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Wind Sound
Location: Ponai, Saddle-Arabia
The imam in the highest minaret calls the city to the mosques for prayer.
From all corners of the town they come. Highborn and lowborn. All together unified underneath one mosque.
Among them is one in particular, a fat merchant named Old Spice. A fat merchant, flanked by his 5 wives and carried by 4 zebra slaves. His servants throw bread into the masses and the crowd cheers. Old Spice, the great and generous.
Out of the shadows you watch, you know better. Your client told you what he did when nopony watched.
About the fillies that were brought to his chambers. The dead…
It is time to make him pay…
[You may kill him here, or stalk your prey.]

The merciless sun rises again upon Vilitus.
It has been 4 years since you were brought here. You have grown and seen many things.
You stare up. 4 years, and not a drop of rain the entire time.
You wipe the sweat of your brow and look down again.
You're way on top of the Clocktower in the Arachnia District.
Down there, after all this waiting you see him.
A green pony, unaware of your eyes, but he looks around nervously.
Your task is to find out where he is going and report back to base without him knowing.

Deep Root
You blink as your eyes get adjusted to the light. Slowly the memories come back to you.
You were walking in Los pegasus, stocking up on supplies when you got hit from behind.
Alas, a rookie mistake, it happens to the best of us. You try to move your hooves, you're bound. You blink again, there's somepony here…

The sun is rising again in Vilitus. It shines through your window in the Snake District, illuminating your organized bedroom. Your books, your drinks, your bed.
You rub your eyes, getting up isn't as easy as it used to be. Instinctively you check everything in the room. No, nothing moved, nopony has been here. If you had everything your way, you'd get a coffee before going to see your lovely niece. But in this business, time is always of the essence, always. Time to get to a scene, time to clean it up before anyone knows, time to check it out, time to get money. Time to get up, time to check the DragonFire.
The DragonFire is a brand new invention coming from Equestria, pioneered a few years ago, it allows direct communication through fires.

4 years.
4 years since you came to Vilitus, 4 years since you met Blood Diamond.
4 years since the Voice talked to you for the last time in the mirror.
4 years filled with intrigue, crime, romance and power.
Vilitus has proven to be quite the place and Blood Diamond more of a leader than you could have imagined.
You revealing to him the locations of his enemies has given you a permanent place in his entourage.
Today is a special day.
Today is the first time you'll go with him to the Council. A gathering of Dukes where the important topics of the town are discussed as well as grievances settled. The Council is held in the Red Tower under the leadership of the Prince.
Better get on your best dress.


Just another one into the grinder.

Guess I might as well make use of my elevated position to follow him by using the roofs. Roof to roof. Jump and jump.

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's going to be one of those days.
Take care of any bodily needs, get dressed, and check the DragonFire.


Mh… No. I shall enjoy this more. After all, I'm ready for this.
Creep through the shadows, slide inbetween the crowd.
Follow him.


It's easy by now really, after all this time you know every roof in this district by heart.
You hop skip and jump across as easily as a goat and observe him easily from the rooftops.
The prey is nervous, looking through the crowd for a pony that follows him.
Little does he know, the danger is right above him.
He enters an alley where an older pony is waiting for him.
This is unexpected. Perhaps something was seen after all, you better try to listen in on what they say.
Your eavesdrop attempt succeeds at DC2 because of your excellent position.

You open the small ball, inside flickers a green fire brightly, as you open it a partially scorched paper flies out of the fire.
You catch it.
It comes from the Goldfeather family.
Seems like one of their sons caused quite a ruckus last night, killed a mare in her own home for some reason.
They request an urgent cleaning before any other ponies show up.
The address is somewhere in the Arachnia district.

Playing it shall be, the crowd enters the mosque, will you go inside or wait for him to come out?


Perk my pony ears.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Inside. The places here are so filled with art, it'd be a shame not to take a loot at it.


No time for breakfast… definitely one of those days.
Start whistling as I get my stuff into a bag.
Any details on how he murdered her?
I hope he was clever enough to strangle her and not get blood everywhere.


You almost fell down, but manage to get in position unseen.
The green stallion trots to the older pony, nervously, opening his bag and gets out a large envelope.
"Were you followed?" whispers the older pony.
"I looked around, there was nopony." stammers the green one.
"Please, I did as you ask, here's the file on Plan F, let my family go, please…"
What the…this wasn't part of your briefing at all. You seem to have stumbled into something else.

The Mosque is grand and richly decorated. Paid by the generous donations of the believers, it's a miracle there's enough left after the clergy had its share to build it.
Light shines in from the top dome upon beautiful classic paintings and mosaics.
Your clothing is enough not to be noticed so far among the believers.
Your target is in the middle of the crowd, wurming his way to the front, as behoofs a stallion of his stature.
Inventory: Old Pendant of the Sun and Moon, Formal clothes, casual clothes, tools, basic amount of money, medical tools.

The note only mentions "with a bat."


That means some splatters of blood and, if I guess correctly, brains, are very likely.
Pack the proper chemical agents that will make those go away no problem.
Let's head out to the adress, no time to waste.


Fuck. Did I mess up? Or was our intel faulty?


Slide closer.
Much closer.
As close as I can get. In the meantime, look around for other routes to him, in case I were to fail the approach.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The stallion was definitely the one you needed to follow.
He's a lower employee of Golden Puzzle who has been acting strangely lately. Going out every morning to some hideout, who knows where.
The bureau suspected he was ratting us out to another gang.
This however…you've never heard of Plan R and you probably know as much about Golden Puzzles operations as he himself.
The stallions looks through the files.
"You did well, leaf, you did well."
"Now…my family, where are they?"
"Don't worry about that."
Lightning fast the old stallion grabs the green one in a headlock and, to your amazement, bites the stallion deeply in the neck, tearing it open.
Blood gushes down onto the street.

You arrive at the house, a nice place, not too far from Umbra Plaza. As you open up the place you see her laying in a pool of her own blood down some stairs.
You can immediately see she got bashed in the head with the bat laying right next to her.
You'll have to clean the stairs from top to bottom. You see from some leftover traces on the bathroom and door that Goldfeathers son sloppily washed his hooves and ran away.
As for why, you notice a struggle must have been going on between them.
From her belly you can see she was pregnant. Perhaps an unwanted pregnancy? Goldfeathers son probably saw no way out and killed her.

The imam has started the prayer.
The hundreds of arabians kneeling at once and getting up singing their praises to the Stallion in the Sun.
Nopony notices that every time they go down and up, you get up a bit closer. Spice doesn't even bother kneeling, letting his zebra slaves do it for him.
As you come closer, you can almost see his death already, but something seems off, you spot around.
There's another pony moving towards him, as silent as you, and he's closer already.


Keep up.
Stop a breath's short, waiting to see what he does.



Really not sure if I should mess with this guy. What are my orders in a situation like this?


I ought to go over there and beat him up for good measure too.
Lock the door from the inside.
First thing first, let's get a nice black bag for her corpse so she won't spill any more blood than I have to clean up.


2 zebras stop him.
But he suddenly spreads open his cloak to reveal he's strapped with pots of gunpowder.
You look up as you hear a window shatter.
3 fireballs have flown through and go straight for the pony with the pots.

You don't really have specific orders for what to do in case of somepony tearing out the neck of your target with his bare teeth, but you do imagine the master asking just why the hell you didn't get those files, should you come back like this.
The pony is walking away, you need something, either the files, an address to find him, or him.

She packed in.
Time to get cleaning man


Damn fool.
I'd buy him a drink if he survived.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I was wondering whether it'd be better to know where this guy comes from or to kill him and take the files straight away.

I think I'll just go in for the kill. Or at least distract him enough so I can steal those files. Jump him, Rupture.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Oh well.
Start whistling a tune and get some gloves and a mask on.
Find a bucket and a mop, and clean up any pools of blood that I can find, to get the brunt of it. After that is done, chuck that into a drain, and put the mophead in a hazard bag. Break the bat in two, and put it in the same bag with the mop.
Then get a rag and tediously clean every little speck of blood that I can find with the chemical agents I brought. Put some wood-care product on the steps of the stairs, in case the wood soaked in some of it, to remove the traces.
Next up, use another rag to clean any spots in the bathroom. From the floor, from the sink, from the handle of the tap, everything.
Now it should be just the body in the bag and the evidence in another bag.


The third option was just pickpocketing the files without killing him, not that it matters now. You drop down, intent on jumping on top of him and slashing his throat in one swoop.
Right as you're about to hit him, he quickly perks up grabs your leg out of the air and slams you into the ground.
Before you can even recover from the shock you see razor sharp teeth going for your neck.

You quickly jump over the panicking crowd through a window. At the last moment you look back to see the arabian pushing the flabbergasted zebra aside and grabbing Spice. Holding the panicked Spice, the next second the fireballs hit the pots and explode. You rub your head as the mosque is a pile of rubble and smoke.
You suppose that clears the contract.
You could go get your share, or your curiosity might be piqued and you want to know more.
Somepony had to fire the fireballs inside, somepony who can't be too far away.

