hiding in this area though.

"No offense sweetheart, but the ponies you roll with aren't exactly my kind of crowd."
She looks at Gallant, Sonnet and Ardent in particular.
"They're the kind of ponies that have a tendency to try and hurt me, you know?"

They're both crystal ponies like you. It's hard to exactly guess their age, but the filly seems to be a bit older than the colt. They're old enough to have cutie marks anyway, so you guess they must be around 12 years old. Their looks are quite the contrast to Angelite, whereas the latter looks very prim and proper, these kids look more rowdy.

You leave the Western tower, going through the main tower to reach the Eastern tower. You're back on the mage arena floor. Go up?


Oh, that guy. Look around for him '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


In response to shimmermist
"I will not harm my allies. I promise you that much."


"I can assure you, if they hurt you, they will hurt me as well. If I have managed to get you to your best behaviour, do you think that I would fail to achieve it with them?"


Huh. Lower my head to their level and cock my head at them. How do they react to me?


Wait a second, I want to go to the libraries first.
The one from my dream! That's in the central tower if I remember correctly.


He's a sneaky rogue. You really can't tell whether he's here or not, there's so many places to hide. For all you know he might have left through the portal already.

"Well… if you're serious about that, then that's one less paladin to worry about."

She smirks.
"You've seen my best behavior already, but I can be really naughty sometimes as well."

The colt cocks his head along with you while the filly scrunches and steps up.
"You better not be planning on causing any trouble for us mister!"

It is. There are three libraries on three separate floors in the main tower. The one you went to during your dream was the middle one, the one you just passed through to get from West to East.
You can't spot any open magical portals at first glance but… who knows? Maybe it's hidden.


Can I at least find the exact spot where I dreamed I went last night? Do I have to roll?


Heh. Kid's got guts. Smile and ruffle the filly's mane.


"If I can handle two foals, I can handle a third."
Smile back.


"I am serious." narrow my eyes "but if you hurt my friends, or anyone innocent. I won't hesitate to put you back on the enemy list."


You can find the right shelf, but these shelves are long and contain a lot of books. Finding the exact spot will require a roll.

"Hey! Stop that!"
She struggles against your mane ruffling in defiance, but fails to stop you from doing so.

"Funny. You can't tame a free spirit like me."

She gives you a flat look.
"Wouldn't want that to happen. Who will send me hearths warming eve cards every year in that case?"


Roll my eyes.
"Well. I'm going to the city now. Have fun." leave through the portal.


Keep smiling.
"We shall never find that out unless you accompany us."


Ah, what a little spitfire. I'm smiling pretty broadly now, but I'll go ahead and stop ruffling her mane. For now."


She sticks her tongue out at you as you leave.

She chews on her lip in contemplation, but eventually just nods.
"Alright sweet cheeks, I'm in. As a trial, mind you. Just… don't expect me some kind of knight in shining armor helping everyone I come across out of the goodness of my heart."

She huffs in annoyance and sits back down next to Angelite.


Doesn't matter, look for Herald '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Chuckle and look at the colt. How's he responding to all this?


"Of course. However, should you help everypony you can help out of my heart, so to speak, you will come to realize there is no single greater feeling than that of making the life of somepony else better."
Motion at the children.
"I believe their smiles speak for themselves."


I open my eyes and spot….'1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You're back in the bathroom of that bar. Heading out to where the patrons are enjoying their drinks, you try to locate Herald, but to no avail. Looking outside, you see it's coming up to midday.

He's observing you warily but not saying anything. He seems to be the more reserved and careful one of the two.

"Whatever you say, honeybuns."
She pulls her hood over her head.
"I'm ready whenever you so desire to remove your noble flank from here."

You look at the book covers and try to find any recognizable ones. It doesn't take you long to spot a row of books you recognize from your dream, their colors still firmly implanted in your mind. The portal was right next to it!


But it isn't now.
I suppose it was only a dream. But I should keep in mind where it was, for when I discuss it with Flux.
Take a book from that row, what is the title, I can remember that.


So he's the brains of the outfit, eh? I'll lay down so he knows I'm not going to hurt him.


Look at the kids…
And Ardent.
"Shall we go?"


Well.. he can take care of himself.. go out on the street and look for guards instead. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You take out a rather thick book with a yellow cover. It reads 'Flight of the phoenix - the path to the firelords'.

He seems confused by what you're doing now, then perks up to look at Angelite as she speaks.

"I'm ready m- uh… miss!"

It's actually quite hard to find one in this district of the city. You eventually spot two of them talking to each other in uniform on the corner of the street though.


How boring.
Seems like something for hippies.

Time to go to flux, the eastern tower and up it was if I remember?


Nod to Angelite, then pick up the colt and put him on my back. Smile back at him, then follow Angelite when she goes out the portal.


"Very well!"
Let's leave this hideout, once and for all.


'1d10' keep looking ? guards or signs of herald.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Indeed. You head to the mage arena and take the stairs up. The door at the end is locked, the sign above it reads 'Enchantry' in fancy golden letters. Knock? Eavesdrop? Peek through the keyhole?

He startles as you pick him up and put him on your back, but calms down as he sees you mean no harm.
Snowberry follows in silence.

You take the lead and step out of this dimension by stepping through the portal. You're back in the bar now, the real world. Looks like it's close to midday outside.

You already found two!
>'You eventually spot two of them talking to each other in uniform on the corner of the street though.'


I'm such a curious ponoe.
Eavesdrop '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


that was not in the other post
Stroll closer, can I hear what they are saying? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Let's get the kids out of this place as soon as possible.
Once outside, turn around to look at them.
"I believe you would like some proper clothes to wear?"


Follow Angelite and check the area for anything of note going on. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You press your curious pone ear against the door but… aside from muffled sounds you can't really hear anything. Nothing you can actually understand anyway.

Woops, I mislinked. My bad.
They stop talking as you approach and look at you expectantly.
"Something wrong, citizen?"

