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Mini-sheets: https://goo.gl/mm7f1o

You're in the ancient city of Platina, the core of Unicornia and the rumored birthplace of such legendary mages as Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever. You can see references to them throughout town, it seems everyone here claims to be an ancient descendent from one of them. Notable landmarks are the Golden Palace, the Academia, the Fundaments, the Old Quarter, the Monument to the One Tribe, the Wall and the Old Quarter. The city is mostly still sparkling white but the decline is noticeable where the old craftsmanship has been shoddily patched up with cement and painted white, or worse simple planks. From all place you can see the Golden Palace, it is white with a some sparkling as the sun shines on it.


Adventure: The Jewel of the North

Menace: II

NPC Stats

Indy (Huge Beast Flyer/Walker — 65 XP): TL: 5
Str: 14/+2; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 12/+1; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +4=3+1(dex) Melee: +7=5+2(str) Fort: +4=3+1(con)
Health: +9=4+1(con)+4(size) ~ 125/24 Ranged: +6=5+1(dex) Ref: +4=3+1(dex)
Def: 12=10+3+1(dex)-2(size) Comp: +2 Will: +3=3+0(wis)
Size: Huge (3×3); Reach: 1; Speed: 70 ft. flight, 20 ft. ground;
Qualities: achilles heel (cold), damage immunity (fire), fearsome, light sleeper, rend, veteran III.
Attacks: Fiery Breath [3d6/20] (damage II: damage type: fire; armour piercing 2), Bite II [1d12/17-20], Claw II [1d10/19-20]


Inferni (Tiny Beast Flyer — 55 XP): TL: 2
Str: 8/-1; Dex: 13/+1; Con: 10/+0; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +3=2+1(dex) Melee: +0=1-1(str) Fort: +1=1+0(con)
Health: -2=2+0(con)-4(size) ~ 40/5 Ranged: +2=1+1(dex) Ref: +2=1+1(dex)
Def: 13=10+0+1(dex)+2(size) Comp: +0 Will: +1=1+0(wis)
Size: Tiny (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 40 ft. flight;
Qualities: damage immunity (fire, heat), everlasting, natural defense (fire), swift attack I.
Attacks: Talon II [1d3/19-20] (bleed), Phoenix Flash [DC 20] (blinding III: cone 20ft range)

Silver Blood (Medium Folk Walker — 78 XP): TL: 2
Str: 18/+4; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 16/+3; Int: 12/+1; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 12/+1;
Init: +3=2+1(dex) Melee: +9=5+4(str) Fort: +8=5+3(con)
Health: +8=5+3(con) ~ 100/16 Ranged: +6=5+1(dex) Ref: +6=5+1(dex)
Def: 17=10+6+1(dex) Comp: +3 Will: +6=5+1(wis)
Size: Medium (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 30 ft. ground;
Qualities: devoted (Erovi II, Erovi I ), honorable.
Gear: Full chainmail w/ heavy fittings (2xp), Zweihander [2h, 1d12 lethal, 19-20, massive, Guard+1, superior] (paid by Devoted)


The party has been given different optional missions, finding the Swirler gang and finding the rest of the Goatclops treasure.

You've discovered an endless corridor that turned out to be a bottomless pit with a bottom. You're in a weird landscape next to a big pillar with something shiny on top.
You bite yourself into the pillar, but slowly slide down again….

You're visiting the tomb of Platina the II.
It's curious, because this is what the traitorous Lokrian Griffons did as well, except for the undead part. Griffons traditionally burn on a pyre.

There's beautiful jewelry and gems embedded in the walls.

You got lost in the Academia Gardens with Inferni and met some qt seaponies. A yellow, a red, a blue and a green one.
"Melvin, he's a donkey who lives in the forest."

You're in Holly's snow globe Holding. After finding secret documents belonging to the Advisor in the Fundaments
The home has only a few rooms.
There's a bed, a few shelves with books. Some boxes. An empty heartfire.
"I'm sorry, I didn't clean up…"
Large parts of the rooms are either empty or filled with collected gems or vaguely magical junk. It's clear she doesn't have too much money.

You're talking to the priest in the Cathedral of Platina about seeing the schools the clergy has set up.
"But we're both interested in helping the poor right?"


! Warning !
Ferriro Pico is carrying too much
Your Defense decreases by 2, you suffer a –2
penalty with physical skill checks, and you move at only 1/2 Speed (rounded up).


"Nonononono! I can do this!"

Roll #1 6 + 11 = 17


Fuck it, AD.

Roll #1 5 = 5


With some help from Indy you manage to get halfway up.
Passed first challenge.


I can totally do it!
If I'm good at something it's this!

Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18


AD again. Fukken hell.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 2 = 2


"I haven't met anyone else. I have to admit, I got a bit lost."


Passed second challenge.

"Lost? My dear, how?"


"It's been a while since I navigated in a big forest! I remember, the first time I got lost in a forest I almost died and a friendly druid saved my life, many many years ago!"


Pls be a roll above ten.

Roll #1 12 + 11 = 23


And AD it, too.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It's been a long time since any druids have been here. Or anypony really, we haven't seen anypony for a long time. How is the world outside?"

You manage!
You're on a little platform at the top.
On the platform lays an emblem of a harnessed pony. Seems like it would fit nicely on your shield, the glistening of it suggests it has some magic as well.


"Freaky emblem…"
Pick it up, then wave at Indy from up here.
"Made iiiiit!"
What can I see from up here?


"It's trotting along, I suppose! A while ago me and some friends managed to stop a world ending disaster though…"


It's stuck to the floor, you can't pick it up. Nor can you lift your hooves remember? You had to slide em all the way up here.

As for the view, the grass field seems to go on for miles.
Might be some mountains way in the distance.

"Oh what kind of world ending disaster?"


Uh. So just shout that and…
What an interesting situation. What is the emblem made of?


"An evil undead dragon who would have gave everyone a hard time!"


Metal, shouldn't be too hard to lift under normal circumstances.

"Just a hard time? That's not too world ending. The Seapony Ladies used to give us hard times."


And it shouldn't break with the fall, right?


You can be sure of that.


"Hard time as in turn everyone into dead or undead!"


Slide it off the edge of the pillar then! And be sure not to slide it on Indy's side or he'd be hurt!


"Even the seaponies?"

You slide it off the edge, but it keeps sticking with the tip downwards.


"Even the seaponies! But we managed to stop the baddie!"


Well then. Guess it's time to slide back down with it!
Hold onto both the pillar and the emblem, sliding it down as I slide off the tower.


"Well, you deserve a reward."
She gives you a colorful seashell.

It works!
It's still stuck though.
Indy looks at it.
"What's that, Pa?"


"A thing! The only thing on top of the pillar! And I had a look around, there's nothing else here…
So this has to be the way out and the reason we are here!"
Okay, now try poking it.


"Oh, thank you! It is very pretty!"


You boop the pony on the emblem and he starts scrunching.

She grins.
"I hope you like it! It will bring you luck!"


"It is a really nice gif! I'll be sure to keep it close!"


She smiles.
"You deserve it for saving all of us, fire priestess!"


"Whoa! you felt that!?"


"I just did what was right!"


A tiny voice comes from the emblem.
"Indeed, I have! Why have you come here, 3D horse? You won't get our 2D mares! They're too pure for you!"

"Do you want a bath?"


Scratch my head.
"What's a three-di ho-
Never mind that. I don't need mares, I have Iris!"


"I think I'm good, thank you. I should find some braziers I've found in this forest earlier, actually!"


"That's good, remember it 3D horse! You can't have our 2D mares, you just keep your stinking, unclean 3D mares.
Now why are you and that 3Dragon here?
Nevermind, I already know why you're here!
You're here for the Prize!"

"Braziers….mmmmh, yes, I think they're that way!"
She points.
"But things often change around here so I'm not sure."


"I'm here because I fell, but tell me of this prize!"


"Thanks for the help at any rate! And have fun! It was nice meeting you!"
They were nice! Head the way they pointed at!


Roll for Tracking, you need a lower DC now

"Yes, it is my prized posession!
My pair of hoofshoes that makes every climb extremely easy!"


Roll for Tracking, you need a lower DC now

"Yes, it is my prized posession!
My pair of hoofshoes that makes every climb extremely easy!"


I sure hope!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Is that why the world here is so sticky?"


"No, it's so sticky because it was made for superior 2D lifeforms, not casual 3D like you!"

Might have been a really good time to use an AD, hint, hint



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well then help me leave this place!"


"There are two ways to leave this place. But first you must become superior 2D like me! Lay down on this emblem! You too Dragon!"

You find the braziers again!


Sit down to meditate in front of them!


To be clear, the braziers are not lighted, remember?


"Oh boy, that's gonna be some more freaky magic…
Let's go Indy."
Onto the emblem we go!


Uh, light them up first!


You light one of the 5 up an the flame turns purple.

You feel yourself shrinking until you and Indy are razor thin!
You know see the world in 2D, the knight has become just a line, but somehow you know exactly what he looks like if you'd look at him from above. Same with Indy!


Light another!


Exchange a look with the dragon.
"…Are you gonna say it or should I, Indy?"


Purple too.
Light all of em?



Let's try it, what the heck!


"You're damn right.
So where to now, strange two-di knight?"


You light up all the braziers, a tunnel opens up in the middle of the circle of braziers.

"You have to quest your way through those pipes and enemies!"
He points further up ahead!
"Pass all pitfalls, and you shall gain a prize, fail and you shall fall out of here and lose one of your little ponies!"


"My little ponies? But I have no children!"


A tunnel? Can I see where it leads?


"Nooo, you know! One of those little you's and when they're gone you're dead!"

It leads down into the darkness.


…here I go!
I'm going to check it out!


"Okay so let me get this clear. All I have to do is make it past all the enemies and pitfalls?"
Try jumping in place.


You make a weird boing sound when you jump, but yes it works.

You go down…and find a little chest.


Reach Indy, climb upon him, and
"Set off boy, let's fly to the end!"


Roll a Ride to make it past the first obstacle, a pipe with a firebreathing flower popping out of it!



What does it look like? Is it trapped?


If only I was as fireproof as Indy!

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28


And now I realize I ALREADY HAVE man and beast. Oh well.


It's a small red box.
Only a Search check could tell if it's trapped.

You fly through and Indy blast back with one of his own fire balls. The plant is defeated and you gain ONE COIN.

There's a guy on a cloud throwing hammers at you both. Roll Ride to evade!


Ride ride ride!

Roll #1 11 + 9 = 20


Searching it!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


You don't notice anything.

You manage to dodge all hammers, but he's still at large!
What do?


"Indy! Fire back at the little hammer dude!"
Fire, of course!


Try top open it with my dagger then, standing beside it.


He fires and you get another ONE COIN

Holy shit, there's a whole row of coins up ahead. With some very masterful Rideing you could get some dough!

You open it up, but hear a click and the door closes above you. It's open, and you can see in the dark there's 100bits inside.


I'm not sure how accepted 2D coins are in the above world, but let's try!

Roll #1 16 + 9 = 25


I don't really care all that much for money. Close it back down!


The door doesn't open again…

You get all 25 COINS

There's the flag!
Grab it! Ride!



Roll #1 2 + 15 = 17



Roll #1 2 = 2


Whoops. Time to look around!


Born in the saddle any help?


Also I don't know why I put 15 in.
Probably mixed it up with some other bonus I use in another quest.


You ain't got AD's anymore nigga.

But your born in the Saddle saves you!
You make it to the flag and take it down!
Aw shit nigga, time to go into the castle with Indy!

You think you could open up the lock mechanism if you had some time, of which you have plenty.


Take 10 then



"Ahahah! That was fun!
Time to show off for the knight, Indy!"


It takes you a few hours, but you manage to click open the hatch.
You're free again!

You both fly inside!
You move through a dark tunnel dodging fire and flames. But then you see it!
The knight on his steed, standing upon a bridge over the lava.


Look a bit perplex.
"But… I told you I don't care about that stuff!"


He starts throwing fireballs your way. Roll Reflexes.


Go outside.
"Well… let's not try that again!"


Roll around dodging left and right!
"Indy! Stop him!"

Roll #1 7 + 5 = 12


Inferni nods.
It's already gotten darker.

Indy flies around dodging, but can't get a dent in the knights armor, it's too stronk!


I just need Indy to distract him!
All I have to do is rush the knight and SHOVE him into lava below!


Actually, I'm going to get out of the creepy forest now!

Roll #1 11 + 2 = 13



Roll #1 2 = 2


Sounds like a plan!

You start walking around….you come across a pond with green glowing water.


Touch it with a hoof.
Very carefully.


So… Rush.
And then SHOVE!

Roll #1 19 + 10 = 29


You slam him right in the guts and shove him into the lava!
The door opens!

You touch it.
It wiggles like jelly.


"Do I even wanna' know?"


Hasta la vista, baby.
"I'm outta here!"
Rush through the door!


Inferni looks at it and shrugs.

You walk in and find a 2D pony holding a bunch of metal horseshoes!
She winks at you.
"You can have your prize, either these horseshoes…or me~"


Share a look with Indy.
Then rush for the horseshoes and keep running!
"Bye bye! Watch out for the crazy knight back there!"


The world spins again around you and when you blink, you find yourself in the house again…
with the horseshoes!



You're in the ancient city of Platina, the core of Unicornia and the rumored birthplace of such legendary mages as Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever. You can see references to them throughout town, it seems everyone here claims to be an ancient descendent from one of them. Notable landmarks are the Golden Palace, the Academia, the Fundaments, the Old Quarter, the Monument to the One Tribe, the Wall and the Old Quarter. The city is mostly still sparkling white but the decline is noticeable where the old craftsmanship has been shoddily patched up with cement and painted white, or worse simple planks. From all place you can see the Golden Palace, it is white with a some sparkling as the sun shines on it.
The party has been given different optional missions, finding the Swirler gang and finding the rest of the Goatclops treasure.

You're visiting the tomb of Platina the II.
It's curious, because this is what the traitorous Lokrian Griffons did as well (mummyfiying their dead), except for the undead part. Griffons traditionally burn on a pyre.

There's beautiful jewelry and gems embedded in the walls. Do a Notice check.

You're in Holly's snow globe Holding. After finding secret documents belonging to the Advisor in the Fundaments
The home has only a few rooms.
There's a bed, a few shelves with books. Some boxes. An empty heartfire.
"I'm sorry, I didn't clean up…"
Large parts of the rooms are either empty or filled with collected gems or vaguely magical junk. It's clear she doesn't have too much money.

You're talking to the priest in the Cathedral of Platina about seeing the schools the clergy has set up.
"But we're both interested in helping the poor right?"

Too-di Horseshoes
Part of the armor, the horseshoes give the wearer a great boost for climbing.
Grants Superior Climber III

You just found a pool with green water.
Inferni looks at it and shrugs.


"That was FUN!"


Poor girl. This organization is AWFUL though. No order at all!
"I don't judge. It's a nice place to call home anyway. Am I your first visitor maybe?"


