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You have come to Vilitus, the desert city ruled by the Triumvirate. Some of you came by boat, others have lived here for a long time.
Now you have been brought here together, for one reason, the destruction of the Triumvirate.
You find yourself in the underground hideout.

Laying underneath the park of Vilitus, called the Scar, this series of tunnels is quite unique. You have been told that the Scar emerged during a single night. In the evening before it was just another part of the Vulture District and the Scarab District, when ponies woke up the next morning they were shocked to see all of it replaced by a lush forest, defying the drought and heat of the desert climate.
Nopony knew what happened to the houses until the Master found these tunnels. When the Scar formed, it crushed all houses underneath it, forming an at times bizarre mix of natural cave and houses underneath it. You might ask Ambrosia some more about the trees above if you'd like.

Through the combined resources of the Lordblades, Lord Puzzle and Duke Diamond it has been transformed into a base of operations for Operation Ponechadnezzar. Built to house both the team and any troops of both Puzzle and Diamond should the need arise.

A rundown of the headquarters.
The Great Hall
This is the first hall you'll enter when using the main tunnel. Above the entrance hangs a large flag with the insignia of the Lordblades. The Great Hall is mostly natural cavern. It is also used as a meeting place and leads to all corners of the hideout.

The barracks
Here is where those who don't have a house in Vilitus can sleep. The barracks are quite large, intended to house a large number of ponies should the need arise. Currently only the party, the Master and Phantasm are here, so you're free to divide the 3 large rooms how you like.
The Master/Phantasm and Ambrosia/Whisper have their own rooms.

The Warroom
Where all of you currently are now.
The meeting place where the Operation will be discussed.
You're waiting on the Master and Phantasm to explain the first phase of the Operation.
Now could be a good time to talk and see who you're going to work with this mission.

The Armory
Located next to the Warroom, this partially crushed house has been renovated and serves as the armory. It has a big supply of all manner of weapons and explosives.
A saddle arabian stallion named Morning Star has been put in charge of it.

The Waterfall
During the excavations, this underground spring was discovered.
As all water is regulated in Vilitus, this is quite a boon for the hideout. From the top of the waterfall water is collected for the hideout, and at the bottom is a pool for bathing.

The Temple
This partially crushed temple has been renovated and decorated with the patrons of the Lordblades, Celestia and Luna

The Network
A series of tunnels allowing quick access to the sewers of Vilitus.

The Warrens
The unrenovated parts of the caverns. These are still considered dangerous and off-limits.


"To think, such a place existed beneath all of our eyes. What other hidden treasures does this city hold?"

Will I be staying in the barracks in the meantime?


You're free to sleep here or in Diamonds mansion. There's place for both of you here in case SHTF and you can't sleep outside anymore.


"Perhaps I should invest in a few, personalization, materials. No doubt the other inhabitants have brought plenty of weapons, but I should bring in some extra clothing and goods should that situation arise, or even if I must stay here for some reason."

Let's see if we can get some concealing make-up and clothing. Being a Crystal Pony here is a big tipoff to even the dumbest guard.


We'll get to that next time.
If you want to faff with others when possible this is the place for it.


I'm going to use this moment of free time to meet some of my fellow conspirators.
"Hey you there! I don't think I have met you before."


Look you up.
"I don't think you did. Hello."


"I'm Ambrosia. You're going to see a lot of me here, lucky you."


"You might not see a whole lot of me, though."
Offer a hoof.
"I'm Melville."


Shake his hoof.
"Sneaky type, huh?"


"You could say that. I'm not the type of guy who does the job, I'm the one who finishes it."


"… What does that even mean?"


"I'm a cleaner."


"… Like a maid? I had to pretend to be a maid once… the outfit was probably a pretty sight for stallions, but a little too frilly for me."


Keep my serious face.
"You could say that, yes, if you think maids dispose of bodies and evidence. I really hope they will provide the uniform though, mine is in the laundry."


"You could have mine! Uh…"
Look around for it, then put it on to showcase it. Pop the fake eye in as well. Disguise.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Smile slightly.


"It's a little messed up, I should probably get it ironed to get rid of all the folds. But hey, if you want it, it's yours."


"You fill it better."


I smirk.
"I guess you're right. You donkeys have a slightly different body shape."


"Do we? I haven't noticed."


"Seriously though, a cleaner?"


"Never used the services of one?"


I shrug.
"I just sneak around and cut throats. You must have caught somepony's attention though if you're here."


"I don't clean up the mess that others make out of the good will in my heart. I get contracted and paid. This one… this one seems big."


I snicker.
"I sure hope you know how to clean up dead bugs. They're pretty… sticky."


"Don't worry for me, I've been in this business for a good while."


"Still, I'll try not to make too much of a mess when I'm out in the field for you."


"Thanks. Using poision really helps. Or stranglings. There is nothing worse than trying to scrub dry blood out of a rug."


"Bugs are weird with their biology… I don't think my special sleepy time serum works against them."


"I might want to get some samples and try out what agents remove their blood from wood, bricks, and so on the best."


"I could get some when I see a chance to. But by that time you'll probably have plenty of access to samples yourself."


"Probably. Still, it's better to be prepared in advance."


"Well, good luck. We pull this thing off and we're set for life."


"It sounds pretty risky."


"Oh yeah, definitely. That's why these lordblade fellows want the best around."


"That's why I'm here, to check out how prepared they are. If this is serious, I'm in. Otherwise, I'm not risking my neck."


"You're not going to chicken out are you? Have you seen this fucking place?"
Gesture around.


"It takes more than a fancy hideout to take down the Triumvirate."


"It takes resources. Just like it takes resources to build a place like this in a few months time without the bugs knowing about it. That alone is a fucking achievement if you ask me."


"That's why I'm willing to give this a chance."


"You better, jack. I want you in that maid outfit before this operation is over."


"Pretty sure that would count as terrorism."


"We'll be branded as terrorists in no time anyway!"


I will walk into the barracks about now.


"Not if we do well."


"They'll probably put a- hey! More fresh meat I haven't met yet."


Extend a hoof. "Good day. You don't seem like lordblades."


Shake your hoof.
"Because we aren't."


"No sirree, we aren't. I'm Ambrosia."


Give you each a firm hoof-shake.
"I believe you may have been told to call me Spruce?"


"If that's what you prefer."


"It might be safer to call me that in public at least. I am Deep Root."


"I'm Melville."


"Nice to meet you." sit down on a bed or chair or something, keeping eye contact. "So, what do you make of this job?"


"Not sure yet."


Shake my head. "We'll have to see for ourselves, but the situation sounds pretty grim. We might have to do a lot of dirty work. That's not gonna be a problem for anyone here is it?"


"I do nothing but dirty work."


Give a pleased nod. "Then the lordblades did their homework well."


"One of my contracts told me about this job, actually. She told me this operation will need me."


"So you are well recommended it seems."
Lighten up the stare now.
"Do you like cigars?"


Smile slightly.
"I wouldn't say no if you offered me one."


Pull out a cigar for each of us.
"You ever been to Los Pegasus? There is a great bar up there, serves a carrot burger like you wouldn't believe."


Accept the cigar.
"Can't say that I've been there. You've got a cutter?"


Pass over a cutter.
"Its a nice city. Really big, merchants flock there, tourists abound. Its got its issues just like any other place sure, but the air is mostly clean and the food is good."


Cut the cigar, then hoof it back.
"Are you from there?"


"I guess you could say so, I spent enough years there to make it worth my time to defend it. Home is what you make it right?"
cut and light my own cigar, before passing you the lighter.


I light the cigar, puffing for a taste before giving the lighter back.
"Nice sentiment."


"Something to hold onto for a pony on the road at least. Keeps you sane."
inhale deeply.


"You've seen a lot of bad stuff then, hm?"


"Not as bad as some. I'm not here to complain after all. Just to make things a little better. It can always be better."


"So why are you here, then? To make this place better?"


"Yes. And because I was asked to come do that."


"That's it?"


"Lets say, I owe the lordblades this favor."


"Care to share the story?"


Shake my head. "Not tonight Melville. But I will say that it was worth it."


"Sounds like quite a tale."


"More like quite a mess." Laugh and smoke my cigar.


"Hey, every mess is just more work for me."


"I'll try not to make you work too hard then." chuckle softly.
"Say, you're being awfully quiet, why are you here?"


"I wanted to check this place out before making a decision. I don't like taking half measures. I want to make sure that this thing has a good chance to succeed if I'm going to contribute to it."


"Ah, I see. Is there some kind of training area we will visit before we leave?"


"I wouldn't know. I don't know much of the details just yet."


Grunt a bit in agreement.
"Secretive lot, these lordblades. I've been reading up on these changeling they want us to deal with. Seem like a nasty bunch of bugs."


"I've been dealing with them every now and then, and here's one thing you need to know… don't let them scare you."


Nod "They don't scare me more than a pony who is good at disguising and sneaking." take another drag. "But a pony like that is still not fun to deal with."


"Bugs think they can get everything they want just because of who they are. Showing them that is not how it works frustrates them to no end."


"Sounds like anypony else who is in power. Or a spoiled noble brat."


"Changelings are more dangerous because of what they are, though."


"They do seem like talented monsters."


"Then again, we are talented people."


"That is why we are here together at least." Smile. "It might be nice to have a reliable team."


"While we're at it, what's your profession?"


Stare at you for a moment as if considering what to say and then puff a bit of smoke. "I kill ponies, and talk to their corpses."


Puff of the cigar, then slowly inhale.

"I see."


Shake my head a bit. "What about you?"


"Corpses talk to me. Or crime scenes, rather. I clean up the messes others make."


"Ah, maybe if I had known you before I wouldn't be owing the lordblades a favor." stare off into space.


Let out a small snort.
"Most people tend not to think that far. All actions have consequences."


"That's true. Particularly for ponies who believe themselves above consequences at all."


Take another puff, enjoying the taste, not speaking while I do.
After the pause, talk again.

"Had a case like that recently. Rich guy pushed the mare he knocked up down the stairs then beat her dead with a wooden bat."
Let out a sigh and shake my head.
"You can't get emotional in this line of work, but the stupidity of some scumbags still amazes me every now and again."


Shake my head and take a slow drag. "Some ponies, just don't deserve what they have."


"I had half the mind to just pay him a visit and give him a good beating for it, but then again, judging and punishing ponies is not what I do. I just clean up after them."


You're all here?


Probably not all of us.


I just came in to check what condition this condition was in.


>no Andy

Seems a bit low to start the briefing.
Perhaps you could meet each other?
You could also meet the Quartermaster Morning Star.

You could check out Vilitus.


So be it.
Who led me here anyway?


Or get plowed by Whisper.
We can meet each other when you're not here, let's meet this quartermaster.


Phantasm met you in the docks and guided you here.
She's near the waterfall.

He's at the armory.
A purple stallion with long flowing mane, saddle-arabian style.
He looks up as you approach, with a piercing gaze.


Start walking towards her with a smirk.
"You equestrians spare no expenses."


"Hey now, no need to be so intense. I'm Ambrosia."


She looks behind her to you and then back to the water.
"This is nothing. All it cost were some chests of gold. A missions most valued assets are the ponies performing it, those are priceless. Having those assets lost because one was stingy on equipment is madness."

"Morning Star." he says calmly.


"You're Arabian, aren't you? You know Silver Sickle? You must at least know her fat behind."


"No fear of that.
Just stock me on explosives and cyanide, will ya?"
"Show me around, be a darling."


"She is my shadow sister."

"What's the matter, afraid you'll get lost?"


"Your what?"


Pass a hoof around her neck and start trotting, ignoring what she said.
Point at the ponies around.
"So, who are they?"


"My sister in arms. One of our own. How do you northerners call it? Comrades?"

For clarification, you put your arm around her, then start walking around the hideout, tugging her along?



"Your buttbuddy, I get it. She never told me about you. You two get along well then?"


You do so.
She walks with you.
"Most of these ponies are your teammates, mister Sound. Do you know what means?"

If he's offended by your choice of words he doesn't show it, he nods.
"We trust each other with our lives. Like I assume you do with your comrades."


"Fraternization time?"


I'll take the opportunity to visit the armory after making sure I'm concealed properly. I need to make sure our money isn't being spent on anything more than the necessary equipment.


Why would he be offended? He doesn't seem that intense.
I nod anyway.
"Damn right I do. I trust her too, she's helped me out a lot. Still has a fat ass though."


"It means these ponies might very well save your life one of these days. And that they count on you to do the same."

You see a trotantine mare talking about butts to a Saddle Arabian stallion.

"It doesn't seem to impede her abilities.
Nor would it impede her in fulfilling her mare duties when the time came."


I am in the base.


"I won't lose sleep over concern for my life, sugar."


I snicker.
"Alright alright, playing it diplomatic. Understandable. She has a temper."


My previous underlings communicated about the same things. For now, I should see what we have and listen in on their conversation.


May as well look over my team mates . Who to wehave here?


"I know that.
And that is why you'll end up in some deep dungeon in the Oasis. Stuck forever."

It seems the briefing has not yet begun.
Ambrosia, Wind Sound, Phantasm, Morning Star are here.
Or you could take this opportunity to explore the base more.

"I assume you are that northerner that she helped out?"

Underlings are all the same. When will they ever talk about philosophy and geopolitics?
You sneakily check out the armory.
It is stocked with a number of rifles, guns, swords, dagger, throwing stars, even a few scimitars.
Your information mentioned the base needed to be equipped to outfit a large number of personnel in case things went bad.
There is a vault where the explosives are kept under lock.
And you notice another vault you had not been briefed on. It is unmarked but seems magically protected.


