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Time: 4:30 PM


Oh my.
You find her in her new lab near the Warrens.
There's a sign on the door saying "Danger! Poisonous gas experiment might be in progress. Use a gas mask while coming in."
You see some primitive gas masks shaped like a large beak next to the door.


"you're crazy! Come let's get back, the boss doesn't like waiting." They leave again.


Yes, there's a door on the other side.


Nope, it doesn't.


She leans forward.
"How do you know? Did you…"


"Very well then, I'll join you, if you think that's necessary."


What on earth? Gas masks? First time I've seen one of them. Put one on and go inside.
"What's going on in here?"


He bowedid to her
"Oh thank you so much…how could I ever repay you for your help once we find the Guarira?" He said leading the way outside


I like the other side!
Go to the other side!


"Don't leave me here by myself."


shake my head. "I saw him on an unrelated adventure, he was killed by some very powerful ponies.. I don't want you to get hurt in this."


Weren't we cut off from each other?
"By all means!"


It would appear that my assumptions were correct. Check out both and start reading at once, here in the library. I'd like to have a basis of understanding before I branch out, so I'll start with the book on energy. Consult the table of contents and appendix, then look up the radiation.


They certainly don't fit comfortable. It's hard to breath and they smell weird.
You enter and make your way to Night Shade who's wearing a similar mask.
She turns around with her creepy mask beak.
"Chemical warfare…who are you?"

"A servant of Celestia is more than happy to help another."


You open up the door and come to the hallway. You're on a walkway on the first floor and below you, you see the entrance. You see another door on the other side of the hall. Or another stairs up.

You both managed to get in the room! You're together.

"Who was it?"

Unique form of energy release. Occurs when the astral matrix of an object has been altered from its original natural form. Some radioactive objects have been found within nature but most are created artificially by mages.
When confronted by radioactive objects protection by lead materials are vital to prevent illness or death.

Continue to "history of radioactivity in magical science"?


"We should split!
Always split the party!
More party is better!"



"Did you let loose an almighty fart or something? What's wrong with you? It's Ambrosia!"


"Did we just go around in a circle?"

Groan and grab my head.

"If this hangover doesn't kill me, I'll kill them for making me run around like that."

"Normally I'd agree, but I need you to take a kni-, I mean I need you to protect me from those brigands."


"Oh um Excuse me but…I am…not a servant of Celestia actually." He said to her
"I am a child of Gaia… Worshipper of nature"


"one of the three queens I suspect."


"Okay, then we move forwards… Ladies first."
And with a shove, push Ruby up the stairs!


"What's the meaniing of this!?"

Keep moving ahead, trying to keep his hooves off of me.


"I like to mix things up, with my partners!"


"Nopony is perfect."

"It's hard to see in this mask!
And I dare not take it off. One wrong move and we'll both be dead ponies.
It's called Project Pesticide."

In earlier ages, transmutation and conjuring of magical items was a taboo in magical circles. Many sorcerers that transformed for example metal into gold were struck by mysterious illnesses. The theologians of those days called it "The Law of Immutability." The Universe was created perfectly and adding materials or changing
existing materials was seen as a sin and resulting illnesses as divine retribution.
The excessive amounts of radioactivity encountered at Black Lemarian sites led researchers to believe their demise was a direct punishment of the gods for their arrogance (Star Shine 113-115)

This changed through the research of the magus Rice Curry connected to the Vilitian Academy who discovered and mapped the astral matrix of iron. He proved that the curse was actually a continuous release of chaotic energy as the matrix attempts to reconfigure itself back to its original state. In theological circles this particular kind of energy is often linked to Discord (Golden Path 88).

You run up the stairs
Both roll perception

She chokes on her salad.



Roll #1 7 = 7


"You're making a weapon based on gas? That's insane."


"Did you ever think they might not appreciate it?"

'1d10' Perception

Roll #1 5 = 5


Rice Curry… how recent is this book? Check the date of publication.



"Nonsense, you are having fun, aren't you?"


"Not if you keep shoving."


He glanced at her for a moment before turning back ahead. "We barely met and our beliefs are already in conflict…I admit it is rather funny…" he says with a smile
"Well could you lead the way? " he said stepping aside to allow her to go in front


Make sure they're gone before I go out again.


"Would you prefer groping?"



Trot faster!


"So you see why I'm concerned.."


"Orders from up high, I doubt we'll actually use it."

You hear voices upstairs.
"How much longer do we have to be in this cursed place? Where's that cursed book?"

2 years ago.

"What a gentledeer. But our beliefs are not at odds, I'm sure they can co-exist."

You're in the empty hallway.

She nods.
"I guess we can be lucky. If a queen knew who we are she could send hundreds of drones at a whim."


Stop Red by pulling on her tail, and put a hoof over her mouth so she won't scream.

"Let's listen."


Nod and get close to the door.


Nod. "Did you manage to find anything off that old book?"


Now let's try and check that upstairs blood room again.


"Was it Phantasm? No matter, you wouldn't happen to have access to some kind of sleeping aid, would you? One of the crew is having trouble sleeping because of nightmares."


Could be worth checking out. How about that other book?


He smiled and even leg out a laugh.
"I feel that I will enjoy your company very much." He said as he calmly walked along
" I admit I have always been rather curious of the princessess and their followers. Perhaps if you are not too busy or neither of us are in a mission…We Could discuss about them…"


You listen at the door.
Another voice answers.
"We should never have come here. This place is lost, we should have run while we could."
"Shut your noiseholes both of you!" says a third voice. "We'll find that book, we know where it is, we just need to get it at the right time…"

She nods.
"I cross referenced the tomes with old registers of citizens. Only very important ponies get to be buried in the skull district. And guess what, there never were ponies with those names!"

You're back there!
With the same trapdoor and everything.

"I'm afraid that's classified.
Hmm, right I have a number of sleeping aids. How bad does she need it?"

>autonomous weapons
>Energy weapons
>Intelligent systems
>Storage sites

"That would be very interesting, I've heard deer have knowledge about nature nopony else has


scratch my head. "This is all very interesting.. do you have a list of those fake grave names?"


"Hey guys!"
Head in, as if nothing strange was going on, waving.
"The boss sent me for help! Good thing I caught up!"


"She seemed pretty out of it. Probably mental exhaustion or something. Maybe the stress of this whole operation is causing her unrest. I'm no doctor."


So, aside from those trapdoors, is there anything else in here?


"Sounds like we have a plan then. Do you like green tea?" Asked Maali as he looked at their surroundings
"Oh and by the way how close are we?I am starting to get that feeling of butterflies in my stomach you know?"


All of this is potentially important…

Storage Sites seems the most immediately pertinent. And after that, Energy Weapons. Ugh, I need to take this back to the base… This could be just what the team is looking for.

Well, one chapter first can't hurt.


"As one of his Seers, I should have known this was coming." I think to myself while watching Earthbound waltz in.

I'll see if I can size up this group and the room they are in. What are they wearing, any weapons?


"Yes, I have it with me."

They're 3 ponies
Roll perception


After the publication of the first edition of Study of Lemarian Machinery I had the honor of being contacted by the Prince's Comittee for City Security. They expressed their concerns over certain passages within, citing the potentially disastrous consequences of misuse. Heeding their wise council, I set upon rewriting this book. I hope this book will give the student of both magic and technology an insight into the diverse applications of Lemarian technology.

Ever since the disappearance of the Lemarians no civilization has matched their level of technology.
One can only guess how much of their knowledge has been lost to the teeth of time.
I have endeavored in this book to give a thorough description of the various artifacts found in Vilitus, theories about their use and practical applications.
Lemarian machinery is often approached with a sense of awe, as if one is encroaching on sacred ground. I hope that this document will show the student that Lemarian technology while sophisticated is still based upon the same magical properties we use today. Through careful study and experimentation it is my sincere hope that one day through reverse engineering we may reach such a level again.

Bones, blood.
There were other doors back in the beginning, you passed those.

She rummages through some boxes.
"Here tell her to chew on these herbs before sleeping. That should work. If it doesn't, I can prepare something stronger."



Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh right.
I should probably check those.


'1d10+2' I still have Fate points.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"May I take a look?"


"Alright, thanks. You're a darling, you know that? Did you have fun instructing Morning Dew yesterday?"


Sorry, I meant I wanted to read Storage Sites. But after that, start heading back!


They just seem like a bunch of middle-aged ponies.
They grab for their weapons. "It's those guys again!"

You recognize them, they're the bunch of warriors you met earlier, but they seems to have aged at least 10 years! How's that possible.

Roll for safe journey

You go back, the left or right door?

She hoofs it to you.
Looking for anything in particular.

With the book? You'll have to check it out if you want to take it with you.


"She's quite a shy girl. Talented no doubt. But so sheltered. I think she's hiding something…"



Roll #1 1 = 1



"Something bad?"


Just wanting to confirm that the coffins at the mansion were the same ones from the gravesite.


"There's something wrong here! These guys, they're off, somehow. Be careful and remember what I told you!"

"I highly recommend you yield before things start getting much worse for you."

Homing Magic '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Oh c'mon, what are you, shapeshifters?"
Just. Jump towards the closest enemy. Lifestream.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Actually an 11


I thought I already checked it out!

Read Storage Sites, then check out the book, and while I'm checking it out…

"Say, do you recall if Rice Curry is still on payroll hereabouts?" to the librarian.


"…perhaps. I never trusted those merchant serving families. They always keep to themselves. There must be things that can't stand the sunlight."

You cross an alley as suddenly a group of rugged ponies surround you.
"Lookie boys. Two mares. It's our lucky day."

You take a peek through the door.
You see what seems to be a lab. There is all kinds of equipment, you see a desk with notes.

You recognize a few of the names. It's a reasonable assumption.

I assumed you were reading the book inside the library.

>Storage Sites

Storage sites, sometimes called Vaults by explorers are one of the most sought after sites of the Lemarians.
In these strongly sealed chambers the Lemarians housed their vast wealth. Gold, diamonds and their most jealously guarded technologies.
Only two Vaults have been found so far, the Arvintuth Vault near Canterlot and the Grobtar Vault in Trotantium.
In both cases, the opening of the Vault led to terrible sickness as the explorers spent the gold, not knowing of its unnatural origins and deadly radiation. This led to current policies that all discovered Vaults must be reported to authorities and properly sealed.
Yet the Vaults did not simply bring death. In the Arvintuth Vault, an undamaged Astra-Physical core converter was found leading to a revolution in our academic understanding of the different planes of existance.

Note: details on opening a Vault were omitted by the decree of the Prince's Comittee for City Security.

The librarian looks at you.
"Yes. He left a few years ago."

You kill him immediately. His flesh evaporates until there's nothing but a very spooky skeleton.

One of the warriors hits you with his spear!


"I'll make you work like a Diamond Dog to pay for that!"

Rapier '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Alright, give the list back.
"Thanks Elana. You did well putting that together. You should be careful with this."


"Don't die on me Ruby, would you?"
Dance towards the enemy piling against her!
'2d10' doubleslice!

Roll #1 6, 8 = 14


I knew this might get complicated.

"I don't suppose you overheard where he was going?"