Night Spark cocks his head.
"What kind of clothes? For the outside?"

"They better be, it's cold out there! I don't want my ears to freeze off!"

Seems like a quiet day in the bar and in this district. They have no idea what kind of battle just raged on inside a pocket dimension.


"Ah, there is a thief nearby here. I saw her picking pockets."


Clothes for outside? Can I find a clothing shop somewhere in town? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Maybe my curious pone eye can see through the keyhole? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Indeed. Warm clothes for the travel, as well as day to day attires."
Let's head towards the fancy district with all the shops.

"Mister Ardent?"


Smile, nod and follow her.


They look at each other, then back at you.
"What did she look like? When was this? And where exactly?"
"Was she a foreigner?"
"Hey now, don't start jumping to conclusions."
"What? I didn't mean anything by it!"
"Just watch your tongue, alright?"

Your pone eye sees nothing there's a key blocking the view through the keyhole.

You leave for the inner city, the richest part of town where the hotel you're staying at is in. And Cassie and Edelweiss.
Shimmermist chuckles.
"Oh boy, my favoritest place in the whole wide world. This is where we met, Angy. Remember how romantic it was~"


Put myself between Angelite and Shimmermist and glare Shimmermist down. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh double hayfeathers!
Knock on the door then.


"She was an earth pony, red mane, and all covered up so I couldn't see much else."
Do they seem like they really care? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Speaking of Cassie and Edelweiss, we should go ahead and pick them up as well!
"It is just as if it all happened today."
Smile at her.

"Mister Ardent, please, I trust Miss Shimmermist. Do you not trust me?"


"Whoa whoa, easy there boy. I'm not trying to stir any shit here."

Snowberry clears her throat and directs your attention towards her.
"Brother Ardent, I haven't been filled in on what's been happening, but I've filled in the blank holes mostly by myself. I personally suggest we bring this 'evidence' to authorities outside of this city, like the capital."

The muffled voices lower their volume as you hear hoofsteps approaching the door. The key turns as the it is unlocked and swung open by Olivine Flux, the mare that lead you around for a while yesterday. You remember her being one of Golden's cousins… or something.
"Oh, it's you. What's the matter?"

"What kind of clothing was she wearing?"
You can definitely see they are not surprised at all by this report. In fact, they're pretending to be more taken aback than they probably actually are. There's no doubt that these kind of reports are common.

"Yeah Ardent!"
She smirks.
"Don't you trust her?"


"Shimmermist, do not provoke him, please."


"Excuse me, is this a bad time? I can come back later."


Nod vehemently to Snowberry to let her know I agree with her.
Give Shimmermist a little more room, but keep myself between her and Angelite, sticking close to Angelite.


"It was a sleek black and white leather outfit." keep watching their reactions.


Nova steps in and bites down on her tail, tugging at it.
"You heard her! Back off!"
"Stop chewing on my tail!"
"I'm not not chewing on it!"
Shimmermist just reaches down and flicks her nose, causing the filly to let loose.

"No, don't worry about it. Come in, the enchantry is normally open to public anyway."
She steps aside.
"We just finished a little family meeting."

"I'm glad we're in agreement. I'm not entirely sure whether I should let you handle it on your own or not. Think you can do it without backup?"

"Odd. We'll look into it, sir, don't you worry. Brilliance is one of the safest cities in the realm and we are here to keep it that way."


"It certainly takes a load off my mind.."
'1d10' can I tell if they are lying or something.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take a look through the book for the right signs, and show her the book so she knows what I mean. We could use your help.


"Play nice now, fillies. Neither of you would want to embarass me, now would you? That would hurt my feelings terribly."
Then smile.
"Now, we shall find two of my friends, then we can head to the shops."
Cassie and Edelweiss, find them!


"I heard."
I step in cautiously and greet all members.


Since the colt's still on my back, I'm following Angelite as well.


You can gather they're not entirely sincere about their promises and reassurances. You're no mind reader or lie detector though.

"Move along then, citizen. Thank you for your cooperation."

She nods.
"But bear in mind there are other matters I need to attend to as well. I will trust your judgement if you say you require my further support though."

Nova sticks her tongue out at a frowning Shimmermist.
"She started it!"
Well, the first place you ought to look is the hotel.
You think you also remember Cassie saying something about finding a forge to do some work in.

You see Spinel Flux, the arcane smith who opened up the door for you yesterday when you arrived. Aside from that, there's two other ponies you haven't met. Both of them are younger stallions. Seems like all the Flux family members are fairly young so far! Golden Flux, the owner of the towers smiles as you enter.
"Ah, Silk. How are you? Haven't seen you since we parted ways yesterday. I guess your night was much more comfortable than you expected when you were still trudging around in that blizzard yesterday?"


fuck.. finding clean cops is a challenge..Move along then.
maybe if I keep looking for Herald, where could he have gone? He said he had a place nearby.. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Let's hope she is still there for the moment.
Off to the Hotel, I should remember which one was her room.
"Be nice, unless you want to forfeit your rights to getting some ice-cream after we have bought the clothes."


Greet them all, especially Spinel Flux, since he opened the door yesterday.
"Indeed it was, for which once again my thanks. But it was still troubled with nightmares."


Follow Angelite. Gotta admit, I'm liking this Nova filly. She's got spunk.


You spot him further ahead, he's inconspicuously talking to a crystal mare on the street.

"Ice-cream!? Can we get chocolate sprinkles on top of it too? It's been so long!"

"Uh… If I forfeit the ice-cream, can I get a special reward later? Maybe a back massage?"
You arrive back at the fancy hotel and head upstairs to the floor where you rented the rooms on. You knock on Cassie's door, but don't get an answer.

"Nightmares? Oh dear. Vivid ones? It's really not that uncommon for newcomers to have them. These towers have a large magical presence that can affect even the dreams of those not used to it."


walk up calmly and wait nearby.


Grin at Shimmermist's comment. I can do massages.
By the way, how's Spark doing? He enjoying the ride?


