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"- the last of the diamond dog packs were eventually driven away two decades ago, following the incident at the city of Brilliance a brief conflict between the Crystal Empire and the remaining dogs sparked. When they were defeated and driven away, the emperor officially banished their kind from the North and declared any dogs that dared enter their borders outlaws to be hunted down and executed. -"
- Excerpt from 'The Brilliance incident'

The party is about to advance deeper into the cavernous dungeon. They've captured a necromancer after destroying his catalyst.

Yes, she's just a bit dazed from the poison still.
Outside everything looks deserted. The only evidence of recent pony activity are the tracks on the snow ground.


Time to go even further.
Look deeper in the dungeon '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


We were heading down I believe


File: 1383687770556.jpg (92.95 KB, 800x540, marakoopa-cave.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You head back up onto the overpass using the stairs and advance deeper into the cave. Torches are lined up on the wall to light the way through the narrow passage you're venturing through. Before long, the cave starts to expand again. There's water dripping down from above and as you look up, you notice there are a lot of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The walls are covered with moss as well, no doubt thanks to the water.

Up ahead, there is a brick wall and a door blocking your way further into the cave. It looks like some kind of tomb…


Investigate the brick wall. '1d10+2'
Can I smash through it?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Would you happen to know what is beyond that wall, Mister?"

Maybe the necromancer could talk!
Smooth Talker

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


No, the bricks are far too big and heavy. The door looks pretty worn down though…

He narrows his eyes at you but speaks up anyway.
"An old tomb where we get our corpses from and live in. My colleagues in there will surely destroy you if you dare to enter."


Smash in the door '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"How many of your colleagues are there?"


You smash into the door, but it doesn't give.

"Enough to fend you off, so why don't you just leave now! Perhaps you will even escape this place alive then."


Again '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Mister, if you are so sure of our defeat there is no harm in telling us how many of your associates are there, is that not correct?"


You try again, this time you wreck the hinges keeping it in place. The door falls over onto the ground. Beyond it, you see the inside of this part of the tomb. A long hallway lit with torches, with columbarium walls on either side, no doubt filled with urns.

"Bite me, degenerate."


What is columbarium?


"There is no need to be rude."


File: 1383689086518.jpg (393.99 KB, 1600x1200, Urns_of_those_remated,_Col….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

A wall filled with small spaces where urns are stored. At the end of the hallway there is an open doorway.

"You are trespassing onto holy ground, you lowly whore. All of you are defiling this place with your mere presence."


How creepy.
I'll go looking for clues '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Flick my ears at the swear word.
How rude!
"I apologize, but we work on securing the roads, and for the safety of all the Crystal Empire, we must."


Looks like these urns are untouched. Not much use in them for necromancers after all. You make your way towards the end of the hallway and peek through the door. This room is much more spacious than the hallway, several opened up tombs are lined up in rows throughout the room. At the end, there is another door leading deeper into this crypt.

Several skeletons are roaming around aimlessly, but you don't see any necromancers. The only living ponies you can see in here appear to be locked up in cages hanging from the ceiling in the air. There's two of them in total, each holding a pony.

He spits on the ground, at your hooves.


"You would do all of us, including yourself a favor if you were to cooperate."


Can I reach the cages without attracting the skeletons?


"Do you think I fear death? Grogar may take me. He may take all of us for all I care."

Skeletons are not exactly perceptive, so you can roll to try and sneak in there. To reach the cages you would need to lower them. You can see the chains they are attached to leading towards a lever. Pulling that would surely bring them down… but make enough noise to attract the skeletons' attention as well.


"I wasn't threatening you, mister."


Then first I shall charge the skeletons!
Uh…how many are ther?


There are [1d3+1] skeletons walking around in this room.

"You are still a filthy intruder. Let me guess, one of those Lover minion whores?"

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"You two stay here and keep the door baricaded, I'll double check outside to see if those bastards are still skulking around, got it?" I look at the two.
Teleport outside with my weapons in hand.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I cannot agree with any of the rest, but I am indeed a follower of the Lover."


I turn to Angelite


They both nod as you teleport past the walls of the lodge and end up outside, ready for combat.

"You never should have come here. You should have stayed in your temples participating in those disgusting orgies or whatever it is your kind does."


"Your assumptions are incorrect. No wonder you are so biased, mister."

"Most unfortunate. How do we proceed?"


Look around near the house, are they still here?

"Where are you, you freaks!" I called outside.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I care little for the activities of a profligate."

They really do seem to have left you alone.


"Bastards." I grit my teeth before trying to teleport inside again.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"With activities such as your own, I would not condemn anypony else."


"Attack? They won't listen to you, I think."


"Neither do I.
Unfortunately, I am not versed in combat as you are."


"Then I shall try to fight them, while you try to free the prisoners!"


"That sounds like a grand plan, Mister Gotti."


Attack the skeletons '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


With a magical pop, you teleport back inside the warm lodge.
"I guess they really are gone…"

"You are a ignorant fool. We are doing Grogar's work in this realm."


You charge into the room and take a swing at a skeleton with your big mace. Unfortunately, you came in too slow and end up being intercepted by another skeleton, who slashes at you with a sword.

Gotti 4/5


"Do excuse me for a moment."

Run for the cages!
Can I open them?

Roll #1 7 = 7


More swinging with the mace '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"We've scared them alright, but we must keep our guard up in case those buffoons come back. Its obvious we are easy picking." I frown.
"Come to think of it… I hope they dont know who you are Edelweiss because they might come back if they have any idea of your value."

I then look at Cassie and help her.
"How are you feeling?"


The cages are suspended in the air with chains, as explained before. The chains lead to a lever, which if pulled will lower the cages. You manage to dodge a skeleton charging at you and pull the lever, lowering the cages. They are still closed, but now easily reachable.
Roll for perception in addition to whatever action you take this turn.

You take revenge on the skeleton that slashed at you as you charged in. Your heavy mace is an excellent weapon to combat skeletons and the blow sends bones flying in all directions, immediately neutralizing said skeleton.

Edelweiss scrunches.
"I'm not that valuable…"

Cassie rubs her head and gives you a tired look.
"I'm still feeling a bit woozy. Must be the aftereffects."


"So far so good, Mister Gotti!"
Inspire '1d10'
Perception '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6


I frown at Edelweis
"Valuable? You dont know how valuable a pony is Edelweis, specially that of made of crystals. There are many out there who will pay a pretty penny for someone like you, or anyone of us for that matter." I gulp.
I started to grow hysterical.
"Who knows perhaps enemies send them here to kidnap you, or or a dragon let them scout here so he can take you as his bride and the remaining one's given to his cohorts!!"

"Or.. or … worse…. uhmmm… something sinister…"
I look at Cassie.
"Come on Cassie, help me here!"


And another one '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your voice is drowned out by the clattering of bones.
You notice the two ponies inside their cages look somewhat… off. You can't really put your hoof on what it is, but there's definitely something strange going on with them.
Still, they both look fairly surprised at what is transpiring around them.

"You… you really think so?"
Edelweiss looks scared again.

Cassie holds up a hoof.
"I don't know who those two jokers were, but they were probably just bandits or something. Your magic must have scared them off, otherwise they would have followed us here."

You follow up your attack with another swing at the skeleton you were originally charging at, destroying that one as well. Two more remain. You've captured their attention.


"I am going to free both of you know, but we will require your assistence for the time being. Could I count on both of your cooperation?"


I hope Angelite AND those prisoners are seeing this.
Time for a Slam '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


The stallion smirks, revealing a set of fangs inside his mouth.
… Ew. Vampires?
The mare just nods at you.
"That is a fair offer. I must accept."

Doing your best to look as stylish as possible and put up a show, you miss the next skeleton and smash into one of the tombs, hurting your shoulder.
Gotti 3/5


It's just a flesh wound!
Time to Mace it out '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


…let's hope for the best.
Trust is a mutual thing.
Open both cages.


You recover and swing around, just in time to smash a charging skeleton with your mace, sending it flying in pieces.

You open the cages, setting them both free. With impressive speed, they both swarm the last skeleton and finish it in a matter of seconds.
"You have our thanks, mortals."


"mortals? Are you not..uh…mortal too?"


Bow politely.
"You are welcome. Would you mind telling us why you got robbed of your freedom?"


The mare shakes her head.
"Forgive my companion, he has a penchant for the dramatic you see."
Those sure are some sharp fangs she has…
Still, there is something about those eyes that draw you in. She's very… alluring for some reason.

The stallion places a hoof on top of the skull of one of the fallen skeletons and puffs his chest proudly.
"These… necromancers disturbed our resting place here. Several of our brethren and sisters were slain in valiant combat as they assaulted our home. The cravens used undead armed with silver weaponry, you see. Most unfortunate for us."


Oh my~~~
"No offense taken, miss.
My name is Gotti, traveler from far away.
Might I ask your name?"


I nod.
"I suppose you lived here undisturbed and peacefully. Will you continue to do so after they have left?"


She stares deep into your eyes for a moment, then gazes at your lower body.
"That is a strange coat you bear on your body, sir Gotti. My name is Evening Star."

The stallion bows.
"And I am sir Rubinstein."

The stallion gives you a grave look.
"Peacefully… there is no peace in this world. We are vampires, dearest lady. We require blood to feed ourselves. Before you begin panicking, I must add that we acquire our meals from wildlife around here, not mere ponies such as yourself. We wish to avoid being actively hunted down, you see."



I would really benefit from a recap.


The party ventured further into the cave and took that old necromancer as a prisoner. They discovered a crypt hidden within the cave and entered it, encountering some skeletons guarding two vampires imprisoned by the necromancers. They claim to be peaceful and that this used to be their home before the necromancers came in with silver weaponry and defeated them. They've agreed to help the party take on the rest of this crypt.


I nod.
"Ah, I see.
That does bring me ease, and I admire it. Since I doubt anypony ever did, I would also like to thank you, as I am grateful in the name of everypony that you, aside from your condition, swore to not harm ponies."


I go near Cassie and produce my hat.
"Let me see if I can get something that will wake you up."

Now lets see if this hat does the trick. Plunge my hoof inside and perhaps try to get a cold bottle of milk or orange juice or something.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Narrow my eyes at the stallion.
"I am keeping an eye on you anyway."


He holds up a hoof.
"Madame, I believe our gift should not be a curse for other ponies. These necromancers however, have defiled our home and deprived us of any sources of food. We are hungry. So very hungry."

You pull out a bottle of absinthe out of the hat. Cassie eyes the bottle for a moment, then floats it over and takes a large swig.
"… Thanks. A little pick-me-up."

He bows his head slightly.
"As my lady wishes."

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


"Now now, no need for hostilities."


"Let us get rid of them as fast as it is possible so you can go out and hunt some game to feed on, shall we?"


"No. Biting. Not even the necromancers."


Pick the same bottle and take a drink too.
"How do you feel Cassie? All better now I guess?" I giggle.

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


"Sonnet, please."


"What? Would you honestly allow them to commit this abomination?"


"As you have heard him, they do not bite ponies. No need to be rude to them."


The stallion narrows his eyes at the two of you, but nods nevertheless.
"Very well then. We shall be patient."
The mare nods as well, but remains silent otherwise.

She wipes her mouth with a hoof.
"That stuff sure hits hard. Alcohol and me don't go well together."

It's true, this stuff is pretty strong! Too much of it could have serious effects on your body and mind!


"Do you perhaps now where the rest of them dwell? Deeper down possibly?"


Rubinstein nods.
"Indeed. There's only a handful of them, but they use undead to bolster their numbers. Quite troublesome, that."


"I am sure that working together we can overcome them. As you are on the home field, so to say, would you like to lead the way?"


Okay put it aside and help her up.
"There there now Cassie, as long as we stay inside here they wont bother us anymore. I just hope they wont bother our friends when they come back here."


"Their tricks won't last in Her Light.
Let us press on now!"


"Of course!"
He glances over to the mare for a moment and nods at her.
The mare then looks at the two of you, shrugs and starts walking out of the room, deeper into the crypt. The stallion follows suit.

You help her back to her hooves. She seems better now. More alert.
"Speaking of them, they're sure taking their sweet time aren't they?"


Let's head deeper in then!
What's in here?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Follow suit.
"Must have been awful to be locked up like that."



I frown and look outside.
"They sure are… "


You head deeper inside the crypt. The flickering torches cast strange shadows on the walls of the passageway. The faint sound of voices talking can be heard from up ahead, behind a set of stone doors.
The mare and stallion takes positions on either side of the doorway and look at you.

The mare speaks in a pretty monotonous voice.
"Not much different from being locked up in a coffin."


I wince.
"I am awfully sorry…"


"Well now. We have no chance it seems."
Shatter the stone doors.

Roll #1 1 = 1




She remains silent, not wanting to give away her presence to the necromancers.

You line yourself up to the door and prepare for a powerful charge to shatter them to bits. As you take off and prepare to hit the door however, it suddenly opens up before you. You barrel inside the room, past a confused necromancer stallion, and smash into a stone table, tipping it over and making the contents on top fall onto the ground as well. Glass bottles of all shapes filled with various kind of fluids shatter as they hit the ground.
"My experiments! She ruined my experiments!"


"Should we keep waiting or… go check on them?"


Time to fi-….
Wait, would the noisy pony be mad if I attack first?
I wait and look at what the noisy crystal pony does.
I need to learn the strange ways of this land.


"Ruined a necromancer's experiments?
Perfect day!
Surrender yourselves to Her love and we will show mercy!"
Shout very loud.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Lay down your weapons and do not fight! We wish you no harm as long as you surrender!"
Good Word!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I look at Edelweis.
"I fear for her safety…. but we cant leave her all alone here. She's our guest. Damnit I told those buffoons not to get involved in other people's businesses." I frown.


The room you're in is fairly simple, but still rather large. Several tables are set up here, some with food on them, others have more bottles filled with strange fluids. There are also some bedrolls spread out along the sides. Looks like this is their 'living room'.

The necromancers, four of them in total, look at the two of you. Their eyes dart to the vampires, then to the other necromancer you took prisoner, then back to you.
Two of them gallop away and go cowering in a corner.
"W-We surrender!"
"I don't want to die!"

The other two are less inclined to surrender and stand defiantly, but do not attack.

Cassie shrugs.
"I think we should just wait a little while longer. Maybe they're on their way back."

Edelweiss scrunches.
"I'm not that frail, you don't need to be so worried about my safety."


"Drop your weapons and catalysts!"


Smooth Talker
"You would be wise to follow the example of your fellow companions. We do not want bloodshed, we do not want any battle or strife that could be avoided. Please, be reasonable."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Seems like this crystal way works.


I scrunch too.
"My vote is to wait not only for Edelweis safety but also that I have confidence in them, the way they handle themselves last time is proof enough that if danger comes they can fight back."
"They are still stupid if you ask me." I scrucnh.


They immediately do so, then get back to cowering. Turns out necromancers aren't very brave when it comes to fighting without minions!

They look at each other for a moment, then shrug and drop their catalysts as well.
"I'm not about to sacrifice my life for Grogar."

The two vampires seem very dumbfounded by this turn of events. They even look a little disappointed.

Cassie nods and warms her hooves by the fire.
"It's also nice and warm in here. That's another a good argument to stay inside in my books."


"She will forgive you for this."
"How many others?"


Smile at them.
"Thank you for your cooperation. I am grateful that we could come to an agreement."


One of the necromancers pouts.
"This is all! We wanted to recruit more ponies but the Tirekians offered a better deal to new recruits! It's hard to compete with that!"

"This is just a hobby anyway."


"Me too."
I then sit next to the fire and look at Edelweis.
"Say what do you plan to do once we reach the next city?"


"Tirekians? WHERE?!"


"I hope you have learned your lessons and will never commit to such occupancies in the future. Go and do something good, something with which you contribute to ponykind!"


