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After the brutal fight with the Metal Horror, you and your improvised companions quickly began the search for his master, Javier.
Tracking him into the more desolate part of the sewers, you fought numbers of ponies loyal to the Prophet and managed to reach the Inner Sanctum just in time to find Javier had killed the Prophet and gained control of the curious device he carried.
Whatever the purpose of this device, when Javier pressed the button, something happened neither you, nor him, nor the Prophet expected.
The black coffin in in the middle of the inner sanctum, the Black Sarcophagus they called it, exploded.

Darkness came over you…
You drift in an endless black for what seems like uncountable aeons.
But a ray of light shines at the end…you drift towards it….falling….
Your eyes blink at the merciless sun shining down at you.
You can't see clearly yet, but every part of your body hurts.
You hear voices beside you.
"She's finally up."
"Poor mare."


Cover my eyes with a hoof to shield them from the harsh sunlight.


It's so bright…you usually stuck more to the shadows.
"Try not to move too much."
You get the impression of moving, like you're on a carriage.


I mutter some curses and try to look around.
"Where… am I?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The last place you ever wanna be." says a voice.
"No…that's where we're going" says another.
You painfully lift your head and look around.
You're in what seems to be a cage. With you are 5 other ponies, 2 stallions, 3 mares, and a zebra, all leaning against the cage, looking defeated.
You notice the collars on their necks…Changeling slaves.
But those are only in….
You look outside the carriage to see only vast desert everywhere.
No…not everywhere…there are pipelines alongside this road.
And in front of you, grander than you ever saw them before are black spires. This cart is driving straight to the Changeling Oasis.


"… Fuck no."
Look myself over! Am I visibly wounded?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Your clothing is torn in some places, there are burn marks on your body, a wound on your leg has been treated with some bandaid.
But more worryingly, you're wearing a collar too.


"… How the heck do I keep finding new ways to fuck myself over like this?"
I bet all my belongings are gone too…
Damn. How many changelings?


You've been disarmed.
The cart is pushed forward by 2 particularly big changelings.
There are 3 changeling drones flying next to the cart paying no attention to you.
You're not in the oasis yet, but if you remember correctly, the Bureau estimated the number of Changelings there to be in the tens of thousands.


I'm so fucked.


How do you end up in these kinds of situations?
One of the stallions starts whistling a tune.
"Could you fucking stop that?" says the griffon.
The stallion stops.


"So, do any of you know anything about where we're going?"


One turns his head.
"You don't know? Final Destination. Vilitus Oasis, where we're going to be sucked dry by some Changeling Bitch Queens, if we're lucky."
One of the mares starts crying.
The other hugs her and looks angrily at the stallion.
"What?" he says "No reason to sugarcoat it."
The crying mare stammers "I shouldn't be here. I should be back in Manehattan. I shouldn't be here."
She goes off.


"You think I should be here? You don't even know half of it…"


The Griffon looks up.
"I don't think any of us should be here. Why, just a few weeks ago I was a ship builder in Mjolnir, in Hyperborea. Then I was drunk one night, got into a fight and woke up shackled on a ship. And well…now I'm here. Where do you come from?"
"Trotantium, I bet." says a pegasus stallion.


Give him a flat look.
"I was turned to stone 300 years ago and dumped into a river, then found again and put up on display as a piece of art, then unfrozen back here in Vilitus and now I'm here on a cart surrounded by fucking bugs."


He gives you a flat look.
"Well…if that was a joke, I don't really see the humor in it."

The Oasis is close now.


"I wish it was a joke."
Stupid bugs… stupid Vilitus…


You are now right beside the spires you earlier only saw from the distance.
A loud buzzing comes from the hundreds of wings flapping, flying around the top of the spires keeping watch endlessly.
Up close the towers are black with countless of hexagon holes in them, bugs flying in and out.
The cart continues and soon you see the oasis. A truly giant lake, if it wasn't for the spires in the distance indicating a shore, you might almost think it was a sea. The cart passes underneath giant tubes coming from the oasis, pumping water into the pipelines to the city.
The cart seems to be going towards the largest spire a bit further.


"I love what they've done with the place."


One of the other slaves chuckles weakly.
Do you want me to give a more detailed description of the oasis or shall we go to the action?


Your choice.


No I'm asking you.


Let's just go then.


You arrive at the base of the large spire and the cart stops.
An armored changeling arrives and shouts.
"We will open the door. When it does, you will each come out and stand in a line. Failure to do so will be punished. Understand?"


I wish I could hate people to death…


"You. The scorched one, answer!"


"Sir yes sir!"


The door opens, the ponies get out, but the Griffon opens his wings and tries to fly away.
"We got a runner."
Suddenly the collar shocks the griffon and he drops down the ground.
"I love it when they try to run, makes it easy to distinguish which ones to send to the Queens first." snickers the armored changeling "Any others want to run?"


I'm not fucking stupid, I know what to do and what not to do.


A few changelings take the unconcious griffon and take him away to the larger spire.
He overlooks each and everyone of you making comments and sending each one either to be escorted to the large spire or tells them to stay put.
He comes to you.
"Mare. Earth Pony."
He grabs your face and moves it to the side.
"Slightly damaged. Burn marks."


Let him go ahead.


He looks you in the eyes.
"You go with the rest to the storage."
A smaller changeling finishes making notes and flies away.
By now there's only you and 2 stallions. The others have been brought away to the larger spire.


Bah, poor sods… I feel bad for them. Nopony should live through this kind of bullshit.


They might not suffer very long.
You on the other hoof….
You're brought to one of the smaller spires.
Through one of the hexagon tunnels, one clearly modified to make it easier for ponies to walk through. On every side and even the ceiling there are other dark tunnels leading nature-knows-where and you feel hundreds of unseen eyes watching your every move.
You enter a larger chamber and the stallions gasp as you see ponies attached to the walls, their hooves sunk deep into the dark slimy walls of the hive. A larger changeling female sits in the middle, overlooking the operations, as drones fly around, feeding the poor ponies in the walls.
One of the stallions tries to make a run for it, but is immediately ganged upon by at least 30 drones.


Yeah yeah, I get it. It's impossible to get out of this place. I hope Celestia drops the sun down on this place or something.


Since you're so cooperative.
The female changeling looks around and says "We've got no room here anymore. Hang them outside."
One of the larger drones picks you up and carries you out of a hole near the ceiling, you're back in the sun.
The drone flies near the wall and with a slam sticks you to it.
You're hanging high and dry, far above the surface.
The drone sticks a fluorescent gem shining blue atop of you and flies off.
You hang there the whole day, contemplating your life maybe, or the universe who knows.
When the night comes, you're still there.
But then you hear something new.
Chak, chak, chak.
You try to turn your head and down there you see it.
Something using hooks to climb up the spire, towards you.
It comes closer and closer.
And when its near you, the lighting gem lights it up just enough to see….Whisper.
"Checking out the scenery?" He whispers.


I hiss back at him and softly.
"Motherf- What are you doing here?"


He starts pouring some kind of red liquid on the wall near your arms, it starts hissing and liquefying until you can move one leg. He hoofs you a hook you can use to make sure you hang onto the wall.
"We've been betrayed. When I heard you were near the explosives, I rushed to get you out. But I never found you and the Bureau is deserted. Something has gone really wrong."


Take the hook and suspend myself to the wall.
"I really, really hate Vilitus. Did I ever tell you that?"


"Not a buglover?"
The last parts have liquified and you're free. You're both hanging on the outer wall.
"We need to get moving. I hitched underneath one of the caravans to get here, but we can't go back that way. We need to get there."
He points to a location in the oasis a few miles further. One of the smaller spires near the oasis.
"We could climb down, or we can try to make our way through the spire…what do you think?"


"I think we should try climbing. The spire has too many of those bugs in it. It's horrible, Whisp. This place should be burned to the fucking ground and then salted for good measure."


"From what I understand, both Celestia and Saddle-Arabia tried that a lot of times. And here we are."
He gives you a look.
"Are you not curious how I knew you'd be here?"


"Of course I am. But let's discuss that when we get the heck out of here, okay? If we pull this off… I'll be more than just in your debt. Thanks for coming."


"I'm sure you'd do the same for me. Now let's see if we can climb to the surface."

Roll a '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 2 = 7


"You bet your ass I would~"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2, 2 = 4


As you climb down a bug passes by.
Whisper presses himself to the wall, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible, slipping out a throwing dagger in his hoof.
Stealth '1d10+2'
You might want to do the same.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Yes please. Stealth.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Aw too late, the bug has noticed Whisper and flies in to attack.
A strange buzzing grows louder from the spire.
The agile drone evades Whispers throwing dagger and claws into him.
With a swing of his backlegs, Whisper bucks him off, but in the process loses his balance.
He's now hanging on with only one hook and the bug comes back for a vengeance.
Since you're stealthed any attack would surprise the bug, +3 to your next attack.


Grab the fucker and snap his neck.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


Your attack comes as complete surprise and you snaps the fuckers neck before he can do anything.
His body falls down.
The buzzing in the spire intensifies.
Whisper hangs on again and points to a hexagon opening into the spire close by.
"They'll all be here in a second and out here we're sitting ducks. We have to jump in."
He jumps. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


For fuck's sake Whisp… Try to grab his hoof as he fails.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You grab his hoof and pull him in, but what seemed like a perfectly normal tunnel, is actually a perfectly normal near vertical tunnel.
You both slide down the tunnel at incredible speed, eventually landing in a puddle of water.
It's dark here, you can barely see your hoof in front of you.
There are….things drifting in the water. It's too dark to visually identify it but it's cold..and furry.


"… No. I'm fucking done. I'm so fucking done."


"Fuck…this is fucked up. Get ready, I'll have to make some light…Try…not to look at the water."
He gets out the blue shining gem and it gives a bit of light.
It seems you're in some kind of waste depository at the base of the spire. I suppose you can already guess what's floating in the water.
"Fuck, we need to get out of here."


"Yeah we do. Fucking bugs… This shit needs to stop."


Whisper starts looking around for a way out when there's a splash from one of the darker parts of the repository. He freezes. "Was that you?"


"No. We might not be alone down here."


He jumps up.
"Something just swam past my leg. Fuck, we need to find a way out quick."


Try to find a way to get the hell out of here. anything I can spot?

Roll #1 10 = 10


You see a small tunnel a bit above the water, just big enough for a pony to crawl through.


Point at it.
"Come on. Let's move it."
Make my way over there.
"What do you think happened exactly?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's easy to climb up there.
You feel something almost grabbing you but you make it, and so does Whisper.
"So many things happened, which are you talking about?"


"To the bureau. Where are the others?"


"No fucking clue. As you know, if there's some kind of huge threat, standard protocol is to go dark and communicate with each other through drops, so I went to check the drop sites. And I did find a letter, but it wasn't from the Master."


"From who was it then? … I really hope he's not dead."


"That's the crazy part. Check it for yourself."
He hoofs you a note.

Dear Molten,
Do not try to find the others of the Bureau right now. You have more pressing matters.
It seems your mission has not gone as expected and your friend Ambrosia got into trouble because of it. She was dragged away by somepony out to get your Master and it seems he wants all you and all his bodyguards out of the way.
She has been sold to the Changelings and you'll find her hanging outside the easternmost spire in the Oasis, marked with a blue gem. Go find her and go to the small spire complex to the south.
You will find allies there.
- A friend.


"… Molten? That's your real name? Really?"


He sighs.
"…Yes, I was born as Molten Stone…"


I snort.
"That's cute. I'm guessing you have not even the slightest clue who wrote this?"


"the fuck I know. The Bureau normally uses a cipher for messages, and definately not our real names. Whoever it is, they're not supposed to know our real names. Or my mission, or your mission or the Master, or…well everything about it. And who has allies in the Oasis?"


I look disgusted.
"… We might be getting help from a bug. There's several queens right? Maybe there's some kind of powerplay going on."


"…fuck….I didn't think of that…if anyone would know….shit."


I pat his cheek.
"Don't worry, we'll figure this out. Somehow."


He gives you a look.
"Wait, you're not some kind of changeling are you? Who are you and what have you done to Echo?"


"If I ever turn out to be a changeling, be a dear and kill me, okay?"


He snickers.
"That's more like it."
You crawl through and find yourself at the base of the spire covered by some rocks. The hive above is buzzing with activity and there are many changelings flying over the massive oasis near. The smaller spire complex is further, at least a mile.


"Look at this fucking place."
I shake my head.
"If my parents could see me now… we'd have zombies on top of everything."


He looks around.
"We could try to sneak…there seem to be some rocks, trees and bushes we can use as cover on the way…but it's still a long way."


"Well I don't see any alternatives, do you?"


"…..How long can you hold your breath?"


"Considering I was lying at the bottom of a river for the better part of three centuries, I think I'm pretty decent at it, at least."


"We could try to swim and use some bushes and sticks from those trees to hide under. If a changeling comes to close we'll stay under for a bit until he passes and continue.
I once did it while I was chased by the Neighponese Yakuza, did I tell you that story?"


"No you didn't… sounds fun though."


"Oh, if we get out of here alive, I'll have to tell you that one. Was pretty crazy. Let's try to get some cover quick."
He starts gathering some bushes and leaves and rolls around in the mud.


I follow his example.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Rolling around in the mud with Whisper is more arousing than you thought~


D-Dammit brain! Stop that!
"This is fun, we should do this more often."


"Sure, if this is done I'll roll around with you all you want."
He gathers some bushes and quickly runs into the water. It's surprising how some bushes and a muddy face can look like some ordinary floating bushes.


Gather some bushes as well and follow suit with a smirk.


Roll to make it to the other side.


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Except for ducking when a few stray changelings pass, you make it through pretty nice.
The smaller spire complex is somehow darker than the others, altough there are a number of changelings flying above it.
At the base there's a mare standing near the entrance.


"You don't seem entirely focused today, Whisp…"
Eye the mare carefully.
"Why… Why is she there? Why bother disguising as a pony?"


"Try to think like one of those bugs, it probably thinks we'd more easily talk to a changeling that looks like a mare, than a changeling."


"Yeah but… who would fucking fall for that?"


"I don't think it's about falling for it. I think….it could be a gesture…like "we're not going to immediately eat you, we want to talk first."


"The worst part is that whoever that look used to belong to has likely been sucked dry and killed ages ago. Goddamn, when all of this is over I think I'll go in the changeling hunting business. Murder as much of those filthy bastards before I die…"


"Heh, let's talk that over if we make it out of here alive."
He looks back to the mare.
"I don't know about you, but I don't really see any other option than to go to her and hope she's really some kind of ally….if we're going to stay here, we'll get caught eventually."
He turns to you and grabs your hoof.
"Listen Ambrosia, there's something I've been thinking about, ever since we got out of that spire"
He looks into your eyes.
"I think I should just tell you…that…"
He leans forward and whispers in your ears.
"We've just been swimming in the same water, everypony in Vilitus will be drinking tomorrow."


I roll my eyes and jab him with a hoof.
"I could just put her to sleep."


