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V2 Doc: Sheets and Information: http://goo.gl/LDsA6F

Time: Day 2 - Morning



Fate Points
Fate Points are points you can spend during a session to gain a temporary boost to your non-combat rolls. Everyone starts with 3 Fate Points. This is the max amount, you cannot spend P to gain more than 3. Fate Points regenerate after every session.

Spending Fate Points
The standard action, by spending a fate point you automatically gain a +3 to one non-combat roll in the turn.

Burning Fate Points
Burning a Fate Point means you discard the Point permanently. To do this you need an unspent Fate Point. Burning a Fate Point means you’ll automatically succeed your non-combat roll that turn.
To regain your Fate Point, you must spend P in the Armory.

Because instead of going to the next plot mission we do some more faff in Day 2, I have retconned the party to evening Day 2, don't be late!

-Invitation Only-
• Humiliate Many-Legged-Spider at the banquet at the Golden Hen on day 2
Given to: ALL
Given by: Hard Coin

Rise and shine little pons. The Master has called a meeting in the War Room.


Well, better see what he wants. To the war room


Ugh. I hate mondays.
Can I bring a bowl of cereal? Or at least some coffee?


Wait wait wait.
Since when is Invitation Only given to all? I haven't been briefed!
Off to the meeting.


Take a seat in the war room.


The Master, Phantasm, Whisper, Silver Sickle, Rustlefeather and Nightshade are in the War Room.

The Master begins "Welcome back.
I've been looking over the fruits of your labor. First the good news."

He puts the book on the Vilitian campaign Earthbound and Root stole on the table.
"From the information gathered in this book we identified two possible locations of the weapon in question. The Survivors apparently had an inkling that Ponechadnezzar did indeed have something that gave him the edge against the Triumvirate. Apparently they theorized it was a piece of Lemarian technology that broke down the hivemind between the different Changelings. This is all just theory of course."

He then nods to Rustlefeather.
"Rustlefeather has visited both possible sites and assures me that the one called Marekuun is the right one. He has offered to guide you there through the desert. He has partially explored the ruin a few years so his experience will be invaluable."

He then puts the map of the Vilitian desert on the table.
"We've plotted a course through the desert. When travelling there first time, Rustlefeather had problems with Giant Scorpions and Inferno Lions. Because of this map, we've been able to plot a quicker course that hopefully will avoid these pests."

He is silent.

Don't spill anything.

Quests marked ALL are free to be embarked on by anyone, from the moment they're given you may assume you've been briefed off-screen. You're free to play this out if you want of course.




Crunch nom crunch nom nom nom.
"Our efforts all came together then. That's pretty good to hear."
Look at Rustlefeather.
"What are those inferno lions like?"

I snort.
"Oh come on… now I won't be able to unhear that."


"What do we know about there three locations?"


"To clarify, there were 2 possible locations and we narrowed it down to one."

Whisper barely manages to keep down a chuckle.

"Think about large lions, now imagine them on fire and charging you."


"Do we know what's on the path marked by the map now?"


"Oh, That's much clearer. Thank you."


"Any notable weaknesses or habits that we could exploit?"


"Hopefully, nothing. The path stays away from the habitat of those beasts. You'll pass some rocks, some cacti.
At worst some stray Scorpions.
You'll travel at night and hopefully remain unseen."

"There are some shards of hard onyx rocks shaped like their face and some parts of their body in those flames. Destroy those and the Lions quickly lose their form. It takes a long time for them to reform it."


"I have some friends who made it through the desert. Might be worth it to check with them."


"What about the scorpions, any advice on how to deal with them?"


"If they can be trusted that would certainly be helpful."

Rustlefeather nods.
"Their most dangerous weapon is their stinger. Cut it off and at least you won't have to worry about their poison as you travel."


"Sounds simple enough." I nod.


"I saved their lives, so I'd mark that as a maybe."


"Gotcha. You writing this stuff down, Sickle?"


The Master speaks up again.
"That brings me to the bad news. I have received reports that a great sandstorm is raging in the desert. It is too dangerous to begin this expedition until it subsides. Hopefully very very soon.
Until then you are on leave. I do have some tasks that need to be fulfilled to strengthen our position here within the City."

"Why? Not like you can read."


"Do tell."


"I said write it down in a normal language, not wipe your ass over a piece of cardboard or however else you sandpeople write your moonspeak."

Look at the master.


Nod waiting for him to continue.


The Master coughs.
"We have need of a few more members to strengthen our team.
First of all, a doctor to tend to the injured.
Secondly an engineer to strengthen our defenses here.
And finally a shaman to counter some specific problems we have down the Warrens."

>Recruit a Doctor
>Recruit an Engineer
>Recruit a Shaman

"If you believe the mission could benefit from other types of jobs in addition to those , please speak up."


"Dibs on finding a shaman!"


"Some holy crusader. The thing that attacked us at the mansion was half undead."


Look thoughtful. "Do we already have sufficient magical expertise?"


"Both Phantasm and Nightshade are versed in various forms of the magical arts. Should you find somepony who would be an asset to us, you're free to bring him to us."

He nods.
"A sound plan."

The Master puts 5 dark crystals on the table.
"These crystals have been enchanted to disturb the Changelings magic. Before you can talk about you wanting to recruit them you must have them touch it, if the potential recruit is a Changeling, their disguise will fail. A bad situation, but it would be infinitely worse to have a Changeling down our tunnel defenses before we detect it.
Before you give the details of why we recruit him, you have to bring the recruit to Grey Splinter, who will be waiting for you at Lord Puzzle's estate in the Aurora District. She will ascertain if the recruit is trustworthy and if not, make sure he doesn't remember anything."

Hokkaido, Ambrosia and Melville may make rolls to gain more leads to find a certain type of recruit.

Side Mission
>Recruit a holy crusader

-The Sorcerers Apprentice-
>Recruit a mage


Pick one of the crystals.
"Smart working."


Pick up a crystal. "Should we leave now?"


Pick a crystal.
"I remember her, she was nice. In a weird way… I think."

Give me the Shamans '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"This meeting is adjourned, you're free to leave."

"The entrances here contain the same kind of crystals. We wouldn't want Changelings sneaking in here."

You remember the old shaman sitting at the shrine of Nature. In any case, it would be a good place to start.


To the party!


Yeah. Time to revisit that place.
"Come on Sickle, time to visit the best place to be in Vilitus!"


Whelp. I'll go walk around a bit, somewhere near that zebra mare's house. luck roll '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You make it back there.
The Party seems to have lessened a bit this early morning. There are far fewer guests than usual and most of those who are here are sleeping off their headache. You see a few ponies reading a newspaper, and a clown with a broom sweeping up the confetti.

The Scar is peaceful, as usual during the day. The bright morning sun shines through the leaves.
Roll for luck.

You don't need luck since you agreed to meet her here in the early morning.
She smirks as you arrive.
"Well well, I thought you'd flake on me."


Natural luck get!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Me? I'd never flake on somepony in need. I was afraid you'd forgotten about me." Smile and walk close to her.


You see the old pony sitting by the Shrine, as always.
He seems to be in deep meditation, as always.

"Did I seem that drunk to you?"


Sit down in front of him in silence.

For now.


"No, of course not Elana. It was only a joke. But, you still need help with the investigation? Would you like to go to the graves now?"


"Yes, let us go or we'll be late."
She starts trotting towards the Skull District.
"Ever been at the Skull?"

You both sit there silently for a few minutes.
Silver lays down on the grass, looking at both of you bored.


Off to the clown.
"Hey pal. I've seen the shark and seek guidance."


"Not yet. I've heard only rumors about it."
'1d10' keep an eye out as we travel.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Give her a mean look.


He looks up.
"Shark…shark…is this some kind of new slang for drugs you youngster use?"

No danger so far.
"It's the graveyard, plain and simple. I hope you don't get queasy easily…"

She looks at you like "what?"


"Don't worry. I've got a strong stomach." Chuckle softly.
'1d10' never stop looking, changelings are everywhere.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Stare at him flatly.
"You are not an arlequin."


Give her the stink eye, then turn back to the meditating shaman.
"Shaman, we have come to seek your guidance."


"Even for corpses?"

"Harlequin? They come and go as they please. What business do you have with them?"

He doesn't open his eyes.
But he speaks in a soft voice.
"Yes, sister, what is it you seek?"


"I told you old man, I saw the shark."


"I've seen a lot of things. But if you are so worried, we can bring a doctor."


"We wish to find a shaman willing to help us deal with an issue only a shaman can solve."


"So you saw a shark. Where, in the sea? I'll call the Gazette."

She chuckles.
"Alright, let's hope that won't be necessary."
You enter the somber gates of the Skull District.
Visually it looks a bit like the Scarab District you visited briefly yesterday, ancient and crumbling. Yet the religious fervor is far gone. You see rows and rows of graves and tombs, some fallen into disrepair, others looking brand new. There's an occasional tree here and there. And a large number of ravens around.
"Welcome to the Skull. It's officially it's own District but the Duke governing Arachnia traditionally takes care of this as well. After all, most trouble here comes from necromancers from Arachnia."

"Mmmm, what kind of issue?"


I totally missed everything


"See, this is why I have to talk with an harlequin.
I saw a shark in the pool of souls."


"The kind that needs to be returned to earthly dust."


"I see.. but this is a different case correct?" I eye some of the graves that have gone to the way-side with distaste.


You're free to do as you like.
One option is to recruit some new people, check the posts above.

He continues sweeping.
"Mmmmmm, so you're not trying to pull my tail? Because maybe I can help but you're really going into dark places."

"Mmmmmm, Nature provides us all with what we need. Sit here and focus."

"It seems so."
You reach an excavated grave. The tomb is little more than a few planks with a long erased name.
The pit is empty.
"Look at that."


"I dive into dark places twice a week on average."
Smirk at him.


I'm already sitting, so I will let silence reign and make my mind focus.

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10' look it over carefully.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I can't just make a Harlequin appear. They just come and go when they're needed. The fact they're not here, means they're not needed.
So you need something else. This temple used to have a set of books dealing with the Beyond. A set of three, alas they were recently stolen from us."

You thoughts drift to the rutting Whisper gave you yesterday.

It's an empty pit.


"I smell sidequest."


'1d10' I can look better than that.

Roll #1 3 = 3


No! No! No!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I should get the invitation to the party settled.



>Acquire the Book of Serious Laughter
>Acquire the Book of Living Death
>Acquire the Book of Brightest Dark


Nope…just a pit.
"It's puzzling, isn't it?" mentions Elana.

Right, on your way!


Go home
Get some 'hazard' equipment.
Mask, gloves, everything.
Pesticides too


Stop it brain! This isn't the damn time! Even if it's a natural thing to do!

Roll #1 7 = 7


So, the books. When did they disappear?"


"Yes. Its a little disturbing really." …its really just a pit? what about nearby '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You might remember the story Elana told you that corpses just seemingly seem to disappear.
"There's another one nearby."
She takes you to another grave.The same empty pit.
On the shamble wooden tomb there's a name partially visible.

Do you want to disguise yourself?

Fuck you, I do what I want!
You open your eyes again and notice a young mare sitting at the edge of the clearing.
She has flowers in her hair and seems to be talking to the flowers.

"A few weeks ago. We think it's a rival religious group. The Discordians, or perhaps the Tirekians, maybe even somepony else."


"Is this all the clues we have?"
Look at the patrons of the bar.


look at the name, why not '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Thank you, mother.
Get up and motion Sickle to follow suit. Approach the flowermare carefully.



Disguise is an inherent skill available to anyone. When disguising a hidden roll is made to determine the effectiveness of your disguise. Having proper disguises, as in this case, heavily turns the roll to your favor. Taking the disguise skill also gives you a bonus for this roll.

Do you still want to disguise with these rules?

"Hello, how are you little friend? Still thirsty? I brought some fresh water."
She gets a watering can from her saddlebags and waters the flower.

you make out "BL… .O.."
"What do you think?" asks Elana.

You can ask around if you like.


I was gonna do that, once I had an idea of who was here!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Clear my throat.


'1d10' does it look like someone is erasing it somehow?
"Why are the names fading from these graves?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Obviously, I'll try to prepare for it well.
Wear safety googles and an air-filtering mask to hide most of my face and help with masking my voice, grab a long white coat, and the neccessary boots.
As well as those pesticides, in a large bag. Gotta look official.


She jumps up.
She turns around and takes a few steps back.
She starts running.

It looks really really old.
But now that you look at it, it looks similar to the tomb at the other grave.
"They're old, wood decays, you know." says Elana.

You find an old mare reading the Gazette.
She says she's heard from her grandson at the Circle of the Elements that the Grand Master had recently acquired a new book.

You're prepared.
Time to go to the Snake District?


"Are the articles any good?"


Roll my eye and run after her.
"Ey! Stop running! I was gonna ask you for help with something!"


Who was the one who had invitations again?


Roll a +2 for catching up!
Protip: we're nearing the end of the session, you could spend a fate point to get a +3 to this roll

"Not much crazy things happened. Well, for Vilitus anyway. You want to read?"

Bright Light.
He lives in the Snake District.


Do I know anything about this Bright Light?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yeah, I'd love to."
Have a look at the thing.


Hahaha… yeah I should have been using thooose earlier.
Chase her butt.
"Stop running! Just wanna talk!"

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11


Shrug. "You're right this is very peculiar. I thought to get a clue from who was being disappeared off, but it seems like that's going to be hard if the names are all faded away."


He works for Infinite Justice as an advisor and has survived multiple assassination attempts, this has made him paranoid however.
You feel like this could be turned to an advantage in your current disguise.

She's no match for your speed and you and Silver quickly corner her.
"H-hey leave me alone please!"
The flowers are starting to grow rapidly…

Roll for perception.
Protip: we're nearing the end of the session, you could spend a fate point to get a +3 to this roll

"They're very old graves…come to think of it, all those who were robbed are."
Protip: You could spend a fate point to get +3 to inspect the graves one last time.


I'll perceive the shit out of that newspaper.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


'1d10+3' is it really up to fate? Look again.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


I see.
It could certainly work…
Let's get to his house.


Hold up my hooves.
"Look calm down, we're not going to hurt you or anything. I know my partner looks scary, but she's actually a big softie."
Place a hoof on my chest.
"My name is Ambrosia and I'm looking for a shaman to help me out. Mother Nature pointed me at you."


The headlines that draw your attention are
>attack on the Circle of Elements
>Morgana responds to recent vandalism in the Vilitian Fair
>Duke Yellowtooth pledges large bounty for Rustlefeather

Your eyes get drawn to the adverts. You know from experience that some adverts are not what they seem to be.
Through some simple ciphers you find that the mare selling her old books is actually going to auction a very rare book.
Another is a pony in the Diamond District looking for an assassin. You write his address down.

-From the Shadows-
>Contact the pony from the advert

You notice two things.
One, the wooden carvings next to the grave do look very much the same, you wonder if this holds true for the other ones as well.
Two, as you look into the pit you note that part of the bottom seems different from the others.You feel it and it seems soft, as if something burrowed through it.
Could something have burrowed to the graves and stolen the bodies without ever coming to the surface?

He's got a large house, with metal bars over all windows. And you can bet lots of guards as well.

The flowers start shrinking again.
The mare looks up.
"…to me? You need my help? Why? I'm nopony, just a gardener…"





"Are you sure about that? I'm no shaman myself… but I am an admirer of nature. I can feel your potential and clearly nature has blessed you."
Motion at the flowers.
"I think you're the pony we need. No, I know you're the pony we need."


You've been given a mission to find either a Doctor, a Shaman (Ambrosia on it), an engineer or a crusader.
To make sure the candidate is no Changeling you've been given a crystal that when it touches a changeling will break his disguise. Once you found a suitable candidate you are to bring him/her to Grey Splinter before informing about the mission.
You are free to do other stuff; talk or explore.

Others: >>570158


What's the adress?
Approach the main enterance.


What information do I have on the potential candidates? A doctor and an engineer might look favorably to being paid for their services, but a crusader might be after things I tend to lack in.


How soon will the auction be?


She looks around her.
"There are a lot of other gardeners who can help you, miss."

Lions boulevard 101

You may look for them as you wish.
You can use your Vilitian sleeper talent or 4rd Eye to look around

This afternoon.



Knock knock.


I shake my head.
"None of them are you. I want you. I need you."


Still morning, you can use the remaining time to find recruits/other stuff or do you want to timeskip it.

After waiting about half a minute a small piece in the middle of the door slides to the left and two eyes peek out.
"Yeesss, monsieur?" says a voice with a Prance accent.

She taps her hooves nervously.
"Listen, miss, I'm sorry but I think you must have mistaken me for somepony else, I already have a job…"


No, I want to go see the Blood District pony.


"Mmmm? What kind of job? Whatever they're paying, we pay double."


>Blood District pony
You mean Blood Diamond, the husband of Hokkaido?


No I meant Diamond District.


"Light Residence, Lions Boulevard 101?"


I'll go for the Engineer. I have plenty of contacts I can press, and enough pull to tempt them with what they desire.

Vilitian Sleeper for now, I should rely on my own strength. My Love wouldn't want me bothering him for every little thing. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You find his downtrodden house in a busy alley.
As you knock on the door, you hear some foals crying inside and a small zebra stallion opens the door.
His eyes widen as he sees you.

"Oui. Who are you?"

She ponders it.
"I can only work at night, is that okay?"

You think you might ask the Red Guard, Blood Diamonds peace keepers in the Snake District for more info.


Do I recognise him?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"… Uh. Why exactly?"


"I'm an agent from Vilinus Pest. I came here to do the extermination. I suppose the inhabitants of the house have their bags packed up to leave so I can begin?"


Let's head over there then. I'll try to keep it quiet as I ask them, more people don't need to know what exactly we're planning.