Looking around. '1d20+8'

Roll #1 12 + 8 = 20


Action Dice '1d6'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Again, right? '1d6'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yeah, but I can't really make calls on making alliances with other faiths! It's not my place to decide that unfortunately…"


"But it was so FREAKY!"

"I've had a few ponies from the Academia over, but not many." she steps over a few boxes to one of the cupboards.

You notice a well hidden button in the walls.

"What a shame. Well, when would you like to see the school?"


Wait for her to reveal her big prize.


Make sure I'm not being watched and press it.


"Don't worry, we are never gonna do it again!
Now, let's see what these things do…"
Put the horseshoes on.


"I sure do! Show us!"


They fit snugly, there's hooks on them to make climbing easier.
With a successful Climb check, the NPC moves the resulting
distance one additional time per grade (e.g. an NPC with
superior climber III and a result of 10 ft. moves 40 ft.)

She gets a little box out of the cupboard and opens it proudly.
There's an old slightly rusted bell in there. It certainly looks like starswirls hat bells.

The wall swings around, bringing you to a new dark room.

"Now? Uhm….let me call Cracker"
He soon comes back with a colt in a choir cloth
"He will show you around while I get some work done"


Detect Magic on that.

Roll #1 4 + 16 = 20


"Um, anyone home?" I ask without yelling too loud.

Let's look around, it might be dark but can I still make things out?


Guess I may as well roll a Investigate check to Identify as well.

Roll #1 14 + 11 = 25


Wave at him!
"Hello! I'm Amber!"


So basically it adds 10 ft to my climbing speed?
Now, let's leave this place.
"We should tell the others how fun that place was!"


There's a hint that this has been with a magic user. You think it could be, it is old and truly, starswirls hat was one of a kind.

Nope, too dark.

It's a brown-yellow colt coming barely to your chin.
"Hello! I'll show you the school! Come!"
He walks outside.

Indy scrunches.
"But we didn't find out anything about that symbol Pa!"


Now stab her in the fucking neck with a rusty knife and steal it.
Nod slowly as I inspect the bell.
"Well, you might just be right about this Holly. I admit I was a little skeptical at first."


"I'm glad you speak our language as well!"


Slap myself.
"Of course! Let's keep looking around!"
Investigate, I guess!

Roll #1 16 + 1 = 17


Is the button still there?

If not, try feeling my way out.


She clops her hooves together excitedly.
"Yaaay, I knew it! I knew it!"

"Yes, I was taught it at our school!"
He leads you to a big building next to the church!
"Here's our school. The bishop had it built to learn ponies like me to read and to write, so we can help the Church when we're older."

You feel around until you find the button again and get back out.

You search through the whole house but don't find another trace. It seems whoever was here, went through the doors and left. The doors don't work anymore unfortunately.


"I mean I can't say for sure of course, but this may just be one of them. Where did you say you found it?"


Make sure no one saw me, then go out to the market for a lantern or torch. It's odd for such a door to be there.


"Guess it was all about finding that strange door!"


"That's good!"
Which race is he?
"Do you live here as well? It looks nice!"


"Wait, you think those meanies wanted us to find that weird place?
What was that place?"

"In one of the hidden passages of the Academia!"

That's 2s.

He's an earth pony.
You go in. The interior is spartan and there's paintings of the Princess and several priests on the walls.
"I'll show you one of the classes." He walks to one of the rooms and nods you to look inside.


"We live above here! There's a dorm for us there."


"… Can you show me?"


Go pick up two and then come back quickly!


"Maybe someplace to trap ponies forever! You saw how hard it was to walk there!"


Look at Silver
"This is nice isn't it?"


2s will get you a set of 5 torches…

"Maybe…you'd have to ask the professors if you can come in, you're not a student."

"Maybe Soothing knows, she knows a lot about FREAKY MAGIC."

"Yeah…I didn't expect this."
In the class, a group of earth pony colts and fillies are learning to read from a priest.


Hmmm. I bet they won't like an outsider snooping around.

Unless… Aha! Cast Disguise Self on myself to morph into a generic Unicornian student pone.

Roll #1 8 + 16 = 24


"Great idea!"

Off to soothing!


What am I waiting for, let's pay the good merchant and head out.


"Maybe you should lighten up a little!"


He scrunches.
"Cracker, how do the priests around here treat you?"
"Oh, they are very stern! We can't make too many mistakes or we get punished."

Last you saw her, she was heading off with Holly into the town. Too bad that after all these years you guys still haven't learned to discuss meeting places.

You look like a generic student pone! But will it be enough to fool the Academia?
"Wow, is that you Soothing?"

You're back at the tomb
PS: You're heavily loaded. This lowers your defense and some skill checks.


We'll have to see. The teachers are no doubt mentally retarded due to all the inbreeding, but there might be some other ancient defenses in place.
"Of course it's me. Say, do students need some sort of pass to enter the academy?"


"They're not… too stern are they? What kind of punishments do they dish out?"


Well time to just go asking! Not many neighponese mares around!
And I even know the tongue!


I'll count it as exercise! Let's go back in, light one up, and look around!


"No, only for certain parts of the Academia. We don't need to go there however. If a professor doesn't recognize you, he might ask what class you're part of."

He shakes his head.
"No, just going to bed without food, or getting smacked on the flank."

You hear she was seen near a chapel, but when you visit it, nopony seems to have seen her.

It seems to be some kind of library, but most of the books are destroyed.


Oh well. How's it with you ponies anyway?"
Who's in here?


"How about you do the talking for me if that happens? Tell them I lost my voice for a while after messing up a shout spell."


I'll try to go through any books that still have some pages left. I should be able to make it out a general idea what they were about.


"Oh… What would you have to do to get a punishment like that?"


He looks curiously at you.
"Uhm….once I got sent to bed without food, because I didn't do my assignments. I forgot…"

Most are destroyed, but you find a few intact, they seem to be diaries written by Platina the II!


An elder couple.
"You speak Unicornian very well, young stallion. We're here on our daily walk to thank the Princess for doing so much for us…"


"Uh? You two are friend with the princess?"


…That's fair enough… I guess!
"Oh! Yeah responsibility is important!"


Pop 'em open and start reading. These could be very important!


"Shall we then?"


"No, but we're her subjects."
They point to a little statuette of Princess Platina.
"Her foremothers saved all of us from dying in that terrible Blizzard when Princess Platinum left us…"

"Can I ask you a question?"

You read through them in the light of your torch.
The diaries deal with the Unification campaigns of the Unicorn Tribe after Platinum left. It seems like the Princess had a very hard time getting just her government to work together. They were torn between staying or following Platinum, Platina details a few councillors she had executed for disobedience…

Skip to the Academia?


Go ahead.


"Sure! Go ahead!"


"Woooow you knew her foremother?
That must have been a bajillion years ago!"


As much as possible!

Who did she have put down?


You're back at the Academia, it's already evening and the Sun is setting, it will get colder soon, but you've curiously not seen any snow in Platina.
Roll a Blend to get easily to the hidden corridor.

"Can I touch your mane? It looks so sparkly…"

She snorts.
"Young stallion, if this is some kind of joke, it is in very bad taste."

Her Advisor and her Emissary to the Pegasus Tribe.
Things get worse, the Pegasus Tribe decided to break off and follow Commander Hurricane to Equestria. Platina had to promise large parts of land to certain pegasi commanders to convince them to stay and keep the earth ponies in line. She remarks that once the situation is stabilized, they'll have to take care of said commanders as well since the amount of land they would get is too much.


Fug. AD boost that roll '1d6+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"What, don't tell me you are thanking somepony you don't even know for something she didn't even do to somepony who isn't even you!"


Thank you based action die god.

Roll #1 2 = 2


This is huge, now wonder they at least tried to hide it! Let's put it in my already burdened bags and keep snooping around. Any doors or the like, maybe stairs or ladders.


"My mane!? Um, sure! Go ahead!"
Lower my head!


Silver chuckles.
He touches your hair carefully and looks at his hoof.
"The sparkles don't come off!"

Roll a Search

"….that's heresy!"


Roll #1 19 = 19


"No, sorry! They only go away when I'm sad!"


"No, that's a question!"


An Explorer in a hidden library, how interesting. Searching '1d20+8'

Roll #1 7 + 8 = 15


You run into a professor.
"Hello, miss Starbound. Going to the library again?" he says with a tired voice.
"Yes, professor Lemontail, I want to read more about Starswirl the bearded."
The professor grins "You know, I'm the great-greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandson's nephew of Starswirl. Learn well about his life and one day you might be just as good as me!"
"Wow, you think so?!?" Holly seems to act very well.
"Yes, and who's your friend?"
"This is Soothing, she's a new student here. I'm sorry she can't talk right now, she's had a little accident with a Voice Boom spell."

He scrunches.
"That would be bad, don't be sad. I wanted to collect some sparkles to give to Aura. Your sparkles are very pretty."

You notice a small crawlspace you could climb into, it will be tight.


"Watch out, the Princess might hear you!"


Bow my head slightly, but remain silent.


"She already did, something like a hour ago when I was at her palace."


"Aw that's really sweet! Who's Aura?"


None of the other could probably fit then. Let's squeeze in a bit and see where it leads.


He whispers. "She's a filly who lives at the bakery nearby. She's really pretty."


"That's not funny!"

You squeeze in.
The tunnel is pretty long.
As you wurm your way further the entrance suddenly locks.
Aw shit, it's a trap!
Roll Athletics to wurm your way out of it before whatever happens

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Happy to see you Soothing, if you ever want to learn about Fire ray spells, be sure to come by my office!"


I'll roast your asshole, you inbred fuck. Smile politely and nod.


"Oh! Is that the baker who gives out free bread to the poor?"


"Gotta move!" '1d20+5'

Roll #1 11 + 5 = 16


He leaves again.

"Mmmm, maybe, mister Bling sometimes gives us a piece of pie, but he doesn't like the headmistress, and the headmistress doesn't like him."

Your class ability pulls you through. You crawl out just before poison darts fly.


Look at Holly expectantly.


"Why not? What are they like?"


"Because it's not a joke. Wanna hear a joke?"


"Someone doesn't want me going further, but that's more reason to do so!"

Take what I can and head back out. I should find the others and bring them here, and unload some of the stuff I have.


She starts walking again.
"Let's keep going."

"They always fight when they see each other.
And we can't go there. So I can't see Aura a lot…"

"I doubt it will be funny, young stallion."

You wanna search the others?
And what you wanna unload?


I nod. Can't risk talking just yet.


"That's just awful! Where does she live? Far from here?"


"How many crystal ponies can you fit in a carriage?
Depends how large the cages are!"


You make it to a corridor where Holly whispers a password to a seapony statue. The seapony statue waves her tail aside, revealing a hidden passage.

"No, just over the square. I…I can see her sometimes out of the window of my room…"

"Hmmph. Are you one of those earth ponies that's been vandalising the chapels? If so, scram before I call the guard!"


"Nope, I'm one of the earth ponies who hunt monsters.
The chapels aren't monsters, are they?"


All these little hidden spots. I bet these walls have seen a lot of shit in their time.

Follow her in.


"That's just sad! I can't allow something like this to happen!"
Look at silver.
"Silver! We need to do something about this!"


A good idea to drop of the camping gear, at least. Even if I have to rent a room to drop things into it.

I'll try to fly around, the rest should still be in the city, I hope.


If only they could speak.
There's a soft light in the corridor shining from the walls.
Your diguise spell runs out, it was quite a walk from the Fundaments back to here.
"It was further in the corridor I found it! Good thing you didn't get caught."

Yes, you'd need to hire a room somewhere if you want to drop your gear there.
You need at least Common Lodging, see Core p168

Cadance Quest: help Love!

"Riiiight. Uhm, Cracker, do you think we can help you in any way?"
"C-can you talk to mister Bling and ask him if Aura can play with us? Oh, and do you know a good gift for a filly?"

"You should go to the cemetary then, lots of monsters there at night!"


Let's dart around a bit to hopefully lose any unwanted followers.

Since we were paid 800 bits, a Common lodge is very good.


"well that just ain't right! tried calling a priest?"


"How do you keep finding all these random secret entryways? Are there just so many of them that you constantly stumble across them or is it just a lot of curiosity on your part?"


"Depends on what she likes! Some fillies like dolls. I liked dolls as a filly, but I liked my wooden sword more!"


"They're much too busy with other things they say."

Done, you get a room at Clover's Inn. According to the innkeeper, the one and only Clover the Clever lived there! She might have slept in your very bed!

Anyway, the only party member you see from the outside is Indy near a chapel.
He says Soil's inside arguing with some old people.

"I spam Detect Hidden Door everywhere…but it takes a while to get them open sometimes."

"I don't have money for that…what about some flowers?"
Silver says he'll go talk to the mister Bling while you figure out the gift.


"Smart girl. I keep on liking you more and more."


"I could give you some money! But flowers are nice too. I like the tasty ones from Equestria!"


"I'll go check on him, Indy."

I'll walk towards Poor Soil and the old couple.

"Not getting in the way, am I?"


"Nope! Found some new monsters!"


"Eh, so quickly!"

Assume the regular fighting postion!



"In the graveyards. At night."
Chuckle at him.


She walks further down the corridor. "It was here somewhere on the ground, covered in dust, you could barely see it. I guess I got lucky."

"I know a little park nearby! We could go together…um could you not tell the bishop please, I'm supposed to only show you around…"

The old couple is scared by his fighting stance.



"If it was here, then surely there could be something important around… Have you tried detecting magic or secret doors?"


"Yes, well, I detected doors, not magic. I thought maybe the bell just came off by accident…"



"Alright! We have a mission to perform here now!"


"Don't worry, we'll protect you!"


"It's possible that it was just an accident. But you may as well check, no?"
Detect Magic.

Roll #1 3 + 16 = 19



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


You're in the ancient city of Platina, the core of Unicornia and the rumored birthplace of such legendary mages as Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever. You can see references to them throughout town, it seems everyone here claims to be an ancient descendent from one of them. Notable landmarks are the Golden Palace, the Academia, the Fundaments, the Old Quarter, the Monument to the One Tribe, the Wall and the Old Quarter. The city is mostly still sparkling white but the decline is noticeable where the old craftsmanship has been shoddily patched up with cement and painted white, or worse simple planks. From all place you can see the Golden Palace, it is white with a some sparkling as the sun shines on it.

There are several things left to do here, optionally. Tracking down the Swirler gang and finding the remaining lost treasure. But beware, the world is not standing still, far away events are taking place that might change the whole quest.

The Sun is going down and dark clouds are rolling in. A cold wind is blowing.

Ferriro and Soil
You both were in a small chapel, scaring the shit out of an elderly couple while discussing the possibility of finding monsters in the graveyard.
They run to the other end of the
small chapel!

You have infiltrated the Academia with Holly
You detect a curious magical signature further down the hallway.

You were checking out the Platina school with Silver when you found a colt with love troubles. You agreed to help him get a good gift for Aura while Silver goes to talk with her father.
He smiles. "Okay, quick!" Go to the park?


You just found a pool with green water an touched it.
Inferni looks at it and shrugs. He flies further forward.


"Hmmm, what do we have here…"
Let's go further down then.


"Don't worry folks, we'll protect you!"