As you grab her body, you notice something odd on her neck. A green mark of a mosquito with a large eye.
Oh fuck, she's one of the Changeling collaborators. Their pony eyes within the city.
Which means…
You hear somepony coming towards the door.


Let's Escape Artist out of harm's way.
"No kisses on the first date, sorry."


Fireballs travel in a straight path.
Ditch my disguise and rush for the direction the fireballs came from.


Put the hazard bag in the bag with my stuff, pick up her body, and drag it down to the basement, quickly. Then run back up and into the bathroom. Start picking apart the underside of the sink.


He growls and prepares to attack.

Tracking the fireballs is not hard.
You see a pony crossing the rooftops in the distance, running away.
Roll a 3d10 to intercept.

When the lock finally gets smashed you're in position underneath the sink. Ready to start your roll you're greeted with an envelope attached underneath the sink.
It is sealed.
You hear hoofsteps entering the bathroom.
A stallion clears his throat.


Time to go rooftop from rooftop.
Oh yes, this is gonna be fun.

Roll #1 1, 5, 6 = 12


Try to blind him with some pocket sand.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shit, what is that doing here?
Slip it away, but come out from under the sink.


She rounds a corner and as you look, you don't see her anymore.
Look around for clues.

Success. +2 for all rolls against him next turn.

2 stallions in guard uniform stand there, looking down on you.
"Where's the mare?" says one.


Ah, a she.
I like this already.
Sniff the air, this might be fun.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Time to hack and slash then. Show him that my knives are just as sharp as his teeth.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"How should I know, she didn't tell me about her day, she told me to fix these pipes."
Con Artist.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Fix the pipes? What's wrong with the pipes?" snarls one.

You unsheath your knives and slash him a few times across the face before plunging it into his stomach.
He groans in pain before pushing the blade out and growling for another attack.

You smell…a perfume.
Somepony has been here.
She has been near this wall.
Roll to discover possible hidden door.



Tip tap around with a smile on my face and tap the walls.
And one, and two, and three!

Roll #1 4 = 4


After some searching, you find the HIDDEN SWITCH


Let's go for another Rupture then.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"They were clogged.Somepony wasn't taught to not let her hair get down the drain."


You duck away from his fangs and with one cut slice open his leg.
He collapses on the ground, writhing in pain.

"Come down from under there for a second."


Nimbly take the documents off his person.
"Thank you very much. See? I can be polite!"


Get out and stand up facing them, wiping my hooves with a rag.


He growls and suddenly

Roll reflexive dodge.


Dodgy ponoe.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ah. Most interesting.
Knock knock on it, and slide inside.


Groan and look up at the pony with me. What is it now?


Their eyes suddenly grow green for a second, before turning normal.
"Now that you know the situation you're in, I'll ask you again, cleaner.
Where is the mare?
And did you find any documents while cleaning around here?"
The other hisses.
"It would be very unwise for you to lie to us. To lie to the Hive."

As you grab the documents, the pony jumps up with surprising speed, launching his fangs for your throat, but stopping mere inches from it.
Somepony threw a rope right around his neck, leashing him.
You look up to see Sickle on a rooftop holding the rope. She ties it around a pole and then jumps down holding the rope.
As she flies down, the murderous pony gets strung up at the side of the building, gasping for air.
Silver pays little attention to it.
"Ambrosia, what would you do without me?" She grins.

Roll for perception.

"Wakey, wakey, Root."
An big griffon grins.
"Still alive? Good, the reward for that head of yours is way higher that way."
You're in a smoky, deserted bar.
A griffon with an eyepatch and 2 diamond dogs wearing fedoras and smoking cigars stand next to him.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Watch them boredly as they talk, I'm not that easy to intimidate.
Easy, I won't lie.
"As you can see, she's not here."


"Hmm. And it takes all three of you to collect it?"
'1d10' spot check.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"… I had it under control. Totally."


"Of course you had." she smirks and looks up to the still struggling pony.
"What was up with him anyway?"

You seem to be in a hangar/dock. Racks filled with goods from all over the world. You hear the gentle rocking of water against stone. In the middle of the hangar is an indoor dock, blocked by a giant gate.
There's a small ship in the dock.
You're on top of one of the large shelves where they store boxes of goods.
Clearly you didn't use the main entrance.
Next to you, you notice somepony put a cloak and weapon.
From the scent you assume it must belong to the mare. You must have interrupted her, but where…
Suddenly you feel something crash down on top of you.
"DIE." the mare stabs a knife right in your back.
Your vision goes black as the mare scoffs at you.
You see the familiar visions. Floating in a pool, you see thousands of other ponies with you, seemingly asleep.
You drift further towards a pony among them.
It is you!
He wakes.

You wake up again, your wounds healed.
You hear a mare talking in the middle of the hangar.
Seems like she just left you here for dead.

They look irritated.
"You won't mind if we take a look around then?"
Without waiting, one of them moves out of the room, the other stays with you.

"Just keep yapping, Root.
You messed with the wrong pony when you killed that merchant. Anypony from here to Manehattan is after you. Too bad for them, we got you first."
They snicker.
Your bonds are very loose, if you made it dark you could probably slip out easily.


Keep calm. I've cleaned up nicely.
"It's not my house, go ahead.


"No idea… he has got some sharp teeth though. Killed a pony I was shadowing with them, goddamn freak. Guess we ought to bring him in for interrogation."


Good but not yet.. "So, you had a sweet deal with that guy or something? We have time. Why not tell me about exactly what I messed up for you?"


How uncout.
Stand up and slide into the shadows, spying on her.


After a while, the other comes back.
"We'll be watching you, scum."
They leave.

"Seems like it's a bit too late for that."
The pony hangs lifeless on the rope.
Then a green flash and he changes into a changeling.
Silvers mouth falls open.

"Your head is worth money. That's enough for us. Now shut up before I decide to carve my initials into your chest. Not like the mob will care about a little damage to you."

The mare: "..target. There won't be any witnesses sir. All of them taken care off."
A stallion near her.
"And a motive?"
"The suicide pony was one of the desert ponies from the eastern region. They've been causing trouble for months. The authorities will assume it was simply another attack and will focus retaliation upon the desert ponies."


"… Fuck. Of course it was a bug. This is bad news."


Allow the slightest hint of a smile to creep on my face.
"Good day to you too."


Once they are gone completely, check that envelope too


I spy with my little eye…
This stallion she's talking to.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Give him a silent glare.
Cast night '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"They'll know…oh fuck they'll know..they'll know it was me. FUCK YOU AMBROSIA. How do you get into this shit."
She immediately starts climbing towards the rooftops.

It is all gibberish to you.
The document seems to be encrypted.
Still if the bugs are looking for it, it must be important, and dangerous to carry.

He's another saddle arabian, older, with a black beard.
"You did well. As promised, here's the other half of your fee."
With a flip of his hoof a goat with a collar comes from the boat with a chest.
The mare inspects it, the grin on her face suggesting she's happy with what she sees. "Pleasure doing business, as always."

The entire room darkens.
You slip out of your binds easily, bash the head of the griffon into the table that bound you.
His companions are helplessly looking for light.
Any attacks against them are now +1 for the next 3 turns.


"They won't know shit! Where are you going?"
He's definitely dead right?


'1d10+1' back stab a diamond dog.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


I'll have to hide it well then.
And get it cracked.
Let's take care of the body for good, and double check that I didn't miss any spots.


"Hivemind, you dumb bitch. I'm surprised they're not swarming us already!"
She disappears over the rooftops.
Yes, he's definitely dead.

You grab one silently, blocking his mouth, slipping a knife between his ribs, while whisper shhh in his ears.
He's helpless.

Spotless, cleaner.


Lie in wait.


I have the documents right?
Time to bail then.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Let's grab my stuff and head back home.
Do I know anyone who can be trusted and knows codes well, or will I have to try my hoof at this myself?


Well, now I should be able to just leave. Even if thst other guy does want to follow he is just one.. Find the door. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Now, I have to be going."
The Saddle-Arabian stallion goes on the boat.
And the gate slowly opens.
The mare finishes up the chest and starts walking towards the exit.

You climb up the rooftops and spare a glance towards Red Tower, the heart of the Changelings in the city. It is calm it seems. You expected it to be buzzing with bugs right now.

Not personally, but you know somepony who might know.
Nightshade, she works for one of those spy groups in the Feline District.
Her favorite bar is the Leaking Book in the Vulture District.

Easy peasy.
You open the door.
The beautiful sunlight washes in.
You see the beautiful buildings of Los Pegasus…
And a carriage with 4 ponies coming out of them.
They look surprised at you, then start reaching for guns.


Wait for the mare to pass my way and ambush her.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Great.." '1d10' stealth I don't want to fight every pony on the street.

Roll #1 10 = 10


… Weird. Maybe this guy is a rogue. Or maybe they've set up a goddamn trap.
I can't go back to base.
But I have to.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Looks like I'll have pay her a visit.
Once home, burn the evidence in the furnace.
Then pack my stuff away and leave.
Buy today's newspaper, buy breakfast, sit down on a bench, put my glasses on, and start reading and eating.
If there are some past clients in there as 'missing persons', then I did a good job. If something else, give it some further read.


