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2 weeks later…..

A new day dawns in Vilitus but things don't seem quite right.
All through town there are reports of an unidentified illness. Those infected report headaches, dizziness, vomiting and worse.
For all of you however, this is simply more rumors.
Another day begins…

You wake up in your bed within the Bureau.
Today you have a special assignment to guard Lord Golden Puzzle during a meeting.
That's only this afternoon. You're free to do what you want in the meantime.

Moon Wok
You wake up in the base in the sewers. Today is an important day for the Heralds. It seems that today, the Prophet will start the next phase, whatever that means. Pine wishes to speak to you.

Grey Leg.
Today's the day Green Tea leaves the hospital and you can show her the fully furnished house you worked for.

You wake up in the base.
Calls are being made, seems like you'll have to leave soon again. One of your friends in the gang (of Blood Diamond) named Grovel wakes you up.
"Time to move. Seems like somethings big going on."

You wake up in the hotel.
Blood Diamond has scheduled a meeting, yet you don't know the particulars so far.
It seemed serious.


Time to dress up nice and go pick her up then!


Unidentified illness? Well now, déjà-vû!
I've survived the plague already, but not by being careless. I need to see our alchemist down in her hidey hole.


Wake up, where am I?


The hospital is quite busy with all these new arrivals. The most diverse patients are brought in, all species, social classes, districts. It seems none are safe.
Green Tea herself tries to stay away from the patients and comes to hug you. '1d10+2'
She seems very healthy again.

She's working as usual.

You are in the base of the thugs employed by Mr. Blood Diamond, in your bunk. There's a lot of chaos as fellow henches are called out of their bunks and have to prepare.
Your friend named Grovel says "Time to move. Seems like somethings big going on."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"There's rumors going on that worry me. I feel you're the mare to turn to when it comes to illnesses."


Hug her back, and smile.
"It's so good to see you back on your hooves again."
Give her a kiss.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Ergghh.. what time is it already?" I stayed on bed and cover my ears.


"You would feel right. How long has it been since your last medical check up? If we ignore those 300 years I mean."

Kissu kissu '1d10+2'
"Let's go back home, I miss my two babies."

"The boss needs us to move. Hurry up, man. Before he sees us."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


I guess some doctors shouted at both of you to break up and get out of the way for more patients.
No more kissu kissu.


I chuckle.
"It's been a few years since we were yelled at to stop making out in public, hasn't it?"
Hold tails and start leading her to Snake district. And of course, carry her stuff.


I nod at this and stand up then follow Grovel.


"Since never. When there was a plague running through the streets, I just left for the farmlands for a while."


She giggles.
"And that still didn't stop you~"

You arrive at the new house. Green holds her hooves at her mouth in disbelief. "This house? Really?"

"That seems to be a good place to start then. Take a seat over there."
She rummages through some tools.


You get in your suit as the boss comes in.
"Gang, the boss needs us pronto. There's been an attack on our holds again in the District.
Find who did it and expunge them."


"Yes sir." I nod at this then look at Grovel.
"Any plans?"


Kiss her cheek.
"Yup. Do you like it?"


Sit down.
"How are you faring these days anyway? Been a while since we spoke."


"I…I don't know what to say…."

"We'll have to see when we get there. But I've got a feeling I know already who did it."
You, Grovel and a few others start moving towards the raided warehouse.

"I've been assigned some very delicate duties. Some extracts and preparations that require a steady hoof and lots of time. Open your mouth please."


Open the door with my TK.
"Wait until you see it from inside."


"So you're still playing mad scientist down here then?"
Open up the trunk.


"Who says I'm playing?"
She checks your throat. "Mmmmh. Fine close again. Perk your ears."

The inside is nicely furnished and much larger than your old home.
There are even some tasteful paintings on the walls. Cherry and Tony come happily to greet her and while hugging them she remarks "Grey…this is so…beautiful."


"The most beautiful mare in the world deserves only the best."


Close my eyes and do as told.
"Well I wont judge, I like playing pirate myself sometimes. Comes with the eyepatch."


Follow him there.


"You flatterer…. What's the bedroom like~"

She checks your ears. "Looks okay, you might want to clean them a bit more, but nothing seems wrong. Time to listen to your lungs."
She listens with a stethoscope.
"A pirate assassin? Now I've heard everything."

You reach the warehouse in the Diamond District. All the loot is burned and the warehouse is severely damaged. There are multiple charred corpses of dead gang members.
Grovel sneezes. "They didn't even take the drugs, they just burned all of it and killed everyone to leave a message."


"Bigger than the one before.
And the bed is more comfortable too~"
Nuzzle her neck.


"I also like pretending to be a maid, but that's more of a work thing. I also need that nasty fake eye for it to look legit. Nopony trusts a mare with one eye. Similar thing with eyebrows, you know. Never trust a pony with big eyebrows."


My hand just clinch in anger.
"Those bastards will pay!" I grit my teeth.
Lets have a look around and see if they left anything that might be aclue who they are.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I wonder how comfortable it is~"

"Mmmmh. Well you seem healthy. Why don't you just keep the fake eye in? Must be uncomfortable to take it out and in all the time."

The fire has cleared away most of the clues.
"I think I know who did it." says Grovel. "Not the guys who did it, but the donkey who ordered it, Javier."


"Oh, but isn't it waaaaaaaaay too early to go to sleep?"


"Don't like the feeling of having it in there, that's all. It itches."


"Javier….." I look at him in serious determination my teeth clenching, the sound of vengeful fury is ever present in my aura of determination to seek justice for what has been done to us.


"Who's Javier?"


"But how else would we test that bed?"

"Noted. Now let's discuss that disease. First of all, we're not really sure what it is, or where it comes from. It seems too strike randomly and it doesn't seem magical in nature."

Grovel whispers. "Another gang leader who's been giving the boss trouble. This isn't the first attack of his, seems like he wants to take over.
We can't attack Javier for now, but maybe we can find who did this and bring their heads back to the boss?"


"Well that will be a problem Grovel since we dont have a trace left of where those bastards have gone too." I clenched my teeth.


