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Mini-sheets: https://goo.gl/mm7f1o

You're in the ancient city of Platina, the core of Unicornia and the rumored birthplace of such legendary mages as Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever. You can see references to them throughout town, it seems everyone here claims to be an ancient descendent from one of them. Notable landmarks are the Golden Palace, the Academia, the Fundaments, the Old Quarter, the Monument to the One Tribe, the Wall and the Old Quarter. The city is mostly still sparkling white but the decline is noticeable where the old craftsmanship has been shoddily patched up with cement and painted white, or worse simple planks. From all place you can see the Golden Palace, it is white with a some sparkling as the sun shines on it.


Adventure: The Jewel of the North

Menace: II

NPC Stats

Indy (Huge Beast Flyer/Walker — 65 XP): TL: 5
Str: 14/+2; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 12/+1; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +4=3+1(dex) Melee: +7=5+2(str) Fort: +4=3+1(con)
Health: +9=4+1(con)+4(size) ~ 125/24 Ranged: +6=5+1(dex) Ref: +4=3+1(dex)
Def: 12=10+3+1(dex)-2(size) Comp: +2 Will: +3=3+0(wis)
Size: Huge (3×3); Reach: 1; Speed: 70 ft. flight, 20 ft. ground;
Qualities: achilles heel (cold), damage immunity (fire), fearsome, light sleeper, rend, veteran III.
Attacks: Fiery Breath [3d6/20] (damage II: damage type: fire; armour piercing 2), Bite II [1d12/17-20], Claw II [1d10/19-20]

Inferni (Tiny Beast Flyer — 55 XP): TL: 2
Str: 8/-1; Dex: 13/+1; Con: 10/+0; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +3=2+1(dex) Melee: +0=1-1(str) Fort: +1=1+0(con)
Health: -2=2+0(con)-4(size) ~ 40/5 Ranged: +2=1+1(dex) Ref: +2=1+1(dex)
Def: 13=10+0+1(dex)+2(size) Comp: +0 Will: +1=1+0(wis)
Size: Tiny (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 40 ft. flight;
Qualities: damage immunity (fire, heat), everlasting, natural defense (fire), swift attack I.
Attacks: Talon II [1d3/19-20] (bleed), Phoenix Flash [DC 20] (blinding III: cone 20ft range)

Silver (Medium Folk Walker — 88 XP): TL: 2
Str: 18/+4; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 18/+4; Int: 12/+1; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 12/+1;
Init: +5=4+1(dex) Melee: +9=5+4(str) Fort: +9=5+4(con)
Health: +9=5+4(con) ~ 100/18 Ranged: +6=5+1(dex) Ref: +6=5+1(dex)
Def: 17=10+6+1(dex) Comp: +3 Will: +6=5+1(wis)
Size: Medium (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 30 ft. ground;
Qualities: devoted (Path of erovi III, Path of patavi I ), honorable.
Attacks: Zweihander (2h, 1d12 lethal, 19-20, massive, Guard+1, superior)
Gear: Full chainmail w/ heavy fittings [DR 5, Edged R: 3] (2xp)


He considers this.
"And why should I trust you? Why do you want to go after them?"


You enter the dark cave.
It's so dark you can't see a thing, except a torch burning in the distance that's turned off the moment you canter towards it


Light a torch to get a look around.

"Everyone else okay?"


"Because I recognize a good opportunity when I see one. Do you still care about your daughter?"


"Why did that torch go out?"


Holly speaks up.
"I'm fine. There must be somepony else here!"

"Don't call her that.
River is my daughter, Sweet is my daughter.
Swirler is not my daughter."


I hope I am healing well


"Should I keep mine on? It'll tell them exactly where we are…"


You are.
Let's just say you're feeling fine again and may leave if you want.


I'm fine with being bedridden!


In that case, it's a nice bed.
Inferni is sitting outside the windows, napping.


"We can't see anything without or own torches!"


"Whatever. Will you cooperate or not?"


"It seems I have little choice. What would you like to know?"


Holly "We should just keep our eyes open really well!"


"Everything you know about Swirler."


"I'll keep it on so we don't miss anything. Let's look around and find whoever was here!"

Are there any doors or routes I can see?


Maybe if I'm shiny enough I don't need a torch…

I search too!

Roll #1 1 + 7 = 8


Yes, the cave stretches out in many different directions.
However…your Survival skills detect….(roll Survival).

"She's called Flow.
I had planned a great future for her. Good husband, a good family, everything a mare her age could ask for.
But she didn't want it. She started causing trouble. I don't know how she became so obsessed with Discord. But she did and she started causing trouble around the city. When the guard caught her and brought her to me, I protected her."

You still need a torch

AD activated.
Somepony tries to grab you from the darkness.
Roll Athletics to resist the Grapple.

Mine '1d20+9' + AD '1d8'

Roll #1 12 + 9 = 21 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Surviving '1d20+7'

Roll #1 11 + 7 = 18


"Sheltered is the word I'd use, but continue."


Can't he come inside?


i thought Ferriro had one out!
"Hey!" resist!

Roll #1 16 + 17 = 33


He can. He's just relaxing in the Sun. You can call for him if you want.

He has, but they're coming from behind!
You struggle and get out. Silver turns around, but as you look back, whatever grabbed you has disappeared again.

"Despite my continued generosity, she kept sneaking out and causing trouble. She even picked up those others. Street ponies and other rabble. They became known as the Swirlers. I managed to keep her identity concealed."

You notice large tracks and a peculiar smell coming from one of the tunnels. You recognize the tracks as the same as the goatclops.


I'll let him relax.
Am I alone in the room aside from?


"Hey, the Goatclops was here! The tracks are familiar! It must have been down these tunnels!"


"I've met her compatriots. They're clearly all in cahoots with Discord."


"Something just tried to grab me!"


Take out my Chain.

"Was it a Dog, a Gryphon, or the… Goatclops?"

Look around.


Yup, you could schlick all you want.

"They are big fans. They drink the chocolate milk and cause all kinds of mischief.
Luckily they're mostly earth ponies. They have no magic and the damage they can do is little."

Silver looks around carefully, sword in his hooves.
"I don't see anything….perhaps invisble demons…"


"No arcane magic at least. I sensed a strong presence of Discord down there, it wouldn't surprise me if they knew a fair bit of divine magic."


"Something sneaky! And it had a powerful grip too!"


"Let's stay close then."


"If they had it would be new, they have been apprehended a few times throughout the years and shown no such abilities."

"Holly, with your magic, can you see anything?"
"No, it must be gone…or very powerful."

"Let's stay close to each other, keep your eyes on each other as we follow that trail!"


T-That's not why I asked!


"So about Flow, when did she disappear? Did her behavior change at all the days beforehand? Did you notice anything unusual?"


"I'll take the rear, because I'm good at resisting grabs!"


Oh so why did you then?
To smoke more drugs?

"Yeah I know!"

Amber, you may roll a Notice check as you walk further.

"She had been acting better. Less tantrums, more polite. I was hoping she was finally learning.
She ran off again five days ago. I've heard the guard say they believe she has left town.
But I'm quite sure she's somewhere in the Fundaments. She's too used to comfort to leave."


To chat up anyone I share the room with!


"What if she's completely fallen to Discord's influence? Do you still care about your daughter or is it all just politics to you?"


Be noticeful!

Roll #1 3 + 9 = 12


action dice!

Roll #1 3 = 3


action dice!

Roll #1 6 = 6


One of the other patients drops by.
A light blue stallion! You saw him yesterday while checking in
"Hello! Hey, didn't I see you yesterday?"

His face doesn't show much emotion.
"I would pay handsomely to see her home safely, alive. With the necessary discretion."

You notice one of the ponies teleporting in again right behind you, but jump up in time.
You and Silver stare him down as he slowly backs behind again.


"You probably did! I think I saw you too!"


"Hey! Who are you!? Were you trying to touch my butt again!?"


"Are you aware that you have made mistakes that contributed to what happened here?"


File: 1438459769676.png (17.35 KB, 194x194, Domp.PNG) ImgOps Google

"What of it? I made mistakes, but don't think this is all my fault either. Then you haven't met her."

He tips his cap.
"The name's Domp.
And do you want me to touch your butt?"


"I'm in here for a strained hoof.


"I'm here for having a fight with a cockatrice alone."
Say that like it was just a minor nuisance of an average day!


"I'm not saying that at all. Selling out to Discord is not a sign of great intelligence.

Look, in the end it doesn't matter to me what happens after this gets resolved so long as I get what I want. It would be nice to not hear about it all being for nothing afterwards though."


"If you do that, I'm going to hit you so hard you won't walk straight for a month! You're one of them Discordians!"


He laughs then stops slowly.
"…wait, really?"

"Understandable, you're a merchant after all. So you get me what I want, I'll give you what you want…"

"Yes, and?"


"Easy to remember, isn't it? Just make sure you don't forget and fuck me instead, that's a risk you really shouldn't take."


"You've done some really bad things mister! I should arrest you for your crimes!"


His eyes narrow.
"As should you, miss Mist.
Take it from me, as a fellow businesspony, always be polite when squeezing your targets, you have no idea what they might still be capable of."



"I'm not squeezing you, I'm helping you. If you're heartless enough to tell me to not bother looking for her, I won't even bother doing business with you."


"Because I have a big warhammer and you're a jerk!"


Nod, and show off some of the scratch marks!
"Would I lie?"


"Is that so? You'd give up whatever I could give, just because I didn't take care of Swirler?"

"Why are you calling me a jerk? You want to arrest me!" he asks.

"Holy feather! Did you beat the cockatrice? What am I saying, of course you did, otherwise you wouldn't be here!"


"It wasn't easy! If it wasn't for my Phoenix friend, I might not be here!"
Point a hoof at Inferni sunbathing in the window.


"Would I give up doing business with someone who can't even control his own daughter? Yes. Would I give up a one time reward? Of course not. So what will it be? Can I trust you or not?"


"You people are wanted criminals!"


He stares fascinated at Inferni.
"I've never seen a phoenix before…what's he doing?"

"I want her back here discretely."

"Oh come on! It was just some pranks! We don't do that anymore, promise!"


"Relaxing. He likes the sun!"


"I'll see if it's even a possibility anymore or not. Discordians can only stay subtle for so long."


"You're still a Discordian!"


"What about you, do you like the Sun?"

He scrunches.
"That's not illegal, is it?"



"I do, of course. I like many things!"
Brush a hoof through my mane.


"We have a deal then. Pleasure doing business with you, Vizier."


"Wanna go sit outside? I could use some fresh air…"

"Goodbye, miss Mist."


I'll need Holly for this, she knows the Fundaments better than I do.


"Sounds like a good idea!"
Hop out of bed, time for a walk!


"As a paladin of Cadance, it's within my authority to arrest you!"


Holly's not here!

"Or, you could just let us go and we give you something nice in return?
You know, we don't feel like doing bad stuff anymore. If you leave us in peace, we won't return to town ever again…"

The stallion moves slow because of his hoof, but eventually gets outside.
It's a beautiful yet very cold day.
"Ah, stupid hoof. Doctor says it will have healed by tomorrow."