She must have gone to that smithy…
Let's knock on the door of Edelweiss then.
"Yes, you can get chocolate sprinkles on top.
No, Miss Shimmermist, as you have surely heard the saying, this deal is a 'take it or leave it' type."


He nods at you as he spots you as well. They silently converse for another minute before parting ways. Herald walks over to you.
"You sure caught me red-hoofed now, Gallant. Something wrong?"

He seems more interested in Angelite's offer of ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles right now.

"Usually I just take everything I can carry."

Nova interjects.
"I want colorful sprinkles! Can I? Can I? Pleaaaase?"


speak softly.
"I just want your help finding the clean cops from the dirty ones so I can turn over the evidence.
There is a changeling issue to deal with, so I can't stay in town too long you know."


"You should learn some humility."
"Of course, whichever type you fancy!"
Knock on the door again.


Chuckle at Nova's enthusiasm. These kids are really looking forward to ice cream.


"So I'm not the first one?"


"I know there is, I was just talking about it with one of my friends. And hey, don't you think it's better to just bring this stuff you found higher up the chain of command? Better to not turn it in this city. Where are your friends anyway?"

Edelweiss opens up, rubbing an eye with a hoof.
"Hello? Oh! It's you! Sorry, I was distracted reading and didn't hear you knock."

"No, not at all. Same thing happens at the mage academy in the capital to a lot of new students there. It's not abnormal, don't worry."


"And what do ponies dream about then? Does it mean something?"


Look annoyed.
"My friends are wasting time playing with children. Ardent and Sonnet are with them, they'll be safe."


"And what do ponies dream about then? Does it mean something?"


"We were just about to go and take care of some shopping. Are you interested in joining us?"


"Well… that's a subject of debate. There are ponies who study the mind and dreams in particular that could probably answer your question better than I could. What did you dream of though?"

"Wasting time? What's the hurry? Why not just take this stuff to the crystal paladins in the capital? I mean sure they're busy, but knowing them they'll find a way to deal with it."

She looks a little confused at all the newcomers.
"Sure? I thought you guys were taking care of other stuff though."


Sneeze twice, then look around confused. Where did that come from? Is there pollen in the air or something?


"Other matters have been dealt with, yes."


Blink as if he said something completely foreign. "You don't think that this should be dealt with right away? Am I the only one who feels this is urgent?"
"I mean, the capital is a better place its true, less corrupt."


"Well in my dream, I saw one of those energy orbs, and it lead me into the library. There was a purple gateway there."


"Oh… alright then!"
She looks back into her room. There's a pile of books on her bed. She must have borrowed them from somewhere. You recognize most of them being about law and economics.
"Although… I still have a lot I'd like to read as well."

"I'm saying it's too risky to deal with it in this city on our own. Even if we have evidence, who are we going to bring it to? The mayor who is in Obsidian's pocket? The guards who are in his pocket? Nobles who are in his pocket? It's too risky to trust anyone here, even if not all of them are bad."

Olivine frowns at this.
"You dreamt of a wisp? They're bad enough in the real world, I feel bad for you."

"A purple gateway you say? Where exactly and in which library?"


"Yea. I guess I should just relax and call it a day.." Look frustrated still.


"I was hoping that the idea of a pretty dress would entice you more than books that you will have all the time in the world to read."


In a pretty dress.
This shopping trip just got a lot more interesting.


"The one that connects to the eastern and western tower, near those books about the Firelords."


"Hey, you've done well today already. Taking out Shadow Play like that is no small feat."

"Hmmm… well maybe… but these are books from the local library. I want to take this chance to read them before moving on."

"Well… that's interesting. What do you know about pocket dimensions, Silk?"




"Uh..that they're….tiny?"


Nod "Just part of the job. Maybe point me in the direction of a safe bar? I could use drink, or a hoof of cards."


"Tiny? Oh no, the opposite really. They can be quite large! Have you ever heard about bags of holding? Despite the physical bag itself being really tiny, the amount of space inside it can be really huge."
You know of bags of holding. They're really expensive and not easy to find because of this. You know your dad had one though. You reckon he used it to store valuables, but he never actually confirmed this.
"Anyway, these bags are similar to the kind of portal you saw in that dream. Have you ever seen such a portal before aside from in your dream?"


I shake my head.


"How strange. Dreams are such a peculiar part of our existence… I wouldn't worry too much about it though. I'm sure what you saw is not important in any way."


"Are you sure? I won't wake up glowing like a lighthouse tomorrow, will I?"


He laughs at your remark.
"No no, of course not… only the Crystal Heart has such powers. I just believe that your experience was caused by a reaction from your body to the intense magical presence here. If you do happen to feel sick, simply ask Morning Prayer for help. He will help you with whatever ails you."


"I will, thank you mr Flux, that makes me feel much better."


I humm a bit before giggling a bit.
"Crystal Heart? Is that some kind… of crystal that you know is in the shape of a heart? I mean because if it…. the one's who named that thing are pretty creative individuals."


I eye this mare curiously. Somehow it must have escaped me before now, but a pegasus in the Crystal Empire outside the order is rare. What exactly do I see when I look at her?


btw Silk Orchid is seperate from the main party right now. We're somewhere else and don't even know she exists.


You notice several of the ponies who were here before have taken their leave to start the day.
"Just keep calm and carry on. Everything is under contro-"
An extremely loud explosion rocks the building slightly, startling you both.

Olivine rolls her eyes and lets out a very frustrated sigh.

Silk Orchid is nowhere near the party right now. She's not been added to the party yet.


I get up.
"I'd better go take a look."


Whelp my bad Sorry

>What do I see
Probably stretching and minding her own business, if not probably getting some corn that she magically got from her hat.

Wait can I do that? I mean the corn grabbing in the hat? I mean that would be awesome, free food!
Hat magic lets get some motherfucking corn!
Well preferrably cooked.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Whelp my bad Sorry

>What do I see
Probably stretching and minding her own business, if not probably getting some corn that she magically got from her hat.