Nope. Not at all.
He seems very nervous however.
He looks around.
"Are you here for that little thing?"

"I've got my job during the day." She scrunches.
"I'll help you during the night good?"

"…ecksterminazion? I know not of this…"

You reach the barracks.
The clerk stands up in attention as you enter.




"Don't you need sleep? What kind of job do you even do during the day?"


Sigh loudly.
"We have sent two letters of notice in advance, as we always do. The contamination of the house is too severe, it must be stopped before it spreads to nearby houses, or worse, the whole district."


He shouts towards the inside.
He nods and motions for you to follow him as he walks further up the alley.

"I'm a gardener. For very important ponies. I can do it both, no problem!"

"I know not of this. Get out."


"At ease. I'm just here for a little chat and I'm hoping you have an idea where I can search for someone with specific abilities."

Ask the clerk for the type of Engineer we are looking for, but hide it under the guise of trying to improve one of our other buildings to suit some specific needs.


After him.


"Uh-uh. Which ponies though?"


"Mmm, miss, you might want to check out Threading Gear in the Vulture District. He's been making some of our defenses some time ago."

He ducks into an alley with you.
"T-thanks for s-showing up. I didn't really think anypony would show up…"

"The Goldfeather family."


Look him up.
"You are not the kind of zebra who would place a hit on someone."


Do I know them? Any dangerous connections with the changelings or dukes that might not like us?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well, if you want to sleep with a huge nest of Reduviidae under your bed, feel free to, but you might not get into a hospital if they sting you in your sleep."


"As good as any. I'm sure he won't mind a surprise inspection from me, I want to make sure everything is just right."

Ask for directions, then put my mask on as I head out towards his building. I'd like to keep my distance though, let's see if I can see him from a distance.


He gulps.
"N-normally I wouldn't, b-but this…I need help. I'm not a killer, I don't want to see ponies hurt, but I don't see another way."

Not that you know.
The Goldfeathers are one of the old merchant families in Vilitus, not Duke level but close, same as the Trotshilds.
They have their own little world, who knows how their allegiances currently are.

"I clean this house every day monsieur. No red vidaaas here."

You've heard of his workshop.
As you pass by you look inside. The inside is covered with designs of the most exotic kind. A moustached pony is currently working on a painting.

Next post is final post.


"Let me rephrase that. You don't seem like a zebra with the coin to ask for a hit.
How did you even know about the cypher?"


I don't like unknowns goddammit.
I shake my head.
"Look, can't you just quit the job there and work fulltime for us? Food, drinks and bedding are all free and the pay is great. How much are they paying you right now? I'm sure we can do better."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Even the basement? And the ventillation? And the pipes? And the fittings, behind the walls?"


What type of work has he done for us? Vilitian Sleeper '1d10'

Knock as I enter, I don't want to distract him too much. "Mister Threading Gear I presume?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I-I've got friends who told me. Living around here, y-you tend to make s-some friends. E-even me. A-and I can p-pay, I some money tucked away…"

Then maybe you should ask some of your connections for more information.
She opens her mouth but shuts it again and perks her ears as another voice calls.
"Morning, Morning?".
An older pegasus flies through the trees and lands next to her.
He looks angrily at you.
"What is the meaning of this?!?"
Morning Dew scrunches and looks down.
"It's okay dad." she says with a low voice.

"I haven't seen any bugs."

He looks up surprised and quickly puts down his painting tools.
"Ah yes, miss come in, come in."
He grabs your hoof and plants a kiss on it.
"Gear in the flesh, how can I be of service? Don't mind the rubble."
He throws some designs aside so you can sit down on a chair.



"Who is the target?"


He looks around.
"M-my wife."


Raise a brow.
"Where is she?"


No need to get all sassy with me, voice in my head!
I roll my eyes.
"Look, just because she's a saddle-Arabian doesn't mean she's a rapist thief or something. Don't be racist."
Nod at Sickle.
"We were just offering your kin a job. I know this is Vilitus and all, but not everyone is out to get you."


How close am I to him?

"I'm actually in the market for a few renovations to one our buildings. Some additions and modifications that ponies have pointed me as being under your area of expertise. I don't know if you can spare the time to come with me, I'd like to show you what and where I'm looking for."


"I-in the home…b-but…"

The older pegasus straightens up.
"Young lady, miss Dew already has a job and she's quite happy with it."

"Ah…I have so much work to do already…"


"Whatever she's being payed, we'll pay double. Food and a roof over her head included if that's necessary. Nature pointed me at her, so you'll have to excuse me when I say I want her to help us out specifically."


"You don't see many changelings either, and they are still around, aren't they? Those bugs are a threat that I'm here to get rid of."
Con Artist

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Well, would you be able to show me some of your other projects? I do have some ideas in mind, but perhaps I could glimpse some inspiration from your other projects. And of course, I know that asking you for more work will result in more pay for you."


"So.. all the graves have been old ones.. that's something anyway."


"Leave your adress, if I see one I'll be happy to write you."

He snorts.
"Dew is more than happy with her job, arent you?"
She perks and smiles. "Yes, dad. I love it very much."

"It's not about the pay, miss…?"

Elana nods.
"Perhaps there's a pattern to them. If we studied the archives, we might be able to find out more about them."
She grins.
"And we have another ace up our sleeves."


"Let me talk to Mr. Light. He probably has more sense than you do."


Raise a brow "what's that you're planning miss elana?"


"Triple her wage."


"Ruby. Ruby will do for now. If it isn't the pay, I take it is your passion? You wouldn't be the first one I meet who does what they enjoy and earns a living from it."


"Do you have an appointment?"

"I told you I had a plan to track the thief right? I worked on an enchantment that let's me know the position of whatever I enchant. Enchanting all corpses around here would take me months, not to mention exhaust me mentally, but only three? I can do that."

"Material wealth is of little importance compared to the joy of working among those you love." he says with a haughty tone.

He nods.
"It is a passion. I've been looking for a long time for a project that tickles my creativity, something unorthodox, if you get my meaning. May I show you something?"


"Of course! I'd be delighted."


"It was in the letters we sent to you earlier."


Raise a brow.
"You two work together?"


"Well okay! Let's go to the archives and see if we can predict who will be next."


"We did not receive letters about bugs."

He shows you a drawing of a wooden machine with wings.
"Imagine for a second. Earth ponies flying through the air with all the grace of a pegasus."

"The Dew family is an honorable family in service of the Goldfeathers for generations."

"Okay! Follow me."


Follow her. Staying alert '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Try to keep calm. '1d10'

"Have you, tried to build this yet?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"We sent them. Get me Mr. Light, please."


Just my fucking luck.
"You're pretty good at licking the boots of local nobles then. But listen here pal, if you know what's good for your family you've got to be flexible. When someone offers you threefold the wage you're already getting, you should do well to at least consider it. At the end of the day, honor is what gets you killed in Vilitus."


"Alas, these kinds of projects are hard to get funds for."

You notice how the zebra mares flanks look like two bunnies hopping when she walks.

"No appointment, no deal."

He lifts his head haughtily.
"And what would a citizen like you know about honor. Now if you'll excuse me, some of us actually have responsibilities. Come along Morning."
Morning looks sadly at you but then goes with her dad.


"This is above appointments. If you don't let me do my work now, I'll come back with guards who won't ask so nicely. This is an issue for the entire district."

Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14


"Hmm, maybe…"

"Dear, is this Engineer here a Changeling? I'd like to include him in my own plans if possible."

4th Wall. '1d10+3' Using a Fate Point

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Fucking cunt.
Look at Sickle.
"Did you fucking hear that? The nerve!"


Oh dear. I shouldn't stare like this. Avert eyes and follow.


"I heard those servant families have a big head. Didn't think it was this bad. The girl seems nice though. We could follow them, try to talk to her."

"Hmmph. Very well sir, but I will accompany you."
The door is unlocked.

He's not a changeling.
He's quite a genius actually.
Give him the opportunity to work on his projects and he'll be a valuable ally.

You enter a small building in the middle of the graveyard.
There's a stairs going down and in the cellar you are greeted by rows and rows of books.
"The Skull archives." Elana says proudly.


"I see." '1d10' obverse this area for a moment

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Exactly my thoughts. Stick to the shadows where we're strong. That idiot father of hers has noble dick shoved too far up his ass to listen, so we'll just have to take it up with the girl."
Let's Stealth and pursue.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"Do you have a mask with a gas filter?"


"I'll admit that I am highly intrigued by your abilities. I have an additional proposition. You require funding, but I might be willing to talk some people into looking the other way if you take some of the used materials. Besides, I'm intrigued. I wouldn't be averse to funding some of these ventures myself. What do you say to that?"


The area is different from the usual library.
It's one long, long tunnel, at each side flanked with books as far as you can see.
You hope there's some kind of catalog.
There's a strange smell in the area.
The smell of dusty old books, but also something rotten…

You both are very sneaky ponies and follow them through the Vulture to Aurora where they enter the Goldfeather mansion.
You happen to find a blind spot over the wall however.
Climb over? No roll required but you are trespassing if you do.

The butler seems a Prance stallion with a mustache.
"You have none?"

"That seems…very agreeable miss Ruby."
"You have none?


"I have one, for myself, yes. I didn't account for sightseers."


I trespass on a daily basis. Get over that wall and do it sneakily. Let's find that nature blessed mare.


Follow the smell of rot '1d10'
"Have any idea where to start?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hold this for me, I need to make a few notes before I forget."

Hoof him the Crystal and rummage through my bags for some paper.

"I know I had it here, those directions."


>that "you have none" in Rubys post, I don't now how that got there.


He takes the crystal and studies it, but he doesn't change.
You find paper quick.

His expression changes to a hint of nervousness.
"…do you have to stay long?"

The Goldfeathers garden are a paradise of rose bushes, fountains and flowers.
It doesn't take you long to find the mare, she's talking to a rose bush as she waters it.

"We should start near the section of the years around 800 AA I believe." she trails off as you walk forward.
The stench intensifies as you walk further into the tunnel and in the distance you suddenly see something…rotten.
At first you think it is some kind of overgrown grotesque mold that sticks to one side of the tunnel.
Then you realize it is moving.


My eyes narrow. "Elana. Please stay behind me." '1d10' control the moving corpse.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sneak sneak closer.
Throw a pebble at her from a hiding spot to catch her attention, then motion her to come over.


"We're going to leave a note that you're off for lunch. I want you to meet one of the people who'll be supervising you. If you want to make sure the deal is honored, we'll have to go through them first."

If he agrees, we'll head off towards Grey Splinter.


It is not a corpse, more like a moving patch of rotting mold.
But it must be made through necromancy, as it stops its movement and you feel it focusing on you. You are unfamiliar with this kind of thing, but it seems to respond to your control spell.

She's startled by the pebble, but she quickly excuses herself to the rose bush and sneaks over to you silently.

He agrees.
After a short examination, Grey Splinter takes you to another room.
"Fascinating, deeply fascinating."


Order it to move into the light.
'1d10+2' commune with it. "What are you?"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Smirk and whisper.
"So… daddy clearly doesn't what to stop licking the heels of his lords… but our offer is still open. Remember, whatever price they are offering you… we will beat it. Take it or leave it, girl."


"I wasn't expecting someone of his caliber to be around. Still, I should let you know I offered to give him some of the excess material. I hope that won't be an inconvenience? I could arrange for them to be delivered by some of my associates."


The mold moves over the ground.
Elana sticks her tongue out in disgust.
It doesn't respond with words.
Instead you are overwhelmed by a lingering sense of decay.

She bites her lip.
"Listen, can I work in the evenings? I tend to the night flowers part of the night, but they're big and strong they don't need too much attention anymore. That way nopony will notice I'm gone…"

"That's for you to arrange with the Master. I'm sure he'd be interested. But I do have a few concerns."


I sigh and rub my head.
"Fine, fine… I guess that'll do for now. Better than nothing. Morning Dew is your name, right?"


"Can you show me your master?" I ask the mold.

To elana
"I am sorry you had to witness this. But I fear the source of this thing and the source of your corpse thieves are the same. i want to keep you safe so stay close."


"Oh, do share. I hope I wasn't too brash with him."


She nods her head enthusiastically.
"When do I start?"

Elana looks curiously at the mold.
"I've never seen anything quite like it…you can talk to it?"

An smell permeates your nose. The smell of its master, the particles it senses and responds too.
You suddenly realize its your smell.

"Threading Gear has a brilliant mind. The designs flashing before my eyes as I talked to him boggled me. But he also seems a distracted mind…prone to boredom and when bored, prone to causing trouble. If you want to recruit him, I suggest making sure he is occupied."


Procure the crystal.
"First things first, missy. Touch this stone with a hoof. Then we can talk business."


"I have a few places in mind that could use his work. If he starts wandering off, just send him my way. I know of plenty of places that could use some work, and others were it could be arranged."


"You'd have to discuss that with the Master, I have my duties here. I'll send him my report though, so you won't have to explain all of it to him."

She touches it, nothing happens.
She looks a bit confused at you.


"Good girl. We will come collect you tonight then, when you are free to leave. Make sure to be around the garden, we will find you."


"We'll have to get him started anyways. Let the Master know that I could see about arranging an escort for him if he ever becomes too much."

"If you could fill Gear in about the rest, I have a favor to fulfill for the good of this operation."


She nods with a grin and scurries back to her rose bush, apologizing profusely.
Time to leave?

She nods.
"I'll inform him on the details."
Threading Gear can be found in the Hideout.


We're done until tonight. What time is it?


Let me see if I can convince the hosts to part with a few extra tickets for me and my entourage.


"Uh sort of.. but its not really speaking normally."

Roll my eyes at the mold "well that's correct. But who made you?"


It's still 11AM.
There are other quests you can partake in, or you can explore at your leisure.

The party was hosted by the Goldfeathers. Surely one of your stature will have no problem convincing them to give tickets.

You smell a foul mix of sweat and perfume. You sense vibrations, something like a deep voice, probably male, you get a sense, a need to destroy certain books in the Archive for a tiny second.
You smell something else, waste and excrement, the sewers…



Also everyone gets 200P for participating in this session.

Hokkaido gets 500P for recruiting an engineer


I wanna dig up more info on these two families. So I'll head over to the Aurora District. Puzzle's mansion. There's a certain pony there who I'll be meeting tonight with that precious little mare and maybe the lord himself can enlighten me as well.


Grey Splinter has just finished talking to Ruby as you arrive.
She nods "Ambrosia. Good to see you."


"Hey there, long time no see, gurl~"


So, where was I?



"Let's talk about this outside, shall we?"


You're outside in an alley not too far from the home. This is a safe place.


Lean against a wall.


"What brings you here?"

"I w-want her….you know, but I'd r-rather h-have it s-seem like an a-accident or something…"




"Lord Puzzle. And if he's not here, you."


"Puzzle is currently occupied with the final preparations for the Museum. I believe he will be here tonight however."

"H-her family h-hates me..they m-might suspect something if s-she gets killed…"


"Fuck…. okay, what do you know about house Goldfeather? I found ourselves a shaman, but she's working for them right now, so she can only come in the evening."


"Goldfeather. A wealthy family of jewelers. They own a third of all the jewelers in Sparkling Street. One of the merchant families. Where did you find a shaman amongst them?"


"Morning Dew is her name. Apparently her family is one of those bootlickers who serve another family. She looks after the gardens surrounding one of their mansions. I met her in the Scar though."
I grin.
"The Mother herself pointed me at her."


"Why do you want her dead was the question."


She nods.
"Dew…I haven't heard of them, but the servant families aren't too well known. The merchants and the servants, it's one big soup, one you don't want to get too involved in."

"I-I hate her…and s-she hates me."


"Sure. But I still want her. She's no changeling, so I'll bring her to you tonight so you can mindrape her or whatever."


"Is this all, really? You are killing your wife for this? Why not leave?"


"S-she won't l-let me."

"We'll see immediately whether or not she's good material."


"…Are you serious now? Fine. Tell me about her."


"Uh-uh. Better not question Mother Nature. Maybe one day you'll find yourself infertile or something."


"W-what do you n-need to know?"

"I tend to put my faith in empirical facts. If she is good, I'll know, regardless of what Mother Nature suggests."


"Does she ever leave home? Where does she go when she leaves? For how long?"


"I take it you don't put much faith in Her."


"It's like you can read my mind."

"Uh..she said s-she'd be a-at her f-friends the whole afternoon….she does t-that almost every day."


"A godless heathen then?"


Roll my eyes.
"Where's the lover?"


He perks his ears but then looks down.
"He's got a house a few blocks away."

"You're not one of those god fearing zealots are you?"


"Give me some better directions."


"I thought you were a mind reader?"


"Are you giving me permission to read your mind? It makes things a lot easier."

He gives you precise directions.


Off to that house without another word.


"You already did before."


That's kinda cold, earthie.
It's another large decayed apartment block, you quickly make your way up to the third floor and the door of his apartment.

"You weren't yet part of the team then."


I should have cyanide pills in my inventory, right?


"I have a hard time believing you didn't check my mind when you brought me back from stone!"


"Listening comprehension.
I read your mind when you came out of the statue because you weren't part of the team then.
You have proven your worth now, so I don't.
Simple really."

It wasn't registered on your sheet but I'll allow it.
You get 3, you'll have to buy more if you want more.


"So you already know the answer to the question you asked!"


Wasn't it?
Knock at the door.


"That's a long time ago.
Ponies change. Or at least they should."

A big unshaven zebra in shorts opens up.
"Whachu want pony boy?"


"If 300 years of being encased in stone didn't change me, a few years of this shithole of a city sure won't either."


I've one of the three pills in my mouth.
Force myself in a kiss on him, slip the pill inside his mouth and then pull away, making him gulp hit.