I probably shouldn't mess with it.
Follow Inferni


Poke him.
"You wanna put that down?"


Roll a 1d10

Holly perks her ears!
"What is it? Did you find something?"
You find a circle of magical energy on the walls further in the corridor.

The elderly stallion shouts "Stay back, Griffon! I-I'm a veteran!"


"I'm not sure."
A circle huh… move my hooves over the wall. Maybe there's another illusion or a trigger?


"Wait, there isn't a monster here?"



Shake my head.
"You are jumpy mate!"


You cause small ripples in the magical energy.
You could roll to identify (Investigate).

Roll a 1d10




Roll #1 4 + 11 = 15


AD '1d6+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sorry. I've been nearly crushed and poisoned, so I'm a little nervous about everything right now "


"You don't even look that beat up!"


"Doesn't mean it didn't happen! And I was shot at with poisoned darts! Which is why I came here to talk to you."

"Uh, sorry to scare you folks. I'm Ferriro, I'm here with Soil and Indy."


You figure it's some kind of arcane writing.

You come into a field, with numerous statues of ponies, zebras, griffons and donkeys.

"C-can we go now?"


Are they stone statues?


Oh my! I can read that! Cast read magic.

Roll #1 5 + 16 = 21


"Wait! First tell us where the graveyard with those monsters is!"


"There are still more beasts on the loose?"


"Tsk tsk tsk, it's easy to tell you are new at this job!"
Draw him close, as if whispering him a secret.
"There are always beasts on the loose!"


Yup, stone as stone can be.
Most of the statues look terrified.

I live less than a day.
Thin I live shorter
Thick I live quicker
The draft is my doom.
What am I?

"Out the north side of town, on the wrong side of the canals…."


"The… Wrong side?"


"…the other side. Those ponies there are really uncivilized!"


Gasp audibly!
"That's dangerous! Thank you for telling us, mr veteran!"


"You'll need to explain things, because I just got lost."

"That makes sense. I'll write that down for my notes."


"I live less than a day.
Thin I live shorter
Thick I live quicker
The draft is my doom.
What am I?
I think for a moment.
"A candle?"


"Lead the way!" I follow!


"Uh oh… Do you think a Cockatrice is around here, Inferni?"


"I bet those ponies eat meat and stomp on flowers!"


"Yeah a candle" nods Holly. "that was easy!"
The bricks slide aside revealing a safe. Seems like it needs some kind of code.

He scrunches at you calling his bluff.

It's dusk by now.
You make it to the nearby park with the colt. Roll Survival(Forage) to find the best flowers!

Inferni nods and looks around nervously.


"If they sell the meat, they might not be so bad…"


"Holly, do you have any lock opening spells?"


"Fly away. I can take care of myself, but I don't want you turned into stone."
Slice off part of my cape, then put it around my eyes as a blindfold.


I was totes serious!
"I bet they don't even like books… Let's go Ferriro!"


Um… boost the roll? [1d6]

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Actually, that's what I came here to talk about! I found some interesting ones, and I was nearly punctured when trying to find out more!"

Hand him the messed up book I found about the schemes of the royals and their assasinations.


What got to ya?"


Once we're out of earshot, carry on.

"There's a hidden room I found with lots of other damaged books. When I tried to look around in a vent if there was more, I triggered a trap like a buffoon. But no one would put a trap like that if there wasn't something important on the other side."


"We gotta save those books! Take me there!"


"It's at the tomb. Hopefully no one has been alerted yet."


"I should practice them…but I can try…"
She sticks out her tongue in concentration.
'1d20+19' Unlock (DC30)
Soothing may roll a Spellcasting check, one with DC25 will give Holly a boost of +2

Where to?

He shakes his head. He's staying.
You'll have to roll Search (Awareness) to make your way out of this mess.

You find a few flowers, but not many pretty colorful ones!

Roll #1 1 + 19 = 20


The safe clamps down.
"Ponyfeathers! This is a hard lock!"


Tomb and the hidden room I found.


I scrunch.
"I'm not finding many colors! Is this really the only place to get flowers?"


"Come on Inferni! You're no good to me as a Statue!"
Keep my long donk ears perked!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


"I could try a more… fiery spell, but that could damage the contents."

My prestidigitation isn't so bad, but I don't have proper tools… guess it's time to go buy some.
"Can you stay here and look after it? I'll go get some equipment."


You go and visit the tomb again.
For Soil, it's a mausoleum where the body of Princess Platina II is preserved and displayed.
Ferriro sees a guard has entered here while you were away and is standing right next to the button!

"Uhm…there's another place." says the colt carefully. "But that's in miss Starry's garden. She has lovely flowers, but she won't give them away to anypony! She's a bit mean. Nopony likes her."

"What about that jenny? I thought she was a thief…."

You bump into a hard statue snout.


Touch it, what race was it?


"What a pretty place!"


"I'm sure you'd like the history of the place. But we have a problem. There's a guard near the button we need to press."


"… You're right. I don't know where she is though. I'll see if I can find her, otherwise I'll do it myself. I've got a steady hoof too you know."


"Let's go there then! I'm sure I can convince her!"


"Well… We get somepony to call the guards then!"


"How do we do that without getting into trouble?"


Unicorn you think. Unless you're not touching his head.

It is, decorated in old unicornian style, and her tomb is given fresh flowers every day.

"Wooow, you sure I have wait here?"

He takes you to a beautiful white house a bit further decorated with colorful dazzling flowers.
The colt hides behind a lamppost and points to the house.

The guard raises his voice in Old Equestrian "The tomb will be closing for the night soon!"


…that would be a weird way to be enstoned.
Keep walking! And keep listening for the sounds of the cockatrice!

Roll #1 14 + 3 = 17


"Well… I guess you don't have to. Do as you please."
Let's get out of here. I'll see if I can find Mabel.

Roll #1 18 + 11 = 29


What roll is that?


Search, sorry.


"Should we sneak in later?" I say in a hushed tone.


Why would he be so scared, it can't be that bad!
Walk up to the house and knock on the door!


Whisper to him.
"We should hide around and wait!"


"Where, it's a public tomb?"


"But they are about to close down!"


"You're the ones with experience, so I'll follow your lead."


You step out of the corridor undisguised, roll a Blend to beat my Notice '1d20+4'

You walk further.
You don't feel any statues anymore. Doesn't mean the cockatrice is gone yet though. Cocaktrices are supersneaky.

The tomb room here is pretty small, it'd be hard to hide without distracting the guard.

After a number of knocks, a very ugly old mare opens the door.
Her bloodshot eyes stare at you angrily, her face is full of rimples, her nose is skewed, part of her ear is gone and she has the beginning of a beard.
Roll a Resolve to not show any reflexive bad reaction to this, if you want.

Roll #1 16 + 4 = 20


Ah shit, I totally forgot. What a dumbass I am. Let's try an AD '1d6+2'

Roll #1 20 + 2 = 22 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


Just stay still and listen.

Roll #1 18 + 9 = 27


Doubt it'll be necessary, but here you go.

Roll #1 3 = 3




I've seen worse things!
"Hi! Are you the owner of this house and the surrounding garden?"

Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22


I'll look on in shock!

Dragon Shock!


You realize to late you're undisguised, but through some careful walking and sheer guts, you manage to get outside undetected! Superior unicorn indeed. Extra AD for good catch

You hear something coming closer…

The guard laughs, but Indy gets the hint and starts roaring, causing the guard to run outside in a hurry! You're alone!
Extra AD for good plan.

Yeah, you manage, at least it's still mortal right!

"What's it to you?" she screeches. You see some cats crawling in the corridor.


"Quick! The button!"


Stay still, eyes closed under the blindfold, but have a hoof on my sword.


Now, can I go about finding Mabel somewhere or did she vanish again?
"Eyes open for that jenny, Holly."

Roll #1 4 + 11 = 15


Rush and press the button, then set up a torch for light!


Rub my ears.
"Well I noticed you have some very nice flowers in your garden and I was wondering if you'd allow me to pluck some! I'd pay you for it!"


And in we go!


"There's a bunch of leftover books, torn apart, that should be lying around. But I need your help to get me past a small vent."


Unfortunately, after asking around, you realize she went into the crazy non-navigable forest alone, again.

You feel something slithering next to your hooves.

You're both again in the dark room, full of destroyed books and a desk, also the super trappy hole.

"I don't need your money! And you're not getting any flowers!" One of the cats prowls closer.


"Help me anyway you can, just get ready to pull me back. There might be more books on the other side."


Gingerly touch it.


For god's sake.

What about the others? Where are they?

Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18


I scrunch.
"They'll regrow! I just need a couple of them, please!"


Poke at my just-60-kilos-larger-than-average body and then just shrug.
"Wait, how will I know to pull you b-"
Turn to the books.


"Just help push me through, or pull me back if you hear any clicking. There might be better books on the other side."


"Alright, alright. Let's do this!"


Most of them are destroyed and partially burned.

Who's going in first?

You have absolutely no idea.
You only know that Iris is in the Academia, as you just saw her go in.

It feels like a snake, even its head! It slowly slides up your leg.

"Hmmmm…" she picks up the cat.
"We'll see what Snoopy thinks of you!"
Roll an Impress or an Intimidate, whatever you think might work best.



This time, I'll go in first try to Notice the triggers and avoid them first. '1d20+8'

Roll #1 12 + 8 = 20


And AD that too. '1d6'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Pico is going, and I will be ready to pull him if any clicking happens.
What do I roll?


…well, no need to panic.
I'm going to keep my eyes closed under the blindfold though… is it a tiny basilisk or something?
"Hey there little guy… I sure hope you are friendly…"


Well I'm not running after Mabel into that forest again. She said she didn't need our backup last time.

I'm going to see if I can find a hardware store instead.

Roll #1 3 + 11 = 14



Roll disregarded, when doing a check to purposely look for something it's Search. Notice usually will only be rolled when I ask you to, since this is something subconcious, you see something you weren't actively looking for but is interesting.

If the clickety click, you roll a Reflex.

You find a pawn show where they'll have some of the stuff you need.

You hear hissing.




Friendly hissing, or angry hissing?


Searching then. Try to avoid triggers this time. Search '1d20+8' and I'll drop an AD here too '1d6'

Roll #1 4 + 8 = 12 / Roll #2 4 = 4


It's a cat! I should give it a nice smile! i'm gonna boost this roll with an action dice too [1d6]

Roll #1 12 + 2 = 14 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You are as ready as ready can be.

Intrigued hissing.

You see a few of them, but it will be hard to avoid them. Roll an Acrobatics.

The cat growls at you.
The mare scrunches angrily.


See if I can find some tools for the job.

Roll #1 3 + 11 = 14


Hopefully carrying all that weight helped out. Acrobatics '1d20' with AD '1d6'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"B-but I really need them or I'll fail my quest!"


AD that. I've got plenty left.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Listen… I'm not sure about what you are, but you wouldn't be the little rascal turning ponies into stone, would you?"


"Oh boohoo! Too bad, missy! As long as Snobby doesn't like you, no flowers! And if I see you even looking wrongly at my flowers I'll call the guards!"

There's a bunch of tools. They cost 20s!

Hissing again, but you're not sure if that's a yes or no.
You hear Inferni squeek but not in panic.


CLICK Soil rolls Reflexes or someone's getting a new set of holes.


Shell out 20 silvers then. I can afford it and this stuff could come in handy later.
"That should help."



"Uhm… could you tickle me with your tail if that was a yes, and prod me with it if it was a no?"


I scrunch. That's so mean! What about that park we were in, weren't there any nice flowers there?


Boost it.

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You have a shiny set of thieves tools. Don't tell where you got if you get caught!

He tickles you.
Of course he could be lying.

Not that you found, not like this.
You see Snobby prowling outside in the garden.

Activating that Error.

'3d6' lethal damage
+ '1d6' lethal damage, because Soil clumsily tears you out of the spikes

Roll #1 4, 5, 2 = 11 / Roll #2 2 = 2


I'll never get caught.

Put them in my bags. Time to head back. Activate my former disguise once I get close.

Roll #1 7 + 16 = 23


"I'm going to trust you on this one… but my friends are going to be super angry if you cheat me!"
Peek at the snek! With one eye only!


You drag out a ruffled Griffon.


Carefully approach that cat!
"Here kitty kitty!"


Let's skip to the corridor.
Holly is waiting there for you.

It's an actual green snake slithering on your back.

The cat looks at you curiously, but suspiciously.


Nod at her silently.


Lay down on the ground to make myself seem less threatening!
"Kitty kitty!"


"Well, hey there buddy. Do you know where the thing that turns ponies into stone lives? I think it has to be stopped."


The cat is weirded out by your weird pony behaviour. And approaches curiously.

"id you get it?"

He pokes your body.

Soil and Ferriro
Ferriro has had quite a stab, but his armor took most of the damage fortunately.



Ferriro still breathing?
Pull him out!


I nod.


"Dang. Do you know any creature who might?"


Roll onto my back!
"Kitty kitty kitty!"


"Ow. Ow. Be careful, please. That still hurts."

Take a few breaths.

"They really don't want us to get in there. Funny how getting hurt still makes me want it."


He's alive and not too damaged, you can get up.
It could have been a lot worse looking at it, but you might not want to risk it again.

She nods back.

He tickles you again.

The kitty is very close to you now. You see her upside down, staring at you.


"Let's switch places, it's my turn to be a super spy!"


"Open up the passage, why don't you?"


"Can you get in with all your armor?"

Help him do so, I know I can't stop him.


"Can you lead me there?"


Boop it!
"There you are! You're a nice kitty aren't you? A really nice kitty!"


"Just checking so nopony sees us!"
She quickly opens it up!

You get another tickle and slide off.

Lemme see how it reacts '1d20'

Get on with it?
Crawl in or search for pressure points first?

Roll #1 6 = 6


The cat is shocked and jumps away.


Yeah sure.
Pff, you take me for a pussy?
Crawl in.


Go through.
"I couldn't find Mabel. I think she's in that creepy forest again."


Time to follow the snek!


"No no no! I'm not gonna hurt you! Don't be afraid!"


Rollow an acrobatics.

"What? Why? Does she have a death wish?"


You follow the snek deeper into the forest. Back into the rows of statues.

Roll #1 17 = 17


Be ready to close my eyes at any moment!


The cat slowly comes back again.


'1d20' Crawling is totally athletics!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"There's a lot of spikes and darts in there."


"I don't know. But I can't hold her hoof all the time. I'm not risking my ass going in there again without proper backup."
Let's return to that safe.


"I've got lots of armor."


"C'mere kitty kitty! It's not so bad, I just want to pet you!"


"Don't tell me you're going to purposely trigger them."


"Purposely? Nooo.
Trigger? Yes!"


It’s used to perform feats of speed and
endurance rather than grace and accuracy.
This is more accuracy to not press those plates, at which you fail spectacularly I might add.
'3d6' Lethal damage, a fast reflex of Pico will make you avoid this dmg, if you keep going, you get another round of this before managing to get out the other way.

You might wanna reflex him out!
Unless he wants to keep going, which means at least another round of stabbings (depending on how good your acrobat roll) before he gets out.

