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Mini-sheets: https://goo.gl/mm7f1o

Amber spent the 4 days you were in the Crossing in bed at the hospital, healing her wounds. Silver spent a day at the hospital and spent the rest of his time exploring the town or hanging out with the party (and visiting Amber).

Ferriro has made a sled, Griffon craftsbirdship.
Added small sled to Inventory.
Not to be confused with sled from vehicles which is a dog sled.

Poor Soil spent his days helping out the Earth Ponies. While he has not been able to spark a revolution, the ponies are grateful for his help and the seeds of literacy have been planted.

Soothing has spent her time brewing Sake.
2 Sake added to Inventory

After the 4th day, everyone has rested up and spent another day to travel to the city of Platina.

!Some food/elixer items have spoilt and been removed from the inventory of Soothing and Mabel!

!XP, Reputation, Prudence and Income have been added to the sheets. As long as you're in town you may withdraw bits from your stash. Some people have at the time of this writing not given their sheets and their income is still 0, they will be given income once I have the sheets!


Adventure: The Jewel of the North

Menace: II

NPC Stats

Indy (Huge Beast Flyer/Walker — 65 XP): TL: 5
Str: 14/+2; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 12/+1; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +4=3+1(dex) Melee: +7=5+2(str) Fort: +4=3+1(con)
Health: +9=4+1(con)+4(size) ~ 125/24 Ranged: +6=5+1(dex) Ref: +4=3+1(dex)
Def: 12=10+3+1(dex)-2(size) Comp: +2 Will: +3=3+0(wis)
Size: Huge (3×3); Reach: 1; Speed: 70 ft. flight, 20 ft. ground;
Qualities: achilles heel (cold), damage immunity (fire), fearsome, light sleeper, rend, veteran III.
Attacks: Fiery Breath [3d6/20] (damage II: damage type: fire; armour piercing 2), Bite II [1d12/17-20], Claw II [1d10/19-20]

Inferni (Tiny Beast Flyer — 55 XP): TL: 2
Str: 8/-1; Dex: 13/+1; Con: 10/+0; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +3=2+1(dex) Melee: +0=1-1(str) Fort: +1=1+0(con)
Health: -2=2+0(con)-4(size) ~ 40/5 Ranged: +2=1+1(dex) Ref: +2=1+1(dex)
Def: 13=10+0+1(dex)+2(size) Comp: +0 Will: +1=1+0(wis)
Size: Tiny (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 40 ft. flight;
Qualities: damage immunity (fire, heat), everlasting, natural defense (fire), swift attack I.
Attacks: Talon II [1d3/19-20] (bleed), Phoenix Flash [DC 20] (blinding III: cone 20ft range)

Silver Blood (Medium Folk Walker — 78 XP): TL: 2
Str: 18/+4; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 16/+3; Int: 12/+1; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 12/+1;
Init: +3=2+1(dex) Melee: +9=5+4(str) Fort: +8=5+3(con)
Health: +8=5+3(con) ~ 100/16 Ranged: +6=5+1(dex) Ref: +6=5+1(dex)
Def: 17=10+6+1(dex) Comp: +3 Will: +6=5+1(wis)
Size: Medium (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 30 ft. ground;
Qualities: devoted (Erovi II, Erovi I ), honorable.
Gear: Full chainmail w/ heavy fittings (2xp), Zweihander [2h, 1d12 lethal, 19-20, massive, Guard+1, superior] (paid by Devoted)


Quest Info:

>(Optional) Soothing has heard that in the Old Quarter of Platina, there's a building with the same mask insignia as on the colorful chest

>Soothing has an optional mission to make a trade deal with Princess Platina

>It is approximately 6 days travel from here to Lokrivund through the wilderness with optimal weather

>It is approximately 8 days travel from here to Griljell, a mountain town near Mt. Grifjell and on your way to Neverspring.


The city of Platina is dubbed the Jewel of the North, once the very heart of the Unicorn Tribe.

Platina has existed from time before recorded history. It is here that the legendary Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever were born and studied at the Academia Arcana, as well as many other legendary mages.

That was a long time ago however, before the majority of ponies left for Equestria, taking much of their knowledge with them. But they could not take the buildings.

As you approach the city from the north, you see the tall walls from afar and the shining towers of the Golden Palace, currently the residence of Princess Platinum IX of Horsenzoller. The magically inclined among you might find that magic becomes quite easy as you approach the city.

It has been snowing during your travels and the forest is covered in a white blanket, soon the dreaded Hyperborean winter will begin when according to Griffon legend the Trickster sends terrible snow storms upon the Griffons. But for now the snow makes the tall walls of Platina all the more magical. The giant gemstones embedded in the walls shine all the brighter surrounded by snow.

As you approach the city closely however, you can clearly see some cracks in a few of the gemstones and places where repairs have been done on the walls. The shoddy work stands out like scars on the otherwise magnificent craftsmanship. The road leads to the gates, or at least it used to. Where there's clearly an opening for enormous gates, there's now simply a checkpoint of unicorn guards dressed in heavy unicornian armor.


The following Campaign Quality is active for this Adventure

Easy Magic
Magic is easily mastered and
may be performed with a literal flick of the wrist. The DCs of
Spellcasting checks decrease by 5 and the Casting Times of spells
decrease to 1/2 (min. 1 free action).


I'm going to make some tea and smoke some of that 'medicinal herb' to start the day off, I think.


"You guys think they'll hire a Gryphon to work here? I'm just passing by, and I can't really ignore these 'repairs'." I say with a touch of disgust.


Mabel decides to wake and bake and lights the herb up in her hooves, smelling in the fragrant smoke.
A very wasteful way and her hoof is a little ashy.

Iris huffs.
"I bet those idiots don't want any non-unicorn touching it!"


"Likely if this is what they thought is a repair. Poor wall deserves better."


"How old is it, I wonder?"


"I'm sure I can see repairs for the repairs…"

Can I at least tell how long ago the shoddy repairs were done?


Oh my.

I shouldn't waste any time and head straight for that Unicornian princess. Surely her palace won't be hard to find?


You approach the Guard checkpoint.
The guard lifts his hoof to stop you.

Some seem to be done in the last couple of years.
Others are definitely very old.

You saw the big palace when you were approaching the city. Now you're so close to the wall it's obscured but you doubt you'll have much trouble finding it.


"Uh, Hyperborean, in my case."




"Crystal empire!"


Iris nods. "Yes, Equestrian."

The guard notes this down.
"Reason for entering Platina?"


"Business with the princess."


"Adventure! Holy business!"


"I've been tasked with aiding and guiding them across Hyperborean."


"Work. Hunting monsters."


He notes all this down.
"No merchants? Good.
Please stay out of trouble during your stay here."
The guards stand aside to let you through.

You can if you want make a team check now to Investigate the city. This represents you guys in group asking around what's to see here.
The highest Investigator (Feriro or Soothing) rolls this.


They can go right ahead.


I'll leave that up to Feriro.


"If they don't mind a Gryphon asking around…"

Investigate '1d20+9'

Roll #1 6 + 9 = 15


You all ask around a bit and learn about the following things.

The Golden Palace
Built before the Exodus, it is the home of the Platinum Dynasty and the heart of Unicornia. You can see the towers looming over the city from here. It is in the middle of the Old Quarter. Princess Platinum accepts audiences if you manage to deal with the bureaucracy.

Academia Arcana
The Mages Academy where such famous figures as Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever learned their craft.

The Fundaments
A labyrinthine network of tunnels and sewers that runs under the city. Is considered quite dangerous because of the ancient magical technology down there and a haven for ne'er-do-wells.

The Monument To The One Tribe
A monument dedicated to the unification of the 3 tribes by Princess Vilera, the sister of the Princess Platinum that left for Equestria.

Bureau of Earth Pony Affairs
The Ministry in charge of…well Earth Pony Affairs.

The Old Quarter
The oldest part of town. Ironically the oldest buildings in town look a lot better than the new ones.

You also learn that the Princess has decreed that no merchants may enter the city. Nopony knows why, but it was right after a giant creature was seen running through the city. It took refuge in the Academia Gardens and all trace of it is lost. The Princess offers a reward to those who can track it down and those willing should report to the Golden Palace.
There's also a search warrant for a merchant named Brand, who nopony seems to know who he is, and a mare named Swirler, who lived in the city.
The ponies you talk to are sure they've skipped town however.


Haha, time to go visit the palace!
"I'll be a busy mare today, hit me up if you really need my help with something."


"Will you need our help dealing with the Golden Palace?"

"I've heard of a place chocked full of treasure and machines, but it seems to he dangerous to go down there. Should I bring anything special for your journey there?"


A beast? Sounds like a job for us to track down!
"Guys! You hear that? There's a dangerous beast on the loose!"


"I don't think so, unless you're a fan of paperwork."


"There was, maybe. No one has seen it since it went to the Academia Gardens. Though there might be interesting stuff there, even without a monster."

"To be honest, I'm not actually all that unfamiliar with it. But I think you're better at it than I. Send a message if you start getting overwhelmed."


Silver grins.
"Finally, just a good old-fashioned monster. I've been aching for this!"

Soothing leaves alone for the Golden Palace?


For now, yes. How hard could it be, right?


"We oughta go check in at the Golden Palace anyway, maybe they will know more about the beast there!"


>very wasteful
Like hell it is!
Best way!

Make that tea too!


"Wouldn't going straight to the Arcana work? Someone shouldbhave seen it running around in the gardens?"


"Well the notice says to report to the palace first!"


Mabel prepares some good old green tea. You have a +1 bonus to your reflex saves for 8 hours.

Soothing walks off to the Golden Palace, leaving the others behind.

The inner city looks a lot better than the brick buildings near the walls. The houses here are smooth, as if they're somehow carved out of one rock.

The Golden Palace stands proudly in the middle of town, surrounded by a moat. The walls are not exactly gold, but they sparkle in the sunlight. The building itself is huge, a large keep with at least 12 towers, maybe more magically hidden?

As you approach, guards once again block your path, to ask why you're here.


Do I have any idea where the others are?


"I'm here to request an audience with princess Platinum. I have a trade deal with me I wish to present her."


"Can't hurt. Let's go with Soothing and split there."

"Just need to ask around for where they want us to report to exactly."


You're right next to them.
Unless you stayed outside while they went in.


Yep, we are going to the palace as well!
Gotta report in!


Go in, of course!


To the palace then!
"What kind of a creature do you guys think it'll be? Something really big maybe?"


"Oh I hope it's a Fiend!
Or a Minotaur!
Something real big which I can smash my shield into!"


His eyes narrow
"The princess doesn't allow any merchants."

You're inside the town, right next to them.

You all walk to the Golden Palace.

The inner city looks a lot better than the brick buildings near the walls. The houses here are smooth, as if they're somehow carved out of one rock.

The Golden Palace stands proudly in the middle of town, surrounded by a moat. The walls are not exactly gold, but they sparkle in the sunlight. The building itself is huge, a large keep with at least 12 towers, maybe more magically hidden?

When you arrive at the gates, you have to wait. Soothing is right in front of you in line, explaining to the guard why she wants to get in.


Alright, time to lean with a bored attitude onto Indy's side.


"Psst, Pa. Watch"
Indy clears his throat.


"I'm a wizard, not a merchant."


"For all the stories of adventure I've heard, this is the first where you had to wait in line to go on it." I say to myself.


"Flashy place, huh."


"Yet you are here for a trade deal?
Mmmh, well. Fine. Report to the clerk."
They let you in.

Soothing is let in.
The guards ask you next why you want to enter.
They look very suspiciously at Indy.


"Good work kid."
Turn to the guards.
"We are here for the monster notice."


"This and that… but mostly the monster."


"Shiny! I approve! Hey Silver, are the empire and Unicornia friends?"


"We heard about a beast and a bounty on it. We are here about that."

"Who knows what else lies below it, too."


"If only we had the time to find out!"


What an idiot. Let's go to the clerk and apply for an audience with her highness.


"But there is only so much time in the world… We should at least deal with a beast operating in the open first."


"One matter at a time, I agree."


His face clears up.
"Ah, great. Go see the captain in the barracks! The building on the right."
They let you through.
Silver scratches his chin. "I don't know. I've never heard about Unicornia before we got here. Well, I knew it from the Heart's Warming Eve stories of course, but not that it still existed."

The old clerk adjust his glasses. Then painfully slow looks through an agenda. "Hmmm, yes, I think I can sueeze you in…in about 20 minutes. If you can get approval of the Head Clerk. Fill in this motivation letter and give it to him."
He hands you a form.
Roll Sense Motive to fill it in properly.



Let's manipulate the local clergy!

Roll #1 3 + 11 = 14


"I guess after the windigoes went away, there were more than enough ponies to stay behind."


Uh, AD boosting that roll. '1d4+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"We will have all the time to learn about it after we take out the monster, believe me!"
Time to go deeper in!


"They might have kept quiet, even after that, hoping to avoid calling in trouble instead of just dealing with what comes."

"And of course, us Gryphon's aren't always the best of neighbors."


"That's pretty weird! This seems like an important place to know about!"




Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 2 = 2


As you walk through the courtyard, you suddenly smell delicious apple pie.
Roll Resolve to not get the munchies.

"I'm surprised there are so many. I'd like to check out that monument to the one tribe sometime. I wonder how they did it."

You walk through the courtyard to the Barracks. A unicorn in golden armor is standing outside drilling a number of unicorn guards.
Silver perks his ears. "I don't know. It looks shiny and all, but I haven't seen these unicorns doing anything important yet. They seem to just pretend they're still an all-powerful Tribe."

You fill in the motivational letter quickly and bring it to the head clerk. He looks it over.
"That seems okay." He gives you a letter. "Bring this to the Royal Scheduler." Roll an Investigate to find out where the hell the Royal scheduler is. You've only got 15 minutes before the audience should start.


Sounds like a nepotistic title.