Expending fate point.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"Your brain was inactive while being in stone. Changing while in it would be miraculous."

You do so. The zebra coughs
"Ya pony fag, whas wrong witchu?"
Those are the last words he says as his eyes roll back and he sinks through his hooves.


Move his body inside and close the door. With silence and haste, find the bedroom.


"My soul remains untouched."


It's a one room apartment, the king size bed is right here.

"I have yet to find a soul within a mind. All I see are habits and conditioning working together to form a pattern of behavior."


And her?


"Alright alright, no need to make it sound so clinical. Big surprise: no I'm not a zealot."


She's not here. The zebra said afternoon after all, which should be soon. You can wait here if you'd like.

"Good. I do not like zealots. They give me nothing but trouble."


Can I whip up some stripes on my body and half a disguise to look like him with a good roll?


"What, afraid I'll put plants in your room as payback for talking down on mother nature?"
I smirk.


Disguise is an inherent skill.
You may disguise yourself and I'll make a hidden roll to see how well you succeed.

Her eyes are cold.
"I lost some of my best friends to religious zealotry."


I will. Use a fate point, too.


I cock my head.
"And you think I haven't?"


Done. You are disguised.

"Are Nature followers persecuted as well?"


Is there a place hidden from sight from the main door?


"Nature was the most widely worshiped deity back home. Equestrian Inquisitors didn't really like that. And they certainly didn't like thieves and bandits. I think you can put two and two together."


Roll to determine a good one.

"I see. Seems we have a common enemy then."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"On the other hoof…"
Raise my brows and stare past her.
"… A Lunite paladin saved my ass more than once."


You can hide behind the door or under the bed, but the apartment is small and there's no real places to hide properly.

She perks a brow.
"A friend of yours?"


I don't really want to hide that much. Place the corpse under the bed. Take my time to examine whatever might be lying around and written in this guy's hoofprint.
Then, jot down a single line on a white sheet of paper.

I can't take it anymore.


I'd like to inquire with Grey Splinter, who do we have left to recruit?


Smirk wryly.
"… So I hoped. But in the end he never found me after being turned to rock. Did he even look for me at all? I don't know. Doesn't matter now anyway. He's dead. They're all dead. Except for those alicorns of course."


You've got your little note ready!

"They probably did."
Ruby is here too, she comes from a corridor.

"Miss Ruby, I believe we are still in need of a doctor, a crusader and a mage."


Put it on the desk. Slip under the covers and inbetween loadsa cushions. Make sure the door is unlocked.


"Best not to ponder on these things. It won't change a thing."

Turn to her and bow deeply.
"My lady!"


After a while your hear somepony skipping up the stairs.
The door swings open and a chubby red and orange mare saunters in.
"Mommy's ba-…"
She stops as she sees you in the bed and she walks to the note.
"..what the fuck is this?"

She nods.
"We have little time for the past these days anyway."


"Perhaps, I could call in a few favors, or just ask around."

Maybe I know a few people who might be willing to work on the side, or be tempted.

Vilitian Sleeper on the Mage. They have a part in the running of the town, I might have talked to them some times. '1d10'

"Apologies, I was distracted. How do you do?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Mmmm… busy days indeed."

"I found a shaman girl. She's pretty cute, so I hope you don't get jealous."
I smirk.


Good fucking lord who is this now. Did I get a description of the wife, right? She wasn't a middle aged woman, for christ's sake.


"Good gracious, no. I'm more than aware of my own appearance to become envious of others. Still, this talk about appearance… A question, and don't take it the wrong way, but do you have any nicer, more high society style garments at home?"


Note: I didn't base the wife on Zhivurs wife. This is the wife, as per your description.

"Was there anything else you needed of me?"

You remember an inn in the Arachnia District called Perpetuum Mobile where discrete and well trained mages can be bought for a price


"Well… I don't shit gold, you know."

Do I have anything fancy?
"Not until tonight~"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"That, my love, is a goodbye."
Stand up and reach for her. Do the same thing I did with the zebra.
Kiss of death.

Expend fate.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"Hmm, there's that too. It's just, regarding the favor we have to fulfill at the party, I was thinking of having you come along. You're a quick witted made, you'd be able to perform the deeds better than I could. I might be able to get you some dresses, but perhaps you would be more comfortable under the guise of a guard?"


Why would you?

"You look pale…"
But before she can study you closer you kiss her and let go again.
"W-wait y-you're not…."
She sinks through her legs.


+100 P for everyone who participated


Let's start making hoof tracks over there. Anyone at an inn at this time is most likely not employed, good candidates for our needs.


Sorry. Business's business.
And you were a bitch to begin with.

Put both on bed, as if they were hugging. And leave the note where it is.

Let's leave.


"Eh… I can pretend to be a fancy lady if that's what's necessary."

I had that one dress I was forced to wear for Puzzle, but I don't know if I still have it.


You can collect your money next session, together with the P

Yes, you should still have that one.


"Good. It might let us do a better job with the target. Tell me, what color do you like best? I'll do what I can to acquire one for you."


"Wait… now that I think of it, I do have a dress! And it's a really nice one too!"


You meet the zebra back at his house.


Where was I?


I was gonna accompany Ruby to that party… but if she's not available, I guess I'll wait and piss around in the meantime. Ask Whisper to come along for example! Back to base!



Off to the stallion who engaged me.


You can't stop me from getting to him~

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Pat my equipment.
"Fuming out the little bastards won't take long, but people and pets might want to stay outside for a few hours to make sure you don't get poisioned."


He's here..
"B-back s-so soon?"

Please tell me whenever you are spending a fate point or I won't accept the roll next time.

In any case, no problem, you make it there easily.

He nods.
"Of course. Before I go, what was your name again?"


"I did you a favor. Two for one."


Oh you're just jealous.

Is he around?


"Walter, from Vilitus Pest."


He sighs.
"W-was it a-an accident?"

He is.
He's sitting at the table of the War Room.
AS you come in, he looks up.
"Ambrosia…did you go to the Vulture District today?"

"Very well monsieur."
He trots away.


"Better. They killed each other. Together."


"I passed through it, yeah. Why?"


Put my mask on and get some of the pesticides I brought along.
"Just tell me when I can start, and as I said, make sure to get the pets too. I don't want to be the killer of another pooch or cat."


"O-oh dear….h-how s-sad…T-thanks f-for telling me…Y-you deserve a r-reward."
He quickly hoofs you a bag of bits


Complete: 500P
Bonus: 250P
Total 750P

"I think I saw you there a few hours ago, but from a distance…I think you didn't hear me or something because I called out and you kept walking."

After some minutes you get the okay.


"Really? Aw, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. I was being sneaky, I thought!"


Be on my way.
I think I have an auction to be at.


Start laying out some pesticides then. Make sure to get the enterances, so if they come in they get hit by the stench. That should keep them away.



He shrugs.
"Eh, no harm no foul. Wanna grab a bite?"

You do.
You're at the address at the right time.
Several other ponies have gathered in front of the sleazy bar as well.



Now let's scout out the building, find the room of Bright Light.
Spray some bug-killer here and there for authenticity.


What do they look like?


"Actually, that Ruby chick wants to go to a party with me and I want you to come too~
It's got something to do with recruiting a mage, but I didn't ask any specifics yet. I already took care of finding us a shaman as well."



Roll for perception

"What kind of party is it?"


'1d10+3' fate

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Roll my eyes.
"Sounds like a really uptight formal one. I still got a nice dress I can wear…"



Roll #1 8 = 8


He perks a brow.
"I'll get out my suit then. When is it?"

No problem you find it easily.
The room is richly decorated, but the windows are boarded shut.
There's a queen size bed and a few closets.

There's an older griffon, from his attire you could guess he's a mage.

Another older stallion, unicorn, he seems wealthy. Perhaps a collector.

A bit further a group of three younger dogs. They don't seem the studying type. They must be sent by somepony.


Look for the invitation.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Later today, apparently. Though tonight I've got another date to take care of as well."


Approach the dogs.
"Nice to see young pups like you interested in this."


"Pups? Watch your mouth pal."
They're teens.

He puts a hoof around your shoulder.
"Busy, busy?"

You can't find it.


I'm messing around with them.
"Feeling defensive?"
"Maybe you are not really up to this job after all."


"You bet! Don't worry though, you won't sleep alone tonight, it shouldn't take long~"


Damit… does he have a office? A working room?


You find an office space with a desk in the next room.

"Is my little mare feeling frisky again?"

The smallest one speaks up
"Yeah we are!"
He gets promptly smacked by one of the bigger ones.


Look there.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Hard to contain myself around you. Besides, I bet you'd cry at night if I wasn't there to hold you."


Nothing here.

He mock sniffles.
"Every night."


Damnit, where the hell is it?
Look through the rest of the rooms!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"That's what I thought, you big baby. The tissues would be piling up without me. And not just because of tear stains either."


Nope, nope, nope.

"It's true."
He gives you a boop on the nose.
"And you'd wreck a vibrator every night."


This is starting to get infuriating.
Back to his room and the work space, it must be here somewhere!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"A what?"


"Pff, look at that, can't even make a decision in three!
I bet you have no idea what you are even here for."


You open a cabinet.
And a loud alarm gets triggered.
You better start running.

He smacks his head.
"Right…I forgot that you were away for 300 years. Oh boy…they had dildos in your time right? Now they enchant them to vibrate on their own."

"Yes, yes we do. I bet you don't know!"


Let's make tracks to the Arachnia district and the inn. The faster we recruit, the faster we can get this whole thing completed.


"I bet it's the Necrococomicon!"


"… Seriously? Wow, good job on that. Put that magical knowledge to good use for once."
I snicker.


Totally disregard that.
"I know. I bet you can't tell me what it is instead because you forgot!"


Is the invitation inside at least?


Nope. You can keep looking if you want.

You find the Perpetuum Mobile pretty quickly.
Inside hangs a smoke of exotic herbs.
Lots of ponies sitting on pillows and smoking hookahs. You've heard there's opium being sold downstairs.

"The wonders of progress."

"It's the book of Serious Laugh-"
He gets slapped on the head another time.


"Pff, who would even need that!"


Sure, with the alarm ringing.
Time to make a hasty escape.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"So, you tried one yourself then?"
Smirk at him knowingly.


Let's follow tradition and look for the closest thing they have to a bartender or an employee who talks with everyone. Anyone around that fits that description?


He smirks.
"You have a wild fantasy, you know that?"

The little one shuts up.
They all do.
A few seconds later a mare shouts from the bar to get in.

You quickly jump through the roof. Down the street you see red guards assembling.
They haven't seen you yet.
Also please note it when you're using a fate point. Next time I'll ignore the roll.

There is, a goat doe.
"Hey there cutie, what will it be?"


Smirk and just go in.


I was, yeah.
Let's take the mask and shit off so they can't identify me and just leave.


"Hey, you seem to know a lot about them. I'm just saying."


"Just a light beverage, please. I'm still on the clock, so to say. In fact, I'm hoping you can help me with it. Do you have a moment?"


It's an easy roll to get down somewhere unseen, but it has to be made.

You're being taken to a small dark back room. The curtains are closed. There are a few fierce looking guards standing in front of a stallion.
"Right, gents, I'll make this short." he says.
"Highest bidder receives the book."

"You know me, I know everything."

She gives you a glass of wine.
"What will it be honey?"



Roll #1 8 = 8


Silently sit.


"… How did we come to talk about this again? Oh right, the party. You better shave and stuff!"


"I'm looking for someone with magical capabilities and willing to work. The boss seems to think they could help with some of the day to day tasks, but of course he left it on me to head hunt. You know anyone here willing to work for some coin?"


The Griffon mage gets up.
"Excuse me sir, but I believe I and my fellow bidders would like to ensure said item is in your possession first before bidding."
The group nods in agreement.
The stallions seems distrustful.

"I dun wanna!"

She points to a teen mare near the bar.
"Lightning Swift was thrown out by her master just today, poor thing, she's looking for lodging and food."

You escape without a ticket


Just wait.


"Look, I don't like looking like some fancy whore either, but it's for the sake of the mission. I'm going to have to pop in that fake eye and everything."


"What can you tell me about her. I don't exactly want to come across as someone just running after the people who've just hit bottom. I can sadly relate to such feelings."


'Sirs" the stallion shows a small lockbox.
"I will show you proof the book is in here."
With a tap of his hoof, the lockbox opens and you see the book inside. It sure looks like it.

"You better pop it out before we get back to bed then. I want to rip that dress off and throw it in the gutter when we get back."

"Her parents died at a young age, but she was trained by a mage here in Arachnia. One of the Circle of Magi. I don't know why he threw her out now… But I've known her for a few years, she's a sweet girl. If she stays here too long, I'm afraid she'll get on the hookah, and that never ends well."


I pout.
"You don't like my pretty dress?"


"And we should believe this in Vilitus, home to a thousand con artists, because?"


"I like what's underneath it more."

The buyers murmur and nod
"Take it or leave it, I'll find a buyer." says the stallion irritated. It's clear he's new to this thing.


"And he will say just the same. Show us the book."


"How lewd!"


"Thanks for that. I'll see if she's willing to take my offer then."

Pay the lady and finish my drink, then head over to the prospective employee.

"Excuse me, you are Miss Lightning Swift, correct? My name is Ruby, and I just heard you might be looking for a new place of work."


The stallion looks shifty.
"Very well…but stand back."
The stallion carefully removes it from the lockbox and holds it high.
The emblem of the Laughing One is clearly visible.

He chuckles.
And tries to pull back your clothes from your flanks.

She looks up.
"How well does it pay?"


Slap his hoof.
"Go get ready! You can get frisky all you want tonight."




"Enough that they were willing to get me to look around this city for one, so you won't have to worry about that. Only thing I care about is your qualifications, which I've already heard good things about. If you could clear them up for me, I'd be in a better position for you when the time to authorize your employment comes."

Let's hear what type of magic she's worked on and see if it matches what we need."


"A quickie?"
He rubs your flank.

See OP
Inventory: Old Pendant of the Sun and Moon, Formal clothes, casual clothes, tools, basic amount of money, medical tools,
Quest Items:
Survivors of Lemuria Necklace
A necklace worn by members of the Survivors of Lemaria group.
Anti-Changeling Crystal
Crystal issued by the Lordblades. When it comes into contact with a disguised Changeling, the disguise drops.

She nods and then fires a lightning bolt straight at you. Before it hits you however, with a movement of her hoof it slides sidewards and so quickly makes it way across the entire bar. Never hitting anypony, before it absorbs back in her hoof.
A few ponies clap.


Which district is this one, again?


I sigh.
"What am I going to do with you, Whisp? … Okay, you convinced me!"


You're in the Arachnia District.
As you ponder one of the dogs suddenly stands upright and tears open the curtains.
Streams of light shine inside.
The guards storm at him. "Hey what's the mea-"
PAW. The glass breaks
The stallion with the book hits the floor with a bullet in his head.
The guards hit the floor.
"SNIPER." shouts the older wealthy pony.

He licks his lips.

Roll #1 7, 6, 7, 1, 4 = 25


+10 of course


"Color me impressed," I say while feigning some excitement, "that was some fine control. If you want to find out about the job, you'll need a few things first though."

Scrounge around in my hat for a few official looking documents or passes. This should look like a legitimate job. Hat Magic '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


And I bite my lower lip.

Roll #1 7, 4, 8, 10, 4 + 10 = 43


Jump on one of the dogs.
The least strong of them all. Tackle him to the ground and weaken him almost to his grave with a Lifestream.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


That was a good quickie.

You get some papers to work for an offshoot of the Red Guard.

He's also the fastest.
He slips through your grasp and dashes towards the door with the book followed by his two compatriots.
PAW. the griffon mage hits the dirt.


Well I don't care right now.
Dash for the book and then cover.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"That was nice~"


"As you can see, a legitimate operation is looking. I'm sure someone of your caliber wants to make sure they aren't hired by any simple gang. Oh, and here, hold on to this."

Present her the stone in my hoof and motion for her to take it.

"A bit of eccentricity on my part, but it has become a calling card of mine."


As the book is held by one of the dogs this is a combat roll and fate point is not applicable.
You quickly manage to get the book off them.
Reflexive roll to get cover, note this is a combat roll.

"Now I feel ready for that party~"

She looks at the stone and sniffs it.
"What does it do?"


"I'll need a bath first though."
Sniff sniff.
"… And so do you, big boy."


Sniff sniff.
"I suppose it couldn't hurt."
He goes to your private bathing pool.


Oh fuck me, I hadn't noticed.
NOW dive for cover.
And spend fate.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Git clean.
How much time is there before the evening? Maybe I could look into recruiting another asset.


"It's a magic key, so to say. You don't stay in this business for long without something like this. Here, go ahead and touch it. You'll feel a brief tingle from it."

Put it on the table, within reach.

"In this town, it's important to not get duped and defrauded. These little things let me know that someone I talked to is the person I talked to. It'll start losing charge if it swaps too many hooves."


I told you explicitly it was a combat roll.
We're pausing since you're clearly not here anymore.
You get shot in the leg. The DC to escape out of this place has become higher. Escaping is a non-combat roll however.

About 200-300 posts, I do not have a set timetable, I go with what feels like an appropriate time.
Right now it is about 2 in the afternoon, the hottest point of the day.
The party is in 5 hours.

She touches it.
"Very smart."
Nothing happens.



"Hey Whisp, I'm thinking… what exactly do we need a crusader for?"


200P for who was here.


"I may not be as skilled as you, but necessity has been a cruel mother. Come, I'll lead you to your final interviewer. They'll be the one who signs off on your employment sheet."

Give her directions to Grey Splinter and lead her there.


