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After the brutal fight with the Metal Horror, you and your improvised companions quickly began the search for his master, Javier.
Tracking him into the more desolate part of the sewers, you fought numbers of ponies loyal to the Prophet, they were simply no match for your skill and experience. You managed to reach the Inner Sanctum just in time to find Javier had killed the Prophet and gained control of the curious device he carried.
Whatever the purpose of this device, when Javier pressed the button, something happened neither you, nor him, nor the Prophet expected.
The black coffin in in the middle of the inner sanctum, the Black Sarcophagus they called it, exploded.

You drift in darkness for a long time…
But then you feel something, something annoying on your face, something wet.
You wake up to see a stallion with an empty bucket.
Judging from your state, he just doused that bucket of water over you.
You're in the middle of the streets of the Snake District, chaos is all around you, in the distance you see the smoking crater of what used to be Aureo Plaza, the market of the Snake District.
Chaos all around you as ponies rush around, going through the ruins, searching for survivors or merely looting their remains.
You see many ponies wounded, staggering away from the plaza with an empty stare.
"You okay, buddy?" The stallion asks.
You now realize you're not wearing your mask.


Tap myself to see if I have any of my belong-
Stop that and grab one of them with my magic.
"What happened here? Are the other parts of the district fine?!"


He gasps as he's being restrained.
"I don't know…the whole thing, it just exploded…I was looking around, when some big wounded Diamond Dog came out of it with you in his paws. He told me to take care of you and then he went away."


Am I in a good shape enough to stand?
"I have to go…"

Roll #1 8 = 8


You seem to be.
"S-sure. You're welcome."
The pony says angrily.


Let him go.
"Thanks… sorry, I just need to make sure somepony is safe."
Ignore the damage and chaos for now, gallop towards home as fast as I can!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Around you the streets start erupting into chaos as all kinds of ponies from other districts take this opportunity to loot.
You manage to make it to your home and there are no signs of disturbance here yet.


Enter quickly and shut the door behind me.
"Tea! Tea are you home?"


The door is shut.
But when you call out, it opens a little bit.
It's Tea.
She quickly lets you in.
It seems her sister is here as well.
And your dogs.


Quickly hug Tea and give her a kiss on the lips, a long, passionate, 'I'm so glad you're safe' type of kiss.
Then look at her sister and the doggies.
"Are you all okay?"


"We're fine. Grey what's going on? I heard the whole plaza exploded. And now they're looting on the streets!"


"I'm… I'm not entirely sure. I was knocked out cold, so when I wake up I hurried here as soon as I could."


"You were at the explosion?!?"


"No… but I was nearby the plaza."


"Oh…well, I'm just glad you're okay."
Hug time '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Just hug back for now.
Relax a bit.
By Luna, how am I even still alive…


I guess that Diamond Dog Bersournig dragged you out. But he did take of your mask…to protect you or to steal them.
Better check your bags when it's safe.
And don't forget, you need to find Chill for your reward.


I know, but not until there are looters out there.
"With me and the dogs you two are safe now."
Look at her sister.
"You better stay here until things calm down, just to be sure."


She nods.
"I didn't know where else to go…"


"You came to the right place. I won't let anything happen to either of you."
Take a deep breath.
"I could use a cup of tea though…"


Green smiles.
"I'll get it right aw-"
Knock on the door.


Tense up.
"I'll get it. Girls, get in the living room."
Look at my sweet little doggies.
"You two as well."
Walk to the door slowly.


They all do as you say.
The door looms.


Open it partially.
"Who is it?"


"Your associates. Your boss would like a word."






"Give me a second."
Close the door.
Walk to the living room's enterance.
"I have to go. They need all available ponies at this chaos to try and fix this mess. Close the door and don't open it to anyone until I come back."


Green comes.
"What?!? Now?!? But we need you here…"


"I now, honey, but the faster I go and take care of this the sooner we can put this whole mess behind our backs."


She stomps her hooves.
"But I want you here…"


Step closer and hug her neck, stroking her mane.
Try to calm her down.
"Shhh, shh, I know, and I want to be here with you, I want nothing more, but I have to go. I will get back as fast as I can, okay?"
Look her in the eyes.
"I promise."


She looks down.
"…just come back soon. Promise?"


Kiss her on the lips again.
"I promise."
Now let's leave before I'll convince myself to stay.
Once I'm outside, speak.
"Let's get this over then."