Roll #1 14 + 11 = 25


"When have you seen unicorns ever do something important?"


"If they couldn't defend the place, it would have been taken from them. They must gave somethin special then."


Mhhhm, apples.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Okay, now you're very hungry. You lose track of the conversation.
Apple pie sounds good.

The unicorn in golden armor turns to all of you.
"Yes? What's the matter citizens? Are you the new recruits? You're not wearing the standard issue uniform."


It might be.
With only 10 minutes to spare you reach the Royal scheduler, who looks over your application.
He carefully studies another copy of the schedule and determines that, yes, there is time for you.
If you can fill in this form to give to the Royal Announcer. Roll a Sense Motive challenge


"Hi! We're here to hunt the great beast in the gardens!"



Announce my butt.

Roll #1 19 + 11 = 30


"Actually, we are here about the bounty. They sent us to ask you about it."


Seek out that pie!


"Monster hunting!"


And with 5 minutes to spare you get to the Royal Announcer.
He leads you to the antechamber of the court and asks you to wait here until the court is ready for you.

Roll a Search.


"Oh. Well, it's pretty straightforward. That creature took something from her Highness' Treasury. A gold cup with 7 diamonds in it. Go into the Gardens, kill the beast, get the cup and bring it back for the reward.
Now for the bad part, the Gardens are not your average garden. When you're outside it looks like a small park, when you're in it, it stretches out for miles. And it's full of abandoned magical projects and creatures. Still interested?"
Roll Notice



Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


You look up and see it sitting on a window ceiling on the second floor.


Now to wait on that creature to show herself.


Acrobat myself up there
Action die too

Roll #1 11 + 9 = 20 / Roll #2 1, 2 = 3


"Yup! Doesn't sound like anything we can't handle!"

Roll #1 15 + 8 = 23


Notice '1d20+8'

"Well, I should be able to make a map, and I'm actually interested in all the things left behind."

Roll #1 14 + 8 = 22


"Can we trample over the magicky icky stuff if it gets in our way?"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


You may only spend 1 action die on a skill check.
You may spend one or more to crit if there's a natural 20.

In any case, you climb up, but it's going rather slowly. Roll a Blend. You'll get there next turn.

You both Notice that Mabel is climbing up the wall.
Nopony else seems to have noticed yet. Or does the captain? '1d20+6'

"You can explore all you want. Watch out though. There's stuff in there that nopony has touched in hundreds of years.
There's also an observatory in the middle of the Gardens that is still manned by a few mages."

5 minutes pass.
Then 10. Then 20, until finally…
The door opens and the Royal Announcer comes out.
"You may enter."

Roll #1 19 + 6 = 25


"And so I will."
Step through those doors.


"Maybe we should bring a mage of our own along to deal with all that magic stuff…"


Each time you spend 1 action die to boost a Dexterity-based skill check, you roll and add the results of 2 dice (e.g. at Career Level 1, 1d4 becomes 2d4).

Not suspiscious at all

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Should we stop her, or follow her?"


"Might be a good idea to go look for those mages, ask if they saw anything.
You pons ready to go?"


"I'm not climbing after her!"

"Maybe we should get Soothing to come along, she could help with all the weird magic stuff!"


File: 1432933646775.png (295.49 KB, 1280x1256, princess_platinum.png) ImgOps Google


The captain says "Stop wh-!!!!!!"
He then sees Mabel climbing up the wall!

You have the pie in your hooves.
Seems like the captain has noticed you.

The captain is distracted now by Mabels antics.

The Court is huge. The walls reach up very high ending in a ceiling that constantly changes color.
On a large golden throne with a statue of a huge unicorn rearing and a smaller pegasi and earth pony on both sides of him, sits Princess Platinum (see pic).
She seems bored. You also don't see any previous ponies leaving.
There's only a well clothed unicorn standing next to her throne.
The Royal Announcer shouts "PRESENTING MISS SOOTHING MIST."

Princess Platinum waves.
"Thou may approach us."


"I'll just go ask her."

I'll fly over to her.

"Why are you climbing the wall? We've already been given permission to enter."


Jump/climb back down.
"I'm sorry but you can deduct the pie from my pay. We'll hunt that monster of yours."

"For the pie, duh!"


He holds out his hooves.


"I'll leave you tobdeal with it."


"I'm giving you an offer here! I really need this pie!"


Approach her. Bow as I get close.
"Your grace. Your magnanimous deeds are known far and wide, it is an honor to be granted an audience with you."
Let's start with some Impressing.

Roll #1 14 + 12 = 26


Roll Persuade.


"Don't steal, Mabel! That's not nice!"


Lean clooooose to the others.
"We should pretend we don't know h-"


"It's not stealing! I'm telling them it would be part of my pay!"

"This is crucial if you want to get rid of that monster!"

Roll #1 7 + 14 = 21


She looks pleased.
"We thank you for your words.
Pray tell, where are you from, miss Mist?"

"Hmmmm, fine, just take it and get out of here. "


Start munching!


"We'll keep a closer eye on her. Promise."

"Let's go before anything else happens."


Sit by her, looking at her eat with a raised brow.
"Hey, they are gonna take from our pay for that now!"


"The far-away lands of Neighpon. When I heard about this nation nestled deep in the Northern territories I just knew I had to come see it for myself."


The captain seems annoyed.
"Now, you know what you need to know. Go and bring back that cup and proof that the monster is dead."

"Is that so? What do you think of our Empire?"


Delicious pie!
Gulp and wipe my mouth before tlaking.
"What? You can have my share of gold then! I was hungry!"


"Its beauty is rivaled only by the culture of its people. It was well worth the long journey it took to get here."


"Well, when we finish this, there should be a nice hotel with a buffet a around."


Grumble and set her upright.
"Let's get going already. I will buy you hayseed fries on the way."
"Found Soothing yet?"


"I knew you guys would understand!"


"She's probably still filling out paperwork."


+ Amber

You've all kindly been asked to leave the castle and not cause too much trouble.
You're outside again!

She smiles and wants to say something but stops and gets serious again.
"My Vizier told me you are here for a trade deal as well, is that correct?"


Now, I was distracted by pie, what were our clues?


Procure the papers.
"A business pony from Dixie asked me to act as a broker for this, your grace."


You could ask the others and have some dialogue going.

"I'm afraid I'm not currently interested in any merchandise."


"It's still not a nice thing to do, you should know better!"


Silver grins.
"I think it was pretty funny.
No harm done. The captain said it was okay."


"Has something upset you?"


Stomp a hoof.
"Silver! Not helping!"


I'll ask any passing ponies about the Fundamentals and the Monument. It might be nice to see them while waiting for our mage.

"Let's not bring that up too much. It might upset anyone who hears."


"Upset? Why, yes, there's something that upsets us. The latest merchant we had here was a fraud and a thief." The Vizier rubs his temples.
"But we will have his head impaled on the highest tower. No one cheats the Throne."

Roll Investigate.

He shrugs "it's just a pie."


"Plus I was soooooo hungry!"
Wink at Silver for the help.


Talky bird investigates '1d20+9'

Roll #1 4 + 9 = 13


"I heard of this while in the city, but surely you cannot sever all trade over a single fraudulent merchant?"



"If you want, you can lick off the taste from my lips if you want!"


You don't get more information than you already have.

She waves her hoof.
"We don't need trade anyway. The Empire can provide for anything it needs! It's the merchants that profit most from our Empire." The Vizier now seems like he'd rather be somewhere far away.

"Now, don't push it, Mabel."


"Sorry, I didn't want to make you jealous."


"Tell you what, say we go asking around about the beast? About anypony who might have seen it?"


"The note said something about merchants, right? That might have something to do with it too."


"Is there any way I could convince you to see otherwise? Sure if I show my worth, you would reconsider my offer to gain my eternal gratitude?"


"So we find merchants?"


Stick out my tongue.
"No thanks."


"We at least find the vendors, if nothing else? Might be somethingvworth buying here."


"If they know anything. If all else fails, we could ask Lord Pyrrus too for clues, but I wouldn't want to trouble him if we can solve it on our own."

"I'll save you a slice next time, then!"


Roll Notice.

"If you keep going like that, I'll give you another pie, in the face."

That's an investigate, once again a team check for Feriro


"You two go ahead, I will just ask the guards."
Are we still inside the palace garden/walls?
Can't I go about this the traditional way?


"I dare you."

"Right. Meet you where afterwards?"



Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18



Investigating '1d20+9'

Roll #1 11 + 9 = 20


AD it, why not.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


>Are we still inside the palace garden/walls?

You've been escorted outside, but there are guards here.

>traditional way

Of course you may.

Cancelled, since Soil will do it the other way.

You notice ripples of magic from the Vizier. You're guessing he just sent a telepathic message to the princess when she changes her tone.
"Hmmm, if we had our golden cup back that was stolen by that monster, we'd consider lifting our ban."


Approach the guards.
"You ponies seen the monster?"


Seems like the Vizier is the real brain at work here.
"That sounds like a good deal, if the general reward applies as well of course. Could you tell me anything more about the monster?"


"And can you describe it?"


"You will be rewarded. It was a goatclops. A small one luckily. We have no idea how it got into the palace, but when it got the cup, it jumped out the window and jumped its way into the gardens."

"Yeah, it was some kind of one-eyed goat. I thought those were supposed to be huge! But this one was just slightly bigger than your dragon."


Better see some vendors about it. Maybe they know about the thing.


Have I ever read up on such a creature? Knowledge check.
"And the cup, can you describe what it looks like?"

Roll #1 14 + 9 = 23


"Gold with 7 diamonds."

Roll an investigate?


"Just by itself? No weapons or anything on it?"


"One eyed goat? Uh."
Iris! To the books!"
Let's search that thing in my books.
Or more if my 'rare monsters' study affects it.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


Goatclops are very rare creatures. Usually found in mountain regions. The Gardens must be really huge if it can accomodate such a creature. Perhaps it is a kid?

"Not that I've seen."

Goatclops are very rare creatures. Usually found in mountain regions. The Gardens must be really huge if it can accomodate such a creature. Perhaps it is a kid?



Roll #1 17 + 2 = 19


Mhmh… What do goatclops eat, how can we bait it out?


You don't find out a lot.
Only that it was big, and went to the Academia Gardens.

They're herbivores and there's enough of that in the gardens.

You could try to imitate a mating call. It sounds like a goats.


"Very good, I'll bring you back your golden cup."
"Your grace. Grand Vizier. I will return when it is done."


She nods.
And you leave.
Rhe deal, if you remember, was not selling anything to Unicornia, it was for rights to transport certain goods through the territory, thus technically not breaking the ban


Meet up with Soil then.


"Now where would we ever find a goat…"
"Hey, we found out what it is!"


It was such a long time ago, I didn't remember. Doesn't matter. I'll go find my companions.


Everyone meets up again outside the castle!


"It headed towards the Academia gardens. What was it?"


"A goatclop! Kid, probably, because of how small it is!"


"Soothing, did the meeting with the princess go well? I hope youvqren't tired because we got a lead on the beast!"


"A goatclop?…. never heard of that one before."


Show her the book with pictures and stuff.


Check this book out.


"That's great news, you're hoping to hunt it down now?"

"It usually lives in mountainous regions. But this one must have been drawn here to this city somehow. Good to see you're still with us by the way."


"Had some fiery matters to attend to.
So, how do we get rid of it?"


File: 1432938313598.jpeg (366.4 KB, 1274x712, large.jpeg) ImgOps Google


"Yup! But the Gardens are dangerously magical. And while I can, hopefully, read whatever instructions they left behind, we might need an actual Mage to move ahead."


"First, we need a goat!"




"To lure it!"


Silver perks a brow.
"A goat? Why?"


"Isn't that cruel?"


"Hitting it until it stops being a problem would work, as crude as it may be."

"I'll join you, the princess was worried about that thing so I may as well show my goodwill."

"Or, we get something shiny and valuable. It cared enough to steal one of the princesses golden trophies already."


"They both have a goat head on top!"
"It's a monster we are talking about, not some lost kid!"


"And then we hope it stumbles upon our bait in the garden filled with plants?"


"Don't worry, I'll make it stand out."


"Yeah! We'll need to fight it!"

"That's a good idea! Maybe we can spraypaint a goat into gold!"


"We shouldbget there and see whatvwe have to deal with. Wr can make better plansnthen."


"For the baiting I mean!"


"What's spraypainting?" asks Silver


"We can pay the goat!"
"Oh alright."

Off we go, I guess.


"Are you lot ready to leave then?"


"Don't be a dumbo, you know what painting is!"

"Let's go!"
To the gardens!


Let's be clear,
who's going where?

Also, reminder that most of you haven't eaten yet.




"Dunno about you guys, but I can't eat on an empty stomach.
I'm gonna find an inn first."


"I suppose."

I have!


You don't have to specially go to an inn, but just say you what food you want, and I'll take it from your inventory or pay.



Indeed. Time to summon some Goodberries.


Roll #1 17 + 16 = 33 / Roll #2 5, 6 = 11


Filling food.


Want some nice warm soup.

Headed to the Gardens



"Would you folks care for a berry? It's as good as any food you want it to be."


"I already ate the pie of the Princess, thanks."


I think me and Silver can eat some rations!


"Suit yourself."
Eat a berry. Make that a filling meal.


"Never tried any freaky magic food yet. Why not."

Guess I will go with this.




"Sounds yummy! Sure!"


Provide them with some of my berries.
"Dig in. They may not look like much, but they're potent."
When you consume a berry, you may choose them to have any one food effect you like.


So as I said above, Filling Meal.

Then I guess we should head to the gardens.


Filling is fine. Now to head out.


Comfort sounds comforting!


5 Goodberries consumed.
Effects added.

You make your way to the Academia Arcana in the late morning.

The Academia is a huge building made entirely out of marble. As you approach the gates, you see floating magical lights marking the way across the grounds.