They all wince at your outburst.
"W-W-We don't know! They used to meet somewhere in the Netherroads but they moved someplace else!"

The vampire mare looks at you.
"I've stalked them in the Nether below us before, but they're not in this area anymore."

She rubs her head.
"I think I'll visit the library of Brilliance to do some reading up on things."

They all nod obediently, if a little grumpily.
"Yes miss."


Turn to the mare, and calm my hanger.
We shall find them, our land is not safe with monsters like them around."


"One thing at a time, Sonnet. Priority lies with getting to the Crystal Captial."

Smile at them.


"Messing with spirit world is bad juju."


"Reading? Reading about what? Dont you have books in your home or something? Isnt Equestria full of books?" I tilt my head.


"If that is what you desire. We shall reclaim our home now so we can turn it back to what it was before."

"So um… can we go now?"
"Yes, please! You can take our stuff but please just let us go!"

"We aren't in Equestria. And… Winterheim doesn't have a library. I want to read up more on imperial law and macroeconomics!"


"But remember.
If we ever hear of vampires attacking ponies in these paths, we will come for you."


"By all means I do not want to sound threatening, but should you pick up these dark arts again, the next group of ponies who happen across you might not tolerate your misdeed as we have. So for the sake of all of you, as long as you swear on your lives that you will follow the Light in your Hearts from now on, you can leave."


"You shan't hear a word, paladin."

"Y-Yeah! I swear it! We all do! On our mothers' graves!"


"We must leave now."


"Off you go!
To a fruitful life!"
Let them go.


I giggled
"I always confuse anything north to be equestria."
"As for laws and what nots, that all sounds complicated specially with laws, forgive me but I am not much a fanatic of it."
"As for macroeconomical, that sounds like merchant talk. Dont tell me you plan to be a grocer." I giggled.


This is very strange.


They all gallop away, leaving you behind with the two vampires.
Rubinstein clears his throat.
"I must say this outcome was… rather unexpected!"

She shakes her head quickly.
"Oh no, but I do plan on taking on the position of mayor of Winterheim some day. I'd like to learn more about these things before that happens."

You're telling me.


In my country, this would never happen.
"This is very strange. Why do we let these evil shamans go? Won't the spirits be upset?"


"I have a strong belief in second chances, Mr. Gotti."

"It was the favorable outcome though, was it not?"


"Huh. Second chances…"


"If they go astray, we will find them."


"Perhaps. But those ponies slayed many of our brethren and sisters. To let them get away unpunished is… odd."


…"This is wrong. We will have to apprehend them."
Start catching up with the necromancers.


"They will have to answer to their deeds before the Lover once they pass from this life to the next."



"Miss Sonnet?"



Roll #1 3 = 3


"You had no authority to tell them to go. They will answer for their crimes in the Capital."


"By all means, I had.
They will answer for their crimes when their time comes."


Scared necromancers are fast runners. You try to chase them down but it seems they have dispersed already.


"Does this Lover spirit punish them?"


"Of course, if they have been sinners."


"You do not."
Turn around.
"Those are murderers, and there are things such as courts to pass judgement on them! And it is my duty to apprehend those who commit crimes, for them to be judged!"
Any track?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"So Lover is bad spirit? In my country shamans ask evil spirits to punish wrongdoers."


"Don't say heresies.
The Lover is the spirit of all that is good.
Lady Angelita was acting on her own will when she told the necromancers to leave! Help me catch up with them."


"The Lover is above all of us! She isn't a spirit, she is a deity!"

"Miss Sonnet, I did not let them leave, I reformed them."


"But why? You say Lover spirit will punish them? Why we let them go in the first place if we catch them now. I'm confused."
Look for tracks '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"You let murderers who had surrended to us go. On your own accord!"
"I wasn't the one who told them to leave!"


"You did not object at the time, Miss Sonnet. And should you catch up to them what would you do? Kill them in the name of eye for an eye? Would you betray my words to them so you can have your justice? Justice, in time, will come to them. Do you not have Faith in the Lover?"


You return to the entrance of the cave, leaving the vampires to their crypt and any loot behind. There are many tracks in the snow, some of them belonging to you. They go in all kinds of directions. It's hard to judge which belonged to who because pony tracks are… all circular.


"Seems they left…."


I was afk.
"I will bring them with us to the capital for them to be judged by our law!"
Stomp angrily, but don't give up.
Take a wild guess based on their number and the directions we have already traced.
Start walking.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"The Lover is our Law! Forget about them, we must get back to the others!"


"I haven't spent five years in the academy to be lectured by you on the ways of the law and the Lover.
Go back for the others if you feel it such a pressing matter!"


"I didn't need an academic degree to be taught in the ways of the Lover from my childhood, Miss Sonnet."


I do not understand these strange laws.
I will go back inside to check the loot.


"You obviously fail to grasp the concept of murder then."


They must have split up, but you follow one of the tracks and catch up with one of the necromancers trotting along the road. He hasn't spotted you yet.

You venture back into the crypt.
Rubinstein and Evening Star stare at you as you enter again.
"Forgot something?"


"STOP! In Her name, stop!"
Catch up to him!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I want to investigate what these necromancers had laying around. Where will you both go now?"
Check the loot.


Shake my head and let her go.
I'm not going to go running after her.
Go back down, I did not properly say goodbye to the vampires anyway.


He jumps in surprise and turns to look at you. His eyes widen as he sees you running after him, he immediately starts galloping away from you as you give chase.

"This was our home. It's nice and quiet. Normally nobody bothers us here."
First of all, there's a rack with silver swords hanging from it. Those must be worth quite a bit! Aside from that, the vampires implied silver weaponry is a very dangerous weapon for them. There's also a few locked chests located around the room. You can break the locks or pick them. You assume one of the necromancers had the keys.

Gotti is down here too.
The vampire mares looks at you.
"You've returned."


"Running will not help you!"
Chase him down and tackle him!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I do not know how to pick locks.
Can I bash them open? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I did not leave, I merely tried to stop Miss Sonnet."


You catch up and tackle him to the ground.
He whines.
"We were promised that we could leave! Don't kill me!"

Your mace could act as a 'lockpick'. +2 to any attempts because of how strong it is. Critfails will damage the contents of a chest.

"You are alone, is it safe to assume you failed?"


Bash '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"I'm not going to kill you!
But you will have to come with me to the capital and answer for your crimes!"


"She is a paladin. I hope I do not have to explain how stubborn paladins can get."


Your improvised lockpick easily smashes the lock open. The chest can be opened now.
Inside are several bags of coins. Taking these for yourself would raise your wealth by a level! You can also divide the wealth across the party, which will bring them all closer to their next level.
Two chests remain.

He struggles.
"Please no! They might execute me! Please!"

"I was a paladin once."
She still speaks in a very monotonous voice.


"It is the weight of the life you chose!
Now get up and face the consequence of your actions!"
Cuff him.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Taking all this money might make me suspicious, I'd rather not upset my hosts.
Bash another open '1d10+2'

Look at the vampire mare
"What happened? Did you get hit by an arrow?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"I did not mean that as an offense, just an observation."


He's struggling too much!
"I didn't do anything wrong! Let me go!"

"No, I was bitten by a monstrous vampire I was hunting down. After that I was the one being hunted. No questions asked."
It's damaged, but doesn't quite want to open yet. Another hit should do it.

"Of course."


"You killed ponies!"
Don't let go!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You give no reason to be hunted if you do as you said."


Hit more. '1d10+2'
"What will you do now?"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"No! Just resurrected them from the dead! They're dead already, it's not like they can still feel!"

"Most ponies go by the 'better safe than sorry' mentality. It's hard to resist the call for blood when the hunger strikes."

"Hunt. Find blood."
The lock breaks and the chest is free to be opened up.
Inside you find… a strange looking crystal. It's red and pulsing periodically. It seems to be emitting some kind of… energy. You're unsure what it's supposed to be.


"You… What? The vampires said you killed many of their own!"
Finish this!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Huh. That's worrying.
But why would paladin let vampire monsters live too. This is weird.
Bash last one.
"Do bitten ponies turn into vampires too?"


"You did manage to resist though, which is admirable."


"Vampires aren't ponies! They're dead!"
You finally tie him down.

"If the vampire wills it. Some vampires simply mind control ponies to act as minions without those ponies ever becoming full vampires."
Oh whatever. You bash the last lock and open the chest. Inside you find three (3) health potions consumable; automatic, restores all hits and a bottle of whiskey.

"I came close once… but my training as a paladin allowed me to resist in the end. You mortals cannot understand the sheer power behind the hunger."
She starts walking away.
"I shall go hunt now."


"They think and live and feel.
And most important, those vampires didn't hurt anyone!"
Now, let's start going back.
"Where did the others go?"


"Do you turn other ponies into vampires?"


"I shan't keep you up. Good hunting, and farewell."


"I don't know, we split up! They're still vampires, they're not alive."

She leaves you two and Rubinstein behind. When Rubinstein sees her leave, he trots after her.
"Farewell friends! Please take those dreadful silver things away from here."


"Being dead doesn't make you any less of a pony!"
Damnit. Is there really no way to track the other three?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"As you wish."
Look to the zebra.
"Mr. Gotti, would you be as kind as to carry the silver weapons?"


Get one of them silver maces, some of the gold, one health potion and a bottle of whisky.

I point out all the loot to you.
"There is a strange crystal here. I don't trust it."


Inspect it.
What tpye of crystal?

Roll #1 2 = 2


They are way too far away for you to reasonably catch up with them by now.

Silver mace: [Single]. Effective against the undead.

You're not sure, this isn't really inside your field of expertise.


Do they have a big fucking mace?


"…I can't really have one punished for the deeds of all of you, can I?"


"Strange… maybe somepony will know more about it."
Take it for now.


Nope. Only smaller kinds. Same goes for the swords. Silver is quite an expensive material after all.

"We did nothing wrong! I bet those vampires kill ponies all the time!"

You bag the crystal.
Take your share of wealth too?
There are two health potions left as well, as well as all the other silver weapons.


"They don't. And what you did was terrible, not just wrong."
Open his shakles.
"Go. We do not have the strength to prosecute fairly all of you.
But if you ever meet the others again…
Tell them the Lover doesn't forget."


Take the potions.
But I'm a Lady, I cannot carry much.
"Mr. Gotti, please, the other weapons as well. They asked us to remove all."


"Yeah fine!"
He gallops away as fast as he can as soon as you unshackle him.

No money?


"As you wish."

I'll take the rest of the weapons with me.


All that remains is the rest of the money. Take it and spread it around the party?


Back to the Vampires.
"I lost them."


Gotta go now.


I care not for money.
"Do you think the party could put these founds to good use?"


Of course.


"We should sell them. Or use them to hunt down evil undead ponies."


"I meant the money, Mr. Gotti."


"I find it weird to let evil ponies live. What if they do more evil things?"


Ugh, take the money. The rest will appreciate it I'm sure.
"That is it, they will do evil no more."


"Evil ponies often lie."


"They did not seem like they were lying."


"I will stop talking about it then. Shall we leave?"


"We shall."


Leave back to the hut


Then I think this is a good point to pause, seeing how Lemon and Sylt are gone!



You are a knight of the Hospitallion order. Your creed dictates you to be and do many things. Today your duty has brought you to the Amber Road, one of the most important roads for trade in the Crystal Empire. It connects many of the bigger cities with one another, allowing for quicker travel for those brave enough to venture out of the cities and towns. As a response to the deteriorating safety of these roads, you along with many others have been tasked to turn the tide and ensure that trade can continue to flow freely and without interruption.

Specifically, you are in this area to investigate sightings of thieves. Thieves believed to belong to an organized crime group known to the public as 'The Magpies'. Intel was rather sketchy, so you don't know much aside from the fact that they are believed to have a hub set up in the city of Brilliance, to the west of here.

The sun is high in the sky and a thin layer of fresh snow covers the road. Spring has arrived, yet the landscape itself remains covered in snow and the temperatures remain below zero. Just another day in the high north, right?

You all leave the crypt behind you and venture back through the cave, walking over the overpass towards the exit. The sun has just about past its highest point, which indicates that it's past 1 in the afternoon already. The sky is relatively clear now, the weather having improved tremendously since this morning.

Aside from your own tracks in the snow, there are several others present as well. Most likely belonging to the necromancers, the deceased mare and perhaps even those two vampires. The hut is only a fifteen minute hike from here, to the north.


Trot to the hut.
I don't like this cold.


Let us not waste any more time and head straight back!


You trot your way back to the hut. There's smoke coming out of the chimney, looks like they managed to get the fireplace lit up.

As you reach for the door and try to open it up, you find it unwilling to budge.


"How odd!"


"I say."
Knock on the door


Letting go necromancers that killed a mare
That killed vampires
Letting go vampires
Grumble to myself at all this heresy.
Stare down the door.


You knock on the door a few times and hear some stumbling going on inside.
To the side, you see Cassie peek past the curtains behind the window. She quickly disappears again and more stumbling can be heard. Eventually the door swings open, revealing Cassie completely.
"… You're back. Took you long enough."


"Sorry, there were some…complications."


Just stare at her with a killer glare.


"We apologize. The situation was not quite as easy as we believed it to be."


She rubs her neck.
"We had some complications too. Bunch of scoundrels trying to rob us or something."

She winces under your glare and takes a step back.

Edelweiss peeks in from behind a closet.
"Did… Did somepony get hurt?"


"Robbers? Where?"


"We are all fine, do not worry."


"Are you hurt?"


"I saw some movement outside, so Helaine went to check it out while we stayed inside. Some guy in a strange set of armor sneaked up on her from behind and put a knife to her throat. I decided to try and help and surprised him by jamming my sword into his leg. He didn't like that."
She grimaces.
"Unfortunately he had back-up, who shot me with some kind of poison dart. A mare wearing the same type of armor came in and saved her pal. Helaine teleported herself and I back to into the hut. We barricaded ourselves in and… well that's about it. I was paralyzed for a while, but that's about it. I'm better now."

"Okay. Thank the Goddess… I was worried!"


(Sorry internet froze for a while there)

Look for tracks in the snow.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Grow even angrier.
"Where were you when it happened?!"


I put a hoof to my mouth.
"How dreadful! Shall we move on, in an attempt to avoid running into them?"


(dangit, forgot to make that last comment a reply so you'd be notified.)


Aside from your own tracks, there are none here. The snow only fell a few hours ago, so any tracks from before that were likely erased from existence.
You do see some kind of lodge in the distance though. You recognize it as one of the many traveler's lodges along this road. These buildings are often used by travelers to rest and warm themselves up in. They were built for this very purpose, to act as temporary shelters. They differ from inns in that there's nopony tending to them aside from the travelers themselves.

That said, this lodge seems to be in use. There's smoke coming out of the chimney!

"What? Didn't you… listen to what I just said? I tried to help, okay?"

"I think they're long gone… but I sure wouldn't mind getting out of here right now."


"I meant when they attacked you! They might still be near! We must catch them!"


"This time we do not have any evidence or clues about their whereabouts, Miss Sonnet."


"Are any of you hurt?"


"And you could deduce this because you just visited the place where the assault happened and looked for tracks?"


She shrugs.
"I don't know, we've been hiding in here for a while now. They didn't really seem like the kind of ponies who would leave tracks either."

"Like I said, we're fine."

Edelweiss finally comes out of her cover and walks over to stand next to Cassie.
"We're all fine now that you guys are back!"


Begin to approach the lodge, scanning the area for any other signs of activity. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I am no tracker, Miss Sonnet."


"They didn-"
Look at her with a baffled expression.
"You talk like somepony who has already seen the world, Cassie."


"Then how would you know there are no tracks, evidences or clues?"


