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The Snake district has fallen into disarray.
A large explosion shook the heart of the district and in the midst of the chaos looters saw their chance.
Blood Diamonds forces, already weakened by the war against Javier find themselves scrambling to keep the order within the District.

You find yourself in the hotel with your trusted bodyguard, making yourself ready to visit him in this time of need.
When a familiar voice calls to you as you look into the mirror.
"Making yourself pretty again?"


"Just trying to accent just one of my features. As much as I'd like, I can't have the masses and Mister Diamond gawking at me while I'm trying to work."

"I'll let you choose, should I go with a bow to show off my hair, or a nice ring on my hooves?"


"You know what would fit it really nicely? A crown…"
The image in the mirror distorts and shows you wearing a magnificent golden crown decorated with shining jewels.


"You're certainly capable of being a charmer, aren't you?"

Fidget with the dream crown in the mirror. Try to get my hair just right for it.

"Alas, I can't be here all day. I have some tasks to attend to, but what's brought out the best in you, my dearest?"


"Ah yes, tasks, busy busy busy. You wouldn't believe how busy I am right now. You're going to see that Blood Diamond fella again?
You're not cheating on me, are you?


"You're always near, beloved, always aware, how could I even consider such a thing?"


"Sometimes ponies like you can get a little crazy~"


"Oh, it seems you've had experience with this? Are you inside other girls' heads right now, or am I your most valuable one?"


"Oh you could say I've been around. Ah remember that time we first met? Of course you don't. You were just a little filly back then."


"Why, I…"

"Sort of, it's been so long now, with all the going ons. I've been so busy I haven't given them a thought."


"That was before we really talked of course. I just slipped you a hint here and there…told you a little secret once in a while…."

The mirror changes to you as a filly, talking to your nanny about how she hid some coins in her pockets sometimes and playfully ask if she likes them because they're shiny. The nanny is pale.


Just stare at the mirror.

"Since then… All along, the whole time. And her, I remember her. She was, her name was…"


"Zetian. Your little nanny….Oh but what's this? Do you remember this?"

It's a scene of you at home, outside the secret police of Sombra is rounding up citizens, to where they went nopony knows.
"You remember that, even with Sombra's curse? I told you they wouldn't come for you."


Shudder at the mention of Sombra.

"I'm still here, so if that was your work keeping me safe, I will offer my gratitude for that."


"That my dear, that was the first time we talked. It was really boring though…"
You hear your own voice "I'm scared. Why does Sombra do this?"
"Yeah, not your prettiest moments. Oooooh, but what is this?"
The mirror changes again, to a young adult you, getting ready in a dress. The same dress you wore during the coronation of Cadance.
"You remember that, don't you? Getting nice and pretty to go the Fair?"


"Only vaguely, but I do remember being happy at that point. I was so hopeful."


"And do you remember the Fair?"
You think back…and all that comes back is black.
Your first memory is waking up in your bed and your family being furious.


"I asked someone what was going on. Probably whatever staff we had. My family could be, less than pleasing."


"They were a boring bunch. But you really don't remember what happened during the Fair?"


"I remember looking forward to it, but…"

How much do I remember? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Its blank."

"Empty, nothing."

"Did you, did you take away my memory?"


You don't remember shit.
But you notice your hoof starts shaking.
"Doesn't surprise me. I never saw you like that. Must have blocked it out or something. Understandable really, most ponies might have killed themselves if they saw those things…"


Breathe. Try too breathe.

"If you were with me, please, tell me what happened. It's just a hole in my head, and, and. Please."


"You really want to know? Why my dear, all you have to do is step through the mirror…"


"I must. I have to know my own life at least."

Steel myself and put my hoof through the mirror.


You blink.
You forget everything about Vilitus. You are now this Hokkaido, getting ready for the Fair.
A familiar voice bumps in as you get ready.
"Making yourself pretty again?"


Also, when I said you woke up, that's AFTER this memory.
So now your parents are just their usual grumpy.
Not yet furious


Turn around and see who it is.

"It's the fair! I can't wait. All my friends will be there, and we'll be dressed up."


You know the Voice by this time already, you talked during Sombra's reign. But you havent talked too much yet.