The main building is built in a circle with a gigantic dome on top. There are other smaller areas for the students.
There are numerous unicorns dressed in the Academia blue uniform walking over the campus. In the middle of the campus is a well with a huge magical energy orb floating over it.
Here a mage can replenish her energy quickly if wanted.
Behind the main building you find the Gardens.
From here, they don't look very big. Just a small park. In front of it, you see the set of fountains called the Mana Pools. These fountains consist of an unusually clear blue water. The water flows in small canals into the Gardens. There is only one path into the forest, in front of it is a sig saying "To Observatory. Do not venture of the main path." in High/Old Equestrian.


Send Inferni up to scout ahead and head to the Gardens.


Read the sign for the others.

"But that's bollocks because I bet the goatclop can't read."


I'll replenish my energy alright! Give me my spellpoints back!


"Something that big must have left a trail."

I'll fly along.


"I like the crystal paladin academy better!"


Inferni flies into the forest.

You'll follow Inferni?

You put your hoof in the ball and feel your magical energy replenished quickly.
The well underneath it is dry and is more of a dark tunnel into the earth.

Silver shrugs.
"Goats aren't that dumb. Maybe he could!"

Silver grins. "I must admit this isn't as shiny as the Empire."


"We'll see I guess!"
This is the one entrance, no?
Look for goatclop hoofprints with my survival abilities.

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


The one official entrance.
The goat could have walked into the park from any angle, there's no wall. You don't find any traces of goat though.


Yes. I'll try to spot him from the air too.


Follow them!


Ah crap.
"Guess we can ask the mages if they saw anything. I will go that way."
Is the way to the observatory marked?


Inferni is flying inbetween the trees, you can't see him from above, you'd have to follow him inbetween the trees.

That would take you off the main path, continue?

Yes, the path is clearly marked. As you walk on the path white spirtes pop up on both sides of it, marking the road.


Can I talk to one of the students about this? Approach one of them at random.


Then chop chop and make good ti-
Wait, I can just fly there. Derp.


I know when I'm beat, then. No way I can keep up with him.

I'll follow the rest.


There's a group of two stallions and a mare relaxing on the grass.

You can fly immediately to the observatory indeed. The observatory is the one open spot you can see from the sky. Fly there?

The rest isn't moving yet…


Yes. And can I land on top?



"Hello, can I ask you three something? It's about that goat monster that's supposed to be lurking in the gardens."


I think splitting up like this was a bad idea… I'm staying with Feriro and Soothing.


You can!
You climb on Indy and fly to the observatory.
It's a smaller building with a large telescope sticking out. It's surrounded by thick forest and somehow it seems darker here when you land. you can see an entrance from here.

You run after Inferni into the thick forest. Roll Athletics.

"Oh, the goatclops? Hircus Cyclopicus?

Soil is flying with Indy to the observatory.
Mabel ran into the forest after Inferni.

Feriro is in the sky, but still visible. Soothing is here.
Silver frowns "Did Mabel really just run into the forest? Why is she acting so weird today?"



Roll #1 12 + 7 = 19


I'll come back to Amber and Soothing then.

"No way I can keep up with Inferni in there. I can fly fast, but I'm closer to a rock with wings when it comes to being agile."


Knock knock.


"Yes, that thing. Do you know anypony who's seen it recently? I need to track it down."

"No rush, that goatclops is content to wait things out I'm sure."


"Those fire thingies are a bad influence on her!"


As you run through the forest, straight west, the trees grow larger and the forest grows darker, but you can see Inferni's colorful form in front of you. After about 10 minutes he stops and flies around a set of braziers in the forest.

The door opens as you clop it, it wasn't locked.

You don't see anypony inside, but there's a second floor.
Indy will wait outside.

"It jumped out about a week ago and rushed into town. Gave everypony a big scare. I didn't even know there was a goatclops in the Gardens. I knew about the Earth Elementals, the Hydras, the Sphinxes, but that was new to me."

"Did you know that somepony set a building on fire while we were in the Crossing?"


"Back soon!".
Up I go.




"Wait, all those other creatures are in the Garden too?"


"What else do you know about the gardens?"


Roll Notice.

Yup, a set of six braziers in a circle.

"Oh yes" nods the mare "but they stay inside…usually. All kinds of other creatures too. Walking flowers, chupacabunnies. Some are past experiments."

"Hmmm, they were built before the unification of the Tribes, first as a botanical garden. They were enchanted to grow larger and larger as the Academia needed it. There were tons of things built there. The Observatory, the Ovarium, the old Summoning Grounds, the Arcanivium and that's just those we know are there. Most are overgrown and deserted by now. When the Exodus happened most ponies hid inside the Academia for warmth or fled to Equestria. The Gardens were left abandoned for years during the snowstorms. Ponies feared all the creatures would be dead. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Most of them escaped and the Garden became very hard to navigate as most mages had left for Equestria."



Roll #1 14 + 1 = 15


Are they lit?
Stand in front one of them.
"What do you think of this, Inferni? Got anything to do with the Goatclops?"


You hear somepony snoring in a room to your left….two someponies.

Inferni shakes his head.


Burst in without much care for their sleep.


My, I'd love to teach at this school.
"Thanks for the info. If you need something in return, just ask. I'm a mage myself."


"What! No! What happened?"


"Hm. Think we should bother our Lord?"


It's a stallion and a mare sleeping.
The mare dozily opens her eyes and gives a high pitch yell and covers herself.

"How do you style your mane? I love it."

"I heard somepony set fire to one of the buildings while we were in those tunnels dealing with those ghosts! They said the fire spread extremely fast and the building was ash in less than an hour….they also said there were fiery creatures in there."

He shakes his head and flies further through the park again.


Still, follow him.


360 and moonwalk out, red in face.


I laugh.


After a few minutes, the mare runs out, still naked (but apparently that's okay now) without looking at you.
A stallion walks out as well, grinning awkwardly.
"Uhmmmm, would you mind not telling that to anypony?"

Roll Athletics again.



Roll #1 15 + 7 = 22


"Don't think ponies I know would be interested anyway.
I'm looking for the monster who hides in these woods, seen any tracks of it?"


"Silver! We'll need to question Mabel about this!"


"Uhmm…you'll have to be a little bit more specific than just 'the monster'."

You follow him until you reach a glass building, locked. The glass is clouded however and you can't see what's inside.

"You think so? I don't think she'd like it if we just accuse her of something. I think we should just….keep an eye on her"



"The cloptrot which hid into the garden a few days back!
How many creatures are there that you need to know about the specific monster?"


I could always pick the lock…


"It won't hurt to ask at least!"


He puts on his big glasses.
"Uhm, yes, 356 different species of animals, including 67 that could be classified as monsters.
I assume this cloptrot you are referring to is the goatclops? We've only been aware of its existence for a few days."

Couldn't hurt to try or could it?

"Yes, let's do that, once we've found that big goat monster."


"Okay! First we'll need to actually find it though."


Who hasn't run off on their own at this point?


Smile brightly.
"I've no idea what you're talking about!"


Amber, Ferriro and Silver are still here.
One of the mares stands up. "Maybe I can help you."

Seems like Soothing is done talking.

He blinks.
"Uhm…You going after big goat monster?"


"So we have to venture through a forgooten garden full of ancient monsters. I was expectung both of those things, but but not at once!"


What check is that again?


"Maybe you can, if that won't make the faculty angry."

"It could be worse, there could be cults lurking in here as well."


"Soothing! How do we even find that goat thing in this place?"


"We have some gems, and as far as I know these creatures like gold and gems. We can put a spell on them to make them really stand out and then use them as bait."


The unicorn mare student stands up.
"If the faculty cared so much about it, they wouldn't have let these gardens grow so wild, no?
I've been in there a few times. I might be able to find that goatclops."

Prestidigation check.
This particular one requires only one check.


"They'd have to be suicidal to live in there."


"We have a plan then! Good! Just don't expect me to act as your babysit."

"Fanatics don't always care about the odds."


"I'll let the proffesionals decide, though I'm fine as long as you don't rush off."


She nods.
"You won't have to worry about me! If we're going into the forest, we'll need a TMOD though."

"That would be very unwise without a TMOD."


Give her a blank look.
"A what?"


"Uhm, explain to a foreigner what that is?"


"Sounds like a smart plan! But what if it doesn't fall for it and runs away?"


Lockpicky jenny
And a die

Roll #1 20 + 7 = 27 / Roll #2 5, 3 = 8


I guess I activate the crit!


"We can set up a few traps. It's bound to get into one of them,"


"We can figure it out once we know the environment we're dealing with. I can improvise, don't you worry a thing."


"Transmaterial Orientation Device. The forest is enchanted with 2 magical effects. A shrinking spell, an unorthodox way the mages used to make optimal use of the small gardens, the further in you get the smaller you get and the larger the space is. A second one is the Enshroudment, it hides away all what's in the garden from magical sight. Unfortunately it tends to confuse even the best trackers as well. The only way to properly navigate it is with a TMOD, think of it as a magical compass."

The door opens…
Inside you see a number of plants, this seems like an abandoned conservatory.


Autoupdater broke.
"Yes! Can you help me track it?!"


"I think I can help.
Follow me."
He walks up one of the stairs.


Walk up to them… do I know any of them?

Roll #1 11 + 4 = 15


"I don't suppose you have one of those devices just lying around, would you?"


"I forget how much much magic can do."


Trot trot!


"We can get them at the Observatory. It's where the mgnetic nexus is that all the TMODs point to. If you have one, you'll always be able to find your way back to the Observatory."

The green mare waves to you.

You recognize a few medicinal plants you can use as vitality healer.

You come up in a glass dome, outside you see Indy on the roof. He flies up to the glass.
The student with glasses almost tumbles back down the stairs.


"Oh, I see now. Very cleverly done."
The observatory then, let's go check it out.


Pick the guy up before he can fall.
"Well duh, how would I get up here otherwise?"


Wave back.
"Hello, I'm Amber! You think you can find that goat thingy for us?"


Return the greeting,

"Yeah, I actually want to experience this place."


He straightens his glasses.
"That..dragon is with you?
….Can I ask him or her a few questions?"

"I'm Holda, but friends call me Holly. Maybe! We should visit the Observatory first."

The three of you set out on the marked path towards the Observatory. The lush forest surrounds you on both sides. On the way you see a mare coming from there. Her hair is a mess.


"You gotta ask him that!
After you help us find the goatclop!"


Bad hair days happen to the best of us.


Since this place is abandoned, harvest some of them.
Have a look around for some clues.
'1d20+3' search

Roll #1 17 + 3 = 20


Wave at the passing mare!
"By the way, have you seen crystal ponies up here before?"


Wave her over here.


"Right, of course.
We have notes on all the monster sightings here. Let me find them.
You should take a TMOD, they're in that chest there."
He points to a chest beside a huge cube stone in the middle of the room while he starts looking through a stack of papers.

Roll a 1d6 for how many.
This place unfortunately doesn't seem to have any clues on the goatclops. Not too surprising since this place has been locked for quite some time.

The mare seems embarrassed and quickly runs further.

"Yes actually. I was there when an emissary of the Crystal Empire arrived in Platina. A few crystal ponies from the Empire also regularly visit the Crossing, but I don't know why. Probably banking."


The mare seems embarrassed and quickly runs further.


At least I got some herbs of the actually medicinal kind

Let's leave after this then.
"Nothing here I'm afraid, Inferni."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Wonder what she was doing all the way out here…"


Jump atop said cube stone and start rummaging through the chest, looking for anything 'TMOD' like.
"You mean cookies?"


"And I didn't even know this place existed before we got here!"
Look at the mare go.
"What's wrong with her?"


4 Cola leaves acquired.
As you step outside, you hear Inferni screech loudly.
He flies around in circles, looking intently at the ground.

It's all filled with compass like devices. It must be one of those, there's nothing else in the chest.
"No, they're like compasses but not really."

Holly chuckles.
"Her stallionfriend is on watch in the Observatory this week." she says with a sly smile. "I don't think she wanted to be seen."


Huh? What is it?
Look at the ground!


"Not with that mane at least."


"That makes me wonder! Do you guys get assigned partners too?"


"Compasses are too hard to read though!"
Pick one up.
"What does this Timodo do?"


"I guess we should knock when we get there, if he has to clean up that stuff…"


You look at the ground but don't see anything.
Then you hear "Hello!" behind you.

You see the observatory in the distance! And Indy on the roof there.

"Assigned partners? For what purpose?"

"It points the way back here. The forest can be very tricky AAAA here it is."
He pulls out a piece of paper.
"Sighting SR388: Goatclops. Seen in direction 56"


Good. Soil is still alive then.


"Direction 56?!
The monster is in a whole other town now! Great!" Grumble.


"Training purposes! Silver is my partner, we work together better than we could alone! It's great to have somebody to fall back on!"


Quickly turn around!
Who is that?


"Especially when you involve magic. It seems dangerous to just have one person by themselves do it alone."


"56 degrees from the north."
He walks to the glass windows, which are marked with numbers.
"Aaaaand..that way!"

"Oh. That's really neat. But we work in classes or alone. There used to be orders of mages, large groups that worked together, but there's only one left now. And they're mostly, if I may be so bold, old ponies who talk more than they do anything."

There's a whitish pony with a grin standing there. He's wearing a black cap and a bowtie.
Inferni flies down on your head, looking fiercely at the pony.


Indy turns around.
"Soil is inside!"


"You're a sweetheart, Indy. Thank you."
Let's climb this fucker.


Raise an eyebrow.
"…hello. Who are you, if I may ask?"


Go out to get Ind-
"Oh hey Soothing!"
Wave at her.
"Found the monster!"


"That sounds frustrating!"


"Sounds like you are all still working to bring this place to its old glory, though."


TMOD added to inventory
"Don't forget to bring it back!" you hear behind you

Oh look, there's Soil already coming outside.

You hear a tinge of sadness in her voice.
"Some of us try…."