He looks again.
"That's an idea…"


"I'll give that a go. Be ready for anything."
Sneak up on the mare as best as I can. It's naptime, bitch.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sneaky beaky like a freaky mare, you sneak up on her and before she even knows what's going on you stick a needle in her neck from behind, she collapses into sleep, never knowing what happened.


I smirk.
"Now what? Take her along for a ride? Snap her neck? Leave her?"


Whisper shrugs.
"She seems a bit too heavy to carry all the way, but feel free to do what you want. I don't like these bugs."


Kick her in the stomach.
"Let's just go."


You give her a good kick and enter the smaller entrance.
To your surprise the Changeling architecture seems to be adapted here to allow for passage of ponies as well. And you don't see any changelings.
Down the passage you see a door. The first door you come across since you came here.





There are voices behind the door.
And the sound of a heartfire.


"Where does this lead to?"


Whisper shrugs.
"No clue. I've never been to the Oasis before."


I nod slowly and motion him to come closer with a hoof.




When he does, grab his head and give him a looooong ass kiss.
"I owed you that one for getting me out of bugland~
Now let's move."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your tongues fight for dominance for a long time.
He has this positive "damn girl, you cray cray" look when you go to the door.


Is there a keyhole to look through? If not, I'll just have to press my ear against it to try and hear what's behind there.

Roll #1 9 = 9


There is.
In there you see a table with ample food.
Behind them hangs a large tapestry with an M.
There are 2 ponies sitting at the table.
One is eating.
The other tapping his hoof.
"How long do we have to keep waiting?"
The eating one looks up.
"That's the question really, life can sometimes feel like a long waiting room. Is that all life is, or is-"
"Oh…you don't have to shout."
"Why can't you ever give a normal answer? Why does it always have to be about eternity and space and all that other crap?"


Turn to Whisper and whisper.
"Two ponies sitting at a table ahead. There's a tapestry behind them with a large letter M on it. One of them is complaining about having to wait on thieves. … You think these two work for your unknown friend?"


"Well obviously not, we're not thieves. We're professionals."
He chuckles.


"They might not agree with that."
No other way out then through the door, is there? If not… I guess we'll have to go through.

Roll #1 4 = 4


As you enter, the shouting one gets up.
"Well finally, Rose, are those thieve-…"
He looks at both of you.
"…wait, where's Rose?"


I glance over at Whisper.
"She's taking a dump."


"Exactly. Also, we're not thieves. We're professionals. Now, we'd like some answers."


I chuckle.


"Well she was supposed to get you in he-…wait a second. Y-you didn't k-kill her, did you?"


"No, I didn't. I just knocked her out for a bit."
I sigh and look at Whisper.
"I told you I thought that was weird. Should I go get her?"


"Nah, one of them will."
He turns to them.
"Am I right?"
After a few seconds the standing pony nods to the eating one and he goes past you into the corridor.
"So…I'm starving, and she is too. Mind if we get some food while you explain what the hell you're doing here and why we shouldn't kill all 3 of you?"
He goes and gets some salad.


"That sounds lovely."
I do the same.


The pony sighs.
"Yeah, just eat whatever. Listen, first of all, we're here as allies."
"Why don't the changelings kill you?"
"We…we're….sort of….contractors…"


Grab some salad and dig in, staring at the pony.
"Come on, we don't have all day. Spit it out."


"Look, you don't need to know all the details. But sometimes the changelings need a…pony perspective on things. To plan properly. I mean their Infiltrators can mimic ponies well, very well but they can't think like ponies. So they approach ponies like me and some others to help them. And we're here because the Queen wants you out of the Oasis and back to the City. She figured you would rather kill changelings than listen to them…"


"I don't know, killing bug sympathizers sounds like a lot of fun to me. Which Queen do you work for?"


"I've never seen her but she's called Mezira. She's in charge of covert operations within the City and more but I don't know about that. Look, whatever you think of me, we're your best shot out of here. We know what happened to your gang and we want to help you."


"Mezira… what does she want with us? What happened to our group? What's her stake in this? Those stinkbugs wont do something like this out of the kindness of their hearts."


"She feels that if your group was exterminated, it would create a power vacuum in the city. Something she doesn't want.
As for what happened to your group…have you ever heard of the Lordblades?"
Whisper chokes on his food.


I cock a brow at him and glance over to Whisper.
"Those guys still exist? I've heard tales about them, but I thought they were mostly just conspiratorial bullshit."


He looks at you and shakes his head.
"They're not…"
He leans over to you.
"The Master was one."


My turn to choke on my food.


He nods.
"Turned traitor. He told me they were looking for him, came to Vilitus to hide."
He turns back to the pony.
"So…there's a group of Lordblades in the city?"
"Just one…two if we count your Master, but he was classified as Integrated. A rogue one.. that's enough to cause a whole lot of trouble."


Fuck fuck fuck. How do I always manage to find a way to get myself in this much shit?
"And where is he?"


"We've lost track of her last I know. Maybe the Infiltrators tracked her down again, but we'd have to ask them when we get to the City. Your Master is missing as well. We have been able to track down your other associate….Uh…Nightshade I think in the sewers, but our Infiltrators have not yet approached her, we thought it would be best you did. And now we really have to get going because if our Infiltrators found her, it might not be long before the Lordblade finds her."


Get up and look at Whisper.
"I guess we'll have to save the rest of the questions for later. Shall we go get Nightshade out of the gutter?"


"Let's get to it."
He gets up.
"So I guess you're going to get us a caravan back?"
The pony smiles.
"Even better."
Then the eating pony comes in with Rose on his back.
"What?!? What have you done to her?"


"Put her to sleep, I told you already. She'll wake up again in a bit."
Grab him by his throat and pull him closer to me, glowering at him.
"Which is a gentle fucking way of dealing with ponies compared to what those bug fucks do to us, you race-betraying whore. You're lucky that we need to work together because you can't even begin to imagine the pain I want to inflict on the three of you."


"I'm part of the winning side. Is that so wrong? You don't even have a clue how extensive our network in the city is. How much we know, how much we see. You should call yourself lucky that you get our help."


"I wish you a short and miserable life, nothing more. This city is the biggest fucking shithole I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing and you are a major part of the reason why. You can have your blood money, your 'network' and whatever the fuck else kind of shit that gives you a stiffie, just know that there's thousands of poor sods out there getting ruined because of people like you, and that they deserve better than to be sucked dry and dumped in a fucking pit like animals. If that doesn't faze you at all, you're a lost fucking cause."
Release him.
"Now where is our friend?"


He straightens up.
He goes down a staircase.


Follow in silence, brooding all the while.


The stairs leads into a dark cave, as you move on signs of changeling presence becomes again visible, so delightfully missing from the pony room.
Slime on the walls, green organic lights shining in the darkness.
The room enters into a large hall.
Down there is a strange device you've never seen before.
It looks a bit like a very long carriage made of black steel. Very large rectangular carriages connected to each other, you don't see any sign of ponies or even changelings pulling it however. Instead the carriages are placed on some long lines of fluorescent black steel. The design reminds you of the ruins you saw and the armor of the Prophet.
Around it changelings are packing supplies and loading into the carriages.
The pony walks down a black metal staircase.
"Don't those rails underneath the carriage, they'll kill you. We have a carriage of our own for pony transfer in the back."


To clarify, you're looking at a futuristic railroad.


"Let's just go already. I'm sick of looking at your faces."


You all step into the carriage at the back.
The doors close themselves.
But there are some windows to look through.
"What is all this?" asks Whisper.
"The base the Prophet and Javier found was not the only one. Right here in the Oasis was their capital. And when the Changelings came they excavated the whole thing.
They call this a Transportation Hub. You'll see what it does."
Soon the other doors close as well and without warning the carriages ride into the tunnel at incredible speed.
"We'll be in the city in 15 minutes."


"Where is the Queen you work for?"


"Why do you want to know?"


"Because I want to talk to her personally."


He's silent for a second.
"Wow, you really do have a death wish."
He smirks.
"Tell you what, if you're so eager to be ripped to be pieces, I'll ask my contacts if she'd be willing to meet you after the Lordblade is dead."


"I'm not going to try anything cute, believe me. I just want to talk to her in person, nothing more and nothing less. I'm sure she can free up some time in her busy mass murder schedule."

Has that stupid cunt woken up yet?


"Suit yourself. But I can't guarantee anything. I've never even seen her. But…she has a fascination for crazy ponies, maybe she'd want to see you for herself."
She has, she rubs her head.
"Oooh, where am I…"


Go back to brooding silently and glaring daggers at the others.


Whisper comes sit next to you.
"You certainly have a talent for getting into trouble."


"I never asked for any of this shit."
Look at him.
"And now talks of Lordblades? This is way above my paygrade."


"I'm definitely asking for a big raise and bonus after this. Maybe some vacation too. Ever been to the Equestrian beach?"


"It's been a while since I visited Equestria."


"You'd love it. White sands, blue waters, and not a single changeling for miles around."


"I'd rather visit home again. The drinks are better there."


"Trotantium…Well, I heard they have nice beaches too. I'd love to see it."



"Don't get ahead of yourself. We still got shit to deal with first."


The monorail arrives at a small station, the tracks continue further into the tunnel. The Changelings stay in, but the ponies, you and Whisper leave.
Three lean changelings are waiting for you.
"We have tracked the Nightshade pony in a sewer nearby, but as instructed we have not made contact.
We are performing systematic sweeps to find the Lordblade.


I hope they all get gutted.
Look at Whisper.


"Just tell us where she is and we'll take it from here. We don't need help from Changelings."
The changeling hisses but shows you the way.


Alright, go there without a word or sparing them a second glance.


You and Whisper walk silently through the sewers and find yourself in a large hall.
"Of course, the warrens" whisper says. "If you don't want to be found, you go here. Seems the bugs found it anyway I guess."
He knocks on a door and says "Tall tales in small places."
There are numerous clicks of locks being opened and Nightshade peeks through the door.
"Whisper? Echo? What happened to you? Come inside quick!"


"Cozy. I think I'll take my next vacation down here."
Enter if I can.
"Hello Nightshade."


She looks weary.
The room is more of a hole.
You see a table with some chemical ingredients and a pile of hay on the ground.
"Echo. Whisper." she sighs "seems like shit really hit the fan. Sorry I didn't contact you, but somepony infiltrated the Bureau. I tried to fight…but she…she…" she shakes her head. "She fought unlike anypony I've ever met."


"'She' was likely the lordblade we've heard about. I didn't even know those fucks still existed… or ever existed for that matter."


Nightshade looks stunned.
"A Lordblade? A freaking Kill-Everything-Everywhere Lordblade?!?"


"It's not the best of situations we're in, I'll say that much."


"Well fuck….Any idea what to do? I tried to hide here so nopony could find me….wait, how did you guys find me anyway?"


"We didn't, the bugs did. And if they did, the lordblade will too. Luckily there's three of us now, which means we've got a numerical advantage."


"Those bugs, they know I'm here? Well…shit. All that secrecy, trying to hide everything. Seems like it didn't help for shit."
There hangs a map of the city in the room.
Whisper has been staring at it quietly for some time now.
"….I think I know where the Master is."


"You do? How'd you figure that?"


"Something he told me once. About the park."
He points to the green spot on the map.
"He told me he once found some tunnels there, from before the forest sprouted up out of nowhere. Completely overgrown. I don't think anypony else knows about it, maybe not even the bugs. Thing was…he said you could only enter it at night, but he never told me why. And everypony claims its dangerous to venture there at night."


"The park huh? I have some fond memories of that place."
I smirk.
"Always count on mother nature to surprise you over and over."


Whisper looks up.
"I guess we should get moving before that Lordblade finds us here. It will be dark soon, we might make it there just in time…and I don't think the bugs will dare follow us in there at night."


I nod.
"You're right. I'll feel a hell of a lot better once we find the Master again."


"He'll know what to do. He was a Lordblade once."


"Maybe he'll have some answers as well then. Come on."
Let's leave this place and head to the park.


"Allright, let's go. But be careful, let's try not to be followed."
You leave into the sewers again.


"I'm glad you made it out okay, Nightshade. When all this is over, we should grab a drink together and party away until we vomit ourselves to sleep. I don't think we've done so before."


"I hear ya. If we survive, I'll buy the first round."
You march for the park.
Whisper frowns.
"I wish we had more ponies for this. 3vs1 are usually good odds…but against a Lordblade I'm suddenly not sure."


"… Got any allies in mind? You know… there's that Saddle Arabian friend of mine…"


"That Immortal mare…you think she'd be willing to help?"


"With fighting a lordblade? … I think I can convince her. Drinks are going to be on me for a loooong time after this though, I bet."


"Let's go find her then. We all stay together. I don't want to take any chances. Not now."


Looks like we're diverting course then. Let's hope Silver Sickle has a big heart of gold.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You traverse the rooftops but don't see her.


Maybe she's servicing some stallions in their base.
Bah. Keep looking, she must be around somewhere.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You see her perched on top of a building.
When the 3 of you approach, she unsheats her daggers.


Motion whisper and Nightshade to stay back, then head over to her.
"Silver, shit is going down and I find myself in the uncomfortable position of asking for your help."


She looks cautiously.
"And what are they doing here? We usually meet alone…Is this some kind of trick?"


"I've told you about Whisp, haven't I? Look, I know we're not really on the same team here, but our bureau got sacked. A lordblade is out to get us, she already tried to sell me to the bugs. We're kind of short on blades right now and heading into the unknown so… I was hoping you'd be willing to join. If we come across trouble, we'll need the extra pair of blades."


She gives you a costanza look.
"A lordblade? How much have you been drinking? Those are just myths to scare ponies."


"Do I look drunk to you? I'm fucking serious. If it wasn't for Whisp, I'd be lying dead on a pile of bodies in Oasis. I need your help. Please."


She gives you a long hard look.
"Fuck me I must be crazy" she mumbles.
"Fine I want to see this "lordblade" of yours. But if this is a trick, I swear you'll regret it."


"Thanks… I owe you big time. And I've lost too much shit already to turn on my friends."


"Well, let's just see how this goes then. Lead the way."


Nod and head back over to Whisper and Nightshade.
"Not exactly the kind of get together I would have liked but… she's in."


The atmosphere is awkward when Silver Sickle joins.
Nightshade speaks up "I think we met before."
Sickle nods. "You were the cunt who tried to steal my kill 2 months ago."


"You're all the same, a bunch of scoundrels. Pull that damn stick out of your ass and start using it to beat the bigger threat for fuck's sake. Come on. The park is waiting for us."
Move it.


They shut it and start moving.
Whisper mentions "Nice."


"You like it when I get rowdy?"


"It fits you."


"Yeah… well maybe I learned a thing or two from a certain paladin back in the day."


Sickle speaks up.
"Do you two need a room or are we going to kick butt?"


"Walk and talk, Silver. And keep your eyes peeled please."


"Make sure you keep them peeled too. And I don't mean on your stallionfriend there."
And so you go to the park.