"And you, Mr. Voice, any plans for today? Or should I get some candy so you can enjoy it too?"


"That would be really nice of you. I think you've still got time before your family has to make their appearance! There's a stall selling crystal corn right outside!"


"Oh you're the best! You always know where the good things are."

Head down towards the stall.

"I'm going out, I'll meet you at the fair!" I yell out to the staff and whatever family is there.


The Crystal Empire celebrates for not only has the Tyrant-King Sombra the Terrible been defeated but today Cadance, the Crystal Princess of legend will be officially declared ruler of the Empire, surely leading the Empire into a time of prosperity and harmony.

The Empire has never looked better, the crystal palace, the houses even the roads are shining with power and the Heart looks as pristine as it ever was, as if the horror of Sombra was just a dream.
Hundreds of ponies gather near the palace to celebrate.
The traditional Crystal Fair is in full swing.
There are jousting matches, crystal berry sweets, crystal corn, petting zoos with tiny ewes, Flugelhorn lessons and players!
What more can the crystal pony ask for?!?

But that's not all, soon Cadance the Savior will appear at the balcony above the Crystal Plaza to officially be declared king. She, her husband and the six unnamed Equestrian heroes who helped her defeat the evil Sombra.
Hundreds of crystal ponies are here and more are flocking in.

Well you and your parents are here.
Your mother is carrying your little brother.
They almost seem as ecstatic as you are.
You quickly see the stall in the distance.


Trot on over to that stall. Time to treat myself.


Bounce around my family.
"I wanna go see the heart up close!"



With such advertisements the stall is packed. Roll to try to get ahead.

Your dad smiles.
"I think we should do that first. It's been so long since we've seen it."


"Yes yes yes! Come on! Let's go!"


"I can smell it from here."

Try to get some before it is gone. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You all go together to the crystal heart, but there's a massive crowd in front of it.
You can't see.

You can't get through.
"Maybe I can help?"


Try to jump in the air so I can see over the ponies! I'm a big filly!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"You could? Please, I don't want to miss out."


Not big enough!
But your dad lifts you up and puts you on his back.
Now you can see it!
The Shining Heart of the Empire!
You feel all warm and fuzzy looking at it.

"Just look over there!"
You notice a straight empty line in the crowd you can easily walk through.
Almost weird how ponies don't seem to notice it while they're drumming to get their corn.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Get there before anyone else does!


I grin from ear to ear.
"It's so pretty!"


No one seems to notice.
When you get to the front, you look back and the opening is gone!
No one seems to have noticed.
"What do you want, little girl?" Asks the kind candypony.

Your dad nods.
"Look at it good, Amber. That is the heart of the Empire, that's what we fight for. Without the Heart, we would be nothing!"


"Crystal Berries! They're the tastiest!"


"I know… I know! When I grow up, I'll protect it just like you, dad!"


You get a whole bag of crystal berries.
"Enjoy the Fair!"

He beams.
"I know you will, you'll be a great guard!"



Grab the stuff and head into the rest of the fair. What's going on with it?


Stare at the crystal heart for a while longer, then hop off of his back.
"Can we go get some snacks, pleaaaase?"




There are some jousting competitions, ewe pens, flugelhorn workshops and performers.

Your dad looks at mom.
"I think a little snack wouldn't hurt."
Mom shakes her head.
"Fine, but not too much! Those crystal berry sweets are bad for your teeth, Amber."


Addendum to hokkaido, there's also a carnival.


"Performers! Music and lights"

Hop over there as fast as possible.


"Yes! Let's go! Come on!"


The carnival is marvelous.
Lights and fireworks.
Music and acrobats.
You notice a magic performer on stage.
A spooky house (or whatever they call it in English) and a mirror house.
There's a troupe of clowns performing the most amazing tricks on stage.

Your dad smiles.
"Patience, Amber. Don't try to go too fast, or you'll miss everything."
You go to the snack stands.
There are large crowds for all of them.
Your dad gives you some bits.
"Amber, why don't you try and see if you can't get through? Buy what you want and bring some candy corn for me and your mom as well."


"The clowns! Look how they can jump around like that! I wish I could move like that."


"Sure thing, dad!"
Little pony crowd traversing roll [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


"They are quite something indeed. They had a great teacher. I'm afraid your destiny lays elsewhere however."