"Oh, I wouldn't know… you're the brains. Maybe you read something in one of those books of your's?"


"How quickly is it spreading? Do we even know how it spreads? How deadly is it? … do you know how to cure it if worst comes to worst?"


"We could go talk to some ponies…make them spill the beans."

"I could…"
Her hoof slips down your body as she looks in your eyes.
"Or we could improvise something~"

"Spreading fast. But we have no clue how it spreads, some ponies are infected without anyone else in their household being infected. And this whole thing works in the favor of one of those creepy cults, they've been preaching a plague for weeks now."


"Goddammit. Just what I needed. I bet those bugs are involved too."


Pull her closer with TK.
"You were always good at improvising~"


"Yeesss…" I smile and began to look around for witnesses, anyone near here that may potentially knwo a thing or two.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I wouldn't know about that. But take care out there and be sure to let me know the moment you feel a headache. Even a light one. I can't predict how your 300 year old immune system would react to it. With some luck you're completely immune."

Kissu kissu '1d10+2'

No ponies to see.
There's a bar called "The Solution" across the street, someone must have seen something there.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"I'll keep that in mind. Take care down here, alright? Last time I found myself in the middle of a plague zone, I lost a lot of good friends."
Leave. What time is it?


It can be mission time or not depending on what you want.



Is Wishpy-kun around or is he on mission?


He's around.


Find him then.



Come ooon~



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


All this kissu…she seems a bit preoccupied.

You find him on the roof playing the flute again.


Preoccupied with what?


Lean against the doorway and take a moment to listen to his music.


Slink out of bed, then. Sewers… eh, I've slept in worse, but I'd rather sleep out under the stars. That'd probably seem suspicious, though. Whatever. I wonder if the stars at night are the same ones I could see back home… Maybe I'm just waxing nostalgic.

Speaking of wax, off to find Pine.


Can you read minds? The kissu seems off in any case.
She looks over the appartment. "It's been a long time since I've been in the Snake District….I should start to make some new friends here…now I can actually go out without being afraid somepony will drag me into some alley!" She seems genuinely happy.

He finishes the tune and looks over to you.
"Good morning."

You find her in the Chapel Hall. There is an extraordinary amount of activity going on. Ponies are passing around armor, weapons, furniture, food is being prepared.
Pine nods as she sees you.
"Moon. We got a lead. I think we might finally be able to track down Otsuro. And not a damn moment too soon." She adds.


"Nice tunes."


Huh… maybe thinking about how happy she is?
Smile at her.
"Oh, about that, I heard Morgana knows a little book club around here. Maybe you could become a member, and make friends there."


There's the slightest of smiles.
"Just a hobby. How about you, Echo? Ever picked up an instrument?"

"Oh that would be great…and I've been thinking….I think I should get a job…"she says the last part a bit nervously.


"Honey, you just got out of the hospital… I'm not sure that is such a great idea right away."


"Not at all actually. Never had the opportunity to."


"Lets check that place and displace some of the ruffians there! We must know who's the one who;s done this to us." I grit my teeth and enter the bar
What do I see, anyone suspicious?

Roll #1 10 = 10


She touches your cheek with one hoof.
"Grey, I've had a lot of time to think while in the hospital…You do so much for me, I don't want you to carry all that responsibility all by yourself, I should carry my own weight…"
There's a nervous giggle.
"I'm not sure what to do yet. I'm not good at anything except taking care of the house."


"Any instrument that ever caught your attention? Or doesn't it seem something for you…"

There's a guy who's visibly shocked as you enter and tries to make for the backdoor.


"I don't do it because it's an obligation, I do it because I love you."
Nuzzle her.
"I only want the best for you."


"YOU!! Grovel, help me capture that bastard!!" Go and run after the cretin!
Sentried Suppress


Look around sheepishly.
"… I always liked harps. They're… soothing."


Nod. No need to say anything else. By now, I'm sure she understands that I have no qualms with dealing with Otsuro. Frankly, I figured he'd be dealt with before now. Two weeks is slow for me. Perhaps… sloppy. But in any case, it's not something to dwell on.


It's been a very busy couple of weeks.
They needed you for lots of things. Quite frankly you might be surprised these peons managed to actually find Otsuro. Only Pine might seem halfway decent.

She has definately gotten used to your silent ways.
She grabs a black axe with unusual green glowing runes on it. "One of the designs of the Prophet, it's supposed to be able to slice through those spirit things like butter.
I've commissioned some gauntlets similar in design." She points towards the gauntlets. "Take them with you, if you want them and we can get going."
She attaches the heft of her axe on her back.

"I know~. But I'm starting to feel guilty…you're too good for me."

He nods.
"Soothing. Emotional. Passionate."

You slam the door open and see him trying to climb out of the back window. You grab him and slam his head a few times against the toilet. Grovel meanwhile tells the customers to stay out and locks the door.
The stallion is bleeding out the nose already.


I chuckle.
"Don't be ridiculous. I'm only as good for you as much I love you."


"Yes, all of that. A shame I could never indulge, because harps are big and expensive."


Shake his head up.
"Who do you work for? Who set the warehouse on fire?! Wvhere's is the trigger?!"
Intimidate him the fuck out.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"And I love you too much to not help you, in any way I can."
Kissu? '1d10+2'

"There are smaller ones, and money shouldn't be a problem now.
I'd love a partner
to play music with."

After you smash his head against the toilet for a few times he becomes talkative.
He works for a griffon called Bjorn. This stallion, the griffon and a couple of friends set it on fire.
But Bjorn was the one in charge. Bjorn was working for someone else though…"
Grovel gets out a gun.
"You or me?"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"I guess it's never too late to start with music… alright then. I'll follow your advice and buy a harp some time soon."



Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Makes sense. In any case, I'll silently slide my hooves into the gauntlets. Flex. Get the feel of them. Are they heavy? How much weight to them? How much give does the metal have? Will they be able to take my beating?

Survey them closely. How is the craftsmanship? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hold the bastard down.
"Do it!"


"I'm looking forward to it."
He puts the flute next to him.
"Do you know about the mission of this afternoon already?"