You grab her from the shadows, but she's fast and slams you back with the chest she carries.
As you step out of the shadows, she turns pale.
"You're not dead?!?"
+1 because SURPRISE

You immediately slam the door.
The ponies start shooting through it and ramming the door.
You quickly slip upstairs and climb through the window outside.
Beneath you, you see them getting in and shooting around. Your night spell probably lured them into a fight with the one remaining dog.
You drop back on the ground a few streets ahead. Perhaps it is time to leave this town.

You sneakily make your way back to base and immediately report to the Master.
He's not alone in his office.
Next to him, leaning against the wall is Whisper.
And on the cushions in front of him, you recognize Phantasm, it's been a while.

The Master looks up.
"Echo, report." he says calmly.

There are a few missing persons you cleaned away.
Other headlines include
>religious tensions in the Scarab District rise
>another graverobbing in the Skull District
>the latest pics of the Marvelous Mares, a local group of models.



Clearly I'm not welcome. Hit the road then. Headed for anywhere but here.


Smirk, and answer in a sweet, but guttural voice.
"Not quite."

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


I gulp.
"The target I was shadowing is dead. He gave some documents to another pony before the latter killed him."
Take out the documents and place them on the desk.
"I went in to attack the pony and retrieve the documents, Silver Sickle helped me out. Only… that pony wasn't a pony, but a changeling infiltrator. A… dead changeling infiltrator."


Let's read the headline news, just to be up to date.


You go for the train station and board the next station out of here.
You sit down in your seat and a cherry red mare comes sit across you.
"My, what a busy day."

She sinks through her knees as you sap her life directly from her.

There is a silence.
"Whisper." says the Master.
Whisper stands in attention.
"You, Ambrosia and Phantasm take the new tunnel out of here to the hideout.
Stay put until I get there. Take those documents with you. I have some ponies to talk to."
He nods.
Phantasm gets up as well.
Whisper nods to you to follow him as he leaves the office.

Which topic?


Take out my knife and give it a lick before running it along her neck.
"Who are you, pretty thing?"


The first two.
I've grown out of oogling photos of models.


Dammit… Hang my head low and follow Whisp.


Stare at her a moment. Do I know her? '1d10'
"Oh? Doing some trading miss?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


She gulps.
"I'm nopony, just a hired spell."

>religious tensions in the Scarab District rise
It seems there has been another clash between the Celestials and the Tirekians.
After the destruction of the Tirekian shrine a few years ago by a neighponese monk, the Tirekians have been getting increasingly more hostile. Duke Infinite Justice assures he's handling the situation.

You 3 go down to the cellar and enter a tunnel.
You've heard the Bureau has been working on getting a direct line to the hideout in the park. Seems it is finally finished.
Whisper looks at you.
"What happened?"

You recognize the small insignia, she's one of the Lordblades.
She smiles as she sees what you're looking at.
"You could say I'm a trader. And I've got a good deal for you, why don't we discuss it in my private cabin?"


"I just told you. I messed up."


And the graverobbings?


Cut her slightly, grin growing wider.
"The reason, my dear.
The reason."


"I don't like to trade with ponies I don't know."


"That's not like you at all."

It seems another grave has bee found empty in the skull district.
This is the third one in 2 weeks.
The keepers there are offering a rewards for anypony with information.

She shrieks.
"I don't know why.
This guy wanted to me to kill that guy in the mosque. Clean and simple. He works for one of the northern clans, the ones on the borders of Vilitus. I don't know why."

Your info page says you're already working together with the Lordblades at this point, so the insignia might give it away that this is not just a business deal.
If not, you can be recruited now, which will it be?


That might sound like some extra profits if I'm ever around.
Anyway, roll the newspaper up, put it away, and head to the Leaking Book.


oh. Since you were mentioning the merchant from my sheet I thought it was before they recruited him. Since lordblades would help him out with not being hunted?
Either way I will follow her.


"Look… I couldn't let him get away with the documents. I should have tried to just pickpocket them, but the guy was giving me the creeps, so I went in for a direct confrontation and use the element of surprise. Which… kinda worked. Until it turned out he was a bug…"
I sigh.
"I'm so sorry. I fucking messed up big time."


Raise a brow.
"Vilitus, that's a far away place."


Let's go with being hired now then.
You go to a more private cabin.
She picks up a file from a bag.
"You took care of those thugs in Los Pegasus with ease. I'm impressed."

You see Nightshade sitting in a corner, reading the newspaper.

"Yeah, let's hope those documents reveal something. With a little luck, this mishap might turn in our favor. Given what we've been discussing earlier."
He nods to Phantasm.

"Look, I can tell you something more, but take that knife of me…"


"What? discussing what?"
"You know, one thing I noticed is that the bugs weren't swarming me the moment he was dead."


"They were not very smart." Eye the file '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I guess it's just fair.
A favor for a favor."
Slide the knife away.


Order a coffee, then sit down across her.


"Yes, that's peculiar. But I think I better wait to tell you until the Master is back."
You arrive at the old hideout.
It still looks as deserted as ever. But you see a large amount of boxes.
"We're going to renovate this place." says Whisper.

It has your name on it.
"Mister Root, I represent a group who has its eyes on you for quite some time. We'd like to hire your talents for a job.
However, the nature of this job is classified, I cannot tell you more details until you accept.
I can tell you, that you'd be serving the Court of Canterlot itself and you'll be rewarded amply for the risks."

She stands back up and grabs the chest.
"I always try to find out more about the ponies I work for.
The one I killed, that pig? There have been rumors that he's been pushing for a renewed campaign against Vilitus recently. Against the Triumvirate."
She licks her lips.
"The northern clans, some of them work together with the Triumvirate, you see what I'm getting at here?"

She looks up and then smiles.
"Melville, I haven't seen you for too long."


Smile back.
"Hey there. You didn't miss out on much with that, did you?"


"I see. Could the royal court do anything about those lovely posters of myself?"


Give him a weak smile.
"Slap a bit of paint on it and call it a day?"


"As if it never happened."

"Ah you know I'm always happy to see you.
How's the business?"

He smiles.
"Not us, silly. We've got dependable ponies to do the heavy lifting. I mean we as in the Bureau."
Phantasm speaks up.
"The Lordblades have decided the Triumvirate must be exterminated."


Snap my attention to the illusionist whore.


Nod firmly.
"Alright. What's the job."


"You know that as long as people are stupid, I will always have a job and I'm pretty sure you can't cure stupid."


"Now, if any of what I am about to tell you leaves this room, nopony will ever see you again.
I represent the Lordblades. You might have heard of us before?"

"The Lordblades will exterminate the Triumvirate." she repeats and goes sit down on one of the boxes.
"That's why I am here.
As we speak, we are gathering an elite team from our allies. Very soon they will arrive here. By that time, we're hoping to use this place as a base of operations.
The Master has already given his support. Lord Puzzle as well, in return for some assurances.
We were hoping you and Whisper would give your support as well.
But this is a voluntary operation, you are free to decline.
If you decide to join, upon success you will be given Equestrian citizenship and a royal sum of gold for your efforts."

"You can't. What brings you here, Mel? This isn't your favorite hangout."


"It's a work thing. I found something that some friends were looking for, but I can't crack it."


Nod slowly. "I have heard the name."


Sit down to let that sink in for a moment.
"You're asking me to join in a plot that involves fighting the combined changeling forces from three different hives alongside some psychopaths from Equestria and the Master…"
Glance over at Whisper, then back at her with a small grin.
"Are you kidding? I'm right behind you."


She takes a sip of tea.
"Hmm, mind if I take a look at it?"

"No doubt in whispers and rumors. But the Lordblades are quite real.
I cannot tell you much more.
We are currently in the final stages of planning an operation.
Have you heard of Vilitus by any chance?"

"Good. Good." you hear the Master saying from behind you.
He comes out of the tunnel.
Together with an angry looking Silver Sickle and an arabian stallion you've never seen before, but from his clothing you can make out he must be another Immortal, probably high ranking.


Take it out of my bag, folded in the newspaper.
Put the newspaper on the table and slide it over.


"That's a city? North of here I believe."


Oh she's going to make me pay for what happened earlier, I can tell.
"That was quick."


She glances over it.
"I can take this to somepony who could crack it."

"To the south actually, near the borders with Saddle-Arabia.
It is a pony city ruled by changelings. A veritable hive for scum and villainy.
For centuries, it has been a torn in the eye of Canterlot.
Now, we feel the time has come to pull it out."

"As I was walking out, I came across these fine saddle-arabians here. And they told me what I needed to know."
The Master goes to sit down on one of the boxes.
"The Red Tower has no sign of increased activity. This is highly unusual, as the Changelings are known to react with extreme force to any killing of their own kind. This leads me to believe there can only be one conclusion."
The saddle arabian stallion speaks up.
"The Changeling must have been doing something for his Queen that the other Queens have no knowledge of. The Triumvirate openly moves together. If there is no response, that must mean one of the Hives does not want the others to know about it."
Phantasm nods "Thus, a power play."


"How much?"


"So… I'm not as fucked as I was five minutes ago?"


"..I see and the mysterious lordblades think I'm the stallion with the answer?"