Exactly. And I don't want to chase after her into the park!

Maybe I should start off by seeing whether or not the local clergy know more about all this.


You can visit the local bishop in the Cathedral.


"How did you strain it anyway?"
Maybe we should look for a bench.


To be honest, I seriously doubt they'll know much more than the Vizier himself… I think I'm just going to wait things out for now.


"You can't just expect to bribe us and walk away!"
Readying my warhammer!
"I'm placing you under official arrest in the name of princess Cadance!"




"But…is that even legal?"

Alright, more waiting.



Seems like I missed that session and have no idea what happened. Can you recap for me?


"You can talk about legalities with your lawyer soon enough, pal! Will you come in peace?"


Guys wait a sec, I'll write a recap


Any fires that need putting out? Maybe I should look for a sauna…


Indy, Soil, Amber, Silver, Pico
You've all made it into a cave in the Academia Gardens, inside you've run into the chaos ponies again. Amber has been on the verge of arresting them…

Roll an Intimidate.
'1d20+13' AD '1d8'

Mabel was getting some alone time with a sexy stallion.

"I fell down some stairs…"

Roll #1 17 + 13 = 30 / Roll #2 2 = 2


We were just talking!
"Ouch. Stairs can be more dangerous than any monster, you never expect them to get at you!"


Good job Amber!


I can't possibly beat that but I'll give it my best shot!

Roll #1 17 = 17


They don't look like they're backing down!

Amber, Silver, Soil, Indy must roll for Init


Holly isn't here yet!

"Yeah, these were some nasty stairs, heh."

Roll #1 7, 16, 2, 3 = 28


You said that! I'm aware of this particular fact!


It's getting late and chilly.
Good thing it isn't snowing.
As a matter of fact, it hasn't snowed at all since you got here.


"You sure showed them though."



Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


Eh… I don't suppose I can mimic that spell Holly used to get to her snowglobe right?

If not, I think I'll just go passive until the others return. I don't want to get into trouble without backup.


Silver too!


'1d20+4' indy
'1d20+9' soil

Roll #1 12 + 4 = 16 / Roll #2 6 + 9 = 15



Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


It's a spell called Power Word: Recall, you don't have it yet.

Alright, you're just in a nearby cafe for now.

"Heh, I know it's a bit silly. But what can you do? Now I'm stuck here for a few days, it might as well be a few years."

Dimp takes the initiative, he shapeshifts gaining features and claws of a rat, charges forward and slashes Indy with his claws.

'1d20+8' '2d8'



Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21 / Roll #2 1, 2 = 3


"Tell me about it! It's been so boring!"


Silver can just take a 5 foot step and still have two actions right? http://pyromancers.com/media/view/main.swf?round_id=137630
He moves in and tries to take down dump with a double sword swing!

Roll #1 3, 7 + 9 = 19


Just pretend I'm sitting on my own with an unintentional death stare until the others are done with their business.


"It's a lot more fun when you have somepony to talk to."

Both are blocked by Dump teleporting around.


Ponies are scared around you.
The tea is cold.


"Especially if it's a handsome stallion, but that might be just me!"
Look cheekily oblivious!


"We have a score to settle!"
Rage, and then slam my shield on Domp's face!

Roll #1 17 + 11 = 28 / Roll #2 7 + 4 = 11



You charge right into Domp ramming him in the face and pushing him back.

Domp recovers and fires a Wounding Spell at you '1d20+12' If it passes 19 you get 20 lethal dmg.



"Or an attractive jenny."

Roll #1 16 + 12 = 28


That sunovabich!
Indy bites, twice, onto Dimp!

Roll #1 9 + 7 = 16 / Roll #2 9 + 7 = 16 / Roll #3 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #4 2 + 2 = 4


"If only we'd be so lucky!"


Am I seeing double?
Dimp teleports around avoiding Indy's attacks.


Both Dump and Damp fire a Castigate spell at Amber and Silver.

VS Silver '1d20+12'
VS Amber '1d20+12'

If it passes 25, the attacked must roll a Will save or receive serious damage

"Well, I do count myself lucky."

Roll #1 7 + 12 = 19 / Roll #2 13 + 12 = 25


"So do I~"
"Maybe it's good I got a bit roughed up by that cockatrice."


Amber must roll a Will save


Easy! Action dice to boost! [1d6]

Roll #1 9 + 6 = 15 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You get hit by a wave of chaotic energy, the world turns topsy turvy before your eyes for a moment, but your will is strong. You only receive half damage '3d6' Divine dmg



"Well, I sure don't mind. Say, you wanna sneak out for a quick drink?"

Roll #1 2, 3, 3 = 8


"You bet! I do love sneaking around!"


I'm activating my Wrath chant! I don't need to move, I'm just gonna hit this Domp jerk twice with my big damn hammer!

Roll #1 11, 2 + 12 = 25 / Roll #2 9, 6 + 9 = 24


I'm gonna boost that second attack roll with my purifier ability! [2d6]

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7


You miss your first attack but trusting your instincts you slam your hammer again right when Domp reappears slamming his face into smithereens.

He's KO.

Dimp Teleports to Silver and tries to slash him with his claws. '1d20+7' '3d6'


"I bet. You like living dangerous…"

Roll #1 7 + 7 = 14 / Roll #2 5, 4, 1 = 10


AD '1d8'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Don't you?"


I cheer! "Ignoring the law doesn't always work out in your favor you know!"
Silver attacks Dump twice too!

Roll #1 2, 12 + 9 = 23


[1d12+5] Damage!

Roll #1 7 + 5 = 12


He misses the first time, but the second time is a succes!
Roll dmg!


Silver manages to hit Dump once!



"If you plan things carefully, you never run into any danger, except stairs I suppose."


"Let's get to that sneaking then!"
Sneaky sneak!

Roll #1 10 + 16 = 26


Pound pound pound the pony.

Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22 / Roll #2 20 + 11 = 31 / Roll #3 5 + 4 = 9 / Roll #4 5 + 4 = 9


Activate threat!


You try and try to slam Domp, who keeps teleporting away and taunting you. Faster and faster he keeps zapping circles around you. You suddenly get an idea. Instead of going after his constant teleporting you simply hold your shield in front of you. Just one second passes before Domp teleports head first against it.
KO with X eyes on the ground.



"Let me try…"
'1d20+15' AD '1d8'

Roll #1 17 + 15 = 32 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Indy moves here and hits Dimp point blank with his fire attack, reaching as far back as the wall and taking Dump along for the ride.

Roll #1 10 + 6 = 16 / Roll #2 1, 2, 6 = 9


Ad to the ranged attack.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 18, 15 + 7 = 40


Both try to jump away but don't get out of the inferno without some fire burns.

Dump uses castigate on Silver.

VS Silver '1d20+12'
If more than 25 He must roll a will check or suffer the full '7d6' divine damage

Roll #1 6 + 12 = 18 / Roll #2 1, 6, 6, 1, 1, 6, 6 = 27


Boosting that attack check with AD '1d8'

Roll #1 4 = 4



Moving and attacking Dump! [1d12+9]

Roll #1 4 + 12 = 16 / Roll #2 6 + 9 = 15


Purifier action dice boost! [2d6]

Roll #1 1, 5 = 6



You attack Dump, but he keeps teleporting around!!!

Moral check failure
Dimp loses his nerve and surrenders….
Knocking Dimp KO is now a Coup-de-Grace free action if so inclined.


Sneaking to that pub, yes.


Silver performs a coup de grace Dimp [1d20+9] and attacks Dump normally [1d20+9]!

Roll #1 16 + 9 = 25 / Roll #2 9 + 9 = 18


Coup de grace requires no roll but does require 1 Full action!
You must choose!


He just does a coup de grace in that case!


You notice he has no problem sneaking at all, even with a strained ankle.
You sneak into the pub and order a beer.
"Wow, you're pretty good at sneaking."


"Me? What about you!"



"Well… even with a hurt leg, you seemed like an… expert."


Spinning around, rush for the last known survivor, slamming my prey in the face!

Roll #1 10 + 11 = 21 / Roll #2 10 + 4 = 14


And boost the damage roll, too!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I did sneak out of my parents house a few times when I was younger!"

You slam him once in the face, birds fly around his head!
And he's KO


You will receive extra rep for capturing them alive!


Lose my rage.
"Teaches'em right!
They were some damn stupid pests, too!"


Sense motive. That can't be all!

Roll #1 4 + 7 = 11


"You're all under arrest!"


Probably a lost cause, but boost with AD
"Just that?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"How are we gonna stop their magic before they wake up?"


Bluff '1d20+14'

Roll #1 5 + 14 = 19


"We're going to make sure they're turned in before that! Come on!"

How long would it take us to get outta here?



Load them up. Two on Indy, one on my back, and the last one will have to be Amber's responsability.


You don't detect a lie in his voice when he says.

"I guess I'm just lucky?"

It would take about half an hour to get to the Observatory!
You have not explored the whole cave yet however!

Silver binds one up.
"You'll be in prison for a long time!"

Holly collects their caps and studies them curiously.


How many of them can Indy carry if I unload him entirely?


"A little luck can go a long way."


We can return to explore more later! "What's wrong with the caps?"



"I think so as well.
What do you want to drink? I love the Unicornian wine here."

"I'm not sure"
She sniffs them and gives them a little bite.
Her nose turns green for a moment.
"These caps are enchanted with chaos magic! I knew it! That's how they got their power!"


Two it is.
"Listen up boy, you fly over and bring these guys to the mages as quick as you can, got it? Tell them to put them under no-freaky-magic-any-more chains or something!"


"If you say that's good, I'm going to trust you."


"Drop them! They could be very dangerous!"


She drops it.
"….maybe one for study pretty please pretty crystal paladin?" she smiles sheepishly.

"Right dad!"
he's off!

You get a glass of deep red wine.
"The best medicine!"


"The second best."
Swirl the liquid around the glass.


I scrunch!
"Are you kidding me! That stuff is dangerous! Have you never heard about Anarchy you silly?"


"C'mon Amber! We gotta reach the observatory before it's too late!
What are you two yappering about?"


"It's fine! Without their hats they're powerless!" I should probably collect them now…


"Oh? Are they?"
Am I still in time to whistle back at Indy?


He comes back into the cave.

Silver looks at the caps.
"Those are definitely evil. I bet Anarchy gave those out."

Holly looks confused. "Who's Anarchy?"

It seems to lightly shift color as you do.


Take a tentative sip of it.


"He's a big meanie! Works for Discord and everything! I've been trying to bring him down for a long time but he's way too slippery!"


Why are they so scared?

If my tea is cold, I'll just order some new one!


Silver adds. "He's a draconequus, a very dangerous chaotic spirit. He's been keeping track of us both, as well as Soil and the rest of us. We've been trying to find him but for now he's just been attacking by proxy like aa coward!"