"I'm Domp!"




Point to the 53° north.
"Dat' a-way!
Where are the others?"


"…and what are you doing here, Domp?"


"Speaking of, how long have you been studying?"


"We'll need something called a TMOD as well, to find our way back. There should be some in this observatory."


"Got one already!"

Hop atop Indy and down we go.
"So, where are the others?"


"I could ask the same of you.
This is a very nasty place."
He keeps grinning.

"For 4 years."

They're all here except Mabel. Talking to a green mare.


That's pretty creepy…
"I'm here to find a monster with my friends. Will you answer? What are you doing out here if it's so nasty?"


Oh great. Introduce myself.
"Hey there. What'cha helping with?"


"We're just missing Mabel, but she ran off blindly into the park so I assume she's completely lost by now."


"That's quite a bit. How much more before you are allowed to go out as a full Mage?"


"Typical Mabel.
She's good with plants, in a year or so we will find her.
Or she can set fire to everything and make a way for herself.
Let's go!"

Ready to head for the monster.


"Maybe you can look for her with Indy? This place is big, but on the back of a dragon…"


"Who knows?"
Then an identical voice from behind you.
"Maybe we're looking for lone jennies!"
There's another grinning reddish pony behind you wearing an identical cap and bowtie.
"Or maybe we just want to have some privacy?"
Says another blueish one on top of the conservatory.

"Hello! My name is Holly. Pleasure to meet you. Say, is that a Draconis Aeneolus behind you?"

Holly walks to you.
"You mean there's somepony in there without a compass?"

"Another 3. But, I don't want to boast but I think I've learned all I can here."


"We can't just forget about Mabel! We might need her to fight the goat thingy!"


"Eh, are they that lacking in teaching material here?"


"That's exactly what I'm saying. But like I said before I'm not a babysitter.

Still… it would be prudent to look for her with some dragon aid."


I don't like this one bit…
"You wouldn't know anything about a Goatclops, would you?"


"We're never gonna find her in this jungle!
But sure, let's try. Where did you lose her?"
"No, that's Indy!"


"I didn't lose her as much as I spotted her running after her phoenix into the forest back at the academy."


"So let's follow the wildfire!"


"Oh yes, we know everything there is to know about Edward!"

"But are you ready to face him?"

"you should at least have a gun if you want to fight a goatclops!"
The reddish one takes out a gun.

"It's hard to see anything in the forest from above the trees. But she has a phoenix…if that phoenix could fly up, then we'd know where she is!"

"In a manner of speaking."


"Full speed at that. No way even I could have followed them."


Good excuse to pull out my rapier!
"I have this. I can use it better. So, it's called Edward. Why did it attack the city?"


"I don't have a dragon or any wings, so I'm afraid I'll have to leave it up to you. I'll stay here and study the observatory in the meantime."


"I'm sure Indy can carry you too, if you want to tag along! After all he's not carrying all that camping gear now!"


"Did Edward attack the city?"
"I thought Edward just went to the palace to get its toy back!"

"How fast are you with that sword anyway?"
He points the gun at you and pulls the trigger.
Beat my Dex with a Reflex

'1d20+9' AD boost '1d8'

Roll #1 17 + 9 = 26 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Why don't you take Amber and Silver along instead? Or Holly here. I'd like to inspect some things here myself."


"I could guide you around the observatory, I've done some research there…" offers Holly.


"Still, be careful. Splitting up here seems dangerous. Though I'm certain you're better off with Amber than me."

"Do you have any idea of where to head to next?"


"And what toy is that?"
I have the Arrow Cutting trick, meant to slash projectiles out of the air, wouldn't that do just the same?
"Pretty fast!"


"Why aren't you the kindest mage on the block? I'd love the company."


"I want to go look for Mabel! Come on! We can use Indy to help!"


"Alright, alright!
Come on and climb up then, we haven't got all day!"

Ready to go look for Mabel.


I'm coming!


Nope, it only works with bow or hurled, not black powder.
You get ready to slash the projectile…but out of the gun comes only a flag with the word BANG on it.
They giggle.
"That one never gets old!"

The blueish one jumps off the conservatory and lands perfectly next to you without breaking a sweat.
"His golden prize of course. He has a whole collection of them. But then one went missing. Poor Edward, I had to give him a hoofkin to dry his tears."

Silver will stay here as only two of you can be on the dragon.
Indy spreads his wings and lifts up in the air.
You can see the whole town from here!

"Come on then, I'll show you the star map!"


"Lead the way, I'll follow."


"Pretty view, ain't it?"
Grin back at Amber.
"You see Mabel anywhere?"


"This place is thick, so keep both eyes open."


Oh… good thing it was a joke for me then.
"So you are saying the Goatclops is not evil, and not a threat to the city, as long as no one steals from him?"


Wave Silver goodbye as we fly off!

"Better start calling them out! MABEL! INFERNI! HELLOOOOOOOO?"


Guess I will take a Search check.
Indy too.

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


He pats you on the head and lifts his cap.
"Bravo! You deserve a prize."
He rummages in his cap and pulls out a golden cup decorated with emeralds.
He pushes it in your hooves.

Amber shouts as you fly over the forest. Surely if you fly over the right spot she'll hear it.
Soil must roll a Tracking for both of you, since he has the highest survival.

She takes you inside and up the stairs, where you see another unicorn with thick glasses looking through papers.
"Hello Lancel" says Holly cheerily "I'm just guiding a fellow mage around, mind if I can use the dome here for a few minutes?"
"Uhmm…I don't know…"
"Oh and I saw your marefriend as she went back. Would be a shame if the Academia found out you haven't been keeping wa-"
Holly winks to you.


Put it on the ground.
"That seems a bit too simple. I suspect there's more to it than you let on."
Sense motive

Roll #1 19 + 7 = 26


"I assume the watch changes every day or so? Must be a nice place to study."



Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22


And why not, AD it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The cup doesn't come off your hooves… You check and it's glued to your hooves with some sort of gum?

They certainly seem like they're not telling the whole truth.

You suddenly hear a loud howl through the forest. And Inferni flies up.

The ponies gasp.
"Oh no!"
"Edward is mad again!"
"Maybe somepony stole something from him again!"
They all look at the golden cup in your hooves.

"Every few days.
We use this now as a lookout post for the gardens, but long ago it was used for something else…"
She presses a button in the wall and a whole series of points light up in the glass.
They form a star map on the floor, corresponding to intricate tile patterns.

A howl comes out of the forest.

A loud howl comes out of the forest!

Then you see Inferni flying up above the trees not too far from you.


"Oh, I had a feeling it was your trickery!"
Use Flare to melt the gum off so I can drop the cup.
"You just made a horrible mistake."


"Well that was easy enough, now let's go see what trouble Mabel is up to!"


"Indy! There! Quick!"
Dashing marvelous low flying maneuver to pierce the foliage where Inferni came from!

Roll #1 2 + 9 = 11


Perk my ears at the howling sound.
"Very impressive. I would love to own a observatory like this some day. I suppose astronomy isn't really practiced at the academy anymore?"


Well shit. 2 AD please.

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


Flare is just light, no flame.

"Have we?"
"Have we?"
"Have we?"

Only one AD is applicable, unless Amber wants to use one as well to boost?

"Sadly no, not as it was practiced in the past.
Through matching up the stars with the tiles, you could calculate the future…"


You could also help with a boost for Indy's dive if you want.


Eh, no big. One it is.


Action Dice '1d6'

"I'll help where I can, but forests have never been my thing."

Roll #1 2 = 2


I must sure look dumb as a fiery jenny if I have to get out a flint for this.
"Yes, you have."


I will use an action dice! [1d6]

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Divination. I never delved much into it. I think our donkey friend has some skills on that front though."


Exploding dice.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Indy dives down into the forest, crashing through the glass conservatory and landing right behind Mabel in a torrent of glass!
And you all don't get scratched!

Mabel is here holding a golden cup with emeralds, surrounded by a group of weird looking ponies.
"My, Dimp, that's a big dog!"

"It's a lost art. Most shamans still do it. But here it used to be refined to math. I've been trying to get into it, but the library doesn't say much about it."
She points to one part.
"I've discovered these here should be calculated in their angle to the moon for example."


Really though, I need to get this thing off of me!
"That pony is a trickster! He made the Goatclops attack the city, he is the real monster!"


"Howdy y'all!"
"That's not nice at all!
Jump up Mabel!"


"Are you alright? We saw Inferni flying like crazy!"


"Divination may not be my strong suit, but I've done my share of astronomy. Sorry to hear you're having a hard time, your academy doesn't sound like the best of schools."


"Which one! There's three!"


One of them suddenly wears a suit.
"OBJECTION! Do you have any evidence for that!"

"It isn't…it used to be though. I want to make it that way again, one day."

One of them poofs and is suddenly in front of you.
"Howdy yourself son!"

And one of them just poofed in front of Soil.


There seem to be crazy ponies around here.


"I think it's all one pony!"

"We have to stop him, not the goatclops!"

"You glued it's artifact to my hoof!"


"Wait, stay in one place!"
I yell at the teleporter.


"Best of luck with that. I recommend leaving this place first to see more of the world though. Canterlot is worth a visit."


Whoa there!
Headbutt the sudden poffer!
And if needed, Init.

Roll #1 19 + 11 = 30 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #3 7 + 9 = 16


Also, activate crit spending one AD!


"Stop that! What are you? Some kind of a trickster i bet!"


"Maybe we're all just a figment of your imagination! What have you been smoking lately missy?"
Domp holds up a bag of your special herb.
"And can I have some?"

Dimp poofs and is now on your back.
"Sure, as long as we go for a ride!"

You headbutt air as Dimp has already poofed onto Ferriro's back.
No AD lost.

Damp is suddenly leaning over your shoulder.
"It's monsieur Tricksteur for you, madame."
He gives you a red rose with a wink.


"You really like tempting fate, don't you?"


"It's something I've been thinking about lately…"


>he gets to puff away without rolling init
This nigga.

"I reeeeeally don't like him.
Can we get going already?"


"I'm not a Carnival attraction!"
Try to shake him off. Athletics '1d20+5'

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


"Keep your rose! If you're the one who brought that goat thingy in here, you're in big trouble!"


You said if necessary
If you want to initiate combat right here, right now, you may roll init.

You shake wildly in the air.
"Yeee-haaaaw" Dimp shakes a cowboy hat around.

"You feel like tempting fate, lady?"

"It wasn't us!"

Domp takes a whistle out and whistles loudly.
"Gentleponies! It's time for us to leave, we'll meet again, I'm sure!"
The three of them jump off and dive into the ground like a pony would dive into water.

There's no trace of them anymore.
You only hear some fading giggles.


"Don't think, simply go for it. You clearly have more ambition than the entire academy faculty combined, they'll never make you a great mage."


"I'll ask Pyrrus how to get rid of these tricksters later… for now, we've got trouble."
Point at the cup stuck to my hoof.
"This is what the Goatclops is coming for."


"We need to get back to Silver and Soothing! We'll need their help!"


I wanted to cave his head in with a crit headbutt. Usually stuff doesn't disappear without rolling for it first!
"That all? Well it's all good, we can lure the thing and fight it on our own terms!"


She smiles.
"Thanks…say, we should go see the Fundaments that's really exciting. Once we found that goat, of course…"

You're right. I'll take it into account next time something like this happens.

Indy can only carry two of you, but luckily Soil has the compass!


"I'll ask a ride on Indy then, he'll need to carry me as far away from anypony who might get hurt now… although, we might not have to kill it. It just wants his treasure back. Those tricksters stole it, that's why it attacked in the first place."


"Once we get to some tools, I could clip it off."

My Heavy Load is 420LBS, can I fly one of them out?


Well, I guess you could carry the lightest of them.

But who's lighter? Amber or Mabel?


I don't wear heavy armor, for sure.

"Sounds good!"


"Let's get out of here for now. The Goatclops can't fly, so we have an advantage for now."


"What's their deal?"


Yeah mabel must be lighter than me.


"Ferriro, you carry Mabel. Me and Amber are gonna escort you on Indy, in case the goatclops attacks!"


Ur a fat.


"They're remnants of when the town was built. There's magical machinery there that could make huge protective bubbles, or heat the town in the depth of winter.
Even now it's a very exciting place."
Seems like Soil is back!

And onwards you go, back to the observatory!


Amber has a big butt

"Let's go then!"


"I'm beginning to like this town now."
Perk my ears again.
"Sounds like the lost lamb has been found. Come."


"Silver! The goatclopper is coming hard!"


So, where's the thing coming from?


You have absolutely no idea.
It could come from anywhere, at any time.

He frowns
"Eeeew. I didn't know you were into goats."

Soothing comes outside again with Holly.




Do I have my tools with me to try and remove the glue?

"There's nothing with you that can remove glue!?"


Look for a clearing from here. Somewhere plain and open but surrounded by trees.

Roll #1 20 = 20


"It is? That's almost disappointing."

"Glue? Mmmmm… No, can't say I have."


You could give it a try.

You look at the cup Mabel is holding. It is gold with 4 Emeralds.

You gonna crit that?

"You know… goat…clopping…coming…"


I can't. Untrained check.


Look genuinely puzzled.
"Are you feeling okay?"


"A trickster stuck this to my hoof. And now it won't come off, and the Goatclops is coming for it."


"I might be able to get it loose, but I might take off part of your hoof. Are you ready?"


"There's a number of ways, but I don't really have any materials for it. Salt is probably the easiest way to kill glue though."


"I guess it's better than being the target of an angry beast."

"We could try fire, if you can quickly light a torch. Don't worry about burning me, I can take it."


Let me try and pry it off and try not to wreck the hoof too much with my tools.

Crafting '1d20+13'

Roll #1 16 + 13 = 29


"That could damage the trophy, I wouldn't recommend it."


If you're gonna fight the goatclops here, the one of you with the highest tactics could lay an Ambush for all of you.