"I've had good luck so far.
It can only go better than this."


"Yeah. Though I think I'm more of a westerner if we're talking geographically. Northwesterner if you want to be really specific."


I don't need to go anywhere do I? I won't know if I need different gear until I get briefed.


Probably never. Most would never want to be promoted and taken away from their precious stabbings and bleeding. But that is why I am here, to relieve them of such burdens.

"That vault, they must have gone through a bit of trouble to protect whatever is inside, but I am here to see that our investment is made safe."

Who is in charge of the Armory here, I need to ask them some questions.


She looks straight in front of her.
"Vain. Delusions of grandeur. You're lucky you don't die or things might have gone very different for you. You seem to treat death as an inconvenience."

"Everything above Saddle-Arabia we call northerners."

You don't yet need to go anywhere.
You could also check out the city if you'd like that more.

That would be the Saddle Arabian stallion.


"I treat it as a moment of insight on who I truly am.
Do you want to know what I see in my dreams, Phantasm?"


"Alright then, southerner."
He's got a stick up his butt!
"Don't worry, Sickle is in good hooves. I'll look after her and make sure she doesn't get herself killed."


Tap him on the shoulder.

"Pardon the interruption, but there seems to be an, extra container, over there that I wasn't informed of earlier. Could you be a dear and tell me what has been brought in?"


"Death is hardly convenient for any pony." I comment.

Just stay here and wait for now.


"Well said."


Wait who is this?


Acknowledge the pony with a courteous bow of the head.


"Many about fucking mares, swimming through green sleeping shades of ponies, a few about your teeth falling out, about walking through a mirror house and that one about being the slutty princess mare."

Phantasm looks to you.
"You'd be surprised."

He looks to you, seemingly undisturbed by your sudden appearance.
"It was put here by the Master. He did not comment on the contents. You'd have to ask him."

It's a shiny pony.


"You are a very interesting individual. Light hearted even"


"I was surprised once. It was unpleasant."


A concealed shiny pony.

"Well, I'll take that up with him as soon as I see him. I know those in his industry should be allowed their, eccentricities, but I very much dislike being left unaware. Where might he be found?"


"In that order, yes, bingo, no, yes, yes and now I'm curious little thing, how have you seen… It?"
Lean towards her with a whicked smirk.


Uh… oh right. Those weird guys. I've seen those before, pretty rare stuff though.

"Hey you… what's your name?"


"It's Ruby, darling. May I ask yours?"


"Darling? … I'm Ambrosia. You know, you kind of look familiar…"


Interject, launching myself towards her.


"Was it?" says a voice from behind you.
It's Phantasm.
As you look to the phantasm next to wind, that one is gone.

"He's not here for the moment. Perhaps Phantasm can help you in that regard. I believe she's near the waterfall."

"It's my job to know. Just like hers."
She points to somepony next to Deep, it's another Phantasm.
As you look back to the one next to you, that one is gone.


"You must have me confused for someone else. With all these new Crystal ponies coming, it might be easy to confuse us."

"Well, hello there, Mister Earthbound. It's my pleasure to be working with you."


Think about this for a second.
"I like you both."


Try not to jump from the fright.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hmmm… maybe. I'm not used to seeing your kind around at all."

Look at Phantasm.
"Are you being a creep again?"


You're a very unfrightened pony.

"We'll find out soon whether I'll like you."

"Just entertaining our guests."


"It will have to be your place. Mine blew up."


"Don't trust me to entertain them on my own? That really wounds me."


A lady always maintains her composure.

"Vilitus still lacks a little in the public relations department, but our duty is to remedy that."

"I'd appreciate it if you left the entertainment to those whose profession that is. It's not polite to try to get a scare out of a lady."

"Oh, and what type of entertainment do you have in mind?"


"Ladies, ladies, please.
I'm sure we will all have loads of fun.
Now, if you'd be so kind to get on with the mission…"


rogues always gotta show off their sneaking.


Even concealed, I'll make sure to adjust my clothes.

"Of course, that is why we are all here, no?"


"I'm waiting."


"Cards, a little bit of wine, some grapes… that kind of stuff."

"And who are you? It's not even mission time yet, you little tryhard. You trying to be teachers pet or something?"


Phantasm looks up.
"Good, it seems the Master has arrived. Let's go to the War Room."


"Well it would be nice to know what we are doing. Specifically."


Laugh out loud and slide by her side.
"I like you! What's your name?"


"I must say I approve of your eagerness. It's good to see that in ponies."

"Well, I can't say I find anything objectionable in such pleasures. If we are given the opportunity, I'll try to take you along to my favorite spots in town."

"It seems we will soon enough."


"I just want to get to the fun part."
Off to the war room!


Stand quietly and wait for him to speak.


"Hopefully it serves you well."

Let's go to the war room.


You all enter the war room again.
At the head of the table sits an equestrian stallion.
His name unknown everypony simply refers to him as Master. Phantasm goes lean against the wall behind him.
At the table sits Nightshade, and Whisper.
The Master slowly overlooks all of you.
"Good, you're all here."


Sit down on one of the chairs without a word.


Nod in acknowledgement and take a seat.


I know his name, bitch.
Glance at Phantasm, then back at the master and nod.
"Yup. Ready for action."


Give him a firm nod and watch what he does next.


He puts his hooves on the table.
"Now, as you all know, we are here for one job. The annexation of Vilitus to Equestria, to make that happen there is only major obstacle. The Triumvirate.
Phantasm opens a box at the end of the room and hauls out a large stone plate.
She carefully places it in the middle of the room.
"The Triumvirate has ruled nearly 1000 years already. But this…this is the key to our victory."


Raise a brow, but don't ask anything just yet.


Can I see what it is?


"While I really like the idea of brutally beating them to death with a stone slab, I doubt that's the real purpose of this thing. What is it?"


The stone slab has been carved with hieroglyphics, you can't make sense of it.
"About 650 years ago, when modern Saddle-Arabia was still called Fillylonia, the brilliant strategist Ponechadnezzar invaded Vilitus. It was the third largest campaign ever against the Triumvirate and notably, the only one that nearly succeeded."
He leans back.
"Ponechadnezzar conquered Vilitus City and laid siege to the Oasis itself for 5 years, while expanding his borders into Equestria. He was responsible for building the Scarab District that still stands here today. Vilitus was originally within Fillilonian hooves, so retaking it made him extremely popular. It seemed the days of the Triumvirate where over. But after a Siege of 5 years, the Changelings broke through, and retook the city. It was a terrible slaughter, one Saddle-Arabians remember till this day."
The Master pauses.
"Up until recently it was believed that the successes during the campaign were because of the genius of Ponechadnezzar. And that subsequent campaigns simply didn't have the strategic knowledge to do it again. However, these hieroglyphics, found deep inside an excavation of a Fillilonian base in Equestria, paints a different story. It talks about a weapon, a weapon that gave Ponechadnezzar an advantage over the Triumvirate and when he lost it, the Triumvirate broke the siege."


"Some kind of doomsday device huh? What kind of 'weapon' are we talking here?"


"So, where is this weapon? I sincerely doubt all these groups were brought together because of some pictures alone."


Keep listening.
Straighten those ears.
One of them, at least.


"The hieroglyphics do not go into detail as to what the weapon is. It mentions that it was the key to victory and that it was recaptured by the Triumvirate one week before the siege was broken.
One of our first tasks here is determining the exact nature of this weapon, once we recovered it."

"Ponechadnezzar was a shrewd politician who demanded the utmost precision in everything, including logistics.
The hieroglyphics say that the Fillilonians were desperate to recover it. One of the last reports encarved, after the city was retaken on the stone say the Triumvirate had sealed it away somewhere in the desert. We assume that shortly after the Equestrian forces attacked the Fillilonian base, destroyed it, and now we are very lucky this survived.
Our experts have verified the tablets authenticity and are convinced that it says the truth, that is enough.
Our first priority is thus, to locate this weapon, determine its nature and bring it here."


"So are we to scour the entire desert, or do we have any hints as to where exactly it is? As much as I could use a little tan, I doubt they wouldn't notice us looking."


"Right. So where do we start?"


Hold up a hoof.
"So you don't have this ace up the sleeve yet, just suspect that it exists?"


"Any leads on its location?"


"Scouring the entire desert would be a fool's errand, but I have an idea.
Within the arachnia district is a group known as the Survivors of Lemaria. A group of eccentric sorcerers who study the desert and its secrets. We believe they may know more."
Ruby, Ambrosia and Melville may roll their Vilitian Sleeper talent for other possible leads.
1-5 nope
6-9 Yup
10 - I know a guy….

"We are quite certain it exists or at least existed. Even if we found it broken, we could have our experts build it anew."


"That name does sound familiar…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Survivors of Lemaria? Sounds like a fun bunch."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Let's see.

"What if it is in their lair?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Sadly, I don't recall anything at the moment."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"The report specifically mentions it was hidden within the desert. Ponechadnezzar was very precise in his work. Our experts theorize that whatever it was, the Changelings didn't want it near them. One theory is that the weapon might interfere with the hivemind of the Triumvirate."
You once worked for a rich family, the Trothshilds, in the Aurora District, they had quite extensive maps on the desert and Vilitus itself. How to get those maps is another question. But they'd be a boon to this operation in general.

You know a guy.
You met him once while drinking.
A griffon by the name of Rustlefeather, he talked about his expeditions through the desert to claim treasure. Perhaps he would know more if you can track him down in Vilitus.


"Well, I know some people who might have a few maps that you could use, if you want charts of the deserts."


"Oh right, I think I might know someone who has some knowledge on treasure digging in the desert. I reckon he might be able to help. Maybe."


The Master nods.
"How we get this information is not important to me.
What matters is is that we work discrete and silently. At this stage, we cannot afford to give the Triumvirate even the tiniest hint of our plans."


"I'm not the sneaker here."



"Everyone here was chosen for that reason. We know how to keep things quiet."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's what we're here for, pal."


"I know your talents lay in making evidence disappear, but I must ask you to accompany our group, at least outside. Should something go wrong, we cannot afford our mission being discovered because you still had to go to the scene. This is the Triumvirate we talk about they work fast."

He nods.
"Me and Phantasm have more things to do within the city.
We will leave the task of bringing the weapon here to all of you."


"I see. I can do that."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Any more questions?"


Shake my head.


"Not for now. We have our duties to fulfill."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"None that are suitable in the company of others without at least a few mugs of beer down our bellies."
Shake my head.
"Seriously though… once we do confirm this weapon exists and retrieve it, should we just wait on you to return here?"


"I hope me and Phantasm will be here before that happens, but yes. Whisper will be in charge while I'm gone, so in the worst case, I trust he…and all of you, will make the best decisions on how to proceed."


Look at Whisper and wink at him.
"I trust he will."


The Master stands up.
"Good, no time to waste then. In Equestria I would end such a meeting by saying the Princesses protect, but here I'll say Good luck."
The master smiles and trots away, with Phantasm at his back.

How will we proceed?

He winks back.


"This individual of yours, do you know where he may be? I'd like to know if we can secure a guide first."

"Afterwards, we could get the maps to properly pinpoint the location."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I think I should hit up that gryphon I know first… maybe he'll know something good. Rustlefeather was his name."


Share the location of the Trothshilds residence.


"Thank you for that. I'll see what I can find that would help us secure access to them."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I live.
Yet again.


"Uh… I'll need a moment for that."

"I could also 'lend' them."


Whisper stands up.
"So…how will we proceed? Should we all chase one lead or split up and investigate multiple leads at the same time?"


I kinda have no idea what happened.


"Let me see what I have on them, actually. We may be able to acquire them through other means."

What do I know of that family? '1d10' If they are wealthy, I may have met them.

Roll #1 1 = 1


And what could Mr. voice tell me about them? 4th Eye '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You have 3 possible leads to find the secret weapon against the Triumvirate (see large posts a bit up).

>infiltrating or breaking into Survivors of Lemuria

>the Trothshild family

Horrible, money crazy family.
Their maps are their pride.
You can't think of any way they'd give it over willingly.


"Up to you, boss. I'm fine with either. I'll need to track this guy down though."



"Trotshilds? Why…..never heard of them."


"Melville, I take it you have an eye for details. Could you elaborate a little on what kind of work you did for them? If possible, I may be able to convince a contact to bring you as part of her entourage to make a deal with them. No need to steal if we can convince them to show them to us and 'steal' the map in a memory."


"If you could locate the contact and convince him to aid us, it will minimize the risks to the operation."

"It's the Survivors of Lemuria that get to me. I apologize for not knowing how to properly deal with them."



Roll #1 1 = 1


"There's always the…
Direct approach."


"I don't know much about them either, to be fair. Haven't dealt with them at all."
Look at Sickle.


"Dearest, don't be so coy at a time like this, but if you believe I should learn of them on my own, so be it."

"Yes, but it also leads through the most resistance. If people cooperate, there is less of a chance of them hootering and hollering behind us and attracting attention. Even if we make them disappear, that could still lead to people asking questions."


"We can't blackmail them, they would know that it was me, and I doubt they would need the same routine that they asked of me the first time around."


"I saw them once, a bunch of freaks.
They actually think they're descendants of Lemaria or some shit. They remind me a bit of that old cult in a way, that crazy one that tried to kill us a few years ago. Only these guys just seem weird."

The Voice coos. "Aw, I'm sure you'll figure it out."