Maali seemed stunned for a moment. Before he realized what was going on. He stepped in front of the mare that was leading him.
"Excuse me but I have no time for shenanigans like these…"
He said Taking a step foward
"You see I have a place to be and someone to see. So I would recommend that you please allowed us to go through. And tried again with another pony…" He said letting his necklace glow eerily.
'1d10' Maali intimidating. Pfft yeah right

Roll #1 2 = 2


That's pretty useful!
Let's have a look!


Instead a knock to the head makes you tumble to the ground.
You're helpless.

"I'll destroy it first moment I get.
If the Queens are involved…I don't want to be on their shit list."

You hit the enemy with a dual flurry of strikes, pushing him away from Ruby.

He looks around for a second.
"Why would you want to know?"

They laugh.
"The little deer thinks he's tough.
Hoof over your money both of you, or things will get nasty".

Various notes on purity of the blood.
Some subject have been found non-viable. Other are.
You find a planning of when the viable subjects usually get here.
But you can't figure out why they're doing it.


"Don't worry about me yet, deal with them."

'1d10' Get up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Lifestream the other dude, with a daring dance step!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"You think she's being mistreated? Abused maybe? I met her pops, he seemed like the average overprotective parent at the time."


Maali takes a deep breath.
he hoped that this would work
"How about you run from here with your tail between your legs while I still am being patient? Or else…" he said as the decay and rot started to take over his body,making the cute and small deer image slowly fade away, giving place to a buck with eyes completely black,with only bright green pupils now and all sorts of menacing and nasty fungus growing on his body.
"Things will reallyget Nasty…" he said and as he opened his mouth to speak, a faint breath of venomous powder came out with his words.
>Nature elemental. Decay
[1d10+4] intimidate (also using a fate point)

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


"Well, it's no secret that we're both specialists in ancient magical societies. I wanted to compare some notes with him, colleague to colleague. Really, I should've done it when we were both working here, but you know how classes can distract from getting down to research. If you're really interested in the specifics, I think I've determined a new way of cataloging tomb dust by comparing density to age ratios. In particles with magic resonance, I've noted a 20% higher alignment with predicted significant figure calculations as opposed to when using modern mass spectrometry. I hoped that Doctor Curry had kept his records on the dust accumulation tables that he outlines in Chapter 4 of his book, because he lists age but not density. With any luck, he took the measurements or at least kept samples, and I can create a peer-reviewed equivalency. I don't mean to get ahead of myself, but this could usher in a whole new era of the way we as scientists look at the weight of dust with a projected age in the middle-ancient age category. Exciting stuff, no?"


I don't, but someone smarter than me might.
Quickly use Con Artist to make copies of the notes to take with myself


I ain't having none of that '1' shit
>be like fire.
> And Burn that point instead


You're a very uppy pony.

You suck the life completely out of another.
The third and last one steps back sweating like a pig, his sword in front of him.
"Stand back, you monster!"

"Perhaps not by her pops. I've heard those merchant families own those families. Those servants are well cared for and well paid, but still slaves. You understand me? I wouldn't be surprised if that pops was a lot less protective against his master"

You transform into decaying fungus monster.
The thugs step back. "Okay fine, just let us go!"

You do so quickly!!

He looks around and motions you to lean over.


Shake my head.
"No wonder she's so flighty. I'll look into it. Need the team to be at the top of their game…"


Lean in


Might want to take a sample or two too, before checking that other door.


"The book. Where is it?"
Interrogation bonus?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"You have 5 seconds to disappear from my sight. Or I will drag you all so deep in the ground that your bones wI'll become dust!" He saId breathing a bit more of the smelly toxic breath



"You deserved worse." I kick the ashes or body of whatever used to be a pony.


"Some ponies from the Red Tower came for him. He had some theories on how to weaponize radiation. Some kind of bomb. They brought him to the Crocodile District. I'm sorry. Nopony has seen him since" he leans back "Thanks, sir. Next please."

"Hmmm, poor girl. In more ways than just that. I saw her looking…at Whisper."

You take a few with you.
Roll stealth to open the other door.

"Easy, it's in the attic. That's not the hard part. Haven't you noticed?"

They run away.
Glowing Path smiles. "My my, I didn't know you could be so dangerous…"



Gonna Fate it up

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


"Did you? How?"


"You've aged. We were separated for a minute, but it looks like a decade has passed."


Nod. "Smart. I wouldn't want to see you hurt."


He reverts back to qtDeer with a sigh
"Phew…thank you. But I honestly could not let some rogues get in our way. After all, I am full of suprises" he said taking a moment to be proud of himself before smiling to her.
"Shall we continue then Miss Path?"


As you attempt to sneakily open the other door, the door opens by itself and a huge armored Changeling with blood on his mouth steps out.
He looks perplexed by you there.
Roll reflexes to get a headstart out of here.

"I have my ways. You think I don't know what goes on out there?"

"A minute? A minute?!? We met twenty times already…"

She grabs your hoof.
"Neither do I want to see you hurt."

You arrive at your destination.
Arachnia's Haunt near the Scar.
The place looks gloomy. There's a derelict statue here of a zebra. Arachnia, one of the most legendaey mages of Vilitus.
Her statue is covered in spiderwebs but you see no spiders.


He carefully examined it
"Hmn…Do you know anything about this place?" He asked the mare as they continued on. He made sure to step lightly and make as less noise as possible


Or rather, use Cheap Shot to floor the changeling before running like hell.


"Yes, I can see the rooms like to switch it up. What's up with that?"


"What?! We just saw you run into the room and that was it! We haven't even met 3 times yet!"


"I thought you'd be too busy for it. I sure have been."


Right, I should head back to the hideout with my books in tow.


Roll #1 10 = 10


Go where?
This is your destination.
"It's a statue dedicated to Arachnia, the Spider mage. They say her ghost still haunts her house."

You quickly pull a gun and shoot him before running.
You quickly run past the surprised cultists upstairs and run outside.
Without leaving a trace you quickly climb into the sewers.
Where to?

"I explained it to you ten times already! It's that damn book."

"No, the book of the labyrinth, it has warped this place. You change time as easily as you change rooms here."

"I've heard you've been having fun."

Easier than expected.
You make it back safe and more importantly undetected.


"Yeah, it's been a blast. Just earlier I got attacked by a mutated turd in the sewers for some reason."


"It's just a book, not a mage! And you never explained a thing!"


"Ugh, I just wanted to blow off some steam when I came here. This book, where is it?"


I should go talk to whoever is in charge.

Hm… I think the highest ranking official I've spoken to is Whisper. Don't think anyone ever introduced me to Noctis.


Go in the servers underground, throwing away pieces of my disguise as I leave.
Make sure I am some good distance away from home before getting back to the surface, then head home on some winding, non linear route


Inside the house of course!

"Oh…well to the haunted house we go…How likely is it that we find…giant s-spiders?" He asked with just a bit of fear in his voice as he opened the door


Noctis is the official designation of the Master. And you've met him before, he's the one who hired you.
And you're in luck. You see him entering the Hideout just as you're wondering where he is.
He looks tired, as does Phantasm.

"I thought those were just urban legends."

He rubs his temples.
"For the love of…"
He sighs.
"We came here, looking for the Book of Brightest Darkness."
He points to Earthbound.
"And you know what that is, I know. That book is the closest we have to a map of the Labyrinth. It changed this place. Warped it into a mini Labyrinth of sorts.
It is in the basement, but we don't know how to goddamn get there. Short version, happy now?"

It takes some time before you're there.
You see the Master and Phantasm have just arrived, as well as Dr. Z."

"100%. Her house is supposed to be full of it.
W-why do we have to go in there?"
She hesitates to go in.


Walk past them with a poker face and get a hot shower first.


"Very, thank you."
Lifestream. If he dies, let go of his limp and dried body.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I grunt.
"Do you have like… a pick-me-up or something? You're an alchemist, you must have some magic bullshit potion to make you feel better."


"Ah, I say, I think I may be on the brink of a breakthrough – I trust you've heard of this radiation matter? All sealed now?"


"To find someone very important to me…" he goes back to comfort her
"But hey…if you do not want to come…I understand, really." He said turning to the entrance again
"I have to go in and find him or her…I thank you for guiding me here miss…but you do not have to follow me inside. I will not force you to come either…" he slowly walks inside


"Well then, what should we do from here? Try to find a normal way out, or seek the book?"

"I mean, it looks like we are back were we started. If we don't go after it, maybe it doesn't bother with us?"


>fucken name


He jumps away.
"You've been doing that every time, you psycho."

As you walk through "Is there any reason the Red Tower got an order to interrogate all donkeys, Melville?"

"A good class of cognac always helps."

He nods. "Yes, Whisper informed me. It should be sealed for now."

"I'll go with you."
The house is a mess, with burned furniture everywhere and covered in spiderwebs, you don't see spiders however.

"I don't know. He seeks that stupid book."
he points to Earthbound.
"And you knew how to get it somehow."
He points to you.


Keep walking with a poker face.
"There must be."


"Of course there's no spiders on sight…they are most likely hiding…" he whispered to her.
he considered shouting but that wouldn't do any good.
He kept looking for where he could go. Any doors? How many? Where?
"And thank you for coming along…I appreciate it very much."


"I've learned that the Red Tower had one of my colleagues taken away for weaponized radiation research. Either they're trying to develop it for themselves, or it is their weakness and they don't want it made at all. And that's just the beginning of my findings."


Turn to Ruby.
"Well now."


"Are you holding back on me, Nightshade? Goddammit. You need to get out of this stinky dungeon for once. Tonight."


"I may have heard a few rumors during my day off that might apply here, but…"

I'll ask my beloved, this seems like his area of expertise. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nod and maintain the eye contact for a moment before letting the moment fade. "Had work been well lately?" I ask changing the topic.


He turns to Dr. Z.
Leaving you free to shower.

Roll perception

"Disturbing news. What was his name? Perhaps I can find out more. And any idea about the nature of this weapon?"

Roll perception.

She seems lost in thought.

"Yes? It's been so long since you called. I thought you left me."

"Where to?"

"We've been…can you keep a secret?"



I'm rolling I'm rolling!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nod slowly. "What's on your mind?"


"I don't know yet, we'll see. Now, I'll let you get back to your fart potions or whatever."


"A little distance makes the heart grow fonder, my dear. But right now, I'm here on the job. This 'gentlehorse' said something about a Book of the Labyrinth that might be the source of a predicament we are in. You wouldn't be able to share some morsels of information we could use, right?"


After that is done, grab some food and eat it in the communal room.
I think I have a meeting to attend.


There are two ways you can see.
The stairs up, or the stairs down.

"The Duchess has been asking us to go through the archives to find anything related to Changeling biology and necromancy."

"I'm looking forward to our little rendez-vous."

"On one condition, you or anypony else may not read it."

As you eat the Master drops in and sits down.


Keep eye contact with him as I chew. Let him speak first.


"Me too, sweetheart."
Smirk and leave the basement. To hell with this gasmask!


"Well, that is interesting." I reply with a raised eyebrow.


"Rice Curry. It sounded like a bomb."


"Follow me please " He turned to her "I will try going upstairs. We shouldn't separate eitherso stay close…" he said going upstairs


He simply says.
"What happened?"

You throw it off.
Seems Phantasm and the Master are back.