It's off!
With no lost limbs!

He shakes his head.

You see some trees shaking in the distance. If that's the goatclops you have a vague idea where it will come from.


I wasn't looking for the goatclop, but for a clearing we could lure and ambush him in.


Who has the best Tactics? I'm untrained with a +3 modifier.



"Whew… now, do we want to fight it or try to give it back it's treasure?">>630914


This here is the only clearing you can see in the whole forest.


Only +8 here.

If we just leave it in the middle maybe?"


"We should neutralize it as a threat to the city."


Roll then.


"The tricksters are making it a threat, not the beast itself."


Smiles innocently at him.


"There's something coming from there!"
Point as I soar above, flying upon Indy's back.



Tactics '1d20+8'

Roll #1 5 + 8 = 13


"Be as it may, we should kill the beast. They're not nice creatures."


You have to wait for that until everyone's ready to fight.


"If you say so."


Prepare for battle!
"Silver! On guard!"


Holly picks up the emerald golden cup.
"This is it, soothing? We can put it in the middle of the road and hide." (+3 to Ambush)


"There's a clearing we can fight it at!"


"Smart thinking, don't you think so?"


"Lead the way, we'll do what we can afterwards."


Fly towards the clearing.
"Circle over here, Indy."

This should be signal enough.


If that's it, Knight roll the Ambush again with a +3 + your modifier.



"Everyone, take a position."

Tactics '1d20+11'

Roll #1 10 + 11 = 21


Burn your remaining ADs since the session is ending.


I still have one left. '1d6'

Roll #1 6 = 6




Everyone roll Initiative



Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22



Roll #1 13 + 6 = 19 / Roll #2 5 + 6 = 11


Initiate '1d20+5'

Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


Taking the first one.


[1d20+4] Amber
[1d20+2] Silver

Roll #1 17 + 4 = 21 / Roll #2 14 + 2 = 16




Could be easier if his sheet was included with the minisheets

Roll #1 15 + 3 = 18


It changes with every adventure, you can find his current stats at the top near the OP


Dramatic Scene

You all wait in hiding as the huge Goatclops approaches the middle of the road looking for his treasure.

As planned he grabs the cup and the trap springs.

Current map:

In this round all of you may attack or move once without counterattack.

I've spread you all randomly over the map but you may place yourself as you please. So for one turn, you may move unrestricted around the map, place yourself where you want to start the next round and you perform one full action.

I'll let Soil go last, but his proper init will be used next turn, here it doesn't really matter anyway.


I'll have to skip my turn for now due to technical difficulties


I'll give you another chance at the end of the turn




You may also attack, movement is unrestricted this turn.


Then I'm kicking it off with a good barrage of scorching rays (1 SP).

Three rays dealing 3d4 fire damage (AP5) each.

Roll #1 19 + 16 = 35 / Roll #2 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3 = 24


Activate that Threat.


You open the fight with a devastating salvo of fire as the Goatclops back is turned.
The air suddenly smells of burned fur and the Goatclops drops the cup in pain.


Soils init added, still waiting for Indy
[b]Ambers turn[/b]


I'm activating my courage battle chant!
If I can start anywhere I'm starting right here! And I'll start off with a good hit from my warhammer!

Roll #1 13 + 9 = 22 / Roll #2 3 + 7 = 10


You chant a hymn to Cadance, filling you with courage as you storm out of the bushes and hit the confused Goatclops right on the chest.



I'll start out next to Amber.
I'll attack twice with my Rapier!
Damage if hits

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11 / Roll #2 8 + 5 = 13 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 3 = 3


As you burst out and attack, the goatclops stumbles causing you to miss.




Inferni flanks from the side and attacks twice

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3 / Roll #2 6 - 1 = 5


Not sure why you do -1 to hit?
In any case, Inferni doesn't manage to get close.




Silver charges with me and attacks the goatclops as well!

Roll #1 10 + 7 = 17 / Roll #2 2 + 5 = 7



Roll #1 12 + 7 = 19 / Roll #2 3 + 5 = 8


Silver charges in right behind you and strikes the Goatclops twice in the legs

Sylt is skipping his turns for now.

Wanna give it another try Knight?


If you can post the current map, I should be fine. However, is the Goatclops in range of a Flash Bomb?


Right there is the map.

Since you can move, you can get in range if you want.

The further away the harder to get it right.


File: 1434656672482.png (771.05 KB, 943x535, Knipsel.PNG) ImgOps Google

Oh wait, you still can't connect?


Still not able to, but move me below Inferni, and I'll prepare my flash bomb this turn. Move and Handle Action, I'll end my turn.


Okay, just saying you don't need to go there, you could just throw it from afar.

15ft*3 is the range.

You are next to Inferni




"Everyone, cover your eyes!" Throw it so only the Goatclops gets hit.

Flash Bomb
Hit '1d20+6'
Damage '3d6'

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20 / Roll #2 1, 3, 5 = 9


>throw it so only the goatclops gets hit

There is literally no way to do that from your angle.


I'll just GI with the chain then.


Roll #1 11 + 6 = 17 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


You smack the goatclops with your chain.



Going to peek out from behind my tree and throw out another barrage of scorching rays. (1SP)

'9d4' Fire damage (AP5)

Roll #1 15 + 16 = 31 / Roll #2 4, 4, 2, 1, 3, 4, 2, 4, 4 = 28


While it is not as awesome as last time, you still do great damage to the Goatclops.




No need to move! Going to really get to hitting this big goat now! Pick on the big guy!
"This'll teach you you big jerk!"

Roll #1 12, 14 + 9 = 35 / Roll #2 4, 1 + 9 = 14


Your STR Boost to DMG is not 9 but +4

Still you go all out and slam the goat twice on the chin with your warhammer.

The goatclops is finally recovered and with a roar he starts to Trample. He charges over Amber, Mabel and Holly.

Amber Def
Mabel Def+2
Holly Def+4

Whoever gets hit by this attack gets to roll a Fortitude check to not become sprawled

Roll to Hit:

DAMAGE '2d10'

Roll #1 14 + 15 = 29 / Roll #2 2, 4 = 6


Boosting dmg with a AD '1d8'

Roll #1 5 = 5


All 3 of you get hit and must pass a fort check DC11

Holly Fort '1d20+5'

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11



Roll #1 15 + 4 = 19


We've been over this before! +4 from strength, +1 from crunch!, +1 from my weapon upgrade and +1 from my crusader ability!
[1d20+11] fort save.

Roll #1 5 + 11 = 16



All of you manage to hold your own and get up in no time!

Okay, okay.
Modified dmg.



And +2 damage from pick on the big guy!


Attack the beast!
Touché trick on the first one.
If hit, damage

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13 / Roll #2 15 + 5 = 20 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Boost the first with an AD

Roll #1 2 = 2


Check the map pls


Move your char


It was borking out when it loaded
Guess I'll just catch up with it this turn then.








Holly attempts to curse the beast to lower his strength by 4

DC 22 '1d20+19'

Roll #1 20 + 19 = 39


File: 1434659382207.png (784.85 KB, 925x538, Knipsel.PNG) ImgOps Google

Not gonna AD against myself

The Goatclops strength is weakened.




Going all out with Flight should put me next to Silver. Two Move actions, so I'll end there.



Goatclops is still in range of my scorching rays but I'll do a magic missile (1SP) instead to see how it reacts to force damage.

3 missiles, each dealing 1d6 force damage. '3d6'

Roll #1 1 + 16 = 17 / Roll #2 4, 3, 6 = 13


You'd need to move a bit up to allow yourself to see the creature.



You fire 3 blue magic missiles at the Goatclops, hitting him on the head.



While we are here, Indy's init.

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9



The Goatclops roars and charges again.

Mabel Defense
Amber Defense +2
Inferni Defense +4

DMG: '2d10'

You know the Fort Drill

Roll #1 17 + 13 = 30 / Roll #2 2, 7 = 9



Roll #1 14 + 11 = 25



Roll #1 15 + 4 = 19





Roll #1 16 + 1 = 17


You all get back on your feet and ready to go in an instant.

The trampling of the Goatclops has stirred a Flesh Eating Flower from its slumber





Smart move!



Silver runs again!
"Stop moving around so much goat!"


It roars back.




Turn one as soil to get into position.
Turn two as soil to enter rage and then Hit the goatclop.
And Indy gets in that position and breathes fire!

If the monster wants to move be ready to throw him back.

Roll #1 7 + 12 = 19 / Roll #2 8 + 5 = 13 / Roll #3 1, 2, 2, 5 = 10


You slam the Goatclops for 13 damage, while Indy roasts the flesh eating plant in one attack




I incorporated first and second in the same post.




I'll move so I don't catch the others in the blast, and toss a Flash Bomb.

'1d20+6' hit
'3d6' damage

Roll #1 18 + 6 = 24 / Roll #2 6, 5, 2 = 13



Roll #1 8 + 6 = 14


The goatclops manages to close its eye in time and doesn't get affected.









The Goatclops turns its one eye to Soil and starts HAMMERING him into the ground with his fists.

And an AD on the damage because I'm an asshole '1d8'

Roll #1 3, 15 + 13 = 31 / Roll #2 1, 3, 2, 5 = 11 / Roll #3 6 = 6


Soil manages to block the first blow with his shield, but the second flurry hits.



I'm gonna shield block the second attack.

Roll #1 14 + 12 = 26


Oh fine, blocked



Move up and attack!

Roll #1 18 + 5 = 23 / Roll #2 1 = 1


AD the damage

Roll #1 6 = 6



explode, continue



Roll #1 5 = 5




He flies closer and tries to claw


Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Don't forget to use your Swift attack!


I'll make sure to use it next time.




Silver moves in and attacks the goatclopper!

Roll #1 5 + 7 = 12 / Roll #2 9 + 5 = 14


Silver moves in and stabs the goatclopper in the gut.

Holly moves closer next to Soothing.
"Wow, do you guys do this stuff a lot?"






Indy breathes fiery fire upon the beast once again without even moving.

Roll #1 4, 4, 5, 6 = 19



Full on lethal against the goatclop.

Roll #1 12 + 16 = 28 / Roll #2 10 + 5 = 15


Wait, do that again for the other half action.

Roll #1 13 + 16 = 29 / Roll #2 4 + 5 = 9


The goatclops seems to be getting tired.
You get these hits in easily.



Moving so I don't hit my friends.

Going for another scorching ray. '6d4' fire damage (AP5)

"That's the plan! Great isn't it?"

Roll #1 2 + 16 = 18 / Roll #2 2, 3, 1, 3, 3, 3 = 15


'3d4' Forgot 3d4 damage.

Roll #1 2, 1, 1 = 4



You unleash another torrent of fire on the beast, it's close to defeat!




Amber smash!
"Sit down!"

Roll #1 18, 7 + 9 = 34 / Roll #2 8, 10 + 7 = 25


You smash it on the head twice.
It sinks through its knees.
It is at the end of its fight and seriously wounded….



Moving closer but keeping some space.


Ending turn.


The goatclops grits his teeth and focuses one last flurry of strikes on Amber


Roll #1 18, 1 + 13 = 32 / Roll #2 1, 5, 8, 7 = 21


Step in for the first attack.


Soil blocks the first attack, but the second flurry slams Amber into the ground.



Stab stab
Touché on the first attack.
Damage for the second roll if it hits

Roll #1 15 + 5 = 20 / Roll #2 8 + 5 = 13 / Roll #3 7 = 7


With the Goatclops on his last knees, Mabel climbs on top of the Goatclops head stabbing him in the eye.
The goatclops roars in pain and falls down unconcious

Coup de Grace to finish it?


"We should put it out of its misery."


You have gained 850 XP for defeating the Goatclops.

You gain 500XP for recovering the Emerald Cup


Is the cup still in good shape? Pick it up.


"I'm sorry. All death is equal in the eyes of nature."
Coup de Grace.


It's as shiny as ever.

You slit his throat, sending him to the Underworld painlessly.


Silver yells "Yeah, take that you stupid goat!"


"Should we take the body, or just the head?"


"I'm sure Indy can take the whole body without us having to decapitate it."

Just raise an eyebrow.


"Dumb goat shouldn't have messed with us!"




Good. The princess will be pleased.

"That was smooth. Anypony hurt?"


"It was a confused beast who was mislead by the trickster ponies, remember?
If anything, we messed with it, then killed it."


"Have you seen it? It's bigger than Indy! You should totally cut the head off."


"About those. I still have a piece of my mind to give them."


"Don't be such a killjoy Mabel! We did good here!"

Reach out with my hoof but boop his nose instead!


"Not really!"


"It was still pretty dangerous. What if it had trampled children, or anyone not wearing armor?"


Holly shrugs.
"It would have happened at one point or another. We can't have huge goats rampaging through Platina."

He instinctively scrunches up.


"Yes, but I would have preferred if we got the tricksters, not their victim."

"We both do."

"It just tried to get it's chalice back."


Clear my throat.
"The chalice didn't belong to it. The princess will be expecting this back."


"Still, those ponies, whoever they were, are more dangerous than any beast could be. Tricksters are something I have learned to be wary about since we've met Anarchy."




"Let's check it. Maybe it has something of theirs on it? Something we can follow as a clue?"


"Big. Big. BIIIIG meanie.
He stole my doll."


"We'll find them and bring them to justice eventually! Paladin's promise!"


"A big jerkface!"


"Three ponies. Using some sort of chaos magic, if I had to guess, they seemed more than illusions. They glued the chalice of the Goatclops to my hoof to lure it here."

"I'm sure a pretty paladin like you will have no trouble tracking troublemakers like that."


Subplot acquired:
Track down the Swirler Gang

"What shall we do first, bring back the Chalice or find those tricksters?"


Does the goatclops have anything else on it?

Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18


"Speaking of the hoof, there's probably still a few pieces on it. We should clean it up before taking it back."

"We should return the Chalice. One less thing to worry about."