The part to Earthbound shouldn't be spoilered.

"Still, are you familiar with the layout? It would help if our only option is theft."


"Doesn't sound like my kind of crowd. Guess we're on gryphonseeking duty first."


"I've never been there, but I know someone who might be able to help with the layout."


The Voice continues.
"I'm intrigued…."


"You and me? Sounds fun."


"Unless… someone else wants to come?"


"About what, my Love?"


"I'll look up a guy to make the job of getting the maps easier."


Chuckle, in a low tone.
"Sure, sounds fun."


Whisper coughs.
"We could split up and try to search all leads.
Perhaps Ambrosia and Silver could look for Rustlefeather.
Ruby and Melville could investigate the Trotshild angle.
And lastle, earthbound and Deep Root could see the Survivors? Unless they want to help with the others?"

"Wind Sound, the one you talk to….
I find it curious he talks to you of all ponies here.
He and me…have a history, yet he does not realize it.
Perhaps something inside him…stirs him towards you."


"That seems best. It keeps the group smaller, better able to conceal ourselves should anything happen."

"Should I be wary of him, then?"

"I might be able to offer some more options if I meet your associate as well."


"Sounds like a plan."


"Uh… sure."
Look over Earthbound.
"Who are you though?"


"Seems reasonable."
Shrug, with a smile.
"Somepony that's not coming with you this time, prettyface."


"Oh. Ohohoho. Better watch your tongue, there's some very jealous ponies around here."


"If nopony has any objections, we should head out."

"And even though we just met, be careful. I have no interest in having to introduce myself to your replacements."


"Not at all. Please deliver this message to him.
Tell him that we've nearly found him and that next time he takes a dive, he'll know what it means."


"Mixing job with personal matters?
How unprofessional."


"So, we're meeting the guy then? I'll lead the way."


"Yup. Come on Sickle. Let's head out."


Perhaps I'd better reword that.
>we've almost found him and he should watch out next time he takes a dive, he'll know what it means



Start pushing Earthbound to a corner.

"Those two are inseparable, and you should be familiar with that concept."

Add a nod to push him from the others.


"I'd gladly take both.
Heck, even do three."
Slide a hoof around her and move along as she tries to push me.


I'll take Sickle and get out of here. Now, where did I meet this guy originally?


At the Sour Spittoon.
As usual the bouncer stops both of you.
"Welcome to the Sour Spittoon, how tough are ya?"


"Thank you."

Hat Magic, or whatever bag I brought with me. '1d10'
I only need some papers on Earthbound's activities, nothing specific. Events and such that he has participated in.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Ready to head out when you are


You pull out the entire Lordblade file on Earthbound.
Somepony is going to get in trouble over that disappearing.

Nightshade is here too, if you wanna pass the time a little.


"Wait a minute, that card…"
Scoff it off.
"Have fun with it."

I should get ready for this visit.


Motion at Sickle.
"I beat her in a battle so hard that she now thinks she's a monkey that only knows how to grunt like a piggy."
Look at her expectantly.


I assume I am with you then?
"So. You explore this city at all yet?"


Walk over.
"They seem determined, if nothing else. It is concerning that the superweapon is not even found yet, though."


"Not a thing."
Smile blissfully.


"Well. I guess we have a lot of walking to do then. Want to go after the magic guys or the survivors?"


"Let me see…"
Take out a bit and flip it.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The strange threads of fate tell me…
They are one and the same."
Smirk and pick up the bit.


"Mister Earthbound. I deliver this message as a courtesy, remember that and be more careful."

"We've almost found you and you should watch out next time you take a dive."

"I was only tasked with delivering this message during my duties, do with it as you will."

Head out with Melville.


What a strange gal.
Tilt my head as she goes.
I'm so gonna tap that.
And can't wait to see my 'pursuers'.


Shake my head. "Smart guy huh? You wanna get going then or shall I wait until we are corpses?"


"I know the Master, if he believes it exists, it does."

She gives you a glare.
"….she did."
The bouncer turns pale.
"Come on in, miss….."

He's talking to a mare.

Off to Arachnia?


"The quicker we go, the faster we die.
Why wait more?"
Smirk and head out.



"The desert is awfully big."


Give a low groan.
"You had a little too much coffee pal?"


I snicker and enter.
"Had to say something, right?"


"I had.
Not my choice of drug to be honest."


"I apologize for the delay, I had a message to deliver."


Give you a flat stare and then look forward again.
"Yea.. I'm not going to ask. "



"Why not.
Lately I'm hooked on cyanide.
It's just so sweet, but so bitter on the outside.
A bliss."


"Well, you said you know somepony right?"
She nods as Ruby comes.
"When you get back, we can talk about those documents you found."

The Sour Spittoon is rowdy as ever, you don't see Rustlefeather here.




Roll #1 7 = 7


"Aw come on, you're not angry are you?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


[Groans externally]

Roll #1 2 = 2




Roll for Snake District travel.



Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Next time you're the piggy squealer."

You see a group of armed rowdy griffons drinking at a table.
Griffons have a tendency to stick together in Viltitus, they will know where he is.

You enter the bright light of the park and travel through the Scarab District (religious District) to Arachnia.
The number of temples here in Scarab are beyond count, dedicated to almost any belief worldwide.
Suddenly a bottle flies through the sky and explodes right next to you, setting several ponies on greek fire.
"Death to the Celestials!" Somepony screams from the roofs.
Several ponies drag weapons and a fight begins around you.
Shouts dedicated to Tirek and others to Sun fly around.

You decide to travel sneakily through the sewers but run into a gang of hobos.
"Well, well, isn't that a pretty bird fellas" the stinking pegasus points at Ruby.
"This is our turf, if you both wanna get through you're gonna have to give up some gems…and she sure is shiny like a gem." he licks his lips.


Inure, Fire.
"Let's not get involved."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I agree. Let's go around." '1d10' take a side road please.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oink oink."
True… but they're armed and drunk. Maybe I should wait for one of them to go to the loo.


Draw my rapier and start up Homing Magic. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Take a deep breath, then start talking slowly.
"Listen here, fellas, I will give you one minute to let you run and forget you ever saw us. Otherwise, I will make sure no one will ever remember any of you. You will be gone from existence, disappearing forever."
Improvised Terrify.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You are welcome to try and take me, but it would result in a terrible outcome for your already weakened health."


You both quickly take a side alley.
You stop when you can't hear the sound of battle anymore.
Coincidentally, you're near a door, marked by the trademark smile of the Laughing One.

You both sit down and wait a while.
Soon enough one of them, a grey griffon goes to take a leak.

You conjure up 2 bolts.
The 3 hobos howl and shout.
"Oooh the little gem wants to fight!"

You get hit with a bat on the head from behind.
Seems there was one more you didn't see, you're helpless!


Now we talk."
Push the door open.
"Whatever happens, we are inbetween friends!"


Alright, let's subtly head over to intercept him.
"Oh hey! Rustlefeather! That you?"


Okay, now I'm mad.
Stand up.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Try to help him up. '1d10'

Homing magic at the enemy behind us '1d10+2' and at one of those in front to keep the away. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #3 9 + 2 = 11


Give a soft grunt and follow in after you.


Inside there's a large hall.
Music is playing and ponies are enjoying the eternal party on comfortable cushions or dancing.
There's free booze, gambling, games, hookahs.

You get another kick while you're down.

0/3 HLP

Your mote blasts away the one who made lewd comments to you, but another tries to grab you and hold you down.


He turns around.
"Wha? Who's asking?"


I'm going to gut that guy.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Look around for anyone magical '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Mango Punch! Don't you remember? We shared drinks here a while back. … I guess I don't remember much of that evening either though. Pretty wasted that night."


"Hello hello hello my brothers!"
Join the party with a smile, floating a beer off the tables and towards me.


Slash at them to keep them away. '1d10' DC-1

"Just, hang in there!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Rolling to call your bullshit '1d10-2

Another kick while you're down.
Ruby gets overwhelmed too.

0/2 HLP

One of the hobos grabs you and pushes you to the floor.
You feel a hoof roughly groping your flank.
"You're going to pay for what you did to my friend, little gem."

0/4 HLP

Not immediately.
Mostly drunk and cheery ponies.
You wonder what this has to do with the mission.

Enough of those here!
Some ponies cheer for you.



Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6


Just fucking stand up already!

Roll #1 9 = 9


He shakes his head
"I don't know any Mango Punch!"


"Oh… you're not Rustlefeather?"


"No one touches me like that!"

Get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d10' pinkie priests cover up their magic in party stuff. Look at it closer. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Raise my drink high.
"I have been through the desert and can't remember my name.
It's so good to be back style.
Who here has scourred the desert will know of my pain, lift a beer and smile!"


You get another knock on the head.
"I wonder what you taste like…"

0/3 HLP

You roll over and get up.
The hobo grabs his bat.
"You should run, old man.
Then you at least get to keep your life."


>taking 3 as first roll
Maybe, but it must be well hidden in party stuff.
Somepony offers you a drink.

"Who are you? Why do you wanna know about him."
If you're quick you might be able to push him inside the loo before anypony sees what's happening.

Let's see…'1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


3 ponies lift their drinks.


Come on, I can get myself off of this filth. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Do it.
"I told you, name's Mango Punch."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Smirk and gulp down the beer with them.
Approach slowly.
"My friends!
To you who have seen the white sands which envelope the world, I bow."


Pull my pistol and shoot him in the head, improvise.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Who is this pony? '1d10' examine them.
Hold it but don't drink. "Fun party you have here"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Point Blank.
His head explodes to pieces.
Who says a cleaner can't be messy.
The other one runs, roll higher than him to kill/catch him whatever you want.

You shake him off before he can do anything indecent.
As he sees his companions head getting blown to pieces he makes a run for it.
roll higher than him to kill/catch him whatever you want.

We've got a runner '1d10'

They laugh.
"No need for that here, mate. Sit with us, get a drink."

You push him inside and put him down on the toilet. You close the door and lock it while Silver pulls a dagger and puts it to his throat.
"And I'm her sister Killer Cunt"

She's a zebra with a short mane.
Doesn't seem like a fighter type, from her clothes you guess she's a sorcerer.
"Always. Always fun when the Laughing One throws a party. Which he always does."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nod, and take a seat.
Who are they?
"What did you get lost in the desert for, mates?"


Kill him, finish him off. Shoot.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Homing Magic out. I don't want to run through this muck to get him. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Alright pal, what's your name? Be a nice catbutt and tell us."
Press one of my own daggers against his belly softly.


"Hmm nice robes miss. Not really party clothes."


He falls down.
No one will miss him.

You get 4 motes
Melville kills him.

One of them laughs.
"Would you believe us if we said we work for a bunch of crazy sorcerers who go to all these ruins in the desert?"

"All clothes are party clothes!"
She smiles.
"But you're right, I came here straight after work. Bad day and I needed some fun quick. Here there's plenty of that."


"Breezewing…what do you want?"
He is sweating profusely


Look at the walls and ceilings.
"In here?
In here I would believe anything, my friends!
Under the blessing of laughter, there are no lies!
I like this sorcerers thing!
Tell me more."


Push the bodies into the sewer's water, the rats can have them, they are very reliable in removing body tissue.
"That was unfortunate."


"Where the fuck is Rustlefeather?"


"That's two, what about his friends? This seems more in line with your work, I'll do as you say."


"Run into a hard spell?" Sip the drink.


"If we see any more hobos down here, we kill them simple as that. We don't have time to scan the whole sewers for them just now."


"As you say. Let's carry on then. Hopefully your contact isn't much further out."


They are decorated with numerous murals of dancing parties and of course, smiles! In all kinds of colors.

No one will find their bodies.

"The Duchess is a hard mistress. We gotta do all kinds of stuff. I'm not supposed to talk about it however."

"Okay, okay, listen, last I heard he was hiding out in a ruined house in the Diamond District…"

"Well they think they're chosen by this creepy old race of metal ponies, I'm not kidding. They go to all these weird ruins to excavate them. Psshh you should see their base. All kinds of creepy magic experiments going on."


Shuffle a bit closer, with a smirk.
"I life creepy magic~"


"Keep talking."


"Well only say what you feel comfortable with then. But I am an open ear if you need one. " offer her a hoof shake. "Brown bark. "


Good, keep on walking.


"We life it too. Hard to get in there however.
You need a password or those creepy fucks just ignore you."

"What else do you want to know?"

"Elana. Well…I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you we're doing something about those graverobbers in the Skull District."
She shakes your hoof.

You both make it out.
You both look like you've been through a heavy fight however.
Melvilles house is close by.
Perhaps you could freshen up before seeing the Trotshild?



"What's he doing out there, dickshit? Is he alone? Where exactly in the Diamond District? That place is a shithole, filled with ruined houses."


We definitely should.


"Well, that could have gone better. Hopefully the next part of our journey is quieter."


"Should be, but now comes the hard part, actually dealing with people."


"Leave that to me, though I wouldn't mind if you offered any assistance. What can you tell me about this contact of yours?"


"I just did their dirty business, contracted by an agent of them. Can't tell you much."


"At least it keeps me from going in completely blind."


"The guy is the bastard son of the partriarch, but still got a work at the Second General Bank. Should be having lunch in Snake District soon. He's a proffessional at work, but outside it… not so much. We should be able to squeeze some info out of him."


Smile at her. "Ah grave robbers? They give you any trouble?"


Remember back to four years ago, when I arrived and started to try and work my way up.

"We should be quick, then. I have a terrible history dealing with bankers."


"I want to keep this short, yes."