Wait can I do that? I mean the corn grabbing in the hat? I mean that would be awesome, free food!
Hat magic lets get some motherfucking corn!
Well preferrably cooked.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Gaahh damn net.


Golden Flux laughs uneasily.
"It's… a common thing that happens around here, don't worry. Some of the mages are a bit too… um… enthusiastic."

Olivine shakes her head and leaves the room.


I meant what does she look like.


You get your cooked shiny corn.

As in actual shiny corn. Crystal corn.


"Perhaps somepony needs help!" Trot towards the explosion


Wow. That was pretty impressive. I approach Helaine and see if the colt wants any corn.


You don't hear a response from him as you leave as well. Following Olivine, she retreats to the main tower and heads down. All the way down to the second floor! It's the room with all the big cauldrons in it which you passed by yesterday. Voltage is leaning into one of the cauldrons, her head is fully inside of it. You notice her blue tail is looking more messy than before. It's also a bit singed. The smell of burned hair hangs in the air.

Judging by the speed of which he grabs one of them and starts devouring it, you reckon he does want some corn!


She has a somewhat purplish mane with light blue coat, her crimson cloak and hat may not be that of high quality but it is quite heavy and rugged. She looks like a traveller and and outsdoor-pony but this notion all ends when one see her talent that she has demonstrated just right now: magic.

The way she stares is a bit piercing and her brows somehow furrows when she stares back at you but lightens up upon seeing the colt that you are taking care off.

I look at Ardent and think for a moment before offering the corn that I produced.
"Hmmm… does he want some of these?" I give a warm smile


"Oh! Oh my that was fast." I chuckle as the colt grabbed it.

"Say is that colt yours?"


I run up to her.
"Voltage, are you allright?"


Chuckle and give him a little pat on the back as I accept some of the corn offered.
Think for a moment, then waggle my hoof in a "so-so' gesture. Showing her my sign language book so she understands what I'm saying, I sign, adopted today.


"I… oh… I see." I give an awkward smile.
"So… how do we do this, I mean you are not deaf or anything you can hear me so thats a plus." I think for a moment.
"You adopted him? Why? What happened to his parents?" I look at the colt.

Hmmm grab from my hat and lets produce corm for both me and for him.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You hear a thump as she perks up inside the cauldron and bangs her head.
She cringes and carefully removes herself from the cauldron. Her mane is a total mess as well and is just as signed as her coat and tail.
"Hehe, you again. Did you hear that sweet ass explosion?"

Olivine stomps over to her.
"How many times do we need to tell you to follow safety protocols!?"
"Uh… one more time?" She replies sheepishly.
"Is it so much to ask to be at least a little bit considerate!? Imagine what our guest must be thinking!"
"She's probably wondering what caused it!"
Voltage turns to you.
"And I'll answer that question right now. I was prooftesting new materials for their electric conductivity!"
Olivine smacks her face with a hoof.
"Just what did you test right there?"
"Just a new magic alloy that Spinel created. Pretty good stuff."
Olivine scowls and looks at you.
"Don't you just want to strangle her? Or is that just me? It can't be just me right?"

You're not sure if you have a corn farm hidden in that hat somewhere, but judging by the amount of it you pull out you begin to see it as a plausible theory.
There's a pile of corn in the hallway now.
Nova 'sneakily' takes one of them and hides behind Angelite as she eats it. Night Spark is still eating the previous one with much gusto.


"I guess it wouldn't be science if something didn't explode once in a while."


Shake my head and point at Angelite. She adopted. I am helping. Parents… I pause for a moment. for him to say.
My eyes widen at this. Where you get all that?


"She doesn't have to do that inside one of the cauldrons! Metal doesn't belong in there! That's completely against regulations!"
"It's actually a good way to contain the explosions. Look at the room! No damage! I was standing a little too close, but I'm not hurt either!"


"Well it does seem pretty risky miss Voltage."


As he points to Angelite, my eyes widen.
"Adopt? Why would both of you adopt foals? I mean we are travelling. Isnt that dangerous to these younglings?"
"And… uhurmm a bit late but I must say congratulation for dating her." I shake his hoof.

"As for the corn, well I have a knack of getting things from my hat." I smile as I grab a corn and began to eat.


I blush profusely and look away. Not dating yet. She adopted foals, I am… helping? is complicated.


Olivine nods sternly.
"I fully agree! I ought to have you suspended for this reckless behavior!"
Voltage just rolls her eyes and turns around again, flicking her tail into Olivine's face.
"Whatever nerd, go cry to the first enchanter about it or something. I've got stuff to test."
Olivine swats the tail out of the way angrily, her face turning red in frustration.
"How dare you say such things in such a tone!?"
This might get out of hand soon…


Oh dear…
"Ladies,ladies, let's not fight over something so silly. We're better than that."


I also start to eat my corn, being careful to take small bites and chewing thoroughly before I swallow.


"I may be, but she's certainly not! The lowly peasant she is!"
Voltage freezes and slowly turns around with an annoyed scowl.
"… Excuse me, bitch? What did you just call me?"
"You heard me! You are the most unmannered pig I have ever had the displeasure of meeting!"


"Oh come on." I nudge his elbow.
"Just look at her, if you are getting idea's, its alright to act on it you know what I mean?" I smile.
"Well unless it is something she would oppose then perhaps dont act on it but if it is something that will both make you and her happy then why hold back? I mean you already took the time to take care of her orphan… foals or something."


Blush brighter and try not to choke on my corn. I want to, but… would she be interested?



Roll #1 5 = 5


I end up choking a little, adopting a somewhat pained expression before I finish forcing it down.


"Interest increases the more you show interest to her, its like investing something but as for pony to pony relationship or sometimes to insterspicies it is with love." I show a heart sign on my chest.
"Well I've had a lot of male from different species investing love to me, well some even forcibly but it is something that a true man has to ask a lady himself. You got to ask her to know if she loves you back."
I tilt my head.
"Have you asked her?"