That cheeky cunt.
"You'll be able to get back to your own stallionfriends soon enough. All of them."


Soon enough you reach the Scar district.
The sun is setting.
Time to find this secret hideout of the Master.
Whisper unsheathes his daggers.
"Keep an eye out, I have no idea what lurks here at night…"


"Me neither."
Look at the ground and whisper quietly to it.
"Mother, I know you're not big on choosing sides, but if you could refrain from trying to plantmurder us, I'd be grateful for it."


The ground is silent and cold.
You hear a crack further in the forest.
Something moving.


We stealthed? Tread carefully. Eyes peeled, blades ready.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You niggas are stealthed.
But so seems whatever is moving.
As you head through the forest, there are all kinds of sounds all around you. But you don't see anything in the darkness.


A pity we can't light the way. Keep moving then. No sense lollygagging.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You arrive at the clearing.
The rock formation in honor to Nature looks eerie in the moonlight.
The sounds seem to stop here.
Whisper coughs. "Fuck…we could spend all night trying finding this hideout…"


Hmmm… the rock formation.
I think I inspected those before, but let's do it again.

Roll #1 6 = 6


As you come closer, you notice something you never saw during the day.
Very tiny, glowing specks of dust, flying close to it.
As you try to catch one, it moves out of the way.
Some stop and simply float as if they're aware you're here.


What the… those can't be fireflies, they're too small…
"Hey Nightshade… what do you make of these?"


"That's weird…..Pixies maybe?"


Take some distance from them and observe further.

Roll #1 5 = 5


They don't seem to be hostile.
Silver and Whisper come to look too.
Nightshade continues.
"If memory serves me, they are servants of Mother Nature….let's see if they can hear us."
She clears her throat.
One of the pixies flashes for a moment.


We're all servants of nature when it comes down to it…
"Well… that was a reaction. Open sesame?"
Look at Sickle with a sheepish grin.


The pixies don't do a thing except floating.
Silver coughs. "Please…that only works in Saddle-Arabia!"
She trots down.
"Hello. Do you know anything about a tunnel around here?"
The pixies flash.


I frown.
Approach them again as well.
"Mother of the Grove, your seed is strong here. We come not to threaten your domain, but to defeat a powerful foe. Lend us your assistance so that the natural cycle may run its course."


The pixies flash again.
Silver asks again.
"Did some other pony come here."
They flash again.


"Where did this pony go? Guide us."


They shudder around.
Then group together to make a drawing of an angry tree waving his branches around


"… A treant?"


The Pixies change again to a picture off a forest, some treats are walking around there.
In Trotantium, you've heard of treants. They protect the forest and herd the trees.
The picture changes and the treants disappear, while the forest starts moving around…


>some treants


"They're saying there's treants walking around here at night… I guess that explains some things."
Look around, does the forest surrounding us still look the same as when I visited this place before?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Pretty much.
Well…except the number of trees walking towards you.


"… Fuck me hard in the ass. Hide."
Try to hide!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You all hide.
The trees seem to move around the clearing. Looking for prey.
The pixies quickly fly around you and then shoot off into the forest.
Maybe that's the way.
The trees haven't found you yet.


Trail the pixies and motion the others to follow silently.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Too late, one of the trees spots you and the group and moves to you.
Roll to avoid his branches.


Dodge hard!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to dodge one of the branches.
Roll a 1d10+2 to run into the forest and follow the Pixies.


Gotta go fast.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You get grabbed by one of the branches.
Time to fight.
Your companions immediately start cutting at the tree. '3d10'
The other trees are slowly coming your way.

Roll #1 6, 2, 1 = 9


Escape artist out of them.
"Fucking run!"


You all make a run for it, Nightshade got a few serious blows though.
The trees are starting to follow.
The pixies are showing you the way.


Move move move.
Help Nightshade along if need be.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You and Silver drag her along.
Soon the trees disappear.
The Pixies lead you deeper inside.
You come across another unearthed tree.
Seems like somepony slashed it up.


"Well well, look what we have here…"


As you go deeper you find a giant tree.
From the marks you can see a flurry of dagger strikes and truly strong kicks nearly shattered it to pieces.
It lays right next to a dark tunnel.
The Pixies stop there.
Silver looks at the partially demolished tree.
"……you guys said Lordblade?"


"Yup. Looks like the bitch packs quite the punch too."


Time to enter the darkness…



Whisper lights a torch and you see a long tunnel. Vines and hanging roots cover the old stone walls.
The only sounds are the occasional drips of water.
Nightshade seems badly hurt and limping.


Make her sit down and take a look at her wounds.
"Not good, you guys. I appreciate you trying to keep me safe from the giant death trees, but I would have gotten out on my own. Silver, know any Arabian witchcraft that can help Nightshade out here?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Her back left leg is crooked unnaturally. It's a testament to her training that she managed to get here at all.
Silver speaks up "Our healer knows his healing magic. But that's no use here. We should put it right, right now."
Whisper hoofs Nightshade a piece of wood to bite upon. "Easy Shade, it's going to be okay. I promise. You ready?"
Nightshade nods as she bites the piece of wood.
Whisper grabs her crooked back leg.
"On 3…"


Poor 'Shade. Make sure she stays still.

Roll #1 10 = 10


As you try to comfort her, she suddenly grabs you into a hug and holds you very, very tightly.
Nightshade makes a suppressed high-pitched noise and squeezes the air out of you as with one movement and a crack, Whisper puts her bone right again. Silver quickly bandages it up with an improvised plank.


"She's in no state to fight like this…"


She sniffles.
"Just leave me here…I'll only hold you up. I'll manage."
She hoofs you a vial from her belt.
"Use this against that Lordblade. Latest concoction, it should work fast."


"You sure? We should at least make sure you're hidden."


She bites her lip.
"Nopony will come here to enter.
So the only real danger is…."
She pats your back.
"But I'll know you'll get her."


I frown.
"And when we do, we'll get you to a doctor but… you should still try to hide."


She tries to put up a brave face.
"I'll try to find something. You go ahead…don't worry about me."


"Alright, stay safe. We'll be back with you soon."
Let's move it then.


Whisper nods.
"Stay hidden, stay safe. We're not leaving you behind."
Only 3 left you enter the dark tunnel. Whisper lights the way.
As you trot further the walls of the tunnel change, some seem like crushed walls of houses, you see parts of doors and windows.
Occasionally you have to climb through small holes amongst the debris.
"These must be the homes that stood there before the trees came in that night. All crushed together under them…Amazing." murmurs Whisper.




He looks to you.
"I told you how this forest came to be here right? According to what I've heard, about 100 years ago, it was all part of the Vulture district, and one morning ponies woke up to discover a whole forest had sprung up. All the homes, all the ponies, gone.
Since then, they call it the Scar."


"Oh right. Well, nature can be a scary bitch when she wants to be."


As you climb through another window he nods "I don't know much about Nature but isn't she supposed to be…silent. Not doing anything? This forest seems nothing like that all."


"Maybe she wanted to get back at the bugs for drying this place up?"


"Well in that case she has my full su-…hold up."
He stops dead in his tracks and looks further down the tunnel.
The tunnel ends at an intact door of one of the crushed houses.


Careful approach and peer through the keyhole.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's black.
"Ambrosia, don't touch that door. Look to the left side of it, near the bottom." urges Whisper.



Roll #1 10 = 10


You see it, a tiny wire near the side of it.
The door is definitely booby trapped.


How do we disarm this shit?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Why, with a hop skip and a jump.
With a few handy twists you disable it.
Door should be safe to open now.


Press my ear against it first to hear.
"Somepony took the time to arm this shit."

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's silent behind it.
Silver chimes in "Gee, I wonder who."


"I'm surprised she bothered wasting time."
Open up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Maybe she's expecting us to come?"
You open up the door in a dramatic fashion.
There's a large room here, an empty one at that.
The ceiling is wobbly and cracked from what should be a bunch of crushed floors above it, but it seems somepony took the time to reinforce it and decorate this room.
There are some bookcases, a fireplace, a desk and a weapon case.
The weapon case has been smashed and a few weapons are thrown over the floor.
One of the bookcases has been thrown over and all kinds of papers have fallen everywhere.
There are traces of blood on the floor.
A fight took place here.
There's another door opening at the end. The door of it has been smashed down and leads further down.


"Things got really rowdy in here. And still she took the time to set up a trap instead of chasing her target…"
No sense dallying around, move it!


You make it down and see a long tunnel again.
It is illuminated by light, coming from large holes in the ceiling, at the end is another door.


Oh boy, closed again?
Check for traps, keyhole, hearing, etc.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You check out the door, nothing unusual here.
You hear a shout from behind you.
You and Whisper both see Sickle being pulled into one of the ceiling holes with a rope around her neck. She just managed to grab the side of the wall or she might have been swooped away like that.
She's gasping for air and won't hold much longer


Throw a dagger at the rope! Rupture the fucker!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You miss and Silver disappears up that shaft.


"Fuck no!"
Find a way up there!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You and Whisper start climbing up there.
Way above you hear muffled signs of struggle and then silence.
You look up to see something falling down again.
Roll to evade.


Oh boy.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You and Whisper press yourselves against the wall as Sickle falls past you.
She's still attached to a rope, around her middle now and the rope stops her fall right before she would fall to her death.
She just hangs down there now.
You could use the rope to climb quickly above, or check on Sickle first.
Or you could ask Whisper to do one and you do the other.


Motion him to check on her while I keep fucking climbing.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Whisper climbs down.
You get up there and duck as a mare in dark clothing and hood tries to grab you. You quickly swing up and only that hole is between you now.


Go through. I'll choke the life right out of this filthy Equestrian cunt.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Your quick jump surprises her and you manage to hit her across the face, forcing her back.


"You know why we're here, you little shit."
Blind her!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You kick up some dirt and blind her.
You have the advantage! Press it.


Now Rupture, see how the bitch likes some deep wounds.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


You get out a dagger, grab her and stick it right in her chest.
This should hurt really bad, but she still doesn't make a sound.


Double dagger action!

Roll #1 9, 8 + 2 = 19


You get out another 2 daggers and stick it in again.
She's bleeding heavily.


How can this be so easy? Something's not right here…
Rupture again. I'm going in hot and heavy.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You grab your 2 daggers out of her chest and stab them in again a few times, surely slicing some vital organs in the process.
The mare seemed to have had enough and she falls down…
And then dematerializes, an illusion!


Or body double, that thing Illusionists have.
Forgot the proper term for a second.


Of fucking course. Fucking Equestrian mages.
… That was one tough doppleganger.
Look around and stay ready.
"Hope you liked the show, bitch."



Roll #1 6 = 6


There's no answer in the darkness; there doesn't seem to be much here, just another tunnel.
As reward for your amazing flurry of strikes, you will get an advantage when fighting the Lordblade.


Whisp? Silver?

Roll #1 4 = 4


They're down there.
You find Whisper trying to wake Silver, who finally opens her eyes.
"Oaahh, what happened?"


"Some kind of magic bullshit. I took care of it. You alright?"


"I think so….I'll manage. Let's get that bitch! Uh…if you can cut me down?"


Do so.
"Sure. Just take it easy, alright?"


She hops to her hooves again.
"Oh, I'll get that bitch, hanging me like a freshly caught fish? She'll pay for that!"
Whisper nods "Good thing she didn't kill you."


"… Yeah. Hey Silver, where did we first meet?"


"Right at that alley, where you ambushed me, you stupid cunt"


I smirk.
"Alright. Just making sure there weren't any more magic tricks going on."
I start climbing up the rope.
"I really wrecked your ass back then, didn't I?"


"Because of a surprise attack! The other time I basically wiped the street with your tail."


"I actually remember putting you down like a bitch."


"I must have hit your head so hard you got a hole in your brain."
She looks to Whisper below.
"Sorry for braindamaging your fillyfriend Whisper. If it's any consolation, there wasn't much to start with."


Wait for them to reach the top as well.
"Whisp was there, he can confirm the fact that I won and you got to eat shit, can't he?"
Look at him expectantly.


He waves his hoof
"Let's first take care of the immediate problem of an illusionist lordblade trying to kill us, then I'll settle whatever you want."
And starts investigating the walls.
"There must be something here…a secret passage?"


I'm going to spank him for that later.
Just inspect the tunnel I saw.
"This way maybe?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


The thing is, that tunnel leads to a wall, you can see it from here.
But you see a crack in the wall with a button too.
Easy as pie.
The wall slides apart and there's a light behind it.
"Yes…that way…"


Flutter my eyelashes at him, then check out this new entrance we've made.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You step into the light…
You enter into a large circular hall, on a balcony overlooking the thing.
Deep down you see the Master sitting motionless on a very comfy chair, next to another empty chair and a table with tea and cookies.
There are a number of wooden support planks across the room allowing you to easily maneuver downward or upward if you like.
The room is decorated by all kinds of trotantine murals and banners.


… What the shit.
Alright, stay alert and slowly start moving over to the master.

Roll #1 7 = 7


All of you cover one side, sticking close together.
As you come closer to the chair, you see the Master looking up at you…without a mouth!


"Why don't you come out and play, miss lordblade? I'd like to request a dance."



Rollan for W and S '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 2 = 4



Roll #1 1 = 1


As you approach the chair, without warning reality itself seems to wobble and distort.
Before you can react, 2 hooves spring out, grab whispers and Sickles heads and bash them together.
Then a pony, changing color according to the background jumps out of…well right in the middle of air, planting her backleg firmly into your face and jumping over you.
You hit the ground with what you can only assume is a broken snout.

W 2/6
S 1/4




Snarl at her.
"Fuggin' bitch!"
Blind her! Pocket sand!

Roll #1 1 = 1


She gives you a good smack on your face and disappears again.
Whisper helps you up '1d10'

W 2/6
S 1/4

Roll #1 1 = 1


But…gets stabbed from behind and goes helpless as well.
Silver tries to attack the camouflaged pony '1d10'

S 1/4

Roll #1 10 = 10


Silver slashes her leg and for a moment reality itself flickers.
You catch a glimpse of an old partially demolished room, before the illusion comes in again.
The pony disappears again.


Escape artist back up.
"You alright Whisp?"


"I'm fucking fine."
He struggles up again.
The pony is nowhere to be seen….
Sickle backs up towards you.


"These fucking illusions…"
Spot check.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You see reality rippling again.
Rolling for W and S '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 10 = 13


Duck and cover!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You and Whisper get hit by 2 ponies as they burst out from nothingness.
Sickle jumps over them however and slices the neck of one of the ponies straight open. It dematerializes.
The other pony slowly backs away into the illusion again holding her blades defensively.

Rolling for W and S '2d10'

A 2/3
W 3/5
S 1/4

Roll #1 8, 2 = 10


The real one. Good job Sickle.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The Lordblade throws a dagger at Sickle who goes helpless.
You blind her with some dust as Whisper throws a dagger, hitting her shoulder.
She starts vanishing into the ether again.

Rolling for W '1d10+2' and S '1d10'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Not before I fucking Rupture her to pieces!