Here it is!

She slowly comes over and purrs.
Extra AD for nice RP.

You hear a chicken.

Roll #1 5, 3, 1 = 9


That's… probably it.
Blindfold back on!
"Heeeere, chicken chicken!



Or wait, if you wanna keep going that should be athletics, since now it's become speed.


Shouldn't my DR deny a d6 altogether?
Keep rushing!

Roll #1 18 + 11 = 29


Your DR doesn't apply to each single d6, but the whole of them, meaning it's 9-6 = 3


"Be safe Soil!"


My DR is 7 though!


Alright. Let's see if I can actually pull this off. Going to use my last d6 AD for this. '1d6+2'

Get out the tools and see if I can crack open this safe. Rolling for Prestidigitation.

Roll #1 10 + 7 = 17 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 3 = 3


The sheet you've given me notes it as 6


Pet the kitty!
"You're such a nice kitty! Look at you! I always wanted a kitty like you but I couldn't!"


4 from armor, 2 from heavy fittings, 1 from Armor Mastery taken as my 6th level feat.


Well, you could have added that as an "other modifier" in your armor, that's what it's for!
But my fault I suppose. Noted

Anyway, you get another '3d6' lethal damage and manage to crawl out on the other side, in another dark room.

It likes you!
Maybe you could pick him up.

You pass the first challenge!
Second challenge!

You hear a lot of clicking.

You bump around and hear a chicken getting closer….
You suddenly feel something sliding past your leg.

Roll #1 5, 5, 3 = 13


I think that might be the snake…
"Heeeere, chicken chicken!"
Have my sword ready.


Click click.

"One down… pay attention Holly."

Roll #1 7 + 7 = 14


I did, we are on different versions of my sheet, I will reupload it.
Suppose that was a little more ticklish. But nothing too bad.
Let's look aro-
I should have torches on me!


AD that '1d4+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"You OKAY back there!? Please respond!"


Roll back over and try to pick him up.
"Oh you're so nice!"


You can light one!
Your armor is a bit dented though, but holding.

You don't see shit.

Blinded: The character is flat-footed and cannot see anything.
He cannot make skill checks that require sight and suffers a –8
penalty with attack checks. Meanwhile, his opponents gain a +2
bonus when attacking him

The chicken sounds are coming closer.

He lets himself get picked up.
You're now carrying a purring white cat.

Your second attempt doesn't succeed, you can keep trying for now…



Bite my lip and keep trying. Careful now…

Roll #1 11 + 7 = 18


Burning another AD. '1d4+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Let there be light.


I've read that in the book, yes.
I'm going to roll for Initiative.

I want Inferni to stay out of this one though

Roll #1 3 + 8 = 11 / Roll #2 8 + 8 = 16


Give it hugs and pettings!
"Hey, you'll allow me to pick a few flowers won't you?"


You light up your lantern!
You might want to buy some lamp oil later.
You're in a cold old corridor, You see a stairway further up.
And jails on both sides, with some spooky skellingtons in there. Non-animate ones.
You hear Ferriro calling you.
You might pull him in fast with a rope.

It clicks and opens!
Holly's pupils go wide!

No need for a map, since you can't see shit.

Cockatrice init: '1d20+2'

It doesn't talk back, but it looks happy.

Roll #1 17 + 2 = 19


"Don't get too excited. This might just be empty."
Grab the handle and open the safe.


"Yeah, I'm alright! There are no doors though! And stairs!"
No levers anywhere?


Remember, anything coming into the square next to me triggers my fencing trick for a free attack though.


Nuzzle the kitty!
"Oh you're such sweetie!"


"Nothing? Maybe if you keep looking! They wouldn't have just left a vent like this for no reason!"


"No like, there are stairs! And skellies!"


"Are the skelotons attacking you!!? Fight them off before answering again!"


"Nope, dead skeletons!"


I go first!
Mabel gets a Bite out of nowhere right in the face.

Sure, you get 3 half actions instead of 2!

You hear a voice at the door!

Oh well, that works too! I've had my fun.
Suddenly you see a convenient lever to neutralize the trap!

You pick out a large bar of a white glowing metal that you recognize as Moonstone. It's worth a fortune, but a skilled crafter could turn it into a powerful magical weapon of your choice.

Roll #1 16 + 10 = 26 / Roll #2 3 = 3


A bite right on the snout!
Mabel's turn


"Oh my… this is moonstone. A solid bar of it too."


I'm the best at dungeons!
"Okay, try crawling now!"


Time to take my chances again.

"Here I come!"


Put the cat down!
"I think she wants to talk to you now!"


All out attack!
If the cockatrice has a lower Dex, damage shouldn't be rolled since one of the fencing tricks

Roll #1 15 - 3 = 12 / Roll #2 6 - 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 - 3 = 3


I'm going to try and boost that first roll

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Wooooow! That's amazing!"

Ferriro gets out without a hitch!

You put Snobby down, but she keeps purring at your feet.
"Hmmmmmm, it seems Snobby likes you!"

That trick only works if your opponent is a standard character, which the cockatrice is not! You'll have to roll damage for that one hit you get.


"Time to get searchin!"


"Thanks, but now we should start looking around. Platina's diary states that she was going to have lots of people killed, this might be them."


"This is valuable stuff. How much do you reckon it would sell around here?"


"Well he's a very nice kitty!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Poor people! I don't know what those are but it sounds bad!"


"There should be Unicorns here, the first ones she purged. And she promised land to some Pegasi that she was going to have executed after things improved."


"Something like that? I bet at least a thousand bits, a lot more if you're good at negotiating!"

"Well, since he likes you, you can't be the bad sort. You may pick some flowers, on one condition!"

The cockatrice retaliates with another bite '1d20+12' '1d8'

You make your way through the dungeon to the end. Lots of ponies did lose their life here clearly.
Up the stairs?

Roll #1 8 + 12 = 20 / Roll #2 5 = 5


"I think the wiser thing would be to find somepony willing to shape it into something better."
Hold out the bar towards her.
"You can take it."


"Oh! thank you! What condition?"


Yeah, we need to know where the real exit is.


Also, books?


Relentless attack back, then a regular one!

If hits

Roll #1 12 - 1 = 11 / Roll #2 6 - 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 5 = 5


"What?!? To keep it safe for you?"

"You have to say hello to all my other cats!"
A storm of 20 kitties run towards you from the house.
Roll Fortitude to survive the swarm! Miauw Miauw.

Not here, just skellingtons.

You walk up the stairs running into a solid wall.
Roll Notice.

Everything misses!
Relentless attack only works if the characters last attack missed which it didn't!
You know the drill
Bite '1d20+12' '1d8'

Roll #1 2 + 12 = 14 / Roll #2 5 = 5


And a miss from the cockatrice for once.



Roll #1 11 + 1 = 12


I've got eagle eyes. Notice '1d20+8'

Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21


"Do you really think I need somepony else to keep things safe for me? No, I just want you to have it. Don't sell it though. Find somepony who can shape it into something useful."



Roll #1 15 + 11 = 26


Ah damn, I'm so stupid! Of course I should have Inferni! I need him to flash the cockatrice so I can look at it!
For now, start withdrawing!


Ferriro sees part of the wall actually used to be a door that's walled up. Some excessive force might do the trick.

You get swarmed by tiny kitties, but through years of paladin experience, you manage to survive and finally pick some flowers!

She looks at it with big eyes.
She sniffles. "T-thank you. Nopony's ever been so nice to me…"

Roll an Athletics to flee for your life.




"Hey, you found this place didn't you? Might as well get something good out of this god forsaking academy for once."


It's not fleeing!

Roll #1 6 + 7 = 13


"I think you're better suited to breaking down this door than I am."


"Oh hey! I hadn't even seen it!"
Bim bum bam!

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


AD it.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You were exploring the old tomb of the princess Platina II. You found an abandoned dungeon and broke through a wall at the end of it
With a good slam the wall breaks open.
Ferriro lifts his torch. The whole room is filled with stacks of gold, gems, and bits. Up to the ceiling! There's an elaborate gate on the other side. Seems like it's locked from this side.

You got into a fight with a cockatrice while blindfolded
You tumble over some branches on the ground, you get back up, but you haven't escaped yet as the Cockatrice bites your butt!

Bite '1d20+12' '1d8'

You were exploring the Academia with Holly
She carefully puts the Moonstone in her bags. "Soothing, would you mind helping me to…borrow some books from the Academia?"

You've pleased a kitten and now have earned the right to pick some flowers!
You pick a colorful bouquet of flowers and go back to the colt.
"Wow! I've never seen anypony those cats liked…."

Roll #1 8 + 12 = 20 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Which ones did you have in mind? If you want to 'borrow' them, I assume they're in the adult section?"


"Now what a convenient thing, just all this gold here for the taking totally not guarded behind a huge magical lock in the heart of the Princess' castle!"


I'd like to parry the swearword out of that though.


I smile.
"I know how to please a pussy! They're fun to play with!"


You can't. You're flat-footed.

"I like pussies too!
But those over there are pretty nasty!"

I'm sure Knight would have given a solid answer to that if he were here.
But what do?

"Yes, but here the adult section is called the forbidden section…"


Well shit, I don't want to leave knight behind on this.


"That's usually the best section of magic libraries."
I wink at her.
"How many books are you thinking of borrowing?"


"It wasn't so bad, I think he was just shy! Cats don't act nasty for no reason! Sometimes you just gotta have some empathy!"


I wish I had Uncanny Dodge II now
Okay, that's it.
I had enough.
Cut off the blindfold, turn around, and stab the cockatrice.
Damage if possible

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6 / Roll #2 11 + 5 = 16 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 7 = 7


You rip off the blindflod but before you can strike the cockatrice bites '1d8' deep gashes in your flesh. You strike and push him back.
Then the cockatrice stares at you with its chicken eyes.
Roll a Fortitude Save DC15

"I'm glad you got the flowers!"
He hugs your leg

The Maleficum Arcanex
And the Commentaries on the Codex Rideris Volume I and II."

You wanna wait for him?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Guess so. It'd also be way less fun all alone.


Knowledge check on those three books. Have I read/heard about them before?

Roll #1 1 + 9 = 10


"Hey it was nothing! Let's go check back on Silver now!"



Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22


No, you've never heard of these books before.

Roll a 1d20+3 for how well Silver did in talking to the baker.
As you may remember, the colt indicated that the baker and Bishop didn't see eye to eye, so the baker doesn't let his daughter play with any of the priest colts.

You resist the alluring gaze.
Your turn!

Right, might be best


"Inferni! Get in here!"
You better believe I'm not giving up.
Jenny has lost her cool

Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22 / Roll #2 14 + 5 = 19 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 5 = 5


Hurr, I'm smurt!
"They sound old. What are you hoping to get out of them?"


I do remember! [1d20+3]
Come ooooooon Silver!

Roll #1 14 + 3 = 17


The Rage is stronk in this one.
Just wait till you get some Rage Basics.

You slam and hack into the cockatrice causing some major damage.

Inferni returns.
I won't get a special map just for this. Just say what you both want to do after the next Bite!
'1d20+10' '1d8'

"The Maleficum Arcanex could make me better understand the School of Necromancy spells, so I know how to counter necromancers.
The Commentaries are a three-part series of commentary on a book of the Laughing Library! It's made by Grumpy Bradle, a donkey mage who read the book once. It's supposed to be a very intricate book on the nature of the universe!"

As you walk the colt asks.
"Ummm, Lady Amber…what do I say to Aura?"

Roll #1 19 + 10 = 29 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Threat activated


I'm no longer flat footed, and that's a crit, but can I at least parry the damage?


Of course.
Roll Reflexes.



Roll #1 17 + 11 = 28


"Those do sound interesting. Why did the academy put them in the adult section?"


"Umm… just be yourself! You seems like a really nice colt, I'm sure she'll like you a lot!"


AD that

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 3 = 3


You barely manage to dodge that deadly attack.
What do you want Inferni to do?

"Uhm, but what if she doesn't like who I am?"

"They're supposed to be evil." she snorts. "Can you believe that, and they call themselves professors!"


"I'll help you get those books, but I'll be the first to get a hooves on them, understood?"


I scrunch.
"You have to assume you'll be successful! So chin up!"


"Sure, that's fair, as long as I get to read them too."

He literally puts his chin up and tries to look serious.


Let's go see if Silver was successful!


"We'll probably need Mabel's help for this… and Amber and Silver can't know about this stuff either."


You arrive back near the bakery.
You see Silver waving at you.
"Well, I talked to the baker. He's a very nice stallion and after some talk, he's agreed that Aura should be allowed to play with the foals of the school if she wants to!"

You see a purple filly talking to her father inside.

"Yeah, they might misinterpret what's in there."


So. Yeah.
Zoning out is fun.
Without touching anything, what can I see?


Push Cracker towards the filly!
"Good job Silver!"


"There's one more pony I'd like to talk to first as well…"
Go find Iris. I know she's in the academy and she's probably nerding out in the library. Disguise self.

Roll #1 4 + 16 = 20


Near you are large stacks of gold bars, marked with the coat of arms of Horsehollern family.
You'd need multiple ponies to move all of that.
There's numerous chests that are closed, but a few are open, they're filled to the brim with bits and gems. There's also a few armoirs locked but showing magical weapons and armor.

You're disguised!
Go to the library?

You give him a slight push and Silver gives him a hoofs up.
He slowly walks inside with the flowers outstretched in his hoof.
When he's inside, Silver continues "There's one other thing though. I didn't want to discuss it while the colt was here. The baker says the Bishop has been harrassing him."


Fly up right behind me and Phoenix flash.
At the same time, I attack twice.

Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25 / Roll #2 2 + 5 = 7 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 6 = 6


And you better believe I activate that 20


Yup. Let's go find our nerd.


"Harassment! Why?"


"It seems the baker's been giving out food to the needy of the town. The Bishop has a charity program as well and wants the baker to distribute the food through the Church rather than independently. The baker doesn't want that so the church has been bickering about it."

Surprisingly, you don't find her in the Library.

You jump into the air and amange to smash a terrifying gash into the cockatrice.
Rolling to not be blinded '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The cockatrice is blinded for 1d6 rounds



Roll #1 6 = 6


Yeah no, I'm not gonna touch anything alone.



Where is she then? Search for her.

Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


"Why doesn't the baker want to do that…?"


Inferni needs to move up next to the cockatrice to flank it, so I can double stealth attack it.
'1d20+11' (+5 basic, +4 from sneak attack flank bonus and +2 from the cockatrice being blind)

Roll #1 6 + 11 = 17 / Roll #2 1 + 11 = 12 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 6 = 6


You find her in one of the classrooms. Trying to do a very basic Dancing Lights spell under guidance of one of the tutors.

"He doesn't believe in the Church's teachings!"

Error Activated
You strike the blinded cockatrice easily, but before you can strike again you're hit by the cockatrice who's wildly stomping around for 1d4 Vitality

Bite '1d20+2''1d8'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 4 = 4


But misses

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'm going to keep up this assault!
Relentless assault, since that crit was a miss, I assume?

