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The name itself is enough to send chills down the spines of even the bravest soldiers and greatest heroes.

Laying far to the south of Equestria, in the middle of the desert serperating Equestria and Saddle Arabia, it is protected from the greatest pony armies by miles of utterly desolate hills of sand, filled with relics of forgotten civilisations and creeping with changeling scouts.

In the heart of the desert lies the only oasis, surrounded by the grand towers of the Changeling Hives, housing drones beyond count. It is ruled by the Triumvirate, 3 truly ancient Queens who decided long ago that providing a safe haven for the otherwise nomadic Changelings was not just wise, it was also very profitable.
Whenever a Queen, any Queen needs shelter and resources to rebuild her hive, there's one place she can always go to.
But there's one thing Vilitus can't provide and that is ponies to sate their unending hunger for love.

To that end, the town of Gavah J'rac was founded near the sea closest to Vilitus. Here, every day hundreds of ship, sail on and off, bringing slaves and everything anypony could ever want. Diverse are the inhabitants of J'rac, ranging from common criminals, refugees, outcasts, crime-lords, vying for the favor of the Triumvirate and concealed Changelings roam the streets everywhere, ensuring the intrests of their Mistresses are secured.

For whatever reason,you arrive by boat in this Princess-forsaken place. In J'rac, your life expectancy is measured in mere days.
Only the truly cunning, powerful or insane can survive and even thrive here.


Give a quick look around.
Mind Read the closest dock worker and search his brain for info on any form of autorithy in this town.

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you walk of the plank onto the docks you accidentaly project your thoughts about not knowing anything about this place into the first pony you see.
A dangerous move as the pony suddenly walks over to you, flanked by 4 comrades.
"Hello, pal. New here? We can give you a tour around, protect you while you look around.
It will cost you though."


"Hmpph, I guess its true about what they see about rushing in." I tell myself.

"I know this place may not have going for it, but getting a lay of the land is of vital importance."

Are there any noticeable buildings or others that stand out?


"Why not for free?"
AWIYE to the 3 biggest ones.

Roll #1 10 = 10


The town looks old and is bustling with activity.
You see a few larger buildings on a nearby hilltop, seemingly seperated from the rest
You also see a big tavern nearby, might be a good place to get some information.
You also notice a large square around. Large lines of captured ponies in chains are being lead around. Branded and prepared for transport in cages.
And far in the horizon, you see their destination. Very tiny, you see the no doubt grand spires and Ziggurats of Vilitus itself.

3 of them, including their leader give you a polite bow.
"But of course, this way please."
The 2 others seem confused, but follow their leader as he walks to the square.
"Are you coming?"


Impart the next command mentally.

Run into the boat that's leaving. Fast.

Then look to the other two guys.
"You better follow them."

MR one of them, who are this fuckfaces?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"As much as I dislike dealing with most riff-raff, I shall take my chances in the tavern. The most important task at hoof is securing food, shelter, and information to use for my advantage."

Let's enter the tavern and listen in to some conversations.


The 3 start running towards the one boat just leaving and and their confused compadres follow.
With a good jump they just make it when the ship comes out the harbor.
You seem them getting out of their spell, as the crew comes to forcefully evict them.

I'd get out of here, just in case they can swim.

You walk into the busy tavern.
You see 2 griffons talking about their latest batch of slaves.
There's a large group of cloaked figures sitting at a table at the end of the bar.
A few poker games are going on in the middle.
A few ponies are talking about the heat. Another about how little their boss pays them.

Of course, it's none of my business, but might I suggest that, to save time, you've already met on the boat and agreed that a small alliance is in both your best intrests if you want to rule this town?


He's proven to have some useful abilities, I will not object.

"So then, Mr. Javier. It seems we've come across a veritable smorgasboard of opportunity here. Why don't you be a dear and see which of these delincuents would be most open to working with us."


Posting sheets here just because

Name: Javier
Race: Donkey
Gender: Male
Class: Charlatan
Skills: AWIYE (2), Expert AWIYE (1), Mind Reader (2), Aura of Faith (3), Heal (1), Expert Mind Reader
Talent: AWIYE works without people knowing it (notice: does NOT work on PCs)
Hits/Wounds: 5/5
Weapon: Concealed Gun [Dual]
Character Traits: A calculating and calm criminal mind.

Name: Hokkaido
Race: Crystal Pony
Class: Omniseer
Talent: Falling Stars (Pre-nerf 4th Eye in effect and +2 to 4th Eye)
Skills: Crystal Emotions (R), Homing Magic (1), Hawkeye (1), Elementalist: Ice (1), Omniseer (2), Hat Magic (2), Teleport (2), Spell Resonance (1)


To the inn we go, I say!
Time to learn how the city works, the old way.



You've seen nothing but that for a very long time.
It felt like a long dreamless sleep, your own conciousness lost in the same place where dreams go after you've woken up.

But that ends now, you hear whispers, ponies talking as if from far, far away.
You start feeling something, you've got legs…you've got a body..you haven't felt that in ages…It's hard to move yet though and you can't see.

The voices get louder. Maybe you should try to open your eyes?


You walk into the busy tavern.
It is full of all sorts of races and thick with smoke of all kinds of pipes.
You see 2 griffons talking about their latest batch of slaves.
There's a large group of cloaked figures sitting at a table at the end of the bar.
A few poker games are going on in the middle.
A few ponies are talking about the heat. Another about how little their boss pays them.


Just how many funds do I have?

Roll #1 10 = 10


You're a rich son of a bitch.
No doubt your mind trickery has allowed you to obtain loadsamone


So I don't really need to do it again and gamble with cards.
Search the mind of one of the cloacked ponies, what are they thinking about?

Roll #1 8 = 8


They quiet down as you pass but you read their minds easily

It wont be too hard to breach the final temple chambers of the Catacombs below J'rac now. Once we reach it, the Triumvirate will make us more powerful then we could ever dream.


Good to know there is a thing called a triumvirate in town.
Now, for how to contact it. Search anything that has to do with that word in this one's mind.

Roll #1 2 = 2


What… what's going on here? Did I drink too much again?
Try to open my eyes.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You don't need to. Since even you have heard of it before.

The Triumvirate of Vilitus are the 3 Changeling Queens who rule the oasis of Vilitus to the east in the heart of the desert.
You can see the grand spires and hives in the horizon if you look far to the east.
The Triumvirate keeps a watchful eye on Gavah J'rac, since it is their main port for getting supplies.
Officially the Triumvirate only controls the mayor and slave export.
Unofficially everyone knows you'll never be able to become anypony of importance without the blessing of one or more queens of the Triumvirate.
They engineer the rise and fall of crime lords, the struggles between the crime families and gangs, to keep a balance of power or simply for their own amusement.
Their changeling agents are supposed to be carefully hidden throughout the city, reporting everything.

With some trouble you manage to slowly open your eyes. Your eyes are still unused to seeing again and you only see vague shapes and colors.
One of the shapes is talking the gibberish to the other and comes closer.
You feel something touching you on the forehead and an electrical shot goes through your head.


Can I move? Jump away!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Such a great place to settle down.
Now, what is I can do in such a hive of villany?
But of course, beat the others villain to it!
Probe this guy's mind again and search for anything related to the ruins.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Your feel strange. You're only able to move really really slowly.
The current moves through you and for a few seconds you feel like your head is about to explode.
The shapes keep talking gibberish to you until suddenly "sjkdnsqkbderstand me? Can you understand me?"

The current stops.

One of the cloaked guys turns to you.
"What are you looking at?"


"Why, an old friend! Didn't we meet in Prance, twelve years ago?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You… what? What the heck's going on!? Where is… where am I? Who are you!?"


He looks at you.
"Ah but of course. Such a long time ago, we need to catch up sometime. I'm sorry but I'm terribly busy right now. Plans, plans, plans."
He nods to the others who look annoyed at both of you.

Another voice says.
"It seems the II was succesful, mylord."
"Of course." Says another voice "Proceed."
You blink again and the shapes start to form 2 ponies.
One stallion dressed in a black uniform, holding you down by the legs.
Another mare in black robes removes her hoof from your forehead now.
Your surroundings are unfamiliar, but you notice some paintings of a familiar city on the walls.
"Don't be alarmed. We won't hurt you. This gentlecolt over here is simply holding you to ensure you don't accidentaly hurt yourself. You've been away for quite some time and some confusion is normal.
I'm going to ask you some questions now.
What is your age?"


"Ah but of course, don't let me keep you.
Come and look for me if you know of any job in town."


"What? Away? Hold on… where are the others? Did they run off without me…? I don't-… Shit! She stabbed me! Where is she!?"


"Of course…say" He glances at his other cloaked companions "What was your specialty again…I can't remember right now somehow?"

The mare keeps talking in a slow calm voice.
"Calm down. You're safe right now. Soon we'll answer all your questions but first I'd like to ask some questions of you.
What is your age?"


"What kind of question is that!? I'm twenty-seven! Happy?"


The mare nods.
"Very good. Where were you born?"


"My, I'm the greatest archeologist on this side of the world!"


"Urgh… I have no clue. I don't even know the names of my parents! They dumped me in some orphanage before I could remember. What about you? Where were you born?"


Now all his companions are paying attention as well.
The guy grins. "Well now friend, looks like our paths crossed again at a good time. We'rre just looking for an archeologist. And why not one I know we can trust. Want to help us mister…" He scratches his head for a second.
"Strange I normally never forget names."

The mare continues in a calm voice
"That's okay. I was born in Los Pegasus in Equestria. My name is Grey Splinter. It's very nice to meet you Now I'll tell my friend here to release you. Please try to get up. But don't overexert yourself, if you feel pain tell us immediately."
The stallion releases you.


"Equestrian huh? Great, we totally needed more of you puddingheads roaming around here."
Try to move.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You slowly get up, wobble a bit and fall back down.
Luckily the stallion quickly catches you and sets you on a comfy cushion.
Grey Splinter comes sit next to you.
You also notice a stallion in a fancy attire sitting a bit away observing you and Grey Splinter.
Grey Splinter coughs.
"And you're Trotantine, right?
Please tell me, what's the last thing you remember before you saw us here?"


I rub the temples of my head.
"Last I remember I was in a tavern… fighting that bitch. Did she knock me out?
… Is she around so I can return the favor?"


"Murky Sven."
Mind read his name
If successful, say:
"But I didn't forget yours, [INSERT NAME HERE]"

Roll #1 3 = 3


The stallion returns with a plate with some milk and cookies and puts it in front of you.
"Please take some if you're hungry" says Grey Splinter "This bitch…do you remember her putting a spell or something?"

You don't remember but he nods.
"Ah right Sven. Come sit with us."
One of the cloaked figures groans.
"Now hold on there. How do we know this guy is as good as he claims?"
"Right. A test is in order."
One of the cloaked figures turns to you.
"If you're so good, then tell me which dynasty the temples in the Scarab district belong to?"


Yeah, mindread that from him.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I cock a brow but take the food and drink anyway, chowing down.
"… Shit."
Look myself over, is there a visible wound or scar I didn't have before?

Roll #1 1 = 1


They were settled about 700 years ago by the First Fillilonian Dynasty who came from modern day Saddle Arabia
The temples were erected after a heavy fight with the Changeling Triumvirate and only lasted about 70 years before the Triumvirate rebuilt and overwhelmed them from Vilitus.

There is. A scar seemingly from a stab wound of a small dagger. It is discolored and feels weird when you touch it, it is somehow much harder than the rest of your skin.
Grey Splinter looks it over curiously.
"Do you know how you got that?"


"… Fuck me!"
I stomp a hoof angrily.
"She stabbed me with that dagger!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"To the Fillilionian of course. Foolish enough to challange the Triumvirate seven hundreads years ago. They lasted barely, and hold on because this is my favorite part, seventy years before being crushed from an attack launched from this very town.
Foolish of them to move down here from Saddle Arabia, I guess."


You stomp your hoof but much slower then you usually do.
"That explains a lot. But please don't overexert yourself. You still haven't fully recovered."
Grey Splinter sighs.
"Look, I suppose you have a lot of questions, like where you are and how you got here…
Tell me your name and what year this is, and I'll be able to explain everything to you."

The hooded figure nods.
Your "friend" smiles. "Ha, you see. Slow Shell doesn't just make anypony his friend. We could use you. Sven, how would you like to help us make a great archeological discovery, right here in J'rac?"


I grumble and shake my hoof a bit.
"Ambrosia. It's… 1031.
… Please tell me it's 1031 or so help me…"


She thinks for a second and then gulps.
"Ambrosia…this might come as a shock to you. But it seems that, when you were stabbed by that dagger, a very powerful spell took hold of you.
One that turned you into stone."
She points at an empty pedestal.
"It is from that pedestal we managed to extract you when I noticed there was unusual arcane activity around it."
She pauses.
"You've been a statue for quite some time."


"A shock? That was my fucking dagger she took from me! I know what it did! It was enchanted with some kind of petrification spell like those cockatrice fuckers use!"
I grind my teeth.
"… How long?"


"Why, I'd be thrilled to! What is it about, old friend?"


She looks at you.
"It is now…according to Trotantine year calculation, 1305 AE."


"We've been investigating some old ruins under the city and we just can't make sense of some of it. With a smart archeologist like you, we'd make great progress in no time."


My eyes widen.
"274 years!? This better be a really bad joke."


"Well sure! But first of all, say, where are you staying? Because I just came to town and I still don't have a place."


"I'm afraid it isn't."
The rich looking stallion who sat in the back stands up and walks towards you.
"As far as I've heard your stone form was only found 150 years ago in the river flowing through Cloptantinople in Trotantium. So there's really no doubt to your claim you're from 1031."

"In this inn upstairs. But mind yourself friend. Don't leave valuables there."


"Are you-"
I slump down and groan.
"… How is this possible?"


"Oh. Bad place, uh?
You in town since long?"


"Magic is a powerful tool, and a horrible one in the wrong hooves. Allow me to introduce myself,
Lord Golden Puzzle. I was the one who acquired your stone form, hoping to add it to my collection of Trotantine art. I was never expecting to buy a real Trotantine, nevermind one from 300 years ago."

"Well, it's bad, but affordable as long as you watch out. There are some other inns more safe in the Scarab, Snake and Vulture District.
And we've been here for a few months now. We spend most of our time in the Arachnia District. The tombs and catacombs there are our goals."


"Say, what's gotten you all so interested in them?"
rub my hooves together.
"Oh I can hardly wait to see them!"


"Gee thanks. The thought of being sold around like a piece of rock really makes me feel better."
Facehoof and let out a low groan.
"So I take it I'm not in Clopantinople?"


They look at each other.
"Oh we're simply enthusiasts of archeology ourselves. This particular tomb hasn't been touched in a long time. It would be fascinating for us to study it."

"You would be correct in that assumption."
He points to a window.


Get up and look out…


"Sounds great! When do we start?"


As you look out of the window you see down below you a beautiful garden. With fountains and neatly cut bushes in all sorts of shapes, floating rocks and statues. It reminds you a bit of some of the gardens back home.
You look further, there are a number of grand mansions like yours nearby on this hill, but once you look even further you see a big city, rife of urban decay, brown houses made of wood and mud sprawl everywhere.
In the middle of the city you see an open spot with a big spire.
But you also see districts where ancient ruined temples stand next to the newer buildings.
To your left in the distance, you see in the distance, the harbor with lots of ships and the sea.
To your right, in the distance, you see a desert, you see one path going through it leading to what seem to be spires in the far far distance. Even from here it seems like there are things flying around it.
Golden Puzzle nods.
"This is Gavah J'rac. The harbor city of Vilitus"

"When are you ready?"


"Well let me set-
Wait a moment!
If you are just studying it because you are fashinated, who is gonna pay us?!"


I groan
"Vilitus? Did the last few centuries improve it at all? Not like it could get any worse, at least."


They look at each other.
"Well, we can pay you a sizeable fee for your services, Mister Sven. You'd be doing us a great service." says one.
He holds out a carefully decorated golden scarab with a ruby in its back.
"There's more where that came from."

"It is a place of great danger for the weak, and great opportunity for those with the will to grab it. I'm curious, which of those are you, Ambrosia?"


I let out a better laugh.
"Same old world, huh? I'm the kind of pony who tries to survive and have some fun along the way. What about you?"


"Oh, I see we talk the same language. Make way then!"


"Some things never change.
I am a…businesspony you could call it. Of course, in this city, that's not business in the same way as you would in Trotantium.
Very dangerous work, but I pay very well.
Would you be interested to work for me…and if so, in what capacity?"

You all get up and leave the inn.
The group leads you through all kinds of alleys, marketplaces and small tunnels until you see a few markings of a spider, signifying you're in the arachnia district.
The houses are a lot more stately here, yet still hovels compared to the mansions you see on the hills.
There are a lot of ponies talking on benches and running around with stacks of papers and quills. You also see some houses with signs of hookahs and a lot of smoke comes out of their doors.

Proceed to the destination immediately or RP here a bit?


"Say, what's interesting to see in town, except the ruins?"


I shrug.
"Guess I don't have much of a choice, do I? I've done a bit of everything in my day."


"It depends on what you're looking for.
Behind the doors of J'rac there are many things, from the most sublime to the greatest excesses.
Most of the city is split into districts.
This is the Arachnia district, where most of the magic users have decided to live amongst each other, to feel some protection in numbers from the larger population that hates them.
You seem them scurrying around doing their latest studies or research far away from any kind of regulation, or create expeditions into the desert where there are said to be the most astonishing of relics to find.
The other districts similarly have their own function. It mostly depends on what you're looking for."

"Good, now let's save some time. Grey Splinter, do your job."
Grey Splinter steps forward and looks at you.
You suddenly feel very lightheaded for a second, then it stops.
She turns to Golden Puzzle.
"She might be good for infiltration, information and termination. Though she still lacks skill in hiding herself."
"Excellent. Ambrosia, you'll follow this stallion to your new superior.
We will speak again soon. I'd love to hear you talk about old Tarotantium.
Fullfill your duties and I have no doubt you'll find your new life in Vilitus far more enjoyable than your old."
The stallion in the black suit beckons you to follow.


"You know I'm going to have to know just what kind of fun things happened while I was out."
Follow him.


"Tell me then, are we the only ones working on these ruins?"


The stallion leads you through the mansion into the outside gardens and out into the larger city.
It looks even dirtier while you're here in it.
Cloptantinople had some trouble, but even there there weren't as many beggars as here, nor did they smell so bad.
You're being clamped by some of them but quickly shake them off and follow your guide.
Once you reach a district marked by a cat, it seems strangely different.
Less people on the streets, no beggars anywhere and it somehow feels..darker.
Maybe it is because of the way the houses are slightly darker then the others you've seen or the weird tapestries that seem to hang high above your head between houses. The district doesn't seem to have any squares and is more of a confusing network of alleys, stairs and bridges.
When you've long lost any idea of where exactly you are the guide knocks at a house. The door opens and he motions you to go inside.

"Smart question. I know what you're thinking. How the hell would there be any interesting ruin here, in the district full of ponies who go to the most dangerous places for tiny scraps of knowledge?
Very simple. There is a ruin here, long since picked clean by the mages, or so they believe, but we have found a hidden tunnel, untouched for years. You see now, why we need to move fast brother, if me and my companions go into that temple too much, those mages might figure out we're up to something.
And be especially weary of those who look at you too long. Believe it or not, there are mages who can invade one's thoughts."
You pass a curious fountain, consisting of an number of floating rocks above a circular pool, from the top of the biggest rock an endless supply of water streams down. Interestingly the rock formation seem to form different figures and shapes depending from which angle one looks at it.



"Not the chattiest of ponies, are we?"
Maybe he's just a mute.
Go inside.


Look at it and mutter to myself.
"Those damn mages…"


You enter a large room.
It's dimly lit, with some rays of sunlight coming in from openings in the roof.
The walls are decorated with tapestries and some cushions have been laid down next to a smoking hookah.
On the cushion sits a hooded pony, smoking the hookah.
Without looking up he says "You're trotantine?" in a soft voice.
The door behind you closes.

One of the hooded guys nods.
"All freaks. Look over there."
He points to a square somewhat further to your right, it's very dark for some reason.
"They call it Night's square. Some necromancers hexed it to be dshrouded from light all the time, unnatural freaks. At least it makes it hard to see them."


Look around, then settle my eyes on the hookah.
"You're Saddle-Arabian?"


He slowly shakes his head.
"No, but I've spent so much time there, I might as well be."
He nods for you to sit down.
"Now, Ambrosia, our benefactor wishes for you to be trained in the shadow arts.
I shall be your guide."


Sit down.
"… Alright. I'm listening."


"Tell me what experience you posses."


"Everything you'd expect from a street urchin. I can handle myself in a fight, dirty or otherwise, get away from tricky situations, picking pockets or locks. 'Course, I don't know the alleys and underworld of Vilitus as well as I knew it back home. … Not even sure if I want to know it."


He nods.
"Good. Let's put that to the test."
He gets up and motions you to follow him up the stairs.


"Whatever you say."
Follow him.
"So you've been to Arabia huh? What about Trotantium?"


"I've been there as well."
You exit on top of the roof.
The sun is shining bright and you have an excellent sight of the city from here.
Your companion points to a tower in the distance.
"This will be your test. On top of that tower is a flag. Demonstrate your prowess to me."
He points to the roofs.
"Here in Vilitus, ones who have to travel quickly use the roofs to avoid the masses. Use them to reach your goal."

He sits down.


I give him a look.
"Roofs aren't exactly the safest of places, you know."


"Now why would you even want to do something like that to begin with…
They have to be really ugly necromancers."


"They are safe as any place. Given enough training, you'd be able to traverse these roofs as easily as a cat.
Have no fear however. If you look down you'll see that there are tapestries hanging everywhere between the roofs.
Part of the reason they're there, is to make sure new promising initiates don't break their legs while training."

"Probably. Ah we've reached our destination."
You've arrived at a small dig site, at the bottom is a partially exposed underground building, decorated with all sort of runes.
There is an entrance and your companions are walking down to it.


"Can't wait to try them out."
And then I get started, rushing off to jump onto the next roof.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"These textes have already been translated long ago, I assume?"
Keep following.


You sprint off in enthusiasm, eager to prove yourself you jump the first roof with full confidence, your smile turns into a shout as you miss the roof by inches, smacking against the building instead.
You fall down into one of the tapestries.
The hooded pony observes.

"Yes, long ago. But they are not the target of our mission. Indeed this temple itself is not our goal at all."
They guide your through a miriad of dark passages, carrying a few candles.
You arrive in a large hall, there are a number few scarab shaped dents in the wall.


"A secret door?"


"Well that's just peachy! You know, if I were a pegasus I wouldn't need to do this!"
Try to get back onto the roof.

Roll #1 1 = 1


He nods and enters the scarab you saw earlier into one of the dents.
The wall shifts and an opening appears.
"It was missed all these years by those mages. You know why? Because the structure behind it, absorbs all magic. It is an arcane blank. We theorize this temple was built over it long ago to hide the other one.
Might you have any idea what civilisation built this?"
The passage behind it looks nothing like here.
Simply smooth black walls completely unadorned


As you climb back up, a rock gets loose right as you try to pull yourself up the roof.
You fall back upon the tapestry and the brick hits you on the head.
That leaves a bruise.