You feel a pleasant warmth inside.

You order a second tea.
"All alone, miss?" says a suave voice from behind you.


Let's just tie the baddies up.
"A damn pick, that's who."
So, let's look around the cave.


I guess you'll keep the caps away from them?


Not bad…
Too bad I'm going to 'accidentally' spill it on his legs when I turn to face him! Whoops!
"Ah, oh no! I'm so sorry! I guess some of the cuts still hurt me more than I thought!"


"Your perception skills are remarkable."
Sip from my new tea when it arrives.


Yes take away the caps!
"You don't want to mess with him Holly! Not without paladin backup!"



"You know, a frown really doesn't fit you…"

Silver confiscates the caps.
They can be destroyed or used or sold.

You walk further into the cave, and come to a living room that makes you feel like dwarves.
There's a giant chair, and table. On a cupboard twice as big as you, you see a set of golden cups with gems.

There's a huge red spot on his leg.
"Heh, that's quite alright…"


Grab a nearby tablecloth.
"I can help clean it up!"


"What? Oh."
Turn to look at the speaker.
"I'm not frowning, this is just my neutral expression."


We're definitely going to destroy them!
"Woah! Look at those shiny gems!"


"Oh that would be nice…"
Note that he's not wearing clothes…

It's your sensei.
"I know. I wish you smiled more though." he says in his normal voice now.

It's a lot higher than you though.

Holly looks around.
"Guys…you think the Goatclops lived here?"


Rolling Resolve not to spill tea out of my pockets.

Roll #1 10 + 10 = 20


"Um… this place? You think? Looks kind of sophisticated! I don't think the goatseclopper could afford a place like this!"


Don't worry, I'm going to make very sure I am very appropriate and do not touch anything I'm not supposed to!


Your tea stays safely in your pockets, for now…

He smiles.
"Can I have a hug or is that still too much for you?"

"Who knows? Goat society is very mysterious!"

Uhm…go ahead…


Do you think some still live here?!"


Just cleaning him, nothing more!
"Whew! Crysis averted, huh?"


Give him a confident hug.
"Why'd you come, sensei? Do you need my expertise for something?"


"Yeah like his mother or something? This is kind of weird, I didn't expect this at all!"


You scrub his leg good.
Roll Resolve to not sneak a peek.
Unless you want to sneak a peek.

"Maybe! Maybe one is ready to ambush us right now!"

Silver looks up to the cups.
"Hey Amber, I'll give you a boost so you can climb up there!"

He grins and sits down.
"In a way, yes. I was in the neighbourhood and I heard you made new friends…"


A peek won't hurt!


"I've joined an ensemble of adventurers, that's why I'm all the way up here in Unicornia. They're no mages, but they seem to know their way around the wilderness."


"Oh that would be FUN!"
Grin wide.
So what else is in this oversized room?


"Do it!"


Snicker at Silver, giving him a hoof up.


Let's just say he shouldn't be ashamed of walking naked.

His Notice check failed.
"Thanks for cleaning that up…"

I still have to do the loot checks. Sorry, a bit too doozy now, but I'll do them tomorrow. There's no special stuff, just random stuff.

It seems like a large oversized home really.
There's even a kitchen with oversized food!

He nods.
A waiter comes and serves him some tea.

"You'll have to be careful, Soothing." he says as he swirls his tea. "These adventurers are not like others. They're being watched by many interested parties. You will be watched as well if you stay with them."

Silver lowers his head so you can climb on top of him.


Smile to myself and put that piece of cloth away.
"It was my fault in the first place, of course I'd help!"


"Interested parties? Like who? Do they have a sinister past or something?"


Climbing! "Thanks!"

Roll #1 11 + 17 = 28


"Such a shame, it's a good wine…"

"Have they told you about Anarchy?"

You climb up, stand on your back legs but can't quite get there, then Silver puts his head underneath your flank and rears himself to push you up!
You're with the cups!



I think for a moment.
"I've heard them drop that name at some point, I recall."


"You had your share, right?"
Lean closer and whisper.
"I'm sure I could get a taste from your tongue!"


In the cave house you all find

150 bits!

A painting of a unicorn dressed in royal armor (450 bits)

And 4 refreshing potions!

Amber is on top of the cupboard. There are 4 golden cups here similar to the one you already found, but each with a different set of gems. There's a noticeable spot where one cup is missing.


He chuckles.
"You are a dirty jenny…"

"He's a merchant, you could say. Of exotic artefacts."


"Hey Amber, think one of those is the cup missing from the queen?"


"There's nothing here aside from a bunch of cups!"


Silver speaks up.
"The Princess' cup had emeralds I think…"


Boost myself up, either with a jump or with Indy.
Anyone with emeralds?


"You had me confused there for a moment, I thought you meant princess Cadance!"


There's one of the cups with some emeralds.

Must be that one!


"No, the fake Platinum princess!"


Grab it!
"You gemponies and your obsession with that pink princess!"


Soil bags the emerald cup!

What do with the rest of them?


"I don't know if I really like her!"


Eeeeh, screw gems, acquire rep.
And let's not piss off the owners!


"I wouldn't care even if he collected post stamps, I want to know why he's interested in my group. I'm not sure how to put this nicely, but they're not exactly the brightest minds of Equestria."


Silver shrugs "She is the rightful princess by law."

Gem cup acquired!

"You've put it very nicely. They probably pissed him off somehow.
And he's not the only one. I've heard your group has been followed…by Harlequins."


"I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Are you sure you're not mixing them up with somepony else? Because my companions don't seem worried at all about any of this."


Anything else important in this big room?
"Let's explore further!"


"You have to keep your eyes open, Soothing! This is going to get nasty…"

There's a huge chair that would fit 2 ponies. A cupboard filled with plates. There's an oversized hay pile used as a bed. There's a kitchen filled with dead animals and fruits. One room you open and the stench leaves no doubt to what it is.


"We should get out before the owners come back!"


I smile mischievously.
"Scared Soil?"


"Hey now! I just don't wanna hurt innocent goatclops!"


"I guess you're right! Let's go!"


You go back to the entrance of the cave where the 4 dumplings are still KO


"I guess I can find some other people to travel with, but I actually like these people believe it or not."


"Good, just keep my warning in mind."


Let's take them back to civilization! And their caps too! I'm gonna need to purge those!


"No disrespect sensei, but it's kind of a moot point if I don't know any specifics. I've never dealt with harlequins before but I was under the impression they're usually harmless. Usually."


"What'cha gonna do with those freaky magical hats?"

Back to civilization!


"Me and Silver are gonna destroy them so they can't do any more harm!"


"Good job!"


"Perhaps they're just having some fun."

You're back at the Academia!
Wanna bring em to the local police force?


"That's fair, I want to have some fun in their labyrinth as well."


Yep! But then we should go meet the princess too!


Yes! That should be our first priority!


"I've been there once. Quite a strange place…"

You go to the Golden Palace, dropping the dumplings in front of the guards.
The captain grins. "Good job, we've got some room for these ponies…"


"It gets better, we have a present for the princess!"


"Well I haven't. And I'm not sure how to enter yet, but I'll figure it out eventually. Any helpful advice for that?"


"They tried to bribe us and everything! Bribing a paladin official is a crime in itself!"


"I'll ask the Princess if she can see you!" He walks off while the guards take the Dumplings off your hooves.

"What about Swirler?"

"You missed a marvelous opportunity today, one of your companions took it instead.
Speaking of…"
He points to the window behind you.

"They'll be rotting for a long time! Thanks for the help!"




"Just so you know, if you're gone by the time I look back it won't be very impressive because that's really cliche."
Look out the window.


"What's a swirler?"


"Their leader? A mare with purple hair…or was it pink, it changes all the time…"

Looks like the party is passing by.
Sensei is still here.
"What am I? A batpony?"


Fucking Holly.
"Well it was nice to see you again sensei, but I have a 'student' of my own now who needs a smack to the head."


"Haven't seen her yet!"


"Didn't see her, only these guys!"


"I'll be seeing you."

Holly shakes her head.
"She wasn't there.
I don't think she's in town anymore."

"That's what most ponies seem to think. Once they're up, we'll ask these guys."


"My nose is telling me something-"
Give Amber a knowing glare.
"You think that's our old friend?"


Give him a parting hug and head outside to rejoin the group.


"You're right. It could be him being disguised again!"


The guard looks confused.
"Him? Swirler's a mare…"
Oh look Soothing's here

Holly waves at you!
"We caught those Dumplings!"


Look innocent.
"Whatever do you mean?"


"And found the princess' cup!"
"Long story!"


Give her my trademark cold Neighponese glare.

"You fought those jokers?"


"That's the point of disguising yourself! Anarchy isn't even a pony either!"


Nod happily.


Her ears flop down.


"Anarchy? That's the worst I'm telling you! I can't stand Anarchy! That's why I joined the guard."


"I think you know exactly what I mean, sneaky jenny."


"If you really wanna stop Anarchy, you gotta go out there and seek it out!
Being a guard will do you no good!"


"Well done, I ran into them before but I didn't want to engage them on my own."

"I don't claim to have abandonment issues, but getting ditched without a word is not great."


Shake my head.
"You've lost me!"


"Yeah he's pretty bad! He disguises himself as ponies all the time and then causes trouble! I think he secretly wants to be a pony!"


She nervously taps her hoof on the ground.
"Sorry, I wanted to help your friends a bit, I didn't think it would take this long…."

"You're a good liar."

"You're right! I want to fight those anarchists, but we don't get all the resources we need!"


"How can you tell?"


"You mean there's more than one Anarchy!?"


"There is!?"

"They weren't too tough!"


"Hundreds of them! They should all be hanged! I fought one just yesterday! He was vandalizing the temple!"

"You have this sparkle in your eyes when you lie~"


Blow some air through my nose. Maybe the cultural differences are bigger than I thought.
"Did you learn anything interesting?"


"That many draconeequi around, and nobody does a thing about it!?
This is madness!
And you know Anarchy would just poff out of a rope!"


"We learned they weren't spirits, they just had magical caps…"

"You get a really good rope!"


"Do I?"

"I grew up with a circus."
"I once died and got reborn six months later."
"I escaped from a dungeon where I was inprisoned once." Bluff '1d20+10'
"I helped defeat an undead dragon that was threatening the world."

"Which one was the lie?"

Roll #1 14 + 10 = 24


I'll AD it too

Roll #1 5 = 5


I will think about that!"
Roll the cup in my hooves.
"So, what about that talk with the princess?"


Rolling to detect lie! '1d20+10' + AD '1d8'

"Once the cap'n gets back. Princess might be busy with important business stuffs."

Roll #1 14 + 10 = 24 / Roll #2 5 = 5


"Those all sound very hard to believe…."


All that princess stuff.
Whatchado with your Anarchies, then?"


"Their caps huh? Did they get destroyed?"


"Allright, fine, you got me. I never escaped from that dungeon."


She looks down.
"…Silver has them…."

"Forced labor. Too little if you ask me. They break the law and just get exercise!"