Oh my, such kissu~
She rests her head on your chest for a second, enjoying the closeness.
"Maybe I should ask Morgana if she knows something…"

As you fit the gauntlets around your hooves, there's a click and some invisible mechanism inside the gloves moves the plates, fitting it completely around your hooves like a second skin. They are suprisingly light, you barely feel them around your hooves anymore.. The metal is black and you can't quite identify the material. It seems similar to the material of the Black Sarcophagus in the Chapel. Inbetween the plates there's a faint green glow of something underneath them you can't see.
They're decorated with strange glowing green runes. Most prominently is the same green rune you've seen used by the Heralds insignia.
As it fits around your hoof the rune lights up brighter.

Click and the whole floor is dirty with splattered brains.
Grovel kicks him again. "Little piece of shit."
He looks back to you."Let's find that griffon and clip his wings."


"Not yet, no."


Caress her mane.
"You're really set on this, aren't you?"


Hmph. Just as well, though they're not very subtle with that insignia. Maybe I'll do some work on it of my own later.

Turn and acknowledge Pine.


Hold his shoulder.
"Lets tell the boss get some guys then put the scumbag where he belongs." I grin


"Well, I don't know all the details.
But it's going to be big. The Master and Golden Puzzle will both be there as well."

"It's a new neighboorhood, a new house, a fresh start. Besides if I make some money, you can get some vacation once in a while~"

She nods back and enters the tunnel to the sewers.

"Might be even better if we just go get the guys and get Bjorn. You know how the boss is, he'd just ask us why we're not there bashing that griffons face in."
He grins.


"Oh my. Do you think we'll be assigned together?~"


I sigh.
"…fine. I'll speak to Morgana about it. Find you something safe and easy. You are still my number one priority."


"Oh don't worry, I'll go talk to her. It's been so long since I've seen her…"

"Would you like that?"


"Yes lets!" I nod at Grovel and go to our barracks.
"Who of you want to bash some griffon skulls!!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Why wouldn't I?"


Right. Follow after her. We'll see what we're up against when we get there.


You get several peons to join you and get ready to travel to find the son of a bitch.

"Well then, today might be your lucky day…We'll have to see what the mission is first though…if it is really big, we might not meet for a while."

Through the sewers you know so well by now, you both emerge into a large wooden house. Very large, you estimate 2 houses could fit in this one storage. It seems to have been abandoned for quite a while however. The wood is rotting and creaks, there are signs of rats everywhere. A few rays of sunlight shine from holes in the ceiling.
On some of the wall you see neighponese characters however those are new.


"Oh don't worry, I'll go talk to her. It's been so long since I've seen her…"


"Maybe we could invite her to a new-house party?"


I pout.
"Aw… you'll kiss me goodbye if that's the case, right?"


Lets go and find the sonofabitch.
Go to the area where our informant told us the griffon is located, but stay on the outskirt first and scout. What do we see?

"Grovel do you see anything?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Survey the place. '1d10'

Give a questioning look to Pine.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"If she's not too busy, you know how she is with that….bar of hers."

"Only if you ask really nicely."

You're in luck. He's in a restaurant getting some hamburgers.
He's alone it seems.
And you're with 6 heavily armed mean dogs.

As you step a hoof forward the walls ripple and ethereal ponies step out, their dead eyes fixed on both of you.
"Here they come" says Pine.



Flutter my eyelashes and smile at him sweetly.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Look at the others.
"I am going to dig and when I am underneath the bastard, I'll get him and teleport out, then we carve the rascal got it?"


He leans very close, seemingly for a kiss but pulls back at the last second with a smile and trots towards the Masters Office.
"It's time."

They brandish a few knives, torches and an assortment of blunt tools.
"He'll regret waking up this morning!"


"I'm sure she can spare an hour sometime."


I let out a fake sniffle and follow suit.


She seems in thought for a second.
And then looks up
"So shouldn't we invite everypony for a house warming party?" she says cheerfully.

You enter the Masters Office.
Lord Golden Puzzle is there as well. Sitting on a chair in the corner.
The Master sits at his desk, Nightshade sits on a chair near him.
There are two empty seats left.
Whisper bows his head before the Master and Lord Golden Puzzle and takes a seat.


I do the same.


Smile back.
"We should. Everypony we know and like."


The Master coughs.
"There are important matters to discuss, so I'll dispense with the pleasantries.
About 5 hours ago, one of our main supply depots got raided. The present crew got killed, the place itself turned to ash.
This is not the first such attack, yet this the most agressive one yet.
All our sources point to a new upstart donkey in the Snake District, who calls himself, Javier…"

"I'll maka a list, oh and we have to get the greatest invitations!"
She trots to the living room.
"Oh Grey, I think you forgot an evelope here on the table! Shall I open it?"


"A donkey? Curious. At least he'll stand out."


"Our first concern is not Javier however.
First, we shall accompany Golden Puzzle for a meeting with Duke Blood Diamond.
To discuss the situation."




Smile at her, and float it over with telekinesis.
"Don't worry about it, I got it."


Whisper coughs.
"Why Blood Diamond? Why aren't we being sent directly at the donk?"
The Master looks towards him. "Never let a crisis go to waste. Blood Diamond has been hit even worse than us, he'll be looking for potential allies, and it would be good to have him in our pocket…"

She starts rummaging.
"Do you think Don Juan and Deep will want to come too? How are they anyway?"

The message reads.
[Dear Mister Leg,
I hope the package has been delivered and is to your satisfaction.
The other part of the delivery will have to be given in person however.
Please meet me near Adder Plaza, in the Snake District.


"I bet they will. Glass was a bit freaked out last time I saw him, but I think that's just the stress. He isn't as lucky as me to have a perfect mare like you make him relax."
Chuckle, then fold the letter.
"I have to run and do something real quick, honey. Shouldn't take too long, why don't you get familiar with the house in the meantime?"


"The enemy of my enemy, yada yada yada."