He looks confused.
"Wait…you're not with Yellowtooth?"

You two are back at Melvilles comfy home.
It is a nice place, a bit small but a bachelor doesn't need much.
There are numerous trinkets spread around.


And I was at this party hitting on a zebra mare.


"We're the ones asking the questions here. Start talking."


"But I guess that's not a problem for ponies like us."


"This is an unusual case however.
At first we suspected some rogue necromancers. But the graves are never exhumed. The bodies just disappear. Poof."

"He's running from Yellowtooth, the new Duke of the Diamond District. They've got some kind of feud going on.
He's holed up in the torched building right south of the garbage belt…"


Mislinked, that's for Deep Root, writing your part now.


I was about to suggest wizard rogue necromancers, teleporting the corpses out!


Do I know the place?
"A feud over what?"


"This is an unusual case however.
At first we suspected some rogue necromancers. But the graves are never exhumed. The bodies just disappear. Poof."


I'm here now!


"They just disappear? Like they walked away?"



Let's get a first aid box, I think.
And some fresh clothes.
"Can I get you anything?"


"Just some water to wash out the taste of the sewer, please."


Go to the kitchen and get her some water.


"I do hope the next leg of our journey involves less of the scenic route."


You've got some.

One of them leans back.
"Why do I get the feeling you're about to ask us something related to these wizards?"

"No one knows. But they want him. Bad."

"The first time we noticed something wrong was when the ground of one of the graves seemed to sink. We came to investigate. And the corpse was just gone. No tracks, no signs of digging. Absolutely nothing, it just vanished."


"Rather some thugs than bugs."
I deliver you the water.


"Thank you. It's nice to know that those in this line of work haven't forgotten their manners."


"Because you are a smart guy."


"Good boy. You've helped us so much~"
Release him and back off, then leave the toilets and slip into stealth.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm also terribly sorry for what happened. I shouldn't have let some hobo sneak up on me like that."


Scratch my head "that is weird "


"To be fair, we should be expecting that every step we take in the future. Here, I can't have you passing out on me, pass me the bandage. You can put a hat on top and no one would know you were struck there."


Some ponies whistle as you and Silver emerge from the stallions room.

"Yes, even a teleport spell would require sight of the corpse.'

"We're all ears."


Roll my eyes.
Let's go to where our guy is. Diamond district.
"Any thoughts, Silver?"


"I sure hope the rest of that path will be smoother than this literal mess."
Pass you the bandages.
"I should have a hat lying around, good idea."


"I want to meet them.
The wizards."


Sip on my drink some more "well. It really is a mysterious event. If only you could catch them on the act."


"I've only been here a short time compared to the others, and I can tell you to leave that hope here."

"Hold steady a minute, almost done. Oh, and where do you have some clothes I can borrow. Anything would be more discrete than these smelly things."


"I don't expect it to be easier, just smoother.
And let me have a look around, but I doubt I'll find anything that fits you."
Dig around in some old boxer or the back of some closets.
Are there any clothers her size?
Maybe something my ex left here?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"As I said, we've got a plan. But can't talk about it. Top secret."
She winks.
"So what brings you to this forsaken desert?"

"I think we get there quick before this Rustlefeather loses his head."

"Mmmmm, why?"

You find a nice comfortable dress.
You never did throw all those clothes away..


"I appreciate the input. Come on."
Let's double time it.


"When I lost my name, I gained a sparkle in my heart. To seek all there is to know about this desert."


Could always be good for something…
Go back to her and hoof her the dress.
"I hope this will work for you."


"Anything is better than this. Thank you dear. Now then, are we all set?"


"I'm ready when you are."


"I'm here traveling. A pilgrimage to visit each city in the world. See its wonders and know its troubles."
" if you have somewhere more private we could discuss it.."


"Then let's find this associate of yours and begin the next step."


Put on a hat, for good measure.
"Let's go then."
Off to find the guy!


Roll for luck.

"You can go see Delve. He's one of those wizards, he lives at the Nocturnal Plaza. It might take you some time before they let you in. Interview, background check, all kinds of test. I heard it takes months before they accept someone."

She smiles.
"I'd love to, I know a lovely little bar not far from here."

You make it to the restaurant.
You see the Trotshild pony in there, eating a sandwich and reading the news.


Luck is my middle name!

Roll #1 3 = 3




Sit down at his table without a word.


"Lead the way my lady." Follow her.


"Trotshild, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance today."


You don't have a middle name, dumbo.
You arrive near the house, only to see it surrounded by a bunch of dogs carrying torches.
They take cover behind shields and debris as you see Rustlefeather on the roof with a rifle.
"Yellowtooth will have your head, chicken" calls one.
Rustlefeather responds with a shot.

He looks up, surprised.
"….Melville? What brings you here?"

He gives you a smile.
"Ah the pleasure is all mine, and who might you be."

You follow her into the nearby Arachnia district.
There's a small tavern here, The Smoking Kettle. The lights are dim and at each table there's a candle.


"But I don't have months.
Those like us, we flee. We run.
We are like wind."


Shut your whore mouth.

How many dogs? How many escape routes from the building?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I am Ruby, but as much as I'd like to exchange pleasentries, I have a proposition to offer that takes advantage of your unique skill set? Would you be interested?"


"My skill set? I'm listening."
He crosses his hooves.

You notice a sewer pothole close to you.
You'd bet your tail, you could easily use the sewers to sneak into the building in and out undetected.

He shakes his head.
"I don't know what to tell you. They demand members to come by at least once a month anyway, so it's not a club for those like us."
Another coughs.
"Maybe….no wait nevermind…" He goes back to drinking.


This.. is gonna be expensive isn't it.. damn mares..
Well, find us a table in the corner.


Raise a brow at the other guy.
"Thinking about holding out all the fun?"


Tail betting be a dangerous thing where I hail from, boy.

But alright, let's enter this hole. Motion that Arabian bitch to follow.


You find yourself a table.
As you look through the chart, it seems not that expensive at all. Just a quiet little bar.
"Shall I get us something to drink? What would you like?" she asks.

"Well…there is a possibility, but I gotta warn you, I can only give you something now, once you're in there, you're on your own. Sorry."

You both quickly cross the tunnels.
Forcing your way into the building is a bit difficult as the sewer entrance is covered in debris.
The lower floors seem to have been barricaded.
You hear another shot outside.
You'd better quickly get up.


Go fast!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"It's still something.
Ponies like us can handle themselves."


Well the, sit back and relax. "a glass of rum will do me fine."


You enter the roof, he's with his back turned and has no clue you're here.

The others look at him.
"You're not talking about…"
He nods.
"The Survivors are having their monthly party tonight, everyone comes in a costume. Me and a few others are providing the music. I can give you the password and if you disguise yourself in a cloak and a fancy mask, you'll get in."
He takes another drink.
"But let me tell you, I've seen some things in there that make me glad I'm not a Celestial, if you get caught…I do this because…there's something telling me I should, but please if you get caught, you don't know me."

She brings back a glass of rum and a colorful cocktail with a little straw.
"Now, where were we?"


"If I get caught, please, do keep very, very far from me.
It will not be a good show."


"If I get caught, please, do keep very, very far from me.
It will not be a good show."


"The great mystery of the invisible body snatchers." I smile sipping slowly.


Raise my hooves in the air.
"I surrender."


He writes the password on a piece of paper.
"Use this at the mansion. Wear a mask and cloak. They usually wear Winniesian carnival masks, you know them?"
He finishes his drink.
"It should start soon, so I'm off."
He trots away.
The others look at you.
"Brother, you better take care of our friend. He's taking great risk to give you that."

she takes a sip of her drink.
"Actually, I think you were about to tell me what brought you to Vilitus.."
She grins.

He turns around.
"What, who the fuck are you? Stay back."
Silver remains hidden.


"Do I look like I'm coming to get you? There's an easy way out of here for you if you want, just by going underground. Not that I'm offering you out of the good of my heart mind you, but because I need your expertise. Remember when we shared those drinks and you told me about those expeditions of yours?"


"I will not betray your trust, brothers."
Pocket the password and bow to them.
Where is Root?


"Its a strange city. Strange rumors. Mysterious monsters about. I was.." drink a bit more. "Intrigued"


He scrutinizes you.
Suddenly smoke rises from the building.
Those fuckers set it on fire!
"Fine, you get me out of here." says Rustlefeather.
Roll for quick escape of you and Silver before the lower floors are on fire.
Rolling for rustlefeather. '1d10'

You don't see him here anymore.

She nods.
"Stranger than you think.
Where I was born, the shamans of my village were some very strange folk. I thought I was ready for anything when I came here. Boy, I was wrong."

Roll #1 10 = 10


The boy should tell, when he's leaving.
Off I go then. To a masks store. Oughta rent one.


"Smart gryph."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Laugh a bit "I see, but a shaman's strangeness is with purpose. They must be in tune with nature at all times, and that is.. a certain burden on the mind.."



Roll #1 3 = 3


You find a shop that's about to close in the Vulture District.
Don't forget your cloak.

"That's true, I suppose and no different than necromancy. You sound as if you're speaking from experience, mister Bark."

You barely manage to get out and go down the sewers.
"You have my thanks." says Rustlefeather.
"How can I help?"


"You told me about those expiditions of yours in the desert… what's the deal with those?"


"I have many experiences, I was.. close to a shaman. " he drinks slowly in pause. "The nature spirits he so bonded with now keep him company."


Of course.
Slip inside, looking for the owner.


He sits down and grins.
"You're gonna have to be more specific than that. I've done so many expeditions. I'm fascinated by the desert here, this place has a history stretching back before Equestria. I've seem many, many things there you wouldn't see anywhere else."

"One with nature at last." she nods solemnly.
"Have you been to the Scar? The park? There is a shrine to Nature there. They say the park was erected by Nature itself."

An older stallion is rummaging through some papers.
"We closing. No more sale."


"Stuff to do with Fillylonia specifically."


"I haven't been much of anywhere yet to be honest. Is it nice?"


"But I'm already in!"


"Ah Fillylonia, most of them have been destroyed after the Triumvirate recovered their territory.
There are a few….."
He suddenly looks up.
"Mmmm, I think I know what you're looking for…there was one ruin I found, almost completely covered with sand. But it was very different from the others, a marvelous example completely intact."

"It is. During the day. At night nopony dares come near it. They say the trees come alive at night. And anypony who disturbs them vanishes."
You are reminded of the old tales of Treants, living trees that protect the forest.

"So am I, but I'm closing down for the day."


Are there any masks I could snatch while he's busy looking at the papers?


Yes, if you roll.
You could also just say you're paying double.
Your expenses are paid by the Lordblades.


I've little care for someone who isn't selling.
I'd rather lifestream the shit out of him.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Mmmm, tell me more~"


You grab a beautiful Winnitian mask.
Bars roll over the windows and in front of the desk.
The innkeeper calmly grabs a shotgun from behind the desk.
"Dumb move, tovarisch. So you really want a mask huh?"


"We explored the upper chambers, but we lost some ponies as we descended lower. There were some powerful magic spells there. I can tell you where it is…"


"Yes. And I would have paid too, if you weren't such a dick.
Now put down that weapon, and nopony will get hurt."
Show the explosive under my chest, rigged to blow.


"Angry spirits?"


He blinks.
"You're mad…"

"Perhaps. I haven't investigated myself, some more powerful wizards went in there and never came back. I'm not taking chances."


"No. Only immortal."
"How much for the mask?"


"Sure. Got a map?"


Nod "smart girl. But you are brave enough to go after cultists. That's something."


"That one? 60 bits. I'll make it 50."

He gets out a map and draws a circle.
"It was in this area."
Silver interjects.
"Maybe you can guide us there."
He looks up.
"In other circumstances I'd love to, but Yellowtooth won't stop until he has my body. It seems like it's time for me to leave Vilitus."

"Hmm, but a brave girl could use an even braver stallion at her side when fighting cultists." She smiles.


Drop 120 bits on his counter.


"You sure? We could keep your ass safe."


"Can I get you something else?" he says calmly as he takes the bits.


He perks a brow.
"I'd need somewhere to hide."


"Heh, we got a place to hide alright."


"A coat."


"Blue, black, green, pink?"

"Is that so? Well, in that case, what's your names? Rustlefeather is at your disposal."


"Some know me as Mango Punch."
I snicker.
"But you can call me Ambrosia, because we're such good friends."


"Something that goes well with the mask."


The griffon bows.
"An honor to meet you. Please lead on."

He pushes a button and the bars disappear.
He trots to a black coat. "How about this one?"


"I will take it.
And you never saw me here."
Pick the coat up and leave.


"Come back soon. I always like customers with some spirit."
You leave.
Time to go to the mansion?


Let's go back to the lovenest the base.


If only that idiot Deep Root hadn't disappeared without a word, I'd pick him up aswell.


If only that idiot Deep Root hadn't disappeared without a word, I'd pick him up aswell.


You saw him talking to a zebra mare.
The guy seems inexperienced…
You make your way to the Arachnia District.
The sun has already set as you come by the mansion. There is a golem in a tuxedo near the entrance.

You make your way through the sewers back to the base.
The griffons mouth falls open as he sees it.
"You weren't lying girls. Now this is a place to hide."


"Could she now? What could a brave stallion do for such a remarkable lady?"


"Welcome to our magical kingdom of dreams and joy. Yellowtooth won't be an issue any longer. And… with your help, we could get far."


Mh… I should probably check a bar near the laughing place.
Or maybe they are fucking already and there's nothing I can do but get ready and go to the mansion.