"The gang might run away, while we got the goat's head, it's not going anywhere."
Speaking of.
I want to take a horn as personal trophy.


Any : 1C, Coins 1/4 × XP (25sp)
Trophies : Flawless piece of jewelry, Earring/piercing (200sp)


You can cut off a horn if you want.
Hollow it out into a cup.


Basically what I wanted to do, yes.


You can have Ferriro do it.
Would be done in about a day


Silver whispers.
"Should we ask that thing of Mabel now?


Smirk at Ferriro as I size up the head.
"You gotta help me out with a thing here."


Inferni flies down to perk on your head.


"Sure, go ahead."


Toss the earring over to Holly.
"For your college fund."


She grins.


"Think you can make a mead cup out of the goatclop's horn?"


Look up at him.
"Sorry you couldn't flash the one eyed beastie.
Maybe next time."


"Right! Mabel! Before you start preaching more, I heard something very suspicious happened while we were cave diving!"


"It looks solid enough. I'm sure I can find an tools I'd need in town."


Perk my ears.
"Do tell."


Inferni turns his attention to Amber.
Silver nods.


"We heard a building burnt down and there were fire elementals involved!"


Any modifiers for that treasure roll or is it just a simple d20?


"Oh, that. That wasn't suspiscious.
I burnt down that house."
Speak calmly and confidently, like that was a totally normal thing to say.


"Hey now! You went burning baddies and didn't invite us?"


I did the treasure roll already.
It's what you got earlier.
There's a reason why it's so little, this adventure isn't over yet.


"Why! That's really dangerous!"


Silvers mouth falls open.


"Wait, why'd you burn a place down!?"


"I thought you were otherwise occupied!"

"Those Air elementalists were going to perform a ritual to summon their own elementals and take over town. I just did everyone a favor and stopped them."


Ferriro has Adventurer's luck, which means he can roll twice for treasure and keep both results.


"Uh, was the Air Elemental going to kill everyone!?"


More treasure then!

Coin : Coins 1/4 × XP (25sp)
Trophies : 1 piece of jewelry, Torc (50sp)
Trophies : Ruined piece of jewelry, Fastener


"They might had time to get away, if they wanted to. I gave them a heads up."


"You could have started a chain fire and burnt down the entire town!"


"The Lord of Fire I was working with, and the other fire priestess, just wanted this house to be burnt. It was under control."


"I'll be bringing this trophy back to the princess now, unless anypony has a better idea?"

I'll leave that for the others.


"So no one got burned to a crisp?"


"Go ahead."

"Not that I know."
Look up at my phoenix.
"Do you know of any of them dying in the fire?"


He shakes his head sideways.


Silver looks at both of you.
"But if they're bad, where are they now?"


"Just be careful with this spooky elemental stuff! I'm not sure if Cadance would approve of it."

I'll leave that loot for Ferriro!
"Fine by me!"


"I'm coming along. Strolling into town with the trophy is always fun."


"We shouldn't stand here and attract the attention of more dangerous beasties."

I'll bag up the stuff for now.


"I guess I will have to ask her the next time we see your Princess."

"Probably looking for a new home. This should teach them to cause trouble for a good while though."


You put the goatclops onto Indy's back and start strolling into town.
At first your trophy only elicits some amazed looks but as you get deeper into town the word spreads before you and by the time you reach the Golden Palace, you're greeted by a crowd.

The guards let you in without saying a word.


Feels good to be the talk of town.
Ride in on Indy's back, smile on my face.
When it's finally time to dismount, make sure Indy follows us.


God I'm amazing.

Let's stroll into the throne room. No need for that bureaucratic crap.


"So, is this what it was like for you in Equestria?"


"I'll look it up in my book later!"


"Your book?"


"Not exactly every day, but most of them."


As you're walking towards the Golden Palace some of you have some talks……


Show her my holy book!
"Don't you remember? I've been taking good care of it for ages!"


Bump into Holly.
"Did you see that amazingly executed fire spell I used?"


"Don't you think maybe you should judge things by themselves and their circumstances instead of just some general tips from a book?"


"Yes, how did you do that? I didn't know a Scorching Ray could multiply twice so fast!"

The pink book with the crystal heart on it is still in top condition.
You could show Mabel the chapters on the elementals.


"Experience of course. What you need is some serious practical experience. You seem like a smart unicorn, don't waste your talents on attending that academy of yours."


"It's our doctrine! Cadance's word!"
Show her the chapter.


Read it quickly.
"Mhhm. Could have guessed Cadance is above that in your book about Cadance… surprising, isn't it?"


"Yes, I've been thinking that for a while now. But I'm not sure where else to go."

The Chapter has 5 Sermons

>The creation of the Elementals

>The Cycle of Water
>The Amorahim
>The Lord Of Black Light
>Cadance and the Lady of the Oceans


"Not at all! She's one of the supreme powers in the universe!"


"Anywhere but here. Travel around, go meet some people and explore some horizons. I'm not a huge alicorn fan, but I can't deny Canterlot is quite amazing for a mage.

Anything is better than wasting your learning years away up here in this stagnant pool of mediocrity."


"Have you been to Canterlot?
What's it like?"


Hold on, read the Lord of Black Light chapter!

"What if I said she is just a pony like you?"


"My parents moved there from Neighpon when I was a foal. It's an architectural marvel suspended on the side of a massive mountain. The majority of the population are unicorns and they love their magic. Not in the same way the Prench do, from what I hear. Prance would be a great place for you to visit as well."


So it was that Lady Cadance travelled to the Land of Fire. And as She walked over the endless ash fields bright red flowers sprouted up underneath her hooves. Some of the Living flames inhabiting these planes flocked towards it, for they had never seen the beauty of a flower or smelled its fragrance.

But the black plain became enraged by the flowers and rose up before the Lady.
"Who are you to defile my domain?" it spoke and stared at her with eyes of blackest light.
"I am the Crystal Heart of the world. I am the whisper in the heart of the night. I am here to spread the seeds of Love as is my calling."
But the plain scorned her and mocked her, refusing to accept her Gifts.
But Cadance smiled and looked back. For behold, many Fire Elementals were enchanted by the flowers, passing it from one heart to another.
And Cadance spoke "You have refused my Gifts and thus my blessing of friendship and love will never be yours. You shall forever be a Pariah amongst the Lords."

And thus Cadance spoke and so it was.

"Prance…oh I've heard such stories about Prance."
She drifts of for a second but then continues.
"I don't know, I don't think another Academy can teach me anything…not what I want at least."


"Find yourself a mentor then. I had one myself, he was very good.

Yes, find yourself a mentor and rack up the experience you need."


"What was your mentor like?"


"A very capable mage, almost as talented as I am."
I snicker.
"He had the advantage of experience though. A true master of magic."


"Wow…You're so lucky.
I knew more than my professor at the Academy after only a year."
She snorts. "He didn't like that."


"If you ever happen to travel south near Brittleville… his name is Still Tree.

… No promises you'll actually find him though."


"He probably has a secret lair, doesn't he?"


"He does, but maybe you'll be lucky enough to run in into him. He ought to stand out, he's Neighponese like me."


She shakes her head.
"Thanks Soothing, but I don't think what I want to learn can be taught by anypony. It's something that I need to find out by myself. It's like you said, I need to get some experience."


"What was it again that you're hoping to specialize in?"


It's a few moments before she answers.
"I want to learn the ultimate spell. The Transcendence spell of Starswirl the Bearded."

It's a legendary spell you should know about as well. It is supposed to elevate a pony to an alicorn with all associated powers.


I chuckle.
"Aiming high, I like it! It's a real gamechanger, that spell."


"What's the point of being a mage if you don't aim for the stars?
That's something my professors seem to miss."
She giggles.
"I love Starswirl the Bearded. I've scoured the Academia for any thing of him I could find. I think I found a jingle from his hat…it's my most prized possesion…"


"He was one of the very best. I've studied him just as much. I guess ambition drives us to find out as much as we can about the best in our field."


"I wonder what happened to him.
The books never talk about how he died…could he still be alive?"


"Books rarely tell us the whole story. I have no clue, but I can't say I'm confident he's dead in the traditional sense."


"Perhaps he's an Immortal…"


"There's not much point in speculating without any new evidence pointing to one or the other. The possibilities are near endless when there's high magic involved."


"What if I had some new evidence?"


"I'd be inclined to ask you to indulge me."


She starts rummaging through her.
"I found something in the Fundaments, a Vault of some sorts. I think it was made by Starswirl the Bearded or Clover the Clever. I've been trying to open it for weeks now."


"Clover the Clever did live in Unicornia back in ancient times… I'm intrigued. What makes you think it was theirs?"


"To be fair, I'm not sure, there was no name on it. But it was so well hidden, I can't think of anypony else that could have made it."
She takes out a grey key from her saddlebags.
"I forged this key from a piece of Astral Lead I found. It's infused with the proper magic, but I still need to find somepony who can inscribe it."


"Any enchantments on it? How did you manage to find it? Starswirl or not, it could be filled with traps."


"There's an extremely strong Arcane Lock on it. But I haven't detected any other spells. But I can't sense anything within. The Vault is covered in Astral Lead, it blocks all magic detection. That's why I figured the key would need to be of Astral Lead too."


"So you forged it yourself? That's pretty impressive."
Inspect the key.


"Yes I did." she seems happy with the compliment.

The key is a dark grey. With a little spell you certify it is indeed Astral Lead, which is a bit funny since it is outlawed in Equestria. If it is legal here, you could make a fortune by exporting it. Astral lead has the unique ability to absorb any spells directed at it, and some claim a weapon made of it can hurt a soul.
You figure this is why the key would need inscribing to properly open the arcane lock. You could make the proper inscriptions at a forge if you had some time to study the Arcane Lock itself


Give it back to her.
"I can help you get into that vault."


"You know somepony that can make the inscriptions?"


"I can do it myself, I'm quite good at inscriptions whether they're magical or not. It's a vital skill for any mage to learn, don't you think?

One question though, where did you find this astral lead exactly?"


"…at the Academia…."


"Is there more?"


"Oh, a lot of it. The Starswirl mine is full of it. You need to have a permit to acquire it though."


"Well, first of all I'll need to take a look at this vault up close. Can you show me the way?"


"Sure! After we talked to the Princess? You could maybe ask her advisor then about a permit for the Lead. Watch out with him though, I've heard he's got some dark secrets."

Timeskip till after the audience?


"Don't we all?"
Sure thing.


Whatever happened during the audience, afterwards in your first moment of spare time, you walk with Holly through the city.
"The Fundaments are all throughout the city. Access is prohibited but most ponies don't care much about it. If you know the town there's dozens of access points that aren't guarded and the Fundaments themselves are too big to be patrolled."


"You don't care much about rules, do you?"


"Isn't that what being a mage is all about? Breaking the laws of time, of space? So why give a crap about what some Princess decides?"


"You're absolutely right. You only need make sure to break them wisely. The inquisitors and paladins of Equestria aren't the most lenient of ponies."


"We're smarter than them! Here it is."
You've arrived at a chapel in the midst of town. Holly guides you to the a small fountain on the side of it. It's a unicorn with water flowing from her mouth. It flows into a steel grate, you can't see the bottom of it from here. The chapel has a small walled courtyard around it so you're pretty well concealed from the rest of town.


Tap the grate and look around for any spectators.
"This is your access point?"


She grins and grabs the horn of the unicorn. She pushes it down and you hear a click.
The water stops flowing, the grate opens and some stone slides forward forming a ladder.
"Quick, it reverts back in a minute." She quickly starts climbing down.


Go down after her.
"Do you think we'll run into anypony down here?"


She waits for you down.
You find yourself in what might be the most fancy sewer you've ever seen. The walls are white and at regular points decorated with gems forming arcane symbols.
There's a soft humming coming from the walls and the whole area is bathed in light, but you can't pinpoint the source of the light.


I looking around.
"Unicornia treats its shit royally, I see."


"In more ways than one. This was made at least a thousand years ago."


"And it still looks pristine. I'm not sure whether I should be impressed or just laugh."


She doesn't answer but starts walking.


Alright, I'll follow.
"Do you have any siblings, Holly?"





"I have some friends at the Academia…"


"Good friends?"


"Uh…I guess."


"That's good. You need some allies."


"I realize that….Oh we're here!"
You've arrived at a small corridor.
Holly starts floating some rubble out of the way.
"I put some rubble over the corridor itself to hide it for anypony."


Help her out with that. Levitate should do the trick. Taking 10.


You float it all away, but there's just a wall behind it.
Roll Notice.



Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


You stare intently until you see a tiny ripple in one of the upper bricks. An illusion spell.


"Was it just pure coincidence that you noticed this wall wasn't a wall at all?"


"A bit. I never noticed the magic here. It's hard to detect with a spell, but I was eating here and threw some rocks at it for fun when one of them went through that hole there."


I laugh.
"If you're right about this being an important vault, you'd better come up with a more impressive discovery story than that."


"Oh…right, you're right of course. Let's go in."
She climbs into the cloaked hole


Follow suit. Let's see about checking that lock.


As you crawl through the hole you notice some broken spikes sticking out. "Watch your flank! I deactivated them, but they're still sharp!"


Watching my butt. Keep crawling.


Your flank is still intact.
You come out in a white room similar to before. There's an open gate here. Inside you see the large vault door.


Hmmmm. Let's get closer to that vault door so I can investigate.


Do an Investigate.



Roll #1 17 + 11 = 28


The vault door is circular with a keyhole inside. The outside is made of Astral Lead to prevent magical tempering and you suspect the walls will have a lining of it as well. You figure the inside of the lock will be some other material that can be enchanted.
You study the door for several hours trying to get a feel for the arcane lock in question until you feel comfortable you know what inscriptions you need.


"Yes… This will do. It doesn't even seem all that hard. Can you give me that key again, Holly?"


She gives it to you.


Will this be a spellcasting or Crafting roll?