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


Sickle is up again.
Another dagger from Whisper distracts her while you jump forward and stab a dagger right in her chest.
She makes a muffled noise and staggers back with the blade still in her chest.
The illusion flickers and vanishes leaving you in a dark partially demolished room.
The Master sits on a chair in a room. Only his mouth is bound. There is a strange device underneath the chair.
The Lordblade coughs up blood and throws something at the ground.
The next second she is surrounded by smoke.


"You can't keep hiding behind your tricks!"
Whatever that device is, it can't be good.
Try to use my hearing to locate her and charge in with my daggers.

Roll #1 2, 3 + 2 = 7


You run through the smoke to see her rushing into a tunnel, leaving a bloody trail.
"I underestimated you, I won't do that again."
The device suddenly starts beeping and a countdown begins.


Alright, get to that damn machine. Fuck.
I'm not an engineer, how does it look?

Roll #1 10 = 10


It looks complicated, but you tear off the bond around the masters mouth.
"Open the upper case carefully. The fourth wire, it should be green! "


Do as told. Open the case and check for the green wire.
"Just cut it?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Just cut it."
You do so and it stops.
The Master gets up and struggles to stay up.
"Was an easy model. She seems to have rushed this job. That's not her style at all. She must have thought you weren't going to be trouble."
He coughs and struggles to stay up.


Help him stay upright.
"Are you wounded? What happened?"


He leans on you and Whisper.
"Poison. She poisoned me…I know the symptoms. Grogar's Rot and Dandle Flower. Paralyzes the muscles for a few hours. She came to this hideout, disguised as Echo. Caught me by surprise." He coughs again.
"Quick, you can't let her escape again."


I nod.
"You're right. I'm moving out, Nightshade could be in trouble. We can catch up on what happened later."
Get moving!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Echo, if you can, try to get her alive. If you can't…." He leaves that unfinished.
You can take either Whisper or Sickle.
The other will stay behind with the Master.


"I'll try my best, master. I've still got my special brew on me."
Whisper knows him better than Sickle does, she'd be better off with me.
"Silver, you should tag along with me. Come on."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Watch out for her illusions. Trust your instincts, not what you see."
You and Silver rush into the tunnel, leading upwards to another crushed building, this one seems more like a temple.
There are beautiful red flowers growing on the walls.
Sickle tries to follow the blood trail but it ends at the red flowers.
She quickly looks up and raises her weapons, but there's no one up there…


… Are those flowers even real? Or… do they lead somewhere?

Roll #1 5 = 5


You're unsure if they're real or not. They seem real.
There's a partially shattered window a bit further.
Sickle slowly creeps to it.


See if I can find a window to peer through as well.

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's the only one.
Silver slowly peeks in and ducks as a swarm of spooked bats fly out flying over you and further away in the tunnel.


Let's hope she's not a vampire too.
See if I can carefully enter the temple.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The temple is in pieces, there are broken statues of the Sun and the Moon across the floor.
There's a door on the other end.
You hear a familiar voice calling for you from behind.
"Ambrosia? Ambrosia?" you can't quite place the voice.


Smells like bullshit.

Check if the door is rigged.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's not.
Or at least you don't see anything.
That voice…it's..Uster?!?


Uster is dead. He's been dead for over 300 years. I saw him bleed to death myself. This magic bullshit won't work on me.
Peer through the keyhole.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You see yourself sleeping in bedroll, moving violently and mumbling.
Uster seems to be trying to wake you up.
Silver whispers behind you. "What's going on?"


"… No idea."
Slam the door open.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Light engulfs you.
You blink your eyes and stare into the eyes of Uster.
"Ambrosia, are you okay?"
You look around, you're in a castle…


I frown.
"Get out of my head."


He looks at you confused.


"Stop wasting my time!"


He backs off.
"The fuck is your problem? You were screaming in your sleep, I tried to fucking wake you up."


"You're not even real, you've been dead for ages."


"The fuck are you talking about?"


"Just… get out of my sight. Get out of here before I get you killed again…"


He looks at you confused.
Suddenly the sky outside turns dark and lightning strikes.
The ceiling starts to crumble and comes down.
A booming voice of the lordblade laughs "Oh little Ambrosia, too smart to be caught like that. Too smart for your own good.


"I didn't survive this long on the streets with good looks alone. If you think your little magic show impressed me, you're mistaken. Now come out so I can gut you like a fucking fish."


The wall bursts open as a massive hoof tears through the wall and the floor towards you.
Get out!



Roll #1 7 = 7


You jump down the other side. You land in the castle courtyard. Or at least part of it. Part of it has been shattered. and falls down into a maelstrom.
As you look up towards the castle you see the cloaked Lordblade, impossibly big. She gets her hoof out of the tower. And looks towards you.
"You scared, little Ambrosia? You've got nowhere to run."
She casually pushes the castle aside which drops into the maelstrom as well.


"I already told you your magic doesn't impress me, you colossal cunt. Now stop fucking around, take down this illusion and fight me."


"But this is more fun."
The giant stomps her hooves and the courtyard shatters into pieces falling down the maelstrom.
Just for your information, if you don't move soon, you'll be part of those pieces.


Fine, let's do some giant climbing then.
"I'm still debating whether I should just outright kill you or capture you, you know that?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Maybe I wasn't describing good enough.
You're in the courtyard, the ground is shattering and crumbling from her to you. You can't reach her, not through anyway you see.
But you can use that roll to get back into one of the tower walls.


Do that then!

Roll #1 3 = 3


6 to get into the castle walls.
You seem to be safe here and run through the corridor.
At the end, you see Silver Sickle.
She looks confused.
"Ambrosia? So fuck this isn't Saddle-Arabia!"


"No it's not, didn't you listen what the master said? Don't believe your damn eyes around a pony that knows illusion magic."


"FUCK, FUCK. Does this look like Saddle-Arabia too for you? Wait…" she stands in the middle of the room and moves as if looking through a window. "Oh fuck, that shithead is huge and coming for us!"


"Not at all, we need to get out of this little trick room!"
God I wish I was a paladin right now. How the heck do we escape?

Roll #1 1 = 1


A hoof crashes through the building and the wall starts to collapse as well.
"WAIT" shouts Silver "I have an idea! Come quick."
She runs through the room…right through a wall.
There's a corridor next to it, hopefully you can follow her through there, in whatever illusion she is in.
Roll a 3d10 to get through without getting hit by boulders.


Gotta go fast!

Roll #1 10, 5, 5 = 20


You dodge the boulders as you run through, you see Silver walking on thin air, right outside the window.
She looks to you and grins for a second.
Who knows what you might be walking through in her illusion?
As you enter the last tower, she boops back in.
She points up. "I saw a statue up there. If we can make it, we can push it and use it to drop right on top of her!"


"Sounds fucking insane, let's do it!"
Keep moving!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You get up.
There's a statue of yourself with a dagger in it at the top.
Down below the Lordblade prepares to smash the tower to pieces.
"Quick, push and hold on."
Silver starts pushing. '2d6'
Roll a 2d6 to push

Roll #1 6, 2 = 8


Puuuuuuuush '2d6'

Roll #1 5, 6 = 11


The statue drops and falls with both of you on top of it.
The giant looks up, right in time to have the statue firmly between her eyes.
The illusion shatters and you find yourself back in the temple.
The Lordblade is down and both you and Silver restrain one of her hooves.
She stops struggling.


"Good fucking night, bitch."
Sleep Serum.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You quickly stick a needle in her and she goes to sleep.
And dematNah, this was the real one, nice job~


Tie her the fuck up and put her on my back.
"Sickle, go check on Nightshade would you? See if you can rendezvous with the Master and Whisper as well. I'm taking this cunt away."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Right. I'll get her back here."
She disappears.
You drag the Lordblade back to Whisper and the Master.
The Master slowly takes her mask off to reveal a yellow mare with blue mane.
"I suppose I owe you both an explanation."


Nod slowly.


He sits down
"A long time ago, she and I both served Equestria as Lordblades. We were partners, friends…more than that. We defeated many, many threats citizens had no idea of even existed…."
He pauses.
"Our last mission took us to Trotantium."


I frown.


"For months, we had been investigating a rogue cult in Equestria, led by a pony calling herself Nightmare Moon. One of the leads led to a noble family in Trotantium. They had suspicious dealing with another Equestrian family under investigation. We were sent in to find out the truth. We met with one of our trusted agents in Cloptantinople. She, Phantasm, went deep undercover while we, I and our agent, coordinated the mission."


"And I'm guessing something went wrong."


He bites his lip and nods.
"At one point, we got a priority order from the Lordblades. They had discovered the patriarch of the family, a cousin of the Empress herself was financing Nightmare Moons cult. It said Nightmare Moons cult was a trotantine plot to destabilize Equestria and I was ordered to immediately assassinate him. When it arrived, the patriarch was just holding a large celebration near his mansion. A perfect opportunity I thought. And I went in, meeting Phantasm at the party. I explained to her the missive and our mission."
He shakes his head.
"I was a fool but she wasn't. Phantasm felt something was wrong, her investigation pointed towards another family member, an uncle. She urged me to confirm orders with HQ. That assassinating him might lead to war with Equestria. But I was blinded, I only saw a perfect opportunity that might never come again."


"So… you went and killed him anyway."
Look at the mare.
"What's her name again?"


"Phantasm…Lunar Eclipse…and I wanted to…she tried to stop me…we fought…with those illusions of her."
He shakes his head.
"Our fighting alerted the guards, we missed our opportunity or so I thought, and I called her a traitor. And I killed her…or I thought I did. I escaped out of the clutches of the Trotantine guard and went back to our agent. I wanted to contact HQ, but when I got back our agent was waiting for me. He served Nightmare Moon. He taunted me, told me that even the Lordblades had been infiltrated by the cult. I barely escaped alive."
He pauses.
"It took me months to safely cross the border towards Equestria and war had broken out. The same civil war that still ravages it today. I still wonder what might have happened if I had listened to her…"


"… Damn. So what happened then?"


"I'm a coward…I didn't dare face my disgrace. I had failed Equestria, the Lordblades…her…"
He softly touches her face for a moment.
"In past missions I had worked for Puzzle, to keep surveillance in Vilitus. I went back here and tried to hide from what I had done…"


"Until she did find you. And then sold me to the bugs to be sucked dry. And then fucking taunted me with those illusions."


"It is all my fault. She was after me."


I frown.
"So what now? What do we do with an Equestrian lordblade?"


He shakes his head.
"She'll wake up soon. I would like to talk to her, and ask her forgiveness for my mistakes. Her attack was so quick I barely had time to speak. Maybe she'll understand."
He looks to you and Whisper.
"But she has wronged both of you. I might be your superior, but this is not a matter that should be solely decided by me. Do you think she deserves death?"


"Maybe not, but I expect one heck of an apology from her for selling me to those bugs. Maybe even a bouquet of fancy red roses."
Look at Whisper.


"I don't want her dead.
But if she tries anything, I'll slit her throat myself."
The Master nods.
"Fair enough."
Phantasm coughs. "I guess it's my time to apologize then."


Take a step back from her.
"Dammit, she was awake already?"


Her lips turn into a smile.
"Poison doesn't work as good for Lordblades as it does for others. We are trained for that. Didn't you tell them that, "Master"?"
The Master sighs "This is fast…even for you."


"Maybe next time I'll just give you a double dose."


"Ambrosia, was it? You're not too bad, you learned your lessons well."


"Don't try to get all flattering with me after that bullshit you pulled on me."


She sighs.
"I'm afraid apologizing is not really my forte. Would it help if I said I felt bad about selling you to the Changelings?"


I snarl at her.
"Do you feel bad for poking in our heads too? Fat lot of fucking good I am with your sorrows."


"I didn't really poke in that much. Just the first memory I could find. I never really explored it…"


"Well thanks for that. Just what I needed to remember again."


And then as if this wasn't awkward enough…
Silver Sickle walks carrying Nightshade.
"Oh that bitch is awake already?"
She puts Nightshade down carefully.
"I really don't know why I don't give her a good right hoof to the face."


"Be my guest. I'll refrain though, not like it'll solve anything."


Silver Sickle looks at Phantasm and then gives her a right hook.
"Well, it made me feel better at least. And she deserved that!"
Phantasm shakes it off.


Walk over to Nightshade.
"We should get you to a doctor first of all."
Look back at Sickle.
"And you… thanks. For the help and everything. I owe you big time."


"And I won't forget it! You can count on that.
Now I'll go check if the sun has already risen."
She trots off.
Nightshade seems very pale and looks towards Phantasm.
"So she's alive…"


"Yeah she is."
Glance over to the master.
"As per request. You can argue about it later, as soon as the sun is up and those trants are gone, I'm getting your ass someplace to get healed. How are you feeling? Think you can keep hanging on?"


"It's just a scratch. I'll make it. Ambrosia…thanks for coming back for me."

Silver returns.
"Sun just went up. We're home free. Come on, Nightshade, time to get your butt to a doctor."


"Yeah well… I didn't want to lose another friend."
Back to Whisper and the Master.
"So what happens now?"


The Master nods.
"You go on, I need to have a long conversation."


"If you say so."
Give Phantasm one last hard look and then leave. Time to get the heck out of this nightmare.


Whisper follows you.
"Did you imagine when we got in here, we'd leave them along again with each other?"


"No, but at least we're all still in one piece and alive. That's all I could ever ask for given the circumstances."


"I agree. Now, how about we get to a doctor, and then all get some drinks. It's good to be alive."


"Sounds like a plan~"


You bring Nightshade to a hospital and the doctors order her a month bedrest while changing her bandages and giving her some painkillers. Nightshade looks devastated, but once the doctor is gone she whispers that those assholes won't be able to keep her here for more than a week.
She also asked if you come to visit her, to bring her that wide powder on one of the racks. Very good painkiller


That sounds like a plan. Whenever I get the time, I'll visit.


So I guess it's time for timeskips.
>drinking with Sickle (and maybe Whisper)
>getting intimate
>talking with the Master
>talking with Nightshade

What first?


I think the Master comes first here.


A few days later you go to visit the Master in his office. Phantasm isn't here.


Sit down on the usual spot.


He offers you his hookah.
"Echo…what brings you here?"


I'll take him up on that offer.
"Where is you-know-who?"


"Hidden still in the tunnel. She doesn't want to come out lest the Changelings discover her."


"Good. Giving those bugs what they want is the last thing I want. But she can't stay there forever can she?"


"No, she's already planning her escape. At night on a boat returning to Equestria. She wants to report back to the Master of Blades."


"I'm guessing that's like the big lordblade boss? Sounds like a pony I never want to meet."


"He is definitely a pony you do not want on your bad side."
He takes another puff from the hookah.
"I have been wondering if I should follow Phantasm back."


Raise a brow.
"Have you? Won't they like… kill you?"


"I'm not sure….they don't usually kill agents who failed due to error. But my actions could be viewed as treason….."
He shakes his head.
"Phantasm tells me it is our duty as Lordblades to return. I'm not sure about the matter."