Mutter lightly.
"No decorations…
Is there anything else deeper in?"


I let out a deep sigh and just lay there for a moment.
"I miss home."


"Yes, many chambers. Most were locked by some sort of code. For some reason they had do with snakes, dolphins, wolves and bears…it got quite boring after a while lining them up again and again.
We don't even know why they were there. The solution was usually carved out right near it.
Yet it is this last one, we hope, that puzzles us."
You enter a black hall. There is a sealed door at the end.
In front of it is a dark featureless monolith.

Trotantium doesn't seem so bad now…but is it even still there, home? After 300 years…
Surely Cloptantinople is there, but is it really the same?


Shape of the monolith?
What else is around the room?


Well, no point in weeping.
Pick up the brick and put it in my bag. It'll face its punishment later.
One more try to climb back up there.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It is a rectangle. Smooth, cold and without any features on it.
You cannot reliably identify the material, but you take an educated guess that it is black obsidian.
There is nothing else important at first glance in the room.

With some effort, you manage to climb the roof.
You continue on your way to the tower, dropping every once in a while, luckily those tapestries catch your every fall.
A few bruises richer and some illusions poorer you arrive at the base of the tower.
Climbing it will be a challenge.


Place a hoof upon it.


I don't suppose there's a fucking ladder?
No? Of course not.
Any obvious route I can use to climb this thing?

Roll #1 7 = 7


It is cold to touch.
You sense some form of power within this monolith. If only you could tap it somehow.

There isn't. You start your climb, there are a numbr of easy points to grasp.
You notice a few windows where a few pony guards seem to be patrolling. You manage to stay out of their sights by timing your climb carefully and patiently.
At last you make it to the top.
There on a terrace, in the shade is a black flag.


Take it.

… Now for the hard part. Getting down. Hmmm… how big is that flag? I could do something really crazy.


>Take it.

It is quite a small flag.


Nevermind that then.

Roll #1 7 = 7


AS you reach for the flag, you notice movement in your peripheral and jump aside as another hooded pony bursts from the shadows, daggers raised. Missing his target he quickly turns to face you.

You are fighting a Hooded Pony.


Well I have an idea.
Try and see if this power is a soul.
Mind Read the monolith.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Blind him!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You use your mind magic on the monolith.
You are surprised when the you suddenly feel a pull, as if your mind is pulled into the monolith itself.
You hear a booming emotionless voice within your head.
"Establishing Aetherial Mental Link…
Link-up complete.
User Javier does not appear in data registry…
Assigning authorization "Guest"
Awaiting Command…

You try to blind him but the hooded pony is way too quick for you, delivering a few fast punches to your face and chest.

Ambrosia 2/6


What the…
Who are you?


"Quick and confident huh? Let's see how you like this!"
Let's try to slow him down. Give him the special treatment. Sleep Serum.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Retrieving version information….
Arcane Nullifier Control Interface Version 6.28
Awaiting Command…

You quickly grab a needle coated in sleep serum you keep hidden for these exact situation.
As the pony tries to hit you again, you slip to the side subtly scratching him with it.
The serum should work soon.
DC2 to hit enemy next turn.


Hit him.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Tell me what you can do.


The pony feels drowsy for a second and you take that opportunity too buck him square in the face.
He rubs his bleeding lips as he gets more focused again.
DC4 to hit enemy this turn.

"The Arcane Nullifier was designed to absorb any arcane energy within it, deconstruct it and release it outside the Nullifier.
This was done to more effectively quarantine harmful arcane materials within the core.
This program also controls a number of security countermeasures against any unauthorized attempt to enter the core.


Again! Seize this opportunity!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Who built the Arcane Nullifier and what is it quarantining?


You try to buck him again. But he's on to your tricks now, avoiding your buck, grabbing one of your legs and using the force of your own buck to tumble you over.
You're helpless.

"The Arcane Nullifier was built by the Ministry of Arcane Affairs.
Insufficient clearance level registered to access data concerning the Core.
Please insert Administration crystal to confirm your clearance

A small part of the floor suddenly rises up revealing a small hole there, where you should supposedly put this "Administration crystal"
The hooded figures, who sat down bored, are startled.

"Awaiting Command…"


Escape artist!
"I like the way you dance!"


You're up again, little pony.
The hooded pony says nothing.
But you see a small grin on his face.


Is that so? Kick up some dirt. Blind him!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Feing surprise, and jump back.
I must have touched it right!
Then maybe my theory is right!"

Who would have the clearance to view that?


You try to blind him again, but he merely shakes it off before delivering a powerful left hook to your chin."

"Initiating Compressed Information Transfer…"

Your mind is suddenly flooded by images of a long lost time.
You see the same chamber with a few equines in what seems like armor, in the same black color and material as the chamber working.
You somehow immediately know this scene takes place 1453 years, 4 months, 23 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes, 2 seconds, 55 milliseconds and 34 nanoseconds in the past.

You see the structure used to be much bigger, with a few chambers where the superiors used to be, they had a few of these crystals to show their clearance level.
You know this chamber was later replaced by the other structure and civilisation.
You return back to focus.
"Awaiting Command…"
The hooded figures study the opening.
"Nice work, friend….what is it?"


"You punch like a little filly!"
Show him how to throw a real punch!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Did it transfer me an image of the crystals, at least?
"I don't know, let's see…"
Shoo them away from the pedestal and pretend to inspect it.
"Ah yes. Maybe it's this…"

Retract crystal entrance. Guest Javier is leaving.


He effortlessly evades it and punches you in the nuzzle so hard you fall flat on your back.
"That's enough, Whisper."
From the shadows, emerges your earlier hooded friend.
Whisper immediately stops attacking and offers you a hoof to get you up.

It did, you saw it clearly.
"Retracting crystal input device…
Shutting down…

The pull on your mind disappears and the pillar disappears again into the floor.
The hooded figures look confused.
"What just happened?"


Rub my nose and take his hoof.
"… Turns out little fillies can pack quite a punch."


He grins. "You can take quite some punishment, I'll give you that."
You're on your hooves.
The other hooded pony coughs.
"Now then Ambrosia, I have been evaluating your performance. How did you think you performed?"


"Why, it's clearly obvious a relic from so much in the past, we can't understand it!
But there are some similarities with other long-lost cultures I've studied before!
I'm confident with some more study, we will get at the top of this!"
Smile entusiastically to them.


"Utter shit. Being turned into solid rock for three centuries has its downsides, it looks like. I'm feeling sluggish today."


"Good…good. Where shall we start then…what are we looking for exactly?"

"Good. You should only accept flawless performance of yourself. In our line of work the tiniest mistake can mean the difference between life and death.
I've seen potential in you, Ambrosia.
Should you wish to be initiated into the arts of assassination, I am now willing to be your Master.
In return, I demand you follow my teachings to the letter and push yourself beyond your limit every day.
Do this and you shall become a master of shadows."


"Don't be so hasty! It might take even months!
But that opening suggested the need for a stone of some kind!
And judging by the nature of this artifact, it might very well have magical properties!"


I give him a look.
"Aren't I a little old to start this kind of stuff at this point?"


"Right. Well, I guess we better start looking for that stone then."

He grins.
"You've probably heard stories of assassins being trained from childhood. I know those, I was one of them myself.
Ambrosia, you have talent. True, perhaps you will never reach the absolute apex a pony trained from childhood will reach, but with will and discipline, I assure you, you can come very close."


"Oh yes.
But judging from the rest of the ruins, it's almost millennia old. They could be anywhere in the world!"


"Well, it's not like I have much choice, do I? Better this than to go back into the slums and get raped by some Equestrian."


They look schocked.
"Anywhere in the world…"
"Oh my how will we find it…"
One turns to you.
"Where there any of those crystals down here?"


Blink a few times.
"My, there was more here to this? Why didn't you tell me?!"


He snorts.
"My training is a privilige.
It is hard and only one who is fully devoted to the goal will succeed.
Ambrosia, if you don't want this, I can just tell our benefactor you're willing to become a common thug. I'm sure he'd be more than glad to put you to work that way."

"We weren't sure…but we theorized the other civilisation with the runes broke down part of this structure to make room for theirs.
Maybe they used part of this to make their temple…"


"Well now, those might very well be the answer to our riddle!"


They start walking back.
"But if it used to be in the temple…"
"Then those damn mages must have gotten hold of it…"
"It must be with one of them…"
"What does it look like?"


"How would I k-"
"Give me a few days, I will try to find out.
Trace an image from that small pedestal we saw."


"Everypony needs a reason to fight. Without that, I'll fail. So why should I fight for strangers in a strange land in a strange future? Give me reason, and I'll follow you."


"One of us will come with you though."
"For protection."
"Slow Shell."
The hooded figure who is your "friend" walks with you "Just like old times, eh buddy?"

"Because your homeland is gone. Not Trotantium, but the Trotantium you knew.
It is so far beyond your reach and you will never be able to regain it."
He walks over to you and puts his hoof on your shoulder.
"I have lost my home as well, yet I know I can barely imagine what your loss must feel like.
It is at times like these, we have to reforge a new future, a new home for ourselves.
If we simply let ourselves drift with the wind and let others choose for us, we'll be homeless forever.
If we take our fate into our own hooves, if choose our future and work towards it, we can build ourselves a new home."
He puts his hoof off your shoulder.
"Ambrosia, be my apprentice or be something else, I do not care what you choose. But do it because you choose to do it. Take your fate into your own hooves."


Pat him on the back.
"Of course Shell. Wouldn't want it any other way!"
"So, what do you know about these crystals?"


I eye him suspiciously.
"What do you mean, 'gone'? … Are you saying what I think you're saying?"


Slow Shell is now your companion, not pet or minion. The difference is that they might not be as loyal at times, but he'll fight for you for now.

Name: Slow Shell
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Knight
Skills: Protect(2); Grapple(1); Expansive(1); Cautious Strike(2); Quake(2)
Talent: +2 to Cautious Strike
H/W: 6/6
Weapons: Greatsword.

"I mean your home is gone.
Trotantium isn't. It's still there.
So is Constantinople.
But it takes more than a name to make a home.
After 300 years, what would even remain to remind you of the city of old.
The palace..maybe? Even that will look different. The places you knew, went to drink, where you grew up…those will all have been changed beyond recognition."


"They must be out there. Let's start by searching the shops."


Oh my, he looks so strong~
"Very well! I will stay here a few minutes longer, try and understand this thing."
Go back to examining the monolith, but actually focus on my vision.
What did the crystals look like?


They were blue. Not quite big, shaped like cubes.
It all depends on what the mages thought of them.
If they seemed like interesting study material it might have become part of some research or be sold in one of the shops.
If it wasn't, well one might be wearing it as jewelry.


I snort.
"So a shithole like Vilitus endures while the empire got fucked, huh? Figures."
I shrug a little.
"Never meant too much to me anyway. Most of the friends I had there were dead before I turned to rock. And the few ponies who I thought were my friends apparently didn't care enough to haul my sorry ass out of a river."
I prod his chest with a hoof.
"So fine. I'll fight for you. Maybe I'll have some purpose or meaning in this world at last."


"Say, how long ago was this place discovered anyway?"


"The Empire went through hard times…
But it endures, you should maybe check out some history books.
And if you truly want to become my apprentice, meet me within one hour back at the house.
You're dismissed until then.
Do as you please."

"Only 5 years ago..but we've got a good chance t least one of those things is still in the Arachnia district.
After all, not much leaves Vilitus. Either you die, or you get rich and stay to become richer."


… Get off this tower if I haven't already. Let's check the city.


"Just the perfect mix, no?"

Look into Shell's mind, search for a family, friends…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Both figures disappear in a flash.
You're still on top of the roofs.
All roofs are secured against falls in the Feline District. But you might want to get off when entering any other since you don't want to fall down here…
From your vantage point you can see the Feline District doesn't hold much interesting at first glance, you saw a few shops, maybe selling stealthy equipment and a few ponies, but it seems deserted overall.
….of course, that might just mean all of them are very well hidden.

You can see the Vulture District, the place with all the markets, entertainment and who knows what else.
You can also see the Leviathan District, where there is a curious gorge running through the city. The biggest tower in town rises from the middle of that gorge. It seems remarkable…hive-like. A straight spire with doors everywhere. A few pegasi seem to patrol the top.
Lastly you see the Aurora district, where all the mansions and gardens were.

He seems to be from Prance. Growing up in a vineyard there, he left when his mother died and his father became a worthless drunk.
He met the other hooded guys and went journeying together.
You note they wear hoods because they think it makes them look more threatening in a city like this.
"It makes for a fascinating town."


"One day my friend, one day you will take over this town.
And I will be happy with just a little cut of the pie."

Tap the monolith once more.

"I think there's little more I will be able to find from this old thing. We should leave."


A lot to explore and only little time.
The Vulture district seems nice though. But the Feline district… maybe I can see if my other skills are still up to par there.


And there are many more districts not even in your sight, my little pony.
Which skills were you interested in testing?

He grins dreamily.
"That's right. But don't worry, I won't forget about you, old friend. Let's get back to the surface."
And so you're back at the surface.

It's late in the afternoon. Close to the evening.


A little bit of pickpocket. Perhaps some lockpicking. Or maybe even mug a pony for the thrill of it.


You figure that might be better to do in the vulture district instead of the Feline District where there are a lot of thieves, assassins and other experts at stealth.
Maybe you should ask Whisper or your hooded friend later though. There's obviously more to the Feline District than apparent at first glance.


"Which shops do we start from?"


"Maybe we should look for those selling antiques? The stuff they find in those ruins is antique…maybe they remember something like it."


True. But more people means it's harder to mug or steal.
I suppose I can look for an easy target in the vulture disctrict though.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Make way my friend! Make way!"


You're still a bit unused to the city's layout. But you manage to spot a pony carrying a serious purse walking alone through an alley.
He does have a sword though, you'll have to get it right.

Searching '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


The first few shops don't give much results.



Roll #1 8 = 8


Meh. I'm not looking for a big score of money. I'm feeling too sluggish to take risks yet. Keep looking.

Roll #1 2 = 2


The third shop bites.
The shopkeeper had one of those but he sold it to a mage living in the Arachnia District.
Firethorn was her name.

Many people everywhere.
You could just do the old bump into someone and pickpocket it routine.


Pausing soon.


I suppose I could try that first, yes. Just to see if my brain hasn't turned into stone either.
Bump into somepony and try to pick something small off of them.
Sleight of hoof.

Roll #1 7 = 7


But I killed her Haven't I heard that one already.
Do we have her address?


"Oh, excuse me."
And before he knows it, you're off with some bits.
Grab yourself a cool drink with it as a reward.
It's hot.

You don't but after some asking you figure out her home is nearby.
When you knock there isn't any answer however.


That's good. At least I can still get some money if worst comes to worst and things don't work out.
Get a drink and observe the crowd.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Look at Shell.
"Go around and see if there's anypony home."


You get yourself a cool drink. One with a straw and a parasol.
As you walk away happily looking at the drink you bump into somepony, spilling the drink all over him!
"HEY, you ruined my new suit!"
The pony looks angrily at you.

"Okay boss." '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


He's gone and returns after a while.
"Can't see anything through the windows."


Can I feel anypony's mind inside the house?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I snarl at him.
"Watch where you walk! You spilled my new drink!"


Oh great, just go away, how much longer do I have to hide behind this couch, I hate visitors. One day I'll move to somewhere else. Just go away, stupids, just go away.

"You'll pay up for that suit, missy."
A crowd is forming.
"10 bits on the cutie!"
"15 on the stallion."


What a pickle.
What does she like?

Roll #1 8 = 8


I glower at him.
"How about I redecorate it with your blood instead? I'll make a nice pattern out of it, just for you. Now fuck off, I've got other things to do aside from listening to some mewling cunt bawl his eyes out about his pretty little suit being ruined."


She likes peace and quiet.
She also likes magical artifacts and researchers, arcane, holy or infernal. As long as they're polite and too the point, and praise her intellect.
And she also likes being spanked and calling stallions daddy.

He tries to hit you '1d10-1'

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


"Miss Firethorn?
We are here for an important archeological research that could reshape the world as we know it!
Please, you are our only lead!"


"Oh for fuck's sake."
Try to duck under his blow and swoop his hooves from under him.

Roll #1 7 = 7


After about 10 seconds, the door slowly opens.
And a mare pokes out her head.
"Sorry, I must noth have heard you earlier.
You're looking for help on a project?"

You sweep him off his hooves, making him fall down and he runs of embarrassed.
That'll teach him.
And what luck, you've still got enough bits for another drink.
Enjoy it.



"Oh yes, something of extreme importance!"


She looks at you suspiciously.
"And it concerns what exactly?"


Get another drink and move on, just in case he comes back with help.
Can my eye spy another target?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"But why, the future of all ponykind, of course!"
Slip inside.
"But the question is, can we trust you with such information?"


You spot a drunk stallion waggling through the crowd into a nearby alley.
He should be an easy target and from his clothing, you can guess he's got dough.

Slow Shell tries to get in as well.
Firethorn snorts.
"You've come to me, so I'm sure you need my expertise. So explain yourselves or leave, I'm a busy mare."


Try to spot the crystal.
"It's about magic crystals, you see.
Old magic crystals that have been thought almost worthless!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Follow suit. Tiptoe behind him and wait for a good opportunity to strike. I guess I could just use Sleep serum here, but that's no fun.

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's on the chimney, next to a few other different crystal.
The blue color and shape and color are unmistakeable.


When he suddenly falls down, you run over catching him and helping him up.
"Oh…thanksh, yung ladiee…" He leans against a wall "I'm…not usually…like thiz."
He doesn't even notice you very sneakily took his purse while you were helping him up.


Oh, well that was easy. Don't even need to mug him!
I smirk.
"I hope not. You're drunk as shit."
Anything else of value he's carrying?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well this is about all we know!
And so we came to an expert of your fame, to help us solve this mistery!"


"Ah've had a rough time…sahling for weekz. Thiz is muh free time on shore…so I've got to celbrate"
He waves his hoof in the air with a smile before losing his balance and leaning against the wall again.
You notice he's wearing a nice looking bracelet.

Firethorn stares at you with squinted eyes for an uncomfortably long time.
"I've heard colts straight out of mage college make better sale pitches than that.
What's your names anyway?"


"Sven, Murky Sven. And truth be told, we do know something. We know that one of these gems might be in your possession."


Hmmm… eh. I'll pass. Let this guy be drunk in peace. I can relate.
Besides, I got his coin already. Let's not get greedy here.
"Right. Well you have fun with that. Try to be careful in these alleyways."
Turn around and trot off. Guess mugging will have to happen some other time. Let's go find the house of that dude again.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Aha…now we get to the true reason you're here.
You wish to acquire said gem from me, I take it.
Which one is it? And what are you offering in return?"

"…wanna hang out?.." you hear behind you as trot away.
You find the home again in the feline district.
The door is slightly open.

The Sun is setting.


Barge in.
"Honey, I'm hoooome!"


Lean closer with a smirk.
"Well, in exchange for it…
I could show you a great time."

Roll #1 9 = 9


There's nopony here. It seems empty and dark.
You walk around when suddenly a voice from behind you says.
"You're right on time."

Her eyes glaze over.
"…that sounds…lovely.."
Slow Shell looks amazed.


I smirk, but don't turn around.
"For a romantic dinner?"


Motion Shell towards the gem.
"I will be back at the inn tonight, mh?"


The pony walks next to you.
It's Whisper.
"Something like that.
The Master always has a small ceremony to initiate new members. "

Her eyes turn normal again…
"Huh…what happened…wait…no, I can't just give that to you."
She looks flustered.
Let's see if Shell got that gem already. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


About to grab it, you don't have it yet.


"A lot of gangs back home did. Lay it on me."


Keep her busy.
"Oh but you wouldn't just be giving it to us, little thing."
Caress her mane.
"You'd be our accomplice, our greatest companion in crime…"


He nods and points to a set of stairs down you hadn't noticed before.
"Down there. It's not too long. You won't be attacked by shadowy figures this time."
He smirks.

She bites her lip as you look into her eyes.
But then pushes you away from her and starts fidgeting with her mane.
"I have no intrest in that. If you want it, I want something in return…it's something small. Something somepony stole from me.
Since you've got such a way with words, I'm sure you can convince him to give it back…"
Let's see what Shell does '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


He's definately slow, he keeps looking at firethorn and you instead of grabbing that jewel.
You'll need better henchponies once you're ruler of this town."


"Well anything for such a lovely mare."
Sit somewhere comfy and give her a languid look.
"If it can help bring some sunshine on your face, I'd gladly help.
After all, what are friends for!"


"I bet there's going to be plenty of other fun stuff to keep me occupied though."
I snort and walk over to the stairs. Head down.


She doesn't do anything to stop you sitting down in her home.
"It's a pendant…an earth pony named Blighted Ground took it from me. If you bring it back for me, I'd be…very grateful~
He lives at the Nocturnal Square."
Slow Shell walks back over to you.

You see the hooded pony standing at the end of the room, 2 candles next to boths sides of him are the only light here.
"You've come, initiate.
Have you made your decision?"


"The gratefulness of such a lovely mare…"
Stand up and take her hoof, kiss it and back away.
Okay, scan her mind.
What's the real value of that pendant?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yes. I'll take this opportunity."


The blue one or the one you're retrieving for her?

"Very well. Then trot forward into the light."


Do so.
Stay frosty though…

Roll #1 7 = 7


The one I'm retryiving, I know full well the value of the blue one.


You trot forward to near the hooded pony, standing at the edge of the lighted circle.

"Ambrosia, you've come to us carrying with you, the burdens of your life.
Your fears, your worries, your memories,…
And ask us to train you.
To make you one with the shadows.
However…one cannot embark on this path carrying all those burdens.
To become one with the shadows you must be free from the past and the future.
Therefore the only way to embark on it, is to become another pony entirely."
He hoofs you a black suit with hood and motions you to put it on over your regular clothes.

It is a pendant belonging to her.
Apparently it aids her to raise multiple minions at once, as opposed to the regular raising one at a time.
It is of considerable value, but you knew that if she knew the true value of the blue gem, she'd know she's making a bad deal.


I just nod silently and take the clothes, then put them on.


This is going to be slightly more dangerous than I imagined.
"We will be back soon my dear~"
Stand up and steal a kiss on her cheek.
Motion to Shell we are leaving.


They fit you perfectly, while still offering freedom of movement.
You notice several bands for daggers, a few poaches for your serum, and whatever else you need.

"This uniform signifies your desire to enter the shadows.
May it hide you until the day you become one with them and are able to hide in the brightest daylight.
You shall wear these any time you're on a mission for us, or training with me or Whisper.
Take care of them always, as they are the bridge between you and your goal."

He then takes out 2 daggers out of a finely decorated box and hoofs them to you.