It's pretty hard.
Activate your tiny pon sneaking powers.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Munch on the snacks.

"Really!? Can you tell me? I promise not to tell others."


Using your sneaky powers of tinyness you sneak inbetween the ponies right to the front.
You get 2 bags of free crystal berries and some candy corn all for free because you're such a qt filly.


"You sure? You might not like it…"


"Come on, come on, Mister Voice. Don't just play with me like that. I wanna know!"


What a great haul! Carry them on my back to my parents!


"Why don't I show you? Go into the mirror house."

Your dad eyes grow wide.
"Wow…did you get that all with so few bits?"


"I got it for free! They were just giving it away!"
Star eating some yum yums!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Giggle as I run back there.

"One for the Mirror House, please!"


You stick a huge amount in your mouth at once.
Too much. You choke and start coughing.
"Easy, Amber. I know it's been a long time since we last had crystal berries, but you don't have to eat them all at once."

The clown gives you a ticket.


"Thank Youuu!"

Smile and trot on in.


Keep chewing and respond with a full mouth.
"But they're so taaaastyyyy!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


There are a number of funny mirrors in there. You laugh at the funny distortions.
"You know Hokkaido, every pony has a special gift, something no pony else has. Do you know yours?"

You chew all through them. And there's still a bag left.
Your mother frowns but dad looks at her.
"It's only the Fair just once."
Your mothers expression softens.
"Hey, maybe we could go watch the jousting."
She puts a hoof around your dad.
"If I remember correctly, you were quite the jouster~"


I lick the taste of candy off my lips.
"I'd love to see the jousts!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look at my flank. Is there anything there yet?



Tastes like crystals.
You go to the large stadium.
A blue pony mare with a rainbow mane is jousting against a purple crystal stallion.
He's having a though time.


"Ooooh I want to do that! I want to joust!"


"No." Sniffle.


Your dad points.
"Look there."
You see a small field besides the arena where colts and fillies are practicing jousting with blunted lances. A green crystal stallion gives some lessons.
"Let's go give it a try."

The mirror house seems to go darker as you go further.
"But you do have something special. Something only you have…can you guess?"


Put my thinking face on.

"Uhmm, is it you? You don't talk to others, right? What type of cutie mark would that get me?"


I grin widely.
"Yes! Let's!"
Quick! Rush down there as fast as my legs can carry me!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yes, me. But I suppose it's time to show you what that means…"
One of the mirrors changes and you see a crystal pony you've never seen before.
She sits alone, surrounded by mirrors, incense and candles in a dark room.
She mumbles to herself, she doesn't seem healthy…

You run so hard you stumble over your own hooves and tumble right against the green ponies hooves.
"Are you okay?"


Jump back onto my hooves and jump up and down.
"I'm here to joust, mister!"


Run up to the mirror and start tapping on the mirror.

"Hey, are you okay!? Hey, can you hear me!"


"Well okay, you look ready! Grab one of those small lances and a helmet and we'll begin."

She doesn't seem to hear you.
She drops to the floor and starts crawling on the floor. Another robed pony comes to her and lowers her head to listen to her mumblings then he leaves again. Leaving her in that dark room alone.
"She can't hear you. You're seeing the past.


Do so, put on the helmet and equip the lance.
"I'm ready!"


"Is she, she's okay, right?"


He pairs you up with another filly.
She looks determined.
"Okay, play nice, each pony runs next to each other in a line and tries to knock the other down. Don't start sparring, run the line and if nopony is down, run again."

The filly starts running '1d10'

"Poor thing…she was known as the Oracle…she knew many things…many secrets…things I told her. Because of that Crystal priests locked her in that room, so she could focus on me better, learn about the future to help the Empire. You see that, remember that, for you are the next Oracle."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Uh oh… she looks skilled!
Run back at her!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"But, I don't want to be locked in that room."

Scoot backwards, away from the mirror, with all my force.


She hits you good.
You each run to your side, turn around and the filly charges again with a yell and a grin. '1d10'
A stallion, probably her father, cheers for her.