"The usual. If you're short for money however, I might have a proposal that might interest you.
It requires the most skilled and more importantly trustworthy ponies in equestria."

The Master nods.
"This one hive, whichever it was, will cover up her tracks, for now. But they know it was you, they know it was Silver. They'll make their move once they feel comfortable they won't alert the other Hives. I'd say, for the moment you'll be safe, but watch your back.
Changelings always want revenge."
The saddle-arabian speaks up.
"That brings me to our dilemma. The actions of Echo, and Silver have dragged the Immortals into this mess."

"We believe you would be a valuable addition to the team there."


"I'm listening."


"Not here. Do you know somewhere more private?"


"Uh… yes, sorry for that. I didn't do that on purpose."


"There's always my house."


"Is that what your file says? Or what you say?"


"Oh my, isn't it a bit early to bring me home yet? We haven't even had dinner." she laughs.

"It is what my superiors believe. Are you saying they are wrong?"

"Apologies will not turn back time."
He grins at the Master.
"But we have discussed a fitting punishment."
The Master grins as well.
"Indeed, one that satisfies both parties."
The Master turns to you.
"We have decided that you will for the duration of this mission be partnered up with Sickle instead of Whisper."
Sickle looks like she's on a spot reserved for people in a really good mood.


Chuckle amusedly.
"If you know any place that's safer, just say it, and I will prove you wrong."


"Oh… that's… not actually a big deal at all for me. Heck, I'm so used to going solo that having a partner for once is actually a bonus! Cheer up, Silver!"


"No. I just like to know who is on my side." Give her a small smile. "I am a fine team player I assure you. Can't say I have ever faced a changeling but how different can it really be?"


"It will do nicely."

"We figured that you two seem so good at making trouble that you'll work well together."
Brotherhood acquired

The Master stands up.
"This hideout will be transformed in the weeks to come to a base of operations for this mission.
We will sleep here, eat here, work here.
Tunnels have been planned to the sewer networks so we can access this place from anywhere in the city.
This must be complete within two weeks, when the first agents make their way here.
At that point, Phantasm and I will brief you on the next stage of our plan."


"They are a unique enemy. We will give you a file on what we know about them. It should provide good reading material while you're on your way to Vanhoover."


"Hmm will I be meeting someone there?"


Finish my coffee and stand up.
Pay for whatever she had, too.


I wink at Silver cheekily.

"Sounds fair enough. I'll be behind you 100% the entire way, you can count on that."


"The captain of the Second Wind, the boat that will sneak you into Vilitus."

You arrive back home.
"So, where should I start?"

The Master looks up.
"Good, now I need to discuss some things with the Immortals. Dismissed."

Ambrosia is free to faff.


"The wine is in the kitchen and the bedroom is down the hall."
Look dead serious.
She started it, after all.


"Second Wind." Nod to her. "Anything else I should know right now?"


Dismiss myself.
"Now Silver, before you start hitting me… I'm very sorry. My stupidity was entirely to blame."


She slaps you '1d10'
"Damn right this is your fault. Why do I keep helping you? You always get me into shit."

She hoofs you a file.
"This is all we know on the Changelings there. I suggest you read it."
This is a file I'm still writing and will be available to everyone.

She laughs.
"Well some wine wouldn't hurt. But I'm here to discuss business as well."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Chuckle again, then shake my head.
Get us both a small glass of it, then sit down.
"So, what would be the job?"


Rub my cheek.
"Because we're… friends? I'd do the same for you in a heartbeat."


"Its a long train ride anyway." Accept the file.


"Mel, how do you feel about Vilitus?
Do you want to spend the rest of your life here? Or if you'd be given the chance to move you and your family someplace safer, would you take it?"

She stomps her hoof.
"Oh…you dumb cunt. Of course, because we're friends. And now I'm dragged into this whole shit. Fighting the Triumvirate? We're all going to be toast."

This ends your prelude.
I can give you some quick details on Vilitus if you'd like, or you can wait till the actual quest starts.
Or do you want to play out shipping into Vanhoover?


"I wish my family could move, but I don't think there is any place in this world that could give me as many jobs than this place."


"Or… we'll make it through this and have one heck of a story to tell afterwards. Let's not be pessimistic here."


"This job could give you enough money for a long time. And when it happens, Vilitus might not be the best place in the world for these kinds of jobs anyway."

She glares at you.
Then smirks.
"You silly cunt, well if I'm going to die, it might as well be like this."


Raise a brow.
"How's that possible?"


"Look, we already lived through fighting against a lordblade… this time we'll have a whole bunch of people on our side too!"


I think I will ask for details later/ when the main story is closer. Thanks for fun prelude!


She takes a sip from her wine.
"Equestria is fed up with the Triumvirate.
They are coming here."

"I don't like those Lordblades."
She looks at Phantasm.
"Especially not her."


"I didn't think they cared."


"Me neither, but my hatred for those damn bugs… yeah, way more intense. I'm going to enjoy every second of killing them."


"I know. I didn't believe it myself, but they're serious."
She stops and leans over.
"They're sending in the Lordblades."

"…..I need a drink."


"you know I've been reading about you Saddle-Arabians lately… pretty interesting stuff I discovered."
I snicker.
"But alright, I'd like one too actually."


Take a long sip of my wine.
Enjoy the lingering taste for a few seconds.
Take a long breath, too.
Then answer.
"Well now. The Lordblades?"


She raises a brow.
"What are you talking about?"

"The one and only. We fought one some time ago. I have to admit, they're quite impressive. Maybe even you would have trouble identifying a crime they did."


"I'll tell you about it when you're less angry."


"That good? What are they planning, anyway? The Triumvirate are not criminal lords. Nopony to bribe, no sleeping sentries, no easy ways to bypass everything."


She gets up right to your nuzzle, looking in your eyes.
"Perfectly. Calm."

"That's why they're planning to kill them."


Chuckle and shake my head.
"You think the Triumvirate will ask me to take care of the bodies then?"


Carefully push her back slightly.
"Personal space please."


"I was thinking you might want to help us."

"Liquor. Now."


"You got some with you? I sure don't."


"Excuse you?"


"You heard your Master. There shouldn't be any Changelings out there after us.
I'm not spending the rest of my life in here, and if they do happen to be out there, I want to take you with me when they tear us apart."

"I believe it will work. And they do pay well.
You might move your family to a quiet life.
In Equestria."


"Alright, alright. Any bars you have in mind?"


"I might need more intel on this before risking my neck to go up against the Triumvirate."


"The usual place?"

"I don't know the entire plan myself, but I heard they're shipping in ponies from all over the world to put together a team."


"Sure, why not? Let's go then."


"The best of the best? An A-Team of bug killing?"


You climb out the sewers and go to the Sour Spittoon. It takes you right near Red Tower, and no, no Changelings seem to be after you.
You sit down.
Silver immediately orders a triple maelish whisky.
"Oh god…..I'm going to die…"

"That's not all.
The boss told me that the reason the Lordblades are coming now, is that they have some kind of secret weapon."


"A secret weapon, huh… they got it all figured out, or so they think."


Roll my eyes.
"No you won't, fucking calm down. As long as we've got each other's backs, we'll make it through."


"They could use somepony like you. To make sure they get it figured out."

She orders another one.
"I wish I had more time….I should do the things I always wanted to do, while I still can."


"You know what you are asking of me, don't you? I can help, but I have to know I'm not just putting my head on the line for an elaborate suicide attempt."


I frown and grab her.
"Would you shut up? Don't you trust me at all? I know I fucked up earlier, but that can happen to everyone. You can be damn sure I'm not going to let any of my friends die. I've lost too many already."


"I know."
She drinks another glass of wine.
"But think about it, Mel. We all know what happens at the oasis. Nopony talks about it, but we all know."

"I trust you, it's those Lordblades I don't trust."


"The master's one of them, they can't all be bad. If he's behind this plan and thinks it'll work, I fucking believe him."


Swish the wine around, then finish my glass.
"I suppose I can think about it. Feel free to convince me with any details that assure this won't be a fluke."


She drinks another glass and then looks toward the bartender with glazy eyes.

"You know what, we'll meet in a few weeks, why don't you come around then? I'll have those papers translated as well by then."


"What? What are you thinking?"


"Sounds good."


"I'm thinking that if I'm going to die in a few weeks, I should get some stuff of my checklist."

"Now then, weren't you going to show me your bedroom?"


"I didn't think I gave you that much wine."


Smack her.
"You are not going to fucking die on me. If you dare, I'm going to find a necromancer and haul you back to this world and beat your ass. Stop freaking out and pull yourself together. Are you an immortal or are you a scared little filly?"


"Who says I need to be drunk?" She slides her tongue over her lips.

She looks at you.
"Ambrosia, I need to tell you something. But I swear if you tell anypony, I'll rip your tongue out."


Let out a deep sigh and rub the bridge of my nose.
"Fine, say it. What is it? What's bugging you?"


Smile a bit.
"My mirror."
Chuckle and finish off whatever wine I last had in that glass.


She motions you to lean over.

She pouts.
"You're too serious, Mel."


"Just responsible. Then again, you're one of the few people I can trust the most."