I shrug.
"That's really just your decision to make… depends how much you value your duty and all that. Wont they know you're here anyway because of Phantasm?"


He nods.
"They definitely will. But if I'm here, they might not go after me immediately at least. Maybe I should send a message with Phantasm. Giving them my version of the story."


"You sure they'll appreciate that? Like… just sending a message?"


"I'm sure they'll appreciate it more than me just sending a message. I could say I feel like I have a good position here as a potential sleeper agent and that leaving could jeopardize all that. Which is true."


>than me not sending anything.


I nod.
"True enough. As long as they don't send another bunch of lordblades after us. Because seriously, one was enough of a pain in the ass."


"If they do, I'll just go with them. There has been enough Lordblade business here for a long time."


Stay quiet for a moment, mulling this whole situation over.
"Hey… what's your real name anyway?"


He stays quiet for a few seconds.
"I suppose you deserve to know….Quiet Song, my codename was…is Noctis."


"Quiet Song…"
I smirk.
"That's a pretty nice name… for an Equestrian."


"We're not as practical with our names as Trotantines. Though it always amazes me how often parents tend to get the right name for their foal, as far as cutie marks are concerned."


"Mmmm… I don't even know whether my parents ever thought of a name for me. Probably not. Ambrosia works just as well."


"It's a name, it's up to all of us to make our name shine, or be stained."


"If you're into that kind of stuff, sure. Ambrosia is a meaningless name anyway at this point. Echo is what matters now."


"Don't be so sure. Our names carry our memories with them. And those memories make us what we are. On a mission you are Echo, an assassin without a history solely focused on her mission. But outside a mission, it is important to cherish our memories."
He pauses.
"I suppose I realized that when I saw Eclipse again."


"That's true, but a lot of my memories are like… old. Really old."


"And yet they're part of who you are. It's up to you to give them a place."


"All I'm hoping for is that I won't see the ponies from my memories show up here like what happened to you. Because if that happened, we'd have zombies on top of everything."


He laughs.
"Oh boy, that would be the last thing we need here."


"Well, I guess it's time for me to get out of your mane. What did you think of that Arabian mare by the way?"


"She had talent. Shame she already has an employer."


"As it turns out, it's good to have friends even when they're part of the competition."
I laugh and get up.
"I should probably get the cunt a drink."


"Have fun. You deserved it. I'm sure you'll get a bonus for your performance this month."


"Can't wait. I'll see you tomorrow, master."
Nightshade next?


She's still in bed in the hospital.
Don't forget about your meeting with a certain Queen.


I thought that would happen last? I don't even know where to do that!
Anyway, get Nightshade's stuff she asked for.


It happens the moment you want it.
I'll make sure of it.

You find a box with a generous amount of white powder in it.


Let's do it now then!


Let's keep that for next time…


As you walk, you are stopped by a brown pony.
His eyes flash green for a moment and he nods for you to follow him.


And here.

Follow him.


He takes you into an ally, where cleverly concealed another pair of green eyes lurk in the shadows. The "pony" turns around.
"You wanted to see our Queen yes?"


I feel a sudden urge to vomit uncontrollably.
"That's right bugsy."


He throws you a black bag.
"Put this over your face. We will bring you. Don't take it off until we say so."


Eye him suspiciously for a while, but then comply.
"I had better not end up in some kind of death pit."


"We honor our part of agreements."
You can't see anything.
One of the Changelings grabs you by hoof and slowly leads you forward.
It becomes cooler, you're obviously in a building somewhere and going down.
You hear the sound of water, could be the sewers, or the water complex near the Red Tower (where the Prince lives). Then the buzzing of a large number of Changelings.
The Changeling stops
"You may take off your mask now."


Do so.
Blink my eyes a few times to get used to the different light level.


You find yourself in a large circular underground cistern.
You seem to be on a large stone platform while most of the room is a basin of water.
Rays of sunlight shine through many windows around the room.
In front of you is an elevated platform and on top of it surrounded by peculiar triangular blue plants is a large Changeling. On her head is an appendage shaped like a crown glowing blue, her big eyes barely conceal the ancient intelligence behind them. Her long dark green hair covers her face partly.
Next to her stands a tall armored Changeling looking coldly at you.
The Queen begins. "Welcome to my court." with a voice warm and sensual but with a threatening undertone.


Good fucking god, why do they have to make everything so creepy? Would it really hurt to lay down some fucking carpet or hang up a painting every now and then?
"Thanks? Whose court is this exactly?"


"Mine. Queen Mezira of the Triumvirate. You wanted to speak to me?"


"That's why I'm here, queen Mezira. Now first of all… why did you help me? Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I'm still curious."


"I wanted the Lordblade taken care of, without any direct interference. Secondarily without you both and the Master, the Bureau of Golden Puzzle would have been severely weakened, creating possible opportunities for other Dukes to try to take his place. I do not want Puzzle removed just yet. You and Whisper seemed perfect for the job, even if you needed some help."


"I'm flattered that you think so highly of us. Why not just ask your changeling buds to release me though? I saw some shit I would've rather not seen in there."


She sighs.
"I can imagine. Regardless, there are certain rules preventing me from from just freeing you from there. So other measures were needed. I believe they worked as well.


"So you're not all butt buddies with each other."
I snicker and shake my head.
"Always the same story, isn't it? No matter where you go or during whatever age, there's always people trying to fuck each other over."


"Our alliance is strong as ever. We have persevered for centuries and we will continue."


I crack a smile.
"I noticed. But anyway, as much as I don't like you, you did help me out of a tight spot. You don't have to worry about the bureau getting wrecked anymore, we'll be back in action in no time."


"Good, ensure that it does for now, or I will find replacements"


"Or else you'll suck us dry and dump us into a mass grave, yeah I get it. No need for another memo."


"Is that all you wanted from us?"


"No. I was told there'd be rewards."


"Right, your reward, it almost slipped our mind."
A few seconds later 2 changelings fly out of a tunnel carrying a massive chest, dropping it next to you.
"This should be enough to satisfy you and your companions."


"Do you happen to do deliveries? Because that looks heavy even for an earth pony like me."


Long silence.
Then the Queen laughs softly.
"I will have someone drop it near the Bureau later today. Don't miss it."


"Oh I won't, don't you worry."
Take a look inside.


It's filled with gold and gems. There are also gold necklaces, cups, jewelry, all that kind of stuff.


I wonder how much of this used to belong to ponies that lived here before being sucked dry. Pfah.
I smirk.
"At least you're generous."


"Spare change." she says flatly.
"Greed is what keep Vilitus going."


"And maybe a little bit of lust as well."
Close the chest again.


"It does seem to drive you ponies to do the craziest things…"


"Greed or lust? Or both?"


"Both. It is quite interesting how many forms these take for ponies…For us it is much more simple."


"I noticed."


"Do our ways disturb you, pony?"


"You know my name. And yes they do, I'm not afraid to say you people disgust me for what you do."


She cocks her head
"I'm aware our ways might be…troubling. However they are little different from yours. Do you not herd cows for their milk or sheep for their wool? Our sustenance is emotion. They're hard to get, requiring us to scavenge and roam without rest just to find a little bit of food for our brood. We just did the smart thing, we made our prey come to us."


I snort.
"Last I checked, milking a cow or shearing a sheep didn't end up in them becoming an empty husk to be systematically killed and dumped in a fucking pit like garbage. We are nothing like you."


"No, I would never sell or abandon even the lowest of my brood. In that respect we and ponies are indeed nothing alike."


"And yet here you are dealing behind the backs of the other queens. Don't pretend you're superior to us. You're as greedy and sickminded as even us ponies can go. The best part is that if it weren't for your greed, I'd have little trouble with your kind. But no, you've grown so big that you don't have a choice but to slaughter us to keep your disgusting hive going. One day that's going to really bite you in the ass, you know that?"


"Nothing lasts forever. But when that day comes, we'll fight our hardest, as we always have"


"That's all you have to say about that?"


"You expected some speech about how that would never happen? How we are too big to ever fail? I am not some megalomaniacal psycho, unlike some of my peers. I am a realist and I am not deceived by grandiose thoughts of eternal power. One day we might fail, and that's why I am constantly vigilant."


"No I didn't, I wasn't talking about that either. Just about your false sense of superiority and your own greed. But I guess you're too proud to admit that maybe you bugs aren't as great and mighty as you say you are."


Her eyes narrow.
"Our society is far more efficient, far more organized than yours. We are not hundreds of individuals struggling against each other. We are one…something ponies can only dream off. While you search in vain for an utopia, we have already achieved it. And I do not mean Vilitus, I mean the very Changeling way of life."


"Big words for someone who just claimed to not be a megalomaniac. Then why are you working against your fellow queens?"


"I am not working against them at all. Rather, I am dealing with our issues in my own way without really caring what they think."


"That sounds familiar."


"Smart mouth, it might get you into trouble sometime. Captain, she has outstayed her welcome."


Good day, queen Mezira. For what it's worth, you're my favorite queen out of the three now."


You get a bag over your head again and find yourself outside again.


Now, let's get back to the bureau and find Whisper~


You find him near the Bureau, hauling a large chest.


"Hmmm, found our present already?~"


"This is your doing? Well, it's just what we needed."


"I had a little chat with the queen of parasites Mezira."


"Oh…what did she say?"


"She spouted some bullshit about changeling superiority until I put her down like a bitch. Nothing special. Apparently she still likes us and wants to keep the bureau intact."


"Well…I guess that's okay then….or…well fuck it, I don't give a shit."


"This gold should come in handy though, that's what matters."


"We should go out drinking tonight, and invite that Sickle, she helped out good."


I smirk.
"If you can handle it, sure."


"You're there to protect me from the Saddle-Arabian menace~"


"Oh so that's why you want to come huh? Did she strike your fancy? I admit, she's got something special."


"I'm just joking around, Ambrosia. She's nothing compared to a certain Trotantine menace~."
He gets closer~



Flick my tail against his.
"Hmmm, aren't you friendly~"


His tail grabs yours.
"Have you ever bathed in gold?"


I laugh.
"Do I look like I have?"


"Well then, now's your chance!"
He nods to the chest.


"Are you for real? I bet there's like… bug germs on them or something."


"They look pretty clear to me. Well suit yourself, I've always wanted to do this."
He pushes over the large chest and the gold tumbles over the hall.
Whisper lays on his back on it.
"Mmmm…bit harsh, but it's the thought that counts."


I roll my eye and lay down next to him.
"You're such a child~"


"Don't tell me you never thought about rolling around in a pile of gold!"


"I'd just be content with having some gold!"


He splashes some gold over you.
"Well here is some!"


Catch it and laugh.
"Don't just throw it around like that you fucking chimp!"


He throws some in the air.
"We're rich now, we can do what we want!"


"Look at you, a pile of shiny stuff and you think you're king of the world already. What next, are you going to crown yourself king of Vilitus?"


He boops your nose.
"I think I'd look good in a crown, what do you think?"


"No way, crowns always look retarded!"


"Really, I think a tiara would suit you~"


"I'd rather throw myself off a building."


He chuckles
"Allright, what would you like to buy then?"


"I think I'll hang on to my part for now… might need it for some future investments."




"Maybe a large pile of firebombs to toss into one of those hives… I bet they burn really nice. Like a beehive."


"That will smoke them right out."
He laughs
"But you're forgetting something…"




"We were going on a little vacation, to Trotantium?"


"Ooooh, clever boy. You remembered, how sweet of you~"


He rolls over next to you.
"I don't know much about Trotantium, though. Any ideas where we should go?
Something fun, exciting?"


"Well I don't really know what the heck changed in my absence but… the capital should be plenty exciting~"


He leans over you and whispers.
"Then you and me will book a boat, get over there while bringing a few barrels of fine ale and stay there as long as we like. I'd like to see the place where you come from, even if it could be a bit different now."


"I like the sound of that… I think I'll still buy a few firebombs though, just in case."


"Well, you never know when we could use some."
He laughs.
"I know a guy, he'll give you a discount."


Wrap my hooves around him and boldly pull him closer.
"You're so well connected~"


He moves his head a bit closer.
"It's easy, if you take your time to get to know ponies."
Kissu '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I never took you for the networking type."
~ '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You might need some practice to get those lips of yours back working.
His hoof moves downward and slowly pulls your clothes up.
"I'm a scoundrel, we scoundrels always need to know ponies to get around."


"Well I'll gladly get to know you a bit better if you want~"


"Well time to get deeply acquainted~"
Time to take off Le fade to black

Roll #1 1, 7, 4, 7, 1 + 10 = 30



Roll #1 3, 6, 5, 2, 1 + 10 = 27


Rutting on a pile of gold is quite unique, but afterwards you both do have to agree that a nice mattress would be infinitely preferable to gold.
We could go for seconds in one of the bedrooms~


You damn right I'm going for seconds, I've been on a dry spell for over 300 years!
Pull his ass along to a room with a bed and start over.

Roll #1 3, 9, 4, 1, 3 + 10 = 30



Roll #1 8, 8, 8, 1, 8 + 10 = 43


A mattress is surely ponykinds greatest invention.
Basking in the afterglow, Whisper lights a cigar.
You want one too?


Sure do!
"Well… my day is pretty much made."


You get one as well.
"Good money, nice company, a cigar, what more could a pony ask for…"


"A drink later?"


"Right, a drink later."
He yawns "I think I'll take a little nap first then."


Huddle up close to him.
"What a nice idea~"


Nap tiem now.
Skip to the bar, when you're cleaned up and ready to go?



>bath (sexually? if so another bath)
>get there.

which bar?
Morgana's? More classy, but half a strip bar
The Sour Spittoon? Rough bar, fights guaranteed once drunk enough
The Bucket? Cheap good booze
Berries and Punches? Large bar, lots of room for dancing too.
The Solution? Quiet bar, with comfy seats.

Or something else you had in mind?


The Solution is the solution here, that sounds like a nice place to wind down and relax after all the excitement.


The Solution.
Because alcohol is the solution to all life's problems.
A few ponies play the sax and piano at a small platform.
Each wooden table has a candle and cushioned green seats are quite comfy.
There are not too many ponies here and you all sit down in a corner a bit away from the other customer.
A zebra mare with white mane comes over to take your orders.


I'll have something fruity, a cocktail maybe?


Whisper orders a dark beer.
While Silver orders a cocktail as well.
There's a tiny parasol and a straw in both your cocktails


Take a sip to taste my fruity goodness.
"Mmmm, living it up like crazy."


You taste bananas, oranges, apples, and of course a bit of liquor.
Whisper nods.
"Let's toast to that. To being alive."
Silver follows "To being alive."


"Yeah, to that."
"So Silver, did you get any nasty questions from your harem masters about your absence?"


She stirs playfully with her straw.
"Yes, but then I promised to lure you both into a trap and everything was allright again."


"Oh, does that mean you won't get extra fucking duty tonight?"


"Maybe fucking duty is common amongst Trotantines, but we Arabians don't have that."


"Oh, so it's just the usual cocksucking routine then, I get it. I can't blame your stallions, your kind aren't exactly hygienic with your muffs."