"And that's not all."
She leans forward and speak even lower.
"We've received a package from the Red Tower with our protocols for an emergency…Spruce, I think something's going on…"

"I'll call in some favors. Somepony must know what happened to him. I should know more by tomorrow. Good work, doctor."

The stairs creak dangerously.


"What kind package?"


"There could be more. The object recovered from the vault may be a powerful artifact. The last two recovered changed modern science and magic studies entirely. It could be anything really, from a weapon to power source to a fancy but functionally useless statue."


"There was some trouble."


Hope they had fun. What are they doing?

Also, where is our resident bug hanging out?


"That's fine. If you think it's that dangerous, it must be."

"Just a warning,the book may be dangerous to open. It might be trapped. Let's just grab it and go."


'1d10' oh boy here it comes
"Heads up!" He alerts the mare

Roll #1 6 = 6


"That's alright. So where is it?"


"It contained letters, for each of us, only to be opened in case of an emergency. It's supposed to say what we should do."

He rubs his chin.
"Is it safe to keep it in the base?"

He pours a glass of wine and offers you wine.
"Melville, we're both old rots in this business. Let's speak clearly so we can find out how best to react."

The Master is talking to doctor Z.
Phantasm is laying on the floor, she seems tired.
You haven't seen Myziri around…

"In that case, try to follow time all the way back to the start."

Nothing happens.
You reach the upstairs room.
You hear a chirping in the walls.


Maybe Misery killed and replaced one of us.

Approach Phantasm.
"Rough day, huh?"


"As long as no one touches it and it remains sealed. For experimentation, I would find somewhere safer."


Take the glass and sip of it.
Tap the table.
"This is a job. This is not my only job. I don't talk a word about this job to anyone. I'm afraid if I started to talk to you about my other jobs I'd find myself dead pretty fast. Or worse, run out of business."



"I can have it stored in the Vault for now.
Perhaps once our mission is done we can send it to the Canterlot Academy, they'll know what to do with it."

>"It contained letters, for each of us, only to be opened in case of an emergency. It's supposed to say what we should do."


"It's all jumbled up. Let's go back from where we started and I might be able to piece the rumors together."

Turn to the other Pony that we haven't killed yet.

"And you, what's your name?"


Wait for her before going back.


Listen closely…
"Do you hear that?" He said approaching the walls but not too close
"Who's there? "


"..And I assume they don't usually send you letters?"


"It might be the difference maker if we find out what it does. Do you have any new objectives ?"


"I see. Just answer me this then, as professional to professional, does this other job compromise the security of this hideout in any way?"

Just some ticking in the wall, like there's something in the wall. You'd say it's a rat, but it doesn't sound like a rat.

"Just call me Flint, and don't let that animal near me."
As you open the door, the next room seems in even worse condition than before. There's a hole blown in the deteriorated walls, and there's an awful buzzing sound going on.

"Hmmm, I need to speak with Melville first. I will have a meeting with all of you tomorrow morning to plan our next move.
Perhaps you could speak to Myziri, I loath to bring her into this but maybe she knows something about the device."

"It's the first time it happened in living memory."



"you don't know the half of it."


"I took a series of serious precautions."
Shake my head.
"This operation is safe."


"Okay, I think we might want to get away from here rather quickly."
Cover my ears and rush for the next room.


"Are we.. Trusting her slash it ? Prison break notwithstanding, clearly that one is an odd duck."


"Living? When did it happen before?"


"What happened? Turd monster got you too?"


He pulled back his hohoof and punched the wall as it petrified quickly
but he aimed at the wall and not exactly at the source of the noise
'1d10' earthen strike

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What NOW!?"

Follow behind Earthbound.

"Flint, we're not done talking, but stay with us if you want to live in some way!"


>what now
The ringing, the huge hole, a lot of stuff.


"I know! Just stop dawdling and hoof it!"


"Good. The Changelings are flooding the sewers looking for a vagrant donkey.
They'll probably round up every vagrant they can find. Once they don't find you they'll go looking for a donkey in the city itself, though they'll be more careful there. If you go topside, be on your guard. I would recommend not going alone.
Until further orders I'll seal off the sewer entrance to the base. The topside entrance is a little more risky but at least it's not flooded with Changelings."

"I don't trust her either. But she might be the only one of us with some knowledge. See if she says something, but don't let her near it."

"About 200 years ago when the Equestrian Navy attacked."

"We spent all day in the Red Tower."

You punch the wall open and hundreds of spiders crawl out over the wall.
Glowing shrieks.

You open up the next door into the hallway.
But the hallway is not the same anymore.
It's covered in some green substance and full of empty coccoons hanging from the wall.
A changeling hive.
"Celestia preserve us.." mutters Flint.


Turn to Hokkaido.
"Was this part of your plan?"
And close the door!


"I went there too the other day. Did you check the morgue? Real tourist hotspot right there, right up your alleyway."


Get away from it and from the spiders
do they seem hostile?
"Miss Glowing look out! "



"No! I just wanted to go back and get my directions right. How was I, or anyone else, supposed to know we found a backdoor to the Changeling Hive!? Ahh, what did we get ourselves into?"


"All I need is an alibi, which I can easily forge with some connections."
"I understand."


"Not the HQ of the Red Guard. The Tower of the Prince. Stupid Blood Diamond and his hard on for the Prince."

For the record, you're in the house hallway, it's been turned to a Changeling Hive in this time. Just to clarify, you're still in the house.

They crawl around towards you, but you don't get any hostile vibes.
Glowing makes whiny sounds.


He nods.
"I'll have a briefing tomorrow."


Nod again.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more matters to take care of."
Stand up and get ready to leave.


"Alright, can you just explain to me what happened then?"


So. Door temporarily closed.
Other exits?
"Okay, we make a run for it. If we don't make it I go من يضحك أمر رائع and we see each other on the other side!"


"We did reconaissance for the past few days.
Posing as workers and infiltrating their Archives.
That basically means I have to keep up a physical illusion on us and a distorting aura to keep the Hivemind off our backs…it's exhausting."

You're in the hallway.
You see a door on the other side. There should be the door to the cellar at the end…

He nods.




"I can see why you'd be worried. Want me to look around the Red Tower for you?"


Let's carefully head to it.

"If you ditch me, I'll make the warning I gave you come true personally."


"Stay calm stay calm…there is nothing to be afraid miss Glowing…they will not harm us…" he comforts her again. As he tries to stay still and not apetizing


Look back over to where the master is, then back to her. Pat her on the back.
"Good job keeping him safe."


I meant to close the door to the hallway and stay in the room where I was before.
But whatever. On we go!
"Oh no, I will totally hug ya as we blow up!"


I feel like hitting up a certain bar.


Vilitus City
A desert city of greed, where small warlords fight for power under the watchful eye of the Triumvirate.
You have been chosen to overthrow the Triumvirate and bring Order back to this princessforsaken town. How you do this is up to you. The Triumvirate is always watching. The Dukes are always fighting. How can anypony break the cycle?

You were talking in a fancy restaurant to your friend Elana.

"The Red Tower? By the Ancestors, no, it's too dangerous…do you know what the Changelings would do to you if they found you?"

You both are still together in this house, seemingly torn in time.
As you move through the hallway with unborn Changelings hibernating in the walls you hear explosions and screams from outside. At the end of the hallway you see a flash of light.

You were investigating Arachnia's Haunt. Spiders crawling all around you. There's only one way forward, going deep into the pit created here.

"I-I hate spiders….." says Glowing.

I suppose that's Morgana's bar to tell her about your success in discovering what's going on in the homeless shelter?

You're in the hideout, you were being uncharacteristically kind to Phantasm after learning she's been keeping the Master safe during their exploits in the Archives.
Phantasm looks up at you.
"It's just my job…."




You were talking in a fancy restaurant to your friend Elana.

"The Red Tower? By the Ancestors, no, it's too dangerous…do you know what the Changelings would do to you if they found you?"


"You're damn right it's your job."
Grab her hoof and pull her up.
"Now stop lying on the floor like some slob. You ought to get some proper rest in a bed. Last thing you want now is a hernia or whatever it's called."


He was shaking as well.
"I-I hate them too… Let's just get this over with and leave as soon as we can… "
He headed towards the only path available


You head over to the Fata Morgana.
The bouncer lets you in and you find yourself in the company of captains, officials and mercantilists all here to spend some time with the lovely mares who are bending themselves in lovely poses on the dance floor. Morgana will be with you shortly says the bouncer, get yourself a drink, on the house.

She slowly gets up again.
You've never seen her so…tired. Without a snarky comment, she just slowly walks to the Masters office up in the Hideout.
The Master himself takes no heed of her and walks back up to you.
"Echo, it's been a great day. We've finally been able to confirm Miseri's story.
There was a rogue Changeling Lady long ago. And we believe it's Miseri. I think we should pressure her further to learn more secrets of the Hive."

You head inside the dark tunnel.
Spiders move aside as you pass.
You hear a voice from deep within.
"I know who you are, Maali…"


"That's great news, because I was just looking to 'pressure' her a little."


The hairs on his body stand up as he feels a chill running down his spine. As if the spiders weren't bad enough already…
"W-who are you? Show yourself!" he shouts, but his voice cracks, he was clearly terrified


I'll stick to what I know. Get a beer and sit down, waiting for her, not paying much mind to the writhing mares.


"I think she wants the attention of the Triumvirate as much as we do, not at all.
Go to her, call her out on her bluff, we need to know what the Triumvirate is planning and we need it now. If you have to get rough with her, I don't mind."

A deer suddenly appears from the shadows. You recognize him as Paran, a deer from your old tribe!
"Hello Maali" he says with a smile.

You get a beer from the barkeeper and soon you see Morgana, coming from the upstairs private rooms wearing a risque corset.
Clearly she's been busy.
"Melville! You're back. How have you been?"


"Alright, alright. You go tend to your marefriend, I'll deal with the botfly."
Let's go find Misery.

Roll #1 9 = 9


He gasps in surprise
"P-paran?! How… I thought… In the tribe fire… I thought you were dead!" he looks at the deer like he were a ghost


"Life has ups and downs. I have been, let's just stick with that."


She's on a rock ledge, near the Waterfall.
She's spent most of her time in the Hideout there in the shadow.
As you approach, she turns her head and you see her fluorescent green eyes burning through the shadows.
"Greetings, Echo."

Paran steps out. He has a dark brown coat and the spiders surrounding him crawl off and disappear in their hidey holes.
"I escaped by the slightest luck. I thought everyone had died. And now I found you here in Vilitus. The spiders told me they've seen you. It must be fate that guided us here together, Maali."

"Oh, you always are.
Please, join me in my private room~"
She winks and nods to her office.


Finish my beer, then stand up and follow her.


"What's with you and that waterfall? Do you like the deafening noise or something?"


His eyes wide and mouth still agape, slowly turning into a smile of his own
"I… I finally found someone… He walks up to the deer and wraps him in a hug
["I'm so happy to see you, brother"] he speaks in his ancient language


Once she closes the office door, the music and cheers outside die immediately.
Her office is very spartan. There's books of Equestrian and Germane philosophers on the walls. She sits behind her wooden desk and asks you to sit down.
On her desk is a globe showing the world and a small wooden necklace of a pony.