"You, Echo, will accompany us to the meeting as additional security. During the meeting, after some discussion, we'll have it arranged so that you will help Blood Diamonds forces with the hit on Javier.
While you're there, you should evaluate Blood Diamonds operations, probe for weaknesses. We expect daily reports to be dropped at droppoint 5. If necessary, you will also find additional orders there.
Any questions?"

"Of course, sweetie, I'll have it prepped up completely by the time you get back!"


"Anything in particular about his operations you're interested in?"


"Any men he has that look like they wouldn't mind switching sides.
The ones that definately wouldn't switch sides.
And in particular, there is a crystal mare in his entourage, named Hokkaido. Find out more about her."


"That's my mare~"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"I'll keep that in mind, milord."


As you prepare to kissu….there's a knock on the door.

"Good. We will leave soon. Get ready.
Whisper, I'd like to talk to you eye to eye."
Whisper nods and talks to the Master in another sideroom.
Nightshade is still here and Lord Golden Puzzle in the corner.


Like a parent watching the kids…
"So… Nightshade. Coming along for the fun? You sure you wont miss your basement?"


God damn it.
"I'll take it."
Walk over there and open it.


"I stay behind to coordinate efforts with you, Whisper and other agents. But I'll be there if you run into trouble."

"Good afternoon, sir.
Have you heard already about the Heralds of…
It's Deep.
"Wow, I didn't know you lived here right now!"
He's wearing a black gown with a green mark of the Heralds on it.


"We moved in just today. I told you we were moving the other day, remember?"
Look him over.
"This again?"


"Aw. Here I was hoping to finally go on a magical adventure with you. I guess Whisper will have to suffice."


She looks around and whispers
"Whisper isn't going with you as well. He has another mission, that's what the talk over there is for."

"Oh right, riiiiiight, sorry bro, you know my memory isn't what it used to be." He giggles.
"And I know what you're thinking, but this time I've seen the light!"


Raise an eyebrow.
"Oh really?"


I just give her a sad pout.


She gives you a look of understanding.
"Uuh….if you want, I could pass some messages between you two while on mission, just put them with your reports and I'll make sure to get them out before the Master sees it. Just…make sure you eat them right after eat them."

"I'm a changed stallion. The words of the Prophet have changed my life. I've stopped it all. Drugs, Drinking,… I'm merely a humble servant of the New Gods now."


"And I am happy that you stopped drungs and drinking, but remember, take everything with measure.
Overdoing religion can be just as bad as a drug addiction, knowing you."


"We'll see. Thanks anyway."
Turn back to Golden Puzzle.
"Milord, I've got a question if you don't mind."


He nods.
"Puzzle will suffice, Echo. And yes?"

"Is there such a thing as having too much love? Because that's what I'm feeling right now, Grey. Loving life so much, I don't even know why I used to feel so bad all the time!"


"Which duke do the Immortals belong to?"


Smile at him.
"As long as you are happy I'm happy for you man."
Pat his shoulder.
"Now, I'd love to chat, but I have errands to run."
Lean back into the house.
"I'll hurry back home, Green! We can try and figure out how your tea tastes in this house once I'm back!"


"The Immortals? Those saddle-arabians? Why do you ask?"

"Right, right" says Deep "See ya soon, bro."
He walks to the next house and knocks on the door."

"Be back soon~" she shouts from deeper in the house


"I will! Love you!"
Okay, time to leave.
Before I go to the place, grab some things.


"Idle curiosity. I had a bit of a run-in with one of them a while back."


Which mask do you want?
Or will you bring all of them?

"The Immortals are a curious group. They tend to work mostly for the highest bidder, but they have very goo relations with Duke Infinite Stone, the Duke of the Scarab District.
His son got killed tragically, a few weeks ago."


"Have they caused us much trouble?"


Take the cobra.


"The Immortals? They've dabbled in our affairs a few times, but nothing we don't do either. If we'd go for a gang war for that, we'd have a gang war every day. Not good for business."

You look venomous.
Go to the meeting?


"Alright, so they're not active rivals then. That's good, I suppose."



"Good for business. Make sure to keep it that way. Have you heard about Javier yet?"

You make your way to Adder Plaza.
The pleasant plaza is full of families enjoying the weather.
Two heavily armed ponies near one of the houses seem a bit out of place.


"I think I've heard the name been dropped before."


Find a nice nearby spot to start from, and go there, all ready for the meeting.


"A young donk, making his way in the world. A bit agressive, but that's to be expected when they still have to prove themselves. Another detail, he's a mindreader I've heard. Grey Splinter is trying to find out more about him, but with little success so far. Guy's a ghost. Like he just popped out of thin air."

You go for the house wearing your cobra mask. The guards guide you in. But you enjoy the tiny nervousness on their faces.
In a room overlooking the plaza you find a stallion wearing a dark suit and smoking a cigarette overlooking the plaza.
"Mr Grey."


"A mind reader? Goddamm-"
I stuff a hoof in my mouth before I can finish that.
"That's not good. Those inquisitors back home used them a lot." Creeps me out.


"Mr. Chill."


"Yeah, so stay away from creepy looking donkeys. I have people working on something, but that will take time."

"I hope your new accomodations are to your satisfaction?"



"Don't need to tell me twice…"


"It is everything I hoped."


"Have you ever dealt with mind readers personally?"

"Good, good." He takes a drag from his cigarette and turns to you.
"I want my….employees to feel at their best when working for me. I've found that makes them more motivated to work efficiently."

Belsournig here >>500824


"I may have. I doubt that if somepony read my mind, they'd tell me about it."


"I believe there is more behind this than you asking about my well-being, isn't there?"


Began digging below and positon myself under my target

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Of course. Up till now, you have always been a lone wolf. However, certain….circumstances have left me in need of a pony who can not only kill, but who can, however temporarily ally himself with others to achieve a goal."
He turns back to the window.
"And I thought of you, mister Grey."

He shakes his head.
"Not likely."
Nightshade coughs.


Look at Nightshade with a cocked brow.


"Why me?"


"I almost forgot, but I got that thing you talked to me about…I'll have to give it to you before you go."

"There's a few reasons, but most of all, I believe you'd rather die than not get this job done."