But muh Aura of Faith…


This isn't a counterattack, this is you failing to dodge, if you throw a 4 while shooting at said sniper, then you wouldn't get counterattack damage


He shrugs.
"It was an idea of earthbound. Not sure why."


Getting out of here alive.
This gets priority.
Spend fate, try to run.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"Well, I guess I could go look for a doctor. Got any ideas?"
Do I have any ideas?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Hopefully it is a smooth journey there. I'd be interested in knowing what a mage of her caliber is really capable off.


You suddenly realize that Whisper would look damn sexy in a doctors coat.

You grit your teeth and run out of the house despite the pain. You jump from place to place, dust shooting up as shots barely miss your hooves. You see an alley and quickly duck in there.
A box of junk next to you shatters from another failed shot. You quickly glance at the bullet. Even from here it looks unusual, perhaps if you recovered it later you'd be able to use it to learn more about your attacker.
You quickly bandage your leg in the alley, but you'll need to see a doc for full recovery.
You don't see any sign of your attacker.

You meet Grey Splinter.
"Who do we have here? You're certainly busy today, Ruby."


Brain pls… we just finished!
"W-Well? Do you?"


Good, this means I won't have to question one of the dogs. But I can't go to base, or to the party. They'd find me out.
Off to a public clinic. Maybe one of those that work for the poorest ponies around.


"The hospital or the Celestial temple would be a good place to start."

You ask around and learn that the temple of the Sisters tends to the sick among the poor.


Nice. Religious ponies are decent, usually.
Go there.


"You're so informed~ I'll go check it out."
Dry myself off and get clothed.


"The potential candidate for our mage needs. I would like to see what your opinion of her is. Plus, due to her recent circumstances, I think we have a few things we can offer to sweeten our deal."


You're a very clothed pony.

In the Scarab District there is one temple overshadowing all others. A large ancient temple made of granite. It is atop the hill in Scarab like a king, making all other temples its servants. None know however what ancient god it is dedicated to, the ancient grand doors to the main hall have been sealed for uncounted centuries.
The smaller chambers underneath it have been breached however, making place for other newer gods.
So it is with the Temple of the Sisters.
You find a smaller entrance where the ancient heretical symbols have been smashed and painted over by the Moon and Sun.
You enter a hall. In the center are two statues, the Princesses of Equestria.
Near the walls are a number of sick beds with ponies. The nuns do their best to tend to them. A few ponies are praying near the statues.
A nun comes to you. "Can I help you?"


She nods. "Good."
As she focuses on Lightning, Lightning suddenly jerks back.
"Hey, I know what you're doing. Nopony told me about this."


"See you later, big boy~ Don't forget to shave!"
Go collect Sickle and head off to that temple.


How fun, a hundread years old monument which wasn't here 5 years ago!
"Can you kiss my boo-boo?"
Smirk and show the bleeding leg.


Actually, I do remember telling you about this.
Not in this much detail however.


I guess I forgot.


It was very unimportant.
I probably said something like "you enter a smaller entrance below a large temple"
But I did have the idea in V1 already.

"Of course, please come with me." She guides you to an empty bed near the wall. "Please sit down and let me look at it."

In the Scarab District there is one temple overshadowing all others. A large ancient temple made of granite. It is atop the hill in Scarab like a king, making all other temples its servants. None know however what ancient god it is dedicated to, the ancient grand doors to the main hall have been sealed for uncounted centuries.
The smaller chambers underneath it have been breached however, making place for other newer gods.
So it is with the Temple of the Sisters.
You find a smaller entrance where the ancient heretical symbols have been smashed and painted over by the Moon and Sun.
You enter a hall. In the center are two statues, the Princesses of Equestria.
Near the walls are a number of sick beds with ponies. The nuns do their best to tend to them. A few ponies are praying near the statues.
You see Earthbound near one of the sick beds with a nun.


Check her out uninterestingly and sit down on bed.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Smirk and approach him.
"Well hello there, stranger."


Smirk back.
"You come around like a bad habit.
I might actually be onto something."
Show the leg wound.


"Oh dear. That's gonna need a sticking plaster or two."


"You gonna take care of that, nurse?"


The unicorn mare is grey with a yellowish mane and green eyes. She wear a pendant of the Sun and Moon. She wears a white robe. She quickly removes the bandages, clucks her tongue as she sees the wound. "This will just take a minute."
Her horn glows and the pain quickly evaporates.


"Do save the bullet. I like my friends close."


"You're a sister, correct? Do you know of any good doctors looking for a new job?"


She perks a brow, but nods.
As the wound closes, the mare makes a movement with her head and you feel a small sting as the bullet comes out. As you suspected it is unusual. Not only in design and material, but also in size. You can thank the gods that big fucker missed your bones. There are some peculiar markings on it.
The mare drops it in a small bowl before the wound closes.

"What kind of job? Our healers are here in service to the Sisters."


"What a doctor is trained to do. Heal wounds. Cure diseases. Give lollipops to ponies who didn't cry."


"Ever seen this kind of love letter before?"
Point her the bullet.


"Yeah sure. Back home, inquisitors tended to favor firearms."


"If this is about a private doctor for some rich lord, you can go to the hospital or something. We are here in service of the Sisters, not gold. The poor of this city need all the help they can get."

The wound is patched up.
"That's it." she says with a detached tone.


"… You're a doctor?"


Roll my eyes.
"I meant like this."
Show her the special markings.
"You were so lovely I could just gobble you whole!"


"… Those markings?"

Have I?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"If you appreciate our help, a small donation to the temple would go a long way to ensure we can keep doing this."

There's a hint of irritation in her voice.
"Yes, that's why I'm here, tending to whoever needs my help instead of making lots of money sitting on my ass in some fancy house and occasionally looking at some fat lords cough."


The markings are trotantine.
They say "BLANK".
You feel like you heard of this once before but for the life of you, you can't remember where.


"Hm. Why don't you touch this crystal for me?"
Procure the crystal.
"Because I am liking your attitude."

"Uh… those markings are Trotantine I think."


Roll for inspiration.

Also, they literally say BLANK, by the way.


Now, this is a thing of beauty.
And how many trotantines do you know around here?"


"It just says 'Blank'. Aside from me though? Well I'm sure there are others and all. I know there's a duke who loves to collect Trotantine stuff too."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nope no inspiration.
She touches the crystal, nothing happens.
"If this is all, I have other patients to attend to."


Wait, it says blank?
This makes no sense."
Entirely ignore the doctor.


Put it away and lean in to whisper.
"Are you sure you want to give up an opportunity to work for the sisters? A task so great it will change Vilitus for the better forever?"

"You don't have to tell me, I'm as stumped as you are."


"Who's that noble?"


"To serve the sisters? And how exactly would I be serving the Sisters?"

She doesn't seem bothered by it.
You're probably not the first.



50 P for all those who participated in this small session.


"Golden Puzzle. I'm sure you've heard of him."
I smirk.

"By healing and aiding the ponies who are devoted to them, of course. I can tell you more… but first we'd need to make sure you're not some Discordian in disguise or something."


Stand up before her and apologize.

"Dear me, I assumed you were familiar with such procedures in a city such as this. I apologize, for someone of your abilities, I should have been much more straight forward about all of the security measures we've established. However, this is an important part of the interview, if there is something I can offer to make my associates task more palatable for you, just name it."

"In fact, how about I offer myself? It should be obvious to you that I have been keeping something of myself back this whole time."


She looks suspiciously.
"What do you mean?"

"Hmmm, if you're really here to help the Sisters, I'll coorperate, but if you're trying to trick me or something, I'll be gone in a second."


Go back to the HQ I guess.


"When can you leave? We'll need to confirm that you're not an agent for some faction already."


Some top notch recruiting here…
Back to base. Golden Puzzle is The Master, I should know this, right?


No, the Master is the Master.
Golden Puzzle is the original benefactor of the Bureau. He has a mansion in the Aurora District.

-Laughing Library-
You gain 500P
+250 for Merciful Soul
Total: 750P

You're back there.
Earthbound is here as well.

"I can leave right now. It's not too busy."


Do they have drinks here? Because I need a drink.
And decide the next step.


This was the only book?
Then I think I should consult it as well before returning it.


Yes, there are some bottles of beer in the supplies in the Great Hall.
No large supplies or real strong drink however.
The Master doesn't want drunkenness within the HQ. If you want those you'll have to visit the town.

No, it's 1/3 but since this is a larger quest you get P already for completing the first objective.




Right. Let's consult the book anyway.


I don't want to get drunk either.
Just to relax after beefing so hard.
Grab a beer.


"Sure. Where do we meet?"

First there was One and so there ever was.
From One Came Two
Shining and Bright
and from Two came Three.
The Bringer-Of-Life.
Three was the quintessence for from Three came all other things great and small.
And with their Creation
Zero vanished as No-Thing became Thing.


You see the Nightshade coming from the Barracks.
"Hard day?"


"Well its a good thing we got here when we did.. or maybe we were too late.. the creator wanted certain things destoryed, a stallion who lives in the sewers I believe."


"Yeah. Cheated my way into a house perfectly, but couldn't find what I was looking for and had to leave empty hoofed when an alarm triggered."



"Out front of this place. At midnight, your favorite time of the day."
I smirk.


One spoke and it's Word grew
into the Tree of Six.
The Tree grew, nurtured by the Three.
It's roots grew twisting and shaping the Void.
With a scream, the Void coiled and the Labyrinth was born, forever haunting the lives of mortals who were then still in the Beyond-Life.
The branches grew, nurtured by the Two and out of it poured light, water, air and earth.
The Three was pleased and with a kiss brought those from the Beyond-Life into the Labyrinth.

"What were you looking for?"

"Very well, but don't be late."

She looks over the books and scrunches.
"Part of it is destroyed. Perhaps we can try to decipher it."


Okay now it's starting to get interesting…
Go on, look for more stuff about the kiss of the three.


"I'd hate to keep my date waiting. What's your name again?"


"An invitation to that fancy party. We have to go so we can embarass Eight Legged Spider, that was our deal for the maps."


"Well, its worth a try. If nothing else we might be able to get this.. thing.. to lead us to the stallion who wanted to destroy stuff.. but can we handle it alone?"


You don't find anything more about the Kiss in this book.

"Glowing Path, what's yours?"

"Oh dear."
She shakes her head.
"Did nopony tell you? Ruby can get us those invitations. Apparently she's connected."

She looks over the mold minion.
"I don't know, whoever created that…I've never seen anything like it. Who knows what that pony could do."


"Ambrosia. Such a pleasure to meet you."


Time to find the next book I guess.
But first I need a chat with Whisper.


Take a very deep breath.
Then drink the rest of my beer.
Then stay silent for a bit.
"Well fuck."


"…I'm really glad I came with you.. I'd hate to have seen you half melted because of this."


"The pleasure is the same."

You find him in the War Room, looking at some lists. He nods as you come in. "Earthbound. How are you?"

"Aaaw. Communication could be a lot better in our group."
She sits down.
"That reminds me, I still wanted to talk about those documents you found."

The mold slithers near you.
She shudders.
"Y-yeah. Thanks for helping me out with this. This case just gets weirder. It will take me some time to decipher all this, if there's even anything left useable."


"What about them?"


"I'll leave you to your work. See you tonight~"
I've got a double date now… I guess I'll just have to pick them both up at the same time. Or send out Sickle to fetch Morning Dew. We'll see.

I'm going back to base!


Nod a bit and address the mold pile.
"So.. Moldy. I'm guessing sunlight is bad for you."


"Shot up, but I'm not down."
Show him the bullet.
"Blank. Does it tell you anything?"


She gets some documents out of a case, yours and another set similar ones.
"We've had no success translating them, but we think we've finally found out what they are.
Melville, these are Triumvirate Contingency Plans. Ever heard of those?"

Melville is talking to Nightshade in the Great Hall.
Earthbound is talking to Whisper, shaven, in the War Room.

You feel very very hot, as if you're going to burn up for a second.

He looks it over.
"Son of a bitch, where did you get this?"


"From my leg!"


Good boy~
"Look at that, Silver. He shaved because I asked him to~"


Wipe away the sweat from my brow. "I'll take that as a yes."


Did I?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Man, this…wow. It's like seeing a ghost."

She scrunches.
"Shut up."

Elana looks at it.
"Uh…are you going to keep that….thing?"

Yes, there are rumors that the Triumvirate has a number of contingency plans for when shit hits the fan. They range from riots in districts to full blown war scenarios. The plans are a tightly guarded secret and are only distributed amongst those they trust.
They are supposedly encrypted with a cipher.


"Oh come on, don't be sour. How's your knight in shining armor doing? Did you give him the eyes yet?"


"Their plans for when things get really grim. That's a good thing we got them then, isn't it?"


"It's what they all say."


"Uh.. well how else can I locate its creator? To stop them from making more?" What time is it now?


She scrunches.
"I don't know how to get his attention."

"Yes…if we could translate them."

"The Blank…where do I start. The guy is a bit of a legend in Trotantium. A master sharpshooter, this guy stays in the shadows all the time. As far as I know, nopony has ever seen his face, or knows how to contact him. When he comes, he just leaves bodies…and these bullets. You want to know the weirdest part?"

About 4PM. 3 hours till the party.
"Listen I've got an idea. I can go through these files, see if I can't get anything useful from it, might take a while. I'll be busy all night. We can meet up tomorrow and share our findings."


"Do you know anything about him at all? What he likes, who he hangs out with, his food habits… He might be gay for all we know!"


"I love the weirdest part."


"What's the matter? None of your tricks work?"


"Alright. I don't really want to go alone to the stallion so I'll see if I can do that tomorrow night."

start to walk away.
"Well, slimy. what to do with you.. its still to bright out for you to travel.. I don't suppose you can touch bags without dissolving them huh?"


"In exchange for Grey Splinter here doing the task at hoof, I'll let you know who I really am and offer to do my best to set you up with another employer if you desire it. Like I said earlier, I value trust and I'll put mine on the line to secure yours."


"I know he likes Fattoush. It's like a saddle-arabian salad with bread."

"He's supposed to have lived for 150 years already."

"To break it we need the cipher, some word the Triumvirate uses as a key to these encryptions, otherwise its useless.
Secondly, these are definitely not all plans. If we could recover more of these without being noticed it would be a boon to our operation."

"We can go find this stallion first if you think that's best."

She thinks.
"Okay, who are you?"


"Well it would save me from having to find an umbrella and a place to stash this thing. Do you have a safe place to hide that book?"


Bite my lower lip and start snickering.
"He likes fat tush?"


"Why is it always the funniest ponies end up in this business?"
Smile and look at the bullet.
"Where could he get a supply of these…"


"No it's pronounced Fattoush, it's like…"
She stops as she understands what you said.
"Oh you!"

She nods. "My office is part of Duchess Mana's residence. Nopony will get in there."

"Perhaps you should talk to Morning Star our quartermaster. He should know where to find those kinds of bullets."


Off to the quartermaster.


"I guess the problem is we have no idea where the key or more of these plans are."


I laugh.
"I bet he does though. Is that all you know?"


"Okay.. That sounds safe enough." I nod. "Go ahead there and I'll wait here for you."


Morning Star is near the waterfall.
"Greetings, Earthbound"

"No..but we do know they are usually given to pony collaborators. I believe all of you might meet some of them during this operation. If you do, get that cipher, get those plans."

She looks briefly at her butt.
"I can't have a fat butt, that would make me less agile."
She thinks.
"I know he likes books."

"I'll hurry."
Timeskip until she's back?


"A scholar, huh? Any particular genre?"


"Greeting, my greatest ally."
Show him the bullet.
"Where can I find more of these?"


"Will do."


okay, but keep and eye on how long, i need at least an hour to meet up with the others.


"My name is Hokkaido, though you might recognize me as the significant other of one Mr. Diamond."

I smile at her.

"You seem to possess a few talents that I think would be a waste to just leave at the inn. Talents that might be worth both of our whiles."

"But, you know how this town can be, no matter which part you live in. Trust is valuable, assurance s more so. In this case, I must recommend going through with it. There's a good payoff at the end of it, along with plenty of perks during."


"I saw him reading about guns and swords and that kind of stuff. History."

He looks it over.
"Hmm. Astral lead, lined with parts silver. Custom made. I know only one pony here in the City who can make these. Sedimentary Rock in Sparkling Street."

You have gained 500P for finding the first TCP.

She returns after 30 minutes.
"Let's go."

She perks her ears.
"Yes…I heard of you, the Crystal Lady….okay I'll do this." She trots to Grey Splinter.
After the examination Grey Splinter takes you aside.

PAUSE: 200P for participants.


"So he likes weapons, no real surprise there. Maybe you ought to impress him with your own knowledge on the subject. Unless… you don't know jack shit about it."


"So what did your 'investigation' reveal?"


"I know a thing or two…maybe not as good as him but I should manage."

"She was trained by one of the Mages of the Circle. I believe she could be of use to us to infiltrate Arachnia.
I couldn't read the names of the mages however. I fear her memory was tampered with…to quite an extent."


"Common interests are pretty helpful, y'know. Better than to blabber on about your own interests for too long, at least. You know where he's from exactly?"


"How… Dangerous is he?"


"He himself I don't imagine he's too dangerous compared to us. He is extremely well connected however, both for getting supplies and through his customers."

"I don't know, we don't share that in the Immortals. His accent points to northern Saddle-Arabia however."


Cock my head.
"You don't? Why not?"


"Isn't the sphere of his friends the worth of a pony?"
Chuckle a bit.
"I will pay him a visit."

Off I go!


"Lets be quick. We might not be able to confront him today if not."
"Slimy, lead the way to the sewers of your old master." I command the ooze and follow him.


"You'll see his apprentices first. Tell them I sent you."

Roll for luck.