"And your mane and tail smell like shit. Whisper here must be really brave or just lost his sense of smell if he dares come close to you."


I laugh.
"He's the bravest stallion alive alright."


"And blind."


"Hey that's offensive, I'm half blind!"


Did you ever tell Sickle you're from Trotantium?


Yes. She also knows how old Ambrosia really is.


"You're lucky it's just half, most mares your age are lucky to see anything."


"Most mares my age are dead."


"That's why they don't see."


"That's not even a jab!"


"The jab was…"
She facehoofs.
"You know what, let's cut the jabs for a second, we can't just keep going all night."


I snicker.
"I think we could if we really wanted to, but let's."


"I bet we could, but let's try something else. A conversation maybe? Actual exchange of opinions and information?"


"Wow… I don't know Silver, that sounds pretty insane. Anything on your mind?"


"Well let's try a little game. Each of us tells the craziest heist or mission they ever pulled. Change names like you want, just make sure we get the picture."


"… Yeah I'd rather… not."


"Why? Nothing interesting in your life?"


"No, I'd just rather keep the past in the past."


"Fine, grumpypants. What about you, Whisper?"
"I think I can tell that story of how I escaped the Neighponese Yakuza, if you tell your story."
She think for a second.
"I could tell something that happened when I was still living on the streets in Agrahmane."


I nod and sit back to relax.


"You see in those day, I was just a street rat in Agrahmane. Most days were spent just scavenging for food and trying to grab whatever money we could.
There were 3 of us. Me, Bag and Mina. Bag was a really large pony, always had been since he was a foal. And he never really ate much, it was always amazing how that happened.
Mina knew a bit of magic she picked up from an older mare. Not enough to really be dangerous, but just enough to distract with a flash, or whatever crazy things happened when it went awry.
Anyway, we formed a good team, but times were rough and we hadn't eaten in 2 days. We were desperate and that's when we heard a large banquet was held in a mosque. Some princes wedding…"


"Sounds familiar…"


"So, we thought of this plan. They weren't going to miss a little food at that wedding right?
There were like a few thousand ponies coming. Surely some salads for us wouldn't be missed!
Bag disguised himself as a kitchen aid and in an unguarded moment he let us in."
She looks hazily for a moment.
"You should have seen all that food! And we were so hungry. We immediately started eating it like hungry rabbits and stuffing our bags full. But of course, Bag, who should have been on guard duty, was too busy eating as well…so we were discovered by a maid."


"What did she do?"


"She started screaming like a bitch, so we immediately ran out in different directions.
I never galloped so hard in my life. You know what they do with thieves in Saddle-Arabia? Cut their hooves right off! So I ran and ran and walked into a room, slamming the door shut.
Now in there was a mare as well and she had that surprised look on her face. Like that bitchface where you just know that once their tiny mind has processed what's happening they start screaming? Well I immediately took a plate from a cupboard and bashed her on the head. Out cold! And that's when I saw the wedding gown…"


I laugh.
"Oh fuck, knocking up the bride before the wedding!"


Whisper chuckles "So what happened next?"
"Weeeelll, to make matters worse, when I was wondering what to do, some ponies were knocking on the door. I quickly loked it and really thought I was in deep shit now. I tried opening the window but it was stuck and smashing it might have alerted the guards, so I did the only logical thing…well logical like my brain could handle at the time. The gown had a veil and it covered most of the body, so I put it on. And I hid the bride in a coffer. Easy peasy. I opened the room and it was the fucking groom. He walking in and trying to take off my veil to kiss me and shit, I had to push him off me and shake my head until he finally got it that I wanted to be alone. Fucking hell, he was like at least double the age of the bride."


Try to contain my boisterous laughter.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You have a straight face.

"So he trots out again, giving me this disgusting wink and saying he couldn't wait until tonight, to see if I was as tight as I looked, that pig. So I looked out and the coast seemed clear so I immediately made a run for it. And when I was galloping down the street, people thought I was the princess and making a run for it. For fucks sake, I managed to duck in an alley and climb up the roof, but by that time the whole guard and mister pig were searching the streets."
She giggles, "but they thought I was the princess so I couldn't have climbed way up a building, that's not what princesses do. It was a riot, the whole town thought the princess had run away. It took a few hours before somepony actually thought to look in that coffer."
She laughs.
"I kept that dress. It was really cute, but of course I couldn't wear it anymore Agrahmane."


"What about your friends?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"They made it out. Mina got caught, but Bag, bless him, he just ran through those 2 servants. Picked her up and ran away. They were being chased, but apparently those servants suddenly stopped and looked to see a bride running away on the other side of the building."
She chuckles. "They got out then."


"Nice one."


Whisper nods. "Agreed."
She finishes her drink.
"Time for something stronger. Hey you, do you have some rayhaddan Araki? 3 for all of us here."
She looks to you "some Saddle-Arabian liquor, made out of grapes, but it's not wine."


"Eh, why not? Bring it on."
I smirk.
"Seriously though, these are on me."


All 3 of you get a lightly colored drink and a bottle of water.
Silver grabs the bottle.
"Now usually, I'm not a fan of diluting, but with Araki it tastes best with a little water."
She pours a little in hers.


Do the same.
"I don't think I've ever tried it. Back home we used to just steal wine from the vineyards whenever we wanted to get smashed."


It becomes cloudy as you add water.
"There's not much else alcoholic in Saddle-Arabia, what with the religious fervor. But somehow, among all that, some unknown saddle-arabian managed to make a really good one. Cheers."


"Yeah, cheers."

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you start drinking, you suddenly feel Whispers arm on your thigh, and moving towards your inner thigh sneakily under the table.
Despite yourself you make a little sound of pleasure.
Silver raises a brow
"….you're more of an alcoholic than I thought"


That son of a bitch!~
I clear my throat.
"Uh… yeah, I get really into drinking sometimes. I blame my troubled youth!"


His hoof isn't going away however.
In fact it's going places~
You get to roll a 1d10+3 every turn.
3 fails before Whispers story is over and things will turn very lewd!

Silver nods "I'm really into hashish as well because of that. So Whisper your turn."

"Okay, so let me set up the setting. By this time I was already working for the Bureau and we had a little problem here in Vilitus. There was a Neighponese banker who lived here, very powerful, specialized in laundering the money of a lot of Dukes, you might know who I'm talking about, Silver."
Silver nods.
"So then you'll definitely know that he tried to screw those Dukes by taking a little more in commission than was agreed. When it was found out, he took the first boat out to Neighpon, with all the money he could carry. Of course, that wasn't enough for the Master. So he ordered me to get a boat and go to Neighpon to make an example out of him."


Challenge accepted!
"You went to Neighpon? Niiiice."

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


That ni-aaa-ii-aaa~iiice came out a little weird as he suddenly hit a good spot.
Silver gives you a look for a second, but takes another sip from her drink and continues to listen to Whisper.

"Yes, Neighpon. It took a trip of a few weeks on a tiny boat and when we finally made it, our boat wasn't allowed to dock.
Apparently I needed some very special documents as an outsider to even set hoof on the mainland. So at night I slipped off the boat and swam over.
That was some shit. Alone, hungry and wet, hoping the police wouldn't see my gaijin face. But the Master had told me about a uh….hotel that many outsiders and diplomats used when visiting Neighpon. So I climbed the walls and tried to enter one of the rooms, I thought was empty, but just as I came in, this Neighponese mare came out of the bathroom!"


Give him a look.
"I bet she didn't like that."

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


You remain calm and focused. This too lewd really, if Silver found out what was happening less than a meter in front of her…
"I immediately grabbed her, pushed her against the wall, put my hoof over her mouth and told her to be silent. Well she kept struggling, so I knocked her out cold."
He shakes his head. "Was a bad start for me. But hey, it happens. I found another room where a diplomat and one of those mares were in the bathroom. And his bags were wide open on the bed. I snuck in looked through it and voila, legitimate papers to get through checkpoints.
The shower stopped and I needed to get out of there quick.
I jumped out of the roof, but what I had not counted on, was that that part of the hotel looked out over the sea. It was straight down into the sea if I tried to climb down. So…I decided to hang on." He laughs and shakes his head.


>out of the window


I bet she'd be jealous, that fucking slut.
"How long did you have to 'hang on'?"

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


"For 10 minutes. Good thing the diplomat was a bit older. Couldn't keep it up too long and fell straight asleep after that. Still 10 minutes is long when the only thing keeping you from a long fall into the ocean is your own 2 hooves. I climbed back inside, very silently. The mare had gone back to the bathroom. Probably to question her life. And I made my way out. And took the first carriage to the capital.
Now if you've never been to Neighpon it's hard to describe. It's beautiful places are beautiful beyond words and it's slums are the most disgusting pits of filth you've ever seen in your life. There is no real middle ground. I spent the next 2 weeks trying to find our little thief. Eating seaweed soup with noodles and drinking dragon milk of all things. Their tastes are weird. But I did like their rice."


I gag.
"Dragon milk? For real?"

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


He nods.
"The mare told me it makes strong and fills with fire. But it really wasn't my taste. Anyway, after 2 weeks I had found a lead. He had apparently been living it up with all the money he had gotten. Bought himself a small mansion near the edge of town. But he hadn't counted on somepony coming after him. It was easy as pie really. Went in, surprised him and strangled him to death. Fitting end, I thought it was over."


I nod and wait for him to continue.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


You are heating up at his attentions.
You have to bite your lip to suppress another moan.
"Are you allright, Ambrosia?" teases Whisper.
You don't have to roll to respond to that.


Just… a little lightheaded.


"So I made my way back through town and I thought to have myself a last taste of that sushi, as they call it, rice and soya in these neat little portions. I was munching when these 10 ponies in black suits came in. And everypony immediately cleared the building.
And that, my friends, was when I learned about the Yakuza and the Triads.
Apparently our little thief worked for them. And they were upset that I killed their little friend.
And I was about to show them that somepony who manages to survive in Vilitus isn't to be messed with.
It was quite a fight, they were armed with these curved swords, really crazy. I must say they almost got me, but I showed them what we are all about here in Vilitus. When it was done there was just a tired me leaning against the wall and 10 dead Neighponese ponies on the ground.
I felt pretty good about myself, and then another mob of them just galloped on the streets, right for me."


I laugh.
"Fucking hell, that sounds like a mess!"

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


"I wish I could say I stood my ground and smashed them all against the ground. But no, I immediately ran for the backdoor. Now, what you have to understand about Neighpon is that there's really a lot of buildings, lots of ponies living very close together, so the backdoor just leads to another hallway that leads to apartments, that leads to more hallways and that leads to shops and stuff. And I didn't know any of it, I just kept running through homes, shops, the whole riff raff. When I got back out, I had no fucking clue where I was and the whole bunch of them after me. But I spotted some empty boxes right next to a restaurant next to the sea and immediately jumped in there while they were still in the building. I covered the lid and patiently waited until I was sure they had passed.
And then suddenly I felt the box being lifted, feared the end and got my dagger ready to go out with a bang, but nopony opened and suddenly I got this weird feeling in my stummick like I was falling and when I opened the box I was drifting in sea, I could see the restaurant way above on the cliff, and other boxes. I can only guess it was trash they dumped into the sea.
And the current was pulling me away to open sea."


"Uh oh… that's not good."

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


You've been feeling quite light headed and hot already. The chair underneath you is probably quite moist by now, when suddenly a indescribable heat flows through all parts of your body. Unable to resist any longer, you throw your head against the chair, riding the feeling and give a loud sigh of relief and pleasure.
Silver looks confused until she looks at you and then at Whispers front leg close to you and connects the dots.
She jumps up.
"Wait….you, wait…what?!? Right here."


"Uh… woops? Whisper started it!"


He chuckles.
"Yeah totally my fault! I'm terrible."
He rises his hooves in defeat.
One of them is dripping wet.
"Oh oops."
He quickly gets a napkin.
Silver looks weirded out for a second and then slowly sits down again. "Try to get a room next time." She drinks her Araki in one gulp and orders more vodka immediately.
"I don't want to remember any of this."


I jab him with a hoof.
"You challenged me!"


"And I'm sorry. I'm a stallion, what can I say?"


He says laughingly.


"You're such a scoundrel, goddammit."


Silver shakes her head.
"Stallions. You only think about one thing! Why don't you finish the story before you decide to hump Ambrosias leg?"
More vodkas arrive


Down the hatch with it!


"I'll try to contain myself.
So where was I? Oh yeah, so I was set adrift and going for the far sea. No matter of trying to peddle with my hooves. Soon, there wasn't anything anymore to see. I drifted for the whole day and the whole night and the next day, when I woke up I saw a small neighponese fishing boat. They picked me up and while I didn't understand them or they me, they showed me that I had to cut fish to help them while I was on the boat. Whole day and night of cutting fish before they finally went back to shore. After that I high tailed it back to Vilitus. Was pretty nice."
He drinks his vodka.


"That sounds like a fucking nightmare of a trip."


He shrugs.
"At the time I actually was happy to see Vilitus again. But looking back on it, it had its good sides too. Not many ponies can say they've seen Neighpon."


"I sure haven't. I saw ponies from there before though, they got that weird squinting thing going on. Not as bad as those gangly Arabians, but still."


Silver narrows her eyes.
"Or those manlyface Trotantines!"


I chuckle.
"I love you too, Silver."


"Well this has been wonderful, but this lady needs her sleepytime. And I hope I can get that image of Whispers soaked hoof out of my mind."
She quickly finishes her vodka.


"Are you that jealous?"


"Mostly disgusted. But then…if you want me to stay a little longer?"


I shrug.
"I'm having fun, you know."


"Well then, not even a tiny little story from you?"


"Well… maybe. Back when I was little more than a kid, the capital city I roamed was laid under siege by the zebra empire…"


She nods and lays back.
Keeping check that Whispers hooves don't get too close again.
Whisper listens attentively as well.


"Have either of you ever been in a city under siege? I'm talking a walled in city surrounded by an enemy army trying to starve the population to death or until they surrender."


They both shake their heads.
And Silvers smile somewhat fades.


"Well, it's usually not a pretty sight, let me tell you that much. I was already running with a gang back then… had been for about a year. Thought I was pretty hot shit and had a lot of spunk. I still had two eyes too back then, imagine that."
Shake my head and snort at the image of my younger self.
"Anyway, one thing you need to know about sieges… when the gates close, you get your ass out there and start stealing food. No, hoarding food. You start hoarding food like a fucking squirrel during autumn. And I'm not talking shit like fruit either, you need stuff that lasts longer."


They nod.
"I can imagine that. I heard after a while every piece of food is fought for tooth and nail…"




I nod.
"Noble ladies would sell their jewelry for a bag of grain. Ponies would kill each other for a potato. Terrible shit. Anyway, like I said when the gates closed we started hoarding food as much as we could. We weren't the only gang in town at the time though, there was plenty of competition in the slums. One group in particular snatched a large shipment of food and stored it away in some warehouse. So… we decided to relieve them of their burdens."