She swoons.
Nice mind-rape there, casanova.
Wehn you've left, Shell whistles.
"I didn't know you were such a mares' man, Sven."


Take them.
"… Thanks."


But she swooned, that means she liked it.
Never seen old movies? The girl always resists at first, but then melts in the kiss.
And the heroes smoke a lot.
"It's all about believing you are one, Shell.
Sure we wouldn't have had to go after some crappy pendant if you had a slightly quicker hoof."


"These blades shall become as familiar to you as your own hooves.
They have never drawn blood yet.
Just like you, they're new to the path.
And as you become stronger, so will they.
These are your main tools to help you on the path.
You will use them only when you're on a mission or training.
The blood of any lesser prey is unworthy for these blades."

He then motions you to bow your head.

He looks down.
"Yes, I wasn't quite sure…if it was a good idea when she started talking about that pendant.. She's a mage after all, what if she pulled some hex on us?"


"What, you scared of mages?
And I'm quite sure she's a necromancer, not a mage."

Where were we supposed to go anyway?


I nod slowly as he speaks and bow my head.


The Nocturnal square, the one enchanted to be eternally night.
It's getting night for real though.
Maybe a good time to get some sleepsies and get that amulet tomorrow?
"Mages are creepy. And necromancers even more. What makes you thinks she's one of those?"

You now wear a uniform befitting one about to enter the shadows.
You carry the tools necessary to reach any goal.
Yet, you still carry the burdens of life.
To truly enter, you must become another pony, one fit to wear this uniform and carry these tools.
From this moment forth, whenever you are with us, you will no longer be Ambrosia, filled with doubts.
As you come to us, from the past, frozen in time, your new name shall be Echo, initiate in the Shadow Arts."
He pauses.
"And I shall be your Master."
He now bows himself.


"Some of the jewels she kept.
I've seen them used on burial grounds.
Why would she have those otherwise?"
Night, uh?
"It's getting real late. Shouldn't we go back?"


Echo… I guess it has a nice ring to it.
"… I'll do my very best to use this new chance. Hopefully this life wont be as filled with bad luck as my last one."


He shudders.
"I'm glad she likes you then. Otherwise she might turn us into zombies or something."
He looks up. "Yeah…back to the inn or did you have another place in mind?"

If you'd rather have another one I can retcon it. It's just your codename though.
He nods.
"Then, Echo, you may now leave. I expect you at the first rays of sunlight on top of this building, dressed and ready to begin your training. Whisper shall show you to your quarters assigned to you."


It's fine.
I nod.
"Understood. Thanks."
Take my leave. Bag the daggers.


"Hey I told you, I'm new to town.
Let's go."
Start making our way back to the inn.


You leave the room.
Whisper is waiting where you left him.
"So…Echo, is it? That wasn't so bad was it?"

You both return to the inn and you get a room without fleas for yourself.
It's still not much to look at but as you look outside the window at the lights of the city and in the horizon, the mysterious Ghostlights ot the Changeling towers in the desert, you just know, that good times are coming soon.


I will wait for the others to fall asleep before standing up and going back in the main hall of the inn.


I shake my head.
"Not at all. I even got a set of daggers from it."


You are there sneaky bastard.
It is mostly empty, except a guard in one of the corners, who's drowsily reading a book.

"They're quite good. Take good care of them.
Now, I'd love to get acqainted some more, but you've got a busy day ahead of you. Let me show you to your quarters."
He guides you through some corridors to a corridor with a number of doors.
He unlocks one and hoofs you the key.
It is a simple small room, with a comfy bed, a desk with a chair and some books on it.
There's an open window with a beautiful view of the Feline District. You could jump out of here to the roofs immediately.
"Be sure to close that tight every time you leave. This district is full of thieves and assassins like us and just as skilled or more then us.
If you leave your room open, it will be considered your own fault if something goes missing.
I've also taken the liberty of arranging a light meal for you before you go to sleep."
There's a bowl of salad on the desk.


Mindscan him. What's he up to? What's he reading?

Roll #1 8 = 8


I smirk.
"My favorite, how did you guess?"
Walk over and take a bite.
"So, we're some kind of partners now? Or am I too green for that stuff?"


Celestia, I hate this job…oooh, check out the legs on that one.
It seems that while the cover of the book says
"War and Peace", inside it, hidden from view he's actuall checking out the latest issue of "Big Flanks"

"Not exactly. We work alone mostly. But I shall instruct you in addition to the teachings of the Master himself.
And should you have any issues you wouldn't want to disturb the Master with, you can direct them to me."

for now, I can run later tonight some more, if you guys want.


I fake a pout.
"What a shame, bet it would have been fun together."


Man can I understand him.
Just cause, do check the legs on that one.

Roll #1 9 = 9


And by check the legs, I mean check the mind for how to better seduce her.

Roll #1 10 = 10


He trots over closer.
"Oh but I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together~"

There's quite an attractive stallion walking down the stairs.
Oh this heat is just dreadful. Can't sleep, can't get some fresh air because who knows what might happen at night.
Seems like she'd like someone to talk to right now.
She likes a stallion who takes charge.


I snort and softly push him away.
"Don't get too confident there. I want to see what you're really made of first."
Sit back slightly.
"Why don't you show me around town, huh? I bet you know all the interesting spots."


Slip down by her with a fresh drink and a grin.
"Allow me."



He smirks
"Soon, apprentice.
And don't be too presumptuous, when I was saying we were going to have fun, I was talking about your lessons in travelling across roofs.
Judging by your performance today, we're going to have lots of fun~"
He walks away.
"Get some rest."
He leaves you in your room.

"Oh, finally a gentlecolt in this dreadful place."
She takes it with a smile.


"I rested for three hundred years! I want to see how the world changed!"
I roll my eyes
"Fine. No fun allowed. I'll just crash then."
Take off that suit and jump on bed.


"Someone has to do something, no?
And in such a hot night, there is ill will to sleep, am I right?"


He's long gone girl.
You carefully put your uniform away and snuggle into your comfortable bed.

Roll for dream quality.

"I know, it's just absolutely dreadful. In this town it's hard to do something as simple as getting one's beauty sleep."
She moves a bit closer and smiles mischiveous.
"And it is so unbecoming for a lady to go out at night alone, even if it is to get some fresh air."
She touches your front leg.


What an ass.
Dreams might be good though.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Wouldn't want you to get into any trouble.
Fear not, I will protect you.
Shall we?"
Take her hoof into mine and nod towards the door.


You fall asleep pretty fast despite the heat.
But after what seems to be a way too short time…
You jump awake.
There's Whisper, with a bell, at the edge of your bed with a grin.
"Rise and shine, time to begin training."

She takes it and you both take a small walk around the block.
Not too many ponies out now, you don't seem to sense trouble.
"Oh thank you, mister…."


Jump up.
"Did you really need a goddamned bell to wake me up?"


"Sven Murlesqué de Tresemportant.
But a beautiful mare like yourself can call me Sven, lady…"


"Not if you woke up bright and early by yourself. Of course, if you don't like it, I could just use a bucket of water next time." he thows you your uniform.
"On top of the roof, in uniform, ready, within 10 minutes. We'll do some morning gymnastics before breakfast."
He walks out.

"Lady Valentine, from Tall Tale, in Equestria.
Oh my, you're from Prance?"


I wipe my eyes.
"Should have just stayed on the bottom of that river."
Splash some water on my face, get dressed and head up to the roof.


And for all my travels around the world, I've seen few places more beautiful that my homeland.
But I can almost forget it all, when there's such a beauty near me."


You find him up there.
"Tsk, tsk. 11 minutes. We'll have to be extra quick to catch that up.
Follow me."
Whisper starts running, flawlessly jumping a few boxes to climb a higher roof, without losing speed he then jumps across a few planks to reach another roof.
He waits for you there.

She puts her head on your shoulder.
"You must have such an exciting life…"


Oh boy, I sure can't wait to see how close I get to breaking my neck today.
Follow suit without hesitation though.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Every day and night.
It's all about what we make of our time.
Just like tonight."
Keep walking straight, head up high.


What was that about breaking your neck?
Knowing that you can fall without too much damage encourages you to take some risks.
With success, you focus merely on your goal, allowing your instincts to carry you there. Your legs almost make the correct jumps and grabs on your own.
When you're on the same roof, you look back, a tiny bit surprised at yourself.
Whisper nods.
"Fast learner."

She softly rubs your arm.
"Talking with somepony as interesting as you seems a fine way to spend my time…"


"What am I doing, stealing the scene like that.
Tell me about yourself, Lady Valentine of Tell Tale."


"All you have to do is imagine someone is chasing you down and you need to move quickly. It works as a great motivator."


She sighs.
"Oh just another bored noble mare, looking for some excitement. Alas, here in Vilitus I've seen only the wrong kind of excitement….that is up till now…"

"Let's see how you keep that up then."
He jumps off the roof, to another lower one, rolling to catch the fall Without even breaking a sweat he jumps up the next climbing using grips near the windows and bricks.
He waits at the top.


Oh fuck me…
Try to mimic what he just did as quickly as possible.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Takes a special kind of mare to even dare to brave this place.
But if you promise me to be good, one of these days, I shall show you excitement.
Sadly, I'm as new as you are, if not even more, to town."


You manage to do that fairly well.
Sure you didn't do it as fast as last time, and you had a tiny bit trouble with the last climb, but you didn't fall nor hurt yourself.
Whisper nods again and together you spent the next 30 minutes jumping from roof to roof.
Aside from one tiny misstep towards the end, but you managed to grab on at the last second, that went pretty well.
"You're a fast learner, Echo. Good, you need to be in this business."
He says as you both rest on a higher platform.
"I suppose you're hungry now?"

She grabs you more tightly.
"Why wait? Didn't you say we should make the most of our time?~"


Put her back into her place.
"There is a time and place for everything. And this walk is not it.
Contain yourself, mare!"
Lean closer and whisper.
"The reward will soon come."


"A little. I've learned to move on on an empty stomach though, so I wont cry if we continue."


She looks surprised and unsure what to do for a few seconds.
But then grips you a bit more tightly.
"I can wait~"

"Jumping is going far better than expected.
Why don't you get both of us some breakfast.
Look over there."
He points to a stallion way down in the alleys of the district. He seems to be setting up his stall. And is rummaging through crates.
He's got his back turned to some delicious fruits.
"Why don't you get that for us? Without being seen that is, can't make it too easy."

Stealth unlocked.


"On it."
Jump down and try to go into hiding.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lets finish our walk around town and go back to the inn.
"Now, if only we could do this again in the light of day.
A stallion could make all his friends jealous."


You keep to the shadows, slowly, patiently and most importantly, without a sound. You quickly grab some apples, bananas and a few mangos from the stall and quickly climb back up.
Whisper nods as you throw him an apple.
"Nice, Echo. I don't think you even realize how nice."
He whistles down and the stallion waves as whisper throws a small bag of money down.
"Here in the Feline district there are not too many merchants and with those we have we have an agreement, they go easy on any apprentices getting caught while practicing their skills and in return we pay them a little extra if they get caught.
These guys know how to spot thieves, Echo. So very good getting by him."

She looks down for a second.
"Uh…I'm afraid I've got plans tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow night instead?"


"Oh stop, you'll make me blush."
I snort and chow down on an apple.
"So tell me about this city. All I've heard is bad things."


"Tomorrow night?"
"That will not do. But I'm sure it is fate that brought us together tonight, my dear.
And I sure as hell am not letting fate slip away from my hooves."
Lean in on her, inches from her face, and after a single, long second, kiss her.


He eats his mango calmly.
"Every city has his good and bad parts, it's just that in J'rac you have to look a bit harder to find the good parts. Do you have anything specific you want to know about, talking just about this city can take days."


Roll #1 4 = 4


Meh, could be better. Luckily you're a master wordsmith.


"First of all, who are you and what is it this… group does?"


This mare ain't worth her weight in words.
And to her room we went.
Lets tap into the flames of this night and then sleep.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm Whisper and you're Echo.
We're both assassins in service of the Master, who is in service of our benefactors, you know his name, but we won't mention it here.
We're killers and spies for hire."

"Let's go to your room" she whispers.
Nigga you're loaded, you can easily rent another room away from your hooded friends if you want to.


Eh, sure.
One room is not gonna kill me.


You have a wonderful night with this beautiful mare and her skilled hooves.
When you wake up in the late morning, she's gone though…

Welcome to Day 2.
You're on the same time as your unknown friend.


I just nod.
"Alright, so that's really all there is to it?"


He nods.
"That's all. I suppose you're wondering, why the ceremony, why the training, when we're actually just hired goons.
The reason is very simple, to be a succesfull hired goon in J'rac takes a lot more than in other cities.
The Master can explain the precise reasons better though. I believe that should be the topic of your discussion when you talk to him this afternoon."


Alright, now that I warmed up it's time to go chase down this pendant.
Let's find Shell.


"Alright. I think I'll do that."


He's still sleeping, snoring in fact.

"Good, let's keep the conversation more about the city and less about our activities then. Anything else you'd like to know?"
Feline District?
Vulture District?
Leviathan District?


"Give me a break…"
Wake him up with a little shove.


"What's up with the towers in that one district?"


He falls out of bed with a little yell.
He shakes himself and gets up.
"Oh, morning Sven. I guess I overslept a bit."

"The Leviathan District? Ah that one has a long history. Do you see that gorge over there?"
He points to a gorge you saw earlier running straight through the city. The biggest towers are planted in that gorge.
"That gorge is the almost literal lifeblood of the city. The Leviathan District consisting of the harbor, the gorge called the Mouth and the towers within it are the oldest structures of the city. Originally built by the Changelings, to ship them faster from the port to the desert and from there over the Road of Tears to the Vilitus Oasis.
Nowadays it still serves that purpose but the Changelings merely oversee it, it is run by ponies. The towers were repurposed for equines but they still keep that original changeling architecture."


I just stare at them.
"Are you fucking kidding me? Changelings?"


"Tsk, this is gonna get us nowhere.
We should already be on the tracks of the pendant!"


"I thought you knew about part of Vilitus. J'rac wouldn't be here without the Changelings."
He points over to the desert, where you see a single road leading into the desert with numerous ponies on it, next to it lies a pipeline.
You can't see the exact end of the road, but you do see similar towers to the end of it in the horizon and even from here there seem to be a large cloud of something flying around them…changelings.
"The Vilitus Oasis is the only permanent base the Changelings have on the globe. It has proven to unassailable and believe me, Equestria and Saddle-Arabia did their best.
It is ruled by 3 Queens, the Triumvirate it is called, for as long as anypony can remember.
I once read the Changelings were already here when the Alicorn Sisters ascended to the Throne of Equestria."

He frowns.
"Shouldn't we get breakfast first?"


"You mean you haven't already?"


I roll my eyes.
"Oh for fuck's sake. Goddamn Equestrians can't even clear out a bunch of bugs. Figures. Those fuckers better not get near me, I can't stand the little shits."


"I…uh…I'll grab something on the way."
He scrambles to get his weapon.
"Let's go then."

"You usually won't see them outside of the Leviathan District where their main intrests lay…usually. But the Master will surely tell you more about that, as it ties into your earlier question.
You'll almost certainly run into them at one point or another, but don't bother too much with them. We are not of great importance to them"


"Say, have you seen any mare sleeping at the inn?"
Yeah, let's grab something, maybe a donut.
And be on our way.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I lean in and speak in a low voice.
"Just to make this clear. I'm not working together with fucking bugs. I don't want them near me, I don't want to see their ugly mugs, nor do I want their fucked up little mind magic trickery be used on me."


"….Don't think so."
Nor do you see her in the dinner hall, where you grab a donut and you're on your way to the Nocturnal Plaza.

Go there immediately or RP?

"And we don't work for them, we work for our benefactor, who I can assure you is not a changeling."


"That's good."
I snort.
"Equestria. How are those two alicorn princesses doing anyway?"


Go immediatly, I have this under control.


He takes another bite of a Mango.
"Not too good. Civil war has broken out between them and somepony called Nightmare Moon.
But I haven't heard too much about it, except that it's bad."

It is strange approaching the Plaza, there is a pitch black shadow hanging over it, yet without any natural cause. As you step into it, it is immediately much colder.
You see some bushes and trees almost completely wasted away after going so long without light.
There are a number of laterns though and you can see fairly fine.
The square itself is not that populated. There are a few cloaked mages selling their wares in the middle.
There are lights burning in most dark houses at the square.
Slow Shell seems uncomfortable.


"So much for their 'godly' powers."


"Why the hate for Equestria if I may ask? I thought you trotantines had beef with zebras mostly."


"Stay on your toes, my friend."
How was the guy called, again?


I chuckle.
"Look at Canterlot. Which type of pony has the biggest presence there?"


Blighted Ground.
"Right, I'll keep my eyes open."

"…Unicorns? Ah, now I understand, Trotantium is an earth pony nation if I recall correctly."


Do I have any idea of where he should be? Did Firethorn say anything?


I nod.
"More than half of the population are earth ponies… I think. That was centuries ago though, so god knows what happened in the meantime. So yeah, there's some rivalry with the Equestrians seeing how they seem to think that they're the one 'true' pony nation ruled by 'pony goddesses'."


He should live somewhere at or near this square.
Maybe one of the homes.
You could ask around or mindprobe around.
Or better, have Slow Shell ask around while you mindprobe around.

He nods.
"I've heard Trotantium had some trade agreements with Equestria, but I didn't know that was the prevailing sentiment towards them.
A propos, as you've been gone for a long time, I don't think you've heard of a new Empire that appeared to the north? Right between Equestria and the Griffon Kingdom, the Crystal Empire they call it."


I don't want to alert ponies.
Get into a shop.
"Hello there."
Mindprobe the shopkeeper to see if he knows this pony.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The old stallion smoking a pipe nods.
"What's your pleasure? We've got all sorts of bargains."
Blighted Ground….living only 3 houses from here….he's a frequent customer here….often buys ingredients for alchemy…spends a lot of time in the graveyard of the Skull district.


"Have any holy water?"


"What? Crystal empire? Sounds shiny."


He cocks an eyebrow and grabs a double-barrel gun and motions to the door.
"You better walk back to your fancy Luna, boy. We don't take kindly to your kind around this neighbourhood."

"It's supposed to be. I've heard the inhabitants of it shine like crystal, Crystal Ponies they call 'em. Haven't seen one myself and I thought it was bogus. But word on the street is a crystal pony arrived in the harbor yesterday and he really sparkled."


"Well fuck me."
I grin.
"I bet they must be worth a lot of coin if they're really made of crystal."


Giggle a bit.
"Relax, I'm joking.
I'm actually looking for something extremely dangerous, but had to be sure, you know."
Lean closer.
"I need a way to talk with the long dead, and unfortunately, I'm not versed in necromancy myself."


"I sure wonder what they look like.
But enough chit-chat, we've rested more than enough. Time for more excercise. Follow me."
He starts climbing again.

"What about your friend here." He points to Slow Shell.
"Luna worshippers are some of lowest, most spineless scum I've ever seen on the world, you look like on of them."
Slow Shell appropriate response '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


With a newfound courage he says."
"For all I care, you can stick that double-barrel up your flank, I'm not scared of you. Seems like you're the Luna worshipper around here."
He gulps as the shopkeeper stares him down for a few seconds, and then the shopkeeper laughs.
"you kids are allright."


"Why of course we are! But are you the pony we look for?"


Get up and follow him.

Roll #1 2 = 2


This part is quite more difficult and you have trouble keeping up, falling in the tapestries a few times. Eventually you catch up.
He doesn't comment and points towards a pony walking down there.
"Let me tell you about a game we have in the Feline District. Check your pockets."

He puts the gun away.
"I can't help ya sirs.
But there are a few necromancers nearby who can help. Blighted Ground is the first I can think of…"


"Sounds good to me.
Where does he live?"


Check my pockets?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"A few houses down, but he spends a lot of time in the graveyard in the Skull district."

You rummage through your pockets, see there is your purse of coins, completely saf….waiiit what's this?
In addition to your intact purse you find a number of small elaborate papers in your pockets. A lot in different colors, with an emblem on them. Some you have double, others triple.
Whisper grins. "And your purse is still intact? Must have been the good ones who did it then, only apprentices don't have enough money that they have to steal from other apprentices."


"Tell me, is he worth his price?"


What kind of emblems?
"I sure didn't feel a damned thing!"


"He definately is, I know him very well. We have a few cheaper ones too. Let me think of their names again…"
He scratches his head.

Some show a wheel, others a griffon, others a crow.
"In the Feline District we have a game, to keep ourselves alert and test our skills, we occasionally try to slip our group emblem into the pockets of another assassin or thief living here. Call it friendly competition.
I saw a few of them putting a note in your pocket while you were climbing up, I didn't want to say anything, it would ruin the game, besides they didn't steal anything that I saw.
You didn't see them because you're still to unused to the art of stealth to notice the master thieves we have around here. Look to that tower for example, can you see it?"
Roll to spot.


"It won't be needed. Thank you very much for the help."
Give him some money.
"If anypony asks, we were never here."


>unused to the art of stealth

>senses aren't fully trained

is better

Pause soon.



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Haven't had any customers all day."
He sits back down to take nap.

You focus long and hard on the tower.
And then you catch a glimpse of a shadow climbing the tower at amazing speed before vanishing again.
"That's how stealthy you will be one day soon. The feline district might seem empty to you, and there aren't too many ponies here, but most of those who are move through the shadows, always hidden. I notice them most of the time, with you this will come in time as well."
He points again to the pony walking down there.
"That's an apprentice to another group in the feline district."
He hands you a black paper with 2 white daggers on it.
"Time for you to have some payback don't you think?" he grins.


The second one is for Ambrosia.


I smirk.
"I think so."
Take the paper and hop down, into stealth.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Get out of here. Move closer to Shell.
"Now, we need real holy water.
Know where to find it?


You slowly crawl down.
You suddenly feel a breeze besides you, weird..
Oh shit, another fucking paper in your pocket.
Get more stealthy.
The apprentice hasn't noticed you yet.

"There's a shrine to Her Highness Princess Luna in the Scarab district, I'm sure they'll have some holy water for us to peruse. We might need large quantities if that heretic is any indication."



"Plenty. I don't want to come short when it comes to abominations."


You are still at the bar.
Having spent the first day mostly getting your affairs in order. You get ponies staring at you everywhere.
A crystal pony must not be a common sight here.

During breakfast on the second day a letter arrives for you by messenger.


"I wasn't expecting something like this so soon after arriving."

Thank the messenger, we mustn't forget our manners, and open it up.


Dear Mister Hokkaido,

Your arrival in Gavah J'rac has not gone unnoticed.
We would like to invite you to lunch at the "Salad d'Or" in the Snake District to discuss certain matters that would be of benefit to you.

Mr. Diamond
Member of the Council of Gavah J'rac


"MISTER! How DARE they confuse my perfect appeareance with that of a common male?! They will rue this day!"

Take a breath.

"But, I can't squander this opportunity, and we didn't exactly come in the greatest of clothing available. Perhaps I will chalk it up to my beauty being si stunning that it confused the poor lads. Yes, that will do. I was so beautiful that I completely left his mind blank except for the possibility of meeting me."