"It is against the rules. We are supposed to leave our old lives behind and embrace our new life."

The slime slowly makes his way down the tunnel and goes down into a small drain.
Time to go down.
Elana winces at the smell.


I gasp.
"And you told me about your life nonetheless! I'm going to report you to the sultan straight away!"



Roll #1 7 = 7


Let her walk beside me. "I apologize for the smell, but he is our best lead."


"What are you apologizing for? Don't tell me it was you who made that stench down here."
She chuckles.

Sparkling Street is different from the rest of Vulture. No beggars and lots of guards everywhere.
Behind powerful enchantments jewelers and smiths display their priceless wares.
You find Sedimentary's smithy fast. Two young stallions are working at the forge.

"You're not an Immortal."


"That's racist as fuck."


I'm woefully unequipped to deal with this…
Size those two boys up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'll try to keep it between us.
"She did say she was familiar with people that had your skills. In your opinion, were memories simply removed, or were they implanted, altered in some way?"


I laugh along with her. "Say, I wanted to ask you something.." I walk closer and move as if to touch her mane.
'1d10' stealth touch her with the stone

Roll #1 6 = 6


She shrugs
"Don't worry, I don't think worse of you. Nopony is perfect."

"Memories can never be completely removed, usually there is always a shimmer left, but in her case I see nothing. So whoever did it is a master of his art. I didn't see any tampered memories…but honestly this one has talent, it might be that he hid it very well."
She coughs.
"I think talking to her and asking about her past might trigger more…of course whatever comes up might not be the best for our mission…"

…in what way?

She doesn't change.
She smirks.
"You know, if you're going to profess your love, this might not be the most romantic place."


Their movements as they work, their physical shake, their faces, anything that might help me understand their attitude.


"I'll remind you that I won our last fight. Remember?~"


"Love? I don't even know if you have a boyfriend." Look taken back.


"I don't know if we'll be able to get someone of her caliber in time. Plus, I think we should let her know about this. It might help us leverage her joining, and staying, on our side if all her memories of us have us on her side. However, you are the one who gives the final word, this is your area of expertise. Do you think she'll at least be able to get us started in the right direction?"


They are muscular, theirs is heavy work.
They seem tired. You imagine Sedimentary makes them work a lot and hard.
Yet they seem extremely forced on their work.
Of course, despite all that they're young, thye might be outsmarted by somepony more experienced.

"I remember it was a stalemate."

She taps you on the cheek.
"Aw, you're so cute when you're surprised."

"Hmmm, I would advise against telling her right now. Mind magic temporary makes a mind unstable, and unlocking hidden memories tends to be very distressing. I would wait, at least until tomorrow.
Telling her is a double-edged sword, she might completely deny what you're saying, making it more difficult to unlock those than if she had discovered them on her own through talking and visiting her past. But if you're lucky she might accept it and that would make it easier…it's hard to say really."


"Well… maybe we should have another go then, because I'm pretty sure you hit the ground first."


Good enough.
"Is your master in?"


"Ehem. Right, we should keep focused."
'1d10' any signs of the necromancer?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"We'll bring her along for now, then. We both knew people with these skills would come with their own baggage, at least we have an idea of what we might expect. Let me know if there's anything else I can offer."


You move through the tunnels.
You suddenly feel a tug.
The mold minion is shaking.
Somepony is trying to control your minion.
Roll a control roll higher than mine to keep control '1d10+1'

One of the stallions looks up.
"What business do you have with him?"

"If she talks about her past, come back to me, we'll discuss it."

"Anytime, any place."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"I'm a costumer."


Give her a playful shove.
"Now? Maybe we can ask Morning Star and Whisper to watch the show~"



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Keep your eyes open, he's here."


Her eyes widen.
"You wouldn't dare!"

"You can talk to me then. The boss is very busy. He only sees special clients."

You regain control, the mold slithers further.

The zebra moves her hoof and suddenly a green flame erupts in her hoof.
"I'm ready for him."

Roll for luck.


"They'd enjoy it so much though, I bet."
Look around teasingly.
"Now where could they be…"


'1d10' lucky

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I'll keep that in mind. For the moment, let's go have her fill out the forms. I have a feeling she'll be eager to move in somewhere. If need be, I can make arrangements if you don't want her on base."


"I need Astral lead."
Look at him dead serious.


You know Whisper is in the War Room nearby.
Morning Star is sitting by the Waterfall, reading.

Silver pulls your tail.

They look at each other.
"Very rare stuff. What makes you think we have any of that?"

You get her the forms and things are settled, you should brief her

Side-Quest Complete
Completion 500P
New location found: 100P
Total 600P

The molds on the walls start moving and rise from the floor.

You are fighting 2 Crafted Molds


"Friends, voices."


'1d10' muk go!
'1d10' I'll attack one of them too.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Be careful with that, there's knives in there. And why not? Don't you want to show him how strong you are?"


She lets your tail go and seems a bit flustered.
She nods.

Zeeb crazy powers '1d10'
Wait for second post.

They look at each other.
"Follow me." one says.
He leads you inside.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Follow them.


"Don't think I'll go easy on you though."
Let's go see Whisper first.
Do you wxant to see me fight Sickle again? I know you enjoyed it last time."


He smirks.
"What are both of you up to now?"

He leads you to a richly decorated room inside.
"Please wait here a minute. I'll inform him of your arrival."
The stallion goes in a door and closes it again.

Muk gets overwhelmed by the two but you push one back with your axe.
Elana unleashes a bolt of green fire on the other mold. It frenzies as it burns.


Sit comfortably somewhere and inspect the room head to bottom.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sickle says the last fight we had was a draw. This is something we got to settle, obviously. And hey, do you know our quartermaster well? Morning Star?"


"Ah, smart. Using its weaknesses."
'1d10' cleave on the both of them
"Hey. I know you're here. Come out."
'1d10' muk attacks too

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3


There's a mahogany table with a few bottles of Vilitian wine, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of water and some glasses. On a cupboard is a kettle with warm coffee and a few cups.
The benches are made of leather. There are a few plants in the room as well.
The centerpiece of the room is a painting of Saint Deep Forge, the patron of smiths. He's pictured hammering a greatsword while two Fire Elementals heat the forge.
There's a mirror as well. You would bet 100 bits it's two-way.

"I've talked to him a few times. Seems a good fellow, even if he is a bit quiet. I have to admit he can teach me a thing or two about the underground smugglers in this town."

"They're not so tough!"
Rolling for Elana '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Smile at the mirror.


"Go invite him to watch as well, would you. As a judge. He's an Immortal after all."


Muk overwhelms his "brother" while Elana finishes off the other mold.
You hear galloping in the distance.


"He's trying to run!"
'1d10' hurry after him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He smirks.
"Right. Where? Near the Waterfall?"

That's one handsome devil in there.
A door opens, the apprentice comes out followed by a pony. His coat is grey and his hair black. He has a number of scars and small burn marks on his face.
"Afternoon, mister. I heard you wished to speak to me."

You start galloping.
In the distance you see a pony disappearing down a stairs.
Hurry up and you might gain on him!


"Sure, that works."


'1d10' hurry

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You better make sure to not accidentally drop down in that pool, that would be…terrible. You'd both be completely wet." He says with a smirk.

You run down the stairs, the path split left or right? The hoofsteps echo through the tunnel and could come from either side.


"I know. That would just be terrible."


Smile at the face of beauty. Then at the smith, too.
"Indeed. I need to buy some precious metals. But I've heard of some ponies buing all the Astral Lead in town…"


"I'll get Morning Star." He walks to the door.

He nods.
"There's always more demand for it than supply, I'm afraid. But, if you've heard about me, you'll know that I'm a weaponsmith, I do not usually supply raw metal."


"Of course. A prime smith of swords, bludgeons, and… Bullets."


Go back and grab Silver.
"Come on. We're doing this live."
To the waterfall!


He nods.
"I consider myself an artist, each weapon or ammunition is custom made for the user."

You drag her with you.
Whisper and Morning Star are sitting on a rock near the waterfall.
"Ladies, let's have a clean fight." Whisper says as he gets up.
"No weapons, please leave them here. We'll take good care of them."


"There can't be enough time in the day to work on so much art."


Put my daggers neatly down.
"I don't need them. Saddle-Arabians aren't the only ones who learned how to use their hooves."


left '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm lucky to have my apprentices to take care of less glorious projects."

"all weapons, Echo." says Whisper with a smirk.
Silver gives two large daggers and a number of throwing stars to Morning Star while looking down. Morning Star simply nods.

You gallop but the sound soon dies down.
Wrong side, I'm sorry.
Elana pants. "Fuck…"


"Oh it's Echo now, is it?"
Remove Razorblade as well.


"Would you care to entertain me with a tale about a certain work you did?
I was particularly impressed by it."


"Damn it.."
I sigh.
"Well at least the book is safe.. I'll have to ask for help to search this place later.. can I find you at Lady Mana's tomorrow?"


"Me and Morning Star are impartial judges without any hint of bias." he says with a little smirk while taking Razorblade.

"That depends on what work."

She nods.
"Yeah, just drop by and tell the secretary that you want to see me. I'll let her know you're okay."


"Oh, just a curiosity I found lying around."
Pull out the bullet, letting him look at it.


Give him a pointed look and back off, then nod at Sickle.
"Show me what you've got, towelhead."


"I'll see you tomorrow then." Well off to base then.


He takes it and looks at it.
"Astral lead, hints of silver and tiny bit of Dragonbone in the tip. Yes, I am quite fond of this work. Do you know why Astral Lead is restricted in places such as Equestria and Trotantium, mister?"

Roll for initiative.
Sickle's roll '1d10'

"Hey, before you go, thank you, really."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Let's do this.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Probably for the high poisonous effect it has on the equine body."


Silver comes out with a highkick to the head '1d10'

"That's not all it does." he says with a smirk.
"You might want to know what you're buying."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Do tell."


Dodge and counter punch her in the side!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah, of course. happy to help a mare in need."
to the base.


"Astral lead does not only exist in this world…it is energetically bound to have an imprint in the spirit world."
He puts it on the table.
"A weapon of astral lead does not just hurt the body, it hurts the soul."

You duck beneath her kick and kick her in the side. She ducks back and tries to headlock you. '1d10'

Will you take Muk with you?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I see where you are going with that.
So what about telling me of this Blank character and those he works for?"


Back up before she can do so and knock her on the head.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Ah the Blank, a notorious figure in my business. I've heard he was in Vilitus. Whoever he's after, I hope he said his prayers."

You back up and slam her against the floor.
"Ow" says Whisper with a grin.
Morning Star remains stoic.
Silver snorts and tries to get up '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7



Circle around her.
"Come on, Sickle. Stop playing around~"


"A true coincidence, in fact, his use of Astral Lead as a material."


You put Muk in your bag and hope he doesn't eat anything.
When you arrive at the hideout you see Ambrosia and Sickle wrestling near the waterfall. Whisper and Morning star are observing.

She quickly gets up and tries to sweep you off your hooves '1d10'

"It's an unusual choice."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Try to dodge out of the way and let her run past me, then kick her into the water.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Most unusual.
But let's play a game of pretend.
Let's pretend someone wanted to kill an immortal.
And then he'd hire the best of killers and give him the best of tools.
Who could have such knowledge to know about…
Your dealings?"


I'll observe for a moment. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


She grabs your legs and you swing backwards grabbing her and sending both of you into the waterfall.
You're both drenched right now.
Silver tries to headlock you again '1d10'

You see it very well, follow the posts.

"There are many ponies who need my aid. I can't remember all their names."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"As you said, works of art require special care."


Diver under her and kick.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I am confused, mister. I thought we were discussing Astral Lead, but this sounds surprisingly like you're not here for metal, but for information."

You kick her under water and she buckles over.
She tries to grab your head and push you under. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It does. Doesn't it?"


Don't let her!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm sorry, but I'm a supplier of weapons, not of information. Bad for business."

You're both wrestling in the water for control.
Whisper looks amused. Even Morning Star shows the slightest of grins.

PAUSE: 200P for who participated.


Sickle headbutts Ambrosia '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Grumpy old donkey awaiting orders


I think we are getting ready for a party?


"But I am. And you might need help, from time to time."


Push myself away from her before she does so!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Turn towards Lightning.
"Looks like your interviewer has given you the go ahead. I'll make the arrangements for your new housing, though I'm certain you'd rather find out what we need your specific talents on."

Let's let her know what type of magics we will get her involved in.


Attention: Party soon.

You see a grey pony wearing goggles in the hideout, he looks lost.

Indeed we are. Soon.
You could talk to some other PCs or one of the new NPCs that came in.
>Threading Gear
>Lightning Swift

You're seeing stars.
She grabs you from behind and takes you into a headlock '1d10'

He looks you over.
"Let's put that to the test. A former apprentice of mine, by the name of Burning Hoof, stole a shipment of Adamantium from me. Bring it back to me and I'll tell you what you want to hear."

She nods.
"Sounds good." You better show her to the hideout.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Looking for something?"


Try to push her away before she can do that. Just don't try to succeed too hard.

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5


Sure. I'll chat up Lightning Swift.
"Hello, Haven't seen you here before."


"Sounds like a fair deal. What of his whereabouts?"


He looks up.
"Ah, sir. Yes yes. I'm looking for something. Some pony called Ruby hired me here to upgrade the defenses. I was looking for the workshop around here."

Nope she got you good. '1d10+1' +1 because you're now in a very disadvantageous position.
"Giving up yet?"

The young mare looks up.
"Hello. Yes, I haven't seen you before either. Who are you? I'm Lightning Swift, but you can call me Lightning."

"If I knew I wouldn't ask you to look for him. But there's a thriving underground market in the Diamond District, I'd bet you'd find him there somewhere." Party soon.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Try to break free. Can't go down without a struggle!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hopefully it's a quiet walk.

"It might be a bit dustier than what you are used to, but so far, you'll be working with some exceptionally abled individuals. You might be sharing some sleeping facilities with others, but that is to get you acclimated with the workplace."

Let's see if we can give her a tour of the place.


DDealing with irl party


How about we do that tour off-screen and say you did that.
Lightning seems impressed.
"The Lordblades…I'd never have thought they were real."

She grips you closer. "SAY IT." '1d10+2'


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"I see. Follow me."
I know where the workshop is, don't I?"


"You can call me Spruce. So.. any hobbies?"


Sickle pls, not that close.
"F-Fine… I yield."


As far as you're aware, there is no workshop.
You might want to see the Master or Whisper about this.
"Ah thank you very much mister Lordblade. This is all quite new to me, do I adress you as as mister Lordblade or Lord Blade or how does this work exactly?"

Before she releases you she whispers "Thanks. You're the best.". She drops you and you fall into the water.
"HA, I win!" She holds her hooves in the air victoriously. Whisper and Morning clap as she goes to Morning to collect her items.

"Hobbies. What a waste of time. Why would I waste my time painting or gardening or whatever ponies when there's magical research to do?"


"There's no workshop that I know of, so we're going to the boss."
Well, let's find the Master then.
And shake my head.
"I'm not one, so I wouldn't know."


"How logical of you." I nod approvingly.


Swim to the side and pull myself out of the water. Throw my wet mane back and go collect my stuff as well.


"You aren't the only one. I was taken by surprise too. Even having them here, I still get surprised by what they bring in or know."


"Oh I'm sorry, I assumed that…"
You find the Master in his office on top of the Barracks. He's overlooking a map of the city with a number of marks. "Yes, Melville, what is it?"

"You're a magician too right? I can sense it….wait what's that smell from your bag."

Whisper hands you your items.
He holds up Razortail. "I'd be happy to reattach it myself."

"Do they have any secret tomes on magic?"


Turn around and swing my tail so I splash some water on him.
"Go ahead."


"Assess first, assume later."
Nod at him.
"Hey. This guy's looking for the workshop."


"..Uh, that's.. I just need to wash out my bag. Nothing to worry about. But you can sense other magic users? That's amazing."


"I wouldn't say no, but they have their own secrets. You've been brought in for your magical knowledge, you'll have plenty of them to deal with shortly."


"You might want to dry off before we go to the party. I got all prettied up, you'd embarrass me." He says with a smirk
He attaches Razortail in your tail.

"Ah yes, Threading Gear, pleasure to meet you." he says without looking up. "I'm sure your talents will serve us well here. Unfortunately we don't have a proper workshop set up yet. But we have a temporary solution, Phantasm will show you the way."
Threading Gear jumps in surprise as Phantasm appears beside him.
"Melville, could you stay for a few minutes? I'd like to talk to you" the Master continues. He waves to a bunch of pillows and a hookah in the corner.

"Can't you? That's the first thing I was taught in the circle."

"I'm looking forward to it, miss Hokkaido."


"Of course."
Wonder what this is about.
Nod off at Threading Gear, then walk over and take a seat on one of the pillows.


"Oh I will, pretty boy."
Turn around again.
"Sickle, you joining us too for that party once you're done gloating?"


"Let's see if we can find where you'll be and I'll leave you to get acquainted. I have other duties to attend to on this particular evening, simple enough for me, but important to our cause none the less."


"I'm mostly self-taught to be honest. That would be a useful skill. Maybe you could show me sometime?"


Threading Gear nods and walks off with Phantasm.
The Master takes a seat and takes a toke from his hookah before offering it to you.
"I've known about you for some time Melville. I've been most impressed by your work. You work silent and efficient, and you've got far more experience than most of here. How have you been so far? How do you like our operation? Our members?"

She was talking to Morning a bit further.
"Y-yes, I'm coming!"

You bring her to the barracks. "This isn't too bad…at least it's a bed."

"What is your specialty? I specialize in Elemental Lightning magic myself."


I smirk.
Time to go get ready and fancy the fuck up.

