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V2 doc: http://goo.gl/g7yYQK

Another day dawns in Vilitus.
Some of you have been busy tonight, interrogating Myziri.
The summary of that interrogation has been distributed amongst all of you.
Report: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v13cbjLSup4VAX1v0_txBl39Li-OW6OoISRmrVLnHNc/edit?usp=sharing

The Master has called a meeting in the War Room in half an hour.
If you want to ask Myziri some more questions, she's in the Vault.
If not, we can timeskip immediately to the meeting.


I'm fine with skipping.

If someone isn't, I'll talk to Misery.


I have a question.
"You said that the Nefertiri stopped drinking blood. Why is that?"


Well, okay then.
"Did this Morgana name you or what? What makes you so different in terms of powers?"


No, I'm goof.


"I have no idea. I was not born at the time.
It is my suspicion that Morgana pressured them into it when the Triumvirate was founded.
Bad for your image if ponies hear the Triumvirate is slaughtering ponies and drinking blood."

"My name was chosen by the collective hivemind.
Do you mean different in powers compared to Morgana?"


I'm good


Maali waits at the war room…


"I see, and hive members normally can't act on their own?"


"Yes and no.
How should I explain it…
The higher up in the rank you are, the more…personality one has.
For example the Queen is part of the Hive, but she also has her own personality and can act on her own, and issue orders on her own, as is her duty.
A captain is a bit more bound but still has his own personality and can offer his own input, same with Ladies. We cannot directly disobey orders, but we can offer input on it.
Overseers are lower but they usually have a bit of freedom in the practical application of the orders. For example, a Queen can order to take care of a rogue organization in the City, and the Overseer decides whether its best to send Infiltrators and take them down from within, or gather a force of Warrior drones to attack directly.
Drones have the least personality, but theirs is a bit colored by their Queen as well. Morgana's drones are very quiet, Nefertiri's savage."




Okay seems no more questions.


"Hmm I see.. Thank you for explaining that."







You gather in the War Room.
Nightshade, Whisper, Phantasm and the Master are there.
"Good, you're all in time.
I assume everypony has read the report."



But I asked one…


''I-I can't read…'' He said blushing
''B-but I asked somepony to read it for me…''


"I did. Whoever wrote it has really nice hoofwriting."


"Of course. It's hard to pass up information like this."


Missed that. Lemme retroactively answer that.
"I am somewhat weaker in terms of raw magical power. The ascendance to Queen strengthens a Changeling significantly.
But Morgana's strength lays in subterfuge.
I believe I know more than her about magic, I've studied with Varash after all."


"Yes Sir."


"That's unfortunate. I'll keep it in mind."

"Before we start, any first comments, things you'd like to bring up?"


"Does the fact that she has to learn everything from ponies frustrate her?"


"I don't think Varash really cares where she learns things from. As long as she has it.
She raided magical academies for years before the Triumvirate."


"I'll hold my tongue until we get through this meeting."


''I will attempt to educate myself in reading
I apologize for that.
I should have known it would be needed'' He said in shame
''Of course,only in my free time. I will still be putting all my efforts in any mission I am assigned to''


"Bugs having to take everything from others because they're too stupid to do anything themselves, what a surprise."


Just sit silently.



"Changelings aren't known for their civilization to say the least."

"Now, the first issue I'd like to discuss is Myziri's request to be allowed to roam the Hideout."


"You're the boss. I'm not going to argue whatever decision you have on that."


"I take it you have an idea on how to prevent escape or outside communication?"


''Yes…That is a complicated matter…
Maybe we could allow it…But only if we have someone to watch her at all times.
We can still get very useful information with her,and she seems…Cooperative…'' He said a bit more serious


"Well she can't really get out, can she?"


"Considering what I saw in the basement of the party. I believe that Nefertiri may have gone back on the agreement to not drink blood."


"The Hideout was designed to prevent outside intrusion. Getting out would be relatively easy if she's allowed to go everywhere in the Hideout and I don't really want to assign somepony to watch her constantly, there's enough work already."

"My main concern is her escaping. I don't trust her."

"Yes, that's disturbing to say the least.
I wonder what the implications are of this in the Triumvirate power structure."

"I fear it wouldn't be too hard if she was motivated.
The defenses are primed to prevent intrusion. We can lock down our defenses but then we wouldn't be able to leave ourselves."

"She does. But I don't trust her."


"What of the crystal we used to investigate other potential hires? Could she have to keep that on, that way everyone would know what she is and keep an eye on her? That way, even if she escapes, some citizne is likely to take care of her for us."


"I think its worth looking into, if we can turn them against their warriors, that would be a huge step forward."

"As for Mizzy, perhaps we would be able to give her the run of a single building, and lock it from the outside?"


"Put her on a leash then."


''I do not either…But if we keep constant vigilance in some way,she wouldn't dare to do anything,unless she were really,really bold…''
He thinks for a moment.
''I still think we should assign at least someone to watch over her,honestly,would be a very effective way…And if the watcher is required,he can take her along…Or have someone else watch her''


"Really? If she's honest about her wanting revenge, she has no reason to escape. If she isn't honest, I doubt escaping would be a wise move considering she could feed the queens information about our operation."


"That would work, it might prevent her to escape.
If she's crazy enough to do it however, if a citizen reports her to the Triumvirate we'd be in trouble."

Nightshade chuckles.

"Mmm, yes perhaps."

"I could assign Phantasm to watch her for a few days….but not much more."

"I don't doubt she wants revenge…but still she's a Changeling. She's an enemy. I don't like an unknown factor within our base of operations."


Smirk at her for a second, but then go back to looking srsly at the Master.


"If you don't doubt she wants revenge, then there's really no problem now is there? Bug wants to take down the queens? Fine by me. I don't think she'll find anyone else with any chances of doing it and I'm pretty sure she knows that."


"Give her the crystal and have Phantasm watch her. We can have someone assigned to check on her periodically afterwards. This way, some of the staff are likely to just watch her for us."


"I doubt she'd betray us at this time. Maybe if things changed, so would her opinions."


''No…Miss Phamtasm work here is much more important than most others
I offer myself to watch over her…If you allow me Sir…
I am simply a medic,I can quickly do my work and continue to watch over her
And if she tries to escape,I can summon roots or something else to tie her down with absolutely zero chances of escaping.''
''How's that?''


"She was locked up alone for centuries, I'm surprised she hasn't gone insane."


"You are a field agent. You're not spending every day here locked inside."

"Strange times make for strange bedfellows then. We'll allow her some freedom for now.
Phantasm can look over her without her knowing, then we'll find any deception quicker. Whisper, could you bring Myziri here?"
Whisper walks out and returns with Myziri.
The Master coughs. "We have decided to allow you to walk freely in the Hideout."
Myziri smiles. "Thank you, Master."


"Within reason. I don't want to see you skittering around in my quarters. If any of my stuff disappears, your face will disappear, got it?"


"This will be an experience. A Changeling walking amongst us like this…"

"We're fairly well stocked here, I doubt anyone will need to take your things."


"Of course, I'm not a thief."

The Master continues.
"Now it is time for your part of the agreement.
I want your expertise on how to take down the Triumvirate."
Myziri nods.
"Good, before we start, how big is your army?"


"I…I understand sir…" he said bowing his head.
He then turned to Myziri
"Hello,it is a pleasure.
If you are honestly on our side,then I hope we can be good friends. I have always been fascinated with your kind…"


I smirk.
"Shush, Gemeyes. Let me have my fun."

Give her a pointed look.
"What, is that below you? Are you insulting me right now?"


"Just going to the meat of the matter, aren't we. Oh, and if you can, Miziri, do you know of any other special projects that were going on?"

"Oh, you can see them from there? I mean, of course, haha…"


"We're not really going with the 'army' approach."


"Miss Ambrosia please calm down…I'm sure any pony would honored to steal your personal belongings…"
He then stopped.
"Wait…What did I just said?"


face hoof at this whole conversation.


"They're twinkly."

"I'm talking about thieving in general. But you better keep your hooves off of my stuff as well, antlers."


"I'm sure there is much we can learn from each other."

"I don't know, do you steal things from here?"

"I can call in a limited military force. But that would be a last option, we are not prepared for a long siege. What you see here is what we have."
Myziri thinks for a minute.
"I see, then this might be a little more complicated.
But not impossible, the idea would be to take out the lesser ranks first before we engage the Queens."


"I-I wouldn't dream of it miss-A-Antlers!?" he says indignated. "W-what is wrong with my antlers?" as he says that,a small leaf feel from his tree-like antlers. Fluttering slowly into the table…


"Wouldn't that get their attention and make them paranoid?"


"Only the occasional kiss from Whisper."

"Nothing. They're very pretty, don't worry."


"I know of a bar we might be able to start at, but do you know of other operations we can attack?"


he nods to her.
"Yes…Yes I am sure…
By the way…What happens to the other changelings if their queen die…
And what will happen to you?…" he said with a hint of worry…


he said touching them lightly.
"Thank you…"


"You make it sound so simple."


Read all posts, since you're all listening to this.


"Yes, that's what would make it more complex. We'd have to strike hard and fast.
You see, the hivemind means that all information of the entire hive becomes known to every member of the Hive.
But that doesn't mean it's instantaneous.
Not even the Queen could handle the information of a thousand drones thoughts, sights, hearing at once. So the information is filtered.
From the drones to the Overseer, who then decides what is important what not and sends it up through. This all happens instinctual till the most important information requiring the attention of the Queen is left. A Queen knows all her hive does, but if her focus is elsewhere we could surprise her.
And if the lower ranks are dead, then she would have to deal with all that unfiltered information herself, making her weaker until new Overseers can be spawned."

She sniffles.

"They will become leaderless until a new Lady-In-Waiting ascends. Therefore it would be good to have them killed first as well. The Hive will tear itself apart afterwards."

"It would not be simple at all.
A hit should be fast and quick, it would be imperative that while they'll know they're being attacked, that they don't know by who.
Secondly, we'd have to incite things in the City, something that would distract the Queens attention in the City. Like riots, unrest,… if the Queens have only us to focus on, they'll find us, no doubt."

"I will scour the hivemind of Morgana. A moment please."


>she sniffles
She sniffs


"So what you are saying is we should try to flood them with useless information so their system turns against them?"


"What? I know you like it. You begged for it."

"Anyway, you're saying we'd need to overwhelm the queens with information?"


"Oh, this will be interesting."


"Sounds like we'll need to take advantage of the city's population for this."


Myziri's eyes roll back for a few seconds as she scours the hivemind. She turns back normal but seems very weary.

"Yes. As long as the hierarchy exists, the Hive is strong. If we can take out vital elements like the Captain and the Ladies first, the Queen will become vulnerable.
Combined with other unrest in the City, they won't be able to react anymore."

She sighs.
"Morgana's attention is currently fixed upon the Scarab District. She has sent Overseers there to observe the Temple of the Elements. If you can kill them, it would be a start.
The Hivemind believes the Scarab District is on the verge of infighting.
If we could somehow trigger a riot there, it would distract the Queen enough to have the disappearance of her Overseers go unnoticed."
She sighs.
"I do not feel powerful enough to scour the other hiveminds yet…I need time to gather my strength…and feed."

"Precisely. The City is a delicate balance, a push at the right place and fighting will happen."


Not seeing how he could contribute much to the conversation,Maali remained quiet.
Watching The changeling.
Another leaf fluttering from his antlers to the floor


"How often do you need to be fed?"
I blow the leaves off the table onto the floor.


"Wait…Feed?Does that means you will need love?" he asked afraid

>Late post is late


"Might I suggest we take down two problems with one stone? We could bait the members of the warring faiths into doing the deed for us. We're clear if anything goes wrong, and we'll gain some trusts with them."


"Master, what's the current population of Vilitus?"
Look at Misery.
"And what's the current changeling count?"


"Every day…perhaps more if you want me to scour the other hiveminds faster."

"Love, affection, happiness it all works. I hate bad emotions however. That's more something for Harvesters to toy with."

"I believe that could work if you pull it off.
I do remember Varash was very active in a Vilitian Cult named the Circle of Mages.
As for Nefertiri, she'd be busy in the Leviathan District or Crocodile."
Lightning Swift was part of that!

"We don't have accurate numbers.
I believe 100000 wouldn not be far from the truth."
Myziri answers "Morgana…around 7000 drones in total. Varash, I don't know now, but she never had much, perhaps 1000? Nefertiri, at least 20000 if not more. She was always a breeder."


He turns to her
"B-by the way,I never really ask this to anypony but…You think they are being well kept?" he said motioning to his antlers
"I-I was trying to take good care of them…But I'm not sure…"


"Looks like we'll have our work cut out for us. Each of those is a valuable asset we could gain and remove from them."

"A question, though. How familiar are you with their practices?"


And how are we going to get to feed you?…"
he covers his mouth with his hoof.
"A-a…A hundred thousand?…Dear Gaia that is a big number…"


"Would you say Nefertiri will be the easiest to overwhelm then?"


"Yeah yeah, they're very pretty. Don't you worry, we're not running a beauty contest here."


"That's a lot of bugs."


"Of the Triumvirate?"

"It's easy. You won't feel a thing."

"Her, yes. Her Captain and troops are probably the hardest ones to beat in a fight however."


"Of that group you mentioned, the Circle of Mages. What else do you know of them?"


"Don't worry about it Maali. No one is going to force you to feed her."
I say in an effort to comfort the silly deer.


"These are not for something so superficial!
They are to be planted on the land,to grow strong.
I-I just wanted to know if they seemed healthy,thats all…"


"B-but I d-dont want to-"
He turns to Spruce.
"O-okay…t-the thougth hust scared me a bit…
But since she is saying it is painless…"


"And Varash?"

"Sure they do. I'm not an antler expert."


"We should think of something that is not fighting then."


"They were a secretive group controlling the Arachnia District…three centuries ago. I have no idea what they're up to now."

"She wasn't too though…three centuries ago.
Her Hive is weird….she experiments with magic and strange evolutionary strains in her drones. I don't know what she did until I can scour her hivemind."


"You're the experts."


"You don't have to worry about it, there are plenty of us here."


"We'll figure it out."


"Ah…Ok…I need to plant those soon…"


"How about we try to take their food supply?
That would certainly make them desperately hungry."


"It's not much, but I might have an in on them. Dealing with the Circle might give us a way to attack Varash as well."


"Alright then Sunshine, keep us informed."

"The circle? Smells like unicorn."


"No,no its okay…I was just worried…Silly thoughts.Like if you consumed ALL of my love and I wouldn't be able to ever love again…"


"The City is their food supply."

The Master looks all of you over.
"I see.
It seems prudent we act quickly then.
Melville, Ambrosia, Maali, I would like you to go over to the Scarab District, see if you can find out why they're watching the Temple of Elements. If you can find a way to kill them undetected, do so."

"Spruce and Ruby, I'd like you to look into this Circle of Mages, but don't take too many chances yet. We need information first."


"Most likely. Ms. Swift was amongst them before joining our ranks. She suffers from a particular case of 'memory loss' pertaining to them. That alone should give you an idea of what we'll be engaging with."





"As you wish."


>Myziri added to Hideout NPCs.
Find her near the Waterfall when you feel like talking.

The Master nods.
"Me and Phantasm will contact some of our informants, see if we can't learn more about Nefertiri.
Whisper will be in charge here while we're away."


I'm here if there are simple orders to follow.


He cringes a bit at the killing part
"Certainly master…" he said with a bow


>finding and killing Changeling Overseers undetected
>finding information about the Circle of Mages


Blow a kiss at Whisper.

"Sickle, ready for action?"




Note the undetected part though.
Preferably while there's some unrest going on.

You're with Melville, Maali and Ambrosia.

"Let's show these bugs what we're all about."


"Anyhting else we should take care of that's a pressing matter?"


"Not…wait…if there are Overseers there, there might be collaborators as well.
If they carry Triumvirate Intelligence papers, recover them."


"You got them."


"What's that?"


"Killing, of course."

The Master nods and wanders off.

Leave when ready.


"Understood sir
We depart immediately I assume…"


I'll just nod to the others and leave as well.


"Right, bug control."
I'm ready.


"Ready to go."


He follows Ambrosia and Melville
"So…Who will be the leader in this group?"


Following that shiny pone.


"Do you want to be?"


he laughed
"Certainly not…I am but the medic
Honestly,it should be you"


"I have something to let you know about. Lightning Swift, the Mage we recruited, was formerly in that group. Unfortunately, her memory has been wiped. I'd like to let you know before we go further, and whether we should let her know now or gather information first."


"Okay listen up, here's the plan. Ambrosia, you pretty me up and make unrecognizable.
We figure out who the overseers are.
I go jihad on their asses, blowing up in that pretty new face of mine, and you finish any collaborator in the following panic."


Once you leave the Hideout in group, I'll hhave you roll for travel.


"Let's just scout out the place first. The master mentioned documents and we don't want those getting blown up if they're there."


"And I assume I will be in the back,healing and clapping my hooves while I praise your handsomeness,yes?"
he asked sarcastically


"Oh no, don't need that."


"If she doesn't remember, I doubt she has anything to tell us."


"Okay then. But be careful with whatever you tell her. I've been warned that it could trigger undesirable reactions in her."


Okay, if Melville, Maali, Ambrosia, Earthbound are ready to leave, roll 1d10

If Spruce/ruby want to talk to Lightning first, you don't have to roll yet.



Roll #1 4 = 4




Born and died ready.
Pack explosives

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'd recommend letting her know. Even vague hints could have a use."


This is gonna be a bad roll

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sure, lets go see her then."
To lightning.


24/40 => 6/10
Uneventful crossing.

You all make your way to the Scarab District. It's not as busy as usual, there's a distinct tension in the air.
The temple of elements is a series of monoliths placed in a circle.
The Shrines of the Elemental Lords are there and a tree symbolizing Mother Nature in the middle.