I grin maniacally.
"My new toy, you mean?"


But I want no questions asked about my identity by the others."



You did it.

"Yeah, toy, deathtrap, whatever you want to call it."

"That will not be necessary. Call yourself whatever you want, you may carry your mask at all times even.
As a matter of fact, I have another mask right here for you."
He points to a black box on the table.


"I am serious. I don't need anypony snooping around who I am. I think you know my policy on witnesses."
Levitate the box over and open it.


"Oh you're such a dear, Nightshade!"
I chuckle.


Cast Haste

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That's exactly why you'll make my perfect agent."
Inside is another mask, this one is a changeling mask.
Adopts the powers and bonuses of other masks, Recharge 5 between switching mask power during combat.

You're not going very fast.

"Don't mention it, Echo. Just…try not to lop one of your own hooves of with it."


"Arrghgh!! Come on!" I began to rub my talisman to power it up again.
"Come on, come on. Step it up, step it up, step it up."
Try to cast Haste.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm a professional, Nightshade. Be glad I didn't resort to tying a bunch of kitchen knives to my tail with some string instead."


Take it out and examine it.
"Thank you. Just looking at it frightens me."
Look back at him.
"I can work with your other agents then, but what happens on the job stays on the job."


You hear a crack and the worn wooden floor falls on you together with the griffon, you're helpless.

"We'll go to my room before you go to attach it properly."

"Of course. Now it is time to brief you. Have you heard about the Heralds? Or what about a donkey called Javier?"


"About the Heralds, yes. Nothing about the latter."


"Oh you naughty girl."
I snicker.
"I'll be there."


Arrrgghh… damnit.
"Hey!" I look at the griffon before I hold him down!
Sentried Suppress


More people you want to talk to?

Anyway, you struggle a bit with the griffon until your compadres come to secure him.
The griffon is in custody.
Grovel helps you up.

"Javier is a relatively new arrival to this town, but he's already made quite a name for himself, he managed to acquire an enormous amount of gems somewhere. He uses it to try and carve out his little crime empire and he's rustling some feathers while he does it.
The perfect opportunity to take him down and acquire a lot of money in the process if I could find out where the money is."


The Master and Whisper-kun are still busy, no? Who else is there?


"I'm not much of a detective. I believe that is where the partners come in?"


You can talk to Whisper-kun.
Look, he's coming back.
The Master nods.
"I expect everypony ready to leave within 30 minutes."

"Exactly. But I do not believe Javier will go down easily. So you will provide with some backup. And when you find Javier, you may either secure him and bring him to me or simply make sure he lives long enough for you to beat it out of him. However, I'd rather make sure our partners know nothing of the money."


"Leaving a wannabe-crimelord alive for any amount of time as a prisoner seems like a terrible idea to me."


Smile and flutter my eyelashes at Whisper in a very gushy way.


"Your call. There is a second part to the equation however.
I have gathered intel that suggests the Heralds are interested in him as well.
Apparently he got something they want, whatever that is, I want it too.
At any price, this is even far more important than the money.
Find out, secure it, and bring it to our dear Morgana, she'll know what to do next. "

"Seems like I don't accompany you after all, not immediately."


"So I hear. What a shame… I'll be thinking about you when I go to bed."


not connected to my post.
I smile at Grovel.
"We got him the bastard!!"
Carry the griffon to a remote location.


"Find out what they are lusting after, get it, secure it. Got it. Is that all?"


"Maybe I'll drop by~"

You drag him to a remote location.
He's in a cellar, tied up.

"Morgana will know what to do after that. It all depends on what exactly it is."


"Anything else?"


"Be sure to warn me when you do, so I don't accidentally murder you."


"I doubt you'd be fast enough for that."

"Yes, you will come with me to a meeting soon, where you'll meet your new partners."


I smile at glee to the griffon.
"You know the reason why you are here bastard." I ready my fist.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shake my head.
"Don't flatter yourself too much, you'll start blushing soon."


"I guess we will do the job right after then."


"The fuck are you talking about, mut?"

He chuckles.
"Good luck, kiddo."

He nods.
Standby for transfer, not everyone is ready yet.


Turn my back, lower my head and change to the much more spooky changeling mask.
He might now who I am, but hey. Masks are masks for a reason.
Standing by.


Smack him hard.
"The ware house you fuck!! Who wants it burned!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Kiddo? My my, look who is talking."


"You smack like a bitch!"

"Haven't I defeated you enough in duels yet?"


"There is more to life than knowing how to swing a blade, boy."
I smirk.


I grit my teeth.
"Grovel! Hold him steady!"
Smack him again.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nightshade rolls her eyes.
"Right, if you lovebirds are done, I need to get some work done quickly."

You start smacking the shit out of him.

To speed things up, are both of you okay with me quickly cutscening the griffons confession, the attachment of Razortail and go directly to the meeting?


"Oh right, my toy!"
Blow a mock kiss at Whisper and head over to Nightshade.


Also, yes.





Nightshade attaches the blades into the hair of your tail, completely retractable.
Your tail looks normal until its too late.
Razortail: This exotic weapon can be used to attack while helpless. It's attacks are Instant.

You soon beat the truth out of him.
He works for the donkey called Javier, working to take over Diamonds operations.
When you go to report this to your boss, he merely says that he already expected so.
He needs you to come with him to a meeting with another Duke, as guard.

Everyone ready for the meeting?


"Thanks, Shade.~ I'll put it to good use in your name."



Time to stand guard, bastards will be put down!! Yes


All of you go to the Vulture District, moving through the tight alleys, Belsournigs group with Diamond arrives first (and Hokkaido if Knight shows up) in a small square surrounded by houses but no windows facing here, nor are there any ponies here. There's only an abandoned well in the middle.
Patiently waiting until Golden Puzzle and Ambrosia arrive.
Diamond and Puzzle greet each other as friends.
Out of the shadows arrives another group, Mr Chill, smoking a cigaretty, his guards and a masked pony.
Both Dukes show a hint of surprise.
"Mr. Chill, how unexpected of you to join us"
Chill merely nods.
"We have business to discuss, gentlecolts."