Roll #1 5 = 5


She smirks.
"Cheer her on while she's vanquishing the cultists?"

"So where do I stay?"

You check around but can't find him.
You look, it's getting late, you should go soon…
One more roll to check, you can't spare more time.


Oh, alright.
I was actually thinking of leaving after that one!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"In the barracks."
Point him the way.


Nope, they're probably fucking already.
Time to go to the mansion, unless you want to call off the mission and return in disgrace.

"You have my thanks. When shall we leave?"


"When our other friends come back to play with us. No real ETA on that."


Heck no.
But fuck control for giving me such a partner.
To the mansion!


"I noticed there are some ruins of old Vilitus nearby. Mind if I check them out? I'll be there if you need me."

The golem stares at you.


Recite the password.


The golem opens the door.


"Sure, just be careful you don't cause a collapse or something."


"When will you visit the graves again?"


He walks away.
You might need to inform Whisper of your recruitment.

-Rustled Feathers-
Completion: 500P
Merciful Soul: +500P
Total: 1000P
These points can be spent once the armory is fully stocked to gain new items.

"Tomorrow. I'm free until then however~"
She winks.


Smirk and move in.


Of course.
Where is he? Find him.


"Hymn I will need a name to track you down with. Or a location."


As you go in another masked pony greets you.
"Step in, sir. We're just beginning."
Don't forget to put on your mask.

He's in the War Room, looking over some maps.
He grins as you enter.
"Back so soon?"

"Elana. Perhaps I could show you where I live?"


I already had it on!
And the coat!
Let's step in and watch.
What exactly was my objective?


Saunter over.
"You know I'm a very industrious pony. I found our gryphon and brought him back, he'll be able to help us."


"As nice as that sounds I think I will pass. " leave enough money to pay the tab. "I will see you again elana. Tomorrow." Start to walk out.


Find info on the Fillylonian ruins and maybe even on the Weapon.
There are a number of ponies here, all wearing masks.
They're all staring at a masked figure sitting on a throne…made out of figures of lewd mares.
The one Javier had.
"…r studies are proceeding marvelously. Kronox blesses our endeavors."
There are a number of collared masked mares at the hooves of the speaker on the throne.

she says with a tinge of disappointment.

"You trust him?"


Freaking mares.. now I was supposed to do work. Let's get back to that.


That seems like an interesting fella. I should listen to him.


"He's got a bit of a feud going on with Yellowtooth. I reckon us saving his butt is enough reason for him to keep his mouth shut."


Mares ain't nothing but trouble.
Perhaps a trappy stallion is more your thing?
Anyway, he's not at the party anymore!

"I hope so. Why was Yellowtooth after him?"


"Probably dug somewhere where he shouldn't have. Who knows with that stinking mutt?"


"I will have you now that the project we've excavated from the mansion has been restored and improved."
He claps his hooves and a door opens.
From inside trots a huge stallion, clearly undead, but large parts of his flesh have been removed and replaced by a type of machinery you've never seen before.
The audience claps as it bows before them.

"We'll have to ask the griffon sometime. In any case, good work…"
He comes closer and touches your cheek.
"…and so early, my what will we do while we wait on the others?"


Clap aswell, most interesting.
Anything I notice?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Fuck.. '1d10' try to remember where he would go.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Are you coming onto me?"


You notice a door on the second floor with ARCHIVE on it.
That might be what you need.
It looks locked however…
The Speaker speaks up.
"Now, enough chatter. Let us celebrate."
The mares get up and saunter among the audience, grabbing some of them and walking them to other rooms.

"What if I am?"

The Survivors of Lemaria.
They should be based in the Arachnia District somewhere.


"You know it's polite to buy a mare dinner before rutting her senselessly, don't you?"


Well, let's just.. walk around there and hope to spot him or a clue '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Who could have the keys to the ARCHIVE room…
Let's just roll with the flow. Exchange a look with one of the passing mares, for istance.


You ask around and find the HQ of the Survivors.
There's a golem in a tuxedo guarding it.

"I know you're not that kind of mare."
He smirks and grabs your butt.

One of them, a petite orange mare, grabs your hoof and slowly pulls you towards another room…


Go with her.
Spare a glance at our host to see if he's wearing keys.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I pretend to be flustered.
"The nerve!"


It doesn't seem like it.
She takes you to another room.
One of the guests has already begun fucking his mare in one of the fancy couches. The others seem to be enjoying the buffet or silently watching the fucking couple.
You can't see their expression behind their masks.

"The type of mare that likes to…"
He moves closer and whispers into your ear a very graphic description of the extremely lewd things he'd like to do your body until you can't trot for a day.


'1d10' sneak past him?

Roll #1 4 = 4


I gasp audibly.
"How uncouth! You scoundrel, unhoof me!"


If you have to guess what's behind a mask, it's always laughter.
Let her lead me away to the room… Is it on the same floor as the archives?


Nope. He stops you.

He doesn't! In fact, he's gripped your tail by the base and shakes his head.
"No, I always get what I want, little lady."

Roll for luck.



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh, you move. And talk." Laugh "you look like a statue. Anyway. Can I go inside?"


"Stop groping my butt then, you maniac! Perhaps I will see fit to reward you!"


It is on the same floor.
However this is not a private room at all!
It's another room similar to the one downstairs. Buffet, a number of masked ponies.
No one has started fucking yet here however.
The mare lays herself down on a table and presents herself to you.


Grip intensifies.
"Hmm, and how would you reward me then?"


"Aw but why not?"


"… A kiss on the cheek?"


"Now my dear, I want to enjoy all of you."
Trot over and take one of her hooves, leading her to the buffet.


He considers it….
"Mmmmm…nah, I like my way better."
He starts tugging on your tail to drag you to your room.

She gets up without words and trots with you to the buffet.




Let him drag me.


"Take a bite. Show me how you eat."


Eh' okay. Just back off for now. I can find another way in. Go around the corner.


Drag drag.
You're in your comfy room, but the dragging doesn't end!
He drags you all the way to the pool!
"Let's wash off the dust first."

She grabs a banana and starts eating it very slowly. Licking it first.

Like a real spy!
Roll for perception


"I am a clean pony!"


'1d10' perception!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Holy shit, you notice an open window.
And there's nopony in that room!

"I think you're a very, very dirty mare."


"You just keep doing that, okay?"
Slap her butt and go look out of the balcony.


What a lucky break. Get in that room quick.


"How dare you!"
As he tries to pull me into the pool, I push him in first.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well now, if it isn't your partner. He climbs into a window downstairs.

The room is dark.
There is all kinds of machinery unlike any you've ever seen displayed here in glass cases.
It seems very advanced….and dangerous.
There are 2 doors one to your left and one in front of you.

As he grabs you to pull you in, you jump up and push him in, with clothes and all he drops in.
He seems stunned for a second then smirks and brushes his wet mane aside.
"Not just dirty, but very, very naughty as well."


Try listening at the right door '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Left or in front?


Groan and, after making sure nopony's watching, remove my mask quickly to show him my face.


"Oh dear, did you slip? Don't worry, I'll come rescue you."
Jump in too.


Meet your eyes with a nod.


Put the mask back on.
Point him in the direction of the ARCHIVES room.


Pfft, fine, I'm too good on you two~

You hear some talking but it seems to move away.
Before you entered, Earthbound waved into a general direction inside the house.

The water is hot and relaxing.
He grins as you swim closer.
"Please, I need help~"


Grab him and pull him close.


Oh I will be good on you too alright. As soon as I've found that mare~


Look kind of confused. " what are you pointing at?"


You're on 2 different floors.
Once you're inside you can't see each other.
If you two talk like this you'll alert the guards.


I see.
Well. Try the frontward door then.


I guess I will go back in, work on the buffet. Look at the other ponies here.
Anything I can… Deduce, from their demeanor?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You've caught me. You've foiled my evil plans." he grins.

She's here, still eating a banana.
If she's confused, you don't see it behind that mask.

You open the door and enter a corridor. Nopony to see here.
Left or Right?

One couple has started fucking.
The way they simply eat or stare behind their mask is creepy. There's almost no talking going on.
You can't deduce shit except that you'd probably be able to beat them.




I need an additional mask.
Does the mare's mask have anything different from the one the others are wearing, or some sign to tell it's one of the whores?


"You're all mine now. We should get you a collar."
I chortle.


You come across a large hall. There is a masked pony on the other side, but he hasn't seen you, otherwise the hall is empty except for a throne engraved with lewd mares.
You can see some other rooms from here, and you can see the upper floor, but no stairs.

They have feathers on them.
If you removed them, they wouldn't notice any difference from the guest masks.

"Maybe I can make it up to you?"


Sneaky roll. Try to get close with out being seen. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Motion the mare over, to the balcony.

First of all, I need to know if someone will see me knock the girl to sleep here.
And what's below.


"Hmmm… maybe you can serve me somehow… any ideas?"


You sneak sneak, but he's turning around.
Roll to rush and take him down!

Below is the grass, no guards
Yes, you're visible from here.
There might be more private rooms however.

"Perhaps I can help to clean you, my own way?"
He licks his lips.


"Oh my~ Look who's naughty now~"


'1d10' aaaah

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I want you, and I want you alone."


"Guilty as charged~"

Before you can knock him out, he shouts.
He's on the floor, unconscious.
There are 2 rooms A or B you see nearby.
You can do two things.
You can automatically run into one of those 2 rooms, and you won't be found immediately, but the mansion will be on alert.
Or you can try to roll to drag the body in one of the rooms with you.
There will be some suspicion, but the mansion won't be on high alert just yet.

She nods.
And brings you to a nearby room and closes the door.


Drag him into room B with me. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Smile, and motion her to the bed.
When she has her back turned at me, hit her on the head. Not too strong, I just want to KO her.


"So, show me what you've got then, boy~"


You do so.
I have made a hidden roll for a number of turns before the body will be found and the base will turn into red alert.
Make wisely use of that time
Some ponies come around, but leave again.
You see another door here.
Or you can go back in the hall.

Roll DC2.


Roll #1 8, 4, 10, 7, 1 = 30


+10 = 40


Take this guy's mask and wear it.



Roll #1 7, 7, 2, 4, 3 + 10 = 33



Roll #1 3 = 3


Knocked her out, clean.

you got it.

You're both laying in the pool.
Good thing the water flows away and there's new water flowing in or you'd never get clean in this.
Whisper gives you a soft kiss on your nuzzle.


"Best way to wind down after a mission."
I snicker.


Okay. Let's get going down the hall. To the left '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Poor gal.
Take her mask, coat and tuck her in.
Fix the mask.
Hide both beneath my coat, then leave and lock the room, take with me the key.
Time to look for Root. is he still at the balcony?


He long went inside through the window.

With your mask and coat you're disguised now.
You see a stairs leading up to the second floor.
There's a masked pony standing next to it.

"Have I paid for my crimes~"


"I suppose I can pardon you for your heinous acts against me, yes. You punishment will be far more severe next time though."


That nigger.
Now I won't recognise him. Damnit.
Anyway, from here, can I see any external entrance to the archives?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Go up the stairs as if the pony isn't there.


He nods as you pass.
It's hard to see his expression behind the mask.
You're upstairs next to the ARCHIVES.

You figure there might be an ulterior entrance either in the rooms left or right to the archives.
Maybe one less protected and open.
You see a masked pony wandering to the archives.

He smirks.
"I'm a slow learner."



Horsesex time is over.

And the others aren't back… so maybe I can talk to the master?


It must be a sign from the laughing one. Move to intercept.


Stop at this archive door. Is it locked?


You look down in the Great Hall and see him and Phantasm arriving.

He's trying to open the door.
Good thing you're the only one looking.

It looks locked.


Approach him.

Give Phantasm the eye.


Damn.. anyone nearby? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


She remains silent.
The Master nods with a small smile on his face.
"Echo, back so soon?"

Yes, another masked pony approaches you.


That's right bitch, I'm top cunt around here.
"Mmhm, we found our gryphon and recruited his help in return for shelter against one Yellowtooth. I'm sure you know him."


Back away from him as if to let him pass.


"Yes, I am familiar with this individual.
Just another thug who got lucky. I doubt he'll be Duke much longer, especially if he doesn't pay tribute to the Prince."


"He sounds like a bit of a cunt, if you'll pardon my Prench."
Look between the two of them.
"So… what did you two do?"


Take the mask away for a second, letting him see my face.


Gasp, it's Earthbound!

"Information gathering. And we've dug up some fascinating things."


"Care to share some of them?"


Take my mask off too then. "Caught up to you!"


Put the mask on again.
"I will cover you, if anyone comes by, the safeword is pumpkins."
Stand watch for Root.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Follow your lead and put the mask back on. Try unlocking the door. This counts as that bonus talent I think. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"I'd like to wait until everypony else is here.
But we might have found an entrance into Red Tower, circumventing its guards.
We convinced somepony to tell us…"
Phantasm smirks.

Nopony here for the moment.

It does.
With marvelous skill and dexterity, you quickly open the door without triggering the magical locks.


Gesture for you to go in with me.


Slip inside.


Eye Phantasm again.
"Yeah, I wonder how you managed that."


"I asked him nicely."

You quickly slip in and close the door.
The Archive is massive. Rows and rows of books, pictures and scriptures.
Now to find some info on the Fillylonians, and hopefully the Vilitian campaign


'1d10' pick a corner and start

Roll #1 9 = 9


It'd be much easier if we could kill everyone and bring that one big guy in a room alone with me.
Now, the archives must have a main desk, no?
Check that.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh I'm sure you did."
Circle around her.
"You know, I really wonder how you do it sometimes… living with yourself, I mean."