Lightning is in one of the houses. As you come in you find her pouring salt on the ground in intricate patterns.
"Watch out, don't step on the salt."


"We'll be careful. We came here about an important duty we've been given. Is this a good time? I'm not interrupting something dangerous?"


Maali stops for a moment the tree
"That is so beautiful don't you think?" he asked the party


Stop and look around, eye up the people/ponies wandering around.


Okay, let's do this laughter's way. Close my eyes, spin around, and walk in the way she leds me.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Might as well do the unconspicious thing and watch the tree from up close.
"Beautiful, isn't it, Sickle?"


Stop outside the salt.
"what are you making?"


"That's fine, just don't step in the salt.
I'm trying to summon one of the Genii of the Astral Plane here. If that salt isn't placed right, it might escape.
So, what kind of duty are we talking about?"

There are not too many, but you don't notice anything special at first glance.
Roll for perception.

You bump straight into a saddle-arabian pony. He seems irritated. "HEY, watch where you're going!"

"I think it could use a bit of water." offers Sickle.


"That's what I said" he chuckle before going closer
"Hello there friend,are you feeling well?" he asked the tree
(Yes Maali talks to trees,crazy huh?)


"I can't!"
Keep my eyes closed, and look irritated as well.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Keen senses.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Most of Vilitus could."

Not really if you're familiar with shamans.


"At minimum my dear, to locate it and learn what we can about them. I wanted to let you know in case your memory has come back or if you remember anything about it."


"Sounds risky.." Let ruby take the lead on this.


The tree assumes a dignified silence.

"Just let it go, Vine. We have to hurry."
The two Saddle-Arabian ponies walk off.
You keep walking.

There's a few ponies out of place here.
An armored pony looking over the crowd, a hayburger sales pony, two saddle-arabian ponies running towards the side of the temple and a cabbage merchant. But who could it be?"

"I could."

"Hmm, the Circle of Mages…I know bits and pieces…I think I could help. They tend to meet near Arachnia's Haunt. But you'd have to be careful not to get spotted."



Time to open my eyes again
Follow them. From a distance.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'll assume they have Arcane security measures, so if you want to come, that might be a good thing. Leave dealing with any guards ponies to us."


"It's not as easy as that.
They live apart in their own homes and towers.
I know Glowing Tear and Creaking Bone are two of them. We could try to go to their houses."

The two Saddle-Arabian ponies walk into an alley next to the Temple of the Elements look around, quickly drop a bag and walk away again.


Remind me… where are we, having departed the ruins?


Hmm… Hayburgers? Here?


"That's the best lead we have. Take us there, if you can. And if you start to feel weird, just let us know. Neither of us are pushovers, or we wouldn't be here."


The deer nodded to the tree
''Nice talking to you~'' He said with a smile,and waited for a moment for a reply of the tree before moving along with Ambrosia,Earthbound and Melville


"Aren't you used to the searing heat from back when you lived in sandland? I figured you guys were like camels."


Wait for them to be gone and bag the bag.


Many things have happened.
>Myziri was detained by the Lordblades
>She was questioned, you can read the report of that in the OP, and some extra questions underneath the OP.
>She currently has been given permission to walk freely in the Hideout but not outside.

The current plan to deal with the Queens despite overwhelming numbers is to slay their lieutenants, weakening the Queens themselves indirectly through the Hivemind.
See >>595024

Currently, Earthbound, Melville, Ambrosia and Maali are in Scarab District following a lead by Myziri.

Hokkaido and Spruce are still in the Hideout preparing to infiltrate the Circle of Magi, an old magical society because they suspect Queen Varash has an influence there.


Old magical societies are my specialty.


Spot check on the hayburgersalespone

Roll #1 5 = 5


See >>595614 then.

Getting to it, just informing Wf first and waiting on Andy.


"I say, did someone say something about the Circle of Mages?"


"Myziri mentioned them as having been tools of one of the Queens, so the boss is having us look into them and see what we can gather. Lightning Swift, the amazing Mage you see before you, was once among them and can lead us to the following two: >>595611"


"Well, one could argue that you can't reliably throw a stone in this city without hitting a tool of the Queens or one of their buildings. Still, it beats being cooped up, I suppose."


I'm with shiny butt.


He's a fat earth pony with a moustache and speaking in a heavy Dixian accent.
"Hayburgers! Get yer delicious hayburgers here with extra grease!"

The tree keeps being silent.
But there's a soft wind blowing through her leaves.

"Excuse me? Like camels? Don't compare us Saddle-Arabians to those subponies."

You grab the bag.

Swift nods.
"I can bring you to either Cracking Bone or Glowing Tears place. Both heavily guarded, but I know they're members of the Circle.
I believe Duchess Mana must be one of the Circle as well otherwise she would never have become Duchess of the Arachnia District."


Walk up.
"You have hayfries with that?"


"A nod is as good as a wink to a blind pony. Let's just go to the nearest one."


His head tilts to the side,and then he leaves to join Ambrosia


''um…So miss Ambrosia,what are you talking about here?Who is a subpony?'' he asked confused


"I thought Arabians were tolerant?"


"I'm not exactly fond of the Cracking Bone individual or anyone who takes that kind of name, but the sooner we get to them, the faster we leave."


"Agreed, lets move out."
And pick up a healing kit.




"I would rather be over prepared, as well"
I'll buy one too.


''Never saw one personally…'' He said walking along
''Well…Do you know where we should head to by the way?I am a bit lost here…''


Check what's in it real quick.


"Planning on stirring up trouble? Or is this housecall more in the vein of assassination than interrogation?"


"When the chaos starts, you'll know Dr."


"We're just aware that Vilitus itself can be , less than safe."


"Right on, pardner!"
He throws some hayfries in the oil.
"Nothing better than some hayfries to keep going."

"To Cracking Bone it is then!"
Ruby and Spruce have bought healing kits.
Roll for safe journey.

You open it and see a device that's ticking and smelling of gunpowder.
It's design is strange to you, but you have little doubt about its purpose.

"We are. You'll never meet more tolerant ponies than us. But camels are not ponies, they're savages and dumb. Only good for hauling cargo."

"They're brown and have a large hump on their back."


Safe horse '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


'1d10' safety in random numbers

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh gee.
Can I see how long till the boom?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Always watch where your crossing and don't take things from strangers.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's right. Lucky, too, I wasn't expecting a hayburger stand around this part of town."


Maali giggles a bit. Finding it funny to imagine such a creature


"Just a second."

"Uh-uh. Arabians are far better than that."


Nothing special negative or positive happens this journey.

You make it to the Arachnia District.
"Cracking Bone is a necromancer, he's very reclusive unless he meets some fellow necromancer or one of the Circle." says Swift.
You go to Nocturnal Plaza, long ago this place was cursed to be eternally shrouded in night, though details have been lost in time.
On the corner of the Plaza stands a tower a bit separate of the others.
There's a little garden of silvery pale glowing flowers in front of the gate. Most windows are dark and shrouded, except the top window on the fifth floor. There's a light burning there.

"It's in our blood."

You gather it will be '1d5+3' turns until the BOOM.

"Why, because of all the trouble lately? That just means ponies need more food to fight properly. And if they look to mess with me I got my shotgun right over the counter."

"There are some with 2 humps as well."

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


Try the gate.


Let's not waste time then!
Close the bag, hide it as best as I can, and run after the two stallions.
"Hey! You!
Wait a second!"


"Sure thing, stiltlegs."
Smirk and walk over to Melville.

"What the heck is that?"


"What about the competition?"
Point at the cabbage stand.

"Food from fry hay. Pretty good if you ask me."


''Fascinating'' Maali said uninterested.
Yawning adorably he looked around,trying to find something interesting

Roll #1 10 = 10


oh boy. I look for traps '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Fried hay? That's crazy."



I'll keep an eye out for people coming by while the others investigate.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Just try it."


You knock on the door.
A skeleton pony in an old dusty tuxedo opens up.
"Can I help you, sir?"

They turn around.
"We're in a hurry." they keep walking.


"New fellas, I haven't seen them before today.
Not salesponies at all.
If ya want to sell you need to have some salesmanship, talk to ponies and shout.
They're just standing there."
He hoofs you your hayburger with hayfries.

"Crazy? Miss, lemme give you a little sample."
He gives you a few free hayfries.
He shows you his shotgun.
"This is my darling. Ain't she a beauty?"

You don't see any traps.

Just some shady ponies looking for things to buy on the plaza.

You see Earthbound is holding a bag and trying to talk to some Saddle-Arabian ponies.


Oh, a skeleton.
And no traps.
"Hello, is your master in?"


Munch on them. How are they?

"Oh, I've see those before. I guess it looks… practical?"


Walk in and have a look around.

"Just stopping by. Which way to the sitting room? I presume the lord of the manor would prefer to receive us there. I'll have something white, if you have it. Pinot gris, maybe?"


"Must be keeping it low because they don't have a gun like you. Thanks."

Lean closer and whisper.
"Pretty sure the cabbage salespony is not a pony."


Keep up with them.
"Yes, I'd assume so, since in a few seconds we will all blow up."
Hold the bomb out, but be careful not to let them catch it.
"I'm an explosive expert…"
Show my own hidden explosives.
"And I can make it go off at any time.
So let's begin the questioning.
Who sent you?"


He followed him.
''I be right back miss Ambrosia''


He approached earthbound
''Hello,do you need assistance in something mister earthbound?'' he asked looking at the explosives he was holding.


Look at him as I hold the bomb up.
Bad timing boy.


Then I'll just leave them be and head for the Gate.

"Evening Dear, is the Master of the house available?"


"I'm afraid sir Bone is not seeing any visitors right now."

Before we go there, let's see if you can beat my roll for the skeleton to block your passage. '1d10' You wouldn't be the first who tried to walk in like that.

"I betcha, they'll be gone tomorrow."

They look scared at the explosives.
"You're a madpony. Get away!
Tricky Treat sent us."

He's holding a lot of bombs.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Muh Innocent


Roll #1 8 = 8


Fast Zeeb makes himself at home. Any good professor knows how to mooch like a pro.


"Do weirdos like that guy come around this part all the time?"


"Of course I am mad, or why would I hold a bomb like this?"
Smile at them.
"What does he want?"
Let's begin looking for places I can throw this at.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Not bad. Not sure if it's really necessary to fry it though."


Pretty greasy, but crispy.

"They're reliable, that's what matters.
You just press the trigger and any problem in front of, just ain't a problem no more."

You do that as a pro.
The inside is unlit and dusty.
There is no furniture on the first floor except some tapestries, broken mirrors and perhaps more worryingly, meat hooks.
There's a stairs up and a stairs down.
The skeleton quickly follows you.
"Sir, I'm afraid the lord of the tower is not receiving any visitors today. I'll have to ask you to leave."

"Hmm? All kinds of weirdos in this town, all the time."

You're surrounded by temples of Love, Discord, Sun and Moon, and the Elements as well of course. Lots of ponies though.
"We don't know, he asked us to plant it…" says one quickly.


"That's true, I suppose."

"It tastes better like this, I can assure you."


"Nonsense! Old Bone always has always made time for the Circle in the past."


''M-mister Earthbound…D-don't go doing anything crazy,please…'' He said touching his shoulder


"Of course.."
'1d10' stealth

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Spiritual, isn't it?"
Walk closer to them.
Put the bomb in the hooves of one of them.
"Run. You have a few seconds to spare."


I'll let the good Doctor take the lead and occupy the Skeleton. Those meat hooks, do they look freshly used?


"Unless it comes from behind."

"I like regular hay, it's a bit dry but you can't beat the classics."


"Can't hurt to mix it up."



"That's one potential overseer, there's bound to be far more. I'll check out some of the temples."


You can't stealth here.
The inside is unlit and dusty.
There is no furniture on the first floor except some tapestries, broken mirrors and perhaps more worryingly, meat hooks.
There's a stairs up and a stairs down.
There's two ways, up or down.

"I do not recognize you as one of the Circle."

He gasps and throws the bomb away.
It lands at
1. Temple of Love
2. Temple of the Elements.
3. Temple of Discord
4. In a crowd.
5. An empty alley

No, in fact they seem moldy.
And that mold is moving slowly.

"Lemme tell you, once they see what happened to the problem in the front, they won't be coming from the back no more."
He laughs heartily.

Roll #1 4 = 4


What a dick.
Lifestream him, just because he was such a dick.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"You do that."


"Why thank you, I do try to blend in as best I can. Now, are you out of the white? I can drink red, but it gives me awful headaches after a few glasses, so I must insist on not more than two."


"I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the treat."

Time to check on these temples. There's sure to be changelings infiltrated there. I guess I'll start with what I'm familiar with, the temple of love.


"Shall we split up while the Doctor distracts?"


'1d10' perception for signs of things that aren't broken

Roll #1 7 = 7



Maali panicking
tried to grab the bomb with roots
''SA ELA SA KIRIVI!'' He shouted at the top of his lungs

Roll #1 8 = 8


>Grab the bomb and throw it somewhere safe


You don't have any skills to summon roots, but since you're close I'll allow you to grab the bomb with your hooves and throw it.

You quickly grab the bomb among the confused crowd and throw it to an empty alley
It explodes in a smoke and fire.
You see one pony running up to you.

Before you get there, you see Maali rushing for a bag and throwing it into an empty alley.
It explodes.
In the confusion, one pony is rushing towards Maali, another is holding Earthbound down, and two others are going after two Saddle-Arabian ponies.
The cabbage salespony is overlooking the scene undisturbed while ponies are fleeing.

The cabbage pony looks towards another group of ponies that start running to capture Maali, Earthbound and a few other ponies as a bag explodes in an empty alley.

As the bag explodes in an empty alley by intervention of Maali a pony suddenly grabs you and pushes you down from behind.
"No sudden moves, you're going to answer some questions." He holds a gun to your back. You're helpless.

The skeleton seems to not pay attention to you.
You could go up or down.

"The Master only drinks grey wine."
He points to an old dusty bottle.


"Get those two sandponies, will you?"


Maali then turns to Earthbound,then to the pony after him,he quickly calls to the land again
''Sa ela sa kiri'vi!'' He shouted stepping backwards
THis time summoning vines FOR REAL this time

Roll #1 2 = 2


"uh, so you're the only minion that works here? No maid?"


I'll start walking towards the downstairs area. We saw a light above before we came in.


Fuck. Those must be overseers.

Stealth. Sickle too.

Roll #1 2, 6 = 8


Sickle manages to stealth very easily.
But you have a hard time inbetween all these panicking ponies.
You remember what Myziri said, an Overseer controls a group of drones. Strike when he's occupied with the drones.

Go into the corridor.

"I work alone on the first floor. I'll allow you to be here until the Master decides whether you're guests or not."

"They'll get caught too. Now come with me."
He grabs you and leads you towards an empty house.
Maali is struggling with another pony, and the Saddle arabian ponies are overwhelmed by three others.

A voice from behind you says "shut up."
You turn around just in time for a left hook to the face
"and come with us."
Maali 1/5


Meh, I can play along.


Right. Time to shiv that salad whore. Question is, are there more overseers here? We'll see.

Rupture on the overseer. '1d10+2'
Sickle Backstabs '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9, 10 = 19 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5


Woops, forgot to clear the field.


"No harm in taking a quick peek…" I say to myself.

Did Lightning Swift come inside with us?


Just roll again.


Turn around.
I've got nothing to lose from a shot in the back.
Lifestream this guy. I need to regroup with my team.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


If you say so.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


He tumbles at the strength of the hook
He spits blood and look up at his attacker
"Daina,kiivi" he mutters,the way he said it sounded almost like a curse as he healed his injuries
'1d10' the healing skill which I forgot the name of

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Really.. and he doesn't have you clean anything up? There really is a lot of glass here. And I mean, can you even throw us out if he asked you to? You don't look very meaty."


"If such an action proves necessary I can assure you I am quite capable."

You grab one of your healing remedies but the attacker punches you again, causing you to drop it and fall to the ground.
"Now be still."
Your attacker suddenly seems distracted.

You manage to plant your dagger in its back doing severe damage but not killing him.
The ponies he sent are stopping their attacking.

You quickly lifestream him, the wound festers and reveals green flesh. The pony hisses….and then looks distracted for a second.
The ponies attacking the saddle-arabians as well.

No, since they might recognize her.
You can call her in if you want.
If you want to go into the lower corridor, you'll have to roll to do it sneakily.



Just a peek, nothing too big.

Roll #1 8 = 8


That's right bugs, I'm attacking your sugar daddy.

Now blind him '1d10'
Sickle, please throw a ninja star at his face or something. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 = 9




Take advantage of that and jab my knife twice into his neck.

Roll #1 9, 5 = 14


Looks like I missed something


You manage to do so.
There's a green light downstairs.
And you can see a wooden casket.

He is blinded.
Sickle throws a ninja star in his face.
He's close to death and tries to flee.

Sickle and Ambrosia are attacking the target. He's close to death but trying to flee.

You stab it in and finish him off with a flurry of strikes.


I don't fucking think so, you oversized dung fly.

Tackle his ass. '1d10'
Sickle can finish him with a stab to the back, to sate her bloodlust '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


Improvised Cheap Shot it

Roll #1 1 = 1


Battlefield description?


you know I could just control this guy and really piss off his master. But instead I'll behave for now.
"So, you said Mr. Bones was busy?"


Maali rubs the sore spot,groaning in pain.
His stubborn nature,pushed him foward to get up again,albeit struggling a bit

Roll #1 3 = 3


Battlefield description per request:
You are on a square close to the Temple of the Elements, the earlier explosion did not kill any ponies nor did much damage but the crowd scattered and only a few stragglers are left scuttering away.