Stay silent, just stand there for now.




Keep watch and look for any movement that looks suspicious, anyone that draws a knife will be cut down.

Roll #1 1 = 1


There's a small movement in a bush, you yell, draw a knife and attack it with vigor, when all is over, you're left with a mangled bush and a dead bunny.
Diamond looks at you frowning.


Goddamnit! Throw it out and sheat my knife. Being this twichy can fuck us up.
"Excuse me, I thought there is some nut ready to shank us." I grit my teeth as I return back to my place.
Calm down and listen to what is to be said.


They turn to each other.
Diamond starts "Puzzle, you know why I am here. I have aided you many times in the past, and now I need yours. This donkey is growing beyond our control."
He nods towards Chill. "Surely the arrival of Mr. Chill shows how serious this matter is. He has considerable resources and he won't stop at me."
Puzzle looks over. "But why couldn't you nip him in the bud, while he was still small?"
Diamond snorts "This rat was never "small". He suddenly was here and he suddenly had a legion of henches to do his bidding."
Puzzle smiles slyly. "Seems more like you haven't been keeping watch of your territory."
Diamond gives him an icy look and opens his mouth…
"Gentlecolts" interrupts Chill "Let's not fight amongst ourselves now. We all want to get rid of the donkey, me included. But there is more than just killing him. Somepony gave him the reources to do this, we need to find out who."
Diamond nods. Puzzle coughs "We have a common interest in getting to the core of this. I propose we assemble a team to infiltrate Javiers operation and get to the bottom of it."
The 3 nod. Diamond seems relieved.
Chill points to the masked pony.
"Allow me to introduce my contribution to the team. A true professional. Nopony within Javiers operation will be able to stop him."


Anything to say/do Grey?


What a friendly bunch.
Just stay by Puzzle's side and keep my eyes peeled for trouble.


"No questions asked, no witnesses, no survivors. We go in, nopony but us comes out. If somepony looks like they might know something, maim, but don't kill until we know what we want to. Don't slow me down or get in my way when I work. That's all."


Diamond nods.
"Do you have a name?"


"Why dont we just burn the building where these bastards are holed up like they've done to us and be done with it? Anyone that comes out are shanked. We show them we are not to be fucked around here!"



"Should we give you one?"


Puzzle coughs.
"From what we've learned he has 2 hideouts, both very well defended. A more subtle solution is needed."
He nods to Ambrosia.
"This is Echo, she'll be my hoof in this."


"If you feel the need."


Bow my head ever so slightly.

"I'll call you… Flufflebums. Do you like that?"


"Well defended eh? So they already know we will come after them regardless."

I then look at Echo.
"And who is she?"

"Sounds like a bastards name, while you are at it why not name us all as well."


Diamond coughs and motions towards Belsournig.
"He'll get the job done."
As Belsournig passes Diamond he shakes your paw.
"Make me proud, Belsournig."
There's a note in your paw now.


"I don't like games. Keep your jokes to yourself."


hide it for now,


"I think I'll call you Belsournig."

"You needed a callsign, I gave you one."


Just look at Mr. Chill.
Then back to her.
He'll know what's on my mind right now.


The 3 look at this spectacle, with a mix of amusement and annoyance.
Puzzle coughs.
"Do the 3 of you understand what you need to do?
Find the source of Javiers resources, find him and kill him.
By whatever means necessary."


"Simple enough."


"We'll get it done. Hoof in hoof."


"You can call me that." I eye her.
"And yours?"

I nod at this.


"Like Lord Puzzle said, you can call me Echo. Short and easy to pronounce."


Puzzle continues.
"Our intel suggest Javier has a foothold in the Snake District in a restaurant called the Baltimare Dinner. He also has a mansion in the Aurora District. We are unsure in which one he is. That's your job. Assume both are heavily guarded."


"Mansion first if I had to guess."


"That's your job. We leave it up to you now."
Puzzle and the others leave.
The 3 of you are alone.


"Let's now waste any more time."


"Echo? What are you some kind of bat or something? What a funny name?" I grin at her.

I fold my arms.
"So who are the guys who will work for this? How about the other hideout?"


"We'll see you on the other side then."

"It's a callsign."


"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get to the Aurora district. Or should we split up?"


"Ah I see, a name to hide behind to from prying individuals eh? Protecting some family members or something?" I grin.


"That's what I was asking.
And as much as I like working alone, I was told you would need my backup, so let's stick together for now."
Let's head to the Aurora district then, where we have to.


"Sticking up with each other? Alright I'm game for that." I then stick close and follow.


I smirk behind my mask.
"Oh you have no idea how irrelevant my name is in this day and age."

Follow suit.
Try to be sneaky about it. Stealth.

Roll #1 4 = 4


All go to the mansion immediately?



Scout on the outskrits of it.
Also try to read the message.

"While we are here lets get to know each other. What are you two good at?"







"My kind of pals Lets get on to it."


Grovel will follow you. Once you find the source of Javiers resources, signal him.


"So, are you part of Blood Diamond's Elite? You must be, otherwise you wouldn't be here right?"


"Just part of the gang, putting down anyone who fuck with our merch is what makes this job doubly satisfying."

Scout a bit . What does the mansion looks like in the distance?

Roll #1 3 = 3


You approach the manor from the distance. Security is tight but there are a bunch of workers renovating the building. There are some scaffolds with workers to the sides of the building.


"That sounds like a jolly good time."

"What say we disguise ourselves as construction workers to get in there? Are you two skilled at subterfuge?"


Let's find a side enterance and bust our way in."


I cock my head.
"Frontal assaults are not my forte."


"Yes it is."
"I am no good at hiding but I am adept at getting in and out magically." I grin.

"You lead, if not we can go underground too, just stating the options."


Does it have a side or back enterance maybe?
One that doesn't have all these ponies running around?

"But you can fight, right?"




"Digging and stiff." O fp;d ,y ar,s/


>"Digging and stuff." I fold my arms.


"Of course. I just prefer being subtle about it when possible."



I see.

"This won't be that kind of job."