Lean in.


She whispers in your ear.
"I've never had a special somepony."

She smiles and finishes her glass.
"You're a good stallion, you know that Mel?"


Contain laughter at all cost.
"… You're messing with me."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Smile back.
"Not according to my ex."


A little snicker escapes your lips.
She glares at you.
"That's really funny to you isn't it?"

"Her loss."


"That's what I say too. At least I can clean up my own mess, right?"


Bite my lower lip and shake my head.
"Come on… not even a crush?"


"That's your specialty."

"I promised myself I'd wait, until I found somepony good, and we were married."


"What do you think my cutie mark would be if I was a pony?"


"Well… I can respect that. Not something I'd do, but still."
I smirk.
"Hard to believe you haven't found somepony yet though. I mean I'm no stallion, but… damn. If I can do it, why the heck shouldn't you?"


"That bald pony from those Mister clean posters."
She laughs.

"I dunno. Maybe I'm just too ugly or something. Or maybe ponies hate arabian mares."


Roll my eyes.
"Listen to her, ugly she says. Hell. Stallions from back home and Equestria love your kind because you're so exotic."


Cross my forehooves like that mascot.
Hum the jangle.
"Melville gets rid of dirt and grime
And grease in just a minute
Melville will clean your whole house
And everything that's in it!


She starts laughing.

She perks her ears.


"Don't act like you don't know! The signature sleek legs and the accent and stuff! Same goes for those Neighponese mares."


I chuckle as well.
"I can tell why you'd see a similarity."


"You clean even better than Mr Clean however."

"Well maybe I want somepony who loves me for who I am and not my sleek legs."


"You're just flattering me now."


"Let's not start the 'looks don't matter' bullshit, because they do. That's how you catch their attention. Come for the looks, stay for the pony. I'm not saying it's always that simple, but if you can catch their eye, that's a start. The rest is up to you, to make sure they don't just want a quick fuck before moving on. Play hard to get."


"Am I?"

"I don't know. I heard you know when you meet the right pony."


"You're not?"


"Nopony's going to be perfect. Just find someone you feel good around. I almost feel good enough around Whisper to start spontaneously panting."
I smirk.


"I think you're the best cleaner in town. And that's saying something."

"Hmmmmm. So how do I start this?"


"Any immortals you fancy?"


"Couldn't do it without your help. Your little health-drops got me through some of those discreet days."


"Well, maybe…but now I'm the laughing stock because I killed a bug."

"Always, you know I'm the best."


Recline in my seat.
"Guess we are just the best of Vilitus. Should publish a yearbook. Have contract of any good editors?"


"They won't be laughing when we're done with this mission. I can tell you that much."


"The ones who do the paper? You know their adress?"

"Still….so how do you attract their attention?"


"How hard could it be for us to find out?"


"If they don't come to you, you have to come onto them. I don't know how the whole courting stuff works for you guys, because I've heard stories of mares being stoned to death for showing part of their coats, but… if you show interest, and they're interested too… that'll be a good start. Be bold if you have to. I sure was with Whisp."


"Sounds like a plan. A stupid plan, but a plan."

"I'm not sure arabian stallions like that."


"Would make a great headline, wouldn't it? 'We make crimes disappear, totally legally!'"


"Their loss then, those insecure fucks. Try Equestrians, if you don't mind copulating with infidels."
I snicker.
"You know one thing I did read was that young Arabian mares often go for anal when they're not married yet. To keep their 'virginity' intact."


"That's not so impressive. There aren't many laws in Vilitus. More like "without a trace."

"Well those mares are stupid. Why would anypony put it in there is beyond me."


"What about 'Even you won't know you did it!' You could get some amnesia-potions rolling with it."


I laugh.
"You're adorable, Silver."


"I read a story about that once. Quite confusing, since it was written in reverse."

"Why? Don't tell me you would allow Whisper to stick his dick up your butt?"


"That's not it… I'm just surprised you didn't lash out at me for saying that."


"Do tell."


"….I must be getting soft on you."
She looks at the drinks.
"Probably the alcohol. "
Then she looks back.
"And you didn't answer my question, I'm curious!"

"Well it was about this stallion who tried to avenge the murder of his wife, but he couldn't remember anything he did. And the story started with the conclusion, and then went back to what happened before, so the beginning became the conclusion."


"That does sound confusing. Did he get his revenge?"


I smirk.
"Which one?"


"You know which one!
You're the expert and I want to learn." she smirks.

"That was the crazy part, in the end, or the beginning it turns out he had already done so before the story started, but forgot it so he kept killing ponies."


"He doesn't, no. I think I wouldn't be able to walk for a week if he did. Pretty counterproductive in this line of work."


"Somepony like that would make me rich. I doubt he was very tidy."


"He wasn't. A big plothole in the story if you ask me."

She nods.
"As I said, completely crazy."
She looks around.
She then pats you.
"Hey, Ambrosia, see that stallion over there?"
She points to an orange stallion on the corner.


Subtly observe.
"What about him?"


"Or just a good cleaner."


"Let's just say, I want to seduce him, just for practice, what should I do?"

"Let's hope he had one. The foundation of any successfull venture."


"More like the roof and walls. Others dig the foundations, builld the structure, get the furniture, and I just add the finishing touch, making sure nopony can peek in."


"Well… if you want to be bold, you could saunter over and ask him if he wants to buy a mare a drink. If you want to take it more carefully… saunter over and sit next to him to order a drink yourself, then try some smalltalk. Smalltalk is a real art, you know."


"Working for the changelings then, are you?"


"That's a very humble way of looking at it. Some ponies would say not getting caught is the most important part of any crime."

"If I'm too bold, I might give him the wrong ideas however."


"Yup. But sometimes being bold is better than playing hard to get. It really depends on the stallion."


"There are ponies who can do that without my help. I am just the easy way out, really. You know most jobs are not even the result of anything that was planned out."


1."I'm going for bold."
2."Let's try this hard-to-get-thing"

"That's true. That's why most assassins never need a cleaner."



Roll #1 2 = 2



"Plus the whole 'sending a message' part."


This should be fun to watch.


"Did you even listen to anything I said. Now if you'll excuse me. I'm off."
She starts backing towards the door.

She cocks her head.
"Those are more rare than you'd think. At least for assassins of our level. For those kinds of messages usually an expendable pony is enough."

She gets up and saunters over.
Sitting next to him, staring at him '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Not going anywhere.
Dance up to her and give her a hug.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"They still leave the body so people know that the target died, and not just ran away or somesuch."


You miss and she bolts for the door.
Roll higher than '1d10' to catch her

"True enough, Mel. Well, I suppose I should take my leave now. thank you for the wonderful wine. I'll be sure to contact you soon."

The guy looks up.
"uh…can I help you?"
"Oh I was just here ordering a drink when I saw you drinking and I thought hey let's talk about something."

Roll #1 5 = 5




'1d10' to be right in front of her, before she reaches the door.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You're always welcome, Nightshade."


You're there.
+1 because SURPRISE

The stallion looks confused.
"But…you didn't order anything."
"Uh…yes, yes, bartender, a whisky."
She devours the whisky in one gulp and resumes staring.
"So…let's have smalltalk."


Now FINALLY, please, kill her.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


Very smooth. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she's doing it on purpose.


"Are you coming on to me?"
"Wait, what no? I'm too hard-to get for that.
Yes, you won't get me."
The stallion nods awkwardly.
"Oh I think I hear my friends calling, terribly sorry."
He trots away quickly and Silver comes to you.
"He's gay."

You touch her and her eyes become dull as you suck the last bit of life from her and she collapses to the floor.


Shake my head.
"I don't even know where to start."


Finish her by jabbing the blade into her neck, and give it a vigorous shake, planting it deep.

Roll #1 5 = 5


She's dead jim.
Her blood spills out of her.
The sounds of her last breath is delicious.

"Should I have been bold instead?"


"You were too bold! Too obvious! 'Let's have smalltalk.'? Really?"


Pull the blade out with a smile and pick up her money.
Dispose of her body by throwing it into the water, fishes will take care of the rest.
Off I go, back home.
I need to make a call.


You mean a letter right?

"Usually I start talking with "you huge gaping cunt", but I thought that would be too bold!"


Of course I mean a letter.


"Do you seriously see nothing wrong with the way you hoofled this?"


Sure, you're home.
Who to?

She starts thinking.
Her smile soon fades.
"Mmmmh, now that I think about it….I did really act awkward…."


My employer. The target is dead.
But first…
What exactly do I know about him?


"Yes, thank god you realize that. Probably nerves that did that. Why don't you try practice speaking in front of a mirror?"


He's a noble from a city to the north.
You don't know much about him. He's wealthy, made his fortune by breeding pure breed dogs.
Has a harem and lives in a palace, but you can say that about most Arabian nobles.
Do you want to send it by bird or do you have a DragonFire, the new invention made in Equestria to send messages. It was invented during the Dracolich crisis a few years ago and the equestrian military has slowly been upgrading, but it seems the black market is going even faster.

"Yes, yes I'll try that. I can't believe I'm saying this…but thanks, Ambrosia. But don't think this means I won't call you a giant whore anymore."