Inferni keeps flanking

Roll #1 20 + 13 = 33 / Roll #2 10 + 11 = 21 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 8 = 8




Whisper to Holly.
"Do you think you can draw that tutor away for a moment?"


I scrunch.
"We should talk to the bishop about this Silver!"


You unleash your anger!

You start hammering into the cockatrice with all your might, slamming it into submission.
T-the c-cockatrice tries to fight b-back….
'1d20+2' '1d8'

"Sir, there's some animal from the Gardens in the hallways again!"
The tutor follows Holly. You're alone. Iris doesn't pay much attention to you. Focusing hard on her barely working Dancing Lights spell.

"Hmmmm, what should we tell him?"

Roll #1 20 + 2 = 22 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Slink in besides her.
"I didn't know you dabbled into magic, Iris."


With a bit of dumb luck the cockatrice tears into your flesh again.
You're seriously bleeding now.

Mabel has gone down to 1/3 of her wounds.


I'm going to try and Parry that too.

Roll #1 1 + 11 = 12


Not parried.
Your turn


"We'll improvise!"


At this rate I'm going to just go for the eyes on that thing.
'1d8+3' now with actually using my sword properly in terms of damage!

Roll #1 15 + 11 = 26 / Roll #2 7 + 11 = 18 / Roll #3 8 + 3 = 11 / Roll #4 1 + 3 = 4


"Okay! I think he's back in the Church."
Go back?

She shrieks and looks at you.
"How do you know who I am?"

Two hits. You might be turning this thing around!
Bite '1d20+2' '1d8'

Roll #1 17 + 2 = 19 / Roll #2 3 = 3


A small hit


"Relax, it's me Soothing. Don't mind the new looks."


Yup! Let's fly to the church!


I am going to keep on slashing!

Roll #1 10 + 11 = 21 / Roll #2 11 + 11 = 22 / Roll #3 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #4 3 + 3 = 6


She looks at you curiously.
"Soothing? You look really different…"

You fly with your hooves!
You find the Bishop at the altar preparing for the sermon of tonight.
"Ah Lady Amber, I expected you earlier, what do you think?"

Another flurry of hits!
Bite '1d20+2' '1d8'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 8 = 8


He misses!


I'm going to keep it up!
Not letting it breathe!

Roll #1 19 + 11 = 30 / Roll #2 18 + 11 = 29 / Roll #3 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #4 3 + 3 = 6


"It's just an illusion, don't worry. Not really sure about the eyes though."
Shake my head.
"Erm, anyway. Have you been to the library yet?"


Crit that first one with my last AD


"I like the things that have been done! There's one thing I have to ask though! Why can't the church and the baker not get along?"


You're on fire, ramming the cockatrice again and again. Not giving him a chance to recover!

Your ruthless attack, gets the better of the cockatrice and he collapses unconcious. You could finish him off with a coup de grace?

"No, I've been here. I heard there was a beginners course on magic!"

"Ah, you've been talking to him.
Lady Amber, mister Loaf is a heretic, believing in all kinds of Elemental nonsense. We have been very tolerant towards him and his beliefs. But we've seen that he tries to spread those beliefs amongst the poor and downtrodden of our fair town under the guise of giving food. We don't want that to happen."


"Have you ever heard of the Maleficum Arcanex? Or a donkey by the name of Grumpy Bradle?"


I remember when I was a pacifist and considered all life sacred.
Cut the head clean off, coup de grace.
It has turned too many ponies, donkies and zebras into stone already to be spared.


"Elementalism isn't that bad I think…"


She rubs her chin.
"Hmmmm, they do ring a bell…
I think Grumpy Bradle was a donkey priest who turned into a mage after a brush in with the Harlequins. He said they let him read a book from the Laughing Library and he wrote books as a commentary about it. I'm not sure what the Maleficum is, but it sounds bad."

You killed the Cockatrice and receive 740 XP.

"Have you never heard of the various Elementals that spread trouble throughout the world?
Now, there are plenty of peaceful Elementalists throughout the Unicornia. The Church must accept this. But we cannot have these teachings spread throughout the poor. What if they attempt to contact these Lords? What if they gain unholy powers and start burning their way through town. The Church has a duty to protect its flock does it not?"


"A grumpy donkey in a laughing library. That's interesting."


How bad are my wounds? I'm not bleeding too much, am I?
Glance at Inferni.
"I need a fire. Burn this cockatrice, and ask one of the lords for a way out…"


"It might all be made up though. Honestly, this whole Laughing One business all seems like a big joke to me."

You're bleeding. You feel like you've got some internal bleeding.
Yeah, you don't feel well.
The cockatrice gets enflamed by Inferni.


"I don't think so. Have you seen Mabel anywhere? Last I saw she ran back into that hellish park."


"… I guess that's true. But there should be some freedom of religion!"


Focus to the fire.
Free Hint.
"If any of the Lords of Fires hears me, I need a way out of an enchanted forest, and quick. Any help would be appreciated."


"We have not been arresting him, have we?
If he wants to help the poor in town, he is more than welcome to do so with our help. But we don't want him to spread Elementalism to those ponies for the greater good. Some of those Elementals are good, some of them are bad. If one of those poor ponies gets into contact with an evil Elemental, will mister Loaf be there to help them?
Even if the Church can help that pony, will she ever be the same? Prevention is better than treatment."

"I haven't seen her at all. She's been running off a lot lately. I'm worried about her."

Pyrrus advises you to always keep following the Southern star, which is up now in the sky.
This will still require a tracking roll (since it's sometimes hard to see this star through the trees), but with a lower DC than usual


"Well, I'm going to go ahead and try to find her. Just so you know I'm going back into that crazy park. I'll leave you to it."


Let's try and make my way out of here then.
For once, I'd ask Inferni not to perch on me anywhere too.

Roll #1 12 + 3 = 15


"But there's no way they would leave them connected like this. Just what type of builders do they hire here?"


"Wait. Then we can totally take whatever we want!"


You slowly crawl out of the park.
It's night by now and getting pretty cold.

"Okay, I'll be at the inn in an hour or so!"


Before I leave.
"And hey, keep it up alright? Magic will serve you well."

Time to look for Mabel, once Holly is done distracting.

Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18


"Maybe we're under a bank or similar?"

Look around for notes or labels to tell us where we are. A ledger or something left in here.


"What a strange bank…"
How dusty are things here?


I need to drag myself to a healer…
Or even better find Amber.
I can try and search.

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Oh this is hard! I should consult my book I think!
"It just doesn't seem good to bicker about it!"


"Or we found someone's secret stash…"


"Behind the tomb of an old queen?"


What would you like to know?
I can give you some passages that might give you new insight on the appropriate stance in this situation.
"What kind of compromise are you suggesting, Lady Amber?"

You both find each other on the Academia grounds.
The Jenny is a mess of cuts with dried blood.

Some parts, the gold bars are very dusty. The chests with bits are not.

There's nothing of the kind here.


Guess, ooc, I can exclude the idea of this belonging to the queen. She'd not let any of it get dusty.
Go near the weapon cabinets, and look inside.


"Oh, hey there Amber… I could use some healing!"
Collapse onto my butt in front of her.


Fucking hell.
"Ho there, what happened!?"
Fire up my magic and cast Cure Wounds II on her to regenerate some of her wounds.

Roll #1 19 + 16 = 35


Spend a d4 to activate that Threat.


That would be nice!
"I'll talk about it with my partner first if you don't mind!"


"Wait, you're not Amber… But this will do."
Shake my head.
"Enchanted forest. Cockatrice."


"Mabel? What's wrong?"


I cannot comment on that.

This is unintentionally hilarious.

She heals 3 Wounds. This cost you no spell points.

Mabel is far away, ignore it


"Watch out, there might be more traps."

Look at the treasures. Any thing stamped on them? Nationalities, or any thing standing out?


You can't comment on the weapon cabinets?


Jenny is very tired, hurt and dizzy.
"Thanks, Soothing… that really was… soothing."


"You need to see a doctor. I can't fix all of this with just my magic."

Another Cure Wounds for her Wounds.

Roll #1 4 + 16 = 20


"I was looking for Amber, she can heal good! But I guess maybe some real full-time healer could work too."


You open the closet.
The first thing you see is a large halberd made out of some green metal. It's razor sharp.
The next is a set of axes, they shock you when you touch em.

"…Very well. I need to prepare for my sermon now. Will you be staying for the ceremony?"

Roll an investigate.

And another 3 wounds cured.


Wave a hoof off, as if trying to put it out.
How very interesting.
"This stuff looks sharp!"
Bet you I can probably even carry it all, with how stronk I am!


"I don't know where Amber is."
Look toward Holly.
"Where's the nearest doctor?"


"Um, sure! I'd like to observe!"


Checking stuff out '1d20+9' AD '1d6'

Roll #1 12 + 9 = 21 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You probably could.
Not all the gold though.
Check the next closet?

"There's a doctor in the small building on the campus!"

Skip to the ceremony?
Do you want to play out the ceremony or just say you watched it and get a general impression before moving on?

There's a variety of seals on the gold bars.
Some carry the sign of House Horsenhollern, the family of the Princess, others carry Griffon Jarls seals, Trotantine seals and even a few Prench ones.
The bits and gems are unmarked except for numbers on the bags. Might be more detailed if there was a ledger.


"How far is that?"


Check indeed.


"Is he or she competent though?"


"At least we know this is someone high up's storage."

Look for a door, something that opens up that might lead to another room.


"Just over there, behind the main building!"

A few sets of extremely refined clothing with gems and gold, and a set of old unicornian armor engraved with gems and spells to boost spellcasting.

"Good enough. And she's close. Mabel doesn't look she's gets to be picky."

There's a large gate, the lock opens from here.


I kinda want to see a bit of it at least. Though maybe not the whole thing…




"The Lock. Wanna find out what's on the other side?"


Alright, I'll see about helping Mabel get to that clinic in that case.

"It's unfortunate to see you hurt, I was hoping to recruit your help for something delicate."


Start heading to the doc.
"Sorry… what was it? If it only involves sneaking, I might be able to do it in a day or two."


"Holly and I need to borrow some books from the academy, but they're difficult to get to."


Flap my ears down.
"Yeah, borrow… Holly already asked me about stealing books from the restricted areas of the library. I'm not sure that's a very good idea."


"Actually, it's a great idea. The books in question shouldn't even be restricted, but the faculty of the academy is riddled with ignorant idiots."


"What are they even about?"


"Two of them are opinion books on another book related to the Laughing one. I'm sure you've heard of him? The last one covers advanced necromancy."


"Opinion books? Laughing one? Necromancy? The latter two sounds like it could be dangerous in the wrong hooves."


You and Silver take a seat in the back while the Church fills up. Seems like most of the town comes here!
The Church is filled to the brim.
The Bishop starts by praising the Princess and the glorious Unicornia. But also stresses the importance of corporation between the Tribes, charity and duty towards the family.

Going for a short visit that will immediately heal 2d6 damage? costing 10s
Or going for an extended visit which would cost 20s, require jenny being here for 2 days to be fully healed.


So. Let's raid the weapon closets. And I mean taking all I can take.


I'm fine with the extended visit.
I could use the rest.


"Exactly, that's why we need to take them away from these fools."


"If you think this is the best choice, I'll follow."

Assist in looting.


"I mean, we are stealing, but we kinda worked to get here!"


You grab all the weapons slapping them in your back. You can carry it mostly.

You'd be out of circulation for two in-game days. Ready?
I might recommend a small patch up, then once downtime starts get the rest healed up.


"Let's just hope the guards haven't come back."


Including the armor, right?
Soothing oughta like that!
If I have any weight left over, pick up a bunch of gold bars.


Yup, but you quickly run out of space with the gold bars.
Unless you wanna start overloading, but this would hamper your combat abilities.


Well this is nice, but they better not talk trash about MY princess! Or the two sisters!


"Would it be safer in your hooves then? And Holly?"

In that case, okay, the small-patchup it is


Eeeeeeeh. I'm still yiffy on the stealing.
I mean, these ponies here treat earthies like shit, but is being the stereotype they think us to be the right way to go?


"Don't you trust me? Look, I promise that if there's something too sinister in those books, I'll find a proper place to secure them. I mean when I say these people aren't competent. They're so engrossed in trying to relive the glory of their past, they can't see the situation for what it truly is. They're deluded."


"What's going on?"


"Fine, but it better not turn nasty!"
Lean closer and whisper.
"I can trust you, since we've been travelling together for a while, but not with Holly."


They are not mentioned at all!
Suddenly the Bishop mentions you and asks if you would like to say a few words as well!
All ponies look to you!

Don't look at me.
What do I know?

10s taking.
The doctor brabbles something in a language you can't understand before bandaging you up completely healing '2d6' damage

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5


"I… I'm trying to think back and this is the very first time I ever stole something.
I mean, we looted, sure, but those were dead, or bad thus dead guys!"


Look confused.
"Why not? She's barely anything more than a child."


That feels better!

"That's why I'd prefer if she didn't read advanced necromancy books."


"Um… glory… to the saviour?"
Smile as if that was the right thing to say!


Stop and think too.

"We know this treasury is here. Why not look for who it belongs too. Will youbfeel better if we get this stuff as a reward?"


"Maybe, yes…"
Start putting everything back.


"… Maybe it would be prudent to keep those books close for the time being. Until she's… matured."


It really does!

The ponies clap, but not that enthusiastically.
You might wanna work on your oratory skills there!
The mass is over all too soon!



"Normally you run into one of these at the end, huh? Is this the first time this has happened to you all?"


"I don't go snooping around often!"


I'm a smashy pony, not a speechy pony!


Roll my eyes.
"Fine. But as I said, I don't want any sketchy magic business come out of this."


Reminder to myself to give Dumb Pony and Griffon an AD for good RP next session at the start.


A Paladin must be able to inspire!


"You should do it more often. There's no way I could have gotten over here without you. Believe me, I tried."


"But it's not really something you read heroes do, in books!"


"Recklessness is not my thing."


"I'm not a magician myself, but I know many things can go wrong with it regardless."


"Elementalism holds risks as well. Whichever path you tread in life, prudence is important."


Let out a big sigh.
"Blinded cockatrices hold a lot of risk as well… it couldn't even see, but it was almost as deadly as it was when it could!"


"What if you write the next story and the heroes do that instead?"



You're both outside the hospital. Mabel has some bandages but is doing somewhat fine. She might want to stay out of combat for a day or two however. It's dark and cold outside. No snow however.

You're discussing what to do with the gold

You've just spent some time in the mass. It's dark outside by now.


I guess I can still sneak just fine!
…so I might want to pay that library a visit.


Wait till Soothing accompanies you?
Not required but might be polite..


What can I do until then?
Is she even good at sneaking?


Groves is here so you won't have to wait long
Dunno, but you're with her!


I'm untrained at sneaking and I've got no spells to make myself unseen so I don't think I can really help here.


The Academia is off-limits for non-students.

There are small beginner courses that give you an access pass or you could sneak in, or something else you discover?


Sneaky jenny sneks away


"I'll go get those books for you then."
I assume I'll have their titles.

Let's try being sneaky beaky.


It's in her hooves now.

Where's Holly pony?