Your HP 3
Her HP 5

"But my dear Hokkaido…it is your DESTINY"
The walls of the mirror house start shifting and moving, the path becomes curved and seems to wave up and down.
"Come don't be scared…look at the world through my eyes. See how it really is."

Roll #1 1 = 1


I see an opening! Go for it! Get back up and charge!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Despite the fear, move forward, step by step.


You charge in and pay her back for that last hit.
Your dad cheers for you.
The other dad shouts "Come on, Turqoise! Make that kid bite the dust."
Your father looks angry at the other dad, but your mother puts her hoof on his shoulder and shakes her head.

You make it out again and when you step out of the mirror house, the Empire is gone.
There are no houses, no streets, no carnivals, no ponies. Only the clown in the booth is there. Looking out as lazily as ever.


Wait for her to get up, then start charging with a 'fiercesome' battlecry.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Wa, wait, what happened?"

Run over to the clown.

"Mister, mister, what's going on, what happened to everyone?"

Turn around and look/ "Mommy, mommy, where are you? Dad, auntie, anyone!?"


Her roll '1d10'

As you look at the clown you are hit by knowledge.

Name: Red Nose
Creation Timestamp: 34 minutes ago
Occupation: Ticket master
Age: 24
Personal traits: Was born on a sunny day in the Crystal Capital. Went to school in the Alexandrite Elementary School. Had first intimate relations with a friends marefriend at age 14. Failed school. Does occasional jobs for the Fair.

He looks weirdly at you. "But, little filly, everypony is here."
As he points, before your eyes, the Crystal Empire reassembles itself as shards appear out of nowhere and form the houses, the palace even the ponies. And everything seems normal again.
But when he looks back to you, everything falls apart again.

"Funny huh?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Just run into the crowd.

"Why did I know who he was, what happened? Why did you show me that, Mister Voice."


The filly hits you.

You HP 2
The filly 3
Her roll '1d10'

The other father cheers "YEAH, teach her a lesson!"
Your dad speaks up. "Can you tone that down?"
The other dad, druunk I might add, flips your dad the hoof. "Your kid sucks!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


She's really good…
But I'm not giving up, oh no!

Roll #1 4 = 4


As you run through the crowd you know every detail about everypony you see. Even things they themselves don't know. Even glimpses of their future. You are overwhelmed by impressions piling up in your head.

You get hit good again.
Another hit and you'll bite the dust.

roll for her '1d10'

Your HP 1
Her HP 3

Your dad gets up. "Don't say that about her. She's the greatest daughter in the world and I'm proud to be her father!"
"Yeah, and she's going to bite the dust."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I scrunch and get up, charging hard!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Stop it, stop, please stop, I don't want this"

Try to find an alley, a quite place, anywhere but here, PLEASE!


Roll a sanity check.

You don't see a way out of this crowd. You start hearing all their thoughts in your head now.
"Being locked up in a dark room, doesn't sound too bad now, does it."



Roll #1 2 = 2


You collapse to the ground. Speaking incoherently, other ponies look at you worriedly.
You see one speaking to you but you can't understand what he's saying.
All you know is.

Name: Whirling Dust
Creation Timestamp: 20 seconds ago
Owner of the Gem and other shinies store.
2 kids
cheats on his wife

You hit the filly.
Your father cheers, the other one boos.

roll for her '1d10'

Your HP 1
Her HP 2

Roll #1 4 = 4


Go go go! I can do this!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Stay away! AWAY!"

Try to move again.

"Please, stop! Anything!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


You hit her again.
The other dad throws his drink towards you, but misses.
Your dad gets up and angrily trots towards him.
"I'm warning you, you need to calm down or there's going to be trouble. You're drunk and your behaviour is unacceptable."
The other dad takes off his shirt.
"Oh yeah, what you going to do, huh?!!"

Your HP 1
Her HP 1
Roll for her '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I scrunch and look over, not paying attention to the other filly now.
"H-Hey stop that! Don't fight!"


The other filly stops to look as well.

Your dad simply says "I'm a guard of the Capital. Now sit down and don't cause anymore trouble or I'll have you sleep off that drunkenness in the drunk tank."
The other dads cocky smile fades and he sits down.

The other filly seems happy that no fight starts.
"Hey, wanna try that last hit again? Jousting with you is fun!"