Did I see that? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You don't notice anything in particular. The snow is very pretty to look at though!
You hear the faint sound of conversation coming from the other side of the building.

"I'm not an expert on hunting and stuff, but those two jokers moved like shadows. The only tracks that I could see when I went outside came from myself and Helaine. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough, but that's what it seemed like to me."

Your racial makes that a 6.
You notice a lone pony approaching the lodge, coming in from the east.



Raise my mace towards the newcomer.


Do I hear this or otherwise notice him?
And does my talent apply to these rolls?


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Are you a tracker, Miss-"

Turn towards the direction he is facing.
"Keep your nerve, Mr. Gotti."


Both Edelweiss and Cassie perk up and instinctively take a few steps back.

Yes, your talent does apply.
It's rather hard not to. A zebra wielding a big mace is hard to miss. There's a few other ponies standing behind him.


Turn around!
"Who goes there?!"


A really big mace, if you get my meaning.


Continue to walk towards them at a walk; if they're not hostile, then there's no need to hide, and if they're hostile they'll come after me.
All the same, I prepare myself to draw my sword should they attack.
Pft. I've seen bigger.
Not that that's saying much…


"I asked, Who. Goes. There."
Take a few steps forward.


"What are you doing here?"
As I see him.her draw her sword I wave my mace.
"Don't make me slap you with this mace!"


"Please, everypony, let us stay calm.
We intend to do no harm, stranger!"


Come to a stop. No need to antagonize them.
However, now I need to figure out how to let them know I'm not hostile.
I could say so… but I'd rather avoid that intense burning sensation in my throat if at all possible.
That confirms it: these aren't bandits. I take a seat and consider my options.
I didn't draw my sword, I preparedto draw my sword.


Step forward, in front of the others.
"My name is Angelite, and I am the diplomat of this ensemble. May I inquire about your name, good sir?"


"I asked for your name, wanderer.
We have recently been attacked and as a paladin of Her Love I won't let any more harm come to the group I'm traveling with."
No you are not! You let go murderers and vampires!


"Are you mute or something?"
I look confused.


…Well, guess there's no helping it. I put a hoof against the base of my neck, brace myself, and-

-Thank Faust! I waggle my hoof in the "so-so" gesture, then pull down the neck of my tunic to display the scar.

…Vampires? Those are real?


Can you describe this scar better so I have an idea how to react?


Stare for a moment at the scar, but then stand back.
"Interesting. Sorry to put pressure on you then."
And yeah, but they were twilight-tier vampires.


I raise an eyebrow.
"Oh? I apologize, sir. I did not mean to offend."


A large, jagged patch of discolored scar tissue that stretches from the top of my right shoulder to to just short of my left armpit (leg-pit?)


I try not to wince '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You gag a little, almost feeling the need to throw up.


I know that because I read through the previous sessions, but Ardent's never encountered them before.


"Uh…..can you write?"


Yeah but I didn't say that out loud. There was no " at the start and at the end.


Well, the situation seems defused, I guess-
-that I should probably cover it back up, and pull my tunic back up.
*Sigh* That's always the first thing ponies ask when they find out I can't run my mouth constantly like they can. Do they even realize how slow it would be trying to communicate like that? Still, I nod my head.


Go back to Cassi.
"We should move, before your aggressors come back."


"Why are you here?"


"Apologies, good sir, but we are in somewhat of a hurry. You see, my companions were attacked by bandits and we know nothing of the whereabouts of those ruffians."


My ears perk up at this. aggressors? Bandits? This might be a lead on the Magpies. Even if it isn't, no Hospitallion would leave a nest of criminals unchallenged.

Do I have anything I can use to convey the idea of bandits? A symbol or such recognized as meaning "highwaymen" or the like?


She eyes the stranger carefully and nods.
"Just let me hook myself back to my cart."


Nod slowly.

"We are moving, everyone."


"I see."

"Care to join us, sir? Safety lies in numbers, after all."


And once again, the answer comes all on it's own.
I nod and stand, moving to follow them.


Let's suppose you do.
"I see. We are traveling to the Capital."


Smile at him.
"I am glad you decided this way. Welcome to the group!"


You can write the word 'BANDITS' in the snow!

Cassie attaches herself back to her cart while Edelweiss eyes the newcomer curiously


Smile and nod back.

Then we're headed in the same direction! What good fortu-
There's too much lining up perfectly for it to all be a coincidence; but why would they set up such a complex deception?
…There's no evidence that they're malicious, but at the same time, there's no evidence that they aren't just putting on an act.
If it is an act, then that paladin was being overly aggressive to draw my attention.
…I keep a close eye on the crystal mare. She seemed the most trustworthy; if this was a deception, she was the best actor, and thus the place to look for a tell.


"Shall we go then? Mr. Gotti, will you take the lead?"


"Of course."
Walk in the front, flexing my butt.
And walk


Anything important events that I missed?
I shake my head, where am I?


New Guy showed up and has joined the party.
I arch an eyebrow at the mage. Was he just meditating or something?


The caravan moves on once again, leaving the lodge behind and heading west. Somewhere ahead, the city of Brilliance lies in wait.

Right outside the lodge. The party has gathered again and is moving on once again, heading west. There's a new addition to the group as well! A seemingly mute crystal stallion.


Let's hit the road again.


"I do not want to be seeming to complaining, but the security of these roads is simply dreadful."


"It happens, when you allow heretics and vampires to live."


"We took care of those threats, Miss Sonnet."


I huff and smile at the others
"Well at least we are now back in the road. The sooner we get to the city in time. The sooner Edelweis will get to safety aye?"

"Say anything happened to that "little adventure" you guys did?"

"And I take it you pick up this little stray on that cave or from a thieves-hiedeout or something?" I look at the new member with curiosity.


"You keep saying that, but one mare died. Blood was shed. And no retribution was given."
"Yes. Angelite allowed necromancers and killers to leave freely."


I move with the caravan, listening in on the conversations.

Then it seems I have my work cut out for me.

…Scan the surrounding areas for any signs of activity. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"We encountered some bad ponies, but we have made sure they will not cause any further problems."

"Miss Sonnet, I merely did the right thing."


"Not according to the law. Not according to the Lover."


"The Lover does not want bloodshed."


"Necromancers? And killers?"
I began to look wary of the area.
"This is bad new…. why let them go? I mean why interact with those bastards if there is no plan to take them down?" I frown in cocncern.

I look glumly at Angelite.
"Really? If that is true then none of your killers should have gone to our cottage and attack me, Edelwies and Cassie while you guys are going on some kind of 'adventure' or something."


"The lovers expects retribution for love hurt."


…Is she just now noticing me? Why did I think she was a he at first glance?

Oh great. A bleeding-heart and a holy-wrath are going at it. Still, at least they're letting some information slip.


I keep trotting.
This lover is a very strange entity.


"Redemption, however, is equally acceptable."


I look at him.
"So whats your name?"


"Not. For. Murder."


"So you suggest that eye for an eye is the concept that you follow, Miss Sonnet?"


"I am suggesting you learn the meaning of the law!


Well, I guess I don't want them calling me 'hey, you.' I press a hoof against the base of my neck and mentally brace myself.
Try not to react too badly to the sudden blast of pain. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I am quite versed on law, Miss Sonnet. You do not have to lecture me."


"It won't be me. The guards will think about that. As soon as we reach the capital. Consider yourself under arrest. Authority of the Paladin Order."
Raise a brow at him.


I turn my head.
"Hmmm thats a nice name." I nod.

"I take it you two are unsure if those hooligans will not cause any trouble anymore."


"I am sure they will."


"I am sure they will not."

"Under what crime?"


"Helping murderers in their escape."


I tilt my head in confusion.
"Arrest Angelite?"


Trot trot.


"Once we had cornered the necromancers responsible for the death of the mare we saw at the cave's entrance, she allowed them to leave and hindered my efforts to catch them again."




"They were proving no further harm to anypony, Miss Sonnet."


"This does not mean they are free of their past sins."


I huff, a bit sad.
"I really dont know the technicalities of law and order in these lands but I'll let you two sort out your problems. You guys have gone to that cave and I am not taking part on it."
I then trot off following Gotti.


"Neither could they absolve those sins if they were dead."


"Laws exist for a reason. And for all your words, you don't seem to understand that.
But soon you will have time to reflect upon your wrongdoings. For now, keep moving."


I just raise my head and keep walking forward.
How utterly scandelous!


I profusely give thanks to Faust for the heated debate about doctrine making my severe reaction go unnoticed, and climb to my feet, dignity still at least partially intact.




After a lenghty hike, the party has at last reached Brilliance. The massive blue dome of magical energy covering the city is visible from far away and impossible to miss. All you need to do now is approach it and venture through the barrier that shields everything inside from the harsh weather outside.


Walk forward slowly, in step with the others.


Let us pass then, shall we?


let's get started.


The most dangerous parts of a journey are the beginning, and the end. You are never closer to death than when safety is in sight.
Recalling my father's words, I immediately go on alert and scan the area for any hostile movement.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


The barrier ripples as your physical form passes through it. You immediately notice a difference in temperature, as if you just entered a heated room after being outside for a long time.

Before you, lush green grasslands cover the entire area, the stone road you walk on clear of any signs of snow. In the distance you see the towering jagged buildings made out of giant crystals that make for a vibrant skyline of brilliant colors. The road that leads there snakes its way through a natural barrier of hills. Massive stone slabs covered with dirt and crops are lined up perfectly on these hills, creating what looks like several giant stairways with plants on top of them.

Before all this however, there is a guard post set up besides the road to check incoming and outgoing traffic into the city.

You think you see some movement in a bush alongside the road and dive into it to apprehend the culprit. You are happy to report that this is not the case however. Unfortunately, this bush is filled with prickly thistles.


"Its lovely isn't it?" I smile "I will have to write home about this."
make my way toward the guard post.


Smile back.
"It is a most pleasurable change compared to the previous weather and sights indeed."


Thankfully my tunic and armor stop most of the thistles, but this is still very uncomfortable.
I pull myself out of the bush and proceed through the barrier. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yes, I am glad we could get this far together." Pause slightly. "Even if we might be parting soon. I did enjoy traveling with you. I think you have a good heart, full of light."


I raise an eyebrow.
"Oh? Was this your destination, Sir Gallant? Otherwise, we need not split up just yet. Arriving here was just the first step on our journey towards the Crystal Capital."


Smile slightly. "I suppose the goodbyes might be a little early yet then. "


I blink and look back.
"What happened to the snow?"


Keep marching forward, close to Angelite.


"Magic, Mr. Gotti. It was the aura you just passed."

"Good. There is no need to be hasty with your departure."


Several guards are present here, keeping a watchful eye on the road.
One of them blocks the way as he sees you approach while the others keep watch.
"Halt! State your business in Brilliance, travelers."

You safely head through after the rest of the party.

Edelweiss giggles at your reaction.


I keep looking back.
"That is very powerful hoodoo. Are there many shamans in the Empire?"


Rejoin the party and wait.
Roll my eyes. Tourists.


"I am sure there must be some at least."

"My name is Angelite. These are my companions, and we are en route to the Crystal Capitol."


Let the others talk this time. I'm not that good at it.


"I'm here to turn declare a crime."
Point a hoof at Angelite.
"She allowed murderers and professors of the dark arts to make their escape after we had apprehended them."


I turn to look at her.
"Miss Sonnet, you are still mistaken, as were you earlier. You were there by my side when I let them go, and only complained once they were gone. I assure you, they have been reformed and they are under the Lover's watch now."


"Be silent. I will make my report to the due authorities."


…On second thought, I keep my distance. This could end badly.


"Do they sacrifice ponies too?" I shudder


"A few. I heard there's some kind of covenant of shamans somewhere down south!"

"Very well, move alo-"

He snaps his attention back to you, scrutinizing you for a moment.
"That is a hefty accusation. Who are you?"


"I don't like shamans…"


Stand tall and proud.
"Paladin of the Lover Sonnet Glory, on travel towards the Capital."
Show my academy seal.


"All I am asking you is that you swallow your pride and consider something aside from your thirst for blood."

Wave a hoof around.
"Disregard her, she does not know what she is speaking of."


"Don't worry, the shamans won't harm you while I am here." I assure you quietly.


"In my country evil shamans demand sacrifices from zebras. Here also?"


"No one is going to sacrifice you. Its safe here. If anyshaman tired that we'd kill them."


"I've never met one… I mean I've met herbalists and stuff, but never an actual shaman. They sound so… mystical!"

He snorts and shakes his head.
He motions towards the city with a hoof.
"Move along then. All of you are holding up traffic on the road. On the double!"
There's no one waiting in line behind you at all.


Raise a brow.


"I'm not scared. I just don't like them."


"Very well then."
Ignore the paladin, let's start walking.


Proceed through the checkpoint with the group, pushing the Ascendant ahead of me. This is an issue for another time.


Glare at him if he even just tries coming near.
Your character's name dropped.


Wait with Sonnet, she might be getting into trouble.


"I said move it, paladin! Brilliance is the city of progress and you do not want to stand in the way of progress!"

You pass the checkpoint and start making your way through the terraced hills.
These hills were obviously too steep to use them to farm on. These large slabs of stone allow for horizontal farming. You see all kinds of fruits and crops being grown.
Some farmer ponies are inspecting their 'fields' and getting rid of weeds.


Give me the stink eye all you want, you're coming with me. Not being able to speak full sentences removes a lot of the natural inhibitions to man-handling other ponies to get your point across.


Good, hard working ponies.
Let us proceed furthed in, to the city.


Glower at him, but move along, catch up with the others.
I'd suggest not trying to push the heavily armored, heavily armed, kinda pissed paladin while she's talking with someone else.
"Consider yourself still under arrest."


I keep walking.


Roll my eyes.
"Oh I most certainly do, Miss Sonnet."


I'm an armored Crusader with a big sword and a thorough knowledge of how to use it; plus, you've been pissed pretty much the whole time I've known you. Ardent is not impressed.
Since the confrontation seems to have been averted, I continue with the rest of the group.


Stare ahead of me.


She'd not have reacted kindly to being pushed away from a conversation. It's rude to say the least.


Just keep walking quietly.


You make your way past the terrace farms and finally reach the suburbs of the city. These houses are also made out of large colorful crystals, but are far smaller than the ones in the inner city.

You pass a large sign depicting a crystal mare that looks absolutely ecstatic about a hooffull of gems she's holding. Below her, in large capital letters, reads:


Cassie cocks her head.
"… Gemco? Really?"


Maybe so, but Ardent's used to physically interacting with other ponies to get his point across. He'd have gone ahead and triggered that violent reaction.


"They call it progress."


I concur. What sort of business is this?
See if I can determine the manner of business that we have discovered. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9




I look around
how amazed am I?

Roll #1 7 = 7


What did I miss?


"Gems are nice, but we should find a place to stay." '1d10' look for a map, or a sign for the inn.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It's not a very original name, is it though?"

It's a really large sign located between two normal houses.
You spot another one of these just up ahead. This one depicts some kind of… strange contraption shaped as an L on its side. At the tip of this large… machine, a big glowing crystal is present.
Below it, in the same font as before, it reads:

You've never seen so many shiny things in one place. The building, the road, the ponies, the plants… everything sparkles and shines brilliantly!

Looks like this part of town is purely residential. You'll need to head deeper!


What about the butts?


'1d10' Deeper I go then.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's their problem. I can't even tell what they sell."
Are we in the outskirts of town right now?


Open my eyes, what do I see?


Let's head inside the city.
We need to find a place to sleep after all.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hmn… can I draw any conclusions about the nature of the strange contraption depicted?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


By "nature," of course, I mean the use for which it is intended.


There is a very wide palette of different colored butts available, all of them very nice and shiny.