Melville, Ambrosia and Sickle are on one side of the square attacking the Overseer.
On the other side, Maali is being held down by one pony which you presume is a changeling.
Two changelings (also disguised as ponies) are holding down the two bomber saddle-arabians.
And Earthbound is free.

The Overseer shakes you off and flies up, but with a few acrobatic jumps Sickle manages to jump on top of him and stab him in the neck, killing him off.


You can't get up, suddenly the pony seems distracted.
+2 to any rolls to get up.

When the overseer dies, the ponies attacking you seem to be confused.
+2 to any attacks against them.


Jump on the pony holding Maali down. Lifestream.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


"Good job, longlegs. Come on!"
Charge at one of the other 'ponies' and stab stab stab Rupture '1d10+2'
Sickle tackles one by tumbling into them '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


Shoot off the changeling from the deer.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The frustration made the deer grit his teeth,annoyed.
Suddenly he remembered The master and Phantasm.
''Get…up…Get up!'' He muttered under his breath and he tried to get up on his thin legs

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You jump up and buck the Changeling off to the ground.
You're up. He's helpless.

You miss.

You lifestream the helpless drone to death.

The drone starts to fly away in confusion. You can't catch him.
With a front kick tumble Sickle bashes the drone to death.

The last drone is trying to escape!


Throw my knife at the last drone!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Go time!

Run after him! Catch up! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Catching his breath,Maali watches as his teamates try to kill the last drone.
''daina…'' He muttered as he rubbed his sore body.
He looked around,trying to find somepony who is needing help


Try to shoot it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


When we last left off, I was distracting the butler for Deep Root and Ruby, I think? But now Deep Root has taken the distracting role and Ruby is AFK. Hm…

Has that guy shown up yet?


"Say, just how old are you?" I keep trying to make conversation with the skelly butler.


He's dead.
The target has been neutralized. Thanks to Melvilles talent for cleaning no real evidence is left it was your doing, however, the hive will surely come investigate, you better leave.

Ambrosia has minor wounds.

No, in fact the skeleton has made no attempts to go up and inform his master.
And if the guy can see all of the house, then he has made no attempts to come down.

"I died when I was 33. Since then I have…."
The skeleton stops mid sentence and looks at you strangely.


While they're talking I'm going to wander upstairs.


"We need to take those guys with us."

Point the party at the two bombers.


Wasting no time at all,Maali does what he was hired for,being a medic
He chanted something,in an almost singing manner as his body began to change…
Buds sprouted from his body,his antlers grew flowers and he was surrounded by a faint glow coming from his necklace.
''Let me help you…'' He said calmly as Ambrosia could feel a relaxing spell on her body as her wounds were healed slowly


"When are you from?"
'1d10' what's he looking at.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Very cleany donkey.

Time to head back to HQ


"We need to move out quick. From what Misery told us, their attention is already focused on this place and we've failed to create a riot to distract her. We've got to retreat back to base."

"Thanks pal."


"We. Must. Take. Them."

I'll start to pack them up.


"I didn't say you shouldn't. Let's just be fucking quick about it, okay?"


>Sorry. Nature elemental.life is what he's doing


''Really now? Damn it…'' He curses as he examine the dead bodies
''Now what we do with these?'' He asked slightly disgusted

''I will help''


Let's help speed this up.


The hall is eerily quiet, there's one left and one right door here, and another set of stairs leading to the next level.
Suddenly all hell breaks loose inside the doors. You hear ponies smashing glass and smashing against the walls.
From far upstairs the fourth floor you hear something large coming down fast.

He's looking at you…then he cackles, all former dignity lost and tries to strangle you.
You're grappled!

You manage to bring the two bombers to the HQ.


"Is the Master or Whisper here or are they in the field?"


Smile in glee.
"Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun with them.
Who's gonna do the report? I want to test out a few toys!"


'1d10' what the hell, push him off.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I should probably tell Deep Root about this.

Upon returning down and seeing the grapple, I will stab the grappler. In the back.

'1d10' (DC-1)

+1 Holy weapon?

Roll #1 10 = 10


They should be checked for any items and locked up


Taking the bombers with the party,Maali silently follows behind them,keeping a watchfull eye on them…Who knows…

''Maybe we can report to miss Phantasm as well…If none of them are here…'' He suggested to Ambrosia.


It still hurts undead pretty good.
The skeleton disintegrates immediately.

The large thumping on the stairs grows louder. It's on the third floor now.

Whisper walks out.
"The Master and Phantasm are gone.
What's going on?"


"I happened to overhear some fighting upstairs. Of course, it could just as easily be a magic deception to scare us off, but I am inclined to think based on your near-strangling that there are hostile forces at work inside this building."


Give him a mean look.
"Miss Phantasm is not in charge here and she sure as heck doesn't have any authority over me. Got that?"

Soften my expression.
"Hey~ some fucks were trying to blow up civilians in the Scarab District. Bomb went off but didn't kill anyone thanks to our deer friend here. Killed an overseer and his drones and took the bombers captive."


"I would say so. Lets go up."
hurry upstairs.


"An overseer and some drones are down."


Up it is. "There might be something on its way down, just in case you wanted to brace at the second floor for impact."


Let the others explain and try some explorative tickle torture on the guys, just to see how they react to it.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


''Oh…Have they told where have they gone off to?''
''Additionally…Well…See for yourself…'' He said motioning to the bombers
''These changelings and their fellows were causing a lot of mischief on the Temple of the Elements square…There was a bomb and well…no one is hurt as far as I saw…'' He said looking at the party to help him explain the situation…

When he turns to Ambrosia,oh boy was he intimidated.
''O-oh…I..well I did not meant to imply that…'' He said looking down,his ears pressed against his head.
''I…I apologise miss Ambrosia…Um…I just…


"Don't sorry me. Just remember it."


''I will…'' He whispers back to her,kicking a hoof on the ground lightly,trying to avoid her gaze


"Good thinking. Be prepared to fight."


"Sorry, let me clarify. I wasn't speaking in general terms. There is something very large and loud traveling down the stairs toward us and we will probably meet it on the second floor landing."


Note for americans:
Here in europe the first floor is your second floor, our ground level is first floor in american I believe. so in american language he started from the fifth floor and kept going down.
I'll now continue in american.

You reach the second floor, there are two doors here. Both have sounds of thumping and smashing.
Whatever is making the noise on the stairs in on the floor above you and coming down fast.

You've gained 1000P for completing this mission.

Earthbound makes them swallow a potion and suddenly every touch on their body shocks their entire body sending them into maniacal fits of laughter.
"Please…stop" one of the fighters says between the laughter. "I…can't….breath."

Whisper looks them over. "Well done. Make em talk, what do they know?"

Whisper looks them over as


"I guess they know a lot."
Move over and pinch them slightly.
"Isn't that right?"


''Oh dear…W-what did you gave to them?'' he asked afraid,looking at the maniac changelings…


I knew that already!

"I kind of expected it to be here already at the rate it's coming, to be honest. Should we set up a defense?"



"Okay, never mind. Lets get off the stairs."
'1d10' look for a room to duck in

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yes, lets go into a room where we can set up a little."


Left room it is.


"I'd be nice to know why they wanted to bomb the place in the first place."


Just making sure to avoid possible miscommunications!
You both bash open the left door and close it.
Whatever comes down the stairs rushes past the door and goes further down.

You take a look behind you to see a clinical room. There are multiple advanced medical tools, scissors, one pot with an embryo inside on alcohol.
There are two zombies here wearing white clothes shattering the delicate equipment and furniture in blind rage. They turn to you and shuffle towards you…
You're being attacked by two Doctor zombies.

"W-we'll tell you…make it stop please hahaha"



"The fools? Those clowns?"


"Keep talking…"
Give an almost imperceptible stroke to their back.


"I think I understand what has happened. The master is dead or incapacitated and he has lost control of his servants."

Backstab one of them '1d10' (DC-1)

Roll #1 9 = 9


"guess he won't mind if I borrow one then."
'1d10' take control of one.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The Fools are supposed to be a secret sect within the Discordian community.

You smack the closest zombie to the ground and plant your dagger in its chest. The holy magic disintegrates it immediately.

You manage to grasp control of the other doctor pony zombie.


"How did they contact you?"


Back into the hall.

"I think we should follow that large thing. What if it has the corpse of the master of the house?"


Glance out the window. Do I see it in the streets?


"Figures. Whisp, don't the harlequins and Discordians hate each other?"


"Hate, such a strong word!"


"I'm just not interested in being run over by it, following is fine."
'1d10+2' lets see if we can give the doctor his voice back.
"Hey, doctor bones. You know if the owner of this place was making some huge zombie?"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


The streets are undisturbed.
Judging by the hoofprints left you're dealing with a huge six legged creature.
It went down the stairs straight for the cellar, slammed Hokkaido, who was there, unconscious and is now doing…something in the cellar, you can't see what from here.

He speaks in a Manehattan accent.
"I do not believe so, or I was not aware of it. My task here was to dissect some eggs."

"They don't like each other…I think…I don't understand either of them."


The guy is turning blue, he won't last much longer.

+200P for everyone who participated in this session



"The name."


After the whole interrogation, I bump into old man jackass.

"There you are. I was wondering, do you just clean dead bodies or do you do our rooms as well?"


Give you a nonchalant look.
"That depends, did you get blood everywhere?"


"What? No. What kind of pony do you take Whisper and I for?"


Start speaking with a lecturing/nostalgic voice.
"I was young once, you know, and boy the things some of the jennies and even a few mares could ask! There's no shame if you like it rough."
Smirk ever so slightly at you.
I haven't lost all my humour yet.


Look you over.
"No offense, but I really am not attracted to donkies at all. And y'know, it's not that rough stuff doesn't happen, but it's not to the point that the room is filled with a layer of blood."


"Mares are not attracted to old bald jacks? Damn, there goes all my chances."
Scratch the top of my head.
"I guessed if anyone was going to get that rough it's going to be you."


"Regardless of age, I wouldn't want to wake up next to a donkey and not remember a thing about what happened the night before. You never got married though? Not even once you started nearing your uh… twilight years?"


"I got married.
I even got divorced."
Shake my head.
"There's very few things that make me think it was worth it."


"Some people like the sense of security it brings."


"A sense of security while I worked as a jack who got rid of every filth that happened in the city, knowing that they know I am the only person that knows all that dirt about them? I don't think I can relax and feel secure until I'm lowered in the ground in a nice and comfortable casket."


"You should learn to relax. Fretting is bad for the heart. Plenty of people would like to see me dead as well. I've seen and heard a lot of stuff that people don't want others to know, but I don't fret. If they want to take me out, let them come and try."


"I don't fret. As much as they know, they need me more. Until I have some young upshot who can get rid of corpses better than me, I'm not worried. Even then, I doubt the Master would have brought anyone who can't defend him or herself here."


"Why are you risking your ass for him anyway? Just the money?"


"Maybe the money. Maybe to make this city more livable and less dangerous. Maybe I'm not doing this for him or even myself at all."


"For who then? Your donkey god?"
"I didn't peg you as the religious type."


"It is said in the prophecy that one day all equines should have long and floppy ears, as it was meant to be."
Super serious, of course.


"So you're like a crusader here?"


"A cleaner, a crusader, a jack of all trades, so to say."


"Uh-uh. Seriously now though. What's your reasoning?"


"I know your's is to kill all the bugs. You don't hide that at all."


"The changeling genocide is just an extra bonus. I'm here because the Master needs all the help he can get. And… to make sure he doesn't get himself killed."


"He must have done something big for you to earn such loyalty."


"He took me in under his metaphorical wings."


"Picked you off the streets?
No offense."


"Uh, no. More like from a river."


"A river? You were drowning?"


I chuckle.
"No, it's a little bit more complicated than that. You know cockatrices?"


"I've heard of them, yes."


"Then you know how ponies can get turned to stone by them. Something similar happened to me. I was turned into a statue and got dumped into a river over 300 years ago."


Raise a brow and perk my ears.
"…you're not joking, are you."


"I wish. No, I just… hung out at the bottom of a river for a few centuries. Until some ponies found me and sold me, thinking I was a statue. That's how I ended up here in Vilitus. You can imagine how happy I was with the move."


"Were you… awake during that whole time?"


I laugh.
"God no. I would've gone insane if I had been. It was just like… a long dreamless sleep I guess."


"And here was I thinking I was an old timer. What was the world like a few hundred years ago?"


"A lot was the same in a way. Just less advanced I guess. Like those guns and stuff some ponies seem fond of. I've heard of trains as well, but I've yet to see one of those."


"Common folk only get to ride the ones that smell like piss and smoke anyway. You're not missing out on much."


"I guessed as much. Like I said, some things never change."


"Shame you didn't have something in a bank, isn't it? You wouldn't have to work any of this."


"I wasn't exactly rich. More like… I was a street urchin."


"Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
That's life for you."
Shake my head.
"Any loved ones you left behind?"


My expression goes sour.
"You could say that."


Frown with flopped down ears.
"Sorry to hear that. I guess I shouldn't pry."


"That's just life, really. It's not a nice thing to think about, but I've dealt with it."


"I couldn't have told you've been through all that just from looking at you, to be honest."


"Sorry to disappoint. Ancient wisdom is not my forte."


"Nothing? Not even a prophecy or anything?"


"Maybe something about the world ending, but there's a lot of competition on that market."


"What was the flavor of the century for the apocalypse then?"


"I can't speak for Equestria, but some people seemed to think the alicorns were slowly going mad and were preparing to launch the Moon into the planet. Some of the others thought Celestia's fucking with the sun would cause some kind of a planet warming chain reaction or whatever. I think you can see a theme going on here."


"Equestria and their princesses evil and bad… who were the good guys then?"


"The empire, I guess."


"Where are you from, anyway? Originally."


"Not a clue, but I'm guessing Clopantinople because those were my earliest memories. No idea who my parents were though."


"You're quite an adventurer then."


"Well, I haven't had the most normal of lives I guess."


"We don't have a lot of 'normal' people here."


Give him the eye.
"Are you saying Whisper is a weirdo too?"


"Would a sane person do what we are doing?"


"He's very sane. Don't insult him."


Just raise a brow.




"He's friends with you. How could he be sane?"


"Hey! We're more than just friends!"


"Even crazier then."


"You're just jealous of our deep bond together."


"Am I? I didn't notice."


Leaving the interrogation,he looked away from the bomber that was turning blue.
He did NOT wanted to see that
He just goes to Ambrosia and Melville.
''Phew…That was a good first um…Field Mission…Right?'' He said looking at them,hopefully not interrupting anything


Nod at you as you approach.
"It wasn't the worst."


I laugh.
"You are! Ha! Well it's okay, it's something special after all."

"I'd rather do covert missions."


''Yes…I supppose it was not
What are covert missions?''


"It's when you take a stealthy approach to things by not making your presence known until it's either too late or… so that they don't even know anyone was there in the first place."


''ooooh…You mean like hiding?I am good at that!'' He said showing his antlers.
''Those are useful for hiding in the forests…''
''But um…what were you two going on about just now?''


"Or disguising yourself. We were just talking about how sexy Whisper is, that's all."


"And how much blood she left in her room."


''hm…Well she is pretty..I must admit…
But I would not call her for dinner…Well…Maybe…And you?'' He asked looking at both.
''And yes…That was a LOT of blood…ew…''


Fix him with a glare.
"What the fuck? Did… you just call him pretty? And then called him a slut to call on too?"


Chuckle softly but say nothing.


He freezes… ''I um…''
''I just…Thought he was girl at the b-beggining…S-sorry…
O-oh no no H-he is not a slut,really I just…
Oh…S-sorry I…Should have kept my mouth shut…'' He said head hanging low


"Wow, he'd love to hear all about that. You should go tell him."


(''Doesn't sound like a bad idea actually…'') he spoke in his mind.
''I…I will not…S-sorry I said that about him…I just…wanted to participated in the conversation…''


Watch them amusedly.
"Hey now, Ambrosia. Don't go too hard on him."


"You want to talk so you walk up to me and call my friend a girly slut!?"


''F-forgive me…I really,really did not want to mean what I said…'' He looked pretty regretful of those words
''The last I wanted was to disrespect any of you''


"He could have at least called Phantasm a slut like she deserves!"

"You're lucky he didn't overhear you. I'm more merciful than he is."


''A-alright…'' He said head still a bit low
''But…miss Phantasm is not a slut…'' He muttered back at her


"She's a bitch at least."


''She is scary…really scary…''
''But she is NOT a bitch neither…'' He said to her,just a tab bit more boldly


"How is she not a bitch? Hell, I'm a bitch too."


"Does that make the others a bitch too?"

"Got a crush on her?"


''N-no you are not!Well…Not really…'' He said
''I mean…The queens are certainly a trio of bitches,but not you,neither Phantasm''

''Of course not!'' He said as his voice cracked just a bit.
''I just have a lot of admiration for the Master and her as well…T-they are both good leaders…''


Shake my head.
"They're rotten cunts, a level above us. What does Phantasm do? Scaring people. She likes doing it too. Even Sickle would agree with me on this one."


''She…Likes to scare ponies?'' He asked unbelieving


"A crush on both of them?"
Let out a whistle with a small nod.


"Yeah. She laughs maniacally while doing it too."


''S-stop that!…I-I wouldn't…Dare think of it…Besides…T-they are both engaged…''



"I'm pretty sure I can tell you do just by how defensive you are."


"Because she's a bitch! She's probably listening to us talk right now from the shadows, scheming for her next big scare."


''I…I am not being defensive!…Gosh…I am just talking about…N-nevermind!…L-let's talk about something else…''

''S-she would not do that…R-really…'' He said looking around at the ceiling…


"Yeah she is. If you listen carefully, you can hear her cackling right now."


He stopped and became silent for a few seconds…
''I…I do not hear anything…''


"She just stopped. I think she knows we know now."