"But you saved the world…say, I did hear about an undead dragon in Equestria not so long ago…"


"I did not take care of it on my own. It also had to do with my death, but hey…"
Run a hoof through the red streaks of my mane.
"I got better."


"Don't they just go and act all Anarchy again!?"


"Exactly, once they get out. I'm telling you-"

The captain gets back.
"The Princess will see you!"

"You look pretty good for a dead jenny…"


Can I subtly pull Silver aside?


He's standing next to Amber, but sure you can call him to you.


"That's one way to make a compliment!"


"Those are some really nice caps you have there… you wouldn't mind if I were to take a look at them, would you? Not planning anything sinister, I just want to see how they work."


I will distract amber for you guys!
An with a hug, drag her off!


"Holly said something like that. What can you even learn from them? They're evil, you can only learn evil things from them!"

"So tell me, how was it to fight an undead dragon."

You drag Amber away to the Throne Room. As earlier, Princess Platinum is sitting on the golden throne, her trusty Advisor by her side.


"Great! Finally!"



Give a quick bow and smirk.
"Your principessity, we bring you a gift!"

Show the cup.


"It may give me some insight on Anarchy."


"My part mostly covered death defying jumps so I could land on floating eyeballs and stab them with a sword before freeing up some bound Fire Elementals to get them to help me. Pretty intense!"



She smiles.
"Please, bring it over…"

"Hmmm, I didn't think about that…you really think it will help?"

"My now, you are quite a lady."


Trot happily, cup in hoof.


"Got to have some fun every now and then!"


"Honestly? I have no idea. It might not tell me anything at all, but I think it's worth investigating."


"Hmmmm. You promise me that you'll be careful and once you're done, you give it back to me to be destroyed?"

"So tell me, what does it feel like to jump on a floating eyeball? I always wondered."

The Princess slowly picks it, staring into Soils eyes for a few seconds.
"My this really is the royal cup!"


"The moment of suspense when you are wondering if you are going to make it or not and just become a wet splat at the bottom of a ravine sure gets blood flowing! The floating eye itself was pretty icky."


"Yes, that's a deal. You can punish me if I don't keep my word."


"More importantly than the cup are those Discordians though! And Anarchy!"


Luster an hoof on my suit of armor and look at her with a grin.
"Just another job well done!"


He hoofs over one of the caps.
"I trust that won't be necessary. You're a friend!"

"Oh yes, the Dumplings, thank you!"
She seems to have more eyes for Soil.

"I'll have my advisor hoof you the full reward for this glorious prize. And I invite all of you to dinner in an hour! Advisor, see to the arrangements."

"My…tell me more."


"You're a very good paladin, has anypony ever told you that?"
Take the cap.


"Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't want to be bored about details of my adventures! Tell me more about yourself!"


You have a Dumpling Cap.

"Well, I was the first in my class!"

"Oh, what would you like to know?"


"Just start talking about whatever you feel like!"


"Oh! Dinner! I love that word!
Gotta get the team ready then!"


"You should tell me more about that some time. We can swap stories."


I cheer.
"Woo! Thank you! What's on the menu?"


"Yes, be sure to be here!
My clothier can arrange for some clothing…"


"A infusion of peas with creme fraiche. Then a salad of cheese, honey and vegetables with 20 different spices and a croc en bouche."

"Right, you've been to an Academy or something right?

"Hmmm, how about that time I was in Prance?"


"Oooh, travel!
Go on!"


"A croc?
You ponies eat meat?"


"No, sensei taught me since I was a foal but that wasn't in a formal academy. You actually just missed him."


"Sounds yummy! What's for desert!?"


"It's a prench word. It's like cookies with a filling!"

"Sensei? What a weird name…"

"That's the Crocembouche…It's a Prench word."

"Ever heard of Mareseille? It's a town on the coast of the southern sea. It's a big center of Love worship, quite an exciting place. I visited the Cheval Rouge there."


"Oh my. Found any love?"


"It means teacher or mentor in Neighponese. … Why don't I just call him teacher anyway? Ah nevermind. You get the point."


"Oooooh! I like a big bush! So much more to eat that way!"


"Yeah! I love eating big bushes too! We gotta tell the others right now!"
Bow and all that stuff!


"…riiiight. Well, we hope to see you there. If you need clothing, see the clothier."

"It's hard not to in Mareseille. I said to myself, if I ever find that special one, I'd take her there."

"Yeah, I understand."




"Sounds like a lovely place!"


"Now hopefully I'll be able to find some stuff about about this thing for you. I'll keep you posted. Holly?"



She hurries next to you.


You're back outside.
Silver is talking to Soothing.

"If you ever go there, visit the Roumal Tower. I've never seen anything like it since."


"We'll need a discreet place to take a closer look at this don't you think?"


"What's so special about it?"


"Guys! We've been invited by the fake princess for dinner!"


"Guys, we've-"
Yep, she said it.

"We gotta tell Iris, Mabel and Pico!"


"Yeah…but we've been invited for dinner by the Princess…."

"It's a museum of art. Really impressive, I've had a VIP tour there."

Silver looks up.
"Really? When?"


Walk up to him and put a hoof on his shoulder.


Let out a whistle.
"VIP? I didn't know you were a celebrity!"


"So we did. It can wait until after dinner I guess."


"Not a celebrity, but I have good friends."

Skip to dinner?



Fine by me.


"And what do those good friends call you?"


"Many things, but you may call me Breeze, miss…?"

I'm sure Sylt and Tela will pop in any sec


"Mabel. Breeze is a nice name!"


"As is Mabel…quite an unusual name for a Jenny."


"I'm quite an unusual person, I suppose."


"It intrigues me, tell me more…"


"A secret is only meant to be traded for another secret~"


"But how shall we decide who tells the first secret?"


I hadn't even seen the message! A single link gets totally buried in the meta especially when I wasn't looking for MH at all.
Here now but Tela's bedding.


"You can be a gentlecolt and start!"




At some later point in time!

Wave at you.
"Oh, hello there Amber!"


"Where were you!? We fought against those freaky Discordians while you were gone! You missed out big time!"


"Awww… that's a shame, I really wanted to help beat them up! I was in the hospital, I had an unlucky run-in with a cockatrice."


"Cocktricks? They live up here as well? Spooky! We had to deal with one of those a long time ago, just ask Soil! He'll remember how to deal with them! I think it involved slamming it!"


"Cockatrice, not tricks! That's something wildly different! And I just blinded it and stabbed and cut it until it died."
Let out a sigh.
"It messed me up pretty bad though."


"That's what I said! And yeah they're dangerous! You should've known better Mabel!"


"I guess I got a bit too overconfident, after what we've all been through."


"Well, those Discord freaks are gone now at least! Locked up and everything!"


"Is their magic gone? They will just phase right out or something if it isn't!"


"Yup! It was the hats giving it to them!"


Smile at that.
"So, did they serve Discord, or Anarchy?"


"I'll find out with some interrogation!"


"They might be a trail how to catch Anarchy finally!"


"That would be great, but I think it won't be that easy to find where he is right now! We're almost sure he's been here!"


"There must be traces of where he went!"


"If there are we'll find them. If not we'll just have to keep looking! Perseverance is the name of the paladin game!"


"I thought it was Love!"


"Don't play dumb, Mabel!"


"I'm not!"


Annoyed scrunch.
"Anyway! Soothing is messing around with those caps now to see if she can figure anything out!"


"She better be careful! You can't even be careful enough with those freaky magic items!"


"You tell her! That's what I said too!"


"I don't think she can be convinced easily about not messing with magic!"


"She seems nice enough about it! So does Holly!"


"Yes, but I don't want them to endanger themselves!"


"I dunno, what could go wrong?"


Excerpt of Iris' Diary
- 25th of Leaffall -
[…]Princess Platinum has invited all of us to a banquet this evening. I knew bringing a formal dress on the journey would pay off! I've been trying to get Indy to wear this adorable bow tie for the occasion but he's being stubborn about it, just like Poor.[…]

It's late in the afternoon. A faint fall Sun is shining. Do you guys still want to do something or skip to the banquet?
Keep in mind that Mabel has no idea about the banquet yet.

He leans over and motions to you to lean closer.


Perk my long jenny ears and lean closer as well!


I'll deal with my dresscode later. Does Holly have anything proper to wear or does she always look like a tramp?


I totally wanted to tell everyone!
"Iris' right, you'd look great in a bowtie, Indy!"


I think I'm good to go! I hope that colt is doing well tho!


You can go check on him if you want.
Silver has been cleaning his formal uniform (the same as the one used during your knighting) for tonight. He's currently polishing his huge sword.

Indy shakes his head. "But Paaaaaaaa! It has dots on it!"

She says she has a formal dress she used during the Academy ball. It's old but it looks nice.

"I'm actually a secret agent from Equestria who's been ordered to investigate all the cute jennies in Unicornia."


Let out a gasp.
"My cover is busted!"


That works. I'll have a lookaround for Mabel.


I bet he's really good at polishing his sword by now! I think I will go see that colt if the banquet isn't start yet


"It's perfect for kids! I had one just like i-"
Suddenly, horrifying flashbacks of my youth come rushing.
Papillons. That grandpa who always pinched my cheek. Mane combed straight. Itchy woolen socks.


She's not in the hospital!
She snuck out!
But as you pass a nearby tavern, Clover's Lucky 7, you see her in there talking to some stallion.
Nopo's gone though

I bet he is! Maybe he can spitshine something of yours sometime.

You leave Silver behind and go back to the school.
School is out for today and you see a number of foals playing in the nearby park. Among them, you see the brown colt you helped earlier. He's sitting next to a pink filly who's showing him her doll collection. He doesn't look to interested in the dolls but he seems happy nonetheless.

He grins.
"But I let my guard down as well! How will I get to investigate you now that my cover is blown?"

Iris scrunches and puts the bow tie away. "Fine…"


"It's just a dinner, what could ever go wrong!
I have my shiny new armor just for the occasion!"

And since it is a pretty important even, luster Indy's scales, too.

Now, where are the others?


Now what…

Alright, let's go muscle myself in there.


I don't need his help with that! I'm great at it by myself after all the practice I've had!
I'm happy he's happy so I'm not gonna bother him now. I guess I'm ready for the big feast!


Since most are waiting, I'll start calculating your XP gains.

You heard Soothing was going to search for Mabel.

Silver is polishing his sword. You have no idea where Amber went off to, but he probably knows.

Holly disappeared in a flash and you have no idea where she went.

Iris' is getting ready for the banquet in the hotel.

You have no idea where Pico is.

The brown stallion looks up as you arrive.

Seems like we just have to wait for Nopo to get back and Soothing to invite Mabel.


I'm armed and dangerous, buddy.


"I am afraid I will have to run…"

Turn towards you.
"Oh hey, Soothing."


I'm ready to skip ahead.
Do look with a slightly embarassed smile at Iris while she gets ready, though.