"A proper lady shouldn't keep an appointment waiting. But she also doesn't rush."

Let's find out where this restaurant is and see what we might get ourselves into.


You better get them back for that some day, girl.

You find it quite easily in the Snake district after asking for directions from the barkeep.
The Snake district is a lot more peaceful and quiet compared to the rowdy and dirty Vulture district.
You even see a few fillies out here playing on the street and a park, in this desert climate.

The Salad d'Or is a very fancy looking restaurant.
As you walk in, the maitre d', a stallion with a moustache and suit politely asks you to follow him to a table near the window.

There a white older looking stallion patiently waits for you. He gets up as you arrive, grasping your hoof and kissing it.
"Miss Hokkaido, you are even more enchanting than the rumors wanted me to believe. Please have a seat. How has your stay in our fair city been so far?"


"Aside from the occasional sandy wind requiring a little buffing out on my part, quite entertaining. Of course, it all pales in comparison to meeting you. I wasn't expecting to meet such a handsome stallion in such a place."


"I must warn you miss, I'm very susceptible to flattery."
He sits down as well. A waiter comes.
The older gentlepony orders some wine.
"Would you like some wine with the hors d'oeuvres as well?"


"Why, I'd love some. To be fair, a restaurant of such caliber was not in the brochure to Vilitus. Tell me, what kind of wines are offered here? I take it since many "reputable" shippers might choose to avoid this city, most of the wine is local?"


"It seems you were misinformed then, miss Hokkaido. It is true Vilitus has a less than stellar reputation but even here among all the rabble there are places of comfort and sophistication…for those among us with the resources to afford them.
The main business of Vilitus, the slave trade, brings a lot of money here, and those who come here spend a lot of money in the casinos, bars and other places as well."
He winks.
"And believe me, a lot of "reputable" shippers make a small detour here as well.
They know we pay very well for any luxuries and their tired crew will have a good time here.
I wager you'll find any possible luxury you could want somewhere in this city.
And to answer your question, we've got wines from all over the world but I'd recommend one of our few local wines. It is grown in the gardens of a good friend of mine and the generous amount of sun here gives it a unique flavour."


"To think such a city exists here in the desert. Is it a testament to the abilities of the Queens who rule it,"
Look at the stallion in the eye.
"or to the ponies who will it so? What say you, Mr. Diamond?"


"My dear, the only concern of the Queens is that the slave trade in the Leviathan district continues uninterrupted and that there are no threats to the Vilitus Oasis.
All the actual work is done by the Council."
Your wine arrives.
"To what shall we raise our glasses?"


"To the Queens, for making such a fruitful city, and to us, who will pick the fruit for our gain."


He nods "To us."
The hors d'oeuvres arrive.
"You're from the….Crystal…Empire, I believe they call it?"


"Yes. A dreadfully cold place with colder ponies. While I intend to return some day, it is the town of my birth, the farther off that day is, the better."

"My apologies, memories of that place are not pleasant to me. I may have put out to much regarding myself, so why don't you describe your upbringing, Mr. Diamond."


He frowns slightly.
"My apologies, I didn't wish to make you uncomfortable. There are just so many fascinating rumors I've heard about the new Empire, I couldn't help but ask.
As for me, I was born in Equestria and was moved here with my father who got into some trouble with the law.
Ever since, I slowly built my fortune through acquiring a few restaurants and casinos."


"I must praise you then, Mr. Diamond. It must have taken considerable effort, and here you are now."

"However, that does bring us to a very important crossing, namely why you asked for my presence so soon after I arrived. I'm aware that Crystal ponies as attractive as I are a rarity, but the question must be asked."


He takes another sip of his wine.
"Can a gentlepony not enjoy a few hours in such lovely company, just for the sake of it?"


"Certainly, dear. You can enjoy all the time in the world with me by your side, if you'll just indulge my desire. If the answer fancies me, you might find yourself enjoying more than simply looking upon my beauty."


He meets your eyes.
"And what would a lady like you desire?"


"Knowledge, my lovely. You must know that I am more than just a pretty pony, and I'd like to know what interest you have in mind for my particular set of skills. From there, we might find ourselves in something deeper than just the appreciation of one another's appearance."


He thinks for a few seconds, stirring his glass.
"I have heard you have some abilities, yes. Would you like to give me a demonstration perhaps?"


"Don't think so lightly of me, a lady has to keep some secrets,"

Ice Elementalist to freeze the wine [1d10]

"lest you feel what her coldness can do to your heart. However, I should let you know that.."

Stare off in the distance, pretending to notice something. "You wouldn't happen to be able to spare a small secret about Mister Diamond, would you?" 4th Eye [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 9 = 9


There appears an ice cube in the wine.

You don't even have to whisper, my lovely .
Just thinking will suffice, how many times do I have to tell you that?

As for Blood Diamond here, he's not here for your abilities, nor your beauty. Though you managed to impress him with both.
No, he merely needed to know what a Crystal Pony as yourself came to do here.
If you were going to cause trouble, wether or not you were here as a spy.
You seem to have put him at ease though and more…
This pony has lots of connections here. Befriending him could be the key to moving up to the higher circles in Vilitus, if you're up for it.


As for the secret, the name will suffice.
Blood Diamond never uses his full name here, but would it be wise to reveal yourself like that?


"Perhaps, we've gotten off on the wrong hoof, Mister Diamond. I came here of my own volition to seek many of the things a lady is deigned to seek, but I have no intention of usurping your hard work. You have ponies loyal to you, and I know that putting your confidence in me will lead to our mutual gain. Now, what would you recommend for the main course?"

A lady always has some secrets, and I will keep this one hidden for now. It will prove valuable later on, of that I have no doubt.


Whatever you want, sweetheart.

He nods.
"Yes…yes I see that now.
They serve an excellent pasta here. Let's enjoy that."
He orders some pasta.
"Now, miss Hokkaido, do you have plans for this afternoon?"





You better stealth up.


Well fuck me. Hide better then!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You grasp that new paper in your pocket in frustration and angrily throw it away.
A bit too wild as you lose your grip and you tumble down, landing on the street flat on your face.

Your target starts running.


Try to keep up with him stealthily!

Roll #1 9 = 9



You get up very quickly and a wild chase begins.
Roll to gain on him.



Roll #1 7 = 7


You quickly chase him down.
As he climbs up some boxes trying to escape onto the roofs your training shows itself.
Quicker than him, you push him off and as he lies dazed, you pin that little emblem on him.

You climb back on the roofs where Whisper is waiting for you


"Yeah yeah, I know, I fucked up."


"You can probably expect that apprentice to push you off a roof sometime for that.
I suppose that's enough training for now.
Let's return to our quarters for some food.
The Master expects you soon."


"… Alright. Lead the way."


And so you do.
You arrive back at your quarters, where you find some healthy salad again.
Whisper excuses himself and leaves.
You're expected soon in the Masters office.


Sigh and chow down on the salad, then go visit the Master quickly. Don't want to be late.


You find him in chambers on a pillow.
Smoking his hookah.
"I heard you are improving."


"It'd be a pity if I wasn't. But yeah, I guess things went better than yesterday."


"Yes, your agility improved greatly as did your ability to conceal yourself. And yet…"
He motions you to sit down on a pillow yourself.
"When the time came to prove yourself, you failed.
What happened?"


I shrug and head over to sit down.
"I messed up an the other guy saw me. There's really not much to it other than that."


The Masters tone turns harsher.
"Nothing more? If that apprentice had any will towards you, he could have easily killed you.
If it had happened somewhere else on a mission for us, you would probably have been tortured, raped and killed, perhaps not in that order.
In our line of work, there is no room for error."


Okay, did Shell get that holy water?


You sent him alone after it?


No, we were supposed to go back together and get some very ush ush.


"Life tends to be unforgiving like that. Except I've cheated death so many times now, I don't know if it's just playing a joke on me. I'll get better through practice. And if I die, I die. I'm not going to pretend I know 'this line of work', but constantly being afraid of fucking up and dying is probably not the best way of going at things. Better to just be happy to live another day and do better tomorrow. Or die tomorrow."


He nods. "Good, you understand then.
Now, Whisper brought to my attention that you wondered what organization we were…"


Did we go back to get that water?


I nod.
"That's what I asked, yeah."


You arrive in the Scarab District with Shell.
The Scarab district is more of a series of temples and ancient buildings, partially collapsed in some places, remarkably well preserved in others.
In this District the temples of old have been repurposed for worship and study of the modern gods.
You notice the emblem of chaos crudely drawn on the entrance of one.
And the name of Tirek together with a drawn heart, in red paint(?) on another, and there are many, many more temples.

Slow Shell guides you to the southernmost temple of the district, knocking on a heavy door that only gets opened once the porter got a good look at you both.
In a large hall with a hole in the roof to let sunlight in, you see a statue of the Royal Princesses, celestia and Luna.
They stand atop a fountain, water flowing beneath their statues.
You notice some runes resembling the sun and the moon on one of the walls, this must have been an ancient temple to the Sun and the Moon repurposed for their new incarnations.
There aren't that many worshippers, you also see a few priests, they must have holy water.
Slow Shell kneels down at the statue of Luna, throwing some coins into the water.

"He told you we were common thieves and killers for hire.
And in essence that is true.
The only difference really is our environment and goals.
Echo, in this city, unlike virtually any city on the globe, our competitors are not just other thieves and mercenaries.
No, our true enemies are the most subversive creatures of all. Bred to blend in, to infiltrate, to deceive.
However, don't get me wrong, we are not in the business of killing Changelings."

"I'd like to give you a tour around the Red Tower, where the Prince, the most powerful pony in Gavah J'rac, lives. I'm sure you'll agree it is a sight unlike anything you've ever seen."


"How could I refuse such an offer? Lead the way, Mister Diamond, and talk to me about the Prince. What kind of pony is he?"


"Say, what's the purpouse of this fountain?
Is this holy water?"


Well, well. Where do I find myself?


"That's a shame. Never liked those bugs."
I pause and look at him for a moment.
"So what are your goals then? Survival?"


"A…special figure to say the least. His office is within the Red Tower. He never leaves it. The only time we see him is during council meetings where he sits some distance from all of us, hiding his face behind a mask."

"It signifies that the blessings of the Royal Sisters are as plentiful and freely given to anypony." says one of the priests.
"If you're looking for holy water, I may have a flask to spare."

On one of the newly arrived boats entering the harbor of Vilitus.
You are now in the Leviathan District, in the harbor.
The streets are full of sailors, merchants and ponies in chains, shouting and wurming their way through to their destinations.
Beyond the docks, you see part of the city itself. The Vulture district with all the pleasures and entertainment a pony who's been at sea for days could ask for.

"You could say that.
As you know, we all work for Lord Golden Puzzle, who you met.
Lord Golden Puzzle owns a substantial amount of businesses in this city and with that comes a number of powerful enemies.
Our job is to protect his business intrests when his less able hires can't do it, and to infiltrate his enemies for information or to kill…."
He trails off for a second and seems to be lost in thought.


"Well that would be great, thank you.
Very happy to take it off your hooves."
Stand close to the priest and extend an hoof.


"He seems like an interesting pony, but that mask has me picqued. Who knows what lies behind it? Nut you mentioned being a part of a council, can you tell me who else is on it?"

"Sorry to be asking so many questions, but a lady like me needs to know who the important people in town are."


"… Yeah?"


There will be plenty of time for pleasure when I'm dreaming. The waking hours are for business.

These are queer, backwards lands that likely do not even have dojos. That ship had canvas on it for sales, instead of relying on large amounts of ponies rowing!

First things first. I need connections. Grab the nearest dock worker.

"Where does your prefect work?"


He picks up the flask.
"But first, a blessing. Do you worship the Holy Sisters together or is there one whose voice sounds clearer to you?"
Slow Shell comes next to you.
"Her Royal Highness Luna is always in my dreams."
The priest turns to you "and you?"

"I've never seen what is behind it nor can I tell you all the names of the ponies just yet. It would be hard to talk to them anyway.
All of us are very occupied governing our own districts, I govern the Snake District. The Prince governs the Leviathan District."

"This is all very delicate work, errors could directly lead to gang wars between us and another rival crime lord.
But the worst is the Changelings, because they are everywhere and it is almost impossible to detect them.
Most of the ponies in this town know that to get ahead in this town you need to control part of the underworld in this city.
What only the crime-lords and us know is that it are the Changelings who decide who becomes big or not. They dethrone or bring new leaders to power to preserve some balance or maybe just on their wims."
He walks back and sits on the cushions.
"If the Changelings found out some of the things we did, they might decide to dethrone Golden Puzzle, our benefactor, the one who pays our bills.
That is the simple reason why we and everyone of our kind in this city have to be the best of the best. To keep our activities hidden for the masters of stealth."

He looks at you strange.
"M-muh prefect? What's that?"


Shake him a little. "The one designated authority over your households."


"Uh… I… They both shine with same fervor in me heart, good sir."


"If it's that complicated, I won't press the issue, you seem to have enough on your plate that you don't need moi to add to it."


"Well fuck. Why haven't they been rooted out yet? Fling some firebombs at their hives and let chemistry burn the whole thing."


"The Prince? He's the one in charge of this town…"
He points towards a large unusual red tower in the middle of the town.

He nods.
He pours a tiny bit of holy water on his hoof, touching Shells forehead.
"May Luna's light guide your way through the darkness."
Then he does the same for you.
"May the Sisters light your way to your destiny."
He then gives you the flask.

"There is always time for a bit relaxation." He says with a sly smile.
"Ah, we're here."
You arrive at a gorge, in the middle is a large red tower with countless beehive like holes in it.
In front of you is a bridge towards it, guarded by 2 mean looking ponies, they let you pass.
Underneath the bridge in the gorge, you see all sorts of ponies and other races in chains, being put in rows and marked.
There are nets over the gorge, trapping any escape for even pegasi.

"3 reasons.
One, the Queens have all the money in this town. They are the ones who spend the most for the slaves that are brought to the oasis.
That's a lot of money being spent every day.
And because of every thing sold in J'rac a tiny part of it goes back to them one way or another, they will always have the most money.
Secondly the fresh water supply is controlled by the Changelings. In case of insurrection against them, they could just turn off the water, blame it on whoever they want gone and let the town do the rest.
And thirdly, their numbers just in this town are pretty large, but nothing compared to the vast armies they have at the oasis.
They could kill everyone in this town in a few days at most, should the need arise."


Nod quietly and let this whole nonsense finish.
Once it's done with, let's start walking back.
"So, you are a follower of Luna, uh?"


I shrug.
"Numbers is all the bugs have. Why can't your princesses do something about it? … The slaves, are they used for… you know…"


Let go of him and pat him on the shoulder twice in rapid succession.

"Good. You will live a life of plenty and good fortune will come to you."

Now… to the Red Tower.


"A building that could have been built by bees or wasps and an open showing of their slaves, I daresay the Prince and any benefactors are trying to send a message to all who enter or even pass by."


"Well, I wouldn't exactly say 'follower'.
I don't praise the moon every night and I don't know any of the sermons dedicated to her.
But…well in this town, you could always use some help and I've always liked the Moon."

He chuckles.
"My Princesses….they haven't been that to me for so long. And yes."

You arrive with some trouble at one of the bridges to the Red Tower. Below in the gorge you see ponies in chains being ordered to move faster.
There are 2 large pony guards in front of it.
"What is your business here?"

"They want everypony to know there's only one power in Vilitus."
Inside it is much cooler, you see tunnels spreading in every direction, with stairs built next to them, almost as an afterthought.
Diamond leads you up the stairs until you have a magnificent view of the city.


Nod slowly.
"The moon is really pretty."
Back to the necromancer district!
Hide the bottles and find this guy!


"Are they…"
I shudder.
"… filled up with eggs?"


"Was this your destination? A girl could get used to seeing something like this everyday."


"I am here to become new marshal general of the Prince. Clear a path, I do not want to have to replace guards later. Good ones hard to find."


You arrive once again at the Nocturnal Plaza, you're at his home now.

"As far as I understand, the rumors of Changelings laying eggs in ponies are greatly exaggerated. Being drained of all emotions is not a pretty sight still."

"I had hoped you'd like this."
He puts his hoof around your shoulder.
"You know, I'd like to get to know you better Hokkaido."

They blink, startled and proceed to lower their weapons, charging yo-…
They stop dead in their tracks and return to their positions.
"Proceed to the tower and use the fourth tunnel to get up. And just a fair warning, if you aren't everything you claim to be, you'll be one of them." He points down at the slaves with a grin before letting you through.



Scan it for minds.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Pat one of them on the shoulder as I did before.

"You are good guards. Do not concern yourselves with me."

Head in. I have work to do.


You detect something.
You're not quite sure whaat's going on.
Some very very faint thought processes, not even higher thought functions.

"Don't worry, we won't."
They let you through.
You cross the bridge and enter Red Tower.
The entrance hall has a number of tunnels leading in all directions. Some were even built into the ceiling.
The ladders, stairs and reelings seem to have been tacked on, almost as an afterthought.
As asked you enter the fourth tunnel, leading you straight up on circular stairs. It ends at a large hall, decorated with pictures of far-away places.
At the end of the hall, on a throne sits a masked pony with besides him a minotaur carrying a hammer.
"What's your business here?"


Move closer to Shell.
"Undead. Be ready with your water."


"Mister Diamond, I think we will get to know each other quite well."


First things first, get a feel for my surroundings.

Appraise the masked pony. '1d10'
Appraise his minotaur. '1d10'

Best to know what I'm up against, as an analytical sort.

"I am replacing your greatest warrior."

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Who's th- nope no answer.

You wake up after a long night at home in the Diamond District.
Boy it's already early afternoon, you sure was out late again tonight.
Green Tea isn't here. She must be downstairs.


I grimace.
"You don't say. Being turned into a emotionless husk isn't on my wishlist at all. I'm steering clear of those bugs at all cost."


I needed this sleep, really.
Get out of bed lazily, then trot downstairs.
"Good 'morning'."


"We are here to offer you a job!"
Lean against the door, try to peep inside the hole.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I would certainly love that, miss Hokkaido. Are you by any chance free later tonight?"

You can't really judge the masked pony's capacities.
The Minotaur has 5H/3W.

The maske pony speaks with a soft voice.
"You certainly have determination.
And why would you face my most powerful warrior?"

He nods.
"Now let's turn to your training again.
Unless you had other questions?"

"Afternoon, sleepyhead~" Green Tea gives you a kiss on the cheek before continuing cooking.
"You're just in time for lunch. I was thinking I had to to drag you out of bed again."

It's dark inside.


"I have about a million, but I 'm not gonna bore you with them. I'll figure it out as I go."


"Stupid pony wants power, unseats a king. Smart pony wants power, serves a king."


"I should have stayed in bed."
Kissu her back on her cheek.
"Wait until you bring the food to bed. Pretend that I am a rich guy from the Aurora district."


Very well.
Open and move in.
Can I at least realize where the undead is, from my earlier probing?


"For you my dear, I'd cancel everything. What do you have in mind?"


"How good do you consider yourself at disguising yourself?"

He cocks his head.
"Good answer. Let's see if you can back those words up."
The Minotaur grasps his hammer and charges you.

She smiles and gives you a hay sandwhich.
"Is everything to your satisfaction, sir Legs~ "

Yes, they should be behind that door in the back.
Very dark in here.
Slow Shell stays close with you, being ready with the holy water.

"I have a party with a few of the other counil members. Why don't you join me?"


I let out a laugh and point at my eyepatch with a hoof.
"Not very."


Let's open with a Stagger.

Rush in and get up close, use his size and unwieldy weapon against him. Strike at the gut, knocking the wind out of him.

Stagger. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sit down and start eating.
"Enough rest, good food, a pretty mare…
I only need a bit of Tea now."


"I'd love to, but the ship here only allowed so much to be brought aboard, and it seems that the fineries I need to attend a party with you were sadly not amongst what I brought."


"Can't you make light somehow?"


He grabs a small box from a nearby table and hoofs it to you.
"Try this."

You rush up the Minotaur, taunting him by letting him try to strike you a few times with the hammer, only to dodge him with ease.
Tired of the teasing, you strike out faster than the eye can see hitting the Minotaur right in the gut, punching all air out of him.
As he gasps for air, you grab him by the horns, headbutt him before throwing him against the wall.
Your opponent is helpless.

The masked pony simply observes.

She fake pouts
"Oh, no matter how much I cook you're unsatisifiable~
Oh and I almost forgot, there's another letter for you."
You see an envelope laying further on the table.

"Nothing that cannot be arranged. I'll have a tailor sent to you right away."

"What…oh yes, light. Wait"
He lights a lantern.
The house looks dirty with books and leftovers laying everywhere.


Nod at her.
"I'll check it once I'm finished.
But joking aside, honey, could you make me a cup of tea?"
Silently sigh when she turns around as I eye the envelope.


Quickly scan around for the pendant.

Roll #1 9 = 9


And follow that up with a quick Tumble. Rolling strike! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Oh my, showering me in presents already?"
Grin and open the box.


"Let's not keep him waiting. Lead me back down this tower, and for tonight at least, we shall celebrate!"


She hands you a nice cup of steaming hot tea and strokes your mane.
"You know, maybe you should take a day off, do something fun together.
I'm sure they'll find somepony else to do repairs today."

You tumble over the floor, quickly hitting the minotaur in the face as he tries to get up.
He lies heavily wounded on the floor, struggling to get up.

The masked pony observes.

There something that looks like a white pearl inside.
"It's a prosthetic eye. If you put it on, it will mimic your iris and eye movement, making it indistinguishable from a real eye."

He leads you back down the tower.
"I have some business to take care of first, my dear.
Why don't we meet tonight near the park in the snake district? And the tailor I talked about is a few blocks away from here, tell her I sent you and she'll take care of you."


Most boring player reporting in.


I frown and pick it up, inspecting it.
"… Alright, that's a bit creepy. Impressive, but creepy. I just have to pop this thing in?"
I shudder at the thought.


Take a sip.
"You know I'd love to, but I can't afford to refuse jobs. All it takes is one time and they will never call me again. Hopefully I'll get a break later this week though, don't worry."
Let's see the letter.


Appraise him. How close to death is he? '1d10'

Look to the masked pone. "Well?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Certainly! Don't wait too long, you know it's rude to keep a lady waiting." Let's trot over there.

"So, Mister or Misses Voice in my head, is Diamond here going to meet with the Prince, or someone else?"


Nothing here, you check all rooms.
You haven't checked the room with the faint thoughts coming from it though.

"Yes, it should be painless.
Maybe feel a bit weird at first, but you'll get used to it."

Dear Mr Legs,
There's been a leak in one of the water supply pipes in the Vulture District.
Please come over to Silvermane Road 56 as soon as possible. Our client asks speed and discretion…

You should roll for answers shnookums.


He's 1 wound away from death.

The masked pony is silent for a few seconds.
"Don't kill him."