''I…Oh goodness…Since when does she does that miss Ambrosia?'' He said,starting to believe in her story now…


"Just talking about it puts us all in big danger, you know."


"I don't know, but she's a professional. She clearly has many years of experience."

"I'm not afraid of her tricks."


''H-how about we leave this place…I…I am starting to feel uneasy…And hungry…''


"You can't run from her, you know."


He hides behind Ambrosia.
''T-then please do not let her get to me…I-I am scared…''


"Just keep an eye out and don't piss her off. Don't make eye contact with her either, for the love of mother nature."


he collapses out of breath.


Were was I?


"Eggs? I see. So nothing that would kill him.. huh" Check the doors, listen for other zombies '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Have I heard of that name before?

Roll #1 7 = 7



As Maali finished hearing the interrogation,many questions went though his mind
But one in particular was bothering him
''I…Excuse me'' He said to Ambrosia and Melville as he left
Heading back to the same tree he was trying to talk to earlier before


What's going on?


Guess I can stop torturing the poor guy. Inject him with the antidote and that will be it.
But he's got a partner~
Smile deviously at him.
"Do I even need to ask?"


Roll for safe journey.

You were listening in to the interrogation as well. This one >>598962

Yes, he's that weird goat in the back of the spittoon that always makes weird noises.

He's sweating like a pig.
"P-please. I don't know more…what do you want to know? Anything?"


"How do you contact this Brandy guy?"


Definitely an interesting technique


>What adventures await for this little deer?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Fucking goats.

"I know him… kind of. Heard of him at least."


He eyes the syringes nervously.
"H-he's in the Sour Spittoon usually…that's where we meet him."

Nothing special.
There's already people again at the square.
In some countries a place where a bomb had gone off might be off limits.
Seemingly not here.

Maybe you can ask Earthbound for the recipe.


"We got no more use for them.


Once there,he looked around,ever since he first came to the place he felt something inside
And that tree…
It allured him in some way…
The shrines,which he didn't paid much attention before,drew his attention as well
''Water…Wind…Earth…F-fire…'' He stuttered a bit at the last one
''What is this place?'' He asked himself.
And went for the nearest pony.
''Um…Exscuse me…What…What is all this?'' He asked motioniing to the shrines


Whisper walks up and unsheathes a knife.
"This Brandy goat, does he have anything to do with the Changelings?" he asks all of you.

You're talking to an elderly saddle-arabian.
"The Shrine of the Mother, nature-blessed." he bows his head for a second.


"Not from what these two told me.
Doesn't mean he's not got other contacts."


HIs ears perked up at the word ''Mother''
''Mother Gaia?'' He asked him,bowing his head as well


I grimace.

"No idea, but he's a real weirdo"


"Weird how?"



"Hmmm, or not." He muffles the saddle-arabian and casually slits the throat.
"We'll have to wait until Spruce and Ruby come back. Did you kill the Overseer?"


"Yes, young one."


"He just makes creepy noises all the time. He's mental."

"… Yes."


"I dunno did you?"
Turn to Ambrosia.


He turns to the tree
''Mother…Could it be?…'' He said to himself
And slowly walked in the direction of a ramdom shrine
(Can't decide)

Roll #1 6 = 6


>Oh whoops

Roll #1 1 = 1


Shake my head.
"Always making a mess…"
My instinct urges me to clean that blood up and then bag the body.


He sheathes his knife.
"Good work then, all of you.
It seems Vilina was right after all."

You enter the Fire Shrine.
The walls are painted red and a bright Brazier burns in the middle.
Along the walls are busts of the Fire King and the 6 Fire Lords.

King: Utumno
Lord: Pyrrus, Asharr, Blacklight, Lavann, Tejun, Tjinn.


"Job over for the day?"


Maali eyes widen a bit as he see the flames
He almost stopped and NOPE-ed his way out of there.
But against his better judgement,he carried on…
He examined the blazier,the busts and took extra time to examine the king
He did not knew why
But he could feel someone there.
''He…Hello?'' He asked meekly


I sure hope he cleaned off the blood first before sheathing that knife.
"Yeah, go give her a pat on the back."


Go get my stuff and clean up this mess.
Wouldn't want to get infected by whatever could be in the blood of those saddle arabians.


"As far as I'm concerned, yes. We'll have to wait on the report of Spruce and Ruby."

"She's been requesting more emotions to feed on actually. If we're going to keep her around we'll need to figure out how to…provide that."

The statues are widely different.
Pyrrus is shaped like an alicorn
Asharr like an eagle with a gigantic mouth.
Utumno like a giant fiery griffon.

The statues seem to be staring at you but nopony else is here.
As you call out hello, you hear a crack behind you and jump up.
But it was only a crack of the fire.
The eyes of the busts twinkle as if amused.


What are the zombies doing?


I'm sorry.
It's eerily quiet outside the doors.
Here is only the one zombie you control anymore.
The other one collapsed.


He jumps back a bit as he heard the crack
''Elemental…'' He starts as he raised his head slowly to face Utumno statue
''You are…Elemental spirits…Correct?'' He asked the bust of Utumno.


"Give her some prisoners instead of killing them."


"Let's just give her Phantasm to suck dry or something."


Wasn't there a big huge zombie chasing us? I carefully open the door to look.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The hall is empty except for huge hoofprints on the floor See >>597272 upper post

The bust doesn't answer it's stone.
If you want to summon one of the Elemental Lords, you'd have to call their name into the fire.

He looks at the saddle-arabian.
"…good point."

"That's not a bad idea actually."


"Oh come on! She's-

… Wait, it isn't?"


Give him a flat look.
"Take this from an old jack like me, think before you act."


Uh, well, then. I want to go up to the top and see if Bones is okay.


He looks confused for a moment,then had a small flashback
Back when he was a young buck…
His teacher,taught him about the elemental lords
He then bows for a bit to the bust of Utumno,and heads for the fire,and bows to it as well
''Great lord Utumno…I,Maali humbly call for you as a servant of nature,and as a child of Gaia,please…Let me be h-honored by your presence.'' He said regally,like he was talking to a king


"She's the one always saying we have to give more to the team.
She can give some emotions then."

Shall we just go all the way to the top or do you want to see one of the floors inbetween?

Whisper frowns.
"We'll have other prisoners before this is over. This one doesn't matter."

The flame flickers and the light seems to fade from the room.
All you can see here anymore is the brazier and the busts which seem to glowing.
You feel as if there are eyes watching you in the shadows.


I chortle.
"I'll go inform her with pleasure~"


All the way up, unless something stops me.


"It's just an advice for the future."


"I'm gonna take care of a few things in town."


He remainded bowing
If there was one thing he remembers from the fire lords
Is that you do not annoy,nor disrespects them
''Lord Utumno…'' He says,hoping for an aswer


"She's not here at the moment I'm afraid.
The Master and Phantasm are out.
But I'm sure Vilina won't mind waiting."

You enter Bones' living room.
The room has been torn apart.
Books and documents lay sprawled across the floor. Furniture is torn up.
It seems Bones was doing some kind of ritual here. There are strange symbols drawn on the floor and candles places around it.
Bones himself, or at least who you think is bones is laying in a pool of blood on the floor.
His head is in pieces as if it exploded from within.
Strange metal wires lay out between his flesh.
Roll for perception.

Whisper nods.
"Good hunting."

"I'll keep it in mind." he says annoyed.

The flames light up high spreading over the shrine and slowly creeping towards you.


Off to the district of those bad guys whose name I forgot.
The one controlled by Ruby's hubby.
The one with the place I have to sneak inside of.



"… Alone?"


'1d10' holy shit

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh, and what you did? Slitting the throat? Makes one of the biggest mess. Even a stab in the heart is more clear. If we are on a covert operation, I might not have time to scrub up everything."


"What, worried I might kick it?"


"I dunno, just be careful. We did just kill a bunch of changelings."



You hear a roar throughout the tower.
That beasts must be doing something in the cellar.
You suddenly feel a pinch in your neck.

"I've killed enough ponies to not need any advice on it."

The Snake District.
Roll for safe journey


"Oh right, that.


Safe's not my second name.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Rub my neck a little. "Bugs already?"
'1d10' take a glance around for the source of the bite.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"If you paid attention, you'd have noticed I wasn't giving you an advice how to kill but how to kill with leaving less traces."


"Want me to come with you or can you handle it on your own?"


"Sure, it's a mission I could use a pretty flank like yours on.
Say, do you like the Snake district?"


"It's one of the nicer turds of the pile, I guess. Safer than most other districts… by Vilitus standards."


"See, that's just why I need you!
Last night, a comedian died in Vilitus.
And somepony knows why."


You don't see anything that could have bitten you.

Waiting a second to see if ambrosia joins.

Whisper snorts. "I'll do fine. Now, excuse me, I have other matters to attend to."
He walks off.


Alright. I'll just go down the stairs. Time to stealth. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Uh-uh, so why do you care? Was it your boyfriend?"


"In our profession there's no time for love!
But no, it's something else.
The pony who killed him is after me as well, it seems. And whoever hired him is loaded."


"Somepony you pissed off?"


He panicked for a moment,and started backing away from the flames
He didn't knew how to react,and just remained silent…


"That's the thing. I did not.
Or not directly.
See, some books have been stolen. I guess whoever wants them also knows I'm recovering them, and now wants me dead."


"Well shit. What kind of books are we talking here? They must be special."


"Holy books of the Laughing One holding the secrets to immortality, nothing big."


"Seriously? Where did they find those?"


"There's a certain bar, it's right around the corner if you know the way, too!
Maybe we can go there once this is over.
The wine is sweet and the patrons friendly."


You sneakily sneak down.
Go back to the cellar?

A large griffon head appears in the flame looking at you.


"Well, that's about all you have to say to convince me."

Grin at Silver Sickle.
"Keep yourself in check this time, Silver."
I snicker.
"We both know what happened last time you got drunk with those clowns."


With my not-as-stealthy-as-me skelly minion yes.


He looks scared,he already was not that fond of gryphons
especially flaming ones
He hesitated,but bowed again
''L-lord Utumno…It is a honor…''
He said
But inside he was really,really scared


Now with that done, and hopefully cleaned up, what's next on the agenda?


"I smell the stench of fear clinging to you.
Yet you do not flee. Why?"

If you want to go with him, roll for safe journey.
Silver Sickle looks away. "I don't know what you're talking about."

The creature seems to have left the basement through a giant hole it dug.

It's all sparkly clean.
You're free.
You could go with Earthbound and Ambrosia.
Or you could talk to another of the NPCs around here.
Or you could go home and see if you got any messages.


What the… this is weird. how deep is the hole? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


''B-because…Because my respect for the lords of nature is much stronger than my fear…
I would not dare disrespect you by fleeing like a coward my lord…'' He said,still rigid,but his head still bowed in respect


Just recap for me what I know about the location of the comedian's body, because I'm mixing up IC and OOC infos.


"Don't be so upset. It wasn't that bad… but it could have been!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


I don't know about the others, but I got a life aside this.
Let's go home.


"You can disrespect by cowardice. Or by wasting my time.
Why have you called me here?"

It should be at the HQ of the Red Guard.
But you're not sure exactly where inside.

Safe journey.
You see the red building in front of you.
The building is not open to the public besides a small chamber to report crimes.

You find a delicate envelope on your table as you get home.
Addressed to you.

Not too deep, you might be able to climb down.


>Red building
Don't tell me this is the Red tower.


'1d10' try to climb down.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Yes it is~
"First thing at the order of the day, sneaking inside.
Then we find the body and anything he had on him when he died."


Turn it around a few times, and examine it in front of some light source.
Nothing fishy?


No, it's not the same.
It's more a normal building.
Painted red because red guard.


''I…I am Maali. I have come for I felt inside…Something was calling…''
He said motioning to his necklace.
''And I found this place…I never thought such place could exist here…'' He starts,glancing over to the other busts before again looking at him
''I have not come here knowing you would show before me,oh mighty Utumno,that your flames rage and inspire the hearts of ponykind.''
He spoke regally,trying his best to flatter him and stay on his good side
''I am always seeking for wisdom from the elements,but I would be honored if you allowed me to…Pay you a tribute in your honor.''


"No problem for me."
Stealth up.

Roll #1 2 = 2



It looks very safe.
Yet very delicate.
Your name is written in a beautiful hoofwriting.
And there's a divine perfume on it.

That's not stealthy at all!
"Yes?" asks one of the guard.


You lose your footing and almost fall down!
Hang on!


I, instead, will size up the situation.
Ah nevermind, let's jump in.
Slip right behind Ambrosia.
"We were called to identify a corpse."
'1d10' bluff?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sit down on the couch and open it.


"… Yeah. That's right."


'1d10+3' not falling today

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


He browsed in his saddlebag for his flute.
''For you,I bring this melody.
that it may incite the flames of your divinity,and for the other lords as well…''
And with that,he gently placed the flute on his lips,sitting down
He began playing
And a melody of war filled the room
It started slowly,and calmly,like a calm before the war
And then progressively became more and more vivid,like bursting flames
The deer played with fervor,eager to please the fire elemental
>Lemmie use a fate point for dis


File: 1411765818099.jpg (6.39 KB, 196x224, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>pic related
>And actually BURNING the point


Please refrain from posting images in a quest thread unless absolutely necessary.

You play your beautiful music yet the flames erupt from the brazier whirling around and your flute catches fire and drops to the ground.

"You summon me, the King of all Fire, Lord of Will. You seek to please me, while deep inside you merely seek to placate me for your own purposes.
Fire does not please. Fire takes what it wants."
Your flute burns to cinders.
"Like the flute, like your forest, all returns to ash. You seek to learn from me?
Then go forth into the city and seek the one called Rhyming Word. Many years ago, he sought our help to gain the spark of inspiration. Now he has become a famous writer and poet because of my help, yet he has not paid his proper due.
Go to his home and get his writings on poetry.
Bring it here.
And return it to the Fire."

You manage to get down.
The creature seems to have dug a long way.
You emerge in a small sewer. There are a bunch of coffins here the creature dragged with it.
The creature itself is nowhere to see.
Next to the coffins is a notebook.

He looks you over.
"Is Clean Scalpel sick or something?"


"Who? Please don't torment us so, it's already bad enough knowing someone we know might be down there…"


Pick up the notebook and start to flip through it.


"Dear mister Melville,
We would like to request the pleasure of your company at lunch this afternoon.
As appreciation for your previous aid.



"Yeah… We'd just like to confirm our worst fears."


"Okay then. The stairs to the morgue is the second door to the left."

It was written by a demented mind.
It talks about Changeling eggs. Apparently the writer has been busy with an experiment to alter them into some fusion of flesh and machine. Yet most experiments have gone wrong so far. The next one to experiment is Short Wand, in Bronzelane manor.
You don't see the creature around but you're sure it won't be long before it gets back.
You could quickly sneak a peek in the coffins.


Head low, guide Ambrosia inside.


but they could be trapped! Check for traps before opening '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sniff at the air… not the cheap dime-a-dozen perfume that I know from that place. Not to mention the mere idea of just inviting me over for lunch being ludicrous… if it wasn't so concerning.

Look at the handwriting and small details, I don't suppose I can make out anything that might suggest if this probably forgery is from somewhere?
Let's use a fate point.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6




Maali looks at the scene before him,tears pooling in his eyes as his flute became ashes
And when He mentioned the forest…
That struck him hard.
really hard
He just wanted to get up and run.
Or punch him in the fiery beak
Inside the deer,there was a war of fear
And pure rage,burning inside him
but he held on.
All those feelings,he bottled them inside of himself,and calmed his mind
''Yes…I shall do that,thank you.
Lord of fire,Lorf of Will…''
As he said that he bowed. But the rage started burning again
How did he dare burn his flute?the only memory from his teacher.
How did he dare mention his forest?his home?
Rage just grew inside
(''Dont…Don't'') he repeated in his head as he turned away and slowly left
''I will return,and I will bring the writings…'' He said calm in the outside


They are not trapped at all.

You are faced with some weird inconsistencies.
The handwriting and perfume is not from the goldfeathers. Yet the paper and envelope is the way they usually send their messages.
Either somepony got intimate knowledge of the Goldfeathers, or this is done deliberate, to let you know it's somepony else with the permission of the Goldfeathers.

"I see the fire rage within you inside.
It cannot be contained, yet you try."
He laughs.
"How futile."

The guards pay little attention to you as you step down in the cool morgue.
There's a stallion here, dressed in white and wearing an amulet of the Sun.
"Yes? I didn't expect somepony here."


Okay.. take a look at who is buried here.


Hey, I know that amulet!
"The boss sends us.
Something about the guy killed today."


I suppose I should get one of my good suits ready.
As well as a concealed pistol and dagger.
I do not trust this, but this isn't something I want to run to the others for.
I'll get to the bottom of this.


He stopped there
All sorts of insults ran over his head
Thoughts of him crushing his head on the wall
Choking him with vines
Drowning him on the water.
He almost opened his mouth to tell what he thinks
''I am not containing it…I will use it.''
''Not here.not now,but this fire…This flame will singe someone yet…'' He says
''Thank you,lord of the flames,today you taught me a lesson,a very important one…'' he said almost grinding his teeth,facing away from the gryphon.


Suddenly I regret coming along with him. This place is creepy.


"We will see whether you have learned."
The griffon head disappears.
You open your eyes and see the older zebra from earlier.
"You seem like you were dreaming. Are you okay?"

"Hmmm, yes. I was just making my report. Tell the boss I'll send it to him as soon as possible."

You get on your best suit and go to the spot.
To your surprise, the goldfeather patriarch is sitting there. He nods at you.
"Please, sit."

There's no pony in the coffin.
A bunch of eggs. You see small Changeling larvae in them. The eggs seem to be frozen.