"I figured you might want to know we've been invited to attend the princesses evening dinner."
Look between her and the stallion.
"Unless you're busy of course. You could take him along as well, I don't think anyone will care."


"Oh, we were? I will need to get some clothes to look decent then!"
Turn to the stallion.
"Sorry, I'm afraid your investigation will have to be postponed."


"Do as you please. We'll meet at the palace."


"A shame…Have a good time. I hope we meet again."


"I definitely hope too~"
Eyewink at him before I leave.

"I'll meet you there!"


I'm good to go.


Inferni is perched on a house outside.

Ready to go to the party?


After I fix my mane real quick and get something to wear at a nearby store, sure.
I'm fine with skipping this and just paying


Hair done: 3 coins
Formal dress: 15 coins.

The hair done gives you a +1 bonus to appearance for the next scene, the formal dress a +1 bonus to appearance whenever you wear it though you have no armor on at the time of course.


I'm fine with that!


As the Sun sets, you gather at the Golden Palace, glistening in the last rays of light.

You're all wearing your formal best, except Soil who's wearing his armor, polished though, and Indy who's a dragon.

All except Soil get a +1 appearance bonus in this scene. Mabel gets a +2.

The guards let you into the courtyard and an earth pony servant approaches you.
"Please follow me, I'll bring you to the dining hall."


"Why thank you!"


I don't think I have any formal clothing, so I'll just burn some spellpoints to cast Disguise Self to make me look fancy and sophisticated.

Roll #1 11 + 16 = 27


"Thanks!" skipping after him!


The servant looks at Indy.
"Unfortunately your dragon companion is too big to enter the Palace. Her Highness has prepared suitable accomodation for him at the edge of the courtyard, he'll get a royal meal of the finest gems. Her Highness also wishes to see him later."

You're wearing a very fancy dress now.


Shrug at Indy.
"You are a big guy."


"Can my Phoenix friend come in?"


Good enough. I wonder if that dragon of Soil thinks crystal ponies are appetizing. That'd be pretty awkward.


He looks at Inferni.
"Yes and I'm sure the Princess will be delighted to see him as well."


"Thank you!"


You are guided to a large luxurious room. In the middle is a large dining table large enough to accomodate 40 ponies. There's not that many ponies here right now though.

You see the Advisor you met earlier talking to a unicorn in an intricate blue suit (Mabel and Soothing can roll to recognize the suit design if they want).

There are also a few other unicorns whom you guess are dignitaries from Unicornia. The Princess herself has not arrived yet. Everypony is mingling. Some wine as well as hors-d'oeuvres are being served.
The large windows look out over the Palace Gardens. You can take a walk out there too if you want.


Also, get some of that wine!

Roll #1 15 + 4 = 19



I think I might go for a walk in the gardens. Might be some interesting fauna in there.

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19


Eh, let's AD that. '1d6+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 3 = 3


Mingling's not my strong suit!
What do these ponies look like, all formal, rich folks?


Wave at some of the other guests! "Hello!"


You recognize the insignia of the Disciples. Formed during the Oddomane-Trotantine wars, they are by far the largest organization of militant Nature worshippers in the world. They have a bit of a bad reputation amongst other Nature worshippers however because of their large focus on trade and economy. While they still claim to be spreading the doctrine of Trotantine Nature worship, many Nature worshippers feel they sold out and are nothing but a large corporation of bankers now. Up to you what you think about them.

You know a lot about the Disciples.

During the Trotantine-Oddomane Wars 300 years ago, Empress Lavinia came up with a brilliant idea to gain new troops. Picturing the war as a conflict between the Nature worshipping Trotantines being overrun by the unnatural Warlocks and Necromancers of the Oddomane Empire, she sent out a call to any Nature worshipper willing to join them. The call proved successful beyond her expectations as followers came from around the world to help the besieged countries, many with intricate elemental magic.
Not officially part of the Trotantine Military, they formed an organization called the Disciples and fought against the Oddomanes with unmatched zeal. As the War died down, their leaders wanted to continue this organization and repurposed it towards protecting and organizing trade caravans for the Trotantines, with a mission to spread the worship of Nature wherever they went.

Nowadays the Disciples have a vast and wealthy organization called the Imperial Disciples Economic Alliance (IDEAL). Specialized in economic transactions and gold transports, they've built up an enormous banking and trade network through all major countries and many overseas. While still officially part of the Trotantine Empire (hence the Imperial) the Alliance accepts members from all over the globe, including the Oddomanes.

Most of them do. There's also a bishop and a pony who seems different. First of all he's one of the few earth ponies around and while wearing formal clothing, he looks like someone doing heavy work for a living.

You get ignored.
But a rich looking older pony walks to you.
"Good evening, my Lady. Are you perhaps one of those Diamond Ponies I've heard about?"


Well, let's see who I get to randomly mingle first with my wine!
I'll keep an eye on that one though.



This is good news. I'll still be having that walk though.


Well, walk up to that guy.
Perfect time to test my street-talking skills!

"Haven't seen many earth ponies in this town at all!"


"From the crystal empire yes! My name is Amber Stone, what about yours?"


Your eyes are shaped like dollar signs for a second, even if dollars don't exist in this world.

You take your leave and walk through the glass doors. These Gardens, like the Academia Gardens are still lush and green while they should have shed all their leaves already. There are fountains, statues, small paths trough the foliage. If you want to find some exotic plants you'd need to roll a Survival check. You may add your Knowledge bonus however because of your Interest.

"Nay, this is a unicorn town, friend. Unicorns are townsponies."

A posh chubby mare walks up to you.

"Map Marker, at your service. In my younger years I visited Equestria and many countries. Such a shame I couldn't visit your Empire, I heard it was founded only recently?"


Nod to her.
"Good day to you!"


Let's see what we've got.

Roll #1 16 + 11 = 27


"Founded? No reappeared silly! We were gone for like a thousand years because of Sombra!"


"So what are you doing here?"
Smile, pleasantly surprised I'm getting what he says!


He grins.
"If you want to get ahead in life, you got to mingle with the ponies in power. But I'd rather be in the field planting seeds to be honest. Where are you from? You don't sound from around here."

"Truly? This sounds like a fascinating story. Please I'd love to hear it."

"Forgive my directness, but are you Mabel by any chance?"

Your knowledge of Botany comes in handy and you find a few bushes of Frostflowers near the water. These white flowers feel very cold to touch and often have icicles hanging of them on cold rainy days.
They're perfect for potion making, or just to put in your drink.


"I am, yes, how could you tell?"


Either way sounds good to me. Go ahead luck them. I'm getting bang for my buck here.


"It's not really a happy story aside from the good ending! You've never heard of Sombra? Really? He was the biggest jerk around!"


"Sombra…Sombra, no that doesn't ring a bell. What did this pony do?"

You definitely are. Do you pluck them all or just a few?

"The town has been buzzing about a jenny who stole the pie of the Princess." she smiles "What a fun story."


Half of them.


Flap one of my ears down.
"It wasn't technically stealing, I offered to pay for it afterwards!"


"He was an evil warlock who enslaved all of the crystal ponies and then banished our realm for a thousand years as revenge for his first defeat!"


"Down in the valleys of equestria, a place called the Unicorn Fields…
Where there are almost no unicorns! It's only lots of us Earth Ponies owning farms and growing trees!


You get interrupted as the Royal Announcer announces Princess Platina's arrival

You've collected '1d20+10' Frostflower petals. You put them in your bag, but you still feel a little colder now.

"I like that. It sounds a bit like my place. Apfel Vale, a little corner of Unicornia where it's mostly earth ponies. The only unicorn is the tax collector."

"Whatever the case, it's a fun story. And I've heard you did quite a climb to get it."

"How horrible. Thus your country is actually from a thousand years ago? And you're suddenly in this time now?"

Roll #1 2 + 10 = 12


Well, let's get back inside with these hidden in my bags.


Turn to look at the big bad princess come in!


"The challenge only added to the taste!"
Turn to the announcement and Princess


"Yup yup! That happened a few years ago!"


File: 1441145401213.png (295.49 KB, 1280x1256, princess_platinum.png) ImgOps Google

"Just a few years?!? So wait, if I understand this right, you lived a thousand years ago and now you're here?"

You're just in time to see the Princess arrive.
To no pony's surprise the first pony she goes to greet is the IDEAL pony.

The princess greets all and then goes to talk to the IDEAL pony.

Her evil baby blue eyes and disgusting evil blond mane is so evil.


Ideal pony?


The Disciples pony.

He's part of a group called IDEAL. But I forgot that was part of Groves' post since he rolled a higher knowledge check.


I wonder if those two are banging. I haven't seen a prince to accompany this princess yet.


Oh, I see.
Well, keep an ear up!


Wave her hello.


"Yeah! It's pretty crazy but that's what happened!"
Scrunch at the fake princess entering. At least she was nice enough to invite us to dinner!


She shoots you a pleasant smile.
You're one of the few she shoots one.
Roll Notice.

If you wanna eavesdrop on what they're saying while talking to the mare you'd need to roll a Sneak.

Roll Notice.

"I can't imagine what it must be like, to go from one day to the other, but a thousand years passed. You're young so I imagine you can adapt, but how are your elder handling it?"


If only I was a sneaky jenny…


Roll #1 11 + 16 = 27



Roll #1 14 + 1 = 15



Roll #1 17 + 11 = 28


"They're dealing with it! We have a princess to look to for guidance so we've been doing really well!"


You notice Iris suddenly scrunching and grabbing your hoof to hold it.

There's only two ponies she seems to be genuinely smiling at.
The Advisor, and Soil. Seems like Iris noticed to as she suddenly grabs Soil's hoof to hold it.

"That's good. We're lucky to have a fair Princess as well. While your Sombra sounds far more horrible, your story reminds me of a Princess we had here 200 years ago, Princess Fotima."

They exchange some pleasantries. They start talking about a trade deal concerning one of the diamond mines.
The mare continues "Are you an adventurer?"


Pretend I'm listening to her, but keep one ear swiveled towards the Princess
"Of course! I travel all over the world with my friends, solving problems where we can!"


I crack a smile. Cute.

Let's wait for her to do her greetings and stuff. I'm sure Soil will be up next.


Look really surprised at that, but shrug and hold her hoof too, with a smile.


"What did she do?"


That was basically all. It was just a greeting, she's now going to the Bishop.

Actually she's going to the Bishop now.

"What's Equestria like?" asks the farmer pony.

"Fotima was a very powerful necromancer. She was smart and cunning, but as the years passed she slowly went mad.
When you read about those days it sounds like some horror story. She had those she didn't like killed, sometimes on a whim. Her personal guard consisted of undead ponies and she consorted with vampires, infernalists and other dark things. Unicornia lived under a terror we can hardly imagine."


Nothing too interesting then…
"So, I'm an adventurer, and what are you?"


Wow, she really gets around doesn't she? Is Holly here?


"Large, and at times it makes you angry how pretty it is and how bad some ponies can be."
Look mad, fuming even.
"But then there are so many good ones around too, and everything always works out fine for everypony!"