"Do you even care? I sense you're here to get answers about the Queens from me. State your questions and let me be."

[The vines of time lead us together again.]


"Come on now, big M. No need for to be so hostile. I was actually looking for you before I ran into the Master and had the mind to ask you some important questions."


He laughs and looks at him, seeing how he looks
"Where have you been!? I looked forever for.." he gasps "have you seen anyone else of our tribe?"


"Go ahead. Surprise me. I wonder if you'll ask a question that actually matters…"

He slowly shakes his head.
"No…I have not seen anyone since that….that day."


"Ah… Well… At least we found each other… So long as we survived, the Guarira will go on… So… What are you doing in this place? And… What is the deal with the spiders…?" he glanced at his chest to make sure he had the same green gem necklace as he did


Sit down at the seat opposite of her.
Say nothing for now.


"Do I look like a changeling expert? I've only had experience killing a few of them, and those were just drones. You are here because you're the damn expert. And because this is the only reasonably safe place for you to be.

How fed are you right now? Judging by the lightshow coming from your eyes I'd say you're no longer on the brink of death."


He does.
"The spiders are Arachnia's creatures. They tell me everything that goes on in the city."

"Let me get right to business.
What have you found?"

"No, the Phantasm pony was a good source of food. But I hunger for more…"


"Only bad things. They use the homeless for their blood and more."


"Blood? Are you sure?"


"Well, we can do this whole deal of ours either the hard way or the soft way. I could slam your head into a wall until you start talking, but I'm not a goddamn animal.

So why don't we swallow our pride and work together to bring down that threesome without any wall slamming? I know it sounds like a wild dream for us to get along, but I may as well give it some effort if it means not getting turned into changeling dinner. I scratch your back, you scratch mine."


Am I? It's been a while. From what I recall they were taking the blood of them and also feeding them to the giant changelings


She rests her head on her hooves.
"I'm still waiting for your questions."

You saw them taking blood from homeless ponies. You didn't see them killing any, but they certainly did kill some, considering all the bodies you found.


"Yes, they took their blood. I can't confirm the killing, but I have found evidence of the mangled bodies, and what they fed it to."


"We need to know what they're up to, what their plan is."


"There are three of them, and they all have very different plans. They're not one great harmonious force, that's just what they want you to think. Truly they're a bunch of quarreling whores."

She nods.
"I see…"
She sighs.
"You've done me a great service. I'll tell the bartender to bring your fee. I trust you'll be discrete about this."


"you are… Familiar with her?" he glances at the spider holes
"Oh right… Miss Glowing, this is who we were looking for! Paran, this is miss Glowing, Miss Glowing, Paran. She helped me find you here, and I found out you were here through the fire lords"


"I will. There were some complications though. They are interrogating all the donkies now."


"Okay, so what are each of them planning then?"


I don't remember where I was!


Glowing is creeped out.
"N-nice to meet you…"

Paran nods. "They speak to me…don't you hear them, Maali?"

See >>632139

"Nefertiri is planning the death of every pony in this city."

"Keep low, they won't do so for long. I'll make sure of it."


"Well that's peachy. Why the hell does she want that? Where is she going to get her food without us?"


"Much appreciated."


He shakes his head
"I… No… I should? How can you hear them?"


Hello darkness my old friend?


"Tell me. If a wolf was given a sheep every day, would it be satisfied?"

You were in a mansion in the Aurora district, trying to find the final remaining book of the Laughing One, but each time you cross a room, it seems you're in a different house or different time.

She grins.
"I should be thanking you. You confirmed what I was suspecting."

"I thought every deer would be able to…but you never were the best student. I'm sorry you can't."


I give her a nod "If I can't find a safe way, I'll leave it alone, I promise. I do think your duchess is onto something with what she's having you do, just don't get too bold about it.."
And I think we should probably spend the rest of the time relaxing. We've been chatting a long time already.


Yes, that was mentioning the white at the end of the borg-cube hallway.
Keep going?


He lowers his head in shame
"I'm… You know I could never finish our training…"he kicks a hoof


"I am guessing there will be consequences and you'll be looking for me for something more."


"You tell me, I'm not in the sheep business."


Do you want to play that out?
Or auto-skip back to the hideout after a relaxing day?

The hibernating Changelings do not move as you make your way to the light. As you touch it, the chamber reverts back to its original ruined state, but the door to the cellar is open.

He puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Don't worry about it, Maali. We both survived, that means something…"

"No, I'd rather you forget about all this. I'll handle this."

"No, the thrill of the chase beckons."


Door it is.


Raise my eyebrows.
"Nothing more?"


Lets go back to the hideout. They probably need me.


"Okay, so she kills all of us, then what? No more food in this dried up asshole of the world aside from the two other queens and their hives who probably won't be very happy losing out on their buffet."


Maali holds his with his own
"Thank you… Come, we should return to the headquarters… "


You walk down and see a book laying on a table in the center of the cellar, with a skeleton next to it.

"I don't want to involve you in more of this."

Ambrosia is here, so are most of the NPCs

"Headquarters? What headquarters?"


"About time you stopped running, pal!"
Grab the book and look for a way out of here.


"Here in Vilitius. I joined the Lord blades, you know of them, right?"


"I see. I do find it strange you would hire a cleaner for a job that doesn't require any actual cleaning and just be that."



Sure, is Whisper busy?


"Such is the least of Nefertiri's concerns. She is guided by the Thirst."

As you grab the book, it seems the house calms down, you easily make your way outside with Hokkaido, you don't see the other group of ponies you met in the house anywhere though.

"Lord..Blades? They're the knife of Celestia and Luna right?"

"I wanted answers. You've given them."
She taps her hoof.
"I suppose you'd like an answer to why they're drawing blood?"

He's not, he's in the War Room, you can approach him.


"If you don't mind sharing."


Well that was one of them.
Carried the book around for ever, he must have.
"Still alive pal?
Let's go home."


"How the heck did these idiots even run this city for so long if the furthest they can plan ahead is getting into mass genocide as a fucking hobby? What about the other two?"


"I think they are… I can't quite remember at the moment but they are good ponies fighting against the changeling threat!"


"They are…not relevant."

"I was under the impression I could hire you precisely because you wouldn't ask questions…"

The book doesn't answer.
Return to the library?

"Truly? I'd love to meet them."
Glowing tugs at you.
"Maali, are you sure we can trust him?"


Trot over to him and see what he's looking at.
"Got a moment a to talk?"


I was talking to Hokkaido, but sure. Let's go.


"What? Now hold on, why aren't they? You can't decide for all of us that they aren't relevant."


"As long as you can assure me there's no reason for concern about this in the future, I don't need the details."


"Of course, just give me a moment, excuse me for a moment"
"what are you talking about? He is from my tribe, of course we can trust him!


"You sure? I don't know him…and he's creepy…."

She seems to weigh her words.
"I can't guarantee that.
what you've found, this is a very bad omen for the future…"

She rolls her eyes.
"Morgana is being an idiot as usual, and Varash is spending her time with Lemarian artifacts of hundreds of years ago. It is extremely disappointing how little has changed in a thousand years."

He's looking at a map of the city.
"Of course, Spruce, what's on your mind?"


You make your way back to the party hall.
It is completely empty now.


Perfect time for some relaxed reading.


"Bad omens are hardly news in Vilitus."


"Morgana? I don't recall talking to a Morgana. What's her deal?"


of course I do, he is from my tribe! He will be a great help to our cause, I'm sure


"Ever been to the Red Tower?"


You open the book.
Roll Intelligence.
That's a 1d10

"It is more than usual."
She thinks.
"Melville..if I were you, I'd leave the City as fast as I can."

"You don't know Morgana? The slut Queen of the Fata Morgana bar? She whores out her Hive to lowly captains and other scum."

"If you say so…"

"Yes, two times actually. Why?"


"You know I can't."


"Wait a minute, that bar… I've been there. Are you telling me she's the third queen? Who the heck did I talk to then before?"


I will add a destiny die to that.
Or whatever they were called.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Maybe we should go back there. They sent a box of emergency letters to the duchesss, seems like something serious is going on."


"I believe in him miss Glowing, all Guarira are true to nature and have an oath to protect it like me. Let him have a word with our superiors and he will understand and help us."

He turns back to Paran
"All ready, come on, we can Catch up on the way" he walks towards the path they came from


You open the book and suddenly are in an another world.
You see a green pool before you, in it are floating hundreds of translucent ponies, all of them seemingly sleeping.

"Everypony can, if they want to."

"Probably one of her Changelings, the bar is full of them. She does employ some ponies though."

"It would be my honor."
You follow them back to the Hideout.
When you enter the alarm goes off and you're trapped.
The master shows up.
"…Maali? Who did you bring with you?"


"Oh I remember this part!"
Can I see the shark anywhere?


"It's complicated."


"Damn! So how far along is Nevertits' genocide plan?"


He jumps, surprised
''M-Master? What is going on? Oh…I-I found one of the members of my tribe which I believed to be lost a long time ago, what is wrong? why are the alarms going off like that?'' he looks around, midly tense


"HI!" says a voice from behind you.

She shakes her head.
"Loved ones I presume?"
She weighs her words carefully.
"Melville…I can tell you more about this…but I need to know you can be trusted, more than usually."

"Quite far. She merely needs a few pieces of the puzzle left. She's been looking for somepony…or a donkey. Yes, a donkey who's been interfering with her Hive…"

"They are going off, because you've brought someone who's not one of us to our Hideout." He looks suspicously at Paran.


Turn around and slowly begin to circle the source of said voice.


Give her my usual look.
That should tell her more than words.


did I misread or something?


"We have a donkey around here."
I groan.
"Alright well, this is important stuff. You've been a blast to hang out with, but I got to talk to some people now."
Turn around, but stop.
"And don't worry, I'll stick to my word. I'll get you some more 'food' if it helps."


''W-well I brougth him here so that you could talk to him. Paran, this is The Master, he is the head of the Hideout. Master, this is my Brother Paran, I believe he will be a great help to the lordblades. he is a powerful shaman like me!
…Well, of course he is rather more experienced as well too…''


It's a pink pony in a clown costume, she doesn't seem concerned at all by your circling.
On the contrary, she starts to sing a song.

She returns an equally suspicious look.
She sniffs the air.
"I smell conflict in you, Melville. There's something you're not telling me…"

I missed it.
"Emergency letters? Wait slow down, what's going on?"

She licks her lips.
"Please do. I'd love to taste your emotions."

Paran steps forward and bows deeply.
"It would be an honor for me to serve a friend of Maali."
The master raises a brow.


''See? he will help us! and even better, he can help me finish my training! So I will be able to help even more with it. if you have any doubts, you can test him or interrogate him if you'd like, I'm certain he has nothihng to hide from you''


"There are a lot of things I'm not telling you. That's my job."


"Do you have to make it sound so weird? I'll be back."
Trot away, I need to find Whisper or the Master. Whoever I run into first.


Well then, just sing along!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That's what I'd like to find out. The Red Tower is worried about something, and going there might be the best way to find out."


He looks at Paran.
"You vouch for him, Maali?"

"…I suppose so." she says slowly.
"But then you understand that there are some things I cannot tell you."

The Master is talking to some deer who's with Maali, Whisper to Spruce

You do a great sing-along.
The pink pony smiles.
"We're friends already!"