Pat her cheek.
"I wouldn't dream of it, you smelly towelhead."


Kissu kissu shlick shlick.
Nah, pause here?


Only if you want!


30mins more? Who to faff with next?




Oh my~
A few days later you find Whisper inside the hideout, overseeing the renovation.
It's been busy days, you haven't got time to catch up yet.
He looks up from the drawboard.
"Hey there, kiddo."


"… Kiddo? Watch your tongue there, pal. How's the work going?"


"Construction is going well.
We had to bring a lot of ponies in for this.
We need a planning room, an armory, places to sleep for all the guests, some spares just in case. But I think we'll get it done.
I don't trust all the workers here, but Splinter will take care of them at the end, insert some whole new memories."
Splinter was Puzzle's mage, who read your mind during the very beginning of V.


"Good stuff. Hope you haven't been too lonely lately. It's been pretty busy."


He grabs your tail with his.
"That reminds me, there's something I want to show you."


"Hmm? Show me then!"


He leads you past the construction to one of the corridors.
You see a few rooms where matresses have been placed.
"Guest rooms for the blades who are coming here, but that's not what I wanted to show."
He leads you to one of collapsed houses at the end of the hallway. The door is still okay.
"Open it" he says with a grin.


So forceful~
Open the door.


Inside the once so decayed room has been completely refurnished.
New support pillars for the roof.
Prominently in the middle is a king-sized four-poster bed, with dark blue silk blinds.
On the left side there's an area with arabian cushions, like the Master, has and a hookah. Hanging on the wall next to it, is a large painting of Cloptantinople.
On the right side a large clothing armoire and a weapon rack.
The whole chamber is lit with numerous candles.
There's also a small door to the left.
Whisper stands next to you.
"Do you like it?"


I smirk.
"It's amazing!"
Trot inside to the middle of the room and look around.
"I can't believe you did this! It's like a miniature royalty suite!"


He licks his lips.
"The Master had me make sure a room was constructed for him and Phantasm. So I figured we deserved a little thing a well.
And that's not all, check that door over there."


Door? Check it!
"I swear… you're too good for me."


You open it.
Outside it, there a cavernous area, from a small stone aquaduct flows water into a small pool.
The water is steaming, as inside at the bottom you see a few red fire elemental essences.
The room is lit by a light-giving moss on the walls.
"While excavating this place we found a small underground stream.
Absolutely amazing, we think there must be a hole somewhere in the Changeling water network and it flowed through for what must be years.
We refurnished it to a large pool to use as a pool, but I had a little of it redirected here. Our own little private pool~"



Rolling to contain excitement.
Hug him anyway.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He grins.
"I see you do like it."
Kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"You're darn right I like it!"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Inbetween kissus:
"Let's try….out the bed ….or maybe the pool."


"Aren't you feisty!"
Drag him off to the bed.


"Can you blame me, when there's a beauty like you next to me." he says as he smacks your flank and falls on the bed with you.
Rolling for top '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Calling top!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You quickly roll him over. You know your stallion by now. He grins as you lay on top of him.
"Now who's the feisty one~"


"Somepony has to keep you in check, hotshot."


"Are you sure you can hoofle that?"


"I'll do it or die trying."


"Then show me what you got."

Roll #1 7, 5, 2, 9, 3 + 10 = 36


"En garde~"

Roll #1 10, 4, 1, 7, 9 + 10 = 41


It's a LEWD quest
That's 2 lucky 7's!
What a night.
Let's call it a night here.


Wind Sound

Where next?

Hokkaido is in the OP




I think I will pay him a visit on my own, actually.
The northern clans are working for the changelings.
I'm no changeling fan, you know…



I suppose I have the time to visit my daughter while considering this job offer.


"But which one. All these dresses are marvelous. Best leave it up to chance, I couldn't pick one, they all highlight how beautiful I am."


Roll #1 1 = 1


"I think this one does a good job of highlighting all of my features."

Head towards Mr. Diamond, I don't want to keep him waiting.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You go to the city of Muzzlakesh.
The noble lives in a grand palace atop the hill overlooking the city.
Did you want to get in sneakily or just knock on the front door? No one will kill you for knocking.

The daughter or the tiny niece?

You roll an 8-sided die to decide and decide upon the classic mysterious lady in red dress look.
And it's an instant success, as you walk down the stairs Diamond does a little bow and kisses your hoof.
"I didn't know I had the honor of hosting a princess in my humble abode."


She's in her cellar, working on stuff.




Daughter first.


First things first, some organization.
I need to stuff a pony's head with explosive. Maybe somepony that looks like the merchant I was ordered to kill, if I didn't actually stop to collect his head on the way back.


"Only the best for my Prince Charming will do."

Reciprocate the gesture.

"We shouldn't keep the others waiting. It would be a sin to withhold our beauty and brains from them."


He was kinda pulverized.
But there are enough horses looking a bit like him after some searching you found a suitable head.

You hear some locks opening and she sticks her head out.
She smiles "yes, what is it?"

You find her in her ice cream shop in the vulture district.
It's busy as always.
She smiles when she sees you approaching, trotting over to give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Hey, dad."

"Of course, we don't want to be late on the Council. You've already met most ponies. Except the Prince, he's quite…peculiar."


Good enough.
Thicking bomb ready, leave and find my boss, with the head in a bag.
Let's go through the front door.


"Can I come into your meth lab? Or are you busy with stuff?"


Hug her back with a smile.
"Didn't expect you here. I only came for the lemon ice cream."


"We mustn't keep them waiting. Let's be on our way, perhaps I can speak to him before the meeting begins."


"The Prince doesn't talk to anypony I'm afraid…except when necessary during the Council himself. That's not all but…well you'll see."
Under escort both of you walk to the Red Tower.
Way up high, near the very top you find yourself in the council chamber.
There are many ponies here you've met.
Lord Puzzle, a dignified and refined collector of Trotantine art.
Duke Infinite Justice, an old duke with a white beard dressed in a bisshops cloth, Duke of the Scarab District.
Duchess Mana, a young wizard who usurped the Arachnia District a few years ago.
A big scarred, stinking Diamond Dog, Duke Yellowtooth, the Dog who is currently in control of the Diamond District, knowing that district he might not hold it for long.
Morgana, not a Duke, but she represents the intrests of the merchants of the vulture district.
A dark richly clothed Arabian pony, Duke Darikeb, Duke of the Feline District and leader of the Immortals.
A fierce looking griffon, Duke Lorrivah, of the Sphinx District.
You seem to be just in time.

Two guards in armor stop you near the gate.
"Halt, what business do you have here?"

"No, no that's quite allright."
She opens the door.
It is murky and damp, as usual.

"We've always got some for you."
She asks one of the girls there to fetch both of you some.
"What a day, we've had customers from sunset."


Smirk at them.


Take a seat at one of the tables.
"I'm not holding you up if you're busy, am I?"


While I have my own aspirations, this is Mr. Diamond's place for now and I won't be risking anything.

Enter as is expected of me and go where I must, awaiting for the Council to begin its session.


"You know, every time I come in here I can feel my lungs seize up and beg me to leave. This place is a pneumonia magnet."


One of them raises a brow
"…collecting what?"

"I could use a little break anyway. All those kids are driving me crazy."
You see a birthday party of fillies a few tables down.

you go through the formal introductions and soon the large door on the other side opens.
Two armored and armed Changelings slither out and take positions on both sides of the door.
And then comes the prince.
He's a large brown stallion. His hair is black in a pony tail, but most peculiarly he wears a completely black mask over his face. He sits down at the head of the table and only then the others sit down.
"The Council is in session."
A mare walks over and sits next to the prince, gets out a paper and pen, ready to write down.
"First order of business, we'd like the reports on tribute paid by every council member."

"Pffft, you don't know what's good for you.
Back in alchemy school, we used to sniff ammonia, nothing better to clear the sinuses and get rid of a cold."


"I guess that means no grandkids for me anytime soon?"


Let's look around at the expressions of the other participants. Which ones are starting to sweat already.


"That sounds really healthy. You totally convinced me to live in a mold cellar now."



The only one who seems to be sweating is the Diamond Dog. All others produce neat reports which the mare collects.
When its the time for the diamond dog to report, he hands over a rumply piece of paper, written in a horrible handwriting.
The mare glares at him.
The dog shrugs. "I only got into the Diamond District a few months ago. That's not enough time to gather that much gold."

"Are you an interior decorator now?"


Open the bag and show him.


"Oh dear, this will be something to note."

I think to myself, let's see what happens next.


Chuckle again.
"I'm just messing with you.
You've got to admit though, that little party is cute, if you ignore the screaming."


"Hey, with all the renovations going on you might as well change things up so the chances of dying of disease before this mission is over are a little lower!"


He winces as he sees the head.
"Let him in."
The gate opens for you and a well dressed smaller stallion motions you to follow him.

The Prince speaks.
"You will pay within two months with intrest. If not, we will find someone who can."
The Dog nods quickly and the mare collects his "report".
She puts them away.
"Next order of business, the tension within the Scarab District."
All heads turn towards Infinite Justice.
"Nothing to be afraid of" he says quickly. "I've got it under control."
"That's what you said last time." says Duchess Mana.