The Maleficum Arcanex and the Commentaries on the Codex Rideris Volume I and II.


You should roll a Sneak then.

She's resting by the mana pool recharging her spell points.


I think I've got plenty of spellpoints left for now.

I want to go back down where we found that vault. The big one.




Roll #1 14 + 16 = 30


Sure. With Holly?

You're back at the place. The fire has stopped by now and there's not much but ashes and smoking dust left.

You're a very sneaky jenny and pass up to the public library unhindered.
It's night and there's nopony here except a librerarian and a few servant constructs.
The stacks of books reach far into the air


Now, where is that restricted area?


If she's ready to go.

I would like to explore these tunnels further. The vault is a lost cause. It might be a waste of time, but you never know. Can I investigate? '1d20+11' And reveal Secret doors too? '1d20+16'

Roll #1 12 + 11 = 23 / Roll #2 10 + 16 = 26


Asking around might be unwise.
How about a search?

You're in the Fundaments having fun.
After some exploration you come at a U shapen tunnel neither you or Holly have seen before


"What do we have here?"


Can't be that hard to find!

Roll #1 15 + 3 = 18


Holly perks her ears.

No indeed, you sneakily proceed to a locked double door further in the library, it is flanke by two statues of unicorn guards


Well shoot.
Any windows or openings high up I can climb to?


"Be on guard, you never know."
Let's check it out.


>Any windows or openings high up I can climb to?
You can try to find another entrance by taking a 10, but the risk of discovery will grow because it will take time to find another entrance.

You walk into the Fundaments passage. Most of it is filled with steam coming from pipes in the walls.


So it's just this one single door, huh?…
Hmm, that complicates things.


"Steam? Holly, have you been hiding an entire spa complex from me?"


"It's in my snow globe!
But seriously, I think it's part of the city heating."

Does it?


Well I can't just sneak in between two stallions!… I wonder if knocking a book down in another aisle might distract them…


"Oh. Well that's disappointing."
Keep walking though.
"These are just part of some kind of venting system, I guess. Stay close to me though."


Roll a Notice.

Will you knock down a book?


Yes, in another aisle, from where I can quickly sneak back.



Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22


Eh… AD that just in case.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



Roll #1 18 + 8 = 26


The librarian comes to check on the book without seeing you.
The two statues of unicorn guards don't move however. Probably because they're stone statues.

You notice a crawlspace cleverly hidden behind some fake tubes.


Maintenance shaft maybe? Point at it.
"Look at this."
Is it just open or is there a grate blocking it?


I thought they were guards, of some variety!
Just go inside.


It's open. It was just quite hard to see and definitely hidden on purpose, those tubes here serve no purpose for the machines.
Holly looks. "Wow! Let's follow it!"

The door is locked.
You hear voices in your head, coming from the statues.
"Who are you to seek to enter the forbidden lubrary?"


"Right. Stay behind me."
Get my butt in there and start crawling. I'm guessing it's dark inside, so I'll cast Glow I.

Roll #1 5 + 16 = 21


I knew something was up!
I'm just checking out some books for private use! To prevent them from being used by bad ponies!
Can I pick the lock?


Roll a Persuade.

It's an Arcane Lock.
Hard to open with mundane tools, but possible. It might tip of the statues though.

It is indeed, you crawl in….
Roll another Notice.



Roll #1 20 + 11 = 31


You die a horrible death!
Wait no, you notice a tiny wire that could have spelled your death, but you just evade it!


"Watch out for that wire. Might be a trap."
Continue on.


You crawl into a room. It must have been some kind of maintenance room at one point, but now somepony or ponies have made it their home.
There's a few old couches and games. There's also bottles beer and chocolate milk in the corner. And numerous colorful etchings on the wall depicting disturbing scenes of ponies deformed (think picasso style)


What? Chocolate milk? Sniff it, has it gone bad?


No, it smells delicious.


"This could be bad… maybe it's a coincidence, but if I recall correctly Discordians love chocolate milk."

Look over the games.


"Yes they do! It's supposed to be Discords favorite drink!"
She gasps.
"Maybe this is Swirler's hideout!"

Card games, board games, dice. All the signs of a bored youth.


"Well let's not jump to any conclusions yet."
I try to detect alignment on all this stuff.

Roll #1 13 + 16 = 29


The Discordi-o-meter is going off the charts.


"Okay, there's definitely a strong Discordian presence here. This may be one of their hideouts then."
Any places where we could hide for a while?


I'm a very persuasive jenny.

Roll #1 15 + 14 = 29


Use an AD?

You could roll a Sneak



Roll #1 2 = 2


Maybe I should go get the others for help… But what if they sense we were here and pack up before that? Fuck…

Alright, I'll try to hide. '1d20+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


AD… '1d6+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Ho! '1d6'

Roll #1 1 = 1


They seem distrustful.
"The books of the forbidden section may not be borrowed, why are you intending to break Academia Rules?"

You and Holly hide with a Notice DC of 20…
And so you wait….



I do not want to break the rules! Just bend them a little!


You were having a mental conversation with two unicorn guard statues about getting into the forbidden section of the library.

The statues seem to glow.
Roll Resolve to resist becoming Fixated. Your Iron mind bonus applies to this check

You have hidden yourself away in this weird place.
Soon three ponies pop into the room with a flash. A red, green and blue one. All of them wearing caps and having moustaches.
Two of them kick back on the couch. "Domp, get us some chocolate milk would ya?"
"Why me? I always fetch it."

You guys were robbing (?) a treasury.

You were in a mass dedicated to the Princess of Unicornia. It is over now and late at night. You still have to decide what to do about the Bishop and mister Loaf.
Silver yawns.
"It's getting late…"


Oh my, what do we have here. I do believe Mabel mentioned meeting these gentlecolts before.

Stay and wait.


We were just investigating! We put everything back where we found it and wer heading back to the Library!


Uh. Robbing. Maybe?
So, settle everything down instead.

"Say Ferriro, what if we knock? Gotta tell them they have a hole in the wall!"


"I think they might be aware, but I'm as surprised as you about what we found. Let's get back to the others and talk about it."


Oh, and we still got a monster to hunt!
Maybe it's night already!"


"You're so good at it! Better than at fetching mares at least."
*Cue laughter*
Domp grumbles and gets a few bottles of chocolate milk.
"What if I fetched a few mares right now?"
"I'd eat my hoofshoe."

So you guys are leaving everything in place and simply leaving back to the Tomb?


Eeeh I guess so. Good guys don't steal stuff.

Roll #1 13 + 1 = 14


Lots and lots of gold, seriously you could fetch enough here to buy some kind of superduper armor.


Heading out.

I'm so focused on leaving I don't notice him going back


Always with their disgusting chocolate milk. I can't stand milk at all!

I'm not going anywhere though. Sticking right to where they won't notice me.


I could, but at the same time that money would disappear a week from now so I'm really not too hot about it. Pass. Out I go.


The universe has seen your righteousness and gives you some luck. One extra AD for you guys.

You get back into the tomb, it's empty and worse, it's closed with a barred door.

"Get ready to eat your hoofshoe, there's two mares behind that box there!"


Oh wow, 2 extra AD total?
Let's hope I get to use them!

"So, do I break this one down too?"


It's one extra AD for a session, it's not a permanent upgrade!


I fucking hate Discordians.

Step out of my hiding spot.
"Come on now, is that any way to treat a friend of a friend?"


That's why I hope I have a way to use them this session!
The second extra ad was the one you promised at the end of our last session!


"At least there's no guards now. But they'll know something is up if we just break it down…"


You'll get it, if you get to the graveyard you might be able to use it.


"So can you like…"
Fumble with my hooves.
"Do that open-a-lock-without-a-key thing?"


"I could make a lock, but getting through one is out of my abilities right now. I don't think we have a choice. Let's get out and we'll try something later, maybe make it look like it failed on its own."


"Maybe there's another exit, in books there's always another exit!"

Look around.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Dump and Damp stand up.
"OH WOW it's really mares!"
"Come on Dump, don't drop your spaghetti all over the place, Swirler was a mare too!"
"Yes, but she was one of the gang too! It's different!"
Holly reveals herself too, trying to look intimidating!

Domp shakes his head.
"Friend of a friend? I remember you, you're part of the group that killed poor George!"

There's a secret passage leading to Treasury!


Silly voice, I meant another exit! Like a window!


"Don't you remember Mabel? It's a good thing she isn't here right now, because I'm sure that would wound her greatly."

Look at Holly and shake my head.


Was the Treasury door locked from the inside, or outside?


No windows man.
Though, you're not actually trespassing.
Just shout until you attract a guard and they'll probably let you out.

Inside, you could go there and just open the door.

"I wish she was here! She looked hot."


"I wouldn't know really. Donkeys? Not really my thing.

And where are my manners? I'm Soothing Mist, nice to meet you."


"We could try the other door. We don't know where it leads, but breaking the front door will get us in more trouble."


"What if we knock for real, this time?"
As in, knock on the door leading out of the tomb.


"Uhm, well, we aren't taking anything out anyways. If you think it'll work…"


"I mean, what's the worst which could happen?"

Knock knock.


"Damp" says the Red
"Domp" says the Green
"Dump" says the Blue

"Group hug!"


You knock a few times.
A guard soon opens up.
He looks surprised to see you guys.
"…How did you get in here?"


"It was my fault. I got caught up in the history and kept my friend occupied the whole time."


"And I fell asleep!"


"I didn't even notice." I say downcast.


He scrutinizes both of you.
"…May we take a look in your bags?"


I'm not making any moves.


"Sure. Nothing but my gear."


"That's gonna take like, forever!"
Dump it down.
"There's like, loot from a dozen different adventures!"


"We're not huuuggging!"

They wave their hooves.

They go through the bags.
"The Guard apologizes for the inconvenience sir. Do you need directions to an inn?"


"We need to get something to put all that away."

"I already have one book from earlier. Thank you for offering."


"I'm sorry, but I have yellow fever which is infectious to the touch. Haven't you seen the state of my eyes?"


"Nah, we need to know where the graves are! Work to do!"


"The Graveyard? It's across town, near the Southern Gate."

You notice Indy further ahead, near the Monument to the One Tribe. Seems like he's sleeping. There's also a paper attached to him.

Dump bonks the back of his head and Holly shrieks as one of his eyes pop out.
He holds it in front of you.
"Your eyes look pretty good to me!"

Damp taps the couch.
"Come sit down, have a drink with us! You're in our place, it's only polite."


I swear if this is what I think it is…
Trot over and pick the note, patting the big guy on the side.
"Hey now boy."


"What's it say? And what type of monsters were at the graveyard?"


"Something that scares old ponies!"


Pop out my sake.
"It'll be my pleasure. You'll have to excuse me for declining the chocolate milk though, I'm lactose intolerant."


It is.
It's a fine for illegal parking of large animals. 100 gold to be paid within 2 days at the local barracks.

Indy wakes up drowsily and yawns.

"What's that?"


Frown. I will appeal this, he's not an animal, since he's intelligent.
Soil vs the State of Unicornia.
"Hope you got some decent rest, because we got work to do now!"


Amber has some leeway in that regard since she has Military Ranks.
He scratches behind his ears with one of his claws.
"Right now?"


"I'm ready when you are then. Lead the way."


I will be sure to raise a fuss about it.
"Well unless you wanna go gather the whole party, yes, now!"


He stretches out!
"Okay. Where to?"
He crouches down so Soil can get on.


"Sake. Rice wine from Neighpon. It's not exactly wine though, more like… your beer.

And this is authentic stuff, I made it myself."


"Oh can we have a sip?"


"What you say Ferriro, do we go on our own or ask the others?"


"We'd probably spend all night doing so, we'll have to head out if you think that's best."

"Anyways, I still have a surprise ready."

I'll just have my chain ready and keep my Buckler and Bomb holstered.


Okay, off we go.
To Hunt!


"Feel free to."
Offer a bottle.
"Too much for one pony alone, after all."


You fly over to the Graveyard and land inside.
It's a nice graveyard if there is such a thing. Large magical fireflies light the place during the night. There's numbers of graves, but you don't see any monsters.
You do notice the graveyard gate has been locked and barred however.
There's also a small house in the middle where light is burning.

You're now out of Sake!
The gang each takes a sip.
"It's not bad! I could get used to this…"


"Don't worry, you'll be able to find it all across the world in due time."



"Hello, anyone home?"


Hang back, taking a general check of my surroundings with Survival.

Roll #1 1 + 11 = 12


"Really? You're a brewer or something?"
Dimp sits back down on the couch.

You don't notice anything out of the usual.

The door opens and you get a gun shoved in your face.
"…oh wait, monsters don't talk, sorry!" the unicorn guard lowers the gun.


"Alchemy. Close enough right?"


I wanted to survey the area for its structure, but it's a 1 anyway.
"Hello there scaredy pony!"
Wave at him from the top of my dragon.


"No problem mister!" I say in a panicked voice.


File: 1437160947367.png (484.65 KB, 896x480, map32x21.png) ImgOps Google

"What's the difference? You both make potions that make you feel funny!"
"Hey, can you brew a potion to make things sparkle?"

Have a map.

He holds the gun over his shoulder.
"What brings you here, strangers, it's not exactly a tourist attraction here."


"It is! But we still haven't solved our problem! We can't rest easy until we have!"


"Sure, that doesn't sound complicated to pull off."


"Why, we are monster hunters!"


"What he said. We got word that there were some beasts here."


"Neat, I'm placing an order. 1000 bottles."

"So…what shall we do then? They both make a good point."

"Ooooh, that changes the situation. Yeah, there's some of them out here. Big ugly worm creatures."


"Worm things?"
K-check about worm monsters?

Roll #1 6 + 6 = 12


"That's a very generous offer, I'll have to keep that in mind when production starts on a larger scale."


"How big are these worm things?"


None to be seen.

"They're big enough to fit a pony in their mouth or maw, whatever it's called. They come out around this time at night. But I'm not sure when exactly."
He looks around.
"The Advisor hired me to put a bullet in all their heads…or what passes for heads until the Academia can figure out why they're coming out."

"By tomorrow?"


I laugh.
"That's very optimistic. I have the know-how, but no crew to start brewing en masse."


True enough. I will reroll once I see them.
"And you do that by hidin' in a room?"


"Any idea on numbers?"


"They're pretty loud usually.
Once they come out, I come out and BLAM them for a few minutes, then they go again, money made, and I can keep reading my Daring Do."

"Oh, tons, might be millions, but they all come out for a short time and leave again. They're trying to slither out of the graveyard. To cause some kind of worm apocalypse I guess."

He shrugs.
"Eh, scrap my order then."


"OOOOh you read Daring Do too!?
Did you check out Daring Do and the Cursed Grocery List?"
Jump off Indy, excited.
"I got lost in a supermarket a whole week trying to find the twelve haunted cookies!"


"I'm not exactly loaded to deal with so many…"


"Don't be sad, all I need is some time. Fukku Shittu Incorporated will dominate the sake market in unprecedented ways."


"Pussying out now?
It's a rule of books, if there are many baddies they are weaksauce!"


"You're the one with experience. Hopefully it can get a few with one blast."