Jackpot, almost immediately you find a book called "Treatise on the Vilitian Campaign."

There's a small desk in a corner.
There are rows and rows of notes on authors and subjects.


"You do?"


Go through them.


"Yeah. Questions like those keep me awake at night, believe me."




Roll #1 8 = 8


You find 3 interesting books on the list.
"Treatise on the Vilitian Campaign."
"Notes on the Vilitus Oasis" (might be handy later?)
"Varash, the Wizard Queen" (A book about one of the least known Triumvirate Queens!)

"I just do my job. Just like you."


Show that to earth bound.


"Are you saying I'm like a lordblade?"


"Ah! You got one!"
Show him the list, and start looking for the other two books.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Are you denying that?"

You find the Notes on the Vilitus Oasis.

You start to hear shouting outside the archives.


'1d10' look for the varash book

Roll #1 7 = 7


"…My friend might have woken up."


"…oh dear..should we leave?"


"I have yet to kill any puppies or children, so yes."


"You definitely should, yes. Take the books and report back."


"Right." Take those two books and exist the room.


It's not in the place where it should be!
It must be here somewhere…


Are you leaving?


"Is that what you think of us? Killers of puppies and foals?"


Not by the door.
Is there a window or balcony?


My more experienced partner said too!

Look for a good way out '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


There are no windows or balconies here.
There's a secondary way out however it is locked. A small door to the right.


Peep through the keyhole of the door we came in through.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I've heard the stories. Maybe they're true, maybe they're not. But I sure as heck don't think I'm anything like you people. I don't give a shit about your princesses."
I nod at the master.
"I serve him. He's been good to me and that's all I care about."


Please. Unlock it. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


There are ponies running around.
They don't seem to come here yet, but that might change soon.

Phantasm opens her mouth again, but shuts it quickly.
The Master puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Let's not fight amongst ourselves. Echo, Phantasm, you didn't have the best of starts but I know both of you ultimately want the same thing."

It's open!


What are they running from?


"This way." I point out the newly unlocked door.


You hear a metallic sound, but you're not sure what it is. But it's coming closer.


Fuck I know what it is.
Rush after Deep's location.
"Their freakshow woke up and it's killing them."


"Should we.. block the door so it can't get in?"


"Let's just leave this place asap."


"I'm not bitter or anything."
Give Phantasm the eye again.
"Buuut… I guess you're right. She's nowhere near as bad as the ones were fighting against. I'd rather wake up in bed next to her than next to a bug for one, and I'm not a dyke."


Through that second door then.


"Phantasm, I'd like to talk to Echo for a little while."
She nods and walks towards her room.

Both roll for luck



Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' oh bother

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What's up, chief? Want to share some dirty secrets?"


"Perhaps." He grins. "Come."
He goes sit by the waterfall and lights a pipe.
He offers you some tobacco.
"From Dixie. You won't find this in any store."

There's a balcony here.
As you dash for it the wall is smashed to bits, a large piece hitting Earthbound and taking him down.
In the light and dust stands a monstrous pony, half undead, half machine.
His eyes grow red as he targets you.

BOSS: Javiers Legacy


"Well, fuck. Root! Run with the books, I will keep it busy!"
Rush for it.
Lifestream on the undead parts.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Take it and have a taste.
"You know… I hear smoking is bad for your health."


'1d10' night
"We can both run. "

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Eh, I've got nothing to lose."


It tastes bitter.
"Believe me, if you live long enough to feel the effects, you can count yourself lucky."
He grins as he lights it.
"How are you feeling Ambrosia?"

The red eyes lock on you and it fires a green beam from its mechanic arm. You get slammed back.

It does no visible damage.

Deep 2/6
Wind 6/5


"No seriously, get lost!"
I don't remember my sheet!
Double attack it with my knife, jam it inbetween the flesh and mechanical bits.

Roll #1 2, 7 = 9


Skills: Inure (1), Lifestream (1), Aura of Faith (3), Reincarnation (2)
Talent: Lifestream +2 [CM: a screw]
Bonus Talent: Interrogation
Weapon 1: Well Balanced Combat Knife [Double]
Weapon 2: Throwing Knives [Ranged]


"Not without trying. " '1d10' back stab that thing.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"There's a reason I'm telling you this!"


"Pretty well all things considered. Why?"


"I felt we should have a talk. Not as Master to Echo. But as Quiet Song to Ambrosia. Asking how you are is a good start, no?"

You do a flip and stab it in the back.

One knife hits the target. The mechanical arm shoots you back.

Earthbound and Deep
The machine powers up.

Deep 2/6
Wind 2/5




Dodge roll.

Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d10' dodge

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Mmmm, I guess~
But really, I'm fine. I mean… I'm not even nervous about this whole mission. I probably should be, given the stakes."


The monster shoots a number of grenades.
You get a glancing blow from one of them, but enough to throw you on the ground.

You dodge it all.

"You must be anxious to get payback on those bugs."

Deep 2/6
Wind 0/4 HLP


'1d10' try to cast night

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Would you kindly fuck off and deliver the books already?!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sure, tell me what the fuck that thing is later?"


"Yeah! If the bits are back in one piece!"


"You betcha. I'll piss on their graves. I'll be nice to see their fucking hives burn bright."


He nods.
"I hope their hives will be the only thing that burns…"

The thing jumps up with fire emanating from it's hooves. It slams you down.

As you get up, he fires another missile from his mechanized butt you're still down.

Deep 0/5 HLP
Wind 0/3 HLP


"Yeah… I get the feeling they won't go down without a fight. Or some form of retaliation."


Up for real.

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' get up

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yea.. good luck then. "


"It will depend on what the weapon is, but yes, I feel this city will turn to chaos before this is done…."


The thing seems to focus its attention upon Earthbound for now.


Deep 6/5
Wind 0/2 HLP


Better just run the hell away. '1d10' flee this room

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Lots of people are going to die. Who knows what they're capable of? But heck, if we don't put an end to their rule over this shithole, a whole lot more people are going to die."



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Get out of blast radius."


Give you a worried nod.


Whelp it turns to you.
It shoots.
You're so close to freedom!

You're up.
You may take the blow for Deep Root allowing him to automatically leave.

"That's true. We cannot stop that, however…as a Lordblade we must at least try to spare as many lives as possible. Our job is within the shadows not in the middle of war."

Deep 4/5
Wind 6/2


"I'm not… a lordblade, am I?"


'1d10' keep running!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yeah sure.


He's silent for a few moments.
"No…you're not…"

Deep jumps out and lands roughly on the grass.

The thing shoots a missile but you push it aside at the last second.
You bounce on the ground.
The robot steps over you with glowing eyes

Wind 0/1 HLP


Go to the base. Sneaky like '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Okay, can I blow the fuse or at least ignite it while helpless or do I have to stand up?


"So what am I to you then?"


You can…
The robots eyes glow red and a light goes over your face.

Some ponies see you running away…
But they don't follow you.

"An excellent assassin and, I like to think, a friend."


Boom baby.


Well.. if thats how it is. All that matters is getting those books back to the lordblade master. I keep walking until I get there.



"Trying to make me blush?"
I smirk for a moment, then look more serious.
"… You are a friend to me. Maybe more than that, a mentor even. You took me in and helped me hone my skills and I'm eternally grateful for that. I really am."


The world goes up in flames.
You're in the familiar green sea again. Shades of ponies swim along. You see yourself. He should open his eyes now…but he doesn't. Suddenly you see a shadow fast approaching. Roll to evade.

You eventually make it back to the Hideout.
The Master is talking to Ambrosia, but looks up as you enter.

-Eyes Wide Open-
Completion 500P
+ Side-Quest discovered 300P
Total: 900P

"You know, when I firs-…"
He trails of as he looks to the sewer entrance where a tired Deep appears holding 2 books.


Whoa nelly, this is new.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I raise a brow.
"Books? Found something interesting?"


Quietly set the books on the table and wait outside that room.


It's a shark. You evade its first attack but it quickly swims in for another. Your own shade is still asleep.

The Master walks up.
"What happened, Spruce?"


A shark in the pool of souls?
Oh c'mon!
Avoid again? Slap my shade awake!


Well it's a ghostly shark.
You try to reach for it….it opens its eyes.

You wake up in the garden.
A bit further is the burning mansion.


I will have to ask that mare about this. For the moment, hightail back to base.


"Well earth bound was dealing with dome horrid monster, I assume he died. If not he will show up in s moment."


"A giant monster?"


The Master waves his arms.
"Hold it, you're not making sense.
Just take a breath and start from the beginning" he says with a stern voice.
"So you left here to find the Survivors and?"

Roll for perception



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Yea. It had laser eyes and"
"We went to a party, one of the laughter temples, I spoke to one zebra caster about mysterious grave robbings and agreed to meet her later, then I regrouped with earth at the mansion, we found those two books, then there was some kind of metal monster. and he told me to bring those back.


As you start running you note several Survivors fleeing the mansion, you glance back for a moment and in the inferno, you see the zombie machine slowly stepping onto the balcony. Though damaged in several places and on fire, he still seems functional enough to look around and he sees you escape.
You run for a long while until you're sure it isn't following you.
Go to the hideout now?

"And Earthbound is fighting this monster?"


Look at the books.
"What are these books about? … A metal monster?"


Yes. Enough death for one night.


"I believe he intended to blow it and its creators up. I am unsure of his status after I left."


"I fought a metal construct before… that was a long time ago though."


"Really? And and the books may have useful information about this city."


The Master speaks up.
"First things first. Echo, I want you to go…."
He's silent again as Eartbound steps in.

Indeed. You make it back to the base.
The Master, Earthbound and Echo are here.

-Eyes Wide Open-
Completion 500P
+ Party Crasher 500P
Total: 1000P


"Kept you waiting, uh?"


"You don't look burnt." I comment


"What the hell happened?"




"Big metal robot pinned us down.
Still alive, too, after a point blank explosion to the face."


+100P for good use of references.

"Both of you, I want an exact step by step report on what you did. Right now." says the Master.


I frown.
"Describe the way it looked. I think I killed that fucker before."


Forgot +100P for Minor Party Crasher


"Went to meet some friends in the know, got the password to join the party, threatened a mask merchant to get mask and cape and then paid him double what he asked before discount, went past the golem guarding the mansion, knocked out a hooker and locked her in a room, got Root in, snuck into the archive, located the books they were working on…
This is about the time everyone in the mansion started panicking because the doombot of undeath metal ruin awoke, and somehow beelined straight for the archives.
Bought time for Root to run with the book, blew myself up to destroy the robot which didn't really explode and knows I'm still alive, and now I'm here.
And there were sharks, spirit sharks."


"What did it look like! Give me a straight answer already!"


He nods.
"That's better. But why didn't you two stay together?"


"Big thing made of undeath flesh and metal with red glowy eyes and rockets!"
"I guess I was too hasty and didn't wait for my partner nor warned him about leaving in any possible way."
Say all of this in a monotone of increasing speed, slowly turning my head to stare daggers at Root.


I look at the master.
"Remember that mule Javier? That fucking thing was his mechanical little pet he sent after us."


Which would have totally killed you if you had fought that battle


Nah, we had it in the bag.


No healers!


"It was my fault for stepping away from the party to talk to that mare" I admit.


Earthbound, next time, keep an eye on your partner. And I'd appreciate it if next mission doesn't end with a huge explosion."

"Spruce, we are on a military mission here. When you report to me, I want to know everything as detailed as you can."

"This is disturbing news, it seems the Survivors have salvaged some of Javiers technology. This could be dangerous if it fel into the wrong hooves."

-Shards of the Past-
>Investigate the remnants of Javiers technology

-The Walking Dead-
>meet with Elana


And still we killed it. Comes to show how pro we are.

"Exactly. Imagine the carnage."


"I don't care who's fault it is.
When on a mission communication with your team is vital. You should have talked to Earthbound and Earthbound should have kept an eye on you."


Pout a bit.
Then clear my throat.
"And what of this Javier?"




He glares.
"Yes. Javier is an old enemy of ours. A mind reader of exceptional skill. He had found an ancient Vault underneath Vilitus and used the wealth within to nearly unleash a horde of machines upon this city."


"Get some rest. We'll discuss these books tomorrow."



"Yeah… and we can continue our chat."


Nod at him and.
Go to bed


"His body was never recovered. While most assume him dead, I've learned not to think of anypony as dead until we've confirmed the body."


Answer with a guttural and gleeful voice.


"You're dismissed. I'll have Morning Star look over these books, we'll discuss it tomorrow.
Any more questions?"


Off to the armory.


"So uh… you were saying?"


"Hmm, right…uh about the Lordblades?"

Morning Star is there.
He's a saddle-arabian stallion.


"You were about to tell me something about when we first met?"




He starts walking back to the waterfall with the books.
"When I first came here and took over the Bureau, I felt alone. Trying to cope with a group of ragtag, no offense intended, amateurs.
As time passed and Whisper became better and you joined, I came to think differently. True, you might not be Lordblades, but…"
He grins.
"I suppose I have grown a soft spot for the Bureau."

"Of course. Regular or something special?"
The specials cost P's


"What's the special like?"


"Ice grenades, freezes your enemy or Lightning grenades, if thrown correctly these can take out your enemy without noise."
400P for one, 3 max can be carried. More unlocked as the quest progresses. Just wait for the complete armory list soon.