Another round of drinks arrives…


"A few others and I broke in there at the crack of dawn while another group would create a distraction. We wanted to come in from below, from the sewers, and start carrying boxes back through it. Funnily enough, the warehouse itself had no guards inside. I guess they didn't trust anyone to stay that close to the food without sampling some. They just had guards surrounding the place, but that's all. So we came in there, covered in shit and other muck, and started carrying boxes back. We only managed to get… four boxes before we were found out by some fucker looking through the window and spotting one of us. Doors went open, guards came in and started searching for us. We were all hiding of course, plenty of hiding spots with that much shit lying around everywhere."


"Four boxes, not a bad haul."


"Better than nothing, but not exactly all we wanted. Still, we were being hunted down by the guards. I climbed onto a stack of boxes and reached the roof through one of the windows without anyone noticing. I had no idea what to do so… I just went with the first plan that popped into my head. Screaming the same thing over and over again at the top of my lungs. 'Free food, free food for everypony right here. Get it while it's hot'!"
I laugh.
"Food was a precious thing even before the siege for the ponies of the slums. Because of the war there was less of it to go around, which hit them the hardest. I don't think I need to tell you what happened when they heard me scream those words and saw an open warehouse."


Silver laughs.
"I can image it must have been a stampede."


I nod.
"I think as far as distractions go, that one was pretty good. My pals got out of there in time and we returned to our own place with food to spare. A week later the siege was broken and we had made a decent profit thanks to what little we managed to nab. It could have gone better, but it still felt good."


"Serves those bastards right for hoarding all that food!"


"Yeah… that was good stuff. The poor ate more and better than the rich on that day."


"You're like that pony from Trottingham, what's his name? The one with the green hat and the bow."


I snort.
"I guess that day I was."


Silver finishes her drink and leans back.
"Good thing that siege ended not too long after."


"Yeah… though that wasn't the only siege I've been through, but that's a story for another time."
I yawn and stretch my hooves a little.
"You know… I was thinking, remember back when we were chasing that lordblade? What did you see? What illusions were you given?"


Her smile fades.
"It is a…complicated story."


I nod slowly.
"Do you… want to share? If you don't, that's fine. I understand."


"I guess I'll need another drink first."


"Take your time."


She gets some more Araki.
"Well, as I told you before I spent a lot of time on the streets, but it wasn't always like that.
It might not be obvious now, but I was actually born in a reasonably wealthy family."


"Oh… really?"


"Well, as I said it's complicated. I was the daughter of a wealthy noblepony and my mother was the second mare of his harem. It's only like the favorite mare that gets to have foals that officially become nobles as well. But oftentimes they get attached a bit to the other foals as well. So I got to stay. Let me tell you, looking back on it, it was really awkward but as a filly I didn't think about it much. It was like I had many moms."


I look a little melancholic. She had a home once…


"As I grew older a lot of shit happened and I ran away from home to live on the streets…I never saw mom again.
That's what I saw in those illusions, my old home…"


I frown.
"That's really not the kind of reminder you want to get."


"It wasn't. That dumb whore. She deserved that right hoof and much more."


"Damn. Well I'm sorry you had to see that, but I'm still glad you were there to cover our asses. You didn't need to, but you did anyway."


"…what did you see? It didn't seem like we were in the same illusion."


"A… close friend who died before my eyes while I could only watch helplessly as I was being restrained."


"I'm sorry." she says softly.


"Yeah… me too."


You're both silent for a bit.
Whisper speaks up. "She was a cunt. But we got her. She won't be trying that again."


I nod.
"Yeah exactly, I'm glad to still be alive after all this shit. Vilitus has been fucking crazy so far, but it hasn't taken me down yet."


Silver nods.
"Don't worry, the first few weeks are the hardest, if you're still alive now, you'll have no trouble fitting in."


"Say… remember that one time we got drunk and got picked up by that old stallion?"


"Ha. Yeah. Don't worry, Whisper, nothing serious happened~"


Do you… remember what happened when we went inside that place?


"Yeah, we had a great party.
Those Laughing One followers were good fun. We should go there again."


"That's all? Nothing more?"


"Ugh….I don't know. There was so much ale there. I have a few black holes in my memory to be honest. Why?"


"Maybe it was just a dream then… nevermind. Something that didn't make sense to me."


"Maybe there was something more in that ale.
I did have some really weird dreams as well.
Ugh, good thing we got back home."


"What kind of dreams?"


"Well….it was like I was walking in a mirrorhouse and there were all kinds of ponies in the mirrors, ponies I've never seen before. It was really weird."


"That does sound weird… what did they look like? Do you remember?"


She thinks.
"Uh….I don't know, there were all kinds of ponies, Neighponese, Equestrian, even sparkly ponies I've never seen before…Oh wait…and I also remember a long corridor with like hundreds of doors."




"Yeah…how do you know?"


"Just a guess."


She cocks her head.
"Well anyway, it's just a dream right, we never went to a mirrorhouse."


"I guess so, I had one heck of a headache the day after though."
Poke Whisper in his side.
"You should have seen how angry he was."


"You should have seen how she blundered her way off the roofs."


"Hey that's a lie! I did well!"


"You missed 4 ledges. 4!'


"Uh… they were slippery!"


"I was this close to firing your butt."


"Oh please, don't be so melodramatic."


He shakes his head and looks to Silver.
"Did you get chewed out for being drunk?"
"Oh no, my superior had a wild night as well. I think I was up earlier than him."


Give her a flat look.


"It's true! You didn't think I'd get that drunk if I had to work the next day?"


"Goddamn lazy Arabians!"


She chuckles.
"It's called discipline, darling."
She takes a sip of the Araki




"It's not that hard. If you're not an alcoholic."


"Because where I come from you didn't get your tongue cut out for drinking a glass of wine!"


"No, you're all tree hugging hippies!"


"We just know how to appreciate nature as earth ponies, you fucking towelhead!"


"Is it true you Trotantines fuck animals?"


"No, but we sure do fuck like animals, just ask Whisp."
Give her a wink.


"Such a shame. You should try an Arabian sometime, whisp. I promise you won't go back."


"Of course not, he won't be able to get a normal mare after an Arabian with all those sexual diseases tainting his dick."


Whisper scrunches.
Silver continues.
"He can still get you then, since you'd put everything in your cunt."


"Kettle calling the teapot black, etc."


"Hey, I have an idea. We could get some more drinks at that Laughing One's den! That was great. And now we have Whisper here to carry us home."


"Uh… if you're sure about that. I just hope I won't get those weird dreams again."


"Well time to get to the bottom of this!"



"I'll pay."
Get up from my seat and pay the bill.


"Let's go then."
She trots off.
You all make your way to the Scarab District. The Moon is already high in the sky when you find the alley again.
"Never been here before" mumbles Whisper.
The door opens and you see another party is going on here. Lots of ponies, drinking, smiling dancing.
As you put 2 feet inside you're already being offered a keg of ale and a pipe of weed."


Well… I can't say no to that.


The large room is decorated by all kinds of balloons and paintings of smiles are everywhere. The walls are in many different colors that seem to subtly change in time.
Whisper /w "Hey, this is a nice place. Why didn't you show me this earlier?"
Silver goes sit down at a bench where a group of ponies are playing poker.


"After last time… wasn't sure if that was a good idea. But maybe I should've…"


"What happened last time anyway? You seem nervous."


"Like I said, just weird dreams that kind of freaked me out. Just a bad experience. But… I guess this place isn't so bad looking back at it."


"You should watch out though."
He looks at the ale and takes a little sip.
"…I don't taste anything, but maybe it is spiked. Just look at Silver!"


What's she doing?


Seems like the poker game is actually a strippoker game.


I frown.
"Seriously? That's a thing ponies play? Back home we barely ever wore clothes anyway!"


"You know, more about the excitement of slowly losing clothes. Hey look over there."
There's a pony holding a large keg of beer and opening the hatch for anypony.
"Now I need to get me some of that!"


My god, what a slut. How is she doing?


She already lost her blouse. Her panties are showing by now.


This seems fishy… maybe these drinks are spiked.
Walk over there.
"Uh Silver, what the fuck are you doing?"


She laughs and pulls you on the couch.
"There you are! I love you, you little trotantine hippie!"
She gives you a hug


Fucking shit, I wish photography had been invented already.
"Riiight, why don't you come along with me?"
Pull her up and drag her out of here.

Roll #1 1 = 1


In Equestria it has just been invented, very old style.
But it's not available commercially yet.

You try to pull her out but her hoof slips and you tumble backwards right into a keg of ale.
Roll for how much you drink.



Roll #1 6 = 6


You rise back up out of the keg, you drank some but not that much.
Colors intensify, music becomes much more pleasant and you start feeling a bit more mellow.
A clown pony helps you out.
"Hey there, I know you're having fun but we need to have beer for everypony!"


"I just… fell… fuck…"


"Don't worry about it. Enjoy, let yourself go, the Laughing One watches over everypony in these parties, no matter how drunk you are, you'll have fun!"


Fuck me… this stuff is spiked as fuck. Whisper, Silver, where are they?


Silver is playing another round of poker, completely naked by now, not that it is that obscene, not to mention she isn't the only one around the strip poker table.

Whisper is drinking straight from a keg. While a number of ponies cheer.


I'm all for wild parties and all, but I prefer drinking myself to shit on my own terms.
Grab Silver and start dragging her out.

Roll #1 10 = 10


She doesn't struggle as you drag her with you by her back leg. She giggles.

He looks up "Wa?"


"Your ass right here, NOW!"
Grab Silver's stuff too. Her gear. Before some fuck decides to take it all.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Surprisingly, nopony has touched it, you can grab it easily and Whisper waggles over.
"It's go time already?"


"Yup. Before someone violates your asshole or something. Come on."


He leans over.
"Hehe, I'd violate something~"


I smirk.
"Yeah I bet, but let's wait until we get home."
I remember there's supposed to be a door that leads to a mirror somewhere…


You see a door down the hall. Must be it.


Go through it, drag these two drunkards along.


You open the door and sit face to face with the mirror again.
You notice a lot of markings on the wall this time, you didn't notice last time.
"Hey look, a mirror" notices Whisper


"Well spotted."
Now… how do I deal with these guys? I can't just let them party on in this state…
… Hehe.
"Hey Whiiisper~"


"Uhu sunshine?"


"Does this smell like chloroform to you?"
Sleep Serum. It's nap time.

Roll #1 10 = 10


He falls to the ground sleeping.
With that 10 you can automatically put Silver to sleep as well if you like.
She giggles.
"Good one. Hey…should we look at his dick?"


I roll my eyes.
"You're a dirty whore, Silver."
Put her to sleep too. That'll keep them nice and quiet for now. If I recall correctly that old guy said none of the partygoers ever come here anyway.
Now… look into the mirror.


It's a normal mirror if somewhat large.


Stare into it? I think that's how it went last time…


It's just a normal mirror.
Until you touch it, then it starts to ripple, like water.
The door opens behind you.
You see the clown in the mirror.
"Hey, I wouldn't do that if I were you."
He blows a party flute or whatever it's called.
Like that thing cheese had in his mouth during the intro


"Why not?"


"You know what place this is, right?
This is a shrine to the Laughing One. And that mirror leads to his Labyrinth."


"Is that a bad thing? I've been in labyrinths before, the minotaurs back home love them."


"This isn't a normal kind of labyrinth…how should I put it….You see, if life, and the afterlife for that matter was a stage…then his labyrinth would be the backstage.
The Laughing One is known as the God of Parties but he is also the God of Secrets. And that labyrinth is chuck of secret knowledge, things ponies are simply not supposed to know."


"It wont kill me, will it?"


"It could kill you. It could turn you insane. You could end up one thousand years in the past. Or even in somepony's dream. It's all there."
He points to one of the markings on the wall depicting a spiral maze.

"Best case scenario, you go in and the Harlequins throw you back out."


"But if I'm careful I might be just fine!"


"Your choice, darling. I have a party to attend to."
He opens the door again.


Fuck it. I'm going to give it a try. Here's hoping I don't regret it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You feel cold as you enter the Labyrinth.
You are greeted by a circular room full of mirrors.
They are all dark.
As you look behind you, you see only a colorful wall.


Mirrors… sounds like what Silver told me about. What do they reflect?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Many, many changelings.
And one larger than the others.
Heavily armored in iron stained by blood.
He has an evil glint in his eyes.
He smiles as he looks towards you, his mouth dripping with blood.


What the fuck!?
Back the heck out of here!

Roll #1 4 = 4


There's no real way out, but as you back away from the mirror the image disappears.


Okay, well look into another mirror then.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Another mirror shows the park in vilitus. It is covered in blood. And you see many ponies, zebras, and griffons hanging on ropes on the trees. Dead.
The monument to nature is stained as well and in the sky shines a red sun.


Well the laughing one sure is a cheerful one, good fucking god.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You could enter one of the mirrors if you like.


Oh? Do I want that? I guess I have little choice.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You enter the bloody one and find yourself in the bloody Vilitus park.
You see a pony smoking a pipe and overlooking the trees, paying little attention to all the corpses and carnage everywhere.


This doesn't look real…
Walk over to him/her.
"Uh… hello?"


He looks up.
"Oh howdy miss. What I can I do for you?"


"What's with this mess?"


He looks around.
"Oh setting a scene. It's supposed to be really bloody. Very gruesome. But I dunno, it might be a bit overdone, what do you think?"


"Setting up a scene for what?"


"For production of course. It's just a prototype this one, we got a few others. Maybe it will one day be implemented in the overall play."


"What… play?"


"Life is a stage."


Give him a flat look.
"Okay, so who are you?"


"Just a worker. Set supervisor number 336. Pleasure to meet you. Did you like my work on the Solution? I like those kinds of more rustic settings."


"Okay, this is getting a little too weird."


"Oh well. I guess I'll finish this one up, needs some more blood. Let's hope the guys upstairs are satisfied."


Okay, let's just get out of here and use a different mirror.


The mirror exit isn't there anymore.


"Hey how do I get out of here!?"


"Hmmm? Oh just go through those trees there and you'll reach the edge of the set. Or any direction really, it's not that big."


"… Okay, thanks."
Try that then… as weird as it sounds.


You walk through and reach a white veil as you push it aside you enter a large hallway.
You look back to see this is just one of many sections surrounded by white veils.
There's a large gate with the words EXIT on it a bit further.


Pull aside a different veil to see what's behind it.


The other one is one of the streets of Vilitus partially demolished.
A note on the veil says.
"Scene V-5355554:
Verdict: Rejected
Status: Awaiting disposal."


This is really creepy and messed up…


It's a partially constructed statue of a Sun and Moon.
A note says
"Scene ASQ-00032
Verdict: Delayed
Status: stasis."


That doesn't look like it belongs to Vilitus…


It's a lush green forest with all kinds of twinkling flowers.
A note says
"Scene MH-932212
Verdict: Repurposed
Status: Awaiting recycle."

You hear hoofsteps.