The two bodyguards nod and trot by your side, leading you to a nearby cafe. The entrance has been barricaded but they let you through when they see who you're with.
Inside at a table sits Chill, smoking a cigarette.
"Still in one piece? Good. Now, what happened out there? My men informed me Javiers body was found among the debris. Were you the one who set off theis explosion?"


"No, the device was."


The Prophet had the device originally, then Javier had it, and set it off. Though you doubt having everything explode was his intention.


"The thing Prophet had. The mysterious thing that was supposed to be very precious. Javier got it, but then blew everything up with it."


He looks at you.
"Odd….very odd. And your associates, do you know what happened to them?"


Shake my head.
"I think the diamond dog carried me out, but that's all I have."


He thinks for a second.
"…I see then. Well, I suppose we can consider this incident almost closed then. There are however a few loose ends…."


I nod and narrow my eyes.
"I don't like leaving any of those."


"I'm happy you agree, mister Grey, because I wanted to employ your unique abilities to take care of that loose end."


"Yes, I… just a second…"
Time to finally check my shit though, do I even have my masks?

Roll #1 2 = 2


You have them.
I guess the doge was kind enough to take it off so no one would see you as the big crazy killer


"So, what is needed?"


"Seems like Blood Diamond lost control of the Snake District and a zebra from the Diamond District is making a move on his territory."
He taps his hooves.
"This is unfortunate, because we would like this situation stabilized as soon as possible, another gang war could destabilize this district for months. So we need you to…take care of him."


"The boss of the gang directly?"


"Yes. And his closest friends, just to be sure."


"Right. Where is he?"


"He's using a warehouse near the end of the fifth lane. I know you prefer blunt weapons and I can provide you with any weapon you want."


"I'd have a look at what you have then."


There are swords, axes, bows, clubs, hammers, a few pistols, daggers etc.
Both one-handed and two-handed.
"This is just a selection. If you need something else, it might very well be in my armory, I'd just have to send somepony to retrieve it."




"I will need a long overcoat. Holsters and sheaths too."


Chill nods.
And soon enough one of the bodyguards returns with a black overcoat and more holsters and sheats than you can manage.
Or can you?


I can totally manage all of them.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You put them all on.
It looks a bit ridiculous to be honest.
Being this loaded with sheats and holsters.
Then again, once you fill them with guns and blades, nopony will dare say anything about it.


I bet.
Start loading up on pistols, daggers and swords.
Maybe some light body armor too if there is any.
Is there?
I will also need a bag.
I will need all the weapons I can get for this.


You've got more firepower than an equestrian battle barge right now.


The bag can hold some explosives too I am sure.
If they have any.
And why wouldn't they?
"Do you have anything that can quickly treat wounds?"


More explosives for you.
These will do quite some damage.
"Healing salves. Straight from Equestria."
You pack a few bowels.


Zip the bag, put on the overcoat to cover everything.
Take a hat too, one that covers my face. No need to have anypony see me even before I put on the mask.


Are we ready?


As ready as I will ever be.


You make for the building, in the heart of the Snake District. It seems to have once been a residence, looted and repurposed as a HQ.
There are a number of guards with clubs outside.


Find a nearby alley.
Put on the Changeling mask, Zebra style.
Then cover it with the hat again.
Walk up to the guards, looking at the ground.


"Halt, if you want to see Duke Onetooth, you'll have to hoof over any weapons you have."
The moment you want to fire, you get a 5d10 with DC4 as a surprise attack.


"Here you go."
Magic and hooves combined, let's pull out some weapons and shoot them in the head.
Empty all the rounds I have in those guns into the guards.

Roll #1 5, 6, 10, 7, 4 = 32


As you show the guns, their mouths drop open.
And you fire open, piercing them all in a mighty barrage.
Before they have even a chance to react, all that's between you and the door is stepping over some cold dead corpses.


Drop the empty weapons, pick up the bag and kick down the door.
Any ponies inside?


As you walk in a whole battalion of them shows up.


"You forgot to say please."
Leap of faith, swords in hooves, guns in TK, let's start the slaughter.
Leap of Faith.

Roll #1 3, 8, 1 = 12


You jump and snatch 2 of them, smashing their skulls to the ground.
But another hits you cowardly from behind.
You're helpless!



Roll to the side and jump to my hooves!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You're up.
The others get their weapons ready to unleash a salvo


Find some cover!
Stab whoever is already behind said cover under the muzzle where it's soft and the blade meets little to no resistance

Roll #1 9 = 9


You tenderly send another enemy to the underworld.
The others fire into the large slab of stone you're hiding behind, sending pieces flying right next to you.
The salvo stops as they reload.
You may attack with a 3d10
A total of 6- will result in critfail, all else will be total damage done.