Right, let's get out my kit. How long will this take?


Not too long, about 30 minutes if you do it right first try.


Right, let's get to it then. Sit down and get to inscribing.
"Pay attention, Holly. This isn't a simple process."

Roll #1 13 + 9 = 22


Holly pays careful attention as you inscribe the key.
It's done, this should work.


Give the key back to her once I'm finished.
"Will you do the honors?"


She squees.
She carefully puts the key in.
"Let's hope this works!"
She slowly turns the key.
You hear a number of locks clicking open and the vault slowly opens.


I'm just going to… take a few steps back. Just in case.


It slides open….
It's dark in there.
You see some candles on a table next to the door, some of them used not too long ago. At least it doesn't look like it's from Starswirls time.


Casting Glow.
"Hmmm, those don't look very ancient."

Roll #1 9 + 16 = 25


Your Glow orb flies up.

In the vault is a small room with a desk and papers in the middle, and a comfortable chair.
On both sides are racks with papers.
It seems to be an archive of sorts.
Holly scrunches "This isn't what I expected at all! But…I guess this was a little too easy for something of Starswirl.


"It did seem that way. Still, this is interesting."
Carefully walk inside.
"Looks like somepony has been using it as an office of sorts."


It seems so.
There's a sealed letter on the desk.


"Hello, what's this?"
Take the letter and open it, not caring in the slightest about this belonging to somebody else.


By the time you're reading this, I'll be far away!
Don't bother trying to find me, that's useless. I'm friends now with somepony more powerful than you can imagine even in your wildest dreams.
Have one last gag for old times sake!

The letter spontaneously bursts on fire.


"Well that's infuriatingly vague."
Shake my head and look around. Start going through the papers to see what their deal is.

Roll #1 19 + 11 = 30


You drop the letter but before you can even look through the other stacks of paper the fire bursts into bright multicolored fireworks flying all over the room, setting fire across the papers.

Holly yelps and starts to use Telekinesis to save some of the papers. '1d20'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I let out a sigh and try to do the same.

Roll #1 11 + 16 = 27


You manage to grab a good stacks of papers. The blue sparks start swirling together and swirl through the room systematically destroying the rest.
You both make it out without too much scratches.

Pausing here, since it would be better to continue reading what's on these papers once we know what happened during the audience.


Nopoop, Tela your posts were here



"I'd say that's pretty much heresy speak!"


"Is it? I'm not saying that to hurt you or her, but it's true, isn't it? If she was anything but just a mere pony, what she says about love and friendship wouldn't be as impactful."

Scrunch at the book.
"Oh boy, that's… not very good."


"No, no, she's definitely a higher being. One of the highest of beings!"


It's of course a metaphorical story.
Who knows if it's even true?
Blacklight has been secluded from the other Lords for aeons. No way Cadance could have been the cause of that.


"Just because she has a crown and she's a Princess doesn't mean she is above us!"

Still, that particular story doesn't bode well, if Amber were to read it too!


You can ask her about it.
I can provide some of the details she might have learned about it in the Academy.


"No, that's not why she's above us either. She's a divine being, Mabel! I figured you'd know that by now, sheesh."


Such as?

"Technically speaking, you are a divine being too then. You are a pony who does magic with her faith!"


Why should I tell you?
Amber knows.


"Don't be dumb, what I'm doing is drawing power from my faith in Cadance. Without her I'd have no powers at all!"


Oh, I get it.

"We could argue about this all day!
Anyway… say, do you know anything about Lord Blacklight, something else that wasn't in your book?"
Point her at the chapter I just read from it.


I look proud.
"I've read this entire book several times already so of course I know!"


The story itself is part of the Ascendance Sage, in which Cadance travels throughout the world, discovering new places and helping ponies and other creatures along the way.

This one in particular deals with the Fire Plane. As detailed Cadance went there to spread love and friendship among the warring Fire Elementals and succeeded (of course).

As detailed one Fire Elemental refused Cadance's gifts and thus became a Pariah. Your teachers say that in a way, this Fire Elemental could be seen as the First Pariah. The link between this one and the Pariahs of the Crystal ponies is unclear, if there is any.
Some say the Fire Elemental is trying to get revenge on Cadance by intermingling with mortals, creating Pariahs or potential Pariahs. Others say the story is merely an allegory to show what can happen when one refuses to let love in their heart, and that the Fire Elemental Blacklight is merely used to illustrate it because of his grim appearance.


>Ascendance Saga


"Yes, but do you know anything about him aside from what is in this book?"


"He wasn't very nice, that much I know!"

Do I know anything else about this fuck?


"That's one way to say it, yes. But nothing else?"


In the stories the Pariahs worship him, but who knows if those stories are true?

It's said he lives underneath a northern volcano in a place so dark no light can shine.

You haven't heard about any attacks from him or his followers on the Empire so at the very least he's not actively hostile it seems.


"It's said Pariahs worship him and that he's got a secret base beneath a volcano in the north! Sounds kinda cliche but it must be true!"


"Amber, can you promise to… well, not freak out if I tell you something?"


"Uh… well I mean it depends… If you're about to tell me you're actually Tirek in disguise I'll freak out!"


Lean closer to your ear and whisper.
"Grogar, but close enough."
"No, I am not an evil lord or lady of destruction, don't worry."


I scrunch.
"What is it then?"


"This Lord Blacklight?"
Flap down my ears, poor Amber, I hope she takes it well.
"I am sort of… related to him. Not sure how or why, yet, but I know that I have already gained some strenght from him after I was reborn, like seeing in the dark. I actually want to visit that volcano so I might find out more."


Should Silver be hearing this too, or should this be a private conversation?


"B-but how!? He's like… an elemental thingy! He can't even love!"

I didn't ask him to leave!


He can hear this.

"I can't know for certain, you know I never knew my parents. It might even have been one of their parents. Maybe they were part of some ritual dedicated to him or maybe… you know, he took donkey form and…"
Make some gestures with my hoof.


Look confused.


He perks his ears.


"You know… On very rare cases, Elemental Lords can take on forms of mortals. And uh… I guess, if it wasn't a ritual then…"


Silver coughs.
"They made love?"


"Yes. Very hot and steamy love, probably."


"Let's hope so. Nothing worse than cold love…"


"I wouldn't know about anything like that. Do you?"


Amber pony is suddenly very quiet.

"No. The love for Cadance burns bright in my heart!"


"I can see that."


He turns back to Blacklight.
"You say you're going to see this Blacklight? So you know where he is?"


"It's rumored he is under one of the volcanoes here, up north."


You're in the ancient city of Platina, the core of Unicornia and the rumored birthplace of such legendary mages as Starswirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever. You can see references to them throughout town, it seems everyone here claims to be an ancient descendent from one of them. Notable landmarks are the Golden Palace, the Academia, the Fundaments, the Old Quarter, the Monument to the One Tribe, the Wall and the Old Quarter. The city is mostly still sparkling white but the decline is noticeable where the old craftsmanship has been shoddily patched up with cement and painted white, or worse simple planks. From all place you can see the Golden Palace, it is white with a some sparkling as the sun shines on it.

You have been charged by the Princess to find her cup with 7 diamonds that has been stolen by a Goatclops. You have defeated the Goatclops and ran into some unsavory characters named Dimp, Domp and Damp in the Academia Gardens. Furthermore you see the WANTED posters everywhere for a brown pegasus named Brand and a violet-pinkish mare with yellow mane named Swirler.
Soothing also heard back in the Crossing that there was a house in the Old Quarter bearing the Mark you found in that mysterious Chest.

You don't have to wait too long to be let in this time. You enter through the doors and are announced by the Royal Announcer without even needing to pass the bureaucracy.

The Throne Room is a shining beacon of old Unicornian craftsmanship. The walls are gilded with gold and decorated with numerous paintings, all featuring unicorns in heroic poses or conquering Ponies and Griffons with colorful magic. Princess Platina IX herself sits on a large oversized golden throne. Next to her, a bit lower is a richly clothed fat unicorn, her Advisor.




Calmly procure the cup we retrieved from the park.
"I think this is the item you were looking for, princess?"


Wave at her.


"At least this place is maintained." I say to myself.

Is it just the two Unicorns in here? No staff or servants?


"Mabel, from a circus."


"Hi! Nice to meet you!"


Not that you can see.
But perhaps they're hidden?


The Advisor floats it towards him.
The Princess grins "Yes this i-"
She stops abruptly and both the Advisor and the Princess inspect the cup.
"This is not the cup we asked for!"

The princess gives you the honor of a nod towards you.


"That's the cut that goat thing had! Show them the head, Indy!"


I can't even say I'm surprised for some reason.
"It was the one the goatclops carried when we slayed him."


"Yeah but we did take down the goatclopper! Wasn't that what you wanted?"


"But we took it right from the creature after it attacked us for it!"


"It isn't?"


"Our cup had 7 diamonds as we told you several times. This cup has merely 3 emeralds!"

The Princess looks at the Goatclops head.
"Hmmmm, the death of this thief does please Us.
You have earned a reward for this deed."

"This is not our property!"
The Advisor speaks up with a soft voice.
"Perhaps the Goatclops had more than one? Perhaps there is a whole collection of these just for the taking?"
The Princess perks her ears.


"So if we put four more diamonds in there it's gonna be your cup?"


Put the cup away again.
"A shame. Truly. You said the cup was in the possession of the goatclops."


"What kinda reward?"


"That might mean an older, angrier Goatclops."


You're not holding it anymore. The Advisor has it.

The Advisor and the Princess stare at each other for a few moments.
The Princess turns to you again.
"We shall consider this cup as a viable alternative and shall reward you the full sum of the bounty on this Goatclops.
My Advisor will hoof you your gold. Should you be able to retrieve the real cup as well as any other treasures the Goatclops might have had, the court would reward all of you as well."


Was there a breakout of beasts from the Gardens?"


"Allright. By the way, your pie was really tasty."


"That sounds agreeable to me."


"Well, that isn't a bad alternative."


"All right by me.
Can we keep the head?"


"Sounds fair! I vote yes!"


"800 bits, each." says the Advisor

The Princess looks confused.
"Our…pie?" she looks at her Advisor. "Your highness, she was…given one of the pies for your dinner." "WHAT?!? WHO DID THIS?" "T-the captain, my Prin-" "Have him flogged!"

"Yes, please take it away from us."

The Princess nods again and walks away from the throne to a small door to the left.
Leaving you alone with the Advisor.
"Please follow me. I'll hoof all of you your rewards."


"It was me, actually, don't blame your captain for it!"


Frown at Mabel.



The Advisor says "Don't worry, I won't have him flogged.A warning will do. The Princess is very passionate, I'm sure she has already changed her mind by now!
Now if you'd follow me to my office?"


"I just meant it as a compliment!"


"That was just a misunderstanding, so go easy on him."

Follow the Advisor.


"You must be quite important to the princess, Vizier."


"She seems nice. Strikes good deals."
Which race is he?


"Oh that's nice! I don't really do it for the money, but this could help some poor folk!"


The Advisor brings you to a large office. The walls here are dark green with a heartfire on the side.
He puts a chest on the table and takes out a bag of 800 bits for each of you.

"It's not according to etiquette for others to eat the Princess' lunch, you understand."

He's a fat unicorn with aa big chin.
"Our Princess is generous, she knows that it is best to treat our guests with kindness."

"I advise her on all matters. I also handle a lot of her paperwork and trade negotiations."

"You are both paladins are you not?"


"Sweet. Shopping time!"


"Maybe it shouldn't be out there in the open smelling so nice!"


"Then you'll reconsider my offer, yes?"


"This certainly is generous."


"The armor gives it away doesn't it!"


"Be sure to spend it in our glorious city."

"Still…it is uncouth to just take an item, miss Mabel. I'm sure you could buy a great number of pies in our city."

"Hmmm, yes with the Goatclops dead, I'm sure I can convince her Majesty to lift the ban on outside trade. What was your name again? Miss Mist, right?"

"It does. We have no paladins in Unicornia, so it is quite a sight."


"Let's just say I was very hungry at the moment."


"That's right. Soothing Mist."


"Well the order of the crystal heart is always happy to help those in need! And don't mind Mabel, she's into talking to campfires and stuff!"


"I bet it was the tea! You should stop taking that stuff!"
"Know places where to get some good armor and fence gems off?"


"It wasn't the tea!"


"You totally took the tea before getting munchies for pie!"


"Be that as it may, I advise you to sate your pie needs within the city."

"Yes, you were interested in acquiring passage for caravans in the name of a third party?"

"I have spoken once to a representative of your Order, Clear Ice I believe?"

"You should visit the merchants of the Old Quarter, many still know the ancient secrets of magical smithing. Take your time and stroll aroun for a good deal."


"Yes. Though there was something else as well.

It has come to my attention that this place contains deposits of astral lead."


"And something else too!"

"I will try to do so in the future!"


"Oh, I know Clear Ice! When was that?"


He nods.
"Yes, the Starswirl mine is quite productive. We only allow trade of it to certain trusted merchants. Too many want to use our mines for illegal trade."

"Thank you."

"6 years ago. It was not too long after the Empire reappeared."


"By the way, the Goatclops wasn't the main problem. They were baited here by some troublemakers."


"I feel as if we are quite trusted at this point."


"What did you guys discuss?"


"Have a nice one."
Off I walk, onto the streets again, riding Indy and showcasing the trophy around.
We should stop by the market district.


He raises a brow.
"What kind of troublemakers?"

"Hmmm, perhaps. You do seem to have our intrests at heart. But I'm not sure we could do business of that nature just yet. Who are you marketing to?"

"I'm afraid I don't remember. Mostly pleasantries, she was quite intimidating."

You certainly get some looks.
There's a smithy you can see, as with all of unicornia gems are used heavily in smithing here, you could fence your gems there as well as looking for armor.


"Magical, I think maybe chaotic, but I'm not an expert."