"So what do you think about our little operation?"


"Yes, I suppose they are, but when you have to serve them ice-cream, they suddenly look a lot less cute." she giggles.


What have the reports Mr. Diamond been getting say about the situation? The other Dukes aren't keeping a blind eye to what is going on there.


"They grow fangs and their eyes turn red, they froth and give you glares that could kill a lesser person… reminds me of a little jenny who hated to go to sleep on time."


"What do you think I think about it? I'm 100% behind the master, especially if it involves killing bugs."


Smile and ignore the steward.
I know the road.


Seems there are repeated attacks between the Celestials and the Tirekians in the District.
The Scarab district has always been a hotbed of religious fervor, but lately it's been getting wild.
Some reports suggest Discordians are involved as well.

You both laugh.
She takes a bite of her ice-cream and her tone grows a little more concerned.
"How are you, dad?"

"Me too. And I especially like the rewards. Pardons for all I've done in Equestria, a nice sum of gold, and an opportunity to work in the Canterlot Mages Academy, without having to teach."

You walk trough the palace. every corner filled with signs of decadence. Rooms plated with gold and diamonds, servants keeping the gardens and fountains neat and clean.
Finally you arrive at the room of the noble.
Fat and richly clothed, he doesn't look to different from the one you were ordered to kill.
He laughs "Welcome, welcome."
He clops his hooves and some lightly dressed mares bring you wine and fruits.


Start eating some of that icy goodness, and answer relaxedly.
"I'm fine. Why? You're not worried about me, are you?"


Pretend to go for the fruit but steal a kiss from one, then move on, right before the big boss himself.
Sit down with a smile.
Put the bag on his desk, between the two of us.


"Yeah… things are going to get messy in Vilitus. Real messy. Not a huge fan of Equestria myself, but it sure beats this place."


"Of course I am. I'm your daughter."

By what name does he know you?

"Oh you're going to Equestria as well?"


"What are you worried about? Your old jack can take care of himself."




"I didn't say that. I'm just saying Equestria is a pretty big step up from Vilitus. But hey… if Whisp wants to move there after this is done, I'd follow."


"I know, I know, I'm just being silly I guess. I can't help but worry. I feel like I've been too busy with the shop lately. So little time to come by and help with the dishes or help cleaning the house…"

He waggles to the desk.
"Slender, slender, slender…" he says with a high pitched voice "did you bring me a gift?"

"I figured you'd try to get some sort of Trotantine visa from the Lordblades or something."


"Gifts are for good boys.
What are you?"
Smirk back with a mischievious grin.


Chew my lips, slightly unamused.
"You don't think I can take care of that? I'm not that old, am I?"


"I probably could… but it's kind of a decision I can't make on my own. I'll talk to Whisper about at some point, just not yet."


He looks at you puzzled, then laughs and waves his hoof.
"Ah Slender, I didn't know you made jokes. You should do that more often, beats that edgy look."
He opens the bag and grins.
"Well this is a fine present. I'll give it a place of honor in my trophy room!"

"No, of course not, I just want thought I could help out a bit."

"So things are still going great between you two?" she smirks.


"Serves him right for opposing the great and mighty Muzzlakesh, and his affairs in the oasis."


"You can help best with being happy. Just knowing that makes everything better."


"I think it's fair to say it's going pretty well. We haven't had much time together lately but when we do have time… oooooh boy."


He looks up, smiling a little less.
"Oasis, why Slender, what oasis are you talking about? There is one right in my courtyard, come let's relax there and get ourselves some genuine saddle-arabian flanks to squeeze."

She smiles.
"As long as you promise, that if you need my help you'll come to me, promise?"

"I heard about that little lovenest you both feathered for yourselves."


"I will. A little heads up, though. I am probably going to be very, very busy in the next few weeks."


I snicker.
"Yeah… he's such a sweetheart for doing that. We're already making good use of it too."


"I do so love your offert, my friend. But I'm not the bug-lover you are."
Stare at him with the same trademark smirk I always wear, but an accusatory eye.


"Trouble at the Network?"

"And you accuse me of having a chaotic workplace? Knowing both of you, you'll crash that place in a week."

He growls.
"What business is that of yours?"


"I'm a pony of peace, my friend! You wound me!"
Step over the table, and scoop the bag up with one hoof.
Then, throw myself around him, in a slow hug, entirely opening myself.
"Allow me, to would you back."

Detonate the bomb.


"We always tidy up."
I smirk.
"Usually a lot of work though."


"You could say that. I'd love to talk, but you know how confidentiality works."


You enjoy the confused look on his fat face.
You swim through a green miasma. Sleeping ponies, griffons, zebras…You hear a murmur, something swims through the green…something big…but as you turn to look where it comes from you see yourself behind you, he opens his eyes.
You open your eyes and blink at the sunlight.
You blink again. You're not even in the palace?
A mare leans over you.
"He's awake!"
WHAM you get a left hook against the head.
"You motherfucker, do you know how much months of work you cost me?"

She nods.
"The bugs sure like to their secrets."


"Did you know there are always miniscule traces that can be found using special lights? I shudder to think what I'd see if I ever went over that room."


Keep up a smile, but close my eyes.
Inure the pain.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"If you're that eager to find out, maybe we'll rut right here in your lab next time so you can discover first hoof."


You wouldn't believe."


It was a really good hit.
You probably broke your nuzzle.
"Enough Bloom." says a male voice.
The mare backs off you. You recognize her as one of the mares who brought you fruit earlier. Not the one you kissed.
"Yes, earthbound, you cost us many months of work." continues the male voice.

"Good, I have some poisons here I've been searching a test subject for."

"It must be so creepy to work for them."



"I've been through worse."


"Sugarteats' fault for not telling me equestria was already on this…"
Let's just lie down here.


"You love us too much to be that mean."


Your vision comes into focus.
You lay on hard rock. In the distance you can see the smoking palace of the former noble.
Muzzlakesh is probably in an uproar.
Another pony comes into focus, a yellow stallion.
"We didn't expect you to be here. In fact, it was only after the explosion that Bloom realized who you were."
Blooms voice: "Just as arrogant as the time I saw you in Canterlot."

"Take care of yourself, you hear me? I heard those tunnels are a breeding bed of diseases."

"…just a little poison."


"Always a pleasure seeing you aswell, beauty.
You need a beast after all."
Try to stand.
"What is this I hear about investigations, now?
Troubles back in heaven?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"See? I knew it."


"I know, I know."
Get some money out, and put it on the table in front of her. Waaaaaaay more than the cost.
"For the ice cream. Keep the change."


"Now don't test me, Ambrosia."
She grins.
"You wouldn't like that."

"We were here for months. Creating a cover and waiting till the time was right."
He looks at the palace.
"And then you came in."

Hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Come back soon."


"I think you've grown soft."


Hug her back.
"I'll stop bothering you now. It was nice to see you again."


"No need to thank me."


She looks over the laboratory.
"Maybe I have…say, you touched the doorknob, didn't you?"
She grins mischievously.

You take your leave.
Any ideas yet?

"We were waiting for the order. You deserve to be thrown off this rock for what you did. But what would that do?"
He sighs.
"Besides, HQ asked if you were interested in a job, since you wormed your way into it anyway. You know about Vilitus?"


"Half the reason I'm here."
Look at sugartits.
"You might be the other half."


"Uh… yeah?"
Give her a suspicious look.
"Why do you ask?"


She looks you over then looks at the stallion.
"Can I throw him off a cliff? It won't do too much damage anyway. We can talk to him afterwards."

"Oh dear…"
She frowns.


"What do you mean, 'oh dear'!?"


Give her a wide grin, staring uncomfortably into her eyes.
"I will be back for dinner."
Turn to the stallion.
"What of the job?"


She scratches the back of her head.
"This is awkward…I had this little project earlier…don't worry it's not lethal."

"Operation Ponechadnezzar. The lordblades have been preparing to take down the Triumvirate and seize the place once and for all.
We were here to take down their allies while the operation was in effect.
So, since you're such a fan of this operation, I'm sure you'll join the efforts to take down the queens themselves."


"Only if she asks nicely."


"What… kind of project?"


"Suit yourself. Bloom?"
Roll for reflexes.

"It was this little thing on chemicals that get absorbed through the skin….you don't feel tingly all over, do you?"



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Why was that shit on your doorknob, you crazy bitch!?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Before you can react, the mare grabs you legs, drags you to the edge and you experience the glorious feeling of zero-gravity for exactly 10 seconds before…
Green shades.
Always the same.
Yet the murmur grows louder
Something is here…
searching for you…

You open your eyes and you're back on top of the cliff.
"My compliments, I've never seen Bloom so eager to drag a corpse all the way to the top of a cliff."
He takes a drag from a cigar.
"As you know, all Lordblade missions are completely voluntary, if you refuse, I'll just let Bloom throw you from that cliff and back up here until she got that pent up agression…"
"..out of her system. And we'll be on our merry way. She works fast, I'm sure you'll get a lot of loot still from the palace by that time."