"That sounds like a good jerk friend for Sombra! What happened to her in the end?"


"I'm Countess Mina. I come from Roseville to the north."

Holly is talking to an old beared stallion.

"Sounds like no matter where you go, there's always good seeds and bad seeds."

"The Pegasi and Unicorns banded together to defeat her with the help of the Earth Ponies. It was a long rebellion but in the end she was defeated."


"But it's a happy place. I used to hate the princesses there, but after seeing them, no, it all changed!"


"And… what do you do?"


"It sounds like you achieved something great by banding together!"


Well now, probably academy staff.

Let's go talk to old beardo as well.




- 25th of Leaffall -
[…]We were just starting to mingle with the guests when[…]

"The current Princess is a lot better than what I imagine Fotima must have been. We can count ourselves lucky."

"Princesses? Don't you mean Princess?"

"Oh, lots of things. Why just yesterday I went to the opening of an art gallery in town. It was a collection of Mr. Brush. It was delightful, me and him had a long discussion about art."

When you approach, Holly perks her ears. "Oh professor Wallnut, this is the mage I was talking about! Soothing, can I introduce you to Professor Wallnut, professor of Arcane Mathematics in the Academia. Professor Wallnut, this is Soothing Mist, she's a great mage and trader!"


"Ours is better too! You know princess Cadance don't you?"


"Princess? Princesses?
Wait, which one's the word for many?


Psssh. Preach it, Holly.
"Enchanted. I didn't expect to see anypony from the faculty here."



"I'm afraid I have not."

"The Princess invites us here often. The Academia is an ancient, powerful and honorable institution and an important part of Unicornian society."


"I wouldn't expect somepony in your position to have time for these kind of events. I certainly wouldn't bother."


"Then we have-"
Stop to count on my hooves.
Good thing that Twily's not a princess yet.
"-three! Three Princesseseseseses!"


"How is that possible! She's our savior and guardian in the north!"


He scrunches.
"I'm afraid she doesn't ring a bell. It's a long time since I've last been in Equestria. Is she a unicorn?"

"There's always some time for relaxation. You can't always sit behind some dusty books."

"Three?!? How does your country still work?"


I shrug.
"Well professor, you must be proud of your student managing to be invited here as well."


"One moves the sun, the other the moon! It's really easy!
We had a civil war but that had nothing to do with it!


"Cadance is an alicorn like the two sister princesses!"


"Uh…and what do the other one do?"

"Ah I see. I've seen a few statues of the Sister Princesses in Equestria. Beautiful ponies, those alicorns."

"Yes, but I knew she was destined for great things. Hard work plus talent equals great things!" He chuckles "Yes, I see a shining future for you in the Academia, miss Starbound." he says to Holly.


"Somethin' to do with Love, you should ask the two mirror ponies over there."
Nod towards Amber and Silver.


"They are… but Cadance is the prettiest as the avatar of love!"


I'm sure you did you old fart.
"I would say she one of the most talented students here."


He looks over.
"They're so…bright. I don't trust that."

"You seem quite fond of her."

Holly blushes because of all the praise.
"What about you, miss Mist? Have you considered staying at the Academia for a while? There are many things to be learned with us, even for an advanced mage."


"They are bright only when happy. So you know straight away what their mood is!"


"I admit I'm tempted, since Unicornia holds a lot of lost knowledge from the unicorns of old, but I think I should keep traveling for now. It broadens the mind and allows me to expand my business."


"I should be as one of her holy servants!"


Before he can answer he turns and looks behind you.

"That's your choice. I found everything I wanted in the Academia."

"A paladin? I should have known, you both look a little better than the average soldier. What's life like as a paladin?"


"I'm sure I'll return here some day, when I've done my necessary work."


Behind me?


You look next to you and you see the Princess is trotting to you.

"Trade isn't everything. The most valuable thing in the world is knowledge."


I raise a brow.
"The most important thing to have for a mage is competence, the combination of experience, training and knowledge."


"Hello there princess!
Really fancy party you got!"


"Of course, but there's no need to travel out to acquire that."

She smiles.
"Mister Soil, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."
She looks at Iris.
"And who's this?"


"Oh, she's my marefriend. Iris!"
Tug a little on the hoof I'm holding, as if to encourage the girl to speak up.


"I'm afraid I could not disagree more."


She holds your hoof tightly.
"Yes, such an honor to meet you, Princess!" she can't hide a tinge of smugness in her voice.

"Charmed. Any friend of mister Soil is a friend of me." she says with a tinge of coldness.
They give each other a hug.

"I understand, you're young and seek adventure."


"No, I simply disagree with your opinion. My master is far from young, but I'm sure he would agree with me on this. Travelling broadens the mind and opens up opportunities."


"So good to see you two get along well together!
Truth be told I wasn't sure I'd like big castle stuff!"


"I'm not sure who your master was but if he was really a master, he'd know that the journey of mathematics, exploring the meaning and worlds behind numbers, getting to know them, using them…" he seems lost in thought for a moment "Yes…it's a journey far better than the outside world."

"Oh this is one of the smaller rooms, there are many other halls. Perhaps we can take a look around later."


"Sure! I have lots to ask!"




Fucking hell.
"Your opinion, not mine."



"And I heard you have a dragon?"

"Yes, yes. Numbers. Let me tell you about the number 2. A special number indeed. Signifying duality, black and white, life and death. All signified by one number. What it signifies is neither white or black but the connection inbetween them, do you understand?"
Seems like the Disciples guy is walking to Mabel.


"I understood the number two more than two decades ago. Not much has changed since then."
Makes sense if he's an elementalist. Maybe I can intercept him though. Excuse myself from this borefest.


"He's a real champ! You two should meet!"


You walk towards the Disciple.
What say?

"Yes, I believe I will do so.
After the feast, now excuse me. I'll talk more to you later."
She walks off to greet more guests.


"Interested in Mabel, are we?"


Comment with Iris.
"What a lovely gal!
She doesn't seem too bad, I wonder why all other earth ponies are so mistreated…"


He looks to you.
"Mabel? Oh you must mean that Jenny? I didn't know that was her name. Thank you."
He gives you a hoof.
"You may call me Balance"

"Yes…" she says coldly.


"Maybe I will ask her later! That might work!"


"You know she's a fire elementalist, don't you?"


He grins.
"My, we're going a bit fast, aren't we? I don't even know your name."


"Soothing Mist."
Shake his hoof.
"I recognize a Disciple when I see one."


She looks up.
"Hmmm? Ask what?"

"Miss Mist, what a pleasure to meet you. Are you a mage as well?"


"You could say that, yes."


"Weren't you listening?
Ask why they treat earth ponies so bad when she's so nice!"


"Oh, right! Yeah you could ask her…" she says distractedly.

"I thought so. You have the look of a mage."


Give him an amused smirk.
"What kind of look is that then?"


"What a great idea! Let's enjoy the feast then!"
And I will obliviously get to it.


"It's the look in the eyes. A combination of wisdom and a hint of eccentricity."

Finally you get your food.
And what food it is!
All kinds of vegetables, sauces, wines and beers!
Roll a 1d20


Glance at Mabel.
"And what of her?"



Roll #1 6 = 6


"A certain determination in her eyes. But you can guess she's a fire elementalist by the red shade on her fur and her pet."

The food is so delicious you keep eating and eating.
Ooof…maybe you ate a little too much. It is hot here…perhaps you could use a little fresh air.


"Phoenixes are quite popular companions thanks to Celestia's own, but I guess it's still obvious enough."


"I'll go see how Indy's doing…"
And with that masterplan excuse, worm my way out!


"It's been a while since I've been to Equestria, I wasn't aware they've become a hype."

Iris is talking to some Academy old fellow.
You go to the courtyard and take a fresh breath of air.
Mmmmmh, that feels good.
"All alone?"


"I don't think they're quite a hype, they're not easy to get a hold of unless you're willing to lay down a lot of money for a captured one, which is frankly not a great idea anyway."


Turn around!
"Well no, there's you as well here!"


"I would believe so, they're extremely territorial. It takes a strong will to become their companion"

It's the Princess.
"Quite right. I needed a little fresh air…"


"Are you an elementalist as well then? Or do you Balance things out between the different elements?"


"None of the sort. I'm an accountant."


"Curious. Does Mother Nature often have need of your services?"


He snickers.
"I very much doubt it. But the IDEAL does have need for many people to keep track of our goods. And our organization running smoothly, helps our warriors."


"You live in Unicornia then? Are you a native?"


"Oh! So did I, what were the chances!"
Look incredibly amused by this.
"I was going to see how Indy was doing. Wanna come?"


"No, I come from Prance originally. But I stay wherever the Disciples need me. That's our rule. One time I'm in Unicornia for a few days, the other I spend 5 years in Germaney?"

"That sounds divine!"
She walks next to you.


Trot trot trot.
"Gotta admit, never talked to a princess for this long, before!"


"What are your thoughts on the princess?"


"Ah, you've talked to a Princess before? Where? In Equestria?"

"Very young for somepony in her position. But Trotantine Empresses or Prench Reines have been younger. She's not doing a bad job all things considered, even if her Advisor does tend to take advantage of his position. But that's not for me to judge. I'm merely here for counselling."


"You're not wrong, her adviser is an interesting pony, I've come to get to know him better than I thought I would.."


"After we saved the world and stuff from the huge undead dragon.
I bet you could hear it roar all the way up here!"


"That sounds a bit wrong for a young lady."

"Hmmm, and how old is your dragon?"


"I don't partake in those things. Simply put, he and I will be becoming business partners soon. Unicornia has shown to hold more than a few interesting opportunities for a trader like myself."


"One year or so… We really don't know! He was just a little one when we found him!"
Guess we are in sight of the fella now!


"I imagine. If you can can twist him around your hoof, there are many resources here. The Disciples run a few of the mines actually."

He's in the stables, munching on a huge mound of gems, while a pony is playing the violin for him.


"I imagine. If you can can twist him around your hoof, there are many resources here. The Disciples run a few of the mines actually."


Ignore the first one >>641151


"What sort of mines?"


"Hey Pal!
Look who I brought along! The princess wanted to see you!"


"A few diamond mines, an Astral Lead mine, as well as few other vineyards up north."

She smiles.
Indy looks at her.
"Uh…hi princess!"
He does a slight nod with his head that's supposed to be a bow.
She giggles. "He's adorable!"


"That sounds like profitable business. Still a drop in the ocean for an organization like IDEAL though, I imagine."


"He won't bite, promise. You can caress him!"


"Many hooves in many pies. We currently have three Trade Posts in Hyperborea, in Neverspring, Valdar's Crossing and Lion's Eyrie. Each day many caravans pass by them. And let's not forget our banks and services, just for Hyperborea."

She slowly steps forward with big eyes… and pets him on the head.
"He's so big!"


"I'm sure I'll do business with your organization before soon."


"He was even bigger after the whole 'magical pool of water' thing, but seems like he's stopped shrinking now!"