Determined to find some kind of place to stay, you continue on down the road of this residential area until…
… You arrive back at the guard post you were at earlier. Looks like you walked in a circle!

Whatever its purpose may be, it's not in your field of expertise. Judging by the name of the company, it must have something to do with gems though.

Yup, you're in the residential suburbs. The taller buildings of the inner city are deeper in the city.

Indeed. One second.

You are in the city of Brilliance with the rest of the party! It's nice and warm here, protected by the massive magical dome to keep the cold weather out.


Look confused and go ask the guards "Hey, do you have any maps?"


"Let's not wander too far apart from each other."
I need to locate a postal office.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Go around and run! Where are the others!
Also where are the crowds of crystal ponies?!


You head deeper into the city, leaving the suburbian residences behind you and entering the heart of the city. These buildings are absolutely massive! Even taller than those in the capital! Well, not as tall as the palace perhaps, but that's an exception. You see several more of those Gemco signs along the way, must be a pretty important company around here! There's stores, banks, hotels, administrative buildings and all kinds of other stuff in this part of town!


A mystery for another time, then. Look around and see if I can find the local Library. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


That is quite the sight.
Just enjoy, and take in the looks for now.
This city sure is bustling.


The guard from earlier looks back as you speak up and frowns.
"We don't do charity, paladin. Where do you need to get to?"

You head after Angelite and enter the inner city. Doesn't take you long at all to spot the tall postal building!

You are currently in the suburbian part of the city! This entire area is residential, so there are a lot of ponies walking around here. Further up ahead you can see the inner city with it's tall, crystal buildings scraping the sky.

Huh… scraping the sky… skycrapers… Hehe.

The library is in fact a large spiraling tower on the edge of the inner city. Its walls are made of brilliant orange crystal which shimmers in the light. Needless to say, the building is awe-inspiring.

It is. Ponies are walking the streets going about their daily lives. Talking to each other about work, life and various other things no doubt. You pass restaurants, office buildings, banks, workshops and various other buildings you don't even know the purpose of!



Well, for the moment don't lose track of her.
Stop a kid on the street.
"A dime plus its cost if you fetch me paper and ink in haste, kid."



Roll #1 4 = 4


Hmn? [1d10] if this is an observation check, then +2.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Somewhere to rest for the night would be nice. We have a long walk ahead of us."


Not for you, just Angelite!


Head on over to Cassie, or Edelweis!!


Note the library's location, then follow Gallant Striker. I need to set up a place to stay before exploring the city.


You stop a small colt on the street.
"Uh…. sure thing ma'am!"
He disappears and returns after a while carrying some parchment and ink.
"Ifs dif good?"

Nothing special, just go along your business~
You pass by the city hall, another bank and a building called 'Brilliance department of Geological survey'.

He points at the large towering buildings in the distance. You best bet is the inner city. Plenty of hotels to stay at there. No need for shoddy little inns around here.

They've both followed Angelite and the others into the Inner city.

You make a mental note of the library's location.
It also dawns on you that your order must have some kind of outpost in a city like this. The amount of trade flowing through here must be phenomenal.


Nod to him "Thanks." and then head toward the inner city. '1d10' navigation.

Roll #1 5 = 5


He points at the large towering buildings in the distance.
"Your best bet is the inner city. Plenty of hotels to stay at there. No need for shoddy little inns around here."


"Most perfect."
Pay him his due and keep following Angelite.


Then follow Angelite into the inner city!! Ask the Crystal ponies in town where I can find a pony who likes dresses, another one who looks like a mechanic and… well another crystal pony!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Turn to them.
"Excuse me while I go and visit one of the banks. Do not venture far, if I may ask!"
Let's go to the Bank then!



Keep an eye out for a Hospitallion outpost.
Would such an outpost have lodging for me?

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Using the large crystal buildings as landmarks, you eventually make your way into the inner city and rejoin the others. Banks, a library, postal office, restaurants, hotels, shops, administrative buildings… this place is a hub of activity!

He runs off with a big grin after you pay him.

She's just entered a bank.
The ponies on the streets mostly ignore your questions as they are far too busy to be bothered by tourists. This city moves fast! It reminds you of some kind of ants nest.

You head inside the bank you just saw. The interior does not disappoint. This place breathes fancy! The floor is so neatly polished that you can see your reflection in it!
There are a few ponies waiting in lines in front of you though.

You look around but don't find anything in this part of the city. You conclude that it must be located somewhere outside the inner city.


Follow inside the bank!


Ah, finally a touch of class.
Stand in line and wait politely.


Again, would such a post offer lodging for travelers or members of the order?


Scout out for a decent place to stay. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Go and grab her!
"Angelite! This place is a goldmine!" I shake her hard.


I place a hoof on her to stop shaking me.
"No, Miss Helaine, this is a bank, and I will have to ask you to contain yourself and behave properly in such an institution."


This place is posh as heck. Be sure to mind your manners!

You politely wait your turn. After about ten minutes, you finally reach the counter.
The stallion behind it is wearing a set of fancy glasses and inspects you for a moment before nodding.
"How may I help you, miss?"

Of course. It probably wont be terrible comfortable though. Limited budget and all that!

These hotels sure look expensive…
Probably best to keep looking if you don't want to strain your budget.

The stallion clerk startles at your sudden behavior.
"Miss, wait for your turn!"


Right. Keep looking '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Uncomfortable and free is still free. Head outside of the inner city and look for the Outpost.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Good Day Sir.
My name is Angelite and I would like to make a withdrawal from the account of my family."


It sure is! Just think how much we can earn solid crystal dosh if we put up a magic show in the city square once a month, or even a week!
"Ah yes! I just have to talk to my friend here see?! We are talking now!"

"Oh no no, Ms. Angelite! You're too kind, you dont have to be all formal to me. You're my friend!"
I then grab her ears and whisper.
"This place is brilliant! Say we make a magic show here?! It will rake in the big bucks!"


I cough.
"I implore you to wait so we can discuss this issue after we have left the bank, Miss Helaine."


While Angelite waits in line, find a place to sit and write.

To Paladin Accademy.
Weekly Report for Paladin Sonnet Glory.
During our travels, shortly after apprehending a group of bandits and rescuing a few hostages from a nearby town, we stumbled upon the hideout of necromancers guilty of the charge of murder and desacration.
After finding them, one of my temporary companions took the initiative and allowed them to leave without any permission.
Outnumbered five to one, we opted for keeping quiet, trying to hunt down the runaways once they split up, but the harsh weather didn't allow us to catch all of them.
We have taken into custody the pony responsible for their escape and are currently leading her towards the capital.
Upon reaching the city of Brilliance we had hoped to leave her in the local guards' custody, but they seem reluctant to even aknowledge our existance.
Something is wrong with this city. If a root of crime truly nests into its heart, we shall remove it.
of Her Love, Sonnet Glory.

Fold the paper, put it in a letter and seal it.

Angelite still here?


"Okay okay!" I nod at her as I leave the bank premises and wave back at the crystal clerk with a smile.


Aha! 'The Emerald Star Hotel' looks like a low budget hotel! That should be doable!

You leave the packed streets of the inner city behind you and arrive in what seems to be the low wealth district. The buildings here aren't even near as tall as the ones in the inner city, but it looks like they're still tall enough to fit several households. They don't look as well kept and shiny either. There are bars and shops present here as well, but they don't look even near as flashy as the ones before. Some of them look quite shady, in fact.

Still, you spot a familiar sign on one of the buildings. It's your order's insignia! The sign also reads:
'Hospitallion Knights: Brilliance outpost'
The building looks a little weathered, but otherwise fine.

"I see. One moment."
He walks away from the counter and opens up a cabinet, looking through some papers.

He looks back from his work at you with a very annoyed expression.

And yes, she's currently being tended to.
Helaine is causing a scene though.


Raise a brow but do little more than look in curiosity at her.


Return to Gallant in the Inner city. roll to find him if needed.[1d10+2]
Tug on his leg and gesture for him to follow me.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


head inside and look at the ponies around, does this place look safe '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Wait patiently!


It looks very safe and sound. This part of town doesn't look shady at all.
You are being tugged by >>507345 though.


"Yes?" I follow you curiously. "Something wrong?"


Lead him into the Hospitallion outpost.


The ponies in here seem to be growing annoyed by her shouting. This place is very posh after all.

He eventually returns holding a piece of parchment.
"Miss Angelite, you will need to sign some things."
He presents a few papers.
"Sign here, here and there. I must check your signature and compare it to the originals."




Nod, take a pen in my mouth and sign them.


Well, she seems to have left now.


He leads you to a poorer part of town. The buildings here are less grand, less shiny and… shadier.

"Thank you. Now please fill in the desired amount you wish to withdraw here."
He hands you another paper. It says you can only withdraw a certain amount of money at max.


Enter the Outpost.


Look concerned and keep an eye out for trouble as I keep following "just give me yes or no, are the others in trouble?" '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Raise my eyebrow at him and shake my head 'no.'


I don't need that much.
"If I may ask a question, how much does it cost over here to stay a night at an upper class hotel?"


"Good" I relax a bit.


You both arrive back at the building and enter. The door isn't locked, which means there must be someone inside already.
You enter the building. Inside there are a few tables set up along with some closets and various other pieces of furniture. It's all very simple and basic, it seems. There are candles burning that light up the room and there's light shining through the window. It's a bit dusty in here, but nothing too awful. There's also a set pf stairs leading to the second floor.

"That depends, miss. There are a lot of hotels in this city and their rates vary from season to season."


Look for other members of my order. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"I understand."
Let's just get a reasonable amount out then. No need to go overboard.




No one on the main floor.
You head upstairs and the first door you pass.
Inside is some kind of small office. There's a desk stacked with papers on top of it. The crystal mare sitting behind it looks up from her work and cocks her brow. You think you've seen here before, but you don't recall ever talking to her.
"Yes? Ah, a fellow member of our order. What a nice surprise to see you here, brother."
She gets up and walks around her desk to face you.
"I think we've fought alongside each other before… but I don't recall your name."

You fill in the amount and hand the paper back to the stallion. After running some checks on the signatures, he nods and exchanges the requested amount of money with you.


"Thank you for your time.
Have a nice day, sir."
Bag the money and head out of the bank.


Show her my scar and see if I can remember her. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Follow closely, without a word.
Send the letter at the first occasion.


Where did.. follow Ardent. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Edelweiss and Cassie are waiting for you. Edelweiss seems very excited about this city.
"This place looks amazing, Angelite! I love it!"

She blinks and looks puzzled for a moment, before a look of realization dawns upon her.
"Oh, I've heard of you. You are brother Ardent."
She gives her a chest a beat with her hoof.
"I am sister Snowberry. It is good to see another knight here in Brilliance."

He went upstairs! He's 'talking' to a crystal mare inside a small office.
She eyes you as you enter.
"I don't recall ever seeing you."


You will need to go to the postal office you saw earlier!


Give her a polite bow. "I am Gallant Striker, a pleasure to meet you I'm certain."


There must be a postal box somewhere else!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Join up Edelweis, Cassie and Angelite.
"Glad to join up with you guys again." I nod to the two then turn to Angelite.
"Say why are you in a bank? You got an account or something?"


Beat my chest in reply, then gesture towards Gallant to show that he's with me.


"Why of course I have got an account. My family holds prestige, after all."

"Then just you wait until you reach the Captial. I can quite confidently say you will adore the palace."


"The only way you are returning to the capital is in chains."


"You don't look like a knight…"
She scrutinizes you.
"Are you a trainee?"

Not around here it seems!

She squees a little and tramples the ground with her forehooves with a little laugh.



Nudge her and wink.
"I didnt know you got some change up your sleeve? Most fancy dressed ponies I've met usually are all show but you…" I grin.

"Say what are you three planning?"


Don't look at her.
"As you say, Miss Sonnet. I am sure of it."

"I was planning to book the night at an upper class hotel for all my companions, concerning how… uncomfortable, if generous the tavern we stayed last time was."


"Huh? Uncomfortable? I mean it was nice and dandy with the rowdy crowd and cold hard floor and all but uncomfortable? Hardly."
"Try sleeping in a ditch on a rainy night, now thats uncomfortable…."
"Also its… uncomfortable to sleep… with someone snoring…"

"Ah! Excuse me, just drifted there. You saying about a generous tavern yes? Well with a town this big, there aint no chance we are not going to stumble to something like that, but are you sure about all this? I mean it might cost you a fortune Angelite?"


"I am not talking about a taver, I am talking about a hotel, Miss Helaine. Pay no mind of the costs."


I snicker.
"Thats a 'm'otel, not a 'h'otel, where do you got such a fancy word like that?" I look at her quizzically.


Politely point at a direction where she can read the sign of a Hotel.
I saw many on the way here.


"Oh!…. Oh!!"
"Wow… that's embarrassing."


Nod toward Ardent.
"A knight? Not exactly, no. I am Paladin, and I think my friend here wanted us to meet." Extend my hoof to here.


"Do not worry. Have you not been in a city before?"


I look around and wonder a bit.
"I've been to many city before but not something as prosperous as this.:.. "


What is there to see here?


The bulk of the party is currently standing outside one of the inner city banks. The city hall is close by, as is the department of geological survey. Ponies are walking all around you, busy with their daily lives and not even giving each other the time of day.

Gallant and Ardent are elsewhere.

"Ah, paladin. That makes sense."
She shakes your hoof. A strong and firm shake.


Watch Gallant and Snowberry interact. Look around the office for anything interesting. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Scratch my head.
"What's a….bank?"


About that letter…


"Do you know what money is?"


It's all very basic and simple. Snowberry was apparently working on filing some reports on the city of Brilliance and its tradeflow!

Edelweiss looks at you incredulously.
"You don't know? Really? A bank is where ponies can store their wealth for safekeeping! It's like a safe place to keep your belongings!"

The postal office is not too far away, you passed by it earlier! You already looked for mailboxes but found none.


I nod.


"Oh….but why do ponies give things to bank instead of protecting it themselves?"


Well, I came here for information, so let's see if I can get some. I mouth the word 'Magpies' to Sister Snowberry and tap the papers on the table.


"Safety! If something happens to your money while the bank is 'guarding' it, they have to pay it all back no matter what! Also, the bank gives you money if you allow them to look after your money."

She looks at you as you try to catch her attention.
"… Magnets? Wait here, write down what you want to say."


I think about this.
"But…if bank gives me money for looking after money I don't use, why should I give it to them instead of just using the money?"


I take a piece of paper and write:
I was sent to deal with bandits known as the Magpies. Do you have any further information on them?


"To… save up your money? You don't spend every single bit on buying things the moment you receive it, do you?"

Cassie gives you a wry look.
"Or less hypothetical speaking, to make sure you don't lose it after your house burns down."

She reads it and her eyes light up.
"Right. They're a group of thieves that took root here in Brilliance. The locals call them magpies because their armor has the same colors as a magpie. I'll be honest with you, I've not looked into it at all. I only arrived here a few days ago and I'm leaving soon again. I don't know if they're really dangerous or not, but it seemed stupid to go chasing after them on my own."


"I never had so much money I could keep some of it…"


I believe it is time to round up our little galeri


Edelweiss blinks a few times.
"Oh… don't you have money on you right now though?"

Everyone is together aside from Ardent and Gallant, who are nowhere to be seen.


My companions seem to have encountered bandit trouble as well. Perhaps with their help, we could teach these Magpies to leave shiny things alone.


check my bag, I guess I have a few bits.
"But that's for food for today. I can't give it to bank ponies!"


Can't backtrack now.


She nods.
"That would probably for the best. I'm fairly certain they must be holed up somewhere in this part of the city. I'd recommend asking some of the locals for their whereabouts. Maybe the lord mayor could tell you more. Or maybe all it would take to find out more is venturing into one of the shadier taverns…"

"Didn't you say you found some stuff in that cave? What if you sold that? What did you even find there?"