"A damn shame I got here so late. … Or maybe a actually good thing. I don't know. I'm just glad you're still with us despite it all. When this is all over… I'm assuming you'll retire?"


"No, I just need something that makes a very big boom.
And a catalyst, and a combat knife.
And throwing knifes."


"A Lordblade never retires.
This is my life. But…"
He grins.
"I think I will ask for a little vacation.
A few months on the Cabbalerian beaches with Phantasm seems like a good reward.
Ever been to Cabbaleria? I was there once on a mission. I can recommend the beaches."

He provides all of it.
"Everything to your satisfaction?"


Lick the knife.
Does it taste good?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Spending time with that psycho seems like more of a punishment to me!
"Do I look like a tourist?"


"I assumed you like travel.
Didn't you and Whisper spend some time in Trotantium some time ago?"

Bleh, not bloody enough


Bleh, not bloody enough


"That was more of a visit home! But yeah, I liked to travel… I never got past Trotantium and Equestria though."


"It will do.
At least it's not silver."


"Cabbaleria, keep it in mind."

He nods.
"It's a new blade. It needs to taste blood."



All of you have been given ONE Fate Point.
A fate point may be spent once per session for a non-combat roll to give a +4 to this roll.
This Point regenerates between sessions.
You cannot have more than one.


Last Hard Coin response here


Others are free to do as they like.


"Business brings me here. We need to have a little chat."


"Sure. Maybe we'll run into each other there. Drinks are on you in that case."


I should check up on many, many things!


We don't have a new assignment?
I could go meet that zebra mare again..


"I looked around with a few of my other associates, and your name came up repeatedly about being of the trust-able sort. You're able to keep certain "transactions" stay quiet, no?"


Time: Day 1 - Night
(Except for Hokkaido and Melville who are in day 1 Afternoon)

He smirks.
"It's a deal."

"That is my profession, yes.
I can safely say you will find none better in that regard."

As always the PARTY is on. you grab yourself a drink, but are tapped on the shoulder.
There's the 2 guys you spoke to earlier, but their friend who gave you the password is nowhere to be seen.

You agreed to meet her in the morning, yet it is the middle of the night?
Surprise visit or do you want to do something else like exploring the city or talking to some people in the Hideout?


Smirk morbidly at them, a hint of malice in my eyes..


I will try talking to people in the hide out then, who is up?


"Good. You know how I am with secrets and such."
Keep that nonchalant face as I talk.
"This one is important."


"Good. It's always nice to make these things clear beforhoof, isn't it?"



>The Master





Griffon Adventurer

They seem a bit creeped out.
"Brother, what happened at the mansion?"

"Be my guest. Client confidentiality is my business. I'm sure we can work out a deal for whatever you require."

"You'd have to find me first."
He shrugs.
"Can't pay for drinks if you can't find me."


"A big abomination of flesh and steel rose forth from the past to spread madness and chaos.


"Blueprints for the Trotshild manor."


"I'll just follow the scent of sisha."


I'll approach Rustlefeather.


"That's good to hear. First, though, I would like to request a much quieter, safer, location to meet out the nitty gritty details."


He chuckles.
"My, my…a very…straightforward request."

He laughs heartily and takes another puff from his pipe.
"Veiled always told me this would kill me one day."

You make your way into the Warrens, these unrenovated parts of the hideout are full of crushed houses and unstable tunnels.
You find Rustlefeather inside one of the houses, examining a cracked pink vase.
He's a big griffon with many scars on his body. But he still gives you a friendly grin as you come in.
"Hello. Who might you be?"

"Miss, look around you. All these ponies you see here working, are in my employ. And I pick my employees very carefully, you won't find a more safe place than here."



"Good to see you safe, brother. But our comrade…we fear he's been captured. The Survivors, we saw him getting dragged off. We fear they might be on to something…"


"I sure hope not. That's… a really shitty death. Better to go out fighting or fucking."


"Wait, why would they?"
Raise a brow.
"That's strange…"


"No use beating around the bush."


"Well, as my associate here has mentioned, that is a part of the transaction my employers are interested in. However, I don't stay in this business without acknowledging a basic fact. In giving, there is taking. What would the price for such an article be?"


"Deep Root, I'm pretty new here." I give him a nod and look at the vase anything interesting about it? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Let's just suppose I'd give it to you, what would you do with them?"

"We're not sure why, brother. But he was our brother, he helped you as a brother. We didn't give a fuck about those Survivors, but we want our friend back…"

It's just a plain old vase to your eyes.
He offers a claw.
"Rustlefeather, I'm new here myself. I just arrived a few hours ago. I got to say, I love the place."


"I'd prefer fighting."


Point me their way."


"See, that's where we are fundamentally different."
I chuckle.


"You already know enough, but we're after a certain item of theirs. Nothing more of theirs is of interest to us, if you are worried about your family."


Suck on my teeth disapprovingly before speaking.
"You don't care what I do with the messes I clean up either, do you?"


Shake his claw with a hoof. "Nice to meet you Rustlefeather. It is a very well done place to hide away."


"You'd want to die fucking?
I hope you'll at least have the decency to make sure the other finishes before that."

Those goddamn idiots.

-The Last Laugh-
>Save Glee Hopper before he is killed

They drag you away back to the Arachnia District.
At the Nocturnal Plaza they point you to a building nearby.
At the front stands the same Earth Elemental in tuxedo.
"It's the house of Delve, that psycho…who knows what they'll do to Glee."

"But the blueprints of the mansion are merely a means to an end. Think of me as a banker with a vault and I hold the key. Now, if you want something from that vault, it would be very foolish of me to give you that key. Rather, you could tell me what you want from that vault, and I can get it for you for a price."
Note: the real target of your mission is to acquire the Vilitian ancient maps stored in that mansion. Just a reminder.

"It certainly is, I've seen many things in both the desert and the underneath the city, but I'd never have guessed such a place existed here, much less underneath the Scar.
But I tell you, I'm sure there are even more fantastical things underneath this city, just waiting to be discovered."


"What price would you want for some dusty old maps?"


"We need a side entrance."
Let's circle this place.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What would you want in exchange?"


"Really? Are you something of an archaeologist?"


I snort.
"When it comes down to that, I'll do my very best."


"…dusty old maps….ah I see, the Vilitian collection….yes…I believe we can make a deal."
He ponders for a moment.
"I scratch your back, you scratch mine. I do you the favor of getting you in and out unseen, you repay me a favor when I need it. Agreed?"

You circle the place and see an unguarded servant entrance.

"That's what I like to think of myself. Others might call me a graverobber. Bah, I find no greater joy than studying and exploring the ruins of older civilizations. But a birds gotta eat, you know."

He chuckles.
"Whisper can call himself lucky."


"Make sure to tell him that whenever you two have some alone time!"


Take point by it. Windows?


"Your favor being?"


"That sounds agreeable, but pardon my hesitancy in wanting to know what that favor is up-front."


Stare for a second and then nod. "Well, there are many old things here in Vilitus. Have you had a chance to explore?"


"I'll tell him the room he fetched both of you is absolutely below any standard and that you deserve only the very best."
He grins.

They all seem to be locked and covered with sheets inside.

He has a few drinks brought in.
"Oh it is more a formality really. Two days from now there will be a banquet at the Golden Hen in the Snake District. Many influential families will be there. Among them an individual by the name of Many-Legged-Spider, a buffalo. I'd like this individual to…make a fool of himself at the banquet, cause a scene, not having him die but something that causes enough of a stir to have him evicted from the party."

"Many, many places.
Did you know that, in the Scarab District there was an ancient vault built by a millenia old civilization, filled with treasure?"


Lean onto the door and listen carefully.



Every plan which requires more than two rolls is doomed to failure.
But this is just the second roll.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hmmm… you know, I can't even joke about that. That place is hooves down the nicest place I've ever slept in. No offense to the bureau or anything."


"Was it very valuable treasure?" I smirk.


"That sounds simple enough."


"That could be arranged."

Do I know this Buffalo? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Don't hear shit captain.

"We take only the best, and the best deserve the best. But don't get too comfortable, that's not good on a mission. Especially for you and Silver with a bullseye on your faces."

"No joke, it was discovered by a donkey called Javier, whatever he found in there made him powerful enough to challenge the Vilitian Dukes in a matter of weeks. When he died, the Triumvirate collapsed the Vault and destroyed it. Those bitches, hoarding all the wealth for themselves in the Oasis."
He scratches his head.
"But here I am talking about urban legends again."

"And as a sign of our trust, I can arrange for this…transaction of these maps by tonight."

You vaguely recall him. He was an odd fellow, very out of place within the banquets of the Vilitian elite. They did little to hide their disdain for him, yet if he was allowed at these parties, surely there must be more to him.


Fine, let's draw my knife and open the door.


"Well, its quite the story. And each legend contains a grain of truth, or so they say."


Our part of the deal will be done too, never doubt it."


"Your terms appear to be, acceptable, though I don't make claims to knowing why you'd want such an individual humiliated, but if it is the price to be paid, so be it."


"Yeah I know. Don't worry, I'm as sharp as ever."


After some meddling you get the door open.
Inside there's a dusty old storage room.
The door is open towards the corridor but no lights are on.

He raises his glass.
"To a good deal then and hopefully the beginning of a good business relation."

-Invitation Only-
>Humiliate Many-Legged-Spider at the banquet on Day 3

"Yes, there are many more I could tell. But before I rant, Spruce, you seem like a dependable fellow. Would you mind doing me a favor?"

"Keep it so. Now, I'm afraid I have some business to attend to. Let's do this again sometime, Ambrosia."


"Alright, Have fun~"
Wink at him and leave.
I've heard there's a temple around here?


Raise my glass, then take a sip.
"To a good deal."


Creep inside checking my corners.
And keep my shield up eyes open.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I do have a little spare time on my hooves. I can hear you out at least." Sit down next to him and wait for him to speak.


Follow the motion of the other two.

"To a good relationship."


You clink your glasses.
"Ah yes one more thing, I'm afraid since I can't be involved with this in any way, I can't get you invitations to the party. But I'm sure that will be no problem for enterprising individuals as yourself."

You smell magic in the air.
The corridor is trapped, if you don't cross extremely carefully you might trigger it or you could find another way through without touching the floor.

"Well, I'm a wanted griffon. That slimy Yellowtooth has had a grudge with me for years. And now that he's Duke, he's doing a full search for me. He won't find me here, but in my haste to get here, I wasn't able to pick up some keepsakes from my home. If you'd retrieve it, I'd be very grateful."

There is.
You find it in the upper corridors behind the Barracks.
It's the same temple you fought Phantasm in long ago.
It seems to have been refurnished. Two small shrines to Luna and Celestia have been placed and a candle burns besides each of them.
Behind them hangs a painting.
It depicts Celestia and Luna and a number of ponies, clothed in ancient armor and cloth. There's an inscription underneath it.
In a corner of the temple you see another marvelous sight.
Carefully placed on an altar is a pot of Edenweiss. This delicate silvery sparkly flower is said to be the first species of flower Mother Nature created in the Beginning. These are very rare and an object of reverence for Nature worshippers.


Describe the room.


"Don't worry about that, I'm sure we can manage."


"All I need to know is how they look. Don't suppose you have one on you."


I gasp and slowly approach the flower, completely ignoring the other objects of worship present here. Figures the lordblades would have this flower for their own… It better be in good health.


"That sounds simple enough." I nod sympathetically. "Anything specific you miss?"


It's a corridor.
There is a red carpet on the stone floor and at the end is a wooden door, on both ends, left and right.
You notice a few chandeliers within reach of a jump.
If you rolled a 2d10 with a DC3 you'd be able to swing across.
There might be other options if you'd spot check.

"No, but I know that many Dukes and even some minor members of the Prince's Court such as Bright Light, an attache of Duke Infinite Justice, who has a home not far from here, have one."

It seems in prime condition. Somepony must be taking very good care of it. These things are very fragile.
The silvery leaves reflect the light and a sweet calming smell emanates from its stem.

"A necklace with a small circular plate with a name engraved on it. It would not be of much value to anyone. Yet some snitches of Yellowtooth might be waiting. If you go, please be very careful."


Spot check.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I see."


Close my eye and take a deep breath, basking in its glory for a while.

Once I'm satisfied, open my eye again and get up.
"Thanks for creating this place for us to hide, mother."
Wait… is Silver on my tail?


"I'll be subtle. Don't worry." give him a pat on the back and a knowing stare. "I'll get your necklace."


"Still, that shortens our list of who to visit."

Bright Light, Knowledge Check. Maybe I have something I can use to squeeze them out. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You take a look back in the room and you see a vent and it looks like it will lead straight to the left room!
Long live vents.

"At sunset, by the eastern gate of the Trotshild mansion. There will be a pony there to guide you in and out. Just do as he says and it will work out."

When you're in the hideout she walks around and does her own stuff.

"Thank you, Spruce."

You've seen him.
He's a twitchy paranoid guy. It will be hell to get close to him.


"Yep, where is your old place?"


Time to do the snake dance!
Into the vent!


Slutting it up, no doubt. I'll go find her, that lowly heathen whore.


"We'll make sure the deed is done."


Nod and memorize the details.



"At the edge of the Vulture District, it's called Germane alley. Third house. Fifth floor."

You wrestle your way through and as you get closer you hear the sound of lightning.
You peek through the vent bars and see the musician you helped earlier tied up on an iron table. There is all kinds of machinery around him, emitting lightning in the air.
An obviously irritated older pony sits by him.
It doesn't seem like the musician will last much longer.