"The Master and Phantasm have been there…perhaps they know more."


"We totally are, complete stranger!
Who are you and what is this?"
Rest on her back.


"Right, I'll go ask them. Want to come along?"


"I do. I'm not pressuring you."


Whistle at them.
"Has anyone seen Melville? Need to talk to Melville, where's Melville people!?"


He nods
''In fact, we'll both make an oath for our Eldunari's right here Master. an oath we cannot break, no matter what.'' He turns to Paran
''Paran, make the oath with me to swear loyalty to the cause. we will help them with all and any orders we are given, as long as it is not directly and intentionally harmful to nature, this way you can have the Master's trust.'' He puts his hoof on his necklace, which glows a bit stronger as he does so
''I have not seen him in quite a while actually, I have just gotten here miss Ambrosia''


"I'm Pinkie! It's spelled with a P-I-N-K-I-E, not a Y!"

"Happy too!"
He's talking to a deer.

She stares for a long while at you.
Then opens a drawer from her desk and hoofs you a bag of bits.
"I'll be sure to call on you should I need your services again."

Whisper is here too.
"I don't know. He isn't here…"

"I swear it, in the name of Eldunari and Gaia!"


A deer.
Do I know this deer?
Listen in on their conversation so I'm not butting in.


"This place is Pinkie? What a strange name for a place!"


''I swear as well.'' He nods, his Eldunari flickers in response
''Now you can officially issue him and I with any orders, master. just…please try to not abuse it too much'' He snickers


"Well, old Queen Nevertitties is looking for him apparently. And if she finds him we're in a whole heap of trouble. Trouble of the genocidal kind."


He lowers his ears ''What has he been getting himself into?''


"You know how to find me."
Take my leave.


Nope, he looks like Maali, just stronger. You get his name is Paran.

She grins. "No, silly. This place is the Well of Memories. But you can call it Pinkie if you want!"

The Master scrutinzes you both.
"Very well. You may enter, Paran."
The locks open.

The Master nods.
"I've seen the wanted posters outside. But Melville has assured me it won't bring any trouble to this place."

Back to the hideout?


I stare for a moment with an emotionless expression.
"This a bad time? I could come back after you're done with Paran."


"Oh I'd rather call you pinkie, if you know what I mean~"
Get off her back and trot away, brushing against her side.
"Is this where I'm sent every time I die?"


"No, she's actually planning on killing everyone in Vilitus, but she needs to track down our friend Melville first. So it's pretty important we find him right now, isn't it?"


He smiles and bows
''Thank you master, I assure you only good will come of this''
''E-everyone?! How does she plan to do that? We must find him immediately!''


She giggles.
"Silly, you don't die!
It's quite terrible actually. It might even destroy the whole universe!"
She smiles friendly.

Paran walks in.
"What a nice place you have here."
He bows.
"Master, I can help you in a lot of ways. May we have a conversation in private?"
The master looks at him. "Very well, once I'm done here."

"…she is? That doesn't make sense. We are their food!"

The master shakes his head.
"I'd rather you stay here Spruce."


"Now that's a question, would I die once the universe goes puff?"



Also, poke the green pool.


I nod and rub my head at this 'end of the world' talk, listening closely to all of it.


Maali watches with worry. He wants to say something
''It would be…no problem if I went along, right Paran?''


"Well, we could question Mizeri's word but I'd rather not.

Do you know Morgana's bar? Fata Morgana?"


"An even better question is, if you don't would you wish you did?"

You find yourself coming in in the midst of a conversation

There are some ripples in the pool, but not much more.


The Master scrutinizes you.

"It's a brothel for wealthy customers."


Who's chatting with who?


Everyone's chatting with the Master mostly.


"Would I get a few ponies to play dnd with for all eternity in the featureless white void left behind?"


Well, listen in.


"That's what I thought too, but according to our changeling friend, Morgana's the actual third queen of the triumvirate. That brothel of hers is nothing but a front to harvest emotions from her horny customers. Makes sense when you think about it, no?"


"Hey there, seems like we're all going to die soon if I'm keeping up with this."


"You! Are you aware Nevertitties is looking for you? Where the heck have you been?"


I have…heard of it, but I have never been there myself, no…''
''I would like to stay close to him and just listen, if you do not mind that is, Master''
''really? That is actually good news, now we know where one of the Queens hides. what does a Brothel has to do with a mass genocide? was she hiding there and gathering forces until the moment to strike?''


"Are we?"

"Working. They aren't looking for me, by the way, they are looking for a homeless donkey."


Read on, donk boy.

She laughs.
"What kind of silly loners would play DnD?"

"Morgana…we knew that for a while now. It's still quite absurd to me…I'd never have suspected she was a Queen."



"An orgy can only last so long!"


''Just…Just because I suppose? Is there a problem? He is my brother so I don't see what would be wrong with me listening to anything he would want to talk with you Master. In the Guarira, we share no secrets.''




"It doesn't really have anything to do with it. Apparently Varash and Morgana haven't really done much in the last thousand years. They're not 'relevant' if you ask Mizeri. Nefertiti is the dangerous one.

The three queens aren't as united as they want us to think, but I knew that already."

"Well I didn't know. In any case, Nefertiti isn't the brightest of queens. She's gotten bored of the current state of affairs, so she means to wipe us all out regardless of what her compatriots think about it. She's got the muscle to do it too, I'm thinking."

"If she's willing to kill everyone in this city, a simple coverup like that won't stop her. How many donkeys are there in this hellhole?"


"…So.. I guess if that queen is turning on us, we don't need to go to the red tower after to find out what's wrong."


''Well that is good for us. they are significantly weaker if they do not work together, so we should use that to our advantage while they still do not come to join forces with eachother''
''So she has been gathering forces during all this time! Don't we have something to help against a massive attack like that?''


"I wouldn't worry too much about it."


"I don't think genocide was something we anticipated."

"Oh fuck off. You're one of her last pieces of the puzzle. I'm not going to sit here and do nothing about it. What have you found out exactly?"


"Why are you guys so obsessed with orgies? Don't you know a party with friends is much more fun?"

"If you trust him, there is no reason why you have to fear him talking without you listening in, is there?"

"Perhaps; What's more important is, how is this Nefertiri planning to do this? I doubt the answer will be found in the Red Tower."

"Nefertiri has the largest number of drones of all the Hives as far as we know. But she wouldn't attack alone. The other Hives are quite powerful together and most of the city wouldnt just stand aside as she annihilated all of it. She needs allies."


"Then we need to know what Melville found out that makes him such a threat. That's a good start, isn't it?"


"You mean like, just a threesome?"
Smirk the wrong way and then wave off, moving close to her.
"Tell me more about me."


"So where is the answer going to be found then?"


''True…but still, we must do something to prevent this and quick, before she decides to strike and overwhelm us all''
''No…'' He sighs
''look I just…want to make sure you won't treat him badly…alright?'' He blushes slightly
''It is…not that I do not trust you either but…I want to stay with him for now. I have wandered alone many years looking for one of my tribe and now that I finally did, well…I don't want to leave his side for now'' He Pull Paran into a half hug


"The Master assured me trust is important down here, isn't it? If I told you, you would be a threat too.
Even if I shared secrets like any cleaner shouldn't, I assure you, it has been taken care of."



"Melville, we need to know, what did you find out?" asks the Master.

She smiles.
"You're an arrogant asshole who's waaaaay too overconfident because of some cosmic goof through which you can't die!"

"We need to investigate the Dukes…"

Paran smiles as you hug him.
The Master seems less impressed.
"I'm sure you won't miss him for half an hour if you haven't seen him for years."


"Yes, but tell me the parts I don't know about!"


"We've been over this."


"This isn't just another cleaner job. This is a team job and you signed up for it. You can't take down the triumvirate on your own, in case you were wondering. What kind of intel are you holding back here?"


He sighs "I would a bit I suppose… But are you against me coming along so much? If you want to subject him to any tests to see if he is a spy or a changeling, go ahead. I know that would be impossible, of course"


"Hmmmmm, what can I say without spoiling too much? Oooooh, I know! You see, because you can't die the conventional way, the Laughing One created an unconventional way!"

"Yes, but the matter seems to have gotten a higher priority since then."

"What I want is a one-to-one, I do this with all new recruits, you too. I didn't invite any other ponies when you arrived here, did I?"
the Master seems annoyed by now.


"If I talked to you, that would mean I'd talk to others too."


"I have taken care of it since then. Just give it time."


he lowers his head
''N-no you did not…I'm sorry sir…''


"And that's the shark."


"You can't be serious here, the whole city is about to be turned into minced fucking meat and Melville the Magnanimous here is so far above us all that he doesn't need to participate in the team effort."


"I participate, but you don't listen. I have already taken care of it."


I'm still watching all this unfold for the moment.
"Which of the dukes should we investigate?"


She blows a raspberry.
"Of course not silly. The shark is just a metaphor. Of course, metaphors are quite real around here!"

The Master gives a long look.
"Very well. I'll trust you. Leave it be, Echo."

"I thought so."


"Go to Infinite Justice, I've never trusted him."


"Let's say I don't want to die just yet. What would stop the shark?"


"We both want what's best for Vilitus, after all."


"..And how do you want me to do that?"


Maali nods and gives Paran a worried look before lowering his head, remaining quiet for now


"What the heck does that even mean? How can you be so sure? You know sometimes one person alone can't see the whole picture."

Give him an incredulous look.
"Are you kidding me? So we've just stopped giving a shit about the thing that could allow that bug to kill us all?"


You can't stop the shark.
But you can stop something else.
Everything in here, reflects in the real world. And you know what the shark reflects in real life."


He gives you a look.
"I don't care. I gave you an order. Get it done."

"Let it be."
He gives you a sign to talk about it later.


"Do I?"


"I have been in the dirty business of this city as long as I remember. I trust those who I work for, and work with. You should do the same."

Just nod.


"Alright then."
Hold up my hooves.
"Guess we don't need to worry about one queen anymore then. That was easy."


"If you don't, nothing can save you!"

"Melville, perhaps Spruce can use some of your guidance when investigating Infinite Justice."

"Indeed. Now go to the Warrens and check on the state of the tunnels, I want to know if those spores have spread."


I give him a look of annoyance in return and leave.
I need to pick up a heal kit and two lightning grenades.


"Back in my days books didn't talk back!"



You can go see morning star in the armory.

"They did, you just didn't find any!"

"We need to know what infinite Justice is planning."


"Some details?"


''I…I may come along during the interview if that would help…''


"One of you pesky little books left now."


Grit my teeth.
"So should I tell you when I find out? Or should I keep that to myself too?"


"It seems. Somehow the Duke Infinite might know something relevant about how the genocide is going down?"
Yes, I'll be off to the armory for those please.


"He lives in the Scarab District, he's heavily guarded, I have no idea how to reach him. I'll leave that up to you."

"I gave you an order, Echo."

"You know where it is…"

"If Maali and Spruce want you, so be it."


"You know I know a lots of things I'm not sure I know, Pinkie!"


"We'll need some blueprints first, to see how we can get in then."


"Well your orders don't seem to apply to everyone anymore these days."
Fucking shit.