Roll #1 6 = 6


You spot an employee entrance to the side.
It is unguarded, at least outside.


"That doesn't make a frontal assault a good idea. The longer we can avoid battle and detection, the better our chances at success."


"We can go underground you two, let me dig a goddamn hole and lets get it over iwht."


Point at the side enterance.
"We go in there, we kill everything we come across. That's the plan."
Head up to that door.
Bloodborn before I enter.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"How on earth are you going to dig through the foundations of the building? You do know buildings have those, right?"

"I don't agree with that plan."


You cut yourself and the blood slowly rises and forms into a blood minion.


"Smash through it! That is what me and my pals always do!"

"If we cant then we go and dig past the hard part and land in the garden, we can fill it up with their dead bodies afterwards."


Let's go for the Skull mask effect with the changeling mask now, if that's how it works.

"Too bad."

Open the door and enter.
Anyone in the room?


"Well, I guess it's better than rushing straight into a killzone. Start digging then."

"Hold on!"


The hallway is abandoned. There are pictures of a donkey hanging on the walls, golden vases and fine furniture everywhere.
There's a stair leading upstairs and one down.

Ntd about the skull mask


"No need for digging. This way is clear so far. Kill on sight from now on. Up or down?"


I shrug.
"Well fuck digging then, lets go up."


Up we go, blood minion following.


Stealth '1d10'

"This is stupid recklessness."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Worked so far."


You're not stealthed. Unfortunately.

Everyone roll to not step trigger the alarm system no one spot checked for. DC4 because I'm feeling generous.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh boy…

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 6 = 6


You all sidestep it by pure luck.
You're upstairs.
There's a long hallway with 4 doors and 1 big double doors.


Bust open the double doors.
Who's home?


I'd like to go sneak mode please.

Roll #1 7 = 7


There's a large room with a desk.
Behind the desk is a golden throne shaped remarkably like mares carrying a seat and somehow that seat also has a mare motif.
Next to the desk is a hot tub filled with pretty mares, they stop playing as they see you and start screaming their lungs out.

You're stealthed.


Oh well.
Leap of Faith at one of them, silence them with a knife.
Bloodminion helps in that effort.

Roll #1 2, 5 = 7


Check the desk for any papers on this guy's operations.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You walk over to the desk but as you touch it you are thrown back by an electric shock. A magic bubble forms around the desk, the windows, the hot tub and the chair, shutting you off from them.
As you fly back, you crash through the double doors again.
There's already a detachment of armed griffons coming through the hallway "Get them alive! Javier wants them alive."

the security system triggers magic bubbles as detailed above. You're unable to harm them.
One of them even sticks out her tongue at you


"Ah what a waste of booty." I frown upon what the masked killer is doing.

Keep watch on the hallway and see if they will send any reinforcement or if any will come out of one of the four doors.


There's already a detachment of armed griffons coming through the hallway


"You are already dead."
Let them come.
Blood Minion attacks the Gryphons.
I do too, Rush for them and Death Blow.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


"Ah great."
"Should we bail out or fight!" I look at the other two.




Cast haste

Roll #1 9 = 9


Alright, I'm bailing. I'm an assassin, not a fucking kamikaze. Try to run and hide!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I nod at her. as I cast.




The windows are sealed off. Nowhere to run.

You kill 2 griffons in the fray, more are coming.
And one of the doors open but nothing comes out.

Everyone may use 2 actions next turn.


There's still doors right? Fight my way through the gryphons if need be! Just get out of this trap!

Roll #1 1, 3 = 4


"Echo, check that room!"

Activate Retaliate
Attack Gryphons

BloodBro does the same.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 2, 3 = 5


"Fuck he is hiding or something! Go and get him!"
Cast Protective bubble on myself
And smash someones head with my fist.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Err.. also try to spot any movement that are suspicious that come out of the door. that opned

Roll #1 1 = 1


You valiantly strike down another 3 griffons.
Bloodbro is overwhelmed however.
The Griffons suddenly scramble back from the door and you as they see what happens to Echo however.

You smash another few and are safely bubbled.

Ambrosia quickly and nimbly jumps over a few of the griffons. As it seems she's in the clear, walking next to the open door, a giant rotting hoof suddenly comes out of the nearby door and grabs you by the neck.
A giant stallion, pieced together from dead pieces of flesh and what seems like black metal parts and pieces in his hooves and head walks out. On his back he carries a metal tank with wires piercing all over his body.
Before you can say anything a blade burst from his hoof and he pierces you with it, before throwing your body across the hall back to the desk. You're helpless.
He then looks towards the bubbled Belsournig and fires a metal ball from his other hoof.
Your bubble pops.

The unholy fusion of metal and decayed flesh blocks passage in the hallway.
"Entering combat mode"




Escape artist back up!
"Entering fleeing mode!"


"I've seen uglier."
Raise Dead on a gryphon.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ambrosia Intermezzo
After another day of intensive training with Whisper, we find Ambrosia performing the final few rooftop jumps to get to Whisper who's been waiting for her on a rooftop of the Vulture District.
Roll for how much this day of training exhausted you.



Roll #1 6 = 6


You're still feeling pretty good.
You're getting used to the training and it shows.
Whisper waits for you at the top of the building watching the sun set into the sea, the sky has become a myriad of orange, red, pink and purple.


Stand at the ready.
"You called?"


He turns to you.
"I did. You feeling okay?"


"Feeling good and gay today."


He grins.
"I'm sure you do.
Now normally you'd get the night off, but I was wondering if you'd feel up for a little…operation. It's got nothing to do with the Bureau. So you're free to decline if you have plans already."


"I'd love a little operating.~
What's the story?"


"I was hoping you'd feel up for it.
You see, in the Vulture District lives a merchant named Load O'mone, a Diamond Dog who used to explore the far reaches of the Vilitus Desert. He's retired now and has a small antique shop. But I've learned he has an artifact he found that isn't for sale.
I know a guy who would pay a good sum for that artifact. We split it and instead of beer we can drink 20 year old whiskey tonight.
Up for it?"


"Sounds easy enough. What kind of artifact? How heavy?"