"Not Equestria. As I'm certain that would be your main concern."


Well, before that actually…
Look for a restaurant. Like, a fancy one.
But I'm not sure if the idea of restaurants exists yet. Maybe just a fancy inn.
Wait, better yet.
Look for a place with fancy wine, that's all I will need.


"I know what you mean! But she's a hero regardless, one of the empire's biggest heroes!"


"What did they look like?"

"Somewhat, but then where?"

You ask around and find out about a vineyard at the edge of town beyond the wall called Platonnay.

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet her."


"It was three ponies."


"To answer that question, I will need to do some research first. You and I both know making trade agreements requires weighing some different options first."


"Anything else?"

"Yes, and when you do, I'd be more than happy to revisit your request."
He puts his signature underneath Mesa's contract, Ground Flake.
You will get the reward for that subplot once Big Mesa receives the contract.


Actually, I just lost any interest in this thing.
Never mind. I don't even know how many bits I have.


Uh… what was their colors and races again?


"Glad to hear you feel that way! Thanks for the reward, gotta run now!"


Check the sheets in the OP.
You have 830 bits.

If you don't know what to do, there's still that cups that needs tracking down, and the troublemakers and that weird symbol on the chest you found.

All unicorns wearing a cap. One was blue, one was green, one was red. Their caps matched their coat colors.

Where to next?


Would you believe me if I told you I remember next to nothing about the symbol?


"That's good to hear."

"Mabel. There is something you should know. In the tunnels where we fought those undead, there was a chest. Brightly colored. It appeared out of nowhere and played a tune for us as we slayed the last undead."


File: 1435697109302.png (12.34 KB, 590x469, sorry_for_the_shitty_drawi….png) ImgOps Google

It was printed on the note you guys found in the chest, and on the chest itself.

As said in the recap, Soothing found a clue that there's a house here in the Old Quarter bearing that mark as well.

"Now, I have other business to attend to. The guards will show you outside."


"All of them were unicorns, called Dimp, Domp and Damp. Blue, green and red, wearing matching caps."

"Oh? You think it might have been them?"


Well now, that's moderately interesting. Let's try having a stroll over there.


"Maybe. And I know there is a house bearing the same mark we found on that chest."


"Curses, I know those. They call themselves the Swirlers! Was there an orange mare amongst them?"

Roll an Investigate.


Ummmmm. I guess we should use this money! I need to find somepony here in town who deals with helping the poor!



Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"I don't recall."


What a fun idea.
You ask around and there are a few options.
There's a priest in the Old Quarter who might be looking for donations.
But you also hear of a fairly succesful baker who's been helping the disenfranchised ponies of this city by distributing free food and clothing.

After a while of asking around, you finally find somepony pointing you in the right direction. The old house seems to have been abandoned some time ago.
Next to the door, you see the marking.

"If you bring her and her cohorts to justice, you'll be rewarded well!"


"If we can find them."


"The orange mare is called Swindler, she's the leader of these scoundrels, for years she's been playing pranks on this town, now she has gone too far."





Let's get back to Holly. I think we have some unfinished business.


You want to timeskip again?


Always bet on the priests! Let's go!


Yes, to where we left off.


Knock anyway, it could be useful!


"We will do anything we can."


You go to the grand cathedral of Platina. The building is richly decorated with a grand bronze statue of Princess Platina prominently in the center.
You find the priest near the statue talking to a pegasus general. The priest is dressed in red silk clothing with gold ribbons and gems.
He has a silver staff decorated with gems.
Silver frowns.

"Thank you! And please, bring me that mare alive!"

You knock, but the door is already open. You see the inside is ruined. Furniture kicked over and broken, cobwebs on the ceiling.

You start looking through the documents.
They're bills and contracts. Roll an Investigate to go through them with Holly.


"Wait here you. If anything wrong happens…"
Poke the old wooden frame.
"I will call. Just smash through the house."

Now, let's start poking around.


Investigation underway.

Roll #1 3 + 11 = 14


"I don't like killing anyway."
Maybe some divine counseling is in order!
Go and find a peaceful fire!


AD that roll.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Shiny! Almost like back home, right Silver?"


Indy nods, and will be keeping an eye on you where he can through the windows.
There's no response.
Roll a Survival.

It takes a while. One of the first things you notice is that all of them mention Ground Flake, the Advisor. As you go through them you get a picture of hidden bribes and corruption. You start to guess that the reason you're not getting a permit for Astral Lead trade is that the Advisor might not get his percentage. This stuff could bring serious harm to his position.

"Hmmm, I don't know. It looks shiny, but should a priest be wearing so much gold? At least back home we use the cheapest crystals in the churches…"

Just a fire or will you get a room in an inn as well or something?


…Actually, I think I'll go check back to where I saw those braziers!


OH! OH! I know how to do that!

Roll #1 11 + 5 = 16


Screw it, AD.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Very good. Excellent.
"As it turns out, the effort may have been worth it after all."


"You don't like this idea?"


You find some tracks on the ground, leading upstairs, two ponies have been here not too long ago!

Before you go, holly boops you.
"Psst, Mabel, do you have a minute?"

"Hmmm, I want to be sure the priest will use it for the poor, not to buy a new coat."

Holly grins.
"Wow, I didn't know the Advisor was this crooked. …to think of it, I didn't even know the Advisor had a foal."


"Oh I found you, you pesky evildoers!"
Smile and trot upstairs!


Scrunch instinctively.
"Sure. What is it?"
What color is she again?


"This info will allow us to exercise some power in Unicornia. You don't object to some blackmailing for the greater good, do you?"


Hm! He has a point! Let's approach him first to see what's what!


I'll head out to the market, since I need to find some replacements for my weapons.


File: 1435699672341.jpg (11.91 KB, 187x188, Holda Starboundsmall.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"I…uhm…I noticed you're very at sneaking right? Can you umh…retrieve something for me?"

"That guy? Not at all."

He turns to you.
"My, aren't you a shiny one! Welcome to the Cathedral of Platina."

Going to the smithy? What kinda stuff you need


"…that depends what you lost, and why."


Replace my flash bombs, and a net. We would have had an easier time with it.


"Great! I guess that about wraps things up then down here."


"Thanks! My name is Amber Stone, paladin in service of Cadance the Savior!"


"It's a set of books that I misplaced in the forbidden section of the Academia Library. I can pay you…"

She nods.
"Too bad it wasn't Starswirls."

"Cadance? Wasn't that a Princess from the South?"

Right, lemme calculate costs, anything else?



"I'll need a better reason for that."


"Believe me, it could have been worse. Speaking of him though, do you not have that bell you wanted to show me?"


Oh I'm sorry.
You cough as you walk up the dusty stairs into a hallway. The steps lead to a set of closed double doors.


"That's princess Cadance of the Crystal empire!"


'Gently' knock them down.
Oh wait, it's 'knock on them'.
Oh well. Next time. This time, knock them down.

Roll #1 13 + 11 = 24


That should be all the stuff except for about two more sets of rations


"I have heard of her. It is a pleasure to meet you, mis. Stone."
He turns to silver.
"And I assume you are the lucky husband?"

You slam them open.
Inside is a corridor that goes on endlessly, sparkly clean.

Lemme see, that should be 50s. Okay?


Sorry, half of my post got eaten


"INDYYYYY, come around!"
Let's start going.


I scrunch.
"H-husband!? We're not married!"


"Those ponies at the Academia don't know how to use what's in those books, they would be better in the hooves of Soothing and me! I doubt they'll even notice it's missing. Please? For science…"

"Okay…but you have to trust me…"


"I'll have to ask her about this first too."



I'll head off to that Tribal Monument I heard of. I wonder what the ponies here think of themselves.


"Trust you…?"


She scrunches but leaves.
Go to the braziers?

"I hid it in very special place. It's a place only I know where. You can get there with a spell I invented. I call it Recall. You mark a place and you can teleport to it whenever you want."
That doesn't sound like a terribly genius spell, since advanced teleport spells can get you anywhere in the world without need for prior being there. Still it's a neat idea if it doesn't require too much training.
"You'll need to hold my hoof and we'll Recall there."

The monument is a large statue. Centerpiece is a unicorn being raised up by both an Earth Pony and a Pegasus.
There's an inscription in Old Equestrian here and some well dressed unicorn guards.

"Oh my apologies, you look so adorable together."
Silver scrunches.

Indy tries to wurm himself through one of the bigger windows but eventually gets in, even though the corridors are tight for him.
Go into the Labyrinth?



Heck yeah!
"Let's check this place out!"



Guess who learned Old Equestrian on the way here!

Read it.


"We're not adorable, we're paladins!We aren't here for a cute show, you know!"


"Is this a simpler version of Teleport that requires less power?"
Take her hoof.


You make your way back to the Academia Gardens.
You'd need to roll a Survival( Track) to find the braziers again.

As soon as you step in, gravity shifts and what seemed like an endless corridor is actually a bottomless pit.
You tumble down uncontrollably. Indy tries to grab you and fly back up, but is dragged down as well despite his attempts to fly up.

AS you fall faster and faster, it's as if the walls vanish into nothingness and you see something in the distance flying to you at a massive speed.

Roll DEX to avoid losing your shield to the thing.

In honor of the Unicorn Tribe that united the different Pony Tribes in their darkest days. Princess Platina the II will always be honored as the Saviour of Ponykind.

"Aw. Well I just want to say, you might be a paladin, but I think you might win a cute show, hoofs down, miss Amber."

"Yes, in a way." She mumbles something and you feel a shock as the world swirls around.
You fall onto a stone ground. There's a circular rune on it for a few seconds before it disappears again.


Get up.
"Fairly volatile…"
Where are we now?



Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10


And you bet I AD it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Anyway! As paladins, our duty does not just cover the crystal empire. It covers the entire world! That's why I wanted to ask you about the kind of efforts you guys make to help the poor and helpless!"



Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm glad I saw this first. I don't think Soil would agree with this, though."

I'll ask the guards about Princess Platina the II. They can't expect a Gryphon to know about her.


I'm a very survivalist pony!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


File: 1435703406102.png (32.77 KB, 435x435, hollow_grin.png) ImgOps Google

You and Indy make your way into the forest. You both swear you're going just the same direction, but you don't see the braziers anywhere.

Instead you hear singing coming from behind the bushes.

You're next to a little house. There's snow on the ground, looking at it again, it's large pieces of glitter. You look up and see the Sun above, like behind a glass.

You evade the shape, saving your shield.
You look back and see the shape waving tauntingly at you.

You fall further down…

Everything goes black…but then you open your eyes and you and Indy are on the ground. You look around. There's a childishly painted sky with a smiling sun.
You and Indy are next to a large pillar. You see something on the
top of the pillar glistening.

"Ah, why thank you. The Princess is very concerned about the poor. Her Church gathers donations from the good ponies of Unicornia and uses it to build schools for the poor, so they can learn a trade. We also help poor families in need of food."

"Platina the II was the Princess who saved the Tribes. Back during the Great Blizzard, a large number of ponies had abandoned the Tribes, led by Platinum the Traitor and Clover the Clever. So Platina gathered the survivors and sheltered them from the weather until the Blizzard ceased. Her tomb is nearby here."


"… Holly?

Are we in a snowglobe."


What do the ground and the horizon look like?
"You okay buddy?
Let's see what that thing is."


Sneaky stealth in there

Roll #1 7 + 16 = 23


"Oh that sounds great! Can we visit the schools? I want to check this out!"


Let's visit the tomb then. Calling her Platinum the Traitor seems overboard and I want to find out why.


She grins.
A known spell, Portable Home. You wanted to learn it as well at some point.

The ground is normal green grass stretching on endlessly, into the painted blue horizon.
Indy shakes his head. Then tries to fly up.
"Dad, I can't get off! It's like I'm glued to the ground!"

"No, Platinum the II was our saviour. Platinum the Traitor was her sister, she left for Equestria and left her tribe to die."

You take a look in the bushes.
You see a group of seaponies in pool, happily chatting and singing.

"Might I ask why? You might disturb the students."


"Can you walk at least?!"


Step out of hiding.
"Um, hello?"


"Wow, that's… impressive. I like it. I guess that's why you needed that custom spell?"


"That seems cruel, if she just left them here to die."

I'll note it down and ask the others, but I'll leave the guards and head to the tomb.


Beat my chest with a hoof.
"Education is very important to me!"


He tries to.
And it seems he can slide his hoof on the grass without lifting it.
You haven't moved yet, but it's the same for you.

They stop singing.
A pink seamare on a rock waves to you. "Hi!"

To be clear, you're now going to the tomb of Platina the II, not the Platinum the Traitor who left for Equestria. Clear?

"I don't know much about teleporting. It's hard, but this spell is a lot easier, if you can place a Mark to Recall on."

He scrutinizes you, but suddenly his eyes light up as if he's figured something out.
"Hmmm, are you here from the Empire? Are you interested in our teaching methods?"


"I didn't know there were seaponies here!"


"And this is where you keep that bell of yours."


Roger roger.


Mumble under my breath something about freaky magic. Is the pillar short enough that Indy could lift me if I 'slid' atop him?


"I'm on an important mission, just passing through here on the way! But yeah I'm interested!"


"Yes, come inside!"
She goes into the little home.

"We didn't know there were any jennies here! Are you a friend of Melvin?"

You go inside the guarded tomb. In the chamber, you see the magically preserved body of Platina the II. She still looks stunningly beautiful, despite her being dead for at least 1000 years.

"I see…well in that case, I'm sure we can make an exception. Maybe even the Church and the Empire can help each other out!"



Follow her.



"Um… sure! I guess? I mean our faiths are kind of different…"


"I am a traveling adventurer? And sorry, who?"


Not at all, it's so large that it's hard to see the top.


"I don't even know if this is something I want done to me when I pass away."

So this is the pony that kept them all here. What does the rest of the chamber look like?


I guess it's time to show off how well I can hug pillars!

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


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