You could ask the hotel you'll be staying at for the night to post it for you.


What did I get there again?
Silver weapons?


I will pay for it with my money. Not accepting any from a criminal.


Clear my throat.
"My dearest companions, does anyone have any idea where Sir Gallant' or Mister Ardent' current whereabouts?
I have a small announcement to make which I am sure will make all of you glad."


"Turning yourself in?"


Various pieces of silver weaponry, including the mace you're keeping on you. Three health potions in total. A bottle of 30 year old whiskey. Some coins. Finally, a strange crystal faintly pulsing with some sort of magical power. You have no idea what it exactly is.

Cassie's ears perk up.


We should probably assemble with the rest of the group first, then decide on the best tactic for finding them. Maybe they have a lead we don't; a contact or name perhaps.
Gallant's being very quiet. Give him a nudge to see if he's still awake.


I put it in front of me.
"I don't want to sell all of it. Other ponies helped to chase away necromancers too."


Andelia is unfortunately absent.
"Very well. I would join you, but I need to finish these reports and meet with some other ponies before my departure from this district. Good luck on your mission, brother."
She salutes you.

"Wow… I bet you could sell those silver weapons for a nice sum of money."

Cassie does a double take as she spots the crystal and gallops over to inspect it.
"… You found this?"


Give her a look.
"For the last time, Miss Sonnet, I commited no crime whatsoever, you, on the other hoof, seem to be not only insulting me and besmirch my good name but commit the crime of defamation with your slander, which if I might remind you a much obvious and very real crime against your made up hoofpointing.
Now, I believe neither you or I want the legal action and hassle that would come with me hiring a lawyer and taking this to court against you, as the evidence clearly tips the balance of the scale in my favor.
Therefore, I will ask you once again to cease with your false accusations. Was that clear enough, Miss Sonnet?"




Stare at her.
"If you are trying to intimidate an officer of the law out of her office, you are committing another crime in addition to wasting breath."


Return the salute and lead an unresponsive Gallant out of the building.
We return to the inner city and attempt to find the rest of the party. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Smile at her.
"If the thought of justice and proper law intimitades you then I think you should step down from the case and stop trying to frame me, Miss Sonnet."


"One more word and I'm dragging you in chains to the nearest guard office.
And if in this blasted town they do not care, I will see to it to drag you to the next one."


"This… you don't know what this is. Of course you don't."
She slowly runs a hoof over it, seemingly caressing it.

You find them grouped up in front of one of the inner city banks. The city hall is nearby.



"As you lack the proper evidence of any misconduct restricting my freedom would violate one of my most basic rights. The only pony who would be in trouble after such a travesty of law and order would be not me, I can assure you, Miss Sonnet."


"Taking suspect into custody is one of the basic powers of paladins."


"Falsely arresting an innocent who knows how to take legal actions might deny your that power in the future, Miss Sonnet.
Surely, you do not want that."


"In truth, I do not consider you an innocent at all by our laws, by the laws I've been appointed to enforce.
It'd be a crime under the Lover for me to not report your conduct and bring you to justice."


Okay. That's it. I have HAD IT with these two going at each other. Mother Bertha would never had stood for this incessant bickering, and I'm going to end it the same way she always did!

I march up to the arguers, grab them both by the ear, and crack their heads together.


If I was following correctly Ardent led us back to the group?


Last post here >>507589

Indeed. The party has now gathered in front of a bank in the inner city. The city hall is nearby according to one of the signs, as is the imperial department of geological survey.


Yup. Would you mind skimming the posts from last session? Information was exchanged, and you're better… 'qualified' to share it with the group.


"It is a pretty crystal."


I will do my best to follow it


She gives you a scornful look.
"This 'pretty crystal' is one of the most vital and expensive components of a golem; a core crystal. The brain, soul and heart of any mechanical construct. Without it, it's just a heap of mindless metal."


"What is a golem? Is it a pony made of mud that moves? I heard stories about golems…"


Before I can retort that happens.
Take a step back and rub my head with a hurt expression.
"Excuse me?!"


Okay got it!
In an attempt to change topic I'll cough and speak loudly "Say, if we have time this evening we should go to check out a couple of taverns, learn more about this city."


I never said I let go.


Yeah okay.
Empower Weapons.
Punch him in the face.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


She blinks a few times.
"Mud? What kind of… No. Not made out of mud! You fought one of my own golems before you rescued us, don't you remember? You-"

She stops talking as this happens, looking slightly perplexed.


"Oh right, metal pony, now I remember…"
Look at the others.


Well this is awkward…

"Please, both of you, there is no need for violence…"


Start twisting their ears. Keep right on twisting; I'm not stopping till I get bitch tears from both of you.
Angelite [1d10]
Sonnet [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You unleash the full fury of your paladin powers onto poor Ardent, sending him flying through the air and crashing into a few pedestrians, who immediately panic and start running away.


I look confused at all of this.


"Stand down right now and give yourself up for your crimes!"
Word of Power.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Go help Ardent. "Stop this." '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Take his weapons away."


I wait, confused on what to do.
Maybe this is normal crystal pony behaviour.


Facehoof, then take a deep breath.
"I am sure we can resolve this as civilized ponies."


"Of course we can. By abiding to the law."


…Yup, figured something like that might happen. Still, I've made my point. I climb to my feet and take a moment to regain my bearings.
Arc an eyebrow at her. Seriously? I'm not convinced.


Stare you down evenly move my own hoof to my blade. "You will not harm Ardent."


"I am not saying he should have done what we did, but we all make mistakes. Just calm down, please."

"Nopony will harm anypony."


The facial expressions of Edelweiss and Cassie seem to suggest otherwise.

His nose is bleeding pretty heavily from that blow. The ponies on the streets are mostly keeping their distance now and making sure they don't interfere.


I look to them.
"Is this….normal?"


"I do not intend to. But what he did is a crime, it's called assault and that's going lightly!
You are supposed to be a paladin! Take his weapons away! We must turn him in!"


"Miss Sonnet, please, come to your senses.
What he did is nothing to arrest somepony about!"


"Assaulting a keeper of the law? His one saving grace, and the reason he's still breathing, is that his weapon was sheated!"


"Look at what you've done." I scowl and help him up. "Ardent is also a keeper of the law, did you even think that he might have something important to tell you?"


Assault!? Sure, their heads'll be sore for a few hours, but it couldn't have done any real damage! If that's assault, then what's punching a pony across the street?
…If thiese abuses are typical of lawkeepers in the empire, then small wonder the roads are so dangerous.


"I suffered the same as you, but that was far from assault!
Please, just calm down…"


Cassie shrugs.
Edelweiss just slowly shakes her head, eyes wide.

Somebody warned the guards! A formation of armored crystal ponies trot over to the party.

One of them steps forward between them and you.
"What is the meaning of all this racket!? Explain yourselves! The City of Brilliance does not tolerate public violence in the Inner City!"


"Everything is under control, do not worry. What happened here was simply a string of misunderstandings."


"He bashed our heads in without a warning! Like the worst branch of scum would!"
Stare at her, clenched jaw.
"You do not intend to press charges?"
Well, too late for forgivness.
Point at Ardent.
"We are paladin of Her Love Sonnet Glory, and this stallion assaulted us with no provocation whatsoever."


…I didn't happen to keep a hold of some of the spare paper from the HQ, did I?


I stick with Cassie and Edelweiss. I'm not sure I have the correct papers with me.


"Of course I do not! Why would I? Over something petty as this?"


No provokation? You were threatening to haul a pony off to jail for giving some thugs a second chance!


"he can't exactly shout at you."
Continue to stand defensively next to Ardent.


"It is not his place."
Stare long and hard.
"It might be forgiven."


I dig through my bag searching for something to write with or on.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Forgiveness is a virtue. A virtue of the Lover.


Nod, imperceptibly.
"But he will make amend somehow!"


"I am sure he will apologize and make up for it for you, yes."


Wipe some of the blood from my nose and show it to her. You drew blood, is that amends enough for you? Unfortunately, I'm the only one who can hear the thought.


Stare with no compassion right back at you.


"Perhaps if you were observant enough to see his more subtle attempts he wouldn't have to stoop to pinching your ears."


"A string of misunderstandings? That is no reason to attempt harm upon innocent pedestrians!"

The guard in charge facehoofs.
"I was warned there were likely going to be paladins causing trouble again in our fair city, yet the speed at which you manage to do so still surprises me."
He looks at Sonnet and Gallant.
"I don't care about your endless mewling about your so called authority. If you want to cause trouble, do it elsewhere, not in this city. I'll let this little incident slip this time. But if I catch any of you causing trouble here again, I'll have you locked up in the dungeons before you can say 'paladin of her Love'. Leave the lawkeeping up to the guards."

He turns around and motions his ponies to move out, fixing you all with one last glare before departing as well.

You come up with nothing.


I sigh.
"My word, this is simply dreadful…"


"Forgive me for not paying attention to one herrant knight."
"It will not happen again."


Sigh "Now they won't listen to us even if we do find something.. Great.."
"Would you two care to join me for drinks? I think we should get to know this city a little better."


"Yes, and while we are all here… I wanted to announce something."


Well, that encounter with the local guard could have gone better, but it could have gone worse. It's always awkward when there's a body-count to explain… Eh, I'm getting off track.
Shrug at the first statement; I'd prefer to deal with these bandits personally anyway.
I hesitate when Gallant asks us to join him for drinks, then nod. I don't have to actually drink, and bars are good places for information.


"What is it Anelite?"
Smile at you a bit and give you a knowing nod.


Clear my throat.
"As a sign of friendship, I would like to pay the fees of a room for one of the more elegant hotels in the city for each of you. After the last few days we all had troubled rest, so I supposed that everypony would like to relax properly."


"I do not think this is needed."


"It is a gift. Please, I would be happy if all of you would accept it."


Look genuinely surprised. "That's very kind of you."


"In all honestly, I cannot."


"It is the least I can do to ease the travel."

"Why could you not?"


"It's because I do not approve of your actions in full. Accepting a gift from you would cloud my judgement."


Edelweiss' eyes light up with happiness.

Cassie rubs her back.
"Yeah. I could use a nice bed so I don't feel like a complete cripple anymore."


Smile and nod to her. Accept generosity when offered, after all.
Okay, now she's just being contrary. I roll my eyes and snort at her bull-headedness. Maybe she's actually a jenny.
…I examine her for any sign that she might actually be a jenny. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Dangit, that should be +2.


Smile at them.
"I am glad you feel that way."

"This is not bribery, Miss Sonnet, merely a friendly gesture."


This is really weird.
I turn to Edelweiss and cassie again.
"I'm really confused."


"Thank you then. Would you like to head to the rooms first and then the tavern? This city is a bit confusing we should stick in groups."


Pony ears, shiny butt, plump little hoofsies… nope, this is an actual pony for sure!

Cassie pats you on the back.
"Don't worry about it. I sure don't. Now about that crystal you found… what are you going to do with it?"


"It's out of personal belief. Nothing else."


"We might as well look for a hotel that is suitable to the tastes of everyone, not to mention we could put our extra bags and supplies down."

"Please, Miss Sonnet. Just this once, try and enjoy yourself."


"In my country, when 2 stallions have dispute they challenge each other and fight to the death barehoofed in big arena. Do crystal ponies not have duels and instead fight in the streets?"
I look at the crystal.
"…..I do not know, maybe sell it for huge money, like 10 bits."


"We should first finish our mission, then find time to 'enjoy ourselves'."


"No, our laws do not allow duels to the death."


"It is a long journey Miss Sonnet.
Would you not go ahead and into the mission fully and well rested?"

"What about you, Mister Gotti?"


Stare silently at her a moment. Whisper "Act swiftly but not in haste."
"Very well, it is your coin so please lead the way, I can sleep anywhere that has a bed." bow slightly.


"Is hotel like an inn?"


"For now, we should just find that saddle arabian. The rest is for another time."


Nod back, in slow understanding.



Edelweiss pops up.
"We normally don't! We do like jousting though! Like… a lot!"

Cassie looks at her a little annoyed.
"Yeah yeah, thanks for the information. Now don't sell that crystal for 10 bits. It's worth a fortune. I only had a few of these back home because of how expensive they are."


"You could say that, yes."

"The rest will be for the night, we are just making the preparations."

Let's find the fanciest hotel!


My ears perk up. Crystal? Out of curiosity, I listen in on their conversation.
To the death? That's a waste. They should do like the Fathers and Mothers of the Hospitallions and have the arguing ponies hoof the line.


I never liked jousting. The rules are too restrictive; if you tried to joust in a real combat situation, you'd die.
Apparently the crystal is valuable. It might make good bandit bait. After all, Magpies love shiny things…


I look at Edelweiss.

"But 10 bits is lots of money." I think "20 bits? But then we'd have to wait for crystal pony king to buy it, since nopony have such money…"

"I like inns. Do they have some hay on the floor in hotel? That would be great to sleep!"


I chuckle.
"Oh, you will be amazed."


"I love inns with hay on the floor! But they are so expensive often. Angelite must have a very rich husband."


Ugh. My sinuses are starting to throb. Has my nose stopped bleeding yet?


"It has beds, Mister Gotti, the best beds there are."
Blush a bit.
"As for the othre matter, I do not have a husband."


My ears flop "beds?"
"No husband, but how does Angelite have all this money? Does Angelite come from rich family?"


Seems like they're discussing the strange crystal the zebra is holding. It's pulsing with power!
The mare talking to him is a smaller unicorn who had one of her hindlegs replaced by some kind of metal construct that simulates a leg. Perhaps the result of an accident of sorts.

There are a lot of choices here in the inner city. The fanciest hotels are still out of your price range, however. Still, you spot a very fancy hotel that you could afford with your budget just down the street.
The building is yet another one of these crystal skyscrapers that reaches into the skies and glitters brilliantly. A large sign hanging above the door informs you that this hotel is called the Jade Palace.

"It's a type of duel where two ponies uses lances to charge at each other and see who goes down! I've never seen one, but I heard all about them."

Cassie gives you a blank look.
"Try a few hundred bits."

Yup. The blood is starting to dry, but you're a sore sight for eyes right now.


"Gotti would like to see that!"
Try to contain excitement on hearing hundred bits '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


My ears just perk up wide.
"H-hundreds…I am rich zebra now!"


"You will see what beds are.
As for my family, yes, I do come from a line of nobles, but I do what I can to earn my share with honest work."

Let's enter!


Stoic as fuck.

"Yeah… sure."
Cassie looks a bit annoyed.

You enter the lobby of the grand hotel. The insides are just as shiny and fancy as that bank was. It almost puts the buildings back home to shame!
There are reception desks lined up on one end of the room.


Eh, nothing wrong with a little blood.

That's an interesting prosthetic. Do Hospitallions have anything similar? knowledge check, I guess? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Go to one of them.
"Good day. I would like to get a room for use for the day for my fellow companions and myself."


I detect something amiss.
"Does Cassie want part of the money too?"


You've seen it before. It's not exactly common, but some ponies with lost limbs replace them with similar constructs. It seems pretty intricate.

The other patrons of the hotel give you and your bloody nose some weird looks.

"Very well, we still have several vacant rooms available which I'm sure you will find splendid. How many would you like to rent, miss? How long will the duration of your stay be?"

"No… I'm more interested in the crystal itself."


I look at the crystal and again at her.
Do I hear the click '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Yes, I'm a smart zebra.
"Ooooh, Cassie wants to make big golem with it!"


"What can you tell us about this crystal then?"


Try to wipe some of the blood off with my sleeve. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


quietly follow.


"… I could do. Realistically, if I had the other materials and the tools for it, putting together a golem and then selling it would be far more profitable."