"We will. But we wouldn't be here just to be couriers.
Show us the body."



Okay. I'll leave those here, wouldn't want them waking up and telling their queen on me. Lets go back to base with this journal.


>I thought he was a saddle arabian

He blinks his big eyes
''I…Oh gosh what…''He got up
''Yes…Yes I am fine mister,thank you…Just had…a small lesson from the lords…'' He said glaring to the shrine of fire,with a calm anger in his stare.
''A lesson I needed to learn…''
With that he headed back to the base
Impatience grew in him
He felt a bit different
When he realized he was prancing quickly on the way there
Full of energy
And with a name in his head
''Rhyming Word…''


He opens the magic freezer.
Inside lay 10 bodies, each neatly on a table.
The first one to the left is your target.
"This is him, in quite good state still. It's lucky we got there as fast as we did."

Aw fuck, sorry getting late.
He is Saddle-Arabian.

You leave the confused saddle-arabian there.
Prancing back to the hideout.
You arrive at the same time as Spruce.

You are back in the base.
You arrive at the same time as a prancing Maali.



"There were units in the area?"


What's this fellow look like?


''Oh…Hello mister Spruce''
He spoke,slowing down to greet him
''How was your mission?''


"Hello Maali. To be honest not as well as I hoped. I couldn't make contact."


''Oh…I see…
My mission went well.
I did almost nothing,really
Except save ponies from an explosion that someone we know very well thoght it was a good idea to throw around…'' He spoke with annoyance
''And we captured and interrogated two bombers as well,so I suppose it was success.''
''Would you like help with something by the way?because I am about to report something to the Master''


"I'm glad to hear you're handling yourself so well already. And of course, what do you require assistance with?" Nod and speak with an even tone.


''Well…I need to find this pony…
He owes something to…nature. And we have to get it back…I mean,if you are able to.'' He said,oddly serious,but still politely
And not with the usual stutter


"How soon do you need to meet up with this pony? Are they dangerous? " I take you entirely seriously.


''Well…I am not sure…But I want to do that as soon as possible,and if you cannot come with me in the next two days,I will have to go on without you'' He said
That sounded rather rude on the way he said it
''I…Sorry I did not meant that…''


Shake my head. "Matters like this are usually urgent, we don't always have the luxury of social graces."
"That said, I must ask if you have a plan, if you can approach the pony directly, in disguise, do you need him dead or simply need to steal the thing back?"


''The plan is to go inside…And get a few papers of poetry…I know it might sound odd,but…I lost something very important…To me…T-to get the opportunity to do this…'' He said as he stuttered a bit again.
He shook his head,determined again.
''But that does not matters.We can try to do the following,I can distract him,while you get the papers,how does that sound?''
''And no…We do not need to kill him,and the pony does not knows me yet…''


"Sounds like a simple enough job. I'll lend my hoof to it, and we should get it done by lunch time."
"Hmm I wonder if ruby could could help out so we can make a copy of papers before the target knows they are missing."


''No…No they must be the original papers…And…Well I think it would be best if only you and I went to get it…
And…Could you keep this a secret?I do not want the master and Phantasm know about this…Yet…
I want to tell them in the right time''


"Hmm so we couldn't have a copy forged and left at the poem's place, so we'd have the original and he'd have the fake?
Well I suppose if you don't trust anyone else with this.. "


You wake again from the darkness.
As you were looking down in the cellar, some giant shadow ran at you from behind and simply ran over you cold.
As you rub your head, you look down to see giant hoofprints and in the cellar the coffins you saw earlier are gone, replaced by a freshly dug deep hole.
The others are way on top of the keep.

Dr. Z and Spruce
Spruce arrived a bit earlier at the top of the tower and now the good doctor comes in.

You enter Bones' living room.
The room has been torn apart.
Books and documents lay sprawled across the floor. Furniture is torn up.
It seems Bones was doing some kind of ritual here. There are strange symbols drawn on the floor and candles placed around it.
Bones himself, or at least who you think is bones is laying in a pool of blood on the floor.
His head is in pieces as if it exploded from within.
Strange metal wires lay out between his flesh.

"Yes. Just around the corner actually.
They heard a sound like thunder, and then shouts. This guy dropped dead. Large wound straight to the chest.
The bullet itself is even more interesting."


If you want to continue, Spruce may timesplit.


Look at the body's wound.
"What's so interesting about it?"


"STAY CALM, STAY CALM!!" I scream internally as I try to control my breathing. "This isn't that scary, I'm sure of it!"

Deep breathe, deep breathe, then remember I'm here to investigate. Slowly approach the new hole and try to look in.


''Yes…That sounds like the best idea actually…'' He spoke going inside with Root
''Well…I will prepare myself to go,if there is anything you needed to get done,I will be waiting for you at the waterfal''


"Well this isn't good at all."


"Silver, I'm guessing."


It's a large hole. Must have been one hell of a bullet.
The doctor shows a bowl with a bullet as large as a hoof.
"Yes, silver…with a top made of Astral Lead…how did you know?"
The bullet is inscribed with BLANK in Common Equestrian on one side.
And a spider symbol on the other.

You damn right.

It is deep.
Very deep, either you must have been out for a while or this thing dug fast.
You could climb down if you wish, you see a bottom.


"We found others.
And everyone described the thunder just as the guards did.
No traces of the shooter?"


I miss the times when guns were still inaccurate, unwieldy and heavy…
"This bullet alone looks really expensive. Darn."


"Slowly, I'll just go down for a quick peek, really slowwwllllllyyyy."


Roll #1 5 = 5


Examine the ritual symbols. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Maali headed inside,looking at his antlers,they were getting a bit big,and then looking for somewhere where he could plant them. Saying hi and good morning for everyone he passed by



The outer circle is a written message in High Equestrian (ye olde Equestrian), a standard banishing phrase to prevent negative entities to enter or leave the ritual area.
The inner circle consist of 8 runes intended to strengthen the ritual. 4 of them, in pair opposite each other say LIFE, a rune often used in necromancy.
The other 4 translate to TRANSFORM, intended to reshape the object, EARTH, calling the powers of the earth element usually to work with metals or plants, REBIRTH, a complex rune used in resurrection rituals, DECAY, often used in curses. The last one seems out of place to you, why would a ritual so seemingly focused on bringing something to life call upon an opposing force.
It's like he tried to kill something while bringing it to life.

You tumble down.
But luckily there's no one here. The tunnel is long, but you see light in the distance.

inside where?


The base


"Alone, in the dark, underground, with a light at the end of the tunnel…"

Try not to hyperventilate, I'm sure I can do this. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"These is a curious ritual indeed. I wonder if Spruce got a good look at whatever it was."


Oh right – Let's look at his documents next.


Oh right.
You could plant it near the temple, or in the Warrens.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea…
The tunnel seems so long, you keep walking but the end doesn't seem to come closer.
Some liquid drops on your head…

You take a look through the documents sprawled everywhere. Schematics, theories, essays, notes on the Circle, scraps of a diary. Where to start?

"The guards checked all nearby roofs, nothing to see. Not even a trace. A slippery guy. Unless he shot from hundreds of meters away, but he'd have to be some kind of supernatural being to do that." The doctor chuckles.

"It is. Astral Lead is incredibly rare. I wouldn't even know where to get it in the City."


"Looking at what he shot, I'd not be surprised.
Anything on the corpse?"


The diary is always the most personal.


He headed to near the temple,sounded good enough
Once there,he performed his super secret shaman ritual,and planted both the ''bonsai'' trees on his head.
In the end,he was antlerless,one could even mistake him for a doe.
calmly he then swallowed two seeds of Acassia trees. and headed for the Master's office.


"Where is it usually made?"


Slowly, ever so slowly, look up…


You collect all scraps you can. After some puzzling you manage to get them in the right order.
The earlier pages are ideas and theories about soulbinding and fleshcrafting mixed with mocking of his peers in the Circle, the names Blue Mana and Endless Tone are mentioned.
Then come mentions of a Shining Queen. "As I woke I saw her beside my bed. Fangs sharp as razors, eyes burning with intelligence, her carapace like obsidian. She was shining, but she was not a ghost. I never saw these energies before. I asked her how she did this, but she merely laughed and told me it was because she willed it so."
His writings take a turn from there. He frequented his brothers at the Circle less, instead communing with this Queen.
"I have seen the shrine she inhabits in my dreams. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined. She has a purpose for me."
[Text missing]
"The trial rituals have gone awry. This is the second failure. The Queen grows impatient. Tomorrow she says she will bring the brood for the final ritual. I have gone over my notes again and again but what she asks, it cannot be done. I fear this is getting to me. For the last few days I have the feeling something is crawling right beneath my flesh. I can feel it, but when I in desperation carved into my flesh, it is no longer there."
You can't find any more recent pages.

"Nothing special. Some gold, key to the house, another key we haven't determined yet, his clothes…"

"The only mines that have Astral Lead are far to the East in the dark vales of the Shadow Steppes. It is illegal in many countries. Yet there's always a market for those with money."

Another drop on top of you.
It starts seeping from the walls…

The Master is not here.
Perhaps you need Whisper?


"No! Don't get on me!"

Run, run, keep running and don't stop!

1, run crying
2, run screaming

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Right, so whoever wanted him dead must have spent quite a bit of coin on it. I doubt they use these bullets on just anypony."


"It's only been used recent. Just a few days ago there was a shooting in the Diamond District. Two low-life Diamond Dog thugs, both found with these kinds of bullets. They didn't have a spider mark on them however. I wonder if it means anything."

You run off crying until you get to the edge.
You bury your head in your hooves, but when you dare to peek again, there's no blood to see anywhere.


"I'm just scared, but it wasn't real. It wasn't real…"

Look myself over for blood, then check my surroundings.

"I just need to get my bearings, that's all."


"Was there anything else different about those bullets at all?"


Troubling. Let's look at his notes on the Circle next. That's the reason I came.


scrunching,he headed to find Whisper.
''Now where could him and Phantasm have gone to…'' He wondered as he searched around for the pony


"I will see that stuff."


You're okay, no blood, just an episode.
It wasn't real.
You peek out at the end and see the coffins.
The monster is nowhere to be seen.
But you hear growls and stomps in the distance.
It might be coming back any second now.

"They're quite big, whatever gun it is, it must be standing out. Somepony somewhere must have noticed it."

The notes on the circle contain some invitations for meetings and letters with his peers.
One of the papers mentions a seminar on Astra-dynamical physics in the house of Endless Tone.
You get the picture that Bones was a mid-level initiate into the Circle. All the signs are there. Mentions of orgies mixed with intermediate seminars on magical studies.
These kinds of secret societies usually have a number of lower initiates given the illusion of power and extravagance, while the true power lays in the hooves of the top. The notes mention a Hierophant as their leader, but no name. It does mention Blue Mana and Dead Tree as high-level initiates.
You also find a correspondence with Endless Tone, discussing a recent hot-headed apprentice of Dead Tree who was banished from his side. No details are mentioned except that it was "brutal"

You can find Whisper looking in a box near the armory.
"Oh." He quickly closes the box as you approach. "Maali. What can I do for you?"

He spreads it out. Nothing unusual. Two keys, one for the house, another smaller. Clothes, poach of money.


Turn to Ambrosia, picking up the small key.
"We know what this is from, don't we, Anne?"



"Right, just don't lose it."


Might be worth looking into.

Well… as long as I'm here I'll take a quick peak at the remaining stuff- those schematics. Not that I expect I'll get much out of it.


"Must. Not. Panic…"

Draw my rapier, then turn around and run. There are coffins and blood and I'll come back with whoever is willing to burn this place and salt it too.

Run as fast as those crystal hooves can carry me. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


''I need to know if I am needed around he3re…Any mission,assignement,anything?'' he said politely


"Not this time."
Pocket the key nonchalantly.


He looks at both of you.
"You do?"

They seem to be attempts at new medical tools to help his research.
You don't notice anything groundbreaking.
You do have an engineer at your base. Maybe he can separate the trash from the interesting stuff.

"For the moment, no, we're actually waiting on the report of the doctor, spruce and Ruby.
But maybe there's…wait, didn't you used to have antlers?"


You're back in the tower without trouble.
Doctor Z and Spruce are still upstairs.


"And you should not, if you know what's good for you."


Right… Well, all of the stuff that I can transport – I'll roll all of that up and stuff it in my bag.

Hm… It's a pity there's no way to transport the ritual area. If only there was a way faster than hiring an artist to preserve the image of something!

Well, it'll have to be good enough. I need to speak with Spruce, so this is a good time for pause.


He looks up
''Oh…that…Well I did a ritual,and Planted them down near the temple. You see the Guarira,my tribe grows plants on their bodies,and they feed on our lifeforce and nutrients.
And when they grow big enough,we plant them down and let plants grow on our bodies again.
It is called the Aghethi Karuke. Or the ''harvest'' in your language'' he explained everything with a smile


Well I'll keep going for 15 more mins for the others, but I doubt we'll get much further.
Thanks for playing.

"Well, you're the boss."
He walks to his desk.

"I see…." he shakes his head.
"Anyway, you could do me a little favor, but it has to stay between us…"


He sighs,a little bit frustated that it might delay his mission.
but quickly smiled up to Whisper
''Of course,I would love to help mister Whisper.
What do you need?''


Take the bullet, too.
"Have a good day, doctor."

Nod at Ambrosia, it's time to leave.


Nod back and follow suit.


And just as we leave the door…
Move a hoof around her back, holding her close and tight, a relieved smile on my face!
"It wasn't him!"
Whisper at her.


"I have an order that was supposed to come in. I got one box, but it seems the other is still at the dock warehouse. Mind walking to the harbor and getting it for me?"

You leave again.



"Hey! No need to get all friendly!"


He listened attently. ''What kind of order?'' He finally asked tilting his head to the side.
''Oh,and I would gladly do it,no problem,really'' He said with one of his trademark cute smile.
In his mind he was a tad worried about delaying the task he was previously assigned to


Keep up the couple facade until we are outside, then let her go, looking at her with a costanza face.

"You really wanted to die out there, didn't you?"


Wait, where are we? You mean the door as in the entrance to the building?


I meant it as in the exit to the mortuary, back inside the ground floor of the guard outpost.


Nevermind then.


So you guys are back outside?

He hoofs you a piece of paper.
"Here's the adress and name. Just give it to the guy and he'll make sure you get it."


He took the paper in hoof.
''I see…well then excuse me,I will be back as soon as I can'' he said with a bow as he immediately dashed outside,heading for th-wait…
He couldn't read…
He suddenly stopped in place and looked around,for anyone who could help him with that…


Yes indeed.
I might need a recap.


Sure, whatever gets me back to base quickest. This is intriguing and all, but I got stuff to do!


Cough cough


"Ugh, another day, but hopefully something simple and above ground today…" I tell myself.

I'll head towards headquarters see what they have going on right now.


Whisper is in the base.
Gear might be around too.
And Ambrosia is here too!

You were investigating a murder most foul.
You found out the bullet that killed him was made of Astral Lead inscribed with BLANK and the mark of a spider.
You also discovered something else if I recall.

Home sweet home.
Whisper is here.
As well as a bunch of others you haven't talked to yet, such as Gear the Engineer.

You should do something about that cough.
Anyway, you just had a nice dinner with the patriarch of the Goldfeather family.
Where to now?

>another day
You and Dr Z and Spruce haven't given your reports of the wizard tower to Whisper yet!


Was I going to the master or did we already give a report about that Mr. Bones mansion?


You still have to give it.


Okay, then lets go over there without more delay.


"Why doesn't this day end!"

Time to report to the boss about the less than spectacular mission, is he free?


Dammit, I know I had something I wanted to do ASAP but I can't remember what it was right now. Let's just go say hello to Gear first.


It's too late to visit any family now… so go home.

And let's see what's the best homeless, run-down, down-on-his-luck donkey disguise I can make.


Maali headed to Ambrosia,who seemed like the best choice at the moment.
''M-miss Ambrosia,I need your help…Um'' He picked the paper he hid in his saddlebag and showed to her
''I need to get to this address quickly,could you help me with this?''


I don't remember what that last thing was!


"I'm not a scribe, go ask Glowing Path."


He made a scrunchy face at her rudeness
''Listen,Miss Ambrosia,I am really,really needing this for now
YOu see this is an important errand for Whisper,So it would be nice of you to help''


"And I'm really busy as well. Fuck me, I'm not the only one who can read around here, am I?"


''No but I am asking you a simple favor,it would not take you more than a bloody minute so PLEASE,could you just read the paper and tell me the flipping address!?'' He spoke,almost shouting with his frustration.


That the body wasn't the actual accountant.

Don't forget Fate.

The Master isn't here.
But Whisper is acting command as long as he isn't.


Good enough I suppose go inside.
"Hello, you have a moment to hear our report?"


I'll fate this, sure.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


What's the address? For fuck's sake.


He looks up.
"Ah there you both are?
I was starting to wonder if I had to send a team to extract you."
He looks visibly relieved.

You have the hobo donk look down.

It's on Glittering Road.
One of the jewelsmiths.


The tini deer continued looking up at her,his face a mix of impatience,hopefullness and a bit of anger


"Glittering Road. A jewelsmith. Next time, ask somepony who isn't busy alright? I got stuff to do and all these interruptions are pissing me off."


He sighed.
''yes,yes I will remember that thank you'' he said dismissively and ran the heck away from there
Onwards to Glittering road.
He was still grumbling a bit about Ambrosia but shook these thoughts away,he had more important things at the moment


Now, our engineer?


"We did just barely miss whatever killed Mr. Bones.. regrettable that we couldn't be there sooner."


Right. And my next plan of action was to identify the key.
Or maybe go back to the Party and see if anyone had seen the comedian around after his death.
So inspect the key for any peculiar sign, and then head to the party.