Rolling for fanciness.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Stare at her.
"Ah, so you can't tell specially? …Its Talking to skulls i'm afraid.."


Accept it but only take a short smoke.
"You seem to have a nice thing going on here. It runs smoothly, which is good. I didn't expect Lordblades to do something on such a big scale just to let it fall apart."
Offer it back to him.
"Aside from an unnecessary failure the last time I was on the field, it seems like a decent job."


You're a fancy pony, at least you look like it.

"Ah, the Ars Necromundi. Never been good at them myself. Can you raise the dead?"

He takes it and takes another deep toke.
"Let me get directly to the point Melville. Everypony here is good, but I believe you have seen the most Vilitus has to offer. I see nopony better to guide our team. Now, the Lordblades have no tradition of giving different ranks among field teams, we believe those who work in the field should see each others as equals, but I hope you will do your best to guide the others with your experience. I am expecting big things of you."


"Ah, not just now. But I can control ones that have already been raised."
Smile at her.


Watch your tongue, I'll stab your dick.
Rejoin Whisper then.
"Hey there, prince of my dreams~"


"I raised a kid, keeping a military operation in check will be a cakewalk."
Snicker a bit, but then go srs.
"But thank you for your trust in me. I won't disappoint."


"You should learn to make your own. In the Circle, I met a wizard, he could create the most amazing minions. Not just standard dead ponies. Shadows, plants, even inanimate matter."

He has put on a tuxedo.
"Shall I call the others together?"

He grins. "If you handled that, I'm sure you'll do fine. I believe between the two of us, there are few who know more about the underworld of Vilitus."


I nod curtly.
"I'm ready, so go ahead."


Quick recap?


Nothing happened partywise yet.
You're supposed to meet next turn, so get your butt to the hideout.


"It's an ugly place, but what can you do?"


Get my butt to the hideout!


"Perhaps when I get a free moment I track down a teacher." I muse.


Whisper pushes a button and a gong sounds through the Hideout. "Let's go."

You're right on time. Seems like everyone's gathering in the War Room.

A gong sounds.
"Seems like Whisper is calling everypony together. We shall discuss this ugly place sometime else. Melville, while you're discussing the party in the War Room, could you inform the others I have received news the desert storm is subsiding. I'm expecting to give the go-ahead to start the expedition to recover the weapon to start tomorrow."

You hear a gong, time to gather at the War Room.


You also got a new side-quest.


"I'll tell them. Thanks for the talk."
Stand up and leave.


How cool.
Now let's sit down.


"Lead the way~"
Follow him to the war room.


Well that's what I waiting on. To the meeting.


You all enter the War Room.
Besides you, Whisper is also there.
He nods.
"The party will start soon. I wish to discuss some details.
Our objective is clear. Many-Legged-Spider must be evicted from the party without killing him.
Any ideas on how we shall accomplish this?"


"Stir trouble and give him the blame?"


"Could we scare him away?"


"The more appalling we can make him to the rest of the guest the better our chances will be."


"This is an option. We could infiltrate the staff, cause some trouble and leave evidence incriminating Spider. The normal staff will do the rest.'

"Possible. I know the spider has a vast network however. If he finds out who we are that might come to bite us in the flanks later."

"Spreading rumors is an option. We'd need somepony with a silver tongue however."


"What about forging evidence of him doing something degrading?"


"Do we have enough time to produce enough evidence to frame him?"


"Tell me more about this spider guy. Do you know what he's like? What he likes to do?"



"If we make a series of fake letter exchanges, but nothing big."


What I said in mh.


"An option would be to pickpocket something from him and discretely plant it in an off-limits area. It would call questions from the host. It would require teamwork. Some ponies to pickpocket and keep him busy while others infiltrate the staff and take the item to plant it."

"How would we bring this to the attention of the guests?"

"I've heard only rumors. A buffalo who's apparently got a spy network across Vilitus. Others call upon him for information, but he manages to hide his comings and goings well. He's a mystery I'm afraid."

"Hard Coin would like him removed from the party as a favor for allowing Ruby and Melville to grab the Rothshild maps. I have no idea why."


"Are we sure hard coin isn't pursuing interests against our own?"


"Well crap, that doesn't make it easier. I could plant something no problem though. Done that kind of stuff before."


"Seems like the best plan we have would be making the host upset with him."


"Ponies are curious beings. If the letters were about involvement with certain types of girls and the troubles concerning them, leaving the letters in a purse that is placed in a crowded room might work."


"No, but having him against us for not repaying a favor could be bad."

"Not necessarily. We could ask the guests what they heard about him. Rumors tend to lead a life of their own. If we found a nasty rumor, regardless of whether it's true or not, we could forge evidence of it. Ponies will believe it because their prejudices would be confirmed."

"Yes, the manager of the Golden Hen. The most brute force way would be to spike his drink to cause a scene. Of course, it might cause a bit of suspicion as well."

"If you could get a fragment of his writing somehow that could work."


"We'd need him to write a notice or bill for some reason."


"Here's a wild suggestion. What if we blackmail this guy under false pretenses?"


"Fair enough. I'd rather not mingle too much though, I'm not good at this whole fancy act."


Just kind of listen and nod.


"Is there some way you can send a minion or something to scout for us?"

Whisper smirks.

"That…could work. Everypony has their secrets."

He nods. "We'd need at least one pony in the staff then."


"Iwas thinking about forcing his hoof in a more… direct way.
Everypony cares for somepony."


"Or have someone pretend to me a message carrier. We'd get his signature and the way he writes when he signs the receipt, and we can give him one of the compromising letters. If ponies will be around, that will surely get some sort of reaction."


"Well I could send something sure, but undead aren't really known for their stealth."




"You could be excellent if we got in trouble. With just one undead appearing the chaos would provide more than enough cover to escape."

"I'll call you milady during this whole party."

"That sounds like a good idea."

"We'd need to know who he cares about however."


"True enough. But let's hope our plan doesn't rely on that in case there is a paladin attending the party."


"After that we can proceed with the forged letters that he allegedly wrote placed in the purse, and we have him."


"… Well you have to, I guess. Part of the cover and all."


"Now that's mostly discussed, the Master wants all of you to know that the storm is currently dying, so we might go on an adventure as soon as tomorrow."


"Ah, of course, we shouldn't stay up to late partying then."


"Uh. How funny."


"I have to leave around 11 tonight in any case. Got a few dates set up~"


"Good, so the plan seems to forge incriminating evidence against him. As a backup, we still have the poison to spike his drink.
In worst case, Spruce can cause a distraction.
Who will talk to Spider keeping him busy, who will do the pickpocketing?"


"I could forge the evidence once we get his writing patterns."


"Perhaps some evidence that backs up existing rumors if possible."


"I'll take care of the pickpocketing."


"If he likes talking about the weather…"


"Spruce, your role might seem a bit passive, but it is vital, mingle with ponies, but be ready for action at a moments notice. You'll be our eyes and ears."

"Good, Ambrosia, you stay with me as we'll talk to him, if necessary you'll spike his drink."

"Would you like to play some kind of messenger so we can get his writing patterns? You'd take it to Melville and use it to blackmail Spider once the evidence is forged."


"I'll stick by your side anytime~"


Nod. "I'll be sure to stick close."


"Sounds good to me."


"Whatever works for the plan."


The plan is made.
Shall we begin?


Whisper gets up.
"We shall leave soon. Let's get in our best costumes. We got a party to go to."

PAUSE: +200P for who participated.



The final class of the day is usually the hardest. This was true at Canterlot, at Los Pegasus and it is true here at the Arachnia Academy in Vilitus City. Here the wealthy and powerful send their children to learn. Not all of them are interested in learning, but it seems todays burning whether got all of them struggling to keep awake. Perhaps your interesting lesson will do something about that?

The others
Shall we begin?


I suppose.



>burning weather


With a spin.


Lets get go the the costume ball.


Blow in through the door like a dust storm and set my briefcase down on my desk. Glance around the lecture hall. How many actually bothered to turn up for the last day of lectures?


Let's see. '1d100'% of them.

Good, for final details, Hokkaido will go with her husbando, the others will go together with Whisper, is this agreeable?

Roll #1 75 = 75


3/4ths of them came!
That's not bad, not bad at all.


Sure. But what was the plan again?


Looks good to me.


The plan as discussed by Melville

>Spruce keeps watch, if anything goes wrong, Spruce will make a distraction allowing the others to escape.

>Hokkaido/Ambrosia will first talk to Many-Legged Spider to get to know him/ talk to others to get to know more about him

>Earthbound shows up dressed as staff carrying a bill or something like that to get a some writing off him

>forge evidence against him

>use it to convince him to leave



Grab a piece of chalk and with haste, scrawl out the word EXAM across the board.

"Well, this is the end. Our class lecture. Honestly, I had expected less of you to make it. Traditionally this course has a fifty percent failure rate. That puts most of you well above average. Be proud of that! Now. At the beginning of the semester I asked you to think about what narrative we follow when we discuss demonic history. Hopefully those of you who plan to make As in my course can answer that. Anyone?"


Sounds find.
We are all wearing nice costumes I assume?


Very well.
It's up to me how I end in possession of the uniform, right?


So Diamond and I will head in through the front door. How is the security?


Yes, those of you who didn't have one were given some standard ones by the bureau, nothing to fancy, but it will do.

Not necessarily, you can ask someone else of the party to get it for you.

There's the usual 10 seconds of silence before one mare to the right raises her hoof.

Just a sec. I'll get to you.


"Yes? Don't be shy about it. You've run out of time to be shy on the last day."


Where is our insertion point?


You can either go with the others through the main door or sneak through the staff entrance.

She coughs.
"A…modern narrative? We try to study the similarities of demonic cults through the ages and how they evolve."


I should probably do the latter.


"Close, but not quite. You're being too narrow. More generally speaking. Anyone else?"


What's the party like so far? '1d10' find a nice spot to observe from.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm here, I'm here.


We there yet?


You see the back entrance of the Golden Hen.
At first glance there's nopony there.

You all go in your best outfit to the party.
The Golden Hen is beautifully decorated for the occasion. You show your invites to the guards and they let you in with a smile.
Inside the large hall a number of Vilitus high society have already arrived chatting amongst themselves.
The hors d'oeuvres are already being served and there's a large buffet. It is enough to almost forget the street foals you had to pass to get to here.

A stallion in the middle speaks up.
"Demons are eternal and so are their schemes. To properly understand the history of demons we must follow the different aspects of their plans, some of which might be hundreds of miles or years apart."


Ugh. I want to vomit already.


Help myself to a bit of the food. Survey the room and the guests at the same time.


At first glance. Let's give it a second.

Roll #1 2 = 2


How many people here do I recognize? I need to collect some information on Many-Legged-Spider, just to have something else to use.


"This is getting further from the point I was making. Let me give you a little help. You've read several books throughout this course written by different authors. Primary sources. Critiques. Theory. And they were all written by…?"



Such is life.. listen in on the nobles while I watch, '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You better don't, that would be very uncouth."

Yup, a clothed stallion walks out.
Taking a little smoke break, he is.

The snacks taste expensive.
You grab yourself a glass of champagne from the champagne fountain.
Hokkaido seems to be moving towards a few of the guests.
You see a hulking brown figure among the guests, that must be Many-Legged Spider.
Hard Coin is here as well.
There's an entrance for the staff as well as stairs to the upper floors.

Quite a few.
You are both immediately approached by a number of guests. They wish you a good day and oh you look so wonderful!

You pick up one noble talking about spies.

"…Mages?" says a ditzy mare in the back.


Inspect the cliques.


Decent enough chance. How similar are we?


Yes it would. Stick close to Whisper as instructed. I'll stab the first bitch trying to get frisky with him.
"They sure love that gem pony."


Sarcastically: "Right."

"The answer I was looking for would be… 'non-demons'. Or ponies. Or Mundus. Our narrative follows how ponies and others from our world interact with Tartarian and Tirekian demons. It is a narrative entirely without the perspective of sapient demons. It is equally important to understand the perspective as the medium itself. Well. With any luck, you'll do better on your finals. Are there any outstanding questions from the class?"


'1d10' listen closer to that.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Good day to you, as well. May the sun always rise on your endeavours."
"Oh posh, I may be Crystal, but even I can tell this dress would dazzle on you."

Look around, are there any wives or mistresses going off on their own or bunching up?


There's an interesting and clear distinction between the Dukes and the banker families. And within the banker families, ponies like Hard Coin seem to be struggling to get the attention of their peers.

Close enough.

"You know how ponies are. They love something exotic."

A stallion in the back answers.
"Do we have to learn the chapter on the 99 Tirekian Societies as well?"

"Yes, they were spies. I couldn't believe it myself. One of them tried to infiltrate here."
"Good heavens, what happened?"
"He got caught, he's downstairs now. They called the Blood Captain on him…poor fella."

Yes, they seem to be talking about you.
One wife seems to be walking alone towards the stairs.


"Do you too?"


What the.. '1d10' keep listening.

Roll #1 6 = 6



I'm his big bro from now on.
First big bro move, ask for a favor.
"Hey, do you know the time?"
Move closer, wait for a moment of distraction.
Knock him flat, pay fate.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Let's follow her. It might be easier to get something out of someone who is choosing to be alone.

"Good evening, dearie. I hope you're enjoying the party?"


"The final will be analytical. Bring your critiques. I don't care if you can't remember the hour and date of some rift opening up."


There's an interesting and clear distinction between the Dukes and the banker families. And within the banker families, ponies like Hard Coin seem to be struggling to get the attention of their peers.


…That explains a thing or two.
Take a bite from one of the foods and start walking towards Many-Legged-Spider. Avoid him, but pass nearby.


Many-Legged Spider is talking to an older griffon.
Roll to eavesdrop.

I guess that's all of the questions.

She looks up.
"Oh hello…miss Hokkaido was it? They call you the Crystal Duchess."

You got him good.
He'll be KO for a while.

"Of course, that's why I got myself an exotic little Trotantine~"

"The Blood Captain…oh dear he's coming here?"
"Don't worry, he won't disturb the festivities, they'll come in through somewhere else to question the spy. I doubt he'll resist long."


Donk ears are big.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Dump him somewhere out of sight and slip into his clothes.
In I go.


"Well, if that's everything, the exams are up here – come get them. The T.A. will collect your work, and you're free to go when you finish. You have three hours starting… now."

Turn over the hourglass on my table.


"Hmmm… good answer~"
Look around the room at the other patrons for a minute before turning to Whisper and giving him a serious look.
"You know… I never asked. Are you religious?"


"I'm sure I go by many other names if I were to listen to the others. Regardless, why are you leaving up here by yourself? This is a party. Come, we should talk, Miss…"

Do I know her name? Vilitian Sleeper '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh dear. I should tell the others about this.
Where is whisper right now?


The exams start and all students nervously get their papers. A few mares flash you a smile.
The door opens and one of your colleagues Dr. Bruma, an older griffon silently walks in.
She nods at you.

Not big enough.
You see the griffon bowing his head for a moment and you catch something about a mint, but not enough.

The kitchens are busy as fuck, all kinds of food being prepared.
You get pushed a serving plate in your hooves.
"Bring it to the buffet, quick."

"….why do you ask?"

Not at all.
A stallion walks towards you.
"Oh miss Hokkaido, would you give me the honor of a dance?"

He's with Ambrosia in the middle of the party.


To the buffet, quick. Keep my head low so they won't notice the difference.
Also, the paper that fag should sign, make sure it's in my pocket.


Stop and pretend that I'm removing a stain from my suit.
Try to catch a bit more of what they are saying.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Just curious. Today was a religious day for me."


Gesture vaguely in the direction of my office. Grab my briefcase – that's where I'm headed.


Okay, I will.. pick up something random from the buffet and make my way over there. "Oh, the treats here are lovely aren't they? Almost as lovely as the costumes."
"Hey, you ever heard of the blood captain?"


"Well, I hope you don't mind if I bring someone else along. Come, we should all enjoy the festivity!"

Let's bring her along and try to get the attention on us. It'll make it easier for the others to do their thing if everyone else is watching us.


Perk up slightly and speak fancily.
"They are absolutely delightful, darling."
Have I heard of someone called that? Sleeper.

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's safely in your pocket.
The party is pretty full. You see Whisper, Ambrosia and Spruce a bit further.

Donk ears activate:
"Your sources confirm this?"
"Yes, Duke Lokrivah, this mint is underneath the Bottle, a bar in the Vulture."
"And any idea who it belongs to?"
"Not yet. I'm working on it."

"I don't have a preference for one god or another, I make my own way."

You leave the T.A. and the students to their work.
Once you're out of the class, Dr. Bruma smiles.
"Another semester over."

"The blood captain…yes, you could say that."

The blood captain is one of the many names of the Captain of the Shears, the defensive structures of the City. His Changeling name is unknown but among his titles are Terror of Horseshoe Bay, the Blooddrinker, the…eh you get the point. You've never seen him before.

The stallion seems confused.
"How do we dance with three?"
Roll to show him how it's done.


I love the smell of free intel.
Sip of my champange and keep listening.


Show him and the others the Crystal Can-Can. Using Fate. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Settle the food onto the buffet table. Are Whisper and Ambrosia with the target?


"I over heard some party guests saying that he's coming here, to interrogate a spy that's locked downstairs."


I fake a pout.
"Don't you appreciate mother nature?"

"Yeah, he's a charmer that one. And he's earned his name all too well."


"They did better than I expected… You know between the slough of chaff brought in on wealth alone, there are some surprisingly bright minds. I have some hope for this next generation."



No, they seem to be talking to Spruce.
You look around for a buffalo but your attraction is pulled by Hokkaido doing the Crystal Can-Can. You're not the only one watching.