Open up the bag, get some throwing knives and guns out, jump out from my cover, then unleash hell on them.
Jump right back after I'm done.

Roll #1 2, 9, 9 = 20


Two direct hits to the neck, 2 kills.
The last grunt is shaking as he finishes loading his weapon.


Leap of faith, close the gap with a jump turning into a roll turning into a swipe at his neck with whatever sharp weapon I find first.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You pick up a shard of glass and one jump later, you bash his weapon aside before he can shoot and swipe his neck, his blood spills all over the floor.
The stairs up are unguarded


Get some weapons ready and run up them!


On the second floor you see the guards have entrenched themselves on platforms out of your reach, the only way through is to run across the hallway, avoiding the gunshots.
Or you could try to use heavy firepower to demolish those defenses.


The latter seems less suicidal.
I knew the explosives would come in handy.
Let's light them up!
Arm some of the explosives, and chuck them over to the barricade!

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you check your sack of grenades you notice one lost its pin.
Time to jump the fuck away!


Ah, fuck!
…and try to throw some of those grenades their way at least!

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Even better, you throw the entire sack into the hall and jump away.
A giant explosion blows a hole through the entire southern wall.
They definitely know you're coming now.
Part of the ceiling is becoming unstable and the stairs are blocked.
You could try to climb through the hole, entering via the windows above.


Climb through.
And if they expect me, good.
They will come to me to be killed and I won't have to look for all of them one by one

Roll #1 2 = 2


A paw burst through the wall as you climb and drags you in.
You stare into the face of a massive one-eyed diamond dog, foaming in the mouth.
He immediately throws you against the wall.


Ah, fuck…
Let's see if he's bulletproof.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You shoot and the bullet bounces straight off him.
Seems like he is.
He runs right at you.


Jump out of his way!

Roll #1 1 = 1


He grabs you with one paw.
"YOU WANNA RUIN MY OPERATION? TAKE THIS." He smashes you into the floor.
Your dazed mind notices how unstable the floor is rather than attacking him, you could try to sweep the floor right from under him.
That is, if you get out of this.


"You won't mind when you're dead."
Let's get out of his grasp then.
Grab a knife and stab it in his remaining eye!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You stab it in his eye and he stumbles around dropping you.


Grab the heaviest object I can find and lift to throw it on his feet!

Roll #1 8 = 8


The floor cracks and he shouts as you hit his hoof.
He starts swinging his paws around wildly.


Duck under his punches then jump back for some distance!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You get a knock on the head.
But manage to jump away mostly.
The floor cracks dangerously.


Lift the heavy shit and smack it down again! Make him fall!

Roll #1 8 = 8


The floor cracks and rumbles as he crashes down.
The whole building starts shaking.
Pieces of rubble fall from the ceiling.
Time to get out of here son.


Don't I have some more people to kill here?
Make sure I don't die to the building crashing down first though

Roll #1 5 = 5


You jump out of the window, nearly breaking your neck.
The entire building collapses next to you.
Whoever was left in that building….is probably not alive anymore.


…Let's see if I have a firebomb left.
Just to make that statement sure.


You do~


Let 'er rip

Roll #1 10 = 10


You throw it into the debris, the fire spreads quickly and soon the entire place is a sea of flames. A shape of the big dog tries to climb out of the rubble, but is soon consumed by flames.
You hear screams coming from the debris
Time to get to the extraction point champion.


Chop Chop, run over there!


You make it to the extraction point.
Roll for wits.


My murder senses are tingling

Roll #1 2 = 2


They are tingling too late as 2 masked ponies jump down on you. You're helpless!
Mr. Chill appears from a dark corridor.
"Well, well, mister Grey, fine job…fine job indeed. I think that takes care of most loose threads…"


Struggle to stand up!
"What the fuck does this supposed to mean?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You push them aside.
They unsheathe their weapons.
Mr Chill just nods.
"Cutting loose ends, Mr. Grey. Goodbye."


"You've made a big mistake. A biiiiiig mistake."
Change the changeling mask to Cobra from the Zeeb and Death Blow one of the guards with his own weapon.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You quickly grab that weapon and stab him with his own blade.
"Good thing I brought more then. Guards!"
3 more massive guards jump out of the corridors.
Including the nicely dressed bodyguards you met earlier.


"I've dealt with more. They won't save you!"
Pull the blade from him then leap of faith at the other masked guard.
Slice him up!