"So demanding." [1d10]

Anyways, how does this part of the Snake district look? Still plenty of children playing about and a nice decor to the buildings?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Alright. Let's get this over with."
Turn away, take off the eyepatch and insert the fake eye.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Finish the tea, stand up, and put the letter away.
"Yup, busted pipes again. Better get there before it gets out of hoof."
Start dressing up and packing up my things.


Nod, and pull the Minotaur to his feet.

"My capabilities are proven."


So be it.
"Take point."
Have Shell sit on a side of the door, at ready, while I sit on the other.
Open the door.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I know you like that.

Yes, it is. It seems verey peaceful compared to the rest of the city.
You notice this is also the first time so far you've actually seen guards patrolling.

There are even some plants here and there.
Probably even a musea and cafes if you should look around.

You have some trouble gathering up the courage to pop it in. When you do, you do it a bit faster than you should, the pressure of it feels very strong for a few seconds but then lessens and you even mange to blink again a few times.
As you look into the mirror you notice part of the white ball begins to discolor, slowly mimicking your other eye.
After about 10 seconds, it looks perfectly natural.

"Allright. Here."
She packs a few sandwhiches for you.
Your 2 dogs also come barking out of the hall, waving their tails.

As you touch the door, you realize there's a magic protection on it.
Roll to dodge.
And roll for Shell.


The masked pony slowly shakes his head.
"You have combat experience, true.
But it takes more than that to be worthy of the position of Sheriff."


Give her a kissu on the lips this time, then pet the heads of both dogs.
"Thanks, honey.
I'll try to be home as fast as I can.
Stay safe."


I smirk and mockingly admire myself in the mirror.
"Hey there gorgeous. How are you doing?"
I then turn back to the master.
"Fits like a glove."



Roll #1 2, 4 = 6


"The weak need only to be led by the strong. What more proof do you need?"


Kissu kissu.
"I'll be waiting~"

"Good, now take care of it.
The next one is coming out of your pay."
He nods to a some products, clothes, and make-up on a table.
"Now then, try to make yourself unrecognizeable."

Slow Shell grabs you aside as the door explodes in sparks of Lightning magic.
The entrance is clear, but you have no doubt that spell must have alerted Blighted Ground as well to intruders.
Slow Shell gets you up again.
"You allright."
The doorway seems clear.

"Strenght alone is meaningless in a city where unseen enemies lurk behind every corner.
I require more of a sheriff besides strenght. I need intelligence, cunning and wit.
A Sherrifs job is to execute the Prince's will throughout this town, no matter the obstacles.
You have potential, and if you should seek to prove yourself fully, you shall bring me the Queens Eye."




I walk over with a nod and try to disguise myself.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'll keep that in mind~"
Time for me to leave.
Head to the Vulture District, but take a small detour to grab my super secret package from my super secret hidy hole.


"You will begin your search at a bar in the Vulture District, called Fata Morgana.
Talk to Morgana, she'll aid you further.
Now leave."

"Just a moustache is not enough to become unrecognizeable."

You've got it.
The place is a normal looking house.


Grunt in aknowledgement.
Stand up and inspect this new room.
"What a fucker…"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It makes me hell of a lot more suave though."
Okay enough messing around. For real this time.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Any alleys nearby?
When nopony is looking, walk in one.
Put on the Gazelle mask, get the knife ready.
Let's make the mood right too.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"My patience is not limitless. I go."

Depart. As I pass the guards at the entrance, remark without looking back:

"Get a doctor for your minotaur."


Right. Onwards to Fata Morgana.


No pendant here boss.
But you do find the source of the thought patterns.
You find a corpse stitched together from all sorts of other body parts laying on a table.
The thing has a griffons head, 2 horse heads next to it.
Wings and claws stitched to a ponies body.
The whole thing is hooked to a few machines, all sorts or readings, coming out of it.
It appears to have a very faint pulse.

"Better, but you should realize the trick to disguises is misdirection. When somepony tries to describe you afterward, only the most striking details will be remembered about you.
Work in a scar for example."

The guards don't even move.

After some searching you find the bar.
You enter into an old looking bar, wooden chairs with wooden barrels used as tables.
There are only a few older ponies smoking a pipe at this hour.
There's a mare cleaning the bar.
There are a few door leading to the bathrooms and 2 doors marked private, one behind the bar and another on the opposite side.

Your spell doesn't work that well.
You're visible but there don't seem to be any ponies on the street to see you right now.


"Such abomination…"
Is it incapacited?
Can it move?


Well, time to go to work then.
Storm into the house.
Kick open the door with TK.
Leap at the first pony in sight with the knife.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Appraise each of the doors.

Bar '1d10'
Opposite '1d10'

Approach the bartender. "I'm here for Morgana."

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Alright, let's try that.
Maybe dye my mane in a extravagant pink as well.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh, and


It doesn't seem to be able to move right now.
Slow Shell makes gagging noises, trying to keep his breakfast in. '1d10'

You slam in the door and before his 5 other mates know what's happening you've cut open the first ponies throat and he's laying bleeding on the floor. His bat rolls over the floor.

The green mare stops cleaning and turns to you.
"Yes, that's me. How can I help you?"

They are both made of wood. Same color, same writing on it.
The one opposite to the bar seems slightly more worn compared to the one behind the bar, which seems odd.
Why would that one be in more use than the more accessible one behind the bar?

"Yes, this is acceptable enough for our purposes.
Mind you, there is a delicate balance to this.
Don't go overboard with distinguishable marks as well."
He nods at the pink hair.
"If you stand out too much you'll never be able to work in secret.
It must be just enough that ponies remember the things about you, you want them to remember. But not enough to make you stand out in a crowd.
This is acceptable for your first assignment though."

Roll #1 5 = 5


He just makes a few weird sounds.


"An assignment already? Interesting."


"Check for other exits, Shell."
I will try to study these machines.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Grab the bat with my TK and bash it into the nearest hostile skull with as much force as I can.
Death Blow.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"The only real way to learn is experience.
He gives you a file on a certain "Blood Diamond", a unicorn pony.
"Blood Diamond is a Duke, one of the members of the Council. He is organizing a party tonight.
We want you to infiltrate it and recover some documents for us.
You'll be going in disguise"

"There's the front. And there's a window upstairs. But nothing in this room."
The machines seem to be powering the 2 hearts of the monstrosity and brain rate.

You grab the bat, slamming it right into his skull than bashing it into literal pulp while he's on the floor.


That's the first one here >>453212


Read the file.


Time for me to get some help from myself.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Try to… Talk to it.
Mind Read.

Roll #1 10 = 10


It contains a description of Blood Diamond.
It details his involvement in drug trade and arms smuggling.
You also get a detailed schematic on the rooms in the hotel where the party is held.
2 rooms are picked out.
Room 101 where you should steal some documents.
And the kitchen where you should poison one of the meals and bring it to room 431
"Any questions?"

You slice open your wrist, blood streams out, mixing with the blood of your victims, soon it rises up forming a bloody mimic of yourself.

It is so…empty.
This being is far from life yet.
You could put one of your own thoughts there, deep within its psyche, one that it would obey.


"This seems like pretty heavy stuff for a newcomer."


Obey. Me.
That oughta do it.


Bloody me can do awesome things like hurt ponies with blood.
I attack one of the still standing enemies too.

Roll #1 9, 7 = 16


"Can you handle it?"

The command is embedded deep within the abominations psyche.
There's somepony at the front door.

The blood minion uses hardened blood to stab one of the guys to dead.
While you smash another guy brain out, literally.

There's only one guy left, sweating profusely.
"You..you…crazy motherfucker."


Turn around.
"Hello? Is it you, sir [I totally forgot his name]?
We have a job for you!"
Mind Read the presence.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Blood minion closes the door/make sure there's no escape.
I leap at him and tear out his throat.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"I better."


Blighted Ground
Oh I fucking hope they didn't see my precious.

A rather nasty looking unicorn with a greasy mane walks in carrying a large bag.
"You, what's the meaning of this? This is outrageous."
Slow Shell gets out weapon. "Should I throw the holy water on him, boss?"

Since you don't have any fingers to tear out his throat, you jump him and tear out his throat with your teeth.
His final sight is a crazy gazelle mask coming down on him and ripping his throat out in a sea of blood.

You are finished.
Better get out quickly.
You can recall your blood minion to restore that wound and not cause too much suspicion on the street.

"You will succeed, or do not bother coming back.
Now, as for your disguise, you can now pass as another pony.
There are 2 ways to get in.
The hotel is looking for new maids, it will give you easier access to Room 101.
Or we can get you in with catering, which would make poisoning the food easier, but you'd have a hard time getting to room 101."


"Maid it is then. I'm going to have to mind my manners I guess. Use a fake name, even though my old name is gone and irrelevant after three centuries."


Shake my head slowly.

"We have been told of your great prowless and power, sir!
And humbly, come to ask for your assistance!"
Is he wearing the pendant?


Only one room with five guys?
That makes it easy.
Call back my blood and leg it out of here.
Find the nearest alley again.


"Wether or not it's gone for 2 days or 300 years is irrelevant. You'll still use your normal name when not with us, which means it is dangerous to use on an assignment."
He hoofs you a paper.
"This is a recommendation from another hotel. It should be enough to get you in without too much fuss.
Once you're done, slip away come back here either through the sewers or across the roofs.
I expect a full report of everything you did."

Yes, he is wearing it.
"By breaking into my house? Liars, the protection spell went off, you broke in here and saw my project. Let me show you the test cases!"
He raises his hoofs and from the floor burst 3 pony heads stitched onto 4 legs.
They stare at you with empty eyes and sharpened teeth before advancing on you.

You get the fuck out and remove your mask in the nearest alley.
Bretty good.
Time to collect your reward.


"Understood. I'll be back in a jiffy."
Go and gear up. Make sure I know which documents to steal and which food to poison by reading the file several times over and memorizing it. Then head off to this hotel.


I'm just a normal pony, walking normally.
Casually head to the Fata Morgana.


"Magnificent! Just what we need! An expert with corpses!"
Try to sound extremely happy, but secretely reach for the bottle.
"Now, how about you put those monsters away? They smell a little."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Whisper hoofs you a small vial with a colorless fluid.
"No taste, no odor. Just put this on the food for room 431 and it will work.
Good luck, Echo."

You arrive at the Neighton Hotel in the Snake District.
It is a grand stately hotel.
A small discrete sign says "Maids wanted. Inquire at service entrance."

You go into the bar and as usual go past the front to go to the Private entrance, the mare at the front simply nods at you.
As you walk through down some stairs, a bouncer so big you only reach his chin nods at you, and opens another door.
Inside music is playing, there are a number of ponies sitting in front of stages where mare dancers are performing some very exotic dances.
You notice Morgana, a pink mare with purple hair, sitting at the bar as usual.

He snorts.
One of the abominations screeches and jump your face. You barely manage to get it off you.
Slow Shell attacks that abomination '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


But it slaps him as well.
His armor protects him though.


Fine, time to play it rough.
Take out the holy water and splash it over one of the abominations!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Ignore the dancers.
Sit beside her at the bar.
"Good afternoon."


You may roll for Slow Shell as well.


Stow away my gear and the file in a bag by the way. To make sure I look fucking normal I also replace my disguise with something more appropriate and fancy. '1d10'

And let's hit the service entrance then. Today my name will be… Madeleine.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I forgot his sheet.
He splashes the things too!

Roll #1 5 = 5



She smiles.
"Hey Grey. Good to see you again."
She gives you a hug.
As she pulls back "How are you and Tea doing?"

You go in and look around. A cleaner tells you to talk to go to the managers office.
You knock and enter to find a orange stallion.
"Yes, what's this about?"

Goddamn those things are fast. They avoid both of you splashing things before giving Shell a bite and knocking Javier right in the head.
There's still holy water though. You brought a lot.
Javier is helpless.

Shells sheet: >>449322


I clear my throat.
"Hello sir, my name is Madeleine. I saw the sign out front. The one about the hotel needing more maids?"


Get the fuck up!
Shell places a Cautious Strike with the holy water on one of those things!

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


"Doing good, thanks.
Life has been mostly relaxed recently, but that's how we like it. We thought Tony came down with something yesterday, but it turned out he just ate from the trash again.
And you?"


He shamelessly moves his eyes over your body.
"You got experience?"

One of the things gets on you and starts stomping your belly.
Blighted Ground is cackling maniacally.
"Yes, my precious, do your job."

Slow Shell manages to deflect their attacks but can't manage to get a hit in.

"Poor Tony, I'm just glad he got better.
You want a drink? On the house."
She nods to the bartender.
"Oh, same thing as usual. Had to have a few drunks out earlier. They were harrassing our working mares, but besides that, pretty relaxed."


"I'll take a Hot Toddie, yes. Just be careful with the brandy."
Nod at her.
"I don't think I'd have the nerves to run a place like this.
Too stressful to deal with all those drunken sailors."


Shell tries to push the thing away and get me up.

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 3 = 3


"I do, sir."
Hoof him the recommendation.


The bartender mixes it together, adding a slice of lemon and hoofs it to you, together with a thick envelope.
Ignoring the envelope, Morgana continues while sipping of her own fruit cocktail.
"The drunken sailors aren't that hard. I just let Big Bronx throw them out with a few hits to the stummick, then they get the lesson usually."

He glances over it.
"Very well, let's give you a test then. Down the stairs are the changing rooms, I think we have a few spare uniforms left, put it on and I'll fill you in on what you have to do."

You both struggle with the things. THey don't damage you, but don't let you get up either.


I've had enough! Stand up! Shake them off!

Roll #1 1 = 1


S-shell. Pls.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I bow slightly.
"Yes sir."
Head downstairs and find these uniforms. Put one on that is the right size.


Slide the envelope away into a pocket, then sip of the drink and chuckle.
"They are more clever than my dogs then."


One of them slams your head, grabbing your throat….
But then Slow Shell "I've had enough of these motherfucking abominations in this motherfucking house" and slams one of them to piece.
Blighted Ground wails.
"Noooooo muh precious."

It is tight…very tight.
Black dress, white maids apron, stockings, panties. It's slightly lewd actually.

She laughs.
"Well, they haven't come back yet, so we'll have to see if those 2 learned. And definately not all of my customers are that smart, why.."
She nods you closer conspiratorially.
"Last night, we had a captain here, drunk out of his mind, in the middle of the night, he has to get up, to get back to his ship.
So he asks for some help and I send one of my men to help him a bit, he comes back saying he's delivered the captain to his ship and 30 minutes later, the captain gets back here with a bloody nose. Wrong ship."
She laughs.
"Well, he didn't find his ship anymore, so we let him stay here for the night, at double price, so he could get find it in the morning."


"T-thanks, friend…"
Time to end this.
We both splash the last two abominations with holy water.

Roll #1 1, 6 = 7


Boy, you wouldn't believe the things I had to do to survive the gutters. This is nothing.
Get back to the guy to receive my instructions.


"Poor fellow.
I guess he'll watch his drink for a while. With a sailor?… I'd say for a few days at best."


"That's what friends are for.
Luna, guide my hoof."
He says as he pours holy water upon one of the screeching things, it burns away.
Blighted Ground seems upset.
"What on earth do you think you're doing?"
As Javier gets his bearings again the last abomination bites your legs, making you go weak again.
You're in need of medical attention.

He looks you over satisfied.
"Good, now I'm sure you know what to do. Most rooms need to be cleared for today. I'll just check how you perform one first."
He takes you to room 101.
"Go ahead, cleaned, bed made up, everything."
He stays to watch.
you get some cleaning tools, duster, brush, bucket with water soap, frsh sheets, etc.

"Bad things is, they're usually only here for a few days, so they think they can just tear up everything and get away with it.
And most of the time that's true.
But not here, if they dare mess with my mares, they should know I watch over them like a griffon over her cubs."
She slams her hoof.


Howl in pain and try to get up on my hooves.
If I can, use Heal on myself!

Shell Slams another abomination.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Fuck, the documents should be here.
Alright, just start cleaning. Nothing hard about that. I helped clean taverns back home before. See if I can spot the documents.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'd hate to be the subject of that fury."
Finish up my drink and stand up.
"If you'll excuse me.
Green Tea must be waiting for me already."


You can't you feel too horrible to concentrate.
So this is how it ends…
Slow Shell gets another few hits. "Hang on, boss."

You notice a safe while you're dusting off the fireplace. Must be in there.
"Make sure to get all the spots. It must be sparkling clean!"

"Of course, take care now. Come around anytime."
She waves.



"Yes sir, of course sir."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Maybe… One last thing…
Yell out.
"Come forth my minion!"
And try to stand, once more.
Shell, he tries to get everyone's attention with Quake!

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Wouldn't miss out!"
Okay, time to head home now.


"Queen's Eye. Where?"


You liberally use the duster, but it seems to go slower than the manager likes.
"Come on, you need to be faster than that.
Don't be afraid to get down and dirty."

Some weird noises come from the room.
You're up, though you're feeling weak.
and this time it's Slow Shells time to go down as the last headwalker grabs him by the throat.
Blighted Ground pushes beside you and tries to get to the minion lab.


Let him go.
I will puch that headwalker right off Shell.

Roll #1 5 = 5





Roll #1 4 = 4


You make your way back to the Diamond District.
Picking up some water along the way.
Tea doesn't hear you come in, until your 2 dogs get up to greet you.

She looks at you confused.
"Excuse me? What eye?"
You notice a pony coming out of the private door opposite to the bar and walking out.

You both have lots of trouble getting it off.
But as Blighted Ground runs into the room suddenly 2 claws grab his throat lifting him up.
As gasps for air, the Abomination snaps his neck with ease.

Freed from its masters influence, the head releases Slow Shell and jumps into one of the holes in the floor.
Soon you don't hear it anymore.

"That…that was a close one, boss."


"My patience is short. Have an answer soon."

Appraise the newcomer. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


And again since it's Instant. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Pet them as I put down my stuff.
"I'm home! Do I get to see the beautiful mare who lives here?"


Pant and huff on the floor.
"I am… An archeologist… Not a fighter…"
Heal both of us.
The abomination is still alive?

Roll #1 8 = 8


For crying out loud…
Faster, stronger, harder.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You notice a crowbar and a lot of money in his bags.
But he doesn't seem that important, as he leaves the bar without paying attention to you.

The mare frowns.
"And I don't know what you're talking about. Now, are you going to order something, because I don't like thinly veiled threats."
Some patrons turn to you.
"Hey, pal. Don't talk to her like that."

"I'm here~"
She gives you a peck on the cheek from the couch.
"How was work?"

You're both up. And somewhat healed.
You feel terrible though. You might need to see a medical professional.
"Good thing that monster listened to you…"
The abomination seems alive, but doesn't move.
It is still attached to the machines.

There you go, you put your back into it and get that room sparkly clean in no time.
The manager looks at it "Good, good. That's what I like to see. Okay, but it doesn't stop here. We need some more rooms cleaned on the second floor, room 205 to 213. Make sure to get them cleaned soon. If you have more questions, you can ask some of the other maids."
He hoofs you a key "you can use this to get in."


"Wasn't anything outstanding.
An easy job, if you will. And what have you been up to while I was gone?"


"The Red Prince sent me."


"Of course sir, I will make it so."
I bow slightly and be off.
Once he's gone too, I try to slink into the shadows.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I have seen things like this one.
They are so stupid they'd listen to anypony."
Get the pendant off this idiot. He could have lived, if only he had listened.
"I doubt it will live long. Let's see what's of value around here, throw some stuff up, make it look like a robbery."
'1d10' to find valuables and make a mess.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Reading a book. Look, it's about a group of friends who joined a Paladin Academy in Equestria."

"Everypony can say that. You got any proof?"

You're a very well hidden pony.


Let's take a seat together in the living room.
"Oh, do tell."


Good. I'll need to move fast before someone returns to room 101.
Open up the door and enter, then sneak over to the safe and get out my lockpicks. Can I open it with these?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well, I'm not yet that far…it was mostly romances and learnign up till now. But I believe the real story starts soon."

You do, you rummage through the documents, finding the maps you're looking for.
There are also some valuables jewels in the safe, stealing these in addition to the documents might make the owners believe you're just a common thief, hiding jewels on you is harder than just hiding a few papers though.

Roll to get out again once you're ready.

You manage to make enough of a mess to make it look like common robbery together with Slow Shell.
"…what are we going to do with that…thing?"


"I can drag you back to his tower if you prefer."


Or I could just take it all and flush the jewelry through the toilet. Is that possible?
If not… I guess I'll just leave the jewelry and get out.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"If I were a betting stallion, I'd have said you were reading something romance-y."
Chuckle and nuzzle her.


"Use it to attack anypony that tries to enter. It will buy us some time. Make it look like he tried to use the abomination, and it turned against him."
No valuables?
How sad.
Well pocket the pendant and go to the door. Leave and before closing it, tell the abomination one last thing.
"Protect. Here."
Close the door.


She smirks.
"Go ahead, I know lots of ponies here. I'll be let out immediately."

You grab those jewels and walk over to the bathroom.
When you're there you hear the door open and close.

You're in a bathroom in a maid outfi carrying a number of jewels in your hooves and sensitive papers stuffed in your maid outfit.
Roll to hide!

She gives you a playful push.
"It's not! It just starts that way. My friends told me it's completely different at the end.
I just haven't gotten there yet."

Sure you got some small jewels and some bits, but it wasn't like he was a rich fucker.
The most valuable thing he had was that pendant.
You're back in the dark plaza. Where to next?


F-Fuck! Hidy hide!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"So for now you have to waddle through the mud of teenage love?
How terrible!""


Time to get some medical treatment.
"Where's the nearest hospital, Shell?"


You quickly hide the jewels in a basket when the door opens and a stallion wearing a suit steps in.
He stops in surprise as he sees you.

"There's a hospital in the Snake District…or we could go to the temple healers in the Scarab District."

"I remember our teenage love very fondly~"


Let's meet the tailor and see what clothing they are offering. Don't want to keep Mister Diamond waiting.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
I smile at him.
"Good morning sir, I'm sorry but your room is not completely clean yet. It wont take much longer."


"So do I."
Give her a playfool look.
"I also remember how you laughed at the idea of us getting married at first."



"Let out? Prison was never the object. I grow bored of these games. Are we going to the Tower now?"


"Focus Shell. The closest, I told you. And those that will ask less questions."


The tailor fixes you up with a new fancy dress.
Any preferences for colors?

His expression turns into a small grin.
"Oh, of course, I'll just rest a bit on the bed."
He walks out again.
"Just call me if you need help."
This pony has now seen your face.

"Sure, just a second."
She opens the door and call for somepony to replace her while this "idiot" takes her with him and that she'll be back soon.
Another mare comes out and takes over.
"Right, lead the way."
The mare comes with you, not even showing the slightest hint of nervousness.

"…the temple healers are the closest, we can just say we were vanquishing evil zombies, which is sorta what we did."


"It was a really stupid idea…
But I don't regret it~"
Kissu kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"I'm glad that's what you think~"
Kissu Kissu '1d10+2'
And then they kissued

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"I'd rather to not gain a fame as a zombie slayer."
To the temple!