"That's most likely if you travel a lot. If you wish to learn more about our operations, feel free to drop by one of our Trade Outposts. The Disciples accept anypony in their ranks, given that they do so freely. But our ranks are very thin in Hyperborea. They might have a job for an outsider like you."

"Aren't you a cutie, aren't you a cutie?" Indy purrs.


"I'll keep that in mind."


"Say, princess, why is it your kingdom's like this?"


"Where are you headed, if I may ask?"

She looks up curiously.
"Like what?"




"Like, with ponies who have to do one thing and live in one way, and just can't change!"


"Further North, to the end of the world."


"Why would that be so weird? We all have a destiny. It's written on our flanks." She shows her crown cutie mark.

"Is that so?" he thinks for a moment. "I wish you the best of luck, the Neverspring Pass will be frozen shut soon."


Take off my flank-armor, showing off my own cutie mark.
"All I know is, you can read a cutie mark a dozen ways.
Ma' always said this was about watching over the farm."


"That's why we're leaving soon. I've got no real business up north, but my companions do so I'll follow them for the time being."


"You know!The usual hunting down bad ponies and destroying evil wherever we go! We apprehended several Discordians earlier today!"


"I meant for a living."


"Good luck, miss Soothing. Drop by the office in Neverspring if you pass there. They might have something interesting."

"And you left your farm without protection?"

"Yes, the Dumpling Gang. They've always been a pain in the flank. Too bad you didn't find their leader, but everypony says she left town."

"Uuhm….My husband takes care of that."


"Isn't it boring? To never go anywhere new? To explore the world?"


"Maybe they will. Holly, a word please?"
Motion her to follow me.


"In a way, no. Not after what we did with Ner'ghal.
But what if I'd never left, because that was what I was tied to?
Earth Ponies here are so… Different."


"She can't run forever! No matter where we are, us paladins have a duty to uphold the peace!"


"Oh, a bit, but travelling is so…uncouth. The dirt, the cold…oh?"
The pony with the Disciples joins you both.
"Countess Mina, how lovely to see you. And you must be Mabel, I've heard a lot about you."

Holly perks her ears and follows you.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about. The earth ponies tend the land, it's what they're best at. I'm sure they could be educated to do administration or become merchants or something else, but why do that when they could be infinitely more valuable tending the land?"

He smiles.
"I admire your enthusiasm. I wish there were more young ponies like you in the world. It would be a better place."


"Are all your professors like him?"


"Why not?
Ponies I've met didn't even know hot to read, that's sad!"


Smile again, turning towards her.
"Oh, you have?"


"He's one of the smarter ones."

"The reason why is specialization. There are very few ponies in Unicornia. We have to make sure we can produce as much as we can with what little we have. As it stands the farms can barely produce enough food to feed all of us if there were earth ponies not working on those fields there could be a famine. And replacing them with pegasi or unicors, we'd have to have two pegasi to do the work of one earth pony, who will defend us then?"

"Indeed. Color me intrigued. And I note from the red tinge on your mane that you're a fire priestess, am I correct?"


"Were you a paladin too when you were young?"


"Well, I hardly keep that a secret."


"Maybe, just maybe, heroes will rise."


"Let me guess, he memorized the first 1000 numbers of pi?"


"No, simply a mercenary. I travelled and saw Hyperborea, Germane, Prance, Trotantium, Saddle-Arabia. But I always tried to not get involved in shady dealings, even if that meant getting paid less. It doesn't make me a paladin, but at least I can sleep at night."

"It's an honor to meet you. I've only met one other fire priest this far north. This is the domain of the Water spirits."

She smiles sadly.
"You have a good heart Soil, but you can't run a kingdom by hoping a hero will arrive."



"Sometimes, it happens."
Start putting the armor back on.
"We are going to lok… lokarriwur… Lorkiwound?
Those old ruins.
Seems like evil's coming that way."


"Look, you can't stick around these people. I'm convinced they're actually making you dumber just by being in their general vicinity."


"I see. I am here to visit a Fire Lord, actually, but I wouldn't want to step on your tail."
"I'm not here to take your domain. Would be hard with all the snow.


"A mercenary! Wow! I didn't expect that!"


"…Lokrivund?!? You're going there?!?"
She grabs you.
"Don't do it!"

She looks up hopefully.
"Wait…does this mean you're asking me to come with you?"
She clops her hooves in excitement.

"Don't worry, I'm not aligned with the Water Spirits, but just saying, keep your guard. The mountains can be treacherous. At least you have some ponies to help you out, I see."

"It was a long time ago. Now I'm just an old pony. But those were the days I tell you. The boulevards of Ponis, the shining colors of the Landsknechts, the floating gardens in Saddle-Arabia I'd do it all over again if I could."


Give her a 'seriously now' look and pat her on the head.
"Now, now, it won't be so bad! We have experience with those things!"


"I've been to a blizzard, courtesy of the wind lords, with just another pony, and that wasn't a fun time!"


"I'm suggestion you either travel along with us or to just head south and make a break for Equestria. You'll learn a lot more from that than being around these armchair scholars, contrary to what that old geezer says."


"I want to do all of that! I want to see the world!"


"But Lokrivund, only evil ponies and warlocks go there…"

"They're a bit fickle, the Wind Lords." He looks up "Though I wouldn't say that too loud. They're instrumental for our fleets."

"I'd rather go with you! I can help you!"

He smiles.
"Say, I have a big map of the world at my home . I want to give it to you, if you're still in Unicornia tomorrow."


"Well, I have no fleets!"


"That's why a bunch of heroes' gotta go there too!
Can't let evil ponies work like that!"


"I won't stop you. Just be warned that we could be traveling through some highly dangerous territories. It won't be a leisurely journey by any means."


"I'll gladly take it from you before we leave!"


"We do. I assume you've heard of us?"

She scrunches.

"I can handle myself!"

"I'd want you to have it. Maybe it will come handy sometime?"
He smiles.
"Do you want to hear about that time I was in the siege of Mareseille?"


Boop her nose.


"Then you can come along as far as I'm concerned."


"Oh sure! I love stories!"
Is there a fireplace nearby to sit at so we can get the right atmosphere for storytime?


"Yes, but I hardly know everything."


She looks at you.
And tries to steal a kiss…

"Thank you! Thank you! I'm ready!"

Yes there is!
You get a glass of white wine for the occasion.
"Now at the time there was a revolt in Prance. They have a lot of those I heard. The town of Mareseille was one of the most heavily fortified towns in league with the revolter, The great wizard Jacques…or something like that, my memory isn't what it used to be.
Just imagine it, a large town near the sea, surround by not one, not two but six fortresses, all armed to the teeth with wizards and constructs."

"Everything? We could be talking a long time if I told you everything. But we're an organization of Nature worshippers, dedicated to the preservance of Nature and fighting unnatural creatures wherever we go."


Quickly dodge to the side.
"Hey is that a moon? Oh cool we have a moon back home too!"


"That sounds like a job for paladins!"


"Well, as an adventurer, I'm on my best to fight all the unnatural creatures we come across with my friends too!"


"My tent has room for one more, but you won't really need it will you?"


She looks at you for a second.
Then quickly walks off.
Indy stares at you.
"What was that about, Pa?"

"We could have used an anti-magic paladin then. But alas, it was just us. We were a large group of mercenaries all hired to help out the Princesse's Armee. I'm telling you, I was still a young pony at the time and I had no idea what I was in for.
We charged and stormed the fort, only to be met with a true storm of magical bolts, falling down on us like rain. I had heard the Prench were magnificent mages, but I never imagined that. They were truly a lot better than Unicornia's mages.
We shamefully retreated back out of range and let the catapults try to force an entry."

"I can teleport to my globe when I want."

"Yes, I can see. We could use somejenny like you. Fire priestesses who can fight are rare in this world."


"Are they? And why would you need a priestess like me?"


"Think we have to leave soon, Indy."
Sigh and sit beside him, watching the moon for a while.


"Equestria has some great mages too!"


"Exactly. I'm sure the others won't mind. They're simple folks, as you probably observed already."


"The IDEAL stretches out its hoof to any Nature worshippers."

"Pa, what do you think Princess Luna is doing now?"

"Does the Crystal Empire have great mages?"

"Yes, you could say that…why are you with them?"


"Thank you, for the offer…
But I am afraid I became a fire priestess to control my own fate. I made a lot of sacrifices for it."


"Probably something very different from what this princess was doing."


"Because they know how to travel. I don't care if they can't tell the difference between a foresight and divination spell. That's my area of expertise. They know how to handle themselves out there, which makes it safer for me to be around them."


I scrunch.
"I guess the most famous one would be Sombra right now!"


"Too bad. If you ever change your mind, drop by one of our offices."

"I hear she walks in dreams. But I never see her in my dreams…"

"I see. Smart!"

"Oh…well I'm sure there will be more in the future!"


Keep smilling.
"I'll keep it in mind."


"I heard she only goes around bad dreams, to help out!"


Look around the room.
"So, how about we take a look at those chaos hats."


"I hope so! I mean Soothing is a nice mage so I'm sure they're mostly nice ponies too!"


"Now, now that my obligatory question is out of the way, let's talk a bit more interesting things.
What's life like as a fire priestess?"

"Oh. I don't like bad dreams."

"Here? Right here?"

"Yes, I've known quite a few of them. But those I was facing, they might have been nice, but not while we were fighting.
Now we were led by a Trotantine by the name of Vladus, a huge pony with a huge moustache. When he heard we couldn't break the siege after one day he went into a fury!"


"No, we'll use the kitchen. More sterile environment."


"Hot and passionate… well, sometimes.
It does include a lot of travelling. It can be dangerous and unexpected, but I would settle for nothing less."


"Nopony does!
That's why Luna tries to stop them!"
Give the castle one more look.
"I should go back to Iris. You will be alright, kiddo?"


"So many different nationalities! What's up with that?"


"They'll be cooking in the kitchens right now."

"Yes, Pa! Can you ask them to bring more gems?"

"Many mercenary companies don't mind too much where you're from. Just make sure you can fight. There were lots of different ponies in that group, even one from the Twilight Steppes, but he never talked."

"It's a dangerous element, I've heard that the Lords chew you up and spit you out, even if they like you."


Nod, and leave.
Back to dinner!


Rub my hooves together.
"Let's go give them a hoof."
Now where are those kitchens… Follow the scent of burning.


"Twilight Steppes? What's that?"


"The first time I met Lord Pyrrus, I got whipped by his Efreet."
"Didn't bat an eye."


The dinner is well under way.
You see the Princess isn't here.
Iris is laughing at something the professor next to her just said.
Amber is listening to some old pony's stories.

You find the kitchens pretty quickly. There's numerous ponies here preparing the most delicious dinner.

"It's a land far far to the east. Beyond the Celestial Sea, even further than Neighpon. Not many ponies go there. I think the Disciples have an outpost there but that's it.
I've heard the land is enormous and completely, completely flat. Not even a hill has ever been found. And strangest of all, there's neither a Sun or a Moon, simply twilight."