She runs a hoof over it.
"Each one of these core crystals have their own properties. They're all enchanted with different types of magic. What kind of golem you can make with it depends on the enchantment. Some are capable of casting healing spells, others for offensive magic and others for various other tasks…"

You manage to make yourself look somewhat presentable by wiping away the blood. Lovely!


"Tomorrow morning for sure, might be longer depending on what fate brings. As for the numbers [as many of us as there are]."


"And we share big money then?"


"Very well, miss. If you would please sign this paper."
The clerk hands each one of you a key to your respective rooms.

"Well… yes. Thing is, I lost my workshop and all the materials and tools needed to create these golems. I can't really do anything with it if I don't have those."


My ears droop.
"Oh…but we can find it yes?"


A golem? That could prove useful in the long run.
Hmn. So she'd need tools. I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for those.


Walk with the others to check out the room.


Sign it!
"Thank you very much."
Take the keys, give one key to everyone.
"I hope that all of you will find your rooms suitable."


"I'm certain they will be the best I've slept in." Smile at you.


Take my key, then watch to see who is in which rooms.


Smile as I hoof over the key.

"To rest the hardships, it's the least I can do."


She rubs her head.
"If I had the money, I'd just buy them. This isn't exactly the case, so… either somepony could invest in some for me, in which case I could share some of the profits as repayment or… I try to acquire them on my own somehow."

You pay up, sign up and take the keys.

Having acquired your key, you take the stairs up a few levels and locate your room. Inside, everything is as shiny and glittery as ever! A king-sized bed to sleep in, a marble bath tub to bathe in, a balcony to sit on, closets to store your gear in, large shiny mirrors to admire yourself in… this is really classy!


Give a key to Cassie and Edelweiss as well!


I'm completely lost in all those big words.
So I just "yes." and nod.


My eyes go wide at the sight. "Wow.. I wonder what Herald would say if he knew I was staying in a place like this.."
Start to take off my gear and try out the tub.


Smile back.
For some reason, I just now realized that she's available, if her reaction to the zebra's questions about a husband are anything to go by. Why is that thought stuck in my head.
As she turns her back to me to continue distributing keys, I eye her over. Am I interested? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Thanks Angelite! This is great!"
Edelweiss rushes off to inspect her own room. You hear the sound of squeeing through the hallway not long after.

"Look, what I'm trying to say is that we need to either buy them or find them somewhere. I can't magically make them appear."

The tub is very clean and pristine looking. There are all kinds of different types of soaps and shampoos lined up next to it. Various scents fill your nose. Lavender, cherry, rosemary… it all smells great!

Careful, being too interested as a stallion would be visible for the others.


"Okay. but we don't have any money to buy, so we find them?"


Give him his key as well.
"I hope you will like your room!"

I chuckle.
I guess I can follow Edelweiss to see her reaction first-hoof.


I look at the key.
"What's this for?"


Nothing wrong with looking! I'm just checking to see if there's anything to be interested in!
…Besides, these Hospitallion tunics are pretty handy for keeping any 'embarrassments' covered up.


A bath won't hurt my chances at talking to ponies.. Sink in to the water with a sigh and use.. Cherry. '1d10' rolling for bath enjoyment, hopefully my mind isn't too heavy.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The key for the door of your room, Mister Gotti."


My eyes go wide.
"My room has a door?"
I tearfully give her a hug. '1d10'
"Thank you."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hug back I guess?
"It's nothing to be that grateful about, Mister Gotti, I assure you."


I get off you and say.
"Miss Angelite is very nice. I will sacrifice a big bunny to ancestor spirits to make sure she is protected!"


"I am thankful for the motion, but there is no need for sacrifices. As I have said, this was a gift from a friend."


I nod and give you a few more thank you's before going to inspect my room (once the conversation with Cassie is over)


"Yes. Or we find money to buy these things with."

She's all over the place, trying to look at everything at once.
"It's so shiiiiiinyyyy!"

She's a very classy mare, at least. Very prim and proper.

You just can't bring yourself to enjoy your bath. You just feel… guilty over spending time here enjoying yourself while there's work to be done. And there's always work to be done for a paladin. Such is the burden you carry.

Your room is pretty much the same as the one Gallant got. You check to see if you didn't accidentally entered the imperial palace or something, but that's certainly not the case. This is your room for the time being. Living like a king for a single night…


"You seem to like it a lot. Just wait until you see how shiny the Crystal Palace is!"


King in the castle.

Go jump up in down on the bed '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Mmm… Easy on the eyes, too…
Definitely keeping an eye on her. Speaking of which…
I check to see who is in which rooms. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I wasn't sleeping on the job, I swear!
What happened?


Well.. there is work to be done.. once I'm clean just get dried off and dressed in normal clothes, I'll carry my sword Vigilance and enough coin to buy a few drinks and place a couple bets, I don't need anything much else where I'm going. I'll need to track down Ardent.


She jumps on top of the luxurious bed and prances excitedly in place.

You jump a little too high and crash down onto the polished floor instead of the fluffy bed. That hurts!

Everyone is checking their rooms right now. You have your own room, similar to the one the others have.

Angelite rented rooms for everyone. They're all checking them out and jumping on the beds and stuff. Very uncouth, but it's all payed and accounted for!

He's still standing in the hallway, observing the others silently.


I really should not have accepted.
But whaaaatever. Check out my room then.


"Hail Ardent! I apologize for the delay, I thought it best to clean up before we go out."


"You seem quite excited."


You're pretty sure these are the same kind of rooms nobles rent when they don't feel like buying yet another vacation castle. It's classy, shiny, spacious and very comfortable. An entire household could live here in luxury!

She keeps prancing in place and looking around.
"Why aren't you more excited about this!?"


Aw. This is dangerous.
Okay, is there a bucket to wash?


Well, slice me sideways and call me a diamond.
Bite my lower lip and slowly inspect it.
What of the bed?


Smile politely.
"I am used to it, you could say."


Wow, she's determined to not enjoy herself, isn't she? I'm still not sure she doesn't have a bit of donkey in her family, especially with the kind of kick she's packing. She certainly has the legs for it… Definitely puts a lot of effort into keeping her body in top shape… Not to mention a pair of sturdy hi-
…Oh F@*$. This… could be bad.
Oh thank goodness! Hunting bandits should be just the thing to chase these thoughts off!
I smile and nod in greeting to Gallant. He seems to have finished whatever he was doing quickly… but… something seems off.
I look him over to see if there's anything wrong with him, including his facial expressions. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Wait I thought we each had our own room.


Yes, but we start out in the lobby area.


He watched others going to their's


off? I smell like cherries and probably look super serious. Also I don't have my armor on, just my sword and my clothes.
"Do you want to collect angelite or leave her here? I don't want to endanger her, but she is good with words, and I certainly don't want to bring sonnet on this kind task."


There's a large marble bathtub. If you even know what a bathtub is. There's also a large assortment of different types of soap lined up next to it.

A king sized bed with soft silk sheets, fluffy pillows and a nice mattress. You're pretty sure the entire party could sleep on that!

She stops prancing and hops off of the bed.
"Well… I'm jealous then! Still, this is just so great!"

You don't catch anything wrong with him.


Well I sure as heck closed my room's door!


Do I know what a bathtub is '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Let me guess. This room has also a bath and a balcony on top.


I was probably reflecting on what I observed when checking to see if you were a jenny.


"I am very glad that you enjoy your accomodations."


You checking this out champ?


Of course, I've seen this being used by Trotantine colonist, but usually there were 2 female zebras inside too….
I mumble with the levers and throw a generous amount of soap from all the bottles. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yup! You've never seen a bathtub this fancy though!

It sure does! The balcony has a magnificent view over the city too!

"Oh believe me, I will enjoy this more than you can imagine."
She starts sniffing the different types of soap available.




I will have an hard time explaining this…
Let's go back to the common hall, who's here?


You prepare a warm and very foamy and soapy bath for yourself. It smells really great! You recognize some scents from back home!

Everyone save for Gallant and Ardent seems to be in their rooms.


…Ah, probably just the fact that he's out of his armor.
…and crap. I kinda want to bring them both with us; Angelite's good with words, and if everything goes south, Sonnet's strength would be greatly appreciated.
What do I do What do I dooooooooooooooooo
And that's a problem
because I'm checking out Angelite too

You're both strong women
Ardent likes strong women
he doesn't know what to do


"I will leave you to yourself then.
Have fun!"

Check my room real quick.


"We should start planning our next move. Like finding that Saddle Arabian."


I chew my lip indecisively and look between Angelite's and Sonnet's rooms.


It's really just more of the same. This room belongs to the same class as the others. Everything seems perfectly clean and in order, just what you'd expect for that kind of price.


I knew what to expect.
I just wanted to wash my hooves and face and fix my mane!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh my. Jump in and start scrubbing myself all over for a long time, singing the songs of my people.
Then once it's over clean myself with a towel. And go back to the main room…
but wait if I'm a king now, where are my slaves? Trotantine colonists had slaves to bring them the food.
Where are the food slaves?


I nudge Gallant and motion for him to talk.
Put my front hooves together in front of me and flap them to imitate a bird. Tell them about the Magpies.
Rolling to convey my meaning. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Raise a brow.
"Someone took flight?"


You don't see any food slaves here, perhaps the clerks at the reception desks know? Or some of the maids walking around? Or the bellhops?

It takes a while to get it right, but you eventually manage.

That's not very clear…


At Sonnet's approach I smile and attempt to urge Ardent forward by walking a pace. "Tonight my next move is to go with Ardent to get a meal and a drink. Unless you want to discuss it now?"


Look for maids '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I will probably skip the touristic attractions. Or at least postpone them until I've found this mare."


As long as I look presentable!
Let's rejoin the others!


Ugh. Fine. Guess it's just me and Gallant against an entire criminal organization. …Hope there are enough bandits to make this a challenge.
I jerk my head towards the door and start walking towards it.


They're all very busy cleaning and don't have time to mingle with guests right now.

Yeah head back down to the lobby. It seems Cassie and Edelweiss have opted to stay in their rooms for now.


Cock my head.
"Something troubling you? Is it still the punch?"


They deserve the rest.
"Shall we move out now then?"


Go to the desk.
"I need informations. Is there a geological research center in town?"


"Its been a long day, remind me about the mare?"


Uh….talk to the guy at the reception then
The one with the keys.
I bow "Greetings, keymaster."


"The saddle arabian. Gold Desert. She might help us understand what the bandits we fought were after."


The clerk points at the door to the outside.
"The department of geological survey is just down the street, miss. Near the city hall."

He looks at you confusedly.
"Is there something I can help with, sir?"


Nod quickly.
"Much appreciated."
Tip him.
"Any of you coming?"


"I am very hungry. Are there any food slaves to bring me some food?"


Wait, WHAT? Was that… concern for my well-being? She's acting like a normal pony now! What the-
…Faust is laughing her flank off at me, isn't she? I'm the victim of some kind of divine practical joke.
A saddle arabian named Gold Desert, eh? Now that's a lead I can follow up on.

…Well, since she's being nice, I should at least try and dignify her with a response. I mime talking and point at Gallant.


"I think it would be wise if we were sticking together, yes."


He gives you a blank stare for a moment.
"… Food slaves? No sir, we do not deal with slaves. If you wish to dine this evening, may I recommend our excellent restaurant? Our chef is a true artisan of food and cooking."

"Thank you for your generosity."


Desert Gold, not Gold Desert!


Well, now we have an entire group! Those Magpies are in for it now! I step forward and nod.


Isn't basically the same thing? Sonnet Glory, Glory Sonnet!
Look over to Gallant waiting for an answer.
"Very well. I take you remember the reason we are looking for her, right?"


"Alright, I'll keep an eye out for her. Be careful of someponies called the magpies."
Leave with Ardent to go to the bad side of town and investigate.


"The magpies? How odd."

"Do brief me again if I may ask."


"Wait. Magpies? Is this some kind of food now?"


"I think we're going to look around the town a bit."


We're not leaving yet! We have info for the rest of the group!


"Remember how the mayor suspecter there to be more to the bandits than simple kidnapping?"
"If that's what you want to do with your time."


"Where is this restaurant?"


"Not food a bird, they are a group of criminals lurking in the city. I don't know exactly where, but if I find out I'll come get you."


"Yes, I do."

"As long as you do not get into trouble you are not capable of getting out of. We are here to help should you find anything."


No. We are not turning down extra ponypower when facing an enemy we know so little about.
I grab your front leg and drag you over to the rest of the group, then make a broad sweeping gesture to include everypony.


"I'm not sure it'd be wise to interject any longer in the affairs of this city, not after what the guards said.
They don't seem to want our help."
"It was something in the gems of the cave. Gold Desert is supposed to know more."
Look at the scene.
"Why the urgency?"


"Ah, I see.
Let us not waste any more time then, shall we?"


Sigh and nod a bit "If you would like to come investigate Ardent and I would appreciate it. We could all investigate the various pubs and then meet up back here later. "


Raise a hoof to tell her to wait.
"Complications are arising."
"Can't this wait a few hours? Tracking Desert should not be hard."


"I am not opposed to splitting up.
Two groups could acquire information faster.
We just need to stay out of trouble, which should not be a problem for either groups, correct?"


"Do you know where she went exactly?"


Uh, because bandits organized enough to base themselves in a populated city, make raids on the roads, and still remain undetected are probably very dangerous?
Unfortunately, it is difficult to convey such a complex though through a single deadpan look, but I try anyway.
Smile and nod. Alright! Now we're starting to work as a group!


"Would you like to come with our group Angelite?"


"Did you not pay attention to Ardent? He's clearly against splitting up."
"I know where she works. Down the road."
Make a deadpan-ner look.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Alright we can go there first. Then we'll look for the Magpies." Glance to Ardent to see if he agrees.



Roll #1 2 = 2


Look at Ardent too.


"As long as they are merely looking for information, I believe spreading our search wider is the right call."

"I'm afraid I'd stand out in most inns but maybe I could be useful to convince this mare to help us."


When the party has decided the next course of action, be sure to give me a call!

He points at a door at the other side of the room. Through that door. The kitchen is still closed for now however. All that is available at this time is the salad bar.


I walk in and start munching from the salad bar


"This is a valid concern.
We should try to blend in when looking for informations on this bandit group. Going there full armored and properly groomed won't cut it."


He points at a door at the other side of the room.
"Through that door. The kitchen is still closed for now however. All that is available at this time is the salad bar."


Dangit, she's got a better deadpan than me! I nod absentmindedly; the plan seems sound. I guess all that's left to do is…
And I realize that we are staring into each other's eyes. Quickly breaking eye contact, I turn my head to hide a slight blush.
What is up with my hormones? Next thing I know, I'll be checking out the zebra… Oh Faust DON'T LOOK AT THE ZEBRA '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What are you implying, Miss Sonnet?"


I tilt my head at you as I am already normal looking and only have my sword.


You start eating the salad straight from the bowls on the salad bar. There aren't many ponies around at this hour to witness this, but some still do.
One of the waiters walks over.
"… Sir, please don't do that. You are free to eat from the salad bar by picking what you wish to eat and carrying it on a plate."

He's not here! He's wandered off to the restaurant.


"That heavily armored and properly dressed ponies will stand out in a crowd of paesants."
Keep the deadpan look up for a second more as he turns around, then go for the door.

"Let's head out everypony."

To the Geo Lab!


I nod and strip off my Hospitallion tunic, then put it back on inside-out to hide the crosses and put the hood up.


"I plan on regrouping here after meeting with Gold Desert. No need to conceal ourselves now, especially given the high class nature of this part of town."


"If that is the case then I might better inquire about information at a guard station then, as to not arouse any suspicion."


"I do not trust these guards, but if you think the plan sound, be my guest."


I look up with a mouthfull of salad.