Oh. Oh.
"You're both scientists and mages! You're not going to squabble over little things like that!"


They both glower at each other. Neither side budging a single muscle.


No. Sigh and shake my head. I think… should start slow? Ask to dinner? Look at her a bit pleadingly. You help me?


Quick thinking, quick thinking.
"Voltage, I'm sure Olivine didn't meant that and you were about to say you'd be more careful, right?"


She glances at you for a split second, then goes back to staring down Olivine. Eventually she backs off, muttering something under her breath as she leaves the room and heads upstairs.
Olivine watches her go in silence.


That was close.
Stand awkwardly while waiting for Olivine to say something.


I lounge a bit and eat some corn
"It really depends on the lady, some girls want their man to be more upfront and fast while others like them to be subtle and are excited if they get stalked which is super creepy." I giggle.

"Anyway dont listen to that last one, if you are asking my advice, the way I observe Angelite is that Angelite is a mare that likes to be talked straight, invite her to something like a tea and ask her. Angelite is also not that extravagant even though she is old money so I think stallions like you may caught her atttention."

As for helping…. hmmm how may I help?"


Olivine takes a deep breath and exhales, staying silent until she turns and leaves as well.
"If you need anything more, please come see me in the alchemy labs."


"Hey, what's going on between you and Voltage?"


Pause for a moment. Really think she might like me? Shake my head after a moment. Right, talk straight to her. I… can try. Gesture at my throat wryly. As for helping… I not know what I doing. New to this. Never… done this before. Need advice.


"I don't intend to waste time on elaborating on that ruffian. Steer clear of her if you value your sanity, that is all I can say."


Seems like there's petty squables here too.
Oh well.
Is there any place I can help?


"Well that is something I dont know that is why you got to ask her. As for your chances, you have quite a good chance and it does not hurt to ask her."

I then look at Ardent as he gestures his throat.
"Well you can just ask her through sign language, if not write her a letter."


You could check on your friend Spring Green.
Or see if that astronomer/illusionist pony is up and about.
Or explore the last parts of the towers you haven't seen yet.


Letter too… can't find the word I'm looking for, so I just sigh and continue. -Need to ask face-to-face.
Smile and offer my hoof. So, what exactly is it that you do, miss…


Right, I should explore first.
Can I see the map again?


File: 1394752004607.png (21.35 KB, 626x780, Jade towers.png) ImgOps Google


What's above the enchantry?


Restricted area. Locked up tight.


What if I ask please?


Can't know until you try it!



Main party
Knight-Sister Snowberry wishes to speak to you. She seems ever so anxious the more time passes by.

Silk Orchid
Olivine and Voltage have left you, you are now all alone in the distillery. There are parts of the towers which you have not explored yet and the bounty hunters remain at large. It's hard to say just how close they are to catching their quarry, but you haven't seen Spring Green so far today.


The bounty hunters denied they were chasing a prey.


Does she? Then whatever the matter, it must be tended to!


Put a hoof on her shoulder and give her an inquisitive look.



Are we alone with snowberry? Check to be sure. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm an entertainer."

"…. well I am a wizard technically but I use my magic to amuse the audience."
Teleport behind him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"And I try my darnest to make them happy."


Silly pony.
They approached you when they first arrived because you were a newcomer and not one of the mages, meaning you could not be their quarry. They didn't actually tell any of the actual mages they're looking for one of them. So when you announced this at the breakfast table, they of course denied it to keep their cover as travelers taking shelter.

You are 'alone' with the party, at least.

"We need to leave this city. I for one refuse to stay here any longer, we are not safe here."
She speaks with the tone of an experienced soldier, her eyes hard and unyielding.

It dawns on you that one of your new companions is wearing that same outfit the band of thieves wear. Looks like one of them decided to tag along.
On the bright side, the two foals seem enraptured by your display of magic, especially Nova.


"Alright here watch this."
Lets produce a baloon for these two foals.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Are you sure of this? I know that there is corruption here, but we could not possibly be assaulted in broad daylight, could we?"


Nod in agreement. If your gut says you're not safe, then you're not safe. If she thinks we're in danger, then we need to go.
After stopping to get the kids some ice cream along the way, of course.


>name, again
Chuckle and shake my head.


"I agree we should head to the capital to deliver the evidence as soon as possible… but has some pony threatened you that you feel unsafe miss sbowberry? "


Smile at this.


Oh I see.
Well I was going to explore the upper eastern tower?


You reach inside your hat and pull out two animal shaped balloons filled with helium. You give a dolphin shaped and a tiger shaped balloon to Nova and Night Spark respectively, much to their glee.

"I don't want to be taking any chances. The road to the capital is still a long one and not without its risks. The sooner we leave this place, the better."

"I am a capable warrior, sir. But I will not stand idly around this city while this… Obsidian Flow is at large."

You were. Heading back to the Enchantry, you find that the door to the next level is locked though.
Golden Flux is here as well and notices your actions.
"I'm sorry, but for your own safety you can't go up there. Too dangerous for outsiders."


I turn to him.
"What's up there?"


Nod in understanding "I too feel he must be brought to justice as soon as possible. I'd that is what is bothering you then I fully understand and agree. "


I looked at Ardent and Angelite.
"Damn, look at how they smile."


"The smile of a child is one of the most beautiful things in the world."

"I see. Can we at least get some basic necessities? The foals will need warm clothes for the trip."


Sigh softly and glance at the two foals "they are happy aren't they ?"



Watch the foals with a goofy smile and nod to Helaine.
Nod, then get out my book so I can say something to Angelite. Should pack up, ready to go once we pick up things we need.


I bow.
"Just doing my best to make everyone smile. I mean just looking through you guys is enough to warm my heart."

For Ardent only
I then look at you with intense passion and wink before nodding towards Angelite.