He nods.
"You are much stronger than you look."


See if I can find some chef hats lying around for Molly and I.

Roll #1 13 + 12 = 25




My eyes twinkle!
"Wooooow! Past Neighpon? I should ask Soothing about that!"


"And more agile and flexible than you think!"


First things first, approach a waiter and tell him about the gems.
Then go find Iris.


You find a few in a locker.

"They say there's herds of ponies living there. They don't live in towns, they just roam the steppes for food."

"I'd love to see that."

He'll take care of it.
Iris looks up. "Oh Soil, you should have heard what professor Wallnut just said about numbers!"


"That if you put them together they make other numbers?"


Put them on and join the cooks. Look for an empty station and fire it up.
"Have you ever tried Neighponese food, Holly?"


"That sounds like a fun and simple lifestyle!"


Iris scrunches.

"Yes, in one of the hundreds of neighponese restaurants around here that don't exist."

"It's also said, most of the herds are mares, with one stallion as their leader and mate."


She's scrunching too?
Quick, boop her!
Let's hope she's got the same reaction the Princess had!


"Would you?"


"Don't blame me for your worldly shortcomings, Holly. Do me a favor and get me some sake from my bags."
I'll need some mushrooms… Surely they have some here.


Look at Silver


You boop her.
"…what's that about?"

"Not here, of course."

Of course they have some here.
And Holly hoofs you the sake.
"What are we doing here? I thought you wanted to investigate the hats."

He shakes his head.
"I've never heard of that before. Sounds fun!"


Oh well.
"You seemed like you needed booping!
What was that about numbers?"


"That would be quite scandalous, wouldn't it? Even for a showjenny like me."


I scrunch.


I scrunch.


"What? I think those Twilight stallions are on to something!
Maybe we should go there!"

"Something tells me you're not afraid of that."

"He knows all first thousand numbers of Pi!"


"… Right. I almost forgot about that. I've got to make sure to show you some Neighponese cuisine first, that's all. We can give them a lookover while we eat. I'm sure we can find a quieter part in this palace."
I'll need some nuts, some salt and pepper, some citrus, some shrimp if they have it and a pot of water that's cooking.


Stick out my tongue.
"I won't be staying in town for long.
Still, I don't want to horrify my innocent friends!"


"But Pi's a letter, not a number!"


Scrunching intensifies
"You better watch what you say!"


Let's just say they do.
Roll a 1d20, any modifiers you think are applicble!

"They don't look so innocent…well except the crystal pony."

"It's a number too! You know with the 3 and the 14!"

He gives you a cocky grin.
"Or what?"




"Oh, they definitely are, but believe me, Poor Soil and Iris are too. Well, more innocent than having to witness something like… that."


For cooking? I've got the cooking focus so let's see how it goes. I'm making a very special mushroom soup that uses sake.

Roll #1 13 + 9 = 22


"I'll… we're not sleeping in the same tent for a week!"


"No, 3 point 14!"

"Those two?
You have my curiousity now."

Just having some fun.
You have made a "special mushroom soup with some sake"

"So I can sleep alone in a tent with Soothing?"


"Sounds like it's only got three numbers then!"


Mmmmm. Lovely.

Toss the chef hat aside and leave the kitchen with our prize and two cups. Let's look for a place with some privacy.


"They are a lovely couple, aren't they? You should have seen how awkward and cute they were at first, when they met but both of them were shy about it."


"No you're sleeping outside! I'll tell Soothing what you said!"


You find an empty room in the servants quarters.

She shakes her head.

He scrunches.
"Fine! Not the first time I slept outside."
He walks off.

"That must have been entertaining to watch."


"Alright, let's see what we've got."
Pour myself some soup and get out the hat.


Stick my tongue out at him!


"Oh, you bet. There are no boring days with these guys."


It looks like an ordinary cap at first glance.

The old mercenary has a little smile around his face.

"I can imagine. You're quite a gang."


Hmmm, try a Detect magic spell to figure out more. Costs 1 SP.

Roll #1 6 + 16 = 22


"What's so funny?"


Regular AD boost.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Well, it takes all kinds to make a good adventuring party."


"Numbers are hard!"
Not sure what to do other than mingle, Sion.


"Nothing. Just an old pony thinking about some old memories."

You carefully study the cap. On closer inspection the threads are knitted in a very weird way, random, it shouldn't be kept together. You feel a Discordian energy sticking to it. But it's not an enchantment in the standard way. More of a gateway, as if this cap allows you to tap into the chaotic magic of Discord himself. A small window into Chaos.

"That's completely right. What's adventure without other ponies?"

Mind if your part is wrapped up? I don't want to go much longer.
Stick around for final credits
+secret scene


Sure, fine by me.


This is the real deal then.
"Well, this is interesting. And highly dangerous."


"Without friends!"


"Sorry for ruining the storytime!"


"What does it do?"

"Without friends."

"That's quite alright. Shall I finish the story?"




"It's a window into chaotic energies. Like a portal where you can pull chaotic magic from. I seriously wonder how stable it is."
How would one destroy such a thing?


"Now where was I?
Ah yes, so Vladus become terribly mad. Completely red of anger. He went around and gathered a small group of us. I like to think he chose me among the best, but more likely he just randomly picked 20 of us and told us to prepare to sneak behind the forts during the night.
Now this was terribly dangerous since the unicorns used magic to shine light and if we were discovered we'd be defenseless. Don't ask me how, but Vladus led us right behind the forts without being spotted, right into the town!
The streets were deserted and we walked Vladus in front with his sabre in his hoof, grumbling curses all the way until we reached the barracks of the town garrison."

You can try to simply burn it but that could unleash some unholy monster.
You could bury it, or give it to somepony safe. The Disciples sometimes take these kinds of items for safekeeping if you trust them.


"Soooo… this party is getting terribly boring, isn't it?"


Let me stop you right there. An unholy monster? What kind are we talking about here?


"Wow! Talk about good fortune!"


"What do you expect from a Royal party?"

"Vladus always had that somehow.
Then he started bashing on that door as hard as he could.
One guard captain opened the door and saw us outside with Vlad who was mad as hell."

Very chaotic. Could be an oversized bunny. Or Cthulu.


I'm not sure if I'm willing to fight something of that scope. Burying it is not an option either. Too dangerous. I'm not sure if I trust the disciples, but then again I don't really give a damn.


"That sounds bad!"


"More life?"


Keep it for now?

"I thought so too. But the captain surrendered right then and there!"
He laughs.

"Trust me, it's not getting better. Unicornia isn't good at parties."


Hell no. The disciples can have it for all I care.
"We'll need to rid ourselves of these. They're not worth having around."


"What? That's silly! Why'd he do that!"


"He was a coward! He was thinking the fight was far away. He didn't expect to wake up in the middle of the night to see a bunch of mercenaries at his door."

"Hmmm, we can just keep them in the globe?"


"And create a convenient backdoor for whatever chaos spirit that's around to enter it? Not worth the trouble if you ask me."


"What a failure of a commander! He let down all his troops like that!"


"Hmmm, what do you think then?"

"He did, but it was good for us!"


"A bit too cold for my tastes!"


"I say we give them to that disciple stallion roaming around the place. It'll be his problem then."


"So you just took the city like that?"


"It's quite hot here. Better than outside the town. Besides, there's some other hot spots around town."

"Yeah, that's a good idea!"

"The central fort, the other forts didn't surrender yet, but with the central fort under our control they couldn't completely cover the area and we won a few days later."


Finish my soup.
"Did you like that?"


"Well I guess it at least prevented some deaths in the long run!"



"I like it. How do you make this?"


"Like hot springs?"



"I'll show you next time I prepare it, but you should've paid some closer attention!"

Just got to dump those hats on the Disciple's head.



You all talk further and have a mostly good time.


Everyone except Mabel gets 10.000 XP
Mabel gets 8.000 XP

REPUTATION (each star is a rep point)


* Entered the Golden Palace
* Went to the Observatory
* Defeated the Goatclops
* Did a parade through town
* Was rewarded by the Princess.

* dodged the bureaucracy
* Got Big Mesa's contract signed
* Opened a safe
* Found a special letter from a daughter to her father
* Found the Swirlers Gang first hideout

* got away with a pie.
* Found the Conservatory
* Defeated a Cockatrice in single combat
* Failed to break into the Academia Library

* Defeated the Dumplings
* Destroyed the Cursed Caps
* Rescued Mabel
* Helped Cracker
* Negotiated a compromise between two rivals
+ ** for completing objectives related to your Called To Arms

* Rescued Mabel
* Destroyed the Cursed Caps
* Broke into the Labyrinth
* Recovered the Labyrinth Prize
* Resisted the lure of Gold

As a reward for your efforts to retrieve the golden goblet, Soil and Amber receive 1000 gold


The party may spend some of their money inbetween adventures if they want to buy supplies for the trip to Lokrivund.

The trip will take about a week through the mountains depending on the weather

Question that needs to be answered?
>will Amber throw Silver out of the tent and potentially have him half freeze to death?
>Will Amber tell Soothing about it?

Amber also picks up the WORLD MAP from the old adventurer.

A courier arrives with a letter for Soil before you leave. The letter mentions no sender but shows the location of an old Unicornian guard outpost near Lokrivund that could be used as a base of operations to leave from.


>will Amber throw Silver out of the tent and potentially have him half freeze to death?
>Will Amber tell Soothing about it?
Don't be silly.


He can sleep with Holly in her snowglobe~


Meanwhile somewhere far away…

The town of Neverspring sits lonely on the cold cliffs. The sea to the north of it is covered in thick mists. It is always covered in mist, but during the winter it is the worst.

Near the docks one boat is coming into the harbor, two stout griffons packed in warm clothing and half-frozen carefully steering it to the port.
"This was madness, Jurn. To go out fishing this late in winter. We could have frozen to death."
"Svin, we did get a good catch, didn't we?"
"One net of fish? Even that's frozen by now."
He points to the net of fish hanging nearby, frozen in the cold.
"Ah, it just needs a good smashing. I'll get to it while you tie the rope to the peer."

Svin grumbles as he picks up the rope and walks to the other side of the ship. "I can barely move my claws! This is it, no more fishing, seasons over."
"Fine, fine Svin." Jurn starts whacking against the pile of frozen fish. WHACK WHACK
"No this isn't fine! You know how close we were to death, this isn't-"

Svin slowly walks back to the other side of the ship. But there is nothing except the large hanging frozen pile of fish.
"…Jurn, this isn't funny…"
Suddenly a stench hits Svins nose causing him to cough.
"What the…"

A black ooze drips from frozen fish, gathers and rises up to form a solid dark grey griffon, slowly walking towards Svin.
"By the Ancients…"

"No ancients, just me…"
The grey griffon gives Svin the slightest of touch and quickly decaying flesh spreads over his body, killing him before he can even scream.

The grey figure slowly walks off the boat, as it starts rotting, sinking before the grey griffon gets off the peer, into Neverspring.

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