"Blue with a fancy red trim would look ever so lovely, and be sure to attract the attention of the other patons."


I'll need to find a new disguise soon.
Stay in the bathroom for a moment longer and make sure the jewels are hidden somewhere safe for the time being.
I don't want to murder him… I could apply Sleep Serum though… But that's a risk. But putting him to sleep and then tying him up and gagging him would ensure that he doesn't raise any alarms any time soon… hopefully.

Alright. I've decided. Stealth up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Just walk her there in silence, then.

Past the guards, to the chamber of the Prince.

Anything new?


"Mmm, this reminds of those days…"
She runs her hoof over your backs as you hug and kiss.

You enter the Temple of the Sun and Moon once again.
A healer is available.
"Please lay down on the cushion so I can treat your wounds properly."

Here you go. You look lovely~

You're stealthed again.

You don't even make it there.
As you reach the guards again, they don't let you through.
"Hey there" says Morgana cheerily. "Been some time new."
"Yeah" says one of the guards.
"We've got to stop meeting like this. Why don't you ever come to visit us casually?" says the other.
"Oh, way too busy all day. Luckily I get a break once in a while, so can you…"
"Right, you go back to the bar."
The green mare walks away again.
The guards scrutinize you.
"Couldn't even get past the first obstacle."
"Don't take it too bad, you're not the first one who didn't take a good look around that bar."
"Not Sheriff material, definately not."


"Haha, I still have it. Any dress looks god on me. Thank you for your hard work."

Now, let's head over to the place where the party will happen, but before we go in,

"Mr. Voice, is there anything of value I should know about that's laying inside? Mister Diamond might be the biggest catch I've made, I don't want to be caught flat-hooved in a new place." [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


Alright, let's do something seriously fucking stupid.
Skulk back into the bedroom and sneak up on the pony and try to apply Sleep Serum.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Stallion or Mare?
Pony or some other race?
Mind Read the name and what s/he likes best off him.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Your games are pathetic and wasteful. Your prince is worthless and talentless."

Go find the nearest bar that isn't Morgana's.


That depends on how you define value, my dear.
If you'd like to get better entrenched within the high-society in this place, talk to Lord Golden Puzzle and be your usual charming self.
Other ponies of intrest besides him would be Scrying Eye, a fortune teller, and Bitter Tongue, a banker.
Don't get too attached to Bitter Tongue though, he's dying soon. Something Blood Diamond could profit from, ask him about Bitter Tongue.

You sneak very quitely into the room, the pony is laying on his belly on the bed with his back to you, none the wiser to your intrusion.
"Miss, when you're done with the bathroom, if would like to earn an extra tip, I could use a back massage~"
A needle coated with sleep serum slips out of your sleeve as you bow over him and goes right into his neck.
A small gasp and his turn back and he falls asleep, never having seen you coming.

She's a qt mare.
As you focus on her, you feel something going wrong and your thoughts slip into her head.
She looks surprised at you.
But then looks over your wounds.
As she checks them, she whispers.
"The Sisters frown upon that kind of magic. Some in the temple here would try to kill you if they knew."
AWiYE no longer works on her without her knowing, since she now knows your mind magic
She diagnoses your wounds. '1d10+2'

The guards don't seem impressed by your insults.
As you walk away, you find the first bar a few streets further.
A big sign in metal above it says "The Sour Spittoon"
A big bouncer stops you as you approach.
"Welcome to the Sour Spittoon, how tough are ya?"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"It doesn't seem to bad. Allow me."
She puts her hoof on your leg and starts murmuring a prayer to the Sisters.


Widen my eyes.
"My, I just wanted to find a way to properly thank you."


"I beat minotaur to brink of death before breakfast."

Pause. "With bare hands."




Mislinked. But it's there. second entry.


Take out the rope from my bag and tie him the fuck up. Then gag him with part of the sheets.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Didn't your mother teach you to simply say thank you? Such magic is heretical…but you don't seem completely lost yet."

"The wound is healed."

"Yeah s-"
He gasps at the second comment.
"Right this way…"
He opens the door for you.
Inside is basically what you'd expect from a western bar.
All sorts of stinking ponies gambling, while skimpily clad mares are standing around the balconies, competing with each other to attract the richest stallions.
Some donkeys are playing pool on the side.
And a group of zebras is playing trumpets on a small stage.
The bartender is a large brown buffalo.

He's tied up well.
And still asleep, the sleepyhead.
Don't forget to put the DO NOT DISTURB sign out.
The jewels are still in the bathroom, the documents are hidden under your apron.


"My dear, to take a breath would be heretical, is certain ponies had a say in it.
I will show you the true form of my appreciation, one day."
Smile and slide away.


Approach the bartender.

"Bartender. Cunning riddle for clever buffalo. Who is greatest enemy of prince in Red Tower?"


Make sure the documents are well secured.
The jewels… hmmm… Can I just flush them through the sink or toilet? If not, I'll take them with me and leave the room. Close the door behind me and put up the sign. Make sure I'm hidden again.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"May the Sisters guide you."

You slide back to Red Shell, who's kneeling once again in front of the statue fountain.
"All fixed up boss?"

The bartender coughs.
"Well….the prince has a lot of enemies, not many openly hostile against him.
There's a cult called the Heralds of the Last Days in the Diamond District that wants him dead, but they're really crazy bastards, I'd stay away from them…otherwise maybe one of the Dukes might have something ag-…"
He abruptly stops as he notices something behind your shoulder.
You hear the music and talking dies down as well, leaving only an eerie silence…

You decide against it, as if it gets stuck in there, it might lead to them wondering why a common thief would do such a thing.
Throwing it in the dumpsters or even the sewers outside would be infinitely safer, the bums would run away with it.
As you leave the door and put the sign on it, another maid walks up.
"Hey, are you done with that one? I thought I had to do all rooms on this floor…"


"Yes, I had to do this one for the boss as a test, but the owner wants some privacy and told me to leave him to himself for now."
I shrug.
"Best not to anger him."


Did you get checked up?"


"Ah, you're the new maid? I heard, news travels fast around here. But you should have been done a while ag-…."
A small grin forms on her face.
"You didn't do any favors for our client, did you?"

"Yup, my leg is as good as new boss."
He stomps it, as to confirm it.
"They said Luna surely watches over me.
Isn't that amazing, to think a Godess might be watching over me.."
He looks dreamily at Lunas statue.


Try to keep a straight face.
"… Maybe."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I find it unsettling.
To always be judged…"
Let's start walking back towards Firethorn's house.


You smile a bit, thinking about how well you got him, like a real assassin.
The maid smiles as well, her eyes saying "I got you."
"I thought so."
She stops smiling.
"Now, I'm going to let this pass because yer new here and you don't know how it goes.
If you want to get extra money by doing favors, you keep to your own floor. This…"
She waves her front legs around.
"is my floor. So it belongs to me. Now I'll let you pass for this once, but if you want to stay friends, you will keep that to your own floor."
She shows a smile again.

"Oh but Luna doesn't judge us.
She wants to guide us…to lead all ponies away from evil and to good."
You're walking around.
Fast-travel or discussion.


I nod quickly.
"Yes of course, I'm sorry."


"And that's why you came here?
To do good?"
Nah let's talk.


"Good. I'm Crimson Braid by the way."
She gives you a hug.
"Nice to meet you."

"Well, I'm not a saint…but I'm not a heretic either, like that blighted Hart or whatever his name was.
I try to do okay overall.
Just sometimes you have to do some questionable things. Simply to survive. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
If it was easy following all of the teachings of the Sisters, we wouldn't honor the saints, since we'd all be saints, you know."


"Madeleine, nice to meet you too."
I look back at the door.
"We probably shouldn't be talking near his door, he wanted some quiet rest after that. … And I should get back to work so the boss doesn't think I'm shirking."


"You thought about this stuff a lot, haven't you?"


"Right, I need to get going as well.
Hey, if you'd like to talk some more sometime, meet me after the shift."
She walks away.
You're free to move.
You still have jewels to dispose of.
But the manager is downstairs, you don't want him to see you shirking on the job…while carrying jewels with you.
The floor you should be cleaning is the third floor.

It's still too early for dinner time and poisoning.

"I grew up in a religious home.
My parents talked about this all the time.
When I left I rejected all of it, all hogwash.
But…I've been here for a while now.
If you walk here long enough, you tend to see a lot of fucked up stuff.
Ponies getting beaten in broad daylight, fillies selling themselves in the poorest districts.
It doesn't do much for your faith in ponykind, you know.
But then…I had a revelation!"


Keep listening.


Didn't the guy say the second floor? Room 205 and 213.
Anyone inside? Is there a safe in here as well? One that isn't being used?


"Me and my friends were exploring the tunnels and sewers.
It really took us a long time to find that black temple, you know.
We only had that scarab jewel to go on.
We once explored another temple not to far from here.
But as we went through it, it suddenly collapsed.
My friends ran, but I got trapped and more rocks were falling.
I thought my final hour was there, friend."

Room 205 to 213 to be exact. so all inbetween as well.
Safes '1d10'
The rooms seem to be empty, but as for wether or not they're being used

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2 = 15


They're all empty.
3 don't seem to have any customers for now.
None have safes however, this seems like a cheaper room.


"And yet you are standing right beside me now!
What happened?"


No unused safes at all? Damn.
Alright, let's just start cleaning a bit for now.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I closed my eyes, preparing for the worst and…nothing happened.
I looked up and all the rocks had fallen in such a way that there was a small open spot right where I was.
And when I looked up, remember this was a temple, I saw a symbol of the moon.
And I knew right then, that Luna had saved me."

You work very diligently. You notice as you dust off a crack in the walls, that seems to have been hastily concealed by a plank.
You could stash your jewels there.


Remain silent for a while.
"A true miracle indeed."
What an idiot.
Ready to meet Firethorn.


Good idea! Do just that. As much as I'd like to just keep them, I don't want to get cocky.
Keep working until I have to leave for the kitchens to go poison that food.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You don't believe, my friend?
What are the chances, he's survive that?
And see the moon of all things?

You knock at the house of Firethorn.
She opens the door slightly.

The rest of the shift goes pretty well.
You don't even have to give any favors.
The time has come.

Seems your shift is over as well.
You don't have any business in the kitchen.
Maybe your manager would let you, or you could sneak into the kitchen?


Dangle the pendant in front of her.
"And I think you owed me a kiss for coming back."


I think I'll sneak… I have the poison on me, right?

Roll #1 10 = 10


I think I was spending quality time with my wife.


Over here >>453587
I demand a bellyrub~

She tries to grab it '1d10'

What a sneaky pon you are.
It seems those stealth lessons pay off. You hop from shadow to shadow almost vanishing within them as you move.
You manage to get to the food and put some poison on it before anypony notices.
DC6 for clean escape.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Then a bellyrub I shall give

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


She grabs it and you keep holding it with a smirk, holding it tight.
She kisses you '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


It is bound for room 431 right?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Eh, could be better.
"Now, back to business. The jewel, if you may."


Minor pause for 15 minutes.


She purs.
"It's like you can read my mind~"

It definately is.
No problems here.
You make it out without trouble.

You may return to the Bureau over the rooftops or through the sewers.

"Here it is."
She puts it on the table next to you.
"And my pendant…"
She holds out her hoof.


I'll keep going but expect VERY slow responses


"You know, I wonder how that stallion managed to get so many undead out so quickly.
What do you think?"
Toy a bit with the pendant, standing safely in the back.


Drop the disguise and take out the eye as I enter the sewers and sneakily travel through that way.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Light my horn at nothing in particular.
"Let's see… right now, you are thinking of a handsome, loving stallion…

You don't have anything to confess, do you?"


She squints her eyes.
"How is that of any concern to you?"

Along the way you run into a bunch of homeless ponies with a fire.
You toss the maids uniform in it.
One of the homeless ponies nods.
"How did the hunt go?"

"I've though very naughty things about a certain stallion~"


"I just like to keep a very close eye on mares. Especially so interesting ones."


"Should I be concerned?"


Look him over with a cocked brow.
"None of your business."
I'm going to report to the master in person in his 'office'.


"Very concerned~"
Try to get on top '1d10+2'

"And I hate stallions who mistakenly think they're interesting."

"That's what they always say.
I keep asking and they always say the same.
Well, good luck hunter.
But be careful, some of the tunnels have become very dangerous as of late…"
Keep going (requires no roll) or listen more to the bum?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I'll stop and listen.


Oh lordy she is feisty today.
Can I wrestle control back?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"That's not what you said yesterday. Better not get too mouthy with me, miss."
Give her a look of scorn.
"I know what this pendant can do.
I know how powerful it is in the right hooves.
And soon, I might be in need of powerful ponies such as you.
For all the right reasons."


He pokes a bit in the fire with a stick.
"Always been dangerous these sewers.
Folks don't care about what happens to us.
Weird necromancers or even a few changelings picking off bums like us.
…but lately we've found corpses and they're…weird. Strange wounds all over their bodies, like nothing I've ever seen before."

You give a good struggle and for a while you roll around, trying to settle this dispute while kissing and nibbling at each other.
In the end she manages to stay up while you need to take a smalle breather.
Her breath is heavy as well.

"….contact me when that happens, and if there's a good reward in it, I'll help.
But first…"
She holds out her hoof.


Put the pendant in her hoof.
"Don't grow a stranger."
Pick up the jewel and leave.


"I was a gutter rat too once, I know whatcha mean. What kind of wounds? Magic?"


Hoookay, pant a bit.
Earth ponies and their muscles…
"I let you win… on purpose!2


She grabs the pendant.
"As long as you make it worth my time."
You're outside.
"What was that about, boss? Why would we need her again?"

He nods.
"I know you've been one.
You have that look in your eye."
He turns to the fire.
"It is weird. We find their corpses and are pieces simply…missing.
As if they just suddenly disappeared, clean off in a line or a circle.
I found one of those corpses just a few hours ago..not too far from here."
He explains you the way.

You're always surprised by Earth ponies' dexterity with their mouths, must be from never being able to lift things with magic or wings.
She slowly moves her head downwards over your body, unbuttoning your shirt with her mouth while holding your down with her front legs.
As she gets to the button of your pants, she takes it into her mouth, waits a second and looks up at you with a little grin on her face.


"You really think once we open that thing, we are gonna be left alone?"


"Oh no, I'm helpless to your advances!"


"I'll go take a peek then. Thanks."
Do I have any money on me? Give the bum some and then follow his directions.


"…good point. So we're ready then.
We should inform the others then.
Finally we'll know what's on the other side.
We'll be rich, boss.
What do you think you'll do?
I'm thinking about just taking my share and getting a boat out of here.
Maybe a small villa in prance with a cute farm mare…"
He sighs dreamily.

She pulls those pants off with her teeth.
Before turning her attention to your , moving her tongue agonizingly slow over the licking up the fade to black

He thanks you for the bits.
You manage to reach the area. It's not too far away. You light a torch and look surprised at the gruesome scene.

There lay 2 corpses of griffons sprawled around.
There is no blood to be seen but their wounds are unlik anything you've ever seen.
A piece of the griffons belly seems to have cut straight off in circle.
You would say it was done by a saw but the large cut seems to clean, too straight. Through bone, organs and muscle.
Furthermore the wound never seemed to have been immidately seared shut, across the entire section. Never having bled at all.
The other show similar wound, but half it's face is also missing in a square pattern.

Despite any trace of blood, you can see from their screaming faces that they suffered.

Roll #1 10, 8, 8, 5, 2 + 10 = 43


Has to be some kind of weird magic. Then, what the hell do I know? I'm no damned mage.
I'll ask the master about it.
Any other clues? Items they had on them?

Roll #1 9 = 9


oh my

Roll #1 9, 3, 1, 9, 8 + 10 = 40


"I don't know Shell.
What I would do…
Maybe get to know this town better, that's what I would do."
Let's go meet the others.


You notice some weird runes written on the walls.
You can't make sense of it.
You write them down.
Perhaps the Master will know.

It seemed her tongue got you really in the mood and while she got a bit tired at the end, you made all the more up for it

You're both laying in bed, Tea snuggling up to you.

"You'll have enough time for that.
I just wonder what's inside.
Flat Top will be so thrilled."


"You did seem to recall a lot from our teenage years~"
Hug her close with a forehoof.


"I'm sure. But we still have to make the device work again.
And then, we won't know what it does until we try harder and harder.
Might take days."


Right, this place is giving me the fucking creeps. I'm out. Back to the master I go.



Shell frowns.
"Well, I'm sure we'll get it boss."

And there you go.
To the master.
Next time.



Such bliss, laying here in your bed with your waifu snuggled up against you.
Her warm breath caressing your chest.
Your eyelids grow heavy and you fall into a pleasant sleep.
Some hours later you wake up, you move your hooves around, but Green Tea isn't in the bed anymore…

Both of you return to the inn.
In the corner sits a familiar group of masked beings.
"Welcome back. How was the hunt?"

You arrive without trouble through one of the marked tunnels, leading directly into the building itself.
Without hesitation, you go to the Masters chambers.
You find him sitting at his desk, overlooking some papers.
He looks up as you come in.


For Moon Wok here >>454442


Do I have to actually type out everything or can I please just pretend I just told him everything?


You may just say you told him everything.
If there are details you'd rather not say, you must specify that


"Proficous. But I will need time to study what we found."
Now, who of these is Top?


I'm not a prude, tell him everything.


She always wakes up before me!
Does she do it?
Lazily get out of bed.


Pat him on the shoulder. "Be safe."

Now… turn around. Who has come for me this time?


Why don't you ask?
Slow Shell sits on.
"We think we've found it, but Sven says he needs some time to be sure."
One of the hooded figures coughs.
"More time? We've already wasted enough time as it is. That temple won't stay hidden for long with all those mages around."

He listens attentively, making some notes here and there.
"Letting yourself be seen like that was dangerous, if your plan was to put him to sleep you could have hidden and surprised that pony from behind, putting him to sleep while he's none the wiser.
Your disguise should protect you from any persecution however.
The documents?"

You're out of bed, there are clothes thrown around everywhere. This was definately a wild few hours.
Where to go?

The bartender ducks under the table as you turn around.
You see 2 ponies have appeared at the entrance. Both wearing a red clothed cape, under which the carry 2 swords each.
They both wear a wooden cilindrical helmet that obscures their entire face.
Slowly they walk towards you, coming to a halt only a few meters from you.
"Moon Wok?" asks one.


Very wild.
…I guess I should shower first, before going down to have breakfast.


"I wasn't sure how to proceed at first and he got the drop on me. Still, I took him down clean and in disguise, so that worked out."
Take out the files and hoof them to him.



"Come and take."


Quickly rebout.
"Hey, you wasted time. I came here and in just a day figured out what's been holding you so far.
So if the expert says we need time, we need time."


Dats some good showering.
As you walk down, you notice there's no breakfast.
In a couch lies Green Tea, eyes closed, she seems pale.
Your 2 dogs are laying beside her on the ground, whimpering.

He takes it.
"Whisper has reported to me your target has been killed. The poison worked well."

"Otsuro has a message for you." The other says.
Both enemies take out their swords and jump you.

The hooded guy in question seems to hesitate for a second.
"…You said you only needed that crystal, right? Do you have it or not? What more is there to research exactly?"


"So it appears, yeah. Bet that was a nasty surprise."
I smirk.


Oh shit!
Rush to her!
"Tea? Tea are you all right?"


"How to operate a machine that has no buttons or levers, for one.
The crystal itself was just a lucky guess, at that."


Stagger the first one! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


He nods.
"Anything else you'd like to report before you're dismissed?"
I assume you haven't told him about the sewers yet

She wakes up, she manages a weak smile when she sees you.
"Oh hey honey, I'm not feeling so well.
I think the lymphs are acting up again."
You remember that chronic disease we talked about, non-infectious, non-lethal?

The cloaked one seems to get angrier.
"You managed to get that crystal pillar out of the ground, how did you manage that?"

Swiftly avoiding the second one, you land your hoof solidly in the chest of the first pony, he staggers back holding one hoof yo his chest.
You know that if you could see his face, it would be twisted in pain.


I do…
"Did you take your medicine? You still have some, don't you?"


"One more thing. When I ran back here I went through the sewers and stumbled on some bodies… both of them horribly mutilated or some shit. Thing is, there was no blood or anything. They had massive fucking holes in them where the flesh had just seared shut again! And there were runes over the walls as well!"


"Pure goddamn luck!"
Bang on the table.
"A symbol I recognized. And maybe a sentence in some dead language, I mutter those from time to time!
If you asked me to redo it, I wouldn't be able to.
Give me three days, and I will see to fix that!"

Why is he getting so angry.
Read that.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Right! Appraise the one I didn't hit '1d10'

Then follow that up with a Tumble! And try not to damage the bar too much. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


"Of course…but we don't have much left."
She nods to some dried medicinal leaves, in an almost empty jar.
"…we should go to the hospital to get some more."

You also notice another unmarked letter has arrived.

You transfer your thoughts "Why is he so angry?" to the cloaked figure.
Who doesn't say anything for a time.
Until he says.
"I don't think you quite understand the situation.
You see, I am the one who brought this temple to the attention of these folks.
I am the one who owns the scarab crystal to gain entry.
Now, I have a feeling you are quite talented Sven, I'm sure you can do it a bit faster?
Let's say…tomorrow?"

You can't quite get a good look at him, they move fast and their uniform covers a lot, he tries to swipe his sword at your head but you quickly duck, rolling over the floor and as you jump up you quickly deliver a highkick to his unprotected back.
He slams against the bar, causing some glasses to tremble but nothing breaks.

The 2 enemies shake their heads, jump up and charge at you together.
Either roll to dodge them or attack, but a failure to attack will incur more damage.


Mislink. Ambrosias is Javier.

Making Ambrosias now.


He scratches his chin.


"The sewers. Some tramp gave me directions where exactly."
Try to explain the way.


I fear nothing!

Switch into Tiger Stance! Strike with my unarmed hooves!


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I frown.
"You just take these medicines. I'll get more of it today, okay? I promise, but please, take enough. I don't want anything to happen to you."


"And those runes you speak of. What did they look like?
You're certain this is not the work of some animal?"

The Tiger stance is quite an agressive stance, requiring initiative.
You blodly charge at the 2 figures, yet at the final moment, they break formation both running to one side of you and slashing you with their sword.

They turn and raise their swords again.

"I'll be fine, honey. It's not the first time it happened…"
She gives you a kiss on the cheek.
"Maybe we should go together to the hospital later…just to be sure…"


"Animals don't leave wounds like those… I think they must have been magic inflicted or something."
Try to describe the runes as best as I can remember '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Kiss her back and gently caress her cheek.
"We will, honey, we will…
I'll go and get what you need in the meantime okay?"

To the dogs.
"Cherry, Tony.
I want you two to be extra guardy guard dogs today, understood?"
Then pack up my stuff, and open the envelope.


Right… I've got three left, right? Or less?