"It's not that big actually. You'll know it when you see it.
A small cube, completely black."


Stretch my legs a little.
"Alright, that's all I need to know."


"But there's more.
I've already thought this out.
Since the house he lives in is not that big, I'll create a little distraction to lure him and his family downstairs, that way you can sneak in and look around undisturbed. Unless you have a better idea?"


"Sounds good, your plans always work out~"


He smiles a bit.
"Come let's get going, you crazy mare."
He jumps the rooftops.


Follow suit. Close on his tail.


Both of you end up near a small antique shop.
"Allright, you get into position near one of the windows upstairs and I'll go in."


Nod quickly and see about getting some expert positioning done. Stealth.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You climb one of the house.
But Whisper shakes his head and makes a sign with his hoof.
Not stealthy enough.


Dammit. Be sneakier then!

Roll #1 10 = 10


That's it.
Whisper walks forward and knocks on the door.
It opens.
"Yeah, whayya want? Shop's closed."
Whisper replies cheerfully. "Good evening sir, I have an offer that will change your life. Tell me, have you heard about Giant Bees before?"
"Great, just let me get in here" you hear him trotting inside "and tell you all about Giant Bees and how they can change your life."
"Wait a second, what are you doing?" The dog sounds flabbergasted.
"Giant Bees, my friend, the ones from the legends of the Sunstone, I have travelled far and wide to collect…"

You hear a female doge walking down
"Load, what's going on, what's all this noise?"

Seems like the coast is clear upstairs…


Slink inside like a sneaky pon. Let's look around this place~

Roll #1 2 = 2


Let's see how Whisper does '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You knock over a plate but Whisper talks really loud about the Wyverns now so you're good for now.


Let's just look for that fucking cube.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You don't find it in the bedroom but after some walking around while Whisper explains the intricacies of the seapony fin, which is apparently also part of the miraculous mixture in addition to Giant Bee Honey, Wyvern Blood and Flutterpony dust.
The wife starts getting in an argument with Load on how he's spineless.

In a small storage room you find a strong lockbox. Perhaps you could pick it open.


Time to put my picking skills to the test once again~

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you pick it open, you hear that ominous click too late. It explodes open. The damn thing was trapped.

Now they heard you. Whisper immediately kicks the dog in the face.
"Echo, get the thing and get out of here."



Roll #1 5 = 5


You look through the rubble. There it is…the fuck it seems like it somehow got stuck to the floor. It doesn't budge no matter what you try.
You hear the door opening and the wife calling for guards.
"We haven't got all night you know." shouts Whisper, who's in a hoof fight with the dog.


I snarl and try to kick it free. Earth pony strength!

Roll #1 5 = 5


It doesn't come off.
Must be some kind of magical thingie.
Oh shit, oh shit, you don't have much time.
But maybe you can kick something else loose.
The floor is made of wooden planks.


Tear that plank fucker out of the floor!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You tear it off the floor.
That fucker, as you tear the plank off, the cube suddenly just get loose and you take it and stash it.


Time to move. Get out. On the double!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Get out, we'll meet at the place"
You jump out of the window.
The guards of the Vulture district are coming.
Roll to escape.


Oh I bet they are! Running like a little bitch from the guards, just like the old days!

Roll #1 10 = 10


They are no match for your assassin rooftop jumping acrobatics and you toy with them for a little while, waiting up and then jumping away right when they get close.
But soon you shake them and make for the meeting spot.
Whisper is there, waiting for you.
"That could have gone smoother…" He smiles.
"But it always could have."


"That little fucker was welded to the floor! Can you believe that?"
I laugh.


"…welded? What?"


"I have no idea. I had to rip our the floorboard to get it. Not to mention the rigged lock which I totally fell for."


"I didn't take the dog for someone who would rig their chests…how strange. Would you give me the cube for a second?"
Roll for giving it.


Give it to him?

Roll #1 8 = 8


As you take the cube in your hoof, your hoof grows cold and you hear a whisper in your head.
"They are coming…"


I wince.
"What the…"


"Is something wrong?" asks Whisper.
There are no more whispers in your head, well no scary ones at least.


Good… I'd rather have sexy Whisper butt in my head.
"… Just take the cube. There's something fishy about it."


He takes it and looks surprised for a few seconds.
Then quickly wraps it in a cloth.
"Okay, whatever that is, let's pawn it and get rid of it."


"Yeah. On the double, if you please~"


You and Whisper make for the Scarab District. In a dark alley near the Temple of Tirek you meet up with a cloaked stallion.
"Do you have it?" he says in an Equestrian accent.
Whisper nods and gives it to her.
"Marvelous…quite a beauty…"
"As promised. Now what about our beauties?"
"Of course, of course, you've done well."
He hoofs Whisper a large bag of gemstones.


"Glad to do business with you. Come again!"


The cloaked stallion leaves.
Whisper sighs.
"You know….I don't feel too good about this job…."
He then grabs the bag.
"But it definately made us a load of gems!"


I smirk.
"Exactly, and that's what counts."
Pat him on the head.
"Good boy."


"Let's get some drinks."


"Yeah, tonight is going to be intense."


"Let's go then."
As both of you walk out of the alley and in front of the Temple of Tirek you run into a beggar.
He stares at both of you with empty eyes.
Then he locks eyes with you.
"Such a pretty mare…tell me..do ever worry…that the world is going to end?"


I raise a brow at him.
"Not really."


He chuckles.
"You think yourself so strong, don't you…
Do you have any idea how insignificant you are?
When they start devouring the world, you will be but a bloodstain on their armor."


I shrug.
"Not much point in worrying about it then, is there? We all return to dust in the end, such is the way of mother nature. No point in bitching about it."


He chuckles and starts trotting away.
"Enjoy the time you have left.
They are coming…
These are the final nights…"


"I will, thanks!"
Wave him off and look at Whisper.
"You heard the guy, let's go get drunk already!"


"Strange guy. I bet he ran away from the asylum or something."


Pat his cheek.
"Yes yes, let's forget about that and move on already."


And then you went drinking.
And whatever more wink wink


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