"Good. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other matters that require my attention."
Timeskip to the Trotshild infiltration?


Any other ponies in there with him?
That's a sweet setup, I'd totally use it myself!



Roll #1 6 = 6



Let's. I'm ready to move on.


Nod. "See you soon Rustlefeather."
leave to see what's happening in that district.


Roll for luck.

No, he seems to be all alone.
The pony is not gonna hang on much longer. He's twitching and shaking.

You look around and see her on an overlook near the waterfall.
She's peeking towards the armory….and Morning Star.

The sun is setting, you've arrived at the eastern gate of the giant mansion of the Trotshilds. Here in the aurora district you'd almost forget you're in a desert. The gardens of the mansions are colorful and green, with beautiful fountains and statues everywhere. It's hard to believe that just down the hill there's ponies living in poverty.
There's a long guard reading the gazette at the gate.


'1d10' outlaws have good luck.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Drop in, action rescue.
Lifestream the old pony to his knees!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Hopefully this pony we are to meat doesn't believe in being fashionably late."


>lone guard



Pull her tail.


"Let's just be patient."


No trouble at all!
You make your way through the deteriorated building, kicking some junk out of the way.
You see that the door of Rustlefeathers appartment has been broken into.

You slam out and stream some life from the surprised pony before he can react.
Glee Hopper is close to death.

As you wait, you suddenly hear a whistle from a bit further in the plant wall.

She jumps up and turns around.
"What? What do you want? Are you crazy?"


fuck.. does it look recent? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"A little bit."
I smirk.
"Admiring the view, are we?"


A bit further up, or within the plant wall? Look around. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Send that streamed life to him and pull out the cables of this machine pronto.


Walk towards the sound calmly.


You bought yourself some time, he's still alive.
You have to roll to smash the machinery however.

You're quite certain this must have happened between now and the time Rustlefeather left his apartment.

The guard looks up.
"Hey, you two. Move along."
It's a bit further in the greenery.

A mare voice from the other side whispers.
"get in quick."
There's a small hole to squeeze through the greenery.

Roll to keep composure '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I don't know what you're talking about."


I'm getting too old for this shit…
Squeeze through.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Now or never."

Smile at the guard and follow the mare along.


'1d10' to break it and do less damage possible.
Unless he's tied to it with easily cuttable leather straps or rope, in which case I cut him free with my knife.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'm so smart. Stealth on '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I giggle.
"I saw you sneak peaking~"


You easily climb through.
There's an elderly mare there.
"Follow me and make no sound."
she leads you through the bushes to a servants entrance.
She opens it and walks in.

You get hit by a fireball from the older pony, interrupting your attempt to free Glee Hopper.
Glee Hopper is close to death.

You go in on the tip of your hooves.
Not very sneakily…but luckily no one is here.
The whole place is a mess. Somepony went through here, searching for something.

She glows a bit red.
"S-shut up."


Ignore old pony, free Glee.

Roll #1 9 = 9


What is inside the Servant area?


'1d10' well, look through what's left. maybe I'll see the necklace, or notice something important missing.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Alright alright, I'm sorry."
I chuckle a little.
"He might have noticed you sneaking in some glances too though."


Follow without a word.


With a hoof kick, you disable the machinery.
It's broke, but a good mechanic might be able to repair it.
The older pony strikes you with Lightning!

Wind 2/6

It's a small kitchen, richly stocked with all manner of vegetables. Some pans are cooking but nopony is here for some reason.
She leads you into a richely decorated corridor and opens a door.
Inside is a magnificent collection of armor and weapons and there it is, the Vilitian Collection, three old maps detailing the Oasis, the Desert and the city.
You may roll to grab one.
"Quick, I don't know when they'll be back."

Her ears perk up.
"You think so?!?"


You rummage through…this could take a while.


Jump on him with a hooffull of dark magic.
Lifestream from him to Glee.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


'1d10' what a mess, maybe It will help if I clean up while I go.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Grab the one with the Oasis.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Depends whether he's observant or not."


We need the Desert one, to properly track down that weapon. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You grab the desert and the oasis one
>one failed roll.
You hear hoofsteps.
The mare whispers "We have to get out now!"
You may roll a DC7 to grab the last map but you'll be discovered if you fail.
Otherwise you may automatically sneak out of here undetected.

Her tail droops.
"Oh…..crap, I'm such an idiot."

You find it!
Inbetween the rubble.
A cheap necklace with a plate, it is engraved with "Kifa".

You quickly sap the remaining energy from the elder pony, who collapses dead.
The renewed energy heals some of Glees wounds and he wakes up dazed.


"Welcome back to the land of the living."
Inspect the dead pony.


That was easy enough. Now to make my way back out of here.. anyone outside? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh don't get sad. He's a stallion, if he sees a mare checking him out and giving him the eyes that's going to stroke his ego."


I'll pass. I'm not exactly the sneakiest shiny pony.


I'm not as good with sneaking as I used to be.
Let's leave.


Time: Day 2 - Night
It is slowly becoming too late to start new things, finish up your assignments and prepare to go to bed in the Barracks or for those who have a house/mansion, there.

He's an older pony. He wears a white lab coat and goggles. He's wearing a necklace with the green mark of the Survivors.
Glee gets up and rubs his head.
"…what took you so long, brother?"

Except for some colts and fillies begging for change, not much.
Make your way back to the base and bring the necklace back to Rustlefeather?

She scrunches.
"That's not helping. I want him to…you know…talk to me or something…"

The mare sneaks you back to the hedge and makes sure you're out.
"Coin sends his regards."
Then the hedge grows to a close again.
Time to retreat to the hideout?


Take that necklace, I might need it.
"Didn't know you were gone. Why did they take you in?"
Okay, start checking up this place.

Roll #1 9 = 9


We have the target, we should return before anything happens to them.


yea, no need to keep the guy waiting.


Give Ruby the map.
"I've got some invitations to get."


"Well… at least you talk as partners already right? Or are you too flustered to even talk normally to him?"


"It's been a pleasure working with you so far. Let's keep it up until this whole thing is finished."


if you're talking about the exterminator plan, that will have to wait till next session, big boy.
Get yer butt to the hideout/home.



"Although, it is getting late… let's just get everything back to the others. And yes, let's hope things will turn out for the best from now."


You find Rustlefeather in the Barracks.
He claimed a bunk for his own.
"Spruce! I was hoping to see you before I went to bed. Any luck?"

You take the necklace.
Survivor of Lemuria necklace added to Inventory
The room is remarkably…sober. As is the whole house you saw, only the most necessary of appliances. There's a bunch of notes nearby.
And of course the infernal lightning machine you found Glee strapped on to.
You're pretty sure with some luck you can find a mechanic to fix it if you want it. Perhaps ask some of the locals as in those with Vilitian Sleeper Talent

"I don't know. There I was, performing my music for those freaks when suddenly all hell broke loose. That…thing just started moving on its own. Went up the stairs and blew everything up. I thought it was all over when one of those masked freaks grabbed me. They dragged me out of the house and their leader just looked at me behind that creepy mask. And then he just told them to do what they wanted with me."
His voice breaks.
"That guy, he took me here and…." He sniffles.
"I don't even know why, it was like he enjoyed it or something. He kept making notes…"

You make it back to the Hideout.
The Master is waiting.
"Ah, I've been waiting for you. Did the mission go as planned?"

"I've talked to him a few times…when I needed something from the armory at our headquarters…"


"Sounds romantic~
… Wait, aren't you his bladesister or something?"


Give him the necklace. "It was still in there. Your uh, friends, had already come and gone by the time I got there."


"All we had to do was ask. We've got a favor to repay though."


"We couldn't get the map of the City, just the other two. We know a good way in, if they didn't raise their guards if one of the sneakers wants to go back for that one."


"Strange. He must be a mind reader then. Or a partygoer."

The notes. Find them.


"There's nothing there that can lead them here. And there's nothing as important as this…"
He holds up the necklace.
"I'm deeply grateful, Spruce."
He holds his claw by his chest.

Dumb of me, I don't seem to have announced this one
Completed: 250P

They're right on the table.
They are scrabbled irrationally all over the place. Mentioning all kinds of chemicals and mental processes.
From what you can gather this pony was testing to "rewrite" the mind. Results were disappointing however as is appropriate from the many scraps and scribbles calling for a higher voltage.

"Thanks, brother…I think I owe you my life."

"mmmm, good to know. I'll investigate these maps and see what we can learn from it."

"What kind of favor?"

-Trotshild Cartel-
Completion: 500P
Diplomancers: 500P
Total: 1000P

"Bladesister or brother is how we refer to all of us, it doesn't refer to a specific partner."


"Embarassing a buffaloo at an upcoming banquet."


"…that for the maps? What's the twist?"


"No big, I do enjoy a little action from time to time."
Let's grab the notes and leave by the way I came.


"Nothing we can't handle. A bargain, in the end, I must say."


"Aw. So do the Immortals allow fuckery between its members?"


Nod. "I know what it is to need a friend."


"Gotta' get him thrown out. Something else might be up, but I don't know what yet."


As you leave the mansion, you split.
"Brother, come by the Party another time.
I'll tell you what I can about these..Survivors."

-The Last Laugh-
Complete: 250P

He nods.
"We griffons honor those who act with honor. Now, I'd like to be alone for a little why, mister Spruce. We shall meet again, I'm sure."

He nods.
"We'll deal with that is it comes. Give me a full briefing tomorrow.
Now, good job, both of you. Get some rest."
He leaves to his office with the maps.


"We do…but well…you know how I am with stallions!"


"I don't have to sleep here, do I? I prefer my own bed."


"Well, I'm not leaving for a while at least." Leave him be with his keepsake. wander the base a bit.


"No, you're free to leave. Be back here tomorrow. I'm sure Ruby will prefer to sleep at her place as well."


Nod at him before leaving, it's getting late. Time to return to base.


"You poor thing. Did you practice your smalltalk yet?"


"It's been nice working with all of you, but I must be leaving. Good night to all of you, but I doubt most of you will sleep."


"Will be. Good night, everyone."
Time to go home sweet home


She scrunches.
"I'm tired. I'll go to bed."
She quickly trots off.




"Goddammit Silver!"


It's entirely possible that I run across Ambrosia during the night at the hideout.


"Hello there, darling. Had a fun day at work?"


"Apart from getting beat up in the sewers, maybe."


"In the sewers huh? Hm… only two things living down there, rats and hobos. I doubt you got beat up by rats so… hobos?"


"They are left for the rats now."


"Fighting hobos is one thing. Fighting bugs will be a whole other bag of potatoes."


"I know bugs, yes. I know how they work."


"I doubt you've actually seen it with your own eyes."
I frown.
"Let me tell you this… Oasis? Pray you never have to witness it until the day we burn it to the ground."


"Believe me, I witnessed a thing or two during my life. I think I'll manage."


"As have I. But mark my words, the shit that's coming in the future? It's going to be unlike anything any of us have ever seen."


"If we can do it, it will be worth it in the end."


"Damn right it will be. These bugs are going to get a serving that's been a long time coming."


"You seem to hate them with a passion."


I smirk.
"You don't?"


"I'm in this mission, am I not?"


"Maybe you're just in it for the money. Or because you're in trouble."


"Do I look like the money seeker type to you?"


"Looks can be deceiving."


Raise an eyebrow.


"What? You don't agree?"


"I agree with the statement, yes."


"Clever jack."


"So are your looks decieving?"


"Well… what do my looks tell you?"


"That you're a scoundrel in it for the money.
Your attitude tells me you are in it because you despise changelings."


"Both are valid reasons, but don't cover the whole story. Even if I didn't hate changelings or didn't care about the money aspect, I'd still be here. You know why?"




"Because I follow the Master no matter what. This is his project and he believes in it, which is more than enough reason for me to do whatever I can to help him."


"Why do you trust him so?"


"He's our leader. That's all I have to say about that."


"That's not a lot."


"Buy me a few beers and I might tell you more."


"I was planning to just call it a day for today."


"Me too, but there's always another day."
I wink.


"We'll see how tomorrow goes, then."




Smile a bit.
"What about you, did you have any luck today?"


"Sure did. Brought in someone who can help us navigate some desert ruins."


"Let's hope he can use the maps we got."


"You got them maps? That's good to hear."


"We couldn't grab the map of the city, someone was coming, and I didn't want to turn it into a cleaning job."


"Who was with you again? That fancy thing?"


"Ruby, yes."


"She good?"


"She seemed very diplomatic."


"Well, I guess we need diplomacy too from time to time."


"They thought of everything with this operation, didn't they."


"There's a lot at stake, how could they not have?"


"I wonder why now, though."




Fate Points
Fate Points are points you can spend during a session to gain a temporary boost to your non-combat rolls. Everyone starts with 3 Fate Points. This is the max amount, you cannot spend P to gain more than 3. Fate Points regenerate after every session.

Spending Fate Points
The standard action, by spending a fate point you automatically gain a +3 to one non-combat roll in the turn.

Burning Fate Points
Burning a Fate Point means you discard the Point permanently. To do this you need an unspent Fate Point. Burning a Fate Point means you’ll automatically succeed your non-combat roll that turn.
To regain your Fate Point, you must spend P in the Armory.

Because instead of going to the next plot mission we do some more faff in Day 2, I have retconned the party to evening Day 2, don't be late!

-Invitation Only-

• Humiliate Many-Legged-Spider at the banquet at the Golden Hen on day 2
Given to: ALL
Given by: Hard Coin

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