Roll #1 1 = 1


The massive guard bashes your head in.
You fall helpless!


Jump up, I can't let myself be overwhelmed!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You get up again.
Another guard tries to strange you from behind.




Grab him and throw it over my shoulders!
Break his neck in the process!

Roll #1 2 = 2


He grabs you in a headlock.
You can't breath!


Kick him off!
Before I black out!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your vision starts to turn black…
"Goodbye, Mr Gr-WHAT?!"
The 2 guards beside you are grabbed from behind and thrown against the wall.
Dark green hooves grab the pony strangling you. You drop to the ground and the pony screams as your unknown rescuers….Changelings?!? break his arms.


What the fuck?
Gasp for air, but I can worry about that later.
Leap of Faith, don't let that motherfucker get away!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You grab Mr. Chill, who almost seemed to have forgotten you until you grab him.
More Changelings pour in, quickly overwhelming the guards.
Chill shouts angrily.
"What are you doing?!? He's the guy, this guy right here. If your Mistress hears abou-"
"I already know" says a feminine voice, sensual and warm from the shadows.
Chill turns pale.


Sensual, warm, but with an undertone of sheer dread


Smack Mr. Chill against a wall for good measure, and keep a blade ready.
"What the fuck is going on?!"


From the shadows emerges a large creature.
She's green like a changeling, but far bigger and her eyes show an intelligence far beyond the average Changeling.
Her long dark green hair obscures her face partly and there's an appendage resembling a crown on her head.
"M-mylady? I did what you asked!" stammers Chill.
"That is funny. I recall telling you to take care of the Snake District. Not ordering you to kill this one."
She looks to you.
"Finish him."


Fucking hell, is that what I think it is?
is that a fucking queen?!
"With pleasure."
Let's make this art.
The backstabbing motherfucker doesn't deserve any less.
Place the blade at his barrel, slowly raising it, perssing it more and more until I find the ribs.
Start counting them, and when I arrive at the two that protect the heart… stab between them.
It really paid off to study anatomy in high school for this whole murder business.


Blood spurts out of the wound. Chill struggles in vain for a few seconds and then slowly his movements slow down and he sinks to the ground.
The Queen looks pleased.


Drop his body and turn to the queen while shaking the blood off the blade.
Don't lower it.
"I guess this is the part where I try to kill as many changelings as I can before they overpower me and take me to a rape dungeon to suck the life out of me."


She chuckles.
"Not quite."
Her Changelings surround you, but do not move.
The Queen paces around.
"As you might have guessed by now, I'm Chills employer, which makes me in a way, yours. You have done many services for me. Performed well. I like that."


Keep my guard up, follow her with my eyes.


She chuckles.
"Now then, Mr Grey, how would you like to work for me?"


"That depens on what you call work."


She looks at Chill.
"I need someone to overlook my operations here, now that he proved to be inadequate. Comfy job, good pay, you won't have to go out at all times of the day killing ponies. Just be my face. And make sure the right orders, go to the right ponies."


"Would you kill me if I said I was planning retirement?"
Nod at the corpse.
"I don't plan on ending up like him for one reason or another. Money is good, but it's not worth dying for."


She pauses.
"No…no I won't. I have learned in the past, that ponies who are forced into service make for terrible servants. I guess then, it is time to say goodbye. But of course, there is still the matter of your reward for this mission."
A changeling flies to you and hoofs you a vial with a white fluid.


Cautiously take it, and give her a suspicious look.
"What's this?"


"Your mate has been infected by Regrea Kaposis, correct? I had one of my peers concoct this brew as a reward for all your years of service. It will heal your mate…permanently."


Furrow my brows at first then widen my eyes, taking a step back.
"Y-You… you mean… Is this true? I thought there was no known cure!"


"We have access to resources and knowledge, unknown to anyone. This will cure young Green."


I nod, and put the vial somewhere safe.
"I guess I won't be called for to kill anymore then?"


"No. But we will be watching. As always."
She chuckles.
"A propos, Chill had sent a bodyguard to your home as well…we had sent servants to stop him. But it seems that wasn't necessary. Seems young Green is tougher than she seems…"


Try not to show panic in my voice.
"What?! What do you mean? Is she okay?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your panic clearly shows. You shriek.
"She is. But perhaps you would better go there herself. To comfort her."


Nod, and shove some changelings away to make way for myself.
"I will."
Turn back.
"Two more things. One, thank you. Two, you saw what I can do. I won't tolerate any changelings near her. Peroid."