I give her my best "are you freaking kidding me?" face, then repeat the process in reverse.


"Alright lets go then.. and don't worry about the Inns, I can do snooping with out you and you can rest here."


Ignore that.


Are you telling me to ignore that, or are You ignoring me?


"Please sir, you are disturbing the other guests."
She hoofs you a plate with some strain in her voice.


The second. I use quotation marks for things I actually say. Most of us do that.


ok, good to know.


"All in due time!"

"We will have time to rest during the night. For now, we have our duties!"


I agree. Let's get going!


I grab the plate and look at her like questioningly.


"… Use the plate to put the food you wish to eat on? It is much less… uncouth that way."



I give you a sympathetic look and a shrug.
"We don't really want Sonnet there anyway, with how she is being, she's frighten away anyone before they spoke to us."
Alright lets go then.


I look at the food and back to the plate, back to the food and then back to her.


Since I know the way, I lead the group to the seedier part of town.


She scrunches and put some of the salad you were eating on top of the plate.
"Now you can take your meal to a table, isn't that much more pleasant?"


I look at the plate and than at the table, then back to the salad bar.
"…but why not eat it just from there?"


To the Geo Lab at the end of the road.


Off we go!


'Ignore this then.'


"Because that is how things go here, sir. We cannot have our guests eating straight from the salad bar. That is most unclean."

Please specify who is going where.


I'm going to meet with Gold Desert.


I am going to the seedy part of town with Ardent.


"Yes, Salad Mistress."
I sit down at a table and start munchin.


Okay, I'm headed to the seedy part of town with Gallant.
That means Angelite and Sonnet are headed for Desert Gold.


I'm going with her


You leave the hotel and head back out onto the busy streets. After a short walk, you pass a building marked as the department of geological survey. Head inside?

You two leave the inner city and head back to the seedy part of town. Shininess makes way for shadiness, even the atmosphere feels different around here. It's not as busy as the inner city, but still fairly bustling with activity. There are plenty of bars and shops around… as well as dark alleyways for suspicious activity to hide in.

It's very tasty salad!
You see the rest of the party outside the window, leaving the hotel behind.


Head inside!


Look around for the busiest bar in the immediate area. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Follow Ardent keeping alert '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Leave my salad for the slaves to clean up and run outside to catch up with Angelite '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You head inside yet another fancy lobby room. How many of those have you been in today already? You like it though, makes you feel like you're back in the capital! This floor is bustling with activity as well, ponies waiting around, sitting on benches going over some of their papers, talking to each other…
There's a large advertisement sign on one of the walls, depicting a globe with a large pile of gems on top of it. It reads:
Can't spell it without the word 'Gem'!

The two of you head inside 'The Rusty Stool', a seemingly very popular bar at the moment. It's pretty packed inside! There's a long bar lined with barstools, all of which are occupied. There are plenty of tables to sit at as well though and some of them are empty!

You manage to catch up with them as they enter a building.



Look for anypony sitting alone in a dark corner or otherwise separating themselves from the crowd. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Ah, Mister Gotti! I have thought that you stayed behind to relax."

Is there a reception desk anywhere?


"I was trying out the salad trench."




"Was it to your liking?"


"It was weird. The Salad Keeper asked me to take a plate to eat on it. She said it was u..n..kuth…to eat from the trench."


Stick with Ardent. rolling to be alert '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not really, they're mostly grouped together. One group is playing cards.

There are several! The ponies behind them are busy writing or talking to others, but you can easily just ask for directions.


I think I were going for that one building with gems'n stuff.


You were, as seen here
You're with Angelite and Gotti right now.


There should be a main desk, right?


Ask somepony then.
"Excuse me for the interruption but may I inquire about the location of Desert Gold?"


The main desk is actually a series of reception desks put into a circle in the middle of the room. Having multiple desks set up like that means more ponies can be helped at a time!

You approach one of the desks that isn't busy helping somebody else already. The mare behind the desk looks up from her paperwork.
"Doctor Gold? I believe she is currently in her office on the second floor. Do you have an appointment?"


"No, but it is a matter of urgency."


Quietly begin eavesdropping on the group playing cards.


Cards? Seem like a good a place to start as any.
"How are you at poker Ardent?" I smile and walk towards the table.


"Sadly we do not, but I assure you that this matter cannot wait and must be discussed immediately."
Smooth Talker.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I suppose the best place to eavesdrop would be from the table itself. Just need to make sure not to lose too much money. I shrug and follow Gallant.


I look around '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I see. Miss Gold is currently not expecting any other visitors, so I believe she could receive you in her office. Take the main stairs up to the second level, her office is the first door on the right, number 21."

They're mostly throwing out card game terms. It sounds like they're playing poker.

You wade your way through the bar over to the card table. The patrons seem surprisingly calm despite the fact that two heavily armored ponies are walking around here.

As you approach, you recognize one of the players as being your old friend Herald Shadowforge! He has his back turned to you, so he hasn't spotted you yet. You briefly wonder what brings him to this city. Of course, Brilliance is one of the most important cities in this region and a place like this seems like the ideal home for someone like him. The other players don't seem to take notice to you either, there are a lot of ponies here after all.

You nearly slip and fall down onto the neatly polished crystal floor. It's clean enough to mirror your image!


"Thank you for your help. Have a good day."
Let's head upstairs then!


Nod in acknowledgement and head for the 21.


but I'm not heavily armored.. just carrying my one sword
Stand close enough to look over Herald's shoulder, how is the game going and what are they talking about? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You leave the lobby behind and take the large set of stairs up to the second floor. The long hallway here isn't as crowded as the main floor, but there are still ponies walking around carrying their work papers and suitcases. The hallway is nicely lit up by the enchanted crystals on the ceiling.

I meant to say armed.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Quite rich the folks here…


Uh…what are we doing again here?


Stand back and let Gallant take the lead. He seems interested in one of the players in particular…
Out of habit, scan the room for any hostile movement. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You trip over somebody's bag and bang your head against the card table, then fall to the floor seeing stars.

A hoof is extended to you to help you back up. It's Herald's!
"As sneaky and inconspicuous as ever, I see."
He smiles.
"I have to say I did not expect to see you here, Gallant my old friend."

You think you heard Sonnet say something about visiting a mare called Desert Gold. That said, they're taking the stairs up to the second floor.

None of the ponies here seem to have any ill intent. They're just here for a drink and a good time.


So… Uhm… The 21?


Follow them up.
Is there a gold pony here?


I figured as much, but it never hurts to check. Now, with Gallant-
-Well. that was… wow. I try to cover my amused amused grin. Looks like that player and him know each other. I hang back a little and keep watching.


Laugh a bit as he helps me up. "Just passing through the city, I didn't know you were here, but it is a pleasure to see a friendly face." Grin at him, and look him over a moment, he doesn't have anything noticably bird-like on him does he? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Yes, room 21!

"It is good to you have joined us, Mister Gotti."


"Where is this Desert pony?"


First door on the right! It's closed.

Only crystal ponies and more shiny floors in this hallway!

His friend is a crystal pony as well, it seems. Not too surprising. However, he doesn't look very paladinlike!

Your vision is still a bit blurry after that hit on the head and you momentarily black out.
Herald helps you stand up and not fall over again.
"Are you alright? You look a little… woozy. And not in the good sense."


Give Gallant a steadying hoof and check him for injuries. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"We are going to see her in her office now."

Knock knock!


Stand still lean on him for support if needed "Maybe I should just sit down. We could catch up over a bite to eat and some drinks."
Seeing Ardent's concern I'll nod to him and introduce them.
"And, this is my newest friend, Ardent. Ardent is Herald, he's from my town, we grew up together." I smile.


*this is herald


I wait.


He's just a little dazed after that fall, nothing too serious aside from an inevitable headache.

Nothing but silence for a long few seconds, until a muffled feminine voice calls out from inside.
"Come in!"

He looks back at the card table.
"Right, let's go to someplace less busy then okay? There's a nice tavern across the street where we can eat something and talk in peace."

The crystal stallion eyes you carefully.
"A partner of yours? No… I recognize that symbol on your chest. Road patrol."


Enter her office.
"Good day, Miss Gold."


Road patrol… one of the… less respectful labels attached to the Hospitallions, but hardly the worst.
I nod to the stallion and discreetly eye him over. Is he armed; how is he dressed; is his posture relaxed or tensed? [1d10+2]

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Lead the way then." I hope I'm not making him leave a large bet or something glance at the table where he is looking. "Of course I'm in no hurry, If you want to finish your game."


I walk in.


You open up the door and enter into… what looks like a warzone. Or at least a warzone where the weaponry that was used were sheets of paper. It's a complete and disorganized mess! Stacks of paper on desks, tables and the ground, paper wads on the ground and next to a tipped over paper bin, books lying open and strewn around, a blackboard written full of terms you can't even begin to theorize what they mean, various types of gems and rocks strewn around the room in no particular order… and in the middle of all this, behind the desk, Desert Gold wearing some kind of strange glasses that look like microscopes. She's a Saddle Arabian pony, so a bit taller than the average crystal pony with a longer snout.
"Who are you? I don't remember ordering pizza."
The scent of incense fills your nose.

"Don't worry, I was counting my bits anyway."
He turns to other ponies at the table.
"See you, lads. Better luck next time."

He's wearing a simple and neutral cloak and seems quite relaxed.
"Come, let's get out of here."
He leaves the bustling bar and starts walking across the street.


follow Herald.


Wince as I look around.
"We are not her to deliever anything, Miss Gold. We are here to talk with you, if you are willing. My name is Angelite."


Give her a flat stare for a second.
"Delivery boys usually don't trot around in full armor, miss Gold.
We are here looking for your help on behalf of an investigation we are conducting."


I've got a bad feeling in my gut; something off about this.
Cautiously follow Herald, doing my best to appear relaxed, relying on my ears instead of my eyes for warning signs.


"My name's not pizza. I'm Gotti and this is Angelite."


"Im surprised to see you here in Brilliance, Gallant. Or maybe I shouldn't be surprised at all, given the situation."
You enter the tavern across the street from the bar. It's much calmer and cozier in here!
He waves at the bartender and settles down at a table in one of the corners.
"So tell me… what brings you here? Sorry about rushing you out of there, but the walls have ears in that place."

She scratches her head.
"Angelite? I was looking at one of those just earlier. Nice coloring and texture."

"If you're here to talk about the healing properties of Angelite, I'm not interested. Exposing it to water will just turn it into gypsum anyway."
She turns her attention to one of the rocks and inspects it using her strange headgear.

"Well if you do see someone trying to deliver me pizza, tell him I didn't order any."


"It is my name as well, Miss Gold.
We are not her to talk about the properties of said gem."


"Miss Gold, we are conducting a criminal investigation, and your help is needed to find a reason in a grave occureance."


Nod at his first statement, and settle in next to him in the corner table. "So, you already guessed that this isn't a simple vacation for me then? Always were a sharp one Herald."


Lean against a wall nearby and keep my eyes on the rest of the room.


She looks up from the rock and puts it down on the table, then takes off the strange piece of headgear.
"Lord mayor Redwood sent you? I can only work so fast, but the plans are underway."
She motions at a pile of paper wads lying next to the paper bin.

"Paladins aren't very welcome around here for a reason. The fact that you're here means you must have business of sorts."

There's only a few ponies here, minding their own business and enjoying their meals.


Nod again and look serious "What have you heard about the magpies?"


I guess she's lost in her own thoughts.
Go over the pile of papers.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Keep an eye out for anything new; I'm basically in the background while Gallant talks to his friend.


He immediately chuckles and shakes his head.
"A thing or two. You wont like hearing it either."

You walk over to the pile of paper wads lying on the floor.
"What are you doing?"

A unicorn mare enters the tavern and takes a seat at one of the tables nearby.


I look around the office '1d10+1'
Anything unusual?

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Overseeing what you accomplished so far for Lord Mayor Redwood, of course."


Cautiously examine her as discreetly as I can.[1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


smile softly. "I'd not imagined it would be a pleasant topic." order a bit of a food and drinks while we are here.
"But I am also curious about you, you haven't gotten yourself into anything too serious I hope?"


"Could you tell me more about him?"


There are a lot of rocks and gems lying around here! They all look pretty special and valuable. You spot some incense burning on one of the tables, as well as various kind of equipment you've never seen before. You have no idea what their purpose is.

"Those paper wads have nothing to do with that, they're reports I had to throw away because I accidentally studied the wrong rocks."
She motions at a small stack of papers on a nearby table.
"Those are the plans for the mayor. I'm confident that I didn't make any mistakes in them."

She looks inconspicuous… almost too inconspicuous sitting there all on her own looking relaxed. Non-crystal ponies aren't a rarity up north, but they're not very common either.

"We don't talk much, he's a busy stallion. I mean he's not busy at all, but just doesn't bother with me. He says my sense of over-organization gives him headaches for some reason… or was it my scatterbrainedness?"

"I've steered clear of trouble for a while now, don't worry. How do you like the guards in this city?"


I point at the equipment.
"What's that?"


"I see.
May I inquire about what your current work is?"


"They don't seem trustworthy to me."


"Do any of these include the reports about rocks present in the caves of [insert name of starting town here]?"


slowly and discreetly put up my hood, positioning myself between her and my companions as quietly as inconspicuously as possible.


She squints.
"Cooking utensils. No wait, those are microscopes and thermoscopes to inspect those rock samples with. I forgot I had those, maybe they would have helped me with those reports I messed up…"
She glances at the paper wads on the floor.

"Geomapping the surrounding areas for future excavation. It requires a lot of consecration. Uh… concentration rather."

"That's because they aren't. Most of them aren't. Almost all of them are in Obsidian Flow's pocket. You heard of him? The director of Gemco?"

She gets up from her chair.
"Uh… give me a moment to gain some bearings here… from what I remember there haven't been any excavations there for the last two decades. Why?"

She glances at you as you move over, but doesn't pay much more attention otherwise.


"Strange things have happened."


What is she paying attention to? [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"I see.
What do you know about the mines of Winterheim?"


"Maybe you should buy a slave to clean it."


Shake my head. "Can't say I know about him. But that might explain why they were practically hostile to the other paladin Sonnet and I. "


She nods in agreement.
"I concur. I've been losing some of my equipment and reports lately. Just this morning my headmounted microscopes went missing."
… Isn't she wearing those on her head right now?

She's not looking in your direction… so maybe she's use her hearing instead? She appears to be waiting on someone.

"The last of them were closed almost twenty years ago, so not much about their current state."
She looks between you and Sonnet.
"Why do you keep asking? What do you need to know about them? I could dig up some old reports."

She shakes her head.
"No, I think they should abolish slavery already. Maybe I'll send a note to the lord mayor about it. You're not a slave are you? I don't want any slaves slaving up my office, you hear me?"

He nods.
"So there's more of you. Well, these magpies of yours? They're in his pocket too. And the lord mayor. And most of the nobles around here. Brilliance belongs to Gemco at this point."


Walk up to her and bump those down onto her eyes.


"There has been some troubling news from them.
Bandits and the like."


Then it appears we wait.
Keep one ear on the conversation between Gallant and Herald, and try to be discreet in my observation of the mare.


"I'm not a slave!"


Give a low whistle. "That bad.. Then it is a good thing there is more than just myself here."


"Slavery is not a tradition crystal ponies follow, Mister Gotti."


"… Oh! That's were I left them."
She smiles and shakes her head at you.
"Always in the last place you look, am I right?"

"Bandits? What does that have to do with my work?"

"That's good. You can stay in that case."

"It isn't? Oh, I must be thinking of Saddle-Arabia then. Strange though, one of my workers was complaining about me being a slave driver the other day…"

He nods.
"To be fair though, Gallant… I recommend you leave Brilliance as soon as possible. There's probably magpies shadowing you as we speak."