Appraise the one I staggered originally. '1d10'

And follow that up with a Tumble into the very same. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


The Master holds his hooves, together, listening attentively.
"Strange….I would first have thought it was some animal or maybe some psychotic necromancer, but it does sound out of the ordinary.
And it's our job to know as much about what goes on in town as possible, I'll look further into this.
You're dismissed.
You can find some food prepared in the kitchen, I believe Whisper is there as well."
He takes another blow from his hookah.

"Okay, I'll rest some more."
She lays down again.

The dogs stop whimpering, as if they understand you.
And go lay down next to her couch, eyes open and ears up.

You have 3 hits left now.

You take notice of all the features of your opponents, judging from his built and fighting style you can assume he has 4H and 3W left.
You see the wooden helmet is made of interwoven twigs, carefully crafted together.
Stomping your hooves right in it with enough force might not just break it, it might seriously hurt your attackers eyes.

As you take in all these details, your second attacker doesn't wait, hitting you with the flat of his blade against the head, you fall down helpless.

Moon Wok 0/5 HELPLESS


Clever doggies.
So, I'm geared up I suppose?
And the letter says?


"Good, I'm starving."
Wave him off and leave. To the kitchen! Food!


Right… pull myself together and get up.


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Stare him down for a moment.


You're geared up, still have to get your masks.

The letter reads.

"Dear Mr. Leg,
This is Dusk from the postal service.
It seems a package has been delivered at the wrong adress.
Please pick it up and bring it to the rightful owner. It is at [adress in the Diamond District].
Kill everyone, get package, bring it to Morgana

You find some fresh veggies and fruits in the kitchen.
Whisper is there as well.
"You did good."

You get up swiftly.
You can almost feel the smirks behind those bounty hunters masks.

"Good. If you'll excuse me then.
I have other places to be."
He gets up, leaving you with the other hooded ponies, they look nervous, even underneath their cloaks.


Walk over to Tea again and kiss her forehead.
"I'll hurry dear, then we can go to the hospital."

Okay, with everything settled, off to the adress



Stagger the nearest one! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Look at him go.
"What's with him?"


By that I mean.. the one I staggered before.


"I'm glad you think so."
Start eating.


Which mask would you like?

You stagger that one again, another hit in the chest. You hear something of a crack and he makes a weird sound underneath that mask.

The others seem a bit nervous.
Slow Shell breaks the silence.
"I'm not sure. That's Flat Top, the donkey who gave us the tip about the temple and the riches within it.
He's been with us for a while now.
I guess he's just really anxious to get in."
The others nod and take of their cloaks, you see most of them are stallions, with two griffons between them.

He keeps eating some fruit himself
"What did you think of the job?"


"It was fun actually. Pretty fucking exciting and all that. Especially because things went pretty smooth."


Roll forward and follow that up with a Tumble! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"And… He goes off like this often?"



Oh, and obviously, I want to tumble into that gap in the armor.


He nods.
"That's why I do it as well.
Having the satisfaction of a job well done is better than all the gold in the world."

Zebra mask in your pockets.
You walk through the alleys of the Diamond District until you see it in the distance.
An old ruined building, you've seen it often, it was abandoned.
Seems it got new inhabitants, as you can see lights out of the windows.
On the door is drawn a circle with a horizontal line through it and another vertical line underneath it in black paint.

The others look at each other.
"He's been here in Vilitus longer than any of us.
He says he visits some friends once in a while."

As that guy holds his chest in pain, you roll straight towards him, avoiding the others sword.
As you get up, you smash you hoof right into the helmet and it splinters in his face.
You see the pony underneath is bleeding.
He is helpless.


Nod deeply.
"Well. I'm tired.
Shell, come with me, I wanna show you the babe I've picked up last night…"
Stand up and start making way for my room.


"Eh… let's not get crazy here. It wasn't orgasmic or anything."


Get a bit closer, then find an abandoned alley.


Right, now Tackle the other one! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Oh, but not before switching into Cross Stance.


"Sure. What she look like?"
You're in your room with Slow Shell.
"I don't see any broad here, boss."
He grins.

"If that were the case, this wouldn't be the right job for you.
But some pride in your work never hurts and it can be fun at times.
Before I came here to J'rac, I once had to find a target who was hidden in a Celestial Convent full of nuns.
I disguised myself as a statue and had to wait for 3 weeks.
That was an….interesting job."
He chuckles.

You jump into the air, striking your attacker right in the head.
You both hit the ground, yet you don't have any wounds from it.


You've found one


"Ush. And keep your voice low."
See if there's anyone at the door, then seal it.
"Top has to be a changeling."


Apply mask.
Apply darkness with Night.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That sounds absolutely fucking awful. But then, I was a statue for three centuries, so I'm an expert on that kind of stuff."
I laugh.


Now Tumble across and hit the other one!

'1d10+3' (Talent+Misogi)

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Slow Shell looks at you blank.
"What makes you say that?"

You put on your mask and suddenly hear something to your right.
Looks like there's a bum there, who saw you.
And from the look of his face, he knows what that mask means.
But he seems too frightened to run for now.

He chuckles.
"What was life like…back in Trotantium?"

The other one is still bleeding like a pig, but it seems like the one you just kicked isn't quite finished yet.
He gets up and grabs your leg before you can tumble away.
"You rat. I'll get ya for that."


"I was sitting right across him.
Didn't you see that look in his eyes? That glowing of green…
I bet if we follow him right now, we are gonna find out who he really is."


"I'm so sorry."
Leap of Faith to him, grab his head, and slam it against the ground.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hot. Seriously fucking hot during the summer. Wine was cheap though… so was food. Earth ponies and farming go well together, so there was food overflow. Heh, wasn't too hard to sneak onto farmsteads at night and steal some food and drink away when I was a kid. Still, it wasn't easy being a gutter rat in the capital."


Just bounce to my hooves!


Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"He didn't have green eyes as far as I saw."
He shifts his weight uncomfortably.
"Are you sure, boss? He's the one who helped us to the temple in the first place and told about the riches, I don't want to get in trouble with him…"

You jump but miss him by an inch as he tarts running.
Better get him! MIN6 to attack and incapacitate him.

He nods.
"It's hard living on the streets, no matter where you go."

Your attacker tries to hit you and you roll swiftly to evade, you don't see a chance to get up yet though.


"Tell you what. Anything happens, I'll say I forced you with an old debt. Is that okay?"


"What about you, huh?"


Death Blow!
Hit him with the nearest solid object with TK!
Aim for the head!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Ignore the +2


Right, now Tumble into an attack on him.



Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


He considers.
"Well you never know, but I don't think he's a changeling myself.
But it can't hurt to be sure."
He nods.

"I grew up in Los Pegasus.
My father was a pimp.
And my mother was a whore.
Suffice to say, it never really made for a nice home."

He's a fast one.
But you're gaining.

You evade and slam your back hooves into him, smashing his face and getting up at the same time.
There's not much life left in this one.
The other attacker is still alive however, crawling over the floor to get away.


Stagger! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Knock him down!
Trip him!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Off we go, out of the back entrance.
Or the window.
And keep the door locked, just in case.

Now, see if mister Top is still around…

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod.
"I can see why. Never even knew my parents, but I doubt they were wealthy."


As you come close he kicks you with his legs.
It doesn't really hurt you though.
And unless you break your legs, he's not going anywhere crawling like that.

You grab him and throw him on the ground.
He looks up scared and puts his hands over his head.
Finish him (No need to roll) ?

You see him out there, walking through the crowd.
MIN4 to follow him.

"Trust me, sometimes never having known your parents can feel better than knowing they were scumbags and never wanted you."
He walks up and grabs a bottle of wine.
"But enough depressing talk, one glass of wine to celebrate your first successfull mission? Unless you're that one in a million street rats that's drunk after one glass?"


Break his neck.


I will be as stealthy as the night.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"What do you think? Earth ponies are tough, we can handle our drink."


Right. Appraise him. '1d10'

"Where is Otsuro?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


App again '1d10


Damnit I am exhausted '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


He gasps as you grab his neck tightly and with one fast turn and a loud CRACK, his eyes turn cold, his tongue falls out, and the head falls lifeless on the ground.
Clean kill.

Indeed you are.
You and Slow Shell stealthily stalk him until he enters another pub called "The Salty Mare" still in the Vulture District.

He nods and pours you a glass.
He raises it "What shall we drink to?"

You don't need to see much to know he's in pain.
Yet you notice a scar around his left back leg, probably an old wound.
I fear it would hurt terribly if somepony were to plant his hoof on it.
"F…fuck you." He manages to bark as he barely crawls.


"All mares are salty."
Wait for him to enter, and follow.


Plant a hoof on it.

"Fine. Unuseful. Last words?"


"Why did you have to be there…"

Okay, let's make some darkness for real this time.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I raise it as well.
"To… smooth missions. May they all be as smooth and painless as the one today."


You enter the pub and see him sitting on one of the tables.
There's lots of folks around and some skimpily clad mares are carrying drinks around.
MIN6 to get close enough to him to hear any possible conversation without him spotting you.

Otherwise, without rolling you can sit further away but without hearing the conversation, only seeing who he might meet.

He screams as you put some pressure on it, without breaking it yet.
"Okay, okay….just don't kill me….please"

That's not dark.
Try again, you're obviously unfocused.

he nods and downs the glass '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I do the same.

Roll #1 9 = 9




I have a better idea.
Call up one of the mares, discretely.
"Hey baby…
Want to make a few real quick gold pieces?
Go up to those friends of mine and give them a few rounds. When they ask why, pretend you made a mistake, okay?"
Roll a few coins in my hooves.

This should buy me enough of a distraction to find a calm place to sit without problems, no?


Fuck this, I don't have time for this.
Rush to the building.
Jump in a window.
Leap of Faith at the nearest pony if there are any in the room I landed in.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Tomorrow you'll get another few lessons from me.
Let's hope your first mission taught you something about stealth"

He bites his lip bloody in pain.
"The gonpachi restaurant…he hired our gang, the Crazy Samurais…they'll kill you if you show your face there."

Good plan.
Tell you what.
MIN2 to do it now that he's occupied with the lady for a second.

You jump in the window, but where you thought there'd be a pony to jump in his neck, you only end on top of a toilet.
A pony is washing his hooves at the sink.
Surprised at you, you have a second to silence him before he screams.


Slip down a seat nearby unnoticed!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Death Blow, slam his head against the sink with TK!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"It went pretty well I think… stuck to the shadows and kept a light step. Hopefully none of those other sneaky fuckers spotted me."



That's what you do, he spits blood as you bashed him against sink.
But he's not helpless yet.

"I don't think there were any in the hotel.
But they'll be on the roofs tomorrow.
Keep your eyes on your pockets.
And another thing, watch out for that other apprentice you knocked down last time.
She might want a little payback."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Slow shell pushes a paper in your hoofs, and you both hide behind one.
Seems like he's none the wiser.
The waitress asks what you'd like to drink


"Bitch can try. I'll stomp her in the cunt."
I smirk and take another swig.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Dodged a bullet there.
"Beer. Big. For two."


Bash it again!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You can give Slow Shell some thanks there.
The waitress comes back with 2 big beers.
The paper has a few headlines.
>Entire house massacred by masked killer gang
>Water shortages in the Diamond District
>Advertisements for the Heralds of the Last Days
>Duke Blood Diamond promises more resources to combat the crime within the Snake District
>Bitter Tongue, son of Duke Infinite Light, died of food poisoning

You see a pony approaching your donkey buddy.
"Are we alone?"
He nods.

He doesn't give up and tries to elbow your head.


What's with all these mislinks?

Ambrosia should be Javier.
Ambrosia soon.


Just die already!

Roll #1 10 = 10


What a violent neighbourhood.
Read about the death of Bitter Tongue…
But keep an eye out for the conversation.


He grins.
"Planting a little flag on her would be much more elegant, and unnerving for her.
But I suppose that works too."

You slam, slam, slam.
Until there's a lot of blood mixed with bone and brain on the wall and a half mushy face in your hooves.

Details are scarce, as Duke Infinite Light of the Scarab District refuses to give comments.
But it seems he died last night when he was eating in his room.
This according to a prostitute who claims she was with him in that room, but didn't feel hungry.
Of course, Duke Infinite Light claims his son was a priest and would never have stooped so low as to let a whore like that close.

"How goes the excavation, brother?"
the donkey whispers "Good news and bad news, brother. It seems the new guy has found the crystals to access the chamber."
"And the bad?"
"I discovered the new guy Sven, is actually a mind mage."
Slow Shells eyes widen.
The pony shakes his head "A mind mage, are you sure brother?"
"Yes, I feel there might be treachery ahoof."


Okay, let's summon up a Blood minion.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"She wants to get revenge on me? Fine. I could take her on, I'm sure. Not kill her or anything, just beat her up good to make it clear that I'm the alpha bitch here."
I snicker.


Well now. Keep reading, nothing's happened.

What about that one gang of masked folks?


Your cut isn't deep enough and not enough blood spills to form one.
You don't lose a wound though.

Behind the door you hear talking.

"Let's see you back those words up tomorrow."
He gets up.
"It's getting late. I will see you tomorrow at dawn, Echo. Try to get out of bed in time, or I'll have to use a bucket of water this time."
He grins

Seems like there's a gang of ponies massacring ponies.
Details are scarce but it's always the same MO. One pony wearing an animals mask walks into a house, kills everyone and than disappears.
It has been going on for a few years now, death toll is in a few hundred ponies confirmed.
There is no clear pattern to the massacres. They usually target gangs, but ponies without any gang affiliation have been targeted as well.
The house last night was one of those.
No proof of any crimes attributed to these ponies.

The donkey nods "In any case, he promised to open the gate tomorrow."
"Good, let them have their rewards, the gold, the jewels, everything the Prophet talked about. Just make sure we get what we need.
The Prophet will be most displeased otherwise."
"It will be so brother."
The pony walks out again.
The Donkey stays for a while and drink a coffee while reading a paper himself.


"Shell, do you trust me completely?"


Listen in.
Try again maybe with the help of the spilled blood?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'll cut off your dick, Whisper. I swear."
Drink up the rest of my glass and get up.
"Fine, good night then. Dream of nice things and all that shit."


He just looks at you.
"I'm not even sure what to think of you right now. You're a mind mage?"

Well some more cutting does the trick.
Here he is. There's a wound off now.

There seem to be a bunch of ponies inside.
Smoking dat herb, chilling, a few half-concious red-eyed mares as well.
"Yo dude, what's with the 2 old folks upstairs?"
"Dunno, bro. But they work for the Prophet. Important business and all yo."
"For feathers sake, I hope the Prophet is right man, can you believe it? We'll be like the new bosses here bro."
One of the mares nods. "The Prophet is like sooooo awesome. I think I want his foals."
"He, you've never even seen him, Dandy."
"Pffft, like that matters."

"I didn't know you were into that sort of thing.
Good night, Echo."
He walks away.
You may go to sleep or maybe explore the Bureau a little?


Eh… I should sleep so I can be up and fresh tomorrow for the next assignment.
Rolling for dreams.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Give the faintest nod.
"Now or never Shell.
I need a lieutenant I can trust. Last chance before I jump ship and claime for myself whatever is in that crypt.
Decide very quicky.


Open the door.
LoF at one of the stallions.
Bloodguy attack the other stallion.

Roll #1 2, 6 = 8


You dream of Trotantium, of Cloptantinople.
It wasn't such a nice place, but..it was the only home you had.
You see all those alleys you might never see again.
You're in a bar, talking to a pony named Tasia, as she strikes you out of nowhere with a dagger, you wake up.
It's still night, you see the starry night out of your window and that same old moon.

"Uh…." '1d10+2'

You miss your jump again.
You must have too much on your mind with your waifu….what would she think if she knew how you financed all that medicine to keep her alive?
The guy on the coouch gets up and tries to understand the situation as the blood minion grabs and starts slashing him.
The other 3 guys and 2 mares are slowly realising this is really happening..

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


He looks at you.
"Okay…but no more bullshit from you. You tell me what your plans are. I'm willing to follow but if you try to mindread me again, there will be trouble. We're equals now, okay?"


And then, jump over to the table of the donk.
"Hello there, mister 'Top'."
Give him a grin.
"I do believe we have something to discuss."


Get out of bed and wander over to the window. Look outside and see how the nightscene looks out here.

Roll #1 2 = 2


No emotions now!
Death Blow on the dude!
Bloodguy keeps slashing!

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 = 3


He looks somewhat surprised.
"You've been following me now?
What else can I expect from a mind mage"
He says the last words with thinly veiled disgust.

The night is hot, with a warm air current going through the city.
The city is large, seemingly going on forever along the coast.
The Feline district is even darker than during the day, no light is seen in any house and the houses themselves are black as night, even if you wanted you wouldn't be able to see anypony in the shadows, you see some shadows moving on the roofs though, none coming for you.
The Vulture district is full of light, merriment and excitement, you can hear some faint music coming from it.
Further on there's the Red Tower, the numerous beehive like windows are lit up, but the top of the tower is eerily silent, you see some Changelings flying around it.
Further there are the grand temples of the scarab district, the occasional colored light from the Arachnia District, and very far away on one side of the horizon, the Ziggurats of the Vilitus Oasis, you see strange red lights all around, you've heard before they're called the Ghostlights. Nopony is really sure what they are. Maybe some light producing changelings, is the most believeable rumor you heard.
All this does nothing to chase your thoughts away from Cloptantinople.
On the contrary, in a strange way, the business and heat reminds you all the more.

"Wait bro, maybe we can ta-"

Your bloodguy starts slashing at one of the others with minor success. It's cohesion seems slipping.

"Ow bro, you're one of those animal mask killers are you? Oh man, you're so cool, I'm like your number one fan bro. Don't kill me, I'll tell everypony how awesome you are."


Keep it together, Bloodbro and kill.
I walk over to the one speaking and break his spine. Or her. Whatever.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2


At least that little whore hasn't come for me yet.
I snort and keep gazing upon the city for a while longer, then return to my slumbers. I need to get up on time!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The key to whatever fucked up magic of old you want to unleash~"


"Get out of here."

Now… leave the bar. To the Diamond District.


Bloodbro slashes up the one stallion who was half dead.
You try to hit the stallion, who know realizes you're "for reals"
He starts grabbing a bat, while the mares cower in a corner.

You still dream of Cloptantinople, but it troubles you less this time.
You seem to accept that things pass.

The next day….

"Fucked up magic?"
He smiles.
"You might be a mind mage, but you really have no idea what you're talking about.
Please, sit down."
He points to 2 empty chairs.

You arrive at last at the Diamond District.
If you thought the Vulture District looked bad, this is the poorest of the poor.
One part of it consists out of slums and hastily built appartments, the other half is a literal garbage dump, where bums, stallions, mares and even children scavenge for the smallest things.
There is a disturbing amount of beggars here, you almost have to shake them off.

I suppose you're here for the Heralds of the Last Days, well, that will be next time.



Yank the bat out of his grasp with TK and turn it against him.

Bloodbro goes for the mares.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


I had assumed that "slide" meant I had taken my seat and moved it over!

"You might be surprised by how much I've learnt.
But please, prove me wrong."



I best not get waken up by a bucket of water or I swear I'm going to murder Whisper.

Roll #1 4 = 4


He says as he delivers a few strikes to your head, it doesn't hurt too much, he's a panicked boy who managed to get lucky on an off day and you're a veteran.

Bloodbro slithers to the panicked mares.
But as it rises to strike them, the blood minions breaks apart, dousing the mares in blood.
They start screaming wildly.

Rolling for how much those 2 guys upstairs hear. '1d10+2'

You sit down.
"Would I now?
Surprise me, Sven or whatever your name is."

It seems you wake up right on time today.
Better get your clothes, you might even have time for a quick bite before training.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Seems like their room is double padded or something, you're safe for now.
But stll better get on silencing.


Gotta go fast.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Kill this guy with the bat already!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Ah-ah-ah. Not like this.
See, I am the only one who can open your precious blast from the past, so I suggest you listen carefully now.
First thing, I want to know about your group.
I'd rather not have to go rummaging through your mind to get what I need if I can avoid it."


You close your eyes for just a second and manage to wake up 10 minutes later again.
Shit, no more time for breakfast.
You manage to make it just in time on the roofs.
Whisper is already perched near the edge.
"I was just about to come get you."

He's keeps battering.
Get it together!

"Maybe I can do you one better?
Maybe you'd love to talk with our leader ourselves?"


Enough of this!
Death blow!
Shove that fucking bat down his throat!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Aw, were you worried for my safety?"
I smirk and sit down next to him.
"So, what's on the agenda today?"


"You will forgive me if I'm not esthatic at the idea. Walked into one too many traps already."


You've got more than enough of this.
You grab the bat.
"Pleasedontkillmepleasedontkillmepleasedontkillme…" SWAT

Those mares keep screaming as well.
Better put them out of their misery quick.

Rolling for if they hear something now '1d10+1'

"Today we hunt, let's see how much you learned."
With that he makes his way over the roofs.
MIN4 to follow him without trouble.

"Let me ask you a simple question then, before I explain what our group does.
What is it you hope to find within the temple?"

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Safe, for now.



"Hope? You misunderstand. I already know what's in there.
It is a prison."


"Hunt for what!?"
Go after him!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I keep mislinking.
I don't know why it happens.


Good, stay ignorant to my machinations~


Leap over there, and silence at least one with the bat.
Make a 'sssh' motion to the other.

Roll #1 9 = 9


He shakes his head.
"And what makes you says that?
No, what lays in there is gold, diamonds, old furniture, metals, stones and a few artefacts.
It is those artefacts we are interested in, the gold and anything else you'd like is for you.
I can assure you, the artefacts would be of no use to ponies like you.
To properly operate them, would require the proper scientific knowledge, not any knowledge you'd have."

She silenced with a crack to the skull.
And that mare shuts up.
She grabs your legs and holds them thight, looking silently up at you with a begging, tearful face, slowly shaking her head


Drop the bat.
Caress her mane comfortingly with a hoof while still saying "ssssh."
Break her neck.

Roll #1 5 = 5



"Tsk. I see they told you nothing then.
Tell you what. You tell me a bit about this prophet, I tell you what's really inside that place. Deal?"


You make it flawlessly this time.
"Unsuspecting ponies."
He points out a pony messing around, getting himself out of one of the tapestries of the Feline District.
He throw you another mini flag and waits.

She drops lifelessly in your hoofs.

"The Prophet is a pony who has been blessed to serve as a voice for the Gods of Vilitus.
He has been warning and preparing his followers for the coming days.
When the Gods of Vilitus return here and extract rightful judgement upon the Invaders."


"… uh. Okay."
Stealth up.



Roll #1 4 = 4


I guess the package is not here.
What improvisable weapons are around?


"Okay. I see. And what were you promised, uh?
A place amongst them?"
Grin ever so slightly.


You try your best to blend in, but you can't quite find good spots to hide near the pony.

It might be upstairs.
A bat, a butterfly knife and a decorative axe.

"All those willing to aid will get a place in the new Vilitus."


"Great. And you are now gonna tell me you actually believe all this?"


Alright, let's be more direct then. Walk past the pony and try to sneakily plant the flag on him. Sleight of hoof.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Activate Retaliate it's instant now, right? then kick down the upstairs door.