Go to the damn warrens then. Let's see what those spores are up to. Our engineer better be working on a solution.


"If you can find some then sure."


"Oh come on, I know you've been idle for a while, but don't tell me you've forgot about the Blank!"

Spruce is going off to the Armory to stock up.
"I'm sure you'll find a way."

Morning Star is a saddle-arabian pony standing in front of the armory.
"Ah, Spruce, I've been waiting for somepony to show up. How can I help?"

The Warrens are pretty barren. Those spores aren't going anywhere for now.


He nods
''Thank you, Master''
And prances along with Ambrosia


"Unless the guards can be bribed, but that's doubtful."

Let's go to the Armory, sure.


I had.
"Of course it had to be the blank!
Stupid silly assassin."
Close the book.


"Got anything new?" I ask her in a gruff tone.


Gonna pause here.


''So…Melville was hiding something from us…What you think it might be?''


"I'll find out eventually. Donkeys are just stubborn as heck."


''I heard they are. but what worries me was why the Master was hiding it from us as well…if we are in this together, we should share all the information we could…I can't see how he would benefit from letting us be clueless about important matters like these…'' She sighs
''Perhaps I am not in position to talk myself, I joined recently…But you are here for longer than I have, that is what confused me…I thought the Master trusted you?''


"I'm sure he has some kind of a grand plan in mind, but fuck me if I don't want to just beat the answers out of Melville instead. He's sitting on information we might need, but he doesn't trust us enough to share it. What a load of shit."


He shrugs ''It will come to us in due time, I say don't worry about it, really… So, what have you been doing while I was away? I managed to find one of my tribe with the help of the elemental lords…I will have to go pay my respects and make an offering to thank them when I can''


"Fighting literal shit. Some kind of a turd monster in the sewers roughed me up pretty badly."


He cringes ''Eugh…You could have spared me of the details a little…What were you even doing down there anyways?''


"Running away from some thugs who don't like our engineer very much. We were coming back from a research trip to check what the deal is with these spores."


''and what have you found out?''


"You'll have to ask him for the specifics. He talked about all kinds of technical stuff, but it didn't sound great."


''I'm certain I wouldn't understand none of it anyways…Never have been the technical type…Heck, I barely know most expressions of pony language, nor much about you culture…And I have gone through some embarassing situations because of that'' He sighs


"I'm aware. I'll tell you this for free though, watch yourself out there. Clearly there's shit brewing somewhere and I feel like it's going to start cooking very soon."


''What kind of…uh…shit are you talking about?'' He tilts his head.
''This actually sounds disgusting when I think about it literally…ugh, you ponies have the most odd expressions…''


"This whole Nefertiti thing. She's got some hidden shit in the works. She must have if she plans on tearing this whole city apart on her own."


''Ah, that…I am very confused about this whole matter…Why would she just plain kill everypony? They need food don't they? I would expect some sort of takeover and make everyone a love slave but not killing…Somethins is amiss there…''


"That's what I said to Mizeri. She claims that Nefertiri is sick of the status quo. She wants to start hunting.

There's… rumors about her, you know. That she drinks blood."


''Now that just sounds silly…Changelings only feed on love, don't they?''




''Sooo…where have you been hearing those rumors? because I'm certain they might be nothing more than that…''




''I ought to meet her someday then…how is she?''


Give him a look.


''O-oh…Even more than Phantasm?''


"Depends one where your fears lie."


''Well let's see…I hate spiders, being alone, hailstorms, lighting, drowning, really high places, flying…''


"Yeah, you should probably steer clear of her."


He shivers ''I will make sure to do just that, thank you for the advice…''
He glances at her ''Uh…so, Miss Abrosia…Since we are going to be working together I suppose we should know more about eachother, right? It strenghtens our bonds and build relationships that improve our work interactions and productivity'' he says as if he was quoting that from someone
''So I hope I can become good friends with everyone. you ponies are all for friendship too, right?''


"My past is long behind me. I suggest you put yours behind you as well."


''I thought I already have…but today it came back to me, as you could see…''


"This isn't the best place or time to be holding reunions. You probably shouldn't have brought that fellow in."


''you think so? I thought this would be the best time to gain more allies to help…''


"It's dangerous."


''Dangerous why? we have more numbers and he will be safe here with us''


"I know, but… shit. I don't know. Just be careful with bringing in old friends."


''I worry for him too, but I am certain it will work out, thank you for the worry miss Ambrosia, It's nice to see you care''


"You don't want to lose those old friends. I guess that's what I was trying to say."


"BYE!" says Pinkie as you close the book on her.

"We have a supply of poisons, both lethal and temporary.
I also have a set of experimental smoke bombs that hopefully work against the Changelings."

Amber and Maali
It seems the spores are still not advancing. The Hideout is safe for now.

Paran is walking through the Hideout, exploring.


Don't you fucking call me Amber.

I need to talk to le master man.


What's happening at the hideout? How long was I out?


"Excuse me miss Ambrosia".
He walks up to Paran
"How are you? Is the interview finished? How did it go? What he asked you?" Maali asks quickly, worry clear in his face


He's back in his office, making notes as you come in.

"Oh nothing much, what I was doing in Vilitus, who I am, he's quite a friendly fellow."

You see people are on the edge. And some new dark brown deer has joined the Hideout


"Smoke bombs huh? I'll take one of those and two electric ones."


Hadn't Maali been introduced already?
Approach the Master.
"What did I miss?"


He sighs
"I apologize I was being so…you know… I just haven't seen anyone in so long, gosh I think I really got under the Master skin…" he rubs his neck


"Is this room secure?"


It's not Maali, Maali is talking to him, and a lighter shade.

The Master is in his office with Ambrosia, Whisper is the highest ranking guy around.

He hoofs them to you.
"You know how to use them?"

"Brother, I understand."
He carresses your cheek.
"It is a joy to know that I'm not the only survivor."

"As secure as it can be, only Phantasm knows how to listen in."


"I'm never going anywhere with you ever again."


"What a crowd."
"At least you didn't end up like the pony who ran with the book."


"You just pull the pin and throw?"


"Let's just get the book and us back to base before I burn the thing."


"Phantasm has had to bail, she's fled the hideout and gone dark. She told me… it's just like that time in Trotantium."


"Yes I was too. The Lords told me that there is another one besides you and me… But now I believe I should not worry about it for now.. Besides he or she is not in Vilitius, but I am certain we will be bro together. Well that aside, what do you plan to do now that you are with us? I assume the Master has you informed of our situation right?"


We are back to base
"Already had a chat with the book."


He nods.
"There's a 5 second time delay."

Back at the base now.

Whisper nods.
"I don't like it. Too many new faces."

He's at a loss for words for moment.
"…..did she say anything else?"

"He has. It would be my honor to help you."


"What are those stags here for, anyway?"


"Alright, then, I need a heal kit, and I should get going, The Master is in no mood for games."


"Well I would be comfortable with you coming with me, but if we need help in here with shamanic matters…I suppose it would be the best if you stayed…"


"Ugh, has the day gone on that far already. Well, since I struggled so much to get it, was there anything special learned? Please don't tell me we were pranked and it was just some enchanted child's diary."


"A great deal of things. We were talking about Mizeri and how Phantasm was feeling like we should neutralize her."

Can we say Ambrosia gives him a summary of what went down?


"I'd make you read it, but I'm not sure Pinkie would like that.
Just a big room with a green pool."


"That's all it brought up. Vilitus must have lots of places like that."


"Not anywhere in Vilitus.
It's the place where I go when I die."


"Say…the Master has told me about some spores in the Warrens, could you tell me about them?"

He gets up and starts walking around the room.
"In Trotantium, we were compromised because of a mind reader."

"I don't know.
Two stags and one Changeling in our base.
I sure hope the Master knows what he's doing…"

He hoofs you a kit.
"May I inquire where you are going?"


"Grey Splinter?"


"Let's kill some time until the inevitable betrayal, shall we?
Any new leads came up?"


I stare at you for a bit.

"You have quite a few people and more after you. Just what kind of life have you led?"


"Too many lives."
Grin sheepishly.
"Ever heard of The Blank?"


"Well I examined them carefully but I could not understand much of it, nor hear them, for it seems they are some sort of mix of Plant with machines…"


"Eh, what it could hurt. I'm going to the place of Infinite Justice."


"If you'll explain it properly, I'll go with no, it doesn't exactly ring any chimes."


"It's an assassin. A good one."


"I hope not, she knows more about our operation than anypony…but if it was Grey Splinter, why would Phantasm leave the base, she could tell this to me herself."

"Melville has something to hide. The Master wanted him tracked by Phantasm.
According to Mizeri the Queen Nefertiri is planning to attack the other Queens, but we need to know more about that. The Master has sent Spruce and Melville to interrogate Duke Infinite Justice."

"I know a way for you to get in. The Immortals have a secret passage into his mansion from the sewers. It will lead you to the servants quarters."

"Interesting, do you want to show them to me?"


"Another name on the long list of ponies after you?"


"The only name I care about."
"So what did Phantasm find out?"


''Of course, let me just inform the Master that we will go there, one moment''
He prances to find either the Master or Phantasm


"Perfect, that's one less problem." I nod. "Any other tips?"


"Well, she did say she was going to track down Grey Splinter."


"So is this coming after you, or one you need something else of? More importantly, am I in danger?""


"Nah you are fine."


"And like I said, she said she herself had been 'compromised'."


"And you?"


"She's just been put on the case, we'll have to wait."

You don't need permission for that.
The Master is busy, his office is locked.
Phantasm is nowhere to be found.

"He loves blonde mares and zebra mares. An easy way to get in might be to find one and pretend you're her pimp or something.
You could also try to disguise yourself as one of his staff."

"She herself? What would that mean…I need to reread the files on the Trotantine mission, I must be missing something."


that's good
''Well, we'll have to inform them of that later, come with me''
Take him there


"I will pull through."
"Now, what's the next step?"


"If only everyone was so easy to please.." Then I should go towards the scarab district.


"You seem to have a knack for that. Still, I'm not unfamiliar with their type, and a good worker like you, no matter how much our tastes differ, is hard to come by. Is there anything I can do to help?"


"Track down the wonder hitman and give me a drop on him, for one!"


"Do we have any other mind readers aside from Grey Splinter?

… Doesn't Phantasm have some mind reading skills herself?"


You take him to the glowing spores.
He stares at them intently.
He touches one of them, and some small spores are released.
Paran sneezes.

"We need to find out what Nefertiri is doing. Make the Dukes talk, or find some other way."
He scratches his head.
"Perhaps we should make that Mizeri tell us more."

"There's Grey Splinter, Phantasm has a high degree of skill as well. Perhaps Mizeri but we don't know for sure."

Roll for safe journey



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh Mister Earthbound, you know what terrible things to say. We'll, I'll keep an ear out."


Can't help but smile at that
''are you okay? anyhting you found out about them?''


"I'm gonna guess she will say-"
Make a mocking impression of the changeling queen.
"I neeeeed more streeeeeeghttttt!
Feeeeed me your young oneeeeees!
Smile, take her hoof, and kiss it.
"Much obliged."


"So… if this is like Trotantium where you were compromised by a mind reader and Phantasm is a mind reader herself… well where does that put us? She said she'd been compromised herself."