"I'll send some ponies over to investigate. You did me a great service, Spider."
The Spider nods.
"There are others I have to talk to as well. It was my honor helping you, Duke Lokrivah."
The buffalo slowly moves to another part of the party, while the Duke's attention is drawn by the Crystal Can-Can.

All eyes of the party are on you.
Well most of them at least.

"You think…"
He looks around.
"No…I think all of us are still here….still…perhaps one of us could take a look."

"We'll discuss this later."

"I'm glad to see some optimism. It's a good alternative to some of the bitter profs around here."


"Yes, I was thinking that too, and soon before he get here."


"Darn… that sounds bad."

"I can go, but what do you even want me to do? He's probably under heavy guard."


'1d10' Buffalo!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Well, look at the crystal can-can.
I'm still waiting on that writing sample for now.


I'll bring in Mr. Diamond. A little movement outside the office should do him wonders and bring in any loose eyes.

Smile at the crowd, make sure they keep both eyes on us while the staff do their thing.


"Maybe it's the fresh air. It's nice to be so close to sites for a change, instead of in an urban setting with books the only nearby 'adventure'."


"You should go. I'll keep an eye on things here. Just watch, assess the situation, don't take any risks."

"No, I'd rather have you here for now."

You see a buffalo moving towards the end of the party and he starts talking to a pink mare.

It's quite impressive. Ruby can move.

He grins.
"My dear, you never told me you were a shining star on the dancefloor as well."

She grins.
"Have you given any thought on what you'd like to do next now that your contract with us is at an end? I think the Chancellor would be more than happy to have you for another year."


I bite my lower lip and give him a wink.


Intercept route.
What was his name again?


move toward a door and look for a way downstairs. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not bad at all… Walk around and eavesdrop on random people.


"I've told you before, I can be anything you desire. Now, you work so hard, now is the time for you to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor."


"I'm not sure just yet, but I do have a little time left to decide. I imagine I'll renew unless I receive word by post requesting my presence elsewhere. Even then, they'd have to drive something of a bargain."


Many-Legged Spider

"Let's keep an eye on the Spider."

You don't see anything.
You look back to Whisper who nods towards a small corridor hidden behind a curtain.

Roll for info.

He cautiously sets a few hooves on the dancefloor. He's obviously not used to this. The big Duke of the Snake District, nervous about dancing.

"Funny you should mention that. An old student of mine has been bugging me lately. Apparently she needs somepony who's an expert on history."



Roll #1 6 = 6


That's his real name? Oh god, these tribals.
"Sir? A missive for you. It requires your signature."


Where is he?
"Big fella is hard to miss, isn't he?"


"Well, I certainly have a working knowledge of history within my specialization, but there are other professors here who work purely with history and not at all with theory or practice. That leads me to think you have a reason for approaching me."


"Now, just follow in my hoof steps. You'll be enjoying yourself in no time."


ooh, that's how i get out of here, Okay, go in there.


Or rather, what is he doing?


You overhear two mares gossiping.
"Look at that, I can't believe that buffalo is here."
"I know right! What a bore, he's not even that rich."
"I heard he has colts brought to his house."
"Wouldn't surprise me, what a creep. Who's even called a Spider?"

The buffalo looks up from the talk with the mare.
He speaks with a very soft voice.
"Ah, yes. Who might you be? I don't recognize you."

He's right next to a pink mare, talking to Earthbound in uniform.

Rolling for dancing '1d10'

The sounds of music quickly fade away.
You hear voices. Quick, stealth.

"She told me it was for an expedition into the desert. To study one of the older ruins there. She needs somepony who can handle himself. And let's be honest, do you see professor Thick Glass ever leaving his library?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' Stealth!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Hmm… excellent. Those rumors can help with the evidence forging.


"Well, give me the contact information and I'll look into it. I may enjoy an excursion, but I've been on my share of goose chases."


"Don't worry, just ease up and the music will take you, my love."


"I'm just from the staff. Replacing one of the kitchen crew, he was ill."


A pink mare? Who's that?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Two red clothed guards see you.
"Hey you, who are you?"

Indeed they might.

She writes down an adress.
"She warned me it was urgent however. She works for one of the Dukes, so it might be worth a pretty penny. Her name is Grey Splinter."

"This is all very new to me, my dear."
Rolling '1d10'

"Ah, such a shame, now what is this thing I have to sign?"

You have no idea.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Give him the sealed letter.
"And this paper, to certify you received the letter."


Still waiting.


"Who is that he's speaking to, love?"


"See, everyone is watching you improve. You're doing much better than your first few trots. Now, let us own the vision of all the people here. We'll dance the night away and be the envy of their dreams."


"Grey Splinter… the names they're giving ponies these days. Well, very good then. It's been a pleasure to work astride you, doctor."

Offer a hoof as I head out.


"Oh, its good that I found you. There was a stallion running down this hall, he had shackles on his hooves!" I point down the hall. '1d10' lie!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Why, my dear, I believe he is speaking to miss Cherry Pie. One of the many mistresses of Duke Infinite Justice"

Pom, pom pom, not much longer, seems like he signed it.

He signs it.
"Thank you." he takes the letter.

He becomes a bit more bold, grabs you tighter and starts leading the dance. "This is the Crystal Can-can?"

She shakes it.
"The pleasure is all mine. You're always welcome here, doctor."
To Grey Splinter?

Last reminder that Fate points exist!
"What?!?" They run off. This won't keep them long however. Better hurry down.


Off I go. Before going back to the kitchen, drop the paper by Melville.


right, better hurry down the path. '1d10' do it sneakily?
I was gonna use it to cast night and then kill them if i failed to distract them

Roll #1 10 = 10


Time to excuse myself and find an empty, safe place.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Onward and outward!


"I bet he loves her pie. What is it with these dukes and their 'many mistresses'? Does Duchess Mana have many lovers too or is it just the stallions wanting all these holes to fill?"
What time is it anyway? Can't forget about my dates.


"Well, I can show you the first steps for it today. Tonight, I can show you how it ends, but that will only be a private lesson."


Fate points don't work for combat rolls, so that's a bad tactic
You hurry quickly down the path, you hear some voices behind a door. You notice a crack in the wall, you could reach it if you climb the rack. Let's hope you're not too fat.

Here's another plate for you to carry.

There's none down here.
Maybe upstairs?

You leave the Academy into the Arachnia District, aka the mages District. It's quite a walk to the Aurora District on the other side of town.
Roll for happenings or not.

"Actually she has one partner. A mare as well, I heard she's a carpetmuncher."

"Tonight I am your eager student."


Keep playing the good errand boy until I'm needed.


Upstairs are not off-limit, are they?


Happen? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Just one."
Poke him in the side.
"I bet you'd take many mistresses if you were duke. Stallions are all the same."



oh right! I guess I'll use it for climbing this weak rack
'1d10+3' Fat! I'm not fat. maybe a little older than some of the teammates, but, not fat.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"Right now, you are my light and I shall refract your love to the others. Let's bring the festivities to a climax."

Let's get the others to join in. More of us focus on us, easier it is for the others to move along.


They are not.
You're free to go up.

One of the other errand boys talks to you in the kitchen while preparing food.
"Sucks, huh?"

As you make your way through the Vulture District a messy street filly trots up to you.
"Please, mister, do you have a coin to spare? I haven't eaten in two days." she gives you her best puppy eyes look.

Actually, I think you might be the youngest of the whole team.
What age are you again?

You climb up the rack and look through the cracks.
Inside you see a wounded roughed up stallion shackled to an iron chair. He's bleeding from multiple cuts. Two Changelings stand behind him carrying torches.
Another large changeling wearing blood red armor paces in front of him.
"We knew you'd show up here, Sliver."
CRACK. The large changeling breaks his nose.
"Truly, I had thought you'd be smarter than this."

You bring lots of ponies to the dance floor!
No way any sneaky dealings in the party will get spotted now.


"Are you talking about that mare under one of the tables?"


Sense her motive! '1d10+1'

A place like this, she might just be distracting me for pickpockets. Or maybe she's actually plump and well fed.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Whoa. Try to remember exactly what he looks like while listening in. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Go up then.
Fate point to find an empty area to work with.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6



"Haha, come on, we'll make the most of this night!"

Call in some of the wait staff, have them bring in refreshments to keep the party going.


He chuckles.
"Oh I wish. One with big flanks."

She's not plump and well fed, she seems genuinely hungry.
But…you do notice a few street colts thinking they're hidden. She's probably trying to distract you so they can pickpocket you.

He's a white stallion with a green mane.
He coughs up blood and grins.
The large Changeling grins back.
"You think that just because you're saying nothing you've won? Poor misguided fool. We've known about your little rebel group in Warlocks Haunt for months now. As we speak we are converging on them, and they shall all die to the last pony."
The ponies smile fades. "You monster, you monster."
The Changeling grabs him.
"Now, I'll ask this only once, what happened to the Contingency Plans of Green Vale. We know you took it. Denying is no use."
"I don't know what you're talking about…"

You quickly find an empty bedroom to use.

He gives you a kiss.
"If I did, you'd be my favorite."
Time: 10PM

This party just got into overdrive.


Oh shit.. I need to get back to whisper and tell him about this.


Burn a fate point, make the perfect colt-cuddler drama letter exchange that ever existed.


I got some more time.
"I'd stab the others anyway. Oh and remember… I got somewhere to be in one hour from now."


"I doubt she'd have eyes for the like of us."
"Not enough money, and hooves too clean."


"Ladies, join me!
Stallions, follow along too!
Everybody Can-Can!
Well, If ya can, can, can!
If ya can, can, can!
If ya can, can, can!
Well, If ya can, can, can!
Outside it may be rainy
But in here it's entertaining!"


The Vulture District is the mercantile heart of the city. It shouldn't be hard to find a street vendor nearby. Buy a loaf of bread and break it.

"Share with your boyfriends. And give up on pickpocketing. It's not worth losing your hooves to the unmerciful scales of the Merchants' Guild."


You succeed.
This would even make Tirek outraged.

"So it will be like that?" the Changeling continues.
"No matter, we'll find it among your friends. Do you know what happens with those who challenge the Triumvirate?"
His hoof is armed with sharp metal claws which he uses to stab the pony in the chest. The pony screams without a sound as the Changeling pulls back and pulls out the heart, splattering blood all over the room..
"You." he says to one of the smaller Changelings "Hold on to this for me will ya?" He throws the bleeding heart to the drone.
+300P for discovering the Captain of the Shears.
Roll to keep your food down.

"Ah, a stallion can dream can't he?"

You've got the entire room dancing now.
+100P for being such a dancy and singy pony.

She looks at it.
"..I'm sorry mister…I didn't want to…"


Offer him a hoof.


Great. I think it was Ambrosia who was supposed to deliver the finishing blow? Or was it?



'1d10' I'm a necromancer, I'm carrying a moldy thing with me. I can handle this.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You don't need to explain yourself to me. I won't be your judge. Not today, anyway."

Onward to the Grey one


"Cuz it's good for your mind!
Everybody Can-Can!"

Let's take a good drink of wine or whatever is available and take a step out of the circle with Mr. Diamond.

"Enjoying ourselves tonight? Don't forget the special surprise this evening… Don't wear yourself out so easily."


It was either you or Hokkaido or Earthbound.
Make your choice.

"That should be more than time enough to finish this. Wanna dance?"

You don't vomit but you make a weird sound.
The large Changeling perks his airs and steps to the door.

You leave her with the bread. She quickly runs to her friends.

The Aurora District is very different from the rest of Vilitus. Here on this hill live the rich and wealthy. Despite the desert climate the mansions are surrounded by large lush gardens, fountains and statues.
The mansion of Lord Golden Puzzle is no exception. Grey Splinter works inside.
The guards at the gate eye you suspiciously.

"Yes." He sits down and takes a drink.
"Oh my, I haven't danced like that since I was a young stallion."


>perks his ears


…crap.. get out of here and head back to the tunnel!




Roll #1 7 = 7


"I… don't know how to dance like that."


"Doctor Zachariah, DFA. I've been summoned to meet with a certain Grey Splinter."


Earthbound did a good job so far, plus he already to introduced as the staff member… Find him.


"Oh, we're you always this good?"


You make it out in time. You quickly run for the party again.
Here dancing and merriment continues as if nothing happened.
The Changelings won't follow you here. Their place is in the shadows.

"Come on, let's give it a try~"

"You're one of a kind, Hokkaido."
Kissu '1d10+2'

"Big Brick."
He says as he shakes your hoof.
As you look outside, you see Melville motioning for you to come.

You see him in the kitchen, you subtly motion him to come over.

He nods and escorts you over to the mansion.
The mansion is decorated everywhere with Trotantine art and artifacts.
The guard opens a wooden door and in a large office sits a small grey mare with a white mane. There's a large amount of books and drawings of anatomy in the office. You are announced and she asks you to sit down.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Give me a plate to serve, Brick. The guests seem restless."


He gives you one.


"Well… sure I guess. Take the lead, would you?"


Off to Melville.
Slowly trot near him and start serving next to him.


Whew. Okay.. find whisper again.


Well, make myself comfortable then.


Pretend that I reach for some of the goods and give you the evidence.


"And that's why I am yours."

Let's take in the sights and sounds of a lovely evening.


Pocket that stuff.
Finish serving and hightail it for the kitchen again.
I'm only supposed to hold onto this, right?


Time for Whisper leading the dance. '1d10'

He's dancing with Ambrosia.

She reaches over and offers a hoof.
"My name is Grey Splinter. Pleased to meet you. I believe Dr. Bruma referred you to me?"

Someone needs to deliver this.
I believe Melville expects you to do it.
This is a part of the plan that might have been better prepared.

You notice even Whisper and Ambrosia are doing the Can-can

Roll #1 8 = 8


Wait for them to finish their dance. Eat something else while I wait.


Shake it uncertainly.

"She was somewhat light on the details, however."


F-Follow his lead.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


Deliver to…?


We'll flag down some food while making sure everyone continues to dance. A big group will deliver the blow we've been tasked with.


The plan is to blackmail Many-Legged Spider with the contents of this letter.
You might want to slip back to Melville quickly to work this out.

You dance a bit nervously, but luckily Whisper leading makes it a bit easier.
"What's the matter? You seem tense."

Melville and Earthbound seem in a bit of trouble as well.

"Yes, what did she tell you?"

You're the Dukes wife, you can do everything baby.


"This isn't the kind of dancing I usually do, so you'll have to forgive me for being a bit on edge. Also, this dress itches. And my hooves hurt."
I wish I was at home…


"Very little. You're looking for a consultant on some field work in the ruins."


Let's get a nice, big salad delivered to us.


Yeaaaaah… But shouldn't someone go tell Many-legs that he's being blackmailed, and we should hold onto this "evidence" until he gives in?
Doesn't make much sense to "deliver" them.
So back to him.
"Who am I supposed to hoof this to, even?"


I didn't make the plan nigga.


I might just take everything in my own hooves and power through this then.


Wait how much trouble? Are they getting caught?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"We are supposed to slip it to somepony who will surely make a scandal out of it."


Without another word, off to Ambrosia.
Pretend I'm handling food again.
"Make sure this is found."
Slip her the evidence.


No with your hearing and clever with you deduce they're arguing about who delivers the blackmail evidence.

A pink tipsy mare trots up to you.
"Oh miss Hokkaido, you are a treat, an absolute treat. I don't know why you're pampering us like this."

He holds his hoof against your mouth.
"Sssh~. Dance."

"Consultant, yes that's one word to describe it, but this job might require more."
She gets up and fills two glasses with whiskey.
"There's a roll to your left, please open it."
There is indeed a rolled up piece of paper next to you on the desk.


Groan. Go over there. "What's the hold up exactly?"


"Okay. Just… keep leading me."

Do you really want to do hand me a letter while I'm on the dancefloor? That seems like a bit of an obvious thing to do.


"This is awfully cloak and dagger."

Read it, and don't drink.


"We have the evidence, we just need to spread it."


"Well I know you're used to keeping secrets, but really, its not that hard to spread them."


"I just so like gathering up everyone in one place, where anything and everything can happen. Nothing could ruin the moment."

Excuse myself from Diamond and help the mare along, pass her off to a waiter to watch over her.


Nod at that.
"Take this and make it known."


Whisper notices Earthbound at the edge of the dance floor and slowly dances towards him so Earthbound can sneakily give the paper.
Now only to dance close enough to some gossiping mares… time for Ambrosia to do it.

The paper contains hieroglyphics, imprinted on paper from what must have been a tablet.
Roll history to translate it.

She is safely carried away.
Good thing everypony is focused on you and not all the whispering.


Or ignore the dancing and spread it around.




Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10


Oh that works. Let ambrosia do it.
"There is something else I just found out that I think you should know. A white stallion with a green mane, called sliver, was just killed downstairs by a pair of changelings. It involved the green vale, and Warlock Haunt. "


"Should have know they are here. Do you think we should investigate it?"


Good, a big crowd, a single center of attention with me, this is the perfect party. Hopefully nothing terrible lands in front of me for everyone to witness.


"I wanted to ask whisper what to do next, but he's a little busy. I think the Warlock Haunt ponies might be in danger, but with that changeling around its not safe to go alone in the shadows. and we need to make sure that this happens smoothly."


"Damnit, this is not good. And changelings are not that easily distracted."


"Back to reality. We need this spread right now. Melville, I will go down with you to fix that mess."


"I overheard a few mares who gossiped about him earlier. If we can get these to them, they would spread it and fast."


I guess that. I should stumble and drop the letter in front of this pretty crystal pony.
'1d10' roll to be clumsy?