Managing to not look like myself I hope

I have a visit to be made in the Arachnia District


"So, Whisper, was it? I apologize for the tardiness, but I'm here to report my 'findings', if you can spare the moment."


"He's dead?"

There we go.
Directly to the Saviours HQ?

It's a very normal key.
By its size you figure it's from a safe or something.

You go find him in his quarters.
The room is a mess of schematics and prototypes you don't have a clue what they do.
He's looking over some kind of fungus with a looking glass, he didn't notice you coming in.

Glittering Road is the heart of the jewelers district. Each shop is more extravagant than the next. You quickly walk into the one indicated.
A neighponese pony is at the counter "yes, may I help you?"


Probably for the mansion. This might have been the other accountant.


Knock on his open door.
"Am I interrupting something?"


Have a look at it from a distance.


He took a few moments to stare at the shops,but quickly dismissed them,he had an assignement at hand…
''Um…yes I am here on behalf of the one known as Whisper,there is something I need to get here
He had an order,one of the boxes of whatever it was
and I came here to retrieve the other one''
He said quickly and respectfully


"Very much so Sir." continue with an even tone.
"I did find this.. next to a stock of changeling eggs. The implications are terrifying to say the least." show off the journal. "experiments on unborn bugs.."


"Not only that, but when I got knocked into the cellar, I kind of fell into a hole there. After a little travel, I found a 'peculiar' room filled with coffins. There where some non-pony sounds coming from nearby, but I couldn't stay long to investigate."


"I see, do you have the order paper?"

You go back to the party.
As you go in you're greeted by a grinning shark head.
Oh wait, it's just a pony dressed up as a shark. He pops his head out through the fake teeth. "Hah, gotcha!"

He looks up.
"Oh, I'm sorry…I mean…uh…how long have you been standing there?"

It's an older building. By the signs on it, it was once a warehouse, but now overpainted with the grinning mare face that represents the Saviours.
You see some homeless ponies outside, eating.

He looks through the journal.
"I'll need Gear to take a look at this…but experimenting on unborn Changelings…how have the Changeling Queens not torn him apart yet. They love those larva as much as they can love in their rotten hearts. I thought Myziri said the Circle worked for the Queens, or at least that Varash or whatever."

"And Bones, how did he die?"


Do a double take.
"Indeed you did."
Boop the pony.
"Seen the comedian around, or anypony dressed as him?"


"A few seconds. My name is Ambrosia, an agent for the bureau."


I see…
Walk up to the enterance, is it only the hobos out here?


''oh,yes I do have them'' He said openning his saddlebags and peeking his muzzle in there,picking up the paper Whisper gave him he handed them over to the pony
''Is that right?And um…could you be a bit quick with that?I am rather…busy…''


"I ended up regrouping at the tower with Spruce and the Doctor, they'll have to let you know about his fate."


Shrug. "Perhaps that's why he was killed. There wasn't much left of him when we got there."


He straightens up.
"Ah, Ambrosia, I've heard about you. You seem to be very respected around here.
My name is Threading Gear, at your service."

He scrunches sadly. "He died…I heard. I'll miss him." He sniffles. "I'll try to cheer everypony up in his honor, it's what he would have wanted." He quickly wipes away a tear.
He pulls the shark head back over him and quickly runs off.
He seems very shaken by what happened.

Out here, yes.
You glance inside and see a few ponies in white robes with a smiling mare drawing on it distributing food inside.

She looks it over.
"I'll just be a moment." And disappears into the backroom.
All these shinies everywhere here.

"You say, you saw what killed him? Was it a changeling?"


Why is my meta sense telling me that was him?
Chase after the shark. Discreetedly.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I suppose I can chat it up later, I'm afraid I'll have to stay a while.
Enter the building… looking lost, like I'm not sure what to do


"Threading Gear? Good to have you with us, that's an amazing name. Aren't you an engineer? Why are you looking at that fungus?"


He looked around for the gems
THen a thought ran his mind
He made a mental check of his belongings.
counting how many bits he had
>Is that up to you or?;…


"There were some strange hoofprints I ran into. They were very large, noticeably so."


"And again, I found them in a hole full of coffins. I don't think just any beast that wandered in from the wilds would be so, deliberate? Is that the right word? It just seems odd that it knocked me over instead of anything else."


You have some moneys.
Depends on what you're looking for.

You are not discreet at all.
One of the party goers whistles.
"Hey, looks like Grind Dust has a stalker of his own now!"
The whole party laughs as if it's some joke you're not in on.
Grind walks back. "I name you my official stalker!" he mockingly touches both your shoulders as if he's knighting you, which makes the revelers laugh even more.

A white robed goat looks to you.
"Greetings friend, don't be shy. We are all friends here. Would you like a warm meal to fill your belly?"

"Engineer, somewhat of an inventor really. The Master hired me since he wanted somepony to strengthen the defenses of this facility. I have tons of ideas, but I seem to be a bit twarthed by a fungi if you can believe that. Come take a look."
He points to some cultures of the fungi in a corner. The fungi look normal on top but the roots of them have bursted outside the bottom of the pot and grow over the floor.
"I had to cut them once in a while. I'm afraid more for the structural integrity of this facility. If the roots of these fungi in the Warrens are the same size as these, they might already be inside our walls."

"Hmmm, disturbing. Ruby in your opinion, is this Varash lead in the Circle worth further investigating?"


"What a strange and foreign culture.
Teach me your ways."


"Sun an' Moon bless ye', I'd be grateful fer it…"
Look down in faked shame.


He looked around the stores for some place where he could find one of his favorite articles
Of course every minute he glanced to see if the pony were to come back


"Oh right. Have you talked to our shaman about this? She was a way with stuff like this. She only comes in at night though."


"I'd say so. While we don't have the whole picture, everything about the Circle, it's personnel and projects, presents a disconcerting image."


"It is easy, traveler. Just throw your head back and laugh."

He gives you a gentle smile.
"I've been on the streets myself. We all need a hoof from time to time."
He gives you a plate with a salad on it.

"Yes…as I heard she was unable to talk to these fungi, correct?"

"I see, I'll discuss this with the Master.
I'll see you later, unless there is something else you wish to discuss?"

+1000XP for Dr. Z, Ruby and Spruce


Mislink with Maali
That was for Ambrosia.

No incense here.
You should go further into the Vulture District.
She comes back with a box.
"Our sincerest apologies sir."


"Bless yer soul, thank ye, thank ye…"
Take it and scoot out to the other hobos outside.


''No problem…''
He said,picking up the box
''just make sure that you pay attention to your work next time…'' He spoke in an unusually harsh tone as he ran as fast as he could back to Whisper. prancing around and being careful with the car-wait…
He stopped for a brief moment,wondering if it was a fragile object inside the box…
Should he open it?
would Whisper notice?
Would he be mad?…

He placed it down and opened it slowly and carefully,He could tell Whisper that he just opened it to be sure
But stopped to check around if he was alone
you can never be too careful after all…


"Yes, but maybe we can find a solution for that."


"I would prefer to wash up. I'd like to rid myself of whatever it is that might have caught onto my coat."




One shuffles to you.
"Don't eat it"

You open it and see an unusual dagger. Straight with a circular pommel etched into a snake figure.

"That won't be necessary miss Ambrosia, the reason these plants don't talk is because they're not plants at all."

"See you soon."

"Let it flow from your belly and wash away your sorrows." Roll for perception


Perk and ear and lean closer.


'1d10' I'm sure this guy is more than he says he is.

Roll #1 2 = 2


He squits a bit,examining the blade and all of it's details
then quickly closed it and ran back to the base
A few questions ran throught his mind,but he dismissed them as he headed straight for Whisper…


"Fungi generally aren't plants in the first place, but continue."


Before he can say more one of the other hobos grumble.
"he just wanna gobble yer food. Robes threw him out. Ain't that right Nose?"
Nose wants to say something but quikly runs away as one of the Saviours steps out.
"Nose, come back! We don't mind what you stole, we already forgave you!"

If he is, he's hiding it well, he doens't look at all like the body in the morgue, but you can't see him wholly because of the shark costume.
"Come, let's bring merry to these ponies!"
Perhaps some of these ponies know him?

You're back.
Whisper is where you left him.

He rolls his eyes.
"I'm engineer not a botanist, if it's not from metal, it's a plant or an animal. Luckily for me, these things are metal."


"Say, you seem to have lots of friends."


"Oh… He canna' steal anthin' from me 'cept my soul… Been a while the las'time I held a bit in these hooves."
Smell the salad then give it a gentle nibble.


Take another look at it.


''Whisper,there…I bought it back'' He said putting the box down,gently,next to him
''How is that?'' he asked,panting a bit of tiredness as he ran all the way back to there


"I've been here a while. I've never seen you around. You new to the City?"

Roll for taste.

It looks like a fungi, abnormally purple and glowing, but a fungi.
"Here." He hoofs you a looking glass and then you see it. Very tiny sheets of some kind of glowing metal, far too small to be made by anything else than magic. As look at it, you see how on the roots, a few more sheets slowly appear, making it seem like it grows.

"Well done. Thanks. Here for your trouble." He hoofs you some bits.
+500XP for Maali


You mentioned knowing the comedian, what was he like?"


''Oh…um…Anytime mister Whisper.
was there anything else you needed?I am,kind of needing to do something else.'' He said taking the bits,barely even bothering to count them.


"Nothing Sir." And then I probably go to meet up with maali.



Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'd…rather not talk about him right now.
It's too soon."

"Oh? What's got you in such a hurry?"

He's here!

It tastes a bit stale, but edible. I guess they can't afford the best salads.


"This is more unnatural than I thought. What the heck is going on here?"


''I am doing…Uh,nevermind it is just a visit to the elemental temples,shaman things you know?''

He acknouledges Spruce with a nod


"Hey. I'm free now."


Tasting is not why I'm here.
Gobble it in like I was starving



''Good,very good,I had time to do a favor for Whisper as well,but that does not matter,let us go and find those papers.'' He said as he waved to Whisper.
''If you need anything at any other time,do not hesitate to ask,I will love to help'' He said with a slight smile as he ran to the gates of the base with Spruce


"Yes, indeed. So soon, his bride hasn't even left her house yet."
Gauge his reaction.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Naturally.. we are teammates." Spruce nods and follows you.


What he said hanged on Maali's mind for a few,that confused the little deer
they barely talked at all actually…
Well…Maybe he was just that friendly
Which…was actually nice of him
He smiles and nod. ''Of course''


He perks a brow.
"Shaman things?"

Whisper looks curious as you leave "Shaman papers?"

You can't quite see it underneath the shark head. "Yes…she must be distraught…" he says sadly.

"I have no clue. I'd like to study this further. But I'd have to find some books at the local academy. What is even more worrisome is how those things got in the Warrens…or who put them there…"

"I ain't seen ya around before. What's yer name?" says one of the hobos.


"Why the goofy costume anyway?"


''It is nothing mister Whisper,I…I will tell you when I get back,Shaman Promise!'' and at that,he takes off with Spruce,onwards to accomplishing the mission for Pyrrus


'1d10' rolling for safety

Roll #1 8 = 8


'1d10' oh yeah,rolling as well if we need to

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Like it? The Comedian loved costumes. I thought wearing one would be a nice way to honor him. As for why a shark, the idea just popped in my head."

No trouble at all.
You arrive in the snake district at the house of the poet.



Maali stood before the door…Sighing
''Are you ready?Must we re-analyze the plan one more time?'' he asked him calmly


"Yeah that's worrisome alright. If you need some help, be sure to tell me."


'1d10' spot check the entrances and general area.
"look twice and leap once friend deer."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shake my head sadly.
"Ah tried not to show me mug anywhere, them ponies dun like seein a wreck like this… name's Maitland."


"Oh I'm sure it did. I've seen plenty sharks too, in my dreams of death…"
Stare the eyes within the shark mask down.


He stood still for a moment.
A small flashback ran throught his mind

A tall doe,looking down at a smaller buck infant,who seemed to have a few scratches throught his body.He was burying his hoof on a small pot,filled with sand and stones,and as he continued,the stones scratched his short fur…
''Enough'' Spoke up the doe.
''Head to your house Maali,tomorrow,your training contnues,but for now…
Look twice and leap once…'' Her voice echoed on Maali's head as the memory ended…

Maali seemed to be in a small trance for a moment,but shook his head and looked up to Spruce
''Y-yes yes certainly…'' He stuttered out as he waited for Spruce.


"Would you…mind escorting me to the Academy? I'm afraid the streets of Vilitus aren't so safe for me."

It seems safe, just a normal house.

"We know how it be. Most ponies rather spit on me than give a coin."

He seems unsettled.
"Sounds like you need a laugh more than ever, friend."


"That why ah usually don' show meself… say, this place any good?"


"Alright. meet back outside in 10 minutes? You can keep him talking that long right?"


''Do not fret,I will keep him busy.'' He says as he knocks on the door.
''Good luck'' he said with a nod as he waited for the pony to aswer


"Sure. Let's get to it then. This whole thing is rubbing me the wrong way."


'1d10+4' use fate and sneak inside the window.

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


"Or maybe just a pony who has seen death and is back to tell the tale, am I right?"


Roll for safe journey.

You climb into what seems to be a kitchen.
You hear a mare singing in the living room.
She stops and walks to open the door.
There's another door.

An older mare opens the door.
"My, a deer, I've never seen a deer before. What brings you to my home, young one?"

"Why the gloom talk, traveler? This is a place of revelry and happiness…"

"About the same as the temple. But I don't like the folk there. Easy to get in minsunderstandings with them." He grins.
"Didn't know this place was here until I heard about it from a friend just yesterday."


'1d10' peep inside of the other door, what room is this?

Roll #1 6 = 6


He nodded politely.
''Ma'am I came here to talk to you,or…Well who else do you have at home at the moment?'' He asked curiously


"Anotha poor soul like us told ya?"


It seems to be some writing room.
Papers everywhere!

She takes a step back, looking apprehensively.
"My husband and my sons! Why do you want to talk to me?"

"Yeah, a new face like ye."



"Let's just say we have a common enemy, you and I…"


Boy oh boy.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"…what kind of enemy?"

You make it through safely even though Threading Gear keeps watching over his shoulder.
When you get to the Academy, Threading asks if you want to come with him inside.
Roll Notice.


Dr. Z.
You're in the hideout right now.
Whisper is near in the War Room.
You see Ambrosias friend, Silver Sickle talking to the quartermaster Morning Star.
Other NPCs in the Hideout currently
>Glowing Path, a nun
>Lightning Swift


"Mind tellin' me sumethin' about 'im?"



Roll #1 6 = 6


"An enemy which shoots straight for the soul."


Time to play 52 pickup.

I should go talk to Rustlefeather. What is he doing?


''Oh…well Ma'am um…Could you call your husband here please?''


Are there showers in the hideout? Anything would be better than wondering outside with whatever Changeling goop got on me.


I groan internally. What is this poem even supposed to look like?
'1d10' check the desk first.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You notice a guy on the side of the building, quickly running off when he spots both of you.

He perks his ears.
"He didn't find me did he?!?"

You find Rustlefeather near the waterfall, pacing around with a bottle of ale, and several empty bottles near him.

"Dunno much 'bout 'im. He jus' tol us bout this here place. Never seen 'em before. Thought he was pullin me hoof. But free food is free food."
You're starting to feel sleepy…roll 1d10

She seems a bit nervous suddenly.
—-You'll have to wait for Spruce to continue—-

The closest thing approaching a shower is the waterfall and pool nearby, used for bathing by a lot here. It's not very private, but the water is pleasant.
As you approach you see Dr. Z on the edge, who's approaching a drinking Rustlefeather.


You see tons and tons of papers.
Letters, books, invitations, but nothing you can clearly identify as poems.


"That it is…."
Damnit, was it poisioned after all?

Roll #1 5 = 5


open try the drawer? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I frown. We're just here for research, how could anyone know we're coming here…
"Somepony spotted us."


Shake my head.
"But I did, which means you are not safe here.
Why was he after you?"


"Something weighing heavily upon you?"


"Hello gentlecolts and Gryphs,may I bother you for a drink?"


''oh,it is nothing to worry about…just to ask him a few questions regarding nature
Do you and your family have any time to hear the word of our lady and Savior Gaia?''


He looks around spooked.
"Oh…oh dear, I should have known, you better come inside, they won't see us there."

Success you grab a book filled with poems

Either that or you've got the worst case of needing an afternoon nap yet.
But you feel like you can power through it.
Roll to willpower through it, +2 because donk.

He shifts his weight.
"Not here then, follow me."
He walks to a door in the back.

He looks up.
"Oh, sorry doc I didn't hear you coming.
The inaction, doc, it's weighing on me more heavily than any worries."
He gives a bottle of ale to Ruby.
"Here, I know it's not too classy, but it's good stuff."

"The word of…" understanding seems to dawn.
"You're one of those preachers, aren't you? I'm donating nothing and you're not coming in!"


I've got a case to solve, if for nothing else, my own safety.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Alright, lets get the heck out of here. back through the window.




"That's understandable, though in a secret base, isn't killing time a common occupation?'


"Right now, I'd consider taking it straight from the swill. But, for now, go ahead and feel free to talk about it."


I nod and follow him inside.
"Any idea who that could be?"


He puts his hooves up in defense ''Oh please no! Gaia does not asks for material things at all,all Gaia wants is that you place…a small potted plant on your window and practise the way of the Guarira'' He said with a cute smile
''This experiece will be healthy for your whole family and for your soul as well. how about it?''
[1d10+3] convince?
>Using a fate point here…

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


You manage to keep yourself steady and up while the other slowly fall asleep.
You hear someone coming.
What do you do?
You're a bit drowsy but can still move, however if you get in a fight, you'd temporarily get a negative modifier.