You make it there quite easily.
There's a lot less ponies here than usual ever since the bombing attack a few days ago.
The Sun is already going down. Soon it will be night.

"I'll need some time for this…"

"She wouldn't betray us.
If she's going dark, that means something got to her. We need to know what. Is it Grey Splinter? Is it Mizeri? I should have her killed."

"She doesn't look too tough now.
I'm sure she'd crack if we really wanted it."


''How much time…what are you planning, brother?''


"Phantasm wanted to kill Mizeri at first. If Mizeri got to her, why would she give her that urge? That makes no sense. I don't think killing Mizeri would help us."


"Well well, even you can show good manners. Now, I should look to our glorious leader for what others tasks need doing. I am more than justva pretty face, as you can now attest to."


Damn, I don't really want to drag a mare into this, so I'll just hop into the sewers and look for the secret entrance. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Care to go pay her a visit?"


"I need peace and quiet to communicate with them. They're agitated for some reason."

"You might be right. But she's hiding something. Just like Melville, and now that Phantasm is gone we can't have her follow Melville. Is he behind this?"

The Master is busy in his office.

You don't need to roll for that. You find it quite easily. You find the corpse of a dead hobo next to it. Seems he was beaten to death.

"I'd love it."


"Oh I feel like I'm about to get an erection.
I will bring the tools."
Trot trot.


"I don't know, what would his motive even be?"


"oh… I… Well, I will leave you in peace… Good luck with that brother, make sure to report to anyone what you find…I'll just see if I can make myself useful…"
Walk away slowly, glance at him one more time before moving back to the hideout.
Anything I can help with?


Poor guy. I could try raising him as a minion.. Nah, I think I should properly practice first, lets go inside the entrance.


You find her in the shadows next to the waterfall.
Her green eyes glow eerily in the shade.
She sniffs the air.
"I smell…anger. Hmmm, I've missed this smell."

You see Earthbound and Whisper trotting to meet Mizeri

"He's a cleaner for hire. Money is his motivation."

You climb up and find yourself in a storage room with food.
There's one door out. You hear sounds behind it.


"Does he have any family?"


"You will get to smell lots of things.
Most of all, you will get to smell bug flesh, cooked on the spot."
Grin in glee and anticipation.


''Mister Earthbound, I have not seen you in a while. do you two need assistance with something'' ask excitedly


is there a crack or a keyhole I can peek through to see who it is?


"Depends, are you good at torturing?"


"Yes, a daughter. She runs an ice-cream shop in the Snake District."

"We want to know what you're hiding, bug." adds Whisper.
"Me? I'm not hiding anything. You hurt one hair on my head and I'll alert all the Queens of your little scheme."
Despite her talk, she seems worried.

You see a kitchen. One mare is cooking with her back to the door.


Raise a hoof ''Aah…no…But…I am good at healing who was tortured so…you could torture them again?''
''I thought you lost connection to your hive?…''


"We won't touch your precious little hairs…"
Drag a large meat hook out of my bag of tools.
"No promises about the rest."
Lick my lips.
Give Whisper his cue.


While the rest go on their trips, I'll see how the Engineer I brought in is doing.


She's too distracted by the meathook of Earthbound to respond.

She backs away against the wall.
But Whisper grabs her and holds her.
"Last chance, tell us!"
"You fools, you're being played against me and you don't even realize it."

He's in his room, working on some machine. But he's sitting in his chair, sweating.


"Hmmm, maybe. Then again, we've already seen he's stubborn about spilling beans to anyone.

Grey Splinter works for Blood Diamond, no?"


Now, calling ponies names isn't nice, is it?
Start talking. What is Nefertiri doing?"


"I knew we asked quite a bit of you, dearie, but there's no need to get so worked up." I pat him on the shoulder and take a look at what he is working on.


watch as the scene unfolds. boy this sure got violent fast!
''What are you talking about? does your queen or any queen knows that you are here?''


"Yes, Hokkaido might be able to talk to her."

"Working to kill you all. I told you that!"
She hisses.

"I was working on the new defenses of the Hideout. When I started feeling ill…"
He's breathing heavily.



"I'll talk to Hokkaido about Grey Splinter then. Where's Whisper? I should ask for his thoughts on this too."


"Not good enough.
There is something you are hiding, little bug, and I can go to extreme lengths to get that out of you."
Run the cold edge of a blade against her belly.
'1d10+4' to extract info+fate point boost.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


''Why are you so nervous about this? even I can see there is something you have not told us…look, this stallion here is willing to hurt you a lot if you do not talk…So please, try to cooperate, I do not want to see you hurt''


Whisper is…fighting with Mizeri?
He's together with Earthbound, trying to get Mizeri to talk, the hard way it seems.

"I…Varash…she knows you're here…" she squeeks.


"And how would that ever have happened!"


"What's going on here?"


"I don't know. I had nothing to do with it!"

Whisper is holding Mizeri in a headlock while Earthbound runs a knife over her belly.
Whisper perks his ears. "…hi!"


"Well then. It seems we have a mole."


"That's not an answer."

I nod.
"Yes we do. I just came to the same conclusion, but without having to threaten our allies."


"Where is the fun in that?"


What time of the day is it?


"It doesn't inspire much in the way of loyalty."


"Prisoners don't usually do that thing. Loyalty.
Bugs even less."


"She's not exactly a prisoner, I'd say."


"Look enough of a prisoner to me!
Cell, bounds, being tortured…"




"We got some answers out of her. Like we should have done a few days ago."
He lets Mizeri go.

Evening has started, the sun is still shining but people are going out to eat.


"Something like that…maybe."


I know it's not the best of ideas, but I will have to visit my daughter.


Shake my head.
"Well great job alienating her."

Look at Misery, how is she doing?


Yes, that might be a good idea…
Roll for safe journey.

She seems unharmed. Seems like she didn't feel like getting her belly slashed by a knife.
She holds to the ground and seems to try to not be seen.
You suddenly feel like giving her a good smack.


"She wasn't exactly cooperative to begin with."


Stick to the lesser routes.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Whoa what? Like an unstoppable urge?

"You're right, but I was working on that."


You've been a long time in this town, and you know the feel of it well. There's always drunks and fights. But this feels different, everypony seems on the edge and rowdy as if everypony could snap at any moment.

Not yet unstoppable.
Just a nice thought that pops in your head. You can disregard it without rolling. Or you can slap her if you want.


"You came in a little too late beauty.
Now, I think I will go have a talk with the master."
Whisper still here?



"This is bad. Something's fishy going on here.



A week ago I could hardly imagine the city getting any worse.
Let's move quickly.


Yeah, he's talking to Ambrosia.
Mizeri is very quiet.

"Hmmm? Yes, there's a mole amongst us! That's pretty fucking fishy indeed."

Something's a brewin', you can feel it in your bones.

You make it to the ice cream shop. There's a bunch of Red Guards here…


"No, there's something else."
Look at Mizeri.
"We're being set up to kill her."


Close the door in the meanwhile.
"Let's not spread the news too far already."


"Are we?"


He perks a brow.
"We are?"

Whisper nods.
"Who knows who it could be…"


"I just fell this weird urge… to hit her. I don't like her, but that's different.

… Phantasm had that same urge. Shit! Phantasm wanted to kill her but couldn't explain why."


Whisper looks again at Mizeri.
"Hmmm, it's not like me to just start wanting to beat her like this…"


Red Guards?


"How many things can get into a pony's mind?"


"Yeah exactly. This is a serious security breach."

"Well there's mind readers. Grey Splinter being one. Phantasm too I think. And Mizeri here as well I suspect."
Look at the bug.
"Hey, are you alright?"


Can I feel the same urge too?
"That's… Rather odd, do you have any idea what might be causing this? Or who, rather… Also… A mole? What does that mean?"


They're the guardians of the Snake District.
A bit like the police.

She hisses, flaps her wings and sits on a higher ledge.
"I'll feel a lot better here. And once those two are gone."


Walk past them, into the shop.


"Miss, are you sure you will be alright? I can deal with any serious injuries if you let me" says the overly worried deer


"Whisper, I think we should go talk somewhere in private."


Two bloodied Griffons are led outside.
You see your daughter at the bar.

"I'm fine!"

He nods.
Private place initiated.


"We have plenty mind readers. Why has none of them caught on yet?"


Glance at them, but approach my daughter.


"please let me at least make sure!" he insisted


"What if it's not a mind reader but something else? There's many ways to influence a ponies mind…"

She seems pretty pissed off.
She angrily looks at the leaving Griffons even while she walks over and gives you a kiss on the cheek


"Something giving you trouble, hun?"


I guess I'll just go listen with Earthbound


We are not even in the same place, and for character reasons you are THE LAST person I'd bring along.
"No, you don't get me.
We have plenty of mind readers, why haven't they found our mole?"


She snorts.
She flies back down.

"Good question. Phantasm should've been keeping track of that…where is she anyway?"

"Those two stupid griffons started fighting out of nowhere, scared all the customers away…"


I'm pretty sure Maali tagged along with you and whisper and offered to help


"You know what people are like nowadays. Jumpy."


"Alright, let me see your belly now.."


Yes, during the interrogation.
Now me and Whisper are discussing alone. In a different room.
"Haven't seen the girl in a while, thought you had her on Melville's back?"


"She should have been, but she usually keeps one of her doubles in the base. I'd have expected her to slither in by now."

She grumpily shows it.

"I hope they beat each other to pieces in the dungeon…"


Take a deep breath.
"All that aside, I need to speak with you. In private."


"Well then. We found our culprit."


Whisper is silent for a few seconds.

She perks her ears.
"Dad? What's wrong?"


"Good… Now hold on"
'1d10' natural remedy
"I apologize on Earthbound's and Whisper's behalf…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Glance at the door.
"Want to close up?"


She's not damaged it seems.
"I doubt they're sorry."

She nods.
And starts closing up the place early.
"Now tell me what's going?" she says once the ponies are gone "You're making me worried…"


"they're possibly not, but I'm certain they were scared… I am scared too… Something big is coming and we might not be able to do anything about it…"


"I'm talking nonsense.
She is in a favorable position thanks to her abilities, but she'd not know we are onto her unless she was watching…
Rather, someone else might have been found out and has taken care of her."


Sit down at one of the tables.
"I want you to leave this city."


"They're not entirely in control of their own thoughts anymore."


Earthbound and Whisper have gone somewhere private. You too?

"That's unfortunate. But no reason to treat me like this."

"Phantasm is hardcore, you have no idea. If somepony took care of her, we should be scared."

She laughs.
"Dad? What are you saying?"

"Are they not? How curious…"


Be stern.
"I'm serious."


"It isn't, but they wouldn't listen to either of us if we said anything about it…
Will you need anything before I leave?"


"Somepony is messing with our minds. I just had the urge to punch you. That's why I still have trust left in you, because clearly you wouldn't mindfuck us into hurting or even killing you. That's nonsensical."


"You should, yes. I might have to pack.
First lead would be Melville."


She stares a long time at you before she speaks again.
"This reminds me of something. Do you know how I managed to defeat the Hives?"

"Yes, actually…I'm very hungry…"

Her smile fades.
"…wait. What? Why? Are we in trouble?"

"Yes, I wonder where he went…"


"Refresh my mind if you please."