Roll #1 3 = 3


It almost sounds like you want that to happen darling~

It is old Fillylonian, the Empire that predates current Saddle-Arabia.
The 4th and 6th Company have fallen.
Thrice Cursed Locust Queens captured the Weapon.
(Note: there's only one instance of the Fillylonians interacting militarily with the Triumvirate. The campaign where Ponechadnezzar nearly destroyed them, before being pushed back from the Vilitus Oasis.)
"Emperor has retreated to Fillilonia.
Our company is cut off.
Equestrian forces are at the gates.
Sun Protect Us.
It trails off there.

You stumble and the letter drops and rolls right in front of Hokkaido and her friends.


Glance up.

"This is quite a historic fund, if genuine."


"We have to take the bad with the good. Such is life."

Pick up the note in front of everyone.

"Woops, looks like someone forgot their notes. Here, anyone who hasn't taken a drink recognize the writing? Read it out loud, too. We might figure out who it is."

Open it up, show it in front of everyone.


"What are they doing…"


Hehe, okay, just back away as if nothing happened.


"It is. The tablet itself is in a safer location within the city. What do you make of it?"

You notice that Many-Legged Spider saw you…

"Gaining attention."

A few read it and gasp and look towards Many-Legged Spider. Slowly more ponies gather and look accusingly at Many-Legged Spider. "Ponies" he says in a soft voice. "What is going on?"


'1d10' sneak away

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I can read it quite plainly, but I believe I'm beginning to piece this together. You need to be straightforward with me, though."


Time for the big show.


Pretend to be little flustered with the drink.

"What's it say? Needing some undergarments? A few late night sleeping aids?"

Say it out loud, to get hte curiosity of any bystanders too.


This is not sneaky at all.

Some ponies look in shock.
"I knew it! This proves it. You…you pederast!"
Ponies start talking to each other.
Many-Legged Spider sees the room is turning against him. "Surely there's something…"
One pony throws a cake at him. "Pederast! We all knew it, this is the proof."
A mob is forming, Spider knows this is not his moment and quickly runs out.

Everyone except Dr. Z +1000P

Melville sees Hard Coin who gives a nod and raises his drink.

"Of course. Please, tell me."


"Well, looks like that takes care of that…
Now I feel bad for not doing anything."


"Just who are you working for? This document is quite compromising."


Pause then add, "No games, either."


Smile slightly and nod back at him.


"You learned how to dance. And don't you have a certain shaman to pick up?"
Kissu~ '1d10+2'

She leans back.
"I assume you've heard rumors of the Lordblades, the blades of Equestria?"

The party is calming down again.
Ponies are talking about how they always knew it.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Wait, what are you all…"

Pretend to read it.

"Oh, no, disgusting."

Have one of the staff direct me to place where this can be properly disposed of, with fire preferably, then get my hooves washed.


Great. Now I.. Uh.. wait by the side of the room. At least the others are okay for now.


"You're right. I do."
Make eyecontact with Sickle, wherever she may be.


You could help me by making sure the evidence I'm carrying gets destroyed properly. It would be rude to leave such a thing lying around.


"Okay. I'll take care of it if you want."


"Please, make sure nothing remains of it. Burn it, then burn the ashes."


Poke him in the side.
"What about the other problem now?"


"Don't worry. I will make sure Its destroyed."
slip it into the bag with muk "here, have a snack buddy"


Snort in surprise. "There are more than rumors. Not that anyone who wants to keep their head or job would acknowledge it."


"If I get there first and we can make sure the changeling is gone, we'll see if they left us any clues about how to follow this up."


It might be time to get out of here soon.

Ponies look a bit confused.

You see a shadow near the window, on the roof.

He quickly consumes it.
You feel warm and fuzzy.

She nods.
"You must understand the importance of me telling you then."


I guess the little guy is happy.
Well, we did accomplish the mission. I could just go back to base and wait for them?


Sure. You're free to do what you want.


Pretend to still be a bit tipsy from the drink.
"Show me where I can wash my hooves. And you can sneak out through that way if anyone caught your little act."


Give Whisper a kiss.
"Keep my spot in bed warm, I'll be home in a matter of hours~"
Guess I should change out of this dress though…


"Let's be done dancing around the subject then. Say your peace and then I'll translate and we'll see if I'll accompany you."


"Yea, The Spider saw me actually."
To the bathroom.


"Let's ditch the party then."


"Show me the way."


"Sprunce knows the way!"


"Damnit, and where did he go?"


"The tablet translation you have just made comes from a Fillylonian excavation only 6 months ago discovered in the southern San Palomino desert. Apparently it was the northernmost outpost of the campaign of Ponechadnezzar, and after the campaign it was razed by Equestrians who saw the Fillylonians as invaders.
The tablet mentions a weapon. The Lordblades believe this weapon was responsible for Ponechadnezzar almost succeeding where both Saddle-Arabia and Equestria have failed ever since."
She sits down again.
"We want to excavate the weapon, we need your expertise for that. Furthermore we'd like your help until the end of our mission. To end the Triumvirate."

You find it.
Your hooves are clean, literally.
Metaphorically they might not be.


"Well, I guess I'll see you back at base?"
'1d10' is there a window I pop open?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You could just go through the door.
You're not uninvited here.


"Maybe tomorrow. I have things to take of at home. I'll let the others know you've gone."


"See you in the pool."
You sneak out again and get out of the dress….keep it?


Sigh. "Well, that's more or less what I expected. The tablet reads along those lines. It doesn't say where the weapon is – it says that it was captured by the Queens. But field work like this? It's high treason. Surely you understand the gravity of what you're asking a civilian. Even one with my record."


Of course! I may not like it, but it was still a gift. One of the first things I was given here in Vilitus! So expensive and exquisite, it's probably worth more than everything I ever owned back in my old life.

Just change outfits and meet up with Sickle so we can go pick up Morning Dew first.


"Right. I still need to tell Whisper about the changeling. I don't think the spider is going to come back here. So, we don't need to sneak out. Thanks thou." I smile. "Its nice to be part of a team."


"Being needed is a good feeling, isn't it?"


"He did say it was in the basement…"
Keep an eye out for Sprunce.


"I think I could get used to this. Lets go see if he's done making out yet."


"It is your choice to help us or not.
You know just as well as us that the Triumvirate has caused trouble for both Saddle-Arabia and Equestria for a long time. And we'd be willing to compensate you royally for your efforts.
Still it is of your own free will. The Lordblades cannot use someone who's not voluntarily committed to our cause…not as an agent at least."

"Had fun?" Sickle says.

He's there with Hokkaido


Walk over.
"We should investigate the basement."


"It wasn't as bad as Oasis, I guess."
Start walking towards the meeting point.
"Come on, let's go pick up our dates."


"What. Why? We need to get to the other Warlock Haunt guys instead. "


"For clues. There might be something left behind to help us if we get there quick enough."


"Sure I guess but we should tell tell everyone else what's going on."


Doff my hat.

"Well, how can I turn down an invitation like that? Still, if things get too hot, I expect you'll disavow knowledge of my activities, so I hope you wouldn't be offended by the same."


"I can provide any necessary cover for you, though it seems this is more of your area of expertise."


"The crime scene is. If the changeling is still there, that might be problematic."

Head to the basement.


"Right, a stallion was killed in the basement by changelings, one particular called the Blood Captain. They are going to try and kill the Warlock Haunts over something about the Green Vale and defying the Triumvirate. "


"The Lordblades count on it. But I'm simply an agent."
A mare steps out of the shadows.
She is purple.
"I am Phantasm." she says.


"I seriously doubt that they stayed around."


"That's good for us."


"Zachariah, DFA. Charmed, I'm sure."


"Don't worry too much about me in that regard. I can defend myself well enough, and I'm your best shot at making the gossip go away if anyone sees us."

"We'll see what we can find here, then we can move towards them. Moving after them too quickly might tip off the Changelings that someone has been watching them."


She nods.
And you jump over the rooftops towards the meeting place.
Morning Dew is standing uncomfortably in the shadows. Startled by every noise.

"I am aware.
Before you join, we need a codename from you. One to use in our dossiers."

Basement time?

Actually scrap that, pause for everyone but Wf, I'm bringing him to the hideout tonight.


"Good, cover for us then."

Next time then.
Thanks for running


Sneakily approach from behind her, then move my hooves to cover her eyes.
"Guess who it is?~"


"Oh, we are getting cloak and dagger, aren't we? Well, call me The Professor. At least I'll feel less silly about all this."


"Professor. Noted. Now I've been asked to introduce you to my partner, the one who's in charge of this mission, he's called the Master. I'll bring you to our hideout in the City. You may make use of it whenever you need, it is the safest place in the City."
She starts trotting to the exit.


Well, follow after her. Let's hope they're as deadly as they are ridiculous.


The mare is quiet the whole journey there. Eventually she leads you into the sewers. A little push against a secret button and the gate into the Network opens.
You arrive in the hideout.


'1d10' reaction

Roll #1 9 = 9


Basement tiem or what's happening?

She squeeks.
"Uh..uh…please be the job lady…"

The Hideout is partly cavern, partly refurnished old houses which seems to have been buried somehow underneath the city. Phantasm leads you past a waterfall up some stairs. At the top she leads you inside a partially broken house.
The room inside is spotless clean however.
There's a desk filled with papers and on the walls hang maps of the city and the desert. A bit to the right are a circle of cushions with a hookah in the middle. An older stallion with blue coat and grey mane sits ther, smoking the hookah. Phantasm introduces you.
The stallion nods. "Dr. Zachariah, pleased to make your acquaintance. Please make yourself comfortable."



Basement time.


I think we are going to the basement.


"Dr. Zachariah? So are the code names just to spook tourists?"

In any case, plop down in the nearest chair. "Charmed, I'm sure."




"No, it's Queen Varash."
Let go of her and circle around.
"Are you good to go? There's another pony I need to go pick up as well."
What time is it? I said I'd pick her up at midnight.


"It is mostly used for written communication. Some of our operatives like to use it for themselves as well. That is your choice, what is important is that everyone in your team knows how to refer to you. No mistakes there.
I assume you have some questions, now is the time to ask them."
He offers you a toke from the hookah.
Phantasm stands by the door.

All three of you sneak into the basement door.
The passage seems deserted. However when you get close to a room you have to cross to get to the room where the changeling was, you hear movement inside.

"Yes, yes I'm good to go."
11PM. We can timeskip, or you can do Morning Dew first and then go after the other.


'1d10' hide

Roll #1 9 = 9


Eh, seems more efficient to collect both at once! Let's timeskip.


Uh. Take point.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Donkey ears activate

Roll #1 10 = 10


Wave off the offer with a hoof.

"You don't have enough information from this tablet alone to search for the weapon. I presume you have more, given that we're not in southern Equestria having this conversation."


"Indeed. The tablet merely clued us in to the existence of the weapon. We here has gone through some lengths to acquire more information and we believe we have identified the most likely location of it, based on a few maps, an account of the Ponechannezarian campaign we borrowed from a mages society and an explorer we have recruited who can show us the way to said ruin."

Glowing Path is near the entrance to the Temple of the Sisters. "You're on time."
She looks at Morning.
"Who are you?"
"Uh…I'm Morning Dew…hi!"

You guys are carefully hidden for now.
You sneak a peek into the room and see an old pony cleaning up the room, scrubbing the floor.


Share a glance with Melville.
His friends, I bet.


There goes the evidence.
I don't suppose it's a cleaner I might know


"Wanna bet its a changeling?"


It's not this room where the changeling killed the pony. This is the room where Spruce climbed up the rack to see through a crack inside the room where the killing took place


"What makes you think that it ended up in a ruin, given that it was captured by the queens?"


"Another recruit. Are you ready to go then?"


"We need to lure him away."


"…Okay you stay there"
'1d10' I sneak to the other side of him, away from the group, and blow the whistle to distract the janitor.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Also, Melville doesn't know him.

"Yes, it would be far safer if they just kept it in the middle of the Oasis. It is admittedly a bit of a stretch.
The accounts of the campaign state that after Vilitus City was captured Ponechadnezzar laid siege to the Oasis for approximately four years, after which in one night the siege was suddenly broken and the invaders driven back to the City in one massive onslaught.
The Survivors of Lemaria, the society from which we borrowed this book was most interested in this siege as well. Throughout the decades they've spent significant resources to recover information and even mummified corpses of soldiers of that day. One such interview mentioned a large force broke off during the attack and went into the desert.
Given the timing the Survivors, and we too, think this was to safeguard the weapon outside of Vilitus. We are not sure why however. The survivors theorized that the weapon somehow interfered with the hivemind of the Triumvirate hives and that they wanted it as far away as possible. If it's not….well this operation then certainly got a lot harder."

The janitor looks up and comes looking.


Time to head to the basement while he is distracted.


Sneak up behind the janitor and knock him out.
Expend Fate.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12



looks like earthbound has my back on this one.


"I'm ready, let's get this over with."
Go to Splinter?


"I see. Well, if you already have an idea of where to look, what do you need me for? Moreover… who will I be working with? If nothing else I'll need support staff for transporting water and tools out to a dig site."


Yup, to the Puzzle estate. I hope they're not banging or something, that'd be pretty awkward to walk in to.


"Our guide, Rustlefeather, who has been to the ruin before claims it's a very unusual ruin. We'd like to have somepony with us with experience in these things, translate the language if necessary. You also might want to talk to Rustlefeather yourself. You might find his account very interesting to say the least. He claims the ruin is Lemarian in origin."

As a historian you're familiar with the Lemarians, but roll for how much of an expert you are.

Nope, no banging going on here.
You're lead into Grey Splinters office.
"Hello again, Ambrosia. Are these our recruits?"

He walks out and you smack him on the head.
Out cold.

You open up the basement. In the middle of a pool of blood sits a pony with his chest torn open.


Hide him and off to the others.
"The cleaning stuff has been neutralized."
Oh. Nice, a pony.


"They are."
Motion at Dew.
"Morning Dew. The shaman we need and deserve."
Then motion at Glowing.
"Glowing Path. Celestia and Luna fangirl and medical doctor."


Initiate Crime Scene Investigation




Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"Fortunately for you, I happen to be one of the foremost experts on the Lemarian language."


"Yea, that's the poor guy. Silver."


14 if my talent applies


You're an expert on the matter, as you should be.
Let me give you the long version.

Lemarians are basically the pony version of Atlantis. Very magical and advanced civilization, thousands of years ago.
Not too much is known about them. But you're an expert, so I'll tell you some stuff.

The Lemarians are the first real confirmed civilization to ever exist. There is no real proof of a civilizations before them, except for ye olde mythical tales of a civilization that fought Tirek together with the gods.
The Lemarian Empire stretched from the frozen North all the way down to Saddle-Arabia and parts of Trotantium. There are a few ruins still left in Equestria and to this day they still make for fascinating exploration. The cause of the downfall of the Lemarians is unclear, what is known is that a civil war broke out shortly before their eventual downfall. Causes of the war unknown.

That's already what a scholar would know, as an expert you also get this:
There is a distinctive difference between the northern ruins in Equestria and Trotantium and those here in Vilitus. While those north are richly adorned and very large, blending nature and magic, the ones here in Vilitus are very geometrical with lots of patterns of squares on the walls everywhere. There is a marked different philosophy of the Lemarians here and those up north visible in the architecture. Unfortunately, the one ruin you visited here in the city had no writing to speak of. It is said the ruins here are haunted by demons, but so far you've seen no trace of it.

The gods of the Lemarians are:

I think that serves as an introductory course.

"That's very good, we'll need it."


You look around, you see hoofprints in the blood, there were 3 equines here, one very big. They all seem to have left through the main door. The victim died because the attacker stabbed through the chest cracked the ribs and removed the heart, very probably with his own hoof.
From his clothing you can see that the victim was middle class, probably living in Snake or Arachnia. Hmm, the necklace he has is interesting, you take it, it is a circle with an arrow in it, this would probably suggest Arachnia, since occult insignia.
Furthermore, from a few drops on his sleeves you can see he visited an ice cream shop recently.

She looks at both of them.
"I'll be conducting this interview. Morning Dew, you seem alphabetically first, shall we begin?"
She nods.


"Should we leave for this?"


"…so you want me to talk to the victim?"


"Three equines, one of them big. The guy probably had his heart ripped out, maybe by hoof. He-"

"The death of a business. Go ahead, it'll be easier that way."


Give a nod.
'1d10+2' commune with sliver

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"I'm somewhat familiar with what sets these ruins apart. Should I go meet with Rustlefeather, then? Or did you have something else for me?"


"You're free to do as you please.
The expedition will leave tomorrow morning early. If you need a bed you may sleep in the barracks."

"Who is this? What? Who am I hearing?"

"It would be better, yes."


Shrug and leave then, motioning Path and Sickle to follow. Sit back on my haunches outside and relax. Look at Glowing and smirk.
"So, which one do you prefer?"


Wait for Spruce to do his job.


"It'll be just the two of us? A bit of a light crew. Well, very well."

Is there anyone else to meet in the sekret club?


"I'm spruce. I saw you die at the hoof of that changeling, I'd like to help your friends ovoid that fate."


"No it will be you, him and the rest of the team. I'm afraid most of them are still out on a mission however. I'm sure you'll plenty of time to meet them tomorrow."

None of the PCs are here currently.

The NPCs that are here
>the Master
>Phantasm, Lordblade
>Whisper, second-in-command
>Threading Gear, Engineer
>Rustlefeather, explorer
>Lightning Swift, mage
>Morning Star, quartermaster

You can find them behind the character sheets in the doc.

She cocks her head.
"Celestia, her shining light is a beacon for us all."

"You must hurry, they're in Warlocks Haunt, there's not much time!"


"I'll go have a look at the accommodations. I still have my room in the city."

Let's go see… Rustlefeather first.


"We'll need backup."


"So you don't give a damn about Luna?"


"Just tell us everything you can think of that will help. Like where your friends are, how to get to them fastest, any passwords yo