You get back outside, meanwhile you see Maali still talking.

You enter a room with a giant mirror.
The pony in the shark suit closes the door.
"Okay, now first things first, who are you? What are you looking for?"

"I didn't ask to be here in this secret base. I can't even flap my wings out over the City or those guards might see me.
I need some action."

"This is why I asked you to come with me. Some very pesky figures who like extorting me…"

"Hmmmm, fine, but why?"


"The books, Comedian, which were stolen from this place."


"Extorting you? For what? What did you do? Why don't you just sink a dagger in their throats?"


"How long have you operated with this outfit?"


Time to play the part. I need to find out what happens to them, after all.
Lay my head on the table, flap my donk ears down as well and pretend I got knocked out as well.

Keep on listening though, and have one eye partially open.


"There have been many times when the best course of action here in Vilitus was just to stay inside. What did you do during those moments?"


I knew he could do it. move over to the side where maali'd be able to notice me and give a hoove's up.


''Well Because the word of Gaia is something everypony should hear,at least once,regardless if they will accept nature in their hearts or not. Our mother…'' He said putting a hoof on his emerald necklace
''She only desires what is best for the land and her children…And Integrating yourself on the Guarira grants MANY advantages!Ranging from ancient practises of meditation and even mastering the art of controling nature to help you in any difficulty,as well as extended lifetime!''

His eyes wander of to where Spruce was and he smiles to him before bowing to the lady
''Buuuuuut I see you are not quite interested in our services,oh well I can come any other day,if you change your mind please look for the only deer on the city,who would be me,thank youuuuu'' He said prancing to Spruce's general direction,but not quite heading for where he was
He gave him a wink as he passed by him and slowly walked along


He grins.
"I arrived about a few days before you did. I knew about that temple of that crazy changeling and I have some trouble with one of the Dukes so Ambrosia offered me money and a safe haven in return for my aid.
I'm not one of those Lordblade types."

"They seem to think they're protecting me and that I owe them money for that. I'm not a fighter, I wouldn't hurt a fly!"

He sighs.
"How did you know?"

You leave the mare confused behind.


Oh boy.
Time to bluff it.
"Does it really matter?
We should speak in private."


"It can't be that simple."


Hoof over the poem book to the deer..
"Here, make sure its the one you wanted."


Let's start taking those drinks.

"Ah, but that's the important part. IFA Duke wants you dead, they're pretty hard to stop. Why don't you try to learn from some of the people here while the heat dies down? And I mean the heat from the Duke after you, it never stops being hot here."


One of the goats come out.
"Oh dear, we better get them a place to sleep."
You feel yourself getting lifted up.

"Being bored out of my mind. What I need is…"


Let them carry me.
But stay sharp.


Another quick sip.

"A hobby! Like flower arranging, or sword making! Why not ask Threading Gear for some pointers?"


"Yes, it matters! If you can, someone else might, I need to know how you did it!"

"Uuuuh, it is…" he says slowly.

That's a beautiful book of poems.

"But I have an idea, want to do some drunk spelunking?"

You get put in a bed and they leave you.


Keep an eye out. What happens next?


Shit, sorry, I thought this was Horizon and that the guy I was talking to was the textiles vendor with his family there.
Ignore my last post.
>How did you know?
"I've been on their tail for a long time. And you might say this is my job."


Does he look truthful about this? Because I smell bullshit.
"Whatever. Let's just make sure we get the job done."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Wait didn't maali tell me he couldn't read.. what's he even going to do with this..
Oh well, take him back to base.


"I'd love to do some more drinking and talking and murdering and raiding! Lead the way!"

Rolling to stay standing after one drink. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Roll for luck

He seems truthful enough.
He goes to the library and starts collecting books.
Roll your Vilitus knowledge

Who knows, he seems to have gone quiet.
You're back at the base.
Anyone else you wanna talk to?

No trouble.
The Gryphon gets up. "We should explore the Warrens."

"Oh, you're collecting the books? Did you have any luck yet?"


But now I'm the trail of the one you stole."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oooh, those sound like places you'll find interesting things in! I'm ready when you are!"


I'll burn a fate point on that. Not sure what my agent bonus is anymore.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"Me?!? I didn't steal anything. I came across one of the books and I tried to keep it safe! Why do you think they wanted to kill me?"

That's +2
You realize you might sneak to the basement and find an entrance to the sewers there, circumventing whatever might be waiting for you outside.

You enter the Warrens, the ruined homes and cavern walls are covered with purple mushrooms.

You hear somepony coming back.
They take one of your legs and you feel a needle sticked in.


That's a pretty solid idea. Let's see if our engineer friend can find anything.


Ahh, shit.
Give a little kick with that leg, as if I was just asleep and it was reflex.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Safe where, then?"


"It's so pretty. Do you take all the cute girls here?"


He has dug up some books. "Hmmm, this might take a while." Wait here?

The goat curses.
"Lively one, this one. Let's try the others first.."
They walk off again.

"How do I know the books will be safe with you? As far as I know, you might be looking to sell it?"

"Only the really pretty ones."
He leads you to a crack in the rock and starts sliding sideways through it.


I'll have to see what they do to the others.


Maali turns to Spruce
''Oh boy that was perfect and flawless mister Spruce,thank you so much!'' He said looking at the book
''So,could you…give it just a little read of it for me please?you know I…um…I can not read…''


"Take your time."
Yeah, I'll wait. Maybe I can read up on some stuff myself. Let's find a book on Saddle-Arabia and have a read while I wait.


"Then I'm not the first you've brought here? Are you going to show me the same thing you've shown to all the other girls?"
Try not to cry. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Let's just say it's almost vital for me to hold onto it."


"Hmmm, I need to know I can trust you. You said you had another book? Did you bring it back to the library?"

You start crying.
"Are you alright, lady?"

You find a big encyclopedia on Saddle-Arabia, what you wanna know?

We'll wait for Andy.

You wanna roll to be a sneaky donk?


"No. It's already been stolen once from here."


Fate point, sneaky donk mode activate to survey what they are doing

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Get up close to him, real close, and tell him: "I'm not your special lady,aren't I?"

Then smile.

"It's okay. So, where are we headed?"


You don't actually need to type out whatever I read! It's just me keeping busy while Gear is busy as well.


"Then how can I know that I can trust you?"

You sneakity sneak off and see one of the fellows you've been talking to earlier in a bed. He's snoring and a needle with a tube has been stuck in him, draining blood into a waterskin.

"I found this a while ago, I'm wondering where it goes."

Then we shall timeskip about an hour?


Oui oui, mon ami.


Draining blood? That's pretty serious… keep hidden. I'll have to see if they do this until they die or if they know when to stop.


"You can't.
But I know enough about you, Comedian, that trust is not something I need."
Stare into his eyes with a cold glare.


"I cave? Maybe there's treasures and jewels I can wear! Let's hurry!"


You've learned some things about the general lay-out of the land, some traditions, their oil production.
It's quite interesting actually, too bad it's filled with mudslimes.

Threading walks over. "I think I found something, miss Ambrosia."

You keep hidden. They haven't drained enough yet by far to kill him when one of the goats walks up. "One of them is missing!"

R-rolling for mental strength '1d10'

You enter a long cave. Roll for luck

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I…I will show you the book. Come back here, in an hour. But I'll only show it here."


Close the book and stand up.
"Good news?"


Hokkaido is powered by a glass of alcohol and some Fate.

'1d10+3' Journey

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


I should be safe enough here… let's wait still.


"You do not seem to understand your situation.
In this very moment I could walk out of this door and make your second shot at life hell on earth…
There are many things worse than death, and I have the means to make all of those become true for you.
But we are not enemies in this. I want to find the books, consult them, and then return them to the priests here. So to you the choice.
Living hell or the book, right now?"


Your crit does give you some leeway.
roll a 1d10+3 against this to remain hidden '1d10'

He looks down.
"I hid it in a safe near the harbor."

You walk through the tunnel and suddenly reach a metal wall, part of it is broken and a mountain of gold flowed out.

"Good and bad. I cannot find something like this. But I found something similar. An organism made by an arcane metalsmith. I think I know how to stop it, but it's gonna be tricky. We need a mage, an expert in lightning magic."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"The number and combination."



Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11



Rub my eyes, I can't believe it.

"Mister Rustlefeather, are you seeing what I saw when I had my eyes open?"


"Well… we have a mage in our employ but I don't know if she's specialized in lightning magic. We can go ask her, I guess."


"It's opened with a small key."
He shows a small key, similar to the one you got off the body.

They don't find you.
You see them drawing a lot of blood. But not enough to kill him and remove the waterskin and needle.
Later he wakes up a little pale. "Oh what happened?"
The goat steps up "You fell asleep. We put you here to be more comfortable."
"Oh…uh, thanks ah guess."
"Come back tomorrow for more food…"
The pony walks away shakily.

"Yes." He sounds amazed. "So much gold!"

"We should watch out as we leave."


My expression is totally flat.
"Alright.. Lets go over by the waterfall."


"That key?"


"Don't worry. We'll go through the sewers. Follow me."
Let's find that way into the sewers.


Strange… but they said that the hobos disappeared.
Observe just a bit more, then I'll have to move.


He shook his head ''Oh please,could you…um,just read it here?I kind of need these papers to be delivered quickly,I just need to know if they are poems or not''


"Heh, hahaha! We didn't just rob a bank and not notice right? All this gold, so close and ours for the taking, right?"

Look around, what kind of place just has a pile of gold lying around and see if they left us bags to haul it away in. What building or structure is this wall attached to?


I sigh and glance over my shoulder to see who's watching.
Lets try to pick a poem that's not too embarrassing and read it.


Three white horses in a field
spell magic through the moment pass
and cloud extends through the grass
on three white horses standing there

He gives it to you.

You make it to the basement.
The sewers go straight down here, if you want to, you'll have to jump into the water below

You hear one of the goats talking.
"Investigate the blood, we'll see if there's any candidates in there."

"No." He looks up.
The wall is made of a black metal, similar to the Lemarian temple. The opening is small and its dark inside, you'll need tools to open it further.


Oh, yes, I should have know. They test the blood and then abduct whoever fits their purpose?


I will jump down!
"Hope you don't mind a bit of shit water."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I may be a little tipsy, but even I know this is big. Let's wrap some up and take it back. This is a big find so close to base."


"ehem, Three white horses in a field
spell magic through the moment pass
and cloud extends through the grass
on three white horses standing there"
keep an even tone and stare at the deer.
"What's this for anyway?"


Catch the key.
"I will return the book to this place, and I will deal with the pony after both of our heads."
Leave, heading for the docks.

Something tells me there's a bomb in that safe.


''Well,It was for a friend of mine…Nothing important,honestly.'' He said as he picked up the book
''But thank you SO much mister Spruce,I would's have done it without you'' He said patting his shoulder gently before heading away with the book

onwards to the fire elemental temple!


Shake my head as you walk away. "No problem Maali. You're a pretty good partner."


He turns to him,waving as he goes ''Thank you mister Spruce,I hope we can go out and talk sometime later!''
And with that he praced towards Celestia knows where


Well, I'd give you SP but I guess you're not sticking around for the end when the full SP is given out.
Here's a consolation price of 100 Points.
What's next?

You return to the Fire Temple

You arrive at a storage at the docks. The key of the dead guy says 342, the key from the Comedian is 169

Get a bag?

You jump in, the water is deep, you'll need to do some swimming. Threading jumps behind you

What's next partner?


Let's check out the dead guy's key first.


Fuck, this is risky, but whatever.
Sneak deeper into the building.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I haven't seen my zebra friend for a while, I should probably check on her.


Just keep my mouth shut and swim.

I'll take a bath once I get home.


As he got closer,the smile on his face faded
he started remembering why he was there
and he assumed a silent,respectful posture as he entered.
He then headed to the head of the gryphon and prayed
''My lord…I have returned. And for you,I have bought the book…'' He said placing it in front of him as he bowed


Here's safe number 342.
It looks the same like all the others.

As you swim to shore, you see a shadow in the water.
Roll to evade!

"You know what to do…"

She should be in Blue Mana's building. Roll for safe journey.

You find a stairs to the basement



'1d10' preemptive rolling

Roll #1 4 = 4


The fuck!?

Roll #1 3 = 3




Maali took a short,deep breath
and examined the book for a moment,running his hoof throught it's cover…
Then took it upon his hooves and carefully placed it above the fire,it warmed his hooves a little…
His eyes were focused into the fire for a few seconds,watching the beautiful and alluring dance of the flame as the jumped and cackled,A orange glow in his eyes that turned the usual bright green into a rather sinister,focused stare.
Not taking his eyes off of it,he let the book fall into the fire,watching the particles of the paper darken and disintegrate before breaking of and falling off,becoming part of the fire…Being consumed by it…
He then bowed again,waiting for the response of the fire lord


As you walk through town you get dragged into an alley, a stinking diamond dog presses a dagger to your throat "Hoof over the gold, and quick!" she says.

The shadow disappears again. Maybe a play of the li-
You fly through the air as whatever down you slammed right against you.
You fall into the water again, coughing.
You better get to the side quick.

Roll yer reflexes

As the pages slowly burn, an older pony enters the room.
The flames spit out the book towards the shocked pony, letting it burn to a crisp before his shocked eyes. "My book!"
You hear a laugh in the fire.



Roll #1 5 = 5


No shit Sherlock! Swim to the side quick!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Maali turned to the pony
''what…Your…'' He turned to the fire,for a moment,confused with the laughter and then to the pony again
''that is your…Who are you?''


Find anything to store it in. Rip out any pockets if I have to or use whatever cloth is around.


You get thrown through the air and land with a smack on the ground.
Roll to get up again quick

Threading manages to get to the shore "Miss Ambrosia, hurry!"
You feel something biting your hoof and you're dragged underwater

He looks to the book, then to you.
"You stole that, didn't you?"

You grab as much gold and gems as you can, as does Rustlefeather, but there's enough left for a second run!


And use fate this time.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 3 = 3


''Well…No…I mean yes…But you cannot be…'' He turned to the fire
''He is the author?His wife told me he was at home,he cannot be the author of this book''
He turned to the pony again
''Did you write this?''


"Be a dear and bring the Really big bag. We don't need others getting interested in coming down here."

Resist urge to laugh like a child. '1d10' And head back to base.

Roll #1 10 = 10


The pony angrily, but slowly steps towards you.
The fire is silent.

You resist the urge perfectly.
"We gonna need more than 1 bag."
You quickly make it back to the base.

You kick and trash the thing that seems to hold the middle between a pirhana and a spider.

Nope, that was quite a kick, as you lose conciousness, you see a set of leather white horseshoes approaching.
As you wake up again the white horseshoes are gone, the second key lays next to you and the key it fit in, is open and empty.
Many other safes are destroyed.


How did this even happen, for crying out loud.
White horseshoes.
Which color was the comedian's coat?



Just get out of its grip already! Use fate this time to help me out!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Is Whisper or Nightshade or the Master around? They need to know about this gold and the places we saw and my ability to keep a serious face.


''Because…'' He took a small step back… But then narrowed his eyes and stepped back fowards
''You are Rhyming Word are you not?The famous writer? You were the one that sought the inspiration from the fire lords and have not paid your tributes to them.'' He said serious


I'm around.


It definitely wasn't the Comedian.
This guy was bigger.

As you get up, you notice a note pinned on your chest.

You manage to escape and get back up.
Hurry to shore

Whisper and Dr. Z are here.

He stops.
"I…you do not understand. I was going to pay…I just needed time…"


Get there! This goddamn city and its sinister secrets. Fuck.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Here, have some gold, courtesy of me and Rustlefeather. There's more where we found this, so grab a bag and come with us if you want to get rich."


For god's sake.
Read it. How long has it even been since I passed out?
I should get the fuck out of here asap.


He faltered for a moment
''Why…Why did you need time?weren't you rich and famous because of your poetry?Or were you too busy enjoying the fame to properly thank the ones who gave it all to you in the first place?'' This time Maali was walking towards him.
''I was told you took a long time Mister Word…Too long…''


"There's a saying that goes, 'there's no such thing as a free bag of gold', I believe."


"But, but, it's right here. A bag of gold! And no one one billed us for it! At least, we didn't see anyone there to bill us."


"What's the story behind it?"


"Rustlefeather took me around some ruins. We looked around, and there it was. We're planning on going back."


"This sounds a little too good to be true."

Examine gold for any odd markings, magic, etc. '1d10'

+1 if this is perception

Roll #1 7 = 7


You barely manage to get to shore.
You're bleeding and Threading helps you up.

"In the ruins? You mean inside our base?"

You sniff it.
There's something off with it. It is pure gold that you are sure off. But there's some kind of magic radiating from it. You remember these from studying some old books.
A strange magic that made ponies sick over time.

"You don't understand what these fire beings asked of me? They wanted what I owned, my gold, my belongings."

Where to?
The note is a newspaper article claiming there have been weird sights seen at the abandoned mansion in the Aurora District.


"This gold is radioactive. Handling for prolonged periods will kill you. It needs to be stored in specially shielded casing to contain the dangerous magic."


Flop onto my back and spit out some water as I breathe heavily.


''Then why did you accepted?You should have already known that fire does not please…''
He took another threatening step
''Fire takes what it wants.''
Another step…His necklace was emitting an eerily green glow…


"Sort of. There are a few cracks here and there you can squeeze through. There were lots of abandoned homes there, and the weird moss or fungus in them."

"Wait, what! Take it away!"


Whisper perks his ears.
"It's dangerous? Quick what kind of special casing do we need"

Threading looks over you.
"What was that?"

"Y-you'll pay for this."
The old pony quickly runs away.


Maali considered running after him,that guy was for some reason…getting on his nerves
But he brushed it off and went back to the fire
''It is done my lord…Are you pleased with my service?'' He asked with a respectful bow


I cough between breaths.
"Something horrific."