She gets up and walks over to the bar to order something, then returns to her seat nursing her drink.


"If the mines were abandoned, what else could they possibly be looking for?
Mining, even?"


She frowns.
"Mining doesn't make you a bandit."


I keep watch on her out of the corner of my eye as I go over to the bar.


Sigh and drink a bit, slowly shaking my head. "Thanks but.. I really can not leave a problem like this unchecked. " Look around a bit to see I spot anything off '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shake my head.
"You misunderstood. They kidnapped ponies and pillaged the nearby settlement earlier."


She ignores your watchful eye.
A crystal stallion enters the bar and walks over to her table. She smiles and they share a hug, then both sit down again at the table and start chatting.

You don't notice anything in particular.
"Are you sure? I know you're a paladin and all, but the ponies here wont care for your authority. You'll be swimming upstream the entire way."

"That's strange. Why were they using hostages to mine in a abandoned shaft? I assume that's what's troubling you, yes?"


Position myself between them and the door and attempt to listen in. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


What is there to mine if it was deemed empty decades ago?"


Stare at Gold.


"I'm afraid I can't in good conscience walk away, unless its to bring back help." Drink again and quote. "Those who fear and recoil from the light and those who need it the most."


They're chatting about seemingly innocent things like work and their daily lives.

"Maybe they accidentally mined in the wrong place, like what happened to me last month."
She gets up from her seat and walks over to one of her cabinets. She opens it up and starts looking through some folders, until eventually picking one out.
She pauses as she notices she picked a folder on the town of Fillygree by accident.
A quick return to the cabinet yields her the correct folder labeled Winterheim. She places it on her desk and opens it up, only to find it empty.
"… Huh."

She looks up at you and stares right back.

He sighs and drinks as well.
"In that case… I'll help you out. You'll need it for sure, Gallant. I've spent some time in this city, so I know a few ponies and the layout of the place… including some hiding places."


Keep watching, keep listening.


"Is there a problem?"


"Not keeping order in your files?"


"The files aren't in this folder, it's empty."
She lifts up the folder in the air and shakes it a little.
"Look. Empty."

"I'm a very orderly mare, this isn't normal for me."

They switch to the topic of gossip about other ponies.
Strange how they don't seem to mind your proximity… it's like they want you to hear them talk!


"I would have never imagined that."


I sigh.
"Would you mind looking for it?"


She scrunches and walks over to the door.
"There are copies being kept in the main archive, come along then."




I have so many alarms going off about this situation it isn't funny.
Is either of them wearing or carrying something bird-related? [1d10+2]

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Go along.


"I'm glad to hear that you're on my side in this old friend." With a nod for him to go on I'll add.
"I assume you have a place to stay?"


She leads you outside her office and heads up the stairs to the third floor. A set of heavy iron doors are unlocked through the help of a key, granting you entrance to the archives. Large racks filled with dusty boxes are lined up in rows here.
"Don't touch anything please, the dust might fill your nose up and make you sneeze."

Nope, nothing at all. They look like your average worker ponies.

"I do, but it's not much to look at. You know I don't stick to one place for too long, so I haven't been looking for anything permanent."




"I see. Will you be able to find it?"


Chuckle a bit "I guess that means you don't have a mare to fancy up the place then."
Tentatively ask "I don't suppose there happen to be any dangerous elementalists running around in Brilliance?"


Rrrr… Everything I've seen so far suggests that they're just normal ponies without any malicious intent.
So why can't I shake this feeling that a hammer's about to fall?
Leaving them be for now, I take a seat close to the door.


"Sure, it's all labeled and categorized."
She walks down a few rows, before stopping at one of the boxes and pulling it out. She quickly opens it up and starts going through the folders inside.
"W… W… W… Winterheim. Here."
She takes out a folder labeled as Winterheim and opens it up.
… It's empty.
"… Huh. Maybe I'm mistaken and Winterheim doesn't actually exist…"

"No… just a whole lot of thieves. They're not actually that dangerous either, they're just thieves after all. These aren't dangerous assassins or anything."


"Miss Gold, this is very important.
Do you believe somepony might have removed these documents on purpose?"


"Who has access to this archive and your office?"


"Oh, that could be case too. Maybe more plausible than all of this being a figment of my imagination."

She smiles.
"I do. Sometimes I forget to lock my door, but that only happens once or twice a week."


"Not dangerous, but a lot of trouble from what I've seen so far." Take another drink. "Where do you think I should start?"


Frown again.
"This is quite dreary…

Were these two copies the only ones? Does any other archive possibly have them?"


He smirks and leans in closer to a whisper.
"We beat them at their own game. Why search for the magpies when we can let them come at us? They're no doubt following you… so luring them into a trap would be a sound strategy. Then we can interrogate in peace and find out some behind the scenes stuff."

"Winterheim itself? Two decades is a long time though, they've probably gone with the wind already. I do know one thing though! I've heard ponies complain about a band of thieves in the city before, they're called the fruitpies or something. Maybe they stole it?"



Where am I?


Narrow my eyes.
"The magpies."


"To what end?"


With Sonnet and Angelite in the archives, accompanied by that saddle arabian mare.

"That's what I said. They're a pest! The other day I heard some rumors about research being stolen from Brilliance's medical research institute."

"It's just a guess, they like breaking into things."


"Stealing from the… Medicae?"


"Perhaps. On the other hoof, this might be a case of a deliberate cover-up."


She nods.
"I don't know what kind of research though. They have so many ongoing experiments there, it's a mess! I'm much more organized."

"A cover-up? Could it be? A conspiracy?"


"None of this matters if we don't recover those informations one way or the other.
Angelite, I suggest we make our way to the mute, he seemed to have the most informations about this group of forsakens."


I scratch my head and look around.
Anything interesting in these books?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"It is possible, Miss. The pony who was in those mines might be trying to hinder our research."


They're not books, they're crates filled with files! Mining reports, planned excavations, past excavations, profit charts and other boring stuff.

"If that's true, he probably used those files to navigate himself to the right mine!"
She looks at the empty folder.
"If what you're saying is true, maybe finding those files would be the most helpful to you. Perhaps he was digging for something specific."


"That is why it is imporant that we know what he knows."


So where are we?


Eh, I wish I understood this…


Leave Gallant to his friend and leave the bar; he can take care of himself, and I need to figure out why I feel like I'm being watched.
Stand outside the bar and look around. What's going on?


"The ponies at the research facility are very clever, they could give you some pointers on what was stolen from then. But then again, they might be clueless on the whole thing. Still, would be an interesting visit. They have changelings locked up in there! Otherwise… I don't know. I'm not a detective. I'm into rocks, not crimes."

The archives of the department of geological survey with Sonnet, Angelite and Gotti. Conversing with a saddle arabian mare called Desert Gold.

It would probably be just as boring!

Ponies strolling around going about their day. The mare that was sitting at the table before leaves the bar a few seconds after you do, she glances at you momentarily but walks away normally otherwise.


But as long as I can help my freens I guess that's okay. They'll figure it out.


Check for anything suspicious or shady going on around me. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Where can I speak to representatives of this research facility?"


That's a rather passive stance to take on things! You're loaded with silver weaponry that you still haven't sold.

Nothing you can see here in this busy street. Shady stuff probably happens in dark alleyways. The mare rounds a corner and disappears from sight.

"At the institute itself, probably! I don't work there, so I have no insight on the workings. Maybe check the city hall next door? Could be that some of their employees are there to file reports."


Follow her from a discreet distance.


"Thank you for your help, Miss Gold."


You round the corner after her and… she's gone. It's a dead end alleyway…

"Sure, sure. Don't tell anypony those files are gone, okay? They'll get angry at me again."


Maybe it's time to sell that once we're gone here


"This is against the law."


I'm no stranger to this sort of disappearing act. Look around for secret entrances, ladders, and the like. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I am afraid I will have to. Those files are important and must be replaced."


Smirk back "Know of a good place to corner him then?""
Try to tell you to come here with my eyes.


I'm outside right now, investigating >>513520


I will come get you soon then.


No shortage of stores around here! Those weapons are very pretty, they could even be sold as decorations.

"That's problematic. I will get back to my rocks then."
She leads you out of the archives and remembers to lock the doors leading to them.

You only barely spot her crouched down in the shadows with some equipment lying next to her, probably in the process of changing her gear.

"There's a few abandoned warehouses around this part of town… there's also the old steelmill outside of the city. I'll run some checks and get back to you tonight, alright? Where are you staying?"


Look for informations from these medicae ponies, we will make sure her superior knows about the missing files."


I turn to Angelite.

"If Angelite doesn't mind, Gotti wants to sell these weapons for lots of moneys."


"Those weapons are most likely stolen property. They must be returned to their righteous owners."


"But we found them! Finders keepers!"


"If you find them, bring them back here. With luck I can figure out what your thug was looking for."
Desert Gold has now returned to her work in her office.


"The silver weapons? I am not an expert on those. Do as you will with them."

"I am off to ask more about the matter in that case. I will try the city hall first."


"Not exactly…
But if nopony has denounced their disappearence, we could keep them."


With my hood up, I carefully and quietly move into the shadows where I'll be harder to see, never taking my eyes off of her. I keep one hoof on my sword, ready for trouble. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


"A place downtown: The Jade Palace" Wait for his reaction to this.


She instantly spots you and freezes up, staring at you but not making a move otherwise.

He whistles.
"Living it up, are we? Have the paladins made you go soft, Gallant? I'll find it, don't you worry."


"Yay. We can use this money for booze!"


Give him a killing glare.
"These weapons are worth much more than a few drinks."


"Or add it to the fund of our travels for expenses."

To the city hall!


Keeping one hoof on my sword, I pull my hood back and watch her, ready to react if she tries to do anything.
Flick an ear back and listen for anything that might be sneaking up on me. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"A few drinks and travel expenders then!"


Shake my head.
"First we see if someone has come to claim those weapons."


Grin at that "Good things happening to me all day old friend. I will see you tonight."
Get up and give him a bro-hug before leaving..
Now where did Ardent run off too..


You leave the department of geological survey through the lobby and head back outside. Feels good to breathe in clean air again after all that time spent in those dust filled rooms!
The City hall is right nextdoors. It's not very tall, but still bigger than the building you were just in. There is a garden in front of the building which is accessible by going through the gates. Security seems pretty tight.

Nobody else is sneaking up on you. It's just you and the mare, lying in the shadows, staring each other down wordlessly and equally ready for a fight.

Roll if you want to try and find him.


"And where do we look for that…?"


'1d10' I can't leave him alone in this part of town

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Guards' station."


Hiding obviously isn't an option anymore. Slowly step out of the shadows, then motion with my head for her to do the same.


Walk up to them!
"Good day. I have business inside the City Hall. I would be most pleased if you could allow my entry without any holdups."


"Uh…don't the guards hate you?"


You see him standing in a dark alleyway next to the bar, staring into the shadows…

Her eyes dart around the alley, looking for a way out. She's making no move.

He looks at you, obviously bored with his guard assignment.
"The city hall is open to the general public ma'am. With the exception of the staff only areas of course."


"They should think about doing their job instead."


Walk up to him slowly as if I am going to pass by him and whisper "Did you find someone?"


"Ah, I see. Thank you for informing me. Have a good day!"

Head inside!


Without taking my eyes off of her or my hoof off my sword, I jerk my head in her direction.


"don't worry about, let them follow." look out of the corner of my eye '1d10' try to see what he's staring at.
"We should head home for the night buddy. I don't know about you but I'm drunk." I say a bit obnoxiously.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Slowly draw my sword, ignoring Gallant and remaining focused on her. She knows her cover's blown, she's not going to just follow us like everything's fine and dandy.


let's find the guard house '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Once again, you find yourself in a lobby. Just as shiny and fancy as before, decorated with exquisite paintings along the walls and beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
There are a few reception desks positioned in the back of the room. Two mares are loudly arguing with each other off to the side of the room.
"We need the extra budget! How are we supposed to get results if we don't have any resources to work with?"
"You've received your yearly budget already, miss Sapphire. If you've run out of money this swiftly, that's your problem."
"We've had a big setback! The mayor knows this!"

A male voice sounds from behind you as a small orb gets thrown at your hooves.
The orb bursts and a cloud of thick smoke spreads into the entire alleyway, blocking your view.

The guard barracks are located outside of town. The city hall likely hosts its own guard station though.


Time to look for an officer.
"We have a few things to denounce."


Listen in for a bit.
I might be able to quell the argument with sufficent information.


Ask there.
"Excuse me, guard ponies, I want to denounce things."


Crap. This is okay, just stay out of the smoke best I can.


Having been poised and ready to react, I lunge forward the instant I hear him, cracking her in the head with the pommel of my sword. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


You approach one of the gate guards at the city hall.
He gives you both a bored look.
"Entertain me then, strangers."

"And the mayor has declined your request. You may fill in another inquiry if you wish, just don't waste my time with this."
She turns around and leaves the other mare behind, who glares at her angrily.

You back out of the smoked up alleyway back into the street. Whoever threw that orb has already run off.

She's very agile and quick, jumping over you as you strike her last known location. You vaguely see her form in the smoke behind you.


"First thing…"
Point at Gotti.
"We found some weapons in a vampire's liar. Silver weapons. Has there been any denounce of them?"


"We're not here to entertain, we're here to denounce!"


Frown and look at Ardent. "You okay?"


Walk over to her.
"You seem exasperated, Miss?"


He shrugs.
"Not to my knowledge. Brilliance doesn't have silver mines. Just keep 'em."

He's concealed in the smoke.


Jerk my head a little but shrug.
"And one more thing. Some documents have gone missing, most likely stolen, in the nearby genco offices."


No more games. My mind is Clear.
Leap forward; plant hooves. Low swipe; below the chest, above the knees; a hamstringing blow [1d10]. Rotate grip, loop the sword back around. Breathe. Step forward, let gravity do the work; guide the blade's descent into another slash across the legs. [1d10] Follow through. Breathe.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Sapphire Flux."
She rubs the bridge of her nose with an annoyed expression.
"I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Not Gemco.
The department of geological survey.

He perks up.
"Don't worry ma'am, we have it all under control. Whatever rumors you may have heard are likely false. The guard is working hard on tracking down the thieves."

Your hooves and sword don't connect with anything but ground and air. She's moved again. This smoke makes it really hard to see.


"Thank you, guardpony."
Give him a few bits.


"Good job."
Stand up.
"We can go, mister Gotti."


Find her! Use my ears, not my eyes. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"No you do not. My name is Angelite. I am pleased to meet you. You two seemed to have a misunderstanding."


Go in after him. '1d10' try to figure out where he is and who he is chasing.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He looks at the bits incredulously.
"Uh… sure. Happy to help."

You don't hear any movement for several agonizing seconds. Then suddenly, you hear some creaking coming from above you.

"Yes, you could say that. I'm a scientist working for the medical institute. Recent setbacks have left us with very little resources and a dire need for an increased budget. The mayor does not seem to care one bit about this."
She huffs in annoyance.


Jump up and grab her! [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What kind of research if I may ask?"


The smoke is starting to clear.
She climbed up a downspout onto the roof of the building, way too high for you to catch by jumping.

She opens her mouth to answer, then closes it again, eyeing you.
"That's… confidential."


Climb after her. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Smooth Talker.
"I merely want to help your cause. I was going to see the mayor anyway, I could get a good word in for your research."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


It's not easy! You climb pretty slowly. By the time you reach the roof, she's disappeared already. The smoke has cleared from the alleyway at last.

She visibly takes offense to this.
"Who do you think you are? The mayor doesn't even want to meet with me personally!"


"Please, Miss Flux, I am trying to help you. No need to get offensive."


Dangit! Can I find her? [1d10+2]

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


keep trying to follow Ardent '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1



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