"The more advanced kind of magical equipment and experiments. Not all of them are dangerous, but we just can't risk upsetting them somehow and losing a lot of our progress. Sorry I can't indulge your curiosity any further than that, miss."

Snowberry glances at the kids as well, her expression softening slightly.
"… Yes, of course. But make haste."


I pout.


I nod.
"Right. I shall tend to the needs of the foals first, however."

"Thank you, Miss Helaine."

"We shall."
Crouch down to look at the foals.
"I am afraid our shopping trip has to be cut short. We will have more time to do so in the capital, however."


"I am merely here to escort yourselves and the documents. "
Walk closely with Snowberry, staying altert.
I have all my stuff anyway right?


Blink, then smile and nod, blushing slightly.
I travel lightly and keep all my possessions on my person anyway, so I'm ready to go.


He cocks his head.
"Why don't you… have you seen the observatory yet? That's pretty impressive too!"

Night Spark pouts.
"But you promised we'd get some ice cream…"

Nova doesn't seem fazed, more interested in tending to her big dolphin balloon.
"Shopping is dumb anyway! I don't mind."

Reminder that while Edelweiss is with you, Cassie is not. She's probably at one of the smiths in town.


"But you make this place sound really amazing!"


"I am just glad to do it Angelite.'

"Go make your move man, she is smiling."


He laughs.
"It is! But if we want to keep it that way, we have to make sure it's safe! Our health insurance will go up if we don't."


To the foals I smile "there are many places that serve icecream I bet we can find one near the hotel."

"Let's gather up Cassie before we go anywhere else."


"Don't wear yourself out. "


I scratch my head.
"Dont worry I wont."

I then look at you as I follow.
"Say…. its been some time since we two talked."


"Do you have something on your mind miss helaine?" My tone still kind of urgent, but kind.


Nod nervously, then take a few deep, steadying breaths before approaching Angelite.
Approach with my sign book looking nervous. Why don't you and I take the kids to get ice cream while the others pack up?


"Well, could you tell me just a bit about what kind of experiments go on in there. I'd simply die of curiosity otherwise."
Hop nervously on my hooves to illustrate my point.


"I am glad that you want to see them happy as well."

"We still can get some, but you will have to eat it on the way."
I'll let that one comment from Nova slide from now.
To the shops, at haste!

"Speed is of the essence, or so Miss Snowberry says. I agree."


"Nothing much, I just like to have small talks you know, trying to catch up with everyone. I mean I was just looking away for a moment and then boom, Angelite has adopted foals out of nowhere. I mean wow." I smiled.

"Say how about you, what do you think of these band of thieves?"


Then I shall journey with Angelite and the foals to the shops.


"They helped us do the right thing, and showed they still have light in their souls. In the end that is what matters. And the ones that follow us now wish for a better life than they were hoofed, I can't fault them for that."
Look off to the sky as if expecting something to fly down. "After all.. there are more serious, darker things about.. I don't need to waste time worrying about a little lost gold"
Smile at you.


"Oh I see."
Ponder for a moment.
"Well if a paladin can trust them, then perhaps I too can give them some trust after all."


"Just keep an eye on your coin purse" snicker a bit.


"Oh that, yes I'll take that in mind." I grin.

"Say you will fetch Cassie right? Mind if I tag along?"


"Do you know where Cassie would go?"


His expression changes immediately to one of joy.

"I don't know… not that I don't trust you, but… that stuff is kind of part of our secret magic research projects."
Roll for diplomacy.


Do you want to skip this?
You have enough wealth to buy them some warm clothes and ice-cream.


"Most likely anyone who has a working forge." I snicker.


I… hear there are… many nice restaurants in the capital.
Fine by me. Let's get this thing going.


Nod "let's stop by a blacksmith and ask around." Go to a smith!


"Please, I'm very good at keeping secrets.
And I would be so grateful if you satisfied my curiosity a little bit"
Bedroom eyes '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


To not keep the party up.
We can shop properly in the capital.

"Oh, certainly! Some of the best, I can attest to that!"


When we reach the capital… would you be willing… to let me take you to one? Look at her with an expression both nervous and hopeful.


Nod diplomatically.
"I am sure that all of us will deserve to dine at one of such places after all of this, yes."


Well… it's not a 'no,' so… progress!
Are there any places in particular that you like?


"Indeed, there are a few, but let us not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Daydreaming kills productivity, I am afraid, and I do not intend to make myself, or you, hungry."


Nod and smile, turning away to try and hide my blush.


Then the die is cast.

The party gets some extra warm clothing and indulges on some ice-cream, because what better weather for ice-cream than while it's cold and windy outside the bubble? You find back Cassie working in one of the forges to scrape together some savings and add her back to your growing collection of NPC followers. The children are happy to use her cart as a form of transport, much to the displeasure of Cassie. Snowberry takes the rear of this small convoy, keeping an eye on your non-bodily flanks. Shimmermist and Herald are walking side by side, engaged in quiet conversation while Edelweiss walks next to Cassie's cart, seemingly scrutinizing the kids on top.

You set out, leaving the inner city behind and soon reaching the edge of the magical bubble protecting it. No guards stopping you this time… you wonder if the presence of Shimmermist has something to do with that.

He seems mildly surprised by your implications, but still shakes his head.
"Sorry, but I'm a stallion of science. I can't let you in there in good conscience."


Shoot Shimmer a glance, but walk beside the cart, perking my ears.
Not eavesdropping on the foals, nope!


I'll stay close to the front, keeping my eyes open for any sign of trouble. The most dangerous parts of any journey are the beginning and the end.


I look down
"I understand, doctor.
There must be really amazing things in there. And a less smart pony like me has no place there…
I'm sorry for wasting your time."


Narrow my eyes in suspicion. '1d10' are they watching nearby?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ah more walking and once we reach the capital I can perform to my hearts content and make me famous! Yay! Go team!"

Blow a trumpet.

Roll #1 1 = 1


They're not actually saying anything! Just enjoying their ice-cream in their comfy new clothes in silence.