"I concocted a gas, something that confused the drones. It made them fight amongst each other rather than fight me."
She looks at you.
"How odd that now ponies are fighting amongst each other why they should be fighting the Hives…"


Whisper a curse
"Well… Uh… Then how do I?… I am sort of new. Never did this before…"


"Guess it's time I pay him a visit."
Smirk, sliding off the wall.


"No. But the city is, and I don't want you to be here when it goes down. Those gryphons? Things like that are only going to get more common."


"Very coincidental… Do you think one of the Queens knows where we are and deployed it?"


"You just lay back and let me do the work~"

She looks concerned now.
"Dad…what's going to happen? "

"Varash knows you're here…but she wouldn't use it against you. No, I have no idea if it's here."
She sniffs the air.
"I don't smell any gas either, perhaps Nefertiri or Morgana have found a new way to spread it…"

"Good luck…"


Stomp a hoof.
"Fucking Varash knows were here!? How!?"


"Do you know where he was supposed to go?"


"Just… Please um… Gently… Okay?"


"I already told your friends, I do not know how she did. But it's only been recently, since yesterday."

"I thought he was going with Spruce to the Scarab District. But I saw them leaving seperately."

She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Relax, I'm a professional~ Perhaps it would be less scary if I looked like a deer?"


"Guess that's a place to start."

Off to the scarab district.


"Well fuck my ass. That's perfect."
Stomp a hoof.

I need to go speak to Whisper right away. Actually, go collect Sickle first.


"I… Suppose so"
I start feeling hot as the blood rises to my cheeks


"Does it matter?"


Sickle is with Morning Star again.

Roll for safe passage.

"Tell me…a doe or a buck?"

"What? Yes, it matters. You're asking me to give up my life's work here. I don't care you never talk about what happens at the Water Network, but this? I can't just pack up and leave…."



Roll #1 9 = 9


Tap on her shoulder.
"There's work to be done. Fuck my prescribed rest."


"Yes you can. You can start a life elsewhere. Not if you die in some dumb riot here."


Poor deer is red like a tomato now
"Ah… B.. Buck…P-please"


perhaps I can sneak by her.
'1d10+4' stealth and a fate point to be sure,

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


No problems.
The Scarab District is less crowded than usual, perhaps the bombing you prevented a few days ago has something to do with that.

"Huh? What's the rush?"

"But…what about you? Are you coming as well…"

She flashes into a manly dark brown buck with a large antlers.
His green eyes shine as he pulls you closer to him.

You sneakitty sneak like a cat by her. You're in the house proper now. You hear one of the servants talking further down the hall to somepony. They're coming this way!


"Not yet."


Ask merchants on the street if they saw any donkeys pass by.


"I'll tell you once we find Whisper."
Where's that beautiful husband horse?


Can I duck into a room nearby to wait for them to pass by?


Let out an eep in surprise
"Mi… Mizeri…" look up at
The Buck, waiting for her/his next move


"Then I'm not leaving yet either."

No, but some guards have been looking for a donkey as well.

He's back at the waterfall.
"Ambrosia? Earthbound is looking for Melville. He thinks he's the mole."

Yup, don't roll a 1 and you do it!

"Don't be so nervous" he says with a deep voice. As he leans in to kiss you.


"I wasn't asking you."


'1d10' hooves crossed.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That's possible.

Listen, I just spoke to Mizeri some more. She says that back when she rebelled against the queens, she used a sort of gas to turn the drones against each other. She feels like something similar might be happening to us right now."
Look at Sickle.
"Have you felt any strange violent desires recently?"


Of all things to be expected, I was not expecting to end up in this situation
Well, I just have to imagine it's not a changeling, but a handsome Buck
It won't be so bad
Close my eyes and kiss her-err HIM!


Dr. Z

Your last post was here.

You had just discovered that a certain Dr. Rice Curry has been taken away by the Red Tower. You theorized he has been forced to help the Changelings create some form of energy weapon or device. Meanwhile the Energy Core you found was going to be stored in the Vault of the base to avoid any accidents.


Well I'm kinda lost. Not like I have ways to look around.


After that I asked The Master if there was anything else to take care of, and he said he'd brief me once others had reported back.


You clearly lost his trail.

Yup, he also asked if you could ask Mizeri about it.
Or you could go to Whisper and ask him for an update.

It's a sensual deep kiss.
But suddenly you feel something tugging at you.
All happiness and love leaves you and when the kiss is over you feel empty.

"…yes, you could say that…"

You jump into the room.
You see Morgana passing by with two young pretty mares.
The servant guides her, assuring her she's more than welcome and that Infinite Justice is more than happy to see her even so unexpectedly.

She looks at you…
"….Just what's going on? please tell me…"


"Elaborate then."


The bug still makes me uneasy. I'll talk to Whisper instead. What's that horse up to?


"Don't you feel it? This city has been awful since it was built, and since then the crap just kept piling. Now it is about to topple and fall over."


Time to go drinking then. My favorite joint should be here.


Squint a little, making a slightly displeased, weirded out face
"That… Was a little… Draining"
I put a hoof in my chest
"Are you at least satisfied?"


..Well this just very interesting.
wait just a little bit and then follow them. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


She licks her lips.

Even the party hole is empty. You wonder what's going on.
Only the Janitor is here."

"I've never been so…happy to torture a bug."

He's talking to Ambrosia.
Bump in?

"Y-you think so? It's been standing for a long time…"

You bump into a vase.
Roll to quickly hide. This will need a good roll.


I'll just approach and listen in.


They're talking about torturing a certain bug.


"What about you Sickle?"


"All things fall eventually."


'1d10+4' this is what a fate point is made for, lets hide.

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


"What is it, straight edge day?"


Shiver again
"Y-you are welcome… Is it… Normal to feel like this? I feel all sad inside…"


"I haven't felt anything lately…but I have noticed the town is getting more rowdy than usual…."

"But…how would I leave?"

You disappear.
Morgana looks around…
"Odd…" but she eventually keeps moving.

"No…this is no time for laughs. Storm's coming, son."

"It will pass in a bit."


"That bad?"


"You hire some guards, get a wagon and someone to pull it, pack up, and find a better home somewhere else."


"Listen, I think we do have a mole among us. Phantasm has gone dark because she felt like somepony got to her mind. She's investigating Grey Splinter in the meantime, which seams like a good suspect.

And if that fucking bitch is a mole, Blood Diamond might be too. And if Blood Diamond is a mole, Hokkaido could be too."


"bleuhgh…" Hold my tummy
"I will… Be have to go. .. I just need to eat something, excuse me"
"Oh yes… Before I go, just a question… How did It… How did I, taste?"



Whisper perks his ears and looks around.
"Dr Z?"

"Aye, laughs are over now.
That's how it goes. Sometimes you laugh at the joke, sometimes the joke's on you."

She sniffles. "Will you come too?"

"Very very sweet~"


"He wanted me to fill you in on my findings, but don't let me interrupt you."


Turn to you.
"Your findings?"


"Hah… That's flattering…" I Laugh weakly
Time to get a little food before going to see how I can be useful
Maybe someone needed medical or shamanic assistance…
If not, I could go thank the fire lords for showing me the way to my soul-Brother


"So he's coming here?"


"Who? Him or the Blank?"

You hear the engineer has gotten sick. Hokkaido is caring for him.

Whisper perks a brow.
"Findings? About the Energy Core?"


That was way too close, I'll have to risk staying farther behind to follow her.
'1d10' try again..

Roll #1 3 = 3


Might be good!
Munch on a snack on my way to finding our Engineer


"Yes, a bit. We can now explain the death surrounding these Black Lemarian artifacts and I have some ideas about what ours might be capable of. Beyond that, a new lead pointing to the triumvirate again. All roads lead to the Red Tower it would seem. My gut tells me that this project they've hijacked is either their weak point, or a weapon they want to control for themselves."


"The Blank. Who'd Him be otherwise?"


"Project? Please remind me, it's starting to all blend together."


You manage to stay behind them, until they go into a room. You could listen at the door or try to find some other way to listen in.

He's breathing hard and sweating profusely.

"Project? I believe the Master told me about this Rice Curry who could make a weapon out of these Energy Cores? You're saying the Red Tower has him?"

He points up.


Look up.


There's a bunch of smiles drawn on the ceiling.


"Whisper has it right. Maybe I don't need to brief you after all, it seems you have the important bits, anyway. You don't really need to know all the science behind how it works."


"Oh that sounds like a big shitter.

But this weapon, is it being built by the Triumvirate collectively? Or is it a secret pet project by one of the queens?"


"How are you feeling? You don't look well… Do you know what might have caused this to you?" I ask while getting a good look on him, avoiding doing anything until I hopefully know what happened to him


Is there a room next to this one?


"…I guess today the last laugh's on him."
Turn tail and shuffle away, back into the day.


Yup, but it's locked.
You don't hear anything inside though.

"I…I was working on my machine."
He points to a half finished machine in the room.

"When you get the last book…come back here."

"I'm not too good in the science anyway…this day just keeps getting worse."


Nod towards the janitor.
"In case I didn't make it back…
I will have somepony else bring the other two."


"Look, Varash must have some crazy shit up her sleeves if she plans on killing everyone in the city without the help of the other two hives.



Carefully approach it
"Tell me, what was the purpose of that machine?"


"Yes, well, with regards to just what is being done with Rice Curry and his work – that is where research ends and espionage begins. I don't have eyes on the inside of the Red Tower, but I presume you cloak and dagger sorts can manage that? I should think this will be important in dealing with the powers that be. As far as we know, Curry has been gone for two years now – and we have no idea how far his theories may have transmuted into realities."


"I think Spruce had some intel on the Red Tower as well. Not an easy place to breach though. I think we'll need to talk to the Master about this first."


"You'll be back…one way or another."

Whisper shakes his head.
"We should act now. If Phantasm is gone, we'll have to breach Red Tower ourselves, tonight. We can wait however until Spruce or Earthbound are back?"

"It was…to keep..out…those sporess."


Shake my head, leaving for real.
"See you old man."
Now. Where could I find this killer trying to hunt me down?

I guess I'd do best to return to base.


Simple, he'll come for you…when you least expect it.

You see Ambrosia, Dr. Z and Whisper talking to each other.


"Was that a question? I wouldn't know how long they'll be gone."


"I couldn't find Melville."


''Ah…Again with those spores…I must talk to my brother about this…But first, let me see if I can help you, take a deep breath…''
'1d10' natural remedy pls pls

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yeah, that's probably our best bet. How fucking fast this all went downhill…"

"Well, we're going to the Red Tower tonight. Are you good at sneaking?"


"Not as good as I am at dancing, I'm afraid."


"Let us prepare then. Red Tower awaits…."

He starts to regain some color. "T-thank you…"


Feel free to faff and tell each other goodbye.


"Do you know where Spruce is?"

"Should we inform the Master?"


"Not at all. Why the assault to Red Tower?"


"Not going to assault it. Just see what kind of secrets it holds. Grey Splinter was reported to go there at times. I feel like we may get some answers by paying it a visit."


"So be it.
I guess this is not a good moment to reveal I have a legendary assassin after me, right?"


"Oh for fuck's sake. What?"


'1d10+2' rolling to unlock it

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

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