"Whatever it is just keep it away from me!"


"I am not an expert in toxins, but I believe lead casing will insulate it. Maybe Rustlefeather has access to lead in his workshop? The metal is sometimes used for piping due to its softness."


I have just one lead after all.


"There's a lot more where this was. What about that?"



"It could be hazardous to explorers who stumble upon it. Although, you're all sort of assassins aren't you? Maybe you could put this golden poison to use."


Maybe you should get help…you don't want to get caught like that again…

Threading helps you up over his shoulder.
"I'll drag you back if I have to, just tell me the way."

Whisper nods. "Rustle, check on Threading, he should have lead around here somewhere."

Whisper nods. "Professor, is this radiogold common? I've never heard of it."


But who can I get in on this? Someone from base? The three stooges?


"This radioactivity is not specific to gold. It is a rare phenomenon, though. I've only read about it in very old texts. I've got a bad feeling like it might be connected to these metal ponies and their foreign technologies somehow, but that's just a hunch."


Can I walk? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sure, sure. Damn that hurts."


"I'll go with him. Anything to put some distance between me and those."

Let's get Threading Gear to help.

"We only looked into a small part of it. There might be more down there."


You can walk, but you lean on Threading.
You need a nurse when you get back.
You enter back into the hideout.
You see the ponies gathered near Hokkaido.
Whisper runs to you.
"I'll get glowing."

You see him entering the hideout with a wounded Ambrosia.

"Hmm. We'll need to find the source of it then. I don't want any metal ponies showing up unannounced."
He looks at something behind your shoulder.
"…and we've got a wounded."
You see Threading entering the hideout with a wounded Ambrosia.
Whisper runs to her.


Maybe the deer?

The fire responds.
"It was….acceptable."


"Oh, this can not be good for any of us. Threaded, Ambrosia, what's happening?"


Maali nodded
''it is my pleasure to serve…Thank you my lord…'' He lifted his head to stare back at the fire,waiting for the spirit's response


I grimace.
"Some kind of mutated spiderfish tried to take a bite of me in the sewers. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just need a moment here."


"You might want to do it away from here, though. We've got a pile of poisoned gold here too. Here, let me help you if you need it."


He turns to Hokkaido.
"Ruby, bring her to Glowing Path."
He turns to Threading.
"Mister Threading, we need lead casings as quickly as possible."
He then turns back to the Professor.
"We shall go find the source of this."

"What are you waiting for?"


Do I have to?
Let's go back to base and try to wrap my head around this.


"You heard him, let's get you someplace better."


''Well…I was hoping I could learn with you…But if you judge that I am not ready yet,I will gladly depart my lord…''


I nod.
"Lead the way, sweetheart."


"Spiderfish? Now that sounds ominous."

"That would be wise. I'll see if I can find more documentation on it when I have a moment."


Well I'm just a voice in your head.
Go and do what you want.

You get to Glowing Path who's praying in the temple.
She gets up as you enter and looks at your wound. "These are strange bitemarks…hold still."

"You're not ready. You did a miserable job. Get out of my sight."

You both leave through the Warrens, past the purple mushrooms, into the underground pits.
Soon you see it. A pile of gold flowing from above. You note a metal wall there, partially cracked through which the gold fell.
"We'll have to do some climbing. Do you need a hoof, professor?"


"You're telling me… I got attacked by some kind of a spider fish living in the sewers."


He stuttered a bit
''Miserable?I beg your pardon master but I did exactly what I was ordered to,I brought the book and took it to the fire and as a bonus he even watched it burn in his hooves''


I really don't feel focused enough to play this. And you remember how last time I brought someone along went.


"What were you doing down there at all?"


"Taking an alternative route back to the base. What, you never use the sewers to get away from someplace? Just me?"


"I'd say something harsh, but I was just in the warrens picking up dangerous gold myself. Maybe we're just drawn to trouble like moths, aren't we?"


"You? Say something harsh to me? You wouldn't dare."


"Do you need me down there? I think I'd be more use consulting my books about how to find a more permanent solution."


"Please, I just couldn't say anything that would sting worse than those bites look."


"I didn't take you for a hard bitch, if you pardon my Prench."


"That explains this poison. Hold still."
She lays a hoof on your leg and you start feeling better.

"Hmmm…very well then. Go on, what is it you want?"


"Actually professor, you know more about this than me. Supposing there's a lot of that gold in there….do you think it would be safe to take a quick look?"


"Oh very well."

Slide down and have a look.

"As long as we limit exposure."


"We all have our little secrets.'

"Though I don't know how you manage to stay so confident after all this."


''I want to learn with you…I have not finished my training in the Guarira…I was hoping I could finish it with the help of the elementals…Anything I could learn from you would be precious to me''
he hesitated for a moment as the image of the ashes that once were the flute of his teacher flashed into his mind
He could barely remember her face by now…but he certainly remembered the sound of her voice…

He blinked a few times and focused again on the flame,breaking of his little daydream


"Thanks Path, you're an angel. Feels much better already."
Let out a sigh of relief.

"It's just a bite, no big deal. Could have been a lot worse."


"So, outside of the of the bites and poisoning, what was the rest of the alternate entrance like? It won't be good if others can come in that way."


It's not an alternate entrance. It was an alternate way out of the library.


"We should still seal it. Who knows what else was there. It could be all, icky and slimy. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me sick."


"Seal the sewers and the streets will flood with shit!"
I smirk.
"That's good to know though, I'll be sure to take you along sometime."


I'm going to hold my disgust inside me.


Okay let's get serious.
Other operatives in base?


"I think I saw a few turds floating around while we were swimming…"


"I'd tell you to take it easy for a few days, but who am I kidding?"
She gives you a waterskin. "Here's some medicine, if you feel pain, drink some."

You climb down and take a peek through the crevice.
You see a mountain of gold inside. Wires, copper, you note that the wall itself is made of lead. No surprise it got torn open.
You note something else.
A glowing red gem attached to some kind of metal spike.
It's way on the other side of the room.
You could make it without too much trouble if you're quick.

"Faith, miss Ruby. That's all you need."

"Fire can only be understood by those who are ready. You have some skill but there is only so much I can teach you right now.
But I shall give you a gift, place the shield on your chest in the fire."

>Dr. Z


>counting dr. z when wf just left
Let's drop in on the ladies.
"How fortunate to see you both in one place."


He nodded
''I see…What do I need to be ready then?'' He asked as he unbuckled the latches and placed the shield on the fire carefully


I nod.
"I'll try, but yeah, no promises."

"I just got bitten by some kind of fish mutant while swimming in a pool of shit. How was your mission?"


IC he's here.


I'm just going to back away now.

"Oh, hello. Ambrosia here us regaling us with her tale. Why don't you substitute for me?"


"A wall exploded in my face, and a ghost stole my book.
But he was kind enough to leave me a clue. Literally."
Flash the piece of newspaper to her.
"Why, instead, don't you come with me for a walk?"
Slip by her with a wide, skull splitting evil grin.


"While I should reconsider, I just carried in a good amount of poisoned gold. Going outside seems like a better choice."


What's on it?


"Yes, just where we would be going!"
That's the thing, I'm barely showing you the paper is there. Not what's on it.


"Well.. I'd join you, but the priestess here says I should probably go easy for a bit after being injected with venom."


"I'd take you to check out some real prime estate in town!"


"Besides, what kind of ghost beats up people and leaves hints? I could probably use something to get rid of my worries, so lead the way."

"Now I'm interested. What kind of real estate are we talking about? Mansions, spires?"


"Sorry, I'd love to help but I need a break after that experience."


"Try not to keep everyone in the base up."
"It's something… Radious."
Take her by a hoof and leave.

Off to the abandoned mansion of the Aurora district!


Are we alone?


"Wait, SLOW DOWN!"




The shield burns but doesn't disappear, when you take it out again, it is scorched but warm as if with an inner fire.
Your shield protects you from fire attacks now.
"You need training."


So you guys are going to the abandoned mansion?

>DR. Z



Glowing Path just told me to take it easy for a bit. So no.


Was I.. on my to Elana?


Can I just sort of…

Whip it? Whip it good?

Try to manipulate my stranglevine to drag it back here. '1d10+2'

I don't remember my talent, but I think it's this?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


He nodded
"My tribe was taken away from me before I could finish my training…Yes…I need training my lord…" he said taking the shield
"Thank you my lord."



Ready to head out.


Down to the basement I go


Good poni.

Oh yes, you make it to the Office of the District Duchess Mana in the Arachnia District.
The building is small but richly colored and decorated with runes. A big contrast with all the brown hovels around.
You enter a huge hall, far bigger than you'd have imagined from the look outside.
A lone mare sits at a desk, writing.
"Are you here for a petition to the Duchess?"

You manage to wrap your stranglevine around and slowly pull it back to you without setting hoof in the infected chamber.

"Only your tribe can sufficiently teach you."

You both make it to the wild front garden of the abandoned mansion.
It looks empty from the outside. Perhaps there's a few bums inside.

You take a few steps into the basement and immediately come to a few doors, left door, right door, or keep going?


Let's not get too crazy here. I'm not going to lie in bed for days like she'd want me to.

Get back to Threading Gear.


Time to put on an embarrassed act. "Ooh, actually I was wondering if there was a zebra here.. she told me she worked here, and I wanted to drop by and see… Her name's Elana? Is she here?"


"As bad as this place looks, it's sufficiently 'away' from that cursed gold for me to consider it an improvement."


"Just wait until we meet the ghosts!"
In we go.


"Well how about the lords?my tribe learned from The elements and nature. I was positive that you have the knowledge to aid me in finishing my training." He said putting the shield in place. Any visual changes in it?


Keep going


"Elana? Give your name and type of relation with her please."

You find him in his study gathering lead.

Roll to be a perceptive poni.

Yes, it looks slightly darker and occasionaly there's a spark of light coming from it, as if the insides still burn.
"There are survivors of your tribe."


You walk further coming to a split, left or right?


Percieving a lack of perception here.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Getting to work immediately? No need to worry about me by the way, I'll live."


"Ghosts don't knock people out, dear. But that drink is starting to give me a headache now, and I would like to impart the feeling on others."



Alcohol is not your friend after you're finished with it.


Roll #1 3 = 3


His ears perked up
there was a long moment of silence.
"Where." He asked completely focused on the fire"


Nod a bit.

"Brown Bark, and we were just friends. Is she here then? Any idea when she'll be off work?"


You don't notice anything out of the usual.
You step through the guard into the door.
The entrance hall must once have been beautiful but is now nothing but a looted husk.
You note 3 I symbols etched in the walls.

He looks up.
"Ambrosia! I'm so glad you're better. I'm sorry, Whisper told me I had to gather all the lead I had as soon as possible, some matter of life and death."

You see another door at the end of the hall.

"One is far away, back near your tribes ground.
The other is…near. In the Lair of the Spider."

She notes it down.
"She's on the fifth floor."
A set of circular stairs descends from the ceiling next to you


"Should I just leave you to it then? Sounds like you need to concentrate."


"Ugh, just looking at this poor house makes me feel bitter inside."

"Does this mean anything to you?"


"Who are they? What are their names?where can I find the lair of the spider?" He asked taking one step closer to the fire. Inches away from the flame


Very closely open it and peek inside.


Does it?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Thank you miss."
trot on up to the fifth floor.


"I will be free again later, once I find out what this is for. I'm sorry for not coming to check on you."

"You will know them when they see them and the lair of the Spider is close by."

Doesn't ring a bell at all.

The room is too dark to see, but stinks of death.

It's quite a way, but it's pleasantly cool here.
On the fifth floor you enter into a huge hall, all kinds of ponies are working on different books and studying patterns on the walls.
You see Elana reading a book near the end of the hall


Ah, shit… any torches on the hall that I could take off to shed some light on the room?


Shrug and kick the door in.
"Not the darnest clue! Isn't it amazing?!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Just blind kids playing at painters. Let's go to the room where the 'ghost' attacked you."


"It's fine, I understand."
Speaking of Whisper, where is he?


"Then…I must find them immediately. Thank you my lord. You have done a lot for me today." He said nodding before he left in a hurry for the base
"My tribe lives…" he said to himself as he pranced away. Smilin
"Haha!MY TRIBE LIVES!" He shouted Loudly for the ponies around to hear his happyness


Walk over quietly and sit across from her.


Everyone looks at you like you're crazy.

You saw him leave to the Warrens.


You kick in the first door you see. Inside is a stair to the lower basement. XXI is etched on the stairs.

She looks up and smiles.
"Spruce, what a pleasant surprise."

Some look weirdly at you.


"To be fair, gangs change hooves and marks often here in Vilitus. This stuff could've meant something to a group long dead now."


Ah… Okay well, he's probably busy anyway… What time is it? And where is Sickle?


"Which day is it, Red?"



He doesn't care
he is just so happy
he returned to the base. Eager to find The master or phantasm and ask them about the spider lair


"Huh, I'll be honest, I actually forgot, but I'll blame that poisoned gold if you tell anyone."


"I said I'd find you again.. What are you working on Miss Elana?"


"Tell me of that one."
Take your hoof and DEEP IN WE GO!


"Well, it started with meWAIT A AHH!"


You jump down the basement.
Paradoxically, it seems a lot more well preserved here. In the dark cellar you can clearly see the outline of many bottles of wine. On the other side you see another door.

She looks around.
"I'm not supposed to say."

Neither the Master or Phantasm are here.

Do you want the date?

Easy, there's a few torches.
You look inside and see 10 bodies sprawled over the floor.

It's 5PM.
You haven't seen Sickle since you came back, she sneaked off somewhere.
Look around?


Well he looked around for his party mmates
he actually was feeling extra friendly today.
So if he doesn't find anyone he'll search for Whisper instead


Nah, she's probably busy with her dream stallion. I don't think she'd like me barging in, as funny as it would be.

I don't think I've met that mage Ruby was talking about.


Cause of death?
How long since they've been dead?

Cleaner speciality.


"I'm keeping some!"
Grab a bottle and start walking for the other door.


"As long as you don't drink it on the job."

"Maybe he'd like one of these."

Can I read the labels ad find a rare one? '1d10



Roll #1 8 = 8


People currently in the Hideout
>Morning Star
>Threading Gear (occupied)
>Glowing Path

You grab a bottle.
You can't read the label in this darkness but go to the other door. When you open you find yourself in a room with empty barrels and burning candles.

You read and are astonished that all of these are at least 50 year old ripe wines, each of these are considered rare. You find one Chateau Chevalle 789, an extremely rare vintage.

They are in various stages of decomposition but the oldest can't be dead more than a week. You see parts of them have been chewed off by some kind of fanged animal.

Lightning Swift is at the waterfall, bathing her hooves.


You know, I should probably take a bath as well.

Dip my head in the water. It better not be cold.



I try to blame my hangover for the pain, but it hurts too much. Shove the bottle into my bag, then remember to make a claim for this place.


"Doesn't smell like devil cult at all!"
Start pouring the wine along the floor, in a straight line.


Head out to look for Ambrosia. She was a nice pony
Scary. But at least not nearly as scary as Phantasm
even though she didn't sounded so scary now
he smiled at the silly thought of Phantasm in his nightmares
"Oh Maali you should be a comedian." He said to himself with a laugh


Any other clue on the bodies or in the room I can see?


"Wait, why are youpain, pain again, spilling it?"


"There's just so much of it around here!
Why not feast a little?"


Nod in understanding. "I have some news about our grave robber."
"So.. are you free after this? I'd love to share a meal with you."


It's not too cold and very refreshing, tho if you want a steaming hot bath, you might want to go to your private one.
Lightning Swift is a blue mare with white hair. She seems lost in thought.

You spill 20 year old wine on the floor.
You hear voices behind the next door.

You put that precious bottle in your bag.

No, it seems like just a storage room. Or trash room depending on your perspective.

She's in the waterfall pool with another blue mare with white hair.


"Because I have a splitting headache, and why are you still pouring it on the floor!? At least drink it or whatever it is you do with it!"


She nods.
"I think I need a break."
She puts down the book and gathers her coat.


Prod her with a hoof.
"Hey there, you alright?"


Keep on spilling the wine… Right under the crack of the next door.
"But I don't like wine!"


Close the door and check the other end of this corridor


Maali slowly approached them. Letting his equipment down on a corner,aside from his necklace and entered the pool with a sigh

"Good day miss Ambrosia." He said swimming close to them as he salutes the mare with a smile . "And good day to you too miss"


"But ow, ow, more thinky hurting…"

"It's okay, I'm done, but, I thought all 'dashing' Rogues such as yourselves enjoyed it."


"Oh I'm no rogue. I'm just a scoundrel."
And now throw a candle into the spilt wine as it flows under the doorcrack.
This doesn't really work like in movies, does it?


Walk beside her, and offer to hold doors and such for her.


"Hi, something you need?"


"Eh, putting more thought into this isn't worth it. Just, try not to cause anything big to happen while I'm around. Except finding jewels. Do that if you can."


"Actually there was,yes…Do you know of the spider lair?or lair of the spider rather"


Do I know what he's talking about?
"The spider as in the person called that or actual spiders?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


She jumps up.
"Oh! Sorry…I didn't notice you."

The mare nods to you. "Uhm..hello."

There's a set of stairs here, leading up again.

It flows under the door. The voices go silent.

You throw a candle on it, which sizzles and burns out.
You realize you should have brought some hardcore moonshine to do what you are planning to do.

Lightning Swift perks.
"Yes, I know that."

Cisscum, stop oppressing her.
Look at her smiling as you oppress her, she doesn't even realize how you're lording your privilege over her!!
"My, my what a gentlecolt."

Lel nope


" I am actually not sure…I was simply told that someone very. Very important to me is there…"


"This is very bad, right?"