Maybe… though from the looks of it you are safe right now.

The guards at the guardpost near the edge of the bubble are certainly watching your convoy closely.

But they let you pass anyway. Looks like Shimmermist's outfit makes them care much less about you.

You pass by the guard post and move through the bubble back to the cold and snowy 'outside' world of the crystal empire. It's past midday and the sun is shining outside, making the temperature very bearable. Spring is rolling in… things will get warmer and warmer soon enough. The trees, ground and mountains all around you are still covered in a thick layer of snow though. The road is cleared however.

As you bring your trumpet to your lips, you realize you've made a mistake. The cold makes them stick to the instrument as if it were glued. The trumpet is completely stuck to your mouth.

"Don't be sad, I'm sure you'll see our Flux Capacitor some day when we're done developing it."
He smiles cheekily.


I smile.
"I'm looking forward to it, doctor Flux, I'm sure it will be amazing."


Just keep walking silently then.


Just to be safe, I'll scan the area for anything that seems out of place. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Shimmermist. " stare at her "What was that, with the guards?"



Whelp, remove it slowly!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh yes it will be. You can count on that, miss Orchid. Now, about your presence here… how long do you wish to remain in our fair towers?"

Good pony. Keep your damn mouth shut for once, mare.

Everything seems to be in order. It's pretty quiet out save from your hoofsteps on the hardened road and the creaks coming from the cart's wheels, which is nice.

She looks at you, expression hidden behind the mask.
"Obviously under Flow's payroll. They know this outfit and to leave us alone."

You expertly remove the trumpet from your lips, without causing any bleeding or pain. Lucky you, that could have been painful.


I boop present.


Excuse you?!


Alright then. I'll fall back a little ways till I'm beside Cassie. Still ready for trouble, though.


"I do not wish to outstay my welcome. I admit I stayed a bit longer than I planned to. I was entranced by the wonders of this place. If you'd permit me, I'd like to stay until tomorrow morning."


"That won't last much longer I expect." I comment bitterly.


Alright I wont do that again.

I look at the two.
"You two look tense? Whats up?"


"This city.. " I reply with a tinge of anger.
"It matters little. We have our task."


You heard me.

Your traveling alongside the party, having just left the magical bubble surrounding the city for the outside. The sun is shining and it's not too cold outside.

She's pulling the cart, seemingly somewhat displeased. But then again, that mare seems grumpy all the time.

"Hmm. Very well, I'll allow you-"
Olivine runs inside the Enchantry, looking very alarmed.
"Somepony- No somegryphon was murdered! The gryphon that arrived here is dead! Someone killed him!"
"What!? Where? When!?"
"In the dining room! Come!"
She runs off, Golden grabbing something from his desk before following suit.

She shakes her head and chirps back.


I run with him.


"Is it, Well as long as all of us stick together, we will be able to take any challenges along the road."




Nod and continue quietly.


Start tapping my hooves to some melody that popped into my head as I walk; gotta entertain yourself somehow on these long journeys.


The three of you speed down the tunnels between the towers and arrive at the dining room.
A lot of people are crowded around something here. Most of the tower's inhabitants are here! Not all of them though, several are missing.
Golden pushes through the crowd and you follow, encountering the object of interest in the middle of it all. The gryphon bounty hunter, lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Eyes wide open.
"By the Goddess…"

You will walk for the remainder of the day and then camp out during the night. The capital is a few days away on foot.
Everyone roll a d10 for luck.



Roll #1 9 = 9


I put my hands over my mouth.
"W-what happened?"



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 6 = 6


Voltage is here and speaks up.
"I went to the kitchen to grab a snack and found this mess instead! No one else was around!"
One of the priest ponies is knelt down besides the body, praying silently.
Golden shakes his head slowly and runs off again.

Looks like the gods are watching over you. The day goes by without incident and you make good progress.

You set up camp as night falls, tired after the eventful day. The foals, despite not having walked much themselves, fall asleep immediately, while the others sit around the campfire.


Keep my voice low.
"This is quite the trip, I must say."


"We've got to find who did it!"


"Why is that?" I look at her.


"Quite the quiet one."



"Our group is slightly unusual, to travel such a way."


I can take first watch.


"Better to travel fast an quiet."


Edelweiss yawns, pouring over a book again.
"Yeah… So many books to read and so little time… can't walk and read either. Unless I ride the cart."
Cassie glowers at her.

Cassie mutters under her breath.
"Thank Celestia for that…"
Herald clears his throat.
"Speaking of Celestia… I overheard she's coming on a royal visit to the capital very soon."

Everyone starts mumbling to each other.
"Whoever did it must still be around…"
"The murderer could have escaped by now for all we know!"
"Where's his friend anyway? The pegasus?"
"This is going to attract the wrong type of attention to the jade towers…"


"It would not be wise to read while walking. You might trip and damage the book, or worse, get hurt!"


"That's gonna be a pain to handle.
So much security to organize."


"Well now that you put it, we do have some foals around." I look at them.
"I just felt it is a bit dangerous for them to be travelling in such a wild environment."


I look around.
"We must find the pegasus. Maybe he knows what happened!"


"I would not have taken them if I did not know that we have ponies capable of protecting us."


Alright, I'll take first watch. Who else is going to take guard duty?


"Really? Is there a special event in the capital she wants to see?"


Give you an annoyed glance.
Pat you on the back "I'll go second."


"Is something the matter?"


Smile and nod in acknowledgement.


"Nothing Lady Angelite."
Smile back.


"It is dangerous still." I give an uncertain glance.


"Do you not trust our companions?"

"Feel free to speak your mind should you be concerned about anything."


"I know! But I have so much to learn and read up on!"

Cassie rolls her eyes.
"Reading alone won't teach you everything."

"I'm sure she'll bring her own security staff along as well. Guards, paladins, lordblades… place will be crawling with Equestrian around the palace, I bet."