Here's a roll then

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You're the mind reader, why don't you tell me?"
He smirks.

You can't quite get a grip on him, and you suddenly notice a pony following YOU as well.
Better finish this up quick.

Get ready for Retaliation.
You smash in the door and 2 ponies are too surprised to act against you.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Leap at one of them and stab the knife through his/her throat.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Somehow, I already know the answer."
But be sure. He might be toying with me.
Does he believe even a word this 'prophet' says?
"I have a counteroffer to his."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


He seems very convinced of it.
"Do tell."

You plant the flag on the stallion and dash into a nearby alley. As you hide behind a stall, you see the pony following you entering the alley, looking around for you.

One of the ponies thinks quick and blocks your knife with his elbows and gives you a quick left hoof to the chin.
You stagger back.


Stealth. Please hide.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Crouch down like I wanted to leap at him again, but instead launch the knife at his eye with a TK in surprise.
Death Blow.


Well, fuck.
But why? Out of faith or out of personal gain?



Roll #1 3 = 3


She spots you and runs towards you.
Get ready for some rapefight, note that she doesn't take out any weapons you can notice and seems to want to attack you with her bare hooves.

He sees it coming, grabbing your leg and giving you a stomp yo the belly, before headbutting you and throwing you on the ground.
You've never fought an opponent like this before, you've heard of monks that use this unarmed fighting style.
You're helpless.

It seems a matter of faith, you see flashes of a shadowy pony preaching the extermination of all Changeling Invaders and their allies in Vilitus.
Behind him you note an unusual decorated black rectangle, a tangible aura of power beckons from it.



Addition to Zebra's post.
As the Monk bows over you to grab your mask, you quickly hit him straight in the jaw with your back hooves.
He is helpless as well.



Is that so? Keep my weapons sheathed too then.

Kick up some dust as she charges at my like an idiot. Blind her.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Moon Wok
See >>457671
Addendum: in numerous places you see posters showing a curious symbol (pic related) and slogans telling the final days are approaching for Vilitus.
There must be someone hanging these up.

The large pony is dressed completely in black and even the face is concealed behind a black veil. The dust doesn't do anything and the pony immediately delivers a firm kick to your gut.


File: 1375386936032.png (4.8 KB, 360x394, HotLD.png, IO Google TinEye)

>pic related


Study one of the posters. Appraise: '1d10'

And look around. Skim these streets for somepony that looks like they're involved with the posters.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, we are screwed.
"Tell your Prophet I want to meet him. Tomorrow."


Get up, quick!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well isn't she fucking special.
Kick her back.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The symbol itself doesn't ring a bell.
The paper is made of papyrus but low quality, sloppily made.
The ink is low quality as wel, running out in a few places, it seems whoever ordered them made preferred speed and quantity above quality and it shows.

As you walk through the streets you notice a gathering of ponies around a robed pegasus.
"-ther your mares and your foals. When the New Gods strike, it will be quick, it will be merciless and it will be bloody.
The streets will run red with blood of pony and changeling alike.
Only those who repent and accept the rightful rulers of Vilitus will be safe."

"I might arrange that. But it will be at a neutral place, of our choosing. In the Arachnia District near the rock fountain we passed on our way to the temple."

You're up.
The monk still isn't, surprised by your swift kick.
The other old pony is cowering in the corner.

Before you can do anything that kick to the gut is followed up by a hoof to the chin.
You are helpless.

Ambrosia 0/5


"Sounds good. Truth be told, I am not scared for my life.
After all, I am the only one who could enter your precious artifact."
Now, finish my beer.
Wait for the donkey to leave.


Then address him with a single word. Don't yell, but enunciate loudly and clearly. Project my voice for this single syllable.



Finish him off!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Escape Artist back up!


"We will see you there. And bring our other mutual friends as well. They all deserve a reward."
He leaves
Slow Shell looks at you.
"Seems like he's not a changeling after all, boss."

The crowd turns towards you.
The Herald seems pleased.
"Ah, see my friends. A courageous pony, ready to fight for the truth the moment he hears it."
He walks towards you.
"Brother do you seek to aid us with your words, or do you seek to aid us with your hooves?"

He parries your crowbar and jumps up.
Ready to attack.

You're up.


Leap at her and punch her!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"No. Looks like he is a fool."
"Change of plans.
We have to see what's inside that prison and we have to do it before meeting up with this prophet."


Just die already!
Leap at him!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Your leaders. Where are they?"


You leap but she dodges, delivering a swift kick to your side.

"N…now? But what about the others?"

You leap and grab him, slamming his face.

He opens his hooves towards the sky.
"They are coming…very soon.
But to aid us in the preperations we have been granted earthly leaders, following the New gods will.

The Prophet is our supreme leader and speaks the word of the new Gods.
His light guides the Heralds.

But I sense that you have a warrior spirit, many enemies are still at large, seeking our demise.
Should you wish to aid us in this cause, I can take you to the Speaker."


Shove the rebar in his mouth and pry open his jaws!
Death blow!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It's now or never.
And I don't want to go to this meeting unprepared.
We should make haste, and be wary of anyone following us."


This cunt!
Hit her already! Land a heavy punch! Put my back into it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


He blocks your attacks with a series of quick blocks.
Then slams his hoof against your mask.
"Only cowards hide behind masks."

"Very well, boss."

Before you can put your back into it, she grabs your hoof, throws you over her back, right onto the ground. You manage to get up before she planted her hoof on your face

Ambrosia 1/5
Zebra 3/4


Grind my teeth and try to headbutt her as she misses me.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Leave and make my way for that tomb.
Be on the lookout for anyone following us.

Roll #1 6 = 6


And only fools die to someone wearing a rubber mask.
Bash his skull in already!



Roll #1 1 = 1


She grabs your head and Headbutts you.
You tumble on the ground.
You're helpless.

You don't see anyone following you.
You enter the tunnel and reach the monolith once again.

With a hughkick to your head, he slams you to the ground.
"Now let's take a look behind that mask!"

Ambrosia 0/4 HELPLESS
Zebra 0/3 HELPLESS


Fuck me. Fuck me hard.
Escape artist should be ready to go again.


Oooh, fuck me!
Roll aside and spring up!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're up.
The figure snorts in annoyance.
"Still won't quit?" says a surprisingly feminine voice.

You grab his hoof before he can reach your mask, but you can't get up.


"I've beaten up larger ponies than you! Now, playtime is fucking over!"
Snarl and leap at her! Enough playing around!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Down to it.
Establish a mind link.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Yes I can!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You leap at her delivering a fast kick to her head, catching her by surprise.

You touch the cold surface of the monolith and feel a familiar pull on your mind as you make a connection.
The booming voice returns.
"Establishing Aetherial Mental Link…
Link-up complete.
User Javier found in data registry…
Authorization level "Guest"
Awaiting Command…

Slowly while holding his hoof and staring at each other you manage to push him back and get up again.


That's right! Tables are turning! Now follow that up with a swift kick!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I really want to just violently kill him already.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Deploy crystal insertion port.


Hell yeah, girl.
You slap her on the head, as she tumbles down, she loses her headveil and you see she's an Arabian mare.

You turn his hoof, forcing him on his knees.
You loom over him, a vision of death.

"Access granted…"
The familiar pillar slides up again.
"Please insert Aministration Crystal"


I smirk and kick up some dirt in her face.
"Here, have some mud!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Question. Can I bind the code in the crystal to my person, so that no one else will ever be able to use it?


Then death I shall give.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You confidently step over her body towards her face as you speak.
You grab some dirt and….
She fucking slaps your face out of nowhere, pushing you on your back and she's holding you down now.
"You were saying?"


You grasp his nick with one hoof, but he looks defiantly at you and the neck doesn't give.


Escape Artist just cooled down! Get from under her!
"I'm going to serve your ass on a platter."


Then do so.

Place the crystal.


Oh it will give allright.
Death Blow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Your fault for throwing me off a freaking roof, you whore!"
She's not backing down.

A strange soft humming sound echoes through the chamber as you insert the crystal.
The pillar slides back into the floor.
"Scanning structural integrity……
Crystal 05101 assigned to Administrator Javier
Awaiting Command…

You press and with some trouble the neck snaps.
He falls to the ground dead.
The one pony still left carries a briefcase.
"Please, I can give you bits, whatever you want…"


Twist the head around 360 with my magic, just to make sure as I walk towards the pony.
"The briefcase."


Inhale deeply.
We are here now.
Sit down.

What is your function.


"Are you sure it wasn't just your fat ass causing you to be imbalanced, you sandsucking arab?"
Wait for her to make a move, then counter it!

Roll #1 4 = 4


He looks at it and clamps it harder.
"No, anything but that….You don't know what you'll do…"

"The Arcane Nullifier was designed to absorb any arcane energy within it, deconstruct it and release it outside the Nullifier.
This was done to more effectively quarantine harmful arcane materials within the core.
This program also controls a number of security countermeasures against any unauthorized attempt to enter the core.

You wait.
Her right hoof moves and you prepare to counter.
But it was all a distraction and her left hoof hits the soft part of your nuzzle.
"I see somepony imbalanced here, and it's not me."
She smirks.


Push the crowbar against his neck.
"It wasn't a suggestion."


What is the source of harmful arcane energy within the core?


"Oh aren't you clever. I can't wait to hear you beg."
Tackle her!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Listen to me.
Who pays you? I'll offer you double!"

"Debris consisting of various materials and metals."

"Are all you earth ponies as uncouth as y-"
You surprise highkick her right in the nuzzle.
She drops over slamming through an empty stall.


What's their origin?


Leap after her!
"I have no idea, but you were clearly dumb enough to think you can beat an earth pony in brawling!"
Punch her in the gut!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shove that crowbar in his eyesocket.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Debris recovered from Cellular Conversion Site Lambda after a catastrophic system failure destroyed the site."

She groans in pain as you punch her in the gut.
"You slut, I'll throw you off a roof myself, see how it feels."

You do and he screams in pain as you poke around.
Suddenly you feel something tugging your back leg.
It's the monk crawling over the ground with a limp neck.
"We're not done yet!" says his open mouth without moving


Explain function of Cellular Conversion Sites.


"You'll have to beat me first, sweetheart~"
I grin and get off of her.
"Come on, get up!"


"Error. Insufficient Data…"

She gets up surprised.
"You think I can't handle you?"
She grits her teeth.

Ambrosia 5/3
Zebra 6/3


What would happen if the seal was lifted and your chamber opened?


I smile mockingly at her.
"I'm kindhearted enough to at least allow you to stand while I beat the everloving hell out of you."
Charge at her!

Roll #1 3 = 3



Nod, and follow him if he leads.


"This program does not contain any Timestream Probability Calculators and is therefore unable to make predictions about the future and will simply state possible effects of exposure to materials.
Performing Scan………
Only mild radiation is detected from materials at current molecular stage.
Short-term exposure would be within acceptable parameters. [minutes-days]
Mid-term exposure could create minor side-effects. [2-3 weeks]
Long-term exposure could create fatal mutations [Year or more]
Radiation is non-harmful while stored in the core or if biological unit is outside a radius of 2 meters of the material.

When the Herald finishes his speeches he has gathered quite a few new followers.
You all follow him in the dark tunnels of the sewers.
As you enter a dark passageway filled with tiny holes in the walls, a guard stops you.
Grabbing a crystal ball in his hoofs, he closes his eyes and opens them again, letting you and the followers through.

You enter a large hallway dimly lit by torches filled with side passages.
Everywhere you see ponies, donkeys, griffons either preparing for war, practicing their fighting or sword techniques.
Others are bowed over large books and scrolls.
You enter a large hallway, at the center a mare in a strange black armor is fighting a stallion, easily beating him to the ground.
She looks all of you over as you come in, resting her eyes on you.
"You….you look you're Neighponese."


"You didn't give me that kindness yesterday."
She lowkicks your knee.
"And it seems you're not so tough when it's an honest fight."


Very well.

Can this chamber be re-sealed with a 100% certanty once it has been opened?


Grunt and stumble back.
"Are you going to keep crying about that? Get over it!"
Smash into her!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Performing Equipment Scan…..
Deterioration of Gate mechanism detected.
Sending request to Maintenance…..
Resending request………..
Resending request………..
No response from Maintenance.
Based on current scan and without any maintenance the possibility of gate mechanism critical failure is 10%

"I'll make sure you remember not to mess with me!"
She ducks as you charge and you slam against a barrel, tripping to the ground.

Ambrosia 1/3


Alright, enough of this. Leap at her.
Sleep Serum. Slow her down by jabbing a needle of my magic stuff into her.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ten percent is still better than no percent.

Open the gate.


You grab out a needle but she grabs your hoof.
Snaps it around, causing you to drop it (you've got more) and pins you against the wall.
"That's very naughty of you, what was that? Poison?"

"Initiating Unlock procedure…"
A tremble goes through the entire complex.
Slow Shell suddenly seems very nervous "Is this it, boss?"

A sound of many large unseen metal locks opening echoes through the chambers.
Followed by a series of loud thumps.
Then silence. Slow Shell takes a breather.

"Magnetic locks disengaged.
Depressurizing Core Airlock.

A loud Psssssssshhhhhhhh starts and Slow Shell jumps again.
This continues for roughly a minute.

"Air pressure equalized.
Opening Inner Core Entrance.

A loud thump is head and the large door in the wall behind the monolith slowly slide open.
Parts of the walls start lighting up, powered by strange magic.
The inside of the Core is quite bright and your eyes aren't quite used to the contrast with the dark monolith chamber.
You can't quite see what's in there….



Escape Artist. Wrestle myself out of her grip.
"But if you stand still, I'll let you find out."


What the…
Squint my eyes, get them accostumed to the bright light.


She grabs the needle from the ground and gets up as well.
"I hope you're really sure about that."

You blink and your eyes are becoming more accustomed to the light.
Slow shell holds a hoof in front of his eye with open mouth.
The door seems to lead into a truly gargantuan room, you seem to be on the top of it with a staircase leading towards the bottom.
From your current viewpoint however, outside the room still by the monolith, you can't see what's in the bottom of the room however.


Your world is being invaded…


Blind her!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Appraise her! '1d10'


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Oh for…"
Buck him away from me with my hindlegs!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Shell, I need you to keep guard on the Monolith.
Can you do that?"


Before you can react she grabs you by your neck, holding you in a choke.
"Now let's see what this does."
The needle gets awfully close to your neck.
"If it isn't poison you have nothing to worry about, right?"

The mare is small but remarkable muscled for a female, as you can see from the few parts of her body that aren't armored.
She has a sharp gaze, causing most of your fellow companions to look down.
She carries a giant Axe on her back, stained with blood.

"Why are you here?"

You buck him off you, but he slowly gets up again.
"You cannot sssstop usssss…"
The other pony is still hopelessly trying to get your crowbar out of his eye, causing a bloody mess all over the floor.

He gulps.
"Sure thing boss. I'll scream if something happens."
He chuckles nervously.


He is at a good place there.
"Watch me."
Leap of Faith, impale his chest on my horn.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"To kill the Red Prince."


Take the stairs. Go down. Slowly.


Try to swipe the needle and jam it in her instead!
"It's sleep serum, so go take a nap!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


You impale him with your horn.
Slicing a large hole in his chest.
The monstrosity just laughs and headbutts you back.
"Mortal…who sent you?"
4/3 Zebra

She nods.
"The Prince, one of our most formidable opponents…yet he is nothing but a puppet of his changeling masters.
And just as they will fall so will he.
But still many other enemies have to be vanquished before he can be directly attacked."
She squints her eyes.
"Tell me, have you ever heard of a Neighponese pony called Otsuro?"

You enter the large chamber.
A soft humming noise fills the room, which could easily fit an entire hoofball stadium.
Down below lies a large amount of….ruins.
Yes from here it looks like simple pieces of rubble, pieces of walls, metals and you see something glittering everywhere as well.
Even from here you can see a large amount of gold and diamonds scattered across the entire room. It might take some time to gather all of it, but if they're pure, well, you guess that even if you split it with all your hooded companions you would still be a rich pony.
As you descend the spiral staircase you notice large black rectangles like caskets hanging at all the walls.
There's a small windom in all of them.
Take a peek in one?

You get out of her chokehold and grab the needle, sticking it in her neck.
"You bitch!"
She rubs her neck and if stares could kill you'd be dead by now.
Not to mention you feel very very bad.
She already did a number on you.

Ambrosia 6/1



Holy shit, there's a spooky pony skeleton inside.


Stare at it.
What sub-species?


I chuckle.
"Don't worry, sweetie pie. It's not that strong. Tell you what, you stop trying to fight me and I wont fight you anymore either."


Oh for…
Quickly, pick up anything resembling a weapon and try to decapitate it!
Death Blow!

Roll #1 3 = 3



It has a horn, so unicorn.

There are more caskets, you count hundreds hanging on the walls.
You can take a look at a few more if you want as you go down the staircase.

You grab the crowbar still stuck in the still alive pony's eyesocket, you pull and pull with your one free hoof but it doesn't want to come out.
The thing slams a hoof against your ribs.
"Talk…and you will die quickly"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Her eyes grow hazy, she has to lean on a nearby box to keep standing.
"F-fuck you."


See one skeleton, see them all.
Keep going down.


Keep silent.
I'll just rip it's head off with my own fucking hooves then.
While snarling.
Snarling very angrily.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Don't be so spiteful. I'm not going to kill you or anything. We had a good fight and tied with each other, get over it."


You end up down there are a few small paths through the debris field. Which looks even larger from down here.
Just right beside you, you find a diamond the size of your hoof.
And there should be lots more of this in the field.

You release the crowbar, grabbing the limply hanging head and tearing it off with your bare hooves.
Throwing it on the floor.
….It's body keeps trying to stab you, though it misses you without its head, slamming against the other pony instead, the crowbar falls out, together with a torrent of blood.

She snorts.


Pick up the crowbar, jam it down the neck with as much force as I can, then pry upwards.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"According to which rules? What do I look like, a fucking paladin?"


Keep walking down the path.
Why would they ever bury treasure in a waste dump.
This is wrong.


Before you can pick it up the headless horse pins you down.
The crowbar is just out of reach…or is it?

"Don't you have any honor?
A fight hoof to hoof. If I had employed poison, you…wouldn't have lasted a second…"
She leans against the crate more heavily, struggling to stay awake.

The whole sight is wrong.
And who hangs caskets on the wall?
They're metal rectangles hanging to the wall with a bunch of cables.
You follow the path for a while, seeing things you couldn't even guess the use off.
Smashed rectangles with a all sorts of arrows and buttons and the inside full of ripped cables and metals.
Golden wires that seem to have been dumped at random, some sticking inside machines.
And there are even normal things like couches and chairs, you even notice a matress.
And a little bit further something really odd.
A skeleton of a pony, but completely in metal, half smashed admidst the rubble.


Do what I wanted to do, but with my telekinesis.
"Just die already!"
Death Blow

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I've got honor enough not to continue beating you right now, don't I? I kinda wanted to end the fight, so I tipped the scales."
I grin.
"You fight pretty well though, with those hooves of yours."


What the…
Step closer to that, but don't touch it.
Is this the final room?
Nothing else but junk in here?


You can't quite reach it.
Oh god… from the open neck of the headless horse something seems to drip and it isn't blood.
A drop of it hits the ground right next to your head and starts eating its way through the floor.

She grits her teeth.
"Then allow me to return the favor…"
She swipes.
Ow shit. Dodge.

It's one large room, bigger than a hoofball stadium, you haven't explored half of it, but from what you can see here there's junk, lots of diamonds and gold things scattered everywhere, and that's pretty much it.
Why would anyone go through the trouble of sealing this?
And where are those artifacts that donkey talked about, you don't even have a clue what it would look like.
Almost everything here looks unusual…

It is a perfect skeleton of a pony in black metal.
The eyesockets are dark. The bottom half of it is torn off and some wires stick out of the inside of the metal bones.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Follow the wires.


You move to late as she thows something tiny at you, hitting your leg.
As you check, you pull out a small needle, not unlike yours, except this one is a bit more curved, making it stick deeper in the flesh.
You look at her as she smirks.
No sooner does she collapse into sleep or you feel that all too familiar sense of numbness entering your brain.
Sleep serum.
And a really strong one, you struggle to keep up but collapse not too far from your opponent.
As your eyes close, you see a shadow falling over you.

Roll for dreams.

I have not described enough.
The wires hang out pretty much like entrails would out of a half-cut body.
It doesn't lead anywhere, just small pieces hanging out of it.


Look inside it.

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 9 = 9


You open up part of the box inside its metal ribs and it's a hazy mess of wires. But while you can't ascertain the purpose you do notice one with an obvious hole where it belongs, next to it.
Plug it in?

You dream of laying in a nice hot bath, without worries, without troubles.
You hold your breath to dive under and as you come up again, you wake up back in your bed in the Bureau.


Jump out of bed and storm outside!


Eh, sure. It's just wires.


File: 1375566226110.png (3.31 KB, 360x394, HotLD.png, IO Google TinEye)

You find Whisper sitting on the roof, munching an apple.
"Hello, sleepyhead."

You attach it and a green symbol (pic related) you vaguely recall having seen somewhere before lights up on the thing's black forehead.

Suddenly a green light appears in its eyesockets, the head slowly turns facing you.


Look around, what time of day is it?
"How long was I out!? Where is that Arabian bitch?"


Step back.
Try to read its mind!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


It seems late in the afternoon.

"A couple of hours. I picked you up once you went out cold. As for that bitch, once I jumped down, her master suddenly appeared as well.
I guess we thought the same thing. She's probably waking up around now as well. Bothering her master about where that trotantine bitch went"
He laughs

You focus on its mind.
You probe its mind it feels strange, at first it feels completely empty but it feels like a pony…you realize to your shock that this…whatever it was, was once a pony.
Suddenly from deep within its mind you hear these thoughts.
"Unknown target sighted…
Calculating probability of success.
You see fast flashes of its legs and the wires in its back legs.
You realize the thing is somehow looking itself over.
"Damage extensive…
Success probability 5.43%
Initiating protocol Omega….
You see a thought flash of the thing exploding.


Roll back!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I huff.
"Did you catch her name? Which group do they belong to?"


Kick him off of me!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You roll back right as it explodes, a bunch of metal pieces, gold and gems fly up in the sky.
You get hit by a few small gems, but it doesn't hurt in the least.
Another larger black piece of the thing crashes right next to you.
It must have been sitting within the thing as you never saw it on the outside.
It is a black dodecahedron. On each side there are small black pins sticking out but as soon as it hits the ground, they all go inside, leaving only a smooth black dodecahedron.

"I didn't catch her name.
We didn't even talk.
But I know who she belonged to, another group of assassins calling themselves the Immortals, all Arabian horses.
I had a few run-ins with them before, some not too pleasant.
But I wouldn't want to start a war with them in our district."

Drip. Drip. Drops of acid dropping on your chest.
That shit hurts.

Zebra 0/2


"What the hell are they doing in Equestria?"


Kick him off and get up!



Roll #1 5 = 5


What the… Okay. Note to self.