Footsteps? Uh oh, hide!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Too late.
2 clowns appear from the corner.
"There she is! Stop right there, criminal scum!"


"Speak for yourself!"
Run like hell!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You run for the Exit door and slam it open.
You are greeted by a green river.
Or at least it seemed like a river, when you look closer you see the river is full of shades of what seem to be sleeping ponies, drifting slowly further.
A sign next to it says "Danger: do not touch."
There's a bridge over the river a bit further or you could follow the river bank.
Anyway, the clowns are running after you.


I'll take the bridge! Shake them off!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You cross it and enter a hallway full of doors.
You seem to be shaking those clowns off….


Closed doors? Yeah, looks like I found another Silver dream spot.
I'd check what's inside them, but I need to shake these clowns off first. Stealth and run.

Roll #1 8 = 8


They're all closed. But no signs what they lead to.
You stealth and hide.
You don't see the clowns anywhere anymore.


Dare I check on of the doors?

Roll #1 2 = 2


You open one only to find a big winged reptile flying towards you in a jungle area.



Roll #1 9 = 9


It's closed.


Okay… let's not go in there ever again. Try another door.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You enter it and you're in Cloptantinople.
About 300 years ago.


… Holy shit.
Step in.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It looks exactly like you remember.
You look back and the door you go out is a door of one of the walls.
A draft almost closes the door but you grab it and hold it open.
A voice from inside the door softly says "If it closes, you'll never be able to return."


I take a deep breath to compose myself.
"When… when exactly is this?"


"About 765 After Ascension. About….1 year after you got turned to stone and dropped in a river."


What does the voice sound like? Masculine? Feminine? Commanding? Serene?
"… No."
I walk through the door again.
"There's nothing for me left there. Nothing but bad memories."


But not commanding.
It states in a calm, soft manner.

"If you leave, you might never find this door again…"


"… But if I go in, I'll lose everything I have again. I won't allow it. I won't make it happen again."


The voice doesn't respond.


Leave and close the door behind me. I fought too hard here in Vilitus to let go of it for a lost dream. I have friends here, good ponies I can rely on.
What I can do is check another door though.


So many doors here.
You pick a random one.
You open it to find yourself in a city made entirely out of crystal.
There's a large crystal palace in the center.
Lots of shiny ponies unlike anything you've ever seen before walking around here.


What the fuck have I been smoking?
Can I… look around? Or maybe that will just mean I'll be stuck here… shit.


Yeah, the door can't close or you'll be stuck.


Understandable. If ponies could travel like this, travel agencies all over the world would go bankrupt in no time.
I'll go back in. Now there might be a door which leads to Vilitus again here… but I want to keep exploring!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You open another door and find yourself in a large room. On the ceiling and across the walls hangs an enormous and large carpet. The carpet is adorned by all kinds of pictures of ponies, warring, loving, dancing, singing, working, etc and much much more.
Far in the distance you see three mares working on the carpet.


This just keeps getting weirder and weirder, what the fuck.
Close it. What if I just keep going down the hallway?

Roll #1 4 = 4


You keep going further…and further and further…
there doesn't seem to be an end to the hallway.


Fine, check another door then!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You open it and are greeted with a desolate, bleak landscape. All rock, no plants anywhere.
In the sky there are stars and a blue planet.


"… Am I on the fucking moon?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


No answer.
Looks like it though.


For fuck's sake, this place is bonkers.
Close the door and move on.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You open another door.
There's a large mirror in there.
In the mirror you see Whisper and Silver sleeping.


Oh! I'm back! Can I step through the mirror again?

Roll #1 5 = 5


You can…but you get stuck.
One part of you is out one side, the other is still stuck.
Maybe you've gotten too fat?


What the fuck did you just say to me? I'm not fat.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You struggle for a while until with a plop you get through, you're in the room again.
Whisper and Silver start to wake up.


Rub my behind.
"Well well, look who's back in the land of the living!"


"Ugh…what happened?"


That was Whisper.


"Turns out these clowns love spiking their drinks. I had to put you two down before you did something really stupid."
I grin at the naked Silver.


She quickly gets into her clothes.


"You were playing strippoker, I had to drag you off after you started hugging me and trying to kiss me."


She looks at you weirded out.
"That's not funny!"


"It's true! And don't you fucking blame me for it!"


"Well, I'm going to have a talk with whoever did that!"


"Who knows? Probably one of those clowns. Just be glad I dragged you out before you started wearing your panties on your head or something."


"Clowns? The first clown I'll see is gonna get it."
She stomps out and opens the door.
The party seems to be over and lots of ponies are sleeping all across each other.
A clown is cleaning up the place with a broom while whistling.
"YOU!" screams Sickle
He looks up and looks a bit around. "Uh…me?"


This is going to be good.
"Hey Whisper, got any popcorn?"


"There's 2 bags on the butt of that zebra over there."

Sickle wastes no time and jumps up, aiming to deliver a bottom hoof kick to the clowns face, who at the last second evades and Sickle crashes into a bunch of sleeping ponies.


"Come on Sickle! He saw your naked flank! Go for it!"
Grab some.


"You shut your mouth bitch."
She gets up, ignoring the grumbling ponies and tries to punch him in the face, but no matter how fast she kicks the clown manages to duck away by a hairs breath.
"Stand still, bitch, I'll teach you to drug ponies."


"You were the one who proposed coming here!"


"Ambrosia, one more word from you and this clown will not be the only one who's gonna need a new spleen."
The one-sided sparring continues.
As an ultimate insult the clown dodges an attack and the quickly boops Sickles nose.


Gee, sensitive much?
I smirk and just enjoy the show.


Enraged, Sickle pulls a dagger, but before she can do anything, the clown smacks it out of her hoof and hits back with a furry of precision hoofstrikes at various points of her body.
Sickle seems paralyzed for a second.
And then drops through her legs to the floor.


Well, apparently you don't fuck with clowns.

Glance at Whisper for a moment, then shrug and go pick up Sickle.


She can still move her eyes and she looks angrier than ever.

The clown starts cleaning again.
"Did you like the party?"


Whisper to her.
"Calm the fuck down already. This place just is fucked up like this. Believe me, I saw."
Look at the clown.
"Sure, just wish you couldn't fucking spike the drinks."


"The only thing it was spiked with was ~~FUN~~. Besides, I told you before, the Laughing One watches over these parties. Nothing has ever gone wrong here."


"Making the ponies that come here so angry that they attack you doesn't sound like fun to me. … Well maybe a little bit, but too far is too far."


"She's the first one who complained in years. She should have taken it to the complaint department honestly."


"Yeah, because they usually don't remember what happened."


"So if they don't remember it, it doesn't effect them so nopony was harmed.
What is there to complain about then?"


"There's still something like bodily abuse."


"Never happened. And never will. The Laughing One doesn't allow it. Not here."


"Whatever then."
Wave a hoof dismissively.
"I'm out. You coming Whisp?"


He just shakes his head.
"I'm never coming back here."
As you leave the clown asks you.
'And did you enjoy the backstage?"


"It could use a new coat of paint."


He snickers.
"Good one."


"I know."
Now let's leave and hope Sickle can move on her own again soon so I don't have to haul her fat ass around much further.
"Are you still mad back there?"


"Y-you got n-no id-ea."
There seems to be life again in her.


"Calm down for fuck's sake, where should I drop you off? I don't want to break into Arab HQ again. Want to hang out over at the bureau and try out some of Nightshades potions while she's not around?"


"Nah, I think I'll go to back home."
She rolls slowly back on her hoofs.


"Your loss. That was a pretty swell evening by the way. The three of us should go out more often."


"Sounds swell. But don't get any ideas next time."


"I have no idea what you're talking about."
I wink at her, grab Whisper and head back to the bureau for some R&R~
Ready for the last thing.


Later we find Ambrosia with a significantly loosened cooch visiting Nightshade in the hospital.
I hope she brought flowers and the white powder.
Better knock before you enter.


And of course I did. Knock on the door.


Don't worry, it's only temporary.
You're still young.
Not like it's hanging or dripping or something.

Nightshade is laying in a bed, her leg being held straight in plaster.
She gives you a smile.
"Hey, Ambrosia. You did bring my shit right?"


"Sure thing cupcake. How you holding up? I brought you some food to snack on, I know hospital munchies are terrible."
Present her the flowers.


"Oh I like these. And the food here isn't that horrible. I paid a guy to smuggle me some food in here. I'm not eating that hospital shit. But first…"
Without any shame she lays some white powder on her plaster and snorts it up.
"Aaaaaaaah~ that hits the spot. Fuck these painkillers. This shit solves all pain. You want a bit?"


"I'll pass. What kind of shit is that anyway?"


"Oh something I cooked up myself. Numbs all muscles and gives a nice buzz to boot. I use it often when I'm hurt."


"Where did you even learn to make all this shit?"


She chuckles and lays back.
"When I was in Equestria, still a dumb rookie, I got caught up in smuggling drugs for this stallion. Things were pleasant and we started to become more than business partners. And he showed me the ropes, you know in case he was sick or something. I liked it, and I was good at it. So I learned more and more until I eventually started cooking more than I was actually smuggling. Makes more money and somewhat safer."


"Damn, I remember back when I was ferrying drugs, opium especially, until I got caught by the imperial guard. Not the best time of my life."


"They got my stallion. Shame, hoofs down the best fuck of my life. I barely got away, worked for another gang for a little while.
Worked for a bitch named Vilina for a little while. Astonishing chemist, learned a lot from just watching her, but she was a fucking bitch."


"Heh, you know you're not the sweetest thing to ever grace the good earth either, right?"


"I guess you have to be a bitch to survive in this business."


"Yeah… but what happened then?"


"There was a snitch in the gang. So Vilina being Vilina decided to do a big purge. Simply killed everypony that was even a bit suspect. And I was relatively new so I knew she was coming after me.
I jumped the first boat and got out. Guess where that boat took me."


"The city of dreams and hope."


She chuckles.
"Yeah…tried to do some cooking until the Master, not ours, the one before him, offered me a job."


"What a sweet story… but haven't you hooked up with another stallion since?"


"Nah, I didn't really get into it."


"Alright, alright… hey, this does mean you must have known Whisper for a long time. Anything embarrassing you can tell me about him?"


"Well…I could spill some of the goods, if you answer a question of mine."


"Alright, alright, seems fair. Shoot."


"Well I've been wondering for a while, Whisper, how big is he?" she says with a little grin.


I laugh.
"Wow… okay. Sure, he's plenty big. I mean you sure won't be hearing any complaints from me like… ever. It's hard to walk sometimes."


"Huh…whaddayaknow, seems my guess was wrong then. So it seems everything is right between you two?"


"Sure it is. He's such a nice guy when he's not brutally murdering people. Maybe a little too serious sometimes, but I think it's endearing."


"You go filly.
Now dirt on him lemme think…."
She taps her chin.
"I remember this one time he had to kill a target a mare. And he figured he'd seduce her and kill her in her room. But things went really wrong.
You see he seduced the wrong mare. And not only that, it turned out it wasn't a mare at all!"


Try not to laugh out loud too hard.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You should have seen him running back to the Bureau."


"Oh fucking hell Whisp… you adorable moron."


"Yeah, the very best part was…"
She snickers.
"like he stormed in, sweat pouring from him. And me, Adder, Mist and Scythe….you never met them….were eating in the kitchen and looking at him and when he caught his breath he said that was no mare" she says in a mocking voice and starts laughing.
"We were all on the floor in the fetal position laughing."


I stop trying to hold back and laugh out loud as well.
"That's just so precious! I can picture the look on his face!"


"Yeah, he had to hear that for a long time."


"Poor bastard…"


"Yeah…Adder in particular always had the best quips…but he was brother to all of us."


"Damn shame I wasn't around for it."


"Yeah, you came in the shit endhole of all of it. Still, I trust the Master now much more than the old one."


"So… what happened exactly?"


She sighs.
"Well, we got into a war with a griffon gang. They were tough motherfuckers I tell you. Everything was going fine, we took out one here, then one there, war of attrition, slowly working our way out to the top.
Then, don't ask me how those Griffons found out, but they managed to track down and killed the Masters marefriend.
Guy took it hard, too hard. Ordered a large strike on their main stronghold, he personally went to coordinate it."
She closes her eyes.
"It was a slaughter, plain and simple. Only me, Mist and Whisper got out, barely. We both went into hiding in the Warren, they'd probably have gone after Puzzle as well, but lucky for our butts, another war broke out internally with those griffons, stalling them. And that was it, we were down to 3."




"Wow… that sounds like it was fucking awful."


"It was. Mist got offed a little later while doing a supply run. We thought we were fucked.
Until the Master showed up. The new one."


"A lordblade master."


"Exactly. We knew him, had done some freelance for us in earlier days, old Master gave him a lot of freedom whenever he was here since he came up with plans and let the old Master take the glory.
He pulled us up again, lead us into a small guerilla war against our enemy."
She chuckles.
"They never even knew what hit them. The leader thought he just had an extraordinary run of accidents. Well until I had my poisoned dagger against his throat."
She grins.
"Special brew. The Underworld must have seemed like a nice place after what he went through."


"Damn girl. Remind me never to piss you off."


"You'd have to do hard to really piss me off after everything you did."


I snicker.
"Don't underestimate me, Shade."


She chuckles.
"We really all are bitches."


"I prefer the word 'cunts', thank you very much."


"I don't really feel like a cunt today though."


"Well you're on sick leave right now. You get to be nice for a few days to recharge."


"I'm not sure if being nice fits me."


"I think you're okay. Spend a little too much time locked up in that basement of yours maybe, but I don't think we've had any fights yet have we?"


"I'm not too much of a fighter. I'm the poisoner."


"I meant fights as in arguments. Unless you knew that, in which case… I'll need to check my food more often."


"Speaking of spiking food, if you want a real amorous night, I could give you a little potion for Whisper~"


"Eh… I'll pass. Unless he wants it. I don't think we'll really need it though."


"That's good. Very good."


"It's sweet of you to offer though."
I smirk.
"Anyway, I guess I should let you rest before an angry nurse shows up to shoo me away. We can chat more next time I come to visit. Maybe tomorrow if I have the time."


"Let me check my schedule. Oh my it's all open for the next few days."


I laugh and walk up to give her a careful hug.
"You'll be out soon enough to cook up horrible things in your drug lab again."


She hugs you back as much as she can.
"Hey, and if you ever need some help with Whisper, don't be afraid to call me. I'm here to help. And I'm completely confidential."


"Oh I'm sure. Have a nice rest, Shade. We'll be waiting for you to get back onto your hooves."
Wave her off and leave the room. That's… it.


And so Ambrosia continues her life in Vilitus.
She arrived as a statue, far from home, 300 years away from everypony she ever knew.
But it is said that no hardships can overcome a steadfast soul.
Soon she and Whisper will take a well-deserved vacation in Trotantium.
And what else?

Write epilogue here.


More sneaky sneaking, more heavy drinking and more lewd horsesex. Vilitus will be her home for the time being… even if she resents it and all it stands for. Maybe one day she can be… more.



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