I look back at her and nod, digging at the ground with a hoof.
"Yeah! Bring it!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Some ponies start talking to each other.
"She must be some crazy mare." You overhear.
You read their thoughts, you know she was born in Agate, that she had strawberries for breakfast, that she is desperate for stallion attention.

Roll for her '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You bite the dust. In a fair and honorable jousing match.
She helps you up again. "That was fun."
Your mom and dad cheer for you.


I smile as she helps me up.
"It was! Fun! Fun! I'm Amber!"




Roll #1 3 = 3


The voices start to fade suddenly.
As you open your eyes everypony is gone again.
"I showed you the world as I see it. As you'll see it when you become the Oracle….unless you don't want that for yourself…"

"I'm Turquoise. Nice to meet you."
Your dad comes to you.
"Well done Amber. That was great. And you too, little miss turquoise."


"NO NO NO I don't I wanna go home wheres mom and and mom and nanny please no!"


"I like jousting even more now, I can't wait to do more!"


"Oh don't worry, you'll go home soon. But first…you'll have to make a choice…"
2 streams of water fall down from the sky forming 2 reflective pools.
"Look into them."

Turquoise smiles. "Did you see the blue pony? She beat like everypony who challenged her!"


"With the rainbow mane? Yeah!"


"I heard she's from Equestria!"
A large Flugelhorn sounds.
Everypony looks up.
Your father perks his ears.
"It's time, the coronation is about to begin."


"Oh! Oooh oh oh! The savior! Come on! Quick! We can't miss it!"


Slowly move up to them. What's in them?


One of them you see yourself, an older you, in a dark room with mirrors. You lay on the floor staring into the ceiling and mumbling.
"That is the future you're set on. The last Oracle died and a new one is born. I chose you to talk to in the Crystal Empire. Soon, when you go back home…ponies will slowly notice, the word will spread as your powers grow…and eventually you'll beg them to put you there. And you'll peer for the good of the Empire into my mind. Trying to discern the future."
He pauses.
"But there is another way…I don't want this to happen to you. I don't want you to suffer like she did….I can change your destiny. Look into the other one."

The crystal ponies gather at the plaza in front of the Palace.
The anticipation is tangible.
Your dad puts you on his back again.
A flugelhorn sounds again.
And there she steps into the light.
Cadance, the Saviour. A majestic pink/purple alicorn. She wears a beautiful white dress.
At her side is a unicorn, her husband, Shining Armor.
They wave as the Crystal Ponies cheer.


"I don't wanna be locked up like that. Anything but that."

Start crying. "Anything."


Cheer! Cheer my lungs out! Long live the princess! Long live the savior!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Ssshhh, dear Hokkaido…I don't want to hurt you…I want to help you…Look into the other one."

You cheer the hardest!
You notice how behind her six ponies, including the blue mare with the rainbow mane join Cadance on the balcony, but stay back.
As the cheers die down, Cadance speaks up with a magically amplified voice.
"Citizens of the Empire. I thank you for your warm support. Today is a day we celebrate the end of the Sombra and we cast away the darkness he plunged the Empire into.
The Empire has suffered much. Sombra tried to break the will of this Empire. But today is proof that he failed. Today is proof that the Crystal Heart still beats within every pony of the Empire. I see an Empire that has just begun to crawl out of the darkness, ready to face the world. And I promise you, the Empire will return, shining brighter than ever before!


Pull myself over to it, look at it through the tears.


Clop my hooves together in excitement.
She's the best! The greatest! Everything is going to be alright under her rule!


You see yourself in a place you don't recognize. Looking into a mirror, getting ready with a pretty dress. You seem cheerful, you seem happy.
"Look at you. Fully grown up and beautiful. You have come far in the world, have seen more spectacular things than you could ever dream…And we could do that together. Instead of letting others take your gift and use it for the Empire, we can work together and I promise you I'll lead you to a bright future.
You. Me. Together.

An old crystal pony comes on the balcony holding the traditional crystal crown.
As she bows her head and the old pony puts it on her he says.
"I declare now that you, Mi Amore Cadenza, the Crystal Princess, may the Empire flourish under your rule!"


Hug my dad from behind.
"It's done! It's official now!"


Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.

"Anything. Anything but being locked up." Start crying.


"So be it. Now sleep…"
Your eyes grow heavy and you fall into a deep sleep.
You wake up back in your bed but remember nothing about the events in the fair..
Your nanny looks at you worried.

"It is. Come on, let's see what's more in the Fair!"
Ambers part ends here


"Oh, hello. Sorry I woke up just before you could wake me. Is breakfast ready?"


"Hokkaido…what happened yesterday?"


"I went to the fair. But I don't recall it. Maybe you're right, I shouldn't have so much candy."


"…Hokkaido…you were brought here…you were in some kind of…."
She gulps.


"Oh, did I hit my head on something?"

Feel my head. No extra bumps, right?


"You were…acting crazy. You were trashing around. Talking incomprehensibly…and when you did talk normally you told ponies the strangest things…Everypony thought you had gone crazy…I've never seen you like that….your parents…."


"That's not funny. Don't say things like that so early in the morning."


She's silent.
"Please…can you just explain what happened?"


"I went to the Fair. That was it. Why are you scaring me like this. I don't like it. Stop, okay?"


"I'm sorry…Hokkaido."
She gives you a hug with tears in her eyes.


Just stand there, let her hug me.

"Can, can we just get something to eat, please?"


She points to a plate with food behind you on a table.
"…Hokkaido, I'm sorry but your parents want you to stay in your room for a little while."



Go to the plate. Grab some of the food and start eating it.


Your nanny leaves, locking the door.
You are back in Vilitus staring at the mirror, in which you see your little self eating on your bed.

"Disgraced the family…an embarrassment… you didn't know it at the time, but things were never the same anymore was it. Was so long before they dared show you in public anymore…Instead of supporting their kid, they cared more for their image…



"So, I really am alone." Look down and walk away from the mirror.


"Why would you say that?"


"Because, in the end, they let me go, didn't they? I thought they tried to something to help."

"In the end, it was just me and you."

"Just me…"


"….and me. But indeed mostly you. Look around you, Hokkaido. This is the future you built for yourself. Had you grown up your gifts would eventually have manifested themselves fully, unbridled, unfettered. You would have not been able to control it. But instead I pushed you onto a new path, and you followed it. And I didn't make it easy on you, not for you. But you shined, passed all the tests and you built a future far away from the Empire. Take a look in the mirror, see yourself. See how far you've come."


Get back up, and look.


You see the mirror. There's no distortion. You just see yourself.
A proud Crystal Neighponese mare. You wear jewels, each of them you earned because of your cunning and cleverness.

"Do you know why I showed you this? Because I want to know…in the end…do you think you made the right choice? Was all the trouble you went through to get to where you are…leaving the Empire, navigating your way to Vilitus, becoming in the good graces of the elite….was it worth it?"


Play with my jewelry a little and giggle. Give a nice, big smile to the mare in the mirror.

"Of course it was, My Dearest."


"Then I have another choice for you…
Right now, Blood Diamonds Empire is collapsing. You can save it. Ask me and I'll tell you all the locations of his enemies and how to strike them down. You'll forever be at his right side…
You can write a note right now, send it to Lord Puzzle, tell him where Blood Diamond is. Puzzle has been waiting for this chance. Blood Diamond will die. And you will rise as the Duchess of the Snake District. You will be respected. You will have more wealth than you could ever dream off.
As always the choice is yours~


"I choose,"

"I choose,"

Breathe a little, try to clear my head.

"I choose,"




"So it shall be…"

With the locations of his enemies revealed, Diamond quickly ordered his last remaining forces to strike. In a bloody purge, Blood Diamond cleared the Snake District of his enemies and remained Duke.
While the last rebels were dying in the streets, Blood Diamond kneeled and asked for Hokkaido's hoof in marriage.
Wether or not she accepted, with her help Blood Diamond became a powerful duke and the name of the Crystal Oracle became infamous throughout Vilitus, whispered only in dark bars and tiny alleys.
The Oracle had returned, but not as prisoner of her gifts, but as a Queen in a land far, far away.

And how does Hokkaido see the rest of her life?
You may post your epilogue here…


"How do I see the rest of my life? My dear, whatever I see, shall be."



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