"Yeah, honestly I felt they jumped the shark there. Daring Do was totally out of character there."

"You need some dependable ponies to work with then."


"Me, I believe in the indoctrination theory! Somepony totally got into her mind!"
Shake my head around a bit.
"So, on to business!
Where are these things?"


"That's right. And money."


"George used to have a lot of money."

"Eh, maybe they're skipping a night? I dunno.
Say…since it's so quiet now, how about you guys take over for me for a few minutes while I go get some beer?"


"Just because I'm a Gryphon doesn't mean I can't be trusted."


"Sure, I'm totally up for it.
What about you, Ferriro?"


"I assume you're talking about the goatclops that tried to kill us."


"No, you guys killed him!"


"You sure that's safe for you? You said they could attack any time."


"He should have known better than to try and kill us."


"Eh, well if you think you can't handle it, I better stay here."

"I guess so.
Why did you guys want to kill him anyway?
For the Princess?"


"Us?! Not handling it?"
Let out a huge laugh.


"We have our ways, I'm worried about you."


"He had a cup that belonged to her in his possession. That and she informed us George was a threat to the community of Unicornia."


He looks weirdly at you.
"…about me? What?"

"He was just having some fun, big deal!"

"I'm getting mixed signals here."


"Be as it may, she wasn't happy with him. Personally I had no hard feelings."


"Look, I want to see these monsters. Are you gonna make the three of us wait outside?"


"At least we know something is coming. I'm ready."


"Hey, don't change the subject, what do you mean?"

"You can come in if you want, the dragon stays outside though."

"George was a sweet sensitive soul. He had no ill will towards anypony. I guess this world was just too cruel for him…"
He takes off his hat in respect.


"You'd have the heart to leave a children out in the cold!?"


"Are you sure it's safe FOR YOU to wander out alone when the worms might attack?"


"I'm sorry, but it sure didn't seem that way."
Look back at Holly.
"Now! I'm losing track of time I think. Your teachers will start to wonder where you are soon enough."


"My current count is 367 worms dead, what's yours birdboy?"

"He's a big kid."

Holly nods "Yes, we should go…"
"But you haven't told us why you're here yet!"


"I don't know either Silver! I'm sure mom would know what to do, but I don't right now!"


"Well alright, I'm gonna wait outside too then!"
"That's a lot of worms.
And they just keep on coming? Sounds like you got an infestation. Tried finding the queen?"


"We are exploring of course. We couldn't leave such a nice hole unexplored."


"Fine, fine. Pardon me for worrying about others."


Tough jenny!

Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24


And an AD, just to be sure

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hmmmm, pretend to be mom then.
What would you do if you were mom?"

"That's not my job. I just shoot 'em."

"You're pardoned."

He shrugs.
"…Oh look, they're getting antsy again."
He shoots one worm as it pops up out of the ground.


You manage to withstand the fixation. But you hear more ponies coming. Clearly some alarm went off.


I'm just going to go in now! Keep those bad guard ponies out though!

Dumb statues.
Run inside!
I gotta search fast!

Roll #1 16 + 3 = 19


"We'll be seeing you around then, gentlecolts."
Time to crawl out of here.


You run in…but the door is locked as we discussed earlier.
Two magicians appear from behind the bookshelves.
They say something in a language you don't understand. Spells at the ready.

One teleports in front of the hole.
"Hey wait! We barely got to know each other. You're not trying to avoid us are you?"


"If I were, I wouldn't be here would I? I have some progress to check up on, so you'll have to excuse me."


Damn it, Soothing.
Time for some smoke and mirrors
Can I use a good prestidigitation roll to distract them while I escape?


"I think she would… try to find a compromise. Maybe set down some agreements between the two camps?"


Initiative '1d20+5'
"Do they always come out in groups?"

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


"That sounds like a good idea.
They both want to help the poor.
But how do we make them agree on the religion?
Should the baker be allowed to talk about the Elementals?

Auto-complete since this was a bad idea and I don't want to waste you guys time.
"Wooh, good thing I waited to get a beer."

"But you were hiding!"



"Sure thing, the fire breathing dragon had nothing to do with us mowing them down in cutscene-power."
Clean my hooves and pick my shield back up.


Prestidigation is not used for such purposes.
You may roll a Bluff vs their Sense Motive


"Because we had no idea what to expect down here. For all we knew Tirek himself could have been living here."


"I have to bathe for days to get the smell out."


I'll try to bluff them then.

Roll #1 20 + 10 = 30


Aaaand an AD to crit it


"Religion shouldn't be important when it comes to charity! A neutral organization should be founded for charity purposes, loose from any theological convictions!"


You push a bookshelf down, gaining a small advantage.

Roll a Sneak with a +3 modifier to hide again.

"Hmmmm, I'm not sure if the Bishop will agree with that…but it's worth a shot! Shall I get the baker?"

"You guys have got moves. Reminds me of my days as a mercenary."

"I think you're here for that bounty on us and Swirler…."


"How did a mercenary end up a gravekeeper in the first place?
No shortage of wars."


This should give me a headstart!

Roll #1 13 + 19 = 32


"Right now all I want to be reminded of is a nice bed. But how does a pony mercenary wind up here."


"… Then surely it wouldn't be in my best interests to leave you be? Relax, don't be so twitchy. I have no quarrel with you, so let's keep it that way."


"I'm just the temporary gravekeeper, until this whole wurm business is over.
The academia is working on it, something with the Moon and the Sun, I don't get it.
I get to BLAM, so I'm fine."

VS my Search '1d20+9' + AD '1d8'

He shrugs.
"Eeeh, fine, Dimp has a new hideout anyway."
He lets you through.
The others shake their heads.
"Swirler wouldn't have let them go!"
"Swirler's gone guys. We should get some new rules for fun."

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You manage to sneak away no trouble.


I probably give this a rest for now, they are alert at the moment anyway. Sneak away. I'll try coming back tomorrow, maybe through a window or something.


I'm almost tempted to blast them right now. But it's not worth the risk.

Let's bail on this place.


"Where did you get a weapon like that?"


"Sure! I'll go get the Bishop!"


You walk away.
It's getting late.

"In Dixie."

Skip to the meeting?

It's getting late anyway.


"Hey I knew a mare from Dixie!
She was called… Light Heart, that's what!"


I should find a nice sleeping spot…


"We'll color me interested in visiting Dixie. A weapon like that is tempting to a Smith."


No surprise.
"Sorry Holly, that entire venture was pretty useless in the end. They'll no doubt move shop now and I don't thing it's worth the trouble engaging them with just the two of us."


"Never heard of a Light Heart. It doesn't sound very Dixian. They're all called Belle, or Freedom or Clapping or something like that"

You can get an inn or something.

She scrunches.
"At least we didn't have to fight them. I wonder how they got so strong. Swirler used to be just a prankster…"

"It's a while from here, pilgrim."


Yes please


Would staying at the place where they bandaged me up cost more?


"What strange names…"


You bring both of them together in a bar that's up late.
They both greet each other coldy.

It's 10s/day for bandages, so it would be the same as an inn with lunch and breakfast. But that's per day so you can only come out next evening next day if you want the benefit.

"That's not the only thing.
They all start clopping when they see flags. No joke."


"I'm not tied down yet."

"We should probably get going back to the inn. I want to go over what we found."


"Something involving Discord."
I shake my head.
"Just a word of friendly advice: steer clear from that crap."


I'll go for the benefit then. I'm sure I have the silver to spare


"Oh yes, I remember that bit about her! She totes did!"
Turn to Pico.
"Yeah, maybe you're right. Let's go."


"Great news guys! I thought of a suitable solution for your impasse!"


"I know! But Swirlers always been talking about Discord and this and that. I guess Discord finally noticed her."

Paying 10s and incapacitated until 10PM the next day?
You'd be out of the game for potentially the rest of the session, perhaps longer.

They both look at you expectantly.


Pico already has one.


"How well do you know her? From the sounds of it, she might be dead or missing."


Sure, inn.


"We remove the religious aspect of charity, but keep the giving to the poor part! A clean and neutral organization which you can both put donations into!"


Yeah, need some rest too


How much you wanna pay?

You're taking a nap in your common inn.

They both seem appalled at the idea.
"That's your plan? Through our religion we can help these ponies save their souls!"
"Pfft typical Church mumbo jumbo!"

"I didn't know her personally. She just showed up every once in a while masked and was notorious for causing trouble. Those guys used to be her gang, but they didn't have powers. I wonder what happened to Swirler…"


Not like I can do anything else now.


How much do I have?


I groan.
"Holly, now your piquing my curiosity. And then I'm going to have to find out more about her and it's all going to end in tears."


857 coins in hoof

You're in hospital.

"Is it? She's probably far gone…or dead by now."


"Well first things first, did she have family?"


I'm a horrible person.
Ten-thousand-dollars-a-night-hooker tier.


"Nopony knows.
We don't know who she is! She was masked and never got captured."

You book the Royal Hotel with golden baths, a huge suite with bowling and all the food and drinks you could want.
You also get one community service for free as part of the package.


"Only helping ponies who conform to your religion is religious blackmail! I've helped out elementalists before, but also Celestials, lunites, followers of mother nature and so on!"


I will think about it next time then. Thanks for running.


"But how will we spread our teachings to the poor then?"


"Oh come on, somepony must know something."


"By still giving them the option to learn more about it outside of doing charity! It's okay to try and convert ponies to your side, but not at the expense of food and other basic necessities!"


"Uhm…those guys we just ran from? Heeeeey wait a second…but this is a long shot…what about the Advisor?"

The Bishop seems to be agreeing with the idea.

The baker is not yet convinced however.
"I do part of my charity in the name of the Elements, it would be insulting to them if I didn't mention them."


"Those guys wouldn't be trustworthy at all. Never trust a Discordian. The Vizier though? Maybe. Might be worth a cheeky ask."


"Which elements do you worship, mister baker?"


"You know why I think so?
Think about that letter we found…"

"The Air Elementals!"


Do I know about their basic ideals and stuff or is that a knowledge check?


You know some basic facts I will give to you, but you may roll a Knowledge check for if you think you studied the matter further.


"Hmmmm, that might have been hers. It was directed to their father…"



Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


"Whoever wrote that letter said he or she was going away! And it also bursted into fireworks!"


"And it talked of a powerful friend… that's some good linking work, Holly."


The only thing you know about them is that there's a lord for each of the cardinal directions. You're not sure about the differences between them.
Air elementals are said to be shy, avoiding direct pony contact. They work through their agents instead.

"I didn't know the Vizier had a daughter though…but if it is Swirler he might have a reason to hide it, he was the biggest opponent of Swirler."


Also Mabel doesn't trust them


"We happen to have some filth on the Vizier too. My my~"


They don't sound so bad!
"Hey! That's not what charity should be about at all!"


"What are you thinking?"

"Hmmm, the Elementals are an important part of my life, everything I do is a bit related to them, even baking. It's hard to be neutral. I'm sure you yourself are helping us for your Godess."


"I have done my duty to the princess already! Whether I'm a paladin or not doesn't matter when it comes to this situation. I would be willing to cast aside my armor and hammer while I'm doing this, because I have my own morals as well!"


"We'll see about squeezing some info out of him. You've gotten me intrigued now, come on."
Let's fly to the palace!


It's pretty late.
How about some sleep? Instead of starting sensitive negotiations by calling the Vizier out of his bed.

The baker looks ashamed.
"Yes…you're right. I'm sorry, I was blinded. I shall try it your way…you might have been a good Air Elementalist."


I could totally do it since I have him by the balls, but maybe it's wiser to get some rest.

"How about we meet up in front of the palace tomorrow, Holly? We should get some rest."


"Maybe! I just want to do what's right for the lesser fortunate, I think that's just a pony thing to do to be honest!"


She yawns.
"That's fine. Good night, Soothing! I'll go back home."

"You're right, we shall try it…"


"Good night Holly, sleep tight. Don't let the goatclops get you."


"Great!" I clop my hooves happily!


She poofs away to her snow globe.

Where you gonna rest?

The bishop and the baker shake hooves and agree to meet tomorrow to discuss the details.

It's getting late. Time to rest? What kinda inn you want?


Hmmm, just a common inn will do.


Just the normal kind of inn is fine by me!


And the day ends.

>Royal Hotel

Soil + Iris + Indy

>Hospital until 10PM next day

Mabel + Inferni

>Starswirls Rest

Amber + Silver



It's another grey day. It's been looking like it's going to snow for 2 days now, but not a single snow flake has fallen so far.

Soil, Iris and Indy have stayed at the Royal Hotel being pampered by the servants

The others meet at Starswirls Rest, an inn claiming to have been the home of Starswirl the Bearded long ago. You meet in the dinner hall for your breakfast of bread with cabbage butter. Except for Mabel, who you've heard is in the hospital.

Will you stay or will you leave? Lokrivund or the lost Crystal ponies beckon and many dark things might be furthering their plans unopposed while you stay here. Maybe it's time to discuss what you guys want to do next, here or somewhere else.


If you're gonna make travel plans, I can give details on possible destinations on the map.

Also on the difficulties of where you're going.


"We should head to the hospital to get Mabel's take on this as well. She's been all over town, and I want to get everyone's input. I can stop off and give Soil and Iris directions."


"Holly and I have been tailing some Discordians since yesterday evening. It may be wise to deal with them before we leave, because they can only cause me trouble if I want to do business here."


"What is going on with this city. Here,"

I'll present you the book we found about Platina, the founder of this town.

"Looks like the lady in charge was pretty serious about staying in power. If you read it, you'll see lists of executed politicians and generals."

"Oh, and that's not counting the mountain of treasure Soil and I found hidden behind a grave and several walls and a few lethal traps."


"Do you mind if I hold onto that? I'd like to know more about her family since I'll be doing business with her. That treasure you mention, does it belong to the princess then?"


Hand it over.

"That's the thing. We didn't really check. There was a lever to open the door, but we didn't open it. But, what was inside was stuff belonging to a lot of Gryphon houses, plenty of Jarl stuff, and a lot more I'm sure someponies would like to get their hooves on. I don't think it was the royal vault, though. As trapped as it was, it wasn't exactly well located, you know?"


"No guards at all? Just some traps?"


Silver bumps in with a mouthful of bread.
"Was there anything besides treasure?"


"Discordians! Right! We need to deal with those guys!"


"None. Soil, uhm, walked in, his own way, and no one came after us. We set off traps and even smashed a wall, but nothing. So I'm fairly certain it isn't an official one."


"That sounds too easy. Way too easy."

"Glad you agree. I'm meeting with Holly near the palace soon to continue our hunt."


"Sorry, I keep getting a little too casual with you all. Treasures for me would be weapons, lots of high quality ones. Some that I don't think I could ever approach in quality."

"There was stuff from House Horsenhollern, the family of the Princess, others carried Griffon Jarls seals on them, and a few faraway goods with Trotantine seals and even a few Prench ones. And get this, lots of gold bars and unmarked bits."


"Sorry, but could it get anymore suspicious than that? How much dust was there? Did you check for hoofprints? Was there dust on the items lying around?"