Shimmermist shakes her head.
"Lordblades? Aren't those just part of some propaganda bullshit story?"

"… Has anyone seen him though?"
The crowd mumbles a series of 'no's'.

"The crystal fair is still a month away… I think it's just a diplomatic visit while princess Luna stays in Canterlot to rule."


"Then let's spread out and find him quick!"


I raise a hoof.
"I didnt say that, I am just saying the reality of bringing foals in the wild you know."

I look at Cassie.
"True that."


"Knowledge is power, Miss Cassie. Reading is a fine way of acquiring it, although I do admit that personal experience counts for just as much."

"This short journey through the wild is still better than leaving them where they were. I am giving them a chance to not just survive, but live."


Shake my head "just be sure they stick with the group."
"Hmm okay then."


Nod sagely at Cassie's statement, then turn to Shimmermist. If they are said to exist, it is safer to assume that they do until proven otherwise.

We still have several Day's journey ahead of us. You should all get some sleep.


Nod, with a slight frown.
"Of course."


I smile.
"Well that I agree."

I then stand up.
"But we better keep our eyes peeled at all times. I am just way more concerened of us now than before with them being around."


"Uh… right!"
They all run around in a disorganized manner, going to all kinds of different directions.
Golden Flux still hasn't returned…

"That's why I said that reading alone won't do the trick."

"Hey, at least you'll meet some fellow Sunny ponies!"

Shimmermist snorts and shakes her head.
"I'm not afraid of the big scary boogeyponies."


"I am aware."



"Yea. But they worship differently than I do. More judgemental "


Don't come crying to me if that comes back to bite you.
I'll take first watch, but after that SLEEP.


Sleep? Sleep.

The night goes by without incident and soon you will be able to get moving again. The crystal capital awaits.



Before bed, I will try and trot over to Gallant. There's something bothering me.


"Good evening Sonnet." I try my best not to look tense.


Nod to him with a serious face.
"Paladin Strike."
'1d10' to be a good judge of character.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Guess I do see that.
"You seem tense."


Nod back. "Yes. Well this has be a trying journey.."
"I am concerned about our fellow paladins facing off against the changelings.."


"Have faith in them. And if not in them, have faith in Her Love.
You can."


"I know that they are capable. " Shake my head "It just feels wrong not to be there with them."


"We will.
As soon as this situation is over, we will meet them again.
After all our journey is almost complete."


Smile softly. "That seems true at any rate. And soon we can leave the memory of that city behind us. "


"Are you turbed by it, Gallat?"


"Are you not?"


"Somewhat. My greatest regret was being unable to see all of the thieves to jail myself."


"That would have been trying to arrest an army single hoofed "


"And yet, it's our duty."


"We would have also had to deal with the corrupt guards and most of the citizens. Even if we had enough chains and cells. Arresting the whole city with just us two is not possible. " shake my head with frustration.


"And this is the answer to your question, Gallant."
Fronw and look in front of me.


Sigh "In the end. We are doing the most good we can. "


"The emperor should know…"


Nod "we will make a report upon our arrival to the capital. "
"Then we can ask for a new assignment. "


"Last thing I want is to be stuck babysitting a family.
And a thif."


"You are not fond of angelite's new companions either I take it?"


Shake my head.
"I would lead her to prison myself, had I the proof of her misdeeds."


"Well she still has that uniform.." smile briefly and then let it fade. "I don't know what possessed angelite to adopt a full grown pony along with two foals. Its madness. "


"hardly incriminating.
And I've heard stories about the reach and power of Angelite's family."


"Perhaps we should be grateful that she desires to do the right thing. It proves that there is light shining in even the hearts of the privileged. "
"We should take it on ourselves to further guide her, yes?"


"Our duty is to uphold the law, not teach it…"


"Ah, you are correct there Paladin Sonnet." Look a little distant "Its difficult for me. This kind of book keeping crime. All bribes and contracts. You can't kill or arrest a contract."


Bare my teeth in anger.
"We damn well should be able to."


"Once we get to the capital.. then we can get the courts involved…"


"More bureucracy.
More work."
Lie back, looking at the sky.
"Is this what you became a paladin for, Gallant?"


Laugh softly "not even close. I am terrible at this sort of thing. "


"And then?"


"I wanted to defend my family, everyone's family really. To stop those with only darkness in their hearts."
"..my dad didn't want me too go, but he wouldn't say it either. He knows how important it is too me."


"You defied your father?"
Speak with a tiny pang of shock in my voice.


".. in a way. He was not thinking clearly about it. And didn't outright forbid it… And I was not born to be a shop keeper.."


"…That takes guts, Gallant. More guts than fighting thieves does, at least."


Smile at you "well, sompony has to make sure justice is done. And you can't be a chicken to do so."


"I'm glad to see somepony else has his priorities straight, around here."


Nod "I just hope we can catch all our enemies. Nothing could be worse than missing one and seeing them become a bigger issue later."


"the best way is always to follow the law. It's there, unchangeable as the stars, perfect as Her Love, for a reason."


Give a allow nod " what about you sonnet? You were hoping to do more than deliver paperwork ? "


"…I only want to see this land at peace."


"That would be nice…" sigh and lay back against the ground "it feels like we are just damage control sometimes doesn't it? "


"…It's not our fault the world is damaged."


"Then we will just have to keep working until we fix it. As much as possible."


"Do you believe it will ever happen?"


Give you a strong look. "I believed we can make a difference. That the world is full of good things as well. That the light shines on everyone, they only need let it in and follow the righteous path."
" I believe that. We above all. Must not stop trying. " add with a smitk "Even if it means a little paperwork"


Match your stare, in silence.
"Let's hope this matter is dealt with quickly, Gallant."
Stand up and fix my armor.
"It's getting quite late, isn't it?"


Nod "yes we have a lot of walking ahead tomorrow."
Smile a bit "It was nice speaking with you sonnet."


Nod back.
"Otherwise, Gallant."

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