She trots away again in the sewers.
And the Changelings follow her.


Fucking hell…
…fucking hell, did I just seriously survive meeting a queen scoff free?
First alley I see, ditch all the clothes, harnesses, sheaths, weapons and… all the masks. All of them.
Burn them.




Now gallop home as fast as my hooves take me!


You find the door wide open…


Run inside!
"Green! Green, where are you?!"


Right inside you see the body of one of Chills bodyguards. Dead. A bit further on a table is Green weeping with her sister trying to comfort her next to her. Next to them is a bloody knife As soon as she sees you, she runs for you and hugs you tight.


Hug her close.
"Shhhh… it's allright… it's okay, nothing bad can happen to you now…"


She sniffles.
"He came in. He knocked Tony and Cherry out. Oh Grey, he wanted to kill us…when he tried to take us…I grabbed a knife and…"
She buries her head in your chest.


Keep hugging her, patting her mane with a hoof.
"Green, you did it to keep yourself safe… he was the one who left you no choice…
I'm sorry for not being here to protect you. It will never happen again."


She hugs you tightly and gives you a kiss '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


It starts ever so slowly.
She moves her head up to you and your eyes lock.
There are those deep green eyes, a bit red and watery but as she looks into yours, slowly her lips curl into a smile and her eyes shine.
Without a word, in perfect synchronicity your eyes close and your lips lock.
First ever so gently as if exploring each others lips for the very first time, but then the passion flares up and the worry, the fear, the doubts of this day are quickly consumed as she clamps on to you as if for dear life.
Such a kiss is rare in a lifetime, one where not just bodies, but souls interact with each other.


Enjoy the sensation while it lasts.
Keep kissing her until my lips get tired.
When I break the kiss, look into her eyes.
"I love you so much, Green Tea, you cannot even comprehend."


She buries her head in your chest.
"I just want to hold you forever!"


"So do I honey… so do I…"
So hold her just a bit longer.


Cherry and Tony seem to have woken up again and rub against your legs.


Pet them with my hooves…
Sigh, then step back.
Take a look at the dead guy.
Glance at Tea Love, then Green…
Make sure the door is shut.
"I have to tell you something, but you both have to promise you will take this to the grave with you."


Green looks at you confused.


"There was a reason I was away so much…."
Take a deep breath?
"Do you remember the stories about the masked killers?"
Keep a stern face.
"I was trying to track them down. Now, they are dead. They should never return."


Green gasps.
"You mean those killers that massacred all those bandits in the Diamond District?"


"They have done, terrible, horrible things."


"…to very horrible ponies."
She shakes her head.
"And you…took care of them?"
Tea Love looks bewildered as well.


"It was nothing but wrestling power."
Hang my head.
"I did…. but I did it for you. To know that you are safe… and it paid off more than I could ever dreamed."
Levitate out the vial.


"You did it all on your own? That's amazing!"
She looks curiously at the vial.


Smile at her.
"This… this can cure you. For good."
Try not to tear up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your face is as stoic as can be.
But after a few seconds of shocked silence, Green tears up.
"A..a cure….but they said there wasn't any.."


"I know honey. That's what I thought too, but… this… this person had resources that nopony else did."


She gives it a good look.
"Are you sure it will work?"


"Am I sure? No.
Do I want to believe it does? Yes."


She looks over to her sister who nods.
She then holds out her hoof.
"..hold me."


Take her hoof.
"I'm here for you, whatever happens."


No one makes a sounds as she drinks every last drop of the white fluid.
She licks her lips and waits.
Suddenly she makes a weird face.


Keep holding her hoof!
"Are you allright?"


She burps.
"….yeah, I'm okay…I don't feel any different though."


"Nothing at all?"


She rubs her head.
"I do feel…lighter, like there's some weight off my shoulders…maybe it worked?"


"Let's go to the doctors for a checkup tomorrow, okay? To make absolutely sure."


She nods. "Yes…yes we will…"

Cue to epilogue?


I am ready to have babbies with my beautiful wife, yes!


The next day, tests from the hospital confirmed the disease seemed to be miraculously retreating and Green never had an episode again.
On the contrary, filled with energy, she once again began to practice and grow stronger.
Strong enough for babbies maybe?

Let's hear from the man himself…
Place your epilogue here…


They lived happily ever after, moving out of this terrible city, raising beautiful kids without a worry in the world for the rest of their lives!



So it is.
Any idea what country they moved too?
Saddle-Arabia, Trotantium, Equestria or something else?


Equestria sounds a nice place to spend their lives.



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