"About the dust, it was probably from when Soil smashed the wall. But the rest seemed to be in good shape."


"So it's not just an abandoned forgotten vault, someone owns that place."


"A pretty rich person" adds Silver.


"A careless rich person. Like I said, it wasn't exactly a quiet job we did, but no one came to check."


"I'm not saying I'm above stealing, but I'd rather not get my throat cut in my sleep because we stole some rich kid's college fund."


"Oh, don't worry about that. Everything is still their. We didn't take anything."


"We'll join you!"

"Stealing? I don't want to steal anything! Besides, we should deal with those heretics first!"


"But you're thinking about it, I guess."


"It seems this town gets crazier every time you peel it back, doesn't it?"

"Can't say I wasn't tempted, those weapons were really good, but nothing from that vault left with us except for those book that were already partially destroyed, and it was in a hidden library behind the Grave of Platina. "


"Whatever the case may be, I need to speak to Mabel first. Holly should be at the palace gates already if you want to get briefed on what we did yesterday."

Mabel's in the hospital?


So you've heard.


"Hey Soothing, where are those Discordians?" asks Silver.


"Since Soil wasn't here, I forgot to bring up the Worm monsters that attack at night. Try not to stay out too late by yourselves."


Go to the hospital then.


But Nopo is not playing yet.


"I know for a fact that you aren't deaf, Silver. Ask. Holly."

Then I'll wait. But I'm going alone, that's the important part.


"Okay, okay…"


"Are you coming with us to find those heretics, Ferriro?"


"Of course. If their here, that means all of Hyperborea and Picostead are in danger. Though I can't help but feel I'm missing something."


Guess we should go talk to this Holly!


Go to the palace grounds?


Yes. I'll fly off real fast to give the Hotel Soil is staying at forewarning of where we'll be though.


That's what I'm doing!


You meet back again at the palace grounds near the gate.
Holly's here as expected.
She waves at you!
"Hiii! Had a good sleep?"



"Yeah, but I'll never look at worms the same way again."

"The morning treating you all right?"


"Sure! But there's no time to linger on tonight, I heard you guys found out more about the Discordians!"


"Oh, had some bad food?"

"Yeah, there's three of them, or four but we didn't see the last one. Dump, Domp and Damp. They had a hideout in the Fundaments, but they said they had a better hideout when we left…"


"No, an unexpected detour at night caused me some problems."

"But about the Discordians, you think it's here?"


"Here? No, I'm just here because I was going to meet with Soothing here. I thought she'd be with you…"


"Don't we have some leads or something? Discordians are very tricky to just track down! There's one we've been chasing for ages now and we still don't know where he is!"


"Soothing went to see Mabel. Hopefully she'll be fine."


"Hmmm, there's one lead.
Two maybe.
I think the Discordians might be hiding in the Gardens. That's where we first met them.
I think we should go back there.
With a compass this time."


"Can you get your hooves on one?"


"What's the other lead?"


"We can get them in the Observatory!"

"The Vizier knows something about Swirler, but I doubt he knows their hideout. Soothing was going to talk to the Vizier after she talked to Mabel…"



You're relaxing in the hotel.
Pico has told you the gang is going to try and find some Discordians.
You also still haven't used your free community service.


I don't have the doc on this laptop and can't remember which community services are there.


"Oh by the way! Do you know anything about a secret underground treasury with all sorts of stuff in it?"


She perks her ears.
"Uuuuhm, there's probably a few from the banks in town, but I've never seen one.

Announcement Spreads news to the local population in 1 day 5 Primitive 3s
Bath +1 to user’s Appearance (current scene) 10 Ancient 5s
Carousing, 1 night Heals all stress damage; 7 Primitive 25s
Stress Resistance 4 (current scene)
Consort Heals 1/2 stress damage (rounded down); 5 Primitive 10s
Stress Resistance 2 (current scene)
Delivery, neighboring Within 50 miles (1 day of travel) 5 Primitive 5s
Delivery, regional Within 500 miles (1 day per 50 miles of travel) 7 Primitive 25s
Delivery, remote Over 500 miles (1 day per 50 miles of travel) 10 Ancient 50s
Fortune Gain 1 free hint 10 Primitive 2s
Grooming +1 to user’s Appearance (current scene) 7 Primitive 3s
Healer visit, short Benefit from successful Mend check 7 Primitive 10s
Healer visit, extended * Benefit from successful Treatment check 10 Ancient 10s/day
Item, commissioned Craftsman builds 1 item 12 Primitive 2 × item
Item, repair Craftsman repairs 1 item 10 Primitive 1/2 item
Laundry +1 to user’s Appearance (current scene) 5 Primitive 3s
Legal advocate, common +2 morale bonus with skill checks in a trial 10 Ancient 25s
Legal advocate, respected +5 morale bonus with skill checks in a trial 15 Ancient 100s
Library access Assists Research 15 Ancient 5s/day
Scribe Prepares document 10 Ancient 2s/page


"Soil and Ferriro found something like that but they don't know who it belongs to! Tell her Ferriro!"


Why, I will hire an advocate and contest the parking fine!


I'll go over what we talked about. A hidden treasury without guards located behind a hidden library. Also inform her that like good people we are, we did not loot the place clean.


The hotel calls up a lawyer for you.
30 minutes later you get a knock on the door. You're alone, Iris is getting her hair done and Indy is downstairs getting some prime diamond.


"Wait, you tore down a wall? Why of course you didn't see any guards! That dungeon was probably there before the treasury!"


"But no one came in to investigate, at all, after everything had happened, is the odd part. Even the poorest bank has a guard."


This is totally gonne be one of my friends!


You open up the door.
There's a balding unicorn in a suit with a suitcase.
He tips his hat.
"Good morning sir. Grey Quill, at your service!"

"Maybe you got lucky?"


"We literally smashed through a wall. If they didn't respond to that, it doesn't say good things about banks here."


"Oh, they actually called you!
You talky guys should make this disappear in a puff!"
Show him the fine.


"I wouldn't trust my money with those ponies."

He carefully studies it.
"This animal was parked near the Monument? Before or after dark?
Was it awake or sleeping when the fine was given? Can your animal fly or swim?"


"Why not? It's their jobs to look after money and stuff!"


"Well you can ask him! He's downstairs eating right now."


"And who knows what might be else be going on with those Discordians around."


"I can watch my money myself thank you very much! Who knows what they're doing with that money when I don't need it!"

"Ah, your animal can speak?"
He makes some notes.

"Now we're going to get them or not?"


"Well duh, he's a grown up dragon now! Almost one year old!"


Wait that's retarded.
He's probably almost 3.


"W-what do you mean? What would they be doing with it…? Nothing gross I hope!"


He turns a slight bit whiter.
"I see. He's well tamed, is he?"

"No, but you don't need all that money you leave with them. What if they spend it all while you're away? You'd never know!"


"I'm sure they aren't doing anything too bad with our money. Anyway, we should head off to get that compass if you think the Observatory is a good place to look."

"You usually get a slip, don't you? Some kind of proof or contract, right?"


I scrunch.
"But they still pay it back even if they spend your money!"


"Tamed? No way! He's adopted!"


"Until they make a mistake and lose it! And don't count on the Princess to save you, She loves goldpony more than She loves you!"

Going to the Obsercatory?

"Oh. Okay then. I'll be back shortly sir."


"Wait, you don't even want to talk with him?"
Grab him around the neck in a friendly hug, walking along with him.
"We totally should! I haven't even had breakfast yet!"
Down we go!


"I meant I was going to see him…."
He gets dragged along with you.




"Your banks have a good reputation. I've seen things from the great Gryphon Jarls, I'm sure they want to make sure they are protecting them."

Ready to head off then.


Too late, here we go chatting and if the others are ready we can auto resolve this, as you please.


"Some of those ponies that own bank are called Goldsomethingsomething."

Soooo to the Treasury or the Observatory?

After a lengthy converation, the lawyer assures you that because of Indy's intelligence, he doesn't qualify as an animal and the fine was given in error. He'll push this angle at the barracks.

Later he will inform you that the ticket has been withdrawn.


See, I'm such a good citizen.
Now, meet with the others.


The Observatory, for the compass.


You meet them at the Garden Observatory!

Soil is here too with Indy!


"What does it even matter what their name is!?"
The observatory!


"Who we gonna slam now?"


"Glad you could make it. We've got a lead on those Discordian triplets."




"Ooooh! Those smarty pantsy guys from the gardens?
Hell yeah!"


Which one of you guys wants to do the Survival Tracking roll? +2 because compass

"I don't trust ponies with money in their name!"

Holly, the freaky magic pony waves at you!


I think that's probably me, let me fish the sheet up. Something like +11


"That's silly! Amber is a type of gem too!"


Nevermind it's just +5 because Soil is retarded.
I'm sure someone's got more.


She looks suspiciously at you.

I'd guess it's Ferriro but I'd need to check.


I have a +7. What about Amber?


Scrunching intensifies
"Hey, that's not fair!"

Fuck all


Survival '1d20+9' +2 from Compass

Roll #1 3 + 9 = 12




And toss in some AD since I have a few. '1d6'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Are you at the hospital? I've just come in to visit you.


I think I am!


You go into the deep dark forest, with a compass. Looking for Discordians…

As you walk around, you start hearing a buzzing.

Holly gives you a boop on the nose.
"Calm down, you might be the one exception to the rule..might be…"

Mabel looks really comfortable in her bed. Her wounds have almost healed.




"Anyone else hearing that or is it just me?"

"Maybe, but it could be some mosquitoes too."


"How'd it go? I've got some news you may be interested in as well."


"Bad. They had some sort of magical statue things that guarded the door. I couldn't get in."


"What about silver, you don't like him either!?"
I'm starting to get really worked up!
"A lot of crystal ponies have names like ours, it's not fair to judge us like that!"


"Dump, Domp and Damp, those names sound familiar to you?"


Nod with an annoyed frown.
"Yes. Those ponies who baited the goatclops to me."


You see a huge worker bee flying up ahead. She's inspecting the flowers.

"Why are you getting so upset?
You don't have anything to hide do you?
I heard crystal ponies live in giant houses made of priceless crystals!"

That's true, but regular crystal ponies don't use the expensive crystals for homes for obvious reasons.


Grr, goons.
"Let's stay low…"


"Is that thing big or did we get small?"


"I ran into them after finding one of their hideouts. We had a chat, didn't really get much out of it but it did allow me to get away from them. They seemed pretty powerful, so I didn't want to tussle with them on my own."


"Wanna go ask it?"


"They remind me of Anarchy, and I still have to kill that guy…"


"I'd rather not."

Stay low and follow.


"It's called the crystal empire for a reason! We have so many crystals lying around that we can build with them!"

"Why not? It might be friendly!"


"I'm trying to hunt down their leader, a mare by the name of Swirler. Or well, she was their leader. I strongly suspect she made some sort of deal with Discord in exchange for power. Very risky business. I'm sure she's regretting it already if she's not dead by now."


"Bees most times aren't!"


"Has that happened before?"


"Hey bees are nice! Wasps are the mean ones!"


"I am all in for taking them out. Their magic is the worst and most dangerous one."


"If you want to try, I guess. It's not like we have good leads so far."


"Are you ready to move out at once?"


The bee hasn't noticed you, if you're not gonna draw her attention, you may roll again for Tracking.


Nope, I'd rather stay away from huge bees.


"I still need to relax and get better from that cockatrice fight, sorry."


Not me.


"Alright, well, I'll try to keep you posted."


"I can try and find you too, when I'm up and running again."


"Just please don't go running into that forest again without backup."


"I didn't mean to get lost!"


I'll approach it!


Roll Tracking to move on….

The bee looks up.


"I know, but don't do that again please. Now, I got to run. I'll be seeing you."

Going to the palace.


"See you later!"


"So you can talk! My name is Amber, paladin of Cadance!"


I'll just stare with beak open!


Sigh and lean on my shield, looking at them talk.


"I don't know what a Cadance is!"


"Doesn't matter! We're looking for some ponies, weird ones! They're Discordians!"


"Bzzzz what's Discordians?"


"Ponies who puff in and out of this world!"


"They're weirdos who do all kinds of trickery!"


"And mean tricks at that!"


"Bzzzz, I think I know! They stole honey from the Queen! But they too strong for bees to reclaim it!"

Directly to the Advisor?


I'll probably look around for the others for a while, but since they left without me I guess it's time to speak to him yes.


"We gonna slap them good and try get your honey back, so if any bee is brave enough to follow, just join us!"


"Do you know where they went?!"


"Do you know where they went?"


"Bzzz, they live in the Goats old lair, to the west!"

You make your way through the bureaucracy and meet the Vizier again in his office.
"Yes, miss Soothing, are you here perhaps to report finding the treasure of the Goat?"


"Not quite, no. But I feel like those ponies you are looking for may know where it is.

What can you tell me about Swirler?"


"Can you lead us there!?"


"Oh! Can you lead us there? We could help you deal with them!"


"…Swirler? She's a wanted criminal!"

"Bzz, yes follow quick!"


"She's a citizen of Unicornia, I'm sure you can tell me more than just that."


"Thanks. We'll put a stop to them."


"…I'm not following."

The bee leads you to a dark cave in the forest.
"I cannot go further bzz. I'll wait here."


Can we head out to the cave ourselves then?


"You… don't know anything about your citizens? Their family? Their history?"


"I could call for her dossier. But that's confidential."

You can go in when you're ready.


"Why? Keeping it confidential hasn't done you a lot of good."


"You two ready?"


I'm ready!
"Thank you bee friend! What's your name?"


His eyes narrow.
"I don't know what you're talking about."



"All of time bro."


"She's your daughter, isn't she?"


"What do you call yourself?"


"Get out! GET OUT NOW!"

"Bzzz Bee? I don't understand…."


Narrow my eyes at him.
"Or what? I have proof and witnesses. Capture me, kill me, banish me, it won't change the truth."


"I guess your queen doesn't need you to have a name! Nevermind!"


Ready to start going in.


"What do you want?"

Roll a Sneak.
All of you!


Sneak '1d20'

No bonuses to this turkey.

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 16 - 1 = 15


"Not much, but that can come later. First I want to hear exactly what you know about this whole thing with Swirler. I want to know everything, so don't you dare lie to me."


oh gee [1d20]
Action dice boost that roll [1d6]

For Silver: [1d20+4]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 13 + 4 = 17


He smirks.
"Why? You think anypony will believe you when you slander me?
Why do you want you want to know so much about her?"

You guys are the worst sneaky ponies!

You "sneak" your way into the cave coming into a hall with couches and chocolate milk bottles, deserted…


"Oh hey, we can totally take a break here!"


"I don't think anything here is safe."


"What? But I got these little bags! The nurse pony said they totally made it safe!"


"I found some interesting documents which could be very problematic for you if exposed.

And believe it or not, I want to know more about her so that we can actually track her and her gang down. They're dangerous and need to be pacified. Or helped, depending on your perspective. Discord is dangerous, in case you hadn't realized."


"I don't want to touch anything a Discordian used."


"But my shield was made by one!"




"Eh, I didn't know that part."


"Well, that actually was my old shield…"


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