You feel awfully tingly all over.
"Nothing deadly…just a little…well, not much that can be done about it now…"


"I feel tingly all over! Fix this!"


"I can't guarantee she's gonna make the trip, if she tries that again."


She smirks.

He sighs.
"Come on, Earthbound, I know you're interested. Why else would you have come to the noble. Talking about bugs. You hate them as much as anypony."


"… What? I seriously do feel tingly!"


"I told you I was interested three hundread feet ago."


"It's called suggestion, honey. Never read a medical journal? They describe the symptoms of a cold, and suddenly you start coughing."
She smirks.

"Excellent then. See Bloom, I told you he was a civilized pony."
He throws you a paper.
"Here's the password to give to the captain of the "Korambodjah" in Hoofbay. He'll get you filled in on the details."


I frown.
"Keep your mindrape to yourself next time please."


Turn to Bloom.
"I'm sure in your many… Working nights here you saw the vault.
Make way."


"Oh, but I thought you loved me for that." she coos.

She snorts.
"The magic word is open sesame"
When she sees the stallions surprised looks she adds "Seriously, that guy had little imagination."


Start leaving and talk without turning around.
"Have fun beauty, I will see you in the oasis."
Off to the vault.


"Watch yourself, wouldn't want to return to the hospital so soon."


As you walk away, the stallion burns a letter in a green fire.
Wind Sound prelude is done
Some more vault robbing is possible after this pause, when Knight is back.

She glares at you.
Then starts laughing.
"Oh, I like you, Ambrosia, I really do."



I smirk.
"I love you too. But if that hadn't been a joke… yeah."


"I should have some of my trusted agents look for signs of spillage. All of these involved parties might be looking for support, or trouble, in our areas."

Maintaining my composure, let's see what the next thing on the agenda is.


"You'd have killed me, yes yes, you said that a few times already."

The discussion between Duchess Mana and Infinite Justice continues for a while sometimes interrupted by protests and talks about how concerned the other dukes are. No matter how hard you try it's hard to focus, after a while you don't feel like you're even hearing the voices anymore.
….you're really not hearing them anymore.


"What's going on?" I ask myself.


Roll #1 2 = 2


You blink and everypony here has frozen in time.
Nopony is speaking.


Look around, trying not to panic.

Pinch myself, maybe I'm getting dizzy from the heat? That's it, maybe I just need a glass of water.


Roll #1 5 = 5


Your pinch hurts.
"You're not dreaming." says a familiar voice.


"My Love, where are you?"

Look around, where is he!?


Roll #1 10 = 10


you suddenly feel a hoof on your shoulder.
you look to your side to see a white shining hoof on both your shoulders.
You feel his head right behind you, yet try as you might, you don't manage to turn around to see him, as if some force is stopping you.

"Right here my dear. Where I've always been."


"I've missed you ever so much, My Dearest. Please, don't let me go so long without hearing your voice."

Tears start forming around my eyes.


One hoof reaches over and wipes away the tears.
"You know I am a busy man, my dear.
So many places to go, so many things to do.
But rest assured, you were always on my mind."


"I knew you'd never abandon me. I was always waiting for your return, My Dear."

"But, do you have need of me again? Just ask, and I shall deliver it to you."


"I don't ask.
I just set up the house of cards.
And watch what happens.
Big things are ahoof.
That is why I am here."


"Will you stay with me this time, My Love? Please, tell me what you need of me and I shall gladly do it."


"Oh I'll be with you all the way.
I will be watching and listening all the time."


"I don't think I've ever been happier, to have you back in my life. Thank you for all you've done for me so far."


"Now look around you.
Do you see all these faces?
A few weeks from now, many of them will be dead."


"If that is what you desire, I will gladly be the hoof that kills them."


"That is all up to you, my dear.
Listen closely.
As soon as this meeting is over, you'll be approached by some ponies. Talk to them.
I'll take care of the rest."
The hooves go away again.
You blink.
"Dearest, are you allright?"
Diamond looks at you.
You see the meeting must be over, as ponies are packing their things and leaving.
The Prince has already departed.
"You haven't said a word the whole meeting."


"An attendant shouldn't even be seen or heard, I was just minding my manners a little too deeply, it seems."


Diamond smiles.
"Let us take our leave. It was quite a boring meeting, even for the standards of the Council."


"A boring meeting means most things are going well. We should rejoice in that, my dear."


"Let's have some fun, shall we? I reserved a special place for us two at…"
He stops as Lord Puzzle and his aide, Grey Splinter approach.
"Duke Diamond, it's been too long and Lady Hokkaido, as gracefully as ever, you brightened up this boring meeting."


Bow appropriately to them.


He bows as well.
"Duke Diamond, I was hoping you might have a little time to talk."
Diamond coughs. "I'm afraid we have other appointments right now, Lord Puzzle."


"Dear, I think we can reschedule them." I add with a smile. "It's not every day we are blessed with such an encounter."


Diamond cocks his head.
"Well…yes I suppose we can…reschedule."
"Excellent, lets go to my mansion. I had my servants bring in a lovely wine from Trotantium."


"It would be our pleasure to join you."

Make sure to stay close to Mr. Diamond and give him a reassuring smile.

"Everywhere is lovely if I'm with you."


You've never been in Puzzle's mansion before.
You've heard he was a fan of Trotantium, but you've never seen so many artifacts, statues and art from Trotantium before.
The long corridors are stacked with it.


"If we ever need to offer a gift, my dear. I think he's making it very clear what he likes."


He grins.
"I think he might have all of it already."
You're lead to the dinner room where some servants pour some wine.
"Straight from Fillyatra. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."


I'll have to maintain a passive roll in all this. Blood Diamond is the one in charge, at least officially. Take the wine and offer my praise of it.


Diamond does as well.
"Now Puzzle, you didn't drag both of us here just to taste your wine did you?"
Puzzle grins.
"Not at all. I'm here to discuss some grave matters. In confidence."


Put the wine down and focus my attention on Lord Puzzle.


"I have heard some disturbing reports. Times are changing, Duke Diamond. Soon, it will be time for all of us to pick a side."
Diamond frowns.
"You speak in riddles, Puzzle."


I don't like this.

I'll make sure my catalysts are well placed and ready.


Pat her on the head.
"You're such a quick learner. Good girl. I'll buy you some ice-cream later."


Puzzle clears his throat.
"There are forces coming to Vilitus.
Powerful ones. But they're not here for us.
They want to attack the Triumvirate."
Diamond pauses.
"That's…insanity. Nopony could stand up against the Triumvirate. Who could be foolish enough to do something like that?"
Puzzle responds "The Lordblades."
After a stunned silence, Diamond starts laughing "Come on, Puzzle, those are just an urban legend."
Puzzle remains serious. "It's true."


"So why did you come here, Ambrosia?
You need something to clean that cooch of yours?"


So, these must be the instruments of his will.

Look at Diamond and ask him about what these Lordblades are.


"Can't I check on a friend and see how she's doing? Or are you that much of a cavedweller that people need a reason to enter your realm of mold and broken dreams?"


"They're supposed to be an elite organisation from Equestria specialized in covert operations."
He turns back to Puzzle.
"So, assuming this is true, why are you telling me this?"
"I'm offering you a chance to help this endeavor. The Lordblades are offering a very high reward for those who help. In addition to money, they're offering pardons for all past crimes and Equestrian citizenship. When Vilitus is taken over, those with the power to do so will be elevated to rule the city, as Equestria's representatives, of course."

"Nopony wants to come here usually. They complain about the fresh air."


"When did they contact you?" I ask, disregarding manners. This is too big for my usual refinement.


"Not too long ago. What they want is the occasional discrete help from our forces and information."
Diamond frowns.


Stay quiet and listen to what he says next.


Diamond frowns.
"Would you let me and my lady alone for a few minutes, we have to discuss this."
"Of course." he leaves.
As soon as he left Diamond turns to you "well, what do you think?"


"If they got to him without us knowing, it may be a far gone conclusion. A full blown invasion or even a minor incursion, regardless of what magic the Triumvirate has, would greatly damage the city. Equestrian has enough resources to drown us with them, but we must still play this cautiously. It could be a trap he's set to catch dissenters."


He scratches his chin.
"I suppose it couldn't hurt to play along for now.
But we'd need somepony we can trust to observe the team. So we can know what's going on."


"Leave that to me, dear. I'll set upon this task while you deal with the rest. Once I've settled on a target, you can attest to my ability to locate each and every single secret."


"You?!? But, dear, it's going to be very dangerous. If this is even half as big as Puzzle claims, well the Triumvirate will come down on this."


"Who else can you trust on this? Anything that happens will be on both of us. And don't forget, I am fully capable of defending myself. I made the choice to come here fully expecting to fight every day."


He nods.
"Allright then. I know I can trust you, but…try to not take too big risks."


"Do not worry, I know all about those and how to tweak them in my favor."

Give him a seductive wink.


"You little minx, at times like these I know exactly why I love you."
K-kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"You're worth all this effort, my lovely."


"Let's go celebrate then."
When Puzzle comes back you discuss the arrangement and it is decided that Hokkaido will join the field team.
Afterwards you both go back to Diamonds mansion for your own little celebration.


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